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File 141697235844.png - (19.79KB , 900x700 , OrionDis.png )
87126 No. 87126 ID: 0eaf76

A combined discussion thread for all of my ongoing quests:

Shackles- http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/586024.html

Suitors- http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/588625.html

To Guard and To Protect- http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/601716.html

Panty Raid- http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/604488.html
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No. 87127 ID: 0eaf76

Okay! First order of business. These quests aren't going to update for the next 5 days! I'm going on Thanksgiving Break to visit family!
No. 87129 ID: 07a835

Haha so am I! I will miss nothing!
No. 87133 ID: c554f6

Dammit I was lured with the promise of penis and totally dint see this coming.
No. 87139 ID: b8f4eb

sad that we did not consider pursuing the baker. he's real cute.
No. 87297 ID: a19cd5
File 141742554428.png - (89.98KB , 750x817 , narknark.png )

Silliness from the IRC.
Talia's new manscaping hobby is really starting to run away with her.
Spoilered because huge penis.
Like god damn ron, you weren't kidding with the eight inches thing.
No. 87335 ID: ccea58

I'm just gonna call it now, Pantsu's powers come from those Panties she wears. or maybe it's her sick shades.
No. 87389 ID: 0eaf76

Yo Discussion Question, which quest is your favorite?
No. 87391 ID: 74b1ed

Panty Raid.
By far the best mix of semi-dramatic things and outright ridiculousness I've laid eyes on.
No. 87395 ID: bb78f2

Panty Raid's the farthest along, so it's not a fair fight!
I really like the concept and characters of Suitors, but To Guard and To Protect looks like it'll have weird mysteries and wicked world building. Shackles sounds like a power playground once we get used to our elemental powers
No. 87434 ID: 66354b

Honestly my favorite and one I most anticipate is Suitors. I like the idea behind the character we play, I like the 20's-ish style combined with Gatsby/Brideshead overtones. More importantly, I like the idea of taking an aimless, directionless richboy like Charles and having him make friends with a street urchin while the suggestions hatch a budding goal of screwing over the neglectful father somehow.

The only problem is that this quest hasn't really gotten much anywhere in favor of the other quests (no offense meant to the other quests), so most of its vast potential remains just that: potential.
No. 87436 ID: 5d2f8c

Panty Raid is the most fun, but I like the setting/premise of Suitors better. To guard seems ok so far, and the MC in shackles seems a bit low on personality.
(most of the people in the story just seem kinda *there* except for Alrauna and kinda Jira. We've seen a bit more of the mc's reaction to the events in his memories of his family and I'd like to see more of that; or you could keep him as is as kind of a stand-in character for the people reading it to place themselves.)
No. 87447 ID: 687279

I think part of that is because Abel is because of Abel's Earth district nature. He's very... reserved.
No. 87448 ID: 4c5cf2

Panty raid is lots of fun, and pretty awesome. Although there is a high degree of noise- we can veer rapidly between "fuck yes awesome" to "fuck no, what are we doing, why". We got so used to going fast and everything working we stall a little when things don't work immediately. And when not everyone wants to fuck us.

Shackles is the serious one, obviously. I like the weird combat opportunities. I kind of think part of the fun will be figuring out different people's 'quirks' (Abel needs to touch stone with his hands, Becca needs to close her eyes, etc) and how to apply and exploit them, but we haven't got to do that yet. (Like maybe Abel needs a stone cane or something. So he's always touching the ground, even when he's not. So we don't telegraph attacks as easily).

Still kind of bothered that we let those kids run off without a second thought and none of the characters seemed to care. Seriously, we left two normal kids wandering a mind control dungeon alone.

I have to agree I really like the direction suitors is going towards. Taking a dating sim and turning it into some kind of unexpected manipulation and power play from an unassuming heir is a great idea. Although yeah, we haven't done much along those lines, yet.

...it also amusing inverts our usual approach of squeezing matchmaking into other things.

I haven't even read bunny / angel quest, so no comment.
No. 87484 ID: 687279

No. 87485 ID: bb78f2

Orion, are you a derivative personality of Lagotrope?
I can't hold them all!
No. 87502 ID: 4754ce
File 141784655006.png - (33.13KB , 900x800 , yara.png )

I did this for no reason, but the edit was worth it.
No. 87504 ID: 4754ce
File 141785058374.png - (31.20KB , 900x800 , aleks2.png )

I made myself sad right before I made this one.
No. 87520 ID: 4754ce
File 141791183824.png - (71.12KB , 900x800 , perfect1.png )

I forgot to upload the best one.
No. 87537 ID: bdd703

Holy shit that's amazing.
No. 87708 ID: a19cd5
File 141836628207.png - (96.41KB , 405x457 , Untitled.png )

Orion drew this and didn't save it, so I screenie'd it and am posting it here.
Warning: lewd
No. 87710 ID: a19cd5
File 141836735447.png - (142.52KB , 777x862 , 8d2fe7f4c9b31111e765a3ba8079a07a.png )

Orion just keeps posting lewd doodles in irc
No. 87711 ID: a19cd5
File 141836843554.png - (98.39KB , 587x838 , f2a3c02fb76ea924b9393ccb123cd86b.png )

Now she's drawing people waifus
shorthair = besthair
No. 87712 ID: a19cd5
File 141836845025.png - (78.63KB , 554x840 , ed36816213c2ff8b107fc2c70cc2b738.png )

No. 87713 ID: a19cd5
File 141836862252.png - (69.96KB , 485x688 , 6ef960f5090ba2fb6dc61b8465cdf792.png )

This one's 4 punk, who has similarly good taste
No. 87714 ID: a19cd5
File 141836874431.png - (99.10KB , 560x835 , c31292f795902f4116ead5043d1711f3.png )

No. 87715 ID: a19cd5
File 141836876156.png - (65.06KB , 495x662 , e1bf5984dfa599f89fd028a82dbd2525.png )

No. 87716 ID: a19cd5
File 141836890815.png - (27.31KB , 431x283 , a5821c04de5e500bf7dfd21bea29fa9c.png )

the sexiest and most alluring
No. 87731 ID: 4754ce
File 141843224166.png - (66.09KB , 900x800 , notgonnastop.png )

No. 87736 ID: 386885
File 141843977716.jpg - (27.57KB , 320x480 , image.jpg )

Who's your least favorite character? Doesn't mean you hate them, you just might prefer other characters over them.
No. 87739 ID: 72c7be

In Panty Raid?
No. 87745 ID: a19cd5

Eleanor, but only because she hasn't had much screentime to really show off her character yet.
No. 87749 ID: 687279

Jacob and Eleanor are pretty vanilla so far.
No. 87754 ID: c9f2af

Emy's fun, although I kind of wish there was more in-the-know plotting with her. She went along with the bandit attack and letting us carry off Aleks without offering much in the way of commentary or discussion. (You'd think she'd be interested in her god's preparations for battle! Although she might not know that's happening tonight).

And the stuff with Aleks recently has been pretty hilarious.
No. 87840 ID: 0eaf76

Currently my tablet is broken! Oh no! Unfortunately this means for the next few days I cannot update my quests! Thank you for understanding!

No. 87844 ID: 687279

I am going to literally die without those updates. LITERALLY DIE.
No. 87884 ID: 55c4cf
File 141871024102.png - (106.68KB , 400x225 , Why_Don\'t_You.png )


No. 87996 ID: bb78f2

Hmm, Pantsu game strategy. At least until it can start up again.

So Pinky can have sex with the players, right? Dominate them or something else? Does that mean she would protect the player? Can we bond with Pinky and use her against the other beasts?

We have to do it without our voice though. Shame.
No. 87998 ID: 687279

I was just thinking we could do it to occupy her attention and keep Ron from getting eaten until Aleks can lure another player there to get killed by Pinky.
No. 88067 ID: b66bbe

Orions back! I guess no more guide to living without a tablet then.
No. 88073 ID: bb78f2

Oh god, my idea was really bad.
I didn't think about how gross and psychologically scaring this could be for Ron.
This reminds me of the first episode of Black Mirror, in a way. Except... less awful?
No. 88081 ID: 84fe03

No. 88087 ID: ea5e54

Did he ,died?
No. 88094 ID: 742b4a

Distracting Pinky was a good idea. Trying to actually have sex with it was not.
No. 88095 ID: 2f7128

And the quest is over? I hope it is just a joke because I was enjoying the hilarity of Panty Raid quest, but if you don't want to continue it I understand.
No. 88096 ID: 2f7128

Nevermind, herp derp. I'm an idiot.
No. 88097 ID: 9b0035

Aleks is officially an asshole and not to be trusted. If she gives us shit in the future I say we call the cops on her
No. 88098 ID: 9ccb59

She sat by and let somebody get raped by a knife then laughed about it later. Imagine if the genders were reversed.
No. 88099 ID: 52b3b0

To be fair, we kind of already knew that. I mean, when we first met her she was knocking people unconscious in the park and forcefully stealing their panties.
No. 88101 ID: 1ae57f

>hey, avoid that thing, it's a dangerous rapist
>I'm going to go after it!
>this is a bad idea
>Ima gonna do it anyways!
>waits to see if you actually pull it off
>haha, you got raped. You deserved that, stupid.
I really don't see where the disproportionate outrage is here. We tried to seduce a murdering rapist and then complain that the person who tried to warn us didn't save us in time. What did you think was going to happen.

Hell, arguably, it's for Ron's own good she let it happen. With extra lives, it's nothing permanent. And if he's going to take that kind of ridiculously stupid risk, maybe he needs a hard lesson to not be such an idiot.

...and let's not forget we essentially kidnapped her and forced her to work with us under an implicit threat of death. I don't think her taking some schadenfreude at our expense is really unexpected, or even disproportionate.

>I've lost all respect for you
That however, was our massive screwup. We said something we couldn't recover from. We told the loner who's not afraid to assault people to get what she wants and is deeply troubled by someone betraying her in the past that she betrayed us. Of course that went over badly. Instead of leaving things with an ally, or parting on neutral terms, we finished the night petulant and weak, with naught but our lives.
No. 88102 ID: bb78f2

It's the "You deserved that" that seals the deal on Aleks' immorality.
Not the waiting to see what happened (Yes, it's assholish but curiosity is a powerful force that can transcend logical thought. After all, it was our own curiosity of what would happen to Ronald that got us to convince him to do it in the first palce).
Nobody, no matter how dumb, deserved what Ronald got.
No, we are the jerks. Also Aleks. Ronald wasn't the jerk here, even if we can just say "Well, he really shouldn't have listened to us" since he's a player character and HAS to listen to us. He said he wasn't ever going to listen to us again, but he IS.

But Aleks' is still the worse person in all of this for that single line. It's incredibly dehumanizing.
Just cause you dress provocatively and are alone at night doesn't mean you deserve it. Just because you drank something Bill Cosby gave you doesn't mean you deserve it. Just because you tried to distract a murderous rapist by making yourself its victim doesn't mean you deserve it. Just because she warned you about it before you did it doesn't mean you deserve it.

It's like switching yourself out for another hostage in a dire situation. If you get killed as a result, you sure as hell didn't deserve it.
No. 88103 ID: 1ae57f

It's like being told not to jump in a fire, and then doing it anyways because you think you're so damn cool the fire won't hurt you. Damn right you deserve to get burned for that.

We made a completely unnecessary sacrifice-play based on our own ego and overconfidence (we can seduce anything!). Hell yes, we deserved to get shown up for that.
No. 88105 ID: 3f540d

She told us it would rape us, not that it would violently castrate us and then she stood and watched as it violently castrated us and then had a laugh about it saying it was our fault, WHO DOSE THAT?

>completely unnecessary sacrifice-play based on our own ego and overconfidence
We don't know if it was unnecessary and secondly it wasn't overconfidence, we were told the ghost would rape us regardless of what we did or tried.

So in the end we tried to do something heroic and stupid to distract a creature we knew nothing about and trusted Aleks get the last dots and she betrayed that trust. Do we deserve to be made to look like a dumb ass, Yes, did we deserve a surprise castration, no.

And the main reason I don't like Aleks is that she doesn't seam to give a shit abut the future or well being of others.
No. 88106 ID: 1ae57f

>We don't know if it was unnecessary
We outnumbered the ghost two, to one, Aleks had previously kicked it's ass, and the last pellet was apparently within nearby walking / running distance. (At least close enough that she could observe while waiting to grab it). We could have fought, or run for it. Hell, we could split up and led the ghost away while Aleks went for the stuff and achieved the exact same distraction with less pain. We had options.

>we tried to do something heroic
This keeps getting presented as "we threw ourselves on that grenade for you" when in the moment it was so much more "fuck yeah, I can fuck that".

Honestly, if you see someone as a problem to be solved with your dick, you kind of do deserve to get stabbed in the dick. That's a messed up way to look at people. (Although that raises the question of how much the ghosts were people versus mindless things. They did seem to have basic personalities. I really wouldn't put it past Pantsu to have used past contestants as her ghosts. They'd certainly have reason to be vengeful towards the present crop).

And heck, I don't see why everyone is outraged we lost our junk minutes after we literally crushed a guy's balls to his death. Why the hell wouldn't we deserve to suffer the exact same thing we so casually dished out? Live by the balls torture, die by the balls torture. We made it fair game.
No. 88107 ID: 742b4a

We could have just gotten Pinky's attention so that it'd chase Ron for a bit. The seduction was an optional plan which I admit I mostly went for (different ID) to see what would happen.
No. 88108 ID: 3f540d

Sorry, I meant to say heroic with like twelve quotation marks because you what we did was stupid and based on past victories through sexiness (all two of them) and of course this didn't seem like the kind of quest were stuff like this would happen.
And I'm not upset about the ball stabbing, I laughed like a drain at that, I just see the whole scenario as more proof Aleks is an A-hole.

So I guess in the end we can just blame Orion for screwing with our expectations with her Stupid Sexy Quest and use this as a learning experience to better help Ron BECUM A GOD.
No. 88109 ID: bb78f2

I'll just say that nobody deserves castration. Ever.
Deer guy got power punched in the balls. He didn't get castrated. And, even then, I'll admit he probably didn't deserve that, and that we punched him in the balls because we though it was funny. But eye-for-an-eye is a bullshit philosophy that leads to ruin. Ron didn't suffer consequence because of what we did to Deer guy, Ron suffered because Aleks decided he deserved to suffer for either the dumb plan or... I don't know. I don't think she minded the kidnapping THAT much, it makes tactical sense and she would have done it in our position. The fact that Aleks brought needless suffering and scarring on Ronald because she arbitrarily decided that he deserved it for some really vague ass reason makes her a horrible person.

Still like her character though. But I still call the act incredibly immoral and that she was in the wrong.

I voted for seducing Pinky because it was an easy, secure distraction and I was actually sure Alek was going to get the pellet before Pinky did her thing, I didn't anticipate her own curiosity. I thought it was going to be consequence free. I was freaking out before Pinky even did her stab and I thought the thing was going to go normal as expected. I wasn't imagining hot, kinky, sex. I was imagining horrifying, disgusting violation and I was hoping Alek would get that damn Pellet before anything happened.

The REAL problem is why Alek thought Ron deserved that.
No. 88111 ID: 73221b

Honestly, trying to seduce pinky was a bad idea from the goddamn start. Aleks herself said that pinky could be specifically dangerous to Ron, so we should already have expected that seduction would either end in violent rape or something really bad happening to his man parts.

Either way, all we can do now is carry on.
No. 88113 ID: 024b25
File 141920067652.png - (1.02MB , 1019x881 , 1365265994147.png )

>Haven't caught up
>See all this shit about castration


I'm not catching up

I thought this was happy-go-lucky pornish quest with silly events

castration is not silly or funny in any case

Sorry Orion

I just can't
No. 88114 ID: 6aacb0

There was an attempt to seduce a monster and after pinning him down, it just stung him in the crotch rather than have its way with him.

To be fair, it was a very big stinger.
No. 88116 ID: bb78f2

It's really not that bad. Everything is still happy go lucky (with dark undertones). Catch up.
No. 88118 ID: 024b25

Not really in the mood, honestly. Sorry. Part of me doesn't feel like I can trust Orion (If we got lead on with that, what's to stop it from happening again in real-space) and it just doesn't feel fun to me anymore upon reading the comments here.

I'm not saying it's shit or anything, it's just... Not my style anymore.
No. 88121 ID: 742b4a

It was during a "battle" and he respawned afterwards with his junk intact.
No. 88124 ID: 2f2fc2


You're just being ridiculous....

there was no castration if you read it you'd see he's fine. If you're really leaving then do it and quit saying you're going to leave. Otherwise you're just annoying.
No. 88126 ID: 6e253d

Well, Ron got castrated in the first challenge/battle. Long story short: attempt to seduce a monster resulted in being stabbed in the balls (by said monster).

Although ron respawned without any damage, since the battle was pretty much a pac man game, and everyone had multiple lives (ron had at two). Pinky was the one who stabbed ron.
No. 88132 ID: 04b10c
File 141921430853.jpg - (74.02KB , 326x367 , professor-felix-von-kittaine.jpg )


Dude, just... read it or don't. Don't have a bitch-fit about it, because nobody else cares. Coming out and saying "whoa I didn't like this; I'm going to stop reading" is just being attention-whorish.
No. 88134 ID: 55c4cf

I can't believe trying to seduce the Pyramid-Head like Killer Ghost Monster turned out so poorly, how could this happen(Sarcmark™)
No. 88138 ID: a2f9bc

I thought it turned out great!
No. 88139 ID: 9ea0ae

Just so you guys know if I had to play over these last couple days of my life for the rest of eternity in some form of hell. I would spend every one of my stupefyingly repetitive days suggesting we seduce that inarticulate goddess.

My only regreat is we didn't work in a kiss as part of our courtship.
No. 88140 ID: 060ded
File 141924817316.jpg - (128.10KB , 680x848 , 7f4.jpg )


My only regret is that we didn't get Ron sweet monster poon. Oh well next time.
No. 88141 ID: 04b10c


We will have her one day. One way or another.
No. 88150 ID: bb78f2

Are you talking about Pantsu or Pinky? I'd love to seduce Pantsu too but we need to get a gender bender power for that and I don't know what power that would be filed under.

We could just ask her if she'd like to fool around after turning Ron into a girl for a little bit, if Ron would be open to the idea.
No. 88152 ID: 2f2fc2

No. 88154 ID: 864555

Relax. There wasn't anything graphical shown, it was just implied that Ron got stabbed in the crotch after trying to seduce a homicidal scorpionghost.
No. 88156 ID: 2f2fc2

gay men/sissy boys wear pantys.....i wonder what kind of points he'll get if he bags one and wears a pair ;)
No. 88157 ID: 742b4a

Well, Pantsu is a lesbian so she probably won't appreciate being given men's panties.
No. 88158 ID: 90504c

I thought Pantsu was a perverted guy, more or less in Pantsu's own words.
No. 88159 ID: 742b4a

What? What gave you that impression?
No. 88160 ID: 2f2fc2

i think pantsu is the most extreme pervert so pantys of any kind would be good?
No. 88188 ID: 400eda

Probably. Thought still no boy shorts
No. 88189 ID: bb78f2

Oh man guys, I almost wish we didn't have the crazy quick panty deadlines I want to take it slow and have fun with the panty getting.
The then we couldn't get to the games quick and this would be a super long quest.
If Ron DOES win, I really hope there's post game content but I don't know if Orion wants to continue with that once we've reached the climax.

I can't even imagine how we're going to learn Alek's back story at all!
No. 88194 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141937185470.jpg - (26.84KB , 324x291 , Ojm4gaS.jpg )

No. 88218 ID: 9a3996

Khiram is the ultimate waifu.

I'm gonna contemplate how Orion singlehandedly made me bi for a moment there.

I wonder how Ron's holding up. Hey, does this mean we can hit up a crossdresser in the future and get real gay? I mean... It's for the panties.
No. 88219 ID: 024b25

Having finally gotten past that shit (still a dick move orion) I'm now gonna say I really dislike Aleks now. Not only that, the moths and the mantis and other insectiods/bugs are a no-go for me, because fuck, for all we know, something very similar could happen (for laughs! Of course!).

Fuck you, Aleks, and not in a good way. Maybe we should out her at work.

"Just to see what would happen."
No. 88220 ID: ea0ad9

>Not only that, the moths and the mantis and other insectiods/bugs are a no-go for me, because fuck, for all we know, something very similar could happen
Why, specifically, the arthropods? Aleks wasn't an arthropod, so if you want to look at it as a matter of species, the arthropods are less likely to do something similar; which is entirely false, of course, as anybody, regardless of species, is capable of being a dick.
No. 88222 ID: 024b25

I meant more the "Dangerous sex" or "Haha, how funny, [terrible thing] happened as a result of your lust!"
No. 88231 ID: 72c7be


So salty.

Just relax and enjoy the quest. On this topic I gotta say that I think the arthropods in the story are super cute and I'm glad they're there.
No. 88236 ID: 0eaf76

Attention! I will be gone from December 25th to January 3rd! So not quest updates until then!

Merry Christmas!
No. 88237 ID: 2f2fc2

balls! (or lack thereof)

merry christmas
No. 88238 ID: 742b4a

I am going to LITERALLY DIE.

No. 88245 ID: a8ffd5

Orion, what program do you use to draw?
No. 88248 ID: 047a0e


Manga Studio EX
No. 88481 ID: 51b39c

Welcome back Orion, we missed you. =3
No. 88482 ID: 0eaf76


Thank you! I'm glad to be back! Hope you guys didn't miss me too much
No. 88483 ID: bb78f2

We did by a whole 15 degrees.
No. 88485 ID: 2f7128

What did we do while you were gone? In the words of Patrick- "Wait for you to get back :<"
No. 88507 ID: c9d5f3


Which character is your ideal waifu, if you had to choose!
No. 88508 ID: 2ec61a

talia 100%
No. 88509 ID: 0f3813
File 142048095807.gif - (723.66KB , 400x225 , tumblr_mg2e1fjZ2n1r72ht7o1_400.gif )

All of em.
No. 88510 ID: 687279

>implying there is waifu other than dragon waifu
No. 88511 ID: 51b39c

Emy is best devoted waifu.
No. 88513 ID: 0f3813
File 142048521497.png - (136.81KB , 800x718 , hue.png )

>whose picture is that? the Supreme Overlord?
I'll go now, sorry
No. 88514 ID: bb78f2

Oh man, between Emy, Bethany, Claire, Ron's Mom, Aleks, and that one Moth lady, it's so hard to choose a waifu.

I'm going to go with Ron's Mom. Just to piss off Ron.

Talia's a hot goth chick, but she'd be boring to hang out with. I just can't nerd out about Biology. She's cool though, and her interest in biology is cool, but talking about it wouldn't be fun.
No. 88515 ID: bb78f2

Also, using mathematical calculations, Ron's Mom got pregnant at 15. Like, WOW. Starting early.
No. 88517 ID: 687279

Ron's mom is 37... Ron's sister is 22? I can't find where it's stated in the quest.
No. 88520 ID: bb78f2

I had a post here, did it get deleted?


Ron's Sister is two years older than him. That makes her 21. Add in a 9 month gestation period and that makes Ron's Mom and his weird Dad getting it on at 15 years old. Conception could have happened during the first 3 months of her sixteenth year, but that's a 1/4 chance. If Clair's birthday is 3 or more month's apart from her Mom's, then it happened at 15. If the value is negative months from her, it most definitely happened at 15.

There could have also been a premature or late birth, which effects probabilities somewhat.

Ron's Dad, young casanova confirmed. Loves birds, but not as much as his wife. There's quite a story behind Ron's Mom and Dad, and his Dad's weird bird fetish implies a LOT about his character, I don't know what. It's clear that they have some DEEP shit going on, but Orion's probably not going to touch or think too much about that... UNLESS SHE ALREADY HAS DUN DUN DUN.
No. 88521 ID: bb78f2

Oh, haha I posted it in quest advice, silly me.
No. 88576 ID: 986fa4

Discussion QUESTion:

What kind of a Panty God would you strive to be?
No. 88577 ID: 531257

Chaotic lewd.
No. 88584 ID: 2f2fc2

true kinky
No. 88585 ID: e5e708

Lawful Lustful
No. 88586 ID: 687279

One with an actual cult following. I mean, what's the point of being a god if you don't have any worshippers? For that matter, shouldn't there be some ritual to summon your god for help? Of course, to cut down on how many summons happen, there should be some restrictions and rules in place.
No. 88626 ID: 8f01e8

Making the summoning ritual intrinsically difficult is the wrong approach. It should be something that someone could to quickly in an emergency, but nobody would do by accident. Then, whenever someone summons you without what you consider a good reason, hit them and everyone nearby with something hilariously disproportionate, preferably nonlethal enough to leave witnesses, and inconsistent enough that your wrath can't be systematically exploited. Optionally, explain your logic to said witnesses afterward.

The confusion and terror resulting from this strategy will eventually ensure that you only get summoned by people who think they've got nothing left to lose, which corresponds neatly with the sort of situation where compassionate divine intervention is appropriate.
No. 88627 ID: 687279

Well that's basically what I meant by restrictions and rules, except perhaps more clear what a "good reason" is.
No. 88675 ID: 400eda

Question. Out of all the females we have met so far, who would you think would be a monster in bed?
No. 88680 ID: a19cd5

Hair-eating mothgirl for sure. I mean she EATS HAIR and is kinda forceful about OBTAINING said hair.
No. 88681 ID: 76e97b

I bet she's a tiger in bed.
No. 88709 ID: 6cb462

Pinky of course
No. 88721 ID: b58dc5
File 142154572895.png - (56.12KB , 500x500 , binky.png )

HEY! GUYS! Fun times idea!

Suggest two characters (one male, one female) from my quests and I'll draw what their kid will look like if they had babies!
No. 88722 ID: 687279


Pinky, Ron
No. 88724 ID: c0c685


Aleks & Pantsu
No. 88727 ID: a18f15

Owl-celebrity girl and the mantis bookworm.

Yes I'm just picking for the weirdest combinations of traits, why do you ask.
No. 88729 ID: b58dc5


One male and one female!
No. 88730 ID: a18f15

Apply panty magic, make it work.
No. 88731 ID: c0c685

Alrauna and Drass
No. 88733 ID: b58dc5
File 142154934884.png - (131.26KB , 852x814 , ron babby.png )

Ron x Pinky
No. 88734 ID: b58dc5
File 142154995971.png - (197.52KB , 910x744 , vore.png )

Alrauna x Drass
No. 88735 ID: b58dc5
File 142155094660.png - (209.90KB , 979x702 , panty.png )

WELL since I have so many female characters I GUESS I can lift the female/male ban. ANY GENDERS ARE OKAY I SUPPOSE
No. 88736 ID: a18f15

Emy what's with that look. Bad cultist. You should be honored to bear your god's immaculate children.
No. 88737 ID: e34da4

Ron and Reina, boning like cats and dogs
No. 88738 ID: b58dc5
File 142155175166.png - (221.67KB , 910x817 , jksdfskdjskdg.png )

Isaiah x Mia
No. 88739 ID: b58dc5
File 142155301548.png - (84.18KB , 586x598 , Ronia.png )

Ron x Reina
No. 88740 ID: a19cd5

that is adorable
No. 88749 ID: ea0ad9

Jeremy and Aleks. She said he was handsome, that's not really good enough for me!
No. 88750 ID: bb78f2

Khiram x Emy

Tiger Otter!
No. 88751 ID: 687279

That's not Emy, that's Aleks.
No. 88754 ID: b58dc5
File 142156794375.png - (110.64KB , 811x758 , khiram emy.png )

Khiram x Emy
No. 88777 ID: 51b39c

Ron becomes inter dimensional panty god and woos Mia the mouse. Do eet please.
No. 88781 ID: b58dc5
File 142169786705.png - (158.66KB , 964x855 , mia mouse ron.png )

Mia x Ron
No. 88791 ID: ecd0ab

wow dogmice are adorable
No. 88795 ID: 51b39c

Thanks for the follow up on the suggestion. That came out really adorable. :3
No. 88826 ID: b58dc5
File 142181236537.png - (94.73KB , 765x636 , sorry gomen pls.png )

Apologies for my slow update speed! I seem to have overestimated my work rate! Hehe, please be patient, as I intend to keep my quests alive!
No. 88827 ID: 72c7be

You're fine. I'm sure no one is upset, your quests are great.
No. 88834 ID: ccea58

Priscilla and Ron's dad
Just for giggles
No. 88843 ID: 687279

No. 88849 ID: 55c4cf

If needed, I'd suggest focusing on one or two quests til completion. Don't overwork yourself.
No. 88851 ID: ea0ad9

Suddenly I want to see this more than the Jeremy x Aleks pairing.
No. 88902 ID: 51b39c


No sweat, Orion. We're a patient bunch.
No. 88911 ID: bb78f2

Wow, Orion, I've seen one of these hyperactive, mean, romance-lovin' book-nerd girls before. Good job. You meet one before too? Almost like the one I knew in high-school down to a tee.
Guys, that book-nerd? Real people. Real people.
No. 88919 ID: 7a4906

Ok. I'm not sure if this is possible, but I really want to see Ron's face when he finds out he has a kid with both Emy and Aleks.
Assuming he isn't dead yet.
No. 89044 ID: 742ec0

So... Quests are over? :(
No. 89045 ID: 330ce5

Never give up hope! I am confident that one day, the quest will return.
No. 89046 ID: bb78f2

Have you ever seen Orion and Lagotrope in the same room?
No. 89049 ID: ea0ad9

Yes, but it turned out Lagotrope was jut a cardboard cutout and Orion was a life-sized action figure.
No. 89051 ID: f5baae
File 142319513308.jpg - (28.55KB , 350x350 , get-well-soon.jpg )

Orion! We love youuu! Get well soon!
No. 91123 ID: 8d9749

update when?
No. 91124 ID: e2a92b
File 143166812670.jpg - (392.08KB , 1207x1280 , owleyes-cutie_clash.jpg )

When you hop over to /mlp/, son. She's moved on to green(text)er pastures.
No. 91160 ID: cbc9e6

I, for one, welcome our new pony overlords her contributions as someone who frequents derpibooru.

That doesn't mean I'm not eagerly awaiting for Panty Raid and Howler updates, though.
No. 91164 ID: ea0ad9

Waiting on Panty Raid, Suitors, and SPaCE, myself.
But, if she's tired out from the TGness, then there's nothing we can do about it except sit and wallow in despair. But seriously, let her take her time, man.
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