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File 165077275879.png - (1.41MB , 1137x1479 , PentacleKing5.png )
1030186 No. 1030186 ID: 9b127b

This is a NSFW clothing damage adventure!
the quest will contain nudity and violence and possibly some sexual content
Lewd suggestions are encouraged but not required.

A single choice can shape the future, a single person can change the face of the world

This quest is funded by Patreon,
if you'd like to see more consider sending a few coins!

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No. 1032462 ID: 629f2e

"The question was a test. Either you meant for me to choose the Hydra, assessing her worth above Eeyfel, or neither choice was correct. Perhaps if I'd recommended the Hydra, you would tell me how a blade without a hilt will only harm its user, while a hilt without a blade could at least be used as a blunt weapon if you put force enough into it."

"Whatever the correct answer was is irrelevant. You only wanted to know what my answer would be, and now you do. I don't know what you mean to judge from it, but I will stand by the answer I gave. Unless you have the means to save both, the loyal asset who brings results will always be more useful than the potential asset whose loyalty shakes too easily."
No. 1032559 ID: e51896

"You wanted to test and see to make sure I was a like-minded individual to you that you could trust and thus wanted me to choose Hydra"

"If you still want to focus on the Hydra, go ahead, but I still stand by my decision, for Consider that a handle without its blade has potential to be repaired and smithed into a mightier blade than it was before"
No. 1032677 ID: 12f554

> Kalez seemed only to contact him to make further demands, demands he might not be able to meet

"Isn't it obvious? You want me to do something, and this is your way of making sure I do it to your specifications. You need my strength and cunning, not my loyalty."

"You're wrong though. It's been three years since you've last called on me. My loyalty is something you should value very highly from me."
No. 1032801 ID: 9b127b
File 165294147001.png - (319.52KB , 657x858 , Pentacle206.png )

Garrin considers 'You wanted to test and see to make sure I was a like-minded individual to you that you could trust and thus wanted me to choose Hydra.'

Kalez smiles 'Yes, Yes! you're very close. it is indeed a test, and obviously the Hydra is the answer I wanted you to pick. Please continue'

Garrin Knows Kalez will be pleased if he simply follows where she leads, but cannot leave Eeyfel to such a dreadful fate.'If you still want to focus on the Hydra, go ahead, but I still stand by my decision, the loyal asset who brings results will always be more useful than the potential asset whose loyalty shakes too easily.'

Kalez's eyes narrow as her excitement fades 'and there's the ever present disappointment that is Garrin Veraki... since you love loyalty so much let's talk more about that.' Her worlds are now filled with venom 'Lying to your liege for thirty years as you secretly plot to place his brother on the throne, is this loyalty Sir Garrin?' her mocking cruelty continues'but them perhaps you're loyal to what's best for the kingdom. well at least the portion of the kingdom that's female and of age, you're definitely loyal to them for a few hours each at least.' Her words are meant to hurt and they succeed 'But there's the princess at least you must be loyal to her, you're loyalty defended her from all potential suitors no matter how much she'd like them. But it's for her good right? it's loyalty right? nothing else?'[

Garrin feels a deep pain in his chest he can not deal with what comes next'...please stop' he manages

Kalez relents 'Very well. I'm not condemning you. Loyalty is nothing more than a promise waiting to be broken, only a fool relies on it. given how you live your life I thought you too would understand this.' her tone drifts to pity. you think Eeyfel is loyal? she's just as treacherous as you are, did I ever tell you how many of her sibling she throttled with her bare hands to get the position she has? we're all drenched in sin here. The "loyalty" you think that Eeyfel posses is bought through fear, fear of the power I have over her.

Garrin clings to blind defiance 'Eeyfel has never betrayed you'

'Only because she's too weak to succeed'Kalez responds

Garrin begins repeating himself in desperation 'She's always been effective the results speak strongly enough'

hah! any "results" she has achieved are mine as I have only assigned tasks I know she can handle.' Kalez Answers 'let's pretend Eeyfel is as loyal as a hand fed pup, and just as nieve, let's even pretend loyalty isn't subjective and irrelevant and instead paramount to any success. even if we assume all this you're still missing the big picture as usual'

and that is? Garrin asks

'Eeyfel has the plague Garrin.' speaks Kalez

Garrin doesn't respond.

'Castle Crym is filled with thousands of graves, all baring names of people I couldn't save, I've fought this plague for thirty years. thirty years of loyalty and dedication proved worthless as I couldn't save them. Kalez continues wearily 'In my hubris I will always try one more time, in the hopes that the first life saved will come tomorrow, however we both know what will really happen'

Kalez is old, Garrin thinks, she's always been old even when he was young.

'I gave you one more chance and You failed my test a second time. in this you've seen the limits of my patience' her words are cold 'Goodbye Garrin, enjoy your women'

The finality of the statement unnerves Garrin, he knows now he has made a grave error, one he may never make right.
No. 1032803 ID: e51896

She'll learn the hard way...

well, no use dreading the consequences, best to get back to our duties. Look around and listen closely to make sure nobody spied on you during that conversation.
No. 1032806 ID: 96c896

Tell her if it's impossible to save her then she shouldn't try.
No. 1032807 ID: 629f2e

That's rough buddy.

You didn't mess up. Let's be clear on that right out of the gate, the decisions you made in that discussion were absolutely fine for you. You stood firm to your beliefs despite knowing it wasn't what she wanted to hear. That speaks to your character, and will mean a lot more in the long run than Kalez' approval ever will. Kalez can be as bitter as she wants, as long as she isn't calling for your job or your head over this.

...Okay, take some time to assess the likelihood that she's calling for either of those, and let that influence your next actions.

If you're still on the line with Kalez, ask two last things to confirm your next actions. Check that hiring Vivian Hearth is still acceptable, and not in fact part of some other stupid test that you also failed, and ask about Inquisitor Sabria. Not blowing up the bridge means she will be able to make it into the city. Vivian Hearth crossing the bridge is bad, but manageable if you can give her what she wants. The Inquisitor may be another story, what is to be done with her?

If you aren't... Take some time to collect yourself, that was a tough conversation. Try to think on these questions yourself, and try to decide if you're going to keep following Kalez' will. There's a lot to consider now that gets in the way of simple loyalty, like whether your boss is actually loyal to you.
No. 1032811 ID: 5137d4

This war against the unending horde has eaten a part of her. She's too weathered and hardened to let that stop her. But the bitterness she holds is a flaw she cannot see.

It is what it is.

Request further orders and end call.
No. 1032828 ID: 322af8

I for one suggest we do as we were told and go enjoy our women. Find the scorpion and try to forget the trouble we just were in with her.
No. 1032839 ID: de5f3b

It’s surprising she gained any minions in the first place with an attitude like that towards them. You should make sure you have an exit strategy, as your usefulness to her seems to be declining.
No. 1033178 ID: 3aa06e

Recollect yourself, remain calm and don't dig yourself into a deeper ditch. There's a way out of this.

Cut back to the matters at hand that you can actually help with. Should we arrange for Vivian to be rehired by us, should the inquisitors still be terminated, should the bridge still stand? Any further orders after?

Don't get yourself too worked up, for one she still needs you to take care of the matters above. Second, she's probably going to lose an acolyte in Eeyfel if she lets her die, Kalez would be a fool to get rid of you. She'd be loosing two acolytes then.

This whole mess has her worked up and snapping at everyone. The best you can do for her is get things going in her favor. Tempting as it is to bail, I've yet to see the other factions that would take her place actually make a dent in the undead threat. Do your part by giving her and the other acolytes some breathing room.
No. 1033181 ID: e51896

Probably best to stay silent now that I think about it. If we ask what orders to follow, she'll think we're incompetent being like "WHAT, YOU FORGOR YOUR ORDERS?! I was considering whether or not to exile you for your decision, but your incompetence just made my decision easier" or something like that.
No. 1033214 ID: e5114d

Well, she's in charge.
She asked for your advice, she got it. What she does with it is up to her, so she's well within her rights to disregard it, which may be good in this case since she knows the plague better than you do.
If she disregards advice too often, it may place her competence in question, but that changes little. She's a noble, after all, and those have a tendency to stay in power regardless of competence.
If she surrounds herself with yes men who praise even stupid ideas that would obviously put her in a poor position against the undead, then maybe we can consider drastic acts. Until then, though, the direction she provides will probably beat the chaos that a leadership vacuum would cause.

That said, do you really care what she thinks? The only serious point she had was that she has yet to cure the plague. The rest was her letting her bias get in the way of actual criticisms. Have you let your desires get in the way of your missions? No, you turned the giant's failure into a partial success. So wave it off, man up, and prove her wrong with your combination of loyalty and skill. If you get laid a bunch in the process, I doubt she'll care so long as her goals are attained.
No. 1034548 ID: 9b127b
File 165462157378.png - (615.24KB , 657x858 , Pentacle207.png )

Garrin ends the message, he doesn't feel like apologising nor grovelling and he doubts anything else would help his standing.

He is left alone in silence.
Garrin tries to convince himself that he was right to say what he did, It doesn't make him feel better.
Garrin knows he's helped no one least of all himself.

Garrin hates Kalez, there's an ugliness in her deep inside. wether she wrong, right, cruel or kind it's always there under the surface.
He considers why he even serves Kalez, a thought all too common of late. in the past he's told himself his true master is Arch-Duke Midas, but the distinction feels empty today.
The true reason he serves is that Kalez is still the best hope for the kingdom of Terrotha.
Does he believe that she's truly making a mistake? or is the reality that her callous disposition will serve the kingdom just too unpalitable for the knight?
he's not entirely sure it matters what he or anyone believes.

The plague could kill everything he cares about.
It won't kill him though, he suspects, not until he's suffered for his arrogance

He thinks of Princess Reefa and how she could abandon even the pack animals.
yet ultimately she was powereless to-

Garrin is startled by what sounds like a screetching avian warcry.

'HELP! HELP! A VILLIANOUS MURDERER IS ACCOSTING MY PERSON!' it's Princess Reefa there is no doubt!
The prismatican continues to project loudly'WON'T ANY BRAVE SOUL COME TO MY AID?!'

How does Garrin approach
A)Rush in sword drawn?
B)scout what his happening but remain hidden?
C)stroll up casually?

No. 1034549 ID: 629f2e

Okay, even odds that Reefa is actually under attack or is reacting strongly to something ultimately mundane. Either way, A, rush in with sword at the ready. You'll be prepared if it's the former, and will at least appear chivalrous for taking her cries seriously if it's indeed the latter.
No. 1034550 ID: d461d1

Maybe consider serving Kalez not for her, but to protect the good people of her kingdom, and your allies?

Although, jumping ship and serving Princess Reefa is sounding more inviting...

For now, A
No. 1034554 ID: 10c07d

A, we must protect our princess!
No. 1034556 ID: 1bb7b8

Kalez is une stoic bitch, in the eworst way posible. Lets just hope that her ways are the ons that the kigndom needs.

I would lik to go with A, but rushing in blindly would be foolish. Be quick but don't go there directly, maintain the element of surprise.
No. 1034557 ID: 899c9f

B, use recon to make the most dramatic entrance possible.
No. 1034558 ID: 322af8

Might as well go with A. Though I'm certain she is blowing the situation out of proportion.
No. 1034559 ID: e5709d

B) If Reefa were in any serious danger, her speech centers would shut down and her maximum volume would be doubled.
Still, you should check up on her. If she's being manhandled...
No. 1034566 ID: 12f554

Do a B about it
No. 1035555 ID: 9b127b
File 165578835065.png - (683.42KB , 657x858 , Pentacle208.png )

Garrin rushes to action sword drawn.

He finds Princess Reefa has been approached by several city guards.
when she hears Garrin rush up she turns and smiles at him 'Deliverance from Darkness! a brave knight arrives armed to rescue this damsel in distress!'i

Reefa seems delighted to have Garrin behave exactly as she hoped

"Sir Garrin my guardian, I trust you've heard tale of the infamous prince of evil Loedric the hateful?" Reefa ask while glaring at the man

Garrin does know Loedric, he was top top suitor to the princess before he was found guilty of murdering an ambassador and his family.
As Garrin framed him for this crime he, knows well that Loedric is innocent.
this occurred three years ago.
He doesn't know why the prince is dressed as a city guard.

Reefa looks to Garrin expectantly, a crowd is starting to gather.

a) Garrin plays along with the princess' theatrics.
b) Garrin Approaches Loedric professionally and questions him.
c) Garrin lets Reefa handle the other royal.
d) Garrin does something else

No. 1035556 ID: 899c9f

B. It was nothing personal, right?
No. 1035558 ID: 629f2e

A, Play along. It's been a long trip, let her have this. Plus, it's making her like you, and holy shit after how that call with Kalez went, you need all the validation you can get rn.
No. 1035585 ID: 9af117

Oh shit, a romanic rival!
...In all seriousness though, it sounds like Reefa has disdain for whoever this is. What's more concerning is the situation, as several things are off here.
First is how this guy is has gotten back in good graces enough to be trusted with law enforcing. Worst case scenario, new evidence proved his innocence... and made you suspicious. Of course, there's no point in panic over what ifs.
Two is how casually Reefa seems to take possibly blowing her cover to do... whatever it is she's doing. Sure, it's in character for her, but this almost seems personal.
Lastly, does Reefa seriously think of you as if you were an attack dog? Oof. Gotta show that's not just all you are, or all you'll be is an attack dog.
Perhaps there's a way to deal with all three...
D, Quietly ask the princess if she's sure she would so much as acknowledge the existence of this criminal, there's no need to lower herself like that while there are more subtle means, though you will follow her lead.
No. 1035616 ID: 10c07d

A) But let’s give the convoy’s door a little knock to signal Garcio to come out as well in case things turn ugly.
No. 1035643 ID: 9bb8e7

B! Play it stoic. This can go any way you want it it.
No. 1035651 ID: 322af8

B. As much as we need to stay in the princess' good graces, we need to figure out if this guy might be a threat.
No. 1035655 ID: 12f554

Agreed. That sounds hilarious.
No. 1035838 ID: e51896

A. Let her have this.
No. 1035860 ID: e70375

A, but pretend you have no idea who this guy is.
No. 1036241 ID: 9b127b
File 165636464168.png - (674.11KB , 657x858 , Pentacle209.png )

Garrin has to keep the princess happy

he plays along, in fact he pretends he doesn't know Loedric at all 'My lady, I've heard tell of such a man, but had dismissed him as a boogeyman to frighten children'

Reefa quickly hides a smile and returns to character 'Alas! the devil stands before you in the flesh!'

Loedric seems very confused by the theatrics 'w-what is this?' he exclaims the other two guards exchange exhausted looks but don't intervene.

Garrin lets out a laugh filled with false bravado 'A devil? he is little more than an imp easily squashed.'

'Then he is trivial to you?' Reefa proposes while feigning a haughty boredom.

a few passersby have gathered, they speak to each other in hushed whispers.
"are they putting on a show?" A kobold asks.
"just seems like nobles being nobles to me." another kobold shrugs.
"I'm gonna stick around and watch either way"A vavver laughs.

Where does Garrin take this performance?
A) A duel?
B) dismiss Leodric
C) Interogate Loedric (suggest questions as well)
D) encourage the audience
E) Take leave with the Princess
F) Throw insults
G) something else?

No. 1036244 ID: 899c9f

B. Back to the shadows from whence ye came, imp.
No. 1036245 ID: bf7d5b

"By what right does a knave such as you dare even GLANCE at her highness?"
No. 1036247 ID: a5761c

E, with the implication hes not worth our time.
No. 1036248 ID: 629f2e

C, B, and E are our best options I think. A, D, and F will only push the show further, which risks infuriating Loedric and causing trouble. Reefa may be having fun now, but she may change her tune if she gets dragged into a fight. Or worse: If you get your ass handed to you in front of her. You're probably better than Loedric one-to-one, but if his fellow guards fight as well then you'll get whooped.

Let's go with C for now, questioning why he's here accosting the lovely lady. And if the reason is not worth consideration, we can go E and escort Reefa away from this savage.
No. 1036269 ID: 322af8

E) We've confused him and sort of insulted him. Might as well head away now while we can.
No. 1036279 ID: 10c07d

This, but continue to play into reefa’s show
No. 1036297 ID: e5709d

E because you can't risk putting your foot in your mouth before you've entrenched the princess in the Duchess' territory.
No. 1036517 ID: 669e57

Go with this. Let her highness weave the tale of what that was all about afterwards.
No. 1036784 ID: 9b127b
File 165678518518.png - (702.79KB , 657x858 , Pentacle210.png )

Garrin gives a stoic nod 'Indeed he is beneath us, and hardly worth our time'

'Lord Phelion instructed me to-'Loedric attempts

Reefa looks around.'Do you hear something?'

understanding Garrin respond 'Indeed the wind blows strong today.'

Frustrated Loedric turns and leaves, and the crowd dissipates disappointed.
The Princess continues the story regardless'We best take shelter from the wind, I just so happen to know of a delightful tavern that will serve perfectly'
Garrin has no idea what she's talking about, he's fairly certain she's never been to a tavern in her life.

Before he can question this Garrin hears the clacking of many wooden shoes
wait! wait! please wait! shuffling up is Xiatzu the rachnid merchant.

Reefa stops walking and responds.'oh Ms. Xiatzu, did you want something?'

Xiatzu bows before blurting out 'please forgive me your highness, but Sir Garrin promised to escort me to the supply store.'
Garrin remembers this, he had mentioned the streets were dangerous and she had insisted.

'Did you promise this creature?' Reefa asks, annoyance clear on her face.

A)I did, however it isn't important. Garcio can escort her (spend time with Reefa)
B)I'm afraid so your highness, as a knight my word is my bond, I must escort her. (Spend time with Xiatzu)
C)I gave my word, however matters have changed (explain about the plague and how your journey to Crym-Z'gar will be delayed)
D)Hmm it seems we are short on staff, both of you should stick together while I hire assistance (Look for Vivian Hearth)
E)lets all stick together, these city streets might be dangerous (Spend time with both women)
F)something else?
No. 1036792 ID: b0b5f8

B, C or E sounds right.
We're selling the image of a wholesome honest knight here, keeping it consistent will be best for wooing Reefa, even if it causes a temporary setback for now.
No. 1036802 ID: 899c9f

No. 1036805 ID: 629f2e

Y'know what, screw it, A or C! We've got a good thing going on here with Reefa rn, don't fucking blow it by getting wishy washy and trying to make everyone happy. Make Reefa happy, because that will make you happy. Making Xiatzu unhappy is sad, but you can just be honest with her later and say "Hey, I'm sorry if I lead you on earlier, but I don't think this is happening."

Unless you change your mind and do want it to happen, but if that's the case you'd better commit to her now.
No. 1036806 ID: e51896

No. 1036822 ID: e5709d

Mostly D, because any suspicions of womanizing will be lost when Vivian rattles her insufferable head at the two high socials, forcing them to collaborate in persuading this loose cannon.
No. 1036839 ID: 399bc9

No. 1036842 ID: 322af8

E) If we can spend time with both, why not go for it.
No. 1036968 ID: 8483cf

A! I have absolutely no ulterior motives.
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