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File 140328994139.png - (437.35KB , 844x628 , SilkenValeDis1.png )
82638 No. 82638 ID: 9dd1ee

I'm planning on starting a new quest,

the quest will feature
-A team of 5 characters,(chosen from the 10 shown)
-Crime mystery solving
-Morale balancing
-Top down perspective
-clothing damage
-grid based tactics combat

this thread is to set up some important information and voting before I start the quest, and for general discussion after it's started,

What would you like to hear about first?
-Characters? (which ones?)
-The world?
-The ruler of the world?
-the plot?
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No. 82639 ID: 1f8505

What are the races in this quest?
No. 82640 ID: 79391f

I vote for all of the top row's three and then the bird and lizard nun in the middle row.
No. 82641 ID: 9dd1ee

It's not time to vote yet, I need to explain some things first
the races will be briefly described in the respect individuals entry
No. 82642 ID: 53ba34

tunnel snakes rule.
No. 82643 ID: 9ddf68

how does the moral thing come in to play. Also I'm noticing symbols next to the characters. I can figure out the gender on easily enough, pretty sure I got that the faces mean they're personality, and have a very loose idea what the top one means. Is it to soon to ask about those or no?

Also what can you tell us about the plot without ruining to much?
No. 82645 ID: befc95

What are the parameter's for getting in the Peacock's pants?
No. 82646 ID: bb78f2

The world!
I hope it's mixed medieval-modern, keeping my fingers crossed. Obviously has some medieval stuff since that guy clearly is wearing metal armor instead of kevlar. But that doesn't mean he don't use guns!

Some plot info would also do nicely.
No. 82647 ID: e791b7

Top-left looks like Modesty sooo hrrm...This promises to be an interesting thing dhat you're doing here LW.
I don't think I reconize any of the other 9 though...
No. 82666 ID: ba8629

The plot, presumably involving the world.

Also, I vote peacock.
No. 82669 ID: 55c4cf

hype for male pea-fowl and what appears to be a brown lizard nun.
No. 82842 ID: 13cd06

peep and lizard
No. 82847 ID: 675d4e

LOVE the peacock and the lizard-nun... much like everyone else haha.
i'm not really a medieval fan so i prefer to ignore that, but i can be persuaded if it's not typical medieval. mixed elements n all that.
No. 82850 ID: 9dd1ee

>how does the moral thing come in to play
Characters with lower moral will be way more likely to succumb to personaly vices or bad habits, in extreme cases low enough moral will cause a character to leave the party.

More details of moral will be covered in the "dispositions" discussion update

>and have a very loose idea what the top one means.
the top symbols are the classes

>What are the parameter's for getting in the Peacock's pants?
well step 1 would be to to refer to him as a "male peafowl" he prefers that

>I hope it's mixed medieval-modern, keeping my fingers crossed.
>i'm not really a medieval fan so i prefer to ignore that, but i can be persuaded if it's not typical medieval. mixed elements n all that.
The setting takes elements from sci-fi or medieval fantasy or anywhere inbetween , so you'll be just as likely to see a laser gun as and axe
No. 82857 ID: 68bbc5

I hate to be That Guy, but it's morale with an e.
Just thought I'd point it out before "moral" is thrown around in the actual quest.
No. 82903 ID: a7e020

I feel a little confused as to what exactly is being referred to. To be sure of absolute clarity:

Moral - relating to goodness or evil, e.g. 'not burning down the orphanage would be the moral decision'
Morale - high spirits, happiness, confidence, etc., e.g. 'losing five battles in a row has lowered our morale'

Which is it?
No. 82953 ID: 9dd1ee

it's actually be a big deal in this case, so I appreciate it
I'ts supposed to be morale for the record
No. 82981 ID: 9ddf68

>the top symbols are the classes
yeah guessed that much I just meant I didn't know what class was what. If it will be explained in quest then fell free to ignore this.

If I had to guess the top middle and bottom right characters are melee fighters, both lizard characters use some kind of chain weapon so mid range fighters, mid second-to-the-left and bottom middle guy (the ones with the A looking symbol) look like long range fighters, the fairy and the fowl are most likely magic users, and the last two are healers if I had to guess because I'm drawing a blank with them otherwise.
No. 83097 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140402446189.png - (313.74KB , 880x600 , SilkenValeDis2.png )


For hundreds of years the living god Barugazt the Betrayer with his army of Blademasters waged a bloody war against his nine brethren and their followers. However even the greatest of war gods could not win a war so greatly outnumbered and despite his prowess and perfect skill he was eventually defeated and his army broken. Barugazt the Betrayer in a sea of shattered plate and twisted swords expected no mercy and Palitum the Purifier, leader of the nine, intended to give him none, but Palitum the Purifier's hammer strike would never land for to do so would have been to strike down his beloved goddess Lariette the Creator who blocked his path and shielded the war god's body with her own. Five years passed before the living gods could agree to what should be done with Barugazt the Betrayer and again it was Lariette the Creator who proved to be his savior who petitioned that he be given a chance serve as living go once more and repair all the damage he and his Blademasters had done.


it is the one hundredth anniversary of the living god Barugazt the Betrayer's supposed redemption and disaster has struck when Lariette the Creator is the victim of a deadly assassination attempt that has nearly destroyed her. In her swiftly declining health her divine mastery and world maintaining magic also fade and her perfect realm The Silken Vale is forced to pay the price as its very foundations crumble away and decay sending thousands falling from the heavens to a mortal doom. Those who remain face an onslaught of violent monsters and opportunistic raiders, looters and criminals all intent on exploiting the vulnerability of a dying god. The other gods quick to each blame each other for the travesty do nothing and leave the saving of the Silken Vale instead to the least of their followers and even then each of the gods have a completely different idea on what "saving" actually entails.


Disappointed by the choices of the living gods Lariette the Creator's second a being known as Humility Haynes appoints a new investigator complete with an empowered Task force, Humility gives these five brave heroes three important goals:
The first: to find a out who is ultimately behind the assassination attempt and hold all those connected accountable.
The Second: to bring Civil order back to the Silken Vale and make it safe once more for its inhabitants.
And finally: Find a way to save Lariette the Creator and in turn the whole of Silken Vale.
No. 83313 ID: 4fd712

I always thought a murder mystery quest would be fun. So it's sort of a combination of top-down RPG and a detective story?
No. 83317 ID: 9d7f75

a detective rpg is the main concept!
No. 83323 ID: 1f9ed6


If it's a detective story with multiple main characters, then the foremost suspicion would be that one of said characters could be the one who dun it! And a suspicious-looking bunch they are.

To be more serious, though, I wonder if it would be a good idea to try and select characters with similar dispositions, so that they don't have problems with each other so much and will stick together more. On the other hand, a variety of characters probably gives better problem-solving options, since some of them will likely do things others won't be willing to.

The question then is, will it be possible to engage in subterfuge between our selected characters? Tell one of them to do something without the others knowing, assuming the concealment is successful? Or will we be on some sort of magic radio or something and they all hear us together?
No. 83325 ID: 9d7f75

in any true detective story trust no one! maybe not even those on the same team, everyone is a suspect . . . and no one has an alibi.

and yes you'll be able to (And might even have to!) go behind other characters backs with suggestions, this will be a useful way of performing some unsavory tasks without damaging morale . . . well unless they find out later

as far as dispositions diversity and doubling up will both have advantages and disadvantages.
No. 83341 ID: 9d7f75
File 140460501230.png - (22.05KB , 352x244 , symbolsCart.png )


"they're not really people, more like calculators, they see values but nothing of worth"
--a Weaver of Lariette

The Tallymen strive to record all that has ever been they see beyond the mundane scope of appearance and view the numbers that are the truth behind reality. they believe chaos is a myth, and things
attributed to it's influence merely something yet to understand.
it is frequent for Tallymen to fall into madness in the pursuit of
explaining the un-explainable.

Role: Magic attacker

Tallymen avoid combat whenever possible as they believe it is a task
for lesser minds, when forced into combat they are adequate mathmagicians
and can unleash devastating Division Blasts when cornered.


Passive: A Tallyman stats his whole team's abilities and resources

Staff Thwak :
cost: 0 Devotion(mana/money point)
Damage type: 2d6 Bludgeon,melee
-generally unrecommended, but a tallyman can hit someone with their staff in melee

Division Blast:
cost: 2 Devotion
Damage type: 3d6 arcane,ranged
-A utilitarian attack spell, considered boring by more creative wizards

Scan Target:
cost: 1 Devotion
effect: gives you stats (including weakness) and resources of a target
-just be looking at an individual a Tallyman can find out anything about them

cost: 3 Devotion
effect: next attack (from the Tallyman or an ally)will hit the target automatically in a specified area
-Tallymen can point out the perfect plan of attack

-You will not have access to any stats, including health values and devotion
-you will not be able to make called shots
No. 83346 ID: 9d7f75
File 140461130295.png - (20.74KB , 329x264 , symbolsWeav.png )


"Shallow? the word is too generous,
hollow is the soul that thinks it can cover rot with paint"
--a Binder of Galus

The Weavers do not make clothes, the Weavers create art and drape
themselves in it. The pursuit of beauty, expression and all other
forms of visual joy defines who they are, and are devoted to bringing
life and color to an otherwise violent and cruel world. The weavers are
intune with the magic of the high realm like no others fortunately
for all Weavers do not use this power to destroy.

role: healer/magic attacker

Weavers detest the very concept of violence, as pacifists they typically
spend any combat repairing equipment or disarming opponents


Needle strike
cost: ? devotion
Damage type: ?d? Pierce,melee
-Weavers posses large needles they use for thier casting, in dire situations they can use it as a short sword

Weave Silk
cost: ? devotion
effect:converts silk clothing or silk scraps into silk cloth
-done a thousand times a day by most hard working Weavers

Mend Equipment
cost: ? devotion
healing: ?d? non-living
-Tailors by trade weavers can fix silk,leather even metal!

cost: ? devotion
Damage: ?d? arcane,ranged
effect: doesn't effect living targets
-Just as weavers can create, they can equally destroy past creations

Create outfit
cost: ?? devotion or ?? silk
effect: instantly creates a full outfit for a character
-the latest fashions of The Silken Vale, created in a flash


party will not be able to repair equipment
party will not be able to create new equipment in combat
party will not be able to create silk cloth
No. 83368 ID: 9d7f75
File 140466555997.png - (40.82KB , 245x313 , symbolsBlad.png )


"those who cannot think fight, the barbarians think themselves our equals,
I would asume this was jest, if they possessed even a sliver of wit"
--a Tallyman of Stetrotek

Live by the blade and die by the blade. the Blademasters know that
life is a battle, for survival, for beliefs, for wealth or even love,
the battle never ends it only changes in goal and method of combat.
Blademasters are feared and hated because despite their belief in honour
and fair combat have been responsible for massacres and slaughters
in a world where death often isn't even thought possible.

Role: Melee attacker, Tank

Blade master live for combat, always leading the charge into combat
weilding one their signiture great weapons. Blade masters are loath
to wield any weapon but their bonded companion if forced to fight
withough thier weapon a Blademaster will fight with specialised martial arts


cost: ? devotion
damage: ?d? slash,melee
-a devestating slash delivered by a Blademaster's blade

Spin Kick
cost: ? devotion
damage: ?d? blugeon,melee,nova
effect: can hurt allies
-when surrounded by enemies in dis-honorable combat,
Blademasters will use their legs to give themselves an edge.

Battle charge
cost: ? devotion
damage: ?d? slash,melee,charge,line
effect: can hurt allies, can choose to stop at a specific target for extra damage.
-a Blademaster's charge will drop a foe before they even see the blade

cost: ? devotion
effect: enemy makes a morale check, if failed target must fight blademaster alone or flee
-to deny a blademaster's challenge is to take away any hope of their mercy

cost: ? devotion
effect: boosts moral of entire team, and removes negative morale effects
-A blade master's word can rally even the faintest of hearts


Team will have no ability to heal morale in combat
No. 84233 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140652532955.png - (32.67KB , 309x319 , symbolsCarto.png )


"They don't belong here, they don't belong anywhere,
when they are gone they won't be missed"
--Blademaster of Barugazt

Why do the Cartographers travel? Is it for knowledge? is it to escape?
exercise? a thousand answers have been given but none has ever settled
right in the Cartographer's heads.The Cartographers are wanderers
without purpose or goals they act in whatever way strikes them at the
moment. though generaly freindly and helpful Cartographers inadvertantly
cause trouble and danger where ever they go gaining them a sour reputation.

Role: Ranged Attacker

Cartographer do not train for combat typically,
so when forced into battle the typically turn to thier hunting skills.
Cartographers are known for being talented marksmen and usually only ranged weapons.
or adapted tools like small knives or hammers.


cost: ? devotion
damage: ?d? pierce,melee
-A desperate melee strike with a dagger

Skill Shot
cost: ? devotion
damage: ?d? pierce,ranged
-and aimed shot with a ranged weapon

Action Roll
cost: ? devotion
effect: can dodge bast enemies, traps, even pits!
-A cartographer can get out of a lot of sticky situations just using a few good moves

Long Sight
cost: ? devotion
effect: can see things out of sight, or individuals invisible or otherwise cloaked
-A cartographer has keen eyesight and can see that which others cannot

Map Area
cost: ? devotion
effect: can provide maps for areas
-The skill cartographers are named for, they can map out any area with pinpoint precision


Team will have no sense of direction and get lost easily
Team will have no access to map making
Team will have longer travel time
Team will have no access to air ships
No. 84311 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140676230999.png - (29.79KB , 307x299 , symbolsBind.png )


"for them to bear so much pain would be a tragedy
if they didn't expect everyone else to bear it with them."
--a Cartographer of Kataff

Binders believe redemption can only be earned through torture and suffering.
They prize tradition and symbolism and will often adorn themselves with
all manner of charms.To join the Binder order (which all those who follow
the calling must do) the initiate must make an unbreakable vow, The vow can
take many forms but all bestow great power until they fail to hold true.

Role: Healer/crowd control

The Binder's badge of office is also their primary weapon, a large chain or series of

smaller chains sometimes terminating in deadly blades,bludgeons or spikes. Binders look

for any excuse to inflict pain and suffering upon the masses combat gives them such an



Lash of Pain
cost: ? devotion
damage: ?d? bludgeon,melee
-Binders prefer to inflict pain with their weapons, to aid in their enemies redemption.

Long Suffering
cost: ? devotion
damage: ?d? acid,ranged
Effect: stuns target, screams of torment damage enemies morale
-A torture spell favoured by Binders

Cleansing Flame
cost: ? devotion
healing: ?d? Sun,ranged
Effect: stuns target, screams of torment damage allies morale
-Binders preserve life when they feel it hasn't yet suffered enough.

Soul Bind
cost: ? devotion
Effect: target is immobilized and can use no movement,teleport or phasing abilities
-When a Binder locks you away you never escape

Seek devotion
cost: ? silk
Effect: earns devotion for the team.
-A Binder bridges the gap of power between Follower and Living God


Team will not be able to heal injuries in combat
Team will not be able to commune with the Living Gods
No. 84314 ID: e6e228

Tallymen give us analysis. No 'power' is granted by it, but it aides tremendously in tactical capability. It would suit the usual style of Quest!'s powers...

Weavers- Best Equipments I bet are enabled through these guys, not to mention customized clothing for each and any character we work with. Power is Equipment-based.

Blademasters- These guys are Skull-Kicking Awesome in a fight. And they can make the whole team fight better with their Morale Boosts, for even more fighting force. Their Power is Combat-based.

Cartographers- Shooters, but also travellers. These are the guys that get around quickly and easily. Their power is Travel-based, and probably the most useful as far as utility goes.

Binder- eeesh. What is it with Priests having a dark side to them these days...Regardless! Healers, and in-touch with the gods. These guys have an interesting mix of the usefulness of HEALING crossed with being able to talk with the gods...Hey! Modesty up there's not one of these guys! LOL! But seriously, their Power is Healing, mixed with Story-they'd probably be the most likely to know exactly WHAT is going on and why.

Personally...I think I'd like this set-up:
Modesty as the 'main' character-it's Lariette that's hurt, and we'll want a Weaver simply because they'd be the most knowledgeable about what's going on.
Second-in command should be a BladeMaster, perferably triple gem-eyes in the bottom right-the top one is probably crazy fun, emphasis on 'crazy' and could be hard to work with.
I highly doubt Barugazt would be the one responsible-the timing is too perfect, and while he might be the 'betrayer' I smell a frame-job by another player in this game.

Third tier is CartoGrapher, then Binder in fourth, and the Tallymen are dead last...
As for the mystery?
Who would do such a thing and why I don't know, but I could see Galus being responsible for disliking Lariette on both philosophical views...And for jealousy if the Weavers can in fact replace and in some cases trump the Binders. Of course, I've only seen 5 of the nine Living Gods...And I can't help but notice the title of 'Living God' doesn't rule out the dead ones...
No. 84317 ID: 9dd1ee

>I've only seen 5 of the nine Living Gods
there are actually 10 living gods, there were 9, but Barugazt joined them
No. 84320 ID: 24dc7a

Was he not a god before then, or are the Living Gods just a subset of the gods around?
No. 84322 ID: 9dd1ee

Some of the other living gods felt that Barugazt the Betrayer's actions were un-godlike, and declared him a demon not a god. The followers could understand this, for a god was truly perfect and could never invoke such horror . . .

Barugazt the Betrayer saw it merely as an insult and let them pretend he was no longer a god it made no difference in his eyes.

many of the living gods still choose to believe there are only nine.
No. 84445 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140718759104.png - (132.90KB , 880x600 , SilkenValeDis3.png )

the general outlook of a character, characters with the same disposition as another character(including NPCS) will communicate easily.
abilities- disposition abilities can only be used in social situations not in combat, and require the using character to have high morale.

-Immune to embarrassment, they either gain rage or laugh it off
-Savvy, has a chance of knowing local info

-Argues with Stern characters, will lose morale when out numbered by Stern allies
-vulnerable to temptation, lower willpower

Ability: "C'mon, it might be fun!"
Cost: ? devotion
effect: you can spend devotion to convince someone to try something, more devotions makes this more likely to succeed

Story Effect
-The story will have more sexual encounters/situations, will be more comedic and romantic in general

-Resists temptation easily
-Will always remain loyal to the team

-Kill joy, argues with Roguish characters, will lose morale when out numbered by Roguish allies
-vulnerable to embarrassment, tend to be prideful.

Ability: "you have a job to do!"
cost ? devotion
effect: convinces a character to focus on the task at hand

Story Effect
-The story will have more death and serious tones, moral dilemmas will be more common

-Gets along well with all dispositions
-Raises group morale when morale is higher

-Loses morale when team members argue
-often brushed off as a joke, difficult to convince people

Ability: "Turn that frown upside down!
Cost ? devotion
effect: removes negative mind effects(Embarrassment, Rage, fear etc.)

Story Effect
-The story will be more uplifting and light hearted, events involving cute animals children and hugs will be more common

-Immune to most negative morale effect will in action or combat
-Strong speaker convinces or intimidates others easily.

-vulnerable to rage, tends to get angry when there's to much waiting
-Argues with Aloof characters (or tries too!) will lose morale when out numbered by Aloof allies

Ability: "Oh yeah?"
Cost: ? Devotion
Effect: gives whole team initiative and starts combat

Story Effect
-The story will be more action oriented featuring more combat chase scenes and NPCs prone to aggression

- Blend in to surroundings, tend to go unnoticed
- notices subtle things missed by others

- tends to drift off, and get lost in though
- gets frustrated by Dynamic characters trying to arguing with them,will lose morale when outnumbered by dynamic characters

Ability:"hey what's that?"
Cost: ? devotion
effect: Points out something completely unrelated, distracts and confuses target

Story Effect
-The story will focus heavily on mystery, puzzles and deception will be far more common. hidden rewards will be more common
No. 84451 ID: 6e85c8

Well. looking things over.

If we label the characters as:


We can achieve a combination of all classes and disposition abilities in a couple of ways.

Notably, off-hand:




The latter of which provides a not-entirely female party, provides access to every class ability and every disposition ability, avoids most morale penalties (Some party members will argue, which would upset A).

C D H I J and B C D F I also get a full even split of every class and disposition, and I THINK that rounds out all 4 of the 'perfect' options? 4 and 3 dudes respectively

If we don't care about having access to all of the disposition abilities, A I + 2 other characters with the same disposition and 1 other with a non-opposed disposition would be a party with very strong morale options at the relatively minor cost of fewer of the disposition abilities (class abilities all seem too useful to take an unbalanced class set)

Notably in this case, A B G H I provides two cheerful characters (who are easy to keep at high morale and make the story more upbeat), two dynamic characters (who make the story more action-y), and one character who won't cause problems. Also almost a perfectly even split of male and female protagonists!

D G I and either B + H or F + J would give a darker, puzzlier game but with strong morale and decent abilities (The stern ability really seems like the most useful disposition ability, followed probably by dynamic)

A C E F J has a similar setup, where nobody will argue so morale would always be high, and leads to a smuttier puzzlier game, which means it's probably what tgchan wants, although the stern and dynamic disposition abilities seem more useful than the rogueish and aloof ones. Similar to the last one, roughly even split of male and female characters.

The ones that give up dispositions do run into potential snags dealing with NPCs, however
No. 84479 ID: 53548a

My vote will personally be C D J K M, when the quest starts.
No. 84482 ID: 9dd1ee

K, M?
No. 84488 ID: 1c8d00

Ok, so, without Tallymen, we don't have access to stats. But, does that mean we're totally blind to them? Or will the characters still be able to make rough estimates, for their health for example? I'd assume they can at least guage between the likes of "I feel pretty good" and "A light breeze would take me down now"?
No. 84489 ID: 9dd1ee

Characters will be able to express their injuries based on how they feel
however certain characters may be prone to exaggerating the extent of their injuries at the slightest scratch
where others may put on strong face despite critical wounds, ready to sacrifice themselves for the group
and others as well may simply find themselves at odds with the team Binder and lie as to not been seen in the Binder's Debt

It should be noted Binders are not Doctors, and will be unable to determine the critical extent of injuries

other stats will be much more difficult, devotion for example will be very hard to track without a Tallyman, as it is relative and has no obvious telling signs.

character stats will similarly be hard to identify as individuals will have strong biases when describing their own
No. 84490 ID: 1c8d00

Alright, that all makes sense. I'm also wondering, what's the extent of 'secondary' effects on morale? Like, only Blademasters have an actual ability to heal morale in combat, but one would assume that things like getting a hit on a particularly hated enemy, getting your life saved by an ally, etc., would have morale effects? Or what about the interaction between opposed dispositions but the same callings? C and G have the rogueish-stern opposition, but are both Binders. They both follow the same god. Same thing with B and J, and F and H, only with the dynamic-aloof thing. One would assume they'd be more willing to put up with each other in that case, since religious schisms seem less likely in a world where the gods can communicate more directly with their followers.

Mostly I'm wondering about the possibility of not forming a perfect party, and sacrificing one class to double up on another. It goes against gaming instincts, but the idea shouldn't be disregarded right away. The double Binders, for example, would be double the healing and devotion regains, which would be a big combat benefit, since the party would be able to use their abilities more and last longer. I also find myself wondering if they can use their healing on themselves. Or, if they can, does that affect the morale damage? It seems like it'd be less disturbing if the party knows they're just doing it to themselves.
No. 84492 ID: 9dd1ee

there are countless secondary factors that could effect morale and might differ from character to character. one character for example might gain morale when offered a tasty treat, another might lose moral if not talked to often enough.

as far as conflicting dispositions of the same calling, this usually manifests as bitter rivalries, with both individuals fighting and bickering about the true desires of their divine patron, and fearful that the other might earn more favour if they aren't adamant in their duties.

as far as doubling up on Callings, it could be a viable strategy if you consider how you want the team to functions. for example a team that seeks to avoid combat at every turn and find alternate solutions to any problem might have no problem making do without a Blademaster.
No. 84493 ID: a32d59

While we're talking about party composition, stats and stuff: do we have to stick with the same people all the way though? Or can we experiment by playing with party composition? Can we recruit new members or leave some behind?

It seems like there's no real way to tell what a good party looks like without trying it out, and it would really suck if we got permanently stuck with something sub-par because we made a decision before we had a nuanced idea of how different stat combinations worked together in action.

I've fucked up enough characters in various RPGs by making the wrong decisions during character creation to be concerned about this happening here. Can't exactly start over with a different combination if we mess this up, after all.
No. 84495 ID: 9dd1ee

unfortunately the team will be semi-permanent
it will be possible to get new character but I doubt that will happen.

characters can be lost in a number of ways
-Death: exceedingly rare, but theoretically possible
-Cast Down: A character could fall off various holes in the world plummeting to the mortal realms never to be seen again
-Abandonned: you may decide a member of the team is more harm the good and banish them from your team in disgrace
-Depression: A characters morale might drop so low they'll simply leave the team, and never be heard from after.

I highly doubt any of those will come up but if any of those do, you will have access to replacement character, these replacement will NOT be drawn from the original ten possible characters, you will never be able to re-acquire a lost character.

it is highly advised to choose your original team carefully
No. 84534 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140747182913.png - (270.04KB , 729x607 , PrincePrance.png )

there are many avian breeds in the high realms, the Talons are note worthy in their taloned feet which they are named after and their angelic wings which sprout from their backs. Talons tend to be lighter and more fragile then their ground bound cousins.

Species Ability: Swooping flight
effect: A Talon can fly with their wings, but must remain in motion and cannot hover, a healthy Talon can carry their weight in additional equipment and still fly

Species: Talon
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Calling: Weaver of Lariette
Dispostion: Stern
Weapon: Large Push-pin
Quote: "I prefer male-peafowl actually"

Phellion was not hatched into the typical luxury the noble Prance family was accustomed too. His parent had squandered their inheritance and in disgrace were banished to the crime infested "City of Crows".The two ex-nobles tried to give the best life they could for their chick and even took up jobs as tailors, however Crime Boss Sebastien Shroud and Black Cloak gang had other plans and chose to enslave the young parents and their hatchling for their own purposes.

Young Phellion was permitted to attend what passed for "school" in the "City of Crows" where he excelled in all his studies, Phellion was surprised to find that this generated hatred and jealously in his peers. Phellion's unusual colouring did not help matters and her back bullied, ridiculed and abused to the worst extent his young oppressors could imagine. As Phellion and his antagonists grew older emasculation, and homophobia dominated the topics of abuse directed at the young avian, though he protested that his appearance was natural for males of his breed the "true" citizens of the "city of Crows" did not care, to them he was only "Prince Prance" the spoiled effeminate child of some useless broke nobles.

For all the troubles Phellion suffered his parents suffered more, his father was the first to die at the hands of Sebastien Shroud's cruelty having angered the Crime Lord for some perceived lapse in quality. Sebastien considered himself an honourable man and stated overtly that he would take advantage of no women, so when he turned his sexual desires to the widow Prance and she turned him down exclaiming "I would rather die!" Shroud calmly acknowledged her statement. The Widow Prance's decapitated head and broken body were unceremoniously ejected from the roof of Shroud's sky-scrapper home.

Phellion was expected to replace his late-parents duties, which he did to a marvellous degree, the coats, jackets and cloaks he made were the finest the crime lord had ever seen, the cloaks were so intimidatingly powerful and masculine that Shroud insisted that Phellion work night and day to make it a uniform for the entire Black Cloak organization. Phellion did his task and with a speed Sebastien Shroud could hardly believe, Shroud had to honour his favourite tailor for his diligence and prodigious skill so he held a grand feast upon the completion of Phellion's work, every member of the Black Cloak organization was invited and they all got so drunk that they didn't even notice as the strange glue from the cloaks seeped into their wings, nor did anyone notice when Phellion picked up Johnny Heat's flame-thrower, they DID however notice when the flammable material in their cloaks ignited, and they noticed when they couldn't take them off, and when their wings were too ruined to fly them to safety. as for Phellion he was already gone.

Sebastion Shroud's sky-scrapper home burned to the ground and every Black Cloak Gangster inside burned with it

Personal Ability: Slight of hand
cost: ? devotion
effect: Prance adjusts/takes/adds a small object without anyone noticing
"you don't grow up in the City of Crows without learn a few tricks."
No. 84556 ID: d6e000

Eeee! Bird prince!
No. 84557 ID: a43c73

Hrrm. Well, he's interesting...What strikes me as odd is that...He doesn't strike me as all that effeminate. But I'm guessing that's from adjusting his actions and movement to properly convey masculinity.
As for his personal abilities- Flight sounds pretty handy even if he can't hover, and as demonstrated in his backstory, that slieght of hand makes him great for handing booby-trapped clothing off to his opponents, or making tricks in our equipment harder to notice.
No. 84825 ID: 9dd1ee
File 140873326778.png - (368.19KB , 800x800 , SisterOnidial2.png )

Prism Drakes are creatures of regal bearing and vibrant jewel-like colouring. Typical physical features of this race are sweeping wing spans and elegant limbs, and long barbed tails. Colourful combs sprout from the crowns of their head and spiky frills typically adorn the line of the jaw.

Where there is light there is also shadow: the Filth Drake’s grotesqueness is a natural foil to the Prism Drake's splendour. It is unclear when Filth Drakes first began to live among the undesirable lands, but they've long abided near the habitats of their Prism kin. In contrast to the litheness of the Prism Drakes, the Filth Drakes have stocky bodies and that terminate in short, stumpy limbs. Their bodies lack wings and tale and their scale colors vary from indistinguishable browns to mottled grays to putrid yellows. The flesh of a Filth Drake is often coated in pungent slime and liberally dappled with cancerous growths and festering wounds. The nature of these injuries and tumours is attributed to the arcane taint of the swamps and sewers in which they abide. A Filth Drake’s penchant for eating anything and everything will leave them bloated and sluggish. Such reckless eating contributes to their exposure to parasites and disease.

Species Ability: Breath weapon
effect: A filth Drake can spew sewage onto the target exposing them to all manner of diseases parasites and unclean things
(Note: Onidial Loses this ability due to purity, she instead has an acid breath that simply burns targets)

Species: Filth Drake
Gender: Female
Age: 36 (24 equiv)
Calling: Binder of Galus
-Binding Oath: "I will embody Purity itself!"(chastity)
Weapon: Heavy Flail
Quote: "Don't touch me!"

The Living God Palitum the Purifier has always protected his realm from all intruders however small. This was especially so for the lofty palace of the Silver Citadel. The Sisters of Nightingale were greatly perplexed one evening by the presence of basket full of trash and a single large egg on the steps of the convent. The contents of the basket were pungent with the fetid odor of a overripe food and rotting meat and the sisters dismissed it as a rather bold child’s prank. The basket was swiftly discard in the waste bin to be delivered to a Purification tank the following morning. The Sisters chastened the guards to keep a stricter watch for pranksters within their Divine Lord’s city.

In the morning when tasked with carrying away the trash, a novice was shocked to find the bin empty, empty save for a freshly hatched female drakeling. The Harbingers of Palitum have always upheld a fundamental doctrine, "cast down the impure" Though all filth drakes were labeled as impure by this paradigm, the Sisters of Nightingale could not bring themselves to condemn a child. Mother Kindal delivered the final verdict and declared "Corruption is earned. I will punish this creature for the sins she commits, not the ones thrust upon her". She christened the infant "Onidial of the long judgement" and the sisters decided to raise her as one of their own.

Under the care of the Sisters, the infant Onidial spent nearly three years undergoing extensive purification rituals and applications of the finest creams of the Silver Citadel to rid her of the congenital diseases and taints of her parentage. Free from the arcane taint of the swamps, Onidial's flesh was clean of the scars and boils. Without the cancerous growths and disease, her body grew with symmetry unknown to a Filth Drake. But Onidial saw no beauty in her form; she saw only how poorly she compared to the elegance of the Prism Drakes. She keenly felt how her mind shared the dullness of her kin as she struggled through lessons. Her short legs and broad figure felt clumsy and made it difficult to perform the delicate tasks of the Sisters. With time Onidial found her place among the Sisters. They graciously accepted her for her weaknesses, and put her strengths to useful cause. The magnitude of how much these treasured times meant would not be realized until it was lost to Onidial.

The return of Palitum the Purifier from his latest crusade changed everything. Palitum immediately sensed the presence of a filth-drake within his realm. He asked of the Harbingers why such a creature inhabited his realm, however changed she might be. The Harbingers of Palitum were mortified and outraged, How could they be so foolish as to allow the most lowly and impure of creature to live undetected within the sacred walls of the Silver Citadel for no less than 15 years? They covered their embarrassment by declaring heresy against the Sisters of the Nightingale and demanding their excommunication. Had the sister not deceived them first and betrayed the Holy Palitum who so generously gave them sanctuary within the Citadel? Onidial was beyond contempt, she was the disease infecting their fair temple. A blight to which there was only one cure: cast her down into the realms of rot, to die. In the center of the Silver Citadel the population had gathered to hear the living god’s decree. Onidial shivered with fear and awe as she stood before Palitum.

The crowd surged forward, but Palitum the Purifier halted his Harbingers in their full zeal. Confused, they queried, "Why, Lord, have you stopped us, is it not your will that we should cast out this corruption?" Palitum the Purifier laid his gazed upon Onidial and he indeed saw corruption, not satisfied Palitum the Purifier then turned to the Sisters of Nightingale and his eyes revealed they too held taint of impurity. The Harbingers saw the look of dismay and quaked "Do we not trace the taint far enough? Shall we cast down the sisters as well, you need only give the word, my Lord", Palitum the Purifier now turned his attention to the Harbingers, and here too he felt the taint. The Harbingers were silent for a time but finally declared "If our lives are the price of purity, then we will accept our fate gladly". Palitum looked out upon all his subjects and saw that every living creature within his Silver Citadel held impurity and corruption within. "If it is your will, you can rebuild everything, my Lord". Palitum the Purifier was silent as he looked finally upon himself, the Harbingers had no answer this time.

The Living God Palitum the Purifier addressed the lowly Onidial who lay prostrate before him. "Is it purity you seek, girl?" Onidial fought the urge to cringe as she raised her head to mighty god. Her words felt more like the squeaks of a mouse but her gaze held his steadily "I seek it more than anything else” She prayed that this was the answer the God sought. "Then you must seek it elsewhere, for it cannot be found here." and thus Onidial was permitted to remain in the high realms, but banished from the Silver Citadel forever.

Personal Ability: Purifying touch
Cost: drawback
Effect: Onidial's touch nullifies poisons and diseases on objects, food or even individuals at will
Drawback: Extremely vulnerable to inhaled smoke, Allergic to narcotics, body cannot process alcohol,
skin to skin contact with someone currently bearing sexual desires causes her natural immunity to begin to shut down causing severe burns from her own acid.
No. 84826 ID: b0fc5f

Odinal, long arm of the law-*flail'd*
had to say it.
Anyhow...She sounds like she needs careful handling lest she be destroyed by her own powers but at the same time there's no denying the power she brings to the table.
As for the Purifier and his Citadel...it seems like a most tragic thing he found that day.
No. 84827 ID: b651f5

>it seems like a most tragic thing he found that day.
He took it rather well considering his status as a god of purity. Those have a tendency to go omnicidal when they find perfection unattainable.
No. 84828 ID: 720952

Can't she purify all those things before they come in contact with her?

Also, is there a limit on the acid breath? Like, if it's a biological thing, does she have an internal reservoir, and if she uses it all up she has to wait for it to refill? Does running out give her temporary respite from the side-effects of touching horny people, maybe toning it down from 'argh I'm melting from the inside' to 'bad heartburn'? Though it shouldn't come up, as 'skin-to-skin' implies even just cloth prevents the effect. Part of the reason she's covered up so much, I assume.

Does the immunity to her own acid make her immune to other forms of acid? Do her scales give her superior toughness to the other, softer characters? Does she have claws?
No. 84829 ID: 9dd1ee

>Can't she purify all those things before they come in contact with her?
no because they aren't specifically poisons

>Also, is there a limit on the acid breath? Like, if it's a biological thing, does she have an internal reservoir, and if she uses it all up she has to wait for it to refill?
She has a large reserve that can take weeks to restore fully if completely depleted, however this would also make it hard for her to digest things.

>Does running out give her temporary respite from the side-effects of touching horny people, maybe toning it down from 'argh I'm melting from the inside' to 'bad heartburn'?
Yes if she had no acid left in her it she wouldn't feel as much of the burn

>Though it shouldn't come up, as 'skin-to-skin' implies even just cloth prevents the effect. Part of the reason she's covered up so much, I assume.
one of many reasons, though it is the specific reason her hands are covered.

>Does the immunity to her own acid make her immune to other forms of acid?
her insides are immune to acid, her outside is somewhat resistant

>Do her scales give her superior toughness to the other, softer characters?
Indeed she is quite durable, however she lacks agility and speed

>Does she have claws?
She does! large powerful claws. however when covered in clothe these claws aren't terrible effective as weapons
No. 84830 ID: 2fd516

>skin to skin contact with someone currently bearing sexual desires causes her natural immunity to begin to shut down causing severe burns from her own acid.

So... sex would only be possible with a condom, along with clothing preventing all other contact? Or heck, a strapon.
No. 84831 ID: 9dd1ee

that would be the only way for Onidial to have sexual intercourse, without suffering immense burns.

however this would still violate her Unbreakable Oath of Chastity to The Living God Galus the Redeemer.
No. 84832 ID: 53548a

Alcohol is technically a poison, it's just one that we've made recreational.
No. 84833 ID: 0ee153

Everything up to and including water and oxygen are poisons. It all depends on the lethal dose.
No. 84834 ID: 53ba34

you can say anything can be anything if you use it right.
No. 84835 ID: 0ee153

Not really, no.
No. 84839 ID: 720952


I wanted to stay away from the sexual questions, but now I have to wonder if she could just have sex with a being that has no sexual desire. Like, maybe some sort of pleasure golem? It could be made to have a desire to please its partners but not have true sexual feelings itself. Although then the question is if that counts as sex or as tool-assisted masturbation. Does masturbation count as breaking chastity? Would she lose her powers if she sat on a washing machine? I suppose if it's about spiritual purity, it could be to do with intentionality or something, like if she deliberately acts on her own desires with the aim of personal satisfaction then it counts, but if she just happened to be in a deeply embarrassing bicycle accident it wouldn't count.

I assume poison includes venoms. How about her teeth, there, is biting any more viable a combat tactic for her (or, indeed, for Phellion?) than for the flat-faces? Though I guess she'd be wary of her opponent just happening to be thinking sexy thoughts at that moment. And, from the way it behaves, I'm also thinking that her 'acid breath' is more to do with her stomach than her lungs? Does it come out as a spray, or a stream, or one goopy glob?
No. 84840 ID: 9dd1ee

>Alcohol is technically a poison, it's just one that we've made recreational.
in this instance alcohol does not qualify as a poison Onidial can purify

>I have to wonder if she could just have sex with a being that has no sexual desire
That would only protect her from the internal acid damage, she would would still have to suffer the consequences of breaking her chastity oath

>Does masturbation count as breaking chastity?
under this specific oath yes

>like if she deliberately acts on her own desires with the aim of personal satisfaction then it counts
that is essentially the gist of it

>but if she just happened to be in a deeply embarrassing bicycle accident it wouldn't count.
That's true it wouldn't count

>I assume poison includes venoms.

>How about her teeth, there, is biting any more viable a combat tactic for her (or, indeed, for Phellion?) than for the flat-faces?
marginally, but their Calling based melee attacks use the weapons they possess which would be much more effective.

>I'm also thinking that her 'acid breath' is more to do with her stomach than her lungs? Does it come out as a spray, or a stream, or one goopy glob?
her choice, it depends how she forms her teeth and lips,
No. 84842 ID: 801ef0

Alright, cool. So what I'm getting is, Binder oaths are dependent on the deliberate will of the one who swears it. Like, if you were sworn to pacifism, you wouldn't lose your oath for accidentally bumping a shelf and knocking a heavy book onto someone's head. Or if you were sworn to vegetarianism, you wouldn't lost it for getting in a fight where a bit of blood accidentally flies into your mouth. You have to recognize that you're about to break your oath and then choose to perform the oath-breaking action. Is that right?

And the gist of Onidial's purifying touch is, if it's from a creature's bite or sting, or if it's something an assassin would put into your food or drink or otherwise expose you to to kill or weaken you, then she can deal with it? Or if it's a disease. And a 'disease' is... anything infectious or contagious, I assume? Not like, hereditary disorders, or lifestyle conditions, like heart disease. Right?
No. 84849 ID: 9dd1ee

yup, you seem to have the right idea
No. 85996 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141306904002.png - (209.06KB , 800x800 , KeigoSlymn.png )

Snakin are a serpentine race known for their multi-jointed stretchable limbs and their history of training deadly assassins, developing dark cults and running large crime syndicates. The snakin are typically untrusted but their flexible nature and agile bodies make them far too valuable in certain professions to excise from the population.
They are derided by Naga elitists as being “legged filth unworthy of the serpentine name” however most Nagas who publically profess such opinions or similar insults are rarely found the next day in enough pieces to profess the opinions a second time.

Species Ability: Grappling Coil
effect: A Serpentine can stretch out and grapple a target, if the target is a creature they can pull it toward them, if the target is rooted in place the Serpentine can instead pull themselves closer

Species: Snakin Serpentine
Gender: Male
Age: 42 (25 equiv)
Calling: Binder of Galus
-Binding Oath: "Just tell me what to do boss."(loyalty)
Weapon: Spiked chain
Quote: "Ain't nobody is free."

Keigo Slymn has always been a bad egg, he refused to get a job, or ever pay his way.
He took what he wanted and lived by his own law, Slymn wouldn't let the worlds hold him down. Slippery Slymn as he’d be called couldn’t be caught and couldn’t be held no matter how hard authorities tried.

He attracted a lot of admirers and built up his own gang who called themselves the Slicers, he became local hero to all the youths of the area. Slymn attracted many lovers his favorite being Caspen Graneth.

It was Caspen Graneth who spoke the fatal words "No one can escape from Ankor Prison, Not even you Keigo Slymn" Slymn heard it only as a mixed insult and challenge. Slymn became obsessed with escaping from the Living God Galus the Redeemer's inescapable realm. A small part of Slymn knew it was foolish to oppose the gods, to challenge what they decreed as fact . . . But defiance was Slymn’s life and the temptation too great.

Slymn's home the High Realm Technotropolis had a substantial Binder Cell that maintained peace and order an ideal target. Slymn sabotaged the sewage pumps, and went to the surface to spout heresy "To the hells with you Galus! You can't stop me! ain't nothing Keigo Slymn can't do!" Slymn screamed out to the sky as the building burst with refuse and sewage from the pits of Technotropolis, ruining a fortunes worth of silk completely. Slymn was still laughing as he let the Binders dragged him to Ankor Prison.

True to his word he escaped

The Slicers band cheered and applauded his return, "I was wrong to doubt you Keigo Slymn, you really are the best!" was Caspen Graneth's apology. Keigo Slymn however was distant and grew upset when asked anything about Ankor Prison or his escape "Man I just wanna forget all that!" was all he'd say.

Forgetting was not a luxury Slymn was permitted, the Binders of Galus came in force to take him back to Ankor Prison. The Slicers objected in defense of Slymn, The Binders took this as an admission of guilt, and declared all the Slicers accomplices of Slymn and thus also punishable. The people of Technotopolis took sides and a full riot was born.

"Technotropolis is Stetrotek The Enlightener's realm, not Galus the Redeemer's!"a previously unheard of patriotism sprouted within the people of Technotropolis, they had always held distance from the wills of the gods and Stetrotek the Enlightner was more than content to let his people mind themselves, with the Binders of Galus' enforcement they decided that if they were to be ruled by the decrees of a Living God, it would be their own. The Binders however would not relent.

Slymn himself became an idol of liberation, his original act of defiance against the Binders labeled him a visionary, a whole realm looked to Keigo Slymn for answers but he had none to give, so Slymn hid. From his hiding he saw the realm in a new light, Technotropolis had turned from bastion of science to war torn slum, the new ugliness hit Slymn hard. It was calm in the violence the brought Slymn from hiding, Caspen Graneth had taken up the mantle of leader for not only the Slicers gang but also the entire resistance movement doing everything as he thought his beloved Slymn would want. Now Caspen Graneth was phased out, shattered into nothingness, all that remained of him was a fine sparkling powder. "You always were a dumb shit Caspen... " Slymn's voice however betrayed his pain. A second voice broke the silence "It was her!" Noble Roads, a slicer shouted, and pointed at a brown drakonian binder, she was staring at the powdered pile her expression dim as a child who had no idea what they’d done. "Lead us Keigo Slymn!" voices cried out "Help us avenge Caspen!"
Slymn was surrounded on all sides by hatred, hatred that had taken the life of favoured consort. Keigo Slymn saw murder in their eyes and knew were things to continue Caspen would only be the first. He walked up to the Binders and held out his arms "You got me coppers, take me away". His people were too shocked at his surrender to act.

Slymn was taken before the chained god and awaited judgement willing to accept any fate at this point, Galus the Redeemer's voice creaked and heaved as he spoke "Now are you ready to accept the chains of fate?" Keigo Slymn made his unbreakable oath "Just tell me what to do boss."

Personal Escape Artist
Cost: ? devotion.
Effect: Keigo Slymn can immediately escape from any form of grapple or holding including magical forms.
No. 85997 ID: 3c53ab

Huuunh. Didn't expect the reptile to be the next profile revealed, nor did I think 'snake man' at first...
Surprisingly, the two seem to be fairly simmilar in talent style.
Odinal's probably better at closer-ranges/AOE, but Keigo's harder to catch, and can really mess up specific targets...
No. 88048 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141903667027.png - (179.27KB , 800x800 , Modesty2.png )

Fey are beings of innate magical affinity, they excel at shaping it too their will and it in turn shapes them back.
the physical appearance of fey is greatly influenced by the sort of magical auras in the area, under the development of pure auras Fey are born in their natural elfin appearance.
Rumors persist that the first humans arose from fey born in areas completely devoid of magic.

Species Ability: Innate Arcana
effect: Fey drain less devotion when using abilities spells

Species: Fey
Gender Female
Age: 30 (19 equiv)
Calling: Weaver of Lariette
Weapon: Large Needle
Quote: "Don't expect too much from me"

"you have the blood of gods in you modesty, try to make it show" the words were a weight on Modesty's life, born to the Demigoddess Dignity she was expected for greatness, however where a god was robust, modesty was frail, were a god was wise she was foolish, and were the gods
were masters of reality modesty could barely manage the weakest of divine charms. Her mother ordered that she never associate with any of weaker lineage but Modesty knew that she simply didn't want her only daughter to humiliate her.Modesty envied slaves for the freedom they had

Modesty never had any friends if she had friends she likes to think they'd have called her Dusty, she had a brother once who called her Dusty but he disappeared at some point and her mother refused to talk about it

Humility Haynes fellow demigod to Dignity, took the task upon himself to train Modesty in the divine practices of the weavers, his plan took the form of imbuing her with his own enchantments and sending her on pointless missions into the realms of rot to learn to channel energy even if it wasn't her own. ultimately the process proved of little help.

Then the outsider came

It was said that he was born in the realms of rot, specifically a dark place known as the city of crows where the dead walked and men were at the bottom of the food chain. Gangs ruled over everything and battle each other for supremacy murdering all who opposed them, this was the place the outsider was from, he went by the name Phellion Prance and he was the most amazing person Modesty had ever heard of.

He came to the Silken veil draped in the finest clothes made by mortal hands and asked to be taught in the ways of the Weaver, to the shock of everyone he mastered every aspect within a week, able to complete single handedly ten tasks in a day what would have taken a full team of weavers a month each to accomplish, he was an idol without peer, even Humility who disdained mortals could only admit his traits "Prance is a loose cannon, but he's the best damn weaver on the force!" Modesty overheard a conversation between Weaver master Koista and Phellion the master stated questioningly "I heard you killed a man once, but I don't believe it" Phellion responded with his super cool demeanor "you shouldn't that's a lie" but before the master could speak the smug comment that would have no doubt come Phellion added "only a weakling kills a man once, I've killed over fifty men" leaving Master Koista a stuttering mess, If that was all there was to Phellion Prance he'd have been Modesty's idol for life(a really long time for an immortal) but that wasn't all.

Phellion Prance was gorgeous, quite possibly the most beautiful person Modesty had ever seen or believed she ever would see from his immaculate dress to his perfectly curved beak, to his deep soulful eyes and his rich vibrant feathers, modesty had never said a word to him for when ever she was in his presence she was blinded by his brilliance and rendered dumbfounded by his image. She would come to spend many long nights thinking about nothing but his wonderful plumage and perhaps even a little more . . .

Something awakened in modesty, and suddenly her many many tutors were staggered by the talent and skill she began to develop , she earned her mothers pride, and Humility's complements, and the approval of her peers, but none of that mattered because she just
wanted to be the best Weaver ever, because maybe, just maybe the one person that did matter might just take notice.

Personal Ability: Hovering Flight
cost: free
effect: Modesty can fly ass easily as a human can walk, she can hover in place but can't carry much more than her own body
"The blessing of Lariette can take many forms"
No. 88054 ID: 6e00a5

Even flight with limited strength seems very useful. Does 'as easily as a human can walk' mean she can only fly at a walking pace, or can she go faster as an equivalent to jogging, running or sprinting?

Also, do her head bobbles do anything?
No. 88055 ID: 44d81c

Modesty's got the background of having been on the quest!
Buuut as it turns out it took a crush to galvanize her properly, hunh...
Well, as far as comparison goes?
Prance is FAR her superior in terms of equipment-he can carry lots of gear and maintain flight, and I'm sure he could do all sorts of fun tricks if we're clever.
But let's not discount Modesty here.
She's more agile, and her race ability would probably make her much better with casting spells, so in a weird way she's sorta overall stronger than Prance...But she won't be as fun with the equipment-making and shenanigans, sadly. So...More creative uses and wits are required for Prance, but Modesty's stronger.
Hard call. Given TGchan's style I'd say Prance is better for us, but if it was just me I'd take Modesty.
No. 88057 ID: 9dd1ee

her keen eyes, pointed ears and large antennae all amount to Modesty being very aware of her surroundings
No. 88144 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141926658494.png - (186.81KB , 800x800 , NobleRoads.png )

Fey are beings of innate magical affinity, they excel at shaping it too their will and it in turn shapes them back.
the physical appearance of fey is greatly influenced by the sort of magical auras in the area, under the development of pure auras Fey are born in their natural elfin appearance.
Rumors persist that the first humans arose from fey born in areas completely devoid of magic.

Species Ability: Innate Arcana
effect: Fey drain less devotion when using abilities spells

Species: Fey
Gender Male
Age: 34 (21 equiv)
Calling: Tallyman of Stetrotek
Weapon: Techno Staff
Quote: "I just want to learn . . ."

Noble Roads had a gift, he would hear whispers, The whispers would offer to tell him anything he'd like know.
He learned early on that people feared and hated his gift, when he told his mother of it she sent him away.
Noble would never see his family again.

his new family became an endless system of computers and analysis machines that comprised of Technotropolis' data core.
The Tallymen of Stetrotek hoped that this would be enough of a distraction for his curiosity, for surely the data core was the some of all knowledge young noble would get every answer he could seek.

It worked for a while, and for a while the whispers stopped interesting Noble, he grew into a fine young Tallyman.
Noble liked to think his father and sister would be proud, his mother he had less kind sentiments for.

The whispers played his angers against his hopes, and promised him ambitious dreams. Noble took the bait, He wanted to know these dreams but more so he wanted to know what the Living god Stetrotek The Enlightener did not.

A year passed in the blink of an eye.

And Noble Roads the young scholar had become Noble Roads Gang lord and revolutionary.
A boy Caspen Graneth, not a friend but a colleague at least, a promising young student.
Noble had used him, betrayed him and inevitably destroyed him.
And he'd do it again.
Noble Roads looked in the mirror and could only see a monster.

He knew then why people feared and hated his gift.

Personal Ability: Hacker
cost: 1 Devotion
effect: Noble can use and manipulate future tech

Dark Gift: Whispers of glory
cost: unknown
effect: Noble can gain evidence or insight relating to any case
No. 88145 ID: 69fd19

Part of me thinks we shouldn't pair this guy with Keigo, simply due to be antagonistic to each other seeing as how Noble got Caspen killed and Keigo was fond of him.
But yeah, if we gotta take a tallyman I'm thinking I might want to hear the other person's pitch...Or maybe I just have a mindset more like a Weaver, and thus would dislike Tallymen on principle.

ANYHOW, he's got the same fey thing Modesty has, and his hacker trick no doubt will be useful, and there's the Dark Gift if we NEED to know something...But I don't like that it's called a 'Dark Gift'...
No. 88164 ID: ecd0ab

The Dark Gift is in no way sinister or a bad idea to use, okay. Look, it even has cost:unknown! Noble is a tallyman, he'd know if it had some hidden cost!

Also he's Modesty's brother.
No. 88223 ID: 9dd1ee
File 141944085110.png - (279.54KB , 800x800 , Nydelle.png )

Humans are rarely born in the high realms, and those that are, have a lot expected of them.
seen as ambitious and destructive humans are not tolerated well in positions of authority

Species Ability: Destructive destiny
cost: X-health
effect: a Human can spend health to increase the damage potential of a spell ability or attack

Species: Human
Gender Female
Age: 56 (30 equiv)
Calling: Tallyman of Stetrotek
Weapon: Focus Staff
Quote: "intellect is the only value that matters"

Zerathyn didn't know why she cried.
Her life had always been predictable there'd been no sudden loss
Vanishing had been the way that every Tallyman assigned had gone
She had known that her entire life
The Bulb doesn't cry when the neighbor goes dead
all it does is shine.
To serve and be "burnt out" was an honor
her parents had told it to her and their parents had told them.
yet still she cried, Zerathyn couldn't understand it

Perhaps if she explained that finding Kataff the Waymaker was the most valuable of tasks?
Perhaps if she elaborated on the progress covered by those already lost?
Perhaps if she-
intrinsically Zerathyn knew her carefully allotted family bonding time had ended, and it was time for her to leave Technotropolis
Her sister would have to find her own answers.

Personal Ability: High discipline
cost: passive
effect: Operator Nydelle is resistant to mind effecting, emotional and fear attacks
No. 88227 ID: 276ab8

They're not people, they're machines in meatbags.
But at least this one doesn't give me the heebie-jeebies, and merely is cold and calculating, unlike Noble who not only was cold and calculating but potentially controlled/corrupted by some evil force...
At any rate, she's interesting. She can boost attacks at the price of her own health and she's resistant to mental shenanigans.
Compared to Noble...
Noble probably is the only way we're gonna get to play with future toys, and he can fire off more spells, to say nothing of the incredible utility of his Dark Gift...But I still think that thing is nothing but bad news.
No. 88476 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142034782528.png - (190.85KB , 800x800 , Kalag2.png )

Goblins are the riffraff of any society, or such is the opinion of wealthier or more politically powerful races,
though they often have a reputation for mischief many goblins are hard working intelligent and dependable folk,
the unfortunate truth is that the ne'er-do-wells are the only goblins who seem to do anything worth while enough to stand out.
Honest goblins typically live out their lives as slaves or servants.

Species Ability: Sneak
effect: Goblins are experts at not being seen nor heard. typically learn to avoid the wrath of their masters

Species: Goblin
Gender Female
Age: 127 (41 equiv)
Calling: Cartographer of Kataff (ex- Jester of Reguline)
Weapon: Hunting Bow
Quote: "I just wanted to make people smile . . ."

The Living God Kataff the Waymaker was "living" only in memory, Kataff the Waymaker has been dead for nearly a hundred years.
Kalag was there, she had seen, but it wasn't her fault, Kataff the Waymaker's folly was great, Kataff undid himself.
Kalag knew all about being a fool, all the Jesters of Reguline were experts at it, Yet the folly of The Waymaker put them all to shame.
Truly the Gods were masters of all skills.
clearly wanting to make his failure complete, The living god wasted his final words on a lone Jester.
Kalag could not forget the words.
"When Joy is brought through malice, it is then that we are lost"

The Living God Reguline the Reveler had devoted her entire existence to bring Joy to all the realms, and bringing Joy was naturally the specialty of her Jesters.
However the years following the betrayer's war and the loss of Kataff changed the focus of life in the high realms,
the classic decadence was shifting to hopes of rebuilding, repairing or at least maintaining the realms from great tragedy.
The old comedy routines that had been staples for centuries suddenly became viewed as stale and outdated,
And the people stopped laughing.
Worse the idiot masses questions the Jesters and sought to lecture them on how comedy should be.
It Was Kalag, a Senior Jester who made the suggestion "Our world is becoming a new one, perhaps we need new comedy to match?"
Lord Jester Troupada agreed "indeed let's give the ingrates perspective, they will be the players, and we the audience!"
The new idea turned the audiences into victims for every prank, the butt of every joke.
people stopped attending the performances but the Jesters did not care they simply took their trade to the streets.
The populace stopped laughing but the Jesters didn't care they provided more than enough laughter themselves.
Kalag however only saw inflicted torment and suffering.

Kalag Heard later that her Living God Reguline the Reveler had quelled the uprising and stayed the flow of Anarchy.
But it had been too little too late for Kalag, she had left the ugliness of the High Realm: Grand Carnival with no plans to ever return.
Kalag was content with the small happiness that fixing a wagon, or guiding a lost traveler could bring.

Personal Ability: Tinker (trap/bomb specialty)
Cost: (varies)
effect: Kalag can fix and make wonderful devices, given enough time.
"the talents of a jester are not easily forgotten"

Achievement: God War Veteran
effect: Kalag has fought in the god wars, she has seen power without limit, she is not easily frightened and not easily impressed
No. 88480 ID: 59d0cb

Joy from Malice eh?
Well, she hits the points of awesome for me! But I wonder about the other Cartographer...
The achievement perk she has is cool, and her Tinker power is probably lovely in versatility and could possibly combo with Prance for some sweet sweet tricks!
No. 88605 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142085851625.png - (186.25KB , 800x800 , Solsa2.png )

Most of the living gods created races and for the most part abandoned them to develop under their own devices,
The Living God Barugazt however has guided the spined ones through out their entire existence.
The Spined one race was trained wholesale to be an army in form and function.
Though very rare some Spined ones have distanced themselves from Barugazt over the centuries, becoming mercenaries, bodyguards or assassins.

Species Ability: Twitchy
effect: Spined ones will preemptively strike opponents aiming to attack them once per round.
Drawback: will also attack team mates instinctively if startled.

Species: spined one
Gender Female
Age: 210 (27 equiv)
Calling: Blademaster of Barugazt
Weapon: fencing blade & flayer blade
Quote: "Trying to run was your last mistake coward."

Having fought alongside the Living God Barugazt during the Betrayer war's Solsa has known the greatest bliss she believes it is possible to ever feel.
Buried in wave of the thousands of corpses slain at her hands it would have been a poetic death for a glorious life.
however Solsa didn't die, in her mind it was a pity.
And the battle was over by the time she had freed herself, finding a perfect death would have to wait.

Many would think the few surviving Bladmasters would feel sorrow or frustration at their loss in the God War,
in fact many would have preferred it to calm acceptance that was typical among Blademasters.
There is no dishonor in defeat, if victory had been an accepted certainty the war would have no meaning, and the test of skill no meaning.
The other Callings of the high realm had earned Solsa's Respect, and she had earned their loathing.
Yet Despite all this Solsa was only filled with Rage

The Gods of the High realms had fought for unity and survival, and proved victorious.
They deserved a time of glory, of celebration, and renewed life.
Instead there was only suffering, misery and cruelty.
The wounds left by The Living God Barugazt's power festered with corruption in all forms,
and like a wounded veteran without treatment the high realms themselves began to die.
This was not the glorious victory Solsa had dreamed of, to watch your greatest opponent bleed out from an unclean wound.
Barugazt and his Blademaster would soon prove victorious, yet betray all that they ever stood for.

Determined not to let that happen, Solsa Sharpe took action in the only way she knew how,
Bringing blade to all the corrupt traitors throughout the realms.
Without corrupt people no corruption can ever dominate.

Personal Ability: Righteous frenzy
cost: ?devotion
effect: Solsa's attack speed and damage both triple as long as its active.
Drawback: Solsa will always inflict the most lethal strikes possible, and will always attack if able, Solsa may become temporarily uncontrollable.

Achievement: God War Veteran
effect: Solsa has fought in the god wars, she has seen power without limit, she is not easily frightened and not easily impressed.
No. 88607 ID: 095da8

Holy cow I knew that chick would be crazy but DANG!
She will definitely require skilled handling to prevent friendly fire.
On the flip side, we can point her at bad guys and watch them die.
What I find fascinating is her take on the after effects of the war... Perhaps, like Odinal Long arm of the law, one could say she's better at the ideals the God represents then the God itself...
I don't like it but she might just be a must-take, given the angle she has to what's up...
No. 88608 ID: 9a8629

I just solved this quest you guys.

Barugazt did it.
No. 88642 ID: 330ce5

So far kalag and solsa are my favorites.
This is going to be so cool!
No. 88693 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142135662092.png - (337.31KB , 800x800 , Windslow.png )

Most Panthoids live a tribal life style in jungle lands, however the mixing of races has done wonders for them,
and many tribes have integrated seamlessly with the civilized lands becoming charming and strong members of these societies.
Panthoids are known for their intellect, cunning, skill and strength,
other races might find them intimidating if not for their rampant lethargy that prevents them from putting any more effort in a task then is absolutely necessary

Species Ability: Nine lives
effect: A panthoid will survive the first eight scenarios that should result in their death (Windslow has not used any up.)
A panthoid is also twice as likely to succeed in any scenario requiring pure luck.

Name: Professor Anthony Windslow jr."
Species: Panthoid
Gender Male
Age: 30
Calling: Cartographer of Kataff
Weapon: Revolver & hunting knife
Quote: "Lost? if we knew where we were it wouldn't be exploring!"

Master Koista fumed angrily: "Who is he?!"
Kalag : "He stated his name as Professor Anthony Windslow."
Master Koista: "to the hells with his name WHO IS HE!"
Kalag: "I'm afraid I don't follow"
Master Koista: "no one just arrives in the high realms THERE IS NO WAY!"
Kalag: "He claims to have come in the broken down airship found at Yarn Square"
Master Koista: "you cannot simply 'fly' to the High realms, I don't care if you've a rocket ship able to travel between planets! it is simply impossible"
Kalag: "Aparantly it's more possible that we thought."
Master Koista: "No he must be a spy! working for those mechanical Tallymen no doubt! they'll do anything to extort us!"
Kalag: "by his word he's working for a mortal named Bellows Kataff"
Master Koista: "you don't believe that do you? Kataff is . . . well you know, not in the business of hiring anymore"
Kalag: "What I believe is that there are many mortals who like the name Kataff."
Master Koista: "If he's not a spy why would he be here?
Kalag: "This Kataff he's working for is paying him to make a map of the place."
Master Koista: "Well who ever he is, he is an idiot. caste him back down to the realms of rot"
Kalag: "I'm afraid I can't do that."
Master Koista: "Why not?"
Kalag: "Haven't you figured out who he is?"
Master Koista: "Don't play games with me!"
Kalag: "Don't you see? He's a Cartographer of Kataff."

Personal Ability: Tinker (Locomotion specialty)
Cost: (varies)
effect: Windslow can fix and make wonderful devices, given enough time.
"Well THIS time it's an airship, who knows what it'll be tomorrow!"
No. 88696 ID: 241123

Sounds like the Professer is powerful due to WHAT he is moreso than who, but his tinkering against the goblin...
Sounds like we can think of him as the 'airship guy' while Goblin is 'bombs person'. I also like the thought of pairing her with Prance, though I think those two are temperments that don't agree...More the pity!
No. 88753 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142156736233.png - (324.35KB , 800x800 , Feria.png )

The Mettualf people are pure servants of the gods, made from metal and gems and given life through magic.
they are terrified of ever leaving the high realms, as without magic in the air they're bodies will stiffen and eventually become lifeless.
Mettualves are true immortals and never age even in the realms of rot, though in certain climates they have been known to rust if they don't practice good hygiene.
In the past hundred years Mettualves have been hunted to near extinction by the Harvesters of Churtagar for their immensely valuable crystalline eyes and hearts.

Species Ability: Titanic might
effect: Mettualves have limbs stronger than steel, and can lift incredible weight, and move the heaviest of objects.
Drawback: Mettualves are incredibly heavy

Species: Mettualf
Gender Female
Age: 105
Calling: Blademaster of Barugazt
Weapon: Tempered Glave & Tempered Gladius
Quote: "My blades speak for me"

Feria has known death and decay her whole life, born during the Betrayer's war, her childhood was spent around conflict.
before she could master the blade the war ended, orphaned along with most children of The High Realm: Martial Fields.

her home was a ruin and her childhood had been watching it die. Feria grew up under hatred of the other realms and hunted by harvesters eager to exploit such hatred, the hatred became her life and hardened her,
and the Mettualf people hardened well.

The Hatred consumed her and it became so fierce that no one would fight her, she would ignore injuries deny defeat just to lash out.
caring little for the skill of combat she turned her anger towards targets, pillars, crates, any thing that could stand before her blade.
but as it turns out almost nothing could
so she travel to the base of Mount Obsidia where the hardest rock could be found, thinking these would be a suitable opponent.
When she lashed out the stones held, when she lashed out further her blades broke.
Yet this did not fulfill her anger.
She would have to make a stronger blade she knew,
Utilizing crafting skills she had learned as a child during the war and after more than a hundred attempts she succeeded.
the rock cut it still was not enough, so she fortified the rock, so that her blade could not withstand it
for nearly a hundred years she made stronger targets and harder blades until one fateful day she was approached by a traveler.

"Forgemaster Feria, I was told you build the strongest blades in the realm" the traveler spoke
This fool had interrupted her and she ran him through with a tempered glaive lying nearby, yet he lived.
Feria was shocked to find she had no anger left.
The traveler calmly pulled himself off the blade, and continued.
"Battle comes to Silken Vale, and strong blades will be needed once more.

Personal Ability: Forgemaster
Cost: (varies)
effect: Feria can make and enchant arms and armour given enough time
No. 88758 ID: f3a4d5

A Metal worker!
So, we've a trick-maker (PRance) a Bomb-maker (Goblin) a mechanic (Prof) to boot... I wonder if something good would be made if we brought all four of them together?
Hrrm, I dunno how her weight will tie into things, but the strength sounds handy.
...I don't have it in me to put together a mass-comparison comment though...
No. 88766 ID: 9dd1ee

crafters will indeed be able to collaborate on joint efforts
No. 88770 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142164861442.png - (242.99KB , 880x600 , SilkenValeDis4.png )

Now is the time to assign the above characters to the roles below
each roll will be gifted with a relic of mystic power to help them in their investigation.
be sure to consider which character will serve best in what roles

-Roll: will guide the team and look out for it's members, will serve as voice and face of the investigation
-valuable traits: a good inspector should display strong leadership, wisdom and charisma

Tool: Badge of ancient wisdom
Power: allows a character to hear the wisdom of the ages (suggestors)
Power2 (costs devotion) : the voices of wisdom can take direct control of the inspector

-Roll: To assist the Inspector with whatever they require, will serve as the Inspectors proxy if the inspector is not available.
-valuable traits: a good junior inspector should challenge the inspector and help them think in new ways to solve problems.

Tool: Mettualf eye glass
Power (costs devotion): Allows one to see through illusions and see the state of bodies at the time of death

-Roll: to protect the team if suspects turn hostile and detain suspects when necessary
-valuable traits: a good Enforcer should be strong and dependable

Tool: Dimensional cuffs
Power (generates devotion): will send a suspect to a holding cell

-Roll: To record auditory evidence
-valuable traits: a good Stenographer should be calm and precise

Tool: Quill of truth
Power (costs devotion): records irrefutable evidence of words spoken

-Roll: To record visual evidence
-valuable traits: a good photographer should be creative and curious

Tool: Nilota's Masterpiece creator
Power (costs devotion): takes an unfakable photograph, ideal for use as evidence
-Note some NPCs will be interested in purchasing photographs of certain types (nude shots, vistas, action shots . . . etc.)
No. 88771 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142164869671.png - (68.00KB , 880x600 , SilkenValeDis5.png )

Please vote on who should be the Inspector (please do not vote on other roles)
No. 88772 ID: a18f15

First choice, Modesty. Failing that, Phellion.
No. 88773 ID: ba721c

I think the Inspector needs to be someone that others will listen to, and though her race might be an issue I think Kalag would be best for that. Her experience gives her some gravitas, and a former Jester should be good at understanding other people's feelings.

So vote: Kalag Kilspeer.
No. 88774 ID: 687279

Yeah, either of the Weavers would make good leaders. Modesty has the Cheerful disposition which means she can get along with anyone, making her a good face of the party, and she is a lot more driven than the other Cheerful choice. She may not be hugely charismatic or persuasive, but other characters can back her up for NPC interactions assuming a disposition-balanced party.

Phellion is just all around awesome and charismatic, and would be a great leader IMO. He's Stern, which means he won't get along well with Roguish NPCs, but his personality is powerful enough to get past that if his background story is any indication. If there's a Roguish party member around they could serve as wingman, even though they would argue.

However, let me suggest a third choice? Keigo. He has experience as a leader, not just talent for it. He might even be the optimal choice.

A fourth possibility is Windslow, but his personality is hard to gauge, aside from the racial description.

Keep in mind whoever we choose here limits our choices further down the line.

I'm leaning towards Modesty since she leaves our options most open.
No. 88775 ID: 6c42b7

No. 88776 ID: 188b43

Inspector Modesty is on the case!
No. 88778 ID: 9ddf68

honestly when it comes to being the main Inspector I would suggest PHELLION "PRINCE" PRANCE. I mean he has all three of the skills that a good inspector and seems like a neutral fit.
No. 88779 ID: db2d60

A stern character is an absolutely terrible character for an inspector, as the inspector's role is to be charismatic and generally lead the party. An investigator that keeps the party's spirits up in general is by far the best choice, and cheerful characters improve all other characters' morale. Stern characters are killjoy grumpy gusses that would be better suited to the enforcer or junior role.

Windslow and Modesty are the two cheerful characters, so one of those two is the best choice. Modesty doesn't seem like the leaderiest material, though, so I vote for Windslow as inspector. He's cheerful, he seems to have a strong personality, AND he has 8 extra lives in case we fuck up.

Also, I'd recommend we save a rogueish personality for the photographer since they'd be more likely to be willing to take valuable photos.
No. 88787 ID: db2d60

Prince Prance for lead inspector!
No. 88789 ID: 330ce5

Another vote got Modesty!
No. 88790 ID: 72c7be

No. 88796 ID: 1f8505

Voting for Modesty.
No. 88797 ID: 311774

I second Windslow.
No. 88798 ID: 32647b

Windslow is good. The leader might be the first one to get in to trouble, and he has eight extra lives.
No. 88799 ID: 687279

I'm going to switch my vote to Windslow.
No. 88800 ID: 265534

No. 88802 ID: a32d59

No. 88803 ID: 20a973

Windslow seems like good leader material.
No. 88805 ID: 5d2f8c

Windslow seems like the man for the job.
No. 88808 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142177235964.png - (113.88KB , 880x600 , SilkenValeDis6.png )

PROFFESSOR WINDSLOW will be lead Inspector

Please vote on who should be the Junior Inspector (please do not vote on other roles)
No. 88809 ID: 6c42b7

Modesty, if she lose again I'll give up :<
No. 88810 ID: dccc95

No. 88811 ID: 265534

Kalag for junior. Nothing carefully examines a crime scene like a well placed explosive charge. Evidence is easier to find when it can pass through a sieve.
No. 88812 ID: 4ee2ef

Seconding prance
No. 88813 ID: db2d60

There are three particularly solid choices for the junior role in this case.

Feria, Modesty, and Prince each have something to offer in the role -without- causing trouble or closing off options in further picks.

Modesty provides a double-cheerful base with windslow, giving strong baseline party morale and even potentially allowing for an imbalance of personalities without causing people to leave. Also, Modesty seems to be a popular character and would be garbage for any other role except for possibly photographer, so if we ARE going to take her, she really needs to be here or there. The downside is that she probably wouldn't challenge or offer particularly different viewpoints from Windslow.

Prince is well-suited for the role, would be a good foil for windslow, seems to be a popular character as well, and is ALSO not well suited for the role of either the stenographer or enforcer. Probably less-suited for photographer than modesty as well (she can float in place to line up shots, he can't). Also they have the same class, which would mean skipping a class (If we are going to skip a class, it really does have to be blademaster. All of the others appear to be far too important). Also he has the Stern Personality ability, which is great and is good for someone in a leadership position to have.

Feria is serious, has a personality that will lead to different perspectives on issues from windslow without personality conflicts, and is a blademaster. Since neither blademaster actually seems particularly good for the enforcer role (amusingly), and solsa is very unreliable, putting Feria into either the Junior role (as a foil to windslow) or the Photographer role (as aloof characters are very observant, which should be a good quality for them) is basically the only way to actually fit a blademaster into the party without causing trouble.

Basically, It's probably for the best to grab two of these three characters to split between the photographer and junior roles. Forgoing modesty means going with less strong morale, forgoing prince means going without the character who is probably best-suited to the role in question, and forgoing Feria most likely means not having a blademaster.

Since he's probably the best for the role, I'm going to vote for Prince as the group's Junior Investigator.
No. 88815 ID: db2d60

Prince Prance for Junior Investigator!
No. 88816 ID: a18f15


(Always the sidekick or helper. How am I supposed to impress anyone if I'm not doing it myself?)
No. 88817 ID: 330ce5

Another vote for Prince prance.
No. 88838 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142181709768.png - (149.57KB , 880x600 , SilkenValeDis7.png )

PRINCE PRANCE will be Junior Inspector

Please vote on who should be the Enforcer (please do not vote on other roles)
No. 88839 ID: 687279

Let's go with Onidial.
No. 88840 ID: 311774

Throwing in a vote for my boy Keigo.
No. 88841 ID: 265534

Onidial. If we need to have a bondage lizard, it should be the one with the genitals I prefer.
No. 88842 ID: db2d60

There's no question here. Onidial looks to be the tankiest character suitable for the enforcer role and won't conflict with prance. She has the perfect ability set. After all, if we assume that the characters have roughly balanced stats, and onidial is specifically called out as dumb and a bit awkward, she almost assuredly has high quantities of strong + tough.

Onidial is the clear best option for Enforcer.
No. 88844 ID: a79844

No. 88845 ID: a18f15

No. 88846 ID: 330ce5

Sola Sharpe.
No. 88847 ID: 2c323b

No. 88848 ID: cef479

Onidial all the way.
No. 88850 ID: db2d60

No. 88856 ID: 9edbbb

Solsa rosa!
No. 88857 ID: 64f780

No. 88866 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142189816281.png - (181.73KB , 880x600 , SilkenValeDis8.png )

SISTER ONIDIAL will be Enforcer

Please vote on who should be the Stenographer (please do not vote on other roles)
No. 88867 ID: 265534

Nydelle because she will use her sperginess to write things down, also she's the Tallyman I'd want to tally me banana, if you get my meaning, wink wink.
No. 88868 ID: 687279

Nydelle is an excellent Stenographer, and we need a tallyman who isn't Nobility.
No. 88869 ID: 13cd06

I vote for the human
No. 88870 ID: 01745f

Nydelle. Stenographer is a job for tallyman, and preferably one without a resume full of sociopathy and betrayal.
No. 88871 ID: db2d60

Time for a BIG POST

It's obvious that one of the tallymen should be the stenographer, both are fine options (Nydelle is probably a bit better). The most important thing here is this:

Depending on which Tallyman is picked, there are 2 viable options for the photographer slot. And it's important to get a good full set!

Keigo and Kalag, sadly, won't be very good options. Arguing with the stern characters would bring Windslow down, reducing his morale boost from being cheerful, and they would end up leaving due to being outnumbered.

Similarly, grabbing both tallymen (one as photographer, one as Stenographer), they'll fight each other and bother Windslow and negate the morale bonuses (they'll be fine together, though)

If NYDELLE is picked, we can't really take Solsa, Keigo, Kalag, or Noble as the photographer. Our two real options become

+ Gives the party a blademaster, gives party every class
+ Is observant
- Isn't terribly interested in much
- No particular abilities to aid in party role

+ Can fly and hover for good positioning, angles, and scouting options
+ Likely many Creep Shots of Prince
+ Caps out Double Cheerful party options to give the party incredibly strong morale
- Possibly Flighty
- Unbalances Class selection, doubling up on weaver

+ Nydelle is absolutely perfect for the Stenographer role

If NOBLE is chosen, we have the option of taking solsa instead of Feria

+ Blademaster, perfectly rounds out classes
+ Veteran of the God Wars means that she will be unafraid to take risks to get good shots
- No abilities to get good/valuable/helpful shots without taking those risks
- violent and unreliable (somewhat mitigated by double stern ability)

Also Modesty is viable with noble as well, with one Addition:

- Might mesh poorly with noble and cause arguments despite not having personality clashes; due to background.

+ Noble is apparently very good with tech
- Noble is a murderous traitor and might ruin everything forever
- Red eyes for blazing all the gay weed

All things considered any of these options will be good, but for having the overall more reliable options and fitting the role better I'll vote for [b]Nydelle{/b]
No. 88872 ID: ecd0ab


No. 88874 ID: 330ce5

Noble roads.
No. 88875 ID: 0598d7

I vote Nydelle for Stenographer because I'd rather be down a Blademaster than bring along Noble Roads.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, Noble gives me the heebie-jeebies!
No. 88877 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142195471140.png - (213.28KB , 880x600 , SilkenValeDis9.png )

OPERATOR NYDELLE will be Stenographer

Please vote on who should be the photographer
No. 88878 ID: 687279

I vote Feria because I like her, plus her and Windslow might be able to make a SWEET RIDE.
No. 88879 ID: 265534

Modesty. She can fly, for extreme angle facebook photos that hide how fat everyone is.
No. 88880 ID: 13cd06

No. 88881 ID: 6c42b7

well, Modesty is the best choice for photograph, she can take any kind of shots without having to worry about stepping on important clues.
No. 88882 ID: a32d59

No. 88883 ID: 9ddf68

sorta want to go with Feria simply because I kinda want a blade master in the group just incase things do go down and I feel like she'd actually be pretty good with a camera but Modesty I feel would be better suited for the job...

Eh I'll throw my vote in with Feria for now but if Modesty takes the win I won't complain.
No. 88884 ID: db2d60

No. 88885 ID: 330ce5

Dame Kalag should be the photographer.
No. 88889 ID: 72c7be

No. 88891 ID: 1f8505


Voting for Modesty again.
No. 88894 ID: d6410a

She will likely have a stalker album of Prance very quickly.
Besides we need more cheerful folks to balance out that stern-ness.
No. 88958 ID: 9dd1ee
File 142233823128.png - (240.59KB , 880x600 , SilkenValeDis10.png )

Modesty will be photographer

with all team members decided, the quest is able to begin

I could however give many many many more posts of additional rules and statistics regarding Silken Vale, but that could delay starting the quest indefinitely

Instead I will make posts her to clarify any questions and present rules when people ask or they seem important

so feel free to ask questions
No. 88962 ID: 7aa8c3

God dammit I missed the voting!
I would've had Keigo Slymn instead of the mud shark.
Anyway how will inter-team relations work? Will everyone just shut up and get along, will there sections devoted to the development of this like in their down time or will it be ongoing through out the quest?
No. 88964 ID: 9ddf68

I notice we have 2 stern guys in the team and 2 cheerful guys. I remember you saying if we had a majority of serious guys the game would be "The story will have more death and serious tones, moral dilemmas will be more common" but with more cheerful guys "The story will be more uplifting and light hearted, events involving cute animals children and hugs will be more common"

So the question I have is are the two just going to cancel each other out or is this story just going to be an emotional roller coster just jumping back between light hearted daww moments to gritty crime scenes full of mutilated corpse or something?
No. 88969 ID: e0c514

Love our dispositions we have for the group.
I think Nydelle is going to question what the heck she got herself into.

Anyway, the other characters we did not choose; will they pop up once in a while?
No. 88976 ID: 9dd1ee


For the most part Enforcer,Stenographer and photographer will play back ground rolls, simply following orders and and performing their duties.

leaving most of the character dialogue and action to the Inspectors.

during rest times and and certain mission types however there will be opportunities for socializing between team mates

Closer to the emotional roller coaster, there will be very dark times and very light times.

Every character had a preset destiny, the characters selected have been removed from that and now their destinies are in your hands, as for the other characters, they will be wandering the world on their original paths, though it's quite possible some of their paths will collide with the investigation.
No. 89123 ID: 33f2b1

One more question. Since clothing seems to play an important role in this world. Does that mean the clothing damage, and to that end nudity equals shame and defeat?
No. 89126 ID: 9dd1ee

depends on the individual
some character might loose the will to fight if stripped naked, other might instead be sent into a furious rage over the embarrassment other might not care at all.

Being stripped naked will not automatically result in failure of a combat
No. 91918 ID: 840526

Ah man, so much depth that I missed out on voting. Very cool stuff.
Looking forward to how this plays out. : >
No. 91988 ID: 5d4fc9

ugh I'm feel like I'm way too shitty of a writer to tell the story I want to tell
I am in pain with how much I suck at writing
No. 91989 ID: d183f9

Just keep pushing through, everything looks like crap before it's finished. Give it time and the story you want to tell will come through.
No. 92332 ID: 5d4fc9

>I imagined Prances tail to be bigger also, still very pretty. Don't get me wrong, just smaller than I was expecting!

It was supposed to be large, I screwed up cause I am terrible
No. 92387 ID: 840526

Ah, not terrible!
Can't make it big all the time or it'll get in the way of seein other stuff anyway. : >
But he's a very handsome bird. I'm sure you can draw him with his big tail later on! But its probably a LOT easier for a tiny tail in the top down view anyway.
No. 92388 ID: ea0ad9

I'm imagining him with a tail huge enough to form a house for all nine of the others now.
No. 92995 ID: 5d4fc9
File 143659239130.png - (486.03KB , 800x800 , PranceBrace.png )

Prance applying his knee brace

the injury is an old one, whose origins are only known by Inspector Prance's closest friends.

unfortunately he has no such friends
No. 99219 ID: cfc544

Is there a way to generate/regain devotion besides the abilities and items that specifically say they do such a thing?
No. 99378 ID: 49f18e

Devotion is created by Binders sacrificing sheets of silk to the gods, sheets of silk can be woven from raw silk, clothes, rags or scraps.

it can also be earned as currency from goods or services.

characters will also receive a weekly income of devotion or silk.

the surface volume of silk worn will also cut down amount of devotion lost when using items or abilities
No. 99380 ID: 59a537

Cut the cost by an amount or percent? And can the cost hit zero for cheap abilities?
No. 99384 ID: 49f18e

there is a percent chance to avoid the cost per devotion point spent,
No. 99438 ID: 49f18e

As a note, characters will not respond to questions directly asked to them
(it'd be far to awkward to have characters talking to invisible voices all the time!)
it's better to suggest an action such as telling a character to ask a question to another
No. 101417 ID: 49f18e

Suggestions are thinning out, it appears people are loosing interest

I'll likely be taking a break from this quest to rethink my story telling approach.
if anyone has thoughts on this I'd be glad to hear them
No. 101442 ID: b7883c

I find the quest interesting in in general, though the recent update looked kind of like fancy hat guy was about to continue talking about the story in a multi-part update rather than a suggestion point. Also, I am not sure how we would proceed with the leads in hand (aside from remembering to go back to interview to the prisoner).
No. 101555 ID: 49f18e

I've been told that people are waiting to continue before.
which is frustrating because I'd like to keep infodumps to a minimum in this already word heavy quest

regarding how to proceed, again I'm not sure how to make that work without just making things super blatant, which kind of defeats the point of the quest.
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