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File 143416834806.png - (574.13KB , 880x600 , SilkenValeCine01.png )
648109 No. 648109 ID: 5d4fc9

Murder comes to the land of cloth, A goddess lies dying, it falls upon two mortals, Inspectors Windslow and Prance to uncover the truth and save a divine realm from falling into chaos.

Quest may contain violence, foul language and/or nudity

Discussion thread (will contain crucial information)
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No. 648111 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143416841984.png - (831.14KB , 880x600 , SilkenValeCine02.png )

"A hundred years ago the concept of spirit death or “phasing” in the high realms was seen as an impossibility, it just didn’t happen, the sickliest mortals who came to the high realms could not die here and even injury was very rare, but isolated cases have been cropping up more and more often.
In the past year violence has taken a huge upward spike, phasing being recorded as happening as often as twelve times a month, it seems phasing can only be enacted when one feels immense hate towards a specific target, and these days anger appears everywhere. As bad as things were then the situation now is much much worse.
One week ago today our patron lady, and guiding light, the living god Lariette the creator became the victim of a vile assassin. A spear of flame pierced through her body leaving her little more than a tattered ruin. A dying light in a cold wind."

No. 648112 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143416850568.png - (691.20KB , 880x600 , SilkenValeCine03.png )

"Lariette the Creator does not die alone, Silken Vale: High realm of the sacred cloth dies with her, as if the life of both are intertwined. The Creator’s cry of suffering rippled through time and space, to the ears of demons intent to prey upon our new-found weakness, somehow they broke into our world and though ultimately repelled-"

“You’re welcome by the way”

“Quiet Prance! . . . Though ultimately repelled great damage had already been done, huge swathes of the city have been caste down with their inhabitants, now lost forever. What remains is corrupted to an extent that we are still struggling to deal with."

No. 648113 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143416859993.png - (739.58KB , 880x600 , SilkenValeCine04.png )

"And now the callings turned inwards on each other, Harbingers of Palitum are under the impression the high realms are doomed and are spreading despair and hopelessness where ever they go, Evokers of Zylow Blame the mortals who have come here as well as the Summoners of Dlohwag who brought them, their solution seems to be arson on the grandest scale they can achieve. On the grounds of self-defense the summoners have unleashed all manner of monster loose within the city causing perhaps even more devestation than the Elementors. Within the madness Harvesters of Churtagar are pillaging and looting everything that is not nailed down, while the Blademasters of Barugazt enact some insane view of vigilante justice brutalizing and mutilating any they view as criminal.

We sealed the portals to hell, yet it seems it’s influence remains.

We must keep this in mind and do what we can to stay the madness, however we cannot forget the crucial problem, Lariette the Creator, Living god of the arts and queen of the weavers is dying, and we will all die with her, Dignity for all her efforts to heal the creator struggles in vain, for only the power of another Living God can save Lariette the Creator, and no God will intercede until they have something or someone to blame for this affront. Which is why we need to find out what the hell happened."

No. 648114 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143416865597.png - (143.07KB , 660x600 , SilkenValeQuest001.png )

You are the Wisdom of the Ages, provide wisdom as you deem fit
No. 648115 ID: d3be40


Good morning, hysterical people?
No. 648118 ID: 0fc976

Never trust a penguin!
No. 648123 ID: bd8b82

sorry, warmup time, takes a minute to process. be careful with the infodumps.
No. 648127 ID: f262c4

Alright let's get down to business. Do we have any suspects or are we out in the dark here.
No. 648132 ID: 9ddf68

... well that's a hell of a hello. Haven't spoken to you in how long and when you do finally decide to have a chat it's all because everything is falling apart at the seems. Why does no one ever actually come to us just to talk, whenever we actually get to socialize it's always because someone has a problem that they want us to fix for them.

(sigh) so what have we got to work with? I get that the world is going to hell, no one knows why or who done it, and we're living on borrowed time seeing how the only people who can fix this mess aren't going to do shit until they know they're not going to get stabbed in the back. Right, good to know, now what's the good news?
No. 648136 ID: e114bc

Whoa, chill out bro. Relax. No need to burst a gasket. We hear you. We just got a bit of a delay on the orb, that's all.

The first lead is that someone must have hated the Creator a great deal to bypass the inherent protection of the realm. Who hated the Creator? A demon assassin, somehow arrived before the gates opened, perhaps?
No. 648138 ID: b6178d

Got it. Someone's sown bad seeds in the heavenly realm, then watered the soil with the blood of Lariette and the only thing that'll convince the other divines to stop mucking about is decisive evidence as to who dunnit.

Where do we begin?
No. 648140 ID: 2caec5

If you can only kill someone with hatred, and Lariette is dying slowly, would killing the one who hates her (or causing them to not hate her any more) cure her?
No. 648144 ID: 840526

I think I got all that, I'd rather not be unraveled if it is all the same to you though!

So...I gathered what you told us so far. Buuuuuut can we get some more information? Do you know anything about the assassin, catching them would probably be only part of the puzzle since assassins are usually hired.

Also, from what you said, only people that hate something intensely can be killed?
If so do you have any idea what the goddess despised? It might tie into all this.
If it is the other way around and only haters can kill, then that isn't too helpful..
No. 648146 ID: 6cb462

No. 648216 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143422558812.png - (138.48KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest002.png )

You cannot speak out, you have no mouth, however you notice a being in physical contact, you can reach out mentally, however this being can only respond verbally

>...uh... Good morning, hysterical people?
"Is that sass I hear? I HATE SASS!"

>sorry, warmup time, takes a minute to process. be careful with the infodumps.
*sigh* "the Tallymen never have these kind of problems"

>Alright let's get down to business. Do we have any suspects or are we out in the dark here.
"Not really the investigation started about five minutes ago."

>(sigh) so what have we got to work with? I get that the world is going to hell, no one knows why or who done it, and we're living on borrowed time seeing how the only people who can fix this mess aren't going to do shit until they know they're not going to get stabbed in the back. Right, good to know, now what's the good news?
"Come back tomorrow, maybe I’ll have thought of some good news by then"

>Never trust a penguin!
"That’s Inspector Prance,(Is that what sort of bird he is? I've been wondering). Prance may be a loose cannon but he’s the best damn weaver on the force"

>The first lead is that someone must have hated the Creator a great deal to bypass the inherent protection of the realm. Who hated the Creator?
"Lariette the creator was loved by all, at least to my knowledge, then again I’m a busy man and don’t get out much."
No. 648217 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143422572412.png - (244.19KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest003.png )

>Where do we begin?
"I was hoping you’d be able to tell us"

>would killing the one who hates her (or causing them to not hate her any more) cure her?
"I don’t really know, this is new ground for all of us"

>If it is the other way around and only haters can kill, then that isn't too helpful..
"Then I’m afraid I must prove unhelpful"

"Indeed! Modesty fetch us some donuts!"
No. 648218 ID: f262c4

Yes! Allow us to see the world! Map scope. Map scope.
No. 648232 ID: ab7529

May I ask what our objective is, here?

I ask, because it occurs to me that hunting down the perpetrator of this crime, and trying to deal with the civil unrest and disaster that has swept this land are not inclusive goals.

Justice and order do not walk hand in hand, here. Do we concern ourself with seeking justice, or restoring order? Are we to be the last detective, or the first of a new governing structure?
No. 648233 ID: 9ddf68

Wow, ok, so we have absolutely nothing to work with. oh boy.

Alright, I'd think the first thing to do is go to where the goddess got attacked and look around. The spear that hurt her, do we have it, can we examine it? Also witnesses, do we have any and better yet is it posable for us to actually talk to the goddess or is she in a coma or something? Something else we need is a motive, because right now the million dollar question is WHY would someone do these. Was if for money, fame, simply an act born out of anger, or something else. Last thing, the rising crime rate over the last year, There has to be a connection between that and the goddess being attacked. These are just some starting points, once we actually get some real information we can actually get things moving.
No. 648238 ID: e114bc

Alright, new theory: someone from the low lands did this, because they were spiteful or jealous. Windslow, you're from the low lands, right? How much resentment was there in the populous? Could anyone from there have enough power to do this?

If it's possible, then I think we should look at the list of immigrants that arrived before the murder, and any that have disappeared since.
No. 648239 ID: 2caec5

Well, the first suspect for killing the Creator is someone who hates the Creation. I assume that when you get called 'the creator', though, you've made more than one thing. Can you list the big ones for us?
No. 648251 ID: 840526

Okay so we've got zilch to go on. I'll make a note on your record about that!
Anyway, a map would be pretty interesting, if we have no leads then we might as well just look for an interesting direction to go and head that way.
Unless there is information you haven't given us yet, witnesses or any leads at all on the assassin in question. Clearly the goddess wasn't as loved by all as people would believe.
Is there perhaps some sort of downtrodden underclass that got neglected by her to keep the rest of the realm running smoothly? Might be a lead.

Also from what they said, I imagine that we are seeking justice first and foremost because it was stated that this realm could only be saved by another god.
But another god won't step in until the crime is cleared up. After the looming thread of the end times is dealt with I imagine we can worry about who gets to sit in the goddesses fancy chair next.
(She did have a fancy chair, I assume? Ruler types usually do!)
No. 648294 ID: d4a543

>Also from what they said, I imagine that we are seeking justice first and foremost because it was stated that this realm could only be saved by another god.

Let's say, hypothetically, a proper investigation to prove the perpetrator's identity would take a week, but framing somebody well enough to convince the scapegoat's divine enemies that they can now safely provide healing would take only five days. Unless the subsequent complications of a campaign of subterfuge are somehow more severe than the literal end of the world, we'd feel pretty stupid about taking the honest path if Lariette died on day six.
No. 648314 ID: 840526

I can't say that I am really comfortable trying to frame anyone to face the wrath of an angry god.
Especially since once any theoretical "Frame up" is done, then it will be a lot harder to punish the actual culprits.

I understand your concern, we don't really know how long our goddess can hang on for though. Days, weeks, years, eons.
This is sort of a first time thing and I'm not really familiar with how quickly a god will bleed out thankfully!

But anyway: if she was assassinated once, and we go to the trouble of getting someone to take the fall for that to get some emergency healing in here from another god, what's to stop the assassins from striking yet again?
I doubt we'd be able to convince the divines to come bail her out a second time.

Any other opinions on the matter?
No. 648332 ID: b5b419

Clearly, weapons exist. Is this spear of flame a literal weapon, that can be examined? Or was it simply a bolt of flame that pierced through her.

I advise two things:
1) Looking into who would benefit from Lariette's death (where the money goes...)
2) Examining how the murder had to have been done. You say hatred brings it, but do they have to see the target? Is some force brought to bear WITH the hatred, or can someone /will/ the death from another realm?

>cross-ref: order
Attempting to bring order will require the enlisting of people, and of course, the willingness OF the people to become orderly.

I strongly advise diplomatic overtures to all the big groups doing serious damage: I don't think it would take much convincing to make the Blademasters work for you instead of random killings.
No. 648728 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143443144389.png - (165.92KB , 871x792 , SilkenValeQuest004.png )

Windslow begins augmenting the badge

>I assume that when you get called 'the creator', though, you've made more than one thing. Can you list the big ones for us?
"Lariette is a champion of artists, she is a creator art and finery that decorate every surface of Silken vale, anything beyond that is just rumors, and I won’t have any of that!"

>I understand your concern, we don't really know how long our goddess can hang on for though. Days, weeks, years, eons.
"Actually Operator Nydelle claims to have found a way to monitor The Creators declining health, I can’t say I understand a word of what she said, or most of what any Tallyman says, but their damn brilliant at times. Last I heard she’s in what’s left of the archive wing."
>I strongly advise diplomatic overtures to all the big groups doing serious damage: I don't think it would take much convincing to make the Blademasters work for you instead of random killings.
>Alright, I'd think the first thing to do is go to where the goddess got attacked and look around.
"Those all seem like excellent ideas, I think it would be best at this point to hand you off to Windslow, as I’m Placing him in charge of this investigation."

Windslow finishes augmenting the badge
No. 648730 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143443151481.png - (335.09KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest005.png )

You can see an altered view of reality
No. 648731 ID: e114bc

Ah, yes, we have visuals now. Overhead view, huh?

Let's get going to the archive wing to find out what the time limit is.
No. 648736 ID: b5b419

Hello, Winslow. Good to be working with you. What are you and your partner Prance good at?

No. The time limit is completely irrelevant. All it will do is make us nervous. What we CAN do is put heavier guard around the creator to ensure a follow-up to 'finish' the assassination doesn't happen.

>Current objective list:
1. Examine crime scene
2. Diplomatic overtures to [Blademasters]
No. 648749 ID: 330ce5

We can see, however there appears to be a lack of donuts.
No. 648763 ID: a19cd5

What point was there to rubbing that giant screwdriver against the edge of our corporeal form like that
what was the point
No. 648767 ID: d3be40

We have a top-down view of the local area. The movement format appears to be tile-shaped, so we can give strafe-based tactical commands during anti-demon combat.

This room looks nice but is obviously not the pinnacle of all art in creation of the high realms. Meeting adjourned, can you take the badge to the library?
No. 648826 ID: 840526

Uh...Ah. w..
That's a bit jarring.
I think we can see now. It's a little disorienting but here I am looking down at myself. And everyone else too.

So, I think looking things over at the crime scene would be ideal as well. And we'll see if we can ferret anything out that might have been overlooked.

Can everyone hear us now, or is it still limited to the person holding the badge?
If it is him asking us aloud is a little silly!

I imagined Prances tail to be bigger also, still very pretty. Don't get me wrong, just smaller than I was expecting!
No. 648986 ID: 7450ea

If she's the champion of the arts, my first thought is that the person who hates her might actually be an artist. Like, maybe some radical artist who thinks that Lariette has created a stifling culture where only one style or art form is given any legitimacy, and wants to break out and revolutionise... that sort of thing. Seems farfetched, though.

Or perhaps its someone who hates time and resources being wasted on art and finery. Some sort of extreme egalitarian who thinks the first concern should be for people suffering or deprived, who's disgusted with all the "waste" that art is while those things go on. That could link with the gulfs of advantage and disadvantage between realms.

Or, hard as it is to consider, maybe Lariette once wronged someone in some way unrelated to her domain, either deliberately or accidentally. Someone should be put on the task of finding out if anything like that ever happened.
No. 648993 ID: ea0ad9

>This room looks nice but is obviously not the pinnacle of all art in creation of the high realms
Given that the design was based around tactical supportive view, I doubt we'd see any of the finer details of artwork. Could be some in the walls, desks, tiles... Heck, even the ceiling. Heh, guess we're a little birdy informing you of the situation, now, aren't we?
No. 650986 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143537730751.png - (129.32KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest006.png )

Lord Humility hands Inspector Windslow The Badge of Ancient Wisdom

Upon touch you realize Inspector Windlsow is attuned to the badge, when he possesses it you can choose to commune with other relic bearers that are nearby as well as Inspector Windslow

Inspector Prance currently possesses the Relic: “Mettualf Eye Glass”

It is assumed all messages you send will be directed to the badge bearer alone, you must specify for anything else.

>Hello, Winslow. Good to be working with you.
"I do believe the pleasure's all mine!"
>What are you and your partner Prance good at?
"Well I’m quite skilled at engineering, exploration, cartography, and all manner of ruin traversing, oh and I’m decent in warfare if it comes to it, However it works a little different here I’ve heard.

Prance could tell you more about battle in this world, he’s very good I’ve heard."

>asking us aloud is a little silly!
"Agreed, Perhaps it would be wise to simple have me ask others your questions?
Talking to myself might raise some eyebrows!"

No. 650988 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143537737304.png - (223.83KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest007.png )

* * *
No. 650989 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143537747502.png - (308.64KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest008.png )

Inspectors Prance and Windslow leave, however they’ve forgotten the Badge of Ancient Wisdom!
No. 650990 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143537753618.png - (330.07KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest009.png )

As Modesty puts down the box of donuts her hand grazes the Badge of Ancient Wisdom
No. 650995 ID: e114bc

Modesty, the two investigators left us here. Please deliver us to them. They're on their way to the Archive.
No. 650997 ID: ab7529

Modesty, the inspectors abandoned us and an away!

In their absence you are promoted to interim inspector! Don the badge and carry us well, until such time you are able to return us.
No. 651041 ID: 9ddf68

...you know the fact that they both just left us and knowing that both of them are the two best inspectors that you're throwing at this issue isn't inspiring a lot of confidence.

Anyways, My lady it seems we have been left behind in the excitement of the case, could you help us by returning us to the inspectors before they get to far ahead?
No. 651055 ID: 6cb462

hey Modesty, give us a donut, just smear one all over the badge and we're try tasting it that way.
No. 651062 ID: d3be40

Screw it

Modesty, you may as well hold onto the badge and join the investigation squad as a fledgling detective because YOUR ENTIRE PRECINCT IS CRAZY.
No. 651063 ID: fbc59e

Yo, the other guys totes forgot us! Do us a favor and bring us along with you, kay?
No. 651082 ID: 840526

Modesty, I require a doughnut, please. Just...set us on top of it. And carry it with you to the other inspectors.
They have forgotten us, they were on their way to the archive to retrieve the Stenographer. If you know ow to do that, that would be ideal.

Also...is everyone here insane? Just curious, I can work with crazy, but it's good to know if it is the case beforehand.
No. 651125 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143542772566.png - (50.65KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest010.png )

Modesty Picks up the Badge and then places a donut on top of it.

You can feel the donuts presence however you cannot taste it.

>Also...is everyone here insane? Just curious, I can work with crazy, but it's good to know if it is the case beforehand.
“Life here in SilkenVale is very different from other places, maybe that’s why you think people act weird?”
No. 651126 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143542776191.png - (251.11KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest011.png )

* * *
No. 651127 ID: ea0ad9

>“Life here in SilkenVale is very different from other places, maybe that’s why you think people act weird?”
Makes sense. Alien cities, countries, worlds, dimensions, they're all alien. Things may be different, but that doesn't make them bad.

We need to see if a Tallyman can implement a mouth into the badge so we can eat donuts.
>I was just going to ask if you could serve the inspectors as their photographer
Sounds good. We could use somebody more cemented in... Common, non-alien practices, and you seem to fit the bill.
No. 651130 ID: 840526

Yes....the doughnut.
This pleases me, and us I assume. Thank you!

Anyway! You should join on, you seem rather sane (To our standards) compared to everyone else, we could use some point of reference to the craziness that goes on. Just...just let us know if things are getting more weird than they normally are, that would be excellent.
No. 651143 ID: 84890b

Lord Humility. Please calm down. We know you are stressed about this whole ordeal, but yelling is not going to solve anything. We got this.

Modesty? What did you have to do that was 'weird'?
No. 651145 ID: d3be40

I can no longer tell if Lord Humility is senile, stoned, or "ironic nobility".

Bring a video camera.
No. 651147 ID: 0ee153

That one clothing-damage quest last year, I think.
No. 651164 ID: ab7529

>not weird
We promise not to make you take pictures of anything weird! Just investigation related stuff. Evidence.

Um, do you have a camera, is he gonna provide one, or do we have to go looking for one?
No. 651188 ID: 840526

You promise anyway!
You can't speak for the rest of us~
No. 651243 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143544964650.png - (222.96KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest012.png )

Humility hands Modesty a relic camera
No. 651244 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143544973182.png - (261.34KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest013.png )

Humility Hands modesty 5 photos

No. 651246 ID: e114bc

Okay let's see what these photos are.

Also what on earth is going on with that red X at the bottom of every conversation screen? I thought it was just extra space but that doesn't make sense for the most recent conversation.
No. 651250 ID: 8fac05

can you show us the photos my good lady?
No. 651272 ID: d3be40

...Do nude pics of farm beasts and circuit boards count? Because that's all you're giving him.

Show us the evidence. Do you have any scanning technology for finding irregularities, or will this all be by eye-to-photo?
No. 651278 ID: ab7529

Modesty, just get out of there before he gets any weirder.

Maybe it's a UI we haven't unlocked yet?
No. 651298 ID: 6cb462

Psst, hey modesty, can you sue for sexual harassment, or does your world not have that law for whatever reason?
No. 651327 ID: 840526

Hey, photos are pretty harmless. We can manage that I'm sure.
I'd prefer if we got peoples permission though not just sneaking photos but no reason to be scared of a few pictures either.
Maybe there is a reason beyond the boss being a perv that he wants these anyway, we don't know what kind of crazy magic this land runs on!

But yes, can you show us the Evidence photographs. That would be most useful before we move on. And...uh..please keep the doughnut with us.
No. 651328 ID: 0ee153

Okay, what is it with you and the donut?

Modesty, throw the donut in the trash and leave it behind immediately. If just to stop the shitposting.
No. 651346 ID: e114bc

NO! Don't waste the donut! Eat it for us. Let us experience it by proxy.
No. 651349 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143546794554.png - (242.16KB , 599x794 , Evidence001.png )

Modesty puts the donut back in the box and leaves the room

She takes a look at the first photograph

No. 651350 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143546805208.png - (248.41KB , 599x794 , Evidence002.png )

Modesty takes a look at the second photograph
>...Do nude pics of farm beasts and circuit boards count?
"I don’t think that’s what he’s after"

>Because that's all you're giving him.
"I’ve never ignored a request from Lord Humility before, as the third most powerful being in the city is it really wise to defy him without strong cause?"
No. 651351 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143546816776.png - (251.35KB , 599x794 , Evidence003.png )

Modesty takes a look at the third photograph

>Psst, hey modesty, can you sue for sexual harassment, or does your world not have that law for whatever reason?
"Sue? Sexual Harassment? I'm not really sure what those things are."
No. 651352 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143546827483.png - (213.19KB , 599x794 , Evidence004.png )

Modesty takes a look at the forth photograph

>Also what on earth is going on with that red X at the bottom of every conversation screen? I thought it was just extra space but that doesn't make sense for the most recent conversation.
"It’s possible there's a glitch in you monitor charms, I wouldn’t know, You’ll probably want to talk to Inspector Windslow or Operator Nydelle about that."
No. 651353 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143546833785.png - (174.11KB , 599x794 , Evidence005.png )

Modesty takes a look at the fifth photograph

"It seems they’re photograph of the investigation team, Humility must have been pretty confident I’d accept the position"
No. 651358 ID: ab7529

What are these photographs evidence of? That we have an investigation team?

...should we get a snap of Humility? Complete the collection with a picture of our boss?

>You’ll probably want to talk to Inspector Windslow or Operator Nydelle about that.
We'll try that then, thanks.

>Sue? Sexual Harassment? I'm not really sure what those things are.
It's when you appeal to a higher legal authority to seek (usually financial) reparations from someone who's subjected you to, well, to use your words, unwanted "weird stuff".

It's kind of a problem when people in positions of authority can treat their subordinates in any way they want without consequences, and when the subordinate has no outside recourse.
No. 651359 ID: e114bc

Yes, we should... Hmm... my theory is that some extra info will be displayed there once the party is assembled and the investigation is fully underway.

Well of course you were going to accept. Humility wants you to, and you get a chance to impress Prance, don't you?
No. 651360 ID: bd8b82

he just wants pictures. not like he touches people weirdly.

ask about what these are evidence of.
No. 651362 ID: 840526

We should totally snap a picture of the boss man to complete the whole set

Also in general I think the pictures are probably fine.
We aren't here to apply our morals to an alien world, and it isn't within the scope of our job to change the social structure and add in things the don't have a concept of like sexual harassment apparently.
At least not in the way we do. So we should juts go with the flow, if the opportunity presents itself, sure why not. If not then I'm sure the Boss Man will survive.
I'm not above asking nicely, myself but its up to he collective and all!

Also everyone looks so nice! I love these pictures. Prance especially, that tail, quite splendid.
No. 651369 ID: ea0ad9

>It's when you appeal to a higher legal authority
AKA something that doesn't exist in this world. Remember, this is the world of the GODDESS OF CLOTH. Punishment for defying her is probably being stripped of your clothing in front of everybody. Exhibitionist's wet dream, there.
>Humility must have been pretty confident I’d accept the position
Or maybe the fact that the camera takes "Unfakeable Photos" means that he took photos of the area the team was to be assembled in, and the five of you showed up in them.
...Uh, that's... if I'm right I imagine the means of aquiring nude photos could be really weird in that you just take a photo of an area you would expect people to be naked in, like a bath. Creepy.
No. 651372 ID: bd8b82

uhhh, no, unfakable is not future vision. it means that any picture made by the camera is guaranteed real.
No. 651375 ID: 153bce

Naked Selfie, Gotta cash in those rewards quick!
No. 651378 ID: ab7529

She asked for a definition. One was provided.

The speculation that such recourse doesn't exist here, and Humility can lay down disproportionate retribution at will kind of makes my point for me.
No. 651406 ID: eb5c78

A selfie of any kind is lacking in humility, a naked selfie would be brazenly showing off oneself's nude body highly inappropriately. I think Humility would be offended by such behavior.
No. 652449 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143580922520.png - (264.30KB , 599x794 , Evidence006.png )

Modesty ducks back into the office and takes a photograph

EVIDENCE 006 acquired

No. 652450 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143580930074.png - (334.28KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest014.png )

Modesty leaves
No. 652451 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143580947318.png - (65.12KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest015.png )

>It's when you appeal to a higher legal authority to seek (usually financial) reparations from someone who's subjected you to, well, to use your words, unwanted "weird stuff".

>It's kind of a problem when people in positions of authority can treat their subordinates in any way they want without consequences, and when the subordinate has no outside recourse.
"Um . . . what?"
>Punishment for defying her is probably being stripped of your clothing in front of everybody. Exhibitionist's wet dream, there.
"Lord Humility has said that’s what SHOULD be the punishment for defying The Creator, But people are typically just cast down, or sent to Ankor Prison . . . Also I heard some people do like being naked . . . those kind of ideas aren’t permitted within the Silken Vale, It is Hubris, It is P R I D E . . . it is evil."

>Also everyone looks so nice! I love these pictures. Prance especially, that tail, quite splendid.
"It . . . It really is a beautiful tail . . ."
No. 652452 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143580953034.png - (206.85KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest016.png )

there is a shadowing figure lurking in the hall!
No. 652454 ID: e114bc

Get an eye on the person. Do not be distracted by the pointed question.
No. 652469 ID: ebcefd

How mysterious. And from now onwards, "mysterious" means "get a picture as soon as possible" (or multiple pictures if we don't have to worry about the camera running out of juice).
No. 652475 ID: bd8b82

call them a jerk.
No. 652480 ID: baebbd

Looks like the Fun Police found you.
Are those hurtful words coming from a familiar face, at least?
No. 652503 ID: 6cb462

Ignore that comment, ask where Prance and Windslow is, Lord Humility's orders.
No. 652546 ID: e0c514

What a jerk. Take a photo of him and ask where Prance's tail is...er Prance and Windslow is.
No. 652591 ID: ea0ad9

>Miss Roads I've heard you don't have many friends, however speaking to imaginary ones will only make that permanent
Well gee if only people would hold their end of the conversation up. It ain't your fault everybody else around here happen to be heretical freaks who enjoy actions of criminal deviance.

(Also maybe you should start using internal dialogue to commune with us)
No. 652667 ID: ab7529

>"Um . . . what?"
Okay, simplest explanation: Suing someone is when you take them to court, and make the case they wronged you. If the court finds in your favor, they force the person to pay you.

Hey! We're not imaginary!

...although it's probably better not to correct them. If this person is outside the investigation, they don't need to know how the badge works.
No. 652826 ID: 840526

Trying to introduce concepts that clearly they aren't interested in or understand isn't really gonna get you anywhere I don't think.

Who s that person anyway, Modesty? If they aren't a friend ten you could probably ignore the, you do have the rest of your new team to join up with after all!
No. 652918 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143598450644.png - (170.95KB , 599x794 , Evidence007.png )

Modesty takes a photo of the shadowy figure

>(Also maybe you should start using internal dialogue to commune with us)
"I don’t think I can, I’m not a telepath and you can’t read minds . . ."

>Okay, simplest explanation: Suing someone is when you take them to court, and make the case they wronged you. If the court finds in your favor, they force the person to pay you.
"That sounds like it might cause a big scandal and I’d rather not have that happen . . .besides I don’t think Humility’s request is THAT big of a deal"
No. 652919 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143598456746.png - (199.45KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest017.png )

The Shadowy figure hands Modesty five letters

No. 652921 ID: 742b4a

Letters can be faked. Read with skepticism. Also maybe just stop talking to us while around this guy.

You'd be able to tell if he was your brother, right?
No. 652923 ID: eb5c78

inspect evidence
No. 652924 ID: 1cebc8

Ask him to come with you. If he wants Nydelle dead or incapacitated, he can do it himself. The whole planet's doomed if you can't solve this mystery.
No. 652928 ID: 840526

I dunno if I would trust these pieces of Evidence.
You are the one with the truthful camera right? There aren't others floating around, given its description?
Seems more like someone trying to spread dissent among the detectives?
But we should look at it anyway, but put some distance between you and this person.isn't his supposed to be a secure location? How did a stranger get in here?
No. 652931 ID: ebcefd

That guy really does look like your brother, he even has the sideburns. Ask him "Noble is this some sort of prank?" Or since we didn't pick him is he entirely corrupted already?
No. 652932 ID: ab7529

Very well. Thank him for his anonymous contribution to the investigation, his evidence will be considered in due course.

Is there anything else?

Don't examine the "evidence" now, we'll we it later. After disclosing to the others how we came to have it.
No. 652933 ID: 742b4a

If that IS your brother, be very careful. He is dangerous.
No. 652948 ID: ea0ad9

>shadows have eyes
>Unfakeable photos
What. Seems like she's got imaginary friends of her own, ones that actually have a presence unlike us!
>I'm here you warn you about Operator Nydelle
Well whoop-dee-doo it's a good thing you've got a Camera that records the evidence on you.

Take a photo of the clutter of evidence she offered after looking through it all. Just so you can bring it up later.
No. 652949 ID: 742b4a

(it occurs to me if we want to try saving Noble we could ask Modesty to hand him the badge.)
No. 652973 ID: b6178d

If there are extra pictures, and you're sitting on those pictures, and someone else picks up that evidence from your dead body, it's easy to assume YOU took ALL pictures you're presently carrying with the camera you're holding.

Though I may be getting ahead of myself. Either way, you have two options: being nice or being hostile. You can pretend to accept the extra evidence at face value as 'extremely important' (which, no doubt, will please him) and say that you need to get this to the inspector at once, or you can be distrustful, get your needle out, and start backing away, telling the guy he'd better not follow you.

Once the creepy guy possessed by shadowy dark spirits is gone or out of sight, mark any pictures among the material as 'not taken with Nidale's', just in case.

There is another option, too, of course. Rather than running away to review the 'evidence' you've been given, you can attempt to sneak after this shadowy dude once he leaves, to see where he's headed. It'll be dangerous, and he'll be wary of it, but you might find more clues as to who would want to direct the investigation by providing an anonymous 'tip'.
No. 652974 ID: b6178d


Er, I meant 'Nilota', dangit.
No. 711807 ID: fe06ff
File 145912733845.png - (269.01KB , 599x794 , Evidence00E.png )

>That guy really does look like your brother
"That guy doesn’t look anything like Noble, I have a picture of my brother here."
Modesty Taps a photograph against the badge
"Humility took this before Noble left to study in abroad . . . he could never pull off the green and yellow look of a woodland defender as much as he tried.
. . . Inspector Prance can though."

No. 711808 ID: fe06ff
File 145912741649.png - (130.57KB , 599x794 , Evidence008.png )

>inspect evidence
Modesty looks through the letters and taps the first onto badge
“These letters, I remember Humility sending letters like them to all the high realms.”
No. 711809 ID: fe06ff

she then taps the second
“This looks like the response”
No. 711810 ID: fe06ff
File 145912751197.png - (153.99KB , 599x794 , Evidence00A.png )

. . . and then the third
“My mother usually handles the diplomacy, I don’t think Humility is very good at this”
No. 711811 ID: fe06ff

. . . and the forth
No. 711812 ID: fe06ff

and finally the fifth
“I guess they changed their mind, Mister Shadows I’m not sure what I’m supposed to see in all this.”
the figure turns and walks away.
“Fine don’t answer . . . weirdo”
No. 711814 ID: 211d83

Check the dates on those replies. I think those are dates? Not sure if I am reading them right but it looks like the middle one was sent before the first one.

So the one denying the request seems out of order. Might have been sent by someone else to confuse issues or piss off Humility.

Or the deny request is the real one and someone else sent a fake agent?

Find someone who knows how there numbering scheme works and it will help things.
No. 711815 ID: 5ad4a7

Okay, either someone threatened them, they figured out they had something to lose from the investigation failing, they sent someone who's planning to gain compensation during their time here, or they sent someone they wanted to get rid of.

OOOOOR he left out a crucial part of correspondence that explains why they changed their minds. Maybe someone sent them another letter promising payment after the investigation concluded? Or maybe Nydelle volunteered.

There is a chance Nydelle is planning to gain something from this, but I don't see a reason for her to sabotage the investigation. The Tallymen care about money, not petty retaliation. Why not ask Nydelle why she was selected? Ask everyone else, while we're at it. Take this as an opportunity to get to know your co-workers. You could also ask Humility if he sent any correspondence other than what we have.
No. 711816 ID: 1cebc8

Looks like the order is 008 00B 00A 00C 009.
No. 711818 ID: 5ad4a7

>the dates
....eh? That's odd. If I'm reading the dates right then yeah, these are out of order. Maybe Evidence 9 is a letter replying to someone else entirely? We don't have an established connection between these letters aside from the implied one and what is stated in them. Heck, Humility's letters have no dates on them at all. Humility is definitely replying to Numerit, but Numerit doesn't refer to the Palace or Humility or anything in Evidence 9.

Now I *really* want to ask Humility about this.
No. 711819 ID: 02422f

At best, this shows Nydelle is a mercenary who's interests may not necessarily align with the people she's working for.

>Mister Shadows I’m not sure what I’m supposed to see in all this.
At worst the fact that a Tallyman was dispatched despite Humility botching the diplomacy and not paying up suggests she's not here to serve Humility's interests. Her masters have some agenda that is served by her being here.

In short, this evidence suggests she is compromised. An agent serving outside goals- not necessarily those of the investigation.

Of course, this evidence is circumstantial. We don't know for certain what changed the mind that dispatched her, nor do we know she's going to act in any way that could harm the investigation. Nor do we know the motives the Shadowy Individual- they could be trying to warn you, or this could be a deliberate misinformation campaign to sow mistrust between you and your teammates.

Since we don't have a chain of custody on these documents, we don't even know if they're authentic or counterfeit. Before we can act on that information, we need to verify the authenticity of these documents. (Lab testing? Compare to the originals in Humility's records? Governments always keep multiple copies of everything).
No. 711820 ID: fe06ff
File 145913122471.png - (151.56KB , 599x794 , Evidence009.png )

No. 711821 ID: fe06ff
File 145913125186.png - (164.13KB , 599x794 , Evidence00B.png )

No. 711822 ID: fe06ff
File 145913127773.png - (160.63KB , 599x794 , Evidence00C.png )

No. 711824 ID: 5ad4a7

Okay so they are in the correct order. We need to confirm that all this paperwork is legit, and not faked. If that second letter were removed from the paper trail, it would appear as if Humility's rude letter worked.

Also it's possible Humility sent a third message, between the last two letters, that convinced the Tallymen to cooperate. One that was left out of the evidence given to us by a suspicious character. So we should probably bring all this to Humility and ask if it's legit. If it is, he'd know, and has no reason to deny it.
No. 711826 ID: 211d83

It could mean a lot of things. There could be correspondence we have not seen in this chain or someone on the other end decided to change there mind rather suddenly for any number of reasons.

So could be the agent they sent has other motives or this could just be a trick to try and get you to doubt them.

Just keep a open mind and trust our own evidence more so than stuff a shady guy give out of a alley.
No. 711836 ID: b7dfa3

All this concretely tells us is that the government of Technopolis has some recklessly greedy tendencies to try and get payment in a situation like this. What it doesn't tell us is anything about their reasons for deciding to send an agent after all (which could range from outside coercion to simply realizing that money is useless if the world descends into chaos) or whether we can trust Nydelle (both because we don't know Technopolis's motives and because Nydelle might or might not share those motives).
No. 712213 ID: fe06ff
File 145929826885.png - (218.21KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest018.png )

Modesty pauses for a moment on her way to rejoin the inspectors
No. 712219 ID: f562b1

Nah, better to get the nudes from people who are either unaware or more comfortable in such images. Preferably the latter, but orders are orders.
No. 712222 ID: 02422f

>let the investigators decide
Just remember, this is suspect, unconfirmed evidence we have no chain of custody of. Those documents need to be authenticated before we can believe anything written therein.

Well we already have evidence 5. But it's not like it would hurt?
No. 712288 ID: 5ad4a7

If you take a naked photo of yourself it'll be on record. Everyone related to the investigation will be able to access it.

I mean if that's okay with you, so long as Prince also gets to see it, then go ahead. Just be aware of the consequences. Also it's not very humble is it? Maybe you should just go talk to the investigators about what you just found.
No. 712302 ID: 38685c

tl;dr version: a naked selfie is the best idea
No. 712392 ID: fe06ff
File 145934094605.png - (283.88KB , 599x794 , Evidence00D.png )

Modesty practices selective hearing

>a naked selfie is the best idea
"well I guess it would be fair if I'm taking pictures of other people . . ."

>so long as Prince also gets to see it, then go ahead.
. . . !

. . .

. . .

Modesty looks around quickly, pulls down her top and bra and then snaps a photo.
No. 712476 ID: cf19af

God damit guys what the fuck are you doing?!
No. 712479 ID: 79a07e

Really, guys? Okay, you got your fap fuel, let's get back on track.

We need to investigate our lead.
No. 712484 ID: bc7b9a

Very nice, Modesty. Now put on your clothes again before someone walks by, and go find the inspectors.

Hmm. I don't suppose there are any gangs or criminal organizations that involve tattoos as signs of membership? Or any magical effects that cause marks on the torso, like a spying thing that makes a literal eye grow on your body? You could claim that the investigation requires the team to prove they're not subject to any of these kinds of influences. If someone wonders why that picture's in the evidence files.

... Actually, you could just claim that Humility told you that was true. People would probably believe that of him.
No. 712489 ID: 5ad4a7

>back on track
This is a clothing damage RPG so that isn't as much of a detour as you think.

Well okay! Now go hand over all the new evidence to the inspectors.
No. 712498 ID: 02422f

Interesting that the evidence is numbed in hexadecimal. (Or at lest, I assume it's Hex. We won't know the base for sure until we roll over a digit).

A fine job uncovering the truth, agent Modesty.

It's fortunate that these hallways are pretty sparely populated.
No. 712564 ID: a23056

Well, that's evidence of something anyway!
Once we get these pictures out of the way we can focus more fully on the matter at hand, at least or the time being.
The rest of this stuff is concerning. We should probably bring this up with the rest of the team. Perhaps they will have more insight into this than we do.
No. 712671 ID: 6cb462

Eat that photo. We don't want that accidentally going public.
No. 712811 ID: fe06ff
File 145947576276.png - (358.81KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest019.png )

[/i]"yeah that sounds like it could work!"[/i]

* * *

Inspectors Windslow and Prance are here

Windslow Beckons Modesty over.

No. 712825 ID: 6f73bb

Listen to what Prance has to say and then return the badge to them, reminding them to be less careless next time. Afterwards, turn in the supposed evidence that the shadowy figure gave you and let them know that you're not sure of it's validity.

Make sure that you give the badge back to them before you turn in the evidence though, that way we can confirm that you're not attempting to compromise the investigation.
No. 712845 ID: 5ff7c7

Alright, go listen in, and tell them you have the badge. Also, fill them in on how Humility gave you a camera for taking unfakeable photographic evidence, and that you'll be coming with them to operate it.

... Also that "Humility told you" you all need to take topless pictures to "prove you're not hiding any gang tattoos or arcane marks or things like that, he was vague about it but he assured you it was very important to do to make sure the investigation team could be considered fully trustworthy". If they object, you can tell them you already "had to" take one of yourself, and surely as menfolk they can't have that much objection to a little shirtless posting?

Then you can hand over the evidence, secure in already having an explanation for your topless selfie.
No. 713299 ID: fe06ff
File 145961934893.png - (196.53KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest020.png )

Modesty hands the "Badge of ancient wisdom" to Inspector Windslow .

Inspector Windlsow is attuned to the badge, when he possesses it you can choose to commune with other relic bearers that are nearby as well as Inspector Windslow.

Inspector Prance currently possesses the Relic: “Mettualf Eye Glass”
Modesty Roads currently possesses the Relic: "Nilota's Masterpiece creator"

communes must be directed to only a single individual, undirected communes will only ever reach the badge bearer.

No. 713303 ID: a23056

I think that impression is pretty good!
Oh we also got some weird evidence from a strange shadowy figure, isn't this supposed to be some kind of secure facility? Oh well, let's see what everyone thinks!
No. 713347 ID: 02422f

Weird evidence we have no chain of custody for, and have not yet verified the authenticity of, it is important to note. (See documents 008 to 00C).

The fact that someone is either trying to aid or influence the investigation is noteworthy.
No. 713443 ID: 7bf2db

Modesty: Say you can't really tell, you need to get to know Inspector Prance better.

Gentlemen: After Modesty received her camera from Humility, she was told to take a picture of her bared torso. Humility made it clear that similar pictures should be taken of the rest of the team. It would make you all more trustworthy if you proved you were bearing no affiliation tattoos or marks of magical influence.
No. 713533 ID: fe06ff
File 145969401462.png - (280.03KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest021.png )

Modesty hands Windslow all of the evidence
No. 713536 ID: 38685c

show us the bird tits for justice
No. 713543 ID: 02422f

It's not guilty until proven innocent, it's simple elimination testing. Members of an investigation need data on themselves on file for this purpose.
No. 713549 ID: f562b1

Uh, Prance is a he. And I kind of doubt a peafowl would have much in the way of tits anyways, completely different type of bird.
>Guilty until proven innocent
Hmm. I don't like that either, but at least you're being given an easy chance to prove yourselves.

By the way, Winslow, during many conversations it's stored in a visual transcript for us, but the bottom of it seems to be missing. Any idea what that's about?
No. 713558 ID: 7bf2db

Prance: Ah, but it is only now that we have a camera that produces unfakeable evidence. Previous examination could have still left some doubt.


Better get this... regrettable formality over with swiftly, then. Apologies, gentlemen, but we are investigating what seems a conspiracy, and any trust or good favor we can earn, no matter how seemingly trivial, will stand us in good stead. We shouldn't make large sacrifices, of course, but this one will not cause any serious harm. At the very least Humility will be pleased, and I'm sure others will be as well.

If it helps, think of it as a trust-building exercise, an assurance that you investigation squad members, at least, have nothing to hide from each other.

So, while you deal with that, what was the insight you said Inspector Prance was sharing?
No. 713612 ID: 5ad4a7

I think the bottom part will show additional information at some point.
No. 715157 ID: fe06ff
File 146020432949.png - (285.36KB , 599x794 , Evidence00F.png )

Modesty Snaps a photo
No. 715167 ID: f562b1

Damn, Windslow, you really know how to make a necessary investigative shot fun, don't you?
Well, unless I'm missing something it all looks good.
No. 715174 ID: a23056

Oh my! Prance looks most unamused.
But this does look totally acceptable. The others need to be checked when they are around, but let's go over that evidence now.
Note that it is a bit dubious in source.
No. 715189 ID: 02422f

Oh, cool, we're in this picture too!

Yeah, work dem tiny metal abs.
No. 715190 ID: a33f42

Prance. You do not look amused. Chin up. It will be alright. Windslow will keep your spirits up.
No. 715197 ID: 6b555a


Oof, indeed.

Now, unless there's something else to uncover here, we should go find the rest of our team. Given this evidence which is allegedly meant to cast aspersions on Operator Nydelle, perhaps we should pick up our Enforcer first and talk it over between that whole segment of the team, then come back to pick up Nydelle after making a decision on how much to talk to her about.
No. 716107 ID: 49f18e
File 146050899157.png - (235.66KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest022.png )

Prance examines the evidence with the Mettualf eye glass
he flips past [evidence 00D] noticeably quicker

No. 716110 ID: a23056

Sounds like a plan to me, assemble the team!
Also I wouldn't be so quick to write anyone off the team just because of this. We should find evidence for ourselves.. I think this is merely something to keep in mind.
No. 716111 ID: 5ad4a7

Yes, let's go talk to her. Ask her why she was chosen for the investigation.
No. 716121 ID: 02422f

If the letters are genuine, we should still be suspicious of the motives of the one who provided us with them, and remember it is all too easy to use even legitimate evidence to mislead if taken out of context. We are clearly missing information. Don't condemn the Tallyman yet.
No. 716136 ID: c4b7c5

Our Tallyman may not be trustworthy, or she may be; if she is, though, she has an enemy. It's probably safe here, but before bringing her elsewhere we should have our muscle on the team.
No. 716152 ID: f562b1

Honestly, all the evidence tells us is that "The Tallymen do things according to the rules before putting Thoughts and Feelings into the field." Isn't this what we already knew anyways?
No. 716964 ID: 49f18e
File 146081609524.png - (186.04KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest023.png )

The investigators head to binder's hold
No. 716966 ID: 38685c

No. 716971 ID: 02422f

If you've been sent a letter, the polite thing would be to read it, yes.
No. 717052 ID: a23056

That does seem like a good idea, let's shall we?
No. 717210 ID: a33f42

Well. Let us be on our way and read that letter at the same time.
No. 717342 ID: 49f18e
File 146092274588.png - (291.13KB , 599x794 , Evidence00G.png )

Inspectors Windslow and Prance read the letter
No. 717343 ID: a23056

Seems pretty straightforward to me. Be nice to the lady, she even said please. I'm all for that.
No. 717344 ID: 211d83

Ok so be very nice to our new enforcer. No sex jokes I guess?
No. 717345 ID: 5ad4a7

I wonder what she means by improper, exactly.
No. 717351 ID: 02422f

She struggles to hold a pen, it would seem. That, or she's used to writing in a different script or language.

Does the Mettualf eye glass confirm this letter is genuine?
No. 717361 ID: 480d12

Fair enough. ...it occurs to me that it would be highly inappropriate to take a photo of a topless nun; the Tallymen would disagree, of course, but we're fetching Ondine first. The problem is: would Modesty trust our word with the lack of a photo?
No. 717366 ID: cfc544


Please, sir! Ensuring that our investigators are as trustworthy as can be ascertained, and just as importantly willing to trust in each other, is hardly inappropriate, much less ensuring that we remain on Lord Humility's good side. What do you think it would do to morale if all but one member had to go through this mere formality? Aside its other uses, the process is quite the team-builder. Like a sort of trust fall exercise. Exchanging potential blackmail material is a long-standing ritual in the formation of friendships, you know. And is not friendship the greatest ally of all???

Plus, she wears quite heavy armor, and it would be useful for another team-member to be familiar with how to help her take it off or put it on, in case of emergencies. It can be quite dangerous, in the right situations.

In any case, I too wonder about her trouble writing. Perhaps she had to use her bad hand, for some reason. Two of the crossed-out words I assume are "sex" and "body", but I can't make out the others.
No. 717396 ID: a33f42

Oh my..Well. She might be a nice person. I know my own hand writing has been described as drunken chicken scratch. Or do filth drakes normally not taught to write?
No. 717420 ID: 480d12

...good point. Coming from the Silver Citadel, she surely understand the need to prove purity
No. 717448 ID: a788b7


Please don't make sex lewd body jokes.

Also she originally signed it 'Love Onidial' but apparently decided against it and scribbled it out and wrote in "sister"
No. 717465 ID: 49f18e
File 146094504845.png - (164.25KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest024.png )

Prance examines the letter with the Mettualf eye glass
No. 717470 ID: 02422f

>Humility may have made a mistake
I would point out that neither literacy nor penmanship are requirements for an effective enforcer. And that poor penmanship is not necessarily indicative of any mental failing.
No. 717472 ID: 4854ef

Ah right Windslow, we see a red X at the bottom of our monitor charm, is that a problem? It tends to show up after every small conversation.

Also it's a minor request, but it's not like it would cause problems for our investigation.
No. 717473 ID: 5ad4a7

She's not our stenographer. Her literacy is not an issue, and even if her intelligence is lacking-- and literacy is not an indication or requirement of intelligence-- she just needs to be able to follow orders effectively. Let's continue, please.
No. 717479 ID: cfc544

Well, judging by evidence 003 (>>651351), she wears heavy gauntlets that would interfere with her ability to write. And as a nun, perhaps she lives in poverty. She might not have had spare paper to write a fresh, clean letter.

Anyway, go see her already.
No. 717481 ID: a23056

Aw Prance, that's cold. Don't judge her before you've even met her. Not cool at all!
Anyway, I would like to avoid doing anything with or to her that would make her uncomfortable.
Cause I am nice and she said please.
But strictly situationally? She's also the only tank/close in brawler we have and losing that would be unfortunate.
No. 717614 ID: 372dc8

Poor Onidial went through years to b purified of her scars and rotting flesh. I bet she worked harder than her sisters.
She reveled to Palitum that corruption was everywhere.
Sheer is still loyal despite being banished.
Sheer can make sure we are safe. Even keeping our food safe. Humility made a proper choice. So we shall greet her warmly.
No. 717637 ID: 5ad4a7

No. 717639 ID: a33f42

Sorry. Did not check autocorrect.
No. 718166 ID: 49f18e
File 146126613490.png - (361.13KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest025.png )

The Inspectors enter Binder's Hold
No. 718171 ID: a23056

Whoa, whomever that is needs to chill out, that's our partner they are harassing!
No. 718173 ID: 3e216e

Cough loudly.
No. 718174 ID: 90f3c0

Butt into the conversation and introduce yourselves to your new partner. Tell the guy to lay off, you've got important business to attend to.
No. 718188 ID: 38685c

She's the swamp dragon, but it's HIS attitude that stinks.
No. 718248 ID: a075ba

...are we interrupting?
No. 718290 ID: f562b1

Hey the weird cylinder/disc/spherical object just reacted to you entering. I dunno, it looks like a circle to us.
That guy used to run a gang, though he's loyal to the Binders now. His old gang ways probably left him talking down that way on failures. That, or the Binders just do that.
>>/questdis/85996 if you want to read up on the specifics
Sounds like a job for you, Windslow!
Sorry, I'm totally making assumptions based on bits of info we got on you guys. And your previous actions, which I don't have much exposure to.
No. 718750 ID: 49f18e
File 146150597649.png - (219.66KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest026.png )

Windslow adresses Keigo Slymn, a slimy character
No. 718752 ID: f562b1

Told you that weird floating ball reacted!
What the hell case is he on about, though? He oughtn't make assumptions that he's on the same one when we haven't even mentioned what we're after.
No. 718756 ID: 211d83

Horray we can all go home and god will be healed. Just go turn over your evidence to lord Humility and I am sure things will work out fine.

Huzzah for the super intelligent floating orb.

So why don't you tell us how you cracked the case?
No. 718760 ID: a075ba

The investigator should speak to the floating orb:

I'm sorry, I don't believe we've been properly introduced.

But if you have information or insight that is germane to our investigation, I would hear it.
No. 718761 ID: a33f42

To Prance: "What do you mean no friends? All of us are your friends!"
No. 718769 ID: 5bd748

Well, if he's solved the case then he doesn't need any help. Also you doubt he has more seniority than Humility, who assigned you all. Show evidences 1 through 5 as proof of who's been put on your team.
No. 718801 ID: 59a537

Ask Bowtie there if they mean to say that they have found the culprit in the attack of Lariette, and if so on what evidence?
No. 718966 ID: 38685c

Someone pee on Kee-Go's hair
No. 719122 ID: 49f18e
File 146162736649.png - (229.82KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest027.png )

Evidence Presented

Master Koista is set offguard by the effective use evidence!
No. 719137 ID: a33f42

Prance. Just who the heck is this bot thing?
No. 719139 ID: 6a2684

It's all set up for you to go in for the kill you beautiful hatebird.
"Now about you working out what happened. I hope that you won't let personal vendettas cause you to hide evidence or helpful information from us, unlawfully holding back the investigation for personal gain."

or how ever you feel to roll it, you know them better than us.
No. 719140 ID: 1cebc8

You need to get out more. All of you.

Find a LEAD, go somewhere NEW.
No. 719148 ID: add40f

That's correct! And we're sure an upstanding, well-dressed professional such as yourself would never conceal potential evidence from the official investigation team, right?

We would also hope that people would not prevent members of the team from attending to their work, Keigo.
No. 719151 ID: 59a537

Winslow: Tell Koista that you give your word as lead investigator that any evidence found to be solid will be credited to its source.
No. 719325 ID: b95265

So now that that is sorted, let's get our companion and get out of here. We'll pick up the rest of the team next and then actually get started on some case work!
No. 719954 ID: 49f18e
File 146202956378.png - (191.27KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest028.png )

. . .
No. 719955 ID: 49f18e
File 146202964433.png - (292.67KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest029.png )

Master Koista leaves
No. 719956 ID: 49f18e
File 146202969296.png - (194.00KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest030.png )

. . .
No. 719960 ID: a33f42

Everyone: Ignore those two chuckleheads. Let us greet our newest team mate. Also who is that in the cage? Cubicle? To the south east?
No. 719962 ID: a075ba

Examine the evidence Koista left with the others, and go meet our new teammates.
No. 719972 ID: 93bc27

Get evidence and teammate.
No. 720178 ID: 49f18e
File 146207321859.png - (202.92KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest031.png )

Slymn hands Inspector Windslow [Evidence 00H]

Slymn hands the relic "Dimensional Cuffs" to Inspector Windslow.

The "Badge of ancient wisdom" can commune with the bearer of the "Dimensional Cuffs" as with other relics.

No. 720179 ID: 49f18e
File 146207331230.png - (175.71KB , 599x794 , Evidence00H.png )

Inspector Windslow Taps [Evidence 00H] to the badge
No. 720191 ID: 211d83

Well that looks like a open and shut case. Or someone thinks we are a idiot and would fall for a obvious fall guy.

Except that floating orb moron almost fell for it so cant say its a stupid plot.

Go chat with our prisoner after introducing ourselves to the muscle.
No. 720192 ID: 38685c

Well, we're done here. Mystery solved! High fives all round. Pee on Slymn's hair.
No. 720196 ID: b95265

Note to team: Looks like the prison only has room for six, if this is the extent of it from the previous update.

Also, we should totally introduce ourselves to our team mate, and THEN go and deal with this bad person, they are in prison and thus not going anywhere soon, but still, process them, deal with them if we can and free up all the slots for our use.
No. 720246 ID: a33f42

Obviously a fall guy. So the question now is. Who made Solsa write this thing?
No. 720320 ID: 49f18e
File 146214076422.png - (212.11KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest032.png )

. . .
No. 720321 ID: 5ad4a7

Check it with the eye glass.
No. 720322 ID: 59a537

Then it sound like its time for some SUSPECT QUESTIONING!
...Wait, we should have our Stenographer for that. Lets go fetch her so we can do this properly.
No. 720325 ID: 93bc27

Question the suspect, then. If she did the crime then she can provide the details. How, when, why, and for what reason did she have enough hate?
No. 720482 ID: 4a8877

To Onidial: Hiya! We are going to help as well.

While suspect questioning is good. Should we gather our full team before we do that?
No. 721593 ID: 49f18e
File 146264442655.png - (186.81KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest033.png )

Prance examines the Confession with the Mettualf eye glass

Sister Onidial does not possess a relic and cannot be contacted

Inspector Windslow holds "The Badge of ancient wisdom" and "The Dimensional Cuffs"
Inspector Prance holds "The Mettualf eye glass".
Modesty holds "Nilota's Masterpiece creator".

No. 721596 ID: 211d83

Let us retrieve the last member of our team then.
No. 721597 ID: 201e63

Ok, hand over the cuffs to Onidial.

Then go somewhere a bit more private to fill her in on the suspicions that have been cast on our stenographer, since that's why we came over here first, in order to discuss it between the rest of the team. Also Modesty can talk to her about Lord Humility's special security measure, while the boys step outside.

Then go get your stenographer.

Maybe take a picture of Miss Sharpe in her cell, before you go? Just to have record that you saw her here, behind bars and in Binder custody. Can't be too careful. Get Keigo in the frame, too.
No. 721598 ID: 38685c

yesss SELFIE TIME and by selfie I mean pictures of other people.
No. 721940 ID: 49f18e
File 146276248057.png - (657.62KB , 599x794 , Evidence00I.png )

Inspector Windslow gives Sister Onidial the "The Dimensional Cuffs"

Modesty takes a picture of Solsa Sharpe

No. 721941 ID: 49f18e
File 146276278799.png - (217.36KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest034.png )

The Inspectors leave Binder's Hold
No. 721942 ID: 49f18e
File 146276308427.png - (327.42KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest035.png )

The Inspectors wait for modesty and Sister Onidial
No. 721944 ID: 5ad4a7

Why does the prisoner still have her weapons?

Well don't barge in there like idiots, at most go knock on the door and ask if they're alright in there.
No. 721946 ID: 211d83

Yeah why didn't anyone take her swords?

Is that a "oh god the prisoner is escaping eeeek? Or a oh no a mouse just ran by eeeek?

Probably is a good idea to carefully check things out.
No. 721948 ID: 9c80a6

Whose voice was that Surely Modesty would have calmly explained the security requirements, and she is a very respectful person... even if Onidial is the sort to balk at such a requirement, there shouldn't have been anything to suddenly shock or startle her. The sort of vocalization you just heard only comes from surprise!

Ah, now that I recall, didn't Modesty say earlier that a suspicious figure showed up from the opposite side of that very hallway!? There must have been a clandestine entrance of some sort in that direction - who knows who or what else could come through!?

Or just walked in on them maybe.
No. 721954 ID: 0d6c82

What's that on the outer gate? Some sort of crack in it?
No. 721955 ID: a075ba

...why was the prisoner allowed to retain her weapons? And armor? Shouldn't she have been relieved of those?
No. 721976 ID: ccefd9

To Onidial and Modesty: You two ok over there?
No. 722325 ID: 49f18e
File 146283913757.png - (240.61KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest036.png )

Modesty and Ondial can only respond verbally to your queries, if they respond you may be too far away to hear them
No. 722327 ID: e24dac


Obviously, Prance, you need to take a peek through the keyhole or the gap of the door to see what's going on.
No. 722344 ID: 1a6dd5

Yes, peek into the room, you can never be too careful.
No. 722345 ID: 37936c

A person just screamed nearby, and you're debating whether or not to check it out?

Unless there's some compelling reason why you need to stay where you are, you should probably go investigate.
No. 722347 ID: 5ad4a7

Well Prance, you're so worried then you can go check on them. Bring us with you, while you're at it. Windslow, I suppose you can follow behind but remain out of sight.
No. 722389 ID: 8cc531

Can't we talk to them directly?
@Modesty: Is everything alright?
No. 722407 ID: 6b95ea

To be fair, Onidial is our enforcer. I would say call out to them and ask if they require assistance.
Also if any topless photos are being taken; any impure thoughts could harm Onidial right?
No. 722437 ID: 5ad4a7

Her vulnerability is being touched by a person who has impure thoughts on their mind:
>"skin to skin contact with someone currently bearing sexual desires causes her natural immunity to begin to shut down causing severe burns from her own acid."

So basically she can't have sex. Not without something separating skin from skin, or something giving her magical immunity to acid.
No. 723144 ID: 49f18e
File 146323461082.png - (169.91KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest037.png )

You can silently broadcast messages to the one who holds "The Badge of Ancient Wisdom" and to nearby relic owners while the Badge is possessed by an attuned individual, however those who posses these relics have no silent way to respond, you also have no ability to read thoughts

Prance: "If you don't want to play the part of inspector I will, hand me the badge"

Inspector Windslow hands Inspector Prance the badge, Prance is not attuned to "The Badge of Ancient Wisdom" so you now can only send messages to Inspector Prance

* * *
Inspector Prance hobbles up to Sister Onidial and Modesty Roads but remains out of sight
No. 723146 ID: a33f42

Take it a easy Prance. Just take a deep breath and relax. We only just begun.

Anyway, just call out to them. They sound alright. Maybe a quick peek.
No. 723204 ID: 49f18e
File 146325777942.png - (163.30KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest038.png )

Inspector Prance tries to get a closer look
but ends up running right into Modesty Roads and Sister Onidial

No. 723206 ID: a6dc58

Improbable, given that 'walking' into a wall doesn't cause bruises. Falling or running might.

Maybe also, offending the Sister with the topless photo thing depending on how it was handled.

It sounds like a talk on team cooperation might be in order. Perhaps a word with Sister Onidal on the side.
No. 723208 ID: a075ba

Miss Roads doesn't walk, she floats.

Infighting between investigators will not be tolerated, is that clear?
No. 723214 ID: 735512

It sound more like modesty tried to get a photo for evidence against deamon marks as commanded by lord humility and she punched her.

I would go for calling them out on it and telling them they can't expect to perform or hide abuse between members of this investigation as it is going on.

They should fess up to what happened and we can talk it out if needed.
No. 723224 ID: 5b9f30

Prance, say something along the lines of: "Ladies, we are to be employed as investigators. We may be required to deceive others within pursuit of truth, but we should not have it within the team. Miss Roads does not walk, would not have had reason to move swiftly towards a wall, and would not have received that precise injury from doing so. My reading of the situation is that someone had a strong objection to Lord Humility's requirements, which is understandable. Violence, however, is a severely excessive response. Now, walking around with a visibly injured young woman in our party is likely to interfere with our attempts at diplomacy. We will also likely suffer from ongoing internal tension in our group due to lingering fears and resentment between the two of you. I think an apology to clear grievances would be appropriate. I also worry that excluding one member of the team from a security measure already applied to its majority will cause mistrust, but if anyone had the greatest claim to exemption it would be one bound to purity as yourself, Sister. We shall not require it of you, then, though I invite you to reconsider."

Modesty: Let Prance speak, then use your Cheerful""Turn that frown upside down!" ability to cure Sister Onidial's anger and embarrassment, to help clear this up.
No. 723265 ID: 49f18e
File 146327019820.png - (181.15KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest039.png )

. . .
No. 723268 ID: 211d83

Have you met lord Humility? He is a bit odd at times.

We would like to have evidence in our possession that proves beyond a doubt that all of the investigation team are in fact not hiding demon marks or other hidden runes.

We want to make sure that when we do track down our criminals that no one can doubt anyone on our team.

If you want you can see some of the other photos we have in evidence.
No. 723269 ID: 094652

Onidial, have you MET Humility? For FIVE seconds? Any moment he's not screaming, he's either too disinterested to care about anything but his own agenda or too aroused to think about what he slobbers out of his mouth!

Look, just take multiple close-up photos so that none of them have any actual sexual content due to lack of focus. Or maybe you could just stop taking nude photos for the old @#$% already .
No. 723272 ID: 4854ef

Ahahaha... Lord Humilty is a strong and.. Interesting ruler! But yes he did state what she needed to do and that she is correct on account.
No. 723298 ID: 5b9f30

Prance, present evidences 00D and 00F to prove the requirement has already been undertaken on the existing team members. If this was a mere prank or prurience, Modesty would not have taken a picture of herself as well, now, would she?

Modesty, reaffirm that you're not lying when you say Humility asked you to take pictures like this. Also seriously, use your Cheerful ability.

Onidial: Can you hear us? We'll back Miss Roads up. We saw Lord Humility specifically tell her that he needed her to take some nude photos. He also said that partial nudity would do, but would be less preferable, so this topless arrangement is a compromise to begin with.

Besides, you are wearing quite heavy armor, which can be dangerous. In the event of potential drowning, suffocation or heat stroke, it could be useful for one of the other female team members to know how to assist you in removing or donning it swiftly.
No. 723383 ID: f562b1

We can't talk to the others while Prance has the badge. We can only talk to Prance. Windslow must have the badge for us to speak with the others.
No. 724293 ID: 49f18e
File 146361892714.png - (239.10KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest040.png )

Evidence Presented

But the evidence was rejected . . .
No. 724297 ID: a107fd

Humility's office is right over there, you can ask him yourself. Or not! I mean, if it turns out somebody on the investigative team was secretly a demon cultist all along, and you're the only one who didn't submit to a search, that's still fairly open-and-shut. Let's go find our stenographer so we can get on with the actual murder investigation.
No. 724298 ID: 595d54

"We ARE his agents, and he's right there, we can visit him now."
No. 724299 ID: 007cf4

Well, Prance, now it's a matter of your reputation! You can't work with this woman if she thinks you're Prince Prurience.

Call Windslow over and give him back the badge so that we can talk to her directly, along the lines laid out in >>723298 .

To which we will also add that the words of scripture she quotes apply as much to herself as to anything. Hope, trust and faith are not only for the lowly to the high, Sister, but between mortals to each other. You speak of the virtues of trust while giving none to the companions assigned to you by Humility himself!
No. 724303 ID: a075ba

>I believed in the wisdom of the gods, and their agents
Didn't you just slap an agent of a god for saying something you weren't willing to accept. She works directly for him! And this investigation was convened by divine mandate!

>I don't have to meet him
You sure?

Present [evidence 006]
No. 724305 ID: a33f42

By the way. The last agent was saying mean things to you.
What happened if you don't mind us asking?
No. 724343 ID: 2646ca

FRUT DAMMIT just hand her the badge we';; talk to her ourselves.
No. 724564 ID: 49f18e
File 146371111563.png - (368.70KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest041.png )

Prance: "Ugh this is all just a huge waste of time let's just walk over and talk to Humility."

Inspector Prance and company walk over to Lord Humility's Office
No. 724576 ID: e55b17

Damn it Prance, we told you we wanted to be able to speak directly! So we could tell Modesty to drop hints to Humility about what we're up to. We have our reasons for things we tell you to do.

Let's see if you can redeem yourself, and demonstrate that you can withhold your creativity when needed. Tell Humility, in these exact words: "Lord Humility, as per the instructions you gave to Miss Roads as camera operator, we have been taking photographic evidence of the team's unsullied bodies as proof against demonic influence, as you can see."

Then you present evidences 00D and 00F, and continue: "Sister Onidial, however, appears to be sensitive to such matters and has refused to believe such instructions were given. As such, we came to ask you directly, Lord Humility: did you give instructions to Miss Roads that photographs such as these were to be taken, or not?"
No. 724581 ID: 5ad4a7

Ask him if he instructed Modesty to take photos of your team with their clothes off.
No. 724643 ID: a788b7


This one. Onidial has a point, and Modesty clearly displayed a willingness to deceive the group with her 'ran into a wall' remark.
No. 724932 ID: cd73ff

"For the inegraty of the investigation Modesty was collecting photoes of all the investigators bare cheasts to prove against demon marks but sister onidal refuses saying that such nudity is PERVERTED and implying that such photos are SEXUAL and IMMORAL."
No. 724935 ID: 49f18e
File 146386726567.png - (269.74KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest042.png )

Evidence Presented

The Evidence softened Lord Humility's mood

No. 724941 ID: 211d83

Hand us over to him so we can talk.

Lord Humility the entire purpose of this investigation is to prove beyond a reasonable doubt who attacked Larriette. Without that proof this realm is doomed.

Many powers will seek to obstruct our efforts and may even call into question our evidence or character if we can not prove that our investigators where not tainted before joining the investigation.

Modesty thought of this idea so that no one could make wild accusations against you later on when the case is cross examined. Also it makes sure we are not working with a undercover demonic agent.

Plus at this point if we only have part of the team in evidence its going to look very suspicious later on.
No. 724944 ID: b2db3f

Reassure him that you have not forced anyone. So far it has all been completely consensual and until our enforcer here we did not even realize it might be a problem.

I mean we are the wisdom of the ages. We don't have sexual urges like you do so the idea that we are collecting these for our own enjoyment is ridiculous.

Just do not want there to be a big gap in our evidence line up that someone could use against us later on.
No. 725013 ID: 49f18e
File 146388209370.png - (273.70KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest043.png )

Prance gives "The Badge of Ancient Wisdom" to Humility . . .
But it is refused!

No. 725018 ID: a33f42

You know. I think we overstayed out welcome here with Lord Humility.
Let's just swallow our pride and be on our way. Perhaps ask Onidial what was going on before we met her. Why was that chucklehead yelling at her.
Also apologize profusely to Lord Humility.
No. 725127 ID: 05ba9f

Koistas an idiot we already proved that, but fine if Sister Onidial does not wish to go through with this then she doesn't have to, we'll just have to treat her with a bit more suspicion and make sure she never goes anywhere alone.

Apologize to Lord Humility, it was never ours' nor Windslows' intent to abuse our power over others.
No. 725128 ID: 094652

Notify Humility that if he keeps reassigning the case to multiple inspectors before any progress is made, then the public will lose confidence and informants will be less inclined to assist the investigation. You need a @#$%ing LEAD.
No. 725143 ID: f562b1

It's possible that they found proof that there isn't any demon marks, and Humility just wants to hide that there was a suspicion in the first place. Guess that means we don't need to take those pictures again.
No. 725175 ID: a107fd

Lord Humility seems to be under the impression that no progress has been made on the case yet. Is he aware we've (technically) got a suspect in custody, who already confessed?
No. 726321 ID: 49f18e
File 146436705736.png - (164.70KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest044.png )

Prance decides to hold his tongue
No. 726443 ID: a33f42

Hey, apology accepted. I think everyone is a bit on edge due to the assassination attempt of Lariette.
Prance, give Lord Humility some encouragement. Tell him you understand and continue the mission. Windslow might be wondering what is taking us so long.
No. 726444 ID: 094652

Guess you're not retarded, but I'm not buying it. Let's just continue the investigation already.

To the crime scene! We'd also like a detailed report on Lariette's abilities and aspects, as well as a forensic report on the killing blow.
No. 726449 ID: b7883c

Alright, this has all been a misunderstanding. Lets put it behind us and move on to the whole murder solving thing.
And the next step in that is to pick up our stenographer so we can properly interview that prisoner.
No. 726648 ID: 49f18e
File 146453829907.png - (235.85KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest045.png )

. . .
No. 726658 ID: 180f83

back to work
No. 726719 ID: 49f18e
File 146457132819.png - (149.35KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest046.png )

Inspector Prance, Modesty and Sister Onidial leave Humility's office and head back to the main gates in silence
No. 726721 ID: 211d83

Well apologize to our enforcer for the trouble.

But we did get odd picture orders so we were not just doing it for fun.

Then lets head out to find our last team member.
No. 726728 ID: 180f83

tell your teammates what happened so that they could get an update.
No. 726856 ID: a33f42

Well that was an unfortunate situation with Lord Humility. Might as well update Windslow and go pick up your last teammate.
No. 727856 ID: 49f18e
File 146509848999.png - (167.96KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest047.png )

Sister Onidial's morale has improved.
Inspector Prance's morale has improved.

Modesty's morale has weakened.

No. 727858 ID: 211d83

No this mess is all our fault Modesty. Don't worry about it. If anyone should be apologizing to the Sister here its us.
No. 727921 ID: a33f42

To Modesty: please don't be like that. The whole thing was a misunderstanding.

To Prance: Come now, let us make haste back to Windslow and our last team mate. Put this whole thing behind us. Also that red X is really bothering me.
No. 727922 ID: 094652

Modesty, two outta three ain't bad. Let's just call the team cohesion a win and speed this up before it gets GRATING.

We can beatdown Humility AFTER we get the stabilizer queen fixed.
No. 727945 ID: 4854ef

Alright for goodness sake we need to get back on track! Much as the apologies and such need to be done we also need to begin gathering the last of our team and begin the true investigation. We do not wish to dawdle on this important task.
No. 727954 ID: 49f18e
File 146515936429.png - (346.27KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest048.png )

Inspector Prance leads the investigation to regroup with Inspector Windslow
No. 727966 ID: 935328

You shouldn't sleep holding a gun
No. 728023 ID: 4854ef

Wake him up please, we should get going.. That and he shouldn't sleep with his weaponry out like that, safety first.
No. 728025 ID: 180f83

Calmly wake him, try not to startle him. we don't want him shooting you guys by accident, or worse the Badge of Ancient Wisdom (i.e. us)
No. 728044 ID: a33f42

Up and at em Windslow! Time to be some freaking heroes!
Also trigger discipline!
No. 728111 ID: f562b1

Prance still has the badge. We can't speak to Windslow until he's carrying the badge... And we might not be able to speak to sleeping individuals?
No. 728218 ID: 49f18e
File 146526588065.png - (175.62KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest049.png )

Inspector Prance wakes Windslow, fills him in on the developments and returns "The Badge of Ancient Wisdom" to him

They continue on

No. 728219 ID: 094652

Why is there a spidergate on that corridor?

Also, maps would be appreciated.
No. 728234 ID: 38685c

Get caught in the web. Sexily.
No. 728241 ID: e2d6ae

Fling thine self web-wards, see if permission was given for its construction.
No. 728270 ID: 180f83

Lets not fling ourselves at the web. For all we know, that may actually be lasers. We don't want to die this soon in our adventure.
No. 728642 ID: a33f42

Don't worry about it Windslow. Let us find our last teammate, and do check on Modesty. She seemed a little bit down.
No. 730048 ID: 49f18e
File 146612215579.png - (213.40KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest050.png )

. . .
No. 730049 ID: 49f18e
File 146612232296.png - (262.76KB , 594x787 , Evidence00J.png )

Inspector Windslow taps an image to the badge
No. 730056 ID: bb60bd

Go to "?"

You can't carry on like this without knowing what "?" is
No. 730060 ID: 211d83

Windslow you are a true artist. Very nice work.

Am also curious about the ? mark room.
No. 730079 ID: a33f42

Excellent work Windslow. This will be very helpful.
Anyway, again we should pick up our last teammate and from there figure out this red X that we are seeing.
No. 730195 ID: ee8f3e

Gees Windslow you've got skill, also this place looks beautiful.
No. 730451 ID: 49f18e
File 146626743896.png - (183.70KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest051.png )

. . .
No. 730452 ID: a33f42

Your friend Prance does make a point there Windslow. You do need to pick up your last teammate. Then we shall continue with adventure and fun and saving this world.
No. 730455 ID: 64af44

Tell Prance not to question us, we know better
No. 730459 ID: 4854ef

Actually we could investigate further after we pick up the last team member, the more eyes and ears the better the senses for proper investigation.
No. 730592 ID: da1652

We should retrieve our final member. It would be selfish to delay them AND deny them a part in the adventure!
No. 731172 ID: 49f18e
File 146647517493.png - (351.99KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest052.png )

Inspectors Windslow and Prance enter the Artisan Archive
No. 731177 ID: 9311a9

Well, we found our last party member.
No. 731180 ID: 211d83

What the fuck happened here?
No. 731188 ID: a107fd

Windslow, if this damage was not present for your first tour, please update the map accordingly.
No. 731231 ID: f562b1

...Not sure what I'm looking at, but it appears that she is looking towards the wall at the moment, perhaps investigating the stains herself. Are they stains, or some sort of art? Can hardly tell with some people.
Couldn't be blood, as the only person who's suffered such harm here is the Goddess herself, and... She wasn't in here when that happened, right?
No. 731243 ID: a33f42

Something tells me this is not how the room is supposed to look.
Besides our last teammate, who is that other person?
No. 731987 ID: b2d501

Oh great, a Doom Timer. Whoop-de-doo.

Calculate the trajectory of the fireball attacks.
No. 731989 ID: 49f18e
File 146696694771.png - (314.89KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest053.png )

. . .
No. 731995 ID: a33f42

Oh hey! We have stats now! Neat.
So uh, what is solanite pyre flames?
No. 731997 ID: 211d83

I have a feeling that someone knew there was info here that could help us and went out of there way to destroy it.

Is the damaged focused on a certain section of the archive or is it all over?

And are there any backups or scribes that might have a index of what was kept here?
No. 732033 ID: b7883c

Well yes its burn marks; do you know anything about what led to the archives catching fire?

To Nydelle:
Hello; its the badge. Good to have you on board.
No. 732036 ID: f5be7d

Does Nydelle have a relic?
Oh hey, our conversation transcript is now fully functional! I guess "Doom Clock" is an estimation of how long the Goddess will live without intervention.
>Solanite Pyre Flames
Uhh, any of you guys able to explain? Maybe through verifying if it's what they meant.
No. 732932 ID: 49f18e
File 146733365108.png - (328.40KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest054.png )

Operator Nydelle holds the relic "Quill of truth"
No. 732933 ID: a075ba

Which portion of the archive collapsed / was the fire started in? It is likely the arsonist would have set their fire near material they wished to be sure was destroyed.
No. 733036 ID: 80cbad

Interesting. A number of factions have changed recently.
By the way who is that one with the elaborate head wear and four eyes?
No. 733480 ID: 49f18e
File 146759354187.png - (353.24KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest055.png )

. . .
No. 733488 ID: 211d83

Wait you are the Tseltsavetzer Krimiesterkraven?

Amazing I did not know we would run into someone so important so early in our investigation. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance sir.

As head Archivist I am sure you must have read most everything in here. By chance could you enlighten us as to that period of time?

Someone involved in the attack on the goddess no doubt wanted to hide some important information in this attack. If you could tell us more about this Garendara and the history of that era it would be most helpful.
No. 733490 ID: b7883c

Well that certainly sounds relevant to the crime. Ask what he knows about the death described in the records, and what he saw of the arson's perpetrator.
No. 734086 ID: a33f42

Think we should snap a photo of the crime scene as well?
No. 734089 ID: b2d501

Question: Was that section compromised of sets and/or series and not singular books? If the perpetrator wanted to burn a single book, then we're screwed because it would be too easy to destroy an annotated copy, possibly one with schematics or coded messages.

But, if there was a collection of sets, then it's also possible that the perpetrator was trying to throw us off track, by burning a set of books which contained a specific (yet known) piece of intel that pointed at the wrong suspect, especially if the set is popular for a specific topic. I guess it depends on how relevant some of the sets are, and whether or not they are well-known by entities not on the perpetrator's side.

And it's also possible that the perpetrator simply burned some notes hidden in that section.

Basically, this is probably a dead end. We should get a catalogue of the books that were destroyed, and "accidentally" give it to Koista so he can start his little investigation here. He might find something by the time we're almost done with the case.
No. 734949 ID: 49f18e
File 146818838293.png - (299.49KB , 599x794 , Evidence00K.png )

Modesty photographs the scene
No. 734950 ID: 49f18e
File 146818846301.png - (375.30KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest056.png )

. . .
No. 735459 ID: b7883c

Hmm, not sure if there's any immediate leads with that. Lets go to the prison for that interview now that we have our stenographer.
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