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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 135733044509.png - (155.17KB , 700x700 , dun1.png )
482273 No. 482273 ID: 6e1234

You are a Dunsparce.

What will you do?
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No. 482275 ID: 252e1b

Flop like I've never flopped before!
No. 482280 ID: d42c7a

Use splash.
No. 482281 ID: c31f72

See how high you can fly with those little wings of ours.
No. 482290 ID: f2c20c

Pierce the heavens with your drill!
No. 482298 ID: 9d3dda

Die horribly to a predator.
No. 482303 ID: bf54a8

open your eyes and sing the song that ends the world.
No. 482311 ID: 2de44c

battle and defeat every pokemon known to man
No. 482313 ID: d42c7a

No wait, wait. Even better. Hack the rom, cross over into Touhoumon, and build yourself a magical girl harem.
No. 482316 ID: 6e1234
File 135733639450.gif - (14.54KB , 300x300 , dun2.gif )


You decide to do all of these things and flop around while flapping your tiny wings.

You don't actually learn SPLASH but you think that's a pretty good imitation.

Now what?
No. 482317 ID: c31f72

Look around for berries and good places to dig your nest. Gotta have a place to live.
No. 482320 ID: d4ad1a

Attack any trainer that wanders by.
No. 482321 ID: d42c7a

Search for babes or dudes (as appropriate) in your compatible egg group.
No. 482338 ID: 6e1234
File 135734136735.png - (90.25KB , 700x700 , dun3.png )

You don't see any trainers around right now, but you aren't sure if that's a good idea anyway.

Generally you hide from trainers since they always want to beat you up with their pokemon.

Although you have a burrow already, both of this sound like good ideas.

Which should you focus on first?
No. 482342 ID: 6e1234

both of *these
No. 482347 ID: d42c7a

Gather food so we can have a date when you go searching for <3.
No. 482349 ID: f2c20c

Look for some berries for now.
No. 482353 ID: de5bc9

Berries, so you have a gift for your prospective mate!
No. 482358 ID: 6e1234
File 135734341874.png - (147.68KB , 700x700 , dun4.png )

You decide to for now focus on finding some berries.

You can choose to search to the left, which leads deeper into the forest, or to the right, which leads to the edge of the forest.
No. 482369 ID: f2c20c

Go left!
No. 482371 ID: de5bc9

Left, to avoid the abundance of trainers likely to be at the (probably) safer forest edge.
No. 482386 ID: 6e1234
File 135734629825.png - (218.91KB , 700x1000 , dun5.png )

You head towards the left going deeper into the forest and its not long before you locate what look to be some CHERI BERRIES.

However you have run into a bit of a problem, as they seem to be growing at the top of a fairly tall (to you anyway) tree.
No. 482388 ID: bf54a8

tackle the tree making it drop some.
No. 482390 ID: be7fd9

No. 482401 ID: c31f72

Use rage on the tree to knock down the berries.
No. 482405 ID: 6336b0

Use your WINGS to FLY to the BERRIES.

It isn't that difficult a puzzle. :/
No. 482410 ID: 49f442



No. 482414 ID: c31f72

Dunsparce can't learn body slam!
No. 482415 ID: 6a5a08

How dare these BERRIES mock you with their GRAVITY? TAKE them DOWN. With TAKE DOWN.
No. 482420 ID: be7fd9

Sure they can, with a gen III move tutor, at least.

Cursed to be one of the many winged creatures that can't learn fly, though.
No. 482424 ID: 6e1234
File 135735042008.png - (95.19KB , 700x700 , dun6.png )

Unfortunately your wings are too small to actually fly with. You can only get a couple inches off the ground for a few seconds.


You decide to HEADBUTT the tree.
No. 482425 ID: 6e1234
File 135735049777.png - (132.97KB , 700x700 , dun7.png )

You successfully manage to knock down 3 CHERI BERRIES.

However as you collect your prize you hear a rustling coming from the tree.
No. 482427 ID: be7fd9

Assume defensive posture over the food, look to see what emerges from the trees above!
No. 482431 ID: 6a5a08

No. 482435 ID: c31f72

Okay, if we know headbutt we can't be a normal wild dunsparce. Our dad must have been a dewgong or something. Anyways, Rage against whatever made the sound!
No. 482441 ID: de5bc9

Eat two of the berries in one big gulp! Save one. Then, Dig away with your prize.
No. 482503 ID: 6e1234
File 135736203081.png - (108.94KB , 700x700 , dun8.png )

You use DEFENSE CURL and protectively position yourself over the berries.

You then glance up, trying to catch a glimpse of the creature that emerged from the tree.
No. 482504 ID: 6e1234
File 135736213344.png - (178.78KB , 700x700 , dun9.png )


No. 482508 ID: be7fd9

>What are you
Just trying to get some food, dude.

>Give me one good reason why
Because you've got dozens more berries in that tree, and it's not worth fighting over three of them?

Besides, you're a flying bug. That means you've got a 4x weakness to rock. So if we fight, I can destroy you with rollout. Type advantage: mine. Buzz off.
No. 482511 ID: 57a559

Because it is unbecoming of your beauty!
No. 482512 ID: ee5586

Because Dig.
No. 482516 ID: 997ce7

No. 482531 ID: 6e1234
File 135737158224.png - (148.49KB , 700x700 , dun10.png )






The Butterfree seems to be getting quite hysterical and has begun fluttering its wings rather frantically.
No. 482534 ID: 57a559

And we can dig and avoid your attack as much as you can ours.
So why don't you put a sign up next time? You can't expect everyone to know there's a home in a food tree, sheesh. Be adaptive! Be smart! Think how ignorant other people are, it isn't just me that's going to knock into this tree, every hungry pokemon within miles with bump your tree and ruin your eggs! You can't fight 'em all so put up a sign!
No. 482536 ID: 78c6ea

Hey man chill. I wouldn't have let the eggs go to waste.

Shedinja quest gooooo
No. 482541 ID: bf54a8

so move the dang eggs to the tree over there that isn't full of food.
No. 482542 ID: 6e1234
File 135737436344.png - (147.28KB , 700x700 , dun11.png )

you actually aren't at a high enough level to know dig yet...

No. 482543 ID: 6e1234

sorry this is 1/3
No. 482544 ID: 6e1234
File 135737446826.png - (170.38KB , 700x700 , dun12.png )


???: !!!!!
No. 482546 ID: 6e1234
File 135737462502.png - (218.38KB , 700x700 , dun13.png )

The Butterfree literally begins to spaz and in its freakout scatters a thick powder everywhere.
No. 482548 ID: 76b151

Diplomancer's we are not. Grab yon fruit and skedaddle.
No. 482549 ID: de5bc9

Oh dear. Time to find some Pecha berries. Eat those Cherri Berries and run.
No. 482550 ID: c31f72

Roll out into the tree. Might as well take the eggs with us.
No. 482551 ID: 6e1234
File 135737606841.png - (190.39KB , 700x700 , dun14.png )

Yes you think it's probably a good time to leave now.

You grab the berries in your mouth and start to wriggle away as fast as you can.

However you had quite a bit of that powder dumped on you and you don't get far before you find your movements becoming very sluggish.

You don't think that was POISONPOWDER.
No. 482552 ID: 6e1234
File 135737611524.png - (171.58KB , 700x700 , dun15.png )

The world starts to get darker...
No. 482553 ID: 6e1234
File 135737614338.png - (59.10KB , 700x700 , dun16.png )

and darker...
No. 482555 ID: 6e1234
File 135737635789.png - (1.63KB , 700x700 , dun17.png )

...then nothing.
No. 482556 ID: 0eef61

No. 482557 ID: 6e1234

ok i think thats a good place to end for now

see you guys later!
No. 482561 ID: bf54a8

okay, now, seriously guys, why did you pick the "be the biggest dick you can be" route?

and why did you, the author, even pick anti-suggestions? i mean ideas that basically say the opposite thing, in this case try to reason with the butterfree and try to piss it off.
No. 482580 ID: 57a559

I was trying to be reasonable.
It really wasn't our fault we didn't know someone used this as a home.
He should know that.
No. 482581 ID: c31f72

That wasn't a very smart butterfree, making its nest in a fruit tree in a forest likely filled with things that can't climb and can smash into things really hard without being hurt.
No. 482592 ID: bf54a8

naw, this time dirtbag i don't blame you.
No. 482594 ID: 57a559

Well don't do it just yet
I like a quest where any old suggestion can be taken, including all of them and the anti-suggestions!
The dumbest suggestions are the funnest.
I can only hope we can dumbass our way through to Shedninja, if our stupidity doesn't kill us it can only make us stonger.

I mean for pete's sake, we can nickname this guy Duncesparse
No. 482602 ID: de5bc9

Presumably you mean Shedinja, the Gen III dual Bug/Ghost pokemon evolving from Nincada if you have extra space in your party?

If so, why do you hope that a Dunsparce, a Normal type that does not evolve nor is evolved into would become a Shedinja?
No. 482619 ID: 14bafe

Wake up!
No. 482620 ID: 76b151

I wonder if we'll wake up captured.
No. 482628 ID: bdb3f8

Well its never gonna happen with THAT attitude. You gotta believe!
No. 482661 ID: 57a559

I am incompetant and read Shedinja earlier somewhere in this thread
Ignore me
No. 482730 ID: 027156

wait, dunsparce only learn headbutt by breeding

was your dad a darumaka

that'd be sweet

darumaka is the best pokemon ever
No. 482812 ID: 6e1234

Well I was trying to pick suggestions based on what seemed like the general majority. But I'm new to this, so if anyone has any suggestions on how to make the quest more enjoyable feel free.

Although frankly you were dealing with a hysterical and overprotective parent. The best way to have defused the situation would have been to first apologize and then maybe criticize him for his choice of a home after he had calmed down. I'm rather pleased with these turn of events though, if only because I wasn't expecting it at all.

Also I guess I'll just make this clear now, but I'm trying to go for a semi-realistic pokeverse while at the same time implementing some game mechanics. And for future reference I don't like sentient creatures eating other being considered a normal thing so real animals exist/everyone eats berries/whatever, point is pokemon eating each other is considered cannibalism.

and now that that's out of the way let's get back to the quest
No. 482813 ID: 6e1234
File 135743415747.png - (87.18KB , 700x700 , dun18.png )

You wake feeling disoriented and with a pounding headache.

Your dad is a Linoone, which sadly is nowhere near as cool as a Darumaka.
No. 482814 ID: 57a559

roll out the web
well if your certain the fall won't kill you
No. 482818 ID: 6a5a08

Check if berries are still in mouth.
No. 482822 ID: be7fd9

Survey surroundings. Where are we? What's going on?

You're doing fine. If someone suggests something stupid or that needlessly provokes an npc, you're perfectly in the right to use it. And while the particular line you used was perhaps the most provocative, it's not as if any of the others suggestions were particularly calming. We were all bluster, pretty much.

And you're free to follow majority rule, or "character says any stupid thing a suggester comes up with" rule, or "character goes with suggestions he/she/it likes" rule. There's more than one way to make it work. Hell, you're even free to encourage trolls and always take bad suggestions! (Forcing us to police ourselves is tricky, but it's been done with varying degrees of success). It's really only unfair if you set up our expectations of quest mechanics one way and then change it unexpectedly.

So... while we're discussing rules of this universe, are we following game logic where we only have 4 moves, or anime logic, where we have access to a whole lot more?
No. 482830 ID: f2c20c

Oh no! Wiggle for all you're worth!

Can you move your drill?
No. 482831 ID: 78c6ea

I'm sorry. Sometimes I just have to share the unbelievably terrible suggestions that pop into my head.
No. 482833 ID: c31f72

Aww. I was hoping our dad was a dewgong, so we could have been born knowing secret power. Guess we'll need to find a tm before we can make a secret base.
Anyways, rage against your restraints.
No. 482880 ID: 6e1234
File 135743848845.png - (238.92KB , 700x1200 , dun19.png )

Regarding moves, you basically have access to all moves you would have learned up to your current level. As well as all TMs you've learned, tutor moves, egg moves, etc. The 4 move limit only comes into play during official trainer battles (like against a gym leader or in a tournament) where trainers are limited to the first four moves that they use for the duration of the battle. Additionally you can also perform actions that aren't moves. For example Dunsparce does not naturally learn BITE, but Dunsparce has a mouth and can still bite things. However in a battle a bite would not be nearly as powerful or have the DARK typing of BITE.

You seem to still be in the forest, although it's a part of the forest that you don't recognize. But you never really traveled that far from your burrow in the first place.

You also seem to be pretty high off of the ground. Which now that you realize it is making you highly uncomfortable.

Thankfully you seem to still have your berries tucked into the side of your mouth.
No. 482883 ID: 4f3868

Try to move your mini wings to wiggle out of the cocoon.
No. 482886 ID: 6e1234
File 135743861656.png - (100.98KB , 700x700 , dun20.png )

You wiggled around a bit.

You're pretty sure that you could break free from the branch if you really tried, but you're not sure that the fall wouldn't seriously hurt you.
No. 482888 ID: bf54a8

swallow one for energy.
No. 482893 ID: c31f72

Break free, use defense curl while falling to hopefully minimize the fall damage, and roll away.
No. 482894 ID: be7fd9

Try and flip yourself around- grab onto the branch with your mouth! Then break out of your bonds. That way you don't fall to your death when you get free, and you can work on wiggling your way up onto the branch proper.

Can you tell what you're tied up in?
No. 482897 ID: 6a5a08

No. 482914 ID: 78c6ea

Do you even have a mouth?
No. 482916 ID: c31f72

We do have a mouth. We put the berries in it.
No. 482943 ID: 6e1234
File 135744214525.png - (95.20KB , 700x700 , dun21.png )

Your mouth is right here!

You could eat one of the berries right now, but CHERI BERRIES aren't really all that filling and their only special property is curing PARALYSIS.

Both of these sound like excellent ideas!

The first will get you back on the ground while also minimizing injury, although not getting rid of injury completely.
The second will get you out of your bonds without any injury at all, but you'll still be stuck in the tree.
Speaking of which your bonds seem to be the webbing from a STRING SHOT.

What will you do?
No. 482951 ID: 6a5a08

Try getting onto the branch; if you fail, reorient yourself as best you can and DEFENSE CURL to reduce impact.
No. 482952 ID: be7fd9

Yeah, this seems the best course of action. Defense curl and roll if we have to, climb into the tree if we can.

If we get up onto the branch, we'll try and find a way down (worst case, we can always default back to plan jump off).
No. 482996 ID: 6e1234
File 135744862459.gif - (29.25KB , 450x450 , dun22.gif )

No. 482997 ID: 6e1234
File 135744867696.png - (84.32KB , 700x700 , dun23.png )

No. 482999 ID: 6e1234
File 135744871425.png - (117.72KB , 700x700 , dun24.png )

No. 483002 ID: 6a5a08

Use your RAGE to break out of the STRING SHOT and SCREECH to the heavens your victory cry! Gravity is no longer your master, but your bitch!

Now is there anything you can use to get down?
No. 483012 ID: be7fd9

Well done. Break your bonds, and survey the situation. We need to see if we can find a way down.

How's your climbing skills? And we already know you can't fly, but can you glide? That would be a safe way down, once your wings are free.

>Your dad is a Linoone
What was your mom then, by the way?
No. 483014 ID: c31f72

Pokemon always end up the same gender as their mother. Or atleast they do in the games.
No. 483015 ID: 6a5a08

>What was your mom then, by the way?
The child is always the same kind of Pokemon as the mother. So, a Dunsparce.
No. 483043 ID: 6e1234
File 135746260269.png - (174.87KB , 700x700 , dun25.png )


You use RAGE and break free from your webby prison.
No. 483044 ID: 6e1234
File 135746312621.png - (148.70KB , 700x700 , dun26.png )

Well you're a burrowing Pokemon and you lack arms, so your climbing skills are understandably not very good.

You also aren't sure how much help your wings will be. They don't have much surface area and so can't really catch the air. The most you've ever been able to do is flutter them very quick and sort of jump up which allows you to hover for a few seconds. They may help to slow your fall though, but you've never tried it before.

And yes, your mom is a Dunsparce like yourself.

You look around to see if you can find a way down.

Well you are high above the ground in a tree surrounded by other trees. Below you you can see the path that goes through the forest for trainers. To the left the branch forks close to another tree that you might be able to jump over too. And to the right is-
No. 483045 ID: 6e1234
File 135746318132.png - (148.13KB , 700x700 , dun27.png )


You seem to have startled someone.
No. 483046 ID: 0eef61

Go "Hiss, Gronk" to know where you stand
No. 483048 ID: c31f72

Eh, just ignore him. The important thing is getting back home with our food!
No. 483054 ID: c33f8f

Hey this guy might not be an asshole like that butterfree, he might help us down if we ask.
No. 483056 ID: f2c20c

Greet them kindly an ask if they might help you get down safely.
No. 483062 ID: 027156

No. 483079 ID: be7fd9

Oh, uh, hello.

No need to jump the gun and subject this dude to our GLARE just yet.
No. 483080 ID: 76b151

Ask for a lift down. Politely.
No. 483089 ID: 12c19f

Pretend you're a Metapod.
No. 483096 ID: 6a5a08

Greet Stranger.
No. 483133 ID: a744c3
File 135751477127.png - (153.64KB , 700x700 , dun28.png )

???: Oo-oh me? Yes of-f course. H-hellooo-o

???: Oooh um y-yes, I mean I coo-uld try. I-i'm not sur-re if I coo-uld c-carry yooou down tho-oough, I'm not very str-rong

The Hoothoot shuffles nervously on the branch.

???: H-how did yooou get up here thoough?
No. 483136 ID: 6a5a08

Angry Butterfree.

Ask if they could grab your tail and help lower you down slowly, at least? You can try using your wings to slow the fall as well.
No. 483137 ID: be7fd9

Achievement: successfully resisted the urge to make a racist owl-pun in our introduction. (WHOOO are you?).

Hmm. Let's take a look around at our situation then, before we compel the nervous HootHoot into trying to carry a load he(?) can't.

>how did you get up here though?
I managed to get a butterfry angry at me. I think stringing me up was a retaliation prank or something.
No. 483141 ID: a744c3

Oh yes, forgot to mention, I'm back on campus and classes are starting tomorrow. So different ID and less frequent updates as a result.
No. 483185 ID: c891a7

>H-how did yooou get up here thoough?
"Last thing I remember was passing out after getting hit by SLEEPING POWDER."
No. 483243 ID: 78c6ea

"Let's just say I have a way with words."
No. 483337 ID: 542923

butterfrees are dicks. just look at them. hell, it's most bugs in general. seriously dude, warn that hoothoot not to deal with those fucks. he should stick to being a bug-eating bird.
No. 483397 ID: a744c3
File 135760912776.png - (166.32KB , 700x700 , dun29.png )

???: Oooo-o that doesn't sooound v-very nice.

???: Ooo-ok
No. 483400 ID: a744c3
File 135760960530.png - (111.24KB , 700x700 , dun30.png )

Before deciding to get the Hoothoot's help you decide to take a look around.

On the left side opposite of the Hoothoot the branch ends in a fork close underneath the branch of another tree. The distance isn't that great and you're pretty sure that you could probably jump from the branch you're on now up to this one. However you're not sure how that would help you since it would only take you higher. But maybe you could find something in the other tree that would be interesting.

Your other options right now seem to either be to enlist the Hoothoot's assistance in getting down or to jump down yourself and use a combination of DEFENSE CURL and ROLLOUT to minimize injury.

Unless of course you come up with something else.

What do you want to do?
No. 483404 ID: be7fd9

The HootHoot seems awfully flustered. Everything all right? It's not the one who's found itself in completely the wrong environment.

>what do?
Let's try the other tree. We should explore the area fully, looking for an easy way down, before we risk jumping or an overburdened owl flight.

Might also help to get a look at the ground, as we go. There might be a better spot to jump down to (aiming for something soft, avoiding rocks, etc).
No. 483450 ID: 6a5a08

Ask the Hoothoot if it's alright.
No. 483507 ID: 684ecf

defense curl, hoothoot carries you down, rollout if it drops you.
No. 483853 ID: 01f428

No. 483944 ID: a744c3
File 135779701403.png - (163.97KB , 700x700 , dun31.png )

???: Ooo-oh y-yes, I'm fine!

???: I j-just get nervoous aroound str-rangers, I don't m-mean annnything by it! S-sorry,,
No. 483960 ID: 027156

it must have a bashful nature. go on, enlist its help.
No. 483972 ID: 78c6ea


No. 483992 ID: cf49fc

Your father was a Linoone. You are a Dunsparce. Continue your weird family tradition, and seduce the owl... thing. Maybe your horrible mutant offspring will be something cool, like a Scyther, or a Jigglypuff, or an Arceus.

I really am surprised I'm the first to suggest this and not Elephant Guy.
No. 484003 ID: 027156


they're not in the same egg group, you sick, twisted fuck.
No. 484004 ID: cf49fc

At least I didn't do indepth studies of pokemon egg groups, Professor "I don't have anything better to do than watch pokemon 'create eggs' all day"
No. 484036 ID: be7fd9

But you can't watch pokemon create eggs at all! They're a strange quantum conundrum. They only appear when not observed. Scientists have been forced to conclude the poke-mating process must somehow involve an uncollapsed wave function.

Anyways, reassure the hoothoot, explore the next branch, and scope out the ground. We want to be sure there's no easy way down before we try to jump or fly. And if and when we do, we want to be aiming for something soft.
No. 484057 ID: 6a5a08

No. 484065 ID: 8ffedb

Here is the egg creation event, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mhsDkOiod4

We can still seduce for the sake of seduction.
No. 484080 ID: f2c20c

That is not an egg resulting from breeding.

Ask what the poor guy's name is.
No. 484706 ID: dd0019
File 135797681360.png - (197.97KB , 700x700 , dun32.png )

O-oh! My n-name's Terrance!

decide to go check out the next branch before you make any definite plans of seduction right now.

You tell Terrance that you'll be right back and hop up.
No. 484707 ID: dd0019

You first check out the side of the branch going away from the tree.

The branch just tapers off. It doesn't seem like you can go anywhere from here.

You also check out the ground. There doesn't seem to be any particularly soft spots for you to jump/land in other than a few bushes.

But there were also some bushes under the previous branch as well.
No. 484708 ID: dd0019
File 135797709256.png - (140.15KB , 700x700 , dun33.png )

oops, forgot to add the image
No. 484709 ID: dd0019
File 135797718550.png - (143.85KB , 700x700 , dun34.png )

Next you turn around to check out the branch closer to the trunk.

There doesn't seem to be anything of much interest over here either.

You know, except of course, the hole.
No. 484727 ID: f2c20c

Peek in the hole!
No. 484732 ID: 6a5a08

Oh, there's something we've completely disregarded. What level are we and what is our name/gender?

Oh, and ask if there's anyone inside. We learned our lesson last time about haphazard disturbances.
No. 484734 ID: 6336b0

Don't bother peeking in the hole, just go ask Terrance for help getting back to the ground.
No. 484739 ID: c33f8f

Forget that hole it probably has an angry mankey living in it or something.
Lets catch a ride from Terrance to the ground.
No. 484768 ID: be7fd9

Peek in the hole!

We're an underground burrowing thing, right? Holes are right up our alley! Especially if the tree is hollow, we can climb down the inside.

Just be careful, in case there's anything already in there.
No. 484793 ID: 1bb66d

go on, enter it.
No. 484882 ID: dd0019
File 135804170261.png - (209.19KB , 700x700 , dun35.png )

You decide to just peek inside the hole real quick while first making sure that no one is inside.

It seems to go far down, very far down. Farther than the base of the tree at the very least and into the ground.

You are currently at LV.15
And your name/gender is whatever you want it to be.
No. 484883 ID: c31f72

Whats our ability? I assume we're not a dream world dunsparce, so it'd either be run away or serene grace.
Anyways, try using secret power on the tree to see if it'd drop some vines. Assuming we inherited secret power from our dad.
No. 484884 ID: be7fd9

Oh. Um. That looks like you can't climb down easily. You'd have to jump. Which, since we don't know how far down it goes, really isn't very safe.

Looks like we're going to have to go back to the other branch and get off with plan defense curl and rollout. (I'm kind of reluctant to bully the hoothoot into hurting itself carrying something bigger than itself).
No. 484885 ID: beeca1

Let's keep our gender unfixed and adapt to whatever the situation is. We are clearly part Ditto in defiance of all Pokemon genetics.
No. 484886 ID: 6a5a08

I vote our name to be Snake. Nice and simple, and mostly non-gender-specific.

No. 484887 ID: be7fd9

>Let's keep our gender unfixed and adapt to whatever the situation is.
Clearly the best idea.
No. 484903 ID: 99d430

I'd like to be Teegee the male dunsparce.

ask the hoothoot what's down that hole.
No. 484906 ID: a731a8

Snake... Ekans comes to mind.

Our name should be Ecrapsnud! Wait... no.


How about Snuddy?
No. 484913 ID: 6a5a08

I like Snuddy.
No. 485301 ID: a744c3
File 135821719321.png - (123.04KB , 800x700 , dun36.png )

Alright you are Snuddy the Dunsparce of ambiguous gender!

Your ability is SERENE GRACE.
A trainer would definitely find this to be the better of the two abilities, but for a wild Dunsparce it is debatable.

And unfortunately your dad did not know SECRET POWER, so you don't have access to that move.
No. 485309 ID: a744c3
File 135821763621.png - (123.77KB , 700x700 , dun37.png )

Well it definitely does not seem like it would be very safe to jump down some deep, dark, unknown hole, so you decide to go back to your previous goal: getting back to the ground.

And you're not sure that pressuring a nervous Hoothoot that you just met into helping you is the best idea either. So you decide to go back to plan DEFENSE CURL/ROLLOUT jump combo.

Well, it's now or never.
No. 485310 ID: 6a5a08

Does our SERENE GRACE give a bonus to TUMBLE checks?
No. 485311 ID: a744c3
File 135821769630.png - (76.68KB , 700x700 , dun38a.png )

It almost feels like you're flying for a few seconds.
No. 485312 ID: a744c3
File 135821779950.gif - (67.99KB , 450x450 , dun38.gif )


No. 485313 ID: a744c3
File 135821784309.gif - (48.98KB , 450x450 , dun39.gif )

No. 485316 ID: a744c3
File 135821791243.png - (134.15KB , 700x700 , dun40.png )

Terrance: Ooo-oo are yo-ou o-ok?
No. 485318 ID: a744c3
File 135821797102.png - (136.20KB , 700x700 , dun41.png )

If you actually had hands you would give a thumbs up.
No. 485320 ID: 6a5a08

I'll take that as a yes.

Climb out of the bush and ask Terrance where you actually are. I wonder how far away the Butterfree dropped us.
No. 485327 ID: be7fd9

All right! Doesn't look like we pulled off the zelda roll right before you land trick though.

Reassure the hoothoot that you're fine, see if he or she can tell you what part of the forest you're in, or possibly which way to a landmark you know. Otherwise we're going to have a hard time finding your burrow.
No. 485395 ID: ed2ed9

give him a yes at least.

do you still have them berries?
No. 486003 ID: a744c3
File 135848334951.png - (912.21KB , 2000x2000 , dun42.png )

Yes, you still have your berries.

You make sure to tell Terrance that you're alright and he flies down next to you.
You ask him if he knows what part of the forest you are in and if there are any landmarks nearby.

Terrance: O-oo well I knoo-ow that we're in-n the northenmost edge of the forest here. This part of the path is where lots of t-trainers enter and leave the forest, soo-oo I guess it's a so-ort of landmark?

Terrance: Oo-oh! I alsoo-o think that there's a stream over that way.

It seems like you're quite far from home. Your burrow is near the completely opposite end of the forest that opens out near a meadow. You're not even sure what's on this side of the forest.
And you don't remember a stream being anywhere near your burrow either.
No. 486018 ID: a744c3

oops, sorry for the huge image, i didn't realize that i was drawing on the wrong canvas
No. 486061 ID: be7fd9

Huh. We must have really made that butterfry mad.

I guess now we've on a quest to find our way home? And try to avoid trainers. They have nasty habits, like training their enslaved 'mons by beating every wild they encounter into unconsciousness. Or worse, enslaving wild mons. You're pretty sure you don't want that.

How good are we at tunneling? Can we travel around underground bugs bunny style? (Or diglet style, I guess that would be more appropriate in this setting. Whatever). That would make it easier to avoid running into trouble.
No. 486087 ID: f2c20c

Well, at least we have food. I guess we can say goodbye to Terrance and start moving towards home.
No. 486123 ID: 9cdfda

go scout that stream for some sexy dewott.
No. 486173 ID: a744c3
File 135854255180.png - (84.87KB , 700x700 , dun43.png )

It seems that if you want to head home you have several options.

First you could follow the path. This way is guaranteed to at least get you in the general vicinity of where your burrow is. You know that your burrow is somewhat near the other end of the path, although you're not sure exactly where since you try to avoid the path in general.
This brings you to the problem with following the path. The reason of course that you try to avoid the path is trainers. Also since the path was designed for trainers it's longer and more winding to present a challenge and not a straight shot through the forest, meaning it would take you a lot longer to get through the forest if you took this route.

Your second option would be to follow the stream. If you take this route you are most or less guaranteed to not run into any trainers as they usually don't stray from the path, however you have no idea where exactly the stream goes. On the other hand you would be much more likely to run into other Pokemon while following the stream who might know your side of the forest better and could possibly give you more detailed directions.

Your third option would be to just head off into the forest and hope you get lucky. Obviously like the stream you would be less likely to run into trainers and more likely to run into Pokemon with this route. The downside is that without anything to follow like the stream or path you could very easily get even more lost.

Or you could try and think of something else.

Unfortunately at your currently level you can't really perform any extensive tunneling. You can do some basic digging like you did to create your burrow, but until you learn DIG something like this would be out of the question.

What would you like to do?
No. 486174 ID: be7fd9

Hmm. Well, trainers are a big danger. We'd end up getting pummeled for XP, or worse, captured, when we came across them (too bad we don't have run away, actually).

Wild 'mons are somewhat safer to deal with, so long as we don't roll a critical diplomacy fail again (no more baby eating jokes!). Rivers are kind of nature's highways already, aren't they? They should sort of be used to things passing through.

So I'd say the river seems best.
No. 486181 ID: c31f72

I say you find a few nearby berry trees, find a good spot near said trees and dig a new home. Unless you have something important in your other house, it isn't really worth risking getting captured or beaten up.
No. 486182 ID: f2c20c

Let's follow the stream! Adventure!
No. 486193 ID: c33f8f

Get to the stream, i hear water pokemon are pretty mellow.
No. 486293 ID: 10afd6

stream. dem dewott, man. dem dewott.
No. 487557 ID: eb68de
File 135915297208.png - (132.18KB , 700x700 , dun44.png )

Following Terrance's directions you finally arrive at the stream.

You don't see any other Pokemon at the moment. You guess you should just start following the stream?
No. 487558 ID: 92834e

I guess.
No. 487569 ID: f2c20c

Take a drink while you're here.
No. 487571 ID: 908c2d

Yeah, sure. Do you know which way we're meant to follow the stream?
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