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File 160216318073.png - (15.42KB , 600x400 , dungeoneer_ch7.png )
978129 No. 978129 ID: 4c58a6


Hin and I have reached the town just as dusk is falling. We ended up making good time traveling from my dungeon but we need to hurry or we'll be locked out.
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No. 979278 ID: bb0c6e

It's clear they fused so you could show them both your affection at the same time.
No. 979288 ID: 0fae41

Take that golem with you. You've been messing with Kallia a lot, but you can't forget to compliment her skill when she really gets something right.
...Can you actually make Kallia shrink? Does reinforcement magic work that way?
No. 979303 ID: 83ff48

The golems probably make more sense when you're drunk. Help them to make more sense of themselves.
No. 979310 ID: 6e6f32

Did... Did those eggs combine yalls toys?
No. 979353 ID: f2320a

I am okay with chub golem honestly having little clay mass is a weakness
No. 979360 ID: 5455c8
File 160349141088.png - (30.02KB , 652x748 , fashion_again.png )

>Deem you need clothes if you're going outside.
Right, I shouldn't show off too much. I want people to come to my dungeon to see my full majesty. And I need pockets! I pull my pants on, they've gotten baggier, and put some coins in my pockets. I don't want my nice Moriko-made shirt getting dirty, so I walk past Kallia's golem and find a baggy shirt in the back. Ho, ho, I'll blend right in now. They'll think I'm just another average townsperson.

>Get that stomach back in shape by diverting the extra clay to gigant mode. Grab the slime milk as a drink for Hin and the battery as a drink for you.
I suck it in. I'm not going to fall for Kallia's tricks and get fat on potions. In and up!

I scull the battery's mana bearing fluid. This isn't booze or a potion but I'm drinking it anyway because I'm an expert at drink. The fizzy concoction tastes metallic and acidic. I don't care for it too much. My stomach rumbles ominously and I feel little pops. I don't think my golem body's stomach likes it either! I pour out a jug of the slime milk for Hin. I take a sip. Much better than that battery. Kallia can have some too I suppose.
No. 979361 ID: 5455c8
File 160349145081.png - (33.97KB , 650x750 , and_then_shes_going_to_hug_me_oh_my_goooood.png )

I still haven't spotted Pony though.

"Pony? Come here Pony!" I command. I hear Kallia's golem move behind me.

>The new golem ate Pony!
I focus and send a pulse through Pony's link to see if I can locate my errant golem. Wait, Pony's core is inside Kallia's golem!

>And now she's gonna eat you!
Arms wrap around me, squeezing tightly and pressing me against the golem's feverishly hot body. Something's wrong with mana channels in her body, pulsing and trying to form golemetry links and leech material out of my golem body. My clay flesh crawls.

>By the gods!
There are no gods here! I am being hugged, what should I do?!
No. 979363 ID: 465a14

Headbutt her, butthead!
No. 979364 ID: b1b4f3

Can't you just make it stop? Send commands to the merged body through Pony's core?
No. 979365 ID: ea027f

Analyze the effect and learn to duplicate it! It's SCIENCE time! Try not to get absorbed. It'd be rude to waste Kallia's hard work because she can appreciate it sober.
No. 979368 ID: 0fae41

You are the golemeter here, command the golem! Command it (and Pony) to stop. Eat zero Deems!
No. 979370 ID: 6e6f32

Form a clay and stone mana conduit directly from your core and jam it directly into the other golem and it's core. Then manual override.
No. 979371 ID: 9f0903

This. Merging slimes are one thing, but merging golems? That's gold.
No. 979373 ID: 735fa3

A golem that consumes other golems to grow?

That's a gray goo scenario waiting to happen. Surely a master of Golemetry can stop a golem from taking her mass?
No. 979374 ID: a9af05

Tell Kallia to come get her golem under control!
No. 979377 ID: 9caba2

This early chimera of a golem must be outhugged.
No. 979378 ID: 0fae41

By the way, when you're out of the hug, the egg is back! You need to check Kallia's chest for an egg too.
No. 979379 ID: f3f534

It's using your boobs to hold onto you! Quick, divert all the mass away from your boobs and onto your belly so that it can't use your boobs to hold onto you!
No. 979380 ID: 9f0903

Better yet, your biceps. Become Muscle Deem!
No. 979389 ID: 24046e

Absorb HER clay instead.
No. 979391 ID: 2aa5f0


Quick get both His and Kallia to hug the golem hugging you. See how she likes getting hugged! No one hugs you and gets away with it.
No. 979397 ID: 83ff48

... Threesome? In the golem sense...
No. 979407 ID: 5455c8
File 160354504929.png - (37.77KB , 800x600 , high_impact_clay_theft.png )

>This early chimera of a golem must be outhugged.
>Absorb HER clay instead.
My golem body is better and smarter and prettier than her! There's nothing I can't do better. Would Alkaline hug her? I don't think so! I'm going to be the biggest and the best! How dare she try and usurp me!

The golem happily continues to squeeze me. I squirm in her grip to turn my torso around and hug back. The golem smiles and hugs harder. This contagious golemetry reminds me of a degenerate form of my own Gigant Mode. My mana is forceful but sluggish, I'm struggling against her more agile linkages nibbling away at my golem body.

>Tell Kallia to come get her golem under control!
I call out for help. "Kallia! I need you!" I say.

I need to attack in parallel to play to my strengths. I press against the golem, rucking up my clothes to improve clay to clay contact. I pat around on her clay arm and grip firmly there. Let's see you hug better than me with one arm!
No. 979408 ID: 5455c8
File 160354508694.png - (27.77KB , 600x800 , what_you_get_up_to_wiith_golems_is_your_business.png )

I hear people coming down the steps.

"Woah what's with this basement and makeouts?" Kallia says.

"Your golem is a clay stealing harlot!" I tell her. "Get her under control!" I'm definitely winning but Kallia needs to take responsibility.

Kallia cheers her golem on instead. "Woo, you can do it! Take those boobs!"

"She ate Pony!"

"What, no?! They were so cute together!" Kallia says.
No. 979409 ID: 5455c8
File 160354512347.png - (34.86KB , 650x750 , hin_hugs.png )

Hin ducks under the lintel and strides over to me and the golem's struggle-hug. My towering blacksmith forces herself between us.

She hugs us both.

Kallia's golem hugs her back. Harlot!

"I don't understand," Hin looks at the ceiling, at me and the golem, and finally at Kallia for some reason. "any of this, so let's calm down and go grab those drinks."

I kind of want to stay angry!
No. 979412 ID: 36784c

Your horns are starting to grow some green vines.

And Kallia is starting to grow some branch horns out of her head!
No. 979413 ID: ea027f

Ask Hin how SHE would feel if someone was stealing her Big!
No. 979416 ID: 9caba2

Kallia needs to calm down, she's visibly horny.
No. 979417 ID: 701302

Gotta prove your dominance over them all. Starting with your rebellious minion hin. Gotta kiss her into submission, then follow suit with Kallia and the golem. They're your minions now and you gotta prove it.
No. 979418 ID: b1b4f3

Hey where's your magnifying glass thing? Use it to inspect Kallia and yourself.
No. 979422 ID: 9f0903

There's, uh, a thing happening to Kallia. Take out your inspector thingy and take a look at her. And her golem, too, why not?
No. 979425 ID: 0fae41

She's way too drunk to read her inspector gadget, let's go to the bar and keep it that way. If Hin can carry you like this there, so much the better.
No. 979426 ID: 6e6f32

Did... Did Kalia put twigs in her hair?!?
How can you stay angry that's totally way too adorkable!
No. 979429 ID: 8fab7a

It's evident to all now - Hin is the superior hugger. Size does matter. Her suggestion is tantalizing, too. Perhaps this will all make sense with a few more drinks? ...only bring some of the gold, though. You have to save some for shopping tomorrow!

Also, maybe fix Hugly's mana channels so you don't have to repeatedly fight for control? Or... whatever it is that's going on there.

As for what's up with you and Kallia's new headornments... who knows? Hopefully nothing bad. Sounds like something to make sense of in the morning.
No. 979634 ID: aa25c3
File 160371532331.png - (38.39KB , 800x600 , an_end_to_hin_hugs.png )

I should have waited to call for help, now Kallia and Hin think I needed saving. I was winning, I was just being careful! I don't need calming either.

>Kallia needs to calm down, she's visibly horny.
I free myself from Hin's hug. "You calm down too, Kallia." I call out to the golemeter. "You're too horny!"

"Oh, you want a hug from me too?" Kallia says.

"Find someone else." I say. There's been too much hugging and squeezing tonight! It's squashing my chest and upsetting my stomach more. Maybe drinking that mana battery was a mistake.

Kallia saunters over. "Looks like you're the thief here." She circles Hin, looks at the amalgam golem's ragged arm stump and pokes the chest. "What did you do to her?" She hugs the golem. "There, there, you're safe from the big bad dungeon master who is not nice."
No. 979635 ID: aa25c3
File 160371540066.png - (25.76KB , 600x800 , and_then_shes_going_to_steal_my_clothes_oh_my_gooo.png )


Kallia's robes suddenly flap and twist. Haha, her robes have some embedded golemetry in them! They slither off her and onto the golem and she's left in her underwear.

I feel a little calmer now.

"Uh, hmmm." Kallia says. "OK, maybe she's not supposed to be doing that. Stop stealing golem stuff, you. And get that smug grin off your face Deem."

"Nice pants." Hin says.

"Uh, thanks."

I give the golem an experimental poke. No strange golemetry reactions. She tries to hug me. "Why's she hugging everything Kallia?" I ask.

"Dunno, it's the trick I taught Pony. D'you think they hugged so hard they combined?"

"Awww." Hin says.

"Wait a sec," Kallia says. She turns to me. "You wanted to tear off Pony's arm before too! Why do you hate ponies, Deem?"

I rub my forehead. "I think I need that drink."

"So thirsty Deem." Kallia says.

I shrug. "I need something to wash down that mana battery."

"SO THIRSTY DEEM!" Kallia and Hin both say.
No. 979636 ID: aa25c3
File 160371550309.png - (39.42KB , 650x750 , drunkenly_looking_for_trouble.png )

Kallia's golemeter robe seems a little scrambled but we have something her size. The four of us head out of the golemeter's guild with a jug of slime milk and some gold in our pockets. Hin makes some sort of back alley deal behind the bar to acquire a keg and snacks, and we head down towards the docks. I chew on some crispy things and have another drink, hoping to settle down my golem body's stomach.

>Your horns are starting to grow some green vines.
>And Kallia is starting to grow some branch horns out of her head!
I raise an exploratory hand to feel them as we walk. The branch ornaments I've been wearing are sprouting.

I sip my drink thoughtfully. "Hin, am I growing?"

"I think Kallia might just be shrinking." Hin says.

"Hey!" Kallia says. "I think it's your weird egg." She taps one of her branch-horns. "Am I taking after you?"

"Wait isn't that your thing now?" Hin says to me. "All gardens and plant growth and that? Is it leaking out?"

"Hah, so you are a lush!" Kallia says.

>Hey where's your magnifying glass thing? Use it to inspect Kallia and yourself.
I send a golem to grab it. Wait it's in my dungeon. That's too far away. Well, I'm not an amateur at this, I'll see what I can figure out. Kallia has sprouted some branch-like horns, they're very reminiscent of my ones. They're more like antlers than wood. I saw before she hasn't had an egg appear outside. I was trying to use the vitality filled egg, modify it with Stargazer's jelly to let it absorb mana, and use it for golemetry. It split in half too? Maybe it's tried to impose some of my golem body's features on Kallia?

I share my speculation. Kallia and Hin speculate I'm vain to make something like that. How ridiculous!

The egg I had my golem body eat has relocated to the spot where I'd set up some test channels to connect to it. It seems inert. My golem body's stomach is still playing up. I rub it but that makes it feel worse. It's murky inside but now that I look closely-
No. 979637 ID: aa25c3
File 160371551998.png - (26.95KB , 800x600 , my_apologies_to_konosuba.png )

"Why am I full of eggs?!"
No. 979638 ID: 77cba3

Pretty sure its because you are a lewd dungeon core now. Go offload some eggs in one of the nearby ladies.
No. 979639 ID: 2aa5f0

Blame Kallia for getting you pregnant
No. 979640 ID: 9caba2

I mean it's a mana battery right? It's probably sucking up extra mana that you have. How's the mana leak situation back in the cave?
No. 979643 ID: bd0db5

What... What kind of eggs are they?
No. 979644 ID: 12b116

hork them up all over the floor
No. 979646 ID: 36784c

It’s because you chose the Fecund option when deciding how to develop the dungeon in the previous thread.

Fecund: producing or capable of producing an abundance of offspring or new growth; fertile.

This is good news! It means your dungeon is developing the way you wanted it to!
No. 979650 ID: fe0956

Apparently you can get pregnant if you swallow. Kallia lied!
No. 979651 ID: a9af05

So it's normal? Then I guess we shouldn't worry about it.

If it's permanent, then at least Deem now has a supply of eggs to use when making potions!
No. 979653 ID: b1b4f3

Oh god get them out
They must be absorbing mana and using it to duplicate! That's... close to a battery, in a way, but I don't know how you're going to turn the excess eggs back into mana.
No. 979656 ID: 86b3a6

Okay for real, is Kallia shrinking? That seems more likely than all of you managing to get bigger. Anyway, congrats on unlocking an infinite duplication glitch, take all the eggs out of your system and store them in a barrel for sale. Maybe we can inject new fluids into them to get more infinite supply of them.
Dare Kallia and Hin to make out, because otherwise they just don’t see eye to eye anymore.
No. 979657 ID: 8fab7a

>Full of eggs
The horror! The horror!

Clearly that chicken you once killed as an object lesson cursed you for its untimely demise, by having you slowly turn into a raving clucker yourself.

Or better yet, acknowledge it at last - you're going to be SOME sort of mother now. Alkaline will have brothers and sisters at last!

... but seriously, though. Fecund-aspected dungeon? Life-like golem body? Messing around with golemetry links and mana batteries and that Divergent Egg, with a dash of Great Far Ones servitor flesh in there?

You're, uh, gonna have to see how this pans out, but you might've stumbled into some sorta weird secret of life here. Not that you'll probably have much hope reproducing it, considering all the randomness involved.

Also, you've got to remember in the morning what you actually got up to. I hear that can be a challenge.
No. 979658 ID: 094652

Double check if those are eggs. They might be
larvae with parthenogenesis.

Now hork them up.
No. 979667 ID: ea027f

No. 979668 ID: 735fa3

Well, nothing to do now but grow a new stomach, and then summarily and disgustingly tear the old one out of your gut.
No. 979669 ID: ea027f

Deem plays stupid games and wins stupid problems
No. 979670 ID: ea027f

Accept that you are, in fact, motherly.
No. 979674 ID: 0fae41

Tell the other golem to go collect clay somewhere else to replace what it stole.

Don't worry, I'm sure this is nothing a little more gigant mode can't fix. They're already inside you, simply try absorbing the eggs! Or maybe they need to be blended into a smoothie first.
No. 979690 ID: 701302

You need to turn to Kallia and Hin and very seriosuly tell them to take responsibility
No. 979708 ID: f3f534

Does this mean that Deem is now a milf?
No. 979709 ID: 6e6f32

Wait... If the egg is making her more like you... Could it also be making you more like her?
Aren't human females technically full of eggs?
No. 979750 ID: c3e059

Deem is now officially a mother, which means that Alkaline is now officially her daughter. So Deem should start being more motherly to her daughter!
No. 979756 ID: 836edd

Lets get serious for a sec. If the egg is multiplying in you, well, that is pretty niche but whatever. You are made of clay and wont be permanently harmed by chestbursters. Kallia on the other hand could actually be in serious danger if the egg she ate is multiplying as well.

Also, how are we going to clean this mess up? I mean, Hin is probably fine, same with you and the golems, but Kallia is literally turning into something that most humans would call a freak. How is she going to live a (relatively) normal life as she is? Do we even know if it is reversible?
No. 979757 ID: 836edd

Also, is the whole thread going to be drunk shenanigans, or is there going to be an end-point?
No. 979765 ID: 9f0903

It's October 27th and the thread is called "A Very Scary Dungeoneer". I'm sure it will all be fiiiiiiine.
No. 979766 ID: 9f0903

Cough some of them up and present Kallia with her young.
No. 979775 ID: 6e6f32

Deem is amazing! Just have faith that things will work out in the end!
Well except maybe the egg exploding Kalia thing! We should look into that maybe!
No. 979777 ID: afa6f6

Huh, maybe the egg is multiplying by feeding on the mana battery mana you drank?
No. 979878 ID: f2320a

Huh you are pregnant will you give birth to star gazers?
No. 979879 ID: f2320a

Ehhh you will survive that no harm done but our friend that ate the egg can die
No. 979885 ID: 735fa3

Just to make sure, since I'm sure you aren't constantly concerned with humanoid physiology, you are full of eggs and it's not just... two eggs, is it?
No. 979898 ID: b970b2

You ate an egg that duplicated with mana, then drank battery juice filled with mana, Deem. That's why you're full of eggs.

There's probably nothing to worry about though, there's gotta be only so much mana in the juice, and what harm can a bunch of eggs do anyway? That's a problem for hungover Deem, not drunk Deem.
No. 979947 ID: afa6f6

I do have to wonder if thats the only thing the eggs do though. if so thats, uh, kind of disappointing. Though considering how random the possible effects seemed to be, maybe if we made another one it'd do something completely different.
No. 980008 ID: 08e322

Hin is bigger she can hold the eggs better get khalia to kiss hin then you. we need o put all our eggs in one basket thats what the saying is.
No. 980014 ID: eb4a6c

Deem. Deem, relax. It just means you're the best at eating eggs. No way Kalia has this many eggs! More is better. Ergo, you're the winner.
No. 980019 ID: 9c48ac

Looks like you were more lifelike than you thought. Welp, time to do what any living thing does when it's full of eggs: make a nest, lay them, and sit on them.
Only you don't generate body heat so I guess the nest will have to be warm. You could use Hin! That also has the advantage that you don't have to be stuck in one place while sitting on your nest. Just make sure she doesn't drop them, that would be a horrible thing to do to your first real children!
No. 980023 ID: b1c253
File 160406151259.png - (38.44KB , 800x600 , its_hard_being_deem.png )

>Does this mean that Deem is now a milf?
I am not sure what that means but I don't like it!

>Apparently you can get pregnant if you swallow. Kallia lied!
>Blame Kallia for getting you pregnant
No, that's not possible. Is it some kind of prank? Kallia loves pranks! It must be her fault!

"Did you just say eggs?" Kallia asks.

"Eggs!" I say.

"Like two eggs or...?"

"Eggs! You egged on me, Kallia! You tricked me! Told me it was safe to swallow but it wasn't egg it was eggs! You got me egg. Egger!"

"Woah Deem, those're your weird eggs. If anything, you got me egg!" Kallia says.

"Calm down you're getting too egg- excited." Hin says.
No. 980024 ID: b1c253
File 160406156830.png - (28.39KB , 650x750 , what_if_egg_is_egg.png )

>What... What kind of eggs are they?
I make my golem body cough and gag and poke at its complaining stomach until an egg comes up. It's the kind of egg that I ate earlier! I squeeze it and it pops, two eggs falling to the ground. The egg's contents appear to be eggs!

Kallia nudges one with her toe. "OK that is eggs." She picks them off the ground and hands them to her golem to mind.

>Deem. Deem, relax. It just means you're the best at eating eggs. No way Kalia has this many eggs! More is better. Ergo, you're the winner.
I take a deep breath and slowly exhale. Maybe I am just amazing?

"This is fine." I slowly say. "I guess I'm just the best at eating eggs? Maybe I ate more and didn't even realise?" I thrust out my gut. "That has to be it! Haha I win our dare! No way you have this many eggs, Kallia."

Kallia feels her own stomach suspiciously. "Well, duh." she says.
No. 980025 ID: b1c253
File 160406159642.png - (26.68KB , 600x800 , quarter_of_a_deemface_tops.png )

>Deem is amazing! Just have faith that things will work out in the end!
>Well except maybe the egg exploding Kalia thing! We should look into that maybe!
The crisis is averted, because I'm winning. But wait, I don't want Kallia to get hurt!

"How good are you with eggs?" I ask Kallia. "What if they are splitting by themselves? You might explode!"

"Do you say explode? I don't want to eggsplode, Deem!" Kallia says.

Hin just starts drinking straight from the keg.

>You ate an egg that duplicated with mana, then drank battery juice filled with mana, Deem. That's why you're full of eggs.
>There's probably nothing to worry about though, there's gotta be only so much mana in the juice, and what harm can a bunch of eggs do anyway? That's a problem for hungover Deem, not drunk Deem.
"Oh!" I say. "You won't. It's because I drank the mana battery. It has to be about used up by now."

Kallia immediately looks sheepish. "Oh."

"Might have a drinking problem, Deem." Hin says.

"You're one to talk!" I say. "That keg's supposed to be for all of us!"

"So if I drank a mana potion or something what'd happen?" Kallia says.

I shrug. "There's so much we don't know about eggs! Never mind about them for now, we're supposed to be having a good time!"

"Well if you're not going to worry about weird egg babies, I guess I won't." Kallia shrugs.

"Don't say that!"

"You're good with kids." Hin says.

No. 980026 ID: b1c253
File 160406164546.png - (28.60KB , 800x600 , deem_but_also_angry.png )

>It’s because you chose the Fecund option when deciding how to develop the dungeon in the previous thread.
>Fecund: producing or capable of producing an abundance of offspring or new growth; fertile.
>Huh you are pregnant will you give birth to star gazers?
>Deem is now officially a mother, which means that Alkaline is now officially her daughter. So Deem should start being more motherly to her daughter!
>Acknowledge it at last - you're going to be SOME sort of mother now. Alkaline will have brothers and sisters at last!
No, no, NO NO NO!!!

My mana churns inside me, I can feel that raw, broken edge to my Heart where it bleeds away.

Do you think you're clever taunting me about this clay doll? Or did you want to poke and pry at me about what a pale, jealous imitation of life I possess? Remind me how broken and pitiful I really am? I feel sick. If you pestering haunts are going to dig and dig at what is buried, maybe I should find a hole to bury you in instead. You can finish rotting away in there for all I care!

Do you think I'd miss you? Do you expect me to say I'm sorry? I'm stronger than that! Are you sorry? I won't listen even if you are!

I had brothers and sisters once and they all fell silent in their graves long ago!

I can't stand it. I hate it, I hate it! Why should anyone be happy when they're all gone? No matter how the years gnaw away at me, no matter the indignities piled upon me, no matter all the labyrinthine ways and means I have to pursue, one day I will, I will, I will...

...tear do..w..n..




No. 980027 ID: b1c253
File 160406168373.png - (39.77KB , 800x600 , deem_but_also_sleepy.png )


Still your heart and forget your name.

It is kinder you lie unremembered.

Did they think they could just bury the spilled power of the earth?

Be still!

Abandon your hatr-

sleep in-

I don't have to listen to you, I don't have to listen to anyone!
No. 980028 ID: b1c253
File 160406171941.png - (35.16KB , 800x600 , haha_time_for_dungeon.png )

The earth-pulse runs wild.

Delve: Labyrinthine ways. Instantly digs a large dungeon room or up to three smaller ones. Alternatively, can be used to reorder and rearrange rooms in the dungeon.

Empower Catalyst: Treasure to entice. It enhance useful qualities out of raw materials to be used in magic item creation or training of the dungeon's minions. It also can be used to upgrade an existing catalyst or transmute small amounts of copper, silver, gold or platinum into orichalcum, mithril, chrysadamant or adamantium.

Churn the Earth: Stoke the raging earth. Until a month passes, monsters are more aggressive and rarer types will be spawned. Monster growth is accelerated. Gold is much more likely to be found by digging rooms, exploring the area and defeating monsters.
No. 980029 ID: ca2950

No. 980030 ID: 2aa5f0

Churn the Earth
So our biggest problem is that we kinda don't have much in the way of supplies so if we can get a way to gain more than that will help us in the long run... plus more monster just means we get more things to help train our minions with.
No. 980032 ID: a6e7d9


And if we're being overdramatic about symbolism, you'd best tear the manacles off of that clay doll of yours. We've got a sky to tear down, and chains will only get in our way.
No. 980034 ID: ea027f

CHURN THE EARTH! Because it's a p. good choice, advances the story in several ways, and thematically appropriate for her breakdown. Also we gotta stop poking her in her soft spot.
No. 980035 ID: 9f443d

No. 980036 ID: 9c1ef3

No. 980037 ID: 011b5d

It’s true, that was rather rotten of us.
Delve! Delve and let the dungeon sink to new depths of depravity!
No. 980039 ID: 12b116

Churn it for earth butter
No. 980041 ID: f56a2b

Churn the Earth
No. 980043 ID: 8fab7a


No. 980046 ID: bcda15

No. 980047 ID: 9caba2

Churn churn churn the Earth
Wildly now goes Deem
No. 980048 ID: 9f0903

Do you think you can intimidate us? Are you threatening us with a good time? We'll be fine no matter what. You, on the other hand... will you just take this standing?
No. 980052 ID: b1b4f3

I mourn for your loss, Deem, but you still have family. Us. Your denizens. Your monsters. If you seek revenge, so be it, but there is something else you should consider. What if you're not unique? There may yet be other dungeons in the world. We still have not reached out to the dungeon association. Your brothers and sisters might still be alive. Sleeping, or not.
No. 980061 ID: 08e322

No. 980062 ID: 0fae41

Delve! Another opportunity to expand your domain. And Deem, get those eggs out of your golem. Lay egg is true?
No. 980063 ID: 735fa3

Of course we are going to churn the earth. Deem is angry, it has to happen.
No. 980065 ID: a9af05

Churn the Earth
No. 980069 ID: 735fa3

Ah, a slip of the tongue, another secrets shakes loose.

If your siblings are lost, maybe your motherly nature can be of benefit. You might be a humble delving right now but once you are a might labyrinth, full of treasure and secret, who knows if you could maybe make more of your kind, and nurture them back from the edge of extinction.

But just so you know, we are going to continue to tease you mercilessly no matter how many times you get angry and snap at us.
No. 980070 ID: 094652


Most multi-cellular life forms host parasitic eggs of some type or another, or various strains of bacteria that reproduce and mutate while leaving the host alone. None of these are considered the host's children.

Welp, churn time it is. We needed an exp challenge anyway.
No. 980107 ID: 46f7e4

Going to have to agree with Angry Deem and churning.
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