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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 125920568995.png - (106.11KB , 640x480 , 1.png )
81580 No. 81580 ID: 754774

Only that person could possibly think a fairy dust necklace would be an appropriate birthday gift for a man called 'Euthanasia'.

The fairy ornament is shaped so poorly it looks like a pointy blob, and the plastic vial seems to contain blue glitter.

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No. 81581 ID: 754774
File 12592057675.png - (89.54KB , 640x480 , 2.png )


'If you have this, you'll make decisions with more clarity.'

Fairy dust necklaces were always marketed to be good luck or wish-fulfilling, if I remember right.

Then again, in our line of work, it's just as well.
No. 81582 ID: ab04d4

Clarity? Yeah right. Welcome to our world, where we tell you to kill stuff, rape stuff, steal stuff, and in general commit criminal acts with glee. In any case, let me introduce you to the Orb of Infinite Psyche.


Well, Fairy Crack Rock of Infinite Psyche.
No. 81585 ID: e7666f

Goddamnit, this would have to happen on my lunch break.
What's the problem?
No. 81587 ID: c3feb0

By the looks of it, you are already killing stuff.
No. 81595 ID: 426169

Hello there new owner. Don't be spooked, it's the magic dust talking. We're here to "help".

Tell us, who are you? Looking at you I'd say you're in some kinda trouble. How'd you get beat up like that? Do you have any sisters?
No. 81597 ID: 754774
File 125920681859.png - (95.27KB , 640x480 , 3.png )

Jesus christ
No. 81599 ID: c3feb0

That is your reaction? How dull. Most people would freak out.
No. 81600 ID: 426169

Yeah we get that sometimes. Don't worry, chill out. We're very old and very experienced at this. We hardly ever lead people astray.

Or perhaps you don't want our help?
No. 81603 ID: e7666f

Look, will your period of inevitable shock cover my smoke break?
No. 81606 ID: 754774
File 125920793753.png - (97.62KB , 640x480 , 4.png )


I'm not really sure how. I kill people for a living.

I suppose you'd be useful for the jobs I need to collect information for.

...He got me a telepathic necklace. Son of a bitch.
No. 81609 ID: c3feb0

We can act as a surveillance camera around you. You no longer have to worry about someone sneaking up on you. If you want to know more, my frequency is 140.14.
No. 81610 ID: af3e6d

We may or may not be useful. It is very important, no, it it imperative that you take our suggestions with a grain of salt. There's gonna be a lot of conflicting ideas, and some of them will be horrible. Just want you to know in advance. Some are bloody gems, however, so if you sieve through the voices, you'll be better off.
No. 81615 ID: 754774
File 125920924715.png - (38.56KB , 640x480 , 5.png )


Assuming you can also contact other people, I won't give my name. My Euthanasia nickname is sufficient enough.

I'll put that in mind.

Now I better kick up. My current mission is to bust a gang, and all I've done so far is nail my source of information to the wall with a knife.

LSA. Run by some girl named Sitcom, according to the wall ornament over there. Been breaking more laws than you can count on one hand, and is the biggest gang group in the city.

First time I've been hired by a cop.
No. 81616 ID: 754774
File 125920932398.png - (103.93KB , 640x480 , 6.png )

So LSA is supposed to be right down this alley. Seems like an abandoned warehouse.

Normally after finding the target base I report back, but if you have any better ideas, shoot. I like to do these missions quickly.
No. 81618 ID: c3feb0

Search your informant for goods. Also, you should scout the area, see where they put their guards and cameras, so you can make a layout of sorts.
No. 81619 ID: 426169

>biggest gang group
Do you have backup on this one? Exactly how many gang members are we looking at?
How good are you, and what weapons do you have?
No. 81621 ID: c3feb0

Use your Night Vision Goggles too.
No. 81623 ID: 754774
File 125920990443.png - (123.81KB , 640x480 , 7.png )

No backup. Impossible to pinpoint, but everyone else is small-fry in comparison, that's for sure. Probably goes into the thousands. I'm the fastest killer, but not really the best in anything else.

I've got night vision goggles, two knives, and two guns. Loaded. I'm only supposed to shave off the guards at the very most, but it might attract attention.
No. 81624 ID: c3feb0

Start scouting using the night vision goggles. And your guns don't have suppressors on them?
No. 81626 ID: 426169

Wait, what exactly does your contract say? "Kill X members of Arachnos"? Or are we going after someone specific?
No. 81633 ID: 754774
File 125921059668.png - (101.42KB , 640x480 , 8.png )

No. Wasn't expecting a quiet mission.
Get rid of LSA. Usually this entitles killing the leader, who would be this 'Sitcom' gir-

I hear footsteps.
No. 81637 ID: c3feb0

Stick close to the wall and have your gun ready, if you're lucky, you might get another informant.
No. 81646 ID: e0499d

Get ready for interrogation time (That means pull out a gun, and switch to a knife once we get the walker down)
No. 81649 ID: 426169

Hide near a doorway, then grab them from behind.
Interrogate at knifepoint.
No. 81657 ID: 754774
File 125921251035.png - (56.44KB , 640x480 , 9.png )

Impossible. Have to attack from the corner.

Risky to attack, but this is the bad part of the city. With the size of the gang, good chance I have a member.
No. 81659 ID: 754774
File 125921252447.png - (89.36KB , 640x480 , 10.png )

No. 81660 ID: 754774
File 125921254322.png - (97.41KB , 640x480 , 11.png )


"Hi. Let's talk."
No. 81665 ID: c3feb0

A girl? Could this be Sitcom? Anyway, search her and find some place secluded to start the interrogation.
No. 81675 ID: 754774
File 125921436029.png - (134.99KB , 640x480 , 12.png )

"Keep walking. Overdressed for a hooker."
"I'm not a hooker."
"What are you doing all the way over here, then?"
"I'm a member of LSA."
"Honest. I like that. Now LSA has being doing some bad things. You know that?"
"Take-outs don't work."
"Take-outs always work."
"Sitcom directs the gang, but LSA runs on a promotion system. There will always be someone to replace the leader. The only way to dissipate something like that is to start a gang war."

She's right. Killing everyone is mindless slaughter and would be impossible to hide. Gang wars would crumble morale.

Something's wrong though. She's talking too much. And she's too calm.
No. 81680 ID: c3feb0

She could be talking to help people follow you. Or she could be Sitcom herself and she is telling you that killing her would be useless. Either way, silence her for now.
No. 81708 ID: 597b9b

You're probably not alone, then. The only reason she'd be so calm is and confident in divulging information would be if she knew some bad shit was about to happen to you.
No. 84055 ID: 754774
File 125964210919.png - (69.38KB , 640x480 , 13.png )

One blow to the spine, and--

A metal pole out of nowhere.

"WaitwaitwaitwaitWAIT! I just so happened to be trying to take them out myself. You look like a Claw type. Nothing better when it comes to gang leaders, know what I'm saying?"

She is implying I should form a gang with her. It is preposterous and incredibly ballsy to ask something like that from someone trying to kill you. She also seems to now address me as a major threat, completely loosing her cool.

I like her.

Of course, my affection for her head-strong nature shouldn't cloud my judgment.
You're the 'decision clarity', or whatever it is. I think I'll trust what you might come up with.
No. 84075 ID: af3e6d

I like her too, but I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her. This is sounding much like a ploy to lead you into a trap and save her own sorry ass. Ask her exactly what her plan is, and if it checks out as something somebody has actually taken the time to figure out, she's probably legit.
No. 84093 ID: b45a31

Ask for out for a cup of coffee. It will throw her off guard.
No. 84112 ID: edfbb3

Well, let's see. She's faster than you. I can't really perceive motion, but seeing as you're a hired man and speed is what you're known for, I'm guessing that's pretty damn fast. On the other hand, you're faster than she expected, and you ain't exactly playing meek. That means she doesn't have much experience with anything serious. The ease with which she divulged information indicates this as well, seeing as violence spooks her.

What that means for you? Well, she'll be easy. Easy to take control of, easy to squeeze some juice from, easy to point where you want her. If you fuck her, it'll only make it even easier, at least for a while.

As far as what it's worth, well, the girls clearly knows things you don't. She knows LSA's command structure, for one thing, and she probably knows more she hasn't said. Even if she doesn't, the fact that someone who claims to be a member of the LSA now wants to kill them is worth investigating. As you deem the points she raises to be valid, this is likely to be rather protracted, and as such any potential weakness should be known, that it may be exploited. I'd also like to know what LSA stands for and who the Claw are, though you might be able to answer that yourself.

My recommended action is to inquire as to her immediate intentions, and from there, either aid her with them and then take her back to your hotel room, or just take her back to the hotel immediately.
No. 84114 ID: 754774
File 125964763511.png - (98.42KB , 640x480 , 14.png )

"What exactly is your plan?"
"Well, like I said before, LSA has a ranking system. One of the lowest ranks is 'the black sheep', which is really uncharacteristic concerning Sitcom's obsession with theme naming and a bit more accurate in concerns of how the whole thing works. Us B-sheep are integrated by witness force; people who stumble over the gang unintentionally, and can't leave or retain any rights as a member. I've been like that for a couple of years, and I'm not nearly strong enough to start a gang. I also have no money."

Story checks out. It lines up with the LSA-related kidnapping accounts, but then again, any member could know about it.

The lack of details lead me to think that she doesn't actually have a plan at all. I'm not really suprised.
No. 84118 ID: b45a31

Ask her for her cooperation for infiltrating the base.
No. 84128 ID: edfbb3

Ask her politely to swing by your base of operations to coordinate strategy. What you are actually going to do is take her to your hotel and interrogate her. I certainly hope you've already got one, but if not, pick one a good ways outside of LSA territory, and cheap enough that nobody will look at you twice.
No. 84144 ID: 754774
File 125964939866.png - (115.87KB , 640x480 , 15.png )

"Was going to ask the same thing myself. You aren't going to get anywhere by doing it though. Like I said, the only thing that can topple LSA is a gang war. And to have gang that can take LSA head-on, you need lots of 'Tools'. And the easiest way to get Tools is to take out a Tool-oriented leader of a small gang and possess it. Fairly basic stuff."
"...Yeah, you would have gotten yourself snuffed just trying...It's a slang term for how a gang leader operates. A Tool user is someone with lots of men covering for their own weakness, and a Claw is someone who is deadly even out of their territory and without any members covering for them. Sitcom, coincidentally, is a Claw and a Tool user."
"So you're saying to start a gang, I just have to take out the weakest one with a reasonable number of men?"
"Exactly. I'm sure you have other jobs to do, so I can run it in your absence, of course."
"This is leaning towards your own personal gain."
"That's the point of the deal. It helps you though, right?"


I take her to the Hotel I'm staying at. I wouldn't stay at some low-key place with paper-thin walls. Honesty is also a good thing.

"You have a very nice taste in temporary residences."
"I have lots of money."

There's something off about her. I can't figure out what.
No. 84148 ID: b45a31

You still haven't asked for her name and why she is wearing so much clothes.
No. 84162 ID: edfbb3

>I take her to the Hotel I'm staying at. I wouldn't stay at some low-key place with paper-thin walls.
That's liable to bite you in the ass. No walls muffle as well as nobody caring. And unless this is a place that regularly works with you or your buddies, you can't do a whole lot here. If it is a place that has an understanding with your people, then you're fucked as soon as you've got cops on you and you need something from here.

Of course, considering the nature of your target, it's quite likely that this won't matter in the slightest, and your creature comforts will be harmless. But it's best to allow for vastly suboptimal results in any endeavor where you could theoretically end up dead, arrested, or discredited.

>There's something off about her. I can't figure out what.
I reckon she doesn't have much by way of friends. Probably an Asspie. Or it may be a touch of fey.
No. 84170 ID: 754774
File 125965192658.png - (116.16KB , 640x480 , 16.png )

"What's your name?"
"It's a secret."
"Why are you wearing so much?"
"I've got a loud taste in fashion. It's not exactly excessive."
"Why don't you take your scarf off while you're inside?"
"I'll pass."

She's not too hot about letting out personal information. Smart girl.

What? There's no one in the surrounding apartments to listen in anyways. I should know. I own the building.

Lots of money.

The police are familiar with our organization already. Not exactly corrupt; there are a lot of arguments over innocent names coming up.

--It's now how she acts that's odd. It's how she looks. Something off. Not counting clothing.
No. 84172 ID: b45a31

Her smile? Or could it be that she is a man?
No. 84174 ID: 12f282

Grab crotch to confirm gender.
No. 84176 ID: edfbb3

So... you're legally sanctioned and operating out of your own private base. Now, when you said you kill people for a living, I assumed you were the sort of fellow who doesn't bother too much about the law. When you said you'd never been hired by a cop before, it seemed as though you confirmed this. So now you're saying the cops know who you are, and they cause you paperwork when you whack a dude they don't think deserves to die?
For that matter, I'd assumed you weren't a local boy, seeing as you don't know a hell of a lot about the scene, but you've got a place and an understanding with the cops.

Now, we're one of the best tools around, but we can't do nothing if you don't tell us nothing. So share with us. What's your setup here?
No. 84177 ID: edfbb3

Also, since she's not giving her a name, ask what you should call her. Supply your alias as well.

Regarding appearance - reckon she's just a tranny.
No. 84180 ID: 754774
File 125965337838.png - (125.50KB , 640x480 , 17.png )

...I'm a bit more eloquent than that.

Being male certainly explains what I had noticed.

"You know, girlie, you're very cute. I like cute. I'm sure we can come to be good partners, give or take a few conditions."
"A...Ahaha...Like what?"
No. 84181 ID: 754774
File 125965341030.png - (135.16KB , 640x480 , 18.png )

"We have to be 100% honest with each other."
No. 84183 ID: b45a31

Now get information about him. Start by being threatening by cracking your knuckles.
No. 84188 ID: edfbb3

"Now... in light of my request for honesty... anything you feel you should tell me?"

knuckle-cracking is asinine and looks amateurish. Playing with a knife or gun could work, but the key to intimidating without offending is making it look casual - like it ain't no thing. We aren't really in a position where something overt would be wise.
No. 84190 ID: 754774
File 12596549107.png - (124.18KB , 640x480 , 19.png )

You raise a good point.

The business runs in levels. The big boys get the jobs the cops can't do, because it's illegal and sometimes impossible.

I'm practically backup level. Quick and resourceful, but not very stealthy and lacking in strength. Not too great at plans. In a movie, I'd be one of the random guys in a black suit. I can count the guys weaker than me on one hand with fingers to spare.

Concerning local knowledge, this is the bad part of town, and most people wouldn't know this stuff either. But I am from out of town; the country. They killed my parents. I was so overjoyed I begged for them to take me in. God was I ever stupid. I nearly got killed four times before the alliance with the police force was formed.

I wonder, does a cop job mean I'm getting promoted?

...Oh. Right. The boy.

"So. Your name."
"I don't want to tell!"


"...An alias, then."
"That is really cheesy."
"I can't think of anything."

...I can't think of any information I'd want from him right away. Shit, this bites more than superiors just telling me I'm an idiot.
No. 84196 ID: b45a31

Get him to make a layout of the base.
No. 84200 ID: 632862

Ask him why he was trying to pass as a girl. Was it to hide his identity from the other gang members, or is it something more personal than that?
No. 84201 ID: edfbb3

Eh, we've had to work with worse.
So, the obvious thing to ask is what's with the getup. We find the fellow under cover? Is he a tranny? Don't mention the tranny possibility, actually. No point in giving him an excuse if it's something he's less eager to divulge.

Other than that, doesn't seem to be anything in particular, but this little talk is contributing to a healthy working relationship. Be sure to remind him of that.

Oh, and if you can do it without looking nervous, smile. It'll either put him at ease, or ruin his nerve. Cool for you either way.
No. 85156 ID: 754774
File 125982069887.png - (112.65KB , 640x480 , 20.png )

"Can you draw me a layout of the base?"
"...I've only been in the main meeting room and the washrooms..."
Oh, of all the useless...!
"So, why were you dressed as a girl?"
"...I thought I might be...Might be more attractive to make a deal with if I was mistaken for a girl..."
"How old are you?"
"Old enough to be out of high school."
"Quite the babyface."
"You're not the first to point it out. Um...How did you know-"
"I didn't. I just noticed you were wearing a wig."

He's obviously uncomfortable. I wonder why he even bothers acting stoic and carefree if he wigs out so easily.
Pun unintended.
No. 85157 ID: 6faa8c

Dammit, stop making me question my sexuality!
No. 85158 ID: 9d41c3

Make a deal? For what? Did he know we were coming or was he doing planning something with the LSA?
No. 85160 ID: 632862

I wonder. Perhaps he actually feels more comfortable with that disguise on? He sure is blushing a lot now. The excuse he used is rather lame, too. He had no way of knowing you were going to be there.
No. 85163 ID: 6faa8c

Masks only hide the first face.
No. 85164 ID: 632862

Sometimes a mask is used not to hide your first face, but to show your second face.
No. 85165 ID: 754774
File 125982168720.png - (112.62KB , 640x480 , 21.png )

Now you're making me question my sexuality! I haven't gotten any in two damn years, and I certainly wasn't expecting this.

"What do you mean by 'make a deal'? Did you know I was coming?"
"...I was kind of going to approach anyone who looked strong..."

Kid has a death wish. A rape wish. An awkward-pause-and-sudden-escape-upon-discovery wish. Are rapists bisexual? Was he aware of what might happen? Did he care?

I am asking myself too many irrelevant questions.
I haven't been this curious since high school.
No. 85166 ID: 9d41c3

What was that thing with the metal pole anyway?
No. 85169 ID: 6faa8c

>Give back wig
>Kiss boy

No. 85171 ID: 754774
File 125982301456.png - (41.24KB , 640x480 , 22.png )

"It's the only thing I can do properly. I'm not good at fighting with it, but I can draw this from any angle."
"Not the greatest skill."
"It keeps me alive, and I'm okay with that."



why am I even considering



No. 85172 ID: 9d41c3

Dont worry man, I know you're straight. Well, ask him if there is anything else that could help us.
No. 85178 ID: 552969

Why not? I think he's cute enough.

On a more relevant note, ask him what the hell he oped to contribute that would make it worth a fellows time setting him up with his own boys.
No. 85180 ID: 754774
File 12598277002.png - (76.42KB , 640x480 , 23.png )

"Is there anything else?"
"Not really...I can sneak you in, but a full-out attack is best. We can talk about that when we get a gang."
"Alright. I don't like thinking during the night, so you go on to the room across the hall."
No. 85181 ID: 754774
File 125982781737.png - (137.29KB , 640x480 , 24.png )

"I'll try to think of payment, too. Thanks for everything. I'd be in deep shit by now if it weren't for you."

No. 85182 ID: 754774
File 125982787517.png - (129.82KB , 640x480 , 25.png )


I wonder if I'm too trusting after all.
No. 85183 ID: 9d41c3

Do you have any surveillance cameras you can watch in this building?
No. 85184 ID: 754774
File 125982857986.png - (43.92KB , 640x480 , 26.png )

Just the hallways.

I'm tired, and I doubt he'll do anything. Not now, anyways.
No. 85185 ID: 754774
File 125982859520.png - (972B , 640x480 , 27.png )

I need sleep.
No. 85208 ID: 6faa8c

>I'll try to think of payment, too.

I can already think of a few things~
No. 85209 ID: 6faa8c

Dream about the boy.
No. 85246 ID: 9d41c3

Have a completely heterosexual dream.
No. 85247 ID: 632862

Dream about having sex with your own clone.
No. 85386 ID: 754774
File 125989348626.png - (96.21KB , 640x480 , 28.png )

No. 85388 ID: 754774
File 125989352119.png - (113.34KB , 640x480 , 29.png )

No. 85392 ID: 8b7db1

...were you multitasking?
No. 85410 ID: 9d41c3

It is... best not to think about it. Get changed and check up on your guest in a heterosexual manner.
No. 85413 ID: 754774
File 125989534619.png - (100.61KB , 640x480 , 30.png )

That's not funny.
No. 85414 ID: af3e6d

And good morning to you too.
No. 85415 ID: 9d41c3

Finish the drink you've there and get changed.
No. 85454 ID: 754774
File 125989774858.png - (103.20KB , 640x480 , 31.png )

"Kid, you awake?"
"I-I'm...just a second...Need to, ah...get dressed."

That isn't the sound of clothing. It's the sound of bottles.

There's something else too. Something solid in the bottles? It sounds small.
No. 85455 ID: 9d41c3

Pills? Bust in there in a heterosexual manner!
No. 85468 ID: 6faa8c

Kick the door down!
No. 85482 ID: 754774
File 125989892258.png - (72.73KB , 640x480 , 32.png )

You have sexuality issues.

"What the hell are you doing?"
"Getting dressed, moron! Why are you busting in here?"

He's drooling a bit.
No. 85486 ID: 6faa8c

Mumble about bottles and pills and blush.
No. 85488 ID: 9d41c3

I'm not the one dreaming about sexing himself while someone else is in the room. Now, ask him about what the bottle sound was in a heterosexual manner.
No. 85497 ID: d25012

Inform him that you are neither stupid nor deaf.
No. 85547 ID: 754774
File 125990146484.png - (97.03KB , 640x480 , 33.png )

"I could hear something other than clothes."
"I was putting a beer back in the fridge, brainless! I'm legal, I'm allowed to drink, aren't I?"

He could have just dropped a bead or something in his drink, but he looks like he hasn't slept all night. And he was drooling. I am trusting, but not stupid.

No matter what anyone says.
No. 85555 ID: af3e6d

Then let him know you're trusting but not stupid. He seems pretty easy to intimidate thus far.
No. 85561 ID: 9d41c3

"If we are going to work together, I will need to know that I can trust you. Now, I am not stupid, and I know what a person who hasn't got a wink of sleep looks like. Now tell me the truth or I cannot trust you or what you say."
No. 85582 ID: 754774
File 125990255877.png - (81.83KB , 640x480 , 34.png )

"I'm not stupid. This is a trust deal we've got on here, and you're obviously leaving out something."

He pauses.

"It's nothing important. If you're going to be like this, maybe I shouldn't help you at all."
No. 85585 ID: 6faa8c

No. 85587 ID: 632862

Tell him you're worried about his health.
No. 85640 ID: 754774
File 125990411994.png - (120.02KB , 640x480 , 35.png )

"Sorry. Just worried about your health."
"It...It'll be fine sooner or later."

God dammit he thinks I know something. I have to figure it out.
No. 85645 ID: 6faa8c

Oh god, hug him.

To gain his trust! It's totally heterosexual.
No. 85650 ID: 9d41c3

Tell him you should see someone about his problem. He might give away some info.
No. 85660 ID: 754774
File 125990521596.png - (49.25KB , 640x480 , 36.png )

No. 85662 ID: 9d41c3

Now push away man! You can still stay straight!
No. 85672 ID: 754774
File 125990600481.png - (145.49KB , 640x480 , 37.png )

I like the female gender. He is currently the female gender. He isn't really putting a kink in my heterosexuality at the moment. I don't feel any attraction either way, but if you say s

No. 85674 ID: 9d41c3

Well, what done is done. Let us head out and gather people.
No. 85680 ID: 632862

I have a feeling those were hormone replacement therapy pills.

Ask her what's wrong.
No. 85732 ID: d25012

I go away for two posts, and suddenly we're apologizing for shit and hugging out of nowhere? I get that the kid is cute, but damn.
No. 85734 ID: d25012

Oh, and tell her she's a cute kid but she'd still damn well better be honest with you.

At some point, you might want to ask about her family.
No. 85736 ID: 754774
File 125991014915.png - (76.43KB , 640x480 , 38.png )

"So about the gang thing..."
"Oh...uh. Right. We can talk...?"
"In the kitchen."
"You're allowed in the kitchen?"

I wonder if it's a good idea to mention I spend most of my payments on this property.

He went haywire being confronted with it. I'd rather wait for a more appropriate time. Like when he's drunk.
No. 85738 ID: 754774
File 125991031177.png - (173.39KB , 640x480 , 39.png )

As we went down, he was visibly nervous, but Rebel kind of tweaks out just standing in the kitchen.

"Is there any reason nobody is here?"
"Yeah, we can talk about that real quick."
No. 85765 ID: d25012

>continuous tense
Um, dude? I have a feeling you're getting shafted on this deal.
No. 85768 ID: 8b7db1

It means he owns the building. Might no longer be staffed, he just... owns the damn building. Or maybe the kitchen just doesn't HAVE people at this time [no breakfast service]?
No. 85785 ID: d25012

I understand that, yes. But if he's continuously spending most of his income on the place... well, it ain't a good deal. His money is draining away. I hope he's at least building equity, but I don't know what the situation is. It sounds like he got talked into paying for a place his people could use. If he was making money off the place, it wouldn't be a problem, but it doesn't look like he is. The way his boys are flying with the cops, he wouldn't be ill-served just running it as it was designed, for the sake of privacy, he'd want to keep a good portion uninhabited, and I don't know how big this place is, though.
No. 85806 ID: 754774
File 125991660899.png - (103.01KB , 640x480 , 40.png )

It was my childhood dream to have a hotel to myself. You are not the first to point out how enormously inconvenient it is for me.
At least I do my own repairs and keep almost all of the building's lights off. The bills are large, but not awful.

People who come in still pay, of course. Still need someone to repair things like busted pipes. I considered a double life, but running around in an empty building is just as fun at 28 as it was when I was 7.

Everyone at HQ pretty much shares your opinion. They have obviously never strolled through an empty hallway in their underwear blaring Queen and swinging a beer bottle around. Occasionally while wearing sunglasses.
No. 85807 ID: 6faa8c

Live the dream, E. Live the dream.
No. 85809 ID: d25012

Hmm. I would still recommend keeping just the top two levels for yourself, and using the rest of the building as intended. But if you're living the life and loving it, I can't argue with that.

But yeah, tell Rebel you don't keep servants except for special events.
No. 85811 ID: 1e56a3

Don't listen to these whiners, they lack imagination. If you're short on cash, turn a couple of floors into a gallery of weird outsider art and open it once a week or so.
No. 88637 ID: 754774
File 126032385277.png - (123.86KB , 640x480 , 41.png )

I only sleep on the bottom floor and keep everything else off, though that might be preferred for the whole 'gang leader' shebang.

Chances of death via falling out a window is higher too. I'd rather not go past the second floor.

That would require me to buy weird art.

"So this is the guy I think we should start with. He's a politician's son. Roscoe K. Cosgrove."
No. 88638 ID: 754774
File 126032407921.png - (78.60KB , 640x480 , 42.png )

"Good god, if I blew on him, he would fall over. He looks 8 years old."
"He's 23. He tends to abuse his status and looks a whole lot."
"I hate him already."
No. 88654 ID: dbb783

Where is this guy's usual haunt? And who is his father?
No. 88679 ID: 754774
File 126032754850.png - (66.26KB , 640x480 , 43.png )

"He runs business in some abandoned warehouse by the docks."
"I feel like I'm in an action movie. Do they have guns?"
"I'm in an action movie! So who is his father?"
"Bernan Cosgrove. All I know about him is he has influence, never bothered to look into what he actually does."
"You're just so helpful. So what's the plan?"
"...Drive over there, jump him, hijack gang?"

Did he even really plan to start a gang at all?
No. 88691 ID: dbb783

Force won't help you get a gang. You need to persuade them to join forces with you. Who knows? They might have something against LSA.
No. 88815 ID: bfcc12

>That would require me to buy weird art.
Or become friends with weird artists.

I do not understand who is saying what.
No. 88844 ID: dbb783

Rebel:"He runs business in some abandoned warehouse by the docks."
E:"I feel like I'm in an action movie. Do they have guns?"
E:"I'm in an action movie! So who is his father?"
Rebel:"Bernan Cosgrove. All I know about him is he has influence, never bothered to look into what he actually does."
E:"You're just so helpful. So what's the plan?"
Rebel:"...Drive over there, jump him, hijack gang?"
No. 88849 ID: 754774
File 126033552026.png - (123.99KB , 640x480 , 44.png )

Considering I don't know anything and he does, it is safe to pay attention to the one giving the information and go back and forth.
It never occurred to me you might not have vocal distinction.
I'll try to supply it for you, as this may be important when in a crowd or interrogating.

That is incredibly far fetched, but good a plan as any.
"I doubt he'll be doing anything in broad daylight, right? You did say he was a politician's son."
"Good point. Er...Why is there no one here again?"
"Two of the rooms are occupied, but...Well, I uh...take care of the building."
"Oh, neat. We can use this as a base, right?"
"Sure. Why not."

Having breakfast (or, by a quick glance at the clock, lunch) and reporting should be fine now.

"Can you excuse me for a second? Need to make a call."
"Sure. I'm the guest."
No. 88866 ID: 754774
File 126033596619.png - (50.40KB , 640x480 , 45.png )


I wonder if I should make a list of new things to buy. Car, cellph-


"Hey, you son of a bitch. Cute gift you got me."
"You like it?"
"It can't make its mind on whether it wants me to be gay or so heterosexual everything I touch turns into a pair of breasts, but otherwise helpful. Just giving a quick report call. LSA can't be shut down via take-out, so I'm assembling a gang to take it down by sweeping out anyone eligible to be leader."
"You want some Kiddies for your group?"
"If things don't go well. Anyways, I'm off to go have sex with someone twice as attractive as your wife who will actually enjoy the presence of my unclothed body."
"Don't you have a front garden to weed?"
"Things I can do another day, A. Talk to you later."

It's nice to have discussions that have the maturity of a pair of drunk college frat boys when you live like this.
No. 88867 ID: 754774
File 126033600983.png - (165.82KB , 640x480 , 46.png )

"Alright, so what do you want for breakffFUCK"
No. 88868 ID: 6faa8c

Expertly delivered vulgarity-transition there. Ten out of ten.
No. 88871 ID: dbb783

Look at the paper on the table.
No. 88884 ID: 754774
File 126033687494.png - (79.89KB , 640x480 , 47.png )

That little shit!

In goddamn off-pink crayon on the back of his printed collected information.
No. 88887 ID: dbb783

Take a look at the rest of the information, you might find a clue or two.
No. 88901 ID: 754774
File 126033822318.png - (30.37KB , 640x480 , 48.png )

Just a list of previous offenses and what he deals in. Mostly drugs.

Oooh, SexBombs. Have to nab some of those. Makes most aphrodisiacs look like a cup of water.
No. 88903 ID: 632862

What. That's horrible. Do not do that.
No. 88904 ID: 632862

Well, unless you're gonna use them on yourself...
No. 88906 ID: dbb783

Check you surveillance cameras? They might show where he left to. Either that or head to the docks.
No. 90421 ID: 754774
File 126059999282.png - (34.54KB , 640x480 , 49.png )

What, they're just for self-use or sex enhancement. Who do you think I'd use them on? The kid? He'd break a goddamn bottle on my head.

I was only on the phone for a minute. I can catch up with him.
No. 90423 ID: 754774
File 126060009016.png - (112.51KB , 640x480 , 50.png )

See? Right there.

What an idiot.
No. 90424 ID: dbb783

Follow him stealthily, this is a good time to see what he had been hiding from you.
No. 90430 ID: 754774
File 126060165226.png - (65.63KB , 640x480 , 51.png )



Walking for a damn hour. What is he even doing in an alleyway. I'm going to kick his ass. I should have brought my sneakers.

I'm going to make him massage my feet.
No. 90431 ID: dbb783

Stop whining and keep following!
No. 90432 ID: 2dd482

yes, massage your feet, then force him to lick them, and suck on your toes~
No. 90433 ID: 632862

Why are we even following the kid? It's obvious that this is some personal matter. Well, I guess it's our responsibility to also make sure that nothing bad happens, I suppose.
No. 90435 ID: 754774
File 126060323596.png - (77.29KB , 640x480 , 52.png )

Yeah, yeah, I k
Shut up you are not a welcome voice
Because I'm going to kick his little bitch ass for not telling me directly that he had somewhere to go.

Not just that. I wouldn't have followed him because of that. I know he's a brat.
But just after he was told about a trusting relationship. What a shithead. I am going to beat the shit out of his head.
No. 90436 ID: dbb783

He is going into some kind of door! After him!
No. 90439 ID: 754774
File 126060423175.png - (50.39KB , 640x480 , 53.png )

"Welcome. How may I take your order?"
No. 90441 ID: 632862

Ask what the options are.
No. 90442 ID: dbb783

Table for 1. Also look around for weapons.
No. 90444 ID: 754774
File 126060553345.png - (121.58KB , 640x480 , 54.png )

"'Beginner's Menu'. Yellow dots are company. Green dots are oral. Red dots are intercourse. Selection is mostly free today."

I think I'm in a whorehouse.

It's just a room made of pavement with an entrance and a door to go further in.
And this creepy bitch.
No. 90445 ID: dbb783

What about the advanced menu? Anyway go for yellow.
No. 90448 ID: 754774
File 126060722890.png - (107.64KB , 640x480 , 55.png )

I'm not trying to investigate anything here.

The menu's pretty straight-forward.
No. 90449 ID: dbb783

How much money you got on you, E?
No. 90450 ID: 2dd482

ohhoho, who's that on the top left?
No. 90452 ID: 2dd482

also ask about the person who just came in, and if they occupied the bottom right.
No. 90453 ID: 192956

Unless you are in a dry spell and have the cash to spend I don't think you should purchase any of them umm company they have here.
No. 90461 ID: 7139d7

Ok, do any of these whores look like Roscoe K. Cosgrove, Rebel with Girlhair or Rebel without Girlhair? If yes, pay for a, ahem, session with them. If not, interrogate Creepy Madam if she's seen Rebel and just where the hell are we? Try and be diplomatic, you know? We have no idea how strong this woman is, and appearing almost outta no where confuses me.
Suggestion, too: If she's seen Rebel, and he's in with a whore, tell her that it's a three some, we'll pay the difference, and walk in on that brat.
No. 104765 ID: 632862

I would like to suggest that we request "Company" with the guy in the upper-left who seems to look exactly like Rebel.
No. 111111 ID: 754774
File 126354105631.png - (82.25KB , 640x480 , 56.png )

Ten thousand in my shoe. A made me carry it on my person at all times since I got lost in the desert that one time.

I think it ended up with my drunk and unconscious on top of a large cactus. Details are fuzzy. I remember it being a lot more fun than my job.

Why am I even an assassin anyways. Killing people is kind of shit work. I should quit and move to France and buy some high-class whores. Yeah, fuck you, grandpa.

"So, the one in the upper-left-"
"Beta is occupied at this moment. He's not for sale today."

Why are these whores so expensive, anyways? I could get a life-sized doll with a realistic body and gentle facial features for less.

Actually, I did buy one already, but that isn't the point at hand.
No. 111116 ID: 857c38

Ask how much for the girl in front of you.
No. 111119 ID: 632862

Well we didn't come here for this anyway. Decline, say if you can't do anything with him then you'll just come back some other time.

First, ask why the bottom-right one is blacked out.
No. 111122 ID: 8ecfd4

Well fuck, none of the cheap hookers are female. Let's get out of here and then ambush our new partner and ask him What the fuck is going on.
No. 111128 ID: 754774
File 126354260752.png - (100.15KB , 640x480 , 57.png )

"So how much are you?"
No. 111132 ID: 754774
File 126354265441.png - (101.33KB , 640x480 , 58.png )

No. 111134 ID: 857c38

...Jackpot. Say that you fell for her the moment you saw her.
No. 111139 ID: 632862

Um, how old does she look? It'd be weird to be hitting on say... a 13 year old or something.
No. 111142 ID: 6d4c58

do this but in a flirtive manner
No. 111146 ID: 8ecfd4

Ask her if it's free if you can get her off.
No. 111239 ID: 23bee4

I thought we were hot for Rebel?
No. 111376 ID: 8ecfd4

We're the orb. We're hot for pretty much anything with a pulse and probably a few things without one.
No. 111806 ID: 8dc9d5

After SlimeQuest, I'd say that "probably" is no longer a necessary adjective to that statement.
No. 148137 ID: 887037
File 126870718978.png - (66.66KB , 640x480 , 59.png )

Do you know how to pick up women at all.

Think of it like a warning bell. If you come on strong, their warning bell will start ringing, and they'll become more conscious of you. Alternatively, if you only vaguely show interest, they'll be led in. She flirts back, it's free game.

Now, let me show my ma
No. 148141 ID: 887037
File 126870728082.png - (27.00KB , 640x480 , 60.png )

No. 148144 ID: f643d1

Er, don't die and if possible wake up and show us your ma.
No. 148145 ID: 934ef5

Oh dear. I hope that wasn't because of being flirty with the girl, that's way out of line. She didn't even say no.
No. 148156 ID: b69168


Uh, wake up, and prepare to have to beat some people up, possibly with your hands tied behind your back.
No. 148158 ID: 887037
File 126871043975.png - (92.66KB , 640x480 , 61.png )

Flirty with the what.
No. 148159 ID: f643d1

Soooo, where is Alpha?
No. 148160 ID: 934ef5

Oh it's not important, we were only trying to figure out what's going on anyways.

...So, what the hell's going on?
No. 148188 ID: 8ecfd4

Hey your new partner in crime just got knocked the fuck out in a whorehouse. Find him before his anal virginity is sold and he gets gangraped by sweaty turks.
No. 151555 ID: 087a4c
File 126948123974.png - (100.88KB , 640x480 , 62.png )

What. You're a piece of crap. Moony's is better.

"Om, stop putting out your cigs on his back."
"Oh psh, like he notices."
"It scars, you retard."

Om attacked my associate because he didn't look rich enough. He's...new. We're waiting until he wakes up so Om can apologize and get punched in the face.

We are not a whorehouse, just so you know. Our business is to simulate dating. Did you not see the yellow dots?

"You're looking a bit hot and bothered over a necklace. Hey, are you a stalker, Beta? Not baaaad, lil bro."
No. 151557 ID: 1ac39d

but you had a green...
No. 151561 ID: 087a4c
File 126948221855.png - (101.20KB , 640x480 , 63.png )

What, like there's something wrong with k...kissing?

"Beta's a stalker~ stalker~ homo stalker~"
No. 151595 ID: 19ecf1

just a note to you...

you do realize om took out a hardened agent... right?

OM might lose his face, so you may wanna supervise during the apology
No. 151618 ID: 934ef5

Kissing is fine, but when things reach the back of your throat... well, it's crossing a different line, all I'm saying.
No. 151673 ID: 8ecfd4

Om sounds like someone you should recruit for your new gang.

Hmmm, see if your workplace would be willing to hire you as protection.
No. 151678 ID: 1ac39d

then what about reds? not many things 'intercourse' can mean...
No. 151846 ID: 2dd482

Beta? Rebel? What's your REAL name?

Also Euthanasia asked about your services~
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