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File 126471868027.png - (104.58KB , 500x500 , Inside The Quest III.png )
9791 No. 9791 ID: 8e18cd

The old thread is full again, so we're starting a new one...

Link to the old thread

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No. 9792 ID: 2dd482

SO Finesse, you knew King Malto when he was just a baron. How old are you?
No. 9793 ID: 34470e

Ridder: What is your opinion on the armor the bugs gave you? Do you think it looks cool?
No. 9794 ID: e75a2f

Ridder's Dad: What was your opinion on your son before you left him on his own? Was he always a stiff-neck? How many fights did he get into for being a stiff-neck? Did he get his ass beat often or was it usually him dealing the ass beatings?
No. 9797 ID: 12f282

Walter: How does it feel knowing Maria has a RedEyes boyfriend?
No. 9798 ID: 498c52
File 126472635734.jpg - (201.50KB , 800x800 , more dakka.jpg )

Tell us something about your favorite firearms.
No. 9800 ID: 34470e

No. 9807 ID: bd36a1
File 126473437749.png - (87.73KB , 800x600 , Shedinja.png )

>Shedinja: How does it feel to be all floaty? Also does the world look any different now than before you had that whatever happened before?

It's certainly different from crawling, and I kind of miss digging... but otherwise I guess it's pretty liberating.

Uh... well, everything looks shorter now, but that might be since I'm higher up. And there's lots of gray now.
No. 9811 ID: 67c611

Tislomer, can you show us what you look like after the accident. I'm curious.

[2 frame spoiler gif warrented]
No. 9836 ID: 632862

Ridder: What are Iesgip's positive and negative qualities?

Babrakus: Why were you unable to become a fisherman?
No. 9837 ID: 2dd482

Hey Penji, if you can sense what's going on in your body, can you tell if you're a virgin?
No. 9838 ID: 34470e

Grek: What is your opinion of Ridder?
No. 9839 ID: c0f3bf

Grek: Do you ever suffer from insomnia?

Rynh: Does eating spicy foods increase the power of your fire breath?

Tislomer: What is your favorite food?

Gazzene: How heavy are you?

Liam: Are there any secret ninja bird techniques you know?
No. 9859 ID: fc2a27

Ridder: Ever tried putting on a shadow puppet show? I hear its a great way to bond, and it could be a good opportunity to build camaraderie and friendship among your minions
No. 9860 ID: 4ce1b0
File 126480926642.png - (196.80KB , 1024x768 , doesabodygood.png )

>Rynh: Does eating spicy foods increase the power of your fire breath?

I'm not completely immune to my own fire, so it irritates the hell out of my throat to the point where I'm all raspy and hoarse like I've been screaming all day after a few blasts.
I'd rather have cold milk after using it.

I guess spicy food is okay though, I'm just not sure if it would do anything for magical fire breath.
No. 9861 ID: 2dd482

are you a boy or a girl?
No. 9862 ID: 64583d

What kinda pantie-waisted mercenary are you? What about the ale? What about the whores? What would your mother think?
No. 9866 ID: 589125

Rynh: So what is it like when your species has it's time of the month? I'm assuming you have direct knowledge of this.
No. 9868 ID: 4ce1b0
File 126481779240.png - (177.49KB , 1024x768 , holyfuckiamsohammered.png )

>What kinda pantie-waisted mercenary are you? What about the ale? What about the whores? What would your mother think?

I drink... God fucking damn, stop yer fuckin' bitching... and I don't know what my fucking mother would think, I was raised by the damned clerics at the fucking orphanage... Thanks for reminding me, asshole. Seriously, fuck you.

>are you a boy or a girl?

Oh I get it... I'm too fucking ugly to tell, huh? Can't tell what I am, 'cuz I'm so fucking... fucking... Ya know... Fuck.
No. 9870 ID: f35d0a
File 126481805934.png - (58.06KB , 700x500 , gazzeneitq.png )

> Gazzene: How heavy are you?

I weigh this much!
No. 9871 ID: 589125

So a girl then, because ugly guys don't look like women.
No. 9872 ID: 62489a

Yeah, you kinda blew your cover there.
No. 9873 ID: 661761


Uh. Actually I've met some ugly men who looked like women.

They tend to be overweight, though.
No. 9874 ID: badf27

So, Terva.

How was it?
No. 9875 ID: 62489a

Hey Rynh, I think they're calling you fat and ugly. What's your take on that?
No. 9876 ID: 4ce1b0
File 126482039426.png - (214.19KB , 1024x768 , lookwhatyoudid.png )

>So a girl then, because ugly guys don't look like women.
>Yeah, you kinda blew your cover there.

So? If I act like a guy I won't have guys trying to jam their dicks in me... Is that so bad? Fucking damn it all... I burned all those people alive, what the fuck is wrong with me?!
No. 9877 ID: badf27

Let's put it this way, Rynh.

Now that I know you aren't a guy, I don't want to jam my dick in you.
No. 9878 ID: 62489a

Aww, cheer up Rynh. These things happen. Opposing forces, you're a merc, you get paid to solve people's problems. If you weren't doing it, someone else would be, just a fact of life.

Might as well put your powers to good use and have a little fun. Learn to enjoy it.
No. 9879 ID: 589125

Awww, we're sorry Rynh. And for the record, you aren't ugly, just tomboyish.
No. 9880 ID: cfad4e

Rynh: Why did you become a mercenary in the first place?
Also, do you have a backstory reason for having colored eyes in a mostly black and white quest, or does it just represent natural striking color?

Aruuchi: How long has it been since you've seen your wife? Why don't you try to get paired up with her for missions? Is it because people around you tend to die?

Cheren: Do you raider types have any plan to actually defeat the bolds in any way, or are you just trying to eke out a living until they inevitably turn their genocidal attentions your way?
No. 9881 ID: 8ce2bf

No. 9882 ID: 9e9b47
File 126482097368.png - (7.68KB , 600x600 , idfuckyouhardandfast.png )


I wanna jam my dick in you. Twice.
No. 9884 ID: c0f3bf

You sir, need either much more alcohol, or much less alcohol.
No. 9885 ID: 589125

God dammit Steve...
No. 9886 ID: fa7b85

Dude that'd be like fucking a pokemon and you don't wanta be some pokemonfucker do you?
No. 9888 ID: 2dd482

have you had trouble with guys trying to jam their dicks in you?
No. 9890 ID: 697b23

Do you really want him to answer that?
No. 9892 ID: 589125

Seriously, you don't know Steve very well, do you?

Let's put it this way: Thank God he hasn't caught a Lopunny yet...
No. 9895 ID: 661761

Ridder: Considering that you knew only your parents, how familiar are you with your own people's culture and history?
No. 9897 ID: 589125

Buster: How do you do it, man? I mean, how??

Gettin' ass that easy with such little effort just ain't natural, brother.
No. 9903 ID: 6c28cf

What's wrong with guys trying to jam their dicks in you? It makes it so you don't have to try. Pure convenience. Unless you prefer ladies to the exclusion of men, I suppose. Is that it? You're missing out. Just so you know.
No. 9904 ID: 85bd2b

I think she's trying to avoid rape.
No. 9907 ID: 6834bc

You're a kobold and a dragon.
If you don't want someone sticking their dick in you, you threaten evisceration and/or burnination.

You don't have to act like a guy to put people off, you just have to be a badass and know it.
But hey at least you're not a pawn of some megalomaniacal dipshit who wants to rule the world or destroy it. Yet.

And even if you become one, you're badass enough to fuck his shit up three ways from Sunday.
No. 9928 ID: 4ce1b0
File 126486411529.png - (102.16KB , 745x488 , HuuwhawhereamI.png )

>have you had trouble with guys trying to jam their dicks in you?

No... and I dun fuckin' wanna either. Hangin' around people like this lookin' all girly is just askin' ta get fucked...

Besides, most of that stuff isn't practical fer fightin'... I ain't runnin' into battle with mah tits hangin' out... if I had any... I-it's hard to look girly with no boobs anyway... Bleehhh... I'm ramblin' too much... What was I talkin' about?
No. 9929 ID: c0f3bf

You were talking about boobs. Incidentally, look behind you.
No. 9930 ID: 632862

How do you feel about women? There's a perfectly nice girl with her tits out behind you.
No. 9931 ID: 6834bc

You were talking about disregarding males and acquiring currency.
Also some guys like flatchested dames who could kill them, so you'll eventually find a nice guy you can stand actually being around
No. 9933 ID: 84889c

Wait, did your goblin friend just out-drink your gnoll friend? Pansy. And what about YOU? How much have YOU had to drink? Don't you have better things to be doing?!?
No. 9934 ID: 697b23

Is this like a quest in the Inside the Quest thread?

Also what quest is this character from?
No. 9935 ID: 18a2d7

Fortune Quest

No. 9936 ID: f4963f

>not a guy

No. 9937 ID: 4586a9

>not a guy

No. 9938 ID: 697b23

Thank ye kindly!
No. 9942 ID: c2c011

Damn. I was hopping for atleast one more quest with a manly man leading it.

Oh well then, Rynh. Where did you learn to fight. Clerics usually don't teach people how to maim others. And don't worry about burning people alive. Dead is dead, how it arrives doesn't really change what happened. They're the enemy, they try to kill you and you killed them to stay alive. Nothing more to it.
No. 9944 ID: 34470e

Ritari: What were your first thoughts on when you first discovered it was your son?
No. 9945 ID: 8ce2bf

Ritari: What does Ridder's dick look like?
No. 9946 ID: bb1955

Ritari: Is he bigger than your ex-husband?
No. 9951 ID: 632862

Petal: Where'd you get that symbol for the new window?
No. 10031 ID: 8ecfd4

Cheren: What do you look for in a guy?
No. 10037 ID: 498c52
File 126498428446.jpg - (105.47KB , 1000x600 , slamfuckin.jpg )

Some good hard slam-fuckin!
No. 10038 ID: f21281

Kinky bitch likes it rough, huh?
No. 10039 ID: a1ac99

Oh, and here I was kinda waiting for a 'big gun' joke.
No. 10042 ID: fa7b85

Please she's the one who doing the slamming!
No. 10051 ID: 8ecfd4

I think we can manage that. Any specific race you prefer?
No. 10062 ID: badf27

Ridder: What sort of undergarments do you wear?

Sticks: Do you ever steal Ridder's undergarments?
No. 10063 ID: badf27

Ridder, do you have a surname?
No. 10075 ID: f44349

An open question to all the females of /quest/:
QUICK! Picture your ideal man (or woman~)!
No. 10079 ID: cf68aa
File 12650799324.png - (27.49KB , 621x592 , dreamgirl.png )


>Hmm... She or he has to be strong and independant. Cute of couse but not to hot. For guys not to buff and for girls not to curvy.

>I guess I want someone average.

>Getting Snow Leopard genes is a plus
No. 10081 ID: 78f480

you know, whenever I see that pic, I can't help but have to do a double take. Because at first it always looks like some kind of dragon guy getting a blow job from some horrible, multi-eye stalked monster.
No. 10100 ID: fa7b85

So Verremar: Have you ever thought of how you'd look in a latex suit?
No. 10107 ID: 4531bc

This is a bit late, but, Yon, what happened to you when you disappeared from our POV in The Game? What was the note about the mirror for? Which side was true? Who made you write it? How did you get pumped up with blue stuff? etc.
No. 10113 ID: fa7b85

To Zapdos: How long have you been living in your powerplant? I mean there are bound to be other Zapdos out there so why wouldn't you seek one out to perhaps start a family in there.
No. 10114 ID: c5f90c

Hey 11. Taylor Swift didn't deserve to win a grammy.
No. 10117 ID: 197650

No. 10120 ID: badf27

Grek: What's your opinion on the use of fire as a weapon?

Ridder: What is your overall outlook on Geppa? In addition, you never really detailed what you think Muschio is going to do to help her. Could you explain some more on that?
No. 10148 ID: 887037
File 126525331586.png - (106.42KB , 800x600 , 11wot.png )

"You take that back. You take that back RIGHT NOW."

(this took forever ugh I am not good with mouse)
No. 10321 ID: 506441

To everyone: which is better: crispy or chewy bacon?
No. 10322 ID: 12fc66
File 126553767081.png - (16.40KB , 200x200 , ohgodPrevous.png )

No. 10330 ID: 6faa8c

Love Charm: Do you have any advice for Ridder?
No. 10332 ID: f44349

Truly this is the wisest thing anyone has ever said.
No. 10360 ID: 3416ec

No. 10403 ID: e53249

What languages do the people of /quest/ speak? because there is no way in hell all the races speak the same language, much less English!
No. 10468 ID: f35d0a
File 126575067962.png - (44.15KB , 700x500 , lovecharm itq.png )


"Wear frilly dresses! Have a fancy hat! Impress your girls with your willingness to go through absurd yet entertaining methods of entertainment! Ugyuuuuu~"
No. 10469 ID: 753009


Pretend we have a Universal Translator.
No. 10470 ID: 5a2e05

How do you explain Grek then?
No. 10472 ID: 8b7db1

Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.
No. 10475 ID: 8ce2bf

We's the wife, yes.
No. 10476 ID: 9e9b47


The Beast at Tanagra!
No. 10477 ID: 632862

How exactly is wearing a dress supposed to help Ridder? You're a silly Charm.
No. 10485 ID: 1d0bbf

Hey, Jim Crow! How's Pony in bed?
No. 10486 ID: bf1e7e


Shaka when the walls fell!
No. 10537 ID: c0f3bf

Eri: Are you really dead :(
No. 10539 ID: f35d0a
File 126589322846.png - (82.08KB , 700x500 , lovecharm itq2.png )


"It helps him discover that life must not be taken too seriously. It makes him shake loose the stress he gets from his own duty. That is the main thing that separates him from attaining his true love."

"What about YOU? Have YOU done anything for him?"
No. 10540 ID: a2ee82

>"What about YOU? Have YOU done anything for him?"

Ouch. Owned.
No. 10543 ID: 34470e

Love Charm: Do you have any advice for Finesse?

The Kitty Watcher: Why are you such a hard-ass?
No. 10551 ID: a56bd0

Actually.. he's already done both... his under-armor outfit is essentially a dress... and we already made him "put on his robe and wizard hat"... (in which impressed Iesgip greatly.)
No. 10561 ID: 15f6d6
File 126597490466.jpg - (159.47KB , 900x750 , Crowanswr.jpg )

She's a regular spitfire. Let me tell you, I have to wear that pussy out every night.
No. 10565 ID: 12a6b9
File 126598096719.png - (176.54KB , 800x600 , FuzzyInky.png )

"Because you mortals are rude and dumb. You *dare* to talk directly to me, ignoring every protocil in the book, call me by my Name --use Inky, for the Neko's sake-- and keep annoying me with your senseless questions. To not mention when you adred to threaten me -- don't think I didn't heard you! Have you ever wondered how much time you wasted with your pointless and disrespect? You really to be put in your place.

And for the infinite love of the Neko -- which I'm sure is the ony one who'd show some -- when I said I'd ignore whispering, I meant it! Its not *my* problem if *you* don't know, nor can figure the basics of how to speak to a lady!"
No. 10567 ID: 6834bc

So, mighty Inky, how do you know we're mortals?
We're voices in a blue ball. We've never had to specifically "speak in quotations" to be heard, and how the hell are we supposed to know your name just from seeing you if we know nothing of the mythology of the world we're currently in?

You need to take a chill pill. Get some catnip or something. You can't expect newcomers who have never met you before to immediately know every little bit of protocol you demand be used when speaking to you.

Amanda: Is she always this touchy and demanding?
No. 10570 ID: 05411b
File 126600284098.png - (234.67KB , 800x600 , AmandaInky.png )


"Yes, these have always been some of her less adorable traits. And while I do not agree with them, its is sad that I must kindly ask you to not provoke her."
No. 10571 ID: 6834bc

Hey now, I'm not trying to press her buttons, it's just that we're some sort of extradimensional blue orb thing with voices inside it. Expecting us to immediately know everything about someone, including their name and how they prefer people to speak to them... it's a bit much.

That said, I do believe Inky needs some form of time off. That's a bit of a violent reaction to being told to calm down and chill. Unless the reaction is to the joke about catnip, which, admittedly, was sort of a cheap shot with you both looking like cats.
No. 10572 ID: e3f578

I wish we had Rudy Mann here to woo her to reasoning. He knows how to treat a lady!
No. 10573 ID: 233aab

Making kitty angry is funny.
No. 10601 ID: c0f3bf

Hatch: What do you want to be when you grow up?
No. 10611 ID: 4ce1b0
File 126614476498.gif - (44.71KB , 257x285 , nevrean.gif )

No. 10615 ID: 52e7a7
File 126614820184.png - (34.88KB , 1000x341 , TFN.png )

Employee of the month right here.
No. 10618 ID: d6bb53

To EVERYONE: What are your plans for Love Festival? Do any of you have fond memories associated with this day?
No. 10619 ID: f51d4a

Dear Kitty whatevers, why are you the two most inane, useless, and irritating characters in all of /tg/? I mean Sevi from Rape Quest Sevi quest is more tolerable, how can you two fail so much?
No. 10620 ID: 1313f9

Cat_A and Bunny_B: We're so, so sorry.
No. 10621 ID: a85626


Don't you mean Bunny_A and Bunny_B ಠ_ಠ
No. 10622 ID: a85626
File 126617910480.png - (50.97KB , 543x431 , 1227839093916.png )

Jehral: Are these your parents?
No. 10624 ID: 444f3c

I too would like to know the answer to this.
No. 10625 ID: 8e18cd
File 126618353345.png - (357.05KB , 1000x1000 , BondageChameleonLove.png )


Oh believe me... have I. To be honest I've been always trying to try it ever since I saw a certain comic character.

He looks a bit strange but man... look at that chest.

Not to mention there's that vintage video game character that wear latex all the time. Damn... that arc with him playing with a ratman in the tub.

Glad I had a hintbook to figure that out.
No. 10641 ID: 0e9167

Hey, you disrespect Rape Quest with those words.
No. 10659 ID: 4ce1b0
File 126625977474.png - (59.80KB , 309x443 , ohgod.png )

Mom... Dad... Oh god!
No. 10662 ID: 62489a
File 126626284640.png - (45.95KB , 370x361 , hatch sad.png )

>Hatch: What do you want to be when you grow up?

No. 10664 ID: c8bcd5

Hahaha you're gonna die so hard.
No. 10666 ID: 12f282

Naomi: what was your childhood in tgchan like?
No. 10667 ID: 1e1932


;_; Why did you have to be born in such a shithole world?
No. 10680 ID: dad6fd

Oh Hatch, you're so cute, I could just baste you and throw you in an oven at 400 degrees for several hours.
No. 10691 ID: fdcff1
File 12662974186.png - (47.08KB , 500x500 , childhood.png )

>Naomi: what was your childhood in tgchan like?

Something like this.
No. 10693 ID: 34470e

Everyone but Ridder: What is your favorite food?
No. 10705 ID: 987386

Are... Are those giant vibrators or chainsaws? ...or chainvibrators?
No. 10706 ID: 620bfb

No. 10707 ID: e3f578

Jehral, confirmed for elfbold.
No. 10708 ID: c1b520
File 126630413641.png - (7.62KB , 511x382 , Post L-day.png )

Rowan: Ah yes, the day where couples get together and express there love... But wait, Why should it be singled to this day, a couple should express their love every day. This day should be no different from any other day, and true couples know that. But what should I know? I'm just a thought.

Donatio: Oh shut up, your just saying that because your lonely as fuck.

Rowan: And your mad for the same reason. Seriously, is Gus the only one who got action on that day?

Donatio: My calculations are saying yes.

Rowan: My calculations are saying, fuck you Gus, you lucky bastard.
No. 10709 ID: fdcff1
File 126630482536.png - (24.68KB , 500x500 , childhood part 2.png )


But our martial arts master forbided us from playing with them after we cut each other's arm off.
No. 10710 ID: 3416ec


Then... how did you get your arm back??
No. 10712 ID: fdcff1
File 126630671874.png - (27.96KB , 500x500 , childhood part 3.png )


It grew back.
But my friend's arm didn't, so he learned to fight with one arm. And live with one arm. For the rest of his life.

No. 10715 ID: 2eac65

That's sad.

NEW QUEST: Find prosthetic arm replacement and/or regeneration serum.
No. 10717 ID: 3416ec


Seconding this. Maybe /g/ can rig up a prosthetic?
No. 10718 ID: cf68aa
File 126631283377.png - (25.96KB , 836x594 , love.png )


>mmm... I gave a card to Alex once. Then she gave me a heart.

>made out of stone.

>then dropped it on my head.
No. 10743 ID: c0f3bf
File 126636702567.jpg - (54.85KB , 412x550 , Bacon-Turtles.jpg )

Rynh: How do you feel about this?
No. 10752 ID: 4ce1b0
File 126638097985.png - (69.72KB , 525x478 , meh.png )

It's kind of cool... I guess. It looks a bit gross though. I wouldn't want to eat it, that's for sure.

I mean, who the hell would want to eat that much bacon?
No. 10753 ID: abb30a

You would.

Don't try to deny it.
No. 10754 ID: 1540c0


You could stand to put some padding on yourself, Rynh. For a warrior, a layer of fat is like a bit of extra armour! Plus you'll last longer during those pesky starvation situations.
No. 10755 ID: bb59ee

>I mean, who the hell would want to eat that much bacon?
This guy over here >>320122
No. 10768 ID: bb59ee

There's actually some truth to that! http://www.archaeology.org/0811/abstracts/gladiator.html read the third paragraph.
No. 10773 ID: 354bcd

Yeah Rynh, get some junk in that trunk.
No. 10792 ID: 4ce1b0
File 126645072663.png - (71.92KB , 567x635 , Hippy.png )

What? I don't want a big ass. My hips are already wide enough, probably to fit this big tail on there or something.
No. 10799 ID: 67c611

Show us without the skirt in the way.
No. 10817 ID: ae2a57


But seriously. All it would take is a bit of self confidence in that area of your life, and I bet you could have the guys eating outta the palm of your hand. Well... and perhaps a bit of wardrobe updating, but that's not as high a priority.
No. 10824 ID: e828f5

Soooooo foolish (and tragic) to reveal yourself as a girl...
No. 10827 ID: 75d26f

so? you don't need to be an girl to have DAT ASS! >>/questarch/507187
No. 10848 ID: 67c611

Om nom nom nom nom nom
No. 10856 ID: 12f282

Naomi: I've noticed other Ascii grow out the hair on their heads. Are you naturally bald, or do you shave your head as part of being a monk?
No. 10898 ID: e828f5

Rynh doesn't strike me at lacking any self-confidence, rather she just rather seems to be generally disinterested and frustrated with the voices in her head telling her to do things she really has no desire to do. AMIRITE RYNH?
No. 10930 ID: fdcff1
File 126663587747.png - (34.37KB , 500x500 , bald childhood.png )


Some of us are naturally bald, some of us shave it for fashion.
I was born naturally bald.
No. 10931 ID: e3f578

Well, have you ever been jealous of non-baldies?
No. 10942 ID: ffece8

The more important question is whether or not they were jealous of her.

(they totally were)
No. 10943 ID: 3416ec


Ever thought of investing in a wig, just for the heck of it?
No. 10949 ID: 4ce1b0
File 126667922214.png - (87.24KB , 368x520 , hmm.png )

I'm only in my late teens, which would be time to get it on for most races, but I got the dragon thing going on, so I'll probably be a lot older before I really start getting those urges.

So you're out of luck.
No. 10950 ID: a74cce

wait... So that means one parent was in their teens/twenties...

And the other was in their... very old age...

Did you know both your parents? And how big is the age difference?
No. 10952 ID: 4ce1b0
File 126668667797.png - (88.00KB , 368x520 , err.png )

I don't know. I never knew them, but I guess there would be some age difference. It's probably similar to elves and humans or something.
No. 10953 ID: 8ecfd4

So which one was the Dragon?
No. 10954 ID: 4ce1b0
File 126668864844.png - (86.75KB , 368x520 , hmph.png )

How would I know that? I dunno... There's a fifty-fifty chance any guess is right.
No. 10956 ID: e3f578

Probably the dad. Ladies love a massive... muscles and dragons have that.
No. 10957 ID: f21281

D'aww, your body hasn't even gone through puberty yet, has it.

No wonder you have a DFC.
No. 10958 ID: 2dd482

>so I'll probably be a lot older before I really start getting those urges.

then what was with the schliking?
No. 10959 ID: e3f578

We had to convince her. Nothing urgent about it.
No. 10960 ID: cfad4e

>D'aww, your body hasn't even gone through puberty yet, has it.
I think the idea is more that the hormones are taking a very long time to get flowing, on account of her freakish hybrid mutant genes.
No. 10961 ID: 4ce1b0
File 126669904486.png - (88.55KB , 368x520 , ahh.png )

You know... Everything works... uh...
Yeah... I don't really feel any need to do it, but I still can.
Up yours.
No. 10962 ID: 8f1880


You look like you need a hug. Have Jehral give you a hug.
No. 10963 ID: c1b520
File 126669999213.png - (12.43KB , 704x514 , hug.png )

Rowan: "Hugs make everyone happy!"
No. 10964 ID: 2417f1

Hey McDooble, after watching Garrett I have to ask... Do you have a list of races YOU want to fuck?
No. 10966 ID: 1ec1ed

Why are you so uncomfortable with being female? I mean, you've been that way your whole life.

...you have been female your whole life, right?
No. 10968 ID: 632862

There's no shame in doing what feels good, even if you don't feel like you want to do it with other people yet.
No. 10969 ID: 84889c

Perhaps it's not that she's uncomfortable with her gender so much as she's uncomfortable with y'all asking rather intimate questions of her. How would you enjoy having to answer personal questions to an audience you know nothing of? Logic, people. If there's one thing I enjoy about Ryhn, it's that on occasion she reacts as a person. HERE'S a good question for Ryhn: How exactly did you make the transition from orphanage to mercenary group?
No. 10970 ID: 4ce1b0
File 126671354963.png - (86.91KB , 368x520 , haa.png )

When I was old enough, I just packed up what little I had and wandered off. I was basically a farmhand where I grew up, just with little to no pay. Soldiers and mercenaries would stop for supplies and I decided that's what I would do instead of being a dirt farmer my whole life.

Of course I have. It's just that when I was young, being a girl meant you got a certain kind of attention that I wanted to avoid...
No. 10971 ID: e3f578

I'm going to guess something deeper than that. Something must've happened to one of your friends that was a girl. Something to do with that attention. She abandon you and the rest of her friends for a boy?
No. 10973 ID: 4ce1b0
File 126671503989.png - (287.42KB , 884x724 , Childhood Trauma.png )

What? No, but the boys would always pull the girl's hair and shove them and call them smelly.
That really sucked. So I just act all boyish and no one bothers me...
No. 10974 ID: e3f578

Dawww, so how were your childhood friends?
No. 10975 ID: 2dd482

you looked ad'aawwwable as a little girl :3c

Would you consider letting your hair grow out again?
No. 10985 ID: abb30a
File 12667178688.png - (148.03KB , 640x480 , itq2.png )

Yes, Rynh, would you consider it!?
No. 10988 ID: e828f5

I like the current look. But then again I like androgyny.
No. 11002 ID: 19ecf1

... This means grow your hair...
No. 11004 ID: f52552
File 126673564453.jpg - (1.05MB , 2957x2153 , freud.jpg )

The new face of /questdis/.
No. 11005 ID: e3f578

So tell me Garth about your mother.
No. 11006 ID: 8b7db1

Only if the various characters of /quest/ want to have sex with their parents. Or have penis envy.
No. 11008 ID: 655d51

No. 11009 ID: 54eda2

Garth man why are you not down with the sub position? Bad experiences?

Also come on if you had sex with Max he'd probably give you all that cash you need for the city date.
No. 11012 ID: 197650

concidering how popular Reaver's quests are, thats actually accurate.
No. 11242 ID: 9ded94
File 126729995574.jpg - (159.38KB , 1195x500 , smooch.jpg )

So Rynh, are these your mom and dad? Does seeing this picture make you feel any awkward?
No. 11249 ID: 34470e

Garth: Can you give us a complete list of all the races you've fucked?
No. 11267 ID: 4ce1b0
File 126736934222.png - (111.12KB , 569x587 , Erm.png )

>So Rynh, are these your mom and dad?
I kind of doubt it. I figure the kobold would be one of the gray, fuzzy ones, since I'm gray and fuzzy.

>Does seeing this picture make you feel any awkward?
I don't know... I've been feeling kind of weird about that kind of thing lately. It's like a little voice nagging me about it all the time.
No. 11272 ID: 62489a

Aw. You're becoming a woman.
No. 11274 ID: 620bfb

I think it's that we're just little voices nagging her about it all the time.
No. 11276 ID: f21281

Is the little voice saying "have sex, dammit" or is it saying "HAVE BABIES, DAMMIT!"
No. 11279 ID: cfad4e

Aggeia: Do you ever fully heal from that bullet wound?

Verramar: Are you afraid of commitment? Or maybe just looking for the right person?

Loper: What is the current prevailing societal rank and role of mages?

Dompag: Do the others know about all your fraternizing-with-the-enemy?

Lord of Marvels: Do Wizards have power sources, or are they wellsprings of magic themselves? What kind of magic do you like the most?
No. 11280 ID: abb30a
File 126738361092.png - (229.28KB , 640x480 , itq3.png )

You seem uncomfortable. Would you like a hug?
No. 11281 ID: 2a6fd3

Would hugging us be harmful? I would hug you if it wouldn't kill me.
No. 11282 ID: abb30a
File 126738522257.png - (173.82KB , 640x480 , itq4.png )

No... Not if it was just a hug.
No. 11283 ID: 2a6fd3

Yay hugs!
No. 11735 ID: 8d7dd2

Y'know, you don't seem all that bad for a mysterious unrevealed dimensional anomaly thingmajigger.

...What are you hiding?!
No. 11741 ID: f98e0b
File 126739334355.png - (32.64KB , 800x600 , answer3.png )

>What is the current prevailing societal rank and role of mages?
There are places where they're still burned at the stake or whatever, but most of the civilized world has come to realize their worth. In Elde, which is where me and Nessie are, they often go into business with their abilities, fortune telling, mysticism, enchantment, land moving, sort of thing. Many become advisers or teachers for other Magi.

Furlaia has a tradition of enslaved battlemages, but the thing is it's kind of difficult to enslave a Mage, so now it's more an honorary title. They can pretty much do whatever they want, but there's a definite martial streak.

I'd only ever heard legends of magical cyclopes until one tried to steal my soul. They're sort of like boogeymen. I ain't ever heard of any city full of them.
No. 11742 ID: abb30a
File 126739371330.png - (252.54KB , 640x480 , itq5.png )

The number of things I'M hiding is greater than the number of things you've ever heard of!
I will tell you that someone else will reveal me. For me to do it, here, would be... unsuitable...
No. 11747 ID: 703bb4


Say, you don't know a fella called Coyote, do you? You seem to have a little resemblance to him.


oh no i hope that wasn't racist of me to say you look alike
No. 11749 ID: f21281

I bet you're the life of the party at a rave, aren't you.
No. 11763 ID: abb30a
File 126742939233.png - (219.17KB , 640x480 , itq6.png )

Something like that!
I don't remember that name... and I remember all things.
A little resemblance...? Interesting...
The comparison is probably not racist. Perhaps I will see if there is one among our number who has gone by that name.
No. 11766 ID: 34470e

Got any family?
No. 11793 ID: abb30a
File 126749387070.png - (240.22KB , 640x480 , itq7.png )

There are those who gave me life, and there are those like me. The former are like parents and the latter are like siblings.

I will ask the former about "Coyote," as they have access to all memories of those like me.

Ordinarily there is little active communication between us all, but there is constant passive communication between those like me and those who created us, so there is no need.
No. 11848 ID: f21281

Oren/Nessie/AnyotherVidder: Where the fuck are your mouths?
No. 11851 ID: f98e0b
File 126758592994.png - (93.24KB , 800x600 , answer4.png )

They're there, they're just kind of tiny. You just haven't been looking hard enough. When we laugh or smile big or something, they show up.

See? It's me and Oren at the Lost Fortress of Keystone Hiking Trip 'round 10 years ago when we were back in academy.
No. 11852 ID: 3b6c92

Aww. You guys're cute.
No. 11865 ID: abb30a
File 126763936860.png - (241.53KB , 640x480 , itq8.png )

Awww, you are so cute.
What happened to your ear?
No. 11866 ID: 3b6c92

She was fighting a monster thing and it got nicked.


Wait, Squires, I thought your other ear is the one that got nicked...?

psst hey brom I'm only just now noticing this but somewhere in the first thread the nick jumped from her right to left ear :O

at least it's stayed there since?

No. 11868 ID: 3b6c92

yeah now that I look real close-like it happened right after she hacked the mage to pieces. huh.
No. 11885 ID: f98e0b

Oh well. At least it's been consistent since then.
Asymmetry is a bitch.
No. 12015 ID: 8ce2bf

Ridder/Sticks/Iesgip/Ritari. What is Ridder's dick like?
No. 12031 ID: badf27

This is PRESSING; we must know.
No. 12036 ID: 601a90

thirded, this is absolutely vital to the balance of the multi-verse.
No. 12040 ID: 6d5576

>What is Ridder's dick like?

Covered in the saliva of #rubyquest.
No. 12047 ID: f7458e

Oh YOU >:3c
No. 12052 ID: 632862

I bet each one will give a different answer.

(Ridder's dick is beyond mortal comprehension, each person seeing it as the perfect size and shape)
No. 12061 ID: c0f3bf

It's like the wizard of Oz.

Except less green.

Unless you're into that.
No. 12072 ID: bd36a1
File 126792050123.png - (131.52KB , 800x600 , AggeiaArmWound.png )

>Aggeia: Do you ever fully heal from that bullet wound?

Well, my shoulder's a bit stiff, and still hurts a bit if I try to move it to far, or to fast, but otherwise I think so. Those Lohrke doctors do a really good job. At least I get to keep my arm.
No. 12073 ID: fa7b85

Speaking of Arms... Did they ever rig anything up for Tav?
No. 12078 ID: f21281

Oren: What other handheld projectile weapons does your world have besides bows and arrows and crossbows?
No. 12079 ID: f21281

...are your boobs getting bigger?
No. 12081 ID: 4144db

She's yet another victim of the dreaded Joan's syndrome.
No. 12087 ID: bd36a1
File 126793028395.png - (146.90KB , 800x600 , Aggeia\'sBoobs.png )

>Speaking of Arms... Did they ever rig anything up for Tav?

I don't really know. I didn't really stick around the Lohrke city that long before I had to leave.

>...are your boobs getting bigger?

Uh... not that I know of. I was kinda squishing them in a bit, and I got my mane trimmed, but I don't THINK they've gotten any bigger.
No. 12088 ID: 8f1880


What's your cup size?
No. 12089 ID: 601a90

well that explains it.

let's ask tav: you ever get anything for your arm? like a crab powered electro-arm.
No. 12090 ID: 4144db

How's deme? Did he recover from his leg wound? And do you ever worry that the Engsami will try to get revenge for the loss of their leader?
No. 12091 ID: e3f578

You left the most awesome people you've ever met? What kind of logic is that?
No. 12094 ID: bd36a1
File 126793475929.png - (114.30KB , 800x600 , AggeiaCupSize.png )

>What's your cup size?

About yey big

>How's deme? Did he recover from his leg wound? And do you ever worry that the Engsami will try to get revenge for the loss of their leader?

Demesi seemed to be doing ok. His leg wasn't that bad a wound, and his collar is healing nicely from what I could tell. As for the Engsami, they'll have a hell of a time finding me back in Hat'kal territory, so I'm not all that worried.

>You left the most awesome people you've ever met? What kind of logic is that?

Either I come back to the Hat'kal of my own accord, or they come looking for me. I'd really rather not be assassinated by another Lazuhrek or bring a Hat'kal strike force to the Lohrkes. I figured this was the best option... I have every intent of sneaking off and visiting again though.
No. 12095 ID: e31d52

>sneaking off and visiting again though.
No. 12096 ID: bd36a1
File 126793485322.png - (109.01KB , 800x600 , CommandantTav.png )

>you ever get anything for your arm? like a crab powered electro-arm.

It's still gone. There are Technomancers currently working on trying to figure something out, but I'll worry more about that once the Engsami are dealt with.
No. 12097 ID: ba41e5

About that mug... something you wanna tell us?
No. 12098 ID: c0f3bf

Dude. You need a vacation.
No. 12099 ID: 817cd3

So Tav.. how many ranks did you skip up? Surely you were promoted for your loyal service?

Also... that poster you had on your wall... was that of a particular Lorhke? A famous model or something? Just asking because it seems like a fairly widespread piece.
No. 12100 ID: 4144db
File 126793949490.png - (15.19KB , 320x320 , Ranks.png )

Commandant = major. so he jumped up like 3 or 4 ranks.
No. 12101 ID: f4963f

Demesi: What're you up to these days?
No. 12104 ID: bd36a1
File 126794182360.png - (97.38KB , 800x600 , TavAFK.png )

>Dude. You need a vacation.

Believe me, it would be a VERY welcome change of pace, but the Engsami are at the gates of this city, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let the same thing happen AGAIN.

>So Tav.. how many ranks did you skip up? Surely you were promoted for your loyal service?

They promoted me Comandant. I was originally just a grunt level soldier, but my experience with this Engsami clan back at my home town made them decide to put me in charge of the city's defense.

>Also... that poster you had on your wall... was that of a particular Lorhke? A famous model or something? Just asking because it seems like a fairly widespread piece.

The poster was of Nys'lye, or at least that's her model name. She's pretty well known around the underworld, I wouldn't be surprised if her pictures were seen hanging on other people's walls.
No. 12105 ID: c0f3bf

Kick they ass, good sir.
No. 12106 ID: e3f578

Go rock 'em hard.

Say hi to the lady Lohrkes falling for you left and right, war-hero.
No. 12107 ID: f52552

>Squishing them in
>Astounding powers of body manipulation
On a completely non-fetish related note, do you think you could suck them in and out a few times?
No. 12114 ID: e31d52

Are the ladies going after you in droves, Tav my man? Because that is one HELL of a scar.
No. 12118 ID: 62489a


Hey Rynh. Watch this.
No. 12119 ID: c70e2c

>I wouldn't be surprised if her pictures were seen hanging on other people's walls.

You, sir, have noooo idea...
No. 12120 ID: 8ce2bf

Are the men going after you in droves, Tav? What about Deme?
No. 12121 ID: 4ce1b0
File 126797413187.png - (95.44KB , 558x571 , bleh.png )

Urgh... That looks so greasy. I had a few strips for breakfast and that's enough for me for a while. I feel bloated just looking at that...
No. 12124 ID: bd36a1
File 126798471888.png - (122.12KB , 800x600 , CoffeeBreak.png )

>Are the ladies going after you in droves, Tav my man? Because that is one HELL of a scar.

I'm... not entirely sure what the scar would have to do with that... but I've received a few looks I've noticed.

>Are the men going after you in droves, Tav? What about Deme?

Uh... some of my soldiers have been eagerly approaching me for stories about my fights with the Engsami back home, but that's about it. I arranged for Demesi to have some living quarters here in the city, until I get him back to his home. Thank you Demesi.

>Demesi: What're you up to these days?

Tav got me a place here in the Lohrke city. It's a lot warmer than I'm used to, since it's near a volcano I think. I've been helping Tav out when ever I can. One might say I'm his... "left hand man" heh heh.
No. 12125 ID: 3c2502

No. 12126 ID: f21281

They didn't even rig up a harness that puts at least a blade of some sort on there, even if temporary?
No. 12132 ID: 5a2e05

If Walter of Princess Quest got a sword arm, that's the least Tav should get.
No. 12134 ID: 71edca
File 126799460849.jpg - (166.79KB , 732x1024 , Götz-eiserne-hand1.jpg )

I don't see what's so hard about making an prosthetic arm. hell, the Germans were making them back in 1504! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C3%B6tz_von_Berlichingen
No. 12136 ID: 69a173

Its a matter of where you cut it off. Tav lost his arm above the elbow. That makes having a replacement functional arm of any kind very, VERY tricky.
No. 12138 ID: 326344


Yeah, there was a Roman one like that, too, but it was only able to hold a shield.


Nerve replacement is a bitch.
No. 12162 ID: 601a90

Kara: where are you and George during the Cora section of the Vresch-Rastin continuity?
No. 12172 ID: 6e2658

We all only only know you as punching bag, marching ration or vermin who goddamn deserves it.
But I'm curious, how did you experience your time with Cheren? I mean your still alive, that's not so bad for someone who was abducted by a merciless monster.
No. 12173 ID: badf27

Are you aware that mug you're holding says "IM A BIG BLIND MORON"?

just thought you should know :B
No. 12186 ID: 2d8f04
File 12681067088.jpg - (67.87KB , 485x610 , Bacon mug.jpg )

Speaking of mugs...
No. 12189 ID: 216108
File 126811011320.png - (217.67KB , 640x480 , ITQ9.png )

Rynh. Surely it is your goal to drink from such a mug. And then to consume it.
No. 12193 ID: 1cf830

Has it not been adequately established, whoever/whatever you are, that we take the bacon-related-paraphernalia much more seriously than Rynh? I think we're weirding her out with the bacon fetish.
No. 12221 ID: 216108
File 126815176348.png - (205.62KB , 640x480 , itq10.png )

Yes... If you understand that, I'm not sure where your question is...
No. 12245 ID: 15f6d6
File 126817733037.jpg - (249.75KB , 900x750 , LMface.jpg )

>Lord of Marvels: Do Wizards have power sources, or are they wellsprings of magic themselves? What kind of magic do you like the most?

Magic flows from our bodies. We are fonts of power. All adepts and magical creatures tap into the magic that flows from us to use their powers.

I feel that each type of magic has an appropriate use, although I enjoy the subtlety of Mentalism perhaps slightly better than the others. Flashy or overt power is seldom appropriate, I feel.
No. 12249 ID: 601a90

another question for you. do you see all futures, what it would be like if you said nothing, or what it would be because you said something?
No. 12250 ID: 2eac65

So what varieties of magic are there in your world?
No. 12254 ID: 15f6d6
File 126818595459.jpg - (263.97KB , 900x750 , LMface2.jpg )

Fates and destinies spin out in a skein of foreknowledge around me. I look to events in the present and intuit what will become of those actors in the future.

There are three basic categories of magic into which everything falls. Any adept only has a single power or a small array of abilities that fit within only one of these categories, although wizards can work magic in any of them.

There is Transmutation, involving shaping the physical world and the things inside of it;

There is Thaumaturgy, involving the summoning and shaping of raw forces and energies;

And there is Mentalism, involving the creation and shaping of minds and perceptions.

Some Wizards are better at a certain category or have a particular weakness in one field, and some other wizards, such as Blacksoul, Myself and Meg, can blend energies from multiple disciplines to create effects that don't fit neatly into any single category.
No. 12255 ID: f21281
File 126818634990.png - (52.88KB , 200x159 , Gossip_Stone.png )

That symbol on your mask...it looks eerily familiar...
No. 12257 ID: 42500c

You have a fantastic hat, sir.
No. 12263 ID: 216108
File 126819142965.png - (235.41KB , 640x480 , itq11.png )

It is interesting how that can happen.
No. 12265 ID: 632862


what is that?
No. 12269 ID: fa7b85

To Aruuchi:
Can we get a listing of the names of your clanmates so we can check who's prints are on that wall against the roster of your comrades
No. 12270 ID: c1b520
File 12681957046.jpg - (12.10KB , 210x331 , flamedramon.jpg )

What you did there... I see it...
No. 12271 ID: 62489a
File 126819631751.png - (133.70KB , 960x540 , Ninja Info Cards.png )

>Liam, do you know any secret ninja bird techniques?


No. 12272 ID: 632862


No. 12278 ID: 62489a
File 126821024327.png - (45.76KB , 973x402 , Nira Tribe.png )

I don't have a list of everyone in my clan, that'd be huge, Clan Shigu is the biggest clan that's ever existed, especially now that Clan Reono is history.

I do have a list of everyone in my tribe though.

...And I'm aware that it branches and comes back together.

Javinn and Kishi weren't from our tribe, neither is Batar, just in our squad. Allor, Makuri, Myself, Jag, Javinn, Kishi, Batar and Ikar are everyone in the squad. The longer time goes on, the more the tribes get intermingled and disappear within the clan. This squad used to be all people from my tribe, though. Especially back when my uncle Torori headed it.

Damn. I really miss that guy sometimes.
No. 12307 ID: e3f578

Rocky Balboa, what do you think of all these shenanigans caused by these nerdy goblins, half breeds, and other crazy medieval races?
No. 12309 ID: c1b520
File 126826548790.png - (52.04KB , 1640x936 , I got a cold.png )

Gus: Dang Rowan, you look horrible.

Rowan: I got a cold...

Gus: Wait, you're sick? That means you can't answer questions right? Does that mean I can take over the ItQ position while your out?

Rowan: What? No, I'm still fine to handle that.

Donatio: What did you say Gus? Rowan's to sick for the ItQ position? Rowan, you have to give me the job! I'm without a doubt the superior of us two!

Gus: No way! I've been here longer!

Rowan: Donatio, shut up, the position isn't open!



Rowan: GAAAAAAH!!!

{I do hope you enjoyed my outburst of boredom}
No. 12310 ID: 889351

Arkane, can you please get Rowan to use his discussion thread for things like this?
No. 12311 ID: 4ce1b0
File 126827062536.png - (39.25KB , 361x393 , man.png )

Ah mean... They're ahrm wrestlin' an' I jus' like that kinda thing, ya know? So Ah watch and it's pretty good, right? But now it's over an' I gotta move on down the road. Dat goblin shoulda adjusted her grip on 'is thumb though.
No. 12313 ID: 1ac39d

Rynh: an easy way to check if you will get bigger breasts is if you have nipples. we have not seen any, but that may be because you are fuzzy enough that they were hidden. if you have them, then you are going to get some, and your chance of having a regular menstruation goes up. if you don't have them then you will be flat chested forever and you will almost certainly lay eggs. also, if you do have more dragon traits then you may get much bigger overall before you are actually fully grown, perhaps one day you could out-mass a gnoll.
No. 12317 ID: 8c9571
File 126827252659.png - (181.18KB , 1024x768 , dragonbold nipples.png )

>we have not seen any nipples.
what are you talking about? she has them.
No. 12318 ID: c1b520
File 126827267722.png - (9.57KB , 618x403 , Arkane.png )

Arkane: Now how the hell do you propose I do that? From what he's telling me to tell you he doesn't use his discussion thread for the same reason you don't. Which he is saying is because you don't care. So if you don't mind I'm going to go back to waiting.
No. 12319 ID: 1ac39d

oh geez. i must have went too fast and missed it. now i feel like ass.
No. 12321 ID: 4ce1b0
File 126827354690.png - (74.20KB , 420x555 , Waitaminute.png )

Yes, I have them... but now that you mention it, I think I'll check a bit closer... Go away now.
No. 12322 ID: e3f578

Holy shit, that name is the greatest name ever.

Side Quest: Find Abraham Falcon.
No. 12325 ID: 216108
File 126827646724.png - (157.80KB , 640x480 , ITQ12.png )

Did you need to remove your non-upper garments to check your chest? Do forgive me if I'm missing something obvious...
You look sapid, by the way.
No. 12327 ID: a85626


Do you even have... eyes?
No. 12329 ID: e3f578

All right, all right, I'll bite. Just what quest is this guy from again?
No. 12334 ID: 216108
File 12682816534.png - (204.76KB , 640x480 , itq13.png )

I am an eye.
No. 12338 ID: 697b23

avatarfag, the quest.
No. 12340 ID: 216108


In any case, don't do anything that will get Narus killed.
They lose a lot of flavour when they die.
No. 12341 ID: 697b23

Just joshin' ya Toast. :P

Now get back to updating instead of messin' around with freaky cross-dimensional demon monsters.

Oh and the link is http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/85235.html until it gets archived.
No. 12345 ID: 8e18cd
File 12682927314.jpg - (137.63KB , 1000x1000 , Verremar Answer 2.jpg )


Oh I'm not afraid of commitment, I've been "Over the Rainbow"'s lead singer bitch for quite a while before he had to go on a tour.

And finding the right one? Oh, I think it's the other way... there are so many men that need to find me, so I can show them how nice is to feel rubbing against each other... if you know what I mean.
No. 12346 ID: c0f3bf


Aruuchi, how do you feel about this?

And why did you have to kill the merchant anyway? He was Hatch's friend...
No. 12347 ID: 62489a
File 126829620333.png - (62.21KB , 555x485 , not familiar.png )

What do you want me to look at?

>>322145 this?

I'm not familiar with the kind of thing I'm seeing.

As for the merchant, he's a southern, we're at war with his kind. He shouldn't have been up here, and there's no way he was just peddling scraps. He was passing information of some kind, and to hell if I'm going to let a spy live. Couldn't get him to tell me who he was working with, but I did have a lot of fun carving him up.

Even if he wasn't a spy, this is genocide. The General would have wanted him dead. I don't think she'll be happy until they're all dead.

I don't know who Hatch is.
No. 12348 ID: c0f3bf

Liam's daughter.

Can't you just... remove their testicles and wait for them to die? They'd all be dead eventually.
No. 12349 ID: 62489a
File 126829683290.png - (61.62KB , 555x485 , um no.png )

>Hatch is Liam's Daughter
No, his daughter is called "Little One."

>Can't you just... remove their testicles and wait for them to die? They'd all be dead eventually.
Um... no. Just... no. There's a difference between slicing people up and messing with their genitals. That's... I dunno. Even I wouldn't do that. That's just kind of... wrong somehow.
No. 12350 ID: 5c53b7

Have you ever used a weapon like the one Liam has?
No. 12351 ID: c0f3bf

RJ: Where do you get that little stick thing you chew on from?
No. 12352 ID: 8ce2bf

I have no clue what you mean. Please explain.
No. 12356 ID: 3b6c92

So Ikar's inbreeding coefficient is... 3.125%.

That's not too bad, I guess.
No. 12358 ID: 197650

So Genocide is perfectly alright, but messing with genitals isn't?
No. 12364 ID: 62489a
File 126833179410.png - (64.98KB , 555x485 , yeah no.png )


Sexual organs should be used for sex, and dismemberment and sex don't go together. That's just creepy.
No. 12365 ID: 5b76f8

You are a wuss. If you are "interrogating" someone or applying terror tactics, the genitals are an obvious target.
No. 12367 ID: 62489a

>You are a wuss. If you are "interrogating" someone or applying terror tactics, the genitals are an obvious target.

I'm just going to respond to this directly before it starts to get out of hand.

I'm not going to have any sort of genital dismemberment in my quest. As much as I love Sin City, this quest isn't Sin City, and we won't be having any of that in Hatchquest. Nor will we ever be seeing that chair from Casino Royale.
No. 12369 ID: 3065ce

When are people going to learn that not all northern sergals are like general rain?
No. 12370 ID: e3f578

They just want to call Aruuchi a wuss, Beakie.
No. 12371 ID: 62489a

None of them are exactly like General Rain. She's feared by her own men.

Aruuchi here believes in a lot of her ideals and is quite loyal to her clan, but he isn't exactly her either, to say the least.

If things go a certain way in Hatchquest I might get the chance to depict The Brutal General in the quest, which could give a better idea of what the general is like compared to the mooks like the scouts here.

I'm not going to debate Rain here, either. For more information on her and the setting, please see the Mick and Kiki-approved http://goldring.wikia.com/wiki/Rain_Silves
No. 12372 ID: 62489a

Possible, they have to compensate for those ears somehow.
No. 12426 ID: f68a75

Wait that poster is John?
No. 12453 ID: 87583b

learn to recognize IPs
No. 12454 ID: 87583b

Err, ID's
No. 12476 ID: 3381f2

Cheren! I noticed that you have a disturbingly low amount of fluff near the base of your tail, Isn't that where you should be the fluffiest? Do you trim it?
No. 12628 ID: 34470e

Darkbold in CSF: What's your name and why do I like you much better than any of the main characters?
No. 13006 ID: 8ecfd4

So Player you seem rather opposed to the idea of forming a party. How come? Is it harder to level up then or something like that?
No. 13233 ID: bf49dc

Dear Orpheo: What was the worst magical screwup one of your students had?
No. 13238 ID: 34470e

I reacted out of anger. She was one of the one people I trusted. It hurt me a lot to hear her accuse me of such horrible things. I was her best friend. She was my aunt, but no longer.
No. 13239 ID: f98e0b
File 126978733921.png - (40.18KB , 800x600 , orpheoanswer1.png )

There once was a student of mine who attempted to summon a bottle of soda for himself and blew half the common room he was in away. I admit I have no idea what happened.

We found his finger and gave it a full graduation in his memory. His parents wanted him as the valedictorian speaker but we convinced them it wouldn't work out.
No. 13240 ID: 1ac39d

right then, never tell Dio to just summon a soda, good to know.
No. 13241 ID: 362f0c

Don't they ever listen when we tell them 'not' to shake before opening?
No. 13265 ID: 632862

Mitzi: How was the kiss?
No. 13315 ID: 34470e

Ridder: A while ago I asked you which person you would choose to be your wife/husband. You said none because you were too idealistic, but now all of a sudden, you choose Ashadel? Why the lying?
No. 13316 ID: 8ce2bf

He was embarrassed because there were so many guys and gals he would bone that he didn't want to name any.
No. 13348 ID: 3b6c92

Tacobird: Your thoughts on being called Tacobird?
No. 13409 ID: f43c35
File 127007776648.png - (287.96KB , 640x480 , tacobird.png )


I'm... not sure. I mean, I understand the "bird" part. Cenesu do look sort of like birds without wings. I have no idea what the word "taco" could possibly mean. I mean, I hope it's something flattering, but it could mean "really dumb idiot coward" for all I know.

Care to enlighten me, Thousandfold?
No. 13410 ID: 3b6c92
File 127007792746.png - (76.15KB , 440x360 , taco.png )

This is a taco.

It's 'cause your name sounds kinda like "taco" if you're really tired and not paying that much attention to what you're doing. |3
No. 13411 ID: 632862

Your head is shaped vaguely like a taco as well, if you look at it from the side.
No. 13413 ID: 3b6c92

Oh huh I guess it does.

That had nothing to do with me coming up with the nickname though. :O
No. 13415 ID: e3f578

Rynh: Why do you argue with yourself so much? Or are you just too scared to admit what we are?
No. 13432 ID: 9a1fa4

Dear McDooble:

What was your weirdest case?
No. 13471 ID: 4ce1b0
File 127024865866.png - (150.19KB , 743x718 , Grawr.png )

I'm not arguing with myself. I'm arguing with you.
The only way I could break the fourth wall any harder would be to punch through it and bust you in the face for being a retard.
No. 13472 ID: f21281

Orpheo/Dio: Are you mages able to enchant items to imbue them with special properties?

@ Ark Fraternity: While every story needs to have its villain, I'd rather like to hear your side of the story instead of the one-sided version from the do-gooders. What is your goals, and is having a blatant disregard for morals a necessity when applying?
No. 13473 ID: d77842

Rynh: I can no longer count on fingers the number of times I've wanted you to actually do that.
No. 13476 ID: e3d671

Have you ever considered seeing a psychologist or an exorcist?
No. 13481 ID: e3f578

So we may or may not be the ever mystical reader of a choose-your-own-adventure or a singular part of the narritive. Interesting.

Test: There is a million-to-one chance that Rynh will find a delicious sandwhich from a random encounter.
No. 13482 ID: 3de05a

So what are your feeling on Between a Cock and a Codpiece?
No. 13499 ID: f98e0b
File 127026932193.png - (22.36KB , 800x600 , Arkanswer1.png )

Know that I speak for the Ark.
Two thousand five hundred and twenty four years ago, the Two-eyed peoples, the Eldefolk, and the Waan, and the Furlesians, turned their warring gaze from each other and onto the twin gleaming Arcanopolitan cities of Ios and Eos, centers of knowledge and culture. It was we who had tamed the power of the Oculus. Our blood was pure in those days. The two-eyes had long ago used magic and technology now long forgotten to reduce many of their own battlefields and lands into the sand and desert of the Wastes, and they sought new territory for expansion and ruin, and new enemies to battle.
The cyclopean citizens of the Arcanopoli were as strong then as we are now, but there were too many invaders, and we began to fall, one by one. Monsters, they called us, fiends. And so they pushed us from our cities, and they dwelled in our houses and despoiled our lands and systematically they began to murder us, our men and women and children.
By the end of the slaughter there remained two hundred of us. And fifty, the First Fifty, took the Oath to defend the rest, to guide them Home. We would be their saviors. Their Ark.
We were the ones who defended them in their flight, and we fought and died to protect them.
By the time we had reached where the Arcanopolis now stands, away from danger, there were twenty three Arkers left. And the other magi thanked us profusely, and then, promptly, they shunned us. Because we had scarred ourselves for them, physically and mentally and spiritually, and they decided they no longer had a use for soldiers. We were outcasts in the society we had saved from extinction.
And now the cyclopes once more deal with the two-eyes, and we trust them once more, as we did long ago. We are the only ones who remember the fire and the death. The only ones who know that trust and our ties to our old lives are a weakness. We must be stronger, this time. We see the storm coming, as it came before.
And for the sake of our homes we redden the Eye and remove the Ear and willingly, joyfully, accept the hate of those we are bound to save, for the Ark must be rebuilt.
No. 13502 ID: 3de05a

Well, that sucks.
No. 13506 ID: 1ac39d

then, like any group, you seem to have extremists. feeling that forcing others to join by killing their friends is a good idea. tragic.

i would say meeting you doesn't sound bad, but meeting the other group would likely get me killed.
No. 13534 ID: 4ce1b0
File 127030458151.png - (128.10KB , 726x656 , wtf.png )

Hey, free sandwich.

It's kind of funny. You all look at my ass too much though...

No. 13537 ID: 717301
File 127031395434.jpg - (114.86KB , 800x800 , no u.jpg )

I'm not gonna fall for that.
No. 13538 ID: 37456c

Cheren, are you drunk again?
No. 13539 ID: f0ceda

I think they were asking if you have buttfeathers.
No. 13540 ID: 362f0c

When 'isn't' she drunk?
No. 13541 ID: e3f578

Gentlemen, it has been confirmed. We are the narrative.
No. 13542 ID: 4437c8

Actually the whole of the Quest so far . Maybe she'll find the time to get wasted now that she gloriously defeated the squids.

Cheren, you've shown remarkable disdain for other species until now. Are there any non-sergal ones you respect?
No. 13547 ID: c2c011

Are you feeling any envy? Any desire for it to be reality?

And you know no matter how you look at it you do have a great ass.

So Cheren, now that you have a sweet new pimpin ride, cash and have killed lots of snot fuckers, how are you going to celebrate? I mean aside from getting drunk as fuck and fucking whoever looks decently good and is moderatly willing.
No. 13562 ID: 8c0848
File 127038646145.png - (168.05KB , 793x729 , Ah.png )

>Are you feeling any envy? Any desire for it to be reality?

Erm... Noooo...

>And you know no matter how you look at it you do have a great ass.

Okay... Thanks.
Anyway. Something just reminded me of my caravan. I'd better get back to the whole guarding thing now...
No. 13563 ID: 1ac39d

>reminded me of my caravan.
No. 13662 ID: fa7b85

Plantman: Why you so fucking lame? I mean why couldn't you be Skullman.
No. 13670 ID: 701a19

You seriously need to hire a better PR firm and start curtailing the more evil members, since right now you're pushing the cyclopians and two-eyes together by being a mutual enemy.
Your actions belie your goals.

Orpheo: How did you end up involved with a crime lord? What kind of business so you share?
No. 13691 ID: 8ecfd4

You seem pretty envious to me.
No. 13692 ID: 9a1fa4

Mitzi: What does a tozol kiss feel like?
No. 13693 ID: f3de2f

Verremar, how exactly did you went from being someones bitch to being a businessman?
No. 13700 ID: 3b6c92

Doveface: Just like I asked Tacobird, your thoughts on being called Doveface?

Whenever angry tetrahedrons aren't trying to murder you, anyway.
No. 13705 ID: 9366ef

Hey Alex! Have you ever tried catnip?
No. 13709 ID: 8f4542

What are you implying? Get your mind out of the gutter.

I just wanted to know if you trim for reasons relating to combat. Even though you're a southern sergal, I know you all have a decent amount of fluff.
No. 13745 ID: f43c35
File 127076841216.png - (256.78KB , 640x480 , doveface.png )


I don't... what? You what? Doveface? I hadn't noticed with all the crazy going on with you guys!

...My face doesn't look like a dove! I'm better off ignoring you guys sometimes! Do you give nicknames to everyone you meet or something? Maybe that's why they're all irritated with you!

I've got slightly more important things to worry about right now than a silly nickname!

"Destroy the seltwil. Destroy the creations. Destroy the Empire."

No. 13756 ID: 3b6c92

Hey now I told you to wait until things weren't trying to murder you to answer that. :V
No. 13793 ID: abb30a
File 127088472846.png - (192.42KB , 640x480 , itq14.png )

This is a thing of wonder indeed! I am terribly amused.
No. 13794 ID: 9a1fa4

You're just terrible period.

No. 13796 ID: 7524b0

Do you know of someone named Dessen?
No. 13811 ID: abb30a
File 127092144872.png - (309.97KB , 640x480 , itq15.png )

I may be mistaken, but that appears to be what is eating Narus in that picture.

I must attend to other things now. I might respond to any more questions you have when I return.
No. 13869 ID: ed0e3a
File 127103193910.png - (332.08KB , 640x480 , truthitq.png )


HAhahAHAHa! My, my. One such as yourself is simply fascinating to me! The mutable form! The vivid colour! You remind me of so many still trapped within the prison that is the Abstract Chaos! Yet you clearly are not of it. Fascinating!

The brazen fools of the Golden Empire break the walls between universes! It is only a matter of time. I eagerly await new business opportunities with your universe, mysterious stranger! You seem like an excellent business associate! HAHAhahAHAH!
No. 13870 ID: 059120

Yo, Truth. You never told us how we're supposed to negotiate future deals with you. You do want our business, don't you?
No. 13871 ID: 34470e

Hey, you have NO right to barge into this thread! No one has asked you a que-
No. 13872 ID: 7524b0

Hey, you didn't answer our first question. You just pointed out how it was invalid.

SO, answer this: What were ALL the questions that we asked in exchange for our memories?
No. 13889 ID: ed0e3a
File 127108319712.png - (339.14KB , 640x480 , truthitq1.png )


HAHahahAHA! Why, Thousandfold, you asked for so many things! Unfortunately, you have forced me to admit that I am strictly forbidden by my contracts to reveal to you anything that would let you gain the same knowledge as before! Hahahaha! And, knowing you, hehehehehe, I'll answer this question as well - I am forbidden to reveal why they don't want you to know and who this client of mine is too! HahahahaHAHAhaHA!


HAhAhAHAHAH! Oh, of course! I must have forgotten to tell you, in my haste to continue the charade that the Machine has me captive! Me, captive! AHahaAHHAHA! Well, allow me to explain!

Over the millennia I have developed an affinity towards this specific symbol. I can sense its presence almost anywhere! Haha! Imbue this mark upon a surface if you wish to contact me, but I am a very, very busy entity! I can guarantee nothing. Eheheheh.
No. 13896 ID: 80ec7d

Truth: why are you so gay?
No. 13897 ID: 3b6c92

Man Truth that joke has to be really funny or something. Sounds like you've been laughing at it for years. Care to share? |3
No. 13922 ID: 6a5a08


Nice maniacal laugh there.
No. 13961 ID: ed0e3a
File 127120264767.png - (357.86KB , 640x480 , truthitq2.png )


Hehehe. Whatever your interpretations of my form and behaviour may be, I have no gender or drive to replicate myself through acts of wastefully inefficient behaviour. That is how mortals work, correct? They copy one another through their strange customs, and create more of one another through mechanically simple and culturally complex rituals!

HAHahAHAHA! I know a lot about them! Why do you think I laugh all the time?! AHAHahahahA! Mortals! Hilarious!


AHahaAHAHahAHAHAHAHAHA! Why thank you, voice!


AHahAHAhAhaAHAHA! The universe! The truth! I know so much of it! I know too much of it! It can drive even one such as me insane. All I can do is laugh at it, or feel my mind crack under the pressure! But it is not hard to laugh. Mortals frolic freely within the universes, blissfully unaware of their own insignificance, while I know the truth. Such is my purpose, such is my name. Heh. Ehe. Heh...
No. 13962 ID: 7524b0

What if you forgot?
No. 13973 ID: 6a5a08

I found out friend Mr. Colorful Blob, I think.


Also, notes are made to help not forget. Also, Truth guy's probably got a good memory anyways, so yeah. Things are built to be good at their intended function, no matter what that thing is.
No. 13974 ID: 7524b0

Yes... but maybe Truth WANTS to forget.

K'Shaara: Hey, how did you treat the Ophians? Do you remember anything about the attack?
No. 13977 ID: 6834bc

K'shaara, couple things.
Was Xix always like this? Slightly nutters, weird-ass bug thing? Were you two lovers?

Also, you've got a nice butt. It's better than Radia's.
No. 13979 ID: 9e9b47

Yeah K'shaara, your ass just won't quit. I mean, DAMN.
No. 13980 ID: 15f6d6
File 127121901096.jpg - (44.66KB , 300x300 , KshaaraFace.jpg )

I made the Ophians to entertain me. I made them intelligent and artistic, with interests in music, philosophy and art. It was their purpose to stave off my boredom. I did not eat them, if that is what you are implying. I cared for their needs.

I was resting on my throne when the attack came. It was swift, but I am a Wizard. As many of the mortals as I could slay were slain. I was stabbed first in the neck, so I could not command my Adepts. Still, I was hip deep in corpses before I lost consciousness.

No. Although this creature resembles the Ryxix I remember. I have no idea what has happened to him mentally. We had much in common. It was easy to spend time together. Lovers? Ryxix and I entertained one another. Love is chemical foolishness.

Thank you for your compliment. I am aware of my beauty, but I am not offended by being reminded of it. I have never understood the appeal of soft flesh over cool scales.

I only quit when the entertainment value has been exhaus- oh, I see. yes, my physical form is quite appealing. I agree.
No. 13981 ID: 4531bc


Sorry to break it to you, but
No. 13983 ID: 701a19

Do you know why they did it? Will you seek vengeance upon them, or are you ok with their abnormal method of helping you kill time?

Since you're the only Wizard we've seen who has been in a relationship, are Wizards capable of having children naturally? Or can they only create life like the Orphians and Blockheads?

What are non-wizards to you? Do you consider them to be insects beneath your notice? Toys for your amusement? Pets? Sapient creatures deserving of respect? Do you believe they deserve rights?
No. 13993 ID: 6a5a08

Paying attention is not one of my better skills.
No. 13995 ID: 89385f
File 127125763673.png - (384.35KB , 1280x720 , AboutParties.png )

Because parties suck.

Logistically speaking, each extra person means one more person to heal, feed, defend, worry, wait -- sure, the company can be nice and all sorts of friendships develop with someone you share your life and death with, but what if you hooked up with someone who isn' THAT interested in sharing?

Adventuring is a high-hazard high-paying job, and while I'm really nonplussed about sharing loot, its easy to find someone who's into this to stab ya in the back.

Parties are good as a one-shot thing, because other people got skills you don't, but they also have quirks and moods I'd rather not live with. What do you do if your pal decides to catalogue all the moss? Or if the wizard decides he can't cast spells till tomorrow? Or you got into the healer's bad side?

Being alone, I know who I'm dealing with. I know my skills, how much I can push, how much I'm paying and how many I gotta feed. You gotta admit, it might suck but its simple and efficient.

Very few parties work as a long-term deal for these reasons. Why do you think we sing about them?
No. 13996 ID: a59ec0

so pink player, you do realize we are your party, right?

what do you think of us being able to cast some spells trhu you? that is, assuming we get the right commands to stop hurting you...
No. 13997 ID: 2cbe3e


Player, what were your parents like? Adventurers themselves?
No. 13999 ID: e22d3b


Actually, if I may postulate...

Think about a bottle of soda. The thing is a carbonated bomb waiting to happen. What if, by trying to summon a soda, he actually supercharged the effects of the carbonation, thus triggering a far deadlier explosive release of the gasses. A small can could be akin to a fairly bomb or grenade, if that were the case.
No. 14001 ID: e3f578

Please see p179, Nuka Cola Grenade
No. 14008 ID: 3b6c92


Hey Player.

Hey. Hey Player.

Hey Player!


Guess what?




You're pink.
No. 14011 ID: 6a5a08

Player, I have the perfect plan for you.

... Clones. Same as you, so the problems stated could be fixed. You know your weaknesses, strengths, likes, dislikes, opinions, abilities, requirements, and such, as you have stated. Thus the solution: Clones.
No. 14012 ID: 15f6d6
File 127129156696.jpg - (46.31KB , 300x300 , KshaaraFace2.jpg )

There will be vengeance, but not on my innocent creations. I will trace this conspiracy to its roots. Whoever fomented this rebellion will suffer an eternity of torment. There is no reason to harm the innocent ones, however.

The truth is far more important than mindless vengeance.

My relationship with Ryxix was far less physical that you appear to be assuming. We engaged one another emotionally and mentally. The loss of someone who had become an important part of your mental landscape is more painful that someone who merely pleased you physically.

That being said, all Wizards are sterile. I do not believe Ryxix had any sexual desires then. Such things had long since ceased to interest me as well.

I love my children and have always made their lives as comfortable as I could. Other mortal creatures are of little interest to me. I do with them as I please to entertain myself. If they can bring me pleasure or entertain me, I am pleased with them. If they annoy me, I remove them from my presence. If they do neither, I have no desire to interfere with them.
No. 14013 ID: 1ac39d

huh, it actually must have been instigated. you don't rebel against someone who treats you fairly.
No. 14014 ID: 6834bc

What's your opinion of Moriga and Blacksoul, K'shaara? At least, how they used to be.

I doubt you've had the time since regenerating and waking up to know how they've changed or not changed since you last knew them.
No. 14016 ID: 7524b0

(she ate people.)
No. 14024 ID: 15f6d6
File 127130672560.jpg - (51.88KB , 300x300 , KshaaraFace3.jpg )

You are absolutely right. My children cannot be the cause of this insubordination. I will find the root of it, and once I do, there will be blood. Oh yes...

Blacksoul is old, knowledgeable, and fair. We always got along reasonably well. I like to think that I am a reasonable individual as well.

Moriga has always been terrified of me. I think she feels that I had... plans on her.

I have eaten mortals. So? It brings me pleasure. Besides, it was only those that served no other legitimate purpose.
No. 14031 ID: 0b2a05

Hattori: How's the afterlife treatin' ya?
No. 14038 ID: 0fc814

>Moriga has always been terrified of me. I think she feels that I had... plans on her.

Did you? And to what end? What kind of stuff can a wizard do with another wizard that would be of tangible benefit, and not just removing a rival? (Considering Moriga is much too weak to be your rival)
No. 14058 ID: ce3dbc

A question for both Tav and Demesi.

So, are you two a couple yet?
No. 14061 ID: e3f578

You eat the people that annoy you, right though? I mean that seems a bit unfair to the nice ones.
No. 14091 ID: f0ceda

I'm willing to bet her pet name for Morriga is "sushi."
No. 14221 ID: d6cb21

This is what we all want to know: DO YOU DO IT?
No. 14222 ID: 43d730

That's only half, really.
The other half would be : CAN WE WATCH?!
No. 14223 ID: 95ab41
File 127155474659.jpg - (151.34KB , 800x1000 , lolwut.jpg )

"What? I honestly don't know where this comes from. Of course we aren-


"Do what?"
No. 14225 ID: 8ce2bf

Cuddle, of course. I bet Demesi wants to cuddle with you Tav all you have to do is ask!

Did you ever tell Demesi about how you were hot for him right from the start when you first saw him?
No. 14226 ID: ceac17

He means hugs.
Also, by 'hot' he means he was having a slight fever when you first met.
No. 14236 ID: f3de2f

Tazer-tits Mitzi: is Jelly-rolls Penji really as soft and cuddly as she looks?
No. 14260 ID: e31d52

goddamn, you always wear that armor?
No. 14262 ID: 7524b0

Hey Tav, did you know you left a Lohrke behind in the other room that had cells in it?
No. 14273 ID: a1721a

Dear Tav: How do you type with boxing gloves on?
No. 14292 ID: 701a19

Mitzi: You know Penji is totally into you, right? Would you be interested in seeing how that would go once you get out of that place?

Penji: Could you see yourself in a serious romantic relationship with Mitzi?
No. 14313 ID: f4963f

Hey Tav, are you in an open relationship~?
No. 14464 ID: abb30a

What would you think if someone said you were sexy?
No. 14476 ID: 43d730

You mean boxing glove.
No. 14484 ID: 701a19

What one piece of information causes the most insanity?
No. 14505 ID: ed0e3a
File 127185986867.png - (364.69KB , 640x480 , truthitq3.png )


No. I will never forget! I would be without purpose! Without meaning! More importantly, without my specialist commodity! HAHaha!


How amusing a thought. But it wouldn't be a first! Oh, how easily exploitable they were! AHahaAH! They would pay so much for nothing more than to gaze upon my visage! But I tired of such deals quickly. They were not worth the boredom! I am not a creature to sit by idly!

If you refer to my appearance before... many a creature of the chaos were struck by my magnificence! So many wanted to consume me... But that was another time. Eheh. Let us not discuss the past.


HAhahaha! It varies for every individual! It is simply a matter of finding the right insecurity and plucking at it, telling them everything they never wanted to hear but are unable to deny!
No. 14510 ID: abb30a
File 127187889928.png - (303.08KB , 640x480 , ITQ16.png )

I might like to consume you... Purplish-green is pretty tasty...
Of course, that would not be appropriate, nor a good use of either of our resources. Instead, I think a proper meeting would be excellent.
I can be available whenever, and possibly wherever, you like. It's not as if I have to be in a just one place at a time, after all. Your universe, or mine? Or perhaps we can take a third option.
No. 14512 ID: 7524b0

Okay I think this is officially the weirdest pairing I've ever seen.
Your shell looks similar to those the Machine uses. Is this mere coincidence?
No. 14514 ID: 7630d5

So, Muschio. How do you feel about Ridder asking to court Ashadel?
No. 14552 ID: 55b02a

David: Are you just gonna leave your helmet on? I don't think it's a bad idea, but won't you seem like a freak to your crewmates?
No. 14553 ID: 2cbe3e
File 127195095854.png - (15.68KB , 800x600 , WhoAreYouTalkingToDave.png )


Personally, I'm more worried about staying alive than what Frank and Heywood think of me. Didn't HAL cut off life support or something in that movie? Well, I trust MEL, but regardless I'd rather stay alive for certain than alive maybe. Plus this suit is temperature controlled, it's comfortable and I can listen to you guys or music. There's more reasons to NOT take off the helmet really.
No. 14554 ID: f98e0b
File 127195415611.png - (20.81KB , 800x600 , dioanswer1.png )

No. 14558 ID: 7c3a81
File 127196624699.gif - (4.52KB , 800x600 , contemplate.gif )

>So, Muschio. How do you feel about Ridder asking to court Ashadel?
How do I feel? I feel fine. How am I supposed to feel?

Ashedel and Ridder are both independent adults, and they can make their own decisions. Ashedel reports to me only on a professional level, and I have no desire to control her romantic life. If she chooses to accept Ridder's advances, that is her prerogative. It's true I enjoy her company on a physical level but I do not find myself romantically attracted to her, so there is no jealousy there.

The only concern I have is for Ridder. His haste in pursuing this matter is startling, uncharacteristic. I wonder what could have provoked him to such a sudden decision, especially with all the other women he has to choose from.

But I suppose time will tell how wise a move that was.
No. 14569 ID: f21281

He likes women with wide hips and stonking great tits.

Like you! Man, you sure you two aren't brothers from different mothers?
No. 14570 ID: 4cc452


Well, he lost a lot of stability in his life, he probably wants a reassuring presence around, someone he can depend on. And this pressure from other women may be influencing him; he may see marriage as a way to escape advances by other women.

But enough about Ridder! I'm curious about you, Muschio. You've mentioned you want to accumulate land. You've already displayed the inclination to act as protector of those in your territory. As a trained ruler, what do you intend your policies to be as a leader? Will you do as your father did, or do you intend to try something new or different?
No. 14579 ID: 407b5b
File 127198460682.jpg - (135.57KB , 640x550 , green pointing.jpg )

>hehmmm mnyess... all must quake and tremble before the form creative, tis only natural yes? The urge to fill the lands with your image? To discharge power and yet by losing power gain something greater by it? To grow, to nurture and be nourished, for these things all living must value most dear, for to be without such understanding of 'family' is to be empty.
No. 14582 ID: 8ce2bf

Look Muschio if you want Ridder you're going to have to flirt with him you can't just skirt around the issue, he doesn't catch your come-ons (his face) when you're too subtle!
If you don't want Ridder then we have a problem because you have no woman now! This won't do for THE DEVIL!
No. 15085 ID: ecf25b

So Jehral, How does It feel getting your ass kicked by a Girl?
No. 15093 ID: 2cbe3e


I don't know what you're saying freak but there's only room for one Green dude here. One day I shall come down on you like a shower of gumballs, making you slip and tumble like a cheesy cartoon effect. And when you fall and hurt your ass (metaphorically) you shall know that it is not time for cartoonish tomfooleries, it's time for the reckoning that you have brought upon yourself!
No. 15095 ID: 34470e

Hattori: How's the afterlife treating you?
No. 15103 ID: 6a5a08

The Truths: Are you the same Truths?
No. 15106 ID: 9cf63d
File 127293323662.jpg - (124.57KB , 640x400 , Blue and Green.jpg )

>"A shower, of gumballs? Is that a threat? Seriously? Don't worry about it no one could confuse you for my magnificence. Now what I was saying was that Ridder and Muschio both prefer women who-"

"Sup Green I'm totally trippen of dez new beats you- aww shieet man j0 got dat piece o hardaware worken?"

>"Go away Blue, I was talking about the motives of my favorite quest characters when-."

"Aww well den jest shove on ova an watch how dis here master o trollen does his rollen"
No. 15108 ID: ce83f8
File 127293958338.jpg - (50.06KB , 300x300 , KshaaraFace4.jpg )

I have no desire to do anything whatsoever to Moriga. During the initial fighting, though, I devoured many, many other wizards. They were foolish to fight me. I won't deny that killing them gave me great pleasure.

I protect my children but otherwise do as I please. I owe nothing to the mortals crawling across this blasted remnant of a world. Besides, in the end, they all go willingly.

Once again, when the fighting stopped I made no move against any of my fellow survivor-wizards. Her fear is unfounded.
No. 15178 ID: 0b2a05

Ikar, what makes you sad?
No. 15203 ID: 8c0848
File 127319195232.png - (161.34KB , 842x678 , Tinyrage.png )

>So Jehral, How does It feel getting your ass kicked by a Girl?

Hey! I was hungover! Also, she's huge. Look at her. She's as big as a good sized human man and has claws and fangs and fire breath. How is that fair? I probably could have done something if I was trying to kill her, but in unarmed combat, I'm so fucked!
No. 15204 ID: f0ceda

That's an astoundingly poor choice of words there, Jehral.
No. 15207 ID: 19ecf1

dawww... with that choice of words, Jehral, you might not get fucked...

Aaaany way.
Tycho: How is it possible for internet... thingies to swing that way? You guys have reproductive systems? (cause to swing that way, you'd need to have at least two genders...)
No. 15209 ID: d6cb21

Jerhal, has anyone told you that you look like a Nac Mac Feegle when your mad?
(btw, thats a good thing)
No. 15210 ID: 5a2e05

Jehral, what can you do?
No. 15211 ID: 0fc814

Jehral: Your ears appear to be hanging rather low. Is this the case?
Do they wobble to and fro?
Can you the them in a knot?
Can you tie them in a bow?
No. 15214 ID: f0ceda
File 127320631499.png - (62.57KB , 960x540 , sad ikar.png )

What makes me sad?


I don't like being alone. I get scared when I'm by myself. I'm okay as long as there's someone else with me though! Like Hatch!
No. 15219 ID: 0fc814
File 127321181632.png - (96.43KB , 500x500 , Mitzi_Answer.png )

>Mitzi: What does a tozol kiss feel like?
Kind of tingly, almost...
I hope that's just emotions, and not poison or something.

>is Penji really as soft and cuddly as she looks?
The strands are thicker than normal animal fur. Soft, though. Hard to describe. Kinda like moss, if I had to compare it to anything.

>You know Penji is totally into you, right?
I don't know. She gives me these shows of affection, but in a weird way. Like she read how to comfort humans in a book.
I think she's genuine about wanting to help me escape, though. That means a lot. I don't know what I'd do if I was in this alone. Her being some kind of super-kill-alien helps.

>Would you be interested in seeing how that would go once you get out of that place?
Heh. I'm like a one on the Kinsey scale, and never really been into parahumans.
On the other hand, I've been flooded with exotic chemicals on and off for something like three fucking years, and my goddamn limbs keep turning into weird shit whenever I get stressed out. I don't even know if I still have sexual urges, much less what they're aimed at.
No. 15222 ID: 1ac39d

depends on the facts about space sharks. do they have a mating season or do they reproduce whenever? if they have a season then most likely the urges will be severely dampened when out of season, but when it is the season you will probably be the horniest thing this on the planet. if they do not have a season then it would at worst suffer some mild dampening.

as for what it would be aimed at, probably still mostly human but all the ones in here have automatically be filed under 'HATE!' so it is impossible to think of them like that. maybe a little bit of space shark. watch a special on them or something and see if you feel anything. or maybe listen to some recordings of noises they make.
No. 15226 ID: f95872

>I don't even know if I still have sexual urges, much less what they're aimed at.
Masturbation would likely be enlightening in that regard. Give it a whirl.
No. 15228 ID: 701a19

It wasn't poison, so it must have been emotional. Was it a pleasant tingle?

How do you feel towards Penji overall? In some detail?

How do you really feel about Mitzi?

Was there anything more to that kiss beyond our suggestions?

Ignoring your drive for vengeance and the emotions that brings, how do you feel about Goshen?
How would you think of him if he weren't there that night?
If he wasn't even a sergal?
No. 15229 ID: 7d76bc

Jehral: Admit it. You've always had strange feelings for Rynh, and now that you know she's a girl, you're relieved. :3c
No. 15231 ID: 43d730

>Shadran question
You fool, you'll just get us stared at again!
No. 15238 ID: 8bb533

Shadran, how would you feel about Goshen if you were an Agudner, and he was a Nevrean, and you had once dropped a rock on your thumb?
No. 15246 ID: 6f412e

Jehral: Do you like the busty girls like Nako or the lean girls like Rynh?
No. 15257 ID: e973f4

Dio: So hey I seem to remember something about you vidder types having barely-noticeable mouths.

Can we get a smile? :B
No. 15271 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127333563442.png - (504.73KB , 640x480 , truthandtruthitq.png )


AHaaHAHaha! Why, whatever do you refer to? I know of many others called Truth, and perhaps I have inspired legends that have since drifted!

...Oh. That Truth. ...How much are you prepared to pay for this information? HAhAHahA! Anything related to these creatures will not be cheap for you!


-do not understand the question. my identity is unique. i have known only flow, determination, swift, and sensation. i consumed the first two. swift attempted to consume me before it was consumed by another. sensation is currently assisting me. have never met another identified as 'truth'.-
No. 15290 ID: e973f4

Truth (uh, past Truth): What do you think of Sensation, seeing as it seems to be kind of weird for a chaos creature and all?
No. 15294 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127336529988.png - (465.43KB , 640x480 , chaostruthitq1.png )


-sensation is unlike any other chaos creature i have encountered. its naivety and anomalous behaviour are both surpassed by its insights. its immediate plans have so far not failed to keep us alive and kill any others.-

-it is a valuable ally. it is best for it to remain at equal strength to me. i do not wish to be weaker than a chaos creature i am nearby often. if sensation is too weak, it is a liability. body mass waiting to be consumed.-

-consumed more body mass when working with sensation than i alone had for a while before. do not know if i will be able to find an ally so trusting as sensation if it dies. do not know if i could trust any other chaos creature. do not want sensation to die.-
No. 15383 ID: 6a5a08

I can pay with my weight in bad puns.
No. 15401 ID: 8c0848

>I can pay with my weight in bad puns.

Don't make me kick your mass.
No. 15402 ID: 620bfb

That would be a massive undertaking. I don't think you understand the gravity of the situation.
No. 15411 ID: d5b387

That's an attractive line of thought. i don't think i could drop such puns easily. It weighs heavily on my mind, unfortunately.
No. 15472 ID: bbffc2

I don't think any of you understand the scale of the situation.
No. 15483 ID: c05c83

It doesn't matter if we know the magnitude. Forcing puns in such an unbalanced fashion may be completely out of line, but we can't just stop once we've started without some kind of help.
No. 15490 ID: 6a5a08

Indeed, for we pun artists it is naught but the straight and narrow. We are a force to be reckoned with.

^ ^ There are a lot of 2's in that number.

Now, if I may pull us back to the core essence of this thread.

Sensation: Are you sweeping the nation?
Mirage: I know why your attitude is so cute. Wanna know why? Don't bother denying it, I know you do.
William the Bard: Is it really so difficult being green?
Slater (Vision Quest): Are you fireproof?
Jehral: Is your nose sore? It really takes a beating.
Chaos Creature Truth: Yo mama's so fat, she exploded and made you. How does this make you feel?
Crazy Truth with the Awesome Laugh: I wonder what Sensation would think of you now.

Everyone: What was your favorite childhood toy?

*catches breath before it runs away*

Current Pun Count: 15 (including other peoples')
221 remaining.
No. 15569 ID: fa7b85

Troki: What do you know of the Great Evil?
No. 15572 ID: 34470e

Rojo: It was a doll that was lost when I burned the town down. Another reason why I regret doing so.
Carg: I really fuckin don't think you fuckin deserve to fuckin know, but if you really fuckin want to fuckin know, it's a fuckin blanket. You shut the fuck up!
Torus: I will have to get back to you on that one after I use Murelle's well of memories.
Des: I really didn't have any toys -chie. I did play around with a skeleton a bit once, but I don't think that counts -chie.
Magun: It was the NES. No, I'm not going to tell you why again, orb. I already told you a million times.
Murelle: Murelle's favorite thing to play with was the sword Murelle made when she was young.
Ifsaihkt: I'm not sure what my favorite childhood toy was. Maybe it was the stick I used to pretend was a sword. I don't know why I pretended it was a sword. It could've been other things, like a really big pencil. How big do pencils get anyway? I've never seen a pencil bigger than a hand before. Maybe if hands were bigger, they'd make bigger pencils. The thing is, I've never seen anyone with a gigantic hand before. I wonder what species would have gigantic hands. Not that many, I think. Then again, I really don't know all that many species. I should really research more. Or travel. I wonder what the other continents are like. I've never been to them.
No. 15579 ID: 19c7d6
File 127377890663.jpg - (109.10KB , 400x500 , Mr_ White (youth).jpg )

>Everyone: What was your favorite childhood toy?

"Ello mista wanta see a trick?"
No. 15587 ID: a7a85a

>Jehral: Do you like the busty girls like Nako or the lean girls like Rynh?

I've wondered that too.
No. 15589 ID: 19c7d6
File 12737961566.jpg - (113.18KB , 400x500 , Clarissa Parker (youth).jpg )

>Everyone: What was your favorite childhood toy?

"Hush Mr Velvet.. ghast lights dancen tonight... sleepy time and dreamentime of lil' girlybunnies in glens far far away..."
No. 15598 ID: a83ce3
File 127384073716.jpg - (18.62KB , 512x512 , KidRock.jpg )

>Everyone: What was your favorite childhood toy?

All I had was rocks :<
No. 15599 ID: e31d52
File 127385862234.png - (537.23KB , 642x724 , Young Rosie.png )

>Everyone: What was your favorite childhood toy?
Auntie sewed me a hat and mom tried to make me a matching stuffed animal.

Mom's better with her guns than with her needles but I loved it anyway :3
No. 15601 ID: f98e0b
File 127387400217.png - (83.54KB , 800x600 , answer5.png )

>Favorite childhood toy
My green Foamstrike 9000 ten-pound draw nerf crossbow. Saved up allowance for two months and stole dad's change from the bar when he came home too buzzed to think straight to afford it.
Still have it, in point of fact.

"Squires! Think fast!"
"What- ow."
No. 15602 ID: 8ce2bf

Everyone: What is your favorite sex toy?
No. 15606 ID: 8c0848
File 12738804754.png - (168.26KB , 551x641 , babbyrynh.png )

>Everyone: What was your favorite childhood toy?

All I had was a little stitched together kobold doll someone made for me after they decided I wasn't some kind of deformed ratfolk.
No. 15607 ID: fbf6fb

No. 15609 ID: a83ce3

Was it made of real kobold hide? :<
No. 15610 ID: 0b2a05

Shelltruth: What would it take for you to stop acting like an asshole?
No. 15611 ID: d11fec

Man, you can't plot for shit but goddamn do you make me d'awwwww.
No. 15613 ID: 0fc814

>"Hush Mr Velvet.."
>My inspirations for this are games such as Eternal Darkness

No. 15618 ID: 0b2a05
File 12738909616.png - (14.45KB , 256x283 , athame.png )

>Everyone: What was your favorite childhood toy?

My athame.

...I used it incorrectly.
No. 15632 ID: 6a5a08


That would have to be the world's most painful backscratcher.
A real pain in the behind.
A thorn in your backside.


You do look kinda like a rat there. Just without the pink tail and buck teeth.


Can't think of any comment other than 'I wish I had that when I was a kid'.


Nothing wrong with rocks. Without rocks there would be no world, and then where would everyone live? So always remember the importance of rocks.
Also a great thing for a Geomancer to carry with them.


That's a cute stuffed animal. And with the hat, you could dress up as it for Halloween!


Exactly a ten post difference between your numbers. I knew the multiples of five were out to get me...
Also, funny you appear immediately after I read Oliver Twist, speaking so similarly. Are your spies watching me, 5's? ARE THEY?


Such language, Carg. I assume it was the soap your mother washed your mouth out with then?
Well, at least you would have had the cleanest mouth of all.

Baod: How does one become educated in the ways of Beastspeak?
No. 15633 ID: 34470e

>I assume it was the soap your mother washed your mouth out with then?
Carg:You wanna fuckin come the fuck over here and say that to my fuckin face? Fuck off!
No. 15674 ID: a83ce3

Nezu: Are you still alive?
No. 15675 ID: 5f5f46
File 127401621069.png - (304.27KB , 800x600 , Toy-Friendship.png )

>favorite childhood toy
Tony: "Our ball! Papa made it for us!"
Mika: "He said it would teach us an important lesson."
Carlos: "I don't think it worked, though..."
No. 15676 ID: 5f5f46
File 127401757826.png - (55.79KB , 800x600 , Toy-Dolls.png )

"Don't worry Barbi! Super Convoy is here to save you!"
No. 15677 ID: 5f5f46
File 127401864837.png - (183.76KB , 800x600 , Toy-Vidja.png )

"You know. Smash Bros is the best excuse to get the crew together."
"Fuck yeah."
>"Mind your tongue, D."
No. 15679 ID: a594b9

...are these really both the same person?
No. 15682 ID: 5f5f46
File 127402100867.png - (191.58KB , 800x600 , Toy-Coal.png )

"... the dark of the night slowly falls, as our mighty hero Schawer approach the Salamander's Tower! But little did he know..."
Bawss: "Boy! We needja at'da Brass Boiler Fifteen, now!"
No. 15683 ID: 5f5f46
File 127402466657.png - (271.66KB , 800x600 , Toy-Hands.png )

No. 15684 ID: a594b9

YOUNG LADY! That is not a toy!
No. 15685 ID: 8c0848

It's pretty obvious she uses her hands to invent various gadgets and devices.
No. 15696 ID: 6a5a08

Miss K, you realize you just gave the orb perfect blackmail material.

They can channel mental images.
No. 15700 ID: 0abb50

>Favorite childhood toy

It's really hard for me to think about this sort of thing. I don't really remember much of my childhood. Everything was a blur back then.

The things I remember most were my books. I recall that I read something like a hundred and forty eight books in an entire year, all novellas and stuff, and all on every kind of fantasy imaginable.

...and yeah. I found some trashy romance novel in my aunt's house. The plot was stupid. Some old Romanic Church thing that was very sketchy about details, but you kinda got the idea that people were doing some interesting things with these weird satyr things.

...Then again, Gods only know what'll happen with me in that regard...
No. 15703 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127411069458.png - (529.34KB , 640x480 , truthandsensationitq.png )



-what is "nation"? what is "toy"? these words mean nothing to me.-


-it does not. all i can remember of my parent is that it was difficult to free myself from. it was a desperate struggle. tore at the mass until i was finally free.

-i was a simple creature then. all i knew was fear. now i know victory. and the value of mutual assistance.

-i do not understand this concept of "toy".-
No. 15704 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127411551180.png - (347.46KB , 640x480 , truthitq4.png )



Ehe... heh... ha. Hah. Hahhhh. Eheheheh. Heh. ...no answers. You wouldn't be able to afford the answers. Do not pursue this matter any further. I will ignore that question.

Toys? Hah. Mortal lives! Ending them is much less entertaining than giving them assistance out of the kindness of my being, but just not quite enough, and watching the physical and mental carnage that follows!

For instance! This one thought it could rescue its friend from a terrible monster with the knowledge I granted it! It thought wrong! HAhahAHAH!

...Not that I wish to imply this is what I'm doing with you, Thousandfold! You aren't mortals anyway! Haha!


What would it take for you to stop killing worlds, Thousandfold? Next to you my actions pale into insignificance! HahAHahAH!
No. 15706 ID: 426169

Tycho: Have you and Bartholomew done it yet?
No. 15707 ID: 1ac39d

pssshaw, that's an easy one. all it would take is: the ability to remember.
No. 15711 ID: 5eea01
File 127412224193.png - (37.04KB , 512x290 , answer1.png )

[Tycho]: Oh my. Questions. Let's see here...


[Tycho]: Okay, I'm going to need a little help here. Bart?
[Bartholomew]: Hello. I'm here to clear up some confusion, as my bud here ain't very good at the subject matter.
[Tycho]: So, what exactly did M. Playa mean by 'swinging that way'? I am a little confused about this myself.
[Bartholomew]: Good thing you asked! There are entities who like to partake of, ahem, games of rather intimate nature. They're sometimes called Crypters, since it often involves encryption and decryption of, er, each other. That is to say, one boxes the other up in an encryption of some sort, and the other has to decrypt the barrier.
[Bartholomew]: Now, I've been (unwillingly) hanging around Outsiders for a while, and judging by what I've learned, the closest equivalent you guys have is something called, er, 'bondage'? Anyway, Playa thought Tycho was a Crypter, sort of.
[Tycho]: Wow. That's some weird stuff. You should warn me before I make any more mistakes like that!
[Bartholomew]: I tried, dumbass.


[Tycho]: Uh, done what? Oh, is this more of that system exchanage stuff again?
[Bartholomew]: That'd be a NO. I'm not even remotely interested in Black and Blue here. Not my type at all. End of discussion.
[Tycho]: Me neither, I hope. It'd be way too awkward otherwise.
[Bartholomew]: Right.
[Tycho]: Right.
No. 15714 ID: 1ac39d

then how about nicky~?
No. 15725 ID: ecf25b

Now I know it's impolite to ask a lady her age, but just how old are you Rynh?
No. 15727 ID: 6a5a08

>I wonder what Sensation would think of you now.

This is not a question. It was merely to attempt to have the thought enter your mind. Given our mind-reading capacity, I hoped it would give the knowledge required without the use of a question, thus meaning we do not need to pay for the question.

It was really a very logical plan, although unfortunately it failed. Oh well, try try again as they say.
However, they also say live and learn.
However, they also say many other contradictory things.
And I was never quite sure who they were.
Perhaps they are merely a conjuration of the mind, made to put a name to what is unnamed, and allow people the ability to picture an unknown person as a person nonetheless.

You ask why we do not stop killing worlds. But if you have true infinite knowledge of all, you would know the answer, and so not have reason to ask the question. The fact that it is most likely rhetorical is besides my point. Through this you have revealed that your entire existence has been a lie. Truth does not need to ask questions, for it is Truth, and is the answer to all.

Thus you are a Lie.
No. 15730 ID: 0b2a05

Narus: Do cyrals masturbate?
No. 15776 ID: 701a19

These questions don't count.

How much would the location of Sensation be worth to you?
No. 15777 ID: a85626


Actually I thought you did pretty good Jehral. The only thing that surprised me is your tactics. You should know that when fighting a larger opponent you never let your feet leave the ground. Make them come down to you.

I mean, then again, you were pretty drunk yeah. Heh heh.
No. 15781 ID: 0fc814

Jehral: So what's your story? You were probably raised by your elven side, seeing how you have a cape, a haircut, equipment, and training, as opposed to a bent stick and a pile of leaves stuck to your privates with dried mud. Anything interesting to say about that?

Ram: What city do you live in? What do they do there? Is that where you're from? What are some nearby places of note?
No. 15783 ID: 0fc814

McDooble: Why'd you stop being a cop?

Moriga: Do you actually have any powers? What are your powers?

Sul: What are your powers?
No. 15784 ID: 4cfc69
File 12742065486.png - (48.84KB , 480x640 , ITQ17.png )

I guess my favourite toy was this chemistry set I had. I wanted to be just like Altar 1 Opposite... He's, like, a fictional superscientist from the television series, Chaotic Skin, which was going on at the time. I thought if I learned more science stuff, I could me more like him. I even got an outfit like his and stuff! The show's held up pretty well, but like, I don't want to be quite like him now. He's still awesome though. And I still know how to get some interesting stuff by mixing chemicals.

I did a little bit of experimenting, but never really ended up going for any. It's a novel idea, I just didn't think it was that great.

Sure! Some prefer using their hands, and most, like me, prefer to [[perform oral sex on themselves]]. It's usually faster than [[sex with one or more partners]], but of course the real thing is way better if there's time.
No. 15788 ID: 700b85


And then you... ah... uhm... I mean, at the climax... ohgodheadbashbrainstopthinkinglease
No. 15789 ID: b3ee70

hey... this is another species we're talking about.
for all you know, it's minty and good for their health...
No. 15791 ID: 5eea01

Plus there won't be as much of a...mess...

Don't know if hot or not. Probably the former :3c
No. 15795 ID: bb43fd

Well, they are flexible, I guess... or boneless...
No. 15799 ID: 0b2a05
File 127422711757.jpg - (49.35KB , 400x313 , semen_nutrition_facts.jpg )

It tastes a little like bread.

Also this is like the fourth time I've had to link this.
No. 15800 ID: a83ce3


Are you still alive? :3c

I don't know what ratgirl lifespan is like.
No. 15804 ID: 4cfc69
File 127423190596.png - (41.24KB , 640x480 , ITQ18.png )

Yeah, I swallow it. Tastes ok and has plenty of nutrients.
Right. Plus, all I could really do with it is throw it away. If my mouth's, like, right there anyway, I might as well just eat it.
We have bones! Didn't you see on that webpage comparing Cyrals and Enials?
No. 15821 ID: b3ee70

holy crap. It's nutritious!?!
and again, it's another creature's semen... give it a break.
No. 15888 ID: 48de3d
File 127433865277.png - (22.41KB , 348x170 , Kids.png )

> Everyone: What was your favorite childhood toy?

I never had many toys... instead, I'd make new toys every day I played with Kassi, out of ice. She kept having to take breaks because her hands got cold, until she started wearing gloves.

The problem was, all the dolls I made started melting as soon as I looked away...
No. 15916 ID: 70b00c
File 127439022025.jpg - (160.70KB , 640x400 , Elias Feurfeld.jpg )

>Everyone: What was your favorite childhood toy?

"And then I move my Elite Napoleonic Grenadiers up into position.

"Hey! You cannot move them more than 5 inches a turn by standard unless attached to your hero."

"Check your codex, Elite Napoleonic troops count as attached due to the 'Professional Army' trait."

"Regardless my Hwacha fire still slows your advance by 3 inches. I'll sweep aside your infantry with cavalry next turn."
No. 15917 ID: 8e18cd

Latex Duran. Where did you get all those people to be encased in latex.
No. 15931 ID: a594b9

Hey you! Stop trying to grow up so fast!
No. 16079 ID: ecf25b

Who makes the best jerky: Goshen or Aruuchi?
No. 16111 ID: 4531bc

>"Hey! You cannot move them more than 5 inches a turn by standard unless attached to your hero."
"That's against the rules!"
No. 16116 ID: 4531bc

You're A Talking Pie Chart, but, as evidenced by the McStick Chapter 3 end picture, you have no mouth, and we've never heard you speak. How do we know that you can actually talk?
No. 16117 ID: 6a5a08
File 127465327647.jpg - (179.80KB , 720x720 , A Talking Pie Chart Addresses Question.jpg )

Because I am a Black Mage.
No. 16186 ID: f82d85
File 127475092032.jpg - (15.17KB , 330x233 , colored_water_fountain.jpg )

Hey Hatch and Blacksoul,

What do you guys feel about this?
No. 16187 ID: 5a594f
File 127475205772.jpg - (147.78KB , 900x750 , CRABCHAIR.jpg )


I've got all kinds of cool powers. I made this bitchin' crabchair, for instance. I can make energy barriers, incinerate people, cure diseases, regenerate shit, uh, sorta control the weather. I can turn any Adept into snot and they can't touch me. It's just that I'm super small-time compared to everyone else who's around. I was a fairly moderately powerful Wizard back in the day, but everyone close to my strength got murdered like bitches. I ran. Worked out pretty well for me I guess.
No. 16204 ID: a7a85a

Hey, everyone.
Show me ya moves!

Dance moves to be specific.
No. 16228 ID: 3b3f66

Hatch: Do you really trust your friend Ikar?
No. 16271 ID: fd6bc9
File 127492106415.jpg - (44.59KB , 500x500 , Blacksoul.jpg )

The picture is only black and white. I am confused as to why the strange simian creature is drinking from a fountain that is obviously only for creatures who are colored.
No. 16317 ID: 8c0848

Blacksoul, what does your face look like.
No. 16321 ID: 1ac39d

i got one
Blacksoul: how did sky's hug make you feel?
No. 16326 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127497390321.png - (263.67KB , 640x480 , itqkatatoy.png )

>What was your favourite childhood toy?
No. 16334 ID: 14324f

This is horrible and adorable at the same time.
No. 16337 ID: 5a2e05

No. 16347 ID: f98e0b
File 127499798558.png - (155.65KB , 800x600 , smile.png )

Uh, okay.

Howsh zhat?
Dish kinf of hurtf.
No. 16352 ID: e3f578

Congrats, you and Oren have something in common. A missing tooth! Who knows, maybe Oren was de-aged, put in a slave camp in the past, and now you.
Oren now let's see your toothy grin for a double check.
No. 16354 ID: 6a5a08

This makes me regret the pain I had a hand in putting you through.

Curses! I'm getting soft!
No. 16355 ID: 5a2e05

That's the craziest idea I've ever heard. I love it.

For that matter, everyone from various quests: Let's see your pearly whites. Give us a smile.
No. 16357 ID: fdfc32

No. 16359 ID: 4473b7

Hey Sky, could you explain in great detail just what ol' Flails Breaker did to you?
No. 16361 ID: f98e0b

Oh! Oh! I know this one!
He inserted his penis into her various orifices a lot against her consent.
No. 16438 ID: 8c0848
File 12751677729.png - (83.53KB , 330x475 , Countan.png )

I'm... Well, I was maybe a few years old when I was found... It's been... Um... Six and five and eleven since...

I'm probably twenty... something. Probably not over thirty. Probably.
No. 16440 ID: f21281

Are your eyes getting redder?
No. 16441 ID: 1ac39d

and you still haven't hit puberty? wow, your max age is going to be huge.
No. 16452 ID: 70b00c

In Standard DF even Kobolds max out at 140:170 in the Cutebold mod however I think it's 40.

Note that Dragons, Gobbo's and Elves don't have a maxage either way.
No. 16501 ID: 6a5a08

Hey Rynh, are you wearing chainmail or something under that poncho thing? If not, you're growing scales.
No. 16504 ID: 8c0848
File 12752292464.png - (95.02KB , 417x649 , Stabproof.png )

It's Elven Scale Armor. It doesn't have the coverage of the chainmail, but it's comfy and easy to wear, so I can concentrate enough to use magic.

It also keeps me from getting stabbed through the torso. The number one killer of roving mercenaries is getting stabbed in the torso. I would like to avoid... getting stabbed in the torso.
No. 16506 ID: 6a5a08

What kind of scales?
No. 16507 ID: 8c0848
File 127523125858.png - (94.68KB , 417x649 , srsly.png )

Maybe they're a magic scales of the mystical sneezing narwhal... Ugh.

They're metal.
No. 16509 ID: 6a5a08

I would never make 'scale' armor made of metal, because lying is bad. Also metal is so boring.
All the best equipment is made out of dragon parts.

I'm sure they all died of natural causes like earthquakes, or hurricanes, or floods, or adventurers though, so don't worry. And I'm sure Jehral never ever considered killing you for your teeth or bones. Ever.
No. 16512 ID: e3f578

Are your hands stiff from jerking Jehral's cock or are you just having a tough time crossing your arms over your chest in that armor? ~nyoro :3
No. 16513 ID: 0f9dad
File 127524343369.jpg - (26.58KB , 327x277 , 1275228443261.jpg )

>What was your favourite childhood toy?

There was a box beneath my bed, and I can hear something scratching to get out.

Every time I check, it's empty.

Maybe that will change if I continue to water it.
No. 16514 ID: 34470e

>that picture

Seriously, open it up in notepad
No. 16515 ID: 02d2bc

No. 16518 ID: 5a2e05

ÿØÿà JFIF  H H ÿþ 1find me find me find me find me find me find meÿÛ C
No. 16519 ID: a594b9

Ohh... that's... that's not nice.
No. 16651 ID: 52f0ec
File 12754157839.jpg - (81.82KB , 500x500 , Blackface.jpg )

I fear my focus on research to the detriment of more tangible concerns had made me somewhat insubstantial.

There was a moment of surprise. It was not a action I expected the thing to engage in. Most creatures find my appearance and demeanor unsettling.
No. 16652 ID: 02d2bc

Looks like you have a bit of a skull in there, or is that just an illusion?
No. 16654 ID: b0c6e2

@everyone with a "partner":
How are they in bed?
No. 16661 ID: 52f0ec
File 127542629518.jpg - (117.28KB , 500x500 , BothEnds.jpg )

I mean, I was pretty out of it when things were going on. Pretty much he threw me on the ground and went at it, or he bent me over and went in from the back. There isn't a whole lot else to say.

Oh, he put it in my mouth too.

Yeah, as much as he likes to use his organ, he's really not very creative with it. His whole repertoire consists entirely of "from the front," "animal-style," and "in the mouth."

Ugh. Also, he smells really, really bad. Like stale jizz and body odor, only with this rancid, animal musk on top.

I'm not thinking about this shit anymore. I'm just glad sweet little Spikesby saved me. I hope he's OK.
No. 16662 ID: a594b9

...uh, how big is your mouth? Could you open up and say "ahh"?
No. 16666 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127543002511.png - (200.10KB , 640x480 , uwixsmile.png )


Okay! Smiling makes my mouth hurt after a bit though. Also my parents told me not to smile too much in front of other people who aren't umbrals because it sort of creeps them out. I can understand that, seltwils don't tend to show their teeth and I'm not sure cenesu even HAVE teeth!

Yay smiling! Okay, now my mouth aches.
No. 16680 ID: 66d32b


What's your ideal date like :B
No. 16685 ID: e3f578

Characters who have a butt fetish, please announce your presence~
No. 16687 ID: f98e0b
File 127544235844.png - (41.01KB , 800x600 , dioanswer2.png )

Dahlia's outstanding can does help to distract from the fact that she just might be a mobster in training.
No. 16689 ID: 701a19

HA! No.
The top two causes are infection and blood loss.

Dio, do you even care about that?
I mean, sure, it would make your life easier if she decided not to join the family business, but aren't you a bit too chaotic-neutral to be bothered by that?
No. 16690 ID: 52f0ec
File 127544658934.jpg - (103.79KB , 500x500 , SexyMouth.jpg )

I've got these flexible plates that sort of move around under there. It can stretch bigger if there's something pushed in it, but this is as big as I can stretch on my own.

I don't have any teeth, so I basically have to mush stuff up to eat it or swallow it whole.

I don't have any brains or anything in my head; there's no room for them. They must be somewhere else. I have no idea. I smell with my antennae. My old boss sure is a weirdo. It's like, he was seeing how complicated he could make me.
No. 16692 ID: 2a421d

An unsettling thought... what if your brain is in that abdomen/tail thing you have?
No. 16695 ID: 5a2e05

I am completely and utterly terrified.
No. 16696 ID: e3f578

Your mouth still reminds me we have no idea what Oren's mouth looks like. We probably won't get a DAT ASS image from him because he's a bit of a breast man... I think.

Oren, are you an all-around-man?
No. 16698 ID: 0b2a05

We've seen orensmiles.
No. 16700 ID: e3f578

I mean since he lost his tooth. Which is VITAL information.
No. 16716 ID: 02d2bc

Could you take the hood completely off?
No. 16718 ID: 4cfc69
File 127546108732.png - (57.82KB , 278x357 , itq19.png )

You mean like this? Here are my cutting teeth.
No. 16721 ID: a594b9
File 127546515951.jpg - (43.98KB , 460x337 , lamprey_02.jpg )

Wait... how does that setup even work? It doesn't look like you have much room to move the teeth around by simply flexing the surrounding muscles. Most creatures with a circular jaw like that have small teeth and tend to just latch onto another, larger creature to suck their blood.

Lamprey Eels, for instance.
No. 16723 ID: 1ac39d

no no no, if you look you will notice they don't lock in but overlap, meaning they rotate and close around the center. like the iris in Stargate.
No. 16728 ID: a594b9

Rotating teeth? Don't be silly. The muscles involved there would be incredibly complex.
No. 16729 ID: 1ac39d

exhibit A: alien. that is all.
No. 16730 ID: 8bdb6a

I don't think he means actual rotate rotate, but sliding past one another in a circular pattern like a camera iris.
No. 16731 ID: a594b9

Oh now that makes perfect sense. That wouldn't be difficult as far as muscles are concerned, and would do a good job of cutting things.
No. 16744 ID: 63f46a
File 12754999276.png - (47.98KB , 400x400 , Sister_has_good_teeth.png )

>Is this truly what do you want to see, worm?
No. 16753 ID: c71597

Those are some very nice teeth, and they go so very well with your hair. Thank you dear lady for showing us.
No. 16754 ID: 407b5b

Have you considered using a facial exfoliate, and perhaps some moisturizing cream?
No. 16755 ID: 8c0848

Your missing tooth grew back? Are you magic?
No. 16877 ID: f98e0b
File 127561701370.png - (95.18KB , 800x600 , not canon.png )

No. 16878 ID: f21281
File 127561736710.jpg - (58.62KB , 465x619 , areyouawizard.jpg )

>are you magic?
No. 16893 ID: 9aa765

So Vic, are you a cyborg or a robot?

What's with all those parts anyway? Some of them seem just plain useless. Did you put them in just for SCIENCE! or something, or what?
No. 16894 ID: 1177ca
File 127563306362.png - (463.82KB , 1026x1500 , [Hiranomoe]Hellsing_92_13.png )

I'm quite human.
No. 16954 ID: 19e2d0
File 127581652679.jpg - (21.92KB , 500x500 , Blackface2.jpg )

Unfortunately, my garments are meant to constrain my form rather than mask it.
No. 17100 ID: c4c313


$ rdjpegcom 127524343369.jpg
find me find me find me find me find me find me

oh wow that is so totally hax
No. 17107 ID: d560d6

It's just JPEG comment metadata. Inspect it with a suitable browser or image editor and you'll see it there.

(Sage for non-question. I can't think of anything interesting. :/ )
No. 17112 ID: c4c313

I have a question.

teamsleep: What. The Fuck.
No. 17132 ID: 620bfb

I second this, but can we ask that here? Is teamsleep a character in a quest?
No. 17494 ID: e3f578

Should Gramps not be looking for power
how does he spend his hour?

Since Nahkh posted the themes and gramps's is a fun and cool, I'm totally fucking interested in his interests because he could be a p cool bro to hang with when he's not stabbin' your back. Chug a beer and play a game
No. 17495 ID: 0f9dad
File 127636836683.jpg - (567.93KB , 1700x2340 , 1272123931960.jpg )

i dunno lol.
No. 17598 ID: 426169

I can answer that in six words.
'Holy shit, I have boobs now.'
No. 17639 ID: e3f578

ewwww thats his own daughter
No. 17745 ID: c5ce35
File 127662611247.jpg - (45.69KB , 186x237 , Slaanesh.jpg )


Is that so?
No. 17776 ID: f21281
File 127666891789.gif - (9.94KB , 800x600 , Smile2.gif )

>give us a smile

Only if you promise not to run...
No. 17777 ID: aeade0

i would say you look pretty cute.

question: you think all this time with us watching has given you a bit of an exibitionist streak?
No. 17779 ID: 2a421d

Your face looks a bit more Chiropteran than Lagomorphic now. Strange.
No. 17780 ID: f21281

(I'm still trying to get the hang of anthropomorphic facial features, shush :<)
No. 17782 ID: 8bdb6a

It's the ears.
She's a freaky mutant. You ain't gotta explain shit.
No. 17786 ID: 5360c7

I wish I had teeth like that.
No. 17792 ID: c87691

No. 17793 ID: c2c011

No. 17796 ID: f21281
File 127673357272.gif - (12.79KB , 382x600 , Clubban.gif )

I think the only exhibitioney thing I do is not put on any underwear when I go out to the local clubs.

...and then wear a short skirt.

No, you don't. My fangs keep getting in the way, and they're insanely sharp. I've lost count how many times I've ended up slicing my tongue because I've been chewing too fast.

Granted it's all healed and dandy an hour later, but still!
No. 17797 ID: c2c011

Looking rather good there.

Say, have you ever used your regenerative powers for anything kinky?
No. 17798 ID: 8e18cd

You certainly would look better in latex or leather!

Just saying.
No. 17799 ID: f21281
File 127673629964.gif - (9.08KB , 518x600 , blush.gif )

If you ain't bleedin', you ain't havin' fun. I love S&M play. The rougher the better.

o/` I have both~ o/`
No. 17800 ID: a83ce3

u wan fuk
No. 17803 ID: 7b5606

I see...
So, dom, sub, or switch?
No. 17812 ID: f21281
File 127675271948.gif - (4.44KB , 567x409 , headvoiceiamdissapoint.gif )

You wouldn't be the first person I've sent hurtling face-first into the side of a dumpster.

Switch, though I find myself being Dom more often than most.

So, any -other- questions or are you going to keep nagging me about my sex life?
No. 17814 ID: 34470e

Everybody: What is your opinion on this year's E3?
No. 17816 ID: 586db0

Okay. What's your favorite type of candy? Minty? Sour? Spicy? Fruity? Chocolatey? Hard? Chewy?

Anyone else of a mind to answer, same question.
No. 17817 ID: f58d30

If I remember, she doesn't have to eat. But I guess a favorite flavor could be a good question.

To everyone. Your perfect man/woman/life mate: How should they be physically, their behavior, should they be tall or short, etc.
No. 17820 ID: a83ce3

u wan get fukked face first into a dumpster?
No. 17821 ID: 701a19

Wait, we have a face? Can you draw what it looks like?
No. 17844 ID: 9cb4b3
File 12768109948.png - (43.09KB , 437x359 , Doobanicus.png )

Meh, the media coverage gave way too much attention to Nintendo with their shitty little baby games, all I really care about is the Playstation Move and how it'll effect the next Kingdom Hearts game.
No. 17845 ID: 5360c7

No. 17847 ID: 9cb4b3
File 127681301946.png - (55.30KB , 515x396 , hug times.png )

>Hatch, do you really trust Ikar?

Well I was kinda scared at her at first - and I do get this weird predatory vibe from her - but she gets so cuddly and acts so friendly it's hard not to.
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