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File 161584424738.png - (366.92KB , 800x600 , thread9title.png )
991458 No. 991458 ID: 2451c3

This quest is NSFW.

Thread one: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/694230.html

Thread two: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/714858.html

Thread three: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/743976.html

Thread four: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/771470.html

Thread five:

Thread six:

Thread seven: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/880264.html

Thread eight: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/913803.html
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No. 1035163 ID: 899c9f

D (Gulketi!), a, especially considering how large we just explained he is.
No. 1035192 ID: a9af05

No. 1035244 ID: 2aa5f0

B, c
No. 1035320 ID: 211b7e

A, b
No. 1035522 ID: 6184cb

B, D.

The fluffy.
No. 1035700 ID: c67566
File 165593333385.png - (102.86KB , 800x600 , 1845.png )

With things set up, it's time to eat cake for the second meal in a row!

Daatra looks down at her cake slice thoughtfully.

"What's up?" you ask.

"Dunno. This just feels kinda... surreal."

"It's just cake, Daatra!"

"Yeah. Well, no. This has a piece of you inside it."

"Are you getting weirded out? After teasing me so much??"

"Nah. It's just... it kinda feels like it solidifies us being sisters now, ya know?"

"Ah, yeah. I guess it does, huh? Well, in that case..."

You raise your fork, adorned with delicious cake.
No. 1035701 ID: c67566
File 165593333686.png - (100.18KB , 800x600 , 1846.png )

You smile. "Here's to us, the Fuckup Sisters."

"*Hshss~* To us."

Now it's double official!

Daatra takes a bite. "Whoa, this is pretty good."

"Thanks! I made it myself!"



"You didn't even wink you just said the word 'wink'"

"It saves on images that way."

"*Hsshss~* You're such a weirdo."

"That's why you love me!"

Daatra's only response is a soft grunt as she noms on more cake. A grunt of love, no doubt!
No. 1035702 ID: c67566
File 165593333709.png - (145.85KB , 800x600 , 1847.png )

"So hey, about the Life-Magic talk earlier..." you say.

"Yeah, yeah. I should be proud of my apparently-quite-thick hips or whatever."

"You should be! But... I dunno. I realize I've never asked what about yourself you'd actually change."

"I figured you already knew."

"I mean, I have some guesses. But maybe I'm way off!"

"Probably aren't."

"Either way, it's worth talking about. We're sisters, you know!"

"*Hss...* Guess that would be something sisters talk about."

"Sisters with polymorph, at least."
No. 1035703 ID: c67566
File 165593334078.png - (128.86KB , 800x600 , 1848.png )

"Well, you weren't exactly... wrong earlier. But I wouldn't want to just be a fluffy version of myself. I'd want to be something that actually fits in with the mammals."

"With the boobs and everything??"

"Uh, I guess? Hss! You're so obsessed with those things!"

"Me and basically all mammals! Come oooon! Answer the queeestiooon!"

"*Hss.* you really are like having a little sister."

"In this particular field I'm anything but 'little'! But yes indulge your little sister with booby-talk."

"*Hsssss fine. Well, unlike you I don't care much either way, except that yours look like a pain to deal with."

"They do get in the way sometimes, but it's not a big (ahem) a deal once you're used to it. My main problem's been finding a good bra, which isn't a problem with Kharadra in town."

"I dunno, still sounds like a pain."

"There's actually tons of upsides! They're fun to play with, and mammals generally have favorable opinions towards them."

"If the mammals like them... I guess I wouldn't mind being like you. But I wouldn't consider it quite as... important as you do. Hell, I'd probably be okay staying flat."

"Haha, that's fair. Any thoughts on body type in general?"

Daatra pauses, as if considering your question. "If I could have any body type I want...?"

No. 1035704 ID: c67566
File 165593334321.png - (95.08KB , 800x600 , 1849.png )

"Obviously I'd still want to look tough-- Like I could kick a dragon's ass without breaking a sweat," Daatra says.

"Haha, gotta be true to yourself!"

"I'd want all the cute fluffy boys to be in awe at the sight of me. And not just because I beat up a dragon."

"Hang on. Am I the 'dragon' in this scenario? Are we gonna pretend you're beating me up to impress boys?"


You roll your eyes at the silly snake. "Right. And obviously you want lots of lovely curves to go with all that muscle, right? Hehehe."

"Yeah, kinda."

Eh!? "Wait, really? I thought you didn't care about being feminine!"

"Just because I ain't into 'girly' stuff doesn't mean my new body shouldn't be smokin' hot."

"Heh, can't argue with that. Anything else you'd want in a mammalian body?"

Daatra shrugs. "I dunno. Never gave much thought to the details."

"I guess details are hard to visualize, anyway."

You take another bite of cake... and almost choke on it as a wonderful idea enters your head.

"Oh! What if I used POLYMORPH to show you what a mammal Daatra might look like?"

"*Hss?* Does that mean you're coming around on the Life-Magic thing...?"

"Er, well... we can figure that out if and when I'm actually able to use it. For now, seeing your fluffy self in action might help you figure out what you actually want?"

"*Hsss...* Maybe. But... why offer this now? You've always insisted I love what I have."
No. 1035705 ID: c67566
File 165593334650.png - (89.23KB , 800x600 , 1850.png )

You look up at the ceiling, collecting your thoughts. "I guess... I'm starting to realize I'm being unfair to you. Kharadra and others work so hard to show the world their 'True Beauty'... why shouldn't you get that same choice?"

You smile gently. "Besides, my abilities don't seem to upset you so much anymore."

"Ah. Well, I can't continue being a jealous bitch if I wanna set a good example for my little sister, now can I?"

"Heehee, that's right."

"And I'm the one who has a cool dragon sister."

"Yeah? Well I'm the one with a gaming master for a big sister!"

"Aw, shit. Now I'm jealous again."

"Not as much as me! I still can't beat 'Jump, Man!'!"

"*Hsshss~* You'll get there someday."

"Encouragement?? Aww~! My big sister believes in me!"

"Oh stop, I'm getting enough sugar from this cake."

With the entire room literally full of sugar not actually literally, the two of you partake in some more delicious cake. Nummy!

"So! Do you have any more ideas for a mammal-tra form, or do you want me to wing it?" you ask.

"Oh gods, don't call it that."

"Okay, lizaatra~"

"That's worse."

"Since it's me, maybe it should be Ceriaatra?"

"Please stop."

"That's for all the puns earlier."


"So which is it~?"

"With increasing reluctance, I'll defer to you. You know the mammals better than I do at this point."

Guess it's all up to you, then! Convenient, since your neurons are in your head and not hers.
No. 1035706 ID: c67566
File 165593335071.png - (104.99KB , 800x600 , 1851.png )

Time to design a mammal body to show Daatra! Since she wants to still look tough, you'll focus on a toned body that has some muscle to it.

Firstly, which species should you aim for? [Primary/secondary vote]

A: El'himzen.
They are tall and tend to have lithe proportions and small chests, but she'd remain about the same height which could make things easier for her.

B: Ralian.
They are pretty average in height and trend smaller bust-wise (but not as small as the el'himzen). They're also cute when not chasing you down for being naked!

C: A canine-like lesser-species.
Awo! They have a wide range of body types. (Feel free to name a species of earth-canine)

D: A minotaur-like lesser species.
Wait, are you remembering...? Ah, nevermind. (Feel free to name a species of horse, cow, pony, donkey, etc. Or that one, if you prefer.)

E: A feline-like lesser species.
Meow! (can be any small or large cat)

Secondly, how busty should she be? [Vote 1 only]

F: Flat as a board.
The focus would remain entirely on Dem Hips!

G: Modest.
Give her some curves, but not so much as to distract from her other features.

H: Ceri-size.
You are sisters, after all! This means she'd gain the attention of ass-folks and boob-folks! You better not entertain going any larger, or she might beat you up.

Thirdly, how Dem Hips should Dem Hips be? [Vote 1]

I: Similar to Ceri's size.
Your hips are already pretty hip-py, so she'd fit right in as your sister!

J: Bigger.
The upper-limit of what a would-be artist would be capable of drawing? Why not!
No. 1035707 ID: 53c12c

E E E, full scalie opposite! H, I
No. 1035708 ID: 899c9f

El'himzen/a Clydesdale horse-like minotaur, Ceri size on top and bottom.
No. 1035709 ID: 0e1661

E, A and H, I
No. 1035710 ID: 0eef85

E, a person-sized cat, H, I. A cat Ceri.
No. 1035711 ID: 3edd0d

Ralians are cute, B! Otherwise E, then G and I.
No. 1035712 ID: 8688a1

How about literally just a fuzzy sphere? ALL curves, yet still flat? ;p
No. 1035713 ID: 23af06

Primary E
Secondary B
H, I
No. 1035714 ID: f5b4c2

B. but Daatra height (cuz you can do that).
I. (or maybe a touch bigger. No hyper)

Make sure they are buff.
No. 1035718 ID: 4e8c5a

Cat tats. That is, E, H. Hips I.
No. 1035732 ID: e7848c

No. 1035737 ID: 273c18

She probably still wants to be tall, with a STRONG frame, so
D, horse. or c.
I (wait, are Daatra's hips bigger than Ceri's)
No. 1035742 ID: 3283aa

Daatra Caatra, E!!! Sisters stick strongly, so H, and I!
No. 1035744 ID: 1ff64e

This scenario might be hypothetical for now, but I think it'd be best not to change too much. We like her the way she is, after all!
A has a pretty similar body type to Daatra I think! Otherwise, e definitely fits with the way she acts and all those cat faces she makes.

G sounds reasonable and not overwhelming (since nobody seems to be voting for F), and J seems important for preserving Daatra's visual identity as she is, long with big hips.
No. 1035752 ID: 736b7e


Make sure she's good and BIG! Uncomfortably big! Trouble fitting in the room big!
No. 1035753 ID: b81967

No. 1035755 ID: 9ab9f7

E, H, J: I see size sliders, I have to turn them all the way up. It would be criminal to polymorph into a mammal version of Daatra and not keep the big hips, it's practically illegal!
No. 1035757 ID: be3107

E (make the cat size a foot taller than you for height!), H, I
No. 1035762 ID: 6bb66d

D, H but slightly smaller, and I but slightly larger. You've got her beat on the bust game, but she has you beat on the hip game, so why not represent that. Also, Moo.
No. 1035767 ID: a9af05

>species? specify?
C: A canine-like lesser-species. Canis Lupus (a Wolf).

>how busty should she be?
G: Modest.

>how Dem Hips should Dem Hips be?
J: Bigger. (Gotta keep them Daatra sized. She wouldn't be Daatra if they were smaller.)
No. 1035770 ID: 9ab792

>You better not entertain going any larger, or she might beat you up.
Ceri, as Daatra's sister, you are legally obligated to prank her. That means that you should entertain going larger!

I say that you should go Kharadra sized breasts and dem hips should be bigger than what Daatra already has! The look on Daatra's face will be worth it for this prank!

After you do that, you can be serious and change into your real mammal Daatra shape. Which would be this >>1035767 .
No. 1035771 ID: cebec5

Lets not accidentally ruin Daatra's poor apartment! But imagine her being a super fluffy mammal...
E, B, H, I
No. 1035781 ID: 58dd24

A to preserve her height
G for modest mammal
J to preserve the hip ratio
goal is fluffy Daatra, not randomizing the character creator sliders.
No. 1035802 ID: 36784c

>species select
Primary: A. El'himzen. Make it the same species as Zesmirl!

Secondary: D. A minotaur-like lesser species. Nothing wrong with being a big buff minotaur (which looks similar to Dilia from Tezakia Quest)!

G: Modest. Gotta give her a little something up top.

>dem hips?
J: Bigger. Need to keep the hips big, so that it’ll be easily recognized as a fluffy Daatra.
No. 1035803 ID: 9a2966

A/b - Let's stick with the local flavors for now! Too exotic and it might put her off.
H - Well, obviously you're gonna try to give her the MODEST proportions! (modest compared to a certain stor-owning bird, at least...)
I - Let's see how she does being Ceri-hipped.
No. 1035805 ID: fdb1ea

E C H I Hehe ecchi
No. 1035806 ID: 6184cb



No. 1035839 ID: f73077

E ( tiger! big and strong!)
No. 1035915 ID: 2b3343

No. 1035934 ID: 2db274

Species: A/d
Boobs: G
Hips: J
No. 1035955 ID: ef5d95

(D/a) , (G) , (J)
No. 1035956 ID: e51896

No. 1035992 ID: 01fe07

No. 1035997 ID: f3f534

No. 1036019 ID: 9bcb00

E (Tiger)/c (wolf), G , J
No. 1036127 ID: a977b8



No. 1036200 ID: fe225b

No. 1036298 ID: a0679d

No. 1036376 ID: 63cbf0

A to preserve Daatra's height.

G to show what Daatra would look like with some curves up top.

J to preserve Daatra's hip size.
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