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File 147561762756.png - (603.01KB , 1000x750 , TITLE.png )
751216 No. 751216 ID: b67ca6

It’s a beautiful, starry night above Thepiotephi’s moon, Cnidari Vaalbara; the sky blooms with the gas giant’s cyan hue. The moon is a favorable place for intergalactic commerce. For denizens of Port Echo, the night is tranquil, for others, an opportune time for crime.
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No. 751217 ID: b67ca6
File 147561767899.png - (466.37KB , 1000x750 , PRO 1.png )

A conspicuous warehouse settles nearby a dock—there seems to be activity judging by the lights and loading trucks. A stray figure waits outside the property lines.
No. 751219 ID: b67ca6
File 147561774758.png - (355.46KB , 1000x750 , PRO 2.png )

She ordered her team to meet up here, but no one’s shown up. There are two other members to find or [/b]wait for[/b]. You have an intercom and hopefully they’re not too far away.
No. 751220 ID: ca0e20

Check the area outside property lines, get familiar with the environment. Maybe you could find something to help once your allies arrive, assuming they do.
No. 751221 ID: 180f83

Stay put, but check surroundings carefully. Do not intercom in case you are all in radio silence mode.
No. 751223 ID: 71d443

Remind them about the failsafes in their collars. That'll light a flame under their fanny.
No. 751230 ID: 7368f2

Call the others up, can't be wasting time burning the moonlight oil.
No. 751293 ID: 37f049

Yeah, have a look around. They might just be waiting in the wrong spot.
No. 751320 ID: b67ca6
File 147564264937.png - (478.84KB , 1000x750 , PRO 3.png )


You scout the area where you await, albeit some movement outside the property; there’s a pair of two Krullghn thugs on patrol in a deep discussion. A third is idle and looks out to the ocean. The Krullghn are the crustacean natives of this commercial moon; the others being the Cepholods and Cnidarians.

The area isn’t really… heavily guarded, but would make sense to not raise suspicion for such a quick operation. Prior to the investigation this warehouse was abandoned. The patrolmen aren’t going around in circles; perhaps they needed to go around back to find an entrance.

There’s a ladder to the roof hidden by the idle guard, as well as a circuit panel of sorts.
No. 751322 ID: 126f3e

Let's wait for your team to arrive. No sense wandering off into grand adventures without backup. Give them ten more minutes, and, if they don't show up, get ready to move.
No. 751363 ID: 180f83

look out at the ocean. See if that Krullghn is looking at something. Also, continue waiting.
No. 751382 ID: 9876c4

Inventory check?
No. 751472 ID: 4e55b4
File 147570013110.png - (501.73KB , 1000x750 , PRO 4.png )


The idle guard is just staring at the vast nothingness that stretches far beyond the horizon. There’s nothing of importance to note.

She waits and roughly a minute passes before impatience settles in. Typical for her team to be late. Uugh…

Well, while we wait—perhaps a proper introduction!
No. 751473 ID: 4e55b4
File 147570020599.png - (435.28KB , 1000x750 , PRO 5.png )

Meet Cybil, aka Cyberwyre
Species: Gortian of planet Khlaatus

Stuck in a contamination suit, she is tech–savvy and has knowledge in military warfare and galactic law—after all, her species established them many eons ago.
Personality: Lawful, very authoritative; however, quite the motherly figure to the family of heroes.
No. 751474 ID: 4e55b4
File 147570027466.png - (390.88KB , 1000x750 , PRO 6.png )

Upon distant observation you notice a shadow hop onto the roof! None of the baddies have seemed to notice. You’re 99% sure it’s a member of your team. The thugs are still in a deep discussion about whatever crab people discuss about.
No. 751475 ID: 398fe1

Call them on your comms.

What's your objective here? Is lethal force allowed? Encouraged?
No. 751476 ID: 180f83

only if the enemy is far enough away to not hear their intercom. If they are, intercom your team member.
No. 751477 ID: d13e12

Call them on comms, and see if the figures stop. If they don't, they're not them. If they aren't them, give a very stealthy pursuit. Nobody is stealing YOUR operation from you!
No. 751480 ID: 9876c4

flash at the rooftop figure with a mirror, when the guards are focused elsewhere.
No. 751492 ID: 91ee5f

>Stuck in a contamination suit
>she is tech–savvy
Apparently she's not that tech-savvy if she can't get herself unstuck from that suit. Must make eating and going to the bathroom very difficult for her.
No. 751517 ID: 3abd97

>Stuck in a contamination suit
So this is really high risk for you. Anything that might be a recoverable injury on another thief becomes a potentially fatal suit breach for you.

Is your suit recognizable / distinctive, or are you dressed up in some way to distinguish yourself from your "civilian" persona?

>Upon distant observation you notice a shadow hop onto the roof! You’re 99% sure it’s a member of your team.
Kind of rude. Weren't you guys supposed to rendezvous before you started the op?

Comment on their timing over comms. Late to the party, and cutting in line?
No. 751536 ID: 8b446c
File 147571890284.gif - (76.30KB , 1000x750 , PRO 7.gif )

(minor .gif)

>Stuck in a contamination suit
It’s her choice to stay in the suit. She does wear it akin to a medieval knight, although some areas are not so durable.

She must wear it at all times and it’s the only suit of its kind. Granted, she has tinkered with it over the years living in Port Echo. Yet when it all comes down to it… she’s a bubble boy—uh—girl.

There is a rumor that a smuggling operation is currently being held here. It's of best interest to suppress any evildoers non-lethally. Cybil carries a pouch of stunning pellets that require no gun to fire cause, you know, alien tech and stuff.

She controls the shutters in her eyes in attempt to communicate. Unfortunately, the shadowy figure has traversed to the other side of the roof.
No. 751537 ID: 8b446c
File 147571903982.png - (272.74KB , 1000x750 , PRO 8.png )

Cybil decides to use the intercom. The message allows all members to hear.

Cybil: Hey, is that you on the roof, Victor?!

Victor: It’s Blind Spot.

Cybil: What?!

Victor The Blind Spot: Blind Spot! We talked about this! My codename is ‘The Blind Spot’.

Cybil: This is serious! Remember that this is a raid. Where were you ten minutes ago?!

The Blind Spot: I was waiting for you!

Cybil: I specifically told everyone to meet me at this very spot!

The Blind Spot: Oh wait… I had my map upside-down. Hold on. I’m sodding wet with algae and gunk—“

Cybil: You’re telling me you came in from the OCEAN?

The Blind Spot: I was waiting ten minutes freezing my ass off!

Cybil: Victor, where’s Eudora?!

The Blind Spot: Blind Spot has not seen ‘the Scarab’. I thought she was with you.

Cybil: Stop it with the codenames! And no, she hasn’t shown up either. Stay put and I’ll try and make my way to you.

Victor: I’ll be waiting on the roof here, then. Jeez.

Cybil: As for you, Eudora. Can you read me?

The Scarab Eudora hasn’t responded.
No. 751538 ID: 8b446c
File 147571911134.png - (262.53KB , 1000x750 , PRO 9.png )

Cybil sticks to the side of the building until concealed behind a semi-trailer.

Listening, you can tell the two guards had stopped walking and are standing just on the other side. The way they speak sounds as though they’ve come across something rather unusual or intriguing.
No. 751539 ID: 9876c4

Crawl under the trailer, to see if you can find out what's going on.

Whisper to get Blind Spot in position first.
No. 751540 ID: 3abd97

>Stop it with the codenames!
Actually, codenames are a good idea. If your comms are compromised, or you're overheard, it doesn't immediately give away your civilian identities to the people you're working against. (Although wearing a one of a kind spacesuit all the time sort of does).

Honestly, not using your own names at all when in costume / on the job is just good sense, if you're here to play vigilante. (Or if you were here to rob the place, for that matter).

Then they should be adequately distracted for you to sneak past them, or hit them with stun pellets from behind.
No. 751541 ID: 90f3c0

Hopefully it's not Eudora that they've spotted. Climb ontop of the trailer and see what's up.
No. 751543 ID: 398fe1

Take 'em out. They're obscured from the main base, after all.

It's possible they found your missing teammate.
No. 751554 ID: ba506f

look under the trailer to see if you can see what has there attention.
No. 751822 ID: 695ef5
File 147590068373.png - (279.23KB , 1000x750 , PRO 10.png )

Cybil peeps underneath the trailer with her lenses dimmed. The patrolmen have surrounded what appears to be some gelatinous blob almost tucked underneath the semi-trailer. This odd thing twitches as they tap it with their feet.
No. 751824 ID: 126f3e

This is the perfect time for a flamethrower. For now, please, for the love of all things holy in this galaxy, back away slowly from this living nightmare.
No. 751830 ID: ba506f

sweet, a distraction. Hopefully it will drag more goons away from wherever they're meant to be patrolling to come check this thing out.

Us this to get closer to the roof to meet up with your team... or at least the half that actually answers the damn radio!
No. 751833 ID: 91ee5f

.....ok, I've got to ask, is your last team member fat? If so, what are the odds that blob is your team member that got stuck trying to hide under the semi-trailer?
No. 751889 ID: 71d443

If that resembles a teammate, wait and watch. Otherwise, take this opportunity to get onto the roof.
No. 752025 ID: 695ef5
File 147604442736.png - (170.08KB , 1000x750 , PRO 11.png )

>wait and watch
Cybil is sure that this cocoon may be the missing teammate! Then again, it could be a hapless goon that may have crossed paths with Eudora. Anyway, in attempt to hide she may have chosen a poor spot with sloppy handiwork. Nevertheless, action should be taken calmly and discretely as to—
No. 752026 ID: 695ef5
File 147604446320.png - (214.51KB , 1000x750 , PRO 12.png )

Victor: “HEE—YA!” KLUNK!
—Aaaand unfortunately, Victor doesn’t understand such concepts. After this meetup we’re going to make a stern lecture about tonight’s approach…

a) Continue watching
b) Join the fight
c) ____
No. 752027 ID: 3b220b

Drag one down like a boogeyman.
No. 752031 ID: 3abd97

Yeah, the fight is already on, you might as well make sure it wraps up quick before it draws attention.
No. 752047 ID: 398fe1

No. 752055 ID: 180f83

Drag it, knock it out. Try not to kill it.
No. 752069 ID: ba506f

son of a, B, go with plan B.

Looks like we're going into this place loud and heavy. Unless you can take out the guards without alerting anyone else.
No. 752733 ID: 695ef5
File 147630938852.png - (327.37KB , 1000x750 , PRO 13.png )

>Drag one down
With the element of surprise Cybil grabs the leg to bring the goon under. She knocks him out before crawling out from under the trailer.
No. 752735 ID: 695ef5
File 147630946765.png - (371.60KB , 1000x750 , PRO 14.png )

There hasn’t been any shots fired but you spot Victor struggling with the guard. The only disruptive noise is the constant banging against the trailer.

Now’s the time to test your BRAWL or WEAPON PROFICIENCY skill. The chance to succeed is determined by your roll of a 1d100 die. If you have a 60% chance of success, you need to roll a number between 1 and 60. Choose your move and roll to see if you succeed. If multiple rolls turn out to be numbers 45 and 70, I will average it to 57—rendering it a success.

Non-lethal bullets that give a nasty shock. They orbit around the user until casted to their target. Ammunition is replenished at the beginning of each mission.

Cybil can also shock enemies with an open hand—punching will deem it ineffective. Only two uses before recharging.

a) Use your Brawl (50%) to free your partner.
b) Try your Weapon Proficiency (45%) with a stunning pellet.
No. 752742 ID: 71d443

rolled 16 = 16

Time for high-voltage high-fives.
No. 752744 ID: 3abd97

rolled 64 = 64

Shock is a bad idea while the enemy is grappling your ally. If you tag the baddy it'll conduct the zap to Blind Spot too.

>what do
...could you just let Scarab out of the bag so you can double team the goon?

Failing that, I say just come up behind them and hit the goon in the head.
No. 752757 ID: ba506f

rolled 52 = 52

use your brawl skills since we're trying to be quite. And save the electro glove till we need it since it only has two uses.
No. 752760 ID: 180f83

Consider having Victor struggle a little more as punishment.

Anyway, Brawl. Remember to be nonlethal.
No. 752866 ID: 695ef5
File 147638739123.png - (411.84KB , 1000x750 , PRO 15.png )

AVR 44%: Brawl Success!

Cybil socks the Krullghn in its side, forcing him to let go of Victor. He spins to slam the goon upside the head for a K.O. There is a momentary pause between the two in case more were alerted.

Seems fine…

The team earns 100XP for defeating two goons!

Victor: “I think that went pretty well.”
No. 752867 ID: 695ef5
File 147638755242.png - (455.32KB , 1000x750 , PRO 16.png )

Victor: “Wouldn’t you think?”

Meet Victor, aka The Blind Spot
Species: Chupra of planet Tha’le
A (Texan) chupacabra-like critter (supposedly) trained for stealth and covert missions. His mutation is a particular lung gland that generates a chemical, when concentrated, can be used to cause fatigue, migraines, and blurry vision to confuse opponents. He wears a canister to use various concoctions on the field such as a smokescreen or confusion gas.
Personality: A lovable, juvenile character who—from time to time—acts first and thinks later. He finds joy in his work, although clumsy now and then.

No. 752869 ID: 2ea0c4

No. 752878 ID: 91ee5f

Sooooo, about that blob that's stuck under the trailer, is it your missing team mate? If it is, then you better pull them out of there.

Also, when you get a chance, hide the bodies of the guards.
No. 752891 ID: 7129f4

flick his forehead for being a goof them move on to investigate the blob
No. 752895 ID: ba506f

>Wouldn’t you think?
...Please just let me know the next time you plan to attack some guards by yourself? You got lucky that I was close enough to back you up this time. But yeah, that went pretty well.

Now let's see what they we're looking at... and victor, can you watch our backs so we don't get jumped ourselves?
No. 752901 ID: 5a15af


>victor enters
No. 752907 ID: 3abd97

>“Wouldn’t you think?”
I think maybe you should have gassed them instead of jumping into a 3 on 1 melee? I mean, you ambushed them and you still needed rescuing.

Also if you're gonna insist on using codenames for concealed identities, don't take off your mask in the middle of a job Blind Spot.

Shall we see to what I hope is our teammate?
No. 752988 ID: 180f83

Hide ko'ed person under truck, sternly tell Victor that you both will have a long talk after the mission, check blob.
No. 753075 ID: 695ef5
File 147650940673.png - (264.24KB , 1000x750 , PRO 17.png )

Cybil: “I think… that if you insist on using codenames to conceal our identities—don’t take off your mask in the middle of a job, Spot.”

Victor: “Oh, uh.. right--”

Cybil: “And please don’t fight alone again. You were lucky I was close to back you up. You may have ambushed them but you still needed rescuing.”

Victor: “Yes, Cybe—Cybil.”

Cybil: “Sigh, you can call me Wyre if you want. Let’s just wake… ‘The Scarab’ so we can carry these goons out of sight and proceed with the mission. Keep watch of the area.”

Cybil: “Unless… you want to wake her.”

Victor: “N-nah. I’m good. She’ll be less grumpy towards you…”
No. 753076 ID: 695ef5
File 147650945548.png - (313.41KB , 1000x750 , PRO 18.png )

Cybil crouches down to face the cocoon. Its skin wriggles and secretes a gross liquid.

Cybil: “Hey,” she knocks, “we’re on a mission. Wake your butt up!”

After some rustling a hand snatches Cybil’s arm. The creature inside begins to inch out, grumbling.
No. 753077 ID: 695ef5
File 147650954850.png - (443.44KB , 1000x750 , PRO 19.png )

Eudora: “Oh, it’s you… I’m in trouble, huh? I was just… getting ready.”

Eudora: “Hey… Victor… or whatever you are. Spot.”

Meet Eudora, aka The Scarab
Species: Arthocob of planet Ichgneu

An insectoid with a peculiar ability to metamorphose almost instantly and adapt her playstyle for any situation. Not-without-mentioning her ability to crawl on any surface and leap far distances.
Personality: Strict and prefers not to be bothered—but tolerates even the most annoying teammates outside of work.

No. 753078 ID: 59d696

Step 2?
No. 753082 ID: ba506f

this is may team... god help me

Whelp I guess part 2 of the mission is to get inside the warehouse and see what's inside.

Eudora, you're the most moble, take the roof and keep your radio on and tell us what you see, like an unguarded door. I'll take Vic here and we'll entire from the ground.

So in short go up top, be our eyes, and if things get bad our backup. Me and him will cover the ground to see what we can find.
No. 753084 ID: 180f83


but first, lets hide the knocked out Krullghn, and the remains of the cocoon. we can't leave any traces.
No. 753106 ID: 3abd97

So her "mask" is a full body metamorphosis? Handy, even if cacooning on site does leave her exposed. (Now if you'd all rendezvoused at the beginning, like you were supposed to, she could have done so at the perimeter, while you guys watched for trouble).

Good plan. Remind spot not to be shy about gassing your position if that's what it takes- your suit means you won't be affected the ways the goons will be. (Well, the way we assume the goons will be. They're wearing suits too, but I assume those are more armor slash uniforms than complete environmental isolation).
No. 753186 ID: 8dd85e

so, what stopped Eudora from getting to the rally point?
No. 753644 ID: 695ef5
File 147682385739.png - (536.91KB , 1000x750 , PRO 20.png )

Cybil: “Okay, team! Here’s the plan!”

Cybil: “Scarab, leave no trace of your cocoon. We also need to hide the bodies somewhere out-of-sight.”

Cybil: “When we’re done—and since you’re the most mobile—climb to the roof and be our eyes. Keep up to date through the intercom. The guards seem ill-equipped for this short operation to intercept us.”

Cybil: “Meanwhile, Spot and I will find an entrance and cover ground. If things go awry, Scarab will be the wild card and join us.”
No. 753647 ID: 695ef5
File 147682394714.png - (299.20KB , 1000x750 , PRO 21.png )

Earlier, Cybil has downloaded a map of the warehouse before the meetup. There are a handful of ways to break in. Where she and Victor stand, there are no guards around the corner.

Eudora can also scout the area beforehand.

a) Use the front entrance. Do bad guys ever expect that?
b) This is probably where the villains are smuggling illegal goods, as noticed by the tire tracks in the dirt.
c) For export by sea, there’s a large hangar for barges.
d) They can always join Eudora to try and find an opening through the window.
e) >____
No. 753661 ID: ba506f

have Eudora look through the skylight and see if door A is clear on the other side. If so go in through there and continue on. If it isn't clear go in through door C.
No. 753733 ID: 398fe1

C sounds good. They're using the other entrances.
No. 753750 ID: 71d443

One if by front door, two if by C.
No. 754676 ID: 695ef5
File 147716488920.png - (580.54KB , 1000x750 , PRO 22.png )

Cybil: “Scarab. What can you see? Spot and I plan to enter the hangar.”

Eudora peers through the skylight.

Eudora: “Okay,” she grunts, “I see… crates.”

Eudora: “Quite a lot, actually.”

Eudora: “Lots of thugs; maybe… ten. But five-ish more are carrying crates into the remaining trucks.”

Eudora: “I can’t get a clear view of the front. It could be a separate room, such as an office. But the hangar seems wide open.”

Eudora: “I don’t think there’s much resistance there. Two guards, maybe? It’s too far to see.”
No. 754677 ID: 695ef5
File 147716499179.png - (382.45KB , 1000x750 , PRO 23.png )

Cybil and Victor were able to circle around undetected—keeping a fair distance from the loading trucks. The hangar is large and spacious; being out in the open is a no-no if you plan to sneak through. There are, in fact, two guards patrolling, which they ramble about their late replacements.

You can roll a 1d100 die for Cybil’s SCANNING talent, or for Victor’s TRACKING/KEEN EYE, to observe the immediate area. Both characters can use these talents at the same time.

Author’s note: You must roll a 1d100 die for either talent. If there’s a 60% chance of success, you must roll for a number between 1 and 60. This time, it’s with one person selected at random.

a) Have Cybil use SCANNING (60%).
b) Victor can use KEEN EYE (70%) to track guards.
c) Proceed and take Eudora’s word. Victor has a STEALTH (60%) skill if he goes first.
d) Cybil, however, can go first with a STEALTH (20%) roll.
e) >___
No. 754682 ID: 71d443

rolled 56, 24 = 80

C, while Cybil uses Scanning (A). Believe in the heart of the cards.

How are we going to takedown all these guards using nonlethal measures, especially if they're all grouped together? Maybe we can find their boss and hold him hostage, using him to make the thugs surrender the goods and drive them back to the authorities. Or our boss, whoever pays better.

Or does Victor have enough gas to knock out this entire building if he gets into the ventilation?
No. 754805 ID: ba506f

Going with options A and C with the first roll being for Vic and the second one being for Cybil.

since Victor is the sneaker of the two of us we can have Eudora keep watch from the sky while Cybil keeps her eyes on the ground to navigate Victor safely throw the wear house without anyone spotting him... Although before we begin I have to ask what exactly is the mission goal here again? Are we here to find evidence of criminal activity, trying to take out someone specific, or are we here to just bust everyone we can?

Because if we're just looking for something then yeah, just having victor scout out the wear house while the other two play lookout works just fine but we're going to need a bit more if the mission goal is something else.
No. 754806 ID: ba506f

rolled 55, 92 = 147

and now the actual roll since I fucked it up.
No. 754809 ID: 71d443

AAAAAAA why did you do tha-
oh god that was close. Now they're *both* just barely successes. Remember, all suggesters' rolls are averaged!
No. 754817 ID: d673ac

If I may explain; I've stated I was going to choose people at random this time. As it's a prologue, I'm just experimenting. I would love for many people to participate and I do realize there can be loopholes/strategies to get the best outcome.
No. 754818 ID: ba506f

just don't pick that 92 and everything will be fine

You're welcome. Besides if their's no chance to fail then it kinda stops being fun.
No. 754819 ID: 71d443

Ohh, so you're choosing suggestors at random, not the characters. My mistake.
No. 755347 ID: d673ac
File 147743227409.png - (328.65KB , 1000x750 , PRO 24.png )

dice 1d2

Victor almost proceeds—until he pauses to ask.

Victor: “So…”

Victor: “What exactly are we doing here?”

Cybil/Eudora: “—what?!”

Victor: “I mean… it’s a raid, I know. I’m dumb, I’ll take it. But, what’s our objective?”

Cybil: “Okay, one last time…”

Cybil: “The Port Echo authorities aren’t good at this whole… ‘find the source of these interconnected smugglings so our cities can be safe’ thing.”

Cybil: “It’s too dangerous for them, apparently. We have been exclusively hired to complete these three simple tasks—”

Victor: “Like some superhero team!”

Eudora: “Sure…”

Cybil: “One. Obviously to stop this illegal operation. The past few raids were nothing more than supplying gangs with weapons. I expect this one wouldn't be any different.”

Cybil: “Two. Make sure we have one goon captured to question and find more leads.”

Cybil: “And three. Bring down the man behind it all and learn who is supplying him—and learn for what reason.”

Cybil: “As for how we approach this… we must try our best to attack non-lethally. I understand that—with proper judgement—if there’s no other way out of a sticky situation, you do what you can to suppress them. I know you’re not killers, and I will understand your intention.”

Cybil: “Now… are there any other questions? Time is kind of short…”
No. 755350 ID: ba506f

so we just want to go in find what they're trying to smuggle through here, then find a way to take down an entire ware house full of goons... and I guess see if we can't spot the head goon while sneaking around. Sounds simple enough.
No. 755351 ID: 71d443

Dice rolls go in the email field. Well, we're clear on the mission objectives I guess.
No. 755352 ID: d673ac

rolled 1 = 1

Thank you!
No. 755353 ID: 180f83

Just one... up for some ice cream with The Scarab and I to celebrate after this mission?
No. 755594 ID: d673ac
File 147753733189.png - (443.01KB , 1000x750 , PRO 25.png )


Cybil makes a quick scan and spots nothing too out of the ordinary. She counts 7 guards with firearms—mostly Krullgs, and about 4 workers doing all the lifting. She believes there’s one truck left before their departure.

Their profiles are meager except one, which is taking exceptionally long to load.

Victor goes ahead, being careful of his movement and sticking to the shadows, and ends up behind a few crates.

Victor: “So…”

Victor: “—Anyone up for some ice cream after this?”

Victor: “Because a new shop opened up within’ walking distance of our base. 'Though we could try it out—”

Cybil: “Spot, wait! Look!” she hisses.

Cybil: “The man in the suit. I recognize him…”
No. 755605 ID: d673ac
File 147753767726.png - (330.55KB , 1000x750 , PRO 26.png )

There stands a Krullghn in a white suit. Suppose he’s the one giving orders around here.

Cybil: “That’s Virgil Moss! His name was uttered a couple times during the last interrogation; the authorities were unable to pinpoint his current whereabouts. I’m surprised to see him outside.”

Victor: “I guess he personally wants to make sure this get-together doesn’t fall apart. He must be that pissed to show his face around.”

Cybil: “He can be our key suspect to know who is supplying them—and all we must do is arrest him. Make sure he doesn’t leave.”

Eudora: “I’d expect more security from a mob boss.”
No. 755611 ID: d673ac
File 147753829721.png - (204.12KB , 1000x750 , PRO 27.png )

Moss: “Hey! Careful with the merchandise! You break it, and my boy, Crater, will break you!

Moss: “And you wouldn’t want to have me call him out, would-ya? You know how he got the name?”

Moss: “He’ll punch you through the ground so deep it’ll be the grave where you stand, that’s what! Now get back to work! I need all this stuff on the road by ten!”

Cybil: “Alright, team—“

Cybil: “Let’s rehearse what we have at our disposal..."
No. 755613 ID: d673ac
File 147753838237.png - (404.58KB , 1000x750 , PRO 28.png )


A stationary deceptive image of Cybil—or another subject—to distract opponents. Can also be a hologram of blinking lights or objects.
No. 755614 ID: d673ac
File 147753843259.png - (378.60KB , 1000x750 , PRO 29.png )


At the cost of ¼ a canister, Victor can escape or confuse opponents with an area-of-effect smoke bomb; a projectile may also be thrown to induce coughing with a 5m radius.
No. 755615 ID: d673ac
File 147753847399.png - (304.71KB , 1000x750 , PRO 30.png )


Eudora has the ability to secrete silk and form boxing gloves to pack a forceful punch. She can break through weak shields and send smaller enemies flying. They adapt to her current form.

No. 755621 ID: 180f83

Gosh darn it, why are you both showing off your abilities at a time like this? your hologram and smokescreen is going to give away your positions.

That guy Moss was yelling at might be a good person to capture and interrogate for leads, and most likely won't show much resistance. Let's keep an eye out on him.
No. 755627 ID: 91ee5f

Uh oh, sounds like he's got a powerhouse nearby. Better make sure you take Moss out before he calls in Crater or else this'll be very hard.
No. 755630 ID: 398fe1

Alright let's start ambushing small groups of guards to lower their numbers. Leave the docks for last since stealth isn't gonna be easy in there.

Alternatively, if we can put up a smokescreen or something and grab the boss then dump him in the big boat and drive off with it(after it's fully loaded), we'll have stopped the illegal activities here probably. The mission doesn't say that we need to capture everyone, just someone big we can take in for questioning... and one of the goons, I guess. The driver would do for that.

Are the smaller boats an issue? I guess we could sabotage all the smaller boats just in case.
No. 755670 ID: ba506f

Oh my god this is perfect. Eudora could jump right on top of Moss right? We'll hit them hard and fast and hopefully be out of here before they can figure out what just happened.

The plan is simple. LET THEM FINISH LOADING THE TRUCK. Once they load on the last box (or at least the big box that was just dropped) Eudora will drop down on moss and then throw his ass into the truck and try to subdue him from in the truck bed. Victor well toss smoke bombs at large groups of goons to slow them down and to cover Eudora and then once she get's moss in the truck Victor will run in as well to help her. Make sure you guys shut the truck door as well once all three of you are in. Now while this goes on Cybil will need to STEAL THE TRUCK. Once Eudora and Victor grab moss and are in the truck then Cybil will take the truck and haul ass out of here. then we can dump the truck with all the evidence/contraband/smuggled goods and the mob boss off with the police or wherever we were meant to meet back up. This way the thugs will oh so helpfully load up all the crap we needed to grab from them for us and we can nab their boss all in on fell swoop.

As for the random thugs, I feel we can just ditch them really. I mean they don't like anything but hired muscle and probably don't really know dick about anything important. That and their is a lot of them and only 3 of us so might as well just hit the biggest mission objectives and call it a night.
No. 755674 ID: 91ee5f

That's risky. Eudora could be high enough that if she lands on him, she might end up killing him or he jumps out of the way and she injures herself when she lands on the ground.

And if Eudora and Victor jump into the truck bed with Moss, there's no guarantee that Cybil will make it to the driver's seat before one of Moss' goons do. Then our teammates would end up getting captured. And don't forget, these guys have more trucks, they'll chase us down before we get close to a police station.

I think he more minions we can take out, the easier it will be to snatch Moss.
No. 755677 ID: ba506f

yeah but wouldn't her leaping ability mean she'd be able to take the fall? I mean her first bio card did say she can climb pretty much any surface and she can leap far distances.
No. 755693 ID: 2a7417

We should take out perimeter guards and let them load the truck for us to hijack. Capture and interrogate one of the guards for intel: some other guard routes, and if he knows, how they're moving the goods out of this warehouse.
No. 755696 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, yeah. Forgot about that.
No. 755982 ID: fbd8de
File 147776620631.png - (460.76KB , 1000x750 , PRO 31.png )

>Keep an eye out on the clumsy Cepholod henchman
He could be a potential interrogation subject; easy to intimidate. He cowers on inside the truck to carefully place cargo before returning to the other crates.

Eudora scouts the docks and there doesn’t seem to be any boats around. Most of the goons arrived by vans and semi-trucks. The lack of any commercial boat reflects the warehouse’s years of abandonment.

>Capture Moss/Steal the vehicle when completely stocked
It’s quite a bold, but doable plan, one best executed swiftly; everything must be precisely coordinated. The mission has shifted to place Moss as the main objective and we could drop him and the evidence off at the police steps.

The warehouse is quite isolated near an industrial park, where there are wide-open, concrete spaces. It would take ten minutes of maneuvering and passing gates before they enter the actual city.

Cybil spies two men at the wheel; they tap their fingers and wait for the signal to depart. By the look of their bored faces they’ve been here for a while.

>Eudora could jump on top of Moss!
She’s a little too far and at a peculiar angle to reach Moss. She can sustain the entire drop, however—especially atop the upper shelves as long as they were sturdy enough. There are other goons directly below her, too.

>Lower guard numbers/take out perimeter.
Another way to learn more about this operation is capturing a hapless guard. From the roof, Eudora spots three lightly-armed Krullgs walking up and down the northern dock. Victor and Cybil can also work inside to thin out the hired guns, but not too much at once and deter suspicion when Moss notices his crew disappearing.

The routine can be in any order, modified, have additional steps, or leave out steps. And don’t forget to assign each character a role! All steps might not be fulfilled.

a) Capture one of the workers for information.
-OR- b) capture a dock guard.
c) Remove some of the henchmen inside/outside the warehouse.
d) Take out the truck drivers
e) Just declare everyone under arrest and demand to put their hands up
f) Capture Moss with a surprise attack (how)
g) Hijack the truck
h) >___
No. 756012 ID: 180f83

Cybil and Victor should first
c) Remove some of the henchmen inside/outside the warehouse. But stick together, Victor may do something stupid on his own, Cybil needs to keep an eye on him. They should Mostly take down the guards around the truck area so that nobody notices them...
d) Taking out the truck drivers
Next, we wait for the worker to return with more crates so we can...
a) Capture one of the workers for information. He will be much more likely to give us info as the guards may have been trained to resist interrogation. Lastly we should
h) Sabatoge their truck so that it does not move anywhere. Just in case If something were to go wrong and gives us more time before they escape.

While this is all going on, Euphora should also(h keep an eye on the area to make sure when it is safe for Cybil and Victor to take down a guard without notice. Euphora could also create some sort of distractions if things get to hairy.

Don't know if this is a good plan or not, but it is all I've got. Maybe another poster can build off of my idea, or come up with a better plan.
No. 756024 ID: ba506f


Ok quick question, how quite is Cybil's gun? I'm thinking we can have her and Eudora move quickly and quietly to take out both drivers at once. Then Eudora can move back towards the roof and then jump down and create a distraction with Victor hiding out of sight with smoke bombs to add to the confusion. From what I see here>>755982 Moss is next to the truck and their is a gap for us to explote. Once Eudora and victor make their move we can have Cybil us her other stun shot to take him out and sneak him into the truck bed without anyone noticing and then once he's secure Eudora and Victor will brake off and we'll make our escape.

and if we need to C. And what I mean by that is if we need to knock out some guards to avoid detection or just to make life easier go ahead and do it.
No. 756040 ID: 71d443

Steps: B, D, C, F, G. Victor and Sybil will incapacitate and interrogate the exterior guards.
Can Victor make it down from the roof quickly is he and Eudora switch places? If so, then Eudora and Victor will switch places so he's in position to throw knockout grenades. If she's the only one who can survive the fast way down, though, then she'll stay up there to provide lookout. The two on the ground will go through the rest of the steps until the thinning of the crew is noticed. Then, we take down Moss.
How we do it:
-Hologram to divert attention away from Moss, Smokescreen everyone to cause confusion, then Eudora drops down to take out a bunch of guards (a second distraction) while Cybil takes down Moss as fast as possible. Victor, get the truck started once the plan is in motion! He can't have time to call his enforcer and we can't give the dockworkers time to react.
No. 756386 ID: 1db603
File 147796867733.png - (378.56KB , 1000x750 , PRO 32.png )

>How quiet are Cybil’s Stunning Pellets?
They are thrown from the hand in an arc. The only noise they emit is when they make contact: like the sound of a fly to a bug zapper. It also depends whether the target makes any noise.

Cybil: “Okay guys, I’ve got a plan…”

Cybil: “Scarab will incapacitate the exterior guards; Spot and I will reach the truck and deal with the drivers. We can interrogate one of them for more information if we have to.”

Cybil: “As soon as the exterior is clear we return to our previous positions: Scarab in the skylight, Spot and I surround them inside.”

Cybil: “I can activate a hologram to lure gunners to surround me.”

Cybil: “When they’re close enough, Spot can throw a smoke-bomb to catch them off-guard.”

Eudora: “I can jump from the skylight and punch the daylights out of them before they reorient themselves.”

Cybil: “And finally, I’ll grab Moss—I can use a shocking grip and drag him to the loaded truck where Scarab or Spot can join the front and drive us away.”

Cybil: “Sound good? Alright, let’s begin.”

Victor: “Team Port Echo; say it with me!”

Eudora: “No.”
No. 756387 ID: 1db603
File 147796879072.gif - (285.07KB , 667x500 , TEAM-SELECT.gif )


a) Select The Scarab to incapacitate and interrogate the (3) guards on the docks
b) Select either Cyberwyre or The Blind Spot and ambush the drivers.
No. 756392 ID: 180f83

Lets give The Scarab some screen time.
No. 756397 ID: 4b14ee


I have faith in the team mom to get things done, the other two however... So lets go with the Scarab to make sure thing go right
No. 756411 ID: 71d443

A) The Scarab, so she doesn't literally make an ass of herself!
No. 756676 ID: 6c3c1d
File 147812233179.png - (132.68KB , 600x500 , PRO 33.png )

Eudora: “Alright, knocking out some goons. Sounds fun enough…”

You selected The Scarab. Eudora traverses down the roof to observe the docks below.
No. 756678 ID: 6c3c1d
File 147812269647.png - (200.65KB , 600x500 , PRO 34.png )

Trying simpler coloring.

The same three guards haven’t changed their routine. One is by the edge to the left, the furthest stands towards the end of the dock. She could hear the last one pass beneath her.

There aren’t many places to hide aside from dipping into the water. Thankfully, all team members know how to swim.

No. 756680 ID: ba506f

well if goon A and C aren't looking at you then you can probably grab goon B, silently take him out, and if you're strong enough pull him onto the roof and hide him up their. then we can focus on the other 2
No. 756682 ID: 71d443

Try to lure A around the corner, then take out B, and finally C. Is there anywhere out here you could form a cocoon if you wanted to adapt yourself for quieter movement, possibly crawling on the underside of the dock?
No. 756690 ID: 91ee5f

No forming cocoons! You don't know how long it'll take for Eudora to transform! It might take her a few hours or something and we don't have time for that!
No. 756694 ID: 71d443

>You don't know how long it'll take for Eudora to transform!
That's why we ask, idiot.
No. 757009 ID: 6c3c1d
File 147831954269.png - (147.58KB , 600x500 , PRO 35.png )

>Form into a cocoon/crawling under the dock
Drastic changes to the entire body could take from thirty minutes to two hours. Often times when she naps, a thin layer forms to heal slight cuts and bruises. She can immediately form cocoons around her hands; unlocked abilities work instantly such as the Chitin Boxing Gloves and most are unlimited uses. Nevertheless, she has a fair talent to CLIMB (60%) most surfaces, as well as perform a HIGH JUMP (40%) if needed to.

Failed athletic rolls usually cause injuries or clumsiness.
No. 757010 ID: 6c3c1d
File 147831958105.png - (31.65KB , 600x500 , PRO 36.png )

No. 757011 ID: 6c3c1d
File 147831972428.png - (118.52KB , 600x500 , PRO 37.png )

It took some heaving and strength but she manages to incapacitate and drag him onto the roof.

She earns 50XP for defeating an enemy.
Cybil & Victor have a total of 100XP.

???: "█████ [ static ]"
No. 757012 ID: 6c3c1d
File 147832000868.png - (109.75KB , 600x500 , PRO 38.png )

There are muffled sounds of a walkie-talkie. Eudora knows enough of the Krullg-language to get by.

???: “█████, where have you been? The boss █████ ███ █████ work and we haven’t ██████ truck yet! Hello?”

???: “Hello? █████ there?”

a) Leave it alone.
b) Answer it (What do you say?)
c) >____
No. 757016 ID: 126f3e

Provided there's no tracking device on that radio just leave the sod alone. Seriously, trying to say anything would be a bad idea unless you can change your voice as well.
No. 757023 ID: 180f83

Move the radio in a spot it won't reach it to call for help in case it somehow escapes.

don't take it with you either in case there is a small tracking device hidden on it.
No. 757027 ID: ba506f

you hear any of these guys talk while you we're stalking around? Because if just changing your voice to sound like one of them wouldn't take to long you could try to mimic one of the voices and just say you left to take a dump and to stop calling you while you are, it's distracting. Then just turn the mic off and worry about taking out the other two.
No. 757101 ID: 71d443

Do you know enough Krullg to claim it's a bathroom break? If not, toss that thing in the bay and take out A next.
No. 757156 ID: 6c3c1d
File 147841127017.png - (71.03KB , 600x500 , PRO 39.png )

>Tracking devices?
These seem like standard walkie-talkies. The logo has eroded away and this looks like old technology. There hasn’t been any indication from the yelling about being on the roof. There’s a dial to figure out which frequency they’re using as well.

Keep in mind all armed Krullghn guards carry a walkie-talkie and—if they bothered to pay attention—can follow this conversation.

>Imitate a Krullg?
Cybil would be more fluent, but Eudora can definitely pull off the accent.

The Arthocob (her species) language is mainly spoken with serenading whispers and clicks, and is often labeled as a beautiful, soft dialect by many ethnographers and linguists. However, most alien languages make the Arthocobs stress their throats just to speak intelligibly outside their planet. They’d sound like they smoked a thousand packs of cigarettes with phlegm stuck in the back of the throat.

Fortunately, the Krullghn language is somewhat like that.

Port Echo is full of Krullghns and other aquatic-like residents. Eudora has spent enough time living in the city to stereotype the accents.
No. 757158 ID: 6c3c1d
File 147841153659.png - (104.41KB , 600x500 , PRO 40.png )

???: “Can I get █████ █ █████ if he found ███ ██?”

Eudora: “Eh… hal-lo?” she coughs, fixing her voice, “Hello?”

???: “Yes. Hello, ███? █████?”

Eudora: “…”

Eudora: “Bath. House! Stop calling. Eh… distract; one moment.”

Eudora: “…?”

???: “…”

???: “Quick, then!”

Eudora: “…”

No other response but some laughs from the dock. Time to pay Guard A a visit.

Keep walkie-talkie or toss it?
No. 757159 ID: 398fe1

Keep it but turn it silent when you aren't trying to listen in from a safe spot. It'd ruin stealth otherwise.

Might be able to use it to cause a distraction by reporting a disturbance where there isn't one.
No. 757160 ID: 180f83

Good idea to keep it. Keep it silent. Just remember to give it to Cybil later next time you see her, since her imitation is better.
No. 757161 ID: ba506f

if you can mute go for it if not dump it since I'm not going to have that thing blow our cover because on guy decided to talk into the walkie talkie just because he felt lonely.
No. 757162 ID: 71d443


Ditch the radio.
No. 757164 ID: 91ee5f

No. 758022 ID: c21cb6
File 147898223892.png - (115.61KB , 600x500 , PRO 41.png )

>Take it/keep it on mute.
Will do; when the Krullg wakes up he won’t be able to call for help.

Eudora huddles to the edge of the dock as she stalks her target. Guard A holds a rifle and observes the ocean ahead—unknowing of her presence.

How will she approach Guard A?

Her talents include: CLIMB(60%), BRAWL(60%), HIGH JUMP(40%), and STEALTH(25%). Anyone can use either talent for their suggestion and the author will roll the most popular vote for this round.

No. 758034 ID: f62de2

Hi jump at him and hope to take him out quick? I mean we just have to get close to him with drawing his attention and she is better at jumping then sneaking
No. 758064 ID: 91ee5f

Make sure guard C isn't looking over here before you grab guard A.
No. 758083 ID: 71d443

Nobody ever looks up! Roll for HIGH JUMP and BRAWL.
No. 758200 ID: c21cb6
File 147906161418.png - (88.50KB , 600x500 , PRO 42.png )

rolled 87 = 87

Well, you can’t make noises in mid-air! She prepares a surprise JUMP on the guard…
No. 758209 ID: c21cb6
File 147906364909.png - (127.28KB , 600x500 , PRO 43.png )

…and slips on the dock—tumbling and exposing her presence. The Krullghn turns confused at the sudden noise. There’s only a split chance to make your first move. Any advancing attack/grapple is determined by her BRAWL(60%). Chitin Gloves are automatically equipped with an incentive to punch.

No. 758240 ID: 398fe1

Dive-tackle him into the water.
No. 758261 ID: ba506f

take him out quick!
No. 758327 ID: 71d443

Follow that thump with a splash! Tackle him into the water.
No. 758931 ID: 9d32c9
File 147926756662.png - (128.54KB , 600x500 , PRO 44.png )

rolled 8 = 8

Well… every failure is an open window for more opportunities! She crouches up to dive and TACKLE (BRAWL)!
No. 758935 ID: 9d32c9
File 147927005716.png - (164.57KB , 600x500 , PRO 45.png )

The Krullghn reaches for his communicator as Eudora tackles and throws him off the dock—falling into the water with her.
No. 758946 ID: 9d32c9
File 147927194237.png - (116.83KB , 600x500 , PRO 46.png )

The Krullghn loses his grip with his weapon. He struggles to push her away to have a better fighting chance. You may decide what to do with him.

Cybil mentioned something about interrogating a guard if victory lands in your favor. Otherwise you could just knock him out. Or... you know… ‘dispose of him’? There’s always Guard C to learn more about this operation.

No. 758948 ID: 398fe1

I've never heard of an underwater interrogation before but it's as good a time as any. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
No. 758950 ID: 180f83

This mission is to not kill anyone if possible, so disposing is out of the question. If we interrogate, guard C might catch us. best to just knock him out, hide him, and go for the last guy.
No. 758952 ID: 398fe1

I thought we were just trying to avoid killing people out of a sense of morality. It's not in the mission goals afaik.
No. 758954 ID: 71d443

Just knock him out and web him up to the docks.
No. 758955 ID: 976688

The splash might have alerted the last guard so we might not have time to interrogate this guy before the alarm is rised. Knock him out and grab guard C before he notices and we can pump him for information
No. 758956 ID: 91ee5f

No. 758977 ID: 126f3e

Time for some waterboarding.. Without the rag. Yeah. Screw it, let's make this canary sing.
No. 758995 ID: 9d32c9
File 147928274012.png - (135.67KB , 600x500 , PRO 47.png )

There was quite an audible splash that took the final guard’s attention. And soon—he realizes he's all alone. He could’ve sworn to have seen a huge, shadowy creature emerge from underneath the dock! Could be a giant fish or something.

This freaks him out a little.
No. 759000 ID: 9d32c9
File 147928285160.png - (179.56KB , 600x500 , PRO 48.png )

He creeps to the other side of the dock for a closer investigation, pistol drawn and shaking.

Guard C: "H—h—hallo?"

No. 759012 ID: 71d443

Oh good, he speaks a little of our language. BRAWL and interrogate.
No. 759014 ID: 90f3c0

Crawl around the other side of the dock while he's busy searching, and sneak up behind him. Grapple him into submission, keep him for questioning.
No. 759017 ID: 398fe1

Sneaking isn't Eudora's strong suit. She'd be better served to pull herself up somewhere out of earshot then make a mad dash to take out the last guard.
No. 759023 ID: 976688

Ambush and capture guard C
No. 759120 ID: 9d32c9
File 147933822449.png - (105.80KB , 600x500 , PRO 49.png )

No. 759121 ID: 9d32c9
File 147933825398.png - (103.91KB , 600x500 , PRO 50.png )

No. 759123 ID: 9d32c9
File 147933839590.png - (104.96KB , 600x500 , PRO 51.png )

rolled 92 = 92

Ambush with a BRAWL!
No. 759125 ID: ba506f

whelp...this is going to suck all kinds of ass.
No. 759134 ID: 71d443

...Gently caress!
No. 759135 ID: 9d32c9
File 147934162009.png - (164.99KB , 600x500 , PRO 52.png )

Eudora misses her swing. The frantic guard readies his pistol to fire; he’s shaken up and tries to act quickly. You can roll to DODGE(60%) or try to knock the pistol out of his hands (or punch him anywhere else) with a BRAWL(60%) roll.

The guard will have his own chance to shoot. So it’s possible he could misfire whether Eudora succeeds or not.

I’m deciding with first come, first serve (or… first roll). If the first roll is a fail, anyone can try to assist with a roll of their own. A successful assist roll will remove 5% from the original result. For example: if you aim for 40% and end with a 45%, someone who successfully assists will help remove 5% down to a result of 40%. Each participant is allowed only one roll.

No. 759136 ID: 7d8168

rolled 49 = 49

Dodging means the gun still fires, which means the fight is obvious to everyone in the complex. Keep brawling, disarm him!
No. 759139 ID: 91ee5f

Success! =D
No. 759162 ID: 9d32c9
File 147934623436.png - (180.31KB , 600x500 , PRO 53.png )

She punches his gun-toting hand and disarms him! He grunts as his hand is injured from the ordeal.
No. 759163 ID: 9d32c9
File 147934630706.png - (136.70KB , 600x500 , PRO 54.png )

She grabs him by the collar and slams him against a dock post.

Guard: “W—who are you?!”

Guard: “W—what do you want? I… I’ve got nothing!” he croaks.

What should Eudora ask/do? >___
No. 759165 ID: 595d54

"Those sweet, sweet hips."
No. 759166 ID: ba506f

you've got information. What are you goons doing here? What are you moving? And don't lie to me, because trust me when I say you don't want to know what I will do to you if I find out you're lying to me.
No. 759172 ID: 71d443

Your clothes. Give them to me. Now.
No. 759175 ID: 180f83

tie up his arms in case he tries something like reach for his communicator. then start interrogation mode for info, like where they're going.
No. 759176 ID: 398fe1

Get information about the boss, any other shipments they might be moving, which boats have illegal goods...
No. 759259 ID: 835ed4

"Nothing? You still have your life."
Just to see him squirm.
No. 759371 ID: e875ab
File 147941833999.png - (170.62KB , 600x500 , PRO 55.png )

Eudora: “You’ve got information and your life. I’m willing to take either one!”

Eudora: “We’ll start with those crates. I’ve noticed they’re unlabeled and waiting for you crooks to pick them up. What’s inside and who’s supplying you?”

Guard: “I—I don’t know, drugs? Guns? I’m just paid to keep watch! We never open them. M–Moss doesn’t really trust us! O–or anyone since you his last two deals were busted by you <Krullghn derogatory slur>!”

Eudora: “And your suppliers?”

Guard: “Uh—same! Only the boss knows! You're asking the wrong guy here. Now let me go!”

Eudora: “Then I doubt you'll easily tell me where else these little get-togethers are being held?”

Guard: “Heh—Even if I knew, I'm not about to give you a head start...”

If you feel obligated… Eudora can rough the Krullghn up if she believes he’s holding something back, but not too much to deter knocking him out.

You can also roll to INTIMIDATE(60%) and scare him.

As for other questions: what specifically do you want to know about Virgil Moss, or what else about the operation?
No. 759379 ID: 398fe1

rolled 13 = 13

May as well try the intimidate roll.
No. 759381 ID: 91ee5f

Success! =D
No. 759405 ID: ba506f

well that works

>Virgil Moss
ask how long has he been moving things through these docks and who Crater is and where he is hiding.

could also ask him where the trucks are going to but not to sure he'd know that one.
No. 759449 ID: 7d8168

it would also be good to know how many people were patrolling the outside, to see how well it lines up with how many we've incapacitated so far
No. 759567 ID: 9f1d02

Lets start breaking body parts.
No. 759587 ID: 91ee5f

If we do that, he'll scream in pain and that'll alert other guards.
No. 759630 ID: e875ab
File 147945253579.png - (141.25KB , 600x500 , PRO 56.png )


Eudora: “You see your buddy? He seems pretty cozy under there like spider food,” she calmly gives the hint between his cries, “Before I change my diet to Krullg–chow, if you will—”

Guard: “Aye! Alright! Ah—the harbor! I hear that the next drop is at the harbor!”

Eudora: “The whole friggin’ city is a harbor! Give me details!”

Guard: “Cuttle Harbor! By the market, the bazaars—it’s all I know! We’re to be there tomorrow night! W–will you pleeeeease let me go now?”

Eudora: “Mmm, nah not yet.”

Eudora: “But maybe if you tell me who Crater is.”

Guard: “C–Crater?”

Eudora: “Ah, yes. I hear he’s a... pretty bad dude. I want him out of hiding.”

The Krullghn shudders: “He should be with Moss! Crater never lets him out of his sight. He—he’s big! Huge! He’s the only one Moss really trusts now. I don’t see how he could hide…”

Guard: “Do you even know how he got the name?”

Eudora: “Yeah, yeh. I’ve heard it…”
No. 759631 ID: e875ab
File 147945256994.png - (127.34KB , 600x500 , PRO 57.png )

Eudora: “And how long has this been going with the random supply drops?”

Guard: “I don’t know—I assume before I joined a week ago…”

Guard: “Each place is different every time!”

Eudora knows that crime in Port Echo was quite rampant before the establishment of her team. It was only recent that such activity came to light to the authorities and the public. It could be possible this was always the case.

Eudora: “Any chance there’s more of you around here?”

Guard: “There’s should be five, six? Let me down I’ve told you all that you want to know!”

No. 759634 ID: 180f83

this part of the mission is complete. knock him out, hide him, let Cybil know you're done, and switch characters.
No. 759635 ID: 91ee5f

"Thank you for your cooperation."

Then do this: >>759634
No. 759766 ID: ba506f

and ask how she's doing on her end before you get into position to take down Moss
No. 759905 ID: 8bb744
File 147950510985.png - (79.58KB , 600x500 , PRO 58.png )

After hiding the final patrolman Eudora earns 100XP for defeating two enemies, bringing her total to 150XP.
Victor has 100XP.
Cybil has 100XP.

Eudora: “Yeah, this is Scarab to Wyre.”

Eudora: “The perimeter is secure. What’s the situation on your end?”

Cybil: “Hazy…”
No. 759906 ID: 8bb744
File 147950516710.png - (179.86KB , 600x500 , PRO 59.png )

Victor: “Oh come on, it’s not that bad. I didn’t know it would go off.”

Eudora: “I managed to snag someone and learn a few things.”

Eudora: “Made him sing a bit, including the mention of a site where they’ll meet tomorrow.”

Cybil: “Well, we can’t get anything out of these guys now.”

Cybil: “We’re to re-position ourselves and start phase two.”

Victor idly chuckles.

Victor and Cybil both earn 100XP.

Total XP
Cybil: 200
Victor: 200
Eudora: 150
No. 759907 ID: 8bb744
File 147950527782.gif - (285.07KB , 667x500 , TEAM-SELECT.gif )

It's time to choose your character!

To recap: Cybil will activate her HOLOGRAM to lure the armed guards closer, and distract Moss. When Victor disorients everyone with a SMOKESCREEN, Eudora will drop from the skylight to suppress them.

Cybil will capture Moss and drag him to the truck. This will signal the others to join up and speed off with the evidence.

a) to select Cyberwyre
b) to select The Blind Spot
c) to select The Scarab
No. 759945 ID: 180f83

The Blind Spot.
No. 759946 ID: 3343bd

Cyberwyre. Going to need to be ready to step in if anyone else needs help.
No. 759951 ID: ba506f

The Blind Spot

it's the prolog, it wouldn't feel right if we didn't get to test drive every character at least once.

Also with the smoke, just open a window as you drive away.
No. 759966 ID: 91ee5f

Good point, let's go with The Blind Spot.
No. 760067 ID: 71d443

Victor. We can provide support to whichever side lands in more trouble.
No. 760779 ID: 0c7b82

Lets see what The Blind Spot can do already!
No. 760882 ID: 8ab027
File 147988536131.png - (179.90KB , 600x500 , PRO 60.png )

You selected The Blind Spot; it’s time to wrap up this operation! There are currently seven armed guards scattered around the interior of the hangar. You position yourself to have a clear view of the area beneath the skylight.

Each team member gives a final nod before Cybil initiates Moss’ arrest.
No. 760884 ID: 8ab027
File 147988540091.png - (155.23KB , 600x500 , PRO 61.png )

Cybil: “Virgil Moss!”

Cybil: “For crimes including several accounts of homicide, drug and gun trafficking, larceny, tax evasion, and even resisting house arrest, I have a warrant for your arrest and I ask that you come quietly with me to the station!”

Cybil: “Everyone is to slowly place their weapons on the floor and keep their hands on their heads, or I will use force!”
No. 760885 ID: 8ab027
File 147988548514.png - (189.93KB , 600x500 , PRO 62.png )

Moss begins to laugh as the guards raise their guns, “And what’s this, a citizen’s arrest? Did the police run out of men and had to send their kindergarten mascot?”

His fingers snap and his lackeys begin to surround her.

Cybil: “I will only request you once. Surrender now or face harsh consequences!”

Moss: “I assume it was you who ruined my past few deals. No street cop would dare think about messing with me! I’ll admit… for making it so far you were hitting a few nerves. ‘Had me worried for a sec.”

Moss: “You may think this is some generic day-to-day arrest, but you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into.”

Moss: “No matter; I’ll have you taken care of soon enough.”

As Victor, you can activate your SMOKESCREEN anytime throughout the conversation. Or you can also partially play as Cybil to continue talking and lure them closer. However, the closer they get, the easier they may see through her holographic deception.
No. 760901 ID: dfca47

Let them group up a little more then smoke them.
No. 760908 ID: 398fe1

Where's the big bodyguard? It's really weird that he hasn't shown up yet.
No. 760961 ID: 0c7b82

Bluff and tell him you're team will destroy everything unless he says what's going on. There's no way he knows you didn't put bombs all over.
No. 761124 ID: 71d443

That's a bluff that will just blow up in our face. We've only got smokebombs, so give them a couple more steps to group up and then smoke 'em.
No. 761143 ID: ba506f

pretty sure we can't tell Cybil what to say since we're playing as Victor right now.
No. 762185 ID: ed33de
File 148039856329.png - (129.11KB , 600x500 , PRO 63.png )

>Where’s that bodyguard?
Victor wonders; he looks at each henchman as they creep closer. ‘Seems like he’s doing a bad job bodyguard-ing. Was Crater just made up to get workers to obey? Yet the dock-guard claims he always has an eye on Moss from somewhere. Or maybe… a plot twist! Moss IS Crater! Maybe it’s a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde thing.

And now Victor is thinking of a big, hulking Krullghn boss…

Four of the henchmen begin to surround Cybil. The last three and Moss are roughly eight/nine meters away. The workers have already scattered, having been unarmed and not particularly fond of interfering.

One guard notices her shoulder flicker, only for a split second. He’s not sure what he saw was real.

Even though you mainly play as Victor, it’s usually for combat and whether you have to split up from your group to investigate alone. At this moment you may provide dialogue for Cybil to lure them closer.

No. 762187 ID: 398fe1

Hmm, Cybil could have her hologram attack then get fucking shot and fall over, or even trip and fall without getting shot. The guards should move to secure her and then the trap will be sprung.
No. 762199 ID: 180f83

We need to get Moss closer somehow to get hit by the smokescreen. Maybe have Cybil taunt and call him a coward for hiding behind this many henchman, and claim he doesn't have the balls to at least come closer along with his henchmen to challenge her.
No. 762247 ID: ba506f

damn, his men aren't complete idiots after all, some or still sticking close to their boss.

Well an Idea I had would be to have Cybil have her hologram aim it's gun at Moss and have Vic throw a smoke bomb right when it looks like Cybil's hologram pulled the trigger to make it appear as though she fired a smoke bomb or something. If we're lucky the goons will panic and start firing at the hologram and since they have it surrounded they'll hopefully suffer from some friendly fire. We can toss a second smoke bomb into the group around the hologram as well if we need too to add to the confusion. Once the smoke starts though and Eudora jumps down to keep the goons busy and the real Cybil comes from behind Moss and zaps his as I think victor should stay clear of the fighting after he tosses the smoke and keep an eye out for reinforcements and/or Crater. just remember to yell over the radio if you see anything that looks like trouble.
No. 763266 ID: 4e2b76

Look up. Look around. Crater may be hiding, either with cloaking or up on the ceiling. Crater, right? He probably drops down on people like a meteor if that's his name.
No. 763604 ID: ed33de
File 148091186491.png - (201.06KB , 600x500 , PRO 64.png )

Victor continues to look for Crater—even up at the ceiling. Maybe he’s more like a meteor and can get the drop on them. But all he could see is Eudora in the skylight waiting for an opportune time to join.

Victor whispers into the intercom, “Can’t you, like… bring Moss a little closer? Taunt him? I’m not saying that for, like, a high score—I really want to smoke them all at once. I mean… gas ‘em.”

Cybil whispers, “These guys don’t seem to be as mindless as most henchmen come by. Let me try something, though; you’ll have to trust me. I think you’ll know how to play into it.”

Cybil resumes quipping towards Moss, “I think I have a perfect idea of what I’m getting into. I see a coward hiding behind his lackeys, not wanting to get his shiny suit all dirty. With this much protection I’d think you’d be compensating for something…”

Cybil: “Too much of a coward to step forth and deal with this problem yourself. Ah, well; just a few minor obstacles til’ the end.”

Moss, furious, quips back, “YOU'RE a minor obstacle!”

Moss: “Just shoot her already!”
No. 763605 ID: ed33de
File 148091191330.png - (213.67KB , 600x500 , PRO 65.png )

>Hologram fakes an attack
Cybil throws her array of stun pellets, most which miss as the goons fire at will. Then again, those were holographic pellets too. Victor sinks to the floor as bullets pierce through the crates and ricochet off of steel containers.

Cybil falls and glimmers as said bullets fly through her. Moss could be heard laughing to himself.
No. 763607 ID: ed33de
File 148091206534.png - (188.22KB , 600x500 , PRO 66.png )

At least four of the guards surround Cybil, the rest (3) are pretty near but still keep a distance (roughly six meters). They feel something is a little off with their target as Cybil’s hologram was shot down, something unnatural. Nevertheless, Moss butts through to be face-to-face.

Moss: “You see, I’ve faced a lifetime of danger and risk, and had many close calls with death before I became a powerful man. But that’s because I wasn’t a fool!”

Moss: “I know when to retreat—and when to take my shot. I find it hard to admire your bravery, because all brave cops like you end the same way, thinking they could make a difference alone.”
No. 763608 ID: ed33de
File 148091216824.png - (167.26KB , 600x500 , PRO 67.png )

Moss: “You aren’t the first to stand up to me alone, but I’m sure you won’t be the last.”
No. 763609 ID: 180f83

Unfortunately, we might not be able to smoke bomb all of them at once since three of them are still at a distance, but Moss is close enough to know very soon that this is a hologram.

It's now or never. Throw that bomb, let Cybil, and Eudora deal with the guards and Moss in the smoke while Victor deal with the 3 guards not caught in the smoke. Try a sneak attack on them while they are distracted.
No. 763610 ID: 71d443

NOW, Blind Spot! Moss has to go down first before he can call Crater, then the guards around him and finally you should make your escape.
No. 763617 ID: 398fe1

EHEHEHE. Gas em! Cybil can help with the stragglers.
No. 763622 ID: 91ee5f

Moss is now close enough to see she's a hologram. So, Blind Spot needs to smoke them now!

I want Cyberwyre to say, "Then it's a good thing I'm not alone." to Moss and then the hologram disappears, just to see the look on Moss' face.

But, that'll just alert everyone to look out for more attackers.

What does everyone else think?
No. 763631 ID: 180f83

Awesome, but it might be a bad idea. Though if a one liner does happen, I feel this would be something Victor would say instead of Cybil.

But yeah, lets keep the element of surprise
No. 763635 ID: 91ee5f

Yeah, that's what I was thinking.

So, now I'm voting for no one liners and Victor smokes them!
No. 763643 ID: 2bea5d

Smoke em and start the ambush. We can pat ourselves on the back once we're driving away in the truck full of illegal goods and moss tied up in back
No. 764778 ID: 58b8a5
File 148131587066.gif - (175.30KB , 600x500 , PRO 68.gif )


Victor tries his damn-est not to spout a one-liner, as totally cool as it would’ve been. But it would’ve made the villains quite aware of the other attackers.

Moss is first to witness the smoke-bomb spinning, “BACK! GET BACK—!”
No. 764779 ID: 58b8a5
File 148131593752.png - (147.49KB , 600x500 , PRO 69.png )

A breach of smoke fills the area and catches the guards by surprise, as expected. The smog is so thick that it’s hard for them to refocus—even more difficult once they start coughing and tearing up. For the moment they are unaware of the entire team’s presence and are open for attacks of opportunity.

Eudora drops down and tackles a goon, a flawless surprise strike from above, incapacitating him immediately. (50XP earned; 6 Goons + Moss are left, to keep count)
No. 764780 ID: 58b8a5
File 148131604199.png - (172.10KB , 600x500 , PRO 70.png )

Victor only has enough juice in his canister for two more smokescreen-bombs. There are several silhouettes he can identify. To his left Eudora works on another guard, straight ahead is another coughing and regaining his focus, close-by is an unaffected guard entering the shroud—attempting to scout around, and to the right is a fallen Krullg attempting to get up.

The smoke usually wouldn’t bother Victor even without the mask, and Eudora could always adapt to the chemicals with her metamorphosis. Cybil’s full-body contamination suit could filter it out as well. It’s safe to assume that all members are unaffected by Victor’s smoke attacks.

Victor’s combat talents include DODGE(55%), BRAWL(45%), and STEALTH(60%). Using a dropped weapon or throwing objects will depend on his WEAPON PROFICIENCY(45%).

His health is currently at max with 10HP chest armor at 5AR

a) Join with Eudora, fight together
b) Fight distracted guard
c) Attack the scout
d) Run to the fallen Krullghn
e) ___
No. 764803 ID: 0555b9

Did the fallen Krullghn drop his gun? If not, get the scout with BRAWL! You need to get to Moss before you lose the element of surprise!
No. 764808 ID: 398fe1

rolled 18 = 18

The guard in front of you is about to become focused again. Take him out while you still have an attack of opportunity. The downed guard will be disabled for a little while longer.

So, B. Brawl.
No. 764817 ID: 180f83

rolled 18 = 18

[b]c) Attack the scout(s)[\b] with [b]Stealth[\b]

The plan was for Cybil and Eudora to deal with the enemies in the smoke. Lets make it your job to deal with the ones out of the smoke, and keeping them from entering or exiting it.
No. 764850 ID: ba506f

take out the scout as he's the most likely to coordinate all the goons right now.
No. 768536 ID: 3bbf54
File 148289424801.png - (217.68KB , 600x500 , PRO 71.png )

>Take out the Scout
Victor thinks it would be best to take care of those entering and exiting the smoke’s radius. Eudora seems to be holding up—and no doubt Moss is scrambling to the truck somewhere.

With finesse Victor has no trouble meandering around the guards; there were no attempts to grab him and Victor hid well to avoid the scout’s sight.

Victor has a better chance to inflict double damage thanks to his stealthy approach (someone roll for BRAWL(45%)). Otherwise, he will automatically deal maximum unarmed damage for this round (Total of 6 damage).

An unarmed attack by Victor is usually determined by a 1d6 die (rolled by the author), same for Cybil.
No. 768550 ID: 398fe1

rolled 35 = 35

No. 768581 ID: 3bbf54
File 148290901817.png - (177.59KB , 600x500 , PRO 72.png )

BRAWL SUCCESS: 12 DAMAGE to the Krullghn Thug.
The Blind Spot catches the thug off-guard with a surprise KO. A rifle is dropped and available—if Victor decides to use it. Victor receives 50XP for defeating an enemy!

Heroes not currently being played (as well as their opponents) will have their dice rolls made outside the quest by the author.

Eudora swings her fists and merely hits her opponent for 2 DAMAGE. He manages to keep balanced but is trying hard to breathe and defend himself—the other two henchmen are trapped in the smoke’s grasp.

Cybil has made her way to attack one of the goons outside the shroud. She also manages to incapacitate him quietly, earning herself 50XP.

XP Total — Cybil: 250XP; Victor: 250XP; Eudora: 200XP.

This is the final round before the smoke begins to clear. There are three goons inside the shroud; and one outside. There are options, but aren't limited:

a) Join Eudora to defeat her opponent
b) Fight the other two in the smokescreen (one seems to be unarmed, the other wields a shotgun)
c) Exit the shroud and _____
d) Try and find Moss
e) >___
No. 768582 ID: 398fe1

Grab gun, use against shotgun-guard.
No. 768583 ID: 398fe1

rolled 74 = 74

No. 768586 ID: 180f83

Eudora has her opponent,

Cybil will probably deal with the other guy out of the smoke, and will be able to keep an eye out for Moss if he leaves the shroud.

So lets do option B and deal with the last two.
Pick up the rifle, and try out your WEAPON PROFICIENCY, (not by shooting though, but by swinging the rifle at the enemies like a bat to KO them)
No. 768588 ID: 180f83

rolled 31 = 31

No. 768694 ID: 9145ba

rolled 25 = 25

Woah, woah, non-lethals! Sneak attack the shotgun guard with BRAWL.
No. 769266 ID: 2c1602
File 148316372728.png - (176.98KB , 600x500 , PRO 73.png )

Moss crawls out from under the smoke, gagging and dusting his suit. It was clear to him his crew was depleting fast. He sharply turns to the only goon left outside the combat zone.

Moss: “You! Rev the truck! We’re leaving what we’ve got, now move! MOVE!”

The goon promptly scuttles off.

Cybil approaches Moss with caution.
No. 769267 ID: 2c1602
File 148316392448.png - (197.99KB , 600x500 , PRO 74.png )

Aiming and firing a weapon or operating a weaponized vehicle (tanks/mechs) is based on the WEAPON PROFICIENCY skill. Using any fashion of CQC (fists, headbutts, grappling, blunt objects, and the butt of any gun) would usually fall under BRAWL.

>Attack the Krullg wielding the shotgun
Nevertheless (counting as a BRAWL SUCCESS), Victor snatched up the rifle and swept to his next foe—swinging and cracking the Krullghn’s face for 4 damage. His enemy does not respond well and swings an arm, but he’s too disoriented to land a punch and misses The Blind Spot.

Eudora miscalculates her haymaker and misses her own target.

The smoke has settled and all affected goons can see who they’re fighting.

No. 769270 ID: 398fe1

rolled 89 = 89

Well at least none of them can shoot easily.

More BRAWL! Try to disarm him or at least keep him from bringing the shotgun to bear. Getting shot would suck.
No. 769275 ID: 9145ba

rolled 12 = 12

Finish up with the current goon and launch another canister. This time you're aiming to disable the truck starter and apprehend Moss.

I hope Moss and Crater aren't a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde duo.
No. 769276 ID: 398fe1

Oh right yeah we gotta stop that guy.
No. 769282 ID: 180f83

Laugh like the maniac you are while doing this. Show some intimidation.
No. 769296 ID: e85fea

rolled 9 = 9

how many goons are left?

whelp anyways finish this guy quick and drop another canister and make a run for the truck. You need to stop them from driving off before we're ready and Cybil and Eudora need to grab moss and throw his sorry ass in the back of the truck so we can take off.
No. 769343 ID: 180f83

After we have Victor chase after the bad guy going for the truck, maybe we should switch characters to Cybil?
No. 769712 ID: 42d6fd
File 148333340993.png - (175.08KB , 600x500 , PRO 75.png )

(For clarity, we’ll number Victor’s opponent as Krullg Thug 3 and the idle enemy close to Victor Krullg Goon 4. Eudora’s opponent is Krullg Goon 2).

Victor opts for a disarm maneuver, but his opponent keeps a sturdy grip on his shotgun.

>Finish up the current thug
The Blind Spot reroutes his swing to make another jab. While this critical hit would clock normal Krullgs into submission, this particular fella still seems to remain focused, only barely. Krullg Thug 3 receives another 4 damage.

Spot starts to laugh maniacally and finds joy in beating thugs up. Nothing freaky about that at all. Krullghn Thug 3 attempts to grapple—but his condition makes it difficult, and fails his grasp. Krullg Goon 4 sees Victor attack his friend and lunges for a tackle, but fumbles past.

Eudora was unable to strike her enemy a second time. Krullg Goon 2 takes a step back and carelessly fires his pistol. Its bullet zips and chips Eudora’s shoulder for 2 damage.
No. 769714 ID: 42d6fd
File 148333351261.png - (170.04KB , 600x500 , PRO 76.png )

Moss could finally see who he was up against—as well as three of his henchmen already down. The truck starts up, with the goon removing the unconscious bodies of the previous drivers.

Moss: “We’re done here,” he mutters to himself, “We’ll reorient ourselves when we visit back at The Reef—”

Cybil: “Sounds like a lovely place.”

Moss: “!”

Our armored hero presses into Moss’ neck and emits a nasty spark from her ELECTRO-SHOCK GRIP. The boss limps and falls into her catch.
No. 769715 ID: 42d6fd
File 148333363858.png - (139.39KB , 600x500 , PRO 77.png )

She scoots backwards to load him into the truck.

Cybil: “You know what else is lovely this time of year? The Dagonpor Silos.”

Cybil: “It’s like your own private island to get away from it all. Nice and secure, and you get to hang around with like–minded people.”

Moss weakly laughs to himself, “Heh… hehehe—The Silos. Funny.”

Moss: “Nah, I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere.”
No. 769716 ID: 42d6fd
File 148333382847.png - (133.18KB , 600x500 , PRO 78.png )

Cybil: “Don’t embarrass yourself. You do have a right to shut up, you know…”

Cybil: “Spot! Scarab! We’re safe to move out! Finish up and commandeer the truck!”
No. 769726 ID: 398fe1

Cybil, bodyguard behind you! Doooooodge!
No. 769729 ID: 9145ba

rolled 62, 93 = 155

Cybil: Doooooodge!

Got any other vehicles handy? One outside the warehouse perhaps?

Okay, THAT is who you shoot with your gas Spot. All of it. I knew this would be a problem once the smoke cleared.
(die 1 for dodge, 2 for smoke if needed.)
No. 769730 ID: 180f83

rolled 82 = 82


yeah, no. throw a smoke bomb behind cybil. alert her as you do it. Then gtfo, we're not dealing with that guy. Cybil should activate her hologram for extra confusion, but we'll see what she does.
No. 769740 ID: 91ee5f

rolled 19 = 19


And rolling to hopefully average it into a success!
No. 769920 ID: e85fea

rolled 47 = 47

Vic, drop your last gas canister now and get to the truck.

Eudora, finish your guy off or just ditch him to help Cybil

Cybil, you might want to use your shock grip on the big asshole behind you... shock him in the dick.
No. 770228 ID: f969c5
File 148346713115.png - (157.70KB , 600x500 , PRO 79.png )

Victor turns and sees danger looming behind Wyre.

Victor: “Cybil—!!”

He struggles to pull the pin on a canister but it seems to be lodged and stuck! Figures, as these were custom-made and modified by him.

>Nearby vehicles?
The only vans are in a nearby parking lot. It would take a while to run to one. The trio was dropped off quite far from their rally point.

She doesn’t seem to land a punch with Krullg Goon 2, she may have been a little distracted due to the bullet chipping her shoulder. Nothing an hourly heal wouldn’t fix—but that’s another time. Krullg Goon 2 misfires when he attempts another shot.
No. 770229 ID: f969c5
File 148346725376.png - (156.93KB , 600x500 , PRO 80.png )

Cybil twists to face the large assailant before she is slugged in the chest and sent flying; taking 7 damage! The bodyguard was huge for an average Krullghn, and the most distinctive characteristic was his swollen left arm. Embedded across its forearm and shoulder are barnacles that seem to range in size.

Moss dusts his pants and shirt, laughing under his breath.

Cybil’s body is flung at Victor.

No. 770239 ID: 180f83

rolled 57 = 57

No. 770241 ID: 180f83

Well shoot. Perhaps the team should have grinded before attempting this mission. Ah well.
No. 770242 ID: b15da4

rolled 16 = 16

Catch her Victor, she's low on HP!

If the trigger has failed, you'll just have to detonate it manually. Throw the 'nade and shoot it with the stolen gun. Attacign Crater directly is out of the question (even Eudora's at a standstill with that faceless goon), to stand a chance at success we need to try grabbing Moss out from under his bodyguard, again.

Our only solace is that the enemy screws up their rolls as much as we do. Everyone's got butterfingers, not just us.
No. 770245 ID: b15da4

>*Attacking Crater
No. 770446 ID: f969c5
File 148355159722.png - (158.02KB , 600x500 , PRO 81.png )

Victor doesn’t believe he could dodge out of this one, and would instead prepare himself for the impact. At least he could try to give her a safe landing. After dropping the rifle he is able to brace for impact and secure her effectively.

It still pushes him back—but his excellent catch guaranteed no further damage to either of them, albeit a shock in his chest. Unfortunately for Krullg Thug 3, he is tripped and falls directly on his face, losing 5 health points and becomes subdued.

Cybil took quite a punch, but is conscious and still active.

Victor: “Cybil, are you alright?”

Cybil: “Yeah, I’ll live,” she wheezes, “That —cough— was nasty.”

Eudora straight-up socks Krullg Goon 2 in the face, dealing 4 damage. He is disarmed and presses his hands where it aches, muttering obscenities. She backs away enough to regroup with the others.
No. 770447 ID: f969c5
File 148355163704.png - (163.05KB , 600x500 , PRO 82.png )

Moss laughs and nonchalantly walks inside the truck, “A bug and a mangy mutt?”

Moss: “Very clever, mascot; I had not expected this at all!”

Moss: “Props for trying, though. You’ve been closer than any cop I’ve put down! But it’s time for my departure; I don’t have any more business here.”

Moss: “Crater, Don’t even bother! Let my men deal with ‘em.”

Crater grunts and shakes his left hand as if there was a cramp. He backs into the truck and bangs on the interior. The truck revs up again and begins to depart.

Moss: “Sayonara, mascot!”
No. 770448 ID: f969c5
File 148355171054.png - (207.21KB , 600x500 , PRO 83.png )

Victor helps Cybil back onto her feet. The remaining two goons are on opposite sides. Krullg Goon 2 had retrieved his gun and raises it, but he himself looks worn out. Krullg Goon 4 took his round to pick up the shotgun and aim—he seems to know how to use one of these.

Victor has initiative.

Either hero can decide whether or not to run after the truck.

No. 770461 ID: 398fe1

rolled 66, 66, 21 = 153

Victor should chase after the truck. Toss a smoke canister into the driver seat and it'll crash for sure.

Cybil should use stun pellets on the weakened goon, Eudora can leap attack the other one.

IDK how many times I need to roll for this.
No. 770471 ID: f969c5
File 148355904151.png - (26.91KB , 200x200 , IconVIC.png )

It's understandable that when there are many characters on the field at once we'd want to roll for them all. But I believe it would be best to limit one roll per suggestion—one that only controls the actions of the selected character at each checkpoint (in this case, the players would be concentrating on The Blind Spot's actions).

However, as long as your allies are within' earshot (or communication link) you can still suggest Cybil or Eudora to do something in particular. Otherwise they would act on their own accord of what they believe may be best to do.
No. 770478 ID: 398fe1

rolled 7 = 7

Okay then.
No. 770488 ID: 9145ba

rolled 47 = 47

Eudora can catch the truck. Cybil, use your stun pellets. As Victor, we're going to resume clubbing thugs. BRAWL with Goon 4.
No. 771029 ID: f062fa
File 148377193218.png - (194.44KB , 600x500 , PRO 85.png )

Eudora sprints as Moss’ truck begins to pick up speed. The boss yells at Crater to do something, which he throws a crate in her direction. The Arthocob, being nimble, flawlessly hops over the box like it was a pommel horse.

Try as she might’ve, she would have to face Crater and Moss in a confined space even if she had reached him. The truck accelerates and smashes through the gate to the industrial lot. She could hear the audible laugh of Moss taunting as Crater slams the door to the semi-trailer.

Eudora: “Bhothogoshol!”
No. 771032 ID: f062fa
File 148377259767.png - (187.34KB , 600x500 , PRO 84.png )

Victor goes for a punch at Krullg Goon 4 and misses by a hair. Krullg Goon 4 cocks his shotgun and fires at Victor—but the commotion only misses his shot as well.

Cybil, however, was quick and curved her stun-pellet at Krullg Goon 2, zapping him in the neck for 3 damage and stunning him for the round.

No. 771034 ID: 180f83

Weapon proficiency

Since we lost Moss, might as well use your smoke bomb and finish what we can. No better time then now.
No. 771035 ID: 180f83

rolled 9 = 9

No. 771058 ID: 9145ba

rolled 46 = 46

Looks like we need to take another goon for questioning. Where was Moss headed?

Pop your smoke and go for the disarm Goon 4. Would stun pellets leave him in a state fit for questioning? I want to switch off with Cybil, but she's low on HP and this goon still has his gun.
No. 771255 ID: 44cccd
File 148385984025.png - (146.30KB , 600x500 , PRO 86.png )

Victor again pulls out a smoke canister, the pin is still stuck and he chucks it at Krullg Goon 4 square in the face, dealing a minor 3 damage, but effective enough to finally trigger it and release another cloud.

Cybil easily makes a finishing blow to Krullg Goon 2. He spins and drops, letting go of his weapon before hitting the ground. Eudora has spent the round returning to the warehouse.

It is clear to the final henchman that his odds of winning are looking bleak. Amidst the coughing he attempts to run, dropping his weapon and searching for a way out.
No. 771256 ID: 180f83

rolled 7 = 7

Lets have some fun with this guy to relieve the stress and anger of losing moss

No. 771257 ID: 44cccd
File 148386113215.png - (22.13KB , 200x200 , IconCYB.png )

>Would stun pellets leave him in a state fit for questioning?

You can interrogate anyone as long as they were defeated by non-lethal means or are currently grappled/held at gun point and as long as they’re unarmed and can’t defend themselves.

Stunning someone is a side effect and may last a few rounds.
No. 771258 ID: 398fe1

Everybody dogpile him and interrogate. Find out where the truck is going so you can intercept it with whatever vehicle you used to get here.

You did use a vehicle right
No. 771594 ID: e659ef
File 148408388014.png - (192.46KB , 600x500 , PRO 87.png )

The final goon wasn’t able to get far—everyone seemed to have the same idea and tackled in all directions, aside from Cybil.

Cybil earned 50XP for defeating Krullg Goon 2.
Victor earned 50XP for defeating Krullg Thug 3.
Together, the team earned 50XP for working together to defeat Krullg Goon 4.

XP Total — Cybil: 350XP; Victor: 350XP; Eudora: 250XP
No. 771595 ID: e659ef
File 148408402568.png - (104.82KB , 600x500 , PRO 88.png )

The cloud has dissipated and the warehouse is quiet once again. Approximately 15 minutes pass to collect and bind all henchmen against the wall. Cybil rallies her team over.

Cybil: “Alright, team. I’ve notified Jer Kerchek; the authorities should arrive to confiscate these crates and the criminals. We have a few minutes to spare.”

Cybil: “Moss may have escaped our grasp, but he won’t be so lucky next time.”

Cybil: “I want to congratulate you guys anyway—things could’ve turned out much worse with Crater and you guys were able to fend for yourselves perfectly.”

Cybil: “Me however… well…”

Cybil knocks her chest plate, “A little bruise at worst; I’ll live. It takes more than a punch to break through this!”

She starts to trail off, “Letsee… I’ll need to log each criminal to our records… see what’s up with those crates… schedule a meeting w—
No. 771596 ID: e659ef
File 148408407018.png - (133.14KB , 600x500 , PRO 89.png )

Cybil projects files and wanted posters from her wrists, swiping and logging information back to home base. Eudora trash–talks at one of her captives; it’s quite an interesting way to practice the Krullghn language.

Victor is free to talk/look around!
No. 771597 ID: 143250

Check the crate, see what they are importing.
No. 771607 ID: ba506f

dig through what's left and see if we can't get an idea of what they were moving through here.
No. 771618 ID: 9145ba

Take out your nano-violin and mourn the getaway of your target with a sad tune.
No. 771634 ID: 91ee5f

Go hit on/flirt with Cybil and/or Eudora.
No. 771697 ID: e659ef
File 148411316948.png - (199.88KB , 600x500 , PRO 90.png )

Victor finds a crate that doesn’t require a crowbar and removes its lid. ‘Just a bunch of random parts—perhaps for guns? He has some knowledge of firearms but these parts look… more complicated.

Victor mumbles, “What’s this, an atomic coffee machine?”

Cybil: “Interesting…”

Victor: “What would Moss need with this junk?”

Cybil: “Hmm…”

Cybil: “Let me examine these parts. I may have an idea, but—”

Cybil: “See what else is here.”
No. 771698 ID: e659ef
File 148411321046.png - (111.87KB , 600x500 , PRO 91.png )

Victor moseys around and sees a few more boxes, most of them differently sized. Letsee… shall we open the small, plastic container? Or perhaps the larger wooden crate placed upside–down when clearly it shouldn’t be? Or——
No. 771699 ID: e659ef
File 148411323215.png - (102.17KB , 600x500 , PRO 92.png )

—the complicated, refrigerator-sized vessel with warning signs plastered across it?
No. 771700 ID: 143250

That complicated box might be very dangerous. Let the authorities deal with that.

The upside down crate, and plastic container is fine. I think the plastic container is just a water cooler for Moss's crate movers though.
No. 771718 ID: ecd42e

Start with the easiest thing to open and work your way up from their. Grab Eudora if you need help opening things. She's not doing much else anyways
No. 771724 ID: 9e72a7

Wake up the frozen Super Solider.
Get our own Pure Muscle.

Get slapped by Cybil for attempting to open the obviously dangerous box.
Help Eudora open the upside-down crate.
Cybil can have the black market organ box.
No. 771725 ID: 143250

lol. Would love to see that happen.
No. 771733 ID: 9145ba

Wake up the icebox!
No. 771761 ID: 91ee5f

I'll laugh if this is just a glorified lunch box and it's got Crater's name on it. Along with a note from his mom telling him to "Have a good day!" XD
No. 771790 ID: 0c7b82

Open the fridge! Nothing ever bad came from ignoring warning labels.
No. 772004 ID: e659ef
File 148425987163.png - (170.56KB , 600x500 , PRO 93.png )

As expected, the plastic container held thermoses and a few beers: Zephcynth Ale-Lark, Sarcothus Torgq, and—ooh! Hard Cnidarian Lavender! How can Cnidarians drink anyway?
No. 772005 ID: e659ef
File 148426006354.png - (212.57KB , 600x500 , PRO 94.png )

But damn… that vessel looks quite tempting to open. This container was somewhat astray from the group; no one is currently keeping an eye on him as he approaches it. The box has a chill emanating from it, so it is a cooling unit or freezer of sorts.

Upon closer examination, the language is pretty foreign; it’s neither Krullghn nor Cepholodic. There are several buttons in the same language, most of them worn away from constant use—and one button is missing.
No. 772009 ID: 91ee5f

"Hey, Cybil! Come translate this!"
No. 772012 ID: 143250

What is in the upsidedown crate?
No. 772022 ID: 398fe1

Yeah check out the upside-down one before you mess with the cryo chamber.
No. 772055 ID: e659ef
File 148427500859.png - (180.08KB , 600x500 , PRO 95.png )

Perhaps he would go to the freezer shortly after, he asks Cybil to help open the upside-down crate. It eventually breaks open—spilling a pool of packaging foam with a large machine tumbling out.

Victor: “Well… they should’ve read the label.”
Victor: “Cybil… what languages do you know?”

Cybil: “Well gee, I’m pretty fluent in a lot of things. Cepholodic, Krullghn, and a bit of Cnidarian—they just began to have their own written language. Then there’s Tripodic (obviously), Paligrijan but not the Icynths…”

Cybil: “Uh—do you need help reading something?”
No. 772059 ID: 143250

Grab her arm, and run her over to the fridge to read. Maybe there is ice cream inside.
No. 772068 ID: 398fe1

Let's get that cryo tank open.

I'm betting the not-used button will open it.
No. 772078 ID: 91ee5f

Show her the thing by doing this: >>772059 .
No. 772245 ID: 34b215
File 148437229670.png - (196.43KB , 600x500 , PRO 96.png )

Victor tugs her arm and urges her over to the mega-fridge, much to her confusion. She began to look quite astounded having never spotted this vessel yet in the warehouse—or anything like it before.

Cybil: “Interesting…”

Victor: “Can you read it?”

Cybil scans with her visor, “Hmm, I don’t believe so. This suit looks through a lot of languages and it doesn’t seem to pair these symbols with any of them.”

Victor: “What, then?”

Cybil: “Well, they… could be pictographs? Such icons like a power–button, cancel–button. But I’m only guessing at the top of my head.”
No. 772248 ID: 34b215
File 148437259361.png - (144.64KB , 600x500 , PRO 97.png )

Cybil: “Victor, I may have an idea what those parts were earlier. If I'm not mistaken, they could be militarized pieces of a bigger machine! Maybe for tanks, maybe for mech-suits, but I’m not entirely sure.”

Cybil: “There’s no manufacturing label—so I can’t research their origin. This stuff is, well, alien to me. And trust me, I know my way around the war industry.”

Cybil: “But what would a downwarren gang like Moss’ need this stuff for? There hasn’t been any report of tension between rivals in Port Echo.”

Victor: “...huh”

Cybil: “Now, my fear is that there could be something potentially dangerous in this fridge. A freeze ray? Cryogenic prisoner? A virus?”

Victor: “Ancient ice cream?”

Cybil: “Oh, get real, Vic…”

a) Try to open it
b) Leave it
c) >___
No. 772249 ID: ba506f

>a) Try to open it
whelp you never know until you pop it open.

>But what would a downwarren gang like Moss’ need this stuff for? There hasn’t been any report of tension between rivals in Port Echo.
I don't know. Maybe it's the newest crime thing, like drag racing but with whatever this stuff is, or maybe Moss and the gang is looking to become more then just a criminal leader and is planning on using a bunch of this stuff to try and actually take over, Or maybe it's just some junk they stole from someone and are just trying to pawn it off to whoever wants it. All I know for sure is that I could go for some ice cream.
No. 772250 ID: 143250

C: interrogate the criminals and see if they know what in that fridge. Threaten them with another smoke bomb if you have to.
No. 772251 ID: 398fe1

Shouldn't we wait until the authorities get here? They'll be able to tell what this stuff is, surely?
No. 772283 ID: 91ee5f

"It could be some top secret military built, ultimate life form of some kind. He/she could have amnesia and if we help him/her get his/her memories back, he/she could end up being the Crater of our team!"
No. 772287 ID: 9145ba

Open it! This is how you unlock new allies, or secret bosses! Or ice cream.
No. 772370 ID: 34b215
File 148446071463.gif - (93.11KB , 600x500 , PRO-98.gif )

As far as they know, the Port Echo Police Department will arrive in circa 10-15 minutes.

Victor: “There better be some ice cream. It would be the best job ever if every raid ended in ice cream.”

Cybil: “We’ll have ice cream back at home!”

Although Cybil was reluctant to allow Victor to open it, she kept a watchful eye in case things went awry. Like before, most of the keys have worn out from use. The yellow and red buttons on their left were more like lights, with the yellow slowly glowing brighter before dimming—like on standby—at least how most machines would act.

Out of the six buttons, the top left was blinking repetitively.
No. 772371 ID: 0c7b82

Take a long look at the buttons and press the one that's blinking, if that doesn't work right away, start hitting them all in quick succession!
No. 772373 ID: 143250

Stare at the pretty dimming lights. Go into a trance.
No. 772378 ID: 91ee5f

The blinking button looks like a picture of the lid opening and whatever's inside is coming out.

Maybe that's the trick? It's not a language, they're pictures of what each button does.
No. 772379 ID: 9145ba

Bottom middle button intrigues me. Press it!
No. 772381 ID: 34b215
File 148446467242.png - (29.18KB , 200x200 , IconVICNORMAL.png )

The blinky button, although captivating, could simply be the one to open it. The icon sure looks that way. Victor pushes the key and there’s a slight movement inside—like tiny widgets turning and working until—

The lid budges just the slightest bit, but doesn’t open completely. Tiny bits of ice can be heard crackling until a withering beep is played; the gears inside are heard reversing themselves.

The bottom-middle button produces the same results but from the side of the mega-fridge. The panel hasn’t changed as the yellow light resorts to its same glow. Ditto with the top-left.

Victor: “It functions like the library printer…”

Cybil: “Huh, anti-climactic. Blinking must indicate something else.”

No. 772385 ID: 398fe1

Blinking might mean it won't work. Can't open it when the occupant is still frozen. So we need to figure out which button is "thaw".

Try the most-pushed button. Top right.
No. 772390 ID: a9d073

Maybe the battery is only for keeping it frozen? Could have to plug it in to a power source to get enough for the defrost process?
No. 772393 ID: 143250

Maye one of the criminals we captured will know what the symbols mean. Should we bring one over and force them to explain?
No. 774967 ID: bf5da6
File 148549330428.gif - (53.62KB , 600x500 , PRO-99.gif )

The fridge doesn’t appear to have a plug for an outlet. The battery is most likely inside where it’s stuck frozen. Who knows how long this vessel has been lying around? “Welp,” Victor chirps, “the top–right button seems to be used the most; so maybe—!”

He presses it. Good job, Victor.

There is a slight whirling coming from inside—actually—more of a humming. More cold air seems to flow out from the creases. The top–left button, presumably [OPEN], ceases to blink. As for the warning lights, it shifts red; it blinks every few seconds.

Victor: “I think we may be onto something...?”

No. 774974 ID: 90f3c0

Try 3, then 1. If the last button lights up, push it to open. If that doesn't work, try other combinations including buttons 1, 3, and 5.
No. 774988 ID: 143250

Put your mask back on, in case there is some sort of gas inside.

Worth a try.
No. 775007 ID: bf5da6
File 148550295449.png - (291.35KB , 600x500 , PRO 100.png )

Victor presses Button [3] and could hear a gradual shift from the fridge’s side. There’s a cracking noise, like broken glass or ice, muffled from within.

Pressing Button [1] produces the same results as before. The lid barely slides open—and promptly shuts again from unmelted ice blocking its entrance. It could be a while if they wait, but Victor could probably increase the temperature with Button [5].

As he does, the side panel breaks free and slides out.

Cybil: “Hold up, let’s have a look here.”

Cybil bends down to examine this contraption. It looks like a wheel with what seem to be light bulbs north, south, east, and west. “It’s nothing I’ve ever seen before. But it definitely looks broken!”

Victor presses Button 3 and the wheel spins a quarter of the way. It reveals a rod with a missing bulb and ignition.

Victor: “Okay, so there’s that. I don't suppose you can look up a manual for this...”
No. 775013 ID: 398fe1

Can you pop off one of the buttons and put it where the missing one is? Then press it?
No. 775042 ID: 1fd49c

Looks like we found the heating elements. At least one of them is broken, how about the rest, can we fix it?
No. 775070 ID: 398fe1

I don't suppose you've checked all sides of the cryo pod for other markings?
No. 775085 ID: bf5da6
File 148554857319.png - (312.95KB , 600x500 , PRO 101.png )

The buttons aren’t like the keys on a keyboard—so one could accidentally break them to pry them off. Button [6] could remain inoperable for the time being. There are no other peculiar markings around the vessel.

Cybil: “Looks like we found the heating elements. Well, if there’s button [5] to increase the temperature, maybe [6] would revert back to freezing conditions.”

Victor: “So the only way is to make it hotter, but not when all its bulbs have popped.”

Cybil: “One rod has melted glass all over it, another is burnt to a crisp like a candlewick, and the fuses on each one are either blown off or dismantled.”

Cybil: “Whatever you pressed—it seems to only need one of these rods to function. I guess they rotate so they wouldn’t overheat on their own, but no one has been around to change them. Thus, all the ice went out of whack.”

Cybil: “If we want to continue we just need a bulb and a fuse. We could perhaps makeshift something.”
No. 775086 ID: 398fe1

Well there are likely bulbs all over the place in this warehouse. Just find one the right size! As for a fuse, you could take apart the fusebox for the warehouse there too.
No. 775093 ID: ba506f

we could probably find those two things in a warehouse rather easily.
No. 775103 ID: 143250

Alright, time to explore the warehouse. Cybil will look for the Fusebox and Victor will look for a bulb while Eudora will stay and interrogate the caught criminals
No. 775290 ID: 394f73
File 148563837477.png - (121.48KB , 600x500 , PRO 102.png )

Cybil recalls a fuse–box from earlier when she first arrived on the warehouse property, “Well perhaps you can look for a suitable lightbulb. We ought to find the right materials rather easily. Just take a look around those crates.”

Cybil: “I’ll look around back; maybe I’ll find something I can tweak.”

She departs and Victor begins his search. It was pretty fruitless—any lightbulbs he could reach would be too big or small. The crates didn’t hold many either, just steel and plastics. Eudora hasn’t done much; she simply leans against a wall near the criminals and waits for the authorities to arrive.
No. 775291 ID: 394f73
File 148563839709.png - (115.63KB , 600x500 , PRO 103.png )

No. 775292 ID: 394f73
File 148563846455.png - (129.82KB , 600x500 , PRO 104.png )

Seems to be a right glass size—good ol’ Cnidarian Lavender. Actually, he’s never had a taste of this drink before. It would be a shame to waste this; it’s nothing he’s seen in a normal store.

a) Drink it
b) Dunk it
No. 775293 ID: 398fe1

A. Take a quick sippy.
No. 775294 ID: 91ee5f

Why don't you make one of the thugs drink it? If it's strong enough, he'll get drunk and he might end up accidentally telling you where his boss and Crater were going!
No. 775296 ID: ba506f

poor some on your finger and take a taste. If it's good and doesn't do anything drink it. If it taste like ass or makes you feel funny dump it. No need to be drunk when the cops show up, you'd make the whole team look bad.
No. 775328 ID: 9145ba

Get dunked on!
No. 775335 ID: fe7355

Um. Before you stick that bottle full of potentially flammable liquid into the cryo box's innards, transfer the liquid to another bottle. You don't want to risk the bottle shattering and the liquor catching fire, now do you? Maybe dump out the cheaper beers and ales and pouring the liquor into those bottles if you can't find a better safe container.

Once you do that, then sample the liquor, but follow the same practices you would with unidentified chemicals. Waft the scent to your nose from a distance and if it doesn't make you want to retch, pour a tiny bit into a cup and dip your finger in it. If your finger doesn't peel, turn colors or go numb, then try a sip and only a single sip. You're effectively on-duty right now.

And keep in mind that Cnidarian Lavender may not be sold in local stores 'cause nobody around here can safely stomach it. As in, it's poisonous or has nasty side-effects unless you're a Cnidarian.
No. 775447 ID: a3e7f0

Down it! Drunk MacGyver go!
No. 776260 ID: a2bf95
File 148593251869.png - (125.91KB , 600x500 , PRO 105.png )

Well, one sip couldn’t hurt. It’ll be quick; there’s no need for precautions! And if it’s meant to be consumed, what harm could—
No. 776262 ID: a2bf95
File 148593254301.png - (142.69KB , 600x500 , PRO 106.png )

No. 776266 ID: a2bf95
File 148593264251.png - (99.68KB , 600x500 , PRO 107.png )

That wasn’t very appetizing; his tongue felt like it was bubbling. It left an aftertaste of play-doh and beefbase—and there’s still that crackling fizz dancing on the tip of his proboscis tongue. He could hear slight laughter from some of the henchmen.

Eh, maybe he’ll pass on this. He can always work his way up to take such a strong drink.
No. 776269 ID: a2bf95
File 148593290804.png - (106.14KB , 600x500 , PRO 108.png )

Cybil returns after a few minutes, “Hey, I managed to come up with this. I reworked a stun–pellet with whatever fuse was suitable from the circuit breaker.”

Cybil: “Oh! And I guess you found something to replace the bulb with. You— didn’t drink the entire thing, did you?”

Cybil: “You know that any Cnidarian drink is heavily diluted in the very gelatinous concoction Cnidarians roost in when mobile on land? You don’t drink it straight out the bottle.”

Cybil: "Although, any creature can drink it without a trip to the hospital—if they can stomach it."

Cybil: “Also, don’t drink on the job...”
No. 776282 ID: 398fe1

Nope. We're good to go.
No. 776289 ID: ba506f

no I didn't drink any (which is true, you only tasted it). Now let's open this thing up and see what's inside.
No. 776302 ID: 91ee5f

It was literally just a drop on my tongue and even that is too strong for me!
No. 776880 ID: 1af785
File 148610607534.png - (317.62KB , 600x500 , PRO 109.png )

Victor: “No, I didn’t drink it, just a little drop on my tongue! It’s… pretty strong.”

Victor: “Let’s just open this thing already.”

The investigators return to the mega-fridge and make their attempt to repair it. Cybil is more qualified for mechanized repair: she installs the fuse, replaces the blub—making sure it fits and doesn’t fall—and gently slides the side–door shut.

Victor presses Button [3] to rotate the wheel and retry raising the temperature.
No. 776883 ID: 1af785
File 148610628221.png - (179.81KB , 600x500 , PRO 110.png )

A few minutes pass and it wasn’t long until police sirens are audible from a distance. If it was anything to Victor, the fridge looks… less frosty? The red light blinks faster and faster until it just remains on. The hissing ceases and everything’s quiet again. A sharp chirp wheezes out from the machine.

Victor: “Well… moment of truth.”

The Blind Spot presses the button to open the vessel. The top opens, only making a square aperture for a platform to rise through. Two prongs fixate on opposite sides as it opens and…
No. 776884 ID: 1af785
File 148610650351.png - (255.15KB , 600x500 , PRO 111.png )

—nothing’s inside…

With a pat on his shoulder Cybil sighs, “Well, Vic, sometimes this job isn’t as rewarding as one hopes it to be.”

Cybil: “I’m going to meet up with the police and give them the basics of our operation. If we’re fast enough to pack everything up we’ll soon leave for home and avoid the reporters.”

Victor keeps remains staring at the fridge.

No. 776885 ID: 143250

What does she mean it's not rewarding?
Jump in the box, and pretend your driving a cold car, just like in your preschool days.
No. 776893 ID: 73ca8c

Maybe whatever was in there fell out, take a closer look inside
No. 776899 ID: 398fe1

What... what even goes in there? What tiny object would you even need a cryo pod for? Plus, why would you turn on the freeze cycle when it's empty?

Look closer at the little container that opened. Is there any residue from stuff that was once in there?

Also, go over what buttons do what. Button 1 is open, button 2 is close, button 3 rotates the wheel, button 5 does... what? What did button 4 do? Did you even try pressing it? We're not done figuring out how this thing works.
No. 776904 ID: 9145ba

Take a photo, this is still a clue. You may be able to identify what went in there from its container.
No. 776911 ID: 95ad05

Okay this is ominous as fuck. What the fuck was in here that required such a large and overly complex container? This is pointing to either something ludicrously expensive or ludicrously dangerous. Like the frozen cells of a dead super species or highly potent chemical/biological weapon.
No. 777122 ID: d9570e
File 148623607733.png - (137.71KB , 600x500 , PRO 112.png )

Ah, memories of the fine preschool days with not a care in the world. Going sledding down the Dama Monastery hills with his pals.

—But it’s time to get serious! What is this fridge for, if for something miniscule? Who or what needed a complex container? Why leave it frozen if it was empty—unless something’s still inside. These were perfectly valid questions!

Victor hasn’t brought anything to take pictures—but the police will take many photos where the team could likely access at the station and Cybil's own computer. She also has her own way of letting her helmet take pictures as well.

It’s time for a little examination. Hmm, no residue or anything significant that may have broken off. Thing’s pretty clean inside. As for any buttons left: Button [5] raised the temperature so the ice would melt to open this machine. Button [4] unlocked the side panel to replace the heating rods, it was pressed when the ice still sealed everything shut—which is why it slid right out once enough ice melted.
No. 777125 ID: d9570e
File 148623633039.png - (173.96KB , 600x500 , PRO 113.png )

A minute later there’s the sound of a light clicking—the machine is still producing something… or in the midst of delivering. Maybe there was a delay considering how long the fridge may have sat here unattended.

click… CRICK

There’s definitely something small moving, like a tiny pebble scraping up a waterspout. Through the tube leading to the platform—a tiny circular aperture opens to insert a small, gumball-sized orb between those prongs. Following its delivery, the red light shuts off.

There’s no more noise from the machine other than the cooling fans.
No. 777128 ID: 91ee5f

"Cybil! Get over here! It was frozen for so long, it took a while to do something! And now it's doing something!"
No. 777135 ID: 398fe1

I really hope this isn't a bomb. It looks like you're not meant to take whatever that is out. Unless it lets go when you reach for it? I wonder if it's safe to touch with your bare hands?

What the hell would button 6 have done...? Oh, of course. 1 was open, 2 is close, 3 is rotate to spare bulb/whatever, 4 is open maintenance hatch, Button 5 is thaw, so button 6 is freeze. You've thawed it, now you can't freeze it again.
No. 777139 ID: 143250

Ask Eudora if she can wrap this weird thing up in a cocoon. That way, you can probably carry it safely home if it is harmful to touch with bare hands.
No. 777184 ID: 973861

"Cybil! a thing happened!"
No. 777237 ID: c105f3
File 148627084261.png - (134.76KB , 600x500 , PRO 114.png )

The Blind Spot really hopes this thing doesn’t blow up in his face. He wonders the same question whether to grab it or not. Looks like a marble he can reach in and grab no problem.

Victor calls out to Cybil, “Hey! Cybil, get over here! It only took a while to do something!”

The thawed vessel is a bit far from where the police are gathered; they search their area and start to bring the criminals to their vehicles. Eudora and Cybil can’t be clearly seen amongst the group but he assumes they’re talking with the officers outside. Not much later they will bring in the forensic scientists and confiscate the materials and militarized parts.
No. 777244 ID: 0c7b82

Take the orb. The cops will just store it away some where Indiana Jones style. And that's useless to super heroes.
No. 777249 ID: 398fe1

Try to take it. Uh, be wary that it is probably very cold still, don't drop it in surprise or anything.
No. 777262 ID: 91ee5f

You've got a radio, right? Call Eudora and Cybil on your radio and tell them to hurry and take a look before it's confiscated!

Take a few pictures or something in case they don't get there fast enough!
No. 777312 ID: abe787

Call her over your comms.
No. 777333 ID: 143250

Might as well take it. If it is small enough, maybe we can hide it in the empty container of Cnidarian Lavender we just poured out earlier.
No. 777474 ID: fe7355

For the love of all the gods in the stars, DO NOT FUCKING TOUCH THAT SPHERE! Anything that requires specialized cryogenic transport is something you should not handle or move without special tools and storage to place it in. For all you know, that sphere is explosively unstable at higher temperatures, or it's the combination of poisonous and will sublimate out into the air, or some other combo of badness you do not want to be anywhere near without a full protective suit on. But even if it isn't dangerous to handle, it might be fragile and will break at higher temperatures. Oh, and on top of all that, it'd be removing evidence from the scene of a crime! The police'll have your tail if and when they find out. And even if you're allowed to take evidence, they'll chew you out for improperly handling it. So stuff your sticky fingers in your pockets, take several large steps back and raise Cybil on the radio and tell her what happened and to get over here right now so she can at least take some pictures for evidence. Then she can send those images off to the investigating officer, the bomb squad, and whoever is knowledgeable about hazardous materials for their expert opinions.
No. 777520 ID: 143250

Changing my vote to not take it.
No. 777522 ID: 9145ba

Take it take take it! It's shiny I musssst have the shiny.
No. 778042 ID: 105dba
File 148653440245.png - (107.59KB , 600x500 , PRO 115.png )

It was tempting to snatch the orb—but a cryogenic vessel usually does lead to bad news somehow. But hazardous material? It looks like anything produced from this machine is meant to be handled, like a grenade perhaps? A surprise attack like pocket-sand, maybe? Cybil would know best what to do with it; Eudora would just call him an idiot if called over.

Victor speaks into his intercom, “Cybil? Can you come over and see this thing?”

With no response the first time; he opts to call again, which she retorts, “One second, Vic! I’ll be over when I’m done the debriefing with the corporal.”

The Blind Spot doesn’t attempt another message. He calmly says to himself, “I’ll just touch it and… put it back after a closer look. That’s all.”

Victor: “It’s just gonna be really, really cold like an ice cube. In fact, I can just keep it in the beer cooler! It’ll stay cold there!”

Plus, it was shiny! Don’t you just want to reach out and… AND—
No. 778044 ID: 105dba
File 148653460877.png - (69.12KB , 600x500 , PRO 116.png )

Victor: “—I can’t. This is literally my first month on the team and I shouldn’t play around.”

Victor: “It would only give me and the team a bad name if I were to be caught with something potentially dangerous.”

The Blind Spot slinks down and waits for Cybil and Eudora to arrive. Photographs have been taken by both her and the police. The fridge would eventually be confiscated by a special squad to ensure the orb is kept frozen—but long after Team Port Echo have been escorted out the building to be sent home.

Although Cybil has taken pictures, it is not their job to investigate any further on the mysterious orb. Even she couldn’t figure out its purpose or its material from where she stood. The results may not even be released to them for a long while.
No. 778047 ID: 105dba
File 148653482815.png - (346.69KB , 600x500 , PRO 117.png )

You are now playing as Cybil!

Reporter: “Are we on? Oh… five… four…”

Reporter: “Yes, Ortessus, I’m at the scene where yet another site for Virgil Moss’ recent trafficking has been busted!”

Reporter: “The notorious mob boss is now on Port Echo’s Most Wanted and must be approached with caution! The building you see behind me used to be a distribution center before the original owner’s business went elsewhere!”

Reporter: “Thanks to the city’s newest police division, this marks the third successful raid without casualty! I'm hearing reports of roughly seven of Moss’ lackeys are currently being escorted by the authorities for further questioning!”
No. 778049 ID: 105dba
File 148653497017.png - (324.91KB , 600x500 , PRO 118.png )

Reporter: “And here with me to discuss the event is Cybil, who agreed to answer some questions for us tonight!”

Cybil: “Yeah, glad to be here...”

Reporter: “So, tell us what went on in there!”

a) [General summarization route] ___
b) [Be vague, not too much detail] ___
c) [Classified route] ___
d) >___
No. 778055 ID: 398fe1

MAXIMUM LAME. All that work for jack shit. It was probably some kind of superpower-granting awesome nanotech orb.

No. 778066 ID: 143250

We can't give everything way, but we also must respect the freedom of the press law.

[b]b), Be vague, not too much detail[\b] Probably safe to talk about how there were injuries, but they were minor and easily treated, the seven were taken down with little incident. Don't give out details on how you and your team took them down, as it will give the criminals an idea of how to deal with you next time.

We should not talk about the contents they were smuggling. If they ask, say that you are all currently investigating that, and don't have much details to give out at this time. We also shouldn't give out where they are headed. If they ask, tell them that you will also be investigating into that with your team.

I don't know if they know if Moss was there or not. If they don't know, do not mention him being there.
No. 778074 ID: 48ab9c


Give people something to talk about in the morning but don't let them know everything. Don't need to let the bad guys know how we snuck up or found this place, would make any future raids that much tougher
No. 778075 ID: 91ee5f

b) [Be vague, not too much detail]
No. 778099 ID: 0b2b5d

[A] but don't say that we know where Moss is heading. In fact say that we haven't a clue where he went, tell only the police dude in charge about Cuttle Harbor.
No. 778113 ID: 0555b9

D) Lewd route.
No. 778158 ID: b15da4

Oh yes. We spanked those goons hard with an attack from the rear. We like it rough, you see. Eudora even had one all tied up, mmm. If you're out there, Moss: Call me. (phone sign with fingers)
No. 778355 ID: 46ad72
File 148667208565.png - (334.46KB , 600x500 , PRO 119.png )

Cybil: “The situation was dealt with little incident—albeit a little struggle, but the criminals had no other choice but to comply. The authorities arrived on scene to handle any key evidence found inside.”

Reporter: “And what was found inside?”

Cybil: “Nothing special; this raid is still wrapping up the investigation. So far it’s nothing more than generic trafficking of firearms that supply dangerous people— and that’s been on and off for the past few months."

Cybil: "Now these weapons have been removed from the streets to keep Port Echo safe, given its criminal background.”

Reporter: “How do you think they obtain these firearms?”

Cybil: “Again, it’s an ongoing investigation and as soon as we have any leads, we’ll act accordingly.”

Reporter: “I see…”

Reporter: “So this marks for yet another successful operation; quite a positive outcome when considering your supervisor’s struggle to even convince the department to establish your team. Can you share us anything about that?”

a) [I’m proud of my team] ___
b) [We still have to prove ourselves] ___
c) [The team has only been lucky…] ___
d) >___
No. 778359 ID: 143250

Mix of a and b

You're proud of your team for what they've done in this operation, but there are still some untapped, yet great potential you can see in your teammates, and yourself that you still need to improve upon to fully establish yourselves as a great team. Considering how successful this mission was as one of your first though, your confident you can reach those potentials in no time.
No. 778363 ID: 9145ba

A) Even if we didn't catch Moss, you've got to be proud of your team for shutting down his operation. It's just good PR sense.
No. 778366 ID: ba506f

A and B

This was a rather successful mission when you look at it but they're were a few areas where all of us could have done a little more. But I have faith that in time we'll deal with moss and hiss little trafficking schemes.
No. 778437 ID: 49574b
File 148670297212.png - (163.41KB , 600x500 , PRO 120.png )

Cybil: “There’s great potential in this division—but we’ve yet to establish ourselves. Considering the success of this mission, I’m confident that we can reach our potential in no time.”

Cybil: “It’s difficult to make every operation pitch–perfect, and there were a few grey areas to reflect upon, improve from, or have done a little more—”

Cybil: “But I’m proud of this team and I foresee a successful future!”
No. 778438 ID: 49574b
File 148670306197.png - (166.08KB , 600x500 , PRO 121.png )

Reporter: “Thank you, Cybil! And back to you, Ortessus!”

Ortessus: “Thank you, Vaal, you’re looking great out there! Say, is that a new suit?”

Vaal: “Why yes it is! And speaking of which! ERA, a technology manufacturer and service company recently headquartered in Port Echo, has been producing new suits for Cnidarians to comfortably live on land!”

Vaal: “And that’s not all! If you’re a Cnidarian and would like to opt for an exchange, you could be eligible to try—…”
No. 778440 ID: 49574b
File 148670319801.png - (156.61KB , 600x500 , PRO 122.png )

All members get 250XP for completion!

XP Total — Cybil: 600XP; Victor: 600XP; Eudora: 500XP

All members achieved LVL 1!

Cybil: Helioshield
Victor: Smogwerfer
Eudora: Sap Bomb

Cybil: Orbiting Drone
Victor: Hallucinogenic Mod
Eudora: Endurance Shift

*All abilities will be detailed momentarily.
No. 778441 ID: a86197
File 148670335047.png - (188.48KB , 600x500 , PRO 123.png )

You’re Victor again!

Well, Victor just finished his ice cream. You’re back at home base! He is the newest member of Team Port Echo since several months ago.

The building is a simple, two story home with plenty of things to do! And everyone lives here.

You can start exploring the house on your own. You can find your friends and ask about themselves or anything relating to the job. You currently stand in the main living room, which also serves as the kitchen and the first room you enter in the building.

There are four main rooms to visit, Victor’s Room, Cybil’s Room, Eudora’s Room, and the Study Room where you’ll most likely find your supervisor, Jer Kerchek, notably the father figure of this super–terrestrial family.
No. 778442 ID: 143250

Study room first, so we can get an introduction to Jer Kerchek.

we can also study up on your new abilities, the Smogwerfer, and Hallucinogenic Mod, and maybe study on how you can make your smoke bombs a bit more functional so you don't have incidents like smoke bombs going off too early, or stuck pins in the canister.
No. 778446 ID: 34576f

How long has the team been in operation? Are there any members other than you three? What qualities does the team look for in recruits?
No. 778447 ID: 9145ba

Tell your boss we're out of ice cream. Again.
No. 778453 ID: 48ab9c

Check out your room first to show us your cool stuff then go see the boss man and then your two roommates
No. 778474 ID: 199251

Go fiddle with your new toys! No not those toys! Also when was the last time you called home and spoke with mom?
No. 778736 ID: 45984f
File 148684621743.png - (235.41KB , 600x500 , PRO 124.png )

As far as Victor knows, Team Port Echo has been in effect fairly recently. But the time to gather all current members took roughly a year on this planet. There are only those three who actually go out to investigate crimes.

As for recruitment, only Jer and Cybil would know for sure. Simply put, Jer basically looks for aliens with superpowers, or those with ‘heightened mutations’. As an example, Eudora’s metamorphosis is miles beyond the rate any normal Arthocob would undergo. Victor has a vestigial gland in his lung that releases a special chemical. Throughout evolution the ancestors of his species were able to confuse predators with this chemical. Many Chupras today don’t have a functioning gland anymore, since they’ve become apex predators.

You decide to pay a visit to Jer Kerchek and visit your room next. The Study Room is a mix of a lab and an office where Jer hangs out—but anyone is free to read books or perform tests.

At the end of the room is an abnormally tall reptoid—measuring 7ft, although it could be Vic’s exaggeration. It slowly turns with a pair of eyes noticing him stand by the doorway.
No. 778737 ID: 45984f
File 148684647524.png - (128.67KB , 600x500 , PRO 125.png )

Meet Jer Kerchek, a Gard native to planet Irimyth. He has lived a long time on Cnidari Vaalbara as a researcher, investigator, and forensic scientist. He has helped establish Team Port Echo as a new way of suppressing crime that’s too dangerous for the local department to handle. He’s a kind and intelligent creature, and quite spry given his old age.

Jer: “Oh, hello Victor! Please, come on in!”

Jer: “What can I help you with? I hope you’ve finally settled into your new home!”
No. 778740 ID: 143250

"I think that the smoke bomb canisters that I custom-made contributed into the cost of a total success to the mission, and I want to try making new and improved canisters to avoid the same fate. Also, I want to check into these cool new skills our team has gained."
No. 778907 ID: 9145ba

"Also we're out of ice cream."
No. 778914 ID: ba506f

I'm doing fine, mostly just checking in to see how everyone is doing after the mission.
No. 778944 ID: 143250

Just read the discussion thread. changing my suggestion to talking about the smoke bomb canisters, running out of ice cream, and probably talking about giving this guy a codename.
No. 779533 ID: 0b360f
File 148710371179.png - (209.53KB , 600x500 , PRO 126.png )

Victor replies to the reptoid, “I’m fine and all; mostly checking in on everyone. I finished watching Cybil on the news.”

Victor: “I just feel that if my canister hadn’t malfunctioned or gotten its pin stuck, we could’ve captured Moss and made the mission a complete success…”

Victor: “Cybil wouldn’t have flung across the room by Crater.”

Victor: “Also, I just finished the last bowl of ice cream so it may be that's why I feel... incomplete?”

Jer: “Ah, no wonder…” he thinks for a bit.

Jer: “Well, the job will sometimes give yourself some regrets and afterthoughts and… trust me; I understand the pressure to succeed. But you’re doing so well for a group of rookies! Heh.”

Jer: “And sometimes… opportunities will be missed, and you might not hit all the checkpoints. The best thing is to move on and learn from your actions.”

Victor: “Yeah, I suppose. Thanks.”

Jer: “But before I forget—you seemed to have received a package…? I placed it on your bed.”

a) Continue talking to Jer in a calm manner and discuss other topics.
b) Proceed to sprint to your room and learn your new abilities already. That specific part you needed really really badly must’ve arrived!
No. 779534 ID: 143250

Oh yeah! B! sprint sprint sprint! knock over anything that gets in your way!
No. 779582 ID: 9145ba

B) Ohokaygoodtalkthankschiefbye!
No. 779586 ID: ba506f


get really excited, thank him, let him know if he needs your help with anything to let you know, and be out the door rushing towards your room before you even finish talking.
No. 780201 ID: 66c0d5
File 148730889086.png - (140.81KB , 600x500 , PRO 127.png )

Victor is delighted of the news; he couldn’t contain his excitement, “Thank you, Jer! That helped! I’ll be in my room if you need me—bye!” Victor’s Room was practically across the hallway.

Jer shrugs and returns to his work.
No. 780203 ID: 66c0d5
File 148730918521.png - (199.15KB , 600x500 , PRO 128.png )

Ah, the sanctuary of one’s bedroom. It looks just like the one back at Dama’s Spa and Sauna. Which reminds him; he needs to send a message to his mother about his days on the job here in Port Echo.

There are lots of things to do here: tinker with explosives, finish up that weapon, or play a little music with your Yog-thrummer.

And there it was! A trapezoidal cupola spring-washer for the fore-end assembly, finally delivered!
No. 780204 ID: 66c0d5
File 148730969982.png - (119.62KB , 600x500 , PRO 129.png )

Victor can add an extra ingredient to his abilities to induce either: fear, sleepiness, or [b/]rage[/b]. Victor will only have these three additives throughout an entire mission before he can refill at home base.

Victor can also sneak up to an enemy and spray the hallucinogenic substance without making noise.

*Ability Modifications add a little extra kick to change play-styles. They take up no slot and will always be available to the character until depletion.
No. 780205 ID: 66c0d5
File 148730977544.png - (163.75KB , 600x500 , PRO 130.png )

The Smogwerfer is a rifle that rains down chemtrails to drive out enemies—or hit a target with a blunt projectile. Each projectile costs 1/8th of his canister. The rifle fires in an arc.
No. 780207 ID: 66c0d5
File 148730997078.png - (306.96KB , 1000x750 , VICTOR.png )

Each character has Talents: unique hobbies and skills (occupational and natural skills) that can aid them on their adventure. Victor’s talents include Tracking/Awareness, Lockpick, Acrobatics, Escape Artist, Weapon Proficiency, Charm, and Knowledge (Traps/Explosives).

Victor is a crafty class; he’s someone who doesn’t need to be direct to get the job done. And if he gets caught, he has a knack for escaping and losing his pursuers, often acting on his improvisational skills.

During a careful investigation, or when under pressure, anyone can suggest a talent to use for any character. Percentage dice will be rolled by the author to determine how well Victor picks a lock, crafts an explosive on the spot, or charm the sexy Krullghn gals to obtain information.

a) Visit Cybil's Room
b) Visit Eudora's Room
c) >___
No. 780208 ID: 143250

Eudora is scary when she is angry, and might berate you for your performance. Might as well see Cybil and get your review done and over with.
No. 780211 ID: 9145ba

Visit Eudora first so Cybil can patch up your bruised ego.
No. 780225 ID: 398fe1

Let's visit Eudora first.
No. 780228 ID: 34576f

Attempt to charm "girl-who-can-easily-kick-your-ass".
No. 780229 ID: d340c5

Lets go see what toys the others have.
No not those toys! Maybe some other time!
Eudora, if she dose get angry we can test our new sleepy gas on her, and then flee to Cybil's room when that doesn't work.
No. 780231 ID: ba506f

>b) Visit Eudora's Room
see what kick ass toys she got and show off yours as well.
No. 780252 ID: 143250

If you go to Eudora's room, MAKE SURE YOU KNOCK FIRST! you remember the last time you entered her room without knocking? not a pretty sight. Scary!
No. 780253 ID: b15da4

And yet you find yourself wishing it would happen again...
No. 781338 ID: 4caebe
File 148756835297.png - (182.97KB , 600x500 , PRO 131.png )

You decide to stop by Eudora’s room first and get it over with; Victor does love showing off his gadgets. The Arthocob may be a sourpuss but you get used to her attitude. He passes Cybil whose door is open—she’s tinkering with something but anyone is free to drop by anytime to chat.

Eudora’s door is almost always closed. It also is the only sliding steel door in the house. There’s no lock so anyone can enter as they please. Victor gives a few cautious knocks first; he’s actually a little intimidated by the bug–girl.

Hmm, no response. Well, he did knock first! Although Eudora is not really a pretty sight to begin with—it’ll make good practice to try and charm his way out without getting insulted.
No. 781339 ID: 4caebe
File 148756858141.png - (126.76KB , 600x500 , PRO 132.png )

Victor: “Hey… Eudora check out thi—oh…”

Inside is a cylindrical chamber and the air feels a bit humid. As the lights flicker it’s plain to see her room is almost completely empty other than a desk with a computer, some off-worldly plants, a plain dresser with not many dresses, and a giant cocoon hanging in the middle of the room—pulsing just like those on the docks. The only thing absent from the room is a mattress.

The cocoon leaks something gross, thankfully there’s a drain right below it.
No. 781344 ID: b81c4f

So how long does she normally sleep in one of those things? Anyways probably can't show off our kick ass gear to her as she is now so might as well bug Cybil
No. 781345 ID: 143250

Shhh... bug lady is asleep in her cocoon... just slowly back away quietly and yo- ACHOOO!
No. 781346 ID: 9145ba

Quick, roll Escape Artist to dive out of the room before it's too late! Your life depends on it!
No. 781349 ID: 91ee5f

Both of these together would be funny! XD

Try to leave without disturbing her, sneeze loudly, roll for Escape Artist skill to avoid getting beaten up for waking her! XD
No. 781359 ID: 398fe1

Guys, Escape Artist involves escaping from restraints. Sneak is moving quietly, Acrobatics would be moving quickly or whatever.

Just go talk to Cybil instead.
No. 781364 ID: 09efad

NOPE dodge roll the fuck out of here!
Then get up and calmly close the door and go talk to Cybil.
No. 781367 ID: 9145ba

Exactly, we're escaping from the confines of Eudora's room.
And hoping for a nat 1.
No. 781397 ID: 143250

This sounds fun.
No. 782113 ID: 4caebe
File 148779391231.png - (107.23KB , 600x500 , PRO 133.png )

>How long do Arthocobs sleep?
No clue, but Victor believes shorter than most mammals. Maybe three hours are needed. But when she’s asleep, she changes appearance little by little. And Victor knows what happens if he interrupts her sleep (again)!

Well Cybil will like his cool gun, at least. The smoke will probably make Eudora sleepy again…

And just his luck—somehow, by the Gods, he does a worst attempt to hold back a sneeze, “HNNGK—PHTHOO!”
No. 782114 ID: 4caebe
File 148779399929.png - (112.62KB , 600x500 , PRO 134.png )

Time to make a break for it; this room is like an echo chamber! Everyone in this entire building probably heard that.

Escape Artist is usually trying to get out from being bound by ropes, squeezing through a tight passage, or held down by an enemy. Acrobatics seems to be fitting to nimbly avoid danger, or to hop over obstacles.

Victor turns tail to hop out of the way ([76]/[55]). The sliding door already began closing behind him and his snout slams into the metal sheet.

Everyone in the entire building probably definitely absolutely heard that too.
No. 782115 ID: 4caebe
File 148779421383.png - (127.85KB , 600x500 , PRO 135.png )

There’s this gurgling sound coming from behind. The room is very dim and he could see the cocoon start to move and shake. He doesn’t often see an Arthocob enter and exit their ‘bed’—it’s not something particularly enjoyable to watch, but you can’t look away. He feels like there should be a censor bar for this.

The insectomorph slips through the only aperture of its cocoon. She grumbles and takes a moment to reorient herself. Her body and arms shake to fling loose gunk off her body. She mutters something in her own tongue—well, her language is just a bunch of whispers anyway.

She hobbles towards you.
No. 782116 ID: ba506f

... so uh, I wanted to see if you were available to ask what you thought of the mission but I saw you were sleeping so when I turned to leave the door closed on me... where's the button to open it?
No. 782127 ID: 0555b9

Hi. How's the butt coming along?
No. 782135 ID: dc4690

No. 782141 ID: 206bf8

Kill yourself
It will be quicker and less painful.
No. 782205 ID: 398fe1

Yeah, this basically.
No. 782488 ID: 4caebe
File 148790456164.png - (195.48KB , 600x500 , PRO 136.png )

Victor: “Hey—uh, Eudora. I wanted to see if you were awake and talk about the mis—“

She stomps closer.

Victor: “Listen I’m sorry I just wanted-to-SHOWYOUA—AHHK!”

Eudora doesn’t wanna hear it. She grabs Vic by the scruff of his vest to make her message clear. Her face is distorted and stuck in asymmetry as she stares him down, so it’s very hard for him to concentrate.

Eudora: “How… many times must I tell you—”

Eudora: “—not to disturb my rest!?”

Eudora: “I don’t care about your little toy guns, you mangy mutt!”

Eudora: “Here’s what I can do—”
No. 782489 ID: 4caebe
File 148790520176.png - (205.92KB , 600x500 , PRO 137.png )

Eudora can be thinner, taller, and agile, with the cost of defense to take a stealthy approach—or amp up her exoskeleton to be durable and withstand more damage. Transitioning from one form to another takes an hour and is better done during checkpoints and between missions.

AGILITY grants her faster movement, compound eyes, and a flurry of attacks, but slightly weaker armor and punches.

DURABILITY allows her to lift/throw heavier objects and stand her ground to fight larger enemies, but she is slower and prone to be hit.

Her abilities adapt to her body type.
AGL — Faster punches in a rapid flurry of attacks. Less damage.
DUR — Walloping punches; more leeway for enemies to dodge.
No. 782490 ID: 4caebe
File 148790527463.png - (157.65KB , 600x500 , PRO 138.png )

Eudora can construct an Area-of-Effect bomb of sap. Enemies caught in the splash will struggle to free themselves. A direct hit can bind an entire body; while splash damage can bind hands and weapons (approx. three goons can be caught).

AGL — Eudora can spit far with small, quick pellets.
DUR — Larger splash; approx. five goons may be bound with a direct hit.
No. 782493 ID: 4caebe
File 148790583920.png - (314.80KB , 1000x750 , EUDORA.png )

Eudora’s talents include Climb, High Jump, Spit, Heal-Self, Survival, Intimidate and Camouflage.

Eudora is the class who has the most natural skills and is the most flexible; she can opt for an offensive, bullet-sponge tactic or go for a stealthier approach.

Her AGILITY mod adds +10% to Climb, High Jump, Camouflage, and Spit, but depletes 5HP from total health.

Her DURABILITY mod removes -5% to aforementioned skills, but +5AR to total armor and +10% on Survival and Intimidate.

*Descriptions may change depending on how well this works!

No. 782497 ID: 7b7ab3

Those are great and all, but could you maybe chill out there, cranky?
Kid didn't mean any harm and it was an accident.
No. 782498 ID: 143250

Too bad Victor didn't hear any of that, because he has now fainted in horror.
No. 782499 ID: 9145ba

Compliment her new abilities, kiss her slimy feet, promise her your firstborn son, anything you can to stay alive.
No. 782500 ID: 91ee5f

I was trying to be quiet and leave when I saw you were in your thingy, but then the door fell down and I ended up running into it! You've really got to get that door fixed!
No. 782514 ID: b9f243

Sweet... and it would be considerably more awesome if you weren't about to kill me so can you put me down so I can let you get back to sleep. Also if you don't want anyone to disturb you while you sleep why don't you lock your door instead of having it close on somebody's face when they try to leave you to rest making a loud noise?

... A-are you getting madder? Should... should I just stop talking?
No. 783762 ID: 23b9cc
File 148834818012.png - (169.16KB , 600x500 , PRO 139.png )

Victor guesses beauty sleep is important. Now to come up with an escape plan. He could just give in and bargain for his life. He could babble on, explaining himself and risk angering the disgruntled insect even more. Telling her to chill out is out of the question.

As primitive beasts, Chupras would be able to spit and quickly run away from their attackers. They also had a second defense maneuver which is probably fainting and playing dead ([03]/[40]). Eudora rolls her eyes and opens the door with a fist pounding on the button pad. No use slapping the mutt up anyway.

Promptly tossing him out, she grumbles and shuts the sliding door behind her. Now that’s an effective escape artist tactic!

Well, nothing much left to do but visit Cybil’s Room!
No. 783763 ID: 23b9cc
File 148834883591.png - (173.65KB , 600x500 , PRO 140.png )

The Gortian is always operating on something—or doing research even outside of the job. You notice that—at this point living with the super-terrestrials—she doesn’t often take time to relax. Her room is in two parts. Behind the milky-white glass is a sanitary bed and bathroom. No one but Cybil is allowed beyond the sterilizing corridor where she can safely remove her suit.

She stops welding her latest invention and notices you, “Oh, hello Victor! Was that you making such a ruckus?”

Cybil: “Ah, I see you’ve finally finished that thing. What did ya call it again? Anyway…”

Cybil: “Early tomorrow morning we’ll be heading out to the [b]Eoochrqua Bazaar[b] that’s held bi-monthly at Cuttle Harbor.”

No. 783775 ID: 9145ba

Oh? Is our stipend being paid out tomorrow? Sweet! Time to buy even more explosives!
No. 783782 ID: 398fe1

Brag about your new toy.
No. 783785 ID: 143250

And then have it accidentally blow up in your face.
No. 783798 ID: ba506f

ask if this is a good time. If so show her you new gear and ask how she thought the mission went. I mean nobody did seem to know where to meet up before things started. didn't turn out to be a big problem in the end but still we should probably try and make sure that never happens again.
No. 783897 ID: e1be6f

The Niwwelwerfer
The Nebelwerfer
No. 784722 ID: 89f7a7
File 148860510940.png - (131.79KB , 600x500 , PRO 141.png )

Victor: “Hey, this a good time?”

Cybil: “Oh—of course! Is… something bothering you?”

Victor: “I’m just curious about how you thought the mission went. I mean—”

Victor: “I didn’t seem to know where to meet. And when I couldn’t save you from Crater…”

Cybil: “Vic, it’s fine,” she assures you, “And don’t worry about last night. It takes a lot more than a slap to dent this armor.”

Cybil: “Next time, we’ll all arrive together. There was a miscommunication between the three of us on when to arrive and it won’t likely happen again.”

Cybil: “I think the mission was a success in its own right. We didn’t know Moss would show up and those weapons have ended in police custody.”

Cybil: “Now that——that ought to put a dent into Moss’ plans!”
No. 784724 ID: 89f7a7
File 148860531535.png - (143.92KB , 600x500 , PRO 142.png )

Victor starts to feel a little better after talking it through with Jer and Cybil—they seem to always know what to say to ease his mind. “Well, I also wanted to show you my newest weapon!”

Cybil: “Hey! I’ve been working on something too. Perhaps we can show each other our inventions!”

Cybil: “Here is mine!”
No. 784725 ID: 89f7a7
File 148860554187.png - (111.99KB , 600x500 , PRO 143.png )

An orb circles the player to provide as an assistant, or a turret. The satellite acts as an extension of Cybil and can hack, scan, and repair, as well as replicate any of Cybil’s abilities. The orb increases the chance to succeed any of Cybil’s talents by 10%. It may only be used once per checkpoint.
No. 784726 ID: 89f7a7
File 148860562394.png - (225.90KB , 600x500 , PRO 144.png )

A stationary holographic wall appears and deters bullet damage. Team members can fire through, but enemies can walk through without risk of injury. Team members must be wary of attackers from behind. It can hold up to 10DMG before depleting.
No. 784727 ID: 89f7a7
File 148860581767.png - (329.12KB , 1000x750 , CYBIL.png )

Cybil’s talents include Hacking, Operate Heavy Machinery, Scanning, Weapon Proficiency, Repair, Persuade and Knowledge (Alien History/Law).

Cybil is an offensive class specializing in technology. She’s also a worthy support class to protect her teammates from gunfire and provide some insight on certain species, clashes between alien factions, and exotic cultures.

No. 784733 ID: 91ee5f

Have a chat with Cybil and speculate on what that weird little black ball in the giant freezer is supposed to be or what it's supposed to do!
No. 784756 ID: ba506f

ask who she was talking to and if their are any team plans for the day or if we're free for now?
No. 785053 ID: 17f0bb
File 148869769611.png - (147.41KB , 600x500 , PRO 145.png )

Victor: “Is there anything I have to do right now?”

Cybil: “Nah, it’s getting late anyway. You're only on the job outside of this building. Just be prepared for tomorrow and set your alarm.”

Victor: “So who were you talking to earlier?”

Cybil: “You mean, like, at the warehouse?”

Cybil: “Just the officers who arrived first. I recognized most of the party when I was a constable a few years back.”

Cybil: “You can safely assume Jer and I have a reputation with them. Due to my success and support for Jer’s proposed team—well, the department relies heavily on us not to screw up.”

Victor: “That’s a lot of pressure…”

Cybil: “Heh, Jer would get a laugh out of that. ‘Lots of paperwork to fill after every investigation. We are constantly kept in check ever since… well since the first time he's tried to establish a team.”
No. 785056 ID: 17f0bb
File 148869834358.png - (162.35KB , 600x500 , PRO 146.png )

You decide to bring up the strange, black gumball from the freezer as to speculate what the heck it was. Even Cybil has no clear idea. She had scanned it earlier ([98]/[60]) but nothing could be identified.

Cybil: “Well you got me, Vic. The scanner just came up empty!”

Cybil: “I guess that the freezer is another militarized machine. The orb could be a bomb or dangerous element, or ingredient. I’m just guessing at the top of my head at this point.”

Cybil: “It’s currently in a secluded lab and it's out of our business. If something comes up, I’ll see if Jer can ask his friends to share a bit of information.”

She thinks for a bit, unsure whether to continue—but ultimately mentions it, “I can print my photos if you’d like. They’re more or less, well, confidential at this point.”

Cybil: “But I trust that you won’t let this become an obsession?”

a) Herself; >___
b) The Team; >___
c) Other; >___
d) Leave (go where?)

[Take them]
[Leave them]
No. 785072 ID: 9145ba

[Take them]
No more than it will become an obsession for the rest of the team, I'd imagine.

A) So how did a species that needs to worry about suit ruptures get into (and stay in) the field of frontline crime prevention?
No. 785077 ID: ba506f

>a) Herself; >___
>b) The Team; >___
Never know she was on the force before being on this team. Figured she was like Vic and Eudora and was picked out by Jer for some insane skill or crazy mutation. But if you don't mind me askin, what made you want to become a cop anyways? Especially on a world where you can't walk around outside of your room without wearing that suit? Just seems a bit odd to pick this place out all the places you could have gone. I mean Her skills would be valued anywhere. And what made her and Jer want either you or Eudora on the team as well. Not that you're complaining you just find it weird that someone with as short of fuse as Eudora being cleared for a experimental special task force, she's can be a bit of a pain to get along with, and while Vic is awesome again I would have thought that for something that seems to be testing the waters and soaking up so many resources you guys would have wanted someone with a bit thicker resume.

>[Leave them]
At this point I don't see why we should even care. Their's absolutely nothing we can do with the orb at this point and I feel that our efforts are best focused elsewhere. If it becomes important then we can deal with it when it comes back to bite us in the ass but as for now that ship has sailed, let's move on.
No. 785081 ID: 143250

Leave photos. Too confidential.
No. 785083 ID: 143250

Also, ask about the team. Suggest maybe merging your special attacks and abilities together for some kind of team attack, Chrono Trigger style
No. 785107 ID: 91ee5f

Make a joke about how the strange, black gumball could be some ancient super weapon technology from a long destroyed civilization like in the plot of some sorta video game. Then suddenly realize that, holy shit, that might actually be what it is and you just made a really lucky guess!

[Leave them]
No. 786605 ID: ace64f
File 148921554426.png - (115.15KB , 600x500 , PRO 147.png )

You decide not to take the photos. There’s nothing anyone here could do at this point. There are still a few questions he was curious to ask.

Victor: “I didn’t know you were on the force! How does your species get into the frontline of crime prevention when they’re at risk of suit ruptures?”

Victor: “I’m sure your skills are valued anywhere but out of all the places to live and become a cop no less; why? If you don‘t mind me asking…”

Cybil makes a slight chortle, “Oh, Victor. My species is fine! It’s just me who’s stuck in this suit!”

Cybil: “And when you’ve lived two-thirds of your life in an isolated room hooked up to tubes and wires—you would too want to break out.”

Cybil: “But I guess the need to serve and protect is a ‘Gortian’ thing; it’s in my blood. I don’t know how Chupras or Arthocobs value order—but my species established many laws of the galaxy after centuries of barbarous interplanetary wars.”

Cybil: “My father worked relentlessly to find a cure for my immune deficiency. He and Jer were best friends before I was even born. And this suit was one of his last designs before…”
No. 786608 ID: ace64f
File 148921601308.png - (126.33KB , 600x500 , PRO 148.png )

Cybil: “…well, his passing.”

Victor: “I'm sorry...”

Cybil: “No worries, Vic. It was many, many years ago.”

Cybil: “And to be situated here, I guess feel like I’m following in his footsteps. I was stuck on Khlaatus when it shifted to an isolated state and Jer, more or less, was able to rescue me.”

Cybil: “Kerchek really is like a father to me now.”

Victor: “So I see how you ended up chaperoning us. But how come Eudora and I were chosen? I’d assume you guys would want someone more qualified. And—don’t get me wrong, I’m okay with Eudora—but she seems to have a temper.”

Cybil: “Eudora knows to be responsible in the line of duty. Yes, she can get aggravated but she knows her limits.

Cybil: “And you do remember your training once you first arrived here, right? As for why you two were chosen…”

Cybil: “Jer has this childhood fantasy to create a super team. He’s a mutant himself, in fact. But he’s grown too old to fight anymore. And not all mutations benefit everyone,” she refers to her own immunity, “yet you and Eudora have something unique to bring to the table.”

Cybil: “You were given the opportunity to join, and here you are! If you focus on your heightened mutations—and use them to your full potential—”

Victor: “And merge our abilities for a devastating attack!”

Cybil: “Or that—we can be an effective team and clean up this city.”

a) Herself; >___
b) The Team; >___
c) Other; >___
d) Leave (go where?)
e) Go to your room to sleep and finish the PROLOGUE
No. 786613 ID: ba506f

>e) Go to your room to sleep and finish the PROLOGUE
"well thanks for the talk, but I do have one thing to say before I head out. If Jer is trying to turn us into super heroes I get a say in what my super suit looks like. I can't decide if it should have a cape or not."

just say the super suit part sarcastically and that should get a laugh out of her.
No. 786615 ID: 70983e

E. Got to get a good rest to face the next day bright tailed and bushy eyed.
No. 786616 ID: 143250

D: Wait, hang on, we still have to call mother. Give her a call before we head to bed. go to where a phone is first.
No. 786631 ID: 91ee5f

>It’s just me who’s stuck in this suit!
>My father worked relentlessly to find a cure for my immune deficiency.
Roll to charm. "So, does this mean I'll never get to see your pretty face?"

>What do?

Then E.
No. 787245 ID: 85afcb
File 148947318470.png - (189.31KB , 600x500 , PRO 149.png )

Victor tries a suave line, “So if it’s just you in the suit, does this mean I’ll never get to see your pretty face? ([58]/[35])

“Har har,” she smirks—or at least indicated that she had, “I see you're getting pretty tired; you should get going to bed. I haven’t noticed how much time has flown.”

Cybil: “It’s going to be a busy place tomorrow morning; we would need to be discrete about our investigation and make sure no bystander is dragged into our work.”
No. 787246 ID: 85afcb
File 148947337590.png - (131.58KB , 600x500 , PRO 150.png )

He just had one last thing to do, and it was to send his mother a message. She’s on a completely different planet, so phone calls may take years to go back and forth.

Usually foreigners would send video messages through a rather interesting form of ‘space mail’. Victor sets up his monitor to prepare his speech: whether it’s how he’s been doing for the past few days or maybe share details about his job. The program is free, thus the video can only last a few paragraphs unless he upgrades.

Like he's going to pay the full price...

No. 787281 ID: ba506f

"Hey mom, it's me Vic, but I guess you know that already. Just checking in to tell you how I'm doing. Just got back from my first mission and don't worry it went pretty well and not only did I help put a bunch of bad guys away I even fond something important looking after the fight, and don't worry I'm fine. They never even got close enough to touch me.

But yeah my team is also pretty great. Jar my boss is a pretty chill guy and I'm getting a feeling that he has a thing for super heroes which is actually pretty cool. Cybil who is the team leader and is also pretty cool as in not only is she pretty good at her job but actually knows how to talk tech so if I ever get bored or need to bounce ideas for some toys I got in my head off someone I finally have someone to talk to around here. Next is Eudora... She's kind of, well, a bitch but 2 out of 3 isn't bad but she's really good at her job and works well as in the team. Also I'm pretty sure she might be a slight narcoleptic or just lazy as she does like to sleep a lot and god help anyone who disturbs her beauty rest.

Anyways, just calling to let you know how I'm doing and to say hi. Hope to hear from you soon."

That short enough?
No. 787344 ID: 143250

looks fine, but I would take out the part about finding something important, probably just replace it with "a bunch of contraband", just in case. Gotta be absolutely confidential,

also, replace "bitch" with something else like "scary" or "loner" or something. the person we are writing to is his mother after all, she might not appreciate the foul language.
No. 787362 ID: ba506f

well seeing how she threatened to beat vic to a pulp because she doesn't understand how door locks work I felt that calling her a bitch would actually be in character for vic seeing as she kinda has been nothing but a bitch to the little guy. Plus Vic doesn't seem to be the type of guy who would sugar coat things and will speak his mind unless it actually would be detrimental to his health.

Plus I kinda get the feeling that at some point one or more of our teammates will probably be surfing through our computer's logs for one reason or another and I figure little slip ups like that would provide some humor.
No. 787372 ID: 91ee5f

>Victor tries a suave line, “So if it’s just you in the suit, does this mean I’ll never get to see your pretty face? ([58]/[35])
Aw, it failed!
No. 787391 ID: 143250

Fair enough, but I think we should still keep the important thing an absolute secret, don't even hint at it.
No. 788397 ID: 577b57
File 148984595725.png - (351.25KB , 600x500 , PRO 151.png )

After much rehearsing and outtakes Victor manages to throw together a near-flawless message:

Victor: “Hey ma, it’s Victor. I mean—you can obviously see that. How are the sibs? And Dad?”

Victor: “Anyway, I’m just telling you how things are here in Port Echo. I got back from my first mission and it went pretty well, actually! I put a bunch of goons behind bars along with confiscating some, uh… contraband. Yeh. Very confidential stuff. Important, policeman stuff that I can neither confirm nor deny.”

Victor: “But don’t worry! None of those guys had a chance to even touch me!”
No. 788398 ID: 577b57
File 148984606528.png - (149.18KB , 600x500 , PRO 152.png )

Victor: “The team here is great, though. My boss Jer is pretty chill about everything. He's into the superhero business—which I didn’t know even existed until he and Cybil visited us back home!”

Victor: "Yeah, that's right! Tell the others Vic is an official superhero now."

Victor: “Cybil’s the team leader, just as cool. She knows a thing or two about technology while on the job. She can make a hologram and all this cool stuff with gadgets!”

Victor: “Maybe we ought to build something together, bounce ideas off one another. See what sticks.”
No. 788399 ID: 577b57
File 148984615834.png - (189.59KB , 600x500 , PRO 153.png )

Victor: “Then there’s the weirdest guy, Eudora. She’s kinda… —cough— bitchy, sorry but I’m sure she means well. She’s like some bug but still valuable on the team. She can pack quite a punch and can get pretty intimidating.”

Victor: “Guess I should be happy she’s on our side. But God forbid if she loses her beauty sleep. I’m thinking she’s somewhat of a narcoleptic for sleeping in her room so much. She’s kind of a loner anyway so I guess that’s fine.”

Victor: “Anyway, I’m running out of time. I feel there’s so much left to share so… I hope to hea—”

VertiGO Space Express! We shoot the messenger—to the stars!
No. 788401 ID: 577b57
File 148984645227.png - (164.19KB , 600x500 , PRO 154.png )

There. The message will be sent to Dama’s Spa, planet Tha’le in about a few Cnidari Vaalbara days’ time. He won’t expect a response for a little while if his mother chooses to communicate the same way.

He hops into his bed and gave in to his tired frame.

Episode 1 Coming Soon
No. 788411 ID: 143250

Have a weird dream about that black marble thing.
No. 788417 ID: 70983e

Have an even weirder dream about Eudora metamorphosing into something more comfortable.
No. 788527 ID: ba506f

have whatever dream you're having turn into ice cream with a giant ice cream sandwich giving you a speech about how you and your team are the last line of defense this city has and how important everything you do so you should always give your best and try not to screw up.

Then when you wake up realize you probably shouldn't eat a whole tub of ice cream before bed in the future.
No. 788709 ID: 73767e

No. 789412 ID: 9d9c6b

Episode 1: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/789388.html
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