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File 149015616269.png - (276.32KB , 600x500 , MNH 1.png )
789388 No. 789388 ID: 9d9c6b

Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Team_Port_Echo
Prologue: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/751216.html
Discussion: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/106192.html

It’s a bright and luminous day above the lunar surface of Cnidari Vaalbara; not one cloud hangs in the sky. For denizens of Port Echo, it was a favorable day to visit Cuttle Harbor; a place where communal events are held biweekly!

Most robust is the Eoochrqua Bazaar which stretches three-quarters of a mile along the eastern coast of the city. Industrial rigs and fishing boats occupy the water to collect large sums of pescatarian delights.

The Team followed up from crime boss Virgil Moss’ goons that something really illegal is supposed to take place here. Perhaps there’s a chance for the Team to reach a cargo drop before Moss does.
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No. 789389 ID: 9d9c6b
File 149015622478.png - (295.01KB , 600x500 , MNH 2.png )

Home base was not terribly far—the gang strolled here to appreciate how sunny and cool it was today. The team leader eventually pauses for a quick overview of the mission.

Cybil: “Alright guys. Don’t get too distracted with shopping. Our main objective is to figure out what is supposed to take place here.”

Cybil: “According to what we know, someone—perhaps a benefactor—may have left a supply of more militarized parts. Maybe the worst has yet to be discovered.”

Cybil: “Ask the locals, merchants, patrolmen—anyone who may have been here last night and earlier this morning witnessing suspicious activity.”

Cybil: “If anything significant comes up, make sure you let the entire group know via intercom.”
No. 789392 ID: 9d9c6b
File 149015642801.gif - (468.15KB , 667x500 , EP1SELECT.gif )

If Eudora is chosen—which form shall she take (Agility, Normal, or Durability)?

You only have enough time to talk to FIVE venders and pedestrians.

[big]There are FOUR ACHIEVEMENTS in this area for extra points[/big]:
:imabeliever:I’m A Believer (25XP) — ??????
:afineaddition:A Fine Addition to My Collection (50XP) —??????
:sideshowjob:Sideshow Job (100XP) —??????
:goodtalks:Good Talks (200XP) —Learn all clues regarding Moss’ activity.
No. 789430 ID: d9d492

Cybil! She's good at the talky.
No. 789433 ID: 70983e

Eudora - Agility form! Tallbug time.
No. 789439 ID: 143250

No. 789442 ID: ba506f

Cybil to start with.
No. 789449 ID: 91ee5f

I vote for Cybil.

And I also predict that Victor is going to be distracted by someone selling ice cream! XD
No. 789535 ID: b15da4

Where has the bug love gone?
No. 789592 ID: fa7caa

Eudora, If there is combat I doubt they would have any sort of heavy weaponry, so I would Go with Durability.

Also, Should we share information with the locals about our investigation, or even mention we are investigating something?
No. 789673 ID: 81f3f4

Victor is the cute one so I vote for him!
No. 789732 ID: d0a978
File 149029396114.png - (329.12KB , 1000x750 , CYBIL.png )

You are now playing as Cybil! She seems a likely candidate to get some information out of the locals by passive means. Although as a copper—some pedestrians may shy away from authority—they don’t want any trouble. If your allies are nearby you can utilize their talents as well. (You can always call them over.) Eudora is currently in Agility Mode.

[Current Inventory]
15 Stunning Pellets
Electric Grip [only two charges]
Orbiting Drone [See Prologue, >>/questarch/784725 ]

You start to hear a familiar voice approach you once the gang has split up…
No. 789735 ID: d0a978
File 149029420870.png - (293.18KB , 600x500 , MNH 3.png )

You immediately recognize him. Cybil has worked alongside the Cepholod before and even met up with him at the warehouse last night. He’s quite the valuable friend. The Cnidarian officer with him wasn’t familiar. Perhaps it was a trainee.

Sepher: “Well, well, if it isn’t the best Poker Face on this side of The Port! How’s it going, pard’ner?”

Cybil: “Officer Sepher! Stuck having to train new blood?”

Sepher: “Yep, that’s Kreeb over there; a know-it-all on an expensive set of stilts. Kind of like you, except the department didn’t have to purchase your legs!”

Sepher: “We finally commissioned the long awaited Cnidarian suits to use on the field. Kreeb was one of the luckier guys to take them for a spin.”

Cybil: “He hasn’t fallen over yet, I see.”

Kreeb: “I can hear you two.”
No. 789736 ID: d0a978
File 149029425786.png - (280.40KB , 600x500 , MNH 4.png )

Sepher: “So what’s your business here? Taking a little break?”

Cybil: “I wish. We’re on the trail again. Something may or may not take place here. My team is keeping an eye out for anything suspicious. I’d go ahead and ask if you two have come up with anything?”

Sepher: “We’ve only just arrived. There hasn’t been anything unusual since we’ve replaced the former patrolmen half an hour ago.”

Kreeb: “Except the mutt and the bug. I’ve read into their profiles. I trust they won’t start any trouble?

Kreeb: “An Arthocob with an attitude can draw unwanted attention. And what the mutt is carrying—can he be trusted with that thing? Is it even licensed?

Kreeb: “Just so you know Cnidarians are stuck with desk jobs and all the paperwork. One slip-up from any of your team members and I could be stuck having to write reports.

a) The Bazaar; >___
b) Themselves; >___
c) Other; >___
d) Depart, start your investigation; >___
No. 789739 ID: b15da4

Hearing about the bazaar from some beat cops seems like a good place to start.
No. 789811 ID: dd4df2


No. 789818 ID: ba506f

ignoring the stick up his ass rookie I'm going to have to go with
>a) The Bazaar; >___
See if they can't give you some info about some of the pass disturbances around the area. Might give us an idea on where to start.
No. 789915 ID: d0a978
File 149033071681.png - (218.73KB , 600x500 , MNH 5.png )

You decide to talk about the bazaar; perhaps these guys know where to start looking, and discuss about any past disturbances.

Kreeb: “There hasn’t been any incident in the past month regarding any connection to Moss or his mob.

Sepher: “Here, there’s either a missing child or lost item. All merchants have their permits and licenses checked. Any complaints would be from disgruntled customers.”

Sepher: “If something’s to happen throughout the event today, Moss’ gang would have a crowd to hide in—”

Kreeb: “There’s over 200 artisans and food vendors—and tourists are constantly coming in and out.

Cybil: “Not like they can hide tons of crates in the anyway. Perhaps it could be a meetup for something else. We don’t have enough time to talk to each and every merchant…”

Kreeb: “The earliest ones to arrive would be the performance artists to set up a stage for entertainment. There’s an act in one section of the path if you keep heading north."

Kreeb: "There's also a nearby fishery. Most of the workers there had to come through this road before it was closed for the public.

a) Themselves; >___
b) Other; >___
c) Depart, start your investigation; >___
No. 789962 ID: ba506f

a) Themselves; >___
just ask Kreeb how long he's been with Sepher and ask both of them how long they're going to be patrolling around the area. Might not hurt to know we're backup will be around here incase we need assistants later. Also tell Sepher to give you a call sometime when he's free Might be nice to catch up when nether of you are working.
No. 789974 ID: 0555b9

C) Okay, we've got a lot of ground to cover. Thanks, officers.
No. 789988 ID: 143250

b) Other; >Ask to exchange contact information. We can ask about them later, We are looking for information about Moss, not about other officers.
No. 791465 ID: e5481b
File 149081465298.png - (248.21KB , 600x500 , MNH 6.png )

You think it wouldn’t hurt to know how long these guys will be on patrol, but you assume any shift can last a couple hours. You believe to have enough information to start your investigation.

Cybil: “I think that’s all I’ll need for now, thanks. There’s a lot of ground to cover. Do any of you have contact information in case I might need some backup?”

The two officers exchange the correct channel for their intercom if in need for any assistance. Both of them begin to mosey back to their post.

“Hey, Sepher,” Cybil adds as he faces her with a raised brow, “Give me a call some time; it would be nice to catch up on things.”

Sepher nods, “Oh! Yeh! Sure thing, Sib. Anything open for the afternoon?”

Cybil: “No, I… have an appointment later. But we can probably figure something out. I’ll see you around.”
No. 791466 ID: e5481b
File 149081468884.png - (233.87KB , 600x500 , MNH 7.png )

Kreeb and Sepher return to their post. You are currently in Section A of the Bazaar, the welcoming stalls are littered with vendors and recruiters. Any merchant lucky enough to arrive early can be the first to attract the eyes of tourists.

From Cybil’s viewpoint she sees Jewelers and Vendors opting to sell their craft. Across the way are Arthocob Zealots who preach by their booth—excited to spread the word of some eldritch God. Lastly, you can spot Krullghn Dock Workers trying to repair a fishing boat—sort of cussing and grumbling at their accident.

But if none of them seem like a likely candidate to help with your mission, there’s more to see in the food court and performing arts.

You have time to talk to five merchants and pedestrians. You can always check a place out and observe before interacting with people.

a) Jewelers
b) Arthocobs
c) Dock Workers
b) Move to Section B
No. 791482 ID: b15da4

You know enough Krullghn to get by, right? C sounds like they might be in a position to have seen something. I guess it depends on what's in it for them.
No. 791495 ID: ba506f

>c) Dock Workers
because profiling. Not really but if someone was trying to sneak something in her by boat wouldn't be half bad.
No. 791571 ID: 991c97

Talk to the Zealots. They probably keep a pretty sharp eye on who's coming and going
No. 791802 ID: e5481b
File 149091918336.png - (218.31KB , 600x500 , MNH 8.png )

>Know enough Krullghn language?
Yes she does! She’s quite fluent and can fully understand the local languages around here. The Dock Workers would seem to have a good eye out for anything suspicious. She listens to them bicker as she approaches.

Worker 1: “Zhamon will pay for this. Was it Zhamon? I’m sure it was Zhamon! He can’t do any f—king thing right! Would have had us killed! How hard is it to secure one?”

Worker 2: “…Yep, it’s a mighty gash.”

Worker 1: “I told you, I told you! Left! Steer left! You damn near ramped off the thing!”

Worker 2: “…Yep, could’ve been bad.”

Worker 1: “And now the engine is busted! You damn near knocked into that thing—” the crustacean eventually sees you staring at them, “Hello? Can we help you?”

a) >___
b) …carry on [Leave]
No. 791803 ID: 143250

Actually, can I help you? you look a bit stranded there.
No. 791822 ID: ba506f

I noticed you seem to be having a bit of trouble, Mind if I asked what happened? I might be able to help.
No. 791989 ID: e5481b
File 149097984002.png - (215.83KB , 600x500 , MNH 9.png )

Cybil: “Actually, I was wondering if you two need assistance. You look a bit stranded.”

Worker: “Oh, it’s—it’s nothing. We’ve got this under control. ‘Nothing to do now but wait for maintenance to tow this away.”

Cybil: “Mind if I asked what happened? I could take a look at the damages.”

Worker: “Well you know what we do, right?”

Cybil: “You… collect fish?”

Worker: “Yes, that! Me an’ Russ here go from buoy to buoy, right? We would reach a marker and wait for a Seacrane to arrive and bring the nets up to us! Easy, right?”

Worker: “But then, here comes a buoy out of nowhere and Russ damn ran into it!”

Russ: “…Yep, cracked the hull.”

Worker: “And then we had to quickly paddle this boat to shore for knocking the engine out! Rotten luck!”

Worker: “I swear when I find the bozo that set one out there—I’ll wring him out…”

a) Investigation, anything suspicious; >___
a) Engine, take a look; >___
b) Other; >___
c) Depart, visit the other vendors; >___
No. 791994 ID: 53a3d8

See if you can do any repairs, then check out the buoy.
No. 791995 ID: 0555b9

B! You're a techspert, the suit speaks for itself. I'm a little surprised at how nonchalant his buddy is, but don't express that.
No. 792013 ID: 91ee5f

>mysterious buoy out of nowhere.
That sounds suspicious. If these guys can confirm that the buoys stay in the same place all the time, then that extra one that's never been there before is probably what you're looking for. It might've been put there by the criminals to blend in with the other buoys.
No. 792018 ID: 398fe1

Yep! Let's go check the buoy.
No. 792036 ID: ba506f

I guess give the ship a once over then go look at the buoy.
No. 793385 ID: e5481b
File 149133470458.png - (232.21KB , 600x500 , MNH 10.png )

Cybil: “Can I take a look at the engine?”

Worker: “What, you know how to fix one?”

Cybil: “Don’t I look a little dressed for the job?”

She passes the nonchalant buddy of his; she tries not to point out his calm behavior. Perhaps not many things faze him. She hops on the back of the boat to give the engine an examination. A basic motor shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. Something may have simply screwed loose and needs to be reinserted properly.

Worker: “So, uh, we’ve come up with—uh, a broken rod—”

Cybil brightens her lenses and starts getting to work ignoring the Krullg’s diagnosis, “So where was this marker?”

Worker: “Oh, well, we were heading down towards—Russ! Was it C3?!”

Russ: “…Yup. Fish C3.”

Worker: “C zero three, yeh. That’s the serial number. Each buoy should have one.”

Cybil: “Do buoys normally stay in one place?”

Russ: “…Yep, they should be nice and secure.”

Worker: “Depending on the season we may add or remove some. Now that the fish are migrating back, we’ve been rounding them up like crazy. So of course lots of markers are brought in!”

Worker: “It’s possible that it wasn’t secured properly or wasn’t registered as an active marker yet.”
No. 793386 ID: e5481b
File 149133479621.png - (260.77KB , 600x500 , MNH 11.png )

There seems to be some promising results as she follows the crack in the motor’s casing. Inside, she was able to identify the problem: a loose plug needed to be bent into shape and reinstalled ([23]/[30]). She revs the engine up and it breathes life.

Cybil: “There you have it, a working engine!”

The Techs-pert hops from the stern and lands squarely onto her feet, patting her hands together.

Cybil: “Any chance you caught the serial number?”

Worker: “Eh, no. It was kind of hard to see.”

Cybil: “You couldn’t see it in broad daylight?”

Worker: “It was waning dawn when it happened.”

Russ: “…Yep, thought I saw a two though.”

Cybil: “A two?”

Russ: “…Yep.”

Cybil: “How soon can you give me a ride so I can check it out myself?”

Worker: “Well this boat has a nasty crack in it. We’re lucky to reach the shore before the water rose to our knees.”

Worker: “I don’t quite recall where we crashed… Why would you want to see? Are you some safety inspector?”

Cybil: “An inspector of sorts, yes…”

Cybil: “Thank you for your time, boys. I have to get along. I may need to pay a visit to the fishery later.”
No. 793387 ID: e5481b
File 149133488709.png - (205.08KB , 600x500 , MNH 12.png )

Interesting, there could be a buoy in the harbor placed by Moss’s men. But there are tons out there and she’ll want to narrow it down to one. She informs her team about the extra marker.

There’s enough time to talk to four merchants and pedestrians. You can always check a place out and observe before interacting with people.

As before, there are the jewelers who may pick up suspicious people passing through. Same goes for the Arthocob missionaries who preach the word of some weird being.

a) Jewelers
b) Arthocobs
c) Check out Section B
No. 793388 ID: 5508dd

Assuming it doesn't take up an action, check out section B.
No. 793393 ID: 41462d

Speak to one of the jewelers, flash a badge, ask for information, the stop a robbery in progress that just happened to start at the same time you arrived.
No. 793394 ID: 0555b9

Time to check out the performers in B.
No. 793407 ID: ba506f

>I pick option C
now let's head to section B
No. 794793 ID: aac3a1
File 149180526259.png - (315.21KB , 600x500 , MNH 13.png )

Sweet, this is where the walk becomes lively in the middle of a food court. There are lots more people here to watch the circus acts and purchase food! It seems the show is at an intermission as the carnies are doing their own thing.

There are countless food trucks diverse with their selection of Vaalbaran cuisine that stretch far down the road. It’s a shame Cybil can’t really enjoy eating in public with the risk of catching a common germ (and dying, maybe). But perhaps the owners or patrons know a thing or two.

Port Echo isn’t without their sidewalk residents. Looks like there’s a homeless Cnidarian down on its luck asking for change. Amazing it was able to afford a suit at one time.

Off to the side is a little playground set up for parents to rest as their children play. Perhaps she can watch for any suspicious activity, or maybe ask the visitors some questions.

And, of course, the entire stage has the performance artists demonstrate their wonderful talents. She realizes she never went to a live circus before! She hasn’t done much as a little girl… or teenager.

You can always call a teammate over to help or talk with the locals.

a) chat with the Food Vendor
b) talk to the Homeless Cnidarian
c) hang by the Playground
d) check out / talk to The Carnies
e) go back to Section A
No. 794798 ID: 143250

hm, my plan of action:

talk to the food vendor for some info, his business, then buy something tasty.

Next, we will talk with the homeless Cnidarian about seeing suspicious activities, and offer the food we purchased in case he refuses to talk, or give it to him just to be nice if he does decide to talk with us.
No. 794799 ID: 35089a

if the elder scrolls have taught me anything its that the homeless know shit and will tell you if you're nice to them.
No. 794809 ID: ba506f

go to the food stands and get some food. Maybe ask if they've seen anything weird. Then talk to the homeless guy and see what he knows. Give him the food and some money (and maybe fix his leg) for his troubles.
No. 794827 ID: 0555b9

We can't eat food from a street vendor, it could kill us!

D: Check out the carnies.
No. 794837 ID: 91ee5f

Go to the food vendor and ask them some questions. Make sure Victor isn't over there just eating ice cream instead of asking questions. Then buy something for the homeless guy as a bribe to get him to answer some questions.
No. 794846 ID: 143250

The food isn't meant for us, it is meant for the homeless guy. Sorry I wasn't clear enough in my post.
No. 794903 ID: 5b93d3

>Looks like there’s a homeless Cnidarian down on its luck asking for change. Amazing it was able to afford a suit at one time.
Try and see how good repair his suit is in. A 'homeless' guy in a grimy but fully functional suit screams 'spy'.
No. 795215 ID: 0feb92
File 149197486310.png - (261.55KB , 600x500 , MNH 14.png )

You decide to help the homeless man out, perhaps in exchange for information—that is—if he has any. Cybil thinks that she could talk to him like a friend, rather than bargain with food firsthand.

Cybil: “Uh, excuse me? Sir? Or Mam?”

C-can you spare s###some change?” the vagrant echoes with its rusted speech. He shakes a tin cup—but his arm is unsteady and sharp to move. It retracts its hand, “I###I’m sorry officer. I don’t mean to loiter. I shall remove my###self. Good day###to you.

The Cnidarian tries to lift itself with a broken leg to exit.

>Suspicion on grimy but functional suit.
It’s not uncommon for Cnidarians to salvage some old, old models. Not to say the industry was cruel—but lots of assembly suits are made by other species with little regard to functionality; it’s like a fishbowl was glued to a mannequin. The Krullgs and Cepholods don’t know how a Cnidarian’s body works.

She scans and starts looking into the archives of the model. There are washed out logos that give some clue to its manufacturer ([40]/[60] SCAN). Ah, Septic Duty MODEL 8854. This guy probably kept it after losing the job. But it’s possible he may have stumbled upon it in the slums.
No. 795217 ID: 0feb92
File 149197491094.png - (279.31KB , 600x500 , MNH 15.png )

>Fix the leg
Cybil: “Wait—no. Here, let me help…”

The homeless creature is hesitant to either object or let her fix his leg. It has a hard time keeping its rusted limbs steady as she tries to examine the suit. Unfortunately, Cybil doesn’t have experience with older models. The leg just looks shot and makeshift, and she couldn’t think of a way to work around it ([70]/[30] REPAIR).

Hobo: “D###Don’t worry. You’re too kind to offer.

Hobo: “I### manage.

Cybil: “At least let me buy you a meal!”

Hobo: “You would do that? No###joke?

Hobo: “I don’t know what###to say. I’ve had###my share of pranks.

Cybil: “No joke, sir. If you’ve been harassed by a local group then it would be my responsibility to teach them a lesson ([03]/[45] PERSUADE).”

Hobo: “I would app###ppreciate the kind gesture.
No. 795218 ID: 0feb92
File 149197497372.png - (180.46KB , 600x500 , MNH 16.png )

The Gortian does her best to support the Cnidarian as they wait in line. There are some weird looks given to the vagrant—judging by his torn exterior. Maybe they smell something you don’t as customers begin to leave.

Owner: “Hey! You in the suit!”

Owner: “Not you, mam. Sorry. The trash can behind you! I told you, you aren’t allowed here! You have no money, we don’t give handouts, and you are scaring my customers away!”

Owner: “Now beat it or I’ll have to call the authorities!”

No. 795227 ID: 143250

Hm. Ask the homeless guy privately what he would want to eat, and you'll get it for him if he waits back in his spot. Afterwards, lets talk to the concession stand guy, talk to him about any going ons, business, suspicious activities, then order the food the vagrant wanted.
No. 795232 ID: d0ea16

I am the authorities!
No. 795237 ID: 91ee5f

>“Now beat it or I’ll have to call the authorities!”
"I'm right here, there's no need to call for me."

If necessary, show your badge.

Then tell him that you've got money and you're going to pay for whatever the homeless guy picks from the menu, which makes him a customer.
No. 795303 ID: ae6f16

Respect my authoritah!
No. 795535 ID: 0feb92
File 149210792699.png - (175.51KB , 600x500 , MNH 17.png )

Cybil: “You won’t have to, I am the authorities!”

The owner clearly wasn’t expecting that. The techie flashes her badge with the right credentials. “He is a customer now, and I’ll be paying for whatever he wants.”

Cybil: “And perhaps you can answer a few questions later once I’m off my break, hmm?”

The Cepholod changes his behavior; he expresses some nervousness in front of her as he stammers over his words, “Uh—uhmm. Y—yes officer! No harm. What will your —cough— friend have?”

Cybil can still decide to go through with questioning the owner after her little chat with the Cnidarian.
No. 795536 ID: 0feb92
File 149210815226.png - (241.45KB , 600x500 , MNH 18.png )

They eventually find a picnic table. Cybil didn’t bother to purchase anything for herself, of course. However, Cnidarians can eat almost anything on land. There’s a compartment in most suits where food can be fed directly into their mouths. They can still type to talk through their vox-boxes while physically chewing, or digesting.

Hobo: “It’s been###a while since I had something this fresh.

Hobo: “On a day such as this, I would browse###the trash cans.

Hobo: “It’s not gross###to us. We don’t have as much of these ‘buds’### that you creatures possess to taste.

The conversation as all fine and dandy, but you don’t really wanna hear much about dumpster-diving. Cybil knows plenty of basic Cnidarian anatomy anyway.

a) Investigation, anything suspicious; >___
b) Himself; >___
c) Other; >___
d) Depart, It was nice helping you; >___
No. 795555 ID: b15da4

>a) Investigation, anything suspicious
No. 795616 ID: ba506f

>a) Investigation, anything suspicious; >___
say that you're glad you were able to lend him a helping hand but let him know that he could possibly return the favor. Ask if he's seen anything strange happening around these parts lately.
No. 795970 ID: 6f7e51
File 149223118428.png - (183.75KB , 600x500 , MNH 19.png )

Cybil: “I’m glad I was able to lend a helping hand. But there is, perhaps, something you can help me with.”

Hobo: “I don’t have###much to offer. But I will try.

Cybil: “Nothing short of answering a few questions. I’m undergoing an investigation that something bad may take place here.”

Cybil: “So first off, I’m asking if you’ve noticed anything suspicious or out of place throughout the festival.”

Hobo: “Hmm…

Hobo: “Could be###minor, but I thought almost nothing of it at the time.

Hobo: “It was morning and I was###shooed###from my rest. Tents###were being set up. The stage###as well. I never knew today was###eventful.

Hobo: “A couple of###Krullgs. They were non###chalant as they took this road for###their walk.

Cybil: “Could you hear them?”

Hobo: “Laughing###mostly. I may have been too far away. But I could see them dispose###something as they neared a trash can.

Hobo: “I could hear###unrelated words.
No. 795971 ID: 6f7e51
File 149223136208.png - (182.44KB , 600x500 , MNH 20.png )

Hobo: “Tunnels. ###A mascot. Someone qualified###for something. Someone gives them problems. PEC. And###Huron. That’s all I could###make out.

Cybil: “Heh, I have an idea who the mascot could be. As for the PEC; that’s Port Electric—the electric service for over half this city.”

Cybil: “I’ve never heard of Huron, though…”

Hobo: “Once they went###their merry way, I checked the trash later, but found nothing unusual.

Hobo: “I kept my eye on it###to see if anyone would pick it up. But soon I###stopped paying attention. Many trash bags were emptied so###whatever was in there could be at the landfill now. If just trash.

a) Himself; >___
b) Other; >___
c) Depart, thank him for the info; >___
No. 795975 ID: ba506f

>a) Himself; >___
ask him his name and how he ended up on the street.

Mostly just asking so we can check his name with whatever criminal data banks we have to see if he has a history to see just how trust worthy he is but it also seems like the polite thing to do.
No. 795986 ID: 70983e

A, C
No. 796032 ID: dd4df2


Maybe send one of your teammates to talk with the landfill management/call the landfill management and get them to a) set aside the trash from the area in question and see if there's anything questionable inside and/or b) allow one of you to go there and search the trash? If the workers at the dump do it now, they'd still have memory of where they have any trash from today, and they won't dump a ton of other trash on top of it.

Could be a wild goose chase, though, and seems like a lot of work for a pretty slim lead. You'd have to call it a hunch and accept criticism if it turns out to be nothing.

You can also A ask the cnidarian a little about himself, since it pays to have eyes on the street and it'll serve as an impromptu job interview. And you should definitely tell him to watch himself around here today since something bad might go down - if he's got anything else or see anything else, he can talk to you anytime.

Idea: If you trust him and can convince him to, you could give him some money as cash up front for being an extra pair of eyes, with more to come at the end of the day for the service. It'll be a temporary thing, but better than nothing, and he'd be helping out the community. Of course, you'd better keep this last offer on the down low. We don't want him targeted by Virgil Moss' goons - he might already be a bit at risk if Virgil has any informants around right now.

In fact, look around. Does anyone seem to be paying close attention to you?
No. 796620 ID: 02214c
File 149249265998.png - (254.30KB , 600x500 , MNH 21.png )

You decide it best to take your leave, not before Cybil asks a bit about himself to sound polite. Maybe ask how he ended on the streets, and his name.

Quevic: “My name###is Quevic. I lived here###all my life.

Quevic: “I worked in sewage treatment. Most Cnidarians work in###‘unfavorable’ conditions. But makes sense. We’re in protective suits###if we were to keep up with the others.

Quevic: “Yet Krullgs and Cepholods see us as###expendables. Hardly any labor laws are made for us.

Cybil: “I’m actually wary of their treatment. It’s horrible to know this is still happening. I can’t believe nothing has been done to give the Cnidarians justice for their blood, sweat, and tears to keep this city alive ([26]/[70] KNOWLEDGE (HISTORY)).

Quevic: “I’m grateful that at least###one kind soul###can understand our struggle.

Quevic: “Eventually###I couldn’t pay bills and I was fired when I couldn’t keep up the job. I kept this suit and have survived on the streets for many years. I’ve###lost count how many.

Quevic: “And many###share the same story.
No. 796621 ID: 02214c
File 149249274064.png - (291.77KB , 600x500 , MNH 22.png )

>Talk with the landfill management
Cybil suspects that if something were to go down today, especially around this area, an important object wouldn’t have to travel a few miles away to the local landfill. It does seem like lots of work for a slim lead to check there. And she could always check the trash can herself, which she plans to do.

The technomancer would love to have an extra pair of eyes on the street, but she feels it would risk Quevic getting in the hands of Moss’ goons.

Cybil: “Thank you for your time. Your information has really helped me out. I must continue with my case.”

Cybil: “I hope you’re safe on your travels, Quevic.”

Quevic: “[code]I wish you luck. Good bye###officer.[code]”

>Does anyone seem to pay attention to you?
You feel that you should look around to make sure no one is paying close attention to your investigation. As far as a quick scan goes, Cybil is sure there’s nothing out of the ordinary; everyone is minding their own business ([23]/[60] SCAN).

Wouldn’t hurt to check the trash can out anyway.

Yep, it’s just a normal tin can functioning as it should. Quevic did describe the correct one in the right area. Let’s see… it’s the early morning and the bazaar has been open for roughly two Vaalbaran hours. It’s a trash can that’s off to the side, not in the middle of activity. The trash bags must’ve been replaced five times, maybe six by now… And Quevic only rummaged through—although unknown how thorough.

No. 796624 ID: 91ee5f

Check behind the fence. Check between the fence and the trash can. Check the things written on and/or taped on the trash can. Check the inside of the trash can on the roof of the lid.
No. 796625 ID: c0d0e1

Is their something in the hole in that fence?
No. 796648 ID: 5b93d3

Check for anything stuck to the underside of the lid.
No. 796680 ID: 3735cb

Check the inside, outside and surrounds. You may not be looking only for an object but perhaps instructions/directions, posted or drawn, that may be in code.
No. 796729 ID: 70983e

Check for a secret door in the sidewalk, or the fence.
No. 797104 ID: 02214c
File 149272277958.png - (248.30KB , 600x500 , MNH 23.png )

>You may be looking for instructions/directions
Could be right; it would be much easier to hide a folded piece of paper somewhere than a handheld object. If it has directions then it would be for a single individual… or a relatively small group unlike the one at the warehouse.

>Check around the fence
Cybil gives the area a good look-over. She checks around and over the fence. Nothing was placed between the planks; and behind the fence was a drop to a sandy beach.

>Things written on trash can
Some flyers and a bit of graffiti! She can’t really read the weird, stylized neon pink spray paint but it’s probably nonsense. There is a flyer for… The Temple of Ndepthteph! Wonderful. It’s poorly translated from Arthocob to Krullg and Cepholod, and horribly designed with clip art, but you get the gist. Nothing on the back though:

—Experience! Ndepthteph Favors All To His Swarm
It’s Inevitable! Bhothogoshol granted us the temporary gift of life through the craquelure of space—but every creature knows of its eventual succumbing to the divine that is Ndepthteph.
Have you ever wanted to understand your role in the Voxxus nebulae, a vast plane ever-watched by Relik’s thousand antennae? Ndepthteph teaches happiness, fulfillment, and hope towards the end. This could happen any second now! Inquire today at the Eoochrqua Bazaar festival for a free reading, and sign yourself and your friends to be an official member of our Temple. All species are welcome to join the heavenly ominous embrace of our dear Lord!

Cybil: "Eh."
No. 797105 ID: 02214c
File 149272284275.png - (194.03KB , 600x500 , MNH 24.png )

>Check the underneath the lid
Rummaging through the trash feels… wrong. Sometimes the thought of unsanitary surfaces does make Cybil squeamish—but briefly. To be sure not to attract unwanted attention she looked both ways. The lid to the container is thus lifted and everything looks as expected inside a trash can…

But hello, what’s this? There’s a folded paper taped to the back of the flap.
No. 797106 ID: 02214c
File 149272293296.png - (347.97KB , 600x500 , MNH 25.png )

The obvious choice was to take it. Unfolding it shows a flyer for a nightclub. The Hidden Harbor Nightclub will feature renowned musician Xuxa Jr. as their DJ.

Cybil isn’t a fanatic of ambient techno electronica rock stuff. She recalls Victor owning a poster of the musician, so he may be excited to hear of the event. The dance occurs in a few days at midnight.
No. 797108 ID: ba506f

might be worth checking out

So so far things to look out for are this night club and those strange buoys.

How much time do we have left?
No. 797197 ID: 02214c
File 149274749042.png - (252.86KB , 600x500 , MNH 26.png )

>Might be worth checking [the club] out.
Good idea. Cybil will be able to find the address later. For now, they ought to finish their work here. It’s been one hour, still morning, and the Bazaar closes in the evening. Plenty of time.

Cybil flips the banner and spots an interesting clue; a sketchy map! The text reads:
—“You’ll find what you need, as discussed.

Only two buoys are labeled; •D11 and •C03. Off to the distance is another object circled in red. Only guess is that is the designated marker to search.
No. 797198 ID: 02214c
File 149274768243.gif - (491.58KB , 667x500 , EP1SELECT2.gif )

You are free to choose a different character. Or you may choose to stay with Cybil! Eudora remains in her Agility form. There are still four secret achievements for extra points!

:imabeliever: I’m A Believer (25XP) — ??????
:afineaddition: A Fine Addition to My Collection (50XP) —??????
:sideshowjob: Sideshow Job (100XP) —??????
:goodtalks: Good Talks (200XP) —Learn all clues regarding Moss’ activity.
There’s enough time to talk to three merchants and pedestrians. You can always check a place out and observe before interacting with people.

[Section A]
a) Talk to Arthocob missionaries
b) Talk to shop vendors

[Section B]
c) Chat with the food vendor owner
d) Hang by the playground
e) Check out the performance artists
No. 797204 ID: 70983e

Eudora: Check out performance artists!
No. 797207 ID: 91ee5f

Looks like we don't need to go to the club after all. This poster was just conveniently nearby when this message was written.

And look at that! Buoy C03! The same one that ran into those fishermen!

I guess we'll need to take a look at the circled object later. Let's hang on to this poster to show to the others.

Yeah, let's do this.
No. 797235 ID: ba506f

Eudora and have her look at the missionaries
No. 797870 ID: 900274
File 149310142368.png - (309.16KB , 1000x750 , EUDORA AGILE.png )

Praise Bhothogoshol! You are now playing as Eudora! She blends well in the crowd as just another critter. She can hold her own if most situations go awry. Thankfully her interrupted beauty-sleep worked out fine. In AGILITY mode she adds +10% to Climb, High Jump, Camouflage, and Spit, but at the cost of 5HP. Her attacks and abilities are much quicker.

[Current Inventory]
A Walkie-talkie picked from a henchman
No. 797872 ID: 900274
File 149310190986.png - (307.75KB , 600x500 , MNH 27.png )

Eudora had been asking around but ended up empty-handed. Some of the pedestrians thought she came with the religious Arthocob fanatics to promote her deity—but she would rather give the almighty Ndepthteph a swirly than switch temples.

She idles at the stage within a small crowd watching the performers practice. Cybil was nearby to join her.

Cybil: “Hey, you know the buoys I’ve mentioned? It seems Moss has left some clues behind for someone to pick up.”

Cybil: “I found this map conveniently hidden by a trashcan. I’ll be sure to let Vic know through the intercom. Any news?”

Eudora: “No luck on my end. I haven’t heard from Victor either. I’ve just been watching these clowns for a while. I don’t recognize the species of these weirdos.”

Eudora: “I was thinking maybe we could ask one of ‘em. You did mention that they could’ve seen something while the stage was being set up.”
No. 797873 ID: 900274
File 149310196699.png - (246.33KB , 600x500 , MNH 28.png )

It’s not too surprising to see many off-worldly species visit the commercial moon. But thanks to living here for many years Cybil may be able to recognize these aliens and give some insight on their customs.

Cybil: “That trainer over there, with the mask, is a Teerzo. Even to me there’s an air of mystery regarding their culture ([78]/[70] KNOWLEDGE (HISTORY)). I haven’t studied much on them.”

Eudora: “And the bird?”

Cybil: “Eh, who knows? It is general knowledge, however, that Teerzos always wear these tribalesque masks and are almost always seen with an animal they bond with.”

The trainer stands idly by her pet observing the crowd.
No. 797874 ID: 900274
File 149310202521.png - (174.19KB , 600x500 , MNH 29.png )

Eudora: “And the lanky thing?”

Cybil: “Ah, a Mal’or Huntoon, an interesting species.”

Cybil: “But don’t let their beady eyes fool you; they are one of the most accurate sharpshooters the galaxy has ([51]/[70] KNOWLEDGE (HISTORY)). Some say that if one focuses hard enough—they gain the ability to see through walls to spot their targets. But time and again it’s been disproven—said by Huntoons themselves.”

The Huntoon throws knives at a large target board. Not one blade has deterred from landing a direct bullseye.
No. 797875 ID: 900274
File 149310212965.png - (170.38KB , 600x500 , MNH 30.png )

Finally, there was an alien completely dressed in an attire similar to a fencer. With no tail to identify, no way to see its face, and no specific features; Cybil was at a loss to profile the alien’s species ([75]/[70] KNOWLEDGE (HISTORY)).

Cybil: “Hmm, this one could be a Jaazu, or Icynth… or another Teerzo—without a pet companion. Yet those are pretty rare.”

Cybil: “I can’t quite put my finger on that one. Species far and wide come here on this moon.”

The strange artist alternates from juggling daggers, spinning hoops, and make–believe sword fights.

a) Talk to the Teerzo
b) Talk to the Huntoon
c) Talk to the Fencer
d) [Move Elsewhere]
No. 797879 ID: 70983e

C. So shiny. Wait, were we supposed to be gathering clues? Eh, it can wait.
No. 797881 ID: 398fe1

B. Better eyesight means a better chance they saw something.
No. 797892 ID: ba506f

>b) Talk to the Huntoon
we know the most about him so lets start with him
No. 798020 ID: 900274
File 149317810873.png - (205.45KB , 600x500 , MNH 31.png )

You decide to talk to the Huntoon; you figure something with sharp perception could’ve spotted something awry this morning. Eudora waited for an opportune time to speak to the performer.

Eudora flashes a badge or something, maybe her walkie-talkie, “Hey, Huntoon-guy. Police here. We need a minute of your time.”

The Huntoon’s head made a slight twitch to stare at the two investigators. Its eyes twinkled from its rapid movement to identify them. He sheathed his daggers into his bandolier to present some compliance. It made a noise like a squeaky grunt and its tongue slinked back.

He simply doesn’t say a word—just open to listen.

Eudora: “…Can we have a minute of your time?”

The Huntoon continues to stare, his head never tilts but his eyes remain oscillating in viewing Cybil and Eudora. Slowly, he raises a finger and points at a nearby trailer.

No. 798023 ID: 398fe1

I hope he can talk. Go over to the trailer and let's see if he wants to talk inside or if you have to talk to someone in the trailer.
No. 798058 ID: ba506f

might as well, probably doesn't want us out front in fear of us scaring away customers.
No. 798282 ID: 70983e

Okay, but only because he's hot.
No. 798318 ID: b774eb
File 149331695348.png - (250.07KB , 600x500 , MNH 32.png )

Eudora whispers to her friend, but still kind of loud enough for the Huntoon to listen, “Is… is he suggesting something to me?”

Cybil: “To… meet him in his trailer?”

Eudora: “Yeh, sure… that. But… implying something else?”

So you head over to the trailer anyway—yet the Huntoon doesn’t follow, but continues to peer as the two of you approach the door.

Eudora knocks, and after some audible shuffling behind it a speakeasy slot opens up to reveal piercing eyes.

Carnie: “Huh?! Yeah, what do you wa—!”

Carnie: “Hey, I told you to git! I’m not interested in your little patty-cake club! Quit bothering my employees or I’ll call the cops!”

No. 798320 ID: 91ee5f

"We are the cops!"
No. 798323 ID: b15da4

That's just gonna make him slam the door in your face this time. He'll open it, and then slam it in your face just for your cheek.

"Not a part of the missionaries, bub. We were referred here looking for information."
No. 798410 ID: 4e0923
File 149334390419.png - (139.19KB , 600x500 , MNH 33.png )

Cybil: “You won’t have to, we are th—“

Eudora: “Not a part of the missionaries, bub. We were referred here looking for information.”

Carnie: “What information? You gals wanna join the circus? The one in armor could work well as a living statue. And you, Cob—could you do a disappearing act from my door?”

Carnie: “I’ve already shown my licenses to let my employees perform here—now beat it and don’t let me catch you talking to my people!”

He has this gargling accent that clicks with every few consonants. Both Eudora and Cybil can safely assume he is an insectoid. But Eudora finds it more obvious that he’s a Zephcynth. Most bugs (Zephcynth, Relicynths, and Icynths, including Arthocobs and Vzierians) generally know the language of Paligrij.

And for those wondering, everyone speaks Cepholodic by default in Port Echo—which is translated to the overly complicated ‘Angle-lash’ language for those living in a specific part of the Sol system.

[Option to Speak in Paligrijan]
a) “If you could just spare a minute to answer some questions, bug-to-bug, I’ll be out of your antennae faster.”
b) “…yes, we are runaways looking for a job here. But I see you already fulfill the position of ‘Master Clown’.”
c) “I could make your door disappear with a wave of my hand.” [Chitin Gloves] “But I’m afraid that’s what’s keeping this frail trailer together.” ([50% SUCCESS] INTIMIDATE)
d) “Forget this…” [Leave]
e) >___

Using other skills: You will still primarily talk as Eudora, but Cybil’s talents are available as well. If you’d like Victor to join, you may call him over. Each character can chime in the conversation and have their action.

Eudora [ >>797870 ]
Cybil [ >>789732 ]
Victor [ >>/questarch/780207 ]
No. 798512 ID: 0555b9

B) I see it's going to be a little back and forth between us to get what we want.
No. 798518 ID: ba506f

open with B and if that fails go for C
No. 798714 ID: dd4df2


B) Well... trying out for their show would probably give us more of a chance to speak with him and the other actors.

And you could try to literally disappear from his view with your Camouflage, couldn't you? Not super high odds, but hey, if you fail, that'll just give him some schadenfreude - he seems the type - and then he might be in a better mood for you to sell some of your other talents.
No. 799056 ID: 7058f1
File 149360927888.png - (235.45KB , 600x500 , MNH 34.png )

You respond with little sarcasm—but perhaps you could put your foot in the door and propose an audition in order to earn your interview with the carnies.

Eudora: “Yeah… we’re runaways looking for a job, but I see you already fill the position of ‘Master Clown’.”

Carnie: “Yeh yeh, very funny… although, I am the owner of this establishment. You're not far off, insect.”

Cybil: “All we’re here for is to ask a couple questions, nothing personal, no records or identifications. No one is under arrest. We won’t waste too much time.”

The Zephcynth creaks open the door, assuming-ly making his decision.

Carnie: “…Alright fine. But you would have to wait until after the show. The festival is officially closed before dark—and you can spend a few minutes as long as I supervise.”
No. 799059 ID: 7058f1
File 149360952238.png - (246.85KB , 600x500 , MNH 35.png )

You don’t have all day. Time is of the essence and it’s a matter of time until that buoy disappears forever.

>Trying out for their show
Eudora: “Or howabout we make you a deal…”

Carnie: “Oh? A deal, hmm?”

Eudora: “That’s right! We’ve got some talents of our own that could ‘wow’ an entire audience. If we put on a new act and gather you a wide crowd—maybe we can set up that interview much earlier?”

Eudora: “We may not have ‘til dark for that interview.”

She seems to have captured the Zephcynth’s curiosity, “And what exactly could you bring to the table?”

a) We happen to know an excellent ESCAPE ARTIST (VICTOR) [40%] and LOCKPICK [50%]
b) We have a talented ACROBAT (VICTOR) [55%]
c) One of my friends is a proficient knife thrower. (VICTOR / CYBIL) WEAPON [45%] / [55%]
d) I could put on a little show and challenge your best man to a fight! [FIGHT]
e) I challenge your fastest runner to a race across a dangerous obstacle course! CLIMB [70%] and HIGH JUMP [60%]
f) >______

Each challenge has three parts, meaning there are three skill checks total to determine a satisfied audience, aside from the fight which could have an undetermined length.
No. 799072 ID: 3ce125

It's either D or E. D will work even if you lose! So long as it's entertaining to watch. E has a 34% chance to pass three Climb skill checks, and about a 50% chance to pass at least two. The odds are of course worse if they include jumping.

I'm leaning towards D, since like I said you just have to be entertaining. That's more likely to work, I bet.
No. 799084 ID: 70983e

E. Path! Of! Death!
No. 799090 ID: 143250

awww, how cute. Considering that she has Victor on 3 of the choices, it shows She really does see Victor as useful.

Anyway, D
No. 799101 ID: 65c910

All of this is weak! I say we show off our COCOON transformation.
No. 799108 ID: ded933


By the way, did you know that TPE is really good? Because it is! It's really really good.
No. 799169 ID: 0c7b82

E! Arthocob Ninja Warrior!
No. 799175 ID: 65c910

WAIT what if we do E)Acrobatics in our AGILITY form then transform into our DURABILITY mode for D)Fight?
No. 799180 ID: d77af3

I think it takes too long to switch forms. Also E), put that agility form to good use.
No. 799182 ID: 91ee5f

No. 800916 ID: 7058f1
File 149444388657.png - (201.05KB , 600x500 , MNH 36.png )

Eudora: “I challenge your best runner to a race across whatever dangerous obstacle course you have!”

The Carnie ponders over the idea, “Hmm, an obstacle course. Yes…”

Carnie: “We haven’t had one of those since—well—let’s say the audience had quite an exclusive night involving an Atching and a pendulum. Hehe…”

Carnie: “Yes… I like the sound of that. Ya know what? You have a deal. And if you suck at this, at least make it look part of the show and entertain the spectators.”

Carnie: “Gussy up and be ready within the hour. Not a second late!”
No. 800917 ID: 7058f1
File 149444397583.png - (236.45KB , 600x500 , MNH 37.png )

Amazing how fast a three-part obstacle course can be set up in such a short timeframe. The bleachers are fairly packed with festival-goers to know that such an event like this was rare. Cybil and Victor seat themselves and look towards the starting line as the owner finally makes his announcement.

Victor: “What’s she doing, again?”

Cybil: “Shhh, I think it’s starting…”

The Zeph pitches his introduction, “Ladies and Gentlemen! You’ve heard correctly; on a very special occasion for a very special audience we brought back an old favorite of ours!”

Carnie: “In honor of The Magnificent Anjolgo Phar the Atching! We reintroduce… the Legbreaker Course! Still a working title…”

Carnie: “Here’s what our heroines have to face!”

Carnie: “Our contestants must quickly traverse a series of stepping pillars. But be careful! One misstep and you could fall into the sandpit from one of our surprise obstacles!”

Carnie: “Next is the strenuous rock wall! Careful not to grab the wrong stone! I don’t think they’re sturdy enough to hold much weight 100ft high!”

Carnie: “And for the finale is the rope swing into flaming hoops! The first to land on the target is declared the winner!”
No. 800918 ID: 7058f1
File 149444405186.png - (216.98KB , 600x500 , MNH 38.png )

Carnie: “Our runner is a warrior shrouded in mystery; a creature deadly with whatever she can grab! A warrior-with-no-name! But a warrior with many titles! The Fencer of Sarcothus, the Dagonpor Hunter, the Champion of Fellbaa’s Horizon! Any of these could be true!”

Carnie: “And finally we have our challenger; An Arthocob orphan, straight out of the Temple of Bhothogoshol, Ichgneu. Not representing the Temple of Ndepthteph ‘cause they can go and ‘suck dirt’. (Her words, not mine…) Introducing the—uh…”

Carnie: “Hold on... some weird dog–thing spelt this title funny.”

>Give a magnificent name for Eudora.
No. 800922 ID: 2a7417

Eudora the Bull. Eudorabull!
No. 800954 ID: 981e77

No. 800957 ID: 3ce125

The Mean Green Limabean!
No. 800960 ID: 70983e

The Explora.
No. 800963 ID: 34b636

Eudora the Explorer.

Grouchy The Mean Green Limabean!

I'm sorry here's an actual suggestion:
Green Lotus
No. 801108 ID: 7058f1
File 149452463018.png - (301.03KB , 1000x831 , EUD A.png )

Redesigned sheets! Eudora’s talents include Climb, High Jump, Spit, Martial Arts, Acrobatics, Intimidate and a free slot. The free slot changes depending on her current form. In her normal state, she has Heal.

She has Knowledge in Religion and Nature, she can identify certain deities other than her own and has a chance to identify plants, animals, and the like outside of her planet.

Newest description for Eudora’s Endurance Shift Ability Mod:
• Her AGILITY shift adds +10% to Climb, High Jump, Spit, and Acrobatics. But depletes 5HP from total health. Her free slot is replaced with Camouflage.

• Her DURABILITY shift instead removes 5% to Climb, High Jump, and Acrobatics. But adds +5AR to total armor and +10% to Intimidate. Her free slot is replaced with Throw.

Any questions can be discussed here: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/106192.html
No. 801109 ID: 7058f1
File 149452507888.png - (140.45KB , 600x500 , MNH 39.png )

Carnie: “Here we go…

Carnie: “Introducing the Green Lotus Grasshopper! Eudora!”

Eudora: “Eh… s’alright name I guess.

It was time for the contenders to start at the line. Round one shouldn’t be too hard; Eudora has quite a stride when hopping from one platform to another. The horn sounded off and they were traversing the obstacles at a neck-and-neck pace.

Her rival seemed to have some trouble jumping from pillar to pillar, but did her best to keep steady and hop when she was absolutely sure she'd stick a landing. Still, the warrior wasn’t hurrying herself.

But perhaps it wasn’t the rival’s lack in jumping skills that slowed the competition. Eudora had to really stride and be cautious where she’d land ([90]/[55] HIGH JUMP). The pillars were cracked and unstable and one managed to tumble beneath her.

They are currently tied.
No. 801110 ID: 7058f1
File 149452515468.png - (170.25KB , 600x500 , MNH 40.png )

Eudora has reached the half-way point. The rock climb was just a few more hops away. Perhaps her natural climbing skills could help her in the lead—

—Crap! It’s an incoming pendulum!!! In that split moment, you could see it looks wooden and beaten up from years of use… but if this thing hits her, it could really leave the grasshopper behind.

a) Maneuver around it using ACROBATICS ([60%])
b) Hop over it with a HIGH JUMP ([55%])
c) Punch through it with your CHITIN GLOVES, ([OBJECT DEF 10])

Attacking a defensive opponent or weak object determines your STR+1d20 vs. their DEF+1d20. However, the object isn’t alive and can’t brace for impact or parry. Thus its default DEF is 10 with no d20 roll.

Eudora’s current STR is 2

No. 801124 ID: 3ce125

10+1d20 gives it a 40% chance to be completely impossible to beat with a 2+1d20 roll. So that option is a bad idea.

Let's go with ACROBATICS.
No. 801126 ID: 7058f1

The pendulum gets no roll since it's an inanimate object. It can't really 'defend itself' or 'brace for impact'. So Eudora would have to beat 10 with 2 + 1d20
No. 801127 ID: dd4df2


There might be a risky showboating/speedrunning option, too.

High Jump (55%) onto the top of the swinging obstacle, changing its trajectory towards the rock climbing wall with your landing, while still being carried by its sideways momentum.

Then Acrobatically (60%) leap off it onto or close to the wall when the pendulum is at the end of its swing. Might give you a bit of a boost speed or height-wise.
No. 801140 ID: 3ce125

Oh, no d20 roll. In that case it's a 60% chance at success, we just have to get 10 or higher. Or 55% if we need an 11.

Hmm. I say go for it. Smash that shit.
No. 801168 ID: 70983e

Hop over it! Maybe you can swing from the rope to gain pole position.
No. 801312 ID: c16cee
File 149461124629.png - (167.10KB , 600x500 , MNH 41.png )

Eudora aint gonna take any of that shit.

She takes aim to punch the pendulum into splinters. She balls her fists and goes for a strike, but her weaker physique wasn’t enough to break the wooden trap ([STR + 5 = 7] < [DEF 10]). She is knocked back and staggers to stay on a rocky pillar.

Carnie: “Oooh! That smarts! I don’t know what that was about! But it’s damn entertaining to watch! Isn’t that right, folks?”

Carnie: “All bets are final, remember!”

Her opponent slinked and made some fancy acrobatics around the pendulum, easing her way in the lead. The warrior reached the bottom of the climb.
No. 801313 ID: c16cee
File 149461132895.png - (183.41KB , 600x500 , MNH 42.png )

Eudora followed not long after, only a few seconds off as the ninja begins her climb.

She could take her time to hike up the wall; there’s still a chance for her opponent to lose her grip. Although, the Arthocob could attempt to jump and cover most of the wall. This option is risky and would need a hard success (half the success rate) to take the lead.

a) Traverse the vertical terrain using CLIMB ([70%])
b) Cover most of the climb with a HIGH JUMP (HARD SUCCESS) ([27%])
c) >___

Her opponent is in the lead by a small margin.
No. 801346 ID: 3ce125

Assuming our opponent has 70% skill, our chances of getting ahead by Climbing are 21%. If he's got 60% skill it's 28% to get ahead.

Let's Climb. I kindof wish there was an option to try a smaller jump to just close the distance a bit instead of trying to jump PAST the ninja.
No. 801427 ID: 91ee5f

No. 802347 ID: 4ea872

If you weren't slightly falling behind, I would go for the Jump. Right now, I think you should climb normally, and see if you get a better opportunity get to them and then pass them.
No. 802562 ID: 5babad
File 149504835370.png - (174.80KB , 600x500 , MNH 43.png )

Agreed, no time to show off or risk an accident this time around. With a brisk pace, scaling across this wall felt quite natural to the insect. It was as if gravity wasn’t a factor ([31]/[70] CLIMB).

Carnie: “Look at her go! Climbing is what these bugs were made for. She looks to be catching up now!”

The Fencer showed no struggle to traverse her path.
No. 802563 ID: 5babad
File 149504846749.png - (177.73KB , 600x500 , MNH 44.png )

By the time Eudora heaved herself on the top of the climb; her opponent was readying to grab a rope. Cameras are flashing and the crowd seems to root for the Fencer, except Cybil and Victor of course.

The last challenge was to swing down a rope and jump through the rings of fire. The target can be seen from the top beyond the two hoops. There’s quite a drop, but Arthocobs usually don’t have a sense of vertigo.

a) Use ACROBATICS ([60%])
b) Use HIGH JUMP ([55%])
c) Maneuver with your AGILITY STAT ([AGL + 1d20 > DC 15])
d) >___

Eudora’s current AGL is 5 ( >>801108 )
Her opponent is still in the lead by a small distance.
No. 802625 ID: 70983e

Use HIGH JUMP. Geronimooooo!
No. 802634 ID: 52dcdd

Gotta go fast, ropes too slow. Jump!
No. 802872 ID: dca68e
File 149517825821.png - (186.27KB , 600x500 , MNH 45.png )

Y’suppose you only have one chance at this. If you succeed (and your opponent doesn’t mess up) you may still be in 2nd place. If you fail, still in last. Nothing much to lose at this point.

The Fencer tightens her grip to swing first before Eudora would even have a moment to stand on her feet. The masked warrior hurried to jump and dip down with the rope. She misjudges and bunts her hip into the flaming hoop—and falls to the safety mats. Her costume suffered little burns.

Carnie: “Yikes, that’s a shame! And she was doing so well! Guess it was stage fright, ladies and gents.”

>High Jump
Carnie: “What’s this? Is Eudora attempting to skip the rope and jump straight for the target?!”

Carnie: “This could be an amazing, death–defying act, or an addition to the circus’ funniest bloopers!”

You decide to Hell with the rope and jump from the ledge, with your light body and strong legs, the Arthocob springs far and somersaults herself through both of the flaming hoops ([04]/[55] HIGH JUMP).
No. 802873 ID: dca68e
File 149517842288.png - (197.09KB , 600x500 , MNH 46.png )

Ta-da! Eudora lands into the target feet-first and the crowd cheers. The Warrior hobbles behind, only staying on the outer ring. Cybil and Victor join not long after to congratulate her.

“And the winner is the Green Lotus!” yells the Carnie as he runs to the stage, “A terrific recovery from the first obstacle!”

The Carnie hunches to speak to her privately, “Hey, that was somethin’, kid. You didn't make me rich since I didn't bet on you. But eh, you got the crowd roaring.”

Eudora: “Sounds like I earned that interview.”

Carnie: “Yeah, yeh, I’ll round my employees up after the show. Don’t worry your antennae off. You made me a lot of money for this, ya know.”

Carnie: “Meet us outside our trailers in twenty minutes, alright? Right... And not a minute late.”

You unlocked an achievement! Eudora earns 100XP for completing the challenge! Current experiences are: Cybil 600XP — Victor 600XP — Eudora 600XP
No. 802876 ID: dca68e
File 149517857991.png - (221.42KB , 600x500 , MNH 47.png )

You meet around back with Victor and Cybil—it’s now the afternoon and the sun is still reaching the highest point in the sky. The Zephcynth has gathered his crew and they sit or stand waiting for the team to arrive.

Just as before, there was the Huntoon, the Teerzo and her alien falcon playing with some wooden alphabet blocks, and the mysterious Fencer.

“Okay kid, deal’s a deal. You have ten minutes,” The boss says to Eudora, “We are at an intermission so don’t hold us up too long.”

You can ask any question to the performers, personal or investigative. To an individual or to an entire group. You can roleplay as any of the heroes and use any of their skills.

Eudora [>>801108] • Cybil [>>/questdis/111662] • Victor [>>/questdis/111663]

a) Investigation, anything suspicious; >___
b) Themselves; >___
c) Other; >___
d) >___
No. 803394 ID: de5184

First of all, Give the Fencer a respectful handshake.

And yes, I think we should go for our original approach and talk to the Huntoon, starting with his name, and then asking if he saw anything suspicious.
No. 803397 ID: de5184

just in case, the suggestion is mainly for Eudora.
No. 804129 ID: 70983e

A) Anything suspicious,
C) That robot chicken.
No. 804421 ID: 141ff4
File 149574899848.png - (244.54KB , 600x500 , MNH 48.png )

>Give the Fencer a handshake
Good sportsmanship where it’s due, Eudora never had the chance to give props to the mysterious stranger. She reaches a hand out.

Eudora: “Hey, it was a close one, but that was a good and fair race. You’re quite an agile character. What’s your name?”

The Fencer stares—judging by its slight tilt of the head—at the Arthocob’s outstretched hand. There’s an awkward pause. Her body language is static, but there’s no scoff or indication of disrespect. She simply stares.

The Teerzo speaks up, “She’s quite the weird one, and I don’t even know if she knows what a handshake is.” The animal trainer turns to the warrior, “Take her hand and shake. It’s a universal sign.”

The Fencer follows through, shaking with the wrong hand.
No. 804423 ID: 141ff4
File 149574906675.png - (165.77KB , 600x500 , MNH 49.png )

>Resume talking to the Huntoon
Eudora stood in the center of all three performers. The alien bird is using its wooden block to knock against the floor or another cube, clok klok plock.

Eudora: “Alright, we’ve got ten minutes. My name is Eudora and I’m from a division of the PEPD. These are my friends Victor and Cybil. What’re the rest of your names?”

“Maliik,” the Huntoon glorped, to describe his accent, “and the Teerzo is Sungken. We just call the third one ‘Fencer’.”

Sungken: “She doesn’t talk. Ever. We just call her whatever we want. Fencer eventually stuck. But hey, she became a really good addition to our circus.”

Sungken: “My companion here is named Yaryk.”

Eudora faces Maliik, “You look like a reasonable candidate to notice anything out of the ordinary. We’ve had information of suspicious activities before the festival—around the time when you were setting up the circus. Anything you can share with us?”

Maliik: “I was too busy setting up the interior of the tents. Not many roustabouts were here in the morning, so the performers had to pitch in as well.”
No. 804424 ID: 141ff4
File 149574914121.png - (215.83KB , 600x500 , MNH 50.png )

>That robot chicken
Plok klok blok, the bird continues to play.

Sungken: “Yaryk and I were outside; he needed to spread his wings after a long journey here in our trailer. The gravity here is slightly different and I wanted him to adjust.”

Eudora: “You bonded with a robotic chicken?”

Sungken: “He’s not a chicken! He’s a Tar–kite!”

Yaryk keeps the block in his mouth and nudges into Sungken’s thigh—like how dogs want a ball to be thrown, but never let go of the ball anyway.

Sungken: “Yaryk, go play with a different letter. You’ve been bothering me with that all day…”

No. 804528 ID: 6d30b2

Odd hunch, but
What letter is he presenting with the block?
How smart are Tar-kites?
No. 804540 ID: 91ee5f

Well, since they were outside, then ask her if she saw anything suspicious.

How intelligent is her Tar–kite? Because that doesn't look like a toy and I think he's trying to show her what he found. Did he wander off when she wasn't looking and pick that up off the ground? If it's not one of his toys, ask if we could take a look at it. It might be something important that Moss' guys could've dropped by accident. That's a big if though, but you never know, it might actually be a clue in the investigation.
No. 805426 ID: 22ff99
File 149633549162.png - (166.32KB , 600x500 , MNH 51.png )

>Ask about the Tar–kite (intelligence)
Eudora: “I’m guessing these guys are pretty trainable, huh?”

Sungken: “Yes, but not so easily like traditional pets. Yaryk and I met during a rite-of-passage—and our companionship is strengthened by a spirit.”

Sungken: “Teerzos bond with any animal that fate desires, and make them their life-long companion. I’ve known Yaryk for almost my entire life.”

Blok blop!

Sungken: “Tar-kites are smarter than your average bird here. They can differentiate letters and numbers, sometimes able to spell—and pick up an excess of commands given time and right trainer.”

>What letter is he presenting with the block?
Eudora: “What’s on that block? Did he find it on the ground?”

Sungken: “Yaryk, give it—”

The Teerzo struggles to pry the block away to hand to Eudora, “it’s the same letter ‘D’ that he’s been playing with all morning. I have a bunch of other toys for him to practice and learn, but he’s been ignoring them. I find it unusual.”

Eudora: “Have you seen anything out-of-the-ordinary while he was stretching his wings?”

Sungken: “I was only keeping an eye where he was flying. Enough was enough when he began pestering seagulls and workers by the docks.”

No. 805432 ID: 3ce125

It's the buoy letter. The one the ship was heading towards was C03. So I think we're looking for buoy D-something.

Ask if they have any number blocks. Maybe the little guy can spell out the entire buoy designation for us?
No. 805435 ID: 91ee5f

Maybe the bird saw something? Ask if the bird is trying to tell her something and is trying to spell something out?

Although that's true, let's not jump to conclusions. It could be something else involving a "D".
No. 805520 ID: e1e31d
File 149636842528.png - (232.57KB , 600x500 , MNH 52.png )

>Possible buoy clue/spelling it out
It could be a clue to the buoy’s serial number. Cybil has learned from the dock workers that it may hold a ‘2’ as well, and close to Buoy C03. But of course, it may be a stretch for what this bird really knows.

Eudora: “Where are Yaryk’s other blocks?”

Sungken: “My trailer, why?”

Eudora: “Mind if we let your pet play with them for a while? It’s possible he knows something important.”

Maliik: “Heh…”

Sungken: “What, Maliik?”

Maliik: “…Nothin’.”

Sungken: "Well I suppose it does sound strange but... if you think it's a lead I don't think it would hurt. He is a smart kite."
No. 805522 ID: e1e31d
File 149636850864.png - (247.57KB , 600x500 , MNH 53.png )

Everyone heads to the Teerzo’s trailer; the Zephcynth Ringleader was behind them—starting to grow impatient.

Carnie: “Your ten minutes are up; I want this over with and have my employees back to work!”

Cybil: “We’re working on it, sir. This won’t take long at all.”

Victor and Cybil notice Sungken hesitate for a moment before she opened her door, but seems to shrug a thought off before everyone stepped inside ([42]/[65]) & ([15]/[20] AWARENESS) .

Victor: “Is there something on your mind?”

Sungken: “Oh! Eh, no. I guess I forgot to lock the door when I left earlier. Not that there’s anything of value in here anyway. Please, come in!”

Sungken: “The chest of toys should be right there. Hold for one second while I retrieve the other blocks.”

The trainer rummages through the aforementioned chest. The Carnie urges her to wrap this investigation up.

Sungken: “I’m sorry, Boss, but… I can’t seem to find them.”

Eudora: “Whatya mean?”

Sungken: “What I mean is the rest of the blocks disappeared! I’m positive I never leave them out. All of Yaryk’s toys are placed back in the chest before we go outside. But it seems that I may have misplaced them.”

No. 805631 ID: 3ce125

Okay, check the door for signs of forced entry. Someone broke in here and stole the blocks, we need to know if it was because they had the key or if they used a crowbar... or they picked the lock. Is it pickable?
No. 805636 ID: 91ee5f

Since those are the bird's toys, I'm sure if we asked him to go find them, he'd be able to find them.

But, if someone stole them, then whoever did likely knows of this bird's intelligence and doesn't want it to spell anything out.
No. 805759 ID: 90abad

your bird wouldn't hide them around this place in order for you to search them, as a way to play with you, right? Or otherwise, could it have been one of the other performers making a jest to you?

Also, how common are these Tar–kite? It could be useful to know How much people would know about these birds' intelligence.

Anyway, this could be a lead, or a waste of time. It could be useful to know how many of those blocks are and where should we leave them if we find them.

Perhaps, only perhaps, we can writte letters on different pieces of paper and let Yaryk make words or whatever with them, let's see if he is actually trying to communicate, or he was in fact, only worried for its blocks.
No. 805961 ID: 598946
File 149663537143.png - (229.12KB , 600x500 , MNH 54.png )

It’s possible someone doesn’t want this bird to spell anything out.

>Check for signs of forced entry/lockpicking
Victor checks for signs of any illegal entry at all. The door (and frame itself) is beaten and old, practically something you would scrap by now. Nothing is severely broken or bent… except for a couple new scratches on the strike plate and the keyhole itself. Someone may have used a knife to unlock the deadbolt ([56]/[65] AWARENESS). The veneer on the metal latch is chipped off. He assumes this wasn't done by a common locksmith.

>How common are Tar-kites? / playful intelligence
As she could figure out from the local wildlife of the moon they live on, Tar-kites seem to be off-worldly creatures. No doubt from the same planet where Teerzos originate from. ([35]/[40] KNOW(NATURE)). Eudora, however, would think nothing more than compare these kites to a parrot.

Eudora: “Is Yaryk known to play pranks?”

Sungken: “No, not as far as I kno—”

Carnie: “Listen, I’d hate to break the interview, but we must get going! We have a busy day, and we have to pack everything up by midnight.”

Carnie was impatient and held the door open, “We’re glad to help and we hope you solve that case. Now everyone out and back to work! We have a show in 20! Move move!”

No. 805973 ID: 3ce125

A knife, huh? Could've been anyone, but there IS someone with knife skills in here.
Tell Carnie that someone quite recently broke in here, and point out the scratches on the door. Does he still want you to get lost? Or would he like you to find the person who stole from one of his employees?
No. 806213 ID: 96ebdd
File 149672379858.png - (141.46KB , 600x500 , MNH 55.png )

Victor: “Looks like someone may have broken in here. We could find out if that ‘someone’ may have stolen those blocks.”

Sungken: “What?! Why would anyone—!”

Victor: "Well, lookit here! There are scratches where a knife may have been used to unlock—"

Carnie: “Who cares?! They can keep em’! They’re just a stack of blocks; she can buy more after work!”

Carnie: “Now, everybody OUT! Before I call the real cops to escort you!”

a. (CYBIL) PERSUADE [45%] to stay; “___”
b. Leave and continue your investigation
c. Leave and wait to snoop around the trailers.
d. >___
No. 806214 ID: be0718

C. Suspiiiiiciouuuuuuuusss.
No. 806218 ID: 3ce125

B, we probably know the buoy number now. Let's investigate that before we chase after what may be a red herring.
No. 806220 ID: 7d88bd

"We are the cops! And I find it very suspicious that you're as determined as you are to get us to leave. Even if this theft is unrelated to our case your helpfulness could at the very least be seen as an obstruction of justice.
So either you let us do our job or WE call the cops and cordon of the area while a full police investigation is launched in relation to this break in.
And yes we do have that power."
No. 806224 ID: 143250

No. 806227 ID: 91ee5f

Don't forget to mention that while the police have everything cordoned off, he'll be losing business!
No. 809737 ID: 363fbd
File 149815248713.png - (303.22KB , 600x500 , MNH 56.png )

>persuade to find the culprit
Cybil: “We are the real cops! Listen, don’t you think it would be best to let us do our job without all the paperwork or having to cordon off your circus? I would hate to cause you to lose any business ([99]/[45]).”

Carnie: “And now you threaten to close my circus down! Out! Out! All of you! And don’t talk to my employees again! You hear?”

Our heroes exit the trailer and the Teerzo makes sure to lock it this time. She apologizes to the gang as they split their ways.

Victor: “Should we… snoop around and figure out who stole those blocks?”

Cybil: “Nah, we have enough information to search for the buoy ourselves. If we hunt for the blocks it may just be a red herring. We can’t let any time waste on our main objective.”
No. 809738 ID: 363fbd
File 149815253489.png - (299.03KB , 600x500 , MNH 57.png )

You chose to continue the investigation! All clues in the fair have been discovered! The next step is to retrieve the buoy. Your clues are as follows:
a) Each buoy has a serial number, judging by the dock workers and the bird’s alphabet blocks it’s serial could have a ‘D’ and a ‘2’.
b) The back of a nightclub flyer (left by Moss’ men) marks the names of some buoys, but an untitled one is circled in red. The dock workers claim they were on their way to C03 when they ran into the loose marker. It is also a map to check at any time.

You unlocked the achievement: GOOD TALKS for talking to the right people and discovering all clues to help you on the investigation! All members earn 200XP for completing the task!
Current points are:
Cybil: 800 XPVictor: 800 XPEudora: 800 XP
No. 809739 ID: 363fbd
File 149815263432.gif - (491.58KB , 667x500 , EP1SELECT2.gif )

You are free to choose a different character [>>/questdis/111662, >>/questdis/111663, >>/questdis/111460]. Eudora retains her Agility Form. You will be investigating the fishery and docking station next. There are two achievements in the next area.

:inthemanual: All There In The Manual (50XP) — Find the manual to drive a Seacrane (+10% to Opr. Hvy Machinery when using the designated machine)
:bababuoy: Baba Buoy (100XP) — Find the correct buoy on the first try
No. 809772 ID: 67856c

Ya know a part of me wants to call the cops down on that cunt just out of spite.
Can we do that? Mother fucker needs to learn you don't get in the way of an investigation.

Either way I say we go with Cyb.
No. 809775 ID: 91ee5f

Let's go with Cybil this time.
No. 809777 ID: be0718

Let's not continue with your vindictive behavior that got us kicked out in the first place. One of our goals was to *not* leave a mess for the beat cops to clean up.

Sticking with Cybil, our go-to strategerist.
No. 811119 ID: 633c82
File 149871383141.png - (323.66KB , 1000x831 , CYB.png )

You are now playing as Cybil!

[Current Inventory]
15 Stunning Pellets: Non-lethal bullets that stun subjects on contact.
Electric Grip [only two charges]: An electrical charge that knocks out most enemies instantly.
Orbiting Drone [ >>/questarch/784725 ]: A device that can assist Cybil as a turret, and temporarily increase any of Cybil’s talents by 10% (Usable once per checkpoint).
No. 811120 ID: 633c82
File 149871394228.png - (256.45KB , 600x500 , MNH 58.png )

Eudora: “I still think we should’ve done something like call the cops on his ass. He doesn’t have a right to get in our way.”

Cybil: “We would’ve been a laughing stock to the police force to cut off the area for a few missing blocks. I will admit, I feel that someone is trying to prevent us from reaching our target.”

Victor: “There was that knife guy, maybe he was in on this and unlocked that door.”

Cybil: “Maybe… but nevertheless, someone knows our purpose here. We need to be discrete and act fast. So let us focus on that.”

The reception area is quite industrial; it’s a simple front to disguise the dull factory beyond the plastic curtains on their right. A female Krullg sits idly, looking through a magazine as a giant split-flap display is set above her. Numbers flick and turn—lights flash green and red. To the left looks like a door to a small bathroom.

a) Look at the display
b) Stand awkwardly waiting for the receptionist to notice you
c) Talk to the receptionist; >___
d) Have someone sneak past into the employee zone with COVERT (VICTOR) [60%] or (EUDORA/CYBIL) [20%]
e) >___
No. 811181 ID: be0718

This is the facility that manages the buoys, I take it?

Check out the blinking lights!
No. 813532 ID: a0af57
File 149940537169.png - (309.97KB , 600x500 , MNH 59.png )

>Check out the blinking lights!
Oh boy, lots of serial numbers. You can find C03 and couple numbers adjacent to it emit a yellow light. Perhaps it’s to remind workers to be cautious working in that area. The entire chart is as follows:

[A01 ] [A02 ] [A05 ] [A08 ] [A13 ] [A21 ] [A35 ]
[B03 ] [B06 ] [B12 ] [B14 ] [B15 ] [B17 ] [B31 ]
[C01 ] [C02 ] [C03 ] [C08 ] [C11 ] [C12 ] [C21 ]
[D02 ] [D09 ] [D11 ] [D12 ] [D22 ] [D35 ] [D40 ]
No. 813534 ID: a0af57
File 149940547037.png - (190.40KB , 600x500 , MNH 60.png )

Receptionist: “Oh, hello! Sorry I didn’t see you there. I must’ve not heard you come in. Can I help you guys with anything?”

No. 813582 ID: 67856c

The numbers Mason!
I mean
The blinking lights, what do they mean?
No. 813615 ID: 91ee5f

Do you know what the different colored lights on the board are supposed to mean?
No. 814730 ID: df62b9
File 149974563817.png - (220.32KB , 600x500 , MNH 61.png )

>blinking lights
Cybil: “The blinking lights, what do they mean?”

Receptionist: “Uh, ‘mam?”

Cybil: “The display above you, what do the lights represent?”

Receptionist: “Oh, well… uh—”

The Krullg lady seems to feel strange to find three random people staring at the split-flap display. Not like they stated their business other than to look at the pretty lights and shifting numbers. She slinks her magazine into a drawer to give her full attention.

Receptionist: “It’s for the buoys outside. Sometimes the nets get full and, uh, that’s when we extract them, indicated by the red light.”

Receptionist: “There has been a ruckus over by some area; it’s been sectioned off until further notice. Indicated yellow.”

Receptionist: “I hope that answers… everything?”

a.) [INTRODUCE] “Oh right, we’re here on an investigation…”; >___
b.) [LIE] “We’ve been called over to take care of the problem, in fact!”; >___
c.) [INQUIRE] “Say, what were you just reading?”; >___
d.) [ASK] “We’re looking for a certain buoy, can we go in the back?”
e.) >___
No. 814799 ID: b27cac

a) Introduce. You're investigating some collisions. Fishing vessel hit a buoy while headed for C3. You've noticed there's a lot of yellow in that area. Is that this ruckus? Can you tell us about it?
No. 814805 ID: 91ee5f

Putting together the 2 we got from the crashed workers and the D we got from the circus bird, it seems like there's only 2 buoys that match the clues we got: D12 and D22.

A.) Introduce yourselves and explain that some workers were on there way to C3 when another buoy came out of nowhere and ran into them. They said it happened around waning dawn and they believe they saw a 2 in the serial number of the buoy that hit them. They also mentioned that buoy wasn't supposed to be there.

Don't mention the D that we got from the bird.

E.) Ask the Receptionist if she has a map of where the buoys are supposed to be.

If she does, then compare that map with the map you found that was left by Moss’ men. Hopefully, they'll match up and we can see which buoy is the red circled one!

Aw, damnit, I just realized something! We should've asked those workers that crashed where they were coming from! Then we could've looked between where they were coming from and where they were going (C03), to see what buoys are in between those locations to narrow down which buoy hit them!
No. 815023 ID: 867a23
File 149983655804.png - (251.67KB , 600x500 , MNH 62.png )

>introduce selves
Cybil shows her badge to the lady, “I’m Officer Cybil and these are my colleagues Eudora and Victor. We’re here on an investigation regarding some collisions. We would like to scout the area as soon as we can.”

Cybil: “A fishing vessel hit a buoy earlier on their way to C03, it seems to be a good lead to find it. We can round it down to a few markers and it shouldn’t take long.”

Receptionist: “O-oh! Yes I’ve heard there was a marker that didn’t belong. I... don’t see what the police have to do with it but, if there’s something that serious going on…”

Receptionist: “I’ll let the manager know you’re here, then?”

>inquire maps
Cybil: “Is there a map of the area we can browse with?”

Receptionist: “I believe so; I’ll need to look around back. I could give ya a tour on the way there if you’d like—while we wait for my supervisor?”

a) [TOUR] “Sure, I’d like to know how this place operates!”; >___
b) [TOUR] Leave someone at the desk; >___
c) [DECLINE] “We can wait.”; >___
d) [DECLINE] Search the reception area once she leaves; >___
e) >___
No. 815059 ID: 2ae7d5

B) leave Victor.
No. 815122 ID: 143250

No. 816129 ID: 4494fd
File 150018282767.png - (380.57KB , 600x500 , MNH 63.png )

>take the tour and leave Victor at the desk
You decide just that! Victor salutes and hangs by the desk as you and Eudora go on a fun tour without him.

Receptionist: “Right! Here is where it all happens! You can see to your immediate left a dock full of seacranes we use to collect the nets. Each buoy has a net linked to it, and can only be pulled by a seacrane.”

Receptionist: “Each crane is occupied by one or two boats to collect and return. The cranes are sent here for maintenance.”

The lady goes on and on; there are neat facts and numbers she brings up about how much fish is collected in one day, etc. Nothing important. Eudora seems bored already and sort of drags a bit behind.

a) [QUESTIONS?]; >___
b) Have Eudora [SNEAK OFF] COVERT ([20%]); >___
c) >___
No. 816130 ID: 4494fd
File 150018286827.png - (218.44KB , 600x500 , MNH 64.png )

Meanwhile, Victor stands idly. No one else is in the room, nor does it sound like anyone is near.

Victor’s Actions
f) >___
No. 816131 ID: b27cac

Try and sneak off Eudora. We can always justify it as her getting bored.

Victor, search!
No. 816196 ID: 67856c

Cyb ask question, many many questions as distraction while Eudora hangs back.
Questions like:
why do the cranes look that way?
how many cranes are there?
how many people are part of this whole process?
how many work here?
what is a regular haul?
do things other then fish get caught?
what do you do with those things?
whats the largest thing ever caught?
whats the weirdest thing ever caught?
whats the history of this place?

The receptionist has already left Vic, you can stop posing sexily. You'll get to try seduce the next one.
For now lets take a look around.
No. 816315 ID: 5e55d1

Oh my god Vic you're such a cutie!

You should check out that computer, try and take a copy of the logs for cranes or buoys or something.
No. 816372 ID: 143250

Search area. They left you here for a reason.
No. 816808 ID: ccad68
File 150044024583.png - (268.20KB , 600x500 , MNH 65.png )

>Victor, stop posing sexily and take a look around!
Sorry, unexpected sexiness; he never liked the inherited feminine features from his father! He supposes the first place to look would be the desk drawers if he were to ransack anything. Although there are many logs and details of visitors, there’s an owner’s manual tucked in the back, seemingly hidden underneath the tattered papers of boring receipts ([23]/[65] AWARENESS). It looked to be shoved under there in a hurry.

You unlocked the achievement: ALL THERE IN THE MANUAL for finding instructions for anyone who drives the crane. Their Opr. Hvy. Machinery skill for the particular vehicle increases by 10% as long as they have the damn manual.
Current points are: Cybil: 800 XPVictor: 850 XPEudora: 800 XP

>Check the computer/take a copy of the logs
The computer is password protected, and he doesn’t hold a device to hack into it. Cybil would have the skill and know-how to breach the code. Although he could try and guess…

a) [GUESS] the password; >___
b) [USE] his incredible HACKING ([01%]) skillz
c) >___
No. 816809 ID: ccad68
File 150044044207.png - (243.02KB , 600x500 , MNH 66.png )

>Sneak off Eudora, distract the tour guide
Cybil knew sooner or later Eudora would hang back and wait for an opportune moment to break away. Maybe she can make an excuse to look for a bathroom.

Although Cybil had a general interest to know more about how this factory works, she asks up a storm to keep the receptionist distracted.

Poor Krullg doesn’t know the answers to half those questions in a rapid succession, “Uh, I don’t… know? Six total for each— We collect cuttlefish and squids and— whoa I don’t know if I’m allowed to share THAT story uh— oh, Thirty years?”

Eventually the Arthocob managed to sneak out of sight into a nearby closet. ([18]/[20] COVERT). The receptionist may have sworn Cybil brought a friend, but was occupied with answering with the best of her ability.

d) >___
No. 816810 ID: ccad68
File 150044051234.png - (206.71KB , 600x500 , MNH 67.png )

Well, now she snuck off. What should Eudora do now? She seems to have found herself inside a supply closet of sorts. Cybil and the tour guide are moving to the Eastern wing.

e) [SEARCH] the closet
f) [EXAMINE] the Seacranes
g) [EXAMINE] the accompanying boats
h) [EXPLORE] the factory’s Western wing
i) >___
No. 816825 ID: 90f3c0

C) Check boring piles of papers to see is anyone has left a note with the password written on it.

E) Search closet. What are all those keys for? They might be useful when sneaking around the place.
No. 816826 ID: be0718

Shoot, basically these.

Cybil, you're doing well. Don't let the tour end too soon.
No. 816845 ID: 143250

is this a decent hiding place for Eudora to use her cocoon to transform and disguise herself... how long does take for her to do that?

well, lets do that later. for now, basically, this: >>816825
No. 817471 ID: 8c3a10
File 150070126326.png - (240.88KB , 600x500 , MNH 68.png )

>Transform and disguise?
It takes a while, roughly thirty minutes to an hour, to transform your body. Although any chance that a Krullg or dock worker would walk in is slim. You can’t disguise yourself as another species.

>Check the keys
They’re labeled and numbered. From the shapes you can guess the room keys read STORAGE, OFFICES, and office numbers—along with some copies. The rest have a flotation device—assuming they’re for the boats and cranes. It’s a matter of matching the labels to the names of the vehicles. There's OL' SKIPPY, SOGGY BOTTOM, and LILY PAD.

b) [EXAMINE] the boats and cranes
c) [EXPLORE] the Western wing
d) [REJOIN] Victor or Cybil
e) >___
No. 817472 ID: 8c3a10
File 150070134978.png - (172.92KB , 600x500 , MNH 69.png )

>Check boring papers for a password
Well here’s hoping for a password to just lie around in the open. He even attempts to neatly stack the piles of paper for a more thorough examination. Alas, nothing. At least, not every place has been checked. Patience would clearly win, as he carefully searches through a trash bin underneath the desk to find a ripped piece of paper with various numbers and symbols scribbled onto it ([53]/[65] AWARENESS). “SEABREEZE017” for Username:vvardi.

“I’m in…” he mutters to himself before entering the desktop. It’s a single-serving computer, so it’s just one giant logbook with no Internet. He passes all the boring folder titles and options.

i) [EXIT]
j) >___
No. 817473 ID: 8c3a10
File 150070142552.png - (338.79KB , 600x500 , MNH 70.png )

The two would eventually reach the storage room where most of the buoys are either held, up for repair, or ready for deployment. There were several topographical maps hung against the wall—the receptionist was digging through scrolls in a file drawer.

Receptionist: “This is a map of anchor points, but there isn’t any corresponding number to the buoys. They’re usually rotated every few days.”

She hands Cybil the map, but the techie easily scans it to keep her own digital copy.

k) [QUESTION] or [STALL]; >___
l) [REQUEST] to borrow a seacrane; >___
m) [RETURN] to the waiting room; >___
n) >___
No. 817481 ID: be0718

Hmm... Eudora, take a copy of the Storage key and explore the West Wing.

Victor, read the Incidents, Appointments and then Status logs, in that order.

Cybil, ask about borrowing a seacrane. It won't hurt to ask, anyway.
No. 818300 ID: b27cac

Oh this is a lot of things to decide at once. Tricky, hmmm.

a] Take the keys to STORAGE and the Soggy Bottom. I'm assuming the one they don't want people taking out is the one with the unappealing name.
c] Explore the west wing.
f] Victor check Appointments first. They might log transactions there.
k] Is there a log of buoy IDs to map deployments? Surely they'd want to be able to identify if one's unusually faulty.
No. 820191 ID: 57d1f1
File 150173660484.png - (228.62KB , 600x500 , MNH 71.png )

>Ask about borrowing a crane
Cybil: “Is there any way we could borrow one of your seacranes?”

Receptionist slightly laughs at the odd request, “Are you for real? To just let you borrow one? Sorry but, absolutely not! I can’t even be the one to allow permission! You would need to speak to the manager.”

Receptionist: “You could just be some random dude; are you pulling my leg?”

a) PERSUADE ([45%]) “I promise to bring it back in one piece! I don’t wanna go through all this paperwork, do you?”
b) OPR. HVY MACHINERY ([30%]) “I’ve tinkered around a few industrial vehicles in my time. As a technomancer, those water striders shouldn’t be an obstacle.”
c) “You’re right, thought I’d try asking.”
d) [RETURN] to the waiting room.
e) >___
No. 820192 ID: 57d1f1
File 150173668402.png - (274.84KB , 600x500 , MNH 72.png )

The schedule for this month doesn’t hold much other than inspections and product control. The season seems to have just begun so nothing fruitful yet. The schedule has changed for this particular day due to the Bazaar occupying the street, but nothing major.

There’s quite a log of accidents and reports this month. They descend by most recent.

Two employees reported a loose buoy during their course through DISTRICT-C. A crash resulted in a broken vessel. Maintenance will inspect storage to find possible ID of the marker. Territory of affected area is currently on hold until the unwanted marker is removed.

OL’SKIPPY is in need of great repair. Still functional, but defective and could break if not careful during operation. SOGGY BOTTOM has finally broken after lifting a heavy load onto a boat—industry will request for a replacement. Maintenance are unable to find a solution.

>[STATUS LOGS] and identify any faulty buoys
It’s a myriad of numbers, temperatures, and buoyancy of the markers just as it shows in the split-flap display. It lists all markers from A01 to D40. Usually the old buoys are just too worn out to use anymore, and are thus replaced.

D02, D12, and D22 seem to have a haul of fish in their nets. Nothing unusual sticks out for either of them. They seem to be on standby.

f) Change status to [RESUME PROCEDURE] (Green)
g) Override status to [FULL] (Red)
i) >___
No. 820193 ID: 57d1f1
File 150173675221.png - (236.72KB , 600x500 , MNH 73.png )

>Take keys and explore the West Wing
Eudora swipes both the STORAGE room key and one for the SOGGY BOTTOM. The West Wing looks more of the same as there are cranes and boats dropping off supplies of caught fish.

If she sticks around too long in a restricted area, the employees may start becoming suspicious if they don’t recognize her. Eudora may need frequent CAMOUFLAGE ([35%]) or COVERT ([20%]) checks. Eavesdropping on employees may provide a bigger risk to be seen than just sticking to the wall and heading to the storage rooms.


j) [EAVESDROP] on employees
l) >___
No. 820238 ID: 5b93d3

>Maintenance will inspect storage to find possible ID of the marker.

If we can compare the list of officially deployed markers with the list of markers not in storage, we can identify which marker is our mystery one.

>“OL’SKIPPY is in need of great repair. Still functional, but defective and could break if not careful during operation. SOGGY BOTTOM has finally broken after lifting a heavy load onto a boat—industry will request for a replacement. Maintenance are unable to find a solution.”

Check the logs for any lifts recorded as performed by 'SOGGY BOTTOM' within the last three days, those could be falsified records.
No. 820306 ID: be0718

C, H, K. Check! One of these buoys has the payload, but we don't know which.
No. 820434 ID: b35d8c

c- It's understandable they wouldn't just give you one just because you want.

e - How many sea cranes are in this port? Let's continue buying some time for the rest.

h - I don't think we will get much by messing with the buoys for now. Although I think maybe we could use "g" later if we need to get a look on the buoys.

i - It doesn't have internet, but Does it have Solitaire or minesweepper at least?

k - Focus on finding the storage room and stay hidden. If they find you, you may compromise the others.

l - Keep an eye out for any suspicious cargo too. Especially if it is being loaded into a ship.
No. 820560 ID: a62648

Is their any way for us to discreetly get information between agents cause either we need Spot to decide to inform the others of what hes found or first we need Scarab to inform the others of what shes done and then have Spot tell her that she GRABBED THE KEY TO THE BROKEN CRANE.

I) In fact Vic inform the others of what you've found, loudly over the team channel.
No. 823503 ID: 23683f
File 150303392829.png - (224.03KB , 600x500 , MNH 74.png )

>Find the storage rooms
Eudora slinks away, hugging close to the wall until inside a dusty room like before. None of the workers seemed to have noticed a stray bug wandering the place ([16]/[35] CAMOUFLAGE). Obviously, she would rummage through the drawers and boxes until something of use could be found. Which didn’t take long—a sonar to detect groups of fish underwater. She thinks it may prove useful.

This investigation was taking too long for her—perhaps it’s time to try a more direct route to their goal.

No. 823504 ID: 23683f
File 150303403370.png - (238.73KB , 600x500 , MNH 75.png )

Meanwhile, in the buoy storage space
Cybil: “Sorry, I thought I’d try asking for a seacrane… We’re in a bit of a rush here.”

Receptionist: “No, no it’s fine. I mean, it’s sort of common sense we wouldn’t hand you one, but fine.”

Receptionist: “Look, the best I could do is allow a visitor’s pass once we return to the waiting room. You can be free to look around the place, but I can only issue one card.”

Receptionist: “I don’t want my boss to think I’m giving free handouts. So you could just be the only exception.”

Receptionist: “So let’s head back; I believe you’ve got what you needed?”
No. 823506 ID: 23683f
File 150303418871.png - (189.45KB , 600x500 , MNH 76.png )

Victor [by intercom]: “Hey, Wyre. I managed to… take a peek at their computer—”

Cybil: “Well ya better get right off; we’re heading back. Is Eudora with you?”

Victor: “What? Uh—no… she hasn’t been answering my messages.”

Cybil: “Ugh, figures, that girl…”

Victor: “I’ve done some searching and we could change the status of the markers. They all seem functional and nothing is out of the ordinary. I’ve also come across which seacrane we could use. Some are in disrepair—”

Cybil: “Forget it, I asked the kind lady if we could borrow one but I guess we’ll have to wait for police to show up and close the area.”

Victor: “Can’t we just… you know. Take one?”

Cybil: “We’re gonna play by the rules, here.”

Victor: “O-okay, well, I just have another thought.”

Cybil: “Shoot.”

Victor: “Maybe we’re looking at the wrong markers. It could be possible if they used a different buoy that’s not scheduled to be used today.”

Victor: “That way, no one would notice anything’s missing.”

There’s only one decision to make before Cybil reaches the waiting room.
a) [CHANGE ANY (D02, D12, and/or D22)] status to Green
b) [CHANGE ANY (D02, D12, and/or D22)] to Red
c) Tell him to [LEAVE THEM] be
d) Try and contact Eudora
e) >___
No. 823510 ID: be0718

Unless someone can connect the dots and figure out which of these is our buoy, set them all to RED and sort 'em out later.
No. 823722 ID: 819ef2
File 150311747679.png - (168.89KB , 600x500 , MNH 77.png )

Cybil: “Set them all to red. We’ll connect those dots later.”

Victor made sure to have logged out before the Receptionist arrived. Cybil followed in after—and presented her findings. The lady is searching through her desk for a viable visitor’s pass.

Cybil: “Alright, I’ve saved the map in my data—and I have the flyer to compare drop points.”

Cybil: “Let’s find this damn thing.”
No. 823724 ID: 819ef2
File 150311761830.png - (288.68KB , 1000x831 , MNH 78.png )

Cybil: “These are the locks and anchor points where each marker is placed.”

Cybil: “They’re not labeled, because buoys are switched and rotated around every day.”

Victor: "Least we can at least try to match where the circled marker is."
No. 823741 ID: 830fb7
File 150312024168.jpg - (279.79KB , 1000x831 , map.jpg )

best match. like they are going to leave a boy they don't want police to find on a map that police can get access to so easily.
No. 823887 ID: 0b796b
File 150319962641.png - (240.14KB , 600x500 , MNH 79.png )

Victor: “Oh, hey, it’s... I-4.”

Cybil: “Well, that was... not hard. Moss’ thugs aren’t very creative.”

Victor: “Where did you find this flyer, again?”

Cybil: “It was hidden underneath the lid of a trash can. I got the tip from a homeless dude.”

Victor: “Right, so who was it left for?”

Cybil: “That we’ve yet to find out.”

Receptionist: “Excuse me, miss? I have your visitor’s pass here!”

Victor: “So, what’s going to be our plan here? Are we gonna swim to it?”

Cybil is given her Visitor’s Pass and the Operating Manual Victor found!

No. 823889 ID: be0718

Eudora could swim to it. Cybil, you wait here, plan B is C-crane. Victor, you go enact plan D. (Don't tell them, but plan D is get something D-licious at the market.)
No. 823914 ID: 5bcb58

Then what the fuck was with all that D and 2 shit?
No. 823919 ID: 3ce125

I-4 is the grid location, not the buoy label.
No. 823921 ID: 3ce125

Instead of doing nothing, Cybil should see how far she can get with her visitor's pass to go about finding Eudora, and Victor should leave and try to get a boat of some sort.
No. 823922 ID: be0718

If Eudora is found out, she can use the excuse she forgot her visitors' pass, but that'll only work if Cybil isn't using it herself. She can play mission control from the lobby.
No. 830173 ID: 11f77a
File 150525647873.png - (408.73KB , 700x450 , MNH 80.png )

>Find Eudora and tell Victor to grab a boat.
Cybil: “Alright, before Eudora ruins our welcome I’m going to —cough-— take advantage of this pass to find her.”

Cybil: "Then we can just go on our merry way."

Cybil: “Meanwhile, Vic, you should get a boat. We can meet where the seacranes are parked.”

Cybil: “Don’t get yourself into trouble.”


Cybil is now at the seacrane dock, she can move anywhere without restrictions now.

No. 830175 ID: be0718

"Eudora... you know that glass is transparent, right?"
No. 830176 ID: 91ee5f

Please tell me that isn't her trying to operate that seacrane directly behind you!
No. 830900 ID: 11f77a
File 150559328261.png - (279.95KB , 700x450 , MNH 81.png )

Uh-huh. Yep. There’s Eudora trying to start the damn thing. No telling what she’s planning—actually it’s clear she’s trying to jack the seacrane.

“And what are you planning on doing, miss?” Cybil asks… rhetorically.

No response.

Cybil: “I can see you; you know that glass is transparent, right? Your intercom better be on!”

Eudora cracks open the window, “Alright. I’ve found a solution to find that damned marker. I’m tired of walking around here; I’m going after it before someone else does and getting this dumb mission over with.”

Eudora: “And I haven’t punched a single goon in the face yet.

Cybil: “Well you’re not and get down from there before you thwart this mission with your incompetence.”

Cybil: “You don’t even know how to drive one of those.”

Eudora: “It’ll be easy to figure out! I’ve found a sonar device, too. I could see what the buoys are hiding in their nets.”

Eudora: “The only way to retrieve nets is with these cranes anyway… so… yeah. I’ll meet you there or something. No one will know it’s missing.”

No. 830904 ID: 91ee5f

Tell her that if she found a sonar, then she should've told you and Victor, instead of being silent and ignoring Victor when he was trying to call her!

And also inform her that Victor found logs that say both OL’SKIPPY and SOGGY BOTTOM are broken and need repairs, which she would already know about if she answered Victor's calls!

So if the Seacrane she's in right now is named either OL’SKIPPY or SOGGY BOTTOM, then she's not gonna be going anywhere! And you're pretty sure she doesn't have the key to start that Seacrane anyways!
No. 830905 ID: 91ee5f

>No one will know it’s missing.
And Seacranes aren't exactly quiet, everyone is gonna hear her start it up and they'll notice something that big when it's not where it's supposed to be!
No. 830907 ID: be0718

Eudora, Victor hacked the logs on this place and the crane you're trying to operate is busted. Didn't say how, but whether it's the motive systems or the crane it isn't going to help you get that buoy. Come down and we'll find some place for you to adapt into an aquatic form.
No. 830909 ID: 3ce125

Tell her she's right but you'll need to find a working one first. Also we have a manual for the seacrane.
No. 833210 ID: 11f77a
File 150657422333.png - (352.57KB , 700x450 , MNH 82.png )

Cybil: “I want to first make it clear that you cannot act alone in this!”

Cybil: “You should’ve instead told us what you’ve found. These cranes are here for maintenance, and most of them are busted anyway.”

Cybil: “Of course, you would know that if you had paid attention.”

Eudora: “…”

Cybil: “Secondly… you’re right. But if we go through with this, we’ll need to find a working seacrane—or one functional enough to get us across the water. I have a manual to help us along.”

Cybil: “Also, can’t you just… shift into some aquatic form and fetch the net?”

Eudora: “It doesn’t work like that! I can’t just think like a fish and grow gills. I can only shape into what I know. What my body knows--”

Eudora: “But if you’re not gonna hop on then I guess I’ll see you there!”

The Arthocob fiddles with the keys to start the machine.

a) REPAIR ([55%]) “I could give Soggy Bottom a looksee. Don’t want you stuck out there.”
b) OPR. HVY MACHINERY ([30(+10)%]) “I’m literally better-suited to drive this thing. But we’re gonna choose one that will do the job for us.”
c) PERSUADE ([45%]) “Surely there’s a better crane to operate. This thing is practically taped together and will cause a ruckus.”
d) INTIMIDATE ([15%]) “Disobeying can only get you to be omitted from the team, and worse—end everything Jer has worked hard for. Come on down.”
e) HACKING ([60%]) Disable the Machine
f) Let her go
g) >___

[ ] Use the Ability Mod: Orbiting Drone (Skill checks are given an additional 10% probability success rate)

Eudora will attempt an OPR HVY MACHINERY check
No. 833214 ID: 444eb4

Seeing as SOGGY BOTTOM is busted let her struggle until she gives up and gets out, then reprimand her as you go get a working crane.
If she does somehow get it started maybe we could use that as a distraction to get another crane and go get the buoys with Vic.
No. 833216 ID: be0718

A) Promote jolly co-operation within the team.
No. 833219 ID: 91ee5f

Let's REPAIR this thing!

And I want to use the Orbiting Drone so that we have a better chance of successfully repairing this thing!

If you get this thing running and she doesn't immediately crash into something on her way out, make sure you tell her to use her intercom this time, so that she can tell you and Victor which buoy the sonar tells her has the illegal stuff that Moss is trying to smuggle through here!
No. 833225 ID: 3ce125

Speaking of speaking to the other team members, maybe we should tell Blind Spot to hold off on getting that boat.
No. 837568 ID: 11f77a
File 150830886818.png - (266.57KB , 700x450 , MNH 83.png )

“Alright, wait.” Cybil conforms, “I’ll be coming with you...”

Cybil: “The machine is somewhat functional as-is, but you won’t lift anything with it. I’ll give it a quick examination.”

Eudora complies as the Gortian reaches her pod, and balances along the crane to give the machine’s cranium a once-over. With her assisting drone, Cybil uses her technomancy skills to fix the spout and hub where it lifts cargo ([45]/[65] REPAIR). A hefty load could’ve snapped the neck right off if it was left unchecked.

Cybil: “I think that should help, but for very little. If we lift something too heavy or shake the crane too much then it could break again on its own.”

Cybil: “Also… I get to drive.”

Eudora: “…fine by me.”

>Keeping all intercoms on
Victor arrives a few minutes later with a boat, “So. We ready to head out?”
No. 837569 ID: 11f77a
File 150830907232.png - (304.04KB , 700x450 , MNH 84.png )

Seacranes move… slowly. The engines emit a loud roar and fade into a putter. The controls definitely feel clunky, but Cybil figures out the reigns as Eudora flips through the manual for her ([36]/[30 (+10%)] OPR HVY MACHINERY).

The factory workers probably heard the engine start up—but they may perhaps assume maintenance is back from their break. Cybil feels a bit wrong to borrow the seacrane but it’ll be a quick journey no less.

Victor zooms ahead near the predicted site. He idles around until his team catches up. The bay isn’t rough to maneuver—and Victor reads the serial numbers of each marker he passes.

Eudora uses the sonar device to scout for anything irregular once Cybil drives the crane close.

Examine Buoy: ___
a) C03
b) C08
c) D02
d) D12
e) D22
f) D42

No. 837575 ID: 830fb7
File 150831107594.jpg - (437.75KB , 1200x997 , port echo map.jpg )

f) D42
No. 837578 ID: 91ee5f

That sounds about right.
No. 838141 ID: 11f77a
File 150846357292.png - (315.42KB , 700x450 , MNH 85.png )

Eudora helps send the fishing line down to the buoy—linking it with the net. The line reels at a moderate pace to lift the cargo. Not much fish inside, but Victor notices a section of the net tangled around a mysterious object.

Upon closer inspection it seems to be a plain, rusted box.

Victor: "Is this, uh, tackle box what we're looking for?"

No. 838142 ID: 3ce125

Probably. Let's open it and find out.
No. 838201 ID: 11f77a
File 150847779753.png - (285.05KB , 700x450 , MNH 86.png )

Stripping the wires, the box is freed and promptly opened. Everything inside is dry with three envelopes—each has a conglomeration of numbers scribbled across.

The first envelope contains a disc, a list in Cnidarian writing, and included with the list is a keycard with the Krullghn letters and numbers: LVL A27.

The second envelope contains a locker key, a radar device, and a small pager.

The final envelope holds a couple pictures: A research trailer by the shore, and A Cnidarian in a distinctive suit.

You unlocked the achievement: BABA BUOY for finding the correct marker on the first try! The whole team earns 100XP.
Current points are: Cybil: 900 XPVictor: 950 XPEudora: 900 XP

Eudora: “We can go home now, right? The sun is starting to bleach my chitin…”

No. 838211 ID: 3ce125

Paydirt! Return the seacrane and skedaddle.

We could check the vendors too though. Maybe there's something useful for sale.
No. 838212 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is all we need.

So let's go return everything, head down the piers, buy some celebratory ice cream, and then head home with the evidence.
No. 838280 ID: be0718

Well, next we have to make sure the return of the seacrane goes smoothly. Perhaps having fixed it will smooth things over?
No. 838604 ID: 11f77a
File 150864880846.png - (244.51KB , 700x450 , MNH 87.png )

>Return the seacrane
Cybil: “Seems that we founded what we needed. We can take the evidence home and figure out all the clues later.”

Cybil: “For now, I need to return this crane before anyone notices it’s missing.”

The techie revs up the machine to turn around, and for a while it was functioning—but something could be heard creaking and snapping from her sharp movements and bulky controls. After a loud clang the neck of the crane tips over and falls off. ([74]/[30 (+10%)] OPR HVY MACHINERY). The crane short circuits and powers down.

Cybil: “Oh—“

Cybil: “Uh…”

Cybil: “Shit.”

No. 838605 ID: ba506f

...hope they got insurance and/or that Jer can bail you out... speaking of which unless you're planning to just bail you should probably give him a call and see if he can do anything.
No. 838606 ID: 3ce125

You tried! Bail.
No. 838613 ID: be0718

Climb down to the boat - you just got a literal boatload of paperwork to fill out! But you found the clues you needed and that's what counts. I hope.
No. 838633 ID: ae9b99

Call Jer, ask him what to do in this situation.
No. 839231 ID: 11f77a
File 150887591365.png - (216.66KB , 700x450 , MNH 88.png )

>Bail! and call Jer about the incident
She figures it wouldn’t be wise to take the blame on this one. Any delay could thwart their investigation (and more importantly, some reputation).

Eudora: “Hey! Leave the piece of junk; it was broken anyway, right?”

Cybil: “Well, I suppose so. I don’t like leaving behind a mess (and we meant to borrow it)—”

Eudora: “The ends justify the means, right? We could be saving the mayor with what we found or something.”

The technomancer climbs down from the wreck and onto the boat. There was nothing left here but to head home. They’ll find a dock to ditch the boat for any worker who may come across later.

Cybil sets up a line to speak with Jer, “Kerchek, it’s Sibs. We found clues left by Moss’ men. But there may be some…”

Cybil: “…unwanted but minor repercussions?”

Jer: “Repercussions, hmm? I believe I understand. I’d advise to just keep to yourselves and return safely.”

Jer: “I’m sure I’ll be able to persuade the PEPD to fabricate something. Sepher will know what to do.”
No. 839236 ID: 11f77a
File 150887626639.png - (206.41KB , 700x450 , MNH 89.png )

Sepher: “So it is agreed to keep on record that Moss’ men were, in fact, able to not only commandeer a seacrane—”

Sepher: “but possessed a buoy to interrupt bay traffic in their favor. Then, as a result of reckless driving they broke the crane and had to bail out.”

Jer: “That sounds believable enough, don’t you think?”

Sepher: “No one will look twice into it as long as you guys are on the case! We could let a few mishaps slide, right?”

Kreeb: “This better not end up on my desk.

Cybil: “Thank you for this, Seph.”

Sepher: “Hey, don’t sweat it. You guys can’t have a simple mistake keep you down! Kreeb can file the report and it’ll be long forgotten.”

Kreeb: “Figures.”

Objective complete! Although you may have failed some skill checks, you can always learn from them! You can increase one of the following skills for Cybil by 2%!

a) REPAIR [55] > [57] >>795217
b) PERSUADE [45] >[47] >>809737
c) KNOW (CULTURE) [40] > [42] >>797873
d) OPR HVY MACHINERY [30] > [32] >>838604

>(What next?)

[ ] Dismiss Kreeb and Sepher
No. 839258 ID: 3ce125

...sheesh, only 2%. Okay raise Repair. We've been using that a lot.
No. 839289 ID: be0718

Boost Repair! You never know when a toaster may come in handy.
Now it's time to examine the dead drop disc you collected. Make sure it's not on a computer connected to the network, in case of viruses.
No. 839297 ID: ba506f

this is going to be something that Cybil will never fully live down I feel... or at least until someone on the team messes up even more.

As for what to do, read the note, check out the disc, and maybe see if someone can't figure out where that key goes to. We might get lucky and the keyring or maybe even the key itself might have a name or logo or something on it that will clue us in to where it goes.
No. 839422 ID: 130e49

Would a higher repair mean a better repair if we succeed or just a higher chance to succeed?
No. 839561 ID: 11f77a

A higher chance to succeed.
No. 839581 ID: 11f77a
File 150895905285.png - (94.04KB , 298x406 , MNH 90.png )

>increase REPAIR skill
Cybil’s REPAIR skill check is now at [57%]!

>Check the disc/ first envelope
The team (more or less Cybil and Jer) spend their time deciphering the contents of the first envelope. The list is a menagerie of Cnidarian writing that seem like filenames, or instructions on what to seek. Cybil would be surprised to find the disc is completely blank.

Cybil: “Seems it’s a single-serving disc, too. Download and run.”

The list has been translated: The recipient is not to view said documents. To remind, the recipient has obliged not to view said documents. The recipient has been reviewed as the best candidate and must carry out their designated task flawlessly. Once hired, the recipient has a mutual partnership with its benefactor and cannot mention nor hint their involvement with its benefactor. The recipient must obtain the following and any relatable file including: cirri_test_778010.log, cirri_test_778011.log, cirri_test_778012.log, moss_778013.log, and cirri_test_778014.log.

All else must be purged.

>Examine the key
In the second envelope was a normal-looking locker key; it has the logo for PEC, the PORT ELECTRIC COMPANY. But no number.

No. 839629 ID: be0718

That dead drop should be watched for whoever comes after it next, as should the trashcan where you found the map. Assuming they haven't realized the op's been compromised, those trailers by the beach must be the target of their snatch and grab. The person could be an HVT or a contact, but must be brought into custody either way, for their own safety.
Hey, Moss is da crime boss! Could this contractor be working for another outfit?
Radar tool might help locate the locker this key goes with. Not sure how the pager ties into this, but keep an eye on it.
So, who do we send in to collect all these clues? Unless it turns out the perp was a lookalike for one of us, I suggest Victor.
No. 841504 ID: 11f77a
File 150951509635.png - (149.50KB , 700x450 , MNH 91.png )

For the time being, the dead drop and trash can were spied from afar with Sepher and Kreeb—but no suspicious person has come by as the intended contractor. The buoy was eventually fished out by the facility and work resumed normally after cleanup of the broken crane.

Cybil’s alarm starts to beep. It turns out she has an appointment this afternoon with her therapist. The meeting would take an hour, possibly two. Usually you would discuss about coping with your immunity deficiency and check up on your health. And talk about other things on her mind.

It could always be rescheduled.

a) ignore
b) go to meeting
No. 841507 ID: be0718

Go to your meeting. Health comes before the job.
No. 841516 ID: 830fb7

B. Health first, job second
No. 841675 ID: 11f77a
File 150956594786.png - (140.09KB , 678x371 , MNH 92.png )

Cybil decides to attend the appointment. Health always comes before the job. She does realize that being too invested in a case could be tiring.

You are now Victor just minding your own business; receiving junk mail and tinkering with your gadgets. Nothing sent back from home yet—although he only sent his letter to his mother yesterday.

Eudora: “…”

Eudora: “Hey…

Eudora: “HEY!”

Eudora: “Psst.”

Eudora: “Whatcha up to?”

Eudora: “Forget I asked. I did a little researching myself on those notes and I figured something out.”

Eudora: “Don’t guess. I’ll tell ya anyway. The random numbers on the envelopes are actually…”

Eudora: “Coordinates.”

Eudora: “That blank disc, list, and keycard are meant for some hotel downtown; The Lavender Pier or some weird name for a fancy place.”

Eudora: “How about we check the place out, hmm? That's a rhetorical question. Just a simple stroll by the building. Maybe take photos. Help out with reconnaissance. Fun stuff. Buddy?”

a) join Eudora; “___”
b) decline; “___”
c) >___
No. 841678 ID: be0718

A) "Heck yeah, I'll bring my infrared goggles. We're gonna be, like, totally spies and stuff."
No. 841720 ID: ba506f


I'm almost afraid to go with her since she actually came to us. I mean last I check she merely tolerated us so it's a little surprising that she want's to go on a mission with us. But then again how often do we get to play spy? Let's go.
No. 841741 ID: 91ee5f


"Y-you mean l-like a d-d-date?!"
No. 841823 ID: ae9b99

A)Awww yeah!

Oh, but we should let Jer know where we are going first in case something happens
No. 842861 ID: c0641d

A: But first, realize that if the these clues were kept in separate envelopes, then they were meant for separate recipients, and therefore, they aren’t related, at least not directly. A hit has been put out on the guy in the third envelope, and the sharpshooter from the carnival might be our assassin, if our suspicions about him trying to cover up what the hawk saw are true. Have someone watching the entertainers, and especially him.
No. 843394 ID: 11f77a
File 151012047923.png - (118.67KB , 507x450 , MNH 93.png )

No. 843405 ID: 11f77a
File 151012257550.png - (203.00KB , 700x450 , MNH 94.png )

It was an interesting proposal—perhaps the Arthocob is finally warming up to him. Still, something’s a bit off on this offer to tag along. But how often does one get to play spy? Unfortunately he doesn’t own any infrared goggles but agrees to join in!

Victor: “Heck yeah; we’re gonna be, like, totally spies and stuff!”

Eudora: “Neat. I knew you’d be cool about it.”

Victor: “I’ll let Jer know where we’re off—”

Eudora: “Hey, we’ll be fine. It’s just a stroll through the city. That old lizard’s busy with science-y stuff.”

Eudora: “Grab your fogwoofy or whatever that thing is called.”

Before Eudora could spot him, Victor leaves a small note under Jer’s door about their whereabouts. Communicators will be turned on and the gang can call Jer, Sepher & Kreeb for emergencies.

>Would-be Assassin
If the VIP happens to be an assassination target, the Huntoon sharpshooter from the carnival seems like a likely candidate to have been undercover all along! But perhaps Victor tends to imagine too much. Still, there was something odd about those carnies.
No. 843407 ID: 11f77a
File 151012269067.gif - (263.47KB , 667x500 , EP1SELECT3.gif )

The Lavender Pier is a hotel settled in the wealthier district of Port Echo. It’s not flashy (other than the neon sign that glares above the awning) and looks to be a pretty basic building with old Krullghn architecture—although not an old building; it looks fairly established. It looks to be around 30 stories tall.

There are three achievements in the area:

:wouldntdownload: You Wouldn’t Download… (50XP) — Find the documents and download them onto the disc.
:lobstercracker: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Lobster Cracker (100XP) — Fight off all enemies and escape.
:twentyminutes: 20 Minutes Adventure (200XP) — Sneak in and out without being caught.

>Choose your character; Victor [>>/questdis/111663] or Eudora [>>/questdis/111460].
>Also, decide which form Eudora will take!
a) Agility
b) Normal
c) Durability
No. 843412 ID: 91ee5f

"W-w-well next time, don't make it sound like a date!" >_<;;

Let's play as Eudora and have her be in her Normal form.
No. 843414 ID: be0718

Play Victor, with Eudora in Agility form!
No. 843423 ID: 830fb7

Let's play as Eudora and have her be in her Agility form.
No. 843458 ID: 65dabf

Victor for the win! Also, Eudora in agility mod, we'll go all sneaky like.
No. 843460 ID: 65dabf

Oh wait, i have a question! Silent takedowns are fair play as long as they dont caught us right? And by getting caught you mean being seen?
No. 843468 ID: b9b4da

Victor's the one with actual sneaking skills, we'll go with him. Eudora will just have to do what she can in agility mode.
No. 843479 ID: 11f77a
File 151015599819.png - (22.13KB , 200x200 , IconCYB.png )

Silent takedowns are fair game! If the entire base learns of your presence then you're basically 'caught'. Sometimes you have time to quickly snuff enemies out before they can run to warn their group, use a walkie-talkie, etc.

Security cameras and trip alarms may also inform the building of your presence.

Any unusual noise (gunshots or a crash) may prompt goons/staff to investigate but you're not technically 'caught' yet.
No. 843988 ID: 11f77a
File 151029034351.png - (293.19KB , 1000x831 , VIC.png )

You’re playing as Victor! Your plan is to use stealth to your advantage. Eudora will transform into her Agility Body to support him on their covert mission.

[Current Inventory]
Gas Tank
Smogwerfer: Fire an arc of chemtrails to damage or drive out enemies from cover. Depletes 1/8th of his canister.
Smokescreen Grenades: Area-of-effect bombs that induce coughing that may last three rounds. Depletes 1/4th of his canister.
Hallucinogenic Mods [>>/questarch/780204]: Combine with the Smogwerfer or Smokescreen to induce a side-effect to his opponents. Can be used to stealthily spray onto enemies.
1 Fear additive
1 Sleepiness additive
1 Rage additive
No. 843990 ID: 11f77a
File 151029043693.png - (264.05KB , 700x450 , MNH 95.png )

Recap! The envelope with the coordinates directed to this exact spot was supplied with…
►An empty disc
►A list of file names
►A keycard with the inscription: LVL A27

You’re all set and ready to go. You’re observing the front entrance of the Lavender Pier. It’s seldom quiet this early night. What you could see through the automatic glass doors is almost zero activity—but there is always a receptionist for late visitors.

You could, of course, just walk right through the front door.

No. 843995 ID: be0718

What about a side entrance? It stands to reason the target is in the employees only section.
No. 844004 ID: 91ee5f

Victor, even though Eudora said that this isn't a date, continue to act like it's a date anyways and flirt with her at appropriate moments, like right now when nothing important has happened yet!

Just don't flirt with her in the middle of combat or anything like that!

>outline on glass doors
Huh, that looks like a sign or a poster used to be there.

>It’s seldom quiet this early night.
Maybe it's a slow work day? Or maybe there's some kinda event in a different part of the hotel and that's where everyone is?

>You could, of course, just walk right through the front door.
Ask Eudora if that would be a good idea.
No. 844062 ID: 65dabf

I like the idea of finding other entries first, and then decide where to go from there. You could actually split up and try to enter from 2 different openings and cover more ground. Ask Eudora what she thinks. And stop it with the flirting.
No. 844109 ID: ba506f

think their might be a fire escape around back? if so Eudora could probably leap up to it and let the ladder down for you to climb up after her.
No. 844121 ID: c0641d

We need to figure out if the target is even above ground first, but scouting our options won't hurt. The keycard said "LVL A27." Normally, I'd expect this to be a room key, seeing as this is a hotel, but the "LVL" part confuses things. This is more likely for security clearance, then - in a very broad area (such as the entirety of Port Echo), if we're to believe that there are 27 "levels" of clearance in the "A" sector alone. How is the port officially divided? Are we in "District A"? If not, then these would be unofficial lines drawn by whatever clandestine group that created the key and the lock it went to.

I could just be overthinking things, of course. It could mean the target is on floor 27, and there are few enough rooms per floor that they could be marked with letters instead of numbers.
No. 844215 ID: 11f77a
File 151038363356.png - (261.97KB , 700x450 , MNH 96.png )

The districts aren’t numbered as far as your team knows. There are 11 districts in the city total, all with varying cultures and urban geography. But the deeper meaning behind ‘LVL A27’ could always be speculation. And yes, it could simply mean 27th floor of Hall A or something. No way of knowing until you’re inside.

Victor may try to play along, although it’s hard to think of something clever or cheesy involving a four-star hotel at his moment. Plus Eudora will just ignore him 80% of the time—he’s just not her type. No one is. Let’s try not to give her a reason never to ask us to tag along again.

Victor: “So…”

Victor: “Should we just walk in? We can just ask the receptionist—”

Eudora: “And blow our cover? No way.”

Eudora: “There’s gotta be a side entrance or fire escape to sneak into.

Eudora: "Over here.”

You and the bug scout the alleyway on the side of the hotel. This is where the dumpsters are. There’s a steel door locked from the inside. There’s a fire escape, too, but it only goes as far up as the roof of the fifth floor. You can’t see any higher.

No. 844217 ID: ba506f

do the both of you have a walky talky or some other way to stay in contact with each other? Because if you do I say Vic can pick the back door lock (if it's locked) and find the stairwell inside (because who the hell uses stairs instead of elevators outside of an emergency) to try and find out where A27 is while Eudora can hop up the fire escape. This way she can scoop it out once you find it from outside while you can actually try to find the damn room while inside. Just make sure that Eudora doesn't get spotted herself through a window.
No. 844219 ID: 91ee5f

>he’s just not her type. No one is.
Or maybe she's just playing hard to get?

>Let’s try not to give her a reason never to ask us to tag along again.
Yeah, we can wait until after the mission.

>There’s a fire escape, too, but it only goes as far up as the roof of the fifth floor.
Go up the fire escape.

>pick the back door lock (if it's locked)
That's a bad idea. Backdoors like that usually have alarms when they're opened. So even if Vic did pick the lock, since Cybil isn't here to hack the alarm to keep it turned off, going through that door is not going to work.
No. 844221 ID: be0718

Eudora can get up there easily, and then we can see about disabling the burglar alarm on one of these windows. Or trying the roof, I guess.
No. 844246 ID: d9cd96

Nah, "No" doesn't mean "Try harder"
No. 844284 ID: 65dabf


I concord with this. Really, let's not fuck up the ONE chanse of bying in her good side.
Besides, is she really your type , Victor?

Let's go for those firescape stairs. But the two of you going seems like a bit of a waste. If you are sure you can't do anything with that door, go up together.
No. 844392 ID: 11f77a
File 151045475260.png - (240.51KB , 700x450 , MNH 97.png )

They both are automatically equipped with walkie-talkies with their own channel.

>Lockpick the door/alarms
This could be the back door to simply take out trash from a kitchen—judging by the dumpsters in the area and culinary rubbish, so it’s likely there’s no alarm on the other side. No matter how delicate he uses his tools, the door doesn’t seem to click ([55]/[45] LOCKPICK).

Eudora has no problem reaching the fire escape as-is, “Hey, the ladder’s down for ya!”

>Up the fire escape
Each window leads to a corridor of hotel rooms and activity centers. After a thorough check there doesn’t seem to be an alarm connected to the windows ([30]/[65] AWARENESS).

Eudora can help lift Victor onto the roof. The rest of the building pillars up another 20-something floors. He shudders at the scale of the structure. Eudora seems unfazed.

a) Enter through the fire escape window (which floor)
b) Climb the building
c) >___
[ ] Victor Climb Check ([20%])
[ ] Eudora Climb Check ([70%])
No. 844396 ID: be0718

Hmm. Eudora can't sneak as well, but there's no way Victor's passing that Climb check.

...Let's split up, gang! Eudora can enter through a probably-also-not-alarmed window further up and Victor will begin interior recon now.
No. 844399 ID: be0718

oh right! Enter on the fourth floor. Also, amending that plan, let's both go in until we know what floor the target (A27) is on.
No. 844404 ID: ba506f

this works.
No. 844614 ID: c0641d

Actually, this is the roof of the 5th floor, so we can enter through there. But don't go in if you think someone will spot you.

And yeah, Eudora should start climbing.
No. 845169 ID: 11f77a
File 151072574471.png - (135.55KB , 660x393 , MNH 98.png )

>Split the team up/Eudora climbs.
Eudora: “Alright, wimp. I’ll head up without ya.”

Eudora: “I’ll let ya know if I spot an open window on the way. Let me know what you find.”

Eudora: “Don’t go off getting’ us in trouble.”

And with a spin she nonchalantly trots to the pillar of windows and patios to start climbing. Victor retreats down to the fire escape stairs and carefully enters the fifth story window.

>Interior recon
It’s just a normal hallway. Whichever direction you start wandering through, there’s a map of the current floor you’re on.

No. 845193 ID: 33cbe7

You need to go up at least five floors. Maybe they have hexadecimal floor numbering? For now, use those stairs. If we're not on the right floor then, we'll use the elevator.
Which one of you has the equipment from that envelope?
No. 845194 ID: 33cbe7

*Stairs in the PINK zone.
No. 845227 ID: 9e4723

No elevator. There might be some people who use the stairs, but it's less probable to find someone there that in an elevator.
No. 845536 ID: fe0a40

See if it works in room 27 on level 10, which would be level A in hexadecimal. Assuming the rooms are in the same location on every floor, it'd be right next to the stairwell east of you. Try to head up that way, checking your corners.
No. 845546 ID: fe7355

Get to the stairs to the left of room 527 and go up to floor 10 and check what numbering scheme they use for the rooms there. Peek around the corner into the elevator lobby to make sure nobody is there before crossing quickly.

Possible cover story to run with if you get noticed and can't slip away is you're a exterminator here for a emergency fumigation. That'd explain the gas mask and gas canisters. Just don't stick around long enough for them to think about it.

There appears to be a misprint on this map. The numbers for the block of rooms to the right of room 510 are in the black empty space above them. Peculiar that the hotel let such a mistake slide.

This floor is wider than the tower above, so those stairs won't go up into the tower. Only the stairs to the left of room 527 will go up into the hotel tower.

>Assuming the rooms are in the same location on every floor...
This floor is wider than the ones in the tower above, so we can't assume the same numbering scheme will be used since there'll be fewer rooms in the floors above.
No. 845631 ID: 11f77a
File 151090060253.png - (181.67KB , 700x450 , MNH 99.png )

>Find the stairs (PINK)
Victor paces down the aisle and around to enter the stairwell—but there’s nothing leading up, just down from this floor.

>Use other stairs (BLUE) and check map misprint
He opts to cross the elevator lobby—making sure the route is safe—and sees the rooms to the right of 510. They seem to be labeled correctly on their doors, and there’s nothing out of the ordinary after a brief examination ([20]/[65] AWARENESS).

>Hexidecimal flooring?
Nevertheless Victor enters the stairwell and is able to move up to the 10th floor. Five stairs is a bit of a hike with a gas tank strapped to your back—but he manages. Kind of strange for a hotel to have a system of floors, but it sounds a bit plausible.
No. 845632 ID: 11f77a
File 151090076483.png - (188.25KB , 700x450 , MNH 100.png )

>Find room 1027
Took some quick snooping but… there was no room 1027. Here, the rooms were larger for the higher-class tourists—complete with fancy balconies, too. Meanwhile, Eudora was taking her time hopping to the next floor.

“How high is this damn thing?” she mutters rhetorically over the comm-link.

Eudora: “I think I’m on the… 14th floor.”

Eudora: “These rooms are looking pretty nice though. Was almost caught on one…”


No. 845664 ID: ba506f

See if you can't find out how high the elevators go then have Eudora see if she can't climb to that floor and see if it's clear for you to take the elevator up. You could also use that hatch that's on the top of the elevator while you ride it so you don't have to worry about someone else getting on the thing and seeing you while you're using it. Maybe we'll get lucky and they're be a button that says A27 with a keyhole next to it that will just take us to where we want to go. Not likely but it would be nice.
No. 845700 ID: 33cbe7

Is there a floor directory? Oh, of course - there's one in the elevator! Now that you've made it up this high, you're not going to keep up combat effectiveness if you keep taking the stairs. Get to the elevator, at least to look for a floor labeled 'A'. Perhaps it's a basement sublevel.
No. 846283 ID: 11f77a
File 151115029828.png - (211.79KB , 700x450 , MNH 101.png )

>Take the elevator up
Ready to dodge out of the way in case someone was occupying it—the shutters open and Victor walks right in. He looks for the 27th floor. Strangely… it only ends at 25! There’s no ‘A level’ either…

He guesses he can ride the roof of the elevator after selecting a floor number; as to avoid detection.


No. 846288 ID: 91ee5f

Check that tile on the wall. It looks like it's a different shade of grey and is sticking out of the wall a little.

Maybe there's a little keycard reader behind it?

If there is, make sure you tell Eudora before you try using it!
No. 846296 ID: 3ce125

Inspect tiles for SECRETS.
No. 846332 ID: ba506f

yeah inspect the weird tile, also if it does lead to A27 or just A or whatever let Eudora know and if you do hide on top by using the hatch let her know if you're going up or down. If the tile is nothing then let her know you're moving up to floor 25.
No. 846978 ID: 11f77a
File 151133585549.png - (224.35KB , 700x450 , MNH 102.png )

>Inspect the loose tile
Victor takes the time to carefully inspect the panel; and there’s some discoloration in the tile above it. Fiddling around, it turns out to be a flap concealing a card reader!

Victor: “Hey, Eud—cough uh, Blind Spot to... Scarab?”

Eudora: “Sigh. What.”

Victor: “I think I may have found where this card goes.”

Victor: “This elevator has a hidden panel. I’m gonna try it.”

Victor: “The panel only goes up 25 levels… but Moss may own a hidden floor or something.”

Victor: “Try to reach the 27th floor, see if you can find a way inside and find the elevator.”

Eudora: “I’m getting’ there. Guess I'll see ya at the top.”

He inserts the card, and the machine snatches it from his fingertips. The doors swiftly close as the room shifts upwards; the floor buttons light up floor-by-floor until it passes 25—where no indicator is shown.

Victor: "Alright, here we go..."
No. 846979 ID: 11f77a
File 151133596357.png - (257.79KB , 700x450 , MNH 103.png )

After a subtle chime the door reopens to a corridor. The lights are out, and after adjusting to the darkness there’s clearly junk piled everywhere. Not garbage—but scraps of machines shoved along the hallway.

The card spits out, idle in the reader.

To his right is a room with more junk, seems it used to be a library with some books stack around. To his left is probably a living room/kitchen—he can see appliances and countertops torn apart to salvage technology.


No. 846980 ID: 91ee5f

Make sure you take the card out of the card reader.

Let Scarab know that the elevator did go up past the 25th floor and you see windows that she can come in through. And tell her that you're going to open one of them so that she can come in.

Make sure you let her know what you can see.
No. 846987 ID: 33cbe7

Stop. look, and listen for signs that anyone else is present in this apartment.
No. 846994 ID: ba506f

hear anything? see any cameras or does this place just look plain deserted?
No. 847002 ID: 9e4723

Make sure that those junk piles are just that.
No. 847437 ID: 11f77a
File 151146013857.png - (314.54KB , 700x450 , MNH 104.png )

>Cameras? Is this place deserted?
Victor inspects the corners and slowly peeks in the living room—there are security cameras but they, too, are disassembled. Before leaving the elevator he pockets the card.

Victor: “Update. This place seems to have been abandoned.”

Victor: “There are parts everywhere—the hallway, in every room, all junk.”

Victor: “Even the toaster and security cameras have been taken apart.”

>Anyone else present?
He listens for any movement on the floor—or spots for any suspicious shadows. He is sure the entire place is abandoned for now ([45]/[65] AWARENESS).

Victor: “I see windows you can come through. There doesn’t seem to be anyone else here.”

There are, however, half-broken Cnidarian suits unlike Victor have seen. But most of these scraps are makeshift machines that don’t serve any clear purpose. If his memory serves him right, these parts look familiar…

A bug gently knocks on the windowpane.

No. 847440 ID: b1b4f3

Look for the window latch to let her in.
No. 847441 ID: 9e4723

"Come in~" Let the lady in, and start to gather information on what is going on in here.
No. 847443 ID: 91ee5f

Go open the window for Scarab.
No. 847547 ID: fe7355

Get on the radio to confirm that that is Scarab knocking at the windo, on the very small chance that another Arthocob climbed up at the same time with the same destination in mind. Then ask her to wait while you carefully check the window for alarms or traps and disarm them if present before opening. It figures a high-class place such as this would have a built-in burglar alarm at least and it might still be active on the windows.

Once Scarab is inside, tell her what you've seen so far and that we'll be searching the place for anything with a disc drive that accepts the kind of disc we have. And you do mean anything. Any of these cobbled together machines could have a disc drive and computer system within them with the data we seek. And also watch out for any tripwires or other traps. Oh, and no turning on the lights. We can use flashlights if we're real careful they don't shine out the window, but we don't want anyone outside who knows this level should be dark possibly seeing it lit up.

And take a minute to wrack your brain and try and remember where you've seen parts like this before.
No. 847548 ID: 33cbe7

Skyscraper-climbing bugs aren't exactly a common occurrence, just let her in already.
Next, we should find a functioning piece of computer equipment with a disc drive. i think these tests may be related to the empty Cnidarian suits.
No. 847549 ID: 91ee5f

If it was someone else, they wouldn't bother knocking, they'd just let themselves in.
No. 847550 ID: fe7355

And how often do the windows on a 27th floor penthouse have exterior catches to open them? Or any exterior window, for that matter.
No. 847553 ID: 91ee5f

If it was someone else and this was their hideout, they would've replaced the windows with windows they could just push open from the outside.

If it was someone else that was trying to rob the top floor, they would've cut a hole in the window.

>Or any exterior window, for that matter.
What, you've never heard of having "a room with a view"?
No. 847580 ID: fe7355

Okay, I concede you're right on this. I wasn't thinking it through fully.
No. 847635 ID: 11f77a
File 151150711496.gif - (149.01KB , 700x450 , MNH-105.gif )

You see Eudora, and it doesn’t hurt to double-check on the intercom—

Victor: “Scarab, is that you?”

Eudora: “Yes,” she says, blatantly, “Open the window.”

Victor: “You could be a different Arthocob.”

Eudora: “Let me in or I will.”

Victor: “Hold on! Let me just... check for alarms. That is, if they weren’t ripped apart as well.”

It’s quite a large window-piece, but there’s a smaller opening by the kitchen counter where she could duck and vault through. To his assumption there are no motion-detecting alarms on the living room interior as it would’ve caught Victor already. There’s a glass break detector instead—thus they were careful to help her infiltrate the penthouse.

Eudora: “This place looks trashed. What happened to it?”

Eudora: “This crap looks like what we’ve found at the warehouse a while back.”

Victor: “I think Moss is a bit too fancy to be living in this heap.”

Eudora: “Let’s keep searching. What we’re looking for shouldn’t be far…”

>Find that disc drive
You tell her all that you know, and take out the disc. It was time to begin the search for the computer with the proper drive, as well as to carefully look for any hidden tripwires or alarms. They don’t bother with the lights as they have their own methods of seeing in the dark. Victor is confident that there are no traps around the suite ([77]/[65] AWARENESS) while Eudora seems to just skim around her area without really trying.

In the library, it’s just as cluttered. Even the walls have some written diagrams that the heroes can’t comprehend right now. “Hey, there’s a computer right there,” Eudora points. “Whattya know.”

No. 847644 ID: 830fb7

what is that scribbled on the walls, it could be important so start taking pictures.
No. 847649 ID: ba506f

so... think that Moss pulled his boys and all the import stuff out of here? If so then the real question comes down to why? Also before you check out the computer what the hell is written on the walls as they look like blue prints and why is that pile of junk next to Eudora blinking? Did she just trip a silent alarm?
No. 847652 ID: 398c5e

Check out them blinkin lights by Eudora.
No. 847666 ID: 33cbe7

Eudora, examine the blinkenlights while we hack the mainframe.
No. 847695 ID: 91ee5f

Something behind Scarab has become active!
No. 847757 ID: 11f77a
File 151154951704.png - (279.04KB , 700x450 , MNH 106.png )

>Imported merchandise
No telling what really happened before the heroes arrived, but maybe this was the source of all that tech found in the sting operation. Or it could be the other way around, where it was being delivered from the warehouse to the suite. It doesn’t make much sense right now.

>Start taking pictures
These sure look to be the work of a madman with an epiphany. Victor takes photos of the scribbled mural.

Eudora: “Hey, something’s blinking—”

PILOT: a###absent, INIT###IATE: independent protocols

Eudora: “A what?”

ERROR: unable t###to connect to parent alarm. SHUT###UTTING OFF further distress signals

Victor: “Oh, well that’s good…

INITIATE: All power flowing to FIREARMS. Unrecognized targets on s###sight! FIRING.

It has its sights on Eudora.

>You have one action!
No. 847762 ID: 9e4723

You need to get out of that room now! Shit, if that thing starts making a lot of noise, we can kiss our unnoticed status good bye!
No. 847763 ID: 91ee5f

It's currently aiming at Eudora, so yell at her, "LOOK OUT!!!"
No. 847779 ID: ba506f

damn, your kit is pretty much useless against robots... smoke bomb it and hope to cut off line of sight?
No. 847786 ID: dfe8fe

Drop a smoke while doing this cause talking is a free action.
No. 847789 ID: 33cbe7

She can hear it too you know. Pop a canister to obscure its sensors. Then, Eudora can wrassle it into submission (or a hunk of junk).
No. 847827 ID: 398c5e

No. 847996 ID: 11f77a
File 151163835861.png - (265.53KB , 700x450 , MNH 107.png )

[Round 1]
The Blind Spot
“LOOK OUT!” you yell, readily equipped with a smokebomb. The grenade puffs out a vat of smoke to interrupt the machine before it can fire an array of bullets. The momentary lapse in its targeting makes it readdress the situation.

Projectiles from the Smogwerfer can damage the turret as long as the blast is within a very close proximity. Even when it’s used for driving enemies out from cover.

The Scarab
Eudora hears the cushioned ‘paff’ of the grenade and somersaults into the hall. She peeks around the doorway and sees blinking laser lights emanating from the fog.

SCANNING” it announces, searching for its closest target. Whether Victor dodges away or not, the smoke is too thick for the machine to successfully find him.


The turret sprawls out its shaky legs, moseying out of the rubble and move towards Eudora's last known spot. It’s loud enough to hear it walk anywhere in the suite.

fixed size of drone, it's not THAT huge.

No. 847999 ID: 91ee5f

Victor should shoot the turret with a round from his Smogwerfer!

Eudora should use her Sap Bomb on the turret!
No. 848019 ID: 33cbe7

That sap bomb would help more than our smoke canister could! It may be best to tackle the robot onto its face first.
No. 848022 ID: ba506f

yeah have victor start pinging the turret to try and chip away at it's health, Eudora should use her Sap Bomb to try and slow it down and hopefully blind it.
No. 848220 ID: 11f77a
File 151176473255.png - (290.77KB , 700x450 , MNH 108.png )

[Round 2]
The Blind Spot
Victor equips his trusty Smogwerfer and fires a grenade with a strong, metallic ‘PUNT!’ echoing from his barrel. The shell slams into the machine; a bunt followed by a blast—and deals 5 damage. The detonation was a little off, but not wasted!

The Scarab
Eudora forms a glob of sap and chucks it at the turret when the heat was off. The bomb splashes onto its mechanical frame and traps it to the floor.



The turret spins and attempts to fire back at Victor. Three bursts of its guns hit nothing but drywall and floor. Its legs attempt to move and tear the sap that binds it, but its effort was meek as it remains stuck.


No. 848223 ID: 33cbe7

That's enough smoke spent for now. Use its lack of turn radius to beat the robot with blunt instruments with impunity.
No. 848230 ID: 91ee5f

Eudora, the floor is covered with a bunch of junk. Pick up a piece of scrap metal and start beating the turret with it!
No. 848237 ID: ba506f

Blind spot, keep it's attention

Scarab, kick it's ass
No. 848242 ID: 9e4723

Try not to make it explode guys!
No. 848248 ID: b9b4da

If you're worried about raising a ruckus, it's too late! Our downstairs neighbor's probably hitting the ceiling with a broomstick already.
Try disassembling the robot one loose piece at a time. They never make the off switch accessible enough on these things.
No. 848297 ID: 9e4723

Anyone can make some noise from time to time, but not an explotion! In ny case, if our cover has been already blown, we need to neutralise that droid, take all the evidence we can and get out of here ASAP.
No. 848299 ID: 33cbe7

You mean like those two smoke grenade explosions that already went off? They were big enough to take a chunk out of the robot's shell.
No. 848302 ID: 9e4723

Fair enough, more reason to finish this quickly.
No. 848363 ID: 11f77a
File 151185316903.png - (259.85KB , 700x450 , MNH 109.png )

[Round 3] The smokescreen is beginning to fade…

The Blind Spot
>Enough smoke spent
Maybe a good idea; we have no idea if the floors below us heard the blast and gunfire. Then again, who else would have the key to this secret floor? Nevertheless his strategy was to keep diverting the turret’s attention so Eudora can rip it piece by piece.

The Scarab
>Blunt instruments
Eudora’s fists are wrapped in a strong, chitin weave and she aims to beat the machine with its back turned. She makes a raspy shout as she throws several punches, able to deal a cumulative total of 7 damage (3 + 0 + 4)!

The machine still makes an effort to rip away the constricting sap—and Eudora’s flurry ultimately decimates it.

WARNING: system retirement imminent.

C###cannot… reach parent a###a###la###arm!” “[code]REPORT: SENSORS GRO###ooowiing d###dark


The turret crumbles lifelessly, joining the scrap heap. Eudora huffs after smashing the newly appointed paperweight. Everything seems quiet now. The smoke eventually dissipates and the room is clear to see again. Victor and Eudora earn 100XP for shutting the robot down.

Victor: “Nice job. That could’ve been worse!”

Current points are: Cybil: 900 XP[/b] • Victor: 1050 XPEudora: 1000 XP


No. 848364 ID: 91ee5f

Now that that's taken care of, head south to check out the rest of this floor!

Make sure you don't trip an alarm or something!
No. 848381 ID: fe7355

Hold on that. It's more important to secure the primary objective since the time we have left is unknown. Vic should boot up the computer Eudora saw, search it for the target files then copy them to the disk. While Vic is doing this, Eudora can check out the rest of the level, being on the lookout for any other computers or devices with a compatible disk drive, in case the target files aren't on the one Vic's on.
No. 848393 ID: ba506f

well there's only one way to get into this floor (not counting the window) right? Just to be safe I say we have Vic play lookout (since he has range and is sneaking so he's less likely to be spotted) while Eudora searches the other room. Just hope she will start playing more attention now that we know this place is dangerous.
No. 848396 ID: 9e4723

One if them should check what their situation is in the building while the other stays and checks the rest of the floor, WITHOUT triggering another trap or something. Maybe do another awareness roll.
No. 848398 ID: 33cbe7

Post a guard by the elevator door (Eudora) while Master Hacker Vic does his thing.
No. 848433 ID: fe7355

Wait, I have a even better idea. Rush over and hit the elevator call button, then you take position out of sight of the elevator next to the doorway next to the computer desk and Eudora takes position on the other side of the doorway opposite, the both of you ready to ambush anyone who comes up.

If there's already a group coming up, it won't change anything to hit the call button, but if there isn't then you can keep the elevator from moving back down. If the elevator car is empty, then grab a large piece of junk and stick it in the elevator doorway so it blocks both the car's door from closing and this floor's door. That'll keep the elevator stuck on this floor until you're ready to leave. Just don't take too long or someone will be sent up to investigate why the elevator is stuck here.

Also press all the floor buttons in the elevator, starting with floor five. That way when you're done here you and Eudora can ride down on the elevator car's roof and get out on the fifth floor, then the car'll be tied up going to every other floor, delaying investigation of the 27th floor.

And don't assume the elevator is the only way up here. Once it is secured, Eudora should do a search of the apartment for a stairway entrance while you search the computer for the target files. Also rip the turret 'bot's data storage out so nobody can possibly recover it, check its video log and ID you two.
No. 848489 ID: 11f77a
File 151193258791.png - (305.04KB , 700x450 , MNH 110.png )

>Check rest of the floor
It was decided to scout the rest of the suite to make sure all ground is covered. At the end of the hallway was the master bedroom. Eudora slowly peeks in and reports it’s more of the same situation: junk everywhere. The bed hardly looked used.

There wasn’t anything odd about the room, other than the obvious cylindrical tank to the west. ([84]/[65] AWARENESS). Eudora wore the same expression looking about the bedroom; no traps here, she supposes. But tread lightly. They did know, however, that the tank is a station where Cnidarians sleep, clean themselves, etc. There was also a closet that connects the library and the master room—barely any clothing there and instead stuffed with a vacuum and ironing board. To the east: a simple makeup station that was also untouched.

Eudora: “All clear.”

>(Victor) boot up the computer
Eudora plays lookout by the doorway while Vic does his thing. He inserts the disc which prompts the computer to start up. The workstation was a simple machine—single-functioning to keep logs and documents, as well as recorded webcam vids. More-or-less it was a portable journal without a password.

The desktop was entirely in Cnidarian. And it may take a while to find what they’re looking for. There’s a huge list of files with videos attached—although looking at the list in his inventory will find the right filenames.

No one has come through the elevator.


[ ] Watch some videos
[ ] Just start downloading
No. 848490 ID: 33cbe7

Download first, watch videos later. Disconnect that webcam... I don't trust you aren't being watched, and the contractor was warned not to look at the videos.
No. 848491 ID: 91ee5f

Eudora, check to see if there's anything on the bed. It looks like there's a lump under the sheets on the bed.

Victor, check that list in your inventory and find the right filenames that match the list, so that both of you aren't here all fucking night.
No. 848496 ID: c0641d


You know, it’s comforting to know that the occasional botched Awareness roll can be circumvented with some manual observation on our part. Voting on this, Scarab; check that bulge! As for Blind Spot; download first, investigation can wait. We may or may not be on a time limit; we don’t even know.
No. 848529 ID: ba506f

I think I see a bulge in the bed and if it's anything like what I hear most people hide in their mattress then it's probably cash. Grab that shit.
No. 849015 ID: 11f77a
File 151210893778.png - (228.01KB , 700x450 , MNH 111.png )

>Dat bulge on the bed
It was really nothing, just a furled cover. In any case, she checks around the mattress but it was a regular ol’ bed; maybe some lint or dust was found. It was hardly used. But even the Arthocob couldn’t imagine sleeping outside her cocoon on one of these things.

>Download now, watch later.
Victor disconnects the webcam and tosses it aside. He doesn’t want to risk being caught by someone on another line.

It took a good while, but Victor was capable of finding the right files to copy/paste to the empty disc; 778010 through 778014. The computer takes a minute to start the transfer—and up pops a loading bar.

And it’s just loading… gradually.
No. 849017 ID: 11f77a
File 151210904118.png - (269.16KB , 700x450 , MNH 112.png )

From afar you hear a chime coming from the elevator… like a door bell, following behind was the shifting of metal doors. Eudora would've been able to hear it as well.


No. 849019 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, shit! Those are gas cans! They're gonna pour gas on everything and torch the place!
No. 849021 ID: 3ce125

Turn off the monitor then get out of sight. Try ducking into that smaller hallway there.
No. 849026 ID: 35089a

if they see us and we kill them are we still seen
No. 849027 ID: 33cbe7

If those gas cans were to go off while they were still holding them, it would be quite unfortunate for them, but it probably wouldn't burn down the whole apartment. Your Smogwerfer ought to do the trick.
No. 849029 ID: 91ee5f

That only fires canisters of gas at things. The only thing shooting at them will do is knock the gas cans out of their hands.
No. 849034 ID: 35089a

and can we just take the computer with us
No. 849055 ID: c0641d

Shut off the monitor, but not the CPU.

After that, we go in fast. Don’t even let them leave the elevator. We could go for a simple gas grenade, while Eudora goes for takedowns, but...

We’ve yet to try out one of our drug grenades, huh?

Let’s go for the knockout gas. (That is one of the three, right? I know the other two are hallucinogen and rage.)
No. 849056 ID: 9e4723

Staing undetected is easy, the problem here is to stay that way long enought with out them destroing the computer. Obviusly they have somthing important that has to be destroid. Do you have somthing to put out the fire once they are gone? Maybe we can let them burn the place, wait until they are gone, and then put out the fire. Not likely, but posible.
No. 849076 ID: 33cbe7

Oh yeah - let's use the sleepy gas and remain "undetected." Because mind-affecting gas isn't the signature weapon of a particular cop or anything. (Seriously, let's use it.)
No. 849085 ID: 91ee5f

Our group isn't very well known yet, so they couldn't know about Victor using gas.

But hopefully Eudora won't go charging into the gas to beat the bad guys up, thinking it's just a smoke screen.

Also, we should wait for them to walk away from the elevator so that they don't instantly escape. And we should try to shoot the big guy with the canister and hope the little guys stay near him, so they all get gassed.
No. 850253 ID: 11f77a
File 151262648897.png - (219.76KB , 700x450 , MNH 113.png )

Eudora: “VICTOR! Psst!

Eudora: “Moss’ men! Elevator!

Victor: “Can’t be too bad to handle a few goons…

Eudora: “CRATER is with them! With gas cans! They’re gonna torch this place down!

Victor: “Shhhhhhit

>Take the computer/turn off monitor
Aint nobody got time to unplug everything. Victor shuts the screen off and starts loading a sleep modification onto a smokescreen grenade.

Victor: “We don’t have time to deal with this. We can’t hide and wait to douse the fire. I think it’s best to hit them all at once.

Victor: “Eudora, I just need you to jump in and knock them out once they’re distracted. At least remove their gas cans; but hold your breath when stepping in; I’m using the sleepy additive.
No. 850254 ID: 11f77a
File 151262667275.png - (269.68KB , 700x450 , MNH 114.png )

[Round 1] Surprise Attack
The goons exit the elevator with Crater last—the doors shut behind them. He gives them a single command, nudging one to start splitting up…

The Blind Spot
>Attach knockout/sleep gas to Smokescreen
As Eudora gets ready to sprint, Victor tosses a smoke grenade ahead of the goons. By the time they figure out the strange sound they were met with a shroud of sleeping gas.

Goon 1 couldn’t concentrate and is drowsy.
Goon 2 tries to concentrate and is having a better time focusing, but at a penalty.
Crater tries to concentrate and starts to become drowsy.

The Scarab
That was her cue to start running in. She holds her breath to punch out Goon 1. Perhaps it was a miscalculation on her punches, but she still manages to deal 2 damage (0 + 1 + 1).

Goon 1
The sycophant drops his gas can as he stumbled back into Crater. He hastily takes out a billyclub and blindly swings it. Not much luck as he misses, even if Eudora hadn’t tried.

He recognizes Eudora when close enough, and pushes Goon 1 out of the way. With enough focus through his drowsy eye he swings an arm to smack her, but his physique gave plenty of leeway for the bug to dodge his attack.

Goon 2
He sees Eudora knock his friend back and reaches for his gun, dropping his two gas cans. He aims and fires three times—but the Arthocob dodges and bullets splinter the wall. The Krullghn hobbles towards the kitchen.

[ ] Fear Additive
[ ] Rage Additive
No. 850257 ID: 91ee5f

Eudora, leave the gas cloud so that you can take a breath of fresh air and then hurl a Sap Bomb to try and keep those guys in the sleep gas cloud!

Victor, enter the door across the hall and then shoot at the guy that's going to be in the kitchen by the time you get there! Would that still count as a sneak attack for Victor, since the enemies have only seen Eudora?
No. 850261 ID: 33cbe7

RAAAAAAGE ADDITIVE! We're pretty high up. It'd be a shame if the big man himself were to bull rush out a window.
No. 850266 ID: 35089a

fire canister straight into their faces
No. 850286 ID: ba506f

-sap bomb them so they can't leave the sleepy gas field

-probably should use a smoke here since they have guns so they have an even harder time shooting either of you. Bonus points if you can hit creator in the nuts with the shoot or any of the goons really.
No. 850299 ID: 9e4723

Well, there goes the sneaking award.
Can Eudora restrict them with a sap bomb? Victor would have to use another grenade, if he can hit someone in the process, the better.
Does the sleeping grenade knock them out or just stun them?
No. 853748 ID: dd7c0e
File 151418282409.png - (299.78KB , 700x450 , MNH 115.png )

[Round 2]
When suggesting to ‘use a canister’ or ‘smoke somebody’ be more specific whether it’s with the Smogwerfer or the Smokescreen grenades. I’m assuming the suggestions point to the Smoggy

The Blind Spot
>Aim for a direct hit on Crater
Victor loads another round in his Smogwerfer and fires a chemtrail. The force of the grenade knocks into the crab dealing 8 damage! The Krullghn’s suit is ruined, ripped away from the force of the grenade; the mini-boss stumbles against the wall.

The Scarab
>Use sticky bomb!
She is unable to use the ability at this time! Most abilities only have one use per checkpoint or a long recovery time. She instead steps away from the cloud, hoping the effects of sleep take over the big bad as she goes on the defense.
Supporting heroes will often act independently in combat; however, they will do as the player asks if the action is a good tactic.

Goon 1
He becomes too tired to lift his billyclub and soon collapses to the floor. He succumbs to the sleep effects of the smokescreen.

He manages to remain focused and watches Eudora retreat, although he’s still showing effects of tiredness. This bug couldn’t be working alone, and he knows there may be at least two other members in this suite. He storms out of the cloud with a roar. His muscles tense as he charges at Eudora and slams a fist into the wall—missing her dodge and tearing everything else in his path.

Goon 2
He comes around to have a better view of the hallway, gun ready to fire. He hears the loud thrashing his boss makes with Eudora. Across the way he sees Victor and fires a shot. The bullet zips past the Chupa’s head and fractures the window.

No alarm buzzes.

[ ] Fear Additive
[ ] Rage Additive
No. 853764 ID: 91ee5f

>Victor loads another round in his Smogwerfer and fires a chemtrail.
Uh oh! Victor's only got enough gas for one more shot! After that, he's either gotta start shooting empty canisters or he's gonna have to get into melee range!

>The bullet zips past the Chupa’s head and fractures the window.
>No alarm buzzes.
Well, that's lucky!

>What do?
Eudora, kick the back of Crater's knee to force his leg to bend, then while he's off balance, try to punch him back into the sleeping fog!

Victor, hide behind the wall and prepare a smoke grenade with the Fear Additive and throw it at Goon 2! Then when he gets nice and scared, go scare the shit out of him and make him faint!
No. 853814 ID: fe7355

Except he doesn't have the video files. The transfer is only at 51%. And pulling the disk out now could leave incomplete and unusable files.
No. 853817 ID: 91ee5f

We can't leave now! We still need to wait for the files to finish downloading!

Also, I'm pretty sure if we can get Crater back into the sleep fog, he'll pass out. Then we can take care of the last goon and then we can arrest all of them! And with Crater arrested, when we eventually find Moss, he'll be easier to catch because Crater won't be around to protect him!
No. 853819 ID: 9e4723

Yes, we need to get Crater out of the way for future missions, it is going to make everything easier. Eudora should try to knock Crater back to the sleeping gas if posible. But that goon with the firearm is still a problem, he almost kills Victor. A fear granade cloud help, but when fear stikes, a person can get unstable and dangerous, so we have to knock him down as well before he does somthing stupid. What exactly does a fear granade? Somenoe please remind me.
No. 853828 ID: 33cbe7

Vic, double team Crater. Sneak up behind him from the other door and apply that Fear Additive up close and personal. Pick up the sleepyhead's club too, it's better to swing that around than your smogwerfer.
No. 854168 ID: 11f77a
File 151444094855.png - (305.78KB , 700x450 , MNH 116.png )

Mixing your weapon with a fear additive will cause subjects to become frightened and see their allies/enemies as nightmares. Weaker-willed goons may try to run as far away as possible. As long as they’re unable to concentrate, the effects get worse. Some Goons might sporadically fire all their bullets, although there’s an increased chance of missing every shot—very dangerous to be around.

*Additives can be used independently in close combat: a one-use spray into the face of enemies. Or during a sneak attack.

The Blind Spot
>Use (Smokescreen) + Fear Additive on Goon 2
Victor uses the last of his tank to throw a smokescreen grenade at the Goon with the gun; it ‘paffs’ around the henchman as he tries to aim.

Goon 2 attempts to concentrate and is able to focus just enough, but at a penalty.

>Grab billyclub
Victor is just about out of juice. While the two Krullgs are distracted he circles around back to snatch a melee weapon. Victor obtains a billyclub!

The Scarab
>Push Crater back into the fog/Take him out
Eudora moves in to shove the big lug into the shroud of sleeping gas. She bolsters into the Krullghn with as much momentum her body could carry against his stomach. These jabs are fruitless as he doesn’t even budge! (0 + 0 + 0) The big guy heaves a laugh at her pathetic attempt.

The Arthocob notices strange, glowing mechanical bolts on his left arm among the barnacles.

His arm sparks before he swings a charged fist down. She leaps away in time before his knuckles could connect—and the floor below him fractures with static flying. Junk trembles, paintings fall, and the entire flat shakes. Dust clears and he calmly rolls his barnacle-infested shoulder. The crab huffs and gradually shifts into a charging stance, still shaking his head to fight off a drowsy composure.

Goon 2
He feels a bit anxious and is shaken. The Krullg tries to hold the urge to cough, and slowly backs off. One hand tries to wave away the cloud, and the other firmly holds its gun—he hears the commotion between Eudora and Crater. For now, he keeps his eye peeled.

The sleepy smokescreen has eventually dissipated at the end of the round.

[ ] Rage Additive
No. 854175 ID: 33cbe7

Uhh... have fun with that Eudora!
Time to trade up for Goon 2's gun.
No. 854191 ID: 91ee5f

>The Arthocob notices strange, glowing mechanical bolts on his left arm among the barnacles.
Shit, I thought those were just decorations!

Victor, sneak up behind Crater and whack him on the back of the head as hard as you can!

If that doesn't knock him down, then when he turns to see who hit him, Eudora should rip those sparky things off of his arm and/or punch them hard enough to break them!

>These jabs are fruitless as he doesn’t even budge! (0 + 0 + 0) The big guy heaves a laugh at her pathetic attempt.
.....maaaaybe Eudora should grab a piece of scrap metal off of the floor and hit Crater with that?
No. 854192 ID: 9e4723

GOD DAMN IT, Crater keeps making so much noice! Well, at least we now can see some sort of weak points? The Scarab should try to hit those, full power.
The Blind Spot, meanwhile, should try to wack the goon's head as fast as he can, but the problem with that is that he is has only one way to enter the room where the goon is with out being spoted by Crater. This means that the only option is a fast, frontal assult. But Victor could throw an empty gas can to the goon's side way in order to make him expose his back.
No. 854229 ID: ba506f

well might as well sneak behind the goon 2 and try and take him out with the club. Then we need to figure out how to beat creator... this place got any sprinklers in the ceiling? You know the ones buildings have to try and put out fires, cause if this guy uses electricity to help him fight then dousing him in water would probably hamper him a bit.
No. 854719 ID: 11f77a
File 151466273410.png - (271.01KB , 700x450 , MNH 117.png )

[Round 4]
The Blind Spot
Hmm, most everything has been ripped apart here. Security cameras, appliances, smoke alarms, perhaps even the control panel. It doesn’t look like there are any sprinklers at all. It’s a comfortably small flat and any sprinkler would be in the kitchen rather than the hallway. Perhaps a fire extinguisher would be around in case of a fire.

>Attack/disarm Goon 2
Victor’s only means of reaching Goon 2 does seem to be direct, which could be dangerous. However, a smokescreen cloud makes it hard to aim and gives an opportunity of concealment. Thus, Victor can covertly move in range to strike before being seen.

Timing the noise of battle, and taking nimble steps to ward off detection, Victor is able to reach the sycophant without eliciting a shot. ([57]/[60] COVERT)

Victor’s billyclub smacks into the goon’s arms, not quite crippling them with 4 damage. The Krullghn grips hard on his weapon, unable to be disarmed during the strike.

The Scarab
>Aim for the glowing bolts/barnacles
Eudora focuses on a new target: the metallic slabs embedded into the Krullghn’s tough skin. It was an interesting gadget she hasn’t seen in the warehouse before. If her punches can’t get to him, then she’ll have to settle for something sturdier. She grabs the first thing she finds which looks to be some prosthetic Cnidarian arm.

She steps up and aims for one of his barnacles, confident on her target—but he simply slaps her away, with enough force to throw her into a wall. She takes 3 damage from the hit and tumble.

He begins to show signs of recovering tiredness from the initial gas attack. He charges after her, roaring and stampeding down the hallway. Eudora dodges in time for him to crash through the bedroom doors, flinging them everywhere.

Goon 2
Perhaps it was the sudden gasp of air to see a foe swing at him, but the cloud began to poison the Krullghn’s mind. He doesn’t succeed to concentrate and becomes frightened of Victor’s appearance! In the moment of fight or flight, and his sights distorted on a strange nightmarish creature, he fires the last two bullets in his gun until there’s a click. Both bullets miss Victor.

[>>843988] Victor’s Skill Set
[ ] Rage Additive
No. 854834 ID: 91ee5f

>he fires the last two bullets in his gun until there’s a click. Both bullets miss Victor.
Good! Victor, whack him on the head until he's knocked out! Or until he faints from being really scared!

Eudora, fight dirty! Use that prosthetic Cnidarian arm to swing upwards between Crater's legs! Or just aim for his shoulder again! Or hit him in the back of the head!

>Is the bedroom on an exterior wall?
Yes, it is: >>848489 .

>So for now, just tell Eudora to keep him busy and away from the computer.
No, don't say that out loud! That'll just let Crater know that he's got to destroy the computer!
No. 854853 ID: 9e4723

Victor, finish that goon off!
Eudora try to atttack Crater again but don't make an direct attack, he'll just samck you again. Use this chance to hit him while he is disctracted. If Victor finishes his guy, he will be able to give you a hand.
No. 854866 ID: 33cbe7

good, the bedroom's on an exterior wall! If we get him to charge again (and Eudora's current form is much better suited for dodging than hitting) we may get to watch Crater live up to his name, twenty-something floors down. The Rage additive would help, but first we need to put Goon 2 down for the count! So for now, just tell Eudora to keep him busy and away from the computer.
I shouldn't have to say this, but use the secure channel on your radio instead of yelling it across the apartment.
No. 857731 ID: 11f77a
File 151564238985.png - (313.37KB , 700x450 , MNH 118.png )

[Round 5]
The Blind Spot
>Keep Crater away from the computer
They both knew that they must leave with the contents on that disc without Crater knowing. This didn’t leave Victor without telling Eudora—

Victor: “Eud—uh, Scarab! Keep the big guy busy!”

“What do you think I’ve been doing?!” she instead yells back.

The Blind Spot swings his bat again, smacking the goon across his face with a firm crack, dealing another 5 damage. The henchman looked worse for wear, and staggered to keep on his feet.

The Scarab
She grumbles once she’s back on the floor. Instead of a direct attack, she opts to circle and dance around Crater—psyching out mid-swing and retreating to catch him off-guard.

She kept her distance, and tangos around his lunging arm to whip the prosthetic into him. The attack only dealt 1 damage, but with enough force to crack and smash apart one of his mechanical barnacles. Swiftly, she backs off—eyeing the last one impeded into his chest.

He bellows a pissed-off grunt. He picks up the broken bedroom door and chucks it at the Arthocob. Perhaps bleary from anger—the door completely misses on its own and smashes into the makeup desk.

Goon 2
Goon 2 was unable to concentrate and is now frightened. Too much is happening at once! Defenseless and unable to identify his enemy—the only thought in his head was to flee for his life. He pushes past Victor and scrambles to the elevator door, desperately clicking the call button for the cab.

[>>843988] Victor’s Skill Set
[ ] Rage Additive
No. 857733 ID: 9e4723

NO! We can't let thah goon escape! We need to finish him quik so we can help Eudora with Crane.
No. 857771 ID: 33cbe7

Yank him away from the elevator door! He's not getting away that easily.
No. 857850 ID: 91ee5f

>Goon 2 trying to run away.
Victor, stop him! If he gets away, then he'll warn his allies!

Don't charge him from the hall! Instead, come at him from the door behind him and whack him on the head with your billyclub!

>Eudora smashes one of Crater's mechanical barnacles.
All right!

>Crater throws a door at Eudora.
Oh shit!

Eudora, use a combination of your Climb and Acrobatics Talents to avoid Crater and anything he throws at you!
No. 858318 ID: 11f77a
File 151591199597.png - (306.88KB , 700x450 , MNH 119.png )

[Round 6]
The Blind Spot
>Stop that Goon!
Victor runs after, ready to finish him off. The Krullg yelps and ducks in time, missing the Chupa’s bat by a hair.

The Scarab
She attempts another strike with her makeshift weapon, and it whips across his face dealing 4 damage! He stumbles and cracks the glass of the Cnidarian pod. The big boss takes a moment to adjust himself. He feels the need to focus and remain calm—but all that is ignored as he sees his implant has been crushed.

Angrily, he slams the glass and breaks the pod entirely. He marches and lunges his swollen hand to grab the Arthocob, who is still too fast for him.

Goon 2
Trapped with no way to escape until the cart arrives, he swings an arm and lands a hit into Victor’s cheek. Perhaps a lucky shot, but our hero only receives 3 damage.

Victor realizes it may have been a while since anyone checked up on the disc.
[>>843988] Victor’s Skill Set
[ ] Rage Additive
No. 858319 ID: 33cbe7

>no one has checked on the disc on a while
Perhaps now isn't really the time?
Try to relocate the thug further from the elevator using efficient conservation of motion.
No. 858320 ID: 9e4723

Let's just finish them up. If we get reed of them now, especially Crater, we won't have to deal with them in the future, and the goons will think twice before facing us next time. It will deal a huge damage to their morale, and their boss too.
But if we call the cops after we take them down, It would't be really stealthy. Then again, we already must be making a lot of noise.
No. 858339 ID: 3ce125

Spray the rage additive into the goon's face, then lure him into Crater, and Crater into him.
That should prove enough of a distraction to get the disk and escape.
No. 858377 ID: 91ee5f

>Rage Additive
It might help if we say something to him. Like making up some kinda lie about Crater saying or doing something that would piss off the Goon enough to make him want to attack Crater.
No. 858671 ID: 11f77a
File 151606955772.png - (273.70KB , 700x450 , MNH 120.png )

[Round 7]
The Blind Spot
>Use the rage additive
Victor takes his can of anger-spray and empties it in the Goons face. The Krullg coughs and still tries to push you away in terror, and seems to not be affected while under another spell.

>Finish him
Our hero, disappointed of a wasted canister just tosses it aside and slams the Goon’s face into the wall for 1 damage instead. Which was enough to knock the guy out. Conveniently, there is a ‘chime’ and the elevator doors open.

The Scarab
Eudora goes for another attack, but was disarmed by the thug. He swipes the prosthetic arm out from her hands and tosses it far away. She keeps her distance for now as they circle again.

He hears the elevator and realizes he’s the only one left standing. Eudora could see him calculate and stall to make his final move. The mini-boss looked worse for wear and starts to retreat. He reaches the hallway to see Victor blocking the other end.

He looks to one side.

[>>843988] Victor’s Skill Set
No. 858677 ID: 91ee5f

He's gonna charge through the fucking wall to get away, isn't he?

Both of you don't just stand there and stare at him, go get him!

And if behind that wall is a straight drop to the street, don't follow him!
No. 858679 ID: 33cbe7

Sap bomb to slow him down. Now that it's 2 on 1, you may stand a chance even without any smoke left. Keep breaking those implants!
No. 858690 ID: fda98a

No. 858693 ID: 91ee5f

>Use Sap Bomb!
She can't. It was already explained here: >>853748 , "Eudora is unable to use the ability at this time! Most abilities only have one use per checkpoint or a long recovery time."

Since we haven't hit a checkpoint or taken a long rest, Eudora can't use her Sap Bomb.

Even if Crater gets away, as long as he doesn't go after the computer, we've still got the disk, arrested 2 Goons, and managed to stop the from setting this place on fire!

But seriously, I think it's time Victor called in for back up!
No. 858694 ID: 91ee5f

I mean, we were told that communicators will be turned on and the gang can call Jer, Sepher & Kreeb for emergencies.

I definitely think this counts as an emergency!
No. 858815 ID: 2fe26a

Better use a sap bomb before Crater gets any ideas about that computer!
Vic, bluff him with an empty gun.
No. 860314 ID: 11f77a
File 151659685121.png - (310.33KB , 700x450 , MNH 121.png )

[Round 8]
The Blind Spot
Furthest from the Krullg, he builds up a charge to reach him. Was Crater crazy to jump out to escape, or was there some devotion to Moss to never surrender to the police? He could see Eudora think the same questions and start sprinting.

Victor dives and hits the floor, missing the big guy.

The Scarab
She speeds up and lunges to grapple his legs, which she succeeds, even if for a second.

Almost immobilized, he swings his heavy arm with a bellowing grunt to smack her away. His arm bludgeons her face and sends the insect flying back with 5 damage!

Now free from her grasp, he resumes his stampede to the window and breaks through the glass!
No. 860323 ID: 11f77a
File 151659745517.png - (248.72KB , 700x450 , MNH 122.png )

The two of you lean over the edge and look straight down. There’s no sign of his body and it’s too dark at this time to see very far. Nobody can survive a 27-floor drop either. Eudora was given a nasty bruise but will manage.

Victor can see damaged patios further down in darkness. It’s hard to see any more detail than that ([04]/[65] AWARE).

Eudora: “I don’t see him… let’s just leave before the authorities or more Goons arrive. We’ve got what we wanted.”

Obvious that you can collect the disc now, what else will you do?
[ ]Call Jer, Cybil, or Sepher & Kreeb
[ ]Call police
[ ]Call and Wait for Authorities/Allies
[ ]Call and Ditch the area
[ ] Simply leave
No. 860326 ID: 33cbe7

Call Jer and ditch the scene. Crater's vulnerable now, if not dead. The police should strike while the iron is hot.
No. 860333 ID: 91ee5f

>Victor can see damaged patios further down in darkness.
That means he jumped out and landed on a patio, then jumped down to the next patio, and continued going down like that until he got to the bottom.

>What do?
Collect the disc, tie up those Goons in the hall before they wake up, call Jer and ask him if you should stay or leave. And if he says to leave, ask if you should also leave the tied up Goons or bring them with you?

And if we’re told to leave, ask Eudora if we can take the elevator or if she wants to climb the side of the building while carrying you? Unless Jer tells us to bring the tied up Goons, then we’ll have to take the elevator.

Oh, and if Jer tells us to leave, then we should tell him to pass along the info on the secret panel in the elevator to the authorities when we leave.
No. 860336 ID: 3ce125

Agreed. Report back to base and get official orders.
No. 861353 ID: 11f77a
File 151682403196.png - (256.06KB , 700x450 , MNH 123.png )

>Tie up Goons
And thus, Eudora does so. She binds them up somehow and groups them together in a secluded place, far from escape. Victor and Eudora have successfully fought off all enemies! They both earn 200 XP (25 + 25 + 150) for the match!

Victor thinks it’s plausible that Crater managed to soften his landing and found a safe way down. S’pose they’ll meet another day, and next time he won’t be coming back.

>Call Jer
The bug notices Victor dialing on his talkie and clasps her hands around it—

Eudora: “What are you doing?

Victor: “I’m calling Jer; he’ll know what to do about this. This is too valuable a room to leave all hush-hush! Moss’ dudes will return to finish the job if we don’t secure it first.”

Eudora: “Yes but we’re not exactly here legally in the first place. This was a break-in, remember? Anything important now is on that disc.”

Victor: “Doesn’t matter. I already gave Jer a note where we’re going before we left!”

Coincidentally, police begin to arrive on the scene. Blinking lights dance below with the chirp of a couple cruisers.

Eudora: “Not cool.”

Victor: “C’mon! Imagine waking up tied to a pole while a fire blazes around us if Crater just happened to be too much to handle!”

Eudora sarcastically replies, “They would’ve known where to find our charred bodies. Neat. I’ll give ya that.”

Eudora: “We could’ve shown Jer and Cybil how capable this team is. With our division, the ends justify the means, here. This was a criminal's room we've raided.”

She walks towards the ledge, “Thought you were cool with that.”

Eudora: “I’m not gonna stick around for a lecture. I’ll see ya home.”

Eudora: “Let’s not speak of this…”

She slides off the ledge before you could utter another word.
No. 861354 ID: 11f77a
File 151682411302.png - (145.95KB , 392x450 , MNH 124.png )

You call Jer, and although he doesn’t yell or berate you—his disapproving demeanor of the situation reminds you of your old man back home, which makes you feel kinda bad. This could be a difficult position for everyone if you stayed.

The police may be here for the noise and ruckus, but Jer explains to Victor his short call to Sepher on keeping an eye out in the Neo Relic District. The goons won’t be moving anywhere and eventually the police will reach this floor. There was no mention to the authorities that Victor and Eudora were involved here, so the two of them would just need an alibi.

The Chupa has taken pictures and has the important disc—it would be up to him to either stay or go.

[ ] Wait for Police
[ ] Leave the Scene
No. 861357 ID: fda98a

Hmmm, this feels like a bitter victory. Let's just go. We did what was needed to be done. That is what all of this is about.
Go home or take a walk if need to relfect about this.
No. 861364 ID: 3ce125

No. 861407 ID: 91ee5f

>”We could’ve shown Jer and Cybil how capable this team is. With our division, the ends justify the means, here. This was a criminal's room we've raided.”
But we are showing how capable we are! Even if the cops are showing up, we still gathered evidence that Moss clearly wanted destroyed!

Is Eudora really so blind that she doesn’t see the success?


>There was no mention to the authorities that Victor and Eudora were involved here, so the two of them would just need an alibi.
Even though she said not to talk about it, you’re going to need to talk about it with her so that you can both make an alibi together!
No. 861409 ID: 33cbe7

It was a good day to do what had tobe done by us to help our comrades to defeat the enemy. Leave this place, like a ghost!
No. 861471 ID: 11f77a
File 151684066356.png - (209.72KB , 700x450 , MNH 125.png )

You opted to leave without getting caught by the police. He decides to take a nice walk home to think about tonight’s encounter.

>Is Eudora so blind that she doesn’t see the success?
Perhaps it was a bit dramatic of her. Yes, we’ve got what we came for—and better that we arrived before Moss did. But she wanted to skip the warrants and proper policing without getting caught, and waiting would’ve been too late. Not only that, but opting not to tell anyone was dangerous enough if either Jer or Cybil found out more than half the team went off without their technomancer.

It was just to impress them.

Simple enough, Eudora and Victor were hanging out some place by a beach or garden or something. Since Jer knows where they’ve been, Cybil will know soon. And then the nagging will happen.

You unlocked the achievement: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Lobster Cracker for fending yourselves against Moss’ crooks! The two earn an additional100XP.

You also unlocked the achievement: You Wouldn’t Download… for retrieving the documents in the disc safely! The duo earn 50XP for their efforts.

Current points are: Cybil: 900 XPVictor: 1400 XPEudora: 1350 XP

Objective Complete! You have failed some skill checks, but Victor can learn from them and can increase one of his following skills by 2%!

a) LOCKPICK [45] > [47] [>>844392]
b) AWARENESS [65] > [67] [>>847635, >>848489]
No. 861473 ID: fda98a

I think Awareness is better, it the one that we use the most.
No. 861477 ID: 33cbe7

Boost Awareness. Always good to have, especially when your specialty is smokescreens.
No. 861484 ID: 3ce125

No. 861488 ID: 3ce125

Also when the nagging happens, tell Cybil that you think she's part of the problem. If she can't get along with Eudora then Eudora is going to try to go on missions without her.
No. 861489 ID: 91ee5f

>It was just to impress them.
And the fact that both of you managed to successfully get the info without the disk getting broken or anything is already impressive!

Eudora is just scared that if she can’t do something, she’s going to get kicked off them team, which is why she keeps being reckless! She’s trying to impress people that don’t need to be impressed!

>Improve Skill

Do this!
No. 861566 ID: 11f77a
File 151685296779.gif - (153.30KB , 1543x838 , CHOOSE-VIC.gif )

>Cybil and Eudora
It would be good to bring up their quarrel during the stern talk. One way or another he would have to encourage them to express their feelings about the job (and each other). Maybe Eudora ought to visit a therapist some time.

>increase AWARENESS skill
Victor’s AWARENESS is now at [67%]!

Victor has surpassed 1000XP and reached Level 2! He can choose to unlock a new ability or upgrade a current one.

In addition, he may add +1 to either his STR, DEF, AGL, or WIL stat!

In combat, a chance to hit, dodge, use a weapon, or endure is determined by a player’s stat + d20 roll. ATKs involve melee encounters and other physical maneuvers like grabbing, charging, etc. DEFs involve shields, standing your ground, and armor. AGLs involve dodging and firing weapons. Lastly, WIL depends on the character’s ability to focus, and constitution (to poisons, torture, or mental effects such as mind control or a sharp noise).

Skill trees may be edited to better suit further progress. Stats are experimental. If anything isn’t working right then it’ll be changed. Feel free to talk in the Discussion thread or Discord server:

No. 861569 ID: 33cbe7

+AGL and Cloaking. Gotta get that second level unlocked as soon as possible!
No. 861577 ID: 3ce125

+AGL, take Tarboye, because blocking entrances is an especially handy ability we cannot manage at the moment.
No. 861578 ID: 91ee5f

I agree with this!
No. 861591 ID: ce5108

Tarboye can also help stop enemies from escaping.
No. 861730 ID: fda98a

No. 861731 ID: 2fe26a

AGL seems unanimous, get hit less and hit more often.
Propulsion, definitely, because who doesn't love jetpacks? So much easier than rocket jumping.
No. 861780 ID: 11f77a
File 151691526272.png - (199.69KB , 600x500 , TARBOYE.png )

Victor’s AGL stat increased to [5]!
Victor has learned a new ability: Tarboye! This weapon can spew tar to block entrances and trap enemies. Goons will be constricted until they attempt to break free (with a STR check). Tar will eventually dissolve in a matter of minutes.
No. 861781 ID: 11f77a
File 151691532485.gif - (161.95KB , 1543x838 , CHOOSE-EUD.gif )

Eudora has (also) surpassed 1000XP and reached Level 2! She can choose to unlock a new ability or upgrade a current one. In addition, she may add +1 to either her STR, DEF, AGL, or WIL stat!
No. 861796 ID: 91ee5f

She’s a melee fighter, so it makes sense to increase her STR!

And I think all of her forms will benefit from Silk Armor, so let’s get that!
No. 861797 ID: e35bbb

STR and Silk Armor.
No. 861803 ID: 33cbe7

Boost DEF and upgrade Silk Gloves. Soon she'll be able to go toe to toe with Crater in either form.
No. 861843 ID: deec6e


DEF and Bioluminescence. Tagging people in DUR mode should be good with smokescreen, as should leaving fading images in AGI mode, and normal mode's healing ability gives us a way to recover a little health.
No. 861851 ID: fda98a

Hmmm, i like her more as a tank, so let's go with Silk Armor and DEF from my part.
I like the "second chance" one to, but that is for latter. I see very good estrategis from this ability.
No. 861938 ID: 11f77a
File 151694845695.png - (183.15KB , 600x500 , SILK ARMOR.png )

Eudora’s DEF stat increased to [4]!
Eudora has learned a new ability: Silk Armor! She instantly raises her defense by wrapping tough silk around her body. It starts to wither away -1AP every two rounds.

AGILITY: She starts with +3AR and can quickly repair +3AR twice per checkpoint.
NORMAL: Eudora begins with +4AR and heals +1HP every two rounds.
DURABILITY: Eudora has +6AR to start with and is harder to budge.
No. 861939 ID: 11f77a
File 151694853791.png - (109.00KB , 700x450 , MNH 126.png )

In a private office, Officer Cybil attends her session with Chupian therapist Zawyn Cassan-Ortessus. As a friend of Jer, he was assigned to help clients in the recently-established PEPD division.

Zawyn: “It’s nice to see you again, Cybil. Jer has been happy talking a lot about you and your team since the department finally gave it a go this past—month, I believe?”

Cybil: “Correct, around there. And nice to see you too.”

Zawyn: “Judging by your notes I hope we can talk through with how you’ve been feeling recently…”

For a twist in roles you can play as Zawyn, and today you have a client who you’ve been well-acquainted with before! Usually you help her cope with her condition, often discussing demons affecting her fieldwork.

Or you can play as Cybil, and choose to share which memories and private thoughts you see fit. Her past and current situation is somewhat hard to shrug off and perhaps she can find peace at the end of this meeting.

[ ] Play as Cybil
[ ] Interview as Zawyn >"___"
No. 861948 ID: 33cbe7

Let's interview the patient!
No. 861951 ID: 91ee5f

Let’s interview as Zawyn.

Start by asking her about her condition and how it affects her work. Then move onto how her day has been today.
No. 861952 ID: 35089a

be the couch
No. 862003 ID: fda98a

OH, Zawyn, let's be Zawyn!
No. 862206 ID: 11f77a
File 151703271103.png - (213.07KB , 700x450 , MNH 127.png )

As Zawyn, you start simple before easing into her condition, “How has your day been so far?” You ask with a gentle voice.

Cybil: “Er—Good. Good. Standard work so far. We’ve made progress… with our investigations. It’ll keep me occupied for a while.”

Cybil: “—I mean, I enjoy working. I can’t even tell when to stop sometimes—which I don’t think is bad. Crime’s a puzzle. It’s what I’m good at.”

Cybil: “I haven’t had much thought on myself today, really. So it’s another day for me. Which could be good to not have to… dwell on my condition.”

Cybil: “But yes, I’ve been decent.”

Zawyn: “Okay, good! Good. Has your condition affected your work as of late?”

Cybil: “My condition limits a lot of my life. Yet now that I’ve had time to reflect; I believe work could be my only means of escapism.”

Cybil: “I know my deficiency is here to stay, I guess I’ve come to accept that. But on the field—”

Cybil: “That first year I remember feeling vulnerable even in a full suit of armor.”

Cybil: “Half the time I forget why I strived to be an officer. It was my choice, after all. I suppose this was for me, Father, and now my people. But it’s not going to fix any of that.”

Cybil: “It’s a lot of pressure I take upon myself.”

No. 862209 ID: 91ee5f

Ask if she’s getting along with her team? Has her condition made it difficult for her to socialize with her coworkers?
No. 862267 ID: ae9b99


also, maybe perhaps tell her that she doesn't have to be the only person to carry that pressure, as she has friends with her to help carry the weight.
No. 863799 ID: 11f77a
File 151749644629.png - (208.25KB , 700x450 , MNH 128.png )

>Difficult to socialize with coworkers?
>Friends to help carry the weight
Zawyn: “This pressure you feel, have you ever spoken out to your friends about this?”

Cybil: “N-no. I usually keep it to myself. They can’t really help much. It’s a lot larger and more personal to me than anyone can imagine.”

Cybil: “Well, Jer knows.”

“But… you know, I’m a Gortian? We’re supposed to be the law bringers of the galaxy,” She would say quite sarcastically, “Our ancestors practically established the galactic laws.”

Cybil: “And now we’re in disarray in a domestic war. I’m not even supposed to be… here.”

Cybil: “If it weren’t for my father I probably wouldn’t have survived there for long.”

> “___”
No. 863808 ID: b1b4f3

Has she spoken to her father recently?
No. 863818 ID: 2fe26a

I don't think she puts much faith in spirit mediums.
No. 863907 ID: c0641d

“And yet, here you are. Even with all of the could haves, would haves, and should haves that could have led you to where you believed you should belong, those simply did not come to pass, and you shouldn’t let them get to you in the here and now. You yourself decided that your battle would be here, against the criminal underbelly of Port Echo.”

“Now, rather than worrying about the past, the question should rather be; what can you do to fight this battle better, here and now?”
No. 864665 ID: 11f77a
File 151781459427.png - (225.87KB , 700x450 , MNH 129.png )

Zawyn: “Yes, I understand the sacrifice your father made. And we’re all grateful you’re safe here.”

Zawyn: “He has exerted everything to grant you a normal life.”

He replies calmly, “But what‘s in the past is done, Sibbs.”

Zawyn: “All the would’ve, could’ve, and should’ves have no right to deter you from the here and now.”

Zawyn: “Every morning is a new chapter.”

Zawyn: “Your own battle is here, rightfully the criminal underbelly of Port Echo.”

Zawyn: “What you must ask yourself now is; how to tactfully approach it.”

Cybil: “I…”

Cybil: “It’s so hard to move on sometimes.”

Cybil: “But I must say you bring up a good point.

Cybil: “I guess I can try to move forward on the mission at hand. But it’s a matter of time before I have these thoughts again.”

> “___” (enough time left for one topic)
[ ] Discuss about her life outside of work
[ ] Start some cognitive/mental exercises
[ ] Discuss about her immune deficiency
[ ] Talk about her teammates
[ ] Other ___
No. 864672 ID: 33cbe7

>Discuss about her life outside of work
Get a hobby, Cybil!
No. 864732 ID: c0641d

“Do you and your teammates do anything outside of work? Perhaps some socializing is in order, if you’re finding yourself wound up and stressed out during your downtime when there’s no work to be done on your end?”
No. 864734 ID: 91ee5f

No. 864837 ID: fda98a

A good connection with your co-workers will ensure a better field job, and it will open more doors for future relationships. Making new friends always makes us more happier and healthier.
No. 866796 ID: 11f77a
File 151841974670.png - (91.92KB , 700x450 , MNH 130.png )

Zawyn: “Perhaps socializing with your teammates is in order.”

Zawyn: “A good connection with your coworkers will ensure a better field job, and will open more doors for future relationships.”

Zawyn: “As homework, you three should spend some time outside of duty. Maybe simple activities like watching a movie, or go to a dance club.”

A small chime rings on the Chupian’s desk.

Zawyn: “And I believe that may be all the time we have. Perhaps we shall meet again in a week.”

Zawyn: “But you need not to wait, if anything comes up please do not be afraid to call my number.”

Zawyn: “If your team finds trouble, I would be glad to help them resolve any personal obstacles.”

Cybil: “Thanks Zawyn, I’ll see you next time then. Be safe.”

The team has Zaywn as a contact!
No. 866798 ID: 11f77a
File 151842012312.png - (268.76KB , 700x450 , MNH 132.png )

You’re Cybil once again. You feel better for having talked to Zawyn; it’s time to start thinking about her individual self instead of feeling like her entire species rest on her shoulders.

She feels her job is to represent the team now. Like some kind of… mascot…

Home base is blinking; she ought to return at once to see what the hubbub is about this time.

“Coming through, coming through!”

A couple paramedics push through and down the aisle past her. A Krullghn writhes and shivers in his cot, and is infested with barnacles all up and down his body.

No. 866805 ID: 35089a

call home first then find out the fucks up with that guy
No. 866813 ID: 91ee5f

>She feels her job is to represent the team now. Like some kind of…mascot…
To be honest, so far you’re the only member of the team that’s been on tv when that reporter interviewed you at the warehouse crime scene. So in a way, you already are the mascot.

>Home base is blinking; she ought to return at once to see what the hubbub is about this time.
Maybe you should call and see what’s going on?

>A couple paramedics push through and down the aisle past her. A Krullghn writhes and shivers in his cot, and is infested with barnacles all up and down his body.
A new type of street drug?

Or perhaps someone fell into a pool of those things?

Unless a new job comes up and it involves barnacles, that’s when you can mention this to your boss. But until then, it’s none of your business, so just let the doctors do their job and take care of that guy.
No. 866822 ID: 33cbe7

Are barnacles erupting into an epidemic? A rather tenuous connection to Crater, but still. Say, that's something you can look into with your team off-duty!
No. 866982 ID: 90124d

Call home first.
No. 866986 ID: f6785d

No. 867067 ID: 11f77a
File 151850400669.png - (102.39KB , 274x450 , MNH 133.png )

>Call home
>Leave the doctors alone
>Look into barnacles off-duty
Cybil finds the patient’s condition quite interesting to look into after work. She rings up home base, “Sibs here. I received an alert?”
No. 867068 ID: 11f77a
File 151850415213.png - (158.64KB , 700x450 , MNH 134.png )

Cybil: “Breaking and entering without warrant!”

Eudora: “Prevented arson. Evidence could’ve been lost. Luckily we got there in time.”

Cybil: “Property damage!”

Eudora: “That was all Moss’ men. And the drone attacked us first so that was in defense.”

Cybil: “Dispatching without notifying me or Jer, and without the police’s knowledge!”

Eudora: “Jer knew of our whereabouts…”

Cybil: “AFTER the fact!”

Cybil: “And I’m not asking for your excuses! The ends DO NOT justify the means here!”

Cybil paces in circles, Victor is the only silent one, not liking all the yelling. The Scarab doesn’t seem fazed and keeps her sneering composure. Jer was in another room, working on the disc component to decrypt its video logs.

Cybil: “Urrrrgh! How you two were not caught, I don’t know! It's a miracle! You could’ve been soooo close to ruining everything!”

No. 867069 ID: b1b4f3

It's because we're both careful and capable, Cybil. We already operate outside of the law, anyway. We're not the police. We do things they can't.
No. 867074 ID: 91ee5f

>“Breaking and entering without warrant!”
Victor, ask Cybil about the warehouse where you guys almost caught Moss. You guys didn’t need a warrant for that.

>“Property damage!”
>The ends DO NOT justify the means here!
Victor, remind Cybil of who repaired a seacrane and said it would be a good idea for the team to “borrow” it in order to find evidence back at the harbor. That was also done without a warrant. And the seacrane was also property damage.

Cybil, realize that Victor is right and it’s not fair for you to allow what happened with the seacrane to collect evidence and then turn around and get mad at them for doing something else to collect evidence without a warrant.

Then admit that you’re just upset that they went on a mission without you and you felt left out. Then say you’re sorry for yelling at them.
No. 867076 ID: f6785d

So, i am gessing we are still Cybil, so i would go with this. You have to aknolege the "success" of the "mission", they were not caught, they manage to fight back Crater, and they recovered some information that the criminals were trying to destroy. BUT, they acted alone, with out the rest of the team's knowlege, at least not Cibyl, outside of the law, with out the police back-up, and could have made a irredeemable mess, throwing all our hard work through the window. They, might had successed this time, but they have to understand that this is a team efort, and that there are rules that they can't break. They remain a part of the forces of justice, even if they do not work under the police, they can't do what they think is right, we are not vigilantes.
Try to remain calm too, Cybil. This is not a reprimand, this is a group work meeting, to find a better work place, to find an common ground.
No. 867084 ID: caf1de

>The ends DO NOT justify the means
they kind of fucking do all we did was break into an abandoned place connected to a crime boss
how is this worse than stealing and breaking a sea crane
No. 867101 ID: 689e8d

They probably already had a warrant for the warehouse but they defiantly didn't for the seacrane.

Come on Cyb, all they did was go into a place without permission. They didn't even break in they used a key card to gain access to a hidden floor that was abandoned, not only got a whole bunch of evidence but also saved a bunch, help capture two criminals and then got out without anyone knowing it was them.
Maybe they could've gone about this better, maybe they and Jer could've contacted the police and had the building under guard until you got a warrant but there's no guarantee the cops would've been out there immediately or even effective.
The fact is Cybil that Moss dosen't have to wait for permission before he does anything, he's not going to wait for us to catch up. If we're going deal with Moss then we can't try dealing with him the same ineffective ways the regular cops have been using.
No. 867121 ID: 083d66

Yeah, the thing they legit don’t have a defense for is how they didn’t tell anyone. We’re supposed to be a team.
No. 867476 ID: 90124d

They probably should of contacted the police or got a warrant or something. Well this ended up good, it could of turned out to be a false lead or a trap and they'd get nothing to redeem or justify themselves. At least if you have a warrant you can just claim it was the judge or something, I don't know that much about law.

Also, Law check on how much potential trouble we're in. Better to know ahead of time.
No. 867523 ID: b15da4

We weren't caught because we are good at our jobs. This is what we were hired to do!
No. 867635 ID: 11f77a
File 151866227342.png - (136.38KB , 471x450 , MNH 135.png )

Eudora: “It’s because we’re both capable, Cybil. As far as I know, we’re different from the PEPD! Isn’t the point of this team to be able to do things the police can’t?”

Eudora: “Moss doesn’t ask for permission to burn his apartments down. We don’t have the time to go through all that paper-crap, and I believe this division could use a little catching up.”

Eudora: “Oh, and breaking into the warehouse was perfectly legal as well? And stealing the seacrane? I’ve never seen a warrant for those!”

Cybil: “First off, it was a raid! If the subject, a.k.a. known criminal, was under arrest and suspected of illegal activity on the premises then there’s no warrant needed for that warehouse!”

Cybil: “And second, I couldn’t let you jeopardize the mission if you felt like manning that crane yourself! Believe me, I felt guilty for having to ditch it broken. But better me than you!”

Cybil: “I was hoping to start anew after that; to carry out our investigations clean and proper. I didn’t think you, Victor, would tag along on Eudora’s plan.”

Victor: “I… felt it was sketchy. But she invited me—”

Eudora: “Guess it’s all on me then, hmm?”

Victor: “N-no! It’s just I rarely think you appreciate my position on the team. And when you offered me to join I was excited to accept!”

Victor: “But I think after all this you’re just scared into trying to impress the team what you can do.”

Victor: “And we never meant to upset you, Cybil. All we did was just go into a place without permission. We had the key cards to infiltrate a hidden floor without making a mess.”

Victor: “And I… promise to do better next time.”

Eudora: “Yeah, there's no need to stress over this little incident. No one was hurt and we scared off Crater! You could at least admit you were upset for being left out on the mission.”

Cybil: “It’s not about being left out on the mission!”
No. 867636 ID: 11f77a
File 151866253174.png - (123.18KB , 626x377 , MNH 136.png )

That’s enough! All of you!

There was a bellow that shut the room up. Everyone faced Jer Kerchek who was returning from his library. The Gard wasn’t a strict person or even one to raise their voice—but the team remained silent. He resumed with a normal tone.

Jer: “…”

Jer: “I didn’t think this would happen, but I’m going to finish this once and for all before it gets worse.”

Jer: “Some of you may not know, but this was how the first team broke apart, some thirty years ago.”

Jer: “I’m not disappointed in any of you but I feel I should clear things up. And this is final. Okay?”

Jer: “Victor. Eudora. You are right. It seems we need to separate ourselves from the police and we haven’t quite established that. Thus, I will discuss with the higher-ups about how far the laws won’t apply to us.”

Jer: “At the same time, it’s obvious that going alone to the hotel was risky and could’ve ended terribly. Horribly if things hadn’t gone the way they did. Victor had the right idea to leave a note, still you proved to handle yourselves.”

He faces the Arthocob with a smile, “Eudora, you won’t need to impress any of us by going rogue. I chose you to be part of the team, and that already means you’re worth something to me, Cybil, and Victor!”

To the Chupa, “This applies to everyone, but we should speak up and talk about our anxieties and feelings. We all mean well and we should look out for each other. This was something important lost a long, long time ago.”

To the Gortian, “And Cybil, I don’t want you to feel like you have to work by the book to keep this dream alive. Remain calm and focus on the success, on the progress you’ve made so far. There will be bumps—but when you’re far ahead in the game they won’t matter.”

Jer: “This is a team effort, and from now on we must discuss amongst ourselves the next step to bringing Moss down. And all future missions thereafter.”

Jer: “I hope what I’ve said helps. I know we can do this. And let this be the last time we argue and operate behind each other's backs. This was just a miscommunication and we’ll learn from our mistakes.”

The room is quiet, but things seem to lighten up—and everyone nods.

Jer: “Now… for some good news, I’ve decoded the vlogs and we can take a look at them. Good job on retrieving them, by-the-way, you do impress me as a team!”

[ ] Any remaining questions
[ ] Apartment findings
[ ] Barnacles
[ ] Examine remaining two envelopes [>>838201]
[ ] Other ___
No. 867661 ID: 91ee5f

>I’ve decoded the vlogs and we can take a look at them.
Let’s see what’s on there.

>Apartment findings
>Examine remaining two envelopes
Let’s combine these with whatever’s on the vlogs to hopefully get a lead on what Moss is doing.
No. 867666 ID: c0641d

Any movement on the circus? Someone had to be on the inside to A): Know that the bird can communicate, B): Know what block to take, and C): Have access to those blocks. I still think that the knife thrower was an assassin and the intended recipient of the third letter, but even if this isn’t the case, someone there will be getting antsy, careless even. Remember that while Moss may be the villain standing in front of us, he is by no means the only evil plagueing Port Echo (unless he is, somehow). We can’t ignor other threats.
No. 867700 ID: f6785d

Mention the barnacles. I got the feeling that somehow is connected. It reminds me of Crater's arm.
No. 868018 ID: 11f77a
File 151881532280.png - (93.09KB , 386x451 , MNH 137.png )

Everyone gathers around to watch the clips on the television. As Jer sets up the footage there’s enough time to discuss a few things.

Cybil: “Are barnacles an epidemic around here? I know Crater has some on his left arm, but during the hospital visit I saw a patient infested with them all over their body.”

Jer: “I don’t… think so. Barnacles are slow-growing, and small ones can easily be removed as long as you just take a shower and scrub hard. No one just lets them grow unless they were homeless and had no access to medical care.”

Jer: “But the adults are extremely hard to remove, and act like parasites. Swelling, life-draining, and shouldn’t be kept around.”

Jer: “There are easier ways to pry them off but I wouldn’t know. Burn them off like leeches maybe?”

Victor: “Anyone have news on the knife-thrower? Could he still be the assassin sent to kill the target in the third envelope?”

Eudora: “I don’t think anyone was sent to the circus freaks for a second interview since we last saw them.”

Cybil: “It’s highly speculation though, and a stretch. It’s already dark and they won’t be around for another two weeks as the bazaar is held bi-weekly.”

Cybil: “Anyone who was supposed to pick up the dead drop may have renegotiated the location by now, so we may no longer have that advantage for the next location.”

Cybil: "We'll return to them in time."

Jer: “Alright, I think I have the projector ready.”
No. 868019 ID: 11f77a
File 151881561323.png - (102.52KB , 700x418 , MNH 138.png )

A Cnidarian in quite an impressively-built suit sets up webcam. Like before, junk is scattered everywhere. The way he fidgets shows how excited he is.

Hello again, this is Dr. Oric and I’m proud to announce completion of a cheap, fully functional, and comfortable outfit for all Cnidarians alike!

This will be a new era where we can finally support ourselves without relying on exo-species! You'll have to excuse me, I-I’m just so excited—I can just jump right out of my suit! Heh-heh!

My benefactor had expressed their pleasure to work with me. I-I-I thought they were crazy to hand me a large sum of credits and priceless materials—but they are truly the real deal! They share my vision, and they believe in me; treat me with respect! They are happy with my progress!

Oh, what a wonderful time we live in!
No. 868020 ID: 11f77a
File 151881577264.png - (86.60KB , 700x417 , MNH 139.png )

They needn’t to ask, I’m eager to work with them again and again! I’ve sent blueprints and-and schematics for the next project! The suits are too powerful and need a way to store lots of energy! It’ll be a tough task, but people called me crazy before! Heh-heh-haaaa! This’ll be fun! They hired assistants for my ‘protection’ but I see nothing wrong with working alone.

"But it's nice to have subjects, I suppose

They are quite an interesting bunch. One of them has barnacles along his left arm; they’re huge unlike I’ve ever seen before! He prefers to keep them; somehow the relationship between the Krullg and the barnacles benefits him. An interesting strain of cirripedia indeed. I wonder…

Anyway, their leader is a smaller fellow named Moss. He seems to be the voice of his crew and… dresses nicely, I guess. I’m told to pay them no mind, so I just keep working.
No. 868021 ID: 11f77a
File 151881600655.png - (78.51KB , 700x418 , MNH 140.png )

It’s… odd. The more I talk to my benefactors, it seems they ask about a more 'militarized' route. ‘Defense maneuvers for suits’, ‘equip-able arsenal’, ‘remote operation’, and these terms confuse me—I don’t want to make weapons. I’m beginning to question where all this technology comes from as well. Or if it’s even legal! Supply is short sometimes, I can’t get the parts needed to finish my next project!

"But I've since made additions and custom-built some costumes and iterations. I hear they'll be producing and distributing some models in select areas.

In other news: The battery is progressing nicely! Seems the design of a barnacle is perfect with its cyclical shell! During testing it discharges too much energy and injures my staff. But it should be an easy fix. Moss is impressed and seems most intrigued by how it works!

He’s also upset about the PEPD raids, his sloppy work interrupts my progress. I can hear him yell at our boss in the other room sometimes. Even our boss is discreet, and communicates through smoke and mirrors. The Krullgs tell me to get back to work—and they’ve started to bring in heavier weapons. There’s tension in the air, but I'll just keep to myself for now.
No. 868022 ID: 11f77a
File 151881611554.png - (70.71KB , 700x418 , MNH 141.png )

I could hear Virgil yelling again, and our boss believes they hired the wrong, heh, henchmen. Moss knows it; he knows he’ll be dumped. He knows. I feel no sense of security around him, Crater, or his men…

He plots to keep me, I think. He loves how my inventions can give him an advantage. And the benefactor suspects that’ll happen. It’s a stressful, unspoken game they’re playing. Moss yells at me to work faster and I try. I have nothing to lose but my life. But I’m scared the dream will cease. I must keep working.

What will happen of Moss? What will happen of me? The benefactor tries to get him to comply with threats, and take away what they gave him. Tells him not to worry of mascots. They will take care of the division. They have it covered. A long term plan. It’s hard not to eavesdrop. Moss just needs to bring me the components. But the crab is hot-headed. And he has other plans."
No. 868023 ID: 11f77a
File 151881638934.png - (88.56KB , 700x417 , MNH 142.png )

I’m afraid that this may be the last log before Moss takes me away. His guards are rushing me and I… don’t know what will happen. They say they’ll keep me safe while I tinker with the battery. And after some time in the safehouse they’ll smuggle me elsewhere unbeknownst to anyone.

I hear Krullgs mention using ‘midnight harbors’—they could possibly mean those old, old hidden harbors where trade would happen in these huge waterways. I remember reading about Port Echo’s history when I was growing up. When the city expanded, they built the streets right on top of the marina—the tunnels have since dried up underground. These tunnels can lead for miles, even. Almost nobody knows they still exist even after a century.

[Krullghn commands, they urge the doctor to move]

I’ve included the CIRRI diagram in this log. Something big is going to happen and it may be entirely my fault. I’ve about collected what I needed here. I suppose this is… goodbye…
No. 868066 ID: 91ee5f

>In other news: The battery is progressing nicely! Seems the design of a barnacle is perfect with its cyclical shell! During testing it discharges too much energy and injures my staff. But it should be an easy fix. Moss is impressed and seems most intrigued by how it works!
Hey, Eudora, doesn’t that sound like what you saw on Crater‘s arm when you were fighting him?
No. 868129 ID: f6785d

So the barnacles ARE connected somehow! Is like a symbiotic relationship of some sorts. It might have something to do with this research that guy was doing.
No. 868342 ID: a4ccfe

So Moss was a lackey himself. Seems like after Moss we'll have bigger fish to fry.
But first, Jer, what happened to the first team and what info do you have/can get on these "midnight harbors"?
No. 871083 ID: 11f77a
File 151996960249.png - (128.93KB , 476x375 , MNH 143.png )

Victor: “Say, Eudora… isn’t that the device found on Crater when you were punching him out?”

Cybil: “So Moss has been applying these weapons to his crew already?”

Eudora: “It would discharge electricity and shake the room. Luckily I haven’t been zapped by it, but Crater punches hard.”

Cybil: “Well it sounds like Moss and Crater are merely lackeys to a bigger bad.”

Cybil: “Jer, what information could you find from these ‘harbors’ beneath the city?”

Jer: “I’ve never known about them, I mean—I’m not surprised that the city contains many hidden pockets. But I can visit the council hall or library archives for old maps.”

Jer: “Meanwhile, you three should plan for tomorrow morning. We have two places left to investigate.”
No. 871093 ID: 11f77a
File 151996989269.png - (274.32KB , 700x450 , MNH 144.png )

The team is dismissed, and Victor hops from the couch to walk up to the Gard.

Victor: “Hey, big guy? So, uh… about the old team…

Victor: “What did happen to break them up?”

Jer mumbles like he has to recollect a repressed memory, “Well, it isn’t something I’d like to share. But—mistakes were made.”

Jer: “I was young—but that’s no excuse for what happened.”

Jer: “Like you, we had special mutations, all except for… Haycanth, Cybil’s father. It was me, him, a Huntoon named Nozzer, and—that was pretty much it. We had a small staff monitoring us as well which is how I have many friends across this city.”

Jer: “Our first assignment was our last. We had to deal with a situation involving a radical cult plotting a terrorist attack in a different city, Sarcothus. They were led by a Zephcynth named Menz Arik under faith in their Ndepthteph god.”

Jer: “The team came to a moral dilemma, and none of us agreed on a solution. A fight happened between us and the cultists were able to damage more than we could’ve saved.”

He sighs, “The details are blurry and… I would like to keep it that way.”

Jer: “…”

Jer: “You should plan your mission tomorrow with Cybil and Eudora, I need to get back to work before rest. I have a mayor to visit and photos to decipher.”
No. 871095 ID: 11f77a
File 151996998563.png - (263.24KB , 700x450 , MNH 145.png )

“So our last two leads are an electric substation in the Elix Garden District and a barnacle research farm along Tar Zoa thanks to coordinates imprinted on the envelopes.”

Cybil: “No idea what they’d need from the substation, but I can call ahead for an appointment. The Port Electric Company owns the property; they generate power to a chunk of the city. We can see what’s up with the tools we have.”

Cybil: “The research farm has Dr. Oric and is probably where he’s working on his latest invention—so it may be heavily guarded by Krullgs, and possibly Crater if he decides to stick around. We can always infiltrate at night for more cover, but he’s a high-value target for the 3rd party.”

a) Substation
b) Barnacle Farm

No. 871100 ID: b1b4f3

B. Rescuing the doc is a pretty high priority. Except... how likely is it that trying to bust him out will just get him captured by the "Benefactor", either by us getting followed there or ambushed on the way back?
No. 871106 ID: f6785d

I insist that the barnacles are the key here, so i am going to stick with B. And if Crater is there, we are going to have a chance to get rid of him for good. He shouln't be in conditions to face the whole team, we did hit him hard last time. And if we keep harrasing Moss, his plans are going to be slowed, and his bosses aren't going to be happy about it.
No. 871130 ID: 5afc83

I wonder if Nozzer was any good at throwing knives?
Also wonder if there was some setup to cause this moral dilemma?

The substation is probably where they're getting the power to charge the barnacles as well as power for other things. The regular authorities can deal with it if we don't have time.
B. We need to get to the Doc before he disappears again and we'll get more information on the barnacles, what they can do and where they will be or have been implemented.
No. 871222 ID: 91ee5f

b) Barnacle Farm
No. 871646 ID: 33cbe7

:redb:arnacles! And we'll all go together.
No. 871689 ID: 11f77a
File 152022767487.png - (152.66KB , 669x438 , MNH 146.png )

>Research station
Thus it was agreed to visit the barnacle farm first thing in the morning (together, of course), and arrive a little before dawn when patrol is minimized. Schematics were downloaded for the particular area.

It was late, and best to start resting now.
No. 871690 ID: 11f77a
File 152022786252.gif - (575.21KB , 667x500 , EP1SELECT4.gif )

Port Echo Research Stations can be found along the coast of the Tar Zoa district to study marine biology. There are several hubs to conduct experiments and preserve the vibrant wildlife of Port Echo. Up to ten zoological personnel can occupy each section with two extra bunks for guests.

You three arrive to scout from the high ground, just out of sight from the patrolmen. It’s a tad dark this early, early morning; Cybil spots two stationary guards, and one circles the metallic hut that burrows into the rocky cliffside ([54]/[65] SCANNING).

Victor’s eyes were keener as he informs the techie and bug two more watch guards, and a third overlooking the entire area with a long-ranged weapon ([01]/[67] AWARENESS).

Eudora wasn’t paying attention or whatever ([32]/[20] AWARENESS).

(A mini-map will be provided after character choice)

There are two achievements in the area:
:warrantyvoid: Warranty Voided (100XP) — Destroy all prototypes
:droric: Dr. Oric, I Presume (200XP) — Exfiltrate the Doctor

>FIRST: Choose your primary character;
A.) Victor (Lvl 2: 1400 XP) [>>/questdis/121125]
B.) Eudora (Lvl 2: 1350 XP) [>>/questdis/121124]
C.) Cybil (Lvl 1: 900 XP) [>>/questdis/121131]
>Also, decide which form Eudora will take: (Agility | Normal | Durability)

>SECONDLY: Select two abilities for Victor/Eudora
Victor: (Smogwerfer | Smokescreen | Tarboye)
Eudora: (Chitin Gloves | Sap Bomb | Silk Armor)
Cybil: (Hologram | Helioshield)
No. 871694 ID: b0879a

>Eudora wasn’t paying attention or whatever
God dammit bug!


Smogwerfer | Tarboye
Chitin Gloves | Silk Armor
No. 871720 ID: 91ee5f

>FIRST: Choose your primary character
Let’s help Cybil catch up with the others!

>Also, decide which form Eudora will take

Sure, she won’t be able to sneak as good in this form, but when we get into combat, she’ll actually be able to do some damage this time!

>SECONDLY: Select two abilities for Victor/Eudora
Victor brings his Smogwerfer and Tarboye.

Eudora uses her Sap Bomb and Silk Armor.
No. 871731 ID: 31b497

Primary: Cybil.
More XP for her would be nice.

My memory's a little fuzzy on the different abilities but:

Victor: Smogwerfer and Tarboye
Eudora: Sap Bomb and Silk Armour

Smoke attacks and ensnaring people seems like a pretty good combination.
No. 871764 ID: f6785d

This sounds good to me.
No. 871788 ID: 33cbe7

Primary: Eudora. We have a VIP to extract and guards to take out, so let's sock it to 'em while guiding our rowdiest member with an invisible hand.
Eudora abilities: Agility Form, Silk Gloves, Sap Bomb.
Victor abilities: Smogwerfer, Tarboye.
No. 871794 ID: c0641d

Everyone is on the team, so everyone gets XP; so we pick based on who can be the most problematic when not under our direct control. Eudora, with Durability form (since there’s no particular stealth objective this time; systematic KOs it is).

Equip Smogwerfer and Tarboye on Victor, and Chitin Gloves and Silk Armor on Eudora. We want maximum offensive potential if we go up against Crater.
No. 871895 ID: 11f77a
File 152032058143.png - (321.82KB , 1000x831 , CYB CURRENT.png )

You decided to play as Cybil Her abilities:
Hologram [Deceptive image to distract enemies. Uses 1 charge per round.]
Helioshield [Holographic wall that blocks bullets for a max of 10 damage. 3 charges per use.]
[ ] Orbiting Drone New prototype functions! Once per checkpoint, Cybil can activate the Drone to choose one of the following:
+10% increase to Cybil’s skill checks
Replenish health (+5) and ammo (+5)
Double burst of firepower
Replicate Cybil’s known abilities

>Eudora is in Durability Mode
Sap Bomb [A giant ball of sap can trap two enemies on impact.]
Silk Armor [Activate for +6AR; she is nearly immovable. Armor withers -1AR per two rounds]

>Victor’s Arsenal:
Smogwerfer [Fire chemtrails to drive out enemies or cause force damage, 1 canister cost]
Tarboye [Spew tar to block entrances and trap enemies. Bound goons will attempt to break free. 1 canister cost]
[ ] Hallucination Mods: Fear, Rage, and Sleep.
No. 871897 ID: 11f77a
File 152032116906.png - (291.70KB , 700x450 , MNH 147.png )

Victor: “You know, I couldn’t decide whether to take the Tarboye or the Smogwerfer with me today…”

Eudora: “So you brought them both—”

Victor: “—That’s exactly what I was thinking! And I did!”

Cybil: “Hush, guys. I’ve been spying the patrols for the past ten minutes. Most of the men outside are mooks with clubs and pistols. The one in front of the entrance seems to be better equipped and in charge of this squad.”

Eudora: “I didn’t think we were walking in discreetly. I’ve built myself to bull rush these guys.”

Cybil: “Might end up that way. We can try to get the drop on them for a surprise. We have an advantage right now. Careful of the rifleman—so keep a strong head on your shoulders.”

Cybil: “Not to mention more goons are inside; the station tunnels beneath this cliff but it shouldn’t be a maze to traverse. It’s just a couple of rooms.”

Cybil: “We have the necessary skills for such an assault. Here’s our first move: ___”

>What do? ___
[ ] Skill Check
[ ] Orbiting Drone
No. 871938 ID: c0641d

Take out that sniper first. If we don’t need a stealth check to get up to him, we should all do it, but if we do, then I should do it while you two wait for my signal to drop down into that alley behind the lower building and start removing people. Either way, commandeering that rifle should give me control over the battlefield.
No. 871947 ID: 39a82b

>Eudora is in Durability Mode
>Sap Bomb
Guys come on.

We need to take out the sniper first! Afterwords Cybil could use the rifle to destroy stuff like alarms, communication devices, weapons and lights.
No. 871961 ID: 91ee5f

I agree with taking out the sniper, but I’m not sure if Cybil could use the rifle. Because if it’s considered a heavy weapon, then Cybil only has a 10% chance of being able to use it.

But if it’s considered as a regular firearm, then she’s got a decent 60% chance of using it correctly.
No. 871965 ID: f6785d

Let's deal with the sniper first, then we check if we can use the rifle or not.
No. 872084 ID: 11f77a
File 152039351533.png - (176.52KB , 700x432 , MNH 148.png )

It looks like a standard hunting rifle which Cybil is able to use. “Heavy Weapons” include mini-guns, grenade launchers, giant lasers, etc (anything that doesn’t fire a bullet). Giant mechs or tanks would fit under “Operate Heavy Machinery”.

>Take out sniper
The sniper is a bit high up above the rocks. Someone would need to execute a climb check to safely traverse it. There is no direct route unless they take the long path where they came from to reach that height.

(Cybil) [20%] Climb
(Victor) [20%] Climb
(Eudora) [55%] Climb
[ ] Orbiting Drone

a) Have someone climb?
b) Keep planning
No. 872085 ID: 33cbe7

Well, she's hindered a bit, but Eudora's still the best at it. Can Cybil find an alternate route up there and take over manning the position? Otherwise, just putting the gun out of commission will do.
No. 872129 ID: 39a82b

How far can the orbiting drone move from Cybil? I guessing not far enough. Bug, climb, and get ready to sap bomb.
No. 872130 ID: 91ee5f

No. 872229 ID: 11f77a
File 152045550946.png - (266.92KB , 700x450 , MNH 149.png )

>Drone distance
The drone doesn’t travel very far and stays within a relative distance from its creator.

>Other route?
They would have to backtrack and take several minutes to find a way around the terrain over to the sniper shack—if they choose to take the time.

>Eudora climbs
Cybil: “Eudora, can you reach the sniper and at least incapacitate him?”

Eudora: “I suppose I can try. Just need to… find a rock that can...”

The Arthocob seems to start off with a little trouble to stay in place, but she doesn’t go far before sliding down. Dew and mist from the ocean has eroded away most anything to properly grip ([73]/[55] CLIMB).

She plops back down with enough force to land onto her rump, “Ech, it’s tricky. It’s too wet and my hands can’t really hook well in the cracks.”

Eudora: “I don’t think I would’ve been able to reach halfway before falling to the beach below.”

> Plan B ___ ?
(Cybil) [20%] Climb
(Victor) [20%] Climb
[ ] Orbiting Drone
No. 872251 ID: f6785d

Shit. Are we in a rush, or we can take our time to find a new way to get to the sniper? The rest of the team can go and wxplore some more, see if they can neutralise other guards that are out of the sniper sight.
No. 872264 ID: 33cbe7

If we're not in a rush, it's time for plan 'Cybil commandeers the rifle' again while Eudora and Victor start taking out guards.
No. 872296 ID: 39a82b

Cybil, try, just try please.
Whats the range on Cybils/the drones shots, smogwerfer/tarboi, sap bomb?
No. 872308 ID: 11f77a
File 152049397602.png - (166.40KB , 700x450 , MNH 150.png )

>Range on weapons
Her drone, stunning pellets, Helioshield, and Eudora’s Sap Bomb can reach short-medium range—or roughly 30 yards. Anything farther would need a higher success roll depending on distance.

Victor can fire his Smogwerfer/Tarboye a good deal further, reaching 60 yards. Again, he would need a higher success roll. If Victor needs 45% to succeed a hit within 60 yards, he may need to make a hard success (half his usual rate, 22%) if firing out of his range, and 09% (1/5 of his rate) for an extreme success the further away the target is.

Cybil’s Hologram can reach a fair distance, stepping out of medium range will make the hologram fizzle or glitch, anything farther is noticeably a false projection.

>Cybil, just try climbing
Cybil: “Alright, I doubt I could make it… but I have to get there…”

Cybil: “But even if we have to jump down, remember that these guys are lackeys. They’re not the military; they’re goons with guns. Most criminals I’ve put up with during a shootout suck at weapon handling.”

She manages to pull herself up, taking time to carefully grab a promising ledge—before it crumbles off and she scrambles to seize anything to keep from falling ([83]/[20] CLIMB). Her armor cushioned the landing but only receives minor damage, minus 1 AR point.

Eudora: “Ugh, We don’t have all day. Let’s just get to the fighting.”

Eudora: “As weird as it may sound—I’ve equipped myself to be shot at.”

a.) Take the long road to the sniper shack
b.) Devise a new plan before heading to the beach
(Victor) [20%] Climb
[ ] Orbiting Drone
No. 872309 ID: caf1de

i know enough about vidogams to know that snipers going to give us no end of shit if we don't take it out
No. 872310 ID: 33cbe7

Cybil... y u do dis. :\
Make a mental note to invent a grappling gun later, and take the long route around to the shack. Eudora, Victor, get to fighting.
No. 872363 ID: c0641d

> a vs b

Why not both? Have Cybil find an alternate route while Eudora picks off ground troops. Sure, we might have to deal with an annoying sniper for a bit, but that won’t last. Also, switch control over to Eudora while Cybil is doing that. As for Victor, maybe have him take a go at the cliff and join Eudora if that doesn’t work.
No. 872368 ID: d01d15

That's not a bad idea. Victor can provide her with smoke cover
No. 872377 ID: f6785d

All right, Cybil, go for the long rute. Victor and Eudora, look for some tsrgets.
No. 872390 ID: 11f77a
File 152054823211.png - (248.00KB , 700x450 , MNH 151.png )

>Go around
Cybil opts to travel back round while the rest can start taking out goons. She reminds them to keep updating their tactics on the intercom.

By the end of the second minute, there’s gunfire. Cybil switches her pace to a sprint; soon reaching the top by the third. She counts two rifle shots echoing through the air.

Cybil: “Come ooon, come on comeon—aHA there!

She sees a dip that leads to the lone shed and wastes no time running down. There are still gunshots resonating from the beach area, but there seems to be no struggle coming from the intercoms—it sounds like Eudora and Victor took a few scratches, but still push forth with gusto.

Cybil approaches the door and tries to soften her steps. She can hear a Krullghn shout over the walkie-talkie inside.

Squad two, we need squad two out front! Out now! Squad One is thinning!

They’re here for the Doc!
No. 872391 ID: 11f77a
File 152054828718.png - (214.67KB , 700x450 , MNH 152.png )

No matter how she enters, the Gortian is ready to strike the grunt—

—Except she finds him slouching against his stall; a Cepholod goon with his back stabbed and bleeding out. His rifle wasn’t taken but smoking on the floor. He remains lifeless.

Eudora speaks through the team intercom, “That’s right, you run you coward! And, uh, Cybil—nice job on the sniper; I figured it was you when he stopped shooting over our heads.”

The shed has a flight of stairs that lead to a door underground. Keys are left in the lock.

[ ] Orbiting Drone
No. 872393 ID: c0641d

Comm that he was dead when we got there, and that the assassin is likely here! Go immediately down those stairs. We don’t have time to lose!
No. 872406 ID: b1b4f3

Shit. Radio in that you're not alone, someone else got the sniper. Once they're at the gate they need to secure the entrance somehow to make sure the other, likely hostile forces don't get in.

Head downstairs, keeping an eye on your corners and ceilings, but be stealthy and be prepared to use your holo tech to distract the assassin if it comes to a fight.
No. 872408 ID: 33cbe7

Bloody Spies...

Team, make a bullrush for the VIP! Someone else is here and they shoot to kill. Note that communications may be lost when going down the stairs. You'll have to try and meet up inside the facility.
No. 872421 ID: f6785d

Tell then to watch their six, there is a third unknown intruder that took down the sniper and apparently "help them" out. This is bad, try to analyze the body, see if you can find some clues. If not keep up with the plan. If the outside goons have being taken care of, pick up the rifle and reunite with your team mates asap.
No. 872460 ID: 1ce946

>with knife no doubt
The plot thickends!

>bleeding out
Wait so he's still alive! Fuck! We need to help him but we can't waste time. Fuck! Start triage while the others finish off the goons, inform them of these latest events.
Someones here to kill the good doctor.
No. 872481 ID: 33cbe7

Speaking of communications, grab that walkie talkie!
No. 872604 ID: c0641d

Blindspot and Scarab are tied up with the goon waves. I’m pretty sure the scientist is toast unless we start hoofing it! Go go go! No pausing! Update the others as you run!
No. 874265 ID: 11f77a
File 152134874716.png - (295.01KB , 700x450 , MNH 153.png )

Cybil: “Guys, we have a situation. The sniper was dead before I arrived; our third-party assassin was just here! And we’ll have to move to the VIP as soon as possible!”

Victor: “Whaaaaaat?!”

Cybil: “We’ll meet inside, just keep pushing through the goons! And watch your backs!”

Cybil: “The killer could hope this is a good enough distraction to reach their target.”

The Gortian grabs the walkie-talkie and slings the rifle over her shoulder with a small “Sorry, guy!” and hops down the stairway; briefly checking every corner before opening the door—pocketing the keys along. The stairs take a minute to traverse until she finally reached the ground level.

Cybil: “Damn damn damn… damn!

Prepared for any sudden attack, she instead finds another dead goon against the wall, but it looks like a struggle happened before he succumbed to multiple stabs.

There’s a door to the immediate left. Just ahead is a hallway that bends around where lackeys can be heard stampeding away from Cybil to the front entrance. Eudora and Victor are punching their way through.

No. 874267 ID: 33cbe7

Door doesn't look disturbed. Keep going down the hall!
No. 874546 ID: 11f77a
File 152152272928.png - (225.85KB , 700x450 , MNH 154.png )

>Keep going down the hall!
Cybil dashes by the door and continues around the bend. There, she sees Eudora bust into a goon and slam him against the wall with a hard crunch. Victor is heard out of view in combat with another foe.

Eudora and Victor hustled and took down 4 Goons[b] and [b]1 Grunt for a cumulative of 150XP (4•25 + 50)! Victor has 5 shots left in his canister and looks to be in good health. Eudora seems to hold herself well, although she took some damage to her armor. None of her abilities were activated.

“H-hey!” the bug says, struggling to punch out her assailant, “Good to catch ya… just trying to… take care of this guy!”

[ ] Orbiting Drone
C (900) Hologram | Helioshield
V (1550) Smogwerfer | Tarboye
E (1500) Sap Bomb | Silk Armor
No. 874549 ID: 33cbe7

Put him down with a Stun Pellet if he resists arrest. Can you use your Orbiting Drone to help you locate the VIP? That's priority numero uno now.
No. 874551 ID: b1b4f3

Just hit him with a sap bomb and get moving! Assassin must've gone through the door.
...what about the grating on the ground though?
No. 874553 ID: caf1de

they got this keep going
No. 874581 ID: f6785d

This sounds like a plan.
We need to find that scientist quickly, he might be the target of the assassin.
No. 874905 ID: 11f77a
File 152174390048.png - (230.98KB , 700x450 , MNH 155.png )

>Knock ‘em out
The remaining two goons struggle; as they flail they’re easily put down by the heroes (+50XP).

Cybil: “Nice work— but we need to move and locate Dr. Oric fast!”

>Orbiting Drone
She doesn’t have any method of seeing the doctor through walls. She tosses her drone in the air and it activates. The device looks through the window of the door and sends information back for what it sees—as well as a general census of goons in the area.

“According to what it can scan, there are still six active bodies inside the station—excluding us” ([74]/[75] SCANNING). She punches in some keys on her wrist.

“Through that door, it looks to be the actual ‘farm’ of the station. I can spot troughs of barnacles and lab equipment. Two guys are at the far end of the laboratory… and no sign of anyone else.”

>Grating on the ground
Victor has been looking around the hall. “Hey,” he pipes pointing at the grate, “Think one of us can crawl through?”

Light air wafts from the vent—and the lid is wonky, easy to lift. Cybil and Victor could probably crawl through, but Eudora may be too bulky to swiftly navigate.

[ ] Skill Check >>871895
[ ] Orbiting Drone ACTIVE
C (900) Hologram | Helioshield
V (1600) Smogwerfer | Tarboye
E (1550) Sap Bomb | Silk Armor
No. 874906 ID: f6785d

Eudora should check the rest of the building while Victor and Cybil neutralise this two. The less opposition for the extraction of doc, the better.
No. 874913 ID: 33cbe7

Eudora reduces that active body count while Cybil and Victor wonk their way through the vent.
No. 874917 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah Eudora should be able to solo some goons with use of her silk armor.
No. 875068 ID: 91ee5f

Would you even be able to know which way you’re going in the tunnels? You guys could end up getting lost!

Tell Eudora to go punch some goons in the face and to call for help if she needs it.
No. 875105 ID: c0641d

If there’s only the two guards through the doors here (assuming that’s what we’re seeing in the visual), and taking the hallway brought us to our team, then that means the assassin is already in the grates. Victor and the drone both need to get moving through those while Cybil tries to find the doctor another way, and Eudora should take out the aforementioned guards and shut down any barnacle evac they might be attempting.
No. 875376 ID: f6785d

...Yeah, that sounds better than my plan. Change the roles.
No. 875961 ID: 11f77a
File 152238773261.png - (268.73KB , 700x450 , MNH 156.png )

Cybil: “I came from the hallway the assassin went through—so I doubt they strolled inside. They may already be in the grates to slip past the guards.”

Cybil: “Do you think the both of us can fit in there?”

Victor: “It’s a bit cramped. But we can try.”

Cybil: “Take the drone, then. I’ll see if I can find another way to the doc.”

Cybil: “Eudora, let’s make sure no one escapes with the prototypes either.”

Victor manages to fit through the grate door and touches down in a narrow crawlspace—in fact he’s able to still crouch and walk at a reasonable pace. Cybil’s drone is floating down the path.
No. 875962 ID: 11f77a
File 152238798983.png - (311.09KB , 700x450 , MNH 157.png )

>Another way to reach the doc?
These research stations don't have many passageways; a hallway here and there and a large hub connecting smaller rooms like bedrooms, kitchens, etc.

>Silk armor
Eudora’s armor has increased by +6. She busts through the door and alerts the grunts. Cybil joins her side.

Eudora: “Hey, idiots!”

Eudora: “Come get me you bunch of louses!”

Cybil: “Lice…

Cybil and Eudora have the first move. The two grunts snicker. There are similar devices embedded in their armor; each has a barnacle with tubes fueling some energy. Their fists grind together to emit sparks.

Victor comes at the first intersection; one leads straight ahead East with a grate and one path leading South.

a) Head East
b) Head South
[ ] Skill Check >>871895
[ ] Use Hunting Rifle 60%
[small][ ] Orbiting Drone ACTIVE

C (900) Hologram | Helioshield + Hunting Rifle
E (1550) Sap Bomb
No. 875969 ID: c0641d

This assassin seems to be the fast and messy type, so he probably isn’t in the habit of opening grates from the inside and putting them neatly back in place; therefore, we can nix that option. Send the drone South, as it has the potential to open up the greatest line of sight (with the potential looparound with both the potential East branches) with the least amount of movement - plus, it seems that blue glow = grate (if the East is any indication), so that’s another one to check right there. If any open grates are spotted, you’re done - continue pursuit (as I partly doubt that he knows that you know he’s here, so trying to deceive you by wasting time with a different random gate becomes even more unlikely).

On Cybil and Eudora’s side; Cyberwire should try to get a rifle shot off on the front facing barnacle while Scarab goes for the SMASH on the shoulder one. After that, if it looks like Scarab can handle this, Cyberwire should go try to find the doctor above ground.

Also, can someone explain how these letter-grade combo skills work?
No. 875971 ID: 11f77a
File 152239077691.png - (22.13KB , 200x200 , IconCYB.png )

>Letter-grade skills
So in the D&D-esque tabletop game Call-of-Cthulhu your characters will have percentages of success instead of D&D where you would roll a 1d20 die plus ranks in a certain skill. An athletic character will have a better chance to leap from one building to another, but probably not so well in other skills like Medicine or Lockpicking.

So if Cybil has a 60% to hit her target with a rifle, a 1d100 die would be rolled to determine the outcome. If there is a 60% chance, that means I have to roll for a number between 1 and 60 (I do this on my desk before writing everything out). Any number over that (61 - 100) is a failure.

The system was adopted here before I started playing Pathfinder/D&D which is why it's all percentages.
No. 875975 ID: c0641d

I knew that. I was just asking what the letters “C” and “E”... oh, crap, that’s for their names, not a letter grading system. Derp. Still a little confused by what I think are EXP totals in the parentheses; is that just something to keep in mind when assigning actions that will potentially net party members some “take-down” credit (i.e. EXP)?
No. 877977 ID: 11f77a
File 152324601931.png - (277.07KB , 700x450 , MNH 158.png )

Cybil loads her rifle and fires at Grunt 2, aiming at his source of power. Quickly, the Krullg dives out of the way as he sees her steady her weapon, and the bullet pierces a trough behind him. Eudora tromps over and swings her fist at Grunt 1—but her target parries and sends a shocking fist into her gut, dealing 6 DAMAGE to the bug. A normal man would fly backwards—yet she holds her ground despite the setback. The same grunt swings a second fist and uppercuts the Arthocob, dealing another 4 DAMAGE. Thankfully, her extra armor can absorb a great deal of his blows.

The Grunt that dodged Cybil’s bullet rushes the Gortian—and denies her retreat with a strike to her back, dealing 4 DAMAGE to her armor! She stumbles with electricity surging through her.

>Send the drone/Victor SOUTH
The Blind Spot heads south towards the light—figuring a grate must be there. His assumptions are true, and he’s able to look up into a different room immediately WEST. It’s calm—and listening closely it sounds like… a radio? Some water is running in a sink and… somebody’s moving up there.

Victor faces EAST and there’s a long, long tunnel ahead. There’s not much but another grate with light peeking through—.
No. 877978 ID: 11f77a
File 152324608767.png - (143.74KB , 700x450 , MNH 159.png )

And the lights suddenly go out!

a) Go EAST; >___
b) Go Up the GRATE; >___
c) Go Back NORTH at the first intersection; >___
>What next for our heroes?!

[ ] Skill Check >>871895
[ ] Use Hunting Rifle 60%
[ ] Orbiting Drone ACTIVE For 2 more rounds
CYB Hologram | Helioshield + Hunting Rifle
EUD Sap Bomb
No. 877994 ID: c0641d

Blindspot: I doubt the power room would be in the same place as a sink, and the assassin wouldn’t have even bothered going to the power room if he could get the target right here. Move to that far grate you spotted quickly (with the drone to guide you). It’s probably our last and best chance here.

Cyberwire & Scarab: Cool, now the barnacles can act as beacons. Attack now! Did we seriously stand so little of a chance of beating these guys that we didn’t even get to roll? I typed this command hoping this wasn’t the case, and you just didn’t show the results.
No. 878036 ID: 33cbe7

Victor, go up. Cybil, shoot again. 60% isn't bad (well, it's kind of bad for a point blank gunshot, but compared to most of her abilities...)
Don't let a few setbacks at the start of the fight discourage you! Your grit may outlast their batteries.
No. 878037 ID: 91ee5f

Victor, go up!

Cybil and Eudora, attack the Goons’ barnacles, which should be glowing in the dark!

>Don't let a few setbacks at the start of the fight discourage you! Your grit may outlast their batteries!
I agree!
No. 878397 ID: 11f77a
File 152351144229.png - (171.04KB , 700x450 , MNH 160.png )

Although Cybil aimed truthfully [rolled with a 26], her opponent scored a better dodge [15]. Combat rules say that a successful dodge always beats an equally successful attack. But a successful parry doesn't. Eudora failed her punch from the get-go [90] while her opponent parried successfully [44] instead of choosing to dodge.

The momentary lapse by the grunts gives Cybil an opportunity to load another bullet in the chamber. The barnacles glow a faint, blue light on their bodies—thus aim wasn’t quite affected by the sudden dark. A bullet flies into the Grunt 2’s gadget, inflicting 5 DAMAGE total ([32]/[60]). Pieces of shrapnel fling off his shoulder as it blinks erratically. Eudora may have fumbled as her eyes were still adjusting to the change, and was unable to connect her fists to the other Grunt. He wasn’t very fortunate either, and before he could zap the bug—she dodged out of the way in time.

Cybil’s opponent runs up and swings a fist—bashing his knuckles into her armor with a weak ‘thunk’. In that instance, he is surprised to find no surge of electricity running through his hands, followed by a realization that he may be in a bit of trouble.
No. 878398 ID: 11f77a
File 152351149321.png - (200.38KB , 700x450 , MNH 161.png )

>Go up the grate
Victor and the drone can only see so far in the dark, underground shaft that he decides to climb up the grate closest to him. The grate creaked open a bit too forcefully and he finds himself looking at a Krullghn trying to figure out why his appliances aren’t working—which the crab turns to see the Blind Spot pop his head from the floor. The drone shines a light to reveal a standard employee kitchen. There’s only one door to enter and exit.

Victor should:
a) Apologize profusely and/or return underground (Head EAST or NORTH)
b) Attack the Krullg; >___
c) Get up and run out the door
d) Ask for directions?
e) >___

How will Eudora and Cybil continue fighting?
f) >___
[ ] Skill Check >>871895
[ ] Orbiting Drone ACTIVE For 1 more round
CYB Hologram | Helioshield | Hunting Rifle 60%
VIC Smogwerfer | Tarboye
EUD Sap Bomb
No. 878400 ID: b1b4f3

Tell him there's an assassin you're trying to stop and they probably just shut off the power, where could that have been done? You're not here to kill people so letting you stop the assassin is in his best interest!
No. 878420 ID: 7ff038

Cyb stun mook 2 and then shoot barnacle on mook 1.

Victor angrily demand to know what the fucks going on and complain about being unable to work with no power.
No. 878421 ID: eeb7d9

Hit the Grunt with the rifle butt.
Eudora, instead of throwing punches, ram him, unbalance him so he can't dodge, then try to hit him again.

Pull a Commander Shepard and tell him to get the hell out, there is an assassin on the loose and he is killing all the personnel that the he encounters. And ask him if he knows where the scientist is, he might be the main targuet.
No. 878597 ID: 33cbe7

Aww, did someone run out of electricity? Let's fix that with a stun pellet. Applied directly to the forehead.

Victor: Pose as friendly neighborhood electrician and inquire about the nearest fusebox. Then run.
No. 878598 ID: 33cbe7

Oh wait, the map says you're adjacent to the other tussle? Nevermind, ask where the doctor is kept.
No. 878676 ID: 11f77a
File 152368968601.png - (151.96KB , 700x450 , MNH 162.png )

Cybil has her own means of shocking her assailant—and sends a fist to Grunt 2’s gut with a pellet firing off for a total of 7 DAMAGE ([17]/[45] MELEE) He is defeated and crunches in pain at her feet (+50 XP).Eudora left a bit of leeway when she charged Grunt 1; but once he felt the need to strike—the bug parried successfully and slapped him around for a minor 3 DAMAGE.
No. 878677 ID: 11f77a
File 152368986950.png - (157.20KB , 700x450 , MNH 163.png )

>Mention the assassin/the doctor is in trouble
Victor: “You there! What the Hell are you doing?! All personnel were supposed to evacuate the premises minutes ago!”

Krullghn: “I—what?”

Victor: “The people you work for are cleaning up shop! They’re eliminating all contacts and evidence, including the doctor! ([19]/[25] PERSUADE (+10% DRONE))

Victor: “If Moss finds out we f—d up, we’re f—d! Unless the assassin kills us first!”

Krullghn: “I, but… but he—”

Victor: “Where’s Doctor Oric??! We have to extract him before it's too late!”

The Krullghn just blurts out an answer, “Ah I don't know! H-he should be in his workshop! East of the laboratory! Oh great Ndepthteph! Now’s not my time to die! I... I gotta get out of here—!”

He runs out the door in a panic. Cybil’s drone dematerializes and fits into Victor’s pocket. Victor should:
a) Immediately go to the Eastern Hall
b) Meet up with his Team to help fight
c) Return underground and head East there
d) >___

How will the fight continue?
e) >___
[ ] Skill Check >>871895
CYB (950) Hologram | Helioshield | Hunting Rifle 60%
VIC (1600) Smogwerfer | Tarboye
EUD (1600) Sap Bomb
The EXP counter is just for my own sake to track
No. 878686 ID: 7ff038

Victor use darkness to your advantage and stealth your way to the Doctors workshop.

Cyb either use hologram to distract mook so Eudora can land a hit on the barnacle or have bug move so you can rifle the barnacle.
No. 878699 ID: c0641d

Cyberwire, shoot the other guy’s barnacle. Scarab, keep punching him!

Bindspot, if what the guy says is true, then the east door should take you into the same laboratory as the fight, and then the doctor immediately after that! Time for a mad dash! Someone’s life is on the line! (Looking at the grate positions on the map, I’m really hoping the assassin taking a detour to mess around with the power bought us enough time!) If the doctor is alone in there, secure him and wait to ambush him at that room’s grate. It’s the only way he could have taken without running into us as we converged in the hall!
No. 878701 ID: 33cbe7

Firing into a fistfight's probably not the best idea. Do those stun pellets work in melee? Toss one to Eudora and let the goon find out, face-first!
No. 879530 ID: 11f77a
File 152416125814.png - (209.44KB , 755x500 , MNH 164.png )

Cybil tosses a pellet to Eudora before reloading and aiming her rifle. The constant flailing and tussle between the bug and the crab made it somewhat challenging to land a good hit—her shot misses the barnacle completely ([99]/[60] FIREARMS). The Arthocob wasn’t landing any hits either, as the Krullg was on the defense to duck his head after every swing. He felt there was an opportunity to fight back—yet he was parried by Eudora’s backswing into his jaw, and receives 6 DAMAGE with the shock attributed. He spins and rebounds off a barnacle trough before hitting the ground (+50 XP).
No. 879531 ID: 11f77a
File 152416129153.png - (171.98KB , 755x500 , MNH 165.png )

Victor runs past, “Guys! The doctor should be this way! Come on!”

Eudora will catch up; she stomps on the barnacle to crush it as Cybil joins Victor to the Doc’s workshop. They reach the Eastern hallway to find another goon slumped dead against a wall: same stab wounds as expected. Adjacent to his body is a large and heavy set of mechanical sliding doors—possibly to secure a storage room—cracked slightly open for someone to fit through!
No. 879532 ID: 11f77a
File 152416139461.png - (301.66KB , 755x500 , MNH 166.png )

The obvious choice would probably be to barge in, perhaps catch the assassin before his kill. The Chupian and Gortian roll the doors wide enough to squeeze through to find…!

…a Cnidarian researcher at the far end of the room, undisturbed. The power is out, but he seems to have fabricated a makeshift lamp to continue working on his project. He doesn’t acknowledge either Victor or Cybil; his back is turned as he shuts out the world around him. He mumbles and murmurs to himself about something sciency.

The room is a cluttered mess of random research gizmos and lots of shelving. The gang will find more of the same stuff once found in the abandoned penthouse—lots of interesting tech with their circuits and parts torn away to salvage or reconstruct. This was a storage room when the research station was in use, now a closet of junk for the sake of the lone doctor.

a) Grab the Doctor and drag him away
b) Get the Doctor’s attention/talk to him
c) >___

[ ] Skill Check >>871895
CYB (1000) Hologram | Helioshield | Hunting Rifle [60%]
VIC (1600) Smogwerfer | Tarboye
EUD (1650) Sap Bomb
The EXP counter is just for my own sake to track
No. 879533 ID: 2fe26a

AM. BUSH. Helioshields up, scan for the intruder. Vic, get the doc's attention and make sure it's really him with a light thrown object.
No. 879544 ID: eeb7d9

Make a rol for AWARENESS, chek the place slowly and get to the researcher. Watch your backs.
No. 879641 ID: ee9ab9

Eudora continue to destroy all barnacles.
I feel we need to get to the doctor as soon as possible and then helioshield around him. Maybe we can use Vics smoke screen and Cyb hologram as a distraction for escaping?
No. 879643 ID: 33cbe7

Victor, smoke us up immediately. Eudora, flying tackle the doctor. The smokescreen won't do much good if the assassin still knows where to shoot.
Cybil, keep overwatch with the rifle.
No. 879662 ID: c0641d

Scarab isn’t in the room, she’s still in the lab.

Cyberwire, get a shield on the doctor IMMEDIATELY.
Blindspot, hold off on the smokescreen; that’s just asking for a missing assassin and dead scientist when the smoke clears. Instead, be on overwatch with the Tarboye. (Maybe we can negotiate? If we do, the first words out of your mouth have to be “Don’t harm the doctor, and you might make it out of here, assassin.” Short and sweet so he doesn’t have time to panic and attack prematurely before it all sinks in.) Make sure he can’t slip through the door in the meantime.
Scarab, after you’re done destroying every barnacle, wait for the assassin inside the east hall grate for if he does try to make a break for it. (Can’t expect it’ll happen immediately, so that should give you time to finish up and get into position.)
No. 879664 ID: c0641d

On second thought, if we can see in the smoke fine, then smoke bomb away. Even if the assassin can see just fine too, it might make him cocky and therefore reckless.
No. 879735 ID: 11f77a
File 152428493428.png - (379.51KB , 755x500 , MNH 167.png )

Victor: “Can you scan for intruders? Or something?”

Cybil: “Eh—in a way, maybe. My scanner can make a map, identify model numbers, find flaws in machines, replicate new images for my hologram, perhaps count how many specimens are in the area. Let me see—”

Cybil: “There’s a lot of unknown material I’m picking up—nothing new there. I’m also picking up three bodies currently not-dead. Should be Oric and the two grunts we suppressed. And there’s a lot of smaller, less-important creatures all around; assuming they’re barnacles or some rat in the wall ([19]/[65] SCAN).”

Victor takes a random screw from one of the many piles of tech and tosses it at the Cnidarian. It klonks off his glass bowl which only interrupts his speech—which he resumes muttering not long after.

Oric: “No, no… can’t work. Can’t work like that. I need — as big as a house… no! — city! How can I — no…

Victor: “I think it’s him.”

Cybil: “Approach slowly… I’ll keep an eye out.”

Cybil: “And Eudora, get your ass here and keep watch in the East hall. No one gets in or out but us.

The mutt cautiously walks up to Dr. Oric. He looks up the shelving and down the aisles, seeing nothing out of the ordinary in the dark—but the room began to feel eerily ominous ([73]/[67] AWARENESS). Cybil was only giving everything a quick glance—believing the assassin may pop out at any moment. She sensed nothing so far, everything was stark quiet and still. ([28]/[20] AWARENESS).

Cybil sets up a shield by Oric’s desk, covering their backs. On his desk, the Cnidarian works on another prototype barnacle. Victor isn’t currently equipped with the Smokescreen ability.

Cybil: “Doctor…?”

Oric: “Your suit. It looks of Gortian design. Very old. Outside Khlaatus? Strange. But I always admired the work of Gortian technology; you could probably see it in my own design.

Cybil: “We have to leave now; you’re in danger.”

Oric: “N-no! At least not yet! I’m very close. My project will finally be complete.

Oric: “I must… keep working…

a) Ask him about anything while you can; (what do you wan