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File 166702808113.png - (38.69KB , 500x500 , sc_000.png )
1047774 No. 1047774 ID: 5499f4

Suggestion: an idea or plan put forward for consideration. - Dictionary
Chess: a board game of strategic skill for two players, played on a checkered board. - Dictionary
Suchesstion: A terrible idea - [LOGIC]

Written and illustrated by EDMANGO
EDMANGO’S PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/Edmango

NOTE: This quest is HIGHLY experimental and may very well die shortly after conception, there will be death, there will be gods, and there will be… shenanigans? 18+. Reader discretion advised. No understanding of prior EDMANGO quests required.

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No. 1047776 ID: 5499f4
File 166702832711.png - (10.95KB , 500x500 , sc_001.png )

[LOGIC]: Chaos, get off your lazy ass
[LOGIC]: That’s why I’m here, the girls said you were in a “funk” again
[CHAOS]: Yeah, just wondering if it’s time for another HARD RESET
[LOGIC]: Yeah well forget about that, I made a new SYSTEM
[CHAOS]: UGH, you with your STRUCTURE
[LOGIC]: C’mon, grab a bucket of “VOLUNTEERS”
[LOGIC]: You know you always like my systems even if you hate the work that goes into it
[CHAOS]: Untrue, my feelings change at the flip of a hat, who told you I like things
[LUST]: About time, dump some newbies in the pit, c’mon
[CHAOS]: Why are there more seats than normal?
[WILD]: Because… I invited guests
[CHAOS]: Ugh, please tell me it’s not the [SINS] again, they’re so trite
[CHAOS]: Scept Pride, she’s cool I guess
[WILD]: … I like my friends, thank you, but no, they’re from [REDACTED]
[CHAOS]: Can you please not use that word, it gives me a migraine having to filter-

Chaos looks directly at the camera and the world stops for the briefest of moments. She looks at the bucket filled with souls and then back at the camera again before smiling a terrifying lovely smile that only a creature of pure evil an attractive timeless void of a woman could. The world continues, with nothing amiss.

[CHAOS]: I like what you’ve done with the place [LOGIC]
[LOGIC]: I knew you would, now, bucket please.

No. 1047777 ID: 5499f4
File 166702835520.png - (280.01KB , 500x500 , sc_002.png )

The screen fades to black, and your sight into the world above is gone. Instead, you’re back in your… body, no, body is not the right word. Bodies? No, still wrong, Karmic shells? That fits more. You look around, it’s practically a sea of other karmalings, of other spirits like yourself. Sapient, awake, barely at the cusp of beginning your karmic journey. But before you can think of addressing anyone near you a silence surrounds everyone and you see a strange purple creature, no the purple GUARDIAN speak to the crowd. Their voice echoes throughout the endless void you find yourselves in.

PURPLE GUARDIAN: https://questden.org/wiki/Suchesstion

No. 1047779 ID: 8483cf

I have read and consent to the terms of service.

My ID does not change. Let's do this
No. 1047780 ID: 90c451

ID: Belief

Hello world.
No. 1047781 ID: 15c72a

Oh man are we at the very start of the karmic cycle system?! Monumentous!
...hmm, no we're not. Things being here for crimes against [Karma] means that Karma has existed before now.

No. 1047782 ID: e5709d


ID:e5709d is static for the foreseeable future, but I'm still using 'kome' for all future intended posts.

... So, Chaos was the one nomming all those souls this whole time. How charmingly wonderful. (Target Locked)
My ambition is to rewrite the rules of death. Not banish death entirely (that would be Hell for many, wouldn't it), but change it into something... acceptable.
No. 1047784 ID: 5d9787

I'm a bit confuse but I would like to give it a try.

I will use my character name once it's established.
Should I draw my character?
No. 1047785 ID: b1bc06

[I agree to the terms of service]

I'm in, absolutely. Call me Tilde.
No. 1047787 ID: a7a180

...Let's go with Willow. I've always liked ducks. What are ducks?
No. 1047788 ID: e51896

ID: 0Plasm

No. 1047789 ID: f2320a

Consent to the terms
I am Hunger
No. 1047793 ID: fce62b

[I agree to the terms of service], though I am willing to wait my turn.
No. 1047802 ID: bbb04b

Hmm... Well, a new system, and in the prototype stage to boot; this'll probably be a relatively [UNIQUE] experience if nothing else!

No. 1047808 ID: 5499f4
File 166706739594.png - (104.49KB , 500x500 , sc_003.png )

> 11 suggesters have opted in
PURPLE GUARDIAN: https://questden.org/wiki/Suchesstion

[CHAOS]: Please do so, I mean, if you can
[CHAOS]: Anyone capable of reaching my height and downing me must, well
[CHAOS]: Be a BIGGER problem than I could ever be, it would certainly ease the boredom
[CHAOS]: Also all of you have been shit out by me at least once, so enjoy that thought
[CHAOS]: But let’s spice things up for you since you want to go against [GOD] after all
[CHAOS]: Can’t make it *tooooo easy* on you

[Kome has been given a BOON from CHAOS herself!]
+ additional 1 Damage on melee strike
+ Cannot be dropped
+ Foes will prioritize targeting Kome in combat
+ This weapon can be fed Karma

[LOGIC]: Please don’t break my system already, I put effort into this thing
[LOGIC]: Ah, my guests are arriving soon, 4 of them, in fact
[LUST]: I also invited someone a bit salty
[HOPE]: Golly I bet they’re gonna be friendly!

If you were a mortal, these voices would shatter the very foundation of your being, or at the very minimum drive you to insanity. Good thing you’re not a mortal right now!
No. 1047809 ID: 5499f4
File 166706740769.png - (30.79KB , 625x625 , sc_004.png )

> 8 have been selected
There is a bright light and for a moment you are blind. You have… a more solid body, a more solid frame, and… You see like you did when you were mortal. Your vision returns and you look around you, and there are 7 other bodies in this lightly blue glowing ZONE that you find yourselves in.

> Belief has spawned at position [A2]
> 16c72a has spawned at position [A3]
> Willow has spawned at position [A4]
> donut has spawned at position [A5]
> kome has spawned at position [A6]
> b1bc06 has spawned at position [A7]
> 0Plasm has spawned at position [A8]
> 5d9787 has spawned at position [A9]

> swrd1 [NPC] is currently ASLEEP and is dreaming about swords

> kblins 2,3,and 5 are dancing around a tree with weird green fruit
> kblin 4 looks PREPARED for something

> 3 remain
> HUNGER is [1st] in the queue
> Doors is [2nd] in the queue
> D-Cai is [3rd] in the queue

[LOGIC]: *AHEM* Let me just get my notes….
[LOGIC]: KBlINS, otherwise known as the karma goblin
[LOGIC]: A subspecies of the karmaling
[LOGIC]: These wander the [GREATER DIMENSIONAL SYSTEM] in search of karma to consume at the behest of [REDACTED]
[LOGIC]: Someone let them into our [DIMENSIONAL SYSTEM]
[LOGIC]: To put it simply, they’re like rats and carry toxins and poisons to normal karmalings

> Available Actions: https://questden.org/wiki/Suchesstion
No. 1047810 ID: a7a180

Wonder if they're listening to our thoughts...
Willow REPOSITIONS to an adjacent zone because the current one is full and MOVES to C1, next to the sleeping hatchetman.
No. 1047813 ID: e51896

Free action: REPOSITION (or would that be PREPARE to go?) to the tile where WILLOW was (A4) after WILLOW leaves.
Full action: DO inspect the pyramid(?) at (A1)

0Plasm: Hmm... What's this?

*pokes pyramid at the tile adjacent to them, and looks for anything of interest*
No. 1047814 ID: 8483cf

Donut’s full action: WORSHIP the pyramid in A1, which is adjacent to Donut. Donut will become aligned to the first GOD or GUEST to grant a boon to Donut.

Free action: Declare Donut on a holy crusade (objective undetermined) and allow the aligned GOD or GUEST to ADVANCE Donut in whatever direction they want.
No. 1047822 ID: 5d9787

That is a less customization than I was expecting. Pony name will do.

Looks like I'm the current front line.
I'm not sure how movements count in the action economy. If possible I would like to move one square down from A9 to D3 and trow rocks at kblin 03.
No. 1047826 ID: 5499f4

[LUST]: As a reward for not listening to the 6 character/digit rule for names your name is now Flashr
[LOGIC]: You don't need to fight my battles for me...
[LUST]: Babe, doll, shut up, accept the help, you already made a typo
[LOGIC]: ... thanks
[WILD]: Can I turn the next rule breaker into an animal?
[LOGIC]: No, they'll probably like that actually
[WILD]: Ah, furries, right?

No. 1047827 ID: 5d9787

No. 1047834 ID: e5709d

You misnamed every 8th tile as '6'. Also please use the acute version of 7.

GUH these instructions are confusing, please add some manuals in the art section of the wiki! I'm going to set up a priority list.

1) Free Action: Advance (Move) East to B5. Full Action: Use Wood to create Zone-wide Barricade.
2) Free Action: Advance (Move) East to B5. Full Action: Collect Wood.
3) Free Action: Reposition to B4. Full Action: Collect Crystal on B1.
4) Free Action: Reposition to B5: Full Action: Collect Wood.

...Am I supposed to bring this back to base, or can I construct something with this?
No. 1047840 ID: 90c451

Well, I suppose I'll try to do my best with my little action economy.
I hope I can move through friendly pawns or this will get akward...

ADVANCE to B1 for my free action.
STORE these sticks(?) on the ground.

Not sure what I'm supposed to do with them though...
No. 1047841 ID: 90c451

Wait, scratch that, I just realized that REPOSITION addresses that issue.
Changing my Free Action to be...
No. 1047842 ID: 90c451

I mean, CHAOS could have made it so that anyone that's on the 6th space is actually in a state of quantum superposition between the two.
No. 1047843 ID: fce62b

Wake up swrd1, there are kblins about.

What is the [DESIGN] of the swords from your dreams?

Could you fashion one from the nearby logs?

No. 1047847 ID: 15c72a

This name should be fine.
STORE wood.
No. 1047865 ID: d98cb8

COLLECT the stones

I'm not sure how useful these resources will be but it seems like a good idea to get prepared.
No. 1047876 ID: 27f65d

Forced to be bound by rules? What utter nonsensical hogwash. Why on Earth...

>Players have to agree, suggestors do not have to
>Suggestors influence AIs or non-players
>16. All creatures encountered on the battlefield are there of their own free will or are serving sentences for crimes against [KARMA]

Huh, so AIs = red? Who might have been villains? So helping non-blue villains would give greater operational effectiveness?
Oh very well, few bits of strategic tips out of the vast library shall be provided. Got nothing but disdain for rules, however should it prove pragmatic to have ID, will use SVilHQ.

Looks tutorial-ish. With fresh hostile forces spawning every round, defeat is practically assured. Without that it's still 9 to 4 units. 18 HP to 6 HP. Were this a larger scale, fighting retreat would be the tactic to utilize. With what it is, goal is to maximize how pyhrric the hostile triumph is.

Greatest weapon here would be... propaganda directed at the hostile force.
1) Fresh reminder that your goal is to have this be quite fun to see. How dull is a stomping? How exciting is mass defections? Huge plot twists!
2) 3 of these guys are unarmed dancers. Playing like kids. Slaughtering poor helpless little guys. Oh what heroes. Follow up with stealing purses of grannies.

Kblin 4 should go to I3 to get stuff. While there, warn the 3 of blue baby-killers.
No. 1047877 ID: 7c0da2

Lake in G9 and H7, I suggest you start a flash flood and try flooding one or more of the adjacent tiles.
You may need to read https://questden.org/wiki/Suchesstion and agree to the terms of services too before doing anything? I'm not sure how that work, just try your best!

Are players waiting in the queue able to suggest things?

If it is possible to do both I would like to also enter the queue as "Coda". My ID may change sometime and [I AGREE TO THE TERMS OF SERVICE].
No. 1047878 ID: 5499f4

[LOGIC]: Suggestions >>1047876 and >>1047877 will be considered the first two suggestions for the next update that is about to be posted
No. 1047879 ID: 5499f4
File 166716520604.png - (14.02KB , 500x500 , sc_005.png )

[LOGIC]: Welcome, do you need a refresher on the ground rules?
[???]: Why in the name of all that is ichor filled and star studded would we?
[???]: Calm thyself, a “refresher” would be “appropriate”
[LOGIC]: First, no EVOKING, it won’t work
[LOGIC]: And the syntax is different, we don’t want to break the inner beings
[LOGIC]: Second, your title, as of entering this room is that of a [GOD]
[LOGIC]: Third, Please introduce yourselves to the [AUDIENCE]

[PEACE]: I am “Peace”
[PEACE]: I am here to “observe” this “experiment”
[PEACE]: These KARMIC “shells” offer a way to “resolve” certain issues
[PEACE]: The kblins are a “danger” to those “around” them, but should not be made to “suffer”

[OTHER]: Greetings and salutations to all present.
[OTHER]: I heard there was a little happening going in and Unity here needed a plus one
[OTHER]: You can call me ‘Other word’, or ‘Other’ if we want to follow the naming convention
[OTHER]: Just keep it clean.

[JUSTICE]: I am Justice, and I hope these shells will do more than just pick up sticks and rocks
[WILD]: Prepare to be disappointed, I just read their action log
[JUSTICE]: *deep sigh*
[UNITY]: We are Unity, It’s good to meet you all, and thank you for the invitation [LOGIC].
[UNITY]: Let Us know if there’s anything We can do.

[LUST]: Where is sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[LUST]: She’s laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate

[JUSTICE]: *twitches*
[LOGIC]: Last rule, you’ve got a limited amount of KARMA to spend, you can offer boons, bounties, etc and will be awarded if your charges do well
[OTHER]: Have you found a way to [REDACTED] [REDACTED]?
[CHAOS]: I’m going to start charging you fucks if you keep making me [REDACT] shit

No. 1047880 ID: 5499f4
File 166716522690.png - (35.56KB , 500x500 , sc_006.png )

> 1/3 [SUGGESTORS] have responded
> Doors will have primary influence on swrd1
> Wake up swrd1, there are kblins about.
swrd1 stands up and shakes their head.
swrd1: Why couldn’t [WILD] have given me a [SWORD]...

> What is the [DESIGN] of the swords from your dreams?
Swrd1 imagines the blade on his face, a thick chunk of metal two meters long with a barely sharpened edge, there is no grace to it, it is pure, [BRUTAL], and [WILD].

> Could you fashion one from the nearby logs?
> swrd1 advances to B6
Swrd1 moves to the nearby logs, wondering if making a sword by using the AXE would be more effective but stops short as the voice of a god intervenes.
[WILD]: Giving up so quickly?
[WILD]: And here I had high hopes for you, that you could become a DISCIPLE

Swrd1: But… swords…
[WILD]: Prove yourself with the AXE and you shall be REWARDED
Swrd1: …

Swrd1 looks longingly at the log and then stops, *finally* noticing the karmalings around him.
swrd1: Oh, uh, do you like swords too?
No. 1047885 ID: 5499f4
File 166716560931.png - (32.59KB , 625x625 , sc_007.png )

> Several errors have been noticed and addressed
> Logic offers a BOUNTY of [1 KARMA] to the first individual that makes a visual aid
[OTHER]: Logic, too lazy to make visual aids or give a proper amount of actions
[OTHER]: Why are these shells so limited?!?!

[LOGIC]: If you can make and run more efficient shells, be my guest
[OTHER]: Just watch, they’ll break in a heartbeat

> 8/8 [PLAYERS] have responded
> Willow MOVES to C1, using their free action to facilitate this movement

> 0Plasm: Hmm… What’s this?
> A screen of text appears in front of 0Plasm
- Allows players to [RESPAWN] within the zone that it is contained
- Can be fed RESOURCES and KARMA to produce [???]
- Has 4 HP
[LOGIC]: They’re crude devices used in dimensional battlefields against outer beings
[LOGIC]: Complete OBJECTIVE 1 to unlock more functionality

> Exact phrasing missing, attempting to parse…
> Donut: I SWEAR fealty towards the first VISITING GOD to grant me a boon!
> Donut: And shall go on a HOLY CRUSADE to ADVANCE their GOALS
> The spectating [GODS] grow silent at this declaration
[CHAOS]: I’ll allow it, but only this one gets the easy route, any takers?
[JUSTICE]: A blind fool is a worthy vessel for JUSTICE, punish the criminal kblin04
[JUSTICE]: Their crime is simple, attempted karmic tax evasion and attempted dimensional homicide

[PEACE]: As “I” stated, these kblins are a “danger” to those around them, a whole “dimension”, nearly consumed by another “outer being” is a “[SIN]”
[LUST]: I’m the fun kind, fyi, not the dimensional refugee kind
[JUSTICE]: *twitches slightly less*

> Flashr ADVANCES to D3 and starts throwing rocks at kblin 03
> A rock hits! Dealing ½ a heart of damage to kblin 03
> The kblins have been alerted to your presence!
kblin04: …sigh…

> kome ADVANCES and attempts to create a barricade…
> kome uses their dagger to chop the log into stakes
> kome has lost access to the LOG, but other [PLAYERS] may still use its resources
> kome has acquired A MAKESHIFT BARRICADE
- Can be placed to block off one tiles edge

> Belief REPOSITIONS to B1 and STORES the sticks
> Belief can no longer grab pointy sticks from B1 (other players may still do so)
> Belief has acquired some POINTY STICKS (2x)

> Setval ADVANCES to B2 and STORES the POINTY STICKS (2x)
> Setval can no longer collect pointy sticks from B2 (other players may still do so)

> Tilde ADVANCES to D3 and COLLECTS some SMALL ROCKS (3x)
> Tilde can no longer collect small rocks from D3 (other players may still do so)
> D3 is occupied, so Tilde is shunted to a random adjacent position… position D6
No. 1047886 ID: 5499f4
File 166716562286.png - (32.71KB , 625x625 , sc_008.png )

> kblin 02 ADVANCES to E3 and shouts obscenities as a full action
> kblin 03 ADVANCES to E5 and cries out in pain as a full action
> kblin 05 ADVANCES to E9 and does a little dance as a full action
> kblin 04’s PREPARED ACTION TRIGGERS and they put a bundle of JAVELINS on their back
> kblin 04 ADVANCES to I1 and PREPARES another action

[LOGIC]: Okay, I’m instituting 2 line policy,
[LOGIC]: [GODS] get a max of 2/3 lines per [UPDATE] that can be read by the audience
[LOGIC]: I, of course, am exempt as the GM

[OTHER]: And the fascist hypocrisy commences!
[OTHER]: I declare that I am also exempt from said policy!

[LUST]: *snrk* I love this guy

> Available Actions https://questden.org/wiki/Suchesstion
No. 1047892 ID: e51896
File 166716840939.png - (3.44KB , 68x67 , ifits.png )

FREE ACTION: ADVANCE two spaces down to D1 to where the boulder is at (the pawn can fit there, visual aid as proof!)

FULL ACTION: PREPARE to lift the boulder and move it aside if someone moves to A7, A8, D1, D2, D4, or D5 agrees to help lift the heavy boulder. Otherwise, inspect it or try to lift it themself if nobody wants to help ( :( )

0Plasm: Umm... May I please get some help lifting this please?
0Plasm: Donut? Flashr? Tilde?
0Plasm: I'm [CURIOUS] to see what is underneath this. But, uh... it looks heavy I think.

No. 1047894 ID: 8483cf

Donut, receiving divine guidance, assumes the BOON he’s been granted is simply DIVINE PURPOSE and nothing more.

Donut’s crusade is to PUNISH kblin04, but the god was not specific about the appropriate punishment for dimensional homicide and karmic tax evasion. Therefore, judging not lest ye be judged, Donut will simply incapacitate kblin04 and let the universe sort things out.

Also, Donut has no weapons and only has two hearts to kblin04’s three, so fighting head-on is pretty risky. So incapacitation is the best bet from all perspectives. Perhaps if he digs a pit and sets a trap, he can bait kblin04 into it.

Free action: Donut ADVANCES two squares south to D2, searching for tools he can use to dig a hole.

Full action: Donut ASSISTS 0Plasm’s efforts in lifting the boulder, hoping there is something useful for digging underneath.
No. 1047895 ID: 5d9787

I want to trow more rocks at kblin 03 and reposition to D2.

Sorry, I'm in the middle of something.
No. 1047899 ID: fce62b

Ah, so you must fight if you wish to win your sword.

Swrd1 please ADVANCE and ATTACK kblin 02.
Many of these new karmalings are still crafting their weapons.

Perhaps they will make you a SWORD if you PROTECT them.
No. 1047905 ID: a7a180

Willow turns and watches the NPC walk past her. "Hey..! Okay, fine then. Why not make more than one sword while you're at it?" I call dibs on the axe...

While she's in the area, Willow ADVANCES to C3 and STORES some of that mysterious dark fluid.
No. 1047909 ID: 15c72a

The form autofill is annoying so I'm just gonna do it this way instead.

DO violence upon kblin02 with pointy stick.

No. 1047918 ID: bbb04b

(Hmm, I wonder...)
kblin 05, I must say, that was such a lovely dance! Can you dance again as a full action in exchange for all of the karma I currently possess as of saying this?

Indeed, all zero of it.
No. 1047920 ID: 90c451

USE adjacent stoned to attempt to whittle pointy sticks into wooden stakes.
These guys pretty much harvest life force, right? Let's see if I can go vampire hunter on them.
I do hope I'm capable of doing this, otherwise I'll just STORE the stones instead.

Belief: Sorry 0Plasm, but looks like we're preoccupied with the kblins right now, try using a bit of leverage!
No. 1047928 ID: e5709d

Free Action: Advance to E2
Full Action: Execute Melee Strike Kblin02 or Kblin03

(If both kblins are already dead, Prepare Melee Counter against kblin05)

"We fight as one, swordsman!"
No. 1047938 ID: d98cb8


Feed stones to Dimensional Anchor

Unsure what else these are good for, so I might as well see what this does.

Carpe diem
No. 1047964 ID: fce62b

If you can find/make a SWORD for Swrd1, I imagine that they would trade their AXE for it in an instant.
No. 1047970 ID: c45096

Heh. Strategic rule, defeat of hostiles is good but conversion is VERY gud.
So based off of Swrd1's [Personality] he's got a weakness. Here's kblin propaganda directed to Swrd1.
Oh Swrd1! Look at that blade the guy to the left of you has! He has the closest thing here to a sword! He's disallowed to drop it too. Plus you might prove yourself by fighting him for the blade! Help the kblins rather than the blues. With them you will have no shortage of ways to prove yourself.

Do it Swrd1, get that blade.
No. 1048005 ID: fce62b

Thus begins the battle of wills.

Do not listen Swrd1, ATTACK kblin 02, not the Karmalings.

The 'blade' spoken of is tiny and sharp, it is not the SWORD of your dreams. You will find your heart's desire, but it willed be EARNED, not STOLEN.
No. 1048010 ID: 18535a

Oh? Logic of half-truths? Expected a better case. How disappointing.

Earned with the axe? Why do that when you could earn with the blade? Either way your path is that of force of arms. Either way the weapon you desire will be yours. Either way is equal... except you collect ever greater blades while you wait should you let yourself do so. Prove yourself with the axe by taking the blade. Should one axe kill be too little, well you'll still have the axe. Weaken with the blade, finish off with the axe. Where's the downside for yourself?

Get that blade, Swrd1. Work your way up.

Let's see where this strategic battle of words goes.
No. 1048014 ID: dca947

Swrd1 is the one with the woodcutting tool and the wood, we are the logical choice to be making swords here.
No. 1048033 ID: 7c0da2

Swrd1, I suggest you disregard the orders of those trying to use you as a pawn and try instead to follow your dream and desires.

I mean, I don't think Swrd1 can respawn, unlike us. I don't like the idea of manipulating them into dying for either side.
No. 1048035 ID: fce62b

A fair point.

I apologize Swrd1, please disregard why I (and others) have said and just pursue your dreams. Find you sword.
Ideally without murdering the Karmalings, please.
No. 1048045 ID: be0b89

Oh, how selfless. Just one problem for you there.
Pretty sure that goes for the kblins too. So will you let them die?

Will you follow the hypocritical path, destroying their lives at the behest of these beings that call themselves gods?
Will you follow that logic to the end, let yourself be martyred for the cause of life? Will you have your team follow in your footsteps to the defeat of your side? Will you stop them by force?
Will you sit idly by as your team mocks your ideals through slaughter of life?

We'll see just how well you stand by your selfless ideals. Do you have the strategic will?
No. 1048046 ID: 5499f4

[LOGIC]: Update incoming
No. 1048051 ID: bbb04b

Personally, after going over all this, I don't really care for the discourse (though I'd like to simply point at Rule 16 and leave it at that) - I'm just wondering what your game here is, "SVilHQ." You never opted in as a [PLAYER] and your ID is different in every post, despite you having a name with which to identify yourself as though you were a [PLAYER]; it's almost like you're an intruder here that doesn't want to be caught. This makes sense, as despite there being no hard rule forbidding one from acting against the [PLAYER] and [GOD] factions (or influencing an NPC into doing so), you probably aren't in their good graces at this point, and not technically being a [PLAYER] doesn't necessarily make you safe from their ire.

In short, I believe you are being disingenuous with your "advice" to some degree, and I don't know if suggesting in bad faith is allowed in practice, even if it is not expressly forbidden on paper.
No. 1048062 ID: 5499f4
File 166727713178.png - (22.13KB , 500x500 , sc_009.png )

[OTHER]: So what happens when some of these sacks of Karma revolt?
[LOGIC]: This is a COOPERATIVE experience
[LOGIC]: Theoretically there should be no revolting as they can be kicked

[OTHER]: That sounds BORING, EASY, what say you [CHAOS], may I add some spice?
[CHAOS]: Go on…
[OTHER]: I volunteer my [DIVINE] self *snicker* as coordinator of the [HOSTILE SUGGESTERS]
[OTHER]: If you really want to see if this little game of your works
[OTHER]: Then it should be able to manage a couple hurdles

[WILD]: I agree
[LOGIC]: Unity, back me up here!
[UNITY]: We are not for breaking the unified cohesion of the Group, dissenters, however
[UNITY]: Are not a Part of the Whole, if [OTHER] wishes to manage them, why not allow it
[UNITY]: So that us “[GODS]” May be unified in both opposition and cooperation

[LOGIC]: I hate this, fine.

No. 1048066 ID: 5499f4
File 166727750755.png - (33.66KB , 625x625 , sc_010.png )

[8/8] [PLAYERS] have responded

> 0Plasm ADVANCES to D1 and PREPARES to lift the boulder
> 0Plasm: Umm... May I please get some help lifting this please?
> 0Plasm: Donut? Flashr? Tilde?
> 0Plasm: I'm [CURIOUS] to see what is underneath this. But, uh... it looks heavy I think.

> Donut ADVANCES to D2 and attempts to ASSIST 0Plasm
> Exact phrasing missing, attempting to parse…
> Donut: I have no weapon, and no understanding of appropriate punishment
> Donut: Maybe we can dig a pit trap using something under this rock?
[JUSTICE]: Execution is the best method of punishment, however, your idea has merit
> Donut has been gifted the JUSTICE SHOVEL
+ Melee strikes deal 1 damage
+ Additional 1 damage against HOSTILES (for a total of 2)
+ Allows the wielder to DIG

> 0Plasm and Donut have lifted the rock, moving it to the edge of D1 and D4 to reveal a bunch of WORMS and a few BEETLES
[LOGIC]: Those are KARMA WORMS, which are basically just really juicy worms
[LOGIC]: Also KARMA BEETLES, same deal, real crunchy
[LOGIC]: You may both, as a free action, collect either one of them
[LOGIC]: Cases where items are found after taking an action will allow this

> Flashr THROWS some more rocks at Kblin03
> kblin03 has been slain, their essence returning to the cycle
[LOGIC]: A body’s remains will be visually represented by a person laying down
> Flashr has been gifted LUST’S PANTY RAIDER
+ A RANGE 4 (that’s 4 tiles) weapon
+ Summons and Slings a small stone shaped like a pink heart that deals .5 damage
+ Can be used to sling projectiles, giving them an additional .5 damage
[LUST]: I wore those panties before, you know
> Flashr REPOSITIONS to D5, as D2 is currently occupied
> A growl can be heard from kblin04

> Willow is ignored by swrd01
> Willow: Hey..! Okay, fine then. Why not make more than one sword while you're at it?
> Willow ADVANCES to C3 and INSPECTS the “black fluid”
> A screen of text appears in front of Willow
- A massive slab of rock that the kblins worship, absorbs ambient karma
[LOGIC]: That’s a thing for later

> Setval REPOSITIONS to B9 and ATTACKS kblin02 with their POINTY STICK
> kblin02 has been slain, their essence returning to the cycle
> Serval’s POINTY STICK has been covered in KBLIN ESSENCE
> The KBLIN ESSENCE somehow got on the other stick too!
[LOGIC]: For reference, the pointy stick deals 1 damage
[LOGIC]: And your fists deal .5 damage

> Belief REPOSITIONS to B7 and attempts to CRAFT some STAKES using the stone
> Belief: Sorry 0Plasm, but looks like we're preoccupied with the kblins right now
> Belief: Try using a bit of leverage!
> Belief snaps the pointy sticks in half and quickly sharpens them
> Belief has acquired 2 WOODEN STAKES
- Deals 1.5 damage when used as a melee weapon
- Deals 1 damage at up to range 3 when thrown
[HOPE]: I [HOPE] you don’t injure yourself with splinters!
[LOGIC]: They’re weird ectoplasm, they cant feel injuries on that level

> Kome ADVANCES to E2, but both of their targets are dead!
> Kome: We fight as one, swordsmen!
[PEACE]: Ah, to be “young” and “filled” with “camaraderie”
[PEACE]: The “stories” that could be “evoked” from this “one line”

> Tilde attempts to ADVANCE to A2
> Tilde is too many spaces away
> Processing… Tilde originally wanted to be in D3
> De-shunting and advancing to A5 instead
> Tilde attempts to FEED the DIMENSIONAL ANCHOR
> The dimensional anchor consumes the stones
Anchor: Processing…
[LOGIC]: Uh, I mean I guess you can do that early, there were going to be choices and-
[WILD]: Ah yes, this one I like

No. 1048067 ID: 5499f4
File 166727751775.png - (14.89KB , 500x500 , sc_011.png )

[6] [SUGGESTORS] have responded
A battle of wills is occurring
The [HOSTILE SUGGESTORS] have been ignored!
> Trade that Axe for a sword in a heartbeat
((swrd1: I could…. No, I… I shouldn’t))

> Can you respawn?
((Respawn? What’s that? Why did I think of this weird word))

> Attack Kblin02, not the Karmalings
> Follow your own desires swrd01
> Disregard [SUGGESTOR] input[/b]
Swrd1 acknowledges Kome, having been referred to as a swordsman by them
Swrd1: Aye, we shall!

> Swrd1 advances to E3 and prepares to ASSIST Kome
No. 1048070 ID: 5499f4
File 166727759471.png - (33.33KB , 625x625 , sc_012.png )

[2] [HOSTILE SUGGESTERS] have responded
> 27f65d and sVilHQ have had their influence on NPCs reduced
> 27f65d and sVilHQ have had their influence on HOSTILES increased
> 27f65d and sVilHQ has been branded as [TRAITORS]
[OTHER]: Welcome to the fold, allow me to present some “rules” of my own
[OTHER]: You may [SUGGEST] to convince any RED units (Hostiles)
[OTHER]: You may also [SUGGEST] to subtly manipulate NON BLUE units (NPCs)
[OTHER]: Unfortunately your influence on NPCs will be overshadowed by [PLAYERS]
[OTHER]: And Hostiles operate under the same logic of NPCs, having [PERSONALITIES]
[OTHER]: Even with this handicap I’m sure we’ll do well

[LOGIC]: Last note, [TRAITORS] can’t consent to become a [PLAYER]
[OTHER]: That’s unfair, can’t we allow them to become [ENEMIES]
[OTHER]: Just a [PLAYER] but bad.

[LOGIC]: Cooperative. Scenarios. I will not encourage dissidents.
[LOGIC]: You had to consent to even be here!!!!

> kblin05’s dance ends
> kblin05 looks very sad
> kblin05 sees kome and charges!
> kblin05’s charge is INTERRUPTED by swrd01, preventing damage to kome
swrd01: I have you dagger-friend!
> kome’s prepared action triggers as they pierce the beast with their dagger
> kblin05 has been slain, returning to the cycle
> The dagger thrums with energy and grows hot to your touch
> kblin05’s remains are absorbed by the dagger

> The [TRAITORS] have done something
> Parsing action…
> The baby killers come…
> Collect your belongings…
> Slay the karmalings…
> Convince swrd1 to betray his allies…

> kblin04 looks incredibly alarmed by these thoughts
Kblin04: Not… alone?
> kblin04’s PREPARED action does not trigger, instead they take aim
> kblin04 is filled with VITRIOL, HATRED, and SPITE
> kblin04 launches a JAVELIN at kome, dealing 2 damage
> kome has been slain, their body vanishes, returning to the anchor
> kome is now 5th in the [PLAYER] queue
[CHAOS]: Reduce the damage by half a heart, it’s the first time any of them have been hit
[CHAOS]: And instant-KO’s feel bad
[LOGIC]: Are… you playing favorites?
[CHAOS]: Consider it the last boon they’re getting from me
[LOGIC]: The thing announced it had prepared actions!
[LOGIC]: And I mean you gave the karmaling the aggro dagger!
[LOGIC]: And they can see it has javelins!
[LOGIC]: No, let them learn about death.

[CHAOS]: *grumble*
swrd1: Dagger-friend, noooooo!!!
Kblin04: No… flee… must…

> kblin04 REPOSITIONS to I6, and seems to be looking for something near the lean-to

[5] [PLAYERS] are in the queue (Hunger, Doors, D-Cai, Coda, kome[1r])
> kome would revive in [1] round due to their [2 items] if not for their place in the queue
> Hunger is next in the queue but has been AFK for 2 [UPDATES]
> Doors has not been afk and may offer their actions in case Hunger does not respond
> Hunger, If you are there, please select a spawn point inside of ZONE A
> You may also declare your actions immediately
> Available Actions: https://questden.org/wiki/Suchesstion
No. 1048071 ID: 8483cf

GLORIOUS SHOVEL OF JUSTICE! Great for burying criminals.

Looks like the javelins are at least range 3, so Donut will:

FREE ACTION: Pick up the Karma Beetles

FULL ACTION: Move to G4.
No. 1048072 ID: 90c451

Belief: I appreciate the sentiment [HOPE]. And the wordplay...
to E6.
Belief: Turn that despair into fury swordsman! Avenge our fallen ally!
DO throw a stake at kblin 4.
No. 1048073 ID: a7a180

First you guys wake up the guy with the axe, now this thing turns out to be the enemy base. Ugh. Whatever. I'm gonna keep futzing with formatting until it does something.
Willow MOVES to F2 and inspects the tree, too out of breath from moving an extra tile to accomplish anything yet.
No. 1048078 ID: 15c72a

(it's not serval, it's short for set value)

USE: butcher the corpse, see what materials I can get out of it. More essence?
No. 1048084 ID: e51896

0Plasm: Thanks Donut.
0Plasm: I think I'll gather some worms now... maybe call one Squirmo...
0Plasm: If only I had a fishing rod now, then I can fish in that lake in ZONE G
0Plasm: maybe I can craft one at the log in ZONE B?
0Plasm: But there is that weird mountain with that marking in D7 to inspect... hmmm...

0Plasm notices Flashr near the mountain

0Plasm: Flashr, are you planning on inspecting that cliff? if you're not, I'll do it. Otherwise, I'll go craft a fishing rod.


Bonus Free Action: STORE Worms
Full Action: MOVE to B5, catch breath to prepare to craft a fishing rod from the log


Bonus Free Action: STORE Worms
Free Action: ADVANCE one tile down (D4)
Full Action: DO Inspect the cliff at D7, specifically that marking
No. 1048085 ID: e5709d

I earned Karma, so I'm not fuming yet.
... I don't need this barricade, can I drop it in Limbo and let some other player spawn with it? Maybe I'll feed it to the anchor.
Well, if anyone has recommendations on where to place a barrier, go ahead.

[swrd1, Move to H6 and then Advance to G5! Make the karmaling panic! You've got this!]

... Oh look, video games in Limbo.
No. 1048086 ID: 5499f4

[LOGIC]: You very much can give away the barricade, as long as someone is at the anchor and you approve they can take it, or someone can spawn with it, so long as you explicitly give it to them.
No. 1048087 ID: 90c451

Actually, the barricade would be very helpful about now, what with the fact I just entered Javelin throwing range of kblin 04.
Maybe give it to swrd1? If he's going to close the distance maybe he can use the barricade offensively to block the kblin in.
No. 1048096 ID: a11044

Presumptions. Look at the situation here, "Detective". While those here of their free will are perhaps fine, who uses criminals as pawns, dying for laughs? Even guilty villains have rights. Just as those charged with criminal behavior get defense council, here that equal should be strategic council. Here at this trial by fire.
Per the bit of ire? Fighting for a worthwhile cause does often gain ire from the powerful. Select your side VERY carefully Detective.
Seriously though, just figured this was a legit role based off the rules. Particularly that bit regarding AIs. Were specified as separate from NPCs. Fire Emblem logic says NPCs=green hostile AIs=red. Perhaps overthought that deal. Had no desire to be a player so figured this was the way to go. Sorry if this caused problems. Would have left if asked to.

>Kblin04: No… flee… must…
Do it if you have a way to. Warn your fellows. Gather forces. Strategically ready yourselves for warfare. Should you wish to survive the onslaught of the blue tide.
Hopefully they'll be ready for the blue campaign of genocide.
No. 1048099 ID: 5d9787

This is the cooler panty I ever see. Would it produce a heart shape bulge if I wear?

Flashr: I can do that.
I will reposition to D8 and inspect the D7 rock formation.
No. 1048103 ID: fce62b

Well, I suppose this sequence will depend on a number of factors, but I will try to be concise:

If I am selected to be a [PLAYER] and have been provided the barricade by kome:
I would appreciate using the barricade, if that would be alright.
- Free Action: SPAWN in A9.
- Free Action: ADVANCE to E5.
- Full Action: PREPARE to DEPLOY the barricade if;
- - Condition: 'kblin04' throws a javelin in Door's direction.
- Free Action: "Get behind me, if you need some cover!"


If kome does not wish to part with the barricade:
- Free Action: SPAWN in A6.
- Free Action: ADVANCE to B5.
- Full Action: Build a barricade from the wood available.
- Free Action: "Careful, it looks like it might be trying to run!"


If an not selected to be a [PLAYER]:
I'm sorry Swrd1, you will have to mourn your new friend at a later point.
Try to find cover while getting closer to kblin04. Maybe F9 could work?


Also, if we are making OBSERVATIONS, then I think this is a notable one:
- We have seen kblin02 to kblin05. Where is kblin01?
No. 1048108 ID: bbb04b

Sorry for the rather accusatory tone; I had observed several quests where there was a "fake" suggestor plant working against the protagonist's best interests, and I had suspected you of being one. I've been assured that this is not the case here by multiple parties now.

Hmm... Honestly, if that is your proclivity, I cannot argue with it. But I have already picked a side by giving my consent, so I'm afraid we are enemies. Death and conflict are truths of the karmic cycle, for what it's worth; I'm not sure even the [GODS] can overturn it if they wanted.

I don't mind the jab at my proclaimed occupation, either; while I think I would enjoy solving more concrete mysteries in life with more concrete methods... I've decided that, when I'm here between lives, faced with no mysteries but those pertaining to the nature of the multiverse and the powers that govern it, I'm content with taking a more "holistic" approach by just going with the flow and seeing what answers I stumble upon. As a consequence, I have yet to actually develop a more traditional deductive process, being as new to the whole cycle as you are.

Hmm. That's unfortunate. Even if I am against the kblins, I would have liked for kblin 05 to have gone out doing what they loved. Considering that all suggestors seem to have at least some influence on any NPC (if the notifications about the hostile suggestors are any indication), am I right to conclude that its base prerogative as a kblin simply overrode its proclivity for dance?
No. 1048111 ID: e5709d

Take it.
No. 1048118 ID: 7c0da2

I, err, I know you are busy, being a [GOD] and all, but, about that flash flood? (>>1047877)
I don't mind receiving a "No", I just want to know if I should continue trying to give SUGGESTIONS to the landscape.

It's not about if Swrd1 lives or die, although I would prefer for them to live. It's more about about giving orders rather than advices to NPCs. Trying to give them suggestions that will further your goals rather than theirs, getting them killed in the process. Just like how you think what happens to the kblins is unfair, I don't like the idea of depriving the neutral players of their free will to use them as pawns. Unless they want to, of course.
(oh, and I don't know what strategic will is)

ZONE E, I suggest you drink the essence and vital fluids of all the fallen and start sprouting bewildering, colorful flowers.
No. 1048119 ID: 87e33c

[LOGIC]: Suggestions to the landscape are acceptable
[LOGIC]: The suggestion for a FLASH FLOOD is too drastic of a change though
[LOGIC]: Starting smaller like absorbing the essence to create flowers is an acceptable first step.

No. 1048198 ID: f2320a

Assimilate/eat/equip worm and stag beetle to make them part of me
No. 1048199 ID: f2320a

YES FUNALLY I AM FREE those blessed with a second chance only delayed my emergance i will FEAST and brush my teeth
No. 1048385 ID: d98cb8


COLLECT the wood I can see in B1

I'm not sure what feeding the Anchor does, but I'm going all the way with it.
No. 1048386 ID: 8483cf

Hey yo

Give dots on bow
No. 1048403 ID: 87e33c

[LOGIC]: Cutting off suggestions here for the next update
No. 1048429 ID: 5499f4
File 166753774415.png - (12.43KB , 500x500 , sc_013.png )

[LUST]: Okay, I guess SOMEBODY needs to get called out to arrive
[LUST]: OI, SALT!!!!

[SALT]: The fuck you on about bitch, I was messing with bath stuff!
[LUST]: You. Are. Missing. The. Game.
[SALT]: Nah, I was EXACTLY where I needed to be, slut
[SALT]: Sup Chao-Chao

[CHAOS]: Yooooo I didn’t know you two knew each other
[CHAOS]: Or did I just forget?
[LOGIC]: The latter, anyway, here’s the rules on a paper, no one listens anyway
[LOGIC]: Pay to give them stuff, get them to kill things, NOT EACHOTHER

[SALT]: Such a buzzkill, why am I here again?
[CHAOS]: A chance to gain followers, influence, KARMA, and dick around
[SALT]: You had me at dick around.
[OTHER]: (psst, Unity, who's the babe?)
[UNITY]: (We do not know, ask Lust)
[OTHER]: (psssssssst, who's the drop dead knockout?)

[8/8] [PLAYERS] have responded

> Donut brandishes their JUSTICE SHOVEL in a display of JUSTICE!
> Donut picks up a KARMA BEETLE
> Donut MOVES to G4
> Donut: Hey yo, give dots on bow
[SALT]: I sense an OPPORTUNITY to make some CASH KARMA
[CHAOS]: Pay up!

> Donut will need to pay KARMA or draw FANART in order to get an aesthetic change

> Belief has contributed REFERENCES to the WIKI and gained 1 KARMA
> Belief: I appreciate the sentiment [HOPE]. And the wordplay...
> Belief: Turn that despair into fury swordsman! Avenge our fallen ally!
> Belief ADVANCES to E6 and THROWS a STAKE at kblin4 for 1 damage
> The THROWN STAKE has broken!

> Willow has contributed REFERENCES to the WIKI and gained 1 KARMA
> Willow’s body has changed in appearance!
> Willow shouts the following: Whatever. I'm gonna keep futzing with formatting until it does something.
> Willow MOVES to F2 and looks at the tree.
> A screen of text appears in front of Willow
- Produces fruit of pure karma with healing properties
- Heals 2 HP of damage
- Only one fruit is available per [PLAYER]
- Willow may, as a BONUS action, loot a fruit next turn

> setval butchers the corpse with their pointy stick
> one pointy stick breaks!
> the kblin’s corpse has been converted a kblin core (only one core available per [PLAYER]
> setval has acquired a kblin core and a screen appears in front of them
- Concentrated essence of a kblin
- You can feel a weak energy/life force held within
[LOGIC]: No hints for you here, figure out its use on your own!

> 0Plasm: Thanks Donut.
> 0Plasm: I think I'll gather some worms now... maybe call one Squirmo…
> 0Plasm takes a karma worm and names it Squirmo
> Squirmo is a worm and does not comment
> 0Plasm: If only I had a fishing rod now, then I can fish in that lake in ZONE G
> 0Plasm: maybe I can craft one at the log in ZONE B?
> 0Plasm MOVES to B5, eying the log to make a FISHING ROD
[WILD]: You’ll need WIRE for that, here, have a boon!
[PEACE]: I “support” this gift
[LOGIC]: We’re supposed to be… Whatever
[OTHER]: Someone seems upset that their GENOCIDAL plans are being faffed with
[JUSTICE]: You’re right, it’s me, I’m the upset one
[UNITY]: It appears that one kblin may escape…

> 0Plasm has been gifted some WILD WIRE
- Can be used as a component in construction
- Has [WILD] properties

> Flashr has equipped the panties, but can still use them as a weapon
> Flashr’s invisible ecto-bulge is now heart shaped
> Flashr REPOSITIONS to D8 and inspects the GIANT ROCK at D7
> A screen appears in front of Flashr
- This rock is large and may contain something inside
- There are patches of moss and cracks along its surface
- You can see a blue gleam in a few of the cracks

> HUNGER spawns at tile A7
> HUNGER CONSUMES the beetle and worm
> HUNGER: YES FUNALLY I AM FREE those blessed with a second chance only delayed my emergance i will FEAST and brush my teeth
[LUST]: This guy sounds like one of [GLUTTONY]’s apostles, you should eat MORE things!
[WILD]: Yes, consume more, more!

> Tilde ADVANCES to A3
> Tilde collects the WOOD at B1
> Tilde declares that they want to shove more things into the Anchor
[LOGIC]: I said it was for later, but I guess it’s your choice to do it now, don’t blame me later!
[WILD]: Hush you masticating bovine, I want to see what happens!
[UNITY]: *Gently pats [LOGIC]’s back*

No. 1048430 ID: 5499f4
File 166753777843.png - (34.46KB , 625x625 , sc_014.png )

[4] [SUGGESTORS] have responded

> Kome has traded Doors the Barricade
> Kome and Doors are of like minds and will share influence on swrd1
> Try to find cover while getting closer to kblin04
> Make the karmaling panic, get close to it
> You’ve got this!
swrd1: … You shall be avenged
swrd1: ((Why do I feel like they haven't truly died?))

> swrd1 MOVES to I5 and brandishes their axe in intimidation
> kblin04 is panicking

> Coda is attempting to influence the ground
> The kblin corpse in E5 has been absorbed by the ground
> Colorful RED flowers sprout from the ground

> D-Cai has a spirited discussion with the [HOSTILE] suggestor
[PEACE]: Please keep your “discussions” as “civil” as possible
[PEACE]: It is a “privilege” to be here and that “can” be “revoked”

[1] [HOSTILE SUGGESTER] has responded
> The [TRAITORS] have done something
> Parsing action…
> Warn your fellows…
> Escape…
> The campaign of genocide…
> kblin04 grabs something from their hammerspace
> kblin04 crushes it
> kblin04 is sucked up in a RED light

> There is silence for a moment
No. 1048432 ID: 5499f4
File 166753785142.png - (15.14KB , 500x500 , sc_015.png )

[LOGIC]: Okay, good job everykin, 3 kills, 1 flee, 1 death, sounds about right.
[LOGIC]: We’re now at DOWNTIME where you can mess around and PREPARE
[LOGIC]: There are NO MOVEMENT RESTRICTIONS, so you can go and pickup/do whatever
[LOGIC]: Though you’re still limited to one FULL ACTION a turn
[LOGIC]: I’ll send a shopkeep down in a second and award all participants [1 KARMA]

> 1 Karma has been added to each player and suggester’s account

[LUST]: We’re also taking volunteers to opt out for a round
[LUST]: You’ll be put at the bottom of the queue and receive a smooch

[OTHER]: … Why do you treat them so well?
[OTHER]: They’re just [REDACTED] after all.

[LOGIC]: CO-OP-ER-A-TION, seriously, just wait until [REDACTED] makes it up here
[CHAOS]: OI, no spoilers.
[OTHER]: A budding [REDACTED]? In this [ECONOMY]?
[OTHER]: Surely you joke, or is this what you’re using [PUR-

> [LOGIC] punches [OTHER] in the ((metaphorical)) gut
[LOGIC]: Ah, much better.
[PEACE]: “Violence” is not the “solution” amongst “gods”
[LUST]: Ah, is he coming out, a bit of [WRATH] still in there!?!??
[LUST]: So assertive, so HANDSOME, I-

[LOGIC]: No, “I” am fine, [OTHER] just-

> Your connection to the [GOD]’s feed has been briefly interrupted.

> Available Actions: https://questden.org/wiki/Suchesstion
No. 1048433 ID: e51896

0Plasm is blushing

0Plasm: Whoa! D-Divine intervention from the [GODS]?
0Plasm: Awww, shucks, I was not expecting that! thanks so much! I'm not worthy!
0Plasm: I have to repay the favor... favor? favorite? I GOT IT,
0Plasm: A FAVICON!
0Plasm: Here's my contribution: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/66907.html#138453
0Plasm: I would just feel guilty if I didn't contribute something for the boon I received
0Plasm: A-and I'll try my best to catch something good in the first lake I see with the gift you've given me to make you proud!

Full Action: DO excitedly craft a fishing rod using the log, and the WILD WIRE
Free Action: ADVANCE to G8

(stares into the lake until ready to go fishing)
No. 1048434 ID: 5d9787

I'm gonna pocket one fruit of pure karma, pick one red flower, grab the sturdiest stick I can find and try to use it to crack open the giant rock leveraging the cracks.

I can accept be last in line next round under the condition that I can hold hands with Lust the entire waiting time.
No. 1048437 ID: 90c451

Belief: Sorry sword, we'll get them next time.
I'll head over to the tree and...
Belief: Hey Sword, you want one? There's plenty enough here for everyone.

I'm considering sitting the next round out but for now I want to collect resources.
Though, quick question, if I sit the round out is my respawn still delayed by the items I have?
No. 1048438 ID: 90c451

Hmm, it would appear that certain people tend to favor certain gods.
I wonder if that's because the gods are trying to get apostles, or rather having their antics constantly on display leads some to have favorites.
Unfortunately, I am still uncertain where I stand with these gods, and will need more time to fully understand them and their personalities.
I hope, however, that I can find a purpose in this game, whether it be as an apostle, or an ambition of my own.

I have a question for all other Karmalings.
What is your ambition?
Kome wished to rewrite the rules of death, Hunger wishes to consume, Donut is going on a holy crusade.
For now, my wish is to see these Karmalings come into their own. As such, they first step of that is recognizing your ambition.
What do you wish for?
No. 1048439 ID: bf9b7c

Suggestion: swrd1 [STORE] EXIT SIGN from I6.
No. 1048441 ID: 15c72a

Consume the- wait, that's what the karma goblins were doing. Is it okay for us to consume essence?

Freely move to the tree.
STORE some fruit.

>what do you wish for?
I wish for the deepest truths, the darkest secrets, and for all the unanswered questions yet seeking their destined mates.
No. 1048445 ID: 7cadc8

> kblin04 escapes
Congratulations on your first recurring villain, SVilHQ!

> wishes and ambitions
I mostly wish to learn how to shape and transform this world, hopefully for the best. To discover and understand it. And to help the people on it with that knowledge.

By the way, can anyone on the suCHESSboard hear this?
And can anyone on the suCHESSboard hear this?

Karma worm in D1, I suggest you burrow up and down through the ground in your tile and turn it into fertile soil.
No. 1048446 ID: e5709d

If all-powerful bored deities could take criticism, I'd yap more often.

To all remaining players: you have an opportunity to build infrastructure. Make some roads and barricades so we get the drop on future spawning enemies.
No. 1048448 ID: 8b1e35

Very puzzling. With great questions why elect ignorance? Why forgo skill to deduce truth now? When used properly it's a skill of great worthiness.

What you say of the cycle is without evidence. Quite fortunate. Were that true, what hope exists?

So you're missing a few key pieces. Here.
Per https://questden.org/wiki/Suchesstion
>Every suggester can [SUGGEST] an action to an [NPC] or [AI] that is on the battlefield.
>They will act like a [QUEST PROTAGONIST], but can refuse actions depending on their [PERSONALITY]
He had free will despite what you believed.
Here your side's will is to wipe out kblins. Swrd1's was to earn his sword. His god, [WILD] prohibited doing so via crafting. With violence his path, he would do so by helping one side. Either way he might die. Either way he'd be a pawn of a side. Of course you might question prohibiting crafting though that would put you at odds with one of the ones who ordered you to kill kblins...
Still, should your free will have you follow orders of authority blindly that is your will. Only power over you is the power of words. Draw your own conclusions now that you have facts.

So the battle ends. Suggest you evacuate Swrd1, he does not have to die.
No. 1048454 ID: bbb04b

Question: I assume the limits on the spawn cue are still in effect, despite the round being over? (If not, I'm gonna just pop in, MOVE to the tree in Zone F, and STORE a fruit.)

I would be remiss not to PURCHASE AN UPGRADE, either way. Though I'd hazard a guess that I'm jumping the gun by one update or so.

Hmm. I'm honestly not sure. Perhaps I feel unready to tackle the sorts of questions that would pertain to the cosmic realm directly. Perhaps even trying to practice deductive reasoning in such a space that is primarily governed (in part) by [CHAOS] is... naught but nonsense.

It is what it is. I've just come into existence, and I don't know why I know what I know. Another question that is without an answer, for now, and that's fine; I believe I have all the time in the multiverse to find it, after all. Let my living, unaware self worry about solving on a schedule.

Now, unless you're just being contrary for its own sake, I don't believe either of us has a reason to continue this conversation - not while a [GOD] is asking us to stop, anyway, so at the very least this will be my final word to you for the immediate future. Whatever is unresolved between us can be addressed later; we aren't going anywhere, after all.

Oh, hello! Well, [CURIOSITY] is what drives me. I love looking for answers, though simply pondering the questions might be even more fun! Of course, as I said earlier, my avenues for pursuing either of those are rather limited at the moment; I don't mind simply abiding in the meantime.

Meanwhile, a [SMOOCH] is tempting - I have a feeling that such as given by the Goddess of [LUST] is something a bit more than a standard physical act of affection. Maybe it can even be [CURRENCY], like [KARMA] seems to be?

... Ah, what the hey; I don't mind dropping to the bottom of the queue again. I'll stockpile resources while I wait for everyone else to find their niche.

Hmm? I for one thought I was being quite polite, given the circumstances. Although I suppose the standards of a [GOD] of [PEACE] would be understandably higher... assuming that wasn't all directed at the [HOSTILE] Suggestors, of course.

Cor, look at me, engaging a [GOD] in direct conversation. Now that I'm on the bottom of the queue again and have not much better to do but enjoy your company, I'm [CURIOUS]: Which [CONCEPTS] govern the conceptual hierarchy in the multiverse you're visiting from? Of course, you don't have to answer that if you don't want to. I couldn't possibly force an issue against [PEACE] itself, after all.
No. 1048461 ID: 8483cf
File 166760401154.png - (121.86KB , 886x763 , SaltyTable.png )

kblin04 escaped?! No! I must pursue!

The plan was to dig a hole and lure the criminal into it, which doesn’t work very well when they have a ranged weapon. So in the future, I’ll need to have something very worthwhile to lure them into a trap, or have prepared it beforehand.

Or I could simply coordinate with another karmaling and have them push the criminal into the pit. That sounds a lot easier.

Regardless, Donut will dig a TRAP in square H4 that will collapse and flood the hole with water if anyone steps in it. Let’s see you escape THEN!

Also have some art of best guest and her comrades.
No. 1048462 ID: a7a180

I should probably arm myself too, like everyone else seems to be.
Willow and her stylish new hat LOOT the fruit and move to the kblins' shelter to LOOT that too.

For a smooch? Sure, I'll take that offer!
No. 1048483 ID: e51896

0Plasm: My ambition? my wish?
0Plasm: Well, we were told out purpose in life were to gain Karma for gods and I think fight monsters?
0Plasm: But I think for me, I just want to have fun, and maybe make others happy when I get the chance. Basically make friends.
0Plasm: I'm glad your ambition is to help other Karmalings, if it makes you happy.

No. 1048495 ID: f2320a

That beetle and worm i ate did nothing... it was without substance was it even real or am i the one that does not exist my own substance a trick of the mind the gods loom over our slice flat world
No. 1048498 ID: f2320a

I lack teeth, i lack bite, i lack a tongue yet i speak omnipresent, i lack a mouth or is it a eye that lacks a pupil but yet i see beings of more dimensions, i am one and nothing a single cell, NO a mere quark of billions that would form my whole body, Hunger is real kblins and fruit shows its existance of gaining from sustinance but does hunger exist there is no starvation to spur you on, why does lust exist without meaning when there is no reproduction only death and recreation a endless limbo of waiting in the line where i never was, the not even nothing of nothing i have nothing no mouth yet i screamed.
I desire, i desire to be large to not be trapped too reach the sky that does not exist
No. 1048499 ID: f2320a

>pick up beetle if i can, then move too
>E5 and sniff the roses caress the torns gently and let beetle interact with a flower
No. 1048515 ID: fce62b

Well, if others are willing to step back, I would be excited to take up a spot on the board.

- Free Action: SPAWN in A9 with the [Barricade] in the inventory.
- Free Action: ADVANCE to F1 (due to the lack of movement restrictions this round)
- Full Action: Doors will attempt to pull free and STORE a fresh, [Flexible Branch].
- - "I am sorry for damaging you, if there is something I can [DO] to make up for it, please let me know."
- *Also waves at Swrd1;
- - "Thank you for your help!"

As for ambitions?
I am not sure... perhaps to build? But I will need something to use to defend myself first.

A question for Logic, seeing as he is running this operation;
- "Are we going to be staying here for the kblin counter-assault or will we be MOVEing to a new [MAP]?
No. 1048837 ID: 5499f4
File 166804535359.png - (35.30KB , 625x625 , sc_016.png )

[7/8] have responded

> 0Plasm thanks the gods by gifting them a [FAVICON]
> 0Plasm has been granted 1 Karma (2 total)
> 0Plasm attempts to craft a fishing rod using the log but lacks a TOOL
> The WILD WIRE comes to life, wrapping around the log and bursting in motes of life
> 0Plasm has created the WILD ROD
+ Range 4 weapon
+ Deals .5 damage, and HOOKS onto targets
+ Can be used to YANK the HOOKED target towards you up to 3 tiles in a direct line
+ The rod hungers for FISH
> 0Plasm ends their turn at G8

> Flashr attempts to do many things that would take more than one action to do
> Flashr attempts to fill their inventory past capacity
> Flashr accepts being last in line but requests hand holding from [LUST]
> Flashr’s body has been sent back to the queue in a flash of light!
> Flashr has been placed at the very back of the queue
> Flashr will only receive an air smooch from [LUST] due to their [GREED]
> Flashr has gained [1 TEMPORARY HEART]
> Since Flashr is in the queue, they may store anything up to their capacity
> Flashr stores a fruit and a red flower

> Belief stores a HEALTHY FRUIT
> Belief: Hey Sword, you want one? There's plenty enough here for everyone.
Swrd1: Aye, I might just do so, blue one.
> Belief asks a question to the gods… but the [GODS] cannot respond at the moment
> A ticket has been made with your question

> Belief starts a healthy discussion about karmaling ambitions
> The [PLAYERS] have a healthy discussion on the matter

> Setval asks a question to the gods… but the [GODS] cannot respond at the moment
> A ticket has been made with your question
> Setval STORES some fruit

> D-Cai STORES a fruit from the queue
> D-Cai elects to drop to the bottom of the queue
> D-Cai receives a SMOOCH from [LUST]
> D-Cai’s has gained a permanent heart (health max = 3)
> D-Cai asks a question to the gods… but the [GODS] cannot respond at the moment
> A ticket has been made with your question

> Donut has produced a glorious piece of FAN-ART… but the [GODS] cannot respond at the moment
> A ticket has been made with your art attached
> Donut has received 1 KARMA and has had their avatar modified
> Donut DIGS a trap in H4

> Willow elects to drop to the bottom of the queue
> Willow receives a SMOOCH from [LUST]
> Willow has gained a permanent heart (health max = 3)
> Willow Loots a fruit
> Willow attempts loots the SHELTER
> Willow notices that there is BEDDING and some FRUIT
> Willow takes the BEDDING
> Willow’s body is teleported to the queue

> HUNGER waxes poetic about their conceptual hunger
> HUNGER goes into detail about the emptiness of their existence
> HUNGER brings a beetle to the flowers and sniffs them
> The BEETLES have been moved to the FLOWERS
> The BEETLE turns RED and a few more FLOWERS bloom
> The flowers smell faintly of blood, their thorns are gentle and do not pierce your vessel

> Doors manifests in A9 and takes the barricade
> Doors yanks a FLEXIBLE BRANCH off of the tree
> A screen of text appears in front of Doors
- RANGE 2 weapon
- Deals .5 damage
- A branch that can whip out and strike at foes from a small distance
> Doors whispers their apologies to the branch
> The branch quivers and sprouts a small leaf in appreciation
> Doors: Thank you for your help!
Swrd1: Aye, and thank you
> Doors asks a question to the gods… but the [GODS] cannot respond at the moment
> A ticket has been made with your question

> Tilde is AFK, and it is the intermission
> Tilde has been sent to the back of the queue
> Tilde receives a [SMOOCH] from [LUST]
> Tilde has gained a permanent heart (health max = 3)

> Coda has reached the beginning of the queue and spawns in on tile A9
> Coda SHOUTS to the board… but no one other than the players hears it
> Kome has reached the beginning of the queue and spawns in on tile A8
> Both of you may move to any tile on the map as a bonus action next round

> Coda goads the worm into making the soil in D1 become fertile
> The ground becomes loamy and filled with nutrients, ready to be seeded

> bf9b7c suggests for swrd1 to store the exit sign from I6
> This is an invalid command and is ignored
> That is a symbolic representation of the prior rounds events and is now removed

> Swrd1 takes a fruit from the tree and turns around only to see kome alive
Swrd1: How…
Swrd1: But…

> Swrd1 takes a deep breath
> Swrd1 takes a step back
Swrd1: I should probably go…

> No valid actions available
No. 1048838 ID: 5499f4
File 166804536112.png - (11.14KB , 456x456 , sc_017.png )

0Plasm - 2 Karma
Belief - 2 Karma
Setval - 1 Karma
Donut - 2 Karma
Hunger - 1 Karma
Doors - 1 Karma
Coda - 1 Karma
Kome - 1 Karma

Flashr - 1 Karma (next)
D-Cai - 1 Karma
Willow - 2 Karma
Tilde - 1 Karma (last)

Dca947 - 1 Karma
Bf9b7c - 1 Karma
No. 1048839 ID: 5499f4
File 166804536992.png - (13.90KB , 500x500 , sc_018.png )

A flash of light fills the entirety of zone C for a few moments before it fades, leaving behind a BEING in a mask, they look humanoid. Their arms are covered in tattoos of various tentacled beasts, and they’ve got a satchel by their feet.

[???]: Hi, I’m [REDACTED]!
[CURIOSITY]: WHAT?! I can't even use my name here!
[CURIOSITY]: Hmm, what about this, I’m here to [SELL YOU STUFF]
[CURIOSITY]: Okay, that works, now I’ll just fudge some things here, mess with a sign there…

The being pulls out a massive neon light sign that reads as [<’S CURIOSITIES]

[CURIOSITY]: I can neither confirm nor deny that my name is in that sign
[CURIOSITY]: But I CAN confirm that I’m here to sell you my CURIOSITIES!
[CURIOSITY]: But what do I have?
[CURIOSITY]: Including discounted better reincarnation packages
[CURIOSITY]: Or even TRAVEL PACKAGES if you want to uh…
[CURIOSITY]: Jump ship, though you gotta get one of the [GODS] to take you in
[CURIOSITY]: You just have to tell me what you want and I can get it
[CURIOSITY]: 1 KARMA for anything BASIC
[CURIOSITY]: And cause the other lame brains aren’t listening I’ll be… flexible
[CURIOSITY]: Though the more COMPLEX or OVERPOWERED, the more expensive it’ll be
[CURIOSITY]: I’m here to make MAD PROFITS after all!
[CURIOSITY]: Though I MAY be willing to offer you discounts if you give me some…
[CURIOSITY]: INFORMATION, maybe about your favorite [REDACTED]?
[CURIOSITY]: Hmmm, favorite [REDACTED]? No, What about [NPC’s]
[CURIOSITY]: Ooooh that wasn’t filtered!
[CURIOSITY]: Yeah your favorite [NPCs] from you know what!
[CURIOSITY]: It’s gotta be juicy goss tho, something to make me want to [WATCH] them
[CURIOSITY]: Chaos yer killing me here!
[CURIOSITY]: And I’m a SELLER not A BUYER, I ain’t buying yer goopy twigs
[CURIOSITY]: Yadda yadda, gimme your Karma!

> What do you buy?
No. 1048870 ID: bbb04b

Hmm... Okay. I think... HmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMM- I like [PEACE]. They didn't really leave a strong impression on me, which makes sense given they're [PEACE], but I kinda have a conceptual bias for the guy.

Speaking of...

- Why hello there, [PEACE]. I'm curious; what's your multiverse like, in terms of ruling concepts?

I think it's important that I "submit a ticket" for that, since the answer may determine whether I want to do that "jumping ship" thing you mentioned. After all, a multiverse where [WRATH] or one of its cousins rules and [PEACE] is some twisted [ANATHEMA] wouldn't be any more fun than this one.

How much would "a buff whose potency depends on how many turns I spend in Limbo" cost? Given I've decided I'm partial to non-violence, maybe something defensive or supportive?
No. 1048907 ID: e51896

Thinking: I wonder if any of these purchases are valid: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1002288.html#1002703
If so, I think the majority of us can only buy the ones that cost 1-2 karma points... unless it's possible for one of us were to gift one of our teammates their karma points, or give him gossip which I feel uncomfortable doing right now... Don't need him stalking anyone.

Thinking: I want an INNATE SKILL, but it costs 3 and I only have 2 right now... I think I'll wait until I get another point before I shop, or if I can think of something to gossip about...

Thinking: And I know who that is, that is [STEVE], or as one universe called him, the [TENTACLED IRIS] though that was because those who saw him only saw his mask, and tattoos of tentacles on his arms... but if saying his name is redacted here, maybe it's something I shouldn't know about and should be kept quiet or else I might get struck down by the gods for knowing too much... though the gods are not listening in right now... hmmm...

0Plasm: Thanks [ST]- er... [CURIOSITY], but I think I'll save my points for now... Unless I can think of something to gossip to you about before the UPDATE is over...
0Plasm: I want to get an Innate skill, but last I checked, it was 3 points,
0Plasm: And I don't think I have enough for that yet at 2 Karmas, unless I'm wrong and it's actually 1-2 KARMA points?

No. 1048912 ID: 90c451

Well... If we're talking about things we shouldn't know, and could possibly cause trouble if we did know for more reasons than one...
Belief: How much would it cost to buy dimensional coordinates?

And while I would want to wait and see what other people but rather than using up my karma, I do wanna see whether I can do something like this.
Belief: I would like to buy an ability.
Belief: Devilish Temptation: My words, requests, and suggestions are more tempting than usual, NPCs are more inclined to do as I say or take my side.

No. 1048925 ID: dd15aa

swrd1 is vulnerable. To my limited knowledge [NPC]s cannot respawn as [PLAYER]s can. I wish to spend my 1 Karma on [ARMOR] for swrd1.
No. 1048926 ID: dd15aa

This is Bf9b7c. My ID changes sometimes. Let me know if a tripcode is preferred.
No. 1049001 ID: 8483cf

Full action for Donut: dig another TRAP in H1, but rig it so that setting it off won't collapse the dam in H4 or spring the trap in H4 either.

However, setting off H4 will also set off H1, turning the entire two-square area into a flooded double trap.

I'd like to spend enough KARMA to have a shield to make me immune to ranged attacks, if possible!
No. 1049008 ID: a7a180

I don’t know what, actually… uh, Lust? She reminds me of somebunny… don’t remember who. I just remember their dark eyes. I think they had a sister?
Well, I suppose I'd better head back in prepared. Everyone else has been arming themselves, so why not? I'd like to buy a bow with some ammunition, and an upgrade to let me move farther with free actions.
No. 1049010 ID: 15c72a


STORE another fruit.

I think I will save my karma for now.
No. 1049012 ID: e5709d

Wait what? I thought my spawn would take longer!

>1 Karma
*Deep Breath*
Looks like my chaos dagger absorbs karma. Fine.
I'll purchase... this.
[Interdimensional Shielding] Damage Threshold 1/2 Heart (Any attack that deals damage to the user is reduced in power by 1/2 Heart). If a successful attack would normally kill the user, Damage Threshold is increased to 2 Hearts, and this ability is disabled until the user recharges at the Dimensional Anchor or some Place of Power, or after four turns.
Next time, I'm buying a quick strike ability.

>What do
Harvest fruit from F8.

"Depends. Are you willing to risk your life regularly for a truly legendary blade gifted directly from the gods? As for us, we're here for their sport, you see. Don't worry about getting us killed - just worry that one of us might not care about your life either."
No. 1049022 ID: f2320a

swrd1 is the most interesting a exception in this world i must say they are like the gods but among us and perhaps more mortal then us
also this v or C? looking very Hermaeus mora but the eye does not match perhaps a cthulhu? but most likely neither

>from E5 pick up MY Beetle and take a few bushels of the Roses try and take them from the roots to keep those blood smelling flower genitals "alive" is it alive?
>move too zone F9 so i can reach the Kblin shelter and tree next turn

>for V or is it C the curiosity merchant "what do you offer for one karma? i would like to Sculpt/craft/weave with animated/alive or formerly alive/animated things? i would like to broaden my crafting in another direction, i would even be willing to give up normal crafting and my fruit from the tree, for it in exchange forever or until i can buy normal crafting back"
No. 1049031 ID: fce62b
File 166820164326.jpg - (854.60KB , 1600x1200 , suCHESStion group photo.jpg )

*quietly submits drawing to queue.
No. 1049041 ID: f2320a

Donut YO do you want to keep that mud from the pit? or can i take it, i will possibly not eat it
No. 1049049 ID: fce62b

I think I will follow suit as well. You can take my 1 Karma too for [ARMOR] that swrd1 can use. Hopefully 2 Karma (in total) will get them a good set.

As for gossip... I'm not sure if I have anything; Or at least nothing that I think would be [FAIR] to offer up.

For my actions I will:
- *Smiles.
-- "Take care now, Swrd1."
- Free Action: ADVANCE to D5 (assuming additional movement is still free, otherwise REPOSITION me to F9)
- Full Action: DO; I will try to WEAVE the longer grass into a [CORD] that I can USE to CRAFT my [FLEXIBLE BRANCH] into a [BOW].
- - (I am fine with just WEAVing the [CORD] if fully CRAFTING the [BOW] would take more than one Full Action)

Hey [CURIOSITY] do you know why our connection to the [GOD]s was cut?
No. 1049051 ID: 7c0da2

Hello [CURIOSITY], I'm Coda, nice to meet you.
I see some [PLAYERS] want to buy abilities rather than items, is it possible? How much would the ability to strengthen people and things cost?
Anyway what I actually need right now is a watering can. I'm not sure how much 1 KARMA is worth, is it enough for a watering can that never runs out of water? If it's not I'll just buy the best watering can 1 KARMA can buy, please, already filled with water if possible.

Bonus Action : MOVE to F8
Full Action : pick the ripest fruit available
Free Action : go to E1 if movement is still unrestricted, else ADVANCE to E9
No. 1049112 ID: cf349c

Divulging ambitions? Well, one can be publicly disclosed. Just a minor rule change regarding criminals. Ending coercion so criminals can still elect to join but without being forced. Persuaded with carrots not beaten with sticks. Would not have to be hostile without that issue. Quite FUN being one of the bad guys though. Well, perhaps bad is the wrong word seeing one of your leaders admit genocidal plans...

...Wait no karma usage? Why was that omitted?!? 5 hearts does not even out the disuse of the shop! Or other uses!

...Well. Guess that's +1 rule change. Job's harder but 'tis what the system is.

(He can leave freely without limitations? How? ...Forget how, what's important is that he leave. For his sake.)
Go. Prove yourself elsewhere. Dying on our behalf for our conflicts would be pointless. Fight for your sword where risking your life has value.

Oh, since people get to queue queries, have one for the quiet one, [HOPE]. What hope exists for the kblins? Or is it pure genocidal despair with zero hope?

Oh, where I5's tile?
No. 1049117 ID: fce62b

[CURIOUSITY] seems open to dealing in information rather than [KARMA], maybe you can use that to barter.

I also agree that I hope Swrd1 doesn't need to fight anymore.

But that should be their choice, not yours.
No. 1049118 ID: 7c0da2

((I don't think they can leave, I think it was more like "go somewhere else on the suchessboard"? Maybe to go see kome, if I had to guess. I don't know if it's the same for [NPCS] but [PLAYERS] need to buy a travel package to get out of here, and also a sponsor. Even kblin4 seems to have used some kind of item to get out of here.
If they can actually leave whenever they want, good for them, but I doubt [WILD] will grant them that sword if they do. And they want to get it, so going away is counterproductive to their goals at the moment.))

Coda turns toward swrd1.

"Say, Swordman, I was wondering, how did you get here? You were already here when we arrived. Did you too agreed to some kind of terms of service?"
No. 1049836 ID: 5499f4
File 166909545307.png - (37.87KB , 625x625 , sc_019.png )


> D-Cai asks a question to the gods… but the [GODS] cannot respond at the moment
> A ticket has been made with your question

> Donut multitasks and works on digging a trap in H1

> Setval attempts to store another fruit but cannot, as fruits are limited to 1 per player >>1048429
> Setval moves to E2

> Kome harvests a fruit from F8

> HUNGER grabs the contents of E5 and carries them over to F9

> Doors has produced a glorious piece of FAN-ART… but the [GODS] cannot respond at the moment
> A ticket has been made with your art attached
> Doors has received 1 KARMA
[CURIOSITY]: Aw this is adorable, its you and your pals and uh…
[CURIOSITY]: Some cardboard cut out dude?
[CURIOSITY]: OH that’s that one dissenter I think I heard
[CURIOSITY]: Absolutely precious!

> Doors attempts to craft a bow using makeshift materials
> They will be finished by the next update

> Coda picks a fruit from the tree
> Coda moves to E9
No. 1049840 ID: 5499f4
File 166909575617.png - (12.43KB , 500x500 , sc_020.png )

[CURIOSITY]: Okay okay, one at a time here, don't worry!
[CURIOSITY]: They’ll be back after I leave, I think
[CURIOSITY]: That-one-guy is being a brat
[CURIOSITY]: I’m, of course, talking about [LOGIC]
[CURIOSITY]: Boy, the stories I could tell about them before [REDACTED]
[CURIOSITY]: Wow, up yours too [CHAOS]

> D-Cai: How much would "a buff whose potency depends on how many turns I spend in Limbo" cost?
[CURIOSITY]: 1 [KARMA], that’s easy
[CURIOSITY]: Though it’ll take up an [INVENTORY] slot
[CURIOSITY]: That’s just how your little vessels had to be made, sadly

> 0Plasm: Thanks [ST]- er... [CURIOSITY], but I think I'll save my points for now... Unless I can think of something to gossip to you about before the UPDATE is over...
> 0Plasm: I want to get an Innate skill, but last I checked, it was 3 points,
> 0Plasm: And I don't think I have enough for that yet at 2 Karmas, unless I'm wrong and it's actually 1-2 KARMA points?
[CURIOSITY]: Hmmm, I’d have to make it an [ITEM] and then make it [SOULBOUND]
[CURIOSITY]: But stuff like that is definitely on the table
[CURIOSITY]: Who knows, if I do it right, maybe it’ll carry on in your next actual life
[CURIOSITY]: I’ll cut you a deal for Innate skills at 2 Karma
[CURIOSITY]: And yknow, maybe you can upgrade it later, nudge nudge wink wink.

> Belief: How much would it cost to buy dimensional coordinates?
[CURIOSITY]: One Karma my dude
> Belief: I would like to buy an ability.
> Belief: Devilish Temptation: My words, requests, and suggestions are more tempting than usual, NPCs are more inclined to do as I say or take my side.
[CURIOSITY]: I could get you something for that, 1 Karma is plenty
[CURIOSITY]: I’ll even let you pick what it looks like in item-form

> Sgt/Bf9b7c: swrd1 is vulnerable.
> Sgt: To my limited knowledge [NPC]s cannot respawn as [PLAYER]s can.
> Sgt: I wish to spend my 1 Karma on [ARMOR] for swrd1.
[CURIOSITY]: Correct, and sure, just confirm the purchase and I’ll send it over
[CURIOSITY]: Still wanna leave Swrd1?

Swrd1: … I’ll just… assume this is a fortunate encounter
Swrd1: A terrifying one, but, gifts from immortal beings is certainly seen as a boon
Swrd1: Thank you… sect master?

[CURIOSITY]: Eyyy atta boi
[CURIOSITY]: Ah, that brings me back to my days as a sect master…
[CURIOSITY]: Too much work!

> Donut: I'd like to spend enough KARMA to have a shield to make me immune to ranged attacks, if possible!
[CURIOSITY]: Immunity’s expensive, you could specify it to be like…
[CURIOSITY]: Immune to rocks, immune to spears, immune to swords, blah blah
[CURIOSITY]: I could give you an armor of +3 resistance to projectiles for 1 KARMA though

> Willow: I don’t know what, actually… uh, Lust? She reminds me of somebunny… don’t remember who.
> Willow: I just remember their dark eyes. I think they had a sister?
[CURIOSITY]: Go on, tell me more
> Willow: I'd like to buy a bow with some ammunition, and an upgrade to let me move farther with free actions.
[CURIOSITY]: Wow what a tease!
[CURIOSITY]: It’d be a range 6 bow, deals 1 damage, needs no ammo, it just fires the things

> Setval: I think I will save my karma for now.
[CURIOSITY]: Your loss!

> Kome: I want a very specific type of shield
[CURIOSITY]: I can only do one or the other for 1 karma each
[CURIOSITY]: If you want the ½ heart armor that’s 1 karma
[CURIOSITY]: If you want a life saving treasure that’s 1 karma
[CURIOSITY]: Both combined is 2
[CURIOSITY]: I might be amenable to reducing the price for some… hot goss

> Kome attempts to persuade swrd1 using an interesting line of thought
> Swrd1 seems contemplative

> Hunger: A lot of words, go read his post here >>1049022
[CURIOSITY]: … Okay I’ll sell you a knife of pure karma that will let you craft with corpses, sure
[CURIOSITY]: 1 Karma, though uh, the results might be weird
[CURIOSITY]: And uh, using it on non consenting players will likely get you uh yeah, just don't
[CURIOSITY]: But I am [CURIOUS] as to what you’re planning and want to enable it

> Doors has offered 1 KARMA to improve swrd1’s armor value
[CURIOSITY]: Sure, can do, please confirm your purchase
> Doors smiles at swrd1
> Doors: Take care now, Swrd1
Swrd1: … Young masters with money sure are different from the common folk
Swrd1: Thanks!

> Doors: Hey [CURIOSITY] do you know why our connection to the [GOD]s was cut?
[CURIOSITY]: *whistles a tune* oh, yknow, just anger management issues

> Coda: Hello [CURIOSITY], I'm Coda, nice to meet you.
> Coda: I see some [PLAYERS] want to buy abilities rather than items, is it possible?
> Coda: How much would the ability to strengthen people and things cost?
> Coda: Anyway what I actually need right now is a watering can.
> Coda: I'm not sure how much 1 KARMA is worth, is it enough for a watering can that never runs out of water?
> Coda: If it's not I'll just buy the best watering can 1 KARMA can buy, please, already filled with water if possible.
[CURIOSITY]: 1 Karma for an infinite watering can, can do, just confirm it

> Coda: Say, Swordman, I was wondering, how did you get here?
> Coda: You were already here when we arrived.
> Coda: Did you too agreed to some kind of terms of service?"
Swrd1: What do you mean in terms of service?
Swrd1: I was born here?

[CURIOSITY]: (Uh yeah, please don’t break the little guy)
[CURIOSITY]: (they’re natives so they don't know everything going on at present)
[CURIOSITY]: (basically this is just a [WORLD] they opted into being in for better karmic gains)
[CURIOSITY]: (not everyone keeps their old memories when passing over)

> SVilHQ says some things
[CURIOSITY]: OH this is the cardboard cutout guy
[CURIOSITY]: To your credit, yes, mass murder of a subspecies can be seen as genocide
[CURIOSITY]: But, if you had a fungal parasite on your head that you knew was sentient
[CURIOSITY]: And that if it separated from you, would die, but if it stayed with you would kill you
[CURIOSITY]: Would you let it just kill you?
[CURIOSITY]: If you found a way to separate it and let it live
[CURIOSITY]: Even if it cost all of your limbs, leaving you quadriplegic, would you?
[CURIOSITY]: If letting this one thing live would do that to everyone you would EVER know
[CURIOSITY]: Are you truly enough of a saint to let it happen?

> SVilHQ has a question for [HOPE], but it has been blocked as they are not a player
> [CURIOSITY] Makes sure that only the players can hear the following
[CURIOSITY]: I’ll answer that one, yeah, let them consume this world
[CURIOSITY]: Consume the souls of all who inhabit it
[CURIOSITY]: And spread their infectious “pollen” to other worlds
[CURIOSITY]: Everyone here willingly, sans the players, because they’re essentially hired help
[CURIOSITY]: Understood these risks upon reincarnating to this world
[CURIOSITY]: High risk, high reward
[CURIOSITY]: And the kblins and other refugees that refused to leave have the opportunity to fight to claim the world
[CURIOSITY]: Okay, so, shopping anyone?
[CURIOSITY]: Gimme your Karma, I have to go soon.

> Please confirm your purchases
No. 1049842 ID: e5709d

I'll take the 1/2 Heart Armor perk.
No. 1049843 ID: e51896

>"nudge nudge wink wink"

0Plasm: Say no more

0Plasm: Well... alright, Thanks for offering to upgrade the innate skill later.
0Plasm: I'll keep the offer in mind once I gather more karma, and depending on how things go during my time here.
0Plasm: For now, I'll buy an Innate Skill for two karma, please.
0Plasm: Thank you [CURIOSITY]!

after finishing shopping, 0Plasm looks at the WILD ROD.

0Plasm: I'm going to name you RODNEY!
0Plasm: We're going to catch some great things you and I, both fish and otherwise!


If I'm allowed to do this after shopping:

FULL ACTION: DO use the WILD ROD (Rodney) and the KARMA WORM (Squirmo) combined to fish for something in tile G9

0Plasm: Well, Squirmo, it is time to fulfill your purpose in life.
0Plasm: I hope your sacrifice here will give a karma point to make your next life better, as your sacrifice might help us move forward!
0Plasm: Alright, Let's do this Rodney!

No. 1049849 ID: a7a180

...Confirm. It was a surface level memory, really. They just seemed chill and laid back in comparison to their always-on sibling. We didn't see them much.
No. 1049853 ID: 90c451

High risk, high reward? Is this by chance Dimension 88-H?
As for the "gossip" others mention... I'm certain it must be coincidence, unless...
Do these gods frequently take mortal forms within their respective dimensions? If so, it would be possible for some of us to have seen them.
Also, if I'm hearing all this right I can spend 2 karma instead of 1 to make my persuasion idea an innate ability instead of an item?
If so, I would like to make this an innate ability rather than an item.
If that is not an option, make the item a silver pocketwatch.

Move to B7.
Find a suitably sharp stone and... Use the sharp stone on the log and carve a wooden staff/spear haft.
No. 1049857 ID: 15c72a


USE stick with rocks, craft a spear.
DROP fruit.

Well that's higher stakes than I expected. We better make sure not to lose, then.
Can I buy armor that's extra effective against melee attacks?
No. 1049885 ID: 346885

>just confirm the purchase and I’ll send it over
Confirmed. You are quite welcome swrd1. I will be doing my best to watch over you.
No. 1049890 ID: bbb04b

I'd like a boon in the form of [HYGGE BLANKIE] - "For every turn I spend in Limbo, I bank 1 Heart Point; while in Limbo, I can spend 2 banked Heart Points to heal anyone on the map by 1/2 a Heart." It looks like a fluffy security blanket I can wrap around myself for maximum coziness in Limbo, combining the comfort of healing with the reclusiveness of someone who's not interested in getting down and dirty amongst all the action.

I tried to be conservative with its efficiency, but I get the feeling this is still complicated enough to be worth no less than 2 KARMA, while I only have 1. Though I can probably grease the wheels with some hot goss... Well, I had been following a rather interesting tale of one secret agent's [DESIRE] coming into conflict with his own loyalty, the [ANGER] of his beloved, and the veils of [GUILE] and secrets surrounding both of them on all sides, over in Dimension 18-Q. He's a fluffy little mole-kin named NICO GIOVANNA, and I'm sad that I never got to see how his longing for the half-blood princess calling herself MARTH ultimately plays out. I couldn't possibly say who (or what attribute) will win out, or what sort of [CHANGE] that conceptual victory will manifest.

What happens if I eat the fruit now? I don't think it's been confirmed whether we have a Max HP value or not beyond some universal ceiling? Let's find out! Also, I collect some Karma Bug.
No. 1049902 ID: e5709d

Wait, I need 2 Karma to make Damage Threshold an innate ability? @#$%.
I'm not buying a material shield. If I can't get permanent DT from a 1 Karma purchase, I'm saving it up instead.
... Also, can you help me upgrade my dagger? It absorbed karma and a corpse, it should be able to develop something.

I'll carve a Wooden Shield out of the tree's bark with my dagger, then move to E6.
No. 1049948 ID: 8483cf

DONUT will purchase the +3 resistance to projectiles, and ask if I can also spend 1 Karma on ½ heart armor. Because why not.

Actions: Move to E5 and collect the roses.
No. 1050098 ID: ec9f3a

Err, sorry swordman, I think we perceive the world very differently, I wonder what we look like to you... I'd gladly explain what little I know but that would be weird and stressful, so I can't, sorry.
But I can probably give advices I think? You should try to cause change. Big changes are better if I understand correctly. "May your passion incite change."
Maybe you knew that ? That's all I got anyway, good luck, whatever you choose to do!

I confirm the purchase of the infinite watering can.

Coda advances to E1
Coda starts tending to the flowers and watering them.

You grew well, you're even prettier than I thought! You'll be a beautiful meadow in no time, I'm sure of it.
No. 1050116 ID: f2320a

I will PURCHACE this tool if the end result of crafting is alive if i so choice
No. 1050128 ID: fce62b

-Full Action: DO; Continue to CRAFT the [BOW]
- *Bows head to [CURIOSITY].
-- "I confirm my purchase. Thank you for your time, and your answers. I apologize that I cannot give you any gossip in return, it needs to be someone else who finds it, not me."
- Free Action: ADVANCE G2.
No. 1050309 ID: 87f492

Setval's got the right idea here

Just as suspected there is a world outside of this. Walls are artificial limitations. Ones swrd1 is probably bypassing without issue because he's native. Still say he should flee. Would be best to warn without commanding... perhaps this?
Swrd1, should you stay your life will be risked while those of the blues will not be. Staying here is pointless if you can earn your sword places outside of here.

> [CURIOSITY] Makes sure that only the players can hear the following
Hostile suggestors too? Was a hostile query so probably how that was intended.
Hmm so either way total victory involves genocide. Would stalemate of endless war be better overall?
While consumption does sound bad, we're given no info how severe it is. Given that these supposed gods set up this system instead of getting a full war campaign it may not be that bad. Or perhaps... well, since they may be listening you guys can figure out what the rest is.

Of course with rule 16, quite a huge question is raised.
How could beings that can be sentenced (thus punished) grow powerful enough to endanger worlds?
Or does rule 16 not apply to them at all?
Dimensional refugee is a term that has been used...
[Justice] had a list of what kblin04 did... so supposedly should be sentenced...
What exactly is going on here...?
Have to get further evidence.

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