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File 157898841678.png - (181.93KB , 1081x983 , Cover.png )
953402 No. 953402 ID: fd2dfa

So after some deliberation, I decided instead of waiting, I'll try to run this alongside the civgame. My train of thought is in the discussion below(not gonna make a new thread for this, it's gonna be one chapter only).

This is a very NSFW quest! Expect nudity, violence, gore, non-con, sexual intercourse of hetero and homoerotic natures, confusing story lore, cryptic bullshit, borked updates, and stupid names

Discussion - https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/129715.html
Wiki - https://questden.org/wiki/The_Family_Business (I swear I'll actually do something to this page. Someday...)
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No. 1001493 ID: 094652

Take a little more food than you can carry, and lay down a trail of breadcrumbs that leads away from your home, as they think you're stupid enough to not cover your tracks. Then store the food in a safe spot, return home, and warn the others of your ambush point. You can collect the food and new slaves all at once, and then make signs of an animal attack (forging prints of the hand beast) so any further scouts think they were mauled to death by a smart beast tribe.
No. 1001502 ID: 546810

Tok is going to beat the shit out of you if you leave a talisman and come back empty handed.
Best grab some stuff.
No. 1001511 ID: 841ff7

Regroupe with the gob-lee hopefully the hunted something.
No. 1001566 ID: ee3a0b

This was worth it, we learned a lot
>Where the Makag camp is
>There’s a power struggle we can exploit
>Some can sense our magic so Tok needs to figure out a way to fix that.
Take the food you stole, and use it as a peace offering for the inevitable beating you’ll get when the clan finds out you were off looking for females instead of food. Guk is busy and you’ll probably make things worse looking for him
No. 1001882 ID: 7a1a17
File 162210751287.png - (371.32KB , 1600x1200 , 308.png )

You return victorious, with enough of the ghostskin food to last for weeks! At least you think so. You don't know how long some of this stuff will last. And you did eat an awful lot in one sitting.

Okay maybe for a few days
. Baeohar looks at you, holding up his stick with speared fish. "Nnnh?"

:oklak:"I've been out hunting Baeohar. Ghostskin hunting."


:oklak:"Heh. I know, I know. Tok will not like me going off looking for more ghostkins, but he doesn't understand. I need them!"


:oklak:"I need them for more than that. I'm not replacing you."


:oklak:"I don't think he'll be too angry. You got plenty of fish. The gob-lee caught lots of meat. I stole lots of food. Tok shouldn't be upset at all. I think he'll even congratulate us for such a successful hunt."


:oklak:"Now why do you think he'll try to hit me?"
No. 1001883 ID: 7a1a17
File 162210757156.png - (285.81KB , 1600x1200 , 309.png )

:oklak:"OWAH! Why are you hitting me now?!"

:tokrazar:"You went hunting for the mah-kahg without telling us?! We only just found a way to keep the gah-meen from finding us, and you tried to sneak into the camp of the only clan that doesn't know we're out here?! How stupid are you?!"

:oklak:"But I wasn't even seen! I learned lots too. Like how they can detect Gormoamhi man-magic. I tried it when I threw away a talisman"

:tokrazar:"YOU DID WHAT?!
No. 1001884 ID: 7a1a17
File 162210768327.png - (296.63KB , 1600x1200 , 310.png )

"Mrrrm, will you stop yelling? My head hurts too much to put up with your stupid problems man."

:tokrazar:"I don't need to yell to kill this stupid little-"

"Don't kill him. I order it."

:tokrazar:"Didn't you hear what he-"

The Waya out-clan gives Tok an evil glare. "You speak against a woman? Remember your place man. Besides, I like that one."

:oklak:"Do as she says! I have important information about-"

"I didn't give you permission to speak boy. You're cute, but not enough to talk."

>Wait, what's happening?
No. 1001885 ID: 094652

Go limp.
No. 1001887 ID: 031458

Hmm. Waya is now default Elder War Mistress.
Tok though elder Shaman will be relieved to no longer command, but Guk leads the odd ones now.
Sizzala is eldest Witch and by blood and valor has a right to lead.

There will be a violent struggle for power if new clan traditions are not decided upon by the time Waya recovers fully.
No. 1001905 ID: 9aaeef

Well at least she is saving you, but she is new to this clan, she is not in a position to make orders.
No. 1001935 ID: 6c227a

no, new girl thinks Oklak's cute, doesn't think he should talk, but doesn't want Tok to strangle him.
No. 1001938 ID: df76b1

She needs to understand what kinda clan she's in, before this goes any farther.

Guk leads us, and She better get used to it soon.
No. 1002124 ID: 7a1a17
File 162236680536.png - (262.21KB , 1600x1200 , 311.png )

Tok loosens his grip, you immediately slide away. No point in being close enough for him to start again.
:oklak:"Wait. When did she say what we do? She's not our clan."

:tokrazar:"She is now. But Guk still leads"

:waya:"Guk...that's a whelpling name. Why follow a whelp when you have a proper mistress?"

:oklak:"Well we already had a mistress too. Sizzala leads through blood and magic.

:tokrazar:"ZZZT! Shut up Oklak!" Tok hisses at you but it's too late. Waya is shouting.


:tokrazar:"Yes yes, I know. Lie down. You still need rest."

:waya:"Don't! Touch me! You are to address me as War Mistress Waya. As I am the eldest warrior left alive."

:tokrazar:"You are also still drunk on tuglavu, and not fit to lead anything. Go back to sleep."

:waya:"I told you to address me properly! I am War Mistress Waya. Waya. Wayabayadayibiyibibidigliboobooburmmmm."

Tok puts Way back on the Pile and patiently listens to all her ranting; but you can tell from the glare he gives you that he's not done with you.

>Wait for Tok to finish. Escaping now will just make him angrier.
>Find the brothers. Maybe if you help them build whatever they're building, Tok will be less mad.
>Find you females. You just want this day to end.
>Find the breeder. She has Tok's ear. Maybe she can talk sense with him.
No. 1002125 ID: 094652

Straight to bed. No supper.
No. 1002126 ID: 8765d1

Eh. What ARE the twins doing?
No. 1002137 ID: 841ff7

Well he is not gonna kill us now, at least not while we are here.
No. 1002404 ID: 7a1a17
File 162261949231.png - (405.89KB , 1600x1200 , 312.png )

While Tok fusses over Waya, you choose to make your getaway. Your search for your females leads you to Seqrar and his little corner, taking part the metal wagon and rebuilding the pieces into...beds?

:oklak:"What is this?" Seqrar jumps a little. He didn't hear you. You take a moment of pride knowing you're so sneaky.

:seqrar:"Building a birthing place. You know that. Tok and Guk were talking about it this morning."

:oklak:"Mrm. Wasn't listening. Why build a birthing place? Doesn't seem that important yet."

:seqrar:"Yes it is. Guk's ghostskin is due very soon. So I started building a comfortable birthing place women and females can use. I even built beds for both", and off he goes "I put a lot of work into making this place like our last home. I even put the symbol on the wall we had. I don't know what it means but I think it's good luck? Do you know anything about making lucky symbols Oklak? Or charms? Or plants to make birthing easier? I want to make this a success. It is the first one after all. Oh! And we'll need new traditions! Remember when a dah-een would birth pups? We used to sleep with the new pups and the mother to keep them warm because it would be Odd like us. You think we should do that this time?

Traditions hmm? In your clan before you were part of Gulseeque, your clan would celebrate new pups by washing them in clean water and giving the mother a feast. Didn't matter if it was a female or a woman, a healthy mother nursed healthy whelplings. Even if it meant foraging for plants for those weedy nonpeople back home. What were they called? Gu-le-ho? Wait. Did Seq say Guk was having pups soon?


:seqrar:"I know it seems really fast, but the Gob-lee did most of the work. The metal wagon had a bunch of tools. Apparently those tools are made by Ah-var to build the wagon, but I have no idea what half of them are for. The Gob-lee seem to know what they are for though. They've been building the beds as fast as I take the wagon apart because of those tools. They are so fast I'll be done by tomorrow too. I really need to learn how these tools wor-" :oklak:"No, the thing about Guk's ghostskin. How is she due?!"

:seqrar:"You really forgot? Tok made a talisman of fast age for the ghostskin. With the one you gave him? It's fast. Faster than Tok guessed it would given how big Ivaka's belly is getting."

:oklak:"Tok made a talisman for faster birthing that I gave him?! Why didn't he give it to me?"

:seqrar:"You didn't ask."

:okalk:"Of course I didn't ask! I thought we were waiting on that until we had wards and all that other stupid stuff you all keep talking about!"

Dammit! Now Guk gets to have the first pups in the new clan too! That really angers you! Why does it anger you? You have no idea. You're too angry!

:seqrar:"That's why you should listen Oklak. Tok and Guk talk about this all the time when you go off to do your thing with your females. If it's that much of a problem why not ask Tok to make one for you?"

:oklak:"Because there are no more females free stupid!"

:seqrar:"Is that a problem?"

:oklak:"It is! I had the perfect opportunity to get another ghostskin! Two of them! But I didn't take it because I was hunting for food for all of us!"

Seq cringes back as you rave at your own actions He is afraid, and confused, but mostly afraid.

:seqrar:"Why are you mad at me for this?"

:oklak:"I'm not!"

:seqrar:"Then why are you yelling at me?"


>Now you're really mad
>>Find Guk and punch him
>>Find you females. You got a lot of frustration to work out.
>>For once in your life, help Seq.
No. 1002405 ID: 031458

rolled 1 = 1

In the order they are listed...
No. 1002411 ID: 094652

Stop treating this like a contest.
Your backs are against the wall. Guk 'cheated' with growth magic because the alternative is running out of manpower and starving to death. His firstborn children will be half-formed, mentally-stunted morons because of the talisman's side effects, but they are needed right now.
Patience is key. If you push your children out of their mothers' wombs and they come out feet-first with horns in their eyes and a constant urge to hoist their butts for spanking, they will never forgive you.
No. 1002435 ID: 841ff7

Help Seq, you shouldn't have yell to him. We can show we are mature!
No. 1002502 ID: ef276c

Help Seq. It always helps to make friends if a power struggle is inevitable.
Also a new clan means new traditions. Give the mother tuglavu so birth isn’t painful, and then clean the young and let the mother rest. Not sure if we got enough food for a feast everytime this happens. Maybe we can also get Tok to mark them for every kid the pump out. More marks, better privileges maybe? Have them competing with each other instead of you may help keep them in line.
No. 1002656 ID: ae8ec4

Help Seq. We will make the angriest birthing place known to man.
No. 1002661 ID: 7a1a17
File 162288267746.png - (295.74KB , 1600x1200 , 313.png )

Acting on a strange hunch, you decide to stay and help Seq. He starts scribbling ideas on the floor with a charred stick as you shoot ideas back and forth. You manage to agree that some of the old clan ideas made sense such as the feasting, and the cleaning. The marking of pups with charcoal and lilacs doesn't really make sense...

You also decide to use this time to introduce a tradition you think will help make the females more enthusiastic to bear your young. Giving the females tuglavu on the day of birth may take the pain away, or at least dull it enough that the pups enter the world with little trouble. Seq is interested in this idea, and mentioned something about taking the idea to Tok. You decide it is best to leave before he calls Tok over...
No. 1002663 ID: 7a1a17
File 162288276996.png - (316.77KB , 1600x1200 , 314.png )

The search for Guk is fruitless. Apparently he is not back yet according to Bathrae. Damn. You really wanted to punch him. So instead you search for your females. Baeohar is still working with the gob-lee to stock the food away. The ghostskin Sotovok was taken by Sizzala to help fix Saq. -apparently he tripped on a spear or something? You didn't pay too much attention. Saq was being stupid anyway.

A shame. Sotovok was properly broken in as a female. He didn't like serving you, but you taught him to enjoy your taste. Now he can't get enough. Still, there's two females left. If you can find them.

Ivaka and Vaglinka were sleeping in a quiet corner of the shelter. When they see you approach, they present themselves. You expect this of Ivaka, you've trained her to do this for a long time, and so she eagerly waits for you to return. Vaglinka is a pleasant surprise. You didn't have much time to train her, so it is nice to see she is just as obedient as Ivaka. No words are spoken. None are needed.

They want you.
>Ivaka's been a faithful claim-mate. Reward her loyalty.
>Vaglinka is already an obedient ghostskin. Reward her progress
No. 1002666 ID: 094652

rolled 1 = 1

You know those odd disks in their supplies?
Throw one and see which flat side doesn't stay on the floor. Based on the random side, choose a girl.
No. 1002678 ID: 841ff7

Plow Ivanka and use your tongue with Vaglinka.
No. 1002927 ID: 7a1a17
File 162323014893.png - (156.08KB , 1600x1200 , 315.png )

You have a funny idea. Taking one of the ghost-skin’s metal circles, you notice on one side is some ghostskin face. On the other some scratchings. You decide to flip for the females. Ivaka the scratchings, Vaglinka the face. It lands with scratchings side up.

No. 1002928 ID: 7a1a17
File 162323034791.png - (340.66KB , 1600x1200 , 316.png )

Anticipation wells in your gut as Vaglinka polishes your tool and ready it. You gesture Ivaka to start as you’ve taught her and she eagerly climbs on top of you when you are ready. Vaglinka retreats to your arms as Ivaka positions herself over you. First the tip, then slowly she slides down and-

Oh MOTHER GODDESS DAMN HIS WORKING TONGUE! Bastard! The damn bastard can’t even let you have this ONE THING!


:guk: “I...I need your help.” Help? Frustration mingles with confusion.

:oklak:”Can’t this wait?!”

:guk: “Um. No. See Sizzala is busy with Tok fixing Seq and-”

:oklak:”Wait, something is wrong with Seq?”

:guk: “Yes-no! I mean. Yes he is injured but it’s not killing him. Just lots of bleeding.”

:oklak:”How does that mean you need my help?”
You glare at him suspiciously. You hope the sight of your female climbing off you to join your hard staring would be sign enough to go away. No such luck.
:guk:”I...well I need help training females.”


:guk: “With Sizzala busy, I can’t ask her to pry the mind of the dah-een we caught. I thought back to your females and how you made them all obedient so fast. They can still talk yes?”

:oklak:”Hmph! Of course they can. Baeohar was my experiment, but I’ve perfected it since then. Vaglinka, how many gah-meen are in your camp?”

Vaglinka rubs your chest. “A full leklos master Oklak. At least it was until you took Neitch. There may be more now.”

You turn back to Guk with a smug sense of satisfaction “See? No magic involved.” Guk nods without noticing your tone. Amazing how simple he can annoy you...

:guk: ”Yes. I need to do that to the dah-een. Can you teach me how to do it?”

The nerve of Guk! Takes another female then wants you to teach him how to train it? After everything he and the rest of the clan does to keep you down, he comes to you expecting you’ll just teach him like that? Of course you will! You can’t wait to knock him down a notch when it works. You pull your female off you.

:oklak:“Come Ivaka, we have to teach Guk a lesson.”

:guk:“Um, Oklak. Ivaka is my female. Her name is Siloka.

:oklak:”I-I...ye-shut up!”
No. 1002929 ID: 7a1a17
File 162323044970.png - (426.28KB , 1600x1200 , 317.png )

You told Guk to bring a female he was working on already. It would be easier for him to work with a female that is already partially trained. As he does that, you sneak into Tok’s chamber to take two bowls of his tuglavu, a length of leatherhe was using to suspend a fermenting sack and the Ward of Stamina he hides from you. He keeps changing the hiding place, but you always find it.

When you meet Guk, he has Nietch by the arm. That one?

:oklak:“The Gamin-Mistress?”

:guk:She may have said all those things last night, but it was only to end her punishment. I want her to say it willingly.”

You nod. Makes sense. Neitch doesn't speak out of anger again, but she gives Guk another one of those stares. The one that promised painful death.

Nietch’s arms are bound and her mouth gagged as you set the tuglavu onto the stone impression. Siloka knows what comes next and positions herself.

:guk:"Why the leather?"

:oklak: "Well we're going to be at this all night, I don't want to listen to her all night until she's properly trained. First ofcourse is the tuglavu. Something I noticed when training is that it works very well to make pain into a pleasant sensation, and makes pleasure even greater” you say as you take a dollop and insert it into Siloka. She moans as your fingers swirl around to ensure an even coating. Guk does the same, Nietch grunting as he forces it deep. :oklak: “But I also learned that pleasure can be torture. A wonderful torture.”

Guk looks at you incredulously. :oklak:”I know. In my old clan, the females would do this to us all the time. It was meant to keep us so tantalizingly close, but never enough to find release.”

:guk:”You mean the women did that?”
:oklak:”No the females. I told you, we did things different. The point is” you explain as you lay Siloka on her back(and Guk does the same with Neitch) :oklak:”this feeling is torture of its own. It is pleasure yes, but it is also pain. Because you never achieve climax, pleasure becomes unpleasant, and then unbearable. Now” you push into Siloka and Guk enters Neitch. The females squirm as your sizes fill their ghostskin bodies to full. :oklak:”I will show you.”

No. 1002930 ID: 7a1a17
File 162323051530.png - (435.92KB , 1600x1200 , 318.png )

Guk starts thrusting as he always does, and you slap the back of his head. That felt so good. :oklak:”No. Slowly. As I do.” Guk watches as you set a slow pace, pausing a moment between thrusts, Siloka arching her back everytime you kiss her womb. :oklak: “It is pleasure, it makes the tuglavu work its magic on the females, but that’s where the training starts to work” you say as Guk begins to match your pace. :oklak:“It is supposed to be slow. You want to see what pace will make your female climax” you point to Neitch’s face as night falls :oklak: ”See? Like that. Slow down more.” Guk grunts obliges. :guk:"It's been hours. How much longer?" Neitch moans under her gag as Guk slows to a near stop. :oklak: ”Until morning remember? Tuglavu makes us feel good. Makes the females feel good. But it also makes them feel TOO good. Especially when they are close to climax but denied it. That is my training. I deny them. All night.” you lean into Guk’s ear and whisper :oklak: “I let them climax only when I want them to. I tell them I will plant seed and only then are they allowed to feel good. I do that many times all night. A Ghostskin gets tired, but I don’t” you gesture to the Ward of Stamina :oklak: “I can keep going. By morning, the females learn pleasure comes from obeying me.”

:guk:”How do you know?” he whispers back, tightening his grip on Neitch as he prepares for a long night of plowing.

:oklak: “You’ll see” you smile as you nod to Siloka. You plant seed and she climaxes. Neitch watches it all.

No. 1002931 ID: 7a1a17
File 162323082315.png - (684.78KB , 1600x1200 , 319.png )

You feel the creeping rays of the dawn ball hitting you. Normally you hate the sensation of staying awake until day breaks but for training like this? You don’t mind. Your bowl of tuglavu is empty. Most of it is still inside Siloka, churning with your seed as you plow her again and again, some of it spilled out. Sweat coats your body, your legs burn with exhaustion, your feet are soaked in a puddle of the combined fluids of Guk, Siloka, Neitch, and your own, but your manhood is still very willing. The ward helps too, it is the one reason you haven’t collapsed.

Neitch is in a similar state to Siloka. After hours of slow, relentless thrusts, Guk told her she would be allowed to climax only when he planted seed. And he planted seed. It was enough for her that she cried out in joy as her body shook from the release Guk carefully denied her, associating pleasure with the sensation of Guk's warmth filling her. But it didn’t stop there. Guk reapplied the Tuglavu, as you told him to, and penetrated her again with the same slow pace. Not letting her climax until Guk let her. On and on this continued, seed filling your females until it spilled onto the floor. When Guk undid the strap, Neitch begged Guk to fill her with seed. This wasn’t with the reluctant tone from last night. There was genuine desire in her voice. Lust and need mixing with the same acceptance you hear in your females. The acceptance that Gormoamhi are superior and they exist only to serve you. When Guk planted seed again, it was the first time you saw Neitch smile.

No. 1002933 ID: 7a1a17
File 162323098731.png - (709.27KB , 1600x1200 , 320.png )

:oklak:”Now. The final test. Remember what I said when I mentioned total obedience?”


:oklak:”Well you know how you need to keep a hand on your claim-mate to get them to clean you? They never do it unless you make them. Even Ivaka.”



You both withdraw from your claim-mates. Even with the ward and tuglavu, you are still stiff despite the hours and hours of relentless plowing. It’s almost painful for you. The ghostskins see you, standing free. Siloka sits up and begins to clean you without prompt. Neitch hesitates for a moment, looking to Siloka, then back at the tool that had plowed her all night. Then she leaned forward and began to suck. Guk smiles in surprise :guk:"Look! She's doing it. No prompt or anything!"

You snort :oklak:”I know. That” you smile as Siloka cleans you “is total obedience. Now go and try again with your dah-een and leave me to my females.”

:guk:"Yes. I...I will. But I think I'll enjoy this for a bit longer." Guk chuckles with a sort of nervous giddiness. He thrusts foward and Neitch begins to bob up and down his length without saying anything. :guk:"Heh. A lot longer."

Of course he will...bastard.

>A shunt. You are no longer Oklak
>Choose another.
No. 1002935 ID: 094652

Ionilee or Waya
No. 1002950 ID: 841ff7

Be Guk
No. 1002954 ID: 71207b

Let's be Guk, we should make Neitch swear loyalty to us and tell us everything that we don't know about the clans and the alliance. You should try edging the neh-yah-ka too.
No. 1002957 ID: 28a8d6

Waya. Let's see what's going on in her head
No. 1003351 ID: 7a1a17
File 162375010086.png - (368.07KB , 1600x1200 , 321.png )

You are now Guk. You are feeling much better now that you were able to spend an entire night with a reh-zahn. The Neitch-female rests upon you. :guk: "Now. Are you going to fight me?"


:guk:"Are you going to try and run?"


:guk:"Good" you give the female an lick. Why did you do that? There's hair in your mouth now. :guk: "Then prove you're obedient. Tell me something about your clans I don't already know."

"I know about the Rokof nightblade that infiltrated your home."

:guk:"What's a nightblade?"
No. 1003352 ID: 7a1a17
File 162375015395.png - (315.38KB , 1600x1200 , 322.png )

Sudden pain! :guk:"GYAAAARGH!"

"That nightblade."

Pain shoots through your body like...like...it feels like burning ice! It feels so cold but your veins feel like they are on fire! You reach up for the ghostskin but it leaps out of your grip!
No. 1003353 ID: 7a1a17
File 162375023828.png - (261.56KB , 1600x1200 , 323.png )

Oklak is up to intercept but the ghostskin throws a-thing! It throws a thing at Oklak and Oklak screams like a pup

:oklak:"AaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAa! WhY dOeS iT hUrT sssO bAd?!"

:guk:"Oklak-" you trip on your own legs. "He's getting away!"

:oklak:"I cAn'T mOvE sT-sT-sTupId!"

>>The pain is getting worse.
>>What do you do?
No. 1003357 ID: 094652

Scream. Louder than you ever have before. You need everyone on alert.
No. 1003370 ID: 841ff7

Alert the others, fuck. Does that mean they know where we are or did he followed Oklak? He must be captured.
No. 1003404 ID: df76b1

Try to remember where you put that boomstick. Let's see how fast he really is.
No. 1003414 ID: 7a1a17
File 162383828505.png - (152.04KB , 1600x1200 , 324.png )

You suddenly remember you were fiddling with one of those ghostskin thundersticks for no reason at all. You grab it and try to make it shoot the thunder at the nightblade. Nothing happens. :guk:"GRRRAAAUGH! USELESS TRASH!" you shout and hurl it at the ghostskin. The wood part of it shatters on the wall as the nightblade sidesteps it.
No. 1003416 ID: 7a1a17
File 162383858384.png - (319.34KB , 1600x1200 , 325.png )

"Oh for the love of-" the Nietch-female takes the thing off Oklak and hurls it at the nightblade. The same thing happens to him and with a yelp he collapses.

"You are lucky I am here" she mutters.

:oklak:"Gah! What? What was that?"

"Just a paralyzing rune. That might have been his last one considering he threw one at you and not master Guk." Nietch shrugs. "They don't last forever though. This one will burn out soon" she gives the roh-koff a kick. "Master Guk is poisoned. I doubt it will kill him. This one is probably from the Gorovar family. The lack of markings tells me you were some slave obligated to Rokof in exchange for citizenship" she kicks the nightblade again. "Terrible at making poison. Good for stealth. Still you should wash it out and treat master Guk. Wounds like that can still kill if improperly treated."

Oklak gapes at her as your vision starts to swim. "Now!"

She uses that same tone every Gormoamhi mistress uses to get whelplings to behave, and it's ingrained in Gormoamhi men to obey without question.

:guk:"So loyal. Oklak your training worrrrrrkssss." you sigh before darkness overtakes you.
No. 1003417 ID: 7a1a17
File 162383875551.png - (288.06KB , 1600x1200 , 326.png )

A funny prick in the back of your mind. A strange sensation. Almost familiar, but still alien. Hm. Ponder it later.

The lighter one drags Guk away, as it slings the nightblade under an arm. The nightblade arrived at the perfect time. His loss means you can appear like the perfectly obedient slave to these beasts, protecting her beloved master. As if a night of sex is enough to break a Rezmodla. Idiots. You were thinking of escape, but you overheard them talking about a Resoan Door of Many Places. That sounds intriguing. You might play the part of broken breeder for a while longer if it means securing it for Gamin. Yes that might mean defiling your body to birth their offspring, but a small sacrifice in the grand scheme. You've been in communication with your subordinates ever since you arrived, and they know about as much about this Door to Many Places as you do.

You look to Siloka. She slowly pushes herself up and cranes her neck. You blink twice and crack a thumb. The Rezmodla slave talk lets you communicate to each other with innocuous gestures these Gormoamhi don't even notice.

Will he die? Siloka signals

No. A shame. You sign back. An assassin? Do they know we are here?

No. Rokof doesn't do that. They must be sending them out to look for missing hunters. The ones they caught. Siloka turns her head slightly in Oklak's direction.

Ah. You recall hearing some loud Rokof earlier. Not good. Rokof cannot secure this Door. You may have to push these Gormoamhi to attack Rokof next. It could work in your favor if they take Rokof leadership as 'claim-mates'. The sexual torture might even break a Rokof where it won't a Gamin(at least for a while), which would be even better for you. A crippled Rokof would mean greater advantages for you.

Mistress how much longer must we pretend? Siloka signs.

As long as we have to.

But it's getting harder to think. The medicine they use clouds my mind the more they use it.

Then you'll be remembered for your sacrifice.

Understood Siloka solemly signs back. Thank you mistress.

Yes the torture won't break on the first try, but it might overtime. You admit your own thoughts are forming slightly slower after last night's session, and you are occasionally dizzy when you get a whiff of Guk; but you'll endure this. Rezmodla claimed Gamin through subterfuge, not directly. You will secure freedom and that Door the same way.

>Follow Guk. Play the worried wife
>Find the one called Waya. Gauge where the new Gormoamhi fit in this clan's hierarchy.
>This is the first time Guk let you out of your prison with that nezheka. Time to explore.
No. 1003423 ID: 094652

In a matriarchial society, follow the matriarch. Find out if you can influence or sabotage her, and possibly find a way to petition for regulation on those brainwashing drugs.
No. 1003447 ID: 841ff7

Mmm, I don't know if we should be with their females, thay are less likely too fall for our facade. Go play the good wife with Guk.
No. 1003471 ID: fd0d94

Follow Guk as Tok will be there. If Guk is out of comission, Tok can take over and he can be manipulated.

Actually what are your priorities? Like by list of importance? Does mah-kag fit in there?
No. 1003940 ID: 7a1a17
File 162440897645.png - (184.06KB , 1600x1200 , 327.png )

You decide to follow the two, playing the part of a worried mate. Tok may be susceptible if he's as weak to Rezans as the rest of these tuva. You run ahead. Knowing their relations, Tok will believe whatever story you make and won't listen to Oklak. So that means-

"Please Master Tok!" you shout. The large fat one jumps when you tap him.

:tokrazar:"Gah! When did you get out?!"

"Master Guk has been poisoned! Please, you must help him!"

:tokrazar:"What? Guk? Oh dammit I'm already treating one, now another? What happened?"

"The Rokof sent someone to kill him Master Tok! They are getting dangerous. I caught the nightblade, but not before it cut Master Guk with his knife! It is killing him! Please save my claim-mate!"

:tokrazar:"Ugh. Problems on problems." he mutters to himself as he stomps off :tokrazar: "I'll never get to open that door..."

The door. Discovering the Door has added an unknown factor to your plans, but the goals stay the same. You spy Ivaka and Vaglinka. You sign to them. The others. How are they?

Ivaka gestures to the Rokofs who gaze dumbly at the gormoamhi. Sotovok is totally broken. Never seen a Rezan so done in without a slave karving. Aglaho is on her way. The one called Tok has been dumping lots of that mind number into her. Aglaho will be like Sotovok by tonight.

Rokof is planning something. You're sure of it. And they have Chazo involved even if that upstart family claims neutrality. The peace between the Great Families is coming apart and you know they are playing a big hand in it. If you can direct the gormoamhi to disrupt Rokof here, maybe take some of the leadership, that would benefit you greatly.

Vaglinka scratches her chin and looks to Bathrae. Makag's fine. She doesn't care that she's a slave to them while it makes Rokof suffer.

Makag. So spiteful. Even their slaves aren't immune to their family's grudges. Speaking of, Makag needs to be culled. You know plenty of them would love nothing more that to split the family apart if it means they get to be Matriarch or Patriarch. If these gormoamhi can remove a candidate or two, that would benefit you.

And the nezheka?

You know the mother more than us. The younger one's bravery is wavering. I don't think she'll be of any help. Especially once the gormoamhi decide to break her.

Once the Rokof has been humbled and Makag's weeds have been pruned, and you have access to that Door, then you can escape. Just so long as you control yourself by then. You see Ivaka. She's had it worse out of all of you. The baby they put in her is growing faster thanks to their barbarian magic. If they burden you with their children before you escape, that might make leaving much harder...

:waya:"Why is the female standing there looking at me?"

...and the gormoamhi women are going to be a problem.

:waya:"Stop staring at me female. Help the men."

You pretend to be frightened, stammer an apology, and run off to help Tok. He grimaces at the wound on Guk. :tokrazar:"Damn. I thought only Dah-een could cut that deep. What did you say about the Roh-koff?"

>Encourage the gormoamhi to abduct as many as possible. Fewer Rokoff returning to Rezo means their plans will delay significantly.
>Encourage the gormoamhi to go straight for the leader. You know that the Rokof Matriarch is in camp, and that would throw them into disarray.
>Encourage the gormoamhi to kill them. The Rokof suffer, and the gormoamhi don't get any new breeders.

>Get them to abduct the slaves. Weaken the Makag's claim to Veni's position
>Get them to take the warriors. Veni's rivals will be less likely to try anything without military support
>Get them to take the leaders. Keep Makag as intact for Veni as possible

>>The Door
>Encourage Tok to reach the Door first. Taking slaves comes later
>Encourage Tok to disrupt the families. Having more bodies may even help reach the Door.
No. 1003960 ID: 094652

Here's the play: manipulate these arrogant elitist rapists to target the leaders of all the Rezan factions. With your intel and manipulation, you can get them to use their obscurity to perform decisive ambushes while letting them think it was all them. Except you manipulate them into thinking your own clan's leader is secretly one of the lieutenants pulling the strings. Without their 'leaders', the factions will devolve into infighting and reckless skirmishes, except your faction will only play stupid and paranoid until it's time to make a decisive push. After that, they'll see what a single united full force of Rezans can do, right until they all have axes in their necks.

Get more enemy slaves, that door needs sacrifices to open. After all, you don't care about the death and misery you'll cause for the glory of your House.
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