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File 165336497701.png - (171.48KB , 500x500 , p0.png )
1033381 No. 1033381 ID: eedbeb

Myriad Borealis is tired.

Takes place about a year after the end of CATALYST - PART 3 in West Fluxtopia, following the adventures of the third rabbit triplet. Potentially NSFW for sexual situations.

Setting Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/CATALYST
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No. 1035317 ID: e51896

Let's say our goodbyes to our friends of Dockington here, like Aegis. Give him Carrot's comm number and your sister's number and let him know if you don't make it back, try to contact your sisters of the bad news, but if you survive, you are planning on going back to Lyst to help your sister and he'll have your number to contact you... unless he wants to come with you to Lyst when this is over. But also ask if Big Momma or Aegis would like to go to Lyst with you after this mission is over, while warning that it might be dangerous, but it'd be nice to have friends help save your old town, and it's probably no different then what it is like in this wasteland anyways. Give him some BUX as well for his services as well.


During the car ride, last minute conversation with Normal and Guy about how you're proud of them for what they've learned and that they should use what you taught them to teach your lessons to other angels since if they were being rewarded to think for themselves and question higher ranking angel's teachings, they should do the same by teaching other angels so that can get rewarded too with the Socratic Method as the basis

We're telling them to do this so that more angels can start questioning if their professors and Daddy is wrong about stuff, and this might actually make other angels to question their own beliefs in the future if these two knuckleheads can teach the other lower status angels, and perhaps cause a spark of change to actually make angels question if killing kin is actually wrong. Whatever the case, they seem PASSIONATE enough to incite change

whatever the case, Mizz Es wants us to stick with them, and that's what we'll do even when we meet Caesar. She believes in us.
No. 1035329 ID: 273c18

Have sex with Big Momma.
No. 1035341 ID: 9ea24b
File 165559474011.png - (104.17KB , 500x500 , p67.png )

You leave the ANGELS at the BASE and go with CC to say goodbye to Agis, whose arm is in a cast. He already has Carrot’s number, but you give him Andrea’s number as well in case something happens to all the Myriads and he needs to pass on a message. He happily accepts a double hug from the two of you.

While CC is distracted haggling the cost of the ride with Big Momma (-100), you take Agis aside and offer to take him to LYST after this. He looks at you in confusion, and you can’t find it in yourself to tell him about the apocalypse, so you accept his polite refusal with a small smile.

>Sex with Big Momma
Naw, she doesn’t like you for associating with Normal and Guy. Speaking of…

You find yourself sandwiched between your students in the backseat of Big Momma’s compact car on the RIDE to the COMPOUND. Despite Normal’s stink and Guy’s unpleasant warmth, you start feeling drowsy.

Myriad: I’m proud of you guys for learning about the Socratic Method. Maybe you can teach your classmates about how to ask more questions.
Guy: It’s fun to ask questions, thanks for talking to us.
Normal: Yeah, we’ve never been friends with a KIN before. Like we said earlier, we’ll get Caesar to help you so you don’t get stuck as a DEMON.
Myriad: Thanks…

No. 1035342 ID: 9ea24b
File 165559476277.png - (61.12KB , 500x500 , p68.png )

You wake up with a huge yawn when Big Momma pulls to a stop with a loud crunch of gravel. The military compound is a fenced area in the desert with several metal buildings that no doubt lead to more structures underground. It’s dark except for the headlights of the cars.

The other Myriads are already there. HH gives CC a hug while you stand to the side awkwardly with the ANGELS. PP has a whole truck full of a variety of KIN, including several INSECT-KIN the size of your head that scurry over her body and chitter.

Normal and Guy point you toward the main entrance of the metal building that leads downstairs to the bulk of the BASE. If you die, the other Myriads will attempt to infiltrate together to retrieve you and the other lost SLOTS. They’ll have a fixed 2/3 chance of success.

What do you bring to your meeting with Caesar? The options are mutually exclusive.

A. Standard weapons and grenades - General utility
B. One of HH’s potent MANA explosives - Good for hostage and self-sacrifice situations
C. One of PP’s spy BUGS - Can chew through electrical cables and bindings
No. 1035343 ID: 899c9f

Standard weapons and grenades, be prepared for a world of hurt.
No. 1035348 ID: e51896

Going to attempt diplomacy with Normal and Guy, with our clones coming to save us if we die. We got far with teaching Normal and Guy, and if we go in without the intent of killing at first (without weapons), Normal and Guy will be more willing to help us to some degrees, maybe even a stepping stone to help convince them to change their minds against Caesar's teachings for the better.

I say C. That way, if we die, the spy bug could escape and let the other Myriads know about what happened, and the can decide from there what to do.
No. 1035385 ID: e5709d

No. 1035388 ID: 9ea24b
File 165561002752.png - (96.61KB , 500x500 , p69.png )

You slip a bug under your robe and say a brief goodbye to CC. Guy takes your arm and walks with you into the dark building. You hear a slight rustle and blink at the sudden illumination from Guy’s head, a powerful beam of light bringing the concrete and steel walls into sharp relief.

After passing through a maze of corridors, you arrive in what must have been an operating room. You’re quaking before you even see the large serpentine creature that’s fussing over some vials of rainbow colored sludge. Ah, that must be Caesar. He has those distinctive eyes along his body, which seems split into segments, each sprouting numerous narrow appendages.

There’s a surprisingly normal tripod set up with an eyeball shaped CAMERA pointed at an operating table. You gulp when Normal leads you to it. When you touch the surface, you feel LL’s presence and refrain from absorbing her. THAT would leave you catatonic from the death memory trauma and all but confirms she was dismembered, for SCIENCE.

Normal: Here you go prof, just like we said.
Guy: What should we do now?
Caesar: Go stand by the wall and stay SILENT.
Normal: Righto!

The lads wave to you from their vantage point by the door while Caesar grabs several of the colorful vials and a large syringe.
No. 1035389 ID: 9ea24b
File 165561003450.png - (122.75KB , 500x500 , p70.png )

Myriad: W-what’s that?
Caesar: Unstable MANA residue I collected from near the blast zone of those INGENIOUS mana bombs that destroyed this area. I’ve been studying the effects on AWAKENED. I’m going to inject you with it, unless you’d prefer to drink it.
Myriad: What does it do?
Caesar: Theoretically it will let you access your inner DEMON without fulfilling your last ACHIEVEMENT. It’d be an utter nightmare to track down and eliminate all of your clones, and then there’s the matter of making sure all of your additional SLOTS have been exhausted. Torture was inaffective with the last Myriad who came here so I made sure to have a contingency.

He seizes you with his pincers, one on each limb in a too tight grip, forces you onto the table, and straps you in.
No. 1035390 ID: e5709d

>Torture was ineffective with the last Myriad who came here so I made sure to have a contingency
No. 1035393 ID: 273c18

"But I don't WANT to be a demon, that's why I came here!"
Also wait, how does this prove the hypothesis that you're being corrupted too fast and they need to step up their plans? If the mana injection unlocks it before it's supposed to be unlocked, then that's like forcing someone to do something bad as evidence that they're immoral.
Ask him if they're really going to kill every person on the planet after the great war happens.

Oh, and obviously set the bug on the bindings after you get injected. What happens next is probably that you're going to be killed because you're "corrupted", even though it's an angel that caused you to be corrupted in the first place. I wonder if Guy and Normal will be swayed at all by the first-hand evidence that angels don't actually care about morality? The kind of purity they want is the kind where no people exist at all. Pure nothingness.
No. 1035398 ID: e51896

We should probably get him distracted by having Guy and Normal ask him questions so we can remove the bindings with spy bug and he doesn't inject us with that. We don't want that camera to show us turning demon.

Weaponize ourselves with the SOCRATIC METHOD again, in front of Guy and Normal!

Tell him he did not yet answer Guy and Normal's question from earlier >>1035288, and if he is unable to answer them, and can only offer them RECOGNITION and
REWARDED to avoid their question, how can he be sure that what he's going to do to you here is correct under the teachings of the one TRUTH they believe in?

If the goal of an angel is preventing corruption from kin, or prevent more demons from being unleashed from kin, wouldn't that mean from that logic that it is wrong to create more demons with his experimentation on you, even if it's for science? Would doing this mean he would be LYING and is he going against his teachings for our FRIENDS Guy and NORMAL? The same teachings DADDY passed down to him? Does turning us into a demon for SCIENCE goes against the ONE TRUTH they believe in?

Also you're kind of a walking contradiction to their teachings as well, say if an angel is tasked to kill all corrupted kin, but is also tasked with not awakening an inner demon within a kin and risk giving them unmatched power, like killing all the Myriad clones until one is left for the achievement to awaken her inner demon for example, would that mean that an angel would be in the wrong for unleashing a powerful demon to this world after killing the clones, or would they be in the wrong for not killing the corrupted clones?

Guy and Normal did offer help to NOT turn into a demon, which means they were already taught that turning kin into demons is BAD. asking Caesar these will hopefully get the angels to realize that Caesar is not as good as he seem.

Hopefully this will get Guy and Normal to start seeing the wrong that Caesar is trying to do, and if he is distracted by their protest, we can use Spy Bug to release us before he has a chance to demonify us, which is what we don't want to happen in front of the cam or else the apocolypse could happen sooner.

Speaking of which, destroy the camera after you are free. We do NOT want them to record anything.
No. 1035399 ID: 899c9f

Say no to drugs!
So, how fast does does the bug chew through bindings, exactly?
Distract him, try to get a clone off when he's not looking and before you drink the juice, if you can help it. Ask how they're supposed to be asking questions if they're standing by the wall and remaining silent.
No. 1035400 ID: ca5be9

Don't turn demon if you can help it. It might not make Guy and Normal happy with us after everything we taught them and side more with Caesar. If we want to turn demon on purpose, lets wait to decide until after this ordeal.

Get Caesar distracted, then use bug to free yourself.
No. 1035422 ID: ce39da

"So let me get this straight; to prove that kin are turning into demons too fast, you're going to force me to rush the process with stuff that you provided? Man, that's so unscientific, it's not even funny. Not to mention completely unconscionable by your own faction's standards. But I assume 'Daddy' is gonna forgive you for this?"

Have the bug disable the camera first and undo your bindings second.

"Isn't it wrong to forgive someone for doing something so awful? So... who forgives the guy at the top for forgiving people?"
No. 1035427 ID: 0837d1

Good point. Support on having bug destroy the cam first, could be a livestream after all.

But here's an idea, I sugget waiting until we get a recording of our question and his reaction to our difficult question for other angels to see if it is a livestream

I already support not becoming demon, but yeah, we dont need demon power to defeat him, our friendship with normal and guy will pull through. (Also, Hay already has a demon clone in her).
No. 1035434 ID: 9ea24b
File 165565226928.png - (99.26KB , 500x500 , p71.png )

You grit your teeth and force your breathing to stay even. You still have time and options, even if this is a terrifying situation and you’re immobilized.

Caesar is either recording video or doing a livestream to his ANGEL superiors. You’re thinking it’s the former since it doesn’t make sense for him to prove you’re naturally turning into a DEMON by feeding you special goop. That at least means no one else is currently watching and you can focus on getting free first.

The BUG is awkwardly pressed against your thigh, and seems smart enough not to move while Caesar is paying close attention. You saw it had nasty big pincers so hopefully it can make quick work of the straps holding you down. You just need a…

Caesar presses the large needle of the syringe deep into your right arm, into the vein on the other side of your elbow.

You feel the jolt of ENERGY, swiftly followed by a throbbing pain in your skull. Okay, you’re fine though, you just can’t make clones or RED Myriad might come out. Caesar watches you for a reaction.

Myriad: I don’t WANT to be a DEMON though, that’s why I came here so you could help me! That’s what Normal and Guy told me.
Caesar: I have no idea where they’re getting these ideas, but no, they lied. You’ll make a delicious SNACK for me and then I’ll return HOME with my proof that the CLEANSING needs to happen soon.

No. 1035435 ID: 9ea24b
File 165565228158.png - (135.51KB , 500x500 , p72.png )

You squeeze your eyes shut and pray that Normal and Guy are listening. Sure enough–

Normal: Hey, what? You can’t kill Myriad, that’s not GOOD.
Guy: Yeah, she’s helping us so it's JUST that we repay her. Also she’s nice and we like her.

Caesar growls and rounds on his underlings. You nudge the bug and it scurries under the metal frame and starts chewing on the bindings on your left leg.

Caesar: I thought I told you two to BE QUIET.
Guy: You’re not being logically consistent though and logical consistency is very important.
Caesar: If you’re so attached to your PET we can take one of the ones outside back to school for you to play with.
Normal: No, we don’t want you to hurt THIS Myriad. She’s different from the others. She cares about us!
Guy: Professor, you’re being very rude.

You feel the strap loosen on your leg and the tapping of the bug under the table as it moves to the next limb. You flinch when Caesar grabs Normal and pushes him into the concrete wall. Guy shrieks with alarm as Caesar repeatedly slams Normal’s head into the hard surface, with enough FORCE to form cracks.
No. 1035438 ID: e51896


Remember that Guy said that killing angels is sinful. Announce to Caesar (and Guy) that killing angels is a SIN and that the fact that he is attempting to kill Normal means that he is most likely CORRUPTED now much like they view kin as being corrupted and going against his and Daddy's own teachings.

This might have Guy be more willing to save Normal if we remind him of what he told us. they gotta kill those who are corrupted after all, and he might try to stop Caesar so he doesn't get corrupted, or attempt to kill Caesar if he believes Caesar is corrupted.

Oh yeah, and try your best not to summon a clone. We do NOT want them to witness a demon. And We got principles. Don't bring out a demon for your students' sake.
No. 1035442 ID: 629f2e

Is there some way you can contact the others outside and let them know to bust in? If so, I'd suggest doing it, and also warning them not to fire at Normal or Guy, as they're cool.

Then try to help Normal, either by pushing Guy into protecting his partner or by trying to do it yourself. Remember, you can't make a clone right now or else it'll be red-eyed, so you'll have to do this one solo until the cavalry arrives. Maybe throw stuff at his eyes?
No. 1035443 ID: e51896

We could grab our comm and contact the other Myriads once the bug releases one of our arms, yeah. Until it does that, we'll just have to trust and put in our HOPE that Guy will see the corruption in Caesar and try to protect Normal because of that, thus letting them allow the clones to dispose of Caesar with their help.
No. 1035445 ID: 50f1ea

Express concern for Normal.
No. 1035446 ID: ff05ed




No. 1035464 ID: 9ea24b
File 165567983148.png - (74.50KB , 500x500 , p73.png )

>No clones
You’re determined not to let out RED Myriad, so your options are limited until the bug is finished cutting your restraints.

Guy is trembling, frozen with indecision and not shock, you hope. Can ANGELS even experience SHOCK? Maybe you’ve given him a fear of DEATH with your teachings.

Myriad: Guy, you have to stop him, blast him in the eyes!
Guy: B-but he’s my professor.
Myriad: He’s killing Normal, that’s a SIN, isn’t it? Help your partner like he’d help you.

You hear the tell-tale rustle of fabric and shield your eyes. Caesar roars with rage and crashes around while Guy shrieks and hopefully dodges the claws of insect-snake.

Your left arm is FREE now, and you reach for you COMM to type a frantic message into the group chat asking for backup. It’ll take at least ten minute for the other Myriads to find this room though.
No. 1035465 ID: 9ea24b
File 165567984289.png - (99.64KB , 500x500 , p74.png )

>Guy Evasion Check: FAILURE
Unfortunately Guy can’t dodge forever and Caesar snatches him up, ignoring the burn marks across his hard carapace.

Caesar: I’m disappointed, it looks like both of you need to be REPROGRAMMED. What a waste of time for Gray.

Normal’s face is shattered like a porcelain doll and looks unconscious. Guy is squirming a little, but doesn’t seem physically strong enough to break Caesar’s grip.

The elder ANGEL tosses Normal into the corner and returns to the operating table. His eyes look foggy, so he doesn’t notice your loose restraints while he preps the next syringe. Your right arm is almost free.
No. 1035467 ID: e51896

Remember his arms are thin! as soon as your right arm is free, toss the spy bug on the thin arm that is holding Guy to free him! should be able to free Guy with one bite!

But if you're right arm is not free by then, suprise him by using your other arm to try to resist the syringe from entering your veins again (slap the syringe away, or grab his arm and push away). Hopefully the bug will finish releasing you before he even finishes filling his syringe or before he restrains you after you try to stop him with your arm.
No. 1035469 ID: e51896

Another option could be to pick up spy bug with our left arm before it finishes freeing our right arm now that I think about it, but it might make it more obvious that our restraints are loose and lose the element of surprise before we can even throw the bug at him...
No. 1035470 ID: 629f2e

Support using the bug as a weapon against him.
No. 1035472 ID: e51896

Oh yeah, and once we toss Spy Bug at his arm holding Guy, and he is distracted by Guy again, we can free ourself from our last restraint with our two free arms
No. 1035474 ID: ce39da

"Seriously, though, have you really thought this through? Forcing me to become a demon by injecting all this gunk yourself proves jack-all at the end of the day, doesn't it? I'm hardly a 'control' group at this point, after all. -80 points for being unscientific, and -200 points for bringing more evil into the world - your definition, not mine. Very IMPURE of you."

If we are throwing the spy bug, I recommend throwing it at the camera. It'd completely derail this whole session for him no matter what else happens.
No. 1035475 ID: 487ca2

We could probably have spy bug bite off more of Guy's wrappings instead to cause more damage to Caesar and drop everything he is holding, including Guy.
No. 1035480 ID: 273c18

Distract him by asking him what this is going to prove exactly. From your perspective, all he's proving is that mana juice can be used to turn someone into a demon.
Also, ask him why demons are so bad; try to provoke him into a self-righteous rant about sin and demons etc.
No. 1035486 ID: 9ea24b
File 165569387535.png - (93.65KB , 500x500 , p75.png )

>Throw bug at Caesar’s arms
Those limbs might be stick-thin, but they’re sturdy enough to effortlessly move you around. A bug bludgeoning would be ineffective.

>Throw bug at Guy
You’d just be bullying the poor ANGEL. You’re pretty sure Guy could unwrap himself more, but doing so would put you and himself at risk.

>Throw bug at camera
Now we’re talking! You use your newly freed right arm to seize the insect around the middle and toss it towards the ominous eyeball tripod. It actually extends its wings, lands neatly on the stand, and begins to chew through whatever wiring is inside the MAGIC camera.

Caesar huffs with surprise and slithers toward the bug. You take advantage of the distraction to undo the straps on your leg and jump off the table. Caesar hesitates, unsure to go after you or the camera.

A. Run (chase in the dark)
B. Talk (previous suggestions will be considered for topics)
No. 1035487 ID: ce39da

Shrug. "I mean, you forcibly turning me into a demon through a means you introduced was only gonna prove jack and shit, anyway."

No. 1035491 ID: 629f2e

A, GTFO. Try to catch up with the Myriads who'll be coming for you.
No. 1035492 ID: 273c18

Well, obviously you can't let that camera see Red Myriad, otherwise the jig is up.
Running away seems like a good plan. Caesar's eyesight is impaired, which means you'll see better in the dark!
No. 1035494 ID: 899c9f

No. 1035495 ID: e5709d

You can't split up, or you'll create a demon Myriad in your current state.

'Whoop' the entire way out of the room.
No. 1035498 ID: e51896

If we stay, he'll be more inclined to fix the camera since we're not going anywhere, and the other Myriads might target Guy and Normal as well without context if they show up. Also, there are some people that unfortunately cannot be reasoned with, and I feel Caesar is someone we cannot reason with through talking. It's time to get him to chase us, but taunt him before you leave to get him to chase you so he can leave Guy, Normal, and Spy Bug eating cam alone.
If you have your pistol, shoot the syringe off his claw (hopefully breaking it) and tell him he can't catch you if his claws are too full to use them to chase you. (tell him this even if you don't have pistol to shoot the syringe) this might prompt him to drop Guy.

Chase in the dark? most COMMS have flashlight apps. Does ours have one, or is it too shitty? we can use flashlight to see where we're going and find the other Myriads and their army so we can take him down. Plus Caesar's eyesight will be too foggy to properly keep track of us.
No. 1035502 ID: 9ea24b
File 165573939621.png - (94.34KB , 500x500 , p76.png )

>Get outta there
No more injections and no more dealing with super powerful beings when you don’t have any weapons. The bug was a great help, and you’re very grateful to Normal and Guy for distracting Caesar, but you have to cut your losses and try to meet up with your CLONES who have guns.

You bolt with all the speed of a frightened prey animal, out of the lab into the dark corridors beyond. The light feature on your COMM is enough to keep you from running into walls.

>Route Check: SUCCESS
A vision of RED Myriad points you in the right direction a couple times when you can’t remember if you took a right or left on the way in. You try not to dwell on the hallucinations.

>Evasion Check: SUCCESS
You don’t hear anyone behind you and soon you spot a few lights up ahead. You raise your hands about your head as you approach to show you mean no harm.

VV: It’s me, I just escaped.
CC: I’m glad you’re alright, what happened?

You summarize the past half hour of terror, including your discovery of LL’s place of death and the apparent hypocrisy of Caesar’s attempt to artificially DEMONIZE you.
No. 1035504 ID: 9ea24b
File 165573958189.png - (102.15KB , 500x500 , p77.png )

LARGE and BIG Choice:

A. Cut our losses, HH favored option: Since LL and probably GG died horribly, let’s learn to live with fewer available slots and blow this place up. Caesar (along with Normal and Guy) will each have a 50/50 chance to escape or die.

B. Camera theft, PP favored option: Steal the ANGEL camera so Caesar has no choice but to abandon his mission and return home. Can choose to rescue either Normal or Guy as well.

C. Head on fight, CC favored option: Use the POWER of guns and grenades to kill Caesar. Each Myriad has a 1/4 chance of dying, but Normal and Guy can both be rescued.
No. 1035505 ID: e5709d

Screw it, go in and end that fascist doctor!

VV, be ready to sacrifice yourself to save your sisters and the two dodos. Hey, you're only a few days old and this act of dedication to their safety will make a lasting impression on Guy and Normal.
CC, you get two clone slots. Have one split now and take a sniping position, the other will split mid-battle. And be sure to shoot or capture the camera!
Everyone else, do what you do best!
No. 1035509 ID: 629f2e

C is clearly the play. Cesar has to be stopped, or else he will keep this shit up somewhere. Maybe not here, maybe not with us, but we'd just be letting him become someone else's problem. Plus, one less angel to try and purge the planet during the apocalypse.

Most important of all, Normal and Guy need to live. They're the first signs of hope we've seen from the angels. They're idiots, yeah, but they're finally starting to question things and push against their shitty system. We need to protect and nurture them.
No. 1035511 ID: e51896

C. We gotta rescue them both! for Mizz Es believes in us. Plus, this is our reward for getting both PP and HH here after much careful planning.

>Each Myriad has a 1/4 chance of dying
In that case have CC and PP summon the other three clones to raise the odds of success. 7 clones! Keep in mind that CC and PP and whatever clones they summon should be the only ones to summon clones, NOT VV or HH, they might summon a demon. If HH or VV die, just have one of the clones CC or PP summoned absorb them, don't let the clones who absorb VV or HH summon anymore clones and CC and/or PP and/or clones without a demon in them will summon a new clone in HH or VV's or a demon infested clone in their place.

Also, HH, VV, and any clone who absorbs them after death should mark themselve in some way to let the other clones know they are the Myriad with a demon in them.
No. 1035513 ID: c0bd54

C, for reasons detailed by Himitsu. Rescuing these two is our best hope.
No. 1035516 ID: ce39da

I agree with this plan. No reason to go in swinging unless we're bringing everything we can to the table. (Plus, if nothing else, one can focus on destroying/blinding the camera before joining the primary fight in case the worst happens and our achievement triggers. Of course, ignore this idea if he isn't with the camera when we fight him.)
No. 1035517 ID: 04dbb8

Steal a camera, after all that? No, you should go in and do what you should have done in the first place. Roll in there like a seal team and give unto Caesar what’s coming to him!
No. 1035523 ID: 9ea24b
File 165576093105.png - (128.37KB , 500x500 , p78.png )

You didn’t come all this way and spend literal days teaching Normal and Guy how to have independent thoughts just to give up on them! Also Caesar needs to be stopped now or he’ll just find another victim.

Yes, there’s a risk, especially to you and HH since you can’t use clones, but you’ll have the overwhelming weapons and numbers advantage. At least some of your memories and mannerisms can be retained if you’re ABSORBED, though the resulting Myriads will be different from the originals.

CC SPLITS and assigns the clone to ABSORB you if you die, with PP doing the same for HH. The last clone slot is left for flexibility. You take an assault rifle and some hearing protection before striding purposefully back towards the lab.
No. 1035524 ID: 9ea24b
File 165576094113.png - (58.88KB , 500x500 , p79.png )


It’s an overwhelming victory. You find Caesar trying to fix his camera and take him by surprise. Luckily, Guy and Normal are both beat up in the corner, out of the line of fire. HH has some weird mist-blowing ARTIFACT that makes all of you more alert, and it’s a simple matter to take the appropriate angles and start blasting.

You work perfectly together. It’s so beautiful you cry. Caesar tries to escape by splitting his segments apart and having them run in different directions, but that just makes his squishy insides more vulnerable to bullets. Once all of his limbs have stopped wriggling, you sling Normal’s arm over your shoulder and drag him back outside, Guy following meekly behind.

In the end, you and CC decide to travel to LYST with Normal and Guy to meet up with Andrea, while PP and HH stay behind in their respective positions. PP plans to recover the other slots, though it’ll take her a while to manage the trauma. She estimates she’ll do one a month.

After hugs all around, you get back in Big Momma’s car and start the long drive back to DOCKINGTON. A boat from there will take you to MIDLAND, and then you’ll find your way to your childhood HOME. Normal twitches while he’s leaning against you as he slowly heals, and you find yourself falling asleep once again under the starry desert sky.
No. 1035525 ID: 9ea24b
File 165576095422.png - (136.13KB , 500x500 , p80.png )

You’re playing tag during recess, but the cluster of excitement surrounding the KIN who’s IT is a long way away, and you find yourself getting distracted by the pretty flowers in the window boxes near the back wall. The small patch of lawn adjacent to the boxes also hosts several dense shrubs that are good for hiding under. You’ve spent lots of time here pretending to be a secret agent, and there’s usually a few BUGS in the grass that you like to pick up and examine.

After a few minutes, you hear the door open and the clack of heels as the 5th grade teacher, Mizz Es, steps out. You’re only in 4th, but you recognize the tall woman by her sharp clothes, missing eye, and wireframe glasses.

To your surprise, she pulls out some kind of stick with a CIGARETTE stuck in the end, lights it, and starts puffing furiously. Your SISTER, Adriana, always says that smoking looks cool, though you don’t agree. This thought hurts for some reason.

The door opens again soon after and the GYM teacher, Mr. Gray, comes out. You stay huddled behind the bushes as they start to argue.

Mizz Es: Fuck off, I’m not dealing with you today.
Mr. Gray: I just want to talk. Give me two minutes, okay? Then I promise I won’t bother you again all week.
Mizz Es: I’m not even a little curious what’s gotten you this worked up. What, did you drop an EGG on the way over here because your head was too big to keep upright? Oh no, how will you ever survive not having another child to BRAINWASH.
Mr. Gray: Okay, but you didn’t leave so I’m taking that as tacit agreement. A freakin’ Kin-born DEMON just took out one of my subordinates! How is that allowed?
Mizz Es: She wasn’t a DEMON.
Mr. Gray: She was like, BASICALLY a DEMON.
Mizz Es: You are BULLSHIT given physical form.
Mr. Gray: AND she made off with two ANGELS. That’s some kind of super DEMON manipulation right there.
Mizz Es: Those boys were practically hatchlings, I don’t see how that’s a big loss to you.
Mr. Gray: Well, yeah it’s not, but it’s the INSULT of it all that’s really bothering me.
Mizz Es: You know you’re not supposed to RETALIATE.
Mr. Gray: Ugh, fine, whatever. But I’m not forgetting this.

He looks directly at where you’re hiding in the shrubs.

Daddy: After all, killing ANGELS is a SIN.

Thanks for reading!
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