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File 166908482606.png - (65.67KB , 500x500 , p0.png )
1049788 No. 1049788 ID: 9ea24b

Gen 1 thru 3 mainline Pokemon and mystery dungeon red rescue team nostalgia quest. Potentially NSFW.

Discussion: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/135483.html
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No. 1049789 ID: 9ea24b
File 166908483668.png - (91.24KB , 500x500 , p1.png )

:pokefacetired: Wuh? Everything’s dark and itchy. Achoo! Damn allergies.

:pokefacethink: Is it nighttime? I was walking home from work after a long shift, and now I’m stuck in a bunch of–

:pokefacepanik: Tall grass! Ahhhhhh!!!!! Was I attacked by a Pokemon? I gotta get out of here.

You scramble out of the tall grass near the Pokemon daycare and get your bearings under a streetlight.

Are you a man or a woman?

Which Pokemon have you turned into? Generation 1 to 3 only. Evolved Pokemon will be demoted to their lowest non-baby stage.
No. 1049790 ID: e51896

You are Porygon!

You were male when you were human. so although Porygon has no gender, you refer to yourself as male.
No. 1049792 ID: 8483cf

Female, Vulpix.

With a bow.
No. 1049793 ID: 87e33c

I vote the most popular gender from other votes tallied together (I'm on team male)

As for mon, a Zigzagoon would be cute! Just a little fluffy trash mon.
No. 1049794 ID: d98cb8


Vaporeon. That is to say an Eevee right now and all.

If we're doing a potentially nsfw Pokemon quest we might as well lean in.
No. 1049795 ID: fb2164

Quaxly, maybe male, definitely B I R B.
No. 1049796 ID: 629f2e

Female, Smeargle.

Smeargle is great you guys.
No. 1049797 ID: 15c72a

No. 1049798 ID: fb2164

(i have just been informed it's Gen 3 only, so vote changed to anxiety duck Psyduck :V)
No. 1049799 ID: 36784c

Female Totodile
No. 1049800 ID: ad67aa


Larvitar, the little guy has such a bad attitude.
No. 1049801 ID: 6fde29

No. 1049802 ID: e51896

Also, just for fun, I'd like to suggest rolling for us being shiny or not. I know the odds are highly unlikely, but just for fun, lets roll the dice to see if we'll be shiny or not

(if i remember, pokemon in gen III is a 1/8192 chance, current gen is 1/4096 chance)
No. 1049803 ID: ae7ef6

Exactly! Seconding smeargle
No. 1049804 ID: ae4094

No. 1049805 ID: f2320a

why not the literal trashmon then?
No. 1049806 ID: e41255

Ditto! That way we can be ALL the pokemon.
No. 1049807 ID: fce62b

Male Zigzagoon sounds cool.
No. 1049808 ID: 90c451

Because Trubbish is Gen 5.

Counter: Espeon. Psychic powers are always useful, in more ways than you can imagine.
I suppose we'll have to settle for Eevee until we find any stones.
Also Female.
No. 1049809 ID: 15a025

No. 1049810 ID: bbb04b

Male; so I heard ya leik...

Mud! Kip!

Got a lot of love by association for this line after reading BoC.
No. 1049812 ID: 4e2df1

Female trapinch
No. 1049813 ID: 5d9787

How about a Cubone? The form could represent something about the protagonist, in this case it could be someone in mourning or in need of parental guidance.

The Smeargle option could mean the protagonist have an artistic inclination or the Sketch ability could be a greater goal of seeking specific moves to learn.
No. 1049814 ID: 83fb9f

Backing Trapinch here. Imagine.. Flygon my beloved.
No. 1049815 ID: 6fec12

No. 1049816 ID: 11f77a

Male, a shy Abra

you thought I'd suggest a female blaziken/torchic, huh? Yeah that's right--maybe I'm not so predictable after all!
No. 1049817 ID: e51896

If Porygon doesn't make it, then I'll vote smeargle. Though male instead of female.
No. 1049818 ID: d176bd

Male! Smeargle! A Smeargle can paint vulgar images wherever they want! And maybe pretty ones
No. 1049819 ID: 0bfc71

Male Trapinch!
No. 1049820 ID: 57ec6f

Give us the BITEY trapinchy lad!!
No. 1049821 ID: 6f23a7

Agreeing with female totodile!
No. 1049822 ID: d901ec

I am either in favor of Cubone, because it's full of tragic adorability, or Eevee, because it's adorable and can become one of many Pokémon.
No. 1049823 ID: 823a1a

Zigzagoon, no vote on gender
No. 1049827 ID: a7a180

Female, Ralts. You knew it was coming.
No. 1049830 ID: dd15aa

Seconding Trapinch, and voting for Male.
No. 1049831 ID: fec07f

Female Evee
Let's keep some options open for evolution
No. 1049834 ID: e5709d

Female Gardevoir
... I mean, duh.
No. 1049851 ID: 58dd24

No. 1049852 ID: f142b2

Male ghastly
No. 1049873 ID: 422cea

Male, because I associate with having a benis.

We are an Aron.
No. 1049887 ID: 9ea24b
File 166913541480.png - (89.48KB , 500x500 , p2.png )

>Male Trapinch
It’s hard to see your body with your enormous head in the way, but you finally recognize yourself as a Trapinch, a Pokemon usually found in the desert to the north of Mauville, where you work.


:poketrapcry: All I have are these short little stubs…How am I supposed to tell people I got turned into a Pokemon? I’m doomed.

You are currently Level 20. You know Bite, Sand-Attack, and Faint Attack . You are a physical attacker and a ground type. You evolve into Vibrava at level 35.
No. 1049889 ID: 9ea24b
File 166913550542.png - (114.24KB , 500x500 , p3.png )

You sit on your little orange butt and cry with frustration. You don’t care that the sound is probably attracting mean wild Pokemon, the situation is just very overwhelming.

:pokesmerface: Hi there. Are you okay?

:poketrapcry: Boohoohoo.

:pokesmerawk: Uh, are you hurt at all? I have some Oran berries I can give you.

You look through your teary eyes to see an odd Pokemon. A Smeargle? You might have glimpsed one once in passing, but they’re not native to the area.
No. 1049894 ID: e51896

Wait, this Smeargle can speak your language?! Does that mean they were turned into a pokemon too? Might want to ask. They'll probably understand our situation whether they transformed too or not.
No. 1049897 ID: bbb04b

Uhhh, you're a trapinch who can't use Dig? Gotta fix that, and soon! It's like your species' entire M.O! Assuming you don't solve your Poké-fication too quickly, that is. (Also, while coming off as a bit odd at first, I suppose you starting at Lv. 20 is just a product of being a grown-ass adult when you shifted.)

"Uh... N-no, just distressed. How did I get here?" Ah, come to think of it, you don't remember being in tall grass, so your geographic position has shifted at some point without you noticing, whether in body or spirit. Being in or even near Mauville isn't a given here. "Do you know where we are?"
No. 1049898 ID: 629f2e

Attempt to shake the smeargle's hand, and then immediately fall over because you aren't used to being quadripedal.
No. 1049900 ID: fe08e9

I don’t need an oran berry, I need a guide. Where are we?
No. 1049901 ID: e5709d

"I lost my pokeball."
No. 1049903 ID: 823a1a

"Where even am I!?"
also sure an oran berry couldn't be bad for you
No. 1049904 ID: a9af05

But what's our Ability? Do we have Hyper Cutter (prevents our Attack stat from being lowered by other Pokémon, unless self-inflicted by our own moves), do we have Arena Trap (prevents opponents from fleeing or switching out), or do we have the Hidden Ability Sheer Force (increases the power of moves that have beneficial secondary effects by 30%, but removes those additional effects)?

Do this.

Then this.
No. 1049907 ID: 9a2966

Calm down as best you can and realize you can understand Poke-speak now. Maybe there's hope after all!
No. 1049909 ID: 2aa5f0

say you are lost and ask who they are.
No. 1049910 ID: dd15aa

This must be a dream. That's the obvious explanation! Try to calm down and greet this not so mean wild pokemon.
No. 1049932 ID: 15c72a

Trapinch gets Dig at level 41 in Gen III. If we wait for that, we'll miss out on Vibrava's DragonBreath... Probably a bad idea, though if TMs or Move Reminders are in play the decision to delay an evolution becomes more complicated.
We'll get our next move, Sand Tomb, at 25.

Just get to level 45, Flygon has thumbs. Vibrava has opposable digits technically...

First, confirm you are where you think you are. Maybe you weren't just turned into a pokemon, but moved to a new location entirely.
No. 1049956 ID: 9ea24b
File 166917759222.png - (100.79KB , 500x500 , p4.png )

>Pokemon abilities?
You learned all the basics in school about Pokemon natures, stats, and abilities. None of that stuff seemed particularly interesting to you, just a lot of crap to micromanage. To put yourself at ease you decide to just focus on levels, types, and moves.

Trapinch evolves into a green bug thing and then into Flygon, which definitely at least has fingers. That’s a good goal to shoot for if you can’t find a way to reverse the transformation.

>The power of denial
If you lie to yourself that this is a dream, maybe you can calm down? You take a few deep breaths.

Since you’re a Pokemon you can now understand all other Pokemon and vice versa.

:poketrapface: Who are you? Where am I?

:pokesmerface: I’m Smeargle, I live between Verdanturf and Mauville. Are you not from around here?

:poketrapface: Uh, no. I’m lost.

:pokesmershock: Oh no! That happens pretty often actually, because of the daycare lots of trainers leave behind eggs or ditch their Pokemon.

This Smeargle seems to think you’re an abandoned Pokemon. You need to eventually decide if you want to correct her.
No. 1049957 ID: 9ea24b
File 166917761488.png - (94.75KB , 500x500 , p5.png )

:poketrapcry: I don’t have anywhere to go…

:pokesmerface: Oh, you can stay the night with me, I have a nice little place–


:poketrappanik: AHHHHHHHHH!!!

You’re not used to being quadrupedal, so you topple over from the shock of the ghost Pokemon’s sudden appearance.

:pokegensmile: Heheheheh! Couldn’t help but overhear the conversation. I’m part of a rescue team that helps poor lost souls like yourself, why don’t you come with me instead?

:poketrapface: No offense ma’am but that is sketchy as fuck.

:pokegensmile: Oh, but we’re Team Friendlies! We’re the nicest rescue team in all of Hoenn! We especially try to help poor abused Pokemon like yourself.

A. Start a battle with the Gengar (suggest strategy, gain levels)
B. Ask her more about Team Friendlies then decide whether to go with Smeargle or not
No. 1049958 ID: 823a1a

She only said that she lives "between Verdanturf and Mauville", nothing on where we are, technically
anyway ask her if she has an idea on something to do, like maybe learning moves like dig, or going somewhere
No. 1049959 ID: 823a1a

A. NO ONE starts a good conversation with laughing, Bite does not affect ghosts so Faint-attack so Smeargle can do something
No. 1049960 ID: c49673

ask them about each other
No. 1049963 ID: 30a1cc

Hit her hard with a Super Effective Bite! If you're lucky, you'll make her flinch and she'll lose a chance to attack you!

>Bite does not affect ghosts
Wrong. Bite is Dark type and Super Effective against Ghost-types.
No. 1049964 ID: 374d53

Hide behind the smergal. They are a normal type and therefore immune to ghost type attacks.

Also ask smergal if they know anything about team friendlies since they seem more familiar with the area… so uh B I guess.
No. 1049970 ID: a7a180

A, seize the initiative. You've never heard of a rescue team! Where's your Ranger partner, huh?
Sand Attack, it's not a harmful attack so you can judge their intent by how they react.
No. 1049971 ID: 15c72a

B. Who else is on Team Friendlies? (the biggest question here is, is this Gengar from PMD R/B, and does it take place before or after that game? ...no, this is probably an AU and it's useless to judge based on the games.)

It might also be interesting to see how they respond to you saying you're a human.
No. 1049972 ID: e51896

B. We're naive.
No. 1049974 ID: c49673

We should know where we are. Route 117, where the daycare is.
No. 1049975 ID: fec07f

Can everyone please just chill out and explain some more?
No. 1049976 ID: dd15aa

B. Please tell me more.
No. 1049977 ID: 5d9787

As sketchy as this explanation sound you can't just start a fight with someone offering help.
At least try the diplomatic path until the conflict escalate to the point violence becomes an appropriate response.
Tell her you appreciate the consideration but you will accept Smeargle's offer. You would prefer to ask around about Team Friendlies just to be sure she didn't just invented the name. You don't mean to offend, it just a very suspicious name.
No. 1049978 ID: c49673

What makes Smeargle more trustworthy than Gengar?
No. 1049979 ID: 5d9787

She didn't appear out of nowhere, laugh about scaring us and gave a team name that sound like it was made up to trick small children.
Also a ghost type referred to us as "lost souls". Ominous.
No. 1049980 ID: 15c72a

>attacking Gengar out of nowhere is kinda nuts
Don't forget, this is a tippler quest.
No. 1049984 ID: c49673

Too bad about the thumbs thing. That makes communication with humans harder. Unless you can sound out human language. Then you could just walk into the daycare.
No. 1049988 ID: e7c7d3

A.) it's pokemon rules. Time for a fight to decide things!
No. 1049999 ID: b01382

Please expleeeen
I cry very easily. I want my mommy.
No. 1050003 ID: 83fb9f

Say thanks to the Gengar. For now you just need a place to calm down, which the smeargle has already offered. Ask for a way to reach out to her tomorrow.
No. 1050004 ID: 40ce9c

B. Let's at least hear them out. They haven't done anything yet, they're a ghost, they can't help looking spooky.
No. 1050010 ID: bbb04b

B, but pessimistically: "Uh, thanks for the offer, but I don't see how you're the more trustworthy party between yourself and Smeargle here. Though, on the off-chance you're an honest-to-Arceus rescue team who're just struggling to overcome your scary branding and desperate for a gig, here's some advice: change the name. It sounds like something you made up on the spot to trick morons and actual children. You might as well be calling yourselves 'Team Free Candy' for all the zero difference it makes..."
No. 1050015 ID: 331768

A, these jaws were made for bitin’ and that’s just what they’re gonna do
No. 1050030 ID: bbb04b

(Also, in my defense, I forgot that Sand Tomb was its own move separate from Dig. I guess being close to the level requirement for that is good.)
No. 1050034 ID: 8f8464

She is one of the bad guys in the title image!

I want to attack so we can level up, but if A doesn't win, then let's ask her what her deal is.

And also ask them both if they are a boy or a girl. It's important.
No. 1050041 ID: 58dd24

Who told you those are the villains? looks like the main cast to me
No. 1050045 ID: e51896

For reference, Censor shipping had Ginerva, and Niccolo as silhouettes in the title, and they were partners to Elaine.
No. 1050054 ID: 180c83

The gengar really is sketchy af but on the other hand aren't we being, like, racist? Poke-racist against ghost types? She hasn't said or done anything bad, she just popped out of the ground and looks sinister (which all gengars do).
No. 1050125 ID: fce62b

B; No reason to start picking fights right now.
No. 1050136 ID: 9ea24b
File 166934235369.png - (96.61KB , 500x500 , p6.png )

Both Smeargle and Gengar are female.

>Hide behind the Smeargle to protect from ghost-type moves
This is an excellent idea, you’ll keep it in mind if Gengar attacks.

>Bite is dark type and super effective against ghosts
True. Unfortunately all dark moves count as special attacks, so your juiced physical attack stat won’t help if you decide to start a battle.

>Ghost type bias
The Gengar is definitely sinister and you’re mad that she laughed when she startled you, but maybe you’re judging a book by its spooky cover.

>B, ask them for more details

:poketrapface: I’d like to stay with Smeargle for the night, but I also want to hear more about Team Friendlies. How many members are there? What kind of situations do you rescue Pokemon from?

:pokegensmile: We have three main members: me, Salamence, and Houndoom.

:pokegendrama: I myself was a neglected Pokemon! My trainer used me for a while and then stuck me in the PC for months. I got the opportunity to escape and took it.
No. 1050137 ID: 9ea24b
File 166934236337.png - (81.04KB , 500x500 , p7.png )

:pokegensmile: There are plenty of Pokemon who are caught for a check mark in the Pokedex and left in a box, or trainers retire from full-time battling and don’t have the time to give their Pokemon the attention they need. My team gives those Pokemon a safe place to stay where they won’t be harassed by more trainers.

:pokesmermad2: They also make Pokemon fight each other for entertainment.

:pokegendrama: Why not train to get stronger? It’s easier to avoid being caught again if you’re at a higher level.

:poketrapface: Okay, thanks for explaining, I’ll just be on my way with Smeargle here.

:pokegenwink: I’ll be in touch, sweetheart.

Gengar sinks back into the ground and Smeargle sighs with relief.

:pokesmerface: C’mon, I don’t want any more trouble.

She leads you back into the tall grass to a footpath that leads to an unobtrusive dirt tunnel. The short tunnel opens into a cozy warren lined with bunches of medicinal herbs and neat stacks of berries. It’s dimly lit by some kind of oil lamp.

:pokesmerawk: I have a roommate, she should be asleep. I’m sorry you’ve had bad luck, but not all trainers are bad.

:pokesmerface: Help yourself to any food, is there anything else you need before we go to bed?

A. Ask to be taught the move Dig
B. Ask Smeargle about her level and moves
C. Ask about her roommate
No. 1050139 ID: e51896

No. 1050144 ID: dd15aa

A. It can't be that hard right?
No. 1050145 ID: 823a1a

C, may as well know who else is here, who is roomates with Smeargle
No. 1050146 ID: f4bead

No. 1050147 ID: 3184a6

No. 1050149 ID: a7a180

A. Assuming she knows how, that's a good idea since you're currently limited to Special attacks. When a Pokemon, do as the pokemon do.
No. 1050150 ID: bbb04b


B would be a sus thing to ask, and A seems unlikely to be something Smeargle can help us with (and also the product of a derp moment on my part, forgetting that Sand Tomb was a move that exists separately to Dig and encapsulates the average Trapinch's "M.O." far more).

First, though, do comment that while you're definitely not interested in Gengar's offer after things got elaborated on, you definitely made the right choice in not attacking her outright, considering she actually seemed halfway legit (as opposed to being 0% on the level).

"Seriously, though; that team name was godawful..."
No. 1050158 ID: bb6bd8

No. 1050162 ID: 53eab7

C, then A.

Also, we need to find Bill, the PC guy. It is said he once turned himself into a pokémon, funniest thing I've ever seen, but the managed to turn himself back. Maybe he can help us!
No. 1050165 ID: fc5f8a


Lanette runs the storage system in Hoenn. She could help get his attention.
No. 1050189 ID: 9ea24b
File 166942421339.png - (112.57KB , 500x500 , p8.png )

>Overwhelmingly C
While it would be nice to learn a move that is both physical and actually good, battling is in no way your priority, which is also why you don’t want to press Smeargle on her history.

:poketrapface: Can you tell me more about your roommate? Since I might be staying here for a while…

:pokesmerawk: Yeah, okay. Eevee is a bit of a handful.

:pokesmershock: It’s not her fault! She was raised in the daycare before being released into the wild. Eevees are very popular with trainers, especially female ones, and whenever she goes out she has to be very alert and it’s made her a little neurotic.

:pokesmerawk: I think she really wants a boyfriend, but she also wants to settle down and pick an evolution too. Poor thing, I hope I give her some stability, but she could use more exciting friends.

:pokesmerface: Anyway, try to be patient with her, I spend most of my mornings painting in my room, so if you wake up early feel free to ask her to show you around.
No. 1050190 ID: 9ea24b
File 166942422267.png - (65.75KB , 500x500 , p9.png )

You thank Smeargle and bid her goodnight. You make a little indent in the dirt floor and curl up tight. You fall asleep quickly and dream about taking an exam you haven’t studied for.

The next morning you wake up to a growling stomach, so you chomp down on a few berries. They’re surprisingly good, and you even find a bright red apple that’s sweet and filling.

:poketrapthink: Hm…I’ve heard of people turning into Pokemon before. Wasn’t there a famous guy in Kanto who made a machine that turned him into a Clefairy? The PC lady Lanette who lives near Fallarbor should be able to contact him.

:poketrapthink: If I go outside, I might run into a trainer or other wild Pokemon. I could fight either to raise my level or focus on stealth and collect useful items.

:poketrapthink: Well first I should decide if I want to take anyone with me.

Suggest activities for the day. Also select your partner, if any.
A. Go with Smeargle
B. Go with Eevee
C. Go by yourself
No. 1050193 ID: 3184a6

A. Go with Smeargle

She seems to have a good idea about the lay of the land and who you should be careful of and where you can find things so probably smart to hang out with her for a bit until you have an idea of how things work around here as well.
No. 1050194 ID: 8483cf

Be stealthy and collect items, we just said that battling is bad news.

Go with Eevee since she sounds like someone who would agree with the stealth philosophy.
No. 1050195 ID: bc4cda

B stealthy with Eevee. Follow her lead.
No. 1050197 ID: 322af8

A. Go with Smeargle
No. 1050198 ID: 5d9787

It's strange to be planing to hang out with Eve when you haven't even met her yet, but if we go out to fight she is the better option since she seem to want to evolve. I guess so do you.

Smeargle dislike trainer battles, might be worth asking her opinion on fighting in general. Her case is special among pokemons because of how Sketch work. Most battles must be less appealing for someone who have to be selective about the moves they want to learn.

We should get to know the neighborhood and get used to being a quadruped with a stealth items collection tour. Let's do this with Smeargle.
No. 1050209 ID: d67b05

B smeargle seems a bit of a homebody and she already said that the evee was looking for friends
No. 1050212 ID: 2d3a49

We could try to avoid looking like a wild pokemon by wearing something. Who knows how trainers and wild pokemon would react.
No. 1050213 ID: dd15aa

Fighting doesn't help Eevee much with evolving unless she gets content enough to evolve into an Umbreon or Espeon.

I say B. Introduce ourselves to Eevee, and take a stealthy approach to scout things out. Maybe if you can sneak up on a trainer's camp site you could take their phone to contact Lanette.
No. 1050214 ID: 41635a


Question, when Trapinch was still human, did he own any Pokemon?
No. 1050215 ID: 823a1a

B, Eevee being more neurotic is better for stealth, and she's likely to be a good fighter even should it fail, maybe still be prepared to back her up just in case though
I wonder what Eevee wants to evolve into
No. 1050216 ID: 5d9787

I always though that was a quantification of an emotional bound. Contentment make more sense.
Espeon and Umbreon are good options and don't require finding rare stones. Who knows how long the search would take.
No. 1050222 ID: 419be3

B. Smeargle is busy painting.
No. 1050234 ID: 9ea24b
File 166948031191.png - (91.53KB , 500x500 , p10.png )

>B, look for items with Eevee
Smeargle is busy painting and you don’t want to take advantage of her hospitality to monopolize her time. Now that you know about Eevee, she sounds like a good partner to go exploring the surrounding forest with while avoiding humans.

You find the tunnel that goes to Eevee’s room and immediately get a snarling ball of fur in your face.

:pokeevemad: Get out of my room! Leave me alone!

:poketrappanik: Waaaah? I’m sorry! Smeargle told me you could help me look for items.

:pokeevesus: Who’re you?

:poketrapface: I’m Trapinch! I was abandoned near here by a trainer and Smeargle took me in.

:pokeevemad: Aghhh! We don’t need randos messing things up. You’re bright orange, you stick out a ton in the grass.

:poketrappanik: We can stay far away from the roads so trainers don’t see us.

:pokeevesus: Fine…Hold on a second.

Eevee emerges with a white silk scarf around her neck. It makes her look like more of a trainer’s Pokemon than a wild one. With her hackles lowered she’s about your size.
No. 1050235 ID: 9ea24b
File 166948032183.png - (114.05KB , 500x500 , p11.png )

>Were you a trainer before becoming a Trapinch?
Nope, just a normal salaryman. Pokemon are expensive to care for and your tiny apartment wasn’t a good place to keep a pet.

It’s a lovely sunny day. The small lakes scattering the area glitter in the light and you spot several Surskit and Marill playing on the water. You spot a few grass and bug types as well, though you keep your distance.

You quickly realize that most of what you can find away from civilization are berries, apples, and seeds. Eevee makes you collect and carry everything in a bundle, which is extremely awkward without hands.

>50% chance to find rare berry/apple/seed item: Failure

:poketrapface: Is there anywhere we can trade with other wild Pokemon for better items? You must know some mons around here who are friendly.

:pokeevesus: What do you mean, better items?

:poketrappanik: Oh, uh, like potions or held items or maybe even evolution stones. Other mons have probably already picked up all the good stuff around here.

:pokeeveneut: Okay, but if anyone wants to battle us you have to do the fighting. I know a Zigzagoon around here who likes to collect weird things, but he’ll want to impress me by beating you up.

A. Agree to meet Zigzagoon and potentially get nicer items
B. Go home to the den and get to know Smeargle or Eevee better
No. 1050236 ID: bc4cda

Hmm. You only get 'experience' if you win, right? But, if you'll get an item out of it, maybe this is a good chance to taste defeat.
No. 1050239 ID: 8f6b87

>you're bright orange

Get a paint job from Smeargle

or get steve'd
No. 1050240 ID: 629f2e

A, let's try battling!
No. 1050241 ID: 90c451

A. You don't want to fight but if you have to then it's the only available fight that's a win-win. If you win you get experience, if you lose you can trade. Besides, it's probably safer than fighting some random wild pokemon, while he might want to beat you up he probably knows that going too far would have the opposite effect of impressing her.
No. 1050242 ID: 99ca7b


And then this:

No. 1050244 ID: 85d357

No. 1050247 ID: 381e6d

A. And ask if you need to lose or win to trade.
If you don't need to lose, try to win.
No. 1050248 ID: 823a1a

A, we need those items AND we still need to be able to fight, some practice agains someone who probably won't beat us up TOO bad should we end up losing
No. 1050252 ID: 763fbc

nothing could possibly go wrong with being a uniquely colored pokemon
No. 1050255 ID: 3184a6


we need to get stronger so we evolve, we need to evolve to get back thumbs, we need thumbs so thing will stop being so awkward to carry!
No. 1050257 ID: dd15aa

A. Go and job for better prices, we're on the grindset.

Steveing a Trapinch is as easy as two lines.
No. 1050274 ID: 9ea24b
File 166951291916.png - (131.11KB , 500x500 , p12.png )

>Get Smeargle to paint you a duller color
>Nothing could possibly go wrong with being uniquely colored
A good compromise would be to cover yourself in mud and leaves. That way you won’t attract attention as a potential shiny and Eevee will be more comfortable walking around with you, though your disguise will be fragile.

:poketrapface: Let’s go visit Zigzagoon.

Eevee leads you back to the same area as Smeargle’s den, slightly closer to the road. You see some items sparkling in the entrance of another hole.

:pokeevesus: He never has any trouble from trainers…There’s tons of Zigzagoons in Hoenn. Oi Ziggy! Get your trashy butt out here.

:pokezigshock: Bweh? Hi Eevee! Who’s your friend?

:pokeevemad: He’s. not. my. friend. We’re here to trade.

:pokezigface: If he’s not your friend, we can fight. I need more experience so I can evolve soon. Nice to meet you buddy, I’m Zigzagoon.

:poketrapface: It’s a pleasure to meet more of Eevee’s acquaintances.
No. 1050275 ID: 9ea24b
File 166951294562.png - (68.32KB , 500x500 , p13.png )

Zigzagoon backs up so you can enter the den and see his piles of collected items.

:pokezigface: Here’s all my stuff, look and don’t touch, please.

Mid-grade Items (can trade half the food bundle for one):
Revives, Hyper Potions, Gold Nuggets, Poke Balls, a brief look at Zigzagoon’s illicit PokePerv magazine collection stolen from humans.

High-grade Items (can trade full food bundle for one):
Rare Candies, mediocre TMs, Vitamin Drinks, a lengthy perusal of Zigzagoon’s illicit PokePerv magazine collection stolen from humans

Zigzagoon is Level 15, a normal type, and has a strong Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB) move in Headbutt. He takes you aside and politely asks you to throw for content so he can impress Eevee, and will give you a high-grade item on the house if you do so.

A. Battle to win – 75% chance success, +3 Levels if successful but can’t trade today, can trade normally afterwards if failure. Eevee will like you more. Zigzagoon will leave you with a little health if failure.

B. Throw – Free high-grade item, can trade normally afterwards. Eevee will like Zigzagoon more. Zigzagoon will leave you with a moderate amount of health.

C. Deter Zigzagoon – Take a quest for Zigzagoon’s missing issue of PokePerv. Zigzagoon will not try to fight you and will become your bosom friend once you get him the magazine. Can trade normally.
No. 1050276 ID: e51896

C! Lets do our first mystery dungeon mission!
No. 1050277 ID: 15c72a

B or C. We kinda need an offensive move that uses Attack stat, so basically any mediocre physical TM would be fantastic before we do any serious battles.
No. 1050279 ID: 823a1a

C. being friends with the shopkeep is a good idea, though also do say that thrown battles probably won't help him evolve, and an evolution will help him more on his goal('s assuming he cares about more than Eevee) than a thrown battle
No. 1050280 ID: 823a1a

since we can also shop... Poke balls se we can catch ourselves and not get caught later (I assume the plural means we get plural, but we should spend on two otherwise, for our friend Eevee... assuming we can't get Ziggy to Gift Eevee one), and a Revive if we can
No. 1050281 ID: c96f56

Pok'mon iz meant fo' fightin' and winnin'!
No. 1050282 ID: 00e87a

No. 1050285 ID: dd15aa

C sounds the most fun.
No. 1050297 ID: 90c451

A. Let's impress that Eevee and get that experience! 75% seems like pretty good chances.
No. 1050302 ID: b01382

B and C. Maybe he might impress Evee, and we can find him his thing too!
No. 1050304 ID: 529d6d

A. or C. We need more levels, so either fight him or do something that will lead to fighting.
No. 1050306 ID: 2aa5f0


it has been stated that our character's main goal is to get his thumbs back and rushing towards his Flygon evolution does help with this though I'm willing to go with C as well because as a former salary man he should know the value of having connections.

Though I do have one question, is pokeperv fulled with naked humans... or pokemon? If the later... why... why is such a thing published? Is if for breeders or something? If it's the former... this guy has... interesting taste, though it could just be a case of beggars can't be choosers since I doubt many pokemon make art much less porn...
make sure you knock before you ever enter smergal's room.
No. 1050312 ID: 9ea24b
File 166956878367.png - (136.49KB , 500x500 , p14.png )

Is an online and physical publication featuring mostly softcore Pokemon pictures, from your experience. Sometimes the models wear tight or revealing clothes to make them more salacious. Weird how that works since Pokemon are usually naked.

>Pokemon-human sexual relations
Exist and are generally considered a bit deviant, but acceptable if healthy and consensual.

After carefully surveying the magazine stash, you take Zigzagoon aside and politely ask him where the infamous Eeveelution swimsuit edition is.

:pokezigblush: A-are you a PokePerv connoisseur too? Everyone always calls me a weirdo for caring so much about my collection. I just think the pictures look really nice and s-sexy.

:pokezigcry: I don’t have the swimsuit edition, I’ve tried to sneak into the Game Corner to grab it but they always throw me out.

:poketrapchad: I will steal it for you.

:pokezigshock: Really? That would be the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me.

:poketrapface: Give me a day or several, but I’ll make it happen.

Zigzagoon blubbers his thanks so profusely that you don’t have the heart to smack him around, even if you’d like to impress Eevee. You trade half the contents of the bundle for a Revive, which you hold onto. You don’t want to give away all the food, that would be very rude to poor Smeargle who’s already giving you free shelter.

You’re tired and it’s getting late. The Game Corner in Mauville is your best bet for getting a copy of the magazine, though it usually has tight security and trainers gambling for a chance at rare TMs. You could also try some residences in Verdanturf, which will have a lower chance of having the key item, but also be easier to access.

You bid your new pal Zigzagoon farewell and walk with Eevee back to the home den.


:pokeevepanic: Eeek!

:pokegensmile: Heheheheh, my, already found another cute companion, Trapinch? You’re so popular, no wonder I’m enamored with you.

:pokeevemad: We’re not interested. Go away.

:pokegendrama: Such a possessive partner! Trapinch, have you thought more about Team Friendlies’ offer? You don’t even have to join full-time, just a visit to our base would be a great first step. I can show you there tomorrow morning, and you can even bring your darling friend. It’s such a good way to grow your strength.
No. 1050313 ID: ae4094

accept her offer, go alone, you'll get stronger, who doesn't want to get stronger and evolve, do it for the flygon fingers
No. 1050314 ID: e51896

Interesting, Eevee said we weren't interested even though this is the first time we've seen her interact with Gengar, and Gengar didn't even mention offering us to join team friendlies in front of Eevee before Eevee rejected her. I take it perhaps Gengar has been giving this offer to join her to Smeargle and Eevee before? or maybe Smeargle told Eevee at one point about Gengar meeting us while we were sleeping.

Lets ask Eevee what she knows about Team Friendlies and their reputation before we visit Gengar's base

And ask Gengar why she would want a weak pokemon like us to join her rescue team when we're not strong enough in comparison to her. We're smol.
No. 1050315 ID: 5da869

Eevee must have a good reason to reject Gengar's offer. Let's stick with Eevee and give a polite "No thank you" to Gengar.
No. 1050316 ID: bc4cda

We don't want to go. Why are you following us?
No. 1050322 ID: 823a1a

ask if we can bring two people, you already know 2 friends who would want to go together who you could drag with you, speaking of you should ask both of them for knowledge, probably say yes
No. 1050323 ID: e47ede

>Exist and are generally considered a bit deviant, but acceptable if healthy and consensual.

How do the pokemon and humans communicate?
No. 1050324 ID: 564b39

Smeargle already said Team Friendlies makes pokémon fight for entertainment, supposedly to "get stronger against trainers." So, yes, Team Friendlies has been busy.

Let's ask Gengar were their base is tell her we might meet them later.
Then go back to the cave and tell Smeargle and Eevee about our life as a human. If we are going to work together, we need to be on the same page about our goals.

And then we go buy the magazine for Zigzagoon with our salary.
No. 1050325 ID: 529d6d

Raid residences, it's easier and there is a chance you'll also find other useful things.
Accept gengar's offert, but go with friends (if they accept).
And once she is gone, ask Eevee what she knows about her and team friendlies.
No. 1050340 ID: e5709d

"You are bratty and ugly and I do not like you. Go away."
No. 1050344 ID: 708905

Just a visit could be ok, we could meet the other members and see if they're aight
No. 1050350 ID: bbb04b

"... Okay, I'll bite; since when were you 'enamored' with me, and why? I somehow doubt you just find Ground types sexy."

Either we poke a hole in her façade by making her improvise some unconvincing flattery for us, or she reveals a clue about the nature of our soul; that is, if we're still a human on the inside, it's possible that Pokémon (who are inclined to trust humans) - especially those with the ability to perceive someone's soul - may be keyed into a notion along the lines of "I inherently like this guy."

Regardless of her response, give a noncommittal "I'll think about it," then be on your way. Maybe you could consult the others on the pros and cons of hardcore battle grind-sets in a human-free controlled environment before making an actual decision. Obviously, the sticking point is deciding whether to trust that we're actually free to leave once we enter.
No. 1050352 ID: 2aa5f0

still trying to figure things out and getting a lay of the land, but might stop by at some point to see what it's all about (if only so you'd stop breathing down my neck)
No. 1050372 ID: dd15aa

This seems like a good set of things.
No. 1050378 ID: 9ea24b
File 166960085025.png - (90.17KB , 500x500 , p15.png )

>Lose temper
:poketrapmad: Could you just leave me alone? I don’t want to be harassed every day about joining your club! Yeah it sounds interesting but the more you bother me about it the less I want to go.

:pokegenneut: I’m sorry.

:poketrapmad: You can tell me where your base is and I’ll go there if I want to.

:pokegenneut: It’s north of Mauville, past that odd family’s challenge house and before the popular camping area.

:poketrapface: Great, goodnight.

You stride away, little legs shaking from nerves. Gengar doesn’t follow and once you’re safely back in Smeargle’s den, you relax.

:pokeeveneut: That was impressive, telling that Gengar off.

:poketrappanik: You think so? Do you know anything about Team Friendlies?

:pokeevesus: Smeargle doesn’t like them and they give me a bad vibe. I’ve seen Gengar around but she’s never talked to me directly before. What makes you so special?

:poketrapface: Well speaking of that…

>Tell Smeargle and Eevee about being human
Better now than later. You call for Smeargle and she joins the two of you in the living room where you explain the situation, adding as many boring details from your previous life as possible to prove your claims.

:pokeeveneut: Okay.

:pokesmerface: Sure.

:poketrappanik: That’s it? You’re not more shocked?

:pokesmerface: I mean, there is some precedent. I’ve heard stories of stuff like that happening whenever someone pisses off a powerful Pokemon or some prophecy needs fulfilling.

:poketrapface: I don’t think either of those things are the case.

:pokeevemad: I’m tired! As long as you keep helping around the den I don’t care! Good night!
No. 1050379 ID: 9ea24b
File 166960088375.png - (66.33KB , 500x500 , p16.png )

It takes a little while to fall asleep that night after a nice meal of berries and seeds. Your job will probably fire you soon, maybe they’ll issue a missing person notice after long enough? Your family is in Lilycove so they won’t know anything’s wrong for a while. You’re not optimistic that you’ll be turning back anytime soon, so you try not to worry about it. It’s nice to not have bills and chores and deadlines looming over you, though.

>How do humans and Pokemon communicate for sex purposes?
You don’t have any personal experience in the matter, sadly. Pokemon have human or higher intelligence and are physically stronger and/or have superpowers. They can understand humans, so there could be some kind of easily set up red yellow green system through growls or other noises. Of course there’d be impetus on the human to communicate verbally and pay extra attention to their partner.

>Did you own a physical copy of the desired magazine?
Nope, you were a pure digital consumer. Real modern fellow. You don’t have the keys to your third floor apartment anyway.

>Bring friends to Friendlies base
Only good friends will go with you on such an uncertain mission. Currently you have no good friends. If you try to go by yourself you’ll encounter at least one trainer.

Your last thought before falling asleep is that you think Eevee likes you more after you made Gengar leave.

What would you like to do the next day?
A. Active Action Item: Magazine Quest (pick Verdanturf residences or Mauville Game Corner)
B. Other (ex. Gather food to trade, train against wild Pokemon or trainers, visit the Friendlies base etc.)
No. 1050381 ID: e51896

Mauville Game Corner

I wonder if it's anything like Celadon's game corner where they are selling pokemon as prizes. Probably not last I checked, but if they are, maybe we can release them somehow as we get the magazine?
No. 1050382 ID: 8483cf

A, Game Corner
No. 1050383 ID: 823a1a

hmmm, Ziggy had gold neggets, no? we could try to go on a shopping trip with them, depending on if Mauville does business with pokemon, you don't much much communication to exchange money for n item, otherwise, a normal Magazine Quest it is, probably in Verdanturf, as stealing from a store is more difficult
No. 1050385 ID: 45ebeb

Train against wild Pokémon.
No. 1050393 ID: dd15aa

A. Maybe we can break into our old apartment. It's not stealing if we steal our own money.
No. 1050394 ID: e47ede

Maybe we should reconsider Team Frendlies, but as a client.

By the way, how did the stories of the other humans end?
No. 1050395 ID: 36784c


It'll be easier to sneak into places while you're still a tiny Trapinch.
No. 1050397 ID: 15c72a

A. We've got a bit of a break from the Friendlies, we can go visit them after this task is done.
No. 1050400 ID: 308eef

Sounder if we can still learn dig? Would make getting into the game corner easier.
No. 1050416 ID: cbd2f6

Do it for racoon bro. Who knows, maybe we might even find something cool.
Could we fight some pokemon along the way to level up?
No. 1050417 ID: cbd2f6

Do it for racoon bro. Who knows, maybe we might even find something cool.
Could we fight some pokemon along the way to level up?
No. 1050418 ID: cbd2f6

I dunno bro, i think she'a kinda cute.
No. 1050421 ID: bdba10

A. Verdanturf, it will be easier, you can try Mauville once you are more used to sneak around.

She does have a nice smile.
No. 1050424 ID: 9ea24b
File 166966092112.png - (125.25KB , 500x500 , p17.png )

>Buy the magazine with money?
This is an option if you fail to get the magazine today. You could ask Zigzagoon for a nugget and then find a human who will trade with you. It’d be a pain to do because of the communication barrier, so you’ll stick with the thievery for now.

>Magazine from Verdanturf
You’re more familiar with the smaller town and people are generally nicer to wild Pokemon there. It’s a good starting point for your infiltration skills.

>Battle wild Pokemon on the way
You have a solid Level advantage over most of the locals, and after a brief explanation of your aims, a few agree to spar as you make your way west.

Your recently roughed up acquaintances, a Maril and an Oddish, snark that there’s a local Rescue Team that’s known for practice battles, and wonder aloud why you don't bother them instead.

You gain 2 Levels, putting you at Level 22. Your health is at two-thirds and you’re less popular with the locals.
No. 1050425 ID: 9ea24b
File 166966094510.png - (116.61KB , 500x500 , p18.png )

Verdanturf is its usual green and flowery self. You scuttle between bushes as you make your way over to the line of houses by your apartment building.

>Sure would be nice to know Dig right about now
It’s true, property damage is an effective way to enter a home. You’ll have to look for open windows and propped doors to get entry to these darling single family residences.

The only house that meets these requirements is one you remember from your previous life. It’s home to a single mother, her older teenage son, and their Kirlia. Perfect!

The Kirlia is twirling around in the small yard while the mother gardens. The door is open so fresh air can get into the house.

What’s your approach?
No. 1050427 ID: dd15aa

The Kirlia might sense you. What if you charge up a Bite attack in your mouth to mask yourself with Dark energy and avoid leaving a psychic signature while you sneak in?
No. 1050430 ID: bbb04b

If you're planning to go through with the theft and there aren't any other house options, then yeah, this is as close to a good bet as you're going to get for foiling a psychic's senses. Be ready to run, though; it's possible Dark TE doesn't make your mind invisible, just unreadable. Don't just dismiss the humans, either.

If you make your way inside, the teen's room and (if they're male or lesbian) the Kirlia's resting quarters are your best bets for finding a naughty mag. Honestly, look for Kirlia's digs first; the kid is just as likely to keep all his goods in a "homework" file.

... Alternatively, we could just do the non-antisocial thing and ask the Kirlia about the kid. Although explaining what we need and why would make for an... interesting conversation, to say the least. Even if they do believe us, I doubt they would be too charitable about something untoward, if it turns out to be theirs. Of course, we could learn from them that this house doesn't have what we need without having to break in. Decisions, decisions...
No. 1050434 ID: 2d7b10

Be careful, the teenager is probably inside.
Talk to the kirlia and try to negotiate, you are free to go a lot of places they can't, maybe there is something they want that you can do or find for them.
You were neighbors, do you remember anything useful about them ?
No. 1050435 ID: a7a180

Where's the son? He might be in his room right now. Be very quiet, and try not to think too loud.
No. 1050436 ID: e5709d

The lil' Kirlia has psychic detection built-in. You can't sneak past her, so just talk to her and ask if you can trade garbage disposal services for her trainer's less-than-healthy stash.
No. 1050440 ID: fa2dd9

If we're talking to this Kirlia, shouldn't asking for help with our main problem take priority?
No. 1050444 ID: 71fa80

Try to sneak in. Best bet for finding the PokePerv magazine would be the teenage boy's room.

Be prepared for the Kirlia to notice you and, because you're a wild pokemon, you might need to battle him/her in order to not get caught in a ball!
No. 1050446 ID: 084179

Try diplomacy. Ask if we can have the magazine please.
No. 1050455 ID: 9ea24b
File 166969597830.png - (110.79KB , 500x500 , p19.png )

>Kirlia random gender roll: Male
>Day of the week random roll (options based on two days ago being a work day): Wednesday

The son should be at school and most normal people don’t have Pokeballs on their hips to catch hapless creatures like yourself, so you should be okay unless you start causing problems for the mom.

The Kirlia is your primary barrier to entry. Psychic Pokemon are straight up busted and he can probably read your brain waves at this range. Still, polite conversation has worked well for you so far, and you scuttle towards the Kirlia, who turns to watch you approach.

:poketrapface: Hi there, nice day, isn’t it?

:pokekirface: …I know you. You’re that pervert who’s into Pokemon, I’ve seen the things you fantasize about my owner and me when you walk by. Why are you a Trapinch?

:poketrappanik: THOSE WERE PRIVATE THOUGHTS AGGGHHHHH. I didn’t even know you were a guy! I mean, not that that would change much.

:pokekirglare: You’re repulsive.

:poketrapmad: Look, tons of people have weird fantasies, it’s just horny thoughts it doesn’t mean anything. Also I don’t know why I turned into a Pokemon but I’m trying to figure it out.

:pokekirface: Maybe some other Psychic type was so disgusted by your desires that they decided to punish you and turn you into a Pokemon.

:poketrapface: Okay, but like what if I was into that? You see how people could be really into that, right? If there are Pokemon who can do that then they could charge a million Pokedollars for it and they’d be rich.

:pokekirface: Shut up.
No. 1050456 ID: 9ea24b
File 166969600962.png - (102.14KB , 500x500 , p20.png )

Kirlia talks in a moderately deep monotone. You think you could take him, if it came down to a fight. That said, you’re missing some of your HP so the odds are worse.

:poketrapface: So Pokemon to Pokemon, Eeveelutions are super hot.


:poketrapface: Would you, by chance, happen to own the swimsuit Eeveelution edition of PokePerv? Or perhaps the young man who lives here has a copy?

:pokekirface: Maybe. Why do you want it?

:poketrapface: I have a dear friend, a good sweet pal named Zigazagoon, who desperately longs for a voluptuous Vaporeon in a bikini.


:poketrapface: A svelte Espeon spreading her legs and looking over her shoulder, teasing the viewer.

:pokekirglare: I hate you.

:poketrapface: Look buddy, I’m a little dirt bug thing just trying to do a good deed. Can’t you help me out?

Kirlia doesn’t seem to like you very much, how strange. What do you do?
A. Fight Kirlia (60% success without Revive, 100% with Revive, +3 Levels), and then search the teenager’s room.
B. Bribe Kirlia somehow (suggest)
C. Leave and come back later with backup
No. 1050457 ID: 308eef

What would the guy even want that we could bribe him with? Finishing his chores for him so he can grab the magazine and then have us leave as soon as possible so he doesn’t have to read our mind anymore? Could work since it seems like they just kind of read the mind of everyone who gets close enough so taking away the magazine might help so he does have to hear the son’s thoughts about the magazine for awhile. I mean sure he’ll probably find a replacement eventually but even a brief brake would probably be welcomed.
No. 1050458 ID: a7a180

A. Negotiation by Pokemon battle is the tried and true way.
No. 1050461 ID: 556cba

B. "Ask yourself Kirlia, do you want the kid to turn out like me? I can make it disappear and you'll have deniability."
No. 1050462 ID: 556cba

It's worth considering that the mother is right there. Starting a battle could get Rangers after us for being a nuisance mon.
No. 1050463 ID: e51896

That's actually pretty smart. Support.
No. 1050483 ID: d49f4a

Apologise for your lewd thoughts, and ask if it happens often. It probably does. It will probably get worse when he evolves now that you think about it.
Tell him you will keep an eye out for the stone he needs to evolve and trade it to him first in addition to getting rid of the magazine for him if he accepts. Unless he wants to look feminine when he evolves, you won't judge him, you'd really be into that actually.
No. 1050488 ID: bbb04b

"Again, thoughts are uncontrollable; what defines us is whether we act on them, and whether we feed or starve them. So, let's say the boy living in this house is feeding such terrible fantasies. Perhaps you should help me help him to not do that? Heck, this is kind of a long-shot, but I'll even keep an eye out for a Dawn Stone if you cooperate; you don't strike me as the type who's into being mistaken for a lady. I reckon the stray fantasies will only get more frequent regardless of which evolution you undergo, but it's probably gonna happen at some point, and at least Galades don't get missgendered."
No. 1050491 ID: 260607


Tell Kirlia that if he lets us take the PokePerv Magazine, he won't have to see those perverse fantasies coming from the teenage boy's mind. Or the mom's mind. You don't know who that magazine belongs to, but you'll take it so he won't have to be subjected to those fantasies coming from the humans he lives with.

>I'll even keep an eye out for a Dawn Stone
We shouldn't make promises we can't keep.

Also we shouldn't assume that he wants to be a Gallade. He might be perfectly fine with becoming a Gardevoir.
No. 1050495 ID: b01382

Damn thats smart, +1 supporting this.
As he's the kids partner, its in his best interest he makes sure his idiot buddy not turn into a perv like us.

But if negotiatioms fail then go with A, and use the revive.
To be fair, what people think and what people do are two different things.
No. 1050502 ID: 9ea24b
File 166975356545.png - (140.57KB , 500x500 , p21.png )

Sorry lads, Gallade and Dawn Stones were introduced in Gen 4. If Kirlia ever evolves it’ll be into a Gardevoir.

:poketrapthink: Male Gardevoir…

:pokekirglare: You know I can literally tell what you’re thinking about right now.

:poketrapface: Does it bother you that people mistake you for female?

:pokekirface: Not really. It’s a 50/50 gender ratio for Ralts so there are plenty of other males. Most humans don’t think about having sex with Pokemon so that doesn’t usually bother me either.

>B, offer to take away the magazine to protect the youth
:poketrapchad: You wouldn’t want your owner’s son to turn out like me. Imagine having to be around him all the time at home! If he has the magazine, I’ll take it off his hands and leave tracks with my little Trapinch feet so they don’t blame you.

:pokekirface: Fine. But you have to take ALL the magazines, not just the issue you want.

:poketrapchad: I am willing to make this great sacrifice.

Kirlia checks to make sure the mom isn’t paying attention then leads you into the house and down the hall to the teen’s room. You make sure to track a lot of dirt inside, and even tear up some of his clothes with your chompers. There’s a hefty stack of magazines under the bed, and you buckle slightly under the weight of carrying them rolled up in your jaws.

Kirlia is now your tentative ally and can be visited if you go back to Verdanturf. Humans in Verdanturf will be on the lookout for a rogue Trapinch.

You hurry back home and drop off the duplicate magazines in Smeargle’s den. With your prize gripped gently between your teeth, you go to Zigzagoon’s hole, which is empty besides the piles of refuse. The scruffy fellow must be out running errands this afternoon.

A. Wait for Zigzagoon so you can enjoy the magazine together
B. Leave the magazine and go back to Smeargle’s den to rest and talk to either of the inhabitants
No. 1050504 ID: bf9b7c

A. The best things in life are enjoyed with friends.
No. 1050505 ID: c29e6e

A. Take a rest. And while it's hardly a sought after prize it would suck for someone to nab it while no one's here. Find the issue in question to present it to him when he returns.
No. 1050506 ID: 36784c

No. 1050507 ID: 15c72a

>and even tear up some of his clothes with your chompers
but why
why would you do that

A, and get a fuckin' Attack TM out of it hopefully.
No. 1050514 ID: f5a24a

A. With this many mags, we're bound to get a good deal, maybe even multiple items.
No. 1050515 ID: a7a180

B, cash this in later. Being alone in one place for long seems like a bad idea.
No. 1050521 ID: 2aa5f0

did... did you just carry a bunch of a teenager's wank material in your mouth?

No. 1050523 ID: 588bee

C. Wait for Zigzagoon to trade and talk but don't look at the magazines. They are for wierd teenagers.
No. 1050526 ID: 87e33c

A, Oggle the eevees, and pick a favorite just to have an opinion.
No. 1050527 ID: 90c451

It would seem that fantasizing about such things has put you at a disadvantage. If what Kirlia said could be true then maybe not having such lewd fantasies would turn you back?
Either way it would make you more chivalrous and less creepy to the psychic types. Then it wouldn't just be fantasies. Contradictory as it may seem, by stopping the fantasies they may just come true.
B or C. Maybe chill out with smeargle while resting off your damage. You are still hurt after all.
No. 1050530 ID: 7c0da2

A. Give him the magazine, pick up any reward and ask him if he knows someone who might trade the other magazines you picked up. No need to stay with him while he reads it, he will probably want some privacy anyway...
No. 1050532 ID: ba605b

+1 lets see if we can trade all the extra magazines we've obtained foor something, either with our new buddy or other pokemon he know.
If we can, we should see if we can trade for a vitamin or shake to make us stronger.

IMO im of the opinion that we should prepare for the scenario that we either stay a pokemon, or if we ever revert back into a human. For that i think we should get in contact with a pokemon that can speak english so we can get all the stuff in our appartment shipped back to our parents.
No. 1050533 ID: 017b2d

Who cares what the Kirlia thinks, he didn't need to be spying on our thoughts.

If we want to communicate with humans, I'm sure we could figure out a way to do it. For now, A.
No. 1050534 ID: a9af05

>Sorry lads, Gallade and Dawn Stones were introduced in Gen 4. If Kirlia ever evolves it’ll be into a Gardevoir.
Now I understand how this quest works. Anything introduced after Gen 3 doesn't exist in this quest.

Which also means that the Fairy type doesn't exist. So Kirlia is a pure Psychic type instead of a Psychic/Fairy type.

>what do?
A. Wait for Zigzagoon. We don't want someone else to show up and take the magazine when we leave it here.
No. 1050546 ID: 422cea

A. Consequentially have an existential crisis about your body shape and the location of your ding-dong when the time comes.
No. 1050548 ID: dd15aa

If only a kind friend would lend a hand. Or a toy.
No. 1050549 ID: 9ea24b
File 166977788775.png - (103.47KB , 500x500 , p22.png )

>Did you just carry a teenager’s wank material in your mouth?
You gag at the realization, but it’s not like you had a choice. Even more reasons to want thumbs.

>Why did you tear up the teen’s clothes?
You wanted to create thorough proof that Kirlia wasn’t behind the theft. Really it was an act of goodwill.

>A, but give Zigzagoon his privacy with the pictures once he gets here
You settle down with the magazine and carefully turn the pages as you wait for Zigzagoon to return. Ah, just how you remember. If you had to pick a model to go out with, it would probably be Umbreon. Less likely to die accidentally from the super powers, though you heard about Umbreons spraying poison from their pores or something. At your current size most of these mons would be noticeably bigger than you.

Honestly you haven’t given much thought to actually having sex as a Trapinch. Do you even have external genitalia? Kind of a hard exoskeleton thing going on with your body. Oh no, what if you can’t jack off?

You start to daydream and then slip into a doze. You shake yourself awake when Zigzagoon comes shooting into the den.

:pokezigshock: Is that–Did you really–

:poketrapchad: Yes, Zigzagoon. The swimsuit edition is all yours.

:pokezigcry: Thank you thank you thank you you’re so nice.

Zigzagoon is now your good friend! You can ask him to come with you on chores or tasks. You can also trade for his items at half price.

After patting Zigzagoon on the back while he collects himself, you dip your head and bid him farewell. Night is falling fast and you don’t want to be caught out alone by Gengar.
No. 1050550 ID: 9ea24b
File 166977789841.png - (91.48KB , 500x500 , p23.png )

Back at Smeargle’s den, you spot the painter Pokemon poking through your leftover pile of magazines with the air of a bomb defuser.

:pokesmerawk: Uh, are these yours Trapinch?:

:poketrappanik: Yes, sorry, shouldn’t have left them out. I was helping Eevee’s friend Zigzagoon with something.

:pokesmerawk: Yes, if you could put them away...

You awkwardly stack the magazines in the corner and line them with a protective layer of rocks. Seems like Eevee is sticking to her room this evening, and Smeargle retreats back to the safety of her room as well. You eat dinner and settle down to sleep.

The next morning Smeargle shakes you awake. Your health is back at full.

:pokesmerworry: I just got the news, there’s a trainer in the area.

:poketraptired: Wuh? Aren’t there always trainers around here? Since there’s the daycare and stuff.

:pokesmerworry: No, this is a kid from a small town in the middle of nowhere who has a Pokedex, some kind of headwear, picks fights with the local ecoterrorists, and is training their Pokemon at a crazy rate. That kind of trainer. It’d be safer to shelter here for the day while they work through the Mauville gym.

What would you like to do today? You have no current action items. There is a high chance (75%) of encountering the kid at some point if you go outside.
A. Forage for food to trade with Zigzagoon
B. Visit a location
C. Spend time with Eevee or Smeargle (Smeargle will want to stay in the den)
No. 1050551 ID: bbb04b

Spend time with Eevee in the den. She should probably be informed that the thing you promised to help Zigzagoon with to facilitate future trade is taken care of.

Do make a mental note to head out tomorrow and make some apologies, though. Specifically, you should apologize to Maril and Oddish for how you acted earlier, then apologize to Team Friendlies for being too abrasive earlier.
No. 1050552 ID: c96f56

Let's spend the morning with Eevee and Smeargle playing a game or such.
Then in the afternoon, we can trade more PokePerv magazines to Zigzagoon.

Smeargle can probably also write us a "help me" sign explaining our predicament that we can carry in case we find a trainer or regular folk.
No. 1050554 ID: dd15aa

A game sounds fun. What's a good game we could play?
No. 1050557 ID: 823a1a

well, good news is the Capital T Trainers to from place to place quickly, so it shouldn't be long
Eevee! could be a good chance to how being raised in a daycare is like for pokemon, and get to know her
No. 1050560 ID: 308eef

C: smergal

Get to know the person that is basically letting you crash at her place for free.
No. 1050563 ID: 5499f4

> Play a game
If you can play one with both of them you should! If you have to pick one then pick Smeargle because they could help you with art.

> What game
You could introduce them to checkers, it's really simple and just requires some colored pieces.

If you wanted a 3 player game you could do some sort of mafia or werewolf-like where one person is a token with an X underneath it and you have a limited time span to convince the others that you're not the one with the X.

You could also play some form of jenga or dice stacking using the rocks, try to make as stable a tower as you can. To spice it up you could make it truth or dare styled where you banter with eachother and if you mess up you have to stack a rock.

Idk there's a lot of relatively simple things you can do, though the no thumbs part means that only some of them are viable.
No. 1050573 ID: b01382

I have a solution on how to avoid the trainer. We ask our painter friend to write a note in the thinnist line of paint that reads: please do not throw pokeballs at me, I'm on an errand to help my trainer.
How will we acquire paper? Well that depends on if any of the magazines have any blank pages. If there are blank pages then good, carefully tear it our and write on it.

Continuing off the assumptions that we can find a blank page, we could possibly take all the smut magazines to our raccoon bussom buddy to see what we can trade for them, maybe even warn him about the trainer so he doesnt get best up or captured.

Failing that, and we find not usable paper, and if we can't think of any good games, we could spend the day trying to learn the move dig so we can possibly upgrade the den to be roomier for everyone, as a thank you for letting us stay with them.

Honestly id really like the chance to speak to the trainer kid so we can use his phone to call out folks. Sure we got stub arms, but that doesnt mean we can't draw really big letters and numbers to communicate.
No. 1050576 ID: 36784c


You are a Trapinch that's not in a desert. That makes you unusual and will make the trainer want to catch you. You should stay in the cave and until the trainer leaves.

>write a note
You're assuming that Smeargle, a wild Pokémon, actually knows how to write the human language. That doesn't seem very likely.
No. 1050578 ID: cb1e51

C. Wait it out. Ask Smeargle if you can see her paintings.
No. 1050582 ID: edff6b

If Smeargle can't write, we have magazines to piece together a message from.
No. 1050584 ID: b01382

Maybe? Theres no harm in asking if she knows how to write or not. If she doesnt then maybe we could spend some time with her learning how to be literate....by reading the words off the soft-core porn mags
Yeah good stuff. At the very least, we could try writing very carefully on the ground, and ask her to copy our writing. Literate or not im sure she can do at least that.

If we had sciccors or knew the move Cut.
No. 1050586 ID: 61e859

she could just copy words or letters we point to
No. 1050587 ID: 36784c

She was visibly disgusted from looking at the magazines when we left them in a pile out in the open. What makes you think she would willingly look at those magazines to copy the words or letters we point at as a favor to us? She's only known us for a few days and has absolutely no reason to do that for us.
No. 1050589 ID: 3e9cdf

Spend the day with Smeargle. Perhaps you can work on painting a sign to explain your need to see Lanette.
No. 1050592 ID: 86d76e

lol then just write letters in the ground with our stumbs. Its soceasy even you could do it.
No. 1050594 ID: 08240c

She had absolutely no reason to let us stay with her.
No. 1050595 ID: 9ea24b
File 166984658637.png - (115.26KB , 500x500 , p24.png )

>Trade more magazines to Zigzagoon
He already has all of the other PokePerve issues due to his dedication and supreme drive. You can trade your stock to different Pokemon, if they’re interested.

>C, time with Smeargle
You have a favor to ask of her, and you trust her warning about the kid enough to stay in for a day.

:poketrapface: Thanks for letting me stay here even when I’m not actually an abandoned Pokemon.

:pokesmerhap: No problem, getting turned into a Pokemon sounds much more traumatic anyway. I’d appreciate it if you kept hanging out with Eevee and collecting food.

:poketraphap: Can do! Say, do you know how to write in human language? I want to get a sign that says I’m really a human and that I want to go see Lanette.

:pokesmerface: I don’t, but you can write things out in the dirt and I can copy them onto one of my canvases.

Smeargle goes to fetch a small canvas panel that must be man-made from her room and dips her tail in a pot of dark ink. You scratch out the shortest message possible that conveys all the information which Smeargle painstakingly transfers over.


You can only carry one held item at a time. The sign has the property where it will confuse any human who sees it.

You thank Smeargle and lean the sign against the dirt wall by where you’re keeping the dirty mags to dry. It’s about the size of your head.

What do you do for the second half of the day?
A. Learn Dig with Eevee
B. Ask to see Smeargle’s room
C. Go out with your new sign (suggest what to do while you’re out)
No. 1050598 ID: 15c72a

No. 1050601 ID: 86d76e

No. 1050602 ID: dee951

How about, "I am HUMAN (TF'ed)" for that one sign? It'd be even MORE distracting, while being accurate, and they'll try and figure out what TFed is short for from context...
No. 1050608 ID: 7c0da2

Whatever you end up doing ask her where she is finding paint and canvases. Is she stealing them from humans?
No. 1050609 ID: 08240c

A, Dig first.

The daycare is a good place to start with the sign. Kind caretakers and a PC that should have a way of contacting the admin.
No. 1050610 ID: 5499f4

A: Dig because then even if you're kicked out you can dig yourself a home somewhere or even trade stuff with other mon to make them burrows, basically become a building contractor in small mon form for the ones who cant and want a place to sleep.
No. 1050613 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 1050615 ID: 08240c

I think Secret Power users would outcompete us.
No. 1050616 ID: 19ea25

A: Lets dig! A new world becomes available to us when we dig through the soil.
No. 1050618 ID: 322af8

I like B
No. 1050619 ID: dd15aa

Play in the dirt with Eevee!

That just means we need to get that too.
No. 1050622 ID: bbb04b

A, but it occurs to me that we're about at the level where we should be learning Sand Tomb. Kinda feels like we're jumping the gun. (Although combining the two moves to complete the ambush predator arsenal is a priority.)
No. 1050625 ID: 885f1a

A let's spend some time with Eevee! I'm sure we will have a reason to go out soon-ish and Smeargle's room is her room
No. 1050626 ID: 8483cf

No. 1050628 ID: a7a180

Learn to dig!
No. 1050639 ID: b01382

So guys. Are we gonna hook up our new buddy with Eevee?
No. 1050640 ID: dc1de7

If tbe paint womt flake off when it dries, what you can do instead is take the painted canvas off the board and weae it on your back like a cape, they show off the words to people. That way you can still carry other things. Better to not use it like a sack though.
No. 1050641 ID: dc1de7

Also, another idea to talk shop on with our two temporary(?) roommates is the topic of the perv magazines. They dont have to like them, but there might be other pokemon who want to trade for them. Would they know any mons who would be interested, or other social/trade mons who would know others who would be interested? Not today of course.

If yes, we ahould take Zigzagoon with us to help facilitate trade, as he himself is an expert of reading materials.
No. 1050642 ID: dd15aa

We could talk up our guy to help him score. But be cool about it, be subtle. Like how some of the Pokeballs he found could help Eevee keep from getting caught by trainers. Gives us an excuse to take her to see him again.
No. 1050643 ID: b01382

We could probably agree to be sparing buddies with him so we both can level up faster, and giving him a confidence boost will deff impress his crush (Eevee). Maybe make an offer to use his healing potions and berries for the sake of us both wailing on each other until we're stronger. Consider we're stronger than him, he stands to gain more than we do.
If we run low on healing supplies, we could always collect more berries, try to pawn off the dirty mags to mons/humans, or something else.
No. 1050672 ID: 9ea24b
File 166992656742.png - (86.06KB , 500x500 , p25.png )

Eevee is curled up in a tight ball in her room, which is decorated with shiny bits of rock and dried flowers.

:poketrapface: Hey, let’s learn Dig. You should be able to learn it too.

:pokeeveneut: How are we supposed to learn a move without leveling up or a TM?

:poketrapchad: Sheer willpower. Also we both know how to dig in the dirt, how hard can it be to get good at it?

:pokeevesus: Why don’t we just teach ourselves whatever move we want, then?

:poketrapthink: Could we really?

:pokeevemad: No, doofus! Do you even know anything about Pokemon?

:poketrapmad: They all seem to have superpowers, can’t they learn a move without a dumb CD-ROM stuck in their faces?

:pokeevethink: …Smeargle can learn every kind of move and she’s a normal type.

:poketrapface: That’s the spirit. Let’s practice near the tunnel entrance so we can move the extra dirt outside.
No. 1050673 ID: 9ea24b
File 166992658892.png - (115.74KB , 500x500 , p26.png )

Though you lack fingers, you partially make up for it in the digging department with sturdy legs and a strong jaw. You gnaw on the dirt to loosen it, then fling it behind you with your paws. Eevee doesn’t mind getting her paws messy and finds her own spot to carve into the tunnel walls.

You both work hard to dig deep and wide holes, even expanding the main den. Once you’ve practiced enough, you try to replicate the offensive effect of the move Dig by burrowing into the ground and popping out to scare Eevee.

Trapinch Dig learning (90% success): Failure
Eevee Dig learning (40% success): Failure

It just doesn’t click. Even Eevee gives it a few tries but can’t make it stick either. You collapse on your side on the floor, exhausted and disappointed.

:pokeeveneut: I still had fun, even if we didn’t learn the move.

:poketraptired: I thought it would work. It SHOULD work.

:pokeeveneut: Maybe you can try another time. Hey I noticed you got some of those PokePerv magazines that Ziggy likes.

:poketraptired: Yeah, we’re bros now. Might go spar with him tomorrow. Does it bother you that I like that kind of stuff?

:pokeeveneut: Not really. Grow up in the daycare and you see mons porking constantly and getting treated like objects. Everyone was well cared for but it wasn’t really a life. Glad I was released.

You’ve grown closer with Eevee thanks to your awful luck. You have the idea of catching yourself or your pals in Pokeballs from Zigzagoon so trainers can’t catch you, but it’s a fairly risky plan. Pokeball technology is not your specialty.

What do you do the next morning? There is now an ongoing 25% chance you’ll encounter the kid if you go outside. You’ll be taking your sign with you unless you’d like to take the Revive instead.

A. Level up by fighting Zigzagoon, Eevee, and/or wild mons
B. Gather food for trading
C. Go to a location
No. 1050674 ID: dd15aa

Let's train with Zigs and Eevee, Eevee wanted to get stronger too right? Bring the cape in case we run into the Trainer. We can find some food on the way home later.
No. 1050677 ID: 2aa5f0

Is the trainer still around? Not sure we should leave if they are.

also what did we roll? a 1? good lord
No. 1050678 ID: 33ebd0

It said ongoing, so probably from now on there'll be a chance we'll encounter the trainer

B. We can get a discount now, so lets gather some trading goods.
No. 1050681 ID: a7a180

B. You should ask around more about Team Friendlies too. Why do they rub Smeargle the wrong way but everyone else tolerates them? Is it good PR, or something else?
Maybe you could venture up to the desert to train. You'd blend in more there.
No. 1050683 ID: 7c0da2

B. Let's put that discount to good use and see if Zigzagoon got any TM we can use.
No. 1050688 ID: 15c72a

B. Even if we had learned Dig, having two Attack moves would be good, so being able to trade for a TM is good forward thinking.
No. 1050694 ID: 9ea24b
File 166994723370.png - (109.53KB , 500x500 , p27.png )

>B, take advantage of those sick friendship deals
>Kid avoidance (75% success): Success
You head out alone with your sign and the empty bundle to collect berries, seeds, and apples.

>50% chance to find rare berry/apple/seed item: Success
You find a Chesto berry, which is firm and doesn’t smell very sweet. You decide to keep this berry for yourself.

On the way back toward Zigzagoon, you run into a few other Pokemon and ask for their opinions on Team Friendlies. The general consensus seems to be that the group is benign, but weird for encouraging battles since the life of a wild Pokemon is usually peaceful. Hm, it’s unusual for Smeargle to have such a strong stance against them, then.

Your good pal Zigzagoon greets you at his den and you exchange pleasantries.

>Zigzagoon is offering the following wares
Mid-grade Items (can trade a quarter of the food bundle for one):
Revives, Hyper Potions, Gold Nuggets, Poke Balls

High-grade Items (can trade half a food bundle for one):
Rare Candies, mediocre TMs, Vitamin Drinks

You ask Zigzagoon what all the TMs and HMs are and he identifies a handful of them:
Bulk Up, Cut, Flash, Taunt, Attract, Rock Tomb, Rock Smash, Bullet Seed, and Double Team.

You’re struck by overwhelming jealousy when you realize Zigzagoon’s paws function as mini hands.

What do you buy? You can spend your whole bundle or bring some food home to Smeargle. You can also ask Zigzagoon any questions.
No. 1050696 ID: bf9b7c

Attract is tempting but a little date rapey. Let's avoid that one.
Rock Tomb could be useful for dealing with any hostile flying mon like any Skarmory who come down here.
Let's ask our questions before we decide.
Does Zigzagoon know how Pokeballs work? If you catch each other will they stop working on you?
Guy talk, what does he like about Eevee?
Does he know any Bug types? We need to ask someone how Trapinch junk works.
No. 1050697 ID: 15c72a

Get Rock Tomb. It's good power, and super effective against Flying and Ice which are both types we need to watch out for. It's only 80% accuracy but it's still our best option of the set.
Then buy a nugget. Take the remaining quarter bag home.
No. 1050698 ID: d939b3

How do TMs work?
No. 1050700 ID: 55d211

Hmm, bulk up could be a good boosting move until we can learn dragon dance.
No. 1050701 ID: bf9b7c

I don't think gen 3 Trapinch can learn that one.
No. 1050703 ID: 10ed00

I kinda want to get 1 rare candy so we go up 1 level.
No. 1050704 ID: 15c72a

Oh shit you're right.
Of the list, we can learn:
Rock Tomb
Rock Smash
Double Team

I think Rock Tomb is the clear winner, personally. Double Team has some merit I guess, but a fight would have to last long enough for us to be attacked 4 times after the first buff for it to be beneficial on average. It's a 75% accuracy modifier with 1 stack, progressing as such: 3/4, 3/5, 3/6, 3/7 etc.
No. 1050706 ID: 3c1455

Personally think they're a holographic training program with some built in DRM that blanks the disc once the training is successful.

I think you'd need a Pokedex or similar device to even play them.
No. 1050723 ID: a7a180

Rock tomb, a nugget and bring the rest home.
These Pokeballs aren't full already, are they?
No. 1050727 ID: b01382

Ask Zig if he knows how pokeballs work. If we catch outselves, then we'll never be caught! Its genius!
Does he know anyonw we can trade the rest of the magazines we've acquired for?
I personally dont know much about the uses for gold nuggets, but has Zig considered pawning it off st a pawn shop or jeweler? Gold shop? Maybe exchange it for other goods in a human town?

Would he happen to have any cards in his stash? If he has some games we could all learn how to play them back in the den. Maybe he might get closer to Eevee?
No. 1050739 ID: 4169f6

>catch ourselves to make us uncatchable!
If we did that, would anyone know how to get us out of the pokeballs? Imagine how bad it'd be if we did that and someone gets stuck inside the pokeball because the pokemon didn’t know how to their friend to come back out.

Or worse, the dropped pokeball is still registered to a human and when we catch ourselves, we end up getting teleported into a random human's PC Storage Box!
No. 1050741 ID: cbc8da

Take rock smash, it's useful and will complement dig once you manage to learn it.
With both move nothing will be able to stand in your way! Dig deeper, into rocks, through buildings, sky's the limit... Until you can fly that is!
Bring the other half of the food home.
No. 1050746 ID: b01382

I wasn't sure if I was supposed to ask this here or in your discussion thread, but if we finally learn how to do Dig, would we have an easier time teaching our friends the moves if they don't know it?
If we learn dig, could we use it to dig up stuff like gold nuggets, crystals, and potentially cool things to sell or trade with other mons or possibly humans?
No. 1050748 ID: f02852

If we get cauht in a pokeball, wouldn't we be forced to stay near it? I think those things keep pokemon mentally incapable of moving or ditching them.
No. 1050749 ID: bbb04b

> Whaduhyaboyin?
Get Rock Tomb and use it right there... somehow. Not sure why people are pushing for a nugget. Isn't that purely a trade-good? We don't have anything we need to save up "value" for, assuming the suggestions are intentional, so... let's leave the spending at that.

> Smeargle and Team Friendlies
It's not hard to imagine what her particular beef with them is, actually. She's clearly not from around here, after all, so she's likely also a day-care escapee. From there, she was approached by Team Friendlies, ended up following the same misconception we were in danger of falling into, and joined a battle grindset-oriented rescue team without realizing that this was what she was getting into. I imagine that having Poke-Fight Club sprung on her (even if leaving off that detail was a genuine accident) didn't really endear them to her, given she doesn't seem into that stuff.

Still, might wanna ask Eevee or Smeargle about that sometime.
No. 1050750 ID: 58dd24

the nugget is for handing to humans in exchange for goods and services, since we can only carry items, not currency
No. 1050752 ID: 9ea24b
File 167002006521.png - (101.56KB , 500x500 , p28.png )

>Rock Tomb
You pay for the TM and immediately suck all of the fancy data learning juice out of the disc, leaving it gray and empty. It’s a vaguely disturbing experience, suddenly you really want to throw a boulder at Zigzagoon. There aren’t even any boulders around. The ground shivers under your feet.

The feeling passes after you close your eyes and breathe for a few seconds. You’ve learned Rock Tomb! You currently know four moves and the next will have to replace an existing one.

>Questions about TMs
Technology sure is a crazy thing. You were able to smush your face against the Rock Tomb TM and learn the move so at least you know you don’t need a trainer to help.

>Can you Dig for useful items once you learn the move?
Sure. The most common thing you’ll find are Gold Nuggets. You’ll have a low chance (5%) of finding an evolution stone.

You’d still like to have a little human cash on hand even if you have the chance to get your own gold in the future, so you pay for a Nugget as well.

>Bros helping bros
:poketrapface: Can you look between my legs to see if I have anything there? I can’t turn my head at the right angle.

:pokezigface: Anything for my best bud. Hm, yeah, looks like you got a gap where your orange top shell and bottom gray shell come together near your butt. Have you not, er, gotten a boner yet?

:poketrappanik: No…Are you sure I have a dick in there?

:pokezigface: Positive.

You feel a little better.

:poketrapface: So why do you like Eevee?

:pokezigblush: Oh, well, she’s very smart and pretty. Even if she acts mean and tough I think she’s actually nice on the inside and if she really didn’t like me she wouldn’t visit.

:poketraphap: That’s great, I think she’s starting to warm up to me too.
No. 1050753 ID: 9ea24b
File 167002008589.png - (55.66KB , 500x500 , p29.png )

:poketrapface: What do you know about Pokeballs? Is it true that they’re registered to the trainer that bought them?

:pokezigshock: Yes, that’s right! I get a little nervous having them in my den, actually, in case I sent one off by accident. They’re very shiny and red though so I keep them.

:poketrapface: What else do you know?

:pokezigface: I think Pokemon can throw Pokeballs at other Pokemon, but that’s very taboo and whoever’s being caught would try their best to escape. Once a Pokemon’s registered to a trainer other official Pokeballs won’t work on them, but if their ball is destroyed they’ll be vulnerable again.

:poketrapthink: If you’re caught, do you have to stay near your Pokeball?

:pokezigfrown: I don’t think so…Why are you asking?

:poketrapface: I’m wondering what would happen if I caught myself.

:pokezigshock: Ah! That might work but someone would have to let you out of the ball. If you want to try I could help, but I wouldn’t do that to anyone who doesn’t accept the risk.

Do you want Zigzagoon to catch you? He’ll let you out and keep the Pokeball in his den afterwards. Other Pokemon will be furious with him if they find out. Most trainers only have a couple Pokemon so you won’t be automatically transferred to the PC.
No. 1050754 ID: e5709d

The official Niantic stance of Pokémon reproduction is stupider and more traumatizing than pokésex.

Buy a pokeball but save it for later. There may be a large Pokémon you need to transport to safety. Or you could capture a particularly harmful pokemon.
No. 1050756 ID: 6e3b49

If you must, catch yourself by yourself and have Zigzagoon let you out. No need to make him do the catching.
No. 1050757 ID: ba605b

Ask our friend Ziggy if he has a backpack or backpack like so we can carry more things with us. When we evolve we promise to find him cool things. Would he accept an IOU until next time we return to his den to trade?
Would he like to come over and hang out with Eever?
No. 1050764 ID: 885f1a

you lave like, a thing going on in this area, you would rather not get carted away via trainer... mostly unrelated but what's stopping you from going to Lanette yourself?
No. 1050765 ID: bf9b7c

Let's catch ourselves and have him let us out after. We'll take the ball with us home so he doesn't get caught with it, we wouldn't want to get our best bro in trouble.

Smeargle wanted us to bring home food, she would be upset if we spend it all. Would Zigzagoon be interested in coming over for dinner and bringing some of the food we traded? We can wingman for him with Eevee in return and if he can get Smeargle to like him it would go a long way to getting Eevee to open up I think.
No. 1050766 ID: a7a180

So it's still registered to whoever lost this ball? ...No, this might complicate things later down the road. Ideally we'll just avoid Pokeballs entirely.
No. 1050783 ID: 00e87a

No to Zigzagoon catching us.
No. 1050784 ID: 15c72a

If pokeballs are registered to the pokemon that bought them, then... wouldn't that mean you'd belong to whoever owned Zag's balls? Is it even possible for someone other than the owner to let a pokemon out of a ball? Leave the pokeballs alone, IMO.
No. 1050785 ID: 36784c

No to catching ourselves.
No. 1050796 ID: f02852

You know, it's true! We could go to Lanette ourselves.

And we should probably avoid the pokeballs. That trainer might get a sixth pokemon at any moment, and we would end up stored in a PC.

If we don't go to Lanette today, we can probably go bond with Eevee and Smeargle. We'll need their help if we go visit Team Friendlies.
No. 1050798 ID: dee951

Well, you'd need to understand the programming of the pokeball. What exactly does it do to the pokemon? How is registration imprinted? What's with this 'pokemon are also energy' thing? How does the loyalty thing work? What's this you heard about Pokemon being able to get out of their balls whenever they want to, for at least SOME trainers?

Ugh. There's SO MUCH you don't know. And it seems Zigzagoon doesn't know a lot of the particulars either. That's not a bad thing, this is SUPER specialized lore. Does Zigzagoon know who might know all this weird technical stuff? Is there a pokeball hacker anywhere? Or has a Team stolen some proprietary pokeball programming information and put it on the black market, somewhere? Is there an 'Open Source/Open Hardware' Pokeball Project? And how does this impact the various and myriad 'primitive' forms of pokeballs?

Ugh. So much to figure out.
No. 1050800 ID: bbb04b

Don't catch yourself because there are too many unkowns involved here: registry of the catch appearing on the original trainer's PC account, you getting sent to the PC if the trainer has 6 pokémon, not being able to get out without the original trainer, and this is all on top of this being a taboo subject.

Guess that explains why the critters with basically human-level intelligence have never really tried their own hand at the whole trainer gig - aside from the obvious issue with the language barrier with their 'fellow people' and lacking opposable thumbs half the time, that is. (Not that pokémon shouldn't be treated with the same rights as a person... even if legal personhood (in the sense of having human licenses, income, and legal code applied to them) is sort of an opt-in situation for them, IIRC. Makes sense that most don't go for it; the boring human stuff like accounting, politics, and (Arceus forbid) bureaucracy should be left to the humans, after all - pokémon have the superpowers to kick their asses if they abuse those boring-as-sin responsibilities.) I guess humans are allowed to do it because they evolved (the boring way) right out of being able to do anything else but this one thing - training other creatures - really really well?
No. 1050801 ID: dee951


If the Open Source Pokeball idea doesn't exist... Is there a service where someone could order, say, bespoke custom Luxury Balls anonymously, like through human postal service? This HAS to be a solvable problem somehow!
No. 1050805 ID: 3c1455

But what happens to unregistered pokeballs that capture a Pokemon, if they have a failsafe to prevent an eternal imprisonment? Or what if it alerts the PC network after a while?

Surely there's some humane or government authority that lets neglected Pokemon go after a while. This might be only a temporary solution.
No. 1050806 ID: 3c1455

The possibility of a "jailbroken" pokeball sounds like some illegal technology that'd be heavily scrutinized.

I imagine only some villainous factions to be using those. Wink wink.
No. 1050810 ID: 463e93

Maybe things work differently here, but in the games pokeballs are found on the floor and given out by people. I really don't think they are registered to the buyer.

Pokeballs handcrafted from apricorns are still acceptable.
No. 1050813 ID: dee951


Would handcrafted apricorn balls be, uh, protective, though??
No. 1050824 ID: 3c1455

The pokedex acknowledges when you use a pokeball to capture something versus only having seen it, so I personally think you need the pokedex as a sort of ID and registry. Otherwise I don't know how secure they are.
No. 1050831 ID: 9ea24b
File 167008515252.png - (111.89KB , 500x500 , p30.png )

:poketrapchad: Zigzagoon, there is simply too much we don’t know about Pokeballs and using them ourselves seems highly dangerous and uncertain.

:pokezigshock: Y-yes! I agree.

:poketrapchad: Let us avoid Pokeballs entirely.

:pokezigcry: You are so wise and brave.

Zigzagoon seems very relieved by your decision. You invite him over for dinner at Smeargle’s to make up for the stressful situation. Zigzagoon will no longer offer to sell you Pokeballs.

>Go to Lanette
As mentioned before, she’s near Fallarbor, which is quite a ways away. You’re not strong enough to travel there alone since you’ll run into trainers and some hostile wild Pokemon.

>Does Zigzagoon have a bag or backpack you can use?
You don’t really have the body shape to carry a bag.

You deposit the new goods in your corner of paraphernalia and call Eevee and Smeargle out for a communal meal. Afterwards you try to teach everyone how to play checkers with different seeds and a dirt playing board, to mixed success. Zigzagoon is nervous at first, but quickly gets into the game and chatters happily with Eevee.

Eevee likes Zigzagoon more! Smeargle approves of your social endeavors and appreciates that you brought home some food.

You curl up to sleep that night with a contented smile on your face.
No. 1050833 ID: 9ea24b
File 167008546013.png - (68.18KB , 500x500 , p31.png )

Your dreams are confusing and take a turn for the worse where deep shadows pool around your stubby feet and suck the warmth out of you when you try to run.

It’s horrible. Even when you realize you’re sleeping you can’t manage to rouse yourself.


:poketraptired: Wuhhh?

:pokegensmile: Hi darling! I thought I’d check in, it’s been a few days and I haven’t seen you at the base and I’m just dying to have you stop by.

:poketrapmad: MRrrrrrGGGH!

:pokegendrama: Okay I’ll admit I haven’t been entirely honest with you, me and the other team leaders are holding a most improved Pokemon tournament and I think you’d make just the perfect nominee! I’ve been asking for delays in the hopes that you would come, but you must have been very busy.

:poketraptired: Ghmrrmmgh.

:pokegensmile: And I didn’t want to scare your little friends again, so I decided to use your dreams to follow up. Anyway, I hope you can visit tomorrow or the day after. Sleep tight!

You have 50% of your HP when you wake up in the morning.

What would you like to do today? There is still a 25% chance of encountering the kid if you go outside. Also, choose what held item you’ll be taking with you if you leave the den (Sign, Nugget, Chesto berry, Revive).

A. Active Action Item: Team Friendlies Base (You can ask Zigzagoon to go with you, you may encounter trainers or hostile Pokemon along the way)

B. Other (Gather food to trade, train against someone, visit a non-Friendlies location, get to know a Pokemon better, try to learn Dig again)
No. 1050834 ID: 463e93

Are there teams besides the Friendlies? We can try to hire an escort instead of training.
No. 1050836 ID: e51896

A. If anything, we can give them a piece of our mind for invading our dreams like that... especially since that was probably dream eater beacause we lost hp. We should probably also ask why their so interested in a weak pokemon who hasn't evolved like us.
No. 1050837 ID: bbb04b

Man, she really can't help trying to talk to people in the most unsettling way possible, huh? Must be a Ghost thing.

In any case, if we do head over, it'll be tomorrow, not today; we are not entering a tournament (likely with 'mons way stronger than us) at half health.

Let's have this be another stay at home day. Maybe tell Smeargle about the dream - but elaborate that you aren't holding it too hard against Gengar, given she seems to just be a bit socially inept - and maybe get her to tell us what her specific beef is with Team Friendlies.

Also, take another shot at learning moves in the den. I think we should shoot for either Sand Tomb (which I think is a stun-lock move like Bind or Whirlpool) or Dig again (which is good for cutting down on your opponent's chances to act against you). Maybe Dig, given we're only a few levels off from Sand Tomb. I don't think we need Bite and Feint Attack, so we'd unlearn whichever's weaker.
No. 1050838 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 1050839 ID: cf4e38

Gengar is awfully persistent with us in particular. And she showed up right after we transformed. I'm starting to think she had something to do with it.

Go see Zigs and see if he knows where we could het something to protect our dreams. Like a dreamcatcher or even a tinfoil hat.
No. 1050844 ID: a9af05

How close are we to evolving? At this point, I'd want us to evolve for the extra power, just in case Gengar's group tries to do something to us.

Do B and try to learn Dig. That'll help us escape from Team Friendlies if we need to.

And complain to Smeargle and Eevee to let them know about what just happened. They'll never experience that because they're Normal Types and Gengar's Ghost Type shenanigans can't effect them.
No. 1050850 ID: b01382

Stupid, sexy, ghost pokemon.
No. 1050851 ID: b01382

Wait, why do we only have 50%? Didnt we only lose 2/3rd hp when battling a day before ago? And we didnt get into a fight yesturday.
No. 1050852 ID: 885f1a

Ask Smeargle and Eevee why, EXACTLY, they don't like team friendlies
No. 1050854 ID: c29e6e

A. May as well finally humor her. See if you can get a favor out of zig and use one of his potions to not be at 50% for the trip.
No. 1050855 ID: c29e6e

I'm assuming that Gengar just used dream eater to do that.
No. 1050859 ID: f02852

50% life. I think this is our final warning that these guys won't take no for an answer.

Let's try learning Dig again with Eevee. Then tell our friends about this dream and ask for help going to visit these guys because they are dangerous and clearly won't leave us alone.
No. 1050865 ID: 7c0da2

B. Try to learn dig with Eevee again, it could be useful if we have to escape from team friendlies' base. But let's wait until tomorrow, we should not go there with only 50% HP.
And we should bring everyone we can when/if we go there, all our friends are immune to ghost trickery.
No. 1050867 ID: 36784c

B. Learn Dig
No. 1050883 ID: 15c72a

A. We have a decent set of moves now, might as well see what Friendlies are really about.
No. 1050884 ID: 9ea24b
File 167012051660.png - (110.27KB , 500x500 , p32.png )

>Can you protect yourself from future mental attacks?
This would be a good question for a psychic type, like Kirlia.

>Go see Team Friendlies tomorrow
You probably should, but as always you’ll have a choice.

>Are there other rescue teams?
In Hoenn? Definitely. In this area you think Team Friendlies has the monopoly.

>B, stay in the den and learn Dig with Eevee
>But first, tell the pair about your dream

You summon Smeargle and Eevee and summarize your rough night with Gengar.

:pokesmershock: Oh no! She’s still bothering you?

:pokeevesus: Does she know you’re a human? She’s annoyed me before but she seems to be suspiciously interested in you.

:poketraptired: I don’t know. I feel like crap. Maybe she didn’t mean to but I took a lot of damage while she was doing Dream Eater.

:pokesmermad2: They’re irresponsible. Pokemon shouldn’t become that powerful unless they’re under a trainer’s watch, it’s dangerous. Then they get bored that other mons aren’t giving them a challenge and start fighting tournaments!

:pokeeveneut: They tried to recruit you, right? What happened?

:pokesmerface: I told them I wasn’t interested and they left me alone. I’m too pro-trainer for them since I had a good experience with mine before she retired and released me.

With that tantalizing morsel of Smeargle’s backstory, the painter returns to her room while you enlist Eevee for more dirt delving.

Trapinch Dig learning (100% success): Success
Eevee Dig learning (60% success): Failure

You’ve mastered the art of rapid, omnidirectional tunneling. Eevee congratulates you sincerely and you see her smile for the first time. Your friendship with Eevee is quite high, and she’ll ask you to do her a favor the next time you spend time together.

You’ve learned Dig! Please select a move to replace from your current four:
Faint Attack
Rock Tomb
Sand Attack

What would you like to do in the afternoon?
A. Get to know a Pokemon better (Smeargle, Eevee, Zigzagoon)
B. Train (spar wild Pokemon or Zigzagoon)
C. Visit Kirlia
No. 1050885 ID: 322af8

A) Smeargle. Talk to the painter.
No. 1050886 ID: e51896

A: Smeargle

Idea: Smeargles tend to have a comrade put a painted pawprint on their back. She doesn't seem to have one. maybe we can ask if we can put our own pawprint on her back for her as a show of friendship, and she can put a cool looking one on our back too.
No. 1050889 ID: 556cba

Forget Bite.

C. Visit Kirlia. The sanctity of our head must be protected! Maybe we can learn to use the Faint Attack as armor to protect against mental attacks in battle.
No. 1050890 ID: 5d9787

Forget Sand Attack. Bite might be redundant with Faint Attack but Sand Attack is a waste of a move for a luck base effect that never work.
No. 1050891 ID: 556cba

Never count out pocket sand, that stuff carried some TPP runs. Plus if we want to avoid somebody without hurting them it's good to have a support debuff move.
No. 1050892 ID: 36784c

>forget move?
Forget Sand Attack

>What would you like to do in the afternoon?
A. Get to know Smeargle better.
No. 1050893 ID: a7a180

Replace Bite, visit Kirlia (with Zigzagoon?)
No. 1050896 ID: fec07f

Forget sand attack, too unreliable
No. 1050899 ID: 29fb4e

A Smeargle

forget bite
it's a special move in gen 3 so it's useless to us since faint attack is stronger and can't miss and I don't think hoping for flinch tactics is a winning strategy when you're as slow as a trapinch is.
No. 1050910 ID: b01382

Train Dig and use it to search for valuables to either trade or use.
No. 1050914 ID: dc0bee

Forget bite, faint attack is just as powerful but can't miss.

C. visit Kirlia, you desperately need some way not to be at the mercy of Gengar. Bring the "I'm human" sign with you just in case.
No. 1050916 ID: bfccc1

your a physical attacker and bite is special based in gen 3, forget bite.
No. 1050926 ID: 9ea24b
File 167017776586.png - (101.92KB , 500x500 , p33.png )

>Forget Bite
It’s a close decision, but you decide to keep Sand Attack for the nonviolent utility.

>Smeargle back pawprints
You remember something from a distant bar trivia night about how Smeargles stamp their prints on their pal’s backs and vice versa. Maybe once you have more exciting paws as a Vibrava you can ask Smeargle if she wants to.

>Talk to Smeargle
You want to get Kirlia’s help protecting your delicate psyche, but it’ll have to wait for another day. Your curiosity has been piqued and you want to finally uncover Smeargle’s history. If she’s a former pro Pokemon, surely she’s pretty high level.

You take the tunnel to Smeargle’s room, which you’ve never seen before. It’s a larger room than Eevee’s, covered top to bottom with canvases and completed paintings. There’s a trapdoor in the roof to let in natural light. The sun gleams off a small glass case on the wall, which contains two beautiful ribbons. You’ve heard of Pokemon getting ribbons for contests and other big achievements. Smeargle herself is mixing pigments in jars.

:pokesmerface: Hi Trapinch, are you feeling better?

:poketrapface: Yes! I also learned Dig so I can help expand the den and maybe make my own room.

:pokesmerhap: Great, it’s been nice having you around. Is there anything you need from me?

:poketrapwow2: Are you actually a super strong elite Pokemon?

:pokesmerhap: Haha, depends who you ask. My trainer used me to set up her sweepers in the Battle Tower, I have a very specific moveset without any attacking capability on my own. I’m fast, but that’s about all I have going for me stat wise.

:poketrapwow2: Cool…

:pokesmerface: If Gengar comes here to bother you again, I’ll put her asleep with Spore.

Looking around with fresh eyes, you realize that a lot of Smeargle’s paintings are of Pokemon battles against fully evolved mons. There’s a few portraits of the woman who must have been Smeargle’s trainer, smiling and hugging a Torchic.

Do you have any specific questions for Smeargle?
No. 1050928 ID: bf9b7c

Ask about her friends from her old team. And her trainer. Maybe you knew her! Not personally but from reputation. Do the portraits look familiar?

Could share about some of your friends and family too. Living as a Pokemon with your new pals has actually been great, a huge upgrade to wage slavery to be honest, but is there anyone you miss?
No. 1050929 ID: b01382

We're probably gonna go to that tornament, maybr get strong enough so we can evolve into something with thumbs or digits. Any advice on how to move fast and not get hit by things?

Ribbons are awards giving to artistic competitions, and she had two? She must be pro, power attacks or not. What was it like with her trainer? We dont really have much to go off from since we could never go on a pokemon journey. Must had been nice?

What's her opinions on Ziggy? He seems really nice, and I don't think anything bad could happen if he goes out with Eevee if it happens organically. Discountinf her dislike of his "collection" hes a cool bro.

Would she happen to know who and where we can trade the rest of these magazines for? We'd try pawning them off in a pawn shop in town, but that will have to wait until we evolve, since everyone is on the look out for us. Had to save a kid from reading soft core dirty mags.
No. 1050930 ID: b01382

No bills, no slaving away at a job under a boss that doesnt appreciate you, no 9 to 5 hours or ocassional overtime. Its nice nit having to work.
No. 1050932 ID: e51896

offer to model for her as she draws you.

(regret it when she has you to do dynamic poses for a long period of time that causes your limbs to become jelly)
No. 1050934 ID: 951b01

Right now we have a friend providing for us. That won't last forever. Giving up the struggles also means giving up the benefits.
No. 1050943 ID: bf9b7c

It's not like we're doing nothing. We're doing our part for people who appreciate it and help us in return, it's different from working for an uncaring system.
No. 1050957 ID: bbb04b

You probably have a question about how to conduct yourself in official battle, but you should preface it with some honesty.

"Okay, so, I have a good reason for doing so, which I'll explain if you'll hear me out, but... I'm thinking of entering the tournament."

"I understand your misgivings with wild pokémon training themselves up, but I think we both know that if I'm gonna figure out what happened to me and how it can be undone, I probably can't do it without venturing out into Hoenn at some point. (Not that being a pokemon for a bit hasn't been a blast! But my friends and family are gonna start getting distressed soon.) So, given all the dangers and unknowns that come with such a journey, it's not a matter of me wanting to become strong, but of needing to. I can pinkie-swear to you I won't let it go to my head, if you want."

And when she brings up the inevitable concern of you getting your chitinous ass handed to you:
"Yeah, I'm under no illusions that I stand a Snowrunt's chance in the Distortion Realm of actually taking the whole thing, assuming Team Friendlies themselves are participating. Which means I'm definitely gonna experience what it's like to be fainted for the first time; at least it'll be in a controlled environment, right? Point is, I know exactly what I'm getting myself into. It's the experience that matters, and I imagine the experience will be pretty good if I can win even one matchup."

Only after you've leveled with her on this (heh, puns), THEN you ask her for battling advice (with the caveat that you're aware she probably doesn't have nearly as much to give for solo battling as she would for team strategies).
No. 1050966 ID: c29e6e

Loyalties are always my issue. If you've got people that care about you and you care about back it would be kind of a bummer to leave them behind. Though in this situation it wouldn't be impossible to reconnect, just really awkward.
No. 1050967 ID: bf9b7c

As long as we could find a way to let them know we're okay and happy...
No. 1051003 ID: b01382

Awkward is manageable. That just mean family reunions will be extra fun.

I still beleive being poke is better than wage-slavery, but i might be biased since i worth +60hr a week. I mean our prospects are pretty damn good if we get to stay as a pokemon forever.
Medical insurance? Just pay a small fee and visit a poke-clinic and have a Nurse Joy check for injuries.
Food? Just go out inna forest and gather berries.
Money? Dig for gems and rare things, then sell them at a human shop.

Of course that isn't to say we shouldn't be prepared to return to the life of a human if our pokemon form is unfortunatrly temporary. If that comes to pass i think we should try collecting a pile of valuable evolution stones and other goodies to sell if we become human again. Because, you know, no job, so we'd need lots of pokedollars to stay afloat to either retire or find another job.
No. 1051013 ID: 87e33c

Yeah you should probably go to the tourney, but not to get stronger for the sake of getting stronger, no, you want freaking thumbs. Not being able to hold stuff or do anything with your hands is kind of a huge buzzkill even if your life is incomparably different from the one before.

Do you *want* to find out what happened, or are you actually fine just adjusting to this new life and chilling?
No. 1051014 ID: b01382

Besides our job it didnt sound like we had anything substantially grear going on for us, nor did we have a girlfriend. Just fhe job which was am means to income as far as i can tell, and some family. We could probably stay a pokemon and visit the family no problem if we had a notebook and pen to communicate with, or somehow learn how to speak human through poke-speech like Meowth did.
No. 1051015 ID: d4e11d

You'd want some cool typing based assistive speech device! Those things are great!
No. 1051016 ID: d1ab94

If- I mean when I become human again, if I started a Pokémon team would you be interested?
No. 1051019 ID: d4e11d


Eh, being a free pokemon seems to be a pretty cake lifestyle... It seems to be growing on you! Now if only you can solve all these difficulties you're presented with!
No. 1051020 ID: 9ea24b
File 167027646753.png - (97.19KB , 500x500 , p34.png )

>To be or not to be?
You have to admit, besides the trauma from turning into a Trapinch, not having hands, being coerced into a fighting tournament, and the constant threat of capture, you kind of like being a Pokemon. Not having to work the ole 9 to 5 and meeting all these new folks is refreshing. Sure you feel bad for your family and friends who are probably wondering what happened to you, but until you get a good pair of thumbs and can write to them, there’s not much you can do without extreme effort. You’d still very much like to find out why you turned into a Pokemon.

You tell Smeargle more about your past life as a young salary man. She politely listens and expresses sympathy for the people who must be worried about you.

>Become a trainer if you turn back into a human
If you were involuntarily made human again, you’d think about it.

>Model for a painting
:pokesmerface: How about I try painting you once you survive your first visit to Team Friendlies?

:poketrapface: You think they’ll let me come back?

:pokesmerhap: Well sure, you still live here even if they want you to participate in their tournament thing.

>Speaking of…
:poketrappanik: I think I should go to their base, at least to gain some experience and learn more about Team Friendlies. Man, I’m going to get really beat up. Do you have any battle advice?

:pokesmerawk: I kind of don’t, sorry. My trainer had me watch a lot of battles for experience but I fainted a few times and it wasn’t too bad. The problem with wild Pokemon battles is that your trainer can’t retrieve you immediately and you could get severely injured if your opponent keeps going.

:poketrappanik: Ahhh that’s scary.

:pokesmerworry: Maybe bring a good friend with you? Zigzagoon seems like he’d go if you ask, he’s a nice lad, I enjoyed having him over for dinner yesterday. Other than that, try to talk to your opponents before a match to get an idea of what they’re like.

Smeargle changes the subject to her old team, which voluntarily dispersed around Hoenn, and trainer, who lives in Mauville with her family and buys Smeargle art supplies.

You’ve grown much closer to Smeargle! The next time you speak with her she’ll make her ‘good friend’ request.

Your dreams are peaceful and the next morning you wake up with full HP.

What would you like to do today? The kid is still a 25% risk.
A. Active Action Item: Team Friendlies Base (Journey north of Mauville, also decide whether to invite Zigzagoon and what held item to bring)
B. Other
No. 1051021 ID: dd15aa

Go to the tournament with Zigs. Bring your Revive just in case.
If the kid shows up we can dig an escape tunnel.
No. 1051022 ID: a7a180

You need to get stronger to reach Lanette and also have thumbs, so head to team friendlies HQ.
No. 1051023 ID: a7a180

Take Zigzagoon and have him hold the revive.
No. 1051033 ID: 15c72a

A, bring Zigzagoon, take the sign so you can confuse the kid if he shows up.
No. 1051046 ID: 9784d8

So she still sees her trainer. When will they meet next?
No. 1051054 ID: 19ea25

Take a revive with Zigzag so that you can properly be revived afterwords.
No. 1051080 ID: 9ea24b
File 167034264110.png - (119.39KB , 500x500 , p35.png )

>A, Zigzagoon, Revive
You set out early the next morning with the Revive and a full stomach. After you explain your aims to Zigzagoon, he eagerly agrees to come along to the Team Friendlies Base, expressing some hope he’ll be able to train and evolve as well.

It’s a rare cloudy day and you even feel a couple raindrops on your back as you scurry north on your stubby legs. Once you’re past the daycare, you give Mauville a large berth as you offroad through the forest

Zigzagoon sticks right by your side, even though you’re sure he can walk much faster than you. With your combined presence, none of the wild Pokemon stop to chat.

>Kid avoidance (75% success): Failure
In fact, it seems very quiet compared to the bustle of Smeargle’s neighborhood. You strain your ear holes and hear the crunch of pine needles underfoot.

The kid jumps at you and Zigzagoon from behind a tree and sends out his Grovyle! Agh, of all the days to leave your sign at home.

A. Dig to escape (Zigzagoon will be KOed and the kid will leave the area)
B. Stay and engage the Grovyle with Zigzagoon (suggest strategy)
C. Call for help (75% chance to alert Team Friendlies who will come to your aid)
No. 1051082 ID: 2aa5f0

What does Ziggy know in terms of moves? Cause honestly the best battle strategy I can think of is spam rock tomb to drop t Grovyle's speed, have Ziggy us something to drop it's attack or accuracy... AND THEN BOOK IT THE FUCK OUT OF THEIR while the Grovyle is too slow to catch back up. Then once you lose line of sight dig a hole and have Ziggy follow you down.
No. 1051083 ID: 629f2e

B, engage!

You're higher leveled than Zigzagoon, but Grovyle's grass moves will be more effective against you. Keep this in mind, hang back, and sand attack. If Zigzagoon also knows sand attack, which is possible at his level, have him spam it too. If he doesn't. Growl would work too.

Grovyle can be anywhere between level 16 and 35, assuming this trainer isn't forcing him not to evolve, so you probably don't have the level advantage. Mixed with a favorable typing, you probably don't want to get hit. Giga Drain is the strongest grass move you'll need to watch out for, barring TMs.

After dropping his accuracy and/or attack real low, start attacking for real. You should stick to mixing up Feint Attacks and Dig so that the opponent doesn't know when it's safe to attack you.
No. 1051085 ID: 595bb7

He might have more pokemon, we need a escape plan

Rock tomb a few times to lower his speed, while zigzagoon growls or do attack reducing moves, then run away!
No. 1051086 ID: 53d46e

Pee on the kid's foot like a common Growlithe. He will never want to capture you again.

Otherwise, do B. Let's either try Bite, or put that Rock Tomb to the test.
No. 1051087 ID: 3c1455

We look like the world's angriest chicken nugget right about now.
No. 1051088 ID: 92796c

Do we have Arena Trap? What happens if the Arena Trap user flees?
No. 1051089 ID: b01382

B. Stay and engage the Grovyle with Zigzagoon (suggest strategy)
If we some how succeed, i suggest bulling the kid into sitting down and slowly communicating by writing words on the ground, and shaking or nodding our head.
I mostly want to try and ask him if he knows a pawn shop in town where we can pawn these dirty mags off to, or if he could sell them for us. Also stop acting like an ass and battling every rando pokemon you encounter. So of us have things we want to get done you know!
No. 1051090 ID: 3c1455

The kid's the protagonist they're obligated to understand exactly what's going on.

Yep, my logic is fool proof.
No. 1051091 ID: 92796c

We could try talking to Grovyle.
No. 1051092 ID: 7c0da2

B. Stay behind Zigzagoon, he doesn't have a weakness to plant types. Spam sand attack and tell Zigzagoon to start by applying any debuffs he has once or twice too for good measure. Once you can't debuff anymore switch to dig and faint attack, prioritize faint attack, you can't afford to spend half the battle underground.
Use the revive on Zigzagoon if he faints first, you really need to fight two on one. Call for help if he faints a second time.

And try your best to look useless, you don't want to give him any reasons to capture you. Try to look afraid and not worth adding to his team, that shouldn't be too hard, you should be afraid anyway because there is a chance you'll spend the rest of your life inside a PC if you lose. On the plus side, if you win you are entitled to the content of his pockets.
No. 1051093 ID: a9af05

Hinder the enemy's stats as much as possible! Use Sand Attack!

>Arena Trap
It was explained here >>1049956 that there are no abilities in this quest.
No. 1051095 ID: 224608

Why not beat up a child and his pokemon instead?

+1 you sound like you know what youre doing
No. 1051096 ID: 92796c

Even a lower level Grovyle should be much faster than us. We'll have to see how battles work.
No. 1051097 ID: 49246c

Call for help, you’re at a type disadvantage. You have maybe one turn before you’re at critical health. At least if you’re KO’d, you have the revive and he won’t bother catching you.
No. 1051098 ID: b01382

No. 1051101 ID: 556cba

B. No leaving a friend behind, and relying on Team Friendlies will just give them more leverage.

Follow >>1051083 and maybe talk to the Grovyle telling them you're on your way to a tournament and to leave you alone.
No. 1051113 ID: 9ea24b
File 167037561936.png - (117.36KB , 500x500 , p36.png )

>Can you attack the kid?
Not while he has any active Pokemon.

>B, accuracy drop strats
You don’t want to leave Zigzagoon and relying on Team Friendlies is unappealing. That doesn’t mean you want a fair fight! It might be two versus one but the kid has beaten Wattson and probably made a lot of progress towards Flannery so you’re outleveled. If you can lower the Grovyle’s accuracy enough that the kid gets frustrated after three missed moves, you and Zigzagoon can run while he switches his Pokemon.

>Turn 1
:poketrappanik: H-hey! I’m a human who was turned into a Pokemon, don’t attack me.

:pokegrovface: What?

:poketrappanik: Yeah, I worked at Mauville City Lights crunching numbers. I can read human language if you want me to prove it.

:pokekidface: Grovyle, use Leaf Blade on that Zigzagoon.

:pokegrovconf: Sorry, I have to do what my trainer says. He wants to catch you so I need to knock out your friend first.


You’ve successfully wasted Grovyle’s first turn, letting Zigzagoon land an accuracy impeding shower of dirt on the Gecko Pokemon.
No. 1051114 ID: 9ea24b
File 167037564993.png - (88.16KB , 500x500 , p37.png )

To estimate damage from moves, this calculator is used with all neutral stats and natures: https://calc.pokemonshowdown.com/?gen=3. Grovyle is Level 30, Zigzagoon is Level 15, and you are Level 22.

>Turn 2
Grovyle is much faster than both of you and tries to attack Zigzagoon.

>Leaf Blade (2/3 chance to hit): Miss!
You and Zigzagoon follow up with dual Sand Attacks, putting Grovyle at 2/5 accuracy.

>Turn 3
Grovyle tries to use Quick Attack this time, still aiming for Zigzagoon.

>Quick Attack (2/5 chance to hit): Miss!
Another two accuracy stage drops put the Gecko at 2/7 accuracy. You almost feel bad for him, he’s basically digging the grit out of his yellow eyes.

>Turn 4
>Leaf Blade (2/7 chance to hit): Miss!
The kid stamps his foot with frustration and holds out a Pokeball, which zaps Grovyle back into its spherical shell. You and Zigzagoon turn and sprint away into the forest.

You were extremely lucky to get away without Zigzagoon taking damage. You both gain two levels from the encounter, putting Zigzagoon at Level 17 and you at Level 24. Shaken, you continue north until you spot a large clearing full of scuff marks and other evidence of Pokemon battles. There are a variety of Pokemon milling around, but you don’t see Gengar.

How do you announce your arrival?
No. 1051115 ID: a7a180

Sand Attack! -Er, I mean, "we're looking for a friendly battle."
No. 1051116 ID: 556cba

And to think some of us thought Sand Attack was useless. GOAT move.

Wait for Gengar to appear out of something like you know she will and try to spook her instead.
No. 1051117 ID: 5d9787

That was impressive. I don't think I ever witness sand attack work in my favor. Maybe it's rng only bless wild pokemons.

Say hi and watch. See how their fights go before participating in one. Eventually someone will want to challenge the new guy and will have to explain the rules.
No. 1051119 ID: 623d9b

It may be a good idea to just watch first, they could have one of those "pick on the new guy" traditions so if one of them comes up to challenge or starts attacking or something say you're "waiting for someone first", if they keep persisting holding your ground can be a bad idea but so could agreeing so pretty much try to look unassuming but not harmless (we also don't want to attract bullies)

(Idea: change someone to somemon that'd be funny)
No. 1051121 ID: 623d9b

Alternatively you could just pretend you have no idea what is happening and just ask one of the roaming pokémon "what's going on around here?", in case suddenly showing up at a (potentially) known battlesite and just plopping down like you own the place and just watching sounds like a bad idea that someone incredibly suspicious would do.

After all it is evident you are not from around here (trapinches are supposed to be in the desert, right?) maybe that's why gengar kept pestering you to join, a sort of collection of every pokémon? Maybe look around and see how "exotic" some of these pokémon are for your area for future reference
No. 1051137 ID: e51896

you should probably warn them that there is a trainer lurking about.

I think I see a hoppip and a Shroomish over there.
No. 1051151 ID: dc2256

High five ziggybro. We couldda totslly beat that mon's butt if their trainer didn't switch out. We're two pretty cool dudes!
Also thanks for having my back back there bro.
No. 1051173 ID: 63f410

>High five ziggybro.
And then we immediately fall flat on our face because our limbs are too tiny for high fives.
No. 1051180 ID: 5499f4

This because it’s adorable
No. 1051186 ID: b01382

This is an adorable mental image
No. 1051199 ID: a9af05

I guess we just wait for Gengar to show up like she usually does.

Would Zigzagoon even know what a high-five is?
No. 1051208 ID: 9ea24b
File 167046172166.png - (78.67KB , 500x500 , p38.png )

>Wait for Gengar to pop out and surprise you
>Don’t get picked on
The closest mons are a Shroomish and some round blue Pokemon you don’t recognize. They look at you and Zigzagoon curiously but don’t challenge you to a fight and continue their conversation when you don’t approach. There is no one currently fighting.

>In the meantime, perform the ultimate awesome friendship high-five
:poketraphap: We totally defeated that Grovyle with our strategy! You did great out there.

:pokezigshock: I was scared, but I couldn’t let my best bud be captured.

:poketrapchad: It was amazing. You’re amazing.

:pokezigcry: T-thank you, you’re very amazing too.

:poketrapface: Let’s do a high-five to celebrate, it’s hitting our paws together to make a clapping noise.

:pokezigface: Okay!

You bat at Ziggy’s paw with your stub, lose your balance, and fall on your big heavy head.
No. 1051209 ID: 9ea24b
File 167046173346.png - (121.61KB , 500x500 , p39.png )

Gengar doesn’t show up after a while waiting, so you decide to engage the Shroomish.

:poketrapface: Hi, first time visiting Team Friendlies, what’s going on around here?

:pokeshroomface: Just hanging out, slow day. There’s supposed to be this cool tournament for me and Spheal here but the third Pokemon meant to come is tardy.

:pokesphealmad: It’s very inconsiderate of them. Salamence has been working so hard to get everyone excited and organized, getting food every day and saving all the Pokemon he can!

:pokeshroomface: Anyway, if you’re passing through you can have a bite to eat and get any rest you need. Trainers don’t come near here.

Spheal and Shroomish are both female.
No. 1051215 ID: e13b1d

Yeah that's me, sorry for the delay. We didn't even know about the tournament until Gengar told us yesterday, and we were in no shape for fighting that day.

Introduce yourself. Come to think of it, have you ever told Ziggybuns and the others your name? Do you even remember your name?
No. 1051218 ID: f89136

You were also just held up by a trainer battle don't forget to mention that.
No. 1051219 ID: b01382

That's me, but we got delayed by a trainer. We managed to run away tho. We're here now!
No. 1051222 ID: 19ea25

We just fought a grovyle! A trainer Grovyle!
No. 1051225 ID: 36784c

Let’s ask if they know where Gengar is, so we can go tell her that we’re here. If she’s not available, we can ask for Salamence and go tell him to tell Gengar that we’re here.

>claim that we’re the late Pokémon
No we’re not! Don’t claim to be someone else! However, if they’re still not here, we can ask if it’ll be alright to take their place.

But if we are the Pokémon they were waiting for, then we can blame Gengar for signing us up without our permission or even telling us that we were supposed to be here to participate!
No. 1051254 ID: a7a180

Oh, that sounds like it might be us. We're willing to fight whenever you are. Who recruited you to this tournament?
No. 1051257 ID: b01382

Oh my god Spheal is crying she is absolutely adorable!
No. 1051259 ID: b01382

Oh, right, Ziggy is like his own merchant. Keep this quiet, but how often do other pokemon trade for any of his magazines? If he actually get some trade for themz just offload all our pokeperv mags ro him so he can use those to trade with, as its probably more likely for pokemon to seek our his collection than we are to find someone who wants some. If he doesnt have pokeperv customers then i guess we just hold onto the mags until we do find someone.
Hmmm. Maybe we shoyld consider visiting a pokemon appearal store in the future. They'd probably have pokemon backpacks.
No. 1051265 ID: 2c7ac2

We are not the third pokemon, even if we think Gengar expects us to be. So don't say we are.
No. 1051266 ID: b01382

But it is us, why wouldn't it be? We did say we were coming today.
No. 1051270 ID: bbb04b

"It's possible I'm supposed to be the third. If I am, sorry for the wait - got held up by THE TRAINER, but me'n Ziggy here got away after frustrating him with accuracy stall strats."

"I mean, I would've come yesterday when Gengar first told me about the tournament, but given she conveyed the message by using (I think) Nightmare on me - it felt like she even refreshed it, I think - I wasn't really in a state to be fighting afterwards..."

"So if there's supposed to be three of us, does that mean Team Friendlies has five proper members? If the idea's to test our endurance and strategy as we advance without healing, I could see the tougher members seeding themselves all together on the opposite side of the bracket from us as a handicap..."
No. 1051294 ID: bceec2

I agree. Don't say anything.
No. 1051295 ID: b01382

But we are the third mon. Gengar has been hounding us for days, it can't be anyone else.
No. 1051299 ID: 36784c

It can definitely be anyone else.

There’s absolutely no way that we’re the only pokemon that Gengar has been hounding to come over here.
No. 1051310 ID: 9ea24b
File 167054159783.png - (51.04KB , 500x500 , p40.png )

>You’re totally who they’re waiting for
>But you’re going to pretend you’re not with the power of denial

You think back on the chain of events that led to this day.

Night 1: Gengar first contact
Day 1: Food foraging with Eevee and meeting Zigzagoon
Night 2: Gengar second contact and Friendlies Base location
Day 2: Kirlia and the dirty mags
Day 3: Stayed in because of kid
Day 4: Trade with Zigzagoon
Night 5: Gengar mentions the tournament and Dream Eats you
Day 5: Dig and Smeargle
Day 6: Today!

You’re not late because of the kid running into you just now, you’re “late” because you didn’t want to visit the base since the second night when Gengar presumably nominated you for the tournament without your knowledge.

So you’re not going to say a damn thing about that to these mons until Gengar comes back and explains things to you!

>What’s your name?
Your Pokemon name is Trapinch. Your human name isn’t important when you’re a Pokemon.

Zigzagoon, Spheal, and Shroomish look at you with great concern as you furrow your brow with concentration and fall silent for a full minute while you think this through.
No. 1051311 ID: 9ea24b
File 167054162228.png - (90.39KB , 500x500 , p41.png )

>Tell them about the kid
:poketrapface: I’m Trapinch, nice to meet you two. We ran into one of those super ambitious young trainers on the way here. He wanted to knock out my friend and catch me!

:pokeshroomoh: How did you escape?

:poketrapchad: Me and Zigzagoon lowered his Grovyle’s accuracy until the kid had to switch Pokemon, then we ran away.

:pokesphealoh: Wow, I would have been really scared. Trainers are rarer where I’m from but poachers come by all the time for fur. Salamence sank one of their boats last week and that’s when he told me about Team Friendlies and how I could get stronger to defend myself and the other Spheals!

:pokeshroommad: My trainer stopped me from evolving when I was ready to become a Breloom. I wanted to run away but I couldn’t because of my Pokeball. Houndoom freed me, but I was far enough from my home in Petalburg Woods that I decided to stay and train.

:poketrapface: Wow okay you guys have had very ethically straightforward experiences with Team Friendlies.

:pokeshroomface: That’s a weird way to put it but we sure have.

It sounds like Houndoom is the only bigwig around at the moment. What would you like to do while you wait for Gengar to return?

A. Talk to Houndoom
B. Spar with Zigzagoon for some last minute levels
C. Talk more with Shroomish and Spheal (suggest topics)
No. 1051312 ID: e13b1d

Don't want to tire ourselves out with B. Let's talk to Houndoom and see if he's as weird as Gengar is.
No. 1051314 ID: ba605b

No. 1051320 ID: 19ea25

Lets talk with houndoom. Get to know the other team friendly besides Gengar.
No. 1051333 ID: 15c72a

So the Shroomish hasn't gained another level since and hasn't had a chance to evolve? Well, that's a good reason to enter the tournament! (I bet the trainer wanted to get Shroomish high enough to learn Giga Drain before evolving)

A, get a read on them.
No. 1051336 ID: 316b57

I want to know how a "most improved pokemon" tournament is supposed to work. What's the baseline?
No. 1051338 ID: a7a180

You must be excited to evolve after this tourney, huh? It'll be nice to have fingers.
Spar with Houndoom.
No. 1051339 ID: bbb04b

C: "I'm just gonna say it's literally impossible to reunite me with my trainer and leave it at that for now. I've picked up a lot of strategy and trivia, though; it's possible your trainer was holding out for you to learn Giga-Drain at Lv. 45, which is admittedly a pretty wicked move. Even if that is the case, though, I know for a fact you can brute-force learning a new move if you use the right approach and keep at it."

Ah, misleadingly technical truths that'd make a Fairy type blush (if they were around in this generation). Maybe we can be more forthright once we get to know them well enough to determine whether their sour opinion extends to all humans or not.
No. 1051342 ID: e13b1d

Should we tell her about this?
No. 1051349 ID: 5d9787

If she agree with her trainer after understanding the reason behind that coice she can't evolve now. She need to be told so she can make an informed decision.

Spheal case is much more concerning than running away after a disagreement. Her family and friends were killed and skinned, that is a nightmare scenario I wouldn't expect in a pokemon story.
This is much more serious than Team Rocket Slowpoke tails incident. We should find a way to informe that ambitious kid about this criminal group.
No. 1051350 ID: e13b1d

That's a good idea. We could get Smeargle's help to make a sign and put it up in one of his known hunting grounds.
No. 1051352 ID: ba605b


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