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File 141697235844.png - (19.79KB , 900x700 , OrionDis.png )
87126 No. 87126 ID: 0eaf76

A combined discussion thread for all of my ongoing quests:

Shackles- http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/586024.html

Suitors- http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/588625.html

To Guard and To Protect- http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/601716.html

Panty Raid- http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/604488.html
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No. 88584 ID: 2f2fc2

true kinky
No. 88585 ID: e5e708

Lawful Lustful
No. 88586 ID: 687279

One with an actual cult following. I mean, what's the point of being a god if you don't have any worshippers? For that matter, shouldn't there be some ritual to summon your god for help? Of course, to cut down on how many summons happen, there should be some restrictions and rules in place.
No. 88626 ID: 8f01e8

Making the summoning ritual intrinsically difficult is the wrong approach. It should be something that someone could to quickly in an emergency, but nobody would do by accident. Then, whenever someone summons you without what you consider a good reason, hit them and everyone nearby with something hilariously disproportionate, preferably nonlethal enough to leave witnesses, and inconsistent enough that your wrath can't be systematically exploited. Optionally, explain your logic to said witnesses afterward.

The confusion and terror resulting from this strategy will eventually ensure that you only get summoned by people who think they've got nothing left to lose, which corresponds neatly with the sort of situation where compassionate divine intervention is appropriate.
No. 88627 ID: 687279

Well that's basically what I meant by restrictions and rules, except perhaps more clear what a "good reason" is.
No. 88675 ID: 400eda

Question. Out of all the females we have met so far, who would you think would be a monster in bed?
No. 88680 ID: a19cd5

Hair-eating mothgirl for sure. I mean she EATS HAIR and is kinda forceful about OBTAINING said hair.
No. 88681 ID: 76e97b

I bet she's a tiger in bed.
No. 88709 ID: 6cb462

Pinky of course
No. 88721 ID: b58dc5
File 142154572895.png - (56.12KB , 500x500 , binky.png )

HEY! GUYS! Fun times idea!

Suggest two characters (one male, one female) from my quests and I'll draw what their kid will look like if they had babies!
No. 88722 ID: 687279


Pinky, Ron
No. 88724 ID: c0c685


Aleks & Pantsu
No. 88727 ID: a18f15

Owl-celebrity girl and the mantis bookworm.

Yes I'm just picking for the weirdest combinations of traits, why do you ask.
No. 88729 ID: b58dc5


One male and one female!
No. 88730 ID: a18f15

Apply panty magic, make it work.
No. 88731 ID: c0c685

Alrauna and Drass
No. 88733 ID: b58dc5
File 142154934884.png - (131.26KB , 852x814 , ron babby.png )

Ron x Pinky
No. 88734 ID: b58dc5
File 142154995971.png - (197.52KB , 910x744 , vore.png )

Alrauna x Drass
No. 88735 ID: b58dc5
File 142155094660.png - (209.90KB , 979x702 , panty.png )

WELL since I have so many female characters I GUESS I can lift the female/male ban. ANY GENDERS ARE OKAY I SUPPOSE
No. 88736 ID: a18f15

Emy what's with that look. Bad cultist. You should be honored to bear your god's immaculate children.
No. 88737 ID: e34da4

Ron and Reina, boning like cats and dogs
No. 88738 ID: b58dc5
File 142155175166.png - (221.67KB , 910x817 , jksdfskdjskdg.png )

Isaiah x Mia
No. 88739 ID: b58dc5
File 142155301548.png - (84.18KB , 586x598 , Ronia.png )

Ron x Reina
No. 88740 ID: a19cd5

that is adorable
No. 88749 ID: ea0ad9

Jeremy and Aleks. She said he was handsome, that's not really good enough for me!
No. 88750 ID: bb78f2

Khiram x Emy

Tiger Otter!
No. 88751 ID: 687279

That's not Emy, that's Aleks.
No. 88754 ID: b58dc5
File 142156794375.png - (110.64KB , 811x758 , khiram emy.png )

Khiram x Emy
No. 88777 ID: 51b39c

Ron becomes inter dimensional panty god and woos Mia the mouse. Do eet please.
No. 88781 ID: b58dc5
File 142169786705.png - (158.66KB , 964x855 , mia mouse ron.png )

Mia x Ron
No. 88791 ID: ecd0ab

wow dogmice are adorable
No. 88795 ID: 51b39c

Thanks for the follow up on the suggestion. That came out really adorable. :3
No. 88826 ID: b58dc5
File 142181236537.png - (94.73KB , 765x636 , sorry gomen pls.png )

Apologies for my slow update speed! I seem to have overestimated my work rate! Hehe, please be patient, as I intend to keep my quests alive!
No. 88827 ID: 72c7be

You're fine. I'm sure no one is upset, your quests are great.
No. 88834 ID: ccea58

Priscilla and Ron's dad
Just for giggles
No. 88843 ID: 687279

No. 88849 ID: 55c4cf

If needed, I'd suggest focusing on one or two quests til completion. Don't overwork yourself.
No. 88851 ID: ea0ad9

Suddenly I want to see this more than the Jeremy x Aleks pairing.
No. 88902 ID: 51b39c


No sweat, Orion. We're a patient bunch.
No. 88911 ID: bb78f2

Wow, Orion, I've seen one of these hyperactive, mean, romance-lovin' book-nerd girls before. Good job. You meet one before too? Almost like the one I knew in high-school down to a tee.
Guys, that book-nerd? Real people. Real people.
No. 88919 ID: 7a4906

Ok. I'm not sure if this is possible, but I really want to see Ron's face when he finds out he has a kid with both Emy and Aleks.
Assuming he isn't dead yet.
No. 89044 ID: 742ec0

So... Quests are over? :(
No. 89045 ID: 330ce5

Never give up hope! I am confident that one day, the quest will return.
No. 89046 ID: bb78f2

Have you ever seen Orion and Lagotrope in the same room?
No. 89049 ID: ea0ad9

Yes, but it turned out Lagotrope was jut a cardboard cutout and Orion was a life-sized action figure.
No. 89051 ID: f5baae
File 142319513308.jpg - (28.55KB , 350x350 , get-well-soon.jpg )

Orion! We love youuu! Get well soon!
No. 91123 ID: 8d9749

update when?
No. 91124 ID: e2a92b
File 143166812670.jpg - (392.08KB , 1207x1280 , owleyes-cutie_clash.jpg )

When you hop over to /mlp/, son. She's moved on to green(text)er pastures.
No. 91160 ID: cbc9e6

I, for one, welcome our new pony overlords her contributions as someone who frequents derpibooru.

That doesn't mean I'm not eagerly awaiting for Panty Raid and Howler updates, though.
No. 91164 ID: ea0ad9

Waiting on Panty Raid, Suitors, and SPaCE, myself.
But, if she's tired out from the TGness, then there's nothing we can do about it except sit and wallow in despair. But seriously, let her take her time, man.
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