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File 165558626790.png - (92.27KB , 500x500 , LF6 Title Card.png )
1035326 No. 1035326 ID: 8483cf

Lazy Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Lazy_Fairy

Previous Topic: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1021044.html#1021044

Can I manage my finances, a fox spirit and my own stress levels without accidentally burning my bakery down… again?
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No. 1035327 ID: 8483cf
File 165558630737.png - (17.25KB , 500x500 , LF6-1.png )

I owe Lady Kensington lots of money.

She did give me a generous fee for flying everyone to Minga from my mom’s lair. And she did get the fairy actuaries to lower my fire insurance premiums. And I’m pretty sure mom didn’t ask her to repay 100% of my debt from bailing me out the first time I burned down my bakery.

But I still owe her lots of money.

I can’t afford to hire more than one assistant at a pittance, which means I’m stuck with Dotti. She’s eager to help, but I’ll need to train her on customer service, making simple things like coffee and tea, and making sure her math skills are good enough to run the register.

I look at my supplies and wring my hands. I don’t have the materials or staff to stay open all day. I’ll need to decide whether to focus on the breakfast crowd with easy-to-make things like waffles and pastries, or if I want to be creative and make beautiful, delicious sweets for the afternoon crowd like cakes, crème brûlée and sponge cake flambé.

The breakfast items are easiest to make, meaning I can teach Dotti how to help and will generally cause me the least stress, but… will I get a reputation as just a basic bakery with no real skills as a patissier?

My sign is ready: La Pâtisserie de Minga. It’s simple and the name won’t draw attention to the fact that I’m a half-dragon employing a fox spirit. I’ll bright and early tomorrow, but… am I really ready?

Choose what to focus on for your first few weeks of business.
1. Breakfast pastries, coffee and easy-to-make dishes
2. Artisan desserts: difficult to make, but high-profit if sold

Choose what to train Dotti on first.
A. Customer Service and waitressing
B. Making simple dishes and drinks
C. Running the register

KAYK STRESS: [33/100]
DOTTI STRESS: [10/100]

No. 1035331 ID: 899c9f

How are you only a half-dragon if you can still turn into a fire breathing titan that can fly everyone around?
Focus on breakfast dishes and train Dotti on customer service.
No. 1035333 ID: d98cb8

Well we need to make sure we're solvent first, and actually functional as a bakery. Reputation can be earned with time, but only if you HAVE that time.

To that goal, I say we should do:

1) Breakfast, to settle in as a local bakery the average people will want to go to and allow plenty of time to get Dotti up to speed

B) Teach Dotti the backend work first here. As much progress as she's made as a person, she's still Dotti. The last thing you need is her getting frustrated and overturning someone's coffee in their lap because they were a snotty asshole about the service.

This will put a little pressure on you to do more front of house work while teaching Dotti and keeping up with the bakery, but that's why you're taking on the relatively lower-stress breakfast crowd.
No. 1035334 ID: 629f2e

2, While cakes are more difficult overall, going with the safe option may in fact be the riskier option. Think about it: How many bakeries in town sell simple breakfast pastries? Why would anyone come to yours when they could instead go to one that they already know they like? You need to offer something different if you want to compete, and I'd imagine there are fewer cake shops in Minga than there are general bakeries.

As for Dotti, B obviously isn't an option if we take this route. C is a little bit risky, but probably the safe bet since if she undercharges someone, you can easily just dock her pay to match.

Let's think about this in terms of Dotti's perspective though, as a stressed out Dotti won't make for a good employee. What would be best for her?

I have to think it'd be A. At the register she'll have to put up with customers and money, which will add extra stress onto her. Not sure how good her math is, but you don't want her having to deal with bargain hunters or complainers. Have her take orders and bring people their food instead. The stress there will at least be offset by any tips she gets, so it should be easier on her. She will have to interact with the customers more, but hopefully it'll be when they're eating and having their own conversations instead of trying to score a deal on their meals, so the interactions should generally be nicer.
No. 1035335 ID: dee951

Let's keep it easy for now!


Give her simple tasks to do, that are not customer facing. You'll need to train her in *everything* for front-of-the-store if you want her to be the front of the store person, until you can hire someone else.
No. 1035337 ID: 0838d6


Get dotti to understand how working works first, and help her learn a valuable skill, how to cook simple breakfast foods. Even she can see the value in knowing how to make her own tasty treats, which, to be a stable human who currently lacks money, means knowing how to make her own food. Expect to probably make a loss on the first day of any of these tasks though because she is learning after all
No. 1035338 ID: 273c18

>what to make
Look at your competition. What are they making? Make something that isn't that. Fill a niche.

>how to train a fox
Starting simple is a good idea. B is the simplest option (and if she eats your cooking supplies you can dock her pay)
No. 1035375 ID: e51896

1, A

Dotti is going to get fur all over our food if we have her cook (unless she wears like, a giant hairnet all over her body, which is problematic)
No. 1035380 ID: e51896

But i will say this, if Dotti cooks, she can use fire magic to warm the food at least. Best tell her to use a little if she is going to cook.
No. 1035383 ID: e5709d

1) Start with the core basics. Kensington isn't giving you high-quality customers from her contacts list, so focus on standard products.

C) Sadly, most people in this racist area are going to look at Dotti funny. But they can quickly learn you're backed by aristocracy, so they won't harass her without provocation, out of fear of being sued to death... unless she doesn't know how to resist bluff and intimidation checks.
No. 1035447 ID: 8483cf
File 165566379416.png - (17.23KB , 500x500 , LF6-2.png )

I consider training Dotti on customer service. She’s very confident in her ability to be cute and charming, but… no. Customers are unpredictable, often temperamental, and sometimes rude. I don’t want to put Dotti under that kind of stress her first week, especially since she’d be tempted to put the worst customers in their place. She’s sworn to not harm anyone with magic in Minga, but I can’t have her telling off a rude customer no matter how much they deserve it. Customer service is all about smiling, waving, and getting jerks out the door without making them jerkier. A brand-new bakery can’t have a vengeful waitress or cashier.

As much as it pains me, I should probably stick with the basics for my first few weeks. I’m going to have enough difficulty managing Dotti; I can’t have my focus split between difficult pastries, cakes, and a fox spirit. The biggest advantage to breakfast service is that I can make the batter and most pastries, like croissants, before opening, so Dotti doesn’t have to do much other than pour and heat.

That frees me to handle the front of the house. I don’t really like having to talk too much and juggle difficult customers, but… I’ll survive. I trust Dotti to make waffles and heat pastries while I handle any chaos in front.

What I don’t trust Dotti to do is stay out of the trash.

Oh dear.

Sanitation is a big deal. If customers start getting sick because the fox spirit making their food has filthy paws and is coated in syrup from previous customers’ orders, that’s the end of me. Not to mention the fact that she’s covered in fur. I absolutely cannot allow a single strand of fox fur to end up on anything I serve. It’s a problem I’ve never had, and I realize how lucky I’ve been.

There’s no hairnet in the world big enough to cover 100% of a fox spirit. I could get Dotti to wear long sleeves and gloves, but she still has to cover her face. That’s the other thing: it gets really hot in back, and that’s yet another advantage I’ve had being a dragon. Dotti isn’t so lucky: she doesn’t have immunity to high temperatures, so she’d overheat very fast if I asked her to cover all her fur. Things would be so easier if she could shapeshift into a human…

I could look for a magical solution. Landi might have a spell to keep Dotti from shedding, but that would require (a) Landi waking up very, very early every morning, and (b) that she casts the spell well enough to last Dotti’s full shifts from morning until just after lunch. I don’t know how reliable Landi can be at either. Maybe I could get Dotti an outfit from Miss Venmiphi, the Gnelf, and have her enchant it to keep fur in and heat out, but… that would be really expensive.

How should I handle Dotti’s trashy habits?
1. Ban her from eating trash
2. Allow her to sample fully cooked food and hope she doesn’t eat trash
3. Let her eat trash, but only at the end of her shift
4. Other

How do I solve Dotti’s fur problem?
A. Hope Landi casts a spell every single morning and does it well enough to last
B. Cover Dotti up in hairnets, long sleeves and gloves
C. Buy Dotti a magical uniform and go even deeper into debt
D. Other
No. 1035451 ID: e51896

2. Not only will it prevent her from eating trash and break her habit even in social situations off work, this can be good payment for a job well done!

1. We'll just make Landi something small as an incentive, like a free tasty donut each day whenever she casts magic on Dotti. I mean, at her size, a small donut should be more than enough. And also because if it's a donut, it ought to be perfect since the quest author is a donut. If she does a good job and the spell lasts all day, we'll put sprinkles and frosting on the donut. Otherwise, if the spell doesn't last, she gets no frosting or sprinkles. That should get her to be serious about casting the spell, and will make her magic stronger.
No. 1035452 ID: 629f2e

3, At the end of her shift it doesn't matter how filthy she gets. Just make it very clear why she has to wait until the end, so that she doesn't try sneaking any during it.

Now, whether Serah allows her to consume trash is none of your business, but just make it clear that you won't be lying to Ms. Kensington if questioned about your trash habits. If Dotti isn't to eat from the trash cans, then Dotti needs to take responsibility for herself and stay away.

If she keeps herself in line, and stays out of the trash during her shift, Kayk may keep some leftovers off to the side, away from the gross cans, which Dotti may help herself to at shift's end.

B, Just for now though. I suspect Dotti won't be a fan. You should bring it up to the wealthy Ms. Kensington that Dotti's fur is an issue, and that your only means of handling it causes Dotti great discomfort, so if she has some means of solving the issue then that would make her charge far more comfortable.
No. 1035456 ID: dee951


Essentially, allow Dotti to have her fill of cooked food when she isn't busy, but encourage her to keep track of it, by writing down what she eats so you can keep track of food costs. Also allow her to take bits home; you want to entirely remove the temptation to eat out of the trash, by getting her used to not having to worry about food being SCARCE, so she isn't anxious. Don't put any limits on the amount of food directly; instead, maybe limit when she can take a break to eat if it is busy, and limits by how much she can carry in a basket (that she OWNS; give her one if you have to!) to take home at a single time. Expect the amount to be high to start but to lower as she gets used to food not being scarce all the time.
No. 1035458 ID: 273c18

3, B. See how she does. If she starts overheating you can switch to a different plan.
No. 1035461 ID: 899c9f

She won't get better at it if she doesn't confront her problems. Speaking of, complete ban on canned food. if anyone sees your employee eating from the garbage on or off the job you're sunk.
Buy her a magical uniform, as it shows her how much you care about the job. The magic tailors have a very good reputation as well. Until it's finished, you'll have to supply her with hairnets anyway.
No. 1036048 ID: 8483cf
File 165629541178.png - (54.66KB , 404x577 , LF6-3.png )

Part of me wants to take the path of least resistance and simply set food aside for Dotti that she can eat at the end of her shift. That gives her what she wants and saves me a few coins’ worth of fresh food that she won’t eat. However, the thought of anyone seeing her eating trash at all might be enough to sink my shop. I absolutely cannot have people assume Dotti eats trash and then comes in to prepare food.

To prevent disaster, I’ll need to minimize the chance Dotti will eat trash on or off her shift. That means letting her sample my wares as she pleases, and making sure she knows there will never be a shortage of food as long as she’s employed here. I’ll see what I can do to ensure customers don’t waste any food while they’re in the shop- that might set her off. I’ll see what I can do. Since she’s cooking, that leaves me in charge of taking orders, bussing tables and collecting payment. Which reminds me…

For the first few weeks I’m open, I don’t have to have sit-down service. I could serve to-go food while Dotti learns the tricks of the trade, and that means I can focus on working the register and making sure the food Dotti makes is top quality. However, that means I my shop won’t be, well, as atmospheric as it could be. It’d lack that personal touch.

If I do decide to allow sit-down service, I’d have to bus tables and take orders on top of handle payments and watching Dotti’s food. It would be more stressful, and I’d have to worry about maneuvering around the sitting area. If I’m too busy, there’s the risk I might knock into something with my tail. I’m… not exactly a small half-dragon.


I’m not exactly a talkative person. I’d have to speak up and make people feel welcome, something I’m not terribly great at. I just want to make sweets and sell them. Small talk is hard.


I’d have to consider my appearance. If I decide to offer seating, I should probably get an apron to carry a notepad for orders, but… this isn’t exactly professional attire. Maybe a skirt? It’s so hard to find something that won’t shred when it rubs against my scales…

Should I offer sit-down dining?
1. Yes
2. No

If I offer sit-down dining, what should I wear?
A. I like sweaters.
B. An apron will be useful.
C. Skirts are professional.
D. Leggings are cute.
E. A and B
F. A, B and C
G. A, B, C, and D
H. Other
No. 1036049 ID: 899c9f

Nah. Continue to go pantsless behind the counter.
If you're going to buy any clothes though, C. Get two for when one breaks.
No. 1036050 ID: 12b116

Skirt and apron
No. 1036051 ID: 629f2e

Either E or A. You like sweaters. Preference E, because having a notepad would be helpful. Plus, it'd look cute on you.

Having a skirt or leggings would just be too much, and they don't do anything for you. Except make you look cute, which is nice, but you don't want people checking you out while running the store. That'll just add to your stress. Yep, bottomless is the way to go.
No. 1036052 ID: 273c18

1, B

Count the days until someone "accidentally" asks for breast milk in their coffee.
No. 1036053 ID: dee951



You want to cover up. Even if your scales are sanitary, people judge you by their OWN understanding of biology and propriety. You'll want clothing that covers up your torso, your waist, your feet and lower legs, and isn't likely to snag on things -- and prevents these from directly touching surfaces, whether you are sitting, leaning, working, crouching, lifting, etc. This DOES include an apron, of course, but isn't limited to that. You want to present the appearance of professionalism and safety -- look at what the local culture views as these things.
No. 1036055 ID: 629f2e


Oh, and I'll say yes to sit down dining.
No. 1036057 ID: afe7de

2 and get an apron regardless, but continue to not wear pants, who knows, maybe some customers will come back BECAUSE you dont wear pants. Also pants are icky.

Oh and I wasnt suggesting ONLY wearing an apron, but an apron and whatever top you want, you like sweaters so do that, though if you can get a sweater that only goes up to a little past your elbows so it's easier to work with the pastries and not have them get tangled in your long sleeves then I'd suggest that.
No. 1036058 ID: 4eaeb1

2, E... or B
No. 1036074 ID: 58dd24

No no no, a patisserie doesn't have somebody going around to tables taking orders like a fancy restaurant, you have a counter people come up to, and people can chose to take their food with them, or sit at one of the quaint tables provided indoors or out and enjoy their food here.
No. 1036107 ID: dee951


No. 1036108 ID: 8483cf
File 165630435826.png - (189.45KB , 987x804 , LF6-4.png )

What am I thinking? There’s no need for indoor service! A patisserie doesn’t normally have tables and chairs inside! I could probably do just fine with a simple glass display and a countertop, with maybe some tables and chairs on the cobblestones outside if I feel like letting people stick around and socialize without much stress. If I really want to expand into waitressed breakfast service later (if Dotti is up to it), it’s a bonus, not a requirement.

And that means I don’t need to bother overdressing. I feel ridiculous wearing too much. I don’t wear anything when I’m in my true form. Cadmus and dad don’t even wear shirts over their armored chest scales, and Tanwen just has her armored plates. It’s just weird and restrictive to wear too much, especially when the more I wear, the higher the odds it’ll get caught in my scales and rip.

I’ll just wear a sweater and apron. I mean, technically, I could also work wearing no clothes at all, just like a dragon. I’ve practiced this form enough times that I don’t have to worry about anything spilling out or showing when it shouldn’t. I just have to make sure everything is tucked away and decent.

Still, I don’t exactly know how Minga feels about people with scaly bodies, so if Serah makes it an issue, I’ll find a skirt. No one’s complained yet, so Minga must be familiar enough with lizardfolk that they’re okay with it.

However, an apron will be useful no matter what I do. It’ll keep my sweater clean!

I like this form a lot, and as my siblings can attest, I’m very good at handling myself like this. I’m so good, in fact, that I am the undefeated champion of tail tag. None of them have ever given my tail tip a flat tire! The fact that my heart-tip has faded to the same color as my body scales is proof of that. I, however, have gotten their tails several times. Tanwen’s not nearly as nimble as she says she is, and I’ve got one of her razor-sharp diamond tips to prove it!

So I’m very happy the way I am. I’m sure Dotti will want tips on shapeshifting, but unfortunately, I’m not really as skilled as Cadmus, so all I can do is tell her how I got comfortable with this form. It’s a bit difficult for me to try changing anything, so I hope she doesn’t ask me to demonstrate anything other than going back and forth between this and my true form. I’m happy to help her fit in with society, though!

Still… it has been a year or so since I’ve lived around humans, and even longer since I’ve been in a big city. I’ve gotten all my ingredients for opening up, so if I want to learn more about Minga and humans, I have time today. I might even have time to check in on Lady Kensington and her retinue.

What should I do with the rest of my day? It’s midafternoon.
1. Be a tourist around Minga. (Suggest a sweater!)
2. Go shopping for clothes and/or accessories; maybe it’s best to try and find a skirt just in case?
3. Try and be social (this will cause Stress)

Should I search for anyone specific in Lady Kensington’s retinue to bring along?
A. Lady Kensington
B. Landi
C. Dotti
D. Raelynn
E. Taranis
No. 1036112 ID: e51896

3. yes it'll cause stress, but we'll need to practice being social if we want our business to run good and it'll help give us experience with offering friendly customer service. Plus, it'll be good to let them know about our new bakery.

B. Landi. She'll help you open up more. Plus, the thread is called LAZY FAIRY, so she's gotta make an impact once per thread.
No. 1036113 ID: 899c9f

Go shopping with Landi!
No. 1036114 ID: 629f2e


Being social is hard af, but you need to get to know the people of Minga if you want them to buy your wares. It'll be worth a bit of stress. However, you can mitigate it somewhat by bringing a wingman, and Landi's your best bet. She's a social butterfly, she can help give you an in with others.
No. 1036172 ID: 12b116

Go shopping with Dotti, who can tell you all about humans and what they wear
No. 1036180 ID: 0838d6

3B, you're avoiding stress at work so you can handle the stress in other situations, plus, first impressions of just moving in are the best time to strike when finding friends or customers. You still have the "I'm new here" excuse.

And you know who is a social butterfly-err-fairy? That one fairy who shouted at your mom! That'll be fun and even more stressful but also you'll meet people faster and at least make an impression.

(the plus side is that if you dont vibe with any of them, then you know who the way-too-social people of the town are and can then spend some time later trying to find people more your vibe)

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