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File 161584424738.png - (366.92KB , 800x600 , thread9title.png )
991458 No. 991458 ID: 2451c3

This quest is NSFW.

Thread one: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/694230.html

Thread two: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/714858.html

Thread three: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/743976.html

Thread four: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/771470.html

Thread five:

Thread six:

Thread seven: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/880264.html

Thread eight: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/913803.html
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No. 991459 ID: 2451c3
File 161584426334.png - (116.34KB , 800x600 , 1617.png )

Huh. You're still on your back, and your naughty bits aren't on display. You even still have your blanket! This can only mean one thing: It's still the middle of the night.

As you try to fall back to sleep, you find yourself plagued by the most random of thoughts:

When Mr. Ilan used LIFE MAGIC to separate your dragon mind from your mortal mind, he had to 'fill in the gaps', creating the rest of your personality from scratch.

In that process, he could have nudged you in any number of directions. In the end, you became kind, silly, and a bit dominant. Just a tad.

What if, instead, he made you... really cool?
No. 991460 ID: 2451c3
File 161584427757.png - (151.81KB , 800x600 , 1618.png )

That's not quite what you meant.

Apparently you literally hatched cool in this fictional universe. Every dragon egg comes with a leather jacket and spiked wrist-wear, you see. You're so grown up you don't even have baby proportions.

"Oh my gosh!" Mom would exclaim. "Our baby kicks ass!"

"Hell yeah she does!" Dad would reply. "She's just like us!"

"Sure! Us!"

Ilan would still leave you with your foster parents, hoping they could give you a normal, mortal life. Of course, this time he almost definitely bit off more than he can swallow (snakes don't chew).

The real you became KIND, A BIT SILLY, and SOMEWHAT DOMINANT. This version of you uh, I guess became COLD, A BIT DISTANT, and EXTREMELY DOMINANT.

For the sake of compatibility, you'll assume this Ceri has the same abilities as you: Powerful POLYMORPH and middling PORTAL, INVISIBILITY, and TELEPORT magic.
No. 991461 ID: 2451c3
File 161584429054.png - (142.26KB , 800x600 , 1619.png )

Oh okay we're doing this scene too I guess.

"So what's going on in here? You two fuckin' or something?" You'd ask.

"L-language, Ceri!" your father would reply.

"Says the guy with his dick out."

In the real world, your parents would first learn of your incredible magical prowess when you assumed they were in trouble and POLYMORPHED into a PROTO-DRAGON-FORM (PDF), a precursor to your current FAUX DRAGON FORM (FDF).

The forms are named thusly because they're not actual dragons, just you faking it with POLYMORPH.

But, uh, this 'cool' version of you doesn't look like she gives a shit? So maybe we should just move on.
No. 991462 ID: 2451c3
File 161584430799.png - (145.77KB , 800x600 , 1620.png )

In a desperate bid to get to the point where you're an adult wearing sexy punk-girl outfits, you skip ahead.

A bully shoves tries to shove you but thrusts her arms through some portals 'cause you ain't got time for this shit. She was saying some nonsense about flat chests but who cares.

The bully, Daatra, who in real life was befriended by you and is now your BIG SISTER <3 <3 <3 is instead completely baffled at how freaking overpowered you are.

"Yeah, I have tits. What of it?" You'd say, giving between 0 and 0.000001 fucks.

"Lizards don't have breasts! It's... unnatural!" Daatra would reply, mostly in keeping with her real self.

"Who cares? If I wanna have tits, I'm gonna POLYMORPH some fuckin' tits. You don't have to get all jealous-- only the mammals really care."


"What's with that look? Oh shit, you crushin' on some fluffy boy?"

"Hsss--! No! This has nothing to do with that!"

"Fuck girl, you shoulda said something! I'll hook you up. Where is he? Let's show him your hips."

"W-why are you helping me??" The suddenly very blushy snake-girl asks.

"Cause I'm bored. And you seem like a cool person to add to my GANG," the cool (punk?) you replies.

Ah, so instead of a HOARD of DRAGON ROMANCE, Punk Ceri has a GANG of .... BEING IN A GANG. Something tells you the primary gang activity is 'playing video games'.

Some things don't change in any universe.

You'd walk past Daatra, making way for the exit. "Look, if you wanna hang out after I hook you up, whatever. But I ain't wasting my time getting into petty fights. I got homework to ignore and a history class to skip. Now come on, let's find you something hot to wear."

"Hssss You think you can tell me what to do!?"

"Yeah. Currently doing so."

"That's... Hey, wait! F-fine! I'll go with you!"

Both versions of you would befriend the bully, and both versions of you would keep up the lie that your chest is the result of POLYMORPH. In reality, your breasts are part of your mortal body. The consensus is the dragon inside you corrupted Ilan's LIFE-MAGIC to give them to you.

Maybe it hoped to stress you out so it could break free? Too bad for it, you grew (eheh) to love them as a part of you.
No. 991463 ID: 2451c3
File 161584432122.png - (113.82KB , 800x600 , 1621.png )

Welp, you've spent long enough thinking about this weird alternate you that you can't fall asleep.

Aauuuggghh, curse you, Cool Ceri! I need to be well-rested!

You're not sure why, exactly, but there's a nagging feeling in the back of your mind. It's as if there's some MAJOR PROJECT waiting for you, and this entire mental exercise is a desperate attempt to buy time because it's NOT QUITE READY YET.

But sitting here thinking about past events with a 'cool' filter would get old in a hurry, wouldn't it? Nobody wants to sit through a giant RECAP, or some BORING FILLER.

But what to do?

Ah, of course! You'll have an adventure! Something exciting! Something PLOT RELEVANT!

you use some glue to repair the crumbling fourth wall.
No. 991464 ID: 2451c3
File 161584433540.png - (122.23KB , 800x600 , 1622.png )

You sit up, reminding everyone why they put up with your rambly narration and distracted writing stop being meta Ceri.

Speaking of PREVIOUSLY-ENHANCED KNOCKERS, You run your hands along your bountiful mounds, taking a moment to get a handle (heh) on their shape. A real feel (heheh) for how they've changed over the course of your adventure.

It's only been a couple days since your DAMAGED SEAL caused some changes to your form, so you're not quite used to things yet. One of the more noticable changes is your breasts feel much heftier than they used to. Softer and... fuller.

It's strange. Such a thing should make you unhappy. They make you less like a dragon, less like a reptilian for goodness sakes!

And yet, there's a part of you that feels overjoyed at how soft and natural they've become. Something deep within you feels... happy.


And not just for lewd reasons!!

Anyway. As nice as this feels it's time to get to work on that whole 'plot-relevant adventure' thing.

A few ideas come to mind. There's certainly a few things worth looking into! But the only way to decide which one to pursue is to once again submit to the will of your FAITHFUL NEURONS.

Hello, Neurons! Since your last decision came a whole nine hours ago, it's time to once again remind yourself how VOTING works to the chagrin of archive readers (last meta joke i promise).

You have two votes. You can use your PRIMARY or FIRST vote on the thing you want most! Your SECONDARY or ...SECOND vote can then go towards the thing you want SECOND MOST. If your FIRST vote went to something that few others voted for, your SECOND vote springs into action, boosting the remaining options!

If you can't be bothered voting two whole times, you can simply choose one option. It'll be counted as a PRIMARY VOTE.

Okay! There are two decisions to make here. Firstly...

What adventure do you go on?

A: The Rumors of the Northern Cave.
Rumors have been going around that someone's living in a cave north of your town! Could it be a dragon? Well, probably not. You hope not. But the only way to know is to check it out!

B: The Secret of Secrets
That secret room in the mall... just what's in there? Is there a safe way to get inside? Only way to know is to sneak in and find out...

C: The Naturals, a Cult(?) of your Making.
Siphon likely learned from miss Tempest where they hold their meetings. Maybe there's something there you can discover. Naturally step one would be waking her up and asking. What could go wrong?

D: Just relax and let your imagination run wild.
This Punk Ceri thing is fun to think about. Why not stay here and go into MORE DETAIL about her story? Especially once we get to her... romantic escapades...

Staying home would let you take great enjoyment in those scenes...~

What will you choose? Vote away, faithful NEURONS!

...Wait! There's another important decision to make! Here, take another set of PRIMARY and SECONDARY votes. Spend two up there, and two below!

What outfit should you wear on your adventure? Let's not worry about what happens if D wins.

X: The Outfit of Destiny.
The classic adventuring outfit, giving you decent support and letting others enjoy your cleavage~

Y: A silken, slightly form-fitting nightgown.
You're literally running around at night. Why not do so in comfort?

Z: Outfit?
No. 991468 ID: 3edd0d

B, D and Z (spice it up with sleeves and stockings only :V) X
No. 991469 ID: 7ed0fe

Primary B and Z, secondary A and X
You are running around late at night... I doubt there's many townsfolk out and about to see you running around au naturel!
No. 991470 ID: 0fae41

B/d, Z/y. The nightgown might be hardest to draw, but it's worth it. Then again, it might be time for nude sneaking adventure 2.
Who or what could be hiding something in the mall? How old is that place, anyway? And why does Gulketi lose control of his disguise when he's fluffy?
No. 991472 ID: 0bfc71

D, A
X, Z
No. 991473 ID: 9a2966

A, B and X

Onwards! To ADVENTURE!
No. 991474 ID: b74a2f

A, D, and X
No. 991475 ID: 031458

or D...

just z o.o
No. 991476 ID: 0bcfd9

Mystery caves of dragons you say...
A, X, Z with >>991468
No. 991477 ID: 566c32

A and C both seem tempting for different reasons.

Whatever we do, though, let's do it with Z. Any excuse or opportunity to be naked is a good one.
No. 991478 ID: e85a08

D/b; Z/y
No. 991479 ID: be3107

A and X,Z
No. 991480 ID: ecb66f

A, c - this naturals thing is fun, but if there's a possible dragon gotta investigate that first

X - adventure calls and you must answer appropriately attired
No. 991481 ID: b1b4f3

A, b
won't the Naturals be asleep anyway?
Y, x
did you not learn your lesson the last time you tried streaking?
No. 991482 ID: 67ceb6

A and C
Classic outfit can never go wrong stylishly! X
No. 991484 ID: 3fd119

B, c: It might be dangerous to sneak out into the middle of the night and go after a possible dragon. You're already overpowered as it is, how strong would an older and more experienced dragon be?

Z, y: Nobody's going to be wandering around outside, why not add some fun to your adventure! It'll make you more stealthy if you need to sneak into anywhere, too!
No. 991485 ID: 75efdc

Always go see dragons A,B or X,Z
No. 991486 ID: 736b7e

A, B, X
No. 991495 ID: f8fa51


Spike up Z a little with some thigh-highs :P
No. 991496 ID: a97209

D then A; Z then X.
No. 991498 ID: e7848c

Clearly, that gang is not full of your hoard. It's your crew. Ever considered a motorized bicycle? One that looks really cool?
No. 991507 ID: a9af05


No. 991516 ID: 2aa5f0


No. 991517 ID: 5b0071

Primary A/X
Secondary C/Z :33
No. 991520 ID: 1670bc

Z with sleeves and stockings/X
No. 991521 ID: 094652

A, C
Y, X
No. 991525 ID: d44835

Primary A, secondary D. Weren't you going to train with Skif to fight together before you went to the cave? And didn't that cave get speculated to have something to do with your alien friends' missing friend?

Primary Y, secondary Z. Practice being a stylish sexy seductress out of a sort-of-classy story about mystery and intrigue!
No. 991526 ID: 36784c

Ceri! We’ve missed you! Even though it’s only been 9 hours, that was still long enough for us to miss you!

B , d

>outfit vote
Y , x
No. 991527 ID: e8ae37

Primary A/X
Secondary B/Y
No. 991552 ID: c09f5e

No. 991553 ID: e51896

B, C
Z, Y
No. 991568 ID: 537f67

Delinquent, Back to the mall

Zero clothes, Your nightgown
No. 991570 ID: cdabe3


No. 991571 ID: 2c7a4b

A; X, Z
No. 991585 ID: 164e20

C, D
Z, Y
No. 991608 ID: 7d34cd

Dragon Ball Z


>why they put up with your rambly narration and distracted writing
I will have you know that I enjoy this just as much, if not more so than the fanservice.
No. 991616 ID: d25524

Most definitely D.
Some A for dragun.

Y and d.

Its the middle of the night, in your own home.
i think sweatpants are justified.
No. 991625 ID: 2be85e

C: I think we been avoiding those naturalists long enough
B: The mall is pretty entertaining tho...

Z: Because there should be no shame in who we are!
No. 991626 ID: ef6063

A, X
No. 991630 ID: 88dbb5

C, A and X, Y Gotta present!
No. 991639 ID: 864e49

Primary B,Z
Secondary C,X
No. 991657 ID: 2748b3

Hmmm, I'm gonna vote C, then A. With the (lack of outfit) being Z, gotta blend in with the naturals!
No. 991696 ID: 894419

A, X.
No. 991720 ID: 080f52

A, Z. You could pack your destiny outfit wherever you go in dragon storage in case of needing to suddenly be formal.
No. 991759 ID: 9fad0d

AC and Z
No. 991773 ID: 745eba

C or A, and Z, but seconding with some stockings and sleeves/arm warmers
No. 991776 ID: 2451c3
File 161601678805.png - (173.77KB , 800x600 , 1623.png )

A tie.

After all this time, you come back to a tie.

Are you freaking kidding me.

Okay. Okay. You're very experienced at handling this exact thing.

First thing's first. The choice of adventure isn't a tie. You're going to explore the cave. How exciting!

But the decision of what to wear... for like the 50 billion million bazillionth time, you're evenly split between two options. At this rate you'll run out of funny ways to react.

What to do...

Well, the LEOTARD part of the OUTFIT OF DESTINY could probably use a wash, yeah? You've almost certainly um... leaked a bit onto the crotch area.

So naturally the thing to do is to toss it in with the laundry and wear the still clean parts of the suit! No need to even think about any potential consequences of this decision let's just go go go!
No. 991777 ID: 2451c3
File 161601679094.png - (139.32KB , 800x600 , 1624.png )

Yep! This is fine!

your boobs are gonna slip out so often...

Going without 'support' will be... fun. Especially if you have to run, and especially with things as sensitive as they are now.

But... part of you can't help but smile at the thought. There's something so real about that, something that wasn't there with your old body. Something polymorphers often 'conveniently' forget. It may seem strange, but the discomfort is, in its own way, comforting to you.

that said you'd obviously prefer watching someone else bounce around you know someone completely random just spitballing here kharadra. ooh, or miss tempest! siphon with her three pairs all moving at different rates...


what were you talking about again?

>Ceri! We’ve missed you! Even though it’s only been 9 hours, that was still long enough for us to miss you!
Ah, but you're always with me, dear neurons!

>Clearly, that gang is not full of your hoard. It's your crew. Ever considered a motorized bicycle? One that looks really cool?
Punk Ceri is too cool to hear your SUGGESTIONS. She's gonna do whatever the hell she wants, maaaan.

>I will have you know that I enjoy this just as much, if not more so than the fanservice.
Aww, you're just saying that cause you're part of my brain!

but thanks

>Weren't you going to train with Skif to fight together before you went to the cave? And didn't that cave get speculated to have something to do with your alien friends' missing friend?
This is not where PRINCE CHEI is being kept. PRINCE CHEI, likely captured by a dragon, is far to the south-west. This cave is just north of town.

going after prince chei right now would be suicide.
No. 991778 ID: 2451c3
File 161601679457.png - (267.63KB , 800x600 , 1625.png )

SPEAKING OF WHICH. The cave's rumored to house a dragon. But if you remember right, UNITY's sensor-computer-science-whatevers didn't pick up any HIGH-ENERGY READINGS from it. The odds of a dragon being there are very low.

Besides, you're 90% sure the 'dragon' everyone's been seeing is Gulketi.

But let's not take unnecessary risks. You'll need to stay cautious, and... you shouldn't go alone.

With that in mind, there's one more thing to decide before returning to 'The Adventures of Punk Ceri and the Thinly-veiled Recap'. You're gonna need someone to travel with! A safety-net! A foil for your antics!

A partner! And... oh! A side-kick! Every good adventuring party has at least three people!

four would be too much to draw.

It's settled! But who will you go bother in the middle of the night to go on a random-ass adventure at fuck-o'clock in the morning?

First, let's choose your PARTNER.

A: Skif
A solid choice for those wanting to take no chances. He's trained in combat, and can 'smell' magic much better than you can 'sense' it. What better use for your DRAGON KNIGHT than this?

B: Siphon
Skilled at going unseen, she can find (and neutralize?) danger long before you even realize there's a threat. A good complement to your INVISIBILITY.

C: Outissa
You don't know much about your platonic friend beyond the fact that she's a Good Girl and can't talk. Maybe this is a good chance to learn more?

D: Gulketi
Fight dragon with Dragon! I mean amtsvane! Gulketi is BIG. What more is there to say? He can also be sneaky with the use of his ketza form! His magic is probably more stable than it used to be...

E: Eezeryh
She'll certainly be well-equipped for the job! Good for when you want to forget about balance and throw a giant pile of SCIENCE at the problem.

Next, let's decide on a SIDEKICK!

F: Venntrodai
Venn mentioned being familiar with nearby caves. He would be a good choice that would reveal the MAP of the cave and any points of interest within. A good choice to maintain continuity!

G: Saint Dook
He's a huntsman, right? He'd have some good survival knowledge and tracking skills! Pairing him with Skif would be... interesting. And he and Siphon might have something going on...

H: Penny
I mean, who better to fill the row of 'adorable animal mascot'? W-wait, I'm not saying kabolds are...!

I: Tempest
You don't know much about her or her abilities yet. But two mostly-naked ladies on a night out is bound to lead to some... shenanigans~

Choose a PRIMARY and SECONDARY option for your PARTNER, then choose a PRIMARY and SECONDARY option for your SIDEKICK!
No. 991779 ID: 3edd0d

B, A and G, H
No. 991782 ID: 05da7c

D and G!
That stands for Gulketi and Dook! In that order.

Secondaries: E and F.
No. 991783 ID: 0fae41

Gulketi, he's very accommodating about these things, and if he's the source of the rumors maybe he can explain what he's been up to... Secondary Siphon, a fellow shenanigan lover.
For sidekick, I/f. I'm not sure Venn's a good idea to keep associating with, but you can't deny the utility.
No. 991787 ID: 4854ef

Primary: E and F
Secondary B and H
No. 991788 ID: 5ee86b

Primary A, G! Secondary D, F! And everybody should be wearing just as little if not even less so, for adventure and fun! And motivation to stay extra stealthy. It will be great training!
No. 991789 ID: 894419

A, F.
No. 991791 ID: 031458

C I! Girls night out! What could go wrong?

D H, though, is also tempting. You could polymorph smol. ADORABLE CUDDLE CREW.
No. 991793 ID: cdabe3

B/d, G/i
No. 991794 ID: b74a2f

Primaries - A, G
Secondaries - E, H
No. 991798 ID: fa2754

Like all three of you girls are
Based on nothing but pure utility. You'll learn something this way.

We really need to see what Outissa can do!
No. 991799 ID: 7f1230

Primary A,E
Secondary H,I
No. 991800 ID: 0bcfd9

A, E
Sidekicks... G, F
No. 991805 ID: a9af05


No. 991808 ID: e85a08


No. 991810 ID: 0bfc71

A, B

No. 991812 ID: eb1c48

E,C / I,F
No. 991815 ID: be3107

Rival duo to show off who can tame whatever beast the bestest A, G
No. 991821 ID: 0d6409

BD (ayy lmao das ur alter ego)
No. 991822 ID: 913231

D, a
F, l

Good choices. Though they are all good choices, really.
No. 991825 ID: 736b7e

D, E
H, I
No. 991829 ID: 2aa5f0


No. 991835 ID: f8fa51

Ca, Hi

You still need to get to know Outissa better!
No. 991837 ID: 2b3343

E, C
G, H
No. 991838 ID: 75efdc

Primary:A, G

You should also try convincing your party coming along to follow suit in your wardrobe style. Like a bonding exercise!
No. 991841 ID: 2748b3

My vote is for B, I for primary votes, because why go for 2 mostly naked ladies when you can go for 3. Secondary... gonna say D, F
No. 991865 ID: 36784c

If you’re gonna complain, then go put on one of your bras.

A , b

F , h

Also, the best way to wake up is to have something cold. You can probably get away with sneaking a few bites of ice cream before you go gather your party.
No. 991868 ID: d06171

Primary C/H
Secondary A/I

That’s a great idea! You should totally wear a tie!
No. 991869 ID: 9d2b4b

B, E and H, I
No. 991870 ID: c09f5e

A, D
G, F

>Besides, you're 90% sure the 'dragon' everyone's been seeing is Gulketi.
So you think there's a 10% chance it's a fire dragon with an inverse STATS and DISPOSITION?
No. 991871 ID: 2c7a4b

A or e and G
No. 991883 ID: 864e49

Primary D,F - for character lore
Secondary C,G - for shenanigans

Oh who am I kidding it's all for shenanigans.
And character lore.
No. 991893 ID: 2be85e

No. 991895 ID: b62fae

A, d, and G, I.
No. 991896 ID: f28519

D and H
No. 991902 ID: 857b49

1. Primary B (maybe we can talk more spacetime stuff).
Secondary A

2. Primary H
Secondary I
No. 991927 ID: 3fd119

E, secondary b, and
F, secondary i.

We definitely want to bring Venn for this, and Eezeryh probably has all sorts of science scanners you could use. Alternatively just bring some people along to have fun on your underdressed adventures.
No. 991930 ID: 0160a2

B B B B and B also B maybe c

if we are going for team naked I the F
No. 991931 ID: 080f52

A, G
No. 991942 ID: 5b0071

B/H for Sneaking Mission primary
C/I for team-building exercise!
No. 991949 ID: ef6063

A or E, G
No. 991957 ID: d44835

Partner A, d.
Sidekick G, h.

I want to see the Skif and Dook combo! Though it's a pity you can't take a partner choice as a sidekick choice. Gulketi seems like he'd make a pretty good fill of the sidekick roll!
No. 991969 ID: 7ed0fe

Partner: Primary C, secondary B
I'm gonna sit the Sidekick vote out due to conflicts of interest
No. 991976 ID: 88dbb5

A, D and G A Duke, Knight, and Queen party! RPG ahoy!
No. 991983 ID: 67ceb6

G, A

>>991957 A Gulketi sidekick seems cute some day...
No. 992052 ID: 7cda1d

Primary: D and I
Secondary: A and F
No. 992128 ID: c53a0a

A, B (there is something i want to tell her)
F, I
No. 992142 ID: 2d6532

E , A

F , I... Tempest.

Srry I always looks like so many characters.
No. 992232 ID: 2451c3
File 161627534105.png - (142.90KB , 800x600 , 1626.png )

>Also, the best way to wake up is to have something cold. You can probably get away with sneaking a few bites of ice cream before you go gather your party.

>If you’re gonna complain, then go put on one of your bras.
Too late you're already out eating ice-cream there's no going back.

weird how arbitrary the order these get responded to can be, huh?

Besides, you're not really complaining. If anything, you're starting to appreciate both how good you had it with your original body, and how 'artificial' your original body actually felt.

...Which is a weird thing to realize, considering this body is also not the 'true' you...

>So you think there's a 10% chance it's a fire dragon with an inverse STATS and DISPOSITION?
D-does that give you TYPE advantage??

Inverse STATS would make a dragon with high VIGOR and low MAGIC, which is weird to even think about. You'd probably kick their ass even as a mortal, though. Magic OP plz don't nerf.

As you eat delicious ICE CREAM, unsure if you're happy or sad at the thought of this going straight to your thighs, your mind begins to wander...
No. 992233 ID: 2451c3
File 161627534477.png - (126.76KB , 800x600 , 1627.png )

A worried Mom greets a dreadfully late Punk Ceri at the door. Ceri stayed out Jumping Daatra into her GANG. Since Daatra was the first person to join said GANG, the best trial she could come up with was to challenge her at a game of 'WALK, MAN', the ill-fated portable version of 'JUMP, MAN!'.

The game doubled as a CD-player, making it hilariously expensive. Guess Punk Ceri's rich in this universe? Now you're even more jealous of her cool lifestyle.

Anyway, even Punk Ceri is no match for Daatra when it comes to video games.

"Ceri, why'd you stay out so late?? We were worried sick!" Mom would ask as she approached.

"Had to jump someone into my GANG."

"What? Wait-- did you make a friend!? That's so cute!!!"

Punk Ceri would roll her eyes so hard they'd fall into another universe.

"My little baby, being a punk and making friends. Just like her mother!"

"Ay, about that. Why am I so different from you? Why do I got tits and other lizards don't?"

"Well, sweetie, you see, when the BIRDACTAL..."

"I know I'm adopted, Mom."

"Oh. Uh. Here, read the letter the magic snake left when he gave your egg to us."
No. 992234 ID: 2451c3
File 161627534742.png - (98.79KB , 800x600 , 1628.png )

"Mm-hmm. Uh-huh. Okay. So wait, I'm a dragon or something?"



No. 992235 ID: 2451c3
File 161627535016.png - (225.65KB , 800x600 , 1629.png )

During that AU flashback, you've assembled your TEAM! Ah, to watch the two of them struggle to win the affection of their queen! Their chivalrous ways are sure to delight!


That's odd.

Rather than bantering back and forth in their usual manner, they're just standing there awkwardly while trying to avoid eye-contact with each other.

"Did... Did I miss something?" you ask.

"I don't wanna talk about it," they both say at the same time.


Maybe a joke will lighten the mood.

"What, did Mr. Dook accidentally hit on Skif's mom or something?"

"I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT." they both say more forcefully.

What the hell did you miss???

"R-right. Well, I notice that while I'm properly dressed for this adventure..."

"Fantastic choice in attire, my lady!" Saint dook says, immediately breaking the awkwardness in the air.

"Regality befitting a queen! No-- a dragon queen!" Skif responds, catering to your desire to DRAGON-ify everything.

"Hmhmm~" you reply. "But you two are... let's say 'overdressed' for the occasion~ Surely you're not intending to outshine your mistress~?"

They both look at each other.
No. 992236 ID: 2451c3
File 161627535440.png - (221.75KB , 800x600 , 1630.png )

Ah, to watch them scramble so~!

:skiftalk_chrival: "Really? Your pants? Such indecency is ill-fitting a knight!"

:saintduketalk_chrival: "Ah, but a true knight knows how to cater to the desires of their mistress, and Lady Ceri is clearly implying we match her bottomless approach!"

:skiftalk_chrival: "Perhaps! But you will notice she is also going without a top!

:saintduketalk_chrival: "My good sir, while she doesn't have a shirt, the most enticing aspects of her chest remain woefully covered up!"

:skiftalk_chrival: "A shame for sure, Sir Duke! But it's quite clear her intention is to deliver a delightful tease, not give everything away right at the beginning! We would do well to mind her example and leave the audience wanting more!"

:saintduketalk_chrival: "Audience? Good sir, there is no hono(u)r in breaking the fourth..."

:saintduketalk_blushu: "Wait, are you mad because your junk is internal?"

:skiftalk_moreshocked: "T-that has nothing to do with it!!"

This is the best decision you've ever made.

weird that sir dukington knows that about skif...

You should probably solve this dilemma of theirs.

To avoid breaking the voting engine again, let's keep it simple. You have ONE VOTE to use here:

X: Pants, off!
Let the bottomless adventure commence!

Y: Shirts, off!
Let no nipples be soft in this cool night air!

Z: As you are, gentlemen.
Skif topless, Duke bottomless. Best of both worlds~

It's also time to decide how you want to prepare for the adventure. For REASONS there isn't enough time to do everything! Use your PRIMARY and SECONDARY votes well!

A: Double check for dragons on UNITY's main computer.
Let's be extra sure there actually isn't a DRAGON in that cave. Maybe it has some additional layout information as well? You'll need to avoid waking the others.

B: Gather some quick supplies!
You can probably solve everything with magic (even your weak FIRE MAGIC will work in lieu of a torch), but it never hurts to be prepared.

C: Finally use your D'eggs to make the boys a Mommy Meal!
You laid some eggs recently, and they might go bad if you don't use them! Nothing like a good meal to start the adventure with...~

D: Make sure everyone's nice and relaxed by releasing some 'tension'.
Can't have the boys all pent up! They could use a good massage, maybe some YOGA and MEDITATION.

...What? You thought I meant something else?

Well, that's up to you~
No. 992239 ID: 0fae41

Y, C/d.
No. 992241 ID: 5ee86b

If we vote for X and Y in equal measure, will The Power of Compromise make them naked or fully clothed? Also, X. Then D! Always good to stretch before a big outing. Secondary B!
No. 992244 ID: eb1c48

No. 992245 ID: e51896

This, both X, and Y

A, B
No. 992247 ID: 88dbb5

They must show resolve! By being at least pantsless! That's training somehow, right?
B, c X,Y
No. 992248 ID: 736b7e

D Primary; do some cuddling to get warm before heading out into the night.
A Secondary
No. 992249 ID: f8fa51


Let's not force them to dress up in ways they don't want to.
No. 992261 ID: cdabe3

Z, D/c
No. 992262 ID: 0bfc71

B, D, X
No. 992265 ID: 36784c

>unsure if you're happy or sad at the thought of this going straight to your thighs
You’re happy about it.


C , b
No. 992300 ID: 529620


Man... I'm proud of all you. Other quests get all skittish when it comes to some fun exhibition stuff but you guys actually do it. Freaken proud.
No. 992304 ID: b74a2f

Primary B
Secondary D
No. 992322 ID: 9a2966

C, b!
No. 992325 ID: 0bcfd9

D, b
X, y

No. 992357 ID: e7848c


Can you just imagine sauntering through town with your two boys having their muscles on display? With you of course leading both of them on your journey to power adventure?
No. 992359 ID: 3edd0d

B, d and Y
No. 992363 ID: c09f5e

Oth, what hath my shitposting awakened?

>D-does that give you TYPE advantage??
Be thankful your nerd ass ain't grass, cause she definitely gonna mow it. If she sees you. Which she can't because she's you. What's she gonna do? Hop from an AU to ambush you in a cave? For what?
This may be rushing your imagination. As the saying goes, don't think about it.

C, B
You should make up for exposing your people's vulnerabilities. Good thing you're not so proud to have issues openly displaying your affection to your friends, like some sort of cheap tsundere.
...or you could just kit them out.
No. 992366 ID: be3107

D, B, X
There's a fun test somewhere for both of them without pants Im sure!
No. 992381 ID: ade4a2

Primary Y/D

Secondary Y/C
No. 992391 ID: 864e49

No. 992414 ID: 2c8bb6


What do: Secret option E: just go already. Adventure waits for nobody.
No. 992418 ID: 094652

Clothes Swapping, and not in the same slots
No. 992428 ID: f9464a

I think you should be happy!


Primary: C
Secondary: B
No. 992429 ID: 031458

D: Make ME a "sandwich"
Secondary C
No. 992434 ID: 75efdc

D, B
No. 992438 ID: 67ceb6

B, X
No. 992540 ID: 7ed0fe

Primary A, secondary B
No. 992543 ID: 2c7a4b

B, A,
No. 992567 ID: 080f52

D, C Lets stretch their our legs.
No. 992571 ID: 5b0071

Z and B or C
No. 992580 ID: ef6063

B, C X
No. 992588 ID: 3fd119

X; A, secondary b.
No. 992655 ID: f9464a


Primary: C. You can't adventure on an empty stomach!

Secondary: A. It's probably a good idea to double check things.
No. 992752 ID: 75ba56

Z, B
No. 992810 ID: 5f3276

Primary: Z, B
Secondary: X, A
No. 992813 ID: 2451c3
File 161654430205.png - (189.15KB , 800x600 , 1631.png )

>Good thing you're not so proud to have issues openly displaying your affection to your friends, like some sort of cheap tsundere.

Let's be thankful your AU counterpart chose 'punk' instead.

>Man... I'm proud of all you. Other quests get all skittish when it comes to some fun exhibition stuff but you guys actually do it. Freaken proud.
This is the uncompromising power of nudity in full force!

Partial force. Since none of us are fully nude.


>If we vote for X and Y in equal measure, will The Power of Compromise make them naked or fully clothed?
Stop gaming the system!

"We should probably obtain some proper spelunking gear in case we need it," you say.

"Uh, but all the stores are closed," Skif points out. "Why don't we just see what we have at home?"

"Addressing our mistress so casually...!" Sir Duke reacts, looking almost comically surprised.

"Knight I am to Ceri, but I'm also her friend. I've known her all my life," Skif says. "Which means I know enough to realize I have to ensure she doesn't literally actually consider breaking into the mall."

"I-I wasn't gonna have a vote on that!" you protest, even though you were totally gonna have a vote on that.

Skif offers a long dramatic sigh. "Oh Ceri, just what am I gonna do with you?"

"Shower me in affection!" you insist.

"Maybe... if you're a good girl."

"I-I didn't give you permission to flip the power dynamic!!"


Saint Duke seems momentarily thoughtful, as if considering something. His eyes dart back and forth between the two of you.

"Ah, I truly do have much to make up for," he finally says.

You consider asking him what he means, but you're losing precious time standing here doing nothing!

"All right, everyone!" you announce. "Let's grab some supplies and meet back here!"

"Yes, mistress!" "Right away, my queen!" The two respond at the same time.

"sir skif, does this mean she intends to let us decide our own state of dress?"

"not sure. i totally had her pegged as making that decision for us."

"heehee, pegged."


No. 992814 ID: 2451c3
File 161654430631.png - (269.64KB , 800x600 , 1632.png )

"AHEM! I just remembered! I've decided you two are going to be BOTTOMLESS for this adventure!

:saintduketalk_happy: "A wise decision as always, my lady!"

:skiftalk_moreshocked: "How'd you even do that!? I didn't feel them come off! Ceri you betrayed me!!!"

:ceritalk_smug: "Hmhmhmm~ Betray? You know the only person I work for is myself."

:skiftalk_neutral: "You know that's not true. I've seen your SELF vs COMP bar."


:skiftalk_happy: "Defunct or not, it clearly indicated how selfless you are~!"

:saintduketalk_smile: "Tis true! There's no denying your kind and generous heart! When I saw how hard you worked helping Miss Kharadra, I felt that generosity flow through me too!"

:skiftalk_happy: "Believe it or not, it's not just her assets that motivate us. You make us all want to be better people. No self-serving person could ever accomplish that!"

:ceritalk_shocked: "Am-- am I losing this discussion??"

:ceritalk_morewat: "FINE! M-maybe I wasn't actually going to make you do anything! Doesn't mean you had to call me out like that!"

:skiftalk_happy: "A proper knight makes sure to keep his queen on her toes."

:ceritalk_defeated: "I already walk on my toes..."

Skif lowers his pants, giving you a wink. Seems he intended to do this the whole time and was just...

...teasing you...


You need to put him in Momrantine!!!

In high spirits, the three of you depart to gather some supplies from your respective homes. Ropes? Bombs? It's ours, my friend, because we already had that shit at home.

that won't age well

Your mind wanders as you collect supplies...
No. 992815 ID: 2451c3
File 161654430982.png - (119.78KB , 800x600 , 1633.png )

Punk Ceri would deal with the wickedly uncool news that she was a DRAGON, a race of demi-gods that locked themselves away from the world long ago.

Her lifelong friend, Skif, would have taken the news well... on the surface. But she'd have known the gears were turning in his head.

But as she'd ponder about Dragons, and the perception that they're evil and uncool, she'd realize something.

Is being a dragon uncool, really? What if they were actually, you know, really fuckin' cool? Then she'd be really fuckin' cool! Maybe this wasn't a curse, but a blessing in disguise!

The more she'd think about it, the more it'd make sense. Even if they weren't cool by default, someone as powerful as a dragon could choose to be cool. or nice if they were lame. A dragon Ceri could be as cool as she wanted, and nobody could fuckin' stop her.

She would get really excited at the thought, grinning for just a second before coughing and resuming her cool expression.

You, as Real Ceri, can't help but smile while imagining that. Even Punk Ceri is still Ceri.
No. 992816 ID: 2451c3
File 161654431320.png - (193.80KB , 800x600 , 1634.png )

The three of you meet north of town. Beyond is a grand forest.

"So what did we all bring?" you ask.


Time to decide what everyone brought! Don't worry about how that works! VOTE FOR AS MANY CHOICES AS YOU WANT! Be aware: The amount of items brought will depend on the RATIO of votes. The more things you vote for, the less influence your vote will have overall. Three is a good number to use for a good mix of voting power vs amount of things chosen.

A: Rope!
Always useful for climbing! But do keep in mind you have PORTAL MAGIC.

B: Bombs!
What-- you were just kidding about that! Where'd you get those!?

:saintduketalk_blushu: "F-from Siphon... who got them from Eezeryh..."

Sigh. Who knows, maybe they'll come in handy. Not like you have EXPLOSION MAGIC yet

C: Weapons! and Armor!
If you run into some kind of GREAT B-- MONSTER, these could be useful in fighting it, maybe? Obviously you won't wear the armor unless needed for obvious reasons~

besides, your HYBRID REPTILIAN/DRAGON SCALES have better defense.

D: Vibrators!
What-- again!? SIPHON!!!!!!

E: Pickaxe!
For digging through rock! Will this even come up? Digging is more that other quest's thing. Still, it could be fun to watch the boys work up a sweat...~

F: Lanterns!
Your FIRE MAGIC is pretty poor, so this could improve your ability to see at a distance. Of course, you won't train your FIRE if you don't use it!

G: First aid!
Your ARMO(u)R is very high, meaning it's damn-near impossible for you to get hurt. But the same can't be said for Sir Duke and Sir Skif. A shame there's no HEALING MAGIC, huh? well there's life-magic i guess but that's forbidden also you don't know how to use it

H: A whip!

No comment.

"Right! This should do!" you say, leaving things vague for voting reasons. "Let's get to it!"

"Um. Are you sure we can make it all the way to the cave before morning?" Skif asks.

"I guess it's a tall ask for us to just walk there, huh..."

Using ONE VOTE, how will the gang get to the NORTHERN CAVE in short order?

X: Portals!
This will drain a lot of MP, but it's fast, easy, and safe.

Y: Dragon form!
Using your D-WINGS might sound scary after you damaged your stat screen running after Daatra, but if you don't use any DRAGON ENERGY, you'll put yourself in danger of an overflow. Also you don't know how much D you have because you broke that stat entirely.

This isn't stressful at all!

Doing this would bleed a lot of DRAGON ENERGY, which could be a good idea or not!

Z: Carry Saint Duke and fly with Skif!
Using a smaller amount of D, you can use your D-WINGS in normal form to lift Saint Duke into the air. Skif can already fly, thanks to those wings he sometimes but not always gets drawn with.

Hmm? Polymorph into a giant bird (concerned dolphin to come later)? You're not very good at flying as a bird, so the added power of D-WINGS is the only way you'll manage to lift Saint Duke safely.

you promise you'll go back to making one decision per update soon.
No. 992817 ID: b1b4f3


Z/y. Burn that D. If you feel like you're going to overstrain yourself you can just stop.
No. 992818 ID: 3edd0d

A, B, F

Duke's arrows could be tied to the rope for climbing around if he shoots strong hopefully.

That's why you should carry him so he's kept ready! Z
No. 992819 ID: 031458



Tooootaly not suggesting you take stuff to be dominated with while choosing a method that will utterly exhaust you
No. 992820 ID: 736b7e

A, D and G. Get to practicing that fire magic!

Y because gotta do more dragon
No. 992821 ID: 0fae41

Bombs and a whip!
No. 992823 ID: b74a2f

C, A, Z
No. 992824 ID: 5f3276

A/B/H; solid list of supplies. Plus, you need to train fire so no lanterns!
Z; listen to your heritage! Take to the skies and (force) let your friends to join you there!

Ceri, your Punk AU has a sick poster. Steal it’
No. 992825 ID: 0bfc71

Bombs. and G, A, Z
No. 992849 ID: 1d042d

Judging from the state of their crotch area, it doesnt seem like they are too... "excited" to go on this mission if you know what I mean. We should probably fix that asap.

A, D, H

(Have your partners "wear" the roap)

No. 992850 ID: 7f1230

G; just in case
No. 992855 ID: 5b0071

and Z
No. 992857 ID: 88dbb5

Mmmmm, bombs! B, Z
Could be bombs that just, explode the clothes off things in a cartoony fashion!
No. 992859 ID: d44835

A, because rope is useful for many things besides climbing; F, but only as a backup to the magic and the convenience of your companions; and G, because it's sensible!

As for how to get where you're going... why fly at all? I vote for, uhhhh W, where you make yourself very large and thereby the distance will be shorter to you and you can walk, carrying your companions. You might cause cryptid rumours from people seeing your giant shadow in the distance, but if they're giant sexy naked lady shaped cryptid rumours, they'll probably be dismissed. It'll also help you practice the magics you need for getting huge.
No. 992860 ID: 0bcfd9

B, G, Z
First-aid lets you go nuts with explosions, right?
No. 992873 ID: 6093e4

A & H because ;)

and Z
No. 992878 ID: be3107

Bring your GBA! Z.
No. 992894 ID: c09f5e

A, G
If you seeking to expand your MAGIC toolkit, you might as well look out for ways to maintain or improve your VIGOR, like rock climbing. Just to keep you vigilant, mind you. You'd see little gains as an adult; You weren't into any gyms growing up.

As fun as these fantasies are (try to keep having them they're fun and adventure-relevant if I'm right), don't forget to be confident in who you are now. You may not be a PUNK, but you're a much more lovable archetype: the MAGICAL GIRL.
No. 992895 ID: 67ceb6

G, A, B, and Z
No. 992902 ID: fa2754

Rope could come in handy with some subtle lightning and the nice buzzing of a toy..
No. 992911 ID: f4cc93

C, we know Skif has this and it can prove more useful than just ceremonial looks. F, G and maybe some Ds with your H. Oh Siphon~

No. 992912 ID: f8fa51


You don't have to use the lantern if you bring it, but it'll be a good backup in case your fire magic turns out not to be enough.
No. 992922 ID: 7992ee


No. 992941 ID: 36784c

C , F , G

No. 992961 ID: 0989bc

C. You totally raided your dad's stash of firearms that he keeps.

X. Cuz overloading seems to move the plot in interesting directions so lets do that.
No. 992962 ID: a447ec

Yes, just H.
I'm really curious to know if a large proportion of H votes would lead to a larger amount of whips, or just one whip that has a comical amount of length to it.
No. 992964 ID: ef6063

B, G, A, Z
No. 992971 ID: a9af05

>How'd you even do that!? I didn't feel them come off!
Ceri, do you have a hidden Pickpocket stat? Because if you do, then I think it's safe to say that you maxed out that stat.

Also, be careful with how you use this skill of yours. You don't want to give anyone the wrong idea and think you're a thief!


No. 993024 ID: 2c7a4b

No. 993094 ID: 3fd119

B, D, G, and Y for good measure.
No. 993308 ID: 529620


"Ropes? Bombs? It's ours, my friend, because we already had that shit at home."
10/10 would bring rupees again
No. 993409 ID: 2451c3
File 161688829011.png - (204.31KB , 800x600 , 1635.png )

No cave adventure's complete without an overly complicated STAT SCREEN!

What? It's showing actual numbers for once? Oh gods we're all doomed.

I-it'll be fine. Technically, numbers were used the entire time! They were just hidden! Speaking of numbers, you notice something odd about those HP totals.

:ceritalk_neutral: Why are you two hurt? Did something happen?

:skiftalk_moreshocked: STILL NOT TALKING ABOUT IT.

:ceritalk_defeated: I can just ask Siphon what happened, you know.

:saintduketalk_shocked: H-how did you know she had that information!

:ceritalk_gentle: It's generally a safe bet.

:skiftalk_stressed: Okay okay you caught us! Sir Duke and I sparred a bit. We used Eezeryh's new COMBAT CHAMBER.

:ceritalk_neutral: Huh. Is it safe?

:saintduketalk_shocked: I-it still has some kinks to work out. Also nothing else happened.

:skiftalk_shocked: Yep. Nothing else at all.

Your eyes narrow a bit. The most suspicious thing of all is how much they're cooperating.

But you trust they'll tell you when they feel comfortable doing so. No need to push it.

A combat chamber, huh? It sounds like it'd be a lot of fun seeing how well your magic handles a sparring situation, but... with your damaged seal, something about the idea makes you feel uneasy...

A problem for later. For now-- oh hey, Saint Duke has MP!

:ceritalk_smile: I didn't know you could use magic!

:saintduketalk_smile: Ah, yes! I've some skill with ICE MAGIC, my lady!

:skiftalk_chrival: 'Some'.

:saintduketalk_chrival: It's not very chivalrous to degrade a knight's magical prowess!

:skiftalk_chrival: Nor is it chivalrous to lead with your weaker school of magic!

:saintduketalk_shocked: H-how can you tell!? Did our match truly reveal that much about me??

:skiftalk_neutral: I can 'smell' magic. But why hide your main skill?

:saintduketalk_blushu: I-I didn't want Mistress Ceri to live in fear that I would abuse my powers for perverted aims!

:ceritalk_confused: What, you know INVISIBILITY or something?

:saintduketalk_shocked: I-I would never abuse such a power to rid you of your privacy, milady!!!

:ceritalk_gentle: I wouldn't worry about that.
No. 993410 ID: 2451c3
File 161688829838.png - (206.17KB , 800x600 , 1636.png )

:ceritalk_smile: You can already see my vagina, see? Especially if I lift my tummy up a bit!


:ceritalk_happy: Thanks I think! My boobies tend to steal the show, so it's nice to be complicated on other features!

>Judging from the state of their crotch area, it doesnt seem like they are too... "excited" to go on this mission if you know what I mean. We should probably fix that asap.

there was a reason you made sure to show some nipple as well...~

>Ceri, do you have a hidden Pickpocket stat? Because if you do, then I think it's safe to say that you maxed out that stat.
Pickpocket runs off MIND which you have a buttload of. Or something!? You're much too honest a person to ever try that, though.

Ahem. While Sir Duke... cools off a bit, you finally get around to checking your INVENTORY.

:ceritalk_smile: Let's see. We brought two ROPES, two FIRST-AID KITS, one BOMB, and...

:ceritalk_blushu: A whip!?

:saintduketalk_blushu: S-Siphon must have snuck that into my pack!

:ceritalk_defeated: Just what have you two been getting up to...?

:saintduketalk_blushu: W-worry not about that, my lady!

:skiftalk_happy: How about you take Siphon, and leave Lady Ceri to me~?

:saintduketalk_chrival: A good knight shares their wealth with others, Sir Skif.

:skiftalk_chrival: Perhaps so, but it's important to appreciate what you have, Sir Duke.

:saintduketalk_chrival: Indeed! And the greatest prize of all--

:ceritalk_annoyed: A-hem.

:saintduketalk_shocked: N-not to imply either of you belong to us!

:ceritalk_annoyed: Seriously, you two. You have the wrong mindset.

:ceritalk_smug: It's you who belong to me. Get it right~

or maybe we all belong to siphon...

:skiftalk_shocked: Wait, are...

:saintduketalk_shocked: Are we just pieces of meat!?

:ceritalk_lookaway_noanim: ....

:ceritalk_happy: Let's get going!
No. 993411 ID: 2451c3
File 161688830688.png - (244.11KB , 800x600 , 1637.png )

"A-are you sure this is safe!?" Duke asks, his voice quivering slightly as his boner from before nopes the hell out.


"M-mistress Ceri!"

"Heehee, I could certainly get used to seeing you quiver in my presence~"


"...But in a different context. Hey, don't worry! I polymorphed a bit more muscle into my arms, so I'm not having any issues carrying you!"

"I'm more concerned with those strange magicks coming out of your back!"

"Oh! That's..."

"Ceri has TRANSDIMENSIONAL MAGIC," Skif says, floating up to meet you. "You can do some pretty surprising things when you control PORTAL, INVISIBILITY, and TELEPORT."

"Oh, I see!" Duke says. "Of course mistress Ceri wouldn't be content with simple hovering!"

You hesitate. You don't like lying...

"That's right!" Skif says. "it's a COMBO SPELL, using TELEPORT to move light around, to..."

Skif please don't over-explain how it works even I don't know how that'd be possible.

"Well, it's a bit beyond me," he thankfully admits. "But what better way to show her regal air?"

"Ah, to be held by such a refined woman...!" Duke says, swooning so hard you almost drop him. Totally safe!

Thanks, Skif. You'll tell Sir Duke the truth eventually, but not... not here. Not yet.

"oh shit wait i could have just described it as one of eezeryh's inventions," Skif whispers.

"...What?" Duke--

"HEY OKAY LET'S GO ALREADY I CAN'T HOLD HIM FOREVER!" you broadcast over any thoughts going on through his head.

"Y-yes, of course! Onward, my lady!" Skif says.

Despite the conversation, the trip goes without issue. As you use your D-WINGS, you feel a pressure give way to relief, a feeling that's difficult to describe. Something doesn't hurt, which tells you your D-ENERGY is in a better state now.

You enter the cave...
No. 993412 ID: 2451c3
File 161688831294.png - (276.96KB , 800x600 , 1638.png )

"Hard to see," Skif says.

"I-I'm doing my best!" you protest!" I only got FIRE MAGIC a little bit ago! B-besides, this tiny flame means my MP won't be drained much!"

"Haha, I guess that's true."

A few steps in and you hardly need magic at all to see something you've never seen before.

"The hell is that?" Skif asks.

"It almost looks like a plant, kind of," you say.

Saint Duke bends down, giving full view of his weasel hiney. "There's a bunch of clocks here. Very strange... they're all a few minutes off from each other."

"It'd probably be weirder if they were in sync," you say. "Clocks aren't exactly perfect."

"Ah, true..."

As you and Skif step closer to the glowy plant-thing, you halt in your tracks as you sense something... familiar.

Skif's eyes widen as he likely smells the same thing you're feeling.

This is life-magic.

You can't just leave the life-plant-thing alone. If this is LIFE-MAGIC, you need to learn as much as you can about what you're up against. What will you do? Use your PRIMARY and SECONDARY votes to decide.

A: Have Skif move closer to inspect the LIFE-PLANT.
Skif is a Galeacoma. Beyond their ability to smell magic, they are naturally a bit resistant to magic.

B: Investigate the LIFE-PLANT yourself.
You can also sense magic in your own unique way, and you're very resistant to magic. You recall a time Gulketi's malfunctioning magic affected Skif, but didn't affect you.

C: Use the WHIP to tear the plant apart.
Do you know how to use a whip? This is a good time to learn!

D: Saint Duke offers to throw his knife at it.
A knife? Duke's WEAPON could cut a piece off of the plant, giving you something smaller and potentially safer to examine. If he doesn't straight up miss, of course. What was his SPEED, again?

E: Throw the bomb at it!!!
An explosive option!
No. 993414 ID: e51896

Primary A: Let Skiff look at it.

Secondary D

Don't you dare go near that plant, it may mess with your seal. I'm against B and C
No. 993416 ID: 0fae41

B! and maybe e if you really, really had to. But get in there and wrestle that vine, Ceri!
Hmm. Could time magic be afoot?
No. 993417 ID: 3edd0d

Knife! D, A
No. 993421 ID: e7848c

Always go with knives.
skif works too I guess
No. 993422 ID: 2748b3

If in doubt, poke the mystery thing! Primary B, secondary A!
No. 993423 ID: 736b7e

B, D
No. 993424 ID: 88dbb5

D, b Does Duke shoot knives like arrows?
No. 993426 ID: b1b4f3


Is it possible for us to just... not investigate the plant?
No. 993427 ID: 031458


FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE is it's own treasure!
No. 993428 ID: b74a2f

D, B
No. 993438 ID: e85a08

No. 993439 ID: 75efdc


No. 993443 ID: 9a2966

>Are we just pieces of meat!?
Technically, yes? But the flavor matters.

Metaphorically speaking.

The metaphor is that at some point you will be eaten out.

Or you will be eating out. Enjoying a delicious meal. Like spaghetti.

Which is not meat, but we're still in metaphor-land. I think.


A, d!

Let our noble knights do some work, for once.
No. 993445 ID: 0989bc

No. 993452 ID: cdabe3

No. 993482 ID: 5b0071

A or B
violence doesn't seem like a good first step
No. 993494 ID: c09f5e

A, B

You did have an existential crisis the last time you got involved. But if you can't hang behind your knight, well... Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
No. 993516 ID: f8fa51

No. 993520 ID: 3a3c64

Primary C
Secondary A
No. 993545 ID: f9464a

Primary A

Secondary B
No. 993555 ID: 36784c

>it's nice to be complimented on other features!
You have lovely thighs and a cute tail!

>Are we just pieces of meat!?
Says the guy that was treating you as some kinda prized object to be won in a contest.

A , b
No. 993558 ID: 0bfc71

D, b
No. 993569 ID: a447ec

Try cautiously approaching and cutting some off. It might work as ketza repellent in spite of the slightly turquoise glow.
No. 993659 ID: 7cda1d

B, a
No. 993742 ID: f3f534

>Compliment other features
You have a cute tummy!

>What do?
Primary A

Secondary B
No. 993862 ID: f9464a

You have hypnotic hips and an amazing ass!
No. 993863 ID: 2451c3
File 161714431214.png - (295.83KB , 800x600 , 1639.png )

>Don't you dare go near that plant, it may mess with your seal.
If it was any other type of magic, this would be a no-brainer.


It's the type of magic Euia, Mr. Ilan, used to 'create' you. The type of magic used to create your SEAL, holding back the dragon within.

For you especially, it's the most dangerous school of magic to be around.

But your legs refuse to take you away. Your eyes dare not even blink.

What makes you different from this plant? You're both creations. You were both born of LIFE-MAGIC. In a strange way, this plant could be considered your kin.

And something about it feels so...

No. 993864 ID: 2451c3
File 161714431798.png - (244.71KB , 800x600 , 1640.png )

Euia would stare down Punk Ceri as she'd demand to know more about her dragon parents. A flick of his tongue and a shimmer in his magical limbs would betray his hesitation despite his stern demeanor.

"There is a reason Life-Magic is forbidden, child. With sufficient power, one could do some truly horrible things with the power to create and manipulate life itself."

"So my parents did some bad shit with it? That'd explain my punk attitude," Punk-Attitude-Ceri would say.

"No, I'm pretty sure you got that from your adopted mother."

"Heh. True. Now come on, old man. Tell me what awesome crimes they committed!"

"I would not describe their crimes as 'awesome', child. The dragons sentenced them to nonexistence for what they wrought."

"Right. Gonna be any less vague about that?"

"It'd be better if you didn't know, for your own good."

"goddammit i'm so tired of being told that"

"There are many who would wish to harm you. Even I am no saint, child. I believed it assinine to punish an unborn child for her parent's sins, but my actions were largely for your father's sake. Despite his crimes, I owed him a great debt."

Euia would examine his magical limbs. "After all, he taught me everything I know."

"'Kay. So how about teaching me Life-Magic so I can defend myself then?"

"I won't live long enough to do that."

"So, what-- Life-Magic is like calculus?"

The snake would emit hissing noises akin to laughter, something Real Ceri struggled to get him to do. But Real Ceri did hug him so she totally wins.

"Perhaps I'd compare it more to Holomorphic Harmonic Analysis."

you have no idea what that is you just heard someone say it once then they started sobbing uncontrollably

Punk Ceri's eyes would widen. "Dragon-Jesus!"


Real Ceri would never have the guts to make that joke. You're in awe at the sheer audacity.
No. 993865 ID: 2451c3
File 161714432458.png - (242.06KB , 800x600 , 1641.png )

Mr. Ilan would try to give you a FLIGHT FORM, since bird won in this universe, but his attempts to give you a flat chest would end in failure. Real Ceri would take a moment to reflect on how 'modest' her original body was. Look! Her nipples still point up a bit! Not like the larger, softer chest you have now.

Hmm? No, no. You don't want to go back to that. Real Ceri's got something pretty damn good going on. Right, GB and CD~?

so soft~

"It seems your dragon magic fought me to the bitter end," Mr. Ilan would say, interrupting Boobie Time.

"That's 'cause I happen to agree with it. How can I consider piercing my nips if I don't have any? Tits are amazing, man. More than that, they're part of my style."

Euia's surprise would not be well hidden. "But... but you're less aerodynamic!"

"Who gives a shit? If I need more speed, I can just do this."
No. 993866 ID: 2451c3
File 161714432947.png - (241.95KB , 800x600 , 1642.png )

And like magic, her comparatively modest breasts would give way to flatness. Except this wasn't POLYMORPH; This was an alternate form!

"See? Don't need to waste any fuckin' MP, either."

"I don't understand," Euia would say. "You shouldn't have this power. This control."

"I dunno man, you keep saying dragons are hot shit. Pretty much guarantees I'd be the best bitch around."

"One I managed to underestimate..."

What an exciting cliff-hanger! But why did your mind wander like that? Better start paying attention to what Real Ceri's doing.
No. 993867 ID: 2451c3
File 161714433726.png - (275.91KB , 800x600 , 1643.png )

Godsdammit you grabbed the plant without thinking about it.


Well, nothing bad seems to be happening. Things that hurt: 0

you feel momentarily bad for teasing people with that

This plant doesn't look to be intended as a weapon. It seems like an ordinary everyday plant, if you ignore all the ominous glowing. That rules out it being a biological LIFE-MAGIC weapon. This plant is probably like the clocks Sir Duke found... experiments.

That has some worrying implications.

"Are you okay!?" Skif asks.

"Why wouldn't she be, Sir Skif? Even if it had thorns, her scales look quite tough!"

"We just said that plant was LIFE-MAGIC!"

"Life-what?" Sir Duke asks.

"What do you mean 'life-what'?? It's the most forbidden school of magic! Didn't you learn about it in school!?"


"Surely a knight as educated as yourself... wait."

Skif realizes the same thing you do.

"Mr. Ilan taught us about it for a reason," you say. "Reasons that should be pretty obvious by now."

:saintduketalk_shocked: "Lady Ceri, I implore you to explain what you're talking about! F-for Skif's sake!"

:skiftalk_chrival: "You're the one who doesn't know what it is!"

:saintduketalk_chrival: "A-a true knight is ever willing to learn new things!"

"Okay fine", Skif says, ending the bout disappointingly early. "Life magic is..."

As Skif explains the forbidden art, you remain transfixed on the plant. You don't have Life-Magic, but could you coax your inner dragon to like, loan you some?

Hmm. It'd probably be easier to ask for WATER MAGIC from the WATER DRAGON inside you. Even though dragons can use every school of magic, they are strongest with their main element.

This seems dangerous, for sure. But if you are somehow able to use LIFE-MAGIC, you could repair your own seal, buying some much-needed time. And WATER MAGIC is sure to come in handy. Assuming anything actually happens.

There are two PATHS ahead. Your PRIMARY VOTE acts as a PATH vote as well. Your SECONDARY VOTE can still be used to pick another option in the PATH you chose, or to pick an option in the opposite PATH (in case your chosen path loses).

[Path of the plant...]

A: Attempt to LIFE-MAGIC the plant.
Will anything even happen?

B: Attempt to WATER-MAGIC the plant.
Having 7 schools of magic is cool, but no other mortal can use water! This would make you (more) unique!

C: Wrap the plant around you!
Time for a fashion statement!

D: Consume the plant.
What would happen...?

[Path of caution...]

E: Leave the plant alone and continue exploring.
Let's just move on... carefully.

F: Use Saint Duke's knife to bring a sample with you.
Maybe Eezeryh can study it later?
No. 993869 ID: 0fae41

D/f. D is for DRAGON, and sometimes DUMBASS but today is definitely a DRAGON day!
No. 993870 ID: 88dbb5

A, F
No. 993871 ID: 736b7e

A, B
No. 993873 ID: b1b4f3

Too risky to mess with the plant. Also, I don't want to see what happens if Eezeryh figures out life-magic.
If you do mess with the plant, at least do it in some way that approximates a "seal". Taking things out of you and shoving it at the plant is not seal-like at all. Neither is eating it, putting it inside you. Wrapping it around you is much more symbolic of containment.

E, c.
No. 993876 ID: 031458

What's the worst that can happen.
Surely the best idea, one that will in no way be regretted!

f is fine to I guess.
No. 993877 ID: 0bfc71

Oh dragon what will you do?
A, F, if nothing else carrying a chunk could be a backup light source here.
No. 993878 ID: 2748b3

D primary, F secondary. The part of my brain that encourages caution and the part of my brain that encourages dumb but fun ideas are fighting, and if it wasn't for the option to eat the plant then maybe caution would've won.

What's the worst that could happen from nibbling a highly magical plant?
No. 993881 ID: 3edd0d

F, A
No. 993882 ID: e5ae92

F, c
No. 993889 ID: cdabe3

The obvious choice is G, use it to relieve some stress~ the life magic will only enhance the sensation!

Or use dook’s knife if you’re too worried
No. 993891 ID: 67ceb6

Life-magic surely won't cause not-life right? A,F
If there's any time to practice any amount, testing on a plant seems like a good experiment on the fly.
No. 993909 ID: 7bd48e

D, A

I think we're all being way too over cautious over life magic.
No. 993910 ID: b74a2f

Primary A, secondary E
No. 993919 ID: 5b0071

E / b
No. 993923 ID: 7f1230

D, eating the plant would increase your life magic, and all your life magic modifications are beneficial... right?
f, you should take a sample regardless, possibly show to Euia instead.
No. 993925 ID: 0bcfd9

A, F
Perform life or save for later life-ing
No. 993968 ID: f8fa51

No. 994025 ID: e6f507

D. A.
No. 994029 ID: 36784c

E , c
No. 994041 ID: a3f415

Primary A
Secondary B
No. 994043 ID: fa2754

F, c
Always go with knife!
He could even cut out a few vines for some tribal outfit!
No. 994544 ID: 2451c3
File 161742123038.png - (146.97KB , 800x600 , 1644.png )

You consider your options. Euia warned against doing anything 'dragon-like', as it could aggravate your SEAL situation. You've done a less than stellar job at not being DOMINANT, a key thing you were warned against.

But each time the seal took damage, it wasn't because you 'felt dominant'. Rather, it was one action or another that weakened the vital cage surrounding your inner dragon.

...Surely you'd never consider something so obviously dangerous as literally trying to conjure LIFE-MAGIC from the very thing that could destroy everything you love if it broke free, right?. To do so would be insanity. Absolute madness.

You're smarter than that.


No, I have to know for sure.

This plant... it feels subtly different from the Life-Magic used by Euia. It's hard to describe, but it feels... rougher? Less refined.

It was created by a novice.
No. 994545 ID: 2451c3
File 161742123303.png - (129.06KB , 800x600 , 1645.png )

Focus... try to use Life-Magic. Make the plant grow, just a tiny bit.

"Uh, what are you trying to do?" Skif asks.

"Sir Skif! She's clearly trying to concentrate!" Saint Duke replies to a question not directed at him.

"I'm trying to see if I can use Life-Magic!" you answer, since the question was directed at you.

"What!?" came an unexpectedly earnest surprise from Saint Duke. "But you guys just said it was forbidden!"

"It does seem pretty dangerous, considering your..." he glances at Sir Duke. "...Problem."

"Yeah, I didn't expect this to win the vote. Normally my NEURONS are way, way more careful than this."

"Huh. Weird."

"Neurons??" Saint duduk asks. "You can exert that level of control over your own mind?? Is that a Life-Magic thing!?"

"If only you knew how little I want to think about that question," you say. Hard enough dealing with knowing that part of your mind was fabricated. Thinking about the specifics never puts you in a good headspace.

As if sensing my tension, Sir Duke doesn't press the matter. I continue to focus on the plant.

Come on...


Did it twitch?
No. 994546 ID: 2451c3
File 161742123734.png - (254.58KB , 800x600 , 1646.png )

Before you can process what happened, the plant crumbles to dust around you.

Saint Dook yelps in surprise. "My lady! You killed the plant somehow!"

"What did you try to do, Ceri?" Skif asks.

"I-I don't know. Did you 'smell' anything going on?" you ask, deciding to put your choice of partners to good use.

"Let's see. The LIFE-MAGIC in that plant had a kinda 'sour taste' to it. It wasn't very stable, I don't think. It almost smelled like... I guess ritual magic?"

Saint Dook's confusion grows with each line of dialog. "Smelling? Tasting? My good sir, magic is not breakfast cereal!"

"Didn't Siphon put you through a training course or something?" you ask.

"Of course! But what does that have to do with me knowing about your weird powers?"

Always be specific, Ceri!

so she really did avoid telling your secrets...

"I got it," Skif says. "Okay, my race is called Galeacoma, and we can..."

While Skif once again catches poor Saint Dook up on your quirky magical gimmicks, you notice a tunnel leading deeper into the cave.

Ritual Life-Magic, huh? That's a concerning thought. But... it makes sense. Almost all mortal magic originally existed in RITUAL form, something you're sure PUNK CERI will touch on later. There's not likely to be any mortals who can use it natively, Euia aside.

"All right, let's get moving," you say.

"Also we don't have buttholes," Skif finishes.

Extreme confusion overtakes Saint Dook's face. "But.. but how do you..."

"Ahem," you... ahem.

"R-right! Coming, mistress!"

"R-right behind you, Ceri!"
No. 994547 ID: 2451c3
File 161742123937.png - (85.27KB , 800x600 , 1647.png )

The tunnel seems to shrink as you travel through it, until the three of you are fairly cramped together. Eventually you can't stand anymore and have to crawl.

"Whew... how are the two of you doing back there?" you ask.

"T-the view... it's wonderful..."

"You're kinda in the way of my view," Skif says.

"A good knight knows when to-- don't stare at me!"

"You give me little choice, Sir Duke!"

'View'? What are they talking...


You lifted your tail out of habit, didn't you.

You instinctively lower it, prompting the sound of legitimate agony and disappointment from Saint Dook behind you. He's such an over-actor!


You know, this would be a pretty intimate spot to take a short 'rest'... Maybe break in Sir Duke, who you've yet to actually do anything with...~

What will you do?

[Path of cramped spaces...]

A: Skif on one end, Saint dook on the other~.

With space at a premium, having one in front and one in back is a powerful combo. Ah, to taste and feel them...

B: Lay back and see how well the two of them can please their mistress.
Do work yourself? That's what the hoard's for~

C: Please one with your breasts while sitting on the other.
You're a bit surprised you made it this far without a titty-fuck scene, actually. You're well equipped for that.

D: Try out a CUSTOM POSE.
Write your own ideas for a custom pose! A vote for D is a vote for the most popular CUSTOM POSE. Feel free to show support for someone's idea!

[Path of continuing to have no sex in a sex quest...]

E: Just move to the next room.
Your TILDE is only at like, 25%. Oh god more numbers.

F: Move forward, but tease the boys as you do~
Get them nice and ready for when you do bed them...~

G: Have one of them get in front so you get a view.
Your own Tilde needs a good workout!

Guest art by AQR!!
No. 994548 ID: ef6063

A, F
No. 994551 ID: 0bfc71

Primary A, secondary F
No. 994554 ID: 88dbb5

Powerful combos for a to-be-powerful dragon! A
Or a subtle power move in teasing them... F
No. 994555 ID: e7848c

B, a
By fate you WILL lewd your horde!
No. 994557 ID: b74a2f

An opportunity to feel out the newest member here is a good bonding moment as any!
No. 994558 ID: 0fae41

No. 994559 ID: cdabe3

Primary A, secondary G

You know, if one of them had to go in front, they’d have to squeeze by you first~...
No. 994560 ID: 5cc67d

A primary G secondary.

Gotta have something to look at too.
No. 994562 ID: 4854ef

Primary C, secondary B!
No. 994564 ID: 645f57

A, b
No. 994565 ID: 3edd0d

A, F
Who's to say you can't tease while things happen? Just fluster Duke witih him behind :3.

Also be sure they're under less cloth for maximum feel... ing?
No. 994570 ID: e85a08

Primary F, secondary D: B but with ropes involved to make you even more of a plaything.
No. 994575 ID: 921468

F. B.
No. 994578 ID: f8fa51


Now you know what kind of view you're giving the others, you can keep doing that. Just, you know, on purpose this time.
No. 994587 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 994594 ID: be3107

No. 994601 ID: 864e49

Oh how many options would open up if only you could do anal. PUNK CERI probably can.

D: You<-Duke<-Skif Choo choo all aboar-wait didn't he say he wasn't bi?
Shit, ok new idea both in one hole, have Duke lie on his back, have Skif fluff him while you slowly inch back over him, give him a taste of both downstairs and upstairs and then kiss him deeply as the two of them go to work on you.

C: Skif finally gets to enjoy those bad girls while Duke finally gets to experience his mistress.
No. 994604 ID: 736b7e

No. 994613 ID: 0fae41

Say, I wonder if you and/or Punk Ceri can use transdimensional magic to meet up and make out.
No. 994627 ID: 3a3c64

Primary G, Secondary F
No. 994631 ID: 5b0071

A or C
No. 994786 ID: 5ee86b

Seconding! A,F, and less clothes for the boys to ensure MAXIMUM FEELING!
No. 994803 ID: 094652

EConomic bust size
No. 994862 ID: 529620

No. 994899 ID: 8349ee

No. 995092 ID: ae723c
File 161775939030.png - (187.06KB , 800x600 , 1648.png )

That's odd. For a second there you thought sex actually won a vote for like the first time in your entire life.

You double check.

You rub your eyes, and check again.

Holy shit it really did win. Guess it's the apocalypse.

Wonder why you're suddenly so into the idea. Where's your TILDE at, anyway?
No. 995093 ID: ae723c
File 161775939455.png - (122.92KB , 800x600 , 1649.png )

Ah. Yeah, that'd do it.

>Say, I wonder if you and/or Punk Ceri can use transdimensional magic to meet up and make out.
Punk Ceri is just someone you're making up in your head. Also T-D MAGIC doesn't work that way! You could imagine making out with her, but wouldn't that be weird??? ... ... ... ... ...

"Alright boys, clothes off~ It's time to take a... break~"

"H-here?" Skif asks. "In this cramped tunnel?"

"Skif, my good sir," Duke says more forcefully than usual, "Now is not the time to question our mistress!"

"Listen to your chrival~" you say, flicking out your tongue even though you're not a snake-like reptilian.

"I just thought, you know, we were investigating this spooky cave... it just doesn't seem--"

"DUDE." Saint yells, breaking his chivalrous character.

Looking around, you realize the specific position you have in mind would be a bit difficult to pull off here. You glance further down a tunnel, and see a spot where things open up just a bit-- enough so to allow the boys to stand.

You beckon the boys to follow. Skif is still a bit uncertain about this, clearly expecting as you had for the sex vote to lose again. You think sexy thoughts as you move, trying to ensure you're ready for a smooth 'entry'.

"I just... here? Now?" Skif says, reluctance in his voice as he starts to realize just what he's arguing against.

Once you make it to a roomier spot, you remove the top half of the OUTFIT OF DESTINY. Since that was also the only half you were wearing, you find yourself completely exposed.

"Nevermind I'm immediately convinced," Skif says.

"Good boy~" you coo. "Now get in front of me. I wanna feel you both...~"

"Not gonna try for another Ceri sandwich?"

"I dunno. I had mixed feelings about that. Besides, I have another idea~"
No. 995094 ID: ae723c
File 161775939787.png - (314.95KB , 800x600 , 1650.png )

Skif's reluctance vanishes the moment you feel him in your mouth. You look back to saint and wiggle your butt a bit, enticing him to join the fun.

Skif moans softly as you slide your tongue around his member. Your experience has taught you how to keep your teeth out of the way, giving him quite a pleasurable experience~

You move your head, sliding his manhood in and out of your mouth. You expect him to grab onto your shoulders, but he seems to be holding his arms out awkwardly, as if considering something.

...You soon realize there's nothing happening behind you.

You pull away from Skif, causing him to whimper slightly. "Sir Duke? Are you gonna..."

"I-I didn't w-want to make a-assumptions!" he says. You can tell it's taking every fiber of his being to remain where he is.

You huff out of frustration. "How big a hint do you need!? Get over here and fuck your mistress." You demand.

"Y-y-y-y-yes ma'am!!!"
No. 995095 ID: ae723c
File 161775940197.png - (470.89KB , 931x732 , 1651.png )

There's a familiar yet unique feeling as Sir Duke timidly enters you. He feels so different from the rugged design of Skif, or the smooth tentacles of Gulketi. He's warm... each twitch revealing how desperate he is to fill you with his seed. Perhaps it's only his chilvary that gives him the strength to hold back.

What the--! Skif has grabbed your horns! You didn't... mmm... ok fine...

You begin to slide back and forth, taking in Duke as Skif slides out, and vice versa. As you find your rhythm, you feel your breasts seek out a rhythm of their own. Their larger, softer nature makes their movements larger, and you definitely feel them. It's a bit embarrassing; You almost feel like some kind of cow.

And yet, their movements, and the soft jiggling of your tummy and buttocks, reveal just how soft you are. You feel... feminine. Beautiful.

You moan slightly, the act eliciting a similar sound in Skif. Seems he likes the extra vibrations~

Saint Duke is breathing heavily. He's twitching so much, struggling not to orgasm before his lady is fully satisfied. Perhaps he could teach Skif a thing or two after all!

Skif, for his part, also hasn't filled you yet. He's been training well~


Mmm... This is nice. To have them both under your spell... to feel them fighting their own desires for the sake of your own...

It's... so nice... and....mmm....mnnnaahhmmmm...~

"Don't stop..." you begcommand.

Familiar contractions fills your walls as pleasure wells up inside you. As if finally getting permission, the boys don't hold back anymore, and fill you till you fear you will burst. There's so much warmth... so much love...~

Panting heavily, you share a knowing look with the boys.

This was just round one.

But just how should you spice it up for round two? You think on the items you brought with you. There's a few new things you could try with them...~

[Path of... Bonding]

A: Utilize the ROPE.
Haven't really given bondage a go yet...~

B: Utilize the WHIP.
Ah, the combination of pain and pleasure~

C: First-aid kits means you can scratch them up a bit!
Ah, leaving love marks~

there's no way to use the bomb here.

[Path of the positions]

D: Time to use GB and CD.
Can you make them orgasm with your boobs...?

E: Receive oral love.
They sure made a mess... time for them to clean it up~

F: Let the boys decide what to do next.
What ideas do 'the boys' come up with?
No. 995097 ID: 0fae41

>there's no way to use the bomb here.
That's coward talk. Use portal magic to drop it at a safe distance while still hearing it and get off with a BANG.
No. 995098 ID: 3edd0d

Position Power! PP?
D, C
No. 995100 ID: 9f4fe4

D for some tiddy action.
No. 995102 ID: 79be20

[F] primary (you need to keep up that not-too-dominance!), [A] secondary. Though why not combine the two...?

Not to interrupt, by the way, but, are you just a little taller than your boys than usual? That's fun, you should keep some size difference play in mind for your loyal lads later. And not worry about the implications of seeming a little taller and noticing how small the tunnel is directly after that life magic plant poofed in your hands, at least until after you've finished enjoying yourselves.
No. 995114 ID: e7848c

Those are the battle scars every warrior strives for. Don't deny them the honor of that. Don't your knights deserve to bear your mark? Grace them with that. They'll thank you for it.
No. 995115 ID: be3107

Surround yourself in Cute Furry... Boyness.
D, C
No. 995127 ID: cdabe3

C, d
No. 995138 ID: 88dbb5

C, d
No. 995162 ID: f8fa51

A, let them tie you up.
f, let them decide what to do next.
No. 995165 ID: 9a2966

E, a
No. 995192 ID: 0cb682

No. 995194 ID: 2c7a4b

Primary C
Secondary D
No. 995199 ID: 7cfa4c

Use the bomb anyway.
No. 995203 ID: ef6063

C or D
No. 995206 ID: 864e49

F, 2 boiz 1 hole
D, fuckable nipNO!
No. 995207 ID: 3d5d68

C all the way, draw a little blood then kiss them better
No. 995228 ID: 5b0071

F or D
who knows F might become D
No. 995236 ID: 1ca7c2

D, and why not throw in some breast expansion as well?
No. 995242 ID: 67ceb6

C], otherwise D
Try marks from just a good old "accidentally" too hard hug.
No. 995243 ID: 75efdc

C, F
No. 995289 ID: b74a2f

No. 995344 ID: c09f5e

D, A
No. 995357 ID: 094652

Enhance knockers so large that they flood the whole passage, gently crushing the boys between your inconveniently inflated life rafts until they scream the safe word!
No. 995363 ID: 36784c

F , d
No. 995366 ID: 0bfc71

Let's C some LOVE MARKS from... rough huggin?
Alternatively D
No. 995463 ID: a9af05

No. 995469 ID: b38fab

No. 995500 ID: 8d4bb7

F, d

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