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File 143416834806.png - (574.13KB , 880x600 , SilkenValeCine01.png )
648109 No. 648109 ID: 5d4fc9

Murder comes to the land of cloth, A goddess lies dying, it falls upon two mortals, Inspectors Windslow and Prance to uncover the truth and save a divine realm from falling into chaos.

Quest may contain violence, foul language and/or nudity

Discussion thread (will contain crucial information)
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No. 722345 ID: 37936c

A person just screamed nearby, and you're debating whether or not to check it out?

Unless there's some compelling reason why you need to stay where you are, you should probably go investigate.
No. 722347 ID: 5ad4a7

Well Prance, you're so worried then you can go check on them. Bring us with you, while you're at it. Windslow, I suppose you can follow behind but remain out of sight.
No. 722389 ID: 8cc531

Can't we talk to them directly?
@Modesty: Is everything alright?
No. 722407 ID: 6b95ea

To be fair, Onidial is our enforcer. I would say call out to them and ask if they require assistance.
Also if any topless photos are being taken; any impure thoughts could harm Onidial right?
No. 722437 ID: 5ad4a7

Her vulnerability is being touched by a person who has impure thoughts on their mind:
>"skin to skin contact with someone currently bearing sexual desires causes her natural immunity to begin to shut down causing severe burns from her own acid."

So basically she can't have sex. Not without something separating skin from skin, or something giving her magical immunity to acid.
No. 723144 ID: 49f18e
File 146323461082.png - (169.91KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest037.png )

You can silently broadcast messages to the one who holds "The Badge of Ancient Wisdom" and to nearby relic owners while the Badge is possessed by an attuned individual, however those who posses these relics have no silent way to respond, you also have no ability to read thoughts

Prance: "If you don't want to play the part of inspector I will, hand me the badge"

Inspector Windslow hands Inspector Prance the badge, Prance is not attuned to "The Badge of Ancient Wisdom" so you now can only send messages to Inspector Prance

* * *
Inspector Prance hobbles up to Sister Onidial and Modesty Roads but remains out of sight
No. 723146 ID: a33f42

Take it a easy Prance. Just take a deep breath and relax. We only just begun.

Anyway, just call out to them. They sound alright. Maybe a quick peek.
No. 723204 ID: 49f18e
File 146325777942.png - (163.30KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest038.png )

Inspector Prance tries to get a closer look
but ends up running right into Modesty Roads and Sister Onidial

No. 723206 ID: a6dc58

Improbable, given that 'walking' into a wall doesn't cause bruises. Falling or running might.

Maybe also, offending the Sister with the topless photo thing depending on how it was handled.

It sounds like a talk on team cooperation might be in order. Perhaps a word with Sister Onidal on the side.
No. 723208 ID: a075ba

Miss Roads doesn't walk, she floats.

Infighting between investigators will not be tolerated, is that clear?
No. 723214 ID: 735512

It sound more like modesty tried to get a photo for evidence against deamon marks as commanded by lord humility and she punched her.

I would go for calling them out on it and telling them they can't expect to perform or hide abuse between members of this investigation as it is going on.

They should fess up to what happened and we can talk it out if needed.
No. 723224 ID: 5b9f30

Prance, say something along the lines of: "Ladies, we are to be employed as investigators. We may be required to deceive others within pursuit of truth, but we should not have it within the team. Miss Roads does not walk, would not have had reason to move swiftly towards a wall, and would not have received that precise injury from doing so. My reading of the situation is that someone had a strong objection to Lord Humility's requirements, which is understandable. Violence, however, is a severely excessive response. Now, walking around with a visibly injured young woman in our party is likely to interfere with our attempts at diplomacy. We will also likely suffer from ongoing internal tension in our group due to lingering fears and resentment between the two of you. I think an apology to clear grievances would be appropriate. I also worry that excluding one member of the team from a security measure already applied to its majority will cause mistrust, but if anyone had the greatest claim to exemption it would be one bound to purity as yourself, Sister. We shall not require it of you, then, though I invite you to reconsider."

Modesty: Let Prance speak, then use your Cheerful""Turn that frown upside down!" ability to cure Sister Onidial's anger and embarrassment, to help clear this up.
No. 723265 ID: 49f18e
File 146327019820.png - (181.15KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest039.png )

. . .
No. 723268 ID: 211d83

Have you met lord Humility? He is a bit odd at times.

We would like to have evidence in our possession that proves beyond a doubt that all of the investigation team are in fact not hiding demon marks or other hidden runes.

We want to make sure that when we do track down our criminals that no one can doubt anyone on our team.

If you want you can see some of the other photos we have in evidence.
No. 723269 ID: 094652

Onidial, have you MET Humility? For FIVE seconds? Any moment he's not screaming, he's either too disinterested to care about anything but his own agenda or too aroused to think about what he slobbers out of his mouth!

Look, just take multiple close-up photos so that none of them have any actual sexual content due to lack of focus. Or maybe you could just stop taking nude photos for the old @#$% already .
No. 723272 ID: 4854ef

Ahahaha... Lord Humilty is a strong and.. Interesting ruler! But yes he did state what she needed to do and that she is correct on account.
No. 723298 ID: 5b9f30

Prance, present evidences 00D and 00F to prove the requirement has already been undertaken on the existing team members. If this was a mere prank or prurience, Modesty would not have taken a picture of herself as well, now, would she?

Modesty, reaffirm that you're not lying when you say Humility asked you to take pictures like this. Also seriously, use your Cheerful ability.

Onidial: Can you hear us? We'll back Miss Roads up. We saw Lord Humility specifically tell her that he needed her to take some nude photos. He also said that partial nudity would do, but would be less preferable, so this topless arrangement is a compromise to begin with.

Besides, you are wearing quite heavy armor, which can be dangerous. In the event of potential drowning, suffocation or heat stroke, it could be useful for one of the other female team members to know how to assist you in removing or donning it swiftly.
No. 723383 ID: f562b1

We can't talk to the others while Prance has the badge. We can only talk to Prance. Windslow must have the badge for us to speak with the others.
No. 724293 ID: 49f18e
File 146361892714.png - (239.10KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest040.png )

Evidence Presented

But the evidence was rejected . . .
No. 724297 ID: a107fd

Humility's office is right over there, you can ask him yourself. Or not! I mean, if it turns out somebody on the investigative team was secretly a demon cultist all along, and you're the only one who didn't submit to a search, that's still fairly open-and-shut. Let's go find our stenographer so we can get on with the actual murder investigation.
No. 724298 ID: 595d54

"We ARE his agents, and he's right there, we can visit him now."
No. 724299 ID: 007cf4

Well, Prance, now it's a matter of your reputation! You can't work with this woman if she thinks you're Prince Prurience.

Call Windslow over and give him back the badge so that we can talk to her directly, along the lines laid out in >>723298 .

To which we will also add that the words of scripture she quotes apply as much to herself as to anything. Hope, trust and faith are not only for the lowly to the high, Sister, but between mortals to each other. You speak of the virtues of trust while giving none to the companions assigned to you by Humility himself!
No. 724303 ID: a075ba

>I believed in the wisdom of the gods, and their agents
Didn't you just slap an agent of a god for saying something you weren't willing to accept. She works directly for him! And this investigation was convened by divine mandate!

>I don't have to meet him
You sure?

Present [evidence 006]
No. 724305 ID: a33f42

By the way. The last agent was saying mean things to you.
What happened if you don't mind us asking?
No. 724343 ID: 2646ca

FRUT DAMMIT just hand her the badge we';; talk to her ourselves.
No. 724564 ID: 49f18e
File 146371111563.png - (368.70KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest041.png )

Prance: "Ugh this is all just a huge waste of time let's just walk over and talk to Humility."

Inspector Prance and company walk over to Lord Humility's Office
No. 724576 ID: e55b17

Damn it Prance, we told you we wanted to be able to speak directly! So we could tell Modesty to drop hints to Humility about what we're up to. We have our reasons for things we tell you to do.

Let's see if you can redeem yourself, and demonstrate that you can withhold your creativity when needed. Tell Humility, in these exact words: "Lord Humility, as per the instructions you gave to Miss Roads as camera operator, we have been taking photographic evidence of the team's unsullied bodies as proof against demonic influence, as you can see."

Then you present evidences 00D and 00F, and continue: "Sister Onidial, however, appears to be sensitive to such matters and has refused to believe such instructions were given. As such, we came to ask you directly, Lord Humility: did you give instructions to Miss Roads that photographs such as these were to be taken, or not?"
No. 724581 ID: 5ad4a7

Ask him if he instructed Modesty to take photos of your team with their clothes off.
No. 724643 ID: a788b7


This one. Onidial has a point, and Modesty clearly displayed a willingness to deceive the group with her 'ran into a wall' remark.
No. 724932 ID: cd73ff

"For the inegraty of the investigation Modesty was collecting photoes of all the investigators bare cheasts to prove against demon marks but sister onidal refuses saying that such nudity is PERVERTED and implying that such photos are SEXUAL and IMMORAL."
No. 724935 ID: 49f18e
File 146386726567.png - (269.74KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest042.png )

Evidence Presented

The Evidence softened Lord Humility's mood

No. 724941 ID: 211d83

Hand us over to him so we can talk.

Lord Humility the entire purpose of this investigation is to prove beyond a reasonable doubt who attacked Larriette. Without that proof this realm is doomed.

Many powers will seek to obstruct our efforts and may even call into question our evidence or character if we can not prove that our investigators where not tainted before joining the investigation.

Modesty thought of this idea so that no one could make wild accusations against you later on when the case is cross examined. Also it makes sure we are not working with a undercover demonic agent.

Plus at this point if we only have part of the team in evidence its going to look very suspicious later on.
No. 724944 ID: b2db3f

Reassure him that you have not forced anyone. So far it has all been completely consensual and until our enforcer here we did not even realize it might be a problem.

I mean we are the wisdom of the ages. We don't have sexual urges like you do so the idea that we are collecting these for our own enjoyment is ridiculous.

Just do not want there to be a big gap in our evidence line up that someone could use against us later on.
No. 725013 ID: 49f18e
File 146388209370.png - (273.70KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest043.png )

Prance gives "The Badge of Ancient Wisdom" to Humility . . .
But it is refused!

No. 725018 ID: a33f42

You know. I think we overstayed out welcome here with Lord Humility.
Let's just swallow our pride and be on our way. Perhaps ask Onidial what was going on before we met her. Why was that chucklehead yelling at her.
Also apologize profusely to Lord Humility.
No. 725127 ID: 05ba9f

Koistas an idiot we already proved that, but fine if Sister Onidial does not wish to go through with this then she doesn't have to, we'll just have to treat her with a bit more suspicion and make sure she never goes anywhere alone.

Apologize to Lord Humility, it was never ours' nor Windslows' intent to abuse our power over others.
No. 725128 ID: 094652

Notify Humility that if he keeps reassigning the case to multiple inspectors before any progress is made, then the public will lose confidence and informants will be less inclined to assist the investigation. You need a @#$%ing LEAD.
No. 725143 ID: f562b1

It's possible that they found proof that there isn't any demon marks, and Humility just wants to hide that there was a suspicion in the first place. Guess that means we don't need to take those pictures again.
No. 725175 ID: a107fd

Lord Humility seems to be under the impression that no progress has been made on the case yet. Is he aware we've (technically) got a suspect in custody, who already confessed?
No. 726321 ID: 49f18e
File 146436705736.png - (164.70KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest044.png )

Prance decides to hold his tongue
No. 726443 ID: a33f42

Hey, apology accepted. I think everyone is a bit on edge due to the assassination attempt of Lariette.
Prance, give Lord Humility some encouragement. Tell him you understand and continue the mission. Windslow might be wondering what is taking us so long.
No. 726444 ID: 094652

Guess you're not retarded, but I'm not buying it. Let's just continue the investigation already.

To the crime scene! We'd also like a detailed report on Lariette's abilities and aspects, as well as a forensic report on the killing blow.
No. 726449 ID: b7883c

Alright, this has all been a misunderstanding. Lets put it behind us and move on to the whole murder solving thing.
And the next step in that is to pick up our stenographer so we can properly interview that prisoner.
No. 726648 ID: 49f18e
File 146453829907.png - (235.85KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest045.png )

. . .
No. 726658 ID: 180f83

back to work
No. 726719 ID: 49f18e
File 146457132819.png - (149.35KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest046.png )

Inspector Prance, Modesty and Sister Onidial leave Humility's office and head back to the main gates in silence
No. 726721 ID: 211d83

Well apologize to our enforcer for the trouble.

But we did get odd picture orders so we were not just doing it for fun.

Then lets head out to find our last team member.
No. 726728 ID: 180f83

tell your teammates what happened so that they could get an update.
No. 726856 ID: a33f42

Well that was an unfortunate situation with Lord Humility. Might as well update Windslow and go pick up your last teammate.
No. 727856 ID: 49f18e
File 146509848999.png - (167.96KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest047.png )

Sister Onidial's morale has improved.
Inspector Prance's morale has improved.

Modesty's morale has weakened.

No. 727858 ID: 211d83

No this mess is all our fault Modesty. Don't worry about it. If anyone should be apologizing to the Sister here its us.
No. 727921 ID: a33f42

To Modesty: please don't be like that. The whole thing was a misunderstanding.

To Prance: Come now, let us make haste back to Windslow and our last team mate. Put this whole thing behind us. Also that red X is really bothering me.
No. 727922 ID: 094652

Modesty, two outta three ain't bad. Let's just call the team cohesion a win and speed this up before it gets GRATING.

We can beatdown Humility AFTER we get the stabilizer queen fixed.
No. 727945 ID: 4854ef

Alright for goodness sake we need to get back on track! Much as the apologies and such need to be done we also need to begin gathering the last of our team and begin the true investigation. We do not wish to dawdle on this important task.
No. 727954 ID: 49f18e
File 146515936429.png - (346.27KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest048.png )

Inspector Prance leads the investigation to regroup with Inspector Windslow
No. 727966 ID: 935328

You shouldn't sleep holding a gun
No. 728023 ID: 4854ef

Wake him up please, we should get going.. That and he shouldn't sleep with his weaponry out like that, safety first.
No. 728025 ID: 180f83

Calmly wake him, try not to startle him. we don't want him shooting you guys by accident, or worse the Badge of Ancient Wisdom (i.e. us)
No. 728044 ID: a33f42

Up and at em Windslow! Time to be some freaking heroes!
Also trigger discipline!
No. 728111 ID: f562b1

Prance still has the badge. We can't speak to Windslow until he's carrying the badge... And we might not be able to speak to sleeping individuals?
No. 728218 ID: 49f18e
File 146526588065.png - (175.62KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest049.png )

Inspector Prance wakes Windslow, fills him in on the developments and returns "The Badge of Ancient Wisdom" to him

They continue on

No. 728219 ID: 094652

Why is there a spidergate on that corridor?

Also, maps would be appreciated.
No. 728234 ID: 38685c

Get caught in the web. Sexily.
No. 728241 ID: e2d6ae

Fling thine self web-wards, see if permission was given for its construction.
No. 728270 ID: 180f83

Lets not fling ourselves at the web. For all we know, that may actually be lasers. We don't want to die this soon in our adventure.
No. 728642 ID: a33f42

Don't worry about it Windslow. Let us find our last teammate, and do check on Modesty. She seemed a little bit down.
No. 730048 ID: 49f18e
File 146612215579.png - (213.40KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest050.png )

. . .
No. 730049 ID: 49f18e
File 146612232296.png - (262.76KB , 594x787 , Evidence00J.png )

Inspector Windslow taps an image to the badge
No. 730056 ID: bb60bd

Go to "?"

You can't carry on like this without knowing what "?" is
No. 730060 ID: 211d83

Windslow you are a true artist. Very nice work.

Am also curious about the ? mark room.
No. 730079 ID: a33f42

Excellent work Windslow. This will be very helpful.
Anyway, again we should pick up our last teammate and from there figure out this red X that we are seeing.
No. 730195 ID: ee8f3e

Gees Windslow you've got skill, also this place looks beautiful.
No. 730451 ID: 49f18e
File 146626743896.png - (183.70KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest051.png )

. . .
No. 730452 ID: a33f42

Your friend Prance does make a point there Windslow. You do need to pick up your last teammate. Then we shall continue with adventure and fun and saving this world.
No. 730455 ID: 64af44

Tell Prance not to question us, we know better
No. 730459 ID: 4854ef

Actually we could investigate further after we pick up the last team member, the more eyes and ears the better the senses for proper investigation.
No. 730592 ID: da1652

We should retrieve our final member. It would be selfish to delay them AND deny them a part in the adventure!
No. 731172 ID: 49f18e
File 146647517493.png - (351.99KB , 879x799 , SilkenValeQuest052.png )

Inspectors Windslow and Prance enter the Artisan Archive
No. 731177 ID: 9311a9

Well, we found our last party member.
No. 731180 ID: 211d83

What the fuck happened here?
No. 731188 ID: a107fd

Windslow, if this damage was not present for your first tour, please update the map accordingly.
No. 731231 ID: f562b1

...Not sure what I'm looking at, but it appears that she is looking towards the wall at the moment, perhaps investigating the stains herself. Are they stains, or some sort of art? Can hardly tell with some people.
Couldn't be blood, as the only person who's suffered such harm here is the Goddess herself, and... She wasn't in here when that happened, right?
No. 731243 ID: a33f42

Something tells me this is not how the room is supposed to look.
Besides our last teammate, who is that other person?
No. 731987 ID: b2d501

Oh great, a Doom Timer. Whoop-de-doo.

Calculate the trajectory of the fireball attacks.
No. 731989 ID: 49f18e
File 146696694771.png - (314.89KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest053.png )

. . .
No. 731995 ID: a33f42

Oh hey! We have stats now! Neat.
So uh, what is solanite pyre flames?
No. 731997 ID: 211d83

I have a feeling that someone knew there was info here that could help us and went out of there way to destroy it.

Is the damaged focused on a certain section of the archive or is it all over?

And are there any backups or scribes that might have a index of what was kept here?
No. 732033 ID: b7883c

Well yes its burn marks; do you know anything about what led to the archives catching fire?

To Nydelle:
Hello; its the badge. Good to have you on board.
No. 732036 ID: f5be7d

Does Nydelle have a relic?
Oh hey, our conversation transcript is now fully functional! I guess "Doom Clock" is an estimation of how long the Goddess will live without intervention.
>Solanite Pyre Flames
Uhh, any of you guys able to explain? Maybe through verifying if it's what they meant.
No. 732932 ID: 49f18e
File 146733365108.png - (328.40KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest054.png )

Operator Nydelle holds the relic "Quill of truth"
No. 732933 ID: a075ba

Which portion of the archive collapsed / was the fire started in? It is likely the arsonist would have set their fire near material they wished to be sure was destroyed.
No. 733036 ID: 80cbad

Interesting. A number of factions have changed recently.
By the way who is that one with the elaborate head wear and four eyes?
No. 733480 ID: 49f18e
File 146759354187.png - (353.24KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest055.png )

. . .
No. 733488 ID: 211d83

Wait you are the Tseltsavetzer Krimiesterkraven?

Amazing I did not know we would run into someone so important so early in our investigation. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance sir.

As head Archivist I am sure you must have read most everything in here. By chance could you enlighten us as to that period of time?

Someone involved in the attack on the goddess no doubt wanted to hide some important information in this attack. If you could tell us more about this Garendara and the history of that era it would be most helpful.
No. 733490 ID: b7883c

Well that certainly sounds relevant to the crime. Ask what he knows about the death described in the records, and what he saw of the arson's perpetrator.
No. 734086 ID: a33f42

Think we should snap a photo of the crime scene as well?
No. 734089 ID: b2d501

Question: Was that section compromised of sets and/or series and not singular books? If the perpetrator wanted to burn a single book, then we're screwed because it would be too easy to destroy an annotated copy, possibly one with schematics or coded messages.

But, if there was a collection of sets, then it's also possible that the perpetrator was trying to throw us off track, by burning a set of books which contained a specific (yet known) piece of intel that pointed at the wrong suspect, especially if the set is popular for a specific topic. I guess it depends on how relevant some of the sets are, and whether or not they are well-known by entities not on the perpetrator's side.

And it's also possible that the perpetrator simply burned some notes hidden in that section.

Basically, this is probably a dead end. We should get a catalogue of the books that were destroyed, and "accidentally" give it to Koista so he can start his little investigation here. He might find something by the time we're almost done with the case.
No. 734949 ID: 49f18e
File 146818838293.png - (299.49KB , 599x794 , Evidence00K.png )

Modesty photographs the scene
No. 734950 ID: 49f18e
File 146818846301.png - (375.30KB , 660x792 , SilkenValeQuest056.png )

. . .
No. 735459 ID: b7883c

Hmm, not sure if there's any immediate leads with that. Lets go to the prison for that interview now that we have our stenographer.
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