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File 161584424738.png - (366.92KB , 800x600 , thread9title.png )
991458 No. 991458 ID: 2451c3

This quest is NSFW.

Thread one: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/694230.html

Thread two: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/714858.html

Thread three: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/743976.html

Thread four: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/771470.html

Thread five:

Thread six:

Thread seven: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/880264.html

Thread eight: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/913803.html
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No. 993445 ID: 0989bc

No. 993452 ID: cdabe3

No. 993482 ID: 5b0071

A or B
violence doesn't seem like a good first step
No. 993494 ID: c09f5e

A, B

You did have an existential crisis the last time you got involved. But if you can't hang behind your knight, well... Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
No. 993516 ID: f8fa51

No. 993520 ID: 3a3c64

Primary C
Secondary A
No. 993545 ID: f9464a

Primary A

Secondary B
No. 993555 ID: 36784c

>it's nice to be complimented on other features!
You have lovely thighs and a cute tail!

>Are we just pieces of meat!?
Says the guy that was treating you as some kinda prized object to be won in a contest.

A , b
No. 993558 ID: 0bfc71

D, b
No. 993569 ID: a447ec

Try cautiously approaching and cutting some off. It might work as ketza repellent in spite of the slightly turquoise glow.
No. 993659 ID: 7cda1d

B, a
No. 993742 ID: f3f534

>Compliment other features
You have a cute tummy!

>What do?
Primary A

Secondary B
No. 993862 ID: f9464a

You have hypnotic hips and an amazing ass!
No. 993863 ID: 2451c3
File 161714431214.png - (295.83KB , 800x600 , 1639.png )

>Don't you dare go near that plant, it may mess with your seal.
If it was any other type of magic, this would be a no-brainer.


It's the type of magic Euia, Mr. Ilan, used to 'create' you. The type of magic used to create your SEAL, holding back the dragon within.

For you especially, it's the most dangerous school of magic to be around.

But your legs refuse to take you away. Your eyes dare not even blink.

What makes you different from this plant? You're both creations. You were both born of LIFE-MAGIC. In a strange way, this plant could be considered your kin.

And something about it feels so...

No. 993864 ID: 2451c3
File 161714431798.png - (244.71KB , 800x600 , 1640.png )

Euia would stare down Punk Ceri as she'd demand to know more about her dragon parents. A flick of his tongue and a shimmer in his magical limbs would betray his hesitation despite his stern demeanor.

"There is a reason Life-Magic is forbidden, child. With sufficient power, one could do some truly horrible things with the power to create and manipulate life itself."

"So my parents did some bad shit with it? That'd explain my punk attitude," Punk-Attitude-Ceri would say.

"No, I'm pretty sure you got that from your adopted mother."

"Heh. True. Now come on, old man. Tell me what awesome crimes they committed!"

"I would not describe their crimes as 'awesome', child. The dragons sentenced them to nonexistence for what they wrought."

"Right. Gonna be any less vague about that?"

"It'd be better if you didn't know, for your own good."

"goddammit i'm so tired of being told that"

"There are many who would wish to harm you. Even I am no saint, child. I believed it assinine to punish an unborn child for her parent's sins, but my actions were largely for your father's sake. Despite his crimes, I owed him a great debt."

Euia would examine his magical limbs. "After all, he taught me everything I know."

"'Kay. So how about teaching me Life-Magic so I can defend myself then?"

"I won't live long enough to do that."

"So, what-- Life-Magic is like calculus?"

The snake would emit hissing noises akin to laughter, something Real Ceri struggled to get him to do. But Real Ceri did hug him so she totally wins.

"Perhaps I'd compare it more to Holomorphic Harmonic Analysis."

you have no idea what that is you just heard someone say it once then they started sobbing uncontrollably

Punk Ceri's eyes would widen. "Dragon-Jesus!"


Real Ceri would never have the guts to make that joke. You're in awe at the sheer audacity.
No. 993865 ID: 2451c3
File 161714432458.png - (242.06KB , 800x600 , 1641.png )

Mr. Ilan would try to give you a FLIGHT FORM, since bird won in this universe, but his attempts to give you a flat chest would end in failure. Real Ceri would take a moment to reflect on how 'modest' her original body was. Look! Her nipples still point up a bit! Not like the larger, softer chest you have now.

Hmm? No, no. You don't want to go back to that. Real Ceri's got something pretty damn good going on. Right, GB and CD~?

so soft~

"It seems your dragon magic fought me to the bitter end," Mr. Ilan would say, interrupting Boobie Time.

"That's 'cause I happen to agree with it. How can I consider piercing my nips if I don't have any? Tits are amazing, man. More than that, they're part of my style."

Euia's surprise would not be well hidden. "But... but you're less aerodynamic!"

"Who gives a shit? If I need more speed, I can just do this."
No. 993866 ID: 2451c3
File 161714432947.png - (241.95KB , 800x600 , 1642.png )

And like magic, her comparatively modest breasts would give way to flatness. Except this wasn't POLYMORPH; This was an alternate form!

"See? Don't need to waste any fuckin' MP, either."

"I don't understand," Euia would say. "You shouldn't have this power. This control."

"I dunno man, you keep saying dragons are hot shit. Pretty much guarantees I'd be the best bitch around."

"One I managed to underestimate..."

What an exciting cliff-hanger! But why did your mind wander like that? Better start paying attention to what Real Ceri's doing.
No. 993867 ID: 2451c3
File 161714433726.png - (275.91KB , 800x600 , 1643.png )

Godsdammit you grabbed the plant without thinking about it.


Well, nothing bad seems to be happening. Things that hurt: 0

you feel momentarily bad for teasing people with that

This plant doesn't look to be intended as a weapon. It seems like an ordinary everyday plant, if you ignore all the ominous glowing. That rules out it being a biological LIFE-MAGIC weapon. This plant is probably like the clocks Sir Duke found... experiments.

That has some worrying implications.

"Are you okay!?" Skif asks.

"Why wouldn't she be, Sir Skif? Even if it had thorns, her scales look quite tough!"

"We just said that plant was LIFE-MAGIC!"

"Life-what?" Sir Duke asks.

"What do you mean 'life-what'?? It's the most forbidden school of magic! Didn't you learn about it in school!?"


"Surely a knight as educated as yourself... wait."

Skif realizes the same thing you do.

"Mr. Ilan taught us about it for a reason," you say. "Reasons that should be pretty obvious by now."

:saintduketalk_shocked: "Lady Ceri, I implore you to explain what you're talking about! F-for Skif's sake!"

:skiftalk_chrival: "You're the one who doesn't know what it is!"

:saintduketalk_chrival: "A-a true knight is ever willing to learn new things!"

"Okay fine", Skif says, ending the bout disappointingly early. "Life magic is..."

As Skif explains the forbidden art, you remain transfixed on the plant. You don't have Life-Magic, but could you coax your inner dragon to like, loan you some?

Hmm. It'd probably be easier to ask for WATER MAGIC from the WATER DRAGON inside you. Even though dragons can use every school of magic, they are strongest with their main element.

This seems dangerous, for sure. But if you are somehow able to use LIFE-MAGIC, you could repair your own seal, buying some much-needed time. And WATER MAGIC is sure to come in handy. Assuming anything actually happens.

There are two PATHS ahead. Your PRIMARY VOTE acts as a PATH vote as well. Your SECONDARY VOTE can still be used to pick another option in the PATH you chose, or to pick an option in the opposite PATH (in case your chosen path loses).

[Path of the plant...]

A: Attempt to LIFE-MAGIC the plant.
Will anything even happen?

B: Attempt to WATER-MAGIC the plant.
Having 7 schools of magic is cool, but no other mortal can use water! This would make you (more) unique!

C: Wrap the plant around you!
Time for a fashion statement!

D: Consume the plant.
What would happen...?

[Path of caution...]

E: Leave the plant alone and continue exploring.
Let's just move on... carefully.

F: Use Saint Duke's knife to bring a sample with you.
Maybe Eezeryh can study it later?
No. 993869 ID: 0fae41

D/f. D is for DRAGON, and sometimes DUMBASS but today is definitely a DRAGON day!
No. 993870 ID: 88dbb5

A, F
No. 993871 ID: 736b7e

A, B
No. 993873 ID: b1b4f3

Too risky to mess with the plant. Also, I don't want to see what happens if Eezeryh figures out life-magic.
If you do mess with the plant, at least do it in some way that approximates a "seal". Taking things out of you and shoving it at the plant is not seal-like at all. Neither is eating it, putting it inside you. Wrapping it around you is much more symbolic of containment.

E, c.
No. 993876 ID: 031458

What's the worst that can happen.
Surely the best idea, one that will in no way be regretted!

f is fine to I guess.
No. 993877 ID: 0bfc71

Oh dragon what will you do?
A, F, if nothing else carrying a chunk could be a backup light source here.
No. 993878 ID: 2748b3

D primary, F secondary. The part of my brain that encourages caution and the part of my brain that encourages dumb but fun ideas are fighting, and if it wasn't for the option to eat the plant then maybe caution would've won.

What's the worst that could happen from nibbling a highly magical plant?
No. 993881 ID: 3edd0d

F, A
No. 993882 ID: e5ae92

F, c
No. 993889 ID: cdabe3

The obvious choice is G, use it to relieve some stress~ the life magic will only enhance the sensation!

Or use dook’s knife if you’re too worried
No. 993891 ID: 67ceb6

Life-magic surely won't cause not-life right? A,F
If there's any time to practice any amount, testing on a plant seems like a good experiment on the fly.
No. 993909 ID: 7bd48e

D, A

I think we're all being way too over cautious over life magic.
No. 993910 ID: b74a2f

Primary A, secondary E
No. 993919 ID: 5b0071

E / b
No. 993923 ID: 7f1230

D, eating the plant would increase your life magic, and all your life magic modifications are beneficial... right?
f, you should take a sample regardless, possibly show to Euia instead.
No. 993925 ID: 0bcfd9

A, F
Perform life or save for later life-ing
No. 993968 ID: f8fa51

No. 994025 ID: e6f507

D. A.
No. 994029 ID: 36784c

E , c
No. 994041 ID: a3f415

Primary A
Secondary B
No. 994043 ID: fa2754

F, c
Always go with knife!
He could even cut out a few vines for some tribal outfit!
No. 994544 ID: 2451c3
File 161742123038.png - (146.97KB , 800x600 , 1644.png )

You consider your options. Euia warned against doing anything 'dragon-like', as it could aggravate your SEAL situation. You've done a less than stellar job at not being DOMINANT, a key thing you were warned against.

But each time the seal took damage, it wasn't because you 'felt dominant'. Rather, it was one action or another that weakened the vital cage surrounding your inner dragon.

...Surely you'd never consider something so obviously dangerous as literally trying to conjure LIFE-MAGIC from the very thing that could destroy everything you love if it broke free, right?. To do so would be insanity. Absolute madness.

You're smarter than that.


No, I have to know for sure.

This plant... it feels subtly different from the Life-Magic used by Euia. It's hard to describe, but it feels... rougher? Less refined.

It was created by a novice.
No. 994545 ID: 2451c3
File 161742123303.png - (129.06KB , 800x600 , 1645.png )

Focus... try to use Life-Magic. Make the plant grow, just a tiny bit.

"Uh, what are you trying to do?" Skif asks.

"Sir Skif! She's clearly trying to concentrate!" Saint Duke replies to a question not directed at him.

"I'm trying to see if I can use Life-Magic!" you answer, since the question was directed at you.

"What!?" came an unexpectedly earnest surprise from Saint Duke. "But you guys just said it was forbidden!"

"It does seem pretty dangerous, considering your..." he glances at Sir Duke. "...Problem."

"Yeah, I didn't expect this to win the vote. Normally my NEURONS are way, way more careful than this."

"Huh. Weird."

"Neurons??" Saint duduk asks. "You can exert that level of control over your own mind?? Is that a Life-Magic thing!?"

"If only you knew how little I want to think about that question," you say. Hard enough dealing with knowing that part of your mind was fabricated. Thinking about the specifics never puts you in a good headspace.

As if sensing my tension, Sir Duke doesn't press the matter. I continue to focus on the plant.

Come on...


Did it twitch?
No. 994546 ID: 2451c3
File 161742123734.png - (254.58KB , 800x600 , 1646.png )

Before you can process what happened, the plant crumbles to dust around you.

Saint Dook yelps in surprise. "My lady! You killed the plant somehow!"

"What did you try to do, Ceri?" Skif asks.

"I-I don't know. Did you 'smell' anything going on?" you ask, deciding to put your choice of partners to good use.

"Let's see. The LIFE-MAGIC in that plant had a kinda 'sour taste' to it. It wasn't very stable, I don't think. It almost smelled like... I guess ritual magic?"

Saint Dook's confusion grows with each line of dialog. "Smelling? Tasting? My good sir, magic is not breakfast cereal!"

"Didn't Siphon put you through a training course or something?" you ask.

"Of course! But what does that have to do with me knowing about your weird powers?"

Always be specific, Ceri!

so she really did avoid telling your secrets...

"I got it," Skif says. "Okay, my race is called Galeacoma, and we can..."

While Skif once again catches poor Saint Dook up on your quirky magical gimmicks, you notice a tunnel leading deeper into the cave.

Ritual Life-Magic, huh? That's a concerning thought. But... it makes sense. Almost all mortal magic originally existed in RITUAL form, something you're sure PUNK CERI will touch on later. There's not likely to be any mortals who can use it natively, Euia aside.

"All right, let's get moving," you say.

"Also we don't have buttholes," Skif finishes.

Extreme confusion overtakes Saint Dook's face. "But.. but how do you..."

"Ahem," you... ahem.

"R-right! Coming, mistress!"

"R-right behind you, Ceri!"
No. 994547 ID: 2451c3
File 161742123937.png - (85.27KB , 800x600 , 1647.png )

The tunnel seems to shrink as you travel through it, until the three of you are fairly cramped together. Eventually you can't stand anymore and have to crawl.

"Whew... how are the two of you doing back there?" you ask.

"T-the view... it's wonderful..."

"You're kinda in the way of my view," Skif says.

"A good knight knows when to-- don't stare at me!"

"You give me little choice, Sir Duke!"

'View'? What are they talking...


You lifted your tail out of habit, didn't you.

You instinctively lower it, prompting the sound of legitimate agony and disappointment from Saint Dook behind you. He's such an over-actor!


You know, this would be a pretty intimate spot to take a short 'rest'... Maybe break in Sir Duke, who you've yet to actually do anything with...~

What will you do?

[Path of cramped spaces...]

A: Skif on one end, Saint dook on the other~.

With space at a premium, having one in front and one in back is a powerful combo. Ah, to taste and feel them...

B: Lay back and see how well the two of them can please their mistress.
Do work yourself? That's what the hoard's for~

C: Please one with your breasts while sitting on the other.
You're a bit surprised you made it this far without a titty-fuck scene, actually. You're well equipped for that.

D: Try out a CUSTOM POSE.
Write your own ideas for a custom pose! A vote for D is a vote for the most popular CUSTOM POSE. Feel free to show support for someone's idea!

[Path of continuing to have no sex in a sex quest...]

E: Just move to the next room.
Your TILDE is only at like, 25%. Oh god more numbers.

F: Move forward, but tease the boys as you do~
Get them nice and ready for when you do bed them...~

G: Have one of them get in front so you get a view.
Your own Tilde needs a good workout!

Guest art by AQR!!
No. 994548 ID: ef6063

A, F
No. 994551 ID: 0bfc71

Primary A, secondary F
No. 994554 ID: 88dbb5

Powerful combos for a to-be-powerful dragon! A
Or a subtle power move in teasing them... F
No. 994555 ID: e7848c

B, a
By fate you WILL lewd your horde!
No. 994557 ID: b74a2f

An opportunity to feel out the newest member here is a good bonding moment as any!
No. 994558 ID: 0fae41

No. 994559 ID: cdabe3

Primary A, secondary G

You know, if one of them had to go in front, they’d have to squeeze by you first~...
No. 994560 ID: 5cc67d

A primary G secondary.

Gotta have something to look at too.
No. 994562 ID: 4854ef

Primary C, secondary B!
No. 994564 ID: 645f57

A, b
No. 994565 ID: 3edd0d

A, F
Who's to say you can't tease while things happen? Just fluster Duke witih him behind :3.

Also be sure they're under less cloth for maximum feel... ing?
No. 994570 ID: e85a08

Primary F, secondary D: B but with ropes involved to make you even more of a plaything.
No. 994575 ID: 921468

F. B.
No. 994578 ID: f8fa51


Now you know what kind of view you're giving the others, you can keep doing that. Just, you know, on purpose this time.
No. 994587 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 994594 ID: be3107

No. 994601 ID: 864e49

Oh how many options would open up if only you could do anal. PUNK CERI probably can.

D: You<-Duke<-Skif Choo choo all aboar-wait didn't he say he wasn't bi?
Shit, ok new idea both in one hole, have Duke lie on his back, have Skif fluff him while you slowly inch back over him, give him a taste of both downstairs and upstairs and then kiss him deeply as the two of them go to work on you.

C: Skif finally gets to enjoy those bad girls while Duke finally gets to experience his mistress.
No. 994604 ID: 736b7e

No. 994613 ID: 0fae41

Say, I wonder if you and/or Punk Ceri can use transdimensional magic to meet up and make out.
No. 994627 ID: 3a3c64

Primary G, Secondary F
No. 994631 ID: 5b0071

A or C
No. 994786 ID: 5ee86b

Seconding! A,F, and less clothes for the boys to ensure MAXIMUM FEELING!
No. 994803 ID: 094652

EConomic bust size
No. 994862 ID: 529620

No. 994899 ID: 8349ee

No. 995092 ID: ae723c
File 161775939030.png - (187.06KB , 800x600 , 1648.png )

That's odd. For a second there you thought sex actually won a vote for like the first time in your entire life.

You double check.

You rub your eyes, and check again.

Holy shit it really did win. Guess it's the apocalypse.

Wonder why you're suddenly so into the idea. Where's your TILDE at, anyway?
No. 995093 ID: ae723c
File 161775939455.png - (122.92KB , 800x600 , 1649.png )

Ah. Yeah, that'd do it.

>Say, I wonder if you and/or Punk Ceri can use transdimensional magic to meet up and make out.
Punk Ceri is just someone you're making up in your head. Also T-D MAGIC doesn't work that way! You could imagine making out with her, but wouldn't that be weird??? ... ... ... ... ...

"Alright boys, clothes off~ It's time to take a... break~"

"H-here?" Skif asks. "In this cramped tunnel?"

"Skif, my good sir," Duke says more forcefully than usual, "Now is not the time to question our mistress!"

"Listen to your chrival~" you say, flicking out your tongue even though you're not a snake-like reptilian.

"I just thought, you know, we were investigating this spooky cave... it just doesn't seem--"

"DUDE." Saint yells, breaking his chivalrous character.

Looking around, you realize the specific position you have in mind would be a bit difficult to pull off here. You glance further down a tunnel, and see a spot where things open up just a bit-- enough so to allow the boys to stand.

You beckon the boys to follow. Skif is still a bit uncertain about this, clearly expecting as you had for the sex vote to lose again. You think sexy thoughts as you move, trying to ensure you're ready for a smooth 'entry'.

"I just... here? Now?" Skif says, reluctance in his voice as he starts to realize just what he's arguing against.

Once you make it to a roomier spot, you remove the top half of the OUTFIT OF DESTINY. Since that was also the only half you were wearing, you find yourself completely exposed.

"Nevermind I'm immediately convinced," Skif says.

"Good boy~" you coo. "Now get in front of me. I wanna feel you both...~"

"Not gonna try for another Ceri sandwich?"

"I dunno. I had mixed feelings about that. Besides, I have another idea~"
No. 995094 ID: ae723c
File 161775939787.png - (314.95KB , 800x600 , 1650.png )

Skif's reluctance vanishes the moment you feel him in your mouth. You look back to saint and wiggle your butt a bit, enticing him to join the fun.

Skif moans softly as you slide your tongue around his member. Your experience has taught you how to keep your teeth out of the way, giving him quite a pleasurable experience~

You move your head, sliding his manhood in and out of your mouth. You expect him to grab onto your shoulders, but he seems to be holding his arms out awkwardly, as if considering something.

...You soon realize there's nothing happening behind you.

You pull away from Skif, causing him to whimper slightly. "Sir Duke? Are you gonna..."

"I-I didn't w-want to make a-assumptions!" he says. You can tell it's taking every fiber of his being to remain where he is.

You huff out of frustration. "How big a hint do you need!? Get over here and fuck your mistress." You demand.

"Y-y-y-y-yes ma'am!!!"
No. 995095 ID: ae723c
File 161775940197.png - (470.89KB , 931x732 , 1651.png )

There's a familiar yet unique feeling as Sir Duke timidly enters you. He feels so different from the rugged design of Skif, or the smooth tentacles of Gulketi. He's warm... each twitch revealing how desperate he is to fill you with his seed. Perhaps it's only his chilvary that gives him the strength to hold back.

What the--! Skif has grabbed your horns! You didn't... mmm... ok fine...

You begin to slide back and forth, taking in Duke as Skif slides out, and vice versa. As you find your rhythm, you feel your breasts seek out a rhythm of their own. Their larger, softer nature makes their movements larger, and you definitely feel them. It's a bit embarrassing; You almost feel like some kind of cow.

And yet, their movements, and the soft jiggling of your tummy and buttocks, reveal just how soft you are. You feel... feminine. Beautiful.

You moan slightly, the act eliciting a similar sound in Skif. Seems he likes the extra vibrations~

Saint Duke is breathing heavily. He's twitching so much, struggling not to orgasm before his lady is fully satisfied. Perhaps he could teach Skif a thing or two after all!

Skif, for his part, also hasn't filled you yet. He's been training well~


Mmm... This is nice. To have them both under your spell... to feel them fighting their own desires for the sake of your own...

It's... so nice... and....mmm....mnnnaahhmmmm...~

"Don't stop..." you begcommand.

Familiar contractions fills your walls as pleasure wells up inside you. As if finally getting permission, the boys don't hold back anymore, and fill you till you fear you will burst. There's so much warmth... so much love...~

Panting heavily, you share a knowing look with the boys.

This was just round one.

But just how should you spice it up for round two? You think on the items you brought with you. There's a few new things you could try with them...~

[Path of... Bonding]

A: Utilize the ROPE.
Haven't really given bondage a go yet...~

B: Utilize the WHIP.
Ah, the combination of pain and pleasure~

C: First-aid kits means you can scratch them up a bit!
Ah, leaving love marks~

there's no way to use the bomb here.

[Path of the positions]

D: Time to use GB and CD.
Can you make them orgasm with your boobs...?

E: Receive oral love.
They sure made a mess... time for them to clean it up~

F: Let the boys decide what to do next.
What ideas do 'the boys' come up with?
No. 995097 ID: 0fae41

>there's no way to use the bomb here.
That's coward talk. Use portal magic to drop it at a safe distance while still hearing it and get off with a BANG.
No. 995098 ID: 3edd0d

Position Power! PP?
D, C
No. 995100 ID: 9f4fe4

D for some tiddy action.
No. 995102 ID: 79be20

[F] primary (you need to keep up that not-too-dominance!), [A] secondary. Though why not combine the two...?

Not to interrupt, by the way, but, are you just a little taller than your boys than usual? That's fun, you should keep some size difference play in mind for your loyal lads later. And not worry about the implications of seeming a little taller and noticing how small the tunnel is directly after that life magic plant poofed in your hands, at least until after you've finished enjoying yourselves.
No. 995114 ID: e7848c

Those are the battle scars every warrior strives for. Don't deny them the honor of that. Don't your knights deserve to bear your mark? Grace them with that. They'll thank you for it.
No. 995115 ID: be3107

Surround yourself in Cute Furry... Boyness.
D, C
No. 995127 ID: cdabe3

C, d
No. 995138 ID: 88dbb5

C, d
No. 995162 ID: f8fa51

A, let them tie you up.
f, let them decide what to do next.
No. 995165 ID: 9a2966

E, a
No. 995192 ID: 0cb682

No. 995194 ID: 2c7a4b

Primary C
Secondary D
No. 995199 ID: 7cfa4c

Use the bomb anyway.
No. 995203 ID: ef6063

C or D
No. 995206 ID: 864e49

F, 2 boiz 1 hole
D, fuckable nipNO!
No. 995207 ID: 3d5d68

C all the way, draw a little blood then kiss them better
No. 995228 ID: 5b0071

F or D
who knows F might become D
No. 995236 ID: 1ca7c2

D, and why not throw in some breast expansion as well?
No. 995242 ID: 67ceb6

C], otherwise D
Try marks from just a good old "accidentally" too hard hug.
No. 995243 ID: 75efdc

C, F
No. 995289 ID: b74a2f

No. 995344 ID: c09f5e

D, A
No. 995357 ID: 094652

Enhance knockers so large that they flood the whole passage, gently crushing the boys between your inconveniently inflated life rafts until they scream the safe word!
No. 995363 ID: 36784c

F , d
No. 995366 ID: 0bfc71

Let's C some LOVE MARKS from... rough huggin?
Alternatively D
No. 995463 ID: a9af05

No. 995469 ID: b38fab

No. 995500 ID: 8d4bb7

F, d
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