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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 133920387106.png - (246.57KB , 1000x750 , 188.png )
419961 No. 419961 ID: 31015f

Chapter 1: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/336130.html

Discussion thread: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/351407.html
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No. 419963 ID: 31015f
File 133920390610.png - (26.32KB , 1000x750 , 189.png )

Ok... Trying not to freak out here... Let’s recap for a secon. T-they took me prisoner and separated from mom, all my stuff taken away from me.... But other than that, they haven’t done anything with me. Been waiting for hours inside of an empty room until two guys came in and brought here. To this completely dark room, where I’ve been waiting for noth-

No. 419966 ID: 31015f
File 133920419727.png - (33.36KB , 1000x750 , 190.png )

“Welcome, Suria V’Azhue. I would apologize for the rudeness of my associates but that would make me an hypocrite.”

“Who are you? What do you want from us?”

“You don’t need to know it, so let’s get to the point, shall we?”

The voice is fairly distorted by an electronic device, but even in the shadows and with the weird voice, I can almost swear that the man at the desk isn’t a Ziraneé.

“We’re a powerful and expanding group, always looking for new opportunities and promising individuals. We’ve come across your case. Quite a nasty family business, If I may say. But we’ve followed your progress and we think that you’re showing very promising results. We tried to get a hold of you in the Interception but you cleverly got out of that situation. Bravo.”

“What? So... Those Patrol ships that tried to stop us! They were working for you?”

The man dismisses the question and keeps talking.

“Let’s cut to the chase: you’re going to work with us now. Or rather, for us. We’ll assign you missions and you’ll perform them without asking questions. If you refuse, we’ll hand you over to your “beloved” aunt. We’ll keep your mother hostage. If you perform your duties satisfactorily, we’ll help you resolve your little family feud. But if you try to trick us or escape, she’ll die. Any questions?”
No. 419973 ID: 7acb8e

>>perform them without asking questions.
>>Any Questions?

It's going to be one of Those shadowy organizations isn't it.

No questions.
No. 419977 ID: 252e1b


"If I'm going to be a deniable asset we should come to an agreement right now about what will happen to my mother if you need to exercise your option to cut me loose. Not in the event I fuck up, you already made it clear what happens then (and believe me that's incentive enough to do everything I can to cooperate). I'm speaking of a situation arising where, through no fault of my own, I literally have no chance to satisfy the mission requirements. If I end up in that situation, let my mother go. If you've done your job in keeping me compartmentalized from any information contamination, I won't have anything I can give up to an interrogator anyway, and you won't have a use for me anymore since I'll be too high risk to use."

"What will my operational resources be?"

"Will I have support in keeping my name clean enough that I'm still worth your final investment when you're ready to help with reclaiming control of my house?"

"I understand that you'll want to make the investment in my house at a time that's optimal for you, but I would like a rough estimate or a list of major conditions that have to be met. I'm goal oriented."
No. 419985 ID: 0006f5

"What's my first assignment ?"

What does threatening Lyra accomplish ? It was pretty well established that she lost all political value, and the responsibility had passed over to Suria. This person is either ignorant of the political workings of Ziranee or testing for weaknesses. The latter is likely, but i have to question why they arent using this opportunity to use Suria as a bargaining chip to pressure Zurabai into opening a weakness and not be so completely quick to hand us over if these guys are in any position to take her out.

No doubt we are going to be doing things that will make us enemies to authority and majority. Don't ask for proof that your mom is alive and see if that ticks them at all or they are oblivious / already did away with her. I'm thinking it might be possible to actually get Zurabai involved in this and destabilizing the grip of our captors by mentioning you think it's a bluff they can hand over Suria without risking themselves to attack / betrayal. It's otherwise completely not in our interest to assist these guys because theyre going to make sure to kill us after weve outlived our worth if one or the other is true.
No. 420003 ID: b0d466

"...Is that a trick question?"
No. 420016 ID: e3d099

Isn't a Ziranee. Light isn't reflecting off of four eyes. It's one of them damn ants.
No. 420020 ID: e3aff6

That or you are speaking to an avatar rather than the actual guy (which seems fairly likely with the voice distortion).
No. 420074 ID: f70e5e

" i'm going to need money, its not a matter of greed, its a matter of needing to improve my equipment and replenish my missile supply, you'll also find me much easier to manage if you keep my mission at least morally grey, rather than outright black."
No. 420379 ID: 31015f
File 133933235172.png - (53.72KB , 1000x750 , 191.png )


I guess they’re counting on a sentimental weakness rather than political reasons. I don’t want my mother to die.

“Well... in the first place we should come to an agreement about what will happen to my mother in the case I have no chance to complete the mission. I don’t mean, if I mess up, just if there’s no possible way for me to complete the objective. If I end up in that situation, let my mother go. If you've done your job in keeping me compartmentalized from--

“That is not a question, and you’re not in a position to discuss that. We’ll have a tracker device in your ship and will know of your situation and the mission status at all moments. Just be sure to accomplish the objectives, that should be your only concern”.

“Ok, I’m gonna need money and resources.”

“We’ll take care of that.”

“You'll also find me much easier to manage if you keep my mission at least morally grey, rather than outright black.”

“Again, you don’t have a saying on that. You’ll follow our orders, whatever they are, or your mother dies. It is simple.”

“...Alright then. What’s my first assignment.”

There’s a slight pause, maybe they expected me to throw a fit or ask for proof of my mother’s well being. Finally the voice speaks again.

“We want you to destroy a convoy. Three cargo freighters guarded by two light fighters. You shouldn’t have problems taking care of them by yourself. They’re not expecting an attack. Avoid Intersections, use the Hyperjump engine of your own ship. And leave no survivors. That’s all."
No. 420380 ID: 31015f
File 133933237522.png - (19.89KB , 1000x750 , 192.png )

Fuck... How did I get into this situation? Nothing good can come out of working for these guys, but if I don’t do it, they’ll kill mom! But at least they’re letting me free until I complete the assignment... There has to be something I can do to get mother and myself out of this mess! What should I do?
No. 420384 ID: e894c0

do this without causing any problems and they might feel favorable enough to let you see mom. mom always helps you in these kinds of situations. go on, kill them freighters.
No. 420407 ID: 118cf5

first ask if you may see your mother before you go
No. 420412 ID: 0006f5

ask for ship / pilot manifests of our targets and use them to sleuth who our captors are. Hopefully this is not the equivalent of a hobo slaying just to see if you 'have it in you'. They're not expecting them to attack, but you are; ask for a jammer lol

try to resist asking for proof of your mother. it only establishes weakness in you and with a little thought from our captors they might seize in their plans and consider it is in their best interest to completely help us reclaim our house. which of course we will betray or grow to retaliate against this stunt but hey. i think our goal should be to egg on our captives for proof that they have even prepared handing us over to zurabai. if youre able to convince her you are going to cooperate completely and come to kill her, she might do everything in her power to hunt us down and make an opening, actually intimidated with the prospect of our resourcefulness. if our captives do everything in their power to -not- produce proof of this, then it means 100% they intend to kill us instead of let us free after all of this is done, and youre better off just escaping and letting mom die (if she even -is- captive), i know its sad.
No. 422528 ID: 31015f
File 133977931634.png - (86.09KB , 1000x750 , 193.png )

Alright, I’ll try to take advantage of this situation as much as I can, but I have not lost hope on rescuing mother. I doubt they’ve... killed her already, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking...

Anyways! A few minutes later two Ziranée males in power armor arrive. Their armor show no sign or clue of what House do they belong or who are they working for, they’re blank. I ask for a jammer and ship / pilot manifests of my targets, but they answer that I won’t need them. They took me through a long corridor, take an elevator and end up in a small hangar, with only my ship in it. They give me back my stuff, all the money, my laser gun, the stunning whip and even the weird force field gun. Then push me in without any ceremonies. The ancient firearm I recovered from the junk planet is still waiting inside.
No. 422529 ID: 31015f
File 133977937616.png - (105.00KB , 1000x750 , 194.png )

I start up the ship and leave the hangar. A quick look behind reveals that we were in a battle cruiser, after all, of Ziranée manufacture. But it doesn’t have any House marks, again, completely devoid of information.
No. 422531 ID: 31015f
File 133977940971.png - (117.22KB , 1200x900 , 195.png )

One second later, the cruiser hyperjumps and disappears from sight. Oh well, it looks like they’ve given me three more missiles, free of charge. How generous. And there’s the tracking device, that huge thing with a red light. Talk about subtlety. They’ll know wherever as long as this thing works. I wonder if there’s any way I can deal with that without them knowing it...

A quick look in the navigation sharp reveals that I’m still in the C3 star system, in the Czara Sector. But they’ve left me some coordinates to follow, in C1.
No. 422540 ID: e894c0

go to C1.
No. 422541 ID: 0006f5

it is probably too dangerous to tamper with the tracker. you can however assume certain things about what information it is relaying and using this as the base of a sleight of hand or spoof when youve formulated an escape plan given weve even determined it is necessary.

head to C1, avoiding the intersection. not really sure how that works, does this mean we have to use intermediate jump points that hop around a region of space to the coordinates we were given ?
No. 423153 ID: 1444d5

If I were a shadowy mercenary who went to all this trouble to 'recruit' and equip you, I'd have hidden at least one additional tracker that doesn't have an obvious blinking light on it.
No. 423415 ID: 31015f
File 133993151354.png - (145.77KB , 1200x900 , 196.png )

My ship has its own Hyperjump engine, so I don’t need to use intersections, I can jump anywhere as long as I have the coordinates. And fuel, of course.

So I follow them, and it only takes a couple of minutes to get here. The middle of nowhere. The convoy isn’t here yet. So I guess I should use the spare time waiting and planning a bit of a strategy. The worst part of waiting in the middle of space is that there’s nowhere to hide. There goes the element of surprise.
No. 423416 ID: 771d02

it's a vast empty space across which anyone can move in any direction. and you hve nobody to aid you. so I doubt you can plan a whole fucking lot.
No. 423479 ID: ad263a

That's where cloaking devices come into play.
No. 423558 ID: 0006f5

sigh. pick up speed in a tight circle i guess. do our victims have to pick up speed from zero exiting a jump ?
No. 424417 ID: 31015f
File 134022304381.png - (125.98KB , 1200x900 , 197.png )

I start picking up speed and drawing a tight circle, waiting. And after about 15 minutes of nothing happening, the radar picks up the convoy’s signal. They’re not coming out of hyperjump speed, that means they’re doing a trans-planetary travel inside this own system. Or they’re in their way to an intersection.

As the creepy guy told me, I see three freighters and two low class fighters. And they all seem to be Maurian ships.

Naturally, their systems notice me as well. They don’t open any communication, but they’re obviously suspecting of the lonely fighter cruising in the middle of nowhere, just in their route. The fighters break the formation and start moving, probably about to take defensive stances around the freighters.
No. 424427 ID: 771d02

fire two missiles, one at each fighter. they won't even be able to tell who the missile's going for from this distance, so that should make them panic.
No. 424440 ID: 0006f5

fire one missile per fighter each, close in towards the general center of the group, firing beams at the freighter and even if the fighters survive, engage the freighters.
No. 424747 ID: 31015f
File 134031290399.png - (208.37KB , 1200x900 , 198.png )

I fire a missile to each fighter and dive in, opening fire to the closest freighter, reducing its shield to 50% effectivity. One of the fighters is destroyed immediately by the missile, but the other one has an effective shield, that absorbs most of the blast. Now it’s hot on my tail, shooting at me!

“Unidentified Fighter, cease fire! We’re a non-hostile group.”
No. 424784 ID: 223190

apologize. dive right between the freighters- make it risk shooting what it's supposed to protect. while firing at the freighters yourself.
No. 424792 ID: 0006f5

weave as dangerously close to the freighters as you can, beaming them until you suspect they are spinning up to jump away. this is when you fire a missile each until you run out of missiles or everyone is destroyed, starting with the freighters (preferably distant ones so you dont blast yourself)

normally i would recommend not communicating, but how about you voice-only something about retribution for misgivings against zurabai. our captors said to leave no survivors, but not to leave no evidence. only if it is a trivial matter, try to make the minimum is done to leave no survivors so that the most is left intact; how do you achieve that ? damage the hyperspace drives, power systems ?
No. 424864 ID: 10ea8d

What does the big red button do? Also, flick some of those switches up at the top there, because if those enemies see you flicking switches in your cockpit, they will know it is a pro that they are dealing with.

Focus on eliminating the fighters. Shoot as many missiles as you have to. Presumably your 'employer' will resupply you for when you need them again. They did say they would take care of equipment, after all.

When the fighters are destroyed, attack the freighters. Presumably they are a lot slower and you will be able to avoid their attacks with less difficulty.
No. 424877 ID: 132b99

when shields are down cripple the engines first on them. so they can't jump.
No. 425337 ID: 31015f
File 134048842455.png - (171.12KB , 1200x900 , 199.png )


Pressed for three seconds, the red button enables emergency protocol, activating the distress signal and getting ready the ejection system. Only to be used in case of extreme emergency, of course.

I fly dangerously close to the freighters, continuing my attack. They keep trying to establish radio contact, but I only send back an audio-only where I mumble something about retribution for misgivings against zurabai.

It looks like they don’t have hyperjump engines, or they don’t want to risk lowering the shields with me shooting around so close. After another weave, the first freighter is out of shields, and a good couple of impacts damages severely its engines.

Meanwhile, the other fighter is catching up with me, flying as boldly as me. It’s hot on my tail and shooting, damaging my shields.
No. 425342 ID: 132b99

fly around a freighter and then slam reverse when the other fighter can't see you, should make you stop and it will overshoot past you, the chase it.
No. 425348 ID: 223190


yeah, sure.
No. 425398 ID: 0006f5

decelerate on the pass of a freighter so it spends the most time you can between you and the fighter. peek out to fire a beam every time it is ready and fire a missile if the fighter decides to close in provided it even overshoots and doesnt decide to decelerate for lords knows why.
No. 426987 ID: 31015f
File 134089011936.png - (219.04KB , 1200x900 , 200.png )

I try to fly close to the freighter, decelerate and reverse to try and get him to fly past me, but the other pilot seems to be more experience or clever than I thought, and anticipated my ruse. He makes a quick, fast turn around the freighter but stops in place behind me as I try to escape in reverse. Now this is a compromised position, I'm practically immobile, while he’s right behind me, shooting non-stop! Shield levels to 50% and going down! AAAA
No. 426988 ID: 766c0b


Pull that lever on the left side of the control panel. It looks promising.

Try and loop over and around the guy behind you. If that doesn't work, speed up really fast and then slam the brakes, and perhaps he will fly past you, putting you in an advantageous position.

If that doesn't work, try apologising and leaving. Then when they turn their backs, MISSILES!
No. 427053 ID: 0006f5

aw shit. pick up speed and weave like your life depended on it which it does. try for wide passes with as dangerously close missiles you think you can handle and pray, make amends, or think happy thoughts
No. 427055 ID: 132b99

fly fast and cut the engines and spin around and shoot at him while moving.
No. 427058 ID: 6af537

Two words: Kzinti lesson.
No. 427061 ID: 223190

fly backwaaaards
No. 428132 ID: 31015f
File 134122048873.png - (150.85KB , 1200x900 , 201.png )

I pick up speed and start to wave around as erratically and violently as I can, and almost crash against one of the freighters, but it seems to work. The other ship isn’t as versatile as mine, and has a hard time following and shooting at me while I flail around like this. I’ve managed to gain some advantage from him, my shields are low but still holding up. One of the freighters is still immobile, trying to fix the engines with servobots, the other two stay close to it, but none of them is opening fire. I’m at a fair distance from the other fighter now, I might be able to turn the tables around if I do it right.
No. 428140 ID: c3ec0a

Finish the job. Cry if you have to...
No. 428142 ID: 0006f5

do it, use the last of the shields for an about-face missile -to- the face. if it doesn't do the job, ease up on the weaving and beeline for getting ships out of the picture asap
No. 428201 ID: 9d76ef

Salvo-launch remaining missiles at the fighter (you're not paying for them, after all). Finish off the freighters with lasers. Silently swear you'll see the rat-bastards behind this burn.
No. 428241 ID: 223190

flip turnways and shoot.
No. 428939 ID: 31015f
File 134140180642.png - (137.97KB , 1200x900 , 202.png )

Alright, it’s going to be dangerous but I can’t waste this opportunity. I turn around and dive directly into the enemy fighter, launching a missile to his face just before I make a sudden turn to avoid the impact. It works! Direct hit, though my hull has been slightly damaged in the process.

The freighters are trying to turn back and get away, still with their comm channels open, trying to talk to me, probably pleading mercy.
No. 428940 ID: 0006f5

fire upon any actively making repairs with beams or missiles if you know beam will fall short of stopping repairs. go for engines, then life support or center of mass if you would rather not lose any more sleep than you already will
No. 428941 ID: 24922d

kill them. kill them all.
No. 429116 ID: 1e9d01

Take out all their defenses and engines then open communications. Ask them who they are, and why someone would want them dead. Our orders did not include not speaking with them before we kill them. In fact, if this entire thing is being recorded for blackmail purposes we should have it in the recording that we were forced to do it.

Keep it to audio-only, just in case they get some transmission out. The last thing we need is for us to have this kind of thing on our record after our aunt is dead.
No. 429149 ID: c3ec0a

No. 429553 ID: 31015f
File 134159427433.png - (120.25KB , 1000x750 , 203.png )

I attack meticulously and ignore their request to speak, just go for the engines, support systems and then just break the hull, igniting the entire ships. I leave a trail of fire and destruction behind me and try not to think about it too much. I didn’t have a choice. Or at least, that’s what I keep repeating to myself.

Time to head back... or should stay around for a bit more, maybe try to salvage something from what’s left of the wrecked ships?
No. 429557 ID: 68852c

yes, look out for shinies. except burning stuff, which are also shiny, but rarely useful.

not too much though, skip town before babylon comes.
No. 429558 ID: 0006f5

salvage, but dont get too greedy. just take one or two things that can give us the most identifying information, like navigation and rosters / manifests. i admit, it would have been good to scrape intel while they were alive but that is in the past now
No. 429567 ID: 72edc6

Get out of there. You don't want to know who they were, you don't want to know what they were doing, and most of all, you don't want to see the results of your attack up close.
No. 429602 ID: 68f2f2

You've gotta harden your heart

You've gotta swallow your tears

You've gotta turn and leave it all here
No. 429606 ID: 72edc6

Besides which, if you looted anything decent, the dogfuckers who 'hired' you would probably steal it.
No. 430536 ID: 31015f
File 134184734048.png - (111.19KB , 1200x900 , 204.png )

Alright, I don’t make an exhaustive search, just look around the pieces of metal that aren’t too damaged. I recover some materials and intact equipment, maybe I’ll be able find logs or manifests here. They’re currently stored in my cargo hold, should I do something else or just head back to the rendezvous point?
No. 430537 ID: 0006f5

get out of the immediate vicinity, inspect materials
No. 430540 ID: 68852c

No. 431930 ID: 31015f
File 134219355918.png - (192.88KB , 1200x900 , 205.png )

I leave the immediate are and try to inspect the remains found. There's some pieces of hardware and equipment. And what looks like a large piece of the computer's mainframe. I can't really do anything with this right now, so I make my way back.

A few minutes later I'm back where I started. The battle cruiser is already there, waiting. No radio communication or anything, just one of the hangar doors opening, silently welcoming me back into the belly of the beast.
No. 431932 ID: 31015f
File 134219372525.png - (35.49KB , 1000x750 , 206.png )

And as soon as I stop the engines and slide out of my ship, the two Ziraneés in power armor (or maybe these are different ones than the last time, it’s hard to know) escort me back to the dark room. A wait of a couple of minutes and the figure of the shiny eyes and metallic voice reappears.

“Your first task was efficiently completed. Good job. Now onto the next one. If you also achieve success in it, we’ll let you see and talk with your mother as a reward. Now, for the next mission you’re going to have a bit more of freedom of movement. And we want to use the best of your abilities. We have two potential assignments. Do you think you’ll have more chances to succeed in a situation where cunning, social skills and stealth would be more helpful than your combat skills? Another search and destroy mission? It’s up to you."
No. 431933 ID: d8f016

Let's take the mission where you're not murdering more people for these jerks.
No. 431936 ID: d500c7

no way bro. I wanna see mom.
No. 431954 ID: 0006f5

cunning definitely
No. 432357 ID: c3ec0a

No. 432361 ID: 0c2247

Either of these is going to result in you being tied to your actions. They probably recorded your last mission to defame you.

"Why send me when my mother would be far more effective at either one?
You don't even have her, do you."
No. 433882 ID: 31015f
File 134255921742.png - (20.24KB , 1000x750 , 207.png )

I feel inclined to select the cunning one, but doubts about the well-being of my mother stop me from actually making a decision, instead I denfiantly respond:

“How about a mission where I don’t have to murder people for you. And I want to see my mother first!”

A metallic claw enters the illuminated circle on the desk and points at me before the mysterious person speaks again.

“I don’t think you’re taking this seriously enough. You’re not in position to make demands. With your first assignment you’ve proved that you’re as reliable as a cheap mercenary. We’re going to test if you’re worth our time and resources with the next one. If you want to see your mother alive again, you’ll do what we tell you. We’re also giving you the chance to select your area of expertise. If you keep that attitude up, we’ll decide for you. I hope I made myself clear. Now, your answer?”
No. 433889 ID: 0006f5

do another ship mission. on our approach we can figure out how much these guys are unable to hold their word and replace one step from an escape plan
No. 433898 ID: 0c2247

If they had her they would have proven it to motivate you.

Take the assassination mission so you'll be mobile and on the ground, then tell the target everything you know. The assassination target is likely to have a short list of people with the resources and desire to attempt this, and we can provide more information to help them narrow it down.
As a bonus, if they're important enough to assassinate then they're almost certain to have resources available. Earning their trust would put some of those resources at our disposal.

Also? Right now they're almost certainly playing you and your mother off. There's little doubt they're sending her on missions, and if you bail then they would still be better off keeping your mother in the dark. Killing her would cost them an asset.
No. 433918 ID: 0006f5

this is good, just be wary of plants and try to secure an out from potential allies -and- our captors because of how thin the ice were walking
No. 433939 ID: 107c3d

this. whoever these people are they seem to be obsessed with control, if they help you take back the throne it will be as there puppet.
No. 434228 ID: c3ec0a

This mysterious sun of a bitch is stealing from us by this "freedom of choice" thing like we had any intentions to willingly do what he tells. It's a philosophy, as long as we're fforced to do his shit he's the one solely responsible for the terrible deeds in justice. As long as he doesn't give us room to sob about what he forces down our throat, its better for our survival. Make him choose the mission for us.

"no search and destroy mission"
No. 434232 ID: 4412c3

I concur.
No. 434259 ID: 2972f8

you'd have to be a fool to trust the words of a man who doesn't even show his face.
No. 435275 ID: 31015f
File 134298987773.png - (100.40KB , 1000x750 , 208.png )

Ok... I can’t believe that mother is gone, I... no, it’s too much for me. But these bastards are lying and manipulating me, I can’t have that. Maybe... maybe she escaped? Yeah, maybe! Or they won’t dare kill her, because she’s still valuable! Anyways, I’m not gonna let them push me around anymore. I’ll play along for now, and warn the target of the assassination, maybe he’ll know who are these guys.

“I’ll take the stealthy job.”

“That’s better. Go back to your ship, it’s been repaired since your last mission. Then head to Maabura II, in the Draco system. The coordinates have been uploaded to your ship computer. Once there one of our agents will contact you and give you the details. Don’t use any Intersection to get there, and I don’t need to say, don’t try anything funny or she dies.”

So the guards escort me out away into my ship, and I fly out of the hangar. The cruiser hyperjumps out of sight again. Ok, I have the coordinates, should I go already? Planet: Maabura II, System: Draco, Sector: … Uh. Formotics. A.S. That’s Maurian territory. Oh boy.
No. 435277 ID: 0006f5

do you still have all those missiles ? go to a merchant world or something and sell off a bunch of things for .. whoa, maybe implants ??
No. 435285 ID: 2972f8

sigh. go Maaburaways.
No. 435290 ID: 4a328b

Maabura 2!
No. 438344 ID: 31015f
File 134392465339.png - (275.90KB , 1000x750 , 209.png )

Alright. This time the journey is a bit longer, but it doesn’t take more than a couple of hours in hyperjump. I arrive at the Draco System undetected, and the spaceport authorities in Maabura II don’t ask any questions, because my ship is too small to smuggle anything of significance in.

I’ve only been in a Maurian planet before, and it looked pretty much like this one. Tall buildings practically obscuring the sky everywhere, busy people walking everywhere, flashing signs, loud noise, vehicles darting everywhere... Everything looks so busy, it gives me a headache. And most of those buildings are empty or just filled with non-Maurian workers, underpaid workers, almost slaves of species that were previously conquered by the Maurian. They stopped using slaves but didn’t abandon their position of power over those civilization, practically forcing them to work for them if they wanted to stay alive in their deteriorated economies and devastated planets.

Well, glowing-eyes told me that I’d get more instructions upon my arrival but nobody has welcomed here or anything. Should I wait at the Spaceport some more, take a stroll around or go to the nearest Bar?
No. 438350 ID: 5c0329

bar. always bar.
No. 438352 ID: 0006f5

yes go pay the bar a visit
No. 438728 ID: 55c4cf

Take a stroll, we are the worst at bars.
No. 438802 ID: b41b6b

Watch out for cold-blooded Draconians
No. 439169 ID: 31015f
File 134408133906.png - (151.16KB , 1000x750 , 210.png )

The nearest bar happens to be the Spaceport’s canteen. It looks like a busy place, with travelers, guards and all kinds of people going in and out, ordering drinks and loudly talking about quick business in the tables. But I don’t even make it to the door. Just before a little droid hovers over the crowd and bumps against my shoulder, then spits two pieces of paper that I hurry to catch.

I start asking “What-” but the droid flies away into the crowd. Ok, one of the pieces of paper is actually a tiny sheet of plastic with a digital band. The other one reads:

“Attached to this file you’ve received an invitation to the annual Formotics A.S. Gala for Progress and Advancement. The event will be hosted at the Formotics HQ in this planet, in the Financial District, Block 6A-gamma, at 23:00 Universal Time. That invitation would let you enter the event, once there, find a way to sneak into the restricted part of the building, and find out anything you can about their newest prototypes. The more info you can gather, the heftier your reward will be.”

Aaand that’s it... I-I hope I’m up to this job, I’ve never done anything like it before? What should I do? Am I going to play along, or double cross my captors? One way or another I’ll have to go to that party... Should I make any preparations or just go like this?
No. 439172 ID: 55c4cf

You should get some space armor soon instead of cosplaying as princess leia and jabba the hut's baby. I think people would take us more serious when we do business.
No. 439181 ID: ca06ba

Hmm. You're doing undercover espionage at a high class gala, sneaking into a restricted facility, and potentially betraying your coerced employer.

I don't know what part of that doesn't scream bond girl. This calls for classy femme fatale formal sneaking wear.
No. 439198 ID: 0006f5

what kind of funds do you have available ? it's time to start preparing hidden caches in the time left to the event. is there a false name on the invitation you can get a large loan with somewhere ?
No. 439423 ID: 5c0329

wear formal, like Ziranee do when they attend this sort of parties. maybe a dress like the one way at the top of this thread?
No. 439750 ID: 31015f
File 134427738543.png - (42.25KB , 1000x750 , 211.png )

The invitation card is blank, no name on it. I guess I can just make up one on my own if I want to go incognito.

And yeah, these clothes are starting to be kind of impractical. I might try to get an armor later, but right now I guess it’ll be more fitting if I put on something fancy for the night event.

Checking into my pockets I find a clean card with 2000 credits in it. I guess my kidnappers put it there to cover my expenses in this missions. Well, in this busy city isn’t hard to find an auto-tailoring boot. And yeah, I guess something like the dress I wore that... time would be appropriate. It brings back memories of happier times, though...

It cost me 500 credits. I’ve left the other suit in the ship so I can recover it later. Ok, am I ready to go to the gala? The dress has hidden pockets to conceal my laser gun and the stunning whip. It won’t fool a scanner or a thorough search, but that’s all I can do. Am I ready to go, or should I do any other preparations first?
No. 439778 ID: 259534

Copy the message you recieved to Formotics/the planetary authorities/both, from a public terminal, shortly before you arrive. With any luck, their response will let you defect/disappear without being shot by your handlers. Worst case, you get a nice safe high-security cell for industrial espionage.
No. 439858 ID: 0006f5

this is our opportunity to gray-hat ourselves an ally, but we don't make the big reveal until we have actually achieved espionage. do you still have the weird gun that locks things in space ? that might be useful without setting off metaphorical alarms, even if we can't bring it inside. how much is a portable scanner, and is it concealable (to untrained observers, i figure a scanner can detect a scanner). i'm thinking we can mgs this shit and obtain credentials just outside the event for back-door access. tranqs ? pay a bunch of people (preferably not maurians or someone who would rat us out) to make a huge ruckus ?
No. 440219 ID: 55c4cf

the gala episode is a musical so I hope you are ready to sing and dance a little bit.
No. 440624 ID: 31015f
File 134445861246.png - (63.09KB , 1000x750 , 212.png )

If I just anonymously send the message to the authorities or to Formotics, my captors will know I’ve betrayed them, but that won’t give me any allies or information. I won’t get anything out of it and I’d have those psychopaths out there looking for revenge. If I’m going to double cross them, I NEED to get Formotics or any other powerful group to back me up.


That sounds good, I shouldn’t reveal anything until I actually make some successful espionage, that way I’d prove that I’m not just some snitch, but actually a resourceful individual. I could also decide if I want to tell Formotics or just keep the stolen information and sell it for hefty profits!

I’ll think about that later. Now, let’s see the equipment... Yeah, I still have the weird gun, I’ll put it in my dress as well. Only has one shot left, though. And I check out the online store, a portable scanner is 2500 credits, out of my possibilities. I might be able to find some people outside to make a huge ruckus at the door and distract Security once I’m inside. This is a Maurian world, there’s going to be a whole sub-society of practically enslaved people that would gladly trash a high society Maurian party for a few credits. Should I try that out?
No. 440682 ID: ce47da

nah, go to the party as it is.
No. 440687 ID: 0006f5

arge. how about universal tools ? thermite and firestarters ? pulse charges to knock out circuits ?
No. 440709 ID: 55c4cf

drawing a downward arrow on your belly will ensure things go smoothly

you should be fine, but be cautious. you're going into this blind. Maybe get your mom to watch your back if she is around.
No. 444269 ID: 31015f
File 134523876987.png - (127.35KB , 1000x750 , 213.png )

Alright. I spend the rest of my money on a universal tool kit, complete with basic and electronic lockpicks. Let’s hope they’re easy to use!

Alright, I take one of the free, public transport vehicles to get to the party. The vehicle is crowded with workers and low-class citizens, none of them Maurian. And five minutes after I step down in front of the Formotics main building, a giant needle piercing the sky, no doubt armed with all kinds of defense and alarm systems. Luckily, I’m going to be able to start from the inside, so I should have half the work done.

There’s a small crowd of elegantly dressed maurians going into the party. A bunch of Security Forces guys and a couple of Walkers guarding the entrance. They’re superior models, with anti-grav devices, but they keep calling them Walkers. Good thing I have my invitation here. I think this is a good moment to think if I’m going with my real name or a fake one, and in that case, which one?
No. 444280 ID: bf54a8

call yourself, S Q, short for snake queen.
No. 444284 ID: 886a4d

... Call yourself Alison.
No. 444291 ID: d6c330

Either of these is acceptable.

Seriously though, you're about to do things you may not want your name attached to in the future. An alias would serve you well.
No. 444316 ID: 0006f5

seconding Alison. Alison 'Ashek-Pins' if long form is required.
No. 445681 ID: 31015f
File 134549384384.png - (137.44KB , 1000x750 , 214.png )

Alright, I tell the guard at the entrance that I’m Alison 'Ashek-Pins' and give him my pass. He grants me access to the express elevator to floor 59, where the party is going. The elevator doors open and it gives access to a relatively small lobby (compared to the rest of the building). A few guests are greeting each other here, all of them Maurians. They give me curious looks, but they don’t stare in astonishment. It looks like spotting a Ziraneé in one of their receptions it’s unusual, but not rare enough to grant a second look. That works in my favor.

A large double door seems to lead to the main hall where the event is happening. There’s a much smaller door to my right, unmarked, and another one to the left, with the words “SECURITY” on it. A member of the Maurian Security Forces stands in front of it. Some of the guests enter the main hall, while more people come out of the elevator. If I stand here for too long I’m gonna start getting the guard’s attention. So what should I do now?
No. 445734 ID: 0006f5

check out the main hall, we're scouting out ways to create a diversion. trigger fire suppression systems, get someone really drunk or otherwise panic about something going horribly wrong. for now just explore and spend more time just noting the general layout of the place
No. 446691 ID: 31015f
File 134576649177.png - (200.11KB , 1000x750 , 215.png )

I enter the main hall and take a look around. The room is very large, I can barely see the walls through the crowd. There are large groups of Maurian talking to each other, while a soft song plays on the floating speakers all over the place.

From here I can see a table to the left with what appears to be drinks. That’s where most Maurians have gathered around to talk. There’s some sort of contraption on the right wall, some sort of enormous glowing ball. Another crowd, smaller this time, next to it.

And the last thing that catches my eyes is another Ziranée, surrounded by a group of Maurians chatting. I didn’t expect to find one of my own species here. What should I do next?
No. 446749 ID: 0006f5

well thats very interesting. go say hi and check out the glowing ball
No. 446763 ID: 1a7071

Say hello to the other ziranée. Keep an eye out for surveillance devices (belonging to your captors) as well. If they are smart they will expect betrayal.
No. 448468 ID: 31015f
File 134610610589.png - (91.43KB , 1000x750 , 216.png )

Ok, I’ll go say hi to that other Ziraneé and check out the big, glowing ba-aaaaAAH!

Damn it! I almost yelled in public. I turn around and try to walk into the crowd as fast as I can! Of all the ziraneés in the universe! Of all of them! That one! Aunt Zurabai, Nodonia curse her, with two bodyguards. I guess she’s been invited to the party too... Maybe she’s making business with Formotics A.S. !!

Ok, if she sees me, I’m done for! There’s lots of people here, but damn Maurians, why are they so short!? I stick out of the crowd like a... well like a snake among ants! Whatever I want to do, I better do it quick!
No. 448474 ID: 32f0e3

keep calm and locate the area you need to infiltrate.
No. 448563 ID: d6c330

Get behind some kind of cover! Put something between them and your line of sight (columns, the orange orb, anything!). Then you need to find the way out of here to the target before another party goer mentions the other Ziranée at the party to her in passing.

...did your employer know she's be here? Are they trying to get you killed? Or give you the chance to go after her? The whole mission could be a screen.
No. 448569 ID: 0c2247

If you get a chance, kill her. Then apologize to the crowd and explain it's politics as usual.
No. 448582 ID: d6c330

The problem is we can't kill her openly in front of witnesses, but she can.

If she has us murdered, she's a head of state, with guards, and political and military power. And you'll be a wanted criminal from her jurisdiction. The local authorities won't be able to hold her- she'll get away with it.

If we kill her, assuming her guards don't kill us, we'll be arrested. As an exile, with no political or military backing (even if we do stand to inherent them) we won't get away with it. Considering how the Maurians feel about your species, there's a good chance you'll be treated badly, and made an example of.

If we're going to kill her on this planet, we need to do it without witnesses, and/or have an escape route.
No. 448613 ID: 0006f5

she's not this dumb. theres an extremely good change this is a decoy. you do have to wonder why you were sent here. if your captors' intelligence is any decent or zurabai pulled a lot of strings which is also likely then this encounter was expected to some degree.

if you managed to kill the actual zurabai, try to put yourself in the bodyguards shoes. they wouldn't kill you back because that would damn their entire caste to being leaderless scum; additionally youre not technically exiled and you would gain legitimacy from besting her which your mom already failed and thus cannot accomplish. unfortunately if she's a decoy then you would fall for the trap and end up having not accomplished anything positive

put the glowly ball between you and her.
No. 449230 ID: e60bc5
File 134626832708.png - (262.62KB , 1000x750 , 217.png )

I can’t just kill her right here, right now! I’m not even thinking about political consequences, her bodyguards will vaporize me even if I have time to shoot first. And if by a miracle they don’t do it, the Maurian guards will shoot me down before I have time to explain myself!

Maybe I’ll be able to find a sneaky opportunity, but for now I should keep a low profile, find out more about the situation, and continue the mission. I sneak around them and put the giant glowing ball between aunt and myself... Phew, I feel less exposed now.

At least I’ve been able to have a good look of the disposition of the room. So I came in from the south door. There’s some tables with drinks and food over there to the left, also a door with a guard in front of it. Aunt Zurabai and her bodyguards are more or less there, at the center of the room. Here to the right is the glowing ball, and there’s another door with another Maurian guarding it next to it.

While I think about all this, I notice that most of the Maurians around this area look rather dizzy, out of it. Then I notice that there’s a little console next to the glowing sphere, with a technician working on it. He glances at me and waves his hand in a friendly manner.

“Hello. Want to try out the Omni-mind?”

I don’t know what is he talking about.
No. 449232 ID: d6c330

Remember, we can't stay in this room for too long. Eventually word of another Ziranée at the party will circulate to your aunt.

>I notice that most of the Maurians around this area look rather dizzy, out of it
You've drifted into the nerd corner! They're all hanging out by the tech. They're probably easier for you to talk to than the high society types anyways- less snobbery or racial pride in the way. And they'll probably be glad to talk about the projects here if you show an interest, which could be relevant to your mission.

>I don’t know what is he talking about.
Perhaps you should ask. If he's doing demos, he probably has an explanation prepped. And again, science types tend to respond well if you ask questions or show an interest.
No. 449240 ID: 54c7e5

Does it cost anything to try it? If not, go for it. Anything with Omni in the name can't be bad.
No. 449259 ID: 0006f5

try it, ask what it is, draw attention to you interacting with the Omni-mind and not the console, which ... discreetly get administrator access to the console using the universal tool while he talks or is focused something else
No. 450383 ID: 08ee5e
File 134652758326.png - (262.07KB , 1000x750 , 218.png )

I show myself interested in it and I move next to him, to be able to see the console.

“Oh, sure, I guess. What is it the Omni-mind anyways?”

“What, you don’t know? It’s one of the new toys we’re presenting today! I don’t want to bore you with technicalities, so I’ll give you the short version. This big sphere? It’s like a huge VR projector, directly into the user’s brain. With this console, I can input any kind of scenario, and then project it into anybody’s mind.”

“Really? That sounds amazing, all the VR devices I know about are these huge, bulky full body suits”

“Yeah, this is groundbreaking! And see this little panel here, doing this, It is possible to control the level of intensity and level of user awareness of the simulation, see?”

The technician is getting quite carried away with the explanation, quite enthusiastic about his new toy.

“And you can pull multiple people into the simulation?”

“Exactly! Right now, the guests in this corner, around the sphere, are experiencing a pleasant “tropical paradise” background simulation. They’re still aware of the illusion and able to interact with each other, but at the same time, they feel like they’re standing on a paradisiac beach.”

“Amazing. And how powerful it is?”

“Very! You see this little tab here? With this I can control the desired range of action of the Omni-mind. It could pull any person in this room into the simulation if we wanted to! So...--the technician suddenly blinks and coughs clicks nervously, realizing he’s been talking too much.-- So.. do you want to give it a try?”
No. 450385 ID: bf54a8

push the range tab up all the way. reprogram it so you are the only one not seeing the illusion and shank a bitch while no one can see.
No. 450388 ID: d6c330

Turning this thing up too high does seem like an excellent distraction, either to make a move on your aunt, or as cover to sneak into the restricted parts of the building.
No. 450391 ID: 0c2247

Agreed. But first, one last question:
"So what if they didn't know they were in an illusion? Like if somebody was tossed in while they were asleep and woke up in it? How could they tell it was a simulation?"

This technology exists, therefore you could be inside a simulation. Finding out how to tell would be very useful.
Naturally, if you wanted to make your Aunt think your target is you so she'd open hostilities...
No. 450395 ID: 0006f5

yes we have to figure out how not cut through or verify the illusion. but otherwise with some or no modifications we have essentially a distraction machine :V
No. 457679 ID: 63b607

gay porn

gay porn for everyone

No. 458720 ID: 5a98b5
File 134893154198.png - (70.11KB , 1000x750 , 219.png )

Yes, this sounds like a perfect distraction! But better be sure.

“So what if they didn't know they were in an illusion? Like if somebody was tossed in while they were asleep and woke up in it? How could they tell it was a simulation?”

“Oh, it wouldn’t work so well on them. Even if it’s on maximum range and intensity, as long as they’re aware of the field before going in, they’d be able to resist it.”

Ok, so basically I’ll have to hurry, the distraction will only last until Security suspects that something weird is going on and they send someone to investigate.

“... And I think some of the guests (can’t remember who) asked for inhibition chips, they weren’t comfortable with the idea. Can you imagine? Retrograde minds!”

Hmm... sounds like this might not be as easy as I thought. Should I do it anyways? Better have a plan ready because when I shove this geek aside and press the buttons, there’s no way back.
No. 458723 ID: 6a1ec2


Be sure to lick him before you do.
No. 458728 ID: 0006f5

gently touch antennae, then do it. simple illusion of the room losing all lighting shouldnt be too hard, unless theres only preset scenarios to choose from we should take a look at our options
No. 458729 ID: 0006f5

do you think the illusion could make yourself appear as someone else ? say, zurabai or one of the maurian security ?
No. 458736 ID: 5a98b5
File 134895026820.png - (256.11KB , 1000x750 , 220.png )

Licking sounds gross, but touching his antennae confuses him enough so I can casually push him aside and use the console.

“H-hey what are you d-doing? Don’t touch...”

Too late. There are many preset scenarios and I guess there’s a way to make your own one but I don’t have time for that. I just use the one that’s already working and max out the range and the intensity. And of course I exclude myself from it.

A quick glance around confirms it, everyone, even the Maurians guarding the doors look completely out of it... Wait, no. Not everyone. Zurabai and her guards look pretty lucid. They must’ve been the ones that asked for the inhibitors. Damn. Well, they still haven’t seen them and they don’t know what’s going on yet, so I better do something before they notice me. Or the guards come.

What should I do? Take a door into the building and go on with the mission? Or try something else?
No. 458737 ID: 86c3a7

I'd say getting on with the mission and away from your murderous Aunt is a good idea. You can slither low, right? Lower yourself so you don't show up above the Marians, and then motor over to the door and out.
No. 458741 ID: 0006f5

yes get out of here and continue with the mission. but first, can you prevent the setting from being changed back ? drag the operator away hopefully unaware he needs to turn it back down or rendered unable to.
No. 458748 ID: f2c20c

This could be the only chance you get in a long time to take your aunt out without getting caught. Get a clear shot, take it and vanish into the crowd. If you wind up failing your mission, you have at least accomplished what your mother set out to do. One thing that worries me though... would that be the end of it? Would she have an heir? Or would her servants just continue on, even though she's dead?
No. 458758 ID: 5a98b5
File 134895553626.png - (18.60KB , 1000x750 , 221.png )

I think about trying to go for the shot, but I decide it’s too risky, and I’ll just probably just get killed. My revenge will have to wait. But it’ll come.

For now I slither low, taking the operator with me and leaving him lost in the crowd. Hopefully that’ll give me more time in case he stumbles against the console and comes out of it. I’ll just sneak into the next door. It goes into a long hallway, splitting left and right. There’s a Maurian Security Force member patrolling the corridor, walking towards the left. He hasn’t seen me yet. The corridor is pretty long and there’s a lots of doors but only a few of them have any kind of sign on them.
No. 458760 ID: 0006f5

the lab looks promising, but lets stay behind the corner and check out that room instead. its time to use lockpicks
No. 458789 ID: 5bedc6
File 134896088240.png - (27.22KB , 1000x750 , 222.png )

I slither my way around the corner, and just in time, because the guard turns around just as I dash by, and starts walking back down the corridor. This door isn't locked and I can simply open it.

This rooms has some lockers in it, and a few consoles. There’s also what looks like a small cargo lift. This room must serve maintenance purposes. The lift is on the upper floor at the moment, there’s a button to call it.
No. 458791 ID: f2c20c

Don't. The janitor is up there. See the mop and bucket sitting in the middle of the floor? Wait in the shadow of that cabinet for the janitor to come back and leave. Then you can use the lift.
No. 458796 ID: 0006f5

oh crap there is nowhere to hide in this place that wouldnt be in plain sight on a coins flip. also being near automatic machinery is bad, so dont hide under the lift. if the janitor is coming here there's a good chance the lockers are being opened, so i guess you want to lock the doors from the inside, prevent them from opening (because someone will definitely have the keys) and inspect the console for useful operations, the clock starts as soon as someone tries to get in and cant
No. 458799 ID: 0006f5

wait, someone is most likely above via the lift. listen for the guard rounding the corner and peek out to see if the path to the lab is clear and tool into it
No. 458814 ID: 5bedc6
File 134896517288.png - (15.89KB , 1000x750 , 223.png )

Oh crap, it’s true! The janitor might come back in any moment and I don’t know if there’s a safe place to hide in this room.

I take a quick peek through the door. I can’t see nor hear the guard anymore. What should I do?
No. 458818 ID: 0006f5

break into the labs, you can do it !
No. 458824 ID: b7169d

Attempt Lab Door check, slither over, open door if can. If closed, return to hiding spot.
No. 458825 ID: 55c4cf

go left
No. 458883 ID: 5bedc6
File 134899833188.png - (41.31KB , 1000x750 , 224.png )

Alright, I’ll go for it. I hurry up and go to the LAB1 door, opening it slightly, just to peek inside.

Damn! There’s a guard just in front of me! He hasn't seen me, he’s just standing a few feet in front of the door. I don’t know if this is the same guard I saw in the corridor earlier.
No. 458884 ID: f2c20c

You could jump him. His back is to you, all you really have to do is tackle him to the ground and get the gun away from him, then smash his face into the ground to knock him out. You're stronger than these ant dudes, right?
No. 458886 ID: 0006f5

asdf, are there light controls nearby ? though who knows what kind of visual augments the guard could be packing. find a coat or something and very quiety make your way around to cover oh god this is a bad idea
No. 458891 ID: 56968f

hey, free gun. I say go for it.
No. 459092 ID: 55c4cf

Knock him unconscious with your snake tits, I hear their kind are weak to them.
No. 459881 ID: 8b0e2b

I say if we do that we use the stun stick.
No. 462406 ID: b604f1
File 135013833813.png - (241.59KB , 1000x750 , 225.png )

Yes, if I’m going to knock him unconscious I better use the stunning whip. Even if I’m stronger than him, but it’s just more... clean.

I turn it on and whip it before he has time to react to the low humming sound produced by the device. He has only time to groan between violent convulsions before he drops on the floor, completely still. Not dead, just unconscious... I hope.
No. 462407 ID: 55c4cf

Check if he's dead or not. Assuming he is not deceased, disarm him and restrain him, put him out of sight as your first priority.
No. 462414 ID: 4cc8d9

check out what the visor can do. grab his gun, stuff him in a locker and check out the rest of the lab.
No. 462418 ID: 86c3a7

Disarm him, lock him up with his own handcuffs, stuff him out of sight. If he has a comm, loot it so you can listen in to guard-chatter. That way you'll know when they've wised up to your intrusion, etc.
No. 462420 ID: b604f1
File 135014529074.png - (66.08KB , 1000x750 , 226.png )

Yes, he’s still alive. But I don’t have anything to restrain him! He’s not carrying any cuffs. But I guess I can take his comm (silent for now). And his weapon. I guess his visor has a few functions built into it, like night vision, info screen, the usual...

And I don’t know where can I hide him out of sight. This room seems to be full of electronic devices and computers, all of them inactive. I could put the sleeping guard under one of them but it would be pretty easy to spot. Other than that, there’s another door to the other side of the room and the one I just came through.
No. 462422 ID: 86c3a7

>nothing to restrain him with
Tie him up and gag him with his own uniform. Or use some spare cable/wire; you're in a lab, there has to be some of that somewhere. And you don't need to hide him that well, just put him somewhere where he won't be noticed immediately by someone walking by or through.
No. 462423 ID: 55c4cf

Electronics and garbage sound like an easy place to hide a person. Wet clothes are better restraints than nearly anything when used.

I guess look for anything useful and head to the next room once he is taken care of.
No. 462424 ID: b604f1
File 135015007462.png - (58.27KB , 1000x750 , 227.png )

Alright, I tie him up with his jacket. No point in trying to gag a maurian unless I want to shove a rock up his throat, and I’m not going to do anything like that. He should stay unconscious for a couple of hours anyways and I’m not going to stick around that long. I just hide him behind a bunch of computers.

Ok... All the computers are off here and I don’t think there’s anything useful to steal here. So I move on into the next door. It leads to an even smaller room, with anti-grav elevator. It looks like it can go up and down.

I think I hear voices coming from below.
No. 462429 ID: 55c4cf

Can we spy on below safely? If not, let's go up for now.
No. 462454 ID: b604f1
File 135015953189.png - (110.07KB , 1000x750 , 228.png )

I peek over the border. Yeah, there are two Maurians down there, one with a security guard uniform, the other one looks like a technician. I can barely hear what they say.

“...increase the security around the area, specially with the party going on upstairs.”

“Everything is under control, professor, the reception is well guarded.”

“Not enough, if you ask me!”

“The bosses wanted to present us as secure of ourselves, not a paranoid company with six guards blocking every door. Relax, professor, and go back to work.”

The other one grumbles something, but doesn't go away, rather it starts doing something with its PDA. The security guard walks away though. Hmm, maybe the top secret projects are developed down there.
No. 462455 ID: 4cc8d9

air sneak up on that bitch and whip him good.
No. 462469 ID: 86c3a7

Well, looks like down is the way you need to go to find your target, then. (Um... what were we looking for again?).

Good to know the number of guards is limited. Until you trip an alarm, or someone comes across anyone you've knocked out, you should have a relatively easy time of it.
No. 462471 ID: 55c4cf

If we allow them to alert and heighten security it will be harder on us, so if we can take care of them before they can do that it may make our job easier.
No. 462505 ID: 0006f5

just six guards. if we do this fast, there's only the time it takes for reinforcements or a homicidal aunt to touchdown. it's too late to proceed clandestinely seeing as we've taken out a guard and the clock is ticking on when others discover the breach. wait to see what they do. if they go away, go down. if they come up, ambush them
No. 462545 ID: b604f1
File 135017057874.png - (55.67KB , 1000x750 , 229.png )


Well those bastards that captured me asked me to retrieve any kind of information about the secret projects and devices created by this corporation. But the current plan is to grab them and then tell the bosses here of that mission, so they turn against the kidnapping bastards. Showing that I was able to sneak in and do my mission undetected should prove that I’m worth having on their side.

Alright, I watch for a couple of minutes to see what they do. The technician doesn't move, stays there messing with his PDA. The guard doesn't return, for the moment.

I could use the Anti-grav elevator to hover down there if I want to try and knock that guy out. Or maybe take a different approach.
No. 462546 ID: 0006f5

can the antigrav be used to lift him up ? otherwise knock him out and gather what you can from the pda
No. 462589 ID: 4cc8d9


I think that'd panic him and make him call for help. better sneak up ourselves.
No. 462765 ID: 55c4cf

whatever you do...
don't fart. we can clear that passage later, stop thinking about it.
No. 462818 ID: b604f1
File 135023963921.png - (25.90KB , 1000x750 , 230.png )

Ok, I’ll try to sneak down.

Ouch... I jumped down a bit too early. But hey, he’s unconscious. Good job, I guess?

“What was that noise? Professor, are you alright?”

Oh crap.
No. 462819 ID: 86c3a7

>But hey, he’s unconscious. Good job, I guess?
So long as you didn't actually squish him like a bug, sure.

>Oh crap.
Back against the wall, be ready to leap out and tase the shit out of this guy when he comes to investigate.
No. 462865 ID: 0006f5

hot. ok, dont move the body out to draw his attention away from you. there's a chance he will just report the incident and run away instead of offering aid. pull the body towards you, who will be hiding around the corner to strike; he'll be more likely to scan around and spot your ambush but it's better than maximum alert
No. 462867 ID: 0006f5

also pda.
No. 462876 ID: b4b23e

Hide the body against the wall. He'll think the professor is gone until it's too late.
No. 462906 ID: 049858

Set the professor in a comfortable reclining position laying against the wall. Whoever it was will think he's dozed off.
No. 463055 ID: 55c4cf

Anal Penetration. Double Penetration. Double Penetration 2.

It appears you have found a very interesting floor!
No. 527391 ID: f4f679
File 137478635345.png - (93.79KB , 1000x750 , 231.png )


We return to Princess Suria V’Azhue, of the House Azhue in her quest to avenge the death of her sisters by the hand of her aunt Zurabai, and reclaim the throne of her House, that rightfully belongs to her.

Accompanied by her mother, Lyra V’Azhue, she’s made a few new enemies and allies, has tried her luck as a freelance mercenary/scavenger/monster hunter, with moderate luck and success. But after helping a couple of suspicious Sinarri adventurers hunting a rare monster, she and her mother have been cornered and apprehended by an unknown faction.

Her captors recognized her, and forced her to work for them, otherwise they’d kill her and her mother, who is now a hostage in their ship.

Her current mission for her captors made her fly to Maabura II, a Maurian planet, to infiltrate a party in the HQ building of Formotics A.S. a powerful Maurian corporation. There she’s supposed to spy on their latest prototypes and bring the information back. But Suria has other plans. She’s not going to be nobody’s puppet, she plans to find that information and then present it to Formotic’s CEO, tell her about the mysterious faction using her, and hopefully impress the company enough to gain their support.

To her surprise, her aunt was at the party. But she’s ignored her urges of revenge for the moment and focused on the mission at hand. The princess managed to hypnotize most of the guests and guards using one of Formotics’ latest inventions and used the distraction to sneak into the inner facilities.

Because the bastards that captured her took most of her possessions, she’s only carrying an energy gun right now, a stunning whip (non-lethal, close range weapon) and a non-marked card with 2000 credits in it.
No. 527392 ID: f4f679
File 137478640115.png - (20.86KB , 1000x750 , 232.png )

And now she’s knocked unconscious a scientific that was hanging around. She leaves the Maurian lying where he is and presses herself against the wall, hoping that the guard will not notice her and run to aid the fallen scientific.

Turns out Ziraneés are pretty large, compared to Maurians, so the guard notices Suria standing there right away.
“Hey, what’s going on!? Identify yourself!” He screams, while reaching for his gun.
No. 527394 ID: 9ddf68

uh, say you're lost because something went wrong with the hypnotic machine at the party and everyone, well everyone went for a ride seeing as you found yourself on a beach. You where trying to find out how to get out of the simulation when all the sudden you found yourself falling and uh... can you tell me where I am right now?
No. 527401 ID: a23afd

This poor man tripped over your tail! Ask if he's alright, act too worried about the guy to answer his questions. Then once the guard drops his... guard, use the stun whip on him.
No. 527405 ID: c95833

...thank goodness you're here, officer! This man is injured, and I don't know anything about Maurian physiology! Please, help!

Oh, and uh sorry, I'm Alison.

...then stun him when he's confused, goes to examine the downed Maurian, or when he goes to call it in.
No. 527441 ID: 0006f5

last thing you remembered you were on a beach and then you bumped really hard into someone. pretend to render aid with your back turned, get your weapons ready
No. 527691 ID: f4f679
File 137482764769.png - (53.96KB , 1000x750 , 233.png )

I turn around and pretend to be aiding the unconscious guy, while I slowly get my whip ready. The guard approaches carefully, I can see him getting closer over my shoulder.

“thank goodness you're here, officer! I’ve fallen down the elevator hole and... I guess I’ve bumped really hard into him! I don’t even know where I am! I’m... Alison, by the way.”

The guard gets closer, now just behind me. He’s still aiming his weapon at me, glancing at the other Maurian, trying to check on him without losing sight of me. With his free hand, he starts pulling his PDA out of his jacket, probably about to inform security!
No. 527695 ID: a23afd

Bump/grab him with your tail to disrupt his aim, then stun-whip him.
No. 527696 ID: 0006f5

tailsweep-offtheground into whip special !
No. 527698 ID: 9ddf68

try to knock him around/down with your tail and then take him out quickly with your whip.
No. 527755 ID: b1c062

If you can, duck when you go for the tail sweep, I've a feeling he might get a shot off when you sweep him, and it's better that skims your crest then ventilating your skull.
No. 527822 ID: f4f679
File 137486736927.png - (61.22KB , 1000x750 , 234.png )

I quickly duck and swipe him with my tail, he screams and I feel the hot wave of the laser beam missing me and hitting the nearby wall. Before he can get up again, I whip him and stun him!

Phew, that was close... This isn't really going very smooth or clean at all! It’s a matter of time before they find out about the hypnosis trick, and the missing guard and scientist? Should I leave them here and just rush, or should I move and hide them somewhere else?

There’s a couple of doors in this lobby, and two hallways. I should find the info I need as soon as possible, but I don’t even know where it could be. Maybe I can find a map or directory around here somewhere.
No. 527826 ID: a23afd

Well you just made a bunch of noise and there's no way you're covering up that laser burn on the wall, so let's just move fast. Oh, but move the professor out of the way of the elevator so he doesn't get crushed or something.

Go APways.
No. 527835 ID: 9ddf68

take a quick peek into the door behind you. If no one is in there just toss them off in there to the side. Also search there pockets to see if they have anything useful (like a map or PDA or something telling us where crap is) then lets bolt.
No. 527860 ID: 0006f5

chuck weapons away, take the pda's and scan through them for useful information. there's no hiding what happened so just move quickly. peek through the closest door for now
No. 527875 ID: f4f679
File 137487755255.png - (11.17KB , 1000x750 , 235.png )

Alright, I search the guard. I’d take his gun but I don’t have any extra space in this tiny dress to put it in! But I do take his PDA. It’s connected to the security mainframe, so I don’t want to touch it much, in case I alert the rest. It looks like I’d be able to communicate with any guard in the building if I wanted to.

Aha! Apparently the top secret prototypes are on Floor 43. So I just have to get to the main elevator, and get up there. Here’s the map of this floor. I’m the red dot. All of the other rooms are laboratories and storage rooms, apparently, I just don’t know which one of them have people working inside. Also I should be careful with the security station, it’s right next to the elevator. How should I proceed?
No. 527880 ID: a23afd

Well, we gotta go down DP apparently. Look around the corner before you go to make sure you don't run right into a patrol.

Move the guard so he can't be seen from down the AP corridor. Also move the scientist so he isn't sitting in that circle, that seems dangerous. I mean, isn't there a warning sign in front of it?
No. 527896 ID: 9ddf68

peek into the room closest to you and see if anyone is in there. If you don't see anyone quickly put both of the bugs in there and move towards DP. Look around corners to make sure you don't run into any more bugs and if you have to duck into rooms to avoid patrols. Also love how the main elevators are right next to the security spot.
No. 527924 ID: 0006f5

move DP ways
No. 528149 ID: f4f679
File 137491547337.png - (12.49KB , 1000x750 , 236.png )

I put them against the wall so they won’t be so visible and then I continue through the DP hallway. I’m in luck, I don’t meet any guards or any other Maurians at all.

Ok, there’s the elevator. And there’s the security room. Peeking around the corner I can see at least two guards through the window. One of them has his back turned and seems distracted. The other one would probably see me if I make a dash for the elevator... And I don’t even know if the elevator is in this floor. I better come up with something, quick.
No. 528290 ID: 9ddf68

You said the pda was connected to the security here right? think you could use it to try and move the guy away form the window? Send them on a wild goose chase or something like there is some rowdy party goers back where the party is and more guards are being requested to keep things in order.

If you can't do that then just try checking some of the rooms you passed in this hallway and see if any of them has something you can use as a distraction.
No. 528302 ID: 0006f5

>It looks like I’d be able to communicate with any guard in the building if I wanted to.

if you can think of some convincing order to get that guard distracted, otherwise notify the guard room to report to one of the AP rooms or downstairs
No. 528447 ID: f4f679
File 137497357860.png - (16.40KB , 1000x750 , 237.png )

Um, ok. I open a communication channel with Security (just audio) and try to do my best impression of a Maurian voice (I’m not very proud of it.)

“Uh... We’ve got a problem in corridor AP. Send someone immediately?”

Someone answers. Looking at the window, I can see it’s the Maurian facing away from the window reaching for his PDA and answering.

“Vixo? Is that you? What’s with your voice? And what problem do you mean?”


Now what?
No. 528456 ID: 0006f5

hgghn .. let them figure it out. peek in the closest room to see if it is unoccupied and hide if so. actually, who cares if it is occupied. just be ready to stunwhip the first poor sap who tries to ring in security. for now just wait to see who leaves the room
No. 528585 ID: 9ddf68

just turn your PDA off for now as I'm sure they'll get curious about what is going on and check it out. Just be ready to move/hide
No. 528705 ID: f4f679
File 137502192760.png - (15.68KB , 1000x750 , 238.png )

Alright, I turn off the PDA and go back to the nearest room in the DP corridor to hide in. Luck seems to be on my side here, it’s a storage room. Nothing here but lots of crates.

Ok, I’ve heard something. Talking, and the corridor door opening. I think both guards are out of the Security room. And at least one of them is now walking down DP. If he gets to the lobby, he’s gonna find the bodies! Whatever I’m gonna do, gotta do it quick!
No. 528711 ID: b1c062

use the bodies as a distraction to head further in?
It's a bit risky, but also a thought as to how to go in deeper, I think, seeing as we don't exactly have a means of getting out planned once the alarm is raised...
No. 528713 ID: dcd676

This seems exceedingly risky... but then, so is coming up on two people who're likely better armed and already know something's not right. I say go for the room.
No. 528775 ID: 9ddf68

well unless you think you could whip-taz the guard coming down this hallway let him past and brake for the elevator next to the security room they just left.
No. 528795 ID: 0006f5

yep, get the jump on whoever is coming down DP and go for the elevators asap
No. 529157 ID: f4f679
File 137512519953.png - (8.21KB , 1000x750 , 239.png )

Alright, I get out of the room and slide towards the elevator. I have time to get a quick glance at the guard leaving the corridor before I lose sight of him.
No. 529158 ID: f4f679
File 137512524295.png - (34.53KB , 1000x750 , 240.png )

Here we are, Floor 43. At least the lobby isn't guarded. I turn on the PDA again, just to listen an incoming transmission.

“...caution. I repeat, intruder detected in restricted area, all security personal commence searching and securing operations immediately. Intruder suspected to be a Ziraneé, armed at least with a stun energy weapon. Proceed with caution.”

This isn't good.
No. 529182 ID: 9ddf68

think you could get into the air vent? if not try door 2 but if you can't open that I guess that leaves only door 1. Just be quick.
No. 529339 ID: f4f679
File 137514153589.png - (9.63KB , 1000x750 , 241.png )

Well, I can reach the air vent, let’s see if I can fit in.

Ok... easy, easy...


Huff, huff... Stupid Maurain-sized vents... I think... if I keep trying I’ll end up...fitting.
Also I've heard the elevator going down, someone called it.
No. 529344 ID: 735f4f

Looks like someone is going on a diet. Well you made it this far so keep going I guess.

Lets hope they have smooth hospital air vents and not the usual ones with all the sharp metal bits everywhere.
No. 529346 ID: 9ddf68

other then trying not to laugh and failing horribly at it I think we should just use the door. Not sure if we should put the vent back or not because if we leave it open then they'll waste time looking in the vents but then now we're on this floor and if we do put it back then we wast time and if they do find out we're on this floor anyways then they'll probably not check the vents as much an have a better chance of actually finding us.

eh just leave it.
No. 529404 ID: 0cb5f5

continue ..
No. 529571 ID: f4f679
File 137520513187.png - (8.92KB , 1000x750 , 242.png )


Diet? What are you trying to imply? It’s not my fault that these stupid vents are ridiculously small.

Hnfff.... Ok! made it! But I can’t put the lid back in place.
No. 529572 ID: f4f679
File 137520515960.png - (33.71KB , 1000x750 , 243.png )

Ergh, good thing I’m not claustrophobic... at least they’re clean. Ok, there’s a lab down there, with a couple of computers. The light is on, but I don’t see anyone down there. I could open the vent and go down there, try to get the information from those terminals, or just keep going through the vents and see if I can find something else?
No. 529575 ID: 0cb5f5

dont stop. the gate is open
No. 529576 ID: 55c4cf

Keep moving, I don't really think you are going to be able to use anything in there very well if you wanted to.
No. 529591 ID: 9ddf68

see what else is around here.
No. 529687 ID: f4f679
File 137522589176.png - (16.97KB , 1000x750 , 244.png )

Ok, I’m just continuing forward. I keep going for a while, but all the vents I find are too small to fit through. I can occasionally hear voices through the vents, I think guards are checking the rooms. Or maybe they’re checking the vents themselves, I don’t know.

Alright, end of the road. From here, the vents just go straight down, probably down the floor below, or even further down. I don’t think it’d be a good idea to go there. I can turn around, or get into this last room, it looks like I would fit through the vent entrance.

It’s not a lab this time, it looks like some kind of office. I can see a server tower and a desk, with a computer. I can’t see or hear anyone out there.
No. 529689 ID: 735f4f

Looks like a good place to get out. Might be some useful info on the computers if we can do anything with them. And if not at least its not full of guards.
No. 529690 ID: 9ddf68

scan that computer to see what you can get.
No. 529695 ID: 0006f5

see what information you can get off the devices, should probably help you with accessing the lab and information from the terminals.
No. 529841 ID: 55c4cf

Scan the computer seems like a good idea, if you can break open the vent and physics like super fighting robot megaman, it would help you clip through the ship and escape. You might want to get out of the vent as soon as possible since you left the spot you entered opened up.
No. 529901 ID: f4f679
File 137528811397.png - (21.49KB , 1000x750 , 245.png )

Alright, let’s get out of here.


Oh! I guess there was someone in the room after all. The apparently female Maurian was right under the vent, so I couldn’t see her.

And I’m having a bit of trouble getting out of the vents again...

The Maurian blinks and stares at me for a moment, before she asks “Excuse me, what are you doing here?”
No. 529904 ID: bf54a8

"being stuck, can you lend a girl a hand?" and hold your hands out.
No. 529905 ID: 0006f5

you are currently stuck in a vent. ask her to make sure nobody else sees to save her the embarrassment
No. 529981 ID: f4f679
File 137530854413.png - (17.94KB , 1000x750 , 246.png )

“Being stuck, can you lend a girl a hand? And make sure nobody sees me, please this is embarrassing enough already.”

The Maurian takes my hand and weakly pulls. I end up getting myself out.


The Maurian speaks again.

“Yeah, well, I could see that. But what are you doing here, in a restricted area? Coming out of the vents and all.”
No. 529985 ID: 01531c

Ignore any questions about why you are here or crawling about.
Claim that you have claustrophilia.
If he confuses '-phobia' and '-philia', or thinks you mean 'agoraphobia', feel free to correct him.
Thank him generously for his calm helpfulness. Perhaps he was friendly associates with some Ziraneé in the past?

Keep an eye out if he seems to be going for his communicator.
No. 529996 ID: 7dbd6b

"Wut, this is a restricted area. How did that vent even get here? Would you mind giving me some directions?"
No. 530001 ID: 9ddf68

me, I'm lost. to make a long story short I believe some Maurians don't take to kindly to me being a Ziraneé and I really don't want to go into more detail then that so please don't ask. Eh, what do you mean by restricted whats up here?
No. 530097 ID: 0006f5

claim you are lost. ask for directions
No. 530163 ID: 888df6

Uh, it's sort of really embarrassing but I thought it would be neat if it was like spy novels where... they infiltrate high-class parties and do spy... stuff? And I'd try it? Oh man, I feel super lame please don't tell anyone.
No. 530180 ID: a23afd

I think you'd better be ready to pull out the stun whip if she makes any sudden moves.

Personally I'd like to tell her that you've been forced into stealing information from this place but you'd like to find an alternative somehow.
No. 530194 ID: e1609c

Had to get into the vents to escape some particularly insistent jerks after my tail, so to speak
Technically not a lie, security is indeed after us. However, we could easily spin this as "rich people are dicks and payed off the security team to force me near them please hide my stupid snake ass."
No. 530388 ID: 63512e
File 137538820835.png - (19.85KB , 1000x750 , 247.png )

I quickly recompose myself and try to play dumb.

“Restricted area? Me? I’m so sorry, I got lost! I had no idea I shouldn't be here!”

The Maurian simply blinks, still slightly puzzled. But at least she’s not giving the alert or trying to use her PDA to call for security.

“And why would you be climbing in and out of vents?” --She insists.

“Well, I Had to get into the vents to escape some particularly insistent jerks after my tail, so to speak. I had no idea I crawled into a restricted area. Could you give me directions? I don’t know my way around this building.

She simply shrugs.

“Well, I guess you’re the one Security is looking for. I heard their messages. And don’t worry about directions, I think they’re searching every room, so they’ll be here any minute now. They’ll show you the way back to the party.”

Uh oh.
No. 530412 ID: 9ddf68

quickly take stock of what's all in the room for something for you to hide behind/in/around, but try and be discreet about it, ask who she is and what she's doing in a restricted area. Just trying to see what we have to work with here.

Plan A (if we have somewhere to hide) is to just ask her about something that's behind her then taz her and take her with us as we hide and hope the guards just do a quick sweep of the room and leave (put grate back over the vent if you do this)
Plan B is to taz her and use the PDA you stole or her PDA to try and trick security to rush somewhere else by reporting a false sighting buying you time to escape/download things.
Plan C is if we have no other options... hostage.
Plan C is ONLY if we have no other option at all.
No. 530448 ID: e1609c

"Those would be the aforementioned jerks. One of the partygoers payed for some of the guards to go after me, and I really do not care to find out what they want me for as it really can not be anything savory."
No. 530449 ID: a01b62

Stun whip her ass and slither off.
No. 530614 ID: 8a3061

throw yourself on her mercy - confess all. Then if she won't cooperate just stun her
No. 530644 ID: 55c4cf

She appears to be a nice young lady. I think you should maybe sit down and talk to her. She is not reacting to you or trying to alert. Maybe apologize for the intrusion, sit down and talk to her. Maybe flirt with her, she looks like a saucy ant if you think about it. Ask her politely if she will help you get back to the party in a moment? You won't cause any more trouble. If she like, won't. Then Stun her, I mean, I think it's reasonable.
No. 530670 ID: 63512e
File 137545920763.png - (21.62KB , 1000x750 , 248.png )

I’m going to try and be reasonable with her.

“Ok, listen. I don’t have much time to explain, I’m sorry I've intruded, but some jerk at the party threw the guards at me, and I haven’t done anything! Please, help me get back to the party and I won’t cause anymore trouble.”

She seems rather unfazed, if anything, even a bit more curious.

“That’s ok, I wasn't going to hand you to the guards anyways, that’s not my job. But I do have to keep working here, so you’ll have to handle it yourself, I’m sorry.”

Well, she doesn't look like she’s gonna get me in more trouble, but I still don’t have any useful info and security is gonna come search this room in any moment. I don’t see anywhere here I could hide, unless I try to get back in the vent before they arrive.
No. 530673 ID: 01531c

This seems like a good time to discreetly stick your datapad into something to download everything, while you ask about what she does for a living and such.
No. 530680 ID: 0006f5

try locking / fusing shut the regular way in, and i suppose the best place to hide would be right below the vent where she was, while she tells the guards to jog off. ask her what she does here and discretely nab data off whatever devices look interesting
No. 530728 ID: 9ddf68

Thank her for her help and start asking her innocent things like her name and stuff and see if you can't scan a few things when she isn't looking.
No. 531069 ID: 63512e
File 137555193231.png - (17.68KB , 1000x750 , 249.png )

The door is closed but it doesn't have a lock, and I don’t have anything to fuse or block it.

I casually get out the PDA and connect it with the terminal on the desk. I’m just going to copy everything. The Maurian doesn't seem to mind, she doesn't stop me or anything.

“Hey, so you haven’t told me your name.” --I ask her, innocently.

“Lavanda. You haven’t told me yours either.”

“Alison.” --I answer without hesitation. “And what’s your job here anyways.”

“I’m afraid that’s classified information, I’m sorry.” she calmly says. She turns around to check on on the server module, to press a few buttons.

Ok, I got everything I could from that terminal. It looks I got some plans on devices and weapons designed by Formotics. This should be enough... and will have to be enough, now I’m sure I’m hearing voices coming from outside the door, in the hallway!
No. 531091 ID: 9ddf68

well unless you can get back into the vent quickly and without getting stuck I guess you could try using the PDA you have to try and report a false sighting or something to draw the guards away. Failing that wait near the door where they wouldn't be able to see you if they just looked in and hope they see Lavanda assume everything is fine and leave or if they do come in and if by some miracle they don't see you, you could try and sneak out past them back towards the elevator. In the much more likely event that they spot you rush them and zap them before they can call you in and get ready to run like hell.
No. 531167 ID: 0006f5

maybe you can have her report to security that you went below floors through the vents using the pda. wait near the door where you might not be seen but be ready to zap guards and run
No. 531213 ID: e1609c

Swap numbers with her before you flee, something tells me bug lady here might be a good insider contact for us with this company, and besides that she just seems like a pretty nice person overall.
No. 531228 ID: f0357f

Make sure to comment that she's really cute, for a Maurian.
No. 531380 ID: 63512e
File 137563735686.png - (35.73KB , 1000x750 , 250.png )

I try to hand the PDA to Lavanda and start with “Could you...?” before she interrupts me.

“I’m sorry but I can’t jeopardize my position in the corporation to help you, it’s too important to me.”

I shrug, I wasn't expecting it to work anyways.

“It’s alright, thanks anyways. You’re pretty cute for a Maurian, by the way.”

“Thank you, I guess.”

Ok, let’s get out of here... Oh no! A group of security guards is just there, across the corridor!

“Halt! Stop right there and drop your weapons!” they yell.
No. 531383 ID: bf54a8

close and lock door, slither back through vents.
No. 531384 ID: a01b62

Maybe we could just give up. We've got what we needed, right? Hide your PDA or whatever you stored the data on snugly in your significant assets and then surrender.
No. 531395 ID: 9ddf68

what's down the other hallway, the one around the bend to your left? (the side without the guards) could we just run like hell down that?
No. 531402 ID: 0006f5

the passage across from that door is corridor DP. is there really nobody coming down that way ? at any rate we will probably take a pretty hard hit trying to dart in front of their aim, so just slip back into the room and try to take the vents down.
No. 531409 ID: a01b62

Seriously, guys. It takes forever for us to fit into a vent, Starit has made that plenty clear. We are not going to be able to get inside in the time it takes for them to jog down the rest of the hall and shoot us in the ass. Like the Maurian said, if we appear nonthreatening they'll probably just escort us back to the party. Hide the stun whip and PDA where they won't search you and give up.
No. 531566 ID: f0357f

> if we appear nonthreatening they'll probably just escort us back to the party
Too late, we already took down multiple guards.
No. 531600 ID: 9ddf68

yeah I don't think we can just give up any more since we have taken down 2 guards and a scientist and they know we have a stun whip. Plus even if they did let us go with a warning they're probably going to search us to make sure we don't have anything on us and the dress we're wearing doesn't really have to many places to hide things like our PDA
No. 531648 ID: 63512e
File 137571861082.png - (67.50KB , 1000x750 , 251.png )

Yeah, It would take me too long to get back into the vents, so I guess I’ll try my luck darting through the other corridor. They open fire, but I manage to slither around the corner without getting hit. And at least it seems that they’re firing stunning weapons. That’s something, I guess.

Ok, a couple of doors to the sides, and a long corridor with another entrance at the end. If I follow the corridor, I’d probably end back in the lobby, with the elevator.
No. 531656 ID: 0006f5

try sending the elevator down and duck out into the closest room
No. 531686 ID: a01b62

I said to put it in her cleavage don't you even read???

Nooo you fool you've ruined everything

WELP better keep running, that's all you can do now. Duck and weave!
No. 531689 ID: 9ddf68

the pistol you have now, is it stun or lethal? as for what to do try and make it to the elevator while looking like your talking into something and just yell something like, pickup I need that roof pickup now, get to the elevators and send one of the elevators toward the roof and then wait for the guards to go chasing ghost before you head down and get out of here.
No. 531966 ID: 63512e
File 137580924574.png - (25.77KB , 1000x750 , 252.png )

The pistol I'm carrying doesn't have stun mode. If I want to knock someone out, I'll have to get close and personal with the whip.

I move as fast as I can down the corridor, finally opening the door towards the lobby. There's the elevator... but there's two guards standing in front of it.

"You there! Drop your weapon!" one of them yells. And I can hear the others behind me, catching up.
No. 531976 ID: bf54a8

throw the gun in the air towards them. then get in and whip em while they look at the gun.
No. 531978 ID: a01b62

Boned meter:

WELP you're already knee-deep in criminal filth you might as well wade the rest of the way in. Shoot the guy with the gun, do your best to dodge his shot, and shoot the other guy who doesn't have his weapon ready.
No. 532011 ID: 9ddf68

say her you go and throw the gun straight at gun guy's face then as soon as the gun leaves your hand hit them both with your wipe starting with gun bug then get down those freaking elevators now... maybe stop on the 2nd or 3rd floor if you think you could jump out a window or something safely as I'm pretty sure they wouldn't expect you to do something like that.
No. 532136 ID: 0006f5

open fire, stun for no funny business
No. 532141 ID: 41690e

...there's no way you disable both these guards and get into the elevator, and get it closed, before the others show up. You're done.

No. 532149 ID: a01b62

Great, thanks for your support now. We can't hide our shit in front of these guys.

Where is she even keeping her PDA?
No. 532250 ID: bc8d67

By now you'd be equally screwed if you're captured or if you surrender, so may as well go all in and try and fight your way out. Remember: They're both wearing helmets and torso armor, so try not to aim there.

Start bringing your gun hand up like you're going to shoot the guy on the right. That'll get him starting to shoot at you at torso height, so you're going to bend to the left and down while moving forward, all while aiming towards him. Rake an energy beam across his gun hand and arm, get low, and curve up the left side before the left guard can bring his gun up. Stun whip from left to right across both of them at leg level as soon as you're in range.

If you manage to pull that off you're gonna have to hold off the rest of the security forces until the elevator arrives. The call arrow above it for this level is lit, so it's already on it's way; Likely with reinforcements in it, but you can stun whip them from the side as soon as the door opens far enough.

Grab one of the stunned guards and hold him in front of you as a meat shield while holding your pistol to his neck and threatening to blow his head off might make the rest of the guards hesitate to fire. If you can, also pull the other stunned guard perpendicular to the elevator door so his body can block shots at your tail. Oh, and shift to the side so your tail is not right in the middle of the elevator door when it opens for any reinforcements to shoot.

Do NOT throw or toss your gun; It's far more valuable as a gun than as a distraction. The movement to throw or toss it would be more than enough reason for the guard on the right to shoot. And since they're using stunners they'll be a hell of a lot freer in their shooting than with lethal firearms, so we don't want to give them any reason to shoot until it's too late.
No. 532301 ID: 63512e
File 137589209112.png - (192.27KB , 1000x750 , 253.png )

Ok! I throw my weapon at them and pull my whip out. I manage to hit one of them and zap him unconscious, but the other one seems unfazed, as the vest protects him from the hit.

I... Aafh!
No. 532302 ID: 63512e
File 137589215396.png - (2.21KB , 1000x750 , 254.png )

No. 532303 ID: 63512e
File 137589220267.png - (18.50KB , 1000x750 , 255.png )

Uuurgh... Great. Just woke up, locked in a cell. Again. They've taken my weapons, and the PDA too.

I don’t know why I even keep bothering...
No. 532305 ID: 41690e

...well, at least these guys should be less nefarious.

There's still a chance to play this, though. Your position isn't as good or impressive as a prisoner, but you can still sell out your 'employers' and try to influence the company, here.

The big problem is if your aunt catches wind of your presence, or worse, of they hand you over to her.
No. 532306 ID: 5869f6

No. 532308 ID: 0006f5

fan yourself and act seductively
No. 532309 ID: e1609c

Well, we honestly could've about expected this much. At least we're alive.
No. 532312 ID: bf54a8

this was the expected outcome for a... long time. surprised we made it this far before it happened.
just wait for the right moment.
No. 532330 ID: 8a3061

could be you were used as a diversion while the real action went on elsewhere
No. 532603 ID: 63512e
File 137597783044.png - (20.95KB , 1000x750 , 256.png )

About half an hour of inactivity later, two guards open the door of my cell and ask me to follow them. They’re not restraining me, but both of them are carrying guns and I’m unarmed. We take an elevator and enter one of the floors. It looks like an office. I ask where are they taking me, one of them answers.

“The executive director has taken a personal interest in your situation.”

“Executive director?”

“Arguably the most prominent member of the company’s board.”

But it appears that this director person is busy with someone else, because we've been waiting at the door for five minutes.
No. 532604 ID: 63512e
File 137597785287.png - (20.95KB , 1000x750 , 257.png )

No. 532605 ID: 63512e
File 137597788143.png - (20.16KB , 1000x750 , 258.png )

“Suria, dear! My, you look fantastic, have you lost weight? I was just speaking with the director, who could’ve imagined you were behind the ruckus at the party tonight.”

Shit. It’s aunt Zurabai.
No. 532607 ID: 41690e

...well fantastic, we're dead.

Unless the Maurians feel particularly territorial about holding on to prisoners, or they'd prefer to keep you as leverage to hold over your Aunt over handing you over.

...as for your Aunt, you've nothing to say to her.
No. 532611 ID: 0006f5

it's possible
No. 532612 ID: 5663f2

Could it be that we were already in her clutches when that organization captured us, and made us run through hoops just to see how long we'd last before we failed?
No. 532649 ID: 9ddf68

...fucking called it
No. 532686 ID: e1609c

Yeah, we're boned.
>Return to menu
>New game
No. 532749 ID: a01b62


Ve vill zay nothink, filthy Allied pig.
No. 532764 ID: c23ab0

Give your dear auntie a hug. You do have a concealed knife, don't you?
No. 532771 ID: cf49fc

No, but she DOES have a screwdriver. Stab your dear aunt where the spinal column reaches the skull. Should be immediately paralytic.
No. 532772 ID: 9d8047

I think this is the point were you just think FML so just say it "FML" i wont to see who knows what it means:/
No. 532779 ID: cf49fc

...Please use grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and English when typing here.
No. 532796 ID: 9d8047

It was 7 something in the morn for me. What i said(or try'd to say) was to say something along the lines of fml and see who got it
No. 532817 ID: beeca1

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that you're roughly eleven years old.

And "fuck my life" is one of the more widely used initialisms on the Internet. It is slightly less common than "lol".

Anyways, on topic, do shank dear Auntie with the screwdriver.
No. 532820 ID: 41690e

>make futile attacks
...after being disarmed, and with armed guards at our backs. Brilliant.


I'd rather stubbornly say nothing, or return her game of false compliments. Say something flattering about that missing eye of hers.
No. 532823 ID: 9ddf68

I say don't attack unless you have to as I see that as one of the quickest ways to end up in a body bag. I say just stand there and don't say a thing and try to keep all emotion off of your face and lets see what the bitch has to say first as we are now going with plan c, wing it
No. 532877 ID: bc8d67

Steady, Suria. Do not give in to the desire to attack Zurabai here. You would not get anywhere near her before the guards cut you down, and even if did you are unarmed and she has more close-combat fighting experience than you. She's also undoubtedly the type to have at least one deadly weapon hidden on her at all times, and given the chance she would not hesitate to use it on you. Attacking now would be effectively suicide, so save it for when it'll actually do good.

Now, as bad as this looks, you're not done for. You're only done for when you're dead, and you're not there yet.

It's actually looking less and less likely that Formotics is offering you up to Zurabai as a gift. If you were it'd be far more likely that you would have never woken up at all, or woken up in the brig of Zurabai's ship, than being escorted up to the executive director's office. And the director didn't even have you brought in so he could present you to Zurabai. Yeah, something else is going on here.

Put on a similar fakey grin and tone of voice as Zurabai and say this: "Well, I couldn't have imagined seeing you in the middle of a Maurian gala, of all places. Tell me, was it a personal invitation, or did you have to scrape 'Lyra' off and write 'Zurabai' in on it?" If she actually answers this it'll tell you if Formotics invited her before she was queen or if it just came with her overthrowing your mother, which may give some clue to where she stands with them. Then end it by saying you believe the executive director wished to speak to you, and you're not going to leave him waiting.

While doing that start to slowly slither to the side of Zurabai, giving her plenty of room, like you would if you were going to eventually go into the executive director's office, and see how far you can get before one of the guards pipes up, or even if they pipe up. That'll be another clue to what's going on.
No. 532928 ID: 63512e
File 137606956840.png - (21.28KB , 1000x750 , 259.png )

Ok, ok, I try to remain as calm as possible, ignoring her. I won’t say a thing.

“Aw, giving your old aunt the cold shoulder? How rude and improper of you, Suria, I’d thought your mother would've taught you better than that.”

I resist replying to her taunts, even while I think I’m pretty much done for at this point. One of the guards hums loudly to catch our attention, and hesitantly speaks.

“Uh... Lady Zurabai, I’m sorry but... the Executive Director wishes to speak with the prisoner, we need to move along.”

Zurabai shrugs, and slither past me, just stopping right by my side. I can feel her stinking breath right next to me, and she’s so close, still smiling with that horrible grin, for a moment I think she’s just gonna bite my throat off. But she simply whispers:

“Aw, what a spoilsport. We need to catch up dear, you've been out for so long. It’s a shame I didn't know that you were the intruder before, or I would've requested to escort you back home personally. I’ll have to wait until you finish your little talk with the Director. They’re pretty serious about their bureaucracy here in Formotics. I know, it’s a pain. I’ll be sure to see you later.”

Well at least it looks like they’re not gonna hand me to her right away. She’s leaving, should I say something or just keep quiet and walk into the director’s office?
No. 532929 ID: 01531c

Walk, and exercise situational awareness.
It's likely an agent or sentry-gun will kill you before you can talk to someone who might listen about those guys who kidnapped you.
No. 532934 ID: 41690e

>I’ll be sure to see you later.
...unless you can make a good retort about her eye, just remain silent. We have a meeting to attend to.

Same basic plan as originally. Use what you know about your captors and their intentions here to try and play the situation to your advantage. Our position isn't as strong as a prisoner, but you might have impressed someone with the trouble you've managed to cause.

...and I don't know what their relationship is with your aunt, but they might be more interested in using you as a lever to use against her than a present to earn her gratitude.
No. 532946 ID: c23ab0


Well her aunt was the one who took over Surai's home and killed all her friends and family.
No. 532951 ID: 9ddf68

just move on. we have nothing that needs to be said to her.
No. 533204 ID: bc8d67

Let out a low hiss through clenched teeth and slither through the Executive Director's door before you lose your cool.

It may not be anything, but the guard addressed Zurabai as "Lady," not "Queen." Likely a mistake on his part, but could there be a possibility that the news of Zurabai's coup hasn't reached here yet? Because if it hasn't, that could explain Zurabai's act. She'd be keeping up appearances in hopes of talking the Maurians into handing you over to her to avoid a diplomatic mess.

You'll need to find out a bit more before making a decision on what to do. Even revealing the coup, if they don't know, may not be a good idea. Hear what the Director has to say, and find out what he said to Zurabai.
No. 533233 ID: 63512e
File 137615265160.png - (21.33KB , 1000x750 , 260.png )

Yeah, I better just ignore her. I simply pretend she isn't even there and walk forward, pressing on the door to activate the automatic sliding mechanism. The guards, behind me, escort me inside of what apparently is the office of the Executive Director, whose hands hold my life.

No. 533234 ID: 63512e
File 137615269417.png - (15.45KB , 1000x750 , 261.png )

“Yes, please, come in. Suria V’Azhue, right? Lavanda Znix, Executive Director of Formotics A.S. Could you tell me what was your purpose in this building, and who do you work for?”
No. 533237 ID: 76f779

> Could you tell me what was your purpose in this building, and who do you work for?
"My purpose was to find information, my employer is my kidnapper."
No. 533244 ID: bf54a8

it's a test! she's in on it! say nothing!

"i'm obligated to not reveal that information"
No. 533251 ID: 41690e

...oh hey, you're the Executive Director? I'm suddenly really glad I opted for clumsy lies instead of stunning you, before.

Give her your story. Sell out your coerced employers. It's not as if you have anything to lose at this point.
No. 533267 ID: 9ddf68

long story short, didn't have a choice. Also like the office.
No. 533298 ID: 0006f5

you did not have a choice. your employers had you as their hostage and hid their identities.

im really doubtful the maurians will deviate from their protocol much, and will not listen to excuses or explanations. ask what your lawful options right this instant are aside from answering.
No. 533475 ID: bc8d67

"If I don't?" Just to hear what would happen if you didn't. Then actually respond to her question.

"To steal as much information on the latest Formotics A.S. prototypes as possible; A shadowy organization that captured me and my mother and held her hostage to coerce me into doing their work."
No. 533544 ID: 63512e
File 137623726781.png - (16.37KB , 1000x750 , 262.png )

I decide to be completely honest.

“I was commanded to steal as much information about your secret prototypes as I could. My kidnappers forced me to do it.”

I tell her about the mysterious organization that is holding my mother hostage, and forcing me to work for them. The Maurian listens to me politely, then stays silent for a few seconds, thinking about what I just told her. I’m afraid she’s not gonna believe me. But then, finally, she talks again.

“It’s not the first attempt to spy or sabotage our new prototypes in the couple of months. We suspect of an organization, but we haven’t had a chance to fight back, or even confirm our suspicions. Until now.”

“Suria, I believe that you weren’t acting on your own free will tonight, and I appreciate you haven’t cause any permanent damage on our facility or personnel. Also, I’d like to commend you, for getting so far without any help. It’s impressive. Frankly, the easiest way out of this would be to hand you over to your aunt, and ruler of your House, as I’m sure she’s going to request as soon as I finish talking to you.”

“But you’re giving us an excellent opportunity to finally catch those who have been attacking Formotics recently. Your captors. So that’s it. We won’t hand you to the Ziraneé authorities, but you’re going to work with us, and fight against those who blackmailed you. And maybe even free your mother.”

She pauses, but doesn’t seem like she’s giving me a choice. It’s not like I have one either, I’m not going back with Zurabai!

But Lavanda seems to be in relatively good position with me. Should I try to put some conditions or try to negotiate the arrangement? I’m tired of being bossed around, dammit! I’m the legitimate queen!
No. 533551 ID: 735f4f

Your mother is still the queen you mean. You might be the heir to the throne but its not yours until you can take it.

As a older member of your direct family your aunt would have the easiest time taking over with you and your mother indisposed.

If you want to be a queen you need to act like a queen. So thank her for her assistance and make sure to mention that your aunt is not in fact the ruler of your house. Caution her about your aunts involvement in all of this as she is the one with the most to gain if you and your mother were to disappear.

So tell her you would be glad to help but you want to be more than a pawn being blindly led around. That's what this shadowy organization has done so far and look where it got them.
No. 533558 ID: 41690e

Well, that went well. Although, cynically, it really just means they're more interested in their own interests than your Aunts, or earning her favor. And they don't have much to lose sending a double agent against their enemies.

Not that you're opposed. You want to work against your captors and free your mother. And making friends here you can use later is to your interest.

Negotiating isn't a bad idea, but I'm not sure exactly what terms we want to impose. Working out the details of the arrangement might be a good place to start?

Might be good to find out what they do plan to tell the pretender to the throne. And she has some influence here or reason for being here in the first place. It might be worth trying to understand that.

>Your mother is still the queen you mean.
No, not at all. She lost the throne, and all right to ever hold it again. There's a reason she's supporting us, and not the other way around.
No. 533564 ID: bf54a8

explain you can't go back empty handed. otherwise they will suspect something is up.
No. 533565 ID: 9ddf68

(sigh) "more forced labor, greeeeaaaat."

If she ask what you mean by that just say you're tired of working with a gun pointed to your head. The shadow organization that "recruited" you threatens to kill your mother if you don't do as they say assuming they haven't already and now she's saying if you don't help her you'll be handed over to our aunt which would be game over. Don't get me wrong we should still do it since those bastards kidnapped you and started using you through vague threats and empty promises and made her mad by trying to sabotage your company. That whole enemy of my enemy thing but still the point is that right now we're just trading one captor for another so would it be to much to ask for a little payment? Or is the motto here the same as your last "employer", shut up and do as I say or I hurt you.

If she does agree to pay you for this mission I think we should just ask for some money (not a lot) and an upgrade for our ship. It's been to damn long since we actually got paid for anything we've done.
No. 533569 ID: 735f4f

We could help them with the agreement that if we succeed then her company has to acknowledge us as the rightful queen and not do business with our aunt.
No. 533602 ID: 0006f5

going with this
No. 533829 ID: bc8d67

Suria, you may well be the legitimate queen, but here and now you're just a prisoner dangling by a thread. Adjust your attitude and expectations accordingly in negotiating with Lavanda.

Politely ask if she would possibly pay you something if your actions do succeed in taking down your kidnappers. Perhaps start by asking for an amount about equal to the cut you were supposedly going to get from the sale of those Fireback Kroskha teeth, before everything went wrong, and haggle down from there.

You could point out that if she does hand you over to Zurabai, Formotics is likely not going to get a lead on your kidnapper's organization for quite awhile. After your failure, and possibly telling her all you know of them, they're going to stick with experienced operatives that are loyal to them, or use anonymous middle-men. So even if Formotics catches one, they'll either get nothing or misdirection.

You'd also be mighty grateful for it, so she could also consider it a small long-shot investment that would greatly improve relations in the future between Formotics and House Azhue if you actually succeed in retaking the throne.

If Lavanda did this it would sever all trade relations between Formotics and House Azhue, and there is no way she is going to agree to that. At least, not now. When Suria is much farther down the road to the throne, maybe then. But right now it'd be a ridiculous demand to make.

Also, the public backing of a Maurian corporation would very likely give Suria's reputation a hit among many of the Ziranée factions she'd need to take the throne. The memories of the Ziranée-Maurian war still linger in the minds of the faction leaders, after all.
No. 534063 ID: 63512e
File 137640957372.png - (17.40KB , 1000x750 , 263.png )


Yeah, my mother lost her right to rule after being dethroned, my people won’t accept her back even after we defeat Zurabai.

Alright, I’ll try to be realist and keep my head cool, but I’ll try to negotiate.

“Alright, but think about it, I’m going to dethrone my aunt Zurabai and become the head of my House. It’s the best for our mutual interests if you help me, or at least guarantee that you’ll only do deals with me instead of my aunt in the future.”

Lavanda shakes her head.

“I’m sorry, but that kind of deal is very unfair to us. While I have no doubt of your disposition and I don’t discard that you might be successful in your quest, right now your aunt is the proclaimed leader, and we can’t just turn down that kind of market without any guarantees. Also, during your mother’s reign, she has rejected nearly every one of our attempt to establish a commercial agreement with your house, and your aunt is the first one to try and approach us about the matter. That’s why she was at the party tonight.”

“I see...”

“Still... I want you to understand that you haven’t just changed hands from one blackmailer to another. And you give us a great opportunity to finally catch the perpetrators of the recent sabotages. So, if you succeed on this mission, we’ll give you a hefty reward. And if you become a force with actual possibilities of overthrowing your aunt’s regime, we’ll propose an alliance for that purpose.”

“Keep in mind”--She continues. “This is all strictly unofficial for now. We can’t compromise until we see results, and if you try to divulgate this sort of information, we’ll deny it.”

“So what do you say?” --She finally asks, expectantly.

I don’t have a choice about accepting or not the mission, so I assume she’s asking about the conditions.
No. 534064 ID: ab1da0

The deal conditions she's offering seem fair enough.
Smile, shake on it, and let's get our stuff back so we can find our shadowy kidnappers and get back at them.
Bet you guys it turns out it's the church that did this.
No. 534070 ID: 0006f5

haha thats not a good sign if it is the church :s. agree
No. 534071 ID: 41690e

That's as fair a deal as I can really ask for under the circumstances. Thank you. *offer a hand for handshake*

Uh, could you pass my apologizes on to the people I knocked out?

...out of curiosity, what are you going to tell my Aunt when she asks after me?
No. 534072 ID: 735f4f

Sounds like a decent deal. Ask if you can personally apologize to the nice omni-mind technician for messing with his machine. Also the professor you landed on and the guards you stunned.
No. 534087 ID: bf54a8

again, you need some data, like, give us data on prototypes that are in production and so will come out before anyone has a chance to make real use of the information.
No. 534125 ID: 9ddf68

well it's either that or rot so why the hell not.
No. 534301 ID: bc8d67

It's about as much as you can hope to get in your situation. Thank her for the offer and accept, along with whatever the equivalent of a handshake is in your part of space if you think that appropriate.

Then it's on to devising a plan that'll lead Formotics to your kidnappers and get you out of this alive along with your mother. It sounds like a rather tall order right now, but between the two of you you'll come up with something.
No. 534374 ID: 63512e
File 137650237253.png - (12.03KB , 1000x750 , 264.png )

“Alright, sounds good to me.”

I lean in, to shake her hand, a Maurian custom to seal deals that I’m still not used to. Her hand is so tiny, I’m going to crush it if I’m not careful.

“Can I apologize to the omni-mind technician, and the other one I knocked out as well?”

I’m afraid not. I’ll transmit your apologies to them, but for now we’re trying to keep your capture a secret.

“So what’s the plan?”

Lavanda leans back on her chair and ponders for a few seconds before she answers.

“It’s easy. As I just said, We’re trying to keeep the news about your capture a complete secret. In fact we’re not going to let your aunt leave the planet until your mission is complete. We’re going to give you a PDA full of fake info, so you can go back triumphant to their ship or base. We’ll install a tracker in your ship so we know where to find you. Then we’ll attack. I’m afraid that once you’re inside, you’re on your own, so try to stay alive, and use the confusion to search for your mother. We’ll also send troops inside once we can board the ship, but they might take some time to get to your position.”

“Sounds pretty dangerous.”

“It is, but we have no other choice. Ah, one last thing. We’ll give you a data port with a computer inhibitor. Once the fight starts, you have to get to the ship’s computer room and install it in the mainframe. It’ll block the navigational systems and prevent them from using their FTL engine to flee out of there. This is crucial, we’ll try to be quick enough and tractor them before they can do it, but if they manage to warm the engine up before that, they’ll just leave, with you inside the ship. And that’ll be the end of you.

“We can give provide any sort of equipment or weapon you think you’d need for the mission. What do you require?” --She adds.
No. 534378 ID: 9ddf68

a gun that can pierce through armor because from what little we've seen of this guys, they are well equipped. I'm almost tempted to say armor as well but unlike the gun which we can just say we grabbed from a guard we knocked out, armor might be a little harder to explain. (I mean if someone went into a Maurian corporation and happened to find Ziraneé body armor that just so happened to be a perfect fit, I'd think bullshit if that someone told me they just found it)
No. 534380 ID: bf54a8

and our stun whip back.
No. 534384 ID: 41690e

Hmm. We're going to need a real weapon for this, I think. It's one thing to go around stunning tech-company guards, but these guys are willing to use deadly force, and your mother's life is on the line.

Part of the problem is we want everything to seem in order when we show up. That means whatever we bring needs to be concealable.

...we're also going to need a way to circumvent the locked doors they like putting us behind.
No. 534492 ID: 0cb5f5

gas charges and several respirators
No. 534523 ID: bc8d67

First thing to ask for is a concealable, unscannable device that can crack open the locked doors on the kidnapper's ship that you can hide on yourself. You'll need this to get out in the first place, and not end up trapped by them remotely closing and locking doors in your face.

If you could get a shielded, scan cloaked hidden compartment installed in your ship at the same time as the hidden tracker, that'd be great, because then you could bring gear that you couldn't hide on yourself. You'd have to get back to the hangar bay to get it, but that's better than not having it at all.

If you can get a compartment like that, ask for a top-of-the-line personal shield (similar to the one your mother gave you back when all this started,) a personal cloaking unit (if that's a thing that exists,) and an energy gun that can punch through Ziraneé power armor, with a belt of spare ammo. Throw in something powerful for close combat as well, in the vein of a powered sword or something like that.

How concealable is that data port? Will it show on scanners? Could you hide it on your person and be pretty much certain your kidnappers won't find it when they confiscate your weapons and tools and search you? Because if you aren't, then you're gonna need to hide it on your ship and get it later.

I'd be good to get an internal plan of the type of Ziraneé cruiser your kidnappers have, so you'll know the shortest way to get to the mainframe. You'll have time on the trip back to memorize it, then destroy the data, because you do not want them to find out you have that. But getting those plans is probably not doable, unless it's an older model cruiser. Still, can't hurt to ask.

Ask how long the Formotics ships are going to lag behind yours so you'll know roughly when the "main event" will start, and maybe could get going ahead of time, if you get the chance. Also, how long does it take for the Ziraneé cruiser to charge its FTL drive, and does it have to divert all power to it like on your little fighter?

Won't work against power armor, but still useful against anyone else; Make it knockout gas. If we get the hidden compartment, throw it in if there's still space after everything else.
No. 535153 ID: 63512e
File 137676886128.png - (36.38KB , 1000x750 , 265.png )

“Ok.” --I start. “I’m going to need a weapon able to pierce armor, if I want to stand a chance against the guards at the ship. And I want my whip back. A personal shield would be very useful too. And something to deal with both electronic and conventional locks. Oh, and knock out gas charges, and respirators would be really useful.”

Lavanda listens carefully before she answers.

“Yeah, I understand how all of that would be really helpful, but at the same time, I really doubt you’re gonna be able to conceal it all in your party dress. You could carry the whip, shield and lock picking tools. A weapon powerful enough to pierce through armor while still being concealable under that dress is gonna be a problem. Same with the gas charges.”

I quickly respond.

“Well, I have an idea! Can you install a secret compartment in my ship where I could hide all that stuff? And an electronic device to fool their scanners! I’d have to return to the hangar for them, but it would still be better than having nothing on me. And as I mentioned, it’s a Ziraneé Battle Cruiser, I know my way around in one of them.”

“Hmmm... OK, that makes sense. One T.K. Bruiser should be able to punch a hole through most armor. And we’ll put a few gas canisters and respirators in the compartment as well. They’ll be safe unless they do a manual inspection of the ship, so try not to raise any suspicion.”

I nod, then remember the other details I wanted to ask about.

“How concealable is the data port? Will it show on scanners”

“Do not worry about it, it’s minuscule, you could hide it under your tongue if you wanted to... Try not to swallow it tho. And any electronic items you’d had on you will show in a personal scanner, we can’t do anything about that. But if they scan your ship and our cargo cloaking system works, they won’t register any suspicious element on the ship or your person. So they shouldn’t have a reason to scan you again once you’re out of the ship. So try not to give them those reasons!”

“Ok, last thing...” --I say. “How long will it take you guys to arrive?”

“Well, the ship is in our system and it’s probably not too far away from the planet. As soon as the tracker transmits us the coordinates, we’ll move out. Then it’ll take us as much as it took you to get there. If they’re not too far away, it should take us from 15 minutes to one hour. If they’ve decided to hide further... well, nobody said the operation wasn’t going to be dangerous.”

“Huh... alright.”


I can answer the FTL question. A cruiser would normally take from 10 to 20 minutes to charge up the FTL engine, at full power. But, if it’s being attacked (which should be the case if the Formotics forces arrive in time), it’ll have to diverge power to shields, weapons, and other systems, which means it would take them longer, maybe an hour.
No. 535155 ID: 63512e
File 137676893049.png - (98.34KB , 1000x750 , 266.png )

Alright, everything seems to be in order. They keep me in Lavanda’s office while they modify my ship and load the equipment in it. They give me the whip back, plus a set of lockpick, and a basic electronic lock hacking device. Also the shield, which I put on immediately.

Half an hour later they escort me back to the ship. I don’t see Lavanda again, instead, a security officer tells me that they’ve installed the modifications in my ship, and that the gas canisters and respirators are inside, along with the energy weapon, in a secret container.

And with that I’m out.

A few minutes after I exit the planets, I receive a data transmission. There’s no message in it, just coordinates. There it is. If I could send these to Formotics, they’d already be on their way, but I guess they’ll just have to follow the tracker in my ship.
No. 535156 ID: 63512e
File 137676909696.png - (192.70KB , 1200x900 , 267.png )

And there’s the ship. It wasn’t far away from the planet, only half an hour of travel. Just like last time, no radio communication is established, but one of the dock gates is open, the landing lights blinking, beckoning me.

I successfully dock in the designated area. I’m in. I wait for a couple of minutes but I do not receive any instructions, nor anyone tries to board my ship. Now, it’s vital they don’t suspect a thing, how should I proceed?
No. 535164 ID: 0006f5

use hand gestures to indicate upwards there's no communication, which there isnt. dont shut off anything yet in case shit gets real
No. 535172 ID: 41690e

Finish shutting down the ship, and exit with the data, I guess. They picked you up when you left the ship last time, I expect they'll do it again.

They'll expect you to grab the data they wanted, and probably will expect some kind of report, before either locking you up again or talking about your next mission. You might also be able to stall by trying to get permission to see your mother, now. Knowing where she is will make your rescue attempt more likely to succeed.

Regrettably we're going to have to leave the hidden compartment unopened, and return to it later. The risk of being found with the stuff early is too dangerous.
No. 535175 ID: 9ddf68

wait a minute to see if they do anything, then try calling them on your radio or something and ask if you're supposed to be doing something and if they still don't respond call them again and say if they don't come out soon you'll just go to them. If they don't respond after That get out of the ship and start moving towards wherever that port would be (you said you knew the ship), if they pick you up and ask what you're doing just say you got lost and sound annoyed that it took them this long to finally notice you.
No. 535287 ID: bc8d67

Well, you should have proceeded the same as you did after the last mission by powering down and exiting your fighter as soon as you landed, but you've already deviated by waiting a couple minutes. Better not wait any longer.

Power down your ship. If that's a camera pointed at your cockpit window pull out the PDA and hold it up in plain view. Then get out and wait with PDA in hand for the power armored Ziraneé to escort you. But if nobody comes within a minute climb back in and use the short-range radio to ask if you should wait for an escort or just go in. And if there's no reply within another minute just head to the shadowy man's office on your own at a brisk but not attention drawing pace.

Best guess for why they aren't sending anybody out until your ship is powered off and you're out of it: They don't want to risk you opening fire on them with it. Those laser cannons would probable be able to do damage even if they are wearing power armor.

Incidentally, for future reference, how sturdy are the hangar bay walls? What about the rest of the interior walls on a cruiser of this type? No chance of blasting through them with your fighter's weapons?
No. 535290 ID: 96c896

As soon as you can, demand to see your mother.
No. 535524 ID: bc8d67

Yeah, they would expect you to demand that as soon as you turn in the PDA. Acting grumpy from being tired and hungry would fit as well. Also complain that they didn't warn you that Zurabai was going to be at the gala; If she'd had spotted you, it would have been all over.
No. 535779 ID: 63512e
File 137694608667.png - (38.14KB , 1000x750 , 268.png )

Alright, I wait for a minute more, and I wave my arms around a bit, pointing at the radio, and at the PDA. Nothing happens, so I shut down everything and slide out of the ship. The two guards in full body armor from last time are awaiting me there, I don’t know when did they show up, they sure weren’t there when I landed the ship.

They start escorting me towards one of the exits, to a corridor. I tell them that I want to see my mother, but they ignore me.

This time I know where I am, and I know they’re taking me to one of the cargo holds of the ship. They open the door and push me inside, leaving me alone in the shadows again. Suddenly, the single light shines again, illuminating the bare desk and the vague form of a... Maurian? behind it.


“Mission accomplished. Now, I want to see my m-” --I answer. I’m going to get closer to the desk to give him the PDA, but before that a mechanical claw darts from the desk and takes the device off my hands, while he interrupts my sentence.

“It’s taken you more time than we expected. Did you encounter any kind of complication?” the person says, while he seems to read the contents of the PDA.

He waits for an answer.
No. 535782 ID: bf54a8

"i ran into my aunt and she introduced me to her friends, so i had to talk with all of them because they didn't know my aunt wants me dead."
No. 535796 ID: 9ddf68

Saw my aunt, made me more cautious since I really didn't feel like having a family reunion when all I had on me was a stun whip.

Answer with as few words as you can, and keep asking to see your mother.
No. 535841 ID: 41690e

Yeah. My Aunt was a guest at the party you had me infiltrate. Made getting in without being recognized a lot harder, and slower.

Either your intelligence sucks for not knowing she was there, or you knew and made the poor decision not to give your agent all the information she needs. You're very lucky that didn't go worse.
No. 535943 ID: bc8d67

Mentally tally up how much time you were out on their mission to get an idea of how much time your lies are going to have to cover to be plausible. Unfortunately you don't know how long the shadowy maybe-Maurian expected your mission to take, so you'll have to just lay them on until its satisfied.

Open by saying that Zurabai was at the gala, with two of her bodyguards, and grumble you were damn lucky none of them were looking towards the entrance when you came in. You stayed out of their sight, concocting a plan to get farther into the building, but when you were ready to execute it they kept mingling around for an infuriating amount of time within view of the door you needed to use.

This probably won't be enough to explain away all the time taken, so be prepared to come up with some more reasons.

Don't push more to see your mother before the shadowy figure is satisfied with your explanation. It'll just raise its ire, waste time while it chastises you, and may lead to more probing questions which you don't want.
No. 535966 ID: 0006f5

the extra time ensured the mission did not get compromised.
No. 536058 ID: 63512e
File 137702140243.png - (51.83KB , 1000x750 , 269.png )

“My aunt Zurabai was at the party. I had to spend the extra time to not get recognized and compromise the mission, not to mention, my own life.”

The figure doesn’t even move, but waits for a few seconds more before responding.

“That’s unfortunate. But it looks like you managed to stay undercover through the whole operation. We haven’t heard reports of violent activity or any kind of intrusion in the Formotics building. By the way, at the beginning of your mission you were given an energy weapon and a stunning whip. We’ve decided to give you a certain amount of trust and we haven’t searched you after your return, but for security reasons, we won’t let you carry them inside the ship. Hand them over, please.”

Uh oh… I have the whip, but I never asked for my old gun back. What am I going to answer. Also it’s been… roughly 8 minutes since I arrived. Formotics’ forces should arrive in 22 minutes, more or less.
No. 536059 ID: d2ad4a

Hand over the whip-then look embarassed- the simple truth is, you're not sure exactly where it went. You didn't use it at all thuogh, so that shouldn't be a worry.
No. 536061 ID: 0cb5f5

hand over the whip and prepare for the worst
No. 536066 ID: 41690e

Uh. Damn, I didn't realize we didn't ask for all of our equipment back. Sloppy mistake to make, on our part, and Formotics. The agent should be expected to return with her gear.

We can't tip their suspicions, yet. If they think you're hiding the weapon, they'll search your ship. Finding your hidden stash, or the tracker is a death sentence.

Tell him you're not carrying the whip. You set it aside when you switched to the party dress, because you weren't confident you could conceal it or get it through security at the party. And it's a damn good thing you didn't have it on you, actually. If you had been armed with a lethal weapon, you're not sure you could have resisted the chance to kill your Aunt.
No. 536072 ID: 01531c

"Here is the whip. The gun was compromised by a veteran security officer upon entering the party, who promised its return, but to avoid detection by my relatives I was forced to find another exit."
No. 536083 ID: 9ddf68

say you had to ditch the gun cause they were checking out the people who were coming, you didn't want to go unarmed though and since the whip was easier to hide you tried to sneak that in and it worked.
No. 536275 ID: bc8d67

Don't you mean "gun," not "whip?" And saying it was set aside would imply it was left on the ship, which would prompt them to search it, which is exactly what we DO NOT want.

Shouldn't involve interactions with Formotics guards, since we have no idea how they'd handle finding a gun on a party guest, but the shadowy figure may know.

If Formotics security was checking for weapons at the gala, it'd be discreetly with scanners, not patting down the guests. Which means they'd spot the whip no matter where it was hidden.

Really, lets keep this relatively simple and not use anything that the shadowy guy could possibly know to contradict it.

Hand over the whip and say you lost the gun due to sheer bad luck. You backed into a cramped maintenance crawlspace on top of a bunch of pipes to hide while some Formotics employees passed by. Your dress snagged halfway in, pulling up far enough that the gun slid from its pocket. There wasn't any room to get your arms around to catch it, and all you could do was press your body against it to keep it from clattering away until the employees passed out of earshot. And when you attempted to maneuver to grab the gun, it slid over the edge of the pipe, and the pipes under it, and came to rest where you couldn't reach. You decided that it was riskier to take time to find a way to retrieve the gun than to just continue the mission without it.
No. 536368 ID: 63512e
File 137711080636.png - (34.37KB , 1000x750 , 270.png )

I handle him the whip and try to appear embarrassed.

“The truth is I… lost the gun somehow, I sneaked into a cramped maintenance crawlspace on top of a bunch of pipes to hide while some Formotics employees passed by, and somehow it fell and I didn’t notice way after, and it was just too dangerous to go back for it.

The figure stares at me for a moment that feels a century, then it finally speaks again.

“Your job has been satisfactory. However, be more careful with your equipment in the future, you don’t want to leave a trail of clues behind you. Now you’ll be escorted back to your cell until your next assignment. Get some rest.”

The guards start moving to escort me out. It occurs to me that it wouldn’t be a good idea to be locked in a cell when the Maurians attack the ship. I have to do something!
No. 536369 ID: 55c4cf

Take a really long shower, experiment with tits on glass.
No. 536372 ID: 9ddf68

ask the figure if you can see your mother now. I mean we've just did 2 missions for the guy the least he can do is let us say hi (and give us more time to figure something out)
No. 536381 ID: 96c896

Refuse to go anywhere until you've seen your mother. They have yet to even prove they still have her, alive! For all we know she tried to escape and got killed.
No. 536383 ID: 41690e

...maybe try negotiating for it, instead of being combative about? We don't want to go to your cell, but we also don't want to be dragged away.
No. 536533 ID: bc8d67

Calmly ask for the reward you were promised for successfully completing their task; Seeing and speaking with your mother. Preferably in person (so they can't fake anything with a video simulation construct, and you'll know where she is held, but don't say that.) Press for it, but don't go too far or throw a fit, lest you be stunned or merely dragged away to your cell.

Quickly review what you have on yourself. You ought to be wearing the personal shield and carrying the mechanical and electronic lockpicks and data port. All that should have been masked from their scans by your ship's cargo cloaker as you flew in. Is that everything you have?
No. 536557 ID: 0006f5

clearly ask to see your mother, but dont throw a fit. do nothing to encourage them to have to personally handle you or leave you unconscious
No. 536572 ID: bc8d67

And if they renege on the promise, at most give them a nasty look and sharp tone; Nothing that'd give them reason to stun you or haul you away.

Instead ask if you could suggest something minor as an inferior reward. It'd be something that would keep you out of your cell for awhile longer, but don't say that. Not really any good idea of what to ask for that they'd allow, though.

Maybe ask to be brought to the ship's gym so you can tire yourself out directing your bottled rage into a punching bag before you do entertain ideas of doing something rash and stupid.
No. 536615 ID: 63512e
File 137719199764.png - (67.12KB , 1000x750 , 271.png )

“Can I go see my mother now? In person? Please, I’ve already completed two missions for you, I think I deserve a reward.”

I try to not sound demanding. The figure seems to consider it for a moment, and the guards stop their advance. After a few seconds, the voice returns.

“Very well, but just for a moment. Guards, take her there.”

The guards escort me out of the room and through the corridors towards one of the elevators. We take one up and get to the Security area, and we slither past a few armored guards on our way there. Not all of them are ziraneés, some are Maurians and I see a couple of Sinarris too.

We find the prisoner cells. It’s worth noting that they’re apparently keeping her in a proper cell in the Security area, while they were holding me in a storage room in the cargo hold, a few floors below.

“Here!” --One of the guards roars, through the metallic filter of his helmet. “You have five minutes!” he says while opening one of the doors. I peek inside before going in… to see an empty cell. I don’t get in, in case it’s a trap, I just calmly say “...It’s empty.”

The guards freak out. The one to open the door rushes in, while the other stays at the door, the two of them screaming at each other and contacting the Security channel with their Comms.

“Wh- She’s gone!”

“How’s that possible!? How could…!?”

“Don’t look at me, I wasn’t even on duty on this floor!”

“We have to find her, inform Control immediately.”

They seem to have forgotten about me momentarily. Probably not for long.
No. 536622 ID: 9ddf68

your mother is a saint

slip out and see if you can't get towards wherever the flight deck or wherever the place is that you have to plug that thing in to scramble there FTL drive (you did say you know the layout of this ship). If anyone ask where you are going just say you're trying to find your mother but do try to avoid people... or at least look like you're part of the search.
No. 536624 ID: 41690e

...right. They have no leverage on you, now. No means to secure your obedience or loyalty. That means the smart move, as soon as they stop panicking and realize it, is to lock you down while they search for her.

They're going to have you in a cell, any minute now.

Time to make yourself scare. Where are you on the ship now? How far are you from possible targets of opportunity, or from your ship and the supplies hidden on board?
No. 536635 ID: 0cb5f5

one is at the door and the other is inside ?? IF you can lock the door quickly, nova hipcheck the guard and they will be both inside, swipe the card and lock them in. if not, just swipe the card and run for the ship while they are focused on the room
No. 536660 ID: 96c896

This is an EXCELLENT distraction to be happening just prior to the attack.

Sneak off. See if you can grab that security card while they're distracted. Your mother probably escaped by stealing the armor of a guard somehow, and using that as a disguise. You should do the same if possible- find the armory, maybe? Then make your way back to the ship to gather your weapons.
No. 536778 ID: bc8d67

Alright, you only have a very short time until Control orders the guards to haul you to the most secure location on the ship, since you're the best leverage they have over your mother right now.

And as much as I would like to suggest you charge forward and shove the guard into the cell, locking the door behind him, I seriously doubt you have the mass and muscle needed to move him far enough past the threshold for that to work.

However, what you could do is charge, hit the button to close the door, and push him in the upper body so he bends forward and the door closes on him. Since its very likely designed to keep trying to close even if something is in the way, and likely has a powerful motor, so it'll pin him to the door frame. In fact, if you can twist his gun arm behind his back at the same time you shove him, the door'll pin his arm and you can yank his gun away.

The guard will probably be able to wriggle out eventually, but it'll give you time to get away. And since you've taken the keycard, once he's out his fellow guard is going to be stuck in there for awhile. Even longer if rip a bit of cloth from your dress and shove it into the card slot with the keycard you took, or just shoot the card reader if you got the gun.
No. 536890 ID: bc8d67

And if you do get his gun away from him, instead of leaving him to wriggle out, jam the muzzle against his torso and fire until he's not going to be in the fight. Either dead or injured, it doesn't matter. Just don't waste ammo.

However, if you doubt you could pull off such a physical attack, and you know there's a way to lock these guards in the Security area nearby by using that keycard, then by all means nab it and flee. Something like a Security area lockdown you could activate from just outside, followed by breaking the card reader, would be grand.
No. 537110 ID: 63512e
File 137737388536.png - (17.80KB , 1000x750 , 272.png )

I consider trying to shove the guard into the cell, but I doubt I have the strength needed to shove a strong adult in full power armor inside and not fail miserably. So instead I discreetly take the card and slither away as fast as I can. Only after I’ve turned around the corridor I can hear the guards screaming behind me.

“Hey you! Stop right there! Security!”

And that’s where I am. If I continue down this corridor I should go back to the elevator. That way should also take me to some cells and the office of security. I don’t know how quick are they going to respond to the call, but I better move quick!

The Formotics attack should happen in around 7 minutes.
No. 537119 ID: 9ddf68

I want to say get back to your ship as quickly as you can to get your gear and then find somewhere to load that virus onto the ship so they can't jump away and then find your mother and get the hell out of here. But at the same time they might go to your ship first because they believe you'd be trying to escape soooooo it's up to you if you think it's worth the risk but seeing how all you have on you right now is the shield I say it is.
No. 537123 ID: 0006f5

im going to say go for sabotage and stealing guard gear for disguise so they dont jump away once the attack begins. 7 minutes doesnt sound like a lot of time. head to office of security
No. 537146 ID: 41690e

How far are you from your ship and your hidden gear? We kind of need that equipment, and the virus.

The elevator might get you out of here fast, but there's the problem they could stop it on you, or call ahead and have guards waiting when you get off. ...unless the elevator is really fast?

Office of security might have stuff, but it's also going to have, you know, security personnel. Unless they run right past us, I'm not sure how we're supposed to bypass any guards unarmed.

Any place you could duck into and let pursuers run past you? An empty cell might be good for that, especially with a keycard (unless the keycard goes to a central computer that tracks where it's used? Hopefully they won't pick up on which card you grabbed that quick).
No. 537222 ID: bc8d67

Does power armor slow the guards down, keep them the same speed, or do they move faster in it? That'll tell you how much time you have to do stuff while you flee.

If there's enough time to, pop open a cell or two en route to the Security office. If there's a prisoner in it, wave the key card at 'em and tell 'em to follow you to get outta here. If they do follow it'll be good to have a second set of hands, and if you get extra weapons they can fight alongside you. And even if the cell is empty or the prisoner doesn't come with you, the pursuing guards will have to was waste seconds checking the cell for you.

Next, get to the Sec office. Stand to the side of the door when you open it, scope out as much of the office as you can, then stick your head out for a moment to scope the rest. But if a prisoner is with you, then you two could stand flanking the door, and check the office without sticking either of your heads out.

Now, what you do from here depends on how many guards are in the Sec office. If it's only a few unarmored guards, then you can charge in, weave around, and pummel and disarm one of them before getting behind cover to fire back, with your personal shield taking the hits. Same for if there's only a Maurian or two or a Sinarris in power armor. The problem is if there's one or more Ziraneé in power armor. You're gonna have to just close the door and flee in that case.

Also, try to avoid elevators. It's just too easy for the enemy to trap you by cutting the power or remotely disabling or diverting the elevator, or for you to accidentally land at a floor where the enemy is waiting for the elevator. Stick to stairs or maintenance shafts to get between levels.

How many hits can your personal shield take? And can that electronic lockpick be used to intentionally break a lock or key card reader so the door can't be opened? Because that'd be helpful right now.
No. 537780 ID: 63512e
File 137755173234.png - (22.24KB , 1000x750 , 273.png )

Yeah, the power armor will slow them down a little, but not much. So I slither as fast as I can down the corridors, opening a couple of cells while I’m at it. I don’t want to stop and look around, but the cells were empty.

I rush past a couple of corridors and find the security office. I hope they don’t think I’ll be bold or dumb enough to get in here, so that’ll give me a bit of extra time.

Inside, a couple of Maurians handling the monitors and intercom. One of them is raising the alarm.

“...I repeat, two female ziraneés, loose in the ship. Capture them alive!”
No. 537781 ID: 96c896

Hey, it's the armory. Sneak in there, grab a gun and blast the outside lock so they can't get to you, then just wait for the invasion.
No. 537787 ID: 9ddf68

well we got the card... think you could sneak past them and get into the armory ooorrrr what?
No. 537802 ID: 41690e

It's a security office, no one appears armed or armored, and they're all watching screens and sitting with their backs to the door? (That seems to have been unlocked?).

Thufir would be very disappointed.

Going for the armory is one option. Or we might have to engage the Maurians, first. Assuming they don't get to any weapons, I'd think you could overpower them and choke / crush them into unconsciousness pretty easily.
No. 537866 ID: 21fc59

This would be such a good time to have that whip. Oh well, sneaky sneak into the armory if you think you can do it, elsewise, avoid. Attacking two (presumably armed) security personnel seems needlessly dangerous.
No. 537869 ID: 0006f5

snake into that armory
No. 537890 ID: bc8d67

Go for the Armory door only if you're sure opening it won't make enough noise to alert the guards. Because otherwise you're going to have to take them down first. Shouldn't be hard to do since they're Maurians. Sneaking up and getting them both in a choke hold so they can't speak and dragging them away from the console so they can't press anything would work.

But whatever you do, get as low as you can so they won't spot you in a monitor reflection and slither across the room as quick as you can, staying out of their peripheral vision.

And if your key card doesn't have access to the Armory, and the door makes a noise to notify you of that, you're just gonna have to charge the guards and tackle them to the ground before they can act.
No. 537964 ID: bc8d67

Also before you enter the Armory, quickly glance across the security monitors and see if any show what looks like the inside of an armory. If you do, then note where the cameras are pointed, if one is pointed at the entry, and if there's anyone in the room. You'll have to adjust your entry plan depending on those factors. And when you're about to open the door, keep to the side when you do and watch the monitors for a matching change to confirm they're monitoring this armory.
No. 537990 ID: 63512e
File 137763810942.png - (53.15KB , 1000x750 , 274.png )

I sneak into the room and use the card to unlock the Armory door. So far so good…


AAAH! The door beeps loudly as it opens!


“The intruder!”
No. 537993 ID: 41690e

Um. If we can reach a weapon in the armory from where we are, grabbing it and disabling them would be good.

Otherwise, go with a tacking and constrict them before that one can draw this weapon, or the other can direct more guards to this location.
No. 537999 ID: 96c896

If you can get into the armory and behind cover before he shoots, just do that. Then grab a gun from in there and return fire.
No. 538005 ID: 0cb5f5

they're in the best position to alert guards to our location, and he has his hand on his holster. take cover in the armory and fire back with the first thing you can
No. 538006 ID: 207ae7

Stealth has failed you, the only course of action available is to eliminate these two unreliable variables before they complicate matters any further.
No. 538020 ID: bc8d67

The guard already has a hand on his gun, so forget trying to charge in and take them out in close combat. It's likely a stunner, you're a big target, and all he needs is to land a grazing shot to put you down for the count.

Get into the Armory and out of his line of fire as quick as you can. Grab and throw whatever large object is nearest in the way of the Armory door so it doesn't close behind you. If there's any kind of grenades nearby, prime, cook, and chuck a couple around the doorway. Otherwise grab two of the nearest guns, get low, and pop out to return fire.

Unfortunately in the time it'll take you to grab a weapon and fire back, the guards will have called reinforcements to this position. You have to take out the guards and flee before they arrive. While you might be able to hole up in the Armory, that'll trap you. Even when the Formotics attack starts they'll leave enough forces to keep you bottled up, and once the ship jumps to FTL you're screwed.
No. 538144 ID: 63512e
File 137770523567.png - (190.30KB , 1000x750 , 275.png )

I get into the armory and take cover before they start shooting. One of them starts shooting, to be more accurate. The other one calls for reinforcements.

“The intruder is in the armory in sector Security 4-B, I repeat…”

The other one keeps firing consistently towards the door, probably trying to keep me inside until the reinforcements arrive.

And yeah, there are cabinets full of guns, but they’re locked electronically. I think I can use the electronic jammer Lavanda gave me to open it, but it’ll probably take a minute or two. Whatever I do, better act quickly, if I let the reinforcements trap me here, I’m done for!
No. 538145 ID: e26b06

Get yourself a gernade, and toss it out into the room, a flashbang if there is one-you want to escape, not fight.
As tempting as it might be to go get a shiny gun, time is of the essence, and if I'm right, you're going to need time more than you're going to want a big gun.
No. 538150 ID: 0006f5

a minute ? a Fernandez wont help here as great as it is. it's time to shield up and snap some maurians in two with your snake body
No. 538160 ID: 41690e

Slap that hacker into place, it's not as if you have much choice there.

Since that's going to take a minute, is there anything you can grab that isn't locked up?
No. 538230 ID: 9ddf68

since those 2 are think you could overpower them with brute strength? If so turn your personal shield on and rush the 2. Also plant the hacker on the gun safe and loot what you can off the 2 bugs if you knock them out.
No. 538338 ID: bc8d67

Since they don't know you have a personal shield or a way to open these secure cabinets then their plan is most likely to keep you pinned in here until a unit with non-lethal weapons arrives to capture you.

What's the ETA on the Formotics forces arriving? Their ships attacking may delay the enemy forces coming here, or draw some of them away, but once their boarding parties get on the ship, the enemy is going to want to capture you ASAP to gain access to this armory.

If there is a gun here that you know can punch through power armor and no surveillance cameras in here that'll see what you're doing, then enact this plan:

Close the Armory door so the guards can't see what you're doing and also so it'll alert you if anyone tries to come in. Use the electronic jammer on the cabinet that containing the most powerful gun here.

If the jammer operates automatically, and there's anything useful in here that isn't locked up, check it out. You're looking for stuff like a helmet, armor, a radio you could use to listen into enemy communication with, a belt with pouches, a holster, or a sling that can be attached to a gun to carry it. But whether or not there is anything here that's not locked up here pull your gloves off and tie the open ends together so you can tie the finger ends to a gun as a makeshift carrying sling.

Once the jammer's done popping the cabinet open, take the big gun and use it to shoot the locks off all the other cabinets that have anything useful; Especially extra ammo and grenades. You're looking to grab as much as you can carry without being encumbered. And get at least one spare gun, tie your makeshift sling to it and carry it on your back.

As soon as you've got all you can get here take another gun and use it to destroy all the remaining guns to deny them from the enemy in their fight against the Formotics forces. Then break out of here. Stand to the side of the door, flip your shield on, ready the big gun, and open the door. Look at the angle of the laser fire that comes through to trace back to where the enemy is. Then lean out and shoot them, followed by any other enemy in the room, priority targeting power armored foes. Destroy the security monitors, then flee.

However, if there are cameras watching you in the Armory or there's no gun that you're sure could punch through power armor, then you can't stay here any longer; The risk of being trapped is too great. You'll have to rely on your shield to push out and take down the Maurian guards.

Charge the one with the gun first, rip it out of his hand, and shoot the guard at the security console dead before he can alert the ship you have a personal shield. Then kill the remaining guard and loot the bodies. Grab their guns as well as their holsters, rifle through their pockets for any key cards, keys, or other access items, shoot out the security monitors, then run for it.
No. 538363 ID: 63512e
File 137780594615.png - (102.80KB , 1000x750 , 276.png )

Alright, I install the jammer on the cabinet locker with biggest looking weapon… I make sure that my shield is working and… AIAAAHAAI!

The battle cry surprises them a bit, and the fact that I’m directly charging towards them. The standing guy shoots a couple of times, but the shield deflects the beams. The easiest way to deal with two unarmored maurians is simple brute force.

So I basically ram them against the monitors and they’re down for the count. That was easy. But the reinforcements are probably still on their way, and the jammer is still working. And…


Looks like the Formotics ships have arrived!
No. 538366 ID: 41690e

Quick! Those security consoles! Can you do anything to make anything harder for the defenders? Or to make a path to your ship easier to get to? Is there any alert from other guards who ran into your mother?

Then garb a weapon, shoot the console so they can't undo anything, and get the heck out of here before backup arrives.
No. 538369 ID: 0cb5f5

equip yourself with their weapons. do anything you can from the controls to either delay a hyperjump or reduce ship resources/defenses, even interior like flooding alerts to all floors and rooms, that is if you miraculously have authorization.
No. 538376 ID: b8ceae

Seal all the bulkheads except the ones along the route to your ship. That will keep them from getting to combat positions, and once the ship is disabled the boarders will be able to take this position and clear it section by section.
No. 538377 ID: 9ddf68

ok does that counsel those 2 were using have anywhere for you to plug that thing into so the ship can't jump away?
No. 538391 ID: bc8d67

Loot the guards' guns and their holster belts, then turn their pockets out. Maybe there'll be a Sec PDA in there, or a scrap of paper with the armory secure cabinet code, or possibly just a spare keycard.

Unfortunately you only have a few moments to skim over the security console to determine what it can do, so only stick to the obviously labeled stuff. Specifically look for things like big red buttons, controls with a clear cover over it or a keyhole or keycard slot next to it, and anything labeled with "lockdown." Activating a lockdown right now would be great 'cause it'd close and lock all the doors in the sector. If you keep mashing that button it'd give you time to figure out how to open a path of doors towards the hangar using the console.

But if you can't get the console to do anything that'd help you out within a few seconds, just abandon it and flee towards the hangar. And whatever you do, do not forget to get the jammer before you leave.

The data port has to be installed in the mainframe in the ship's central computer room in order to disrupt its navigation system. As far as we know it won't work anywhere else.
No. 538468 ID: 63512e
File 137790565284.png - (102.88KB , 1000x750 , 277.png )

I take the weapons from the guards, they’re standard laser guns and won’t do much against heavy armor, but they’ll have to do for now. I also take the PDA from one of them. There might be useful stuff in it, but right now I’m in too much of a hurry to check it out.

I examine the computers. They don’t have much control over the ship, they basically monitor the cameras through the ship and transmit messages to all the security guards. Can’t control doors or any kind of sub-system from here.

I can’t see my mother anywhere, but what I can see is that three heavy armored guards just came out of the elevator and they’re coming this way. I think the jammer is about to finish opening the cabinet, but if I wait a bit longer, they’re gonna find me here. If I get out right now, I might be able to sneak around and reach the elevator. Otherwise, I might be forced to make a stand here.
No. 538469 ID: 0006f5

laser the door control, stall for just a little time before you can bring out the big guns
No. 538471 ID: 96c896

Blast the outside door controls. It'll take them a while to get the controls open to rig them, at which point we will likely have a weapon to take them out.
No. 538472 ID: b32a14

Grab the jammer before it finishes and get the hell out of there.

A big gun isn't worth getting into a firefight with people who outnumber you, and will be wearing armor. There's a decent chance you'll be overpowered and killed, and even if you win, the fight will be a considerable delay.

If we don't disable the ship's ftl in time, they'll escape the formotics, and then you're dead.

Time to go.
No. 538495 ID: bc8d67

Dammit. If it were one or possibly even two guards then staying would have been the better option, but three is too many. You have to flee. It'll be far better to be on the move than risk being pinned down.

Shoot out the security monitors so there's no possibility the guards might spot you on them after they arrive. Then snatch up the headset from the maurian if it isn't totally broken. It could have a radio tuned to their security channel you could listen in to, but you'll have to check if it does later.

Next rush to get the jammer from the armory. As soon as you're out of there close the door, shoot the keycard reader slot point-blank to disable it, then slither away at top speed. That'll leave the guards unsure if you're holed up in the armory or if you fled and disabled the door to keep them from accessing their weapons. They'll end up splitting their efforts between guarding the armory door while they fix it and searching for you.

I still have misgivings about using the elevator, but if there's no other way then you'll just have to risk it. You can use the time riding it to check the headset if you have it, or skim the PDA for info.
No. 538529 ID: 9ddf68

we have a gun back at our ship that can punch through power armor so I don't think it's worth it to wait here to get the big gun... do you even know how to fire that thing by the way? I say just try to jam the doors or something and try to smash the armory if you can to have them waste time trying to get in here and to prevent them from getting there big boy toys and try to find a way to the bridge to stop this ship from jumping away for a few reasons.
1) your mother is still on this ship so we can't really leave without her and if this ship jumps before you can find her then chances of us finding her and getting off this thing practically drops to zero
2) if we don't take this ship down now they'll keep hounding our asses until either they our us are dead and I don't think we'll ever get a chance this good again to take them down
3) If we can pull this off and take these guys out then we are on a good footing on gaining some new allies while stealing one of your aunt's. Win Win really.
No. 538819 ID: 63512e
File 137805506894.png - (158.97KB , 1000x750 , 278.png )

I decide that it’s not worth it to stay here to get the cabinet guns, so I grab the jammer and the card, close the armory door and shoot the controls, hoping they’ll think I’m in there. I also shoot at the monitors because hey, why not? By the guy, the guns I got from those guys have stun mode too.

I sneak out of the Security room and barely avoid the patrol. And now I’m at the elevator. I could try and go back to the hangar or just hurry to the bridge.
No. 538845 ID: 9ddf68

... how much juice do we have left with our personal shield?

I want to go to the ship to get the gear we stashed because I know there's going to be some people in power armor on the bridge (it's the freaking bridge) But at the same time we're on a time limit here and I'm sure they probably threw some guards down around the hanger to stop you from escaping... or at least turned the gun turrets back on.
...Damn this is a harder choice then I thought it would be since it seems both ways are going to get us shot at. How much time do you have left, cause I say if you have less then 20 minutes (you did say it would take about an hour for them to be able to charge this ship enough to jump it) head straight to the bridge otherwise try your ship.
No. 538859 ID: b32a14

Wait, before we decide, which pieces of our spy kit are actually on us, and which are hidden back in our ship?
No. 538874 ID: 0006f5

hangar. its really doubtful they would leave the bridge less defended than it during an attack, valuable hostages be damned
No. 539001 ID: bc8d67

It's pretty likely there's at least one heavy or power armored guard on the bridge by this point, so go to the hangar first. Make sure to shoot the camera pointed at the cockpit from where it can't see you before climbing in. They'll know something is up when the camera is destroyed, but they won't see it's you or that you retrieved gear from your ship.

Check your personal shield's charge level, as well as the charge in the two pistols. Can your shield's power cell be swapped with common ones, such as those used in energy weapons, or does it use an uncommon or special type?

Actually, why do you need to go to the bridge? Is the only way to get to the ship's FTL navigation system mainframe through there?

Back in the fighter's secret compartment are three canisters of knockout gas, two Ziraneé sized gas masks, and one T.K. Bruiser energy cannon.
And as far as I can remember, Suria currently has: Two energy pistols, with holsters; One partially discharged personal shield; A mechanical auto-lockpick; An electronic auto-lockpick; The data port to be used to disrupt the FTL navigation system; A PDA taken from a maurian guard, contents unknown; A (presumably) Security access level keycard.
No. 539250 ID: 63512e
File 137822720329.png - (18.56KB , 1000x750 , 279.png )

I check on my shield real quick… it should be able to withstand four or five shots more. Unfortunately I can’t use regular batteries with it. I’d have to find another shield to replace them. And right now I’m carrying the mechanical and electronic lockpicks, the shield, the data port to stop the ship from jumping away, the access card, PDA and the two laser pistols I snatched from the guards.

Alright, I head back to the hangar, check around the corner and yeah, there’s my ship. There’s one ziraneé guard in power armor in front of him, armed with a laser rifle.

I notice that the PDA I took from the guard blinks. Oh yeah! I can use it to listen to security communications, just like in Formotics HQ. It looks like the guard over there is talking to his PDA.

“...just me here! I mean, I’m sure I can handle them on my own if they try to escape, but with all respects, it feels imprudent to leave a single man protecting the prisoners’ only way of escape.”

After a moment, the PDA answers.

“Received, alpha nine. Right now most enforcers have been deployed in Hunters to repel the attacking ships. And one of the intruders might have locked herself in the Armory, our technicians are trying to force the door open. We’ll send you reinforcements in a few minutes, for now, hang tight.”

Ok, heard that? If I’m gonna make a move, I better do it before more of those brutes show up down here.
No. 539260 ID: 0cb5f5

use the remaining shield to retrieve the energy cannon. can you power up the ship or at least its weapons and turn it towards the hangar entrance ?
No. 539266 ID: 07e3a8

Oh wait, we had the data port on us already? Derp. I thought we have to retrieve that.

...Crank those laser pistols to full power. First shot, shoot him in the gun so that's wrecked and he's unarmed. Second shot, shoot out his com gear in the helmet.

Assuming he's still conscious and alive after a blast to the head, demand his surrender (helmet off, and then stun him in the face) or keep shooting till he goes down (armor can only take so much if you keep shooting in the same place, and he'd be forced to rush to melee).
No. 539317 ID: 9ddf68

quick question before you do anything, do any of the weapons you have on you have the power to take that guy out, weather it be by killing or stunning (ex: weapons at full power can only stun him cause of his suit) I don't care which. If not then since you took out the security room do you think you could get to your ship unnoticed to grab your big gun or would a different security room just pick you up on the cameras? You said you know these kinds of ships so I guess what I'm asking is do you know if there WOULD be more then one security room. Cause if we can sneak past him without worrying about being spotted by a camera or getting shot by one of the automated turrets then we're good.
No. 539321 ID: 1b3db9

Reenact your initial escape and blast that bitch out the airlock.
No. 539382 ID: bc8d67

You said before that the power armor slows the guards up compared to you. You can use that to your advantage here.

Draw your laser pistols, then wait for the guard to start to put his PDA away, lean out and fire on his laser rifle. That way he'll likely drop his PDA to use both hands for his rifle.

Focus on the rifle and don't stop until you're certain it's inoperable. As soon as that happens sprint up and around the aft of your ship to get to the entrance on the opposite side, taking a path that'll put as much distance between you and the guard as you can. Make absolutely sure he doesn't get within reach of you, because he'd easily be able to overpower you if he got a grip.

Be wary as you get into your ship. There's a chance there might be an enemy waiting inside to ambush you. But once you're in DO NOT immediately go for the secret compartment. Instead power it up and either fire on the guard or squish him using the ship. Follow that by shooting out the hangar cameras. Then you can safely get everything from your ship's stash.

If laser pistols could jack shit against power armor we wouldn't need the big gun to deal with them. Maybe if we plinked the power armor long enough it'd eventually fail, but we don't have that kind of time, and I doubt the guard will hold still to let us.
No. 539525 ID: 63512e
File 137840111512.png - (15.28KB , 1000x750 , 280.png )

Maybe if I manage to empty the batteries of both guns into the same spot, I might be able to penetrate that power armor. Seriously, if they could be damaged so easily by low energy weapons, what would be the point of wearing them?

Sneaking? It’ll work only if I can make the guy get away from the ship for a moment. It’s in the middle of a fully illuminated landing hangar, there’s no way I can get all the way there without him spotting me. I’d need to distract him, somehow.

That could work… I’d need to go to the hangar control room, tho. I know the way, it should be on the floor right above the hangar. I could try that.
No. 539526 ID: 001618

for lack of a better plan I say head up to hangar control and see if you can't reenact that old plan.
No. 539530 ID: 0cb5f5

do it. you know your way around the ship. use it to your advantage
No. 539538 ID: 07e3a8

Okay, so attack is no go. And I kind if suspect we need the gas and gun on your ship- there's no way the ftl won't be defended.

A distraction might work, but I'm not sure we have a good means to create one. This looks like an empty bay.

...which I guess means we go to blowing him out the airlock. So long as your ship stays put, it should work.
No. 539558 ID: bc8d67

Oh, I thought your ship and the guard were closer than they actually are. Whoops. Okay, so how much time would you need to sprint to your ship and get in?

I'd really prefer to distract this guard and get him away from the ship, but I just can't come up with a good enough plan. So I'll go with the gamble of attempting to vent the hangar bay. And it is a gamble, since it'll take long enough for you to get to the hangar control room that the reinforcements will have arrived by then. But if you can pull it off then it'll get rid of a few extra power armored guards in addition to clearing the way to your ship, but if you can't then your ship will be nigh unreachable.

I've got no idea how many safeties and locks your mother bypassed to immediately vent the hangar all that time ago, so when you do reach the hangar control room make sure to capture one of the crew working there alive. You'll need to threaten him for directions on how to vent the hangar without any alarm or delay, and probably for an access code or password to do it.

About how heavy is a Ziraneé male in power armor, and is power armor built to at least temporarily protect its user from exposure to hard vacuum? Because the last thing we want is the guards weighing so much they don't get blown out into space and then survive the lack of air.

Does the PDA you looted have any additional capabilities? Map of the ship with all surveillance camera locations? Direct PDA-to-PDA voice communication? Text messaging? Audio and video recording and playback? Wireless connection to the ship's camera network for remote viewing? That last one would be very useful right now for checking halls and rooms before entry.
No. 539737 ID: 63512e
File 137859001067.png - (19.70KB , 1000x750 , 281.png )


Ok, yeah. I can contact other PDAs with it. Although I’m not sure how to select a particular one, but I can call every PDA in a particular area. I can see a map of the ship, but it doesn’t tell me much that I didn’t already know. That’s how much I can access on the spot, if I want to access more utilities I’d have to stop and mess around with it. And I don’t think I have the time now.

Alright, I make my way to Hangar Control without encountering any guards. Here I am. It looks like there are two Maurians sitting at the controls, plus one more guarding the place. I’m sure there should be more guards here normally, but they’ll probably out there looking for me. Well, the bad part is that they outnumber me. The good part is that none of them wears power armor.
No. 539738 ID: 0006f5

constrict the closest armed maurian and shoot the rest. the stun whip requires too much movement for this many targets.
No. 539739 ID: dbe554

You probably don't need to constrict the guard, just slam him into the wall with the bulk of your tail and then deal with the rest.
No. 539744 ID: 07e3a8

Those guns have a stun setting, right?

Tail slam the one near the door, and shoot the two at the console before they can call for help. Then make sure the guard is actually unconscious with the whip or gun.
No. 539797 ID: 9ddf68

take out the guard anyway you can and then take out whatever bug is closer to a radio/alarm and then finish off the third one quickly. Then proceed with operation 'vent the hanger'
No. 539961 ID: 520645

Flip your pistols to stun mode for now. While a laser shot to the right spot will kill an enemy, miss and it may still be able to retaliate somehow. However a stun shot will knock 'em out most places you hit, and they'll be down long enough to dispatch by any way you choose.

Mute your PDA then use it to call everyone in this room. Time your entry for the moment the guard gets his PDA in hand and is looking down at it to answer.

Wield your pistols, and from just out of the guard's view line a shot up on the head of the maurian at the console on your right. Fire, move in and shoot the guard wherever it's easiest. As soon as those two are down, rush the third one.

Knock him to the floor next to the console and pin him under your tail so you can access the controls easily. You want to take him alive and lucid to interrogate on if the hangar bay vent operation has something like a delay with an alarm in the bay, or in case the vent controls are locked in a way you can't crack with your lockpicks and you need the code from him.

Remember to close the door as soon as you've incapacitated everyone in here. And don't forget to nab the guard's gun before leaving. It looks like it's a laser rifle or SMG, which is better than what you have right now.

Suria doesn't have the stun whip anymore. She had to hand it over to the shadowed man back here >>536368 to avoid being searched.
No. 540044 ID: 63512e
File 137877049501.png - (51.83KB , 1000x750 , 282.png )

Alright. I slid through the door, and before anyone can react, I slam the nearest guard against the wall with my tail. Poor guy doesn’t see it coming and he’s out for the count. The noise alerts the two ones sitting at the controls. I’ve got my guns already out, set to stun and sh-


A huge impact shakes the entire ship, a deafening sound only followed by a myriad of alarms and officers shouts through the speaker system. It gets us all by surprise, I miss the shots and drop one of the guns.

I forgot that we were being under attack! They’ve managed to hit the ship with a missile, a pretty big one, apparently.
No. 540045 ID: 96c896

It's not like you could've predicted this. Steady yourself then fire with the gun you have left.
No. 540046 ID: 07e3a8

Dat 'I've got you now' face. Awesome.

>Suddenly incapacitated!
...well, it's not like you could have anticipated that.

Quick though! You're off balance and about to get shot! Shake off the dizziness and get shooting fast with the gun you still have in hand. I guarantee there's an ant about to shoot you.
No. 540049 ID: bd48c5

...Girl, shoot the two idiots before they shoot you. Also, get yourself a neckbrace or cybernetic ear canals or SOMETHING. You fall over more often than Charlie Chaplin.
No. 540051 ID: 520645

Okay, while that impact was unexpected and unwelcome you're likely in better shape than at first glance. An impact strong enough to knock you, a hefty adult ziraneé, over will have been more than enough to send those two maurians tumbling ass over antenna into the wall. Recover ASAP and you'll be good.

Get both hands on your pistol to steady your aim as much as you can, get up and get moving. First check the chairs at the consoles for the maurians, followed by checking in the direction the impact force knocked you. Priority fire on whichever has a weapon in hand and is closer to firing on you, of course.

If it's not too much of a risk try to capture a maurian alive and not stunned. This is just in case the hangar bay vent controls require a password or something that can't be bypassed with the electronic lockpick, and you need to threaten it out of him.
No. 540053 ID: 9ddf68

well your tail should give you better stability then those two with there legs so there's that but then again they were sitting down so you might want to try and recover sooner rather then later. You still can take a few hits because of your shield but I'm more worried about them calling for help and people realizing you're not hiding in the armory any more. (They're bound to figure it out eventually but why rush them. Plus it would also zero in your location to the rest of the ship which means they would send in reinforcements and might even figure out your 'vent a bitch' plan)
No. 540054 ID: 0006f5

if youve lost both guns, dont bother picking them up, just tackle forward. otherwise, aim from the floor and squeeze
No. 540093 ID: dcd676

You've got an element of surprise now. Not only did you just burst in unexpected, but they've been shaken up by the explosion. Rush forward--shooting one if you can manage--and tackle one or both of them with as much weight as you can muster.
No. 540277 ID: 63512e
File 137893879052.png - (70.07KB , 1000x750 , 283.png )

I regain balance pretty quick, and immediately shoot at one of the guards, stunning him. The other one manages to take a couple of shots at me before I can aim at him and stun him.

A little beeping noise coming from the shield alerts me. Low battery. Ok, I think it can only take two or three shots more. The good part is that the guards couldn’t alert anyone, so nobody should know I’m here.
No. 540279 ID: 9ddf68

well then lets see if we can't vent the docking bay then.

Also is there any way for you to send more people to the docking bay before you vent it, preferably from the bridge? If not don't worry about it and move just vent the one guy and grab your gear. I mean we are on a time limit here so we can't waste to much time trying to figure things out.

Either way once you're done here smash the console or whatever they could use to vent you as well. It would really suck to have gone through all of this just to get taken out by our own trick.
No. 540280 ID: 07e3a8


Anyways, check the screens in front of you. Seeing any battle damage, or the status of the bay below you? Have reinforcements arrived yet, or was it blown up, or did the guard leave...?
No. 540288 ID: 96c896


Check out the screens. Open the airlock if you can, and do anything possible to make it easier for the ship to be disabled and boarded. Sabotage!
No. 540293 ID: bd48c5

Open the Airlocks. Search for batteries, this is a security room.
No. 540294 ID: 0006f5

dont spend too much time looking for batteries unless you know where they would be. lets deal with the guard and retrieve our gear
No. 540325 ID: 520645

Close the door and lock it, then look over the consoles for the hangar bay door and vent controls but don't activate them yet. Instead listen to the security chatter on your PDA and watch the hangar bay camera feed on the screens for the reinforcements to arrive first, then do it. That way if the venting does raise an alarm or alert it'll be less likely you'll encounter enemy forces en route back to the hangar.

Make sure to leave the exterior hangar bay doors open after the atmo-shields are backup. That'll make it look more like you're attempting to escape in your ship, and it'll also give Formotics openings to slip a boarding craft in.

Before leaving trade out your pistols for the nearly fully charged ones the guards had and grab the gun from the guard next to the door. Then put a laser shot from the partially depleted pistols into each of their heads and unload the rest of the pistols' shots into the hangar bay vent and door controls to make sure nobody can use them while you're down there.
No. 540565 ID: 4bbeab

Are we sure venting just yet is a good idea? I think, now that the security room for the hangar is cleared, we should start searching for mom, THEN vent the hangar. It'd suck to find out she was hiding in either the ship or a crate sitting by the ship.
No. 540602 ID: 520645

If Suria's mom is in our fighter then she'll be a-okay, what with it being a spaceship and all. And there weren't any crates or cover near the ship or in the hangar. Closest thing to that is that big tank we saw on landing, but if she tried to get behind that the hangar cameras would have spotted her.
No. 540603 ID: 07e3a8

Well, obviously, we look at the screen in front of us (which hopefully include the cameras for the hanger) and see who's in there before we'd vent it.
No. 540897 ID: 9f319f
File 137944975854.png - (11.60KB , 1000x750 , 284.png )

Alright, I wait for the reinforcements to arrive before I start doing anything with the controls. In the meantime, I look for batteries for the shield, but I can’t find any. The guards have batteries for their guns, but those won’t fit (and my guns are practically fully loaded) and their PDAs on them. Nothing else of use.

Finally the other guards arrive, about three Maurians and two Ziraneés, all in power armor. I give them a couple of seconds before I vent the hangar. Welp, there they go. I leave the doors open, with the force fields closed.

Alright, it should be safe to go down into the hangar again. Now what?
No. 540900 ID: 07e3a8

Right, double back to the hanger. We need to recover the stuff in your ship so we can take out whoever is guarding the FTL and plant this virus.
No. 540914 ID: 9ddf68

did you see your mother at all when looking over the controls? Either way just smash/shoot the control panels here so people can't vent you as you're grabbing you gear from you ship and then haul ass towards the bridge, I don't like the idea of still being on this ship after it makes a jump.
No. 540916 ID: 0cb5f5

head for the hangar, destroy door controls on your way out and back
No. 541011 ID: f9cf6a

On second thought, close the hangar bay doors. That'll prevent the enemy from possibly diverting a fighter craft or two into the hangar to stop you.

Once the doors are closing shoot up just the vent controls since you'll eventually want to open the doors to get your ship out. Then slither down to the hangar as fast as you can.

There going to be enough time for the hangar to repressurize before you get there or are you going to have to sprint through a low-pressure environment?
No. 541024 ID: bf54a8

ships cannot engage FTL with open doors. safety feature. so leaving the door open slows down their jump.
No. 541140 ID: f9cf6a

Has that even been established in this setting? Even if it has I still say keep the doors closed. I feel the benefits of leaving them open are outweighed by the risk of an enemy fighter craft or two being redirected from the battle outside into the hangar. They'll either hover about and prevent Suria from reaching her ship, or shoot up her ship to disable or destroy it so she can't use it and then rejoin the battle.
No. 541163 ID: 9f319f
File 137961821103.png - (41.07KB , 1000x750 , 285.png )


Yeah, that’s true! They’ll have to send someone down here to open close the doors, which will delay an FTL jump even more. So I leave them open, then I smash up the controls.

The hangar is repressurized by now, so I hurry down there. My ship is now unguarded, so I sneak in and grab all my equipment.

Alright, breather, gas canisters T.K. Bruiser and some ammo for it. Pity they didn’t include batteries for the shield. I feel a lot more prepared now. The downside is that I also feel a lot more heavier, I’m not gonna be as “nimble” as before, carrying all this arsenal!

So I think it’s time to go to the bridge. It should be on the 10th level of the ship, I can get directly through the elevator. There’s a direct hallway leading towards it, to the sides, the officers barracks, the observatory and maybe another guard room, if they’re bonkers about security.

There’s gonna be heavy resistance and even while they must be pretty focused on the other ships attacking us out there, the guards must be on edge. Also they’re probably about to open the armory door and find out I’m not there, plus they will eventually realize something is going on when the hangar patrol doesn’t answer to their calls. So I better act quickly! Do we have any sort of plan or do I just burst through the elevator doors, guns blazing?
No. 541166 ID: 07e3a8

The bridge is where we need to go to plant the ftl stopping virus? ...you know, if we take control of the bridge, they lose helm access anyways. Seems kind of overkill.

If there's anywhere less heavily guarded we could plant the virus through (Engineering?), I'd prefer to hit that.

And we should make full use of our resources. Don't just charge in guns a blazing. We want to gas them, too. Be real great if we could drop one of those tear gas canisters into the vents and/or life support systems providing the air for the deck / rooms we're going to be hitting (depending on how much area those canisters are good to cover).
No. 541182 ID: 0cb5f5

stick to the walls. time is of the essence, but elevators are easy ambush points. try to take a larger, less obvious detour
No. 541201 ID: 9ddf68

just because we have a gun doesn't mean we can charge into thing head long now. They still have more guys then we do, are well armored well our 'armor' is almost gone, and are most likly dug in just incase someone attacks the bidge. If there are any side passages we could us I say take em.

Also how effective is this ships ventaltion? Cause I have a plan using the vents. Instead of trying to sneak through them could we toss a few of our gas canisters in them and gas the control room before we even enter it? Cause if we can I say do that.
No. 541208 ID: 9f319f
File 137963246215.png - (35.60KB , 1000x750 , 286.png )


Oh wait, yeah! Engineering! Instead of going into the bridge I could plant the FTL overdrive into the mainframe terminal itself!

I mean, it's still gonna be heavily guarded, but not as much as the bridge. Yeah, I should head down there.


I could take the maintenance passageways. It would take longer than the elevator though.


Not a bad idea, but I don't know how I'd be able to gas a room through the ventilation system if I'm not the one tossing the canisters from the vents. I haven't mentioned it, but it's pretty "windy" inside those ducts, air is continuously being pumped through them. Opening a canister INSIDE it, wouldn't do much, the gas would be immediately dispersed and sucked through the system.
No. 541209 ID: 0006f5

plant plant them overdrive overdrives ! they might immediately suspect what you are trying to do if we attack engineering, but they might not be able to do anything about it in time anyway. who knows what we are going to see with the ship being slammed right now
No. 541224 ID: 9ddf68

well we did open those hanger doors so we did buy ourselves some time so the maintenance tunnels wouldn't be to much of an issue. and yes to engineering bay
No. 541241 ID: 07e3a8

>ventalation system would distribute the gas too much too quickly to be effective
Yeah, makes sense. Using the enemy's ventilation system to gas them requires a lot of gas, and/or time in advance to subvert the system. Kind of more precise than what we can expect to pull off now.

>elevator or maintenance shafts?
...kind of a tough choice. Conventional wisdom says elevators are dangerous, but speed counts, now. And they don't know where you are, and there are probably people coming and going all over the ship right now- they're not going to react by shooting at an unscheduled elevator opening until they see you.

I guess I might be leaning elevator, here. We've spent a lot of time already.

You wanna go in guns a blazing, and with the tear gas for sure. We gotta neutralize the room fast so you can plant the virus and get out- no way you bust in unnoticed and with no one getting an alarm off. You'll have a small window to plant the virus and gtfo.
No. 541320 ID: f9cf6a

I say incorporate both the elevator and the maintenance passage routes. Take the elevator to the deck adjacent to the Engineering deck, then use maintenance passages the rest of the way. That way you'll get most of the speed of the elevator while still being able to approach the Engineering from the side to surprise them. Plus, the maintenance passages likely have no cameras so you'll be able to move around next to Engineering to find the best approach without much worry that Security will spot you.

Put on your gas mask right away, just in case you end up in a situation where you suddenly have to use gas. There ought to be a second gas mask as well. Grab it and hang it around your neck. That way if you run across your mother you'll have one for her too.

Does the data port have to remain plugged into the mainframe terminal to work, or is it just a delivery method for a virus and you can remove it afterwards? Because if it has to remain plugged in you're going to have to defend it.

Also, what ship systems are run through the mainframe, are there backup systems if the mainframe fails, and are they of equal capability to the mainframe? Just how much you could cripple the ship by wrecking the mainframe?
No. 541386 ID: 2f4b71

Is you ship still online? If you used it's weapons to screw up the hanger door closing mechanism, that would lock them out of FTL for a real long time.
No. 542545 ID: 9f319f
File 138046559004.png - (45.52KB , 1000x750 , 287.png )

I put on the oxygen mask and get ready. I better not use my ship’s weapons to damage the hangar doors further, last thing I want to do is to punch a hole through the hull. That would be the end of this mission.

Ok, I make my way into the elevator and descend into the deck just above Engineering. The coast is clear, so I slither into the maintenance shafts to get in the deck right below.

Alright, here we are. If I’m not mistaken, past this door is a hallway, and after that, the mainframe room. If there are guards waiting for me, they’ll be behind the door. I’ve listened to the PDA in my way here, but they haven’t communicated anything through the security channels. I think they might’ve already realized that I’m not in the armory, and that I’m using one of the guard’s PDAs, so they’re probably using a secondary frequency.

Ok, let’s do this. No stealth this time… Should I start by throwing the canisters or just go in and shoot at anything that moves?
No. 542551 ID: 6628ca

How many canisters do you have, and how much area do we have to cover, here?

I'm kind of thinking using the gas on the periphery is a waste. We want to throw it deeper in, where it'll do the most damage. If there's only a guard or two, it's easier to just shoot them.
No. 542558 ID: 9ddf68

open and shoot

If they're a lot of guards then just duck back behind the wall and though the gas canister in then since you'll have a better idea of where they are bunched up and will allow you to use the gas can to maximum effect.
No. 542562 ID: 0006f5

dont use the gas until you sense youre becoming overwhelmed.
No. 542591 ID: 7a843b

Save back the gas canisters for a situation where you know there's many enemies vulnerable to it. In this situation if there's guards not in power armor there'll only be two or three, which'll be overkill, or if they are in power armor it won't effect them, which'll be a waste of gas.

Don't open with the T.K. Bruiser. You need to conserve its shots for power armor only and not waste them on unarmored guards. Keep it ready in one hand and wield a laser pistol in the other. Hold the arm with the laser pistol out and rest the Bruiser across it at the elbow. That way if there are power armored or armored guards in there you can drop the pistol and slide the Bruiser down your arm to grip and fire it quick.

Any guards in there will most likely look towards the door control position when the doors open, so don't put most of your body there. Move as far away from it as you can while still being upright and able to press the door open button with the tip of your tail. That'll give you a split second before they refocus on where you actually are.
No. 544133 ID: 203974
File 138168502340.png - (268.39KB , 1000x750 , 288.png )

I have three gas canisters.

I open the door and shoot almost blindly inside, because as soon as I peek my head in, at least three guns shoot at me at the same time. They were expecting me. I quickly go back before they can hit me and deplete my precious shield, I couldn’t see who shot me, I couldn’t even take a good look at the room, they have a couple of huge, powerful spotlights pointing towards the door, blinding me.
No. 544135 ID: 0f6f63

Huh. So... I guess we could throw a gas canister in, and then try to push through shortly after, hoping it softened them up enough. Or we could throw a canister and fall back, and try and get in another way, or come at them from another entrance?
No. 544143 ID: 9ddf68

what the hell is the white thing next to your head?

1)As for plans, you could throw a gas can in and hope that you can get lucky and get it close enough to them to take out any unarmored guys (hopefully there isn't many with power armor in there)
2)Drop a gas can and use it as a smoke screen to get closer to them and take them out (if this is the case stay a low as you can as people tend to shoot towards the torso and not the legs, uh, tail)
3)Or just say to hell with this and see if we can't find another way around.

If we go with either option 3 I say you should still drop a gas can just so they'll keep firing blindly at the door way and waste more ammo But if you don't know of any ways to get around I say try 1 and 2 and just shoot to kill.
No. 544194 ID: 7a843b

They may not have been expecting you in particular. This may be standard defensive procedure for when the ship is under attack. But either way you'd best assume they've already called for reinforcements to come down and sandwich you in. So you're gonna have to push into Engineering now, or not at all.

Also, best assume the PDA you picked up has a tracker in it. No way to tell if it does right now, but since they changed comm frequencies it's not worth keeping around with the possibility. But it could be useful right now to guess where the spotlights are positioned by sliding it in front of the doorway and looking at the direction of the shadows it casts.

Take a look at where the enemy's shots landed and estimate how powerful their guns are from the impact damage. That'll roughly tell you if they're using anything stronger than laser pistols and rifles. Also estimate the enemy's positions based on the angle their shots traveled and where they landed.

If you can take out one or both of the spotlights from your current position, do so. Blind fire with your laser pistol if you have to. You can afford to waste charges from that weapon.

You said before that there's only a hallway ahead, so pop a gas canister and chuck it three-quarters of the way down the hall. That'll trap any enemies that don't have gas protection between you and an expanding cloud of gas, leaving them unable to retreat.

Lob an inactive gas canister around the corner and bank it into whatever cover the enemy is in. (You can collect the canister later.) They'll assume it's a grenade since there's no trail of gas. That'll send them scrambling away, giving you an opening to shoot out the remaining spotlights and get a look at what you're facing.

Any enemies in power armor are priority targets, since they're protected from the gas. Any other unprotected enemies you can just keep trapped where they are until the gas catches up with them.
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