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File 165499948860.png - (796.18KB , 1000x1500 , QDI_Titlecard.png )
1034777 No. 1034777 ID: 8483cf

Attention, duelists! It’s time for a massively multiversal Questden card tournament!

The quest will follow the duelists of Group A in their quest to win the grand prize: their heart’s deepest desire, to be granted by the host of the tournament.

Group A’s Duelists
Name, Author, Quest Title, Wiki Link)
- Lady Serah Kensington, Donut, Lazy Fairy, https://questden.org/wiki/Lazy_Fairy
- Enid Anderson and Franklin, Himitsu, Perpetuity, https://questden.org/wiki/Perpetuity
- The Mystery Duelist, Clockwork Seal, ???, https://questden.org/wiki/ClockworkSeal
- Carl Marks, tippler, Good Impression/Girl Talk/STAY INSIDE https://questden.org/wiki/Good_Impression

- Companionship (and Attendants), Donut, Mosaic, https://questden.org/wiki/Mosaic

Many thanks in advance to all the guest artists providing card art and depictions of duelists!
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No. 1034778 ID: 8483cf
File 165499953032.png - (16.05KB , 500x500 , QDI_1.png )

Three birds sit atop the rafters of a bland convention hall. The first is a round, poofy ball of feathers barely able to contain their excitement. The second is a straight-laced secretarybird gazing down disapprovingly. The third is on fire.

“Companionship, let me see if I understand correctly,” says the secretarybird. “Your instructions are to allow these, ah, duelists to borrow the forces of creation for purposes of playing a children’s card game.”

“Yes!” says the bobbing birb ball. “That is exactly what they’ll do, Tianna. It’ll be so exciting! Think of the spectacle!”

“Need I remind you that everyone must make it home safely,” Tianna says. “The Formless One gave us only two rules, and here you are playing with fire. No offense, Toffles.”

“None taken,” says the burning bird. “You and I both know that fire is a wonderful, cleansing force when used responsibly.”

“They’ll be fine,” says Companionship. “Toffles is right! Fire can be a great spectacle. People love to gather around fires to tell stories and warm up. I’ll make sure the conjured cards, spells and traps don’t harm the duelists any more than a campfire.”

“Hmf.” Tianna ruffles her feathers. “Wesli is done with the tournament brackets. We’ve summoned the sixteen duelists, as you asked. I’ll go see that the drafting starts on time, and then we can have the first matches.”

“Thank you, Tianna!”

“Don’t thank me until this all goes smoothly,” Tianna says. “Toffles, get your fire extinguisher ready.”

“Fire extinguisher?” asks Companionship.

“I extinguish problems,” Toffles chirps. “With fire.”

“...Please don’t roast the duelists. Even if they cheat.”
No. 1034779 ID: 8483cf
File 165499956487.png - (37.71KB , 1000x1000 , QDI_2.png )

Five duelists sit at a table hanging under the sign “Drafting Group A.”

The first duelist is a very tall blonde with a noble air about her. She peeks at her stack of twenty pre-selected cards again and again, nodding and reassuring herself that the basics of her deck are solid enough to carry her through the tournament… but she’s a little uncertain about how effective Landi, Party Animal will be.

“I’m confused. We’re supposed to draft twenty more cards, right?” she asks, looking at the sealed packs in the center of the table. “Why can’t we just choose a deck that has complete synergy? Why introduce randomness?”
No. 1034780 ID: 8483cf
File 165499959940.png - (1.09MB , 1000x1000 , QDI_3.png )

Sitting beside her are the second and third duelists. A pair of young children, no older than ten each, are showing very different reactions to the draft period. The first is a particularly small girl with long black hair, fidgeting in her seat as she reviews what each of her cards do. The other is an… interesting looking boy with a bald head, reptilian tail, and an innocent expression as he sits idly, glancing around the room at others instead of checking his own cards.

“...Maybe… It could be so that we make better decks?” The boy suggests. “...I still don’t really get how this game works.”

“I understand the rules they explained, it’s just…” The young girl pauses. “I’ve never played before. I don’t know if I chose the right cards. What if the drafting period is all traps and spells, and I don’t have any more monsters? O-Or what if it’s all monsters? Did I mess up already?”

“...I just picked cards that I thought seemed interesting.” Franklin says with a shrug. “I don’t know if that’s a bad way to play or not.”
No. 1034781 ID: 8483cf
File 165499965379.png - (42.09KB , 1000x1000 , QDI_4.png )

The hooded and masked figure pushes their seat back from the table and stands, muttering “I … wasn’t prepared to come back here…” as they step away from the table. “But if this is how it is to be…”

They hold out their hand, and a stack of cards begins appearing one after another as they drop into a disorderly pile in their palm. They look at the top card quietly, before placing it back on their completed deck.

They turn to the birds flitting about and bickering in the rafters. “Stewards, I take it this is your doing? If that is the case, I have a request. This deck represents all that I have. Might I use it in lieu of the draft?” They hold the deck of cards in their hand up to the trio.

“Mortals. Always making a mess of things,” says the flaming long-tailed tit.

“So untidy.” The secretarybird bobs her head in agreement. “The draft is mandatory for many good reasons, robed one. This is not a simple preconstructed event. There must be a level of-”

“Sure, you can use those!”

“Pan!” gasps the secretarybird. “What about the rules?!”

“This tournament is for fun,” says the unrealistically floofy bluebird guilty of setting unattainable standards for birds everywhere. “If a mortal doesn’t want to use the draft pool, they’re giving up the potential for some powerful cards. I say go for it, bathrobe-bearer!”

The secretarybird flaps her wings angrily, but doesn’t object further.
No. 1034782 ID: 8483cf
File 165499966969.png - (9.41KB , 500x500 , QDI_5.png )

Carl hadn’t realized this tournament was going to last all day, in a non-smoking building no less. He’d seen an ad for the event and reckoned it’d be a fine way to spend his infinite free time, but as the hours dragged on and very threatening birds were flying around with fire extinguishers, the nicotine cravings were starting to set in.

There are a bunch of very ugly apes sitting at his table, which doesn’t help his feelings of discomfort.
No. 1034783 ID: 8483cf
File 165499972670.png - (380.87KB , 628x1000 , Classy Dotti_Lazy Fairy_s.png )

Brief Summary

-Each duelist starts with a certain amount of Life Points, which are set at 6000 for the beginning rounds of the tournament.
- Cards can be either Characters, Spells, or Traps.
- All duels are SFW unless otherwise noted.
- Character cards are summoned to attack your foe. More powerful characters usually require sacrifices (“tributes”) to summon. Character cares with 4 or fewer stars do not require tributes to summon.
No. 1034784 ID: 8483cf
File 165499977047.png - (206.69KB , 628x1000 , In_Perpetuity_-_coxwette_s.png )

- Spell cards are played straight from your hand on your turn, but not on your opponent's turn. There are many different types and effects of spell cards.
- Provide as much or as little description of the card as you like. Cards may be adjusted when included in the duels.
No. 1034785 ID: 8483cf
File 165499980527.png - (198.79KB , 628x1000 , Dogpile_s.png )

- Trap cards are “set” face down on the field on your turn. Flip it up on any other turn besides the one in which you just set it to activate its effects.
- Provide as much or as little description of the card as you like. Cards may be adjusted when included in the duels.
No. 1034787 ID: 8483cf
File 165499993136.png - (516.20KB , 628x1000 , Coalescence_Slime Quest_s.png )

Suggest as many cards as you want to add to the card pool each duelist can draft from!

List of Authorized Authors


- Only suggest cards from authorized authors. To request to add authors, contact Donut.
- The duelists in Group A are Serah, Enid, Franklin, The Mystery Duelist and Carl Marks.
- Serah wants to build a deck based around leveling up her Characters to become more powerful and competent as the “story” progresses.
- Enid wants to build a deck focused on getting the most out of her Trap cards, so that she lasts long enough to get her strongest monsters out of the Extra Deck
- Franklin wants stupid gimmick cards and does not know what he is doing. Just give him cards that sound cool, and he will be content
- The Mystery Duelist has a special pre-built deck and will not be drafting.
- Carl Marks wants to build a deck based around finishing the game as soon as possible so he can go outside and smoke, which includes cards that could potentially kill him.
No. 1034788 ID: e51896

Trap Card

It is a counter that lets you know how many updates has passed. Activating it will permanently put the Update Counter on the top-left portion of the screen of the duelist who activated it whenever it is their turn and letting them know how many UPDATES has passed. It makes the monster who activated it stress out as it goes higher causing a 25% chance to miss, with an additional 5% increase after each ROUND (not UPDATE, though the counter will still go up)
No. 1034789 ID: 273c18

Character card:

7 stars, EARTH
Sacrifice one card to summon. Add its stats to this one.
Nanogoo takes double damage from any damage source with the WATER alignment. (that's the closest thing to cold...)

Spell card:

Philosopher's Stone
If you play this card when all of the seven alignments are present on the field-- DARK, DIVINE, EARTH, FIRE, LIGHT, WATER, WIND-- you win the game. (wait, are we using Yugioh's alignment/element system? That should probably be decided beforehand)
No. 1034790 ID: 8483cf

To make it easier to find references, please list the title of the quest and author of the quest your card is from. Thanks!
No. 1034792 ID: 629f2e

Eh, fuck it, I'll toss a few out myself just to put up examples of each type. Two of each should be good.

(NOTE: I actually know Yu-gi-oh, so don't mind if my cards are fleshed out, you can go a lot simpler than this, even just saying what characters you want on the card art or the name of the card.)


-Ginerva, Bishop of Busalla [*******] [ATK: 2500 DEF: 2200] (Censor Shipping reference - tippler/Donut)
Effect: Add 1 Censorship Token to this card every time it does battle. You can remove 1 Censorship Token from this card during either player's Main Phase to change any ATK position character card on the board to face down DEF position. Affected characters can not change their position while Ginerva, Bishop of Busalla remains on the field.

-Queen Chinzebeth VII [**********] [ATK: 300 DEF: 200] (Queen Chinzebeth VII reference - LonelyWorld)
Effect: This card is treated as being level 1 while in the hand or deck. Cannot be used as material for Tribute summons.


-The Past, The Present, and The Future [Continuous Spell] (Perpetuity reference - Some jackass)
While this spell card remains on the field, during each player's draw phase, the player whose turn it is may choose to add the top card of their graveyard to their hands in lieu of drawing from the deck.

-Scanner Bay Report (Starlight Afterglow reference - Kaktus)
Banish one character card from either your hand or your side of the field. It will return to where you banished it from at the end of your next turn. Choose one of the following effects: "The opposing player reveals their hand", "The opposing player reveals all face down cards in their spell/trap zone", "The opposing player reveals all face down character cards on their side of the field"."


-Wild Mushroom Cave [Continuous Trap] (Slime Quest reference - Sofia Drawsmore)
Add 1 Spore Token to any of your opponent's character cards that attack your own. During the end phase, any characters you control that have at least 1 Spore Token gain another. Whenever a character receives their 3rd Spore Token, they are sent to the Graveyard.

-What Did You Do To Marcie!? (Coxwette reference - RML)
Target 1 character card on the field. Their ATK and DEF is set to the values printed on the card. Any cards previously affecting this character's ATK/DEF no longer treat the targeted character as a card that exists on the field.
No. 1034793 ID: 273c18

Spell Card:

Disbelieve the True Illusion (Pixel Adventure - Kaktus)
Banish all cards currently on the board, and heal any damage to Life Points you took during your opponent's last turn.

Trap Card:

Time Freeze (Stare at Explosions - Tippler)
Cancel an attack from an opponent's Creature, and put it into face down DEF position. You may choose to perform an attack against that creature with the card that was targeted.
No. 1034795 ID: 273c18

Here's a card that will immediately be banned:

Continuous Spell Card:
True Illusion (Pixel Adventure - Kaktus)
Banish all cards on the board and set both players' Life Points to 6000.
If a player casts Disbelieve the True Illusion, ignore that card's original effect, return all cards to the board that were banished by True Illusion, and set both players' Life Points to the amounts they were before True Illusion was cast. Then destroy True Illusion.
No. 1034798 ID: d98cb8

I'll just pitch card ideas and let the pros figure it out, and since I'm most familiar with my own quest...

Mia the Mediator - character - maybe something about extra effectiveness against spirit type enemies.

Pactbound Momo - character - Weaker card, but can't be removed from play while Mia is on the field

Yang Soul - equip spell - Increases ATK for the equipped card for X amount of turns

Masks - trap card - Cancel incoming attack to one of your characters

Fox Spirit Pact - equip spell - Can only be used when Momo is on the field, grants boosted ATK to character equipped to, makes Momo unable to be removed from field while in play.
No. 1034803 ID: 9b127b

Loyal Zono: Creature: herds with other creatures

Royal Guard: Creature: defends other creature or the player

Castle Dungeon: Trap :imprison creature

Princess' gown: equip : forces another creature to protect

Golden crows: equip : forces others to give tribute

silk undergarments : distracts a creature
No. 1034807 ID: c1b6b2

>Winner gets their heart's deepest desire.
>Carl Marks is there.

I feel fear.... for the last time.
No. 1034808 ID: 273c18

I wanted to redesign Nanogoo:

Creature Card
Nanogoo [********, ATK:1000 DEF:2000, EARTH] (Nanogoo - Arhra)
Sacrifice one Creature or Equip card from your hand or board to summon. Place that card on Nanogoo as Equipment; Creatures grant ATK/DEF equal to half their values. Equipment on Nanogoo cannot be removed by other cards' effects.
Once per turn, you may place another Creature or Equip card you control or have in your hand onto Nanogoo as Equipment.
Nanogoo takes double damage from any damage source with the WATER alignment, and the most recent two Equipment cards are destroyed if Nanogoo survives. (that's the closest thing to cold...)
No. 1034812 ID: 00444f

Ha, yeah, get a bunch of otherwise useless cards to summon POLOKO-
>No Jukashi
Fug. How 'bout Cirr? I'm pretty familiar with most of-
>No Cirrial
Welp. Maybe Lago? They've got a goldmine of-
>No Lagotrope
Oh for Pete's sake.

Well, at least there's Sarcopholacooda (...I'm shortening that to Sarcoph...) and Arhra's Bloom, so let's see...

Alice Dietrich (from Arhra's Bloom):
Requires 1 tribute.
Takes 1.5x? 2x? damage from monsters with the fire attribute.
Gains 150(-ish) ATK/DEF for every monster killed by Alice. (Maybe 50 for every monster not killed by Alice?)
[color:red]May attack allied monsters for this purpose.[/color]

Xotl (from Arhra's Bloom):
When flipped, draw Xotl Dragonslayer from deck, discard 1-2 card(s), then shuffle.

Xotl Squad (from Arhra's Bloom):
Gains 500 ATK/DEF while an allied Xotl Dragonslayer is on the field.
When summoned, 1 attribute may be added thanks to Xotl mad science (optional).

Xotl Dragonslayer (from Arhra's Bloom):
Requires 1 tribute

Smogwerfer (from Sarcoph's Team Port Echo):
Spell Card
Adds +250 atk to monster, +500 instead if they have the machine attribute (+750 to its owner if I or somebody else ever drums them up as a card)

Helioshield (from Sarcoph's Team Port Echo):
Spell Card
Adds +250 def to monster, +500 instead if they have the machine attribute (+750 to its owner if I or somebody else ever drums them up as a card)

Vision of Ndepthteph (from Sarcoph's Arthcob Date):
Spell? Trap? Not sure which would fit more...
Destroy all monsters on the field except those with the light attribute (That's a thing, right? I think that's a thing)

Too tired to do more.
I'm crap at balance, so feel free to change whatever makes sense.
No. 1034813 ID: e5709d

Age of Monsters
Magic Card
When this card is placed, each monster on the playing field is given a special token, Were-Form, which persists even when the card is placed in the graveyard. Each token has a specific ID. For each monster on the playing field, players must select a monster card from their hand with a star cost within four stars of the original monster's cost in their hand, giving them a were-token with an ID that corresponds to the original monster. The monster in the hand replaces the monster on the field in the same position and stance, while the monster that was on the field is sent to the graveyard.
Afterwards for the rest of the turn, if a player does not have any valid monster cards or monster-like cards, or refuses to reveal and pair a monster with an unpaired were-monster, subtract an additional 500 LP from the player's health for each monster which is not changed. They may assign a corresponding Were-Form token to the un-paired monster whenever the monster is on the playing field.
Once per turn, you may swap out a monster with a Were-Token with its partner, so long as you immediately shuffle all of your decks afterward. The opposing player is allowed to trigger trap cards as if the monster had attacked them directly.

If a card with the Were-Form token is removed from play, remove its corresponding Were-Form card from play.
Power consumes all. Just make sure it consumes you last.
No. 1034815 ID: 8483cf

Cirr: Resonance Universe, Defective Universe, Infiltration Universe, The World Is Mine Universe, Reformation Universe, etc. has been added to the list of authorized authors and quests!
No. 1034816 ID: c39063

ATK 1600 DEF 800
Each turn, instead of attacking Directly, Kayree can perform two actions:
Barrage - Kayree's ATK is halved. Kayree cannot be killed by direct combat for one turn, and attacks two monsters on the opponent's side at random. This ATK is quartered if Barrage is used a second time, and so on. At the end of the turn, ATK is restored to 75% of the ATK she had at the beginning of the turn.
Riddle - Kayree uses both actions, doubles her attack, and of the opponent's monsters on the field, the monster with the ATK power closest to hers is sent to the graveyard directly. This ability will not work if all monsters on the opponent's side each meet one of the following conditions: (A) The monster's ATK is currently less than Kayree's, (B) the monster's ATK is currently greater than 2.5 of Kayree's ATK, (C) The monster is unkillable, (D) The monster cannot be directly targeted by an attack.
Healer's Tools - Once per turn, Kayree can restore all DEF points of any monster on the field. Kayree loses 200 DEF and cannot use this ability if she reaches 0 DEF. If Kayree's DEF reaches 0 as a result of this ability, or if she uses this ability on herself, her ATK is reduced by 200.
Animal Sense - The player issues a challenge the opponent to reveal a specific type of card (Monster, Magic, or Trap). The opponent must procure a card of this type from their hand and reveal it to the player at all times, including when the card is played on the playing field, until the card is sent to the graveyard or removed from play. This card can no longer be sent back to the draw deck. If the opponent refuses this challenge or cannot fulfill it, they will be unable to directly order their monsters to attack on their next turn.
SPQR: Sexiness, Pizzaz, Q-ties, Retirement. I got three.
No. 1034817 ID: e5709d

Neumono Group Hug
Trap Card
When this trap card is activated, you may activate any hidden card on the back row of your or your opponent's field. Activating cards on your field will subtract 1000 LP from your health. You are allowed to negate the effect of any card on your opponent's field that you activate once, but the card will persist and not be sent to the graveyard as a result.

It's like packing three litters of []-Youth puppies into a giant fuzzball... - Unknown
No. 1034818 ID: e5709d

Majika Surge
Magic Card
When this card is played, it must be placed on the playing field with a monster in the same column as itself. At the end of a player's turn, double the ATK of this monster. This monster is no longer able to attack directly.
No. 1034819 ID: e7c7d3

-Att: 1 Def: 1
Cannot be used as tribute unless for another Lyluk type

Spell - Big Dumb Arguement
Freeze all cards related to a specific quest as declared by the caster.

Trap - Horni suggestors
Target attacking character is blocked unless they are from a NSFW quest
No. 1034820 ID: e5709d

Artist: Brom
Quest: Enemy Quest
Title: Brainmelter
Magic Card
Looks like a giant eye after it has been melted and then poorly coated in a thin layer of steel.
Select up to half the cards in the opponent's hand and reveal these cards. Then, for each card revealed, you must reveal a card of the same type (Monster-Monster, Magic-Magic, Trap-Trap) in your hand, which will stay revealed. Each success allows you to place your opponent's target card in your graveyard. If you are unable or unwilling to reveal a card to counter your opponent's revealed card, that opponent may immediately play and then attack/activate with said card.
"How will you stab me in my 'filthy xeno eye' if you can't remember how to grab a knife?"
No. 1034821 ID: e7c7d3

Spell - Romance festival
All players may summon a character from there hand, without paying tribute if need be, and pair it with another character on the board. Both cards gain the condition of "If paired card is banished, so is this card"

Spell - Ass Day
Target character counts as NSFW for the rest of the players turn.

trap - Chupian Cuddle Escort
Attacking character loses all enchantments until the start of the next turn
No. 1034824 ID: 8483cf

Jukashi and Lagotrope have been added to the list of Authorized Authors!
No. 1034826 ID: c1b6b2

A variation of this one.

The Happiest Day of My Life
Trap Card
When this card is activated, the opponent is unable to attack this turn. The player who used this card is unable to attack on the following turn.
Crushing....yet not entirely unpleasant.-Dowser

And also:
Frog and Chick Double-Tap
Magic Card
When this card is used, Carl Marks gets clubbed to death.
You told me the world is dark and cruel, but the only thing that is dark and cruel are landlords.- Hunchback of Notre-Dame, probably
No. 1034855 ID: e7c7d3

Chop - (chee quest/chop's dojo)
Att: 2500 Def: 2000
When Chop enters the battlefield, all other cutebold characters gain 1000 attack but lose 500 defence. If they drop below 0 defence this way they are expelled from Chop's dojo and are banished

Slippery Fletch (The vitruvian)
Att: 1500 Def: 1500
Does not take damage from spells or abilities unless directly targeted by such

Pre-shrunk Sam (a small quest)
Att: 1000 Def: 1000
If an opponents trap card is triggered and targets one of your characters, you may have it target Pre-shrunk Sam instead. After the traps effects, if Pre-shrunk Sam has not been banished you may banish him and search your deck for Shrunk Sam

Shrunk Sam (a small quest)
Att: 500 Def: 500
Shrunk Sam cannot be blocked or targeted by any creature with a higher attack value
No. 1034860 ID: 8b82ee

Iron Maidens Skin (Maya Din/ Root and Branches)
spell equip cards
A monster equipped with this card gets 500 attack points and 2000 defense points and if the equipped monster would die by getting attacked while in the attack position it would switch to the defense position.

Quest Necromancy
continuous spell card
Select one card that is in the graveyard and at the start of the turn summon that monster card to the field. Every time the card is summoned back to the field this card gets one counter the number of counters subtracts 500 from that monster's defense points. If the monster's defense points reach 0 destroy that monster and this spell card.
No. 1034862 ID: b2d888

>Cirr added
Let's do this.

Scanner 3 (from Cirr's Formation)
Machine (at least, I think that's what ichor beasts are...)
While on the field, turn all enemy cards face up without activating effects.

Zu the Unending (From Cirr's Formation)
Requires 2 tribute
May create minions out of its DEF, but must have 500 DEF left afterwards. Whatever DEF is used becomes the minion's ATK points, DEF is set to 0.
The first time Zu is killed, if it has minions on the field, it reabsorbs them, and stays alive, though if there are no minions it is moved to the graveyard as usual. If Zu is killed after that, it is moved to the graveyard as usual, and all minions are automatically destroyed. Minions are not allowed to be used as tributes.

Kitsiksu Bioservitor (From Cirr's Salikai)
ATK/DEF x2 against neumono.
Base ATK/DEF increased by 100 if Kitsiksu is on the field, will take any attacks that target Kitsiksu.
(Maybe ATK/DEF x1.5 vs psionics?)

Kitsiksu Iarem with a plasma sword (From Cirr's Salikai)
Beast, I suppose? My knowledge of these categories is limited.
When defeated in battle, flip a coin (or roll 1d2). If heads, return to deck and shuffle. If tails, move to graveyard as usual.

Criai Lazmihi Sentinel (From Cirr's Khashusivni)

Anti-machine minigun (From Cirr's Salikai)
Spell Card
When equipped to a monster, adds +1500 damage to monsters with the machine attribute. Single use, so after the monster attacks, it is discarded.

Tactical Deployment Multipurpose Drone (From Cirr's Infiltration)
Spell card
Select an enemy player, they must reveal their hand as long as this card is on the field.

Skimmy (From Cirr's Reformation)
Spell card
Summon one additional monster this round.
The ability to rapidly deploy sure is useful.

Healing gel bath (From Cirr's Salikai)
Trap card
When one of this player's monsters is destroyed, activate this card to have it moved back to the player's deck, rather than moved to the graveyard. The deck is then shuffled.

Imperium's calculated predictions (From Cirr's Salikai)
Spell card
Draw 3 cards, discard 2

Little worried because Kitsiksu and, to a lesser degree, the bioservitors are Lago derivatives, but hopefully the-
>Lago added
Oh. Well.
As before, feel free to adjust stuff.
Might do more Cirr stuff later, but that'll do for now.
No. 1034865 ID: 899c9f

Character cards:
Sitkva (salikai): 6-star. can be played even if your field is full, has trample or the yugioh equivalent.
Chen(Koror quest) : 6-star. a powerful card that can be played when a neumono card is destroyed.
Anet (a small quest): 2 star. when this creature is played draw two cards.
Skut (Enemy quest): 1-star. the squirrel card from magic.
Tineola (Clothing repair): 3 star. when summoned, destroy a spell that is attached to a creature.
Cylene (Rusted Sky, by Gnoll): 3 star. This character returns to your hand when sent to the graveyard.
Skalda (Chinzebeth): 4 stars. Her hook on a chain bypasses guard effects on characters.

Churn the Earth (Dungeoneer): you can summon monsters 2 stars higher without sacrificing while this card is in play. Lose 100 life points when a monster is destroyed.
Blood Lance (SEXCOM): Attack 3 times with a character, then destroy it.
Chimerization (Return to Sender): Sacrifice a bird type character and search your deck for another type of beast character to replace it. Shuffle your deck afterward.
Biomass Conversion (Bloom): Convert a creature's attack points to life points or vice versa at a ratio of, say, 10 attack points to 1 life point. If converting attack to life points, destroy the creature.

"On Hiatus" (every quest ever): Send all cards that have been on the field longer than 2 turns to the graveyard.
The Catalyst (Vitruvian): Activate when a creature is summoned. that creature remains on the field but its owner cannot attack with it or swap its mode while this effect is attached.
Drunk Chuck mode (coxwette): Play at the start of an opponent's turn. Suggestors control that turn, actions are selected at random.
No. 1034867 ID: abaa91

Ey, so apparently I can do a thing in here! I have a couple of concepts:

Emma, Forgetful Robotic Nurse - (Sea Sharp Express)

ATK: 500 / DEF: 1500

Effect: When placed in Attack Position, Target a Friendly character unit currently on the field. That unit's DEF is increased by 300 DEF. If the character is a Machine-Type, the unit's DEF is increased by 1/2 its Defensive Value or 500 DEF, whichever is greater. Emma's DEF is now +(Amount of DEF added to the Character). This value RESETS upon being placed in Attack Position again.

"Don't worry! I know just how to fix you up, I think! Just let me find my tools..."


Preventative Medicine

Effect: The unit's DEF values are increased for +500 for the next turn. Cannot be used on Machine-Type Characters.


Vindictive Malpractice

Effect: When Activated, this card reduces the ATK of the Attacking Character by 1/4. If it is mechanical in nature/Machine-Type, the amount is increased to 1/2.


Emergency Transplant

Effect: Choose a Character in your hand. That Character is sent to the Graveyard, however half of the ATK Power of the Character is added to a targeted Character on the field.
No. 1034869 ID: 273c18

Spell Card:

Crate of Greed (Queen of Hell - Tippler)
Draw two cards. When playing this card, you must state out loud the card's effect.
No. 1034870 ID: 273c18

>Skut (Enemy quest): 1-star. the squirrel card from magic.
You'll have to be more specific! There are like thirty squirrel cards in MTG.
No. 1034872 ID: 8b82ee

A full-blown disagreement (Coxwette discussion tread)
Trap card
Both sides can't attack until one side doesn't switch all the attack and defense positions monsters. When activated if there are no monsters on either side of the field or if there are more monsters on one side than the other this trap card is destroyed. If any monster gets destroyed while this card is active all the other monsters get destroyed and any monsters can't be played or special summoned until the turn is over.

"When communication fails, then it is time to nuke the tread with a satellite orbital laser! - Sun Tzu"
No. 1034876 ID: abaa91

Thought of a couple more.

Organ Donation

Effect: Look through the top 5 cards currently in your Graveyard. Choose Any 1 Character; that Character's ATK is added to your Character of choice. The card Scavenged is Banished.


Panicked Resuscitation

Choose 1 Character in your Graveyard. Return that Character to the Field immediately. The chosen card CANNOT be placed in Defense Position and their ATK/DEF cannot be adjusted in any manner.


The Imposter 'Earl Sparks'


Effect: Choose a Character on the Opponent's side of the field. 'Earl Sparks' ATK/DEF become equal to that monster's original ATK/DEF. This lasts until he is sent to the Graveyard.


Unstable Re-Alignment Actuator

Discard a card from your hand. Allows the holder to swap between Attack Position and Defensive Position twice in one turn. The holder cannot attack while holding this.

No. 1034885 ID: a70a13

Welp, time for me to throw my NOISE cards into the mix! I'll probably add some later if any more are needed.


-Clero The Gambler
[ATK:400 DEF: 900]
Effect: If Clero The Gambler reaches 0 DEF, send to the graveyard. When this card is first played, you may make a guess as to the type of card on top of the deck (Character, Spell, Trap) and then pull the card on top of the deck. If you correct right, you may keep the card and this Character's defense rises to 1800. If wrong you must send the card pulled to the graveyard.

-Kinesis the Scout
[ATK:2500 DEF:500}
Effect: If this card is summoned in defense mode, you may draw one ANTE UP or LOOPS THE SNAKE card from your deck to your hand, then shuffle the deck.

-Mau the Beast Tamer
[ATK:500 Def:600]
Effect: When this card is in play, Beast and Beast-Tamer type characters lose half their ATK points until Mau the Beast Tamer is taken out of play.


-Prima Materia
Field Spell
Effect: When this card is in effect, all NOISE character cards may switch their ATK and DEF points at any moment, even after the opponent has declared attack. However, after two switches the character will be sent to the graveyard.

-Heavy Rotation
Field Spell
Effect: When this card is in effect, all NOISE spell cards may be returned directly to the hand after use, in which they may be used a second time. After this second use, the spell card will be sent to the graveyard.

-Conway's Web of Friends!
Effect: Attach this card to a Character on your side of the playing field. You may now choose to 'link' this character to any character on the opponent's side of the field. These two characters may not attack each other, but if one Character is destroyed the 'linked' Character will be destroyed as well, with both being sent to the graveyard.

-Loops the Snake
Effect: When this card is played, you may look at the top three cards of your opponent's deck, then choose one to send to the graveyard if you wish.

-Ante Up
Effect: If CLERO THE GAMBLER is in play, pull a card from your deck. If it is anything but a Character card, return it to the bottom of the deck. Continue pulling until you draw a Character card. When the Character is drawn, compare it's Stars to CLERO THE GAMBLER. If it is higher than four stars, CLERO THE GAMBLER gains 2600 ATK. If it is lower than four stars, lose 900 DEF.


-Vinegar's Several Oceans
Effect: Attach to an enemy Character. When this Character attacks, your opponent must flip a coin to determine outcome. Heads is a success, tails is a failure.

Effect: This may be activated at any point in your opponent's turn, ending their turn immediately. If this card is destroyed face down, OOOOOOOH SHIT's effect activates.

-No Pants Policy
Effect: Target 1 character card on the field, and reduce their DEF by 1/2. If any spell cards or traps are attached directly to the character, remove them as well.
No. 1034893 ID: 681cb5

Soth the Varkian warrior (Lascivious Labyrinth - kaktus)
Creature – Low attack, low defense.
Effect: If used as tribute, resummons this from your graveyard on the start of your next turn.

Kahi, trapper of mates (Lascivious Labyrinth- kaktus)
Creature, Requires 1 tribute – Average attack, Average defense.
Effect: At the start of your turn, repay “Kahi, trapper of mates” tribute cost and increase her attack / defense with a small amount permanently, or put “Kahi, trapper of mates” into your graveyard.
No. 1034916 ID: 0374ec

Vial of Polo DNA
It's a vial. It breaks with ease.

Vial of Rokoa DNA
It's a vial. It breaks with ease.

Salikai cloning labs
The expensive equipment in these labs used for clone dart experiments breaks with ease. It just takes a while because there's a lot of stuff.

Disloyal science hivers
They're neumono, and there are quite a few of them. Still, they have no idea how to fight, so for neumono, they break with ease.

Stolen neumono biogenetics breakthrough
A bleeding-edge breakthrough in neumono biogenetic stability stolen by salikai-aligned infiltrators. The flashdrive it's kept on breaks with ease.

Get all 5 cards in your hand to summon EXOD- POLOKOA
POLOKOA rapidly brings a peaceful end to the conflict, and sets about unifying everyone. Which is just as well, given all the eldritch abominations that are suddenly invading. While this is technically a tie, the player who summoned POLOKOA is granted victory as credit for getting all this started.

I mean, it's probably not accurate to the original Polokoa, but I couldn't quite figure out how the original was created between all the insanity of actually justifying rule of cool. Besides, there are multiple Polokoa/Rokolo-verses, so this should be fine, this'll just be the card-verse. Which would probably be an especially weird verse given that Polokoa, Polo, and Rokoa might all exist simultaneously because there can also be Polo and Rokoa cards, which justifies this Polokoa being a clone so... yeah.

Speaking of multiversal weirdness, would a card of, say, Lady Serah Kensington be allowed? I have no intention of adding stuff like this myself, but a ruling about that might be useful to others.
No. 1034920 ID: 8483cf

Yes, you can make cards based off of characters that are also duelists.
No. 1034955 ID: af11fb

Gnoll assassin Leaf (From Lago's Clamp Quest)
Requires 2 tribute
Can directly attack 1000 of an opponent's life points.

Sir Orjin (From Lago's Fen Quest)
Requires 1 tribute
When summoned or at the beginning of the summoner's turn, select an opposing monster to be the target of Sir Orjin's taunts. This monster may only target Sir Orjin (unless set to DEF mode?).

The prettiest arkot (From Lago's Asteroid Quest Intermission)

NCO arkot (From Lago's Polo Quest)
"I wanna know why everyone else around me is worthless cannon fodder." -NCO arkot on other arkots.

Crater (From Sarcoph's Team Port Echo)

Keya, Fell Warmind (From Cirr's Reformation)
Requires 1 tribute
On a turn where this card goes from DEF to ATK mode, it may perform 2 attacks instead of one.
"OUCH. Wow. Our units were just perfectly lined up for that." -Poster's reaction to Keya decloaking and taking out several units with a single snipe.

Short visual feed of The Perfect Cube (From Cirr's The World is Mine)
Trap Card
If used on an opposing player's turn, no monsters may attack or switch from ATK to DEF mode. Monsters that have the machine attribute and no organic attributes are exempted.
"...only been known to have an effect on organic minds and minds derived from organic minds... I once saw it by mistake out of the corner of my eye and it took a considerable amount of willpower not to glance at it again just to see if it really was so perfect. It lingers in your head..." -SARU on The Perfect Cube

The absolute convolution of Resonance (From Cirr's Resonance... sort of)
Spell card
All cards on the field are returned to the deck where they originated, then all decks are shuffled. This includes trap and spell cards.
"Discontinued due to the plot becoming too overwhelmingly convoluted for even the author to make sense of." -Wiki on Resonance
No. 1034965 ID: e5709d

Too overpowered... but it gives me a twisted idea.
You know how many famous quests have a filler episode where we interact with the antagonists as the point-of-view character instead of the protagonist and their allies? Well...

A Lifetime in the Limelight
Magic Card
Multiple Quests (Asteroid Quest, Tobak Quest)
The player chooses to sacrifice 1000LP, 2000LP, or 3000LP. The player can then choose from the following effects a number of times equal to the number of kilo-LP they sacrificed:
* Both players swap their hands.
* Both players swap their draw decks, look through each other's draw decks, and shuffle.
* Both players swap the cards on the field.
All cards are given a token which causes them to be sent to their owner's graveyard when the card would be sent to a graveyard, either the owner's or their opponent's.
This card is banished.
Note that, though it is ridiculous in general, you are allowed to re-swap any choice you've made, which usually negates most of the utility of this card. But it could be extremely useful.

"Years of hatred and fear can be tempered into wisdom with just one peek at how others live their lives."
No. 1034979 ID: a53150

Some Last Trace cards:

Monster Card
1000 ATK/2000 DEF
Effect: Whenever Astrolysis is face up under the same player's control, Nickel gains an extra 500 ATK and 500 DEF

Monster Card
2000 ATK/ 1000 DEF
Effect: Whenever Nickel is face up under the same player's control, Astrolysis gains an extra 500 ATK and 500 DEF

Weave Nexus
Spell Card
Upon use, search your deck for a card of your choosing and put it in your hand. If the number of cards in your hand exceeds the limit, discard one. Then shuffle your deck.
If your universe breaks we can just go to the store and get a new one.
No. 1035113 ID: e5709d

RML - Coxwette
ATK: 2800
DEF: 1400

This card cannot be played normally. There are two methods of playing this card:
1) Declare this card. In two turns, starting on the declaring player's turn, it may be directly summoned by either player without sacrificing any monsters on the field.
2) Whenever this card is drawn, the player drawing it has the choice to declare this card's existence, leaving it fully visible by the opposing player. They will be allowed to sacrifice monsters to summon this card on their next turn.
Nobody expects the undead Inquisition, even as they stand in front of your one-night stands.
No. 1035115 ID: e51896

Nothing from Dragon Romance yet, so I'll fix that

Spell Card - Spaghetti (a running gag from Dragon Romance)
50% chance you eat it, and gain 1000 life points.
50% chance you spill it towards an enemy duelist, and they eat it instead and gain 1000 life points.
No. 1035321 ID: 0838d6

Just gonna drop this here

Tippler Moment - Has so many if/then statements that you never know what actually will happen until you activate it, causing suggestors to mald.
No. 1035349 ID: 8483cf
File 165559746130.png - (152.00KB , 532x847 , Soth_The_Varkian_Warrior.png )

Franklin immediately goes for a face down card on the table out of curiosity, only to be interrupted by squawking from above.

“Hold on a moment! Don’t touch those ones!” Companionship calls out from above, before landing on the table in front of the boy. Franklin tilts his head curiously at the creature.

“...Bird.” He mutters, before stroking it with one of his hands. Companionship leans into it happily.

“Oh, thank you! That’s very kind- ah! Right, um… So, please don’t touch the face down cards. That goes to you as well.” He waves a wing over at Enid. “Those are for grown ups only.”

Carl quickly snags the adult cards for careful inspection. Soth the Varkian seems fairly mundane, but since he’s planning to use some big tributes the monster’s ability will be very useful. The trap card Horni Suggestors will be good for defense, so he grudgingly adds it to his pile.

“...Okay.” Franklin shrugs, and reaches around Pan to look at some of the face up cards. “...Wonder what makes them for grown ups.”

“They’re probably just dirty, like they have naked people on them or something.” Enid answers, picking up a trap card that had caught her eye. After reading its effect, she adds Castle Dungeon to her deck.

Franklin scratches his chin in thought. “Huh… Is that really a grown up thing? Dad leaves naked bodies around his lab all the time. Maybe it’s only dirty when they’re alive…?”

“...I think it’s more wrong that you’re seeing dead people than nude ones.” Enid says, quickly shaking off Franklin’s weirdness as all eventually learn to do.

“...I live at the Morgue. It would be weirder if they were alive there.” Franklin picks up Update Counter as the topic trails off.

Serah tries to keep a poker face, but her eyes bug out when she sees Anet. That card is just too good to ignore! It’s three cards in one! She immediately picks it.

“That impossibly fluffy bird was right,” Serah says. “There are some great cards here!”

“I’m sure there are,” mutters the masked duelist, flipping through the cards in their deck and looking at each of them, “But there’s more going on here than cards being strong…” They flip up one of the cards in the deck and stare at it, transfixed - their expression unreadable beneath their heavy robes and mask.

Carl finds the card Time Freeze, which has a handsome fish man for an image, so he immediately drafts it out of respect.
No. 1035350 ID: 8483cf
File 165559750397.png - (184.87KB , 628x1000 , nanogoo_card_s.png )

For the next round, Serah looks at the cards in front of her and considers carefully. She wants to power up her Character cards so they can stick on the field long enough to level up. Equipment cards are a solid bet to make that happen- her deck has an okay amount of those already. She needs a way to synergize equip cards with her draft.

She selects Nanogoo, so if the equip cards aren’t useful, she can use them to keep Nanogoo alive.

“...I can’t play this card,” the masked duelist says brusquely and tucks the card they were staring at into their robe, reaching out onto the table and grabbing one card at random without even looking at it. “I know that I said I would not be drafting, but I assume it will be acceptable in this instance to take one card.”

After checking her deck again, Enid thinks she could use a few more spell cards, as she’s lacking in those. She takes the Biomass Conversion spell.

Franklin reads the part on Philosopher's Stone that says you can win the game, and decides it has to be a good card. Ignoring the fact that he only has 5 monster zones, meaning his opponent has to have a couple attributes that he isn't covering, and the fact that he has no cards that synchronize with the effect well, and absolutely ignoring the part where the card is a useless brick in his hand whenever the condition doesn’t apply.

Yeah, he just ignores all of that. When it works, you win the game! Obviously it’s a good card if it can win you the game.

For some reason the kids keep passing him cards that have $20 bills stuck to the back. The free money makes Carl feel a little better even though he’s dying internally.

The draft continues for a few more rounds and the pool continues to dwindle until suddenly, the remaining cards vanish from the table.

“Whoa!” Serah gasps. “Magic!”

Carl looks at the cards he’s drafted: Shrunk Sam, Pre-shrunk Sam, Emma the robotic nurse, Crate of Greed, and Frog and Chick Double-Tap. He’s not really bothering to keep them a secret, unlike the other duelists at the table. Serah is staring at them, but quickly catches herself.
No. 1035351 ID: 8483cf
File 165559757486.png - (21.72KB , 580x402 , QDI_6.png )

“We haven’t really introduced ourselves, have we?” Serah says. “I’m La… um… I suppose here, I’m just Serah.”

“Um… My name is Enid Anderson.” She quickly says, not wanting too much attention.

“...Isn’t it Enid Foster now?” Franklin asks with truly innocent intent, only realizing his mistake when Enid flinches. “Um, sorry, nevermind…”

“How old are you two, if you don’t mind me asking?” Serah asks the pair of younglings.

“I’m nine. Franklin is… ten?” Enid looks to the boy, he just shrugs unhelpfully.

“That sounds right I think.”

“What do you mean it sounds right? Is it right!?”

“Yeeeeessss? Yes, that’s right.” His certainty is not at all supported by his previous indecisiveness. “…Oh, I’m Franklin, I’m the one who is ten.”

Serah looks him over, noting his lack of hair and tail, before reading the word ‘Human’ written in pen on his shirt. She wonders to herself if Dotti will seem more convincing as a human, once she begins practicing her shapeshifting, than Franklin does now. The thought never leaves her mouth of course, as it’s more than a little rude.

“I’m Carl.” says Carl. He resists the urge to punch the nearest ape child in the teeth.

“We’re opponents in this game the stewards have set up,” says the masked duelist. “I don’t see how it behooves us to act friendly. You can call me whatever you want.”

“Why shouldn’t we be friendly? Games are meant to be played with friends, aren’t they.” Enid replies.

“Um, have any of you introduced yourselves to the competition? Some of them might be familiar,” Serah says. “Charrise, says she’s from CRUST CITY. I went there once. It was awful.”

“CRUST CITY FOR LIFE!” shouts a kangaroo girl from Drafting Group C. “She just hates us ‘cause she ain’t us.”

“...I had a dream about a place called Crust City once. There was pizza in it. It was a nice dream.” Franklin muses.

“A lot of them look strange. But, well…” She turns to the rest of the table, trying and failing not to stare at Franklin or Carl. “...Some of us do too.”

“I look perfectly normal for me.” Franklin points out, technically being right.

Enid looks around the room a bit more. “...Oh! She’s really pretty though.” She points towards a dragon girl with lovely regalia and polished red scales. “I guess dragons are still kind of weird though. It’s just a good kind of weird. Not that any of you are the bad kind I mean. You’re all nice too.”

“I have run across those two before,” the masked duelist waves with a clawed gauntlet towards a pink bird-like creature laughing haughtily next to a similar beleaguered-looking creature next to her. “I believe they are called Strawberi and Warwick. They will likely be working together.”
No. 1035352 ID: 8483cf
File 165559760975.png - (142.86KB , 528x840 , Lyluk.png )

Suggest a character from a quest to include as a duelist in the tournament! Please limit yourself to one suggested duelist. There are technically 16 spots, but Companionship may have let in a few stowaways…

A character can be both a duelist and appear on a card, so don’t worry about that. You can also suggest duelist teams, e.g. “Dotti and Landi” as a single duelist.

When suggesting a duelist, please do so in the following format:

Name: Duh
Quest & Author: Duh
Duel Strategy: Summarize their card strategy and deck type.
Special Notes: E.g. field cards they miraculously draw in their first hand, if they have bad luck, if they cheat, etc.

P.S.:Please recognize that not all duels will be shown. We can only draw so much!
No. 1035353 ID: 899c9f

-Name: Anet and Jaina
-a small quest (Hatticus Finch)
-uses Artifact cards to buff other monsters, has Exodia kicking around somewhere
-Anet is easily distracted by pretty card art and doesn't always listen to her sister's directions. Their arguing may give away their hand sometimes.

Actual size duelists. They're entering as a pair, so Jaina can hold the cards and Anet can draw/play them.
No. 1035357 ID: e51896

Name: Ceridwen
Quest & Author: Dragon Romance by Slinko
Duel Strategy: NSFW cards (if she can). Otherwise/also Ceridwen knows what she's doing for the most part. Her intended strategy and deck type is essentially a Stall/Burn deck- using a lot of heavy defense, Trap cards and Target effects to force your hand, come to her, and essentially break yourself upon her impregnably sexy body. And when she focuses on it, she's pretty decent at it! Exceeeept....
Special Notes: Ceridwen isn't repressed exactly, but even here her Tilde shines through~ Almost at random, she has a nasty habit of playing cards that look sexy just because they look sexy and she wants to ogle them for a bit with flimsy strategic decisions as an excuse. This can lead her into big misplays or bad strategies when she loses her focus. When she's on the ball, she's a legit dangerous competitor. When she's not...yeahhhh. She's also very caring, silly, has a somewhat dominate side she's trying to suppress or else it might release her life magic and break her seal which is very dangerous. her somewhat dominate side will make her determined to win, but she will make sure you're okay if she is winning and will go easy on you if the person losing is feeling real bad.

(also to other suggestors, I recommend choosing a quest character from a quest that has not been chosen yet by other suggestors so that we can get a variety of different quest characters from different quests, and not a bunch of quest characters from one quest)

(thanks Ceekay for helping with the duel strat, and special notes)
No. 1035358 ID: abaa91

Okay...nominating none other than-

Name: Bonnie McCarthy AKA Carmine
Quest & Author: Safety First by FUN

Duel Strategy: Bonnie is just here to have a blast and beat people up- figuratively speaking. Translated, that means she runs your mostly garden variety Beatdown Deck; she's all about hitting you hard and fast and not even allowing your monsters to survive very long. She's not the most cerebral player, but she DOES have some real bruisers in her deck, and her near random style of playing means that if she manages to yank them out, anyone that's taking her lightly or otherwise underestimating her is in for a painful wake-up call.

Special Notes: As stated, Bonnie is...not exactly a strategic player. Furthermore, while she's not dumb per-se, she DOES occasionally forget little this-and-thats about things like card effects or whatnot. Much like how she's only trying to hit you hard, the only thing she tends to remember or focus on is when SHE'S hit hard. This ultimately means that if the other duelist isn't paying attention, Bonnie will at times either misremember or just flat out forget effects her or her cards are supposed to be under, leading her to execute impossible or illegal maneuvers inadvertently. You have to watch this kid. Means well, but just has a one-track mind.
No. 1035381 ID: 629f2e

Name: Selma Hall
Quest & Author: A Little Town Called Coxwette - RML

Duel Strategy: Selma is an experienced duelist who is running a deck focused on decking out their opponent (I.E.: Removing all cards from their opponent's deck so that they lose the duel, since you lose if you are unable to draw a card when you're meant to). It's a uncommon strategy that nobody is prepared to go against, so it's important that they adapt well to avoid a crushing loss.

Special Notes: Selma is an opponent you have to beat quickly, as once she gets going she blows through a big chunk of your deck every turn with a few powerful cards and synchronized uses of even less helpful ones. A good few of her cards lock some of your best options behind forced draws though, so you'll have to use some very careful strategy to win.
No. 1035382 ID: d98cb8

Why not!

Name: Momo

Unbalanced, by crows and Milquetoaster

Duel strategy: cards she finds generally interesting in concept, with no overarching plan at all and played with complete chaos. Occasionally needs to ask how the rules work. There's at least one Dotti card in her deck.

Special notes: she might be cheating, as her cards might be switching places or even being swapped for cards in her hand as she plays. Unfortunately if you try to catch her at this you'll only end up frustrated because you never see it happen, and also when you're trying to catch her it seems to happen MORE.

Momo finds this whole situation absolutely delightful

No. 1035384 ID: e5709d

Name: Basmati
Quest & Author: The Family Estate by Baron of Spades
Duel Strategy: Basmati uses cards which increase her hand and draw sizes, and then calculates the optimal strategy against her opponent based on statistical evidence by using the internet.
Special Notes: Basmati uses her cybernetic connection to the extranet to understand the fine details of machine-based cards, allowing her to become crazy-genius when she or her opponent plays a card with the machine theme or type. Unfortunately, she has next to no ability to read her opponents' strategies due to her stunted childhood.
No. 1035387 ID: 00d20a

Yeah, Momo was a no-brainer for this event.

Name: Caevaexerin "Xerin" Brass
Quest and Author: The God Damned by Whistler and Graphygraphie
Duel Strategy: Use of monster cards mainly as fodder for his spell card strategy. Heavy use of cards that allow for counter-spelling, seeing into others hands, swapping control of cards, and general scheeming.
Special notes: Very good at rules lawyering, though not afraid to bend the rules heavily if the stakes are high. Appears meek and non-confrontational un general demeanor.
No. 1035424 ID: 32d3a2

Right, I forgot: When making direct eye contact with anyone, he can cast a spell that lets him see things through their eyes. Whether he'll actually use it on a children's card tournament, or only if he considers the grand prize too good to pass up, I cannot say.
No. 1035432 ID: e7c7d3

Name: Spectre of Dead Quests Past
Quest & Author: Innumerable and Unnameable
Duel Strategy: Lots of interaction with the graveyard. Cards that resummon other cards, cards who's powers are based on the graveyard, etc. etc.. Lots of undead themed cards
Special Notes: Definitely the type to pull some out-of-the-game bullshit, like trapping your friends in coffins and threatening to bury them alive if you don't win the match or something. Frequently says "You don't stand a GHOST of a chance!"
No. 1035460 ID: a70a13

Name: Conway
Quest & Author: NOISE (From yours truly ;P)
Duel Strategy: Their deck focuses on connecting characters together, avoiding tributing monsters by instead meeting ability conditions to summon stronger and stronger monsters. Basically ‘weaving’ cards in a web of connection.

Special Notes: First card played is usually laughably weak and understates his intense dueling ability. The weak card is always used to gradually build up his decks strength. He’s very friendly and probably knows everybody at the tournament for some weird reason!
No. 1035476 ID: ff05ed

Just make sure his pants aren't see through this time, alright?
No. 1035765 ID: afe7de

> Blanket of wholesomeness (romance festival/Hatterson/Catalyst/Sexcom)

Immediately destroy a lewd card and replace it with a 100 atk 1000 def blanket
It's too wholesome!

I had a card suggestion because I remembered the Hatterson romance festival 2021 incident.
No. 1035963 ID: 8483cf
File 165621520649.png - (445.53KB , 628x1000 , Metamorphosis_s.png )

Enid places Metamorphosis into her deck and sighs. It’s a useful card, maybe even enough to swing a duel, but… is her deck good enough overall? A few great cards aren’t enough by themselves.

While the duelists complete the final rounds of the draft, three birds continue to watch over them from the rafters. Companionship, the fluffiest bird, peeks around Tianna’s crest to sneak a peek at her paper.

The duelists are:

1. Lady Serah Kensington
2. The Masked Duelist
3. Enid Foster
4. Franklin
5. Carl Marks
6. Anet and Jaina
7. Momo
8. Ceridwen
9. Bonnie McCarthy
10. Selma Hall
11. Basmati
12. Caevaxerin “Xerin” Brass
13. Conway
14. Strawberi and Warwick
15. Princess Reefa Multero
16. Charisse

“Hold your horses, I’m not done making the bracket yet!” Tianna squawks. “It’s a carefully crafted balance of probabilities calculated for maximum drama and tension. I won’t have this tournament spoiled by cross-seed contamination from same-draft pools with informational advantages on the same side of the bracket.”

“Of course, of course,” Pan says, shying away. “Take your time. I just wanted to know where you were proposing to place Miss McCarthy.”

“She’ll be against Miss Foster,” Tianna says.

“Um…” Pan glances down at Enid. “Please just use the duelists’ first names only. Let’s not remind Enid about her new name.”

“Always making changes,” Tianna sighs. “Fine. First names only. Are you happy now?”

“Very!” Pan nods.
No. 1035964 ID: 8483cf
File 165621543750.png - (1.01MB , 1000x1000 , QDI_7.png )

“No, because you can only normal or tribute summon on your turn. So if you normal summon Phillip, then you can’t tribute him to summon Temmie until your next turn.” Enid explains.

“Ohhhh…” Franklin nods, kind of starting to get it. “So, how do I summon more characters in a turn again?”

“You just have to Special summon any other ones you want. Look here,” she says, holding up one of the cards from Franklin’s deck, “did you read Phillip’s effect? When he gets sent to the graveyard, you can special summon Lillian from the deck. That doesn’t use your normal summon up for the turn though, because it’s not normal, it’s special. Does that make sense now?”

“...Yeah, I think I understand. What about the cards from the extra deck though? Are those normal or special summons?”

Fusion, Synchro, Ikz- Iks- Xzee- The one that’s hard to pronounce, and Links all count as special summons. There isn’t a limit to how many you can do in a turn, as long as you have all the things you need to make the character you’re summoning.”

“Huh.” Franklin nods slowly. “...What are the differences between those again?”

“Franklin…” She sighs. “Didn’t those cute birds explain it to you before you built your deck?”

“Yes? I think they did… There are just a lot of rules to this game. I must have forgotten these ones to make room for the others.”

“I mean, it is pretty complex.” She agrees. “If you boil it down, it’s mostly about reading what’s on the cards, and figuring out how to get closer to winning with them.”

Enid picks up her own deck again, flipping through it one more time. “But, maybe I shouldn’t be saying that, since I don’t really know anything about winning this game either. You’ve played as much as I have.”

“Well… You know the rules better than I do, so I bet you’ll do fine.”

“I know, but I haven’t really played many with other people, only my daddy. And I’m pretty sure he always went easy on me. That, or he was just… really really bad at them.”

Franklin pats her shoulder comfortingly. “...Even if you’re bad like me, it’s just a game. All that matters is having fun, right? Actually, is that still true when there’s a prize…? Also, if you lose early, then you have to stop playing, which isn’t very fun either…”

“That was more reassuring two sentences ago.” She flatly points out. Franklin doesn’t notice, clearly lost in thought.

The fluffy bird overhears their conversation and flutters down to join them, landing at perfect petting distance.

“Bird,” Franklin says. He pets it.

“Human,” Pan says. He appreciates it.

“Cards,” Enid says. “You’re not going to take away any of our cards again, are you? I already looked at all of mine at least three times now. If there was anything I shouldn’t have seen, I've definitely already seen it by now.”

“No, no,” Pan says. “Um… I just wanted to tell you that this tournament is special. Have you ever had an imaginary friend?”

“I used to talk to my toys, does that count?” Enid asks. “The toys were real, but I made up personalities for them.”

“I make up imaginary people sometimes. I’m not sure if they’re friends though…” Franklin says.

“Well, it’s going to be a little different here. Your imaginary friends on the cards can actually come to life when you play them!”

“...Does that mean when we make them fight, we’ll be killing our opponent’s cards, or getting our own killed?” Franklin suggests.

“Wh- No! Not that alive! They’re just simulations, don’t worry about something that gruesome. I just… thought I’d mention it. I really hope you have fun with them.”

The kids thank Pan for the tidbit, and go back to their discussion, with Enid trying to explain the differences between extra deck monsters to Franklin.
No. 1035965 ID: 8483cf
File 165621548834.png - (14.11KB , 500x500 , QDI_8.png )

“Fairies, don’t fail me now,” Serah says under her breath. She examines her fairies. They don’t need to be drawn from her main deck, which is a great advantage. “Link cards seem strong… but Landi, Rocio and Sunshine haven’t, uh, really worked out well for me in the past. And I don’t know who this Zinnia is, but her effect seems strong.”

Carl makes eye contact with an enormous albatross across the room. Since birds are running the event, he assumes this is someone important and he has a sudden vision of getting swallowed whole by the beast. Great, now he’s getting anxiety from the cravings as well.

“Is that albatross wearing an armored helm?” Serah asks.

“Duelists, prepare for the first round!” booms an albatross wearing an armored helm. “As a reminder, all cheaters that I catch will be penalized. By me. I will penalize you personally. So don’t cheat! That is all.”

A kitsune with an unnaturally wide grin gives a soft laugh.

“Interesting,” mutters the masked Duelist.

Carl chokes on a sip of water and starts coughing, which the masked Duelist misinterprets as encouragement to elaborate.

“The event has only two rules,” they explain in hushed tones, “And yet this new steward has stated that he will only penalize those he catches cheating.” They pause briefly, waiting to see if the message sinks in to the others. “The more unscrupulous people here will take this as an open endorsement to cheat if they feel they can get away with it. Be on your guard.”
No. 1035966 ID: 8483cf
File 165621553040.png - (289.56KB , 2000x1000 , QDI_9.png )

“I guess I’ll see you all later,” Serah says. “Best of luck!”

“Thanks! I’m really going to need it…” Enid says, walking away towards her duel area. Franklin doesn’t rush to leave, still mulling something over.

Carl reads his opponents name and their table number and meanders over. He’s shocked to see a tall, bosomly, dragon lady taking the seat opposite to him. Ohoho, perhaps it's time to work the ole Marks charm. By the size of those melons there’s no way this could be anything but a mature, grown woman, a fine match for his 40 years of doing fuck-all.

It’s time to DUEL!

Suggest an ACE IN THE HOLE for any and all duelists you want! It can be a blatantly overpowered card, a very effective cheating strategy, or outside interference that helps them win the duel!
No. 1035967 ID: e51896

Charisse is livestreaming this duel for the views and to show how cool Conway is. (Amazingly, Conway seems to somehow know just about every single person in the livestream chat. He's pretty popular with them with his charisma)
Chat tends to backseat game and tell Charisse what cards to play, especially doing plays that the donors suggest (mostly that one donor Jack-O-Jackie)
No. 1035969 ID: e5709d

Ceridwen: Draconic Might
Once per match, Ceridwen can double her LP, provided she has placed four cards whose LP total exceeds hers. For some reason, this is not considered cheating. However, as a penalty, she loses 50 LP every turn, which doubles after she uses her special power. This counts as being attacked.
No. 1035970 ID: 629f2e

Reefa's Ace in the Hole could be King Midas, a level 10 Xyz character.

For the uninformed: An Xyz summon is when you summon an extra deck monster using a number of monsters on your side of the field with the same level as the monster you're trying to summon. The cards you use as material are placed underneath the card on the board, and most Xyz monsters have special effects that require discarding those materials.

Alright, so here's my idea: Princess Reefa is gonna go heavy on equip spells, right? Well Xyz cards work in a similar way, stacking cards onto others to increase their power. It fits with her playstyle.

King Midas is Reefa's win condition more or less. It's a powerful enough monster on its own, but it's also got a devastating effect. By discarding two materials, Midas can destroy all other cards on the field. Not only that, but whenever a character on his side of the field is destroyed, Reefa can choose to attach that character to Midas as material instead of sending them to the Graveyard, powering up that devastating move again. Pair that with an equip or two preventing card effects from affecting him, and it's a hard wall to overcome.

And to the one guy who knows Yugioh, yes, this is a slightly nerfed ZEUS.
No. 1035972 ID: abaa91

Bonnie's Ace In The Hole:

Rathoney AKA 'The Rat Makes The Rules' AKA 'Ratscrew'

Of COURSE Bonnie's friend/sometimes controller is in on this. Rathoney hides within Bonnie's pocket most of the time; if he reads Bonnie as getting too stressed (I.E. losing badly) he will begin using his mental prowess to scan both Bonnie's and her opponent's deck, essentially allowing her to know the next two cards to be drawn from both decks. This also passively ups her intelligence, allowing her to break out strategies and counterplays she'd normally not think of to surprise opponents. She DOES get a bit red-eyed from this, but, well...that might just be her intense competitive nature coming out to anyone who's unaware.
No. 1035975 ID: 782e0e

Conway happens to know pretty much everyone in Charisse’s livestream chat, and certainly a friend or two of Charisse herself! He’s pretty sociable and chatty, so he can keep his opponents attention occupied with a funny story or stupid joke, while he’s setting up his side of the field until it’s too late!

Basically, he’s so damn likeable that you forget your playing a game!
No. 1036005 ID: 9ea24b
File 165627221091.png - (8.68KB , 500x500 , 18.png )

Carl is a fish of few words because hand-drawn word bubbles don’t allow much space for dialogue. He snaps his pre-shuffled deck on the table and gives the hot dragon a smoldering look.

“Let's get started, I really need to go outside and get some nicotine inside my bloodstream.” he says. Women love confidence.

“Oh sure, just warning you I have some pretty lewd cards in my deck.” Ceridwen replies.

“Good, that’ll help wet our appetites.” Carl raises a potent eyebrow of insinuation.

Ceridwen giggles and places her deck out for Carl to cut. It’s decided that Carl will go first, so he draws his hand and considers his options.
No. 1036006 ID: 9ea24b
File 165627221983.png - (122.89KB , 502x800 , Monty.png )

There’s a fine early game card in his hand, Monty the mouse! While the mouse’s stats are ass, he has a potent ability that Carl can activate next turn. Carl places the monster in attack position and yelps with alarm as the immersive gaming experience people were talking about earlier kicks in with a puff of smoke.

A miniature Monty materializes on top of the card. “Duelist, solve my riddle to access my true potential.” he squeaks.

“He’s so cute and small.” Ceridwen gushes.

“Do not patronize me, ma’am. Duelist, calculate the External Rate of Return (ERR) of a machine that costs $50,000 to purchase, with net cash flow of $8,000 per year, a life of 10 years, Minimum Acceptable Rate of Return (MARR) of 10%, and a salvage value of $3000.”

“What the fuck does that mean?” Carl asks, flabbergasted. His sister was always the one who was good at math, not him.

“Look it up.” the mouse says unhelpfully. A laptop with a spreadsheet program poofs into existence on Carl’s side of the table.

Solve the problem to transform Monty and give Carl an advantage. Or don’t, Carl is a simple fish. Suggest early game cards for Ceridwen to use on her turn.
No. 1036008 ID: e7c7d3

It's -$99,000 due to it's crippling student debt.

Ceri, draw a lyluk. And another. And another. And
No. 1036011 ID: 629f2e

A couple quick card ideas for Ceridwen:

Egg Laying - Spell
Target a face-up Dragon, Winged Beast, or Reptile type character on your side of the field. Change it to DEF position if it wasn't already, and spawn an Egg Token on your side of the field. (Egg Token's stats: Level 1, 0 ATK 0 DEF. Effect: When this token leaves the field for any reason other than battle, special summon a level 4 or lower character of the same type as this token's parent (Dragon, Winged Beast, Reptile).) The targeted monster cannot be changed back to ATK position this turn.

Stealthy Mall Streak - Continuous Trap
Target a character on the field, they are now streaking. If another character card targets them for battle or with a card effect, and the effect resolves, they will be caught.
-If the caught in ATK position, negate the effect or attack targeting them, but deal half of the streaking character's ATK as damage to their owner.
-If caught in DEF position, they flee from the attention, and are shuffled back into the deck.
No. 1036175 ID: 9ea24b
File 165634263929.png - (151.08KB , 394x627 , 20.png )

Carl has absolutely no clue to solve this math problem, which seems to require a college class’s worth of specialized accounting knowledge. Clearly someone upstairs hates him. Rather than waste his time attempting to learn what a MARR is, he picks at his lip and stares into space.

On Ceridwen’s first turn, she plays a miserable little Lyluk in defense position, a monster even more pathetic than a vanilla Monty. She also plays a spell that makes a plate of spaghetti appear in front of her.

“Mm!” Ceridwen slurps up the creamy noodles and sighs happily. Her health points increase to 7000. Carl’s eye twitches at the delay.
No. 1036176 ID: 9ea24b
File 165634265687.png - (111.94KB , 393x626 , 21.png )

Time to go on the offensive. Carl plays another monster, the diminutive but sneaky Shrunk Sam, and attacks with both Sam and Monty. The lyluk McFreakin’ dies and Ceridwen takes 900 damage to put her at 6100.

Ceridwen’s in need of some strong board presence! Someone help this poor damsel by suggesting a STRONG monster she can use.
No. 1036177 ID: e7c7d3

A strong monster? Ceri draws 'Myra, The Dommy Mommy'
No. 1036186 ID: c1d4af
File 165635142094.png - (50.77KB , 1180x2828 , More than.png )

>calculate the External Rate of Return (ERR) of a machine that costs $50,000 to purchase, with net cash flow of $8,000 per year, a life of 10 years, Minimum Acceptable Rate of Return (MARR) of 10%, and a salvage value of $3000.

Nailed it.
No. 1036280 ID: 9ea24b
File 165637833864.png - (125.05KB , 389x621 , 22.png )

Ceridwen smirks, unbothered by her lost health. With a flourish, she places Myra the Dommy Mommy on the field and summons the buff, reptilian figure.

“Hi magical representation of my mom that probably has independent sentience and feels pain!”

“Hi honey!”

Myra slams 1500 damage into Monty, who dies with a drawn out squeak of agony, and then deals the rest of her damage to Carl, leaving him at 5000. Ceridwen also puts a trap card face down.
No. 1036282 ID: 9ea24b
File 165637835176.png - (9.67KB , 500x500 , 23.png )

“Wait a second.” Carl squints at the miniature mother who glowers back at him. “You don’t look very old, are you one of those MILFs that doesn’t age at all?”

He flounders for a moment. “I’m not trying to be rude, I just want to make sure your daughter is an adult since I’ve been flirting with her.”

“Yup, totally legal, I turned 18 last week.” Ceridwen says cheerfully.


“And I’ve had sex about 50 times, so I’m very experienced. With lots of other aliens too!”

Carl looks around wildly for some fatal weapon to impale himself on. Finding none, he resigns himself to finishing the childrens’ card game and then chain-smoking his last pack of cigarettes until he feels better.

Should he:
A. Sacrifice Shrunk Sam for a mid-tier monster with better stats than Myra
B. Play another small monster with a useful effect
No. 1036284 ID: e7c7d3

A: escalation always goes good
No. 1036285 ID: 629f2e

B, gotta be prepared for her face-down. Don't want to put all your eggs in one basket and leave yourself open.
No. 1036291 ID: 8483cf

A. Goodbye, Sam!
No. 1036296 ID: f7ae77

B. That trap could be anything
No. 1036317 ID: 899c9f

B. Apply hand to table, if you use up all the cards you win.
No. 1036367 ID: 9ea24b
File 165642845336.png - (111.33KB , 502x800 , Let Gabe Kill 2022.png )

Carl eyes that face down card. It could be anything, and sacrificing poor Sam for a tribute might end in disaster. Unfortunately, the cheaper monsters in his hand can’t deal with Myra’s sheer power and he’ll have to use a spell as well just to buy time.

He plays Let Gabe Kill 2022, which swaps Myra’s attack and defense values, then puts Emma the Robotic Nurse in defense position. Since Shrunk Sam can’t be blocked by Myra, the squirt of a snake attacks and leaves Ceridwen at 5600 LP.
No. 1036368 ID: 9ea24b
File 165642846469.png - (120.17KB , 378x602 , 25.png )

This is turning into a protracted fight and Carl’s desire for nonexistence is rapidly gaining on his desire to win. There are tiny flies buzzing around Monty’s dead body in the graveyard and Carl watches them enviously while Ceridwen hums over her cards. The dragon teen, shudder, finally plays the spell Egg Laying on her own mother, which generates an egg token that Carl could care less about and puts Myra in defense position.

What should Carl do on his turn?
A. Time for the huge plays. Sacrifice both monsters to bring out his STRONGEST card
B. Screw the rules, start smoking indoors
No. 1036380 ID: e7c7d3

A: Big boys do big plays
No. 1036383 ID: 8483cf

Smoke! Light up using the flaming birb
No. 1036384 ID: e51896

Smoke break!
No. 1036386 ID: 629f2e

Why not both?
No. 1036387 ID: d084c2

Light it up!
No. 1036388 ID: 6e2257

>dragon teen shudder
Wait, Carl has moral qualms on something?

But, yeah, I gotta say: why not both?
No. 1036399 ID: e4174c

Changing vote to both if possible
Otherwise, keep it at smoke break.
No. 1036423 ID: 9ea24b
File 165645914995.png - (10.46KB , 500x500 , 26.png )

>Why not both?
Carl has been smoking professionally for 20 years and a little multitasking will help him calm his mind and win the game. He puts down his cards for a moment and pulls a cigarette from his pack. He keeps his head down and looks around shiftily to make sure the birds don’t see him while he lights up.

“Hey, put that out!” mini Myra barks.

“What are you, a cop? Fuck off.” Carl grumbles.

“Don’t talk to my mom that way.” Ceridwen shows her very sharp teeth. “And she’s right, that thing stinks, don’t be a selfish asshole.”

“Fuck you too.” Carl attempts to flip off his opponent with his mitten-like flippers, and instead resigns himself to playing his ultimate card and getting out of the awkward situation. He feels much better physically, at least.

Emma and Shrunk Sam squeal as they disintegrate, replaced with a swirling cloud of darkness with glittering highlights.
No. 1036424 ID: 9ea24b
File 165645916099.png - (126.57KB , 502x800 , Magic The Good Impression Version.png )

“Hello!” The cloud collapses into a pleasant black blob, who looks rather taken aback by its size and the giants staring daggers at each other from above. “Oh, is everything alright?”

“Judge!” Ceridwen puts her hand in the air. The round blue bird, Companionship or whatever swoops down from the rafters to investigate. Carl groans out a cloud of smoke as Ceridwen snitches on him.

“Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to put out your cigarette.” the bird chirps. “It’s a health hazard and disrespectful to the other players.”

“Is this guy bothering you, dad’s ex-boyfriend who’s alive for some reason?” the Magic asks.

Should Carl:
A. Ask Magic to do something about the bird so he can keep smoking
B. Wait what? Is he supposed to be dead?
C. Comply and play the game normally
No. 1036427 ID: 629f2e

A, Pan has no authority if you don't submit to polite requests. Also, it'd be funny.
No. 1036428 ID: 899c9f

B. If you're dead, doesn't that mean you're disqualified? Huzzah, you can go home and collect your life insurance!
No. 1036429 ID: 273c18

No. 1036430 ID: e08a6f

B existencial crises while unleashing your ultimate attack are always exciting!
No. 1036436 ID: 8483cf

Is Carl really going to do something just because a bird asks him to? Nahhhhhhh

No. 1036440 ID: 8e592e

No. 1036473 ID: 19ea25

A: The magic must be trusted at all costs. Use the magic.
No. 1036480 ID: d0108b

No. 1036498 ID: aca22b

A stands for Always resist birds
No. 1036546 ID: 9ea24b
File 165654917890.png - (7.68KB , 500x500 , 27.png )

Despite the delicious nicotine, Carl feels a twinge as his headache takes a turn for the worse. He can’t remember what he was doing before he came to this weird tournament and rather than question the Magic’s strange words, Carl groans and waves at the bird.

“Can you make him go away?” he asks.

The blob looks around at itself and then at Companionship. “I’m a little outclassed here, but I’ll try.”

It clears its throat adorably. “Excuse me, Mr. Bird, my summoner here is mentally ill and self-medicates to avoid urges to self-harm brought on by prolonged contact with eldritch beings beyond comprehension and also general life. I understand his behavior has been uncouth, but please let him keep smoking. Since you’re so powerful, why not get rid of the smoke so it doesn’t bother the other contestants? That way you can continue to run this fine event and keep everyone happy.”

A single tear drips down the bird’s beak, so moved is he by the little Magic’s speech. He waves a wing and the smoke disappears, then returns to the rafters.
No. 1036547 ID: 9ea24b
File 165654918917.png - (9.00KB , 500x500 , 28.png )

“Okay good job. Now attack! Destroy!” Carl orders, pointing the Magic at his opponent.

“I already attacked with my eloquent words. You need to wait for your next turn.” Magic replies. With nothing else to do, Carl ends his turn and takes a hit to his life points leaving him at 4000 LP. This is the unfortunate side effect of using Magic.

Ceridwen finally flips her trap card revealing Stealthy Mall Streak, a continuous trap targeting Magic. She plays a spell that lets her flip Myra into attack position, then strikes at Magic. Thanks to the trap card, Carl takes a whopping 3500 damage! Ceridwen finishes her turn with another face down card.

Carl is in a dire position. What should he do next turn? That pesky egg token is in the way of a mighty attack.
No. 1036548 ID: 899c9f

Make an omelette, destroying all egg cards.
No. 1036551 ID: 629f2e

Use Crate of Greed, a spell card which allows you to draw two cards from your deck and add them to your hand.

Then activate the spell card "Quest Necromancy" to summon Monty back onto the field. Unfortunately, Monty only has 500 DEF, so he'll die almost immediately due to Quest Necromancy's effect. Monty's summon effect should resolve before the spell card's does though. Get the math question right, and we'll reveal Monty's true potential. That's gotta mean replacing him with a different card, upping all his stats a bunch, or at the very least unleashing a powerful effect of some kind.

If you get the question wrong, you have Frog and Chick Double-Tap in your hand, so you can at least go out on your own terms.
No. 1036591 ID: 9ea24b
File 165659956068.png - (83.42KB , 394x627 , 29.png )

Carl needs to make an omelet, if you know what I mean. He plays the banned on five continents spell Crate of Greed, which lets him draw two cards.
No. 1036592 ID: 9ea24b
File 165659957651.png - (108.23KB , 502x800 , 30.png )

Thank God, he drew a removal card. Carl plays Lewd-B-Gone, targeting the egg.

“How is the egg lewd?” Ceridwen asks.

“W-what? I saw that egg come out of your mom’s vagina, with like, a lot of juices. This is totally some fetish, ergo lewd.” Carl stutters.

“Alright, it’s the author’s fetish. I was just giving you a hard time.” Ceridwen concedes.

“Ha! It’s over then.” Carl gloats.

A ghostly bird appears to shoot the egg with a glock. Since the spell removes the egg from existence, it doesn’t get a chance to trigger its ability.
No. 1036594 ID: 9ea24b
File 165659968902.png - (11.67KB , 500x500 , 32.png )

“You may have convinced me that the egg is lewd, but you still lose.” Ceridwen flips her last card. It’s–It’s–her ACE IN THE HOLE! Ceridwen’s life total is double to 11,200 and she easily shrugs off an attack from Magic.

“Sorry Carl.” Magic says, before smacking the fish in the face, setting him to 0 LP.

Carl teeters off his chair and falls to the ground, defeated and probably dead. All the mini figures disappear and Ceridwen goes to report the result of the duel.

Winner: Ceridwen

Ceridwen will advance to the next part of the bracket. Carl is literally not alive.
No. 1036643 ID: e5709d

Ceridwen: Contemplate your first murder.
No. 1036644 ID: 273c18

Everyone: panic. What happened to "everyone must make it home safely"?
No. 1036696 ID: 9ec628

Well, he was already dead in his respective story, so.... I guess this is just restablishing the status quo, kind of.
No. 1037366 ID: 8483cf
File 165726239433.png - (514.76KB , 1000x1000 , QDI_10.png )

“Thank you, Ceridwen,” Tianna says. She marks Carl’s loss on her paper. “Please have a seat anywhere that doesn’t interfere with other duels. There are plenty of snacks at the buffet. We have cracked corn, milo, millet, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds.”

“Uh. Thanks,” Ceridwen says. “Have you got any smelling salts?”

“Of course not,” Toffles the flaming bird says. “How unclean.”

“Yeah, well, you might want to get some. Fish man got knocked out cold. I don’t know how hard these little card minis hit, but he got clocked good.”

“Oh my goodness! I’ll see to him at once.” Companionship flutters over to Carl and pecks him on the fin. “Hello? You can wake up now. Everything is fine.”

Toffles lands beside Carl. “Pan, he doesn’t look fine. He’s developed a case of the craters.”

“Uh. Oh my. Uh… I’m sure… he’s fine… he’s just, um… sleeping. And the crater is very comfortable.”

A long-haired dude waves at the two birds from across the table.

“Hey, cuz. Mind if Charisse and me use this spot? Looks like this one just got done.”

“Conway!” Companionship sputters. “Ah! No, no, this table is unfit for use! You don’t want to sit here. Toffles, handle this please.

“These chairs smell of fish,” Toffles says. “The chairs are unclean. You don’t have pants.”

“Wise words from wise birds,” Conway says.

“Totally!” says Conway’s opponent, a black-haired kangaroo girl sporting a sick outfit. “C’mon, we can’t use these tiny tables. We gotta put on a show for the crowd! Say hello, everyone! Only the finest for OnlyFaunus!”

“Ooo, lemme see the chat,” Conway says with a winning smile. “Hey, I know these guys! ‘Sup, TrippleDubbleChickenBubble?”

“Is she streaming this?!” Companionship swoops in to block the view of Carl.

“Hey, that bird’s sweating,” Charisse says. “I didn’t know birds could sweat.”

“I didn’t know birds were flammable,” Conway adds. “Guess we both learned something today.”

“Please keep moving, please, please, please,” Companionship says. “Toffles, get the duel started right now!”
No. 1037367 ID: 8483cf
File 165726243097.png - (251.35KB , 1000x1000 , QDI_11.png )

Toffles instructs Charisse and Conway to draw one card from their decks. Conway draws Clero the Gambler, a 4-star character with 400 ATK and 900 DEF. Charisse draws Kudzu Kaiju, a 6-star character with 2500 ATK and 1200 DEF.

“Charisse has the monster with the highest ATK. She goes first,” Toffles announces.

“Hell yeah!” Charisse whoops. She shuffles her deck and strikes a fearsome pose. “C’mon, Conway! Let’s cut to the chase!”

“Nah, no need for me to cut your deck. We good,” Conway says, waving his hand at her.

“Same! Why waste time? Let’s DO THIS!”

Charisse plays Rhodie, a level 4 PLANTIMAL character card with 1500 ATK and 1500 DEF. Since Rhodie is a PLANTIMAL, she counts as a both beast and a plant, and can benefit from cards that buff or harm either!

“Cute cat,” Conway says. “I’ll just play this card face-down in defense mode and these other two cards in the spell zone. ”

“You think you’re being clever,” says Charisse. “Well, For my next turn, I play Fig Pig, another powerful Plantimal! There’s no saving you from my beatdown deck now!”

“Hey, I watched that show as a kid,” Conway says. “The puns were ahead of their thyme.”

“Don’t you grow it,” Charisse grins. “Remember the episode where they rode the SPUD missile?”

“Totally. It knocked my stalks off.”

“Hey chat, what’s your favorite Plantimal pun?”

The chat is flooded with gardening puns.

Charisse has two well-statted low-level monsters on the field to Conway’s one, but no spells or traps.

Can Conway distract Charisse into forgetting to play any spells or traps before she attacks with her PLANTIMALS?
No. 1037382 ID: 629f2e

To put this into terms that seem appropriate for this duel, I vote to SABOTAGE Conway.

He gets Charisse talking aboit college and her friends, which does temporarily get her mind out of the game, until they get to Jackie. The mention of her pumpkin friend reminds her to play the Field Spell Card PUMP-KIN PATCH, which lets her special summon any level 4 or lower Plantimal monster from her deck once per turn by discarding a card. Thus, Conway has an extra monster to contend with.
No. 1037388 ID: d249c6

He points at the stream viewers he recognizes and they both reminisce about the crazy stuff all those online peeps did.

This takes a whole ten minutes.
No. 1037804 ID: 8483cf
File 165759798841.png - (331.81KB , 628x1000 , Sibling Rivalry(s).png )

Conway and Charisse chill so hard that the conversation veers wildly off-course and the stream’s topic is automatically reset from CARD GAMES to JUST CHATTING.

“Hey!” Charisse objects. “You tricked me into grouping my stream in with the people eating microwaved ramen and talking politics! That’s not cool dude.”

“Oooh, that’s a bummer,” Conway shrugs. “Totally didn’t mean to do that. Maybe we can just talk about how good your friends are at card games. That’ll stay on topic. Jackie seems like a great gamer.”

“Jackie… Oh yeah!” Charisse says. “I almost forgot to play a field card. PUMP-KIN patch! It lets me special summon a level 4 monster or less every turn if I discard a card. I now discard a card to special summon PLANTLING GUN!”

Conway’s strategy has been beaten by the power of friendship, the most OP effect in card games ever.

“Rhodie, attack his face-down card!”

The face-down card is MAU the Beast Tamer! His effect activates, reducing the Beast and Beast-Tamer type characters lose half their ATK points until Mau the Beast Tamer is taken out of play.

“Oh, bad news for me,” Charisse says. “PLANTIMAS are beasts too.”

“Not so fast, dude,” Conway says. “I activate my continuous trap card, SIBLING RIVALRY. If one or more cards on your side of the field are of the same type, all the shared type’s attack power is lowered by half.”

Charisse’s cards have their attack power lowered by half, and then half again! Mau’s pitiful 600 DEF is now stronger than any ATK of Charisse’s monsters on the field.

“Guess I have to pass this turn,” Charisse says, crossing her arms. “I’ll get you next turn!”

Conway smiles. “Sure ya will.”

Conway has a mighty defense against PLANTIMALS as long as both Mau and Sibling Rivalry are on the field.

Conway plays another monster card face-down on the field and plays CRATE OF GREED to draw two more cards.

“It lets me draw two cards,” Conway says. Even he is not immune to the card’s awesome secondary effect.

Conway then passes the turn.

It’s now Charisse’s turn. Her monsters are super weak thanks to the OP combo, and she doesn’t have any way to remove the continuous trap at the moment. What can she do???

1. Tribute summon an effect monster. Suggest an effect!
2. Tribute summon a huge KUDZU KAIJU to overpower Mau and release her weaker monsters from his effect
No. 1037841 ID: 614fd6

2, bigger is always better there are no downsides what are you talking about
No. 1037986 ID: 629f2e

2, go for the kaiju! Can't beatdown without some strong monsters.
No. 1037996 ID: b01382

when's the next quest thread?
No. 1038417 ID: 8483cf
File 165808416712.png - (821.45KB , 3000x3000 , QDI_12.png )

Charisse points her finger at MAU. “If there’s a wall, break it down! If there’s no path, carve one out! I discard a card to special summon PORKLY PINE, then tribute it and PLANTLING GUN to summon the mighty SCORPIO, KUDZU KAIJU!”

The great 2500-1800 KUDZU KAIJU roars!

“Scorpio, attack MAU!”

“Not so fast,” Conway says. “I activate Negate Attack! Solo big monsters are kinda lame in this game.”

“Oh yeah? Not when you protect them! That’s what friends do!” Charisse activates the special ability of SCORPIO: the ability to swap out with any one of the PLANTIMALS that haven’t attacked that turn. “Now Rhodie is the one whose attack is negated.”


“One more time! Attack!”

Even with only 625 attack points, SCORPIO is strong enough to obliterate the 600 DEF MAU. Connway has no characters left on the field, and Charisse attacks him head-on with FIG PIG, and he takes 1800 damage.

Conway is now at 4200 LP, and Charisse is at 6000.
No. 1038418 ID: 8483cf
File 165808419932.png - (239.76KB , 3000x3000 , QDI_13.png )

Conway scratches his arm and puts another monster face-down on the field, then another card face-down in the spell & trap zone. He ends his turn with a shrug.

“My turn again!” Charisse declares. “I’m a little low on cards at the moment, so you’re lucky I don’t summon another monster.” She places a face-down card in the spell and trap zone as well. “SCORPIO, attack again!”

Conway uses another negate attack, but Charisse once again swaps out SCORPIO for RHODIE and simply swings again, destroying Conway’s face-down character.

“We didn’t even get to see that guy in action,” Conway says. “He was too pure for this world.”

Charisse’s follow-up attack with FIG PIG leaves Conway at 2400 LP.

Conway has no characters on the field. How does he recover?
No. 1038437 ID: c1d4af

In true dueling fashion, he unleashes a card with an effect that would be completely useless in any other situation.

He activates Girls Night Without A Pumpkin, which removes all plant-type monsters from the field if both players are dressed like girls.

He then plays Pirate Cutebold in defense position.
No. 1038522 ID: 894419

No. 1038719 ID: 67181a
File 165834673957.jpg - (587.21KB , 2659x2757 , 0720221548_HDR.jpg )

(This duel involves nsfw decks)

The masked duelist quietly walks onto their designated battle area, readying their deck for the inevitable conflict. Their robes flow around them fluttering eerily on the floor as they reach their position and stand waiting for their opponent.

And waiting.

And waiting.

And waiting.

They look down at their wrist, but then shake their head and put their palm to the forehead of their mask, sighing heavily. Almost as if triggered by this sign of exasperation, The light in the area dims and a spotlight illuminates an indistinct space behind him.

A strange looking, buxom fox woman saunters up with the light following her, swaying almost too obviously to even be enticing. She pounces forward as she nears the battle area, pressing herself against the robed figure and leaning her head over his shoulder.

“Hey there, I was hoping we could maybe get to know each other a bit more, glad we get to be opponents! Really looking forward to mixing things up,” she coos, as she runs her hands down the masked figure’s shoulders.

The duelist stands still for a second, gesturing forward to the other side of the rectangle marking the duel area on the floor. “Gladly,” they begin, “But you’ll need to take your side of the field for that.”

The fox huffs and rolls around them as she twirls past, “That’s fine, I’m sure we’ll have a great time playing together,” snickering as she sashays across from the Duelist.

“I’ll need my deck back, as well.”
No. 1038720 ID: 67181a
File 165834684058.jpg - (564.31KB , 2845x2530 , 0720221531_HDR.jpg )

She freezes in place for a moment with her hip swung out to one side, then briskly twirls around with a sly grin. “Oh, so you are paying attention, that’s good - I thought you planned to ignore me the whole time!” She reaches between her breasts and produces a deck of cards. The duelist holds their hand out, and the fox blows on the deck, dissipating it into a cloud of flower petals which waft over to the duelist and settle back into cards resting in a neat pile on the palm of their clawed glove.

“My plan is to win the duel, nothing more or less,” the duelist states as they swiftly look through their deck to ensure all of the cards are still there.

The fox laughs as she produces her own deck and holds it out, cards flipping through the air in erratic patterns to shuffle it. “Oh don’t be such a stiff, we’re here to have fun aren’t we?”

“Perhaps. You, at least, certainly seem to be enjoying the powers you’ve been endowed with.”

She sharply snatches her cards together into a pile and grins, licking her lips. “People seem to enjoy many things I’m endowed with,” she throws back her arms, pushing out her chest, “would you like to see what you’re missing? I’ll make you a deal, you let me take a peek under those robes, and I’ll let you take a peek under mine.”

The masked duelist coughs audibly and staggers briefly, “I-if you don’t mind, I’d prefer to simply play the game.”

The fox’s grin widens, showing her teeth, “Oh come now, I’ve been interested in you since you arrived,” she straightens and stands smugly, “I thought you might be a yin spirit at first, but after getting so close to you I know that’s not what’s going on. You were also talking to your little friends earlier like you know something about this place. Just tell me what your deal is, and I’ll make it worth your while~”

“None of that matters to the duel,” the duelist says, shuffling their deck and holding it in their hand, where it fades out of visibility in a cloud of ash.

“HMPH!” the fox huffs, drawing her opening hand from her deck. “Well if you aren’t going to answer my question, I’ll just take the first turn!”

The masked duelist makes no reply, instead merely holding up their glove for the cards to coalesce in the same ashen manner they had vanished moments earlier, forming their starting hand.

“First,” Momo says, “I will be summoning a monster face down! Then I activate the magic card Yang Blossom! By paying 300 life points, I can draw the first card from the top of my deck. If that card is a Quickplay Spell or Trap card, I set it immediately and may choose to repeat the process! If it is not a Quickplay Spell or Trap card, I banish it and my turn immediately ends!”

Momo flips the first card from the top of her deck, grins widely, and allows it to drift daintily down into the spell and trap zone on her side of the field. “A good start, now to draw again~” Laughing, dancing, and cackling gleefully, she repeats the process another 4 times.

“Ah, what a portentious first step!” she cries out, “I’m sorry my dour friend, but it looks like you won’t be winning the game today. I’ll give you a nice kiss as a consolation prize though, maybe more if you make this fun enough for me~”

The Masked Duelist grimly snatches another card materializing in front of them as her turn ends and their draw phase arrives. They look over the cards in their hand briefly as they attempt to decide their strategy for the duel.

Should The Masked Duelist:
Play aggressively and snatch back the tempo of the duel after Momo’s big opening play
Play conservatively and attempt to determine and unravel Momo’s strategy
No. 1038723 ID: da21cc

This does look like a calculating fellow. Conservative is probably it.

Let's face it, we want this guy dropping the cool to be awesome when it happens.
No. 1038726 ID: 899c9f

Sit back, relax, and see if she even has a strategy besides aggressive flirting.
No. 1038730 ID: fe7de6

Play Conservatively.
No. 1038731 ID: 629f2e

Aggressive play may be necessary here. Take things too slowly, and it'll give her time to build up her backrow after every strike you make on it. Imagine that every card she's set down will negate and/or destroy your cards, and try to get her to use them all up while leaving you as many cards left as possible.
No. 1038732 ID: 815672

She passionate, impatient and aggressive. Stall her out. Give her enough leash to tie herself up with.
No. 1038756 ID: e5709d

She's an... enthusiastic player, isn't she.
Maybe too enthusiastic.

Play conservatively. Bore her. Goad her into intentionally making mistakes to spice things up. Then, when she thinks you're evenly matched, strike true with your pre-planned strategy.
No. 1039654 ID: 8483cf
File 165931229957.png - (1.00MB , 628x1000 , Starving_Fox_s.png )

“Good day to you,” Serah says with a curtsy. “It took a while for our avian attendants to set this arena up. One of them seemed quite worried about someone fainting. I think they’re being attended to.”

“Yes, everything is fine!” someone squawks.

“That’s good to hear,” Basmati says. She’s a gray-skinned girl of slightly above-average height, and adorned with gold tines. “Shall we shuffle, and then cut each other’s decks?”


Basmati shuffles her deck and holds it out, then pauses. “Cut,” she ponders. “Why is it called that? There are no incisions to be made. The decks remain whole after the procedure. If I were to draw a card, is the deck not ‘cut’ in a similar manner?”

“I’ve never thought about it like that,” Serah says. She cuts Basmati’s deck, and Basmati does likewise.

Serah goes first. She draws her opening hand- it’s a good one, with two character cards, two spells and a trap. She hesitates before playing her first card- just how real will the illusion be?

“I play Starving Fox in defense mode,” Serah says. A small, shivering animal appears on the field. “If Starving Fox is sent to the graveyard by any card effect, tribute, or other means after hitting the battlefield, I may special summon Dotti, Trash Fox two turns thereafter.”
No. 1039655 ID: 8483cf
File 165931234016.png - (34.92KB , 1000x640 , QDI_14.png )

“In addition,” Serah says, “I place a card face-down in the spell/trap zone. I end my turn.”

“I see,” Basmati says. “I shall place two cards face-down in the spell zone and end my turn.”

Serah frowns. “No character cards to defend yourself?”

Basmati nods. “My decision is not born of forgetfulness. This course of action yields the highest probability of victory in fifty-three million of the fifty-seven million simulations I have just performed.”

“I… see,” Serah says. “Well, if you insist on passing, that leaves you open to a direct attack.”

“Oh no,” Basmati says. “Please do not attack me. It is highly likely I have very powerful trap cards waiting to activate if you do that. You should simply summon a more powerful monster and develop your board.”

Serah frowns. A direct attack is common sense, and Basmati is giving a terrible bluff. Or is she telling the truth?

What should Serah do?
1. Attack with Starving Fox to bait out a trap
2. Sacrifice Starving Fox to summon Landi, Party Animal from the Extra Deck, then attack with Landi. Landi has less ATK than Starving Fox.
3. Just sacrifice Starving Fox to summon Landi, but don’t attack Basmati directly.
No. 1039656 ID: 15c72a

1. It's what you were going to do. When your opponent starts saying weird shit it's best to do whatever you were planning on before they opened their mouth.
No. 1039657 ID: 629f2e

1, Attack with Starving Fox. If it gets destroyed, you can still summon a monster to protect yourself. And if it doesn't, you can tribute it to summon Landi afterwards.
No. 1039659 ID: e51896

2. I have a feeling she has a spell card that will somehow get our Starved Dotti monster onto Basmati's side if we attack her directly. She's baiting us to get stronger cards. Plus if she has starved dotti on her side, she can sacrifice it and have a more powerful trash dotti on her side later instead. The best we can do is sacrifice starved Dotti, and attack with the weaker Landi so if Basmati's trap card activates, she'll be stuck with a weak Landi card, and we can summon Dotti trash animal later!
No. 1039660 ID: 899c9f

Summon Landi, so Dotti is on her way.
No. 1039661 ID: 899c9f

Also, why are you playing on the floor? Ask your bird organizers for a duel mat at least, your cards will get dirty.
No. 1039662 ID: e51896

because if they play on the table, they won't be able to do cool anime poses with the table in the way!
No. 1039771 ID: de15ea
File 165941034265.jpg - (664.44KB , 2340x2281 , 0801220921_HDR.jpg )

The Masked Duelist looks at their hand and considers their options. They do have cards that would let them combo into a powerful threat, but only if they are able to go off without being interrupted - and the odd fox creature has a large number of face-down cards which could all be poised to shut down the plan.

They do have a card in their deck that would enable them to apply pressure to this board though, so they opt to make a simple play to try to work towards the card and also probe Momo’s board - jumping straight to summoning one of their basic monsters! If something goes wrong, they will only lose one card instead of investing a lot of resources into a more powerful card that might still be crushed. Also she seems extremely bombastic, so playing cautiously and slowly will allow more chances for her to make a mistake to capitalize on.

They pluck the card from their hand and flip it around to face their opponent, quickly snapping it to float in front of them. “I summon Radiant Flare, in attack mode! This is a 3 Star Fire/Effect monster, and her normal summon can’t be negated!”

Momo scoffs, “Okay, so you summoned it. So what?”

“So now that I have my own monster,” the masked Duelist begins as a beautiful dragon emerges from the painting of the card, stretching her majestic wing as she winds around them to stare at Momo, “I can command it to attack your face down monster! And that’s exactly what I intend to do!

“Oh noooo!” cries the fox, mock-swooning as Radiant Flare charges toward her face-down card, “Whateeeeeeeeeeeever will I do?”

Momo can easily deal with this attack! How does she want to do it?
The face-down monster’s effect will deal with this easily!
She has the perfect trap in play to handle this monster!
No. 1039773 ID: 8483cf

Trap card, trap card!
No. 1039774 ID: 899c9f

Play the UNO reverse card.
No. 1039778 ID: e51896

I wanna see the face-down monster. First choice!
No. 1039781 ID: 629f2e

Trap Card! The monster effect can be something more helpful when flipped on her turn, since she knows she'll be able to defend it.
No. 1039784 ID: 473867

I activate 4chan Smaug-ification!

It transform one enemy monster card into a badass, feral version of itself that turns upon it's master for one turn!

Or it could be three turns, if you think the effect is too weak.
No. 1039849 ID: 8483cf
File 165949315041.png - (200.83KB , 628x1000 , Landi_Party_Animal_s.png )

Meanwhile, back on the floor, it’s Serah’s turn. Serah decides to not be put off by what Basmati is saying. It’s best to stick to the basic principles of war: if an opponent is in a position of obvious vulnerability, don’t hesitate to exploit it!

“I switch Starving Fox to attack mode, and attack your Life Points directly!”

The emaciated fox gives a surprisingly ferocious yowl and lunges at Basmati. She doesn’t flinch as the fox bites her leg and worries it back and forth.

“Is this supposed to be painful?” Basmati asks. “That fish seemed to feel something before he fainted into a state of dubious well-being.”

“I don’t think so,” says Serah. The fox continues to growl and tug on Basmati’s leg until her LP drop to 5100. “So… is that it? No traps?”

“No traps right now,” Basmati says.

“Okay,” Serah says. “Now that combat’s over, I use Starving Fox as a Link Material to Link Summon Landi, Party Animal from my extra deck. Sorry, Dotti.”

The fox fades away and is replaced with a highly energetic ball of blue light. Landi shouts and cheers at her duelist, declaring that the party is so on.
No. 1039851 ID: 8483cf
File 165949331051.png - (20.89KB , 500x720 , QDI_15.png )

“Before you end your turn,” Basmati says, “I activate my first trap card: The Business Grows! It allows me to pay 500 Life Points to expand my maximum hand size by one for the rest of the game.”

“And now is the time to activate my trap card,” Basmati says, still in Serah’s turn. She flips over a card to reveal Double Trouble. “It can only be activated when I’ve taken direct damage to my Life Points via an attack, but since you refused to take my good advice, Double Trouble allows me to re-activate another trap card not once, but twice, for a total of three times!” Basmati pauses. “…So why isn’t it called triple trouble?”

A fierce wind blows, and Serah clutches her skirt tight as Double Trouble resolves. Basmati’s LP is now 3,600 but her maximum hand size is nine.

“So many cards!” Basmati says with glee.

“Hmf,” Serah says. She hopes she draws another character card next turn- she could have summoned an extra character if she’d had one in her hand, but she didn’t.
No. 1039854 ID: 8483cf
File 165949353752.png - (273.05KB , 628x1000 , Ceiling Reila_s.png )

Basmati places Ceiling Reila on the battlefield at the end of her main phase in defense mode, then plays Crate of Greed to bring her hand size up to six. She places two cards face-down in the spell zone and ends her turn.

Serah needs to draw a character card to use Landi’s Link effect of, each of Serah’s Main Phase 2’s, fetching an equip card from her deck and attaching it to the card Landi’s downward-facing arrow points to.

What character card does Serah draw this turn? Suggest a character.
1. A character that Donut can easily draw
2. A character that Donut will have to spend effort on
3. A character that Donut will hate drawing
No. 1039857 ID: e5709d

>Basmati charges up her ass-blasting hand size
You go, girl!

And 3, but with 1. Find something explicitly difficult to draw, get drunk, and do your best in the span of one hour.
No. 1039858 ID: 629f2e

3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3
No. 1039860 ID: 0c69db

Sorry Donut, but it's finally time to draw...
No. 1039861 ID: 899c9f

Summon Snowpea in denuded mode.
No. 1039864 ID: e51896

Unfortunately, this particular duel is not in NSFW mode.
No. 1039902 ID: e5709d

Idea for Basmati's Ace in the Hole: Mezara Beam
ATK 1000 DEF 0
Mezara Beam can only be played when there are three empty monster slots on the owner's side of the field. If Mezara Beam is sent from the owner's hand to the graveyard by the opponent, its owner takes 1500LP damage, but the opponent's field is wiped clean of monsters and magic/trap cards and the opponent must immediately end their turn.
When Mezara Beam is placed, place two special tokens representing monsters:
A) Obscured Intel: This 'monster' has three sub-tokens. This monster cannot be attacked by a standard monster while Fortified Defenses are up. When an action of any kind from any player would interact with this 'monster' as if it were a standard monster (magic, trap card, special ability of monster), remove a sub-token. Remove this token when all three sub-tokens are removed. This monster cannot be destroyed by any means otherwise. Obscured Intel prevents Mezara Beam and Fortified Defenses from being interacted with directly by the opponent.
B) Fortified Defenses: This card starts with 5,000 LP. Every turn, it gains 500LP for each sub-token of Obscured Intel. Any actions involving LP from either player, with the exception of actions using the Mezara Beam, will be redirected to this card, unless the owner specifically redirects them to their own LP.
While Mezara Beam is on the board, the owner's standard monsters have their ATK and DEF halved.
Mezara Beam can attack ''anything''.
Once per turn, Mezara beam can:
Decrease the ATK or DEF of a monster by 1000. If this would bring ATK or DEF at zero or less, the monster is destroyed.
Destroy a magic or trap card.
Select a card from the opponent's hand and send it directly to the graveyard. (Or yours, for whatever reason)
Attack the opponent directly for 500LP.
Attack boosts to Mezara Beam are halved. Mezara beam cannot be placed in Defense mode, and its DEF cannot be increased by any means. For every X*1000 ATK, Mezara Beam can destroy X magic/trap cards on the back row of either player, exclusive-or send X cards from the hand of either player to the graveyard.
"Ack-cha! So many targets, so thin an obliteration beam!" - Venian Makag, First Emperor of the Rezan Empire
No. 1039980 ID: 8483cf
File 165957639002.png - (424.62KB , 628x1000 , NeumonoGroupHug_s.png )

Serah draws Snowpea, a 4-star character with 1900 ATK and 1500 DEF. Snowpea has the effect of that if she attacks, the combat phase is ended, so she’d better attack last! This also saves artists from having to draw her until as late as possible. She normal summons Snowpea.

At the same time, since it’s been two turns after Starving Fox was sent to the graveyard, Dotti, Trash Fox appears below Landi! Dotti is a 6-star 2500/1200 character that can level up into Dorothea, Fox Spirit if certain conditions are met while she is on the battlefield.

“I play Character Development, which allows me to level up Dotti or Landi (or any other one of my level-up monsters on the field) in three turns if both Character Development and Landi or Dotti aren’t taken off the battlefield before then. I don’t have to pick which one I level up until three turns have passed.”

“How interesting,” Basmati says. “It would be terrible if both Landi and Dotti were sent to the graveyard or bounced to your hand before then.”

Serah purses her lips. “I won’t be intimidated by talk like that. Dotti, attack Ceiling Reila!”

“Not so fast,” Basmati says. “My two trap cards activate in response to your declaration of attack! First, I activate Talion Corporate Coffers, which lets me return a 2-star or less character to my hand in order to draw 1 card. Then I activate Neumono Group Hug! A swarm of Neumono equal to the number of cards in my hand appears, preventing any opposing character card with a level equal to or less than the number of neumono from attacking. You are restrained by fluff!”

“Curses!” Serah stomps her foot as Dotti is dogpiled by the fluffy creatures. “Snowpea only has four stars. She could never defeat six neumonos!”

Serah can’t attack with Snowpea, so it’s her Main Phase 2. She gets to tutor an equip card from her deck and attach it to Dotti, Trash Fox, since Landi is pointing to her. She chooses Fairy-Sized Satchel, which allows the equipped character (Dotti) to take attacks meant for a linked Fairy (Landi).

It’s Basmati’s turn, and she re-summons Ceiling Reila and places another card on the field with a small smile. With that, she has six cards in her hand, equal to Dotti’s star rating. She passes the turn.

How does Serah try to get around the Continuous Trap, Neumono Group Hug?
1. Sacrifice Landi and/or Dotti to summon her biggest character and blow through the Neumono
2. Try and level up Landi and/or Dotti by trying to combo off of the remaining cards in her hand (might not work if Basmati interrupts the combo)
No. 1039985 ID: 629f2e

1, because then we can pull the Character Development next duel instead, getting something a lot different for now.
No. 1039986 ID: 58dd24

2, be patient and level up your dudes. Supplying all these tricks and counters keep Basmati from mounting an actual offense, and there are limits to what they can achieve while maintaining enough hand size to keep you bottled up.
No. 1039987 ID: 899c9f

Summon your biggest character! Landi shall make this most heroic sacrifice.
No. 1040088 ID: 8483cf
File 165966165487.png - (221.20KB , 628x1000 , BERD.png )

Serah decides to push forward with an all-out attack. Basmati will have to respond to a big threat, reducing her hand size and leaving her vulnerable to smaller threats.

“I tribute Landi and Snowpea to summon the Black-Eyes Red Dragon!” Serah declares. “She’s an eight-star character with the ability to pierce through the defense of weaker monsters, meaning the difference between their defense and her attack is subtracted from your life points, Basmati!”

“What?!” Basmati recoils. “You sacrificed Landi? That… that was a statistical improbability! There’s no way you’d ever do that!”

“I just did,” Serah says. “Attack, my Mai! Attack Ceiling Reila! You can easily overpower those six neumonos! Bring Basmati’s Life Points down to a mere 900!”
No. 1040089 ID: 8483cf
File 165966167701.png - (197.44KB , 628x1000 , Suspicious_Intent_s.png )

“Ugh!” Basmati grimaces. “I activate my trap card, Suspicious Intent. It cancels the action you just did and forces you to proceed directly to the next phase of your turn for an emergency meeting. My LP is safe.”

“I’ll come for you next turn,” Serah says. She places a character card face-down.

It’s Basmati’s turn. She has to respond to Mai somehow, but doing so would reduce her hand size to where she can be attacked by Dotti.

What does Basmati do?
1. Go on the offensive and play her ace in the hole, reducing her hand size to the point where she can be attacked; or
2. Play defensively and draw cards to raise the number of cards in her hand to 8, but be unable to go on the offensive.
No. 1040092 ID: 899c9f

Fire the ace in the hole.
No. 1040094 ID: 629f2e

You've drawn more cards than she has so far I believe, so going on the Defense isn't the play. You'll deck out (Lose due to inability to draw a card) before she does. Take an offensive position, and destroy her powerful monster.
No. 1040157 ID: e5709d

Unleash the full fury of the Empire!
No. 1040165 ID: 8483cf
File 165974832879.png - (237.92KB , 628x1000 , Girls_Night_Without_a_Pumpkin_s.png )

Across the duel hall, Conway ponders how to recover from his terrible board state. He has no characters to defend himself. He needs board wipe, stat!

Fortunately, he’s already placed the perfect defense: Girls’ Night Without A Pumpkin.

“Well, this is as long as I can wait before activating this,” Conway tells Charisse. He flips over the powerful anti-plant trap.

“No way!” Charisse says. “I can’t believe it! I’m all out of cards! If you wipe my board, I’m gonna have to rebuild everything so freakin’ slow!”

“Say bye-bye to your dudes,” Conway says. “Just say no to pants! I mean, plants.”

The trap card goes off.

Nothing happens.

“Huh,” Conway says.

“Huh,” Charisse says.

“That was supposed to wipe your board.”

“Are you sure? Did you read the card text? What’s it say?”

“Well, it says to get rid of all the plant monsters, if- ohhhh I get it.”

“Get what?”

“It only works if both players are dressed like girls,” Conway says.

“Oh,” Charisse says. She looks down at herself. “I didn’t really wanna dress girly today. I’m not even wearing a bra.”

“Total freedom,” Conway says with a nod. “My vest is pretty nonbinary too.”

“Freedom!” Charisse agrees.
No. 1040166 ID: 8483cf
File 165974839913.png - (441.23KB , 1000x1000 , QDI_16.png )

“Welp, guess I’m toast,” Conway says, looking at Charisse’s board. “Yeah, I scoop. Good game!”

The contestants give each other a hearty fistbump.

“Sorry that didn’t work out for ya,” Charisse says.

“Nah, it’s fine,” Conway says. "I don't even know why I drafted this card, it's not like clothes define gender."

“Hell nah.”

Charisse wins!
No. 1040212 ID: 8483cf
File 165982101874.png - (552.02KB , 728x1001 , Mezara Beam.png )

Basmati decides to unleash the full might of the Empire and attack!

“You’ve left me no choice,” Basmati says. “As allowed by this card’s special summoning text, I tribute three characters from my hand to summon Mezara Beam!

A giant mecha arises on the battlefield, towering over Dotti and the Black-Eyes Red Dragon. Its effects are supremely dangerous:

Mezara Beam **********
ATK: 1500, DEF: 1000

You may special summon this character by sending three character cards from your hand to the graveyard. When this card is summoned, add three Intel Counters to it. This character gains 500 ATK/DEF for each Intel Counter attached to it.

(Quick Effect): You may tribute an Intel Counter to do one of the following:
-Negate an attack directed at Mezara Beam
-Negate an effect which targets Mezara Beam
-Destroy a card on the field
-Deal 500 damage to your opponent's Life Points directly

“Your hand size is now three,” Serah says. “Your trap card won’t work on either Dotti or Mai. And Dotti’s about to level up from Character Development.

“I have no need for traps when I have giant lasers,” Basmati boasts. “I tribute two Intel Counters to annihilate both your dragon and Dotti!”

The giant mecha fires its high-powered laser twice, overwhelming Dotti and Mai.

“With that, you have no characters left to defend you from my attacks,” Basmati says. “Ceiling Reila, attack! Mezara Beam, attack!”

Serah takes 2500 damage directly, bringing her down to 3500 LP.

Serah grimaces. She has only one shot left to defeat the giant mecha by summoning her MOST PRECIOUS WARRIOR. The question is… how painful will they be to summon?

How painful will the incoming jokes be?
1. Good jokes
2. Bad jokes
3. Dad jokes
No. 1040214 ID: 629f2e

2, let's get some painfully bad ones.
No. 1040215 ID: 899c9f

Good jokes.
No. 1040216 ID: e51896

3. Can't resist the dad jokes!
No. 1040217 ID: 15c72a

No. 1040268 ID: 8483cf
File 165989834697.png - (438.50KB , 1000x1000 , QDI_17.png )

It’s Serah’s turn. She draws a card and smiles.

“I summon Jekster Terrorscale, Half-Dragon Jester! He’s a 4-star character with 1400 ATK and 1400 DEF.”

The pint-sized powerhouse cartwheels out of his card, clad from horn to toe in gaudy garb. He dances in front of the giant mecha and asks a simple question.

“What do you call a dragon who’s ready to throw down?” Jekster asks.

“Upset?” Basmati guesses.

“All fired up!”

Basmati giggles, but catches herself. “Do you think sending in the clowns will save you?”

“Not by himself,” Serah says. “I play Circle of Negation! As long as Jekster’s character card is located on the field directly above this spell card, he can’t be affected by enemy card effects! Also, this card itself is immune to enemy card effects.”

“Interesting,” Basmati says. “He is now immune to being annihilated by Mezara Beam’s ability. But he is still weaker than it. How does this help you?”

“It helps me when I play Jotund’s Might!

“No!” Basmati gasps. “That card grants him immunity to water characters and multiplies his ATK by 1.5, bringing it to 2100!”

“Correct,” Serah says. “He’s more powerful than Mezara Beam!”

“Not for long,” Basmati counters. “Jekster himself may be immune to such effects, but Jotund’s Might isn’t. Mezara Beam, tribute one Intel Counter to annihilate Jotund’s Might!”

Jotund’s Might is wiped off the board, and Jekster is once again brought down to 1400 ATK.

Serah smiles. “I thought you might do that. Time for me to play my last remaining card: Organ Donation! It allows me to add the ATK of one of the top five characters in my graveyard to any character I want. Can you guess which character’s ATK I’m going to add to Jekster’s?”

“I don’t need to guess,” Basmati grimaces. “It’s obviously Mai Terrorscale.”

“Momma Mia!” Jekster says. Mai’s power flows through him! “What do you call a creature with four legs, two wings, a tail, and a Mezara Beam?”

“I don’t know,” Basmati says. “What is it?”

“A dragon with spare parts!”

Basmati smiles. “Oh, no! Not Mezara Beam! How will I win if you destroy my most powerful character?”

“We’re not aiming for the Beam,” Serah says.

Jekster, now with 4400 ATK, turns his fire on Ceiling Reila, who has a mere 500 ATK and is in attack position from last turn. Basmati’s LP goes all the way down from 3,600 to zero.

“I suspected you had a way to resurrect Mezara Beam, but were out of attack negation,” Serah says, “So I went straight for the win.”

“It was statistically the correct move,” Basmati nods. “Well played.”

Serah wins!
No. 1040305 ID: e5709d

[Angry Gmod Noises]
No. 1041058 ID: 629f2e
File 166071703390.png - (18.40KB , 700x500 , QDI_18.png )

(This duel involves nsfw decks)

Two Formican sit at a table, playing with a digital tablet.

“So, we don’t have to touch it very hard to get it to register.” Jaina declares, assessing the small cracks she left on the screen. “...I’ll keep that in mind next time.”

“Sis, look! The cards are moving with my hand! It’s so cool, isn’t it?” Anet points out, dragging a virtual card across the screen. “Do you think our ancestors played this game too, or is this being repurposed?”

The tablet in question was purportedly Formican technology, according to the birds running this thing. Due to your diminished size, regular cards are a bit troublesome to move around, so this was the alternative they had prepared for you.

“Who knows?” Jaina answers. She hadn’t seen any cards like this around home, so she didn’t have a clue. “Sure you’re happy with the deck we’re going with? Last chance to make changes if you aren’t.”

“I think we’ll win! Or at least have a good chance. It’ll be fun either way.” Anet eagerly replies.

“I still think we could have used more destruction effects. Our opponent can’t win without cards.”

As if summoned through mere mention, their opponent arrives at the table, taking a seat across from them. Compared to the ant-sized sisters, she was a giant. Her dragon-like appearance did little to lower the intimidation factor of facing someone several times your size. Though the regalia did dim it somewhat.

“Ah, the hosts didn’t lie; you are so very small, aren’t you?” She remarks with curiosity.

“We are!” Anet replies. “What are you by the way? You look kind of like what Sam is, but different. Are you a Talzoran too?”

“I’m not familiar with such a term. I’m a Prismatican, Princess Reefa Multero of the Kingdom of Teroth. It’s a pleasure to meet you both!”

Her words were diplomatic, clearly a well-practiced greeting that presented her in a positive light. The Formicans’ responses, far less so.

“Alright. You can call me Jaina.”

“And I’m Anet! I think we would be princesses too, but our colony doesn’t really use that term. Our mom is a queen though, so that would make us princesses, right?”

“I suppose it would.” Reefa agrees. “I would love to hear all about your kingdom after this match. I can share many wonderful facts about Teroth as well.”

Please don’t get her started.” Jaina pleads. It’s ineffective, Anet is already thinking up several hundred questions to ask. Jaina nudges her shoulder. “Sis, the duel?”

“Oh! Right, right.” She presses a few buttons on the tablet to reset and shuffle their deck. A holographic deck appears on the table in front of her as she does. Reefa sets her physical deck in front of her.

“How shall we decide who goes first?” Reefa asks. “The suggested method by our hosts is to flip up cards until we each get a monster, and the one with the most attack goes first.”

“Works for me.” Jaina says. “Alright, go!”

Jaina flips up “Shelli, Magical Researcher”, who has 1600 ATK.

Reefa flips up “Exiled Noble Maya Du Bois”, who has 2400 ATK. She will be going first.

“May the better player win.” She declares with a smile that just radiates her belief to be the better player.

“You got this?” Jaina asks Anet.

“I’ll do my best!” She says.

Both duelists draw five cards, and the match officially begins!
No. 1041059 ID: 629f2e
File 166071712466.png - (507.30KB , 1000x1000 , A&J V Reefa - 2.png )

“I’ll begin my turn by summoning a “Royal Guard” in the Attack Position.” She explains, as she sets the card face up on the table. The image of a dark-feathered bird-person carrying a sword rises above the card. “Guards often come in pairs however. By normal summoning one “Royal Guard”, I’m allowed to set another from my deck face-up on the field, thus putting me at two face-up monsters.” She takes her deck and searches through it, before pulling out another “Royal Guard” card and setting it in Attack Position. A horse-person rises out of this one.

“If you thought that would be it, then you have clearly underestimated me. These guards are actually nothing more than material for my true summon.”

“Material?” Jaina repeats, unsure where Reefa is going. Anet catches on faster.

“She’s going to use them for a Special Summon! Ooooh, I wonder what kind!”

“Both “Royal Guard”s on my field are level 4. Thus, by using them both, I can perform an Xyz summon from my extra deck.” Reefa explains, taking her extra deck and leafing through it. She takes one, and stacks the two guards face up in a pile in a single monster zone. “The card I choose depicts my own mother, “Queen Gorgammar Multero”!” She announces, placing said card atop the stack in Defense Position.

[ Queen Gorgammar Multero: Dragon-Type, Level 4, ATK: 1000 DEF: 2500 ]

“2500 Defense points. That’s good…” Jaina couldn’t deny that was going to be an issue. Few cards in their main deck could outclass it in battle.

“There’s also her effect you will have to be wary of.” Reefa explains. “Whenever she or a card equipped to her would be destroyed for any reason, I can discard one material attached to her to negate the destruction.”

With two “Royal Guard”s attached, that meant they’d need to destroy her three times before she’d finally leave for the Graveyard. That could be tricky.

“Still, destroying cards isn’t the only way of removing them. Best to play it safe, and prepare for any alternatives you may have prepared.” The prismatican takes a spell card and sets it behind Gorgammar. “I play the Equip Spell Card “Modest Disguise”, and attach it to mother.”

The hologram of Queen Gamma shifts its royal garbs changing to something far more plain. She grimaces at her own appearance.

“I do hope the effect of this card is strong enough to justify such dull apparel.” The hologram remarks.

“I believe it is, mother. As long as this is attached to you, you cannot be Targeted by the effects of any card.”

“Hmph. That still doesn’t explain why they couldn’t have given the card something a bit more suitable for me.”

“Mother, please…”

“She’s arguing with her own card…” Jaina mutters, fully in disbelief at the stupidity.

“That Equip Spell is going to be trouble still. It limits our options even further for getting rid of her.” Anet remarks, looking through her hand at her options.

With that settled, I activate another spell card, “Recruitment Notice”. By detaching one material from an Xyz monster I control, I can summon a monster from the deck that is the same level. Naturally, I’ll be sending a level 4 “Royal Guard”.”

She pulls the card from beneath Queen Gamma, sending it to the Graveyard. She then searches her deck.

“I choose to set “Noovin Sett”.” She says with some amusement.

[ Noovin Sett: Warrior-Type, Level 4, ATK: 800 DEF: 1000 ]

“Finally I set one card face down, and end my turn.”
No. 1041060 ID: 629f2e
File 166071719312.png - (515.13KB , 1000x1000 , A&J V Reefa - 3.png )

“Our turn!” Anet says, drawing a card on her tablet. “It’s good that we’re going second, because I can only use this effect if you have a monster on the field and I don’t. I special summon “Cadmus, Polymath Researcher” to the field in Attack Mode! Look! He’s prismatican too, just like you!”

As Anet claimed, a red dragon-looking man came from the card, looking to be of a similar species to Reefa.

[ Cadmus, Polymath Researcher: Dragon-Type, Level 4, ATK: 1200 DEF: 1900 ]

“I’m going to activate his other effect now too. Once per turn, I can excavate the top 5 cards on our deck. If I hit any other Researcher characters, I can summon them to the field too! Every other card gets sent to the bottom of our deck, in whatever order I choose.”

One by one, cards flip up from Anet’s deck, revealing themselves to both players. “Crate of Greed”, “Research Project, Tome of Sexual Magic”, “Very Bad Things Have Happened”...

…“Mary Kil, Genetics Researcher”.

“A-ha!” She exclaims “I summon Mary Kil to the field!” A dog woman appears beside Cadmus.

[ Mary Kil, Genetics Researcher: Beast-Warrior-Type, Level 4, ATK: 1600 DEF: 1000 ]

“And that’s not even the end of it yet. Her effect let’s her excavate five more cards!”

“Again? We just did that, didn’t we?” Reefa asks.

“That was Cadmus’ effect. Mary’s is a little different. When there’s a Researcher other than her already on the field, she can only special summon Research Projects we flip up, instead of Researchers.”

“Get used to it now. This isn’t the last time you’re going to see this effect.” Jaina warns.

“Let’s see what we get!” Anet says, beginning to reveal cards.

Unfortunately, this set of five didn’t contain any cards with the term Research Project in their name. All five cards get sent back to the bottom of their deck.

“It seems the chain ends there, thankfully.” Reefa remarks.

“Not yet.” Jaina says. “Cadmus and Mary were both Special Summons. We still have a Normal Summon to activate this turn, and another monster in our hands to play.”

“That’s right! We normal summon “Diagram, Armament Researcher” in Attack Mode!”

[ Diagram, Armament Researcher: Warrior-Type, Level 4, ATK: 1800 DEF: 800 ]

“And take a guess what his effect is?”

Predictably, it’s much the same as the previous two monsters, but there is one small twist to it. “Unlike Cadmus and Mary, I have to shuffle a Researcher from my hand back into the deck to use his effect. But the upside is that if we hit more than one Research Project, we can summon up to two instead of just one. Now let’s try this again!”

After four more misses, a single Research Project comes out of the search. Not the two it could have been, but still better than nothing.

“I summon “Research Project, Reducer” to the field in Defense Position!” Instead of a third person, this time an object appears on their side of the field. It’s a panel with two arrows on it, one pointing up and one pointing down.

[ Research Project, Reducer: Machine-Type, Level 4, ATK: 0 DEF: 2200 ]

“That’s a character card?” Reefa questions.

“It doesn’t have much Attack, but when it gets summoned by an excavation effect it’s special ability kicks in. The Attack and Defense of every monster on your side of the field drops by 1000!”

“And since it’s not an effect targeting the queen, that applies to her as well.” Jaina adds.

“You mean I donned this miserable outfit for nothing?” Gamma complains, as the effect resolves.

With her final excavation of the turn complete, Anet and Jaina take a look at the field. Currently, they have two characters who can beat “Queen Gorgammar Multero” in battle, enough to make her use her last material and defeat her. Noovin’s stats are low enough that Cadmus can take her out afterwards.

However, Reefa still has a face-down card to consider. If it’s a battle trap, or has the potential to destroy a monster, then that could mess up their plan. But if it’s a simple spell or a trap with some other purpose to it, then playing around it isn’t worth it.

How should Anet and Jaina play around Reefa’s field?

A: Play around a trap card
-Summon a monster that can get around trap effects from the extra deck using three of your face-up characters as material
-If Reefa’s face-down is a battle trap or destruction effect, you will avoid being put in a weaker position
-If Reefa’s face-down is a bluff, you’ll have left her Queen on the field for nothing

B: Take a Chance
-Attack with the monsters you already have face-up.
-If Reefa’s face-down is a battle trap or destruction effect, you won’t be able to clear her board this turn
-If Reefa’s face-down is a bluff, she will have no monsters at the end of your turn

C: Try to bait out the trap
-Attack Noovin first to see if Reefa activates her trap card
-Reefa seems very likely to play it immediately if she’s able
-This option is a gamble, as its success depends on the specific trap she may or may not have set

No. 1041061 ID: 8483cf

C, Reefa probably thinks she's smart enough to outplay Anet and Jaina, but we'll show her!
No. 1041062 ID: 899c9f

B. Believe in the heart of the cards! Should this trap be aimed at negating a monster strong enough to defeat the queen, it will find its effect has been... reduced!
No. 1041169 ID: e51896

B. Heart of the cards and whatnot.
No. 1041200 ID: 9b127b

No. 1042167 ID: 629f2e
File 166175863316.png - (550.79KB , 1000x1000 , A&J V Reefa - 4.png )

“What do you think?” Jaina asks her sister.

“Hmm…” Anet ponders for a minute, really taking in the state of things before she answers. “I think we should take the chance. If our attacks go through, then we’ll be in a really good position! And if they don’t, we’ll still have card advantage in our favor.”

“Aside from what’s on the field, she only has One Card in her hand. We still have Four.” Jaina confirms. “We have more options.”

“So if we take out all her monsters now, it’ll be hard for her to set back up next turn. And if she can’t get another monster on the field, we may just beat her outright!”

“Low risk, high reward. It’s hard to turn down an offer like that.” The sisters nod in agreement.

“We enter the battle phase!” Anet declares. Like it or not, it was time to see if they’d stumbled into a trap or not. “Mary Kil, attack her Queen!”

Unfortunately for the pair, they had indeed played into Reefa’s hand with their decision.

“I shan’t allow it!” Reefa shouts. “I activate the trap card, “Castle Dungeon”!”

As the holographic dog charges the royal, she’s stopped in her tracks by iron bars. They appear all around her, popping up from all sides until she’s fully caged in. The prison cell then floats into a holographic castle, spawned directly over Reefa’s trap.

“Until my trap card leaves the field, your character card is removed from play. Thankfully, my effect resolves before your attack can go through, thus preventing it from taking place.” Reefa explains.

“Darn! And I was sure that face-down would have been a bluff.” Anet says.

“Wonderful play sweetheart! I was almost worried that brutish puppy would land a blow on me for a moment there.” Gamma says. Reefa can’t quite look her holographic mother in the eye, knowing what’s about to happen.

“Don’t get too comfortable.” Jaina says, tapping at their tablet. “We may not send you to the Graveyard, but we can at least remove that last piece of material from you. Diagram! Attack her queen. Creirwy Carnage!

The engineer reaches into her lab coat and pulls out a shotgun. Gamma immediately starts to sweat.

“You wouldn’t dare…” The royal threatens.

Diagram would. She lets loose a number of rounds into the queen. The scene is obscured by cartoonish amounts of smoke around the royal, but in the end she remains on the field. Her attire shows clear signs of battle-damage, but otherwise she seems uninjured. Reefa removed the last royal guard card from underneath her, placing it in the graveyard.

“You ruffian…! I’ll have your head for that!” Gamma shouts.

“Eep!” Diagram yelps. “C-Calm down. It’s j-just a game…”

Anet interrupts the projections’ argument. “Our battle phase isn’t over yet! Cadmus, attack Noovin with Precision Flare!

The dragon takes in a deep breath of air, and stretches his arm out in front of him towards Noovin. With his thumb and index fingers forming a ring, he spits out a small ball of fire straight down the center. It rockets forward, crashing into the front of Noovin’s dress and burning it to a crisp. The servant can only get out a shriek before vanishing from the field. Reefa barely restrains herself from grimacing at the state of her board.
No. 1042170 ID: 629f2e
File 166175887910.png - (511.94KB , 754x1200 , Proof of Concept SAI.png )

“That ends our battle phase,” Jaina says, “but not our turn.”

“I assume you’re just going to set a few cards now?” Reefa suggests.

“Maybe later. Before that…” Jaina taps the tablet some more, causing “Cadmus, Polymath Researcher” and “Research Project, Reducer” to be highlighted. “We’re going to use these two cards as material for a Link Summon.”

The two cards move to the graveyard. Jaina shoots Anet a thumbs up, allowing her to make the declaration. “From the Extra Deck, we summon “Research Grant”!”

A podium rises up from one of the Extra Monster Zones, with a few documents and stacks of bills on its surface.

[ Research Grant: Rock-Type, RANK 2, ATK: 400 ]

“For the record, just because the Reducer is gone doesn’t mean your monsters will get their original stats back.” Jaina clarifies. “The effect lasts until they leave the field.”

“Oh my, what a powerful effect for a single card.” Reefa says, with some frustration.

“Wait until you hear what Research Grant can do!” Anet says, excitedly. “By paying 1500 Life Points, we can use its effect to add a fusion spell from the deck to our hands. I’m choosing the spell card “Coalescence”. And then we’re gonna play it immediately!”

[ Anet & Jaina’s LP: 4500 ]

“We’ll send “Diagram, Armament Researcher” from our field and two cards from our hand…” Jaina continues. “To summon “Proof of Concept, Splintered Artificial Intelligence” in attack position!”

[ Proof of Concept, Splintered Artificial Intelligence: Cyberse-Type, Level 8, ATK: 2100, DEF: 2200 ]

Reefa makes note of the creature’s stats. They’re certainly not low, but she has plenty of cards which could easily overpower it. Best to just ask about the most important part. “I’m presuming this card has a rather powerful effect, given the high cost to summon it?”

“You’d be right in guessing that.” Jaina says, while letting Anet explain further. “We can use SAI’s effect to make your face-up characters activate their effects whenever they’re able to OR redirect an effect you activated to target a card of our choice, as long as it’s a valid target! And we can use both of those once per turn, yours and ours!”

It was about as bad as Reefa had been suspecting. The prismatican starts to worry.

Thankfully, that seemed to be it for the pair. “We set two cards face-down, and end our turn.”
No. 1042171 ID: 629f2e
File 166175889941.png - (359.67KB , 754x1200 , Imperium's Calculated Predictions.png )

“Finally.” Reefa sighs. Looking at her hand and field, her position isn’t great. She’d managed to keep her mother safe. Without any material though, and with her stats lowered, her destruction was guaranteed next turn if Reefa didn’t do something. This next draw will matter a lot for her.

Silently praying for luck, she takes the top card from her deck and looks at it.

…Her mouth curls into a smile. “This will do very nicely. I activate the spell card “Imperium's Calculated Predictions”! With this card, I’m allowed to draw Three new cards. One of them I’ll add to my hand, while the other two are sent to the grave.”

Taking her three cards and examining them, her smile grows even wider. “The true strength of this effect isn’t just the draw, but the cards that are destroyed. For example: If I draw a character whose effect triggers when it moves from my hand to the graveyard.”

“That is strong! Now I wish we had drafted that card too… Oh well.” Anet says.

Reefa sends a character and a spell to the graveyard. “Now, by sending “Quayla” to the grave, I trigger her special effect! I can search my deck for any equip spell of my choosing, and add it to my hand.”

After a quick search, she places the card face up in her back row. “I’ll be attaching it to mother right away. This spell is called “Succession”. Any Xyz card equipped with it can be used as material for the summoning of another Xyz card, and any equip spells attached will transfer over to the newly summoned character.”

Gamma huffs. “I’ll accept your using me as material this once if it means somebody else takes this awful attire.”

Reefa takes the other card she had drawn, and places it face-up in a monster zone. “Next, I will normal summon “Royal Guard, Gerbera”, activating their effect. Whenever I summon them, I get to special summon “Royal Guard, Snowpea” from my deck to the field alongside them.”

“Wait, isn’t that basically the same effect as your Royal Guards from your first turn?” Anet asks.

“It’s a standard effect among my weaker guard cards. They all come in pairs.” Reefa explains, setting Snowpea face up on the field.

[ Royal Guard, Gerbera: Warrior-Type, Level 4, ATK: 1600, DEF: 1500 ]
[ Royal Guard, Snowpea: Warrior-Type, Level 4, ATK: 1800, DEF: 1200 ]

No. 1042172 ID: 629f2e
File 166175893292.png - (236.08KB , 628x1000 , Irata_de_Rondalphus_s.png )

“Now then, I’ll be using Gerbera and mother as the material to summon a different card from my extra deck.” Reefa says, while looking through it. After a moment she pulls something out. “I summon “Queen Irata De Mare Rondalphus” in attack mode.”

[ Queen Irata De Mare Rondalphus: Winged-Beast-Type, Level 4, ATK: 2000, DEF: 2000]

“And because I used mother as material, her equipped spells become Queen Rondalphus’.”

The holographic bird that spawns from the card comes up wearing an outfit identical to what Gamma wore before, though without the battle damage.

“And then there’s her own effect. Queen Rondalphus allows me to detach one of her materials to banish a spell or trap card on the field once a turn. When I do this, I’m allowed to search my deck for a level 4 or lower warrior-type monster to add to my hand.”

“Question!” Anet says, waving her hand. “Did you say any spell or trap, or is it just any spell or trap on our side of the field?”

“Let me double check…” Reefa picks up the card and reads its effect once more. “The former.”

The formicans smile. Reefa’s eyes go wide. “I-I activate-!”

“Sorry! But we have priority to respond to your summon.” Jaina interrupts to say. “On summon, we activate the effect of-”

“Wait! Actually… we can’t do that. Sorry.”

“We can’t?” Jaina stops. Anet points to Reefa’s backrow.

“That Modest Disguise is still in the way. We can’t target her monster, which means we can’t activate her first effect.”

“Damn, you’re right.” She admits. “Good catch.”

“Then it seems like I can use the queen’s effect for myself, as I originally planned.” Reefa says, confidently. “I’ll detach Gerbera from Queen Rondalphus to destroy the facedown card on your right!”

The formicans smile again. “Oh, what is it now!?”

“The first effect targets, but the redirection doesn’t!” Anet says. “We use the effect of SAI to redirect Irata’s effect towards your own Castle Dungeon trap!”

Reefa is forced to watch in dismay as her own card does away with her trap, releasing Mary Kil back onto the sisters’ field. Things had gotten worse.

Still, there was one part of the effect they thankfully couldn’t do anything about. “...As I said before, I’m allowed to search my deck for a warrior now. I choose to add Kog Sillyman to my hand.” She pauses as she does, giving them a chance to respond. When no such act goes through, she continues. “Snowpea has a second effect which will activate now. Because Gerbera was sent to the graveyard while they were face-up on the field, I may destroy a monster on your side of the field.” Her eyes widen and her grin restores as she realizes something. “Thank goodness you’ve already expended your redirection ability. Exactly as planned!”

“It’s true that we don’t have that anymore, but the upside is that we’ve still got two face-downs! I think it’ll be fine if we use one of them for this.” Anet says, flipping up the card that Reefa had targeted before. “We activate “Blood Magic”! By paying 700 Life Points, we can negate the effects of all characters on the field for the rest of this turn.”

[ Anet & Jaina’s LP: 3800 ]

“No!” Reefa exclaims, as the holographic Snowpea attempts to charge the SAI, only to be contorted and puppeted back into place by the blood in her own body. “...I move to the battle phase.”

As bad as things were, Reefa did still have one clear advantage. Life points. Anet and Jaina’s tick away quickly, as Queen Irata destroys the Research Grant and Snowpea destroys Mary Kil. The damage of both combined put the formicans quite low with just a third of their health remaining.

[ Anet & Jaina’s LP: 2000 ]

They only had one monster on the field, one card face down, and one card left in their hand. Reefa meanwhile had two characters face up and two cards in her hand. She’d retaken the card advantage, but it would be fleeting. The SAI could unfortunately punch over both of Reefa’s monsters very easily, and its effects would be difficult to overcome for most of the cards in her deck.

She has two cards that could get rid of the SAI. One, a spell card in her hand called “We Both Lose Ties”. When played, both players are forced to tribute a character they control, and Reefa had just cleared the rest of their field during this battle phase.

The second was the strongest character in her extra deck. “King Flagrion Multero”. He can be special summoned using any Xyz monster that successfully attacked that turn, meaning she would still have Snowpea if she summons him. The king’s effect can clear every other card off the field, including whatever face down is still set. Even if she can’t get it off next turn after Blood Magic wears off, King Flagrion has more attack points than the SAI at least. He won’t be easily beaten.

The catch is, Reefa would be committing more resources in that scenario, which will make it all the more devastating if her opponents can interrupt her. If the second face-down card they’ve set can take care of Flagrion, then Reefa loses the queen and both of her equip spells for nothing. Plus, her strongest character would be in the graveyard and unavailable to her, which is also an issue.

Even if her spell doesn’t go through, Reefa would still have her second main phase to summon Flagrion. Still, that would leave her with one card in hand and one on the field. Her opponents, meanwhile, will have the rest of their turn to set their boards back up.

The crux of it all is once again a face-down card. How will Reefa play around it?

A: Activate “We Both Lose Ties”
-Play a spell that will force your opponents to get rid of their last character
-If they can negate it, you’ll have wasted a card and be in a worse position on your next turn
-You will summon “King Flagrion Multero” if this is negated. You will hold back on playing him if this isn’t.

B: Summon “King Flagrion Multero”
-Summon your biggest monster, and use his board-wipe ability next turn
-You will be committing a number of resources to this play. If interrupted, you’ll be in trouble
-You won’t activate “We Both Lose Ties” if this is negated on your turn, as that would leave you with no cards on the field going into your opponents’ turn

C: Summon “King Flagrion Multero” and set “We Both Lose Ties” just to be safe
-Commit the most resources, and be prepared for all eventualities
-This is the worst option if your opponents has no interruption for King Flagrion
-This is the best option if your opponents had ways around “We Both Lose Ties” as well as “King Flagrion Multero”

No. 1042173 ID: 899c9f

C. Blow it all up!
No. 1042184 ID: a2d88b

A: play it safe.
No. 1042188 ID: 8483cf

Agreed, let's blow everything up. Safely of course.
No. 1042195 ID: 9b127b

C is clearly the path to victory
No. 1043444 ID: 629f2e
File 166286810547.png - (299.24KB , 628x1000 , SABOTAGE.png )

In the end, Reefa decides that the added security of having more than one out to the SAI is worth the risk of overextending.

“I’ll set a card face-down, but that isn’t how I end my turn.” Reefa starts. “Using Queen Rondalphus as material, I special summon from my extra deck “King Flagrion Multero”!”

[ King Flagrion Multero: Dragon-Type, Level 12, ATK: 3000, DEF: 3000]

An older-looking dragon of clear importance spawns above the card. He rests on a throne and casts a withering gaze over the field.

“Shall we be rid of them?” He asks Reefa in an almost unnaturally calm tone of voice.

“Alas, we cannot yet, father. Your effects have been negated.” The princess informs.

“Ah, pity that. Well, I suppose you know where to find me.”

“She really talks to her cards a lot.” Jaina whispers to Anet.

“Maybe it’s because she picked so many with familiar faces?” She replies. “We should have gotten Sam, then we could spend all of her turns talking to him.”

“Conversation isn’t a good enough reason to add a card to the deck.”

As Anet is about to respond, she checks the field once more and pauses. After a few seconds of consideration, she decides to question Reefa’s previous play. “Wait a minute, how does that work? Succession lets you use the Queen as material, I get that part, but can’t you still only use her to Xyz summon a level 4 monster?”

“You’re correct about that.” Reefa says. “However, this wasn’t the effect of Succession that allowed me to use her, but father’s own effect. Any Xyz character that successfully attacked this turn may be used as the sole material to summon him. In addition, any material the previous card held becomes father’s. The equips do not carry over however, since Succession had nothing to do with this summon.” As she says this, Reefa takes the two equip spells and places them atop the graveyard.

She shifts Flagrion’s card slightly to reveal Queen Irata and Queen Gamma both beneath him.

“I cannot use his effects while Blood Magic is on the field, so that is all for this turn.”

“That means we’re up!” Anet says, as Jaina adds a card to their hand on the tablet. As with Reefa’s previous turn, this draw would matter greatly. Currently, the pair have an empty hand, and nothing they have showing on the field can adequately deal with Reefa’s previous summon.

Anet has eight fingers crossed as they draw. Her whole body de-tenses when she sees what they get.

“We activate the spell card “Student Loan”!” She declares. “This card lets us search out up to two Researchers from our deck, at the cost of 500 Life Points for each one we add to our hand.”

“That’s cutting quite deep into your Life Points, isn’t it?” Reefa points out.

“It’s fine.” Jaina says. “Life Points aren’t really that important. As long as you have even one left, you’re still in the game.”

“So we’re going to get the full value and spend 1000 Life Points to add “Shelli, Magical Researcher” and “Chi, Runetech Researcher” to our hand!”

[ Anet & Jaina’s LP: 1000 ]

Anet smiles eagerly. “Let’s not waste any more time! We special summon Shelli to the field in defense position!”

[ Shelli, Magical Researcher: Spellcaster-Type, Level 4, ATK: 1000, DEF: 2000]

A green serpent (with clear influence from a few other species mixed in) slithers out of the card. Like many of Reefa’s cards, there is a certain touch of royalty to her.

“We can special summon her because you have a spell or trap on the field.” Jaina explains.

“And now we’re going to get off her effect! Excavate the top five cards in our deck in search of Research Projects!”

Of the five cards that are revealed, two applicable targets are hit. “Research Project, Autopsy” and “Research Project, Gimmick Gun”.

“We’ll take Autopsy.” Jaina says without consulting with her sister.

[ Research Project, Autopsy: Zombie-Type, Level 4, ATK: 0, DEF: 2100]

“Aw, c’mon! Live a little!” Anet says.

“The gun involves rolling a die, and there are only two rolls that would keep us in the game. I’d rather not leave our victory up to chance.” Jaina explains, shutting down the discussion. “We can use the effect of Autopsy to pull a Researcher out of our graveyard, letting us search out more projects and researchers.”

“Before you do that, I actually intend to interrupt.” Reefa announces. “And I will be using my father’s effect to do so. By detaching two material, I will destroy every other card on the board save for him!

“What!?” Anet exclaims.

King Flagrion rises out of his throne, and begins to take a deep breath.

“Cast everything to the graveyard! Purging Flames!” Reefa calls out.

“Not so fast!” Jaina responds. “Trap card, open!”

The sole face-down card on the Formican’s field flips up, revealing it to be “SABOTAGE”.

“This card allows us to negate any spell, trap, or monster effect at the moment of activation. We target King Flarion. Without that disguise card, there’s nothing stopping us from doing so.”

King Flagrion begins coughing, as steam pours out his nostrils. The fire he’d been building up seems to have expired inside of him. Instead of seeming annoyed, Reefa looks all too pleased with herself.
No. 1043445 ID: 629f2e
File 166286815495.png - (276.20KB , 628x1000 , We Both Lose Ties.png )

“I had a suspicion that you might have some way to interrupt that. It’s no matter though. I activate the quick-play spell card “We Both Lose Ties”! This card forces each of us to tribute one monster for no benefit. We each get to choose the characters we sacrifice. For me, it will be Snowpea.”

The sisters have no response, and are forced to choose. They confer among themselves.

“Shelli is the weakest card on our field, since she’s already used her effect.” Jaina points out.

“But we need Researchers for our fusions.” Anet reminds her. “Let’s dump the SAI instead. It isn’t strong enough to get over the King, and we can’t use it to summon something better.”

“Hmm, you have a point… Alright.”

The pair break apart, pointing at “Proof of Concept, SAI”. “Get rid of it.” Jaina says. Both Snowpea and the SAI vanish from the field. “With that out of the way, we’ll keep our combo going.”

“Activate the effects of “Research Project, Autopsy” to bring back Mary Kil from the graveyard!” Anet says, smiling widely as the small dog reappears on the field. “And because she’s not the only Researcher, she gets to excavate for Research Projects.”

Five cards flip up, but unfortunately for the girls not one of them is a Research Project that they can summon. The revealed cards move to the bottom of the deck, but all hope is not lost.

“We still have one more card we can play. We normal summon “Chi, Runetech Researcher” in face-up defense position.” Jaina says.

[ Chi, Runetech Researcher: Winged-Beast-Type, Level 4, ATK: 1600, DEF: 1500]

“Chi searches for Researchers, so let’s do it now. It’ll be one more card you’ll have to go through before you can touch our Life Points.” Anet says. Five cards flip up, and they get another hit.

“We summon “Gail, Archeological Researcher” to the field in defense position!”

[ Gail, Archeological Researcher: Reptile-Type, Level 4, ATK: 1000, DEF: 1900]

“Now normally we would have Gail use her effect to get another Research Project, but…”

“We’re out of zones.” Jaina points out. Shelli, Autopsy, Mary, Chi, and Gail occupy all five of the available spaces. “So, that’s gonna be it for our turn.”

“Then I will begin mine. Draw!” Reefa pulls the top card of her deck, hoping to get something that will put material on her father so that she can clear the board with him.

What she instead gets is the Game-Winning Card. She can barely contain her glee, but attempts to stay collected as she uses it.

“I cast the spell card “Peasantry Revolt”.” She says, with absolute calm and certainly not child-like glee. She’s a diplomat, obviously she can handle herself. “By targeting my Xyz card, King Flarion, I can change the all other cards on the field with a lower attack score to attack position, at the cost of granting each of them 400 extra attack points.”

All five cards on the Formican’s field flips into attack. The girls stare in alarm as they realize what is happening.

Reefa pauses for a very brief moment to consider how she wants to end this match. Her father has enough attack to defeat them no matter which character she attacks, so it’s all a matter of preference.

Who should Reefa deal the finishing blow to, winning her the duel? (The winning choice will be featured in a NSFW image next update)

A: Shelli, Magical Researcher (Lascivious Labyrinth)
B: Mary Kil, Armament Researcher (SEX-COM)
C: Chi, Runetech Researcher (SHARDS)
D: Gail, Archeological Researcher (A Small Quest)
E: Research Project, Autopsy (Starlight Afterglow) (Votes for this card will not count, but feel free to choose it as a form of protest towards lewds)

No. 1043447 ID: e51896

We haven't seen Gail naked out of the choices anywhere yet, so D
No. 1043448 ID: e5709d

Mary Kil, to promote more SEX-COM content
No. 1043451 ID: 15c72a

No. 1043452 ID: 515982

No. 1043453 ID: 9b127b

No. 1043454 ID: 8483cf

No. 1043625 ID: de15ea
File 166302539753.jpg - (312.30KB , 2788x2811 , t1u4.jpg )

The irrationally gorgeous Dragon rears back preparing to blast a flame breath attack at the face down monster, but Momo suddenly hurls herself in front of the card and throws her arms wide!

“Noooo~!” she wails dramatically, as her breasts bounce free from her robes - but something spills out from between them!
No. 1043627 ID: de15ea
File 166302544419.png - (779.16KB , 1256x2000 , Booby_Trap.png )

Momo Activates the trap card BOOBY TRAP, negating Radiant Flare’s attack and destroying her! A massive explosion bursts forth from her chest, coating the area in smoke! Both Momo and The Masked Duelist lose 1150 life points as a result of Flare’s destruction.

Life Totals:
Momo - 3350
The Masked Duelist - 4850

As the smoke clears, Momo is swooning topless on the ground in front of her cards, coughing weakly - her chest heaving.

“Look. I would really appreciate it if you would … um … not do that,” The masked duelist mutters, looking away as they wave away the smoke near them.

“Oh, such a brute~!” Momo huffs as she sits up, making an intentionally incomplete gesture towards covering herself, “I didn’t expect you to like things so r-” Her smirk is interrupted as she sees a pasty, doughy looking clay man standing in front of her. “Wait, is *that* what you looked like under your robes!? How disappointing!”
No. 1043628 ID: de15ea
File 166302549503.jpg - (267.53KB , 2867x2526 , t1u5.jpg )

The masked duelist coughs from behind the clay man, still looking away, “No, that’s my monster.”

“Oh,” Momo pouts, disappointed, “I would have hoped your stupid robes would be a little worse for wear. Also, I just destroyed your monster!”

The Masked Duelist continues, “When Radiant Flare was destroyed by an enemy effect instead of by battle, it activated her effect to special summon a monster from my deck with a lower level, but negate that monster’s effects until the end of the turn.”

Simon - Who Sees the End
Level 2 Earth Monster

Momo laughs, “Am I supposed to be intimidated by this little weirdo? He’s not even hot! What does his effect even do, so I know what to expect next turn?”

The Masked Duelist plays two cards face down as they speak, “Simple. As long as he is on the field, [/i]all face-down cards are revealed,[/i] but they still count as being face-down and can be flipped and activated according to their normal conditions. He is a normal monster as long as there are no face-down cards on the field. And since I have nothing else to do in my second main phase -”

Momo’s Eyes widen as The Masked Duelist prepares to end their turn. This is really bad! She can’t let it stick around for when her turn starts or she’s going to be in big trouble.

How does Momo get rid of Simon?
1: Banish him from the game at a large cost
2: Return him to The Masked Duelist’s hand at a low cost

Additionally, what does she want to do on her next turn, she’s a little frustrated, so she wants to do something flashy
A: Set up a big dangerous attack to knock her opponent down a peg!
B: Set up a super restrictive field of continuous traps and watch her opponent squirm!
No. 1043629 ID: b5524e

2 (Insert "hand bounce" pun here)
B (Why rush things?)
No. 1043630 ID: 515982

No. 1043631 ID: 629f2e

1 and B!

1 because it's far less likely that The Masked Duelist will have a way to bring back a banished monster than it is that he can simply re-summon Simon on his turn.

And B because there's nothing duel monster players fear more than a horrible floodgate setup that doesn't let them do any of the plays they want to make.
No. 1043635 ID: d98cb8

Definitely 1 and B
No. 1043645 ID: 9da85d

2 and B.

The threat of Simon may loom, but the threat of continous cycle of bodacious buxom beastfolk is now.
No. 1043646 ID: e51896

I'm going with 1 and B because that is what Crows wants, and Momo is his character.
No. 1044159 ID: 629f2e
File 166356194776.png - (199.24KB , 500x600 , Gail Destroyed.png )

Reefa smiles, her eyes locking onto the lizard woman who had been summoned last.

“I enter the battle phase.” She announces. “Father, put an end to that archeologist with Purifying Flames!

“As you command, sweetiepie.” The older dragon slowly rises from his seat. Anet and Jaina’s other cards start inching away from Gail, not wanting to be caught in the blast. The poor scalie can do nothing but stare, as Flagrion takes in a deep breath of air.

“...Oh dear.” Gail says.

A torrent of flame washes over her, incinerating her attire to mere ash. She screeches and covers up moments before disappearing from the field entirely. With the battle damage crashing the Formicans’ life points to nil, the battle was over.

[ Anet & Jaina’s LP: 0 ]
[ Victory: Reefa ]

No. 1044161 ID: 629f2e
File 166356207605.png - (113.54KB , 500x500 , Reefa Being Cute.png )

“Darn! I feel like we almost had it too.” Anet grumbles, as all the holograms vanish. “Ah well, bad luck on the excavations was always gonna be what cost us the game with this deck. Right?”

“That, or simply not drawing any Researchers.” Jaina points out.

“Oh yeah, true. Jeez, we wouldn’t even have had much of a field then.”

“We were actually decently lucky on their effects. We just needed a card that would let us fuse some of them off.”

“Right!? I was really hoping we’d hit that one research project…”

The sisters continue to talk amongst themselves, before Reefa interrupts them by clearing her throat. She extends a hand towards the pair, which they happily climb onto. It was easier to talk to them up close, given the size difference.

“You both played very well. It was a fine duel.” She says.

Anet grabs hold of one of the prismatican's fingers and shakes it in a mock-handshake. “Yeah, good game to you too! You got so lucky on those draws, we just couldn’t fight back.”

“Nonsense, it was purely skill which won me this match.” Reefa proudly insists. Jaina is having none of it.

“You drew a card that let you draw more cards when your hand was almost empty, and then drew one that forced our cards into attack position when we could have walled up to protect ourselves.” She points out.

“Yes, well…” Reefa falters slightly. “Including such powerful spells in my deck was a brilliant stroke of strategy, wouldn’t you agree?”

“How about we say it’s a bit lucky and a bit skillful?” Anet proposes. All seem pleased with the compromise.

“The others are still having their own matches.” Reefa points out. “It will be some time before this tournament continues. How would you feel about another game, just for fun?”

“You sure you aren’t just trying to prove you didn’t luck into that win?” Anet teases.

“I need not prove what I already know to be true.” She responds in a dignified tone. “It’s simply good practice for my next match, and a quite enjoyable way to pass time. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Eh. Not like we have anything better to do.” Jaina says with a shrug. “Alright. Let’s see if we would have won in a best two out of three!”
No. 1045257 ID: 629f2e
File 166474191321.png - (1.15MB , 1000x1000 , Bonnie and Enid.png )

It takes Enid a bit to find her duel location. Eventually though, she stumbles upon a wide field marked “Lifesize Projection Space #1” Its floor is raised by about an inch, showing the area’s borders. There are a few similar fields nearby, some of which are already populated by duelists. They’re spaced out enough that you would have to shout to be heard by your nearest neighbor.

Another girl arrives shortly after her. There’s a moment of de-tensing for both when they realize they’re in the same age-range. They launch into greetings.

“Hi there. Are you Bonnie, my opponent?” Enid starts.

“That’s me! So that makes you Enid?” Bonnie asks. Enid nods. “Are you a Safety Scout too?”

“Um, no. I’m not really in any sort of group right now…”

“You should consider joining. There are rats, and super strength, and mind reading, and you get to punch people with electricity, and it’s really fun!”

“Oh! I don’t think I can join then. Back home, we don’t have anything like that… I think? The others said Roger was really fast, but did they mean super speed or just really fast for a kid?

“That sucks. Your home sounds boring.”

“I can think of worse things to say about it than that…”

With pleasantries out of the way, Bonnie moves to one side of the field, while Enid takes the other. There are tables waiting at both ends, indented with the duel-field. Bonnie blows a raspberry at hers, kicking it aside.

“I’ve got something way cooler to play on than that. Check it out!”

She holds her right arm out, letting a duel disc generate from her glove. Enid couldn’t help but be impressed by the portable field.

“Where did you get that? It looks really cool!” Enid compliments.

“Thanks! Dr. White wanted me to test it out. It’s some sort of hologram thingy-majigy-bobigy. Not normally for cards, but she changed it so that I could try it here. The tubby bird promised their weird card game magic wouldn’t get in the way with whatever science it works with.”

“Card game magic? Wait… Are the cards going to come to life when we play them!?” Her earlier conversation with Pan was suddenly making a lot more sense. It also explained the large “projection space”.

“Yeah! Isn’t that awesome?”

“It is! I wish I’d known about it, I would have grabbed a few cards with nicer art on them.”

Oh well, there’s no changing her deck now. And besides, she picked the cards that she did because she thought they would work well together, so she just has to believe that she made the right choices. She definitely wasn’t confident in that, but it’s not like she could just quit. That’s stupid, if she’s going to lose it should be because she played badly, not because she didn’t play at all.

She sets her deck on the table, as Bonnie loads hers into the funky disc gadget. Ready or not (she wasn’t really), it’s time to duel-
No. 1045258 ID: 629f2e
File 166474201590.png - (61.89KB , 415x369 , Franklin_ohayo4.png )

“Hey Enid.”

Enid shrieks.

Franklin is standing beside her, staring confusedly.

“...Are you okay?”

“I-I think you just knocked a year off my life. But yeah, other than that, fine.”

“Ummm who is that?” Bonnie asks from the other side of the field.

“Oh right.” Franklin waves to her. “Sorry, can you wait a couple minutes?”

“Probably not!” She calls back.

“Oh… Thank you for being honest.” He then turns back to Enid and continues to interrupt their duel by being there.

“What’s going on Franklin? Did you get lost, or forget one of the rules?” Enid asks.

“...No, that’s not it. I saw my opponents. But they were… Um…” He rubs his head as one might a crystal ball to find the truth they seek. “They were… they.”


“Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being a they. I know lots of theys.” Bonnie shouts from across the field..

“…Two! There were two of them!” Franklin finally says. “There were two people playing as one duelist.”

“Ah, that’s right. I think I saw one other group like that on the bracket.” Enid thinks back to the pretty dragon’s opponents. She didn’t see them in the crowd, but there were definitely two names and faces up there. “But um, why are you telling me this?”

“I was wondering… Can we do that too? Play together, as one duelist?” He asks.
No. 1045260 ID: 629f2e
File 166474216654.png - (16.93KB , 500x550 , QDI_20.png )

Enid blinks, repeating the question a few times in her head. She hadn’t thought of it before, but it clearly was an option for some people.

“...I… I don’t know. Can we?”

Franklin shrugs, clearly not sure himself. There was really only one creature to ask.

“...Excuse me, Mr. Companionship!” She shouts toward the ceiling. In response, a fluffy little orb flutters its way down to the children.

“Hello Enid! Franklin. This isn’t your arena you know.” Pan gently explains.

“Excuse me, but can Franklin and I play together like his opponents are?”

“What!?” Tianna yells, soaring down to the disastrous conversation. “The bracket’s already done! Matches should be beginning! You can’t just-!”

“Sure, you can do that!” Pan says, ignoring the unholy screech from their colleague.

“There, there,” Toffles says, patting Tianna on the wing. “It was a very good bracket, it’s not your fault that Pan was created with marshmallows instead of a spine.”

“She does have a point.” Enid says. “What will happen to Franklin’s opponent’s if he’s playing with me now?”

“I’m sure we can arrange for a substitute, so don’t worry a peep about them!” Pan assures, to the resounding grumbles of his avian companions. He calls out to the girl across the field, “Ms. McCarthy! You don’t mind playing against Enid and Franklin together, do you?”

“Huh? Yeah, that’s fine. I’m pretty sure I can take both of them.” She replies eagerly.

“Then I see absolutely no reason to deny the request. Have fun!”
No. 1045261 ID: 629f2e
File 166474226334.gif - (2.73MB , 1200x686 , Enid and Franklin VS Bonnie.gif )

They give their thanks as the birds fly off, most likely to bring the abandoned pair up to speed. Franklin sets his deck on the table beside Enid’s, as the pair consider how to handle the 80+ cards between them.

“...We could just play with yours.” Franklin mutters. “I won’t mind.”

“Oh, forget it! Let’s just do this.” Enid says, before grabbing them both and shuffling them together. “They may not go together well, but both of our decks were probably rubbish in the first place. You can’t ruin what’s already ruined.”

“I’m sure yours was fine.” Franklin assures.

“That makes one of us.”

“Hey, are you guys ready or not?” Bonnie calls out. They both nod. “Great! Then it’s time to DUEL!”

Following the rules they’d heard before, both girls draw until they hit any random character card from their deck, and compare the ATK points.

Bonnie: [ Skinny Rat: Beast-Type, Level 2, ATK: 1000, DEF: 1000 ]
Enid: [ Jojo, The Bully (E), Level 3, ATK 1500, DEF: 1000 ]

“Looks like we’re going first.” Enid says, smiling. “I think that’ll be better for us”

They both draw the top five cards of their deck, before Enid and Franklin huddle up to check theirs out together.

Enid’s first hand will be a 1:4 ratio of cards from hers and Franklin’s original decks. Who would you prefer for the ratio to favor? Does she pull more of her own cards, or Franklin’s?

(Enid’s cards are more balanced + Trap focused, Franklin’s cards are more gimmicky and less cohesive)

No. 1045262 ID: e51896

Franklin's cards!
No. 1045277 ID: 8483cf


Definitely focused on Franklin to start.
No. 1045279 ID: bbb04b

Enid. Stability's more important in the early game. You can pull out the nonsense when you have a foundation to stand on.
No. 1045282 ID: d3791d

More of Franklin's deck.
No. 1045284 ID: 262068

Gonna go with Franklin.
No. 1046593 ID: 629f2e
File 166580142831.png - (119.60KB , 502x799 , Buried Alive.png )

Drawing many cards she hadn’t before read, Enid takes a moment to read them all. Confusion fills her features.

“I don’t understand why you took a lot of these, Franklin. What was your deck’s win condition?” She asks, receiving a blank stare in reply.

“...To win?”

She sighs. It seemed likely to her that he had just grabbed an assortment of cards that seemed fun or sounded strong. That isn’t a good strategy, but merging decks was her idea. Like it or not, she’d just have to make it work somehow. Or– they would. They are a team after all.

Currently, their hand consists of:
-A slow continuous trap that would only become valuable if it stayed on the field for a few turns
-A decent resource recycling trap
-A weak character card that would float into another character when sent to the graveyard
-A spell to reset the field and hands
-A weak character card that can discard a card to special summon another character from the deck

“Hmm… These are kind of all over the place, but at least we can still use them. It’s just going to be a little messy.”

“Which of these should we summon?” He asks, pointing at the two characters. She thinks about it.

“Um… Maybe this one?” She suggests, holding up the floater. “We can’t attack on the first turn, and whatever we set will probably be destroyed, so we can save this one’s special summon effect for the next. It’s… What do you think?”

“It makes sense to me. I think we should do it.”

“You think so? But… Hmm…” Her eyes flip between both characters, a thought on the tip of her tongue. In the end, the thought goes nowhere, so she plays as they agreed.

“We set a character face-down,” she announces, pausing to observe a holographic card appear in the space between them. “We’ll also be setting two cards face-down. And that’s it, we pass.” With three cards on the field, the turn shifts over to Bonnie.

“Draw!” She takes a card, putting her hand at 6. The card in her hand elicits a wide smile. Without a second thought she slams it down.

“I play Cute Rat in attack mode! Her numbers aren’t that big, but she looks really pretty! Show me that hologram!”

[ Cute Rat, Beast-Type, Level 2, ATK 1000, DEF: 1000 ]

Another card appears on the field, and from it spawns an anthropomorphic mouse with bangs over her eyes and some cute casualwear emerges. Enid can’t help but gasp.

“Wow… It’s so lifelike! And she is cute, I’m jealous that card wasn’t at our table.”

“Aw, thanks!” It suddenly says, leaving her speechless. The visual of a realistic looking creature on the field was one thing, but she hadn’t even considered that they might be able to interact with the projections.

“They can talk? That’s… Isn’t that a little…”

Franklin finishes her thought. “...If they can think and say stuff, doesn’t that make it… bad that we’re gonna make them fight and kill each other?”

Bonnie blinks. “Huh… Y’know, I hadn’t really thought about that.”

“If it’s going to make things weird, I could stop talking,” the Cute Rat offers. It does little to dissuade the children from questioning the moral implications of their match.

“Um… I know the character on the card we set.” Franklin points out. “If he dies in the game, what if that kills him in reality too? That can’t happen, right?”

“Oh my gosh, I didn’t even think about that!” Enid shouts out in concern. “The birds said it was magic, but doesn’t that just make something awful like that possible?”

“What if we’re the real monsters here?” Bonnie asks, looking down at her gloved hands in horror.

The atmosphere was rapidly deteriorating from what should otherwise have been a fun children’s card game.

“Um…” The Cute Rat speaks up once more. “I really don’t think any of those issues will happen or anything, buuuuut what if I just toss the card I was gonna fight out of the arena? Would that be okay.”

“Oh, well yeah that’d be fine.” Bonnie says with a nod, immediately recovering.

“I don’t mind.” Franklin agrees.

“That’ll have to do until we can check in with the birds after the match.” Enid says. “Ring outs only!”

“If we’re all good, Cute Rat! Please get rid of that face-down monster!”

She shoots a thumbs up, before rushing across the field. The face-down character flips up, revealing Phillip, The Nerd (E). Unfortunately for the Cattenom kids, his defense was a mere 900, just short of his opponent’s attack.

“Sorry kid, but you’re out!” The mouse boasts, grabbing him by the arm. He tries to wriggle free, but a few seconds of dragging later sees Phillip being flung from the arena. He vanishes as soon as he crosses the projection area’s edge.

Enid taps her partner. “Franklin, you remember what we talked about before, right?”

He nods. “Phillip has an effect.” He raises his voice to inform Bonnie. “When Phillip goes to the graveyard, we get to summon his twin sister, Lillian, to the field.” The Athlete appears where Phillip once stood, looking fired up.

[ Lillian, The Athlete (E), Rapscallion-Type, Level 3, ATK 1000, DEF: 1000 ]

“Heard what you did to my bro. Don’t think I’m lettin’ ya get away with it.” She threatens. Cute Rat simply looks amused at the child trying to sound tough.

“That’s not all. We also activate the trap card Buried Alive.” Enid says, as the card flips up. “Due to this card’s effects, Phillip will come back to our field next turn.”

“That’s fine. He’s still not stronger than my monster.” Bonnie says.

As she’s wondering what else she should do, a whisper in her head gives her the answer. “That’s right, Cute Rat actually has an effect I can use. Let’s see…” She stares at the card, reading it closely. “I can put her back in my hand, and if I do… I get to add another monster from my deck there too! Whoa, that’s neat! I didn’t know she could do that.”

“...Didn’t you read her before you added her to your deck?” Enid asks.

“No,” is the immediate reply. “I just thought she looked pretty.”

Enid mutters to herself. “We can’t send her to the graveyard if she’s off the field. We won’t be able to keep her off that effect. But the downside is that she’ll have to use her normal summon to get the search, so it’s not ideal for her unless she has enough ways to special summon from her hand.” Franklin nods along, trying his best to follow her commentary.

“I’m gonna use Cute Rat’s effect!” Bonnie announces, taking her from the field and back to her hand.

“Wh– You can’t leave! I crave vengeance for Phillip!” Lillian shouts. The rodent waves goodbye, as she vanishes.

“Let’s see. I’m gonna use it to search up… Which one should I– Oh! I like this one!“ She reveals a powerful Tribute Monster before adding it to her hand. “Then I’llllll set this card. Annnd this other one too. That’s it I think.”
No. 1046594 ID: 629f2e
File 166580146549.png - (180.41KB , 628x1000 , Update Counter.png )

“Before you end your turn, I have a trap I want to activate.” Enid says, before flipping a card face-up. “Update Counter!

A text box appears over the field reading “Update: 0”. She explains, “during each of mine and Franklin’s turns, this card will gain one Update. Whenever you want to declare an attack, we flip three coins. For your attack to go through, you need to flip as many or more Heads as there are Updates on this card.”

As the turn shifts over to Franklin and Enid’s, the two drawing a card for turn, the text on the box alters to read “Update: 1”. The boy scratches his chin thoughtfully. “So… Right now, she just needs to get one heads in the three coins flipped?” He smiles as his partner nods approvingly.

“And because it’s our turn now, Phillip comes back to the field!” The male twin appears beside his sister. They share an awkward sibling hug before taking up battle positions. With all effects resolved, they could finally start playing new cards. Unfortunately, a horrible thought struck Enid as she looked in her hand.

“Wait… He special summons from deck when… and Buried Alive revives from the grave…” Her eyes open wide. “I messed up!”

“Huh? How?” Franklin asks.

“Look!” She shoves the cards in his face. “We should have played Rodney first. With Buried Alive, we could have easily committed to setting a bigger character on the field, and if we discarded Phillip for the cost of Rodney’s effect, then his would have activated since it’s being sent from the field OR hand that triggers it. That means we would have had three characters in one turn, but instead we’re down a trap card for no reason. I messed it up…”

To his credit, while he didn’t quite follow the explanation, Franklin had understood the basic issue of “I could have played that better”.

“...Does that mean we lose?”

“What? No… Not immediately. But we’ll run out of cards sooner, a-and–”

“That’s good. We didn’t lose. That means we can keep playing, right?”


He takes the hand from her and looks at them. “Can you show me what we can do with the cards we have now? I dunno what we should do next. Is it not a good idea to summon Rodney now?”

“...N-No, I still think we should. Just don’t use his effect, we need both these other cards.” She explains.

“Okay, I’ll do that.” He places the card and speaks to Bonnie. “We summon Rodney, The Socialite (E) now.”

The young Socialite appears, joining the twins in posing for a fight.

[ Rodney, The Socialite (E), Rapscallion-Type, Level 3, ATK 500, DEF: 500 ]

“Huh. Hey, why do all your monsters have an ‘E’ at the end of their names?” Bonnie asks.

“That’s a good question. Let me ask.” He turns back to Enid. “Why do they?”

“You didn’t get it? But you had cards from the same archetype.”

“Does it have something to do with the other two letters? I think they were… M and A?

She nods, speaking so that Bonnie can hear. “The E stands for Elementary. The ones with M stand for Middle. And the A stands for Adult.

“There are other letters?” The other girl questions. Enid nods.

“I think now would be a good time to bring some of them out.” She picks up the extra deck, skimming through it. “Franklin, can you help me decide which to go with?”

Which card should Enid and Franklin level up?

1: Lillian, The Athlete (E)
-Becomes incredibly strong and immune to card effects
2: Phillip, The Nerd (E)
-Allows you to search out practically any card you might want from your extra deck
3: Rodney, The Socialite (E)
-Provides a buff to all cards on your side of the field, and makes it easier to summon a few more


Bonnie added a powerful monster to her hand. Which one was it? (You only get the simplified card name, not the character name or the quest they originate)

A: Strong Fire Bird
-Can destroy cards on the field
B: Big Blind Dog
-Can negate trap card effects
C: Big Happy Lady
-Can attack every monster on the field

No. 1046598 ID: 8483cf

1. Fight strong with strong! Level up LILLIAN!

A. Birb birb birb birb
No. 1046603 ID: abaa91

2: Phillip, The Nerd (E)


A: Strong Fire Bird
No. 1046607 ID: e51896

2 because it'd be hilarious if The Nerd was stronger than The Athlete

C, so the update counter doesn't have a chance to get negated or destroyed
No. 1047507 ID: c642be

I wonder how a character that can look for backup fares against one that can pummel him.
No. 1047522 ID: c642be
File 166677528914.png - (253.60KB , 1580x1244 , xerinvsselma 1.png )

Selma looks around the auditorium, observing the other duelists and witnessing a fish-man get blasted by his own cards, a pair of ants standing toe-to-toe with a dragon princess, and an odd fox lady baring her chest while unleashing a trap card right over the corner. There’s absolutely no shortage of interesting things to get an eyeful of. She thinks again on why she came to this tournament and recalls an invitation to duel all manner of players in a game of wits and strategy for the promise of an amazing prize: the champion’s greatest desire.

Her imagination had run rampant and questions bloomed in her head of what she would see at the tournament. What would such an event be like? What would her opponents look like? And most importantly what was her greatest desire? The answers were both stranger and more mundane than she imagined back in her apartment.

But what would winning the tournament mean for her? Seeing the wider world? Finding a taste for mind games and competition? Becoming a world-renowned authoress of salacious prose? So many choices, so little certainty.

She ponders her cards, carefully chosen for outmaneuvering and long-term strategy. Being told by the bird judges to mix random cards into her deck at the last minute would complicate things, but she knows well that improvising is all part of the game. Learning and watching carefully.

And she is very good at watching.
No. 1047523 ID: c642be
File 166677536323.png - (567.04KB , 1980x1480 , xerinvsselma 2.png )

Selma’s thoughts are interrupted as a man approaches her table. He is almost as short as she is and has a polished jewel stuck to his forehead. Selma thinks it looks rather nice, but it’s his glasses she finds fetching.

-”Ah, you’re Selma I assume?”- The fellow says with a smile as he takes the chair across from her.. -”I believe I am your first opponent for the day. You may call me Xerin.”
-”...Hello, Xerin.”- Selma hesitates for a moment before replying, trying to wrap her head around this weird hedgehog guy.

-”I have to say, I'm glad you’re the first participant I’m playing with. You seem much more… mellow than some of the others around here.”

-”Thanks.”- Selma says politely. -”Um….Have you played this card game before?”

-”Played? No. I have studied the rules in my free time however.”- Xerin’s smiles with confidence as he pulls his deck from his pocket, passes the cards to Selma to shuffle, and grabs her own. - “When I received an invitation to this tournament, I took it upon myself to get acquainted with the game, so at the very least I don’t embarrass myself. I find it all quite fascinating, if a bit complicated. At any rate, it’s a welcome break from all the hassle back home.”

- “Uh, yes. I can relate, actually.”- Selma replies, recalling the real mess her sleepy little home town has become in the last few days.

Xerin looks up at her as he playfully shuffles her deck. “Well, then. Here’s to an enjoyable distraction with good company. Shall we start?”

-”Yeah, sure. To a good duel.”- Selma smiles a little. She is beginning to like this Xerin fellow.
No. 1047529 ID: c642be
File 166678900359.png - (251.14KB , 389x389 , Xerin_Analyzing.png )

I try looking into her eyes as we converse, but I cannot hijack her vision without direct eye contact. Her spectacles are ridiculously thick. How can two pieces of glass be so damn opaque? No matter, I know this game well enough. I will win through sheer skill alone. A challenge keeps the mind sharp, and all.

We draw cards from our decks until we get a monster. Just as in life, the one with the most power goes first.

She draws…..Pre-shrunk Sam, 1000 Attack.

And I…..Ha! Alice Dietrich, 1750 Attack. Always good to have the initiative.

As we cut and return each others’ cards, I observe that this girl is hard to get through in more ways than one. She is reserved. Few words, few emotions. A strong poker face will help her, but it won’t be enough..

Hmmhmm. This is a good enough hand to start. I’ll be able to put these cards to good effect.
No. 1047530 ID: c642be
File 166678905192.png - (55.38KB , 389x389 , Creepy_Selma.png )

“I will place these two trap cards here and proceed to summon NCO Arkot in defense position.”- Xerin says as he does just that. -“That will be all for my first turn. Your move, my dear rival.”-

[NCO arkot, Four Stars, Type: Beast/Machine ATK:1300 DEF:1300]

Selma stares for a moment at the cards in her hand and thinks about her intended strategy.
Her deck is well-built, her hand good, and her options many. Her glasses glint for a moment in the fluorescent lights as she finally decides on her starting tactic.

Those trap cards can’t do much if their owner runs out of time to set them off.

“I activate Formican Exodus, which reduces your deck by two cards each turn it stays on the field.”- She says calmly, betraying no emotion, -” I then place a monster card face down to end my turn.”

With his time running out, she knows her opponents chances are dramatically less now. She almost lets a smile quirk her lips.
No. 1047531 ID: c642be
File 166678912592.png - (294.42KB , 759x427 , QDI_21.png )

“Back to you, bud.”-She says smugly, crossing her arms. She feels like her starting spell was a very deep strategy. Self-congratulatory. Works for me, however. It means she is lowering her guard already and the timer she created would only panic an amatuer who didn’t know how quickly these games can go. She’ll be crushed before I’m in any real danger.

Still, that face-down monster is in the way. It might also have a dead man’s switch effect should I attack it. Maybe I should set up a spell card or a monster ability that lets me avoid confrontation.
Then again, fortune favors the bold and the duel is just begun. Maybe setting up a support spell and attacking would work just fine. Or I could solidify my defenses even further, summon another monster, perhaps build up tribute material for a special summon. Sacrifices shall be necessary eventually, after all.

The odds are in my favor for now, but I shouldn’t push my luck. I must pick the right choice if I really want to make a blow on this scheming squirrel.

Which strategy should Xerin pick?

>Set up a control-based spell or a monster effect to circumvent Selma’s face down card.

> Prepare himself and attack the face down card.

>Place a defensive spell and another monster card, probably for a special summon.
No. 1047532 ID: e51896

Third option
No. 1047561 ID: 8483cf

Option 3. Play defense to negate Selma's next move, then if it's not used up by that, then Xerin has something to protect the special summon.
No. 1047623 ID: a2d88b

First option.
No. 1049824 ID: de15ea
File 166909132215.png - (699.65KB , 628x1000 , Mia_Balance-Keeper.png )

Momo knows that she can’t let the little freak stick around for its effect to activate, because it would completely ruin her completely legitimate strategy.

“Hold on there, champ!” She calls out, “Don’t think you can call it quits so quickly, I haven’t even finished yet!”

“D-do you have to say it like that?” The Duelist squirms.

Momo chuckles and grins haughtily behind a fan made of her hand of cards, “Don’t worry sweetie, I’m sure you can hold on for me. I’m almost there.”

She waves her hand out over her traps and a card raises up. “I activate the continuous trap The Reckless Champion Exiled, which allows me to discard two cards to banish a monster which has been special summoned - and also prevents any monsters with the same name from being summoned!” Her chuckling breaks into a full-throated laugh as she places two cards in the graveyard, leaving her with only one card in her hand - and the poor astrologist is cast out of the battlefield for his crimes.

The Masked Duelist stands silently for a few seconds, before Shrugging and motioning for Momo to take her turn.

Momo draws a card and then gives a toothy grin. “Well first things first, I’m going to play Crate of Greed and draw 2 additional cards.” She places them in her hand, “And now I can really show. you. my. moves~” she coos, swaying her hips on each word.

“I’m a little spent, so to get some of my mojo back I’m going to activate the continuous spell Expedited Delivery Fee,, which causes me to gain 200 life whenever a monster is special summoned. It’s destroyed if I have more life than you, but you’ve been pretty rough with me so I’m not sure that’s a problem.”

“Please st-” the Duelist shrinks and begins to protest, before Momo interrupts them.

“Next, I’ll flip-summon Princess Shelli, Level 3, 800 attack 1400 defense, Light Magician in defense mode, activating her effect. This allows me to banish two monsters from my graveyard that would otherwise be eligible to perform an xyz summon, although they aren’t attached as materials. And since I just discarded those last term to get rid of your bald little wierdo...”

The Masked Duelist attempts to compose themselves in order to pay attention to Momo’s turn, adding “His name is Simon.”

“Yes yes, anyway. I will discard these two chumps to XYZ summon “Mia, Balance-Keeper.”

Mia, Balance-Keeper
Level 5
Divine Human
Two level 5 monsters
2100 Attack/2100 Defense
At any time, you may banish a monster from your graveyard and pay life equal to 100 times its level; attach that monster to Mia, Balance-Keeper as material.
At any time, you may detach 1 material from this card to activate either of the following effects:
*When a card you control is targeted by an effect of a card controlled by opponent, negate that effect, then destroy it.
*Pay life points until your life total is equal to your opponent’s. Mia, Balance-Keeper gains ATK equal to the life points paid for this effect.

“And of course, since an XYZ summon is a special summon I’ll be taking my 200 life.”
No. 1049825 ID: de15ea
File 166909141923.png - (1.27MB , 879x1400 , Felafafs_Destiny.png )

“Naturally,” The Masked Duelist adds, nodding and apparently happy that the fox isn’t being sexually charged for a brief period of time.

“Of course,” Momo Sneers, “You’ve been pretty pushy … I think it’s time to teach you a little … ~obedience~” she says as she plays the spell Felafaf’s Destiny. “I feel like we’ve been getting close enough to know what really gets you going, and Felafaf’s Destiny lets me name a spell and banish all copies of it from your Deck, Hand, and Graveyard. And since I really don’t want to give you the chance to clean up, I’m going to name the spell … Unforgettable Memories.

The Masked Duelist stops dead still and slowly looks up at Momo as a card drifts out of their deck and crumbles to ash. They stand in silence for a second as Momo chuckles, before saying “I see. I suspected as much.”

“Oh?” Momo asks, “Suspected what, I wonder?” - her grin spreading impossibly wide.

“That you somehow examined my entire deck during the time you had it,” they respond, “Probably through similar means to those you are using to move your cards around.”

The sultry fox gasps, putting on melodramatic airs of scandal as she tosses herself to the floor, “Heavens, you wouldn’t be accusing little old me of some sort of foul play?!”

“Of course not,” the duelist replies, straightening their deck as it once again fades from view. “You noticed as well as I did - the only punishment is if you are caught cheating. If I can’t prove it, I would only be hurting myself.”

Momo bites her lip as she looks up with a smile forming, suddenly hurling herself across the field as she wraps her arms around her opponent, forcing her breasts against their mask. “Oooh! I knew we were on the same page, there’s nothing quite like an encounter where ~all our rhythms line up together~

The Masked Duelist freezes up, shaking nervously and stammering incoherently before settling on “I-if you don’t mind, you s-still need to f-finish your t-turn.”

Momo licks the forehead of their mask and slinks away, “Of course, then after the match we can *really* get to know each other.”

The Masked Duelist silently attempts to regain their composure, dusting their robes.

“Anyway,” Momo continues, “Where was I - oh yes.”

“I will also activate the Continuous Trap Mana Radiation, which reduces the attack of any monsters you manage to get onto the field by 300 for every face-up spell or trap card on the field during your battle phase, just to be safe. Then I’ll also activate one last continuous trap, Kagami’s Balanced World, which prevents any cards from being destroyed by effects that do not target them!”
“And now I’m feeling pretty comfy, so it’s my turn to take a swing at you. And since you don’t have any monsters, dear sweet little Mia will be attacking your life points directly!”

“Not so fast,” The Masked Duelist interrupts, “I have my own face-down cards! And since you have two monsters and I have none as you attack, I can activate Questionable Shipping - which allows me to send cards equal to your monster’s level from my library to the graveyard, and if there are any creatures in that list I can set one immediately as the attack’s target!”

The top 5 cards of their deck float up in front of the Duelist, with one remaining as the others drift over to fade away at the side. They cast their hand forward dramatically and send the face down card to the field.

“So what?” Momo sneers, “It’s not like whatever creature that is can stop my dear Mia!”

“It’s not supposed to,” the duelist answers. “Since Mia is attacking my face-down card, that means you activate its flip effect! And the Flip Effect of Anerassi of Thorenvald allows me to search my deck for a field spell and put it immediately into play! So for the rest of this battle, we’ll be fighting in THE CITY.

A card flies out of The Masked Duelist’s deck and over to the side of the board, and as it settles in a towering, futuristic city materializes around them. A monument of neon stagnation.

They continue, “The City has two effects. First, it prevents all battle damage to players,” Anerassi disintegrates as they say this, unable to stand up to Mia’s power. “Second,” they add, “It means that whenever a monster is destroyed by either battle or a card effect, they are returned to the library instead of going to the graveyard as normal.” As if to punctuate this, the particulate remains of their monster coalesce into a card which returns itself to their deck.
No. 1049826 ID: de15ea
File 166909151151.jpg - (281.58KB , 2011x3344 , 1121221557_HDR.jpg )

“Oho!” Momo laughs, “That’s perfectly agreeable to me! I had thought you might be a bit classier, but I don’t mind doing it in an alley.” The masked Duelist raises their hand to object to her phrasing, but Momo barrels through before they can even start, “besides, this is a cute way to try to keep yourself going, but I can tell you’re spent. Like you said, I already know every card in your deck. And without your silly hat spell, there’s nothing in your deck that will let you win in this position. Go ahead and tell me I’m wrong.”

The Masked Duelist stands silently, staring at their hand.

Momo bursts out in laughter. “I’ll even spice things up for you and play this out now. I already know that you plan to try to build up a new board to even up the game, since even if it costs you everything I used my whole hand already. Well, I’ve still got one card. And it’s this one right here!” Momo then plays the continuous spell A Feast of Yang.

“This spell means that I can’t activate cards in my hand, but in exchange whenever I gain life I get to draw a card! Sure I have to pay 1000 life points every turn or it’s destroyed, but what does that matter when there’s nothing you can do? You’re mine now, Duelist! And I’m going to have my way with you for ~as long as I’m enjoying it~”

“Go ahead and take your turn. I can’t wait to see how you squirm for me~”

The Masked Duelist draws to start their turn.

Life Totals:
Momo: 3750
The: 4850

Momo has stated that there is no card in the Masked Duelist’s Deck that can let them win. The Masked Duelists has the right cards for some big plays, but Momo is right and no card in their deck will defeat Momo.
A: There is no way to win
B: There is still a way to win!

No. 1049828 ID: 8483cf

BBBBBBBBlieeB in the heart of the cards!
No. 1049829 ID: e51896

No. 1049841 ID: e5709d

A Ya lose
No. 1049845 ID: 629f2e

B, there is a way to win! You may not have the cards in your to beat her, but maybe you can trick her into beating herself?
No. 1050387 ID: 629f2e
File 166960716736.png - (388.12KB , 530x844 , Phillip The Writer (A).png )

“These cards have a special attribute to them.” Enid explains. “Rodney, Lillian, Phillip, all of them are actually Tuners.

“Tuners?” Bonnie repeats.

“Aren’t those used for the… Uh, sink-or-summons?” Franklin recounts incorrectly.

Synchro. Synchro monsters go in the extra deck, and to summon them you need one tuner and any number of non-tuners that add up to that character’s level.”

“But wait, you just said all your monsters are tuners.” Bonnie points out.

“That’s true, but they all have a second effect. When there’s an (M) variant of an on-field (E) character in our extra deck, we can use them as a non-tuner to summon it!”

“...I don’t completely get it. Can you show me?” Franklin asks.

“Gladly.” She picks up their extra deck and peruses through for a specific card. “By using Phillip, The Nerd (E)’s effect to treat him as a non-tuner, we can use Lillian, The Athlete (E) as a tuner and synchro summon Phillip, The Dungeon Master (M)!

The on-field twins share a hug, before a bright light envelops them. When it fades, an older-looking Phillip stands tall where once stood two.

…Not that much older though. He’s still a kid. Just a bigger one.

[ Phillip, The Dungeon Master (M), Rapscallion-Type, Tuner, Level 6, ATK: 1500, DEF: 1600 ]

“...Oh, this is from my deck. Doesn’t he have an effect?” Franklin asks, reading the card. “…On summon, we get to special summon a level 3 character card from our deck.”

“Let’s go with Nuki, The Pack-Racc then. We could use more cards.”

A plush toy raccoon appears on the field, carrying a heavy-looking satchel on her back.

[ Nuki, The Pack-Racc, Beast-Warrior-Type, Tuner, Level 3, ATK: 1000, DEF: 1000 ]

“Middle school Phillip can also be treated as a non-tuner to summon adult Phillip, but it’s an optional effect. Since Nuki isn’t a tuner, we can just use Phillip as a tuner and put them together to make his final form, Phillip, The Writer (A)!

[ Phillip, The Writer (A), Spellcaster-Type, Level 9, ATK: 1800, DEF: 2200 ]

“...For all the work it took to get him there, I really thought he’d have bigger numbers.” Bonnie says.

“Attack points aren’t everything. Once a turn, he can negate any effect you activate, and destroy the card that did it.”

She shrugs. “Eh. Still not as cool as I was hoping.”

“Well… We also get to use Nuki’s effect,” Enid explains. “When she’s sent to the Graveyard, we can draw a card.”

She does so, leaving them with three cards in hand. No more summons however, so they proceed to the battle phase. Bonnie’s field is empty, save for traps.

“Let’s attack with Rodney first.” Franklin says, declaring the attack.

“Not so fast! I use my trap card Mouse Trap on the little guy! It’ll negate the attack and destroy him.”

A somewhat expected result, Enid thought. Still, was it worth risking a negation here? It would save Rodney of course, but they wouldn’t have any counter to Enid’s remaining face-down. If it could remove Phillip, they’d be in a really bad place.

“...We’ll let it resolve.” She decides.

Rodney, who had been rushing towards Bonnie to attack her life points, suddenly gets caught in a giant mouse trap before vanishing from the field.

“We can still attack you with Phillip though.”

“With pleasure.” Phillip smiles, ripping multiple sheets of paper out from his bag and launching them towards Bonnie in a scattershot attack. It goes through without interruption, leaving the other girl flinching as her life drops.

[ Bonnie’s LP: 4200 ]

After a short discussion, Franklin sets one card for the pair, and they end their turn.
No. 1050388 ID: 629f2e
File 166960719788.png - (214.58KB , 628x1000 , Big_Happy_Lady_s.png )

“Hmm, what to do with this hand.” Bonnie mumbles to herself.

She had six cards sitting in her hand. This included the Cute Rat she put back on her last turn, the powerful Tribute Monster she searched off of it, and four other cards after her draw. There was a lot she could do. Almost too much actually, it felt like her brain was overheating trying to think about it.

Thinking is dumb. Powerful monsters deal lots of damage, so she just needs to summon as many of those as possible. That means she needs fodder she can tribute, so that’s step one.

She considers summoning Cute Rat again, but she only gets one normal summon a turn. It would have to survive until her next for her to tribute with it, and its numbers are lower than Phillip’s. That isn’t gonna happen.

“How do I get cards on the field, without making it so that I can’t summon any more…?” She wonders.

As she asks it, there’s a sudden itch in her head, as if the answer had simply appeared before her. She could see a line of interactions that put her in a good position!

The source of this plan came from her pocket. Specifically, a hyper-intelligent rat she kept as a pet was telepathically feeding her the answers. Yes, Rathoney had decided to lend his aid to the monster carrying him, out of respect for taking so many of his brethren into her deck. A game like this was trivial for him to solve.

“I activate One is a Genius!” Bonnie finally declares, flipping up her face-down card. “It lets me summon a rat to the field that does stuff when it gets summoned, use its effect, and then shuffle it back into the deck on resolution.”

The card goes un-negated, Franklin and Enid agreeing that they’d be better deciding whether to negate the effect of whatever gets summoned by the trap.

“If that’s good, then I’m gonna summon Friendly Rat!

A lanky mouse boy appears on Bonnie’s side of the field, giving a friendly wave over to Phillip.

[ Friendly Rat, Beast-Type, Level 2, ATK: 500, DEF: 500 ]

“He lets me special summon another Rat straight from my hand. Then I’ll have enough to tribute for a really big card!”

“...That wouldn’t be good for us, so I think it’d be best to negate that with Phillip.”

Phillip whips out a notebook and starts writing. “I’m editing this scene out.” He declares, sending the friendly rodent off to the graveyard. Bonnie isn’t at all upset about this however.

“I thought you might do that. In fact, I was counting on it!” She holds up a spell card. “Because I can use my spell card Shock Treatment to bring Friendly Rat back from the graveyard!”

“...I didn’t see that coming.” Franklin mutters.

“It’s okay, I would have done the same thing.” Enid assures him. “Let’s just hope she can’t do too much else.”

Friendly Rat reappears, and his effect kicks off just as it did before. The pair don’t respond, allowing Bonnie to place Skinny Rat on the field.

“Now with two tributes on the field, I can summon one of my strongest monsters! I summon Big Happy Lady!

The rats vanish, before a massive woman slams down onto the field, sporting a wide almost unnatural smile.

[ Big Happy Lady, Warrior-Type, Level 8, ATK: 3000, DEF:1800 ]

“...That might not be good for us.” Franklin remarks.

“She can attack every monster you control once a turn.” Bonnie announces. “And I’m not done yet, because I have an equip spell. Shock Treatment II!

“It has a sequel!?” Enid exclaims.

“And it’s an equip spell?” Franklin questions.

“The effects are basically the same, but I can use it every turn as long as my monster’s alive. So I’m gonna put it on Big Happy Lady, and then use its effects to revive Friendly Rat again!”

“You’re getting his effect off again!?” Enid whines, starting to worry that they were going to be out in just two turns.

The Friendly Rat reappears, allowing Cute Rat to come from Bonnie’s hand back to the field.
No. 1050390 ID: 629f2e
File 166960724321.png - (199.38KB , 628x1000 , Strong Fire Bird s.png )

“Onnnnneeeee more thing.”

“I’m scared to ask, but what is it?” Enid asks.

Double Summon.” Bonnie says, holding a spell of that name. “Wanna guess what it does?”

“...” Enid deadpans.

“...Let’s you summon twice?” Franklin earnestly guesses.

“Correct! And I think my second normal summon should be another big tribute monster. This one’s even stronger, come on out Strong Fire Bird!

The tributes vanish, leaving a torrent of flame, from out of which steps a bird wearing a postman’s hat and jacket.

[ Strong Fire Bird, Beast-Warrior-Type, Level 8, ATK: 3300, DEF:2400 ]

“And she has the best effect of all. Once a turn, I can destroy one of your cards, and I choose Phillip!”

“Wait, she chooses wha–” Phillip speaks, but is unable to finish. The bird runs up to him so quickly that to the rest it seemed that she warped. With a single powerful throw, he’s launched from the arena, vanishing.

“Oh… She has enough damage to win on the field.” Enid mutters.

“True. But we’re still okay, right?” Franklin asks.

“...Well, we aren’t dead just yet.”

“I’m going to the battle phase!” Bonnie shouts. “Big Happy Lady, attack!”

The massive woman begins to charge towards the pair, leaving cracks in the ground as she runs. She comes very close, and then…

…She trips. Falling on her back and groaning.


“Sorry, but we used our trap card.” Enid explains. “Polish. Your attacking monster gets flipped to face-down defense position, meaning it can’t attack. You won’t be able to flip her back until your next turn.”

“Aw man.” Bonnie groans.

“Also, equip spells can’t be placed on set cards, so unfortunately for you–” Enid doesn’t even need to finish, as the Shock Treatment II backpack the woman had been wearing gets crushed beneath her weight, breaking into several parts before vanishing. “Yeah, that.”

“Man… Oh well, Bird lady! Attack!”

Unfortunately for Enid and Franklin, they didn’t have anything to get them out of this one. Save for one small chance of course.

“Let’s see if you can get past Update Counter’s effect first. Three coin flips.”

Holographic quarters appear on the field, flipping all at once. The result are one Tails and two Heads, more than enough for the attack to go through.

The bird rushes forward and throws a fiery punch into them (with no actual force behind it of course, on account of being a hologram). The pair still recoil back anyways as their life drops substantially.

[ Enid/Franklin’s LP: 2700 ]

“One more attack like that, and we’re finished.” Enid remarks.

“So we just need to make sure she doesn’t do that again.” Franklin concludes.

“I set one card and end my turn.” Bonnie says, placing her last card face down on the field.

With only two cards in hand, the next draw will determine much for Franklin and Enid’s next turn. Tentatively, they draw one card.

What will their draw be?

A: A monster with an effect in the graveyard
B: A trap card that activates when destroyed by the opponent
C: A spell card that makes you lose the game if you activate it

No. 1050391 ID: 8483cf

C. I want to see this card in action, it's 100% a Franklin card.
No. 1050392 ID: 45ebeb

No. 1050398 ID: e5709d

C, and one of you brats drew a rat with big boobies on it so now Rathoney can't resist.
No. 1050804 ID: f02852

I'm going to go with A. Sounds powerful.
No. 1055231 ID: ccbbb0
File 167556583470.png - (145.88KB , 373x594 , Butthead_Merry_Mutant.png )

>Place a defensive spell and another monster card, probably for a special summon.

Only a fool would blindly rush into an enemy’s clutches. I will reinforce myself first.
Hmm, this little character feels familiar, I might get some use out of it, but I will need a small offering.

“I start by summoning [Committed Death Cultist]!”

A green man with tentacles on his face and dark robes appears on the table.

“Muahahaha! It is time! It is time! Ults Nausagor Ndeptht! Deliver me from this realm of perdition and pointlessness.” He exclaims, arms stretched upwards.

“...Hm, yes. His ability allows me to sacrifice him for a tribute summon on the same turn he’s summoned, which I will do now.”

“Praise the Death Worm!” He yells ecstatically before bursting into a cloud of dust. Lovely, really.

“And I use it to summon-” Am I really going to say it? Ugh.[Butthead, Merry Mutant] in attack mode.”

“Hi, there! Wanna play again after I kick your butt?” The creature chirps with a friendly wave towards my opponent, Not a disagreeable sentiment admittedly.

[Butthead, Merry Mutant, Five stars, Type: Beast/Mutant, ATK:1000 DEF:1300]

”But that’s not all,” I continue, “I also activate [Lingerie Looting]. This spell card allows me to snatch two cards at random from your hand and employ them for myself.”

“Hey!” Little Selma exclaims as a black bird swoops upwards from the field and snatches two cards, and narrowly not her fingers, away from her and onto my hand. “Now, that’s rude!”

“My apologies! I didn’t think my cards would be so unruly” She pouts a little at this, I wonder if she is rolling her eyes behind those glasses.

At any rate, I should look at the cards I just took. Hmmm, a monster card that grows stronger with each card in the graveyard and… a trap that destroys lewd cards? Seems she’s got a specific type of strategy.

No. 1055233 ID: ccbbb0
File 167556619720.png - (123.97KB , 594x594 , Reveyee_Surprise.png )

“I proceed to end my turn” Xerin says with a polite smile.

This is rather inconvenient, there were at least two good combos with that monster involved. Selma needs to come up with a new strategy, fast! Otherwise, she will miss out on Penny’s special weekend discount! Her pastries are just heavenly.

Luckily, she does have a couple fallbacks planned ahead for such situations, and she can begin setting up one of them right now!

“I activate [Reveyee Surprise],” she says as she places a spell card on the table, a familiar dog mom rising out of it holding a steaming teapot. “Which prevents any of your trap cards from activating this turn.”

“Bottoms up!” Says the cooking dog as she throws the contents of the pot onto the traps on Xerin’s side of the table. The messy display lingers for a second before both it and the dog wink out of the field. With that done, Selma smiles and lifts another card from her hand.

“I also have this little continuous spell: [Book of Consequences]! Whenever a spell card is activated by either player, a small Consequence creature is summoned on my side of the field in defense mode.”

[Consequence, One star, Type: Construct, ATK: 100 DEF: 100]

“And I will now reveal my monster card, [Grey Fang] and place her in attack mode, which activates her special ability!” She continues very dramatically,

[Grey Fang, Three stars, Type: Villainous Gnoll ATK:1200 DEF:1000

“When switching from face down to attack, her effect removes all monster cards from your hand to the graveyard!”

As Selma finishes saying this, the newly spawned gnoll takes a swig out of a bottle, rises a torch towards her face and spits in the direction of Xerin’s hand, causing the card he took from Selma to burn to a crisp, which is to say it falls off Xerin’s grasp and he irritatedly picks it up again before neatly placing it in the graveyard deck.

“Hm, a fine move, I suppose, but it seems you have run out of cards.” Xerin says as he sits back down, looking at Selma’s empty hands.

“You don’t have many options either, with that one trap you took.” She replies, leaning back on her chair.
“Maybe, but it’s not what you have but how you play them, so goes the saying.”

Selma ends her turn and braces herself; if Xerin doesn’t manage to do anything too disruptive, and she pulls out the right cards from her deck, she will be able to beat her opponent in no time.

And those pastries will taste all the sweeter.
No. 1055235 ID: ccbbb0
File 167556642410.png - (510.27KB , 1280x1280 , duelpounce.png )

And that’s another two cards discarded from my deck. With the one I’m about to draw, that brings me down to 29, barely a dent. Really, the only way her strategy so far could inconvenience me if this next card turns out to be useless this turn, so let’s see what we ge-


Heh, make it 26.

“I activate [Shared Bounty]! This spell card allows me to look for up to three specific cards in my deck, while also giving a full hand of five to my opponent. You are welcome.”

“Remember that also triggers the effect of my Book of Consequences.” She answers.

“Yes, you are welcome for that too.”

A little pink blob with a smiley face appears on Selma’s field, beaming at my creatures. They wave at it in greeting. Cute.

At any rate, with these new cards I can move onto the next step. Simple and unassuming, but if all goes to plan this duel will be over in a moment.

“I continue by equipping my Merry Mutant with [Steve’s Shirt]. Not only does it boost attack and defense by 500 points, but is also equipped on ALL my monsters, provided the one I chose to equip it on originally remains active on the field.”

“Hey, cool!”

“Feh, I never liked civilian clothes.”

[/i]My creatures react to their new piece of clothing while another pink blob appears and smiles as cheerily and dumbly as the first. They stop and wave again. This better not become a habit.[/i]

“Finally, let me just set down a monster card face down, along with a certain little trap card I just go-”

“You are welcome.”

“...Fair enough. I will now direct my Mutant to attack your Grey Fang character, with Steve’s Shirt equipped it is already stronger, but the attack boosted by NCO Arkot’s special ability, Order to Charge: when in attack mode but not attacking himself, NCO arkot grants 500 more attack points to my attacking monsters.”

“Let’s go, you worm! You want to live forever?” The small alien yells.


“No, you don’t! Shut up and give me twenty…. No, wait, I mean CHARGE!”

The belligerent critter produces a whistle and blows it as the jolly freak lounges forward towards Grey Fang. As soon as the strike connects, the enemy monster shatters into fading shards of glass.

Good. That leaves my opponent with…. Did a small box just appear in the middle of the field showing the life points trickling down? That’s convenient.


“That’s convenient.” Selma remarks as the life point counter disappears.

“Agreed,” Xerin answers cordially, “ I believe that will be the end of my turn, I hope you can make good use of your new hand.”


“Again, you are welcome.” He smiles warmly.

Whatever. Selma focuses back on her cards and thinks for a moment.

She is now down to 3200 points. A bad blow, but still manageable. She has plenty of choices, but she will have to make the right one if she wants to level the playing field. Maybe do so literally with a big monster? Or maybe a sweeping card? Or she could try for a more complex strategy with long term pay off? Damn, things were never this tense when she was invited to beach parties.

What should Selma do next?

>Sacrifice two monsters to summon a very powerful one to defend herself?

>Use a spell card that sweeps the field clean and try a new tactic?

>Use another continuous spell card and a couple trap cards in preparation of a combo?
No. 1055242 ID: 8483cf

Option 2. When in doubt, board wipe, board wipe, board wipe!
No. 1055246 ID: 20549c

B. Get some cleaning supplies and wipe the battle field cleab
No. 1059037 ID: 629f2e
File 167925254581.png - (557.67KB , 628x1000 , Reboot s.png )

[ Don’t Play This Card - Normal Spell - Immediately lose the game. You must activate this card on the third turn after it enters your hand if it is still there. You may not set this card. ]

Enid reads the effect of this spell once, and then twice. Their draw had not been favorable. She turns to Franklin with a pleading expression, the boy at her side seeming a touch bashful after seeing their draw.

“I just want to know why.”

“Um… I just thought that if I could put it in the opponent’s hand somehow, it would be one way to win?”

She sighs, patting his arm. “Alright, there was an idea at least. That makes me feel a little better. Unfortunately, we don’t have any cards that’ll let us do that right now.”

With that card ruled out, there were only two left they could rely on in their hand. A character card sharing a name with one of them, and a spell they had held onto since their first turn. It was a simple decision.

“We activate the spell card Reboot!” Enid declares. Every card on the field starts glowing, before puffing away into orbs of light. Bonnie gasps.

“You destroyed them all!?” As she says this, the cards in her hand start to glow as well. Enid’s and Franklin’s do the same.

Enid explains, “we’re wiping the board clean. All cards on the field and in our hands go to the graveyard, and we both get to draw five new cards.” Franklin hands her five new ones. “It’s not a complete redo, there are still cards in our graveyards, and we don’t gain any life points back.”

Bonnie discards her hand of zero cards, and eagerly draws a whole new hand. Her empty field has her worried though. “Can’t you just summon a monster and punch me in the face now?”

She shakes her head. “As easy as that would make it, no. We have to skip our battle phase the turn we use Reboot.”

“Ahhh. Okay, that’s fine then. I’ll just crush you with my new cards!”

A small white creature sticks its nose out from Bonnie’s pocket. The large-headed mouse creeps up her arm, staring down at Bonnie’s cards from her shoulder. Franklin is the first to notice.

“What is that?”

“Huh?” She glances over. “Oh! This is Rathoney. Do you wanna pet him? His fur feels nice.”

“...I think I would like that.”

“Hey, can I have a turn too? Um, after our match?” Enid asks.

“Sure! There’s plenty of him to go around.” She scratches the little guy with her gloved finger. “Did you get tired of sitting in that tiny little pocket?”

Without warning, the rat leaps at her other hand, grabbing two of Bonnie’s cards in his mouth before scurrying back to his hiding space.

“Wh– Hey! Rathoney, I need those to kick butt and win the duel. Give ‘em back.” She digs into said pocket, only for the mouse to nimbly run up her arm to dodge the grab.

What follows is a peculiar skirmish, as Rathoney continually dodges and weaves around Bonnie’s body, keeping a tight grip on his stolen treasures. Perhaps if he wasn’t so small and adorable, it would be appreciated as the epic struggle he saw it as, rather than a pet randomly acting out.

Bonnie eventually catches him when he tries to land on her shoulder again, smushing him down in restraint. The cards are retrieved, and the critter is detained.

“Jeez, why did you want these cards so badly?” She looks them over for a few seconds, before a lightbulb goes off in her head. “Awww, is it because you think they look pretty?”

The rodent’s fur takes on a red tint. Bonnie giggles. “Daww, don’t worry. You can play with these ones after the match, okay?” She scritches the little guy behind the ears, calming him.
No. 1059038 ID: 629f2e
File 167925259101.png - (24.67KB , 700x666 , Inappropriate Content.png )

“Ahem.” A small voice makes themselves known from above. Pan smiling down at the group. “Is everything okay? I noticed there was a bit of a commotion going on, and there haven’t been any plays in the past couple minutes.”

Bonnie shoots the feathery fluffball a thumbs up.“Everything’s good! Rathoney was just stealing my cards because he thought they were hot.”

Hot…? May I see them for a moment?”

“...You want to check out my monsters too?”


Pan flutters flusteredly down to peek at her hand. Their eyes nearly bulge out of their head, as they throw a wing over the cards in question.

I-Inappropriate Content! Where did you get these!?”

“From the draft? Actually, wait, I think I traded with the busty fox lady for these ones.”

“What!? But–”

Um…” Enid’s voice cuts in. All eyes turn toward her. “It’s still our turn? Can we…?” She motions to her cards.

Pan sighs, running their wings over their head. “It’s okay, it’s fine. You may proceed, Enid!” The bird plucks the offending cards in their beak. “I’ll tape over the images and adjust the projection settings. It should be finished before your turn.”
No. 1059039 ID: 629f2e
File 167925263509.png - (316.78KB , 497x792 , Franklin The Alien (E).png )

As Pan flies away, the duel resumes.

“Before anything else, do you remember when we discarded our hand?” Enid asks.


*sigh* We had two cards in our hand when we casted Reboot.”

“Oh yeah. What about that?”

She motions to her partner. “One of the cards we discarded was Franklin, The Alien (E). He has an effect in the graveyard that lets us revive him in attack position once per turn by halving our life points. And we’re going to do just that!”

[ Franklin, The Alien (E), Rapscallion-Type, Level 3, ATK: 1000, DEF: 500 ]

Franklin (the real one, not the projection) counts on his fingers, struggling. “...What is half of 2700?”

“...I don’t know either.” Enid admits, raising her own fingers to count. They figure it out eventually.

[ Enid/Franklin’s LP: 1350 ]

Franklin is insistent on one particular play, to which Enid agrees. Though she tells him, “you should say this one, it’ll sound weird if I do.” He nods, and begins explaining.

“We’ll shuffle seven cards from the graveyard back into our deck to special summon Enid, The Homeschooler (E). Her effect says we can do that.”

[ Enid, The Homeschooler (E), Rapscallion-Type, Level 3, ATK: 800, DEF: 1000 ]

A diminutive girl materializes beside Franklin. They share a wave before returning to idle poses.

“Man, I wish I had a card of myself.” Bonnie comments, pouting. “Do you think we could make our card selves duel in the middle of our duel if we did?”

“That would get confusing.” He mutters, holding his head.

“We aren’t through all our special summons yet.” Enid explains. “Since we have at least one level three monster on the field, we can special summon Louie, The Class President (E) from our hand!”

[ Louie, The Class President (E), Rapscallion-Type, Level 3, ATK: 300, DEF:1600 ]

A chubby Asian boy makes for a trio on the field. He paces around his space nervously.

“We also still get to normal summon.” Franklin points out, placing a card on the table. “That lets us bring out Clive, The Antisocialite (E).

[ Clive, The Antisocialite (E), Rapscallion-Type, Level 3, ATK: 1400, DEF: 200 ]

As Clive spawns, the rest of the field all take one wide step away from him.

“Wow, that’s a lot of monsters. Gonna make them older and stronger again?” Bonnie asks. Enid just shakes her head.

“No. We’ll set two cards facedown, and end our turn.”

“...Are you sure? You have them all in attack position y’know. Even Louie, and he only has 300 points!”

“Wait what!?” The holographic Louie on the field shouts. “Can we talk about this?”

“Nnnnope! My turn!”
No. 1059040 ID: 629f2e
File 167925267593.png - (154.22KB , 628x1000 , The Other is Insane s.png )

There’s a small delay before Pan returns with Bonnie’s edited cards. Once they do, Bonnie begins her turn in earnest.

“I activate the spell card ...The Other Is Insane! I can send any “Rat” from my deck to the graveyard and make it do stuff there.”

She flips through her deck. “No. Nope. Not helpful– Ooh! I’ll send Trash Rat.

A green rat in shoddy clothes appears over the graveyard, rummaging through a garbage can. “When he gets sent there, I can bring a rat back to life, and you know what that means?” She doesn’t even say it, as Trash Rat pulls the Friendly Rat out of his can and tosses him onto the field in defense position.

“Annnd now we get to do this combo again. Friendly Rat lets me special summon from the hand, and I choose Hot Rat!

[ Hot Rat, Beast-Type, Level 2, ATK: 1500, DEF: 500 ]

A small white mouse with black hair spawns on the field, shooting Friendly Rat a wink. “Does Hot Rat have an effect… Yup! She also lets me summon a rat from the hand, but I have to do a tribute summon before my turn ends or they both go to the graveyard. I’ll just use Holy Rat.”

[ Holy Rat, Beast-Type, Level 2, ATK: 0, DEF: 2000 ]

Hot Rat seductively motions for someone to come to her, and from the hand a gray mouse in religious garb appears. She approaches Hot Rat, and the two share a hug. It’s…

Well it starts tender, but then it gets weirdly stiff. They both glance around, as if waiting for something.

“...Uh, this is a bit awkward.” Hot Rat says, chuckling. “Usually we’re supposed to do… keep going. The bird disabled the next part though.”

“I… We could still kiss?” Holy Rat suggests.

They share a wholesome, not at all inappropriate, peck on the lips. Both then vanish into white light before it can become anything more.

“With those two combined, I summon the monster that’ll probably win me the game: Big Honor Gecko!

[ Big Honor Gecko, Dragon-Type, Level 8, ATK: 2900, DEF:2500 ]

An anthropomorphic green dragon takes to the field, carrying a sword in her hand, and with knives strapped to her legs.

“She gets to attack all of your monsters once a turn, so that’s pretty much game I think. But just to be safe, I cast Benetrope!

A pill appears in front of her, which she pops straight into her mouth. With a flex, her already nice muscles bulge larger with strength.

“She gains 500 ATK, and is immune to other cards’ effects for the rest of the turn. That means when she attacks, it should definitely go through.”

Franklin is counting on his fingers with worry, as Bonnie revs up to end the duel. “Battle phase! I attack Louie, The Class President with Big Honor Gecko for game! Flaming Sword Slash!
No. 1059041 ID: 629f2e
File 167925271673.png - (182.62KB , 628x1000 , Dogpile s.png )

As the dragon breathes flame onto their blade and sprints towards the cowering class president, Franklin finally pipes up. “...Oh, I think we’re still fine actually. Right Enid?”

She smiles. “Cutting it really close, but barely. We activate the trap card Dogpile!

Bonnie shrugs. “Uhhh, my monster is immune, so I don’t think that changes anything.”

“Well yeah, we can’t use a trap on her, but she isn’t the target of this. For the rest of this turn, all characters on our side of the field with less than 1500 ATK fight as one, and that’s ALL of them!”

“Ten plus eight plus three plus fourteen…” Franklin counts again. “...3500

Bonnie starts sweating, doing her own math. “Gecko had 2900, and then I added 500 because of Benetrope, sooooo…”

She doesn’t need to think about it thankfully, as the scene that plays out on the field answers it for her. Gecko trips over the cowering Louie, and while she’s down all four children pile on top of her, pinning her to the ground until she finally taps out. Once freed, she walks off the field defeatedly, flicking a spark at Bonnie for the measly 100 damage she takes.

[ Bonnie’s LP: 4100 ]

“Aw man…” Bonnie mutters, shaking her head sadly as her cool dragon leaves. “Oh well, I guess I end my turn there.”

“We draw.” Franklin says, before looking at their new card. “...Oh, so does he.”

Bonnie blinks. “Huh? What’s that mean?”

“Should we…?” Enid nods, so he proceeds. “We summon Roger, The Artist (E) in attack mode.”

[ Roger, The Artist (E), Rapscallion-Type, Level 3, ATK: 900, DEF: 500 ]

“I think it’s time that we end this.” Enid says.

Bonnie starts to count, before Rathoney puts the numbers in her head to save them time. “I don’t think you can do that this turn. Since Friendly Rat is in defense, you’re gonna come up just a little bit short no matter what order you attack in.”

“Maybe, but we’d have game if he was gone, and getting rid of him is doable. We use our spell card!”

She flips up her last face down, revealing The Flames of Tragedy.

“If we use this in our hand, then it lets us send a card from it to the graveyard. If it’s been set on the field however, then it has another effect we can use, and that’s to send a card on the field to the graveyard.”

“We choose Friendly Rat.” Franklin finishes.

As the mouse vanishes, Bonnie looks out at her empty field and her opponent’s stacked one.

“Uh oh.”
No. 1059042 ID: 629f2e
File 167925280478.gif - (3.95MB , 560x420 , Enid and Franklin VS Bonnie Conclusion.gif )

“I think we have it.” Franklin says. “But let’s be sure. We enter the battle phase and attack your life points directly.”

“Louie! Roger! Clive!” Enid calls out, as each kid rushes down the field and launches a blow into Bonnie. No real force behind any of them, as they’re merely projections, yet she’s blown back by each one.

Franklin!” Enid calls.

Enid!” Franklin calls.

They both rush Bonnie to land the final blow together. With one last punch, Bonnie’s life points go down to nil.

[ Bonnie’s LP: 0 ]
[ Winner: Enid & Franklin]

“...Rats.” Bonnie says.

Franklin and Enid clap their hands together in celebration. “We actually won!”

“I knew we could.” Franklin says. “...I think.”

“I wasn’t as sure, but it feels good. We had a few mistakes, but maybe we aren’t as bad at this as I thought.”

“...I mean, you aren’t at least.”

“Hey, you made some fine plays too. I bet you would have been fine… Mostly.” She looks at their deck. “Maaaayyybbe we can make some changes to this between rounds.”

“Yeah, you could use some more big strong guys!” Bonnie points out, having walked over while they were talking. “I can probably lend you a couple of mine, now that I’m out of the tournament thing.”

She holds her hand out, shaking both Enid’s and Franklin’s in order. “That was fun. Let’s play again, so that I can beat you next time.”

As friendly words are exchanged, and Rathoney is passed around for all to enjoy, Pan marks the results from above, moving Franklin and Enid on to the next round of the bracket.

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