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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 160294097155.png - (1.30MB , 800x800 , fott1-000-1.png )
978736 No. 978736 ID: 3994a2

This quest is NSFW.

Disthread: >>/questdis/133919

Disclaimer & Content Warning: >>/questdis/134021


The fated evening has arrived. The coming hours will see the culmination of years of hard work and determination.
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No. 978737 ID: 3994a2
File 160294100964.png - (427.20KB , 800x800 , fott1-000-2.png )

To say I've ever been this nervous before... that would be a lie.

But if tonight goes as planned, we will obtain the evidence we need to bring her to justice. Countless innocent souls will be spared, and hers shall at last be cleansed.
No. 978738 ID: 3994a2
File 160294104043.png - (490.00KB , 800x800 , fott1-000-3.png )

And -- forgive my selfishness -- I will finally have my revenge.
No. 978739 ID: d909cb

Yeah but, why are you undressing?
No. 978740 ID: e7c7d3

Sounds like this calls for the good dress. You know, the one that is perfect for you but never seems to be an appropriate time to wear it?
No. 978741 ID: cdabe3

Time for some exposition :D
No. 978742 ID: 8fab7a

Sounds like you have a momentous night ahead of you.

What is highest on your list of worries?
No. 978756 ID: d909cb

Revenge? On her? What did this person do? Seduce your boyfriend?
No. 978759 ID: 2aa5f0

so what's going on tonight?
No. 978774 ID: 094652

Well, be sure you have a backup plan in case she still weasels her way through.

And make sure you confirm the bodies of her previous victims before you claim self-defense.
No. 978791 ID: 0fae41

I think this merits a few nose rubs to get you in the mood to folly.
No. 978932 ID: e51896

well you better call your partner and make sure he is in position and ready to get the evidence for tonight's mission. everything needs to be perfect. Sternly go over the plan with him to make sure he understands why we need to get the evidence.
No. 979062 ID: 3994a2
File 160320337933.png - (286.29KB , 800x800 , fott1-001-1.png )

Shedding these garments, letting them fall to the floor and baring my skin -- what is normally simply a routine part of daily hygiene... it feels so strange, tonight, in light of what I must do.

>Revenge? On her? What did this person do? Seduce your boyfriend?
The Temptress took my brother from me -- the only family I've ever had, aside from my brethren in the Order. In return, I shall take her freedom.

>so what's going on tonight?
Tonight I venture into what we believe to be the lair of the Temptress herself: the private villa of Lady Emeraldine de Coqsoque. The parties she holds there are notorious for their debauchery, and there have been rumblings of... unholy activity deep within them. She is holding one such event this evening, and I shall attend under a false identity. Once inside, I aim to obtain incontrovertible evidence that the Temptress is Lady Coqsoque herself -- and once I have, I will signal to my brethren to storm the building and seize her.

>Well, be sure you have a backup plan in case she still weasels her way through.
My compatriots shall be watching the estate from afar; should anything go awry, or should I find the evidence I see, I need only cast a candlelight charm on a window to signal for them to move in.

>I think this merits a few nose rubs to get you in the mood to folly.
I learned long ago to refrain from such... stimulation, and I fail to see how breaking that rule of thumb tonight would help my cause.
No. 979063 ID: 3994a2
File 160320338954.png - (319.37KB , 800x800 , fott1-001-2.png )

...I so rarely take time to truly look at my body, that it almost feels alien as it stares back at me through the mirror. I almost forget my own womanhood sometimes, but... that is appropriate, as I have given it up in pursuit of a higher cause.

>Yeah but, why are you undressing?
Why, indeed. It goes against the core of my being, doing what I must do tonight... but the prize is too great to pass up. Putting an end to the Temptress's wiles is worth any humiliation.

That is what makes my duties this evening so perverse. To pursue the Temptress, deep within her vile lair... I will be immersed in iniquity, made vulnerable by my own body. I fear, too, that I may be called to commit the unspeakable in the name of camouflage. There is a very real danger that I may return... deflowered, should I return at all.

I have of course taken every precaution the Order prescribes for such extraordinary situations, to guard both body and spirit; and upon my return I shall perform the rights of penance, living in solitude for a fortnight... but the Temptress is aptly named, and I pray that I will have the strength to turn away from her evil gaze.

>What is highest on your list of worries?
Simply that, despite all my preparation and my efforts to guard my soul, I shall fall under her spell... like so many others before me.

>Sounds like this calls for the good dress. You know, the one that is perfect for you but never seems to be an appropriate time to wear it?
What would be perfect for me is the warmth and comfort of my habit. But such sacred garb would surely betray my identity, so I must dress the part... and wear that sinful thing that only the depraved would call a dress.

>well you better call your partner and make sure he is in position and ready to get the evidence for tonight's mission. everything needs to be perfect. Sternly go over the plan with him to make sure he understands why we need to get the evidence.
My compatriots in the Order are already prepared, and won't be going in with me anyway -- at least not until I give the signal for them to move in. We have bought my way into the party, however, by way of a local aristocrat whose loyalties lie with coin rather than with those of his class. He should arrive within the hour to pick me up.
No. 979064 ID: 3994a2
File 160320340830.png - (540.86KB , 800x800 , fott1-001-3.png )

I must take every step to defend my soul from her influence... including this, the most essential of my countermeasures.
No. 979065 ID: 3994a2
File 160320341561.png - (646.21KB , 800x800 , fott1-001-4.png )

It is a minor relief to see it works, although I would prefer if its effects were more... extensive. Still, the major sources of visual temptation are now expunged from my vision, and for that I am thankful.

With any luck, the necklace's true purpose shall remain concealed, but I must be careful to guard it from theft.
No. 979066 ID: 3994a2
File 160320342338.png - (329.04KB , 800x800 , fott1-001-5.png )

Now for the hardest part. I have put this off until now, hoping that divine light would guide me. I spread my gear and countermeasures before me, sizing them up to decide what I shall take with me. I could take everything, but there is... limited space to work with, and being spotted carrying or using these items in the open could reveal my identity. The more I take, the more I risk being discovered; but the less I take, the more danger I face at the hands of the Temptress and her minions.

1. Ipecac Paquet: A small bundle of herbs and oils worn inside the mouth, behind the molars; when broken by the teeth, it will induce a short-lived state of severe nausea. In the event that I find myself succumbing to temptation, I can use this to break the trance. I expect there is little chance of being discovered with this.
2. Dagger: I could safely conceal this on my thigh or around my waist. I expect other guests at the Temptress's estate may carry small weapons of their own, so if I am seen with a dagger it will probably not give my identity away, unless I am discovered using it in incriminating manner.
3. Blackjack: A blunt weapon for quietly incapacitating someone. I have a great deal of practice with this, and am confident in my ability to use it well. Unlike the dagger, however, I expect that I may be the only person carrying one, and so being discovered with it could cause a great deal of suspicion.
4. Rope and Hook: Useful for if I need to scale the building in some unorthodox way, along with the various other uses one can find for rope. I will need to think carefully about where on my person to stow this, as it may draw suspicion to me.
5. Lockpicks: I may need to obtain access to locked-off areas, so these could prove very useful. It may be difficult to explain why I have them, should I be caught, however.
6. Chastity Belt: Perhaps the last resort for defending my purity -- should my mind itself be compromised, with this I could be safe even from my own prying fingers. It is somewhat bulky and restrictive, though, and such a virtuous device would surely be out of place in the Temptress's den of iniquity.
7. Dispell Charm: This bracelet will allow me to dispell enchantments laid by the Temptress or her cohorts. The number of uses it allows depends on the strength of the enchantment, but our clerics believe it can be used to negate three small enchantments, or to significantly weaken one large enchantment. At first glance it appears to be an ordinary bracelet, so I expect there would be little risk in taking it, although a talented magician may be able to detect its power.
8. Holy Wand: Perhaps my greatest offensive weapon against the Temptress. Imbued with the Light itself, I could use it as a ward against her magic and drive her into submission. Its power is so potent, though, that simply bringing it into her domain may alert her to my presence... it may take her some time to figure out who I am among the rest of her guests, but she will certainly be looking for me.

Select which items she will carry, and where on her body she'll keep them. (Assume that her dress will be moderately revealing.)
No. 979075 ID: 2aa5f0

1, 5, 6, 7

1 and 7 to keep your mind clear, 5 to help get around and 6 mostly because I feel you could use it as in improve belt should the need arise. Don't think you should have to worry about weapons too much since it sounds like you could probably find something while you're looking around and the hook and rope would probably be too much of a pain to sneak in. Same reason I'm saying no to the wand. I mean unless you want to hide that thing inside you, if you get my meaning, it sounds like it be a small miracle for you to get it pass the front door if anyone had any way to detect magic.
No. 979076 ID: cdabe3

I’ll also say this, and bring the dagger strapped to you thigh; it shouldn’t be too unusual for a lady to discretely carry something to defend herself, and if worse comes to worse, you can simply remove it.
No. 979078 ID: e51896

These, except lose the chastity belt as it will cause suspicion.
No. 979087 ID: bafb90

1, 2, 5, and 7. Only take the rope if you can store it in a nearby location. Leave the chastity belt behind, while your fears are valid if your gonna take a cock tonight, your gonna take a cock. All for getting the Temptress.
No. 979089 ID: 9f00f4

This. Don't take the chastity belt
No. 979096 ID: 5b0071

is it safe to assume most ladies are permitted, or even expected, to have some kind of purse or handbag at all times? Only the rudest churl or strictest security would look through a lady's purse.

5 and 8 could easily be concealed in a purse and 7 can likely be worn without scrutiny. A girl's got to have protection, right? It may simply make people assume you are wealthy.. or have a wealthy paramour. Be sure to wear other jewelry as well, if it is available and does not contrast the bracelet too greatly.

the capsule may be a bad idea.. what if you are expected to eat, drink, or even.. kiss someone?
No. 979101 ID: 8fab7a

Hm. You need only find evidence? A mostly defensive build, with a bit of utility, might let you last longer with your pretenses, then.

So, take the Path of the Lust-Bound. You act the beauty denied, someone's special prize of the eve or submissive waif - and collared as such (which is why your 'signs of devotion' such as the collar must on you stay, you will insist).

Take 1 - Ipecac Paquet - for if acting a passive party, you will have to suffer others' wiles for longer.

Take 4 - Rope and Hook
Hide the hook within your ponytail and adorn yourself in ropes. Let them think you wearing the bonds of the depraved.

Take 6 - Chastity Belt
Combined with rope used for bondage it can serve to give any de-rober an obscene impression of why your most private places are secured.

Take 7 - Dispel Charm
A possessive bracelet - and if discovered, claim it given to you by your over-jealous amore, to keep you from falling to others' wiles and revealing, too early, where the key to your belt is hidden.

And here, an even better idea: if you have to sell the above lie, ensure you have set up a point outside the Temptress' manse where your backup can wait in ambush. You could lure someone to retrieve 'the key', and when seeing their approach your support will know you are in danger, either of discovery or worse.
No. 979109 ID: d909cb

>Putting an end to the Temptress's wiles is worth any humiliation
We'll take you up on that offer hehe

>the warmth and comfort of my habit
So what's your opinion of flagellation?

>the major sources of visual temptation are now expunged from my vision
Are you sure this necklace works on male body parts as well?

>Select items
1. Ipecac Paquet
2. Dagger
4. Rope and Hook - Dress yourself in this rope. Or find someone to help you with that hehe. Separate the hook and use it as a fancy hair bead. And when the time comes, you'll undress and recombine them.
5. Lockpicks - You can't take all of them, but you might be able to hide something short in the Chastity Belt
6. Chastity Belt
7. Dispell Charm

Don't you have anything to detect traps?
No. 979127 ID: 629f2e

1, 2, 4, 5, 7

1 - The tablet is so easy to hide that not bringing it seems foolish

2 - Of your weapon options, this seems the least likely to give you away.

4 - Incorporating this item into your apparel is a good way of bringing it without raising suspicion.

5 - There will almost certainly be a situation in which you will be faced with a locked door or chest and need to bust these out. Of the suspicious items, this one is worth the risk.

7 - A strong wizard might detect it, but if you're at the point where such an individual is suspecting your belongings then you are almost certainly in a scenario where you could use such a charm.
No. 979133 ID: 094652

Can you leave a dead drop of the remaining items nearby, to be thrown into a window by an associate if things start going badly?
No. 979173 ID: eb1fcc

fantastic suggestions, hiding your kit as accoutrements of the depraved. I think the black jack is unnecessary, however, as a simple club can be procured with little difficulty no matter where you go. I may also recommend taking the holy wand and stowing it just outside of the temptresses domain in case of emergency. inside a tree, or buried near a marker of some sort. A leaded box may prevent it's detection further.
No. 979188 ID: dbd72b

1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7

if any are caught, 2 and 7 are for self defense, since you're new there and concerned for your safety.

3 is a nonlethal bludgeoning device. Say hello to a new kink you have to pretend to have. Your choice if you like to use it or have it be used

5 and 6 tie into and excuse each other. the belt has a lock, does it not? Two sides of the same fetish you've "always been drawn to." If it looks suspicious, well, you're just a criminal in a den of the same.

There you have reasons to conceal all of these, and excuses if they find you out.

I would say 4, but I absolutely can't think of a way to play off the hook, specifically, and it's a total bitch to hide. I'd just as soon skip it
No. 979191 ID: 9f00f4

Can you get a knife that would function as a self-defense dagger, but is also able to be accurately described as a multi-function tool?
No. 979241 ID: 0fae41

A winner takes all.
No. 979357 ID: f2320a

The wand could be stored in the butt or vagina if we take the chasity belt? the club can be excused as a kink thing question is will it be used on us or us using it.
1 the tablet will be easy to hide and not use even with us drinking and eating.
The lock picks are going to be a must.
Hmm does the chasity not cover the ass?
No. 979359 ID: f2320a

We could take pretty much everything with us and that rope and hock idea is fantastic
So tablet is easy
We can take the chasity belt and store the wand in our vagina protected by the cage and if its seen its no danger as its quite phallic
Tie the rope around our body in kinky ways the club can be a part of our outfit the only things i have a hard time figuring out is the knife and lockpicks
No. 979551 ID: 40a125

Lady Cocksock? It's futa time, boys. Hopefully our wand will be a match for hers.
No. 979952 ID: 3994a2
File 160396063717.png - (267.48KB , 800x800 , fott1-002-1.png )

I finally arrive at a decision on what to take with me:

>Ipecac Paquet
It is unobtrusive enough that I can bring it without issue. There is the potential issue of drinking and eating while it is in my mouth, but I should refrain from consuming anything the Temptress provides, anyway. As for it causing problems while kissing... I have every intention of not kissing anybody.

I will strap it to my thigh; I cannot imagine I will be the only one carrying a small weapon, so I expect it will not alarm anyone who happens to witness it. (And, should things go as I hope, nobody will be seeing my thighs anyway.)

>Chastity Belt
I worry that this may give me away, but it is a line of protection I simply cannot bear going without. I may be able to use it as a utility belt of sorts, too.

I considered bringing these in a purse or handbag, but I am concerned that I may become separated from it at some point -- it is better to keep my gear on my person. I resolve to take the two most useful picks with me, as I believe I can stow them under the chastity belt's waistband.

>Dispel Charm
I should be able to bring this with me without issues, as long as it and my necklace aren't the only items of jewelry I wear.

>Rope and Hook
It strikes me to integrate these into my disguise. Perhaps I could use the hook as a hair ornament of sorts, and the ropes... I have heard that the libertine crowd likes to do... things with them.

Bringing the chastity belt up to my crotch, I tighten it about my waist, and the lock fastens in place with a click. I am surprised to discover that it is more comfortable than it appears; and its tightness against my skin is reassuring. As expected, the lockpicks are thin enough that I can fit a couple beneath the waistband without issue.
No. 979953 ID: 3994a2
File 160396066339.png - (347.94KB , 800x800 , fott1-002-2.png )

Now, to get dressed... If one can call this awful thing a dress.

My cheeks blush hot as I observe myself in the mirror -- how can anyone wear this?! I'm practically naked!

...And yet I must wear it, for the sake of disguising myself as a degenerate.
No. 979954 ID: 3994a2
File 160396067938.png - (315.36KB , 800x800 , fott1-002-3.png )

The hook works well enough as an ornament to fasten my hair around in a bun; as for the rope, I do my best to drape it around my body in a reasonably aesthetic manner. Hopefully this will be convincing enough.
No. 979955 ID: 3994a2
File 160396068952.png - (447.82KB , 800x800 , fott1-002-4.png )

I spend some time... tarting myself up, to complete the disguise.

Eugh. This will have to do. I am grateful my brethren in the Order are not present to see me like this.
No. 979956 ID: 3994a2
File 160396070503.png - (309.05KB , 800x800 , fott1-002-5.png )

knock knock

That must be my contact: the Viscount Alexandre Legende Demains. "One moment!" I call out.

Thankfully, it seems he's not the sort who prefers to be fashionably --
No. 979957 ID: 3994a2
File 160396071997.png - (534.06KB , 800x800 , fott1-002-6.png )

"Ah, Genevieve! B'soir, b'soir!" The unexpected stranger shouts as the door opens, crashing into me in a fit of apparent glee.
No. 979958 ID: 3994a2
File 160396073292.png - (691.43KB , 800x800 , fott1-002-7.png )

"How are you doing? MWAH!"

who is this person and why are they kissing me.
No. 979959 ID: e51896

ummm... suplex her?

alternatively, might as well just let this happen patiently just let her get it out of her system, then afterwards, ask her who the fuck she is and why is she in your apartment.
No. 979960 ID: cdabe3

just patiently inquire as to her intentions! who is this woman? perhaps she's connected to your contact in some way?

also get her opinion on your make-up. this is important
No. 979962 ID: 5b0071

could this be the Viscount?
No. 979966 ID: 3547e3

You're being held tight, but there's one place that you can reach.

Grab him by the balls.
No. 979967 ID: 12b116

They clearly seem to think they know who you are, so blowing your cover immediately is a bad idea. Is Genevieve your backstory name? Do you know what the viscount looks like? Also they might be really good at sleight of hand so make sure they don't steal your stuff.
No. 979968 ID: 2aa5f0

So is this the viscount or one of the viscount's aids?

Speaking of the Viscount what do you know of them and have you ever seen them in person before?
No. 979986 ID: 094652

You said your brother went the way of the dodo, right?

No. 980113 ID: 50b6c3

This person appears to be wearing a key around hos or her neck, which may match your chastity belt. You said yourself that you cannot unlock it. Someone must be able to.

This may be one the your sisters of your order who is used to under-cover operations.

This may also be the viscount, wearing a particularly depraved costume. That is the sort of party you are to go to.

Do not over-react. Firmly but politely extricate yourself, and insist that this being identify himself.

Use this as an opportunity to practice dealing with unwelcome and unexpected situations without over-reacting. Soon, to do so may reveal your identity.

You are supposed to be good at self-control. Yes? Exercise it.
No. 980190 ID: 3547e3

Genevieve is your name?
No. 980228 ID: f2320a

Hmm we need less make up
No. 982914 ID: f2320a

impressive what make up does because you have some PHAT sucking lips

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