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File 165499948860.png - (796.18KB , 1000x1500 , QDI_Titlecard.png )
1034777 No. 1034777 ID: 8483cf

Attention, duelists! It’s time for a massively multiversal Questden card tournament!

The quest will follow the duelists of Group A in their quest to win the grand prize: their heart’s deepest desire, to be granted by the host of the tournament.

Group A’s Duelists
Name, Author, Quest Title, Wiki Link)
- Lady Serah Kensington, Donut, Lazy Fairy, https://questden.org/wiki/Lazy_Fairy
- Enid Anderson and Franklin, Himitsu, Perpetuity, https://questden.org/wiki/Perpetuity
- The Mystery Duelist, Clockwork Seal, ???, https://questden.org/wiki/ClockworkSeal
- Carl Marks, tippler, Good Impression/Girl Talk/STAY INSIDE https://questden.org/wiki/Good_Impression

- Companionship (and Attendants), Donut, Mosaic, https://questden.org/wiki/Mosaic

Many thanks in advance to all the guest artists providing card art and depictions of duelists!
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No. 1043452 ID: 515982

No. 1043453 ID: 9b127b

No. 1043454 ID: 8483cf

No. 1043625 ID: de15ea
File 166302539753.jpg - (312.30KB , 2788x2811 , t1u4.jpg )

The irrationally gorgeous Dragon rears back preparing to blast a flame breath attack at the face down monster, but Momo suddenly hurls herself in front of the card and throws her arms wide!

“Noooo~!” she wails dramatically, as her breasts bounce free from her robes - but something spills out from between them!
No. 1043627 ID: de15ea
File 166302544419.png - (779.16KB , 1256x2000 , Booby_Trap.png )

Momo Activates the trap card BOOBY TRAP, negating Radiant Flare’s attack and destroying her! A massive explosion bursts forth from her chest, coating the area in smoke! Both Momo and The Masked Duelist lose 1150 life points as a result of Flare’s destruction.

Life Totals:
Momo - 3350
The Masked Duelist - 4850

As the smoke clears, Momo is swooning topless on the ground in front of her cards, coughing weakly - her chest heaving.

“Look. I would really appreciate it if you would … um … not do that,” The masked duelist mutters, looking away as they wave away the smoke near them.

“Oh, such a brute~!” Momo huffs as she sits up, making an intentionally incomplete gesture towards covering herself, “I didn’t expect you to like things so r-” Her smirk is interrupted as she sees a pasty, doughy looking clay man standing in front of her. “Wait, is *that* what you looked like under your robes!? How disappointing!”
No. 1043628 ID: de15ea
File 166302549503.jpg - (267.53KB , 2867x2526 , t1u5.jpg )

The masked duelist coughs from behind the clay man, still looking away, “No, that’s my monster.”

“Oh,” Momo pouts, disappointed, “I would have hoped your stupid robes would be a little worse for wear. Also, I just destroyed your monster!”

The Masked Duelist continues, “When Radiant Flare was destroyed by an enemy effect instead of by battle, it activated her effect to special summon a monster from my deck with a lower level, but negate that monster’s effects until the end of the turn.”

Simon - Who Sees the End
Level 2 Earth Monster

Momo laughs, “Am I supposed to be intimidated by this little weirdo? He’s not even hot! What does his effect even do, so I know what to expect next turn?”

The Masked Duelist plays two cards face down as they speak, “Simple. As long as he is on the field, [/i]all face-down cards are revealed,[/i] but they still count as being face-down and can be flipped and activated according to their normal conditions. He is a normal monster as long as there are no face-down cards on the field. And since I have nothing else to do in my second main phase -”

Momo’s Eyes widen as The Masked Duelist prepares to end their turn. This is really bad! She can’t let it stick around for when her turn starts or she’s going to be in big trouble.

How does Momo get rid of Simon?
1: Banish him from the game at a large cost
2: Return him to The Masked Duelist’s hand at a low cost

Additionally, what does she want to do on her next turn, she’s a little frustrated, so she wants to do something flashy
A: Set up a big dangerous attack to knock her opponent down a peg!
B: Set up a super restrictive field of continuous traps and watch her opponent squirm!
No. 1043629 ID: b5524e

2 (Insert "hand bounce" pun here)
B (Why rush things?)
No. 1043630 ID: 515982

No. 1043631 ID: 629f2e

1 and B!

1 because it's far less likely that The Masked Duelist will have a way to bring back a banished monster than it is that he can simply re-summon Simon on his turn.

And B because there's nothing duel monster players fear more than a horrible floodgate setup that doesn't let them do any of the plays they want to make.
No. 1043635 ID: d98cb8

Definitely 1 and B
No. 1043645 ID: 9da85d

2 and B.

The threat of Simon may loom, but the threat of continous cycle of bodacious buxom beastfolk is now.
No. 1043646 ID: e51896

I'm going with 1 and B because that is what Crows wants, and Momo is his character.
No. 1044159 ID: 629f2e
File 166356194776.png - (199.24KB , 500x600 , Gail Destroyed.png )

Reefa smiles, her eyes locking onto the lizard woman who had been summoned last.

“I enter the battle phase.” She announces. “Father, put an end to that archeologist with Purifying Flames!

“As you command, sweetiepie.” The older dragon slowly rises from his seat. Anet and Jaina’s other cards start inching away from Gail, not wanting to be caught in the blast. The poor scalie can do nothing but stare, as Flagrion takes in a deep breath of air.

“...Oh dear.” Gail says.

A torrent of flame washes over her, incinerating her attire to mere ash. She screeches and covers up moments before disappearing from the field entirely. With the battle damage crashing the Formicans’ life points to nil, the battle was over.

[ Anet & Jaina’s LP: 0 ]
[ Victory: Reefa ]

No. 1044161 ID: 629f2e
File 166356207605.png - (113.54KB , 500x500 , Reefa Being Cute.png )

“Darn! I feel like we almost had it too.” Anet grumbles, as all the holograms vanish. “Ah well, bad luck on the excavations was always gonna be what cost us the game with this deck. Right?”

“That, or simply not drawing any Researchers.” Jaina points out.

“Oh yeah, true. Jeez, we wouldn’t even have had much of a field then.”

“We were actually decently lucky on their effects. We just needed a card that would let us fuse some of them off.”

“Right!? I was really hoping we’d hit that one research project…”

The sisters continue to talk amongst themselves, before Reefa interrupts them by clearing her throat. She extends a hand towards the pair, which they happily climb onto. It was easier to talk to them up close, given the size difference.

“You both played very well. It was a fine duel.” She says.

Anet grabs hold of one of the prismatican's fingers and shakes it in a mock-handshake. “Yeah, good game to you too! You got so lucky on those draws, we just couldn’t fight back.”

“Nonsense, it was purely skill which won me this match.” Reefa proudly insists. Jaina is having none of it.

“You drew a card that let you draw more cards when your hand was almost empty, and then drew one that forced our cards into attack position when we could have walled up to protect ourselves.” She points out.

“Yes, well…” Reefa falters slightly. “Including such powerful spells in my deck was a brilliant stroke of strategy, wouldn’t you agree?”

“How about we say it’s a bit lucky and a bit skillful?” Anet proposes. All seem pleased with the compromise.

“The others are still having their own matches.” Reefa points out. “It will be some time before this tournament continues. How would you feel about another game, just for fun?”

“You sure you aren’t just trying to prove you didn’t luck into that win?” Anet teases.

“I need not prove what I already know to be true.” She responds in a dignified tone. “It’s simply good practice for my next match, and a quite enjoyable way to pass time. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Eh. Not like we have anything better to do.” Jaina says with a shrug. “Alright. Let’s see if we would have won in a best two out of three!”
No. 1045257 ID: 629f2e
File 166474191321.png - (1.15MB , 1000x1000 , Bonnie and Enid.png )

It takes Enid a bit to find her duel location. Eventually though, she stumbles upon a wide field marked “Lifesize Projection Space #1” Its floor is raised by about an inch, showing the area’s borders. There are a few similar fields nearby, some of which are already populated by duelists. They’re spaced out enough that you would have to shout to be heard by your nearest neighbor.

Another girl arrives shortly after her. There’s a moment of de-tensing for both when they realize they’re in the same age-range. They launch into greetings.

“Hi there. Are you Bonnie, my opponent?” Enid starts.

“That’s me! So that makes you Enid?” Bonnie asks. Enid nods. “Are you a Safety Scout too?”

“Um, no. I’m not really in any sort of group right now…”

“You should consider joining. There are rats, and super strength, and mind reading, and you get to punch people with electricity, and it’s really fun!”

“Oh! I don’t think I can join then. Back home, we don’t have anything like that… I think? The others said Roger was really fast, but did they mean super speed or just really fast for a kid?

“That sucks. Your home sounds boring.”

“I can think of worse things to say about it than that…”

With pleasantries out of the way, Bonnie moves to one side of the field, while Enid takes the other. There are tables waiting at both ends, indented with the duel-field. Bonnie blows a raspberry at hers, kicking it aside.

“I’ve got something way cooler to play on than that. Check it out!”

She holds her right arm out, letting a duel disc generate from her glove. Enid couldn’t help but be impressed by the portable field.

“Where did you get that? It looks really cool!” Enid compliments.

“Thanks! Dr. White wanted me to test it out. It’s some sort of hologram thingy-majigy-bobigy. Not normally for cards, but she changed it so that I could try it here. The tubby bird promised their weird card game magic wouldn’t get in the way with whatever science it works with.”

“Card game magic? Wait… Are the cards going to come to life when we play them!?” Her earlier conversation with Pan was suddenly making a lot more sense. It also explained the large “projection space”.

“Yeah! Isn’t that awesome?”

“It is! I wish I’d known about it, I would have grabbed a few cards with nicer art on them.”

Oh well, there’s no changing her deck now. And besides, she picked the cards that she did because she thought they would work well together, so she just has to believe that she made the right choices. She definitely wasn’t confident in that, but it’s not like she could just quit. That’s stupid, if she’s going to lose it should be because she played badly, not because she didn’t play at all.

She sets her deck on the table, as Bonnie loads hers into the funky disc gadget. Ready or not (she wasn’t really), it’s time to duel-
No. 1045258 ID: 629f2e
File 166474201590.png - (61.89KB , 415x369 , Franklin_ohayo4.png )

“Hey Enid.”

Enid shrieks.

Franklin is standing beside her, staring confusedly.

“...Are you okay?”

“I-I think you just knocked a year off my life. But yeah, other than that, fine.”

“Ummm who is that?” Bonnie asks from the other side of the field.

“Oh right.” Franklin waves to her. “Sorry, can you wait a couple minutes?”

“Probably not!” She calls back.

“Oh… Thank you for being honest.” He then turns back to Enid and continues to interrupt their duel by being there.

“What’s going on Franklin? Did you get lost, or forget one of the rules?” Enid asks.

“...No, that’s not it. I saw my opponents. But they were… Um…” He rubs his head as one might a crystal ball to find the truth they seek. “They were… they.”


“Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being a they. I know lots of theys.” Bonnie shouts from across the field..

“…Two! There were two of them!” Franklin finally says. “There were two people playing as one duelist.”

“Ah, that’s right. I think I saw one other group like that on the bracket.” Enid thinks back to the pretty dragon’s opponents. She didn’t see them in the crowd, but there were definitely two names and faces up there. “But um, why are you telling me this?”

“I was wondering… Can we do that too? Play together, as one duelist?” He asks.
No. 1045260 ID: 629f2e
File 166474216654.png - (16.93KB , 500x550 , QDI_20.png )

Enid blinks, repeating the question a few times in her head. She hadn’t thought of it before, but it clearly was an option for some people.

“...I… I don’t know. Can we?”

Franklin shrugs, clearly not sure himself. There was really only one creature to ask.

“...Excuse me, Mr. Companionship!” She shouts toward the ceiling. In response, a fluffy little orb flutters its way down to the children.

“Hello Enid! Franklin. This isn’t your arena you know.” Pan gently explains.

“Excuse me, but can Franklin and I play together like his opponents are?”

“What!?” Tianna yells, soaring down to the disastrous conversation. “The bracket’s already done! Matches should be beginning! You can’t just-!”

“Sure, you can do that!” Pan says, ignoring the unholy screech from their colleague.

“There, there,” Toffles says, patting Tianna on the wing. “It was a very good bracket, it’s not your fault that Pan was created with marshmallows instead of a spine.”

“She does have a point.” Enid says. “What will happen to Franklin’s opponent’s if he’s playing with me now?”

“I’m sure we can arrange for a substitute, so don’t worry a peep about them!” Pan assures, to the resounding grumbles of his avian companions. He calls out to the girl across the field, “Ms. McCarthy! You don’t mind playing against Enid and Franklin together, do you?”

“Huh? Yeah, that’s fine. I’m pretty sure I can take both of them.” She replies eagerly.

“Then I see absolutely no reason to deny the request. Have fun!”
No. 1045261 ID: 629f2e
File 166474226334.gif - (2.73MB , 1200x686 , Enid and Franklin VS Bonnie.gif )

They give their thanks as the birds fly off, most likely to bring the abandoned pair up to speed. Franklin sets his deck on the table beside Enid’s, as the pair consider how to handle the 80+ cards between them.

“...We could just play with yours.” Franklin mutters. “I won’t mind.”

“Oh, forget it! Let’s just do this.” Enid says, before grabbing them both and shuffling them together. “They may not go together well, but both of our decks were probably rubbish in the first place. You can’t ruin what’s already ruined.”

“I’m sure yours was fine.” Franklin assures.

“That makes one of us.”

“Hey, are you guys ready or not?” Bonnie calls out. They both nod. “Great! Then it’s time to DUEL!”

Following the rules they’d heard before, both girls draw until they hit any random character card from their deck, and compare the ATK points.

Bonnie: [ Skinny Rat: Beast-Type, Level 2, ATK: 1000, DEF: 1000 ]
Enid: [ Jojo, The Bully (E), Level 3, ATK 1500, DEF: 1000 ]

“Looks like we’re going first.” Enid says, smiling. “I think that’ll be better for us”

They both draw the top five cards of their deck, before Enid and Franklin huddle up to check theirs out together.

Enid’s first hand will be a 1:4 ratio of cards from hers and Franklin’s original decks. Who would you prefer for the ratio to favor? Does she pull more of her own cards, or Franklin’s?

(Enid’s cards are more balanced + Trap focused, Franklin’s cards are more gimmicky and less cohesive)

No. 1045262 ID: e51896

Franklin's cards!
No. 1045277 ID: 8483cf


Definitely focused on Franklin to start.
No. 1045279 ID: bbb04b

Enid. Stability's more important in the early game. You can pull out the nonsense when you have a foundation to stand on.
No. 1045282 ID: d3791d

More of Franklin's deck.
No. 1045284 ID: 262068

Gonna go with Franklin.
No. 1046593 ID: 629f2e
File 166580142831.png - (119.60KB , 502x799 , Buried Alive.png )

Drawing many cards she hadn’t before read, Enid takes a moment to read them all. Confusion fills her features.

“I don’t understand why you took a lot of these, Franklin. What was your deck’s win condition?” She asks, receiving a blank stare in reply.

“...To win?”

She sighs. It seemed likely to her that he had just grabbed an assortment of cards that seemed fun or sounded strong. That isn’t a good strategy, but merging decks was her idea. Like it or not, she’d just have to make it work somehow. Or– they would. They are a team after all.

Currently, their hand consists of:
-A slow continuous trap that would only become valuable if it stayed on the field for a few turns
-A decent resource recycling trap
-A weak character card that would float into another character when sent to the graveyard
-A spell to reset the field and hands
-A weak character card that can discard a card to special summon another character from the deck

“Hmm… These are kind of all over the place, but at least we can still use them. It’s just going to be a little messy.”

“Which of these should we summon?” He asks, pointing at the two characters. She thinks about it.

“Um… Maybe this one?” She suggests, holding up the floater. “We can’t attack on the first turn, and whatever we set will probably be destroyed, so we can save this one’s special summon effect for the next. It’s… What do you think?”

“It makes sense to me. I think we should do it.”

“You think so? But… Hmm…” Her eyes flip between both characters, a thought on the tip of her tongue. In the end, the thought goes nowhere, so she plays as they agreed.

“We set a character face-down,” she announces, pausing to observe a holographic card appear in the space between them. “We’ll also be setting two cards face-down. And that’s it, we pass.” With three cards on the field, the turn shifts over to Bonnie.

“Draw!” She takes a card, putting her hand at 6. The card in her hand elicits a wide smile. Without a second thought she slams it down.

“I play Cute Rat in attack mode! Her numbers aren’t that big, but she looks really pretty! Show me that hologram!”

[ Cute Rat, Beast-Type, Level 2, ATK 1000, DEF: 1000 ]

Another card appears on the field, and from it spawns an anthropomorphic mouse with bangs over her eyes and some cute casualwear emerges. Enid can’t help but gasp.

“Wow… It’s so lifelike! And she is cute, I’m jealous that card wasn’t at our table.”

“Aw, thanks!” It suddenly says, leaving her speechless. The visual of a realistic looking creature on the field was one thing, but she hadn’t even considered that they might be able to interact with the projections.

“They can talk? That’s… Isn’t that a little…”

Franklin finishes her thought. “...If they can think and say stuff, doesn’t that make it… bad that we’re gonna make them fight and kill each other?”

Bonnie blinks. “Huh… Y’know, I hadn’t really thought about that.”

“If it’s going to make things weird, I could stop talking,” the Cute Rat offers. It does little to dissuade the children from questioning the moral implications of their match.

“Um… I know the character on the card we set.” Franklin points out. “If he dies in the game, what if that kills him in reality too? That can’t happen, right?”

“Oh my gosh, I didn’t even think about that!” Enid shouts out in concern. “The birds said it was magic, but doesn’t that just make something awful like that possible?”

“What if we’re the real monsters here?” Bonnie asks, looking down at her gloved hands in horror.

The atmosphere was rapidly deteriorating from what should otherwise have been a fun children’s card game.

“Um…” The Cute Rat speaks up once more. “I really don’t think any of those issues will happen or anything, buuuuut what if I just toss the card I was gonna fight out of the arena? Would that be okay.”

“Oh, well yeah that’d be fine.” Bonnie says with a nod, immediately recovering.

“I don’t mind.” Franklin agrees.

“That’ll have to do until we can check in with the birds after the match.” Enid says. “Ring outs only!”

“If we’re all good, Cute Rat! Please get rid of that face-down monster!”

She shoots a thumbs up, before rushing across the field. The face-down character flips up, revealing Phillip, The Nerd (E). Unfortunately for the Cattenom kids, his defense was a mere 900, just short of his opponent’s attack.

“Sorry kid, but you’re out!” The mouse boasts, grabbing him by the arm. He tries to wriggle free, but a few seconds of dragging later sees Phillip being flung from the arena. He vanishes as soon as he crosses the projection area’s edge.

Enid taps her partner. “Franklin, you remember what we talked about before, right?”

He nods. “Phillip has an effect.” He raises his voice to inform Bonnie. “When Phillip goes to the graveyard, we get to summon his twin sister, Lillian, to the field.” The Athlete appears where Phillip once stood, looking fired up.

[ Lillian, The Athlete (E), Rapscallion-Type, Level 3, ATK 1000, DEF: 1000 ]

“Heard what you did to my bro. Don’t think I’m lettin’ ya get away with it.” She threatens. Cute Rat simply looks amused at the child trying to sound tough.

“That’s not all. We also activate the trap card Buried Alive.” Enid says, as the card flips up. “Due to this card’s effects, Phillip will come back to our field next turn.”

“That’s fine. He’s still not stronger than my monster.” Bonnie says.

As she’s wondering what else she should do, a whisper in her head gives her the answer. “That’s right, Cute Rat actually has an effect I can use. Let’s see…” She stares at the card, reading it closely. “I can put her back in my hand, and if I do… I get to add another monster from my deck there too! Whoa, that’s neat! I didn’t know she could do that.”

“...Didn’t you read her before you added her to your deck?” Enid asks.

“No,” is the immediate reply. “I just thought she looked pretty.”

Enid mutters to herself. “We can’t send her to the graveyard if she’s off the field. We won’t be able to keep her off that effect. But the downside is that she’ll have to use her normal summon to get the search, so it’s not ideal for her unless she has enough ways to special summon from her hand.” Franklin nods along, trying his best to follow her commentary.

“I’m gonna use Cute Rat’s effect!” Bonnie announces, taking her from the field and back to her hand.

“Wh– You can’t leave! I crave vengeance for Phillip!” Lillian shouts. The rodent waves goodbye, as she vanishes.

“Let’s see. I’m gonna use it to search up… Which one should I– Oh! I like this one!“ She reveals a powerful Tribute Monster before adding it to her hand. “Then I’llllll set this card. Annnd this other one too. That’s it I think.”
No. 1046594 ID: 629f2e
File 166580146549.png - (180.41KB , 628x1000 , Update Counter.png )

“Before you end your turn, I have a trap I want to activate.” Enid says, before flipping a card face-up. “Update Counter!

A text box appears over the field reading “Update: 0”. She explains, “during each of mine and Franklin’s turns, this card will gain one Update. Whenever you want to declare an attack, we flip three coins. For your attack to go through, you need to flip as many or more Heads as there are Updates on this card.”

As the turn shifts over to Franklin and Enid’s, the two drawing a card for turn, the text on the box alters to read “Update: 1”. The boy scratches his chin thoughtfully. “So… Right now, she just needs to get one heads in the three coins flipped?” He smiles as his partner nods approvingly.

“And because it’s our turn now, Phillip comes back to the field!” The male twin appears beside his sister. They share an awkward sibling hug before taking up battle positions. With all effects resolved, they could finally start playing new cards. Unfortunately, a horrible thought struck Enid as she looked in her hand.

“Wait… He special summons from deck when… and Buried Alive revives from the grave…” Her eyes open wide. “I messed up!”

“Huh? How?” Franklin asks.

“Look!” She shoves the cards in his face. “We should have played Rodney first. With Buried Alive, we could have easily committed to setting a bigger character on the field, and if we discarded Phillip for the cost of Rodney’s effect, then his would have activated since it’s being sent from the field OR hand that triggers it. That means we would have had three characters in one turn, but instead we’re down a trap card for no reason. I messed it up…”

To his credit, while he didn’t quite follow the explanation, Franklin had understood the basic issue of “I could have played that better”.

“...Does that mean we lose?”

“What? No… Not immediately. But we’ll run out of cards sooner, a-and–”

“That’s good. We didn’t lose. That means we can keep playing, right?”


He takes the hand from her and looks at them. “Can you show me what we can do with the cards we have now? I dunno what we should do next. Is it not a good idea to summon Rodney now?”

“...N-No, I still think we should. Just don’t use his effect, we need both these other cards.” She explains.

“Okay, I’ll do that.” He places the card and speaks to Bonnie. “We summon Rodney, The Socialite (E) now.”

The young Socialite appears, joining the twins in posing for a fight.

[ Rodney, The Socialite (E), Rapscallion-Type, Level 3, ATK 500, DEF: 500 ]

“Huh. Hey, why do all your monsters have an ‘E’ at the end of their names?” Bonnie asks.

“That’s a good question. Let me ask.” He turns back to Enid. “Why do they?”

“You didn’t get it? But you had cards from the same archetype.”

“Does it have something to do with the other two letters? I think they were… M and A?

She nods, speaking so that Bonnie can hear. “The E stands for Elementary. The ones with M stand for Middle. And the A stands for Adult.

“There are other letters?” The other girl questions. Enid nods.

“I think now would be a good time to bring some of them out.” She picks up the extra deck, skimming through it. “Franklin, can you help me decide which to go with?”

Which card should Enid and Franklin level up?

1: Lillian, The Athlete (E)
-Becomes incredibly strong and immune to card effects
2: Phillip, The Nerd (E)
-Allows you to search out practically any card you might want from your extra deck
3: Rodney, The Socialite (E)
-Provides a buff to all cards on your side of the field, and makes it easier to summon a few more


Bonnie added a powerful monster to her hand. Which one was it? (You only get the simplified card name, not the character name or the quest they originate)

A: Strong Fire Bird
-Can destroy cards on the field
B: Big Blind Dog
-Can negate trap card effects
C: Big Happy Lady
-Can attack every monster on the field

No. 1046598 ID: 8483cf

1. Fight strong with strong! Level up LILLIAN!

A. Birb birb birb birb
No. 1046603 ID: abaa91

2: Phillip, The Nerd (E)


A: Strong Fire Bird
No. 1046607 ID: e51896

2 because it'd be hilarious if The Nerd was stronger than The Athlete

C, so the update counter doesn't have a chance to get negated or destroyed
No. 1047507 ID: c642be

I wonder how a character that can look for backup fares against one that can pummel him.
No. 1047522 ID: c642be
File 166677528914.png - (253.60KB , 1580x1244 , xerinvsselma 1.png )

Selma looks around the auditorium, observing the other duelists and witnessing a fish-man get blasted by his own cards, a pair of ants standing toe-to-toe with a dragon princess, and an odd fox lady baring her chest while unleashing a trap card right over the corner. There’s absolutely no shortage of interesting things to get an eyeful of. She thinks again on why she came to this tournament and recalls an invitation to duel all manner of players in a game of wits and strategy for the promise of an amazing prize: the champion’s greatest desire.

Her imagination had run rampant and questions bloomed in her head of what she would see at the tournament. What would such an event be like? What would her opponents look like? And most importantly what was her greatest desire? The answers were both stranger and more mundane than she imagined back in her apartment.

But what would winning the tournament mean for her? Seeing the wider world? Finding a taste for mind games and competition? Becoming a world-renowned authoress of salacious prose? So many choices, so little certainty.

She ponders her cards, carefully chosen for outmaneuvering and long-term strategy. Being told by the bird judges to mix random cards into her deck at the last minute would complicate things, but she knows well that improvising is all part of the game. Learning and watching carefully.

And she is very good at watching.
No. 1047523 ID: c642be
File 166677536323.png - (567.04KB , 1980x1480 , xerinvsselma 2.png )

Selma’s thoughts are interrupted as a man approaches her table. He is almost as short as she is and has a polished jewel stuck to his forehead. Selma thinks it looks rather nice, but it’s his glasses she finds fetching.

-”Ah, you’re Selma I assume?”- The fellow says with a smile as he takes the chair across from her.. -”I believe I am your first opponent for the day. You may call me Xerin.”
-”...Hello, Xerin.”- Selma hesitates for a moment before replying, trying to wrap her head around this weird hedgehog guy.

-”I have to say, I'm glad you’re the first participant I’m playing with. You seem much more… mellow than some of the others around here.”

-”Thanks.”- Selma says politely. -”Um….Have you played this card game before?”

-”Played? No. I have studied the rules in my free time however.”- Xerin’s smiles with confidence as he pulls his deck from his pocket, passes the cards to Selma to shuffle, and grabs her own. - “When I received an invitation to this tournament, I took it upon myself to get acquainted with the game, so at the very least I don’t embarrass myself. I find it all quite fascinating, if a bit complicated. At any rate, it’s a welcome break from all the hassle back home.”

- “Uh, yes. I can relate, actually.”- Selma replies, recalling the real mess her sleepy little home town has become in the last few days.

Xerin looks up at her as he playfully shuffles her deck. “Well, then. Here’s to an enjoyable distraction with good company. Shall we start?”

-”Yeah, sure. To a good duel.”- Selma smiles a little. She is beginning to like this Xerin fellow.
No. 1047529 ID: c642be
File 166678900359.png - (251.14KB , 389x389 , Xerin_Analyzing.png )

I try looking into her eyes as we converse, but I cannot hijack her vision without direct eye contact. Her spectacles are ridiculously thick. How can two pieces of glass be so damn opaque? No matter, I know this game well enough. I will win through sheer skill alone. A challenge keeps the mind sharp, and all.

We draw cards from our decks until we get a monster. Just as in life, the one with the most power goes first.

She draws…..Pre-shrunk Sam, 1000 Attack.

And I…..Ha! Alice Dietrich, 1750 Attack. Always good to have the initiative.

As we cut and return each others’ cards, I observe that this girl is hard to get through in more ways than one. She is reserved. Few words, few emotions. A strong poker face will help her, but it won’t be enough..

Hmmhmm. This is a good enough hand to start. I’ll be able to put these cards to good effect.
No. 1047530 ID: c642be
File 166678905192.png - (55.38KB , 389x389 , Creepy_Selma.png )

“I will place these two trap cards here and proceed to summon NCO Arkot in defense position.”- Xerin says as he does just that. -“That will be all for my first turn. Your move, my dear rival.”-

[NCO arkot, Four Stars, Type: Beast/Machine ATK:1300 DEF:1300]

Selma stares for a moment at the cards in her hand and thinks about her intended strategy.
Her deck is well-built, her hand good, and her options many. Her glasses glint for a moment in the fluorescent lights as she finally decides on her starting tactic.

Those trap cards can’t do much if their owner runs out of time to set them off.

“I activate Formican Exodus, which reduces your deck by two cards each turn it stays on the field.”- She says calmly, betraying no emotion, -” I then place a monster card face down to end my turn.”

With his time running out, she knows her opponents chances are dramatically less now. She almost lets a smile quirk her lips.
No. 1047531 ID: c642be
File 166678912592.png - (294.42KB , 759x427 , QDI_21.png )

“Back to you, bud.”-She says smugly, crossing her arms. She feels like her starting spell was a very deep strategy. Self-congratulatory. Works for me, however. It means she is lowering her guard already and the timer she created would only panic an amatuer who didn’t know how quickly these games can go. She’ll be crushed before I’m in any real danger.

Still, that face-down monster is in the way. It might also have a dead man’s switch effect should I attack it. Maybe I should set up a spell card or a monster ability that lets me avoid confrontation.
Then again, fortune favors the bold and the duel is just begun. Maybe setting up a support spell and attacking would work just fine. Or I could solidify my defenses even further, summon another monster, perhaps build up tribute material for a special summon. Sacrifices shall be necessary eventually, after all.

The odds are in my favor for now, but I shouldn’t push my luck. I must pick the right choice if I really want to make a blow on this scheming squirrel.

Which strategy should Xerin pick?

>Set up a control-based spell or a monster effect to circumvent Selma’s face down card.

> Prepare himself and attack the face down card.

>Place a defensive spell and another monster card, probably for a special summon.
No. 1047532 ID: e51896

Third option
No. 1047561 ID: 8483cf

Option 3. Play defense to negate Selma's next move, then if it's not used up by that, then Xerin has something to protect the special summon.
No. 1047623 ID: a2d88b

First option.
No. 1049824 ID: de15ea
File 166909132215.png - (699.65KB , 628x1000 , Mia_Balance-Keeper.png )

Momo knows that she can’t let the little freak stick around for its effect to activate, because it would completely ruin her completely legitimate strategy.

“Hold on there, champ!” She calls out, “Don’t think you can call it quits so quickly, I haven’t even finished yet!”

“D-do you have to say it like that?” The Duelist squirms.

Momo chuckles and grins haughtily behind a fan made of her hand of cards, “Don’t worry sweetie, I’m sure you can hold on for me. I’m almost there.”

She waves her hand out over her traps and a card raises up. “I activate the continuous trap The Reckless Champion Exiled, which allows me to discard two cards to banish a monster which has been special summoned - and also prevents any monsters with the same name from being summoned!” Her chuckling breaks into a full-throated laugh as she places two cards in the graveyard, leaving her with only one card in her hand - and the poor astrologist is cast out of the battlefield for his crimes.

The Masked Duelist stands silently for a few seconds, before Shrugging and motioning for Momo to take her turn.

Momo draws a card and then gives a toothy grin. “Well first things first, I’m going to play Crate of Greed and draw 2 additional cards.” She places them in her hand, “And now I can really show. you. my. moves~” she coos, swaying her hips on each word.

“I’m a little spent, so to get some of my mojo back I’m going to activate the continuous spell Expedited Delivery Fee,, which causes me to gain 200 life whenever a monster is special summoned. It’s destroyed if I have more life than you, but you’ve been pretty rough with me so I’m not sure that’s a problem.”

“Please st-” the Duelist shrinks and begins to protest, before Momo interrupts them.

“Next, I’ll flip-summon Princess Shelli, Level 3, 800 attack 1400 defense, Light Magician in defense mode, activating her effect. This allows me to banish two monsters from my graveyard that would otherwise be eligible to perform an xyz summon, although they aren’t attached as materials. And since I just discarded those last term to get rid of your bald little wierdo...”

The Masked Duelist attempts to compose themselves in order to pay attention to Momo’s turn, adding “His name is Simon.”

“Yes yes, anyway. I will discard these two chumps to XYZ summon “Mia, Balance-Keeper.”

Mia, Balance-Keeper
Level 5
Divine Human
Two level 5 monsters
2100 Attack/2100 Defense
At any time, you may banish a monster from your graveyard and pay life equal to 100 times its level; attach that monster to Mia, Balance-Keeper as material.
At any time, you may detach 1 material from this card to activate either of the following effects:
*When a card you control is targeted by an effect of a card controlled by opponent, negate that effect, then destroy it.
*Pay life points until your life total is equal to your opponent’s. Mia, Balance-Keeper gains ATK equal to the life points paid for this effect.

“And of course, since an XYZ summon is a special summon I’ll be taking my 200 life.”
No. 1049825 ID: de15ea
File 166909141923.png - (1.27MB , 879x1400 , Felafafs_Destiny.png )

“Naturally,” The Masked Duelist adds, nodding and apparently happy that the fox isn’t being sexually charged for a brief period of time.

“Of course,” Momo Sneers, “You’ve been pretty pushy … I think it’s time to teach you a little … ~obedience~” she says as she plays the spell Felafaf’s Destiny. “I feel like we’ve been getting close enough to know what really gets you going, and Felafaf’s Destiny lets me name a spell and banish all copies of it from your Deck, Hand, and Graveyard. And since I really don’t want to give you the chance to clean up, I’m going to name the spell … Unforgettable Memories.

The Masked Duelist stops dead still and slowly looks up at Momo as a card drifts out of their deck and crumbles to ash. They stand in silence for a second as Momo chuckles, before saying “I see. I suspected as much.”

“Oh?” Momo asks, “Suspected what, I wonder?” - her grin spreading impossibly wide.

“That you somehow examined my entire deck during the time you had it,” they respond, “Probably through similar means to those you are using to move your cards around.”

The sultry fox gasps, putting on melodramatic airs of scandal as she tosses herself to the floor, “Heavens, you wouldn’t be accusing little old me of some sort of foul play?!”

“Of course not,” the duelist replies, straightening their deck as it once again fades from view. “You noticed as well as I did - the only punishment is if you are caught cheating. If I can’t prove it, I would only be hurting myself.”

Momo bites her lip as she looks up with a smile forming, suddenly hurling herself across the field as she wraps her arms around her opponent, forcing her breasts against their mask. “Oooh! I knew we were on the same page, there’s nothing quite like an encounter where ~all our rhythms line up together~

The Masked Duelist freezes up, shaking nervously and stammering incoherently before settling on “I-if you don’t mind, you s-still need to f-finish your t-turn.”

Momo licks the forehead of their mask and slinks away, “Of course, then after the match we can *really* get to know each other.”

The Masked Duelist silently attempts to regain their composure, dusting their robes.

“Anyway,” Momo continues, “Where was I - oh yes.”

“I will also activate the Continuous Trap Mana Radiation, which reduces the attack of any monsters you manage to get onto the field by 300 for every face-up spell or trap card on the field during your battle phase, just to be safe. Then I’ll also activate one last continuous trap, Kagami’s Balanced World, which prevents any cards from being destroyed by effects that do not target them!”
“And now I’m feeling pretty comfy, so it’s my turn to take a swing at you. And since you don’t have any monsters, dear sweet little Mia will be attacking your life points directly!”

“Not so fast,” The Masked Duelist interrupts, “I have my own face-down cards! And since you have two monsters and I have none as you attack, I can activate Questionable Shipping - which allows me to send cards equal to your monster’s level from my library to the graveyard, and if there are any creatures in that list I can set one immediately as the attack’s target!”

The top 5 cards of their deck float up in front of the Duelist, with one remaining as the others drift over to fade away at the side. They cast their hand forward dramatically and send the face down card to the field.

“So what?” Momo sneers, “It’s not like whatever creature that is can stop my dear Mia!”

“It’s not supposed to,” the duelist answers. “Since Mia is attacking my face-down card, that means you activate its flip effect! And the Flip Effect of Anerassi of Thorenvald allows me to search my deck for a field spell and put it immediately into play! So for the rest of this battle, we’ll be fighting in THE CITY.

A card flies out of The Masked Duelist’s deck and over to the side of the board, and as it settles in a towering, futuristic city materializes around them. A monument of neon stagnation.

They continue, “The City has two effects. First, it prevents all battle damage to players,” Anerassi disintegrates as they say this, unable to stand up to Mia’s power. “Second,” they add, “It means that whenever a monster is destroyed by either battle or a card effect, they are returned to the library instead of going to the graveyard as normal.” As if to punctuate this, the particulate remains of their monster coalesce into a card which returns itself to their deck.
No. 1049826 ID: de15ea
File 166909151151.jpg - (281.58KB , 2011x3344 , 1121221557_HDR.jpg )

“Oho!” Momo laughs, “That’s perfectly agreeable to me! I had thought you might be a bit classier, but I don’t mind doing it in an alley.” The masked Duelist raises their hand to object to her phrasing, but Momo barrels through before they can even start, “besides, this is a cute way to try to keep yourself going, but I can tell you’re spent. Like you said, I already know every card in your deck. And without your silly hat spell, there’s nothing in your deck that will let you win in this position. Go ahead and tell me I’m wrong.”

The Masked Duelist stands silently, staring at their hand.

Momo bursts out in laughter. “I’ll even spice things up for you and play this out now. I already know that you plan to try to build up a new board to even up the game, since even if it costs you everything I used my whole hand already. Well, I’ve still got one card. And it’s this one right here!” Momo then plays the continuous spell A Feast of Yang.

“This spell means that I can’t activate cards in my hand, but in exchange whenever I gain life I get to draw a card! Sure I have to pay 1000 life points every turn or it’s destroyed, but what does that matter when there’s nothing you can do? You’re mine now, Duelist! And I’m going to have my way with you for ~as long as I’m enjoying it~”

“Go ahead and take your turn. I can’t wait to see how you squirm for me~”

The Masked Duelist draws to start their turn.

Life Totals:
Momo: 3750
The: 4850

Momo has stated that there is no card in the Masked Duelist’s Deck that can let them win. The Masked Duelists has the right cards for some big plays, but Momo is right and no card in their deck will defeat Momo.
A: There is no way to win
B: There is still a way to win!

No. 1049828 ID: 8483cf

BBBBBBBBlieeB in the heart of the cards!
No. 1049829 ID: e51896

No. 1049841 ID: e5709d

A Ya lose
No. 1049845 ID: 629f2e

B, there is a way to win! You may not have the cards in your to beat her, but maybe you can trick her into beating herself?
No. 1050387 ID: 629f2e
File 166960716736.png - (388.12KB , 530x844 , Phillip The Writer (A).png )

“These cards have a special attribute to them.” Enid explains. “Rodney, Lillian, Phillip, all of them are actually Tuners.

“Tuners?” Bonnie repeats.

“Aren’t those used for the… Uh, sink-or-summons?” Franklin recounts incorrectly.

Synchro. Synchro monsters go in the extra deck, and to summon them you need one tuner and any number of non-tuners that add up to that character’s level.”

“But wait, you just said all your monsters are tuners.” Bonnie points out.

“That’s true, but they all have a second effect. When there’s an (M) variant of an on-field (E) character in our extra deck, we can use them as a non-tuner to summon it!”

“...I don’t completely get it. Can you show me?” Franklin asks.

“Gladly.” She picks up their extra deck and peruses through for a specific card. “By using Phillip, The Nerd (E)’s effect to treat him as a non-tuner, we can use Lillian, The Athlete (E) as a tuner and synchro summon Phillip, The Dungeon Master (M)!

The on-field twins share a hug, before a bright light envelops them. When it fades, an older-looking Phillip stands tall where once stood two.

…Not that much older though. He’s still a kid. Just a bigger one.

[ Phillip, The Dungeon Master (M), Rapscallion-Type, Tuner, Level 6, ATK: 1500, DEF: 1600 ]

“...Oh, this is from my deck. Doesn’t he have an effect?” Franklin asks, reading the card. “…On summon, we get to special summon a level 3 character card from our deck.”

“Let’s go with Nuki, The Pack-Racc then. We could use more cards.”

A plush toy raccoon appears on the field, carrying a heavy-looking satchel on her back.

[ Nuki, The Pack-Racc, Beast-Warrior-Type, Tuner, Level 3, ATK: 1000, DEF: 1000 ]

“Middle school Phillip can also be treated as a non-tuner to summon adult Phillip, but it’s an optional effect. Since Nuki isn’t a tuner, we can just use Phillip as a tuner and put them together to make his final form, Phillip, The Writer (A)!

[ Phillip, The Writer (A), Spellcaster-Type, Level 9, ATK: 1800, DEF: 2200 ]

“...For all the work it took to get him there, I really thought he’d have bigger numbers.” Bonnie says.

“Attack points aren’t everything. Once a turn, he can negate any effect you activate, and destroy the card that did it.”

She shrugs. “Eh. Still not as cool as I was hoping.”

“Well… We also get to use Nuki’s effect,” Enid explains. “When she’s sent to the Graveyard, we can draw a card.”

She does so, leaving them with three cards in hand. No more summons however, so they proceed to the battle phase. Bonnie’s field is empty, save for traps.

“Let’s attack with Rodney first.” Franklin says, declaring the attack.

“Not so fast! I use my trap card Mouse Trap on the little guy! It’ll negate the attack and destroy him.”

A somewhat expected result, Enid thought. Still, was it worth risking a negation here? It would save Rodney of course, but they wouldn’t have any counter to Enid’s remaining face-down. If it could remove Phillip, they’d be in a really bad place.

“...We’ll let it resolve.” She decides.

Rodney, who had been rushing towards Bonnie to attack her life points, suddenly gets caught in a giant mouse trap before vanishing from the field.

“We can still attack you with Phillip though.”

“With pleasure.” Phillip smiles, ripping multiple sheets of paper out from his bag and launching them towards Bonnie in a scattershot attack. It goes through without interruption, leaving the other girl flinching as her life drops.

[ Bonnie’s LP: 4200 ]

After a short discussion, Franklin sets one card for the pair, and they end their turn.
No. 1050388 ID: 629f2e
File 166960719788.png - (214.58KB , 628x1000 , Big_Happy_Lady_s.png )

“Hmm, what to do with this hand.” Bonnie mumbles to herself.

She had six cards sitting in her hand. This included the Cute Rat she put back on her last turn, the powerful Tribute Monster she searched off of it, and four other cards after her draw. There was a lot she could do. Almost too much actually, it felt like her brain was overheating trying to think about it.

Thinking is dumb. Powerful monsters deal lots of damage, so she just needs to summon as many of those as possible. That means she needs fodder she can tribute, so that’s step one.

She considers summoning Cute Rat again, but she only gets one normal summon a turn. It would have to survive until her next for her to tribute with it, and its numbers are lower than Phillip’s. That isn’t gonna happen.

“How do I get cards on the field, without making it so that I can’t summon any more…?” She wonders.

As she asks it, there’s a sudden itch in her head, as if the answer had simply appeared before her. She could see a line of interactions that put her in a good position!

The source of this plan came from her pocket. Specifically, a hyper-intelligent rat she kept as a pet was telepathically feeding her the answers. Yes, Rathoney had decided to lend his aid to the monster carrying him, out of respect for taking so many of his brethren into her deck. A game like this was trivial for him to solve.

“I activate One is a Genius!” Bonnie finally declares, flipping up her face-down card. “It lets me summon a rat to the field that does stuff when it gets summoned, use its effect, and then shuffle it back into the deck on resolution.”

The card goes un-negated, Franklin and Enid agreeing that they’d be better deciding whether to negate the effect of whatever gets summoned by the trap.

“If that’s good, then I’m gonna summon Friendly Rat!

A lanky mouse boy appears on Bonnie’s side of the field, giving a friendly wave over to Phillip.

[ Friendly Rat, Beast-Type, Level 2, ATK: 500, DEF: 500 ]

“He lets me special summon another Rat straight from my hand. Then I’ll have enough to tribute for a really big card!”

“...That wouldn’t be good for us, so I think it’d be best to negate that with Phillip.”

Phillip whips out a notebook and starts writing. “I’m editing this scene out.” He declares, sending the friendly rodent off to the graveyard. Bonnie isn’t at all upset about this however.

“I thought you might do that. In fact, I was counting on it!” She holds up a spell card. “Because I can use my spell card Shock Treatment to bring Friendly Rat back from the graveyard!”

“...I didn’t see that coming.” Franklin mutters.

“It’s okay, I would have done the same thing.” Enid assures him. “Let’s just hope she can’t do too much else.”

Friendly Rat reappears, and his effect kicks off just as it did before. The pair don’t respond, allowing Bonnie to place Skinny Rat on the field.

“Now with two tributes on the field, I can summon one of my strongest monsters! I summon Big Happy Lady!

The rats vanish, before a massive woman slams down onto the field, sporting a wide almost unnatural smile.

[ Big Happy Lady, Warrior-Type, Level 8, ATK: 3000, DEF:1800 ]

“...That might not be good for us.” Franklin remarks.

“She can attack every monster you control once a turn.” Bonnie announces. “And I’m not done yet, because I have an equip spell. Shock Treatment II!

“It has a sequel!?” Enid exclaims.

“And it’s an equip spell?” Franklin questions.

“The effects are basically the same, but I can use it every turn as long as my monster’s alive. So I’m gonna put it on Big Happy Lady, and then use its effects to revive Friendly Rat again!”

“You’re getting his effect off again!?” Enid whines, starting to worry that they were going to be out in just two turns.

The Friendly Rat reappears, allowing Cute Rat to come from Bonnie’s hand back to the field.
No. 1050390 ID: 629f2e
File 166960724321.png - (199.38KB , 628x1000 , Strong Fire Bird s.png )

“Onnnnneeeee more thing.”

“I’m scared to ask, but what is it?” Enid asks.

Double Summon.” Bonnie says, holding a spell of that name. “Wanna guess what it does?”

“...” Enid deadpans.

“...Let’s you summon twice?” Franklin earnestly guesses.

“Correct! And I think my second normal summon should be another big tribute monster. This one’s even stronger, come on out Strong Fire Bird!

The tributes vanish, leaving a torrent of flame, from out of which steps a bird wearing a postman’s hat and jacket.

[ Strong Fire Bird, Beast-Warrior-Type, Level 8, ATK: 3300, DEF:2400 ]

“And she has the best effect of all. Once a turn, I can destroy one of your cards, and I choose Phillip!”

“Wait, she chooses wha–” Phillip speaks, but is unable to finish. The bird runs up to him so quickly that to the rest it seemed that she warped. With a single powerful throw, he’s launched from the arena, vanishing.

“Oh… She has enough damage to win on the field.” Enid mutters.

“True. But we’re still okay, right?” Franklin asks.

“...Well, we aren’t dead just yet.”

“I’m going to the battle phase!” Bonnie shouts. “Big Happy Lady, attack!”

The massive woman begins to charge towards the pair, leaving cracks in the ground as she runs. She comes very close, and then…

…She trips. Falling on her back and groaning.


“Sorry, but we used our trap card.” Enid explains. “Polish. Your attacking monster gets flipped to face-down defense position, meaning it can’t attack. You won’t be able to flip her back until your next turn.”

“Aw man.” Bonnie groans.

“Also, equip spells can’t be placed on set cards, so unfortunately for you–” Enid doesn’t even need to finish, as the Shock Treatment II backpack the woman had been wearing gets crushed beneath her weight, breaking into several parts before vanishing. “Yeah, that.”

“Man… Oh well, Bird lady! Attack!”

Unfortunately for Enid and Franklin, they didn’t have anything to get them out of this one. Save for one small chance of course.

“Let’s see if you can get past Update Counter’s effect first. Three coin flips.”

Holographic quarters appear on the field, flipping all at once. The result are one Tails and two Heads, more than enough for the attack to go through.

The bird rushes forward and throws a fiery punch into them (with no actual force behind it of course, on account of being a hologram). The pair still recoil back anyways as their life drops substantially.

[ Enid/Franklin’s LP: 2700 ]

“One more attack like that, and we’re finished.” Enid remarks.

“So we just need to make sure she doesn’t do that again.” Franklin concludes.

“I set one card and end my turn.” Bonnie says, placing her last card face down on the field.

With only two cards in hand, the next draw will determine much for Franklin and Enid’s next turn. Tentatively, they draw one card.

What will their draw be?

A: A monster with an effect in the graveyard
B: A trap card that activates when destroyed by the opponent
C: A spell card that makes you lose the game if you activate it

No. 1050391 ID: 8483cf

C. I want to see this card in action, it's 100% a Franklin card.
No. 1050392 ID: 45ebeb

No. 1050398 ID: e5709d

C, and one of you brats drew a rat with big boobies on it so now Rathoney can't resist.
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