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File 131397653506.png - (10.07KB , 900x900 , 132.png )
342168 No. 342168 ID: e8cd4a


Turn 2.
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No. 342169 ID: e8cd4a
File 131397664831.png - (52.06KB , 900x900 , 133.png )

As a person of reason who has made a life knowing the course of all things, worked with and understood the unchangeable, physical laws, it is baffling you are affixed to the idea your travels here mark the doom of this certainty. These are alien doubts, entrancing and impossible to dismiss, that you might ever take the risks for truth and knowledge as you have done in the past.

You are Casper, the third of two others. You and your siblings have an unnaturally long and bitter history; having never took up their cruel quests for power and prestige, but shared in their maddening thirst for truth, your place is distant and conflicted. They have followed you here and quickly grown very powerful. You may be the only person able to stop their squander and rampage.

The creature erupted from the water looks armored, like a Wiwaxid. It's spines pulse with energy, as do three bulbs fixed to some snaking stalks. One fires something like a dart at you. It misses and splatters on a wall in bright energy.

Slot : Regal Machine Rifle (+ Thermal Imaging), Plasma Cutting Arm, Coolant
Bulk : Ration, Battery Cell, Throw Ensnare

There are several targets, being the bulbs, the stalks, and the main body. Behind you is a liquid or gas pumping block of some kind, and to the creature's side is some barriers and electrical blocks. Behind the creature is a structure, half-wrecked by its violent entrance; a large mass sits precariously above it, looking ready to collapse if it were impacted further.

It's focused on you. This is good; you want to draw it's attention away from the fountain and neutralize the creature if possible. What will you do ?
No. 342181 ID: 476456

scream "what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck" while shooting it.
No. 342182 ID: 476456

And aim for the bulbs they look combustable
No. 342189 ID: 07416a

Ice, ice, baby. Take cover behind the majiggy pumping block thingy and then freeze the bulbs. Then shoot them. With bullets.
No. 342233 ID: d80827


Freeze them bulbs.
No. 342320 ID: e8cd4a
File 131404472849.png - (42.95KB , 900x900 , 134.png )

Your brother and sister have affectionate names, Milky and Balth, respectively. Balth spent most of her life as a phenotypic in the now-cratered Eiber, and Milky as an effeminate Talin beyond the borders. You have been many things, but your most recent thoughts live as a cyborg from the relative safety and mad zeal of Anaria, an inner nation.

You throw an icy bolt of shape at a bulb. It splashes and shatters on impact. Worked like a charm, because it is exactly a charm; your particular artifact is capable of only ice and liquid projection. You have an innate shape identified as 'Normal' which has not granted you extravagant abilities. Normal shape is quite subtle, opposite the grandiose 'Star' and others.

Another bulb is fixed on you as you dive behind the pumping block. It fires an icy dart which splashes over you. Your body spasms from the energy, but there is no physical injury.
No. 342323 ID: d80827

Throw another icy bolt at another bulb, but this time take cover after doing it, don't risk getting hit again.

Once it doesn't have bulbs to throw at you, finish it with your rifle.
No. 342326 ID: 476456

Family of body snatchers/swappers?

and take out another bulb
No. 342334 ID: e8cd4a
File 131405342086.png - (37.60KB , 900x900 , 135.png )

You do consider yourself a body swapper, much like your siblings. Your thoughts return to the attacker at the fountain, who had released a signal upon dying. That was no doubt a consciousness transfer by a prosthetic sleeve; you aren't aware of any resurrectors here, but it is where a consciousness would be received and implanted anew. The possibility of a resurrector here is concerning; they were first used by a well-known enemy of all humanoids, the Eiber Automatons.

You throw more ice at a healthy bulb and take cover, it does something. The last is not focused on you until after the creature lurches forward.

You might have lost cover against this new position. You might remain in position and attack, swing past and attack, or make evasive action.
No. 342336 ID: d80827


Swing past and attack it again.
No. 342374 ID: e8cd4a
File 131406543264.png - (34.99KB , 900x900 , 136.png )

You swing past artfully and sever a bulb from its stalk. Such athletic tricks are no problem for you.

Injured bulbs snake about, recovering from your attacks.

What part of the creature will you attack, if any ? You don't know if the blade will work against the armor, but now is probably the best time to try. If you don't attack with the blade, you can think of using your rifle, body strength, or something else entirely.
No. 342376 ID: 07416a

Touching the creepy monster is a no no. Shoot it with bullets until it dies. Freeze a portion of the shell to make it brittle, shoot that bit, then pulp the insides.
No. 342406 ID: bc1e6f

Freeze the carapace and then shoot it or, if you can get it under the dilapidated building. Then maybe we could shoot the unstable structure above it and crush the beast.
No. 342420 ID: 476456

ho hum, so if we trace that signal we might have a lead.
No. 342436 ID: 59231e

Yeah, try not to touch it, in case its carapace is covered with acid or something, just shoot the hell out of it.
No. 342479 ID: e8cd4a
File 131413196887.png - (39.33KB , 900x900 , 137.png )

You take aim with your machine rifle and fire. For the heaviest weapon you could get, it seems to have paid off, as 18 rounds shred through the creature's body effortlessly.

However, the creature doesn't give up, and begins swelling with energy. You can feel it almost ready to burst.

You aren't sure what to do; will you run, brace for impact, or continue attacking ?

A bright light appears inside the fountain.
No. 342481 ID: 476456

Go around wide, towards the fountain
No. 342486 ID: 59231e

It's gonna blow up, run the fuck away from it.
No. 342487 ID: 07416a

Toss some ice behind you and run away from the explosion.
No. 342489 ID: b6908e

run casper runnn!
No. 342499 ID: bc1e6f

Run for the fountain, you need to stay as far away from the southward building as possible, in case it collapses.
No. 342514 ID: e8cd4a
File 131414088505.png - (41.77KB , 900x900 , 138.png )

As you run towards the fountain, the light whips towards you. A flare passes over almost hitting you, but misses and bursts on impact with the creature. It's body blackens and peels apart into flecks of light.

You know about this disintegration, but only in laboratory conditions. To be conjured so effortlessly is the work of someone using the powerful 'Star' Shape.

You see a long figure in the fountain ..
No. 342517 ID: e8cd4a
File 131414158548.png - (11.74KB , 532x532 , 139.png )

A bright-haired Talin is holding the charm that Ayu dropped. There doesn't seem to be anyone around. You two are alone.

"Magnificent, isn't it ? How disappointed do you think they will be ?"

>"Who are you ? Where is Ayu ?"

"You don't remember me ? Now why would that be ?"

"You should know who I am .."
No. 342526 ID: 476456

I am the penetrator.
No. 342564 ID: 07416a

Hello Milky.
No. 342573 ID: 6f1d54

"I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the batteries that are not included! I am the wrong number that wakes you at 3AM! I AM DARKWING DUCK!"
No. 342591 ID: 28e94e

No. 342707 ID: e8cd4a
File 131422013208.png - (9.26KB , 499x499 , 140.png )

Inspecting the charm closer, you can tell it is a rare Hornet metal; the exotic carbides are used in tools and ammunition but some varieties are proposed as bio-machine components.

>"Hello Milky."

"I thought it would be easy to erase Melissa, but I'll be honest; it's hard. I'd need to get rid of Ayu too, but that would defeat our reunion. Why did you come here ?"

>"Reunion ? I'm investigating what I suspect is Shape experimentation here. There is unmistakable evidence from what I've witnessed already-"

"Mariner isn't a private military. They're seasoned excavators and scientists with a small military. Quite unsavory too, with how so many of their miners and workers with half a conscience have escaped to the shantys in Overmars, conveniently forgetting events prior .."

>"How did you discover this ?"

"That's what I want to know ! There are pieces out there, scattered memories I alone cannot decipher. How about it ? What risks will you take at my side for truth, Sky ?"

You haven't been called Sky in many centurns. She speaks of erasing Melissa. This is a hardened and violent prospect which upsets some part of you.

"Anne and that Orca carried Ayu away to some place, likely to help her recover. You have a choice; what will it be ?"

How should you respond ? Will you reject, agree, make stipulations ?
No. 342709 ID: 476456

"I think Ayu is going to erase melissa herself."
No. 342710 ID: 67a324


Accept and go with her, she seems cool. But stipulate that you want to talk with Melissa before any elimination is done. She's probably got answers for a lot of the stuff that's going on.
No. 342755 ID: 07416a

Ask what her beef is with Ayu. Ayu seems like a harmless... Actually, she seems like a nymphomaniac loose cannon. But still.
No. 342933 ID: bc1e6f

Be cool, accept. Stipulate that she can't harm Ayu or Melissa until you speak with them first. Also, warn that if you so decide that her cause is in the wrong then you will not hesitate to turn on her.
No. 342944 ID: e8cd4a
File 131430884821.png - (6.30KB , 647x647 , 141.png )

>"I will help you, but I must talk to Melissa before you do anything else to her."

"What could that broom-handle possibly know ?"

>"Probably something important. You can't decipher her memories, but someone can; another Shaper, Ayu ?"

"Ayu hasn't the faintest idea-

>"What is e to you, then ? Somehow, I think Ayu is going to erase Melissa aself unless I or someone makes it fit in all of this."

"I thought I could trust Ayu, but es deluded by service and prejudgment. Stop wasting time; here's what we need to do .."

She explains knowledge of several Shaping charms, one taken by the Sectalis circle of assassins. She also recalls the island's power system being connected to Mariner. This could involve several locations, the Gates Vista Reservoir, the Overmars National Building in Edison, and a Nuclear Submarine who knows where, should you locate it by some miracle. She also shares the locations of some safe rooms, one accessible by the coastal road and another in the Edison cliffs; there should be one in the woods if you can find it.

You are given descriptions of some Sectalis members, but neither of you have any idea where they would meet or safe-keep.

Locate and infiltrate Sectalis' security.
Identify and recover the artifact.

Reservoir Objectives :
Locate and infiltrate Reservoir.
Identify and secure local power system. (Optional)
Exfiltrate to safe room.

National Building Objectives :
Overcome travel security.
Overcome archives' security.
Identify and secure files.
Exfiltrate to safe room.

Submarine Objectives (Optional) :
Locate and infiltrate Submarine.
Identify and secure power procedures.
Identify and secure local power system. (Optional)
Exfiltrate to safe room.

"I'm only able to find the dots; together we can connect them. I'm sure you look forward to stepping back when it's done and seeing the big picture. It'll be fun. Call me Kari, your partner in crime."

>"Somehow I don't think you wish to harm Ayu, but if I decide your cause is wrong I will not hesitate to turn on you."

You were never excellent with persuasion or fine mannerisms. Kari almost ignores your warning. It might just be her whimsical nature, your strong accent, or both. "That's fine. I suggest we divide our efforts. Pick your poison .."

Assign Kari and yourself to any mission. Will you split up or take on locations together ?
No. 342962 ID: 0736cd

Let's go together, so we can keep an eye on her, also we could do with the help.

Let's go to the Reservoir first.
No. 343033 ID: 476456

two guns is better than one, though you may want to message Ayu an update when you have a moment alone just in case you get backstabbed or backvaporized.

if you got her comms addres that is.
No. 343055 ID: ae765a

Split up, you head for the National Building, Kari should take the Reservoir. Both of you should keep an ear out for any leads on the Submarine.
No. 343103 ID: e8cd4a
File 131439517630.png - (37.10KB , 900x900 , 142.png )

You don't have an address, but if you label as Casper, Ayu should find your messages eventually. That's rather unsecured so you might encrypt just the contents and leave a key somewhere e can find before anyone else, or not have any key on the chance e is or can employ a skilled Technopath.

>"Two guns is better than one. Let's take the Reservoir and keep our ears peeled for clues on the Submarine."

Wasting no time in Wolfram Square, you and Kari set off for the Gates Vista road.

Kari hands you a vial. "Take this for Shape. It's real nectar; I don't know where it comes from, but it does the trick."

You reluctantly store it on you.

>"Ayu might have forgotten a lot about aself. I can't help but think your introductions brash and impressions less than positive given the circumstances .."

Kari changes the subject. "There will be a checkpoint soon; we can either take it on or brave the woods. You don't seem too stealthy either way, and without proper papers, talking to troopers might be trouble."

You approach a self-explanatory sign as a dragon-like appears in the distance.

"That's a Mariner uniform. What's a soldier up to way out here ?"

Will you continue on the road and approach, hide nearby, or enter the woods ?
No. 343105 ID: d10cdb


Tell Kari to hide nearby while you approach the soldier to ask him what's going on here.

If he inquires, tell him you work here and you're just on your way to your post. If he's not part of the security forces here, he might not ask further questions about your identity.

Tell Kari to shoot him if he decides to attack you.
No. 343172 ID: 276266

Enter the woods, be quiet about it and keep close together. Stay in the shadows and keep an ear out for anything, also make it a point of looking above you as well as around you. Trees are an excellent hiding place if you're looking for dodgers.
No. 343292 ID: e8cd4a
File 131449347778.png - (38.22KB , 900x900 , 143.png )

You instruct Kari to hide nearby while you talk to the soldier, ready to attack if necessary. The two of you will enter the woods at the first opportunity and most alert.

Kari expertly vanishes. Strangely, a hint of her presence is a glow of color in your peripheral.

The soldier takes off her eyewear. She seems friendly.

>"Soldier, what's going on here ?"

She speaks in a harsh, gravely voice, but stresses some inflections that soften her words. "The bridge to Mariner is out and so is my communicator. I've been separated from my company for some Turns now. Is this Overmars ?"

>"Yes. It is."

"Have you seen a blue Aisha with pink wings ? She's my sister, Anne. I'm also looking for my brothers; a green and white-speckled aves with a long tail and, well .. who-knows-what. He was a golden canis with long ears the last I saw him; could be a woman or any sort of Pheno in the time that's passed .."

She's either brave or oblivious to admit knowing a likely Sleeve or Chimera.

>"I know of a blue Aisha but she didn't have wings. Could that be Anne ? Sorry, blue is a common color for Neos."

"Oh .. Thank you. By the way, I'm Yuki, Medic Specialist."

As you think about what's said, an all-terrain vehicle speeds past. It's driver looks sick and splashed with blood ! It doesn't slow, and is gone as quickly as it came.

Was that ranger covered in blood ?"

".. I didn't get your name. Can I help you with anything ?"

Is there anything you want to ask ?
No. 343293 ID: 0b7253

Ask about the bridge and how/why she was separated.
No. 343319 ID: b6908e

give her your name, not much harm could come of it as far as I see.

also ask if she has any spare medical supplies she's willing to share.
No. 343324 ID: c4a171

Give her your name, say that you're going to investigate the bridge, and also keep an eye open for her brothers. It's gonna be dangerous, so ask if she can spare a trauma kit.
No. 343483 ID: e8cd4a
File 131456636543.png - (36.46KB , 900x900 , 144.png )

>"My name is Casper. How did you get separated ?"

"I'm not sure. I was on a radiological survey when a group ahead needed me for a poisoning of some sort, but everyone vanished between my arriving and doubling back. I scouted a lifeless shantytown and this bridge, but as I got here there was an explosion, a collapse and some fires."

>"I'm going to investigate the bridge and keep an eye out for your brothers. Can you spare any medical supplies ?"

"You can have this. It's a new biogel; scares me, really."

Adaptive Biogel restores Integrity but downgrades the maximum for 20 hours. Use carefully.

Casper's integrated prosthetics can receive organic and mechanical treatment to the same effect. The Trauma Kit and Coolant are functionally identical in his case.

You part ways and let the facts sink in. You figure she's looking for Anne first as much as she would like to join or help.

Along Canal
To Shantytown

Does this change any plans ? If you head to the bridge, are you looking for anything specific ?
No. 343506 ID: c4a171

Let's go along the canal, if we go on the bridge we might end up like that soldier's company (Oops maybe we should've told her that we know where Anne is).

Be aware of anything suspicious, it looks like there might be poisonous hostiles around.
No. 343792 ID: e8cd4a
File 131465500142.png - (47.53KB , 900x900 , 145.png )

As you think about it, Anne is not a common name. There is dwindling doubt the Aisha at the Wolfram fountain is Anne; but, what happened to her wings ? At least the sisters should be easily reunited.

>"The bridge looks like trouble. Lets find the canal; it could lead us to the reservoir. Beware, there may be poisonous hostiles ahead."

"'Liquid' Shape can purge poisoning and other afflictions, but it feels like getting your shit beat thrice over. It doubles as a crippling attack by 'curing' enemies with afflictions."

>"Why did you call me Sky ?"

"Why did you call me Milky ? We have something in common, though arrived differently; the persons we are, conflict with that we know ourselves to be. It is even more so with these strange energies and developments. These things of predicament play in my thoughts when I try to be myself; don't you feel something similar ?"

You have exactly. The times you did, it was the most uncomfortable sensation you can recall.
What plays in your memories is the truth behind you and your siblings might be the -worst- thing to discover.

After some walking, you and Kari arrive at a cabin over a stream. You can see another structure some distance away; the obvious path to it is continuing along the course, either above through this cabin or below at waters edge.

"Arm yourself."

You search for what has alerted Kari. In one of the cabin windows, you can see the inside is completely trashed.

Will you investigate the cabin ?
No. 343795 ID: 476456

might as well,weapons ready
No. 343827 ID: 894837

Get your weapons ready, this might be a trap. Inspect the crack on the wall, see if you can access the buidling through it.
No. 343834 ID: 4bdd79

I assume those symbols are spots where Kari can climb up?

If so, let's use them to make a simultaneous entrance.
No. 343950 ID: 0b7253

Prepare your weapons, inquire about Kari's abilities and if they can help in the investigation right now. Then check the crack.
No. 343992 ID: e8cd4a
File 131474099387.png - (47.74KB , 900x900 , 146.png )

You take out your blade.

Getting to the cabin is a little difficult, as the floor is higher up and across a small gap. You can see two places to scale from. Kari leaps to the precarious far ledge, allowing you to make a simultaneous arrival with the closer route. Kari makes a gesture of repulsion at the cabins' side, reminding you of your inability to detect odors.

Kari attempts to wreck open what looks like a weakened section of barricade, but fails.

"You wouldn't happen to be a Slugger or have Mechanized implements on you ?"

>"My blade can do wrecking, but it will be drained considerably. What can you do to get inside ?"

"I can make anchor and explore below or look around on the roof." This sounds like something you can do also. Her cords and stakes are considerable aid to these options.

Will you cut the barricade or wreck it some other way ? Should any of you look above or below for a way inside ?
No. 344094 ID: 0b7253

Avoid using up too much energy, check above for another way in while Kari checks below. Be on guard though, you never know who or what might be in the area.
No. 344270 ID: e8cd4a
File 131482612382.png - (38.49KB , 900x900 , 147.png )

On the roof, there is a hole where a ventilator should be but looks torn off. Below, Kari shakes loose something holding up what looks like a lift hatch and enters the cabin. This structure must have served as a cargo elevator for vehicles and fuel. There should be a battery block and other supplies inside. You drop down.

"Do you feel that ? The air in here -stings-. Someone obviously died, but I don't see scavengers or a body .."

There is evidence of a huge struggle. Everything that could have been moved, has. There is a damaged door with a pool of rot in front. Resting in it is some protective wear and a dented mess tin.

You detect movement.

>"Lets search for anything useful and unseal exits before this turns into a bad idea."

"Should be easier to break out than in. If not, there's always this hatch; it's a leg-breaker, though-"

How will you divide your efforts ?
No. 344274 ID: b6908e

get the entrance open ASAP, you can take as much time as you want once you have an escape route.
No. 344287 ID: f5e4b4

Move together, inspect this room, then move to the next one. In every new area you inspect for anything useful to your mission while she checks the exits and unseals any escape route.
No. 344408 ID: 0b7253

Open up any exits, and then proceed to check the room. Make sure that try and stay back to back while inspecting the room, and keep and eye out for any potential danger(s).
When all that is
No. 344646 ID: e8cd4a
File 131491383656.png - (49.10KB , 900x900 , 148.png )

Kari makes progress wrecking the upper barricade as you remove a single pile from a battery block.

"It's almost open. Look for flares. I can use them-"

You think you can see a flare sitting in a drawer opposite the room, but before you make your way, a corner is punched out of the door to the unexplored room. Bright liquid streams out and splashes around Kari, who fumes painfully from contact with it.

A ghoulish camel crashes through, sputtering and squirting liquid about. It seems focused on you !
No. 344649 ID: f5e4b4


Take a defensive stance, wait for it and cut its head off.
No. 344652 ID: b6908e

No. 344727 ID: a6ab09

SPITTER! don't kill it within melee range, it'll splash all over you when you kill it. Go for ranged
No. 344739 ID: 3af1e4

Stay back, stay defensive, and take careful aim at the head or whatever area of the body would cripple it most.
No. 344952 ID: e8cd4a
File 131499806822.png - (46.86KB , 900x900 , 149.png )

You stay defensive and switch to your rifle. The ghoul scrambles in your direction, clawing at the air, at which you let loose a stream of bullets. It did something.

The ghoul stumbles in place and swats at the air.

Kari pulls open an exit. "It's open-"

>"Are you injured ? We should really look for anything useful-"

"What are you doing ? Let's move !"

Will you finish off the ghoul and spend time looting or flee ?
No. 344953 ID: f5e4b4


Flee, run after Kari and close the door behind you, or at least leave as many obstacles on the way of the ghoul as you can.

Once you're far enough to aim carefully without that thing puking on you, shoot its head off.
No. 344986 ID: 1444d5

Yep. And then come back to loot.
No. 345223 ID: 3af1e4

Finish off the ghoul then loot the place. If Kari is injured then you should treat her first, THEN loot the place.
No. 345266 ID: e8cd4a
File 131509146538.png - (65.06KB , 900x900 , 150.png )

You expertly bound over obstacles and create some of your own for what you're compelled to call a Spitter. Unfortunately, you fail to avoid the caustic pool on your way out. Your legs feel like they are being stuck with glass. There is actual injury, but appears nowhere near as bad as it feels, oddly. It is clear now you and Kari share expert control of your physicalities, neither having any loss in foot speed despite injury.

The Spitter trips over debris in chase and collapses in a pool of bright guts. You try to determine Kari's health, but it is unclear, especially so because of the motor skill you both utilize.

>"Again, are you injured ?"

"I'm fine, just there's something big moving around; we can't stay here. Let's keep along the canal."

A pair of humanoids in rotting filth leaps out from a barrier, swatting at the air. You can see more coming.

>"What -is- this ??"

Exits are along the stream, the island in it, and the cabin behind you.

Available Abilities
Bypass / Freerun, ???, Liquid / Ice Needle, ???
No. 345284 ID: c7b6c2

Shiva stack in the nearest corner. Find a molotov nearby for the Tank

Freerun to higher ground. Can Kari get there with you? This is important.
No. 345300 ID: 476456

run and also shoot.
No. 345305 ID: 4bdd79

Run towards them while firing your gun. If they get close, hit them with your gun butt and run past while they're stunned.

God damn it, beat me to it
No. 345368 ID: f5e4b4

Get away from there, don't stay in one place and get cornered.

Run along the stream, shoot the ghouls in your way, but don't stop.
No. 345566 ID: 396889

Run along the stream and try to get to higher ground. Make sure to keep moving and avoid melee combat, this is very important when facing enemies that can spit harmful material.
Also, have Kari use ice needle on the group while Casper attempts to bypass them.
No. 345590 ID: e8cd4a
File 131519179254.png - (54.58KB , 900x900 , 151.png )

You nor Kari are equipped with a REACH or Snake, so you assume your modes of mobility are matched until either of you become impaired by some affliction or a severe level of injury.

You do everything possible to keep moving, but this takes a toll on the effectiveness of your attacks.

The faster ghouls are rocked by mere thrusts and swings, quite unlike a headless one which is very stoic; it's movements are slight enough that you can take aim and fire in stride. The bullets seem to do absolutely nothing until a thermal spot vanishes from your rifle's vision mode. You take note of the odd thermal signature; by how it reels backwards from the destruction of, the spots must be their vital cores. This can be a problem if the locations are different per individual. It has one left, but you want to ignore it for obstacles ahead worth more attention.

Only your rifle provides thermal information, and Kari's melee implement is poorly suited to strike vital points. Her flare attack seems powerful enough that it might not matter, however.

>"How many flares ? Will they work against them ?"

"Three, and I don't know. Let's make them count; say the word and I'll throw."

The structure is in sight. It is made of stone, at the end of a bridge spanning the stream. A new foe shows itself, a rhino pumping a single, enormous arm.

"Shit. Do we go around or through ?"
No. 345619 ID: 07416a

Blow out some zombie knees and then take time to aim and fire.
No. 345620 ID: 07416a

Kneecap the zombies with bullets then take time to shoot them into their glowy bits.

Zombies cannot eat you when they have no kneecaps. Mobility is key.
No. 345639 ID: 73eb25

kneecap dem zombies
No. 345652 ID: f5e4b4

Yeah, bust their legs, and tell Kari to flame the one with the big arm. Keep moving toward the structure.
No. 345823 ID: 396889

I agree with all the above posts, except for Calling Stone, just because I can.

Also make sure to try and take careful aim for the Rhino. Taking out some of it's vital spots will more then likely aid the flare's effectiveness.
No. 346076 ID: e8cd4a
File 131534803042.png - (53.25KB , 900x900 , 152.png )

>"Kari, big arm-"

Kari hurls a flare, clipping the rhino. It stumbles backwards with an large glow marking the point of impact.

>"Mobility is key. Drop them by the legs or swing past, whichever presents the best."

"Through it is-"

Kari strides around a lunging ghoul. You fire at it with your rifle, crippling it. Two are close behind. A headless one shambles ahead on the bridge, grappling Kari.

This is the final stretch to the structure. The entrance looks like a reinforced door; could this be the woods safe room ?
No. 346078 ID: f5e4b4


Charge full-speed, shove the headless one down the bridge. The two of you keep running until you get into the safe room and shut the door behind.
No. 346131 ID: c7b6c2

Watch out for that hunter fox up there on the roof. Knock the one on the bridge away and full-steam it into the saferoom.
No. 346137 ID: 396889

Take out the headless one. Then while Kari tries to get the door Casper should take out the ghouls.
No. 346423 ID: e8cd4a
File 131544359688.png - (40.92KB , 900x900 , 153.png )

You charge for the door and swing around the headless ghoul, shoving it off the bridge and freeing Kari. As you crash into the room, the large figure above the structure leaps down behind.

>"Shut the door !"

In the immediate vicinity are sandbags, a cart, and a drum of water. You have very little time to do something about the beast now face to face.

"Where's the brace ?"
No. 346426 ID: f5e4b4

Shut the door, use her shovel as a brace.
No. 346429 ID: 396889

Use the shovel, then quickly water down the sandbags and place them in front of the door.
No. 346672 ID: e8cd4a
File 131552006520.png - (35.99KB , 900x900 , 154.png )

Your quick thinking has you throw Kari's shovel onto the door catch, bracing it. The two of you toss sandbags in front, douse them, and dive against the door as one final measure. The beast makes a lousy attempt to break in before turning out of sight. There are still many ghouls moving around outside.

>"It's going around the building; is there another way in ?"

"Let's not give these things any time to find out. I think this is start of the inlet; it goes straight to the reservoir-"

Everything hinges on your next choices. If this structure is not secure, you can inspect for entrances and seal them or flee through the tunnel before you are flanked. If you don't think this is possible or it fails, you need to prepare for a fight.

The writing on the wall gives you some picture of what's developed here. You've never seen anything like this, but did hear about a similar incident in Vapora.

"What's the plan ?"
No. 346673 ID: 476456

do what people usually do in this scenario, make out
No. 346674 ID: 786281

scribble "tunnel snakes RULE" on the wall
No. 346677 ID: f5e4b4

Without wasting much time, inspect the immediate exits and seal them. Even if we escape through the tunnels we don't want them to break in, follow us into the tunnel and get us from behind.
No. 346678 ID: 9f54d0

This is the best sounding plan so let's do that.
No. 346734 ID: 1b448c


Seconding this.
No. 347386 ID: e8cd4a
File 131569478382.png - (23.03KB , 900x900 , 155.png )

You think about amorously engaging with a person occupied by the conniving fragments of your brother, but decide against.

Wasting little time, you find the next likely entrance and seal it with the junk you can gather. Your integrated welder is a crowd-pleaser while also a resource sink, unfortunately.

You don't detect the large beast anywhere, but it can't be far. Ghouls continue to shamble around the structure. You're safe .. for now.

"If you can seal the door, I would like the shovel back. The tunnel looks pitch black. It probably goes on for hours and conserving light will be a problem if any danger comes up."

Available Abilities
Bypass / Freerun, Apply Mechanized, Liquid / Ice Needle, ???
No. 347394 ID: 4bdd79

Is that... a cyberdemon? Oh fuck me.
No. 347403 ID: f5e4b4


Freerun. Freerun is always awesome.
No. 347590 ID: e8cd4a
File 131575313895.png - (12.70KB , 900x900 , 156.png )

Getting shot hurts. It's been quite some time since your injuries, and all that time you have been too weak to collect your senses until now. Still it takes considerable effort to rouse physically.

You have lots of time to think. Time to think about how there doesn't seem to be anyone around, or much light either.

You are Ayu. Or at least everyone is fooled.

This isn't you.

You don't know why you wear the uniform and answer the call. In short time, the cadets you raised but never knew are murdered, you are thrust into a predicament of energies beyond your understanding, your efforts to seize some resolution and meaning are met by smoke and mirrors, resistance. Disaster ..

.. Futility.

You are on a bed littered with medical dressings and wrappings. Exploring a little, you can feel the beginning of a soaked floor; above and to one side is like stone. The air is exceptionally still and smelling of smoke. Oh, -water-. You want to lap the floor in the hopes of hydration by how parched and starving you are. Minus the stone and incline of the floor, you imagine this might be an office or home in Wolfram. You cannot detect any exits from the bed and you do not have your equipment. You have pants.

You also have an Affliction-F : Integrity hidden, lower Strength and Defense. Find a cure or combat the symptoms.

Focus : Passive ability. Automatically recover shape when idle. Arrests afflictions when idle.

Select One. At full Shape, can enhance an action; requires cooldown. / Consume Shape, can enhance an action.

Whenever you enhance an action, specify one parameter to boost : speed, accuracy, -precision-, distance, area, etc.

Scan : Ability. Project Shape on an immediate target to test something.

You cannot see any obvious exits or anything for that matter. You can think to explore along the perimeter or some other way. You want to obtain a light source if not your equipment. While this all takes a little getting used to, why not give your abilities a try ?
No. 347592 ID: f5e4b4

Well, use your Focus, if you aren't already, to fight the effects of the Affliction.

Then see if you can use Scan with the area around you, see if you discover something.
No. 347664 ID: 07416a

Scan yourself. Sounds like the situation is at least stable, if not good. After that search for the source of the moisture.
No. 347697 ID: 55c4cf

Consume Shape.

Use pants on water. Wet cloth can be used to break or bend metal. It might be a way to get yourself out of your 'prison' if you can find a place to wrap/ensnare the wet cloth.
No. 347727 ID: e8cd4a
File 131579848691.png - (19.04KB , 900x900 , 157.png )

This is unexpected. Focused, you emit a presence to test a large area of your surroundings and most everything seems to respond. The energy is omnipresent.

There is an odd energy behind a gate. A brace on the other side prevents you from opening it. There must be some way to get it off.

On the dry side is wrecked mini fridge and an intact safe, seeming almost half consumed by the walls which look badly warped by the elements. Everything looks badly warped, actually, including yourself.

Out of curiosity, you test your own presence .. You are medically stable, dextrous, and have potent technomechanic know-how. You can see your own energy relative to concepts of others. One which you are compelled to call 'Star' that you experienced at the fateful Edison incident, dwindles in your presence, but the vivid others aggress and overpower. None of this bothers you except for one most distorted facet ..

You are unfamiliar with this person.

You use pants on water. Immediately, you are numbed, but you can feel the current is very strong and goes down deep into what you figure is a floor below. It could be a watery dead end, a way out, or both.

Afflictions : F, C : Cooldowns lifted.

This must be the apartments. You did have a room, like your cadets past. Maybe your things are there ? You have no sense of direction beyond there being a floor below, though.
No. 347731 ID: 476456

check out that safe
No. 347732 ID: f5e4b4

Check out the safe, yes.
No. 347741 ID: 55c4cf

Well, you were supposed to take off the pants first, but good job.

I hope you can swim.
No. 347742 ID: b6908e

follow the walls, also

>You use pants on water

put pants on head
No. 347895 ID: e8cd4a
File 131582402792.png - (15.27KB , 900x900 , 158.png )

As you approach the safe, you happen upon a bundle of wire and a magnetic rod. Fallen out of the fridge is a bowl packed with mushrooms; whether this was the intention behind the container is questionable. You are very hungry, but safety comes first. You must determine it is a Perfectly Safe Mushroom Salad, and not some variation of Imperfectly Deadly or Less Than Ideal.

Remembering the medical litter, you look for a needle and find one. You re-purpose it as a fine cracking tool.

You equip pants to head. There is no surprise when now you can't feel your face and neck at all. Why do you punish yourself so-

Obtained Metreon Rod, Insulated Wires, Perfectly Safe Mushroom Salad, Hypodermic Needles (Passive)

Lock Cracking
There is one correct position of ten which you need to apply a degree of tension. If the tension is too low, you wont get feedback about your position, and too high could break the catch, which takes much finagling to reset. The way the safe and wall seems to build energy as you touch it tells of the need to make this the best crack you can, or to reconsider.

Select a :
Position A-J, Tension 1-180 degrees

(Every update builds up energy, -not- the Positions and Tensions attempted. Every ID may only suggest one Position and Tension. If at least one Tension is neither too high or low, others will not be attempted so as to not penalize collaboration.)
No. 347897 ID: 9f54d0

d, 23 tension
No. 347898 ID: b2d5eb

E, 46 tension.
No. 347920 ID: 0d7a83

I, 110
No. 347924 ID: 07416a

A 50
No. 347933 ID: 4bdd79

C, 160
No. 347946 ID: f66f3f

H, 70
No. 348015 ID: e8cd4a
File 131587766590.png - (22.71KB , 900x900 , 159.png )

A 50, D 23, E 46, H 70, I 110 : Your tension is too low to determine anything.

C 160 : Your tension is too high and the catch breaks. You can feel your position is too low.

Steps taken : 3. (The cost to reset.)
The safe energizes as you take steps to reset the mechanisms.
No. 348016 ID: 07416a

No. 348030 ID: 9f54d0

h 150
No. 348055 ID: f66f3f

F, 125
No. 348159 ID: eee8d8

J 132
No. 348243 ID: e8cd4a
File 131590506146.png - (23.20KB , 900x900 , 160.png )

H 150 : You can feel your position is too low. This eliminates all but two positions; you're almost there !

Steps taken : 4.
The safe continues to energize.

Which will you try first ?
No. 348245 ID: 07416a

No. 348246 ID: 476456

Can you grope a safe?
No. 348268 ID: eee8d8


does the one who guessed right get a cookie?
No. 348408 ID: 3b9af0


It's right to be wrong.
No. 348410 ID: 35e1a0

No. 348427 ID: 4bdd79


Also this.
No. 348541 ID: e8cd4a
File 131596532074.png - (14.78KB , 900x900 , 161.png )

I 151 : The lock disengages ! Had you not made swift decisions, this might have ended badly.

Steps taken : 5. The safe continues to energize.

Inside the safe is computer encryption information, a Data Injector and a Pine-nut Cookie, which you immediately devour. Why was there a cookie in a safe ? If it is drugged or poisoned, so be it.

Unfortunately, the contents don't help your present situation. The only unexplored paths is down into the current or past the braced gate. There was a small gap to work with. Can you combine your items and abilities somehow to get through ?

You think about groping the energized safe. You will most certainly take damage if you spend any more time on it ..

Actually, it's embedding into the wall suggests moving the safe might open a path through the walls. This option does not sit well with you as your thoughts flash back to some caustic flyers at a certain square ..

What will you try next to escape ?
No. 348562 ID: c7b6c2

Grope the door?
No. 348624 ID: 07416a

Inject that data. It's the good shit. Or you could grab the bed or something and smack the safe over the the door. Don't touch it. Touching bad.

In this case only.
No. 348646 ID: e81abe

craft a whip out of rod and wire. then Indiana Jones the hell outta here.
No. 348650 ID: f5e4b4


Stop toying with the box. Let's go to the gates. Maybe you could try to pry it open with your rod and your Tech/Mech skills.
No. 348699 ID: 0d7a83

Is the metreon rod non-conductive? If so try using that to pry the safe out of the wall.
No. 348915 ID: e8cd4a
File 131606243814.png - (20.92KB , 900x900 , 162.png )

Again, something on the other side is holding the gate closed. You can feel air shooting through a crack that runs along vertical; too small for your fingers, but big enough for a wire or needle. The Metreon rod is too thick to pry the gate open. When you drag the needle through, it runs up against something solid.

You don't have an interface for Data Injection .. to your knowledge. It's an eerie thought you might have a biocomputer or integrated cybernetics unaware to you. You prop the bed against the safe and try to rock it loose. The bed absorbs most of the force and you make no visible progress.

Metreon is conductive, unfortunately, as is Alumine; but the wires are insulated ! You have enough to coil the rod in wire, which happens to make it an electromagnet provided it carry a direct circuit. It is still too blunt to use as a wrecking tool.

You take a moment to come up with an engineering solution for these obstacles. You did something to enhance your Scan of the room earlier, maybe you can build a plan around a different boost ?
No. 348932 ID: 9f54d0

take a few moments to ponder your next move and maybe stick your ass in the air more. it helps the thought process.
No. 348937 ID: 0d7a83

clearly you must do something involving intentionally shocking yourself to gain an attack boost and kick down the door like a half-naked boss :V
No. 349074 ID: 1444d5

We have a length of wire and a source of power, surely there's something we can shock in a useful manner? Alternatively, use ELECTROMAGNET on GATE LOCK MECHANISM.
No. 349210 ID: 0d7a83

Alternatively you could use the safe to power up the electromagnet and try sliding the thing holding the door closed out with it.
No. 349344 ID: 07416a

This seems sensible. If that doesn't work then grab the bed and bludgeon the safe next to the door with it. Use the insulation to protect your hands, just wrap the wire around the bar.
No. 349653 ID: e8cd4a
File 131622514330.png - (52.43KB , 900x900 , 163.png )

There's an energized length off to the side of the gate which you use to power your electromagnet. You place the electromagnet opposite the brace and manage to pull it off using magnetic force !

The first thing you notice about this room is the burnt smell. One side of the room is scorched away to stone, and charred flotsam drifts in a shallow pool of water. In one of the heaps is an Ornate Rifle. In another corner is a drawer, damaged by the warping structure although its contents retrievable. You can see some clothes inside and a faint glow, oddly.

Exits are the pool in the previous room and a locked door covered in written warnings.
No. 349654 ID: 476456

check dat glow
No. 349655 ID: 07416a

Get dat gun, check dat glow. Beware of poison.
No. 349656 ID: 4bdd79

Obtain WEPON.
No. 349697 ID: 6fa1ef

Get that weapon, but be careful about not touching anything more than you have to. Actually, I wonder what a Scan would tell you. At the least, Scan that glow?
No. 349718 ID: f5e4b4

Get ye rifle, inspect glow and clothes. You could use some clothes.
No. 349772 ID: fd50a6

maybe you should read and heed the warnings before you jump at the booby-trapped gun.
No. 349951 ID: b6908e

Lick the glowy thing, I bet it has delicious radiation
No. 350195 ID: 3b9af0

Cry a single tear because you cannot grope anyone.
No. 350232 ID: e8cd4a
File 131639310512.png - (34.15KB , 900x900 , 164.png )

It's difficult to retrieve the rifle and as a pale hand comes into view you know why.

You wish you hadn't. After much time fighting to keep balance and stay conscious, you are able to think a little and inspect the rifle, but your hands won't stop shaking. After dropping it about a dozen times and taking breaks to properly oxygenate, you can tell there aren't any internal mechanisms or safety. Ornamental ? The rifle has an energy that feels like it is merged with your arm, and nicely. You might as well try shooting something with it.

It dawns on you that this decapitation might be for Baph. You can't imagine ever touching a corpse let alone holding one down to dismember; if all the bodies you encounter will be like this one, how do you plan on holding up your end of the payment ? Is she even alive ?

You inspect the drawer more carefully. The glow is from the same energized safe in the previous room. You decide it's safe to look for clothes and find a nice suit. This reveals a Filter Mask, although you can tell it's missing the filter. Some vines hold it tightly in place.

The warnings paint a pretty grim picture, what are you going to do to protect your breathing ?
No. 350235 ID: 55c4cf

refuse a reality where baph's giant tits aren't still alive.
No. 350237 ID: b6908e

uh, can you find a coffee filter? Those might work in a pinch.
No. 350241 ID: f5e4b4

Hmm, I'm not sure. If you can't find anything useful, maybe you could improvise a filter for the mask with your tech expertise and a piece of cloth (from the corpse, for example).


I don't think that's Baph's corpse, I think it means that Baph might be the cause of this decapitation. She's crazy and asks people to bring her heads in exchange of cool equipment. Or maybe she did it herself.
No. 350242 ID: b69beb

Remove one of your bandages and affix it to where the filter should be. It won't be the most effective filtration but it should help, even if a little.
No. 350248 ID: c0e5fe


Take the filter mask. Going on somebody else's suggestion, you might be able to fashion one by layering cloth and maybe pebbles or something in a tin can. Are those items nearby?

Even if not, keep the mask anyway, if only to make you look cool.

ALSO: Check the rifle for ammunition, because as far as you know, testing it out could expend the only shot in it.
No. 350251 ID: 46c430

Can you make the bandage wet somehow before putting it in as the filter? That might make it (ever so slightly) more effective.
No. 350518 ID: e8cd4a
File 131648434433.png - (26.50KB , 900x900 , 165.png )

Nothing in this apartment comes easy does it ? The strange vines keep a steadfast grip on the Filter Mask. Vines, what are you doing ? Your stoma won't fit that; it doesn't even have a filter, stop it.

The rifle doesn't have ammunition to your knowledge. You can't even find a place where it would be inserted. You aim the rifle at the piece of vine and pull the trigger. To your surprise, a bolt of energy strikes out from the muzzle, disintegrating it. You fashion a filter using bandage, cloth and charred bits; what results is a functioning Filter Mask in your possession.

Afflictions : F.
Affliction-C lifted.

Exits continue to be the pool in the previous room and the locked door just to your side. What next ?
No. 350526 ID: c0e5fe

Well, that worked out fortunately.

Try shooting the lock on the door. That way we can see if the gun's capable of destroying a more strong material than vines and meat, as well as opening the way for us to continue. Then open the door and quietly make your way out.
No. 350567 ID: 07416a

Try combining the data injector and the mushroom salad combining has had good results so far now shoot the door shoot it so hard don't think about the dead chicks wondrous bosom
No. 350765 ID: e8cd4a
File 131655000710.png - (39.45KB , 900x900 , 166.png )

To your disappointment, the lock only brightens and fades to normal when you fire at it. It's now apparent how underperformed the gun is in most aspects like rate of fire, power, and even accuracy. You try again, with feeling.

This is interesting. The force is far greater this time. In fact, too great. You reel backwards, having lost all your balance and overcome with an incredible disorientation in an instant. The lock disintegrates to nothing.

Afflictions : F, D : Shape hidden, lower Shape capability.

You're starting to get how this works. The rifle is programmable, but not by Mechanism or Technopathy. You have a feeling this will become very important as you venture forth. The disorientation is already beginning to pass.

You open the door and quietly make your way out. There is a sudden movement and hiss above. Its from a fleshy, wire-frame drum that has shrunk considerably. You're overcome by a sort of dull panic realizing this might be what the toxin warnings are referring to. Not too confident of your improvised filter, you expect to begin choking on blood and gasping violently for air, but after an acceptable while it doesn't come. These are not pleasant developments. You can see another like it in front of a large section of broken wall and floor, leading to mostly darkness except for some blinking like that of an electronic device.

There are some Trilobes tilling the sediment. They're popular aquarium pets and probably escaped in the damage. Hopefully they don't have caustic energies; these seem quite docile and scurry away upon your entering.

With your by-no-doubt expert crafting skills, you combine the Data Injector and Mushroom Salad to create a Data Salad. This is totally not just a Data Injector stuck into a bowl of what you now on closer inspection realize are quite phallic looking mushrooms; nope, this is completely legit.

Obvious exits are the broken wall, a door at the corner, and the corner itself with some spined growths in front.
No. 350772 ID: f5e4b4

Check out the door at the corner.
No. 350782 ID: 07416a

Shoot the other drum. Presumably the one that wheezed above you has already shot it's load.
No. 350797 ID: c0e5fe


So.. you have to believe in the gun for it to work properly or what? I say try it out a few more times. Ammunition seems to not be an issue for it, so I say get the hang of it before you truly need to use it.

Uh, good thing the mask worked. Nonetheless, I'd say keep away from those toxins as much as possible. Given that your filter is had made- from junk, I say that making only fleeting encounters with lethal gasses is ideal.

On that note, do you know if the gasses are flammable? Might be good information to have, but I wouldn't recommend finding out in the confines of this area.

Now, go for the door up in the corner there.
No. 351045 ID: e8cd4a
File 131659989323.png - (33.74KB , 900x900 , 167.png )

You check the door. You check the shit out of the door.

Afflictions : F, P.

Sweet, it's open.

You're pretty sure you've just been poisoned. Was there something about a frag burst thingy illustrated in a previous room ? You'll try to save your filter from toxins .. and these explosive pods too, why not. You don't want to test if the fumes are flammable in these confines, though everything is so humid you can't imagine a fire spreading. You might scan another at a distance, though you would need to lend it some accuracy or spread.

There's someone inside. It's the aves from the art studio. She's unclothed and seems to have been sleeping before your entrance.

"Shit. Oh shit. Oh no. Shit- How long- ?"
No. 351052 ID: f5e4b4


Tell her to cover her beak with a piece of cloth or something, the air is not safe here, then ask her to come with you, you have to get out of here. Ask her if she knows the quickest way out.
No. 351106 ID: 07416a

Scan the hell out of her. and the pods.
No. 351192 ID: 0d7a83

Scan her.
All of her.
With your hands.
No. 351562 ID: 67916e


Seconding this suggestion.
No. 351596 ID: e8cd4a
File 131674535962.png - (27.65KB , 900x900 , 168.png )

You 'scan' the shit out of her with your hands.

"I'm not armed. Are you ok ? My things are in that room over there but I cant get past the collapse. There was some equipment not mines also an E-Ration I should have taken to stay awake. Shit-"

>"The air is not safe here, can you protect your breathing and come with me ? What's the fastest way out ?"

"Fastest ? I was supposed to weed these growths pending rescue but I fell asleep. They're probably everywhere now, I'm so sorry. It was pitch black in some places but there's a lamp or something lighting things though the above floors. My best bet is up, since there's fighting below and the place is starting to flood. I came in from below though. Take whichever has less growth-"

You scan multiple fleshy drums and frag pods all around in the distance. The drums release gas of unknown deadliness and property, and the pods fire poison needles in all directions. If her job was to weed them before they could sprout, she failed spectacularly.

You feel punched full of holes from the poison, but the effect is arrested so long as you idle, giving you time to think ..
No. 351601 ID: c7b6c2

Fleshy growths? Unspeakable horrors? Amnesiac protagonist?
Find the lamp and some fuel for it. Stay out of the darkness, make sure your sanity doesn't drain.
Don't forget. Some things mustn't be forgotten. Your name... is Ayu.
No. 351633 ID: 9f54d0

use gun on plants
No. 351652 ID: f5e4b4


Ok, let's go up then. If there's no other way out of this room go back to the previous one with the bird and ask her where are the stairs, then go that way. Also ask her what's her name.
No. 352033 ID: 950529

ask her why shes naked
No. 352168 ID: 07416a

Shoot all the drums all the pods. Grope the bird.
No. 352171 ID: 07416a

Wait, ask if the bird's name is Gun. Baph said humanoid, do birds count as humanoid?
No. 352172 ID: 0491c8

Do you still have those needles in you? Get them out, if so!

Try to shoot all of the other drums in the vicinity. I don't know if you'd survive another one. Is there like an air conditioning unit or something nearby from which you can recycle the air or something?
No. 352918 ID: e8cd4a
File 131707699407.png - (29.02KB , 900x900 , 169.png )

She's introduced herself as Hen before, though it is still unlikely that is her name. Baph said Gun is a white lago-like from the woods. An avian head counts as humanoid. You ask anyway.

>"What is your name and why are you naked ?"

"It's Hen. I'm just trying to dry off from swimming through flooded sections. Are you poisoned ? You don't look too well-"

You've removed the needles on you and take some shots at what growths you can spot. The poison will continue its course as you make action until it is cured.

>"Let's go up then. Where are the stairs ?"

Hen steps to the corner, gathering her sense of direction. "Should be .. huh. The place is changing ! There -was- a hole here .."

It's gone now.

Before you can think of what to do, some spined growths sweep Hen off her feet and and the water level rises significantly. She could be headed towards growths you haven't destroyed. You have moments to do something ..
No. 352923 ID: f5e4b4

Ok, use Select One. Action: Free Hen, pull the vines before they drag her down and drown her.
No. 352925 ID: 07416a

Shoot the vines! Free her!
No. 352952 ID: 07416a

To be specific, grab her with one arm and shoot the vines with the other.
No. 352993 ID: c0e5fe


Shoot the vines, since I think grabbing them won't be so useful, but try not to shoot Hen, obviously. Aim at the base of them or something.
No. 353329 ID: e8cd4a
File 131715498858.png - (25.98KB , 900x900 , 170.png )

You don't think grabbing the vines will help much in your weakened state so you focus some rapid firing, the accuracy not too important when you aim for what larger vine bases you can spot. You have to follow Hen as she is dragged away, and you fail to stop her from activating a frag pod, though you have freed her successfully.

"Ow. Ow-"

The numbing torrent continues to rise around you ..
No. 353353 ID: f5e4b4


Grab her and pull her head out of the water, try to drag her against the torrent, back into a different room. And away from the pods.
No. 353807 ID: e83f6a
File 131727388136.png - (15.04KB , 900x900 , 171.png )

Weakly grabbing Hen, you manage to hold one another above the rising water. The current pulls you back to two exits, the doorway you came out of and the crack in the wall, which you hold onto the ceiling to stop yourself from being carried further. Hen enters a panic when the light goes out.

There doesn't seem to be any air pockets forming, meaning between your floor and above is cracks for air to travel through. You are unable to detect any in the darkness.

You can remain here and drown or choose an exit, and fast. You can't help but think how a sad few Turns you will have had if it all were to end here ..
No. 353810 ID: fb8ba7

Fuck the ceiling. You hate the ceiling. Also your gun is the best gun in the world and you hate that ceiling so much and you're so frustrated you're not gonna die here no no no no.

Shoot the fuck out of those airholes.
No. 353816 ID: 55c4cf

locate the airflow to go upwards and try to shape a path to travel up, hopefully up gives you more options
No. 353819 ID: 75178d

Climb back through the doorway. You know most of the growths in there are expired or destroyed, so you can work on trying to help out Hen. Anything's better than dying here.
No. 353848 ID: df879e

Let the flow take you to the doorway you came through, hopefully it won't be as flooded at this one.
No. 354443 ID: e83f6a
File 131744561915.png - (26.86KB , 900x900 , 172.png )

You direct one another away from the broken wall and towards the room outside where you woke up. This ceiling is done. You are -not- going to die here ..

Or at least Hen isn't.

.. Fack.
No. 354447 ID: 35e1a0

focus and climb!
No. 354461 ID: 55c4cf

That was now and this is t-hen.

Climb and grope Hen with all your might. Those are both required. You must continue.
No. 354469 ID: 86d0ac

Third-ing the climbing. You don't want to die here.
No. 354481 ID: f5e4b4

Focus. Select one. Grab Hen and climb like there's no tomorrow.
No. 354491 ID: 86d0ac


...Which there won't be, if you don't climb.
No. 354714 ID: b69beb

i second the grope/climbing. second the FUCK out of it.
No. 356633 ID: e83f6a
File 131803801537.png - (27.43KB , 900x900 , 173.png )

You climb with all your energy. You savor every detail of Hen's plumage and stalky bod against your hands and arms thinking they will be the last tactile pleasure before slipping away to drown. You .. made it out somehow !

Suddenly a masked figure pulls on and removes .. your mask. E throws it to es side and kicks Hen away before addressing you.

"I remember you, soldier. Do you know how much trouble you and your goons caused me ?"

Her gender is apparent now, though her speech has a coarse inflection like it is artificial.

"Tell me, just what are you doing here ?"

How should you respond ?
No. 356635 ID: 8a0f3f

Blush like mad
No. 356638 ID: add14d

Sputter out that you don't know why you're here, and that Hen's pleasant to the touch plumage deserves better than to be kicked.
No. 356639 ID: 35bcde

With confusion! You have no idea what you're doing here!
No. 356646 ID: 12c32f

"Being confused to what happened and where I am, while getting poisoned and drowned mostly. Could you tell me what's happening?"
No. 356651 ID: 8361f6

Act all innocent.
No. 356655 ID: e83f6a
File 131804421363.png - (33.25KB , 900x900 , 174.png )

You blush like mad, if anything because of the poison still coursing through and wreaking havoc on your biochemistry. Hen is probably doing only a little better than you.

>"I don't know why I'm here ! Hen hasn't done anything to deserve that. Please treat her better-"

She pulls her headscarf and mask away, revealing her face. It's badly burned.

"You really don't ? I don't believe for a second you have no business at all in this disaster. Maybe we can help each other. Not so sure about the bird though- Call me Balth."

>"What happened to you ?"

"What does it look like ? I also got shot and stuck with a crossbow if you want to see; are you sure you sure none of this raises any flags, 'soldier' ?"

You're inclined to trust Balth even though she seems rather unstable.

>"Ok, you got me. I'm confused to what happened and where I am, while getting poisoned and drowned mostly. Could you tell me what's happening ?"

"Infernos, flooding, fissures, windstorms, electromagnetic blackouts, monsters .. What -isnt- happening ? Most of the utility containers with Medical Sodas are looted, there might be salt you can take or some other way to inhibit the poisons' course ?"

>"I have Data Salad."

".. What- "

As long as you aren't taxing yourself, the poison's effect won't progress. Using this, you can think of some unfinished business to inquire.
Finding your items / obtaining new items.
Contacting Sarah, comrades, Casper, other familiars ?
Following Kari, Sectalis, Magi leads.
(Other / Lie.)

What will you tell Balth, and will you propose anything to do about your poisoning ?
No. 356658 ID: 8361f6


Don't mention the face. Just don't mention the face. Say she looks pretty.

Ask if she knows anything about the poison, and if she can treat it.
No. 356664 ID: 35bcde

Show her the data salad.
No. 356704 ID: f5e4b4

Don't show no one the data salad until we can check the data by ourselves.

It would be cool if you could recover your equipment, but it's just a secundary priority now. Say that we need to treat that poison, and then see what happened to everyone, including sarah. Also what's her problem with Hen?
No. 356705 ID: 35e1a0

other. explain how you have been doing your best to fight the everything that seems to be killing people but you are just one person. and if this is being made by a conspiracy then you need help.
No. 356745 ID: fa2f8d

you're not gonna do any of those things unless you get unpoisoned first.
No. 356759 ID: e99ac6

Well finding your stuff would be good. Also is there a way to gain outside contact? Like radio or anything?

What is Balth doing here?

See if Hen can tell you more about these growths. She might know of some ways to counteract the poisons etc.

Try to get some more into about all this Magi business. Like what was that glowing pin you found before and so on.
No. 361531 ID: e55966
File 131976495751.png - (45.86KB , 900x900 , 175.png )

You try not to mention the face, though it is hard to conceal your concern.

>".. You look pretty !"

"Oh, do I ? Of course, you're so honest ! Wouldn't you like to look pretty, too ?"

(Yes ? / I don't know !?)

You try to address more pertinent matters.

>"Do you know anything about the poison and if you can treat it ? I can't do anything otherwise. Hen might know a way to counteract it, what is your problem with her ??"

"I know a thing about poisons, Cure-P is derived from an antibiotic fungi .."

You don't want to show Balth the Data Injector, but you separate the Mushroom Salad instead to show her.

".. Which I correctly hoped would be produced by a resourceful few in a damp, dark apartment." Balth prepares the fungus for application, which she is interestingly equipped for. She grabs your wrist and applies a small amount to the back of your hand.

She seems puzzled by something. "You are atypically responsive to the antibiotic. I don't have a steroid and I really doubt you prefer intubation while conscious, let alone the possibility of an allergic shock in any case."

(Is fatal poisoning the better or worse option ?)

>"Hear me out. I've been doing my best to fight the everything that seems to be killing people but I am just one person. I need help if I'm to get to the bottom of this, or even survive the developments. What are you doing here, and is there a way to contact the outside ? Radio, perhaps ? I need to find out what happened to everyone, a Sarah rodent utilizing a curious energy, also these people who call themselves the Magi, and a strange pin I received-"

"A few broadcasters and some relay stations are still strong. Most everything else is quickly falling apart. I've been overhearing some communication leading me to this structure, a specific hard-drive might have answers to some people and events I'm trying to understand. Don't you think that name is interesting ? Sarachim is the name of a Magi from antiquity. Kasper and Melchior are two others, of a three who were the most powerful minds of their time and faraway place. Do you know anyone else using this energy or others like it ? ..

.. where is this pin ?"

You know Anne, Sarah, and Kari can project the energy. You're not sure if you want to share this or anything more about the pin ..

>"Is -Hen- allergic ? Aren't you going to tr-"

Balth makes an irate twitch, signaling you to ditch the sentiment immediately. You know to choose your next words and actions carefully instead ..

Hen sputters and retches on the flooded floor. The water is still rising. "Steroid- .."
No. 361572 ID: aeed7f


Steroid ...? Try and get Hen to clarify/spit it out, because otherwise you might be doing a lot of dying in the coming times.
No. 361576 ID: 35bcde

Since Balth just said she didn't have a steroid, poke Hen's bits. Also pockets.
No. 361611 ID: f5e4b4

Answer that maybe, but you'd prefer to discuss the subject in a less dangerous place. The water is still rising and you're all poisoned.
No. 362889 ID: 14a46d

Can you Scan the fungal antidote/antibiotic? Specifically to see if it would actually hurt you?

Maybe you can talk while slowly moving away from the rising water. Try to appeal to Balth's paranoia by saying you were shot right after hacking into a locker and picking up a metal pin, but you lost it and apparently all your other stuff as you passed out from the wounds taken in the conflict.

You've met a suspicious Casper however. If you can get to a relay station maybe you can contact that person and get some answers for both of you? Try to find out if Balth is with any groups.
No. 362937 ID: 55c4cf


Poisoning can hopefully be stopped later. Hen may be addicted to it, see if you can get clarification but you need to get on the move, you got away from some of the flooding, it would suck to give into it now.
No. 363190 ID: 9f54d0

I also move for escaping the flood, but see if maybe you can inquire more about steroids from Hen while on the go.
No. 363208 ID: e169f8

Have you searched Hen thoroughly to see if she has a steroid you can give to her?
No. 364262 ID: e55966
File 132066293033.png - (33.65KB , 900x900 , 176.png )

You get a great idea to scan the cure in Balth's hand. You can determine it will not harm you, but somehow that is much less interesting than the busy energy that is now visible to you flaring out from Balth's forehead and the intensified glow of your rifle.

>"Can we please discuss this in a less dangerous place ? How can you be so calm ?"

She clamps her teeth on a breathing mouthpiece and does not reply. She does not take objection to you advancing carefully along the floor.

Quietly, you try to rouse Hen to clarify herself. Poking around her, she does not possess anything resembling a steroid or medication.

>"Hen, speak to me-"

Very hushed, she explains. "Don't let her near me. Get away and give me the cure; I have corticosteroid-"

She says this while you are doing your best to appeal Balth's paranoia. You are oddly focused, a desperate clarity past a certainly acute series of panic.

>"I was shot after picking up a pin, I lost it and my things passing out from my injuries. I've met a suspicious Casper, are you with anybody-"

-Something- you said struck very hard. Sorting the intensity of the situation, you think back to the scan. Only now you're rather curious why Balth didn't think to disarm you. There are several opportunities here, most could end very badly.

She stands stern in arms distance. "You don't trust me. How unfortunate."

Will you continue to appeal, or take action ?

No. 364266 ID: d2b106
File 132066444990.jpg - (192.69KB , 500x677 , 1275869505167.jpg )


Uh, be nice. She could probably kill you and hen pretty easily. Say that you do, in fact, trust her, but you're just not feeling well; you're sorry if it came off like that.
No. 364275 ID: f5e4b4

Say that people have been trying to kill you pretty often in the last few hours, and because of your work in security you tend to be paranoid about everybody, it's nothing personal. You do trust her, but right now you'd prefer if the three of you could try to get out of this death trap alive.
No. 364280 ID: 476456

"Are you implying that i trust anyone?"
No. 364464 ID: 55c4cf

Aim for the glowing weak-point on her head, she is a tiny colossus.
No. 364555 ID: 1bdd8a

Speaking of names... Wasn't Balthazar the name of another magi of old? Is she using some type of powers herself? Perhaps reading your mind to some extent? That might be why she's left the gun with you. She's not picking up any intent to cause her harm. That might be why she's not trusting Hen as well.

You should probably take some of that cure if your scan shows it as not being harmful.
No. 364671 ID: 9d10a9

Appeal, just to be safe.
No. 364764 ID: 9f54d0

Appeal, attempt to befriend her permanently and then take action as best as you can to avoid a complete and total escalation of the entire situation.
No. 364984 ID: e55966
File 132099952804.png - (53.93KB , 900x900 , 177.png )

She's wrong. Balth is acting on a conflict of your attention to Casper and Hen. It's obvious she wants to leave Hen to die, perhaps even as a deal for helping you; is Balth externalizing the weight of your choice ?

>"Please give me the cure. I would prefer the three of us get out of here safely, it's nothing personal-"

"Yes I'm sure when you first ruined my plans it was nothing personal, nor when I received these wounds as a consequence of the delay. To answer your question, I am not with those white goons whom your administration appears to let run this island, and I am not. With. Casper."

As you place your hand on your rifle, it is a motion too late for surprise. Balth delivers the cure into your neck. A wave of relief washes over your body, the poison is lifted ! However, the shapes and sounds around you have changed completely, are you hallucinating ?

Balth barks words close to your ear, the source of them drowning into each other and sliding around in all directions. "You've been doing your best !? You are a lost, lecherous, loose-cannon; don't think your juvenile spontaneity and its reputation are not at work."

You're not even sure who is saying these things. The words strike deep; you feel like how you did waking up on the train. It's impossible to sort your senses; you clamp down and make feverish wish for it to subside, but snapping to focus is the image of Balth with hands set to wring Hen's neck.

"The bird dies."

Your hands blister from the force you clench your rifle; the frustration and despair you are feeling is indescribable. In a flash you could intervene, but you willingly hold your fire and watch. Will you ever forgive yourself ?

What sick game is this ??
No. 364988 ID: ad2f92


Hen must die. If you even attempt to intervene, it is likely that Balth will kill you too, and that will serve no purpose.

Wait - ask if you can grope Hen one last time, before she is murdered.
No. 364990 ID: ad2f92


No, wait - even better:

Grope Hen as she dies. Although it may seem a little strange, you only live once, right?
No. 364997 ID: 20f620

To hell with it. She's playing her own games. They all are. You're a loose cannon because you aren't playing along nicely and meekly with their agendas. Stop her. Save Hen. Why the hell did you got to all that trouble to save her if you're just going to let her die?
No. 365002 ID: 35bcde

Shoot. Shoot. Shoot.
No. 365008 ID: 48709e

You know what? Screw Balth, the way she is acting strikes me as someone who lacks any relation to others and will likely exploit and kill you once you have outlived your usefulness.
Not someone we want to be with in the current situation.
Shoot her, one less rogue agent in this is always beneficial.
No. 365035 ID: 35bcde

Turn the EM rod on and try to hit her in the face.
No. 365036 ID: 55c4cf

Thank Balth for curing your poison.
Ask Balth delay Hen's death, and at the very least inform us WHY Hen must die. If she does not cooperate, try and restrain and/or knock Balth out.
No. 365037 ID: f5e4b4

Ok, I change my mind. Don't kill Balth, she's healed you and gave you information.
No. 365068 ID: 476456

"You realize i'm going to have to arrest you if you do that right?"
No. 365069 ID: 476456

ah screw it arrest both of them.
No. 365097 ID: 578dec

Wait for Balth to choke Hen to the point she falls unconscious, then club Balth with the EM rod to unconsciousness. Restrain the two as best you can and separate them from eachother's sight and hearing.

Question each person individually. Tell them both that you will be letting the person who tells you the most live, and that you will kill the other. Question them both on the opposite persons answers; ask Balth why she didn't say what Hen said, and vice versa.

Whether or not you actually decide to kill one, both, or neither will be left up to what information you can dig up from them.

If you want to be really hardcore, break and/or cut off a digit everytime they resist questioning, or soak a piece of cloth in the water down there and stuff it in their mouth while plugging the nose. I would suggest that as a last resort though, as someone here may be a potential ally.
No. 365759 ID: e55966
File 132135985292.png - (1.15MB , 900x900 , 178.png )

The time to act is now. Your quickest lunge strikes true, but not before the space around you is flooded by a dizzying discharge of energies. You are sent careening away but are suddenly slowed and stopped, held in view of a Canine figure shuffling a deck of cards. It's Sterling, or at least the hallucination of.

He presents the deck to you. ".. To answer your question. Don't like the cards you were given ?"

You ignore his address for a moment as the space spins slowly around you .. Why would you go through all this trouble just to let Hen die ? Balth's cured your poisoning, though she's no doubt a rouge who would kill you the moment she gets her way. She hasn't once explained her hate for Hen, and you can only conclude it is the work of a lunacy incompatible with your trust. You are no complacent pawn in anyone's game; murder and deception for it to be otherwise are modes unacceptable. This you decide, and the truth will be found.

The predicament whole, contained in this strange instance; Balth and Hen appear suspended before the Gambit Sterling. You relish the significance of their states but your attention is torn between the three. This may be a hallucination, but will you entertain the Gambit ?
No. 365761 ID: f5e4b4


Sure, why not. You'll play with the cards you got. Like a boss.
No. 365766 ID: 55c4cf

i mash @ the quick time event vigorously
No. 365808 ID: c0e5fe


Yes, you will.
No. 365809 ID: 578dec

Take it. No real reason not to.
No. 365853 ID: 0d7a83

Yet another game? How long are you going to dance to the music of these cryptic lunatics? I think it's high time you say no. You're done with that. It's time to play you're own little game, Ayu's Game, and there's only one rule: Ayu must win. It's a hell of a lot easier when you've got more options, so with that in mind don't take the new hand from Sterling, take the deck.
No. 366519 ID: e55966
File 132173370193.png - (337.72KB , 900x900 , 179.png )

>"I think I've danced to this cryptic tune enough. If you're playing on my bewildered tire to anger me, it's working. Before you get any ideas, I'll play a game; -my game-."

Huh. It's the anteater Chris, now. No matter. You will your way towards him and swipe the entire deck. He offers little resistance and just kind of watches you. Somehow you know he's going to take on the appearance of Melissa next.

It's an Arcana deck you are little familiar with. The first card you see is Justice, followed by The Magi, Thief, Warrior, and others.

"What kind of answers do you think this will provide you ?"

>"Vague. Deceptive so as to train my interest to your own goals."

"Correct. I hope this doesn't end your interest, as -my- goal which you speak is yours, separated by three-hundred Turns time. The pasts' conveyance is possible only by convoluted circumstance; it's a trial, conspiracy really, by your design ..

.. and three others."
The Thief. The Magi. The Warrior.

>"Melissa said Kari is a thief. I have not heard of a warrior yet. What of the Magi ?"

"Balth explained the Magi pretty well. they are three great minds drawn to this island by a star.

Adrastea of Sectalis claims Kari possesses the star; she and it is powerful and dangerous. If this disaster was arranged by you, Kari and a Magi, which one is it ? Casper and Sarah are candidates at best; isn't Balthazar a Magi's name too ?

"I don't recall you curing Hen before this little trip. She's in big trouble because of you; everyone is. Not that you will burn all your bridges to play your little solitaire. If you want to do something, there's a card that does it." The Gambit Chris snickers.

This is no good. You have no idea what most of them read ! The only other ones you can understand is Seas, Oases, and The Green Earth. Haven't you seen the Seas symbol somewhere before ?
No. 366530 ID: 35bcde

I pick the one on the far left because it looks cool.
No. 366548 ID: 9d10a9

pick the sword card
No. 366551 ID: e75a2f

Far left card, place it face down.
No. 366552 ID: 67008d


Choose the sword card because swords.
No. 366553 ID: f5e4b4

Choose the card on the far left.
No. 366650 ID: 55c4cf

I choose shrimp baby. (third from the left)
No. 366652 ID: 5eea01

Shrimp baby! Or better! ROBOT SHRIMP BABY!
No. 366653 ID: f7ae22

Shrimp Baby is literally the only reasonable choice.
No. 366655 ID: 453e62

shrimp baby
No. 366656 ID: 3b9af0

Shrimp baby, let's make sure we can make the ring toss.
No. 366658 ID: 476456

Shrimp baby
No. 366665 ID: 67008d

changing my vote to shrimp baby
No. 366692 ID: 45db87

Shrimp babby for sure
No. 368644 ID: e55966
File 132254366535.png - (46.59KB , 900x900 , 180.png )

>"The past me sounds like a real bitch."

"Give yourself more credit. You're a good person. Maybe you can recall what you had in sight to partake in such a mess. Your report describes the tasty trail of why you are in the middle of this; does refugee outreach have something to do with you being a clone or the Automatons ?"

>"I don't know shit. I'm going to keep moving." You place The Thief card face-down.

You find yourself in a different place. It is very dark, with a sizable contraption before you. It's something like an intensive-care unit; there is something, -someone-, inside but no matter how you look, you cannot tell who. You want to know, passionately so, like it were the key to the puzzle of your being and the exotic ills of this island. It's hard to shake the passion, almost torturous to your psyche to be denied revelation.

>"Stop it. Don't you fack with me-"

"Can you blame Kari ? That is -my- card. Thanks to you, I think Balth and the others will be very disappointed."

"The Thief will give you an idea of what the other cards do. Beware, each has its repercussions. Tell me, what thing do you desire ?"
No. 368645 ID: e75a2f

To see inside this contraption and gaze upon your beloved shrimp baby, of course.
No. 368646 ID: 2f02b8


I think that device, and its contents are merely symbolic of what you actually want. Which is, uh... whatever that thing symbolises.

How about getting your memory and stuff back? So you know of your past relationship with Kari and whatnot.
No. 368648 ID: 9d10a9

Ask for a really strong weapon that you can use.
No. 368649 ID: 35bcde

Knowledge. First and foremost knowledge. Without knowledge you're just fumbling in the dark.
No. 368652 ID: 55c4cf

Ask to play ring toss.
No. 368675 ID: f5e4b4

Ask to know as much as possible, as much as he's able to tell you.
No. 368697 ID: 1444d5

There's a bloodstained... something... on the floor in front of you.
No. 368699 ID: 20f620

We're too ignorant. No memories, a chaotic situation, too many people telling us what they want to tell us. We need to know.
No. 369194 ID: 993c2d

Ask Kari if she dated Rita
No. 388762 ID: 2f7168
File 133016766709.png - (53.77KB , 900x900 , 181.png )


>"Without knowledge, I'm fumbling in the dark. I need to know as much as possible."

"You'll have to be more specific. More so, whom will deprive of vital knowledge so that you alone may use it ? I can think of seven for you."

Before you is Anne, a Dragon clone, Balth, .. Casper .., Kari, Sarah, and a shadowy figure.

This is a peculiar set of people. Why did they come to mind ?

In your possession is a detached eye and tooth, the symbol of Justice .. it appears in your hand by no course, disturbingly.

"I would have asked for a really strong weapon or something. I will admit this is so much more interesting."
No. 388763 ID: ed57e8

a good weapon would let me kill, good info would let me win.
No. 388764 ID: f5e4b4


The shadowy figure looks mysterious. Ask about that one.
No. 388768 ID: 2f7168
File 133017398498.png - (36.85KB , 900x900 , 182.png )

You mutter an assurance as you wipe your hands.

>"A good weapon would let me kill, good info would let me win."



>"Who is the shadowy figure ?"

"He's a very powerful individual you can find meditating in the Gates Vista woods. He seeks purpose."

"That selection of people all have something in common. Have you figured it out ?"

>"Hold on. You're going to -steal- vital knowledge from the person I choose ? This is bogus. What if I refuse ?"

"You aren't convincing anyone you're tough stuff, just a tough, lecherous imbecile. Get on with it."
No. 388769 ID: f5e4b4


Fuck no, we're not gonna leech information from a potential ally. We'll go to the Windows Vista woods ourselves and find that person.

And what do they all have in common... I don't know.
No. 388770 ID: 08cd84

Tell that bitch to calm their butt. Go and find this "shadowy figure" on your own. No easy way out.
No. 388778 ID: 2f7168
File 133018234788.png - (34.08KB , 900x900 , 183.png )

>"Calm your butt; I'm going to find him myself."

"That's too bad. Foxtits was next."

As reality snaps to, it would seem you are on the floor of a room filled with fridges. How contrived.

You feel like a wreck. Before that ridiculous show, Balth was in lunging distance of you about to wring Hen's neck. Where the fack are they now ?

Where are -you- now ?
No. 388779 ID: f5e4b4

Get up, grab your stuff and regain focus, then take a look around to determine where you are and if you're alone or not.
No. 388785 ID: 1d8a70

Yeap, need to go save foxtits.
No. 388788 ID: 63e60b

We need info on your surroundings. Also, inventory check!
No. 388802 ID: 2f7168
File 133019241056.png - (33.46KB , 900x900 , 184.png )


You get up and do a cursory, old-fashioned look and listen.

You can hear sounds coming from behind the fridges like the clatter of mess tins. There doesn't seem to be activity in the room you are nor an obvious exit, though there could be some horrific void monster in one of the fridges, just maybe.

Also, your Chi is mad Focused yo, whatever that means. (Focus Regeneration is working.)

Your inventory consists of :
Ornate Rifle, which you are holding.
Business Suit, which you are wearing.
Chem Set, with two small Batteries in reserve.
Filter Mask, with one Breathing Filter in reserve.
Data Injector, Pants Scarf, Magnetic Bar, Metal Cable, Arcana Deck, Fine Pick, a peculiar Ball Maze keychain, a tank of Mixed Air, and a Carrying Pack.

This is certainly more than you remember having previously. The Chem Set is definitely Balth's, among other things.


Lords, the last you spoke with Foxtits was way back at the R.Pasuvaise Medicine building. The events since then is quite an expanse to close if ever.
No. 388817 ID: 047f9d

Whelp, nothing to do now but go left. Onwards to adventure!
No. 388885 ID: 598206

check fridges for beer.

If you cannot see a normal exit, also check fridges for a secret exit.
No. 388979 ID: 2f7168
File 133023417732.png - (28.88KB , 900x900 , 185.png )

You GO LEFT. You find a TOPPLED FRIDGE. Big surprise.

The fridge door opens, but you cannot find any adventure or alcohol inside.

Instead the contents include :
Fondant Candies, -boxes and boxes- of candy ..
Mess Tins, with various solidified sugars and creams inside.
Hip Flasks, with a sweet smelling liquid in all but one which is empty and reeks of a turpentine, chemical odor.

Will you take anything ?

The fridge is semi-functional despite the power cord being unconnected, and there is no hidden exit or anything otherwise peculiar about this unit.

Your special actions are listed, will you Scan beyond the room or some other thing ?
No. 388983 ID: 08cd84

Eat some of the candy and save the rest for later.
No. 388984 ID: 598206


Hmm. Take some of those fondant candies, but don't take too many. They're not that nice, and next thing you know, you'll have pockets full of lollies you don't want.

dip your finger into one of the flasks containing the sweet liquid, and taste it. If it's nice, take some with you, but don't drink any until you actually know what it is.

Also, search the fridge for some kind of power source. Might be a useful thing to have if it's not too cumbersome.

So, there are no other doors around? Are there any trap doors, on the ceiling or floor?
No. 388986 ID: d5ee6f

Eat candy until you're sick. Then eat more candy.
No. 389002 ID: 4aa479

Taste a bit of all of it, bring some of the tastiest. Also if the liquid won't kill you it's always a good idea to have a beverage on-hand.
No. 389023 ID: 55c4cf

It's probably the best idea that you eat everything you cannot carry immediately.

Except maybe that sus chemical that is probably not edible.
No. 389026 ID: 2f7168
File 133025753966.png - (31.64KB , 900x900 , 186.png )


You take a box along and stuff your mouth with candy. It's very sweet; nothing unusual.


You have no difficulty tasting a tiny amount of the sweet liquid. It does something. The turpentine flask is harder to taste because it is empty, but you wash it with liquid from the other and taste the infused result.

It tastes -AWFUL-. The Chem Set can tell you more about these substances than your senses, should you care to burn through a battery. You aren't exactly a chemist.

You do use your senses to get a handle on the peculiar power source of the unconnected fridge, though it's -very- difficult to analyze the circuitry or mechanism without something actually resembling a tool. You opt to forget about it for now.

Instead, you turn your attention to the possibility of trap doors in the vicinity. Nothing matches that description, though you locate a weakened section of floor that runs along the situation of fridges. The tear in the ceiling runs up against a severed lamp, lodged in a rock face. It provides illumination, but -how- is a mystery to you, like the fridge.

You are currently very weak, but moving the correct fridge or wrecking the weakened section of floor are two obvious ways to proceed. That is, until you hear heavy moving in front of you.

Dare you call out to a possible aggressor ?
No. 389027 ID: d5ee6f

SCAN the sweet stuff. Hide.
No. 389029 ID: b772aa

Okay. Obviously not all things are exactly normal here. It's obviously rife with some technology you don't understand, or this is some illusion. Either way, you are probably not strong enough to fight something that moves 'heavily' unless it's like a really fat child or something.

Hide in one of the fridges, if you can. Make sure it's not one of those old ones with the latch on it, because you'll get trapped and people have died that way. You know what - don't even close that door all the way, just hold it ajar and peek through the crack. See if this is something dangerous and wait for it to pass. If all goes to plan, get to investigating that weakened section.
No. 389030 ID: f5e4b4

Yeah, hide inside a fridge with your weapon at hand. But make sure you're in one that's too broken to actually lock, or put a bunch of candy in the latch hole so you don't get locked in.
No. 389410 ID: 55c4cf


i double dog dare you
No. 394074 ID: 0006f5
File 133216160874.png - (31.52KB , 900x900 , 187.png )


You can tell the sweet liquid is a restorative for your unusual aura. With it up, you feel like you could shoot yourself with the ornate rifle at little consequence, though you're not sure why or if you would ever want to.

It's time to hide. It's too awkward trying to fit in a fridge and safeguard against getting locked in despite your mechanical brilliance, so some careful disruptive positioning with a dim corner will do.


Things are not normal. It's apparent your account of the bizarre energies has exploded into a pervasive conquest of the very walls and atmosphere of Wolfram, if not the entire island.

For now you will avoid a fight if you can, and allow for danger to pass.

There are sounds of tarp crumpling and metal creaking before a fridge topples with a crunch into weakened floor. You hear the voice of the Orca bartender.

"No spineballs, no movement, just a lot of fridges."

Another voice. It's Foxtits !

"Alright. Clear a path before you go farther in."

It's such a relief to hear a familiar voice you almost fail to detect the floor is sinking.
No. 394080 ID: f5e4b4


Let's assume the orca is friendly if they're working with Foxtits. Identify yourself, say that you have no intention to fight and come out of your hideout before the floor sinks under your feet. Tell orca that you're a friend of Foxtits, she will confirm it.
No. 394287 ID: ce15d1

It's been a long time since you filled your hands with people's breasts. They are calling to you. Answer them.
No. 394524 ID: 16677f

Climb on top of one of those fridges
No. 394532 ID: 4f5779

Call out to Foxtits and then move slowly into the open. Preferably in a direction that you think the floor is not sinking?!
No. 397359 ID: 71d5ae


Huh, interesting. Remember how, when you found the ornate rifle, it was in the hands of somebody who had [presumably] killed themselves with it? Just watch out, okay. See if Foxtits can get you to a doctor, you'd probably do well to have yourself checked out. Also, ensure that you say hello to Foxtits by groping.

But first, get outside or something!!
No. 435575 ID: 0006f5
File 134309753334.png - (47.40KB , 900x900 , 188.png )

You continue to suffer but experience no complications from your injuries.

You note the connection between having the idea to shoot yourself in the head with the headless corpse you saw. It is quite suspicious.

You declare yourself and come out of hiding. Upon hearing you, it was obvious the two were surprised but had already lowered their guard before visual confirmation.

Your choice of approach is most peculiar. The Orca is not amused.

Foxtits makes herself useful and immediately something doesn't seem right. The Orca stands silent and unhelping, uncharacteristic of her bubbly self last you remembered.

>"I'm a friend of Foxtits."
Foxtits nods. The Orca does not respond.

>"Can you help me get to a medic ?"

"Syringa here is a skilled physician. Syringa, can you help Ayu ? E is my superior."

You know she is going to refuse, but you don't have the slightest idea why. There are a few ways you can think to respond, but you might also wait for her to say something.

(You're behaving differently. What's the problem ? / I can be of great assistance if you help me. / You had better cooperate or there will be a problem. / <Say nothing.> / <Confer to Foxtits or Custom response.>)
No. 435578 ID: 67e8b2

That first one. Why is she acting funny?
No. 435588 ID: a5fa72

If we point out that she's acting funny she might work extra hard to hide why.
No. 435589 ID: 55c4cf

Investigate orca further, inquire what is troubling her, offer to help without pressing too hard or getting much closer. Let her choose proximity.
No. 435610 ID: f49411

There's no need to be rude or supercilious towards her yet, just ask her if something is wrong. Say something like "Hey, it's me, Ayu. Remember?" If she still doesn't respond, throw a big, huffy temper tantrum.
No. 435784 ID: 31015f

Inquire if anything is wrong but don't sound suspicious, just concerned, use a friendly tone.
No. 438315 ID: 0006f5
File 134390338278.png - (37.35KB , 900x900 , 189.png )

Your condition remains the same.

You think addressing Syringa's behavior so directly will complicate things. You are mindful of the tension as you proceed.

>"It's me, Ayu. Remember ? What troubles you ? I want to help."

She finally speaks. "I have a problem with helping the clones who are behind this. It was foolish to welcome you unquestionably."

You can't believe what you are hearing. There is no end to the animosity.

Foxtits interrupts. "You should judge Ayu as an individual. E is and continues to be an invaluable ally."
Syringa takes out a flask and pours the contents into her hand; it's the metal shot fired from scatterguns. Was this the shot that was removed from inside you ? "I realize that, but you are going to demonstrate your innocence or protect people from harm or we will be enemies."

By now, many learned you are the survivor of the Edison incident. Putting two and two together, you -are- a clone, and there is diminishing doubt your survival was by design. This is however not the time to question yourself. What could you do anyway ? Lock yourself in a room ? End your own life ? Run far away from everyone and everything ? If not that, you might very well 'turn', dooming friends and innocents .. or you might not. You recall the data injector in your possession. Why is that kind of technology here and what could you do with it ?

Syringa sighs. Her mood changes considerably. "Nothing's broken, but you lost a lot of blood and appear to have had a bad brush with those growths. Easy painkiller for those punctures, lots of time and good food to get you back into shape. Did you still want to look for fuel ?"

"We could do that. We could also nix it and return to fort or find a way out of here before it floods again."
With their help, you could try to recover your equipment or look for Balth and Hen.

What course will you suggest ?

No. 438317 ID: 31015f

Try to find Bath and Hen, and if you find your equipment or fuel along the way, that'd be a plus.

Don't stay here for too long, though. If you see you're taking too long haul ass out of here before the place gets flooded again.
No. 438365 ID: 55c4cf

This is a hard choice, actually. Recovering your equipment would help you help others better, but asking them to help you find and help other people would make you look better and help the problem with syringa. Perhaps you should bring up the idea with syringa over finding the other two, and if she shows interest then it is the better course.
No. 438699 ID: bc936a

Look for Hen. Last you saw her, she wasn't doing too well at all. While in the hands of Balth, she is probably alive, but it's unlikely that she is safe.
No. 444378 ID: d5ee6f

Ask more about the clones! The edison incident? What does she know?
No. 463191 ID: 0006f5
File 135029557660.png - (40.08KB , 900x900 , 190.png )

Your inventory remains the same since >>388802 plus Fondant Sweets and Sweet Flask.

>“I want to find Balth and Hen. It’s unlikely they are safe.”

“They must be below. We were going to make one last trip down; do you know another way ?”

This still doesn't add up.

“What do –you- know about clones ? Why do you care all of a sudden ?”

Foxtits answers in stead of Syringa, accusingly. “The lander with Silver and a bunch of evacuees was attacked. It was a clone and Syringa thinks because you’re all from the same vat that you’re up to no good.”

Syringa explains. “I’m aware the clones might not have control over when they ‘turn’. But I’m going to be there to stop them in the opportunity.”

>“What could your stake in this -possibly- be ??”
>“You weren't just a regular medic .. I bet your change of heart is above superstition, and because -you feel responsible-. Tell me what you know about the Edison incident.”

“Several cadets are vaporized but you survive, unaffected. I wasn’t a regular medic. I had no idea my work was part of the Overmars' undoing, but I’m going to make it right.”

It doesn’t sound like she’s exactly sure what’s happened and is heading for trouble. Should you tell her what you know about Kari and your experience with Balth, or will you be more selective in your response ?

There is also the sound of warping metal and a lot of splashing down the hallway. Your weapon is a programmable willpower Ornate Rifle.
No. 463193 ID: 8cffad


Ehh, yeah. Tell her, but later. Check out what's happening down the hall.
No. 463198 ID: 55c4cf

I think your experience with Kari might be helpful, even if it doesn't change her level of trust. It is good to put a foot in the door. Be as cautious as possible checking on the noise. The noise may be on purpose to draw out a target.
No. 463209 ID: b604f1

Tell her about them, but be brief, say that you'll tell the details later, you shouldn't waste time chatting down here. Get a move on.
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