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File 157898841678.png - (181.93KB , 1081x983 , Cover.png )
953402 No. 953402 ID: fd2dfa

So after some deliberation, I decided instead of waiting, I'll try to run this alongside the civgame. My train of thought is in the discussion below(not gonna make a new thread for this, it's gonna be one chapter only).

This is a very NSFW quest! Expect nudity, violence, gore, non-con, sexual intercourse of hetero and homoerotic natures, confusing story lore, cryptic bullshit, borked updates, and stupid names

Discussion - https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/129715.html
Wiki - https://questden.org/wiki/The_Family_Business (I swear I'll actually do something to this page. Someday...)
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No. 991594 ID: 094652

Bear hugs and tiger licks!
No. 991632 ID: df76b1

This is no way to get your meat smoked.
No. 991878 ID: 7a1a17
File 161605357679.png - (229.58KB , 1600x1200 , 282.png )

You try all those wrestling moves you do with your brother to come out on top. Either he was just too easy or you're both terrible, because she winds up on top!

"You! Where is the witch woman?!"

:saqrar:"What? W-Witch woman?"

"Don't lie to me I can smell her on you! I can smell her all over this place! Is this her lair? Are you her mate?! Answer me or I'll eat your eyes!"

:saqrar:"Y-you mean Sizzala?"

"I don't want her name! I want to know where she is!"

:saqrar:"I...I don't know. Can't breathe!"

"Liar! She's been all over this place, the smell is too strong!"

:saqrar:"I mean she...left...don't...know...where...went...please...stop!"

She loosens her grip a little, enough so you can breathe, but still strong enough to strangle you again.

"Where am I then?! Tell me that you witch-thrall!"

>Secret Technique, ROLLY-GORRY!
>In a safe place, we aren't going to hurt you
>Why do you hate her so much?
No. 991884 ID: 094652

"Why do you hate her? She saved you and some other woman from an army of brutal bun buns!"
No. 991887 ID: 9a2966

An exile camp. It's safe. Ish.
No. 991891 ID: 041c52

The oo-tan-shi destroyed your clan! You are in a safe place, Sizz rescued you and a female named Waya!
No. 991910 ID: 031458

I'm Not- witch thrall, just- clan brother.

ROLLY-GORRY! (She might be a female, but you're an adult now. You can't let a kid bully you!)

You're in our home! Sizzala saved you and that warrior and that half person!

She's out there now. Making sure whatever happened there doesn't happen here.
No. 992373 ID: 7a1a17
File 161630867987.png - (227.51KB , 1600x1200 , 283.png )

:saqrar:"Why do you hate her? She saved you and some other woman from those Oo-Tan-Shi Waya keeps going on about!"

"Waya. Waya is alive?"

:saqrar:"Yes, being tended to by our healer, Tokrazar."

"More magic." She growls but gets off of you.

:saqrar:"Why do you hate magic so much? Magic saved you! Magic saved Waya! You're in our home because of magic! Sizzala's out there now. Making sure whatever happened there doesn't happen here. With her magic!"

Then she-pain. Owah. Sick.

>You decide you don't like this girl.
No. 992441 ID: 041c52

That's it, first hold her leg with your thigs, hold her hands and bend them backwards, maybe you shold butt face her to make her loss conscious and make sure she doesn't bite you. Or also yell for help.
No. 992539 ID: 031458

Hmm... The options are VIOLENCE. She surely can't take an adult who's actually trying...
Or.... Just admitting defeat and bringing her to Tok.

How motivated this ball pain making you?
No. 992641 ID: df76b1

This calls for a spanking. Not a sexy one, just apply beatdown to posterior until morale improves.
No. 992991 ID: 4eb01a

If you're going to sick, sick on her.
Follow up with your ULTIMATE TECHNIQUE, or a punch to the diaphragm.
No. 993041 ID: 7a1a17
File 161665932030.png - (227.53KB , 1600x1200 , 284.png )

You hold the offending leg between yours. She loses balance and falls into your fist as you punch! You're starting to feel sick , so not everything was behind the punch. But it's enough to knock her back the other way. You grab her other leg but-oh no-wave of sick. You are ready to throw up. Keep it together Saq, keep it to-

OH MOTHER GODDESS DAMN HER HIDE! You lose your grip on the leg between yours and she sends it right into you face! What did you do to deserve this?

The pain is enough to distract you long enough that she wriggles out of your grip and falls to the floor. She sniffs the air "I'll find that witch woman! And when I do, I'll have her head!"

She runs off, following Sizzala's scent-out the shelter and off to the ambush! Oh. Oh no. Oh no no no. You had one job. One job! You should tell Tok, but Tok might kill you. So maybe you should chase after her and catch her. But you are still doubled over in pain! And if she reaches the ambush, Sizzala will very likely kill you.

:saqrar:"What did I do to deserve this?"

>Saq is in too much pain. Control is lost
No. 993042 ID: 7a1a17
File 161665933855.png - (288.17KB , 1600x1200 , 285.png )

You are Guk. You hate your life. Why oh why did Sizz, that awful sedductress, tempt you into mating with her? Now you can't get her out of your head. When she talks to you, you get stupid. Which makes you mad. And you were ready to kill the female-Nietch for Sizzala yelling at you! Why?!

And now she's with you at the ambush site! You don't even have the benefit of Oklak to distract her and she talked with you the whole way! Her voice is like sweets being poured into your ears and :guk:"rrrrrghrrgh! Shutupshutupshutup!"

:sizzala:"What are you muttering to yourself about now?"

HRNG! Your heart skips a beat Were you talking out loud? How much was out loud? Did she hear any of that? Can her magic read minds? You should have asked Tok. Mother Goddess she can read your thoughts can she? She's reading them right nowNO STOP THINKING STUPID! SIZZALA STOP READING THIS!

>This is getting ridiculous
No. 993069 ID: 031458

She ain't burning flesh so NO SHE CAN'T READ YOUR THOUGHTS, DUMBASS.
That's all you need to get through.
Keep it together.
Focus on the mission You're preparing an ambush. How far along are you on that? Where are you? What did you bring?
No. 993071 ID: 9aaeef

You know what? You should abort the mission, do it tomorrow with Oaklak, you are in not condition to proceed. Tell Sizz you are not feeling fine.
No. 993081 ID: d44835

Just go masturbate or something. You look like you can bend far enough over if you don't want to get your hands dirty.
No. 993097 ID: 094652

Realize that this is what you force the females to go through when you dominate them and then go off hunting for half-days. You need to treat your mates with respect, or this feeling of shame and obsession will haunt you.

For a quick solution: You realize she's going to kill you when she learns you hacked her reproduction code to be non-recursive. Switch 'love' to 'fear'.
No. 993144 ID: 041c52

You better pospone the operation and do it with someone else.
No. 993181 ID: 031458

I would argue against postponing. Guk is supposed to be the leader, Tok is old and can't pick up the slack forever.

If Guk can't deal with his emotions over one woman for a few hours to help the clan, then he is not fit to lead it.
No. 993212 ID: df76b1

Make a weighted bet with her, with something slightly lewd in the balance. Even if you lose, and with your head like this, you might, you'll be building rapport.
No. 993651 ID: 7a1a17
File 161700607759.png - (302.61KB , 1600x1200 , 286.png )

Maybe this should happen on another day? Yes. Another day. That sounds good. Is it getting hot? Ash it's awfully hot. Too hot for this. You should go back.

:guk:"We should go back, this doesn't seem like a good day for the ambush."

:sizzala:"What why?"

:guk:"Ah-ahm. It's ah-because...ah-O-oklak isn't here?"

:sizzala:"Oklak? Since when has Oklak been useful?"

:guk:"L-lots of times. Like that time he um. Bought back the Roh-koff females? And the Gah-meen ones?"

:sizzala:"You mean the time he was supposed to hunt for meat and came home with more mouths to feed and the other times you went out hunting with him? That's your best?"


:sizzala:"That is stupid. That is very stupid. And we ran out of time. The patrol is here. Three dah-een and a hoo-ma. I think. They do like to cover themselves in metal right?"

:guk:"Um. Is that a Gormoamhi?"


:guk:"Running up to the patrol. And-wait. Is that Saq?"

:sizzala:"Oh no. Oh no no no no no no no no no!"
No. 993652 ID: 7a1a17
File 161700614190.png - (356.84KB , 1600x1200 , 287.png )

"Gorm filth! Arms! To arms!"



"Ye ain't gettin' me other arm ya bitch! BLOOD ON THE HILLS!"

:guk:"Ash those two are going to get themselves killed!"

:sizzala:"And if they survive this I'm killing them both."

>The ambush is underway! Even though it wasn't your fault!
No. 993653 ID: 094652

They're rushing! Flank them from the far side of the river and goad them into dividing. The river will decrease mobility for all units, but less for your team due to your strength. Disarm the daoine one by one and throw their weapons into the waterbed, then drown them unconscious.
No. 993656 ID: 9a2966

Crash down on the dah-een in the back rank, slice their throat and toss the body to Sizz so she can work her literal magic - to stop the stupidly berserking NEW female before she can ruin everything.

Once you've done this, deal with the hooman in armor. If you can, knock them down and press them below water - and that should be them done. They won't have much leverage to swing their blade and should be weighed down by their armor already. All you gotta do is wrangle them and, faint or die, they'll be dealt with.

Just gotta hope Saq and the rage-stupid doesn't die to dealing with Caiwre. At least you can order Ionilee to enact a betrayal - although you may want to wait with that until this new female is stopped.
No. 993673 ID: 041c52

Attack the the guys with the shields from behind.
No. 994102 ID: 7a1a17
File 161726226348.png - (243.02KB , 1600x1200 , 288.png )

You drop down, landing on the hoo-man. You crush it under the water, and make a grab for the weapon. It stings! Must be made by Dah-een to hurt that much.

The Dah-een next to him tries to shout a warning but all that comes out is black ooze. He clutches his throat, as more of the stuff floats out of his mouth. Sizz is silencing the Dah-een with her magic. She can work with one, but to work magic on the rest, she'll need more meat, and more concentration. You hold the hoo-man beneath the water until it stops thrashing and goes limp.
No. 994103 ID: 7a1a17
File 161726227678.png - (367.10KB , 1600x1200 , 289.png )

In that time, the other dah-een clash with the others. The girl grabs the dah-een with the sword and pushes back against his swing, grabbing his head as the raging dah-een is succumbing to battle-lust.

One-eye dances with Saq. That man has no stomach for fighting. He doesn't so much fight as just slap the dah-een any time she tries to attack, or jumps and flails out of the way of a spear thrust. His pathetic struggles failed him.

"Oi! Back up! Where's me backup!?"


:saqrar:"Oh. Oh this hurts. Am I dying?"
No. 994143 ID: 041c52

Grab the one arm girl, make sure she doesn’t hurt Saq more. “No Saq, she didn’t stabbed you depth enough. “Grab the spear so it doesn’t go deeper”.
No. 994254 ID: 7a1a17
File 161730700693.png - (239.87KB , 1600x1200 , 0401211.png )

Inthatimththeraheenclaswitthethersheirlrabsheaheenithheswordndpushesbackagainshiswingrabbingiseadsheraginaheen isuccumbingtobattlelustOneeyedancesithSaqhamanhasnostomachforightingHedoesnsmuchfightasjustlaheaheenantimsherietoattackorumpsandailsut

"SKIP! SKIP, SKIP, SKIIIIIII~P. Why do porn games think they need to stretch out their story with dramatic bullshit?"

:ty:"Del, we're trying to conserve power until we reach the destination cause Rocket says the reactors are :tyuhh: oh-is this what you're using the power on?"
No. 994255 ID: 7a1a17
File 161730701991.png - (570.57KB , 1600x1200 , 04012112.png )


:tyuhh:"Is that...gormoamhi porn? Dude, what the fuck? That's gotta be the grossest genre to come out of the Empire"


:Rocket:"What is with all the yelling, I can hear you from across the shi-oh gods is that a body pillow?"

"Ioni-chan is not just a body pillow you uncultured swine!"

:Rocket:"I can't believe our best gunner is an otaku."

:karunboxed:"What's an otaku?"

:tymad:"No! Basmati! Don't look! You must remain pure!"

:karunboxed:"Hey I can't see where I'm going. Let go!"

:Rocket:"I hate all of you"
No. 994260 ID: df76b1

Fucking Sugoi
No. 994270 ID: 041c52

Del is right, Gormoamhi porn is the patrician choice.
No. 994586 ID: 6ff55c

Be fast, save Saq!
No. 995140 ID: 7a1a17
File 161778138838.png - (293.95KB , 1600x1200 , 290.png )

One-arm-one-eye slashes at Saq. He doesn't even scream as he topples. She moves to aid the other dah-een the girl is currently drowning. She is so carried away she doesn't see the more dangerous dah-een right to the side of her!

>You aren't going to make it
>Blind one-eye!
>Kill one-eye!
>Fix Saqrar!
No. 995160 ID: 094652

I'm usually into nonlethal takedowns but she's going to kill your charges. Stop her from killing them now.
No. 995161 ID: ac3918

She's probably the one who knows most (and those we took down are already in danger of drowning). Blind her.
No. 995168 ID: 9aaeef

Maybe is best to blind her since is faster, can you do it throwing water in her eye? After that you can tackle her and disarm her (not pun intended).
No. 995210 ID: 031458

You have leverage! Rip an arm off the human you just drowned and chuck it at one-eye!

Call out Blind One-Eye!
Saq's dumb ass won't know what to do if you just say kill her!
No. 995514 ID: 7a1a17
File 161803837016.png - (313.20KB , 1600x1200 , 291.png )

:guk:"Sizzala! BLIND HER!"

Sizz hits one-eye with her magic, clouding her vision. The killing strike instead grazes the girl's face. She screams and clutches her wound, letting go of the Dah-een.

One Eye swings wildly at the screaming. The speed talisman helps you close the distance. And puts force in your swing. She gasps as you knock the wind out of her.

:guk:"You! Girl! Get Saq up, and help him home!"

"What? But the-"

No. 995515 ID: 7a1a17
File 161803839972.png - (254.86KB , 1600x1200 , 292.png )

You turn back to the dah-een. She's drenched, clutching a small knife. It's pathetic.

"Yer not gettin' way so quick bastard."

:guk:"You lose dah-een. You think to kill me with that?"

"Nay. Jus hold ye till the others get 'ere."

The other dah-een coughs as it pulls itself out of the water. He grabs One-Eye's spear and charges!

>Dah-een just don't know when to stop
No. 995534 ID: 9a2966

Use your quickness to grab the spear, yank it from the other dah-een's grip (or if he holds on, just yank him, too) and smack one-eye over the head with the blunt end (or the other dah-een, depending).

Even if she stays conscious from that, with reach combined with reach, her only hope is to close the distance or run away. If she does the first, you clock her or grab her and if she does the second, you chase her down, being far quicker.
No. 995538 ID: 094652

Dive underwater and trip him, then grab the spear, stand up, and throw at her.
No. 995572 ID: 041c52

Dodge the spear and use the shaft to knock both of them, we shouldn't kill the cyclope girl, she has information.
No. 996456 ID: 7a1a17
File 161856295245.png - (584.29KB , 1600x1200 , 293.png )

You grab the spear that was about to go into your back and swing it and the dah-een at one eye. She jumps out of the way. The other dah-een's grip was too slippery. He flies off the handle and off the cliff.
No. 996457 ID: 7a1a17
File 161856298050.png - (328.59KB , 1600x1200 , 294.png )

You attempt a downward swing at one-eye. She:guk:"AUGH!" One-eye stabs your hand! She grabs the spear as it drops from your grip.

"Ye blinded me with a witch didya?", she growls, slicing your abdominal when you try to grab her. "Well can't have ya using yer evil magic on me agin!"
No. 996458 ID: 7a1a17
File 161856301047.png - (373.69KB , 1600x1200 , 295.png )

She hurls the spear! Sizzala isn't fast enough.

>Injuries sustained
>Action required!
No. 996466 ID: d7a788

>dodges to the side
And this is why you side-sweep, not all-or-nothing strike

Tear the dagger from your hand and fling it to hell. With no weapon in reach for her to skillfully procure, all she has is dodging and punching and you’re bigger and stronger, if not faster (but still fast and you should have the movement advantage in the water).

Beware her punching or tearing at your wounds, though. She’s a fierce one.
No. 996481 ID: 9aaeef

That’s it, grab the little shit’s head and strike her with your kneel. We have to finish this fast and go to our home.
No. 996495 ID: 031458

Guk, Take her down hand to hand, without weapons she can't cut you!

Sizz, You aborted choking one. Pull out that spear and finish them off with it before they retreat or retaliate!

If they somehow manage to continue resisting after these last attempts, It's time to leave, as shameful as it may be. You are both too injured to deal with reinforcements, and the clan will die without you.
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