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File 161584424738.png - (366.92KB , 800x600 , thread9title.png )
991458 No. 991458 ID: 2451c3

This quest is NSFW.

Thread one: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/694230.html

Thread two: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/714858.html

Thread three: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/743976.html

Thread four: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/771470.html

Thread five:

Thread six:

Thread seven: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/880264.html

Thread eight: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/913803.html
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No. 1001329 ID: b74a2f

B, A, X
No. 1001331 ID: 094652

B/C (wait until she gets close and suddenly 'cease'), then put her in a chokehold and smoosh her underneath your rounded fat!
No. 1001343 ID: 6c85e8

No. 1001358 ID: f8fa51

No. 1001377 ID: 36784c

>everyone but Ceri and the bad lady have been slowed down.
I thought Skif‘s race could resist magic? I guess Time Magic is too powerful for him to resist.

>What do?
C , b
No. 1001482 ID: c8a2f4


so D, A
No. 1001698 ID: 2be85e

No. 1001704 ID: 9a2966

C, b should do it, I think. She'll be momentarily distracted by you disappearing, so it's less likely she'll try to put the hurt on your companions.
No. 1001705 ID: 031458

D is too good to pass up!

C will work too.
No. 1001707 ID: a9af05

No. 1002121 ID: 4734c9

D, A X

No B - it'll be obvious that you're not affected by the time magic.
I doubt you've practiced "strategic polymorphing to make it appear as if you're not breathing".
D will have much of the effect of A.
No. 1002360 ID: ff9f30
File 162260060661.png - (259.55KB , 800x600 , 1688.png )

>I thought Skif's race could resist magic?
Your memory sure is spotty lately. You'd almost think it's been a year since your last adventure.

Skif doesn't resist magic the way you do. Remember when you met Gulketi? He tried (maybe accidentally?) to use PSYCHIC MAGIC on you and Skif. Gulketi easily convinced Skif he wasn't a dragon, but you were unaffected.

That said, there's something going on with galeacoma, if not all DRAGON RIDERS. When you had sex the first time, something deep within you instinctively reached out to Skif... and something within him reached right back.

Mr. Ilan gave the impression that such a thing would wound or kill a mortal, but Skif came out of it fine...

Thankfully that hasn't happened since, even with your seal weakening over time.

Still, maybe there's something about dragons that galeacoma do resist...? But RITUAL TIME MAGIC is a mortal creation (as far as you know), thus he's hit like everyone else.

>I doubt you've practiced "strategic polymorphing to make it appear as if you're not breathing".
When would that ever come up!??!

Okay yes it's coming up right now but come on who could have predicted this?????
No. 1002361 ID: ff9f30
File 162260060969.png - (200.75KB , 800x600 , 1689.png )

"What the hell do I even do here," the tiny lady wonders aloud. "I don't want to kill them... maybe I could tie them up? Ugh, I knew we should have brought ROPE."

She steps forward, examining the situation. Come on, just a bit closer...

"Ah, of course. I untie the dumbass and use that rope. That'd take care of one, but what about the other two...? Argh, this spell only lasts for a minute."

You wonder why she's wasting time talking, then. It's not like time comes to a halt every time someone talks to themself.


"Whatever, one thing at a time," she says as she begins to pass you. Yes... almost time to pounce...!

Wait... if you jump her, she'll likely realize the truth. Hmm... Maybe you should knock her over with a kick first? Then it becomes plausible that you tackled her after being unfrozen.

It's not in your nature to kick people... part of you feels guilty at the thought. But this isn't the time to let COMPASSION overwhelm you...!

Your heart's racing. You try to stay calm. Just wait for the right moment...
No. 1002362 ID: ff9f30
File 162260061264.png - (277.14KB , 800x600 , 1690.png )

She pauses, then stares right at you...!

You hold your breath... augh... your low VIM limits how long you can do this!

"Fuckin' polymorphers. Think they can grow a giant set of tits and have men grovel beneath their feet."

It's not your fault that's been pretty much exactly what's been happening!

"Hmph. If you're gonna go through that trouble, you could at least polymorph away that fat belly of yours."

omg that's so mean

You're not sure you can hold your breath much longer. Would she turn away already!?

"The hell kind of reptilian are you, anyway? You don't match any of the species around here..."


"Whatever. I don't have time to waste worrying about it."


As your lungs catch fire in their desperation for oxygen, she finally moves behind you. This is it...!
No. 1002363 ID: ff9f30
File 162260061525.png - (196.13KB , 800x600 , 1691.png )

You quickly tackle her from behind! She lets out a squeak that would be adorable in any other circumstance, and frankly is kinda cute regardless. You quickly TELEPORT a meter away from her, ensuring she won't realize what happened.

The moment she's past the edge of the ritual circle, you feel the flow of time return to normal around you. Duke and Skif follow through on their actions before looking around in utter confusion.

The polymorphing you did during sex combined with this teleport brings your MP down to 169 out of 180. Nice.

most of that was spent just on the teleport, because your polymorph is goddamn overpowered.

"Fuck! I thought I had more time!"

Heehee. If only she knew what really happened. granted she was real close to doing your job for you with all that monologuing

Speaking of which. You're now a meter away, making Saint Duke the closest. She's pretty close to her partner in crime, so you better act fast!

What will you do?

A: Have Sir Duke handle the lady criminal, while Skif secures the male criminal.
Make this a real team effort!

B: Spend like 30 more MP opening a portal underneath the criminals so they land right in front of you.
The surprise alone should buy enough time to grab the female while keeping the male secure. Then the boys can grab something to tie her up with.

C: Still kinda wanna teleport behind her and say the line, TBH.
Hehehe... nothing personal...

D: Have Duke grab the lady, then scare them both with a monstrous display of your D-WINGS!
Scared straight, perhaps they'll think again before doing a crime.
No. 1002364 ID: ff9f30

:cheihahawhat: (Sorry for the slow updates! As many of you know, I'm working on a MAJOR PROJECT, juggling it and this quest. I intended to let the art quality slip a bit, but then Ceri had a mountain of sex!

I tend to up the art quality a bit for those scenes, which caused me to get a bit behind on the MAJOR PROJECT. But things should go more smoothly now. I'll try for 2 a week, but until the PROJECT is in a more final state I can only really promise 1 a week. Last week should be the only week I end up missing entirely.

I appreciate your patience, and I hope you'll find it all worth the wait!)
No. 1002365 ID: 775775

D, B
No. 1002367 ID: 0fae41

No. 1002370 ID: fa88b3

C, B! Then if you need something to tie her up with then the boys can use their clothes for maximum naked times. Maybe even triple dick think trouble boy's shirt too.
No. 1002371 ID: 3edd0d

B, D
No. 1002374 ID: cdabe3

No. 1002378 ID: cc7d1d

Silly Ceri, everyone knows that the time spent talking during a time stop doesn't count against the duration! How else are people supposed to deliver exposition? Also something about minimal movement using up less of the time stop energy or such probably.

B, A.
No. 1002379 ID: 96c896

C, a.
No. 1002387 ID: 36784c

I’ve got an idea!

Primary C, but make sure you teleport on top of her! That way you’ll end up sitting on her back and have her pinned under you! Then you can say the line to her!

Secondary B
No. 1002390 ID: f8fa51


You are overpowered enough to do this all yourself, and I can't think of any reason you need to conserve your MP... but it would be nice to let the boys be the heroes for a bit.
No. 1002397 ID: 5b0071

A or b
No need to show your hand (or wings) yet.
No. 1002398 ID: 19ea25

A, D

Though you keep calling them criminals, given how many laws you've broken intentionally or unintentionally you are technically a criminal too.
No. 1002399 ID: 4734c9

C, B
No. 1002412 ID: c48caa

There's always time to be really cool.
No. 1002530 ID: 99ca7b

It's almost as if .... time stopped ;)

No. 1002533 ID: a9af05


>teleport on top of her! That way you’ll end up sitting on her back and have her pinned under you!
No. 1002538 ID: c09f5e

D, A

It's more impulsive than rational, but does noone here want to show off the D?
No. 1002895 ID: 9ffe87


Also no more sex for a while. We don't want to break Slin- err, I mean God... or reality... or something...

I am also craving me some plot development
No. 1002951 ID: c3e059

Prime C. Second A.
No. 1003067 ID: ff9f30
File 162334783643.png - (110.22KB , 800x600 , 1692.png )


"Nothing personal, kid."

No. 1003068 ID: ff9f30
File 162334783951.png - (232.39KB , 800x600 , 1693.png )


Skif and Sir Duke look back at you in surprise.

"I took care of the bad guy~!" you say cheerfully.

"How!?" is Skif's response. "It's only been a second!"

"Truly our mistress shines with bountiful prowess!" Saint Duke says.

The female baddie grunts below you "FfFffff...fuck... you're... so fucking heavy!! Get off me, fatass!!!"

You recoil slightly. "F-fatass?? I'm--"

Your words are interrupted.
No. 1003069 ID: ff9f30
File 162334784367.png - (250.29KB , 800x600 , 1694.png )

"Truly a bold move to insult our mistress."

"A bold and foolish move."

"To insult her is to insult the very concept of beauty."

"A crime unimaginable to gods and mortals alike."

"So just this once, we shall put aside our differences."

"And fight for our common goal."

"To defend and protect our lady's hono(u)r."

"Thus we offer you our one and only warning."

"Dare you expel further excrement from your mouth..."
No. 1003070 ID: ff9f30
File 162334784655.png - (233.50KB , 800x600 , 1695.png )

"...You shall answer to our blades."

No. 1003071 ID: ff9f30
File 162334784908.png - (254.75KB , 800x600 , 1696.png )

"Fuck it. I give up."

Nice! A complete and utter victory!

You direct Skif to keep hold of the male while Sir Duke finds something to tie the female up with. He eventually finds some cloth, and uses his MIGHTY KNIFE to cut it into long strips.
No. 1003072 ID: ff9f30
File 162334785275.png - (119.05KB , 800x600 , 1697.png )

"Damn it all. I should have listened to my parents," the male says.

"You should have listened to me, you idiot!" the female sneers.

"True. You've only made things worse for me twice."

"Yes. One less time than your dick."

"It's just simple math, really."

:ceritalk_wat: "...."

'Kay, then. Time for questions.

"Why do all this?" you ask. "Why learn the forbidden arts? You two could have done something sensible, like opening a clothing store at the mall."

"That's the worst idea I've ever heard," the female says.

kharadra will remember this.

The male sighs deeply. "I was only half-lying before. I really did want to make lovely flowers. Specifically, to make the prettiest flower of all, f-for the prettiest girl I..."

The female cuts him off. "THAT BITCH AT THE HARBO(U)R!?"


"That's fo(u)r times listening to your dick got you in trouble!"

"I-I can't help it! There must be something in the water! And you saw how hot she was!"

You rub your temples. "Why not just get her a regular flower, then?"

"Are you kidding, man?? Anyone can pick a random flower! But only I would have the power to create them!"

You'd not wager much on the longevity of said flower, considering how easily the Life-Magic plant from earlier crumbled in your hand.

Euia Ilan explained to you that it takes years upon years to gain even a meager amount of skill in Life-Magic. He implied that he's like, super duper old, and that's how he got as good as he has. This guy really had no chance.

Then again, Euia works with innate magic, not rituals. Who could say how difficult this RITUAL form of Life-Magic would be? Until now you'd never have guessed such a thing were even possible. It offers many implications, not all of them good.

...But, perhaps, a potential option for more easily maintaining your DRAGON SEAL...
No. 1003073 ID: ff9f30
File 162334785593.png - (148.75KB , 800x600 , 1698.png )

You turn to the woman. "What about you?"

"Hmph. Expecting me to blab my life story like some kind of cartoon villain. This is real life, child."

"Aww...! But I'm really curious!"

You give her the best puppy-dragon eyes you can muster.

"I didn't realize how right I was to call you 'child'. Gods."

You hold strong.

"Fine! Whatever! There's no big revelation, okay? I wanted to control time. Who doesn't?"

"I don't!" you respond indicatively.

"An easy thing to say now, but if you truly had the chance to change the flow of time, I bet you'd take it in a heartbeat. Maybe you just want more time to do homework. Maybe you want a precious few more seconds with a loved one before they pass. Eventually, somehow, some way, you'd hunger for the power to stop the one thing guaranteeing we all die one day."

This bitch trying to 'holier than thou' you? You've already done so much in just a few days-- if anything time's already passing much too slowly for you!

Still, TIME MAGIC is a strange one for sure. Deep-rooted memories tell you that it only exists in RITUAL form. With that in mind, it hardly seems very powerful. You can't set up circles in combat very easily, and the time spent gathering materials to use it could... be spent doing the thing you wanted more time for in the first place.

You shrug. "For all it's supposed power, it sure didn't save you from us."

"Grrr... I have no idea what went wrong. I made sure to spend exactly 45 seconds talking aloud-- I should have had plenty of time to escape!

"Messing with time must have ruined your perception of it," you quirk.

"Hmph. I must have gotten some of the details wrong. The irony is I was working on testing it before you showed up! Argh-- I would have gotten away with it if not for you kids and your nudity!"

Your mind suddenly thinks of the Paniy fruit, a sweet melon known for hanging very, very low from its tree. Ah, to pluck such a delicious and low-hanging morsel...

Your thoughts are interrupted by Skif. "So what do we do with all the shit lying around here?"

Oh right forbidden magic research.

He continues, "We shouldn't leave it behind, lest someone discover it and become tempted by these forbidden arts.


[Path of the gathering of magic...]

A: Bring it all to Unity Base, for further study.
Since Eezeryh finally believes magic is real, maybe she could learn something that would ultimately help you heal your SEAL?

B: Bring it to the police, for them to deal with.
Maybe you'll get an article about how you're the town hero!

C: Bring it all to your room, for private study.
LIFE and TIME magic are too dangerous to trust to anyone else, but they could be powerful tools for a DRAGON trying to hide from other DRAGONS.

[Path of the destruction of magic...]

D: Destroy it all.
Remember that BOMB you brought? This is a good use for it. This stuff is too dangerous for anyone to have, including... yourself.

You also wonder if you should ask the two any questions before bringing them to the police...
No. 1003074 ID: 3edd0d

No. 1003085 ID: dec3ed

I am between A and A. No ofence, but you tend to make disasters with dangerous things in your hands. Then again, Eezeryh is not mutch better, but at least she has more chances of avoinding an explosion.

I don't know how competent are the police in your town, given everyone has such an easy time doing inappropriate things in public, they don't seem to do a great job. But, maybe, with these kind of things, are more competent.
No. 1003086 ID: dec3ed

Between A and B
No. 1003088 ID: c81c09

A - Let's be honest; destroying it would be a waste, the police won't know what to do with it and if you take it to your place it'll for sure get discovered.

Unity base is at least well hidden and well defended.
Having an energetic genius working on decoding the mysteries of it can't hurt your efforts either.
No. 1003093 ID: 031458


Hmm. So the truth comes out. The take over the town thing was a means to an end birthed from a lack of planning and supply. The females true intent is immortality. The man is driven by love.

The man might just seek other methods of wooing his crush... The woman though...
Her hubris knows no bounds.
A short stay with the state won't deter her. (And if we take the lab stuff it WILL be short.)
Time magic has incredible potential. Imagine if she tattooed a circle on herself that returned her 24 hours in the past if she was killed. Imagine a ritual that de-aged your body. Such powers would put one just shy of godhood.
A mistake in developing those magics could be catastrophic.

Letting her live, even in police custody, endangers us all. There may be another way though...

You could take them and thier equipment back to base... Eezeryh would probably come to appreciate another scientific mind around, and they would probably appreciate not having to take over a town or live in a cave to pursue thier goals.
Also, if dangerous magic research is going to take place, might as well have it happen in a controlled environment...
And under you.
No. 1003096 ID: 19ea25

C, A
No. 1003099 ID: ecd116

A primary & a variation of c secondary where instead of keeping it all in your room you take it all to the lab first but you get copys of documents and notes made plus if possible some spares copy of equipment or just find/buy your own to take to your home so you can practice/research it on your own time
what to ask them? would they want to come to Unity Base to do their life/time magic albeit under a watchful eye at all times so nothing illegal and/or were to go horribly wrong if that were to happened, it will beat facing jail time or worst, do they got somethings here we should take to the base as well plus is there people here we don't know about that maybe are hiding here in this cave with you? who and what is the name of this girl at the harbo(u)r that guy was talking about bringing a flower to ? and why are you saying/sounding (u) like that? lastly what your opinion about dragons and how much do you know of them and their magic?
No. 1003100 ID: c09f5e

B, A

You don't hoard knowledge, silly. Get your name in the papers, and maybe you'd get a nice interview by someone cute. Good PR is how Dragons are so well-known*, you know.
*For Evil, but you can change that.
No. 1003101 ID: cdabe3

A, c
No. 1003102 ID: 0bfc71

C, B
No. 1003109 ID: 0fae41

You don't get this far without study materials. Who or what showed you how to do this much?
No. 1003110 ID: fe91ca

C, A
No. 1003111 ID: a9af05

Primary B: Bring it to the police, for them to deal with.
They're going to need it as evidence in order to arrest these guys, when you bring them in.

Secondary D: Destroy it all.
Let's be honest, it'd be better to destroy it all and not worry about someone else finding it.
No. 1003112 ID: 775775

C, D
No. 1003113 ID: 02c722

A, c
No. 1003115 ID: 094652

A - There's been no turning back from the pursuit of mad science ever since you allied with space aliens with kaiju, anti-magic, and paradox hammerspace.

Learning time will develop your space abilities further.
No. 1003170 ID: 9ffe87

A. obviously
(or C. I guess, but how tf will we hide all of that from our parents, or failing that, how will we convince them that we aren't going off the deep end and not turn it all into the police themselves?)

Time magic seems cool, but if you think about it, you could royally fuck up things too if you aren't careful. You know, you go back in time and kill the wrong butterfly in the past and suddenly Dragon Hitler has taken over the world in the present.

I suppose if studied, it could have some useful outlets if used responsibly (assuming time lords don't show up to apprehend us for meddling). For now, we (meaning the Eez) should experiment on it in very controlled environments (meaning the ship). Idk if anything could come out of it, but the quest for knowledge in a responsible manner should never be stopped (although time shenanigans sort of reminds me of what Siphon told us at the picnic. She may be interested.).
No. 1003178 ID: 96c896


It's not actually that dangerous. They planned to take over the town or whatever, but I don't see that happening with ritual magic. It's localized, and she only had 1 minute of frozen time, that's not enough to do many nefarious deeds. Though, I suppose if you could extend that frozen time enough it would be pretty easy to do something like rob a store undetected. Still, an extended takeover is impossible, since it's a *very* limited resource. At best you'd have to bluff, make people think you have as much of it as you need. As for Life Magic, well, maybe you could make some creatures to fight for you, but it would be a slow buildup and then if your army is depleted it'd take too much time to replenish your numbers.
However, you're still underestimating time magic. Optimally, you spend time preparing the ritual during a low urgency timeframe, then get that time back by using the ritual during a high urgency timeframe. Moving your spare time to a point where you need it most. That's useful!

Eezeryh is an alien, she's not subject to this world's laws anyway. Plus if you move everything to your room that's SUPER SUS. And you don't have enough room in your room to hold ritual circles.
That said, you're going to have to establish strict rules on what she can do with it, and if she wants to act outside the rules she has to get permission from you *and* everyone else in the Unity group. Even ritual-based Life Magic can probably be used to change living creatures irreversibly, and she'll probably be tempted to give herself extra arms or something. If anything went wrong...
No. 1003187 ID: 4734c9

"Yo tell me who the fine lass at the docks is"
No. 1003191 ID: 736b7e

No. 1003215 ID: 5b0071

we can't just bring a bomb along and not use it. the narrative demands it
No. 1003226 ID: 5fdf1e

A,C. Bringing them to the cops is too much attention on you, and it's a waste to destroy it all!
No. 1003231 ID: 36784c

Primary D
I don't trust Eezeryh with any of this stuff. You ask a mad scientist to do something, she'll do it and do something secret behind your back! And that secret thing may end up being dangerous to everyone!

Not only that, but Eezeryh has absolutely no security to prevent anyone from tampering with anything, as proven by Siphon repeatedly tampering with all of Eezeryh's things. Imagine how bad things will be if Siphon messes with any of this as one of her little "pranks" on Eezeryh!

Secondary C
You can hold onto this stuff and hand it over to Mr. Ilan, since he's most likely got a way to properly dispose of all of this stuff.
No. 1003249 ID: 6c5f9b

B. Your options for how to deal with these two are basically turning them in, letting them go, kidnapping them or murderize them. The only reasonable choice is turning them in, and the police will definitely ask where their illegal magic schtuffs are.
No. 1003531 ID: ff9f30
File 162396014970.png - (136.62KB , 800x600 , 1699.png )

:drcps_ceri_neutral: "...So basically, I need you to take all the books and journals we found at the northern cave and bring it to Unity Base for future study. That make sense?"

:drsiphonmgs1: "Okay~! I'll make Eezeryh help me carry stuff!"

:drcps_ceri_smiling: "Heehee... You sure she'd be willing to do that?"

:drsiphonmgs1: "I just have to rub her softly for a bit then tell her she has to help me to get more rubs~"

:drcps_ceri_worried_smiling: "Is she even into that?"


:drcps_ceri_neutral_lookaway_blush: "R-right..."

:drcps_ceri_smiling: "Well, thanks for your help! I need to help the boys deal with the criminals now."

:drcps_ceri_worried: "Sorry if I woke you up."

:drsiphonmgs1: "It's okay I was already awake!"

:drcps_ceri_worried: "...Are you getting enough sleep at night?"

:drsiphonmgs2: "...."

:drcps_ceri_worried: "And what's that buzzing sound?"

:drsiphonmgs1: "Okay Bye~!"

*Click even though this isn't a phone.*

Hmm. You may need to have a discussion with the others about healthy sleeping habits. Not that you can really talk, considering you had this entire adventure at fuck-oclock in the morning.
No. 1003532 ID: ff9f30
File 162396015347.png - (148.19KB , 800x600 , 1700.png )

And now for these two...

>No ofence, but you tend to make disasters with dangerous things in your hands.
Harsh but fair.

>Hmm. So the truth comes out. The take over the town thing was a means to an end birthed from a lack of planning and supply. The females true intent is immortality. The man is driven by love.
Sure, people say they want to take over the world, but it's always something else driving their actions in the end. Possible exception for Eezeryh.

>Time magic has incredible potential. Imagine if she tattooed a circle on herself that returned her 24 hours in the past if she was killed. Imagine a ritual that de-aged your body. Such powers would put one just shy of godhood.
A scary thought! Long Life can already be obtained with LIFE-MAGIC, but Mr. Ilan explained that even that has limits. Your magic weakens over time, and nothing can restore it to full. Eventually you lack the magic to sustain yourself, and that's kinda it.

You want to believe that Time Magic can't go backwards in time... if only because that ability would surely have led to a much less peaceful world than the one you live in. One ruled by an all-powerful dictator, perhaps.

If you assume that's true, then Time Magic probably can't turn back the clock on age, either.

...But who knows for sure? All you really know about Time Magic is what little you read about it in the COMBINATION MAGIC BOOK, and snippets of implanted memories in the back of your mind.

>You could take them and thier equipment back to base... Eezeryh would probably come to appreciate another scientific mind around, and they would probably appreciate not having to take over a town or live in a cave to pursue thier goals.
You struggle to find a non-meta way to say 'no' to this. 'We're already straining the limit on how many characters you can have while maintaining a coherent plot'? No... 'It'd be way too many people to draw'? Nope...


You don't wanna.

>You don't hoard knowledge, silly. Get your name in the papers, and maybe you'd get a nice interview by someone cute. Good PR is how Dragons are so well-known*, you know.
Punk Ceri is napping right now, but the short recap is this: You need to keep your head down or dragons will find and murder you. That means no getting famous or answering questions! Even if they're really cute!

>I don't trust Eezeryh with any of this stuff. You ask a mad scientist to do something, she'll do it and do something secret behind your back! And that secret thing may end up being dangerous to everyone!
Y-you didn't consider this!


Uh... i-it'll probably be fine. Eezeryh barely believes in magic as-is, and you already proved you can best her robots when you fought off her SECURITY ROBOT while unable to use any magic.

That plus your high resistance to magic should ensure that you'd be able to prevent Eezeryh doing too much with the knowledge, even if she cared enough to bother reading it.

Siphon is a little more concerning, if only because she'll happily take advantage of your lewd weaknesses...!

But she seems happy with her life. She doesn't strike you as someone all that interested in gaining power.

Unity Base is probably the safest place for this stuff for now.
No. 1003533 ID: ff9f30
File 162396015626.png - (160.48KB , 800x600 , 1701.png )

After (reluctantly) recovering your LEOTARD and the boys' pants, the three of you escort the criminals to the police station. You explain the situation to the vaguely-disinterested officer. He promises to look into it, and calls out another officer to take custody of the two criminals.

You worry for a moment that having Siphon secure most of the 'evidence' would lead to these two going free, but the male breaks down and confesses to everything. Then, in yelling at the male for being unbelievably stupid, the female ends up confessing everything too.

Hopefully a few years of community service and mandatory classes on 'why you shouldn't study forbidden magic you idiot' will set them straight. You want to believe they'll be rehabilitated. Maybe the male will better himself enough that his crush likes him back??

Either way, that's MISSION COMPLETE!

Now, just what are your plans for the FORBIDDEN LORE being sent to Unity Base?

Hmm. For now, you'll just have Siphon store them in a safe place. You'd rather wait for Mr. Ilan to get back before studying them too much, just in case his dragon friend is able to solve your problems and make it so you don't even need to consider some dusty rituals.

But if that doesn't work out, you'll be glad you have a plan "B".

Okay. Time to get out of here.
No. 1003534 ID: ff9f30
File 162396016098.png - (190.28KB , 800x600 , 1702.png )

"Well, that was a heck of a trip, huh?" you say.

Saint Duke beams. "Beautiful and exciting! My mistress is truly an angel sent by the gods!"

:skiftalk_chrival: "Do you proclaim ownership over said angel, Sir Duke?"

:saintduketalk_chrival: "I am proclaiming myself only a faithful follower, Good Sir! A true knight knows his place is by her side!"

:skiftalk_chrival: "A position I have zealously held for many years now! I'm a knight of experience!"

:saintduketalk_chrival: "And I am a knight of passion!"

:skiftalk_chrival: "As a proper knight, you'll find I've plenty of both!"

:saintduketalk_chrival: "Fear not, Good Sir, for I am quick to make up for lost time!"

:skiftalk_chrival: "You're certainly quick to orgasm, if our previous outing is any indication!"

:saintduketalk_shocked: "T-that's hitting below the belt!"

:skiftalk_grin: "All's fair in love and war, my good knight."

:ceritalk_defeated: "Neither of you answered my question..."

Guess the truce is over.

Haha, boys will be boys, you guess. Even though you probably could have solo'd that adventure, the two of them certainly made it a lot more fun.

You should reward them somehow...

A: Use the eggs you laid to make them a Mommy Meal!
Something tells you this might be your last opportunity to do this before the eggs go bad! Maybe you'll cook while wearing just an apron~

B: Bring them to your room for one last round of passion~
Any ideas on how to spice things up for this go~?

C: Head to the LAKE OF DOOM (canon name) for some relaxing romantic scenery!
After all that excitement, why not take a moment to relax, talk, and bond?

D: Find a private spot to experience some DRAGON romance.
And by that you mean it's time for them to 'experience' your FAUX DRAGON FORM~
No. 1003536 ID: cdabe3


Also compliment dook on his quick trigger, it really shows how much he enjoys your company~
No. 1003537 ID: 3edd0d

B Clearly you should take the evolution of your adventuring "outfit" today~
No. 1003539 ID: c48caa

D, b
We were in the middle of bonding with our knights before mystery and crimes happened! Think about getting back to that. The boys worshipping your every scale, bowing at your greatness, quivering under your.. attention.
No. 1003543 ID: 0e1661

Dress them up in minimal knightly outfits to let them commit to their queen! Or something silly like everyone wearing stockings.
No. 1003545 ID: 736b7e

D, C
No. 1003549 ID: 0bfc71

Reward those Boys!
No. 1003552 ID: f8fa51

No. 1003555 ID: 96c896

A, d.
No. 1003556 ID: b74a2f

B good to them?
No. 1003557 ID: 05e505

D or B
everyone did some good work out there, last round of fun to cap off the adventure
No. 1003559 ID: 9a2966

Reward your loyal knights for their nightly assistance~

A - With a hearty (heart-beating, naked) eggfast! You mean, breakfast!

(Also, are we SURE there are NO side effects to eating DRAGON eggs? Even if they are life-magic generated faux ones, they still originated from, well, uh, inside you, with all that entails.)

Alternative reward: d
No. 1003561 ID: a9af05

No. 1003562 ID: be3107

B, also uh mind your folks unless they sleep heavy at fuck-o'-clock
No. 1003563 ID: 031458


Thems good eggs
No. 1003565 ID: ef6063

B Hey the comfort of your room means more space to try less-cramped positions!
No. 1003569 ID: 0fae41

D/c. The lake is also a good place to fuck, as proven many times in the past. I wonder if your giant form left any craters while getting railed.
No. 1003570 ID: 4734c9

D, B
No. 1003571 ID: 775775

B - In a room full of outfits, what's the least you can wear for appeal? :3c
No. 1003572 ID: 5fdf1e

B, D
No. 1003580 ID: 36784c

A , b

This is probably the only chance you’re going to get to make a meal with your eggs! You’re not gonna lay anymore for a while, so you might as well do it now!
No. 1003581 ID: e85a08

No. 1003588 ID: d7d91d

bake A eggs!
No. 1003589 ID: 75efdc

B, A

A good meal after good times will make for a good pre-start to the day!
No. 1003590 ID: 3a0940

B, C
No. 1003643 ID: 43bfc0

I think we've had plenty of lewd adventures for today. Let's do something relaxing. C/a
No. 1003649 ID: 094652

A - You've filled your romance quota. Time to fill your magic practice quota.
No. 1003726 ID: 5b0071

No. 1003764 ID: ecd116

A primary & d secondary. so the eggs won't go to waste and to see if you can cook and prepared them in your faux dragon form. especially with cooking tools if you are able to use them effectively in that state.
No. 1003823 ID: 050aa0

B, A
No. 1003929 ID: 2325d6

D / A

Protein for the boys, so they can handle all that D.

Also because letting the eggs go bad seems like a waste.

why do I now want to know how many dragon eggs it takes to bake a cake?
No. 1003931 ID: 348e5a

Resume interrupted Bonding! And then amiel A meal after to get back some energy~
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