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File 161584424738.png - (366.92KB , 800x600 , thread9title.png )
991458 No. 991458 ID: 2451c3

This quest is NSFW.

Thread one: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/694230.html

Thread two: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/714858.html

Thread three: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/743976.html

Thread four: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/771470.html

Thread five:

Thread six:

Thread seven: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/880264.html

Thread eight: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/913803.html
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No. 1007141 ID: 3a0940

B, D
No. 1007217 ID: f3f534

Primary C
Secondary D

Largest slice of cake!

I agree with this. I'm tired of seeing everyone naked. So I think it's time for everyone to put some clothes on!
No. 1007598 ID: 2be85e

I was gonna vote for E but I see my fellow neurons got it covered... Thank you my fellow exhibitionists <3

Prize should be something he wants... perhaps a transform into anything he wants, free pass, no judging allowed?
No. 1007599 ID: 3edd0d

B or C
No. 1007642 ID: f8fa51

Voting E for vengeance, secondary vote A/X.
No. 1008012 ID: ff9f30
File 162906794248.png - (166.97KB , 800x600 , 1732.png )

>[Skif's reward should be] Yourself, to carry around for the day.
Hmhmm~ the no-doubt powerful and majestic dragon within you would find this the greatest blessing you could bestow...~

Er, but the NORMAL REPTILIAN that is currently you feels this wouldn't be much of a present!

>Anything he wants.
Hmm! Maybe not the most imaginative gift, but your ability to polymorph would give him the chance to live out whatever fantasy he might have, with whatever or whoever he pleases.

You did something kinda like this a few days ago, and it was one of the more intense sessions you've had!

As for the clothing 'situation'...

>Remember: Nudity is the same as lewd activities. It's best in moderation so it doesn't lose its appeal. And right now, nudity is starting to lose its appeal.
Maybe it is about time to take a bit of a break. You've certainly made up for the lack of nudity in spades, but doing it too much makes it less exciting and more just... normal.

And it's already normal for reptilians so that's no fun.

besides, you're a lot easier to draw with clothes on

Time to tell Skif what he's won!
No. 1008013 ID: ff9f30
File 162906794931.png - (242.82KB , 800x600 , 1733.png )

He seems a bit preoccupied.

:ceritalk_defeated: "Come on, the competition's over. It's time to put your chrivalry away."

:skiftalk_chrival: "NEVER!"


:ceritalk_defeated_noanim: "...."

:ceritalk_smile: "Anyway, Skif's won this time! And your prize is..."

:ceritalk_smug: "...That you can ask me to do whatever you want at some point in the future~!"

:skiftalk_shocked: "Didn't we already have a segment like that?"

:ceritalk_gentle: "We did, but you just had me be a male dragon version of myself."

:saintduketalk_shocked: "H-He got to fuck a dragon!?"

:ceritalk_stressed: "A-a faux dragon via polymorph! N-not a real one, obviously."

:skiftalk_grin: "So really it's two wins for me if you count that and this."

:saintduketalk_chrival: "Then I shall obtain three victories in one fell swoop!"

:skiftalk_chrival: "And just how do you plan on doing that?"

:saintduketalk_blushu: "I... I'll find a way!"

:skiftalk_grin: "Sure, you tell yourself that."

:DR_ceriokay: "...."

:ceri_lookaway: "Well heck, I'd actually love to see how you pull that off."

:ceritalk_gentle: "Later, though. Skif, last time you had me be kind of myself..."

:ceritalk_happy: "But next time I want you to really use your imagination! Your wish is my command!"

:ceritalk_happy: "Any form, any gender! If it's within my polymorph ability, it's yours to do with as you see fit!"

:skiftalk_happy: "In that case, I'll be sure to brainstorm a great idea!"

:saintduketalk_chrival: "And I shall brainstorm a better one!"

:ceritalk_stressed: "Skif's the one who... you know what, sure."

:ceritalk_smile: "Now then. You two wait here, I'll go get your clothes."

:skiftalk_neutral: "Really? I figured you'd have us walk out there naked."

:ceritalk_gentle: "Probably shouldn't continue those types of shenanigans with my parents waking up soon."

:ceri_lookaway: "Even though they're reptilians, they might find it a bit weird."

:skiftalk_shocked: "I suddenly remembered last time and you're totally right."

:ceritalk_stressed: "Y-yeah."

:saintduketalk_blushu: "J-Just what did I miss???"

Letting Duke's question hang in the air, you trigger INVISIBILITY and head to the KITCHEN to get their clothes!
No. 1008014 ID: ff9f30
File 162906795344.png - (128.54KB , 800x600 , 1734.png )

Oh gosh, Mom's already awake.


She is not a morning person.
No. 1008015 ID: ff9f30
File 162906795642.png - (172.84KB , 800x600 , 1735.png )

"Good morning, my darling wife~!"

Dad is.
No. 1008016 ID: ff9f30
File 162906795949.png - (128.51KB , 800x600 , 1736.png )


"Hehe, you're so cute~"

"*Grumpy lizard noises*"

You don't actually see Mom like this very often. Usually by the time you're awake she's at least able to carry on a conversation. You wonder why that is?

"Even when struggling to wake up, you're the most beautiful woman in the world~"
No. 1008017 ID: ff9f30
File 162906796209.png - (128.28KB , 800x600 , 1737.png )


Ah, that's why. How can anyone stay grumpy with that much love and positive energy blasted their way?

A smile forces its way through Mom's grumpy morning-face as she lifts her head up to give him a kiss. "Hmm~ You're not so bad looking yourself."

"Heehee. How about I make you some coffee?" Dad asks.

"That'd be wonderful, my love."

Awww~! Dad's always able to reveal Mom's softer side~
No. 1008018 ID: ff9f30
File 162906796609.png - (116.33KB , 800x600 , 1738.png )

Dad happily makes his way to the stove to start boiling some water when he notices it's like, on and baking something.

"Huh. Is Ceri cooking something?"

Oh goodness.

"She's making a cake," Mom says with her gruffy morning voice.

He opens the oven. "Ah, so she is! Looks like it's just about done, too. I'll just take it out for her."

Geez. You know Dad has a fairly weak sense of smell, but how can anyone not notice the rich aroma of a freshly-baked cake??

"Also she brought two boys over," Mom says.

"Ah..." Dad replies. You know he doesn't like you being so promiscuous, but it looks like he's finally starting to accept it.

"They might come out here naked," Mom warns.

"N-no way they'd do that! Not my sweet innocent daughter!"

He's still working on it.

Ahahahaha wow bullet dodged though.
No. 1008019 ID: ff9f30
File 162906797390.png - (177.93KB , 800x600 , 1739.png )

Suddenly mom's grumpy smile takes on a sinister turn. "Maybe you're right. But I bet she'd try to awkwardly get their clothes while invisible hoping we don't notice." Her eye glances your way.

What!? S-surely she can't...!

"You'd hear her footsteps or something if she tried that, right?" Dad asks.

"Who knows~?"

You forgot how well Mom can hear stuff.

O-or are you overthinking it? Your bedroom is right behind you, so it's possible she's just looking at your door rather than right at you. It's not like she can see you...


Either way, she's not revealing what she does or doesn't know, in classic Mom fashion.

What will you do?

A: Reveal yourself and sheepishly say 'hi'.
Ya caught me. Or guessed right.

B: Hang out for a bit to see what else they talk about.
Spying is fun!

C: Hug Mom while invisible.
So grumpy~

D: Don't risk it. Grab the clothes and get out of there!
Just gotta make sure they don't see the clothes floating around...
No. 1008020 ID: ff9f30

(Thanks to AQR for doing art while I deal with an injury!)
No. 1008021 ID: 0fae41

D/c. Double call her bluff and do exactly what you were going to do, despite her knowing that you know that she knows. She'll never expect it.
No. 1008022 ID: 775775

B, C
No. 1008023 ID: e7848c

C, e
E being you just portal their clothes into the room without touching them. Hug mom as a distraction.
No. 1008025 ID: 3edd0d

No. 1008026 ID: 96c896

No. 1008027 ID: 0e1661

Tiptoe around plus spying! B, d
No. 1008029 ID: cdabe3

No. 1008030 ID: e0d338

C and D
Give momma some love!
Then skidaddle out of there.
No. 1008031 ID: 08e322

C,d Mom love is very important as is not breaking Dad
No. 1008032 ID: be3107

B, A
No. 1008037 ID: 736b7e

C, a
No. 1008038 ID: 2cabe6

D, c
No. 1008040 ID: f8fa51

C, d
No. 1008041 ID: 9a2966

... you can just leave and portal the clothes to the boys.

Is this E? I feel this is E.
No. 1008054 ID: fa8baf

Ahhh she's already got you figured out anyway. Give her a
C and then stick with Plan A.
No. 1008105 ID: 5b0071

C or A
No. 1008253 ID: a9af05


>Just gotta make sure they don't see the clothes floating around...
A better idea would be to use a portal to send the clothes to the boys while you've got your Mom distracted by an invisible hug. That way your parents won't notice any floating clothes.
No. 1008314 ID: 36784c

All of this
No. 1008376 ID: 584042

D. Straightforward option.
Do not submit to teasing.
No. 1008678 ID: d358bc

B, D
No. 1008710 ID: 59b6dd

No. 1008933 ID: ff9f30
File 163019512842.png - (98.23KB , 800x600 , 1740.png )

>...just portal their clothes into the room without touching them. Hug mom as a distraction.
An even better idea! You put the plan to action.

"Aww, sweety..."

Does she think Dad's hugging her, or does she know it's you? Hard to tell...

You take the opportunity to PORTAL the boys' clothes to your room. You're pretty sure you can trust them to get dressed on their own.

You softly kiss the top of her head, a move Dad often employs, just to be safe. You then hop in the portal yourself and (re)apply the OUTFIT OF DESTINY. It increases your defense by one and your DESTINY by twenty.

Yeah that's too many numbers let's pare it back some.
No. 1008934 ID: ff9f30
File 163019513062.png - (140.86KB , 800x600 , 1741.png )

The three of you exit your room, making sure to talk about the boys' SIBLING SMASH battle so your parents don't get the wrong* idea.

*idea may be 100% correct actually

"Gotta admit, your BC (block-to-counter) move was really cool," Saint Duke says. Aww, is he starting to get comfortable enough to talk more naturally around you?

Even Skif seems to drop his chivalrous air. "Same, dude! When you showed me your moves, I was impressed that they were in fact good ones! Especially that move-cancel; That was sick as hell!"

"I really want to see how well you two do against Daatra," you say. "She always kicks my ass, but you two actually know all these fancy advanced techniques and stuff."

"Hehe, you just need to practice a bit!" Skif says. "Imagine the look on Daatra's face the moment you use a BC on her."

"Hahaha, I can picture it now. She'd be so angry and yet so proud."

Saint Duke nods. "I don't know who Daatra is, but she sounds like a worthy opponent!"

"I should really introduce you guys to her sometime," you say.

"Maybe later this week?" Skif asks.

You shake your head. "Nah, I get the feeling my next seven days are booked solid. Call it intuition. A gut feeling. The wind that we can't feel because we're inside."


Good thing you took very tiny steps so you could have that entire conversation before making it to the kitchen.

Mom and Dad notice you immediately.
No. 1008935 ID: ff9f30
File 163019513329.png - (141.79KB , 800x600 , 1742.png )

Mom waves happily-- whoa that coffee works fast.

"Hey, sweety!" Dad says.

Is it you, or does the kitchen feel more... coherent? As if it wasn't being fudged and handwaved. Huh. On the table is your cake, nice and fresh!

"Morning!" you say cheerfully as if you hadn't been up for several hours already.

"Good morning, dear," Mom says. "You're up early."

"Er... yeah, heehee."

"I heard you guys playing video games. Sounds like you had quite a time!"

She looks briefly in Dad's direction, as if asking you to play along. S-she thinks you had them over for a night of sexual pleasure! or worse she heard it!

Saint Duke's blushing intensely. "Ah, i-it's wonderful to see you again, ma'am!"

Oh dear, Mom still has him charmed from the PICNIC OF DOOM?

"Morning, Miss Myra," Skif says much more calmly.

"Oh! I still owe you those cookies!" Mom says. Oh right-- she offered to bake him cookies to make up for... er... that time the two of you played chicken with his dick.

Skif suddenly looks much less calm. "Really, it's okay! It's not like it opened my mind to all kinds of forbidden desires that I now have to desperately suppress!"

Sir Duke shoots Skif a look of utter betrayal. "You, and her...!?"

"I-it's not like that!" Skif insists.

Duke pounds his chest with dramatic flair. "I swear on my code of hono(u)r that I will not allow you to continue surpassing me!"

"Still doing some roleplay, I see!" Dad says. Is he really oblivious, or...?

For once you decide to step in before things get too lewd and weird. "Oh yeah! I need to add icing to the cake!"
No. 1008936 ID: ff9f30
File 163019513542.png - (332.06KB , 800x600 , 1743.png )

Blue icing with sprinkles, a cool topping for the increasingly warm days of SUMMER!

You look down at the completed cake. Soon, people will be eating something you made with your own eggs. It's hard to imagine something more intimate that isn't just sex.

You blush slightly. "I uh... I guess this is my first time making one of these, huh? Eheh, it's got a heart because I made it with love."


Dad smiles through a slight confused look on his face. "Your first time? We've made cakes together lots of times. Surely you haven't forgotten!"

You fidget in your seat. "I-I know, but this... uh... it's made with my..."

Mom's eyes light up. "Oh! Is this a mommy meal!?"

You blush so hard you'd totally need a new portrait if we were doing those right now. "Y-you can't just say that all of a sudden!"

"Why not? ...Oh no, have the mammals gotten you embarrassed about reptilian traditions again?"

Maximum Blushu. "M-maybe."

It doesn't help that these eggs were laid during an extremely intense period of love-making with Skif.

"What's a 'mommy meal'?" Saint Duke asks.

"Prepare to be educated!" Mom says excitedly. "Unlike mammals, we don't carry our young to term! Instead we lay eggs. It's a proud reptilian tradition to make meals from these eggs that we share with those we care about!"
No. 1008937 ID: ff9f30
File 163019514022.png - (144.87KB , 800x600 , 1744.png )

Duke blushes slightly. "So this is made from... Ceri's eggs?"

"Yep!" Comes an overly enthusiastic reply from Mom. You consider going invisible again so you can hide. Argh, there's nothing weird about this, dammit! You blame the mammals again!

Speaking of which, you notice Skif wearing the most sinister grin he's ever had. "And like Ceri said, it's made with love~."


As if sensing danger, Dad throws you a life-preserver. "So what are your plans for the cake, anyway? Should we set up another picnic?"

Gah! "NO! Hahaha. No. Nope. No way. Won't be necessary."

Now mom's the one with a sinister look! "You sure? It was so much fun last time~"

"It's only been a day! You can't just have a picnic every day!"

"You sure? I can make some spaghetti and..."

"W-we already used that gimmick! Besides, I already have plans for the cake!"

Quick! What are your plans for the cake?

A: To share it among your hoard members at Unity Base.
A celebration of the BONDS you've all formed!

B: To share it with Daatra.
To celebrate your budding sisterhood!

C: Your original plan: A sensual meal shared with one or more hoard members.
You might have to carefully word this so Dad doesn't die.

D: Actually, let's just dive in and eat it now!
Why wait? Cake is yummy!
No. 1008939 ID: 0bfc71

B. Daatra is a previous close friend, shake some cake with her!
...But cake is good though... D.
No. 1008940 ID: c92a02

C/b: We were going to EAT OUT this cake with lots of candles wearing our BIRTHDAY SUIT.
No. 1008941 ID: d761e6

wait, why don't we invite everyone over to the house and share it with them?? :D
No. 1008942 ID: 3edd0d

B or D
No. 1008943 ID: 4f8284

A or C
nothing weird about sharing a cake with your friends, tilde or no
No. 1008945 ID: 75efdc

No. 1008950 ID: 566049

A, C.
No. 1008958 ID: e51896

B, C
No. 1008962 ID: be3107

B, d!
No. 1008963 ID: 08e322

D, e
murder slinko throw a footsockball party.
No. 1008983 ID: 815672

You were going to explain it to your new friends who aren't familiar with the tradition. Just like it was explained to Dook, here. If no one partook, Daatra would definitely have some.
No. 1008987 ID: a9af05


Keep in mind that if it's too early in the morning, Daatra might not like being woken up and will be mad at you.

That's not going to work. Ceri's house isn't big enough for everyone to be here all at once.
No. 1008993 ID: ef6063

B, a
No. 1009017 ID: f3f534

Primary: D: Actually, let's just dive in and eat it now!
Cake is best enjoyed while it's fresh, so let's start eating already!

Secondary: B: To share it with Daatra.
The cake is too small to share with all of your friends. But it's just the right size to share with one more friend! Invite Daatra over so that she can share this cake with you, your parents, Skif, and Duke!
No. 1009045 ID: abff05

Wait wasn't the plan to eat it right away?
No. 1009073 ID: 36784c

D , b
No. 1009076 ID: 0e1661

To, sisterhood, with friends! B, C
No. 1009077 ID: 094652

D) Don't let the cake go stale! Also, you should just make another.
No. 1009216 ID: bbdaaf

D: Eat it while it's still fresh!
No. 1009217 ID: 3513c8

No. 1009221 ID: b74a2f

No. 1009222 ID: 6e5094

B, C
No. 1009341 ID: ebae20

No. 1009379 ID: fbd643

D, A Cake is best fresh, but barring that it is best shared!
No. 1009499 ID: 7a112e

B, D! If it's eaten now, you could save a slice for Daatra anyway- she's gotta try our peak cooking!
No. 1009601 ID: 59b6dd


That’s a lot of fucking cake.
There’ll be enough left over to share with others, or just be kinky as hell with the leftovers in a more refined environment later.

For now, you just had sex(s),
You and Skif are hungry and your mom would probably appreciate eating your first one, especially considering how convenient it is that some is ready to eat RIGHT after her coffee (and morning verbal jab).

It’s cake. Probably good cake. You can never be so sure, and a good chef samples her cooking.
No. 1009610 ID: 775775

Budding friends or Diving right on in! At least share a good half with everyone here first.
No. 1010154 ID: ff9f30
File 163132338239.png - (105.00KB , 800x600 , 1745.png )

"So what are your plans?" Mom asks expectantly.


Hmm. You really like the idea of sharing the cake with Daatra in celebration of newfound sisterhood, but are you sure you hadn't already promised to give it to someone else?

You wrack your brain... Huh, it turns out that despite being together when you laid your eggs, you never actually told Skif you'd share the meal with him; The two of you just ate one of the eggs and took a nap.

You also never said you'd be sharing it with the boys today, either... but you did say the winner of the tournament would get the first slice.

it'd also be a bit rude to bake a cake in front of them and then not let them have some

You decide to split the difference. You'll share half of the cake now, and take the other half to Daatra! the decision to eat it now only lost by one vote, anyway

"Well, for one thing it'd be a waste not to eat some cake while it's still fresh, so why don't we just eat some now?"

"Cake for breakfast!?" Dad asks, completely shocked at the concept.

"Hell yeah!" Mom says. "Ceri's an adult now, so we don't have to be good influences anymore!"

"What!? We always have to be good influences!!" Dad insists.


Dad sighs, encumbered by the knowledge that he's now the only adult in the house. He starts setting the table with plates and utensils.

"Oh, be sure to serve Skif first!" you say. "It's one of his prizes for winning the game!"

"Sure thing, sweety," Dad replies.
No. 1010155 ID: ff9f30
File 163132338783.png - (182.26KB , 800x600 , 1746.png )

Mom's practically vibrating in her chair. "Yeessss we're finally sharing Ceri's Mommy Meaaaaal."

Is... is she crying? Oh gods, her crocodile tears are even more powerful coming from someone who looks kinda sorta like a crocodile if you squint really really hard.

"C-come on, Mom," you say, "We've eaten your motherly meals lots of times."

"This is different! There's something truly special about a child sharing her first Mommy Meal with her parents... ah, it's such a lovely reptilian tradition."

"Although we both expected this to have happened a lot sooner," Dad admits.

"I blame Daatra!" you say. "She always acted weird about her own eggs, so I couldn't help but feel weird too! I didn't even get to help her lay until like three days ago!"

Everyone's eyes widen for different reasons.

:skiftalk_shocked: "Daatra needed help laying eggs? But she's so dummy thicc! With two C's!"

:ceritalk_defeated: "Please never say that again."

:skiftalk_shocked: "I-I'm just saying! Lots of room for eggs to go through!"

:ceritalk_defeated: She lays really big eggs.

:saintduketalk_blushu: "Is this tale of thicc-ness really true? I must meet this 'Daatra' of yours post-haste!"

:ceri_lookaway: "Hmm. She does have a thing for cute fluffy mammal boys..."


:saintduketalk_happy: "Ah, to be complimented by my mistress is heavenly! I shall forever cherish being 'cute and fluffy'!"

Good he's distracted. Man, that was close.

:myratalk_shocked: "It really took you this long to share such an important bonding moment with Daatra!?"

:myratalk_stressed: "...I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since you're only just now doing this with us."

Yep. You've totally been shy because of Daatra and not because laying eggs is a very sexual and orgasmic experience for you.

...Wait, is that weird? You assumed all reptilians orgasm while laying, but... come to think of it, Daatra looked like she was in pain the whole time.

Is orgasmic egg-laying a species-dependent thing??

"So Mom, random question. Do you feel anything when you lay eggs? Anything um... nice?" you ask way more awkwardly than expected.
No. 1010156 ID: ff9f30
File 163132338910.png - (193.84KB , 800x600 , 1747.png )

Everyone's eyes are now on you. oh geez.

"I'm... uh... asking for science..."

Why do you feel so shy all of a sudden!?

Mom glances at Skif and Duke, both of who seem like they're now picturing you laying eggs sensually. Oh gods, Skif actually knows what that looks like! PANIC.

Mom looks at Dad. "We kinda flubbed the whole 'sex education' thing, huh?"

"I-I thought you were gonna teach her!" Dad protests.

"I wasn't sure if it'd be different for D--" MOM NO SAINT DOESN'T KNOW.

"Uh, her species!" Mom corrects herself. "I didn't want to give her bad information!"

"Raising kids is hard!"

"It's so hard!"

"J-just forget I asked," you say.

"So hey! Now that Skif's had his victory bite, how about we dig in?" Dad asks.

It was at that moment that you realized you're freaking starving.

"Caaaaake!" you say excitedly.

"Oh um, be sure to save half of it so I can give it to Daatra," you say. "To celebrate our sister-hood!"

"What a lovely idea, sweetheart!" Dad says.
No. 1010157 ID: ff9f30
File 163132339389.png - (229.67KB , 800x600 , 1748.png )

Mom dramatically wipes a tear from her eye. "My little baby, sharing Mommy Meals and helping others lay eggs. Kids grow up so fast..!"

"C-come on, Mom. It's not that big a deal," you say.

"Besides, I wouldn't exactly call it 'fast'. Wasn't I supposed to do this when I was 12 or something?" you ask. "Also, we've had several conversations where you specifically acknowledged I'm an adult. You really shouldn't be acting surprised about it now."

"Ceri, this is different! You're not really an adult until you've fed your eggs to the ones who raised you!"

"Says who??" you ask.

"Reptilian traditions!"

Dad gets a look on his face you're not sure you've ever seen before. "Heehee~ Looks like I'm not the only one struggling with Ceri being all grown up, huh~?"
No. 1010158 ID: ff9f30
File 163132339678.png - (142.68KB , 800x600 , 1749.png )

"I just said this was different!" insists a flustered Mom.

"Different from her starting to have sex?" Dad asks. "That thing where she suddenly had a concerning number of partners?"

"Completely different! That's just sex-- this is a actual major milestone in her life!"

"I'd argue both things are pretty major milestones, dear."

"Look, it's not my fault she did things in the wrong order!"

"Yeah, it's Daatra's fault!" you say.

"Yeah! Daatra!" Mom repeats.

"Oh gods I really am raising two children now," Dad says. "Come on, you can't both blame Daatra."

"Don't look at me! Ceri started it!"

"Yeah, it was me! Wait..."

Dad grins smugly. "See? This is what happens when we stop being a good influence on Ceri~"

Mom opens her mouth to object, but then crosses her arms and looks all grumpy. "Yeah, okay."

A pause.

"Still eating cake for breakfast though."

"Okay, dear~ We'll make an exception just this once."


Did Dad just win that? Holy shit. Maybe he has been holding back all this time.

Satisfied with his victory, Dad directs everyone to start digging in. You happily oblige.
No. 1010159 ID: ff9f30
File 163132340020.png - (201.58KB , 800x600 , 1750.png )


It turned out really well! In your heaven of sugar and bread you almost forget that this was made from something that used to be inside you.

You look over to Skif. If he's thinking sexy thoughts about eating your eggs (again), he's politely keeping them to himself. It's not like you can tell he's blushing under that giant metal helmet of his anyway.

Duke, however, can't mask his blushing with his fur as he takes a bite. "C-Ceri's... taste..."

Soon everyone's enjoying yummy cake and it's the beeeeest.


Yeah aside from Duke blushing a lot there's actually nothing sexual about this. Just family and friends eating cake in proud Reptilian tradition (apparently).

You really should have done this sooner, huh?

Oh well. Now's a good time to have some CONVERSATION!

As easy as it'd be to just say the first thing that comes to mind, you're contractually obligated to offer your MENTAL NEURONS a just and fair DEMOCRACY.

What topic should you bring up?

A: Your recent cave adventure.
To give your parents a (dad-friendly) account of what happened, and to further discuss it with the boys.

B: The PUNK universe and what everyone's PUNK SELF would be.
Would Mom be any different, really?

C: How your parents did a good job raising you.
This seems really important to Mom, so it seems appropriate??

D: Heehee, everyone's eating something that used to be inside me.
W-wait, don't make it weird...!

E: Your new-found respect for creators who manage to juggle game-development and running an interactive adventure (albeit at less than full speed).

You can also come up with other things to say or ask.
No. 1010160 ID: 3edd0d

C or A
No. 1010161 ID: 736b7e

E, D
No. 1010162 ID: c2dfd0

Primary C, secondary A
No. 1010164 ID: c92a02

D/a. Did you know this town is a magnet for outcasts, criminals and occultists?
No. 1010166 ID: 0e1661

C because your parents rock.
No. 1010167 ID: cdabe3

D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D/e
No. 1010168 ID: ef6063

Just C.
No. 1010169 ID: 0bfc71

C, B
No. 1010173 ID: 2d3578

No. 1010177 ID: 2b697f

everybody already knows e. e is in everyones mind and is really vlaid
No. 1010178 ID: 815672

E, a
Don't you think that concerned dolphin and giant bird deserve another medium? Maybe short stories? Maybe one about a trip to a cave where they encountered rouge life magic users!
No. 1010186 ID: fa8baf

C, b
No. 1010204 ID: f8fa51

C, b

Also what's this about game development?
No. 1010205 ID: 99ca7b

E, E, E, E, E!
No. 1010207 ID: 1c0351

C. E.

I would like to vote against D since to me that just seems like a disgusting combination of depravity and malice and is ridiculously out of character.

You are making a game, Slinko?
No. 1010236 ID: 435ea0

B and C
Punkdad could be awesome.
No. 1010237 ID: 435ea0

dammit, i meant, A and B. I bet my hypotheical alternate punk self is ashamed of me.
No. 1010293 ID: 9e75bb

C and E. Credit where credit is due.
No. 1010309 ID: 36784c

C , e
No. 1010334 ID: a9af05

No. 1010351 ID: ebae20

B, C

Just imagine. Punk Mom. Punk Dad. This must be explored.
No. 1010386 ID: ff75f3

So, what’s dad’s reptilian traditions?

Since the different species card has been unconventionally been played, and your mom seems intent on rallying behind her traditions; what are your dad’s traditions, if he’s willing to share? They may both be reptiles, but they wouldn’t be your parents unless they had an alternative to the whole compatible genetics thing.
No. 1010387 ID: ff75f3

Or at least, you wouldn’t have been a dragon.
No. 1010388 ID: e51896

But everyone tells you that you personally are actually better than your punk self when you describe her, and it's a feel good moment.
No. 1010415 ID: 529620


Dude we are so thankful ya keep doing this with us. DR has been so fun.
No. 1010436 ID: 6e5094

No. 1010461 ID: beabd4

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