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File 165336497701.png - (171.48KB , 500x500 , p0.png )
1033381 No. 1033381 ID: eedbeb

Myriad Borealis is tired.

Takes place about a year after the end of CATALYST - PART 3 in West Fluxtopia, following the adventures of the third rabbit triplet. Potentially NSFW for sexual situations.

Setting Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/CATALYST
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No. 1033383 ID: eedbeb
File 165336501356.png - (91.51KB , 500x500 , p1.png )

>Chat Log 7:04
Lettuce Licker: Nothing major to report on the WEST FRONT. Aid shipments continue to come in by the boatload, and I’m seeing that they’re distributed fairly. Weapons and ammo smuggling going smoothly.

>Chat Log 7:43
Hay Haver: The EAST FRONT is the usual toxic wasteland. I think my powers are starting to warp slightly, but I haven’t had an opportunity for experimentation. Too busy dealing with all the MONSTERS from the busted DUNGEONS.

>Chat Log 9:16
Pellet Purveyor: The OLD CATS have hired a few new awakened mercenaries. Need more time to access their abilities. My troops are nervous and we need more GUNS from you, Lettuce.

>Chat Log 12:56
Lettuce Licker: Can do. Carrot Crammer? Grass Guzzler?

>Chat Log 13:33
Carrot Crammer: Here
Hay Haver: Earlier updates please, Carrot Crammer. You’re making us nervous.
Carrot Crammer: I get up late so I can work at night. Everything’s normal in the camp, no new intel and I’m running low on RATIONS.
Lettuce Licker: We haven’t heard from Grass Guzzler. She’ll be assumed dead, does anyone have her last location?
Pellet Purveyor: She was investigating the military compound in the NORTH. She was closest to Carrot Crammer.

>Chat Log 14:23
Lettuce Licker: So do we have any volunteers?
No. 1033384 ID: eedbeb
File 165336504716.png - (112.96KB , 500x500 , p2.png )

Your codename for your private COMM chat is Carrot Crammer and you really don’t want to get out of your comfy hammock, especially not to retrieve your own body.

Your real name is MYRIAD BOREALIS and you’re technically a clone of the original after she awakened with her powers to make perfect copies of herself, up to a limit of ten total bunnies. The catch is that after a clone dies they need to be reabsorbed before their slot can be reused. Maintaining inventory is crucial to your survival and combat strategy.

You were assigned to work undercover in one of the many refugee camps that dot the ruined area, fractured by mana bombs and war a bit more than a decade ago. You collect information and monitor the mood on the ground, all while staying away from the militias and leftover government powers the OTHER Myriads deal with.

The camp is named NIPTON. It’s a bustling shantytown with a sizable population for the area, about a thousand assorted humans and kin.

You’re down to half a RATION and about a day's worth of clean WATER. Your hovel is dusty and the sheet metal walls do nothing to block the oppressive summer heat. There’s an outlet to charge your COMM, at least. You have a hunting knife and a pistol with 10 shots you keep in your robe. Everyone uses imported BUX as currency after the RONDARUS coin collapsed with its corrupt government. You have a grand total of NINE BUX stashed on your person.

You don’t have to say you’ll retrieve poor Grass Guzzler, honestly you’re the least equipped to do so. You should definitely do something about your food situation though.
No. 1033385 ID: e7c7d3

Any idea how much rations GG had?
No. 1033386 ID: e51896

Well, might as well get to camp and buy some food.

Hey, here is an idea, lets get a look at our achievement hints and see what we can do to help the original Myriad get more achievement points to potentially upgrade!
No. 1033387 ID: 8483cf

Ponder the Ship of Theseus and whether you, #1, or any of you at all, are the real Myriad.
No. 1033388 ID: 899c9f

Well having a buddy to go hunting with you that doesn't need to eat would be useful. Call dibs.
No. 1033389 ID: 96c896

Where can you get food?
No. 1033390 ID: e51896

Oh yeah, also, im not calling dibs, at least not until we are better equipped. We need more bullets, more rations, and more Bux. So how have we been getting BUX anyways?
No. 1033408 ID: e5709d

Does your consciousness get re-absorbed if you die, or does your mind die with you and turn into non-sapient electrons?

Screw yourself often or not enough?

Could things get better, or did the death of the country ensure this place will be a hellhole for a thousand years?

Use your water ration now rather than later.
No. 1033516 ID: 331953


If you see a human by the name of Mr. Fox skulking around, run for the hills.
No. 1033603 ID: eedbeb
File 165353083453.png - (87.27KB , 500x500 , p3.png )

>What happens to dead clones when they get ABSORBED?
The unlucky Myriad who’s doing the absorbing gets the most important memories of the clone, which includes their likely painful and traumatic DEATH. Since GG was on some secret mission it’s almost guaranteed to be shit for the mental health of whoever calls dibs on her. Sure they’d get all her stuff, which includes food, water, and weapons, but it’s almost never worth the PTSD.

So it ain’t gonna be you! There are far more important things to worry about, like staying sane in this dusty hellhole.

Okay, you’re being harsh. It’s only been 12 years since the war and the mana bombs, it takes a while to rebuild an economy when most of the population has fled and roaming bands of monsters can destroy a town with ease. LL, PP, and HH have made great strides to stabilize the region, and there’s been real signs of improvement to the local infrastructure and education system. You’d be proud if you had had anything to do with it.

There are several places to get food. You could ask LL to send rations your way, but that would get you signed up for trauma duty instantly. There’s a bustling market in NIPTON with several merchants who can sell you food. Lunchbox, who’s AWAKENED power lets him generate white blocks of concentrated nutrients, is your FRIEND and will get sell to you at a fair price. Two blocks can feed you for a day. That being said…

Money is GOOD and you’d like more of it. Usually you take ODD jobs around town such as night shift guard, construction, or sex work. You’re known to be trustworthy, if a bit of a LONER.
No. 1033604 ID: eedbeb
File 165353084458.png - (104.45KB , 500x500 , p4.png )

You open your door and step out into the narrow alley of assembled mud work and scrap that makes up the buildings in NIPTON. There are assorted children playing with a rubber ball, and they chirrup hellos to you as you pass. You wave and smile in response.

There’s a line at Lunchbox’s SHOP and you try to ignore the rumbling of your stomach while you QUEUE up. You have a conciliatory sip of water from your supply while you wait.

In idle curiosity, you take a look at your superpower HUD.

Achievement “Self-cest” has been unlocked.
Achievement “Powers of Two” has been unlocked.
Achievement “Absorption” has been unlocked.
Achievement “Tagteam” has been unlocked.
Achievement “Ship of Theseus” has been unlocked.
Achievement “K/D Ratio” has been unlocked.
Achievement “Compartmentalization” has been unlocked.

Hint: Live life on the edge for your next achievement!
No. 1033605 ID: eedbeb
File 165353085415.png - (63.43KB , 500x500 , p5.png )

You finally reach the front of the line in time to see Lunchbox moping his head with a wet cloth.

Lunchbox: There’s my favorite customer! What can I do for you, Carrot?
Myriad: I’d like to get some cubes and exchange gossip. Is now a good time?
Lunchbox: Give me a moment to close shop after I serve the people behind you.

Lunchbox: Going price is 10 BUX a block right now, but if you have any information about nearby monsters I’m willing to halve that.
Myriad: What makes you think I know anything? I get all my news from you.
Lunchbox: Just a hunch, just a hunch…Otherwise you can find me later once you have more cash, and I’m always open to BARTER.
Myriad: Alright, I’ll figure something out. What’s the word in town?
Lunchbox: There’s actually some rumblings about MIDLAND, you mentioned you have family there.
Myriad: Yeah I do, a couple siblings. What’s the problem?
Lunchbox: Just like here the dungeons there are getting more troublesome, and there’s one town in particular that’s been hard hit with attacks. Hero’s guild is involved, government’s involved, it’s a big enough deal that even we’re hearing about it.

No. 1033617 ID: e6f771

Hm. Might be something to text the other Myriads about asap. We might have to return to Midlands if it's the town we're thinking of and it gets worse.

Ask if he knows the town, or the location, and
Ask if it's getting to the point of becoming another dungeon break over there. Wonder why havent Nunitus been on that, they usually have been able to gather enough information to prevent dungeons from getting bad enough to the point of becoming a potential dungeon break like that in Midlands.
No. 1033629 ID: e51896

Oh yeah, and I think the only thing we can do right now is construction work to make some BUX for some of Lunchbox's tofu white blocks.

I would have said to exchange information by talking about something dangerous going on in the north since Grass Guzzler may have died up there, but she was on a secret mission there, so it's probably best not to mention it for confidentiality's sake, and we don't even know if it was a monster who may have killed her, if she did die at all. Probably best not to bring it up.

We can survive on half a ration until we make the BUX through construction work during the afternoon, see Lunchbox during the evening to purchase food, and then work the night guard shift. Construct some poles for people to accidentally walk into
No. 1033724 ID: eedbeb
File 165362012816.png - (129.32KB , 500x500 , p6.png )

Myriad: What’s the town called?
Lunchbox: Uh, don’t remember. Something short I think.
Myriad: LYST?
Lunchbox: That’s it! Yeah, they discovered there’s a dungeon there and all these MONSTERS from a bunch of DUNGEON BREAKS started swarming the surrounding area. Do you know anyone that lives there?
Myriad: Yeah, just some ACQUAINTANCES.
Lunchbox: Oh, those poor things, you should give them a call to make sure they’re okay. Have a CUBE on the house.
Myriad: Thanks, but I can–I’m going to find some work for the evening and then I’ll buy some more.

Once you’re out of sight of the shop, you bite a corner off the CUBE and chew furiously. You wish you could have given Lunchbox more info, maybe about whatever up NORTH killed GG, but you don’t know enough to give a confident report.

As for the disturbing news about LYST, you can ask LL to send a message to MIDLAND since she has access to an internet connection. A ball of PESSIMISM is brewing in your gut. No way your sisters would survive a major MONSTER attack.
No. 1033725 ID: eedbeb
File 165362014402.png - (84.10KB , 500x500 , p7.png )

You wander around until you find a crew installing water pipes to the local public latrines. You cover your nose and get to work. You make a solid 7 BUX for two hours of work, but the SMELL sticks to your clothes even after you return to the market.

You purchase another CUBE, leaving you with 6 BUX, then get a job watching the wares of Lunchbox’s neighbor who sells sturdy clay pots. It’s a good vantage point to TEXT.

>Chat Log 21:46
Carrot Crammer: I learned LYST is under attack. LL, can you find out if Andrea and Andriana are okay?
Lettuce Licker: No because I’m the one being responsible and retrieving GG. I don’t have a CONNECTION where I am right now.
Hay Haver: Wait what? What’s going on in MIDLAND?

You rehash what you learned and soon the chat is buzzing with concerned messages. It’s been years since any of you have seen your sisters, but the family bond is still there. As always, there’s nothing for you to do about the problem, so you eventually finish your shift, collect 10 BUX and some water, then head back to your shack.

Who do you dream about?
No. 1033726 ID: 629f2e

PP, because their name is pee pee. It's hilarious.
No. 1033727 ID: 8483cf

LL, lick the lettuce
No. 1033728 ID: e51896

C. Wonder if we'll dream of seeing what she meant by her powers warping
No. 1033729 ID: e5709d

Tiebreaking with HH
No. 1033789 ID: eedbeb
File 165370221651.png - (149.45KB , 500x500 , p8.png )

You dream about fighting an enormous DRAGON that glows a sickly green, like cartoon radiation, in the darkness. Around you are your troops, KIN of all kinds that you’ve taken under your wing to scrape out a existence fighting MONSTERS.

You split right as the DRAGON sends a jet of fire shooting towards you. One copy dodges right and the other goes left, only to be cut off by the fire and incinerated.

There isn’t time to touch the ashes. Instead you split again and throw your recently doubled grenades in tandem toward the beast’s open mouth. The explosions are deafening.

It takes multiple shots from your rifle after that to finally down the monster. Once you’re done surveying the LOOT that appeared alongside the corpse, you move towards your clone so you can reabsorb her.

Usually clones have the same idea you do, they’re YOU after all. From their point of view, they’re the ones doing the absorbing.

This time the clone doesn’t come to meet you. When you put your paw on her shoulder, she screams in your face. Her pupils are RED.
No. 1033790 ID: eedbeb
File 165370222421.png - (94.57KB , 500x500 , p9.png )

You wake up the next day to the buzzing of your COMM. Judging from the bright light, it’s solidly midday.

>Chat Log 8:49
Pellet Purveyor: Feels weird being the FIRST one to report. I met this older guy with big eyebrows, he said he should be the heir to the throne because his cousins are long gone. I said what throne and I don’t think he liked that. Usual POLITICS.

>Chat Log 10:39
Pellet Purveyor: Anyone there? I tested the clone LIMIT and we’re missing one other slot besides the usual five.

>Chat Log 11:22
Pellet Purveyor: Guys I’m really freaking out. I don’t know what to do if you’re all dead.

>Chat Log 13:02
Hay Haver: Late night, sorry. I’m not feeling well.
Pellet Purveyor: Is LL dead? She must be, she never forgets to give UPDATES.
Hay Haver: Fuck.
Hay Haver: Fuuuuuuck she might be.

>Chat Log 13:41
Carrot Crammer: I’m still alive. Nothing to report besides what I learned yesterday.
Pellet Purveyor: Everything’s falling apart. GODDESS, what do we do?

No. 1033791 ID: e5709d

Ask HH if she had a nightmare involving dragons.
No. 1033796 ID: 96c896

Ok so that's basically confirmation that the military compound is lethal to approach, at least alone. If we're going to retrieve the two bodies, it'll have to be in force.
No. 1033807 ID: e51896


Should we Discuss our weird dream about Hay Haver? Or maybe that's be risky since the red eyed Haver might have our comm chat room and listen in. I think of we tell anyone, it should just be Pellet.

Perhaps that missing slot is due to that red eyed Myriad, if that dream is true.

I think we should ask Hay Haver if she split in two during her mission since you and Pellet didnt and see what she says. If she says no, have a seperate private chat with Pellet about your dream of Haver

Afterwards, discuss plan. the plan is either Hay (if she is done with her mission and if she isnt too sick) or us will move West to where Lettuce used to be before she moved north and get supplies for Pellet and her troops. Maybe some equippment for us and Haver too in case things get worse. If Haver is too sick, then we'll move west instead

Might actually be better if we move west ourself and get supplies instead so Haver can rest up her sickness. But we might need to take some time to get the BUX to get enough supplies to survive the trip to the west (food, water, bullets, etc)

Afterwards, once Pellet and her troops are equipped, they should be sent up north to search for Lettuce and Grass. Safety in numbers this time, especially since the troops will have more powers to work with. Tell Pellet to continously send updates on what is going down up north when she gets the supplies and leaves so that if somehow she and her troops die, we'll get a better picture. But tell her maybe send her troops in first while she takes up the rear so if things get bad, she can retreat and avoid death.
No. 1033851 ID: 4c80df


>met this older guy with big eyebrows, he said he should be the heir to the throne

Tell her that's probably a royal Rondalphus member whose family used to rule this dead country. Might be wise to just swallow her pride and just indulge him to sate his narcissism if she sees him again so he doesn't try to cause problems for her, especially at a time like this.
No. 1033900 ID: eedbeb
File 165379223096.png - (88.57KB , 500x500 , p10.png )

>Talk to HH or PP privately
No can do, the comm has one CHANNEL so everything’s out in the open. Clones that gossip about each other cause a lot of unnecessary DRAMA. It was a unanimous decision to structure the CHANNEL this way.

>Chat Log 13:44
Carrot Crammer: I dreamed I was HH last night, up until the part where you saw your scary RED eyed clone. Did you ever get to ABSORB her?
Hay Haver: That’s extremely weird, I’ve never dreamed about any of you before. And yeah, absorbed her like normal, also retrieved a me that got toasted so I’m not responsible for the missing SLOT.
Carrot Crammer: But you don’t feel good.
Hay Haver: I’ve felt a lot worse. Just kind of a BRAIN FUNK.
Carrot Crammer: Take it easy for a while.
Hay Haver: Yeah yeah.

>Chat Log 13:47
Carrot Crammer: PP, this Rondalphus guy might be dangerous, I think you should indulge him for a bit so he doesn’t cause any problems. Since you’re low on weapons it’d be smart to play it safe.
Pellet Purveyor: That’s true…We have to do something about GG and LL though, I know you don’t have the supplies or ALLIES to go yourself, CC, so me or HH should go.
Carrot Crammer: I can still help, this is important. Let me think of a PLAN.

No. 1033901 ID: eedbeb
File 165379224181.png - (115.68KB , 500x500 , p11.png )

Now that you’ve taken charge and given HH and PP advice, you’re feeling rather high on life. How do you want to achieve your goal of resolving the dead clone situation? HH and PP both have AWAKENED soldiers willing to follow their orders, and HH also has numerous powerful magical artifacts. One complicating event randomly targeting HH, PP, or you, will occur each day.

A. Move WEST and take LL’s place so food and weapons can continue to be funneled to the other rabbits. You’ll get to pick whether you, PP, or HH INVESTIGATES the compound in seven days.

B. Choose to meet up with PP or HH and aid them with their specific problems, then INVESTIGATE the compound with your chosen ally in five days.

C. Continue life in Nipton as normal. Either PP or HH (randomly chosen) will INVESTIGATE the military compound in three days.
No. 1033902 ID: 8483cf

B. Get close to the PP
No. 1033903 ID: 96c896

A. Don't break the supply chain.
No. 1033904 ID: e51896

A is pretty important. Sure it'll take a week, but being able to supply both bnuuys to accomodate their problems as we plan our move to rescue LL and GG will be important since we won't be neglecting Haver or Pellet with supplies and weapons if we choose B.

Totally against C. We need to take action.
No. 1033915 ID: 1c6255

A, keep the supplies running.
No. 1033939 ID: e51896

One other thought, tell Haver that the Myriad she absorbed might have become her own person, or something else entirely based off her scream of terror after getting absorbed, and not another Myriad. She might need to consider checking to see if when she duplicates herself, the red eyed myriad would return among the duplicates, and if she does, see if she can have a talk with her and ask who she is and what she wants to do with her life (after taking safety precautions of course). Only because if Haver goes on a mission and it turns out the red eyed Myriad returns and does her own thing that doesn't relate to what a myriad would do, there could be complications.

there could be the possibility this won't happen at all of course, but on the chance it turns out red eyed Myriad comes out after duplicating and isn't Myriad anymore, we might just need to let her go unless she is willing to help with our mission, but just not absorb her without her consent or unless she dies. better safe than sorry.
No. 1033945 ID: 96c896

Wait a minute, you duplicate everything you're carrying when you split? Why do you have supply problems? Just split while carrying something you want, and then you have two of it. If it's got a restriction like, when clones are absorbed every item that was duplicated is absorbed too, then you can still duplicate valuable consumables and make sure the consumable is consumed before you absorb the clone.
No. 1033983 ID: eedbeb
File 165387826686.png - (124.64KB , 500x500 , p12.png )

When you or another Myriad SPLITS to make a clone, the process copies over clothes and other small to medium sized held items, which exist for about ten minutes before vanishing. Extremely useful for fast paced combat, since weapons are copied, less useful feeding people since food disappears in the belly before it can be digested.

>REDEYE Myriad
You warn HH to be on the lookout for strange clones if she splits again. If there’s time, she can even try talking to any anomalies to see if they have mental differences.

The supply chain is crucial for everyone else’s operation. You don’t have LL’s EXPERTISE, but you’ll be able to get the help of her FOLLOWERS if you show up and explain the situation. It’ll take a while to stabilize enough to address the murder compound but it’ll be worth it. You HOPE.
No. 1033984 ID: eedbeb
File 165387827556.png - (68.25KB , 500x500 , p13.png )

You’d like to move WEST, which will take about half a day’s travel by car on the ruined roads that span the land. You don’t have a car, well, a car with gas, or enough food and water to make the trip yet.

Please see https://questden.org/wiki/Queen_of_Hell/Log for an updated catalog of your items and ways to earn money. Put together a strategy to earn enough to make your way WEST sometime early tomorrow morning (16 hours). Different jobs will make you grumpy in different ways.
No. 1033985 ID: 96c896

Obviously we should use some clone slots to multiply our earnings. One myriad for each type of job.

Also, imo, the "live life on the edge" achievement must be referring to doing something with clone slots left. Perhaps winning a battle with none left over at the end?
No. 1033987 ID: 96c896

>cloned items disappear after 10 minutes
Which ones? Is there an "original" clone whose items don't vanish? Or is it random which items disappear?

This could still be used to make money by duplicating, for instance, drugs, or extremely expensive luxury food/drinks that aren't intended to be used for sustenance anyway.
What happens if the cloned item is used for a chemical reaction of some kind? That changes both the item and whatever it reacted with, by moving around atoms. Just how carefully is the item scrubbed from existence?
No. 1034015 ID: e51896

I'm doing the math right now, I might have gotten something.

but I'll say this for now:

We'll need to consider saving some time to go to sleep for the drive. Also, I recommend only using one Clone. Maybe two, but that's pushing it. The other Myriads might need those slots after all for their own missions.
No. 1034022 ID: e51896


First, pray to Mizz Es will get this calculation right.

So we currently got 16 BUX
We have just 16 hours to make enough BUX for the supplies we need, which will be at 6:00 am, as it is right now 14:00/2:00pm
We need two blocks of food and Water
We already got one block of food so we only really need one more
But we might need to spend for one extra block for each clone we summon if we decide to do that.

I really don’t think we should use up all our bnuuy clone slots, as Haver and Pellet might need to use them for their own devices. I think at most having one clone help us will be good. Maaaybe 2. But at that point, we should alert them if we go summon more than one clone.

We also have to consider Carrot’s well being from the stress of work, and consider this camp needs construction work, and someone to guard the camp.

For no clones, we’ll need:
63 or 68 BUX overall (depending on if we decide to reveal a rumor. The two rumors I can think of is talking about where that Rondalphus guy is located, and that a dead dragon at the toxic wastes, and warning not to go there as it seems to be messing with people’s awakened abilities. Leaning towards the second rumor)

BUT Considering we’ll need sleep, I’d say use one clone. With 1 clone, we’ll need
96 BUX, 91 BUX, or 86 BUX depending on how many rumors we want to reveal

Which means

16 BUX to START (at 14:00/ 2:00pm)


40 BUX from SEX WORK (5 BUX per HAND JOB, max two per hour, 10 BUX with 2 Bnuuys) (4 Handjobs from the 2 bnuyys, 2 Hours, end at 16:00/4:00PM)


56 BUX


24 BUX from CONSTRUCTION WORK (3 BUX per hour, 6 BUX with two Bnuuys) (Two Bnuuys, 4 hours, end at 20:00/8:00PM)


80 BUX


16 BUX from NIGHT GUARD (2 BUX per hour, 4 BUX with two Bnuuys) (Two Bnuuys, Night 4 hours, end at 00:00/12:00am)


96 BUX.

Don’t even need to reveal a secret for cheaper box. We’ll need at least the 6 hours of sleep for the journey I think to be alert enough to make it west. Hopefully they can get someone else to do the rest of the night guard while we sleep. But they’re going to be without us for awhile anyways, so will most likely be fine without us.

I also maaaay have overshot it, this is all considering that the clone might need TWO cubes for a days worth of food, which made me go for 96 BUX, 91 BUX, or 86 BUX, but if they only needed a half days worth, then I should have targeted for 86, 81, or 76 BUX. If they only needed one cube, well, we can just save the extra 10 BUX or buy an extra cube for just in case.

But here's another calculation just in case:

An alternate calculation if we only needed 76-86 BUX if the clone only needs one cube for the half day (with one clone of course)

16 BUX to START (at 14:00/ 2:00pm)

40 BUX from SEX WORK (5 BUX per HAND JOB, max two per hour, 10 BUX with 2 Bnuuys) (4 Handjobs from the 2 bnuyys, 2 Hours, end at 16:00/4:00PM)


56 BUX


18 BUX from CONSTRUCTION WORK (3 BUX per hour, 6 BUX with two Bnuuys) (Two Bnuuys, 3 hours, end at 19:00/7:00PM)


74 BUX


12 BUX from NIGHT GUARD (2 BUX per hour, 4 BUX with two Bnuuys) (Two Bnuuys, 3 hours, end at 22:00/10:00am)


86 BUX.

If we only need to give our clone 1 cube, then this should give us 2 extra hours of sleep. However, we will not have any BUX left, assuming we don't use rumors.

I personally like the first plan better as, yeah, we'll lose a couple hours of sleep, but it'll be good to have some extra bux assuming the clone only needed one cube.

Really hoping there is no miscalculation on these. But hey, at least I can say I tried real hard!
No. 1034060 ID: eedbeb
File 165396114147.png - (109.67KB , 500x500 , p14.png )

>Use a clone
It’s been a long time since you’ve SPLIT, and you specifically avoid looking yourself in the eye before handing her your spare robe after waiting around until her clothes sublimate. Little comfort and extremely negligible philosophical value in being the ORIGINAL, but at least you get to keep your GUN and KNIFE.

Using a clone has the side effect of blowing your cover, but you’re pretty sure everyone in town knew you were MYRIAD BOREALIS anyway.

>Experiments with duplication
There’s definitely some kind of subjective intelligence that controls how items are VANISHED. Myriad PRIME did a lot of testing in the early days of her power, and the results seemed to err on the side of gruesome. Food and water were the exceptions, while reactive chemicals would take whole chunks out of whatever they bonded with.

>Next achievement
You theorize your next achievement has something to do with running out of clone slots.

>The plan
TWO hours of sex work, THREE hours of construction, and then THREE more hours of guard duty before finding a DRIVER and getting a good night’s SLEEP. This will give you 86 BUX total, with 78 needed to nourish both of yourselves. You spend the extra 8 BUX on a day’s worth of water, just in case.

Mixing up your tasks helps keep the boredom at bay, and you finish your shifts then ABSORB your clone before heading to the garage on the outskirts of town where the gas junkies like to gather.
No. 1034061 ID: eedbeb
File 165396115046.png - (118.45KB , 500x500 , p15.png )

DRIVERS are a strange, nomadic breed, the lubricant between scavengers that pick through the ruins of the destroyed WEST FLUXTOPIA cities and normal people like those that live in NIPTON. There’s still plenty of cars to siphon gas from, if you’re willing to drive around the wasteland searching, and plenty of customers willing to pay for rides.

Three drivers are willing to make your intended journey WEST for 50 BUX, especially since there’ll be places to refuel near the ports. It’s up to you to PICK one. Everyone drives sensible, fuel efficient models.

A. GAS SUCKER: Object-kin, with a very convenient thin plastic tube for a head. Some people are just born for the job.

B. BIG MOMMA: Older beast-kin (hyena). Looks like she could bench her car.

C. MAD LAD: Some punk teenage human wearing white face paint and lots of spiked accessories, seems chatty.
No. 1034069 ID: 899c9f

B, of course.
No. 1034071 ID: e51896

C. If he's chatty, maybe he's has heard some news and rumors on things going on in Fluxtopia that he's going to share, whether we want to hear it or not, like things to watch out for, certain monsters, people and groups and stuff like that. basically info which may help us, or dangers which we could warn about over our comm to Pellet, and Haver.

Speaking of which, probably best to give your other selves an update that you got enough supplies to make it over to the west so they won't worry.
No. 1034072 ID: 629f2e

B. She seems nice.
No. 1034077 ID: 96c896

>reactive chemicals destroy anything they reacted with when vanishing
Hmmm... you could use this with a reactive gas to deal a lot of damage in a large area, though it requires waiting 15 minutes, and also not being anywhere near the gas because it'll kill you too. A chemical time bomb, perhaps? You'd have to use both copies of the item because you don't know which one is going to vanish, but it could work, probably.

No. 1034081 ID: 424e1f

All in on C.

Hyenas come and go but Mad Max raiders are forver.
No. 1034123 ID: eedbeb
File 165404180955.png - (76.62KB , 500x500 , p16.png )

You’re tempted by the gossip you’d pick up from Mad Lad’s motor mouth, but ultimately choose the bulky BEAST-KIN Big Momma as your companion. Funds are exchanged and you strap yourself into her well cared for hybrid.

Usually you’d be sleeping at these hours, and despite your recent snooze you feel drowsy, but you resist to maintain your focus on Big Momma’s path on the old highways. Wouldn’t do to get taken somewhere remote and mugged.

You give your update to HH and PP at unGODDESSLY early hours (noon) and read their reports that nothing out of the ordinary besides what you discussed yesterday has happened.
No. 1034124 ID: eedbeb
File 165404181740.png - (74.70KB , 500x500 , p17.png )

>Complicating Event: CC
After about 8 HOURS, Big Momma gets a call on her COMM and pulls off the road to answer it, kicking up a cloud of dust. You were overdue for a BATHROOM BREAK and a chance to stretch your legs anyway, and you hobble away from the car to find a bush for privacy.

When you return, Big Momma is pacing and growling harsh words to whoever’s on the other side. You wait awkwardly for her to finish the call.

Big Momma: There’s a couple sketchy people looking for you and Mad Lad let slip that I’m driving you to DOCKINGTON, so we’re probably going to be FOLLOWED.
Myriad: Who? Old royalty? Mercenaries? Anthropomorphic monsters?
Big Momma: Randos. Real weirdos too, by the sound of it. Looked human but one guy was wearing a big fox skin and the other was all covered up. Could be MERCS or MONSTERS. They left quick otherwise people might have run ‘em outta town.

The rest of the DRIVE passes mostly in silence. You can tell Big Momma is unsettled by the way she drums her claws on the dash, which you can barely hear over the loud rock MUSIC. The air noticeably cools as you approach the port city of DOCKINGTON, a much more advanced area than NIPTON thanks to the flow of aid from other countries.

Where should you look for allies first? Do you want to try to contact your sisters? What do you want to do about Big Momma? The hyena is a sturdy companion and can be hired at 20 BUX a day for mutual protection (payable when you get the money), otherwise she’ll stay in the city on her own.
No. 1034129 ID: 96c896

Report to your clones about the people following you. If you die, they'll know who did it. If you don't, you can report that too.

We're here to fill in for the dead clone so immediately go to her house, and find her contact list.
No. 1034159 ID: e51896

>Where should you look for allies first?

Agreed with >>1034129
Lettuce's contact list should likely have some allies she had made in DOCKINGTON on there.
unless she's a private person and only contacts other Myriads, Or our sisters. Failing that, a bar or inn would be a good place to look out for any potential allies, or at least listen to some rumors of any potential allies in dockington and where to find them.

Keep in mind, Lettuce is probably known by some of the locals here too, we might even run into one of her allies who knows us thinking we're Lettuce as we're walking around.

and yes, give an update to your clones about the Randos, and that you made it to your destination unharmed.

Speaking of our sisters...

>Do you want to try to contact your sisters?

As much as I want to, probably best not to do it for right now. Of course we're worried, but It will probably give us a lot more stress the longer they don't respond or if they tell us they are in deep trouble.
After all, we already got a lot on our plate that is stressing us out already: Two dead clones, two Randos chasing us, a suspicious thick eyebrowed man in Pellet's location, and Haver's illness... I'd say lets call our sisters after 6 days after we succeed or fail in absorbing Luttuce, and Grass, and decide from your conversation from your sisters if you want to stay here or go help them in Lyst.

(plus this will be like a small reward for CATALYST readers towards the end of the quest to potentially hear from some characters from CATALYST... at least we hope they'll answer)

>What do you want to do about Big Momma? The hyena is a sturdy companion and can be hired at 20 BUX a day for mutual protection (payable when you get the money), otherwise she’ll stay in the city on her own.

That's good to know. I say for now, if she can be hired throughout the days we are here, lets sleep on it for now until we are better situated here, we'll need to know how much money we can make here after all, what the area is like here, and not to mention we still have a gun and knife to protect us, and the ability to multiply ourself.

But I think for now, establishing a friendship with her might be wise, even if it's a small step.
That said, She liked rock music, so ask if she's into Gideon the wing-kin's music and/or Deena Cartwright the poodlemoth's music, and recommend them if she hasn't heard of them. (Though ask what her thoughts on the heroes league is before you recommend Deena. if she supports the Heroes League, just forget about recommending Deena's music. Her lyrics disses the Heroes League.)
No. 1034163 ID: 61b860

Does she have a functional penis or a pseudo penis?
No. 1034192 ID: 3ffcde

It occurs to me that when we look through Lettuce's contacts, we should also look at the chats she had with her allies if any to get a better idea of who they are
No. 1034214 ID: eedbeb
File 165413693421.png - (120.15KB , 500x500 , p18.png )

>Tell PP and HH about the people following you
You type out a quick message warning them you might die.

>Don’t contact sisters
They’re probably under siege and honestly you don’t want more complications in your life at the moment. It can wait until after you’ve settled and secured LL and GG’s SLOTS.

>Big Momma, friendship is magic
You have weapons to protect yourself, and you’d rather form a friendship with the hyena based on MUTUAL RESPECT and UNDERSTANDING than cash. With the fancy new phone service, you’ll be able to contact her by COMM later.

>Does Big Momma have a penis?
That’s for you to find out later once your budding friendship really gets going.

>LL’s digital contacts
Are on her COMM, which is presumably lost or destroyed.

>LL’s physical contacts
Might be in her apartment or house or secret base. Which you don’t know the location of because LL never told you.
No. 1034215 ID: eedbeb
File 165413694049.png - (100.23KB , 500x500 , p19.png )

Finding people who know LL is a good start, and you think this can be accomplished by walking into a pub and waiting for someone to recognize you.

You pick a very visible spot at the bar and are immediately served an orange drink by an ostrich BEAST-KIN, to your surprise. The bartender smiles broadly at you, though the grin dims when you don’t respond.
No. 1034216 ID: 96c896

Uhhhh okay you should probably spill the beans. Try to get them to agree to keep it secret though.
No. 1034222 ID: e51896

Judging by the dialogue, and the way the ostrich looks on the picture (nervous eyebrows and sweat despite the large grin) I say Lettuce probably built up a reputation of being pretty intimidating around here, one that commands respect. It would make sense she would build up that intimidating reputation honestly, Lettuce was a smuggler here after all.

I don't think we should reveal what happened, otherwise, word might spread, and powerful people might take advantage of the fact that Myriad lost her influence here thanks to dying and knowing there is a replacement that knows jack shit of what is going on.

I'd say lets be a bit stern and keep words to a minimum towards him so he might reveal where any of our Lettuce's possible mercenary allies are without asking questions. But don't sound too stern just in case he is actually friendly and not actually someone who is trying to appease you out of fear. The idea is to make it sound and word it in both ways where if he is afraid of us, he'll be intimidated to give us directions, or if he is a friend, he'll think we're only being stern because something urgent is going on

So what to do: look at the orange juice, then at the bartender, lean in, and sternly tell him "There's absolutely no time for that, I'm looking for my close cohorts. Have you seen them?"

Repeat the question if necessary if he asks for details as to why, slamming your hand on the table if necessary while reiterating you don't got time for chit-chat, while sounding more stern.

if he tells us where any of Lettuce's allies is at, head out towards the location where they might be.

I would have said take the drink, but I'm not sure if we have the BUX for it or not. We won't have to pay if we don't drink it, especially since we told him we have no time for a drink.
No. 1034228 ID: c0bd54

Ask if he's seen your sister.
That should get the point across that you're not her.
No. 1034230 ID: 96c896

Oh, claiming to be her sister might work.
No. 1034232 ID: afbb81

"I see you know my sister!"
No. 1034264 ID: eedbeb
File 165422781886.png - (107.86KB , 500x500 , p20.png )

Ostrich: Uh…
Myriad: Do you know my sister?
Ostrich: What?
Myriad: I just want to make it very clear, I’m looking for my sister. Her name’s Myriad, she’s been living in DOCKINGTON for a while.
Ostrich: Right, right, I get it. Er, did something happen to her? She’s kind of a famous person around here.
Myriad: Famous in a good way or a bad way?
Ostrich: Oh Myriad has done great things for the city! There was tons of corruption before she came through and took control. It was SCARY for a while when there was lots of fighting but now she keeps the peace. She comes to this pub sometimes to check on her territory and I think she’s very cool.
Ostrich: I’ve never met, uh, one of her sisters before. I didn’t know she even HAD sisters. Is everything okay?

You push the ORANGE drink back towards the bird. Alcohol will dull your senses and make you thirsty, not to mention there’s no way you can pay for it.
No. 1034265 ID: eedbeb
File 165422784298.png - (44.38KB , 500x500 , p21.png )

Myriad: Do you know where she LIVES?
Ostrich: No I don’t, sorry. I can point you towards some of her coworkers who could tell you.

You finish your last morsels of food. It’s getting late and you’ve had a long day. Night in a foreign city without shelter is risky.

A. Try to find one of LL’s allies based on the bartender’s instructions. 50% success. Ensures safety for the night. Failure results in a hostile encounter.

B. Earn some BUX through an ODD JOB (suggest job and appropriate pay) to afford a 10 BUX room for a night then continue the search in the morning with greater chance of success.

C. Ask for help from BIG MOMMA. Ensured safety, but you come across as weak.
No. 1034266 ID: 96c896

A. We can handle a hostile encounter.
No. 1034267 ID: 629f2e

A, let's flip.that coin!
No. 1034271 ID: e51896

I'm feeling lucky.

And when I'm feeling lucky, I'm not lucky at all.

So I choose B. I think we used up most of our luck with how much we succeeded in that Gangster war in Stare at Explosions quest, so I'm going to wait until that luck replenishes.

And while we can deal with a hostile encounter, I'd rather save my bullets this early on.

As for a job, why don't we ask the ostrich if he needs a server for a few hours?

That way, not only will we get paid, but we could also listen in on some rumors going on around DOCKINGTON and FLUXTOPIA in general, about Lettuce, and notable people.

As for price, I'd say it would normally be a cheap job, (probably 1 BUX an hour, 2 BUX if author is feeling generous) buuuuuut, customers give tips to their servers, so really we'll really actually be making a decent amount for the room (randomly 1-4 Bux from tips per hour in addition to the 1 or 2 bux per hour we'll already be getting from the bartender)

Alternatively, we could be a bouncer, maybe that will give us more BUX from the bartender (5 Bux per hour) and receive some RESPECT but with a 25% chance of trying to deal with and kick out a hostile drunk customer.

but I'm not risking it, so just go for the server job for a few hours.

(I'll probably think of another cool job or two later, depending on how I feel)
No. 1034301 ID: eedbeb
File 165431541143.png - (92.90KB , 500x500 , p22.png )

The bartender describes an elf man named AGIS who is LL’s second in command. Apparently there aren’t that many elves in DOCKINGTON, so he should be easy to recognize by his MODDED beard and spectacles. Real hipster type, has a fixed gear bicycle and everything. You set out in search of this distinctive figure.

You check what feels like every bar in town that has microbrews on tap, but don’t find AGIS. It’s the dead of night and you’re exhausted when an AQUA-KIN chap stops you right when you’re about to leave the latest dead-end and find an awning to sleep in.

Shark: Oy Myriad, what ya doin’ wanderin’ around without your posse? Askin’ for trouble, you are.

Shit, he’s reaching his meaty hand into his sailor’s jacket pocket. He’s not huge, but he’s broad and you’d guess much physically stronger than you.

A. Knife
B. Gun
C. Clone + A or B
No. 1034302 ID: 96c896

No. 1034303 ID: 629f2e

C, both wielding knives. Guns are loud, may attract some unwanted attention.
No. 1034304 ID: e51896

Told ya about bad RNG.

Might as well C+A (so we dont waste a bullet). Seeing as he is confidently provoking us despite knowing Myriad would be armed, He probably has his cohorts hiding somewhere, and if we're overwhelmed by multiple gangsters without our clone we'd probably be dead.
No. 1034308 ID: 7c0332

If whatever action we take results in killing him, loot his corpse for BUX or anything useful. After suffering from some the complication, and not being able to find our partner and instead deal with this guy, at least we might get something out of this. We are currently broke after all.
No. 1034310 ID: e5709d

"I'm distracting you so my 'posse' can murder your entire family, stupid! TAKE THE SHOT!"
Then pull out your gun and unload at his dick.
No. 1034311 ID: e51896

Also wanted to add on to my previous post >>1034304 that I agree with Himitsu that the gun will likely cause noise and get some unwanted attention, so I'm voting against using gun. Two clones with knife should do it. Not only that, if one of the Myriads die in this confrontation, the other can absorb the dead kne.
But yeah, No gun please.
No. 1034340 ID: eedbeb
File 165438017206.png - (118.85KB , 500x500 , p23.png )

>Clone + Knife
The GUN will make too much of a scene and it’s not like you want to kill someone because he’s DRUNK and making POOR life choices. That said, you’d like to survive this encounter which necessitates using a clone or two.

You push yourself out of your back to get an advantage in spacing, leaving a copy in your place to dodge a heavy blow of a shark FIST armed with spiked brass knuckles.

You both fumble for your knives as the shark swings again, this time landing a glancing blow to the closer Myriad’s shoulder. She’s knocked off her feet but gets up just as quickly, now with her BLADE in hand.

There’s a warning yell from the massive elephant seal bartender, but he might as well be a mile away with how fast the fight is progressing. The shark makes direct contact with your clone’s chest this time, and you feel a shiver as the point of impact sends out red sparks and everything seems to slow down for a moment. AWAKENED fights are the worst.

Your clone gets cartoonishly launched into the ceiling, then falls back down with a crash. She’s out, but now you can see a cut shining red across the shark’s face. At least she managed to land a hit, and now you can dart closer and slash a matching stroke to make an X across the sailor’s snout.
No. 1034341 ID: eedbeb
File 165438018405.png - (83.83KB , 500x500 , p24.png )

The ground SHAKES as the bartender lumbers to the scene. He plucks the shark up by the scruff and fixes you with a beady glare.

Seal: Break it up! Break it up you two. Galeo, you should know better, you should be thankful you’re alive.
Galeo: I ain’t done with her! Let me go!
Seal: You’re bleeding all over, where are your PALS, they can take you home and get you fixed up.

A few other seafolk collect their drunk friend and hustle him out the door, leaving you and your fatally injured self, who you quickly absorb to avoid dealing with the trauma of drowning from a punctured lung. The seal grunts with mild shock at the action.

Seal: You one of her CLONES?
Myriad: Technically we’re all clones, but no, I’m not a clone of the Myriad you’re familiar with. I’m really tired, so I’d rather not be bothered about it right now.
Seal: Do you have anywhere to STAY?
Seal: Why don’t you sleep here for the night. We have an old couch in the back room and you’ll be able to keep warm.
Myriad: That sounds great, thanks.

>Complicating event: HH
You wake up the next morning alone, surrounded by barrels and pallets of various drinks. Your stomach growls, matching the buzz of your COMM. What do you do?
No. 1034342 ID: 629f2e

Answer your comms and get breakfast. Probably should warn Myriad that Galeo is probably especially mad at her now if he wasn't already. Just to ease any confusion that may result, it's weird meeting people who know you that you don't know.
No. 1034347 ID: e51896


If only we had BUX for breakfast, but we're broke. Hopefully we can find our elf friend and they can help get us back on our feet again so we can get the supply chain up and running again soon (and get us some food).

Check the COMM, ask the bartending seal where Agis might be currently so he can take us to Lettuce's apartment and get us situated.

Give everyone on COMM an update, bad news you are currently broke, hungry, but good news you're going to be looking for Aegis soon to help us find Lettuce's base of operations, and hopefully get the supply chain running for the big rescue mission, and maybe send supplies to Haver with whatever problem she has.
No. 1034349 ID: e4e63d

Check comm, ask bartender if you could get some food if you worked for him for about an hour, and then begin your search for Agis for the rest of the day.
No. 1034350 ID: 96c896

Answer phone, consume cube. We bought extra cubes, right? With the money from all that work we did? ...ask the bartender what work you can do in exchange for food.
No. 1034351 ID: eedbeb
File 165438524479.png - (103.75KB , 500x500 , p25.png )

Log has been updated with Carrot's inventory and knowledge: https://questden.org/wiki/Queen_of_Hell/Log
No. 1034352 ID: e5709d

Screw yourself.
Multiple times.
No. 1034392 ID: eedbeb
File 165445948529.png - (109.48KB , 500x500 , p26.png )

>Check COMM

>Chat Log 8:48
Pellet Purveyor: I’m still fine, this EYEBROW guy, his name’s Matteo, is really taking up a lot of my time but at least we’re pals. I feel like we’re pals? It’s really awkward to have to pretend to promise him his kingdom but no one’s fighting so that’s good.

>Chat Log 9:05
Hay Haver: Saw the RED clone again.
Pellet Purveyor: How’d it go?
Hay Haver: I talked to her like CC recommended and it was super weird. She said she wasn’t supposed to exist yet because I haven’t ‘fulfilled the requirements’.
Pellet Purveyor: Okay?
Hay Haver: And then she shot herself. Made my migraine even worse after I ABSORBED her.

>Chat Log 9:07
Carrot Crammer: I fought a SHARK and I’m trying to find an ELF. Still getting used to DOCKINGTON.

>Fuck yourself
You can’t even look yourself in the eye and the thought of clone assisted masturbation kills any physical desire left in your withered body. SEX with other kin is still on the table, though.
No. 1034393 ID: eedbeb
File 165445949117.png - (88.21KB , 500x500 , p27.png )

>BUX for breakfast
You cautiously get up and make your way to the door that leads from the back room to the main bar. The enormous seal puts down the rag he’s using to wipe the counter and waves you closer.

Myriad: Do you mind if I work an hour or two for some cash? I need to buy some food.
Seal: So you don’t have any money either. I assume something happened to our Myriad so you’ve come to investigate.
Myriad: Yeah. Sorry to trouble you, once I find Agis I should be a lot more stable
Seal: Let me fix you up some EGGS and BACON in the kitchen and then you can be on your way.

You eat a filling breakfast, half your day’s requirement for calories.

Where would you like to look for Agis in the morning?
A. Busy Areas: 75% success but also a 50% of a hostile encounter
B. Quiet Areas: 50% success, no chance of hostile encounter
No. 1034395 ID: e51896

hmm... alright. Probably best if Haver doesn't bring out a clone until absolutely necessary, or until the requirement is met, whatever that might be... maybe an achievement?
and if she does have to use a clone and red eyed Myriad comes back, probably don't absorb her for awhile so her headache doesn't get worse.
If Haven's symptons worsen, just get the red clone out of her like last time but don't absorb her and keep her somewhere safe.

A. Even if we have a hostile encounter, our chance of finding Agis is much higher, and he can help us out with the encounter and we would get to see how he does in a fight, and show how tough we are.

Oh yeah, and thank the bartender. Tell him if he spots Agis, tell him you're looking for him.
No. 1034398 ID: 629f2e

A! We lost the coinflip last time, so obviously we have to try again.
No. 1034402 ID: c0bd54

B. I'm considering hostile encounters as failures for now, so better 50% than 37.5%.
No. 1034475 ID: eedbeb
File 165453462573.png - (118.59KB , 500x500 , p28.png )

You need to find Agis to get anything PRODUCTIVE started, not to mention you’ll finally have access to cash and resources once he shows you LL’s hideout. The busiest street leads to a fish market, and you decide to camp out next to a stall selling mullet to watch for the elf.

>Finally, some good luck
Besides a few curious glances, everyone doing their shopping seems to be minding their own business. After about an hour, the tension in your shoulders eases a fraction and you start to enjoy the cooler weather by the coast.

True to the ostrich’s description, Agis arrives on his bicycle, dismounting while it’s still moving in the traditional WANO style. He’s wearing a pair of one-sided spectacles and has a truly unusual BEARD with matching curled mustache.

How much do you reveal about the current situation?
No. 1034488 ID: 96c896

>how much to reveal
Well, find out what he knows already. If he was kept in the dark about Myriad's stuff, then don't tell him more than he should know. Otherwise, tell him everything.

On a side note, if this Myriad was meant to send supplies and weapons out, why were you penniless? Were you refusing supplies like a dumb hermit?
No. 1034538 ID: e51896

First, Watch and be amazed at the cool dismounted bike as it drives on its own...

...right into a light pole as someone laughs. Whoops! Well, there goes that coolness factor.

(gotta get someone or something to run into a pole to fill that running pole gag quota that happens in EDMANGO's quest universes)

How much to reveal?

Well, we gotta consider that the seal bartender already knew Myriad has cloning powers, and was made aware by us that something happened to Lettuce as we came to investigate, so news about that is going to hit Agis sooner or later if it hasn't already. Meanwhile, the Ostrich bartender told us Agis is Lettuce's second in command. So he might know a fair bit about Myriad and her clones already.

Though maybe he only helps in keeping peace here with Myriad while also helping in seeing that shipments are distributed fairly. I'm not quite sure if he is helping or aware of Lettuce smuggling supplies to Pellet, Haver, and Carrot. Might be best to wait until he brings it up, but I think he's been helping personally as smuggling supplies doesn't really feel like a one-person job. Someones gotta send them or act as lookout after all

I say we can reveal quite a bit. First ask how things are going just to see what he'll say, then let him know you've got BAD NEWS, and GOOD NEWS, but you'll let him know after he leads you to Lettuce's place... might be best to keep things private and not speak of the issue out in the open and only speak until after you reach the safety of Lettuce's hideout.. But if he asks why we can't lead, just whisper that you're actually a different clone of hers.

Once he brings you over to the hideout, let him know the following:

Bad news, you're actually a different clone, not the Myriad clone that was around here for awhile. She is currently missing in action after trying to search for another missing clone, and is presumed dead until one of our clones can absorb her and get her memories, and we are currently planning to wait until one of the other clones are better equipped with their other mercs to investigate after about 5 days.

Good news is, you're at least here, and you're hoping to help keep things stable here in Dockington, and help your other clones in some way until we fix our problem, and would like Aegis' help in getting situated over here.

I didn't mention smuggling and kept it open ended when I said we're waiting until and hopefully somehow can help one of our other clones get better suited for the rescue mission just in case, but if Agis was already was well aware of Lettuce's smuggling, I'm sure he'll bring it up on his own, and maybe even show us the ropes in doing it down the line.

>On a side note, if this Myriad was meant to send supplies and weapons out, why were you penniless? Were you refusing supplies like a dumb hermit?

I have a feeling that supplies are actually limited as to what Lettuce could smuggle to the other Myriads, and Pellet and Haver probably needs the supplies more than Carrot as they are out doing dangerous missions while Carrot is just doing construction and night guard and sex work, which already gives her enough BUX for some white blocks and water to get by.
No. 1034561 ID: eedbeb
File 165465423740.png - (135.15KB , 500x500 , p29.png )

You want to know if LL told Agis about the other Myriads before you dish, but since he was her second in command you’re optimistic about his trustworthiness.

Myriad: Hey Agis!

The elf screeches with surprise and CRASHES into the nearest light post. It’s a very light crash since he was going slow, but you still wince in sympathy and step from your hiding spot to help him to his feet.

Agis: Myriad! Myriad you’re back! I was really worried after you stopped messaging me.
Myriad: Right, I’ve got some BAD NEWS. Your Myriad is probably dead and I’m one of the Myriads stationed in WEST FLUXTOPIA who was able to come here and hopefully keep everything running.
Agis: Oh no…I mean, I’ve seen her die before so I’m kind of used to it, but she’s always had backups.
Myriad: Well I’m the backup backup. GOOD NEWS is that if we can get supplies to the clones–
Agis: Yeah! I know about them, PP and HH. Fighting monsters and dungeon beasts, so cool.
Myriad: Did you ever hear about a CC?
Agis: Uh, no. What were you saying about GOOD NEWS?
Myriad: So if you get some more guns and rations to PP and HH they’ll be able to come help us retrieve LL along with her memories. Then whoever ABSORBS her can pop out a clone and order will be restored.
Agis: That sounds great, what can I do to help?

No. 1034562 ID: eedbeb
File 165465425738.png - (115.95KB , 500x500 , p30.png )

>Ally GAINED: Agis Eventide
Myriad: How does your power work?
Agis: It’s pretty straightforward, remember those challenges where they put a bunch of marbles in a jar and ask you how many there are? If I focus I can estimate that number to two significant digits.
Myriad: Okay.
Myriad: So if I asked you how many sisters I had that were still alive could you tell me?
Agis: I assume that’s a number below 10, so no, I wouldn’t be able to. For whole numbers under 100 I only get one sig fig and whole numbers under 10 I get static. Big LIMITATIONS, but great for knowing how far away people are, their heights, how our FUNDS are doing, etc.

Seems like a type of CLAIRVOYANCE, though with the benefit that Agis can chug essentially as many numbers as he wants per day. You can now ask him for data any time you’re with him, though be mindful of UNITS (the CATALYST universe uses the metric system).

Agis has average physical strength and slightly above average weapons abilities. It’s a wonder HE hasn’t been smacked by some shark guy. Must have good PR.

>How come LL never smuggled supplies to you?
You were UNDERCOVER. The whole point of your existence was to keep your head down and collect gossip without getting assassinated, which is also presumably why Agis didn’t know about you.

>LL’s crib
You decide you can give Agis full INFORMATION once you’re in private, and ask him to take you to Lettuce’s base.
No. 1034563 ID: eedbeb
File 165465426681.png - (108.96KB , 500x500 , p31.png )

Apparently it's close by, it makes sense that LL would stay near the DOCKS if she was monitoring the SHIPS. Agis wheels along his bike by hand and you quicken your pace to keep up with his long legs.

You quickly arrive at what was once a lovely BEACHSIDE house on stilts. The main building has been reinforced with so much scrap metal that it’s groaning under the weight, and a fancy keypad keeps the sturdy door locked.

Agis tells you the first two digits of the CODE and after a few tries you realize it’s your birthday shifted by three.

Inside, there’s a simple living area and you instinctively fill your water bottle at the sink and have a long DRINK. A quick search through the cabinets reveals a wealth of FOOD to someone who’s been living on the bare minimum, equivalent to half a CRATE. There’s a small armory under LL’s bed, equivalent to one third of a CRATE.

After stuffing a few discrete bars of GRAIN BLOCKS in your robe, you explain the situation to Agis in full detail, including the recent complications.

HH needs THREE CRATES of RATIONS and ONE CRATE of WEAPONS to be fully available.
PP needs TWO CRATES of RATIONS and TWO CRATES of WEAPONS to be fully available.

A large number of CRATES are delivered in the evening each day. They can be taken by force, paid for, or traded for. With Agis as an ally, you can move ONE CRATE at a time. The current price of a RATIONS CRATE is 200 BUX and a WEAPONS CRATE is 300 BUX. The contents of a CRATE can be split and sold for a PROFIT.

https://questden.org/wiki/Queen_of_Hell/Log has been updated with this information.

What do you do before the evening?

A. Recruit more ALLIES (suggest who and how)
B. Sell the supplies you have for BUX
C. Other
No. 1034564 ID: 273c18

Where's the BUX?
C: Find where LL stashed her cash. Or if she used a bank, go get some from the bank.
No. 1034579 ID: e51896

We can probably do both with a clone!

C. A+B. For the allies, the only ally we know of that might be available is Big Mama, and we have her contact info on our COMM! We already know her services is 20 BUX paid whenever we can for her services, and I think she can make carrying crates much easier given how strong she looks (hopefully can carry one crate on her own), or protect us when we want to sell weapon supplies later.

Our clone can stay safe in this hideout as she negotiates with Big Mama on the COMM as Agis and Carrot sells some of the supplies we have. If she has time after speaking with Big mama, our clone can search the hideout for any Bux Lettuce might has hidden.

Only other potential guy is the shark dude, but he might be too pissed off at us to help... unless he's a nice guy when he isnt drunk. We might need more info.

Ask Aegis of any other potential allys he and Lettuce might know of (since the shark mentioned Lettuce having a posse), and ask Aegis about the shark guy too.
No. 1034581 ID: 273c18

If we're going to recruit more allies, can't our new bud easily find where they are? Like, LL had a posse, right? Wouldn't he know who they are, and thus be able to use his scrying power to find them?
No. 1034588 ID: e51896

Ooooh! That's actually a good idea.

I still want to use the idea of summoning one clone, but change it up with Agis' powers in mind.

We can first call Big Momma and hire her for her 20 BUX services as an ally she's offering for the day, and she can help a Myriad with option B to sell some supplies and protect her (in case that 33% of a hostile encounter happens) And lift crates with us later. (we'll pay her once we get the BUX of course.

meanwhile the other Myriad could do option A and search for the allies that Lettuce already made with Agis' abilities of knowing how far away people are, and get his help recruiting them with his knowledge of them.
No. 1034624 ID: eedbeb
File 165473770765.png - (121.47KB , 500x500 , p32.png )

>Money stash?
You search the entire house and manage to find 50 BUX under a loose floorboard. Agis tells you that’s the only STASH he’s aware of, though LL undoubtedly had more that he could locate with his power given enough time.

>A for Allies, with help from a clone
Myriad: Where’s LL’s posse?
Agis: Almost everyone went with her, which er, means they’re probably dead or marooned in the middle of nowhere if they haven’t come back. Wow, I'm really not going to sleep well tonight.
Myriad: You’re here though.
Agis: Yes, because I’m not a fighter. I think Bessie’s here too, she works in the brothel and her BREAST MODS make it hard to hold a gun. You’ll have to make it worth her while, cause she’s very popular.

You split off a clone to stay here and use the comm to contact Big Mama, while you pull on a new robe from the closest once yours melts.

Myriad1: She wants more money if we’re going to be stealing, otherwise 20 BUX a day is fine.
Myriad2: What’s the higher rate?
Myriad1: 80 BIG ONES a day.
Myriad2: What? What does she have against crime?

No. 1034625 ID: eedbeb
File 165473772562.png - (115.56KB , 500x500 , p33.png )

While Myriad1 continues negotiations, you ask Agis to take you to Bessie’s brothel. Your eyes pop at the 40 BUX admission price. Agis is willing to pay for himself if you decide to go in.

Do you accept Big Momma as an ALLY? Do you pay the brothel entrance fee or find Bessie later on her OFF HOURS? How do you bargain with a lady who has access to infinite money and dick?
No. 1034626 ID: 273c18

I'm not sure what Bessie could do for us. Big Mamma can at least help move crates and increase throughput, though if we're not stealing crates it's going to be a long time before we get significant profit... unless we can find a much bigger stash of BUX. Gotta have money to make money.

What if we spent one day stealing, and then go legit? That could maintain income while minimizing overall risk. Would Big Mamma's price stay at 80, or fall to 20 once we stop stealing crates?
No. 1034647 ID: e51896

I say we gotta hit hard the first day doing this so that we can be better prepared and supplied for the following days. We never know what kinds of complications could arise that we might need to be prepared for after all.

I think we should attempt to recruit both kins, with Big Momma being the required one since she's strong enough to protect us too. more people we get = more crates we can carry = more money we'll have in order to afford supplies and services

As long as Big Momma is still alright with her services being payable whenever we get the money (will most likely be next day when we sell the stuff), and if it's possible for us to steal for 80 BUX one day, but then do honest work for 20 BUX the next.

As for Bessie, Pay the admission since I think she'll be more willing to listen and accept if we pay. Even if we fail to recruit her, we might be able to learn some interesting rumors.

For the deal, she doesn't need money, or sexual favors, but she probably needs someone to protect her and her customers at the brothel since it was said she can't protect herself with a gun due to her Z-cup size, so she probably needs a body guard for awhile. We can probably let her borrow one clone to protect her or act as security/bouncer of the brothel for free for each day equal to each evening she helps us out. Just as long as she alerts us if our clone dies while working for her so we can come absorb it.

Thinking it through, I'm thinking math-wise with 2 people per crate, it would go...

With Bessie and Big Momma:

Myriad + Agis
Myriad clone 1 + Big Momma
Myriad clone 2 + Bessie
Myriad clone 3 + myriad clone 4

4 crates max

With only one of them:
Myriad + Agis
Myriad clone 1 + Big Momma
Myriad clone 2 + Myriad clone 3

3 crates max

Although I wonder, since Big Momma seems pretty strong looking, can she lift one crate by herself? if thats the case, that might change these calculations quite a bit.
No. 1034654 ID: e5709d

Don't pay the 40 Bux entry fee for the chance to recruit someone you don't know or trust very well.

Use your money to hire newbies, see which ones are reliable and which will try to run off with the crates first chance they get. Then continue hiring the steady ones and play this safe.
No. 1034656 ID: e51896

Personally, I think Bessie can be trusted if Agis and Lettuce trusted her as an ally.
No. 1034683 ID: 788453

Oh yeah, i forgot: Myriad #1 should clean that knife after talking to Momma. It's still bloodied
No. 1034684 ID: eedbeb
File 165481043078.png - (100.43KB , 500x500 , p34.png )

>Big Momma: Yes
You bet the big hyena could carry a crate all by HERSELF, and you can pay her the higher price the first day and then use the funds you’ve gained to go clean after that.

>Bessie: No
You’re not sure how useful a physically limited kin will be, and you don’t know if she can be trusted. Best to save what BUX you have for now.

On the walk back to base, you ask Agis some more questions about his abilities. Apparently he can’t estimate things for future events and only knew the first two digits to the door code from seeing Lettuce type it in before, not from his POWER.
No. 1034685 ID: eedbeb
File 165481044117.png - (124.73KB , 500x500 , p35.png )

Once you’re back, you absorb your clone and tell Big Momma you accept her DEAL, with instructions on how to find the beachhouse. You spend the rest of the afternoon and early evening making a nice dinner and cleaning your knife.

Agis explains how supplies are delivered. In a few hours a large shipping boat will stop at the DOCK and put down anchor. The sailors will start unloading stacks of crates with a crane, leaving them arranged to be distributed by the DRIVERS hired to make deliveries across the land. At least one sailor will have to be incapacited to STEAL crates.

Big Momma arrives, and you happily share dinner with your new friends. Big Momma has not AWAKENED.

What’s your approach strategy to steal TWO crates? What type of CRATE do you want to steal?
No. 1034686 ID: 6004ad

One rations crate, and one weapons crate. We'll send both to Hay after we make a profit.

Only reason why im going this direction is because Hay currently had a migrane, so im thinking her getting Rations immediatly will help her recover. Weapons are to make a bigger profit from selling them, but we're giving it to Hay as well instead of Pellet because if that royal guy finds out her crew is getting weapons, he's going to want them all to himself. Best to send Pellet weapons later during our time here.

I'll think of a strategy later because work, but im debating whether to usr our clones to help capture a sailor, or help with lifting maybe one extra crate giving us 3, And how to distribute the work of the clones.
No. 1034693 ID: e5709d

Most heists have to contend with a limitation on reinforcements, because every new infiltrator has to enter the complex without being detected in a new fashion.
You are your own reinforcements, and you are the checkpoint system itself. And you can die multiple times. Make them think this is a conspiracy, and they'll stop looking for you for a while.

Start by infiltrating the docks and intentionally get spotted by the cameras. When you're in a blind spot, use a flash device and duplicate yourself multiple times. Have your clones march through after slightly changing their stealth gear, giving off the implication that you can open portals. Once you and your cohorts have gathered enough crates, kill them all in cold blood as they're carrying a third one and drag their bodies into a dumpster. After setting off another flash re-absorbing your clones, flip the nearest camera and bug out.

This will give the implication that you're working for a warlord who needed some disloyal mooks dead and gathered a few crates as a bonus.
No. 1034706 ID: e51896

I've got an idea, and it will help with being stealthy I think.

As I said, 1 rations crate, 1 weapons crate, and if it's possible, another extra rations crate.


Carrot: fighter, crate handling
Big Momma: fighter, crate handling
Agis: crate handling, car meter tracker, Kilogram checker
Clone #1: Lookout
And is it possible, Clone #2 and #3: Crate handling, fighter

The Plan

First, make sure all COMMS are being charged the hours we have left before the mission, and set them to VIBRATE, can't have them make noise. Grab a few extra Robes too, and if anyone needs weapons, like our clones, borrow some weapons from the weapons crate we have already (hopefully we won't need to use them).

When evening comes, we'll summon clone #1, and ask Agis to have clone #1 borrow his COMM and teach her his password to unlock the COMM if she needs it, (assure him we don't give a shit about what he has on his photo gallery or internet history, this is more important). We will then have Clone #1 hide somewhere at a higher location to get a vantage point of the area. From there, She will keep LOOKOUT of the area from up there to alert and signal us with a text from Agis' comm when most of the sailors are not in the vicinity for us to sneak-fully knock out the sailor that is guarding the crates.

When the clone #1 is in place, we'll need to incapacitate the sailor guarding the crates. Once Clone #1 gives the signal that the vicinity is clear of most sailors, we'll use the crates that has been placed to sneak behind as cover, try to get behind the guard when he isn't looking, and knock him out! Big Momma or Myriad is probably best to do this since Agis isn't a fighter, Big Momma is tough and can probably knock the sailor out easily, and Myriad and Myriad can summon/bring along clone #2 or #3 to help ensure a knockout if she needs to. The goal here is to knock the sailor out without them seeing anyone or be able to process anything. Be sure to hide the sailor we knock out, or place them somewhere where it looks like they're napping on the job.

Once we take care of the sailor guarding the crates, we can begin moving crates. But I wonder, can we use Clone #2 and Clone #3 to get in on this and get us a 3rd crate? (I'd say go for rations if we get a third crate)

if we can, it probably depends on whether Big Momma can lift a crate on her own or not, which is why Agis is here! Have Agis determine which of the weapons crate, or the rations crate has the least kilograms, and have Big Momma carry the lighter crate to ensure she can carry the crate by herself. If she can, great! we'll have Clone #2 and Clone #3 grab a third crate. If not, we'll just absorb Clone #3 and have Clone #2 help Big Momma. I probably would have said get a fourth clone, but it might be best to keep the slot open in case Hay or Pellet needs the last slot just in case (though I think they are asleep at this time, or getting ready for bed) or if the Clone #1 on lookout needs the slot in case she is spotted and needs the clone to help her fight. That said, if she is in real trouble despite having the clone, have her give us a call on Carrot's COMM, the vibrations from the call will signal Carrot to quickly absorb CLONE #2 and CLONE #3 so CLONE #1 can have them help her fight. But sadly, we might need to leave the third crate behind if that is the case, but it's more important to keep our clones safe.

As the posse takes the crates, Clone #1 will also alert us if any other sailors are heading towards the posse's direction. If anyone suspicious like a sailor is heading towards the posse's location, the clone will text Carrot with Agis' Comm, Carrot will feel the text vibration of the COMM, which will be a signal to alert the rest of the posse to stop what they are doing and hide. Afterwards, they can wait for the sailor to show up to pass by. But if they notice the crates the posse moved in in an odd position, they might investigate the crates, and as they're investigating, Carrot or big Momma could sneak up and and hit the sailor in the head to knock them out, and hide them or put them somewhere where it looks like they're just being lazy and taking a nap.

As for Aegis during the crate handling, he can try to detect when a moving car is coming on it's way here in METERS. In which case, we'll have to hide, and determine whether to knock out the driver if they arrive, or if they are going to just be passing by.

Whew, that was a lot. Sorry for the wall of text, but I put a lot of thought into it.
No. 1034744 ID: eedbeb
File 165490481502.png - (73.65KB , 500x500 , p36.png )

>Method: Clone to clone communication
>Crates: One of each, possibly with an extra rations crate if everything goes smoothly

You’re going to use your greatest asset, your ABILITY to duplicate. You take a couple flash grenades from the stash to use as a distraction. You split into three and wait for the melting period to pass before suiting up to go to the PORT

>Clone mind games??? Pretend they’re disobedient mooks and then murder them or something???
The sailors are already familiar with Lettuce’s and therefore your powers. Clones will be instantly recognized as clones.

You send a clone each with Agis and Big Momma, then take up position with your COMM at a good vantage point. Between your vigilance and Agis’ function as radar, you locate a stack of CRATES that’s ripe for the taking, with one tuna guard standing watch.
No. 1034745 ID: eedbeb
File 165490482279.png - (75.19KB , 500x500 , p37.png )

>Stealth check, SUCCESS
Big Momma seizes the slippery Aqua-kin from behind and successfully knocks him out. She takes the heavier weapon’s crate while you hurry to help your clone with a food crate. Agis and the other clone SNAG another food crate.

It seems like your fortunes have improved! Everyone takes the crates safely back to BASE. Agis bids you farewell for the night while you offer for Big Momma to sleep over. The hyena declines, saying she still has a room for tonight, but she might take you up on the offer TOMORROW.

You sleep soundly in a comfortable bed that smells like you.

>Complicating Event: CC
Someone hammers on the door early next morning. You tear yourself upright and have your pistol aimed at the noise before you recognize Agis’ voice.

Myriad: What the fuck?
Agis: Someone burned down the BROTHEL last night!
Myriad: Is everyone alright?
Agis: No! Remember Bessie? She was in there and she got burned really badly, they don’t know if she’ll even make it. There were a ton of other prostitutes who were working late too, it’s so horrible. Security got beat up and all the footage was destroyed in the fire, so they don’t know who did it. The whole city’s on EDGE.

You currently OWE Big Momma 80 BUX. You have a wealth of CRATES. Thanks to the complicating event, reselling CRATES has an additional chance to cause a hostile encounter. What would you like to do this morning?
No. 1034748 ID: e5709d

>Bessie is grievously injured
... Welp.
Sell supplies, publicly donate medical supplies to the prostitutes to help them push through.
No. 1034760 ID: aa8056

Lets get a daily updated status report on Hay and Pellet, and let them know we got crates.

Since selling supplies are more risky now, lets hire big momma again when we start selling.

Ask Agis if theres anything we can do for the prostitutes at the hospital. Lettuce was allies with Bessie after all. Maybe something good might come out of helping them, even if Bessie won't survive.
No. 1034763 ID: e51896

Hmm... I am wondering if any of the security who survived and received minor to no injuries might be looking for work and interested in helping steal crates or protecting us now that they may have lost their job at the brothel. Big Mommas cool, but it'd be nice to see our options in case we need another ally.

For now, yeah, lets update our clones, and get ready to sell supplies with Big Momma.

Also, does Myriad does hugs? maybe hug Agis to calm him down, he's obviously distressed. (ask if he needs one first)
No. 1034772 ID: eedbeb
File 165498484450.png - (136.63KB , 500x500 , p38.png )

>Update Hay Haver and Pellet Purveyor
You send a cursory text saying that things are going better now that you’ve found ALLIES and supplies. HH mentions her migraine has improved slightly while PP continues to complain about the royals. The food CRATES come with some basic medical stuff, including painkillers, so you’d like to send one to HH soon.

>Sell the other two crates, then donate to the injured prostitutes
Agis looks like he needs a hug, so you get out of bed and pat him on the back until he calms down.

Agis: It’s just so awful, I don’t know why anyone would do something like that. Everyone in the city loves the brothel!
Myriad: Let’s go give them some BUX after we’ve sold our stuff, then maybe we can ask the security guards if they saw anything specific.
Agis: That’d be good…I guess we could also try to find the culprits since I can estimate where they are.
Myriad: We’ll see if we have the bandwidth. I’d really like to help but we just don’t have much time.

No. 1034774 ID: eedbeb
File 165498510448.png - (106.01KB , 500x500 , p39.png )

You bring Big Momma along for extra protection when you go to the market to peddle your recently stolen wares. Food is always in high demand, and no one wants to ask where you got Midland grade JERKY and dried REDS.

You make 300 BUX! You immediately pay Big Momma for her services rendered yesterday, leaving you with 270 BUX.

People seem intent on arming themselves and are smart enough to avoid trying to fight you.

You make 450 additional BUX! You’re rich! You find a driver willing to transport your remaining food CRATE to HH for 70 BUX and send him on his way. The supplies will arrive by tomorrow morning. The log has been updated.

Afterwards, you have a simple lunch with Agis and head to the site of the arson. The pair of KIN investigating give you a few tips. Apparently there wasn’t any fuel found that could have started the fire and the guards who were attacked were either blinded with flashbangs or taken by complete surprise. The only evidence found was a bit of FOX fur one of the guards managed to snag with her sharp beak.

How much would you like to donate? What would you like to do in the AFTERNOON?
No. 1034775 ID: 273c18

>one guy was wearing a big fox skin and the other was all covered up.
Well we found out they're hostile, I guess. Must've been sent by the military complex, since you were closest. Now we know the target, so get some eye protection and decent long range weapons so you don't get murdered by fire.

Donate 100 BUX. Spend afternoon prepping for the fight, then at night track them down and ambush them. Try to keep a clone far enough away they can flee if the enemies prove too much to handle.

...wait, how did they know Bessie was a former ally?
No. 1034794 ID: 273c18

Oh, maybe we can cooperate with the police for the hunt? Depends on if Agis wants the police to know about his ability.
No. 1034799 ID: e51896

I really really don't think we should be spending time searching for the perpetrators as we have little time to deliver crates.

Unless of course there is a high reward money for capturing them for capturing them, enough to get close to enough crates for Hay and/or Pellet

I say donate 50 BUX. But also take the time to see if there is anybody who used to work security at the brothel would be interested in stealing or carrying crates as we need more allies.
No. 1034800 ID: 273c18

>we have little time to deliver crates.
What crates? We sold/shipped them all already.
No. 1034806 ID: e51896

Here it says
>HH needs THREE CRATES of RATIONS and ONE CRATE of WEAPONS to be fully available.
>PP needs TWO CRATES of RATIONS and TWO CRATES of WEAPONS to be fully available.

So far, we just sent only one Rations crate to Hay. We need to get more. We're unfortunately far from finished.

But yeah to add on to my post, don't persue them, they seem to be pretty powerful at the moment even if we did have enough crates to finish the whole job. At most, we can let authorities know about how we were told by someone from Nipton about the two figures who might fit the description over in Nipton a couple days ago, and can probably get more information from him about their descriptions later. (we'll speak to Big Momma about it later) We could at least ask about reward money and see if capturing them would be an option to help us buy a lot of crates at another day.

But yeah, my main goal is to just donate 50 BUX, and see if anybody who used to work security at the brothel might need work. They most likely would be interested in helping us steal or carry crates and might even have useful awakened skills if they're having trouble looking for a job..
No. 1034809 ID: 273c18

Oh right I forgot the evening is when crates are available for sale/steal. I thought we had already done it today. Yeah, we can't miss our chance to do crate stuff in the evening.

We could still track them down at night though. Heck, we can assign a clone to sleep, and...
Wait, when a clone is reabsorbed, what determines the resulting Myriad's physical state? Is it the best of both bodies? A mixture? Random? I was thinking we could allow one clone to sleep while we do the ambushing, and have that clone absorb the others afterwards so that we don't miss any sleep.
No. 1034822 ID: eedbeb
File 165504610890.png - (113.35KB , 500x500 , p40.png )

You ask if there’s a reward for capturing the culprits, and learn that no, there isn’t. Without much concrete information, the police don't want to incentivize false positives. You thank them for the information and take Big Momma and Agis aside, out of earshot of the investigators and passerby.

Myriad: I think these are the same two people who followed me from NIPTON. Guess we’ve found out they’re HOSTILE and STRONG, and I’m worried this has to do with the military compound Lettuce went to investigate.
Agis: So they’re soldiers?
Myriad: I don’t know. I thought soldiers loved brothels.
Big Momma: Maybe they knew Bessie could be a potential ally.
Myriad: It’s possible, but that seems like a stretch. They’re looking for me, maybe got bored and decided to cause some mayhem. We know their powers so let's keep some flash and fire protection on us from now on.

You and your ALLIES are now less susceptible to a MYSTERIOUS STALKER attack.

>Donate 75 BUX
You drop off some money at the hospital and learn that Bessie is still in CRITICAL condition.
No. 1034823 ID: eedbeb
File 165504611526.png - (89.14KB , 500x500 , p41.png )

>More Allies
There are a variety of guards and prostitutes who managed to avoid injury but still lost their jobs, making them good targets for recruitment. Who from the following would you like to bring on board? Are you planning to steal, pay, or trade for CRATES this evening?

A. Wing-Kin, guard. This is the lady who got some fox fur in her beak. She’d be a good asset in any attack. Average CRATE lifting ability. Cost: 50 BUX/day

B. Human, prostitute. Claims to have AWAKENED with PLANT powers. She can breathe new life into wood. Cost: 100 BUX/day

C. Both

D. Neither, who you’ve got is fine
No. 1034825 ID: e5709d

B) Crates are made of wood. Crates are hard to transport by hand because you can't roll them around like balls. This woman has the power to revitalize dead wood and grow it into different shapes. Doesn't take a genius to see where this is going.
No. 1034830 ID: e51896

C. Both. We'll need all the help we can get, and we can afford it.

I'm also considering buying one crate and letting big Momma take that to our hideout, and then we'll steal whatever crates we can without her so we don't have to pay her 80 for being a part of criminal activities as we'll have a fighter with us to help incapacitate a sailor guard if we need to. But we'll cross that bridge when we get there

I'm doing some calculations right now also. I might change things, but I'm right now sure should hire both.

(Also like Kome's idea on how we can use the plant power)
No. 1034848 ID: eedbeb
File 165508099661.png - (88.50KB , 500x500 , p42.png )

Oh there are all sorts of shenanigans you can get up to with someone who can change the shape of the crates. You hire the human, pay her upfront and learn her name is Zuri.

>Purchase one crate, steal others
To dodge Big Momma’s higher fee that comes with crime, you make a normal purchase of a rations crate early in the evening that Big Momma takes back to base. With the rest of your allies and your clones, you set up a position for EXTREME theft. Since you have the funds, you pay Big Momma her 20 BUX.

Zuri can change two crates to be rollable, which means one average strength person can steal a crate by themself. With her help you can steal a maximum of FOUR crates when using maximum clones.
No. 1034849 ID: eedbeb
File 165508100228.png - (77.81KB , 500x500 , p43.png )

>Stealth check, SUCCESS
GODDESS, you’re really getting away with murder here. This time you swarm the tuna and tie him up before he can sound the alarm. Going forward there will be an additional guard at all crate piles.

You steal TWO rations crates and TWO weapons crates. With everything going so well, you feel more relaxed and are willing to participate in a nighttime activity.

A. Get to know your ALLIES better
B. Go hunting for your mysterious STALKERS
C. Other
No. 1034851 ID: e51896

A. Increase that BOND! Cuz power of FRIENDSHIP
No. 1034852 ID: 273c18

B. Take care of the biggest problem before it fucks us in the ass. We have some weapons crates which means we can use the weapons in them to fight the stalkers.

...it occurs to me that the stalkers might be allies, and Bessie was a traitor, which they exacted revenge upon? Oh wait, soldiers love brothels, so... maybe they were here before and told Bessie more than they should've, which she then leaked to LL, and so they took her out once they got here. Did you give Agis a description of them to see if they're known?
No. 1034854 ID: e5709d

B) Whether or not they set the brothel on fire, they're a threat. Sadly, you're the criminal in this situation; all they have to do is find out about your nightly escapades, and then report you to the dockworkers or local warlord. You'll be ruined and they don't have to break the rules to do it. You need to track them down and confront them.

Low chance of Bessie being burned for being a betrayer. They set a brothel on fire. If they cared about civilian casualties, they would have cased the joint, interrogated the other prostitutes, and then found a way to isolate Bessie before okay I sound like a criminal now.
Point is, Bessie wasn't the only victim. The collateral damage acts against the idea that the arsonists were trying to isolate and capture/kill one target, be it Bessie or someone else.

Just ask Zuri if Bessie and her crew were good to her and their clients. See what she has to say about the motive.
No. 1034858 ID: e51896

Really dont want to go hunting, but if we must, can we at least hire the Wing-Kin guard as a precaution? The only other fighter we have besides Myriad is Big Momma, and I really think we need another fighter if we're going to do this.

And I think she'd be most willing to help after they destroyed her source of income.
No. 1034880 ID: eedbeb
File 165513605256.png - (62.16KB , 500x500 , p44.png )

>B, with additional protection
You want to address the threat of the stalkers, since they seem like a disaster waiting to happen. Now that you’re allied with Zuri, you don’t expect you’ll be chumming it up with these guys, not that you’d want to make friends with anti-sex work arsonists anyway.

You rifle through your new weapons crates until you find a sniper rifle and ammo. After some COMM messaging with Zuri, you get the guard bird’s number and invite her on your search, with the promise to pay upfront.

Big Momma is large and obtrusive, so you ask her to stay at base while you take Agis to meet up with Earle, the cormorant.

It’s a long, painful process of wandering around until Agis detects a change in his numbers, then another hour until you narrow down the DOCKINGTON city block where the stalkers are staying.

>Stealth check, FAILURE
Agis whispers the steadily decreasing number of meters as you prowl around the deserted streets. Eventually you stop making progress, which means the stalkers are either inside a building or–
No. 1034881 ID: eedbeb
File 165513606001.png - (117.17KB , 500x500 , p45.png )

Twin thuds behind you make you squeak and fumble for your pistol. Agis drops his baton with a clatter.

Fox: It’s her!
Wrap: Finally–come on, like we practiced.
Fox: Hello Myriad Borealis, my name is Normal Fox, a KIN.
Wrap: My name is Guy Person, an average male HUMAN. As you can see I’m horribly injured and have to wear all these bandages. It is very painful, ow, the pain.
Fox: Would you mind coming with us on a small trip by yourself? We’re very interested in your life story.

Earle unloads her mana pistol at Fox who drops in a crouch to dodge the shots.

What do you do?
A. Attack
B. Talk
No. 1034883 ID: ce39da

B: "If you want to talk, I can talk, but I'm not going anywhere with you until you explain why you followed me across the wastes and (I suspect) burned down a brothel. Either way, no way in fuck am I letting myself be alone with you guys."
No. 1034884 ID: f4619d

Dont talk to strangers because stranger danger.
And Earle seems to recognize them as the pyromaniacs who burned the brothel since she tried shooting them immediately. (Thank goodness for our fire resistant gear)

A. They are obviously bluffing. But dont underestimate them. Send in the clones (let one of them hide in case any of our myriads die so she can absorb them later.) Dont be afraid to shoot them

While in the confusion with your clones, have Earle fly atop a building with the sniper and try to shoot them from above

Agis should stay behind the fighting clones and take them out with his gun.
No. 1034889 ID: 273c18

A, because the first things they said are all lies.
No. 1034896 ID: eedbeb
File 165516505157.png - (96.26KB , 500x500 , p46.png )

They’re lying about being kin. You can smell the rotting fat coming off whoever’s skin Normal is wearing. Earle recognized them and that’s basically confirmation that these are the arsonists.

You split into four and unload a clip into ole fox face. He’s fast, unnaturally so, but not fast enough to dodge all the angles from your clones.

Normal: Ouch! What was that for? We’re being nice!

He stumbles and dives for cover in the nearest dark alley. Agis steps forward with his own gun, then seems to decide against pursuit and turns to Guy. You pass the sniper to Earle who uses the high caliber rifle to blow a hole through the WRAPPINGS over where Guy’s face should be.
No. 1034897 ID: eedbeb
File 165516506033.png - (70.55KB , 500x500 , p47.png )

This turns out to be a mistake.
No. 1034898 ID: eedbeb
File 165516507038.png - (93.45KB , 500x500 , p48.png )

The beam severely burns two of your clones, but the preparations you made before against heat protect your more distant allies from damage. You’re blinded, and by the time your vision recovers Guy and Normal are gone.

Agis: They’re retreating fast.
Earle: What the fuck was that? Were they AWAKENED?
Agis: Must be, that was UNNATURAL. What do they want with you, Myriad?
Myriad: I have no idea. At least we know they can be hurt, otherwise they wouldn’t have left.
Earle: Felt good to shoot them, but they didn’t seem very hurt. Well, hurt enough to not run.
Myriad: GODDESS, I hope that’s the last we see of them.

You trudge home, paws aching from the long walk around town. You’re troubled by what you witnessed, and the inability to explain why these things are happening.

>Complicating Event: CC
You wake up the next morning to Big Momma growling irately toward someone on the balcony. You’re shocked wide awake when you hear two bright answering voices.

They fucking followed you home.

What would you like to do this morning?
No. 1034900 ID: 273c18

Alright fine. They didn't break in or burn down your house so they're either trying to be subtle about it or they were ordered to bring you back alive. Split, have a clone escape out a window or something while you talk to them at the door as a distraction. First priority is to evade capture, shoot yourself in the head if pressed. Second priority is to find out what they want, and why they burned down the brothel.
No. 1034915 ID: ce39da

Yeah, this seems prudent. Yeah, they burned down a brothel, but they seem to want to be nice to you, so at least make an attempt to hear them out - invite them inside if being alone is all that matters, but make it clear to them in front of your people that they better have a damn good explanation for their actions if they want to walk out of here afterward.
No. 1034919 ID: 273c18

Oh and you should send an update about these two to the other clones. Describe their abilities, a more detailed appearance of the two, and their mannerisms.
No. 1034923 ID: e51896

Well that's not good.

Hopefully everything is a misunderstanding if the brothel burned down because of Guy's wrappings being unloosed by accident, though that still doesn't explain how they knew Myriad was at Nipton.

Yeah, first your daily update, explain to the other clones you got more crates, was a good heist, real good, but now those stalkers are here and you're going to split a clone in case they kidnap you or something, and will update as soon as possible. Also ask if Hay got her rations, and if it helped with her migraine at all.

Next, HIDE THE CRATES! Or at least put it behind a locked door. the worst thing that can happen is if Myriad does get kidnap that they decide to take the crates too. (although, it's probably going to be very difficult for them to carry all the crates if it's just two of them and not necessary)

As for what the clone can do while we speak to these two, first, GIVE YOUR CLONE YOUR COMM in case you do get kidnapped and have her and Big Momma sneak out, and do some window shopping for now, and see if they can find any items, or maybe even ARTIFACTS that might help in crate collecting, whether it is low quality or high quality artifact. Would be neat if we can find one of those Interspacial Rings that can store stuff inside the ring, especially crates! even if it has room for just one crate, that would help. But really, any item that helps with crate collecting could work

That way, after these two stalkers are hopefully dealt with during negotiations, the clone and big momma can return and sell whatever crates they need to afford something, and then buy whatever they found at the shops immediately after. I would have said have clone sell the crates, but bringing those out with giant crates with those stalkers out and about might distract and bother the Myriad clone selling crates.

As for the stalkers, I agree, I say it's time to get to the bottom of this once and for all and talk with them, with shooting ourself if they try to be forceful and kidnap us alive. Let them know you are extremely wary of them especially since they found out you were at Nipton when you were supposed to be undercover, and they came all the way here and burnt a brothel, putting at least one of them in critical condition, and on top of that, you're extremely busy and stressed trying to fix things and can't be bothered with any distractions, especially when there are other hostile people around.

The only thing I would change is have this talk somewhere else that is private, not Myriad's home to keep our inventory safe. But I'm not sure if that is possible or not.
No. 1034937 ID: f2320a

Questions what physical state will clones be like if you become muscular your clones would be muscular? Can your clones become diffrent physical shapes sort of branching diffrent "strains" of the clone tree? And how much needs to be absorbed like what happens if a clone is eaten?
No. 1034939 ID: eedbeb
File 165522023180.png - (90.87KB , 500x500 , p49.png )

You send your daily update to PP and HH with detailed descriptions of Normal and Guy. HH received the first rations crate and her headache is doing better, though she’s been careful to not use many clones. PP says she’s making progress getting Matteo of EYEBROW royalty to be less annoying.

>Questions about cloning
A SPLIT makes a perfect duplicate of whatever Myriad performed the action. You’re probably less muscular than HH, who is fighting MONSTERS all day, so your clones would be slightly different from hers. Hypothetically the different clones in each region of WEST FLUXTOPIA could undergo slightly divergent evolution.

As shown in your dream of HH with the dragon, a dead clone can have their body destroyed and still be REABSORBED. You still have to go to the primary site of the clone’s remains, though, which is why you’re going to the MILITARY COMPOUND in a few days.

>Evade capture
You send a clone out the back window with your COMM and another set of clothes in case hers melt off. This way you can easily evade capture by simply killing yourself and ABSORBING the body later.
No. 1034940 ID: eedbeb
File 165522024124.png - (93.72KB , 500x500 , p50.png )

With all the necessary precautions established, you walk out onto the sunny balcony to confront Guy and Normal. The two look unharmed, though there are several bullet holes in Normal’s fox skin and the WRAP on Guy’s face looks fresher. You ask Big Momma to message your clone and get together with her to do some shopping while you get to the bottom of this.

Myriad: Alright boys, I just want to talk. If you try to kidnap me I’m pulling the pin on this grenade I have here, got it?
Normal: Hello! Hello Myriad.
Guy: We like talking too, we don’t want to fight, we know fighting doesn’t work.
Myriad: Right, start at the beginning. Where did you two come from? How did you know I was in NIPTON?
Normal: We’re here for an important job with our boss, Caesar. We–
Guy: Let’s tell her about the you-know-whats, it’ll make it easier to explain things later.
Normal: But she might get freaked out?
Guy: Well don’t tell her EVERYTHING, just the stuff that’s relevant to us.
Normal: Okay, so Myriad, there’s these really nasty magic beings called DEMONS.
Guy: And nice ones called ANGELS. We’re angels. We don’t like demons one bit.
Normal: They’re gross.
Guy: Yucky.
Normal: Impure. They have RED EYES and they gave you guys your POWERS. They’re going to ruin this WORLDPLATE if we don’t stop ‘em!
Myriad: Oooookay.
Guy: We’re doing uh, like an ecological survey to prove the DEMONS are making too much progress and you’re our evidence.

You need a moment to process all of that, most of which you don’t totally understand. You decide to buy time with the BROTHEL question.

Myriad: Let's come back to that in a moment, why did you burn down the BROTHEL?
Guy: Because it’s a place of sin.
Normal: Debased and corrupt. Full of whores. When we were looking for you it just kept BUGGING us and we decided to do something about it.

You had some hope for these two going into this and now you’re not feeling so chipper.
No. 1034941 ID: 629f2e

Welp, they're terrible.

Let your clone know, and get the fuck away from these assholes. Don't hesitate to pull the pin and try to kill them.
No. 1034942 ID: ce39da

"And murder and arson are somehow better than whoring? You got weird priorities, man - the 'plank in your own eye' and all that. So... What, exactly, am I 'evidence' of?" Not that you're inclined to throw in with them, but you are curious.
No. 1034943 ID: e5709d

"In what universe does angels murdering people for passionately adhering to their duties carry no sin?!"
No. 1034949 ID: e51896

Lets not pull the trigger yet until they TRY to kidnap us.

Waaaaaait, CAESAR? Isn't he that one chef on tv from that old show Caesar's Kitchen. https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/993796.html#998955

Ask if Caesar is a lion.
Also call them a hypocrite, because while a brothel is full of sin, murdering is an even bigger sin, amd they need to get their priorities straight.

Also tell them you're not going anywhere because what you are doing in Fluxtopia is saving lives, which is probably something they would appreciate, and going with them at this time is going to be pretty sinful of them since that means well, kidnapping is a sin, and preventing you from trying to save people in Fluxtopia with your actions is also a sin.

Plus this is important: let them know you're sure there are plenty of other kins with greater powers than yours because yours are heavily restricted to limitations they don't know about, like limited to how many clones you can have, and can only refill that slot if you absorb your clone, even if they die. One of your clones nearly died during a risky mission the other day in fact.

Also mention the trauma involved in absorbing a dead clone if they are still not convinced.

The reason for telling them this is to let them know your powers isnt too OP, And the main reason they want us is because they think it is.
No. 1034954 ID: 098194

Actually, making a change in my previous post as i jumped the gun a little

FIRST ask what youre evidence of.

THEN if the evidence is our power being OP, let them know our limitations so we dont reveal our weakness if we dont need to and only reveal it to leave us alone after showing we're not op after all

Otherwise if the evidence is something else, dont reveal limitations.
No. 1034974 ID: 273c18

"Murder is a sin. You should have cleared the building before destroying it."
No. 1034986 ID: 9a2966

Caesar fell on a bunch of knives in the kitchen and his disciples are still fighting over his shattered food emporium. Must be some other Caesar... right?

>decided to do something about it
Sigh and pull that pin. Don't actually let go of the grenade so it explodes, but very much say that if they pull a single aggressive move now you're leaving one way or the other (and mean it). Start walking - make them follow - and leave your apartment (for when you blow). Go somewhere you know you can recover your body on the sly.

>debate class with weirdo zealots with strange superpowers
Explain, patiently, that terrorizing - and almost outright murdering - people because acts of some abstract concept of sin was upsetting them on a visceral level is just not cool guys. What people do with their bodies gets to be their business - so what if some choose to sell it for sex? Like, they don't seem to have a problem with the idea of buying and selling, right? Not like they burned down some store or whatnot.

What's their counterpoint to this surely-valid-to-normal-mortal-sensibilities argument?

At any rate, let's say you accept their weird tale, that whatever the 'DEMONS' are doing (which was what, now again?) is ruining this - WORLDPLATE, was it? - then how is them doing an ECOLOGICAL SURVEY helping?

Like... okay, you get the idea of proving things to higher-ups, but what makes them think YOU are special enough to warrant further inquiry? Awakened are dime a dozen these days, let's be fair. They seem pretty Awakey-ish themselves, to be honest, what with that flash yesterday. How do YOU know they're really these super-special-snowflake ANGELS and not just, you know, Awakened cultists with extremely esoteric beliefs and delusions? Does anything actually concretely prove them not?
No. 1034994 ID: 2d87dc

Not sure if we should or not

But what if we get them to leave us alone by sending them to Hay, and let them know she has a demon possessed clone they can have instead since that demon is giving Hay a migrane.

Kill two birds with one stone. They leave you alone, hay is free from migrane induced demon clone
No. 1034995 ID: eedbeb
File 165525108808.png - (147.93KB , 500x500 , p51.png )

>Oops, goodbye clothes
Dammit, figures that you would get the short straw. Guy gasps and shields various parts of his body with his hands, which is not troubling at all. Normal jerks away with a grimace.

You feel very naked without your weapons, so you excuse yourself and run inside for a spare robe and two more grenades.

Myriad: Excuse me, that just happens when you’re a clone. Can you explain how honest work is a sin but MURDER isn’t?
Guy: Is murder a sin? They never said that in class.
Normal: Yeah I thought our professors made it clear that purging the wicked is good. We’re only freshmen though, maybe we missed something?
Guy: Oh I think I heard someone say that killing ANGELS is a sin.
Normal: Makes sense, glad we cleared that up. Anyway, getting rid of filth is just good practice so we were completely in the right.
Myriad: I see.

At least you have a vague understanding of their beliefs. Normal tribalist supremacy bullshit despite whatever HOLY highground they claim.
No. 1034996 ID: eedbeb
File 165525110489.png - (109.27KB , 500x500 , p52.png )

You have a vague recollection of some famous chef named Caesar, but you DOUBT it’s the same guy.

Myriad: Is your boss also a professor?
Normal: Yeah he is, this is a research project, we’re going to get lots of credit.
Myriad: So you said you wanted to study me, what exactly about me are you studying? I have a pretty underwhelming POWER.
Guy: We learned you use it a ton though, and that’s why you’re so–so–
Normal: CORRUPTED. You’re almost a demon yourself! You’re way ahead of most of the other AWAKENED, but if we can show that you’re turning into a demon then they’ll push up the timeline for the BIG DAY.
Myriad: Can you tell me a little more about Caesar? What does he look like?
Normal: He’s kind of like a big noodle with lots of thin arms. Very handsome.

These ANGELS are terrible and you hate them.

A. Kill: Pull the OCTUPLE GRENADE MANEUVER on these clowns. Four clones will die, but can be retrieved. Both ANGELS will be slain and the BASE with all the CRATES will be destroyed. Afterwards, your tasks will continue without major interruption.

B. Business as Usual: Guy and Normal will follow you around and be annoying while you try to sell and obtain CRATES. You can’t have Earle and Zuri nearby while they’re there, and Agis and Big Momma will be unsettled. You’ll be unable to gain additional allies.

C. Attempt Rehabilitation: You’ll quit your current CRATE collection duties and try to educate Guy and Normal on how to not be insane. You can still send out the crates you currently have. This is the wild card option.
No. 1034998 ID: 273c18

Can't rehabilitate something that has zero ability to think for itself. These things are mentally and emotionally crippled.

B, then A. Get the crates sold, keep two grenades, octuple grenade them later when there's less nearby to destroy.
No. 1035001 ID: ce39da

C seems... interesting. They subscribe to the Path of [PURITY] (which I'm sure you'll find out if you talk to them further), yet think killing dudes and wearing their skin as a fur coat is somehow a-ok for their immortal soul. There's a contradiction here that isn't a contradiction to them, and figuring out why that is will be step one. If it's anything like the "we think you're turning into a demon" bombshell... (Do update the others with that info; it might shed some light on the red-eyed clone situation.)

Oh, and needless to say that you're keeping them isolated from society until you're sure that reintroducing them is no longer a massive mistake.

Fortunately, the power of clones means you don't actually have to stop doing your crate operation; just gotta find a separate place to do your "talks with angels" project.
No. 1035002 ID: e5709d

They really are Nazis.

Seconded. You aren't exactly a paragon of light after all your theft.
At least you're not turning into an Angel.

Also, play along. Whether or not they're insane, this is intel you can't pass up. Ask the two about the strengths and weaknesses of demons. Do they live forever? What does the average demon do to torture mortals? How long does it take for a virtuous soul in Heaven's University to graduate to an angel? Are mortal souls destroyed when eaten by spirit monsters?
The moment you feel uncomfortable, turn around and give them a great big hug while you unplug the grenades.
No. 1035008 ID: e51896

C. as >>1035000 said, we can still probably rehabilitate them somewhere private while the clone we sent out is doing crate duty, we will just be down one clone slot. Just leave a note for your clone for when Big Momma and you clone get back to let them know the situation, and that you'll be trying to teach these knuckleheads some morality somewhere private. (if it's not possible, we can probably just send out the crates, we have enough to send at least one of the two clones out to help us with the rescue mission, hay or pellet. I'm thinking pellet for when we decide to go do the rescue mission with her, they won't see a demon possessed Hay, but we'll probably decide who to send later)

And who knows, if rehabilitation is possible, they could become an unlikely ally... an annoying unlikely ally, and we get the opportunity to learn more about angels and demons.

Really, they are dummies, and since they are freshmen, we can still teach them right from wrong as it could be possible they are not totally brainwashed from Caesar's teachings.
No. 1035009 ID: 629f2e

Wow, I hate them.

Tentative C, but keep A very much on the table. Take a gamble that they are indoctrinated sheep that need a reality check instead of a pair of assholes that need to be taken out immediately. If you can't make any progress with them however, then you've just gotta take them out. Keep an itchy trigger finger, as it's better to succeed at taking them out than it'd be to fail and let them go back to their bosses with proof that the BIG DAY should come sooner.


Absolutely not this. This sounds like the option in which we get it all, which means this is the option most likely to result in something frustrating happening later to punish us for being greedy. Make a sacrifice now, or else I promise either those angels will head home earlier than we expect, getting the data they were looking for, or some complication will make us have to risk something more important than the crates to kill the angels, putting us in a worse place than we started.

This ain't easy street people, this is a Tippler quest. Make your sacrifices early, or pay double down the line.
No. 1035031 ID: e51896

>option in which we get it all, which means this is the option most likely to result in something frustrating happening later to punish us for being greedy. Make a sacrifice now, or else I promise either those angels will head home earlier than we expect, getting the data they were looking for, or some complication will make us have to risk something more important than the crates to kill the angels, putting us in a worse place than we started.

Yeah, good point. With that in mind, it's probably not worth it to attempt C and B and have a clone continue crate work while we distract the angels with teaching them, let alone A and B. Financial management was real fun, but... yeah, sadly, we might get punished for being greedy for doing both C and B. The worst case scenario I can think of for doing both B and C is that another one of our clones becomes a demon from using our powers too much, making us more of a target to the angels. not using our clone powers for the rest of the time we rehabilitate the two angels might reduce that risk.

I'm going to bank that working on rehabilitating the angels while just sending the crates to pellet or hay might lead to something good if we manage to do this right.

Still thinking we should just give the supplies to Pellet as when the rescue mission comes and Normal and Guy decide to follow us to the military compound, they won't risk seeing demon clone from Hay, causing them to schedule the "BIG DAY" closer.

Main reason why I picked C: other angels might get suspicious if we kill Normal and Guy, making Myriad and her clones more of a target to the angels, and B will just have Guy and Normal continue investigating us until they find more concrete evidence from us. Best to do C and hope we can get them off of Caesar's brainwashing.
No. 1035037 ID: c0bd54

Ask them if the whole "turning into a demon" thing is related to ACHIEVEMENTS.
No. 1035041 ID: 273c18

>not doing it now will mean we can't do it later, or we'll have to suffer more to do it later
>can't try to use a clone to rehabilitate them and sell the crates at the same time
I feel like this kind of metagaming is the self-defeating kind.
We *already* used clones once before to work around limitations. That is, in fact, the whole goddamn point of the quest, to leverage clones to do shit that would be unreasonable otherwise.

That said, there is a baked-in disadvantage to using clones for long projects like this. Other Myriads lose access to those clone slots! If a different Myriad gets attacked while we're using up clone slots, they could die.
No. 1035052 ID: f2320a

Hmm smarts can be aquired by the other branches gobbling up the smart ones but then into buff bodies
No. 1035053 ID: f2320a

Also depending on the amount needed could one not kill and eat your clones in a emergency too keep main body alive?
No. 1035084 ID: 9ea24b
File 165533730344.png - (113.83KB , 500x500 , p53.png )

>C, with a clone doing B
You’re going to take a risk here and branch off from CC so you can try to understand the ANGELS and hopefully teach them that murder is bad. CC will get you a very low-end used COMM and you’ll need to come up with a CODENAME that is rabbit food related. The number of available clone slots will drop to THREE.

This way CC will get PP and HH their necessary supplies using methods consistent with what she’s been doing before while you get to know Normal and Guy. She’ll even give you a report of her activities each time of day.

You do not have any allies, though you have access to the same food, water, weapons, and shelter as CC. Everyone has a lower opinion of you for associating with the ANGELS.

>MORNING report
CC returns to BASE at lunch and you fill her in on the new developments. She looks taken aback and concerned, but you’re similar enough that she eventually understands your reasoning and promises to buy you a shitty COMM for around 100 BUX. She couldn’t find any magical artifacts in the MARKET that were going for less than 500 BUX, so now she’s going to sell one of each CRATE and send the rest to HAY to complete the fighting rabbits’ needs.

You thank her for understanding and return to Normal and Guy, who are buzzing with excitement that you still want to talk to them.
No. 1035085 ID: 9ea24b
File 165533731132.png - (116.73KB , 500x500 , p54.png )

>More clone questions
If you ABSORBED a knowledgeable clone like PP, you’d gain some but not all of her smarts. Similarly you wouldn’t be as buff as HH if you ABSORBED her. There are some losses in any merge between two DIFFERENT clones.

>Could you kill and eat your clones in an emergency?
Great line of thinking, yes you could but you’d get fucked in the mental health department.

>More ANGEL questions
Myriad: Does this turning into a demon thing have anything to do with ACHIEVEMENTS?
Guy: Caesar said it does, so yeah, it does. You still have ONE achievement to go before you can turn into a DEMON, though you’ll also need some extra STIMULUS.
Myriad: So if DEMONS are bad, and I’m turning into a one, I don’t see this ending very well for me.
Normal: Oh. I didn’t think about that, but I bet we can SAVE you before it gets too serious. You’re helping us so we should help you!
Myriad: Gee, that’s real considerate. Are you guys really that strong?
Guy: We’re not, but Caesar is much higher level than us and once we GRADUATE we’ll be higher level too.
Normal: Maybe enough to have our own soldiers…Those NASTY Demons have all kinds of weird gross POWERS, if we fought an average demon right now we’d probably DIE.

The pair collectively shiver at the thought.

What is your new CODENAME? How do you want to structure your EDUCATIONAL EFFORTS? For example, you could make it something like a kindergarten class where you give the lads minor rewards for small acts of good (stickers) and also rank them on a class behavior system for naughtiness.
No. 1035098 ID: 629f2e

Codename: Veggie Vorer

Teaching Method: How about your start with the Socratic Method? You don't agree with their beliefs, you think that they're fundamentally flawed, and you'd like them to see that too. If you just tell them that they're wrong though, then they'll have to choose between whether to trust you or people they probably have more respect for. So instead, make them point out the flaws in their own beliefs by asking them questions.


Myriad: "Why is killing angels a sin?"
Them: "Because angels are good, and don't deserve to be purged."
Myriad: "So killing good people is wrong?"
Them: "Yes."
Myriad: "What makes angels good?"
Them: "They just are. Like how demons are just bad."
Myriad: "So morality is decided by species?"
Them: "Yeah, obviously."
Myriad: "What if a demon performed all of the acts that you have done, or another angel done the acts that you have purged demons for. Would the acts be good or bad depending on species, or would the angels doing wrong be bad and the demons doing right be good?"
Them: "...An angel wouldn't do things demons would."
Myriad: "Do angels lack free will?"
Them: "No?"
Myriad: "So is it impossible for an angel to do immoral actions?"
Them: "Theoretically no-"
Myriad: "Then there's nothing wrong with my theoretical example then, is there?"
Them: "...No."
Myriad: "So: Are the actions moral/immoral, or are the people performing the actions moral/immoral?"

And so on and so forth. These two don't seem like they've put much consideration into their morality, so eventually they're very likely to either contradict themselves, or reach a conclusion that they don't agree with despite their previous answers all leading straight towards it. Once that happens, they'll be more willing to listen to what you have to say, or at least start mulling over it themselves.
No. 1035100 ID: ce39da

Agreed. This has the added benefit of quickly revealing EXACTLY how deep the moon-logic rabbit hole goes. Be careful; it could go way deeper than the above example implies. Be prepared to discard assumptions even more basic than the ones the angels have already shown themselves to be flying in the face of; for instance, they could believe that lacking free will is an ideal to strive for, or that actions can't redeem or condemn you from being a particular species (at least not without a physical shift from that species).

Also, don't go full-throttle adversarial with this method the whole time. Take breaks to genuinely explain stuff like a friend would if they want clarification. Ease into the Socratic method when it's their turn to explain stuff, giving them a chance to say their piece before you begin in earnest. If the angels believe you're genuinely engaging with them without hostility, they'll be more open to listening.
No. 1035102 ID: aacf55

Rabbits LOVE bananas.
Banana biter.
Oh wait, this is CATALYST world. It would be long yellow not banana.
Screw it, support Himitsu's name idea.
No. 1035124 ID: e51896

Anyway, I would also support the Socratic Method, with maybe rewarding them with candy every now and then whenever they make some progress. If this method works and we fulfill this goal, these angels can bring our teaching methods to other angels and maybe something might change. They seem passionate enough to make that change to angel's way of thinking if we can steer them in that direction

some thoughts for the future, if we need one more achievement, and it's what we assume is losing all our clones, then maybe we just don't have to lose our clones. Maybe if we let them know after we teach them murdering innocent lives is wrong about what exactly our last achievement is, then they can help prevent it by helping with the rescue mission. I think we'll cross that bridge when we get there though, no need to mention this this early on.

But a theory in CATALYST story as to why Angels would want to kill people after the demon war, if people have awakened abilities, they'd want to kill them so that they don't become demons themselves.
No. 1035125 ID: 9ea24b
File 165539414740.png - (131.31KB , 500x500 , p55.png )

>Veggie Viewer
>Socratic Method, Q&A time
It’s getting hot on the sand in the sun, so you grudgingly bring Normal and Guy inside. Normal rubs dead fox grease all over the furniture.

Myriad: I want to ask some questions about your beliefs and what you learn at COLLEGE.
Normal: You’re totally trying to change our minds, aren’t you?
Guy: We won’t fall for that, but we’ll answer your questions if you promise to come with us to see Caesar soon.
Myriad: I mean, I was already planning to go to the military COMPOUND in a few days.
Normal: Yes yes yes, good.
Myriad: I even have these small ROCK CANDIES for rewards when you answer honestly.
Guy: We’re always honest! That candy is as good as ours.

You sigh and fetch the bag of brightly colored sugar jewels from the food stash.

Myriad: Why is killing angels a sin?
Guy: Because angels are good and PURE and help heal the world.
Myriad: Okay, so killing good people is wrong?
Normal: Yes, if they’re truly good.
Myriad: What if a DEMON is good? Or even a KIN?
Normal: Um, but they’re not. DEMONS are bad and KIN are sinful.
Myriad: Do ANGELS never sin?
Guy: Well sometimes they have to punish students who mess up, but we’re still learning so it's okay.
Myriad: Can you give me an example?
Guy: Well Normal has made mistakes before–
Normal: UGH.
Guy: He’s supposed to PROTECT me in our practice battles but sometimes he gets carried away and beats up our opponents.

You follow this particular line of thought for a while. It seems like ANGELS have free will and inherently believe in PURITY, but are indoctrinated at their school to accept violence towards others to fulfill their goals. Some, like Normal, are more bloodthirsty, but both accept the teachings of their professor and whatever other higher AUTHORITY exists in ANGEL land.
No. 1035126 ID: 9ea24b
File 165539415940.png - (116.94KB , 500x500 , p56.png )

CC returns in the evening to give you your COMM (-100). She explains that she shipped two rations CRATES and one weapons CRATE to HH (-210) and sold one of each crate (+750). Unfortunately, two BRAWLS broke out, one with the sailors who rightfully suspected CC of stealing and another with suspicious DOCKINGTON residents. No one was injured in the first BRAWL but Agis’ arm was broken in the second, making him unable to fight or carry crates in the near future. She’s planning to buy two rations crates and steal three weapons crates tonight with Big Momma (-60) and her own clone power. This should ensure she can get PP her crates by the morning of DAY 8, thus leaving plenty of time for everyone to travel to the COMPOUND on DAY 9.

You type out a lengthy message to the group describing what you’ve learned.

>Chat Log 17:45
Hay Haver: Okay, so RED Myriad is our demon form but we can’t use her until we get our last ACHIEVEMENT, which involves being alive with no clone slots.
Pellet Purveyor: I think we also have to be alone. No other Myriads.
Carrot Crammer: We’re trying to avoid that anyway since it’s what the ANGELS want.

>Chat Log 17:47
Hay Haver: Yeah, let's go fuck up this CAESAR guy, retrieve LL and GG, and be done with it.
Veggie Viewer: But if we kill him the other ANGELS will be upset and might send more soldiers to kill us.
Hay Haver: What are we supposed to do then? Ignore the problem and hope it goes away?
Veggie Viewer: I don’t know.
Pellet Purveyor: If these are the things attacking LYST I’m worried about our sisters.

Without drastic intervention on your part, the other three Myriads will meet on DAY 9 with the intent to kill Caesar. Normal and Guy currently expect you to go with CC but then cooperate with Caesar after arriving. What follow up questions would you like to ask the ANGELS this evening?
No. 1035128 ID: ce39da

"Okay, so the point I'm getting at is that you have FREE WILL, meaning angels are capable of doing bad things. Assuming demons and kin also have FREE WILL, they're capable of doing good things. I guess what I'm asking is; do actions actually matter, or is morality solely based in what you are? If it's the latter, why do you care to act on the world around you at all if you're already saved?"

"What is PURITY? How is it defined, and who decides that? Who decided that it should be the metric by which GOOD and EVIL are measured? Because from this humble mortal's perspective, IMPURITY is a bit more complicated than 'being the wrong species' or 'premarital sex.' Most folks would say that taking a life - no matter the reason - taints the soul something fierce."
No. 1035130 ID: 629f2e

> Veggie Viewer


You've got the groundwork there to make them think about whether morality is inherited or the result of actions. Follow up on that.

If you can make them acknowledge that actions are what matter, then take it further and ask what the difference between good and bad people are if both occasionally do good and bad things. Is NORMAL a good person even though he goes too far on missions? Would a kin who steals bread to feed her children be a bad person, even if the crime had a good intention?

If you really want to make them think: How does intention relate to morality? If I did something with good intentions, and something bad results of it, was my action good or bad? Like if I make my friend a peanut butter and jelly for lunch, but she ends up being allergic and has a bad reaction to it?

What if I do something with evil and selfish intentions, but something good comes out of it? Like if I kill somebody so that I can take their wallet, but my victim was planning on setting a bomb off a bomb at city hall. Am I a hero for saving all the people who would have died there, or am I a loser crook who took a life to make a quick buck?

And what about accidents? Like if I accidentally drop my glasses off a bridge, someone below it catches them and looks through them, and they suddenly realize that they need glasses. Have I really done anything good if I didn't know I was doing it?

How do our intentions affect our morality? Does it only matter that we mean well, or that we do well? Or is it both?

And if only meaning well and doing well make an act good, which feels like the quick answer they'd give, then does that mean that the only evil acts are when somebody has poor intentions and hurts people as a result? What does that mean for all the people who are trying their best but coming up short?
No. 1035131 ID: e51896

So if angels are capable of making the mistakes of sinning just like kin do like the mistakes Normal made, but be forgiven for it since they're still learning and not receive death for their mistakes, why can't kin be forgiven for the mistakes they made as well since they could still be taught or still be learning themselves like angels could?

If angels are worried kin might be sinning too much, why not build colleges churches based off of cheaching PURITY in Faunus to teach them the dangers of sin and demons, and lower the amount of kins who sin a significant amount, and lower the amount of how much they sin? Especially if kin can make mistakes like angels do?

What about kins who have done a significant amount of good deeds, but have still sinned even if the good deeds they have done outweigh the sins? in fact, here's an example: what if a kin who has sinned does something to SAVE an angel? are they still incapable of being forgiven?

What do angels get out of killing sinful kin? do they get points for "cleansing" the world of sin? is there alternatives like changing the world for the better that doesn't involve killing which could help spread the word to prevent corruption and prevent sin... like say, changing the world with that purity college building idea for kin and starting a religion to steer kin from sin or demons? points for cleansing might be Karma points if SHARDS is anything to go by since you can get karma by making significant changes to the world, or killing a lot.

(note to self: finally contact our sisters the day before we meet Caesar, and we'll decide from there whether we'll go to LYST or stay here...)

(also, feel free to omit any questions since this might be a lot, these were just ideas)
No. 1035132 ID: e51896

to add on to the church idea, if they say that Kin can't be taught not to sin, tell them that they actually taught you that you were being corrupted and might become a demon, and thanks to learning that, you're going to be doing what you can to prevent becoming a demon with that knowledge you didn't know before since if you didn't learn this fact, you would have kept going. and if other kin are taught that they could be corrupted by powers like you do now, they can prevent others and themselves from becoming too corrupted like you did, and like how you're now trying to prevent from getting worse.
No. 1035165 ID: 9ea24b
File 165541930949.png - (118.43KB , 500x500 , p57.png )

>Philosophical mastermind
Now that you have a better understanding of the lads, you have all kinds of hypothetical ethical scenarios without clear answers that will surely throw them into doubt. After an uncomfortable dinner where Normal and Guy insist on sitting at the table, you settle back down for more deep intellectual discussion.

Myriad: Going back to that example where Normal misbehaves during spars, what if his actions make your team win?
Guy: Winning is GOOD but he still disobeyed, which is BAD.
Myriad: Would that good ever outweigh the bad? What if he saved you by taking a risk?

Guy looks uncertain for a moment, or at least as far as you can tell from a magical being with eyes on his shoulders whose body is totally covered.

Guy: I’d have to ask a professor.
Myriad: Okay, so professors decide what’s RIGHT and WRONG.
Normal: There’s a ranking system, y’know, with the levels. Higher level ANGELS get more say. Guy: When you make a mistake, your superior can FORGIVE you.
Myriad: Who’s the highest ranking ANGEL then?
Normal: There’s a few who are really strong, but the one in charge of most young ANGELS is DADDY.
Myriad: What.
Normal: That’s his title. He’s our Daddy.
Myriad: Is this a sex thing?
Guy: No! That’s disgusting, you KIN have such dirty minds.
Myriad: I’m sorry, I misspoke, is this a kink thing?
Guy: I don’t know what that means, but it’s especially important that we follow Daddy’s orders. He defines PURITY for us and gathers EGGS from across the different worlds to bring more ANGELS to the college.

You have a sudden vision of a large stork carrying a baby in a cloth with its beak.
No. 1035166 ID: 9ea24b
File 165541932178.png - (113.84KB , 500x500 , p58.png )

Myriad: FAUNUS doesn’t have, uh, a Daddy like you do. How are we supposed to be FORGIVEN if there’s no one to forgive us?
Normal: So what? You people just aren’t special enough to have a Daddy. The DEMONS already got to your WORLDPLATE first so it’d be way too much work to try and fix everyone.
Myriad: I don’t know what a WORLDPLATE is but I’m pretty sure FAUNUS is a planet.
Normal: What does that mean?
Myriad: Uh, we’re like, a round rock spinning in space? Not plate-like at all.
Normal: Sure…

This is taxing work, so you pour yourself a cold glass of beer and give a heavy sigh.

Myriad: You’re higher ranking than me, can’t you make a decision about my morality? I’m helping you on something really important, which is GOOD enough that you want to SAVE me.
Guy: Yeah, that’s true, we are BETTER than you!
Normal: Yes, I’m glad you’ve realized your place.
Guy: And we say that you are REDEEMING yourself by being nice even though you are still very DIRTY.

Progress, in a weird way. You’re starting to get a headache so you call it an early evening and wait for CC to return.

>EVENING report
CC returns with the three weapons CRATES without a scratch. Big Momma is unharmed as well. Having a smaller party helped them sneak past the sailors, even with an additional guard.

Who do you dream about?
C. A mysterious motherly presence…
No. 1035167 ID: 629f2e

C, we just learned about Daddy, now to learn about Mommy
No. 1035169 ID: ce39da

The angel boss is a Daddy, not a Mommy, so there shouldn't be too much danger in C.
No. 1035177 ID: 273c18

No. 1035178 ID: 5b7ffd

Motherly presence... Mizz Es?
No. 1035186 ID: 5b7ffd

Wait, just remembered this: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1006261.html#1007816

>You look up for some reason and see a pair of eyes. You feel like you’ve seen them before. It’s got almost a MOTHERLY feel to it, but you don’t quite understand why it is you feel that way about it.

MOTHERLY... If it's not Mizz Es... then the motherly presence gotta be...

SET??? https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/993796.html#998714

Okay, im overthinking it.

No. 1035231 ID: 9ea24b
File 165548510120.png - (133.51KB , 500x500 , p59.png )

As you sleep, you reach out in your mind for anything that could help you get through to Normal and Guy. You thought reasoning with them would work, but at the first sign of self-doubt they retreated behind this nebulous ultimate authority DOM BIRD entity. What’s a simple kin supposed to do? At least the ANGELS seem to like you, in a patronizing way.

You find yourself sitting in a classroom while the feline teacher and a canine, one of your classmate’s mom, talk. They’re both hotties. You’re doodling on the front of your MATH homework, waiting for them to finish so you can ask teach a couple questions, turn it in, and leave.

Set: No disrespect ma’am, but it’s like you’re not even trying. The other LORDS have mobilized their forces while you’re still fussing around with the MORTALS.
Mizz Es: I…maybe I’m just too old to FIGHT nowadays. I’d be happy to support you if you want to ally with your SON.
Set: He’s made good progress but I fear it won’t be enough. I will stand with him though, wherever he chooses to go.
Mizz Es: Good.
Set: I see you have a STUDENT here. I’m sure you’re eager to HELP her, let us discuss business later.

The canine walks into the star scattered darkness that lies around the edges of the classroom.
No. 1035232 ID: 9ea24b
File 165548511989.png - (97.24KB , 500x500 , p60.png )

The woman smiles at you and you feel less nervous. You’re good at math so you always enjoyed this class, especially when the teacher praised you for still working hard when you could take it easy and goof off with some of the other students.

Myriad: Hello, I’m having some trouble with question 9.
Mizz Es: Let me see, ah, well the way you’ve solved the equation works fine. There’s more than one right answer to this problem.
Myriad: Oh, ok, I might change it then, I don’t like my current solution. Um, can I also ask you for some advice about a personal question?
Mizz Es: Certainly, my dear.
Myriad: I’m tutoring these two boys, and they have a teacher who’s taught them how to do things completely wrong! They won’t even listen to me when I try to help. It’s so frustrating.

Mizz Es’ toothy smile turns into something like a grimace for a split second.

Mizz Es: I know who you’re talking about. I don’t say this lightly, but that BIRD is a terrible educator and a massive HYPOCRITE. Unfortunately he has tenure, so I’m afraid I’ll have to put up with him whenever we cross paths in the teacher’s lounge for several more millenia.
Myriad: I just want to help these kids learn.
Mizz Es: That’s an admirable sentiment, but a difficult task. I will say these two boys are very fond of you already, and even if they aren’t learning logical problem solving they still benefit from having a good influence to show them a different path.
Myriad: I don’t know how good of an influence I can be when I’m only here for a few more days.
Mizz Es: It’s up to you, but I’d keep spending time with them.

You wake up the next morning to see Normal and Guy watching you intently from next to the sofa. You groan and look around. Seems like you slept in and CC is already gone.

>Complicating Event: HH
You read through the chat logs and frown. It looks like HH had to use clones for a battle with a DUNGEON beast last night and summoned RED Myriad again. She didn’t have as bad of a headache this time, but afterwards her powers stopped working and she can’t use clones any more.

What would you like to do this morning?
No. 1035233 ID: 629f2e

Have breakfast with your angel companions. If Math Mommy believes in you, then you have to keep trying.

Present a hypothetical. A horrible demon attack takes place, and every angel above Normal and Guy is obliterated in a brutal war. Tragic, rest their souls. That means Normal and Guy are at the top of the foodchain now though.

So here's the question: What is now right? You can no longer run your moral quandaries by Daddy, and by all accounts you are the ones in charge.

Are you allowed to change the rules? If so, then what does that mean for the concept of goodness itself if it can be influenced by the whims of whoever the top angel is? Is there no such thing as a truly right action if different management might have different opinions?

If not, then that would mean you have to follow everything you learned from Daddy, right? But do you remember everything? Didn't you just say that you would need to talk to a professor for one of our hypotheticals yesterday? What do you do when you aren't sure what your professors or Daddy would do in a situation? Do you have to guess, and hope you give the advice that they would?

Final question: Who taught Daddy, and how much of what Daddy teaches matches what his teachers would say?

If it's even 1% off, then try bumping the question up. If his teacher was 1% off of his teacher, and his teacher's teacher was 1% off of his teacher... In the end, how much has what is right shifted over time? And what does it mean that it even CAN shift? If an angel 100 generations before you was taught something completely different, what does that mean for the actions angels take now?

And if you want to say that it's remained fully consistent, then let's come back to the first question. You're suddenly put up top. Can you perfectly match the teachings of your Daddy?
No. 1035235 ID: ce39da

Okay, so we hit a roadblock, but at least we've identified it; their professors have an overwhelming advantage in the "Ethos" corner of the argumentative theatre. Also, their alien experiences will likely make any Pathos argument you make against their path fizzle, as they know literally nothing else.

The solutions are obvious when you think about it: attack that Ethos directly, making them doubt the reasoning behind those professors having any unbiased and verifiable authority on the subject of morality; second, as Mizz Es seemed to imply, we need to actually present an alternative answer to what's good vs. evil (possibly multiple) instead of just shooting down what they do know without addressing the core issue they're clearly concerned with.

So point out the circular reasoning they've surely been fed about why the "authorities" in their life are the only ones allowed to forgive and dictate what's moral, and show them that the definition of morality they were given is far from the only one.

I think the first part can easily be torn down the same way one would dispel the social contract theory.

"So here's another hypothetical; if this 'Daddy' of yours has free will, that means it's feasibly possible for him to mess up. Who forgives him, in that case?" And who forgives he who forgives Daddy? And so on, and so forth.

As for the latter, maybe avoid pointing out the "DESIRE is GOOD, PURITY is EVIL" alternative some people in your world almost certainly believe in. Maybe just point out that it's considered common sense among mortals that COMPASSION is unequivocally GOOD while MURDER is always considered BAD for the soul, no matter how justified the reason. "Not that I haven't done that, but I still wish there were other ways to resolve it. Maybe I could have talked out my differences with someone, you know? Changing minds is a lot easier when you aren't trying to kill each other."
No. 1035236 ID: 1d9627

Tell Hay you suspect the red eyed myriad deactivated her powers so that it would ensure we'd get that final achievement, which means we probably shouldnt absorb hay during the rescue mission even if she dies or else we might suffer not activating clones. Tell her to stop doing more missions and rest up for the rescue mission coming up along with her troops. They deserve a break.
No. 1035243 ID: fae74b

Whoa! I just had a rare a-ha moment!

Okay, so if we want to show that higher ranking angels like Caesar or Daddy could be wrong about stuff, what if at some point we show PROOF that something they taught these angels are incorrect.

And we already have one: their belief that we are living on a flat WORLDPLATE, not a round WORLDBALL

If the higher ranking angels taught these angels that this is a worldplate, and we prove them wrong, that could be a way to get them to start questioning their beliefs and wonder if other things are wrong.

We can do it in a future update, but just something we gotta try sooner or later. To show proof, we can show video proof and pics on a comm (time-lapse videos of the world rotating like a ball for example) or take them to a library.
No. 1035252 ID: 9ea24b
File 165551137228.png - (147.01KB , 500x500 , p61.png )

>Question authority
You make a hot breakfast and share it with Normal and Guy. They’re sloppy eaters, but very enthusiastic. You get the bright idea to show them pictures of FAUNUS from outer space on your COMM to prove it’s a sphere before returning to the sofa.

Myriad: Alright, time for more hypothetical scenarios. What if you two were assigned to be the head ANGELS of some planet like FAUNUS, you had what you learned from Daddy but you were on your own afterwards, without CONTACT from other ANGELS.
Normal: I like the sound of that.
Guy: Yeah!
Myriad: So what would you do?
Normal: Kill!!! Eat the bad demons!!!
Guy: Blast ‘em!
Myriad: Okay, let’s say you’re fighting a strong DEMON and Normal, you can kill him but if you do Guy will get seriously hurt and would die.
Normal: Well I’d kill him so fast Guy wouldn’t get hurt.
Myriad: He’s very sneaky and wicked so he has, uh, a POWER where he has revenge damage.
Normal: I’d still kill him if he’s so wicked.
Guy: Hey, but I’d die! I don’t want that.
Normal: I wouldn’t die, so I’m stronger, so what I say is the rules!
Guy: That’s not fair…

Guy seems legitimately upset, so you take a short break to go to the beach and make sandcastles. You drop a few follow-up questions about how they can be sure Daddy is being fair if there’s no one to disagree with him, but try to keep it subtle.
No. 1035253 ID: 9ea24b
File 165551138127.png - (97.06KB , 500x500 , p62.png )

CC successfully sold the extra weapons CRATE without issue (+450) and sent four crates to PP to arrive tomorrow morning (-280). She paid Big Momma for her support (-20) and heard from Agis that Bessie has stabilized and will make a full recovery. Since everyone will be ready to go by midday tomorrow, the plan is for Big Momma to drive CC and you to the military compound tomorrow afternoon, expected arrival around midnight. The collected Myriads will form a plan to take out Caesar once everyone is there. PP will bring ALLIES and HH will bring a variety of ARTIFACTS thanks to their full availability.

CC wants to relax a bit after working hard for several days, so she takes Big Momma on a city outing while you continue to suffer.

You’re about to resume your efforts when you hear a ringing sound. Guy puts his hand to his head like he’s answering the phone and Normal fusses around him, trying to get near the crisp voice and strange clicking coming from the ANGEL’s palm.

Guy: Hello Professor! We’ve secured a cooperative Myriad and we’ll return to base tomorrow night with her. All the other Myriads are planning to converge there as well.
Caesar: Excellent work, I hope you didn’t injure her too much. I need the sample intact.
Guy: She’s fine, very healthy. We just had lunch.
Caesar: I’m impressed, how did you manage to convince her?
Normal: We told her what ANGELS were about and she understood what we’re doing is super important and good.
Caesar: Is that so? Interesting.
Normal: Professor, we have some questions about Daddy. Who taught him about PURITY?
Caesar: He embodies PURITY and dispenses his eternal knowledge to his flock.
Normal: Okay, but what if he makes a mistake? Or gets entangled in an ambiguous moral situation?
Caesar: There are no ambiguous situations. There is one TRUTH that we are working to fulfill. You’d do well to listen to your superiors and not challenge my words.
Normal: But you said this was a WORLDPLATE and Myriad says it's a planet. She even showed us pictures. You were wrong.

Do you:
A. Interject and make yourself known to Caesar (he’ll want to talk to you in PRIVATE)
B. Stay quiet and see what he has to say to Normal and Guy
No. 1035255 ID: 629f2e

A, Interject! If you don't, he's going to give them some bullshit lines that they will immediately be won over by.
No. 1035262 ID: ce39da

Either that or he's about to resolve this for us by expelling them over the phone. Holy cow, this is a high-stakes decision... Though then again, we could always make the sacrifice play if they become hostile. B.
No. 1035263 ID: e5709d

B) Let Caesar's mask slip a little. But be ready to interrupt if he says anything that isolates Guy and Normal from... well, normal guys. Stuff like "it is a sin to communicate with the damned" or "you cannot sympathize with the servants of evil".
No. 1035273 ID: 629f2e

Y'know what, y'all make good points. I'll swap to B, and agree that it'd be best to just talk to them afterwards and react to whatever he says.
No. 1035288 ID: 9ea24b
File 165552515567.png - (130.00KB , 500x500 , p63.png )

You stay silent. You’re curious to hear Caesar’s reaction to his underling’s newfound contrariness. If it sounds like things are going south you can always SPEAK UP.

Caesar: I suppose I may have made a small factual error. The celestial status of FAUNUS is not terribly important to the mission.
Normal: You said there’s one TRUTH, but you don’t even know basic stuff.
Caesar: I am not OMNISCIENT, yes. Is there a point to this line of questioning?
Normal: If me and Guy are both fighting a DEMON that has revenge damage powers would it be wrong of me to kill him?
Caesar: What are you talking about?
Guy: Normal thinks he’s stronger so he gets to do whatever he WANTS. Tell him he’s wrong!

You shed a single tear of pride at raising your boys to be this incredibly fucking annoying. Caesar, perhaps sensing his loss of control over the situation, makes a swift pivot.

Caesar: Once we complete this mission I’ll make sure you both are RECOGNIZED and REWARDED by the entire college. Who knows, maybe even ugh Daddy will come to congratulate you.
Guy: O:
Normal: O:
Caesar: Just make sure you bring Myriad to me and I will handle things from there. I must go now to make preparations for the battle.
Guy: We will! Thank you for calling us!

No. 1035289 ID: 9ea24b
File 165552516671.png - (133.85KB , 500x500 , p64.png )

The ANGELS are useless wriggling larvae of excitement for the rest of the afternoon. They chatter about the awards they might win and how their classmates will be in awe of their new prestige. You were impressed by how they questioned Caesar, but slightly disappointed that they were distracted so easily by nebulous promises of glory.

CC confides in you that Big Momma does indeed have a functioning pseudopenis.

What would you like to do this evening?
No. 1035291 ID: e51896

I think It's time.
Time to contact our sisters.
From there, we will decide if after the mission we want to stay, or go to Lyst maybe.
It all depends on where the conversation will lead really... and if we survive
No. 1035293 ID: 273c18

Yeah contacting your sisters might be a good idea, you have information they might want. Also you might be dying soon.
No. 1035294 ID: 9ddefa

You should re-merge for a minute and experience that big momma memory for yourself
No. 1035295 ID: 629f2e

I will also support contacting your sisters. Maybe bring up that one of your clones got some, Andrea would like that.
No. 1035313 ID: 9ea24b
File 165557555271.png - (95.86KB , 500x500 , p65.png )

>MERGE with CC to experience the Big Momma SEX memories
It’s tempting, but the desire to recombine should be mutual and you don’t think CC would want to mix psyches based on a fairly FRIVOLOUS desire. RED Myriad seems to be an exception to this rule, but for the ordinary Myriads it pays to be sensible.

>Call sisters
You have their numbers memorized, despite not having talked to them in, GODDESS, at least a couple years. Andrea will be awake no matter the TIME ZONE difference and you sit at the kitchen table with CC and use her higher quality COMM to make the call.

You both wait with baited breath. There’s a good chance she just won’t answer an unfamiliar number from a foreign country, but after several rings you hear your sister’s voice.

Andrea: Hello?
CC: Hi Andrea, it’s your sister Myriad. Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve called.
VV: There’s a clone here too, hi.
CC: Just wanted to check in since I might be dead or a DEMON in a couple days. Er, do you know about DEMONS? We just learned about them and ANGELS.

Andrea tells you about the imminent DEMON WAR that will kill 30% of the world’s population.

She tells you how afterwards the ANGELS will invade and wipe out the rest.

She tells you how about a third of LYST’s citizens were murdered by a collision of DEMON and ANGEL forces that were actually WEAK in the grand scheme of things. How Adriana died trying to get her fellow KIN to safety.

The survivors are still fighting, of course, holed up in the dungeon that became their base, but morale is low.

Really puts your problems in perspective. CC is similarly stunned into silence.
No. 1035314 ID: 9ea24b
File 165557556067.png - (63.98KB , 500x500 , p66.png )

Andrea: Yeah, so if you want to come to MIDLAND after your mission and hang out before everything goes to SHIT I’d appreciate seeing family. You do you though.
CC: Andrea are you okay?
Andrea: No, but whatever. Oh yeah, our leader died and came back as a DEMON, which is pretty sick.
VV: Do you think we should become a DEMON? Would that help you guys?
Andrea: Sis I dunno, it’s up to you. Anyway that was a lot of DOOM and GLOOM shit so I’m going to go have sex. Feel free to call me again anytime.

You don’t sleep very well.

>Complicating Event: PP
You and CC seem to be the bearers of bad news during daily updates. You share the tragedy of Adriana’s death and hear that PP finally had to break the bad news to Matteo that the kingdom was in RUINS and to shut the fuck up. Since she’s leaving shortly to go NORTH, it shouldn’t be a big deal.
This beautiful sea breeze morning in DOCKINGTON is your last chance for some levity before you meet up with the Myriad crew for the final battle. What would you like to do?
No. 1035317 ID: e51896

Let's say our goodbyes to our friends of Dockington here, like Aegis. Give him Carrot's comm number and your sister's number and let him know if you don't make it back, try to contact your sisters of the bad news, but if you survive, you are planning on going back to Lyst to help your sister and he'll have your number to contact you... unless he wants to come with you to Lyst when this is over. But also ask if Big Momma or Aegis would like to go to Lyst with you after this mission is over, while warning that it might be dangerous, but it'd be nice to have friends help save your old town, and it's probably no different then what it is like in this wasteland anyways. Give him some BUX as well for his services as well.


During the car ride, last minute conversation with Normal and Guy about how you're proud of them for what they've learned and that they should use what you taught them to teach your lessons to other angels since if they were being rewarded to think for themselves and question higher ranking angel's teachings, they should do the same by teaching other angels so that can get rewarded too with the Socratic Method as the basis

We're telling them to do this so that more angels can start questioning if their professors and Daddy is wrong about stuff, and this might actually make other angels to question their own beliefs in the future if these two knuckleheads can teach the other lower status angels, and perhaps cause a spark of change to actually make angels question if killing kin is actually wrong. Whatever the case, they seem PASSIONATE enough to incite change

whatever the case, Mizz Es wants us to stick with them, and that's what we'll do even when we meet Caesar. She believes in us.
No. 1035329 ID: 273c18

Have sex with Big Momma.
No. 1035341 ID: 9ea24b
File 165559474011.png - (104.17KB , 500x500 , p67.png )

You leave the ANGELS at the BASE and go with CC to say goodbye to Agis, whose arm is in a cast. He already has Carrot’s number, but you give him Andrea’s number as well in case something happens to all the Myriads and he needs to pass on a message. He happily accepts a double hug from the two of you.

While CC is distracted haggling the cost of the ride with Big Momma (-100), you take Agis aside and offer to take him to LYST after this. He looks at you in confusion, and you can’t find it in yourself to tell him about the apocalypse, so you accept his polite refusal with a small smile.

>Sex with Big Momma
Naw, she doesn’t like you for associating with Normal and Guy. Speaking of…

You find yourself sandwiched between your students in the backseat of Big Momma’s compact car on the RIDE to the COMPOUND. Despite Normal’s stink and Guy’s unpleasant warmth, you start feeling drowsy.

Myriad: I’m proud of you guys for learning about the Socratic Method. Maybe you can teach your classmates about how to ask more questions.
Guy: It’s fun to ask questions, thanks for talking to us.
Normal: Yeah, we’ve never been friends with a KIN before. Like we said earlier, we’ll get Caesar to help you so you don’t get stuck as a DEMON.
Myriad: Thanks…

No. 1035342 ID: 9ea24b
File 165559476277.png - (61.12KB , 500x500 , p68.png )

You wake up with a huge yawn when Big Momma pulls to a stop with a loud crunch of gravel. The military compound is a fenced area in the desert with several metal buildings that no doubt lead to more structures underground. It’s dark except for the headlights of the cars.

The other Myriads are already there. HH gives CC a hug while you stand to the side awkwardly with the ANGELS. PP has a whole truck full of a variety of KIN, including several INSECT-KIN the size of your head that scurry over her body and chitter.

Normal and Guy point you toward the main entrance of the metal building that leads downstairs to the bulk of the BASE. If you die, the other Myriads will attempt to infiltrate together to retrieve you and the other lost SLOTS. They’ll have a fixed 2/3 chance of success.

What do you bring to your meeting with Caesar? The options are mutually exclusive.

A. Standard weapons and grenades - General utility
B. One of HH’s potent MANA explosives - Good for hostage and self-sacrifice situations
C. One of PP’s spy BUGS - Can chew through electrical cables and bindings
No. 1035343 ID: 899c9f

Standard weapons and grenades, be prepared for a world of hurt.
No. 1035348 ID: e51896

Going to attempt diplomacy with Normal and Guy, with our clones coming to save us if we die. We got far with teaching Normal and Guy, and if we go in without the intent of killing at first (without weapons), Normal and Guy will be more willing to help us to some degrees, maybe even a stepping stone to help convince them to change their minds against Caesar's teachings for the better.

I say C. That way, if we die, the spy bug could escape and let the other Myriads know about what happened, and the can decide from there what to do.
No. 1035385 ID: e5709d

No. 1035388 ID: 9ea24b
File 165561002752.png - (96.61KB , 500x500 , p69.png )

You slip a bug under your robe and say a brief goodbye to CC. Guy takes your arm and walks with you into the dark building. You hear a slight rustle and blink at the sudden illumination from Guy’s head, a powerful beam of light bringing the concrete and steel walls into sharp relief.

After passing through a maze of corridors, you arrive in what must have been an operating room. You’re quaking before you even see the large serpentine creature that’s fussing over some vials of rainbow colored sludge. Ah, that must be Caesar. He has those distinctive eyes along his body, which seems split into segments, each sprouting numerous narrow appendages.

There’s a surprisingly normal tripod set up with an eyeball shaped CAMERA pointed at an operating table. You gulp when Normal leads you to it. When you touch the surface, you feel LL’s presence and refrain from absorbing her. THAT would leave you catatonic from the death memory trauma and all but confirms she was dismembered, for SCIENCE.

Normal: Here you go prof, just like we said.
Guy: What should we do now?
Caesar: Go stand by the wall and stay SILENT.
Normal: Righto!

The lads wave to you from their vantage point by the door while Caesar grabs several of the colorful vials and a large syringe.
No. 1035389 ID: 9ea24b
File 165561003450.png - (122.75KB , 500x500 , p70.png )

Myriad: W-what’s that?
Caesar: Unstable MANA residue I collected from near the blast zone of those INGENIOUS mana bombs that destroyed this area. I’ve been studying the effects on AWAKENED. I’m going to inject you with it, unless you’d prefer to drink it.
Myriad: What does it do?
Caesar: Theoretically it will let you access your inner DEMON without fulfilling your last ACHIEVEMENT. It’d be an utter nightmare to track down and eliminate all of your clones, and then there’s the matter of making sure all of your additional SLOTS have been exhausted. Torture was inaffective with the last Myriad who came here so I made sure to have a contingency.

He seizes you with his pincers, one on each limb in a too tight grip, forces you onto the table, and straps you in.
No. 1035390 ID: e5709d

>Torture was ineffective with the last Myriad who came here so I made sure to have a contingency
No. 1035393 ID: 273c18

"But I don't WANT to be a demon, that's why I came here!"
Also wait, how does this prove the hypothesis that you're being corrupted too fast and they need to step up their plans? If the mana injection unlocks it before it's supposed to be unlocked, then that's like forcing someone to do something bad as evidence that they're immoral.
Ask him if they're really going to kill every person on the planet after the great war happens.

Oh, and obviously set the bug on the bindings after you get injected. What happens next is probably that you're going to be killed because you're "corrupted", even though it's an angel that caused you to be corrupted in the first place. I wonder if Guy and Normal will be swayed at all by the first-hand evidence that angels don't actually care about morality? The kind of purity they want is the kind where no people exist at all. Pure nothingness.
No. 1035398 ID: e51896

We should probably get him distracted by having Guy and Normal ask him questions so we can remove the bindings with spy bug and he doesn't inject us with that. We don't want that camera to show us turning demon.

Weaponize ourselves with the SOCRATIC METHOD again, in front of Guy and Normal!

Tell him he did not yet answer Guy and Normal's question from earlier >>1035288, and if he is unable to answer them, and can only offer them RECOGNITION and
REWARDED to avoid their question, how can he be sure that what he's going to do to you here is correct under the teachings of the one TRUTH they believe in?

If the goal of an angel is preventing corruption from kin, or prevent more demons from being unleashed from kin, wouldn't that mean from that logic that it is wrong to create more demons with his experimentation on you, even if it's for science? Would doing this mean he would be LYING and is he going against his teachings for our FRIENDS Guy and NORMAL? The same teachings DADDY passed down to him? Does turning us into a demon for SCIENCE goes against the ONE TRUTH they believe in?

Also you're kind of a walking contradiction to their teachings as well, say if an angel is tasked to kill all corrupted kin, but is also tasked with not awakening an inner demon within a kin and risk giving them unmatched power, like killing all the Myriad clones until one is left for the achievement to awaken her inner demon for example, would that mean that an angel would be in the wrong for unleashing a powerful demon to this world after killing the clones, or would they be in the wrong for not killing the corrupted clones?

Guy and Normal did offer help to NOT turn into a demon, which means they were already taught that turning kin into demons is BAD. asking Caesar these will hopefully get the angels to realize that Caesar is not as good as he seem.

Hopefully this will get Guy and Normal to start seeing the wrong that Caesar is trying to do, and if he is distracted by their protest, we can use Spy Bug to release us before he has a chance to demonify us, which is what we don't want to happen in front of the cam or else the apocolypse could happen sooner.

Speaking of which, destroy the camera after you are free. We do NOT want them to record anything.
No. 1035399 ID: 899c9f

Say no to drugs!
So, how fast does does the bug chew through bindings, exactly?
Distract him, try to get a clone off when he's not looking and before you drink the juice, if you can help it. Ask how they're supposed to be asking questions if they're standing by the wall and remaining silent.
No. 1035400 ID: ca5be9

Don't turn demon if you can help it. It might not make Guy and Normal happy with us after everything we taught them and side more with Caesar. If we want to turn demon on purpose, lets wait to decide until after this ordeal.

Get Caesar distracted, then use bug to free yourself.
No. 1035422 ID: ce39da

"So let me get this straight; to prove that kin are turning into demons too fast, you're going to force me to rush the process with stuff that you provided? Man, that's so unscientific, it's not even funny. Not to mention completely unconscionable by your own faction's standards. But I assume 'Daddy' is gonna forgive you for this?"

Have the bug disable the camera first and undo your bindings second.

"Isn't it wrong to forgive someone for doing something so awful? So... who forgives the guy at the top for forgiving people?"
No. 1035427 ID: 0837d1

Good point. Support on having bug destroy the cam first, could be a livestream after all.

But here's an idea, I sugget waiting until we get a recording of our question and his reaction to our difficult question for other angels to see if it is a livestream

I already support not becoming demon, but yeah, we dont need demon power to defeat him, our friendship with normal and guy will pull through. (Also, Hay already has a demon clone in her).
No. 1035434 ID: 9ea24b
File 165565226928.png - (99.26KB , 500x500 , p71.png )

You grit your teeth and force your breathing to stay even. You still have time and options, even if this is a terrifying situation and you’re immobilized.

Caesar is either recording video or doing a livestream to his ANGEL superiors. You’re thinking it’s the former since it doesn’t make sense for him to prove you’re naturally turning into a DEMON by feeding you special goop. That at least means no one else is currently watching and you can focus on getting free first.

The BUG is awkwardly pressed against your thigh, and seems smart enough not to move while Caesar is paying close attention. You saw it had nasty big pincers so hopefully it can make quick work of the straps holding you down. You just need a…

Caesar presses the large needle of the syringe deep into your right arm, into the vein on the other side of your elbow.

You feel the jolt of ENERGY, swiftly followed by a throbbing pain in your skull. Okay, you’re fine though, you just can’t make clones or RED Myriad might come out. Caesar watches you for a reaction.

Myriad: I don’t WANT to be a DEMON though, that’s why I came here so you could help me! That’s what Normal and Guy told me.
Caesar: I have no idea where they’re getting these ideas, but no, they lied. You’ll make a delicious SNACK for me and then I’ll return HOME with my proof that the CLEANSING needs to happen soon.

No. 1035435 ID: 9ea24b
File 165565228158.png - (135.51KB , 500x500 , p72.png )

You squeeze your eyes shut and pray that Normal and Guy are listening. Sure enough–

Normal: Hey, what? You can’t kill Myriad, that’s not GOOD.
Guy: Yeah, she’s helping us so it's JUST that we repay her. Also she’s nice and we like her.

Caesar growls and rounds on his underlings. You nudge the bug and it scurries under the metal frame and starts chewing on the bindings on your left leg.

Caesar: I thought I told you two to BE QUIET.
Guy: You’re not being logically consistent though and logical consistency is very important.
Caesar: If you’re so attached to your PET we can take one of the ones outside back to school for you to play with.
Normal: No, we don’t want you to hurt THIS Myriad. She’s different from the others. She cares about us!
Guy: Professor, you’re being very rude.

You feel the strap loosen on your leg and the tapping of the bug under the table as it moves to the next limb. You flinch when Caesar grabs Normal and pushes him into the concrete wall. Guy shrieks with alarm as Caesar repeatedly slams Normal’s head into the hard surface, with enough FORCE to form cracks.
No. 1035438 ID: e51896


Remember that Guy said that killing angels is sinful. Announce to Caesar (and Guy) that killing angels is a SIN and that the fact that he is attempting to kill Normal means that he is most likely CORRUPTED now much like they view kin as being corrupted and going against his and Daddy's own teachings.

This might have Guy be more willing to save Normal if we remind him of what he told us. they gotta kill those who are corrupted after all, and he might try to stop Caesar so he doesn't get corrupted, or attempt to kill Caesar if he believes Caesar is corrupted.

Oh yeah, and try your best not to summon a clone. We do NOT want them to witness a demon. And We got principles. Don't bring out a demon for your students' sake.
No. 1035442 ID: 629f2e

Is there some way you can contact the others outside and let them know to bust in? If so, I'd suggest doing it, and also warning them not to fire at Normal or Guy, as they're cool.

Then try to help Normal, either by pushing Guy into protecting his partner or by trying to do it yourself. Remember, you can't make a clone right now or else it'll be red-eyed, so you'll have to do this one solo until the cavalry arrives. Maybe throw stuff at his eyes?
No. 1035443 ID: e51896

We could grab our comm and contact the other Myriads once the bug releases one of our arms, yeah. Until it does that, we'll just have to trust and put in our HOPE that Guy will see the corruption in Caesar and try to protect Normal because of that, thus letting them allow the clones to dispose of Caesar with their help.
No. 1035445 ID: 50f1ea

Express concern for Normal.
No. 1035446 ID: ff05ed




No. 1035464 ID: 9ea24b
File 165567983148.png - (74.50KB , 500x500 , p73.png )

>No clones
You’re determined not to let out RED Myriad, so your options are limited until the bug is finished cutting your restraints.

Guy is trembling, frozen with indecision and not shock, you hope. Can ANGELS even experience SHOCK? Maybe you’ve given him a fear of DEATH with your teachings.

Myriad: Guy, you have to stop him, blast him in the eyes!
Guy: B-but he’s my professor.
Myriad: He’s killing Normal, that’s a SIN, isn’t it? Help your partner like he’d help you.

You hear the tell-tale rustle of fabric and shield your eyes. Caesar roars with rage and crashes around while Guy shrieks and hopefully dodges the claws of insect-snake.

Your left arm is FREE now, and you reach for you COMM to type a frantic message into the group chat asking for backup. It’ll take at least ten minute for the other Myriads to find this room though.
No. 1035465 ID: 9ea24b
File 165567984289.png - (99.64KB , 500x500 , p74.png )

>Guy Evasion Check: FAILURE
Unfortunately Guy can’t dodge forever and Caesar snatches him up, ignoring the burn marks across his hard carapace.

Caesar: I’m disappointed, it looks like both of you need to be REPROGRAMMED. What a waste of time for Gray.

Normal’s face is shattered like a porcelain doll and looks unconscious. Guy is squirming a little, but doesn’t seem physically strong enough to break Caesar’s grip.

The elder ANGEL tosses Normal into the corner and returns to the operating table. His eyes look foggy, so he doesn’t notice your loose restraints while he preps the next syringe. Your right arm is almost free.
No. 1035467 ID: e51896

Remember his arms are thin! as soon as your right arm is free, toss the spy bug on the thin arm that is holding Guy to free him! should be able to free Guy with one bite!

But if you're right arm is not free by then, suprise him by using your other arm to try to resist the syringe from entering your veins again (slap the syringe away, or grab his arm and push away). Hopefully the bug will finish releasing you before he even finishes filling his syringe or before he restrains you after you try to stop him with your arm.
No. 1035469 ID: e51896

Another option could be to pick up spy bug with our left arm before it finishes freeing our right arm now that I think about it, but it might make it more obvious that our restraints are loose and lose the element of surprise before we can even throw the bug at him...
No. 1035470 ID: 629f2e

Support using the bug as a weapon against him.
No. 1035472 ID: e51896

Oh yeah, and once we toss Spy Bug at his arm holding Guy, and he is distracted by Guy again, we can free ourself from our last restraint with our two free arms
No. 1035474 ID: ce39da

"Seriously, though, have you really thought this through? Forcing me to become a demon by injecting all this gunk yourself proves jack-all at the end of the day, doesn't it? I'm hardly a 'control' group at this point, after all. -80 points for being unscientific, and -200 points for bringing more evil into the world - your definition, not mine. Very IMPURE of you."

If we are throwing the spy bug, I recommend throwing it at the camera. It'd completely derail this whole session for him no matter what else happens.
No. 1035475 ID: 487ca2

We could probably have spy bug bite off more of Guy's wrappings instead to cause more damage to Caesar and drop everything he is holding, including Guy.
No. 1035480 ID: 273c18

Distract him by asking him what this is going to prove exactly. From your perspective, all he's proving is that mana juice can be used to turn someone into a demon.
Also, ask him why demons are so bad; try to provoke him into a self-righteous rant about sin and demons etc.
No. 1035486 ID: 9ea24b
File 165569387535.png - (93.65KB , 500x500 , p75.png )

>Throw bug at Caesar’s arms
Those limbs might be stick-thin, but they’re sturdy enough to effortlessly move you around. A bug bludgeoning would be ineffective.

>Throw bug at Guy
You’d just be bullying the poor ANGEL. You’re pretty sure Guy could unwrap himself more, but doing so would put you and himself at risk.

>Throw bug at camera
Now we’re talking! You use your newly freed right arm to seize the insect around the middle and toss it towards the ominous eyeball tripod. It actually extends its wings, lands neatly on the stand, and begins to chew through whatever wiring is inside the MAGIC camera.

Caesar huffs with surprise and slithers toward the bug. You take advantage of the distraction to undo the straps on your leg and jump off the table. Caesar hesitates, unsure to go after you or the camera.

A. Run (chase in the dark)
B. Talk (previous suggestions will be considered for topics)
No. 1035487 ID: ce39da

Shrug. "I mean, you forcibly turning me into a demon through a means you introduced was only gonna prove jack and shit, anyway."

No. 1035491 ID: 629f2e

A, GTFO. Try to catch up with the Myriads who'll be coming for you.
No. 1035492 ID: 273c18

Well, obviously you can't let that camera see Red Myriad, otherwise the jig is up.
Running away seems like a good plan. Caesar's eyesight is impaired, which means you'll see better in the dark!
No. 1035494 ID: 899c9f

No. 1035495 ID: e5709d

You can't split up, or you'll create a demon Myriad in your current state.

'Whoop' the entire way out of the room.
No. 1035498 ID: e51896

If we stay, he'll be more inclined to fix the camera since we're not going anywhere, and the other Myriads might target Guy and Normal as well without context if they show up. Also, there are some people that unfortunately cannot be reasoned with, and I feel Caesar is someone we cannot reason with through talking. It's time to get him to chase us, but taunt him before you leave to get him to chase you so he can leave Guy, Normal, and Spy Bug eating cam alone.
If you have your pistol, shoot the syringe off his claw (hopefully breaking it) and tell him he can't catch you if his claws are too full to use them to chase you. (tell him this even if you don't have pistol to shoot the syringe) this might prompt him to drop Guy.

Chase in the dark? most COMMS have flashlight apps. Does ours have one, or is it too shitty? we can use flashlight to see where we're going and find the other Myriads and their army so we can take him down. Plus Caesar's eyesight will be too foggy to properly keep track of us.
No. 1035502 ID: 9ea24b
File 165573939621.png - (94.34KB , 500x500 , p76.png )

>Get outta there
No more injections and no more dealing with super powerful beings when you don’t have any weapons. The bug was a great help, and you’re very grateful to Normal and Guy for distracting Caesar, but you have to cut your losses and try to meet up with your CLONES who have guns.

You bolt with all the speed of a frightened prey animal, out of the lab into the dark corridors beyond. The light feature on your COMM is enough to keep you from running into walls.

>Route Check: SUCCESS
A vision of RED Myriad points you in the right direction a couple times when you can’t remember if you took a right or left on the way in. You try not to dwell on the hallucinations.

>Evasion Check: SUCCESS
You don’t hear anyone behind you and soon you spot a few lights up ahead. You raise your hands about your head as you approach to show you mean no harm.

VV: It’s me, I just escaped.
CC: I’m glad you’re alright, what happened?

You summarize the past half hour of terror, including your discovery of LL’s place of death and the apparent hypocrisy of Caesar’s attempt to artificially DEMONIZE you.
No. 1035504 ID: 9ea24b
File 165573958189.png - (102.15KB , 500x500 , p77.png )

LARGE and BIG Choice:

A. Cut our losses, HH favored option: Since LL and probably GG died horribly, let’s learn to live with fewer available slots and blow this place up. Caesar (along with Normal and Guy) will each have a 50/50 chance to escape or die.

B. Camera theft, PP favored option: Steal the ANGEL camera so Caesar has no choice but to abandon his mission and return home. Can choose to rescue either Normal or Guy as well.

C. Head on fight, CC favored option: Use the POWER of guns and grenades to kill Caesar. Each Myriad has a 1/4 chance of dying, but Normal and Guy can both be rescued.
No. 1035505 ID: e5709d

Screw it, go in and end that fascist doctor!

VV, be ready to sacrifice yourself to save your sisters and the two dodos. Hey, you're only a few days old and this act of dedication to their safety will make a lasting impression on Guy and Normal.
CC, you get two clone slots. Have one split now and take a sniping position, the other will split mid-battle. And be sure to shoot or capture the camera!
Everyone else, do what you do best!
No. 1035509 ID: 629f2e

C is clearly the play. Cesar has to be stopped, or else he will keep this shit up somewhere. Maybe not here, maybe not with us, but we'd just be letting him become someone else's problem. Plus, one less angel to try and purge the planet during the apocalypse.

Most important of all, Normal and Guy need to live. They're the first signs of hope we've seen from the angels. They're idiots, yeah, but they're finally starting to question things and push against their shitty system. We need to protect and nurture them.
No. 1035511 ID: e51896

C. We gotta rescue them both! for Mizz Es believes in us. Plus, this is our reward for getting both PP and HH here after much careful planning.

>Each Myriad has a 1/4 chance of dying
In that case have CC and PP summon the other three clones to raise the odds of success. 7 clones! Keep in mind that CC and PP and whatever clones they summon should be the only ones to summon clones, NOT VV or HH, they might summon a demon. If HH or VV die, just have one of the clones CC or PP summoned absorb them, don't let the clones who absorb VV or HH summon anymore clones and CC and/or PP and/or clones without a demon in them will summon a new clone in HH or VV's or a demon infested clone in their place.

Also, HH, VV, and any clone who absorbs them after death should mark themselve in some way to let the other clones know they are the Myriad with a demon in them.
No. 1035513 ID: c0bd54

C, for reasons detailed by Himitsu. Rescuing these two is our best hope.
No. 1035516 ID: ce39da

I agree with this plan. No reason to go in swinging unless we're bringing everything we can to the table. (Plus, if nothing else, one can focus on destroying/blinding the camera before joining the primary fight in case the worst happens and our achievement triggers. Of course, ignore this idea if he isn't with the camera when we fight him.)
No. 1035517 ID: 04dbb8

Steal a camera, after all that? No, you should go in and do what you should have done in the first place. Roll in there like a seal team and give unto Caesar what’s coming to him!
No. 1035523 ID: 9ea24b
File 165576093105.png - (128.37KB , 500x500 , p78.png )

You didn’t come all this way and spend literal days teaching Normal and Guy how to have independent thoughts just to give up on them! Also Caesar needs to be stopped now or he’ll just find another victim.

Yes, there’s a risk, especially to you and HH since you can’t use clones, but you’ll have the overwhelming weapons and numbers advantage. At least some of your memories and mannerisms can be retained if you’re ABSORBED, though the resulting Myriads will be different from the originals.

CC SPLITS and assigns the clone to ABSORB you if you die, with PP doing the same for HH. The last clone slot is left for flexibility. You take an assault rifle and some hearing protection before striding purposefully back towards the lab.
No. 1035524 ID: 9ea24b
File 165576094113.png - (58.88KB , 500x500 , p79.png )


It’s an overwhelming victory. You find Caesar trying to fix his camera and take him by surprise. Luckily, Guy and Normal are both beat up in the corner, out of the line of fire. HH has some weird mist-blowing ARTIFACT that makes all of you more alert, and it’s a simple matter to take the appropriate angles and start blasting.

You work perfectly together. It’s so beautiful you cry. Caesar tries to escape by splitting his segments apart and having them run in different directions, but that just makes his squishy insides more vulnerable to bullets. Once all of his limbs have stopped wriggling, you sling Normal’s arm over your shoulder and drag him back outside, Guy following meekly behind.

In the end, you and CC decide to travel to LYST with Normal and Guy to meet up with Andrea, while PP and HH stay behind in their respective positions. PP plans to recover the other slots, though it’ll take her a while to manage the trauma. She estimates she’ll do one a month.

After hugs all around, you get back in Big Momma’s car and start the long drive back to DOCKINGTON. A boat from there will take you to MIDLAND, and then you’ll find your way to your childhood HOME. Normal twitches while he’s leaning against you as he slowly heals, and you find yourself falling asleep once again under the starry desert sky.
No. 1035525 ID: 9ea24b
File 165576095422.png - (136.13KB , 500x500 , p80.png )

You’re playing tag during recess, but the cluster of excitement surrounding the KIN who’s IT is a long way away, and you find yourself getting distracted by the pretty flowers in the window boxes near the back wall. The small patch of lawn adjacent to the boxes also hosts several dense shrubs that are good for hiding under. You’ve spent lots of time here pretending to be a secret agent, and there’s usually a few BUGS in the grass that you like to pick up and examine.

After a few minutes, you hear the door open and the clack of heels as the 5th grade teacher, Mizz Es, steps out. You’re only in 4th, but you recognize the tall woman by her sharp clothes, missing eye, and wireframe glasses.

To your surprise, she pulls out some kind of stick with a CIGARETTE stuck in the end, lights it, and starts puffing furiously. Your SISTER, Adriana, always says that smoking looks cool, though you don’t agree. This thought hurts for some reason.

The door opens again soon after and the GYM teacher, Mr. Gray, comes out. You stay huddled behind the bushes as they start to argue.

Mizz Es: Fuck off, I’m not dealing with you today.
Mr. Gray: I just want to talk. Give me two minutes, okay? Then I promise I won’t bother you again all week.
Mizz Es: I’m not even a little curious what’s gotten you this worked up. What, did you drop an EGG on the way over here because your head was too big to keep upright? Oh no, how will you ever survive not having another child to BRAINWASH.
Mr. Gray: Okay, but you didn’t leave so I’m taking that as tacit agreement. A freakin’ Kin-born DEMON just took out one of my subordinates! How is that allowed?
Mizz Es: She wasn’t a DEMON.
Mr. Gray: She was like, BASICALLY a DEMON.
Mizz Es: You are BULLSHIT given physical form.
Mr. Gray: AND she made off with two ANGELS. That’s some kind of super DEMON manipulation right there.
Mizz Es: Those boys were practically hatchlings, I don’t see how that’s a big loss to you.
Mr. Gray: Well, yeah it’s not, but it’s the INSULT of it all that’s really bothering me.
Mizz Es: You know you’re not supposed to RETALIATE.
Mr. Gray: Ugh, fine, whatever. But I’m not forgetting this.

He looks directly at where you’re hiding in the shrubs.

Daddy: After all, killing ANGELS is a SIN.

Thanks for reading!
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