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While not "QUITE" like VALHALLA, you're now in the BATTLEFIELD of the GODS, please COOPERATE so that you may all COLLECTIVELY gain KARMA and ASCEND to greater HEIGHTS.
Updates whenever EDMANGO decides to be a computer and process the inputs.


1. General rewards and resources are shared, please cooperate
2. If you try to force another character to do something they do not want to, you will be warned
- If this escalates or you attempt to r*pe them you will be formally executed, stripped of your possessions and left in limbo by [LUST]
3. You can be rude, but don't be a dick
4. All actions will happen simultaneously and if a distinction needs to be made then chronological post order will be used
5. Balance changes may occur but you will be given an X turn warning before they are set in place

6. By consenting to this rulelist you are opting-in to being a [PLAYER] players may participate in [THE GAME], actions will be added after the first member consents
7. Should you opt in to becoming a [PLAYER] please use an up to 6 character [NAME] if your [ID] tends to fluctuate
8. Please do not impersonate [PLAYERS], they can only be controlled by their [ORIGINAL POSTER]
9. If you are currently not a [PLAYER] you may [SUGGEST] for any available [AIs] or [NPCS] as if they were a quest character
10. If you do not suggest for an update and are a [PLAYER] you will be put into [AFK] mode, and you will either remain stationary or assist a nearby [PLAYER]
11. Should you fail to return after another update you will be [KICKED] and the first [PLAYER] in the [QUEUE] will be spawned in a safe zone near the AFK player

12. You must consent to the [GODS] watching your [PERFORMANCE]
13. The [GODS] can issue bounties, award Karma, impose restrictions and more, should [THEY] pay the cost, try to impress them
14. If you lose your [SPAWN ZONE] and all of your [PLAYERS] die it is [GAME OVER]
15. You will probably die a lot, but that's okay because you can come back!
- If there are other Karmalings in the QUEUE, they will have respawn priority and come back first
- The suggestors may, by a majority vote, opt to allow a dead [PLAYER] to revive so long as the next in queue consents to this action if they are not next
- Karmalings with 0-1 items will revive at the beginning of the next round at no cost
- Karmalings with 2 items will revive after 1 round of being in limbo at no cost but may revive instantly by spending 1 karma
- Karmalings with 3 items will revive after 2 rounds of being in limbo at no cost but may revive instantly by spending 2 karma
- Certain items may increase revival costs and will be listed on their descriptions
- Resources do not count towards the item limit (wood, rocks, etc)
16. All creatures encountered on the battlefield are there of their own free will or are serving sentences for crimes against [KARMA]

17. Completing a [GOAL] awards Karma to all, [PLAYERS] and to any [ACTIVE SUGGESTORS]
18. In between [ROUNDS] you will be given a brief reprieve in which you may [PURCHASE UPGRADES]
19. You must suggest what upgrades exist, the only limits are your wallets and your imaginations
20. There are only a limited number of [SLOTS] on the [BOARD] at a time to prevent [LOGIC] from having an aneurism, please be patient if you are not a [PLAYER]
21. In between rounds [PLAYERS] will be prompted to sit out a round and allow others in, those that do will be rewarded with bonus [KARMA] as thanks
20. If you agree to these terms, please verbally state [I AGREE TO THE TERMS OF SERVICE] in the [THREAD]

21. More rules can be added at any time


Every player gets [1 FULL ACTION] and [1 FREE ACTION] a turn, to issue an action as a player, please [b]BOLD[/b] the text
Other text formats also do other things, so please experiment.
New [PLAYERS] start with a maximum of 2 HEALTH, this can be increased by making purchases using KARMA
If you lose all of your HEALTH (blue hearts) you will die and be put to the bottom of the queue
[ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS] will gain karma after every objective is completed

NOTE: Adjacent refers to both diagonal and orthogonal unless otherwise stated
NOTE: Thank you to Giant_Hat and Mild_Trash for creating these visual aids!


Movement representation.png
Store 001.png

MOVE to any tile in a zone that is adjacent to your current zone
- A tile that is filled (as in your pawn couldn't fit in it) with art or is a wall cannot be traversed through
- Walls are denoted by thick outlines in between the tile
- A good rule of thumb is "if you can draw a straight line from your tile to any spot in the tile in your destination, it is a legal move"
- More movement rules to come as clarifying questions are asked (this is subject to change)
DO something to anything on adjacent to you
USE something on or adjacent to you
STORE something adjacent to you in your hammer space
- Each player has 3 hammer space slots
- Resources (non weapons) can stack up to 3 (this is subject to change)
PREPARE an action to be triggered on a SIMPLE condition
- A simple condition is something like "when a guy walks in front of me" etc.


REPOSITION yourself to any tile WITHIN your current zone
- If your zone is FULL you may REPOSITION to any free space that is touching your zone
ADVANCE to a tile that is a maximum of 2 tiles away from you
DROP something you are holding or that is in your hammer space
- Things will be dropped in a random adjacent tile
- This does not consume your free action (this is subject to change)


LOOT something you opened in the last round
- This does not use up your sole free action of the round

NOTE: Are you a player who doesn't like what they look like? Well the shop can fix that! You can spend Karma to have me redesign your character via text description, or use a free re-roll to get a different default skin, OR you can submit fanart of an EDMANGO quest to get a free redesign of your avatar of your choice.


Every suggester can [SUGGEST] an action to an [NPC] or [AI] that is on the battlefield.
They will act like a [QUEST PROTAGONIST], but can refuse actions depending on their [PERSONALITY]
To issue a direct statement as a [SUGGESTER], please [b]'''BOLD'''[/b] the text
The format of your text *does* matter, so please experiment.
The [GODS] are [WATCHING], and good ideas/suggestions for more than just the AI will be rewarded.
Occasionally tasks can be given to the [SUGGESTER], completing a task will award Karma and allow them to [ALTER] the [BATTLEFIELD]
After an objective has been completed, suggesters may also nominate up to two MVPS to award them a NIFTY HAT

[HOSTILE SUGGESTERS] operate much the same way, only their influence on NPCS is limited, while they can actually attempt to persuade hostiles


Many 16x16 icons and pixel arts that you will find may have been acquired (as they were under free use creative commons) or purchased from various sites on the net to save on work-time.
Below is a list of the resources that were used in the making of this project.

Quests by EDMANGO


Collaborations: Desperation | PLUSHQUEST | CRYSTAL SPIRE | TENSION