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File 165499948860.png - (796.18KB , 1000x1500 , QDI_Titlecard.png )
1034777 No. 1034777 ID: 8483cf

Attention, duelists! It’s time for a massively multiversal Questden card tournament!

The quest will follow the duelists of Group A in their quest to win the grand prize: their heart’s deepest desire, to be granted by the host of the tournament.

Group A’s Duelists
Name, Author, Quest Title, Wiki Link)
- Lady Serah Kensington, Donut, Lazy Fairy, https://questden.org/wiki/Lazy_Fairy
- Enid Anderson and Franklin, Himitsu, Perpetuity, https://questden.org/wiki/Perpetuity
- The Mystery Duelist, Clockwork Seal, ???, https://questden.org/wiki/ClockworkSeal
- Carl Marks, tippler, Good Impression/Girl Talk/STAY INSIDE https://questden.org/wiki/Good_Impression

- Companionship (and Attendants), Donut, Mosaic, https://questden.org/wiki/Mosaic

Many thanks in advance to all the guest artists providing card art and depictions of duelists!
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No. 1035967 ID: e51896

Charisse is livestreaming this duel for the views and to show how cool Conway is. (Amazingly, Conway seems to somehow know just about every single person in the livestream chat. He's pretty popular with them with his charisma)
Chat tends to backseat game and tell Charisse what cards to play, especially doing plays that the donors suggest (mostly that one donor Jack-O-Jackie)
No. 1035969 ID: e5709d

Ceridwen: Draconic Might
Once per match, Ceridwen can double her LP, provided she has placed four cards whose LP total exceeds hers. For some reason, this is not considered cheating. However, as a penalty, she loses 50 LP every turn, which doubles after she uses her special power. This counts as being attacked.
No. 1035970 ID: 629f2e

Reefa's Ace in the Hole could be King Midas, a level 10 Xyz character.

For the uninformed: An Xyz summon is when you summon an extra deck monster using a number of monsters on your side of the field with the same level as the monster you're trying to summon. The cards you use as material are placed underneath the card on the board, and most Xyz monsters have special effects that require discarding those materials.

Alright, so here's my idea: Princess Reefa is gonna go heavy on equip spells, right? Well Xyz cards work in a similar way, stacking cards onto others to increase their power. It fits with her playstyle.

King Midas is Reefa's win condition more or less. It's a powerful enough monster on its own, but it's also got a devastating effect. By discarding two materials, Midas can destroy all other cards on the field. Not only that, but whenever a character on his side of the field is destroyed, Reefa can choose to attach that character to Midas as material instead of sending them to the Graveyard, powering up that devastating move again. Pair that with an equip or two preventing card effects from affecting him, and it's a hard wall to overcome.

And to the one guy who knows Yugioh, yes, this is a slightly nerfed ZEUS.
No. 1035972 ID: abaa91

Bonnie's Ace In The Hole:

Rathoney AKA 'The Rat Makes The Rules' AKA 'Ratscrew'

Of COURSE Bonnie's friend/sometimes controller is in on this. Rathoney hides within Bonnie's pocket most of the time; if he reads Bonnie as getting too stressed (I.E. losing badly) he will begin using his mental prowess to scan both Bonnie's and her opponent's deck, essentially allowing her to know the next two cards to be drawn from both decks. This also passively ups her intelligence, allowing her to break out strategies and counterplays she'd normally not think of to surprise opponents. She DOES get a bit red-eyed from this, but, well...that might just be her intense competitive nature coming out to anyone who's unaware.
No. 1035975 ID: 782e0e

Conway happens to know pretty much everyone in Charisse’s livestream chat, and certainly a friend or two of Charisse herself! He’s pretty sociable and chatty, so he can keep his opponents attention occupied with a funny story or stupid joke, while he’s setting up his side of the field until it’s too late!

Basically, he’s so damn likeable that you forget your playing a game!
No. 1036005 ID: 9ea24b
File 165627221091.png - (8.68KB , 500x500 , 18.png )

Carl is a fish of few words because hand-drawn word bubbles don’t allow much space for dialogue. He snaps his pre-shuffled deck on the table and gives the hot dragon a smoldering look.

“Let's get started, I really need to go outside and get some nicotine inside my bloodstream.” he says. Women love confidence.

“Oh sure, just warning you I have some pretty lewd cards in my deck.” Ceridwen replies.

“Good, that’ll help wet our appetites.” Carl raises a potent eyebrow of insinuation.

Ceridwen giggles and places her deck out for Carl to cut. It’s decided that Carl will go first, so he draws his hand and considers his options.
No. 1036006 ID: 9ea24b
File 165627221983.png - (122.89KB , 502x800 , Monty.png )

There’s a fine early game card in his hand, Monty the mouse! While the mouse’s stats are ass, he has a potent ability that Carl can activate next turn. Carl places the monster in attack position and yelps with alarm as the immersive gaming experience people were talking about earlier kicks in with a puff of smoke.

A miniature Monty materializes on top of the card. “Duelist, solve my riddle to access my true potential.” he squeaks.

“He’s so cute and small.” Ceridwen gushes.

“Do not patronize me, ma’am. Duelist, calculate the External Rate of Return (ERR) of a machine that costs $50,000 to purchase, with net cash flow of $8,000 per year, a life of 10 years, Minimum Acceptable Rate of Return (MARR) of 10%, and a salvage value of $3000.”

“What the fuck does that mean?” Carl asks, flabbergasted. His sister was always the one who was good at math, not him.

“Look it up.” the mouse says unhelpfully. A laptop with a spreadsheet program poofs into existence on Carl’s side of the table.

Solve the problem to transform Monty and give Carl an advantage. Or don’t, Carl is a simple fish. Suggest early game cards for Ceridwen to use on her turn.
No. 1036008 ID: e7c7d3

It's -$99,000 due to it's crippling student debt.

Ceri, draw a lyluk. And another. And another. And
No. 1036011 ID: 629f2e

A couple quick card ideas for Ceridwen:

Egg Laying - Spell
Target a face-up Dragon, Winged Beast, or Reptile type character on your side of the field. Change it to DEF position if it wasn't already, and spawn an Egg Token on your side of the field. (Egg Token's stats: Level 1, 0 ATK 0 DEF. Effect: When this token leaves the field for any reason other than battle, special summon a level 4 or lower character of the same type as this token's parent (Dragon, Winged Beast, Reptile).) The targeted monster cannot be changed back to ATK position this turn.

Stealthy Mall Streak - Continuous Trap
Target a character on the field, they are now streaking. If another character card targets them for battle or with a card effect, and the effect resolves, they will be caught.
-If the caught in ATK position, negate the effect or attack targeting them, but deal half of the streaking character's ATK as damage to their owner.
-If caught in DEF position, they flee from the attention, and are shuffled back into the deck.
No. 1036175 ID: 9ea24b
File 165634263929.png - (151.08KB , 394x627 , 20.png )

Carl has absolutely no clue to solve this math problem, which seems to require a college class’s worth of specialized accounting knowledge. Clearly someone upstairs hates him. Rather than waste his time attempting to learn what a MARR is, he picks at his lip and stares into space.

On Ceridwen’s first turn, she plays a miserable little Lyluk in defense position, a monster even more pathetic than a vanilla Monty. She also plays a spell that makes a plate of spaghetti appear in front of her.

“Mm!” Ceridwen slurps up the creamy noodles and sighs happily. Her health points increase to 7000. Carl’s eye twitches at the delay.
No. 1036176 ID: 9ea24b
File 165634265687.png - (111.94KB , 393x626 , 21.png )

Time to go on the offensive. Carl plays another monster, the diminutive but sneaky Shrunk Sam, and attacks with both Sam and Monty. The lyluk McFreakin’ dies and Ceridwen takes 900 damage to put her at 6100.

Ceridwen’s in need of some strong board presence! Someone help this poor damsel by suggesting a STRONG monster she can use.
No. 1036177 ID: e7c7d3

A strong monster? Ceri draws 'Myra, The Dommy Mommy'
No. 1036186 ID: c1d4af
File 165635142094.png - (50.77KB , 1180x2828 , More than.png )

>calculate the External Rate of Return (ERR) of a machine that costs $50,000 to purchase, with net cash flow of $8,000 per year, a life of 10 years, Minimum Acceptable Rate of Return (MARR) of 10%, and a salvage value of $3000.

Nailed it.
No. 1036280 ID: 9ea24b
File 165637833864.png - (125.05KB , 389x621 , 22.png )

Ceridwen smirks, unbothered by her lost health. With a flourish, she places Myra the Dommy Mommy on the field and summons the buff, reptilian figure.

“Hi magical representation of my mom that probably has independent sentience and feels pain!”

“Hi honey!”

Myra slams 1500 damage into Monty, who dies with a drawn out squeak of agony, and then deals the rest of her damage to Carl, leaving him at 5000. Ceridwen also puts a trap card face down.
No. 1036282 ID: 9ea24b
File 165637835176.png - (9.67KB , 500x500 , 23.png )

“Wait a second.” Carl squints at the miniature mother who glowers back at him. “You don’t look very old, are you one of those MILFs that doesn’t age at all?”

He flounders for a moment. “I’m not trying to be rude, I just want to make sure your daughter is an adult since I’ve been flirting with her.”

“Yup, totally legal, I turned 18 last week.” Ceridwen says cheerfully.


“And I’ve had sex about 50 times, so I’m very experienced. With lots of other aliens too!”

Carl looks around wildly for some fatal weapon to impale himself on. Finding none, he resigns himself to finishing the childrens’ card game and then chain-smoking his last pack of cigarettes until he feels better.

Should he:
A. Sacrifice Shrunk Sam for a mid-tier monster with better stats than Myra
B. Play another small monster with a useful effect
No. 1036284 ID: e7c7d3

A: escalation always goes good
No. 1036285 ID: 629f2e

B, gotta be prepared for her face-down. Don't want to put all your eggs in one basket and leave yourself open.
No. 1036291 ID: 8483cf

A. Goodbye, Sam!
No. 1036296 ID: f7ae77

B. That trap could be anything
No. 1036317 ID: 899c9f

B. Apply hand to table, if you use up all the cards you win.
No. 1036367 ID: 9ea24b
File 165642845336.png - (111.33KB , 502x800 , Let Gabe Kill 2022.png )

Carl eyes that face down card. It could be anything, and sacrificing poor Sam for a tribute might end in disaster. Unfortunately, the cheaper monsters in his hand can’t deal with Myra’s sheer power and he’ll have to use a spell as well just to buy time.

He plays Let Gabe Kill 2022, which swaps Myra’s attack and defense values, then puts Emma the Robotic Nurse in defense position. Since Shrunk Sam can’t be blocked by Myra, the squirt of a snake attacks and leaves Ceridwen at 5600 LP.
No. 1036368 ID: 9ea24b
File 165642846469.png - (120.17KB , 378x602 , 25.png )

This is turning into a protracted fight and Carl’s desire for nonexistence is rapidly gaining on his desire to win. There are tiny flies buzzing around Monty’s dead body in the graveyard and Carl watches them enviously while Ceridwen hums over her cards. The dragon teen, shudder, finally plays the spell Egg Laying on her own mother, which generates an egg token that Carl could care less about and puts Myra in defense position.

What should Carl do on his turn?
A. Time for the huge plays. Sacrifice both monsters to bring out his STRONGEST card
B. Screw the rules, start smoking indoors
No. 1036380 ID: e7c7d3

A: Big boys do big plays
No. 1036383 ID: 8483cf

Smoke! Light up using the flaming birb
No. 1036384 ID: e51896

Smoke break!
No. 1036386 ID: 629f2e

Why not both?
No. 1036387 ID: d084c2

Light it up!
No. 1036388 ID: 6e2257

>dragon teen shudder
Wait, Carl has moral qualms on something?

But, yeah, I gotta say: why not both?
No. 1036399 ID: e4174c

Changing vote to both if possible
Otherwise, keep it at smoke break.
No. 1036423 ID: 9ea24b
File 165645914995.png - (10.46KB , 500x500 , 26.png )

>Why not both?
Carl has been smoking professionally for 20 years and a little multitasking will help him calm his mind and win the game. He puts down his cards for a moment and pulls a cigarette from his pack. He keeps his head down and looks around shiftily to make sure the birds don’t see him while he lights up.

“Hey, put that out!” mini Myra barks.

“What are you, a cop? Fuck off.” Carl grumbles.

“Don’t talk to my mom that way.” Ceridwen shows her very sharp teeth. “And she’s right, that thing stinks, don’t be a selfish asshole.”

“Fuck you too.” Carl attempts to flip off his opponent with his mitten-like flippers, and instead resigns himself to playing his ultimate card and getting out of the awkward situation. He feels much better physically, at least.

Emma and Shrunk Sam squeal as they disintegrate, replaced with a swirling cloud of darkness with glittering highlights.
No. 1036424 ID: 9ea24b
File 165645916099.png - (126.57KB , 502x800 , Magic The Good Impression Version.png )

“Hello!” The cloud collapses into a pleasant black blob, who looks rather taken aback by its size and the giants staring daggers at each other from above. “Oh, is everything alright?”

“Judge!” Ceridwen puts her hand in the air. The round blue bird, Companionship or whatever swoops down from the rafters to investigate. Carl groans out a cloud of smoke as Ceridwen snitches on him.

“Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to put out your cigarette.” the bird chirps. “It’s a health hazard and disrespectful to the other players.”

“Is this guy bothering you, dad’s ex-boyfriend who’s alive for some reason?” the Magic asks.

Should Carl:
A. Ask Magic to do something about the bird so he can keep smoking
B. Wait what? Is he supposed to be dead?
C. Comply and play the game normally
No. 1036427 ID: 629f2e

A, Pan has no authority if you don't submit to polite requests. Also, it'd be funny.
No. 1036428 ID: 899c9f

B. If you're dead, doesn't that mean you're disqualified? Huzzah, you can go home and collect your life insurance!
No. 1036429 ID: 273c18

No. 1036430 ID: e08a6f

B existencial crises while unleashing your ultimate attack are always exciting!
No. 1036436 ID: 8483cf

Is Carl really going to do something just because a bird asks him to? Nahhhhhhh

No. 1036440 ID: 8e592e

No. 1036473 ID: 19ea25

A: The magic must be trusted at all costs. Use the magic.
No. 1036480 ID: d0108b

No. 1036498 ID: aca22b

A stands for Always resist birds
No. 1036546 ID: 9ea24b
File 165654917890.png - (7.68KB , 500x500 , 27.png )

Despite the delicious nicotine, Carl feels a twinge as his headache takes a turn for the worse. He can’t remember what he was doing before he came to this weird tournament and rather than question the Magic’s strange words, Carl groans and waves at the bird.

“Can you make him go away?” he asks.

The blob looks around at itself and then at Companionship. “I’m a little outclassed here, but I’ll try.”

It clears its throat adorably. “Excuse me, Mr. Bird, my summoner here is mentally ill and self-medicates to avoid urges to self-harm brought on by prolonged contact with eldritch beings beyond comprehension and also general life. I understand his behavior has been uncouth, but please let him keep smoking. Since you’re so powerful, why not get rid of the smoke so it doesn’t bother the other contestants? That way you can continue to run this fine event and keep everyone happy.”

A single tear drips down the bird’s beak, so moved is he by the little Magic’s speech. He waves a wing and the smoke disappears, then returns to the rafters.
No. 1036547 ID: 9ea24b
File 165654918917.png - (9.00KB , 500x500 , 28.png )

“Okay good job. Now attack! Destroy!” Carl orders, pointing the Magic at his opponent.

“I already attacked with my eloquent words. You need to wait for your next turn.” Magic replies. With nothing else to do, Carl ends his turn and takes a hit to his life points leaving him at 4000 LP. This is the unfortunate side effect of using Magic.

Ceridwen finally flips her trap card revealing Stealthy Mall Streak, a continuous trap targeting Magic. She plays a spell that lets her flip Myra into attack position, then strikes at Magic. Thanks to the trap card, Carl takes a whopping 3500 damage! Ceridwen finishes her turn with another face down card.

Carl is in a dire position. What should he do next turn? That pesky egg token is in the way of a mighty attack.
No. 1036548 ID: 899c9f

Make an omelette, destroying all egg cards.
No. 1036551 ID: 629f2e

Use Crate of Greed, a spell card which allows you to draw two cards from your deck and add them to your hand.

Then activate the spell card "Quest Necromancy" to summon Monty back onto the field. Unfortunately, Monty only has 500 DEF, so he'll die almost immediately due to Quest Necromancy's effect. Monty's summon effect should resolve before the spell card's does though. Get the math question right, and we'll reveal Monty's true potential. That's gotta mean replacing him with a different card, upping all his stats a bunch, or at the very least unleashing a powerful effect of some kind.

If you get the question wrong, you have Frog and Chick Double-Tap in your hand, so you can at least go out on your own terms.
No. 1036591 ID: 9ea24b
File 165659956068.png - (83.42KB , 394x627 , 29.png )

Carl needs to make an omelet, if you know what I mean. He plays the banned on five continents spell Crate of Greed, which lets him draw two cards.
No. 1036592 ID: 9ea24b
File 165659957651.png - (108.23KB , 502x800 , 30.png )

Thank God, he drew a removal card. Carl plays Lewd-B-Gone, targeting the egg.

“How is the egg lewd?” Ceridwen asks.

“W-what? I saw that egg come out of your mom’s vagina, with like, a lot of juices. This is totally some fetish, ergo lewd.” Carl stutters.

“Alright, it’s the author’s fetish. I was just giving you a hard time.” Ceridwen concedes.

“Ha! It’s over then.” Carl gloats.

A ghostly bird appears to shoot the egg with a glock. Since the spell removes the egg from existence, it doesn’t get a chance to trigger its ability.
No. 1036594 ID: 9ea24b
File 165659968902.png - (11.67KB , 500x500 , 32.png )

“You may have convinced me that the egg is lewd, but you still lose.” Ceridwen flips her last card. It’s–It’s–her ACE IN THE HOLE! Ceridwen’s life total is double to 11,200 and she easily shrugs off an attack from Magic.

“Sorry Carl.” Magic says, before smacking the fish in the face, setting him to 0 LP.

Carl teeters off his chair and falls to the ground, defeated and probably dead. All the mini figures disappear and Ceridwen goes to report the result of the duel.

Winner: Ceridwen

Ceridwen will advance to the next part of the bracket. Carl is literally not alive.
No. 1036643 ID: e5709d

Ceridwen: Contemplate your first murder.
No. 1036644 ID: 273c18

Everyone: panic. What happened to "everyone must make it home safely"?
No. 1036696 ID: 9ec628

Well, he was already dead in his respective story, so.... I guess this is just restablishing the status quo, kind of.
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