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File 166908482606.png - (65.67KB , 500x500 , p0.png )
1049788 No. 1049788 ID: 9ea24b

Gen 1 thru 3 mainline Pokemon and mystery dungeon red rescue team nostalgia quest. Potentially NSFW.

Discussion: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/135483.html
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No. 1054462 ID: dee951


Oh there's a whole series of movies, of course. With several different canons. It's a fascinating alternative perspective of a fantasy world that's.... similar to the real world, but where every particular is a bit different, in ways both novel and unsettling. Also the power levels are... weird, but hey, it's an urban fantasy series.
No. 1054464 ID: a7a180

The Giant Woman! from Pokéstar Studios. Man, it's a good thing pokeballs can't actually capture humans. Haha. ...Right? Does it still count if you're an ex-human?
No. 1054465 ID: 38349b

I like the idea of Pokemon Sentai
No. 1054476 ID: 49e2b5

A pokemon style George of the Jungle. (Watch out for that- *wham!* tree...)
No. 1054478 ID: fa3034

Lmao Pokestar studios

You have a soft spot for the Timegate Traveler series, especially the third one where the protag almost got intimate with their talking Pokemon ally. Came in at a developmental time for you, naturally. Hopefully the plot won't go right over their heads.
No. 1054498 ID: 32da6f

If it isn't disallowed for being after Gen 3, seconding Timegate Traveler.
No. 1054504 ID: ccbbb0

Maybe we should ask our friends if they think it's a good idea to spend our remaining battery on watching a movie or if we should save it for later.

If they want to see the movie, then let's go with Steve Quest and the Temple of Dome!

"You betrayed Helix!" is such a classic line.
No. 1054554 ID: 9ea24b
File 167452666998.png - (133.20KB , 500x500 , p96.png )

>But the battery!
You took your charging cable from the apartment so it’s not like once the laptop runs out of juice it’s dead forever. You can charge at Tracy’s place if you’re visiting her or find an Electric type to be your pal. Surely there’s a few at the Team Friendlies Base, and the Mauville power plant is home to several species as well.

>You like movies with a strong focus on Pokemon
>You like movies made by Pokestar Studios, a foreign company
>You especially like the Timegate Traveler series, where Pokemon have taken control of the world and even keep some humans as pets.
No it did not awaken anything in you as a child. You put on the second film and settle in besides Smeargle.

Not 15 minutes into the movie and the heckling begins.

:pokelinsmile: Oh this definitely awoke something in Vibrava as a child.

:pokevibfrown: N-no it didn’t!

:pokeespsmile: It’s okay Vibrava, Linoone is into that sort of thing too.

:pokesmerhap: Should we try to mix it up in the bedroom tonight?

:pokevibfrown: I mean yes but that doesn’t mean this movie series had any impact on my developing brain as a young human.

Your friends keep teasing you, though they settle down during the more action packed scenes. Time travel plots are convoluted and you find yourself explaining things until Linoone tells you, politely, to shut up and let them enjoy the movie. Afterwards you all have dinner together and play dirt board games until Smeargle takes you to bed.

Would you like to bring Espeon, Blaziken, or neither to Team Friendlies tomorrow? You still have a Revive, and you’re planning to ban Sealeo from using Aurora Beam. You hypothesize she’ll ban either Rock Tomb or Sand Attack for you. What’s your battle strategy against her?
No. 1054556 ID: dd15aa

Ask if Blaziken wants to flex his muscles in some double battles. Maybe the Friendlies could get Houndoom to come out for it, but if not then Gengar could be Breloom's teammate.

vs Sealeo and Salamence, hit Sal with some sand and then a Dragonbreath hoping for a lucky para. He'll probably be focused on the bigger threat. Use Dig on Sealeo the rest of the fight if you aren't taken out by then.
No. 1054562 ID: 9a3cf4

Blaziken too strong, like Smeargle. Plus he belongs to a human, which could get team friendlies upset. Bring Espeon

If we bring Blaziken, i recommend not having him fight and just watch and give advice to us, and others.
No. 1054570 ID: 38349b

I like the idea of getting Blaziken as a spotter to help coach you, also while you're getting them, leave your laptop to charge at the place if that's okay. 2 birds one stone and whatnot
No. 1054572 ID: 19ea25

Bring Blaziken but not for a double team battle. He can watch you and give you proper battling tips based on your form so you can have some better coaching.
No. 1054573 ID: dd15aa

If we decide to go solo and Rock Tomb isn't banned, we can try Dig strats. But if she bans Sand we can Tomb it.
No. 1054590 ID: 663c95

Probably Espeon. Er - is Sealeo bringing anyone? If not, I'm a little on the fence about bringing a second - but you've lost the last few battles, right? So it should be fine. I'm leery of bringing Blaziken, since he's way OP for this. I agree with the others' backup vote of coaching.

If Rock Tomb gets banned, warn that you'll use Sand Attack (assuming you will).
No. 1054633 ID: 9ea24b
File 167461123442.png - (145.76KB , 500x500 , p97.png )

>Bring Blaziken for coaching purposes
You’re nervous about asking Salamence to pick up Blaziken. Won’t it be obvious the fiery fowl loves humans? Well if they were okay with Smeargle besides her moveset...Maybe if you get up early and fly over to Tracy’s house and tell Blaziken to meet you in front of the Daycare you’ll avoid suspicion.

That’s exactly what you do. Blaziken is disappointed that he won’t be fighting and grumbles the whole flight. It’s a bit awkward since you’re sharing Salamence’s bundle with him. Hopefully he’ll still get something out of socializing.

>Sealeo random move ban choice: Rock Tomb
Seems like Sealeo is giving you a chance to use Sand Attack. You decide to just use the controversial move once, though if you win because of it, the crowd will be miffed.

>Turn 1
>Vibrava: Sand Attack
>Sealeo: Ice Ball (60% accuracy): Miss!
There’s a single boo from the crowd which makes you break out in panic sweats. Right, back to the attacking strategy. Dig does the most damage and is a 5 HKO, so you’ll use that.

>Turn 3
>Vibrava: Dig
>Sealeo: Ice Ball (60% accuracy): Hit
Sealeo coats herself in ice and rolls over you. Yikes, that still dealt major damage!

>Turn 5
>Vibrava: Dig
>Sealeo: Ice Ball (60% accuracy): Hit
You’re knocked out. Using the Revive won’t do you much good unless Sealeo misses three times in a row, so you decide against it.

Sealeo gains two levels and replaces Body Slam with Rest.

>Grunt random gender: Female
After you’re Revived, there’s a scream–a human scream! Everyone looks around and spots a young woman in ecoterrorist red. It seems she’s stumbled across the Team Friendlies Base and panicked at the sight of so many Pokemon. Salamence quickly soars towards the woman, which makes her cower in terror, before scooping her up in his bundle.

:pokesalpanik: Stay calm everyone! I’ll go take this one back to the Magma Hideout right now. I don’t know why so many grunts have been coming here the past couple of days.

:pokeblazface: Hey, you need to take me back to Mauville. I’m coming with you.

:pokevibshock: Blaziken, do you have any advice for me?

:pokeblazface: Don’t be quad weak to ice and let me fight next time.

A. Follow Blaziken and Salamence to the Magma Hideout
B. Stay and get Gengar to introduce you to an Electric Pokemon
No. 1054634 ID: 084179

we can help mediated or at the very least kick some buts and loot their stuff.
No. 1054636 ID: 663c95

Hmm. Leaning towards A. It seems like given that there's a legendary pokemon stirring the pot, the weird mob activity may be related to us somehow, and snooping might gain us info. OTOH, maybe snooping in a mob lair is a bad idea. Electric pokemon would be a more chill-out choice. We should be a little careful if we DO go after an electric pokemon, btw, given that our laptop is a clue that we're human or human-related, and Team Friendlies averages negative opinion on humans.
No. 1054637 ID: a7a180

That's not very useful advice at all. That's effectively just switching out Pokemon, and we can't do that with ourselves! There's no point if other pokemon just win the whole tournament for us. Was there an item we could use to get the first move on turn 1, perhaps?
A. Hopefully gain some levels in the process.
No. 1054641 ID: cc7c88

Jeez, crowd needs to chill about us using sand attack, at least this time around considering our banned move wasn't sand attack, and we would only be able to us two moves in that case. Next move we learn, replace sand attack.

A, Magma uses fire pokemon, so ground moves will be useful. Plus we can level up and catch up with our rivals
No. 1054642 ID: dd15aa

His advice does have a hint of value. We could use a SE resisting berry to absorb the first Ice hit, maybe make it a 3HK0 instead of a 2HKO.

A. Go along and see what these nerds are doing.
No. 1054643 ID: dd15aa

>replace sand attack
Abandoning our ace because of peer pressure is probably not ideal.
No. 1054644 ID: 36784c

Ok, who’s dumb idea was it to not let Blaziken fight?! We just wasted his time by bringing him along and not letting him participate! He’s gonna hate us and that’s gonna ruin our friendship with him!

Anyways, let’s go with A and follow them. If we’re lucky, we might get more levels from fighting trainer owned pokemon, since they usually give more exp than wild pokemon.
No. 1054662 ID: e02205

>Ok, who’s dumb idea was it to not let Blaziken fight?!

It was this person: >>1054562
No. 1054664 ID: e51896

Sorry, I didn't mean to make people angry with my suggestion :(

I mainly wanted Espeon to come with, as my thought process was I remembered how bad it felt when we had Smeargle compete while she was OP at level 100, and was banned for it, and thought it might be bad if we had Blaziken compete while he's at level 100 and he'd get banned too, and the other pokemon might hate us for bringing OP pokemon to help win our battles. So I thought of that alternative to have him spectate and coach as a compromise so we can bring Blaziken, and not make the other pokemon upset with us.

But me worrying too much caused Blaziken to get mad at us, and I didn't think to take his feelings to consideration. Again, I apologize for that suggestion.
No. 1054668 ID: 84c5b3

>We could use a SE resisting berry to absorb the first Ice hit, maybe make it a 3HK0 instead of a 2HKO.

Except SE resist berries (in our case, Yache Berry, if you're wondering) didn't exist until Gen 4.
No. 1054671 ID: 61784d

I think it was still better he not fight. I agree with your original post - we should have invited Espeon. Since we DID invite Blaziken, I think it better he "coached" rather than fight - even though it turned out not to work at all. :P At least we don't have a bunch of people mad at us for "being cheap yet again". Maybe we can talk to them about bringing Blaziken and including other high-level pokemon on the other team, so Blaziken actually gets to fight? Also we should probably apologize to Blaziken as part of executing that plan.
No. 1054673 ID: dd15aa

>Maybe we can talk to them about bringing Blaziken and including other high-level pokemon on the other team, so Blaziken actually gets to fight?
I think that was already part of the option to bring him. Vibrava was thinking about a double battle with the mentors.
No. 1054683 ID: 7c0da2

Next time we need to use Sand Attack to its full effect if it's not banned. If we continue not using sand attack just to keep the spectators happy, we will end up with two banned moves each fight because if our opponent can expect us not to use Sand Attack out of peer pressure then they have no reason not to ban our damaging move every time. If it stays a threat it will force them to choose which move they really want gone. That should be the upside of being unable to ban a move : being free to use the other ones. If the spectators are not happy, just politely point out that our opponent was free to ban it if she so choose and that her tactic is up to her, not them.
I think we should also stop caring so much about what the crowd thinks. They won't be happy no matter what we do. They are not happy when we use Sand Attack or other status effects like flinch, they are not happy when we bring an ally, and they won't be happy either if we ever end up powerful enough to brute force the fights without using any other strategies. From what we have seen they are only happy when we lose. And even then, only if we didn't use anything but damaging moves in a pointless damage race against a x4 effective move. We can afford to displease them a bit, we will end up losing from time to time anyway even if we use Sand Attack, that will cheer them up.

Anyway, option A, follow them. Knowing where the Magma Hideout is could be useful.
No. 1054684 ID: 3b7261

So the crowd isn't just 'the crowd'. It's made of individuals. Who, specifically, are the people peer pressuring us to make all these horrible decisions?
No. 1054685 ID: c5c140

Yeah, I think we should take Sealeo and Breloom aside and ask them if we can do this without the annoying crowd.
No. 1054686 ID: a7a180

Gengar, Houndoom and Salamence are the ones running this tourney, if we don't like how it's being run I think we should take that up with our sponsor. Maybe she can do something about how unbalanced this partner mechanic feels.
No. 1054688 ID: c5c140

The real problem is a backseat crowd trying to tell us how to fight, making us effectively dance around two banned moves even when outleveled and at a type disadvantage.
No. 1054706 ID: a5761c

Maybe the crowd just hates us in general.
No. 1054708 ID: 9ea24b
File 167470382870.png - (123.44KB , 500x500 , p98.png )

>How would fighting with Blaziken work?
This was mentioned before when Blaziken became your good friend. In more detail, you’d pair with Blaziken against Sealeo and Salamence, with the goal being to knock out Salamence before he and Sealeo knock out Blaziken. The spectators would be happy with the novelty.

Is a special case, since she doesn’t have any attacking moves. She wouldn’t be able to go head to head against the high power Friendlies leadership.

>The crowd
Does seem to be slightly biased against you and your usage of Sand Attack, which sucks. You can kind of understand since you’re the outsider and were late to the tournament, but it’s still a bummer. Before your last fight against Breloom, you gauged that the crowd wouldn’t like a super unfair match such as using Espeon’s type advantage to crush the mushroom Pokemon, but would have been fine with you winning a close battle with the Revive. Since Sealeo has been beating you so much, the crowd would probably be okay with more accuracy lowering strats.

In the end, the crowd wants excitement, which incentivizes using different strategies and going back and forth between who’s winning.

>A, Magma hideout
Depending on how long this takes, you might miss the afternoon fight with Breloom. You follow Blaziken as he hurries after the low flying Salamence. You can see the grunt is thrashing against her restraints.

>Grunt Pokeball check: Success
The grunt gets her arm free and you see that she’s clutching a bright red Pokeball. She tosses it at the ground and a Mightyena leaps forward with a snarl.

>Mightyena gender roll: Female
:pokemightmad: Let go of my trainer right now! Let go of her!

:pokesalpanik: We’re returning her to the Magma Hideout, don’t attack.

:pokemightmad: No! We evacuated because the ground was shaking.

:pokesalstun: Well you do work on an active volcano where Groudon likes to snooze. Could you guys not wake him up again, by the way? Sootopolis can only be rebuilt so many times.

:pokemightsulk: It’s not always our fault…I don’t think we have either of the Orbs right now.

Mightyena seems to settle down and trots alongside you and Blaziken, keeping a close eye on Salamence. You’ve never been this far north and you admire the scenery. You spot the occasional camper among the trees, but don’t have time to stop and battle.

After ascending to a particularly jagged part of the mountain, Salamence lets the grunt tumble free. She immediately scrambles to her feet and Mightyena moves to lick her face.

The ground feels solid to you, but you wonder if Mightyena knows more about Groudon that she doesn’t want to share while Salamence is there.

A. Stick around to ask Mightyena questions (you’ll learn something important)

B. Head back to the base to have your fight with Breloom (you’ll use Sand Attack liberally and ban Sky Uppercut)
No. 1054713 ID: dd15aa

A. This seems more important.
No. 1054718 ID: 02e7e9

Gotta go with A, legendary shenanigans are relevant when they live next door to you
No. 1054722 ID: b01382

No. 1054725 ID: b9f590

A. Ask Salamence to tell Breloom you're sorry for missing your fight.
No. 1054730 ID: bbb04b

Tempting, but... what does Groudon have to do with our whole situation? Then again, she seems specifically nervous about speaking around Salamence... so it might be relevant to his situation. I say A: Stick around.
No. 1054732 ID: 33aa4e

B. Sticking around a human on the local thug team seems like a bad idea, even if we’re not one of the Pokémon the grunts usually catch. If Groudon has a wish to fulfill, I’m sure he’ll let us know.
No. 1054739 ID: 5c747d

As an aside, compliment Mightyena's menacing yet adorable eyes. They're like little lava pools!
No. 1054740 ID: 75f1f5


I know, right? That's SUCH a tricky balance to pull off!
No. 1054759 ID: 9ea24b
File 167478717244.png - (99.56KB , 500x500 , p99.png )

>A, get those juicy details
You tell Salamence and Blaziken that you want to stay here and explore a bit, since it’s a cool new place. Salamence shrugs, promises to give Breloom your apologies for missing her fight, and takes off carrying Blaziken. You’ll have to fly yourself home, but that’s not a big deal.

The grunt has her head on her knees and is rocking back and forth, collecting herself after her rough experience with Salamence. Mightyena leans against her side and looks at you uncertainly. You spot the not so secret entrance to the hideout carved into the side of the cliff before walking up to the canine and putting on your award winning toothy smile.

:pokevibsmile: Hi Mightyena! You have really nice eyes, they’re cute and menacing at the same time.

:pokemightface: W-what? Hi? Why did you want to stay? It’s not safe to be near the base if Groudon is waking.

:pokevibpeace: I just wanted to get to know Team Magma better. I’ve always heard about them being pretty nasty but you seem nice.

:pokemightsulk: Gee, thanks. We were originally a criminal organization, but after our leader Maxie had a change of heart we’ve also become a major geological and seismology research center.

:pokevibshock: Kind of like the Weather Institute?

:pokemightface: Yeah, like that! We study the volcano and even do guided tours of the facility. Lots of people want to see an open pit of lava when they’re visiting the area for the hot springs.

:pokemightsulk: We were giving a tour when we felt the first tremors. At first I thought I was imagining things, we keep Groudon’s pit enclosed and away from the public, but then the alarms went off and we had to lead everyone out before running.

:pokevibface: Why would Groudon wake up?

:pokemightface: There’s this ancient artifact called the Red Orb. Usually Groudon can sleep for hundreds of years but being close to the Red Orb riles him up. About 20 years ago people found out about the Orb and what it does and he’s been getting woken up regularly since. Sometimes trainers even catch him, though that doesn’t last long.

:pokevibshock: So you think someone has the Orb and is deliberately trying to awaken Groudon? Who would be that dumb?

On cue, you hear footsteps coming from the entrance, and the kid emerges, squinting at the light. He jumps a little when he spots the grunt.

:pokemightmad: That kid was in our tour group!

When the grunt doesn’t react, the kid edges around her and sends out a Pelipper and clambers into her huge beak. He doesn’t seem to recognize you as the troublesome wild Trapinch since you’re sitting next to a trainer, and soars off without comment.

You feel the dark volcanic dirt under your grabbers tremble. The grunt gets to her feet and shakily runs downhill, Mightyena following after her. You hover into the air and gape at the waving treetops. It’s like the whole side of the mountain is moving.

The kid has awoken Groudon!

Thanks for reading thread 1 of Nostalgia Quest, thread 2 will begin tomorrow.
No. 1054761 ID: bbb04b

Looks like the kid wound up finding an object lesson in hubris on his own.
No. 1054763 ID: 084179

Come on! Tell your trainer that's the kid! We gotta get em! Do you have any flying type friends?
Try hitting the borb with dragons breath!
No. 1054765 ID: dd15aa

Kid you dun goofed
No. 1054770 ID: 15c72a

I'm guessing the kid wants to capture a legendary.
No. 1054798 ID: 7c0da2

Looks like maybe we are involved in a world-ending event after all. I hope not, because we kinda did a pretty poor job of preventing it.

Also, she said since their leader's change of heart they're also a research center? So they are still criminals? Doing science by day, trying to take over the world by night?
No. 1054823 ID: bf9b7c

In fairness we are also a criminal who has done crimes, moral high ground is relative here.
No. 1054901 ID: b01382

Tell the bird mon he needs to stop and let his human friend face the music, or else he will set the foundations for future bad habits and so on. If he doesn't stop, he's just gonna keep causing natural disasters or terrorizing pokemon until something really bad happens.
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