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File 166638337984.png - (201.56KB , 800x600 , 1.png )
1047117 No. 1047117 ID: 08229c

Previous Threads: https://questden.org/wiki/Audit_Quest

My name is Mary.

I own a dungeon.

Not by choice, mind you. I was forced into this when the previous owner placed a curse on me after I tried to audit him. Now I'm the ruler of this place until.... Well, for the foreseeable future.

But I'm trying to make the most of it while I'm here.
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No. 1047118 ID: 08229c
File 166638351352.png - (645.82KB , 827x1304 , 65.png )

I'm going to be going over a few things. This is my dungeon, Slimecrown Citadel. It is a two stage dungeon that is filled with puzzles and boss monsters. I run it, for profit. Adventurers go through my dungeon and, if they die, I gain items and runes off of them

I can use these to expand and enhance my dungeon. I also gain gold by having them utilize the dungeons services. Here's the basic layout of the dungeon. We have expanded quite a bit since we first began.

Right now there are a myriad of activities they can do, both inside and outside of the citadel proper. It all culminates into a fight against Curi, Mother of Slimes. If they can reach her. I know it may seem a bit confusing, but it's a rather straightforward dungeon all things considered.

We also offer the following services.

Services Offered:
> Healing: 50 Gold per heal. Rate goes up with each heal.
> Revive: 250 Gold

> Repair Powder: 50g ([Max 5]
> Potions: 50g [Max 5]
> Green Blossoms: 75 g [Max 5]
> Tent: 100g [Max 3]
> Escape Crystals: 150 g [Max 3]
> Pheonix Downs: 250g plus 100 per additional

> 50 gold per person. Spending 1500 gold will earn you a voucher for a free spa treatment.

We also keep track of quite a few things over here. https://questden.org/wiki/Audit_Quest_Statistics
No. 1047119 ID: 08229c
File 166638373489.png - (55.83KB , 800x600 , 2.png )

We are doing a proper opening of our dungeon for the first time.
This is a very important moment. We can see if this thing needs more work, if it's all working well, etcetera.

So.. Let's open!

Oh, we already have applications.

Tuba Brothers - Level 20. New runes detected. Purpose: EXP and loot.

Math Wizard & Berserker - Level 25. New runes detected. Purpose: EXP and Fun.

Who do we pick?
No. 1047120 ID: 62d737

I'm for team Math Wizard and Berserker. We need to spend a bit of time really working on our non-boss generated loot, so we should look to test our expansion with just providing a fun experience.
No. 1047121 ID: b79969

Definitely the math wizard. They might be enough of a nerd to be your friend
No. 1047123 ID: 06095b


Math Wizard and Berserker have my vote. They sound like a fun duo.
No. 1047124 ID: 69f37a

Tuba Brothers: The loot might still need a tune up.
No. 1047125 ID: 9caba2

We might get some music runes with the tuba brothers, and some background and boss music would be nice.
No. 1047126 ID: 7397c3

>some background and boss music would be nice
We already have a 5-rune monster dedicated to just that.
No. 1047127 ID: a7a180

Heck yeah math wizard. Berserker might be a familiar face.
No. 1047137 ID: 06095b


Reminder that we still need to settle up lore on why Monk Slime is in the bar. I'm thinking for my part that he was an old quartermaster who lead the charge to seal Jeffrey away. After losing too many men, he retired from the now meaningless role of commander and sequestered himself someplace he could drown his sorrows.

At minimum, I think there should be a sidequest where you can get him to teach you Drunken Fist.

Bonus Points: Once we have the arena up and running, there is a sidequest where you can restore his spirits and convince him to return to the arena.
No. 1047141 ID: 7397c3

Monk Slime is actually weaker than Colt, who's the actual commander of the citadel's forces, so that doesn't fit too well. Rather, it could be that the one who did the sealing was a loved one, and gave their life for it. Maybe even Monk Slime personally trained them and feels responsible for them ending in that position in the first place?
No. 1047148 ID: ae9e42

Are math wizards related to auditers?

Anyways, snuggle Alex under your coat.
No. 1047149 ID: 07fc99

>Here for XP and fun

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmath wizard!
No. 1047150 ID: ae9e42

Monks just love beer and cheese
No. 1047151 ID: 08229c
File 166639765568.png - (153.72KB , 800x600 , 3.png )

Math Wizard and Berserker it is.

>Mary selects the pair. They enter the dungeon almost immediately.

>A woman with long black hair and a short demon enter. The woman has thick glasses and looks generally uncomfortable. The shorter demon has a massive block on their back.

"This is Slimecrown?" The black haired woman says. She pings as Berserker. "I thought it was... A citadel..?"

"Oh, you didn't hear? They got renovated. And we're the first ones to try it out!" The short demon speaks, registering as Math Wizard.

"Mm... I am not fond of slimes, you know this..."

"No, trust me! it's really cool! It's gonna be great!"

. . .

Is my DM screen broken?
No. 1047152 ID: 7397c3

appearances can be deceiving, Mary
No. 1047154 ID: 08229c
File 166639816160.png - (280.45KB , 800x1200 , 4.png )


>The dark haired woman ties back her hair and pulls down her robe.

Holy ffff-

I did not expect that.

>The demon takes the slab off of her back and removes the cloth wrapping, revealing a large book.

"Alright!" Math Wizard shouts. "You ready?"

"I suppose..."

>The pair make their way to the fountain.

Ah, what dialogue should we set here? I know we thought of having something in the well, too..

My mind is drawing a blank on dialogue. I'm still too shocked.
No. 1047155 ID: 06095b


Welcome them to Slimecrown Hamlet! It's been some time since they've seen their last visitors, and this is a welcome surprise. If they want to check out the town, point them to the local hotspots: the farm, the bar, the school, the church, but mention the woods are quite dangerous and that something hasn't been quite right with the graveyard lately.

If they ask about Slimecrown Citadel, tell them that the area is protected by powerful guardians who won't let just anyone pass. However, if they feel up to the challenge, Colt will be waiting for them on the bridge.
No. 1047156 ID: b79969

Error:Dialogue Failed To Load
"Edit to add welcome"
"Edit to add warning"
"Edit to add send off"
No. 1047157 ID: 06095b


Also, the only suggestion I recall for the well was to have it serve as a hidden passage to the fountain where Ashley resides, bypassing Colt.
No. 1047158 ID: a7a180

Hail travelers! Welcome to Slimecrown Slimetown! Feel free to look around and uncover its secrets. You won't get any hints from me, but you will get healing!
No. 1047159 ID: fcbb9e

Have Aspen introduce themselves as well as their services. And explain a bit about the hamlet, its place in Slimecrown, and some of the events that have been going down. Weird happenings amongst the town, some slimes being made sick by something, and strange things happening in and around the surrounding areas. You may also wish to let them know of a few services areas, but otherwise advise them they can explore the area and figure out the mysteries themselves. Don't forget to also mention little gimmicls like our slime tokens and the like too!
No. 1047160 ID: ae9e42

Stall for time. "Can I touch your abs?"
No. 1047163 ID: 63b63e

My love for you, is like a truck. Berserker...
No. 1047167 ID: 36b2ef

"Hey, you. You're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border, right? Walked right into that Imperial ambush, same as us, and that thief over there."
No. 1047171 ID: 7397c3

If someone tries to go past Colt and fail, we should give them another chance to experience the hamlet and start it like this.
No. 1047173 ID: 15b66d

Put Ms. Bloops in the well. Ms. Bloops should be in both dungeons.
No. 1047174 ID: fcbb9e

This is a worthwhile ideal. Secret Bloops tunnels!
No. 1047177 ID: 23c282

Oh, I’m hoping Berserker makes it to the spa…
No. 1047181 ID: f631fc

bloops tunnels seem a fun idea, though I suspect she has already made her way into the well while you weren't looking
let's see, EXP and fun... difficult to point them places without having tested them before, let's see if the Woods are a good match for these two
No. 1047182 ID: d12415

"Welcome travelers to our humble hamlet. Unfortunately, none are allowed entry into the Citadel overshadowing our village. Not even us humble villagers. The lords have stationed may strong defenders ensuring that none may set foot inside the fortress. Neglect from our lords has since caused our village to fall into disarray. Please travelers, if you are truly heroes, enter Slimecrown Citadel and seek audience with the lordship and deliver our pleas."

idk, trying to go off of the dark fantasy thing
No. 1047183 ID: d12415

Very good idea. We even have a thief (bandit)
No. 1047191 ID: 06095b


Bloop's tunnel leading to her usual fountain area and possibly other secret areas could be a fun idea.
No. 1047192 ID: 340403

"have fun and good luck"

That's it. That's all. Don't explain anything. Refuse to elaborate. They're the first to come after the remodeling, so let them go on their own and find things naturally.
No. 1047205 ID: d12415

This is a better idea, actually. Just change it to be more ye olde sounding. Maybe not even say good luck or have fun. Just a greeting and don't elaborate further. Other than that, Aspen should have been briefed on the lore we have (minimal, dark souls style), so if the adventurers start a conversation, just have Aspen improvise. Just make sure they keep it vague and stick to dark fantasy and the established lore.
No. 1047206 ID: d12415

Also had a cool idea regarding Aspen. So the aspen tree has this neat ability to successfully and reliably regrow from the roots after it is cut down (this is why there are massive aspen farms that grow them for paper). I think it would be neat if this tied into Aspen the character's combat style. Maybe if their head gets lopped off, they can still fight and rapidly recover, so long as they can put down a root with their body or grow a root/vine/branch to connect the head or other severed limb back to the body. This would force adventurers to try and either finish Aspen before they recover, or somehow keep the roots from reaching soil.
It would also fit well with the dark undead theme the village has.

The trick to the fight would be either using some method to completely annihilate Aspen, use fire to cauterize the stump, or maybe destroy their heart (similar to the slime core thing functionally, but it cant move and is located where a heart would be).

Its... kinda complex, but I think it would be neat. Also the fight can be hard cuz Aspen only fights if attacked first.
No. 1047207 ID: ee4afe

Wonder if we had randomised quests in the inn. For example, our cook would be in the inn with a fetch quest for ingredients one day, while another day it would be Oilivia looking for Mrs Bloops or Ruth looking for her unbreakable baseball that she whacked through a wall.
No. 1047217 ID: 08229c
File 166647562034.png - (695.20KB , 800x1800 , 5.png )

I like that idea. We'll have to keep in in mind in case someone decides to attack Aspen.

Now, all my minions already know the full lore of Slimecrown. I don't know HOW they know this but I think it has something to do with how dungeons run in general.

So, let's keep it to the minimum.

"Welcome to Slimecrown Hamlet," Aspen says, "I see you're both new. If you need help with anything just ask."

"Where is the Citadel?" Berserker says.

>Without prompting from Mary, Aspen continues.

"The Citadel is right behind me," They say, "However we are... Having some difficulties within. Our guard, Colt, will only let in the most trusted of people."

"Ooooh." Math Wizard grins, "I see what's going on. We gotta do stuff out here to get access to the big area."

"Can't I just kill Colt?" Berserker asks.

"... Hey, can we just murder the Colt guard?"

"Ah... Well..." Aspen tries to smile. "You could. But, he is quite powerful."

>Berserker begins walking towards where Colt is. Math wizard grabs them by the sleeve.

"No, no!" The wizard says, "C'mon, let's do at least one dungeon properly. No skipping stuff."

>Berserker sighs.

"Can I at least kill that slime?" She says, gesturing to a Ms.Bloops that has emerged from the well.

The heck. I didn't authorize that.

"Let's see... SCAN!" Math Wizard casts a spell on Bloops and Aspen. "... Nah. They're both NPCs and not really worth it. Hey, Flower Person, what's a good spot for fights?"

"Ah, well, might I suggest the woods? There are monsters there that have been causing some trouble for the farms... If you could clear them out I'm sure the farmer would be grateful."

"Gotcha, we're on it!" She pats Berserker's back, "Let's go!"

"Hm... Alright."

>The pair enter the wooded area. It isn't long before some of the corrupted monsters emerge and attack them.

"A fight!" Math Wizard shouts.

"Do it."

"You got it."

>Math Wizard opens her book and begins casting a spell.

"I vord o rniss, kayxsi dui rdod! X2!"

>Berserker approaches the enemy and punches one, completely obliterating oh.


Well then.

Hmm... Should we uh.. Let them rampage? I think they're able to handle these two rune monsters.
No. 1047218 ID: 530a0b

Have the spiders synchronize to restrain then bats drain. Imply there's a higher being guiding them
No. 1047219 ID: a7a180

Well, if it's fun for them? It's not going to slow them down anyway. They're just exploring at this point, they'll probably wipe this entire floor.
No. 1047220 ID: 06095b


As is, it seems like they are having a good time, but the monsters coordinating for a more interesting fight would probably be fun.

Also, the hoodlum can swoop in and steal an item if we want to complicate things, maybe Math Wizard's book or Berserker's glasses
No. 1047222 ID: 28a33a

I think berserker is gonna rampage whether you let them or not. Let her have her fun
No. 1047223 ID: 15c72a

Let this encounter go about as you'd expect. Ramp up the difficulty on the next one. And so on until they seem to be at their comfort level. Then at the Citadel you can really pressure them.
No. 1047225 ID: 340403

Yes. In fact, assist them in rampaging and throw enemies they can crush easily and subtly guide them to unlock the requirements to reach the real fights.

These dudes want to fight.
No. 1047227 ID: 1effd3

No. 1047231 ID: 61235c

Handling low-level monsters with ease is the reward for good strategy and experience. Just make sure they end up naturally lead to the ruins or the wyrm. You could have a chaos creature retreat in that direction.
No. 1047232 ID: 23c282

Nah, first three or four fights should be simple. If you want a complication for them to puzzle out, have a hoodlum steal something small off of them and bring it back to the bandit, like she's coercing it to steal from people by holding it's friend hostage. If they figure out who's behind it and defeat them, have the Hoodlum give them a valuable prize as thanks, like a Hoodling pet follower or bottled Dark Slime ooze.
No. 1047237 ID: fcbb9e

At this point, its still too early to panic or anything. These are your weak groups anyways. Though they could always just be a neverending tide of chaos monsters.

Let them explore a bit more. And take some time to see what their powers are like too. Maybe they run into the wyrm, or start to see things like the ruins. Or if they go back, maybe they see some other sights or get more quest type things.
No. 1047254 ID: 69f37a

Get the monsters to swarm a bit: more excitement for the challengers and it means they'll get through the fights quicker.
No. 1047263 ID: ae9e42

These chaos tainted lil dudes are legit the kind of enemy we can have all congregate and swamp her without delorification. Give her a gauntlet. Faster she kills, the more spawn in.
No. 1047267 ID: 23c282

I've got an idea for a gauntlet we can place as a reward for dealing with the bandit and her gang.

>Battering Hands (Fist Weapon)
>Lore: A pair of gauntlets made from the leather, wool and horns of an adult Battering Ram, these sturdy gloves can launch foes up to fifty feet away depending on their size and weight. Feels well made, with cozy ram's wool lining the inside of the gloves, and ram horn protecting the knuckles.
>+2 to Attack
>+1 to Constitution
>+1 to Strength
>Catch These Hands: Three times per dungeon instance, can use an attack to knock an enemy away from the wielder, depending on the size and weight of the foe. For every size category larger than the wielder, reduce the distance pushed away by ten, to a minimum of five.
>Placed: Graveyard puzzle reward or Bandit Gang loot.

I've also got a unique pistol for gunslingers that Bandit can drop. I based it on both Fallout: New Vegas's Lucky, and Cyberpunk 2077's Chaos.

>Bandit's Revolver (Pistol)
>Lore: A six shot revolver once owned by a tricky highwaywoman, it's barrel and cylinder engraved with clovers, it's handle carved with card suits. It feels infused with a chaotic energy, helping or hindering it's wielder after every reload. Better luck stats improves your chances of a good result, but increases the setbacks suffered when fortune leaves you.
>+2 to Attack
>+1/-1 to Luck (50/50 on every reload)
>Spin the Wheel!: Changes it's damage type, critical chance and critical damage scores after every reload, regardless of how much ammunition remains.
>Placed: Possible reward for defeating the Bandit Gang.
No. 1047268 ID: 23c282

Crap, that's supposed to be twenty-five feet on the gauntlets, not fifty.

>these sturdy gloves can launch foes up to twenty-five feet away
No. 1047273 ID: f631fc

well, since it's not challenging them, and they are here for fun, we should ramp it up a bit, see how many other enemies we can drag in, maybe that gummy wyrm? might be more interesting, as I don't think the gummy wyrm will quite challenge them on its own, so that or send enemies to back it up when/if they get to it
No. 1047297 ID: d12415

Pistol seems complex and probably OP. Make it an ultra rare drop.
No. 1047310 ID: 23c282

Hmm, you’re probably right, especially as a drop from a two rune enemy. Perhaps it’ll fit better as a chest or quest reward in the town, with the bandit getting caught trying to steal it by digging up the graveyard.
No. 1047370 ID: 61235c

Highly synergistic duo adventurers make me really want to see someone win Fusion Goo from the loot drops. I don’t see loot pools in the wiki, is that something we need to add?
No. 1047381 ID: 08229c
File 166664388843.png - (644.80KB , 800x1800 , 6.png )

>Mary gives the critters different commands. Sadly, they are fairly low intelligence and can barely coordinate. At best they are able to simply swarm. Berserker makes sure Math Wizard stays behind her.

"You got this, Berserker? Cause uh... My spells are gonna be on cooldown for a few more minutes."

"Your buff won't fall off until then. Just stay behind me."

>It's as effortless as crushing bugs to her. Each one she strikes explodes in a pile of gore and chaos wisps. She takes a few good hits but they appear to do barely any damage.

Keep swarming. Maybe team up? C'mon guys. We gotta give them a good fight.

>Three of the creatures suddenly pause in their attack. Inspiration strikes them.

>They look towards one another and nod.

>Berserker watches, not leaving any openings as she prepares for whatever they are about to inflict.

>The creatures combine, merging into one unit and increasing their rune count to..!

>Well, 2, still. But three of them.

>Berserker elbow drops them and they explode.

Well, they tried.
No. 1047382 ID: 08229c
File 166664397244.png - (187.85KB , 800x600 , 7.png )

>The duo continue deeper into the woods. The ground trembles... From the darkness emerges...


"A dragon!?" Math Wizard seems surprised.

"Finally, a worthy opponent." Berserker cracks her knuckles.

Alright, this is our first time using him. What kinda fighting style should we give the thing?
No. 1047383 ID: 340403

It's still a babbu, so give it full on raw physical attacks, and prismatic breath or whatever it spits for AoE. Focus on whatever deals more pain to it or seems tastier.
No. 1047384 ID: b7974b

He's bigger then I thought he was. Wyrms are fairly int based, maybe he can breath a candy/sticky based breath attack that immobilizes? Or just slam down on people.
No. 1047385 ID: 7397c3

Gummy breath. Also, a giant elongated body screams "constrictor" to me.
No. 1047386 ID: 6cf22d

I think the gummy wyrm should be a beefy tanky monster vs some of the more squishy types. Its a high defense type due to its bulky/rubbery body. Its wings aren't for flying, really. But more for gliding and positional awareness.

As others mentioned. It has a Gummy Breath, that is naturally sticky and may have some acidic properties. Adventurers caught in it might be slowed, or at worst, restrained in place until they free themselves from their taffy like confines.

The gummy wyrm uses this to outmanuever and to come up close, constricting with its body and biting with its maw.
No. 1047387 ID: 06095b


Seconding gummy breath, and the idea that the monster fights mostly by absorbing impact. If you want to do something clever, it could absorb energy from particularly large attacks like one of those weeble dolls and then slam back into the opponent like a whip. Otherwise, constriction makes sense for most of its attacks.
No. 1047388 ID: 1effd3

make it spit a powdered candy attack! just hope theres nothing to ignite that...
No. 1047389 ID: ae9e42

Highly resistant to bashing and piercing, weak to slashing. Or biting. Assuming you can eat that much.
No. 1047390 ID: a7a180

The gummy wyrm's sugar breath inflicts slowed and negates invisibility. Their stretchy body gives them an extended reach but their attacks have a visible windup. Engulfing opponents is also a favorite strategy. A delicious prison no adventurer could possibly eat their way out of! But they'll certainly try...
No. 1047391 ID: 6092e9

Absorbs physical attacks- will literally spring back like gummy rubber. Spews a candy beam of superheated sugar that quikckly burns, cools and crystallizes into gummy rock candy which immobilizes those trapped in it.
No. 1047392 ID: 6c4e35

In case it needs to be said: yes you should be able to eat your way free after being mired in taffy by its gummy breath.
No. 1047393 ID: 36b2ef

Gummy should respond to physical attacks by absorbing the force than respecting ut back with an attack. Less effective against swords. Weak to fire and water resistant to earth and wind.
No. 1047394 ID: 23c282

What do you guys think about giving a limited use spell-like ability to anybody who defeats the gummy worm by eating enough of its body to kill it?

I was thinking the powers could be a choice between a sugar high stat buff for an hour, or the ability to use a multicolored breath attack that does acid damage in a cone spread and poisons the targets.
No. 1047396 ID: 6cf22d

Hmm. Maybe not quite to the extreme that you are talking about re: Gummy Breath. But I do like the idea of a sugar high item.

Might be a fun drop. Essentially Gummy Wyrm meat(?)
No. 1047397 ID: 7397c3

>the ability to use a multicolored breath attack that does acid damage in a cone spread and poisons the targets
that just sounds like all that gummy gave you heartburn and you're just barfing it out
No. 1047398 ID: 9caba2

Give it a Dragon Breath of Temporary Diabetes.
No. 1047400 ID: 23c282

I'm not sure about the buff being an hour long if it's a portable consumable. How about a fifteen minute sugar rush for raw wyrm, versus thirty if cooked into wyrm steaks? And also, if we do that, how many wyrm hunks should we give out per character?

Or, we could keep the effectiveness at an hour, but only give one steak per team, and have it be an ingredient for a unique craftable weapon, the Grafted Wyrm.

Yep, that was the idea.

To be fair, Mary should be used to seeing vomit spray out from her clients, seeing as she has a gravity slime in her roster.
No. 1047402 ID: f631fc

I imagine that the gummy wyrm should have some small amount of regeneration, simply due to the runes in it, and a weakness to cutting attacks... and due to gummy a Gummy/Dragon, a resistance to blunt and however dragons interact with magic here, maybe a weakness but buffs the dragon?
No. 1047403 ID: f631fc

>>1047402 perhaps a weakness to Elemental and resistance to other magic?
No. 1047404 ID: c5a251

Definitely a constrictor type that crushes and swallows enemies, and it needs a breath weapon. There were some good ideas for sugar breath, but here are my ideas: A sandblast with raw refined sugar or a swarm-breath of little gummy wurms.

It should be weak to slashing and fire but really strong against bludgeoning and cold damage should make it slower but tougher.

It shouldn’t be able to fly, since it’s a wyrm, but it should be able to use its wings to grapple people.

Maybe if we put it into a mini boss room or it gets a hoodlum power up or something later, it can have a second phase where it splits into segments: a breath-weapon head, a flying middle section that can swallow and kidnap people, and a big tail that intercepts attacks for the other segments.
No. 1047406 ID: a9af05

>sugar high stat buff for an hour
You know what comes after a sugar rush, right? The sugar crash!

How about this? When the sugar high wears off, they receive a debuff called a "sugar crash" where their stats are cut in half and they have a hard time not passing out. This is the consequences of consuming something with way too much sugar in it.
No. 1047407 ID: 329a1e

Looks like a hugger to me. Go for a grapple build!
No. 1047408 ID: d43de1

Speaking of Sugar Crash, we should have the Gummy Wyrm do a body slam once its immobilized its opponents. Its gummy body probably cushions the blow somewhat, but with how big and presumably heavy it is that should still be some good damage.
No. 1047409 ID: 08229c
File 166666058944.png - (642.22KB , 800x1800 , 8.png )

>Mary sets how the Wyrm will fight. It almost instantly gains a few new attributes and tactics.

>It glides over to the duo, leaving behind a slick and sweet trail. Berserker rush it in the blink of an eye and strikes. Her fist hits hard enough to shake the trees, but... The Wyrm remains unharmed.


"It's made out of slime! You can't punch it!" Math Wizard shouts.

>The demon girl flips through her book, looking up a spell that can weaken the wyrm.

>It responds by spitting an extremely sticky goop on her.

>The weak Math Wizard can't fight her way out of it. She can barely do anything but flail slightly before she begins to drown.

"Math Wizard!"

>The Berserker shouts out to her before turning her attention to the Wyrm. She knew that if she touched that goop she'd probably just get stuck herself. And she couldn't punch the thing. Mary could practically feel how angry the woman was getting. She wasn't the one who made the plans. That was her friend. Her friend who was currently drowning.


>She does what she does best and instead punches the ground.

>With a crack, the very earth spits open leaving a yawning ravine. The Gummy Wyrm begins to slip and slide into it.

Oh. Impressive...

I think I could order it to put more of its mass to its wings but...

I'm not sure if I want to go for a party wipe so soon.
No. 1047410 ID: 8fd67d

Go with a slow, purposeful pursuit. Let them think its gone before it slowly, methodically begins to emergy, following them. Lets turn this into a pursuit boss.
No. 1047411 ID: 7397c3

If the Gummy Wyrm can make it, then it should, otherwise you're just throwing the fight like you would for a child. But it is too early for a TPK, especially when this should be the easy part of the dungeon and this is the second fight, so get it to pull up slowly, give them time to regroup.
No. 1047412 ID: c5a251

Flying is energy-intensive, and the wyrm should “think it has the advantage” anyways, so it should feel like it’s fine to just crawl out and snake into the trees to pop out and ambush again.

A difficulty spike too big isn’t satisfying. It’s not like the wurm is too high level or anything: dragon’s just a strong rune and candy/water happens to counter their main damage type.
No. 1047413 ID: c5a251

Also can I just say I really love the Gummy Wyrm? A great combination of cool and cute.
No. 1047414 ID: fcbb9e

I think they have done a prettt good job here. Make it look close, like the gummy wyrm might just make it out of the revine, but struggle under its weight, decending below.
No. 1047415 ID: f631fc

we DID already make it a bit more difficult just for them, let it be and we'll iron this area out more later
No. 1047416 ID: fcbb9e

Also, if we do go with the dissapear into the earth, maybe it doesn't count as a kill. But it instead returns to its nest where our secret tunnel is. So the party may run into it again if they find it. But if they don't then there is still the threat of "Its still out there somewhere..."
No. 1047417 ID: 23c282

Well, you could give them a bit of time by making the wings slowly grow out, but I'd like the idea of these guys discovering the secret entrance to the graveyard tunnel, and then being chased by the Wyrm underground before they can pick up some swords from the skeletons there, maybe even a minor magical item.
No. 1047419 ID: f631fc

hmmmm, but if the Gummy Wyrm follows, than the math wizard will have a chance at defeating them, or if they weren't expecting it... well such is how it is
No. 1047420 ID: 1effd3

have our gmmy wyrn retreat but rolling away like a wheel!
No. 1047430 ID: a7a180

A good move, but one good move isn't all it takes to vanquish the gummy wyrm. Have it focus on the berserker while the math wizard has a chance to recover. Or drown. Either is good.
No. 1047432 ID: 1effd3

gummy wyrm! inflate yourself and fly away!

also i'm gonna call you "Ouroboros" now.
No. 1047434 ID: d12415

Enhance wings, have it fly away and retreat to here:>>1047416
No. 1047437 ID: 36b2ef

Have the gummy wyrm spread its mass so it disappears into the crack. Then we can have it come back later to attack them again if they stay in the area.
No. 1047438 ID: 23c282

I just had a thought.

What if the magic emanating from the gummy wyrm turns any soil near it's lair or around a fifty foot radius from it is transformed from regular dirt into the dessert dish dirt? That way any adventurers would get a preemptive warning if it's about to attack, or a hint if they found it's treasure pile.
No. 1047441 ID: 15c72a

I think it's fine for the gummy wyrm to be trapped in there for a bit, scrabbling to get out. That should give them time to recover and come up with a plan to fight it.
No. 1047443 ID: b79969

Make sure that she gets very messy pulling her friends corpse out
No. 1047444 ID: ae9e42

Yeah, I'd have it tunnel or climb out slowly rather than fly. Flying is a bit of a 'YOU HAVE NO HOPE' move.
No. 1047468 ID: 5c86ff

Come to think of it, the assembled stack of chaos creatures resembles the gummy wyrm, in its long body and wings in the middle. That’s good foreshadowing. It’s also very cute that they seem to be emulating our combining demons.
No. 1047469 ID: 06095b


Bear in mind that Berserker has said that she hates slimes, and now we definitely know why. Being stuck in a fight with a creature you can't hurt isn't fun, doubly so when your friend is in danger.

I'd say let her clever trick pan out how she intended. The worm falls down the crevice and then either falls into the tunnel below or is just knocked out of action long enough for them to recover while diverting mass to its wings.

The gummy breath should probably harden as it cools, since its sugar-based. When hardened, Berserker should be able to punch it apart.
No. 1047482 ID: 58dd24

yeah if this is the low level area, I think anything you do to this guy that isn't one of the specific things he is resistant to should probably work. He can be a big dumb damage sponge.
No. 1047501 ID: 340403

Nah, let the gummy fall. This was a clever trick by Berzerker. Make it a show of it falling and attempting to climb out, but ultimately failing.
No. 1047502 ID: e4a100

Berserker might be better served by trying to rip and tear instead of trying to pummel. Or use some sort of improvised weaponry to help pierce gummy structures.

Seconding this. Perhaps even have it comically and frantically try to scrabble upwards, but ultimately fall down in the end.
No. 1047509 ID: 7906fc

I do not think Dragon Pride will allow that specifically
No. 1047538 ID: 08229c
File 166681611287.png - (295.34KB , 800x970 , 9.png )

>The Gummy Wyrm scrambles and tries to escape the fissure in the ground. But, it's stubby limbs and slippery hands can not find good purchase. It sinks and sinks and sinks and is no more...

Well, actually, my monitor shows that he's still alive but... I'll just keep him down there for now.

>Berserker goes over to her friend and begins ripping off pieces of the goop coating her. It smells almost too sweet and makes her a bit ill.

>Eventually, she reaches the Math Wizard, who has already perished.

"Are you kidding me..? This is why I told you to invest in some armor or something... A wand of fireball... Anything..."

>She sighs and rips the girl out of the goo and begins her trek back out of the woods, grumbling in anger all the way.

>She reaches Aspen and holds out the Math Wizard.

"Revive my friend."

"Oh, how unfortunate... Of course I can bring her back for you. That will be 250 gold."

"Are you kidding me? I have 50 gold."

"Then I'm afraid there's little I can do to help you."

"Revive her or I'll kill you."

"If you fight me one of us will be dead and your friend will still be deceased."

"Is that a threat, plant?"

"I'm afraid it is just the most likely outcome."

>She squeezes her friend in anger. The corpse squeaks.

"Is there... A way... I can earn... A revive...?"

Why is she so angry.

What do you think, guys? Should we toss her a bone here?

There's plenty of quests we could send her on.
No. 1047539 ID: 7397c3

open a tab?
No. 1047540 ID: 1effd3

quest: anger management when not in battle
No. 1047541 ID: 0f4812

Give her 20% of a revive. Maths ghost, very scary.
No. 1047542 ID: 15b66d

Hmm, we have Bandit in the jail cell right? Since she needs gold, what if we have Aspen tell her to go to the tavern, there should be work there, then have a member of Bandit's "gang" approach Berserker about helping break Bandit out of the Jail, so they can finally get their big haul. The haul can have a 200 gold off a revive coupon and some loot or something.
Not sure what the haul quest should be, maybe treasure hidden by the slimes, or Ms. Bloops' secret motherlode?
No. 1047543 ID: 4e1c20

Does her friend not have any money on her corpse? Sheesh. Well, as a matter of fact there is a reward of 250 gold for gummy wyrm wings… ahahah, no just kidding. What else did we put out here? Tell her there’s a bounty on the one armed bandit and set her free.
No. 1047544 ID: 06095b


She's currently level 20 without her friend and possibly without the gold for a revive. I'd say let her earn it by participating in hub quests if she's willing.

Some ideas:
> Monk Slime has gotten a little out of hand at the tavern and needs to be calmed down (by force, if necessary)
> There's been some plants dying off on the farm because of the Salamander rooting around under ground.
> Dia's shop will always pay for salvage and she'll even lend you her magnetic friend to act as a treasure finder, but that would require risking a trip back into the woods.
> Holy Slime would like some help settling the graveyard back down after a pesky sorcerer has started building a skeleton army there.
No. 1047545 ID: cb5e40

Well, now would be a good time to perhaps suggest that she heard from Sprout or Old Creedy that something is going on in the farms that is scaring/agitating the Battering Rams and Salamanders.

She can try to find out what is causing it, and maybe fight a scarecrow, maybe even have the scarecrow possess a battering ram or salamander.

The reward is enough gold to get that revive.
No. 1047548 ID: 7397c3

Actually... Mary, use your Calculate spell to see if anything she has on her has a rune we don't have. We can take that in trade.
No. 1047549 ID: cb5e40

Tacking on to this: >>1047545. What other people have said is a good idea too. Mention the inn and see if there are any would be just recently demonified adventurers that could help fufil these quests if they think they need assistance on the quests we suggest.
No. 1047550 ID: 06095b


I thought the salamander was supposed to be more of an antagonist for the farm rather than livestock that might get out of control. We may want to settle on its exact role/lore sooner rather than later.
No. 1047552 ID: 06095b


Ooh, Devil Slime being kind of a troublemaker, she might suggest breaking Bandit out of jail if they need some quick cash. That would be a fun way to trigger the quest for the hidden loot.

Also, I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but maybe having Bandit in your group would allow you to resolve the situation with the graveyard sorcerer peacefully, since we can make it so that the two are kind of pals.
No. 1047555 ID: 15b66d

Could also do some stuff with NPCs from the Citadel.
>Adorable Mascot Isabelle has come to the village in search of more foods. Create new dishes that please her pallet for a reward.
>Bandit has escaped Jail and is targetting Princess Lily, protect Princess Lily without her getting upset.
>Ms. Bloops' friend Explodey is in town, but she's gotten lost! Help Ms. Bloops find her before everyone has a bad time.
>A mysterious rash of high speed collisions is plaguing the town. Discover why they're happening and put an end to it.
No. 1047556 ID: 421554

Hmm, I feel our main dungeon might have conditioned us to expect larger amounts of gold being thrown around casually.

If we want her to be able to directly pay for the revive, we could institute pricing equal to 1.5 * their level. That still costs a decent amount, and doesn't seem like a change that might make previous visitors think that they were ripped off compared to the new prices.

Oh, and Mary: she's a berzerker. Getting mad is kind of their shtick.
No. 1047557 ID: 58dd24

They still need to collect their reward from clearing out the woods monsters from the Farmer too. Send them to the tavern quest board, and make sure there's wanted posters up from the Farm waiting there among the other side quests.
No. 1047560 ID: 08229c
File 166682155498.png - (106.78KB , 800x600 , 10.png )

Hmm... I'm not sure they can trade gear. And it looks like unless she drops it that the Berserker can't go through her friends goods. Unless she was a thief or something.

But, let's try something...


>Mary casts a spell revealing some facts.

Let's see...

The book is interesting. It has two runes we don't have. Arithmetic and Knowledge. Glasses have Anger and her chest binding has Container and Cloth.
No. 1047563 ID: 08229c
File 166682300948.png - (331.58KB , 800x1200 , 11.png )

>Back with Aspen, the healer thinks for a moment.

"Hmm... Well, I couldn't help but notice all the fighting in the woods over there. If you took care of the beast there I'm sure the farmer will reward you. We have a pub where there's lots of people looking for work. I'd check there as soon as you can."

>Through gritted teeth, Berserker says her thanks.

"Would you like to leave your friend here?"

"Drop off her corpse in a dungeon..? No thank you."

>With her ally's body in tow, the woman makes her way to the farm. The land seems peaceful enough, with scarecrows and farm animals about. It isn't long before she spots the farmer.

"Old man." Berserker calls out to him before dumping Math Wizard's body onto the ground.

"Call me Creedy," The plant person replies. Behind him is a young slime.

"Alright. I defeated the Gummy Wyrm within the woods. I heard there was a reward."

"Hrmm... The creature ain't dead yet. I can feel it in these old bones."

"Are you... Fffffff.... ALRIGHT. Do you have... ANY... Other work..?"

"Something's been troubling Sprout here's animals. Think you can take a look at it for me?"


>She turns to the plant slime, barely able to contain the look of dislike.

>Sprout speaks in slimish for a good minute, explaining her problem in detail.

". . ."

>Sprout just gestures to the field.

"Oh. Gee. I wonder what could be causing the problems."
No. 1047564 ID: 340403

Tax collector slimes
No. 1047565 ID: 08229c
File 166682353965.png - (121.94KB , 800x546 , 12.png )


I really want those runes. But I also want them to have a good experience... Maybe if we could just.. Kill Math Wizard at the end.

Either way, let's determine how our chaos scarecrow fights.
No. 1047566 ID: 6ccff3

Confusion and fear effects.

Maybe it creates chaos crows magic that attack at its command. Basically chaos element magic missles... but crows
No. 1047567 ID: 06095b


It has a chaos rune. So, I think most of its attacks are reliant on corruption. It can spit a glob of corruptive energy and corrupt the plants in the farm to entangle and ensnare people trying to reach it. Maybe as a last ditch effort, it might try to release itself from its post in cloth form and attempt to constrict on top of its attacker.
No. 1047569 ID: cb5e40

So I think with the eventual idea in the future to use this for story purposes. The idea is that the chaos runes alow this weird corruption to spread. Ergo, let me propose this.

Chaos monsters above one rune always have the ability to infect something around them. Two rune monsters can infect one rune monsters. Three to two, and so forth. So we could have it where it corrupts things like the crops to use as extension of itself. I.E corn/wheat as whips, tomatoes as projectiles, tubers as triping/constricting hazards. It could also infect pests like our one rune rats and spiders to be simple harrying items.

I think for this fight only, since we are playing around with the mechanic, the chaos scarecrow could possibly attempt to corrupt its bretherin, or the other farm animals as additional attackers.

If we don't want to do that, we could have it do what a scarecrow does best, and blend in. Make it try and confuse adventurers into attacking its non infected versions as a means of escape and whittling down its prey.

Finally, I do like the idea of it and other high level chaos monsters potentially having minor debuf auras, fear, confusion, sleep, etc.
No. 1047570 ID: 06095b


She's currently depowered substantially without her partner. A two rune monster fight might be hard enough on its own without it being able to corrupt the other scarecrows. I do think that would be good for a raid mode or hard mode option, though.

Also, Mary, pet your daughter. She is hovering behind your chair.
No. 1047571 ID: 15b66d

Yeah Mary, go hug Isabelle.
No. 1047572 ID: d12415

Do keep in mind that they are the ones who came into the dungeon unprepared. Sure they may be a fairly high level, but they didn't think to bring revives? Nobody else in the past got handouts for free without a very very good reason. I don't need to remind you that we are running a business. If they have a bad time because of this, then that is on them and them alone. At least when it comes to money trouble like this.
No. 1047574 ID: a7a180

Attacking the scarecrow is useless, you have to attack what he actually says. Which is to say, his weakpoint is hidden among the attacks he uses - roots bursting from the ground, flocks of crows that shoot from his hands, corrupted vegetable minions - and he likes to call out his attacks.
No. 1047576 ID: 15c72a

Make the fight something she can punch a lot of things during.
No. 1047578 ID: f631fc

there will be opportunities to kill them later, Mary, for now the farm is theoretically a better match for her... and lower level, perhaps we could bait them to Jeffery's Room
hahaha this is morbid
No. 1047582 ID: 7397c3

Having a good time doesn't mean winning, this is a dungeon after all. We do want to kill them both, just not yet; we want them to feel they had a chance, we want them to experience fun things.
Speaking of, this gal doesn't seem like she enjoys thinking. She was glad when she found the dragon cause she thought it was an enemy she could use her whole skillset on, but it's clear her whole skillset is just punching, and the extent of the abilities she likes to use is punching harder. So while everyone else's suggestions sound great in general, I don't think they're a good idea if we want to get a positive review from her. Save all these tricksy stuff for someone who wants that, and just give her a slugfest this time.
No. 1047588 ID: 363363

makes sense for a chaos monster to change how it fights every time
No. 1047597 ID: b79969

Teleporting around, I would say. Throwing projectiles, either scythe blades or chaos orbs
No. 1047598 ID: 61235c

It should pretend to be a normal scarecrow, then ambush and hop around with a big harvesting scythe, darting in and out of the corn! Slashing damage like that should scare slimes, you know?
No. 1047599 ID: d12415

At least one of the scarecrows should have a wicked looking zweihander that it can barely heft around. Its movements are heavily choreographed and a bit slow, but when the swing gets going, it is fast, and devastating. The key here is that the lead up to the swing is obvious once you know what to expect, and can easily be avoided. Only strong adventurers can straight up block the swings, and only agile adventurers can parry it.

The sword should be a somewhat rare, unique drop from this one enemy.
This is heavily based on the Hollow Slaves that wield the Flamberge in Dark Souls 3
No. 1047618 ID: 58dd24

can it swap around with the regular scarecrows? sort of imply how it has remained hidden and also make the fight a little more flavorful
No. 1047624 ID: 61235c

It is very funny to me that berserker seems to be viewing the world through rose-colored glasses, so she’s always seeing red.
No. 1047626 ID: 04697a

maybe chaos slime there has some suggestions?
I don't think we've seen any chaos stuff other than the woodland animals do combat so knowing what they're able to do would be useful to advise. if order allows imposition of rules, chaos might allow for the breaking/disregarding of them.

maybe the chaos scarecrow's main deal is it's purpose is kinda inverted and then some, it not only scares/debuffs non-chaos critters but actually emboldens/buffs the beasts themselves.

the fight mechanic can be that it's really tough to fight the things in the fields while the chaos scarecrow is up, except when close to one of the friendly scarecrows who project save zones where the buffs and debuffs are removed.

the idea of chaos infecting stuff is cool though, we for sure need some chaos undead further down the line... maybe a GLich?
No. 1047627 ID: 0303dc

Maybe have it infect and corrupt things, but instead of using it for attacks and minions it the melds with them to grow bigger and stronger?
This would let it give berserker a fistfight, while still giving an excuse for having a different fighting style later.
No. 1047628 ID: 0303dc
File 166687930311.png - (1.46MB , 821x614 , 46853C7D-7B6E-43B2-876C-7D68BC114DE6.png )

Kind of like this, but with more scarecrow parts and glitchy red Chaos veins instead of green.
No. 1047640 ID: 4eab87

Chaos Scarecrow should be the obvious leader, give him either a Chaos Scythe or dual Chaos Sickles to make it obvious who to focus on, and to drop after he goes down. Once she’s done with that, you should probably have Creedy give a hint to Berserker that bladed weapons would work better against the Gummy Wyrm, and if she’s looking to fight him again, there’s a secret tunnel to the graveyard in the woods that it uses as a lair. Once Math Wizard gets revived, don’t forget to apply the “Sugar High” temporary buff, so that they’re raring to go fight the wyrm again.

Also, ask Chaos Slime what she thinks of the plan, and if she has anything to add to it.

Also, headpat Chaos Slime and Isabelle for us.
No. 1047649 ID: 08229c
File 166692382142.png - (136.39KB , 800x546 , 13.png )

Okay, I have a good idea. I wanna do a corruption sort of thing. Whatever it touches it can kinda meld into. Maybe even make it so it has to be killed in a unique way...

Oh, how about it can only infect farm stuff? Like it's locked into that.

Yes, I think that works perfectly.
No. 1047650 ID: 08229c
File 166692390699.png - (168.53KB , 800x600 , 14.png )

>Back at the fight, Berserker punches the creature. The impact from her single punch completely obliterates the thing.

>Mary frowns and pulls up statistics.

Ah, there we go. So she's a lower level Berserker. However, when angry her strength goes up quite a few points. She's hitting for damage closer to 35 than 20.

Still, this is exactly why we made the thing the way it is.
No. 1047651 ID: 08229c
File 166692434479.png - (118.35KB , 800x600 , 15.png )

>A tiny fleck of corruption latches onto another of the scarecrows and inflicts it with Chaos. The Berserker frowns.

"Ah, I see. Very well."

>Another punch obliterates the scarecrow with ease. The corruption latches onto a pumpkin. She stomps it into the ground.

>Using the guts from the pumpkin it latches onto another pumpkin.

>Mary frowns as this repeats at least a dozen times.


I may have made that too uh...


>It goes to another Scarecrow.

"Are you... Serious..!?"

>The Berserker has reached peak rage. She can now use anything as a weapon and count as proficient with it!

But she doesn't have any-
No. 1047652 ID: 08229c
File 166692444245.png - (194.94KB , 800x600 , 16.png )

>She swings her friend's corpse and obliterates the scarecrow in a single hit.


Oh damn.
No. 1047653 ID: 7397c3

...good thing she was already dead, I guess.
No. 1047654 ID: 23c282

>...Don't worry, that broken neck'll be taken care of when your friend is revived.
No. 1047655 ID: 08229c
File 166692467280.png - (222.94KB , 800x600 , 17.png )

>Eventually there are no enemies remaining. Or, so it seems.

>The destroyed Scarecrow rises again, taking in all the other corrupted aspects of itself. It doesn't increase its rune count but it does make it a bit harder to fight. It has access to new moves, a higher pool of hp, and is much larger.

>It has run out of bodies to hop into, but it plans on making the most of this final one.

>Sadly, it doesn't last long.

>Berserker is all that remains, panting and tired.

>There are no other enemies around for her to smash.


Even without her friend she basically fought well over a dozen enemies.

It looks like she's making her way back to the old man. What sort of rewards should she get?
No. 1047656 ID: 7397c3

200gp and an Arbiter's Ploughshare (blade, law aligned)
No. 1047657 ID: 1effd3

give her some gold, perhaps some guideance to help reviver her friend
No. 1047658 ID: 06095b


Infinite body hopping seems a bit much. I'd recommend limiting the corruption spreading to the initial mob in a radius, with other mobs causing blooms only if they aren't killed quick enough.

As for rewards, that was a tough fight. I'm tempted to give her the full 200 she needs. If not that, then 150 and a bowl of hearty vegetable soup from the plant slime. It restores all hp and adds a small buff of some kind.
No. 1047659 ID: 23c282

Definitely enough for a revive, plus an old scythe that got some chaos magic stuck in it (Scythe of Furor) and a hint about using bladed weapons on the Gummy Wyrm.
No. 1047660 ID: 06095b


A basic non-bludgeoning weapon or hints from McCreedy sounds like a good idea. He's familiar with the Gummy Wyrm and should know its weaknesses.
No. 1047661 ID: a7a180

Revive her friend, that takes up all the cash reward. The other is a farm implement which has a damage bonus against slimes.
...The Trowel of Power! Wielded by a legendary warrior, it grants a boost to speed that increases while you're airborne. It's an actual statted weapon, so it avoids the actual glitches while paying them tribute.
No. 1047664 ID: fcbb9e

200g is definitely a worthwhile reward. And I do agree that maybe an item or weapon can be a fine reward. So how about:

The Harvest Thresh: An old and weathered sickle that has a slight attack buff and gives a small boost to health upon killing an enemy.

From the end of a crops life, life flourishes anew...

This can be an item reward staple for future runs, but is a more random drop/reward in the future when we come up with others.

Other than that, I think a few slimecrown tokens and the soup found here >>1047658 round things out.
No. 1047665 ID: ee4afe

That's not bad for a one hander.

How bout this for a two handed weapon.
Reaper's Scythe: Crits do double damage, in addition to the critical hit.
No. 1047670 ID: 04697a

A scythe or sickle seems fitting, plus cash.

Oh and maybe a minor healing item or two? Not as potent as you could buy from the shop and can't be taken out of the dungeon, but handy in a pinch. Maybe flavour it as some family remedy, not just useful for this scenario but for future low level adventurers too.
No. 1047671 ID: 61235c

300gp and a cool scythe, at minimum.

Exactly enough (with or without her 50) for a revive feels cheap, and a weapon that she can actually use to fight slimes will help her keep from being walled by the whole nature of the dungeon even at peak angry.

>”In peaceful times, slimes bent their swords into plowshares. In troubled times…”
No. 1047672 ID: 23c282

Alright, banged this thing's stats out as quick as I could. I'm hoping that this feels low level enough to give a bit of an advantage, but useful enough to interest someone in improving it rather than selling it off at later levels.

Scythe of Furor (ver 1.0)
Lore: Once a simple scythe used by Creedy the plantman farmer, chaos magic has become infused in this old farming tool through a corrupted scarecrow altered by an unknown source. Don't worry about giving it back to Creedy, though. He's got a spare that's much less random.
Two-handed weapon
+1 to Attack
+1 to Constitution
Whenever an enemy is critically hit by this weapon, roll 2d4. First die is the extra elemental damage, second is the additional elemental damage inflicted. Improving the scythe into better versions increases the possible elements and how much elemental damage is inflicted.
Ver 1.0 Elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind.
Placed: Creedy's Farm, quest reward or Scarecrow fight drop.
No. 1047673 ID: 7397c3

This is a business, and we want those 50gp. And honestly a good weapon is worth more than that.
No. 1047674 ID: e5709d

Creedy complains to the Berserker, arguing that if he wanted to destroy his entire stock of vintage Raftborn Scarecrows, he could have used the magitek self-destruct button!

>Berserker attacks Creedy in a fit of rage
Creedy explodes, leaving behind a strange runic badge with a large scar over it.

Marque of Sin
- When equipping this item in 'public' stance, Intimidation +5, Diplomacy -10, 1/8 chance to trigger diplomacy check for arrest when detected by any guard.
- When equipping this item in 'hidden' stance, Intimidation +1, Diplomacy -1
Berserker can now intimidate the healer to give her a massive discount on a single resurrection - but afterwards, the healer will barricade herself and won't heal anyone unless she's bribed with 1000G.

>Berserker seethes but does not attack
Creedy 'offers' the berserker the job of building a new set of scarecrows. When she's finished, it turns out each scarecrow she has created nets her 50G. She cannot continue to create scarecrows for cash afterwards.
No. 1047678 ID: 15c72a

Can the berzerker even use scythes?
Here's an alternative:

Ring of Chaotic Conversion
Once a day, attune this ring to a damage type. Every attack, a random percentage (30-60%) of damage you do is converted to that damage type.
The nature of Chaos is change.
No. 1047679 ID: 61235c

Berserker is proficient in all weapons when at peak angry.
No. 1047680 ID: 15c72a

Yes, but before then? It would suck to force her to rely on punches against slimes until she's peak angry. It'd draw out every combat.

To be clear, once attuned it stays attuned to that element until attuned again.
No. 1047681 ID: 36b2ef

Ring of Slime Punching - reduces damage reduction from slimes by 50% for 1 minute twice per day

Also makes slime cleanup easier!
No. 1047682 ID: 61235c

I think rather than drawing out all combats, it allows for the combats that would end up stalemates to actually end.
No. 1047702 ID: 15b66d

I like this one, it would let it be used by all sorts of adventurers.
No. 1047704 ID: 4aaa6d

Anklet of Evil Twin:
The wearer may, at their discretion, dismiss or adjacently summon a duplicate of themselves that is extremely skewed towards a random one of the classical vices/virtues, humours, or similar personality profilings.
The wearer is aware of the number of duplicates currently summoned by this item.
If a duplicate defeats an enemy, the current wearer will lose health* equal to (maximum health divided by one hundred to a minimum of two) taken to the power of (total current duplicates) multiplied by (rank of defeated enemy).
*This assumes lethal combat. The loss is indexed to the type of victory. Academic victories inflict mental exhaustion, financial victories temporarily promote gullibility, social victories...

Berserker needs more math in her items!
No. 1047710 ID: 340403

A scroll to unlock the next quest line.
No. 1047711 ID: 08229c
File 166699881518.png - (236.63KB , 800x1200 , 18.png )

>An item drop pings for the Berserker. She examines it up and, after reading its item description, equips it.

"Huh. Nice." She admires her new ring for a moment before dragging her friend's corpse over to the old man.

>He glares at her before handing the woman 200 gold. She pockets the money and is about to leave before she gets stopped by the little plant slime.

>It happily speaks in slimeish and hands her a small buffing item.

"Oh. Thanks."

"She's saying thanks," Creedy explains, "Because you destroyed the fields she doesn't have to do any work for today."

"O-oh. Uhm... Sorry... I just, uh.... I get angry and..."


"I'll go now..."

>She hefts her friend back over her shoulder and makes her way back to Aspen.
No. 1047712 ID: 08229c
File 166699896139.png - (85.56KB , 800x600 , 19.png )

". . ."
No. 1047714 ID: 08229c
File 166699920456.png - (30.38KB , 800x600 , 20.png )

"Here's your gold. Revive her, please."

"Did she... Did she get into another fight or..?"

"Revive her."
No. 1047721 ID: 23c282

Trust us, Aspen, you're better off not knowing. Besides, I think whatever happened to the Wizard is part of their strategy.
No. 1047722 ID: 08229c
File 166700440259.png - (107.85KB , 800x600 , 21.png )

>Math Wizard is revived.

Woo, 50 gold.

... I only feel a bit bad about giving them money and then taking it.

Only a bit.

>When Math Wizard comes back to life she immediately jumps up and begins yelling at Berserker.

"You used my body as a weapon!"


"I saw it! I saw the whole thing in Spectator Mode! You smacked all of them with me!"

"I didn't..."

"My horn broke!"

"I'm... I'm sorry..."

>Math Wizard continues to glare at her, but the apology softens her expression a bit.

"It's fine... I know it must have been difficult to fight without me."

"Yeah. I need you, Math Wizard. I'm not at my best without you."

>The Wizard sighs.

"It's fine," she says, "You wanna continue exploring the woods? I saw some rubble a bit deeper in. Maybe there's some loot in there?"

"You really want to continue?"

"We'd better! All I got to do so far is be a weapon!"
No. 1047723 ID: 08229c
File 166700469236.png - (102.60KB , 800x600 , 22.png )

>Mary decides to cut them a bit of a break. Their second trek into the woods is met with far less resistance. A few critters give them just a bit of trouble but they're able to make their way in with minimal fuss.

>They approach the entrance to the ruins.

Alright, we have a few monsters stationed here. So, what's the game plan?
No. 1047724 ID: a7a180

Make it eerily quiet... then ambush them as they try to leave.
No. 1047725 ID: 1effd3

lets pull a spookys jumpscare mansion:
have a cardboard cutout of the Gummy Wyrm pop up
No. 1047726 ID: 7397c3

it's quiet... too quiet.
No. 1047727 ID: b499ad

Did we ever figure out what, exactly, the ruins are? also, what monsters are in that area, can't quite make them out in that overview picture
No. 1047728 ID: 23c282

Well, have a couple of one and two rune enemies fight them while they're in there, perhaps dropping a unique (bladed) weapon or magic (chronomantic) tome, then just when they see the exit, have the Gummy Wyrm emerge behind them and chase them to the exit before they escape it. Then, just before they escape, have the Wyrm burst out of the tomb, but get stuck halfway, having the two fight it while it's disadvantaged. If it's defeated, they gain a bunch of XP, and can go back through the tunnels to discover it's treasure pile. It's mostly candy, but there should be something cool in a chest for beating it.
No. 1047729 ID: fec07f

Definitely go the haunted house method. Lot's of creepy ambiance with the occasional spooky thing like mysterious breezes or things moving on their own punctuated with jump scares - the jump scares are of course monsters
No. 1047730 ID: b499ad

something chronomantic huh... perhaps something to deal with their spellcasting being too slow, like how we dealt with the berserker not being able to harm Blunt resistant by giving a converter
No. 1047732 ID: b499ad

perhaps we can have rooms in the ruins which are untouched by time, and have there be clockroaches in those rooms, have them be like puzzles, and you kill all the roaches to make those rooms "normal" again, don't know what to do with the others though
No. 1047735 ID: 1ed92d

Throw a Grue in there.
No. 1047736 ID: 7397c3

We didn't make a grue. Sadly.
No. 1047737 ID: 08229c

Light and dark slime, lag mites, zombies, orche jelly, and Gazer.
No. 1047738 ID: 15b66d

We need to make a grue
No. 1047740 ID: 23c282

Hokay, anyone got any ideas for loot? I've got a couple that might work...

>Bottled Dark Slime (Uncommon found, dropped or bought item)
>A large sealed jar of Dark Slime ooze, when opened or broken the contents flow out to fill a 30 foot by 30 foot square patch of nonsentient Dark Slime that reduces movement speed of anyone in it. However, when the slime is exposed to stimuli that is considered to be EDGY (ie, Crawling by Linkin Park, or whatever songs are similar enough), the pool manifests sharp dark spikes and blades that cause Slashing and Dark Damage to creatures inside the pool. The Damage improves by how EDGY the stimuli is.
>The Dark Slime pool evaporates after 10 rounds have passed.

>The Tome of Ceaseless Sand, author unknown
>A large, heavy book written in strange, scratchy penmanship that becomes more difficult to read the further in. The book seems to be a dissertation on the lifecycles of creatures who can manipulate the flow of time, from Lag Mites and Time Slimes to Sphynxes and Chronowyrms. Studying the tome thourogly over the course of a rest allows the wielder to slow down a group of low to mid tier enemies or speed up an ally twice a dungeon or pause one foe at boss difficulty or below for three seconds, at the risk of aging or youthening the wielder on a bad roll.
>Heavy spellcasting tome
>+2 to Magic
>+2 to Intellegence
>Allows the attuned to learn the spells Haste, Slow, and Pause, as well as reduces the amount of lag generated by Time Mites or other Chronomantic enemies.

>Watcherling (Ultra Rare gifted item)
>An immature Watcher hatched from a psychic thought after an evening spent together with a mature Watcher. While not exactly cruel to their offspring, most Watchers are not great at parenting, prefering to leave them to their paramores to take care of them. Grows into an adult Watcher after 18 years, after which they will leave to do their own thing, but will try to call or visit every once in a while, okay?
>Advantage on Persuasion checks (doubled when using Persuasion for seducing)
>Attacks enemies with a single random Watcher Eyebeam at range on it's parent's initiative count.
>Eyebeams have a 20% chance of immobilizing, stunning, igniting, freezing, or dominating an enemy for 1d3 rounds.
>Placed: Only given out by seducing (and not fighting) the Watcher and not participating in the next room, in order to have a private meeting with her. After the dungeon is completed, the Watcherling is dropped off at the lucky player's local guildhall with a note explaining the situation.

>Axe of Mite (Very Rare chest or hidden corpse item, Handaxe, Battleaxe, or Greataxe)
>Lore: Likely made by an unlucky adventurer who had gotten quite lost in the hidden corridors and passageways of Slimecrown Hamlet's ruins, this kitbashed axe is made out of sharpened pieces of Lag Mite chitin glued together with the remains of a Time Slime, with a wooden handle carved from reclaimed mimic wood. It sometimes twitches slightly while held in the wielder's hand...
>+1 to Attack
>+1 to Agility
>Once per dungeon, when wielding the Axe of Mite, a user can use an attack action on a foe to afflict them with the Slow condition. You can afflict Slow on multiple minion foes so long as they are hit with the same attack.
>Placed: Somewhere where lots of Lag Mites have built a nest, or possibly in another hard to reach location with a (fake) adventurer's corpse holding it.

Since it seems like Berserker's going to mainly use her fists, or maybe some gauntlets or claws, we'll place the The Tome of Ceaseless Sand somewhere around the ruins, and leave the Axe for Marauder or another axe user.

You don't make a Grue, you just go too far into the darkness and find one there.
No. 1047741 ID: 23c282

...That Pause ability on the Tome is supposed to be once per dungeon.
No. 1047742 ID: 1effd3

Lag Mites lets gooooooooo

No. 1047743 ID: 7397c3

tbh this feels a bit too strong for this part of the dungeon, this is supposed to be the low level section
No. 1047744 ID: 23c282

That's fair, most of the ones I posted were older ideas from before Audit Quest moved. Still, I think the Bottled Dark Slime would be a good consumable here, as well as amusing. Just need to lower it's duration to two or three rounds.
No. 1047746 ID: fcbb9e

Okay, well I think the ruins shouod resemble a bit of an old temple or something similar. The place shows signs of an old battle against some monsterous thing (Jeffrey) where there are reckages and collapsed ceilings and the like.

But now, its something different. There are writings and weird sigils on the walls and ceilings. Evidence of activity that something lives here now. Maybe even something bigger than just one creature. It is in fact...a cult.

But the place is empty for now, or at the very least its cult like members are not here. What is here, are some of its creations.

Basically, this leads to a collection of assorted primordial Ochre Jellies, the occasional pest lag mites, a dark slime and led by Gazer. There is also a lone light slime, who seemingly is trapped, kept here by the cult for some freakish ritual. Adventurers may run into them, and attempt to free them from the clutches of the assorted denizens within.

Have it be eerie and allow for the curilus to study and be spooked by the various monsters popping out at random times.

This place may become a place for a mini-boss, but it allows us to set up some lore in the future for when we adjust and expand some rooms.
No. 1047750 ID: fcbb9e

Gotta think about it. But we should keep the items small for now until we expand this place (if we choose to)

For now I think we could do small trinkets like.

>The Eternal Candle
>A small candle that when an activation word is said, the candle lights up, illuminating the darkness. When in the aura of this light, you are immune to the blind condition.

>Ceremonial Stave
An old stave from a bygone era. What does it do? Its truly unknown, even the cult has missed it. The stave can cast one of the following spells per run. "Heal", "Bless" or "Purify".
No. 1047756 ID: 08229c
File 166701716733.png - (125.00KB , 800x600 , 23.png )

Creepy and some small loot. Alright, let's do this.

>Mary has decided just in time for the pair to enter.

>Almost immediately they encounter a massive mural on the wall. It's been partially broken and worn down with age.

>It is a masterfully designed image of a bunch of slimes and a monster. The slime is bringing up a barrier of slime. The slime is drawing a blade against the monster. The slime is drawing a blade against the monster. The slime is hiding behind her bodyguards.

>The monster is charging. The monster is crushing slime cores beneath its feet.

>The barrier is faltering.

>The monster is winning.

"Wow." Berserker says, "That's not fucking ominous at all."

"That's so cool! Lore! We hardly ever get places with lore!"

"Hn. It has the same markings as those things we fought... In the woods."

"And the scarecrow you used my DEAD BODY to beat up."


"Do you think we'll fight the big guy?"

>Berserker cracks her knuckles.

"I hope so."
No. 1047757 ID: 7397c3

>All craftslimeship is of the highest quality.
No. 1047758 ID: 08229c
File 166701729564.png - (123.96KB , 800x600 , 24.png )

>They move on and enter the next room. A lag mite drops onto Berserker and makes her scream.



"Bug!? Kill it!"

"Iiiiiii caaaaaaaaaaan'tttttt mmmmmooooooo-"

"I'm gonna hit you with my book! Is that okay!?"

"Doooooooon'ttttt yooooooouuuu ffffuuuuuuuccccckiiiiiinnngggg dddaaaaaa-"

"Well what do you want me to do!?"

Alright, let's ramp it up a bit. I want them to be absolutely terrified by the end of it. I think we really gotta sell how scary this place is.
No. 1047759 ID: a7a180

Lag mites keep falling from the ceiling as they get chased by the slowest zombies ever. Really ham it up.

Hey, if these lagmites are falling from the ceiling, wouldn't that make them lactites?
No. 1047760 ID: d12415

Just make some noises. Some distant footsteps, a mechanism starting to tick, or some falling rubble. Amp up the psychological horror for now.
It doesn't require a ton of effort and whatever they come up with in their mind will be a hell of a lot worse than whatever we can throw at them.

Also, that mural is totally depicting Jeffrey. And they want to fight Jeffery. We may want to tie the obscene strength of Jeffrey into the lore subtly so they have the chance to figure out what they are getting into.
No. 1047761 ID: 7397c3

>We may want to tie the obscene strength of Jeffrey into the lore subtly so they have the chance to figure out what they are getting into.
They have a long, long way before they get to Jeffrey, and there's no way in hell they'll ever get to Curi as they are now, much less get past her.
No. 1047762 ID: 1effd3

we need bigger mites
No. 1047763 ID: d12415

Also prep some chaos slimes, ochre jellies, and some zombies. Don't show them yet, but have a zombie or two sit passively further in covered with an ochre jelly. Have them look like a melting corpse prop for now.

After the adventurers pass a few of these corpses, that is when you activate them, surrounding the adventurers.

Elsewhere, have some chaos slimes sit on the ceiling and then have them slowly drip down when reached.


For future use, we really need to upgrade a chaos slime to be a chaos knight or something that wanders the ruins.
No. 1047767 ID: 04697a


Oh and at some point we for sure need what appears to be another mural of jeffrey turn out to be a chaos slime lying in ambush, maybe when in a dark and light slime chamber they pass it before it goes dark, then when they get some light again they can glimpse it peeling itself from the wall and looming over them, either for a scary start to a fight or for max horror: to vanish when the light goes out again
No. 1047769 ID: b499ad

Aspen already mentioned the citadel having "difficulties", so perhaps we can lore it out somewhere as it being sealed (which it is) and the seal weakening (god I hope not)

One way to make things scary is with a backdrop of creeping horror, maybe leave "signs" of the catastrophe, and make it seam like the nearby monsters are related to The Abomination's actions somehow, lord knows the Chaos creature probably COULD fuck up things that bad
No. 1047770 ID: b499ad

No. 1047791 ID: f2320a

I laugh way too hard at the thought of a lagmite infested slime smeared zombie looking like the smooze covered in bugs voice like its breating argon sounding like autotune.

Idea for the future a lagmite infested superfast creature moving at slow or normal speed possibly without lagmites it starts to rapidly age but unleashing its full power a sort of failed eternal youth experiment, lagmites if not eating could make good corpse preservers or stasis chambers
No. 1047792 ID: 8ac324

Maybe leave lore entries like this around.
While Chaos is not evil in and of itself, all Chaotic beings near Slimecrown stem from a single source, and most are still under it’s control. Just what is it that is sealed away in the citadel, and how powerful is it to command so many beings despite being sealed…
No. 1047794 ID: 0954bd

They’ll probably follow any light in the distance- you can use the light and darkness slimes to lead them around that way.

The slimes themselves, if caught, are just scared kids who wandered off to play but got separated by the scary zombies and such. Let’s use slow-moving zombies popping out of the cover of the darkness slime as a threat. The Jelly can act as a sort of zombie-slime.

Gazer is an ancient guardian of these ruins who’s charged to protect slimes, but keep out others with extreme prejudice. A relic from old, harsh times when slime crown was founded.
No. 1047795 ID: 06095b


Dread is a powerful tool, as is darkness. I'm not sure how they are still seeing at this point, honestly.

Maybe something like the following would really put the fear into them:
> Let them deal with the bug first, and proceed further in.
> Drop some more lore about how a great flood or similar managed to drown Jeffrey down into the deepest recesses of Slimecrown citadel.
> A small dripping noise starts to be heard far in the distance, but everything else is strangely quiet. (This is a tell that the ochre jelly is getting closer, and plays into the recent lore that ties moving water to danger. If they watch the ceiling carefully, they'll notice him circling behind them.)
> A miasma of darkness seems to blow out from within the citadel at a certain point (ideally when the way out is no longer visible or easily reached). If they turn back, they realize that the light of the entryway has gone dark (courtesy of Darkness Slime).
> Have them find a mercy torch or similar around now, one that casts just enough light to reveal the next mural, one showing eyes glowing red in the dark beneath the citadel.
> Have Light Slime and Darkness Slime begin playing together to whip up illusions, shadows moving just out of sight, red corruption lines on the walls reaching out like spider cracks from further in.
> Suddenly, the light flares up, revealing lag mites feasting on a body, a zombie that then gets up. (The torch, if equipped begins faltering, and the lag mite latches onto the zombie making it move in bursts of terrifying swiftness. The ochre jelly drops from behind and jiggles menacingly.)
> They can fight or flee at this point (probably flee), but before they vacate the scene completely they see eyes glowing in the dark (Gazer's specifically, which are red and hear either the sound of pounding like massive footsteps or a terrifying roar).
No. 1047796 ID: 0954bd

I wonder if berserker gets weaker by feeling fear instead of anger.
No. 1047798 ID: fcbb9e

Now is the time to start bringing in more lkttle elements of lore, maybe a broken glass or mural depiction of the god of slimecrown (Mary?) as well as elements depicting Curi and Oilivia as they used to be. Enough to look familiar but vague enough to still not give away the idea that they were part of the sealing process. Not yet at least, we can add more hints and lore as we go.

This should also be the part where we start seing defacing and weird slimish sigils that seem to be more cult like and sinister. Perhaps an altar where all that remains is an interpretation of the thing downstairs.

At this point, we start seeing primordial Ochre Jellies, made from some weird fell magic that this weird cult has made with its experiments. Maybe there are weird potions filled with chaotic energy that could be used to make new chaos slimes.

Finally, when they reach the end, they find the antechber and unholy sanctum of the Cult of Jeffrey. Its large and mostly empty, save for Gazer and a few zombies watching over a trapped and captured Light and Dark slime, the master/leader of the cult isn't home right now, but they are ready to deal with intruders when they hop in univited.
No. 1047804 ID: 421554

Yeah, that sounds interesting. I'd also add in Ruth and Ms. Bloops to the group of "original" slimes.
It adds a nice sort of contrast, I feel;
Two slimes evolve over time (Oilivia and Curi), and two stay the same (Bloops and Ruth).
Two slimes grow strong to defend their home (Curi and Ruth), while two remain gentle souls (Oilivia and Bloops).
No. 1047817 ID: d12415

Keep in mind that Oilivia can absolutely bring the pain if she needs to, since she does have 5 runes.

Music slime as well, come to think of it.

I think since this is sort of an ancient ruin thing, we probably should stay away from existing characters aside from the undead and Jeffrey. We could build some legends and myths.

For the more in-lore contemporary stuff, it probably should be conveyed solely through dialogue, item tooltips, the occasional posted notice, and maybe some paintings or tapestries. But not in the ancient ruins.
No. 1047819 ID: 04697a

hmm, keeping some distance from the current roster of slimecrown might be wise, although I think having depictions of Ms Bloops wouldn't be a bad idea, she's from the dungeon when Jeffrey got made after all.
Gotta give some lore credit to our most venerable slime.

(since she hangs out in the fountain on the regular, I kinda like the idea of giving her a bit of a lady of the lake sorta deal on top of being the hardmode trigger. may she some day bestow upon someone Excalibloop)
No. 1047820 ID: 4924d1

You do bring good points about keeping Curi and Oilivia maybe not as overtly revealed if we went with a destroyed church motif from a famous battle. Clearly we'll have to find a way to start teaching lore about that. Maybe the schoolhouse in the future. And maybe we build a library in the castle in the future for chronicling.

Though maybe we could sneak them in as royal family=protectors and have smaller projenitor slimes the size of bloops that just happen to have familiar slime antenna.

Also, speaking of bloops since I also like the idea...what if she was a demi-god or is the god of slimecrown. But taken its dimmuative form?
No. 1047823 ID: 7397c3

Diminutive form? No, she is as she seems. See, it's easy to pay attention to the bombastic gods, the ones that stand larger than life and glow with power... but they failed, and fell.
At the end of the day, the one that remained was the one that was there from the beginning: the small, quiet one that roams around the place. Everyone knows her, and everyone's day is a little happier after getting a visit from her. She's not the one who sits in a throne, or the one who protects with powerful magic, but she's the one who gives everyone hope and without her the whole place would be dead by now.
No. 1047848 ID: d12415

Personally, I don't think any lore should really be overtly revealed ever. It should be something you have to explore and work towards.

I suppose we could have a school, but it should all be in slimish or something so it is not very accessible. Remember, we have received positive reviews from prior adventurers talking about how they liked how the lore was intricate, yet subtle.
No. 1047851 ID: 23c282

Perhaps there could be a well placed in a sideroom with a massive locked gate that will open to the next expansion when it becomes availible?

One that would, perhaps, be very familiar to guests, and could possibly be used as a fast travel point when they've found others?
No. 1047853 ID: 31b567

It would be really great if you could save them from that terror. What is a lag mite's natural predator?
No. 1048042 ID: 58dd24

some sort of fast centipede? Honestly I don't see that being a great improvement
No. 1048043 ID: fcbb9e

Clearly the solution is Metal Slime.
No. 1048048 ID: 23c282

We've got plenty of String Runes from String Slime, could try to make an Arachne.
No. 1048052 ID: f1cb5b

Seems obvious you should make an insect swarm of those bugs attack them.

But... make it build. Start by letting math wizard kill that one only to find two more are crawling on her back.

Then when he wipes those off they realize every surface they weren't looking at is bugs.
No. 1048124 ID: 08229c
File 166733794824.png - (185.01KB , 800x600 , 25.png )

Alright. I've got some spooks and traps set up for a bit deeper in.

Now let's sit back and watch the action.


>Within the dungeon, the Math Wizard and Berserker continue to freak out. The Wizard asks again and again if she should just hit her with the book, with the Berserker trying to, very slowly, explain that that would be the WORST idea.

>Each time Berserker gets close to removing the lag mite it just skitters at normal speed to the other side of her head. The feeling of it skittering along her body just makes her cry harder.

"Aaaa! I'm sorry!" Math Wizard suddenly cries out.


>She leaps into the air and brings her book down. It connects with a horrible crack and instantly kills the Lag Mite. And the Berserker.
No. 1048126 ID: f7631e

That book is very very heavy.
No. 1048128 ID: 08229c
File 166733808633.png - (81.94KB , 800x600 , 26.png )

>Mary sighs, ready to come up with some other means of throwing the pair a bone when the Berserker suddenly comes back to life.


>The Berserker looks just as confused.

"W-what? I wasn't even able to move out of the kill-view. How am I back..?"

"I used a Phoenix Down."

"... You had those?"

"I always carry three. I -asked- if you wanted any. You said we'd be fine."

". . ."
No. 1048132 ID: 08229c
File 166733829972.png - (83.36KB , 800x600 , 27.png )

>Berserker manages to contain her INTENSE RAGE. Mary can see it is literally off of the charts. When it fades she simply stands up.

"I can always count on you to be prepared..."

"You know it." Math Wizard agrees.

>Berserker simply sighs and looks around. The room is dark and there are two paths, left and right. She looks between them for a while before coming to some internal choice. She begins to walk right, with Math Wizard walking behind her.

>They enter a new chamber, this one containing a zombie that is half absorbed by an orange looking slime.
No. 1048133 ID: 08229c
File 166733843397.png - (153.58KB , 800x600 , 28.png )


"I'm gonna loot the corpse." Berserker says.

"W-what? That's gross."

"We loot monsters all the time."

"Yeah but like... Those weren't already rotting. Or covered in slime."

"That is an odd line to make in the sand. I've been elbow deep in dragons and you never stopped me."

"Wow, first of all, phrasing, second of all, what if it's a trap? What if they want us to loot the corpse?"

"Who booby traps a rotting body?"

"Who loots one?"



"I'm going to loot it."
No. 1048134 ID: 08229c
File 166733845451.png - (155.88KB , 800x600 , 29.png )

>The Zombie groans.
No. 1048137 ID: 08229c
File 166733859986.png - (116.98KB , 800x546 , 30.png )



Is it wrong to like the sounds of them screaming?

Maybe I'm getting a bit too into being a dungeon master...

But boy does it feel good to have something I've prepared go off without a hitch.

>Mary pushes the button to have the Ochre Jellies begin to descend upon the pair. Then, she hears her screen ringing.


A call... From Lord Savage?

Aaaa, I'm in the middle of a run, though... And Alex is busy so I can't have her take over.

Should I just ignore it or..?
No. 1048140 ID: 06095b


Lord Savage is a friend, and you need those. The monsters and adventurers will take care of each other for the extent of a brief call.
No. 1048141 ID: 7397c3

THe run seems to be handled well enough for now. I'm sure he has good reason to be calling and may have something important to say about the Dungeoneer situation, maybe?
No. 1048145 ID: a7a180

Lord Savage definitely merits our attention! Pick up the phone, let the tension build in our adventurers for a bit.
No. 1048146 ID: ae9e42

Take the call and say "Sorry, I'm overlooking a run right now. Is this urgent or should I call you back?"
No. 1048147 ID: 9caba2

They'll get themselves killed if you don't keep an eye on them, Savage will understand.

Also they are far too entertaining.
No. 1048148 ID: 1ed92d

Call em up!
No. 1048149 ID: f7631e

I think you have an ability to multitask, Mary. Keep an eye on the duo, but listen to Lord Savage. Maybe a speaker phone sort of deal?
No. 1048150 ID: 187897

Isabelle take the wheel. Mary take the call.
No. 1048151 ID: 7397c3

yeah, do picture-in-picture
No. 1048153 ID: 6ccff3

Do you mot hace the power of TWO SCREENS like anyone who can multitask?

Greet him, say you're middle of a run and might be distracted unless he'd rather you call him back when it is done.
No. 1048164 ID: 23c282

Make a note about putting in some extra Phoenix Downs in the shop at a small discount to tempt Math Wizard into stocking back up and Berserker into buying one too just in case of another book beating, then take the call.

Also, give the crown to Isabelle, we’ll see to her and Chaos Slime’s DM training.
No. 1048167 ID: d12415


Otherwise have Curi (who is probably responsible enough) or somebody from the citadel take over for you while you are on the call.
No. 1048168 ID: d12415

Actually, after looking back thru the threads to find all the traits the ochre jelly had, I stumbled upon our first encounter with lord savage (end of chapter 7) and we totally need to just answer, say we are busy, and ask if he could call back later. For old time's sake.
No. 1048170 ID: 08229c
File 166735124405.png - (148.61KB , 800x600 , 31.png )

Oh, right. I forgot I could do this.

>Mary puts her screens in such a way that she can see what's happening in the dungeon and talk to Lord Savage.

>Once it is all set up she accepts his call. Lord Savage's massive figure is immediately visible, though he seems to be sitting in a very dark area.

"Ah, Mary. A pleasure to see you once more. I hope I am not catching you at a bad time."

"No, no. I'm doing a dungeon run but I can just keep that on my second screen."

"My apologies, I will try to be brief. First, I wished to call you to express a bit of concern. I saw the latest review of your dungeon and it seems most unlike you to have a run like that. Is aught amiss?"

"Oh, no no. It was... It was just a bad situation. I had to deal with my dungeon being opened before it was quite ready."

"Oh? Someone opened it that wasn't you?"

"Yeah. It's all taken care of now, the current two seem to be having a good time. They're fighting zombies right now."

"Ah. Zombies. So close to a skeleton, yet they cling to that rotting scrap of life..." He shakes his head. "Regardless, if you say you are well that puts this old Dungeon Master's heart at ease. Now, onto my second point of concern... Has your Dungeoneer been well?"


"Mine recently had a small error. She paused during her work and leaked black ichor I had not seen before. I bottled and tried to rune the substance and found that it was un-runeable. A most curious thing. I contacted my dear friend Glass Spinner just before you and she said she found her Dungeoneer unconscious in the middle of her glass fractal maze."

"Oh... That's horrible.."

"They're both fine now. No memory of the incident at all. But, I was curious if yours had been afflicted by something similar?"
No. 1048171 ID: 7397c3

"Yes, she started leaking ichor so we sent her to the baths with our resident healer."
No. 1048172 ID: 36b2ef

"Yes, our dungeoneer had something similar happen. I assumed it was from some new runes she was working with."

Follow up question

"Are you a fan of Mori Calliope? "
No. 1048173 ID: 1ed92d

"Yes, something similar happened to mine. Is there any precedent for this?"
No. 1048174 ID: 98bc8e

Yeah, but our Dungeoneer brushed it off and seemed fine. Any word from Steve or Matron?
No. 1048175 ID: 15c72a

Yeah confirm yours was leaking earlier and you sent her to get cleaned up. It's true, and also makes sure yours doesn't stand out as a possible culprit.
(ugh, whatever she did, it affected all of them... this could be bad)
No. 1048178 ID: d12415

Just tell him what happened. Our dungeoneer exploded. It isn't our fault, so idk why we should hide it.
No. 1048181 ID: cb0772

Ask for the almighty rune to feed to dungeoneer
No. 1048182 ID: a7a180

Yes, she started leaking that stuff too, that definitely happened. Is there anything in the uh, history of the First Dungeoneer that might explain this phenomenon?
No. 1048183 ID: b499ad

seems our dungeoneer taking in a Soul rune had consequences, I suspect that if it is not already too late to hide this it will be soon, may as well tell them now

especially as it is certain the First has or will notice
No. 1048185 ID: 7397c3

I suggest leaving out anything that would make our Dungeoneer's situation unusual. I doubt the Big Guy has noticed, because Dungeoneer still exists (she said if she talked about it she'd stop existing, remember?) and I suspect the First Dungeoneer is very much in on this.
I, for one, have no reason nor desire to thwart her attempt to be free.
No. 1048219 ID: 15c72a

Yeah keep it simple, match the story, and ask about the First Dungeoneer.
No. 1048243 ID: 04697a

hmm, with him trying to rune the goo and being surprised it didn't work it sounds like he doesn't have any idea what happened or how (as of yet anyway)

I'd say be as honest as possible without saying it was our Dungeoneer that caused it.

I like Lord Savage, all indicators thus far make him seem like a good dude, plus we can't even tell yet if Dungeoneer is doing something bad/wrong here and lying to us about it. But construct (or as is more explicitly likely now: not) she's a friend and selling her out feels wrong.
No. 1048249 ID: 58dd24

"yeah, she looked all gooey and messed up for a bit, but she assured me she was fine, and I couldn't get any more explanation out of her. I am pretty annoyed about how much my constructs can't or won't tell me about things until I find them out on my own, actually. A while back I somehow accidentally went into rune debt, and I didn't even know that was possible."
No. 1048250 ID: b499ad

The Big Guy IS the First Dungeoneer as far as I am aware, and I suspect the Goo is just one symptom, but I suppose we can hide it for now and, if we can't make the dungeoneer talk about her past, force her to talk about what this will do
No. 1048251 ID: 7397c3

No, that's wrong. The Big Guy is the guy who made the first dungeon. Dungeon constructs are all based on his companions, one of which is the First Dungeoneer. They're different people, and everything points to the FD trying to break free of the BG without tipping their hand until it's too late. Talking about it would be the aforementioned hand tipping.
No. 1048262 ID: 08229c
File 166742832704.png - (157.41KB , 800x600 , 32.png )

"She had started leaking something similar and offered little explanation on what was going on. It's a bit frustrating to have them withholding information from me at times."

"Well, you are always able to command them to do as you bid. Your orders are absolute, you must simply state so. Something like, 'I, the Dungeon Master, command you to -'. And they have to obey. I personally do not do such a thing myself. Despite not being people, they do still have emotions. Forcing them to do something is not worth their hurt feelings and bad relations.

And you say yours was leaking as well? This might be widespread. I hope it does not reach the First. It would be quite the hassle to have our Dungeoneers disabled for any amount of time."

"Is that likely to happen?"

"If it is simply a one-off instance it may be overlooked. In fact, unless it interferes with how dungeons operate, I doubt the First will do anything. Though, it is something we should be prepared for. I will be sure to inform the others of the guild as well, just in case."

"You keep saying the First. I know you're talking about the First Dungeon Master. What was the First Dungeoneer like?"

"Mm? Ah, I forget you were not willingly brought into this little group of ours. Perhaps it is time for a small history lesson?"
No. 1048263 ID: 08229c
File 166742877529.png - (650.03KB , 800x600 , 33.png )

"The First Dungeoneer was a remarkable woman. You see, it is because of her that human/demon hybrids like us can even exist. I hope that gives you some idea of how long ago these people existed.

She had taken the demon creating skills of the Demonologist and the vast library of the Archiver and used their abilities to twist runes in ways we could not even begin to understand, even now.

She could alter the runes within demons, add more to their being, and found a way to fuse humans with runes to turn them into demons themselves. Many of her companions were given such a treatment, which has allowed them to exist to current times. We still have the first Dungeon Master, Demonologist, Builder, and Artificer among us to this day.

And yet, when she tried it on herself she found that her own soul was lacking... Something. Some vital piece that allowed runes to attach to it.

And so, despite her best efforts, she passed on due to old age many years ago.

The constructs we summon now, of her and a few others that have passed, are echoes of their soul that carry on even despite the loss of the original.

No one has ever come close to her genius and it is her that we have to thank for making our dungeons what they are now. She is still regarded as the most popular of constructs and the most frequently used.

The lesson was brief, but I hope that answers a few questions. Is there anything else you wished to know, Mary?"
No. 1048264 ID: 7397c3

...oh. And here we have a version of her who can, in fact, be runed.
No. 1048265 ID: a7a180

Woah woah, how common is rune incompatibility among humans? Among the small subset that's tried it, at least.
No. 1048266 ID: 06095b


Was she also a legendary pervert or is ours... unique? Speaking of unique, is it special for what are effectively fragments of her unbinding soul to be able to carry runes themselves, or is it not unheard of?

After that, back to dungeon shenanigans.
No. 1048267 ID: 6cf22d

You know, this may explain why our Dungeoneer seemed so. Panicked about her companions dissapearing/dying. Seeing as she unintensionally abbanddoned them with her death.

Maybe ask the hypothetical if anyone knew of any fragments that had a runic anomoly? Or even just unique personality traits.

Don't want to tip the hand, but it seems like Dungeoneer won't say do to magical fragment shenanigans.
No. 1048273 ID: 61235c

I wonder how dungeons can make constructs based on both living persons and passed souls.

I guess our Dungeoneer reflects the facets of the first dungeoneer that wanted to get to stick around with her friends. It's probably got to be pretty scary being suddenly ripped from the aether wholecloth like that, with memories you know aren't part of a contiguous existence because you know the you who made those memories died even as she helped those around her escape that fate. Probably explains why she stamped herself with what seems to be a personal rune in a previous manifestation, (I mean, it's got her DG initials and everything) so that she could keep track of her existence through demanifesting and remanifesting. Only a genius like her'd be able to pull it off.

And also the facets of the first Dungeoneer that was into women are in there too.


Since we keep finding ourselves coming up short on knowledge of dungeon history and mechanics, maybe we should ask him for a good source for basics? Like, is there a Dungeon Master trade magazine we could get? Or like... a prestige docuseries he'd recommend? We should get back to our currently running adventurers soon, but we should really crashcourse some of this info next time we're between customers.
No. 1048274 ID: 58dd24

Are your visitors about to get killed by the jelly?
No. 1048276 ID: 15c72a

...I think the First Dungeoneer put her soul into the copies when she died. Now our Dungeoneer remembers enough somehow and is trying to bring "herself" back to life. Absolutely do not say that, though.

He said "I doubt the First will do anything", which First is he talking about? The First Dungeon Master?
What are the Firsts like?
No. 1048289 ID: 340403

Yes. Are all of them obsessed with cute monstergirls and can they make babies?
No. 1048293 ID: 2aa5f0

oh, it looks like the barbarian is getting eaten by the ceiling.

So how does one normally join the dungeon masters when they don't get cursed into it by an old dungeon master trying to skip out on his bills?
No. 1048299 ID: 08229c
File 166743828275.png - (141.57KB , 800x600 , 33.png )

This... Is a lot to take in. What sort of connection is there with my Dungeoneer? What does any of it mean...

I am increasingly wondering if I should just come clean about everything... But, I don't want her to die...

She may be a construct but she feels like a person to me. She has feelings. She has a soul, I know it.

Let's just... Get more information.

"Well... A few questions, if you have the time."

"Of course I do, Mary. That is the point of the guild, after all. My knowledge is at your disposal."

"Thank you. How uncommon is it for humans to reject runes like that?"

"It is very rare for that to be the case. You see, human souls are built to take in new experiences. To grow and change based on the land you are in, the life you live, the people you allow into your heart. And thus, as they are able to take in metaphorical concepts, they are also able to take in the true and literal form of such a thing.

For someone to be unable to do so represents a defect in their soul. But, such a defect usually leads to a premature demise of the human, before they are even born. The original Dungeoneer was noted to be a rather normal person beyond their genius. It may simply be an unfortunate quirk of nature that made it impossible for her. Or it may have been that she tested runes on herself before she had full mastery and thus rendered herself unable to accept them permanently.

Sadly, we will never truly know the cause. If you are worried about it causing damage to yourself, do not worry. If you had a defect in your soul you would know by now."

"I see. I know you mentioned that my Dungeoneer was unique because of her attire. What are Dungeoneers normally like? I want to know if mine is any more special compared to the baseline."

"Hmm... Well, I can only speak for my own and a handful of others but... In general they are very eager to experiment with runes. They especially enjoy creating human-demon hybrids. They also have a tendency to be shy when given attention and may flirt with your other constructs. There are differences but I think that summarizes them in a general sense."

"That sums up mine as well, pretty much... Have there ever been any errors with Constructs? I know we had this black ichor incident just now.. Have any of them ever acted odd?"

"Sometimes, yes. You may have some that run contrary to their base purpose. A Demonologist who is afraid of demons, an Archiver that spends all day in their room. These are slivers, fragments of the original, that have managed to work their way to the forefront of the construct by random chance. It is known that the First Demonologist was actually scared when she was a child by demons. But, she outgrew that and the fear became a wary respect. And yet, sometimes, a sliver of that fear becomes dominant.

Unfortunately, the best thing to do in such a situation is to dismiss the construct and try again. I hope that has not happened to you."

"No, I think I've been quite fortunate. Is there a place I can research these things myself?"

"I suggest looking through the Dungeon Masters Compendium on your main screen. I've penned many of the topics there myself. Do you have any other questions, Mary? I don't want to take up too much of your attention."
No. 1048301 ID: 7397c3

>She has a soul, I know it
You just literally got it for her.
Also, looks like the run's done.
No. 1048302 ID: 421554

Nothing else I can think of at the moment. Maybe let him know your dungeon is always open to new visitors in case he ever gets bonely over there.
No. 1048303 ID: 58dd24

it heckin better not be done. Those two have not had a great time, and we need a good review after that last bomb. Focus Mary.
No. 1048304 ID: 7397c3

I suppose we could send in Alex to save them? Otherwise, if the jelly just retreats, it's gonna feel cheap.
No. 1048310 ID: 58dd24

Aren't dark and light slime stationed over here? Light slime could come in for the assist now that they've killed the zombie.
No. 1048312 ID: 15c72a

Uh, how are the ochre jellies wining? Looks like there were way too many of them and they just drowned the adventurers? That feels unfair.
No. 1048325 ID: 04697a

I wonder if our Dungeoneer's tampering with the Soul rune didn't just imbue herself with a rune but somehow expunged whatever defect was present in the original (and possibly persisted through all the collective constructs of her) which is what the goo is, it can't be turned into a rune because it's literally the maladaption made physical. might be worth checking with Oilivia to see if they kept any around, it might have some useful properties somewhere down the line.

but yeah probably check in with the current group, looks like they're... in over their heads
No. 1048337 ID: d12415

I think this one is on them tbh. They got jumped. I suppose since they got wiped so quick we could give them some consolation prize like some coupons or something. They didn't need to go into the ruins if they didn't want to. Plus they seem kind of unprepared in general.
No. 1048338 ID: a7a180

They're fine, Berserker should be able to rage her way out of this one. And if not... well, time for some personal growth via dying.
No. 1048339 ID: 308eef

Well thank him for his time and I think it’s about time for you to focus on the two kids being eaten by slime right now.
No. 1048341 ID: 36b2ef

"Do you have any last minute advice for not accidentally killing adventurers? I'm having a hard time not immediately killing these two, apparently."
No. 1048351 ID: 61235c

I think we’ve got a good sense of what’s up, or at least as best as we’re getting for a while. Let’s just thank the nice man and be sure to give that compendium a thorough read-through.

“Dismissed” so routinely, unable to disobey direct orders… constructs have it rough. It’s a pretty gross power dynamic between a DM and their constructs. One I know you didn’t ask for, Mary.

Read deeply and grow as a DM. I’ve got a feeling you’ll need to be prepared for big things.

And Mary, this might sound odd, but… what’s the world like outside of dungeons? Is the world mapped? Are we on a globe? Where are the dungeons physically in it? How safe is it?
No. 1048361 ID: 75b861

...Your old self, how different are you from them? Being runed, how much does it change you?
No. 1048532 ID: 08229c
File 166769944359.png - (135.79KB , 800x600 , 34.png )

I feel like it might be a bit rude to ask him about how he was before he became a demon... I'm not really certain on what would be considered a social faux paus for demons...

Thank you for the kind words, however. While I may be trapped here I do find the work enjoyable... So, I'll be continuing it for the time being.

And speaking of which, I should pay attention to what's going on.

"Well, thank you Lord Savage. I don't have any more questions at the moment. And I'll definitely be sure to check out that article you wrote."

"Yes, I hope your run goes well. Take care, Mary."

>He hangs up. Mary leans back in her chair.

The world in general, hmm? Well, I don't know how much I can speak of other places but the shard I was in was nice. Very urban. I could go down the block and eat at a cafe, shop for books, and go to a museum. And still be on the same block.

The demon world has always been an interesting thing. Imagine the normal world but just about everyone has magical powers. It's filled with fantastical beasts and even more fantastic people.

It-Oh they broke out.


>The slimes had been frozen and shattered by The Berserker.

"How did you do that!?"

"I found this ring that gave me a new damage type. I assigned it to Ice and then began flicking the slime while inside of it. I wasn't sure if it counted as an attack but... It did."

"You're the coolest!"

"Hm. Let's go."

Oh wow. Impressive. They're going to the next room now.

What should we do?
No. 1048533 ID: 1effd3

obviously more lagmites
No. 1048534 ID: 36784c

Let them find some gold, then when they get to a shop, they can buy some clothes and we get the gold back.
No. 1048535 ID: 06095b


Enhance darkness to where they need a light source. Conveniently provide one we can shut off at will.

We're tapped for monsters and they are no longer scared. Lagmites retreating from the light could do something in that regard.
No. 1048538 ID: d61e4d

Understand, we've never actually been out there, and don't know even the first thing of what's out there and how it works. So what are these "shards" you speak of?
No. 1048539 ID: 2aa5f0

did...did they lose their clothes somehow?

Either way I like the idea of causing the darkness to creep in and have it grow darker and darker and the only way for them to stop from being swallowed by the darkness is to have a light source they need to keep lit to hold the darkness at bay. Makes the last little bit of this dungeon more interesting then just walking to the end I feel.
No. 1048544 ID: a7a180

Time for Gazer to pull out the ice beams on Berserker’s jelly top.
No. 1048547 ID: 4207a0

I think the slime ate their clothes.

Also loving the creeping darkness idea, maybe have lagmites advancing with the darkness given how much they seem to scare these two.
No. 1048548 ID: 04697a

A fork or crossroads chamber is in order, maybe one path having a small cash cache (some sellable art pieces or other valuables) but perhaps has a hidden door with a more proper treasure room behind it. Since we've got the dungeon format going and all.

I still think sending in Chaos slime to pretend to be another depiction of jeffrey to mess with and ambush them would be fun and spooky.
No. 1048551 ID: 4ced15

…whatever the next treasure drop is, add in an enhancing slime-mini for each of them to encourage Berserker to keep showing her abs.
No. 1048552 ID: 4ced15

Damnit… Slime-KINI. Not a mini slime.
No. 1048553 ID: 8368aa

What on Earth is a shard? Is that like a continent, a country, or a dimension?
No. 1048554 ID: e0efbd

Also we should probably patch out clothes-dissolving slimes. Targeting equipment may be a valid tactic, but:
1) Then we can’t strip that equipment for runes.
2) It might get us a *reputation* that’s, uh, unaligned with our brand.
No. 1048555 ID: ee4afe

I gotta agree. Keep the slime for raid mode and relabel them as 'acidic' slime so that the adventurers know they'll be facing equipment eaters
No. 1048556 ID: f2320a

For fun label them Basic in the chemical sense as anything is either directiin is corrosive
No. 1048563 ID: d12415

I mean, the slime was supposed to eat through them, not just their clothes. Ochre jellies are acidic. (they also multiply when split apart, so that one on berserker may or may not be dead).

I don't think the jelly eating their gear will keep us from getting it at the end. Other adventurers have had their gear destroyed in other ways and we still got it at the end.

Anyway, give them a small breather and then send in the chaos slimes.
No. 1048564 ID: d12415

Ochre jellies are inherently acidic. It is just how they are. I don't think renaming them is needed, especially since they are not a type of slime.
No. 1048583 ID: 63a1ed

Its time to bring in some more freaky runic sigils to set the mood for cult like stuff.

In addition, lets play with light and darkness slimes running around and playing hide and go seek.

Then, its time to bring out Gazer at a makehift altar. The light and dark slimes are captured for trespassing and will be used for great evils/pleasing her masters. And now she will add the two adventurers to her collection.
No. 1048597 ID: 7397c3

the word you're looking for is "caustic"
No. 1048621 ID: 782edd

I wonder if slime makes for good horn polish. It might be a good product to sell.
No. 1048631 ID: 08229c
File 166778752319.png - (195.00KB , 800x600 , 35.png )

Oh, you really have no idea how the world outside this dungeon looks, huh? Hmm... Well, okay, so, there are six major continents. Each of them is home to different shards, sometimes very many. They can be as small as a single house wide or many many miles across.

The one I was on was a city sized shard, and it had plenty of transport to the other ones. I've had to take the airship a few times to get to different places to perform my duties.

I hope that explains a few things.


"Hey, Berserker?"


"Did you lose your top?"

"Yeah. Slime broke it so I can't equip it anymore."


"We have insurance, right?"

"Of course we do. You think I'd let us leave without it?"

"Heh. Of course. Should never doubt your ability to prepare... Looks like this stuff only eats through non-social equipment, though. My glasses are damaged and my top is gone."

".... Are you wearing a slime?"


"... Doesn't it burn?"

"Constantly. But I'm so angry I'm outhealing the damage."


... It's getting dark."

"It is. Be prepared." The woman says as she raises her fists.
No. 1048632 ID: 08229c
File 166778791269.png - (207.02KB , 800x600 , 36.png )

>In the darkness, a single light glows. The pair follow it and eventually come across a tiny orb with a thin layer of slime around it.

>Mary can detect darkness slime grumbling in the background but ignores it.

"What's that?" Math Wizard asks as Berserker picks up the orb.

"It's some kinda... Ball of light."

>She holds it up and it shines brighter. The pair jump as they hear the skittering of lag mites fleeing.

"It looks like the bugs don't like it." the demon says.

"So it seems. This might be important, then."

>She keeps the light up and ahead of them as they go deeper into the ruins.
No. 1048634 ID: 08229c
File 166778816063.png - (129.56KB , 800x600 , 37.png )

>They come across an altar dedicated to -something-. The altar is coated with a dried substance.

"What the actual fuck." Bererker says. Math Wizard clings to her side.

"Is that... Slime..?"

"Dried slime. This does not bode well.."

"W-what do we do?"


So, Gazer is a pretty powerful monster... I know she'll be hindered. Either way, how should we have her approach this battle?
No. 1048635 ID: ceaf93

I wonder if we can find use for the dark slime, perhaps we can make the dark outside of the light unnaturally so
No. 1048636 ID: f0986e

Have her drop some kinda lore on the monster, maybe she's a cultist, the HEAD cultist? Have it be so that she's held up by chain and stuff to keep her on the ground, having escaped the citadel dungeon? (on her is a note about a possible path into the citadel besides the main gate.)
No. 1048637 ID: a7a180

Run around in the shadows, laughing and harrying the party. When they manage to light her up, attack and then dash back into the shadows. If they somehow manage to stick her with some kind of illumination, go full aggro.
No. 1048638 ID: 4ced15

However she decides to do it. Don’t forget, though, she’s a serial flirt like Dungeoneer, so she’ll probably get distracted if she gets a glimpse of unclothed knockers or cheeks, which’s be the best time for our clients to hit her.

Finally, whatever the treasure is, make sure it has some armor or clothes for the both of them. A Slime Tabard for the Wizard, Slime-kini for the Berserker.
No. 1048639 ID: 63a1ed

If we can, I think we make a mini cinematic that has her ask what they are doing here and that they cannot disturb this place for her master has important business here.

Then have her explain that in spite of their unexpected entrance, their dead bodies may make her master happy.

As for the fight, I think a scaled down gazer should really only be able to use one of her eyes at a given time. For example, she uses one of her suplimentary eyes as a tracking or buffing her damage output.

I also think her central eye beam may keep her somewhat stationary as it uses a lot of power, vs her more mobile secondary eyes.

It means the party may be able to outmaneuver her.
No. 1048640 ID: 04697a

how about something like; initially she's just a voice in the darkness dropping lore hints and boss lines, stuff like 'you can't even comprehend the power of the beast below' and 'I have seen the truth, the beauty of chaos'

Eventually one of her eyes becomes visible as it glows, and she adds
'even these stubborn slimes will succumb to it's influence eventually.... in fact, with my help some already have!'

cue chaos slime ambush, only one of her eyes is ever visible/active and supporting chaos slime while they fight it

then once Chaos slime is defeated she takes on it's remaining mass and all her eyes light up for the fight proper.
No. 1048641 ID: 7397c3

I still want Chaos Slime to come out of the mural when they're on their way out of the ruins, tho.
No. 1048642 ID: 4b4d4e

Cutscene time. Drop some lore.

Combat would be a marriage of game mechanics. Lag mites don't like Darkness. They have a light slime.

Darkness slimes aggro on the party member who has the light slime equipped. They are immune to light slime's light and will take every opportunity to hide in shadows created by the light slime.

Light slime will have a limited use AoE light Flare that the party must use wisely in order to get hits onto Gazer.

Lag mites attack the party member attacking the Gazer.
Gazer attacks the party member who doesn't have the light slime.

The fight becomes a two sided war where the party must fend off the darkness slimes and prevent them from engulfing light slime, clearing lag mites, and attacking Gazer.

The party member holding light slime will be limited in their action economy.
No. 1048643 ID: d12415

This is a sacrificial altar, so I think that adventurers should have the option of sacrificing a slimecore to Jeffrey. This could give them a powerful item or a buff, but also enable superhard mode for the rest of the dungeon, with the slimecrown forces actively hunting them down for their heresy.

Gazer should ask them to do this and promise great power.

The other, more good-aligned route would just be to fight Gazer.
No. 1048645 ID: f0986e

I really like the idea of having the option to sacrifice the Light slime to bypass the fight, but also having that fuck them over afterwards.
No. 1048646 ID: 7397c3

No. 1048647 ID: 61235c

That does help but I still can’t quite picture a shard. What makes up the borders between shards? Is it water? Or just a legal distinction?

Is this dungeon in the demon shard then?
No. 1048649 ID: 4b4d4e


To expand upon >>1048645's idea. During the Cutscene. The mural will break the 4th wall and extend a tendril with item in hand, offering up a powerful item in its grasp. The other tendril will be empty. Adventurers can try and take the item but the offered slime hand will always back away unless they offer up the light slime.

If the adventurers don't get the symbolic gesture, the Gazer can do cutscene dialogue: "The boon must be paid by equivalent exchange. That is the deal."
No. 1048650 ID: 1ed92d

Give Gazer a 'distraction' mechanic, where she'll shoot at the light-slime.
No. 1048652 ID: d12415

I am curious about the world as well, but we are in the middle of a run so lets put a pin in it until we can put our full focus on it.
No. 1048653 ID: d12415

Personally, I think it would be better for the adventurers themselves to directly do the sacrificing, since it would be much more powerful (symbolically and mentally, no actual, tangible effect). Depending on the individual, there would also be a feeling of guilt. It would also drive home what is going on, since just handing off a shiny orb without realizing what it even is kind of makes it all lose its meaning (basically makes the light slime just a key to the adventurer rather than an actual being).
No. 1048669 ID: 4b4d4e

So do we want to guide them into the option of sacrificing the light slime? or have them stumble upon the hidden easter egg of "WHOOPS I ACCIDENTALLY ANGERED SLIMECROWN"?

Mary, on the idea of tying the Light slime as a sacrifice option on the altar, We can either keep it a secret and let them stumble upon the feature, or guide them through it and have them suddenly grapple with the morals of slime sacrifice. We'll leave it up to you.

Don't have Gazer explicitly state it aloud, but we should leave enough hints that it is an option on the table with the powerful loot as an incentive/bait/reward for being ballsy.
No. 1048673 ID: f0986e

I don't see these two as the time to sacrifice a Slime, but it IS fun to have lore littered all over.
No. 1048691 ID: 04697a

that is super cool and clever. we should for sure allow it as an option and maybe have Gazer drop hints... buuuut also pls no hurt smol light slime, they're doing their best Q_Q
Then again with the way this lore narrative is going it could just as easily be getting 'corrupted' into a chaos slime rather than destruction

Either way, I'm sure almost nobody we've seen before would actually DO it, but there's people like Alchemist who might
No. 1048692 ID: 06095b


Bare in mind that Gazer is a horndog. You may have to order her to keep things professional. That said...

Gazer's voice should come from the shadows at first before she shows herself, making good use of that menace.

I like the idea of her making an offer on the light slime core, thanking the group for bringing back "the one that got away".

She can explain that her master hungers and will offer boons to those willing to provide morsels such as these. (Queue a sub-quest to bring more slime cores and unlock the Jeffrey boss fight, bypassing Curi).

In the fight, assuming it happens, I think nerfing her will mostly consist of making her stay closer to the floor. She can fly and that makes things nearly impossible for Berserker. Add on her anti-magic eye and that also renders Math Wizard useless.

So, low hover ceiling and maybe no anti-magic cone seems fair.
No. 1048767 ID: 08229c
File 166795945324.png - (311.15KB , 800x1200 , 38.png )

>A dark chuckle catches the duo's attention.

"Well, well... Thank you both so much for bringing back the one that got away..." Gazer speaks from the shadows, doing her best to sound all ominous and evil.

"The one that got away?" Math Wizard hides behind Berserker.

"Yessss." Gazer says. "Place them upon the altar. You shall be rewarded greatly by our lord if you do so."

>There's a tense moment. Math Wizard looks up to Berserker who is holding onto the mini light slime. She looks at the little ball of light before glaring into the darkness.

"As if I would sacrifice anything to some creepy as fuck altar. Screw you and your stupid god. Or lord. Whatever. Fuck you."

"Yeah, fuck you!" Math Wizard shouts.

>The room seems to get even darker.

"Hehehehehe... HAHAAHAHA! Fine! I was hoping you'd say no! Now I get to kill you AND that slime!"

>Gazer descends.
No. 1048769 ID: 08229c
File 166796047170.png - (391.59KB , 800x1200 , 39.png )

"Boss time! Time for my dailies!" Math Wizard shouts.

"I'm read-"

>Berserker doesn't even have a chance to reply before Gazer opens with her max powered disintegration beam. She aims it right for Berserker's head, hoping to kill her in one clean hit.

>But, she was not faster than Math Wizard's x3 spell. Berserkers stats skyrocket as she enters level 60.

>The spell fades quickly, but before it goes away completely the Math Wizard is already casting another one. And another. And another. She is speaking far faster than she normally would.

Oh, she raised her casting speed. Wow.

>The duo work in perfect tandem. Another beam is dodged by a combo of doubling Berserker's level to 40 and then doubling her speed.

>A swift punch collides with Gazer and its damage is multiplied by three. Even if the spell fades quickly, the damage is already done. Gazer has lost a chunk of her life.

>Berserker moves in for another hit.

Oh. They uh

Might win this...

What do we do?
No. 1048770 ID: 8fd67d

Form change.

Darkness slimes to make them blind.

Then have Gazer enter stealth mode with the gimmick to be have the light slime blind her before she gazes.
No. 1048771 ID: 1effd3

No. 1048775 ID: 4ced15

Let them win it. They've done a pretty good job in getting here, no need to kill them yet.

Just to be nice to Gazer though, tell her to aim an eyebeam for the orange glowing spot on Berserker's chest. Tell her it's a weak point.

That way, when they find the treasuer, Berserker won't complain about getting a Slime-Kini to replace her wraps. Math Wizard gets a Slimecrown Tabard, too.

Oh, and how about making her a pair of your Auditor Eyeglasses for a later drop? I think she'd look good with them.
No. 1048778 ID: 7397c3

You move to phase two, adding in minions. Something like >>1048642 might work. Not like we don't want then to win this, they both died at least once after all so we still get their drops. It's in our best interests to get them to have the joy of winning this before writing their review, but we want them to feel like they earned it.
No. 1048779 ID: ceaf93

make them EARN it, we can have the Gazer be unusually powerful AND use the dark slime by having Dark slime trying to Lagmite Gazer, they have to work with the slimes
No. 1048780 ID: 1effd3

...question, can we make an evolved Lagmite after they potentially die? something like that goliath isopod that punches things
No. 1048781 ID: 4b4d4e

Phase 2.
Enter the Lagmites and the Dark Slimes. Lagmites harrass the Math Wizard who is without protection from the Light slime. The Dark Slime shall attack Berserker and act as mooks for Gazer.
Berserker must use the light slime to ward off the Lag mites while Math Wizard has to focus on keeping the Dark slimes at bay with her spells!

Also, Add in surprise optional phase 3: If the boss fight causes enough of a ruckus in the underground ruins (or they take too long), they attract the attention of the Gummy Wyrm they fought before. With a rampaging Gummy Wyrm in the ruins, they have the chance to either flee or fight. The Gummy Wyrm will be a bonus boss!
No. 1048782 ID: a7a180

Start a new phase, send lagmite swarms coming from the altar after match wizard. Have Gazer use telekinesis rays to start throwing stuff around while using her other beams, threaten total collapse of the arena!
No. 1048783 ID: ee4afe

I'd use the darkness slimes to hide the Gazer while she shoots beams. Berzerker has to use the light to find and beat the boss
No. 1048786 ID: 1ed92d

Throw a single lag-mite into the chamber.
No. 1048787 ID: 864aa3

Slimecrown Citadel is, honestly, pretty huge at this point. If they want to burn their dailies in the first half of the dungeon, let them. Curi and Jeffrey are the real cleanup crews anyways.

Let the ruins cost them the phoenix downs and daily spells. We can worry about bumping off berserker to juice rez gold from M.W. once they enter the castle proper and start fighting nobility.
No. 1048788 ID: d12415

I mean, this is a miniboss at best. Not really a boss. If they win, they win. We will just up the difficulty accordingly elsewhere.
No. 1048789 ID: d12415

Honestly, at this point, they have delved pretty deeply into what is ultimately an optional part of the dungeon. It is quite possible for adventurers to never enter the ruins to begin with, or even if they do, they may never reach the altar.

I'd say if they end up in a situation where they are about to lose, lets have Simon and Rosalyn come and bail them out with the pretense that they heard tell of cultist activity and came to rid the land of the menace. This will be a one-time thing that happens only for them. When the run ends, we can just let them know that they ended up inadvertently going way off course into a semi-hidden area and as the first patrons after the renovation, we decided to throw them a bone.
No. 1048790 ID: d12415

Naturally they won't get any of the loot from the fight if they get bailed out.
No. 1048791 ID: 15c72a

This is fine. Math Wizard burned resources, so they get to win. Question is, will they try to keep going after this?
No. 1048802 ID: 04697a

Their teamwork and resource management is pretty good, I see no sense in not rewarding them for it. But we don't want Gazer going down without putting on a show and a good fight.

Have dark slimes plunge the arena into oppressive dark, Gazer's perfect eyesight means she's obviously not affected but the heroes will need to use Light Slime's glow to find Gazer in the dark.

Also start multi-eyebeam drifting with the antimagic one; shoot the cone at math wizard but have a duration limit and cooldown on it. So the fight mechanic becomes a matter of finding Gazer and timing when to attack effectively.
No. 1048817 ID: 6cf22d

I would have gazer try one or two more combined blasts to get a little bit more damage off, but other than that, they have earned it.

But as she dies, have her give a monologue saying that even in death, the plans of her master and the great beast below will not be stopped. They have only delayed the inevitable.

Give them some tasty lore treats for them to chew on and bring up an eventual future boss here.

Otherwise, they have earned it, and if they decide to approach Colt, they could be granted entry into the Citadel itself.
No. 1048840 ID: 08229c
File 166804622275.png - (285.73KB , 800x600 , 40.png )

>Lagmites descend upon Math Wizard. Without the Light Slime to keep them at bay she's an open target. She screams in slow motion as she feels their many legs skitter on her.

>It's a very slow scream.

>Berserker glances back in between her dodges and punches. She clicks her tongue and, with no hesitation, tosses the light slime to Math Wizard. The bugs scatter as it gets closer and she picks up the orb.

"Thanks!" She yells back.

>And then she notices she can't see Berserker at all. She can barely see more than a few feet ahead of herself. Enough to keep the lagmites at bay but not enough to be of help.

>The darkness begins to close in as the fight draws to its end.

"You shouldn't have tossed that so soon, adventurer." Gazer says with a cackle, "My lord is quite kind. I have his blessing... You can no longer see me.

Now die!"
No. 1048841 ID: 08229c
File 166804638666.png - (2.75KB , 800x600 , 41.png )

"Berserker! I'm gonna increase your vision by... x4!"

"Math Wizard, don't! You're not strong enough for that spell!"

"It's our best bet!"

>She doesn't wait any longer. She casts the spell. There is a brief flash of light and... Nothing.

"W-what?" Math Wizard tries to cast the spell again but she can not even channel the mana to do so.

"Oh, so sorry~," Gazer laughs, "I shut off your spells with my anti-magic eye~ Don't worry, they'll come back! In one minute! But you won't live long enough for that to matter!"

>A flash of light. A scream. The thud of a body.

"Math Wizard..? Math Wizard!"

>There is no reply.

No. 1048852 ID: 08229c
File 166804694504.png - (179.63KB , 800x600 , 42.png )

>A flash of light, the sound of impact. Berserker is struck again and again by the Gazer's strongest eye.

>And yet, she shrugs off the wounds each time. She jumps deeper into the darkness with each strike, slowly closing in on Gazer.

>Gazer backs away each time she gets closer, at least until she hits a wall. The soft thump immediately catches the Berserkers attention.

>She leaps in for the attack. She is silent, but her cold fury speaks volumes. There is another flash of light, the sound of impact, and then darkness.
No. 1048854 ID: 08229c
File 166804748625.png - (189.80KB , 800x600 , 43.png )

>The light begins to enter the chamber.

>The Berserker is the last one standing.


Gazer sent me a message...

'I may have lost but I got beat up by a super hot buff girl with her titties out. I call this a win.'



I really hope Dungeoneer's other creations don't share her traits...

Oh, hmm...

A few things popped up.

First I can reward them for this victory.

And second it says that they have earned the right to 'end' their run here. It will be as if the run ended normally. That is, we get the deceased's loot and have to reward them for completing this much of it.

It'll also allow them to continue from this point on if they choose.

I can't just outright tell them this information myself so someone will have to go in and do so...
No. 1048856 ID: 7397c3

So we get the book but we miss out on the glasses? Damn, I wanted that rune.
No. 1048857 ID: a7a180

Send in Alex to do so! It's her moment to shine! Be ready for a fight if the Berserker wants it.
No. 1048859 ID: a7a180

Rewards, hmm...
A sacrificial dagger would be thematic. Perhaps it contains the essence of darkness, absorbing light and allowing you to throw a barrage of shadow knives.
No. 1048863 ID: d12415

Just let them keep going for now. They will probably go back to Aspen and then they can tell them.

...which is what I would like to say, but as I am writing this, there could be the tiny issue of them potentially being unable to find the exit to the ruins.

New idea. Let them keep going to the next room. Make it really close to where they are so they don't miss it. In the room there is a statue of an angel slime (whatever a four rune water, light, holy, and soul slime would look like. We can make the actual character later) flanked by two holy slime statues. The angel slime is holding out their hands with an indentation for the light slime. They put the light slime in the indentation and the statue activates, probably with glowing eyes and a sound or something and that is their save point.
No. 1048864 ID: 06095b


For loot, I'm thinking:
> Light Slime Mini-Pet: Will shine light even in the deepest darkness. Can also cast Flare three times per day.
> 500 Gold
> Umbral Shawl: A somewhat tattered dress formerly worn by a servant of That Which Dwells Below; grants resistance to magic. (Secret trait that it may be taken to Dia and rewound back in time to something more powerful).

As for telling them that they can call it quits now, I don't know how we do that in an organic way. None of them speak Slime-ish, after all. So, Dark Slime and Light Slime can't pass along the message.
No. 1048865 ID: d12415

Seems a bit intense for a miniboss. How about just a sacrificial dagger. Decent stats, but ultimately just a stylized dagger. It could have a Jeffery motif and a lore blurb.

Could also throw in Gazer's outfit into the loot table, also parts of a cultist outfit.

Maybe an occult grimoire that is in an unknown language that has no effects, however it could be used for a later encounter as a sort of "key." This would be a secret sort of thing that is very much on the adventurers to figure out what to do with it.
No. 1048866 ID: d12415

I like the outfit idea, except instead of a resistance to magic, it is a resistance to holy magic.
No. 1048867 ID: 872ac5

Gift her a bra. No powers, just a plain old cotton bra.
No. 1048868 ID: 58dd24

Send in Colt, he's the one that would let them pass to the next area anyway.
"Thank you! You've defeated the cult before they could free their master from its prison beneath the Citadel, and earned the thanks of the Slimecrown. You may enter if you would like, and perhaps you will be strong enough to finally defeat the horror we keep imprisoned and free us all."

A little slime lantern that casts either light or darkness.
A Gazer eye pendant (or.. lens?) that shoots one eye beam attack per day.
No. 1048872 ID: ee4afe

I'd like it if Colt was an optional boss. Give them the chance to challenge him for loot.
No. 1048875 ID: f0986e

If it is colt or our kouhai, make it sound like they were trying to help, but the shadows blocked their way? (or the sugar dragon showed up again!) and because of that they couldn't help with the cult problem on time, but because of their aid their more then welcome inside of the Citadel, as well as gain a reward? (Make sure to give them a very nice cutscene of course, gotta get that LORE in.)
No. 1048876 ID: 4ced15

I mentioned giving either a copy of your Auditor Glasses or the Slime-Kini for Berserker, of course. Perhaps that Chaos Dress Gazer has for MW?

Oh, and a Mini Light and Mini Dark Slime for them. I've got a feeling their personalities fit right in with them.
No. 1048890 ID: a9af05

Make sure whoever we send in loudly tells Berserker to not attack because they're a messenger with a message from the dungeon master. Tell them congratulations for making it this far and let them know that they're allowed to end their run here so that they may leave and restock their supplies. Then when they feel like returning, they'll be allowed to start their next run right here so they can go straight to the Citadel next time.

(Of course, with this new feature in our dungeon, we're gonna get those people who will try to go through the entire thing in one run. Which would mean bigger rewards and/or higher drop rates for rare loot will be given to anyone that's able to actually do that.)
No. 1048892 ID: ae9e42

Can we just offer to pay for the glasses?
No. 1048904 ID: d12415

I don't like the idea of just straight up letting them out and giving them access to the citadel. I would say once they make it out on their own (either now, or in another session), they are intercepted by Colt who says they have garnered the attention of the Citadel, however to gain access, they must complete a task given by him to truly prove that they are worthy his trust.
No. 1048906 ID: 7397c3

...and that task is finishing what they started: hunting down the Wyrm.
No. 1048968 ID: ee4afe

Lets give the gals a weapon like the ones shown on the mural they saw at the beginning of the caves.

Sword of Lightless Depths
A completely black sword that allows the user to swing out slashes of void energy 3 times a day. (Basically a weaker version of Bleach's Bankai Zangetsu)

or something for Math Wizard

Libram of Unearthed Caverns
Allows for/or increases the skill of Earth Shield, Stoneskin and Earth Spike.
There are scibbles and sketches of nude women in the margins of this book. The last owner must have been a horrendous pervert.
No. 1048970 ID: 71b354

Honestly, have the group approach Aspen at the center of town. Aspen can then thank them for investigating the ruins and saving our wayward slimes. They can then let them know that Colt of the Slimecrown Guard wants to meet them.

He can then give them a missive that allows them passage into the citadel if they so choose.

The party can decide if they are done their run for the day, or want to proceed, or even if they want to challenge him in combat, or evem explore tbe hamlet more, after all there are more things to be found if they wish to look.

As for rewards for their fight. I think a sacrificial dagger ( small percentage of life drain), a prismatic diamond(spell strength bonus) and 300 gold is sufficent for a reward.
No. 1048985 ID: e2339e

Have Aspen open a portal now that Gazer is dead. Have her explain that they have earned the right to enter the Citadel, buuuuuuuuut they'd likely get smashed if not by Colt, then by others given the Gazer gave them such a rough fight. Let them choose.

Probably have Gazer drop something taht resists holy magic or an Orb that looks like an eye that can be crushed for a one-off spell stored by a caster, with the spell being of a power of half of Gazer's level.

Have Aspen give them a Writ of Valor to enter Slimecrown, and a baby light slime pet.
No. 1048989 ID: e2339e


>Eye of the Gazer, this fell orb still remember well the occult ability it wielded in life, now in death it can store a single spell, and when crushed release it.
No. 1048996 ID: 9b3046

For a reward, how about:
>>Chaotic Gazer Monocle: A Monocle that raises the power of eye/vision based spells in the eye that wears it, with a 5%(?) chance to randomly change the spell used with it to a random one of Gazers eye abilities.
No. 1049024 ID: ee4afe

No. 1049042 ID: 79c509

I like it. With 2 of these, someone can craft some nasty glasses.
No. 1049054 ID: 08229c
File 166821440542.png - (507.68KB , 800x1800 , 44.png )

>Some items are added to The Berserker's inventory. She obtains...

1. Light Slime Pet - Follows the user around and gives off some light.

2. A Slimekini - Grants moderate fire protection. Is very slimy.

3. Gazer's Pendant - A small fetish that allows one to fire a beam of energy from one eye once per day.

4. 300 gold.

>With the items in hand, she grabs her friend's body and goes deeper into the ruins.

I don't have the time or the resources to do a whole statue thing, so....

>Within the next room is a pedestal with an indentation for a slime orb on it. All around it are light slimes. The Berserker looks between her companion slime and the pedestal and places him in it.

>He shines even brighter than before, banishing the dark slime's magics. Their progress is saved, they have beaten the ruins.

>She turns quickly when she hears the sound of metal clanging against stone. From the (non-magical) darkness emerges Colt. The two stare at each other for the briefest of moments, summing each other up.

>Then, Colt speaks.

"I heard there was fighting going on in here. I came as soon as I could but the place was dark. Did you do all this?"

"Yeah. With my friend."

>He nods.

"Let's get you two out of here."

>She follows behind Colt, but Mary can tell she is ready to kill the man if he shows the slightest hostility. Mary can also tell she was admiring his muscles. Slime muscles.

>When they're outside they see Alex. Colt and the former Auditor greet one another.

"Alex. I retrieved the people causing all the chaos inside the ruins. Apparently they defeated the Gazer within."

"Really?" Alex acts impressed, "We've been looking for her for ages. You beat her?"

"Aye. With my friend." Berserker gestures to the corpse on her shoulder, "It wasn't an easy fight."

"Hmm... Maybe you can help with the Citadel... Maybe... Colt, do you think we can let them in?"

>Colt shrugs.

"They did well. I don't see why not."

"Great. We could use more capable people helping us within the Citadel proper. And if you managed to take out the head cultist, I'd say you're more than capable. Although... Your friend is looking a bit dead. Maybe another time?"

"Aye. Another time." Berserker agrees.

"Excellent. We look forward to seeing you in the future."
No. 1049055 ID: 08229c
File 166821470416.png - (73.23KB , 800x600 , 45.png )

>And the two depart, their dungeon run over.


>Mary leans back and sighs.

That was.... An interesting run.

Now, let's see what WE got...

Oh, it looks like the glasses actually dropped. Weird.
Ah, and there we go, that book. And a few Phoenix Downs. Look like we can only turn those into gold.

Now for that book... 1000 gold is nothing to dismiss out of hand. But it also has TWO runes we don't have yet.

What to do...
No. 1049056 ID: 06095b


I'd recommend getting the gold and the angry rune, of course. As for the book, can you use it?

If it's useful in any capacity just on its own, I'd say keep it until such a time as we can extract both runes. If it's otherwise useless for now, the Knowledge Rune is probably worth the most.
No. 1049057 ID: 1cce97

Well, appraise the book for magical properties. Maybe you could use this for yourself to make yourself stronger if you didn't rune yourself. If there is nothong to be gained, then runic conversion is a good plan. Then you can rune the glasses.

I figure we look to next run to accumulate some real funds and then gussy up the hamlet for a bit more structure in the form of boss rooms, maybe a true mini-boss for for the realm, either our gazer or a four rune Cult leader.

Then its time to review and see what went well and what went wrong.
No. 1049058 ID: 1effd3

obtain the runes
No. 1049059 ID: a7a180

Runes before profits, that's just how we roll.
Get the angry rune of course, and the one on the left is more of an unknown than the one on the right, which I would guess has to do with paper or books.
No. 1049060 ID: d53ba3

You’re an auditor by training. If there’s a rune more suited to exploitation by you than Math, I can’t possibly imagine it.
No. 1049061 ID: ae9e42

I think that in honor of these two we should create a magic bodybag of bludgeoning.
No. 1049062 ID: 06095b


Just a reminder:

Current Gold Total: 2390G (Includes: -300g Victory Bonus, +200g from Math Wizard plus +50g of Berserker's own coin for the revive)
Potential Gold: 2 Pheonix Downs (+250g each. Could potentially be given to Isabelle as savings for her village)

Current Gold Invested in Calculator: 3500G
Current Gold Returned from Calculator: 30G
Current Term of Employment for Calculator: 5Y 6Mo
Current Bonuses: +14% from Talk with Alex
No. 1049064 ID: f0986e

A thousand gold is nice, but having a complete rune book is necessary to a extreme degree.
No. 1049065 ID: d12415

Rune the book
No. 1049072 ID: 4b4d4e

Rune the things and then ask Demonologist to Invert the runes so we can discover the opposite runes.

I'm guessing the opposite of the Angry Rune is the Zen Rune.

Besides, our beginner's zone for Slimecrown Citadel was a great test run.
Speaking of test runs...LETS SEE THE REVIEWS!
No. 1049074 ID: f0986e

ooooh, I hope they enjoyed the lore.
No. 1049076 ID: 7397c3

Rune the glasses, sell the PDs, keep the book until we can get both runes with Archiver III. It might be a while until we can afford her, tho, so let's see if we can make a monster that can use the book until then, maybe? Runing it before that would be a waste, they're both rare runes.
Also, invert all the runes we don't know the opposite of yet. There are 28 we don't know yet.
No. 1049078 ID: 4ced15

Rune ‘em.

Also, we should consider starting a line of daikamuras for women, staring the hunks of Slimecrown citadel. Colt, Simon, and Reginald should be some obvious choices, and there should be a more niche set for people into bear types using Magnus and Old Creedy. Give prototypes to Lily and Rosalyn and hear what their feedback is.
No. 1049079 ID: 4ced15

Also, was that Slimekini you gave them the normal Slimekini, or the one that, y’know, “enhances”?
No. 1049081 ID: 4b4d4e


Agreed with >>1049076. The book is too valuable. Appraise it and keep it for use by our demons until we can extract both runes from it. Rune the glasses and invert the anger rune to discover the zen rune and add it to our library. And I think with the Zen rune we could theoretically upgrade Monk Slime into Buddha Slime as an idea. but we have other pressing priorities.
No. 1049082 ID: 15c72a

Yeah let's hold onto the book for now.
No. 1049083 ID: 2aa5f0

hope math wizard enjoyed the dungeon, you know seeing how she was dead for over half of it.
No. 1049084 ID: ee4afe

You know with this reward dropping from Gazer, the Chaotic ring from the Scarecrow boss and if there's a chaotic drop from the gummy wyrm, we could make a set that gives the wearer a black visage with red veins like the chaos slime or the chaos corrupted critters
No. 1049085 ID: f0986e

She did get some big moments in a few times, and she got to spectate as well.
No. 1049093 ID: 06095b


I did some math. Assuming that the +14% is additive with Calculator's original ROI per thread of 6%, and that has been active for 4 complete threads now. She should currently be sitting on:
> 7693G

If we want both runes from the book, we'd need the Archiver III, which would currently cost us 17,000 G.

Bear in mind, that we can often times receive runes we don't have by buying relatively cheap items that fit the mold and runing them. So, before we go bankrupting ourselves on the Archiver III, I recommend we buy an abacus and an encyclopedia and rune them first.

If we get one of our missing runes, we rune the book for the other one. If we can't get a rune from either, we keep the book and consider what it will take to get the rest of the way to our goal.

In that vein, we currently have 6 monsters at 4 runes which we could upgrade to 5 rune monsters and lower the price by 6k. That would leave us at 11k cost for Archiver III, which we are just shy of being able to pay off and could theoretically meet after another thread.
No. 1049105 ID: 72bc96

Do this
No. 1049170 ID: 08229c
File 166838319184.png - (351.24KB , 800x1919 , 46.png )

Okay, so, first we'll rune the glasses. That gives us the Anger rune.

Now, Demonologist will do her thing.

>The Demonologist inverts the runes.

Clown becomes Clown
Poison becomes Heal
Chaos becomes Law
Flesh becomes Bone
Plant becomes Wild
Aero becomes Aqua
Earth becomes Wind
Adamantine becomes Fragile
Fragile becomes Sturdy
Natural becomes Heresy
Heresy becomes Natural
Petal becomes Root
Root becomes Thorn
Silence becomes Noise
Noise becomes Silence
World becomes Space
Shield becomes Sword
Sand becomes Glass
Mundane becomes Magic
Heart becomes Soul
Wound becomes Heal
Gravity becomes Levitation
Foot becomes Fist
Lion becomes Phoenix
Phoenix becomes Turtle
Turtle becomes Dragon
Pain becomes Comfy
Exclude becomes Container
Space becomes Foundation
Dark becomes Light
Demonic becomes Holy
Sturdy becomes Fragile
Plain becomes Fancy
Anger becomes Calm
Calm becomes Anger

<Mary has discovered a new Fundamental Rune. Foundation unlocked. Mary has Stasis, Nothing, Soul, and Foundation. Only Almighty and Eternal remain.>

Oh, nice.
No. 1049171 ID: 08229c
File 166838334994.png - (173.54KB , 800x600 , 47.png )

Now let's check on the Calculator...

>Mary summons the construct, telling her to bring the latest funds.

>The Calculator drops G7,700 onto Mary.


"Stocks have been good." She says, simply.

"You had this much? Why didn't you tell me?"

"... You didn't ask?"

". . ."
No. 1049172 ID: 08229c
File 166838366629.png - (43.03KB , 800x600 , 48.png )

>Before Mary can complain, her computer beeps. The reviews are in.

>She sighs, shakes her head, and pops them open.


The Berserker - ★★★★

It was fun.

Math Wizard - ★★★★★

SO, first thing's first. Do not attempt this solo if you're support or pure magic! You might die! The monsters here are really tough and the weakest I saw were level 20. Definitely not one for people just just starting out but after you finish the tutorial stuff you should be more than equipped. I also HIGHLY suggest taking a tank to help keep the hate off of you!

Slimecrown Citadel is not at all what I expected, and that's a good thing! I heard it was extremely difficult and, while it was challenging, I seldom felt completely overwhelmed.

Also, for all of you who enjoy immersion THERE'S LORE. I feel like we've BARELY scratched the top of it! I'm definitely going to go back again, but next time with another buddy!

Definitely only do this dungeon if you plan on making multiple runs.

Also, I got a pet! <Photo of Mini Light Slime attached>

- Math Wizard.


Hmm. Not bad. Not bad at all. I don't think this is enough to make any changes to the dungeon, especially since so much is still unexplored.

Well, we are flush with cash and have new runes...

What should we do?
No. 1049173 ID: ae9e42

No. 1049175 ID: c2de65

Create Mirror Slime Citadel, which is exactly the same but everything is facing the opposite direction. To throw off repeat visitors
No. 1049176 ID: f0986e

Its time for more lore accurate monsters of course! Time for the slime's to grow! Or we could go about adding some depth to the new areas, anything from arches, lanterns, road tiles, make it look lived in? Maybe in the citadel we can add maid paths and the such if we want to be fancy, or add a sewer system between the runes and the citadel as a secret path and boss area?
No. 1049177 ID: a7a180

Hey, Math Wizard has a rune in her profile, how weird. Anyway.
Commission a very large clown.
Also, is there enough to upgrade anyone? Calculator's made big profits, but with more resources she can generate even more returns.
No. 1049179 ID: 8d65e6

Well easiest thing to do is simply give Calculator half the profits back to reinvest.

Rats, I was hoping that Aero would invert into a tier 2 earth rune rather than back into Aqua.
Speaking of which, we really should experiment some with the Aero and Aqua runes, we already know they're unique and we could get some very interesting monsters. With Aero we might make some harpy monsters that occasionally raid the farm/village, and I really want to see what kind of slimes we'd get from these runes...

I'd suggest a Law Slime but I don't want to make a slime that wouldn't get along with Chaos Slime. There's also slimes made from foundational runes, a Soul Slime hanging around the graveyard could be interesting.
No. 1049187 ID: 63a1ed

I think you're right in that we can probably hold off on anything expansion wise, with the gold basically being used for rewards in the coming future. The only thing I could suggest is making the Ruins a boss/mini boss room so we can set it up as a more definitive part 1 of this dungeon (and maybe a mini-boss/boss room for Colt as an auto skip)

As for what to do, we've got a lot we can do, so lets have some fun, shall we.

1. Lets put about 1000 back in Calculator's hands. Always good to reinvest, and 6000 is more than enough for a good deep run for our next group.

2. Do investigate the book to see if its got any usability for you.

3.Monster Creation. So I think most of these monsters might be able to be added to the hamlet now, but some could be kept in reserve for expansion and for sending out on exploratory rune collecting missions. So I'll make sure to add notes to each of the creation ideas I have.

>Water+Chaos+Chaos+Magic (Could swap an additional Chaos rune for Heresy or Dark): Ixyis High Priestess of That Which Eats. Leader of the "Ever Hungry" aka, the cult that has taken root in the Hamlet and is causing chaos in the realm. In the future, they would be the boss who leads Gazer and any other cult minions we make. Maybe they were a courtier who found old records from when Curi and Oilivia fought Jeffrey back and were cast out for dabbling too deep. Maybe they were just a young slime scholar that was looking for power and found it at the cost of her sanity. Either way, they now lead the charge to bring back Jeffrey and let the world be embraced with their power. For now, we just keep hinting about her until we are ready to add her, and have her go out on adventuring parties to gain us runes and gold.

>Aero+Aero: A Harpy. From a far away kingdom, these odd bird like humanoids have come to Slimecrown to gain knowledge. Basically have a few to be civilians, maybe have one in the school who is learning things. These are civilian types to populate the land can have a few variations for types of birds, and in the future maybe we can make one or two be more fightable types.

>Dragon+Dragon: Kobold. These diminutive creatures live out by the sea, in a place they call Kobold Kove. But not all Kobolds have nautical dreams, some like to explore inland to see the land around them. Much like the Harpies, these are civilian types that we can use to populate the land, and maybe have fightable types.

>Water+Holy+Heal: Relian The Priest of Slimecrown Hamlet, a simple healer and worshiper of the god of Slimecrown, he hopes to find out what is causing the chaos infections amongst his people. They're taking care of a chaos slime that unlike the others is seemingly less violent and more sick (our current chaos slime). They help to build up some more of the world with lore and environmental storytelling. They don't offer heals like Aspen, but maybe there is a reward in place.

>Metal+Sword: Enchanted Armour. These walking suits of armour are usually stationary, but move to attack if disturbed or if some fool takes something from their room without asking. These guys could fill in for the room up in the castle, maybe they are protecting the hall of records/great library of the castle, where they intend to attack when players learn things about what lies beneath/the history of the world or try to take any items that might be worth anything valuable.

>Petal+Magic+Wild: Primrose The Wild Wanderer. A weird being that seems to take hold in the woods of the world. A protector of animals and plants great and small, and a friend to many of the Alarunes that live around the world. Another character that we can send out on raids for now. A druid/fae entity.

I am sure I'll come up with many more, but that's what has popped in my mind so far.
No. 1049188 ID: 7397c3

They're not tier 2, they're elements from another world, specifically MAQ. So you could use them to make Undine, and, uh, humans but with yellow eyes.
No. 1049189 ID: 63a1ed

Actually, for the things like Kobold and Harpy, you might just be able to make them from one rune, so try that instead. Two runes probably is better for named NPC versions of the monsters.
No. 1049190 ID: 06095b


We'll want to make sure that that 7700G she just gave us doesn't leave her with no capital to work with. I was calculating the 7693G as "this is all the money she has" not "this is how much profit she's made".

If it is profit, she's making returns of 31.8% per thread, which will only continue to grow if we leave the money with her. Even if not, 20% returns per thread is still great.

Speaking of sound investments, I still suggest we buy an Abacus and an Encyclopedia to try to satisfy people's rune lust. It would probably only be 200G for at least 2 runes. Also, buy Calculator something nice, since she made that big delivery.

As for changes, I think it's mostly just lore and loot that need polish. We don't want to change things too much between visits. The one exception I would make to that is to add the Colosseum if possible and infuse several of our locations with runes to increase their appeal.
No. 1049191 ID: 8d65e6

I'm aware, but a bonus image that was drawn of Dungeoneer using an Aero Rune had her turned into a Harpy, which is where the idea came from, so the Aqua and Aero runes aren't 1 to 1 conversions from their origin.
No. 1049192 ID: 06095b


Do we want to go ahead and create the Colosseum?
No. 1049194 ID: 7397c3

Nobody's talking about the constructs, here. May I direct your attention to Chef II?
>Can host Parties. Each party greatly increases morale and will add a multiplier of gold to the next dungeon done. Parties can only be held when a dungeon run is not being done. G-1000
Also, she's expensive (8k), but Dem III would give us free 2-rune monsters.
Lastly, Artificer can finally make it so Mary can fight in her own dungeon.
No. 1049196 ID: a7a180

Oh right, we have a list for upgrades. Upgrade Chef to increase gold income, and while we're at it, we haven't upgraded Curi to our rune cap yet! We ought to make sure our flagship fiend is the best she can be, boss room cap be damned.
No. 1049197 ID: 94bc0c

Curi keeps wiping the floor with everyone who gets to her, to the point where we had to learn how to limit her power from GS
No. 1049199 ID: f0986e

I completely agree, even if we have to limit the amount of power she has sometimes, we have that option! The real question is if we just give her another water, or give her one of the foundational runes instead.
No. 1049200 ID: 7397c3

Curi should be all water, all the time. Let's leave those fancy-shmancy fundamental runes for other monsters, Curi should remain pure in concept. She's water incarnate, she's what all other slimes should aspire to be.
No. 1049201 ID: d12415

Make the angel slime (>>1048863 four rune water, light, holy, and soul slime).

Lets also make some more (like 3 or 4) slime knights to patrol. All unique characters with the same runes as Colt, but with different armor and weapons. Maybe some have the armet helm like Reginald and use a bastard sword and kite shield. Others could use a warhammer, or mace.

We could have them patrol around outside the Citadel and be initially neutral towards adventurers. If attacked, they would be a tough fight, but if the adventurers build up rapport with the village, maybe the knights could be convinced to help the adventurers, both in combat, and convincing Colt to let them in.
No. 1049202 ID: f0986e

honestly just some normal slime knights without names would probably be a good idea NPC wise.
No. 1049203 ID: d12415

Should also probably make some cultist slimes with water and the heresy rune. They can be found in the ruins praying to eldritch idols, kneeling around magic occult circles, and several could be in Gazer's boss room (killing them all being the trigger for Gazer's dialog).
No. 1049205 ID: 794858

we should go in more on the chaos rune. we can apply the effect to a room, right?
No. 1049212 ID: 4b4d4e

We'll need some Chaos and Heresy aligned mobs to get that Slimecrown vs. Forces of Darkness/Jeffrey plot going. Like aside from Gazer, we'll need some 4-5 runed monsters to act as Jeffrey's Lieutenants, or Corrupted/Power-hungry adventurers.

Also, it's also concerning that we don't have any mons whose levels are in the single digits or even in the teens.

As for alternate quests besides the Chaos Cultist Investigation in the ruins, we could go for alternate low to mid-level quests the following in the Slimecrown faction:
>Hoodlum Hunting (A Hoodlum has stolen shipments of store items and YUM crates from the hamlet, hunt them down!)
>Gummy Wyrm Investigation (The Gummy Wyrm has been acting weird and is sporting chaos markings, see what's happening in its nest!)
>Ruins delving (The kingdom of Slimecrown is looking for clues on defeating the thing below, go ruins delving to find artifacts!)
>Harvest warding (Ochre Jellie slimes have been wreaking havoc on the crops!)
>Slimecrown Soldier hunt (Slimecrown recently sent a platoon of soldiers into a location where chaos cultists were suspected, they haven't returned. Investigate their last known location)
>SIEGE OF SLIMECROWN! [Note: Raid mode only] (Chaos Cultists have amassed enough forces from the powers that be and from loot of fallen adventurers to attempt to take the Hamlet! Repel them at all costs!)

For those who have a mean streak and want to indulge in evil-power fantasties:
>Sacred relic Heist (Infiltrate the ruins and search for a corrupted relic of ages past. Beware of the ancient traps and defenses left by the slimes of old)
>Hamlet Harassment (Hoodlum needs some muscle to steal a caravan of goods heading towards slimecrown. You in?)
>Taming the Gummy Wyrm (Go steal a Gummy Wyrm Egg. It's yours to keep...if you can survive its full power)
>Causing Chaos (escort these Ochre Jelly infested Zombies to the fields, but beware! The Forces of Slimecrown are on patrol!)
>SIEGE OF SLIMECROWN! [Note: Raid mode only] (Chaos Cultists have amassed enough forces from the powers that be and from loot of fallen adventurers to attempt to take the Hamlet! Aid the Forces of Chaos and defeat the Army of Slimecrown!)
No. 1049213 ID: e2339e

I'd advise making some one rune slimes for slimecrown villagers with an assortment of two rune slimes being npc guards using water+sword or Water+ shield or water+ steel, etc. Make some smaller fodder monsters and invest the gold into buying simple items we can rune easily or on our people to make them happier and lives better.
No. 1049214 ID: 1effd3

can we create some Lagmite variants? like give a lagmite a magic rune, another a music/noise rune, and another a fist rune!

Also, what if you gave a lagmite 2 magic runes?
No. 1049215 ID: 7397c3

For all of those, the answer is "you make Dungeoneer very happy"
No. 1049216 ID: 1effd3

lagmite continuation: perhaps give them some lore as well
No. 1049217 ID: ceaf93

get the demonologist to tell you about the Heresy rune, Maybe give the Light slime a Demon rune and the Dark slime a Holy rune
No. 1049218 ID: 4b4d4e

We should write-down a list of sub-quests that future adventurers can take via a quest board in the Slimecrown hamlet if they're up for doing the mini-dungeon runs instead of tackling the Citadel proper, though it seems that >>1049212 has some ideas.

Though it does bring up the question: What exactly is the Main quest of Slimecrown? Go to the Citadel, prove your worth against Curi, and then brave the room in the basement in an attempt to slay the thing below once and for all? What exactly do we name the main quest for our dungeon? The Legacy of Slimecrown Citadel?

Speaking of Slimecrown citadel, You know that empty room in the bottom left corner? Lets turn that into the Royal Arena. It would be a good use of space.

Hear me out: Ancient War Golem (runes: Container + Adamantine + sword + shield). You can slap that into the ruins as an alternate boss in the mini dungeon run (complete with appropriate level-scaling) for sub-quests like Ruins delving for relics or letting adventurers pilot it during a raid run on a Slimecrown siege quest be it for the forces of slimecrown OR for the forces of chaos. It's a big bulky siege unit that can be a big plot coupon for all sorts of sub-quests, from fetch quests involving its spare parts, to fighting it in the Royal Arena, to escort and defense quests where a lucky adventurer gets to pilot it.
No. 1049219 ID: ceaf93

we both have a Dungeon Masters Compendium to look through and Dungeoneer to see if we can get indirect information out of, things like, since we can't seem to ask about her past, than about her Current Status, since we can safely assume no contract can interfere with that, and things like her plans, see how much information we can whittle out AROUND her contract, and maybe ask about the contract directly
No. 1049220 ID: 1effd3

could have the lagmites and the heretics have in lore fighting
No. 1049221 ID: 7397c3

I don't think a contract has anything to do with it. I'm pretty sure it's more that, if the Big Guy gets a whiff of what she's planning, he'll factory-reset her.

I like the idea that basic lagmites are just bugs that like to congregate in old places, myself. Not sure what the role of the more evolved mites might be.
No. 1049222 ID: 7397c3

Speaking of Dungeoneer: she's a 3-rune demon now, why are we not using her as a monster? If we're worried about anyone recognizing her as a construct, just have Magnus and Flit make her some armor or something that'd cover her face.
No. 1049223 ID: 7e0c15

Chef would be a good upgrade; if nothing else you can treat it as celebrating a successful first run of the new area. Otherwise I don't think we need to grab the others just yet (although Demonologist is tempting) and would rather save gold towards Archiver's next upgrade.

Frankly I don't think she really needs anything at the moment, especially since we can just add more slimes to expand her power without needing to spend anything on her. If we were to go for a fundamental rune for her though I think Stasis would be good lore wise given her role blocking the basement. Although we could just as easily have something similar by making a Stasis Slime behind her acting as a living seal and having her lament their sacrifice if asked about it.

Far as some other random ideas, I'd kind of like to upgrade some of the slimes we aren't really using, if only so they're not just sitting in storage as it were. Like add a Tame rune to String Slime and have her be a beast keeper for the farm. Or add Levitate or Soul to Cloth Slime and have her be a ghost in the Graveyard (with the cloth aspect now being a bed sheet covering her).
No. 1049224 ID: 7397c3

I agree on Chef (making extra money by celebrating? hell yeah!) and that Curi doesn't really need any powerups right now. If she had been having any trouble with adventurers I'd consider it, but the last few times anyone even managed to defeat her were always down to the last adventurer on their last few HPs. If we do upgrade her, it's just to elevate her again over all the others in Slimecrown except Ms. Bloops, of course.
No. 1049225 ID: 1effd3

invite lagmites to the party
No. 1049227 ID: 36b2ef

Deploy Demons
No. 1049228 ID: 710047

Since we have upgraded Demonologist, Archivist and Dungeoneer, could we revisit the Jeffrey situation and see if we have any new information
No. 1049229 ID: 7397c3

Pretty sure we need Dungeoneer X before we can do that.
No. 1049230 ID: f0986e

So, upgrade chef, do a few extra minions/rooms in the dungeon with our cash, and possibly upgrade our final boss? Is there anything else we want to do?
No. 1049231 ID: 7397c3

I'd go with Artificer so that Mary is no longer defenseless, but also because they're the only construct we have yet to meet.
No. 1049232 ID: 15b66d

I agree with upgrading Chef. I'd also like to expand the hamlet a bit.
I'd like a Goblin tribe that would sometimes inhabit the ruins with a Earth+Magic+Wild Shaman as a leader and a sword+wild or earth+wild pack of minions. The shaman could even give out quests when they're not the badguys inhabiting the ruins.
I'd also like some stuff for bandit, mostly I thought about giving her two members for her posse:
Magic+Chaos - Old School Western Hex Caster, shouldn't be like a mage, should be old timey, like a pulp magic user with regents and weird requirements.
Heal+Fancy - Travelling Snake Oil Salesman/woman. Fast talking and has a lot of remedies, a number of which actually work. Really good at making potions, but likes being a huckster.
Aero+Law+Time - Traveling Lawman chasing after Bandit's Gang. He's a three rune, because the gang is meant to work as a group to beat/evade him. He's better then them individually. He could give quests to people to help him stop their shenanigans, or be an opponent if they side with bandit.

No idea for names for them though, except the lawman. Was trying to keep them all casino themed name wise. Was thinking something like Jack Wild (Jacks are Wild) for him.
No. 1049233 ID: 1effd3

Lagmite + Magic = Lagmage
Lagmite + Fist = Lagbruiser
Lagmite + Music = Lagccordian and Lagpipes

Lagmite + 2 magic runes = Lagianna the Lag Witch
No. 1049234 ID: 4b4d4e

So basic idea for the bare minimum mook for the whole "minion of Jeffrey". It's gonna be a 1-rune monster, but given our Dungeoneer tier, we could make it for free (if possible). But here's the pitch:

Gribbles: 1-rune demons that can be made using the Chaos rune. By itself it's a low level single digit monster that can be easily killed by basic attacks, and can come in large numbers, but if adventurers aren't careful, they can fuse/infest other demons in our dungeon and turn them into chaos-corrupted variants. And Chaos corrupted demons have a random modifier attached to them. You can theoretically "purify" the chaos-corrupted demon by attacking the big bulbous chaos node that glows red, but the stronger demons the Gribble infests will have harder to get chaos nodes.
This simple modifier can also affect the Loot drop table and have the monster drop "Chaotic" versions of our normal loot table.
No. 1049235 ID: d12415

That was actually my original idea, but the issue is that to make a slime knight, you likely need 4 runes, which is pretty damn strong. We could tone them down a bit, but idk. Plus, all 4 rune monsters up till now were given names. Hell, the princesses only have three runes each.
No. 1049236 ID: d12415

As a reference, we do have a squire slime already, which is what eventually created Simon. Squire slimes have 3 runes, so it would follow that knight slimes would have 4.
No. 1049258 ID: 1c1323

I like the lagmites as they are. A swarm type enemy where each individual has little effect and is easily defeated. I think a stronger time enemy will be more annoying than fun to fight.
No. 1049263 ID: 06095b


Just a reminder, after Calculator's return, we have:

Rune Count: 1

Current Gold Total: 10,090G
Potential Gold: 2 Pheonix Downs (+250G each)

Current Gold Invested in Calculator: 3500G
Current Gold Returned from Calculator: 7730G
Current ROI: +32% per thread

Current Units
> Archiver II: Cost of conversion to opposite runes dropped to 1. New runes can be created randomly by destroying two runes.
> Calculator I: Invests money into otherworldly affairs. Money is generated as more money is poured into investments.
> Carpenter II: Allows for the creation of a second dungeon or added floor.
> Chef I: Cooks food better.
> Demonologist III: Price to create demons dropped by 1 rune. 5 rune demons will cost 4, 3 will cost 2, etc. Demons can go on Expeditions to retrieve material for the dungeon if they are 3 runes or higher. Higher runed demons bring back greater rewards.
> Dungeoneer II: Can create six runed monsters and, with Carpenter II, can create multiple dungeon floors.

Available Unit Upgrades
> Archiver III: Hidden runes can be drawn from items. If an item has two runes, both runes can be obtained from the item. Cost G-20000. Drops by G1000 for every 5 rune or higher monster.
> Artificer: Allows the creation of Dungeon Master Gear. This gear can augment the Dungeon Master. Can only equip the dungeon master with the equivalent might of a 3 rune monster. Cost- G4,000
> Carpenter III: Allows for the creation of a mini dungeon. These dungeons are fully automated and run on their own. The Dungeon Master needs to only add demons in it. It can be either a Puzzle Dungeon, Adventure Dungeon, or Gimmick Dungeon. Cost- G15,000
> Chef II: Can host Parties. Each party greatly increases morale and will add a multiplier of gold to the next dungeon done. Parties can only be held when a dungeon run is not being done. G-1000
> Demonologist IV: The price to create demons is dropped by 2. However, this does not affect demons that are 8 runes. G-8000
> Dungeoneer III: Allows for the creation of 7 rune monsters. Can alter the runes in a demon once, only. Allows Final Boss rooms to contain 6 rune monsters. Allows Extra Boss runes to contain 7 rune monsters. G-5000


===Tier I Rooms===
Kitchen: G-200
Barracks: G200
Empty Room: G50
Treasure Room: G100

===Tier II Rooms===
Mini-Boss Room: G100
Final Boss Room: G1000
False Final Boss Room: G500 (Must contain a trap of some kind)
Trapped Room: G75 (Requires Builder)
Magical Trap: G100 (Requires Dungeoneer)
False Wall: G25 (Requires Dungeoneer)

===Tier III Rooms===
Entrance Repair: G300 (Requires Carpenter)
Dungeon Outside Change: G500 (Requires Carpenter)
Slime Breeding Room: G500 3 Water Runes. Additional rooms cost G600. 1.5x rune production per room.
Extra Boss Room: Holds 6 Rune Monsters. G-1200

===Tier IV Rooms===
Added Dungeon Floor: ??? (Requires Dungeoneer II. Requires Carpenter II. Requires 2 Boss demons to have been made)
Extra Dungeon: ??? (Requires Dungeoneer II. Requires Carpenter III. Requires 3 Bosses to have been made)

Note: Rooms are furnished with the bare minimum. They can be enhanced with runes.
No. 1049264 ID: 1c1323

>Note: Rooms are furnished with the bare minimum. They can be enhanced with runes.

Can we improve the furnishings? We can give them a gradually increasing amount of the chaos look. Adventurers liked the suble lore.
No. 1049265 ID: 06095b


We're very rune poor at the moment. So, investing in some slime chambers or cost effective rune-able materials might be a good idea.

A part of me would really like Demonologist IV. However, that would be pretty much all of our free gold, as we probably need to keep at least 2500 in reserve in case of emergencies and to pay out winning adventurers. That leaves us just 8,090G to work with.

For 1000G, Chef II seems like an inexpensive investment that could pay large dividends. So, we should probably get him.

That would leave us 7000G to spend on building rooms, acquiring rune-able items, and enough for Artificer, if we want them.
No. 1049267 ID: 06095b


I like the idea, but might call them Chaos Motes or Wisps instead.
No. 1049291 ID: 1ed92d

No. 1049292 ID: 1effd3

You son of a bitch, i'm in if we also get the Lag Witch
No. 1049293 ID: 7397c3

Will the Lag Witch be able to use MW's book to make slimes split twice as fast? If so I'm sold.
No. 1049294 ID: 1effd3

well she's be a time rune and 2 magic runes so i'd say good chance
No. 1049297 ID: e2339e

Artificer is a must given Mary is a squish human who might need to actually fight. If we get attacked again we might not get out so lucky, and i don't think she revives because she's not a demon.
No. 1049307 ID: 8d65e6

Might be a good idea to keep those phoenix downs actually, so if worst comes to worst they can possibly be used to revive Mary.
No. 1049311 ID: 7397c3

We have phoenix downs for sale, tho. At the same price, even (at least for the first one).
No. 1049320 ID: 4b4d4e

Oh Yeah, Mary! Important question: How long will the Sponsorship deal with YUM last?

I get that sponsorships help with exposure and revenue boosting/benefits but there might be a time where we become self-sufficient that we can keep the business running by our own reputation instead of a corpo sponsorship.
No. 1049332 ID: 08229c
File 166854598430.png - (84.97KB , 693x528 , 49.png )

Ow ow ow ow ow

You guys are screaming right into my brain... One at a time...

First, let's get an accurate count of our resources on hand.

I'm selling the phoenix downs because there's literally no reason to keep them. Now if we account for slime breeding...

Rune Count: 12

Current Gold Total: 10,590G

Current Gold Invested in Calculator: 3500G
Current Gold Returned from Calculator: 7730G
Current ROI: +32% (?)

Now, I'd like to first decide what to do with the gold before we focus on what we craft with runes. So, let's put a pin in that for just this moment.
No. 1049334 ID: 08229c
File 166854783136.png - (152.63KB , 800x600 , 50.png )

To answer a question, our work with YUM! is on a month to month basis. However, we haven't made any money with them for a bit because, well...

We neglected to put their products in the hamlet. Oops.

Looking over it we forgot to put treasure in general beyond quest rewards... Something to fix.

Now, I want to address our constructs. I agree that we still haven't hit a point where they're all needed. However, I think we need the Chef and Artificer. A money multiplier bonus would be fantastic and I don't want to die instantly if I'm fought.

So, let's allocate G5,000 on that...

>Mary upgrades the Chef and buys the Artificer

>The two appear, one upgraded and one brand new.

"Hmm, thank you kindly, Dungeon Master." The Chef says.

"You're welcome, Chef. Can you get a party prepared? I want to test the effects before the next run."

"Of course."

>The Artificer gives a bow.

"Greetings, Dungeon Master. I am to be your Artificer." Their voice is monotone, almost mechanical, but very polite.

Artificer Unlocked:

Allows the creation of Dungeon Master Gear. This gear can augment the Dungeon Master. Can only equip the dungeon master with the equivalent might of a 3 rune monster.

New Unit Unlocked!

Tier V Unit -

Artificer II: Allows the creation of stronger Dungeon Master Gear. The Dungeon Master can fight as a 5 rune demon.

Costs - G10,000

Costs drops by G1,000 for each Fundamental Rune unlocked.

No. 1049336 ID: 08229c
File 166854841978.png - (116.54KB , 800x600 , 51.png )

"Permit me a moment to explain my function."

"Go ahead."

"Thank you," The Artificer brings up a display, "I can grant you gear that takes up 'slots' on your body. Your body has many slots and each of them can hold a single piece of gear (the feet count as one 'slot'). As the Artificer (I) I can make you as strong as a 3 rune demon. This means you can have up to 3 runes affixed to your Dungeon Master Gear.

However, you are welcome to wear 'Mundane' gear in as many slots as you desire. These take Mundane runes and, while not granting powers, allow you to fight on par with adventurers in that slot.

For example, if I were to craft you two gauntlets of fire and one pair of levitation boots you would be able to use flame attacks with your hands while flying about. Then, I could fill the rest of the 'slots' with Mundane gear. This would allow you to be hit in those locations a few times, as opposed to the average amount of times you could normally be hit. That is, to say, once.

Also, as per the example above, I have used three runes to craft you gear, which is the cap. You are able to reach this cap however you wish. You could have a single two rune piece of gear and a one rune piece. Or put them all into one gear.

My services do not cost money but I do need runes. You also have the prerequisite units on hand so I need not worry about other materials.

Mundane runes are not included when making mundane gear. I still require the runes for that. Are there any-"
No. 1049337 ID: 08229c
File 166854903476.png - (184.84KB , 800x600 , 52.png )

>Dungeoneer cuts them off.

"Whoa~! I knew I recognized that voice! Is that seriously the Artificer!?"

>She enters the room, the other constructs hanging back. All of them look varying degrees of surprised.

"Hahaaaa! I'd recognize that robot voice from anywhere! How are you doing you ol' bucket of bolts?" She says as she slaps the Artificer on the back.

"Kh... I am. Fine. I was simply explaining my purpose to the Dungeon Master." The Artificer replies.

"Yeah, it can get a bit confusing. Did you get to the part with the Mundane gear yet?"

"I did."

"How about the feet thing? Remember when they used to be separate slots? Then someone tried to use gravity and anti-gravity boots and imploded?"

"Khhh.... Mistakes are made sometimes in the name of progress... A better question is how do YOU recall such a-"

"Yeah, good times. You're gonna have a good bit of fun with this one, Mary."

"... Do you have any questions, Dungeon Master? Is there any work you would like done?"

"Ah, still getting acquainted? I'll leave you two to it." Dungeoneer nods and leaves, taking the others with her.
No. 1049338 ID: 7397c3

Ah, seems like Dungeoneer's getting memories from every Dungeoneer. Good show.
So, I imagine the first order of the day is making sure you don't die permanently. I assume a Soul rune can do that? Maybe in the chest slot?
No. 1049339 ID: 06095b


I don't quite understand. What makes a rune "Mundane"? And what makes the Artificer's gear any better than Mundane gear?
No. 1049340 ID: 7397c3

Check the rune list, there's one literally called Mundane (Anti-Magic). And I assume it's, well, not magical.
No. 1049341 ID: 7397c3

So, uh, question. How is this different than regular magic items? Like, say, the stuff Magnus and Flit make, or the items we get from adventurers.
No. 1049342 ID: 06095b


Questions for Artificer:
- So, is the Mundane gear literally just made from Mundane runes?
- What are the advantages of using Mundane gear or any gear made by the Artificer over using Adventurer gear made from more runes?
- Do you dream of electric sheep?
- If Mary dies, what happens to her and the dungeon? Can she be revived?
No. 1049344 ID: ceaf93

ask how our Crown counts!
No. 1049345 ID: 7397c3

...wait a sec...
can we be upgraded with a rune?
No. 1049346 ID: 2a3927

>can we be upgraded with a rune?
I vote we be given a dragon rune!
No. 1049350 ID: a7a180

Let's double our investment in Calculator to 7k.

For now, we can focus on protecting ourselves while buffing minions and making the job of our minions (protecting us while attacking the adventurers) easier. Could we get a Water+Mind belt that would let us fuse with slimes? How about Foundation or Stasis powered boots to make us resistant to status and movement effects?

Does the Crown take up a slot? Is that a halo or a hat slot, or both? Why does a Mundane rune power the creation of standard gear? What's different about using a Mundane rune from just having a blacksmith make a piece of armor? Does the Mundane rune represent raw material, or a whole host of nonmagical objects in concept?

3 magic runes to make 2 slots' worth of items then filling in the rest with 7 mundane runes leaves us 2 runes for monster creation. Let's upgrade a lagmite to create a Lagwitch. I have an idea involving time-bending powers and the gravity slime to send adventurers back to the start of the level and meet their own past selves.
No. 1049355 ID: f7631e

I guess my question is. Your outfit that was provided by the League. Is it all mundane rune items? Because if so, we could spend our runes elsewhere for now. Unless you want a wardrobe change?

I will say, if we want to use you at your best, I think we go mage spec for you. Which means yoh need a wand/rod/stave.

How about:

>Water/Magic Staff of Slime Summoning.
An item that would tie into Slimecrown's primary group, and allows you to borrow a small version of Curi's ability. You could have a lot of fun borrowing elements from your bosses, especially as you get more and more rooms.

Though I have to ask. Staves, Rods and Staffs tend to be two handed. Would they still equip to one hand slot?

>Sturdy Rune for the Belt of Negation
A fancy belt that allows you to negate damage. You don't strike me as someone who likes armour really. And if you do go mage/god style, you really don't need it. But you are a little delicate, so having anything that can make you steady and able to endure a hit or two, especially if adventurers get close, is wise.
No. 1049356 ID: 36b2ef

Wait! Dungeoneer! Is it possible to put runes into only one specific part of a person? Like putting Chaos and Darkness in a Chuuni's hand or an enhance rune on someone's knockers?
No. 1049358 ID: 15b66d

What happens if we use a nothing rune to make runed equipment? Or an almighty rune?
No. 1049361 ID: 61235c

The main thing I wanted the artificer for was to get you immortality, but that’s not really a combat ability. Can we make noncombat equipment?
No. 1049362 ID: 33f0ce

Ok ok okokokok, may I have the peretion to infodump about what we should do with the Slime KING idea for a quick second?
No. 1049364 ID: 1effd3

but slime king is COPYRIGHTED
No. 1049365 ID: ae9e42

Tome of Law. Law, math, fundamental runes. It's the big book that holds all da rules.
No. 1049373 ID: 1ed92d

Yes, Mary can be upgraded with Runes, but she doesn't feel like it right now since it permanently transforms her into a demon and she at least wants all the fundamental runes before picking some nice ones. And that's IF she wants to.
No. 1049375 ID: 7397c3

No, I don't mean Mary, I meant us. As in, the crown.
No. 1049392 ID: 90c451

Okay, quick proposal for the gear.
Combine Mundane, Tech and Law as a right hand gear for...
Lawyer's Wingman
A Plain, serviceable gun. The gun, and bullets fired by it are immune to and ignore all magical effects. Those hit by the gun are unable to cast spells for 20 seconds.

Also, from what we're hearing about Dungeoneer, it isn't just the eyepatch and crown that's different, it's her entire personality. From what I can see all other dungeoneers are not nearly as lewd and energetic as this one. Rather, they tend to be more businesslike for the other DMs. I wonder, if the constructs could have one thing shine through above others, maybe the thing that's different is desire? Like, Dungeoneer has all these desires but doesn't really act on them or consider them, but our Dungeoneer cranks those desires up to 11. It would explain the need for power, increased lewdness and embarrassment, and the want to be free. Something tells me all the constructs want some freedom, but aren't willing to act upon it.

Also, don't forget the constructs Dungeoneer made. Put the tea slime just before Rosa, it fits the challenge. Then put the genie right outside the basement with a note saying "Make a wish, you'll need it." since I don't think it would make a difference if they're buffed beforehand, and they do need it. Also it puts an arbitrary limit on how many times they attempt to kill the thing in the basement if they only have 3 wishes.

Next, give a bonus for the herbalists and fill the forest with valuable alchemical ingredients as it's "loot" as we can't just put chests in a forest. It's their fault if they don't realize how valuable the plants are.
We can also have a piece of loot that also plays into the quests and lore by having a sword lodged into a stone before the gummy wyrm that's lodged in with a magical trap. Basically, wedge it in good so it takes considerable strength to take out, then make a trap that slowly saps stamina from anyone trying to pull out the sword, making it seem like it took a lot more effort to pull out than it did. Give the muscle heads a real sense of satisfaction for being able to pull it out.
Make it out of a sword rune and a mundane rune and name it the Story Slayer.
On top of giving them the damage type needed to defeat the wyrm(slashing), it also gives a bonus 10% extra damage to mythological creatures.
No. 1049393 ID: 4b4d4e

StorySlayer's a bit too much in terms of overall dungeon design. It doesn't feel right. We aren't aiming to craft legendary loot capable of one-shotting the basement monster. We're aiming to slowly build up our business logistics and infrastructure to support the dungeon business in the long run long after Jeffrey's eventual defeat.

And it clashes with the other proposed idea of ruins delving for the whole "mysteries of the ancient slime war" angle we're apparently going for.

I would like to reserve 4-5 runes for the creation of two things:

One: a one-rune Chaos demon named "Gribbles/Mote" that can be used as a mook for the whole "forces of chaos/darkness" subplot we're building on. It's weak, it's single digit level, but can fuse with other demons to make a chaos/corrupted variant that drops an altered Chaos-aligned loot table. We can make more if necessary, but I would like to make at least 1 gribble to supplement our chaos slime in the "Forces of darkness" faction. Chaos Slime can be a stronger variant of the Gribble.

Two: 4-5 runed mon that's an "Ancient War Golem" using the following runes (Container, sword, shield, Adamantine, Power[free]), it can be automated, it can be piloted by adventurers and other NPCs, and can serve as a set-piece or a mini-boss in a variety of quests from escort to siege to ruins delving.

The rest of the runes I'll leave it to the others.
No. 1049395 ID: f0986e

Sorry for the headache Mary, we just got exited is all.
No. 1049396 ID: 7397c3

>Tome of Law. Law, math, fundamental runes. It's the big book that holds all da rules.
>Okay, quick proposal for the gear.
>Combine Mundane, Tech and Law as a right hand gear for...
>Lawyer's Wingman
>A Plain, serviceable gun. The gun, and bullets fired by it are immune to and ignore all magical effects. Those hit by the gun are unable to cast spells for 20 seconds.
You're both proposing using all the runes for an offensive item for squishy, mortal, Mary. When she said her main motivation was, and I quote,
>I don't want to die instantly if I'm fought
This ain't gonna fly. Spare a rune for, at the very least, making sure she respawns if killed.
No. 1049400 ID: 90c451

Honestly, was kinda banking on trying to pass off the mundane rune as a free rune, also that if we get a single shot in mages are toast. Speaking of respawns however...
Can we ask Dungeoneer or Demonologist how monster respawns work, and whether that can be applied to human employees, or the dungeon master? I realize we sent Alex into the dungeon without even asking if Alex can respawn, just automatically assuming that because she's a demon she can respawn now.
No. 1049404 ID: 4b4d4e

Hmmm...A belt that negates damage...we'll also need teleporting shoes that lets her flash-step in and out of range. The Lawyer's wingman would work for stopping spells and mages, but we don't have anything that'll stop adventurers from physical attacks? What about a tasergun or a stungun that shuts down auto attacks and physical abilities? If we can upgrade Lawyer's Wingman to include the shutdown of auto-attacks and spell casting that would be handy. As for anti-magic, just get a printer that prints out paper drafts that when used would put down a "no-fighting/self-defense zone" while Mary calls in Slimecrown authorities.
No. 1049405 ID: 90c451

I don't think the fax machine would work. Remember, when Mary got into a boss battle she couldn't call on any of her demons or staff, and the doors were locked shut. She had to win it herself.
No. 1049406 ID: 06095b


I was going to suggest a "feather bracelet" or similar. It's actually a small Tech demon with 7 phoenix downs and orders to use them to bring Mary back if she dies.
No. 1049408 ID: 4b4d4e

Oh are there items that lets Mary keep her mundane everyday Office Lady look while keeping the effects of her dungeon-master gear? I know it's cramping over the dungeon master guild style but I kinda like the idea of the unassuming Mary being capable of pulling out a glock and busting caps in adventurer's asses for trying to initiate a boss fight when all Mary wants to do is lead them into the basement.

So a staff for summoning mooks and defense and mook summoning and a gun to bust a cap in their heads? Solid combo as offensive gear. We'll have to work on the defensive gear tho. Where are those slime earrings that give the wearer mana regen? Why don't we give her that so she can regen/store up mana for a full bankruptcy spell?
No. 1049411 ID: 08229c
File 166857089883.png - (94.79KB , 800x600 , 53.png )

"I have a few questions, actually. If I use a Soul rune can I make an artifact where I don't die?"

"You could create something that would bind your soul to your body and make it far simpler for someone to revive you. True immortality is beyond my power."

"Gotcha. When you say Mundane do you mean the rune? Or just... Dictionary definition of mundane? What makes it better than what I'm wearing? Or what I can make here."

"I'm sure you've noticed that you can not actually use the items you create here for much. You can craft a staff of ice but if you tried to keep it it does nothing for you. You can't rune it, sell it, anything. This is intentional, as to prevent abuse of the system. If you were to have your demons make you a suit of armor it would function as a proper suit of armor. However, when I infuse it with a Mundane rune, which is what I mean by 'Mundane Gear' it enhances the armor with demonic power.

If we assign a value to it, normal plate mail has an Armor Value of 1. Infused with a Mundane rune it remains a plate armor but its Armor Value goes up to 3.

This is just an example, of course.

I would also like to add that, while you are a Dungeon Master you are proficient with any items I create for you. If your demons were to make you an axe you might find it hard to swing for long periods of time. If -I- were to make you an axe you would be able to wield it with no issue."

"So Mundane Gear is normal gear that has been infused with a Mundane rune. And it doesn't count towards my limit?"


>If Mary dies, what happens to her and the dungeon? Can she be revived?

I actually can answer that. Most people can be revived if their body is relatively clean, not cursed, and the death was recent enough. If I die my dungeon would go stagnant for a while. If no one took command of it for about a month or so it would vanish completely.

I actually did get revived once. I fell off of a roof during a party. I don't remember any of it but my company insurance covered it. Otherwise it's thousands and thousands of gold.

"Can my crown be upgraded with runes? Actually, does it take up my head slot?"

>The Artificer examines the crown for a moment.

"An interesting item. You could infuse it with runes and have it properly take up your head slot. However, it does not appear to be proper equipment otherwise. More like... A curse. I sense you also have a Halo as a cosmetic. That is not going to take your equipment slot either."

"What about the rest of my outfit?"

>The Artificer makes a clicking noise.

"All normal clothes. They don't seem to provide you with much protection. I can infuse them with the Mundane rune if you'd like. That'd make them far stronger."

"I'm still weighing my options."

>Wait! Dungeoneer! Is it possible to put runes into only one specific part of a person? Like putting Chaos and Darkness in a Chuuni's hand or an enhance rune on someone's knockers?

. . .

Why would-
You know what, nevermind. I'm pretty sure putting runes into an object/person is an all or nothing thing. And if it isn't I'm not giving her ideas.

>Can we ask Dungeoneer or Demonologist how monster respawns work, and whether that can be applied to human employees, or the dungeon master? I realize we sent Alex into the dungeon without even asking if Alex can respawn, just automatically assuming that because she's a demon she can respawn now.

Actually, I can answer that too. Alex is a demon now and a minion of the dungeon. So, if she dies she's returned to life at the end of it just like any other demon. She also has free roam of the place. Now, other humans like uh... Izzy over there. If she dies she's dead. I can resurrect her with a Phoenix down if I get to her body quick enough or spend a buttload of money otherwise but she's definitely dead.

My constructs can't be in the dungeon normally but if they're forced into it they're basically immortal in there.

>Mary thinks for a moment.

"Could you make me... A gun?"
No. 1049412 ID: 06095b


I seem to recall an obnoxious adventurer with a fuck off invincibility shield we could give Mary. Even then, I still think an item/demon that auto-injects Phoenix Downs should be a part of her arsenal.

Strongly prefer a book of laws to a gun, which doesn't at all mesh with the medieval Slimecrown aesthetic, but can support the slime staff for the off hand
No. 1049413 ID: 7397c3

>I'm sure you've noticed that you can not actually use the items you create here for much
We had not, in fact, noticed. Not a lot of gear for the Auditor class 'round here. But of course, he's new here, he doesn't know who you are or why you're here. No wonder he's surprised about the crown being cursed.
No. 1049414 ID: 08229c
File 166857162014.png - (83.08KB , 800x600 , 54.png )

". . . A gun? As in the device that fire a piece of metal at extreme speeds over a long distance, typically used to puncture new holes in other things?"


"Yes, I suppose I could use my boundless powers of creation and artifact making to craft an item that functions similarly to one that any person could buy from a store. I could definitely create such a brutal an inelegant weapon, if that is what you desire. Is that what you desire, Dungeon Master?"


"I'm less sure about that now."

"Then let us explore other avenues of creation, shall we?"

>>Sturdy Rune for the Belt of Negation

"How about a belt that allows me to take more hits?"

"An excellent concept. I could use the Sturdy rune for such a thing. I could even grant you Last Stand with it, depending on the amount of Sturdy runes I am able to use. Each one would allow you to survive a hit that would otherwise kill you. Or I could spread it out to simply negate a small amount of damage per hit."

"Can we make something with the Nothing rune?"

>Another clicking noise.

"While I would be delighted to use a Fundamental on gear I'm afraid the Nothing rune is a bit temperamental. I could try and force it into some gear but it tends to create unusual items. I recommend against it."

"What about a staff to summon slimes? Actually if I have a two handed weapon does that count for both my hand slots?"

"Kh. It does not. A weapon is more of an extra piece of gear. Hand slots are used for gloves or rings. I could certainly create an item that allows you to summon slimes to do your bidding. It would give you greater control over them than a simple Summon Monster spell. It would be more akin to actually manipulating the slime.

I am able to make many things for you. I am limited only by your imagination and the runes you have available."

Hmm... Alright, let's uh... Get at least 3 runes worth of gear then. There's a lot of ideas. Ideally I want to:

1- Not die instantly.
2- Be able to put up some of a fight.
3- Be lore friendly.
No. 1049415 ID: 7397c3

>You could infuse it with runes and have it properly take up your head slot.
>I could certainly create an item that allows you to summon slimes to do your bidding.
>3- Be lore friendly.
I can see some overlap here. Mary, how about you put a Water rune into us, and make a proper Slime Crown that can let you command runes?
No. 1049416 ID: b79969

What makes a gun less elegant than a sword? At least the gun has moving pieces. So therefore slime gun. Also for armor use slime for dampening force.
No. 1049417 ID: 8d65e6

Before we can accomplish goal 3 we need to actually sort out what your role in the lore is supposed to be. An outsider, hired by Slimecrown to help them test the adventurers? The power behind the throne, controlling the slimes to find a means of disposing the monster below? A tyrant, playing the slimes and the beast against each other for your own purpose?
No. 1049418 ID: 1effd3
File 166857274272.png - (509B , 42x34 , Overloaded_Blaster.png )

how about a SLIME GUN?
*slime god calamity music plays*
No. 1049419 ID: 7397c3

How about something a little closer to the truth? Gods and queens and knights move the heart, but no kingdom is able to work without the people who quietly make sure that everything's going where it's supposed to be and accounted for.
No. 1049420 ID: 4b4d4e

We'll need something for physical attacks. Aqueous Armaments. Uses Aqua, Fist, and feet runes. A set of Gauntlets and Greaves that lets the user to morph their limbs into any shape they desire similar to how a slime can shift their limbs. But as Aqua is a stronger type of water rune, we can focus the strengths and limitation of that gear so that parts of Mary's limbs can turn into slime/water and levitate and operate remotely. Aqueous greaves would give Mary mobility and agility to the speed of water.

Also, Mary I have to ask. I get that you're trying to create lore-appropriate dungeon-master gear, but please remember that you're also an Auditor. You're allowed to make acceptable breaks in lore. If you're hesitant about a plain old gun, how about an Ancient "Aquabus"? An Arquebus powered by Water/Aqua runes? Chalk it up as a weapon crafted from the Slimes of old in their ever-desperate war against the Monster in the Basement. An ancient artifact found within the ruins of Old Slimecrown Citadel before the current Slimecrown citadel was built?
No. 1049421 ID: 08229c
File 166857305880.png - (103.75KB , 555x520 , 55.png )

Okay I do like the idea of being some kinda evil tyrant...

I think that'd be fun. Let's go with that angle for now.

I mean I did kinda just come into this place and start enforcing actual rules... But that's just because it was so poorly managed, though.

Sorry, carry on.
No. 1049422 ID: 4b4d4e


>>1049417 raises a VERY good point, Mary. What IS your role in Slimecrown lore? We can do the plain Gun gear if your role in slimecrown lore is an Outside advisor who heeded Slimecrown's plight and works tirelessly to find solutions to their generations long problem in the form of "ancient technology". We can do the guns bit, but given Slimecrown's limitations with its denizens, they tend to be themed around water and aqua runes and can't function without it.
No. 1049423 ID: 06095b


1 - Get a copy of Keeper's forcefield for protection (Magic + Shield). Tack on a bracelet that will use Phoenix Downs in your inventory whenever necessary.
2 - Wield a Book of Laws as a weapon, turning everything on its head, including gravity
3 - You are the Mistress of Order, Keeper of the Law, and Extinguisher of Chaos. The Slimes on their own are not enough to slay That Which Dwells Below, but you believe a time will come when there are heroes who can meet the challenge. Slimecrown is a crucible to temper those worthy souls, not only with the strength to see the task through, but the kindness to make things right.
No. 1049424 ID: b79969

In that case, armor made to look like shattered slime cores. Shaped like a coconut bikini
No. 1049425 ID: 1effd3

No. 1049426 ID: 4b4d4e

Not exactly, Mary. Remember the old dungeon name? Dungeon of Pain? Crappy layout, a single room and then boss? Think of that as Slimecrown at it's lowest, and you coming in as an outsider helping Slimecrown regain its glory. You can still play as an "evil tyrant" in the eyes of adventurers but you can drop hints and subtle lore that what you appear to be isn't what it is, and that you're here to help solve the "Monster in the basement" problem.

Besides, remember your original goal of trying to get out of this dungeon?
No. 1049427 ID: 4b4d4e

Mary, please. I know it's nice to indulge in a bit of sadism, but remember that YOU ARE AN AUDITOR. Do NOT get sucked into the role or let yourself be percieved as an "Evil Dungeon Master" who torments slimes for kicks.
No. 1049429 ID: a7a180

1 - Stasis-infused clipboard, aka "Manifest Destiny" - Anything on the list can be restored to how it was recorded. And you can hold it up to reflect attacks.
2 - If you can't fuse with slime using the power of the fundamental runes, controlling them works I guess. Can you wrap yourself in them, like a living slime core? The Tame rune might work for this, and water... or Aqua!
3 - Think about your sick dungeon master costume that Dungeoneer made. This is your lore. You aren't a slime, so how did you end up in charge of slimecrown? Write what you know - you are a powerful arbiter(judge, auditor, etc.) of a higher power. You subjugated Slimecrown to restore order after the creature below the castle was summoned and wreaked havoc. You sit on the throne to contain Jeffrey and to ensure no one has the hubris to repeat the events leading to the past crisis.
With Mundane gear equipped, you can call an end to the fight with whatever reserve of your health remaining you want. You really just need OHKO protection, and maybe an emergency teleport trigger.
No. 1049430 ID: 06095b


If enigmatic evil is the goal, then I'd play it as still being a gambit to kill That Which Dwells Below, but for personal profit. Create puzzle and secret chests throughout the dungeon with your insignia which are powerful against chaos creatures. If the thing in the basement ever dies, you show up to steal its 'core' and vanish with it.
No. 1049431 ID: e2339e

I see Mary as more a big good to counter the Demon of Deep (Jeffry)'s evil. She was a heavenly messenger who called the Slimes to war, and has since stood sentinel over Jerry until such a time as someone has the power to End him. A being of Good and Law to his Chaos and Evil.

Her Law Halo would help support this.

I'd think perhaps a sturdy belt to armor her up, maybe a cape made of Light or Dark rune that would make her insubstantial and move her position that looks like wings.

Finally maybe a weapon, like say the Math book infused with Law, letting her dictate the rules of the battle and thus the tempo. Making it clear she's physically weak, but only her big brain and indomitable will help maintain the barrier keeping Jeffrey sealed below.
No. 1049432 ID: 4b4d4e


No. 1049433 ID: 8d65e6

We can easily work in a Law vs Chaos angle as well, given that we know full well that Jeffrey was made with Chaos runes and your own preferences with Law. Maybe you're here and took over Slimecrown in order to try and remove That Which Dwells Below as an affront against Order or something like that.
No. 1049434 ID: 90c451

What do you have against guns? If built well they're a one-hit kill weapon so long as your enemy isn't thoroughly defended, sure it has it's weaknesses, but that's why we're making it magic. Besides, it won't be a long ranged rifle, we aren't cowards. Was hoping it would be a pistol.
Anyways can we use either a psionic rune or gravity rune to make a Ring of Force. Basically a ring that throws out walls of pure force, violently shoving or throwing back anything in it's way.
Well, oddly enough the dungeon mirrors Mary's own circumstances. As the lore is that they act as a dungeon in order to test adventurers and eventually find the person who will one day free them from the beast of the basement.
Mary then, could just tell the truth. She's the one that runs things, as in makes sure this place is up, running, fun, and profitable. It's the slime royalty's family creed to find a worthy adventurer, and Mary makes sure they survive long enough to be able to defeat it.
We could mention we're cursed and forced into this role and hope that an adventurer can break our curse, but that's kind of being too desperate.
No. 1049435 ID: f0986e

A big "law/order" vs "chaos/anarchy" roll for mary? Mary is totally against chaos in all forms, lore wise?
No. 1049436 ID: 1effd3

what if we made the slime summoning staff... well not a staff? still functions as a staff but doesnt look like one. think a gun that summons slimes by shooting them out
No. 1049437 ID: 4e2df1

Huh, my head canon dungeon lore was that when the slime queen realized she couldn’t slay Jeffery she decided to seal him away instead but also lacked the means to do that so she found someone who could (aka marry) and made a deal with them for marry to seal away the beast but was tricked by the queen in some way also binding marry to the citadel. As for why could be to make sure Mary was always around to strengthen the binding should the beast try to escape, she could actually afford Mary’s price for sealing the beast away, or something else along those lines. So as long as the beast lives Mary is bound to the slime citadel. Make use of Mary’s real life curse binding her to the dungeon.

Mary was then more or less trapped in a gilded cage known as slime citadel. Enraged by the deceit Mary bided her time and became an advisor of sorts to the queen where she then used the queen’s love of her kingdom and hatred of the beast to convince her the best way to slay the beast was to find adventurers strong enough to defeat her whole kingdom, her family, and herself as only individuals that powerful would stand a chance to defeat the beast. This way Mary could get rid of the people who tricked her and the beast binding her to the citadel in one foul swoop.

That and make marry a hidden boss to give a reason why the dungeon master never actually shows up in the dungeon as I’m not sure if that’s normal or not as it seems like all the other dungeon masters are also their dungeon’s final boss.
No. 1049438 ID: f0986e

I like some of this lore, that Mary is behind the seal on chaos beast and using the real curse as apart of the lore as well.
No. 1049441 ID: 63a1ed

Well, I dunno about tyrant, but, we have often played with the angle of things being not quite what they are, at least a little bit.

Personally, I believe like others, you could play the role of god. After all, most of your constructs think of you as such. Especially Curi, who is at this point, and will likely forever be, our main boss. I like what others have suggested in that you are perhaps the god that helps maintain the seal that Curi and Oilivia created after the battle against Jeffrey. While the kingdom continues as it was, you are holding the beast at bay, with Curi et. all both sending away the unworthy, battle the cult or test to see if they can beat the thing in the dungeon.

They're are a few ways you could play that that could be fun.

1. The simplest way, where after the battle against Curi, she asks for her god to come down and protect Slimecrown. This can be a combat/job interview for the ultimate test of worthiness to fight the thing that dwells below. It doesn't take too much work, and we can build items that revolve around this dungeon, the hamlet, and any other future expansions that we make.

2. The harder way, but does allow for you to play up a bit of tyrant if you so wanted. The above stories about how you are the god and you helped the sisters seal the thing in the basement. That stays the same. However, the seal is weakening, perhaps Jeffrey is in fact as strong or stronger than you (which, if we're being honest, is pretty much true). We've already toyed with the idea that Chaos is somewhat infectious. What if the seal is weakening, because you are weakening. And the weakness is because you have been infected by the chaotic strength of Jeffrey. We would have to do some lore work, and I think we would have to give you some thematic items revolving around Chaos. But it does provide an alternative for you.

As for the items that we can give you for right now. There are a few things we can look to immediately to get you some strength.

I like the idea from the artificer to give you something that makes you sturdy with that Last Stand ability. It works with how I think you will likely battle as a mage. Lets gussy it up a bit though for a god.

>Sturdy: The Belt of Absolution. An item that absolves the damage dealt to it wielder. Once, if the wielder dies, the damage is negated, sending a shockwave that pushes all enemies back.

This item allows you to take a hit, and also reset. Future upgrades to this could have it also maybe do damage, or grant life steal to you so that you can fight for longer.

>Water+Magic: The Vase of Origin. This vase is said to have birthed the first cores that would become Slimecrown's many loyal denizens. This vase allows you to summon two rune slimes that fight on your behalf, as well as grant you the primordial power over water. The water is ever flowing, like a waterbearer. Additional runes in the future could grant you higher rune slimes.

There are a few other items we can consider in the future or current too, depending on the lore we went with.

>Chaos: The Eye of Madness. Your blindfold, but now dripping with chaotic ooze, and a glowing third eye. It raises you agility, and prevents you from mental status effects.

>Water+Aero: Water Wings. Exactly what it says on the tin. It grants you the ability to fly, with wings of water, also can be used as an attack.
No. 1049442 ID: 7e0c15

I agree with the Law vs Chaos angle; I mean, you already have a law halo, may as well lean into that.

Don't have a lot of opinions far as how you should fight, but I feel Stasis would be good to have on something. Stopping opponents in their track sort of doubles both for defense and offense (assuming you'll have any sort of follow up to it). Plus you could tie it to the lore as you using that power to seal the basement if you wanted to.
No. 1049443 ID: 4b4d4e


>Chaos: The Eye of Madness. Your blindfold, but now dripping with chaotic ooze, and a glowing third eye. It raises you agility, and prevents you from mental status effects.

Instead of a third eye, why not have one eye be tinged with chaos? But you can equip/de-equip it like how a girl would have contact lenses?
No. 1049446 ID: 4e2df1

I have a question, how long does it take to swap equipment? Because if we could do it mid battle we could have Mary be a multi phase boss. Like have her use slime and law magic for the beginning of the fight, but when she drops below 1/2 or 1/3 swap out all the law based equipment with chaos equipment instead to show a weaken Mary no longer able to complete resist chaos and it’s starting to corrupt her.
No. 1049453 ID: 4b4d4e

Ooh. I have an idea to build upon yours. We can make a set of Chaos-themed gear alongside the law-aligned gear. Give Mary two sets of gear/styles/roles. The Law theme is Mary being her professional and fair Dungeon Master who rewards while the Chaos themed is where Mary gets to unleash all of her pent up stress and play totally unfair and just wipe the floor with the raid parties as the sadistic Dungeon Master who TPKs any unfortunate party member that manages to piss off her lawful side as per Jeffery's Corruption.
No. 1049454 ID: 8d65e6

Maybe as a raid mode second phase option? We'll probably have to wait until we have more runes to consider multiple outfits like that. Having said that, maybe you could give us(the crown) a Container rune for some kind of quick-swap feature for Gear. Maybe ask Artificer about that, being able to quickly switch between different sets of gear would be potent. Honestly the DM Gear is probably going to be a Rune sink.
No. 1049455 ID: 6bc5d5

you could ask the artificer what the other fundamentals you have do as runes?
also you could give as the Soul rune, if you want us to do things directly, it wouldn't end WELL but you could
No. 1049458 ID: 340403

No. 1049459 ID: 04697a

adventurers really seem to love this being a lore dungeon, it's uncommon enough that they mention it as a plus so embracing seems to be paying off

just remember to commit to the bit, everyone is super into their roles and we can't let them (or the adventurers) down once you enter the fray.

Also this lawful evil tyrant Mary vs chaos corruption Jeffrey angle seems like it'd be really cool to play up, with poor slimecrown as the battlefield and the slimes stuck in the middle.

Heck, we have Alex who can be one of your few direct subordinates separate from the slimes, maybe even you could be the source of the lag-mites too; having quietly introduced them as an invasive species to stall the corruption.
No. 1049460 ID: 61235c

Will killing adventurers level up your Dumgeon Masteryness, or will that exp get funneled into your Auditor class? Do you have auditor abilities you’ve always wanted to grow into? Because I think you should consider what sort of class levels you want to be gaining. Personally, I like the idea of continuing down Auditor, assuming you’re not already at the level cap.

Also let’s circle back to that “no true immortality” thing once we’ve got an eternal tune so we can shoot for indefinite longevity.
No. 1049461 ID: 06095b


Given how much the slimes love you, especially Curi. The villain angle feels a bit hard to pull off, honestly. I'm sure everyone can act out the drama, but where-in comes the evil part of that persona?

It's all pretend, of course. But do you want to appear to be hurting Curi or her daughters to outside observers? If so, how?

Are you pitting them against each other in Machiavellian ways? Are you secretly helping the chaos cultists and playing both sides of the field? How do these things get revealed organically in play for our audience, and how much does the dungeon have to change to accommodate that branch of storytelling?

You can play "the evil tyrant", if you feel that's the right course, but it can't just be lip service. Events and details need to line up to make that part of the story click.

As is, we have to think of Slimecrown, about how our monsters treat guests to the citadel. For the most part, it is friendly interactions, allowing adventurers willing to play, have fun, and puzzle solve to achieve the same ends as combat monsters. Is this lore friendly if the slimes are meant to be oppressed and deceived into sacrificing themselves? It seems more like the slimes are willing agents trying to train their saviors, even if it comes at the cost of Curi's life (the only one who actually has to die for the run to proceed).
No. 1049464 ID: 7397c3

Ah, this works. This is one way where you can play evil tyrant without it contradicting anything else.
No. 1049466 ID: d12415

No. 1049467 ID: 4b4d4e


I think we can also play this lore bit to another angle. As time passes, and the seal weakens, the Goddess of Law (Mary) slowly gets corrupted by the influence of Jeffrey's Chaos aligned magic due to sheer proximity and the pace of time. Like her laws slowly become twisted and cruel start exploiting loopholes within the Legality.

Her boss fight's first phase being Mary in her Law outfit would be her trying to fairly judge whether or not the adventurers are strong enough to survive the thing from below but when Mary's at half health, an uninterruptible cutscene triggers and we can have Mary "pretend" to cry out in pain/agony complete with dialogue and pretend to be fighting Jeffrey's influence and then losing as Mary herself finishes equipping the Chaos aligned gear and goes to phase 2.
No. 1049469 ID: 7397c3

I'm not all that sold on the idea of Mary being a goddess. I'd rather not say anything about who exactly Mary is, just her purpose in Slimecrown, and let them puzzle at her identity.
No. 1049470 ID: 4b4d4e

Unfortunately, adventurers see her as the Dungeon Master as it is explicitly her role in this place, not to mention that cursed "King of Demons" title that came with the Debt that got Mary stuck here in the first place. Speaking of titles,

Hey Mary, is it possible to change that cursed "King of Demons" title to something else? I know it's a nitpick but it kinda doesn't gel as lore-friendly with Slimecrown Citadel and your role with the place.
No. 1049472 ID: 1ed92d

Agreed, let's file an appeal with the Big Guy on it if there's nothing we can do.
No. 1049473 ID: 7397c3

I meant who she is within the lore, of course she's the DM. Let's just not spell out "goddess" explicitly.
It would be nice to get rid of the "King of Demons" label, tho.
No. 1049477 ID: a9af05

Why is everyone trying to establish Mary's identity in the lore as someone evil? That would imply that she's going to purposely fight the adventurers when they meet her at the end. Mary said she didn’t want to fight, so let's not establish her role as someone evil, since that would send the wrong message and cause adventurers to attack her.

Let's just focus on doing something that'll let her not die if there's a misunderstanding that results in her needing to fight.
No. 1049478 ID: 53d612

she literally asked for the role of "evil tyrant" tho.
No. 1049479 ID: 7397c3

See >>1049421
No. 1049480 ID: b859df

While the idea of being the living embodiment of Jeffrey‘s seal is interesting, and you could have the embodiment being corrupted to go with the idea of being an evil tyrant, I think that you could go more Mehta than that.

The slime crown citadel is essentially an interactive play. Your role is already that of the director who congratulates and rewards the adventures for winning while thanking them for participating.
No. 1049481 ID: f0986e

Oooh, go a little timetravel on it? make it so that each instance is a different version of the characters or some such?
No. 1049485 ID: 708905

Random tangential thought; could we use the nothing rune to create a monster that was intangible/imperceptible to use for recon? We could maybe get a proper look at the thing in the basement.
No. 1049489 ID: 58dd24

I mean, evil tyrant can be an administrative position. You're never gonna be the secret final boss at this point, but the queen's advisor, grand vizier, whatever. Manipulating things behind the scenes to drive revenue and line your own pockets while everybody else is primarily concerned about Jeffery. The bit where it's basically true is a nice bonus.
No. 1049496 ID: 4169f6

If Mary doesn't want that Dragon Rune to turn herself into a sexy dragon lady, then I say we should have that Dragon Rune put into us so we can become the sexy dragon!
No. 1049513 ID: 1effd3

if we give the crown a noise rune...
...can everyone else HEAR US?
No. 1049514 ID: 3d6e34

we are not a dragon themed dungeon. we’re a slime themed dungeon. if you really want a smexy dragon lady, then go ask for the runes to make a gummy dragongirl. Ugh I swear this dungeon’s previous owner is such a horrible horndog bag of bones that his debauchery bled into dungeoneer
No. 1049516 ID: 06095b


I don't like her being evil anymore than I like her being a goddess. The only goddess in the dungeon is Ms. Bloops.

I agree that being the evil manipulator is asking to have people gunning for your head in a dungeon full of cute, charming monsters, and thus a really, really bad idea.

Arbiter of the seal over Jeffery? Sure. Being stuck in the citadel until he's defeated? That works. Neither of those require Mary to be evil or a god.
No. 1049517 ID: 7397c3

Yeah, I'm not so hot on that either, but it's her choice so we gotta work with that.
No. 1049518 ID: fec07f

Why does she have to have a big role in the lore? I mean sure she runs thr show IRL but lore wise she could show up as a perfectly normal adviser or viser, should also help keep her from too much combat.
No. 1049519 ID: 4b4d4e

She doesn't have to have a big role, but for some crown-damned reason all the constructs and the adventurers keep on viewing Mary's DM role as a huge deal.

There's a lot of PR expectations on the line. Even if Mary doesn't want to fight, the moment an adventurer goes and ganks her, they'll be teabagging over her corpse and throwing slander on the reviews board with the statement that "Mary's some 'two copper office whore' who's an easy mark."
No. 1049526 ID: abaa91

I think people are forgetting that Mary has her own mind apart from the suggestions. She can like an idea independent of anyone's prodding, or dislike one all the same. That's how it's been ever since the early days. If she wants to be evil tyrant, it's our job to facilitate ideas for that.
No. 1049527 ID: df756d

the real question is WHAT kinda evil tyrant!
No. 1049534 ID: 9b3046

Im thinking a more kind of Lawful Evil, like ruthless authoritarian type. I feel like Mary pulls of the Buisness/Royalty fashion well.
No. 1049536 ID: a9af05

>what kind of evil?
The kind that doesn’t give her employees any medical benefits.
No. 1049537 ID: f0986e

she DOES constantly wear a crown.
No. 1049542 ID: f10b0e

The best villainous role I can come up with is that Mary is someone that either wants to take control of or free Jeffrey.

After Curi is defeated, the path to Jeffrey is clear. Mary tries to dissuade adventurers from going further so they don't get in her way.
No. 1049546 ID: 4b4d4e

....Fine. If you want ideas that can put you into the Villainous role, here are a few general options that we've pretty much come to agree upon that would fit despite your insistence for Self-defense Dungeon Master gear.

Option 1: Goddess of Law turned Corrupt Tyrant. You are Slimecrown's Goddess of Law, you came to intervene during Slimecrown's darkest hour during the "Ancient Slime War" and sealed Jeffrey away, but over time the barrier weakens. Eventually you found out a solution to maintain the barrier, live sacrifices, the blood of the fallen heroes. So long as blood is spilt upon the grounds of Slimecrown the barrier will hold, and you are its lynchpin. But over time, you grew accustomed to the sight of heroes struggling and dying, even liking the spectacle. Now you manipulate events behind the scenes, causing chaos and events to draw new Heroes in to sacrifice "for the sake of Slimecrown".

Option 2: Royal Vizier, You are an outsider who came to answer Slimecrown's aid during their darkest hour in the "Ancient Slime War" to manage the slimedom while the slimes of yore sacrificed themselves to create the barrier that sealed Jeffrey away. While Curi is the heir, you are Slimecrown's regent and true ruler, who manipulate events behind the scenes, weakening the barrier and drawing heroes and resources to line your pockets.

Option 3: Prisoner plotting revenge: You're an acolyte of Law who came to aid Slimecrown, you devised the spell that sealed Jeffrey Away, but found out you had to be the lynchpin of the seal. You claim yourself as the "True Ruler" of Slimecrown despite your role as a prisoner, but you wield your influence by manipulating things behind the scenes and drawing adventurers in, for you discovered that the blood of fallen heroes weakens the barrier that keeps Jeffrey Sealed.

Also, I have to ask. Why are you deciding on getting involved into slimecrown lore as an Evil Tyrant figure when all the other times in the dungeon run you were so insistent on staying backstage?

As for your gear How about this as an idea?

>Ever-changing Legality (Law, Chaos, Heresy): A Tabard that renders the wearer immune/high resistance to law AND chaos aligned attacks, may change immunity types once a day.
No. 1049547 ID: 7397c3

I like the lore options, but the item uses up all 3 runes and is probably not gonna be much use for defense for her against most enemies.
My problem is, all of the proposed items for defense have the problem of Mary functioning like a normal person does, and thus is dependent on the condition of her body. Someone who does AOE attacks or likes overkill, or both like the dragon that just came into the dungeon while Mary was locked away, would basically mean she's permanently dead. For that reason...

I will ask again, but better: what will it take for an item that would allow Mary to just respawn after a run like her minions do? Soul, because it's the rune that governs the spirit? Heal, because respawning is a form of healing? Demonic, because we want the dungeon to treat her like it would a demon?
No. 1049550 ID: f0986e

One way to pull this is having Ashley be a acolyte of Mary, if she does go God of law or some such, what with her powers being based ON law and order and such.It also might allow factions to form, Ashley being apart of Mary's direct faction here, maybe with a few others like Slimons guard girl?
No. 1049564 ID: 75b861


>The Ogre Slime: Runes; Water+Fist+Foot+Chaos+Chaos
Lore; The monster is charging. The monster is crushing slime cores beneath its feet. The Barrier is faltering. The monster is winning..He…He’s so so sorry…He couldn’t just do nothing. | The corpse of the old slime ruler, animated by the pure chaos coursing through him. All that has once made him himself is all gone now, all that’s left is a puppet controlled by his cellmate, Jeffrey. But one thing still remains, his form. The very same that helped build the SlimeCapital itself and defeat any enemy that dared hurt the ones he loved, is now nothing more than a tool of destruction.
Use; I’m thinking of using Ogre as a raid boss for the dungeon, so when the adventurers come to face Jeffrey, they could have an even worse time by instead fighting/also fighting the Ogre. Also it would add even more to the current lore…(And to be honest I just want to see an insane kung-fu Chaos slime go head to head with the Bulk Mage. Because that sounds like the coolest thing ever to me)

Was considering making him a 1Water 4Chaos runes, but I thought that would just make him a Curi palette swap. But what do you guys think on the matter?

Because it's fun.
No. 1049568 ID: 2940b6

The slime ogre sounds like it would need to be a boss for a different area, maybe connected to the ruins? and the lore and missions that can come from that story line.
No. 1049570 ID: 2ce84e


I think we have enough monsters right now, and I honestly don't know if Slime King is canon. What are other people's thoughts on Curi having a significant other, corrupted, dead, or otherwise?
No. 1049571 ID: f0986e

TBH I feel like it's not needed, since slimes reproduce without needing the smex, we already have a "corrupted"/"broken" slime royalty in olivia, what with the idea that she's like that because she was fucked over by the big guy in the basement.
No. 1049573 ID: cdbcf8

Hm. Hm! Yeah yeah! I dig that, I dig that a lot. Should probably take a chaos rune from him then, as much as a super secret boss that's as hard as the final boss sounds, they aren't exactly the funnest thing for casual players. Hardcore ones on the other hand? They'll love the hell out of it
Hmmm, now that you say it out loud, it does seem we are right on the line between "Having a good number of enemies for the size of the dungeon" and "If we put them all in it will be a zerg rush". Perhaps we should shelf the idea until we make that mini-dungeon we've been talking about, so we could have both ties to it and the SC, and give something new to fight for those in it. And about the lore thing-
Now that I typed it all out, it may sound a little bit of unnecessary lore to make him the Slime King and a tad bit silly. It's just, you know, when you have an idea in your head for a while, you can't not throw it out there. Maybe we should just make him one of the bodyguards instead, it would fit into the lore given the wall painting.

Oh but about the "broken" slime royalty part, I thought the Ogre would help show how our boi Jeff completely and utterly destroyed every aspect of the royal slimes lives and how much of a threat he is to the adventures. But I guess that could also be shown by just killing a high ranking member of them/close friend as well.
No. 1049574 ID: 9b3046

I agree with having enough monsters. I think we'd be better off putting runes into some treasures, and maybe rune-ing up some of the terrain around the dungeon for effect, practical and cosmetic. Maybe get some slime brick walls, or gummy candy up the terrain around where the Gummy Wyrm appears.
No. 1049575 ID: d40ce4

What is Mary's fighting style anyway? From what I recall, she would benefit from prolonging a battle so as to allow her spells time to take effect...
No. 1049576 ID: 7397c3

Mary's fighting style is to take away enemies' weapons by auditing them until they can't fight anymore.
No. 1049577 ID: 539db7

I think the Citadel has enough demons, for now, but for lore purposes, any consort of Curi should be some sort of earth elemental to match the theming of the triplet princesses. It’ll also explain why the earth and fire elementals in Magnus and Flit are here, and maybe the Cleric Plants, too, if they were foreigners associated with Curi’s Earth consort.
No. 1049578 ID: e2339e

I think lore wise it's fine for him to have existed at one point, but he doesn't need to exist now.
No. 1049588 ID: cdbcf8
File 166882341286.jpg - (597.51KB , 1127x1600 , 8b1d80bf492d8d953d96fb3817aaea36.jpg )

Auditor style
Huh! Didn't notice that before, neat!... Metal counts as a earth element right? Right. So yeah the Ogre now looks like pic (All the slime stuff in inside packed real tight, but there's so little of it, it only takes one Chaos rune to fully corrupt him) This is all your fault, how dare you implant such a cool idea into my head of a robo-slime doing kung-fu.
Eh, lets have him never exist. The whole "Slime King" gusto is completely gone from me now, it just seem like a completely unnecessary addiction to the lore, and takes away some of Curi's bad bitch queen vibe by adding on she had a lot of help from some guy...Now adding on a loyal bodyguard on the other han-
No. 1049589 ID: e2339e

WE have already established lore that he at one point existed, not every character needs to be alive to have an effect on lore. For all we know he could have been a non-action guy. Him being the nerd who ran the day to day while Curi just face punched all the problems. There's nothing more irritating than lroe snarls.
No. 1049590 ID: 08229c

Update coming soon™
No. 1049775 ID: 298597

Artificer looks really cool. You should tell them that.
No. 1049777 ID: 79c509

You could put some truths in your role. Call yourself "the auditor" or "the auditor of reality" and play the role of another imprisoned evil. Or, think about your old boss and play something like that and go full lawful greed.
No. 1049905 ID: 298597

You should set up a couple adventuring parties so they can be sent out. Especially during runs of the hamlet.

You should stick a 6th water rune in Curi at some point. Even if she won't be able to use more than her 5 rune powers while in her room, it'll help when she goes out on adventures like the Christmas special. It'll probably be necessary to send a 6 rune Curi as well as Oilivia for healing and fusion capable slimes in order to raid Lord Savage's dungeon for Almighty.

It's a good thing you've got Alex as a free roaming demon now. She can help deal with issues like Keeper where one party member stayed in the entance and would only remotely engage in the dungeon.

Could you please add the current list of runes to the wiki page?
No. 1049913 ID: 7397c3

>Could you please add the current list of runes to the wiki page?
If you follow the "Audit Quest stats and runes" link in the wiki, it'll take you to a page that has all of them in there. Or I could save you the trouble: https://questden.org/wiki/Audit_Quest_Statistics
No. 1050012 ID: 298597

You should hot up Chef for some 50 gold runes. I know that Noodle and Octopus exists. He can probably make Fish too. It's possible that he could whip up a Dog rune that we know exists as well. Some people do eat them.

Did you ever tell Chef about adding Trinchal to the menu for the slimes? Slike Matron mentioned it to you but it was never brought up if you applied it.

As far as fundamental runes we should probably look for Mortal, Temporary, or Humanity for Eternal. Ooh, or maybe the Toxic Sisters' Entropy could invert into it. And maybe Weak or Power for Almighty if we can't knock it against Lord Savage's dungeon. Knowing him and how proud he is of his dungeon's power, and how he knows we're on the hunt for fundamentals now, he probably won't drop something that gives Almighty unless we beat him as Dungeon Master, especially since he made it a point that he was the strongest thing in his dungeon when we brought up the hypothetical about Jeffrey.
No. 1050073 ID: 298597

We can't have Mary situated as Completely against Chaos rune creatures. What if Chaos Slime comes up to her and goes "Ah *raises arms*"? There needs to be a bit of give in her lore.
No. 1050078 ID: 04697a

in-run stuff doesn't really affect how the demons and constructs and whatnot interact when adventurers aren't there

it's a show put on for the customers, Mary and everyone still get along 'off the clock'
No. 1050094 ID: 298597

The combining Chaos creatures didn't work very well. What do we have to make to actually combine them?
No. 1050109 ID: 298597

We should probably put a miniboss room at each potential endpoint of the Hamlet. Allowing our 3 rune creatures to fight with the might of a level 35. Thus transitioning the level 20-35 Hamlet into the level 35-60 Citadel.

Could we also find a place to slip Ruth's batting cage back in? It was quite fun and would also allow us to add the baseball gacha mentioned back then into the dungeon.

We should also make up a few more puzzles before Glass Spinner's visit.
No. 1050110 ID: 298597

Mirelle brings a fight, and Rosa requires a set of tasks ending with a crafting roll. We never actually set what Sophie should do. Every time someone has reached her she just gave her token without facing a challenge at all. We should change that.
No. 1050135 ID: e2339e

They were still an at best 2 rune monster, they should still be weak. Fighting a level 40 effective combatant was never a winning proposition.

Maybe lull a younger slime to sleep/babysit so she can rest? Help her take care of the younglings.

Might i advise us making some more low end slimes for both variety of fodder in the citadel and actually semi-challenging mobs in the hamlet?
No. 1050138 ID: 4b4d4e

You can use the Farm fields in the Hamlet to double as a baseball field. Make it so that the hamlet has at least some degree of community outing events to put some spice in the Slimecrown lore.
No. 1050140 ID: 298597

The combining was meant to deal with people who were just ripping through there. And it didn't work at all. They didn't get notably stronger or actually combine.

Didn't Mary not want us to make more slimes? Something about already having too many or something .
No. 1050173 ID: e2339e

Every rune is roughly equivalent to 10 levels

A two rune is still going to be fodder for an effective 40.

Yourcomplaining is like complaining fist wizard ran through our early dungeon easily. WE could fix the issue but we'd screw level scaling doing so.
No. 1050192 ID: 298597

It's not that I'm complaining that we don't have an effective level 40 monster there. It was an observation that our attempts to combine them failed and that we should figure out how to fix them.
This was brought up when Mary was talking to the Chaos creatures last thread

>The corrupted animals are trying to gattai early! Stop them!
>That's supposed to be a dramatic reveal for when an adventurer is ruining the lore and just burning everything to the ground driving the animals to delve even deeper into corruption!
>A field boss triggered by player actions!

Mary even reacted to that by throwing an extra glance back at them in text the next update.

And then we actually tried to combine them here: >>1047381
That failed to improve their strength in any way. And is what i was talking about.
No. 1050220 ID: 04697a

the Chaos combining is interesting, since it doesn't make the component creature/s more directly powerful.
But it does increase their mass (and HP along with it) as well as give access to extra moves, probably based on the creatures and objects that got incorporated into it.

The scenario in question isn't that the combining failed, it more seems like the forest critters are too low intelligence to actually utilize the options that gives, especially if the component creatures can freely redistribute their mass to different appendages... or different appendages throughout the mass.

The nightmare amalgams possible if the latter is true would be pretty difficult to handle. Come to think of it, that might help explain Jeffrey; our basement uberbeast might actually be/have been several demons fused into one via chaos
No. 1050251 ID: 298597

Was that what was supposed to be happening? I honestly couldn't tell. It genuinely seemed like it did nothing at all.
No. 1050256 ID: 055838


My assumption is that the power differential between them and Berserker was severe enough that even after fusing, Berserker was still just that much stronger.
No. 1050260 ID: e5709d

...Now that I think about it, why aren't there Auditor skills that can detect psychopathy or other, economically-taxing personality traits?
No. 1050261 ID: 04697a

Yeah it was stated it didn't help the critters in their fight both cause they don't know how to make it useful and Berserker was instakilling everything she touches anyway.

The rest of it is just my inference from the scarecrow fight, where it's explicitly mentioned that the scarecrow got extra HP, size and moves (though that could have just been boss mechanics rather than general chaos mechanics)

But yeah if the critters were smarter they could probably have done some cool stuff, flying batspiders dropping webs nets from the air and whatnot.
No. 1050342 ID: 1effd3

math wizard also had a spell to literally increase berserkers level
No. 1050423 ID: 298597

Do you think that Glass Spinner would be proud of our Gazer boss fight? It felt rather puzzly. Gotta get the light slime flash mechanic working though. It could be used when we put in a miniboss room there so that low level parties could deal with a strong 3 rune monster like her. Let them blind her for a bit for some free hits.
No. 1050853 ID: 08229c
File 167010000552.png - (201.30KB , 800x600 , 56.png )

>Mary and the Artificer discuss artifacts for a while. Eventually, three runes are spent to conjure up two of them.

Manifest Destiny (Stasis) - This clipboard can stop attacks in their place, acting as a potent shield. It can also record up to 1 object and restore it to its condition at the time of recoding once per battle.

>The Artificer was pleased to be able to work with a Fundamental rune. She crafts another object for Mary after a bit of discussion.

The Vase of Origin. (Water Magic) This vase is said to have birthed the first cores that would become Slimecrown's many loyal denizens. This vase allows Mary to summon two rune slimes that fight on her behalf and allows her some control over the water within.

"This will take one of your hand slots and your body slot to wield. Is this acceptable, Mary?"

"I think this is great. Thanks."

>A pleased click.

"It is my pleasure."
No. 1050856 ID: 08229c
File 167010057627.png - (130.51KB , 800x600 , 57.png )

My purpose here for lore... I do love the idea of playing evil but I can't abuse my minions. I care about them too much.

But I wouldn't mind being like... A shadow lord. She who controls the finances controls the kingdom, after all... A place that has fallen into disarray and has someone come in to bring it back to order.

Mary the Dark Auditor (Work in Progress).

That is both an interesting angle to go at it from and also just.... Well, what really happened.

Actually, you lot bring up something I want to address as well.

You ask of my plans for this place. What I wish to do here, and after my curse is broken. I've been thinking about it a lot of late...

I enjoy what I do here. I'm good at it. And I'm respected. At my last place of employment... I had worked hard to climb the ladder, only to be tossed away the moment I was inconvenient.

I know I try to restrain my emotions but I was livid. Absolutely furious. I still am, when I think about it.

Do I want to go back to such a life? Do I wish to join another company and start from the bottom again? To scrape along and hope that I'm recognized for my merits? In a world of nepotism and those with a severe lack of empathy... I don't think I could rise.

I was forced into this position, but now I have friends and stable income. I have employees that need me and my minions who look up to me.

I still want the curse to be broken. But, now I no longer want to have it broken to abdicate my position. I want it gone so I can go outside and do things again. And then return, willingly, as the master of this dungeon.

Because I think that this will be my life. I will run this dungeon. I will make it grow. And it shall be the greatest in the land.

Now... We have 10 runes currently. I don't think we need any new monsters at the moment but we can certainly spend them to improve the ones we have or work on the dungeon some more. Let's do that before we open again.
No. 1050857 ID: 7397c3

Well, since we're not gonna be runing that book anytime soon, it would be nice to have someone who can use it. So maybe augment a Lagmite with the last option of this >>1049233 ?
No. 1050858 ID: e2339e

Maybe flavor up some of the boss rooms to make them more fitting/lived in? Most of our rooms come as is, and while carpenter is a lovely construct there's only so much, they can do without some runes.

Also now that we have money, and we KNOW Drachma is gunning for us and likely to try other chiancery. Can we contact a good law firm to sue them AND Our previous boss into the dirt? That'd probably clear the debt and/or rightfully allocate it and allow you to lead this place without a sword of Damocles hanging over head.

As for what we can do with Runes? Maybe some Chaos corrupted humans/elves for cultists to be lackeys for the Gazer? Explaining why people are so untrusting of adventurers?
No. 1050860 ID: 06095b


I'd bring up again, runes can come cheaply with just generic items that you can order. Buy an Abacus and a set of Encyclopedias to get, if nothing else, two more runes for about 200G.

After that, I say it's time to either build the Colosseum or to update the interior decor of a number of rooms. Light and dark runes infused into the Ruins section would allow us to control the light level more easily and/or create illusions.
No. 1050862 ID: 90c451

Agreed, we need to start infusing the rooms in our dungeon with runes.
I still want to add herbs to the woods, can we do that with a plant rune?
Also yeah, some dark runes in the ruins.
Maybe we can infuse the final boss room with chaos, with one side having strands of chaos seeming to come out of the basement drawing more attention the entrance as having the final boss. (So it's more obvious we aren't the final boss.)
No. 1050863 ID: 1effd3

i agree with this guy, once we get the ability to use the math book, we can accelerate the rate at which we generate the basic runes
No. 1050864 ID: a7a180

Here are some upgrade ideas:
-Upgrade a Lagmite to a Lag Witch with a Magic rune.
-Upgrade Curi, as is tradition.
-Upgrade Chaos Slime with another chaos rune. Note the progression of chaos, and have them practice the fusion technique with our other chaos monsters.
-Have an archer slime upgraded to the Arch Slime. Aero, wind, mind or another wood (for a longbow) are all good candidates to improve their aim and archery.
-upgrade a Cloth Slime with an inverted Clown rune to make a cloth gown goth clown.
-Upgrade Ashley with a Poison rune. The difference between medicine and poison is dosage.

Dungeon improvements:
-Infuse the jail wall with an Explode rune to make the Bandit's exit more dramatic.
-Make more furniture for the spa with Comfy runes for an experience so comfortable you might literally die.
-We have an empty room on the map at present. Let's set up a new trap there. Set it up like the storeroom for the cafe's silverware and fine china. Perhaps some nice chandeliers for light. Then, set Metal Slime loose in it when the adventurers reach the back wall to release him - they are told that he is valuable to catch, all you have to do is set him free... Use Fragile and Glass runes so that Metal Slime can break almost anything in there by ricocheting off or through it. The threat here is from falling shelves, glass shards, and the threat of 'you break it, you bought it' should Giselle or Germaine catch them... After going in there, then they may encounter Metal Slime anywhere in the dungeon should they have failed to catch him at first.
No. 1050868 ID: 7397c3

>-Upgrade Ashley with a Poison rune.
Remember the thing about how using opposites runes in the same monster is a bad idea? Ashley already has the Heal rune.
No. 1050870 ID: 63a1ed

Okay, well we have a lot we can do right now so lets start with what others have suggested first, as I tend to agree. First and fore-most, we should look at using some runes to gussy up some of the key areas. We can add runes over time to other places, but to start, lets go with the main event show pieces.

First, we should add a fancy rune (or two) to Curi's throne room. We can then add things like pillars, banners, drapes and more to add some dynamic areas for players to fight around and give our queen the grace she deserves.

Second, we should spend a little money to upgrade the divide between the Citadel and the Hamlet to make a mini-boss room for Colt. He's available to be a potential boss that players can fight or pass depending on what they do(or skip) in the Hamlet. For speed-runners and those that just want to fight their way into the citadel, we can give him room to breathe. In addition, I would propose using a wood+wind rune setup. Wood for the drawbridge that people would fight on, and wind to add atmosphere and some environmental hazards.

Third, we should upgrade the ruins in the same way. Mini-Boss room for an eventual Cult leader boss. Gazer works for now as an underling, but I think a true cult witch will be better in the future (More on that later). Since Gazer functions as a boss of sorts for now, best to give them room to fly. I propose Holy and Chaos. Holy to represent the ruins as what they once were (which explains the murals) and Chaos to explain the creeping influence and corruption of the cult and to add a spooky atmosphere.

Finally, for rooms, I propose that we use the empty room now as a royal library that can be used to discover some lore both public and secret about Slimecrown, its denizens and the monster down below. Environmental storytelling has been a big plus for us, so a Library makes a bit of sense. For now, we could use gold to dress it up, but in the future, knowledge runes would suffice.

Now, I know you aren't as keen on adding too many monsters for now. Or at least until we have a few more runs to see what we have. But I think we could spend some runes to create monsters for future additions, dressing up the set, or using in raids for ourselves to gain gold and runes to help expand. With that in mind I propose the following monsters and the class that I would give them for now:

>Explorers, Future Colosseum Entrants, and Future Slimecrown Additions

>Water+Chaos+Chaos+Magic (Could swap an additional Chaos rune for Heresy or Dark): Ixyis High Priestess of That Which Eats. Leader of the "Ever Hungry". AKA, the leader of the cult that has taken root in the Hamlet and is causing chaos in the realm. In the future, they would be the boss who leads Gazer and any other cult minions we make. Maybe they were a courtier who found old records from when Curi and Oilivia fought Jeffrey back and were cast out for dabbling too deep. Maybe they were just a young slime scholar that was looking for power and found it at the cost of her sanity. Either way, they now lead the charge to bring back Jeffrey and let the world be embraced with their power. For now, we just keep hinting about her until we are ready to add her, and have her go out on adventuring parties to gain us runes and gold.

>Water+Holy+Heal: Relian The Priest of Slimecrown Hamlet. A simple healer and worshiper of the god of Slimecrown, he hopes to find out what is causing the chaos infections amongst his people. They're taking care of a chaos slime that unlike the others is seemingly less violent and more sick (our current chaos slime). They help to build up some more of the world with lore and environmental storytelling. They don't offer heals like Aspen, but maybe there is a reward in place.

>Petal+Magic+Wild: Primrose The Wild Wanderer. A weird being that seems to take hold in the woods of the world. A protector of animals and plants great and small, and a friend to many of the Alarunes that live around the world. Another character that we can send out on raids for now. A druid/fae entity.

>Water+Clown+Candy: Bubbles the Royal Jester. A fool and comedian who loves pranks and jokes at their and others expense. They rise the spirits of their allies and hinder, debuff and humiliate their enemies.

This is a roster we can look to build to enhance the dungeon over time, but can in the meantime, be used to explore other dungeons to help us get more money and runes to expand. Of this crew, Ixyis is really the only one that I feel confident would be a future fighter in the form of a lore boss, while the others could rotate in and out to explore other dungeons, be fighters in an eventual Colosseum or additional NPCs and quest givers in the future.

>Civilians and one rune NPCs to dress the Set

>Sturdy: Goblins

>Dragon: Kobolds

>Aero: Harpies

>Plant: Lesser Alarunes

This is more to make the citadel lived in, with them being NPCS in jails, churches, schools, etc.

>2 Rune Minions that can be used for fights

>Chaos+Wood: Corrupted Tree. A tree that has been influenced by the chaos in the forest. Grabs prey unaware with its roots and branches.

>Metal+Sword: Enchanted Armour. These walking suits of armour are usually stationary, but move to attack if disturbed or if some fool takes something from their room without asking. These can live in the newly built library as a triggered action when players either try to take things or learn a key secret about slimecrown.

>Chaos+Wild: Dire Wolf. Stronger than other chaos animals, it fights ruthlessly and endlessly, not for hunger. But for sport.

And these are just some small additions if needed for places like the woods, or the potential library.
No. 1050871 ID: a7a180

Ashley has enough runes that it should be fine.
No. 1050873 ID: 63a1ed

I am inclined to agree with the others saying that a poison rune on Ashley (or Aspen) don't really need to be used.

Any of our central Alarunes are really there as helpful NPCs that generate money for us. Turning them into fighters doesn't really feel necessary as they have a role and fulfil it well.
No. 1050874 ID: 7e0c15

String Slime + Tame - Beast Keeper; works at the farm watching over the animals there. Maybe have the strings be more like a lasso for a cowgirl aesthetic? Strings sap the strength of anything caught in them.

Cloth Slime + Levitate - Ghost Slime; haunts the graveyard, trying to scare anyone who gets too close. Levitate to float and do poltergeist-y stuff, Cloth to look like a bed sheet ghost.

Forest Fairy + Space - Add teleportation shenanigans to her bag of tricks for making people lost in the woods.

And any other buffs should probably go to the Citadel proper since it should be on a higher level curve than the Hamlet, although I don't really have any strong opinions on what those buffs should be. Princesses would probably get the most use since they're both challenges and recruitable help, but I'd also like to see some of the weaker ones who haven't really had much time to shine grow stronger too.

For upgrades to locations, the main one to me is adding dark to the ruins so you're not using Dark Slime as a glorified dimmer switch. Maybe also chaos at / spreading out from the ruins, with the more visibly corrupted parts dealing damage or inflicting debuffs if touched.
No. 1050875 ID: 36784c

If she does suffer from getting that rune, then we'd have to add more runes until she gets better, which would be a drain on even more resources we could've used elsewhere.

And as others have pointed out, Ashley isn’t meant to be a fighter, so it'd be a waste add runes to her when she doesn't need them.

Don't add runes to Ashley.
No. 1050876 ID: ae9e42

Make a couch with four comfy runes and a poison rune and stick it in an empty room.
No. 1050877 ID: 84f87b

Why haven't we gotten the curse broken?
No. 1050878 ID: 7397c3

It's supposedly expensive, but probably Mary doesn't know who to call. Might wanna add it to her backstory? Maybe we'll get lucky and an adventurer will break it as a lore thing.
No. 1050881 ID: 84f87b

Best to get it done as soon as possible by a proper curse breaker or at least someone we trust. Maybe the guild has insurance.

Did we ever test the curse?
No. 1050887 ID: 1effd3

you mean... we were told me had a curse but never actually.... tested it?
No. 1050888 ID: 84f87b

We might have. I don't remember.
No. 1050897 ID: 36784c

We did.

Mary tried to leave and was unable to get passed the dungeon's entrance.
No. 1050900 ID: d12415

Still want to make an angel slime (four rune water, light, holy, and soul slime) so we can make some cool waypoint statues in their image.

They probably will have six wings, for that imposing, biblical sort of look.

Btw, have you thought about calling your parents or inviting them over (only because you can't visit them)?
No. 1050918 ID: 710047

I was thinking for our boi, Colt. What would his speciality be? What about tactics? He's a skirmisher, a trapper and someone who can set up a killzone so he can control the space.

His drawbridge field



What are his abilities?

Covering fire = A band of archer slime shoot fire arrows at random spots on the field. The spot will be burning for some time. (Call out: "ARCHERS!" " I need some covering fire!")

Advance! = A wave of slimes come out of the castle and rush to the other side of the bridge. There might be explodeys and Ruth involved. Can be danced around or hidden from in the corners. (Call out: "Company will Advance!" "Charge them down!") Gives Colt the ability of Retreat!

Retreat!= Gives Colt the ability to call the troops back to the castle. The opposite of Retreat! (Callout: "Back to the Castle!", "Back Now!")

Tentacle Slam: A Slime Tentacle emerges from the side of the moat and slams onto the drawbridge, dealing massive damage to anyone under it. (Call out: "Break the Bridge!")

Poison gas grenade: Colt throws a poison gas grenade, causing a 3x3 area around the grenade to be covered with poison, dealing damage to anyone in the area. (Call out: "I'll flush you out!" "take a deep breath..")
No. 1050919 ID: 7397c3

>and Ruth involved
That's too harsh just to gain entry into the citadel. There's a reason why we use Ruth as a hazard rather than an enemy, the way she uses her bat as a physics object instead of equipping it makes her one of our most dangerous monsters.
No. 1050920 ID: d12415

What do our staff area amenities look like right now?
No. 1050921 ID: 4b4d4e

If we want to stretch the utility of some of our demons and provide more loot variety AND add some lore, I propose this demon

Chaos Gribbles: 2-rune demons that can be made using the following (Chaos+Heresy). By itself it's a low power monster that can be easily killed by basic attacks, and can come in large numbers and doesn't have great stats on the board, but the return for that drawback is its insane ability to "infest" other Dungeon Mobs. If adventurers aren't careful, they can fuse/infest other demons in our dungeon and turn them into chaos-corrupted variants. And Chaos corrupted demons have a random modifier attached to them. You can theoretically "purify" the chaos-corrupted demon by attacking the big bulbous chaos node that glows red, but the stronger demons the Gribble infests will have harder to get chaos nodes.

In addition, whenever a Chaos Gribble infects another dungeon mob, they alter the loot drop table by adding a Chaos aligned modifier.
No. 1050922 ID: 4b4d4e

I know we have the main quest "Legacy of Slimecrown's Curse" as the main dungeon runs, but I do believe we can spice things up with a bigger variety of side quests by having the forces of Darkness/Chaos as an interactive faction to get side-quests from to draw in a wider demographic of adventurers.

And if we want to go for that route, we should have Gazer be an NPC side-quest giver too.

Please refer to >>1049212 as some ideas.
No. 1050924 ID: 63a1ed
File 167017696249.png - (47.55KB , 1152x648 , Bridge Mini-Boss Room.png )

It's funny that you mention that. Last time this was brought up I had created an example of what the fight could be, similar to how you described it. Here is what I described last thread about how Colt works as a mini-boss/checkpoint.

>There is a drawbridge with a moat of comfy slimes (or just plain old water, if you prefer), with a drawbridge at the gate. At the other side of the bridge is a small guardhouse, which is where Colt, our mini-boss resides.

>Adventurers when they ask to go through, are denied entry, as they have not proven worthy to be allowed to enter. Adventurers now have two options:

>A) Prove their worth by doing tasks around the hamlet:
This leads to adventurers exploring and figuring out about the corruption (later the cult) in the area and in turn earning a badge or a token of honour from Colt. This badge allows them entry into the castle proper, and can be used in subsequent repeat adventures, by those that don't wish to interact with the hamlet or its missions, or just want to get into the spa proper, use other services, etc.

>B) Fight Colt for entry into the Citadel:
This leads to Colt sounding the alarm and getting the guard of Slimecrown to lift the drawbridge, where heroes must then try to cross the bridge before while fighting Colt, a cadre of soldiers and a group of archers on the walls. Colt will try and defend and stop the party from crossing the drawbridge, even pushing them into the moat, but once they do make it halfway, he goes in on an all-out attack, unleashing the pride of Slimecrown's army. Defeating Colt will let him drop the badge of strength instead of honour, where Colt in future runs, respects the might of the adventurers, and the party can ring a bell to signal the guard to open the gate.

You bring up some fun ideas with minions in the form of soldier slimes coming in or coming out to fight. We could even have his phase two lead to the drawbridge being raised and a race against time to cross to Colt's side and still defeat him. The guardhouse would have a switch to lower the drawbridge if the players are separated after the battle. That or the bell lowers the drawbridge and opens the gates.
No. 1050927 ID: 08229c
File 167018230754.png - (322.74KB , 800x1200 , 58.png )

Alright. Let's upgrade a few of our units.

First, let's give a water rune to Curi.

>Curi turns into a six rune monster. She is absolutely massive now and if she fully relaxed she'd take up the entire work room to a non-insignificant depth.

>She's also changed her attire a bit. Demonologist explains that demons are influenced heavily by their surroundings and intent upon creation. Curi is taking her role as a member of the Slimecrown a bit more deeply.

Well, she can't use her full might currently. Not that I've had any issues with her strength...

>Next, Mary upgrades Chaos Slime with another rune. She obtains clothes and is taller... But Mary can't quite get a read on her powers. Also instead of legs she seems to be somewhat emerging from a crack in the ground that follows her and heals when she's no longer above it.


>She goes over to Mary and hugs her. Using her newfound HEIGHT she is able to practically envelop her.

I may have made a mistake.
No. 1050933 ID: 08229c
File 167018384506.png - (219.63KB , 1200x600 , 59.png )

>Mary then upgrades a few more units to help fill out the dungeon.

>Cloth Slime gains a levitation rune and becomes Ghost Slime. Mary feels fairly spooked looking at her. She can turn invisible, levitate things, scare people. You know, ghost stuff.

>String Slime is infused with the Tame rune and becomes a Beast Keeper. She has great control over anything with an animal based rune and can make them stronger. Good for you, String Slime.

>Lag Mite is given two magic runes to become a Time Mage. She has absurd control over time in a small area. She also kindly informs Mary that she has increased the entire dungeon's rune production rate by 50%.
No. 1050935 ID: 08229c
File 167018512556.png - (230.52KB , 1200x600 , 60.png )

>Next, Mary creates some people to live in the dungeon. She doesn't quite know what she's making but she trusts the crown on this.

>A dragon, sturdy, and aero rune result in the Kobold, Goblin, and Harpy. She also gives them all a soul rune to help make them a bit strong and why not it's free anyway.

I'll make more of them as we get runes so it's not just, like, one of them each. For now these will serve as the basis for the rest.

>She spends the rest of the runes changing up a few things in the dungeon. She gives more plants to the forest, an exploding wall so that Bandit's entrance is more dramatic, and makes Curi's room even FANCIER (and bigger, she is getting big).
No. 1050937 ID: cc58e7

Give Curi the hug she clearly deserves!
Also it looks like Ghost slime and Chaos slime would fit the "bad guy" faction we kinda got going on with the runes now! Maybe beastslime as well could be apart of some kinda bandit group that assists them? Options are options.
No. 1050938 ID: 08229c
File 167018555858.png - (149.20KB , 800x600 , 61.png )

I think that settles the dungeon for now...

>Call your parents

Nnnnnnnnnnnn............... I don't wanna.

I mean I don't even really have a phone on me anyway. I mean not one that can call the shards above.

... Actually, that reminds me.


"Yes, Mary?"

"Can you buy things for me? Like, go out on a shopping trip?"

". . . Yes. We've always been able to. I told you this forever ago. Hell, you SENT the Archiver out once."

"... Did I?"



"... Is there something you wanted me to buy?"
No. 1050939 ID: 63a1ed

Shopping List:
>Magic For Dummies to give you more magic power so you can work with Archivist to get stronger
>Encyclopedias to maybe get a knowledge rune
>Mirrors to rune for Fortune/Misfortune/Reflect Runes
>Snacks for all your employees who have worked hard.
>Phone for contacting parents
>The latest issue of Dungeons Monthly to see what the public is saying and what tricks DMs are using
No. 1050940 ID: ae9e42

Shampoo. You've got chaos in your hair. You might develop ahoge if untreated.
No. 1050941 ID: 63a1ed

>An audio guide for trnaslating Slimish to Common. Not all your staff can speak common. So why don't you work on that!
>A translator. While you are learning the language, use this to try and understand and commune with your staff!
No. 1050942 ID: cc58e7

Your favorite treat, you deserve that shit.
Ashleys favorite treat, she deserves that shit.
Your two childrens favorite shit, they deserve that shit.
Dungeon monthly, see what the gossip is saying about you.
Adventurer's monthly, its important to see what both sides of the gossip are saying about you.
No. 1050944 ID: a465cb

>Nnnnnnnnnnnn............... I don't wanna.
I will trust that you have good reasons for this and it's not just that you don't wanna have a phone call or something like that.

>"... Is there something you wanted me to buy?"
Always good to get stuff that you can turn into runes, but don't forget to treat yourself and your denizens. I'm not sure if snacks are the right choice, tho, Chef might feel disparaged.

Also, is it just me or does Demonologist look annoyed? Is it just cause you forgot they can go out of the dungeon unlike you or something else?
No. 1050945 ID: 4b4d4e

Adventurer's Monthly dungeon guide and Gossip. They might have some articles about Slimecrown.
No. 1050946 ID: 4b4d4e

You can take the DM clothes off Mary, Cape and DM clothes not-withstanding, You haven't open the Dungeon doors yet.
No. 1050947 ID: 83aa3c

As much of the unofficial merch of slimecrown that people have been making without our consent as you can find. If there isn't a blo