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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 149491465727.png - (20.55KB , 850x650 , boldq1.png )
802120 No. 802120 ID: bfb318

This quest is NSFW.
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No. 802121 ID: bfb318
File 149491468287.png - (14.74KB , 850x650 , boldq2.png )

You're about to take your first steps into a world of adventure! Battles will be fought, quests undertaken, and rewards recieved.

But before we become fully immersed in the legends and lore of this magical realm, we must meet the heroes of our tale! These three heroes are Kobolds, simple lowly little lizard creatures that may or may not be related to dragons. They are common denizens of the land, found just about anywhere, unlike the greater species. But these three are special. From lowly beginnings, they have set off in search of adventure and fortune, each for their own reasons. They have nary an inkling of the journey they are about to embark on, nor how important they will become to the world. Who are they?

Scale color:
Eye color:
Horns, if any:
Body type:
Class: (Fighter/Rogue/Wizard/Cleric)

And what sets them apart in the bedroom?

Three suggestions will be chosen to become our fateful adventuring party!
No. 802122 ID: bc7601

Name: Falariah (Fala) Willshire
Scale Color: Grey-White
Eye Color: Violet
Horns: None
Disposition: Haughty (Outer Persona) / Tender (Inner Baroque)
Body Type: Feminine
Class: Aristocrat (Wizard with Charm specialization)
Weapon: Silver Dagger
Clothing: Silk Slave Dress

Past: Former pet to the house of Willshire, she ran away when her mistress was poisoned and was never able to return. To this day, she does not understand why none will claim that the house of Williamshire ever existed, unaware that it has been excommunicated; her main priority is to find her mistress, if alive, and restore her place as a member of the family.

It has never occurred to the knowledgeable little kobold that she was simply a stress-relieving decoration.
No. 802123 ID: 008a01

Name: Gorri
Scale color: Light Grey
Eye color: Sea Green
Horns, if any: Big Ol' Curly Ram Horns
Disposition: FIGHT ME YOU FUCK
Body type: STRONK with WIDE HIPS
Weapon: Halberd with Obsidian blade and Bone speartip
Clothing: A single Breastplate, and cloth over the left eye (lost it doing something STUPID)
Bedroom: is a BIG LADY and TOUGH until anyone shows any sort of lewd dominance, and then literally melts to become the subbiest thing
No. 802125 ID: 0373ab

Name: Gary
Scale color: Green
Eye color: Red
Horns, if any: cute nubs
Disposition: naive but very proud!
Body type: Strong but slim
Class: Fighter
Weapon: rock on a stick!
Clothing: bah who needs clothes, some furs as trophies works nicely to make him look decent

[?]While being all proud and stuff and very forward, he is surprisingly easy to push over in a sexual situation making him a dream for Role reversal[/?]
No. 802126 ID: 48237d

One slim and tallish, black female with yellow details and orange eyes, with one pair of S shaped horns. A cleric wielding a dagger and wearing very little beside an old hooded brown cape. That is Celeste, helpful but with little patience.
No. 802127 ID: 097d01

Name: Mudbranch
Scale color: Dark brown, with a pattern that looks like his extremeties are caked in mud
Eye color: Golden yellow
Horns, if any: Stumpy pointed straight-facing horns
Disposition: Paranoid, yet gullible. He believes there's no such thing as overprepared.
Body type: Frail, with knocked knees.
Class: Fighter
Weapon: Two shields. Really. Two of them. That's how he attacks. With two shields.
Clothing: A stolen steel chestplate too large for him, and a wrapped cloth around his waist.

Bedroom question: He prefers being on top and in control of things. Secretly gets turned on by being treated as confident and powerful. Physically, he's pretty average, for a kobold.
No. 802129 ID: 8d4593

Name: Soos
Scale Color: Red
Eye Color: Violet
Horns: 2 on top of head. They are very small. But sharp. Really they are more like little points.
Body Type: Runner
Disposition: Excitable, Rash, Lacking in attention span but not due to a lack of intelligence.
Class: Fighter
Weapon: Prefers hand to hand, sometimes uses shields, spiked gauntlets, random objects laying around, ect.
Clothing: He has a tendency to lose his shirt.
There is always at least one article of clothing missing. He enjoys wearing scarves, capes, and hats but always loses them.

Soos may cum quickly, but he can do so many times! He never seems to slow down, until he collapses completely that is.
No. 802132 ID: 3ce125

Um... what sort of equipment are we allowed to have? I assume we can't pick like, an adamantium longsword or mithril chainmail.

Let me fill out the character variety a bit.

Name: Akrei
scales: dark green
eye color: green
Horns: two, kept short
Disposition: shifty
Body type: lean
class: Rogue
weapon: shortsword (more like a dagger for taller folk)
clothing: some simple leathers

she's got FEMALE PARTS
No. 802137 ID: b79ddc

Name: Nrushi
scale color: steel
Horns: four spikes going down the neck
Disposition: peacefull
Body type: slim
Class: Fighter
weapon: Twin blade
clothing : a tattered robe
Bedroom question: He is always cold, no matter how steamy things may get
No. 802141 ID: 566eb8

Name: Arboa
Scale color: Bright godawful purple
Eye color: Red but not the cool kind
Horns, if any: Just the left one
Disposition: Extreme overconfidence, it'll work this time!
Body type: Not quite malnourished, but she had better learn to steal food soon
Class: A remarkably unstealthy rogue
Weapon: Is that a bread knife
Clothing: A concealing robe that just makes you look even more suspicious you idiot
Bedroom: Usually picks the worst hiding spot to do it in and ends up chased by the guards
No. 802142 ID: 91ee5f

Name: Shara
Scale color: Red
Eye color: Green
Horns, if any: 2 normal sized horns, which she keeps sharp in case she needs to jerk her head backwards to stab anyone foolish enough to get behind her
Disposition: Brave, willing to put allies safety above her own
Body type: Fat, but not enough to hinder movement
Class: Fighter
Weapon: Mace
Clothing: Simple leather armor (her underwear consists of basic cloth wraps on her breasts and a loincloth for her nethers)
Bedroom: Dominant, is gentle but willing to get a little/lot rough
No. 802148 ID: 3583d1

Name: Thruthorn Buckwheat
Scale color: Brown grey
Eye color: Black
Horns: One one the nose and two straight and curved, like a dragon
Disposition: Quiet but peaceful, would prefer the life of a fisher rather than a fighter, won't start a fight, but always finish one.
Body type: Well muscled in the legs and arms, but not exactly stocky
Class: Fighter
Weapon: Two handed Battle-axe
Clothes: Simple homespun tunic with linen pants
Sexual disposition: He's never really understood why the women in his village often blushed when he walked by, but often heard the line "if it was any bigger it would have a knee." Kind of clueless when it comes to sex so he prefers his partners to take the lead but once he gets going he won't stop until he is satisfied, even taking a dominant role. He dreams of having his own harem, but all women who love him for who he is.
No. 802160 ID: 21bdb0

Name: Vorel Ulhar
Scale color: Sky blue
Eye color: Golden yellow
Horns, if any: Ivory white
Body type: Slightly Plump and Curvy
Class: Cleric
Weapon: Two handed hammer
Clothing: White cloth sleevless tabard with gold highlights and exposed legs with wraps protecting her feet.

She's got strong legs and a big jiggly booty with a love of cowgirl, both forward and reverse....I hope you have a strong pelvis, if not, she can heal you up.
No. 802164 ID: d66c84

Name: Phayson Clamtra
Scale color: Gray with white speckles
Eye color: Sea Green
Horns: Three pairs of short, pointy horns in two rows above the temples
Disposition: Cowardly, but tirelessly supportive
Body type: Bottom heavy
Class: Cleric (worships Bronn, the dragon god of fate)
Weapon: A touch that alters the age of anything he uses it on (can revert age to heal wounds, or increase age to worsen them)
Clothing: Loose-fitting, yellow robes with a white belt, the holy garb of his church
Sexy Stuff: Can prevent and prolong orgasms indefinitely by using his powers to reverse the state of his gemitals and those of his partner

Phayson Clamtra left his position as second seer when his elder received a vision from their deity. Dozens of the church's seers were sent to the locations of key events with the purpose of ensuring that they came to pass. Phayson was tasked with the safety of a group of Bronn's chosen.
No. 802165 ID: 76ea07

Name: Arila
Scale color: Green
Eye color: Yellow
Horns, if any: Large and sharp ones that point upward
Disposition: Ditzy and charismatic
Body type: Bottom heavy, noticabely thicc hips and tail, even among kobolds
Class: Wizard
Weapon: Morningstar
Clothing: long flowing robes with a bow at the waist

Bedroom: Submissive and passionate, has a very obvious infatuation with larger men. She loves vaginal and creampies but hates the idea of having kids,willing to take care of one if she has one though
No. 802171 ID: 70983e

Name: Espi
Scale color: Emerald
Eye color: Red
Horns, if any: 2, short, straight, pointed back
Disposition: haughty
Body type: Top-heavy
Class: Cleric
Weapon: Consecrated mace
Clothing: Order robes, red
Bedroom: Thighs doesn't matter, it's what you do with it. (she is very self-conscious of her un-koboldly small thighs)
No. 802179 ID: 21bdb0

Name: Gwar Kaden
Scale color: Orange
Eye color: green
Horns, if any: two on the forehead and one on the snout, like a triceratops
Disposition: rough and tumble gal
Body type: Bottom heavt pear shaped body with large rump and thick thighs
Class: Wizard
Weapon: magic wand
Clothing: dressed like a basic witch, pointu hat and all

Lady kobold. she likes to wrestle and playfight and get stuck or stick her partner in lewd holds.
No. 802180 ID: 21bdb0

I forgot my kobold's disposition.
She's Bubbly and playful.
No. 802182 ID: 9624d3

Name: Moha
Scale color: Dull grey
Eye color: Green
Horns, if any: None
Disposition: Mischievous and cheeky around those he knows, annoying to others, but knows how to act around strangers. Not the hard working type. When things are serious, he values his friends.
Body type: More androgynous than masculine, but not girlish either, small frame.
Class: Fighter
Weapon: curved dagger and buckler
Clothing: unfitting sleeveless tunic and baggy pants, with similar crappy footwear common to kobolds, wears a turban-like thing when it's cold. (lizard = cold blooded)

Bedroom: VIRGIN
No. 802188 ID: c688ce

Name: Kesko
Scale color: Deep ruby
Eye color: Orange
Horns, if any: Two straight, swept-back
Disposition: Casanova, smooth-talker
Body type: Lean
Class: Rogue
Weapon: Throwin' daggers
Clothing: Silk sash, open black shirt. Averse to covering his chest

Knows where all your sweet spots are and just how to caress 'em
No. 802189 ID: c688ce

(Make Kesko a chick if you pick em and got too many dudes :])
No. 802192 ID: 83b227

Name: Tjichi
Scale color: Dark red
Eye color: Gold
Horns, if any: Two, curving a bit out and back, and a pair of nubs
Disposition: Saucy, maternal, a little evil
Body type: Small and athletic, but hips
Class: Rogue
Weapon: Poisons (lethal, sleeping, aphrodisiac), claws
Clothing: loincloth, leather foot and wristwraps, shoulder belt for vials

Bedroom: Enamoured with the idea of having magic kids to start a cool dynasty of magic thieves, she has developed (not 100% accurate) knowledge of various magical creatures and how to attract/please them, including what "love potions" work on them (also not 100% accurate, especially dosage).
No. 802193 ID: 094652

I forgot the bedroom perk:

Uses hypnotic breath to seduce her targets into believing she is shapeshifting into their deepest fantasies. And from indications of her pulsating, shifting skin when she uses her breath on a sentient target, this fake shapeshifting may one day become a reality.
No. 802195 ID: e0f785
File 149493180553.png - (43.77KB , 1024x1024 , cleavy.png )

Name: Cleavy
Scale color: Red but maybe its just caked on blood
Eye color: light blue
Horns, if any: pointy straight back
Disposition: Thinks about food a lot
Body type: thigh&tail
Class: fighter
Weapon: cleaver, hunks of butchered meat
Clothing: just a butcher's apron with nothin on underneath

She likes to cut things, eat things, and fuck things in every possible order of those three.

Can lift half their weight with cloaca-kegels
No. 802196 ID: ba506f

Name: Sky Borne

Scale color: slightly off white with a blotchy line of a creamy blue starting from the top of her head and running down her back to the tip of her tail

Eye color: Yellow

Horns, if any: Horns that kinda look like they form a teairra

Disposition: Shy and a little awkward

Body type: Slender with a pair of flight capable wings

Class: Rogue leaning towards poisons and ranged weapons

Weapon: crossbow

Clothing: an armored scaled skirt and a quiver on her side to carry her crossbow bolts

And what sets them apart in the bedroom?
Has a fully prehensile tail that seems to have a mind of it's own and like to "wonder"
No. 802198 ID: 82b8d5
File 149493238645.jpg - (1.28MB , 2967x3921 , 20170504_233047~01.jpg )

Name: Sathee
Scale color: White-Light Blue
Eye color: Red
Horns, if any: Two horns at both cheeks, bottom one bigger than the other
Disposition: She can be as fun to be around with, as passionate with things. Don't mess with her though
Body type: Bottom Heavy. Massive (and I do mean massive) tail
Class: Fighter. Let's just say she has too much control over her tail
Weapon: None other than herself. She's not the strongest though, and will attempt to use anything at her disposal (probably fail at it too)
Clothing: Light Plate armor, loithcloth at front. Armor also does conceal a bit of her tail, but not enough to hinder it's movement.
Bedroom: You will reconsider the use of tails after she's done with you. Gender doesn't matter

I don't know if you can send in reference drawings of your characters, but I will anyways.
I've had her for a long time now, so why not send her on a quest for glory, instead of just being confined in random doodles haha

And if it wasn't made clear already, she heavily relies on her tail to do almost everything.
No. 802199 ID: bfb318
File 149493278457.png - (37.06KB , 990x700 , boldq3.png )

Meet Spps. Arila, and Gorri! These three brave souls will need your help to succeed in their future ventures!
No. 802200 ID: bfb318
File 149493278944.png - (22.55KB , 850x650 , boldq4.png )

Having met at a tavern, like most adventuring parties, Soos, Arila and Gorri realied that the three of them could make a formidable team over a few (kobold-sized) drinks.. Arila's potent spells could fell any enemy, and Soos and Gorri would handle anything too close for comfort. The three wayward kobolds-- freshly out of their tribes and caves in which they live-- have spent what they had on hand for rations and travelling gear and ventured out into the wilderness. They're armed and prepared and filled with the very spirit of adventure! The world is full of opprotunity and any band of blades-for-hire can easily find work wherever they go. Only one question remains: Where shall they start their journey?
No. 802202 ID: bfb318
File 149493281004.png - (41.45KB , 850x650 , boldq5.png )

The world as we know it is made up of five parts, all surrounded by a dense ring of tight, tall, impenetrable mountains. In the center is the fair and noble Canine Kingdom, peopled by dogmen of all shapes and sorts, living under the benevolent reign of King Boof VII. The area is rich and prosperous, and any man can seek their fortune there!

To the west live the Canines' distant cousins, the Hyenas. Large and brutish yet noble, the Hyenas often live around oasises and rivers, growing exotic crops and braving the sandstorms of the desert. There is an often-detested slave trade in the western region, with slaves of all species bought and sold. With this comes opprotunity-- Slavers are often looking for new stock and will gladly pay those with the stomach for slavehunting. The deserts also hide many terrifying beasts whose hides and body parts are of great value.

The frozen north holds the spiritual and reverent Ursines. Their gods promote peace and harmony with nature, and transgressions upon the natural order are viewed as heinous crimes. Despite this, they are always looking for hands to help with their hunts, provided no more is taken than needed-- And no other race upon the earth has a closer attunement to magic, nor a richer history. Many ruins dot the foothills of the polar north, with forgotten treasures begging to be found.

In the skies of the east fly the Avians. Capable of flight, the Avians make their homes in the large trees that dot the area around the Big Lake. Compared to the other species, the skyborne birds are rather frail, and as such the demand for brute force is high, protecting land caravans from brigands and ne'er-do-wells. They are also rumored to be the only ones to have seen past the Mountains, and may pay well for people willing to explore outside of the known land.

In the swamps of the south, tribes of Lizardmen make their homes, often on stilts and above the murky waters below. They are adept swimmers, cutting through the water with their long tails to aid them. Dangerous things live in the swamps, threatening both the Lizards' homes and those living close to the edges of the swamp. Many explorers have lost their lives in the dense jungles, leaving behind untold valuables in the dens of beasts. Legends also tell of a general with an army clad in gold who was lost in the swamps, never to be seen again-- With all his wealth with him.
No. 802203 ID: 82b8d5

lmao looks like I was a couple hours too late haha
Well, good luck to the winners!
No. 802204 ID: c688ce

Let's make a name for ourselves working with the Avians. Friends in high places might be useful :]
No. 802205 ID: f0e552

Clearly, to the west for a great adventure and not at all for a sunbathing trip.
No. 802206 ID: 008a01

Obvs they should go to the lizardy-swamps, since graverobbing bog mummies is a victimless crime.

Everyone knows how to swim, right?
No. 802209 ID: ba506f

check out the Avians.
No. 802210 ID: 55772f

dogland sounds like the easiest and most typical starting location

however bearworld could be a good starting point because it sounds like the general populace there is nicer so it is only the monsters to worry about. Are kobolds warm or cold blooded? That might be something to worry about. Might end up having to get body heat from some larger being. I guess I vote for bears.

Gnollton sounds fun but they might need to get higher level before they go there to avoid getting BADEND'd too badly

lizard city is clearly way too dangerous for now, though probably worth looking into later

the bird are looking for strong people to do strong work, so these kobolds clearly aren't for that
No. 802212 ID: 9e83b4

A vote for Ursine land this is.
No. 802214 ID: 898ae2

travel to DOGLAND
No. 802219 ID: 3ac858

Lets go to the desert, lizards do well in sand. Hyenas are cool too.
No. 802223 ID: a3b270

I think heading west is a good plan. Sounds like a quaint place!
No. 802226 ID: 91ee5f

Let's go to the desert!
No. 802231 ID: d66c84

No. 802234 ID: a363ac

If you hang out with the Avians you may be able to steal the secrets of flight out of a particluarly drunk one.
No. 802247 ID: 48237d

Either Dogland to hang with canines or Lizard Swamp for treasure hunting.
Inclined to go to the swamp. It can be difficult to find a job as an adventurer when you don't have experience nor reputation, and is a kobold. Monsters with treasures don't require patrons to be lucrative.
No. 802250 ID: 8d4593

Les go check out the Avians. The birds will know what's up.
No. 802268 ID: 0b99d7

hang with birbs, see if you can't land an out-of-mountain-range expedition gig
No. 802294 ID: 70983e

Explore the lizardmen jungles! Green is good, and so is gold.
No. 802308 ID: 21bdb0

More lizards, they should take kindly to fellow reptiles like our adventurers.
No. 802316 ID: 83b227

Lizards are cool, and if the swamp's hard that just means that once you know you can handle that you know you can handle anything!

If you prefer to wuss out and have an easier first adventure though, go desert.
No. 802326 ID: 03f010

West screams "obvious trap" to me. East sounds cool.
No. 802415 ID: bfb318
File 149499393746.png - (27.49KB , 850x650 , boldq6.png )

The band of adventures venture overland into the hilly land of the birds. They arrive at Birdbath just past noon, and the streets and skies buzz with activity. Following the standard operating procedure for heroes-for-hire, the trio finds seats at the biggest tavern in town and filters about to track down leads on some jobs.
No. 802416 ID: bfb318
File 149499394745.png - (13.23KB , 850x650 , boldq7.png )

Ricci: "Those dudes over at Kippi's Roost have always been weird, but they've gotten really withdrawn lately. My brother went by there the other day and said he saw a bunch of weird red lights and chanting and dudes in black robes. Bet it's demon stuff. If I was braver I'd go there myself and see if I could get rewarded one of those nice big demonhunting bounties."
No. 802417 ID: bfb318
File 149499395615.png - (13.07KB , 850x650 , boldq8.png )

Parda: "Work? Big name trader dude's lookin' for escorts. I can point you in the right direction if you really wanna do that kinda thing."
No. 802418 ID: bfb318
File 149499396451.png - (17.06KB , 850x650 , boldq9.png )

A page on the bullettin board lists a bounty for a beast out in the foothills to the east, with a basic map scrawled at the bottom. It describes the beast as ten feet tall, covered in sharp quills, and a kidnapper of men and women alike.
No. 802419 ID: 3ce125

Investigate the black robes and chanting.
No. 802421 ID: 47160d

When in doubt, go for the cult. Every adventurer gets their starts with a cult or two
No. 802423 ID: 008a01

The black robes and demons and chanting sounds like the work of HUGE NERDS, who need to be put in their place!
No. 802428 ID: 70983e

Aw, that beast doesn't sound so tough! Let's hunt it.
No. 802429 ID: f9400c

The cult does sound like the most interesting.
No. 802437 ID: c57f6b

Go after the cult! Also, make a note of the number on the bottom right of the bulletin board, it may come in handy!
No. 802446 ID: 8d4593

The beast sounds neat!
No. 802450 ID: 90f3c0

Hunt that beast.
No. 802491 ID: 010334

No. 802494 ID: f522d4

Get those cultists!
No. 802498 ID: 393ae0

We should start out modest.

Go for the beast. We need a good mount.
No. 802500 ID: 55772f

the robefolk are probably just moody teens

sounds easy enough
No. 802502 ID: c98503

Go for the beast.
No. 802506 ID: c688ce

The dudes in black robes sound like they could get urgent if they go unchecked! Lets fuck em up
No. 802509 ID: 67456a

Literally everything is going to rape us, this is a Trout quest involving kobolds.

Just stay home and read.
No. 802545 ID: 0b99d7

I think I heard of this cult of the red herring, best ignore them, it'll turn out to be something silly and not demonic.

Go a-beast huntin' you'll get a good rep if you save some locals too.
No. 802550 ID: a363ac

well your not wrong I guess
No. 802561 ID: 91ee5f

Hunt the beast!

But where's the fun in that?

>village of bird people
>cult of the red herring
Oh, damnit, I just now got that!
No. 802680 ID: d2c50a

Oh, Sweet, Trouts doing a quest? Hells yeah.
Do the escort. That was kinda the defining reason why the bolds might find work around the wimpy birbs
No. 802703 ID: fe21ee

Go be ruff bois and escort that trader!
No. 802719 ID: a5c2b3

Escort Quest? Escort Quest.
No. 802785 ID: ca661e

Do the Escort quest
No. 803604 ID: 82118d

split up to do all the quests since you started out they should be low level
No. 803817 ID: 78866b

rolled 1 = 1

Breaking tie...
No. 803837 ID: f09f13

Chanting. Find the demons cultists and smite them for justice and good loot! if that doesn't work out, join them and bring about the end, being sure to leave your signature on it
No. 803841 ID: 75b412

No. 804043 ID: 78866b
File 149559284073.png - (31.98KB , 1049x581 , A_FIGHTER_A_MAGE_AND_A_ROGUE.png )

a big thanks to https://www.furaffinity.net/user/v1llainous for doing this guest update for me

The gang gets directions to Kippi's Roost. It's a little town, peopled by rather conservative types, with only a few hundred Birds living in the trees here. Its greatest claim to fame is that a moderately famous Birdfolk hero was born there. They fail to mention that she often said she hated the place.

They walk for a few hours. The paths aren't well maintained, but they are servicable. Serves them right for not having wings like the denizens of this land.
No. 804045 ID: 78866b
File 149559285366.png - (130.87KB , 1176x705 , APPROACH_A_TOWN_OUT_OF_VOGUE.png )

By the time they arrive on the outskirts of Kippi's Roost it's starting to get dark. The trees of the Roost are surrounded by a clearing of felled trees, causing a nice open ring around the town.

Just like their contact said, there's a red glow coming through the windows of the biggest, most central building. Distant chanting wafts through the air, and the sense of evil pervades the air. This is ABSOLUTELY demon stuff. Soos, Arila, and Gorri can already taste the nice big demon bounty from the church.

Seems like there's stairs and ladders going up the sides of the tree trunks and bridges connecting the different nests, allowing the trio entrance. But how should they proceed? Should they be stealthy and avoid contact, or should they charge in ready to fight while they have the element of surprise? Or maybe some other method?
No. 804047 ID: 55772f

given that the party is 2 fighters and a mage, stealth probably isnt the best idea
though maybe, since they ARE kobolds, which are notoriously bad at door kickery

i think gorri looks like she'd rather kick in the door regardless of the actual plan though so we might as well plan for that behavior
No. 804050 ID: c688ce


Stealth is a reasonable option if we can manage it. The more we can inform ourselves of what they're up to, the better chance we have of coming out in one piece.

Of course, it's not likely to go according to plan considering our party comp, but maybe we can at least ensure an advantageous position when we start knocking heads!
No. 804055 ID: 3ce125

Stealthy! Climb up the trees and enter from the second floor. A height advantage is usually a good start to a battle!

Also you'll get to see what kind of demon stuff they're doing before you charge in.
No. 804057 ID: 3373e2

Have some one climb up the tree on the right but have the Spellcaster covering them, never know when a cultist could walk out.
No. 804100 ID: da1652

We have a stealth advantage: one red kobold
No. 804105 ID: 70983e

Attempt to sign up your fists for the cult.
No. 804108 ID: da72f1

>some other method?
OF COURSE! Singing Strippergram! The classic.
No. 804109 ID: 8d4593


The question is, should we dress up Arila as a stripper, or all three?
No. 804117 ID: 393ae0

It should be all three. What could possibly go wrong.
No. 804119 ID: 8acdea

Sneak, then when you see someone important looking, jump em.
No. 804148 ID: 8cb228

No. 804313 ID: 78866b
File 149569944657.png - (21.35KB , 850x650 , bad plan man.png )


Gorri: "...What?"
Arila: "What? It's a good plan!"
Gorri: "No, it's not."
Arila: "They'd never expect it!"
Gorri: "I am not doing that."
Arila: "You're already wearing a thong! It's fine!"
Gorri: "No."
No. 804315 ID: 78866b
File 149569949145.png - (20.00KB , 850x650 , fightem.png )

Opting instead to take a stealthy approach, the trio sidles up to the upper level of the town by way of convienent ladders, figuring that walking in through the front door is actually quite the opposite of the approach they want to take. Strangely enough, the town seems almost deserted save this big central structure, and sneaking right up to it is an easy task even for the brightly-colored 'bolds. On the second level they run into a guard, standing outside the demon-tower. The black-robed birdfolk holds a spear and stands directly in the upper-level entrance. He's doing a good job of being a guard!

With no way forward other than through, our adventurers will have to do something about this obstacle of a bird! But what? Soos has his fists, Gorri has her large halberd, and Arila has some pretty basic magic-- Nothing like a handy "silently kill anyone you want" spell. Magic is hard to do quietly as it is!"

Please include "dice 1d20" (without quotes) in the email field when you suggest, or it will not be counted! A result will be chosen randomly from the most popular suggestion!
No. 804318 ID: 3ce125

rolled 8 = 8

Let the Rogue do a sneak attack!
No. 804320 ID: 3ce125

Wait it's two Fighters and a Mage. No Rogue.

Uh, well, I don't want to cheeze out my roll, so uh... how about Soos grabs the bird and tosses him off the ledge? With the element of surprise he should be able to do it, and an unarmed specialist should have grappling expertise, right?
No. 804321 ID: cd2dbc

rolled 20 = 20

The village is deserted? Go ahead and burn the fucking building down.
No. 804322 ID: 6f97db

rolled 16 = 16

Grab it and pull its cloak over its head, then pin it down. Gracious view of its crotch please.
No. 804324 ID: 48237d

rolled 15 = 15

Arila seduce the guard.
No. 804326 ID: dd4df2


No burning! We don't know if they have innocent sacrifices and stuff inside!


Can bird-people fly or glide with their wings even though they're wearing cloaks? If so, throwing him off the ledge may not be the greatest idea...


This seems sensible. Birdy can't yell out if he's being smothered by his own cloak.
No. 804327 ID: 3ce125

Roll or it doesn't count!
No. 804328 ID: dd4df2

rolled 10 = 10


Can do! Though I was only really offering input and support to other suggestions.
No. 804329 ID: 70983e

rolled 5 = 5

Soos, use your fists to push him off the platform! It's genius!
No. 804330 ID: 3ce125

I think even support votes have to roll? Well, Trout can clarify when the action commences.
No. 804331 ID: ba506f

can't they just clime in through one of those conveniently placed windows they're hiding under? I mean they're large enough for them to hope through and if they are a bit to high off the ground they can just climb on top of each other's shoulders and then pull the last bold up and then sneak right into the building.
No. 804335 ID: 3cbb03

have Gorri pull the classic 'long arm of the law' and flip this guy with a halberd
No. 804336 ID: 3cbb03

rolled 20 = 20

No. 804338 ID: 55772f

dice 1d20
got to vote for the soos knockout strat
No. 804342 ID: 91ee5f

rolled 18 = 18

That's not a spear, there's no pointy end! That's just a stick!

>What do?
Fisty guy uses fists!
No. 804351 ID: c688ce

rolled 18 = 18


Soos: Choke a bitch out, Batman style
No. 804352 ID: 8d4593

rolled 8 = 8

Have Gorri Allyoop Soos at the guard for a mid air FAL-CONE PAUNCH!!!
No. 804514 ID: 4fb71a

rolled 14 = 14

Fisty guy, fist their cloaca!
No. 806803 ID: 21bdb0

jump up behind the guard and choke them out.
No. 806804 ID: 21bdb0

rolled 10 = 10

((Oops i put "roll 1d20" in the email field at first))

Either way, my vote is still to sneak up and choke the b*tch out.
No. 808264 ID: bfb318
File 149759799847.png - (24.10KB , 850x650 , boldq13.png )

With the power of TEAMWORK, our party of adventurers quickly subdues their foe. Soos, with his lightning-fast movement, flips the bird's dark robe up and over their head and wings, and Gorri quickly pins the flowing garment into the wood of the deck long enough for Arila to tie it all up in a nice neat knot.

After an initial panic the bird assumes it's nighttime and quickly falls asleep.
No. 808265 ID: bfb318
File 149759800737.png - (17.93KB , 850x650 , boldq14.png )

With their entrance secured, the trio absconds into the cultish abode! Gorri is not the most stealthy of bolds, but it seems that this strange gathering of peepers was not expecting guests, and the circular hallways are nearly empty.

They find their way into the main area, and are met with a most terrible sight.

Several figures sit here along a grand, ornate table, dressed in fancy clothing, bound and gagged and tied to their chairs in front of empty plates. They look afraid! One birdfolk notices our heroes and attempts to peep at them through the gag. Thankfully it doesn't attract the attention of the
No. 808266 ID: bfb318
File 149759801534.png - (17.81KB , 850x650 , boldq15.png )

quite obviously a demon

standing right behind them, conversing with a cultist.

DEMON: "What do you MEAN you don't have duck liver?"
Cultist: "We-- we don't have it, my lord. I'm sorry. It's-- w=we're birds, you see--"
DEMON: "Bah!"
Cultist: "Maybe we can get a replacement?"
DEMON: "A replacement? A REPLACEMENT?! This foie gras is the CENTERPIECE of my EXQUISITE RITUAL and you have the gall to insist on a REPLACEMENT!"
Cultist: "I'm-- I'm sorry, my lord. I will find some duck liver immediately."
DEMON "You had better! Mortals. They don't know how to have a proper soiree."

That is absolutely a demon, and a very prim and proper one at that! This is going to be a challenge! How will our adventurers deal with this demonic difficulty?
No. 808269 ID: be0718

Soos, disguise yourself as a duck liver. You other two, grab some robes and deliver the "duck liver" to the table, where the "duck liver" will deliver a right hook!
No. 808270 ID: a363ac

rolled 20 = 20

Approach and ask to join the dance party.
No. 808271 ID: 3ce125

I think if you got the duck liver first and sabotage it in some way it'll offend the demon enough he'll turn against the cultists!
No. 808272 ID: d79f26

wait, with how prim the demon is, surely being UNPRIM would drive them crazy!
No. 808275 ID: 50c95d

Trout says: Only roll when prompted

So no rolling until further notice. Anyway..

Cover your weapons, then enter and explain that you're just some humble duck liver salesmen, who were brought here by the guards against their will. Tell him that your "wares" are ready to be inspected, if he wants to step outside..
Once he does so, backstabbing damage should be high.
No. 808295 ID: 8d4593

Soos: Dad?!?!? What the hell are you doing here?
No. 808319 ID: 48237d

Can this be true? Please?
No. 808373 ID: c688ce


Seconded. Soos has found his long lost daddy
No. 808375 ID: 00a1f6

Fourthed. I wonder if spontaneous clothing loss runs in the family.
No. 809457 ID: b99368

I also agree to this.
No. 809498 ID: 50c95d

Come on guys, those two have nothing in common.
Different eyes
Different horns
Different ears
Even the skin is a different shade of red.

I think it would be too cheesy to have the first real enemy you encounter be someone's relative.
No. 809499 ID: 8d4593

So your saying it's a bad idea.

...But we know it's a bad idea!
No. 809505 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, but I'm sure this demon has had sex with a few mortals before, meaning he's probably had lots of kids he don't know about. So je might actually believe the lie of "You're my father!" which will catch him off guard and let us sucker punch him!

It all relies on how dumb this guy is though.
No. 809520 ID: f0e552

No. 810154 ID: bfb318
File 149835127718.png - (16.62KB , 850x650 , boldq16.png )

A sudden rush of memory floods Soos' mind and it all makes sense now. The hot summers of his youth-- In actuality, days spent in the pits of the underworld. The red river flowing by his childhood home-- A river of blood and fire. The large manor that he spent his days exploring? Owned by a very prim and proper demon. His always-absent father, the one that created him, for some unknown-- and perhaps forgotten-- evil plan.

He supposes it explains his wide array of non-kobold siblings.

Soos has unlocked a special ability!

Demon Blood: Once per day, deliver a devastating blow capable of sending an enemy flying.

No. 810155 ID: bfb318
File 149835128470.png - (19.03KB , 850x650 , boldq17.png )

Soos: "DAD?!"
No. 810157 ID: bfb318
File 149835131510.png - (22.12KB , 850x650 , boldq18.png )

soos' dadDEMON: "What? What are you-- Aha, more guests! Guards! Seize them!"

It seems that our heroes are going to have a fight on their hands! The demon's looking like he doesn't want to dirty his suit, but there's still three assailants they have to deal with! The situation's looking really sticky! And worse yet, the demon doesn't even recognize his own son! What's their plan of action?
No. 810158 ID: c688ce

Soos is already running distraction so now's a good time for Arila to start toasting motherfuckers

Gorri, capitalize on Soos' leeroy move and jab the first bitch that tries to break up the reunion

Soos, just knock down any idiot that gets between you and Papa Hellfire
No. 810159 ID: be0718

Soos, Use your Demon Blood ability to deliver a Demon Hug that sends you and your father careening out of the ritual room.
No. 810175 ID: d79f26

rolled 9 = 9

soos, use GLOMP
No. 810183 ID: 3ce125

Yeah, this.
No. 810184 ID: 47160d

I 100% second that
No. 810456 ID: e6c6b6

Their plan should be to let Soos get captured, and observe what happens to him, waiting for the right moment to strike.

The demon should be attacked once he's in the middle of "extraction" technique when he's most vulnerable.
No. 811430 ID: 21bdb0

Grab Soos' tail and retreat, It's best not to fight in the same room as the demon. Your chance will increase if you lead the cultists away and take them out when you have more of an advantage.
No. 821024 ID: 315280

Seize the guards
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