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File 162251446768.png - (274.60KB , 500x500 , SR_000.png )
1002288 No. 1002288 ID: afe7de

A quest about reincarnation and the world you end up in.

Does not require having read CATALYST, but the protagonist is someone from that setting.

If you want to read more of my stuff, check out my wiki page: https://questden.org/wiki/EDMANGO


Authors Note: This quest will contain 18+ content including violence, death, and cartoon gore. This is a bit of an experimental one, and will update with less frequency than CATALYST. Sexual content might be present but wont be the focus. Reader discretion is advised.
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No. 1002289 ID: afe7de
File 162251453437.png - (79.54KB , 500x500 , SR_001.png )

Your name is SABA HADLEE. You’re used to [UNDERSTANDING] things with your innate skill of the same name. You could look at something and get more information about it. The longer you looked, the more info you got. The more you understood about it fundamentally, and the different approaches you took could lead to other information. It’s similar to an appraisal skill, but instead of giving you the basics, it gave you the finer details. This of course meant you had to study, experiment, and gain more intelligence to fully utilize it. So you did. You can now, after years of practice, use it to appraise most things, or get a general idea of strange and esoteric things, but this thing. You’ve got no idea about it. It’s a shame that you just died.

The last moment of your life plays back for you on repeat. You were sitting in a corner, taking a small break, your body not being what it used to be. It was a celebration for your grandson, you were grumbling and hesitant about it, but MAXAMILLIAN HADLEE was really pushy about joining the HEROES LEAGUE. And you couldn’t really say no to him, he was as prepared as he was going to get, and you doubt they’d send assassins after him too.
No. 1002290 ID: afe7de
File 162251456457.png - (181.21KB , 500x500 , SR_002.png )

But you were wrong, very wrong. A crash through the ceiling and a figure appeared. You couldn’t quite make out their form, they were gaseous looking, vaguely humanoid, transparent like a fog, with lights like eyes scattered throughout. You pulled out your Mana Cannon from your interspatial ring, but before you could do anything, a blast came from the figures single massive eye. You dropped your weapon, and things shifted to third person. You saw your body moving on its own, your family members terrified but pulling out their weapons, but a moment later they all dropped, all except Maxamillian. Your body was syphoning the souls out of them and pouring them into this glowing figure. Little Isabella, wreathed in flames, crashes through the wall and detonates at this moment. You tried to [UNDERSTAND] what was going on, what was controlling your physical body, what the figure was, but it looked at you in your spirit form and with a flick you were gone.

There was only one thing you understood. It’s expression. You were an ant in it’s eyes. Even with your improved SOUL, it was no match for that thing. Why was this thing on Faunus, why did it come after you and your family, these questions plagued you as this repeated over a hundred times and you just watched. Eventually the repeats faded and you were shown a deep deep void.

There was nothing but darkness. You could feel a deep pain and longing, but eventually those feelings started to fade too. You were losing yourself, losing memories, losing moments. On the cusp of losing yourself you felt something, like a poke to the brain, it jarred you awake and you [UNDERSTOOD] that you needed to keep control, to think of something. So you thought of your deceased lovers. Marth and Willamina I. And you even thought you heard their voices.

Willamina: -oming to.
Marth: -lmost -ost him.

No. 1002291 ID: afe7de
File 162251460192.png - (244.73KB , 500x500 , SR_003.png )

A moment later your vision widens. You can see in 360 degrees now. Everything in your immediate area is visible to you. You look in the distance, what appears to be colorful and shattered pieces lie in the horizon, you cant [UNDERSTAND] what they are from this distance but there’s immense energy radiating from them. You can tell that there’s a structure somewhere in there too, some sort of congregating point. It’s not through your [UNDERSTANDING] but from something more fundamental. There’s a procession of orb-like things which you [UNDERSTAND] to be SOULS leading towards that location. And eventually your vision focuses to your immediate area. You yourself must be an orb-like SOUL, right? Not quite. You’ve got limbs. And you can feel your hair, or an approximation of it. You’ve got a wispy torso. You must be some form of SPIRIT now, like a higher tier soul, but how?

Your focus leads to the two individuals in front of you, both SPIRITS, weaker than your own, a little less stable, but definitely stronger than an average soul, and they look awfully familiar. Your body wants to cry, but tears do not come out. They dried out long ago. Instead the two embrace you. They feel soft and warm, almost like silicone or jello. You return the hug and hold them tight.

You: So, there’s an afterlife after all?
Willamina: More like a limbo-like state. Reincarnations a thing, but there’s not much we can do here.
Marth: Goddess we fucking missed you.
Marth: We waited 17 years for you you know.
You: But… Why?
Willamina: Why else rosebud? So we could reincarnate together!
Marth: Once we figured out we could wait it was a no brainer that we would.
Marth: And before you ask, no, we can’t go back. Even if we reincarnate the odds we would appear on this Faunus are so astronomically low it’s ridiculous.
Willamina: Come on, let’s float and talk, there’s something we want you to meet first.

The two start floating towards the large structure you saw before. Normally these two would give you a moment to think in these situations, so the person you must be going to meet should be very important, quite possibly a valuable source of intel about your current situation. Your mind is a little fuzzy and you can only remember vague details about the past right now. You think you lost some memories when you were fading in the void, at least you can still [UNDERSTAND] things. You assume that innate skills must be something tied to the SOUL. What do you talk about to Marth and Willamina on your journey?
No. 1002293 ID: 0fae41

Talk about cheese wheels and their significance as a model of the circle of life.
No. 1002295 ID: e7c7d3

Please tells that the angels and demons don't run things here
No. 1002297 ID: 8483cf

So let's say, hypothetically, I need to skip the whole "reincarnation" thing because there's something really important I need to do back in the mortal coil.

Is there a way to conjure up a new body that looks just like my old one and lets me keep my memories?
No. 1002299 ID: 094652

"Hm. We should look for something to indent our Metahumanity, like a City of the Dead."
>That's not possible
"Ah brok'n them dang rules fer fer scoar and a lil whal ago! Also, I think I remember one thing from my past lives now that I'm here: you can SAVE your soul's data. It's not eternal but it's doable, especially if you hire a bunch of necromancers, some deposed gods, and a giant dumbass skull. The only downside is that the copies will no longer have free will, they'll be stuck in the same personality doing the same things and making the same mistakes for centuries until they finally fade away. But it's the best way we can say goodbye."

It's interesting to see how one split-second courageous decision can still ruin your whole life. Isabella knows she had to stop the entity before it could eat the souls of the Haydee clan, manifest physically, and move on to obliterate the town, even if it meant killing an entire family that loved and trusted her. But she can't get therapy, because anything remotely related to the truth will get her executed for mass homicide.
So now she's stuck in a miserable, toxic mindset where she knows she's
a hero, but her 'anti' tag is so deep that it has alienated and corrupted her to the point of insanity. At some point she might even convince herself that everyone else is a villain because her one heroic act of goodness is culturally viewed as pure evil.
Surprisingly, I feel sorry for her. Few people can stay perfectly sane when they're tormented their whole lives for doing the right thing. Example: Szeth, Words of Radiance
I wonder if she'd torment herself if she just stood there and watched instead.

No. 1002301 ID: 96c896

Ask them what their innate skills are. You can still use yours, they should be able to use theirs.
Also you may as well tell them how you died. What was that thing, an Angel?
No. 1002314 ID: e51896

So... it is possible to reincarnate together in the same world? and if so, what are the chances we'll all meet each other again in our next lives?

Whatever the case, lets hope we don't reincarnate in another world selected for a demon war
No. 1002316 ID: 30b9f6

Tell them it's good to see them again.

Tell them a little of what happened since their deaths, a mix of the good and the bad. Not too much at once if they don't know anything. Those are worldly concerns and you guess you're done with those. For now.

It's up to the next generation, besides, so unless you can send a message from beyond the grave to watch out for mind-controlling beasts who make themselves more powerful by using the power of people with powers to subsume souls - fucking hell - there's not much you can do.

Also, thank them for sticking around. You're touched by their friendship lasting through into death for all of seventeen years... wait, how does one measure time in death?
No. 1002345 ID: b6d8ec

I have a feeling that the person who orchestrated that attack knew about Saba's powers of transferring souls...

Question, does Saba remember who was with him when he was recording those inheritence videos? Because he did mention his powers to his granddaughter Willamina, and the person who was with him during that time overheard it making them a possible suspect (the other person's voice was heard a little during the video)
No. 1002355 ID: 50af53

It's not a bad theory and is certainly the most solid thing to snoop on, but with how Saba talks about the angels, they could easily get the resources to spy on someone specific like him.
No. 1002356 ID: 50af53

It's not a bad theory and is certainly the most solid thing to snoop on, but with how Saba talks about the angels, they could easily get the resources to spy on someone specific like him.
No. 1002381 ID: afe7de
File 162260781757.png - (138.18KB , 500x500 , SR_004.png )

> Soul Quality
You take a moment to think, why are your souls different from the rest, and then a vague memory resurfaces. The peach tree of the immortals. It was something you found in a dungeon you conquered. It had 3 fruits, so the three of you each ate one. That must be why you’re spirits. That and you’ve absorbed the souls of a few assassins. You think you left it in your dungeon, but you can’t remember much about it. Might explain why you have arms and they have little balls for hands.

> Who was with you when you recorded the inheritance videos.
You try to remember a few things. You can only vaguely recall some things, but you remember about a year before you died recording videos with SHANK HADLEE. He was your first son and tinker. You can’t remember much more than that though.

> Do they have innate skills?
Their innate skills never woke up. You barely met 10 people in your lifetime with Innate Skills, at least that would admit it. Though it warrants asking them if they got one while they were in this “Limbo”

> Skip reincarnation and go back
You’re going to be honest here, you don’t really want to go back to that world. You saw your family get decimated and had given up long ago. If anything, you want to figure out how to reincarnate with Marth and Willamina instead, you don’t want to leave them behind, and they waited for you. Plus you didn’t get any good artifacts that would let you make a body when you were alive. Maybe if you kept dungeon-crawling instead of giving up 17 years ago things could be different. But it’s in the past now.

You: So did either of you ever awaken your innate skills?
Marth: No dice unfortunately. We spent a lot of time meditating, but couldn’t make any progress on that.
Willamina: You could probably ask the entity we’re going to see about it though.

No. 1002382 ID: afe7de
File 162260782851.png - (188.33KB , 500x500 , SR_005.png )

> Angels and Demons?
You: So do angels and demons run this place?
Willamina: No. We’re not sure what these entities that do are exactly, but they’re not angels or demons.
Marth: If I had to take a guess, maybe dimensional guardians? Gods? The energy here is VERY different from FAUNUS or a DUNGEON.
Willamina: The SOUL is given basically just enough energy to sustain itself here and a little more.
Willamina: We can’t really absorb much else here.
Marth: Always thought that Angels would run some sort of HELL, then send souls here to reincarnate after repenting, but none of us went there, so maybe that’s not a thing

The thought gives you pause, you normally would [UNDERSTAND] something from making this connection, but are drawing a blank, you need more information. You turn to other topics, trying to gather information as you travel. The structure is getting closer. You look at the souls near you and they appear to be mindless, simply following the procession, their SOULS must be too weak to resist.

> City of the Dead?
You: So is there a place where other SPIRITS gather? Looks like the SOULS here are kind of mindless.
Marth: Yeah, you could like grab one and drag it around with you, but if you stop concentrating it just goes back to the line.
Willamina: Don’t try to absorb one by the way, the guardians get mad about that kind of thing.
Willamina: And as for a gathering place. Well, our SOULS aren’t strong enough to breach the area.
Marth: Even though your SOUL is pretty fortified, much more than ours, there’s like this membrane out there. And like CHAOTIC energy.
Marth: Passing through the membrane without a proper understanding of whatever forces are out there would tear your soul asunder.
Willamina: We’ve witnessed a few spirits die that way, so we gave up.
Marth: the last spirit we met was around uhhhh let’s say 2 Faunus years ago. But she just reincarnated right away, was in a BIG rush.
Willamina: Her soul was MASSIVE too. Our theory was that she was some sort of cultivator, but we couldn’t get a word in.

> Retell the last 17 years and your death
Your memories are a bit foggy, so you give just a general overview of the past years. Of note you mentioned that you gave up on the Heroes League, Angels were their killers, and that you came back to Lyst to help raise your grandkids. Those are the main points you can remember anyway, there was something about a dungeon, but you can’t remember specifics. You can, however, remember your death, it’s like it’s been seared into your memory, and what’s strange about is that you’ve come to terms with it and have moved on, it bothers you, but not as much as you’d have thought.
No. 1002383 ID: afe7de
File 162260783963.png - (165.71KB , 500x500 , SR_006.png )

Marth: That’s a side effect of dying. The longer you spend in the void without maintaining consciousness, the harder it is to retain memories.
Willamina: Though something every soul has to do is come to terms with their death to reincarnate.
Willamina: At least that’s what it seems like from the Spirits we’ve talked to.
You: Oh right, and there was this… THING. It was gaseous and had sparkling lights like eyes in it, it shunted my soul out, what was that even.

Your two companions shrug, mentioning it kind of sounds like a guardian, except for the eye-like lights part. You can take a look at them since you’re almost near. You thank the two for sticking around. You’re genuinely touched that their friendship lasted beyond death for this long, but then you asked how they measured time in death.

Willamina: Oh, that. Well time works differently here, at first we didn’t know how to keep track of time.
Willamina: But then we spoke with one of the Guardians and they gave us some information.
Marth: Time here is measured in “Cycles” It’s a period around 8 Faunian years long.
Marth: They let us ask some questions every cycle, so we asked 2, but then requested to bank our future questions for when you arrived.
Willamina: You were always the brain, and us the muscle and charm.
You: Wow uh, haha, you two are such sweethearts hahaha.

You feel happy to just be near the two again. You vaguely remember being so frustrated and sad all the time. It’s refreshing. Willamina continues.

Willamina: And for something to chew over, we asked the following Questions:
Willamina: First. How can we observe what is happening in our Faunus while we wait?
Willamina: They showed us a technique, but we could only use it once every Faunian year without risking damaging our SOULS.
Marth: We basically checked in every year, alternating between checking you and checking the rest of the world.
Marth: Couldn’t check in on Sabarth, the League, or any Dungeon though.
Willamina: Second. How do we reincarnate in the same world?
Willamina: We have to link our spirits using the excess energy we’ve collected.
Willamina: Then the strings of fate that bind us in our new world will attempt to have us meet.
Marth: There’s nothing really left to see on Faunus to be honest, it was nice to see our grandchildren grow up slowly over time.
Marth: But frankly seeing them anymore will just hurt since we know we’re going to leave soon.
You: I’m not really interested in looking back down there anyway.

No. 1002384 ID: afe7de
File 162260785906.png - (292.01KB , 500x500 , SR_007.png )

You’re glad to know that you can reincarnate with your companions, and that there’s even a likelihood that you’ll meet in your new lives, what luck! You take a moment to reflect on the information you’ve just gained and see if you can gain any insights through your [UNDERSTANDING]. Left unmentioned is the CALL It’s a desire you can feel deep inside of you to reincarnate. The two of them have been fighting it for years, and to you it just feels like a slight tickle in the back of the mind. It probably grows in intensity the longer you stay here.

Next is that observation technique, you have little to no interest in using it because it only lets you see and hear from someone’s third person perspective for around 5 minutes. You can’t interact with them or leave a message, so you disregard the thought of using it. Plus you’re just GENUINELY AFRAID that that entity will detect your soul and will do something to whoever you appear near, best to play it safe. You also take a moment to ponder the SOUL LINKING technique. You [UNDERSTAND] that it can also be used to exchange energy. You’ll just call the energy SOUL POINTS for now. You can feel innately that you have around 10-12 SOUL POINTS. And that your companions have between 4 and 6 SOUL POINTS.

You look in the distance, and now that you focus you can kind of see the membrane they were talking about. Behind it appears to be a void, but your [UNDERSTANDING] tells you something different, that there’s energy out there. You look harder and it becomes slightly transparent, you can make out what appears to be space? Maybe a nebula? But it’s CHAOTIC and PASSIONATE. You could almost call it LUSTFUL, but disregard the last thought because it sounds inane. There are bolts of energy traveling at speeds you can’t grasp. It’s all… Wavy?

You shake your head, a headache forming. Or maybe a Soulache? It passes in a moment. The membrane becomes opaque again, harder to see through, looks like you have to focus to make anything out. And you’re in front what you thought was a structure, you realize it's not a structure, but a fracture in the void, multitudes of shards that each showcase a different world, it's incredibly pretty and you catch glimpses of strange worlds, technologies and powers that even your [UNDERSTANDING] has trouble comprehending.
No. 1002385 ID: afe7de
File 162260786809.png - (247.67KB , 500x500 , SR_008.png )

Eventually you reach the end of the line and see a rather large shard, it extends upwards and vaguely forms the shape of a sword. A spherical and undulating shard stands in front of it, linked somehow, it’s bright white and kind of like static. You see spirits floating into it, as the background changes every second, making it hard to keep track of where it's going. You attempt to [UNDERSTAND] the device and only get the vague idea that it's a portal that leads your spirit to a new world to reincarnate in. To it's side lie two figures. One is a bright yellow humanoid, the other a deep purple squid-like entity. They both look like bright nebulae. The bright yellow entity floats towards you. You [UNDERSTAND] it to be a GUARDIAN, it’s power is immeasurable, and although it looks similar to the thing that killed you, you can tell that this entity is far superior, and for some reason you can feel… compassion coming from it? This is despite it’s posture being less then friendly. You’re not sure how, but it starts speaking to you, maybe it’s telepathic? Either way, the voice is soft and clear, like teenage choir boy.

YELLOW GUARDIAN: Ah, the KARMALINGS have arrived with their companion in tow. You may call us the YELLOW GUARDIAN. That one is the PURPLE GUARDIAN.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: We can see that you have bolstered your soul, good. That will help you in your next life and beyond.

Marth and Willamina both express their intent to forfeit their questions to you, and the guardian nods.

YELLOW GUARDIAN: Things are calm and there hasn’t been any troublemakers in several cycles, so we permit this one to ask THREE questions.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: However, per our arrangement, now that your companion has arrived, you will reincarnate this cycle.

Unlike the previous dialog segment, these choices will be picked one update at a time to give you a chance to formulate future questions. The majority question will be selected, in the case of a tie I will pick the question that will award you the most useful information, or pick one at random. This is your chance to get hints or secrets about reincarnation, so use it wisely!
No. 1002389 ID: f8fa51

Is there a way to retain some information when we reincarnate?
No. 1002393 ID: 094652

"Why do angels and demons exist?"
"What is the purpose of refining souls?"
"How much control do we have over our future selves?"
"Why is throwing ourselves into one last fight with the unending chaos bad?"
"Are you doing this forever, or..."
No. 1002394 ID: 8483cf

How can I help break the cycle?
No. 1002395 ID: 96c896

Yes, asking questions is mostly pointless if we can't retain any information. Knowing how to do that is the first priority.
No. 1002403 ID: ba475e

Then, change "is there a way" to "how".
No. 1002465 ID: 50af53

Likely has to do with the bolstering of our souls it mentioned.

Why is any of this? It all feels set in place for a purpose. Of they don't know the answer, elaborate on what they might know it have theorized themselves.
No. 1002474 ID: afe7de
File 162268639204.png - (192.11KB , 500x500 , SR_009.png )

You take a moment to think over what questions you want to ask. There are lots of options, one might say too many options. Asking about Angels and Demons could be important, but wouldn’t lead to useful information RIGHT NOW. Knowing the purpose behind refining souls would be interesting, but wouldn't help your [UNDERSTANDING] of whats happening now. Breaking the cycle of reincarnation would be interesting to know, but you dont FEEL like you’ve lived enough lives to warrant either heaven or ceasing to exist. Though if you wanted to stop existing you could go out into the CHAOTIC energy. That’d probably do it.

You really want to know more about this place, maybe the future questions you ask will help give you a glimpse into it. All you can tell about it is that it’s to reincarnate souls, some sort of processing line. Both your [UNDERSTANDING] and a more fundamental thought in your mind lends itself to that. You think about the possibility of living another life and come to a question, it’s simple, but might lead to more enlightenment.

> How to retain information between reincarnations
You: How can I retain some information when I reincarnate?
YELLOW GUARDIAN: Ah, an excellent question. There are several ways.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: Once one enters the POOL, linked or otherwise, one with enough KARMA may spend it in a variety of ways.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: One may opt to not spend Karma on retaining memories, and there is a fixed .001% chance of regaining memories.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: Most Karmalings do this, however, the ones that fall in that small percentage sometimes feel they have “Past Lives”
YELLOW GUARDIAN: We will show you a way to do it more efficiently.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: Should you chose to opt out, this information will still be helpful in that your spirits will have an increased likelihood of remembering.

No. 1002475 ID: afe7de
File 162268639771.png - (63.10KB , 500x500 , SR_010.png )

The guardian explains some high level concepts to you that through your [UNDERSTANDING] you are able to comprehend a fraction of. You give the watered down explanation to your companions and they nod.

You have gained a new INSIGHT into reincarnation.
The cost for keeping a portion your collective memories intact in some form has been reduced.
The fixed odds of remembering your memories collectively without input have been improved to 10%.

The Yellow guardian points to each of you in order and says a number. Willamina’s number is 7, Marth’s number is 5, and your number is 13.

YELLOW GUARDIAN: That is how much excess KARMA your soul contains.

You take a moment to reflect, so that energy you called SOUL POINTS earlier was actually called KARMA? Looks like your calculations were off too. Your [UNDERSTANDING] speaks to you again, it’s nice to finally get something to flex your mental muscles on for a change. You now know that there is some form of “SHOP” for reincarnation. It probably won’t appear as such a construct, and will more be about where you split your focus. It seems that some things will require more focus than others. Willamina and Marth have no comment, they trust you completely.

You then think about your tinker, engineering, and science skills, you still have memories related to that. You ask Willamina if she still remembers Runecrafting, the skill associated with creating magical artifacts, she nods, but reminds you of the difficulties and practicality of it, just like your old world. Marth doesen’t have a specific skill, though he was a fledgling scientist in his youth, after all, you met when he came to one of your lectures.

Armed with the knowledge you plan your next question.
No. 1002482 ID: 96c896

Well if you're abandoning your old world then you're essentially following the path of Karma farming as there really is no other point to reincarnation. Like that "cultivator". May as well play the long game and save big questions for your next reincarnation, when you have the karma to make bigger moves.
Considering your friends have no innate skill and have less than 10 Karma while you have more, my guess is that once you've earned 10 Karma in your mortal life, you gain your innate skill.

Ask how to effectively build Karma.

Well, either that or there's other things you can do during reincarnations... you could ask what long term goals Karmalings have, but I suspect it's just various ways of building Karma and spending it, which might waste the question.
No. 1002490 ID: 094652

You've made mistakes that had vast-reaching consequences. You've lived a rich life and your last will and testament was a jumbled mess of prophecies and heartbreak.
So the question is, what's the metric for KARMA? What is the one thing on the list you've ever truly wanted to be without the universe breathing down your neck?
Perhaps that is the one thing you need to retain.
No. 1002516 ID: f2320a

We should ask about how to most effectively earn this so called karma
And probably save our questions for later when we have more of it
No. 1002522 ID: 50fc6a

Best way to earn karma.
No. 1002554 ID: 9a2966

How about WHAT is Karma?

Should give you some clue on how to earn it, too, and better aid your [UNDERSTANDING].
No. 1002557 ID: afe7de
File 162276186967.png - (171.83KB , 500x500 , SR_011.png )

> What is the Most Effective way to earn KARMA?
You want to know how to best earn karma, you’re sure that if you have this knowledge, maybe you can find effective ways to USE it. At least, that’s what your [UNDERSTANDING] tells you.

You: What’s the most effective way to earn KARMA?
YELLOW GUARDIAN: Hmm, To tell you that, We’ll need to tell you a little about KARMA, that should be fine.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: KARMA, is essentially energy brought about by ACTIONS, LIFE, DEATH, and CHANGE.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: Think of a planet like a ball of energy, it builds up over the course of the planet’s history and will be chock full of KARMA.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: It has to do nothing, and it lives a long life, generating KARMA through the natural lifespans of the KARMALINGS that inhabit it.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: The KARMALINGS that live in it however, have relatively short lifespans.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: Barely long enough to build a few points of KARMA, barring exceptional individuals.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: Some mortals think that being morally “good” or “bad” will increase or decrease it, that’s not the case.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: To effectively build KARMA without techniques or external intervention one must impact the world in some way.

You’re being given a lot of information at once. It’s a lot to take in, but it seems the guardian has more to say too. You try to listen as intently as possible, absorbing any and all information they give you.

YELLOW GUARDIAN: Unfortunately techniques and external intervention varies from dimension to dimension.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: And we’re not allowed to give out Cultivation techniques.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: We can, however give you three small hints.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: First. Meditation, practice from a young age and focus one’s mind.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: It’s a way to UNDERSTAND your soul, the karma within it, and the like.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: Should one eventually receive enlightenment through meditation, one might be able to break through their body’s constraints.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: And in doing so, enact CHANGE, granting you KARMA, the ability to absorb your planet’s KARMA, or the ability to manipulate it in some way.

No. 1002558 ID: afe7de
File 162276189778.png - (211.10KB , 500x500 , SR_012.png )

The purple guardian looks in your direction and shouts, their voice is loud, arrogant, and seductive, like a professional businesswoman.


The yellow guardian shrugs as the purple guardian continues to get the procession moving.

YELLOW GUARDIAN: Yes, or that.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: And for our third hint.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: Here are the dimensional coordinates for a specific dimension.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: We cannot disclose the contents of said dimension, but it will be of help.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: Unfortunately, your souls are too weak to pay the cost AND spend KARMA on anything else.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: Maybe on your next life.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: If one wishes to go there, we would recommend being lucky, or it will be a short life.

You have gained several new INSIGHTS into reincarnation.
You’ve acquired the dimensional coordinates for Dimension 88-H, a high ranking dimension. DIFFICULTY LEVEL HELL
You’ve learned how to generate KARMA whilst in a mortal body. Passive Karma gain has increased by 10%.
You’ve learned about Meditation’s effect on the mind.
-Meditation will now increase the Perserverence stat.
-Meditation now has a higher likelihood of leading to breakthroughs.
-Your first meditation based breakthrough will be 50% less difficult.
-Future meditation based breakthroughs will be 10% less difficult.

No. 1002559 ID: afe7de
File 162276191350.png - (67.81KB , 500x500 , SR_013.png )

You roll the information around in your head and [UNDERSTAND] a few new things. The first is that just by doing things in mortality, you generate KARMA. You can approximate that most mortals generate about 1-2 karma per life, as evidenced by the masses of souls near you. You also [UNDERSTAND] that the immortal peach gave each of you at least 2, maybe 3 KARMA. You also know that absorbing your foes spirits gave you some amount of KARMA. Your [UNDERSTANDING] also tells you that you don’t absorb ALL of their spirit, leaving around 1 KARMA behind so that they can reincarnate. Maybe it’s a restriction on your power?

And then there’s KARMA itself, it’s a strange nebulous thing, given the information you’re getting. Maybe it’s like a fundamental energy of the universe. Err. The dimensions? It’s hard to tell. Your [UNDERSTANDING] is failing you here. It confuses you too because you can sense CHAOS and PASSION out there in the void, maybe all three are important, maybe they combine to eachother. Your mind aches so you give up the train of thought for now.

You also think you understand a bit about the body’s constraints bit. Your world had something called a “GROWTH” that you would attain after killing enough creatures or training enough. Maybe it’s something similar? But Marth went through at least 5 growths, and his spirit isn’t any stronger. Your [UNDERSTANDING] takes a guess for you, and your assumption is that your universe had a SYSTEM in place that converted KARMA into growth of the BODY. So instead of emboldening your spirit, it emboldened your mortal flesh, which was probably necessary given the environment.

This also leads you to another assumption, that Willamina’s soul might be stronger because she’s a magician. She had to meditate a lot and grow her power that way. The other assumption you have is that because she birthed so many children with you and Marth, she gave LIFE and CHANGE to the world, which gave her KARMA. Your soul is starting to ache again from all the complex calculations you’re doing, so you take a deep breath and calm down.

You ask if you can keep your next question, making sure to express this isn’t one of the three questions to the YELLOW GUARDIAN, for your next reincarnation. The entity shakes their head and lets you know that it’s now or never, as there is a chance you will end up in a completely different reincarnation pocket. You mull this over. There’s a lot of options left that you could ask and each question has given you certain insights into how things work. A spark of ingenuity hits you. The guardian said that it couldn’t give you a cultivation technique, but didn’t say it couldn't provide external intervention. What if you just asked the entity for KARMA?

You look to Willamina and Marth, both chattering away about the revelations they’ve been handed. You get no new information from them, but they seem interested in your idea of just asking for KARMA. Ultimately they leave the decision up to you, there might be another, more important question for you to ask, so you take a bit to think about it.
No. 1002588 ID: df2fd6

Hmmm... if we do decide to request for Karma, we can mention how back in our world, there was an elf that had very valuable answers to questions, and would sometimes let you trade them for a lotta bux. If we are allowed to, you'd like to trade your last question for some KARMA please. All requested without it being in a form of a question so if he says no, you can still ask one more question

But if we go to the question route, I'd probably ask if Guardians can enter people's worlds, because you came across something gaseous that may have looked like a guardian which took your soul out of your body.

That, or if there are any laws that you need to follow as karmalings throughout your reincarnation journey, laws that cant be broken. He did mention there has been troublemakers before.

One of those three options. I cant decide. I'll let other suggestors pick
No. 1002594 ID: 031458

I would ask for insight on how utilizing Karma efficiently here to enhance the soul.
We got dimensions to go to, lives to remember, and at least one passive (lucky) to get.
It's effect would be similar to asking for karma directly, but would perhaps be more likely to succeed.
No. 1002595 ID: 96c896

>different reincarnation pocket
Ah, that means there are other Guardians. There remains a small possibility that the thing that killed you was a Guardian. Far more likely it was an extremely powerful Angel though.

>chaos, passion, karma
Well, chaos is an extreme form of change. Passion is often necessary for change, and can be incited by change as well. It would make sense for them to be interlinked.

If you can gain Karma by enacting change... the biggest change you could trigger is a successful defense against the demon-angel war. Just knowing that it exists is enough, though, isn't it? Hmm...
No. 1002600 ID: ba475e

I'm against requesting karma directly. Our strength is in knowledge, let's max it up.
No. 1002632 ID: afe7de
File 162284816553.png - (182.51KB , 500x500 , SR_014.png )

> How to use Karma to enhance the soul
You: You mentioned we could SPEND KARMA when we reincarnate. What’s the most efficient way to do that.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: Hmm. The KARMA adaptation system is already extremely efficient with only a pure loss of about .01% of ones KARMA when reincarnating.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: But that’s essentially a reincarnation tax, we get so many souls it’s just used to keep the system running.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: But your question was specifically on efficient ways to SPEND it on oneself. Hmm.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: Well, most KARMA “purchases” you can make mostly effect your mortal body.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: And whilst linked one can make “purchases” on behalf of the group.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: There are very few things you can do to increase your soul’s strength other than by gaining more Karma.

The four of you end up getting into a philosophical debate about what constitutes itself as essential for a fledgling soul to grow and enhance itself. Eventually after hearing your various points of view the guardian presents their opinions.

YELLOW GUARDIAN: Hmm, well the most direct way to improve your soul’s strength would be to condense it.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: It makes the KARMA purer, but unfortunately that wouldn’t do you any good unless you found a way to utilize the energy.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: And for that you require LUCK, ENLIGHTENMENT, or something similar.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: So instead I present two suggestions.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: First, to invest in ones MENTAL STRENGTH. That will provide Tenacity, Willpower, and Mental Clarity.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: Second would be to invest in one’s body. Some individuals have naturally athletic and healthy bodies.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: If one does not have to focus on their body, one will have time for other activities like meditation or seeking out hidden pieces.

You: Hidden pieces?
YELLOW GUARDIAN: Unfortunately you have used up all of your questions. Try to understand through implication, rather than direct answers.
YELLOW GUARDIAN: Creative and inquisitive minds tend to have an easier time finding their way.

No. 1002633 ID: afe7de
File 162284818379.png - (286.97KB , 500x500 , SR_015.png )

The yellow guardian waves you away, informing you that the next time you visit you will need to reincarnate per their agreement with Willamina and Marth. The two guardians wave at you as you head off to an area beside the structure. You look back and get a closer look at the giant sword in the sky. It’s fractured like the other shards but it gives off a strange alluring energy. You can’t [UNDERSTAND] it very much, but your understanding tells you that it’s definitely a SWORD, not a CROSS. You look back to your companions, it’s quiet so you take a moment to reflect whilst Marth and Willamina converse.

You have gained several new INSIGHTS into reincarnation
The cost to for a HEALTHY physique has been reduced to 0 and you will be guaranteed a healthy body throughout your next life
The cost to gain an ATHLETIC physique has been reduced
The cost to gain a POWERFUL physique has been reduced
The cost to increase your MENTAL STRENGTH has been reduced
You have learned how to condense the KARMA in your body
-This halves your total KARMA (rounded up & must be purchased first)
-It’s side effects are unknown
You have unlocked extra options from the Reincarnation shop
You can purchase group options for your party

You take a moment to reflect on what you just learned and everything else. Your total karma is 15, Marth’s is 5, and Willamina’s is 7. You assume that you must spend ALL of your Karma or it will be applied randomly to your next body. You don’t have an exact list of things that you can purchase or apply, but have a general idea of things to expect.

Something to increase luck
Something to change your bodies natural physique
Something to increase your mental strength
Something to change where you go. But it’s expensive.
Something to retain information
Something about breakthroughs

There might be more options that appear when you actually reincarnate, but these are probably going to be the ones you see the most options for. You imagine there will also be options for Innate Skills, Supernatural Powers, and your natural wealth as well, but without direct confirmation it’s just a guess. One thing you definitely [UNDERSTAND] though is that while linked if you chose a destination, all three of you will go there, so you don’t need to pay the cost thrice. You suddenly feel a tendril extend from Willamina to you, and feel 2 KARMA enter your body. You’re very confused and bring yourself back to reality.

You: You. Why?
Willamina: You heard the spirit, you can make purchases on our behalf.
Willamina: We’re both going to stick with our 5 points and see where that gets us, but you’re smarter than us. By a long shot.
Willamina: You’ll definitely know how to spend these points on our behalf way more wisely than us.

No. 1002635 ID: afe7de
File 162284824348.png - (190.51KB , 500x500 , SR_016.png )

You’re once again touched by the generosity and love your partners are showing you. Part of you thinks you don’t deserve them. Then another part of you busts into the room, shoots that other part of you and says something to the effect of “No, you do, you worked hard, don’t think that again” and walks out. You begin to wonder about your past lives, did you reach the peak of souls at one point and then get shunted back to the beginning? Or are you a fresh soul, a brand new start. You wonder about how souls are even made but then stop that train of thought and get back to your companions.

You: So let’s talk strategy. We’re going to get reincarnated into the same place, lets use the information we have now and see about what we can actually get.
Willamina: Well if its possible I’d like to invest in getting an Innate Skill.
Willamina: There’s no confirmation for if we can, but going by how useful yours is, I want one.
Marth: I’m interested in getting as powerful a natural physique as possible.
Marth: Having monstrous strength for little effort will definitely come in handy.
You: Then there’s keeping memories. We could all chip in on that or I could pay the cost.
Willamina: I’m down with splitting the cost.
Marth: Yeah, since we both have 5 now, let’s assume that covers both of our Karma loads.

Time flies as you chatter about ideas on what to actually spend karma on with the group when the sound of a large bell tolls.

Willamina: The next Cycle is coming soon. We must’ve been talking for longer then we thought. Last thoughts anyone?

Willamina plans to focus on getting an INNATE SKILL, PARTIAL MEMORY RETENTION, and SOMETHING RANDOM
This is your chase to change their focus, ask them any lingering questions, or have a conversation that might lead to another INSIGHT.

After this you’ll jump right into reincarnation purchases and character creation will begin!
No. 1002637 ID: 094652

Definitely get partial memory retention.
Spread the remaining points evenly, don't try to excel until you're asked to.
No. 1002639 ID: 031458

A location: so we stay together.
Full memory retention -or- Full knowledge retention: We've spent our whole life gaining knowledge. It is our power.

If both of those can be gotten for 9 Karma or less, Condense karma First.

If there is anything left over, INCREASE MENTAL STRENGTH of yourself or the group. If there is somehow more left over, get INNATE SENSORY POWERS or IMPROVED PHYSIQUE for yourself or the group.
No. 1002648 ID: 858699

They said they checked up on their family. You know all your family members are most likely gone now, but ask Willamina how they were the last she checked on them and you, and her thoughts, if only to reminiscent a little for closure on that story of your life.

Ask Marth how his family's been. Is Oriel still running around naked everywhere?
No. 1002652 ID: e51896

Oh! I realize something.
If we reincarnate together, we're probably not going to meet again for a while until you're all much older years later after birth... unless you all become triplets.

We're also probably not going to have our same namr, or look the same as we did in our past live either, like we might become a different species other than human or beast-kin.

With that in mind, you all need a code word so that when you eventually meet again in the next life, you will know for sure they are Willamina and Marth, and they'll know who you are.

Code word: Ankh's locked door

Ankh is the key of life, so by saying that, they will open the figurative locked door between your life and their life.

Also, suggest during their infant years to MEDITATE as much as they can, because, well, thats all they can really do at that stage in life, so may as well get a head start
No. 1002701 ID: afe7de
File 162293809249.png - (50.55KB , 500x500 , SR_017.png )

> Location, so you stick together
You remember being told that as long as you are SOUL LINKED, that you’ll end up in the same dimension, so there’s no need to enter a random destination as your destination is already random. Well, unless you pick that specific dimension to go to.

> Ask about their families
You ask Marth about his half of the family and he replies with a sad expression.
Marth: No idea. I couldn’t see them. Whenever I tried it was like looking through a deep fog.
Marth: I could only see what Sabarth was doing once before I stopped being able to see him.
Marth: So I assumed they were dead or worse.
Willamina: And you were with the remnants of our families.
Willamina: Did you ever figure out who my actual parents were?
You: Only that they were West Fluxtopans but uh, that continent doesn't exist anymore.

You explain World War 3 to them and the destruction of that continent. They’re both in shock. But suddenly Marth just laughs.

Marth: HAHAHA, I cant believe those racists blew themselves up in the end.
Willamina: Don’t you have West Fluxtopan ancestry?
Marth: Yeah, but they’ve been problematic for a long time. Sucks that good people died, but the world’s probably better off at this point to be honest.
You: I agree. Their eugenics and anti polygamist attitudes were counterproductive to world progress in the end.

> Code Phrase
You: What if we had a cool code phrase for when we see each-other again!
Marth: Ooooh I like that idea. We should pick something super corny!
Willamina: Something about an Ankh Maybe. That’s weird and specific and literally never comes up in conversation.
You: What about I say something like “Have you heard about the Locked Ankh door?”
Marth: Ooh, then I say something like “It’s supposed to open the door between our lives?”
Willamina: I like it. Let’s do that!
No. 1002702 ID: afe7de
File 162293811017.png - (161.52KB , 500x500 , SR_018.png )

There’s nothing else to really discuss, you suggest if they have any points left over to increase their mental strength or something and head off to the two guardians. They nod at you and move aside the procession of souls. You get one last look at the souls, focusing on the one in front. It’s strange seeing one up close like this, not being sucked into you or another being, this one has two red eyes, you have the faintest feeling of something strange, but you disregard that feeling. You link with your partners, a whitish blue line wisping between the three of you. It’s a warm sensation. Comfortable, safe. You all take deep breaths and walk through the pool. It feels like you’re walking through water, and as you go through you feel yourself being sucked in. The speed at which you are moving is increasing rapidly until you aren’t able to tell if you’re moving or not. The surroundings are white. Almost like you are in a featureless room.

Things continue like this for a moment before the lines between you and your partners feels strained. You maintain your hold and they do as well, when your soul feels like its being compressed, you and your companions return to an orb-like form, being squeezed for your KARMA. Your [UNDERSTANDING] tells you that now is the time to spend your KARMA, but how? You try splitting your focus on things that you want when a small, humanoid creature with… glasses? That you can’t identify appears in front of you.
No. 1002703 ID: afe7de
File 162293813059.png - (44.38KB , 500x500 , SR_019.png )


A screen appears in front of you, it’s not too hard to focus and looks like it’s operated by your mind. Weird that the guardians didn’t tell you that it would appear as a literal shop construct, or entity, but your [UNDERSTANDING] lets you know that the form it appears is unique to each individual, this is just the most easy to parse way for you apparently. You look through the list quickly and notice there’s things you were expecting, and sections you weren’t expecting. There’s no larger menu, but you [UNDERSTAND] something new. That if you ask more questions the next time you reincarnate, or learn more about KARMA, that more options will open up to you. Everything in “[]s” is something that your [UNDERSTANDING] has let you know.

0 - You and your companions will gain and maintain a HEALTHY physique throughout your adolescence
1 - You will gain an ATHLETIC physique and high metabolism
2 - You and your companions will gain ATHLETIC Physique and high metabolism
2 - You will gain a POWERFUL physique and ABNORMALLY HIGH metabolism
4 - You and your companions will gain a POWERFUL physique and ABNORMALLY HIGH metabolism
2 - Become a Combat Genius [You naturally know how to fight and can pick up different fighting styles with ease]
5 - You and your companions are all Combat Geniuses

2 - You and your companions will keep fragments of your MEMORIES [You’ll remember history, locations, people, and events from your past]
2 - You and your companions will keep fragments of your KNOWLEDGE [You’ll remember skills, techniques, and general academia]
5 - Mental Transfer [You and your companions will remember your all of memories and knowledge, becoming the dominant consciousness in the body by your adolescence]
1 - Keep your PERSERVERENCE [Making it easier for you to STUDY, WORK, and FOCUS with less breaks]
3 - Spreads your PERSERVERENCE to your companions as well
1 - Increases your natural APTITUDE [Making it easier to learn new skills and master at least one skill]
3 - Increases you and your companions natural APTITUDE
3 - Gain a GENIUS level APTITUDE
7 - You and your companions all gain GENIUS level APTITUDES
1 - Increase your MENTAL STRENGTH [Makes your mind clearer, increases resistance to charm, coersion, pain and other mental debuffs]
3 - Increase you and your companions MENTAL STRENGTH
1 - You and your companions will gain bonuses from MEDITATION
3 - You and your companions meditate at 3x the speed of normal MEDITATION
2 - Early development [Your brain develops faster than normal, allowing you to start interacting with the world at an earlier age]
4 - You and your companion’s brains go through Early development

3 - You and your companions will gain an INNATE SKILL suited to your personality in your youths
2 - Keep your INNATE SKILL [This will reawaken in your adolescence]
1 - Gain a different INNATE SKILL [This will reawaken in your adolescence]
3 - Gain supernatural powers in your youth, The chances of your companions gaining supernatural powers increases to 66%
6 - You and your companions gain complimentary supernatural powers in your youth
2 - You gain the ability to live without sleep, instead requiring 2 hours of meditation a day
5 - You and your lovers gain the ability to live without sleep, requiring 2 hours of meditation a day
2 - You and your companions become a LITTLE LUCKY
6 - You and your companions become MODERATELY LUCKY
9 - You and your companions become EXTREMELY LUCKY

+1 - Gain a KARMA, you and your companions will be born with LITTLE TO NO wealth
1 - You and your companions will be born with MODEST wealth
2 - You and your companions will be born with VAST wealth
+2 - Gain 2 KARMA, You and your companions will be born in a war-torn country
0 - You and your companions will be born in a small, relatively unknown country
1 - You and your companions will be born in a relatively normal country
2 - You and your companions will be born in the country of a world superpower
+3 - Gain 3 KARMA, You and your companions will be born as slaves [or whatever equivalent there is]
3 - You and your companions will be born into Royalty [Or whatever equivalent there is]
30 - Gurantees you and your companions will live a normal, happy life, blessed with luck, until your collective deaths

1 - Forming bonds with others becomes easier
1 - Have a CHILDHOOD BOND with your companions [Making it easier to find and stay with them]
1 - Have an ADOLESCENT BOND with your companions [Making it easier to find camaraderie with them and mutual interest in fields of study]
1 - Have an ADULTHOOD BOND with your companions [Making it easier for you to end up in the same workplace, forming a bond there]
3 - You and your companions have an easier time forming bonds with others
3 - Popularity is easily gained, making it easy to become a leader or public figure
7 - Popularity for you and your companions is easily gained, making it easy for all of you to become public figures

X - Halves your total Karma, condensing it. [Effect unknown, Leaves you with 8 remaining Karma]
10 - Passive Karma gain for you and your companions increases by 20% [to 30%]
15 - Increase the likelihood of you or your companions finding a KARMA cultivation technique to 5% at some point in your lives
128 - Increase likelihood of you or your companions finding a KARMA cultivation technique to 88% at some point in your lives

15 - Go to any specific dimension, Current options:
- Go to dimension 88-H [WARNING, YOU MAY NOT SURVIVE]
25 - Get the dimensional coordinates of a dimension you have memories from

DIMENSIONAL PURCHASES [Most persist between reincarnations and cannot be taken away, and can be purchased multiple times]
1 - Gain a dimensional pocket that can hold ONE object up to .5 Meter Cubed [Acts as an inter-spatial ring, available at some point in your youth, time is frozen inside]
2 - 1x The Mystery box [??? Maybe gives you something ??? One time use]
3 - 1x Mysterious Encounter [???]
5 - Gain a dimensional pocket that is .25x.25 Meters cubed
12 - Gain a personal artificial Karma Spirit [???]
15 - Gain a dimensional pocket that is 1 Meter cubed
20 - 1x Memory fragment [Allows you to view a random past life that you do not remember from a third person perspective, automatically used in your youth, one time use]
100 - Dimensional logbook [Allows you to view your dimensional travel history, gaining the coordinates of the places you’ve been]
500 - Low tier Karma cultivation technique

Odds of finding a Karma technique in one life - .00001%
Odds of remembering collective memories - 10%
Odds of encountering a linked companion - 50%
Odds of You Awakening an Innate Skill - 88%
Odds of Marth Awakening an Innate Skill - 44%
Odds of Willamina Awakening an innate skill - 55%
Odds of being born in the same country - 100%
Odds of being born in the same town or city - 12%

You can feel the pressure squeezing on you. It’s bearable for now, but you get the feeling once you select your options that your KARMA will be squeezed out of you and you’ll be reborn. You can feel that Willamina and Marth have both made their choices and are waiting on you, unfortunately you can’t communicate or tell what they’ve picked, you [UNDERSTAND] it to be a feature of this room. Maybe if your soul was stronger you could talk to the entity, but who knows what good that would do at this stage. There’s one last thing you notice, that entity in front of you feels strange, motherly almost. You imagine if someone came back with knowledge from here they might even call them a goddess. Could this be your world’s goddess? You shake the thought away and get back to business. What do you chose?

So there’s a lot here. Basically, I’m going to pick the most suggested things, then go down from there, if there’s a tie on the final selections I’ll pick the most beneficial ones for you. And any leftover points will be assigned randomly. If you pick an option that your companions have already chosen you will be refunded and the next most suggested thing will be picked. For example, if Marth picked a POWERFUL Physique for himself and you give everyone a powerful Physique, it will only cost 2 Karma to upgrade it, and you’ll have a floating 2 Karma that will automatically get spent.

Once this is done, we’ll be on to your new life, which is basically extended character creation, look forward to it!

No. 1002704 ID: e7c7d3

3 - Increases you and your companions natural APTITUDE
3 - You and your companions will gain an INNATE SKILL suited to your personality in your youths
2 - You and your companions become a LITTLE LUCKY
1 - You and your companions will be born with MODEST wealth
1 - You and your companions will be born in a relatively normal country
1 - Have an ADOLESCENT BOND with your companions [Making it easier to find camaraderie with them and mutual interest in fields of study]
3 - Popularity is easily gained, making it easy to become a leader or public figure
1 - Gain a dimensional pocket that can hold ONE object up to .5 Meter Cubed
No. 1002711 ID: e51896

Oh, Hi SET. Guess she didn't make it.

Lets see...

5 - Mental Transfer [You and your companions will remember your all of memories and knowledge, becoming the dominant consciousness in the body by your adolescence]
(so we can remember each other, and our past life)

3 - You and your companions meditate at 3x the speed of normal MEDITATION
(we were told meditation was a really good way to gain karma)

2 - Keep your INNATE SKILL [This will reawaken in your adolescence]
(understanding is important)

1 - Have a CHILDHOOD BOND with your companions [Making it easier to find and stay with them]
(best to stay together early on)

keep the 4 karma we have left for the next life.
No. 1002714 ID: 0fae41

0: Companions base physique
2: Powerful physique (self)
2: Memory fragments.
1: Gain a new innate skill.
+2: War torn country. If this is only the beginning of a struggle spanning lifetimes, it's time to get forged in battle.
1: Adulthood bond. Let childhood and adolescence broaden our experience bases.
X: Condense karma.
1: small hammerspace
9 total condensed karma spent.
No. 1002715 ID: 094652

-2 Party Athletic
-5 Mental Transfer
-3 Spread Perseverance
-2 Keep Innate Skill
+0 Small, Relatively Unknown Country
-3 Party Bonds
-1 Keep Innate Skill

Have your party physically and mentally well-balanced at the beginning so they have no general weaknesses, and no envy for you hoarding any kind of advantage over them. You would give them your Understanding if they could.
Start in obscurity, any physical mental trauma you pick up from war or enslavement will really hurt your development.
Don't worry about meeting each other immediately. You got this far as Saba Haydee by making friends. Besides, it seems Set is going to follow along, so bring Bonds to recruit her permanently.
No. 1002727 ID: ce39da

If nothing else, >>> Mental Transfer (5) <<<. Maintaining a continuous conscience is vital for your collective spiritual journey not to crumble the moment you complete a circuit and pass "Go."

As for what else, it's only fair that we spend 5 on ourselves (just like the others), leaving 5 more for the group.

0 - HEALTHY bodies for all
It's free. A'doy. I think it's safe to assume that it'll get overwritten if the others pick anything better.

3 - MENTAL STRENGTH (Collective)
Neither of your fellows stated themselves to be focusing on this, and it's pretty important for extra-life development.

1 - You and your companions will gain bonuses from MEDITATION
A no-brainer bonus if we want to improve our spiritual lot post-birth.

Whether or not we get reunited in the next world is not something we leave up to chance. (Not even gonna chance us drifting apart before our past lives catch up to us.)

0 - Small, relatively unknown country.
I don't see much downside to this.

Personal stuff time!

2 - Keep your INNATE SKILL
UNDERSTANDING is busted in the spiritual long game, bro.

We want to maintain the smarts to make good use of our UNDERSTANDING, of course.

1 - Increase your natural APTITUDE
Our brain is our greatest strength, and our UNDERSTANDING will likely help us make that "true mastery" count go way above "at least one."

This is also an important factor in KARMA gain. (Plus, it's a good fall-back if everything else fails.)

In terms of our general game-plan, we obviously can't rest on our laurels - we have to at least approach what we managed to accomplish if we even want to tread water with our memories intact. It's a game of constantly trying to match or outdo our past lives - the better we do in one life, the farther we'll be able to go in the next. So once we become aware, that's when we know the clock's started ticking, and it's time to hit the ground running.
No. 1002728 ID: 96c896

Demon? Or angel? Hmm.

2 - You and your companions will gain ATHLETIC Physique and high metabolism

2 - You and your companions will keep fragments of your MEMORIES
2 - You and your companions will keep fragments of your KNOWLEDGE
(mental transfer is actually a bad idea, since it adds a lot of emotional baggage, and useless memories can get mixed up with useful ones, resulting in confusion. However, sticking together will require some memory inheritance, and inheriting knowledge is a huge advantage well worth 2 points)
(if we always pick the "keep PERSERVERENCE" choice, we can keep raising it through reincarnations, as far up as it can go. hopefully our companions will take this one too. Right now it's not strong enough to merit picking the sharing perk though)
1 - You and your companions will gain bonuses from MEDITATION
1 - Increase your MENTAL STRENGTH

1 - Gain a different INNATE SKILL
2 - Keep your INNATE SKILL
(not sure if we'll be able to keep both innate skills next reincarnation, but having two is definitely strong)


1 - Forming bonds with others becomes easier
(Charisma is an important stat)
1 - Have an ADOLESCENT BOND with your companions
(childhood/adolescent/adult doesn't seem to matter but I prefer adolescent as it allows for more spread out families, which is better for having varied backgrounds and influences, without delaying the meetup too much)



1 - Gain a dimensional pocket that can hold ONE object up to .5 Meter Cubed
(the obvious object to choose would be a storage ring or something, so we can transfer multiple items between dimensions)
No. 1002730 ID: afa6f6

2-You and your companions will gain ATHLETIC Physique and high metabolism
2-You and your companions will keep fragments of your MEMORIES
2-You and your companions will keep fragments of your KNOWLEDGE
3 - Spreads your PERSERVERENCE to your companions as well
1-You and your companions will gain bonuses from MEDITATION
2-Keep your INNATE SKILL
2-You and your companions become a LITTLE LUCKY
0-You and your companions will be born in a small, relatively unknown country
1-Have a CHILDHOOD BOND with your companions
No. 1002731 ID: afa6f6

I think I'll switch Childhood Bond for Adolescent Bond after reading through other suggestions
No. 1002732 ID: 031458

Let's go full Isekai Protagonists shall we?

This load out only invests 3 points strictly into ourselves and directs the rest to powerful group benefits. We will end up better than we were in this life, but our companions will be amazing.
There is some redundancy built into this with what we know they will be choosing, so we'll end up getting more than just this if these are selected.

5 - MENTAL TRANSFER - This is obscenely powerful. Having the wisdom of an adult and the ability to create clear life goals as a child is by itself incredible.
The fact that we know more than a few universal secrets makes this invaluable.

4 - EARLY DEVELOPMENT (GROUP) - Combined with Mental Transfer, this is basically a cheaper version of GENIOUS APTITUDE. You'll all basically get a 10+ year head start on your peers ON TOP OF the wisdom and knowledge you already have.

1 - KEEP PERSERVERENCE - It is necessary to lead.

2 - KEEP UNDERSTANDING - Your ability grants deep knowledge, but more importantly, truth. This cannot be replaced.

1 - CHILDHOOD BOND - With Transfer + Early Development, the sooner you meet, the more success you will have.

2 - A LITTLE LUCK (GROUP) - Luck is often VITAL for success. With all of our other benefits we shouldn't need much, but we still need a little.

No. 1002734 ID: 96c896

Okay some people have misunderstandings.

>keep the 4 karma we have left for the next life.
We can't do that. Unspent karma is applied randomly.

Condensing karma gives us 8 points to spend, not 9.

The 0-point Reality perk you chose only affects the country's importance, not if it's war torn or not, and has no affect on our slavery status.
Set is going to a random destination since she's not soul linked or a Karmaling, so the chances of us meeting her are approximately 0... unless Demons have some easy way of tracking reincarnated souls and she has enough of a personal interest to follow Saba's. That's still a very low chance if you ask me.

Picking Mental Transfer does *not* give a continuous consciousness. Transferred memories will be given during adolescence, not at birth.
Our followers *did* agree to focus on mental strength.
The 0-point Reality perk does have a downside, it means we have no chance to wind up in a bigger country. The big country perks have costs so it can be assumed bigger is better. Also everyone already has a 100% chance to be in the same country so we don't need to spend points for that.

Mental Transfer happens during adolescence so we don't get an advantage as a child.
No. 1002741 ID: 0fae41

Not when you add a karma booster for an extra 1 (2) point(s).
No. 1002742 ID: 96c896

Oh, I see. You picked the +2 karma option and condensed afterwards, resulting in 9 to spend.
No. 1002749 ID: 031458

>Mental Transfer happens during adolescence so we don't get an advantage as a child.
That is probably incorrect.
>becoming the dominant consciousness in the body by your adolescence

The process will likely be gradual, the memories emerging early if murkily as we develop, only becoming totally clear and dominant within our psyche by adolescence. Unless that "by" is meant to tell us that it can happen suddenly, at random, at any time, with adolescence being the latest. The latter sounds silly to me but is deffo possible.
Either way, Early Development would get us seen as geniuses by our peers early, and Transfer would get us treated as geniuses late. We will benefit from our new society more than if we did not pick them. Synergistic benefits exist there in either case.
No. 1002764 ID: 96c896

Hmm, yeah that is very likely.
No. 1002765 ID: 1df721

Mental Transfer is a must.
Party Athletic physique was recommended by the guardian.
No. 1002771 ID: afe7de
File 162302773870.png - (53.37KB , 500x500 , SR_020.png )

The entity notices you trying to read your parties purchases, waves their hand and lightens up the pressure on you just enough so that you can tell, you can’t communicate more beyond this, but it helps.

Willamina gave everyone a random Innate skill and has spent 2 points on Mental Transference.
Marth got a Powerful Physique for himself, and a supernatural power.

Looks like you’ll only have to spend 3 more points on Mental Transference. You were already planning on giving everyone Athletic Phisiques. When you do that, a point from Marth’s Powerful Physique becomes a floating Karma that he immediately puts into Mental Transference. Now you only have to invest 2 points in it. Time to go over your list of purchases.

-2 Group Athletic Physique
-5 Group Mental Transfer (2 from you, 2 from Willamina, 1 from Marth)
-1 Group MEDITATION Bonus
-2 Group A little LUCK
-1 Group Adolescent BOND
-1 Forming BONDS with others becomes easier
-1 Single Item Dimensional Pocket

You put a lot of thought into your choices and ended up with this list. You spent about 4 points on yourself while the rest went into group upgrades. You’re a little tired of not being that charismatic, so you got the trait that makes forming BONDS with others easier. You also feel like [UNDERSTANDING] is almost cheat-like, and if you were to keep it, it might evolve in the future. Lastly your other choice, a Dimensional Pocket, sounds like it could be an infinitely useful tool.

The rest is pretty straightforward. You want everyone to be more than just healthy, able to take advantage of your perseverance, and lucky. You would nod if you could move your form at all, but instead you just accept the changes. The entity smiles at you with sharp, sharp teeth.


You’ve gained the dimensional coordinates for dimension 18-Q!

No. 1002772 ID: afe7de
File 162302775202.png - (213.50KB , 500x500 , SR_021.png )

The entity in front of you starts to fade away along with the prompt as you feel your spirits being squeezed of their karma. It’s hard to focus but in the distance you see something, it’s sharp and approaching you at insane speeds. You think its… An eye, but no, you finally realize that it’s a giant maw. You panic and try to move, but you can’t. Your companions are in a similar predicament, and then, within a single motion, the mouth consumes you. You feel your soul being torn asunder, the Karma being forcefully extracted. It’s an incredibly painful and unpleasant experience. Your mind is slowly fading, but you keep your companions close. You want to be with them in the end. Until eventually, everything turns black. Your memory begins to fade, your experiences start to melt from your mind, and soon you are just left with the expanse. The void. There is no body, there is no mind. There is only silence.

Time passes, you’re not sure how much, you’re not even sure what time is. You’re not even sure what thoughts are. One thing eventually does come to you. It’s warmth. Comfort. You can’t hear anything, but it’s nice. You rest, your nearly nonexistent consciousness at ease. And you feel nothing.

Time passes, sensations start to come to you. You can feel these strange things on yourself. Once you were blobular, now you have these strange tubes connected to each-other. It’s… an uncomfortable sensation, so you try to move your tubes. You rub up against something with this lower appendage of yours and you hear noise for the first time. There’s another blob in here, and some sort of… wall? But you can’t see, and you’re not sure where the noise is from. So you go back to sleep. Maybe it’ll stop if you just sleep.

No. 1002773 ID: afe7de
File 162302778076.png - (325.15KB , 500x500 , SR_022.png )

Time passes, you’re moving around a bit more, experimenting, it’s comfortable. This is your home now. The other thing in here with you is facing away, so you aren’t feeling any discomfort. Suddenly you start to feel a pressure coiling down on you from your lower appendages to your head. At least, that’s what you’re calling them for now. Could be known as a Pleuroma and Affidavit for all you know. The pressure hurts, you feel yourself and the second being moving. It’s terrifying. You try to let out a noise, but no sound can be heard. Eventually your head becomes cold. Various sensations start to settle on you. Is this death? You don’t know what that is, you feel like you should, that you should be terrified, so you try to move, away from the cold. But more of your body gets covered in it. Eventually your “Head” is completely cold. You can hear things, everything is loud. There’s noises, and brightness and everything hurts. You cry out, terrified.

You just want to go back to the warm place, but something inside you tells you that’s not possible. You hear a snip, and various noises that are incomprehensible to you. There’s what appears to be screaming going on. It sounds extremely similar to yours, but different at the same time. You’re put in more warm liquid, so you stop crying, but then something rough touches you and covers you, but at that point you’ve calmed down and you focus on the other noises. There’s another snip, liquid, and a similar cessation of crying. You feel you are moved around and you reach out your hands. One touches the familliar entity, the one that was with you, the other touches a large, course thing. You hear a rough, gravelly voice say something. And a soft, compassionate voice say something else. You no longer feel terrified. It’s bright, but you take a chance. You open your eyes and get a look at the world for the first time. Things are blurry and it’s hard to focus.

No. 1002774 ID: afe7de
File 162302779105.png - (110.95KB , 500x500 , SR_023.png )

Gasps can be heard as you look at the two, no, three faces in front of you. They’re still very blurry, but they point to the other creature and say two words. Then they look at you and say another two words. Something tells you this must be your NAME.

What is your Name?
Feel free to also name your sibling.

What is your Race?
You may chose between a Human-like or Kin race. Unfortunately you did not have enough MAX KARMA to be born as anything else.
Humans can be any pigmentation, or fantasy subspecies that is vaguely humanoid (think dwarves, elves, orks, goblins, etc).
Kin can be any Animal race.

What is your Sex?
Male or Female?

No. 1002775 ID: 094652

[None] -> Saba
You were not given a name at birth, so you decided to name yourself.
Rezan-Goblin Pros: Lengthened Lifespan, (extremely limited) cross-species fertility. Cons: Arrogant, Resentful, hated by mildly+ racist countries.
Long story short, dimension hijinks cause a small Rezan army to be plane-shifted here, they try to take over, get their asses kicked so hard they've fallen into obscurity and only two of the Goblin tribes accept them as kin. For now.

Alternatively: Gulpa.
No. 1002776 ID: 0fae41

Bug-kin(Bee), female
Sabee Hadla
Hanna Hadla
No. 1002777 ID: e51896

I'll think of a name and gender later

for kin, you are a Capybara
No. 1002778 ID: 7f1230

raptor-kin, male
No. 1002779 ID: e51896

To add on to my previous post >>1002777


your name is Cassidy Kardos

you have a brother name Atticus (if we can choose a species, he is an opossum)
No. 1002782 ID: ce39da

Sibling: PON SABA


You are a female raven-kin; your sibling is male.
No. 1002785 ID: 8233ee

Ohh Saba, or instead Sava, both sound like good names. For your sibling, Reshi.

Raptor kin and Raven kin are both cool. Either work, or maybe a combo?

Sex I'll leave to a roll of the dice.
No. 1002786 ID: e51896

Okay, I'm changing my vote to RAVEN

Female Raven

but our brother is a male white DOVE
No. 1002796 ID: 9ba25d

Doubling down on half-Rezan something.
No. 1002798 ID: afe7de
File 162305839649.png - (123.06KB , 500x500 , SR_024.png )

A record scratch plays as time slowly reverses a bit. The shuffling of papers and incomprehensible screams can be heard by you the suggestors. The suggestors hear a “Fuck she was a bird? Don’t skip ahead next time...” We’re back to the moment before birth. Time begins to move forward again and you notice nothing. You’re still in the warmth. Still with that other body. You do feel compressed, but it’s less so. There’s muffled noises. Things are a little brighter, but it’s not time yet.

Time passes. You begin to feel something. So does your companion. It’s primal, it’s deep, it’s… Ravenous? You both decide to call this feeling… HUNGER. You touch your head and notice there’s a harder part. It opens and closes slightly at your whim. You hadn’t noticed, but you were consuming something. This… Jelly you’ve been entombed with. You can hear the noises of your companion doing the same. Soon the fluid is gone, you both take an experimental peck towards eachother, but scream at the same time. No. Not them. PAIN. But if not them, then what? You experimentally poke and prod at the membrane surrounding you. Something gives, and now the cold hits you. You nibble the membrane bit, it tastes good, you motion with your beak to the other one to do the same. Your eyes are closed, but you can hear it pecking. It’s cold, but THE HUNGER needs to be sated.

Eventually you break your head out. It’s bright, you keep your eyes shut. You’re not sure how you know they’re called eyes, but you do just the same. You hear cooing and cackling. All the noises are incomprehensible to you and it’s causing your head to ache. You let out a cry and keep eating the tasty membrane. You hear your companion break out and do the same. Another round of cooing and cackling with even more excitement occurs. There’s even a few gasps. Your eyes are glued shut, you won’t be ready for a little while to open them, but you hear four words spoken, One is directed towards you, the other towards your companion. You don’t know it yet. But those are your names. Crying can be heard.
No. 1002799 ID: afe7de
File 162305856421.png - (152.59KB , 500x500 , SR_025.png )

[YEAR 1]
A year has passed and you’ve opened your eyes. You’ve even started picking up bits and pieces of this thing called LANGUAGE. It’s a shame that you can’t fully understand everything yet, you tried saying these things called WORDS a few months ago but it came out as nonsense. You can’t even move like you want to. Your body is unresponsive most of the time. But YOU CAN WALK, albeit a bit goofily. It was cold for a while, but these things called FEATHERS grew in. They’re nice. Keep you comfortable. Safe. Soft, but aren’t developed fully. You look to your side and see your companion, your egg-mate, your brother and smile as best as a creature like you can. You playfully butt heads and preen eachother. There are small objects scattered about that you both like to mess around with.

The flapping of wings can be heard as someone comes in, landing on a nearby perch. They step down and claw steps can be heard. You want to do that thing they just did, that FLYING thing one day. You hear the voices of the large ones come by, two beings similar to the two of you come into vision, you look their way and they pick you up, saying two words to each of you. You’ve learned by now that these two words are your NAMES.

> CHI and PON
Your name is CHI SAVA, and you are a black RAVEN, you’re also a GIRL. You’ve picked up the word WING-KIN used before to describe you, but don’t know what it means yet. Your companion, in the arms of the other large one is PON SAVA, they are a white DOVE, he’s also a BOY, and he’s smaller than you. The third large one appears holding some objects but sets them down on a nearby elevated surface. He comes up to the two of you and ruffles your head feathers. You love this feeling. Pon does not. Now that you think of it, now might be a good time to take a look at THE LARGE ONES again. You know they’re your parents but its funny to think of them that way because they’re just so big! You’re feeling extra inquisitive today.

The one touching you has one eye, the other has been scarred somehow. You know them to be your FATHER. His name is DRACO SAVA and he is a bluish black raven with a shining coat. There is something dangling from his head in a Black, White, and Blue pattern. He turns around and grabs the objects, placing them in a nearby enclosure. It’s one of the places you’re allowed to wander around in without hearing loud words from your parents. You’re okay with that for now.

You turn to look at the one holding you. They’re beautiful, kind, and have been caring for you along with the one holding Pon for as long as you can remember. You know them to be your MOTHER. Her name is RIICHI SAVA and she is a white dove, the tips of her wings and beak are both red. You don’t know the significance of this. She sets you down in the enclosure and waits. Pointing at the objects behind you. But you patiently wait for Pon first, he gets a little finicky if you start having fun without him.

You turn to the one setting Pon down, she’s a beastly looking woman, with fierce eyes that honestly scare you a little bit. But her voice is the softest of your parents. Her feathers are a little ruffled. You think she’s a little stressed from taking care of the two of you, so you’ve been trying not to cause her trouble. You know her to be your MOTHER as well, this does not seem strange to you at all. Her name is FAAN SAVA, she is a black raven, the tips of her beak and facial feathers are also red..
No. 1002800 ID: afe7de
File 162305858202.png - (93.25KB , 500x500 , SR_026.png )

One thing you’ve noticed on your parents is that they all seem to be wearing the same thing on their right ankles. Some sort of band that’s red in color. Sometimes you see your family members touching it fondly. You turn your attention to Pon and notice he’s in a separated part of the enclosure. He’s confused and looking around. So are you. In front of you lies a mat with several objects. You get curious and waddle towards them, falling over twice before giving up and just crawling to take a closer look. You’ll get a handle on this “Walking” thing eventually.

In front of you lies 8 Objects. You look back and your parents are pointing to the objects, you think you need to grab one. You look to your side and see that the same objects are in front of your brother. You take a closer look at the objects in front of you, you haven’t seen any of them before in your toys. What do you grab?

A. A toy bow and arrow
B. A bundle of scrolls
C. A Thread
D. A Brush
E. A Medallion with a string running through it
F. A Red ball
G. A wrapped wooden jar
H. A Dull looking stone of some kind

For extra fun, what do you do when you grab something?
No. 1002801 ID: 094652

Why does that medallion look familiar? You should wear it.
No. 1002802 ID: e2f5cc

Grab the medallion and play with it a little, then take it with you while you go over to the bow, which you decide to bonk your brother over the head with.
No. 1002803 ID: 96c896

Looks like we're choosing a profession? Hunter, scholar, tailor, artist, something mystical, sports or entertainment, alchemy or herbalism, construction or mining.
UNDERSTANDING works well with most of these in the long run...

E. This isn't really a choice.
>what do you do with it
Babies ALWAYS put new things in their mouths.
No. 1002804 ID: e51896

Put the medallion around your ankle, just like your parents and their red bands.
No. 1002806 ID: ce39da

Actually, I’d think the image on the medallion would give us a chill down our spine, even if we can’t put our talons on why (and the feeling is understated since the eye doesn’t quite match). I say we go with (B) the scrolls. We rip off a seal and put it in our mouth, but quickly get distracted by W O R D S.
No. 1002807 ID: d6f167

A brush. You want red feathers too.
No. 1002808 ID: fa3fbc

Jar is where it at.
No. 1002810 ID: e7c7d3

You already know that jars are the epitome of objects
No. 1002825 ID: 031458

No. 1002830 ID: 1df721

D. Take the brush.
No. 1002835 ID: 0fae41

Catch the worm thread!
No. 1002836 ID: ce39da

Eh, I know when I'm in the minority. Changing this vote of mine to D: the brush.
No. 1002839 ID: afe7de
File 162310923545.png - (144.99KB , 500x500 , SR_027.png )

> The Medallion
You look towards the round disk in front of you. There is an eye emblazoned on it. For some reason it puts a chill down your spine. You’re not sure why. You hesitate, moving your feathered hand towards the brush instead but right before you touch it, something in your mind tells you to reach for the medallion, to face this weird fear. So you grab it with both hands and sit up. Your right talon slips through the band running through the disk. You put the disk in your mouth, it’s hard. You can’t bite through it like most foods. But your tongue slides along it. It has a metallic taste which you’re not familiar with. You look to your side.

Your brother has picked the ball, and is bouncing it around. He’s having a joyful time, but he trips and falls over the toy bow. Getting agitated he picks it up and chucks it to your side of the pen with a CAW. You can hear cooing and celebration coming from your parents. They seem happy by both of your developments. You turn around and trip, the string on your leg making it hard to move properly. Your parents are looking at you like you’re the most adorable thing ever. It feels good.

You have gained the COURAGE stat.
Your LUCK has increased a little.

No. 1002840 ID: afe7de
File 162310927493.png - (151.40KB , 500x500 , SR_028.png )

That night you have a dream, it’s probably the first one you’ve ever had. There are these weird rectangles made of scrolls lying around everywhere. And you pick one up, wearing it as a hat. A voice can be heard, it’s stern. The scratching of something on a desk can be heard. There’s only a single light on the desk, and you look up to see some sort of fleshy LARGE ONE with a long beak. It looks at you, smiles, and you feel a sense of fear. You wake up in a cold sweat, crying. Riichi comes to comfort you and you feel a lot better.
No. 1002841 ID: afe7de
File 162310928485.png - (115.96KB , 500x500 , SR_029.png )

[YEAR 3]
Two years pass. The dreams come randomly and you’re no longer scared of them, in fact it’s kind of cool! Like you’re watching a puppet show, it makes you a little sad sometimes though, whoever this SABA person was, they had a sad childhood, only one parent, and they didn’t get any toys, just these things called BOOKS, no friends either. You finally got a handle on that WALKING Thing and even learned how to RUN. Apparently most Wing-Kin (thats what you are!) learn how to fly when they’re 4 or 5, but some have been able to do it when they’re 3. You can finally UNDERSTAND what these large ones have been saying this whole time. This LANGUAGE thing is easy. You’re even learning how to read and write. The strange thing though is that you’re also learning this other language that SABA knows. You think it’s called ENGLISH? Maybe it’ll have some use as a secret code for you later on. Your brother Pon really likes to play games and run around, so you’ve spent most of your time doing that with him. Your parents say you’re LUCKY because you’ve won 3/4 of the games. But that only emboldens Pon to work harder, seeing you as a RIVAL, and making him get really excited when he wins.

You learned a bit about your family too, that Draco is a hunter of some kind, he sometimes leaves for a week or so before coming back, usually with tasty food, he likes it when you call him Papa! But doesn't talk about where he actually goes. Faan is a teacher, so she’s been cracking down hard on you and Pon so you can learn to read and write, she likes it when you call her Mother. Pon struggles a little bit sometimes, but you help him when he’s stuck, for you it’s very easy to learn. Riichi on the other hand says shes a… Gambgler? She wins toys for You and Pon, pon seems very interested in that. She likes it when you call her Momma. Sometimes they put this powder on your facial feathers. And say something about it keeping you safe. You love your family, they’re great!
No. 1002842 ID: afe7de
File 162310929572.png - (122.55KB , 500x500 , SR_030.png )

Your Mothers sometimes take you outside to play with the other kids too. You, Pon, and Faan are headed to a nearby Pork today, it’s close to this thing called a SKEWL! Faan has brought some books that she reads to pass the time and some stories you could try reading if you’re feeling tired. You reach the park and there’s three other kids there, along with their father sitting on a bench. She sits down and the two begin chatting a bit. Pon rushes off to the kids and they start to play a game of TAG. You look to the park and notice that there’s a big structure there, it almost looks like a big bug that you can go inside, like a tunnel!

It’s at this moment that you really really get a good look at where you are and notice there’s something special about it. But you’re not sure what?

What do you do?

A. Join in on the game
B. Practice Flying
C. Read a story
D. Do multiple things [Rewards are reduced]
E. Other

And what special thing do you notice?
This is your chance to add things to the world that you want! You’ll get a few more opportunities to add things in this fashion in the future.
Feel free to go wild here. The only limits are the following:

Your world can’t just be full of KARMA cultivators
FTL travel can’t exist
If there’s magic, no one in your town can use it to cross through dimensions or warp time

Other than that, go wild! Wanna be on a spaceship or a floating island, or something else? Go ahead!

No. 1002843 ID: 094652

Practice Flying

You point at the strange giant tube at the edge of the world, and your Mother tells you it goes to another worldplate. In fact, there are millions of worldplates and it took thousands of years to connect them all together. Occasionally, some silly will fall off the edge of a worldplate and need to be rescued, that's what the tracking devices are for.

You ask what's at the bottom of all the worldplates and she tells you there is no bottom because it's also the top. It all loops together. For some reason, that makes you both excited and sad.
No. 1002845 ID: ce39da

For some reason, you feel like it’s... important, somehow, that you join the game.

When your potential new friends need to go home - (Friends? Is that really all they are...?) - go ahead and practice flying.

I actually like this idea, but instead of tubes... perhaps, while blown away by seeing the literal edge of our world, we see a sailing(?) ship flying(!) in the distance. (Boats that fly... This certainly is different.) Maybe mom tells us about how brave the first skyfarers to brave the empty expanse were.
No. 1002850 ID: e7c7d3

B) Fly, you fool
No. 1002852 ID: 031458

Practice Flying!

When you look up toward the horizon, you see the world bend up around you. It gets smaller and smaller as it curvs back into itself, finally getting bigger and bigger until it comes back down the the other way, forming a giant ring!
You wonder if you could fly to the other side. Papa says you can't, but you'll show him!
Mother says someone who everyone forgot built the world a really long time ago.
Mama sometimes tells you scary bedtime stories about the secret metal world underground that's filled with all sorts of monsters and metal beasts!
You like the scary stories. They're exciting!
Pon says they don't scare him, but they do. He's secretly a scardy bird.
No. 1002853 ID: 1e2817

I like the world plate idea

C. I'd say read a story... some kind of religious book.

secondary B practice flying!

But not both C and B
No. 1002862 ID: 0fae41

Explore the big bug.
Blink and you'd miss it, but you saw a pair of eyes unlike any others you've seen watching from a window suspended in midair. This world has mysterious observers studying it for an unknown purpose!
No. 1002871 ID: e51896

To add on to the worldplate idea, before travel was possible to other worldplates, each worldplate used to be exclusive to different certain sentient species (not counting wild animals for them to hunt) for example, one worldplate was exclusively full of fox beast-kins, one had only humans, one had rat beast-kins. It is because travel to these different worldplates a few thousand years ago is why you see different kins and other species living where you live today, they immigrated from their worldplates to live here. (the worldplate you live is is heavily populated with wing-kin since it is originally your species home, but there are other kins that live here too now.)
No. 1002879 ID: 2aa5f0

B. Practice Flying

probably should practice meditating at some point but learning to fly is to good to pass up.
No. 1002915 ID: afe7de
File 162321750168.png - (94.56KB , 500x500 , SR_031.png )

> Practice flying!
You head to the top of the big bug thing and try flapping your wings around a bit. Hopping off and gliding down. It’s not really flying though, but you keep at it for a few minutes before you hear some KAWs come from behind you. You turn around and see a slightly older crow beckoning you. You walk over and he speaks up, his voice is high pitched and kind of annoying, you know his name to be ROOK SEIVE.

Rook: KEKEKEKE Heya CHI! Trying to fly again?
You: Ohhhhh I’ll get it this tiiiime!!!!!!
Rook: You should try flying from up here! Gives you more time before you hit the ground to practice.
Rook: And if you aim for the sand over there it doesen’t hurt that much if you mess up!

Rook proceeds to demonstrate, crashing into the sand pit sputtering out as sand fills his beak. He brushes it off and climbs back up whilst talking.

Rook: You should try it. But it takes a little COURAGE, unless yer a CHICKEN!
You: *grumble* *grumble* I eat chickens for breakfast!

You climb the jungle gym and perch yourself on the highest point, facing the sand pit. With a little bit of COURAGE you get a running start and jump. The wind on your feathers excites you. You close your eyes and feel at one with the world, in a way that only a bird can. You flap once, twice, your INTUITION speaks to you, you pack your legs tightly against your waist, aim down, and twist your wings. And with a sharp movement you tilt up.

Your LUCK strikes as you’ve yet to hit the ground. You open your eyes and the skies are open to you. You flap your wings twice and spin around. You can hear a cacophony of noise underneath you and can see Mother flying towards you, her expression is ecstatic! Everyone below you is cheering and you can see that Pon has awe in his eyes. It feels good. Mother flies near you and helps guide you around.
No. 1002916 ID: afe7de
File 162321751905.png - (82.39KB , 500x500 , SR_032.png )

Faan: Come on my little yolk. We should land before you get tuckered out!
You: Yes Mother!

The two of you start flying down to the ground, and as you do, you notice some things that you’ve never seen before. Your circular route around the Pork has revealed to you that you’re on some sort of floating land mass. You can’t tell how big it is, but you notice some floating rocks and other masses in the distance. There’s a rather big structure, you think it’s called a castle? There’s lots of trees, some water, clouds, and a really big tube-like thing. You point it out with your beak and ask Faan what it is.

Faan: Oh, that? That connects us to another WORLDPLATE. It used to be just us WING-KIN here for a long time.
Faan: Then these kin called HUMANS made that tunnel to our worldplate.
Faan: They wanted to trade and explore our plate, but none of them could FLY, so they’ve mostly left us alone.
Faan: And that’s how other kin came to our plate, and why not everyone you’ll meet is a WING-KIN.
You: I wanna see it!
Faan: See what?
You: The other WORLDPLATES!
Faan: Haha, maybe when you’re older my little yolk.
Faan: Try sticking out your talons and flapping against the wind when you land, or you’ll just crash!

No. 1002917 ID: afe7de
File 162321752973.png - (11.07KB , 500x500 , SR_033.png )

You heed your mother’s advice and the two of you land and everyone surrounding you, talking about how cool you are. You feel PRIDE in yourself. Pon’s asking you to show him how you did that too! Suddenly you are hit with extreme fatigue and stumble to the ground. Mother supports you and cradles you in her arms, it’s comfortable, so you fall into a deep sleep.

That night another dream came to you. This time of an older Saba. He went to this thing called School, but had his own place to live, and didn’t see his dad anymore. He cried a lot. But he worked hard, almost too hard, and every time he failed, he tried harder. He was persistent to a fault and you feel proud of him for doing that. You feel a sense of Kinship with Saba, like there’s something connecting the two of you. You wonder if he’s having the same dreams as you, right now, out there somewhere. And he’s a HUMAN. You’d like to meet him some day. Maybe be his friend! One thing’s for sure, you want to be Persistant like him, FLYING was the first real challenge for you, and you want to do more things that challenge you, you liked how people looked at you and the feeling you got from doing something hard!

You’ve achieved an important milestone in your life early, extra rewards are gained!
Your COURAGE stat has increased.
You’ve gained the INTUITION stat.
You’ve gained the PRIDE stat.
You’ve gained the CURIOSITY stat.
You’ve regained the PERSERVERENCE stat.
You’ve learned the FLIGHT skill.

No. 1002918 ID: afe7de
File 162321754833.png - (93.36KB , 500x500 , SR_034.png )

[YEAR 5]
Two years pass. The memories start coming with more frequency and you’re seeing snippets of Saba’s teenage years. You’re a little sad, it looks like humans grow faster than you thought. And you won’t be able to leave this World Plate for a while. You still hope that you can see him one day. But you see this girl now too, her name’s Willamina, and he’s finally made a friend! She’s a little aggressive though, and a bit of a bully. You hope he doesen’t get hurt or anything by her.

With your and Papa’s help Pon learned to fly a few months after you did. And within a year after that both of you could fly and take off without needing a running start. The rest of the time leading today was Riichi training your wings so they would be stronger and so you’d get less tired. Now the both of you can fly for a day without getting exhausted! Apparently Papa can go for a week without stopping if he packs food! Mother’s been teaching you and Pon the basics of MATHS and SCIENCE so you can understand how the world works a little bit better before you start this School thing. You pick them up with ease and a lot of the information overlaps with what you’ve learned by watching Saba.

Today’s a special day, it’s your and Pon’s 5th Birthday! Papa’s said that our wing training was specially done for this day! That we’re traveling around 75 kilometers away to go to the CAPITAL. It’s a full days flight, but it’s worth it! He said something about saving up SHINIES for you to do some sort of TEST, and to get you some sort of PRESENT. Tests are easy! You haven’t had any difficulties with them yet. Pon’s a little nervous because he’s not as smart as you, but he’s getting STRONGER. You’re body is ATHLETIC, but his is POWERFUL. You think he’s been working twice as hard as you since he can’t catch up in SMARTS with you. But he’s certainly PERSISTANT.

You pass by various villages and other large settlements as you fly over, but you don’t make any stops. During the flight you have casual conversation with your family.

Riichi: I hope the gambling hall is open. I’m gonna win big this time!
Draco: You say this every time Riichi…
Riichi: Hey! I’ve won the last two times! Ever since our two little eggs came around my LUCK’s been good!
Draco: Which is an exception to the norm.

Riichi floats over and gives both you and Pon a kiss on your heads to which both of you give a “MOOOOOOM” The group laughs.

Faan: I’m excited for our little nestlings, this is an important point in their life.
Draco: We’ll see what happens, either way, things will get a little busier for you two starting next year.
Faan: Yeah, you’ll have to pick a focus and eventually learn a trade.
Faan: Don’t worry, it’ll be fun!
Pon: I dunno, some of the other kids say it’s boring.
You: I hope it’s harder then what we’re learning now, I want the challenge!!!
Pon: I don’t…

You all laugh while Pon looks a little nervous. You give him a pat on the back and he seems calmer. What kind of test are you going to take? And what’s the name of the capital city?

Feel free to get creative! This will become an important part of middle to high class Wing-Kin society in this world plate. No Karma test though, sorry!
No. 1002919 ID: 094652

Short Answer: The test is to become a Huntress. You are taking an Overseer Exam.

Long Answer: You're taking a Ranger initiation test. The balance between people and beasts varies between worldplates; some worldplates' ecosystems are on the brink of collapse, others are untamed chaos that claim the lives of dozens of innocent people every year. As a Huntress (female ranger), you will be tasked with maintaining the balance of nature, protecting the creatures of the wilderness when they are in peril from cruel poachers, and delivering justice to the beasts of the wyld when they lash out at innocent civilians. Since you chose the medallion in your youth, your parents suspect you have the potential to become an Overseer - a huntress who tracks targets and commands their fellow rangers using strange and rare communication crystals.
No. 1002921 ID: 8483cf

Capital city's name is Wyrd!

The test is an affinity test. You're given different tasks over several days, each apparently routine and minor, with some extremely challenging. It's a gauge of how persistent you are, how you respond to menial tasks vs. complicated tasks, how much instruction you need before you're motivated, and your degree of autonomy.

Then you're given a string to tie around your talon based on where you're strongest, and then you get offers for schooling!
No. 1002922 ID: e51896

It's some kind of weird religious test based off of that symbol on your medallion that tests just how in tune you are with the Goddess and other religious figures of the past. Some kin from other worldplates think your religion your family and other Wing-kin follows is controversial for whatever reason, which is strange because they're not hurting anyone... must be culture shock. (Maybe meditation is involved? we were told to meditate at a young age. we should get started on that)
No. 1002925 ID: f8fa51

An aptitude test. You're going to be entering into school soon, and they want to know what sort of learner you'll be so they can put you in the right classes.
No. 1002943 ID: 2aa5f0

it's basically a physical and IQ test where they test you twice. First they give you a medical checkup to see if there are any faults with your health both obvious and for something that might have been missed by smaller communities outside of the capital. The capital being... well the capital has access to some of the best items and professions on the worldplate so when children come to the capital for their coming of age test they check their health with some of the best equipment they can get their hands on. Granted the medical test are mostly done by medical apprentices to gain some real experiences but an experienced professional is always near by to double check their work.

Then for the actual test they have a physical test and a written test that are given to the children by a stern instructor constantly pushing them to work harder. Kinda like a drill instructor but not nearly as intense. Then the children are brought to a sort of play area where other instructors disguised as parents or guardians for other children taking the test will then will try and trick the children into doing more test but disguise them as some sort of game. These test are designed to see how the child works while under pressure and while in a more relaxed environment while also letting the instructors gauge the children's personalities.

Once the information has been gathered the instructors will review all the test results and determine where every child might excel in and where they might struggle and hand out the information to workers looking for apprentices or guilds looking for new members and then see who would be interested in which child. They will then contact the child and their families and show them all options that are available to them and let them choose their focus. usually the better the child preformed the more focuses they'll get to choose from but it isn't unheard of for some focuses to be pushed more then others if their is a need for a certain type of skill or career to help aid the kingdom.
No. 1002945 ID: fed3dc

You’re taking your pilot’s exam in Lactiap. It’s tough navigating with all those people flying about!
No. 1002948 ID: ce39da

Welp, I think we've found Marth already. That's gonna be a little awkward, I think.

> The Test
You're to choose items like you did four years ago, but the purpose is different this time. Supposedly, if you choose the same items as one of the Seers of old, you're declared to be their reincarnation and put into training as a Seer yourself. (That's what the eye emblem represents, by the way.) Personally, you think their talk of reincarnations is a bit hokey... or at least that you're missing something big about how it actually works. But hey, you're fairly LUCKY, there are several valid combinations, and even if you don't pick the right stuff, you can still choose to try and become a Seer anyway. Though it's much harder to become the 'first in your line,' you've heard.

> The Capital
Qara Tengu
No. 1002978 ID: dfbac0

You're heading towards Qara Tengu, where your parents have admitted you into the esteemed Tengu academy, as they believe you have the smarts to compete in such an environment. Tengu academy has you take several mandatory tests and has several optional ones. These are to decide what branch of the academy you will be accepted into. Generally people fill out tests and they are picked for what they are best in however some get multiple offers where they can choose which branch of the academy they will go to. You're hoping to be a sort of field scientist, as you feel you're quite smart and have an edge over others in the field of science but you don't want to be stuck in some dusty old room studying your whole life. You want to explore alien ruins in order to make great advancements.
No. 1002994 ID: afe7de
File 162329012060.png - (74.36KB , 500x500 , SR_035.png )

You arrive at the capital city of QARA TENGU, there’s Wing-Kin everywhere. Some are perched on ledges, others are flying around the big central tower that rises high above the ground. You and your family head to the ground level and land, walking through the city. The streets are mostly empty as you walk through, you see some Wing-Kin exit doors and take to the skies. Around 1/3 of the buildings are made of stone here, and the castle looks like it’s also made of the same material. It must be very fancy, almost all of the houses in your home town are made of wood. Eventually you reach a cylindrical building, the highest building in the city barring the tower, and notice a woman in front of it wielding a spear. after Papa hands some shinies over to a woman you’re led through the building to a separate area on the second floor. You look through a window and see a large stadium-like field behind the building. There are various hoops and equipment scattered about. Some Wing-Kin are flying around it at a pretty amazing pace. You fail to notice and you bump into another Wing-kin. She’s a bat.

You: Oh, uh, sure. I was distracted.

The bat looks like they’re ready to yell at you when someone intervenes, dragging the bat away. She grumbles and gives you the evil-eye, but you’re not really scared of her. She goes off to a corner and sits on a bookshelf. Eventually a few other Wing-Kin walk in and they’re motioned to take seats on the mats on the floor. You all do so obediently, but the Bat-girl refuses.

Instructor: HOOK! I swear to the goddess... HOOK DE WELLINGTON RONDALPHUS, GET. OVER. HERE. NOW.

The girl finally heads over with a smirk. You think she likes being a brat. You overhear some of the other kids chattering about her being Princess or something, someone else says something about her being a royal brat. You don’t really gossip, but you take in the information anyway. Pon’s staring at her pretty hard and mumbles something about her being so cool. You really hope he doesn’t pick up a bad habit from her. The instructor claps a few times and tries to get everyone’s attention and explains that you’ll be taking an Affinity test over the course of three days. Each day will test something different and you’ll be in groups with one person being selected to be the “Leader” and to pick the other team-mates. The ones who do the best today will be eligible to take a free examination at Age 10 to get into Tengu Academy instead of the normal paid one.

The crowd gets in some loud murmurs, you havent heard of this, and your parents look excited. This must be a good thing. You think you heard the Tengu academy is a pretty good school, but don’t know much of the fields of study there. You’ll ask Mother later.
No. 1002996 ID: afe7de
File 162329015162.png - (122.50KB , 500x500 , SR_036.png )

The Instructor points at four random students, you were not selected, but Pon was! You can hear the griding of someone’s teeth from across the room, looks like that girl Hook is mad she wasn't picked first. Your brother gets to pick first and as he points to you, the instructor speaks up.

Instructor: Oh, and you can’t pick someone you’re related to, so no siblings can help you.

Pon is deflated but you give him a wings up and he’s back to normal, he picks Hook and you facepalm. Eventually you’re picked last and end up in a group with 2 others. One of your group mates is a rather silent, bespectacled Secretary bird he was picked as the “Leader”. He gives you a nod as you come closer. The other is a male Parrot, he’s got colorful plumage and it kind of makes you jealous, but you ignore that feeling and introduce yourself.

You: Hi! I’m Chi!
Parrot: [In your voice] I’m BLITZ! I talk a lot. Everyone hates it! I won’t take it personally if you tell me to shut up!

You’re shocked, he sounded just like you, you’re silent for a moment before the other one speaks up.

Secretary Bird: Drift. It’s a Pleasure.
Blitz: [In Drift’s voice] I can tell we’re all going to get along GREAT!

You guess that’s just his thing? Talking like other people? Whatever, the instructor explains the health checkup and you all get examined by these kin that call themselves apprentices. They used a lot of weird equipment and poked and prodded everyone all over. In the end only one kid in the room was told anything and it was Drift. He was told that he had a weak constitution, and that he would need to exercise more, you worry a bit because that means you might have it harder in the tests going forward.
No. 1002997 ID: afe7de
File 162329018183.png - (101.99KB , 500x500 , SR_037.png )

[TEST 1]
They lead you out to the field and have all of you perform some exercises, testing your max speed, reflexes, and other stuff. It was basically like a big obstacle course. You and Blitz both exceeded expectations whilst Drift barely passed, he’s covered in sweat and exhausted. Then, without a moment to lose you were made to play a game. You had to get the ball into this hoop in the air whilst defending from the other team doing the same to your hoop, but Drift is exhausted. Drift as the leader comes up with a rather lazy strategy, for you and Blitz should cover the air and he should cover the ground. You agree, not seeing a problem with that. Unfortunately, your LUCK was not with you and you were put against your brother’s team with Hook and a third girl, a Scale-kin, a Snake at that! That’s great news! It means she can’t fly and you should be able handle them.

Unfortunately things don’t go according to plan. Pon picked up the Scale-Kin and used them mid-air to put you and Blitz at a stand-still. Her tail was just able to block off any advances and grab the ball any time you took it. Pon even threw that snake girl, whose name you found out to be Noodle, while Hook easily went past the exhausted Drift below you. The score was 1-5, a resounding defeat. Probably the most miserable defeat you’ve ever faced. At that point it was night-time, you got to say a few words to your parents but were then moved off to rooms with your partners where you stayed the night. You’re tired, and so is everyone else, so the three of you fall asleep rather quickly.

That night you dream of Saba, age 10, playing on this screen. He’s controlling units and moving them around making complex decisions and plans to try to defeat his enemies. You curse your luck in how this would have been more useful to know earlier today. Maybe you could have come up with a GOOD PLAN and won. Either way, it’s interesting, the technology you’ve seen in his world is very different from where you live. You wonder if the Human world plate is like that too.

You’ve gained the STRATEGY stat.
No. 1002998 ID: afe7de
File 162329019330.png - (16.42KB , 500x500 , SR_038.png )

[TEST 2]
The next day saw you playing lots of different games and solving puzzles with your group. Drift and Blitz both really shined in this field and you were all able to solve every puzzle they threw at you. So they threw harder puzzles at you. Then Math Problems, then they gave you some strange, esoteric scribbles to decipher, and that’s where you got stuck. It’s in a language you’ve never seen before, well, considering you’ve only seen two languages that’s not surprising. But your INTUITION speaks to you and after collaborating with the group you report your findings before the end of the period. That this is some language you don’t understand, but that the pattern of the symbols is so random that It’s actually just gibberish and not anything important, that this was a fake test meant to throw you off.

The Instructor’s pencil they were holding snapped and he had a completely incredulous expression on his face. It took a little luck, and a little PRIDE to be able to admit that, even if it was just your INTUITION talking, but the instructor gave you a slow clap and congratulated the three of you for being the first students to get the final puzzle right in the last few years he has a genuine smile on now. He lets you know that you’ll be receiving an award at the end of the tests for your creativity and ingenuity. The end of the day comes, you hug your family, and night falls. Your group is exhausted again and you fall asleep quickly.

Tonight’s dream is more of the same, but it looks like Saba got his first kiss from this Willamina girl. You thought you’d feel that it was icky, but something tells you that you should be happy for him with how sad his life has been going. Now that you think about it, personality wise you’re starting to resemble him. If he’s also having the same dreams as you, but in reverse, he could also be resembling you. Huh, strange. An idle thought comes to you, that you are actually the same person, but you shrug away the thought and continue to dream for now.

Your INTUITION stat has increased
You’ve gained the LOGIC stat

No. 1002999 ID: afe7de
File 162329021029.png - (74.76KB , 500x500 , SR_039.png )

[TEST 3]
The final test is a written one, it’s a rather complex exam all things considered, but given Saba’s studying, and your learning here with Faan, It’s easy. Most of the questions give you the information and you just have to interpret and understand the contents to answer it. Just as you get up to submit your paper you stop, your INTUITION telling you that you missed something, and you scribble something out and fix it. Now you’re done. Everyone else looks at you in shock, even the instructors are surprised it only took you about half the time of everyone else to finish. You can hear the tell tale teeth gnashing of Hook over there as she takes another 10 minutes to complete it. The instructors then hand you and Hook another exam, this one is on the biology of different creatures and these things called MONSTERS. You’ve only got rudimentary knowledge on the subject, so you trust your INTUITION, use your LOGIC, and apply what Saba’s learned of animals in their plate to do your best.

Some of the illustrations are really scary. But you’ve got COURAGE, so you power through it. Pon, Blitz, and Drift all finish around the same time, with around 1/3 of the time remaining. They get handed the extra exam too, but Pon just looks so confused when he gets it. You’re feeling way less confident on this subject, but you submit it as the last few kin are finishing up. Pon rushes up and submits his too, while the instructor walks up and extracts the remaining exams from Hook, Drift, and Blitz. You think Pon just wrote down stuff at random so he wouldn’t fall behind you, but you never know, he has had an interest in monsters lately.

Your last group examination is an oral presentation. You’re given some time and you have to make up a presentation on the spot about anything. It could be about what you learned here, it could be about a dream you had, they give you free reign to discuss any topic as long as it isn’t insulting to anyone there. The three of you have a discussion but eventually decide that they want you to pick the presentation. You’ve shown sound judgment and they trust you. You feel a BOND forming with your partners.

What does your group present?
What is your reward from solving the puzzles?

You’ll be given your aptitudes and your birthday presents after this and then It’s on to year 6 where you’ll get to pick your focus!
For a bonus, how do you feel about the examinations and your partners overall?

No. 1003000 ID: 0fae41

Presentation subject: Eyes: Their varieties, and what each kind is good at - your eagle vision, your night vision, different spectrums...
Reward: A pendant that can record a scene for a couple minutes at a time, with about four or so scenes able to be stored at once for playback. Intended as a study aid, most users dedicate at least one slot to a keepsake locket, and yet another to a to-do list.
No. 1003001 ID: dfbac0

We have to ensure we are not only good, but outstanding. But not too outstanding... Perhaps a presentation that reaches a little past the limits of what we should know at this age, but incorporating something from your dreams, maybe using them to expand upon a subject you already know. Perhaps presenting about more advanced equations that can be used to get faster and easier results to math problems you should know. I can't think of specifics but I feel like expanding on stuff we should know would let it seem like we have creative mind that can think out of the box while also proving our smarts.
A book which you very much do not understand as of now. It's a book on theoretical and fringe physics and how it relates to magic. A book that's a mix of physics and magical theory. Although it's not useful with our limited knowledge now it acts more as a token of faith, that they believe we'll be able to fully understand this book at the rate we're going. We can also study it in our free-time to try and learn it despite our limited knowledge. Who knows, maybe what little we can learn now can effect and help our learning currently, like looking ahead on a test to help figure out earlier problems with new context.
No. 1003003 ID: dfbac0

One thing I should state that we should keep in mind is that the reward will probably be for our group, so it's something the whole group could benefit from, so something like a small trinket might not work as well as it could only be used by one person.
No. 1003004 ID: dfbac0

Footnote: Ask Pon if he has weird dreams, he is your brother so maybe he is having a similar experience.
No. 1003006 ID: 094652

Presentation: A documentary about Humans! They're your favorite exotic subject, and even if you've never seen another human in person you've done research on their worldplate and their culture.
Reward: A field trip to the Human worldplate. (Where you pick up souvenirs that nobody knows the actual value of.)

Partners: You feel neutral about your partners. For some reason, being told that one of them has 'a weak constitution' rings a bell that they won't be an intimate best friend.
Then you realize that doesn't matter. They will be your colleagues throughout your life, and you should treat them with respect, even if you don't particularly like them.
No. 1003007 ID: 49ce3c

Presentation on dreams and language! You assume everyone has a second language from their dreams. Reveal your ENGLISH!

(It probably didnt go good, but you find out someone else in the room knows english, surprising everyone (maybe Hook knows it?)
No. 1003008 ID: 49ce3c

Reward: book on meditation and the effects for a smarter mind
No. 1003021 ID: f8fa51

Presentation on dreams, but not language.

You feel good about working with these people. They're clever like you, but more importantly it seems you work well together, hoop game notwithstanding.

I like the reward of a particularly challenging book or puzzle of some kind.
No. 1003045 ID: c93e10

Don’t give a presentation, give a motivational speech. Tell everyone in the room how they are the future, how it will be by their own deeds that the worldplate will be shaped for all future kids to come, how it is all our deeds that the future will be changed for better or worse and how it is our right, our burden, our gift, and our curse to decide how we want to change it. Let them know that these last few days we have all seen what we’re good at, what we need to work on, and how it is up to choose if we’re satisfied with the results. If you are then be proud that you are where you want to be and if you’re not then work to become someone you can be proud of for you only ever are truly lost when you give up.

Just ham it up and have fun with it, see what your partners want to add and what they want to say. This part of the test doesn’t seem to be graded like the last few so have some fun with it and enjoy your time with your new friends.
No. 1003122 ID: 031458

Your group is really smart! That's cool!
Drift needs to be toughened up though! That's ok, You and Blitz will just have to push him a little.
You three could have what it takes to be the very best!
No. 1003123 ID: afe7de
File 162338194348.png - (86.36KB , 500x500 , SR_040.png )

> Make a presentation on dreams!
You decide the presentation should be about dreams! You’ve had lots of those and talk to the two in front of you about it. Strangely enough when you mention the topic Blitz mentions that he’s never had a dream before. It’s always just inky blackness and feelings. So he’s willing to let you take the lead and provide occasional quips and assistance. Drift on the other hand has vivid dreams about another life. The boy in his dreams is a Beast “Cultivator” But he’s very ill, so his father keeps hunting down treasures but none of them can help the boy. It’s very sad. You and Blitz are interested and you share that you’ve been having dreams about another life too, but about a young boy who dreams of being an “Inventor” with only one person around to support him. You decide to have Blitz open on the topic of dreams, talking about it a little and then letting the two of you take center stage.

First up is Pon’s group. Noodle and Pon just kind of sit back while Hook goes on a big rant about how being royalty makes her better than everyone else in the room, that one day she’ll be the ruler of the world-plate and you all should respect her. Pon’s got this look of fascination on him, but Noodle looks very disinterested. Hook gives you a dirty look at the end and heads off to their corner of the room. You feel your PRIDE telling you to have as much self confidence as that girl does but you bite it down and give it a dirty look. You don’t want to be like that girl.

The other two groups then go up one after the other. The second group talks about shiny things and how cool they are! You agree, shiny things are fun! You’ve got a tiny collection of shiny rocks at home that you’ve found after all. The third group is an absolute mess, their original topic was about eyes, but they somehow ended up talking about food, and then went on for too long and had to get escorted off the stage.

Your group starts next with Blitz at the head. He gives a brief and in depth description of dreams, the unknowns, and how some kin can fortell events or see other lives. It’s a good job and the other kin are rapt with attention. Drift is up next, he goes into a brief story from one of his dreams about a boy in a world full of monsters who is very ill, but is tenacious, refusing to succumb to his illness and training his body. He then wraps it up as a lesson in tenacity and not giving up.

Your turn comes around and you mention the young boy Saba that you see, how even those born with no one around them, being forced into solitude can find PERSEVERANCE and HOPE. You close with the note that Maybe these dreams are real people, or maybe they’re figments of your imagination, but no matter the case, they can provide insights and motivations and are pretty interesting.
No. 1003129 ID: afe7de
File 162338225828.png - (83.44KB , 500x500 , SR_041.png )

You get applause from the audience and even Hook seems surprised. The Instructors seem really pleased with your presentation and teamwork. The instructors tell you that the tests are done and to relax amongst yourselves while they go over the information. The instructors head to a nearby room and for the most part everyone remains in their groups, but Pon and Noodle head over to your group.

Pon: Wow sis that was great! I didn’t know you had cool dreams like that!
You: Do you have any dreams like that Pon?
Pon: No, I wish I did. They seem helpful! Is that why you’re so smart?
Noodle: Ehh, c’mon Pon, let her have SOME secrets, it’d be no fun if you knew everything.
Pon: I guess you’re right. OH! This is Noodle. She’s great!
Blitz: [in Pon’s voice] Yeah! She kicked our tails! I’m surprised you can even do that without wings.
Noodle: Ehh, practice makes perfect. When you live among the birds you gotta figure out how to fly right?
Pon: Oh and this is Hook, she-

He turns around and notices that she’s not there, as a matter of fact she’s not in the room anymore at all. You shrug and look back to Pon.

Pon: I coulda sworn… Anyway, she’s so cool don’t you think!!!
Pon: Real royalty, a real princess!
You: You should be careful, she doesen’t seem like that good of a person.
Drift: I agree, it’s not good to talk about yourself like she did, at least thats what my Pop always says.
Drift: It makes you get an Ego and forget about things other than yourself.
Noodle: Ehh, I’ve been trying to tell them that this whole time, he won’t listen, probably has a crush on her or something.
You: Ughhhhh no Pon, pleeeease.

Pon continues to ramble on about her, you’ll have to talk to your parents about this so he doesn’t become obsessed. Your INTUITION is telling you that this can only end up being a bad thing. An instructor comes out and starts calling the kin one by one. She starts with Hook, and noticing she isn't there, crosses something off of her list, calling you up next.
No. 1003130 ID: afe7de
File 162338227034.png - (69.86KB , 500x500 , SR_042.png )

You enter the room and are led to a seat in front of the main instructor. She’s a falcon with green and yellow beads in her plumage. The falcon then lets you know that your primary Affinity appears to be in the sciences and orthogonal thinking. They would not be surprised to see you become an archaeological explorer in the future. They explore various world-plates for ruins and study them and find uses for the treasures they’ve left behind. Though it comes with risks and you might want to train your body and learn a bit of combat. You could also become a researcher or inventor, a rare breed in the Wing-Kin society, as most prefer to be free in the skies instead of locked up in rooms all the time.

Your secondary affinity is a weak one, but they say you could become a Hunter, potentially even an overseer. Hunters go to different world-plates and deal with Monster and wildlife threats, as wing-kin you will be handling the most dangerous of flying monsters. Overseers are masters of LEADERSHIP and STRATEGY. You are still young and are weak in both categories but seemed to have learned the basics of Leadership in the last presentation. If you want to take this job you’ll need to train in combat.

The falcon hand you a paper and a very thin booklet, stating that the paper is a voucher for your free examination, and that the booklet is a set of 5 puzzles, where each puzzle is a prerequisite for the last, telling you how to open the next page. If you can solve all of the puzzles there’s a reward at the end. But she warns you that it’s much harder than any other puzzle you’ve done before. Only 1 out of every 1000 kin on this world plate can get halfway through it. This is including adults.

You’re flabbergasted, a puzzle that even adults have trouble with, the reward must be great! You store the two items in your vest and thank the instructor as you head out. The rest of the kids get called up and eventually Pon returns, saying his affinity was with the Hunters, that he might end up even being an Overseer. You congratulate him with a hug. Noodle’s affinity was also with the Hunters. Blitz’s surprised no one with a focus on performance and teaching. And Drift’s was in Analysis and Science. It also turns out that the 5 of you were given vouchers, Noodle wouldn’t have gotten one, but Hook left and so hers was forfeit. Drift and Blitz also got a similar booklet to you, only BLITZ’s was YELLOW whilst yours and Drifts were BLUE. You wonder what it could mean, but dismiss it for now.
No. 1003131 ID: afe7de
File 162338228980.png - (92.34KB , 500x500 , SR_043.png )

You feel good about the friends you’ve made today, you worked well together and you even found someone to talk about your dreams with. They’re both pretty smart and that’s cool! Though you think you need to push Drift to toughen up more, you feel like he probably can’t fly as long as you can without breaks.

Your examinations are over
You’ve gained the CHARISMA stat
You’ve gained the LEADERSHIP stat
You’ve formed a BOND with Drift and Blitz
- You can now visit them or have them visit you

You all chat away until your parents come to pick you up, they take you around the capital to various shops and stop by a shop. They hand over quite a few SHINIES and in return are given a bag of these little balls. They give you and Pon each on and tell you to suck on it. You both do so and your eyes go wide. The blood rushes throughout your body and you feel incredibly happy. So happy it should probably be criminal. The taste, it’s so SWEET. It melts on your tongue. There’s a little bit of SOUR there too. You ask Father what it is and he says it’s CANDY. Your parents also have a piece and they look similarly happy. They say its a rare treat from the Human kingdom. They found a way to refine this thing called SUGAR into these little balls. But you’re only allowed to have these on special occasions because they cost a lot. You head home the next day and notice on your flight back that BLITZ, NOODLE, and DRIFT all live in villages kind of close to you. You might see some of them at your SCHOOL.
No. 1003132 ID: afe7de
File 162338230401.png - (108.87KB , 500x500 , SR_044c.png )

[YEAR 6]
A year has passed and you’re having dreams every night of Saba. You’re starting to think there’s something strange about it. You’re gaining skills and knowledge faster and faster now, if this was a normal dream you wouldn’t be absorbing it, and it wouldn’t be this vivid. The thought comes to you, this was you. This was your previous life. But how? Why? You get the feeling you’re nowhere near the end of his life yet in your dreams, he’s only 14 now. Something extraordinary must have happened in his life. You guess you just have to wait and find out. You get the feeling that you’re going to learn a lot of LOGIC and KNOWLEDGE from Saba through his life.

And it’s time to start SCHOOL. You spent the last year on and off with the puzzle book but made no real progress, Pon even tried to help out but you didn’t crack a dent in it. You even tried asking your parents but they were similarly lost. Looks like this is something you’re going to have to devote TIME to. You even visited Drift and Blitz a few times, they’re having similar troubles on their books. In your class there’s a Tiger Shrike named PAWN, NOODLE is also in it. They assigned seats and you got the far back spot near the window. Pon ended up in a class with BLITZ and DRIFT, Faan teaches that class.

KNOWLEDGE and LOGIC will now slowly improve on their own without your input until all of your old memories are absorbed.
- Careful though! The knowledge you get will be mostly of Saba’s World, so if you solely rely on this, you might get strange results!
You’ve gained the CREATIVITY stat

When you arrive at school you’re presented with a lot of information, they start telling you history, and basic science and maths, along with survival skills, basic athleticism, and self defense. It’s honestly quite easy.

One thing you learn is that your World plate is called an ENDPLATE meaning it’s at the end of the known world plates and there’s only one way in or out. Your world plate is called TENGU. QARA TENGU is your capital, and the county that holds your nameless towns is called HADLA. You live in a relatively unknown country in a rural part of all the world plates that is comprised of three world plates: TENGU, DOPUS, and CANUS.

The world plate you are connected to is called CANUS. It’s mostly filled with Beast-kin of the Canine and Canite variety. Canites are a special species of beast-kin with hands for feet. The special thing about this plate is that its about 2x larger than your plate and it’s population is 1/4 human! You want to go to this plate some day and meet the humans there with their strange technology. Your teacher called it Magi-Tech.

That world plate has two exits, one leads to another ENDPLATE called DOPUS, it’s a deep, deep ocean with a single small island on the tunnel entrance. Apparently there’s a race of Aqua-Kin on that world plate but they’re very elusive. Unfortunately your history books don’t tell you where the other tunnel leads to. You assume it must lead to the human kingdom’s main world plate.

You also learn another interesting thing about world-plates, all of them are floating land masses, if you fall off of them long enough, you’ll be teleported randomly to the top of the world, if someone’s following you’ they’ll also get teleported to the same place. But if you try to fly past the top of the world the air starts getting thinner and thinner until you can’t breathe. Neat!
No. 1003133 ID: afe7de
File 162338231238.png - (32.72KB , 500x500 , SR_045.png )

Chose a Focus and a Flaw from the following. Your education will be automated based off of these for the next few years. The Focus stat will receive a bonus and grow faster, the Flawed stat will grow at a slower pace than the rest. And the others will randomly grow! Some might not grow at all in a year. You’ll get to adjust these again with more choices in the future.

A. [LOGIC] Maths, problem solving
B. [KNOWLEDGE] History, Science
C. [ATHLETICISM] Excercise, Basic self defense
D. [INTUITION] Survival, Hunches, guesswork
E. [CHARISMA] Socializing, forming bonds with others
F. [CREATIVITY] Art, invention, and the puzzle book

And now that your brain is developed enough you’ve earned the use of [TIME POINTS] This is a representation of your free time that you can devote to any one thing. Your PERSEVERANCE is high enough that you can’t take on any STRESS at this stage in your life, so you don’t need to devote [TIME POINTS] to relaxing yet. You have [1] Time point that you can devote yourself to doing. In the future you will get more time points, can reduce your total pool by getting a job, etc. Feel free to suggest anything that your character would know they can do, here are some examples:

1. Chose an available STAT you have to be another focus (Can be one you selected as a focus already, but not one you selected as a flaw)

2. Work on a PROJECT like the PUZZLE BOOK
3. Spend time with someone you have a BOND with or forge a NEW BOND
4. Try to learn about something you know nothing about
5. Convincing Pon that liking Hook is bad
6. Get into a fight
7. Other (you decide!)

No. 1003134 ID: 0fae41

+Creativity, -Knowledge. Your past life keeps interfering with your recollection of how this one works.
Train your Logic as another focus in the meantime.
No. 1003135 ID: 894419

I feel an inexplicable affinity for the "Pawn" you should go try to get to know him by FORMING A NEW BOND. Also you should focus on developing your LEADERSHIP!
No. 1003136 ID: e51896

If we want to aim to be an archaeological explorer, lets go with focus on ATHLETICISM, we were told we needed to raise that up a bit

for flaw
F Creativity for now.
Puzzle book I feel should be something that will take most our life to complete :P

Time Point:

Pon got into something really dangerous, but you saved his life!
No. 1003137 ID: 031458

Hmm. Logic, intuition, charisma, and creativity all seem like they will be important, and knowledge is dangerous to flaw...

Though we could rely on saba for logic...

I'll say creativity as focus, logic as flaw.

I suggest devoting some time for mindfulness.
That we get to see so much of Saba's life is surely a gift, but there's so much of it.
He's part of us, but it seems like there may be more Saba than there is Chi. What if one day you lose what makes you... You, in a sea of old memories? That would be so sad...
Find some time for quiet moments, where you can meditate on your life thus far and your dreams to come. What makes you you? What parts of you come from your experiences in this life and what parts come from Saba's life? Find all the pieces. Label, separate, and organize them. This way no matter what happens you will never forget, and the two lives within you can forever work in harmony.
No. 1003139 ID: 094652

Strength: Inutition
Weakness: Knowledge
Ohter: You collect some tools from the other worldplates and practice using them!
No. 1003140 ID: dfbac0

I think we should take that warning to heart and not rely upon Saba's knowledge.
Most certainly creativity, as that is very useful no matter what we decide to do, and it can help with the puzzle book.
I say Logic, Saba's life can teach us that well enough and it isn't directly involved with the dimension you're in.
I really think we should up our Curiosity this early in life, as it will help us when learning a lot, so it's best to up that stat early on. So my vote's on the secondary focus of Curiosity. Though if I had to choose something else it would be the puzzle book.

As for our brother... We should definitely not focus on his relationship. He needs to learn she's bad on his own or else it will not be as striking of a lesson to him. We could also ruin our relationship with our brother that way, we may be charismatic but I'd rather not push our luck.
No. 1003141 ID: 96c896

Focus: Creativity
Flaw: Logic

Use Time talking to Drift, learn some basic Cultivation techniques. Unless he says you need to wait until you're older to start Cultivating, in which case learn to Meditate instead.
No. 1003142 ID: 3f3ebd

Come on guys, if theres one stat we can afford to dump and rely on Saba's memory for, it is elementary school math. Math is famous for being the universal language, worst case scenario this world uses a different shorthand for writing out long division. Dump Logic.

Focus creativity
No. 1003144 ID: f8fa51

+Creativity, -Athleticism

Work on forging a bond with NOODLE
No. 1003161 ID: ce39da

FLAW: Yeah, Saba does offer an excellent alternate perspective, which helps you wrap your head around worldly subjects better. However, it's also becoming clear that his world is completely different from yours, so your [KNOWLEDGE] is suffering because you have to unlearn a good chunk of the more world-specific knowledge you gain from him.

FOCUS: And yet, not all of the unintuitive insights you gain from him are useless. The alternate perspective grants insight and helps inform your [CREATIVITY] to help you really start thinking out of the box.

FREE TIME [1/1]: We should convince Pon that liking Hook is bad. Nip this problem in the bud before the complications start arising.

We did seem to strike a chord with Hook on our talk of past-life dreams... Maybe our intuition isn't telling us she's bad news, but rather that our brother becoming obsessed with her would color our future interactions with her for the worse - that Pon will become a problem (or at least a complication) if we don't stop this? It would suck to have him as an opponent in romance, for sure.
No. 1003180 ID: 7f1230

+creativity, -logic
bond with Noodle
No. 1003193 ID: e2f5cc

+Athleticism, -Logic.
Bond with Noodle
No. 1003207 ID: afe7de
File 162347197838.png - (82.51KB , 500x500 , SR_046.png )

Authors Note: Bonds have been reworked, the first stage of a bond allows you to not only visit them or have them visit you, but also adds a small chance that you’ll get a bonus event featuring them.

You spend your spare time in class doodling in your notebook. At the beginning your drawings were objectively terrible, but you don’t care or know about that. You’re just having fun doodling, putting down your weird ideas, drawing Saba and Willamina, your family members, other stuff like that. You show your parents a drawing one day and they put it on the pantry. It makes you feel nice. Pon thinks your drawing is cool and asks you to make one for him, so you do. You see Saba’s world in your dreams and wonder how they made all those cool things he has. You formulate a few ideas in your head and eventually ask your parents for a journal to keep your thoughts in. Faan has a few extra ones from her job and gives you one.

In study hall you decide to take another crack at the puzzle and learn something SPECIAL about it. The first page isn’t the first page at all, it’s either the last stage of the puzzle or some kind of KEY. You flip the book over to the backside and realize there are some designs and some sort of extremely subtle pattern that you can only see if you bend it in the right kind of light. You notice that they have similarities to the first page But you’re interrupted before you can investigate further. You’ll PROBABLY have to invest TIME into this if you want to make any significant progress.

Your CREATIVITY stat has increased twice!
You’ve figured out a secret of the Puzzle
- Completing the first and last puzzle will now be easier

You don’t devote yourself much in your LOGIC classes. Math is the same even in Saba’s world and it’s incredibly easy for you. So you spend your free time in that class being creative in your journal. At first your teacher scolded you, but you then perfectly solved every problem she put in front of you and she begrudgingly left you alone. Upset that a “Prodigy” like yourself isn’t that interested. But you shrug it off. Your PRIDE refuses to let you feel guilt from your teacher when you so obviously know the subject matter. You continue to have dreams of Saba studying mathematics and Logic puzzles, he’s flexing his brain a lot these days.

Despite neglecting it, your LOGIC stat increased
No. 1003208 ID: afe7de
File 162347199046.png - (50.01KB , 500x500 , SR_047.png )

You devote yourself a normal amount in your other classes, not too much, not too little. You occasionally talk to your classmates but mostly hang out with BLITZ and DRIFT during study hall. The three of you are pretty good at academia, and are ahead of your courses in terms of base intellect. Pon’s also doing pretty well in his classes, he’s really shining in his Athleticism and Survival classes, but is very hesitant when it comes to learning basic self defense, a requirement to becoming a hunter.

One day you arrive in class and are presented with a pop quiz for your SURVIVAL class. You wrack your brain and decide to go with your gut for the answer, it’s material you haven’t covered yet. Unfortunately you failed, but that’s okay because the rest of the class failed too, the teacher said it was a lesson in failing forward, that sometimes you have to fail to succeed. You learned a little about being comfortable with failure and using your intuition in different ways that day.

Your INTUITION stat has increased

> FREE TIME - Befriend Noodle
You decide to spend some time with Noodle after classes every week or so. The two of you go playing around in the park and Noodle shares her favorite game with you. HIDE AND SEEK. She’s really good at it. There are times when she goes into the forest and you can’t find head nor tails for her even with your FLIGHT. It’s a challenge and you find yourself actually enjoying the time you spend with her.

She says that she’s an orphan, but has a really nice foster mom, so she’s not sad about it. In fact she’s happy she can spend time with cool kids like you and your brother. Her full name is NOODLE SNOOT, you think it fits her. You occasionally play games with Blitz, Drift, Pon and Noodle and she joins your little friend group.

You’ve formed a BOND with Noodle
- There is now a small chance that you’ll get a bonus event every year going forward featuring Noodle

> BONUS - A brief aside with Drift
You talk to DRIFT about his cultivation dreams and learn that he can’t actually use the techniques because the boy he mentioned was actually a MONSTER. You learn that those Monsters have these cores or stones inside them called BEAST CORES and when they eat other creatures cores, their body naturally cultivates the energy and they evolve. He calls the monster a HORNED MIST PUMA. He says he might be able to do something if he gets that monster’s beast core. They’re usually kept in the brain stem, but he hasn’t seen or heard of one of them before here on your world plate.
No. 1003209 ID: afe7de
File 162347200279.png - (126.78KB , 500x500 , SR_048.png )

Time passes, It’s fall of the next year but not quite your birthday yet. Its your recess hour and the kids are all out playing. You decide to go for a little flight. You circle around the school and see a group of four kin at the park. One is hunched over on the ground trembling in the fetal position. The other three are standing around him, cornering him on a tree. You see them throwing rocks and being loud. You fly in for a closer look, confused as to whats happening and then you see it. One of the three is PAWN, you remember him from your class. He’s in the back, watching. Then there’s a rather large Vulture in the center, he’s being loud and throwing things. Then there’s the final member, a sparrow, also throwing things and laughing. But then you spot it. The figure on the ground, they’re hurting Pon, bullying him. You feel something you’ve never felt before. Like a small ember in your chest it begins. Your chest feels hot, your mind feels foggy, you feel… Angry. And then you begin to think rapidly of what to do.

Authors Note: Your PERSONALITY is starting to develop and your body is going through changes. Going forward, your stats will occasionally speak up to you, it’s just a representation of your thoughts giving you some advice, not any like weird supernatural or metaphysical thing. The more you use a stat this way, the more often they will speak up and the more likely they’ll be to improve.

[CREATIVITY] - Shout for your brother to stand up for himself while you feint coming in for a tackle.
[COURAGE] - Get in between them and protect your brother.
[LOGIC] - Find a teacher, you’re in the air, there must be one around here.
[INTUITION] - Tackle the big one to the ground. They’ll flee after.
[ANGER] - Hurt Them. Punish them. No one is allowed to hurt your brother.

What do you do?
No. 1003212 ID: 96c896

Tackle the big one and let out a loud screech!
No. 1003214 ID: e6a906

[CREATIVITY] - Shout for your brother to stand up for himself while you feint coming in for a tackle.

Pon needs to learn to defend himself if he wants to be a hunter, we were told he needs to improve his self defense.
No. 1003217 ID: 094652

Courage - You will need this for adventuring. Freezing up during exploration can be fatal.
No. 1003220 ID: f8fa51

CREATIVITY - Your brother needs the self-esteem boost. He's behind you in most ways, and relies heavily on your assistance. He needs a win.
No. 1003221 ID: 2aa5f0

[INTUITION] - Tackle the big one to the ground. They’ll flee after.
No. 1003223 ID: 10211b

No. 1003224 ID: 1df721

This. Go with Creativity.
No. 1003232 ID: e2f5cc

[Anger] - Rip and tear until it is done. Well maybe don't go that far, violence needs to be done responsibly for it to be an effective solution.
No. 1003237 ID: 0fae41

Tackle the big one.
No. 1003268 ID: afe7de
File 162357884119.png - (66.96KB , 500x500 , SR_049.png )

> Shout out for your brother to stand up for himself
> Feint a tackle
You swallow that ember, rejecting it. It fizzles out. You focus instead on the thoughts your Creativity is giving you and you give a loud KAW as you dive towards the larger kin. They turn around and duck as you fly past them and back into the sky. You shout to your brother.

Pon: But I’m scared…
Vulture: This doesn’t concern you girl!

Pon stops shaking, one of the bullies throws a rock at you. You can see Pawn fleeing the scene. He’s stuttering and looks scared. One of the other bullies yells for him to come back when Pon gets up and tackles the larger vulture. You see the sparrow try to pull him off but you dive down and knock him off, pinning him to the ground. You give the sparrow a cold, hard, stare. You can hear the sound of scuffling behind you and a BAP as Pon gets off the Vulture, feathers ruffled but otherwise unharmed. He’s crying. You let go of the sparrow and move to comfort him. The sparrow runs off, terrified. You hear him mumbling that he’s sorry, and calm him down. He thanks you, and promises to defend himself from now on. You nod. Pon is starting to look at you differently, different from a rival, and with respect.

You’ve formed a non familial BOND with Pon
- Your bond with pon will start at rank 3
- There is now a small chance that you’ll get a bonus event every year going forward featuring Pon
- Pon will occasionally suggest an activity for you to do with him
- Pon will occasionally help you on tasks that you are having difficulties with

Your CREATIVITY is proud of you
Your ANGER wishes you got more violent

That night you dream of Saba getting into a fight with Willamina, it’s one sided and he doesn’t stand up for himself no matter how much you scream at him. It seems the topic is on how he refuses to stand up for himself too. You feel sad for him, wishing he had someone like you in his life at the time, at least Willamina is trying to help him change, though you disagree with her methods.
No. 1003269 ID: afe7de
File 162357889153.png - (53.26KB , 500x500 , SR_050.png )

[YEAR 7]
A year passes and the bullies have left Pon alone and things go back to normal. Your classmates shuffle around a little bit. You’re with a different teacher this time, Blitz is in your class and so is Noodle. You’re on track to learn the basics of everything you need so you can learn a trade in a few years. You’re getting older and because of that are now getting a little more FREE TIME as you learn how to properly spend your time not doing things your parents or school wants you to do. As such some new options are opening up to you.

Faan suggests that if you want to do extra well on your exams you could STUDY in your spare time. She’s willing to teach you how and thinks it could really help. Right now you’re ABOVE AVERAGE in class. You excel above the other students in ART, SURVIVAL, and LOGIC. But are only average in KNOWLEDGE, ATHLETICS, and SOCIALIZING. Interestingly enough, Pon has the inverse problem. She’s willing to give you a reward if you excel in all of your classes, but isn’t pressuring you to do so as you’re already a model student.

Draco suggests that you’re old enough to start more focused MARTIAL TRAINING. He heard about what happened with you and Pon and is proud of you for getting him to stand up for himself. If you get good enough, he’s willing to take you hunting in a few years in a nearby world-plate.

Riichi thinks you’ve got a knack for being lucky and wants to teach you the tricks and secrets to gambling and having a poker face. You’ll be able to learn the basics of GUILE. She thinks that if you end up a professional gambler like her, you might have a shot of making it big. She’s willing to give you a reward if you get good enough to beat her once.

You know that Pon will take up one of these offers. You have [2] [TIME POINTS] to spend this year. What do you do in your spare time?

Here are some examples of things you could do:

1. Chose an available STAT and focus on it for the year
2. Do an ACTIVITY with one of your parents
3. Work on a PROJECT like the PUZZLE BOOK
4. Spend time with someone you have a BOND with or forge a NEW BOND
5. Try to learn something new
6. Other (feel free to suggest other ideas! )

No. 1003271 ID: e51896

Focus on athletics for our future as an archaeological explorer

Hook comes to visit Pon.
No. 1003272 ID: e2f5cc

No. 1003273 ID: 094652

Martial Training and Guile - Do the warrior thing!
No. 1003275 ID: d09be1


Focus on knowledge
No. 1003279 ID: ce39da


Secondly, now that we have more sway with our brother, it’s time to ADDRESS THE PON X HOOK SITUATION before it gets too out of hand. (I wouldn’t be adverse to Hook actually appearing for this in some way, though - there’s something about her we might want to sus out in person.)
No. 1003281 ID: f8fa51

Focus on Athletics, and spend some time on the puzzle book.
No. 1003285 ID: 031458

Take up BOTH of our parents offers.

Not only will we get the benefit of new skills but:
MARTIAL TRAINING will naturally boost our ATHLETICS
GUILE will help us out with SOCIALIZING. As gambling as a sport uses the whole brain, we could get some useable KNOWLEDGE out of it too, if we're clever enough to make the connections.

Beats studying the normal way, and is certain to make our parents proud!
No. 1003290 ID: 9db570

Support. Best way to grow both our knowledge and athletic abilities.
No. 1003293 ID: 96c896

Learning how to STUDY is applicable to your entire life. It is a crucial skill. Plus, Saba/Chi's build is mostly mental, let's play to our strengths.

Learn some GUILE. That will be useful no matter what.
No. 1003294 ID: 96c896

Wait, shouldn't SABA know how to STUDY? Did he learn that later in life?
No. 1003310 ID: afe7de
File 162365720090.png - (10.10KB , 500x500 , SR_051.png )

> Shouldn’t SABA know how to STUDY?
Authors Note: He sure does! Though studying is a SKILL that Chi will have to physically practice in order to gain it. You’re feeling the benefits from his studying in the form of your abnormal stat growth. Since Saba knows how to study, picking up the STUDY skill will be way easier and take way less time, but will still require a TIME investment.

> Flaw and Focus
You continue to not devote yourself to your LOGIC classes and still reign at the top of the class. Your teacher heard of this behavior before and doesn’t bother you. You instead just spend your free time in this class napping, working on your journal, or investigating the puzzle book. Your journal is about 1/3 of the way filled. You’ve been packing every page with notes, doodles, and ideas you’ve had, it’s a nice way to relax. You pick up some new techniques and ideas and even do some simple busts of your classmates while you’re bored in class.

Eventually you’re bored in class and decide to mess around with the Puzzle book. The designs and patterns form together to become some sort of cipher or language. You find out that there are extremely subtle indentations and that you can move some of the symbols on the page with your feathered hands. You do so and eventually a very subtle glowing light appears on the page. What a strange book. You wonder to yourself how it’s lighting itself up as a simple book. There must be a trick to it. You spend some time looking at and comparing the cypher with the design on the page you thought was the first one. Unfortunately you don’t get much more free time to go further than this.

Despite neglecting it, your LOGIC stat increased
Your CREATIVITY stat has increased
You’ve figured out a secret of the Puzzle book
- There is a hidden Cypher or Language in the puzzle book
- You now know that deducing it’s contents will also require LOGIC
- It will now be extremely easy to solve the first page

No. 1003311 ID: afe7de
File 162365722097.png - (72.27KB , 500x500 , SR_052.png )

> Other classes
You continue to devote yourself the minimum amount in your other classes and do an alright job. Pon decides to spend time with Faan learning how to STUDY and by the end of the year he’s caught up to you in the classes you were ahead in. He looks a little stressed and tired by the end of the year though.

One day you get put into a group project with BLITZ and NOODLE, you have to make a presentation on the history of your country. Your country is made up of three world-plates: TENGU, CANUS, and DOPUS. Tengu and Canus engage in trade whilst DOPUS is used to mostly collect fish and have a sustainable food source. Noodle knows a lot about CANUS since her family is from there. Blitz knows a fair bit about DOPUS since his grandparents were fisherkin that went there. So you were stuck with researching TENGU. You end up finding out that the Capital was created after technologies in stonecutting and concrete were learned via trade with Canus.

Blitz wants to take the lead on the presentation which causes the two of you to butt heads a little bit but in the end you concede it to him as he is more CHARISMATIC than you or noodle. The presentation goes smoothly enough, but you know it could have been better if you were in charge. That night you have dreams where Saba is researching the biologies of different kin. There’s no such thing as monsters in his world, so you end up getting some good information.

You’ve learned a little bit about LEADERSHIP
- You’ll have an easier time increasing your Leadership stat next time
Your CHARISMA stat has increased
Your KNOWLEDGE stat has increased

> BONUS - Pon gets a letter from Hook
Pon comes rushing in from the living room to your shared bedroom. He’s ecstatic, excited, and overenthusiastic. You ask him what’s the matter and he points to an opened letter in his hand.


You take a look at the letter and it’s more abrasive then that. She says something along the lines of wanting to see how useful Noodle and Pon are and how they’re growing. You guess he could interpret it like that. Though the letter mentions that her brother has business in town too with someone else, you wonder who that could be. You’ve always gotten a weird vibe from her, your INTUITION was basically screaming at you when you saw her the first time. Your brother shows the letter to your parents and they are shocked and let you both know not to upset her, Hook is apparently the first heir in line to inherit the throne of the capital. Her brother is the 8th, but he’s sufficiently more qualified to lead, so you both should be on your best behavior.
No. 1003312 ID: afe7de
File 162365723011.png - (45.44KB , 500x500 , SR_053.png )

> FREE TIME - Train with Draco
You spend every other weekend training with Papa. He’s strict and it’s hard but by the end of the year you’ve both gotten a bit stronger and have learned the basics of self defense from him. A lot of it involves using your wings to change your momentum at a moment’s notice and striking with your legs as they’re strong natural weapons. It’s used mostly to help you escape, but can be used offensively in certain cases.

Papa tells you that these are the basics of the basics and with this you can now learn to use a specific weapon. There are many varieties of weapons out there, but the ones that Wing-Kin primarily use are BOWS, JAVELINS, CLAWS, BEAKS, and SWORDS. He asks you to think over what weapon you want to use if you want to continue training.

Your ATHLETICS stat has increased twice!
Your INTUITION stat has increased
You’ve gained the SELF DEFENSE stat
- Rank one focuses on unarmed self defense
- Higher ranks focus on specific fighting styles
- It’s name will change based off of how you grow your fighting style
You feel like you need to do something specific in order to form a non familial bond with Draco, but don’t know what it is.

No. 1003313 ID: afe7de
File 162365724168.png - (76.29KB , 500x500 , SR_054.png )

> FREE TIME - Gamble with Riichi
You spend the weekends you aren’t training with Papa learning how to be tricky and deceptive from Momma. She says the basics of these games come down to not letting your opponent know what you’re thinking, and sometimes you have to LIE to do it. During your second lesson she tasks you with playing a game involving dice and guessing how many are on the table. Fortunately for you, your LOGIC comes in and lets you know the probabilities and you wipe the floor with her completely before she realizes she should have started with a different game.

Riichi changes up the game to one purely involving deception and chance and you play that throughout the year. You try to rely on your INTUITION but you’re unable to beat her once in the game that way, it’s like she knows what you’re guessing. But, a deal is a deal, you beat her fair and square once, so she awards you 20 SHINIES and a medallion, you feel like you’ve seen it before, but the excitement of having money wins out in the end. You’ve never had any money before so this is exciting!

You’ve gained the GUILE stat
Your CHARISMA stat has increased
Your KNOWLEDGE stat has increased
- The chance of you mixing up knowledge from both worlds is reduced slightly
Your LUCK stat has increased
You feel like you need to do something specific in order to form a non familial bond with Riichi, but don’t know what it is.

No. 1003314 ID: afe7de
File 162365726626.png - (72.77KB , 500x500 , SR_055.png )

[YEAR 8]
Another year passes, the last one was pretty busy. You certainly learned a lot. Your classmates shuffle around again. This time you’re in a class with Pon, Drift, Pawn, and a few other students. Next year’s your last year of grade school education. Then you’ll have a short break and either go to Tengu Academy to further your education and learn a trade or two there, or find someone to apprentice yourself to to learn a trade that way. You’ve also learned that at 16 your parents are expecting you to get a JOB to start financing your independence. You’re free to start earlier if you have the skills, but it will PERMANENTLY REDUCE YOUR FREE TIME since it’s a commitment, but in return you’ll be rewarded SHINIES.

Of course if you find other ways to make SHINIES like Riichi does or move out then you’ll be let off the hook. Faan is busy reworking the curriculum for the next few years, so she’s not free to teach you how to STUDY. But Pon’s willing to teach you what he knows now that he’s at the top of the class if you give him some drawing lessons.

Draco is interested in continuing your MARTIAL TRAINING and getting you used to a weapon, he’s got wooden ones prepared. You’ll get to try them all out, but he wants to know the one that interests you the most for you to start out with from these choices: BOW, JAVELIN, CLAW, BEAK, and SWORD. He says that if you take to the lessons well enough then next year during your break he’s willing to take you out on a hunt to a nearby world-plate.

Riichi wants to help you get the knack of gambling now that you have the basics. She’ll be providing you with 10 SHINIES and wants you to double it against her friend’s kids. They’re more experienced then you, but the challenge will spur growth faster or so she says. She’s willing to take you to the CAPITAL and buy you something that costs up to 50 SHINIES and whatever you’ve won if you succeed.

Hooks visit is coming up, you have to voluntarily chose to spend TIME with her and your brother when she visits, or you could leave them to their devices. It’s up to you. You also hear murmurs of the other kids planning a trip to the lake for a week-long camping/survival trip after classes end next year, but it’s just rumors at this point.

You have [2] [TIME POINTS] to spend this year. What do you do in your spare time?

1. Focus on an available STAT
2. Do any of the presented ACTIVITIES
3. Work on a PROJECT like the PUZZLE BOOK
4. Forge a new BOND or spend time with someone you have a BOND with
5. Find places to spend your SHINIES
6. Other (suggestions welcome)

No. 1003315 ID: 4d8b77

That puzzle book seems like a big deal, so we should definitely focus on it. Something so hard to solve must be an in to the kind of places you can really make waves.
No. 1003316 ID: e51896

Learn studying from Pon for drawing lessons

Form bond with hook
No. 1003317 ID: 96c896

Learn how to STUDY from Pon.
Finish the first page of the PUZZLE BOOK.
Hmm, since both of those are "easy" tasks, would they only take 1 time slot between them?
If so, we can do some more of Riichi's ACTIVITY to increase GUILE.
No. 1003318 ID: 96c896

Can we switch our Focus and Flaw yet?
No. 1003319 ID: afe7de

Authors Note: If at least 3 suggestors want to change the Focus and Flaw I'll allow the change. I was originally going to wait until Year 10 to change it, but that's silly if people wanna change it now.
No. 1003323 ID: ce39da

We're going to enter adolescence at some point, and since we bought the "REUNITE: CHILDHOOD" option, I think we need to kick Operation: Find Fren into overdrive.

SPEND TIME WITH PAWN. You're not sure you like how he was standing by and watching as those bullies picked on your brother, but he somehow reminds you of that Willamena girl. Maybe he was also trying to toughen your brother up? Or maybe he wasn't actually involved and only came over to see what was happening because he and Pon have really (and I mean really) similar names?

SPEND TIME WITH PON AND HOOK. This weird feeling about Hook is for a reason, you think, though you'll need to investigate her further to figure out its exact nature. Your INTUITION also told you that leaving Pon to his own devices with her would be really bad... So go to them, both to make sure nothing bad happens and to get closer to Hook yourself so you can figure out what your gut is trying to tell you about her.

... Maybe you should ask her about her dreams at some point?
No. 1003325 ID: f8fa51

Learn studying, spend time with Hook.
No. 1003329 ID: 094652

Increase Logic (this time), Spend Time with Hook (See if you can impress her with your "I wanna be your guard knight" skillz).
No. 1003330 ID: e51896

We got the Group Adolescent BOND , not the childhood bond. we should be fine: >>1002771
No. 1003331 ID: ce39da

Oh, right. I forgot that suggestion went through.

I'm changing my votes to LEARN STUDYING and SPEND TIME WITH PON & HOOK. (I still think leaving them to their own devices would be bad.)
No. 1003334 ID: 6c227a

oh to be a gifted and talented kid who actually learned good study skills and perseverance from a young age as well. The things such a person could accomplish.
No. 1003345 ID: 0fae41

Okay, your LOGIC has the potential to go far, not just keep up effortlessly. Switch that to a focus, it will help with the grunt work of the puzzle. Switch flaw to Guile.
Time: Puzzle, spend time with Noodle!
No. 1003347 ID: 031458

I think we should continue MARTIAL TRAINING, namely that of the SWORD.
Sword training takes YEARS to learn properly, but once we do we'll be extremely formidable and will have a solid base to more easil pick up most other martial techniques.
Therefor, we should start early.

As for the other martial techniques:
Claw or Beak would let us dominate any childhood fights, but any martial training will put us ahead of the average kid...
Javelin would be the fastest to pick up and use, but it's limited in utility outside of normal hunting. If we were to decide to run away from home early this would be the one to take, but I don't see that happening...
Bow is easy to learn and hard to master. Another one we would want to start early. It doesn't train as many secondary combat skills as swordsmanship does, though.

Don't change focus just yet.
No. 1003350 ID: a49cfd

Weapon-wise, we need a melee option.
If we plan on spending time to train on two weapons, I'd say BOW and CLAW.
Otherwise, SWORD can be fine too.
No. 1003360 ID: afe7de
File 162375785545.png - (57.02KB , 500x500 , SR_056.png )

You go through your LOGIC classes per usual, you’re at the top of the class and the teacher tries a new tactic, giving you the year’s assignments ahead of time. She says if you manage to finish them all correctly then you don’t have to attend the class for the rest of the year. You personally take up that challenge and dedicate yourself for an entire month to finish it all, you feel PROUD of your accomplishment. Unfortunately, your dreams of Saba don’t help you grow your LOGIC this year. Instead you learn more about the continents of the world and wars. It’s pretty brutal. They use complicated machinery and explosives. You fear if those weapons were used on the TENGU WORLDPLATE your kin wouldn’t survive.

Your teacher looks over your paperwork and confirms the contents, you’re good to go. For your Creative class your teacher starts getting you to do some more detailed drawings. Getting you to practice REALISM. You get some good experience and you can do some basic sketches. Your teacher is proud of you at the end of the year and lets her know that you’ve reached the limit of what she’s able to teach you. The rest is up to you to practice. Maybe you could get a new teacher in the CAPITAL. She lets you know that if you’re ever looking for work, Illustrators are hard to come by.

Due to a special event, you’ve gained [1 TIME POINT]
This [TIME POINT] is temporary and will only last for the next two years
Your CREATIVITY has increased to the limit of what your public education is able to give.
You’ve learned the REALISTIC DRAWING skill
Your KNOWLEDGE has increased
You’ll be given a chance to reset your FLAW and FOCUS for your final year in grade school
Your PRIDE has increased

Your classmates nominate you to make a banner for your class given your art skills and creativity. You go around instead and delegate, showing different students different tasks they can do to support you as you illustrate the main banner. The result pleases you and your classmates feel proud that they could be a part of this.

Your LEADERSHIP stat has increased
No. 1003361 ID: afe7de
File 162375787601.png - (68.11KB , 500x500 , SR_057.png )

> FREE TIME - Learn to Study and Puzzle book just a little
You and Pon take time on the weekends to learn studying and for you to teach him the finer points of drawing. He’s been struggling with making the basic forms of characters in a scene and perspective. You give him a few pointers and spend the days correcting his mistakes and praising his successes. In the meantime Pon shows you various mnemonics, word associations, and memorization techniques. A few of these are new and different from Saba’s cold hard absorption. You think he was born with an eidetic memory or something.

You both make good progress throughout the week and once you’ve both gained each others teachings have a little free time. So the two of you take a crack at the Puzzle book. With your combined effort you both manage to complete the first page. You think that the cypher has some sort of application outside of the puzzle book, but don’t even know where to begin with it.

At the conclusion of your tutoring Pon warns you about the dangers of studying too much. He’s been really stressed lately and will need to relax more in year 9.

You’ve learned the STUDY skill
- Studying will greatly increase your chances of passing EXAMS, TESTS, and TRIALS
- In the future you can spend TIME to study a single topic or multiple topics
-- Studying a single topic will treat a STAT as if it was a FOCUS with a 1.5x multiplier
-- And will allow you an easier time when trying to surpass any soft limits on a stat (like CREATIVITY’s current limit)
- Studying multiple topics will increase passive stat growth by 1.5x
- Studying has a small [15%] chance of inflicting STRESS [60%- 5x(PERSERVERENCE BONUS)]

STRESS: Everyone handles stress differently, with your high perserverence you handle it the best. While you have 3 or less stress you are fine. Gaining 4 or more stress will will cause a 5% chance for EVERY ACTION to generate more STRESS, increasing the percentage by 10% for every stress past 4.

Gain more than 6 stress and you have a chance of acting erratically or strangely in any action or event. Gain too much stress and something bad will happen.

Your stress limit is 3 + your PERSEVERANCE and is maxed out at 12. You can take the REST free time action to reduce your stress by half or 4, whichever is higher. Or you can DOUBLE REST and fully clear out your stress.

No. 1003362 ID: afe7de
File 162375788834.png - (101.33KB , 500x500 , SR_058.png )

> FREE TIME - Hook comes to the Village
It’s the day on the letter. You, your family, Noodle, and her brother are all waiting near the schoolhouse. They call this area the town hex, since its in the middle of the 6 small villages of the HADLA county that the students call home. Two guards land in front of you, you didn’t even notice their approach. One is holding a spear, the other has some sort of horn. The one with a horn blows into it and a loud booming noise plays.

Guard A: Announcing her royal princess 1st to the throne Hook De Wellington Rondalphus and the royal prince 8th to the throne William De Mare Rondalphus.

Two more guards land in the forest behind the first guards and you see Hook looking older and slightly more regal land. Followed by a rather tall Cockatoo with feathers covering an eye. He eyes the surroundings, looking at each of your family members present before stopping and looking directly at you.

Your feathers start to ruffle a bit involuntarily. Your heart starts beating quickly, and your legs feel the desire to quiver. But your COURAGE sticks up for you and you do your best not to show it outwardly. Your mind is a mess right now, your INTUITION wants to tell you something, but it cant, instead something deep, deep inside of you is. And it’s that this bird. Is very, very, VERY, attractive.

Hook proceeds to talk to you all, she continues to act pretty haughtily, but it’s a bit more different from before, targeted, like a blade. It’s blunt now, but you feel with years it will have more of a surgical precision. She announces that she’s at the top of her class in her education and that she’s also got basic mastery of claws and daggers. She then asks for all three of your grades and martial prowess.

Noodle replies that she’s been learning the spear and has already understood the basics of spearmanship. Her grades are only so so, excelling specifically in survival but showing average results everywhere else. Disappointed, she dismisses Noodle and Noodle slithers away, obviously hurt. You can see William give a frustrated glare at Hook that she ignores.

Pon looks on in confusion and tries to speak up when a guard silences him.

Guard B: Speak only when spoken to, you are in the presence of royalty!

Hook continues, asking Pon about his grades and martial prowess. He responds that he’s the top of his class in all subjects sans Art. And that he’s started training in basic self defense this year. Hook grumbles but assents that that’s better then Noodle.
No. 1003363 ID: afe7de
File 162375790354.png - (74.06KB , 500x500 , SR_059.png )

She motions for him to stay and then comes up to you. But before she can speak William comes up and speaks instead. His voice is smooth, practiced, and silk to your ears. But something familiar chimes in about it that you can’t quite tell. And his plumage, it almost sparkles.

William: The name’s William, same questions as before, but I’ve got another one after.
William: Ah, and I’m above average in all grade school topics and have reached intermediate competency in the bow.

You respond, stuttering a bit before catching yourself and responding more confidently. 3rd in class rankings, more skilled in Art and Logic than others in the class without the need to study. Above average in everything else. You’ve also finished basic self defense but haven’t trained in any weapons yet.

William: Good, Good. Makes sense from what ol short and haughty over here said.
Guard B: Prince, do not disrespect your older sister.
Hook: It’s fine.
William: Right, right. Anyway, my question. The name Hadlee mean anything to you?

Suddenly the world stops and you can feel things freeze. Your mind suddenly feels like an egg, and that there’s something inside trying to poke itself out. But it’s not time yet, so you just get a headache instead.

Of course you know the Hadlee name, that’s Saba’s last name. And then it clicks , it’s YOUR former last name, you only had an inkling that this was true a few years ago, but now you [UNDERSTAND] this to be true. But how could he know that name? You never mentioned it, and only said Saba’s name during that presentation. Did he mispronounce HADLA? What’s going on? Something inside of you is trying to [UNDERSTAND] what’s going on. But that same headache comes back. Time starts to move forward again and your mind works enough to give you some advice, and there’s some thoughts you’ve never had there that pop up too.

[CREATIVITY] - Hadlee? Like the Human magitech guild in CANUS? You’re not lying, you’re fishing for info.
[LOGIC] - Hook heard you mention Saba, He has business here, Is his business you? Extending that logic, is this someone from your past life? He disrespected Hook, is that a good or bad thing? Too many variables. There are guards, but they care more about Hook it seems, play it straight, nothing bad should happen.
[GUILE] - Lie for now, be wary of the guards.
[DESIRE] - Hold Back, Play hard to get, give an I might, who’se asking. Boys love it when you’re mysterious!

How do you respond?
No. 1003365 ID: 094652

Use your... intuition... to catch him off guard.
In fact, tell him that you are a distant member of the Hadlee family between squeals and he'll think you'd say anything to get a date with him.
No. 1003366 ID: ce39da

You're a LOGICAL being, no matter what life. Play it straight, but don't overdo it to the point that others question what's going on. (Don't let your emotions get to you; if this is who you think it is, you hardly need to do anything for the two of you to get together.)

"Yes, I know that name very well. Is this about the presentation I gave a few years ago?" Glance around nervously and use other wordless cues to flex your GUILE at him a little bit, too, to try and send a hint that the two of you shouldn't be flinging TMI around in the presence of those who are not in the know unless you collectively want to have to answer some tough questions.
No. 1003368 ID: 735290

No. 1003369 ID: dfbac0

To me, this is obviously a no-brainer, which is funny given the answer is using your brain.
LOGIC: Play it straight and buy time, you need to process this information, a small drop of that name could mean anything, from perhaps someone using your speech in a book, or maybe Hook mentioned it which means she holds more respect for you than you thought, or maybe he's had dreams as well... Either way, play it straight and process the information.
No. 1003378 ID: 3765ac

Until five minutes ago he was the boy of my dreams.
No. 1003383 ID: e2f5cc

No. 1003384 ID: 96c896

Ok, looks like Hook and William are our buds. They sure lucked out on the royalty roll huh?

Let's ride the Logic train a bit further.
>disrespected Hook
He's being overly familiar, and she didn't mind at all. They're friends.
>asking about Hadlee directly
>his name's William, like Willamina
>Hook vanished immediately after the Saba presentation
You're not the only one with a past life. They're from Saba's world too. How do they know Saba Hadlee though, was he famous or something...?

Tell him that's Saba's last name, and ask if it's ok to be talking about this out in the open?
No. 1003389 ID: abc174


Lets have a little fun with this and have a little bit of our past life spill into this life and mention how you have dreams of being a ln expert DUNGEON CRAWLER but then quickly correct yourself and say you meant travle different world plates as a archaeological explorer

But something important we need to do: first available chance: LOOK FOR NOODLE! I think she feels betrayed by having her old friend Hook dismiss her, and to a lesser extent, Pon for not standing up for her. We need to find her and let her know you're there for her and wont abandon her. We cant have her crying now.

Once you find the opportunity, ask William of you can be excused for about 10 minutes, as what he said about Hadlee left you with a lot to think about and you really need to get your thoughts together.

Then, look for Noodle and comfort her.
No. 1003391 ID: f8fa51

LOGIC - Let's play this straight. I don't see any advantage to getting caught up in a web of lies here. At most, play it close to your chest without lying.

And I agree that we should try to go find Noodle. Past lives or not, she's our friend here and now, and that matters.
No. 1003401 ID: 5e9c45

"Have you heard about the Locked Ankh door?”
No. 1003405 ID: 96c896

...man, how did they get ahead of us? Well, it's possible we could've matched Hook if we'd picked STUDYING last year and continued martial training this year. Must be because of the time we spent on the book and guile. Also I guess we could've spent some time improving a stat instead of hanging out with Noodle.

Seems like William went all in on martial training? Plus bonus charisma, I think. Or he just got good genetics.
Oh. William isn't Willamina though. That's gotta be Marth, because he's got a Powerful Physique. Hook is short!
No. 1003408 ID: e51896

> Also I guess we could've spent some time improving a stat instead of hanging out with Noodle.

Don't feel bad about it. After all, friendship is just as important as our self growth, maybe even more.
No. 1003409 ID: a49cfd

Just nod, say nothing further.
No. 1003413 ID: 96c896

Alternative theory: William is Willamina, and Hook isn't one of our group at all, just one of William's family members who happens to be extra gifted. This would be supported by Chi's INTUITION not pinging like crazy in regards to Hook, only William. In that case it's likely Hook reacted to the mention of Saba and left because William told her about his dreams. Or maybe she just left because she was sick of the presentation stuff? Also it feels like it'd be difficult to form any kind of Bond with Hook.

This would imply we have yet to meet Marth's new identity. Makes sense actually, we're not Adolescent yet so there's still time to meet them, and it's pretty unlikely for both Marth and Williamina to have hit the Royalty roll...
No. 1003421 ID: e2ce85

I don't know if this is intuition or logic, but it definilty shortcuts a lot of drama.
No. 1003424 ID: 864e49

William is definitely Willamina, even the hair matches.
Hook is definitely not Marth.

[LOGIC] - Ask if the name Willamina means anything to him.
No. 1003443 ID: ff2827

Intuition: Just blurt out “Hot.”
No. 1003477 ID: afe7de
File 162392199042.png - (65.75KB , 500x500 , SR_060.png )

You’re still pretty shaken and accidentally sputter out a “Hot” Because of your Intuition. He smiles in response and waits for your actual response. Your face flushes, you cough, laugh a bit, and then respond in a more logical manner.

> Locked Ankh door [LOCKED]
You can’t say that yet, you don’t remember it!

You: Um, yeah. He’s the boy in my dreams? Is this about the presentation?
You: Does the name Willamina mean anything to you?
William: Ah, good, we’re on the same page then.
William: Here, read this in private later.

He hands over a letter to you. It’s sealed with the symbol of the Tengu royal family. You pocket it in your fluff for later and he walks up to Draco. William pulls out a bag of Shinies and holds it up to him.

William: I would like to train under you for a bit.
William: You being the former captain of the guard and now a World-Plate HUNTER I feel like I would be remiss to waste this opportunity while I’m young.
Draco: Wait your business was with me?

William nods, Draco mulls it over before taking the SHINIES. They negotiate a bit and figure out lodging. Hook seems bored, waves, says “See you at the Academy” And flies away. 5 guards follow her, with only one being left behind for William. You’re still in shock from all of this, former captain of the guard? World-Plate Hunter? You knew your Papa went to other world-plates and that he hunts but not that he was a HUNTER. Maybe that’s why he encouraged your combat lessons? The two head off to a nearby restaurant, with the guard following behind. He gives the rest of you a bow before leaving. Pon looks disappointed in the brevity of the visit, mumbling about wanting to actually talk with Hook.

You look to the restaurant and see a sign that says a meal for two is only 8 SHINIES. You make a mental note of that for later.

You can now chose to spend SHINIES by inviting someone to have a meal at the restaurant. This counts as a REST activity and could boost your BOND with whoever you bring.
No. 1003478 ID: afe7de
File 162392218583.png - (88.05KB , 500x500 , SR_061.png )

> Check on Noodle
You fly around for a little bit, splitting off from your parents to find Noodle, she’s brooding under the giant bug in the park. Her brother is sitting on the bench looking frustrated. You try to approach but get a loud “GO AWAY” as you do.

[COURAGE + CHARISMA] Be strong, comfort her, don’t be scared

You decide to approach anyway, she glares at you and you sit down next to her. You shit talk Hook a little bit and how she left without so much as another word to Pon, arguably her biggest fan. She chuckles at that and the two of you talk for a little bit. You say if she really wants to prove Hook wrong, to study and kick her butt later. She’s only at basic competency in her weapons after all. She’s feeling better at the end of it and you feel a little closer to Noodle. She confides in you that she wishes she was as SMART as you, but studying is just so hard. You get the idea that you could TUTOR her if you wanted. You do have some more free time now after all.

Your BOND with NOODLE has increased to rank 2
- Noodle will occasionally suggest activities for you to do with her

That night you see Papa and William practicing in the field behind your house. It looks like William isn’t taking any breaks and is treating this seriously. The way his feathers ruffle in the wind, his skill with the bow, you lose focus for a few minutes watching him until he notices you and waves. You hide in your room, embarrassed, feeling fuzzy inside. You decide to read the letter under candlelight that night.

We’re similar, you and I. I see an orphan, angry and stressed, who cares deeply about another child thats so focused and logical.
While you see a sad young boy, trapped in his head by logic, the same boy the orphan cares for.
I feel there might be a kinship between us, and have discovered something you might have not.
There’s a practice from another world-plate, it’s called MEDITATION, it allows one to focus their mind for a period of time.
One can meditate on a variety of topics, and sometimes see results.

I would recommend you meditate on the young boy. You might be surprised by what you see.

P.S. There’s at least one other member of the royal family that also sees someone in our age group, and he’s not one you want to anger.
He’s a womanizer, so unfortunately you might have to deal with him anyway. Be wary of Ignis.
P.S.S. If I’m wholely off base, my apologies, please disregard this mail.

Signed, William De Mare Rondalphus

Below that is a guide to simple meditation, it has some breathing exercises and helpful tips on how to not just fall asleep during it.

You’ve learned the MEDITATE skill
- you can now take free time to MEDITATE on a topic or in GENERAL
- If you’re ever stuck on something, try MEDITATING on it

No. 1003479 ID: afe7de
File 162392223595.png - (54.53KB , 500x500 , SR_062.png )

Draco is busy training William, but is still willing to train you while William is here. He says that sparring with another at a similar stage can lead to growths in comprehension, but also says that you should figure out what you want to do in your spare time for yourself. (You’ll need to chose a weapon or weapons to practice if you chose this)

Riichi’s challenge is still available for you to take. She says it will improve your GUILE and give you a good chance to get something cool from the CAPITAL.

Noodle could use some TUTORING, this could be a chance to help her out and guarantee she makes it to the Tengu Academy. From how she talks about it she believes she has a low chance of making it in to Tengu Academy at this rate. She’ll be very grateful for your help.

You’ll also need to chose a new FLAW and FOCUS for your final year of grade school, please pick from the following subjects that are being taught:

A. [LOGIC] Maths, problem solving
B. [KNOWLEDGE] History, Science
C. [ATHLETICISM] Excercise, flight speed, how you apply your strength
D. [SELF DEFENSE] How well you defend yourself
E. [INTUITION] Survival, Hunches, guesswork
F. [CHARISMA] Socializing, forming bonds with others

You have [1 TIME POINT] remaining. What do you do in your spare time?

1. Focus on an Available STAT
2. Do an ACTIVITY with someone else
3. Work on a PROJECT like the PUZZLE BOOK
4. Use a Skill
- Available Skills
[REALISTIC DRAWING] - Make a few art pieces, maybe one will be worth something
[MEDITATION] - Meditate on a topic or in general
[STUDY] - Can study a topic or in general. Has a small chance of gaining stress, but increases stat growth and helps you pass important exams.
5. Forge a new BOND or spend time with someone you have a BOND with
6. REST or invite someone to the Restaurant
7. Other (suggestions welcome)

No. 1003480 ID: 094652

Focus: Charisma
Flaw: Knowledge
Try out Meditation. Think about the system of government that's in the current textbooks, and compare it to Saba's country's government. Is there something you're not seeing? Something that, when taken out of the patriotism and trust and placed in the context of real-world situations, doesn't add up?
No. 1003483 ID: e51896

Lets train with DRACO and WILLIAM, and learn how to effectively use our CLAWS as weapons. We are behind the others on this skill.

BUT ask Draco if NOODLE can get training from him with us too.

No. 1003489 ID: f8fa51

Focus Logic, Flaw Self-Defence

Meditate on Saba. Let's go with William's suggestion for now.
No. 1003491 ID: 50af53

That's a great idea. I'm down with that.
However, it's the third child in a row that's asked and I don't want to irritate him. He'll probably need need convincing.
No. 1003492 ID: 50af53

And also lacks wings that the three of you have.
No. 1003494 ID: 755453


This, except lets have our flaw be INTUITION instead of CHARISMA.

And I prefer sword instead of claw, but claw is my second choice.

Im probably against bringing Noodle, since it might mean our weapon learning wont be as effective if Draco is focusing on teaching both us and Noodle
No. 1003497 ID: ce39da

I think we have "enough" social skills, at least for this stage of our life. Let's throw ourselves into training.


If we really can use our focus to learn a fighting style (and thus don't need to spend free time on it), I think it's time to MEDITATE ON SABA. We'll have plenty enough free time in our final year to cram with Noodle (among other things; fulfilling one or both of our parents' pending challenges would be nice).
No. 1003500 ID: dabf33

Focus Logic, Flaw knowledge. And help Noodle!
No. 1003503 ID: afa6f6

Focus: Self defense
Flaw: Intuition

Train Claws, though I personally think Javelins would be cool. Not going to try to split the vote though, maybe after claws. It still a type of spear so it has some melee use, and a ranged weapon would probably benefit a flier.
It wouldnt hurt to ask Draco if Noodle can come with, even if he says no, we can make the effort.
No. 1003504 ID: 96c896


Meditate, in general.
No. 1003508 ID: 031458

Focus: Self-Defense (+Sword Training if available)

Flaw: Charisma

Tutor Noodle.
No. 1003513 ID: dfbac0

Logic, hands down. I don't know why but I feel we really need to focus on that, perhaps we can go far with that stat as well, so I want to put a lot of focus into it.
You fools! This is a trick question! You should obviously choose creativity, there's nothing left to learn with that, so it's a free flaw.
Meditate on Saba Hadlee
No. 1003554 ID: 03c8aa

Changing vote.

Meditation (we were told to do this early in our life for Karma) otherwise, if people choose self defense training with Draco, claws (if we have a sword, our wings wont be free. Claws let us attack while flying)

Focus: logic
Flaw: creativity (only if possible) otherwise, charisma

Next year, we'll focus on self defense with Drago, or meditation (depending on which option wins this year) and then help Noodle study.
No. 1003564 ID: 031458

I'd be willing to change my vote flaw from charisma to creativity so long as we can flaw something else next year.
No. 1003596 ID: afe7de
File 162400306083.png - (94.18KB , 500x500 , SR_063.png )

> FREE TIME - Meditate on Saba
You were very heavily torn on what to do with your free time the rest of the year. You almost decided to train with Papa and William, but at the last moment changed your mind and decide to take William’s Advice. You try this MEDITATION thing. And at first, nothing happens. Then the next day you try, nothing happens. You think you’re doing it wrong so you keep trying. After about a week of effort you actually succeed in focusing your mind. You think of the young man, SABA HADLEE. He’s 16 now and is nearing the end of HIGH SCHOOL. You see WILLAMINA, Huh, she’s covering her right eye like William does. But then your focus spreads and you see images, sequences, flashes of memories, like you’re looking at an overview of Saba’s memories.

There’s a lot to go through, looks like Saba’s life was around 65 years in totality. Now that you’re looking at the memories like this, it looks like you were originally going to absorb all of them in totality by about age 18. But now, you have a good idea of the bigger picture, you think that you can shave that down to 16 by being a bit more selective and speeding through some parts whilst still maintaining full comprehension. You skip to the end, curious about what happened. You try to see his moment of death, but there’s static, a bunch of Eyes. Every time you open that memory it automatically closes. But there’s some moments after that somehow. It’s an inky black void, but you can’t [UNDERSTAND] anything that happens and after a few moments the memory closes. It must not be time yet.

You feel like if you could [UNDERSTAND] things better or maybe if your CONSCIOUSNESS was more developed you’d be able to remember more. But you guess that will just come with time and a full absorption. By the end of this meditation session you’ve skipped around and seen snippets of your prior life. Something happens to his world when he’s 25, then something happens to him at 28, something tragic happens when hes 38, and something miraculous but very late happens when he’s 40, but you decide not to rush it for now and instead sift through his memories up to age 24 for the rest of the year. There’s a lot to go through, and you’ve got time.

> A brief history lesson
During your time sifting through the memories you get CURIOUS, what’s the government like in Saba’s world compared to yours, so you sift through the memories of his first 24 years a bit and you notice a few things. First that SABA seems to be an exception to the norm when it comes to KNOWLEDGE and LOGIC. And that the education system in his world was TERRIBLE. Sure, they had better technology, but it seems that most kin were generally worse off, were not trained in a trade until their 20s, and weren’t given basic survival or financial skills in their education. Almost like the world leaders were trying to keep the masses stupid and poor. Lots of them were in student debt, even SABA was, but he became a PROFESSOR due to his excellent intelligence in the sciences and this let him pay it off. There’s also no Monsters in his world as of yet, just these things called MEGAFAUNA, apparently they gave birth to the KIN and HUMANS thousands of years before he was born. But Saba always looked at it like it was a religion and not actual history.

At least here TENGU education is valued and they push education on the young and start them on a trade at age 10, thus preparing them for life in the future no matter where they go. Education at the TENGU ACADEMY is FREE, however the examination is strict and costs SHINIES. But this amount of SHINIES is relatively small in comparison to the large amounts charged in Saba’s FAUNUS, that’s another thing that strikes you as odd. Apparently the World-Plates as a collective in your world are also called FAUNUS. The FAUNUS world-plates are how your textbooks described them.
No. 1003597 ID: afe7de
File 162400312399.png - (164.89KB , 500x500 , SR_064.png )

You do a little digging and learn that the TENGU ACADEMY was founded 128 years ago to nurture new generations. Apparently the major export of QARA TENGU is their Wing-Kin hunters and a variety of meats and fish. Your land isn’t rich in many natural resources and the only archaeological ruin that has been found here has already been excavated. The fish and meat are of high quality and tend to have these stones in them with slight natural healing properties on non Wing-Kin and are decently valued. But the CURRENT QUEEN isn’t enamored with massive wealth, and instead cultivates them normally, occasionally selling and trading for technologies from MARA CANUS, the capital of the CANUS world-plate.

Once Humans from a foreign world-plate tried to demand and threaten the monarchy, but were swiftly taken down due to the air superiority and speed of the Wing-Kin Guards. Since then, humans occasionally come by and are treated respectfully, but apparently it was too much of a hassle for them to make flying devices and come en-masse when they could just fish in the DOPUS world-plate at a slightly smaller efficiency. Saba’s Faunus had a variety of governmental styles in it’s world. Midland, where Saba lived is a Democracy with elected officials.

TENGU is a Wing-Kin Monarchy. The QUEEN makes the major decisions and helps influence the direction of Tengu’s growth. The KING is a lesser seat of power, they defer to the queen for the most part unless they’re given explicit permission to do otherwise. Some usually say that the King position is like that of an ADVISOR and GUARDIAN. They’re usually quite CHARISMATIC, can function as the leader of an army if needed, and must be MARTIALLY SKILLED. But are ultimately chosen by the QUEEN in the end. New Queens are selected by the previous Queen’s Exams when the old Queen is ready to hand off the throne. The Queen must be the most intelligent and Qualified Wing-Kin possible, typically this is someone of the royal line as they have the advantage in status and resources, however the new queen can be selected of normal birth.

There’s lots of info about if the Queen dies, if the king dies, who is in charge while they pick the new queen, what happens to the heirs to the throne when a queen is picked, etc, but your KNOWLEDGE is lacking and you can’t remember the rest. One thing you did note was that the King is typically not chosen from the royal bloodline, to prevent inbreeding and mental diseases. You wonder why Monarchies in Saba’s world didn’t do this, it seems obvious enough to you.

You now know without a doubt that you are the reincarnation of SABA HADLEE
Your comprehension of your memories has been shortened by two years as a one time bonus from your first Meditation
If you chose to meditate on yourself in the future you can search for specific memories
Your mind has not fully developed, you’re not ready to [UNDERSTAND] things
- You get the feeling this will change during year 10
A ripple goes out through your CONSCIOUSNESS
Your CURIOSITY stat has increased
Your KNOWLEDGE stat has increased
You get the feeling that Meditation can reduce STRESS

No. 1003599 ID: afe7de
File 162400318918.png - (47.94KB , 500x500 , SR_065.png )

[YEAR 9]
It’s your last year of GRADE SCHOOL. Your dreams have been more focused lately and due to your meditation you’ve just reached year 24 of Saba’s life. You’ve decided to focus on new things this year, learning all that your teacher could offer you in your art classes.

You decide to pay more attention in your self defense classes, you’re interested in learning the SWORD and CLAW, but apparently the SWORD is something you’d have to ask for lessons for from DRACO, If you don’t know the basics they can’t help train you in it unfortunately. So you chose to practice the CLAW instead.

You refuse to slack in your Art classes, it’s fun and you have too much PRIDE in your CREATIVITY, so instead you become just a bit more anti-social, following in Saba’s footsteps. You don’t really pay attention to who is in your class with you this year as a result.

It’s the beginning of a new year, the grass smells great, the cold is gone, you wonder about this thing called SNOW from Saba’s memories, you’ve never seen it, but it probably exists in other world-plates. William is still here, apparently he’ll be staying until a little, training up until right before your classes graduation. His guard can be frequently seen in the tavern at the town hex flirting with various guys.

Your father boasts about William’s skills in the bow. He has a NATURAL APTITUDE for it and might one day surpass even him. This comes as a shock to you as you’ve always thought your dad was pretty amazing with all weapons. He offers you the same invitation from before, to join training with him and makes an off-handed comment about how you seemed a bit lazy lately in reference to your meditation before catching himself and changing the subject before you can interject. [If you chose this, pick the weapon you want to train in, also if you pick this end end up with sword you’ll be able to train in the sword for self defense, it’ll auto change]

Noodle still seems to be struggling and could use some TUTORING. She’ll be grateful for your help

Riichi’s challenge is still available for you to take, she admonishes you and says that someone with your natural LUCK and GOOD LOOKS you would really benefit from flexing your GUILE more often.
No. 1003600 ID: afe7de
File 162400319753.png - (9.41KB , 500x500 , SR_066.png )

And the TENGU ACADEMY Exams are coming up at the beginning of next year. You’ve learned a bit more about it. Your stats are all ABOVE AVERAGE for those in your age group. Only your SELF DEFENSE skills are lacking, but that’s not a requirement for TENGU ACADEMY entry. so you think you’ll be able to make it in the top 150 at the basic level without effort. However if you want to join the Intermediate or Elite classes your stats are still lacking. 200 students are chosen at the beginning of every year and apparently those who qualify in the top 50 recieve a yearly stipend of SHINIES and specialized tutors upon request, these are considered INTERMEDIATES. Those who qualify in the top 10 are considered the ELITE. They get their own private homes with 4 rooms, a training ground, bulters, maids, and guards instead of the free dorms. They get a larger yearly stipend of SHINIES, specialized tutors, and access to the QARA TENGU Royal Library where treasures from other worldplates and geniuses have been written. You’ll only be able to take out 2 books during your duration at the ACADEMY, but apparently it’s a valuable experience and studying one of these books can MASSIVELY BOOST STATS and even give you NEW SKILLS. Those who don’t qualify for either will receive free meals and lodging at the ACADEMY, but anything extra will be up to the students to gain either from a Job or otherwise.

Your parents aren’t forcing you to commit to anything and are just happy that you’ll most likely get into the TENGU ACADEMY, where you’ll be given enough of an education that you should be free to do what you want with your life. Pon’s been studying really hard to try to get in to the INTERMEDIATE class, and you can see that the stress is really getting to him. You think that there has to be something you can do to help him learn and help him be less stressed, but you’re drawing up blanks. If you can come up with a solution, it’ll take some TIME, but he’d probably be really grateful.

You hear your parents and various kin talking about what they plan to do when the school year is over, they’ll have a lot more free time then normal. Some are planning trips, others want to laze around, some are going to train. You expect you’ll hear more about this when classes let out.

You have [5 TIME POINTS] (2 base + 2 from the early school year ending + 1 due to passing the LOGIC check) Since you have so many time points, your choices will be split up into two sessions. You may spend up to [3 TIME POINTS] now but you must spend a minimum of 2. What do you do in your spare time?

1. Focus on an Available STAT
2. Do an ACTIVITY with someone else
3. Work on a PROJECT like the PUZZLE BOOK
4. Use a Skill
- Available Skills
[REALISTIC DRAWING] - Make a few art pieces, maybe one will be worth something
[MEDITATION] - Meditate on a topic or in general
[STUDY] - Can study a topic or in general. Has a small chance of gaining stress, but increases stat growth and helps you pass important exams.
5. Forge a new BOND or spend time with someone you have a BOND with
6. REST or invite someone to the Restaurant
7. Other (suggestions welcome)

No. 1003605 ID: e51896

Right, so priority is self defense training with Draco and William. Learn how to use those CLAWS more efficiently, I feel this is the best weapon to use when we want to attack while flying, and is good to know how to use our natural weapons in case we somehow drop our sword or something. having something like a sword or javelin will make it tough to fly around if we're holding them with our wings. (though learning a bit of sword would probably help too)

second, TUTOR NOODLE, so she can be in the same school as us. This is her last chance after all.

Third: STUDY in general (or if we must pick a specific subject, KNOWLEDGE or STRATEGY). Gotta study to get to intermediate like Pon is.

when we get around to the second segment, we'll meditate again to relieve any stress studying will give us during this last year.
No. 1003606 ID: f8fa51

Voting to STUDY for the Academy entry and to help tutor Noodle, as well as focusing our LOGIC (which we still need to complete the PUZZLE BOOK).
No. 1003609 ID: 094652

This, but focus on Leadership.
No. 1003612 ID: afa6f6

-Study For the Academy, We should aim for the Intermediate class at the lowest.
-Continue Martial Arts training
-If Both Noodle and Pon And us need to study, why dont we use our skills to put togetehr a daily Study group? That way everyone benefits, and it'll be less stressful then studying alone. I guess that would be something like LOGIC+LEADERSHIP?
No. 1003613 ID: c8f715

Actually you know what?
Tutor Noodle
And Study some more.

And then consider studying more in the next round.

We are fairly exceptional on our own, we have a genius in our brain, we took time to learn to study, we took time to learn how to manage stress, and we aren't stressed currently.

We could make it to ELITE.
If we fall behind elsewhere so be it.
We'll have world class tutors to make up the difference later.
No. 1003615 ID: 9f8373

Focus: Logic

In regards to Pon, we just learned meditating can be focused on a topic, increased our knowledge, and can lower stress. So I figure we can teach him meditation and try meditating together on the topic of study itself.

For time use:
Teach how to Meditate/Meditate on Studying with Pon
Study for Exams
Tutor Noodle

This way we go all in on study and be the best tutor we can be in part 1, then we can see where we are for the second part and likely spend some time with our parents.
No. 1003617 ID: ce39da

If it seems like we need to dedicate study time for just ourselves, I think we can save it for the second half.

For now, between HELPING PON STUDY SMARTER, NOT HARDER, and TUTORING NOODLE (in that order, to maximize effectiveness for the latter), those should be enough to count for something on our end.

For a third task, let's LEARN THE SWORD WITH DRACO. I assume wing-kin prefer lighter blades that require less athleticism and more pure skill than the other weapon options.
No. 1003620 ID: 031458

I'm game for a Study Group.
It wont help Pon relax, but it should at least take some pressure off of him, and it doubles as tutoring for Noodle.
No. 1003621 ID: a49cfd

I'm in favor of tutoring and training (claws or sword)
No. 1003623 ID: 031458

...If we end up martial training as well, I suggest Sword.
No. 1003625 ID: 96c896

Well we have a bunch of free time let's use it on stuff we're supposed to be doing!
STUDY for exams
TUTOR Noodle but warn her you may not have the time to keep tutoring her during Tengu Academy, she may be better off becoming an apprentice in the field she excels at. Does Noodle know how to STUDY? Teaching her that might keep her afloat without time investment.
TRAIN with Draco, with Swords probably but it'd be best if you try out various weapons to see if there's one you have a natural affinity for.

After the break we can find out our chances of getting into Elite with another round of studying and/or meditation.
No. 1003626 ID: c17a37

Im fine with whatever

But lets learn some horrifying lore about this world, such as why we wear that makeup, and what it protects us from, and how it protects us.

Maybe we also learn that for the past 5 centuries, it has been discovered that all the world plates are slowly shrinking. They are disintegrating from the edges, and from the bottom, and the land that crumbles off does not teleport back after falling.

Scientists dont know the reason why this is happening, or how to fix or prevent this but they estimate that in about another thousand years, if this continues, the world plates will become weak enough to collapse on itself and cause an Apocalypse.

Thankfully this wont happen in our lifetime, but we're told we'll start seeing some damages caused by this phenomenon in your 30s, or 50s. So far, people have started expanding the tubes to accommodate to the worldplates slowly shrinking.
No. 1003630 ID: dfbac0

Logic, as I feel this is very important
Gonna say creativity again, as I feel we can't progress with it now and we need every other stat available. We can do more with this in the academy when we can actually learn more for it.
Study Logic
Study Knowledge
Train with Draco (Sword)
No. 1003644 ID: 0fae41

-help Noodle
-Train with claws
-Focus on Logic
for later:
-puzzle book
-bond with Pon
No. 1003652 ID: afe7de
File 162410727370.png - (64.73KB , 500x500 , SR_067.png )

> Classes
You decide to take lessons with Draco and William in the SWORD, but won’t be able to learn the basics in time for it to be any use in your classes. So you learn the basics of the CLAW. The CLAW is an interesting combat style focused on BALANCE and FLEXIBILITY Your arms are traditionally supposed to be kept free, while you attack with KICKS, SLASHES, POUNCES, and the like, its one of the more favored style of combat for the Flight-based Wing-Kin. The downside to this style is that in order to BLOCK or PARRY any attacks that come to you, you’ll need to learn how to stretch your legs properly. Your GUILE admires this style and thinks it could suit you if you were to focus more on it. Your training mostly focuses on using the CLAW to fight while airborne, but you also get some classes on how to fight while on the ground. They mostly spend time trying to teach you how to DODGE after teaching you the basics, but there isn’t enough time to learn that right now.

Your SELF DEFENSE stat has increased
You’ve been trained in the BASICS of the CLAW
- You’ve gained the COMBAT SKILL [CLAW (1)]
- When using the CLAW your combat bonus will be Your CLAW LEVEL added to your SELF DEFENSE

Since you’re graduating this year and reached BASIC competency, your teacher has gifted you a set of STONE CLAWS so that you can practice. They’re pretty durable, blunt, and should last you a while. They’ve got some leather padding and are easy to put on. It only takes you about 10 seconds to put them both on since they’ve made you practice.

> Other Classes
Today in History class your teacher started to talk about something strange and mysterious about your world. The End-Plates like DOPUS and TENGU are slowly but noticeably eroding. Shock enters everyone’s expression but the teacher calms you down and explains further. In the past 5 centuries of recorded knowledge it’s been noticed that a very small amount of the edge has crumbled, falling but not reappearing like kin do. Your homes are so far inland from the edges just as a safety precaution against this. However, should this phenomena keep up, then within one to two thousand years the plate might be weak enough that it collapses in on itself, and you’ll all have to abandon your homes, immigrating to CANUS, where the cycle might repeat itself again.

She then goes into speculation about what might be causing it, something about energy densities, birth rates, population, etc. You wonder if this could be something to research at some point. She closes reminding everyone that this won’t happen in their lifetimes, but it’s something to consider. She believes this is also happening to the DOPUS plate.

That night you also get curious about something else, the pigment you wear sometimes, that you see all three of your parents wearing at times. You ask about it.

Riichi: Oh, that? Well it’s nothing too crazy.
Riichi: Basically the shapes and symbols that are made are arbitrary
Riichi: it’s the COLORS that matter.
Faan: YELLOW is the color of ROYALTY or those who work closely with them
Draco: DARK RED is the color of the HUNTERS, children and spouses of the hunters can wear them too.
Draco: We have both of you wear those colors so that anyone who tries anything with you knows they will be found and punished.
Riichi: BLUE and PINK are just arbitrary colors, usually they’re used to refer to BOYS and GIRLS, but are mostly aesthetic.
Riichi: GREEN’S the only other important one, It’s the color used by ELITE TRADESMEN and MERCHANTS
Faan: There are other colors that mean some other things, but only in certain settings, but for the most part the rest are aesthetic.

You thank your parents and ruminate over what you’ve learned.

Your KNOWLEDGE stat has increased
- The chance of you mixing up knowledge from both worlds has been reduced

No. 1003653 ID: afe7de
File 162410732254.png - (114.25KB , 500x500 , SR_068.png )

> FREE TIME - Practice the SWORD with DRACO and WILLIAM
You head to the field behind yourself to see a sweating and handsome William practicing the bow, firing arrows at various targets in the distance. Your father notices and you ask for training, so he starts training you on the SWORD like you wanted. One thing you learn about Wing-Kin swords is that they’re styled after the human RAPIER with a longer hilt meant to accommodate your long feathered hands. That blade is specifically chosen for Wing-Kin because it’s the lightest of all blades, second to the ESTOC.

He teaches you how to THRUST and use the hand guard on the blade to DEFLECT. You’re being taught how to be SWIFT. Eventually you get to the BASIC COMPETENCY of the RAPIER. William then challenges you to several spars. Your Rapier against his bow, you think it’ll be easy, he’s just using a bow after all, but in 10 duels you were unable to reach him before being knocked out by one of his blunted arrows. But each experience furthered your growth and eventually you learned to DODGE, but even when you were able to get close he was able to knock you out from a simple chop to the head. It’s a useful experience and you feel a little closer to William as he offers you some tips that help further your way of the sword. He’s surprised you didn’t pick something like the bow too, but respects your decision.

You’re told that you’re 1/3 of the way through the BASIC COMPETENCY of the RAPIER, some more and you will have INTERMEDIATE COMPETENCY of it. Your father is very proud of your growth and wonders if you have an APTITUDE for combat, he also mentions this might be because you’re in your HIGH GROWTH period. He awards you a STONE RAPIER, saying it’s heavier than a normal one to train your muscles on. Wing-Kin have naturally hollow bones and are traditionally WEAKER then the average HUMAN. However he praises you and your bodies ATHLETIC physique, saying that it’s about as strong as the AVERAGE human soldier, and that in itself is already an amazing feat for a Wing-Kin.

Your SELF DEFENSE stat increased
You’ve gained the PRECISION stat
- You’ve gained the COMBAT SKILL [RAPIER (1)] from focused training from a master
- When using the RAPIER your combat bonus will be Your RAPIER LEVEL added to your SELF DEFENSE stat
- Also Gains bonuses from the PRECISION stat
You’ve learned the COMBAT SKILL [DODGE (1)]
- When actively using the DODGE skill your chance of being hit will be reduced significantly
You feel like you should be able to form a bond with William in the future

No. 1003654 ID: afe7de
File 162410734309.png - (48.53KB , 500x500 , SR_069a.png )

> FREE TIME - Tutor Noodle
You decide to speak up to noodle, she’s been depressed lately and aimless. After talking with her for a bit you take it upon yourself to spend your weekends tutoring her in the classes she’s struggling in. She appreciates this immensely and her brother says that his family will never forget your kindness. Noodle seems to have the basics of most fields in her grasp, however more advanced LOGIC and KNOWLEDGE questions just reach out of her grasp. She’s also a bit of a loner, so she’s hesitant to ask for help. You come up with a lesson plan and start going over things in bite sized chunks, introducing to her more effective ways to STUDY.

After a few months she starts to show moderate improvement, with luck and some more studying on her behalf, you believe she could make it to the top 200 and get into the TENGU ACADEMY. You also learn a bit more about her, her foster family is poor, but they’re doing the best they can to get her an education and a good life. She doesn’t want to disappoint them so you doing this to help her really means a lot. She gives you a hug and you return it. You feel like noodle TRUSTS you. At the end of the study sessions you let her know that things will be harder from here on out and that she might not be able to rely on you at the ACADEMY. She understands and promises not to be a burden to you. Her brother also approaches you and hands you a bag with 10 SHINIES, saying it’s not much but he appreciates what you did, and that if you get a chance you should treat yourself to a nice meal or toy.

You’ve helped a friend in need
Your bond with NOODLE has increased twice to rank 4!
- Noodle will occasionally help you on tasks you are having difficulties with
- Noodle now TRUSTS you
- Noodle considers you to be her BEST FRIEND!
- You can now request 1 favor a year from Noodle
= Favors can be any task you need her to do that you can’t accomplish in FREE TIME, or to assist you in an ACTIVITY or PROJECT.
= The more favors you request, the more likely Noodle will request a favor from you
= Rejecting a request can cause your BOND level to drop

You’ve gained 10 SHINIES
Others are starting to see you as COMPASSIONATE

During your process of tutoring noodle you go back through your memories of SABA and notice he also had a predilection for teaching in his career, so you take hints and notes from his experiences, combined with your own. You’ve been doing a decent amount of TEACHING others. You taught Pon to defend himself, how to draw, and now you’ve taught Noodle how to study.

From repeated actions you’ve gained the special skill [TEACHING **]
- You can teach someone up to one level below your current stat or skill level
- For example, Your CREATIVITY is 5, you can teach someone up to rank 4
- At your current rank, you can teach someone up to rank 4 in that skill/stat
- The higher your TEACHING, the more effectively and quickly you can give someone the information.

No. 1003655 ID: afe7de
File 162410735606.png - (56.10KB , 500x500 , SR_070.png )

You decide that now’s the time to study for the exams. Now that you know what’s on the line, you want to make it to the INTERMEDIATE class at TENGU ACADEMY. The benefits are worth it. But in order to do that, you need to figure out exactly what you are lacking in, so you Meditate a bit on it, do some practice tests and figure out the results.


[LOGIC] xxx

[LUCK] ???
[PRIDE] ???

You organize your thoughts onto a sheet of paper, this is approximately how you see yourself, you’re biased of course, so it might not be that accurate, but this is the metric that you’re going to go off of for now. Your KNOWLEDGE is effectively a 4, but you think it’s better to split it just in case. Saba’s knowledge includes the biology and chemistry of kin, history, and the basics of his world’s science. While yours includes your history, biology, and knowledge of MONSTERS.

You take a moment to wonder why your LOGIC and KNOWLEDGE aren’t at the adult level yet, he’s above average, yet you haven't absorbed to that level yet. And you’re at AGE 24 for SABA already. You assume that by the time you turn 16 you’ll have gotten all the growth from him that you can, this process ISNT PERFECT and you’ll have to fill in the gaps yourself you suppose. Perhaps to get everything you might even have to MEDITATE on it or PRACTICE like you had to do with STUDYING.

You know for a fact that the TENGU ACADEMY values the following stats in new members:


You’d rate the average kin child to be at about a rank 1 or 2 In any of these given stats as they’re something you can learn in grade school. Rank 3-4 represents above average for a kid and rank 5+ means that you’re a genius in the field expected to go far.

The scale is slightly different for adults. Most average at around 3-4, an above average adult, like a truly skilled tradesman usually gets to 5-6, and a true genius or master of the field would be at 7+

Apparently the first 5 ranks are the easiest with breaking through to 6 being a bottleneck requiring either specialized knowledge, or massive studying/training. You’ve already experienced the bottleneck with your CREATIVITY, so you feel like there shouldn’t be any issues with that when it comes to the exams.

You also learn through your research that there is an extra credit segment whose topic changes every year depending on what the Academy is looking for in it’s new students. This gives students that didn’t do especially well on a topic a chance to get a small amount of extra points. You’ve heard it’s been anything from LEADERSHIP to GUILE in the past but it could even be LOGIC or ATHLETICISM. It’s essentially RANDOM so you’ll have to pray to the GODDESS it’s something you can do.

To gurantee getting into the top 50 would probably require all of your stats to be at 4* or higher, which feels doable. Miss one and you think the likely hood is high, but not guaranteed. Any lower than that and you’re testing your LUCK. You’re sure getting all of them to the 5* level would guarantee you entry to the top 10, but unless you dedicate yourself to solely studying that might just be a floating dream in the distance. And even then it would require LUCK as there are other known and unknown absolute geniuses out there like William, Hook, and that Ignis guy fighting for those spaces. They say LUCK is a skill on its own after all.

You get down to studying while the school year ends. You share a space with Pon and sometimes bounce questions and ideas around. There was a few times you got stuck on questions and Pon helped you figure out the solutions by getting your brain to think in the right way. He also spends some time showing you how to talk to people a little differently, you appreciate the advice and you feel it makes you a little more charismatic.

Pon helped you out, your progress in CHARISMA has increased by a little bit!
Your LOGIC stat has increased
Your CHARISMA stat has just barely increased
You were UNLUCKY, you gained 1 STRESS from the pressure

No. 1003656 ID: afe7de
File 162410738268.png - (80.59KB , 500x500 , SR_071.png )

The school year is over. You’ve got a 3 month break before the new year and the exams for TENGU ACADEMY begin. Drift headed off with his family on a retreat to DOPUS to go fishing and clear his mind. He’s confident he’ll get into the Tengu Academy, maybe even the INTERMEDIATES, but he just wants to rest. He’s seemed kind of sad lately for some reason.

Blitz on the other hand doesn’t care if he gets into the INTERMEDIATES, he’s got good CHARISMA so he wants to follow in his dad’s footsteps and become a merchant in other World-Plates. He says he’s going to learn a little bit about every trade and stat while he’s there so he can know how to communicate with all walks of life on his journeys.

Pon and Noodle think it would be a good idea to form a study group to help shore off everyone’s weak points. You get the idea that it’ll probably be less effective then studying on your own, but won’t cause any of you to gain extra stress from the moral support.

William bids you a goodbye and says he’ll see you in the capital. You wave him and his guard goodbye. Draco seems tired and is taking the rest of the year off. He gathers your family and suggests you go on a trip to the floating lake. It’ll be a good time to REST, look at beautiful scenery, and calm the mind. Maybe you can even draw the landscape to relax. He says it’s optional for you and Pon if you want to keep studying, but says that too much studying might have adverse results, especially on Pon’s end.

With your INTUITION And LOGIC you’re able to deduce that Pon is VERY STRESSED, but he fears failure and not getting into the INTERMEDIATES more. He promises to rest when he gets in, but you’re worried if he gains ANY MORE STRESS that something bad might happen. He concedes that if you go on the trip, he’ll go too, but if you stay and study, he’ll do that too. He doesen’t want to leave Noodle out to dry and your parents agree that she can join you all on your trip.

Faan tries to lightly PRESSURE you to commit to the trip, but your COURAGE is just barely enough that you resist immediately caving. You think of an alternative solution in the moment, maybe you could teach Pon to meditate, you could even teach him to meditate while at the floating lake, however your INTUITION speaks up in the moment and tells you not to do that. You’re not sure why.

SABA’S KNOWLEDGE then speaks up to you. It gives you an absolutely absurd idea. You could purposefully take on [6] stress to gain [1 TIME POINT] from furious micromanagement of your time. Your LOGIC says that you don’t really need it and don’t want to end up as stressed as SABA and glares at SABA’s KNOWLEDGE that just shrugs innocently at the gesture. Your INTUITION says that doing this will set a bad precedent.

AUTHORS NOTE: After careful consideration I’ll be adjusting how Meals at restaurants and other money spending events will work. Will update you in YEAR 10 on the changes.

You have [2 TIME POINTS] what do you do for the remainder of the year?

1. Focus on an Available STAT
2. Do an ACTIVITY with someone else
3. Work on a PROJECT like the PUZZLE BOOK
4. Use a Skill
- Available Skills
[REALISTIC DRAWING] - Make a few art pieces, maybe one will be worth something
[MEDITATION] - Meditate on a topic or in general
[STUDY] - Can study a topic or in general. Has a small chance of gaining stress, but increases stat growth and helps you pass important exams.
[TEACHING**] - Improve other kin’s stats and give them skills given time
5. Forge a new BOND or spend time with someone you have a BOND with
6. REST or invite someone to the Restaurant
7. Other (suggestions welcome)

No. 1003662 ID: 094652

This world isn't that bad, but... caste armbands? You remember in your previous world those fux-somethings lost everything because they favored oppression and resentment over bonds and diversity. Hook is an example of how something as simple as a daily reminder of privilege can make anyone an asshole.

Odd... didn't Saba's world have a major religion where there was only one Goddess? And why where they explicitly female?
It's not too big a deal, but perhaps the Goddess is one of reincarnation. You may need to show her some respect - after all, if the statistics line up with the beliefs there's little harm in being logical with your faith.

>Saba was extremely stressed
Your previous incarnation worked hard and was rewarded, but developed serious mental problems that clearly eroded his potential friendships. The only way you can truly honor him is using what he earned and succeeding where he failed. That means not repeating his past mistakes, like driving yourself crazy just to get extra time management when you are learning and forming bonds at a healthy pace. You'll get his brain in your head and all the knowledge you need, in exchange you need to learn what he always felt deficient in.

Study Guile
Teach Pon how to manage stress with Meditation. Look at his career plans and see if he's putting too much effort into something relatively minor for his pursuits.
Recommend Pon go on vacation without you.
No. 1003663 ID: e51896

Take SABA’S KNOWLEDGE advice for one more free time at the cost of 6 STRESS. Sometimes sacrifices need to be made

FAVOR for NOODLE: Ask her to help you convince Pon to go on a trip. She can go too if she wants. You'll stay behind.

STUDY in general (knowledge, logic, intuition, charisma, etc.)

STUDY GROUP with Pon and Noodle, use our teaching skills here. After we study while pon and maybe noodle is gone, we can help teach them what we learned when they get back

MEDITATE in KNOWLEDGE (lowest stat right now that the academy values, and will help lower stress after everything) (plus, we were told to meditate for karma. Best to meditate at least once a year)
No. 1003674 ID: ce39da

You're a nerd, but nerds should be smart enough to not repeat what they realize to have been mistakes. And that's not even taking into consideration how there's now an impressionable twin brother to consider, who would get absolutely wrecked with his higher current stress and without your past-life experience handicap.

No reason you can't do the study group and the trip with the free time you have left, right?

Start with the FAMILY TRIP TO THE FLOATING LAKE, and use your dedicated TLC time to MEDITATE ON SABA, specifically on absorbing more of his [LOGIC] and learning the secret to his almost god-like [INTUITION], which you're starting to understand didn't come from natural training. You aren't that concerned with how his world changed at Age 25 unless it has something to do with that incredible [UNDERSTANDING] power he gains at some point or could otherwise follow him into the next life. When you're not meditating, the family member/guest you're interacting with the most is PON... mostly to make sure he actually relaxes.

When you get back, PARTICIPATE IN A STUDY GROUP WITH EVERYONE, with your personal focus being solely on reinforcing your KNOWLEDGE (theology and the royal family - you've clearly still got gaps there - plus skimming over Faunus sciences and chemistry to see what you can carry over and what you need to unlearn).
No. 1003678 ID: 031458

Hmm. a modicum of effort will get us into Intermediate... but there is still a path to Elite, even though it's pretty non-standard. Check it out:

Take Saba's Knowledge's suggestion

Meditate on Saba: Memories of challenges he overcame. - You want his approach to solving problems. With any luck we'll net the Logic we're missing and some Intuition. This will also ensure our stress remains manageable.

Train Guile With Richii - Specifically ask about how to read and work other people. We need more work on our Intuition and Charisma, I don't think there's a better way than this.

Study Knowledge - It's all we'll be missing. The otherworld knowledge should only be relied upon to fill the gaps, it shouldn't be the bulk of what we know. This could also be done in a group setting.
No. 1003683 ID: 96c896

GROUP STUDY to finish up our growth
definitely do not micromanage time. It's a bad deal in the long run since we're probably going to have to REST immediately afterwards to recoup that 6 stress.
>Gaining 4 or more stress will will cause a 5% chance for EVERY ACTION to generate more STRESS, increasing the percentage by 10% for every stress past 4.
>Gain more than 6 stress and you have a chance of acting erratically or strangely in any action or event. Gain too much stress and something bad will happen.
We're already at 1 stress, so micromanagement will push us to 7 which means every action afterwards will have a 35% chance to generate more stress. Also, we'll have an unknown chance of acting erratic. That's really bad!

We have enough Logic, Creativity, Knowledge, and Charisma now. Intuition is the only stat we need, we can boost that via group study. Or just FOCUS on it?
No. 1003684 ID: dfbac0

I don't know why but something about LOGIC is calling to me, I know I've said this several times but I feel it to be very important we get lots of LOGIC
CREATIVITY, let's not be too prideful with a stat that's currently bottle-necked.
1:Meditate on Saba's Intuition to get a better grasp of it, it said we could meditate on his logic or knowledge but I think maybe we could do the same with intuition.
2:Flex your LEADERSHIP and CHARISMA skill to try and convince Pon to take a break on his own and that he needs to rest. Then you can proceed to study Knowledge on your own. We should be CREATIVE and not be set into the binary choices that life presents us but instead use our skills to solve them.
No. 1003685 ID: dfbac0

Good point, use the favor with Noodle to help us convince Pon to go on the trip, as every bit counts with that.
Although meditating on Saba's knowledge might be bad as that would increase knowledge of his world, not ours.
As for the time management... I say we go through with it ONLY if we can meditate beforehand so our stress is 6 not 7.
No. 1003689 ID: 031458

Focus and flaw are already determined for this time slot.
Chi is too proud of her creativity to ignore it.

After the recent skill ups, our most lacking area is INTUITION.
Technically our knowledge is lower, but otherworld knowledge is padding it.

Our relevant stats regarding the test are currently:
KNOWLEDGE (2)(3) - 4

If we do nothing with logic in our free time here, it'll probably hit the soft cap next year, and then its likely we'll need to meditate to get it higher.

All we REALLY need to do right now is work on intuition and study a little to balance out our knowledge. Going on the trip and doing a group study would probably be enough.

We are in a position to get {Effectively) all 5's (and a chance at ELITE status) though, if we decide to get creative and take a relatively small risk. The stress is unlikely to be immediately detrimental, instead presenting a manageable but real hurdle to deal with in the coming years.
No. 1003695 ID: f8fa51

Don't micromanage, go on the family trip, do a group study session in which you focus on your CHARISMA and KNOWLEDGE if possible, meditate on Saba's INTUITION.

Change our focus to KNOWLEDGE and our flaw to ATHLETICISM.
No. 1003703 ID: 96c896

There's no way we can get four stat points from one time slot!
No. 1003716 ID: a4f4d6

Bro we gained 7 last turn
No. 1003719 ID: 96c896

What? No. One time slot as in, one TIME POINT. We just used 3 TIME POINTS and got stats from classes too. The most we can expect from each TIME POINT spent is 2 stat points. We can definitely get Intuition up to 4 and thus qualify for INTERMEDIATE but ELITE is out of our reach even with the micromanagement bonus. It's not gonna happen.

If we had taken mental strength like we were told to, maybe it would have been possible. We can't get greedy now.
No. 1003720 ID: a4f4d6

If we use all three time slots efficiently we could. Yes it would require sacrifices be made, no it wouldn't be a guarantee. It's possible though.
And from a meta standpoint I doubt Ed would give us the time option if it's wasn't
It's probably too late to really argue the point now anyway. I'm just surprised you take such a hopeless approach to freeform interactive fiction.
No. 1003732 ID: afe7de
File 162418850536.png - (61.84KB , 500x500 , SR_072.png )

AUTHORS NOTE: Will be adjusting Flaw and Focus starting year 10, things are going to be different, you’re going to have more time and more choices!
> 1003720
And from a META standpoint: (Don't read the spoilered below if you don't want percentage odds spoilers of whats going to happen.)

I’ll say that YES if you did specific things as of last action round, your chances of getting into elite would be at around 60%, not confirmed, but definitely better odds. Its still possible, but think of the chances of being around 5%, also since you’re reading this, the bonus event could also increase your odds, but that’s going to be randomly decided when it comes up next update or so. And would give an extra 20% if it picked a stat at at least 3.

And don’t feel bad if you can’t perfect through grade school or life, you only found out about the elite/intermediate stuff with 1 year to go. Plus BONDS are important. You can’t always see every event on your initial play through of some games after all. Also, there’s routes for if you just played around as a kid too, I just hope y’all find what I’m writing interesting and enjoy it. Anywho, thanks for coming to my Ed-Talk, now for the update.

> Don’t Micromanage
You decide that micromanaging to get extra time isn’t worth it right now. You feel a collective weight lifted off of you. As if a held breath was released all at once from the core of your being. Your head feels clearer for some reason. Multiple stats are pleased with you.

For resisting temptation your stats have rewarded you by clearing the 1 STRESS you just gained
A ripple goes out through your CONCIOUSNESS again
A hidden stat groans and goes “tsk-tsk” before vanishing

Your INTUITION also speaks up, apologizing for being vague. It meant that you shouldnt teach Pon MEDITATION at the lake, not that teaching him the MEDITATION skill itself would be bad. It has a good feeling about Pon learning MEDITATION in general.

> SKILL CHECK - Convince Pon to go anyway
You wrack your brain a bit and come up with an idea. You try to combine your LEADERSHIP and CHARISMA to attempt to CONVINCE him. You go over the pros and cons of the situation, doing your very best to try to be convincing and let him know that if he keeps this behavior up it might really hurt him in the long run.

Pon OPPOSES your opinion, stating that getting into Tengu Academy’s INTERMEDIATES is worth the stress. He says he’ll try not to do this going forward, but it’s hard to keep up with you. You aren’t able to win this verbal bout, After all, Pon was the one who taught you what you know of CHARISMA, his must be better than yours. You feel Pon’s STUBBORNNESS and CHARISMA are like a stone wall. So, you do cave. You care about your little brother, so you’re willing to sacrifice a bit for both of your sakes. You agree to go on the trip to the lake and invite Noodle, she excitedly drops what she’s doing and joins along.
No. 1003733 ID: afe7de
File 162418852694.png - (73.72KB , 500x500 , SR_073.png )

> FREE TIME - The floating lake
The six of you: Pon, Chi, Draco, Riichi, Faan, and Noodle take to the skies a few weeks later. Noodle straps herself to Pon and his POWERFUL yet small physique and you enjoy a nice long fly through the continent. The wind beneath your wings, the scents in the air, the beautiful landscapes are all breathtaking. You’ve been so busy the last few years you forgot that you should just take a moment and absorb the environment, life, and everything. Your CURIOSITY points out that the clouds look especially cool today. One of them even looks like an eye. But when you focus on it, another cloud passes by it and it’s gone. Weird.

The trip takes around 2 hours before you see it, the floating mass is pouring water down from its sides like a waterfall, there’s a small mountain and a small field right next to it. In the distance you can see some cabins. There’s a Wing-Kin fishing on the dock as you approach and land. Your Papa hands the man a sack of SHINIES and he tosses Draco a key. Your group heads up the plain to a cabin. With a click the door unlocks and you see a quaint little home. There’s a nice perch on the roof for you to sunbathe, 6 small beds, a toilet and all the basic necessities. Draco tosses down his luggage and speaks up.

Draco: Okay, ground rules, you can’t leave the floating island, or go in caves, but everything else is free game.
Draco: It’s a relatively peaceful spot and most Wing-kin ignore it, so we should only see a few occasional visitors.
Draco: Pon, Chi, Noodle, you’re forbidden from studying or training or anything like that while we’re here.
Draco: You all should take a break, you’ve worked hard already.
Draco: Otherwise have fun and come back before dark. There’s no monsters here, it’s a safe place, been coming here as a kid.

You all laugh and cheer and run about the island. Some days you go for a SWIM, you were trained in the basics during your SURVIVAL classes, but Wing-Kin are better at FLOATING then diving and swimming. You also fish a few times and your parents teach you how to prepare them yourself in tasty new ways your survival classes didn't.

> BONUS - The mountain peak
During your time exploring the mountain you eventually climbed to the peak. It’s not a big mountain at all, but it still took you like 20 minutes to fly up there. You notice a good spot and think that now’s a good time to practice your REALISTIC DRAWING. You take out your sketchbook and look in the distance. It’s the WORLD PLATE TUNNEL. You decide to sketch it’s weird inconsistency and how it just sort of vanishes in the air. You’ve got GOOD EYESIGHT as a wing-kin and the TUNNEL is pretty visible so drawing like this is easy.

During your time sketching you notice something. Two little blue dots come out, then another 4, then another 8. Focusing closer it looks like some kin are coming through. Your eyesight is good, but it’s not good enough to make up anything else other than the lights. You wonder what it could be and add the lights to your sketch. You’re proud of this illustration. You call it THE LIGHTS AT THE END OF OUR TUNNEL. You get a good feeling from this drawing. Maybe you’ll put it up in your dorm room at the Academy.

You’ve made an ORDINARY ILLUSTRATION inspired by a special moment
Collectors might pay you a few SHINIES for it
When placed in a room, kin who look at it will feel a slight bump to their lowest STAT for a short period

No. 1003734 ID: afe7de
File 162418856357.png - (8.77KB , 500x500 , SR_074.png )

> LUCKY BREAK! - A coin?
In the last week of your trip you decide to go for a walk in the forest with Pon and Noodle, it’s very pretty and there are lots of nice flowers. You put some in yours and pon’s head-feathers and make a flower crown for Noodle. You all feel a little closer to each-other. Your INTUITION suddenly shouts for you to STOP and you do so. A small coin falls from the sky and lands right in front of you. Noodle and Pon are distracted. You look up and see 4 blue lights in the distance, but can’t catch anything before they go into the clouds.

You pick up the coin and look at it. It has a HUMAN WOMAN on one side, the other has an EYE. Must be from the Human kingdom, unfortunately your books don’t mention what the world-plates beyond CANUS are called, or what the Human World-plate is called either. There’s some sort of security checkpoint where only specific individuals are allowed to pass. Apparently there’s monsters beyond that plate in large numbers. You toss the coin in the air and think about hiding it, but when it touches your feathered hand again, vanishes. Suddenly your LOGIC jumps in, silencing your INTUITION which was about ready to scream at you. It tells you to just think of the coin again and it will appear.

You do and it comes back. So then you try hiding it again and it does it once more. You’re incredibly confused. You try this with other objects near you, branches, rocks, trees. You can do this to just one thing but you have to touch it, and it appears in your hand. Is this some kind of SUPER POWER? Saba’s memories recently show that there’s this AWAKENING phenomena happening where people get them. Did you just do that?

Something deep inside you tells you that its not the case. It’s something else. You decide to keep this secret for now on advice from your GUILE. You instead go and show your friends the coin and they all celebrate your luck! When you head back and show your parents they seem shocked. One gold coin from the Human Kingdom is worth 10 SHINIES. They encourage you to keep it, you’ll probably need it at the CAPITAL. The rest of your trip is uneventful and you eventually head home.

You’ve found a GOLD COIN from the HUMAN KINGDOM
You can now use your .5 Meter Cubed single object Dimensional Pocket to store things

> FREE TIME - Study Group
Time for the Exams is coming soon, so the three of you wrack your brains and start studying together. You all thought it’d be stressful, but it’s not. Pon seems back to his normal self, all the built up stress is gone and he’s able to go over the material much easier now. With your TEACHING skill you’re able to help shore up your groups missing points much faster than normal.

Noodle and Pon feel left out and decide to help you in their strong points. Noodle shows you new survival skills and ways to use your INTUITION while Pon shows you the results of his KNOWLEDGE, It shores up your failing points and you feel confident about making it into the INTERMEDIATES now, you don’t regret not studying hardcore to get into the ELITES and feel good about helping your friends. You even think Noodle might have a chance to make it in the top 70 now, she hopes the bonus section is something she’s good in, she’ll have to rely on her own LUCK.

Pon takes you aside and thanks you, he was blinded by his desire to get into the Intermediates. If you didn’t make him take a break, he would have probably not made it in just from stress alone. You feel closer to your brother.

Your BOND with PON has increased to rank 4!
- Pon now TRUSTS you
- Pon considers you to be his BEST FRIEND!
- You can now request 1 favor a year from Pon
Your KNOWLEDGE stat increased
Your INTUITION stat increased

No. 1003735 ID: afe7de
File 162418858237.png - (94.53KB , 500x500 , SR_075.png )

> Dreams
That year your dreams are a strange mess. You learn about the AWAKENING PHENOMENA and how that affected Saba’s world. How he didnt get an Awakened power but an INNATE ABILITY called [UNDERSTANDING] It looks useful, you hope you’ll get it. He meets a young boy of 15 named MARTH WALPOLE and has a strange relationship with him. Willamina awakens and all three work together for years to create a DEVICE for using the power from monster’s cores. It’s fascinating. He meets a demon called SET and learns of a tough situation and tries to fix it. You’re PROUD of Saba, he’s trying to save the world.

All three get married and things are looking great! Saba’s 36 now. You’re getting real curious about how he died. He might have kicked the bucket in a DUNGEON, but he’s so proficient in his custom made MANA PISTOL. He’s even developing plans for a MANA CANNON with 20x the strength. You’ve hit a roadblock in your LOGIC absorption. Saba’s using a lot of terminology and skills you don’t have, making it hard to keep track, especially when he tries to TINKER with things. You’ll have to MEDITATE on and LEARN one of his LOGICAL SKILLS if you want to continue developing your LOGIC. You could also wait and potentially learn something better at TENGU ACADEMY.

Your LOGIC stat increased
Your LOGIC stat has reached the soft cap
You must meditate on a LOGICAL SKILL in order to progress, here are some examples
- VISUAL CALCULUS - Breaking down a scene using EVIDENCE to find out what happened
- EIDETIC MEMORY - Create a MIND PALACE, remember things with unmatched clarity
Some skills are harder than others to learn and you don’t know how long they will take to train.

No. 1003736 ID: afe7de
File 162418862508.png - (67.08KB , 500x500 , SR_076.png )

[YEAR 10]
The first week of the first month of the year is when the annual TENGU ACADEMY EXAMS are held. You, Pon and Noodle arrive and are seated randomly. There’s lots of kin here in the exam office. The building has a large indoor gymnasium and it’s fitting over 2000 kin from ages 10-16 You can’t believe that only 1/10th of the participants will be selected to join. Next to you is a HUMAN. You’re surprised, you only saw around 3 total in the place, but when you look at her you feel something strange.

The human has Ropy golden hair and goggles. Her nose is small and she’s smiling ridiculously wide, her eyes scanning the room. Her chest is starting to develop, which you know to be a part of human PUBERTY. Human puberty is really strange. For you its just occasional egg laying and mood swings. But you’ve heard the horror stories from Saba’s memories. You shudder. You keep looking, she’s wearing strange boots. They’re metal of some kind and have these panels you imagine would light up. There’s also meticulous inscriptions that your KEEN BIRD EYES pick up written in lines across the metal.

You recognize those! The patterns and symbols are similar to the Puzzle Book! The feeling intensifies. It’s this same weird feeling, the one from when you met William. Like your Intuition looking at something and feeling strange. Longing? Not necessarily attraction, but definitely like it’s on the tip of your tongue. The girl looks over to you and holds out a hand with a smile.

Marth: Well hey there gorgeous. The name’s MARTH. Weird name right?
Marth: Apparently it’s some famous warrior’s name.
Marth: I wouldn’t happen to know you would I? I’m getting this weird… Feeling I should?

And suddenly that same feeling from back then comes and hits you like a truck hits an isekai protagonist. Things freeze around you, time slows as your heart beats faster, like its trying to break out of your chest. Your mind feels like an egg again, something trying to poke itself out. You get that same headache from before, but it’s more intense.

[GUILE] - Cmon… Am I the only one that finds this suspicious in the least?
[CURIOSITY] - Nah, I’m with you, are we going to ignore the eyes?

How do you respond?
No. 1003737 ID: f8fa51

Introduce yourself, confirm that you feel something pretty weird yourself, and ask about their eyes.
No. 1003738 ID: a4f4d6

"A shame, those ears looked good on you, Walpole."
No. 1003739 ID: afa6f6

Im feeling some kind of DEDUCTION skill would be appropriate, like using Logic, knowledge and Intuition to make accurate conclusions with little information.

>>How do you respond?
Yeah, Im a little suspicious. Greet her kindly, and agree she seems familiar but lets not push any further then that yet. Ask about the eyes in a way thats not rude.
No. 1003740 ID: ce39da

That kind of sounds like VISUAL CALCULUS. Let's turn our attention to the current situation, though.

Yeah, the eyes... and the seemingly already solved puzzle book are suspicious. We love Marth, but he was never the nerdy type. Does this girl even have a powerful build?

"I went by Saba once, but that changed a while back. Is that you... Set?" I'm thinking the (former) demon is either just pulling a 'harmless' joke like old times, or their reincarnated name somehow really is Marth.

Ultimately, try to keep the exchange brief; the test is about to begin.
No. 1003742 ID: 094652

"Listen, I know what we were supposed to say to each other, but you're kind of freaking me out. I'm pretty sure you didn't have inky-black caves for eyes, and I'm definitely sure that the average human doesn't develop freaky eyeball mutations. I can't trust... whatever has its grip on you, I'm not going to say the password, so just treat this as a random encounter by a cuckoo crow -
(grave whisper) Set followed us
- and let's pretend we never met each other all those years ago. Fresh start. *ahem* Hi, my name is Sabachi. Want to help me conquer the world?"
No. 1003743 ID: 50af53

Crazy out of the blue question, do you have dreams about a canine with the same name as you?
No. 1003744 ID: e51896

Whatevwr you say, speak it in ENGLISH, Saba's native language.
No. 1003749 ID: 96c896

>hey there gorgeous
Hmm, if she were male I'd think this was Ignis in disguise...
Those boots aren't a solved form of the puzzle book, no fucking way. They're just... enchanted or something.

This is probably Marth like she said, but something's off. Ask why her eyes are like that(maybe it's Marth's supernatural power?), and if she dreams of Earth. (can we tell if she has a POWERFUL physique?)
DEFINITELY try talking in English. An impostor would have no chance of understanding it. ...unless they had an artifact that gave them universal language skills...
Oh, ask about her boots.

>logic skill
Well, visual calculus is redundant with Understanding, so we shouldn't get that one.
The other two skills synergize with it, though. Invention would be a straightforward pick, as Saba knew it, but at this point all we'd get is some income. Also possible we could pick up Invention just via studying our dreams. Eidetic Memory on the other hand would turbocharge our studies! Hmm, didn't Saba have that too?
No. 1003751 ID: e51896


Also, we were told that Marth chose to have a supernatural power before we reincarnated. Maybe those eyes are that. (Otherwise, maybe Marth is half human half insect-kin)

I don't really think we should let Marth know just yet about our dream connections as it would probably put her mind into thinking about us and our past lives in her dreams instead of focusing on the test. But we should wait until AFTER the test to tell her about our connection. We'll let her know in english right now that we want to speak with her after the test is done.
No. 1003753 ID: 0fae41

Maybe you should get to know me, I'll be headed to the top of the class!
Let's get this out of the way, what's up with your eyes?
No. 1003754 ID: dfbac0

Acknowledge him! I think we'll unlock the reincarnation memories if we do!
>Logic Skill
Eidetic Memory is too good to pass up, we need that right away! We can do the others later but the earlier we get this the better.
No. 1003755 ID: dfbac0

Yes, use English to simply say "After the test", I guess acknowledging him can wait a LITTLE BIT, but we do need to acknowledge him eventually.
No. 1003758 ID: 031458

The english is a good Idea.

As for Eidetic Memory, it IS sort of a cheat skill and is deffo useful, but we won't get it's full potential until we can [UNDERSTAND] things.
The reason being, Eidetic Memory actually circumvents the need to LEARN by allowing us to MEMORIZE. It's not the same. While Eidetic knowledge can be recalled at will, it doesn't allow for the instant crosslinking of knowledge to relevant focuses.
In game terms, overuse of Eidetic knowledge may penalize our INTUITION and cause some weirdness.
[UNDERSTANDING] however, would nullify this, making eidetic memory purely a boon.

I say all this to suggest that perhaps Eidetic Memory need not be the FIRST of Saba's mental abilities we meditate on.
VISUAL CALCULUS or Deduction, as one suggestor put it, would come quite in handy.
No. 1003777 ID: e51896

couple things to point out

I think I should mention about that coin that while we know that eye is most likely the demon Set's eye, that person in glasses might be that person from the karma shop >>1002771

and those blue lights might be souls for whatever reason. they are mostly balls of glowing blue lights after all
No. 1003793 ID: afe7de
File 162427388248.png - (83.27KB , 500x500 , SR_077.png )

> Eyes and Boots?
You introduce yourself as CHI SAVA, she says it’s a pleasure to meet you and that you have a nice name. You’re curious so you take another look over the girl in front of you. You didn’t notice at first but she looks like she’s pretty well built. Her arms are muscular and now that you look at her boots again, they look incredibly heavy. Only someone with a POWERFUL physique could carry them.

You politely ask Marth about her eyes and she responds in a pretty chipper attitude. She says they’re COMPOUND EYES. Basically she can see in extremely high resolution and can see in a different light spectrum from others. Says she’s part Insect-kin, her mom was a HUMAN her dad was a DRONE or a male BEE. You’ve only heard about Insect-kin from Saba’s Knowledge. She must be from outside your country.

You also ask about the boots saying they look pretty heavy. She knocks them with her fist, a smile ever present and mentions they’re some MAGITECH her teacher gave her. It lets her FLY, which is kind of required if you want to live in this world-plate. You’re shocked that a device could be made to allow someone to fly and it’s present on your face. She laughs and tells you that it’s not really that special, just expensive.

> Respond in English
You slip into a little bit of English and her smile gets even WIDER. You were not sure it was possible.

You: [ENG] We should probably talk later.
Marth: [ENG] Well there’s a surprise. Sure!

No. 1003794 ID: afe7de
File 162427395101.png - (55.85KB , 500x500 , SR_078.png )

The test starts and a Wing-kin appears on the stage, introducing himself as the dean. He welcomes the 2318 test takers, says something about how he hopes the best of you make it, but says not to worry if you don’t the top 500-200 in certain sections will be scouted by the various TRADES around the city, so it should be easier for them to get TRAINING too.

The test, like you expected, tests your KNOWLEDGE, INTUITION, CREATIVITY, LOGIC, and CHARISMA. Asking how well you know history, what you’d do in certain situations, how you’d solve certain problems, and how good your MATHS skills are. It’s an overall easy exam, but you’re actually not the first to finish, over 100 other kin actually finish the main exam before you. You don’t sweat as a wing kin, but you spread your wings a bit to relieve the heat and tension you’re feeling. The Bonus Section is the last thing you’re given to complete. Unfortunately you’re UNLUCKY and it tests a stat you don’t have called [PERCEPTION]. They ask you to spot various details on incredibly detailed illustrations and to circle their locations. The difficulty is immediately apparent as the details you are asked to look for are incredibly hard to find. Since most Wing-Kin have GOOD EYESIGHT this is a skill that tends to get overlooked.

You panic but your CURIOSITY and INTUITION have your back and you’re able to find 2/5 things on the image confidently. The final three you just circle randomly, hoping that with a little LUCK you get at least another right. Your paperwork is taken up and you are all told to wait for a few hours while the administration and academy students all review your tests. Your tests will be reviewed by only those with the highest of integrity and under supervision, should any mistake be made or anyone be found to not be acting in good faith you will be compensated.

You talk to Marth while you wait and get to know them a little better. They mention they’re from CANUS, but her Insect-Kin dad was from the world plate of HIVEN. You mention that other world-plates past Canus aren’t on your world maps. She laughs and says that’s because they don’t want kids to know about it, especially Wing-kin. Some fly the nest and leave at early ages to go traveling to different world-plates and end up dying to the monsters. One has to be STRONG to survive out there as the world is pretty different then this peaceful plate.

You ask why Marth came to this World-Plate and she Smiles back at you again.

Marth: Teacher came here to research various things.
Marth: He was also given a job as a TEACHER in MAGITECH SCIENCES and MONSTER THEORY
Marth: He wants to give Wing-Kin a chance to learn the tech
Marth: and feels bad because his ancestors were some of the people who tried to force the world-plate to give up resources
Marth: It’s all in the past now and he’s being paid pretty well by your queen.
Marth: He’s not the greatest MT SCIENTIST, probably only barely a passable tradesman
Marth: But that’s loads better then what you have in Tengu.

You excitedly chirp, that’s great! You’ll get to learn what this MAGITECH stuff is! But you notice he skimmed over why he actually came here, deflecting.

[GUILE] Running from something?
[INTUITION] Maybe something bad happened?

You respond with a little bit of your life’s history, about just being naturally smart and studying the past year to try to get into the INTERMEDIATES. You were once told you had a good APTITUDE to become an Archaeological explorer, but think you want to see the options before committing. She shrugs and says to give the MAGITECH stuff a try, you might like it.

You get the feeling like you should be able to form a bond with MARTH in the future
You get a strange feeling, it’s not unpleasant, but it is strange

No. 1003795 ID: afe7de
File 162427397162.png - (81.68KB , 500x500 , SR_079.png )

The results are in, you’re called up in order from 200 to 1. There are kin you recognize that get called up, some you don’t, and audible groans from the audience, here are the results:

200: PAWN
197: MARTH
118: DRIFT
36: CHI (You)
18: PON

You can see visible disappointment in WILLIAM’s face from just being one off of an ELITE. Pon is PROUD and you can tell he’s relieved a bit. You’re surprised to see BLITZ missing, in fact you can’t see him anywhere in the gymnasium. Did he not come? You’re also surprised to see MARTH rank so low. And PAWN made it in? Guess you’ll be seeing him around. You get a good look at IGNIS, he winks at you when he notices you looking in his direction, you’re not sure what kind of bird he is, but his beak makes him pretty handsome you think.

The next week is a bit of a blur, there’s a welcoming ceremony, you’re introduced to the dorms, and given an overview on how the academy works. Since it’s 3 people to a dorm, you decide to bunk with NOODLE and PON. Your parents give you their goodbyes and RIICHI informs you that she’ll be living in the city for a while and if you need a family member to come find her at the address she gives you. She says that she’s always willing to spend time with you and teach you more about GUILE if you’re interested, since it’s not something you’d typically learn at the ACADEMY.

You are told that passing your exams gurantees you a minimum of 4 years of study at the TENGU ACADEMY. If you want to study at the academy after that, you’ll have to pay a yearly stipend of 400 SHINIES, will have to move to the graduate dorms, and can only do it for another 2 years at the most. They want to encourage students to go out into the workforce and practice their trade, stating that if they want to further their education beyond this they can try to go to the college in CANUS or maybe the one in the HUMAN KINGDOM.

You and Pon are both given your yearly INTERMEDIATE stipends, 128 SHINIES, apparently ELITES are given 1280 SHINIES. You’re also informed that there will be a TRADES FAIR at the beginning of your SOPHOMORE (2) and SENIOR (4) years, where you can meet trainers in specific fields to apprentice yourself to, or to compete in a specific trades for the chance to gain entry to the ROYAL LIBRARY to pick out a book for study that year.

You’re also informed that the ACADEMY has a strange policy. You’re only required to attend one class a year, and can take a maximum of 4 per year. You know that most students usually take 2 classes a year, and the elites usually take 4. You can spend the rest of your time doing whatever you like. The ACADEMY is here to facilitate your growth and will only provide guidance and opportunity, as an INTERMEDIATE you can also request a single TUTOR per year to assist your studies in a single class. However you have to request the tutor when you are signing up for the class, as they are limited and tied to their students for the duration. You can also request the tutor for a specific subject that you are interested in, or a trade you are practicing but aren’t taking a class for, but they’ll only be half as effective as a regular class.

You can pay for another tutor if you’d like, but they cost 100 SHINIES per class. TUTORS help increase your learning efficiency, doubling your progress in a class. TUTORS are students that are either on the TEACHING track, or have mastered a specific field and want the extra SHINIES. Apparently ELITES can get a TEACHER as their tutor. You’re also told that its okay to fail classes as you’ll be able to take them again and that through failure you might learn something new, or make lifelong companions in different fields. You won’t be expelled for failing your single course in the year if that’s the path you take. However if it’s found that you are only taking one class and aren’t taking it seriously that is grounds for expulsion. They don’t want students wasting away doing nothing at all.

Classes are held BI-YEARLY. In the first half of the year, then there’s a 2 month break, and in the second half of the year. You’re welcome to stay at the Academy dorms during this time or visit your family, food will still be provided. All in all it’s a pretty flexible course structure. But it relies on students picking good paths for themselves, finding what they like, and managing their time wisely. Though these are the best of the world-plate after all, so you guess that’s kind of already expected of them, for the students to have some sort of DRIVE. At the end of orientation you put up your drawing. Noodle and Pon think it looks very good in the room and they mention it might be a good idea to get more art in the future.
No. 1003796 ID: afe7de
File 162427399865.png - (37.93KB , 500x500 , SR_080.png )

You look at the class selection scroll your dorm was provided, there’s a lot to chose from and it looks like each class has different TIERS they can teach, each * represents a new tier, so if something is ***** they have 5 classes offered total.

What classes does Tengu Academy offer?

Here are some of the ideas I came up with, feel free to suggest others, and don’t forget about electives or sports, stuff for fun, also, feel free to suggest which one you think is your favorite from these and the other suggested ones, your STATS will speak up and that will influence what they have to say about it!

MAGITECH ** - Developing technologies through runescript
HUNTER **** - Learn to become a hunter with specialized WORLD-PLATE HUNTERS, counts as 2 classes due to the time investment
TEACHING *** - Learn how to teach others and be a good educator
ARCHAEOLOGY *** - Learn the history of the world, how to spot dangers in ruins, and how to be diplomatic with kin in other regions
ARCHITECTURE **** - Learn how to build and maintain structures
MEDICINE **** - Learn how to heal kin by making medicine
OUTREACH ** - Learn a bit of everything and how to offer your services to those who might not have access to them
LEADERSHIP *** - Learn how to lead people, be it in the military, in a guild, in politics or otherwise
METALWORKING *** - Learn to smith metals and craft tools

MONSTER THEORY * - Learn about monsters
SCULPTURE * - Learn how to sculpt
PAINTING * - Learn how to paint

AUTHORS NOTE: You don’t pick a FLAW and FOCUS anymore as you are cherry picking the courses you’ll be studying.

For full transparency, you’ll be getting [3 TIME POINTS], [2 TIME POINTS], and [3 TIME POINTS] in that order to spend while you’re at the academy.

Apprenticing yourself to someone or getting a job will take up TIME POINTS starting from your 2 free time points during your break in the middle, then split up by majority vote past that if you decide to take on multiple jobs (though if you speak up and say you want to take time points from the first segment and time points from the last segment, leaving the middle one, that’s fine too). Taking a JOB will take a time point, same with doing activities and other stuff.

And after careful consideration I’ll be adjusting how Meals at restaurants and other money spending events will work. You can go to up to 1 per year right now, but that’ll change with time. These no longer count as full rest events. Instead they’re moments to INCREASE A BOND and reduce STRESS by 1, so if you find you can’t make time for someone else, you can solve that problem by taking them to dinner or going on a DATE. Dates are available at age 16 and sex at age 18, just FYI.

There are also events and other interesting things happening around the city, but you’ll have to either hope a classmate speaks up and tells you about a place, or go out EXPLORING using one of your TIME POINTS.

Right, and about the LOGIC skills. DEDUCTION and VISUAL CALCULUS are different. DEDUCTION would be LOGIC+INTUITION+INFORMATION to make conclusions based off of not too much information. VISUAL CALCULUS would be LOGIC+KNOWLEDGE+EVIDENCE, letting you reconstruct the scene using hard facts. VISUAL CALCULUS would be useful in figuring out where a bullet was shot from after seeing a broken window and the pieces on the ground without moving and handling it yourself. DEDUCTION would be useful when listening to statements and finding any logical loopholes in them, you could also use it to look at a window and realize that it was replaced recently, perhaps a gunshot broke it? So one’s good for environments and ones good for people.

No. 1003800 ID: f8fa51

Go for four classes, since that's what an Elite would do. You know your a genius and need to apply yourself better than you did previously.
MAGITECH is an obvious choice, hopefully allowing you to make use of logic, understanding, and creativity to become an inventor; ARCHAOLOGY (with tutor) shores up some of your weaker important skills, including knowledge and hopefully charisma too; PAINTING because you should push yourself to develop this further; and TEACHING because you may end up wanting to tutor your friends.

Other classes you may be interested in include: LEADERSHIP, you're starting to get a gang together, and putting them all on the same track could let you achieve great things; OUTREACH, because using your skills to help others is always a noble goal; and MEDICINE, because it would potentially be another way to use your sharp mind if you didn't want to overspecialise.
No. 1003801 ID: afa6f6

Hoo, so many interesting things here. Im thinking we should take three classes to maximize our stat growth, while still leaving time to socialize, and maybe by the third year we'll be good enough in a subject to tutor.
The only suggestion I have a for a class right now is one that's a little bit of a mixture of archeology, astrology, geology and anthropology, Thats basically about studying the world plates themselves, their nature, theories on how they came to be, and the world in the greater universe sense.
Call it [Platology] maybe. or maybe just World Studies, I don't know.

The Classes that seem interesting are:
and out of the arts, I think SCULPTURE would be good. Especially if we take metal working as well.

Right now, im leaning towards Magitech, Archeology and Monster Theory for this year.
No. 1003803 ID: afa6f6

Im also a bit surprised theres not a Martial Arts class at the Academy.
No. 1003805 ID: a4f4d6

Looks like we need hunter to go to other plates, best get started with it then.
It's also the obvious place to put the tutor, since we'll get the most out of them there thanks to three extra time hunter takes.

Hunter + Tutor
Medicine (We'll need to know some)
And then either leadership or monster theory.

As for free time I'd suggest
Meditate on deduction.
Train Sword
Train Guile
No. 1003811 ID: e51896

Maybe we can dedicate our lives to figure out how to save the world plates from shrinking, inspired by how Saba wanted to save his world.

Probably the best I can think of to help with this is

MAGITECH to see if magic can be used to save the plates, or find out if us using magitech is the cause of it for some reason

ARCHAEOLOGY maybe to research the past to see any signs or patterns to the shrinkage no one else spotted

PLATOLOGY like >>1003801 suggested. Will be best to learn more about our plates this way to get some understanding on the shrinking.

TEACHING: like Saba. Might be best to learn this skill to help people get better understanding on the plate erosion and help them help you figure something out.

CLASSES ON ENERGY DENSITY; our teacher in the past theorized this was one of the reasons. Maybe we should learn about whatever this energy is.

ARCHITECTURE, maybe to find out about how we can build things to replace the eroded lands if all else fails, though this class is not high on my list

LEADERSHIP; to help lead the charge in saving the world plates

PSYCHOLOGY; if only to raise our charisma if saving the worldplates requires us to convince large population of people into doing something to save the plates

Some kind of class for meditation? Not sure if this is allowed though.

Oh yeah, not sure of we're choosing our Free time yet, but we definetly should consider meditating at least once per year to help with Karma, spend time with Marth, and spend time with William.
No. 1003812 ID: 094652

Good for Hook, all her charisma dumping paid off. Give Pon a big hug for doing so well. Tell Noodle you knew she could make it. Stare at Marth for not taking this seriously.

>Elite's paycheck is ten times that of an Intermediate
... Is there something you're not telling us, Headmaster.

>400 Shinies / year for Master's Degree
Aaand there's the student loan debt.

Well, not getting the highest-class of scholarship is somewhat jarring since you've got the memories of a billionaire genius in your head... and yet, it's probably for the best. The elites are going to be celebrities with privacy traded for luxury. If you don't keep your reincarnation a secret, they're going to lock you in the cuckoo's nest or dissect you for science.

> Class Schedule
1. Hunter - This is everything you've dreamed of becoming, the de-facto of your adventuring career. Concentrate on this class to the point of acing it, even if you have to cut corners on your other classes.
2. Magitech - This is your secondary. You have a treasure trove of magitech blueprints in your head, you just need to synchronize them with this world. Learn the basics of reverse-engineering and invention, the rest will come to you in time.
3. Leadership - This is your role in a group. Get the bare basics and audit the course.

Don't take a fourth class, you'll need that to meditate or form bonds.
No. 1003813 ID: ce39da

We'll take three (3) classes since one of them is intensive enough for two.

In the first semester, we have ARCHAEOLOGY (Saba's profession of choice - it also helps to shore up KNOWLEDGE and CHARISMA) and MAGITECH (another great KNOWLEDGE and LOGIC class that will inform our archaeology). With our one remaining free time that semester, we'll WORK ON THE PUZZLE BOOK. We have enough accumulated smarts and prior event bonuses that we could probably knock out two pages in one go.

Let's BOND with MARTH during the break - she only said that was her current name, come to think of it; she never claimed that she was Marth previously. You... realize there's a chance that Set also followed you into the next life. Then, let's BOND WITH WILLIAM. His status normally makes him hard to approach, but the fact that he's also taken an interest in you means he gets to meet you halfway on that front.

After the break, we'll take HUNTER (with a tutor; we've been neglecting COMBAT and ATHLETICS long enough). With the remaining free time, we'll MEDITATE ON DEDUCTION.

Assuming I interpreted this correctly, and we don't spend time when having one of those dinners, we'll have it with PON; more for his sake than ours, as we'll check up on how he's handling himself at the academy - maybe hold him to his promise if he's ended up back at his old stressed out ways.
No. 1003817 ID: dfbac0

MAGITECH is a no-brainer and should probably be our main focus. Get a tutor for this as well.
ARCHEOLOGY is importants as it seems to be the leading field of progress and we want to make our mark on the world, also you get some cool diplomacy skills.
A custom one I thought of too...
ENGINEERING, and not the magitech kind but an advanced engineering class based on making tools and items of use or maybe even simply proof of concepts. I recommend this class because maybe we can eventually make satellites to study the world plates and discover new ones and maybe we could even work on a spaceship. Creativity favors the bold!
Meditate on Invention
Form a BOND with Marth
Meditate on Eidetic Memory x2 (To the guy saying this could harm our progression with understanding: This would not cause us to stop trying to understand information, we just have to use it smartly by not just putting stuff in willy-nilly and only use this for needed information, this would also let us review our memory and spend more time on understanding something. I'm saying this because that one comment changed everyone from wanting this to be scared of it.)
Work on the puzzle book.
Treat everyone we have a BOND with to a nice meal. (This will let us get to know them better and they can get to know each other better as well.)
No. 1003818 ID: 96c896

Well that's Marth alright. My guess is she's from a War-Torn country and fled here. Or really flubbed her origin roll and was born a slave.
My guess is she wouldn't have passed the exam at all if it weren't for our Adolescent Bond perk.

Holy smokes, Ignis has a strong reincarnation.

MAGITECH cuz cool
HUNTER cuz fight
ARCHAEOLOGY cuz Saba likes it
OUTREACH for the wide range of teachings
METALWORKING cuz it works well with magitech and invention
SCULPTURE just cuz
No. 1003827 ID: 56a408

For year 1, take Magitech, teaching, and painting.
No. 1003830 ID: ce39da

So I just learned that the prompt for this post is ONLY to suggest our own ideas for what classes and jobs there are - actual time-usage comes after this. Here are mine.

GUARD - For those who wish to hone their combat abilities and learn counterintelligence tricks to stop assassins before they can even arrive on the scene. COMBAT ARTS (favoring SWORDS and BOWS) and PERCEPTION come in spades here, and this is probably the only formal class that helps with GUILE.

GARDEN CLUB - You've heard rumors about this one; that it's supposedly a thinly-veiled haven for royals and those who would associate with them to relax and socialize. Anyone who can't muster enough CHARISMA or GUILE to stand with them are passive-aggressively nudged out (though you hear being COURAGEOUS and having actual KNOWLEDGE of plants and arrangement both help to a lesser extent, while actually knowing a royal within the club is a huge boon). The club would be a crucible for your CHARISMA and GUILE, assuming you don't get burned by its higher bar to clear.

AEROBATICS TEAM - Hone your ATHLETICS, PRECISION, and REFLEXES while training to put on spectacular airshows and participate in high-flying races.

WORK AS A JUNIOR COURIER - Deliver packages within the bounds of the capital. Earn coin while training ATHLETICS as you make better and better times on your route.
No. 1003836 ID: 031458

Dance - It goes surpisingly deep, exploring both local and foreign traditional and popular styles.

Aerobatics - Wing-Kin Exclusive acrobatics/gymnastics. Teaches freedom and grace of movement focusing on aerial manuevering, and 3 dimensional parkour.
Advanced aerial combat classes are available to those who possess ADVANCED aptitude with a weapon.

Sorcery- Teaches magic theory, history, and a collection of hedge-magic collected across the world-plate.
Magic is still fairly primitive here, consisting mainly of family secrets, old religious rituals, and a number of simple, practical spells. Still, the amount of information to get through is immense.
A Royal University in Canus scouts yearly, offering graduates who have completed this course, the Magitech Course, and the Hunter Course, a free 4 year post-graduate education in Advanced magic. A series of written, practical, and combat exams are required and they are BRUTAL. It is not unusual for no one to succeed in a given year, though retries in following years (if the student studies for longer than 4) are permitted.
No. 1003837 ID: 19cc43

After we get a idea of the classes we can take, lets ask a teaching staff member for some ideas for classes they recommend we take for certain career paths, like jobs that involve figuring out how to stop world plates from shrinking, archeological explorer, cartography, other stuff.

Maybe a packet or folder of notes that give us class recommendations to take each year for certain career paths. Dont wanna accidentally take the wrong classes for our MAJOR.

Few other ideas

Law classes
Religious classes
Tinker classes
No. 1003877 ID: afe7de
File 162435126903.png - (44.57KB , 500x500 , SR_081.png )

AUTHORS NOTE: So we’re reaching the point where you can start earning money. I had to do a bunch of math and got Pawn’s help on some of this, so I now have a better understanding of the financial system, so thanks to you for that bro.
Tutors have been adjusted, they are now TEACHERS ASSISTANTS or TAs, the cost to get a TA is the same as getting a tutor was before at 100 SHINIES per, after your first free one. Mechanically there’s no difference, just instead a TA will be a kin you go to on the weekends for recaps on classes.
TUTORS are a separate job and can be hired for 2000 SHINIES a class or subject. There are also special hidden TUTORS that could give you skills or hidden STATS around the city that might cost more. Mechanically a TA gives you a 2x bonus at learning efficiency in a class. A TUTOR gives a between a 1x to 4x bonus to efficiency, there are some bad tutors after all. You can get a tutor and link them to a class or you can just get a tutor and treat them like you had a class with just them.
ALSO, I have some stuff planned for your mid year break this year, so this year you won’t get those two free TIME POINTS in the middle. This is both to advance plot and so you don’t get overwhelmed with the choices. So this year you’ll have a total of 6 time points and next year it'll be 8.

You look at the classes offered this year. There’s just an overwhelming amount. You know there’s approximately 800 students at the TENGU ACADEMY at any given time, and between 1-400 GRAD STUDENTS. It’s kind of impressive that they’re offering so many courses at all. But you’re a bit overwhelmed, so you go to a member of the teaching staff located at your dorm for recommended classes and career paths. You find a feminine secretary bird named Josie. He looks to be about four years older than you and apparently is a former student who was offered a job by the academy.

Josie: There’s not any strict majors or career paths per-se here.
Josie: If you manage to complete a course to the second or third course you’re usually pretty set.
Josie: There are some classes that when taken together do provide synergy.
Josie: What are you interested in?
You: Well MAGITECH, ARCHAEOLOGY and HUNTER classes sound kind of interesting right now.
You: I’ve also got a secondary interest in MEDICINE, PLATOLOGY, ENGINEERING, AEROBATICS, THEORY, and PAINTING
You: But I’d have to say my strongest points are CREATIVITY and LOGIC
Josie: Weird, usually those two don’t go together.
Josie: Well let me group them up and make the list a bit easier to parse for you.

Josie takes your class scroll and starts marking down different things. Eventually you get a written over scroll back with notes on it. You thank Josie and head back to your dorm to give it a read with Noodle and Pon.

AUTHORS NOTE: I’ve organized the classes into various fields based off of the MAIN stat that the FIRST class uses. Some classes will generate NEW STATS or even use different stats as the work becomes more and more specialized. You’ll find specialization to be a good thing as it allows you to excel in specific fields. The number next to each class is how many courses there are in it. An X means you can take it any number of times

LOGIC CLASSES - These classes require a good grasp of LOGIC to excel in
MAGITECH 2 - Developing technologies through runescript
ARCHITECTURE 4 - Learn how to build and maintain Avian structures
ENGINEERING 2 - Learn how to make tools and proofs of concepts

HUNTER [2TP] 4 - Learn to become a hunter with specialized WORLD-PLATE HUNTERS, counts as 2 classes per course due to the time investment.
MARTIAL ARTS 3 - Learn the finer points of COMBAT the next step up from SELF DEFENSE, offers a variety of weapons to learn from.
AEROBATICS 2 - Hone your skills whilst training to put on airshows and participate in races only wing-kin can do. *NOTE* Using tools to fly is acceptable as well but you must pay for your own resources, the school will not provide them.

INTUITION CLASSES - A lot of these classes are theoretical, focusing on what we know and feel about the topics.
ENERGY THEORY 1 - A class about what might be causing the end-plates to crumble
MANA THEORY 1 - A class about MANA, the energy that powers MAGITECH, and it’s theoretical applications on the body
MONSTER THEORY 1 - A class on MONSTER BEHAVIOR, their theorized origins, and power levels
THEOLOGY 2 - A class on religions, the first focuses on your countries, the second focuses on religions found in other world-plates
MEDITATION x - A class on the foreign art of MEDITATION, said to reduce stress
ARCHAEOLOGY 3 - Learn how to spot dangers in ancient ruins, our theories on them, and how to be diplomatic with kin in other regions that find these places to be sacred
TACTICS x - Learn the secrets of STRATEGY and play WAR GAMES

KNOWLEDGE CLASSES - These classes will help you gain specialized knowledge in new fields
TEACHING 3 - Learn to teach others
MEDICINE 4 - Learn to heal others through practical medicine, the final course teaches minor surgery and ways to save limbs that have been lost
PLATOLOGY 2 - Learn about the plates and how they work
ANTHROPOLOGY 2 - Learn about KIN, how long we’ve been here, and the tendencies of the various races
AGRICULTURE 1 - Learn how to breed crops and animals in our world-plate and farm for SHINIES
ETIQUETTE 1 - Learn how royalty act in this kingdom and beyond

CHARISMA CLASSES - These classes will help you learn about and how to interact with kin better
LAW 2 - Learn about the Politics of this world plate and others
PSYCHOLOGY 2 - Learn about the kin mind and it’s behaviors
LEADERSHIP 3 - Learn how to LEAD and MOTIVATE kin
GUARD TRAINING 3 - Learn the skills needed to be a guard, to spot trouble, and protect the Kin of TENGU.
SINGING 6 - Learn the art of singing, a Wing-Kin favorite

CREATIVE CLASSES - These classes will help you get more creative
GARDENING x - Learn how to tend to plants
DANCE x - Learn different forms of dance
SCULPTURE x - Learn to sculpt in various mediums
PAINTING x - Learn to paint
MUSIC x - Learn an instrument (pick one)
PRINTING x - Learn how to make books and mass produced paper with this new technology

APPRENTICESHIPS - These are class length jobs you can take on. Taking classes in this is unpaid, but if you excel, you may be offered a PART TIME JOB [-1 time point] or a FULL TIME JOB [-2 time points]. But you have to commit for at least 1 year when taking a job.
COURIER 1 - Learn the basics of delivery work, how to read building markers, and more
METALWORKING 1 - Learn how to forge weapons, tools, and devices
OUTREACH 1 - Learn a bit of everything and how to offer your services to those who might not have access to them, will see you traveling around the world-plate on your weekends off.
FARMHAND 1 - Learn the basics of working on a farm, it’s lots of hard work and only the ATHLETIC should go

JOBS - There’s also a single part time job opening with tons of slots. No commitments or experience required.
SCHOOL JANITOR x - Learn to clean! Offered by the school below minimum wage if you are having trouble finding a job. Pays 960 SHINIES a [TIME POINT]
No. 1003879 ID: afe7de
File 162435133019.png - (37.20KB , 500x500 , SR_082.png )

Everyone: Wow
You: There’s so many options, where do we even start?
Pon: Wanna see about taking a class together this year?
Pon: It’ll probably be harder to do the further along we get in our classes.
Noodle: That sounds fun!
Noodle: I wanna take the Hunter class!
Pon: I want to take the Meditation class, Goddess knows I need to manage my stress better.
You: I dunno what I wanna take, there’s a lot of options.
Pon: Well as long as it isn’t anything crazy why don’t you pick the class we take together?
Noodle: OOOOH we could take dancing!!!
Noodle: Either way, I think we should explore the city and figure out what we have available to us
Pon: That’s probably a good idea. But it’s pretty big so it will probably take some TIME.
Noodle: If we can’t do it now, we’re definitely going to do it during the BREAK though.
Pon: Agreed!

The group chatters on about what classes they’re planning on taking. You decide to listen to your STATS and their opinion.

[LOGIC] - Magitech
[CREATIVITY] - Dance is nice and all, but wouldn’t it be cool to be a sculptor, might have some overlap with METALWORKING
[INTUITION & STRATEGY] - I have a good feeling about that TACTICS class
[CHARISMA & LEADERSHIP] - Leadership might be fun, maybe we can lead better than SABA did
[SABA’S KNOWLEDGE] - I’m still here you know… T.T
[ATHLETICISM] - Ladies, ladies, and gentlemen. AEROBATICS. I wanna go FAAAAAAAAST
[GUILE] Maybe invite PON and NOODLE to RIICHI’S to learn GUILE with you?

You’ve now had time to examine the list. It’s time to pick what you’re doing for this semester. You have [3 TIME POINTS] to spend. You can still get a free use of the TA this year. What do you do?

1. Take a CLASS
2. Explore the city
3. Do an ACTIVITY with someone else
4. Work on a PROJECT like the PUZZLE BOOK
5. Use a Skill
[REALISTIC DRAWING] Make some art pieces, maybe one will be worth something
[MEDITATION] Meditate on a topic or in general
[STUDY] Study a topic or in general. Has a small chance of gaining stress, but increases stat growth and helps you pass important exams
[TEACHING**] Improve other kin’s stats and give them skills given time
6. Forge a new BOND or spend time with someone you have a BOND with
9. Other (suggestions welcome)

And if there’s something specific you want to know about a topic or class you’re going into, feel free to suggest it and I’ll try to include it in a post.
No. 1003880 ID: f8fa51

So taking four classes for the year would mean spending two time points now, and two later, right?

In that case, I think Dance would be the best class to share with Pon and Noodle. If they don't mind you picking outright, we can go with Sculpture instead since you seem to be a fan of it. For your other class, getting started with Magitech seems like a good pick.

For your free time, let's meditate on VISUAL CALCULUS.

Once we've had a breakthrough in logic and a grounding in magitech (I think it might be related), we can maybe do some more work with the puzzle book.
No. 1003883 ID: dfbac0

Reach for the stars! Let's do four for our first year, be a bit ambitious!
2: ENGINEERING, a good skill over-all.
3: MEDITATION, with your friends of course.
I was gonna do archeology but I think it's best we wait a year on that, don't rush it. So...
4: MEDICINE, being able to know the ins and outs of healing would most definitely be useful.
Biggest thing is to meditate on Eidetic Memory.
Other than that we can form a BOND with Marth.
Maybe meditate on Invention if we can.
No. 1003884 ID: 094652

2TP Hunter [Mod - TA]
1TP Magitech

Make a good first impression to the faculty and bury yourself in work for the first semester. Ease up after you and all your friends reach a total of 3 stress points.
No. 1003887 ID: a4f4d6

Hunter +TA, it's basically a must have and it's time consuming. Might as well get it out of the way.

On that note, does that mean we can only take two time slots of classes per period?
If so, Then Guile with Richie and friends or sword Training both sound like good ideas.

If we can take hunter and another class, Dance, Martial Arts, and Aerobatics all equally sound good, as all sound fun and all have at least a combat synergy.
No. 1003888 ID: afe7de

you have 3 TP rn, and you can take 3 classes if you want. Hunter classes take up 2 TP though. so you could at most take a class and the hunter class. And hunter classes count as two classes to your total of 4 per year. If it gets picked you'll find out why.
No. 1003907 ID: e51896

USE SHINIES HAVE DINNER with Marth and William to help us form a bond with them. It doesnt use up time points, and we need to form bonds with them. Or if we are only allowed to do one person per dinner each year, just Marth then, and we'll form a bond with William during our break time. We promised Marth we'd talk to her, and we should talk about our dreams and our connection through saba and marth in that past life... in english. Tell her about meditation too and it's importance for understanding our past life. We should also talk about our future career paths. Mention thinking about Archeology exploration, or finding ways to stop the world plates from crumbling in your future

how much is dinner though? Still 8 shinies? Maybe we can pay more to have dinner with both for one year?

(Now that i think about it, we probably should have use meals in the past to form bonds with new people, but too late now at least we saved up on our shinies)

For freetime

Explore the city with Pon and Noodle, look for potential jobs so we know where we can work in our break time for shinies

If we cant explore the city, lets use a FAVOR on Pon to save a time point and ask him what jobs are out there for us to take and other interesting things after Noodle and Pon explore the city without us.
No. 1003908 ID: ce39da

I say we should share the HUNTER course, for maximum together time. (Use your TA on that one, too; you’ll need the most help with this one this year.)

Our free-time should be spent on the PUZZLE BOOK; we have enough accumulated wits and past event bonuses that we could probably knock out two pages in a single time slot.
No. 1003917 ID: 791b1c

Meditation class with pon and noodle
Meditate invention
Outreach apprenticeship
Dinner with William and/or Marth
No. 1003927 ID: 96c896

First off, we gotta get Eidetic Memory, to supercharge our studies and uncap Logic.
Secondly, we need to take an apprenticeship so we can get a job ASAP. TAs and Tutors are extremely powerful, we need to be able to afford them. It's either that or mooch off of William.
Hunter seems important but will have to wait.

Planning ahead:
The puzzle book has runescript on it, so we should take Magitech partially to help solve the book easier but also to get a head start on invention which sounds like would involve Logic and Creativity, which are our main stats right now.
Tactics seems like it'll be important for battles in the future.
Leadership also. Though, I wonder if we should talk to Marth and William to optimize the group's knowledge base? ONE member of the group should be the leader, and one or two members with a tactics focus. On the other hand it wouldn't be bad for there to be two leaders, considering we're picking up friends other than them. We might have situations where we'd need to split up, and having two people trained in leadership and tactics is handy at that point.
Aerobatics sounds fantastic, because GOTTA GO FAST.
At some point we need to talk to Blitz and Drift about their puzzle books, to see if the different colors mean they have different puzzles. Are both blue booklets identical? Maybe the later pages require finding people with different colors, or matching colors. There are probably more colors than just yellow and blue.

So my votes for spending time this semester are:
METALWORKING apprenticeship.
Take SCULPTURE with your friends, boost with a tutor

No. 1003930 ID: 731206

Hunting class
Meditate for Eidetic memory
Invite marth for dinner
No. 1003961 ID: afe7de
File 162444632677.png - (73.60KB , 500x500 , SR_083.png )

You decide to take the MAGITECH class, to your surprise the amount of students in this class barely reaches 10. You see IGNIS and DRIFT in the class, but don’t see anyone else you know. Your first class is strange, a human man in a large pointed hat teaches you, saying his name is SHIMON CHROME. A MAGITECH researcher from CANUS. He gives a brief overview of Magitech itself and the class.

Shimon: Magitech is the study of using writing to convert energy either generated or absorbed naturally into strange and esoteric effects by the power of RUNESCRIPT.
Shimon: Using an ENGRAVING TOOL and a SURFACE you can etch in something called a RUNE.
Shimon: Metals are commonly used, but leathers and even skin can be used to a lesser degree.
Shimon: However there’s a problem.
Shimon: Certain surfaces can only hold so many runes, and one has to have a steady hand
Shimon: One must also understand the LOGIC behind runescripting
Ignis: Can’t you just teach us the alphabet or the language and we learn the syntax that way?
Shimon: Unfortunately it’s not that simple
Shimon: Runescripting requires COMPREHENSION of the system, for each line to be drawn with PURPOSE and INTENT
Shimon: Some call it MAGIC because your WILL ITSELF actually goes into the pieces you make
Shimon: As such there’s only one way to actually learn RUNESCRIPTING.

The professor takes out from his bag a stack of books that look eerily similar to your PUZZLE BOOK. He looks to each of you and puts on a pair of GOGGLES, after a moment he takes them off and scratches his head, mumbling something to himself. He then goes around and hands each of you a different colored book. IGNIS gets a RED book. DRIFT gets a YELLOW book. You get a WHITE book. And the rest of the students all get a different colored book.

Shimon: These are SCRIPTING MANUALS.
Shimon: I sent them in advance to your academy a few years ago to give to hopeful students but
Shimon: None have finished them, or informed us of having finished them.
Shimon: SCRIPTING MANUALS are easy to make by someone whose mastered the rune inside of them.
Shimon: So consider these a gift.
Student A: Okay, but what do the colors mean?
Shimon: The colors represent the TYPE of rune.
Student B: But can we know what the colors REPRESENT?
Shimon: No. I picked the colors you were most likely to solve, feel free to exchange between each other if you like.
[LOGIC] I get the sense he CAN’T tell us.
Shimon: My teaching for now ends here. You have until the end of this course to solve them.
Shimon: If you can open the book to the final page and COMPREHEND it’s contents come speak to me.
Shimon: I’ll be in the classroom on my assigned days and hours.
Student A: What BULLSHIT is this?
Student B: Yeah, you’re supposed to TEACH US THIS!
Ignis: QUIET.
Student B: Screw this, I’m out.

5 of the students in the classroom leave, leaving you, DRIFT, and IGNIS remaining. Eventually Ignis comes over and proposes the three of you wrack your brains together, looking at Shimon for confirmation that he gets.

Shimon: You can work together, but once you solve one you’ll understand why I can’t teach you at least on the first one.
Shimon: It’ll teach you a fundamentally different way of thinking.

The course goes by slowly, so you take the time to get to know your two classmates better.

Ignis is the 2nd PRINCE, and he loves these kinds of challenges. You also find out he’s 2 years older than you. Apparently he spends most of his time SOCIALIZING outside of classes. Trying to meet people and garner their favor. He thinks he has a shot of becoming KING, but is trying to find out who has the highest chance of being QUEEN next. He dismisses HOOK for her attitude and superiority complex.
Drift on the other hand has been spending a lot of time EXERCISING. He’s still not as athletic as most kin, but stresses he’s been putting in effort every single day. He says something about his body just refusing to grow stronger and laments his situation.
You don’t really see anything wrong with Ignis and are a little confused at what William was hinting. He seems fine you think.

You occasionally see MARTH pop by to talk to SHIMON, and you share a few words with her. Eventually you build up the courage to ask her to dinner, maybe with William as well. She laughs and apologizes saying she doesn’t have the time right now. But promises during the break to talk to both of you, she’s sure you all have things to discuss.

[EVENT - A MEETING WITH OLD FRIENDS - Will occur during TIME SLOT 4 of this year]

Eventually it’s the last day of class and you just barely finished the final page. You’re looking at the completed rune-scripting illustration and are presented with a vision, or hallucination of some sort. It was of a grassy field, you could see the wind blowing in the distance. And a node in the sky, of nothing, but also something, and when you looked at it you could see it sucking in the light greedily. ABSORPTION comes to mind. The INTENT to ABSORB, the PURPOSE of MANA ABSORPTION. You can’t put it into words, it’s more akin to a feeling. But a moment later you’re out of your daze.

You’ve gained the RUNESCRIPTING 1 skill
You can now inscribe RUNES onto SURFACES
- You only know how to inscribe one rune to a surface at this time
You’ve learned the rune for ABSORPTION
- Absorption can be used to absorb the elements to a certain degree
- Absorption can also be used to speed up natural MANA absorption into an object passively
- You’ll need to experiment by putting runes on objects to see the results OR take the second class to know more
- Learn more runes and about runes to increase the skill

No. 1003962 ID: afe7de
File 162444636107.png - (34.64KB , 500x500 , SR_084.png )

You immediately scramble to a piece of paper and begin to scribble something in runescript. When the ink has settled on the parchment you notice something, it’s faint, but the paper has an incredibly slight shimmer to it now. You run up to your professor and show him the results and he’s shocked. You’re the fifth student he’s had that’s been able to solve a RUNESCRIPT MANUAL. He praises your LOGIC and CREATIVITY and examines the paper you inscribed. He lets you know it’s amateur but shows that you’ve comprehended the manual. Whats more impressive is that you were able to get it to work at 1/100th efficiency using just INK and not even distilled MANA. He hands you 5 more manuals, a RED, GREEN, YELLOW, and BLUE one, you let him know you already have the blue one at home and he swaps it for a BLACK one, smiling at you.

He tells you to finish at least 2 more manuals. Once you do complete it he tells you to sign up for his second course. And that if you have any questions on these to feel free to ask. Since you now know the basics and can COMPREHEND it, you two can actually talk on the subject. He also presents you with a small pen, there’s a bottle attached to it with a glowing blue liquid inside it. He says that it liquifies the mana in the air over the course of a day to fill up around halfway, stopping once full. You can use this to practice your rune-crafting. He says to practice on paper until you’re confident. In the second course he says he’ll show you how to make useful objects and how to LINK RUNES, but doesn’t give you any hints as to what the specific manuals contents are.

You go back to your companions and they celebrate your comprehension. Ignis especially gives you high praise and it feels good. The professor checks up on everyone elses progress and hands them the 5 books they’re lacking, offering the same to them. He says if they’ve reached the last page it’s only a matter of time. You try to describe the feeling of solving the final page but it just comes out as babbling, mush, and sensations. You stop and realize that this was what Shimon was talking about. You look to Shimon and try to talk about the ABSORPTION rune, and he talks back to you about a rune you dont understand, but you can feel a sense of HEAT and FLAME from it. It’s like you’re talking in PICTURES not WORDS. In IDEAS, not SENTENCES. The conversation goes for a few minutes and the class ends. Your two classmates seem to have a fire in their eyes and claim they won’t lose to you before leaving.

[CREATIVITY] But why do I get the feeling that if you reached a certain level in RUNESCRIPTING that teaching others would become possible…
[INTUITION] I think he’s just a shitty teacher that doesn’t want to teach the basics
[LOGIC] I think if you learn more runes and meditate on it you can find a way to teach others.
[PRIDE] You have resources others don’t, you can do this.

Your BOND with DRIFT has increased to rank 2
- Drift will occasionally suggest activities for you to do with him
- Drift sees you as a rival
IGNIS has formed a BOND with you at rank 2
- There is now a small chance that you’ll get a bonus event every year going forward featuring IGNIS
- Ignis will occasionally suggest activities for you to do with him

No. 1003965 ID: afe7de
File 162444646380.png - (76.43KB , 500x500 , SR_085.png )

The three of you decide to take the HUNTER class together. Pon had the aptitude in being a HUNTER as a kid, so he thinks he should at least give it a shot, and it might be better with everyone together. The class is held 4 times a week in 4 hour chunks. Twice what normal classes do. The first class in the course consists of RIGEROUS TRAINING. You are all pushed to the point of exhaustion. And then are forced to wield your training weapons against eachother, those that fall in combat this way are then reprimanded and their training in the next class is increased.

[PERSERVERENCE] This is nothing!!!
[PERSERVERENCE] It’s all in the mind, pain in the mind…

You chose to practice your RAPIER skills during this period. Noodle practices her SPEAR skills and Pon decides to take up the JAVELIN, he’s been undecided for a while now and thinks the flexibility from having multiple throwing weapons that could also be used as small spears suits him. Yours and Noodle’s ATHLETIC physiques manage to let you BARELY keep up with everything, but you’re still terribly exhausted by the end. Pon’s POWERFUL physique allows him to breeze through most of the activities with ease, he’s noticed by the instructor and is made to do carry heavy weights while he does the rest of the exercises, only then, after he’s reaching the point of BARELY being able to keep up with everything is he put back with the others. You’re told the point of this exercises is to build up incredible amounts of STAMINA, and the ability to force your bodies past your limits. Hunting monsters can be unlike fighting humans. It’s a drawn out, grueling process at times, and then over in a moment at others.

Interspersed during the courses are lessons on monsters themselves. Your instructor’s name is TALBOT, she’s a high ranking World-Plate hunter, this means she travels outside your country to hunt monsters. She makes sure to emphasize that there are monster varieties that are harmless, or even peaceful, but the ones that they go after are typically the ones attacking cities, destroying ecosystems, and that are identified as threats. For some reason most monsters HATE kin and humans, and if they’re on the same world-plate Monsters will actively try to go to kin settlements to feast.

Talbot: Question. Are there monsters in our world-plate?
Flying Squirrel: I thought the hunters took care of them years ago?
Talbot: That’s not entirely accurate.
Talbot: You see there are CAVERNS underneath TENGU, the deeper you go, the more monsters you find
Talbot: This is why parents usually tell their kids never to go into the caves.
Talbot: However hunters have completely decimated the overworld population of monsters on our world-plate
Talbot: Causing it to be the most relatively safe one in the country.

She then goes on to explain that these caverns have either been cleared, or maintained as monster breeding grounds to train future hunters. The one on the floating lake has been cleared, but monsters are a strange existence and have been known to appear in previously cleared areas. She tells you about BIPED and QUADRAPED monsters. In the second course you will be getting live training against real monsters. The class murmurs excitedly at that. You see Pon get a bit nervous, but pat his back reassuringly. The tutoring classes you attended are more focused versions of the main classes, with emphasis on learning the different types of monsters, their weaknesses, and how to spot their habitats in the wild. As a wing-kin you are naturally gifted at this, so they tell you how to take advantage of that. The landlocked kin are also trained in advanced escape techniques. Sometimes you’ll encounter a monster you can’t win against and will have to run. Wing kin can just fly, but others cant.
No. 1003966 ID: afe7de
File 162444650102.png - (70.30KB , 500x500 , SR_086.png )

During your time in the hunter class you grow closer to your fellow students. You’re spending a lot of time with each other, but one classmate catches your attention. His name is Glide and he’s a FLYING SQUIRREL. You once read a book that flying squirrels couldn’t actually fly, but apparently he’s the exception. You think it’s kind of cool he broke his genetic barriers and learned to fly as a mammal. Apparently he wears this wing suit so his skin-flaps are more easily contained, and so he gets more force applied when he flies. His only problem is that he tends to be a bit too lazy for your tastes. He’s only putting in the minimum amount of work. But when it comes to combat he can be fierce, eying you down with a lot of COURAGE and not backing down. He’s not scared easily. Eventually the quarter passes and you’re at your final exam.

Your ATHLETICISM stat has reached the soft cap
You must PRACTICE an ATHLETIC SKILL in order to progress, here are some examples
- IMPROVED PHYSIQUE - Improve your ATHLETIC physique one rank to POWERFUL
- FLIGHT SPEED - Fly twice as fast as other kin
- REFLEXES - Gain a new stat, your DODGE skill is automatically converted and becomes passive. Actively using REFLEXES to DODGE provides more bonuses.
- TENACITY - Gain a new stat, Similar to PERSERVERENCE but in reference to the body
Some skills are harder to learn than others and you’re not sure how long it will take to train.
You’ve gained the MONSTER KNOWLEDGE stat at rank 2
Your PERSERVERENCE is already at the peak and thinks it’s great that you’re flexing it
GLIDE has formed a BOND with you
- There is now a small chance that you’ll get a bonus event every year going forward featuring GLIDE
You’ve gained 3 stress from the grueling training

On the way to the exam site you talk it over with PON and NOODLE, you agree to go exploring the town during the break, it’s been on your mind and you think it’ll be fun.

[EVENT - QARA TENGU’S DAYLIFE - Will occur during TIME SLOT 5 of this year]

Everyone’s nervous, and they should be, brought before each of you is a bound DUSK RABBIT. It’s a deep gray with red, piercing eyes. You would say it looks cute, but it’s got fangs and claws that have both been clipped. You’re told this is the weakest of what would be considered a MONSTER. More a pest that can really hurt if you’re unprepared. You’ve all been given a knife and one job, to kill the creature in front of you. You’re told this is the final exam of the first course, to kill a life. If you cannot do this, then you are not fit to be a HUNTER, but he hopes that the PERSEVERANCE and ATHLETICISM and KNOWLEDGE you’ve gained will support you in the future.

You can tell that Noodle has a fierce determination in her eyes. Glide is calm and collected, he’s even playing with the knife. Pon is scared, you can tell he’s very hesitant. Your STATS are silent in this moment, wanting you to make the decision. Seeing If you’re ready to take a life. You’ve seen Saba do it in your dreams, and you are Saba, which means you’ve technically done it, but can you? You’re feeling the PRESSURE.

What do you do? And do you say anything to Pon?

Those two events I mentioned above are the plot events I’m gonna have happen in the middle of the year. Whenever I have important plot stuff going forward that you get info of I’m going to announce it like this. I’ll try to let you know in advance for the most part.
No. 1003967 ID: 094652

"... No."
You are capable of killing animals. Of killing people. Of even killing innocents whose existences threaten many others. But here, you are expected to take the life of an animal that has never harmed you or your people, and is incapable of doing so in any way. Even an insect is more of a threat than this bound, defanged, broken little creature. Society is poised to reward you for this act of needless, graceless slaughter.
This is not the path of the ranger, it is the path of the butcher. Let it be taken by one who has devoured souls. But that person is not you.
Release the bun-bun. Demand to fight a (weak) beast that is eager to kill you and has the means of doing so, or you're done with this class.
No. 1003974 ID: ce39da

Give Pon a reassuring nod.

Then do it. You get the impression that you aren't going to amount to much if you can't fight monsters in some capacity. (Archaeologists encounter monsters sometimes, don't they?)
No. 1003975 ID: 528dbf

“Let’s make Dad proud.”
End its life quickly.
Also, practice your original puzzle book first, cross referencing it with this one. We’re going to figure this out and teach others what they need to figure out theirs out of spite. That teacher shouldn’t be in charge of first year classes if he can’t even teach people this new way of thinking. Aren’t there books in the library we can just check out about magitech?
No. 1003976 ID: e51896

could CAVERNS be this worlds' dungeon? if so... *gulp* here we go again... Though maybe not, they seemed to have been cleared pretty easily. Maybe the CAVERNS are at the early stages of being dungeons though?

Killing raises karma sooooo... I guess as long as it's just monsters and wildlife for survival?

Tell Pon that hunting non-threatening monsters and wildlife are sometimes required if he wants to hunt for food like our father did for us back at home. There could be a situation where he may find himself without resources when traveling to different world plates, even those far from civilization, and he might have to kill a harmless creature like a wild rabbit to survive. It's part of the circle of life, after all. (Would our teaching skill help Pon? maybe in courage or perseverance, one of those two? I feel it might be courage to help Pon in since we are feeling a little hesitant from the pressure ourself. TEACH Pon courage a little bit.)

Ask the teacher if you can cook and eat the monster after killing it, so that its death doesn't feel so needless especially in its bounded and helpless state. (assuming monsters are edible of course)


For our two upcoming activities:


ask William and Marth what classes they are taking, their future plans and careers (you're thinking about looking into saving the world plates, but also, you think you feel inspired at taking a shot in teaching MAGITECH, you need to learn how to teach better though. Also talk to Marth about Meditation. Suggest all taking a meditation class together the second half of the year maybe.)

for the QARA TENGU’S DAYLIFE event

Look for job openings, maybe ones that require something we our exceptional at in some of our stats, like graphic designing birthday cards with our creativity. Also, look for dojos for self defense training, look for anything else of interest


Not final since we are not planning it yet, but for the third part of our year to lower stress, we should look into meditation classes with Marth and William (if they are interested),
Meditate Eidetic memory to also lower stress and learn that skill,
and try to solve the puzzle book, it might be easier now that we took a class in magitech (we need to solve two in order to take another class).


Long term plan, we could try to look into teaching MAGITECH in our future, we seem to be unique in that we have the potential to be one of the very few kin in FAUNUS to teach magitech effectively to others where other teacher could not. Taking Teaching Classes would be helpful in this.
No. 1003978 ID: ce39da

Oh, yeah, to add on to these: Restrain it on the ground first. Then, place a cloth on the back of its head, both to position the knife for a double-handed press without hurting the poor thing and to act as a splatter-guard. Finally, press down, hopefully killing it instantly, and wait until its vitals have ceased and you've turned its body to the side before removing and cleaning the knife. Pon wouldn't be reassured to see all of his friends covered in blood after doing the deed.
No. 1003980 ID: 157c19

Kill it by removing the mana crystal in the back of its neck.
No. 1003996 ID: 96c896

Oh. So, the 1/1000 thing is just... that most people have no potential for learning Runescripting? I was hoping it was some sort of world-spanning metapuzzle made by some mad genius.
>IGNIS seems fine
That's because he's using his CHARISMA effectively. He's had practice. Maybe William is used to his earlier, clumsy attempts at garnering favor with women. It really is intimidating that he got #1 while spending so much free time socializing...

Do it. Make it as quick as possible.
No. 1003999 ID: 25e6ce

Note to self: Best not tell Marth what our INTUITION stat thinks of Shimon. If anything, we can say you want to follow in Shimon's footsteps and help spread the knowledge of magitech.

Tell Pon he needs to experience this to learn how to survive as a hunter. After the test give Pon a hug to comfort him whether he kills or not.
No. 1004000 ID: dfbac0

This seems like a good option, kill it in a fashion that is quick and painless.
Also seeing if you can cook it shows initiative and could teach you how to cook monsters in the wild should you ever need it.
No. 1004001 ID: f8fa51

Yes, do it quickly. Also, we don't need to worry about telling Marth what we really think of her teacher. She already knows Shimon isn't very good.
No. 1004013 ID: 031458

Tell Pon... That you believe in him.
No. 1004014 ID: 96c896

I'm voting against giving Pon any encouragement. We won't be there for every kill, he's gotta do it on his own.
No. 1004019 ID: afe7de
File 162452956416.png - (71.24KB , 500x500 , SR_087.png )

You tell him that hunting non threatening stuff for survival is sometimes required. But he continues to shake. He mutters about there being no HONOR in this, that this is just butchering. It’s one thing if it’s trapped and then he kills it but this is a defanged, defenseless beast. This is CRUEL. You FAIL to convince Pon to kill the beast, he’s too STUBBORN. And while you could be PERSISTANT and try to pressure him, that’s not the kind of kin you want to be. This is his choice, not yours.

> Quick, painless, and covered
You: Let’s make Dad proud.

You pull out a small cloth and flip over the creature, you jab your knife with precision into it’s neck using a two-handed grip, severing it’s spine cleanly. It twitches slightly and goes limp, dying instantly. The cloth begins to soak in the blood, getting the most of the spurts. With a twist and a pop a small, blood covered peach-pit like object is pulled from the creature. This you know to be a BEAST CORE. Your instructor looks at you and nods. You ask if you can butcher it so you can eat it, and not let the body go waste. She smiles at you with a genuine smile, one you’re not sure you saw on her before as she shows you the basics of butchering a monster, it’s not an easy process, and you end up messing it up terribly, but you now know how to do this, and given enough practice it could become a useful SKILL. He lets you keep the meat, pelt, and core, saying you earned it.

Noodle has already killed her rabbit, she’s covered in blood, having hit an artery. Glide on the other hand is spotless, having deftly used the knife to kill it with the smallest amount of blood loss. His preferred weapon is the knife after all. You get the feeling he’s done this before. You look to Pon and he’s arguing with another instructor. You get a little closer and hear that he’s actually asking to fight one, that killing a defenseless monster proves nothing.

The teacher agrees and brings him to a pit, tossing in a completely normal and unbound Dusk Rabbit and giving Pon an IRON JAVELIN. He looks at you to which you respond with a nod. Pon grabs it and hops into the pit, you watch a long, drawn out fight, Pon’s STUBBORNNESS is at his peak, he’s bleeding, but so is the rabbit. It’s stressful and tense, but eventually Pon succeeds, landing a blow that crushes the skull of the rabbit with his POWERFUL physique. Pon vomits immediately afterwords, tosses down the Javalin and heads back up. He ignores everyone’s praises and heads to you, falling in your arms, unconscious.

You’ve killed a living being for the first time
Your COURAGE stat has increased
A strong ripple goes out through your CONSCIOUSNESS
Others can see your COMPASSION for life through your actions
- Didn’t let it suffer
- Used the whole rabbit
- Supported Pon
You’ve acquired a SMALL MONSTER CORE, it glows with a dull red light
- Can be sold for 10 SHINIES
- Can be used as a CRAFTING INGREDIENT
You’ve acquired TATTERED DUSK RABBIT HIDE, You have enough to make something small out of it.
- Can be sold for 1 SHINY
- Can be used as a CRAFTING INGREDIENT
You get the feeling you could learn the BUTCHER skill if you practice enough
You get the feeling you could learn the COOKING skill if you practice enough
You get the feeling that Pon is gaining a sense of HONOR
You gain 2 STRESS from killing a living being with your own two hands for the first time

That night you consume the flesh of your kill with your friends, cooking it and seasoning it well, Pon seems back to normal, but you can tell that he’s stressed out. You tell him he should take a break for a bit then you all can go explore the city. He agrees, it looks like it’s been hard on him.
No. 1004020 ID: afe7de
File 162452957644.png - (55.12KB , 500x500 , SR_088.png )


You’ve planned your weekends during the break to spend time with MARTH and WILLIAM. The three of you meet at William’s Villa. It’s a small piece of land near the edge of the city with two guards and around 3 maids. Supposedly royalty gets mansions, but this looks more like a small two story house. It’s cozy.

The exterior of the house is overgrown but the lawn’s maintained. You head inside to a private room and the three of you begin discussion. At this point all three of you have gained enough memories to understand that your previous lives were together. But now you’re here. William says he’s been meditating a lot and has a more complete picture. Apparently the three of you died and reincarnated together. You, Chi, were the strategist with the biggest brains, helping to figure out what best to get in order to end up in the best position.

Whatever you did seemed to work because William is royalty, albeit low in power. Marth is POWERFUL and has a secret she hasn't mentioned. And you’ve done pretty well for yourself considering you ended up in a random family of the former head knight of the kingdom.

You ask Marth about her secret and she laughs saying it’s nothing special. Just that she has TELEKINESIS. She makes a knife float out from a hidden pouch by her waist and sticks it onto the table. She says she can make it attack with quite a lot of force from around 20 meters, so even when she was running from assassins before she could gurantee escape. The table goes silent from that.

[GUILE & INTUITION] I don’t like being right about that.

The two of you press for more information but Marth stonewalls you, saying that knowing while you can’t defend yourself just puts you in danger. You’re a little upset she’s keeping secrets like this, but you can only let it pass for now. She pulls out a little sheet of cloth, a BLACK LOTUS on it. And says just to be careful if you see anyone wearing this, they don’t know you or have a reason to bother you, but better safe than sorry.

Eventually the days pass and you start talking about future goals. At this point your memories overlap enough that you know Marth and Willamina both died before you did and the circumstances surrounding it. It’ll still take you a long time to get through the rest of the memories. William has looked into it and from his limited royal resources he has been unable to confirm or deny the presence of DEMONS or ANGELS on your planet.

William wants to take it easy, staying in this world-plate and helping better it. He’s pretty smart and as long as IGNIS doesen’t get in his way he thinks there’s a chance of becoming KING if the new QUEEN favors him. Failing that he could always learn RUNESCRIPTING, as Willamina learned a similar skill for artifact creation. There’s some overlap there. He thinks that he could start a whole division in the capital for RUNESCRIPTING and really evolve your plate’s technology.

Marth wants to personally take revenge on something that can’t be forgiven and needs to die. She still refuses to elaborate. But after that, she says she might settle down somewhere, just relax. This country is so much better off than the other world-plates she says. None of you got a break in the last world, so just living a life sounds good to her.
No. 1004021 ID: afe7de
File 162452958930.png - (84.24KB , 500x500 , SR_089.png )

She elaborates on the outer country situation saying there’s several kingdoms all living in a sort of circle around one massive world-plate. Some say that world-plate is about 4000 km wide. That’s 1/3 the size of Saba’s FAUNUS. And that there are a few NODES that lead to other world-plates. But a tunnel would have to be built to get through the World-Plate walls. That world-plate is full of natural resources and ruins and is highly contentious so conflicts happen all the time. But it’s also chock full of MONSTERS, especially FLYING ONES. There’s also frequent conflicts between other kingdoms over tracts of land, it’s just a mess. This plate is about 3-4 plates removed from the nearest major power, and that’s about 2 world-plates from the WARRING REGION.

She says that there’s also tons of hidden Ruins scattered throughout the known world-plates. Probably none here though, since the Wing-Kin can just traverse so quickly. Many of them haven’t even been discovered yet. The technology on this planet is much further behind Saba’s FAUNUS, so they haven’t discovered a way to map and explore everything as fast without the use of Wing-Kin. It’s surprising honestly, there’s not another Wing-Kin country out there, Wing-Kin are a pretty rare breed out in the other plates. Marth claims that if the Wing-Kin really decided to get their stuff together it’d be possible to make a pretty powerful kingdom in less than a hundred years. She sighs relieved, stating that she’d rather not deal with that though, too much war already.

And as for you. You’re not sure what you want to do yet. You were a scientist before, then you wanted to benefit the world with easy energy, then you wanted to save the world, then you died. Now you’re kind of CURIOUS about the RUINS and have thought about being an ARCHAEOLOGIST. Marth laughs and says that’s just a fancy term for a SOLO HUNTER, since you’ll probably have to fight MONSTERS anyway. You were also considering teaching MAGITECH, you’ve already figured out one book and are in the process of learning others. You think there’s definitely a way to teach other kin how to do it, that Shimon’s style of teaching doesn’t cut it if he wants to actually get a new generation of MAGITECH scientists.

William mentions that it could be nice to teach together and work on this. Marth shrugs and claims she’s already learned the runes Shimon’s going to teach, even if she’s awful at actually applying them. It’s useful for RUIN EXPLORATION, as the language of the ANCIENTS is actually RUNESCRIPT. Funnily enough most kin just go into those ruins blind and can’t read anything, so at least you’ll have a step up if you want to do that.

The last thing on your agenda is to find out what classes they’re taking. William’s planning on taking the MAGITECH class next quarter, and will probably take LAW and AEROBATICS classes. He mostly wants to take it easy. See if he can make some money on MAGITECH.

Marth’s planning on TRAINING, she says she’s probably going to take the MARTIAL ARTS classes and spend most of her time MEDITATING, improving her TELEKINESIS. Other than that, she might pick up a job or take a HUNTER course, or find a DOJO or something around the city to train at.

You start to feel closer to them, but it’s strange. You’re not as passionate about them as you were in your previous life. The others seem to be the same. You suppose if you went through life together and grew together more you could feel the same way, but at this point in time they feel more like slightly distant family. You’ve got the BOND you wanted, but it almost feels forced. You get that feeling again, like your mind being that of an EGG trying to crack open. A piercing headache goes through you, but it passes again. You think that’s Saba’s [UNDERSTANDING] trying to break out, but don’t know why it’s doing this. You also note that even though your memories are that of a BOY, you’re not feeling weird about being born a GIRL that much. Or that your interests are diverging from Saba’s. You could take some TIME to think about it and see if you have any problems with it but as of right now, you’re pretty content.

You have formed a BOND with WILLIAM and MARTH at rank 4
- There is now a small chance that you’ll get a bonus event every year going forward featuring the two
- They will occasionally suggest activities for you to do with them
- They will occasionally help you on tasks you are having difficulties with
- You think William now TRUSTS you
- You’re not sure if Marth TRUSTS you
- You can now request 1 favor a year from WILLIAM
- You get the feeling you shouldn’t ask for a favor from MARTH
William will try to take the second MAGITECH course with you when you’re ready
You get the feeling that you’ll start [UNDERSTANDING] things within the next few years.

No. 1004022 ID: afe7de
File 162452967509.png - (82.47KB , 500x500 , SR_090.png )

You, Noodle, and Pon spend the break wandering around the city. There’s lots of cool places to visit and many, many shops. There’s a SWEETS shop that sells IMPORTED SUGAR and sweet goods. Their top selling sweet is RED CANDY. It’s a sugary candy made partially with FRUIT. Each bag costs 50 SHINIES and comes with 12. It’s expensive, but you remember from your youth that it was the most amazing thing you ever tasted, it’s sweet and sour and OH SO GOOD. You could also get a cake and other small sweets for less. You spend 20 SHINIES getting the group some COOKIES. It’s nice and you feel a little less stressed.

Next is the various weapon shops, they refuse to let you in because you are a minor, stating you must be 16 to enter or be 14 with a HUNTERS LICENSE. You look at the prices and everything is in the 1000s of SHINIES. You gasp at the prices, that’s just 2000 for a single dagger! You then remember something from your history class, that your World-Plate is lacking in many NATURAL RESOURCES. So IRON is actually rare here.

[KNOWLEDGE] So… Expensive! You could buy a TUTOR for that amount of SHINIES!

You notice a GAMBLING HALL and try to get in but are met with the same response, that you must be 14 to enter, or have adult supervision, or be able to provide 2000 in CAPITAL to enter and PLAY. You’re about to walk away when you hear a shout from inside, RIICHI pops out and gives you and Pon a hug. She leads you inside and the bouncer huffs. It’s a dark place with the smell of smoke lightly floating about. She introduces you to some of her friends and says this is where she spends most of her time. She’ll let the guard know you three are okay to enter as long as you can provide 200 SHINIES up front. You give RIICHI your last cookie and she gleefully gobbles it up. After reminiscing for a while you head back out.

[GUILE] PLEAASSSEEEEEE. Go baaaaack, my kinnnn!!!!!!
[GUILE] Let’s spend time with Teacher RIICHI this year!

You pass by a few PARKS, a rather large graveyard, and something that looks like a CHAPEL from Saba’s world, only instead of a cross it’s got a large EYE surrounded by spikes like a sun would be. You continue exploring and find a shop that sells something called ANT JUICE. The merchant notices you’re students of QARA TENGU and waves you over explaining his product. It’s a small plant that grows little ANT SHAPED BERRIES. You can drink the juice or rub it on your wings and it produces a… “Relaxing” effect that’s popular with lots of kin. Apparently it reduces STRESS by a lot, a bottle of the juice costs 60 SHINIES.

[CREATIVITY] Oooooooooooooh
[LOGIC] Will that get you… High? Uhhh, I’m uncomfortable here.
[SABA’S KNOWLEDGE] Maybe wait till you’re 16 huh? Proper Brain development and all that
[INTUITION] Ignore those two, they’re silly sometimes, it might be useful later!
[CURIOSITY] Just a little try won’t hurt… Right?

Pon looks interested, but holds off on buying for now, wanting to know what the other options in the city are. There’s an ARTISAN’s guild for the creative. They offer classes to teach those interested in certain trades not offered at the academy like clothe-making, engraving, and the like. It’s a small building, but is quite well put together. You also find several Martial Arts DOJOS around the city. There’s the THUNDER LORD DOJO, apparently they pride themselves in being so fast your opponent can’t react. There’s the MIND AND BODY DOJO, they pride themselves in having a clear mind, still as water and reflective as a mirror, allowing them to surprise their opponents with their untelegraphed techniques. And there’s the WING FIST DOJO, they offer the nontraditional form of WING BASED COMBAT. Most wing-kin refuse to do this as they value their wings too much, so it’s the least popular, but somehow members of the WING-FIST dojo usually win against other kin from the other dojos.


There’s other stuff in the city like farmers stalls where you can get food daily, bakeries, taverns, game halls where you can participate in the strange human custom of BOWLING and DARTS. Unfortunately you have to be 18 to drink ALCOHOL at any of these locations. And you find several resturaunts. A LOW QUALITY MEAL at a resturaunt costs 4 SHINIES per person. A NORMAL MEAL costs 8 SHINIES a person. A HIGH QUALITY MEAL costs 16 SHINIES a person, and apparently there’s EXQUISITE MEALS that cost 30 SHINIES A PERSON or more!

You also notice a FURNITURE STORE where you can buy various things for your DORM ROOM. You never considered that you could just BUY THINGS for your room. NOODLE buys a frame for your drawing to put in the room. She thinks it deserves a nicer home. Pon buys a small paperweight in the shape of a feral dove. You get an extra PILLOW with a cute pattern of a CROW on it.

[INTUITION] This is nice, you should get things you like for your room sometimes!
No. 1004023 ID: afe7de
File 162452968606.png - (32.26KB , 500x500 , SR_091.png )

You also notice a CLOTHING STORE, they’ve got various odds and ends, armbands, vests, leg-warmers, hats, bands, pins, etc. Their stock of PANTS are severely limited though because wing-Kin typically don’t like wearing pants, preferring SHORTS or SKIRTS if they really want it. You get a cute hairpin you were eying while you were at it.

You occasionally see Wing-Kin on the streets performing, either with instruments of singing and that other kin drop SHINIES in their cups. One in particular catches your eye, a yellowish-orange CANARY. Her voice is beautiful and you get a sense that she’s very CHARMING and CHARISMATIC. You drop a SHINY in her cup and she smiles at you as you walk by.

During your walk you notice several JOBS you could take if you took the TIME to convince them or LOOK FOR ONE later. You could become a street performer, but you lack an instrument or singing skills, you think you saw a shop selling instruments starting at 30 SHINIES around here somewhere. You’ve seen some performers at taverns and bars you passed by and it looks like they’re paid well and get to meet lots of people. You even swore you saw IGNIS at one one time but the crowd was too thick.

You could try to go to the ARTISAN’S guild and pick up a trade with them, they offer you a way to sell goods you’ve made. But you’ll have to learn how to make things they’d want to sell first. You found the Post office, which is where the courier job is located at. Or you could always take a job working a FOOD STALL or something. To be honest, you had a lot of trouble even finding this information as most Kin don’t take you seriously as a KID, no matter how mature you’re acting.

But you did find out something interesting. That most of these jobs offer pay between 960 SHINIES to 3840 SHINIES a [TIME POINT] (or 1-4 SHINIES an hour) And that FULL TIME is usually considered to be [2 TIME POINTS] a year. Working past that usually makes you a WORKAHOLIC and can cause STRESS.

The last thing you did was go to a leasing agent, they handle land and houses. You wanted to know how much a nest costs. Typically they come in HOUSE forms and APARTMENTS. Houses in the city cost more because the monarchy wants more APARTMENTS typically so that more kin can live close to the palace. She gives you a sheet with the breakdowns on typical prices, but not for any locations in particular since you’re just curious. She’s very courteous with you and answers your questions politely.

A STUDIO APT on the OUTSKIRTS of town costs 1440 SHINIES/year

Shops typically follow a similar pricing structure to the above, and larger apartments are typically 30% more expensive than the previous level. So a 1BR apartment in the OUTSKIRTS would be around 1870 SHINIES.

Buying houses is another matter
Houses outside of the city near a town hex usually go for 8-10k Shinies
This is mostly due to labor costs, already built houses typically go for less but you’d have to talk to the town’s mayor to find out more.

It’s 60K + for a house in the OUTSKIRTS of town
80K+ for one in MIDTOWN
And 100K+ for one in the PALACE DISTRICT

Apartments are typically 3-5x the cost, but let you lease out to tenants and earn you passive income. And housing is always needed in the town as Tengu’s population is going through a BOOM in the past few years. You thank the nice lady and head off, tired from your wandering.

[???] Start early, save early!

In the end you wind up spending 41 SHINIES on your trip throughout the CITY.
Your room feels a little more cozy
You lose 2 stress from the shop therapy, cookies, and spending time chilling with your friends.
Your STRESS TOTAL is currently [3]

And in no time flat your break is over. You can only take 1 MORE CLASS this year.

[INTUITION] I get the feeling you’ll be stressed if you take another class this year.
[LOGIC & KNOWLEDGE] But more classes means more knowledge!

You have [3 TIME POINTS] What do you do?

1. Take a CLASS
- See https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1002288.html#1003877 for the current roster.
2. Go SHOPPING - (Does not cost a TIME POINT, just let me know what you want to buy, I’ll let you know the price and give you a chance to confirm)
3. Do an ACTIVITY with someone else
4. Work on a PROJECT
5. PRACTICE or STUDY something
6. Use a Skill
[REALISTIC DRAWING] Make some art pieces, maybe one will be worth something
[MEDITATION] Meditate on a topic or in general
[STUDY] Study a topic or in general. Has a small chance of gaining stress, but increases stat growth and helps you pass important exams
[TEACHING**] Improve other kin’s stats and give them skills given time
7. Forge a new BOND or spend time with someone you have a BOND with
- Chose between a LOW (4S (shinies) Per person), NORMAL (8s Per), HIGH (16s Per), and EXQUISITE (30 per) quality meal.
10. Other (suggestions welcome)

No. 1004027 ID: e51896

Alright, I vote our main goal in life is teaching Magitech to better our world plate's technology, which means taking teaching classes, and actually learning magitech. Or maybe our goal could be going RUIN EXPLORATION (which feels like DUNGEON CRAWLING in our past life)

but for our Second semester:

Meditation classes. It was said meditation classes reduce stress, though it was also said that taking another class this year gains stress? I guess the two would cancel each other out. Maybe we can convince Pon and Drift (since he has a past life too) to come also? Pon showed interest and tends to overwork himself. Lets lower that stress (maybe), and maybe learn something new

Meditate Eidetic memory (gotta fill our meditation quota and lower that stress more)

group activity with Ignis and Drift on helping each other get our SCRIPTING MANUALS completed so we can all go to the second Magitech class together. It seems we have a gift for Magitech, can't let that go to waste. Lets work on our blue one since we already got a fair amount of that done already, and we might have a better chance at completing that over the others during these activities. I was just thinking just have it be us and Drift and leave Ignis out, but the more info we get on other scripting manuals as we help the others, the easier it will be when we get to them, so Ignis can come too. (talk to drift about meditation, let him know it can help him connect with the person he is dreaming about)

if we don't do the group activity, then just work on our blue scripting manual since we already have parts of the blue scripting manual done, and whatever other scripting manual we can

We'll get a job next year. It isn't expected of us by our parents to get one just yet, at least until we are 16.
No. 1004030 ID: 094652

1TP Audit a psychology class. You won't get the credits but the lack of grading should prevent excess stress.
1TP Meditate on Saba's Magitech knowledge, and how you will reconcile your personal identity with the old man you once you get to the end of your memories.
1TP Check on Noodle, teach her how to keep her hunting bloodlust in check.
No. 1004032 ID: e51896

Oh yeah, to add to my post, only if meditation classes raise stress, then lets not do that. If that is the case, lets work on a scripting manual along with that group activity with Ignis and Drift. That way, we might get two scripting manuals done (if we get the blue one done, go for black next) and Meditate Eidetic memory.
No. 1004033 ID: 031458

Let's Take PAINTING.
It'll be a FUN class and it'll give us a new avenue for SHINIES.

I'll also suggest WORKING ON SOME RUNE SCRIPT BOOKS starting with the BLUE one.
We've had it for years. Now we know more or less how to approach it.

We should also PRACTICE SOME GUILE with RICHII. Bring Pon and Noodle if we can!

Finally, Let's have a meal with MARTH. HIGH QUALITY.
Our bond with Marth and William seems artificial because we only USED to know them. We might be Saba, but we are also Chi. They are the same way. We should get to know who they are now.
This Marth is INTERESTING but ALOOF. Unlike William they seems to be quite worldly and in the "Now". It however is also clear that their circumstances are HEAVY, probably PAINFUL, even DANGEROUSE.
It will take effort to get closer to them. This would be a good first step.
No. 1004039 ID: afa6f6

-Take the MEDITATION class, with Pon if possible
-Meditate on a mental skill, Either Invention or Visual Calculus
-Study the Runescript books, Starting with the one we got from the exam, we can probably knock a few pages out now that we know what we're looking for.
No. 1004040 ID: afa6f6

On another note, That MIND AND BODY DOJO sounds right up our alley, we should check that out at some point.
No. 1004043 ID: f8fa51

Meditate on LOGIC (I'll let others pick the specialisation, but default to VISUAL CALCULUS if no-one else nominates anything).

Meditate on ATHLETICISM, specialising in REFLEXES.

Study the runescript.
No. 1004052 ID: ce39da

MEDITATION CLASS WITH PON AND MARTH isn't likely to produce more stress; MEDITATE ON EIDETIC MEMORY when you're not too busy teaching your friends the finer points.

SPEND TIME ON THE BLUE MANUAL. Let's finish this one off on our own since we've already made headway with it.

WORK ON MANUALS WITH DRIFT AND IGNIS. They're probably about to make breakthroughs with the Yellow and Red Manuals, respectively, and hopefully, that means you aren't far behind. You think you've received a hint on what the Red Manual's about from your teacher - teaching Magitech is much easier when the student already gets the core way of thinking, you'll admit - so that should go quickly. (Also, finish off the Blue Manual if you failed to do so on your own.)

Your feelings may not be as passionate as they were in your past life, but he is still HOT, and he is still CURRENTLY A PRINCE that you have a built-in connection to; in other words, a guy with a lot of potential.

But the main purpose of this meal is that you have a BAD FEELING ABOUT 'TAKING IT EASY,' and you want to make that known to him. It's unknown whether the word KARMA has fully reentered your lexicon yet, but you do get the feeling that doing nothing but relax may have long-term consequences, at least at the level you're at.
No. 1004059 ID: e51896

deleted my previous post about having dinner with marth to have it be with William instead. Probably still a normal meal, high quality sounds like it needs to be reserved to dates for me, but I won't complain if high quality meal is chosen.

Mainly talk about magitech, and how we could use it in the future for teaching others to advance the technology of our world plate or go ruin exploration to figure out FAUNUS' history. Also, show him the coin you got from that visit to that world plate with Noodle and Pon. Ask if he knows anything about the figures pictured since he's probably done more meditation to understand our past lives, and he mentioned something about not being able to confirm if angels or demons are in this world, he mightrecognize the demon Set's eye in the back of the coin if that is the case, or at least find it familiar. Probably won't recognize the (maybe) Goddess tough, but good to let him be aware of it.)
No. 1004062 ID: 031458

Honestly I figure a special occasion needs a special meal.
Though if it's William unless were doing STREET FOOD I don't think any meal besides EXQUISITE would be appropriate.
No. 1004070 ID: 388f47

Spend time in the gambling hall, meditate on Saba’s understanding, and practice teaching magitech. Take Will and Marth out for a nice dinner too. I have a feeling the bond will be less forced once you learn about the birds and the half-bees…
No. 1004080 ID: 96c896

Current goal should be to learn Magitech with the intent of teaching others and inventing cool shit. Considering how crap the current teacher here is, it should be an easy way to change the world.
We can also plan to go on expeditions to important archaeological digs since that's also in our skillset.

...did we get a TA for either of those classes last semester?

>time points
Meditate on Logic to learn Eidetic Memory.
Magitech class 2. TA bonus please.
Spend time solving the rest of the magitech manuals if that's not part of Magitech class. Otherwise:
Learn more Guile with Riichi.
No. 1004083 ID: dfbac0

Meditation Classes
Meditate on Eidetic Memory
Meditate on Eidetic Memory
Meditate on Eidetic Memory

If we're going to build a mind palace we should make an amazing one. I know it may SEEM overkill, but think about it. Eidetic Memory is a cheat skill, if we focus on it this early in life not only would it be extremely helpful but with focusing so much on it early on maybe it will be even easier to learn in the next life. I kinda wanna make it so Photographic memory is our thing, that way we can have a whole collection of past lives and experiences which will hopefully lessen our chance of messing up and ending up with no progress since our last life. We can store all of Saba's life in our mind palace too.
No. 1004084 ID: b3e977

Take a break from classes, we already had 3 worth of classtime. Lets lower our stress.

Meditate Eidetic Memory

Work in a group with Drift and Ignis on the Scripting Manuals. Try to get blue done

Work on the scripting manuals on your own (mainly blue unless we get that done with the others, in which case, work on BLACK since we got White done for a good balance)

Dinner with William (though we will need to find a job after this to earn some cash, unless we can sell our artwork. We'll be down to 100 shines if we go for a high quality meal unless we do a normal meal)
No. 1004085 ID: 0fae41

I’d be more concerned about someone we care about being hounded by assassins. Spend some time with them and see what you can do to help - like taking more classes in self defense next year, learn what she knows about these black lotus people, and just… get to know them again. Bonds can’t be forced, but maybe it should bother you it doesn’t bother you more? Saba and co didn’t reincarnate together so they could just be friends, did they?
Spend time searching for a job early and you can get one with a good balance of time and money.
Oh, and lastly, keep working on teaching runescripting. If the ancients could use it as a language, surely it can be taught. Or perhaps, even translated… Maybe you can make a compiler for this Runescript so even people who don’t understand the runes directly can still access more easily comprehensible functions of them.
No. 1004116 ID: afe7de
File 162462389562.png - (29.63KB , 500x500 , SR_092.png )

> Group up and work on the SCRIPTING MANUALS with DRIFT and IGNIS
You were thinking of working on the BLUE MANUAL solo, but get the idea that it would be good to practice trying to teach others. You didn’t get the chance on the last day of classes, and you feel you would be remiss to not try anything. You manage to convince IGNIS and DRIFT with relative ease to work with you. They’re stuck on the final stage, and even WILLIAM is interested since he’s taking the class this semester. It takes a little more than half the semester of you trading tips with everyone before you even remotely see any progress in getting the others to learn. In that time you finish the BLUE MANUAL. Another vision is presented to you, this time of an ocean, light is barely visible, but you see a fish, it’s SWIFT, FLUID, and ADAPTABLE. But that’s not what hits you. What hits you is the COLD. The CHILL, the natural inclination of life to be this FREEZING. And just like that, the moment passes.

Your RUNESCRIPTING skill has increased to rank 2
You can now inscribe two runes onto a strong enough surface
You’ve learned the rune for COLD
- Cold can be used to reduce the temperature
- You’ll need to experiment to find out more
- You get the feeling you’ll need to learn 2 more runes to increase your RUNESCRIPTING skill again.

With your skill at rank 2, your mind starts to process things a bit better. A lot of new ideas start flowing into you and you think of a way to communicate these ideas to your companions. William’s caught up to the other two and is on the last page. You try to TEACH the group this time, with more of a directed vision and understanding. And through some miracle and a little bit of LUCK, you’re able to actually do it. It’s sloppy and it takes the rest of the semester, but you manage to get the other three to learn their runes.

Ignis learns the rune for HEAT. It’s FIERY and TEMPERAMENTAL. He saw a miniature sun expanding.

Drift learns the rune for LIGHT. It’s blinding, overwhelming, and uncomfortable. He says it PIERCES through him, but he also senses PURITY from it. But upon request for an explanation he’s not sure what kind of PURITY it means. He saw a white room, it’s brightness intensifying rapidly, not a speck of dust to be seen.

William also had a blue book, but he learned the rune for REFLECTION. It’s CALM like a pool of water, but FIERCE when touched. He saw himself fall into a lake, only to be forcefully launched from the surface at ridiculous speeds.

You look over his manual and do note that it’s different from yours. You swap the two. Everyone is immensely grateful for your assistance in learning this and they want to take the second class with you when you’re prepared. You still need to learn at least one more RUNESCRIPTING MANUAL before you can take the second class. You get the feeling if you spend TIME on this, you’ll be able to solve 2 more and be ready.

Ignis takes you all out to dinner at the end for an EXQUISITE MEAL as thanks. You have a generally good time with everyone. But for some reason your [INTUITION] makes you feel like you’re being watched from somewhere.

Your TEACHING skill does not improve, but you feel like it could with some more effort
You feel a GROUP BOND forming with your friends, you’ll call it the RUNESCRIPTERS BOND
- Friends in the GROUP will occasionally suggest ACTIVITES to perform
- You can suggest a GROUP PROJECT to work on
- Results will vary based off the competency of the group members
- This group includes IGNIS, WILLIAM, and DRIFT

No. 1004117 ID: afe7de
File 162462392441.png - (63.54KB , 500x500 , SR_093.png )

You tried to get MARTH to join, but he was busy with something and said he couldn’t join. William on the other hand joins you after your MAGITECH practice sessions one day. IGNIS really wanted to come, but had something to do that day, so he instead told you of a good restaurant he frequents. It seemed like DRIFT was going to join you but IGNIS dragged him away for some reason, reminding him of something he had to do. It was kind of funny.

[INTUITION] You know, WILLIAM said he was a womanizer, but that was actually kind of nice of him.
[CHARISMA] Ooooh, we get a Dinner date with the hunky prince!

They serve seafood from the DOPUS world-plate. It’s easy to crack open with your beaks, no tools required and it has a fishy taste that the two of you love. You take the time, not to talk about the past, but to talk about the present. Most of your conversations have been on SABA and WILLAMINA. You want to fix that. You find out he’s the most recent child to the throne. The second child to be born by the queen. The other 6 were from the King and his concubines. He assures you that this is very normal and the concubines usually get treated well, or are given training if they wish to get better jobs and social standings.

He also tells you that IGNIS is her first child, 2nd to the throne. Hook’s from his father’s bloodline and a Concubine. Some kin think its disrespectful he didn’t have the first child with the Queen, but he says that mother never really cared. He laments that he only ever sees her once a year, but understands that royalty has work they need to do. She at least paid for excellent tutors and educators in his youth, hence his near ELITE status. Though she only pays for the maids, guards, and villa he lives on when he’s not attending classes, the rest is on him to earn and do well.

> Mention KARMA and the COIN
You’ve glazed at the last memories again, it’s still vague, but after talking with the others you know about KARMA and how to gain it in a vague sense. Do things, inflict change, or kill things. Etc. But something’s scratching your brain. Your [INTUITION] gives you some bad feelings about TAKING IT EASY. William says it shouldn’t be too bad. You’re in a relatively safe world-plate. If something were to happen, it’d happen to CANUS first and your plate would get a warning ahead of time. You also mention the coin you found on the floating island, showing it to him. He doesn’t have anything to say about it though, just that you’re lucky to have found one.

He also apologizes about the mention of IGNIS in his letter. He was just… worried about IGNIS’s behavior in the past. He knows IGNIS also has past memories, but mentions it isn’t his place to share, and that if you want, you could ask him about it. He loves to talk about it. You share details of your past to WILLIAM, there’s some laughs, some gasps, and some chuckles, and before you know it the dinner’s over and you head off to do your own things.

You feel closer to WILLIAM
You feel your previous BOND was SUPERFICIAL, but it’s becoming more STABLE
You spend 32 SHINES on the dinner
You lose 1 STRESS from the nice meal

No. 1004118 ID: afe7de
File 162462394038.png - (51.71KB , 500x500 , SR_094.png )

> Saba’s Memories
Saba’s in his 40s now. He’s had many life or death encounters. Fought off Angel assassins, monsters, kin, humans, and the like. Marth and Willamina died two years prior. It was really emotional and STRESSFUL. He’s lost his way. He’s with his family now, mourning, a husk of a man. It’s more depressing then when he was a kid and it’s hurting you a lot. You wake up each morning crying because of the intense sadness he’s feeling. And then one day it stops. He’s AWAKENED, as his world calls it to a POWER called CATACLYSMIC CONVERGENCE.

It lets him siphon the soul out of things and either consume it or feed it to another’s soul. Then came the experiments. He had life again. Something to focus on, something to DO. He’s got this idea, to make a dungeon and to mess around with the souls of the created creatures. You’re glad he at least had something to do now. The STRESS was seriously effecting you.

The SABA’S KNOWLEDGE stat has increased
Your LOGIC stat tried to increase but hit a wall frustratingly
You gain 2 STRESS from the SAD MEMORIES

No. 1004119 ID: afe7de
File 162462395284.png - (59.45KB , 500x500 , SR_095.png )

> Meditation Class with some friends
> Extra meditation using a TIME POINT
You go to your friends and try to see who is interested in taking a MEDITATION class with you. You’re only experienced with solo practice, so you’re sure this will be a good experience. You only manage to convince PON, DRIFT, NOODLE, and IGNIS to join you though. WILLIAM and MARTH are busy with other classes and training. You notice PAWN in the corner too, but he’s keeping his distance from you.

You already know the basics, but it reaffirms your foundations in MEDITATION as you take the course. They get you to meditate on a variety of subjects for half the course, leaving you to your own devices for the rest. It gives you a few ideas that you think you’ll want to cover in the future.

For the most apart you spend most of your time meditating on the EIDETIC MEMORY SKILL. You’re attempting to construct something called a MIND PALACE. Essentially it’s a place in your mind where you can look at objects and information and recall things with a lot more ease than before. You realize it’s not exactly like a PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY. And find that if you push your EIDETIC MEMORY in the future, it might reach that point. But that’s something SABA didn’t reach, so you’re hopeful his foundation would be useful.

One day, when you’re meditating on this, you notice a STRONG RIPPLE go through your CONSCIOUSNESS. You follow the ripple in your mind. It’s an inky blackness, like you’re floating through it without a body. But there’s a spot in your wandering that you notice. It’s like there’s a fog here. It’s dense and you get lost floating through it. You float out of it, not having discovered anything for now. So you decide to start setting up your MIND PALACE near it, just so whenever you’re remembering something, you can take a look and observe it. You’re not sure what form your MIND PALACE will take, but you start laying the foundations for it. Right now it’s abstract, various shapes and fragments. Some fragments look like household objects, some like pillows, others like hairbands.

After all your meditation both in class and out, you feel like you’re about 3/4 of the way done. The next time you meditate you could easily finish, you might even have time to start meditating on something else too. But you’ll have to think about what form the mind palace will take. You feel like it will end up as a small room’s worth of space. The idea of Saba’s old laboratory comes to mind. Filled with books, machinery, etc. The idea of something cozy, your childhood bedroom, or your dorm room also comes to mind. But then another ripple goes out. This time you see it, it’s like a water droplet refracting water in this inky black space. It distorts the space around you and you get an idea. What if it was BIGGER. You get the feeling you could make your mind palace bigger, sure. But you’re not sure how long it will take, or what the results will even be.

The next time you MEDITATE on EIDETIC MEMORY you have a CHOICE
You can either finish your MIND PALACE, as is and gain the EIDETIC MEMORY skill
- You’ll need to pick an appearance for it
OR you can do something else, like expand it, change it, explore the mist, etc
You’re not sure what the results will be like, Saba’s never experienced THIS
But your INTUITION tells you that EXPANDING your MIND PALACE will be hard once it’s solidified
You’ve discovered a FINE MIST in your CONCIOUSNESS
Your MEDITATION skill has increased!
- Meditation is a little more effective
From the large amount of meditation your STRESS has been reduced to 0
NOODLE and PON both look less stressed
DRIFT looks like he has something on his mind
IGNIS’S focused and eye-closed expression looks COOL somehow? CHARMING?

No. 1004120 ID: afe7de
File 162462405896.png - (55.29KB , 500x500 , SR_096.png )

[YEAR 11]
And like that, it’s a brand new year. You get your yearly stipend from the ACADEMY, boosting your SHINY COUNT to 223. You’re realizing the importance of STRESS REGULATION, and can feel the weight of the SHINIES in your pocket.

[GUILE] You should spend money sometimes on yourself, like what you did during the break!
[LOGIC] It does reduce stress
[???] Or. Just hear me out. You could not, and hoard it like a dragon.

You focused PRETTY HARD on classes last year, and you feel you missed out on events and hanging out with lots of new people. Like there was this sheep called CHIPPER you saw wandering around a bunch, what’s the deal with that guy? You think now’s a good time to set up your LIFESTYLE EXPENSES.

Pick a lifestyle, you’ll have a yearly deduction of SHINIES, depending on the lifestyle you’ll randomly acquire things, meet new people, generate events, form BONDS, and reduce STRESS to varying degrees throughout the year.

MISERLY - 0/yr - You spend absolutely the bare minimum and when you can, get others to pay
POOR - 40/yr - You spend money maybe once every few months
MODEST - 100/yr - You go out to dinner and hang with friends infrequently
COMFORTABLE - 160/yr - You frequently go out and meet other kin and hang with friends
WEALTHY - 220/yr You like to spend money on your friends and doing fun things
ARISTOCRATIC - 300/yr You live the big life, you socialize with important kin

AUTHORS NOTE: These are the prices for those types of lifestyles as a kid, prices as an ADULT will be different, and they’re approximations, sometimes you’ll spend a little less or a little more. And if there’s anything you want to add to your room just via lifestyle expenses, feel free to just suggest it and I’ll draw Chi’s room at some point with it in there if it makes the cut.

You’re also informed that the TRADES FAIR will be starting soon. It’s a chance to meet trainers in specific fields to apprentice yourself to, or to compete in a specific trade for PRIZES and the chance to gain entry to the ROYAL LIBRARY to pick from their SPECIAL BOOKS. At this point in time the only SKILLS you feel proficient in enough to compete with are RUNECRAFTING and REALISTIC DRAWING. But you could also try your hand at any number of them. You think through clever micromanaging over a small period of time you can squeeze [1 TIME POINT] out before the fair without causing stress, for you to prepare.

AUTHORS NOTE: making it so that you have 1/2/2/3 time points in the year instead. You can’t take a CLASS for this TIME POINT or the timeline will get messed up, so its up to you!

And LASTLY, your meditation enlightened you a bit. You think that you can set GOALS and SUBGOALS for yourself now. Setting relatively easy goals, or a goal you know you can complete in [1 TIME POINT] will have less rewards and emotional fulfillment, but setting unreasonable goals might not ever be achievable, so you’ll have to consider your options and find a balance. You can also change your GOALS and SUBGOALS at any time with no penalty, you just won’t get the reward if it’s finished later.

What type of lifestyle do you chose?
Do you set any GOALS or SUBGOALS?
- You can set one GOAL and up to three SUBGOALS
- Something good might happen if you can finish a hard goal or many easy goals
And what do you do to prepare for the TRADES FAIR?

1. Take a CLASS
- See https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1002288.html#1003877 for the current roster.

2. Go SHOPPING - (Does not cost a TIME POINT, just let me know what you want to buy, I’ll let you know the price and give you a chance to confirm)
3. Do an ACTIVITY with someone else
4. Work on a PROJECT
- Runescripting manuals RED, YELLOW, GREEN, BLACK and REFLECTION are available to work on
5. PRACTICE or STUDY something
6. Use a Skill
[REALISTIC DRAWING] Make some art pieces, maybe one will be worth something
[MEDITATION] Meditate on a topic or in general
[STUDY] Study a topic or in general. Has a small chance of gaining stress, but increases stat growth and helps you pass important exams
[TEACHING**] Improve other kin’s stats and give them skills given time
7. Forge a new BOND or spend time on BONDS
- Chose between a LOW (4S (shinies) Per person), NORMAL (8s Per), HIGH (16s Per), and EXQUISITE (30 per) quality meal.
10. Other (suggestions welcome)

No. 1004133 ID: e51896

(deleted my previous post, changed my mind on something, mainly lifestyle) (Also, was that IRAPHENA'S SOUL????? >>1004118 ) (also also, I get the feeling Ignis is trying to ship us with William, cute)

Goal: Finish all the teaching classes (will be needed if we want to teach Magitech to our kingdom)
Subgoal: Finish mana based classes (not just magitech class, but also Mana theory class, I feel that learning mana theory is important for Runecrafting)

Poor Lifestyle. I think we've been living like that during our first year, and it's worked well for us. Save the SHINIES. Plus, 100 is still a lot, unless we get a job. Once we get a job, we'll change it to Modest lifestyle. For now, save money on teachers assistants.

To prepare for the trades show, lets work on the BLACK SCRIPTING MANUAL. It will raise our RUNECRAFTING skills and get another script done, preparing us for the next Magitech class, and prepare us for the runecrafting competition at the trades fair!
No. 1004137 ID: e51896


Oh, I just realized we'd be able to complete two scripting manuals if we spend a time point as it was listed here: >>1004116 and also we're allowed 3 subgoals, not just one

So along with my choice with BLACK, lets work on the GREEN Scripting manual as well since thats the only other color everyone else didn't complete yet.

and for goals and subgoals

Still completing all the teaching classes for our main goal

First subgoal: complete all mana based classes (MANA THEORY class, MAGITECH class)
second subgoal: complete all the current scripting manuals we were given to by our teacher (RED, YELLOW, GREEN, BLACK)
third subgoal: expand and finish expanding our eidetic memory

One last thing, when in the future we work on eidetic memory, lets expand it. That way, we can have a room for Saba's memories, and a room for our memories. Perhaps our memories' room could be for Runescripts to help us remember the designs better and cast those spells easier and more effectively.
No. 1004138 ID: ce39da

MODEST LIFESTYLE - It's dorm living; our essentials are covered to the point that even spending this much is fine. It's still a net gain each year, and getting any job at any point in these four years will be enough to afford grad school.

GOAL: Get good enough at defending ourselves to EARN MARTH'S TRUST in regards to the stuff she's dealing with.
- SUB-GOAL: COMPLETE ALL CLASSES IN A COMBAT COURSE. We've already started on the HUNTER course since it works doubly fine for if we want to return to our dungeon-crawling ways - we should continue it.

FREE TIME: Increase your RUNECRAFTING another rank by COMPLETING THE BLACK AND GREEN MANUALS. This is a good short-term boost for our job-fair prospects. Maybe we could eventually be a TA for the class when the new students come in? It's not urgent if we're not quite qualified yet, though - see above point about jobs.

Oh, speaking of manuals, does PON still have the one he got lying around somewhere? I wonder if it's a duplicate, or if it's different like your and WILLIAM's blue manuals?
No. 1004139 ID: 031458

Let's start with a straightforward goal.

Goal: Make a solid connection with someone in the RUNECRAFTING trade at the TRADE FAIR
---Learn 2 more Runes before the TRADE FAIR.
---Win a PRIZE at the TRADE FAIR
---Land a Job or Conditional promise of future employment at the TRADE FAIR.

Let's work on our RUNESCRIPTING BOOKS, this time focusing on BLACK, and another, perhaps RED or REFLECTION.
Do this with the RUNESCRIPTERS if they are available.

A MODEST lifestyle is currently what is sustainable for us right now.
SAVING MORE only makes sense if our education was less intense or more general, but if we continue our current course we will have options to make PLENTY OF MONEY.

Finally let's find and Take MARTH out to a HIGH QUALITY meal. We've gotten to know current William a bit better, now it's Marth's Turn. Who is he now? Besides mysterious, of course.
No. 1004140 ID: 8d4bb7

Support on those goals, except lets do black and green as the other suggestors mentioned

Lets show Marth our coin for her opinion when we have dinner with her. Otherwise, talk about how her classes are doing. Dont bring up her mysterious past until we gain more trust with her.
No. 1004141 ID: afa6f6

How about we combine the Rune/Mana Goal and the teaching Goal? We could have the bigger goal be to progress our skill to the point we can write our own manual, either a general primer for learning runecrafing teaching, or maybe a rune we come up with/discover ourselves.
Another Sub goal: Master a martial art. We want to be able to compete with Draco by the time we leave the academy at least.

As for the Mind Palace, I want to try making it a house with multiple rooms, an upper and lower floor if it seems like we can.
And finish reading the GREEN and BLACK Manuals
No. 1004143 ID: 031458

I'm willing to lend support to Black and Green.
No. 1004145 ID: 031458

I think mastering a martial art is a good idea, but it's not exactly a sub-goal, but rather a whole goal in itself.
Though I imagine the whole goal thing is somewhat arbitrary, I imagine subgoals as secondary parts to a primary one.
Put another way, I see sub-goals as either smaller steps on the way to obtaining a larger goal OR as related or adjacent things that would be NICE to achieve, but ultimately aren't necessary to complete our primary objective.

Your desire to focus on martial arts and teaching gives me an idea though. We would need to make some money to afford the 2 extra years but...

If we master HUNTER, A MARTIAL ART, and RUNESCRIPTING/MAGITECH, along with PLATOLOGY, ARCHEOLOGY, and ANTROPOLOGY we could go on and research expeditions and basically be LAURA CROFT. Add in TEACHING and LEADERSHIP and we could probably organize and lead those same expeditions.

Saba had the FREEDOM to travel the world and do what he did because he INVENTED something that made him a FORTUNE.
Here we have the opportunity to gain a similar degree of freedom through INSTITUTIONAL BACKING. We need only ACQUIRE THE REQUISITE SKILLS.
No. 1004146 ID: 38aa7e

Comfortable, and gamble at the hall. If you can walk out of there with more money than you had coming in, you’ll have more to spend on yourself and the fair!
No. 1004156 ID: dfbac0

MODEST OR COMFORTABLE LIFESTYLE: We want to be able to have an alright time here, and I feel anything less than modest could lead to a build-up of stress.
GOAL: Make something NEW and CREATIVE for the trade fair.
Personally I think we should focus less on the fickle ability to win and more on making something BREATHTAKING, that even if we don't win can show our skill and creativity. Along those line...
-Learn BLACK and REFLECTION rune books.
-Find a way to incorporate RUNE-CRAFTING into DRAWING; A painting that changes to a painting of the person in front of it using REFLECTION, clever use of COLD to make a drawing out of frozen ink, etc.

Once we complete our goals it's time for EXTREME MEDITATION: Do nothing but MEDITATE on EIDETIC MEMORY making a BIG mind palace, one that has a foothold built into the fog. It seems we don't have any way to explore the fog currently but what if we built into it? This will take a lot of meditation and will be a big project but imagine: Whilst exploring the ruins on other plates by day, we can explore our mind by night.
No. 1004158 ID: 96c896

>1 time point to prepare
Learn more rune books! Let's try learning Yellow and Black.

Take Marth out to lunch. Normal quality. Ask her if there's anything you can do to help her with the assassins or... whatever else she's having problems with. Maybe you could become sparring partners?

>Mind Palace?

MODEST. Though even that's stretching it, we need to get some income dammit!

>goal for the year?
Learn all your runes and take Runecrafting 2.
Subgoal 1: get a better bond with Marth.
Subgoal 2: get better at self-defense/hunting.
Subgoal 3: Take an apprenticeship to start earning money to afford regular TA assistance. Or take the janitor job for the year. Or just find a decent job without an apprenticeship.
No. 1004159 ID: afa6f6

>GOAL: Make something NEW and CREATIVE for the trade fair.

We could probably make something runic with the bits from the monster we got, if we wanted to go that way.
No. 1004167 ID: d05360

Idea: Cat had a cat note, saba had a saba journal, lets use our money to buy a Chi Diary to write our notes about magitech. Might come in handy if we wanna write a book to teach others.

Main goal:
complete all teaching and magitech classes including mana theory (so we can teach future generations this new technology to our worldplate magitech, and bring about a huge change in Wingkin future, karma is given if we make a large enough change in our world after all.)

-learn enough self defense to fight against potential enemies (in case we want to go ruin exploration) finishing hunting course and taking a dojo class (or taking one more athletic class) may help.
-Finish our mind palace after making it bigger
-find a way to earn the shinies that doesnt involve waiting a year.

Dinner with Marth. Show off the scripting manuals your currently working on.

Time point: Spend time working on the scripting manuals. Use your study skill if you have to. Not picky of which color.
No. 1004236 ID: afe7de
File 162469994723.png - (68.27KB , 500x500 , SR_097.png )

AUTHORS NOTE: The goals and sub-goals will award the same amount based off of how hard they are to accomplish. The one in your GOAL slot will just affect duologue, what you’re actively trying to do, and make events happen related to it. You can suggest a goal/subgoal to be replaced at any time, if that suggestion happens 3 times between an update I’ll swap them. Once a goal is completed, feel free to suggest something to replace it at any time after. If it doesn't get replaced by the new year, I’ll prompt you to fill it.

You think it would be worthwhile to improve your TEACHING SKILL and your MAGITECH skills to the point where you can become a TA or even get hired as a teacher

You want to be able to defend yourself sufficiently, HUNTER, MARTIAL ARTS, and going to a DOJO could help

SUBGOAL - Meet someone at the fair that can help you GET A JOB or an APPRENTICESHIP
You think this might be a good way to make SHINIES

SUBGOAL - Win a prize at the fair
You want to win something and have some fun!

AUTHORS NOTE: You can change your LIFESTYLE at the beginning of every year. You’ll spend around 100 SHINIES a year at MODEST level

Part of your new lifestyle choices starts with you buying a few journals. You’re going to start your very own CHI DIARY. One for just general writing of stuff you think up, and another for your musings on MAGITECH. You think that maybe one day you can make it into something special, perhaps a prototype for a way to teach other kin how to make runes and learn rune script?

> FREE TIME - Learn the BLACK and GREEN rune scripting manuals
You want to make a BIG impression at the fair, so you spend your early free time working on the new runes. One thing you learn is that the first 4 pages of each manual has the syntax for the COLOR of rune. You guess it could also refer to the ELEMENT, but don’t have a large enough sample size yet to make a final conclusion. Essentially each COLOR has a slightly different language and structure. Your progress is going quickly since you’ve already learned the WHITE and BLUE ones. And by the time the fair has come around you’ve narrowly finished them both.

The BLACK book shows you a vision of a planet in the distance, slowly being encompassed by an inky black mist, eventually, everything is consumed, and you feel the VOID, the LACK OF ANYTHING. But it’s not terrifying, you get the sense it’s natural.

The GREEN book shows you a vision of a mountain. It’s STURDY, DEPENDABLE, and SLOW. You get a comfortable feeling, but then also notice that there’s a deep valley cut in the mountain. Almost as if a large sword has- And the vision is cut short, like the others. It’s a shame that rereading the manuals doesn't produce this effect. You wonder if there’s a way to see them again and gain new INSIGHTS.

[LOGIC] Maybe it’s how best you can see the rune? Like to give the most comprehension?
[CREATIVITY] It’s pretty cool if you ask me

Your RUNESCRIPTING skill has increased to rank 3
You can now inscribe up to three runes onto a strong enough surface
You’ve learned the rune for NULL
- Null has strange properties you’re not sure you understand yet
- You’ll need to experiment a lot to find out more
You’ve learned the rune for HARDEN
- Harden can be used to increase TOUGHNESS

No. 1004237 ID: afe7de
File 162469996266.png - (95.42KB , 500x500 , SR_098.png )

The day of the trades fair is here, it’s held out in a large field. There’s banners and booths and a variety of things set up. You can occasionally see Wing-Kin flying about, some performing cool acrobatic performances with banners representing different trades trailing behind them. There’s food and various games related to the fields you’re studying in. After getting a snack and traveling the fair you decide to take stock with your roommates and see if there’s anything interesting they might have spotted that you missed.

The things that pop out to you the most are as follows:

Shimon’s displaying a device, some kind of crank powered light machine. It reminds you of a lamp, only you have to crank it to charge it and it lasts for about 2 hours after being fully charged. He’s not offering any sort of prizes, but is trying to get kin interested in his RUNESCRIPTING class.

The Hunters have a challenge where you’re tasked with staying on the back of a SNOUTED HOOF BEAST for at least a minute. They’re offering prizes for the kin who stay on the longest.

There are also the COMPETITION booth, ACADEMY professors are there and for 5 shinies will offer you some supplies related to your trade and ask you to make something out of it. The higher quality the object, the higher your score. Those that score the best will gain access to a single book from the ROYAL LIBRARY for a year. You can even work with another kin, however the pair will have to decide who gets the access. They say they’re extra interested in anyone who has been successful in rune-crafting to compete, but know that the total students that have successfully passed the first class is only 5 at this moment.

[GUILE] Maybe they want to uhhh show off?
[LOGIC] I think you mean they want those students to show off what they learned so the class gets more students
[GUILE] Yeah, that. Sorry, I’m being NEGLECTED, so I’m not as knowledgeable as I could be
[STRATEGY] I feel that
[CREATIVITY] Maybe you should… get creative with your approaches ;)
[???] Or be like me, mysterious and unknowable oooooooo

You also find out that there’s lots of small apprenticeships being offered. There’s not many kin in the FARMHAND program, and they’re offering the same pay as the JANITOR’s job for the class’s length of the job. Then offering to pay you a better wage if you’re selected to be brought on part or full time.

You’re sure you could take a look around and try to find a specific job you’re interested in and learn the qualifications, but unfortunately there’s no job openings for MAGITECH stuff. Though you could try talking to the staff or Shimon to see about maybe TAing since you feel pretty qualified.

You think you see Ignis loitering around various places, you could spy on him and see what he’s up to or just go and say hi. There’s also that sheep, you think his name is Chipper? He’s over by the Artisans booth.

What do you do?

No time points needed here, feel free to explore, do stuff, interact with people. Or suggest booths and stuff you wanna see. I’ll pick the top suggested things and have em happen. Once we’ve had a certain number of events pass, or you willingly finish with the fair, we’ll move on to the next sequence.
No. 1004239 ID: 094652

Spy on Ignis, see how he draws in crowds and take notes. [Charisma increase]
No. 1004246 ID: e51896

(edited some things to my post)

>You wonder if there’s a way to see them again and gain new INSIGHTS.

EIDETIC MEMORY can do this, my friend!


Talk to Shimon about your wishes to be a runescripting teacher and about TAing magitech. Ask Shimon about how that lamp works in regards to runescripting to pick up on some last minute runescripting knowledge before the competition, even if it is just a tiny bit. Let Shimon know your progress so far on the scriptmanuals and ask for tips on winning the competition, and who the 5th classmate that passed is. Also, tell him you finished the black scripting manual, but it's kind of has strange properties you don't understand, and you wanted to ask Shimon about it first since you don't want to test it without damaging anything by accident when you first try it.

What if one of the books from the ROYAL LIBRARY is a super rare SCRIPTING MANUAL? we gotta win that runescripting competition. If we don't win that one, we'll do REALISTIC DRAWING competition next. Maybe William can be our partner? Drift and Ignis might team up... bring Noodle and Pon to cheer you on for moral boost!

Convince Pon and Noodle to try out the SNOUTED HOOF BEAST, you think Pon is powerful enough to do it, maybe even last longer than a minute, maybe even longer than Glide if he's here. Cheer Pon and Noodle on if they do it. As for you doing it... nah, gotta conserve our strength for the runescripting competition.

Show Chipper your realistic artwork skills.
No. 1004247 ID: afa6f6

Lets take a look around and see if theres any Trademen in need of an artist. They dont have cameras right? That means, likely all pictures have to be made by hand, which is perfect for someone good at REALISTIC DRAWING like us. Maybe we can get a job doing portraits or mapping areas.
Also, I bet someones selling SWEET TREATS around here. Get us some funnel cakes.
WE could check if the local Dojos are doing any events or demonstrations so we could get a better idea what we might want to try next year.
We should see if Riichi is around, any good festival has some (likely rigged) games of chance!
I pretty much second all of this.

For the competition, an engineer could probably come up with some more impressive items, but I have a few ideas what we could make.
The one I think would probably go over best is, We make a MINI FRIDGE. We just need a solid closeable box, and use our COLD rune, maybe ABSORBTION to power it, and make it so it could keep food and drinks cold and fresh. It'd probably go over well with the food and merchant people, anyone who has to transport perishables.
Second idea, we could just make a WING SHIELD with the HARDEN rune. We could make it out f thinner, lighter material and still have it be useful with runes, possibly power it up with ABSORBTION as well to let it tank hits better by absorbing impact and shock. Warriors will probably like it.
Last idea is the weakest but, If we team up with Ignis for the HEAT rune, we could make a SOLDERING IRON. It might open up higher end manufacturing and engineering in the future of the world plate if it gets picked up, but I think anyone who doesnt already know the use for it probably wont be impressed...
No. 1004248 ID: 18ca2c

[Saba's Knowledge] - Realize that COLD also represents a lack of motion and energy, and that it can also be associated with stillness.

Thus the COLD rune SYNERGIZES with VOID, and perhaps to a lesser extent, HARDEN.

Ask Shimon if he could show us how to link runes "Right Quick". If he can and we get it, Let's Enscribe a weapon with a linked Absorb, cold, and void, the idea being to create something that will indiscriminately sap the energy of it's target.

If you can't figure it out or Shimon balks at the question, there are other things we could try.
Harden Harden Cold on a Javelin or Arrow could make a projectile that slowed it's prey.

Cold Cold Harden on a pair of moccasins or... What to humans call them? Boots? Could perhaps make forward that allows one to walk on water by freezing it beneath you.

Harden Harden Absorb on the Rabbit Core could be used to make a crude defensive amulet.

Void Absorb on a small flat stone could be used to make universal eraser.

Void Void Void...

You know on second thought let's make an interspacial ring.
That'll win is a prize.
No. 1004250 ID: a5b23d

Lets do the runescripting competition without help from anyone, lets get really competitive, that way, we can have the library all to ourself and maybe raise our PRIDE stat since that is locked from us to change manually. But lets get some of our friends to cheer us on, like Pon, Noodle, and Ignis (i do not think runescripting is his main focus so i dont think he is joining the competition)
No. 1004263 ID: 96c896

We have COLD, HARDEN, ABSORB, NULL. ABSORB and HARDEN are both runes that could be used for defensive purposes. NULL might work for defensive purposes as well since I think it's an energy dump.
I dunno if we can actually make anything on a first attempt... might have to try the challenge several times.
I wonder if you could work with Marth? She knew a bunch of runes before you did. Maybe she knows how to actually make things with runes?

Investigate the possibility of becoming a TA for magitech. Though, it still wouldn't be a bad idea to go for metallurgy. Just not sure how likely we can get a job from that.

Go say hi to Ignis.
No. 1004282 ID: 0fae41

Absorption, Cold, Harden, and Void... What all can you make with that? A black hole? A refrigerator? Think on that a bit while you play some games at the fair.
No. 1004294 ID: 0418a2

 like the interspacial ring idea. We could try that, we got the idea of interspacial rings existinf from Saba... however, is it possible? we might need more information on our runes to make sure that is even possible with the null skill. We dont know much about null after all...

We were told we can incresase our skill by learning about runes here >>1003961 so before the competition, ask Shion a little bit about our absorption and Null abilities to get a clearer picture of how they work, even if it is just a little bit.

Once we can determine it is possible, make the interspacial ring. Or maybe something else based off of what Shion said about the two abilities if it isnt possible.

Otherwise, if it proves too difficult or we dont have the runes to do that at this point, then yeah lets go with powering up a weapon, Wingkin might like that. maybe use cold, cold, and absorbtion, or harden, harden, absorbtion on Pon's javelin so Pon can get a powered up weapon at the competition or noodle's spear. It also gives one of them an ice weapon or more powerful weapon to use in hunting classes. (That is, if they let us use outside supplies)

Or a mini portable fridge seems safe, probably use a water cooler to cast cold, cold, absorbtion advertise to hunters and cooks that you can keep meat they hunted frozen or cool so it doesnt go bad... without ice!
No. 1004296 ID: dfbac0

Man, maybe we should meditate on INVENTION soon to help us out with making MAGITECH.
I've seen some cool ideas which makes me realize... we can make an IMMOVABLE ROD using HARDEN and COLD, possibly VOID. Immovable Rods are so useful, get two and you could make an infinite ladder, they can be used in construction, it can be an amazing improvised weapon, just stick it in a monster's throat and turn it on to watch them rip themselves apart if they move, tons of uses.
Also, and interspacial ring using VOID and ABSORPTION would be cool but something tells me we might need more for that, not sure.
No. 1004300 ID: afa6f6

I was just thinking, due to our World Plate's lack of resources, theres probably a lack of metal, and metal made armor, weapons, tools, etc.

So maybe if we make something that shows that with Harden, and thus runecrafting in general, you can make things as tough or tougher then metal, it'd probably be really popular.
No. 1004303 ID: c58093

Edmango said on discord that making a interspacial ring wont work.

I support the mana powered cooler as >>1004247 and >>1004294 mentioned.

one like a fridge or freezer. Powering a weapon is cool and all, but would only appeal to those interested in self defense and hunting.

Everyone likes food though, so a mana powered fridge cooler might work best and appeal to everyone. Lets use COLD COLD to make it be able to cool stuff, and ABSORBTION to absorb in energy around its environment and keep it powered.

Announce that it can cool food like meat without electricity or ice, which is useful for hunters to not let meat rot and are camping with no electricity for days! Or parties on hot days so the ice in coolers dont melt.
No. 1004306 ID: 094652

This, but work on compliant mechanisms as well. Remember, with a lack of hardened materials comes a lack of stress-resistant hinges, servos, joints, and anything that pretty much bends. But what you do have is easily-produced ductile-flexible materials.
No. 1004373 ID: afe7de
File 162487697051.png - (81.41KB , 500x500 , SR_099.png )

> Check on Ignis
You decide to take a brief look at what IGNIS is doing. He’s bouncing around different booths, talking to lots of different kin. He seems to know most of them in some capacity. You notice him arrive at the Courier’s stall. He talks with them for a moment before getting excited. You think they offered him a job, not the apprenticeship.

[LOGIC] I think he’s trying to get to know as many kin as he can
[LEADERSHIP] It’d be good to know your future citizens if you were to become KING
[ATHLETICISM] It also implies that he’s got decent stamina
[INTUITION] Doubt he’ll stick to that job for too long though

> Look for an ART job
You head over to the ARTISAN’S booth. To your right you notice Chipper, he’s working on some sort of wooden object. You think it’s a chair. He looks to be in the zone, so you talk to the booth’s representative, asking if there are any jobs for someone CREATIVE that can DRAW REALISTICALLY. They ask for a sample of your work, so you take out the sketchbook you tend to keep with you. They flip through it and remark that you have pretty decent art skills for someone of age 14.

[PRIDE] 11!

11! You correct them. They seem more impressed. They mention they could use a new ENGRAVER or PORTRAIT ARTIST. They mention you’d need to apprentice for a small period so they could test your time management skills and train you on interacting with clients. But have high hopes for someone at your skill level so young.

The ARTISAN apprenticeship will be added to your class list
- You’ll have to chose between ENGRAVER and PORTRAIT ARTIST when you start the job

> Get some SWEETS
You head over to the food stalls with your friends. There’s this food called a FUNNEL CAKE. It’s fried bread coated in POWDERED SUGAR. You pay 1 SHINY to have some. It’s delicious! You ask how they make it and they explain the process. You’re not sure you get the frying process. Saba was never good at cooking anything complicated. They offer an apprenticeship at the bakery they run, mentioning it’s a lucrative business, selling sugary goods.

The PASTRY CHEF apprenticeship will be added to your class list
[INTUITION] I get the feeling this will be a pretty… SWEET job.

No. 1004374 ID: afe7de
File 162487698527.png - (52.08KB , 500x500 , SR_100.png )

> Talk to SHIMON
You head over to his booth. He’s excited as he sees you, calling you his “FAVORITE STUDENT,” you roll your eyes at this and ask him about the machine. He says it’s a combination of a few runes. There’s a STORAGE rune, a TRIGGER RUNE, a LIGHT RUNE, SPEED rune, and an ABSORPTION rune. The SPEED rune is attached to a very small object he calls a COIL at the end of this crank, so as to maximize it’s duration, when the crank is rotated, the ABSORPTION rune soaks in the energy generated from the high speed of the object being cranked. This is then put into the STORAGE rune. Once it’s stored enough energy you can then flip this switch, inside is a TRIGGER rune. And it sends the power from the STORAGE rune to the LIGHT rune that’s on this small glass rod. Causing it to light up. It’s a series of LINKED runes that’s fairly complex to make, but could have pretty great applications. He also mentions that an INTENSITY rune could be used to change the strength of the light, but that 5 linked runes on a DEVICE is his limit. He offhandedly mentions that this kind of thing is normal in HUMAN ARISTOCRACY because they can afford the materials. You ask if he can give you the STORAGE, SPEED, and TRIGGER runes now. He replies that you’ll have to attend the next class to get them, but not to worry, they’re easier to learn once you’ve gotten 3 runes down.

You ask how the SPEED rune doesn't run out of energy to function properly. He mentions that he made the COIL out of a special MINERAL called ARCANUM. It’s just chock full of MANA and won’t run out of energy for around 100 years with something as simple as a SPEED rune inscribed. Unfortunately, LIGHT runes require a ton more energy, hence the elaborate mechanism setup. You ask if he can show you how to link runes REAL QUICK. But he says it’s a complicated procedure and requires going through the TRIGGER manual. You ask who the other student that passed is, he tells you it’s a Wing-Kin named PAWN.

You thank him and ask about the properties of the NULL and ABSORPTION runes. He says they’re quite simple. The NULL rune is used to clear any surface that has had runes inscribed onto it. Mess up an overly complicated rune, it takes the energy from the inscription and reverts the material. It only works on incomplete runes though. Add three runes or link two together and it won’t work anymore. Some MAGITECH SCIENTISTS theorize it has other uses too. The ABSORPTION rune is also simple, Place it on a surface and it absorbs mana from the environment directly from the surface it’s drawn on. So if you put it on the inside of an object, like this DYNAMO here, it will absorb from in there, if you put it on the outside, it’ll absorb from the air. Write the rune with the syntax of a different COLOR and it absorbs energy from the related element. Earth for GREEN, water for BLUE, light/energy for YELLOW, fire for RED, etc. He mentions that once a surface runs out of energy the rune stops working until it naturally gets the energy again. Absorption runes circumvent that. And if you link an absorption rune to another rune, the conduit created makes it more efficient.
No. 1004375 ID: afe7de
File 162487699925.png - (59.00KB , 500x500 , SR_101.png )

You then ask if there are any opportunities to TA for his class. He says he is interested in getting one, but that you don’t know enough yet to be good enough at it, that you’ll need to finish his second course and then test you, as you’d only be able to TA for the second course. You take offense to that and mention that you’ve solved 4 Manuals and even helped 3 other classmates finish theirs. He scoffs at you saying that it’s not possible for someone at your level to do that. He’s not even at the level to teach others the basics and has to rely on the manuals. You mention your classmates should have told him that they succeeded with your help. He says they did, but he doesn't believe them, they could just be lying for your sake. He gives you a look, you know that look, it’s a look someone gives to someone they’re disappointed with, just like Saba’s father. You leave, frustrated, not wanting to argue further.

[INTUITION] He’s an old fogey whose stuck in his own ways, go check with the admins instead
[CURIOSITY] You should ask what you need to know in order to become a teacher
[COURAGE] Maybe you can learn enough to encompass him and steal the teacher role
[GUILE] I get a strange feeling about the way he said that…

Feeling petty you decide to go over to the administration tent to ask a few questions. You first ask what the qualifications to become a TA for the MAGITECH class would be. They reply that you should be able to help other students learn the basics of RUNESCRIPTING, but unfortunately the success rate is so low and the professor mentioned that it wasnt possible for someone even at his skill level to do the introduction, that it was up to the students themselves. So they had the policy that they might not hire one. You mention that you’re more than capable of doing it and already did it with 3 other students.

They look confused at you, mentioning the professor said that it wasnt possible. You argue that it is and implore them to ask the other students you helped. They mention it’s not necessary and instead propose a CHALLENGE to you. If you can make it so that 3 students successfully learn rune scripting during either of the semesters this year through TAing for them, whilst under supervision, they’ll offer you the TA position and pay you for your time. But if you fail, they won’t pay you and you get the feeling their impression of you would drop. Your TAing class will be for free to the students during this initial time, so all the students in the class will attempt to attend if they can afford the time.

You’ve unlocked a CHALLENGE: To teach the unteachable
- Teach 3 new students Runescripting during a single semester
REWARDS: Become a TA

You then double down asking what it would take to teach the class. The administrator laughs at you, then looks at your expression and realizes you weren’t kidding. He says that, sure, if you can teach the class better than he can, making it so there’s more than a 70% success rate in getting students to pass the first class due to your TA’ing, pass the second class, and have passed the third teaching course he’ll talk to the class administration department get you a CHANCE to teach the course in a separate class.

[SABA’S KNOWLEDGE] Get it in writing.
[GUILE] Word of warning, careful you don’t grow in power too quick and careful of who you offend
[GUILE] Shimon might be bad at his job, but he’s older, has money,
[GUILE] and could make things hard for you in the HUMAN KINGDOM if you ever go there
[GUILE] also please train in me! I’m useful, see!
[STRATEGY] And me.
[LOGIC] She can only do so much…

Just as you’re about to head off, you ask for this in writing. He laughs and says sure, why not. And writes up a simple document, signing it and stamping his administrative seal on it. He wishes you luck and says that the youngest teacher they’ve ever had here was 16, he doubts you’ll break the record though. You thank the man and head off. The document is signed and you notice that he is the DEAN of the LOGIC and KNOWLEDGE departments. Yes, you’re doing this out of SPITE, but If there’s one thing your memory as a professor has told you is that if your students fail, it’s YOUR fault as a bad educator, not THEIRS.

You’ve unlocked a CHALLENGE: Better than you
- Through TA’ing cause the TA’d runescripting class students to reach 70% pass rate
- Pass the third class in the TEACHING course
REWARDS: Gain an opportunity to become a MAGITECH professor

[CHARISMA] Think about asking IGNIS to help you find students to join the class when you’re ready
[CHARISMA] He talks to kin, he’s a useful contact
No. 1004377 ID: afe7de
File 162487701760.png - (96.63KB , 500x500 , SR_102.png )

> Watch PON and NOODLE participate in the HOOF BEAST challenge
The two of them take turns. Noodle manages to stay on for about 49 seconds before being bucked off with an OOF. Pon instead actually stay on for about 2 minutes before finally running out of energy and being bucked out of the stadium. The Hunters all congratulate him and give him some water. Pon currently holds the record amongst the students and is informed that unless someone beats it he’ll receive 200 SHINIES. Pon excitedling wing-pumps in the air.

You pass by several other booths, there’s games of CHANCE there where you can win some small prizes. Looking at it now, it kind of looks like a festival that you’d see in SABA’s world. It’s nice. You wonder if they do this kind of thing for the regular population too.

You and your squad head over to the booth, it’s not that busy, but you notice PAWN in the corner messing with a small disk of metal or stone. He’s inscribing a rune on it and has a basket nearby. He glances at you for a brief moment before it looks like he starts working even harder.

[CURIOSITY] There’s food in that basket. Looks like RAW EGGS and some MEAT?
[CREATIVITY] Maybe he’s trying to make a cooking surface?

You head over to the counter and pay the fee, asking for some supplies. They say to take whatever you need from the piles. They’ll let you know if you’ve exceeded the amount you’re allotted. You’ve only got ONE CHANCE to make something to wow them. Lots of ideas are swirling around in your mind.

> Use the Void rune
You have the NULL rune, not the VOID rune. You think a VOID rune should exist, but from your studies you believe It’s probably a higher tier rune, or maybe a combination of multiple runes. You’re not sure.

> Make an inter-spatial ring
That’s not something you could make in a small amount of time, let alone in your previous lifetime. Making those was something one specific AWAKENED did. And he never revealed his methods. Even Willamina with her grasp of RUNECRAFTING wasn’t able to do it. Speaking of, you know that RUNECRAFTING was William’s prior life’s secondary Awakened power, but it was essentially a form of ENCHANTMENT using resources and her power. You suppose RUNESCRIPTING is the lower level version, more possibility, but a higher learning curve. Given William’s grasp on the subject you’re still surprised you were able to learn it faster then him.

You could make some sort of COLD STORAGE DEVICE. Similar to a fridge in Saba’s world. That would improve the quality of life. You think back a bit, have the people of this world-plate discovered if the cold can store things.

[GUILE] What about that story your dad told you when you were younger
[CREATIVITY] Yeah, about the wolf preserved in the mountains of CANUS
[LOGIC] You can use that as an excuse for how you think it’ll work
[KNOWLEDGE] The HUMANS have probably already discovered this technology but haven’t shared it
[KNOWLEDGE] Your society mostly preserves and dries food and uses perishables quickly.

You think that could work, it’d require some orthogonal logic but it’s something. There’s also HARDENING, you could use that to make some sort of LIGHTWEIGHT SHIELD that Wing-Kin could wear that wouldn’t obstruct flying. But you’d need to get way better at LEATHERWORKING and SMITHING to make something decent.

You could also just HARDEN a material and have them perform attacks on it, showing it’s increased durability. You could also HARDEN things like hinges, joints, etc. But you’d need to TEAM UP with someone to show that you’re making something useful and not wasting their time.

You get the idea that there’s a lot of options on how to approach this. You can get any basic supplies you need, but metal is scarce and you’ll only be able to get a VERY SMALL amount of it. What do you make?

And regardless of your success or failure, is there something you want to do after this at the fair, or would you like to spend your time points and move on with the year?

AUTHORS NOTE: There’s two ways of going about this, saying what object you want to make, and then letting CHI have free reign on how to make it, or describing the kind of object you want to make and the placement of the runes.

For example you could say you want to make a HEATER using a coil of metal with a stone base. And then say you want to place an absorption rune on the stone base. You could put an ABSORPTION rune and a HEAT rune on the coil and it will absorb mana, exhausting heat. There’s tons of ways to do this, so feel free to get as creative as you want, or as simple as you want. The more descriptive you are, and the better you place and do stuff, the higher of a likelihood it has of succeeding.

Also getting simple premade stuff like a wooden box or a glove, or a stone sword is very much within the range of supplies you can get

No. 1004384 ID: f8fa51

Create a refrigeration unit, because the proof of concept can work at a small scale and has a real chance to change kin's lives. Make a small box out of something relatively insulated, perhaps lined with wool or feathers. Put an absorption rune in the syntax of heat on the inside surface. Your real problem is going to be what to do with the excess energy. Once you know more runes and what the consequences of absorbing too much energy are, this might turn out to be unnecessary, but for your proof of concept put a heat rune on the outside of the box. Come to think of it, we should probably try not to make the outside of the box out of something flammable. Stone should work. If there's any porous stone with lots of air pockets that'll make good insulation, too.

You should check in on Pawn. You haven't really spoken to him in a while.
No. 1004396 ID: e51896


We'll take a box, water, and a large stone base big enough to cover most of the bottom surface on the inside of the box. (EXTRA: maybe a tube of some sort as well, but probably not required)

We first want to make the inside of the box durable, just in case, so put some HARDEN RUNES (and maybe regular ABSORBTION RUNES to absorb air that gets inside) on each side of the box to toughen it up a bit and make it more durable, just in case (mostly for when we pour in water which will be explained in the future)

After we harden the inside of the box, we take the STONE BASE, and put it inside the box. Then, we write a BLUE ABSORPTION RUNE, and then TWO COLD RUNES on the stone base to make it EXTRA COLD.

The reason why we are putting runes on stone base instead of the surfaces of the box because we do not want the the box itself to be too cold for people to touch or hold if there are cold runes drawn on the surface of the box, plus it already has HARDEN RUNES on it.

After we draw those runes on the stone base's surface, we next pour water on the stone surface, and let the BLUE ABSORPTION RUNE absorb the water (If we have a tube, we can connect it to the stone base and pour water through there, just make sure you put HARDEN and ABSORPTION runes on the tube as well). The reason why we are using a blue absorption rune is because it cannot absorb enough energy from the air if the stone surface is inside the box, and if stuff like meat is on top of the stone base. The stone base's BLUE ABOSRPTION RUNE should be able to absorb the water to power the TWO COLD RUNES, and make the inside of the box even colder thanks to there being two cold rune. Also, as a bonus, the TWO COLD RUNES should be able to turn the water poured onto it into ICE so that the water doesn't evaporate, and will only be absorbed by the BLUE ABSORPTION RUNE. Also, the HARDENED box should be durable against the water we pour on the stone surface inside the box if we don't have a tube connected to the stone base.

When it comes time to explain things, mention that story you heard about the frozen preserved wolf in the mountains from your dad, and mention how you had the idea of preserving MEAT and FOOD by freezing it in your COLD STORAGE DEVICE. All they need to do is add water inside the box on the stone base.

To really sell your idea, talk about how with the COLD STORAGE DEVICE (Which you call a FREEZER or a REFRIGERATOR), people will be able to store food and have it be preserved without having to worry about it ROTTING. With this, hunters will be able to store the meat they collect from the hunt if they are several weeks away from our world plate and hunting in another world plate, and deliver the meat to our world plate without it going bad. Imagine the rare monsters and animals that exist only on worldplates far from this one that wingkin can finally eat without having to travel far just to get them.

This can also be good for camping trips for when people are out for weeks or months, and want to bring food with them without hunting or buying more. And hunters who are spending time in the wilderness or in caverns can take food with them to eat while they are gone for several days without them rotting. This can also works for chefs too, so that instead of throwing out food, they can preserve them in the COLD STORAGE DEVICE to save them for the next day!

Give them a warning not to touch the stone base, and if they want to take it out, they'll need gloves!


After the competition, speak with Chipper. talk about an idea you have that with his craftmanship, and your runecraftmanship, you two could form a partnership and potentially make a lot of new high quality of life inventions using MAGITECH. Give him a demonstration by using your HARDEN runescript on one of the things he crafted, like the chair he's working on, or his tools! Tell him if he ever wants to power up his inventions with Magitech to come look for you.

Also talk to Ignis, mention your dreams of becoming a MAGITECH TEACHER, and the challenges you were given to make that happen (becoming a TA and stuff). Maybe he can convince others to join the class if he hears our plans.

If you can find him, talk to drift, talk to him about his dreams about his past life, and the importance of meditation to connect with his past life better.

but yeah, lets do a game of chance to win a small prize, or maybe do the art competition after this competition.
No. 1004400 ID: dfbac0

From what I've seen, can we not put ABSORB-HEAT and COLD runes on the inside of a stone box, insulate the outside with wool and add a cover for a simple freezer? The ABSORB-HEAT rune will remove heat and fuel the COLD rune, so whenever it gets warm, it gets cold, so you just leave it to perpetually run and warn people not to leave it open. That way you have a simple cold box that keeps whatever within it cold, and the thing that powers it is also cleverly incorporated into the design. Just use an air-tight lid and keep it insulated.
The other suggestions are needlessly complicating it, no need to use water or vent the heat inside to outside, just MAKE COLD, REMOVE HEAT, simple as that.
No. 1004401 ID: dfbac0

Should also mention something VERY important.
How many runes you can connect is equal to your RUNECRAFTING level. That means we can only connect three runes at a time. Also, unless something is producing energy for it, a rune won't work unless powered, so you need to be able to absorb something or use some sort of mana stone, which we don't have a high supply of, so covering the box in cold runes is out of the game.
Don't forget we have LIMITS. We're still 11.
No. 1004402 ID: 6519cb

So, ABSORB-RED and COLD on the inside, and (if necessary to expand the energy) HEAT on the outside?
No. 1004404 ID: f1c2ea

We dont know the heat rune, unless we get Ignis to help

My question is, how warm does it need to get if we use a HEAT ABSORBTION rune? If it requires being near fire, that might cause some problems, or might just have the box going from cold, to back to warm until it gets hot enough to get energy to cool again, which means we'd have a freezer that goes from warm to cool instead of constantly cool, making food potentially rot.
No. 1004405 ID: dfbac0

Wait no, I'm an idiot. We don't have heat-related runes.
No. 1004406 ID: dfbac0

At this point a fridge might be too convoluted to do without help or doing an extremely ineffective way of doing it, so here's some spitball ideas.
God, this is a dumb idea but I think it's hilarious.
DUELING SWORD: A sword that has ABSORB-HARD attached to HARDEN, which when fighting sword-to-sword weakens the enemy's sword while strengthening itself, sort of stealing HARDNESS.

Also kind of just realized we can have an absorption rune on the outside taking in ambient mana which is connected to two cold runes inside. It's slow, but it works. Just have to make sure it has time to get cold before we show it off.
No. 1004410 ID: e51896

For my idea >>1004396, I am going off the thought that we can inscribe three runes on each surface, so that mean three runes inscribed on the stone base surface inside the box (COLD, COLD, BLUE ABSORPTION (to absorb water)) and then three runes (harden, harden, absorption) on the box itself. I'll be sticking to that idea.

however, if we're only allowed to do three runes on the cold storage device as a whole instead of three runes on each surface of the device (stone base, and box walls together), then I'm changing it to just have it be without the hardened runes on the box's surface, and just have the stone base inside the box be Cold cold and blue absorption... (secondary idea)

however, depending on how cold one cold rune can get, maybe we can have COLD, and BLUE ABSORPTION on the stone base, and then HARDEN the box itself? or maybe a stone base isn't needed and we can have the box itself be COLD, HARDEN, and BLUE ABSORPTION (as long as touching the outside of the box isn't too cold)

>Also kind of just realized we can have an absorption rune on the outside taking in ambient mana which is connected to two cold runes inside. It's slow, but it works. Just have to make sure it has time to get cold before we show it off.

that might work instead of using a BLUE ABSORPTION rune inside as I was thinking. I wonder if it can take in energy on the outside surface of the box, and have it work the inside surface.
No. 1004411 ID: afa6f6

Maybe we need to link the COLD And ABSORB-RED to a base ABSORB on the outside so it can pull in energy to power the two. Either from a person or some other mana source. We do have that Monster core, that might work?

Separate note, I feel like a working pattern is becoming likely regarding how to schedule our semesters. If we go had on classes during the first half, we can ease up on the second half and do extracurricular stuff. Since it seems like we're on track to try for teaching, we can take that class and another one point class, and then do off class things with the rest, like a part-time job, Dojo training, Practicing to level up our skills (Which I think we need to do for our physical skills for the Hunter Class?), or meditating.
If we Get our physical Skill up and finish the rune crafting manuals off, then we can do the Hunter Class and the second Runecrating class in the semester after next and be ahead of the curve, I think?
No. 1004418 ID: 96c896

I have a concern. What if Shimon is operating this way under threat? He fled here with Marth, maybe he's trying to keep a low profile or something? Becoming a better Magitech teacher might be very dangerous.
We should also talk to Marth about it. They seem to be friends, so pushing Shimon out of the teaching position could seriously piss off Marth.

Cold Box seems pretty simple to make. We need a container of some sort that has a good seal, though. Can't let the cold air out or it won't work. A smaller scale project would be a chilled cup to put drinks in.
The heat rune Pawn is making seems pretty big, do runes have to be big like that? Does the size change how strong the rune is?
I wonder what he thinks about you. Rival, maybe?
No. 1004425 ID: e51896

Your concerns are valid. However, the dean said if we become a Magitech teacher, we can teach magitech in a separate class, which means separate from Shion's class so his job won't get taken. Honestly, I think we have a gift for teaching magitech if Chi thinks it is highly possible despite being told it was impossible. Our Pride stat told us we have resources others don’t making this possible.
Also we got to help bring our worldplate get into a new era of magitech by teaching them, and perhaps use magitech to bring about new inventors and even fighters or soldiers to protect our worldplate. That's the best way to bring about significant change for karma with the stats we have I believe.

The only thing we'll need to do though is to make people interested in MAGITECH during our time in school so more wingkin can join the class and learn magitech. otherwise, if the number of students are still as low as when we started, we'll risk taking Shion's job since only one class would be needed. But with more students, that would mean they'd need Chi and Shion both for two classrooms.

a couple ways of doing this is to impress people enough with our invention in the competition, and Ignis can help other students get interested in magitech, we just need to talk to him afterwards.

I'm also all for talking to Marth about it too, maybe over dinner.
No. 1004433 ID: 031458

I don't think we'll end up replacing him.
Us becoming a teacher of Magitech here will only be a steppingstone for us after-all. It'll pay for years 5 and 6 here, and give us the resources and foot-in-the-door to get to Canus and learn more advanced Magitech there.

If anything, we can teach Shimon our technique once we master it and make him a better teacher before we leave. We'll just have to make sure he doesn't end up resenting us first. Maybe we should throw him a party after we get TA? It's unlikely that he came here for ambition; he'll probably be happy just feeling appreciated.


We CAN make the refrigerator HOWEVER, without metal WE CANT CHEAT AND USE EARTH TECH in it. Without rare materials, LINKING capability, and HEAT, TRIGGER, and STORAGE runes, we are going to LOSE EFFICIENCY.
...That said... It IS possible. I'll construct an optimal scenario for what we have access to.

We will need to make a Top opening ice chest. (They are the most efficient since Cold air sinks and heat rises).
2 Small Chests, One Fitting right inside the other. (Preferably constructed of SOAPSTONE or a BALSA WOOD EQUIVELENT)
Pine tar or other sealant. (For making them air tight)
Down, batting, or scraps of cloth.
Rubber, or another flexible resinous substance.
General fasteners and tools.
Rune scribing tools, Horned rabbit core.

Since we won't be able to make the cooling mechanism efficient, the idea will be to keep the inside extraordinarily well insulted, so it can operate on minimal power. Light materials tend to be full of air, and transfer heat poorly.

Optimally, a smaller soapstone box will be placed inside a slightly larger balsa box, nestled in insulative batting.
The lids should be lined with rubber or a resinous material on both contact points to promote a good seal (Thanks to the lower air pressure of colder air creating a vacuum effect.) The lids should also be linked to prevent accidental disassembly of the ice box.
Two Cold Runes should be placed on the inside of the inner box.
An absorb rune should be carved into horned rabbit core, which itself should be embedded on the outside of the outer box.
To regulate this things power, and for the cold runes to burn colder when the box is warm like after it gets opened, a battery is required. As we lack storage runes, the Horned rabbit crystal will do just fine. It's surely an extremely low power battery, but this is ultimately a low power device.

Some parts can be omitted and this can still be successful (Probably)
If only one box is available, assuming it's the stone one, it's probably ok.
If the monster core doesn't work out for any reason, the absorb rune on it's own is probably fine.
If cloth down or batting isn't availiable, that's fine.

If all of that is a no go... Then maybe work on the hardening armor or the slowing weapon instead.
No. 1004443 ID: afa6f6


Yeah, as far as Shimon goes, I say we just keep our head down and work hard until we PROVE that we can do as we said, whether he wants to believe it or not, and go talk to him then. Thats really the main reason Chi is getting this heated, I think, that he didnt believe her.
And as for why, it could be right that Chi just has a built in advantage, which is super possible considering UNDERSTANDING, or, it could just be that the teaching environment back on the Human World Plate is just a lot different then here. It could be a lot more cutthroat so that it discourages more people from becoming capable of rune crafting by design, or something. Or he could have just have had a lot of bad experiences in the past that have just crushed his ability to feel hopeful about that specifically.
We can find out when we get there I guess, I ust think we shouldn't jump on a hate/dismissal train until we know for sure.
No. 1004446 ID: 0fae41

Wowee, I want some of what Shimon's smoking. Students who are all succeeding now would definitely lie about someone helping them understand their work. He makes things hard for us anyway, so we just need to make more money. And possibly stay a big fish in a little pond for now.
Make the icebox, call it a... Chi-larder? Chillarder.
Baking's a good idea. Get some practical chemistry experience. (And make lots of food for your friends... the more you give away the less you'll eat yourself and gain weight!)

So people use the Null rune as an eraser. Perhaps the key to finding out other uses for it is to inscribe it last once the other runes are finished. Can it act as an inert barrier between two runes that would normally react? Can it be turned on/off, or used as an active antimagic barrier?
No. 1004475 ID: afe7de
File 162496217839.png - (47.65KB , 500x500 , SR_103.png )

You haven’t read the RED book yet or learned the HEAT rune, so unfortunately this is out of your capabilities for now.

You’ve got a more concrete idea now. You head over to the supply piles and pick up a WOODEN CHEST that is about shoe-box sized. You then go around searching and are about to give up when you spot a SOAPSTONE CHEST with a flat top that fits perfectly inside it. You got LUCKY! You then go around and get some cloth scraps and stuffings. Unfortunately there’s no RUBBER or equivalent material. There’s GLUE, but you don’t want to permanently seal it. You see some jars with screw-band lids, that’s probably the closest equivalent. You get a small clamp and some extra leather and cloth straps instead, along with some glue. It’ll have to do for now.

You start with the wooden chest, stuffing it full of the cloth and stuffings, gluing it along the walls in your best attempt at INSULATION as you can get at this point. The wooden chest itself has small cracks in it so air can still get out, but it should mitigate it enough to show off. Finishing that you get to work on the SOAPSTONE CHEST. It’s simple, and has flat surfaces all around, this makes it perfect for inscribing runes on.

You think about inscribing HARDEN runes on the wooden box but realize that the box is made up of multiple planks of wood. You’d need to inscribe each plank and that would take way too long. If you knew how to LINK runes you think you’d be able to find a way to link each plank so it counted as one whole object. You also think about using the Horned Rabbit core, but don’t know how to link it and innately feel that mounting it won’t really do anything. So instead you get to work, inscribing an ABSORPTION rune on the outside of the soapstone box.

You arbitrarily chose to put it on the bottom of the box, the lid is seperated, so it wouldn’t work putting it there you think. Inside the soapstone box you put the two cold runes on opposite walls of the box. Luckily the soapstone chest is only two pieces, the chest itself and the lid. You immediately feel the sensation of COLD emanating from the box. You plop the stone chest into the wooden one and glue some leather strips to the top of the lid, attaching the clamp you got in an attempt to make a seal. It takes you about an hour of work before you’re finished and you get PON and NOODLE to get you some meat, juice cups, and several small wooden sticks. They return and you place the stuff in the box, hoping that it will at least last long enough to show off.
No. 1004479 ID: afe7de
File 162496233065.png - (53.92KB , 500x500 , SR_104.png )

> Check on PAWN
Pawn’s been finished for a little while and has been messing around with his device. He calls his invention a FIRE PLATE. He suggests you can cook on it and is showing off to the judges. They’re very impressed by his work, though you overhear he burnt himself before realizing he needed to put the plate on another surface so no one would get burned. He’s fried an egg on it and some meat and overall looks proud of himself. You talk to him and he seems to be putting on a tough exterior. You ask him how he’s been.

Pawn: Fine. Just trying this new thing. It’s hard.
Pawn: Frankly I’m jealous of you.
Pawn: rumor has it you’re lying about teaching other kin RUNESCRIPT
You: I am not. I’ve helped 3 other kin learn it, but no one believes me.
Pawn: Well, if its true, thanks, it’s good for our race if more of us can learn this.
Pawn: But don’t get COCKY! I’ll shine brighter than you one day!

You chuckle and give him a wave while you leave, he just nods and gets back to showing off his device.

You notice among the other students attempting to create things the Sheep you saw before, Chipper. He’s presented a rather immaculate and engraved chair. It’s georgeous and made with simple wood and materials. It’s been varnished and has a polished and new feel to it. You compliment him on his craftsmanship and he replies in a high pitched and excited voice. The two of you talk shop for a bit and you mention your interest in the Artisans. He says that it’s a good place if you’re good with your paws. You chat for a while, show off your invention and he eyes it studiously, mentioning that the craftsmanship could use some work, and that if you ever need someone to make you a thing, he’s your sheep. For a cost that is. You can practically see his eyes turning into shinies.

[???] I like this one the most!
[CREATIVITY] Could be useful to have someone make stuff so we don’t have to

You can now commission custom works from CHIPPER
if you need something made by him for a device you’re making, he’ll make it for you within your specifications
- WOOD objects cost 10-25 SHINIES
- STONE objects cost 25-50 SHINIES.
- Plus or Minus a few shinies for complexity and parts
He’ll get the object to you within a reasonable time period

Eventually 2 hours have passed and you check on your device. It’s cold on the outside, and when you touch the lid you realize its FREEZING. You pry the lid open and see that the juice you put inside has frozen into POPSICLES. The meat is also FROZEN. You do some calculations in your head and come to a conclusion.

If it took 2 hours to freeze this and it normally takes around 4 hours in a freezer to freeze something, the two runes doubled the time. One rune would probably freeze it in 4 hours given the same tight seal in the same size container. You’re not sure how long this’ll last, but are satisfied with the prototype.

You pry the judges away from Pawn’s device, it ran out of juice already, and show off yours. They look at the Popsicles and frozen meat in surprise. One of them licks one of the juice pops and exclaims.

Judge 1: Wow! This is great! Is this frozen ORANGE juice?
Judge 2: I heard you could only get this in the human kingdom!
Judge 3: And you froze meat. Why would you do that? Won’t that just be wasteful?

You then explain to them that freezing meat and perishables actually increases their shelf life a significant amount. They ask how you know this and you explain by giving the story of your father finding the frozen wolf. They call SHIMON over and explain the situation. He looks over yours and Pawn’s devices and explains them to the other Judges. They’re overjoyed. You ask how long the cold runes will last with the absorption rune like that.
No. 1004480 ID: afe7de
File 162496234104.png - (65.53KB , 500x500 , SR_105.png )

Shimon says it’ll last about another hour, before becoming just a little cold to the touch from not absorbing enough passive mana. He mentions two runes will make it more cold faster, but you usually need a ratio of 1 absorption rune to 1 rune to have it maintain indefinitely, and that’s only if they’re LINKED. Otherwise you get about 33% efficiency out of it, since it’s just spreading the absorbed mana around the stone instead of to a linked rune.

Pawn’s plate ran out of energy quicker because of the lack of Absorption runes or mana available. It’s just going to be a slightly warm rock from now on. Then begins a pretty big debate between the judges as to who should receive the prize and Shimon heads back to his booth. The prize is a visit to the ROYAL LIBRARY to pick out a book, and you two are the only contestants in the MAGITECH division. Apparently William, Drift, Ignis, and Marth didn’t participate.

You hear the discussions between the judges and they’re having a tough time deciding. While they praise yours for being more complex, they also praise PAWN’s for being simple and using less resources. Suddenly a man walks into the tent, you recognize him. It’s the dean of the KNOWLEDGE and LOGIC departments, his name is Yondo.

Yondo: I overheard, give it to both of them.
Yondo: We have to encourage growth in the MAGITECH department.
Yondo: What better way then to give rewards for the pioneers in this field!
Judge 1: But the cost-
Yondo: I’ll talk to the Queen about that. I can cover it.

Yondo gives the two of you a wink and he heads off, mouthing a GOOD LUCK at you. The judges congratulate the two of you as do your companions. Before you realized it’s already night-time and the fair is over.

CONGRATS! You’ve completed the subgoal - WIN A PRIZE AT THE FAIR
- You’ve gained .5 goal points
- You’ve gained .5 goal points
Collect 4 goal points and something cool might happen.
You can now set two more SUBGOALS at any time
- The most suggested ones suggested at any time next will be added

No. 1004481 ID: afe7de
File 162496242121.png - (74.43KB , 500x500 , SR_106.png )

> Talk to Ignis about a favor
You head over to Ignis who just so happens to be walking by. He congratulates you on your win. You ask him if he’d be able to help you convince others to join the MAGITECH class so you can prove that you can TA it. He says that it won’t be a problem, just tell him what semester you want them to sign up and he’ll do his best to get at least 15 more students in the class, he knows a lot of kin. He does however have a request for you. He asks for [1 TIME POINT] of your time this year. He wants you to take a class with him, he proposes GARDENING, SINGING, DANCE, or MUSIC as the choices, up to you. If you’re too busy in the school year itself, then he’s willing to take [1 TIME POINT] during your break. And if you REALLY can’t do it this year, he’s willing to still help you if you give him [2 TIME POINTS] of your time next year.

He asks you to think it over and doesen’t rush you. He’ll still help you even if you can’t make the time for him. You split off and he lets you know to get back to him after you pick your book

[INTUITION] You get the feeling that he won’t help you in the future though.
[INTUITION] if you ask for help and don’t offer anything in return.
[CURIOSITY] I wonder why he wants to spend so much time with us?
[PRIDE] Maybe cause we’re hella smart and are pioneering a field with him?

The following week you are escorted to the royal library. It’s on the top floor of the palace, so you fly up there with the guards. Apparently PAWN will get to go tomorrow. The hall you enter is massive, and you get the strange sensation that it’s bigger on the inside then it was when you looked at it from the outside. A receptionist sits at a desk in front of two very massive doors. The guard escorting you hands a piece of paper to the receptionist. She reads it over and introduces herself as MINNIE. You’d have to describe her as a larger wing-kin. She’s an owl and it looks like her wings are pretty HUGE. She’s also got a ponytail. You can see YELLOW MARKINGS around the hall, indicating that this location is meant primarily for royalty.

Minnie: You have the authority to pick out ONE of the many books in the Royal Library.
Minnie: This is the only entrance and exit, the windows to the outside are for light
Minnie: They’re reinforced so even a Hunter would have a hard time breaking out
Minnie: But just in case we’ll search you after you come out to make sure you haven’t stolen anything.
Minnie: You’re the only one booked for the whole day, so feel free to take your time.
Minnie: You don’t need to return the books you snag,
Minnie: but I ask that you pile them all up on a single table so we can have easy cleanup
Minnie: Oh, and talk to me if you want a snack since you’ll probably be here for a while.

You’re frisked and searched for any fire starting implements. The doors open and you are ushered in, Minnie enters with you and after a moment closes the doors. You’re told to come talk to her when you’re ready to leave. And that destruction of any of the books or attempting to tear any pages out will be cause for expulsion and banning from the library as well as a significantly large fine. She says she has really good ears for paper tearing.

You turn around and look at the library, it’s pretty big. You’ve got no idea where to even start, and when you try to ask for information the Receptionist simply replies it’s up to you to find something useful for yourself. You sigh and take a quick tour around. There’s several sections of books everywhere. There are history books, instruction manuals, and other strange and esoteric things in the library. You’re sure if you look hard enough you might be able to find even books written in RUNESCRIPT by the ANCIENTS, maybe from a ruin on your world-plate.

You’re at the ROYAL LIBRARY, the books here can MASSIVELY BOOST STATS, give you NEW SKILLS, help you BREAK PAST or even INCREASE SOFT CAPS you haven’t reached yet. What books do you find?

And feel free to set a new goal or two if you like.

AUTHORS NOTE: You all get to suggest books and scrolls that get found here, you can suggest what STATS they would increase or what SKILLS they would teach/increase, some books might even increase MULTIPLE STATS or SKILLS at once. Then I’m going to aggregate all of them together, add in a few I have planned, make some tweaks so its not game breaking, and have you pick which book to take. Some books will take 1 time point to read, others will take longer depending on complexity and how much they give you, regardless of if you finish or not in the year you have the book, you’ll still get something out of it as long as you spend TIME on it.

The only stipulation is that you can’t find a book on outright easy magic like awakened powers and you cant find any KARMA cultivation techniques, other than that have fun!

No. 1004485 ID: 094652

New Subgoal: Read 20 books on relevant Magitech Research
New Subgoal: Convince one of your friends to take Runescript as a hobby.

Soft Spots and Softer Hearts
A romance novel used as a framing device for tips on the sensitive portions of wing-kin anatomy.
+ Charisma

Mask and Scarves
A funny stand-up comedy skit script, where a strange monster and a Snake-kin discuss the world around them from their twisted perspectives. It also features a centauress as the heavy.

Ḿ̸̢̗͉̹̦͖̪͕͜a̵̮̭̪̩̳̦̘͕̭͍̤͆͑̓̐͒͊̿̽̐̕͜c̵̮̩̫̙̈́̀́̋h̵͔̥̠͉̝̳̫̬͚͇͉̳̐́͂̊̋̄̂̅i̷̝̩̘̒͒̾̅̒̉̆̀̑͝ḁ̸̹̮̹̱̹̝̻̼̮͑͆̏̊͊͌̈͋̒̿͜v̵̢̟̯̱̜̳̜̪͍̣̳̙̋͗͂̒͊̈́͜ȩ̵͉̮̪͉̄̏̽͊͝l̵̤̬̼̟̩͙̬͚̀̿̅̈́͐͗̊́͂́́̂͘͠l̵͚̱̳̈̂̇̎͊̿̒̊̎͐́̒͌̚i̸̹̻͚̩̠̫͚͚̹̐̓̂͂'̵̨̧̖̭͔̝̙̥̦̝̳̟̠̥̏́͒́͑̄̆͑̒͊̿̓͘͝s̸̨̰̝̘̰̖̣͇̲̝̮͌ ̸͕̹̞̦̄̔̓̑̀̈́̃̓͛̍̋͊̽T̵̛̗̤̱̬̳̙͓̫̺͉̲̯͗͑̉͐́͛̓̈́͘̕͠͝͝h̶͔͔̹͔̱͍͓͍̫̹̑͋͐̏̾̍͒̎͒͜͝ͅę̴̨̛͓̦͙̆͐̈́̆̀́̌̒̾̈́͐̏̀̾ ̵̡̢̳͙͕͉̦̫̭̭̣͋̀̄̄̍̋̒̑̕̚͜Ȃ̸̯͈̈͛́̾̎̆͛̈̃͂̐̐̚͝r̸̜͔̈́̈́̀̽̃͊̆͌̽̍̔́̕t̴̹̭̰͇̬͖͕̗̬̦̺̯̑͋͋̓̐̈́͛̈́́̓̏̔͝͠͠ ̷̧̢̛͔͈͙̭̖͍̮̹͍̼̯͑̀͊͌̔͐̔̔̄̚͠o̷̧̫̻̭̼̙̦͈̗̐͋͛͌f̷̡̖̦̟͔͔̼̳̮͈̙́̑̚ ̶̨̧̬̺̼͓̤̘͉̦̻͎̆̽͒̿̌̂̀̔̚͘͜͝͝Ẅ̸̯͉͇͎̩̥͇̤͚͓͇́a̴̧̠͓̪̥̻͇̻͖̪̞̎́̉͝͠͠r̵̦͔͎͉̈͊̒̈̇̀̅̓̎͌͗͘
A strange, damaged book that just fell out of the sky one day. The Human Kingdom has confirmed it is in their language, but have little knowledge on the author of this book, only that some of the principles labeled throughout the readable sections of the text mimic that of archaic-yet-effective human military doctrines. Since it was clearly written before the onset of modern-day ranged technology, most of the information is obsolete, and most obscure kingdoms have been given copies as a gesture of faith.
++ Warcraft
+ Overall Intelligence
[Detriment: Causes the user to learn the 'ruthless' trait]
No. 1004490 ID: e51896

Subgoal: try not to let our stress go past 6 throughout the rest of the years we are in Tengu academy

Subgoal: finish all the Scripting manuals we got from Shion from our first semester (RED, & YELLOW is left)

some ideas for books:

Teaching book: books about how to teach others effectively. It gives a boost in the KNOWLEDGE stat and raises our TEACHING skills too. It can also teach you the PATIENCE skill which helps chi endure certain trials and hardships in a calm and collected matter, and can help Chi keep a level head when students aren't learning at the efficiency required from the class, or being a class clown, allowing Chi to think up different methods to teach someone without rushing students with the realization that some students learn in different speeds than other. PATIENCE could help in other situations too, like arguments, or trying to calm someone down. (maybe stress won't raise as much the higher this stat is? Also, I was about to consider it raise our CHARISMA stat, but I think adding too much will have the book require us to spend 2 time points instead of 1) We'll need this book if we want to make sure we succeed in teaching 3 Wingkin Magitech during our challenge... maybe even 6? (this is my top choice

An ancient book written in runescript. talks about mana and runescripting, and techniques in inscribing runes more efficiently. Can raise our magitech skills an boost LOGIC past its softcap. Maybe a new magitech skill can be given from this, one that Shion won't teach in his second semester? I'm not sure what though.

A rare yet complicated scripting manual with a powerful rune that one of the wingkin explorers found in one of their adventures, and picked up and brought here mistakenly thinking it was a book. (if this can count) since it might be something rare and complicated, it might have a strong rune we can learn, but might take two time points instead of the usual one to complete it because of how complicated it is


once we choose our book, we can talk to ignis about using our time point with him during our break time, especially since we'll most likely need the first and second semesters to do what we need to do.

so planning ahead (Not final, just planning out a list in my head for later), I'm thinking first semester,
Magitech class,
Teaching class (with the free TA we're given, we need as much teaching skills as we can for the TA challenge next semester),

break: spend time with Ignis,
read whatever book you get from the library (if it requires two time points, we'll read the first half here.)

second semester: MIND AND BODY dojo (since it teaches having a clear mind which might help with stress management. the meditation skill we have might give us an advantage since that also requires us to clear our minds)(if the book requires 2 time points however, we'll read the second half here instead of taking a dojo class),
meditation to lower stress and expand Mind Palace (gotta meditate once a year),
TA challenge to get a TA job.
afterwards, we can have dinner with Marth at the end of this semester to lower any stress as well and form a better bond with her
No. 1004492 ID: ce39da

Subgoal: Earn Marth's trust enough to be let in on her troubles.

Subgoal: Save up and put away enough money to pay for Grad School completely.

You happen across The Book of Orders, a book that discusses the various secretive organizations of the world. Most are known entities, working in open secret for various governments and guilds, even revealing some of their more publically known methods, but what little is known of the more elusive sects is also discussed. (++GUILE, +INTUITION, plus maybe we get to learn a bit about this black lotus group discreetly. We've been neglecting our TRICKY LUCKY potential for long enough.)
No. 1004494 ID: 031458

An ancient book entitled:

This book is written primarily in an ancient language. A Translator (presumably) has modified it. It has been rebound with (poorly) translated pages in-between all the originals. Though the translator dutifully went through the entire reference and translated what he could (and tried to add notes where he couldn't), it seems they were unable to understand any of the core material. As a result the translation is largely incomplete, and frankly bizarre in some places. That said, some parts of this book are not unlike the Rune scripting books, and some of the illustrations and examples of what we assume are runes are seriously impressive. Maybe we'll be able to garner some knowledge before we can UNDERSTAND things as Saba did.
At the very least, the translators margin notes are entertaining. It's clear they spent a lot of time with this book, and were slowly descending into madness.


JOURNEYMAN'S REFERENCE TO PRACTICAL ENGINEERING (Volume XII): MODERN RUNECRAFT is part 12 of 21 of the legendary JOURNEYMAN'S REFERENCE TO PRACTICAL ENGINEERING set of books. A set of poly-technical reference manuals that hold secrets of ancient artifice. They tend to be very dense and would be hard to parse even if you were native to the language they are written in. Notably, all volumes are written assuming the reader already has "basic" (A stretch of the word) knowledge of the subject matter. Despite this, the volumes vary wildly on topics. Rote Magic, Runes, Constructs, Mundane machines, architecture, alchemy, and more. It is theorized that the ancients lived extraordinarily long lives due to the sheer amount of training one person would need to be able to utilize all the books.
Supposedly if someone get's their hands on the whole set, they'll be able to create anything they can possibly imagine.

This particular volume concerns Rune Scripting. It covers a variety of runes and techniques, perhaps most notably Compound Runes, an advanced form of linking that actually combines multiple runes into a single glyph. The tome also contains instructions on creating a "Personal Rune". A personal rune provides a method of using magic rune magic on oneself without the need for expensive and dangerous tattoos through the creation of a unique permanently linked designated glyph.
No. 1004496 ID: bd3ca3

Our logic and creativity caps! Break in through to the other side!
Maybe a book on guile. Perhaps a history of the royal family do the trick? The interest in you and warnings from William area very suspicious combo for Ignis… Speaking of, take gardening with him for your elective. Growing your own food could be fun, perhaps one day necessary.
No. 1004501 ID: 96c896

We could use the POCKET DIMENSION to steal a book! Steal a book on GUILE, for the irony.

Also, study CREATIVITY. It's our second primary stat, gotta work on it!

>ignis return favor
No. 1004511 ID: 25572b

Im against stealing a book with our pocket dimension.

(Made a small mistake with my post, i meant to say patience stat, not patience skill)
No. 1004515 ID: 031458

Hmm... We could.
And there would be no way for them to prove it.
They'd probably Know just from an inventory control standpoint. They just wouldn't know how.
I suspect guards might show up in several days in an attempt to get a confession if we do take one.
If we had more GUILE, CHARISMA, or just NERVES OF STEEL, we could more easily throw off SUSPICION and I'd be all for it. As things stand now it's probably a bad idea.

Besides, we'll have unlimited library access soon enough if we continue leaning into Magitech.
A big part of invention is just having the ideas themselves, and we have an entire civilization of innovations sitting in our brain that we can potentially recreate. Namely: The printing press and the photocopier.
This kingdom is an enlightened one that values knowledge and education. If we use Runescripting to create a device that can quickly copy text, most of this library will become public knowledge!
No. 1004517 ID: f8fa51

For Ignis' favour, take SINGING. We are lacking in Charisma and this will help.

Definitely don't steal. They'll know there was a thief the next time they take inventory, and there will be an investigation. If they find out you're a thief, you could be ruined. Just don't do it.
No. 1004518 ID: 6519cb

Don't steal. Do repay Ignis's favor. Singing sounds good.
No. 1004522 ID: 031458

I think we're just suggesting books, not using time yet.
I thought of another book.
A large tome aggregating all of the ADVENTURES OF KAMAL LIN novels. These stories follow the exciting adventures of the fictional plate hopping hunter KAMAL LIN. In addition to being extremely well written and entertaining, the novels are extremely accurate and true to life. They were written by a veteran Hunter who didn't shy away from doing their research or including gritty realism into thier work. The novels are actually semi-biographical, taking from the hunters own experiences, and those of stories from other hunters. The result is a series of novels that are as educational as they are riveting.
Hunters are widely known to trade these amongst themselves, but rarely do all the novels ever end up in one place. This is truly a treasure.

It seems like every time it's read, something new can be gleaned from it. Even if you've read it a dozen times before.
Monster lore
Basic medicine
Charisma, people skills, one liners
Survival skills
combat techniques
And more.
This book has so much to give, you never know what you might find.
No. 1004542 ID: afe7de
File 162504773344.png - (53.79KB , 500x500 , SR_107.png )

AUTHORS NOTE: Going forward, Saba’s Faunus will be referred to as [FAUNUS 08-C] and Chi’s Faunus will be referred to as [FAUNUS 18-Q] just because differentiating between the two is obnoxious.

Also, changing RUNECRAFTING, Willamina’s secondary skill to ENCHANTMENT, because I accidentally use Runescripting/Runecrafting interchangeably and would rather just call it something different for the sake of simplicity. The RUNESCRIPTING that you do is still called the same thing.

It’s a tie between a few of them, but it seems like you want magitech related stuff, so I’ll assign one related to that now and the other is still open.

SUBGOAL - Learn all of the SCRIPTING MANUALS Shion has to offer you
This might take you a while. You should find out how many he has. You guess he has at least 10.
Progress - 4/??

> SKILL CHECK - Steal a book with your dimensional pocket
You think about this for a moment. No one would be able to find out, it doesn't make a sound, and they’d have no proof.

[GUILE] See. It’s situations like these that we COULD HAVE been prepared for
[GUILE] But if you do it, you’re going to crack like an egg in no time flat
[GUILE] Heck, I bet you’d just blurt it out if you heard anything even remotely close to an accusatory question.
[LOGIC] Hey, we’ve got a lot on our plate already!
[GUILE] Even if you don’t explicitly state that you have it, they will still be very suspicious
[GUILE] And you don’t want that kind of attention
[GUILE] You can at MOST, give a bad poker face, or lie about something simple
[GUILE] Not saying I’m against stealing, just saying you’ll be shit at it.
[INTUITION] I think she’s just being paranoid, but it’d probably be STRESSFUL

You think about it a little more and you FEEL against stealing. The risks are too great, and you get the feeling that if you’re a teacher you might have some more leeway with getting into the library. Though you could still power through it and try anyway, you are kind of LUCKY after all.

> Invent a printing press
So actually that’s already been invented. It’s how the academy distributes its documents and exams, it’s still a very tedious process that takes a lot of time though. You’re sure you could optimize the process when you’re older and have the TIME for it. The QUEEN bought it around 10 years ago and made several duplicates, one for academy use, one for general use, and one for royal use. Unfortunately it hasnt been long enough for a public library to be made, but maybe within the next 7 years there’ll be enough books in circulation that it’ll be possible. Though about 1/2 of the books in the library seem to be hand written neatly, probably by scribes.

> Take stock of the books that interest you
There’s just so many here. You go through the shelves and pick the titles that seem the most interesting to you. Then you eventually find a section in other languages, and a few in something LIKE runescript. You even find a single book written in ENGLISH. Eventually you’ve got a pile and head over to a table. You use some LOGIC and INTUITION and get a general idea of the books contents as you flip through them. This is what you find:
No. 1004543 ID: afe7de
File 162504780151.png - (139.12KB , 500x500 , SR_108.png )

This one’s strange. It’s written in ENGLISH, but you swear you’ve seen a book like this in [FAUNUS 08-C]. The text says it was written in 1573 and translated from ITALIAN on the planet EARTH. There’s a small note under the front cover that says it’s written in the HUMAN KINGDOM’S ROYAL TONGUE, a gift from their royal family. Since your schooling has been kind of isolationist you haven’t really considered languages other than RUNESCRIPT. Your brief skim of the book tells you that it talks deeply about military doctrines, before modern or magi-tech technology existed.

You think it would take about [1 TIME POINT] to read fully and that you could probably glean some insights into STRATEGY from it.

It’s a book on teaching. It shows techniques on being PATIENT and alternative learning methods for the slow learners.

You think it would take about [1 TIME POINT] to study fully and that you could glean some insights into TEACHING from it.

This book discusses various organizations throughout the world plates. Many are known entities, but there are a few elusive sects mentioned. You notice there’s a section on the BLACK LOTUS group.

You think you could easily read it in a few weekends, not needing any TIME POINTS if you just want the information. But if you were to spend [1 TIME POINT] studying it you could gain some UNDERWORLD KNOWLEDGE.

This book is completely filled with rebound and stapled papers. There’s markings all over the interior and notes written in the margins of most every page. What baffles you is that the original language SEEMS to be RUNESCRIPT, but it’s almost like it’s in a cypher, the symbols are all there, but they’re jumbled up in an incomprehensible way. You see on various pages different runes, diagrams, and some runes Overlapping in some way?

You’re not sure how long it would take to read this tome, or what you’d get out of it. Maybe something like a new RUNESCRIPTING SKILL, but even if you put a conservative estimation on time, it will probably take MORE THAN [1 TIME POINT] to discover anything. Possibly longer to learn a new SKILL from it.

This book appears to be a story about the LEGENDARY STARLIGHT SONGSTRESS who through the medium of SINGING was able cause miracles like invigorating her allies, distracting her opponents, and causing hallucinations of stars and starlight to descend from the sky. The latter half of the book is filled with songs apparently sung by the protagonist. You wonder why this book is even in here, it looks like a work of fiction. But you picked it up because your CURIOSITY was peaked as you walked by.

You think it would take about [2 TIME POINTS] to fully read the story and study the songs. You could gain some insight into CREATIVITY or possibly SINGING from it.

This is a VERY VERY big tome. You think it’s the biggest single book in the library. This appears to be a collection of stories about KAMAL LIN a plate-hopping HUNTER. The foreword states that it’s a work of fiction based off of the Author’s adventures. There’s just… a LOT in there. You honestly think it’d be better if it was seperated into several smaller books but imagine it would take 15-20 or more seperate ones.

You’re not sure how long it would take to read every story. [8 TIME POINTS] Maybe? And you’re not sure what insights you’d gain. You think it’d be entirely RANDOM and not just from fields you know.

You’ve found another book written in runescript, only it’s actually legible, parts of it are written in what you assume to be the RED and YELLOW syntax, so with some effort you could probably translate those sections. It has a similar structure to the other rune scripting manuals, only you can look at every page.

You think it would take about [2 TIME POINTS] to read, maybe [1 TIME POINT] if you learn the YELLOW and RED syntax first. You intuit that you could probably get some insights into RUNESCRIPTING, but aren’t sure what you’d specifically learn.

This one’s pretty interesting. It’s a guide on the innerworkings of the world-plate tunnels. Apparently they were an inheritence left behind by the ANCIENTS discovered by the HUMAN KINGDOM, later stolen by the HIVE KINGDOM, and distributed sparingly to the other kingdoms outside of their rule. You can’t move a tunnel after it’s been created, and according to this even the most skilled of Human Magitechs able to inscribe 5 runes onto a surface can’t replicate the technology. This book is about 50 years old, so it’s probably out of date.

This document is relatively small, so you just read through it in about 30 minutes. You also learn that there’s lots of TUNNEL SPOTS that are located throughout the many world-plates. Significantly you now know there’s one in DOPUS and one at the very bottom of TENGU, underneath the floating land-mass. The only other information you get is to not destroy a tunnel as they’re hard to get, can detonate in an unexpectedly large radius, and the contents vanish even if you place a new tunnel in the exact spot it was in. It’s also hard to do, but doesn't list how to do it.

This is another strange book, it talks about the mind as a soldier with generals and kings and eventually an emperor. You intuit that it’s actually a meditation guide, trying to gather the chaos of thoughts you have into a stronger, unified force. The book itself is very very small, enough to read through in a single day. But you get the feeling it’s more complex then that.

You already know how to meditate, so you’re not sure why you picked up this book.

This one’s a book on Wing-Kin PERCEPTION and eye sight. It gives some tips and tricks to help you notice things you’d otherwise miss. Funnily enough you almost ignored this one but found it tucked underneath a bookshelf, covered in dust. It was really down to LUCK that you found it.

You think it would take [1 TIME POINT] to read through it and get a sense that it’ll help your CURIOSITY and increase your PERCEPTIVENESS.

This is a book on the many languages native to Faunus written in CANON, the language you speak and write. It’s one of the most commonly seen languages amongst the Kin, somehow managing to remain similar enough even before the tunnels between plates were made. It’s also got the Human royal language of ENGLISH, and the language of HIVEN. It briefly mentions runescript as a language, and several other relatively small and unknown languages. It takes a long time to learn a language, but you could spend [1 TIME POINT] copying down the syntax, language, grammar, and pronunciations so that you could slowly learn HIVEN over time.

You think it would take [1 TIME POINT] to copy down the language and that you’ll learn a little bit about the cultures of kin on other plates.

There’s lots of other books in the library, but these were the ones that spoke up to you the most. You’ve got a better grasp of the place, so maybe next time you’ll have a better time looking for things you want.

Which book do you take?

And do you GULP use your pocket dimension to STEAL one?

[GUILE] Seriously. You’ll break easy. Dont.
[???] Orrrr you could, and hoard it like a dragon.
[CURIOSITY] So like do you have a thing for dragons or?

AUTHORS NOTE: Books have been adjusted, some are better than others, but it’s up to your LUCK and TIME now everyone!

Next up is a recap of your goals, finances, and the new classes being offered. You’ve still got one goal slot left, though I’d prefer if at least 2 people agree on one before I slot the last one in. I also came up with a few classes I realized were missing and will add them to the list.

No. 1004548 ID: e51896

Don't steal plz. have some honor... like your bro!

THE ART OF THE TEACH. This will be very useful for the TA Challenge, and to help us with our goal to teach Magitech and become a teacher!. plus, new stat PATIENCE will be given to us.

but whatever we get, make sure it costs 1 TIME POINT, I feel we need to get one with 1 TIME POINT since we already got some things planned (The TA Challenge, and hang out with Ignis.
No. 1004549 ID: 094652

Get the Hawk
No. 1004550 ID: 0fae41

Take the super duper rare runescripting book. We can come back for the book of orders when we’re a teacher… but let Marth know about it and if they ever get a chance to see the library it could help. Note down who the author is, maybe we can talk to them directly!
Don’t swipe one, if you think you’ll crack it’s a self fulfilling prophecy. You need to work on that poker face ASAP.
No. 1004551 ID: afa6f6

Ugh this choice is so hard! Can we like, ask the librarian is we could just LIVE in here, just for like a week? Half joking.
If we had our memory cheat, I wonder if we could have just skimmed through a bunch to memorize books and copy them back down later.

I'll back up a vote for any one of :
No. 1004553 ID: ce39da

DON'T STEAL. You've already reasoned out why it's a bad idea right now.

Take out THE ART OF THE TEACH. It has an obvious reward that's immediately useful to our goals. Maybe skim the Black Lotus section of The Book of Orders for now if you still have time before you gotta go.

... It's painfully obvious as to what this is if one considers the facts for a moment. It started intruding when we started probing the fog in our mind. It's out of character for both us and SABA.

I think we were a dragon before we were SABA, and these intrusive thoughts are an artifact of that life we took in when we started dipping our toes into the fog. The fog represents all of the lives we don't currently remember.
No. 1004555 ID: 7c6627

Support these for the art of teach

And dont steal, we might get access to the library when we become a teacher. But we will need to work on Guile at some point.

And maybe skim through the pages of a book. maybe book of orders. Then we can use our EIDETIC MEMORY to read what we saw in our mind later. Specifically look into into the black lotus pages


That's be so awesome if we were dragon before! Maybe it is worth traveling in the fog of our EIDETIC MEMORY at some point. Maybe after we finish expanding the palace we're working on.
No. 1004561 ID: 96606a

my vote is the black book, IT'S CALLS TO ME!
No. 1004565 ID: 6dead7

Or It Represents normal greed.
No. 1004569 ID: 6c227a

I'ma say SUBGOAL: come up with 200 shinies in spare cash so you can go hang with RIICHI at the gambling hall

Nah see, eidetic memory allows perfect recall of the experience, but that experience would just be uselessly glancing at the page without comprehension. We would need true photographic memory for that kind of shenanigans, which not even Saba had.
No. 1004583 ID: 96c896

My selections:
OMNIMBUS so to make the most out of our ONE BOOK
THE ART OF THE TEACH because it'd directly further our goals
THE HAWK THAT COULD SEE FOR 10 MILLION KILOMETERS because perception was on the exam so it must be important

Idea: learn Hiven from Marth!
No. 1004585 ID: 031458

JOURNEYMAN'S REFERENCE... clearly offers a CHEAT SKILL related to runescripting. I'm not sure if we'll be able to get it right now without some serious sacrifice. Though if we knew more Runescript we'd probably need less time to decipher it. I can see us getting FAMOUS if we were to somehow pull it off this year somehow. Still, perhaps it would be better to deal with it NEXT TIME, but that means there needs to BE a next time.

UNTITLED BLACK RUNESCRIPTING BOOK could easily be worked into our studies this year, and is of obvious benefit.

THE ART OF THE TEACH could maybe save us a class and maybe even get us to that teaching position earlier. Between our own teaching experience, Saba's memories, our yearly TA in the Teaching class, and this book, we could probably skip the first teaching course and jump right into the second. We could potentially finish teaching 3 by the end of the year.

MIND AS ONE TECHNIQUE sounds like it teaches more advanced focused meditation.

Either of the Fiction books
If we feel mildly ambitious, we could take a book that would be [b]FUN[/i] to read, and attempt the extreme time management idea we had a couple years back. Yeah it'll cause some stress, but since we'll just be making time for something FUN, it won't be too bad. We'll have more time to spend on our studies and bonds, while still benefitting from the library.


Personally I vote for the BLACK RUNESCRIPTING BOOK, UNLESS of course the TIME MANAGEMENT FOR A FICTION BOOK idea catches on.

I also propose:
SUBGOAL: Do something impressive enough to be readmitted to the Royal Library.
No. 1004590 ID: 13da16

Art of teach

I like that subgoal idea
No. 1004594 ID: f8fa51

We can learn teaching technique here anyway, and it's not like it'll teach us without a TIME investment. Better, I think, to get something that might be able to surpass what we can learn here. That means JOURNEYMAN'S REFERENCE TO PRACTICAL ENGINEERI