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File 165558626790.png - (92.27KB , 500x500 , LF6 Title Card.png )
1035326 No. 1035326 ID: 8483cf

Lazy Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Lazy_Fairy

Previous Topic: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1021044.html#1021044

Can I manage my finances, a fox spirit and my own stress levels without accidentally burning my bakery down… again?
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No. 1059900 ID: 30b9f6

That’s not the sort of institution one can change or browbeat easily. Especially when you just wanna run a business and don’t want to give that up.

But the council abusing their power and authority to get up someone’s business this way IS a problem. Even if you can get off free for a good while with Serah’s aid this sorta bullying might remain a problem for others with your sort of heritage and limitations. If they’re willing to make it an issue for you, they’re outright bowling over others for cheap political gains. And this is the town you’ve chosen to live in, so... you have an interest in improving it.

How bad can Serah make it - politically speaking - for the sitting councillors if she represents you? Especially anyone in the Baker’s Guild’s pockets or whoever’s in charge of the Fire Marshal, they must’ve been involved. If you could pull a real upset there and get a councilor or two replaced by ones of fairer disposition, that’s the sort of change that could make everyone’s lives easier and make this hassle - and the monetary loss - worth it.
No. 1059907 ID: 629f2e


Serah was pretty clear on the downsides of each option.

1 gives the City insight into your situation, which they can use the bully you more effectively in the future. Like if they find out that your financial status isn't good, they might find ways to make you pay more for your ingredients, either via taxes or having the merchants charge you more. If they learn Serah is the main source of support for you, they could wait for her to leave the city before trying to mess with you again.

2 doesn't grant the City any new information that they can use to mess with Kayk, save for labelling her an outsider. It gives them greater incentive to do so, but not greater means. They'd be firing blindly with their attempts to mess with her, and just hoping they find something painful.

3 is the only option that shuts them down, but at the cost of short-term hardships. If every other choice kicks the can down the road, inviting future troubles, then this is the ideal decision imo.
No. 1059920 ID: 2a82d3

1. Sharing of private information naturally happens in cultivating long-term relationships, but it goes both ways if it's fair. You could learn a lot about the City befriending a lawyer, even if the stories they tell can't tell the specific people involved.

I think "short-term hardships" underestimates the teminal risk involved in abandoning the bakery. Dragonic pride would just as well compell her to keep her store running at all costs. If she hits peak stress, she could lose interest in running her business at all. While that would be the best possibility for all involved, it's no less tragic.
No. 1059922 ID: 273c18

No. She said option 1 might give them a bit of inside information from the lawyer's gossip, and they might do something more sneaky in the future, but those two weren't directly connected:
>And no matter what option Kayk chooses, the City government finds out something about her, and the City gets valuable information and a win no matter what. If you hires a local lawyer, you will probably win your appeal, but the lawyer she hires will learn a great deal about Kayk’s financial situation and her relationships, and while they can’t reveal any privileged information, they might share a few details with the City that Kayk would rather remain private as part of the appeal. A local does tend to talk, after all, and the City will know a lot more about you if you hire one. You’ll also have to pay the local lawyer in gold, but you can probably keep working while they handle your case. The City might be sneakier about coming after your money, or your family connections, at a later time.
That bolded part *was* said before Serah's clever plan was revealed, of course, so it might not apply to that.

Option 2 labels her as an outsider... which is VERY BAD.
>and the City will have support from the locals to come after you again.
The unsaid truth here is that if we garner enough public support later on they could stop harassing Kayk. Also option 2 doesn't stop them from doing something sneaky in the future; they don't strictly need inside info for that. It's more likely they'd do more overt things though, since they have more public support.

Option 3 shuts them down in a way, yes. It's a power play, a demonstration that Kayk has allies and not just personal power. However, if they're stubborn or greedy enough they could keep going, possibly by trying to cut Serah out of the equation.

None of them are safe options in the long term. There is always some manner of response the City could take if they wanted to. What we eventually need to do is figure out a very long term process to either make peace with the City Council or subjugate them. One way is to become popular, or to become an asset to the City in general. Another way would be to crush the competition and take over the market so the City can't touch her. Kayk could also try to gather political power; she has Serah on her side right now but maybe if she works at it she could get other rich families helping her via exchange of favors. Like the Fae, getting a favor from a dragon is quite valuable to the elite, isn't it? Or maybe we could even approach things from the Fae angle itself. If Kayk sells enough favors, can the Fae pressure the City to stop completely?
No. 1059935 ID: 629f2e


I think we can trust Serah's judgment on how the City will behave, as she holds some authority on the subject due to her experience. This is what she has to say about having her represent you:

> "The Council may be used to dealing with people who can’t fight back, but I’ve spent my whole life dealing with pompous, self-aggrandizing bullies. I will defuse that appeal so quickly they’ll never try it again.”

From the City's perspective, representing yourself is meant to put them in a position of power over a dragon-kin, which is what they want. When the ground falls out under them, and they're faced with the might of Lady Kensington when expecting an easy win, it's meant to be such an unexpected and devastating response that they don't dare to poke the bear again. They would think they have you figured out and could handle you, only to realize that they don't know the extent of your resources or connections.

Will they ever try to mess with your business again? Not in any significant way I imagine, unless they feel confident that they can pull one over a Kensington. Legal protection like that is hard to fight back against, and it doesn't lead into rallying folks against you as it does with a Faettorney, as Serah is a rather local figure. It is undoubtedly the best way to prevent future headaches.
No. 1061015 ID: 05aeff
File 168099224695.png - (6.98KB , 300x296 , LF6-83.png )

This is all so much to deal with right now. I can’t wrap my head around everything… Serah’s explained it all as best she can, but of the three choices, only two seem sort of good, even if they’re all terrible. I think I’m going to get STRESSED over this no matter what happens, so I’ll have to manage my priorities and decide what’s worth fighting over and what I really want to accomplish here.

I love baking. I love making sweets. I’d love it even more if I could make a living doing it, and to be surrounded by people who love eating them. At the end of the day, that’s what I want to do.

I’m also the daughter of two very polarizing parents, one of whom is a giant dragoness, and the other is his God’s greatest paladin. There are always going to be people who don’t like me because of something my parents did, because I’m a dragon, or because I’m not a member of the Bakers’ Guild and have no intention of joining it due to having to start out as an apprentice and follow every single rule the Guildmaster makes, and never being able to advance to that position myself because I’ll live longer than anyone else in the Guild and they don’t like being reminded of that.

If I had my way (and I WILL get my way) I’d sell my pastries in peace, thank you very much. So priority one is staying open. It’s what I’m here to do, and it’s what I want to spend my time doing. I can’t close down in my first month; people are just starting to become comfortable around Dotti and my sign advertising is starting to pay off with increased foot traffic.

As satisfying as it would be to send Serah in to smack the City Council down with her political savvy and give them all burnt hands for DARING to touch my stove, to do that, I would need to shut down to file my own appeal, to make it look like I’m representing myself. I don’t want to shut down. That is the opposite of what I wanted when I started this bakery. Even if it protects me from future government meddling later, it will absolutely hurt my business to shut down for the time it takes me to write it, and it’ll be stressful. Plus, if I ask for Serah’s help, it’ll take her time away from her own projects, and I know her plate is very full searching for Dotti’s friend Petra and dealing with her own noble politics.

I could hire a Faettorney and squash this as fast as possible, but that’s a temporary solution at best, and I’d have to pay in favors. Who knows how that would turn out? Badly, if Dotti’s experience shows. So that’s not going to work.

Hiring a local lawyer lets me stay open, even if it costs money. I’ll have to explain a lot of my situation to them, but… I don’t have anything to hide, really. The lawyer can’t tell anyone my secrets because of attorney-client privilege, but even if they hint at a few things in private (like how I’m not really in that great of a situation financially, and that I had to take out a loan from someone to get started) it’s something that might have come out sooner or later, especially if someone straight-up asks me if I have a dragon hoard.

Plus… Serah won’t be around forever. She’ll either go adventuring or return to her castle at Kensington eventually. I’ll need someone local to defend me, legally speaking. I think I’d better start now.

“Thank you, Serah,” I say, “for offering to stand up to the City Council. I appreciate your help with all this. With all these options... I want to stay open, especially right now when I’m building my reputation. I can’t do that if I write my own appeal.”

“It would take time,” Serah agrees, “And Ellie would be helping you, most likely. I completely understand.”

“I hate to bother you for one more thing,” I say. “But… do you know any lawyers in Minga who could just… make this all go away? Handle everything for me? I don’t want to make a mess. I just want to bake.”

“I don’t know any local lawyers who specialize in administrative appeals,” Serah says, “But I do know someone who knows everyone, and I trust my someone to find your someone.”

“Huh?” Landi does a cartwheel in the air.

“Go to this address,” Serah says, writing a note on a piece of parchment, “And tell them you’re asking for a same-day referral. Ask for someone personable, with a local pedigree, and with good speaking skills. Tell them the referral needs to accept the case within 24 hours, since you have an inspection in 72.”

Fritz and I thank Serah profusely, and we both immediately set out to the address. Dotti stays behind to help Serah with a few things, and Landi says something about a performance review.

At the address, there’s a very old building with an elegant wood façade. The office inside is small, but exceptionally well-furnished. The gentleman inside takes me to an older woman, who listens to my request immediately, and roots around in her files.

“I recommend either of these two practitioners,” she says.

Suggest a lawyer! Suggested traits/quirks/skills/appearances might be combined into the final two lawyers.

The lawyer must be a human, must have lived in Minga their whole life, and be very comfortable speaking in front of government officials and the City Council. Anything else is up to you!
No. 1061019 ID: e51896

Gregory Maddock, A middle-aged, and seemingly very gentlemanly lawyer, likely has art pieces in his home, plays a fiddle or violin as a hobby, will offer his clients tea or wine. He's soft spoken, and has a calming welcoming aura to him, but also an expert liar, and can be very scary when angry or loud, causing fear to the people he fights against during trial, sometimes even scaring his defendants unintentionally during his arguments against his opponents due to how much of a 180 his personality changes when in the swing of things in trial.

the downside is, this guy HATES fairys, and feels that they are stealing jobs from lawyers, and it makes his job difficult when going up against a fairy for his defendants due to their sneaky terms they put in their contracts, but he manages to pull through. Will begrudgingly work with one like Ellie if he has to, but will have some arguments with them.

Will say a lot of big words that Kayk won't understand, but will give Kayk assurance and will help lead her out of her situations professionally
No. 1061020 ID: 629f2e

Here's my shamelessly self-referential suggestion:

Name: Ronnie Smith

Appearance: Looks to be on the younger side, would definitely get his ID checked at bars. Has long black hair that cuts down past his shoulders.

Quirks: If he isn't talking, he's almost always popping something sweet in his mouth, be it something small like sugary almonds or whole donuts. How he remains scrawny can only be attributed to magic. On the plus side, his sweet tooth will probably endear Kayk to him immediately.

Personality Traits: Friendly and empathetic, but flighty and insincere. Speaks with a feathery fake nature that never leaves you confident that he isn't playing you in some way.

Skills: Decent understanding of law supplemented by a great understanding of people. Probably a better mentalist than lawyer, but has a solid track record of cases and a good rapport with the judge.
No. 1061021 ID: 9a2966

Minga's maternal mercantile matriarch, Mrs. Hogg of Hogg & Sons. Middle-aged woman, ruddy-faced, thickset, modest beer belly from being a known joie de vrie. Open-minded and friendly to most. Mercantile background, knows the ins and outs of running a business in Minga - it's how she got into matters of law while young.

Can often be found tippling and working in one of Minga's better bars, 'The Tot & The Tiddled', run by one of her many sons. Will tempt clients to have a wee drink before she accepts commissions - or in the event of a favorable result in court (in which case the first few are on the house). Leaks goss like a sieve, but has a surprisingly keen insight as to which secrets are important and best kept to herself.

Fearless speaker that suffers not fools, even among the powerful. Offers payment plans that aren't outright extortion.
No. 1061022 ID: a7a180

A gnomish lass Sally Willowisp, maintains a serious and even demeanor. Those who judge her by her height leave themselves open to a low blow as she attacks the flaws in their statements and their argument crumbles from its very foundations. She dresses like an old librarian and often sits on a stack of books to use standard desks.
No. 1061023 ID: e5709d

Thylanna Rhix is considered the apex of all lawyering bloodlines... which is a mark of shame for her, because she personally knows the levels of abuse a corrupt lawyer can unleash upon the unsuspecting public - she was born to one.

At the tender age of five, having been 'lovingly' forced by by her irredeemable creep of a father to learn five different district compendiums under prison-like conditions, she accidentally outed her father as a trafficking pedophile, and then proceeded to (again, by accident, and induced by candy and reasonable parental figures comforting her) advise a junior intern on how to slam dunk the case against him. She and her 'sister', her father's victim, were then adopted by well-to-do barons who saw her as the perfect future wife for their rising star business-minded son, and they were given freedom to pursue any hobby other than criminal law.

Naturally, she studied criminal law behind their backs while her sister studied the blade.

When the time came for the wedding, she systemically and legally outed her "husbrother-to-be" of all his criminal dealings, public falsehoods, and even some legalized crimes against humanity that had been hushed in Minga for decades. In a fit of anger, her henpecked brother-fiancee lunged for her with a wedding cake knife, and their sister slaughtered him 'in self-defense'. Naturally, she won the case for her sister while setting a dangerous (and well-needed) precedent for code-of-conduct of legalized 'lethal bodyguards'.

All of her five public cases have been equally wacky. Her first case ended with a 'defeat', as she deduced her client was guilty and led the case to ensure they'd get a guilty verdict, only to further prove the 'offended' party was in fact guilty of even worse crimes and resulted in his execution. Her second case went up in a literal conflagration when she inadvertently unleashed the full power of a cursed artifact used as evidence by legally deducing the laws of the spirit responsible, causing her client to plead guilty just so he could finish up the legal tangle keeping the artifact in custody and thereby change the world faster with the spirit's knowledge in prison. Her third case proved both her client's innocence and her sexual orientation, causing the forbidden marriage which was the point of the trial to be annulled and for the client to marry her childhood friend, causing a massive scandal that shattered the caste-mobility con planned by nobles while promoting sexual and romantic freedoms. Her fourth case involved another magical cursed artifact which swapped the body parts of the entire court with each truth revealed; she got out with her hair permanently dyed blue. Her fifth case involved acquiring a pardon for her sister of all charges of first-degree assassination by systemically unveiling the genocidal crimes against humanity for her sister's (known) targets. The scandal has withheld her from taking further cases herself, as she has only consulted for the past decade.

Since then, Thylanna has been the matriarchal jackalope of lawyers in the country. Her reputation as a public defender is twelve feet under, but local law firms consider meeting her a rite of passage. Her consultation firm has served over 25% of all cases in Minga and worked for all major law firms.

But a dragon trying to run a bakery and getting raided by the entire city council for it? This might be worthy of a sixth case from the myth herself.
No. 1061028 ID: 53560f

Introducing Simon Taffer!
Simon is a married man who’s wife is a local merchant.
His wife’s occasional brushes with law caused him to become a lawyer himself so he can assist his wife with legal matters.
He’s very familiar with how nonsensical Mingan law can be and his dream is to one day exploit as many dumb laws and loopholes as possible in a single instance that the entire book of law in Minga is rewritten from scratch into something that isn’t so easily exploited.

Traits: cares about justice & wife
Quirks: a bit confrontational & argumentative when he sees something he knows is wrong.
Skills: understands local merchant law and can spot loopholes almost immediately.
Appearance: chubby and short, has a combover. Wears glasses and suspenders.
No. 1061052 ID: 8ce1f0
File 168106830368.png - (88.15KB , 452x421 , LF6-84.png )

“First,” the woman says, “You may want to consider retaining Simon Maddock. He’s quite well-versed in compliance matters, and applying novel theories to clients’ cases to get exceptions to otherwise stifling codes and ordinances. If you’re in a bind, he’s very helpful; he knows how stifling Minga law can be. Unfortunately, he doesn’t work well with fairies, so if you do spend time with them, he may become quite outspoken. It won’t affect his quality of representation, but he may spend some time expressing his… opinions.

Next, we have Mrs. Thylanna Hogg, of Hogg & Sons. She started in criminal law in order to try and get her sister out of a few binds. She took on a few high-profile criminal cases and did quite well, all things considered. After that, she helped her sister go on the straight and narrow as a merchant, settling down and applying her sharp mind and sharper tongue to speak truth to power. She’s a community figure, well-respected and quite talkative, and she’ll be in one of her many sons’ shops and bars at all hours of the day, working and talking with everyone she finds interesting. Given that, she’s not the most discreet attorney, but in sensitive matters you can trust her to mind her confidences.”

I whisper with Fritz for a minute, and he agrees with my instinct to go with Mrs. Hogg. I don’t want conflict in my legal representation if I bring Landi or Ellie along, and her gossipy nature may actually help me in the long run if the Council trusts that Mrs. Hogg can always get the inside scoop- and I can help decide what the scoop will be.

Fritz and I thank the older woman and her gentleman out front for the referral, and we set out to the law offices of Hogg & Sons.

She’s not there.

Thinking quickly, we go to the bar of her eldest son.

Yes, she’s there.

Mrs. Hogg is sipping tea in one hand with a small half-finished mimosa in the other, chit-chatting with a man half her age and patting him on the shoulder, wishing him luck in his logging business and congratulating him on securing the rights to harvest on his latest parcel of property. She glances over with a raised eyebrow and beckons Fritz and me over.

“Fritz, dear, it’s been too long!” Mrs. Hogg says. “You never visit my son Ronnie’s tavern anymore. Has his beer gone flat? We’ve missed you!” She waves to the gentleman behind the bar. “Clyde, please bring Fritz and his lady friend a pair of Sangria Strawberry Sparkling Basils. On the house.”

“Thank you for the offer,” I say, “But I don’t think I should be drinking quite this early.”

“I insist!” Mrs. Hogg says. “In vino veritas, and honesty leavens the soil of the most beautiful gardens.”

I think our referring lawyers warned me about this, so I’m prepared to have a sip. Just a few.

Oh no it’s really good

Thankfully, there aren’t too many customers in the bar at this hour, so I can talk to Mrs. Hogg without worrying about eavesdroppers. I explain my problems and ask if she can help.

“Why, Kayk, of course I can,” she says, putting a hand on mine. “Please don’t think harshly of the Fire Marshal, Thane. Thane is a good boy, he’s just doing what he’s told. And frankly, he’s not the sharpest when it comes to applying the nuances of the Fire Code, either. As far as sparring opponents go, he’s hardly a warm-up. I’ll get to the bottom of this, don’t you worry.”

I let out a sigh of relief. “Does this mean I don’t have to spend all that money to buy the D-Class extinguishers?”

“Of course not!” Mrs. Hogg exclaims. “He’s using the wrong standard to base his recommendation on. The actual standard he should be using is much more lenient outside of a room where there is conjured flame by an employee. And for areas where there is conjured flame, you merely need to demonstrate that you have appropriate protections to keep that conjured flame from spreading. A D-class extinguisher is wildly inappropriate. Do you have anything in your prep room to help extinguish an accidental burst of dragonfire?”

“I have a portable B-class extinguisher,” I say. “Is that good enough?”

“For a regular bakery, yes. But to be ironclad, you may want to come up with something more robust to put out flames. Do you have anything you can do, or know anyone you can hire, within the next sixty-eight hours that is exceptionally useful at putting out fires? Bonus points if they’ve shown they can put out dragonfire. It doesn’t need to be expensive, just effective.”


Suggest a solution! Who or what does Kayk know that can put out dragonfire?
No. 1061053 ID: a7a180

Genice can apply ice magic to the solution. If she reaches further into her memory, growing up she had an enchanted fireproof blanket knit by her father - it helped minimize the chaos caused by young drakes waking up in the middle of the night and having coughing fits. Jek was its most recent user.
No. 1061055 ID: af8864

Oh man, that’s a good one.
No. 1061056 ID: 629f2e


Not a bad idea, although you might have trouble getting her onboard, especially full-time. Maybe if you can have some way to quickly summon her though. Maybe you can talk to her and see about getting something that can do just that.

Barring that, I would propose the silly suggestion of shapeshifting yourself a massive ass and sitting on the fire to extinguish it. It'd break the equipment, but the fire would be deprived of oxygen.
No. 1061067 ID: de0094

We'll ask Genice. If she says no, thats fine, we'll have plenty of time.
No. 1061068 ID: e5709d

Doesn't your mom have research on extinguishing fires within the flammable portions of her hoard?
No. 1061078 ID: dee951

Isn't a lot of fire magic also, you know, thermodynamics magic? Moving heat around from one place to another, moving air or gasses relevant to fire around, that kind of thing? Couldn't any fire mage, theoretically, do some of this sort of stuff?
No. 1061079 ID: e3e874
File 168109105619.png - (36.09KB , 500x428 , LF6-85.png )

“I know an Ice Djinn,” I say. “Genice. Um… would that be good enough?”

“It depends.” Mrs. Hogg ponders for a moment. “Does she have experience with dragonfire? Ideally, I could argue that she’s as good as a D-Class extinguisher, if things come down to it. If she’s as powerful as a C-class, then that might pass muster if she’s available immediately.”

I think back to Landi’s visit to my mother’s lair, and remember one particular thing…

“She fought a dragon,” I say. “She helped her fairy friend shut down my younger sister, Tanwen. Froze her right to the wall and stopped her fire from leaving her mouth.”

“Did you see it yourself?” Mrs. Hogg asks, surprised. “If that’s true, and I can back it up in a hearing, then I can’t think of a better Ice Djinn to have on call. No one could argue she’s not enough to handle your fire.”

“Landi was bragging about it,” I say. “Fairies don’t lie.”

“You’d be surprised what they consider the truth,” Mrs. Hogg chuckles. “Still, that’s a good place to start. If you can summon her in an emergency, ideally with an instant summons, and she can confirm that she’s bested dragonfire before, then your Fire Marshal problem might be over before we even need to file an appeal. I don’t want to get your hopes up, but Thane has enough integrity regarding fire safety that he won’t outright lie on an inspection. He’ll bend the rules, but he won’t create infractions where there aren’t any.”

“Are you saying that all that’s left is the flour and the oven?” I ask. “No extinguisher problem?”

“Perhaps,” Mrs. Hogg says. “If you move all your flour and combustible materials into the seating area before the inspection, and you have Genice either there in person or instantly summonable, then he can’t shut you down, as long as I’m there to talk some sense into him. You’ll be in compliance. You can then argue the restrictions aren’t needed after he passes you, instead of fighting his order to shut down using an appeal.”

“I wasn’t using the seating area at the moment,” I say, “But I wanted to use it during the winter.”

“Arguing against the restrictions may drag on for a few months, if you’ll pardon the expression,” Mrs. Hogg says. “I’ll be there to help you every step of the way, though. Don’t worry, dear. What’s happening is terribly unfair, and I’m not afraid to butt some heads over it. You don’t mind if I talk some sense into Thane for you? I’d need your permission to represent you, of course. We can discuss fees later, if you want.”

“I don’t have too much to spend,” I mutter. “Can you keep the fees, um, reasonable?”

If Mrs. Hogg is surprised at my lack of funds, she doesn’t show it. “Of course, dear,” she says. “My clients are businesses. I couldn’t keep practicing if I ran them out of house and home, now, could I?”

“Thank you,” I say. “Yes, you can talk to the Fire Marshal for me. Ah, what was his name?”


I nod. All of this is coming so fast. Fritz and I leave Ronnie’s bar and immediately go back to the Guild to see what can be done to have Genice available for the inspection, and on-call afterwards. I’m sure we’ll figure something out, whether it’s an instant-summons contract or simply having her work during business hours, but it doesn’t have to be a permanent solution. I’ve got help for that.

Dare I think it?

Things might actually go well.

[i]Kayk has lost 10 STRESS.

KAYK STRESS: [60/100]
DOTTI STRESS: [10/100][/b]
No. 1061080 ID: e3e874
File 168109107056.png - (2.63KB , 225x225 , LF6-86.png )

Kayk has now run her bakery successfully for just about TWO WEEKS. Congratulations, Kayk! She is not profitable yet due to needing to pay her lawyer, but she isn’t losing money, either. Her business will depend on how many more customers she can bring in while she has limited seating, and how well she manages her own STRESS.

Dotti is now supremely chill (by fox standards) and will not have any STRESS issues because of her critical success on renegotiating her contract. She can bake simple items and is great at customer service. However, she is very bad at working the cash register.

Time will now ACCELERATE.

There will be no more day-by-day posts of STRESS levels and bakery plans. Kayk has made GOOD DECISIONS so far, and there will be no nasty surprises she cannot rely on her support network to deal with.

This is your last chance to make suggestions before TIME ACCELERATES. The next post will be the Fire Marshal’s secondary inspection. There is no doubt that Kayk’s bakery will be able to remain open; the only question is if she will need argue WITHOUT an appeal if Thane agrees with Mrs. Hogg (less expensive and no risk of going to the City Council), or argue WITH an appeal if Thane disagrees with Mrs. Hogg (more expensive, and goes to the Council, and maybe an additional appeal after that to a judge). After that, Kayk will be providing the snacks and treats for Serah’s luncheon with Marquess Mallory.

Kayk has given Serah more time on issues that aren’t bakery-related. This will have consequences.

What advice do you give Kayk?

Fate approaches. Suggest wisely.
No. 1061082 ID: e51896

Get some food prepared for Thane to eat when he comes for his secondary inspections. If he sees how wonderful your food is, he might be more willing to agree with Mrs. Hogg and argue without an appeal to keep you open after he finds out how good your food is. Use your best knowledge on baking to help you through this.
No. 1061084 ID: a7a180

Yes, prepare a complementary meal for Thane, a platter arranged in the shape of his face. It wouldn't hurt for Thane to be reminded he is crunchy and goes well with ketchup.
No. 1061085 ID: e51896

As far as managing our stress goes: I believe customer service is the cause of most stress for Kayk, but Dotti has shown to be getting real great at customer service, so we will not need to worry too much about customers complaining if we have Dotti handle all or most of that. Letting Dotti handle that will give Kayk the chance to primarily focus on doing what she loves doing most and have fun with it: baking!

Also, Kayk should try to spend time with her friends after work when she can to further manage her stress. do some fun things like watching Dotti draw, or going on a date with Fritz. Keep her mind on the present, and try not to think too much about the future.
No. 1061086 ID: 9a2966

Hm. No. Threat-food would be an overly aggressive response given that Thane just seems to be doing his job at the Council's prompting at the moment.

And if one is sweetening someone up - pardon the pun - restrict it to the level of a friendly gesture. Take a leaf out of Mrs. Hoggs' book - just insist he try a sample while he's over, solicit his opinion on the taste-test if he's not too busy, something the sort. Showcase that your shop's presence will be a delicious boon to Minga's citizens, and that this is in fact your intent and passion.

It might help to ask the inestimable Mrs. Hoggs if she knows what sort of baked goods Thane might favor and happen to have some on hand for the day of his visit. You can do some mean donuts, can't you?
No. 1061088 ID: 2a82d3

She should leave some free time for more dates with Fritz. He's been a real sweetheart to help you through this mess, it's another way to integrate herself into the community, and noone could argue he hasn't been good for you.

In fact, Mrs. Hogg may be at "work" "making the case" for you. She's a consummate professional, but romance is prime gossip fodder and your relationship status is definitely not subject to client-attorney privilege. The two of you walked in practically if not literally holding hands, and she asked why she hasn't been coming by lately.

There's a chance she name-dropped "Thane" because he's related to Fritz in some way, like an older brother or cousin. That would explain a lot.
No. 1061093 ID: 629f2e

Think about things you could make that would do exceptionally well in winter! Maybe you could start selling hot chocolate as a drink option? Gingerbread would probably sell well. Maybe lava cakes?
No. 1061096 ID: dee951


Ya, but which hot chocolate? The super cloyingly sweet with marshmallows type, always a favorite, or the more nuanced tasting slightly spicy and cinnamony type?
No. 1061402 ID: 26049d
File 168152639952.png - (3.62KB , 300x300 , LF6-87.png )

At last, it’s time. Thane arrives just before the breakfast rush for the secondary inspection, which means my expertly planned free samples are still here.

Mrs. Hogg has already helped herself to some tea and plunder pastry. Thane spots her and his mood dours.

“You’re not here to interfere,” he says, his tone equal parts trepidation and irritation.

“Why on Earth would you think that, Thane?” Mrs. Hogg smiles. “I’m here to enjoy my client’s food. I arrived just in time, the free samples are nearly gone.”

Thane glances at the strawberry, almond and cheese pastry. He tries to resist temptation.

He cannot.

I am smug.

He finishes his sample, taking time to look for signs of D-class extinguishers. He doesn’t find any. He does, however, find Genice’s pencil-thin avatar floating around me as I work.

“Hi!” Genice waves. “I’m new here.”

“I see,” Thane says, spitting crumbs from his mouth. “Ah. Shoot.”

“I got it!” Dotti swoops in with a pan and uses her tails to sweep the crumbs away.

“Did she just do that?” Thane asks Mrs. Hogg in disbelief.

“What?” my lawyer asks. “Never seen a fox spirit this dedicated to customer service? You should come here more often. You’ll get used to it.”

Thane shakes his head and asks to see my storage room, confirming that I’ve moved all flammable materials far enough away for his (incorrect) tastes. He looks around and still can’t find any new extinguishers. Seeing this, he pulls out his notepad.

“I can see your ice djinn,” he says, “and that’s a good effort, but it’s not enough, Miss Terrorscale. Do you have anything to say before I finish the inspection?“

I shake my head firmly and point at Mrs. Hogg. I don’t have to say anything! I have a lawyer for that.

Thane the Fire Marshal sighs and goes to Mrs. Hogg to explain his findings. They have a hushed conversation, and Mrs. Hogg pours him some of her tea, which he accepts without thinking. I wring my hands and wait for the result.
No. 1061403 ID: 26049d
File 168152642138.png - (6.23KB , 500x374 , LF6-88.png )

A few minutes later, Mrs. Hogg stands up and Thane begins to write on his clipboard.

“Is it over?” I ask her quietly.

“Not quite,” Mrs. Hogg says. “He won’t admit it, but the poor boy is very concerned about his job. He can’t come away without some kind of concessions, and not hurt his career. Also, there’s his own worries. If he allows you to continue operating without some serious precautions, he’s very worried you might start something you can’t put out.”

“Did you mention my mom’s old fire blankets, for when me and my siblings were drakes?”

“I did,” she says, “and he’s not biting. I think there are some compromises we can work out, but you won’t like all of them. Some will cost money. Others are… somewhat demeaning, but they’ll be a guaranteed pass until we appeal. The more ridiculous the precautions, the harder it will be for him to defend them.”

I don’t like where this is going…

Mrs. Hogg offers the following options:

1. Train Dotti to control and handle my dragonfire. Not guaranteed to make Thane happy, and not guaranteed to work perfectly if Dotti is STRESSED.
2. Hire Genice and/or Landi full-time to instantly deal with any fires
3. Wear a muzzle to prevent accidental fire discharge
4. I’ve done more than enough already! I’m a dragon and I do what I want. Let Mrs. Hogg sort it out!
5. Something else
No. 1061404 ID: a98a3e

2. We were already planning to get Genice's help anyways
No. 1061405 ID: 12b116

Tell him Genice is going to be present whenever the oven is being used
No. 1061410 ID: a7a180

3. Guaranteed to be shot down in court, outright ridiculous, and you can sue for additional damages. Is it a legal move to accept something you know will look dumber so you can kick their ass in court later? Well, our lawyer will know the answer.
If this ever gets back to mother, Thane's going to be worried about losing a lot more than his job...
No. 1061412 ID: 629f2e


The issue is that this wouldn't be something forced on us, but a compromise we would be making. Thane cannot be blamed if we are the ones muzzling ourselves when there were other options available, whether or not they were ones that would reasonably solve the situation. From a legal perspective, all we would have to do is purchase the extinguishers we were recommended to avoid this unwanted act.
No. 1061414 ID: 629f2e

4 is the only acceptable option here.

The issues with 3 need not be pointed out, to do so would be an insult.

2 sounds reasonable, but it just isn't a wise investment for us at this time. We can't afford another full-time employee through traditional wages, and granting favors is only slightly less demeaning than the muzzle. You shouldn't have to surrender your fate to Landi or Genice just to make a living, that isn't acceptable.

Then there's 1. The worst part about 1 is that I don't think Dotti would reject the idea of learning. I don't think Dotti would recognize that you are asking a lot of her, or that she should be getting some form of compensation in exchange for the new duties you would be putting upon her. Option 1 would be easy and have little harm, but at the cost of exploiting Dotti's inexperience to foist your problems onto her.

You have a lawyer. If Serah feels confident that she could get this case shut down, then a lawyer recommended by her should similarly be able to represent you without you needing to make major sacrifices. It is your job to let your lawyer know what issues you can be flexible with, and which you absolutely cannot be, and this is one of them. The options being presented are not acceptable, and you need her to win you a deal in which none of them are required. You will bring your fire blankets from home to show some level of trying to appease things, but that is your limit.

You have your rights, and you cannot let yourself be bullied into compromising them every time the opposition seems obstinate. If Mrs. Hogg cannot do her job under these conditions, then there is at least one other lawyer you can talk to at the law firm who might be more willing.
No. 1061417 ID: 273c18

I think you should do 1 regardless, because it's a cool skill for Dotti to have.

2 is a good compromise, but will definitely cost money. Money you might not have, unless you can negotiate a contract to reduce the cost to something you can afford to give up. Also I suspect if you start doing this, the city will require you to keep doing it.
3 isn't a good look. Customers will wonder why you have it, and might come to the conclusion you're dangerous, or did something criminal. Also how are you going to talk with it on? You'd have to rely completely on Dotti for customer service and not be able to intervene without taking it off to deal with a difficult customer, which is exactly the situation where you would breathe fire accidentally anyway.

Ultimately, you're going to have to go with number 2(and 1 because it's cool), and see if you can later argue against needing the full time contract and instead have her on call so she only has to be around in at-risk scenarios or when a fire actually happens. Plus you'll still have the one class B extinguisher, and the fire blanket.

Perhaps you can buy a single class D extinguisher too? The inspector asked for multiple which was too much, but maybe you can afford just one?
No. 1061420 ID: d14a2b


This might sound ridiculous but be crazy enough to work, or be the worst time of our life but, C.

The reason being that as mentioned, the more ridiculous the compromise the more likely the appeal will work; nothing can be as ridiculous as asking something as dehumanizing for someone to wear a muzzle.
Also the clients will be able to see it as well, which by turn will have them start questioning the authorities in charge for enforcing this, which may bring public (and possibly jury) outrage.
No. 1061422 ID: dbef8f

>>1061404 forgot to mention why 2,
Kayk is going to be cooking for the Marquess, and if it goes well, her bakery will become pretty popular if word got out that someone as important as the Marquess liked Kayk's cooking, giving kayk a higher income to cover Genice

Also, Genice and Landi are our friends, I think we can trust them to not demean Kayk with unreasonable requests, and they know the situation Kayk is in. I'm sure they'd be willing to help give Kayk some support with a friends discount. And we can always work out whatever contract for Genice and/or Landi's services so both parties are happy before we sign it.
No. 1061423 ID: 12b116

Alternatively, start crying. This guy sounds like the type that gets completely wrong footed when confronted with a crying woman.
No. 1061426 ID: d14a2b

This is an unfair situation, stress has been building up, all you really wanted is a bakery and politics are getting in the way, the things asked are dehumanizing or hurting the budget to a point it'll be hard to recover from or will indebt us to people.

There's all the good reasons to actually do that, might also relieve some stress to get it out now.
No. 1061427 ID: e5709d

All of this stems from the fear that you could accidentally discharge your naturally reloading breath weapon at any point during working hours. Well, what about simply discharging as much as you can at regular breaks?
You can practice fire breathing in your spare time to manage redirecting, and use the spare heat to power a community boiler or blacksmith furnace or something. Keep your fuel levels to the equivalent of a junior wizard's spell slots, there should be plenty of city-wide contingencies for accidents of that level.
No. 1061428 ID: dee951

1 is a useful skill for Dotti to have. Even if you aren't relying on it in an emergency, improvements in Dotti's magic and control can only be a good thing for her growth. That, combined with Genice being around SHOULD be enough, no?
No. 1061429 ID: dee951

Also, I second the bursting out into tears thing, AND the figuring out a way to drain your dragonfire in a pro-social, community-helpful way each day.
No. 1061436 ID: 273c18

Do not cry, ffs.
No. 1061437 ID: dbef8f

Agreed, no to being a crybaby.
No. 1061475 ID: 4b4fac
File 168160231011.png - (3.64KB , 300x293 , LF6-89.png )

I can’t believe this. My own lawyer is telling me I might have to put on a muzzle? What’s happening here? What kind of city is this? This isn’t fair. This isn’t right. There is absolutely no way I’m degrading myself just to get the approval of this dumb-as-bricks inspector. How dare Mrs. Hogg even propose that as an option!

Maybe this is all a mistake. Can I really run a business surrounded by suspicious humans and flammable buildings? This is all so STRESSFUL I can barely take it.

Kayk has gained 5 STRESS. [75/100]

I want to stomp my feet and DEMAND they treat me right. I could have a tantrum right here, right now, and get my way. I could cry ugly tears and it would feel really good for a minute and it might even work. Yeah.

But it wouldn’t be a very good example for Dotti. My employee.

I take a deep, angry breath and try VERY CAREFULLY to not exhale fire right now even though it would feel pretty good.

“You are going to go back there,” I tell Mrs. Hogg, “that Thane is out of his mind if he thinks I’m going to wear a muzzle. You are going to spit that in his face and make him feel horrible for even thinking it. And then you are going to make him reconsider, because that is what I pay you for.”

“I can do that,” Mrs. Hogg nods. “Do I have permission to negotiate over anything?

“I have Genice summonable for emergencies, and I am NOT hiring her full time. I didn’t retain you to end up paying more. You may, if he won’t budge, tell him that I’ll practice with Dotti to contain and control my dragonfire in the event of an uncontrolled release.”

“I can work with that,” Mrs. Hogg says. “One moment, please.”

And then I get to listen to an absolutely glorious dressing-down of Thane by someone who’s known him since he was a kid.

It feels nice.

By the end of it, Thane the Fire Marshal just wants this all over with. He protests meekly about safety in the storage areas with no D-class extinguisher, prompting another whirlwind of lawyering, culminating in one final proposal.

“I’ll let you leave this bakery once you sign off on these extra safety measure, which are far beyond what any reasonable person would expect,” Mrs. Hogg says, “and you can tell the Council that not only have you done your job, you’ve forced Miss Terrorscale to teach her employee how to handle her dragonfire. Which, may I add, has a host of other benefits. How many people in the world can control dragonfire?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well then, Thane dear, we don’t need to spend any more time time talking about what you don’t know, we’ll be here all day. Now sign your inspection report and end this madness.”

Thane adds the requested language and certifies that I’ve passed my secondary inspection with the revised condition of, instead of adding two D-class extinguishers, having Genice summonable in emergencies (which I’ve done via scroll) and teaching Dotti to handle my dragonfire.

It’s over. For now.

It’s a small, mixed victory, but I can still enjoy it. And I’ll get to remove those idiotic requirements later.

Finally, I can serve my customers without worrying I’ll be shut down by a power-tripping City Council. I celebrate with Fritz, and we both have what feels like a little too much fun the morning after, which is the perfect amount of fun.

Kayk has lost 20 STRESS. [55/100]
No. 1061476 ID: 4b4fac
File 168160234527.png - (24.76KB , 339x480 , LF6-90.png )

Dotti and I manage the bakery and my stress levels swimmingly for the next week, and I can feel myself starting to hit my stride. I’m not entirely profitable yet because of all my lawyer and setting up that instant-summon spell this month, but with Serah’s luncheon at Marquess Mallory’s estate coming up, I’ll make a pretty penny even though I’m shutting down the bakery that day. And if it goes well, I’ll have people dropping by with LOTS of money to spend on the high-end sweets I so, so love making.

My STRESS goes down a bit more as we prepare our light luncheon pastries, both sweet and savory. Serah says she doesn’t want me to get drawn into noble politics, so I won’t be joining her inside the estate halls; I’ll be simply providing her a ride there, and carrying the luncheon supplies with Landi’s help.

Serah shows me the dress she’s picked out. It’s a very full dress with a daring neckline, and I worry about if it’s meant for riding dragons in.

“Don’t worry about that,” Serah says. “Landi will be casting her godmother spells as we ride, so there’s no risk to my dress or my dignity, even when I dismount.”

Landi, for her part, is ecstatic about the opportunity to help out. She’s dying to get a peek inside the estate and sample some truly outrageous wine and compare it to the kind my mom kept. I’m a little curious what the nobility drinks, too, but I won’t be coming inside.

“Actually, Landi,” Serah says, “I’d been meaning to talk to you about that… Marquess Mallory doesn’t particularly care for fairies with inventory magic. She sees it as a security risk, and I can’t blame her.”

“Oh no you don’t,” Landi says. “No, no, no. You can’t NOT invite me inside! That’s mean! It’s rude! I’ll be missing out on the schmoozing and boozing!”

“I’m sorry,” Serah says. “You’ll need to stay outside with Kayk. Don’t worry, Landi. I’ve planned my moves, and I’m confident I can out-intrigue the Marquess. I’ll be fine by myself.”

Landi grumbles and sulks as we plan the luncheon, and she grumbles even more when she learns I’m considering bringing Dotti to help set up and serve the pastries. If I bring her along, I won’t have to worry about gaining too much STRESS from dealing with needy nobles. However, Dotti’s novelty factor is as big as mine or bigger. I’m a real live dragon with a mom that’s a major power player in politics, but Dotti is Dotti. Between the two of us, we’ll be the main attraction for a modestly large crowd of very well-connected socialites.

I have to decide whether Dotti can handle being judged by these socialites, and if she’s wise enough to not be drawn into their politics. I’m sure they’ll offer her all kinds of tempting deals to try and curry favor with what’s possibly the only socialized fox spirit in recorded history.

If Dotti comes along, I might be able to remain in my true form, which would be less STRESSFUL.. Dotti can just wear her regular outfit; it seems to work well enough, but after I drop Serah off in my true form and shift into lizardfolk form, I’d need to dress up to nobility’s standards, which would be difficult to manage post-transformation without Landi’s help.

1. Should I invite Dotti to help me serve the luncheon?
2. Should I remain in my true form for the luncheon?

No. 1061479 ID: a7a180

Yes and yes! It will be a test for Dotti, but that means it will also be a learning experience, and Serah bringing both a dragon and a fox spirit with her, well, the clout will be quite mighty.
No. 1061481 ID: e51896

>If I bring her along, I won’t have to worry about gaining too much STRESS from dealing with needy nobles.
>I have to decide whether Dotti can handle being judged by these socialites, and if she’s wise enough to not be drawn into their politics. I’m sure they’ll offer her all kinds of tempting deals to try and curry favor with what’s possibly the only socialized fox spirit in recorded history.

Your stress at 55 is kind of high. A low high, a little above mid, so it'd probably help to have Dotti along for the help. And Dotti's stress levels is 10, which is very low. She should be able to handle her stress levels if they get higher and handle nobles annoying her. So yeah, bring her along.

As for going into your lizardfolk form, As long as we bring Dotti to help, I'm okay with Kayk going lizard form or dragon form, especially since Dotti's stress levels are low enough to handle everything if we want to be dragon, or have Dotti help us handle stuff and prevent our stress levels from going too high if we want to be lizardfolk.
I think with Dotti with you to help manage your stress, you'll be able to handle it or at least gain a smaller amount of stress levels at worse with Dotti present.

I'll say 1. YES Have Dotti help serve the Luncheon
and 2. NO Go into your lizard-kin form

reason why going into lizard form, some people might recognize you as the bakery owner when lizard form, and others will be more inclined to visit your bakery you if you're not a big scary dragon, and appear more as a cute lizard person. Dotti can help shoulder enough of the stress from us being a lizardfolk
No. 1061484 ID: 629f2e


1: Maybe. Ask Dotti if she's interested, but give her an important debriefing if she is. Firstly: She has to be careful not to agree to any requests outside of her normal job duties. If somebody wants pastry, perfectly fine. If they'd like her to attend a gala as her honored guest, do NOT say yes! You don't have to reject them, but perhaps a statement like "I will have to see about my availability, and get back to you on that." would suffice.

Yes, EVEN IF the deal sounds stupid awesome to you. These nobles aren't going to give you a metric ton of meat for free, there will be a catch. If you REALLY aren't sure, give a non-committal answer and ask Serah when you get the chance.

2: No absolutely not. That would mean we don't get to see Kayk in fancy clothes, which would be a horrible loss.
No. 1061494 ID: 273c18

1: yes! She's at low stress and has been performing very well! She'll appreciate the trust you'll be giving her, and will probably enjoy the challenge. It's a win/win.

But it will draw a lot of attention to her. Wasn't she having concerns about that? Hmm. Ultimately it's her choice if she wants to be in the spotlight. Also, Landi will be there too, outside with you. Dotti might not like that. Oh, I guess Landi being there isn't a complete negative; she can run interference when people try to tempt Dotti into making deals. Work as her intermediary, basically. Hmm, I wonder what Salt would want her to do... probably accept deals that can cause an uproar. You'll probably have to warn her that if she doesn't protect Dotti you'll retaliate against her.

>true form?
Hmm, that might be unfair to Dotti. She'd be doing all of the serving work. Would it be so bad if you got a pretty dress to wear? You don't necessarily need Landi to help, because you won't have to wear it while flying; you can find somewhere private to shapeshift then put on the dress.
No. 1061496 ID: e5709d

Screw your true form, have the biggest bust at the ball! (Okay, maybe second-biggest, if Dotti wants to show up the aristocracy)
No. 1061528 ID: 43c327
File 168167877384.png - (17.52KB , 530x433 , LF6-91.png )

The next day I’m free, Serah invites me to the guild and says she’s had one of her preferred seamstresses supply me a dress on a few dresses. It fits, and I can even put it on myself!

Serah is supportive of the idea of catering the luncheon in my lizardfolk form, and not just because I look good in purple; It’ll also help the nobles recognize me when they look for my bakery. It’s not like I serve pastries as a full-size dragon (though the idea is tempting, especially if the Fire Marshal ever comes back).

Dotti is confident she can handle herself well in front of the nobility, as long as Serah and I give her tips on what to do and what not to do. She’s not afraid of the attention, but hates the idea of getting caught up in court politics with paper and favors and people she describes as “human-sized Landis.” It’s a fair assessment.

Serah and I make sure Dotti won’t make any faux pas, and warn her not to take any requests by the nobles at face value. She’ll be a curiosity for them since she’s technically hired help (and thus expected to defer to the nobility) but no one expects a fox spirit to do what she’s told, so there is plenty of leeway in how Dotti can handle herself gracefully.

Afterwards, I blow off a little more steam with Fritz. He’s getting more confident around me. I wonder where that’ll lead?


At last, the day arrives.

Serah is dressed to the nines in a casual version gown with a daring neckline, gloves, and necklace. She says there won’t be any dancing at the meeting, which lets her show off a bit as the most eligible bachelorette at the event. It’s also relatively small, as noble gatherings go, so she’s confident that there won’t be any surprise guests who insist on turning the event turn into a date. Still, that neckline clearly has Serah a bit nervous, and she tugs it up a few times before she gets ready to hop aboard the Kayk Express.

“Are you sure about that dress?” I ask her.

“I made a few adjustments to my Jotund Juice mutagen a few days ago,” Serah sighs. “I didn’t realize it would affect my fit. But don’t worry about me. Landi has enchanted the neckline to tether upwards to my necklace, which should prevent accidents, and she’s also cast a durability spell on my gown for the ride, and a few extra spells to prevent any glimpses when I dismount. I’ve thought this through- it’s the price of entry to have such impeccable style.”

“And she’s wearing a super-teeny corset under it too,” Landi says, “Unlike some dragons.”

“What?” I ask. “I don’t need bras.”

“Living dangerously!” Landi laughs. She piles a few more pastry boxes into her inventory space.

“Dangerously?” There’s nothing dangerous about it. I really don’t need them.

“Ignore her, she’s stupid,” Dotti says succinctly. “We’ve got all the food loaded safely into Landi’s space. Let’s go!”

“One moment,” Serah says. She goes back into the Adventurers’ Guild and returns with a floating, disembodied skull with a magnificent beard and glowing green eyes.

“You!” Dotti hisses and hides behind my tail.

“Indeed! It is I!” Archibeard declares. “Hello, Miss Terrorscale. I don’t believe we’ve been acquainted. How is your mother of late?”

“She’s… fine,” I say, eyes wide. “Um, Serah, is this going to be a problem?”

“Believe it or not,” Serah sighs, “Archibeard, or Malazar as he is known in polite society, has the authority to speak directly on behalf of my father. Please show him the proper respect when he’s not being a jerk to Dotti. He is my contingency plan in case there are any surprises.”

“Now, now,” the skull titters. “Your father is quite pleased with your alliances of late, even if they aren’t marital. I shan’t speak a word out of place.”

“Daddy can be as pleased as he likes,” Serah mutters, but she doesn’t press the issue. “Kayk, your tail, if you would.”

Serah ascends my tail like a staircase, and I’m very glad we practiced her climbing my dragonscale in heels before today.
No. 1061529 ID: 43c327
File 168167879417.png - (16.94KB , 626x840 , LF6-92.png )

I take a low and slow flight path to the Marquess’s estate, making sure Serah is as regal as possible and keep my neck to break the wind so it doesn’t mess up her hair. All our efforts are about to pay off.

I land gracefully upon the small, grassy field in front of a very old manor house. The Marquess’s guards are staring in awe, their hands nowhere near their weapons. One of them even bows his head before another guard slaps him upside the helmet.

I could get used to this. Is this what it’s like when Mom visits castles?

Serah slides down my scales the correct way so that they don’t scrape her dress, alighting on the grass with perfect poise. Archibeard floats down with her.

“Lady Kensington,” a well-to-do butler says with a bow. “Emissary Malazar. It is my pleasure to welcome you on behalf of Marquess Mallory and her retinue.”

“House Kensington is grateful for your Lord’s hospitality and invitation into such esteemed company,” Serah says. “While I am, alas, away from my lands, I cannot hope to provide gifts of my own worthy of her opulence. Pray Miss Terrorscale’s offerings of a luncheon on my behalf suffice.”

“The Marquess is delighted to host such a luncheon,” the butler smiles. “You travel in such interesting company. We shall delight in hearing tales of your adventures inside.”

Serah allows herself to be escorted alongside Archibeard inside. A guard steps up to me and clears his throat.

“So, uh,” he says, “When they said a Terrorscale was going to come by for a luncheon, this wasn’t exactly what came to mind. If’n you don’t mind the joke.”

“Oh, no,” I give him a grin. “My mother would be flattered, I’m sure.”

“You can set up over there,” the guard points. “We’ve got tables and chairs all set up.”

“Awesome,” Landi says. “Imma drop all the food and stuff on those real fast, okay? Okay!”

“Do you have a place for me to make myself ready?” I ask the guard. He points at a carriage-house that’s just barely large enough for me to squeeze in. Thankfully it’s made of stone, so the heat from my transformation won’t risk anything. “Thank you. Dotti, please take charge and help Landi set up while I get dressed.”

One uneventful transformation and dressing-up later, I come out in my fabulous new outfit and find a pile of boxes full of our food and tiny jugs for the luncheon drinks, but no Landi. Dotti is alone.

“Where’s Landi?”

Dotti shrugs. “She put all the stuff here and said she was gonna go make sure Serah didn’t have any wardrobe malfunctions.”

“And you didn’t think to stop her? You know the Marquess doesn’t want a fairy in her court!”

“What was I supposed to do?” Dotti asks. “Bap her? Good riddance! I’m glad she’s not here. I can do my job better without her.”

What should I do?
No. 1061531 ID: e51896

Don't worry about Landi, Landi isn't your responsibility and she is out of your hands. You are only here to serve food for everyone with Dotti and nothing more, so just focus on that. Trying to find Landi will only get you in just as much trouble as her.

If Landi gets into trouble, or causes trouble for Serah, it'll be on Landi, not you. And she'll probably get a big enough punishment for messing with or not listening to Serah, probably enough to learn to grow up. Let the fairy learn from experience.

and your food should be a good enough gift to make up for whatever mischief Landi causes, so just make sure you follow Serah's orders and stay here to make sure everything goes smoothly on your end.

so yeah, just focus on getting things ready for the party, and be ready to serve.
No. 1061533 ID: 273c18

Don't abandon the food. Ask a guard if she's seen her. Maybe ask someone to send a message to Serah warning her that Landi has gone missing.
No. 1061535 ID: a7a180

You should follow her in. You can shapeshift yourself a lot bigger - or, to be more accurate, you compress yourself down a lot to be a lizardfolk. Can you compress yourself down to fairy size? Landi's hiding place is probably going to be small, and it's probably - no, it's definitely going to be under Serah's dress. How else is she going to maintain the spells on it?
No. 1061538 ID: e51896

I think this is a good idea, but instead of asking a guard if they'd seen Landi, I would actually write a private note to Serah about how you lost track of Landi, and Dotti saying Landi went off to find her to make sure her wardrobe doesn't malfunction. Afterwards let a guard or servant go in and send the private note over to Serah. We don't want any guards knowing a fairy snuck in after all. With a private note, Serah will be more aware in a discreet manner.
No. 1061540 ID: 629f2e


This. Landi may cause trouble, but abandoning your post to try and stop her risks that trouble being doubled. Write down a message saying "Landi snuck inside", and ask one of the guards to give it to Serah as soon as possible. I'm sure they don't want to deal with the Marquess' bad mood if a fairy is spotted inside, so they should be more than willing to cooperate and prevent such an event.
No. 1061562 ID: 12b116

Stick to the plan, if Landi causes trouble it's on her head. Definitely send a note to warn Serah
No. 1061637 ID: 905310
File 168178766936.png - (9.28KB , 409x399 , LF6-93.png )

I can’t abandon my food; I have a job to do. Still, I should at least warn Serah that something isn’t going according to plan. If Landi’s discovered, that’d make the Marquess very disgruntled, and she isn’t known for being very gruntled in the first place.

I quickly scribble a note to Serah warning her that Landi’s gone missing, fold it up and hand it to a guard with instructions that it’s a very private note to be given to Lady Kensington. The guard nods and takes it inside; he’s quickly replaced by another one. It’s all very professional.

Dotti and I busy ourselves setting up. Marquess Mallory’s butler informs us that the serving staff will be handling place-setting, alcohol and cutlery, leaving us to do what we do best: sweets and savories. We’re limited by not having a full oven, but Dotti’s fire magic will be more than enough to heat up the food. She’s not conjuring an open flame; she’s spending a bit of mana to heat the food and air itself. Sometimes I wish I had a connection to the spiritual realm; it would make magic so much easier.

A few less-social nobles have left Marquess Mallory’s estate. They’re either not interested in being involved in the noble politics in the gathering hall, not savvy enough to realize that leaving the party early to peek at dragon and fox spirit is a bad move, or they’ve been out of the game so long that it wouldn’t matter if they were.

I stay in the background to plate the food and make it presentable as the non-socialite nobles mill around and wave at Dotti to request food. She’s following all the cues Serah and I gave her, and handling herself well for now.

The first noble Dotti speaks with is a very elderly gentleman who’s very happy to see something new for the first time in… well, forever. He starts up a long-winded story about life in his day, and how when he was young, men were brave, women were virtuous, and children respected their elders, and he is just not ordering any food at all. I think about interrupting the conversation as Dotti is too polite to leave him be, but then I spot a second Dotti across the lawn and realize that Dotti’s cast an illusion of herself to sit and listen to the old man’s tale, nodding every ten seconds.

The second noble asks for a pastry and hot tea, which is easy enough for Dotti to prepare on her own. I overhear the noble praise her work ethic, remarking that if Dotti were to live at her estate, she would have no need to work at all.

“No need to work?” Dotti asks. “What would my title be?”

“Your title?” the noblewoman asks, confused.

“There are only two kinds of foxes that don’t need to work,” Dotti says, matter-of-fact. “Noble foxes with big fancy titles, and pet foxes. So what title would you give me?”

The noblewoman stammers a bit and insists Dotti wouldn’t need a title, but she’s lost her train of thought and Dotti takes the opportunity to slip away and help someone else.

The next noble, a portly man with great poise and patience, asks for “one of everything.” Dotti excitedly rounds up his order, I plate it all out with great detail.

He lifts a fork between his fingers and takes a single portion of a single pastry. Then he does the same to another. And another. Soon he’s taken a single bite of every pastry and sandwich we’ve prepared. He smiles contentedly.

“Very good!” the portly noble exclaims. “Very good indeed. I do think I’m quite full now.”

Dotti is quivering with barely-contained rage.

What do I do for each of the below, if anything?

1. Dotti’s auto-nodding illusion
2. The still-circling noble intent on convincing Dotti she doesn’t need to work
3. The Food Waster
No. 1061638 ID: a7a180

1. Nothing.
2. Engage the noble in polite small talk about other subjects (the town, marquess Mallory, your family recipe) until it is time for your employee to 'serve other guests.' She's learning
3. Graciously collect the finished food into the trash. Tonight, after the party, Dotti feasts.
No. 1061641 ID: dee951


The staff in general often eat leftovers after these sorts of events, it's an accepted perk of the position. Make sure the food is removed from the area after he is 'done', and put in a part of the servants area or kitchen or whatever where it's traditional to collect these sorts of things for the waitstaff, groundskeepers, townsfolk after the nobles have left, etc. etc. It doesn't get thrown away, you don't put things 'in the trash' at this sort of event, you quietly and efficiently remove them from the sight of the nobles. Make sure Dotti sees you do this.
No. 1061645 ID: 273c18

1. Nothing
2. Request that the noble not poach your waitress. She is YOUR employee. Basically, imply that he would be stealing something from a dragon.
3. Put all that stuff aside and tell Dotti you both can decide what to do with the partially-eaten food later. These people are not normal customers, you can't order them around sadly, and nobles really do waste a lot of food. Maybe you can feed wild animals near the estate? Or maybe the servants of the castle would like some, if you cut off the bitten parts. If she's still mad about it then tell her she might have to sit this one out; you should've warned her ahead of time about how much food nobles waste.
No. 1061648 ID: e51896

1. I'd argue not to do nothing since if the old man figures out he's talking to an illusion, he might find it rude and get sad. Kindly tell the man that you need your employee's help, and that we have plenty of food for him to eat if he'd like.

2. this >>1061638

3. this >>1061645 and/or this >>1061641
No. 1061651 ID: 629f2e


Yeah, agree with all these choices.
No. 1061654 ID: e5709d

3) Interrupt before this gets heated. Tell the portly hog that you appreciate him taking the time to sample your entire menu, and that you're willing to offer him a delivery subscription. Explain to Dotti that he ordered the bits because lowdown excuses for chefs sometimes create a sample platter with only the best parts of bad dishes while their general menu is an average mud; you don't stoop to this, and you're willing to show the whole meal to a potential customer. As for the leftovers, most of your meals cover the nutritional needs of all species, and this party likely has a small retinue of pets and servants waiting outside.
1) Have Dotti replace her 'twin sister' for a few minutes to cool down with some boring study.
2) Cast a disturbed look at her and ask if she was planning to do something untoward a fellow lady. Implicate her for unwanted sexual affairs with Dotti.
No. 1061994 ID: 40607c
File 168228920380.png - (10.37KB , 500x303 , LF6-94.png )

Before the noblewoman can swoop in and talk to a fuming Dotti a second time, I make my own approach to her and ask, dead-on in the eye, if my employee has assisted her to her satisfaction.

Yes. Yes, she has.

Satisfied with that display of dominance, I decide to defuse the Dotti Bomb by placing a hand on her shoulder and asking if she’s feeling okay. She growls and murmurs horrible, awful things that she’ll do to the Food Waster.

“You’re right,” I say quietly. “There will be a lot of food he doesn’t eat. Will it make you feel better if we ask Marquess Mallory’s butler where the food is going?” Dotti nods, but doesn’t take her eyes off the Food Waster as the wait staff swoops in and takes his plates away, as the butler promised they would help with when we arrived.

While we walk over to the butler, I gently ask Dotti if she’ll allow me to gracefully exit her from her “conversation” with the elderly noble. She blinks and acts a little ashamed at being caught out, but agrees. The elderly gentleman is quite disappointed when I (without Dotti Prime) hover my hand over the illusion’s shoulder and ask for her assistance in preparing another dish.

“Well,” the elderly noble coughs, “I do say, this young fox has quite the ear for the stories of my grandfather’s campaign against the elves. She is welcome to visit my estate and learn more, if she wishes. I dare say my grandsons could learn a thing or two from her about respecting their elders!”

I’ll make sure to let Dotti know she has an invitation. Maybe this noble actually means what he says.

I join up with Dotti Prime and the illusion fades away. Dotti is much more relaxed now that she sees the serving staff enjoying a bite of the Food Waster’s sandwiches.

“Chevalier Travere?” The butler smiles. “He is watching his waistline. He quite enjoys your food, but cannot indulge as much as he used to. Miss Terrorscale and Miss Dotti, if he approved of all those dishes, if I may be so bold, you may count him as a vote of confidence in the circles of food critics. Do not worry, the wait staff appreciates your efforts. We will not let any go to waste.”

“You’re a good human,” Dotti says, eyes shimmering.

Our conversation is interrupted by a shrill woman’s voice echoing from the inside of the manor.


There’s a tremendous shattering of glass, then the pounding of guards’ boots inside. The guards outside stand to, and a few of them rush for the doors.

“I apologize,” the butler says, rushing to attend to the chaos inside.
No. 1061995 ID: 40607c
File 168228922384.png - (45.24KB , 1046x937 , LF6-95.png )

“Landi,” Dotti says sagely.

“Landi,” I agree. The chaos dies down a bit, but there’s still quite a lot of raised voices and upset nobles inside. “I hope Serah managed to get ahead of that.”

“Me too,” Dotti says. “If I was Landi in there, I’d head for the first hiding spot I could. Oh, I bet she’s under a table. Or Serah’s dress.”

No way would Marquess Mallory search there. Would she? Oh, this could go very badly for Serah if she didn’t get that note…

“There she is! SEIZE HER!”

Another round of shattering glass, and then relative calm. The nobles in the courtyard are growing nervous, except for the elderly gentleman, who is grumbling and complaining about how back in his day, they knew how to handle these things.

A minute later, a trio of guards burst through the doors in the front of the manor, one of whom has a bug net with Landi inside. Serah is nowhere to be seen, which I suppose is a good thing at the moment.

“You’ll need to turn out your inventory, missy,” one guard says.

“But! But but but-“

“You’re lucky we don’t shake it out of you,” another guard threatens.

Landi complies and opens up a portal. Bottles of exceptionally fancy wine spill out, followed by potions, elixirs, and bombs that spill out onto the grass in the hole through the bugnet.

“I knew it,” the head guard says. “You’re not going anywhere, missy. I can’t believe you’d bring alchemical bombs inside a noble estate. I can’t even tell what half of these do.”

“Excuse me, Miss Terrorscale,” another guard taps me on the shoulder. “This fairy assisted you in carrying goods to the estate. I she your employee? Were you aware of any of these bombs in her inventory?”

“No, and no,” I say, very grateful I wasn’t required to hire Landi to pass my fire inspection. I peek over his shoulder. There’s a lot of Serah’s stuff “I have absolutely no control over her, but I did ask her to carry some items for me. That’s the extent of our working relationship, and I have no idea of anything else she carried with her.”

I pause. There’s a lot of stuff in there, and if I don’t step up now, Serah might never see it again after the guards confiscate it. I need to act fast.

“I see some other familiar items in there,” I say, far more assertively than I intended. “I demand to see what else she may have stolen.”

“I see,” the guard says. “Ah. Hm. I’d hate to come between a dragon and her property.”

Dotti is positively gleeful. I try to ignore it.
No. 1061996 ID: 40607c
File 168228924669.png - (7.73KB , 466x328 , LF6-96.png )

The guard allows me to come up and root through Landi’s inventory. They’ve taken out all the tiny alchemical bombs and carefully set them aside, along with any particularly dangerous alchemical oils. The rest of what’s in Landi’s inventory is… interesting.

There’s a hip flask, coin pouch with regular (non-Kensington) gold coins, eight potion bottles, some parchment, ink, lewd magazines, a bundle of arrows, a thong…

I stop my search when I come across the thong. Why is there a thong?

“Don’t ask,” Landi says through the bugnet. “The lucky ones are safe!”

I don’t ask, and I have no idea what she’s talking about.

Suggest two things:
1. What items Kayk claims as hers so they don’t get confiscated
2. Any additional items that popped out in a search of Landi’s inventory, and if Kayk claims them
No. 1061999 ID: e51896

We already claimed the bombs weren't ours, so we can't claim them.

We could PROBABLY ask for the dangerous elixers, but we'd need an excuse. Maybe say that they along with the potions were SUPPOSED to be a gift for your boyfriend for his adventures that you had Landi hold on to, but you can see now that she can never ever be responsible enough fairy to be trusted with anything again for anyone (saying this to get our point across to Landi, and we're probably stressed enough to not hold back what we say to Landi despite being our friend).

Overall, Claim the elixers, and the potions. I think out of everything, Serah would want those back most, and these could keep the guards from tracing them back to Serah since she was known for doing alchemy.
No. 1062000 ID: 629f2e

Claim the potions, elixirs, and the arrows (probably Rae's, she'd probably appreciate you not letting them get confiscated). You could try to claim the bombs, but you already said you didn't know anything about them. Maybe you could make a claim on one, saying that it came from your own collection, while leaving the rest.

I suspect that the thong is Serah's. Claim it, and if anyone asks just say that it belonged to your sister.

Other items that are pulled out of Landi's inventory:

-Mary Kil's lingerie: A little souvenir from poker night. Freely given to Landi as a gift for making her feel all glowy and nice. Claim it.

-4 Ace of Spades: Well THAT just spoiled any chance of you playing poker with her in the future. At least with any stakes. Don't claim.

-Friendly Fire Toggle Off Amulets: Some training gear acquired from Sunshine. It'd probably be tough to find replacements, so claim them.

-Fishnet tights: ...Wait a minute, those actually are yours! How did Landi get her hands on a pair? Absolutely claim these!
No. 1062006 ID: e51896

Oh yeah, and request that the guards shake all the fairy dust off of her so she doesn't cause more trouble. Or better yet, request that you blow/snort the fairy dust off of her like your mother did to her. This will be her punishment.
No. 1062007 ID: 273c18

1: Claim anything that's clearly Serah's (though, not the bombs or anything that clearly could have been used to help in the heist, that would make you/her complicit), and anything of significant value that obviously didn't come from the manor. She probably only stole wine, anyway.
For instance, you should claim the more expensive potions/elixirs, to return later. Those would be a pain for Serah to make again.
You should also claim anything that you feel like taking, like the coin pouch. Nobody is going to tell you no, and it's not like she'd be getting it back anyway. It's free loot! Maybe Landi can beg for anything that actually belongs to her.

2: Uh idk
No. 1062008 ID: e51896

I meant to say oils, not elixirs, but still.
No. 1062009 ID: e51896

For additional items, Landi has a picture or painting of her crush Flax. you don't claim it, but the guards will probably question him later.
No. 1062011 ID: a7a180

Serah would probably like the thong to stay out of Mallory's grubby hands! If they question your girth, firstly that's rude and second you are a shapeshifter. Claim the potions just in case. Claim they're scale care products.
Other items: Bottle of unlabeled mutagen, half empty. Not claimed. Genice's fairy sized hair dryer. Claimed. A love letter written while Landi was drunk that's about Jek but unsigned and unaddressed. Claimed..?
No. 1062042 ID: b7eca6

How could we also forget: isn't Rae's cake dress in there too? Do Rae a favor and don't claim it, to Landi's dismay.
No. 1062048 ID: a7a180

Too late, you reminded us, it’s Kayk’s cake now. It’s too pretty to ditch!
No. 1062328 ID: 3bef4e
File 168279910572.png - (4.94KB , 300x300 , LF6-97.png )

I look through the pile and frown. I can’t claim Landi stole all of these things; that’d hurt my Dragon Rep, and mom cares very much about that. Fortunately, since Landi carried my catering supplies on the way over, I have a plausible excuse to say I just let her hold on to a few of my items for safekeeping.

There is, however, something that she actually DID steal of mine in there.

“My fishnets!” I growl, swooping in to grab those. “Landi, how did you get these? Why?”

“Uh…” Landi says. “I might’ve still had those from when you flew us from your mom’s place to Minga? I haven’t cleaned my inventory out in a while.”

“You should have given me those back immediately,” I huff. I grab my fishnets, and when I do, I also swipe what’s very likely Serah’s pink-striped thong and the additional lingerie. I don’t know whose that is; it’s too small for Serah, but I don’t want it disappearing just in case it belongs to someone we know. No guard questions me on these. Good. A lady’s secrets deserve privacy.

Next are the things that are obviously Serah’s: the bombs, elixirs and potions. I’ve already said the bombs aren’t mine, and frankly I don’t want to be anywhere close to the idea of bringing bombs into a high society setting, so those are going to get confiscated. The potions and elixirs (and one half-empty bottle thing I don’t recognize) are in flasks and vials I recognize as Serah’s, and it would be a massive headache for her to re-make those. There are some oils, too, and those are probably dangerous, but they need some prep time before they’re armed and active.

But how do I justify taking them?

“Mine,” I declare, and scoop it all into a bag.

The guards don’t protest.

A collection of Amulets with fire labels? Mine. Coin pouch? Mine. Mushy love letter written by Landi? Mine. A big purple layered cake dress that’s way too small for me? Mine. Tiny hair dryer? Mine.

This feels good.

“Um…” One of the guards shuffles his feet and looks like he wants to say something. Before he can open his mouth, I go into a crouch and bare my teeth at him. No, he doesn’t.

“Mine,” I hiss.

“Yours! All yours!” he gulps.
No. 1062329 ID: 3bef4e
File 168279912314.png - (20.07KB , 687x850 , LF6-98.png )

As I sort through the pile, the party inside the manor is spilling out into the courtyard. Dotti steps up and handles the incoming wave of nobles and their food requests, but soon she won’t be able to handle it all herself without my help to prep and plate. I need to wrap this up fast. I lift the bag, clinking and clanking, and throw it over my shoulder with ease.

Before I can go to stash the bag under my prep table, an elderly noblewoman steps beside me and tut-tuts dismissively. She’s wearing what is quite possibly the most decorated hat I’ve ever seen, and carrying a small vibrating poodle-dog in one arm.

“Little winged harlequins, all of them,” says the noblewoman. “Guards, throw that clown in the dungeon. Use the mailbox to lock her up if you have to.”

“Ah.” Serah, dress flowing and billowing, quickly joins the noblewoman. “There she is. Esteemed Marquess, allow me to offer my sincerest apologies for-“

“There is no need to apologize for this thing,” Marquess Mallory interrupts. “Unless you had nothing to do with it, that is.”

“She is contracted to me,” Serah says, “And as such, her misbehavior is upon me to redress.”

“Yay Serah!” Landi cheers. Serah shoots her a murderous glare.

“You Kensingtons have quite the menagerie,” says the Marquess. “I am appreciating my decision to keep you at arm’s length. I have enough troublesome patrons already.”

I barely remember Serah’s worries about being forced into patronage seem to have been resolved. That’s good!

“Now, regarding your claims,” the Marquess says, “This fae has stolen from me and mine. I will be the one to deliver punishment. Perhaps I shall humor this City and send her to be arrested. See how they like taking out the trash for me, after all they’ve taxed my estate.”

“While you do have that right,” Serah shuffles her skirts, “I do believe I am best in a position to enforce the punishment. Would you really trust their upstart courts and justices of the peace to keep an eye on her?”

“True,” says the Marquess. “But you did say she was contracted to you. I would not have her get off lightly.”

What punishment does Serah propose that will satisfy Marquess Mallory?
No. 1062332 ID: e51896

>A big purple layered cake dress that’s way too small for me? Mine.

Okay, but Landi is NOT getting that one back, for Rae's sake.


Rehabilitation at a rehab center. if Landi is so addicted to vices such as drinks and partying enough to the point to ignore orders and ruin this party, and not take responsibility, Landi must go into rehab to fight those addictions and learn to grow up, just like everyone else, make a point to even mention that her other fairy friends are more responsible than she is with their own respective jobs, and Landi is still trying to recapture her college days. Until she can overcome those addictions, she will not be able to work with Serah in the meantime.

If Landi complains, Serah can say it's either rehab, or the contract between her and Landi is over.
No. 1062333 ID: a7a180

Pillory as jewelry.
Ten (eye)lashes.
Repayment fourfold of the value of stolen objects through its equivalent in magical product, to be paid in installments. This could mean fairy dust directly, conjured items, or enchantments.
No. 1062334 ID: e51896


oh yeah, and it's a good thing we took Landi's coin purse, because rehab will mostly be coming out of her own money
No. 1062336 ID: dee951


Rehab, AND therapy, and financial reparations equivalent a percentage of the value of the specific financial damages she has caused, the percentage to be adjusted based on her income and net worth and level of wealth.
No. 1062339 ID: 629f2e

I'm gonna take a cue from >>1062332 and agree that the punishment should suit the crime. However, I disagree with him on what the actual issue is, and thusly how it should be dealt with.

Landi entered the venue, ignoring orders specifically not to do so, and attempted to make off with expensive wine that was not meant for her. Illegal trespass and Thievery. I don't believe that Landi's love for booze is the issue, it's more her lack of self-control and willfully ignoring direct orders.

I agree with >>1062333 and their suggestion of putting her in a pillory as punishment. It shouldn't be hard to prepare one that can hold her at her size. Take her dust, and restrain her for the remainder of the party on a table off to the side of the room. It punishes her trespass and ignoring orders by putting her in a position where she physically cannot, and it punishes the thievery by making her a spectacle where she was previously trying to go unseen. It's simple, easy to prepare, and more than appropriate.

In the long-term, I think Serah should discuss her contract with Landi, in regards to her authority over the fairy and instituting punishments for when Landi ignores direct orders. If Serah cannot trust her to do what she's told, then they need that assurance as part of their contract.

This would also give Serah a chance to finally look over that awful contract she signed when she first met Landi, and all the terrible horrible clauses listed within. They might want to get that revised.
No. 1062353 ID: 2e90ff

No, Rae needs to wear it again at some point. Remember to give it back to Landi later.
No. 1062358 ID: 273c18

There is one issue we must not overlook. Her contract to the Big S. I'm sure Landi did this partially to earn some brownie points, which means if we help her with that she'll be less destructive in the future. Part of her punishment should probably involve something that can cause notable change. Could community service accomplish that? Cleaning up the city, maybe? Redecorating places? Planting flowers, landscaping, that sort of thing? So long as it's something *new*, rather than maintaining a current appearance.
No. 1062365 ID: 12b116

What would be a fitting punishment? Maybe we should consult Dotti on this matter. Definitely in front of Landi
No. 1062375 ID: ff9cef
File 168282428495.png - (14.57KB , 486x600 , LF6-99.png )

“You have my word that my fairy will not cause any more trouble at the luncheon,” Serah says. “And she will pay restitution for the broken glassware and any wine she’s absconded with. I will also appoint a custodian to oversee her rehabilitation and compliance with the monetary restitution.”

“A custodian? That is a start, but I demand she be made an example of what happens to Fae in my court,” says the Marquess. “As for money, you can just make more of that, can’t you, little alchemist? She is contracted to you, surely she has your wealth close at hand.”

“She will earn it back,” Serah says. “Without my alchemy.”

“Uh,” Landi sputters. “I don’t have a job. How am I supposed to-”

“SILENCE!” the Marquess shrieks. “Guards, place this pest in the pint-sized pillory. And make sure she has no more tricks to play on us. Shake that harlequin until the only glow I can see is the flush of SHAME upon her cheeks!”

Landi’s wings go rigid in shock. The guards pluck her out of the net and pinch her by the wings, bouncing and worrying her with enough force to shake her dust free.

“Ow! Hey! Ow! That’s twisting my wing!” Landi shouts, dust flying off her in clouds. “You pigs! Stop it! Stop! AH! Serah, help!”

Serah looks about to protest, but she sighs and puts a hand to her forehead. “You’re only drawing more attention to yourself, Landi.”

By the time Landi’s been shaken to dullness, the grass beneath her has been coated in sparkling fairy dust. The guards slap a tiny pillory set into a chain necklace and hand it over to Serah.

“Lady Kensington, you are to wear that necklace for the rest of the luncheon,” Marquess Mallory says. Serah takes the chain and hesitantly places it around her neck, realizing it’s probably the safest place for Landi at the moment.

“I can’t believe this,” Landi says, her face flush. “Okay, fine! I’ve learned my lesson!”

“Has she, though?” the Marquess sniffs. “Lady Kensington, you should reconsider your association with this winged buffoon.”

“I will,” Serah says. “Landi, we’re going to have a talk later.”

“Ugh,” Landi mutters. “Okay, yeah, sure. Now can you lower this thing a bit so I can get comfy between your boobs, please? This is starting to chafe.”

“Absolutely not,” Serah says. “And we have yet to appoint your guardian to oversee your repayment, rehabilitation and good behavior.”

“I thought that was you?”

“No,” Serah says. “Unfortunately, keeping track of you and your behavior is more than I have time for at the moment. However, I think I may be able to find a volunteer.”

“Oh, shit.”

“Dotti,” Serah calls out sweetly, “Could you please come over here for a minute?”



The luncheon winds down. My food has been a smashing success, and more than a few nobles have made plans to meet up with each other at my bakery in the coming weeks. I’ll need to make it presentable, even with the flour being stored there. I’m sure I can make it work, or, failing that, I can stash it in my room or something. Who cares about bed space, I’ll have rich customers!

Dotti is grinning like a fox who got into the chicken coop. She’s been given the task of overseeing Landi’s repayments and good behavior, with a few special perks to go along with it. She mentioned something about zapping, and I don’t inquire further.

Serah takes me aside once Landi has been released from her pillory necklace.

“Kayk, thank you for everything you’ve done,” Serah says, placing her hand on my arm. “I don’t have to worry about Dotti at all when she’s with you. It’s been such a load off my mind. I can’t thank you enough. May I ask you something?”

“Anything.” I smile. It’s been stressful, but the rewards are worth it.

“I bring this up with you first, since you’re the one with the most scheduling constraints,” Serah says, “But… I have a few leads on finding the girl who saved Dotti’s life. I’ve learned a few things about where the refugees went after the great fire, and why no one wanted them on their manors. The soul-eaters scared everyone so much, even the divines… it’s a long story, but I think the ones that ended up with them are the Church of Censorship. It may be dangerous, so you don’t have to say yes, but… do you have time to help me fly out to a few parishes with Dotti?”

“Of course,” I say. “I’ll give you my schedule.”

“Thank you,” Serah smiles. “I’ll tell Dotti once we all get cleaned up. This has been a big day for everyone.”

It has, but things are looking up. The future is so bright, I can’t help but feel optimistic, no matter what I’ll be flying into.

Kayk has lost 15 STRESS. [40/100]
No. 1062376 ID: ff9cef
File 168282432306.png - (92.27KB , 500x500 , LF6-100.png )

The next thread’s title will be Lazy Fairy: Petra.

Who Will be the POV of Thread 7?

A. Moonshine, a.k.a. Landi, a Fairy
B. Lady Serah Kensington, Heir Countess of Kensington, a Human Alchemist
C. Dorothea, a.k.a. Dotti, a Fox Spirit
D. Raelynn, a Wood Elf Ranger
E. Taranis, a Stormcrow of Odin
F. Kayk Terrorscale, a Half-dragon Baker

Thread will remain open for one week to count votes.
No. 1062378 ID: b6ec4d


Petra is her story, this is her resolution. As nice as it would be to have another Serah thread, I think we can save it for thread 8. This should be Dotti's.
No. 1062380 ID: a7a180

No. 1062381 ID: 0cabfa

Dotti feels fitting given her relationship of sorts with Petra herself.
No. 1062389 ID: e51896

Soooo tempted to pick Dotti, but I'm feeling it should be more Serah focused for some reason.
No. 1062393 ID: 2f7f6e

Someone help me break the tie with another tie. I vote for Raelynn!
No. 1062397 ID: 3b86e0

As much as it pains me to keep Dotti from being the protagonist in the fulfillment of her story, I think it's important to let other characters shine as well.

So it is that, with a heavy heart, I choose Archibeard....and also Serah, whatever.
No. 1062619 ID: 598b6e

C) Dotti!
No. 1062620 ID: e5709d

Serah. Dotti knows what she'll want in this thread, we don't need to guide her to the goal this time. Serah will be handling the fallout from Dotti's obsession and dealing with potential political barriers.
No. 1062626 ID: 53de6c

Been a while since there's been a Serah thread, right?
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