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File 166638337984.png - (201.56KB , 800x600 , 1.png )
1047117 No. 1047117 ID: 08229c

Previous Threads: https://questden.org/wiki/Audit_Quest

My name is Mary.

I own a dungeon.

Not by choice, mind you. I was forced into this when the previous owner placed a curse on me after I tried to audit him. Now I'm the ruler of this place until.... Well, for the foreseeable future.

But I'm trying to make the most of it while I'm here.
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No. 1051168 ID: 1ed92d

I like the idea of Raid groups entering to find the entire region in ruins, some kind of "Worst Case Scenario/Our Fears Confirmed" event?

Maybe "A Dark Future In A Cracked Mirror"? Throw some kind of swirly time portal effect in front of the adventurer team and have them arrive in a world where they are too late.
No. 1051170 ID: 06095b


So far, things that have come up:
> Chests: You specifically mentioned that we forgot to put treasure in various places around the dungeon when we did the updates. It's a bit finicky to go room by room, but we'll want boxes of tokens, gold, and general loot here and there (and Mimics).
> YUM: Our sponsor will want to see some representation in treasure chests or otherwise. Lore integration-wise, I'd say we could have their snacks stocked in the bar with a Ye Olde appended to the YUM.
> Boss Rooms: The Bridge, The Ruins, and Curi's boss room all could stand an upgrade, if we can afford it.
> Mobs: Skeletons, Gribbles, and other one rune mobs cost us nothing for a bit of padding and difficulty enhancement.
No. 1051171 ID: 06095b


Possible list of chest locations:
> Creedy's House - Taking the contents without permission will likely cause Creedy to become hostile
> Farm Silo - Can be found at the top of the building and accessed via a ladder you will have to find a way to lower.
> Hidden Woods - Can be found by following the sound of music through the woods to a hidden treasure room. Ideally, this would involve a space rune to confound people wandering through the woods area. In Raid mode, the chest contains a Hoodlum that will disguise itself as loot and then attack.
> Ruins - located behind a false wall that has a concentration of red chaos veins. In Raid mode consider replacing with a Mimic.
> Church - Donation box in plain sight. Taking the contents without permission from Holy Slime will turn them hostile.
> Graveyard - One of the statues is missing its core, a valuable gem. Find the core and return it to open the chest attached or just keep the gem as loot.
> Genie's Shop - Magically chained box in the backroom. Could be a good place to put a spare Mimic in the future.
> School - Young Slime's Colleg Fund. How could you?
> Bar - Demon Slime's tip jar. How could you?
> Jail - Warden's chest with a complicated lock. Lockpicking needs to come into play somewhere in the dungeon, right?
> Springs - Hidden chest in an underwater cavern beneath the springs.
> Comfy Slime Moat - Chest at the bottom of the moat
> Rosa's Library - Hidden treasure alcove is behind a bookcase on rails you can slide away.
> Sofia's Maze - Hidden at the opposite end of the maze from Sofia's room
> Mirelle's Training Yards - Underneath a large rock that shows signs of having been slid over recently.
No. 1051174 ID: 7397c3

That's a good way to get the hamlet into raid mode without fucking with how it works too much.
No. 1051175 ID: 2aa5f0

if you want a way to introduce YUM in a lore friendly way we could make a quest monster (just grab one of our minions that we aren't using) who's whole deal is that they found a sacked/abandoned merchant caravan or something like that and found it was full of YUM products. Being hungry they grabbed a few for a snack and now are somewhat addicted to them. If the adventures find any YUM products and bring them back to the quest monster they'll give them a reward, and that reward can be money, an item, dungeon tokens, and if we're feeling spicy we could even have them drop some lore about the dungeon for those adventurers who are story driven.

Just make sure the quest is completely optional and can be completely ignored without any problems so it feels less like a sponsorship and more like one of the NPCs of the dungeon just has a junk food addiction.
No. 1051178 ID: 710047

What do you guys think of calling our Time Mage, "Tick, Second-in-Command"? It works in quite a few ways.
No. 1051182 ID: 06095b


I'll third this plan. As to the why, maybe we can chaos up the Gummy Wyrm a little bit so that lore-wise, this is the fruition of some of the cult's effort.

I recommend having Lag Mage pair up with Gazer to strengthen that boss fight, though I do worry that the combo might be a little too strong...
No. 1051183 ID: c5caa1

I think for the most part we shouldn't do tok much in the initial run. We're still testing out our hamlet.

Howver, I do like the idea that the Gummy Wyrm might have been infected with Chaos madness or was driven out from their home by the cult. But we should spring it on them as a timed event. Let them explore and then they can go forth and attack the hamlet so the party can defend it.

Other notes.

>Place our chaos slime, as well as some smaller two rune ones (created by Curi temporarily) and place them in the chapel. They are a family that has been infected by the influence of the cult but are being treated by a holy slime, but its having bo effect. This can help emphasize the story of the cult and its power. Some other more hostile chaos slimes can show up in the ruins to be fought.

>Beast Tamer can be placed at Creedy's. They're normally taking care of Battering Rams and Salamander's, but the creatures have wandered off and are being spooked by something. The party has to help them get the creatures back, even if the crestures decide to fight the party in self defense.

>Ghost Slime is placed in the Graveyard. It seems like it is leading the undead forces, but it just wants to be laid to rest. The party have to find their original core (in the forrest, or maybe the hidden room) and place it at their gravesite to rest.

At this point. I don't know where to put the time mage, so I defer to others.
No. 1051184 ID: c5caa1

Oh, also the Goblin, Kobold and Harpy can be in the school. Students that are learning about the world of Slimecrown!
No. 1051187 ID: 63f410

>raid mode suggestions
When I think of a raid mode, I just think of a big fight.

All of these ideas for adding in quests sounds good for small parties during a normal run, but I don't think we should include them for raid mode because it seems to be too distracting.
No. 1051188 ID: e5e504


I like that one, but we have to be careful that the YUM-addicted Monster doesn't look unhealthy. That would scrape on the verge of slander and i don't think we can afford a legal feud with the food cartell. There is probably no one that can.
No. 1051189 ID: 06095b


Starting them off with a big, epic fight and throwing them right into the action seems to suit the Raid experience better, I think. It makes a really strong first impression.
No. 1051190 ID: 2c7ac2

Dynasty Warriors style. Protect the town from encroaching chaos.
No. 1051191 ID: a9af05

I agree. The quest ideas that everyone is giving works best for normal runs and not a raid mode run.
No. 1051192 ID: 2c7ac2

I like the idea of flipping a raid so the raiders are fighting off an army. We can force them to split up too. Then draw them back together for the big raid boss at the end, but the boss is doing the raiding
No. 1051193 ID: 58dd24

I feel like the monster is unnecessary, the YUM caravan side quest was already a thing we had once, we can just put the other YUM chests in the township outside the citadel instead of in the extra boss room.
No. 1051194 ID: 340403

Set the citadel on fire. Almost literally.
Put a scenario of the citadel being attacked by the the boss monsters and/or revolts, being swarmed by enemies and the defenders are completely hostile to everything.

The adventurers have the choice of helping defend the citadel (for rewards and a permanent bonus dealing with the denizens and slimes in future endeavors or rewards, non-stackable with itself), pillage the citadel (for rare loot, at the cost of the reverse of previous reward), or take advantage of the chaos to hunt/loot everybody for extra spicy rewards (no hit to reputation, higher risk/reward).
No. 1051195 ID: a9af05

Now that I think about it, if we're going to have enemies from the "cult" show up to attack the town and the adventurers need to defend the town, then we should block off the forest since the cult isn’t going to be hiding in the forest or the cave anymore. In fact, we should probably go ahead and block off any alternative paths leading into the Citadel.

Have the bridge be the only way in during raid mode. So it'll be like the adventurers are storming the castle.

>gummy wyrm
Actually, I've got an idea for this! We have the cultists attacking the town and when they're beaten, we have a cutscene where the Gummy Wyrm comes from the Citadel and lands in the town. For the lore, the Gummy Wyrm was sent from the Citadel to take out the cultists and when it sees the adventurers, it attacks them thinking they're the cultists!

That way once the adventurers beat the Gummy Wyrm, the slimes in the Citadel have a reason to attack them, thinking they're invading cultists and as retaliation for beating the Gummy Wyrm.
No. 1051196 ID: 7397c3

>That way once the adventurers beat the Gummy Wyrm, the slimes in the Citadel have a reason to attack them, thinking they're invading cultists and as retaliation for beating the Gummy Wyrm.
The slimes always had reason to fight: the whole point was to find people strong enough to destroy Jeffrey once and for all, even if the test costs them their lives.
No. 1051197 ID: a9af05

Oh yeah. I forgot about that.
No. 1051207 ID: 08229c
File 167046169316.png - (154.12KB , 800x600 , 66.png )

My -head-.

Alright, let's try and... Get all this sorted out.

Mary first begins by upgrading Curi's room. It is technically not a boss room anymore but who's gonna stop her? The dungeon police?

To better prepare for any potential lore changes she also makes a few little chaos mites. Bugs that spread chaos wherever they go. They're kinda cute.

I think we'll go with the hamlet being under attack to start off with. Hmm... The Wyrm can't unleash his full power normally but if we make some mini boss rooms... Okay, the drawbridge and the town square now are zoned as mini boss rooms. In total the changes to the dungeon cost G400.

I completely forgot about YUM so... We'll make one of the shops a YUM shop real quick. Actually we'll make it like a caravan. And we'll make some chests YUM chests.
Oh, right, we also need to add chests... We'll come up with what's inside of them as we go along. I don't want to spread our gold too thin right now. Especially since that boss room cost quite a bit. Luckily we could deducte the cost of Curi's room currently from the cost of a secret boss room so it stings just a bit less.

>Oh, and headpat Curi. I'm curious as to how huge she actually is compared to normal people and slimes, so that'll help give us some context.

She's big. Her headpatting days are gone
No. 1051211 ID: 08229c
File 167046259483.png - (188.49KB , 800x600 , 67.png )

>We should do something nice for demonologist. Does she... Like things?


Mary heads off to find the Demonologist. She's taking notes while examining the new/upgraded minions.

"Interesting that the levitation rune would have that effect... I guess intent really can change things beyond thei-oh, Mary. Is something wrong? Do we have new runes to invert?"

"No, no. I apologize but it occurred to me that I completely neglected to give you something as a reward for all your hard work."

"The Chef made me a delicious meal. That was more than enough."

"You sure? Is there nothing you like?"

"... Cataloging demons..?"

"Uh... Anything else?"

"... Not really."

The two stare at each other for a moment. It's very awkward.

"Any hobbies beyond that..?"

"Mary, I'm a dungeon construct. I appreciate the concern but really if I'm fed and able to fulfill my function I'm very content. And you've done a fantastic job of allowing me both of those pleasures."

I don't really know how to feel about this.

I am not too good at socializing, should I just drop this..?
No. 1051212 ID: f6174c

Give her a tail rub! Or a magazine on runes and monsters at least.
No. 1051213 ID: a7a180

No, Mary. Curi's headpatting days have just begin - the days of her patting you on the head.
She said thanks, so take it. If you want to fli- socialize with a construct try Dungeoneer, she flusters easily and is way more eager to expand her boundaries.
No. 1051214 ID: 1e0403

She obviously needs tender loving
No. 1051216 ID: 3b4c45

Well, mayne they can develop a hobby together just to bond in the future. Maybe cards or something?

And if all she needs is to just be able to do their work to be happy. You can always give her a work gift like a Speech-to-Script pen for her work. That failing, some small cosmetic gifts like ribbons for her ponytail/tail or maybe some horn cozies.
No. 1051220 ID: 2aa5f0

give hug (or just a head pat if you're a coward) and tell her your still thankful for all the hard work she's put into helping you run the dungeon. She may not want physical things but I'm sure she'll appreciate you noticing all her hard work.
No. 1051221 ID: 90c451

Get her a fancy new tablet that stores and organizes all the information she writes down.
It will make her happy and more efficient!
Oh yeah, also get her some slimecrown plushies. We have started making plushies of the princesses and the like right?
No. 1051223 ID: 06095b


Nothing wrong with being passionate about her work. Maybe just ask if anything would help her do her job better. Also, if she catalogues demons, she may also draw them. Maybe she's an artist of sorts.

Also, Mary, please stop breaking the rules. We've skirted a lot of them already, and your Archiver is giving you pretty clear warnings.

If you really want to do the extra boss room, just make Lily and Reginald's room a boss room. It would cost us another 900G, but they'd benefit from the cap expansion, and it'd help pull us a bit further out of the grey area.
No. 1051224 ID: 06095b


Keeping up with the math, we currently have 4790G after making our current room upgrades. We could upgrade the miniboss room for Lily and Reginald for 900G.

Would people want to make the upgrade, leaving us with a total of 3890G?
No. 1051226 ID: 1effd3

this is good idea
No. 1051227 ID: 1effd3

an upgrade would probably be a good idea
No. 1051228 ID: 4b4d4e

Just tell her to let you know if she needs anything else.
No. 1051229 ID: 340403

Yes, stop, she's found her happiness in life. She's no dungeoneer.
No. 1051230 ID: 1effd3

...give her companion who can help her take notes
No. 1051231 ID: 23c282

>She's big.
For you.

>Her headpatting days are gone
Two things to consider, Mary. One, Curi is made of water, so she's flexible enough to bend over for her headpats. Two, continuing headpats will ensure Curi's high morale and lowers the risk of having your head becoming a shelf for her cleavage to rest on.

A tablet would be a good idea, along with an app or two to help with demoncrafting and artistic expression.
No. 1051247 ID: 08229c
File 167047248488.png - (192.77KB , 800x600 , 68.png )

>Mary, please stop breaking the rules. We've skirted a lot of them already, and your Archiver is giving you pretty clear warnings.
>Keeping up with the math, we currently have 4790G after making our current room upgrades. We could upgrade the miniboss room for Lily and Reginald for 900G.

Yeah, you're right. I'm being a bit reckless. That's not like me. Let me upgrade that room so we have a boss room proper. Luckily they don't actually have to fight in that room as a prerequisite for anything.

>She said thanks, so take it. If you want to fli- socialize with a construct try Dungeoneer, she flusters easily and is way more eager to expand her boundaries.

Her flusters are cute. However, I have to try and maintain a professional relationship with those who work under me.

>Two things to consider, Mary. One, Curi is made of water, so she's flexible enough to bend over for her headpats. Two, continuing headpats will ensure Curi's high morale ----

I couldn't catch that last bit. Still, I'm not going to headpat all of my workers.

>Yes, stop, she's found her happiness in life. She's no dungeoneer.


"Well, I'm glad I'm able to at least make you happy. How about something to make your job easier? A tablet, perhaps? It'd be much more efficient than that clipboard."

"I use it to draw, too."

"You can draw on tablets these days."

She blinks, looking actually surprised by that.

"Is that so... Well... I wouldn't want you to waste money on me."

"It's not a waste. If you're able to do your job more efficiently it benefits the whole dungeon."

"... Alright. Well, I won't turn you down then..."

"Excellent. I'll get on that right away. Thank you for all your hard work, Demonologist."

"You're welcome. And uh... Thanks for being a great boss."
No. 1051248 ID: cc58e7

We keep giving Mary headaches, oops.
also, just give the demongirl the option if she wants it.
No. 1051250 ID: 08229c
File 167047313965.png - (118.14KB , 745x500 , 69.png )

Mary returns to her control desk. She brings up the monitors.

The adventurers are on their way.

Though she studies the various graphs and charts with her usual focus on details and numbers, a small part of her feels excited for what's about to come. A chance to truly test Slimecrown and her creations once again.


Let's do this.
No. 1051251 ID: ae9e42

Can we get Dungeoneer an illustrated monster encyclopedia or something?
No. 1051253 ID: 08229c
File 167047363067.png - (37.87KB , 580x510 , you_have_to_eat_all_the_runes.png )

Hope you guys enjoyed the chapter! If you liked it and wanna pitch in for more of my creative works I have a ko-fi over at https://ko-fi.com/calalen

Chapter 12 will be up soon.

No. 1051255 ID: 7397c3

Let's fuse these. Lagianna Tick, Second-in-Command. Keeps all the puns, rolls off the tongue, and stays true to origin.
No. 1051285 ID: 06095b


So, question about lore. Are we going forward with the idea that lagmites are creatures in the order faction? IE. They're kind of concerning, but ultimately, they help to slow down the spread of corruption if not reverse it.

Would that mean that Lagianna is an ally of Slimecrown and enemy of Gazer? Either way, what is her ideal placement in the dungeon?
No. 1051286 ID: 04697a

I like the idea they are part of the Order side, but specifically loyal to Mary rather than Slimecrown itself
No. 1051288 ID: 298597

Don't forget to set up adventuring parties Mary.
No. 1051289 ID: 298597

Hey Larro. Are you planning on making another Christmas chapter since you're active now and it's coming soon?
No. 1051307 ID: 08229c

It's only been like a month in quest! Also there's a discussion thread if you have questions for me or in character questions
No. 1051309 ID: 708905

We could make it so they were introduced to the area to slow the corruption but are ultimately just doing their own thing
No. 1051331 ID: 298597

I thought that the lag creatures were either on the side of Chaos, or just kinda there. Since we did have the lag mites working alongside Gazer in her boss fight.
No. 1051332 ID: 7397c3

Regular lag mites are just as sentient as any other bug, I'd say. The Time Mage's motivations might include them, but they're not a faction in and of themselves.
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