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File 140563969579.png - (332.39KB , 714x402 , Patreon.png )
83716 No. 83716 ID: 61da19

After quite the low period and a surgery, I'm finally back in action and ready for the comeback of a lifetime! To celebrate my revival, I'm making a brand new dis thread!

I have a Patreon now! You can show your support, and allow me to spend more time working on updates! http://www.patreon.com/user?u=208009

a new Boatface Adventure will begin soon!
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No. 83717 ID: 1f8505

Wait, surgery?
No. 83723 ID: 61da19

Yeah I got my gallbladder removed because gallstones.
No. 83724 ID: 53548a

Good. Welcome back.
No. 83733 ID: 9ddf68

I have no idea what to say so I'm just going to say glad to see you're back and glad that you're feeling better. this place just wasn't the same without you.
No. 83763 ID: 2fd516

Removed due to gallstones? I thought those could be dealt with without removing the whole thing.
No. 83769 ID: 2f4b71

Depends on the number and size of the stones. Numerous or large stones cannot be effectively broken up by ultrasound into small enough pieces to pass.
No. 83961 ID: 61da19
File 140598718526.png - (483.08KB , 1700x1200 , Ultimate Venji reference.png )

Yeah they were kinda bad.

Anyway, Retcon quest is go! For the newer audience, here are the first two Venji Quests (the first thread is ...a little rough, so be aware that it's an older quest).

Venji http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/247108.html
Thread 2: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/233213.html
Thread 3:http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/270556.html

Venji 2: Boatface Adventures http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/413494.html
No. 84135 ID: 61da19

My patreon has hit the second stretch goal! So look forward to color!

We also hit the goal where I update three times a week. It'll usually be mon-wed-fri, but that will change around depending on how I feel. sometimes I might update daily and take a big break, and sometimes I'll just feel bad and end up going into the weekend. but three a week is something I intend to keep up!
No. 84275 ID: 9ddf68

ok after actually seeing that tezakians have guns in the draw thread, it remind me of a question I had awhile ago about the tech in the tezakia quest universe.

The Tezakians seem to be somewhere around WW1 tech (based off that I've only seen them with bombs and now what look like bolt-action rifles and seem to be wearing something similar to old fashion British uniforms I've seen)

Lains seem to be around our tech level but with older model computers/software but kick ass stealth tech

Diubans I have no idea on other then they have some really good dart guns

and finally Klis-Khar seem to be just way the fuck out there in levels of tech as in lasers and shit. so if you wouldn't mind telling just what are each races tech levels... and if you want just any world building info you have I'd be grateful.

Also figured since you had a discussion thread up I'd post the question here instead of fulling up your art thread with text walls
No. 84324 ID: 9b35bd
File 140678592860.png - (635.00KB , 1700x1200 , Iskali_answers_1.png )


"You're on, ma'am."

"You gonna' help me? Whatever."

"Okay! Sergeant Iskali, Finch 2.3. So you wanna' know about tech levels? Well the first thing you gotta' realize is technology in out world is a bit anachronistic to your world, big surprise with bird people and venomous spinetails, so technology does not follow any specific period, but I'll try and provide a rough estimate or something ask Kizina for her notes later.

Tezakia, may Mother forever watch over us, falls roughly into the Fifties and Sixties with some variance. Tezakia is a large, populous, and primarily agrarian nation with something to the tune of 80-90% of our civvies living rural. While boastin' plenty of birdpower, a combination of said large population and an unwillingness from the Father to increase industrialization at the risk of starvation make us the least industrialized nation. Your Soviet union went much the opposite way, rampin' up industry at the expense of food production. That said, what industries we have produce things sturdy and reliable, rigorously tested and made cheap, so we take a while to field something new, but good luck permanently breakin' it once you finally get one. Yeah, we still use bolt-actions and have crappy radios, but we have television and portable recording devices and simple vacuum tube tech too. We can fly too! Only the Klis-Khar have powered flight and even they haven't really developed it much. I mean why would they when you can just hire a Tezakian to carry your stuff? We also leech fancier electronics from the Klis-Khar, but more on that in a moment.

Lialisandi is a bit more advanced than us, but don't go thinkin' they're all stealth devices and Diubanshit. Those fancy cloakers they buy 'em from Klis-Khar arms dealers and they ain't cheap! Pity the companies that sell to Lialisandi don't sell to Tezakia and vice versa, Akiyatat would kill for a cloaker fit for a peep. Tangent aside, Lians are closer to the Eighties and early Nineties. They have computer technology from about that time period, but even that level has amazing technological capabilities compared to our vacuum tube stuff. They try to advance as quickly as they can, often fieldin' things that are barely tested. That, along with their strange feudally industrialized society, leads to wildly different standards of production, with some lines being somewhat hardy but a lot being very fragile. They are much more industrialized than the Tezakians still.

Diuban isn't too much different from Tezakia or Lialisandi in terms of development. Just slot em where you like on a time scale. That said they are largely peaceful and neutral in the conflict. Lucky them.

The Klis-khar are a bit a a mystery. They got better toys than all of us and they ain't sharin' any of it. Well most of it. Put them some time ahead of the present date. Two-thousands and forward. From computers to energy weapons to magic science crap they got it. Sometimes they might even deign to sell it to another nation but only at a hefty price knowing full well no one else got the chops to copy their stuff yet. Their warmongers sell to both sides bigger and better stuff to keep the war going and the cash rolling not that either side'd stop until we draw our last breath or the lizzie menace is removed. Remove Lian!

I hope this answered some of your questions. Iskali, signing off."

No. 84428 ID: 61da19

Gee golly, that sure is interesting! Gosh, I wonder what the differences in male and female heights are!
No. 84429 ID: 926adc


Why, that's a plum hum-dinger of a question! If there was only some kind of comparison of the two side-by-side!
No. 84435 ID: d6e000

[Thinly veiled request for exposition]
No. 84457 ID: 98ecbf
File 140721418248.png - (54.56KB , 925x465 , genderdifferences.png )

"Ma'am, they're making 'thinly-veiled requests for exposition...'"

"About what?"

"Bird bits."

"Not my job. IKESSA!"

"Don't you have enough experience with bird bits to explain, sarge?"

"Yeah, yeah. Utilize that wonderful personality of yours and explain them some anatomy."

"I don't see why this needs explainin' to anyone with eyes, sarge, but whatever.

Okay, Trooper Ikessa here, medic of Finch 2.3 and former civvie surgeon. You want to know some basic stuff like gender differences? Alright, whatever.

The first difference you'll probably notice is coloration. Males are generally very brightly colored, with feathers of red, gold, et cetera. Females tend towards darker hues of similar colors, along with drab colors like brown. The more brightly colored a male is, the better they look, while females generally aren't judged on color. I know this guy, a fellow doctor and real prick named Salati, who's bright enough to rival the damned sun. The guy gets a fucking line o' peeps at the bath when he goes to wash himself; shows how far nice plumage goes.

The second obvious difference is size. Gals average about 5'9" and naturally have more muscle mass. That's not to say dudes can't be strong as well; even if they average 5'6" and are a bit more flighty, I've met a few with a mean right hook. Hell, my squad has some tough-ass girls, but when we did melee training the other day, the one (besides yours truly, o' course) who made a perfect run through the course was a dude. Hit like a freight train, but I still beat 'em when we sparred.

There's also a difference in how the feathers sit. Males have feathers that point upwards; some males might have tall enough feathers to where they can go over a girl's head. The tail is the same, as they're perky things. They stick up all the time, stiff. Good ta grab 'em by, make 'em flustered, but ya might get whacked with one if a guy is rushin' around in a hurry. And as ya might have guessed, females are the opposites, with their feathers pointed downwards. More bushy. Guys have a tail ya'd play with when idle, but gals have a comfy cushion.

'N lastly, probably the most minor difference is that males have longer ears than females. The former are kinda flappy and taper more noticeably to their point; you could smack 'em in the face with their own ears. The latter are a bit more stout n' thicker, but not hugely different. Not really much to say on 'em, it's hard to nibble when you have a beak.

I think that covers the obvious stuff. I won't go into the dirty, as even y'all would know that. If ya don't, I shouldn't be explainin' it. Trooper Ikessa signin' off."

No. 84458 ID: 9ddf68

neat... so what about Lialisandi, Diuban, and Klis-khar? I mean Lialisandi aren't to hard to tell the difference unless the check is flat but there could be subtle things that I'm messing, Diuban seem pretty easy to tell apart but might as well hit all the bases, and Klis-khar... I have no earthly clue when it comes to Klis-khar.
No. 84463 ID: 61da19
File 140726479356.png - (17.38KB , 700x600 , what is this itq.png )

Lians of the nation Lialisandi have been known to bounce a check or two. I hear their economy is a little touch and go right now. Diubans, however, almost never have their checks bounce. They've got some serious accountants over there.

The Klis-Khar, well, they have their own issues...

Anyway, we tell genders apart via pheromones. We judge each other not by looks, but by smell. Or taste. I'm never sure how to explain it to the mammals. The better someone 'smells', the more attractive they are.

For those incapable of knowing our gender through pheromones, your choices are to suffer an eternity of never knowing, or to simply ask. We don't worry about it as much as mammals seem to. All I know is female mammals are rounder and female tezakians are bitchier.
No. 84572 ID: 96cbb6

Birds: who's the brown voice? Do you have anything like cloaking?

Bugs: what kind of issues?
No. 84824 ID: 61da19

I have a whole lot of stuff to get done fairly quickly, so I'm pausing the quest until Monday. But worry not, I'll try to make up for this by having a 4th update next week!
No. 84941 ID: 61da19
File 140900512066.gif - (2.32KB , 144x144 , drillin.gif )


Ludum dare is tiring. This MINOR PAUSE will be a little longer, then we'll return to our regular schedule, with maybe some bonus updates!!
No. 84983 ID: 95c255

Link to the game?
No. 85058 ID: 61da19

We um... didn't quite get to the game part yet. the LD technically ended in failure, but maybe the game will see light anyway.
No. 85195 ID: 61da19

Sorry, but I need to pause the quest for a week. I've learned about my sister's struggles with the mental hospital the police forced her to stay in, the drugs they forced her to take, and the control they all took away from her, in response to someone being suicidal.

I'm going to be spending the week figuring out a way to help her, and getting my own life in better gear to make it more possible for me to do so.

You can read about her situation here: http://hungerinnashville.tumblr.com/

Commissions are open to help me get money to help. My paypal and e-mail are Slinkoboy (2+shift) gmail.com

My prices are listed on my FA page: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ourhero/

Donations are also appreciated if you're feeling super generous, at the paypal above. Right now I'm focusing on both regaining and saving my sister.

Retcon Paused until next Tuesday
No. 86431 ID: 8a9edc

There's a mountain of IRL stuff going on, and it's going to require my focus for a little bit.

Retcon is going on a brief Hiatus, probably a week. This isn't ideal, but hopefully doing it this way will mean coming back strong and doing the proper update schedule.
No. 87746 ID: 8a9edc
File 141844824148.png - (49.90KB , 397x365 , twpbuittotq.png )

You may have noticed a very long period of silence from me. Long story short: Life is hard.

I'm really not in the place to run a pure comedy quest like Retcon currently, and there's some things I want to try, so I'm going to do something unprecedented to slinkoboys: I'm going to let Retcon fall into the Graveyard. Not abandoned, merely... resting, for a better time.

My patreon fell below the 200 level, but Retcon will still be in (relative) color when it returns. But for now, I feel like I need to do something different.

I'm also super indecisive.

Here's a list of things I've been considering:

Ditto Quest 2 - easy to draw, and the ability to double the number of currently running ditto quests with some adorable ditto adventures!

Dragoness Quest (...or whatever i call it) - A dragoness has successfully given herself a smokin' hot (get it) body, and now she has a new mission: Fuck all the man-bitches. Watch as Slink throws away the last of his dignity and draws a sus quest! Could it be that he finally got that 'stick' out of his posterior ??

Tezakia Xmas Party - We come in just before the events of Tezakia 2 to witness the gang celebrate chirpsmas the anniversary of Zalika's forming in a way that's suspiciously close to certain holidays but totally isn't you guys

Of course, it's possible what I really need to do is begin what should have started 4 years ago...
No. 87747 ID: 13cd06

No. 87748 ID: 687279

Tezakia Xmas Party!!!!!
No. 87750 ID: d97387

Fuck it let's go Tzatziki Quest Xmas Special.
No. 87751 ID: 9ddf68

>Not abandoned, merely... resting, for a better time
as a participant in many of Cirr's quest I have no problem with this, seeing as how he will sometimes abandon a quest for years only to pick it right back up as if nothing has happened. and besides this quest are as much for your enjoyment as they are for us so if you're not enjoying yourself by all means feel free to take a brake.

Also Tezakia Xmas Party
No. 87753 ID: c9f2af

Sus Quest.
No. 87755 ID: 98ecbf


Tezakian Xmas Party!
No. 87756 ID: b3dd38

No. 87757 ID: 9b35bd

No. 87759 ID: ec0bf5

Look, do you remember last time there was a tezakia interlude? I'm not sure there's any reason to believe that the chirpsmas party won't be just as lewd as any sus quest you try. Probably even more so: in an explicitly explicit quest people will likely ignore all of that and try to make plot happen. Whereas in Tezakia people are going to be trying to do nothing but screwing [s]around[/s].

Which sounds fun. Chirpsmas go!
No. 87760 ID: e34da4

Dat Sus quest tho
No. 87824 ID: 8a9edc
File 141860984066.png - (86.19KB , 700x600 , chars.png )

Sus quest totally will might possibly run at a future time. But for now, we must consider whose viewpoint to witness this celebration from!

Sekani, the Tezakian Fire Majibeast

Amiel, the Lian Ice Majibeast who i guess i have to reveal now huh

Dilia, the boringly non-majibeast Diuban

Jiniki, Klis-khar Transdimensional Majibeast who's 83 and what is this


or Kinasa, the Tezakian ???? Majibeast who has yet to discover her powers.
No. 87828 ID: 687279

Kinasa, so the christmas miracle can be the manifestation of her powers!
No. 87830 ID: 9ddf68

well last time we did a thing with the cast we played as Amiel so I'm going to have to go with Kinasa, mostly because if we went as Tayza she'd probably kill everyone when we eventually drive her insane.
No. 87837 ID: ec0bf5

The others have all gotten their times to shine at one point or another. Where's Kinasa's quest? (Right here. This one.)
No. 87854 ID: dccc95

Kinasa is still the most adorable.
No. 87859 ID: ac5f92

No. 87876 ID: 55c4cf

Dilia. The others can moo-ve over.
No. 87877 ID: 8a9edc

I am insulted that I can only vote for Tayza once.
No. 87878 ID: 9b9ee7

Peep Peep slinkoboy!
No. 87883 ID: 13cd06

No. 87885 ID: 9b35bd

No. 87886 ID: 98ecbf


No. 87887 ID: 0b2574

No. 87901 ID: 8a9edc
File 141876169108.png - (62.45KB , 500x400 , 72.png )


We've hit a snag, sadly. My tablet's USB port decided not to work no more. This kinda sorta gets in the way of me drawing, like, anything.

Thankfully I don't need a new 400 dollar tablet because of this, as there is a workaround: making my tablet wireless with one of these http://www.amazon.com/Wacom-Wireless-Accessory-Tablets-ACK40401/dp/B006MRAVFE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=141875953

Um... oh gosh. um, if anyone is feeling super generous during this holiday season, you'd have my super duper omega appreciation for any donation towards this workaround goal. my paypal is at slinkoboy atsymbol gmail.com. t-thanks
No. 87911 ID: 8a9edc
File 141877086513.png - (48.25KB , 500x400 , 31.png )

It's taken care off, so you can disregard the above post. The quest will hopefully begin before we run out of holiday season!

No. 92069 ID: 8a9edc

I think most of the folks who care know what's up, but just in case:

Life got really uh, life-y. This sapped me of any motivation to draw or quest.

But things are getting better! I intend to see about reviving my quests and redoing my patreon to give a proper reward that doesn't overwhelm me (patreon-only comic, maybe?)

So just sit tight, and hopefully my longest hiatus to date is nearing its end.
No. 92082 ID: 9ddf68

glad to see you're back, sorry life got crummy for you for a bit there.
No. 92804 ID: 518b46


I'm going to be easing back into things! For the moment, TEZAKIAN HOLIDAY will run kind of alone, likely to completion

Slissa and Retcon! might run along side each other once things get rolling!

The Patreon is going to be redone. For the moment it just means: Slissa is in color, Retcon is in limited color, and Holiday is in black/white.
No. 92806 ID: 742b4a

Hooray! Welcome back, slinko.
No. 94282 ID: 395c02

Hi! just some basic stuff:

Slissa Quest is going to start MONDAY, though I am going to wait on setting an update schedule as I'm still getting things together.

The patreon is going to be redone soon, with the rewards being easier for me to handle. One of those rewards will be a comic! I'm still figuring out what that'd be about, so stay tuned!
No. 94886 ID: 395c02

So um.

I may have played undertale so much that the controller usage aggravated a wrist problem I have to the point that drawing is pain so um

slissa quest paused for a couple days while i recover sry
No. 94924 ID: a19cd5
File 144261744849.png - (4.05KB , 512x512 , slissa.png )

No. 95705 ID: 395c02

i've been ill for a few days so i'm going to rest a bit, so SQ might be (even) slower for a few days s-sorry

also if you really really hate jiniki as a spoiler image, clear your cache and she'll vanish forever yaaaaaay
No. 95709 ID: 276bd2

> clear your cache and she'll vanish forever yaaaaaay
Noooooo, I like her. We can take it down when goes all evil overlord but that's still a long ways off
No. 95710 ID: f8b4f5

Is that why it got changed? Did people really complain? Jesus.
No. 95711 ID: c43722

Naw, that wasn't it. What happened was there was a discussion yesterday on IRC that the old spoiler image having Jiniki didn't make sense to newcomers who haven't read Slinko's work. That led to a thread on replacing it being made in general discussion (>>/meep/27356.) Pop over there if you want to throw your two cents in.
No. 95719 ID: 2eeb65

Awww, I liked the old spoiler image.
No. 95748 ID: dccc95

The old spoiler was nice
No. 95992 ID: 395c02
File 144717799274.png - (295.90KB , 900x600 , missing slink fa image.png )

Speaking of things an 80 year old child would cover her eyes over, i was urged to make this pack containing nearly every naughty image i drew from 2008 to today.

The pack is full of personal art, so it's mostly F, F/F, and F/M. There's a couple of dicks and even 2 animated dicks, but this doesn't have much beyond that for people who like M or M/M. Sorry!

A huge chunk of this pack is slinko quest ladies (amiel, dilia, nokizanya, etc)

I also drew 5 new images specifically for this pack. How exciting!

IF YOU'RE INTERESTED YOU CAN GRAB THIS OMEGA PACK HERE: http://slinketza.itch.io/the-missing-slink

ok back to drawing slissa quest
No. 95993 ID: 5ad4a7

Hey, you didn't say it was 10 bux.
No. 95995 ID: 395c02

Whatcha mean? That the post itself doesn't say?
No. 95996 ID: 5ad4a7

Yeah. I mean it's not super important but I thought it was gonna be just a download link.
No. 95997 ID: 395c02

Ah, I'm sorry, it just didn't occur to me. Well, anyone reading now knows, r-right?
No. 96000 ID: 5ad4a7

No. 96008 ID: 395c02
File 144721908472.png - (317.32KB , 700x600 , 12.png )

i've been told to clarify that this pack, which is 10bux (or more if you feel generous!) is largely made up of images that have never been posted anywhere, and will never be posted anywhere.

Still, if this isn't your thing, but you still want to support me, there's always my patreon.

Either way, I hope you continue to enjoy my quests! <3 <3 <3

</shameless shilling>
No. 96036 ID: ea0ad9

Uh, now that I read that post I realize it doesn't actually say it costs money, but, y'know, I kind of assumed my first time through it was just a for-money pack.
Especially since it was implied that these were "missing" from free works.
No. 96127 ID: 395c02
File 144798167511.png - (111.75KB , 755x714 , jiniki.png )

So! In actual quest news:

My main computer (laptop) is in for repairs! And the backup computer is really hard to draw on! The sai pen hates me and all I stand for, so the art comes out worse and it's much harder to form coherent lines. You may or may not have noticed this in the recent slissa quest update.

Either way, this is your chance to help me decide what to do for the .5-1.5 months my actual good computer is actual gone!


If SQ keeps going, I'll do my best to fight against the machine.

Hugs 2 (aka GIANT KETZA QUEST) is written by Typo, it's the one with the big ketza and female chei! ("CHEI WASN'T ALWAYS FEMALE????"),

a Tumblr ask was a Patreon Goal! I will likely do a single one for all characters, and it winning the vote means I do it like next week, instead of "kinda soon maybe possibly"

Retcon Quest is this one: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/graveyard/res/585201.html
No. 96139 ID: 395c02



Slissa quest will pause for now, but I'll try to work on ~something special~ for it in the meantime. Tilde.
No. 96200 ID: 395c02



No. 96396 ID: 395c02
File 144952845598.png - (124.88KB , 677x600 , 11.png )



Slissa Quest is going to revive around January 1st and will hopefully enjoy a nicer update schedule for a while since I was getting kind of burned out near the end anyway.

I'm not doing an x-mas quest this year, but uh... i guess you can ASK x-mas type questions on the ask Tumblr linked above????

No. 96847 ID: 395c02
File 145196482714.png - (198.84KB , 900x600 , 2.png )

"It's January! That means we get to come back, right!?"
"I sure hope so."

No. 96917 ID: 395c02



No. 96920 ID: 5ad4a7


No. 96923 ID: dbf021

Don't worry, you'll survive (probably)! The dreaded nsfw patreons didn't kill Lago at least, so we know they're not guaranteed lethal.
No. 97088 ID: 395c02

Okay! So you know, it's prooobably going to be two Dragon Romance updates to 1 slissa quest update.

Slissa quest is very slow to make due to all the shading... so I might actually stop shading it if/when we actually make it to "outside". It looks pretty, but each slissa quest update takes the better part of a day if I don't take a bunch of shortcuts!

But I'll try to do 2 dragonesses and 1 slissa a week for now, depending on what else is going on.

speaking of other things, I randomly update my ask blog so you can get more Slinkoboy Shenanigans there! http://www.askslinkochars.tumblr.com

so far I've answered every question I've gotten (even if just to have someone go 'wat') so don't be shy~!
No. 97100 ID: cf91e4

Good luck sorting through all of these combos Slinko.
No. 97104 ID: 9815dc

With this many votes, maybe it would be best to tally up the most popular for each slot and then ask to vote again among just those?

It might have been better to have one vote for the primary and then another vote among the remainder for secondary.

Voting systems in quests get pretty messy.
No. 97105 ID: a22f87

or you could just grab a piece of paper, right down all the powers and just put a P or something for primary every time someone voted it for a primary and a S for secondary then just count them up.
No. 97110 ID: 395c02

In my defense I normally get 5-10 suggestions, not 40. <:3

In general though I have a loosy-goosy style to questing. It's less about numbers or hard limits and more about what general ideas are agreed on and how they fit into some kind of story.

So what I end up doing might not always be the best way to do things, but I try in the end to go with the idea the suggestors end up presenting to me the strongest.

...That and I assumed nobody would want 5 updates of chargen before we get to the proper quest. But maybe you do???
No. 97111 ID: 5ad4a7

I wanted double fire :(
No. 97113 ID: a22f87

looking back fondly on the days of kirby 64 are we?
No. 97467 ID: 5ad4a7

SlinkoB what do feminine and masculine mean exactly, here?
No. 97554 ID: 395c02

whoops i should probably look over here more. uh basically how "girly" or "tomboy" she's going to act. her tastes in clothing (dresses? suits?), body language, even how she talks.

it doesn't affect sexial orientation or anything like that. I mean, given the nature of the quest, she's probably Bi anyway ~

or you could see it as "she turns out more like jiniki or tayza". the votes landed on her being...uh... dilia? i should make a lady-ness chart

Anyway. My PARTNER IN CRIME, Typo, is gone for a week, so I'm going to focus on catching up on things I fell behind on. Dragon Romance is semi-paused for a week. It might update once or twice, depending how i feel, but it might not!!!

but it'll definitely resume a normal schedule next MONDAY.
No. 97687 ID: 395c02

turns out i took a proper break after all.


Slissa quest I guess is just paused until I'm in a better place mentally to handle its super workload, or I just give in and stop shading it

but consistencyyyyyyyyyyyy~
No. 97728 ID: 3d2d5f

>starts a patreon funded lewd quest
>/quest/ decides they'd prefer to delay that to play games with adorable babies
We really do just subvert everything, don't we.
No. 97729 ID: 5ad4a7

I'm not sure anyone expected the baby-guidance to be quite this involved.
No. 97732 ID: 665ed8

I think most everyone would of picked baby guidance anyway
No. 97781 ID: 395c02

wow i wrote the update before looking over here, apparently 6 years of questing has lead to me having a sixth sense for "i wonder if i should maybe pick up the pace"

The pace will increase either way, but I'm offering you guys a choice between highway speed and Voyager 1 speed.

>We really do just subvert everything, don't we.
No. 98246 ID: 5ad4a7

Slinkoboy no
No. 98272 ID: 395c02

>Slinkoboy no
>If OP was uncomfortable about writing it, then they wouldn't have made it an option in the first place.
or they don't know what they're doing

I didn't think about the implications of the situation at the time-- I was trying to have my cake and eat it too (fun kid adventures, while not making everyone mad at how little porn my porn quest had)

but it'll be fine ok
No. 98273 ID: 665ed8

Its a damn fun quest regardless, even if we are about to discuss the penis of a small child...
No. 98276 ID: 395c02
File 145753862588.gif - (48.95KB , 900x600 , 25.gif )

No. 98277 ID: 665ed8

In our defense we did meet him at like an elementary school so it was a fair assumption
No. 98278 ID: 16daa4

With shapeshifting, do physical stats stack with the form's stats?

Also, since we never got the chance to ask, why was he staring at the robot?
No. 98279 ID: 395c02

yeah i shoulda said somewhere

When you press a button on its back it says "BRING IT ON LITTLE BIRDIE" and chei is not a bird

but then it started glowing and moving and that's pretty scary
No. 98280 ID: a22f87

will we see the prince again in the future? he seems like some who would be fun to tormenthang out with.
No. 98286 ID: 02422f

Why was he even hanging out in the bushes behind a school in the first place. Even without stopping to consider the kinky ribbon, that's odd.
No. 98314 ID: bd6063


Yeah, despite the awkward (albeit entertaining) introduction I'd really like to see him become a recurring character/deuteragonist/future love interest once Ceri's of age ofc or something
No. 98316 ID: 480a43

or tritagonist or something, as it seems Skif might be a more likely deuteragonist. What do I know though, just throwing ideas out there
No. 98335 ID: 47160d

What gender is Skif?
No. 98357 ID: 395c02

>With shapeshifting, do physical stats stack with the form's stats?
They are added to or subtracted from them, so yes??


>Why was he even hanging out in the bushes behind a school in the first place. Even without stopping to consider the kinky ribbon, that's odd.
He's odd.

Also always has the ribbon equipped. I mean, it does stop all ailments.

>What gender is Skif?
No. 98361 ID: 47160d

Okay, cause I coulda sworn it was a guy but during the part where we met the prince there was a post where it sounded like he was a female. Thanks for clearing that up, awesome quest BTW :D
No. 98461 ID: 5ad4a7

Why are people acting like they know who Zesmirl is?
No. 98577 ID: 395c02

He's a character I just made up for this segment, so... I dunno, maybe they're trying to forge what kind of character he'll be? sometimes stuff like that works in slinkoquests!
No. 98610 ID: 1862a8

I kind of really want to see that magic snake with TROGDOR arms made out of the noodly magic energy arm stuff.
No. 98619 ID: 4854ef

What happened to her fangs? They were really prominent before then suddenly disappeared.
No. 98621 ID: e2db64
File 145845012566.jpg - (42.80KB , 494x752 , snake fang types - Copy.jpg )

Snake fangs that fold back when not in use are a thing.
No. 98630 ID: 395c02
File 145849971454.png - (70.13KB , 800x600 , um.png )

She'll probably show them again if you make her mad! But... you won't do that, r-right?

>I kind of really want to see that magic snake with TROGDOR arms made out of the noodly magic energy arm stuff.
No. 98634 ID: ab9ddd

I don't see any consummate V's
No. 98648 ID: 395c02
File 145858689108.png - (114.34KB , 800x600 , um2.png )

The arms are...!

ok fine
No. 98651 ID: 1009ca

now it looks like he's sweating
No. 98689 ID: 395c02
File 145885980539.png - (90.54KB , 800x600 , 116 soft.png )

i thought about it
No. 98766 ID: 395c02

Dragon Romance will pause for about a week. I need to take some time to catch up on other owed images!

btw it was really hard to count that many votes i'm used to 5 not 50 suggestions what's going on where am i
No. 98767 ID: 5ff7c7


Hey, count yourself lucky they weren't having lively, multi-paragraph discussions about long-term character growth plans and the morality of eating souls, Slinko.
No. 98784 ID: 395c02

Instead, I seem to get talks of incest and underage shenanigans.

Maybe I should skip to adult-hood already?
No. 98785 ID: f6442a

I thought the Chapter 1 End meant that childhood was already over.
No. 98786 ID: a22f87

i'm 90% positive that it's just a shit poster and you should ignore it. The other 10%... well this is the internet, you're bound to come across at least one creepy fucker. Still ignore it and it will get bored and leave.
No. 98788 ID: 91ee5f

But, awkward teenager stuff! And when I say "awkward", I'm talking about Kinasa levels of awkwardness!
No. 98789 ID: f6442a

Found the 10%.
No. 98792 ID: f562b1

Seriously? Kinasa level awkwardness, she would freak out, get nervous, etc, nothing creepy about it.
No. 98796 ID: 5ad4a7

I dunno, she doesn't seem to be that awkward. Seems kindof *good* at social situations actually.
No. 98798 ID: 395c02
File 145963781392.png - (99.55KB , 800x600 , 126.png )

shh don't tell anyone but i'm kind of winging it

i wing most quests because bird peep peep get it hahahaha ...

I originally meant to jump to 16-ish, but I also didn't expect to write a moment that screamed "you should end the thread here!!!" at me.

But really, most (all?) of the things we could do at 16 we could just as easily do at 18. It's not like Ceridwen has to immediately drop everything she's doing and go on an adventure just cause she's a young-adult.

Wait, she does? It's actually illegal to not start the adventure the second you hit 18???

No. 98799 ID: 5ad4a7

Well in most states 16 is fine but we have to go with the high end.

Also you keep neglecting to say exactly how old Ceri is dangit.
No. 98800 ID: 67bda9


Well sure, Slinko, if you want to be the main character! Just look at every JRPG ever, the protagonists are all high school age or lower. If you're older than 18 then you're the grizzled veteran with years of combat experience who serves as a foil for the younger characters. That's how things go!

Seriously though it depends. If we're talking adorable stumbling awkward first experiences in romance then I for sure want to see some of that go down, and 16 or 17 is about the age for it. In regards sexual content, I think 16 is about the cut-off point where it starts being acceptable. Like at that age for sure they're going at it with each other, and while it's still wrong for older people to go after them it's like understandable that the attraction would be there. Younger than 16 it's still pretty creepy but after 16 is like, well it can be a little uncomfortable but they're fictional and it's ultimately ok.

Basically I want to see the cuties struggle with their awkward teen feelings and first kisses and such. If skipping ahead means skipping that then I object!
No. 98802 ID: 395c02


No. 98803 ID: 99a64d

16 is legal most places, and I don't want to skip an important part of her development!
No. 98804 ID: 91ee5f

No. 98805 ID: f6442a

How about you just keep it in your pants until we're out of the character building phase?
No. 98806 ID: 02422f

The simple thing is to just say she's an adult when she's an adult, and not even mention years, which dodges people's ideas about the exact number all together. (Nevermind that a year could be a different unit of time on a different planet and that we're dealing with non-human species).

Also that.
No. 98807 ID: 1009ca

I voted 18 because I want to get to the porn and not worry about the NSA adding me to sex offender list
No. 98808 ID: 5ad4a7

I think cuteness is important, naughty bits or not.
No. 98810 ID: 395c02
File 145966020559.png - (484.04KB , 719x390 , Capture31.png )

No. 98811 ID: 91ee5f

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Wow, that's unexpected! XD
No. 98812 ID: 395c02
File 145966217549.png - (320.57KB , 800x600 , darker path.png )

Really dodged a bullet there.

No. 98813 ID: 91ee5f

No! Not a rebellious teenager stage! Anything but that! An awkward teenager stage I can handle, but this is too rebellious! Please Slinkoboy, have mercy! D8
No. 98814 ID: f562b1

Pretty sure we can still guide her. Tell her how to be rebellious. Like, my rebellious teenage years? I just yelled more. Still do, actually. I guess I never ended my rebellion.
No. 98816 ID: a5478c

I would very much like to finish this journey (growing up) before the story reaches its destination (smut)
No. 98817 ID: 99a64d

Yeah, I don't really care about smut. So far this has been a really cute coming of age story and I'd rather not skip over any of it if at all possible.
No. 98818 ID: a5478c

As for underage shenanigans, it's ultimately up to Slinko and what he's comfortable with. Sex among 16 year olds is highly likely, especially in a multi-species society, but that doesn't mean it has to be shown.
No. 98819 ID: a5478c

But in case you want to appease both sides, I'm pretty sure Rynh and Jehral are 15/16 and no one's made a peep about that.
No. 98820 ID: a5478c

Found it!
No. 98821 ID: 5ad4a7

Kobolds are a fantasy race and do not hold to the same age ranges humans have.
No. 98822 ID: a5478c

Do you see any humans here?
No. 98823 ID: a5478c

In any case, I don't know where I'm going with this and I definitely don't have the final say in these affairs.
No. 98824 ID: 5ad4a7

I see a bunch of characters of non-established races who are a heck of a lot closer to humans than kobolds are.
No. 98827 ID: a5478c

Gonna call YMMV here and let Slinko have the final say. It's his quest, it's his boundaries.
No. 98828 ID: a5478c

In case I muddled my perceived opinion, journey > destination. We've gone this long without the promised lewds, we can go a bit further. What's important is seeing Ceridwen's journey towards adulthood all the way through, not stopping at the 3/4 mark and skipping ahead.
No. 98829 ID: 395c02

You know, originally when I hit the Patreon Goal of doing an "Adult Quest", I was strongly considering doing something shallow and mindless. A bunch of sex with some barely existing half-assed plot connecting the sex.

And indeed, many times through this I kept going "you're going too slow. They don't want kid adventures, they want sexy times"

But seeing a large number of you legitimately care about the character we've made, willing to put off the "adult" part of this quest just to continue shaping who she is and what she becomes... it means something to me on a level I can't explain.

I think I chose correctly in giving this quest some depth and care.

Thread 2 will begin on Friday.
No. 98831 ID: 4854ef

Your characterizations tend to be the sort of thing people come to your quests for no?
No. 98841 ID: 47160d

You chose perfectly, personally I wouldn't of cared at all if it was something mindless. But now this is quickly becoming one of my favorite quests and already is one i look for everytime I get on the site
No. 98855 ID: 59a537

No. 98882 ID: 4aa883

Agreed. Mindless is fine for the sake of mindless, but the more emotional investment, the better. The more we know about who they are, how they got there and where they'll go, the more we care. And the more we care, the better the eventual porn is, no matter how long it takes to get there. Porn or no porn, I love this quest and it's been an amazing ride so far, SO looking forward to how it'll continue on Friday.
No. 98918 ID: 395c02
File 146000020279.png - (174.27KB , 1321x1321 , combination.png )

Part of the Tezakia expanded universe ?

The top image was drawn by trout, and I drew a little reply :3c
No. 98986 ID: 5ad4a7

Slinko, the OP image, it's kindof... pushing the definition of SFW. Which OP images are supposed to be.
No. 98987 ID: aca129

I like how the end of the first thread devolved into incest discussions (kind of) its like phone with Toriel

Also I love the little face on the C in Romance on thread two title card
I raughed.
No. 98988 ID: 395c02

Is it? She's actually a barbie doll in that version of the image, and that kinda stuff usually seems fine... does the C make it too lewd?

I could go with the other plan I had, which was drawing a new image for thread one (which is all child Ceri) and use the current thread 1 image for thread 2.

No. 98989 ID: 99a64d

A more appropriate image for thread one would be nice, but I also see nothing wrong with the current thread two image.
No. 99001 ID: 395c02
File 146023443513.png - (164.57KB , 800x600 , title2.png )

one down
No. 99002 ID: 02422f

Unless you object, I'm going to use the original titlecard for the wiki article. Maybe it doesn't fit as well what actually happened in thread 1, but it should be fine for the quest overall. And hey, why waste it.
No. 99003 ID: 395c02

That's fine! I think it's still a pretty decent representation of the quest as a whole, if not the first chapter of it <:3
No. 99005 ID: 395c02
File 146024059499.png - (176.44KB , 800x600 , title.png )

And here's the old thread 2 image for posterity.

I'll miss you, >:3 joke
No. 99009 ID: f0e552

i'm guessing you had to change thread 2's titlecard because it was too lewd?
No. 99064 ID: 395c02
File 146043637237.png - (4.13KB , 360x219 , DR votes.png )

I chose to replace lewd with cool, because at the time "EXCITED FOR DRAGON" was winning and the previous might be too lewd???

Anyway, for those unsure how voting works in Dragon Romance, here's some info.

Each choice begins with 1 vote, so they don't feel lonely (and to help with allignment).

Each person gets 2 votes, unless it specifies (VOTE 1). If someone votes for a single thing, I count it twice (double-voting).

Sometimes the winning vote is what happens, and sometimes the post is written around the ratio of votes each action has vs each other.

Suggestions for what to say are typically used as in any previous Slinko-quest, where I'll typically go with one the most people seem to >this at, but sometimes I'll go with what feels best for the story.

side note I know some people don't like >this, but I'm fine with it-- it helps me see what people support, and a post with lots of >this can become a SECRET EXTRA OPTION in dragon romance if it's not a normal choice.

I'm on the fence about allowing voting against something (removing votes rather than adding them), you can try to sway my opinion here if you want.

Oh, and finally... Dragon Romance is a patreon reward. Even so, it's considered a Major Quest, meaning it has a major plot that will likely spawn many threads, but I will be trying to guide it to an eventual ending. What happens after that is a bridge I'll cross when we get there.
No. 99072 ID: 99a64d

What happens when someone votes for multiple things on a vote 1? What happens when someone votes for more than two things in a regular vote?
No. 99073 ID: 2a7417

Every time you ignore the instructions when voting, a ketza loses their feathers.
No. 99088 ID: 4a5baa

> I'm on the fence about allowing voting against something (removing votes rather than adding them), you can try to sway my opinion here if you want.

Just voting against something, without giving a good reason or a good alternative, shouldn't count extra, though a significant sentiment against something should probably matter. Matters a lot more if it's something more irrevocable that you can't twist into giving everyone what they want; matters a lot less if you keep managing to give everyone what they want like you have thus far. (For instance, the half-joke about gym equipment, which doesn't have to progress past a joke and a contribution to Ceridwn's internal confusion unless people want it to later. Or learning about dragons, which a few of us wanted, and you even through in a MIND bonus based on that.)

Along the same lines as your previous point that the answer doesn't always depend directly on the votes, and that a good argument with a bit of support doesn't need to win a vote to work out as part of the story. You've definitely shown that already.
No. 99089 ID: 4854ef

Man this quest was entirely worth it just for that adorable picture of her in dragon form, giving cute rawrs and rolling around like a dog.

And There's still more to go too! So much awesome.
No. 99104 ID: 395c02
File 146052904686.png - (531.30KB , 1200x566 , smoothza.png )

>Every time you ignore the instructions when voting, a ketza loses their feathers.
Poor Chei...


If they provide a good reason for why they're choosing more, or explain how one can lead to another, I'll tick the extra things. But if I don't think it's a good narrative reason (example: they just pick 2/3 without a reason), the vote is skipped over. I wouldn't try it unless you're really sure about what you're doing!

Of course, people with good narrative reasons for things can affect the quest in subtle and sometimes less subtle ways, like in all Slinko-quests. After all, my main goal is to tell a good story. To this end, sometimes I'll use suggestions outside the voting system, and sometimes I'll take the "spirit" of suggestions and use them to form something a bit different from the literal "intent" of them.

Basically at the end of the day, I'm not "running" a "game", we're forming a story together and telling it. I'm not a GM, I'm simply a guide. Who draws cute things.

SIDE NOTE: Ceridwen's getting complicated enough that it's growing more difficult for me to say "obviously if you choose to do this, she'll act X way and gain Y stat", so pretty soon stat-ups are going to start being a result of events rather than me trying to see into the future. Stat training opportunities will still happen, but it's getting harder to put "STAT+" on every single choice.

Besides, you don't always need me to tell you that being selfless will increase your COMP, right?

(wow i typed a lot... do... do i legitimately care about this quest???)
No. 99105 ID: f427de

Welcome to Tgchan, we make porn quests plot quests and vice versa
No. 99108 ID: 3e182c

o..o I don't think I've ever followed instructions when voting.

Its kinda a gamble. Sometimes I'm ignored. Sometimes cool shit happens.
Sometimes stuff happens and I'm not certain if I was part of the cool shit or not but am satisfied anyway.

In anycase, Slinko here does this so well that I never feel the need to do what he tells us to do.

That's a good thing, Right?
No. 99110 ID: 395c02
File 146056203546.png - (561.72KB , 700x600 , I fear not your kind.png )

ain't that the truth.

I hope so??

Some of you seem kinda new! And while the focus lately is largely on Dragon Romance, if you are in fact reading Slissa Quest and enjoying that one, I just want to mention that there is a prequel of sorts that might help give some bits of context for some things if you haven't read it. It's also a quest I'm pretty proud of.

It's here: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/505569.html
No. 99115 ID: 99a64d

>If they provide a good reason for why they're choosing more, or explain how one can lead to another, I'll tick the extra things.
Oh, then we should be fine, I think people kinda do that naturally

>(wow i typed a lot... do... do i legitimately care about this quest???)
I sure hope so, because I know I do! If anything it'll at least be remembered as an interesting experiment in tgchan child-rearing.

I will be reading this with much enthusiasm.
No. 99129 ID: f0e552

So, Slinko, why do you like putting little tendrils on everything?
No. 99130 ID: 59a537

Little tendrils are the most magical of appendages.
No. 99131 ID: f0e552

Also i just read 'the creator' and i'm glad I did, it certainly gives context and now i'm really excited for more updates of the quests.
No. 99139 ID: 395c02

They're easy and fun to draw! In general I feel the most bogged down when doing lineart stuff, so the Creator's lack of any made it a pretty enjoyable character to draw. (I mean it's literally my fluff/hair method expanded and you know i love fluff)

It's also why slissa quest doesn't often have line-art backgrounds. I hate drawing backgrounds in general but doing it in line-art is its own special level of slinko-hell.

I'm really glad you enjoyed it!!

Creator was a test-bed for Slissa in a way Tezakia was supposed to be but ended up not being :x

At that point, aside from my original quest, everything I did was goofy and comedic. Creator was me trying to see how it'd go if I tried to tell a serious, thoughtful story.

Now, slissa is obviously sillier than Creator, but there's some pretty heavy stuff in its future that I now feel much more confident tackling.
No. 99141 ID: 395c02
File 146067783133.png - (150.26KB , 800x600 , Capture38.png )

Time to tally votes!
No. 99142 ID: 395c02

haha sorry for spam but one more thing:


in some cases I will in fact make an assumption. In this case +1 vote for MEET and +1 vote for DRAGON FORM!
No. 99144 ID: 6e2dec

yes that was the plan
No. 99147 ID: 2ee598

No. 99156 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, wait a minute! That was a fake beak! You're not actually a bird! You're a phony! Hey everybody! Slinko is a phony! A big fat phony!
No. 99157 ID: 395c02

wow that update sure took whatever the time difference between this post and my previous post to write and draw

it was very hard to write this and i'm sorry if it sucks ;-;

N-no! It-- uh--



No. 99159 ID: f0e552

what even is that on your head? a sombrero? turban? egg? combination of the three?
No. 99160 ID: c66656

No. 99161 ID: 595d54

No. 99164 ID: 395c02
File 146075987354.png - (65.00KB , 600x600 , typoketza.png )

Look you just gotta try a little harder OK?
No. 99178 ID: 395c02
File 146078168217.png - (78.01KB , 649x475 , fro.png )

I think it might be a basketball...?

i should cut my hair

Look if i literally am a bird or ketza then i have a fursona and we can't have that!!!!
No. 99179 ID: ce9fab

Oh no a furry on TGchan what a scandal.
No. 99180 ID: 395c02

I mean, if you want people to keep thinking you're literally Chei...
No. 99184 ID: 5ad4a7

Is having a fursona worse than having a persona who wears the bird equivalent of cat ears?
No. 99200 ID: f562b1

Hey, Trout has a fursona. Two of them, even. He's still a human and identifies as such though. Sometimes it's less about believing you are something, and more that it's easier or more fun to draw yourself as that something.
No. 99207 ID: 395c02

I KNOW, RIGHT!?!?!?!?

I-I'm not literally chei! (oh no that's something chei would say)



oh no is this how the reign of slinkoactualbird happens
No. 99212 ID: 5ad4a7

what if the persona is a human wearing a birdsuit
No. 99235 ID: 395c02

Slinkobird best birb
No. 99314 ID: 395c02
File SQ_Feelings.swf - (6.30MB , 900x600 )

I spent 4 days doing nothing but drawing. Aside from switching to dragon romance for a bit yesterday, my week has been filled with sad slissas and my hand is about to fall off.

It took 4 hours to get a passable (not great) video on youtube, and this might be the last thing I make using my old flash 8 program.

Next time you want to laugh at MSPA or whatever for not having much animation, I want you to remember: animaton is fucking hard.

4 days for what amounts to about 20 images. There's a reason I'm going to stop shading the quest once they leave the caves!

If you want to see a nice crisp flash version, I'll include it here. Say hello and maybe goodbye to the Tezakia loader!
No. 99319 ID: f6442a

>4 days
>20 images
>current date
No. 99323 ID: 395c02
File 146120110326.png - (97.54KB , 800x600 , i dont actually do drugs.png )

Haha, what a coincidence!

man, like... what if I did make a bird fursona, man?

Or, like... a ketza? I should like, make a strawpoll and then end up doing what I want regardless of what wins, man.
No. 99324 ID: 395c02
File 146120129957.png - (97.41KB , 800x600 , i dont actually do drugs.png )

Hehehe, wait, I'm right handed.

i promise i'm not actually high
No. 99325 ID: 5ad4a7

Slinko, you gotta tape your hand on again.
No. 99326 ID: 91ee5f

No. 99330 ID: 5042bf
File 146121018593.png - (116.09KB , 1152x648 , Slinkobrb.png )


Squawk Squawk Squawk
No. 99448 ID: 395c02
File 146168537896.png - (43.54KB , 469x338 , you slissad.png )



and after that, a slissa update???
No. 99673 ID: 395c02
File 146283358502.png - (212.30KB , 763x648 , Capture39.png )

So it took over two hours to tally the votes, and I'm not sure I even counted right. TGCHAN also suffered a DDOS and spam attack, making links to posts no show the post in question when hovered over.

As such, I'm simplifying the vote system so i don't just die when we approach 100 suggestions oh my god what's even going on

Also, I know some of you want to do 500 things at once, but the point of dragon romance is I don't kill myself doing giant 10 image updates that handle a lot at once

So if a thing fails to happen, it might mean I intend to go into it later. Just try to keep it in mind for next time.
No. 99674 ID: 91ee5f

>Approach 100 suggestions oh my god what's even going on?

You made a popular quest that everyone enjoys, that's what's going on!
No. 99678 ID: f6442a

Capture 39? Is this a picture of a captured leprechaun?
No. 99687 ID: 3e182c

Is it a Slinkocon?'
A Leprislink?
No. 99688 ID: 395c02

No. 99725 ID: 1f601d

uh oh, a lust tilde bar in the date!

Are we 18 yet?
No. 99726 ID: 5ad4a7

I suspect the tilde bar won't be able to get very high in this date.
No. 99727 ID: e89427

I google searched these here glaucomas, Slinko.

Are the wings part of Skif's biology or not?
No. 99739 ID: 395c02

Consider this the tutorial level.

The wings seem to be part of their biology. He can't actually take them off unless some godlike being allows it by forgetting to draw them.


My computer exploded a little, DR paused for a day or two. Sorry!
No. 99745 ID: 4e9864

Would you find it helpful if someone tallied and summarized the responses after a certain amount of time (either in the main thread or in this discussion thread)?
No. 99748 ID: 395c02

That'd be super helpful ! Especially when there's a whole whole lot going on
No. 99749 ID: 4e9864

OK, I'll try to do that when I can. (I'm the same person who did that in the past thread.)

What's the approximate amount of time you want to wait after a post before getting a summary?
No. 99750 ID: 395c02

in a perfect world I update every two days ( ;-; ) but I tend to do so towards the afternoon...

so earlier on that second day would be a prime time to to so

Of course, even if the votes were tallied at the halfway point, that's 50% less brain I have to break counting numbers and not losing my spot oh god don't lose your place oh i guess i'll start over
No. 99757 ID: 395c02


Okay. The computer is almost done being restored. This train gets moving again tomorrow!
No. 99762 ID: f0e552

so like how did you fuck up your computer slinkonerd?
No. 99776 ID: 91ee5f

Basically, Venji got mad that her quest is now a "Dead Quest" and she broke Slinko's computer in a fit a rage.

And that's the story of how Venji got her Re-Venji-ance! (I'm not sorry! XD)
No. 99890 ID: 395c02
File 146397033580.png - (116.91KB , 700x600 , 21.png )

Trout and Lawyerdog said to post links to my patreon everywhere because i made it hard to find oops

here you go https://www.patreon.com/Slinketza?ty=h

look i have a patreon how neato
No. 99891 ID: 3e182c

Hey! It's Speeple!
Giving us the Double Speeps?
No. 99892 ID: 4854ef

But it's right there in the beginning of the thread already?

Also I'd suggest doing like Lagotrope does and add it to your quest beginnings as well. You honestly deserve to advertise a bit man.
No. 99994 ID: 395c02


don't vote like this, it won't be counted. I have a hard time not losing my place, and I'm not going to scroll back up to figure out what you intended. Always quote or paraphrase the options in bold
No. 99996 ID: 395c02
File 146439736033.png - (107.20KB , 800x600 , 66.png )

WHILE I'M HERE. Some of you seem to want to do things that would slow the story down a whole lot in order to have me explain things, which always seemed like a bad idea (people often complain about "plot dumps")

But there's no way to explain the ritual stuff AND dragon stuff AND life-magic stuff in a way that gives you something to vote on every update but also isn't a giant plot dump.

Truly it is a challenge even the greatest writers struggle to solve.

So, have a bonus vote.

HOW MUCH PLOT SHOULD I DUMP IN THE NEXT UPDATE http://www.strawpoll.me/10328287
No. 99997 ID: a075ba

>would you like some plot with your porn
>yes please!
No. 100003 ID: e89427

We don't want a premature ejaculation.

Or any at all.

Slinko pls.
No. 100009 ID: a22f87

do you mean don't vote with green text or don't throw random ++ into votes? Cause I can stop with the green text.
No. 100010 ID: a22f87

well if you want to give details about the world without dropping plot dumps in quest you could always just link something in your quest and write out the plot here or somewhere else so as to keep the quest moving smoothly.

I'm just giving my 2 cents on the mater, you can just ignore me if you don't want to do something like that.
No. 100011 ID: a075ba

I think he means don't vote with just +++ options divorced from the actual actions.
No. 100013 ID: 395c02
File 146446186264.png - (4.13KB , 360x219 , DR votes.png )

What'd I do?????

Voting for stats is what I mean. I write down the votes in short form based on action, and I don't often remember which stat went to which action.

The weird thing is, DR's world is the least complex of the four 'slinkoworlds' (Tezakia, Slissa, whatever it is Venji inhabits are the others). Granted, most of Tezakia's complexity came in the years after the quest ran.

It's just much harder to sprinkle out the world plot because we're speeding past childhood at a rapid pace and most of my words need to go to keeping things moving along (thread 2 isn't even NSFW, is it?)

I don't really like the idea of posting a bunch of bonus content off to the side as semi-required reading-- a quest should contain all the information you need to make a decision.

But the rapid paced childhood is almost over so maybe it'll be fine if I slow down and explain wtf is going on in a little more detail.
No. 100015 ID: 4e9864

I voted in the strawpoll, but I wanted to elaborate further.

In general I think it makes sense to ration out some of the details as the plot develops. But we've definitely steered Ceridwyn into a thoughtful, conscientious dragon; the kind that values and hoards knowledge (among other things). And you've built a fascinating world for her, with interesting depth, mysteries, fun and nuanced characters, and opportunities for meaningful, potentially life-altering choices. Finally, we're about to go through what may be one of the last major time-skips in the quest, and it looks like we're going to spend most of it gathering information.

It looks like the players in this quest are the type that like to explore all the dialogue trees, background, and other material. Personally, I love researching this kind of information in a quest (or in a tabletop RPG), both because I love seeing the bigger picture of the world, and because it makes for richer possibilities in the future; we may well reference it later to consider our options and come up with new ones.

Given all that, I think it makes sense to spend some time answering questions and providing the results of our research at this point. You don't necessarily need to write all of it in advance (especially if you're still developing much of it) or dump it all into a few posts. Instead, if it's easier for you, you might turn it into a Q&A format. We've asked some fairly specific questions in the thread; you could quote and answer them, and respond to follow-up questions that the answers lead to. If there's something significant and relevant that we didn't think to ask, you could add that if it makes sense for us to have encountered it naturally (for instance, if any decent research into the topic would have turned it up), but otherwise if we didn't think to ask a question then the answer doesn't need to exist yet.

For that matter, if it helps, the Q&A doesn't necessarily need to have an image with every post; it seems fine to have a few "montage" images for "conversations with Ceridwyn and Skif", or "Ceridwyn and Skif at the library". That would make it easier to do some back-and-forth.

Most of the good quests (and tabletop RPGs) I've participated in occasionally get to a point where the players can seek a large amount of information at once; that tends to happen whenever there's an opportunity to talk to someone who knows significant information that we don't, or to read or research information in a directed fashion about a topic we don't know much about. It seems fairly normal that a conversation-heavy segment may turn into Q&A. That won't turn the whole quest into a plot dump, or even this section; you've done some fascinating worldbuilding here, and we'd like to go poking around in it.

Thanks again for a fun quest!
No. 100017 ID: 4e9864

When I'm putting together the tallies, I tend to grab the whole choice line from your original post, including any hints at stat changes, for exactly that reason.

That said, I think there's a more important reason to avoid voting using stats rather than choice descriptions: we're roleplaying here, not rollplaying.

You suggested a while back that you'd stop mentioning exact stat changes for each option; you might want to go ahead and do that, and we can just see how our choices play out after the fact. That would also give you more flexibility, because we tend to supply write-ins for extra flavor, dialogue, or variations on the choices, as well as entirely new ideas; you might decide that our particular approach to a situation or twist on a choice you offered warrants a different stat change.
No. 100021 ID: 3e182c

Huh. And here I thought this was the same world as Slissa Quest, only displaced in location and time.
No. 100023 ID: 395c02
File 146455560798.png - (24.79KB , 192x223 , egsgryphon.png )

>And you've built a fascinating world for her, with interesting depth, mysteries, fun and nuanced characters, and opportunities for meaningful, potentially life-altering choices
(see image)

>Instead, if it's easier for you, you might turn it into a Q&A format
We have a thread on /dis/ specifically for this, but... I dunno. Yeah, I guess I could devote a couple updates to just information and reactions to information, without the constant pressure of moving a plot along. Indeed this might be less of a time skip and more of an actual 'montage' of information!

Those tallies got rather important this time around! My own counting lead to a tie (I'm not good at counting!), and when faced with doing a complete recount vs just using the tally and counting the posts after it...

The quest is similar to Venji, in that it's sort of a hodgepodge of random elements from other worlds. The main difference is Venji had elements from other quests, but DR is going to be mostly slinkostuff(.../typostuff??)

Of course, there's two reward tiers on my patreon that let people insert their own characters, so the quest could become quite a melting pot indeed.

Slissa and Tezakia have very specific ways that magic works, but DR is playing more loosey-goosey with it.
No. 100026 ID: a22f87

what the hell is that pick from?
No. 100027 ID: 4854ef

El Goonish Shive.
No. 100037 ID: 93244f
File 146474710829.png - (130.44KB , 800x600 , burning sensation.png )

I'm too late to make this joke but

this is like my 20th attempt to upload this why won't it work
No. 100043 ID: 398fe1

Is there a reason pangolin form was chosen for Ceri's experimentation? Like is there something special about their reproductive systems?
No. 100047 ID: 395c02

(i wanted to draw a pangolin)
No. 100048 ID: 398fe1

A good excuse.
No. 100075 ID: 395c02
File 146500912048.png - (147.90KB , 700x600 , 73.png )

>Focus today on talking with your parents, and finding 'E'.

No. 100079 ID: f0e552

lmao slinko, wasting no time getting to the nsfw part of this entire quest. I didn't expect it considering the rest of the quest managed to deftly avoid it, and then BOOM
No. 100082 ID: 91ee5f

Damnit, you beat me to a joke about Amiel's hatred of the letter E! DX
No. 100100 ID: 398fe1

I... wonder how the parental talk would go.

"Mom, dad, I'm gonna be a real dragon AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME!!!!"
No. 100102 ID: 395c02

look i'm not that big a troll that i'd make a porn quest wherein the protagonist is never ever seen naked

.... and that's not because i hadn't thought of it until just now!!
No. 100137 ID: 18b95e

Oh my god it all makes perfect sense now, we are Amiel cross dimensional time warphole dancestor clone!
No. 100169 ID: 398fe1

Slinko, are we ever going to stop gaining stats? I thought it was going to stop after Ceri grew up.

Or is this because she still has more growing to do?
No. 100174 ID: f0e552

I actually thought that stats grew so fast because they were gonna go extremely slowly after adulthood. That would make sense as to not make Ceri OP. But idk what slinko would do.
No. 100185 ID: 8ca51b

Slinko... What the fuck is with the breasts? Like do dragons lay eggs and then nurse their young? Or was the snake such a pervert as to figure out a spell to turn her into the one kind of lizard with breasts?
No. 100187 ID: 2a7417

If you go back one thread, you'll find the story deals with this very topic.
No. 100195 ID: 395c02
File 146533736186.png - (133.68KB , 800x600 , stats.png )

Did you stop learning and growing the second you turned 18?

For most people, the answer is no. Stats will go up till the cows come home, but their growth is much slower now and much fewer decisions will have stat changes attached. (The main problem right now is if I attach statups to a single choice, people will likely pick that choice over anything else... or maybe I'm overly worried?)

Besides, do you really want to keep her stats as-is with that pitiful level of D? And that pretty bad level of APPEAL?


See thread one

Short answer: It's very probable the snake goofed
No. 100197 ID: 9b0157

If you care about audience opinion: I think that stat ups that represent our physicality should grow extremely slowly, however I feel that magic is learnt (albeit slowly) with study and practice, while the D stat and Appeal stat do not represent our physical being, but instead our mannerisms and mental state. Therefore, they should change roughly more or less the same as the magic stats with practice and experience.

With the stat ups, I say that you declare in the thread that Ceri can't work with stat ups in mind anymore, and you should instead divvy up stats when you feel that it is proper, and dont particularly assign any actions with any stat ups. As (I think?) you said, story mainly comes first, so stats should totally piggyback off of that.

So yeah.
No. 100198 ID: 9b0157

Also by 'physicality' I mean Vigor, Mind and Speed, which are stats that people in real life can only change with dedicated training and determination. But you learn new things and become more skilled every day. (Appeal, D, Magic stats)
No. 100199 ID: d3fdbc


Well, in the case of Appeal specifically, one would expect it to only start really going up during her college years equivalent.
No. 100205 ID: 395c02

This all makes sense to me. I guess I also have to wean myself off of statups all the time and make actual points where people can go "hey let's train at the gym and hit on the equipment", leaving plot decisions largely unstatted.

And yeah, I guess this WOULD be the age to be raising appeal, so maybe it's ok it's low for now :x

That D tho. That D's gotta happen. This quest is so lacking in D.

No. 100234 ID: 3e182c

>or maybe I'm overly worried?
No you are perfectly worried CONTINUE BEING WORRIED

Also I think I've noticed something.

Self gets raised when were an asshole Selfish.
D seems to get raised when we act Self Important.

Are D and SELF related stat wise?

And will we have to subsume Ceri's Mind With Megalomaniacal Delusions of Grandeur to fully unlock the D?

...Because that sounds fun.
No. 100258 ID: 395c02

They are not directly related!

One can be self-important while still being selfless... oddly enough Tayza might be the best example of this. She pretty much DR. Cox's everyone into shape while still kind of believing in them.

on the other end is someone like Venji, who's all about her own importance and awesomeness without giving many cares about those around her.

It's kind of hard to see someone who turned out as selfless and nice as Ceridwen turning into an actual villainess... I feel like you guys kind of missed the bote boat on evil town population dragon.

Maybe she could turn into an anti-villain? Like an antihero except the other way around.
No. 100259 ID: 4854ef

Who knows, maybe some sudden events will happen and then suddenly "THE WORLD DESERVES IT'S DRAGONESS OVERLORD OF LOVE/LUST"
No. 100262 ID: 395c02

About that...
No. 100290 ID: 3e182c

> anti-villain?
That sounds awesome.

All this Plot breaking speak in thread reminds me of a question...

Ceri's Adoptive Father (Sheriim, was it?). Whats up with him.
Cabinets full of Guns and Weapons.
Understanding and capability to break the 4th wall.
Proclivity for kinky sex.

What was he in the past?
Wielder of the DM lightning?
Bounty Hunting Meta-mancer?
This universe's Deadpool?

And what manner of insidious creature is this Myra, Who is somehow able to constrain and control him?
No. 100291 ID: 4e9864

>Maybe she could turn into an anti-villain? Like an antihero except the other way around.

No. 100293 ID: 4e9864

I'd agree with this. Dole out stat-ups whenever you feel like Ceri has trained/exercised one, but don't label options with them anymore.
No. 100294 ID: 4e9864

At a few points in the story, there have been a few questions about the tech level of this world that have gone unanswered. Where is this world on the spectrum from medieval to modern? Or does the world run on Sufficiently Advanced Magic instead of technology?

Related to that, is there such a thing as a Sending spell?

In this case, I'm asking because the current choice has a mention of "Send Skif a message"; what form would that message take?
No. 100315 ID: b6eeac

After talking with Slinko, I believe the setting for Dragon Quest is roughly a modern-ish MagiTech-based setting, with a slightly different basis of what is or isn't useful and what sorts of technologies and magics dominate society, politics, economics, military, etc.

It does seem to be a modern first world country, in that it has suburbs and a middle class that could only exist if certain criteria are met.... Though the exact tech/magic/magitech mix seems unclear.
No. 100319 ID: 395c02

It's kept vague because I'm not 100% sure where I want it yet. After thread two, I'll likely spend some time building up the world in preparation for when things spread out.
No. 100463 ID: 395c02

I'm currently doing the Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Fiesta charity event, so updates will be delayed. I'll try to get one up soon!
No. 100611 ID: 4e9864

>"Oh, hi Mr. and Mrs. Fonzarelli!"

>Skif's last name is strange, almost as if it was made up on the spot, but it's the name they gave you and you're going to assume it's real for now.


> What's a writer to do when a minor character that they created for a show suddenly becomes much more popular than the other members of the cast? Why, re-write them as a main character of course!

How much of the "dragon rider" stuff did you have before Skif became a major focus?
No. 100616 ID: 395c02
File 146650468496.png - (143.84KB , 700x600 , 19 im a furry artist not a president artist.png )

none, but not for silly reasons like fonzie tropes~

the name exists for the same reason "Magic Johnson" is the name of the magic tentacle beast in this thread's OP image (no, no, the one on the right).

Skif is not a character of my creating, he is a character added via my Patreon, and his owner suggested that last name

Suggest goofy names and I will use them. Such is my way, such is my calling.
No. 100681 ID: 395c02

The astute of you might have noticed a dramatic drop in art quality in recent updates. The reason is that I haven't had a good night's sleep in weeks and it became quite torturous to do the quest, on top of the fiesta and such.

So Dragon Romance is paused for a bit while I try out some sleeping pills and recover from this mess of "OWE MY EYES AND BRAIN AND BRAIN EYES"

hopefully the pills mean I can get back in action in a couple days.
No. 100682 ID: f0e552

Go ahead and take a break if you want/need it. I think most questers prefer quality over quantity, on top of it simply not being good to rush yourself.
No. 101039 ID: 4e9864

Welcome back, Slinko!
No. 101041 ID: 4e9864

Random quest question: about how fast does Ceridwen regenerate MP?

For instance, for the amount of MP burned in https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/src/146715657754.png , about how long would that take to regenerate?

Asking because that could help determine how often we use magic. If we regenerate it reasonably quickly, then it makes sense for us to use it frequently even for minor amusements. If it takes the better part of a day to regenerate our MP, then we may want to use it more judiciously.

(Also, for this kind of question, would you prefer the /quest/ thread or this /questdis/ thread?)
No. 101042 ID: a075ba

>Random quest question: about how fast does Ceridwen regenerate MP?
As fast as the plot requires.
No. 101043 ID: 4e9864

I'm sure that's the right general rule, yes. A rough order-of-magnitude concept would be helpful to guide decisions, though. Ceri would probably know from personal experience about how long she usually needs to recover from casting a spell.
No. 101046 ID: 395c02

>Random quest question: about how fast does Ceridwen regenerate MP?
Every 2.15 minutes she regenerates 1.43--

>As fast as the plot requires.
W-what no! O-of course not!

once again slinko with the SAVE.

Basically it depends what she's doing. Sleeping 8 hours fills it to full, of course (of course!), naps also give increased regen, as does eating.

It is slowed by physical activity, like running around or things that may or may not involve tildes. It's sort of the Tezakia system where magic is a "muscle" that can "tire out" and needs to absorb energy from your body to recover. If she over-exerts herself to 0, her MP regen is greatly slowed until she sleeps.

If she's just standing there, not moving, eating, or sleeping, she can regen about 30% of her current max every day. This might be subject to change if I add numbers.

Speaking of which!

The stats and mechanics are a thing that are turning out to be way more important than they're meant to be (since when did Venji actually use all her points in bird???), which means I actually have to consider attaching numbers to them.

The problem with this, and the reason I hate doing it, is I'm Very Bad at math. And some of you guys are Insanely Good at math. If I make numbers and actual mechanics, you WILL find a way to break it in ways I couldn't even begin to fathom. So long as it's kept vague, I can at least make up a reason why X action doesn't actually work.

However, since Dragon Romance is a little less flexible than usual due to its Choice Vote system, maybe it will actually be fine...

Maybe you guys can voice an opinion on NUMBERS vs EASY PEASY VAGUENESS? If I do decide to start attaching real numbers to things, it'll likely wait for thread 3, when the quest opens up a bit more.
No. 101047 ID: 4e9864

I'd absolutely agree that this shouldn't have any hard numbers. Much like in a tabletop RPG, finding and exploiting a loophole isn't generally fun for everyone. And there's little else to be gained from precise figures here. The fuzziness also leaves more room for you to allow unusual and creative things as you see fit. ("That sounds fun, sure, let's go with that.")

The same thing goes for the rest of the stats. I think the current level of importance attached to them is OK (now that you no longer mention possible stat changes with every choice). I don't think attempting to precisely quantify stats like Dragon or Mind any more than your current fun spirals makes sense. They just give you room to consider proposed courses of action and say "sure, that's reasonable" or "Ceri is unlikely to be able to pull that off".

For instance, with how we've raised Ceridwen to have a high Mind and low Vigor and Speed, it's reasonable to think she could come up with creative ways to use portals, win at a game of strategy or reasoning, carefully have a conversation without giving away a secret, or come up with a clever scheme to gain power and influence. It's not so reasonable to think she could outrun an athletic pursuer on flat ground, free-climb up a mountain, travel cross-country at a fast pace for 16-hour days, or take on a group of fighters head-on without pulling any tricks; if we tried to suggest things like those, you'd either tell us that Ceridwen isn't capable of it, or let us try and most likely fail. If we're in a situation like those, we'd have to come up with some other solution instead.

A Ceridwen from an alternate universe could have been a skilled warrior who thinks three-on-one head-on fights are a fun challenge but not so fair for the three, but that Ceridwen wouldn't have been able to get away with some of the things we've done.

So please do keep stats at about the current degree of vagueness; more precision would just make things more complicated, both for us and for you. (You might even consider renaming "MP" and "HP" to just "Magic" and "Health", to avoid suggesting they have "points".)

The only reason I'm asking about her rate of magic regeneration is to get a rough idea of how to evaluate and discuss ideas like "let's randomly use some magic for something amusing", and comments like "do we want to use MP on a game?".

The premise you suggested where magic regenerates non-linearly, with smaller amounts regenerating quickly and larger amounts straining us and taking longer to regenerate, makes perfect sense; I like the idea of magic working more like a muscle, and it's an approach that isn't used nearly as often. (That also might allow for the idea of adrenaline in an emergency situation, and would suggest that working out with our magic to its limit would be the right way to train ourselves to have a higher capacity.)

And that's a system that would be hard to put precise numbers to, but that's reasonably easy to hand-wave; I'd leave out even the numbers you mentioned in your post, because that might vary depending on how Ceri has used her magic, and how much she's strained herself. Lifting a 2-kilo weight 100 times doesn't require anywhere near as much strain as lifting a 200-kilo weight once. And a single burst is quite different than long-duration endurance. (More "precise" magic systems have to add things like "cantrips" to approximate things like this.)

The analogy to a muscle also gives some good rough ideas about how to think about using magic for random things. Does the following roughly correspond to the model you have in mind?

If we're doing something that seems like it ought to be trivial (for instance, polymorphing a funny face for a moment, or making a brief small portal that doesn't move anything but sound and light), we can probably recover that almost immediately, as long as we don't want to do it for a long time without stopping; so, quick gags when we're not already "tired" don't need us to worry about magic usage. Doing something major (like a portal across town for two people) or high-endurance (like maintaining a major polymorph for a while, especially one with a physical, non-cosmetic component) isn't something we should plan on doing many times per day, just like we wouldn't expect to maintain a fast running pace for a long time. (More so if we're doing something physically active at the same time; physical activity with a polymorph on might be like running with ankle weights, though it's possible the polymorph would also be making the physical activity easier for us in ways that compensate.) And if we do something that takes all the magical strength we've got, we're not only going to need to cool it for the rest of the day, we'll probably go to bed exhausted and want some extra sleep (an early night or a late morning).

Does that sound about right to you?
No. 101049 ID: 4e9864

> However, since Dragon Romance is a little less flexible than usual due to its Choice Vote system,

Was that by design, or did it end up a little less flexible than you'd prefer?
No. 101051 ID: 3e182c

What if you added invisible numbers?
Like, numbers you had, but that we never saw.
That way you could have some concrete way of maintaining consistency and difficulty, but we'd be forced to continue choosing our actions
In the real world our limitations are governed by the hard numbers of physics, but we don't know the numbers, only a general feel of things. I think a system like this would feel very natural.
No. 101099 ID: 395c02

Hey so since I can't find my own dis thread, it's probably years out of date anyway, and Slinko is doing the art for it, I thought I'd just mention it here that Hugs Quest Gaiden is back!

No. 101111 ID: 395c02
File 146781334656.png - (133.68KB , 800x600 , stats.png )

Seems about right.

I wish I had more to add, but sometimes I don't!

By... circumstance?

The Choice Vote system has been used in other quests before, but they always seemed too inflexible to me. But I'm not a person who won't try something at least once to see how it is. usually. sometimes.

And it turned out to be a rather good way to handle how absurdly popular Dragon Romance became for a minute or two there. I couldn't even imagine going through so many suggestions on a more vague "what do we do now?" system!

Even without hard numbers, I do something similar to this by figuring roughly how many pixels change when something happens with the stats.

The stats other than D are designed how they are (visually) to compensate for how bad I tend to be at figuring out what a 'max value" should be. The bars can 'overflow' kingdom hearts style, which will usually come up for HP/MP or if transformed, but if a base stat somehow gushes outside the graphic, there's a system in place for it.
No. 101114 ID: 395c02

(also HP and MP takes up less space than "health" or "magical capabilities" hence their usage)
No. 101115 ID: 4e9864

Does that mean we're getting more stats off to the right of HP/MP in the extra room?
No. 101117 ID: 4e9864

> Seems about right.

Thanks! That helps a lot.

> The stats other than D are designed how they are (visually) to compensate for how bad I tend to be at figuring out what a 'max value" should be.

Good idea. Most of these stats shouldn't even have a max value, especially in a world where magic is possible.

> And it turned out to be a rather good way to handle how absurdly popular Dragon Romance became for a minute or two there. I couldn't even imagine going through so many suggestions on a more vague "what do we do now?" system!

Providing suggested choices while still allowing write-ins seems reasonably flexible; we've ended up doing things other than the choices offered often enough.
No. 101167 ID: 395c02

Partly, since I can't predict what'll end up happening.

Partly because...

At the risk of sounding lewd, the HP and MP stats are set up so they have a lot of room to grow.



I also take the stat icons and throw them in updates, as you may have noticed. They're already kind of bigger than I'd like, really...

Sometimes people have better ideas than I do <:3
No. 101269 ID: db0da2
File 146802928021.gif - (719.90KB , 300x202 , spiral power.gif )

Manly Fighting Spirit stat when?
No. 101271 ID: c441c1

Oh no we can't become a dragon or we might sommon the anti-spiral with all that new power
No. 101274 ID: 91ee5f

But what if we need to pierce the heavens?
No. 101275 ID: c441c1

But we have no drill!!!
No. 101276 ID: 91ee5f

Fighting Spirit is so Manly that it can't be contained to only a drill. Anything can be used for piercing!
No. 101280 ID: c441c1

We can use the ~~~~~~ to pierce the heavens.
No. 101291 ID: eb959a

No. 101295 ID: 4854ef

Unrelated to the Lewd Heavens, I'm glad Hugs Quest Gaiden is back!
No. 101297 ID: 91ee5f

This guy's got the right idea!

Me too!
No. 101298 ID: c441c1

INB4 Skif dies in a blaze of glory saving us from dragon hunters, leaving us to become a supervillian/anti-hero that is trying to bring the dragons back from the underground.
No. 101335 ID: db0da2

I'd play that. Hell it might even happen, it would definitely fit with the whole "lewd quest with no porn" thing this quest has going.
No. 101344 ID: 395c02

Skif is a patreon character, and is like an NPC in oblivion/skyrim. he can't die, only be knocked unconscious.

>Manly Fighting Spirit stat when?
What do you think D is?
No. 101349 ID: 91ee5f

You fool! You shouldn't have compared him with Skyrim NPCs! Now Skif's knees are going to constantly be targeted by people with bows and arrows! DX
No. 101350 ID: 5ba96f

No one thought that joke was funny five years ago and it still isn't funny.
No. 101361 ID: 1ce6a6

well at least he won't need a safeword with Ceridwen~~~~~~~
No. 101364 ID: 91ee5f

I'm not saying it to be funny. This is a Slinkoboy quest, random things happen in his quests all the time. I said it because it actually could happen.....maybe.

I now feel bad for Skif and I also feel jealous of him.
No. 101512 ID: 395c02
File 146852400123.png - (142.42KB , 800x600 , the height of comedy.png )

Not being funny never stopped me.
No. 101514 ID: 398fe1

Jeez slinko, are you boosting effectiveness of actions based on the percentage of votes or something? I didn't expect the bar to get completely full just from the game.
No. 101516 ID: 1ce6a6

so what are the odds of skif being confined to a wheelchair for a few days after his night with Ceridwen?
No. 101517 ID: 395c02

if DDR doesn't max out your romance bar you're playing DDR wrong.
No. 101518 ID: 6c7a4d

This is my entire writing process
No. 101521 ID: 2e2d71

Zero. He won't be in a wheelchair, he'll be riding around strapped to the back of the dragon.

No matter how inconvenient this gets for him depending on what she's doing.
No. 101715 ID: c441c1

I found Skif and Ceridwen future. Because gym equipment.
No. 101834 ID: 395c02
File 146914618899.png - (88.00KB , 800x600 , oh gosh.png )

Oh geez oh gosh

B-be gentle tgchan we're officially in uncharted territory.
No. 101835 ID: 398fe1

Don't act so innocent, I've seen your FA.
No. 101846 ID: 8a13c1

I love when things I like loop into each other.
No. 101873 ID: e89427

At the rate Skif's wings keep forgetting to exist, they might as well get amputated in a dramatic battle.
No. 101876 ID: 4854ef

Sudden dramatic reveal of the ability to come in and out of the body like Wolverine claws. SNIKT SNIKT SNIKT
No. 101882 ID: e89427

So that's how Skif's going to die, lungs punctured by 6 3-foot long bio-metal blades while a dragon rides his dick like a mechanical bull.
No. 101883 ID: d16536

Well, I mean, when it's such an oddly specific way to die, it's almost guaranteed.
No. 101908 ID: 395c02

>Don't act so innocent, I've seen your FA.


oh gosh

>Skif's wings
They know how much I hate drawing them and offer to make themselves invisible at random so I won't break down crying

Skif's wings are the ultimate bros.
No. 101915 ID: db0da2

Ah, so you're okay with random acts of promiscuity, but true love is too lewd for you. I understand, not everyone can handle tgchan's more extreme fetishes.
No. 101918 ID: 3e182c

You can art without feels?
No. 101921 ID: 395c02

That's not...!

You have to think about it much more when writing! Drawing is more pondering poses and maybe a vague feeling

writing makes you really dig in there and get every detail.
No. 102054 ID: 395c02

feeling kind of ill, expect mild delays :c
No. 102382 ID: 1ce6a6

oh hey slinko it turns out skif's wings actually do something other than annoy you. http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2630516/
No. 102386 ID: 91ee5f

No. 102401 ID: 395c02

They can what????

I'll, uh. Think about if that transfers over or not. Maybe if Ceri has wings they could fly? Places?

Also yay mushy updates.

I'll be taking roughly a week off, to catch up on other obligations and to lessen the feeling of burnout. Typo, who writes Hugs Quest Gaiden, is also going on a trip, so both quests will be paused until then.

I hope you've enjoyed things so far!
No. 102406 ID: 91ee5f

We have enjoyed it. And also congratulations on your first time drawing sex on tgchan in one of your quests!

.....not sure if that's something you feel proud about or even want to be proud about.
No. 102418 ID: 4d196f

No. 102445 ID: 398fe1

>flight achieved via high frequency vibration
I don't think that's physically possible.
No. 102449 ID: 4854ef

If the Flash can physically vibrate himself through walls, these can fly via it.
No. 102451 ID: 91ee5f

That's why Skif is what you'd call a fictional species. Real world logic doesn't need to apply.

Besides, that was written by the creator of Skif's species. So if the creator of a fictional species says they can fly via high frequency vibration, then that means they can fly via high frequency vibration, no questions asked.
No. 102454 ID: 398fe1

GENERALLY fictional species have some reasonable explanation for the things they do. Even if it's "it's magic". This is just a misunderstanding of how vibration affects air and how lift is generated, I think.
No. 102455 ID: 24100f

I dunno, when something is integrated into or adapted for another setting, questions about what works there and why and how seem perfectly valid questions.

And even original works within their original context are not immune to criticism or analysis.

Tgchan: overthinking it.
No. 102866 ID: 395c02

There were a billion words I wanted to type here, but... I'll be concise.

I wanted Slissa Quest to be a really high quality big major oh my god quest, but I just don't have it in me to spend 5-8 hours on each update.

It's more important to have the story told, so Slissa will be simplifying the art in future installments (most notably, dropping the shading). I hope this will make updates more frequent and solve the issue with its glacial pacing.

Here's a very rough plan of my questing in the days ahead:



Fall or winter 2016: RETCON DONE, SLISSA THREAD 2

Then it's slissa and dragon romance until one of them is done! Alongside possible one-shots, and art for TYPO QUESTS.

I'm not sure what I'll do when DR is done (since it is a patreon quest), but I'm sure future me will think of something.

After slissa is done, somewhere in 2018 or even 2019 for the 10th year anniversary, my final questing project... Tezakia Quest 2.
No. 103141 ID: 395c02

Being a semi-retired mod, I'm a little rusty on what some policies are.

So like, should I set all boobs and such to Spoiler, or just images with genitals and sex and stuff?

This might be important, considering the, ah, gimmick of a future character.

I could have dylan do that thing he did with that one quest where the entire thread is set to spoiler until you click on it??
No. 103142 ID: ca23c3


Well, there's no set policy to my knowledge, but the guideline I've followed myself is that softcore (non-sexual/casual nudity, sexual activity left only implied/concealed/off-screen, no blatant "author appeal" focus/close-ups on details) is ok to show, and hardcore (close detail nudity shots, visible boners, graphic sexual activity) should be spoilered.

If you wanted to be a bit safer, you could spoiler any clearly visible genitals as well. But as far as boobs go, I think if you'd be able to see them on a french beach then there should be no problem leaving them exposed on what's basically a kind of art site.
No. 103151 ID: 398fe1

AFAIK porn-related spoilers are entirely optional, but I think most people agree that graphic sexual acts should probably be spoilered.
No. 103215 ID: 141621
File 147251717186.jpg - (112.79KB , 768x1024 , 1472501472155.jpg )

someone edit this to be Ceri. :Vc
No. 103245 ID: 4854ef

Really needed that segment huh.
No. 103248 ID: 395c02

All Venji segments are on the final, so they're very important if you want to get a good grade!
No. 103250 ID: 91ee5f

Plus, Venji just gave you a death threat, so you'd better do it or else she'll dimension hop over to you and beat the shit out of you! And I'm pretty sure you being her artist/creator isn't going to save you!
No. 103251 ID: 395c02

In all seriousness, that update was insanely stressful and made me unhappy. I'll go ahead and explain my choices directly, rather than filtered through Ceri or Venji.

(attempt 6 at shortening this post. You really don't want to see how long it was originally!)

Ceri is my bustiest character by far. By 3 cup sizes I think. Going larger is harder to draw, and I don't personally find it attractive. It's okay from time to time (polymorphing), but I don't want it to be permanent. I made a mistake when I entertained it as an option and I'm sorry.

I don't want to draw lactation in my quest. I'm not comfortable doing so. I made a YUGE mistake in entertaining this as an option. This happens sometimes as I tend to write what I think makes sense for the world and/or the characters, rather than going "Mr. Ilan says it's impossible because I don't want to do it." I ended up having to do this anyway because the milk stuff was making me very unhappy.

Venji's segment is the only part of this update I liked writing (the last image was my favorite to draw, though. shiny~). Everything except her was the result of hours of work cramming a lot of information into as few words as possible. I don't have it in me to draw 10 image updates anymore and I get really uncomfortable if the amount of words per image climbs too high. I feel like I'm turning into Metal Gear Slinko when that happens.

I really hate that the updates I work the hardest one are almost always the ones I feel the worst about. I'm wheetley if he kept doing tests for 4 years after they stopped giving him that feeling of satisfaction upon being solved. I'm just glad the update is done and I can do something else nowadays.
No. 103253 ID: 4854ef

Speaking of which, we aren't going to have Venji pop out again more often are we? I know this is a non-serious quest, but just to see that pop through was a bit much.
No. 103254 ID: 3abd97

You... know you're allowed to ignore the suggestors when they get too crazy. Right? You're not required to do everything they want. Characters can override the readers without 3 panels justifying it. Filters of some kind of another are kind of necessary.

I mean, it's not the first time the collective latched onto a silly idea.
No. 103255 ID: 395c02

She won't. Normally I have a "this is way too silly/dumb" filter, but it was in the shop for repairs.

It'll be back in time for the next update.

I really don't like letting people down :<

If it's any consolation, the hours of editing and the decision to have a higher image count meant the milk stuff didn't get in the way of the plot much.

At least I did say no in the end, I guess. I almost ran the vote, which would have halted the story for 1 or 2 more updates and risked a very miserable slinko.

Milk: Never again.
No. 103256 ID: 141621

>Milk: always
No. 103257 ID: 395c02

No. 103258 ID: c441c1
File 147269483064.jpg - (56.54KB , 500x333 , milk spill.jpg )

No. 103259 ID: c441c1
File 147269485862.jpg - (295.46KB , 1919x895 , milk dragon slinko.jpg )

and another.
No. 103260 ID: 398fe1

You would've let people down either way the vote went. Better to go with what made you happy as well.
No. 103261 ID: 8dda0e

If it helps at all, I wasn't ever interested in the actual lactation stuff as a kink or anything. I truly, sincerely, just wanted... to game the system for scads of cash.


No. 103262 ID: 65d824
File 147270233619.jpg - (38.09KB , 550x550 , tmp_31367-khaled1049517333.jpg )

You seem to have forgotten that tgchan will always, always call your bluff. If tgchan had a strip poker personification it would seize every chance to play out a hand to the bitter end. If you play coy about a milk stat, the collective will zero in on that with laser focus.
No. 103263 ID: 395c02
File 147270346246.png - (74.83KB , 661x600 , 7343.png )

No. 103264 ID: 395c02
File 147270442887.png - (174.30KB , 900x600 , 7344.png )

If this were the only thing I had to deal with, I'd totally have gone for it.
No. 103266 ID: db0da2

I kinda feel bad, seeing as I'm the one who first brought up the milk stat, but y'know what? Fuck it. I have no regrets. I pushed for something I believed in, and even if it didn't work out, I still did my part for the noble big milky titties cause. What else could i have done? don't actually answer that :V
No. 103267 ID: 395c02
File 147270506644.png - (64.86KB , 533x600 , 7345.png )

The ironic part is I should be saying this to someone else. I've been doing this since 2009. I know this stuff.

Could it have been a momentary lapse in judgement?

No way. Clearly the most likely scenario is that I've gone back in time!!

Oh man! I have my youth back!

Now I can George Lucas Tezakia quest! Maybe lians have FOUR nipples now!!!



Okay back. It turns out if you do that, people tease you for 3 years because clearly you have a multiboob fetish

so i changed it back.

lessons learned: 0
No. 103268 ID: 395c02
File 147270708692.png - (84.38KB , 800x600 , cheh.png )

I should stress that I'm not mad at anyone or anything! I don't want anyone feeling bad because of my own mistake!

Most of you had no way of knowing that this MILK stuff was a somewhat sore spot of mine (I could tell the story if you're interested I guess, but I'm going to assume not for now :X)

I'm already feeling better about it all. It sounds like the actual important plot stuff was at least passable, and that's the part I worked the hardest on (and the part that actually carries over into future updates).

...and... who knows. I might eventually become more comfortable with this kind of stuff (LESSONS LEARNED: -1). Silly as it sounds, I'm still getting used to the idea of running an explicitly lewd quest. Baby steps.

It's just really hard to shake that voice saying "If you allow this, it'll be 5 years of SLINKO HAS A LACTATION FETISH!!!!!!!!!! jokes". nevermind that the femdom one was kinda true er i mean nevermind that stop reading this abort abort
No. 103269 ID: 595d54

>could tell the story if you're interested I guess, but I'm going to assume not for now :X)
Mate this is an imageboard, of course everyone's curious now that you mentioned it.

And yeah, I don't blame you for being leery, sometimes collectives don't really know when to let go.
No. 103271 ID: f562b1

>Metal Gear Slinko
Sounds fun! I like Metal Gear Solid. And I really hope Konami comes to realize Survivor is a bad idea
Personally, I like all the story they throw into it. If you really want to give people an option to "Skip cutscene" just put it in colored text or something.
>It turns out if you do that, people tease you for 3 years because clearly you have a multiboob fetish
People tease you for literally everything.
>(I could tell the story if you're interested I guess, but I'm going to assume not for now :X)
Son, I've been asking ever since the egg portion where you first brought it up, but then you said "There's no way this will be remembered, and meta knowledge will be ignored" so I figured you just didn't want to talk about it and stopped asking.
No. 103273 ID: 91ee5f

>nevermind that the femdom one was kinda true er i mean nevermind that stop reading this abort abort
I actually believe that. Especially since most of your female characters are dominant and very few of your male characters can say, "No." to the females and not get beaten up for that.

>And yeah, I don't blame you for being leery, sometimes collectives don't really know when to let go.
What's that? Play that one song from Frozen? Ok!
No. 103274 ID: 826ed5

hey you're the one running the show, you get to call shots like this. (it never made sense, but lewdness has a power that removes the sense from many)
No. 103275 ID: f0e552

Ah, slinko, The MAIN reason people read this story is because it's interesting, entertaining to read, ALSO it's a slinko story (plus some people who only read for the porn but who even does that) so I wouldn't be concered, plot is a-ok. As for the milk stat, lots of people probably voted for it because it got bandwagoned and the milkvoters jumped on because it would be so ridiculous for ceri to have a milk stat on a statboard filled with legitimate stats, therefore rule of funny. If anything, I think people were just voting for her to have bigger tits. :P

Such is what happens when a quest has goofy moments and serious moments interspliced.
No. 103276 ID: f0e552

Though I must say, it was pretty unlucky to have suggesters rave over whether there should be a milk stat when Ceri was just surprised by something saddening or scary.
No. 103277 ID: 4854ef

Or people just might've thought it'd be interesting.. And a bit funny.
No. 103278 ID: f0e552
File 147272687432.png - (897B , 16x16 , wejustdontknow.png )

mm, yes this dragon now lactates, very interesting

I don't see it... Perhaps you meant what possibilities could come from increasing a milk stat??
No. 103279 ID: c3f8b7

Now i'm sure. Your characters try to take you over! Soon Venji will be there 24/7, commenting and influencing everything you do. You're doomed!
No. 103281 ID: 395c02
File 147274282332.png - (148.97KB , 755x600 , 7346.png )

You know what Dragon romance needs?

More Tozols.
No. 103282 ID: 665ed8

This legitimately made me laugh
No. 103284 ID: c9f250
File 147274788065.png - (232.28KB , 720x600 , chei_puppet.png )

Oh, we can do that?

Look at me, I'm Chei! Siphon's the cutest!
No. 103285 ID: 4854ef

Well we've already had a character react to the fact that a lizard has natural breasts (If due to a misguided jealousy), I'd be rather curious to other characters reaction, as well as such.
No. 103286 ID: adaf4d

Fetishes are gross and fictional anthropomorphic characters should only consummate in the missionary position after marriage.
No. 103287 ID: 826ed5

yes, this is after all a good Crystian story.
When making a suggestion, always remember to ask oneself: what Crystal Dragon Jesus would do?
No. 103288 ID: 141621

slinkobutt did you remember your tumblr?
No. 103289 ID: c441c1
File 147278063961.jpg - (67.21KB , 980x651 , spilled-milk-oreos-980x651.jpg )

I had to wade through a lot of naked women for this one.
No. 103295 ID: d11344

Dammit now I want oreos and I've been sticking to my diet so well

Anyway to not shitpost here's something to contribute with. As the ashamed owner of a scrubbed fetish quest I am pro not injecting fetishes into a quest aimed at a wider audience despite what the suggestions say. Granted I have no experience in this particular field because the worst impulses were coming from myself, not the audience, BUT THE POINT REMAINS THE SAME
No. 103296 ID: 3abd97

Getting off topic for Slinko stuff, but for what it's worth, I was legit proud of how we / the audience handled that particular quest. It's too bad it made you feel ashamed, because I found the juxtaposition of a character / players doggedly trying to play things strait in a mad world to be very interesting. And it was a much better constructed / engaging mad-world than the weird fetish norm.

And you can't even say I was only in it for the fetishes because the copy I managed to scrape after you nuked the thread has all the images broken!
No. 103298 ID: c441c1

Last one.
No. 103302 ID: 395c02

So I have a growth on my left kidney that may or may not be cancerous but is rather big and requires an operation to both remove it and see wtf it is.

The odds are extremely low that I'm in any mortal danger, but this needs to happen before that changes.

The surgery is on the 12, meaning the following: Dragon Romance will pause for a week on the 12th or whenever the last update goes up before then

It also means Retcon's revival is delayed and both it and DR will be making comebacks after I recover from surgery.
No. 103303 ID: c3f8b7


Wish you the best of luck.
No. 103304 ID: c441c1

Wish you the best of luck Slinko.
No. 103306 ID: f0e552

Holy shit, it's good that you caught that when you did. If you've ever heard of TotalBiscuit, he had signs of bowel cancer but didn't seek out medical help, and he almost paid dearly for it.

Nonetheless, good luck!
No. 103307 ID: 505f10

Fuck man. I hope it ends up being nothing serious. (Even though getting cut open is always serious)
No. 103309 ID: 141621

he's still paying for it, it was terminal last i checked.
No. 103310 ID: 395c02

Y-yeah... considering it's like 4x5cm in size it doesn't sound like I caught it "early", but Typo told me this type takes years and years to hit the point where it causes symptoms (and thus is too late to fix)

I'm going to take his word for it cause there are some things I'd rather not fact check and would prefer to enjoy "ignorance is bliss" about!
No. 103311 ID: b7883c

Good luck on getting that removed. Its always better to deal with those sooner rather than later.
No. 103312 ID: 726a91

If it is confined to the Kidney itself (and a mass that size is Stage 1, barely Stage 2) then prognosis is excellent, the survival risk is more from the operation to remove some/all of the Kidney rather than the cancer itself (i.e. the same as any other operative risk). Catching it at this early stage really is excellent: I'm on a hair-trigger for any GI-tract issues due to a family history of Esophageal cancer (last two generations mortality). By the time that is symptomatic, it's often already Stage 4. Latest gastroscopy is thankfully clean.
No. 103313 ID: 395c02
File 147292516274.png - (120.52KB , 393x600 , real size.png )

Also, since it came up with a vengeance, here's the actual size and shape of Ceri's canonical boobies. I intended to do this a while ago as a 'bonus' for the dancing update, but didn't get around to it before now.

This is pretty much the reference I'll be coming back to in hopes of increasing accuracy despite how much more quickly update-art is vs trying-art.

Boobs are a weird thing because I mostly tried to learn from human females, but in the furry world each cup size is 2 inches instead of 1. Originally, Ceri was supposed to be a DD-cup. Rather than shrink her chest, I instead opted to make the lettering more accurate.

I kind of want to do a boob chart of all my lady characters sometime, making the appropriate corrections (Spoilers, Amiel and Dilia might have their 'b' and 'dd' retconned DON'T TELL VENJI)
No. 103314 ID: 4854ef

Extra colored slinkoart is always a bonus! I also hope you get well, I knew several who had to put off even that because they couldn't afford it, so I hope that you will be both in both financial and health that you will do well.
No. 103316 ID: 826ed5

I can't stress how much I love Ceri's design, she also gets really nice outfits to go with it.
No. 103320 ID: 395c02
File 147294025075.png - (64.82KB , 608x600 , ohgosh.png )

btw i'm touched by the well wishes and kind words

y-you guys...!
No. 103348 ID: 4e9864

What quest was that?
No. 103349 ID: 4e9864

You really don't have to justify your choices to anyone. If you feel uncomfortable with something, you don't even have to explain it in the bounds of the quest. The protagonist is your character, influenced by suggestions, not a blank shell completely run by suggestions. It's OK for her to just go "ewww" and move on, or for you to just break the fourth wall for a moment and say "nope", without making it a thing.

As hilarious as it was to have a fourth-wall-shattering awesome-art cameo just to say "nope", you don't need to feel obligated to do that just to satisfy people, especially if it takes up time you'd rather spend on the quest itself.

(I'm sure everyone would love to hear the story you hinted at if you want to tell it, or not if you don't.)
No. 103350 ID: 4e9864

Best wishes and luck; here's hoping everything goes perfectly and there's absolutely nothing wrong.
No. 103355 ID: 16f38c

One of Cirr's quests that Cirr deleted. Check his questdis thread for the details: >>/questdis/103315.
No. 103360 ID: a3ba2b

>>103320 seriously, please don't burn yourself out on things that stress you out to write, write what you like, forget what other people say. Yes, commenters have a say, and yeah, i personally love Ceri's bustiness and the sexiness of the quest and the quest in general - in fact, it's literally my favorite quest on TGChan right now!! But if something stresses you out, you SHOULDN'T feel unnecessarily oressured by us to do it anyway. That's not okay.
No. 103361 ID: a3ba2b

And yeah, best of luck that the surgery goes well! Love you slinko, and i'll be hoping for your safe return ;v; <3
No. 103362 ID: 3e182c

Ask the Doctor who removes it to put it in a jar for you to keep.

We will name it for you.

You will be brothers.
No. 103365 ID: 91ee5f

Good luck with your surgery! We'll be cheering for you!
No. 103380 ID: 395c02

>I Like how Slink Drew the wing form further back and low detail to try and convince us not to pick it. The wing hate is strong in the Slink.

i had the finished image with the new form, but realized people don't actually know how i'd probably draw the wings, so i sort of just threw that in there too

they'd be simple not-kill-me wings

the aquatic form would look simpler too but i was having fun <:3
No. 103381 ID: 4e9864

Both of them look incredible; the wings look amazing, even in a small sketch.

From a sheer mechanics and abilities point of view, wings, no contest. The only temptation towards the aquatic form is the idea of it being a more "natural" form for us. Not that anything in our current form is "natural", and not that that matters.

If it's any comfort, it's not like we can walk around with them out very often. We'd likely be using them when flying, learning to fly, or...discovering other versatile possibilities of additional prehensile limbs.
No. 103382 ID: 826ed5

mechanics and abilities of the aquatic form are probably equally useful (it's probably more powerful in water than wings are in the air, we're just less likely to be doing underwater adventures), we'd just need to make sure what of Ceri's current toolkit would be negatively effected by usage underwater.
(I still voted for wings, but holy shit it was a hard choice. I want both dammit)
No. 103383 ID: 91ee5f

>You gain the ability to enable this form for no MP.
Can you be a little more specific about this? Does this mean Ceri gets the aquatic form for no MP only during the MAGICAL LIMIT BREAK or can she get the aquatic form for no MP anytime she wants without the MAGICAL LIMIT BREAK?
No. 103384 ID: ba506f

yeah but if we get wings we're probably going to have to open up another skill slot for learning how to fly and with all our portal and teleporting magic I honestly don't think wings would actually do all that much.

that's just my 2 cents anyways
No. 103385 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, now that I think about it, there's something that needs to be answered here. When exactly is Mr. Ilan going to explain how he knew Skif and his family are Dragon Hunters? And if he always knew about that, then when is he going to explain the logic behind letting a dragon live so close to a bunch of Dragon Hunters?
No. 103386 ID: 4e9864

The impression I got was that we'd get the aquatic form any time we wanted, as though polymorphing without using MP. Same with the wings in our normal form with the magical limit, or the dragon form if we'd chosen the dragon limit.

I'd like to know that as well, especially since the details of Skif's species and culture didn't seem to be readily available except from the secret books he had to sneak to us.
No. 103387 ID: 4e9864

> yeah but if we get wings we're probably going to have to open up another skill slot for learning how to fly and with all our portal and teleporting magic I honestly don't think wings would actually do all that much.

Portals and teleporting make flying even more fun. All the fun of flight, without the hard physical work of ascending. (Though we should still learn that too; never know when we might need it, and on principle we shouldn't let magic get us lazy. Let's not go full "squishy wizard".)
No. 103389 ID: 395c02

She can literally run around in that form all day every day if she wants. Same with the wings-- they could just always be there if you convince her of it.

She has to learn how to fly either way. At the most basic level this is a choice of infinitely being able to fly (eventually) or infinitely being able to water. Flight is inherently more useful, which is why I tried to "buff" water by drawing a cute aquatic form, and letting it buff speed a bit so Ceri could at least run a little faster??

This was possibly the biggest thing cut from the giant plot update...

If you keep poking Ceri to ask, I might find a place to put it without bloating the text too much.

Maybe even in the next update... we'll see how it pans out.

This once-silly porn quest has become complex enough that I might have to start actually writing things down!
No. 103390 ID: 2a7417

In a quest about a dragon that romances, I think you accidentally "nerfed" the water form instead, especially given the ruckus about them just prior.
No. 103391 ID: 91ee5f

Ok, you asked for it. If Mr. Ilan doesn't explain himself in the next update, I'll poke Ceri to ask again.
No. 103392 ID: 395c02
File 147327082918.png - (5.63KB , 486x139 , kinda close.png )

I feel like someone somewhere assumed Wings was a sure thing

Well, I don't think the vote is as one-sided as some of you might <:3c
No. 103393 ID: 44bc30


A couple of people did raise the question as to whether Skif could fly or not, and it does seem like it would be relevant to the choice?
No. 103395 ID: 7d27b5

Flight is only inherently more useful if we assume we're going to do overland or skyward shenanigans, the Aquatic form is actually significantly better (even without the speed buff) at what it does by comparison.
If you could somehow be assured an equal level of access to underwater areas as we do the sky, the Aquatic form is hands down superior.
Wings just grants 3D movement, Aqua form grants 3D movement in an environment that is inconvenient or deadly to most other people, plus you get to grant (control) the ability to breathe for a friend too (via kisses no less)...
but yeah, it's all for naught if you don't actually have the body of water to do it with.
No. 103396 ID: 44bc30

I suppose another question relevant to the whole decision is whether the quest's setting has anything or anyone interesting underwater.

)I suspect that if we do take the aquatic form, it will turn out that there is.)
No. 103398 ID: c91f5b

I personally don't think Skif's wings are capable of flight, unless he's able to project energy wings out of them or something he's yet to display.
No. 103399 ID: 395c02

Galeacoma are not a race of my creation and apparently they are able to fly. I'll be giving my hand-wavy explanation for it soon.
No. 103400 ID: 4854ef

I know it's probably silent, but all I can imagine buzzing/vibrating metal wings sounding like is a very angry metal fly.
No. 103404 ID: c93238

yeah, I am 99% sure that scientifically using small vibrations to generate lift is bullshit and there's no science behind it. I'll take 'magic' for 500, Alex.
No. 103408 ID: 3e182c

I mean if the direction and rate of oscillations are just right and the shape of the wing matches then yeah I guess but... Wouldn't that generate some intense heat? I mean sure the wings are big long heat-sinks but that just gives them more torque and not in a good way so even more energy would need to be pumped in and...

Yeah... If that's how Skiff's wings work they'd either be ripped from his back fairly quickly, Or cook him from the inside out.
Let's go with magic. Seems safer.
No. 103409 ID: 3abd97

I'd think you'd run the risk of hitting the resonant frequency of your body and/or the wings and popping before magic flight is achieved.
No. 103415 ID: b7883c

Tinfoil hat explanation: Flight just is what they tell people. Their "wings" are actually legs that reach into other dimensions and push off things there, allowing them to skitter through the sky. Feel a prickle on your back? It might be a Galeacoma momentarily climbing on you.
No. 103427 ID: 395c02
File 147334406351.png - (17.46KB , 500x552 , amstvaneep.png )

Continuing to hijack Slinko's discussion thread for the time being!

So I'm sure some of you have been asking about why there haven't been any new giant ketza quest updates in like a month.

... wait, nobody was asking that? Really? aww

Anyway it turns out that (as has I guess happened several times earlier in my questing career) it's actually kind of difficult for me to pick something up and feel confident in where I'm going with it after not doing anything with it for like half a year or more. The biggest reason updates have been so slow is it's been way harder to actually write them than I anticipated, which I would like to say is a new problem for me but I would be lying if I said that.

So, the quest is on hold for now. I'd like to promise I'd come back to it one day, but anyone familiar with my questing history would probably see that as a bit of an empty promise so I'm not actually going to do that.

However, there's another idea I've been playing with in my head for literal months now, which is probably the most time I've put into thinking about a quest in four or five years at this point. So, my hope is that sometime in the near future (probably after Slinko recovers from his surgery) you'll at least get to see something from me, and with any luck my enthusiasm will hold at least long enough to where enough is set up that I don't have to get so bogged down in update-writing this time. Gotta retain that OG quester cred somehow.
No. 103434 ID: d11344

OG questers represent

Looking forward to it!
No. 103437 ID: db0da2

I like this explanation because it's both kinda silly and vaguely creepy.

Or you could just have them work like insect wings.
No. 103440 ID: 395c02

It's always fun when people affect quests in indirect ways.

I mean.

Nothing. Ignore me.

Also DR updates are going to return to their usual speed now i just wanted to get through all that and i think we ended on an option that will please the most people.

sadly, as much as I want to, I can't please everyone. So in some ways, much like Ceri, I followed my heart.
No. 103443 ID: 77f422

Damn... With that addition to the aquatic form, all milkstatjokes will go the way of the rotary telephone. Only remembered by living fossils (like me).
No. 103444 ID: f0e552

i didn't realise that by choosing an option, Ceri would stand the risk of losing her boobs, I felt like the representation of the dragons in the upgrade images were just 'natural' dragons, and thus didn't have boobs.

Good thing Ceri fought back against it, hmm?
No. 103447 ID: 16f38c

Um, actually, the choice was for a alternate form Ceri could shift into at-will for no MP cost, not a permanent change. This means her default form, including her boobs, would have remained the same even if her aquatic form was flat-chested.
No. 103452 ID: 4e9864

FWIW, the open-ended questions and prompts in the latest quest thread, such as https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/743976.html#743982 , https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/743976.html#744871 , and https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/743976.html#745444 , seemed to work out well.
No. 103491 ID: 395c02

Surgery is tomorrow at 8am, so DR is going to be paused until probably next monday, depending on recovery time (which shouldn't be too long, as it's minimally invasive).

This is comforting! Really, this is how all my other quests are run, but since I attribute part of DR's relatively high suggestion rate to the ease of just picking options, I was worried it'd put people off.
No. 103492 ID: 91ee5f

Good luck, Slinko! See you next week! ^_^
No. 103500 ID: 48cb0c

Good luck dude!
No. 103504 ID: 881425

get well soon!
No. 103505 ID: ba506f

see you next week slinko
No. 103506 ID: b7883c

Good luck! (Have fun?)
No. 103515 ID: 4e9864

The downside of just picking options is the devolution into voting. With those open-ended items, it seemed like you just picked a combination of suggestions that made sense and rolled with them.
No. 103516 ID: 4e9864

> Surgery is tomorrow at 8am, so DR is going to be paused until probably next monday, depending on recovery time (which shouldn't be too long, as it's minimally invasive).

Best of luck, Slinko!
No. 103531 ID: 395c02
File 147369165739.gif - (48.95KB , 900x600 , 25.gif )

So. Uh.

I may have misunderstood the purpose of this appointment. It wasn't for the surgery-- it was for the consultation of the surgery.

When I had my gallbadder done, this was handled a bit differently, which lead to my confusion. I really appreciate all the well wishes, and feel super bad that there's no actual surgery yet to be wished well on !!

The REAL surgery is the 27th, and today I learned I'll be losing my left kidney and the recovery time is a bit longer than gallbladder's but not horrible.

the probably-cancer is in the center, in such a way that I might have secretly only had one working kidney this whole time.

What this means:
DR will continue (and I wrote such a nice update to pause on, too...) until the 27th

Venji's revival... I'd still rather wait till after the surgery for it. D-don't punch through my monitor venji!!!

so um. s-sorry for the false-ish alarm. REAL SURGERY LATER.
No. 103533 ID: 91ee5f

Holy shit! You've recovered from the surgery already?! O_O Wow, the miracles of medical science are pretty amazing! This is-
>It wasn't for the surgery-- it was for the consultation of the surgery.

>Venji's revival... I'd still rather wait till after the surgery for it. D-don't punch through my monitor Venji!!!
Don't worry about her showing up. Ever since she lost her wings, she's been too embarrassed to be seen in by anyone. So, you've still got some time to do something before she shows up! .....I hope.
No. 103534 ID: 5071b8

The sentiment stands and shall do so until your inevitable recovery!
No. 103548 ID: ba506f

sorry to hear about the kidney but still glade you're doing ok at least. I'll wish you well again around the 27th regardless
No. 103565 ID: 505f10

>losing my left kidney
Jeez. That sucks. Just don't play a round of sports ball (ever again) and damage your other one and you should be ok. Do you think you have anyone that would be able to give you one if you got in a wreck or something and got hurt? You can live on dialysis, but the people I know that have that says it sucks.
Again, hope it goes well.
No. 103640 ID: 5c3807

I'm there will eventually be an intermission filled with nothing but GIANT BIRD AND CONCERNED DOLPHIN comics.
No. 103650 ID: 398fe1

Jeez I hope the quest thread doesn't get past 1000 posts before we even meet all the people in the title image.
No. 103661 ID: 4e9864

GIANT BIRD and CONCERNED DOLPHIN are sad right now, because their friend SLINKY SNAKE is shedding a skin for the first time, and he's really worried about it. GIANT BIRD and CONCERNED DOLPHIN want to reassure SLINKY SNAKE, but they don't know how to help, except to be supportive for their friend.

GIANT BIRD and CONCERNED DOLPHIN, and all their other friends in the background, love their friend SLINKY SNAKE, and hope they have many more adventures together soon.
No. 103684 ID: 395c02

i sure ponder deep things about characters in the most random ways

For instance, I imagine a lot of women in Ceri's position would totally have gone for reduction. There's lots of problems: back pain, getting in the way, awkward bounciness even with a bra on.

For many, a permanent change is the best and only way to get relief from those issues.

So I thought to myself, why wouldn't Ceri?

Well, despite having a "mortal" lizard body, her dragon-ness has actually bled into her normal body somewhat-- she's tougher than normal lizards and takes less damage than her parents would if they all stubbed their toe.

(This is why she was able to handle Skif their first time. A mortal would have likely been in too much pain to find anything pleasurable, but her dragon-infused body is able to take much more punishment and generally hurts much less.)

So she doesn't actually have back-pain. As for the other issues, permanently changing your body, I think, would lose some appeal if you can literally spend 10+ hours a day with a flat chest now that your MP pool is gigantic. Ceri has a pretty easy "opt out" if she gets annoyed with her body, and in a weird way the polymorphing gives her a stronger appreciation for what her body normally is.

Even if that normal body is slightly a lie itself.

(so many words sry if that's bad. wait wasn't i going to tell a story about something?)
No. 103829 ID: 395c02

So here's the new surgery plans:

2 more dragon romances, likely on the 23rd and 26th (I wanted to do 3, but worry and other things are making it harder to focus)

on the 27th, git cut

Then 1 week of rest (I might... miiiiiight do drug-fueled CONCERNED DOLPHIN AND GIANT BIRD comics during this time and post them here, we'll seeeeeeee)

Roughly on OCT 03 I will see how I feel and delay further if needed, or get back to DR and work towards reviving RETCON QUEST.
No. 103835 ID: 505f10

Just let us know you are ok slinko. Dont worry about anything else. Also if they offer you a nerve block (like they did for my ankle when they cut it open) take it. Shit keeps that part of you numb (feeling absolutely nothing) for like 5 days and thats long enough that the pain reduced to where i could deal without drugs. They still gave me oxy for any pain that did pop up though.
No. 103898 ID: ba506f

good luck with your thing tomorrow Slinko, see you when you get back.
No. 103914 ID: 395c02

And... that's it for now.

Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes. The surgery is at 5:30am tomorrow.

I'll see you on the other side.
No. 103915 ID: 398fe1

Good luck!
No. 103916 ID: a0cb83

Have a safe recovery!
No. 103918 ID: 8013df

Do get better Slink! Us oldies have to stick together.
No. 103928 ID: 4e9864

Hope all goes well, Slinko.
No. 103933 ID: 1793c8

And then Slinko gained superpowers and never quested again.
Except on slow days.
No. 103937 ID: 71d443

Slinko's gonna quest every day?
No. 103941 ID: 3e182c

See ya when your body isn't trying to kill you!
I sure hope the doctors beat up that rouge kidney real good for ya! The traitorous bastard!
No. 103946 ID: 8ebcd0

Hey it's me the other guy who posts in this thread sometimes, reporting from the hospital. Slinko is still super out of it but the surgery went as intended with no complications or anything like that!
No. 103948 ID: 505f10

Tell him to give his acceptance speech for the award he won. Depending how out of it he it might be funny.
No. 103949 ID: 1793c8

So did they manage to get rid of the twelfth head?
what about the lower infernal gate to the quadth plane existence?
No. 103950 ID: ba506f

so how loopy are the drugs making him?
No. 103951 ID: 91ee5f

Tell him one of his quest characters has come to visit him and see how he reacts. It might be funny to see him carrying a conversation with Chei or Jiniki or someone else.

Or you could tell him Venji has come to him in his moment of weakness to threaten him to work on her quest!
No. 103955 ID: 8cb228

Glad to hear there were no problems or issues! Where do we send the get well cards / flowers / hookers?
No. 103957 ID: 4e9864

Great news! Thanks for the update, and please do pass along everyone's best wishes.
No. 103979 ID: 639b22

Hi I'm alive! Rather than the drug fueled bliss the doctor implied i'd have, I mostly felt tired and in pain, and queasy. I've felt weak, but I'm improving bit by bit. Sadly I can't offer fun bonus content because of my kinda I'll feeling... Will update you when I can look at the phone or computer longer
No. 103981 ID: 3725ee

Don't worry about things here, just let yourself get better.
No. 103982 ID: 505f10

Take it easy for a while at least. Drink some ginger ale, and take a nice big rest on the softest, warmest thing you own. (as for the meds not giving you that addled state, it's my opinion that oxycodine sucks dick and is boring. I ended up not using even a third of mine cause of the nerve block, so I've just got a bottle floating around the next time I get hurt.)
No. 103983 ID: 141621

drug fueled bliss is what causes addiction so be thankful I guess.
No. 104000 ID: c441c1

hey Slinko YOU NERD! your beautiful.
No. 104001 ID: 395c02

I'm definitely doing better now. I think I need to take more time before I can hop into updating all the quests but I'm finally like, mobile and not always blinking in and out of consciousness. I can actually kinda focus some now. I'm home now, also.

>drug fueled bliss is what causes addiction so be thankful I guess.
It's strange because drug-filled bliss IS what happened after my gallbladder surgery! I guess mixing oxy with tylonol makes it high you...less...?

that or it's because I was using more of it then (since it was pure oxy + I literally was sent home an hour after surgery. no liver worries, lots of pain to kill)

This time around, by the time I was in control of my dosage (the nurses were in charge until I came home), my pain was much more managable, and my desire to keep my liver became far stronger than my desire for "fun times" :x

TLDR; Doing better! But still very much in the "recovery" phase.

>hey Slinko YOU NERD! your beautiful.
Thanks! ...???
No. 104004 ID: 4e9864

Great to hear from you, and glad you're recovering well.

Don't feel like you need to rush back to questing on our account. Take the time to recover if you need it. We'll be here when you're ready to return; your quests are awesome, and well worth the wait.
No. 104007 ID: b7883c

Glad to hear you are doing well.
No. 104020 ID: 9e534f

Glad you're doing well dude! Hope you have a speedy recovery.
No. 104044 ID: c441c1

No. 104085 ID: 395c02
File 147565837966.png - (130.07KB , 718x600 , Chei hugs.png )

i want to hug literally all of you through the screen right now

I think I will try to revive Dragon Romance on the 10th, and tentatively Retcon on the 17th or so.
No. 104087 ID: ba506f

welcome back slinko.
No. 104110 ID: c57f6b

Yay! You're back! We're so happy to know it went well for you.

Just... uh, don't drool on the fourth wall.
No. 104254 ID: 395c02

I'm still very much recovering, it seems. Some days I feel fine, other days less fine.

DR updates will meander a bit because of this, but i'll update as much as i'm able.

VENJI might have to wait a bit longer until I'm at 100%

oh no don't look at me like that venji HELP I'M BEING PIRATED
No. 104259 ID: 91ee5f

>oh no don't look at me like that venji HELP I'M BEING PIRATED
Bad Venji! Stop illegally copying Slinko!
No. 104260 ID: 395c02
File 147642106119.png - (193.38KB , 800x600 , oh no my life story.png )

No. 104261 ID: 91ee5f

I was actually thinking that she had your head shoved onto a xerox copier/printer machine that was somehow making clones of you.

But this.....this is much better. Well done, Slinko!

And as for you, Venji! You've been found guilty of illegally copying Slinko! Your punishment is that your quest now has to wait another year before being revived! I hope you've learned your lesson from this! D-:<
No. 104263 ID: 3abd97

So long as the copy still runs quests, I am fine with this.
No. 104264 ID: ba506f

is that the rumored slinko gone wild dvd? The one where you actually see him without his beak? I thought that was a myth?
No. 104265 ID: 141621

venji keep copying him until we reach lagotrope levels of update speed
No. 104277 ID: 32ea21

personally i am very happy that slinko's embraced the furry side and adopted the alter-ego of slinkoactualbirb
because he is CUTE aaaaa
No. 104278 ID: 32ea21

hey typo could you give slinko a hug on behalf of all of us sometime? A nice, firm bear hug because all of us love you ok
No. 104297 ID: 395c02

I-I-I um oh gosh

chei is the closest i have to a fursona i dunno about making something specifically for it to be "me" tho !!

Anyway. I went through and figured out that the last time I got fanart in the fanart thread was in 2012. This is kind of saddening!

But someone pointed out that perhaps it is caused by my lack of drawing fanart. Nonsense! The last time I drew fanart in the fanart thread was... 2012...


I might do something about that soon.....
No. 104300 ID: ca0e20

I know it doesn't count, but Ceridwen's easter egg/cameo in Shark Quest can be kind of a form of fanart, even if it wasn't a pic posted in the fanart thread!

Having said that, I have been meaning to draw her proper. I'm just lazy about fanarts (and the recent ones only happened cause of Inktober).
No. 104343 ID: 395c02

It's still neato!!! I usually do little things like this whenever Ceri goes to her room but it's one of those things where you either A: gamble slightly on them being ok with a reference or B: seek them out and ask which is a lot of work for a silly poster

so it's a thing that'd be neat if it happened more, but I guess I see why it doesn't.

There's actually a weird phenomenon I noticed where I'm usually not thought of for things. I joke about it sometimes, but it's a big thing I noticed and also a big thing I can't talk about without sounding like I'm whining for attention.


Since I put tezakia on the wiki featured page myself (I forget when, but it was early-- 2011 or 2012), a slinko quest has never been featured on the wiki (to my knowledge).

I am very, very rarely on lists (that I see) on this site where people list quests/authors they enjoy or know about.

Fanart for slinkostuff is pretty rare in general, and almost always comes from my circle of friends. I already pointed out my complete absence from the fanart thread since 2012 :X

Outside of those specific things, though, the story changes. There's two tabletops that exist based on Tezakia Quest, another tabletop that had ketzas in it (mostly my doing, though), and I've had people tell me Tezakia was their second or third quest (usually after Ruby and Mudy??).

So I don't exactly feel unappreciated, especially with DR getting more suggestions than i know what to do with half the time, but it is something I spent years noticing.
No. 104347 ID: 3abd97

>a slinko quest has never been featured on the wiki (to my knowledge)
>I am very, very rarely on lists (that I see) on this site where people list quests/authors they enjoy or know about.
To be fair a lot of people I would consider big name authors haven't had a quest featured.

Also as one of the few dudes who updates things like that, I know I tend to try and use the feature slot as a signal boost- drawing attention to some cool new quest and/or author that could deserve some love, rather than heaping love on those already established. I will admit I've been deliberately cautious about being biased and shining the spotlight on my own favorites. (I swear I've given the exact same apology to Lago).

For what it's worth, a half-slinko quest did get featured last year, though!
No. 104348 ID: 91ee5f

I think that's because no one but you can properly draw your characters and everyone doesn't want to insult your characters' adorableness.

Like that one time Lagotrope tried to draw Jiniki and he said he hoped you didn't mind him messing her up (this was a few years ago in his draw thread.....I think).
No. 104351 ID: ca0e20

That does seem strange. I could theorize as to why, but it would mostly be a bunch of guesses.

At the very least though, I would probably put Tezakia Quest as third best completed quest that I would recommend to someone I introduce to quests. Others being RubyQuest and NanQuest. Ruby being pretty good as an introduction, Nan being a great follow-up to Ruby and Tezakian being a quest full of cutes, emotions and, while taking place in one area, feels like a big journey.

Also I wanted to draw a character from Tezakia Quest when I was reading it, but back then I could only come up with pinups for her, lol. I guess I prefer doing something better for fanart and ended up procrastinating forever. Now I wish I hadn't since I could have broken the combo without knowing! Well darn it!

But overall, I do have a hard time coming up with a good way to draw certain fanart characters and I would say that the characters I wanted to draw from your quests always fell into that category. No idea why though.
No. 104356 ID: 395c02

I guess it half counts!?

The wiki in general probably needs more love than it gets.

I... guess?? at least for characters like Jiniki, who has a kinda unique-ish look to her. And maybe the slissas/ketzas... and I guess Venji.


One reason I rarely did fanart was a fear of messing up peoples' characters. Perhaps I should take the first step by ..not.. worrying!?!?

It probably doesn't help that I wasn't sure how to feel about sus art until like 2014 or so.

And I've decided sus art is cool.

Which might be why I'm doing a sus quest now.

That and patreon.

This is partly because of the history of tgchan. In the early days, there was a prolific quest author who made a thing of drawing horrific, disgusting adult/fetish art of stuff, and it kind of scared me away from being "okay" with sus for a long long time.

But I'm an old man now, and that's in the distant past!

But the combo will be broken soon! I WILL IGNORE MY FEARS AND MESS UP SOME PEOPLES' CHARACTERS! Once I stop feeling out of it due to post-surgery sleep issues. Seriously the last DR is a bit weak because i couldn't focus but felt i had to not let 4 days pass without an update aaaaaa
No. 104360 ID: 91ee5f

>Seriously the last DR is a bit weak because i couldn't focus but felt i had to not let 4 days pass without an update aaaaaa
No! Bad Slinko! Don't make me bop you on the head with a rolled up newspaper! If you need rest then get some rest! Don't worry about us, we'll wait for you to get better!
No. 104369 ID: ca0e20

I'll have to admit that I never came across the term "sus art" before. Based on that one longer phrase, you mean porn and pinup?

But anyway, main other thing I wanted to add is that it doesn't matter if you "mess up" a character while drawing fanart of them. All artist draw in their own way and it's fine if you omit details, add details or if the proportions are different. It be super weird if every single person that attempted to draw a character would draw them exactly the same as everyone else. I don't even know if it's all that possible! Like maybe Kirby is pretty consistent between artists, but even if someone draws him "off model", people still register him as Kirby and it's fine!
No. 104371 ID: 505f10

>Tezakia was maybe their second or third quest
If it makes you feel any better, it was my first. I ran into a deviant art flash one and worked backwards from it. I got lead to the tgchan wiki and then looked at the major completed quests listed. I read all of them pretty fast.
I also did not figure out for like 8 months of checking back into the wiki every once in a while that there was an actual quest site, and that it wasnt just an aggregate wiki.
No. 104374 ID: 395c02
File 147681576081.png - (9.11KB , 232x96 , Capture164.png )

i'm sooorryyy i just don't want to make people have to waiiit

in general I thought I'd heal faster than I have been. I still have a wound (unstitched) that is a week or two from closing, and there's tons of soreness making sleep a pain. literally.

I forget how injokey that term is sometimes. Sus, suspect... porn/nakey basically.

I-I guess so...! But it's hard for me not to try and mimic the style of whatever I'm fanarting.

Oh, I'm perfectly happy being third or fourth when the competition contains things like freaking Ruby Quest!

Or Journey... here's a fun fact: Sekani was inspired by Demesi-- kinda. I wanted to make a bird because I wanted to explore the flying mechanic (which TeQ didn't really do in the end, oops).

Amiel was inspired by Ven from Deep, if anyone remembers that. This often surprises people cause they assume she was inspired from another character in Journey. Maybe due to the snout?

Still, to think anyone actually read the weird Deviant Art flash version... I guess that makes the weeks of work worth it!

Also liking Tezakia Quest automatically makes us friends. It's in slinko law.
No. 104375 ID: c441c1

Yay Slinko is my friend. No but seriously Slinko you just went though major surgery while it might feel like a looming thing to update your quest only do it when you feel like it stress can cause wounds to heal slower so if you start having panic attacks about the quest sure go ahead and update just remember that you still need to rest or your impeccable quality might start slipping.
No. 104381 ID: 141621

so is that why sekani is such a doofus and has stretchy pants?
No. 104382 ID: 398fe1

>unstitched wound
No. 104383 ID: 91ee5f

>Still, to think anyone actually read the weird Deviant Art flash version... I guess that makes the weeks of work worth it!
Wait, that was on DA also?! I found that flash on FA and that's what got me into questing!
No. 104386 ID: 505f10

I kinda agree with this. How big of a cut/wound is it? They stitched my 2.5 inch foot cut thing closed.(sorry if i bring it up too much, its the only surgery i have to compare it to) What do you mean a week or two from closing? It probably shouldnt be weeping/puss still at this point unless its a big cut (and they should use stiches then). In the end though; surgeon knows best. He's certainly had more training in it than me.
>I thought I'd heal faster
Deep cuts/wounds take a long time to heal. Worst thing that might happen with those is a bit of infection gets in and the top closes/seals off. Would easily cause an absess(which would need to be drained/packed; which takes quite a bit of time to heal).

>in slinko law
Friends in bird law then. Neat.
No. 104399 ID: 395c02

Sekani kind of became a doofus on his own. The stretchy pants were just based on how I drew them, but I guess you could argue that I was subconsciously channeling Demesi there!

Now I'm even more glad I put the effort into making the FLASH VERSION! Interestingly, the FA version was a big challenge. They had a strict 10mb (or was it 5?) file size limit, and the Tezakia flashes are preeetty big. The FA version had some chapters cut in half I think? And had the jpg quality turned way down. But now I see it was worth the struggle if it got at least one person interested in quests!

>Friends in bird law then. Neat.
Birb friends!!

I wish I knew. It was the size of a nickle maybe 2-3cm?) and about 3-4mm deep. Right now it has more of a cut/slit appearance, being as long as a dime (2cm) and like 3-4mm wide. It's still that deep, so I guess it's closing in from the sides??

The doctor basically gave me a few antibiotics and told me to let it fly free in the air, suggesting I wear old shirts because it's gonna puss all over them. Oddly, the suggestion was against bandages!

One problem I'm facing right now is this wound is still open, and there was a clerical error that meant my follow up appointment is on the 27th instead of the 17th, so I've been trying to get some more pain meds and I finally got someone to do something on that end today, but can't get the pills till tomorrow.

My pain is not debilitating, but the discomfort is real when powered by tylonol alone, and sleep has been very difficult due to soreness and itchiness, things that tylonol alone don't combat very well.

In other words... I'm going to sit here sleep deprived and kind of miserable till i get them tomorrow, use them to sleep for once, then maybe be able to do a DR on friday

sorry for such delays :<
No. 104400 ID: 398fe1

>open wound
>no bandages
????????? are they... trying to get it infected? Or did you at least get a bandaid?
No. 104403 ID: 395c02

i dunnoooo

but when i do give in and bandage it it always seems to do worse than letting it fly open so maybe they're on to something
No. 104404 ID: 141621

ask tumblr update when?
No. 104405 ID: ba506f

maybe they're afraid that the bandage would tug and open the wound further. Or that it would irritate the wound and not let it heal properly. Not really sure, just tossing some ideas out but those are about the only thing I can think of so as to why they would leave it open.
No. 104408 ID: 91ee5f

>But now I see it was worth the struggle if it got at least one person interested in quests!
And I thank you for your struggles! :3

When he's feeling better and not in pain!
No. 104409 ID: 505f10

Ok, makes a bit more sense for no stiches then. As for no bandage it might have to do with the closing up on top thing, or the irritation. There is the option of packing the wound(putting strips of gauze inside the cut to absorb the gunk), but they would mention it if they wanted you to do it and show you how to change the strips. Do Not pack wounds without knowing what you are doing. You can fuck it up decently badly.

>gave me a few antibiotics
You got enough to at absolute least last you til the 27th going by the dosage they give you? (if it says take it twice a day, actually take it twice a day. Resistant infections are no joke)
If so take that and remember that you can take Advil(Nsaid) in addition to Tylenol(Acetaminophen) since they act on different pathways. Just don't take Advil for a long period of time(more than 10 days) cause it also acts as a bit of a blood thinner. It's more than one pill a day of each too, (since max a day dose pills are no longer legally able to be sold over the counter) but look on the back of the bottle to see how many it is of each. If the itching really bothers you, you might want to try some Benadryl once or twice. It's an antihistamine so it might help.(not sure on it since it more applies to allergic reactions, but it helped with a bee sting and should cause you to be sleepy anyways)

Hope you can get some rest. Sorry for internet doctoring you.
No. 104423 ID: 395c02

i keep forgetting it exist i'm sorry

it was just 10 pills, so 5 days. It was a precaution rather than any actual attempt to stop infection. They also took a culture, which I've not heard back from. I assume there's nothing to worry about from it at this point. It's (FINALLY) starting to actually look like it's in repair mode, rather than always looking like it was just formed

you know, part of me wants to just do bonus content stuff for a while rather than hunker down to quest... but I think it'd be better to not put off fun (sexy?) dragon adventures longer than i gotta...

maybe i will be able to do both now that i have pills and can sleep again
No. 104429 ID: ca0e20
File 147700814407.png - (357.75KB , 730x850 , Ceridwen Nude.png )

Here's a more "in theme-ish" version for this thread! =P
No. 104430 ID: 395c02
File 147701124015.png - (109.16KB , 800x600 , omggggggg.png )

Oh my gosh !!!!!

Thank you so much~!!

No. 104431 ID: 91ee5f

Wow, the fanart was so good it made Slinko's hat and beak grow extra mouths! O_o

*is excitedly waiting for the fanarts* :3
No. 104432 ID: ca0e20

Glad you like it! And looking forward to see, well frankly, any art from you! Probably why I follow you on FA! =3
So of course I'm looking forward to see the fanart you make also, heheh.
No. 104456 ID: 395c02

I had written the DR update last night, feeling kinda okay, then today I just felt completely awful.

So many thanks for trout for stepping in for me!!!!
No. 104458 ID: 91ee5f

>I had written the DR update last night, feeling kinda okay, then today I just felt completely awful.
Aw, that sucks. :'-(

>So many thanks for trout for stepping in for me!!!!
Wow, what a life saver that fish is!

Trout also posted a nifty Ceridwen picture in the fanart thread.

I'm surprised at this sudden influx of Ceridwen fanart! Maybe it's everyone's way of saying they hope you feel better soon? If that's the case, then everyone will cure you through the power of fanarts!
No. 104465 ID: 141621

how did you get trout to consent to drawing lizard boobs? :V
No. 104470 ID: 395c02

he did that on his own!!
No. 104472 ID: ca0e20

I wanna say that he's at a point where he draw lizard tits so often on commissions and Patreon request that he's fine drawing them, even if he's not a huge fan of them. But I could be remembering it wrong.
No. 104482 ID: 398fe1

Slinko did you start a new quest???
No. 104483 ID: 395c02

So this exists now:
No. 104485 ID: 398fe1

Typo did you start a new quest???
No. 104486 ID: 395c02

it's possible
No. 104589 ID: 395c02

This surgery has been the worst

I'm feeling sick again, bouts of queasiness and all, so expect even more delays

i think i can maybe draw for typo during the high periods, but my mind is in no shape to do writing for DR...

i'm failing everyoooneeee
No. 104590 ID: ba506f

>i'm failing everyoooneeee

no you're not, you just recovering after life threw a brick at your face and stole your wallet. Nobody is blaming your for anything.
No. 104591 ID: 398fe1

Rest and get better!
No. 104592 ID: 91ee5f

>I'm feeling sick again, bouts of queasiness and all, so expect even more delays
Oh no! The power of fanarts didn't heal you! DX

>i'm failing everyoooneeee
No, you're noooootttt!
No. 104594 ID: 395c02

does it count if i blame me
and I need to stop doing that literally right now?

aw geez

they made me smile tho

at least i die knowing the 4 year curse has been broken.. ah...

wait no the other one where i don't die and keep being alive let's do that.
No. 104658 ID: 91ee5f

If you die, then I'm going to get the defibrillator and bring you back to life!

No. 104696 ID: 395c02
File 147732739731.png - (135.58KB , 649x600 , koff koff.png )

No. 104698 ID: 91ee5f

Uhhh, oops. Sorry about that. ^_^;;
No. 104699 ID: eabed5

>i'm failing everyoooneeee
You've been updating (unlike me) after actual surgery (instead of just a bunch of grad school work).
No. 104810 ID: ba506f

should I be worried that this makes me want to have some chicken wings for dinner?
No. 104882 ID: 395c02
File 147745317056.jpg - (19.68KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )


btw i'm feeling better but you probably noticed that

I'm not at 100% but I'm definitely closer than I was a couple days ago!

DR will hopefully be able to return to some kind of normal speed. RETCON someday.
No. 104883 ID: 5ef86a

Retcon yesterday, of course.
No. 104888 ID: 91ee5f

>RETCON someday.
Just by reading this, I can hear the sounds of Venji's screams of rage.

Or maybe that's the sound of Venji breaking all of Slinko's bones and putting him back in the hospital?
No. 104895 ID: b7883c

>RETCON someday
You can just do it later then say you did it now :V
No. 105170 ID: 395c02

I'm finally mostly healed from surgery! The gaping wound has finally closed (still healing, but no longer exposing my innards to the elements), and the pain is mostly soreness at this point.

As thus: My Revised questing schedule!




Tezakia 2 is intended to be my final tgchan quest, but... who knows?

There may also be one-shots that happen here or there. Not for a while, though, since I'm currently doing DR, drawing Koror, and eventually drawing Retcon.

Once I get less swamped, I'll do some fanarts. How fun!
No. 105175 ID: 91ee5f

What about Hugs Quest Gaiden?
No. 105188 ID: 395c02

The schedule doesn't include Typo-written quests.

He'd have to tell you about that one!
No. 105189 ID: 395c02

I'm nowhere near reliable enough to feel comfortable committing to anything in the future!

At best I can say that any discussion of Hugs Quest Gaiden returning would need to come after Koror Quest, or at least after Koror Quest reaches a thread break (depending on how long it turns out to be). I'm not about to ask Slinko to draw two quests at the same time!
No. 105522 ID: 395c02


Current schedule: Retcon and DR will take turns (DR will slow slightly)

Koror will continue unrelated to the other two (generally drawn as soon as written)

The ask blog will remain dead until I catch up on other patreon obligations, which might take a bit. Will try to get it going again sometime in december but no promises.
No. 105523 ID: 91ee5f

Just so you know, I've still got my defibrillator. So if you die, then I'm going to be there to bring you back to life.....again!


Seriously though, don't die please. <:'-(
No. 105527 ID: 395c02

It... might be fine? Really it's 2.5, since Typo colors Koror (with some minor exceptions)

Then again, this latest DR update took as long to do as a Slissa Quest update used to...

...it's probably fine
No. 105658 ID: 395c02

I've been rereading the venji quests to remember wtf was going on and to remind myself of venji's story, since it had been a while and I never write things down.

And... I'm a bit less sure what I want to do with Retcon.

I could cut most of what retcon originally wanted to do, meaning we only really "retcon" AU-Tezakia before hitting the end plot. This lets it end this year, and I can spend next year doing SQ and DR only.

Or, I could keep the original intended length, split Retcon into 2 (...maybe 3...) threads, and then do the second thread after running SQ thread 2.

If you'd like to give your opinion, you can say things here and/or vote in this strawpoll. This isn't a binding vote, but I'll take the results into consideration.

How long should Retcon Quest run?

I should note that while Captain Venji was designed to be "episodic", meaning I could just do them forever, I'm not sure I actually want to. There's a very good chance Retcon is the final Venji.
No. 105661 ID: 398fe1

Ummmmm, what was the original plan, again?
No. 105663 ID: 395c02

Retcon was originally meant to go through 3 quests, of which AU-TeQ is the first.

The vote is mostly... does Venji still bother doing the other 2 quests? (what quests she does will depend on what people suggest later)
No. 105698 ID: 3abd97

It sort of feels like the retcon of this particular quest will be over as soon as this fight wraps up? And the quest just came back. It feels silly to close things so close after resurrecting the quest.

Especially since that doesn't leave any room to do stuff with Venji's crew in between missions, and I feel like they deserve some kind of resolution (or what passes for development is a silly quest), even if they are a bunch of crossovers and one evil clones. Especially if this is gonna be the last captain Venji thing- gotta do a proper sendoff.

...and tbh I wouldn't mind seeing a quest I actually remembered being retconned. Only doing one is less fun.
No. 105768 ID: 395c02

Updates will pause at least on the 24th (US THANKSGIVING) and 25 (MY BIRFDAY) this week, and might be slowed in general until next week depending on busy-ness.

As for Venji... looking at the strawpoll and what folks have been saying... even though Venji is made of things that are not my creation, she has been a part of SlinkoQuests since 2010, and is as much a part of me as Tezakia or Dragon Romance. Maybe she does deserve to see her story through.
No. 105885 ID: ffb773

happy birfday!!
No. 105886 ID: ffb773

well early birthday anyway
No. 105887 ID: 395c02

Pre-emptive thanks~

SECRET SANTA STRAWPOLL http://www.strawpoll.me/11706557
No. 105916 ID: 9603f8

Happy CURRENT birfday, Slinko!!!!
No. 105917 ID: 8ef504

No. 105918 ID: 2169b1

Happy Birthday!

*confetti falls from the ceiling*
No. 105919 ID: 47160d

Happy birthday, here is to another year of wonderful questing!
No. 105920 ID: 395c02
File 148012273949.png - (120.79KB , 552x600 , ohgosh.png )

Y-you guys!

You warmed my heart so much I forgot to deny Chei's my fursona again!

The tentative plan is Koror on monday, DR on tuesday, then retcon and DR take turns from there with Korors as they are written.

In December, I will be doing a final update around the 22nd (give or take 1 day), then I'll be resting and holiday-ing until 2017, likely resuming January 5th

I hope to finish this thread of Retcon by then with the end of the Tezakia arc. Since I'm going ahead and doing the full quest, thread 1 will end earlier, and thread 2 will contain more fun retcon shenanigans.

Once retcon thread one is done, DR will update alone (well, with Koror) for about a month.

After that... Slissas.
No. 105921 ID: ca0e20

Wow, how did I miss that one post when you said when your birthday was?! D=

Anyway, totally unrelated reason: What's your top 3 characters of yours?
No. 105930 ID: 0198a0

Is there another bow somewhere else?
No. 105931 ID: 395c02
File 148015052623.png - (4.23MB , 1828x5749 , big ref image.png )

oh geez picking favorites... they're all my children!

I'll just make three tiny lists. And include a huge reference image that took 3 hours to put together.

For no reason~

Most enjoyable to write
Jiniki (a child)
The Creator
Captain Venji

Most enjoyable to draw
The Creator

Sexiest (to me)
Amiel (Normal)


Best character ever oh god please don't beat me up
No. 105932 ID: 395c02

Don't worry about it.
No. 105933 ID: 2169b1

Well now I'm just gonna worry about it more!
No. 105934 ID: 57463b

Happy Birthday! (I haven't gone to sleep since the 25th so it still counts, right???)
No. 105935 ID: c57f6b

Happy belated Birthday, Slinko!
No. 105936 ID: c57f6b

Happy belated Birthday, Slinko!
No. 105940 ID: a0cb83

I missed it but my intent is the same otherwise

No. 105941 ID: ca0e20
File 148018950997.png - (320.75KB , 888x600 , Tayza for Slinko Bday.png )

I hope that last line wasn't an in-joke I didn't get.

In any case, here's a probably non-canon Tayza cause it's a been months since I read Tezakian Quest! I vaguely remember how she acted and I dunno if she cares or are aware about whoever came up with her! But here she is congratulating another person! Totally in character right?

Late Happy Birthday dude! =3
No. 105943 ID: 56ffef

sorry I missed it slinko happy birthday.
No. 105944 ID: 0198a0

oh yeah also happy one step closer to being able to yell at kids to get of your lawn without people thinking you're an asshole
No. 105948 ID: 395c02

oh goodness!!!

i was making a dumb joke that tayza glared at me and made me give her her own catagory where she's just the best ever

No. 105951 ID: ca0e20

Well maybe I'll draw another character later then, haha. =P
No. 106005 ID: 395c02
File 148035866932.png - (334.24KB , 800x600 , title.png )

As some may have noticed, my Patreon is 9 bux away from the "make game" tier.

That's close enough for me to actually consider Game Make.

The most likely candidate for this is Slissawar, a failed Ludum Dare that would become a turn-based strategy game. The simplicity would make it decent enough to learn game maker, and a good chunk of assets already exist.

This could be the learning game for a larger game with Tezakians vs Lians (this one would be a little more 'advance wars' in design, with commander units and special powers). Kind of a reversal of what my quests did!

The biggest challenge would be the AI, since I don't know how to code an AI, but perhaps I won't be alone in that field...

There's also the charred remains of Slissabot, but that game would require a lot more work and doesn't seem fitting for this early on. It's a metroidvania, and it's hard to do that without just being metroid. Its basic concepts of relying on very finite resources (and thus limited amount of time exploring) and possible base-building is all fine and dandy on paper, but we're talking thousands of man-hours to make a map worth exploring, and a ton of difficulty making that all be fun and not tedious or annoying.

It'd have a cute slissa robot and a cute ketza robot, though. And a hug button. So maybe one day.

there will never be a beyond lunch 2
No. 106023 ID: 188451

>beyond lunch
Oh man, I forgot that even existed for a while. Gonna have to find that vid of you playing it again.

>turn based strategy
So any ideas worked out on how unit types would play different from each other? It's important to make it to where you have an army, and not just 10 of a single unit type because they are 'da best'. Fire Emblem had the sword/axe/lance and magic circles while advanced war had something for armor/infantry, and something in place to specifically affect mobility based off terrain and subtype of units. (tires vs treads, vs foot, vs helicoptor, for multiple terrain types.)
As for the AI, while it always needs a base level of competence, you kinda want to question what to program into it for what it targets. Factor in type advantage?(go for the archer with a knife?) Health of units in range?(go for the dude with 1 hp vs the full health tank?) Positioning if it has any type of terrain.(Stop on a forest for better defense? would it even factor in positioning for situations that would come about after it attacks like enemy team placement? Prob not) Also, will crits be a thing? Misses? (fire emblem has both while advanced wars has neither) Do attacks happen simultaneously? First strike to attackers? Only attackers get a hit in? Would each side go all at once, or go staggered based on speed or something? There's also a lot of balance shit for a strategy game. Not trying to psych you out. There's not really a wrong way to do it, but it is possible for it to feel janky depending on how it lines up.
No. 106024 ID: 398fe1

>and it's hard to do that without just being metroid.
That isn't a problem. Most of the good metroidvanias very strongly parallel Metroid anyway.
No. 106028 ID: 91ee5f

>there will never be a beyond lunch 2
As soon as I read that, I went looking for the first one because I wanted to see what I could find. And then I found this website: http://editthis.info/slinkiwiki/

For some reason, I feel like you don't want any of this to see the light of day.
No. 106029 ID: 395c02
File 148037664319.png - (65.63KB , 500x400 , 114.png )


No. 106030 ID: 141621

Now now, doing that just gets you slapped with the Streisand effect. :P
No. 106032 ID: 3abd97

>browses edit history in dead slinko wiki
Geeze, the last actual content edit was back in... 2008. Then the spambots take over for a while, but even they just give up in 2013.

It died, got up and walked around as a zombie for a few years, and then dropped dead again.
No. 106033 ID: 91ee5f

AHA!!!!! I was right, this is something you didn't want to see the light of day!

And, hey! It's not my fault I got curious when I wanted to see if there really was Beyond Lunch 1!

It's your fault for mentioning it to me and making me curious!

I could delete that post if it'll make you feel better. Buuuuut it's too late to do that because who knows how many people have clicked that link by now? So we might as well just leave it up and look at the hidden history of Slink O. Boy (AKA Our Hero)!
No. 106036 ID: 395c02



The wiki is about a year before Tezakia Quest (and before the Ralier Story aka "Hero of Ralier" was nixed and its world reimagined into the Slissa world)


No. 106037 ID: 4854ef

*See's a comic with Miss Mab* Wha.
No. 106038 ID: 395c02

She and I were friends for a time, before eventually going separate ways
No. 106042 ID: 91ee5f

It's not dumb! It's just old!

It's like going through a museum and seeing what made you who you are now! It's very educational! ^_^

I've mentioned before, that reading Tezakia Quest on FA is what got me into questing and the only reason I found TGchan, so I'm honestly really enjoying learning about what you did before you started doing quests! Although, I still feel bad about bringing up a bunch of things you didn't want to be brought up.....sorry! Please don't hate me! DX
No. 106044 ID: 188451

I wish I could see some of these comics instead of just reading about them on the wiki. My google-fu is too weak though.
It's weird to think that stuff we did as teens/kids is gonna be online *forever*.(slinko, imagine your 12 year old son or daughter finding beyond lunch. Or anyone related to Lagotrope finding his Boat-o-Cross stuff) Eventually the future presidential candidates are gonna have videos from their childhood be available to the public, and kids can see the same for their parents/grandparents lives.
No. 106047 ID: 395c02
File 148043168601.png - (279.76KB , 832x581 , Sonic1997_Gifts.png )

Most of my early stuff actually isn't online anymore, since we're talking 1998-99. Kids nowadays are in for a rough time though.

While it's all very cringey and embarrassing, maybe there is some historical value to my oldest stuff. On this post is the oldest thing I still have: a Sonic Comic I drew in 1997. Ah, the innocence of youth.

As for DTMIRC and CHIBI... someone did archive them.

I will link it i guess, but I provide this disclaimer: this was 2000-2002. I'm not the same person anymore. The comics also rely heavily on injokes that you aren't likely to get. Speaking of which, I didn't really do "punchlines" back then. The... comedy? of these things relied more on absurd situations than actual jokes.

But, perhaps, you can see the budding of my modern methods.

Use the folders on the left to read each series.

Chronological reading order:
MAB CHIBI SHORT (technically ran alongside early CHIBI)
SKETCHERS (ironically a kind of nice ending to it all)

This was a full 9 years before I started Tezakia Quest.


No. 106109 ID: 395c02
File 148055920433.png - (264.68KB , 2000x750 , oldquests.png )


Nearly two years ago I began work on this image, to be used in a generic "TALK ABOUT OLD QUESTS HERE" thread. It was going to have three rows, and feature nearly every major quest up to Tezakia (because obviously).

If you are looking at Koror and going "golly! if you drink a lot and close both eyes, koror almost kind of sort of maybe looks like lago drew it!" then i guess the reason for that is i've had practice mimicing styles since at least Venji Quest :X

(todo: draw slinko style koror)
No. 106111 ID: 71d443

...wow. I knew guy who made a game by the same name - several, actually - except it was in tabletop boardgame format. It was a platforming game, too. And he kept them at school... it was very weird, but looked very cool. For a grade schooler, at least.
No. 106113 ID: b7883c

I think a lot of kids go through a "show how grownup I am by being an edgelord about Barney" phase.
No. 106115 ID: 141621
File 148056806206.png - (41.38KB , 637x476 , barney.png )

some adults too!
No. 106135 ID: f0e552

You need to use your powers to draw more things in the mudy quest style. Also, try replicating trout's style! I bet it would look cool!
No. 106136 ID: f0e552

You need to use your powers to draw more things in the mudy quest style. Also, try replicating trout's style! I bet it would look cool!
No. 106148 ID: 188451

Oh shit, jagged alliance. I loved that game.

I agree with the Mudy thing. He looks really cute.
No. 106180 ID: 395c02
File 148065225358.png - (28.98KB , 1300x1200 , trout fuzzbold2.png )

I don't so much mimic Trout as I hack his computer and find his secret stash of things he claims to hate but totally draws

Like this fuzzbold!

Totally drawn by Trout. And not me.

As for Mudy, drawing as well as Reavz would certainly be nice, but it's not within my capabilities. Certainly not at the speeds required for quest updates.

That's kind of the issue in general. If I use a softer pen and go slower, I can come kinda? close to some better artists, but the time required is way too high. Heck, SQ almost failed and that was my normal style!

I need to get back to improving, but a larger chunk of my work lately is drawing faster, not better. If I can approach 1/2 lagospeed I'd be good for life.
No. 106181 ID: 395c02
File 148065294070.png - (357.52KB , 1540x615 , row 3 and 6.png )

i also found this i forget what it was for tho
No. 106183 ID: bfb318

It was probably just for fun, as it was an old (late 2011/early 2012?) thread in which empty boxes were supplied, and people would mimic the styles of the given quest authors for no other reason than practice and it's own sake.
No. 106184 ID: 91ee5f

Wait a minute, wait a minute! You know how to hack?! O_o
No. 106187 ID: ba506f

I miss blue wine
No. 106394 ID: 395c02

I'm getting extremely worn out updating 3 quests at once... but I really want both venji and DR to end their threads by the 22nd

Art will suffer as a result, sorry :<
No. 106395 ID: 398fe1

It's ok. Speed is more important than quality.
No. 106399 ID: 91ee5f

>I'm getting extremely worn out updating 3 quests at once...
.....this just makes me wonder how Lagotrope does it and makes it look easy.
No. 106400 ID: 0cb7aa

And lets not forget all the porn.
No. 106413 ID: 595d54

At this point I think it's his actual job, given Patreon. So, that plus years of practice, probably.
No. 106416 ID: 4854ef

Likely helps that he's refined his drawing skills, taking a look from his earlier stuff to later and you can straight away tell it's his, that and he doesn't do too many details on a character at once usually.
No. 106425 ID: 395c02

i-i thought it was the other way around !!

From what I understand, he spent years and years learning 2 fast

I've been spending the time making my art passable, and am only now making an effort to focus on fast. I'm sonic 1 levels of fast (not very fast)
No. 106561 ID: 395c02
File 148186317162.jpg - (60.13KB , 500x600 , 1g2ftt.jpg )

No. 106582 ID: ca0e20

It's good practice. =3
No. 106626 ID: cf8ee7

Quality is definitely more important, both in the writing and in the art. Speed is impressive, but less important than quality, and you definitely shouldn't sacrifice quality for speed.

Don't worry about the speed; DR moves plenty fast enough. If you're feeling overwhelmed by running multiple quests at once, just put one or two on hold for a bit and focus on one. Running multiple quests at once seems like a good way to wear yourself out.
No. 106627 ID: 395c02

Moreso in writing than in drawing. Let's not forget that Ruby Quest itself was pretty much just stick figures, and for the longest time it was the greatness everyone else strived for.

And Slissa Quest will forever remind me that if I strive for Max Quality in art, I will just burn out and the quest will falter.

For quests, it needs to look as good as you can manage without taking entire chunks of your day to create.

The writing will try not to falter in Dragon Romance or Retcon, but there's a pretty hard time limit if I want to take the rest of the year off and recover.
No. 106689 ID: 395c02

So, uh. Retcon Quest went in a direction I wasn't originally planning for even a little bit, but a direction I kinda want to explore in more detail than I'd be able to do before my "break"???

Because of that, and because my stress levels are at "eye twitching for real in real life" levels, I'm going to be mean and pause retcon quest on this cliffhanger.

Retcon will finish next year, then I will do DR (and koror) alone for a month after whenever it finishes, and then Slissa quest???

Dragon Romance is on track to end the thread in time, so it'll continue to thread-end over the next few days.
No. 106692 ID: 595d54

No worries man, you deserve to enjoy the quests and have happy holidays the same as anyone else. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you!
No. 106725 ID: 2169b1

Guess who wrote a Dragon Romance fanfiction.

It is me.


Please lynch me gently.
No. 106739 ID: 2169b1

Aaaand I have officially written part two! http://pastebin.com/LF1Ju1iR
No. 106746 ID: 85abd8

Speaking of happy holidays... Do you have a way of accept one-time donations/tips?

I know you have a Patreon, but I unfortunately do not have a steady income to pay monthly; but I'd still like to give what I can!
No. 106760 ID: cf8ee7

You could sign up for Patreon, let it pay out once, and then cancel.
No. 106766 ID: 395c02

o-oh gosh um

w-well I have a paypal which is... gosh how do you say it in a way that won't get spam

it's the name on this post at gmail.com ???
No. 106784 ID: 85abd8

Goodness, I'd feel bad breaking my pledge as soon as I made it! Thanks for your idea though!

Quick, everybody spam NeoSlinkoquestdisthread!@gmail.com ;>

Hehe just kidding, thank you! I'll send it to your actual email; Merry December-Festive-Celebration-Day(s)!
No. 106787 ID: 85abd8

2 hours of totally not making a new Paypal account and struggling with the awkward medium of communication known as ENGLISH WRITING later...

I sure hope I sent it correctly!
No. 106791 ID: 395c02

Y-you did! oh gosh...!

T-thank you very much~!
No. 106836 ID: 395c02
File 148262144760.png - (98.20KB , 800x600 , holidaychei.png )

Turns out I made the right choice. Pausing Retcon let me catch my breath, which let me draw the final DR of the year at a better quality than I had been.

With that, I'm signing out until January 9th (sort of. Koror will continue as Typo writes them, and I may yet do THE GREAT FAN-ARTING if I recover enough~).

Happy holidays~!
No. 106837 ID: a0cb83

Have a good holiday slink!
No. 106838 ID: ef6709

Okay, so Ceri is losing her mind due to dragonic influence. We went a bit too loosey-goosey with the D stuff and now we're paying the price. We need to find out exactly what's happening, if it can be reversed or healed or countered, and most importantly DIAL BACK ON THE LEWDS before Ceri goes completely off her rocker. I know that's anathema to some, but I think a bit of restraint and focus could pay out dividends in the long run so that we could continue having a healthy sex life without going INSANE.

I personally suggest trying to find some method of relaxation, focus, and general zen, ala what meditation is said to do. Not self-taught, I mean- by someone who's legit in the art. Some method to dial down our horniness near at-will, even if it takes some time out of the day.

It's been fun, but let's make sure Ceridwen doesn't lose herself to this, okay?
No. 106841 ID: 374706

From Bad Dragon to Mad Dragon.
No. 106842 ID: 49978d


I think further experimentation is in order. It may not be that Ceri's lust is actually causing these problems, but rather that they're a symptom of something else. It may even be that her sexual shenanigans are an outlet for something that would otherwise cause more damage, and her body is pushing the sex stuff hard on her to try mitigate it as much as possible. Her body learned to use her boobs as an outlet for her dragon magic, already; maybe when she had sex for the first time, her body went "hey, another way to vent magic!" and started pushing for more that way, and this recent problem is a result of her trying out all her new magic and D-bursting and so on during this recent adventure. Maybe dragon coming-of-age requires some special sex thing that she's not getting, so she's finding herself gorging on sex in general to make up the difference. Perhaps the "something wrong" is that she's still actually not getting enough sex! When something is wrong with your body, behavioral compulsions are often a result of your body trying to fix itself or mitigate the damage. It can be bad to scratch an itch if scratching's not going to make it go away, but most itches are caused by something that scratching will genuinely get rid of! So abstaining from sex may actually make Ceri's problem, whatever it is, worse.

I'm not saying I'm arguing for any of those to be true, I'm just saying that it's dangerous to make assumptions about what's causing a problem. The world is complicated and the immediately obvious answer or common-sense solution isn't necessarily the right one. We need to be scientific about this, and experiment.

So, one, yes, celibacy for a while to see if it does anything, good or bad. However, for the sake of Skif's poor blue internal balls, we should explore other possibilities first. For example, Ceri should try isolating herself from other stimuli and do a bunch of shapeshifting, especially switching around between her different "natural" forms, and see if it tilts her tilde. Another possibility is that the damage was caused by her tilde reaching high levels and then being held in for a long time, so she should try that, too.

There are probably other possibilities, too. We should explore all of them!
No. 106849 ID: fe7355

It's also possible that the level of "crazy" Mr. Ilan was thinking of when he said "try not to do anything crazy" in regards to Ceri using her magic was lower than we thought. That the level of magic Ceri was using before getting to the submersed ship was enough to cause her dragon side to leak and drive her lust up. And then she tried to use magic in a anti-magic field, which may have damaged the seal, followed by a D-Burst and using major magic in the same field to force its effect through. I'll note here the last time we saw her stat screen before the end of the thread was when she D-Burst and the crack in the seal wasn't there yet. I'm thinking that straining her magic so hard against the anti-magic field while in a D-Burst started to cause the seal to crack. And because of that it let Ceri's dragon side seep out more and drove her lust much higher, warping her judgment and resulting in all the sexual shenanigans on the beach.
No. 106865 ID: b1b4f3

Well forcing her polymorph through the antimagic field certainly would count as crazy.
No. 106871 ID: ef6709

On one level, I agree with you.

On another, I REALLY REALLY hate the idea of what's risked if it turns out these experiments fail. We know on a certain level no sex does avoid something- it's honestly the 'safest' experiment to do first, since it's easy to cease if it turns out incorrect- faster to go from not-banging to banging a lot than to go from banging a lot to not banging for a while. One can be ramped up to very quick with the right motivation, while the other can only be done through plain patience and waiting.

I'm not worried about Skif in that really, if he can't restrain his urges, that just speaks of a primitive mind- I'd think the guy is better than that, really.
No. 106885 ID: fe7355

Speaking of Skif, Ceri and him are going to have to talk about what happened, Ceri's worries and what she was thinking and feeling then, and really probe him on how much he actually wanted to go along with her desires there. If he's going along with Ceri's wishes just or mostly 'cause he doesn't want to lose her and that he actually doesn't like it, or something similarly bad, then Ceri's going to have to rein it in. Really talk with him about what he wants.

Personally, I'd rather this quest be "Dragon Romance" and not become "Dragon Rampant Promiscuity." While the sex scenes and winding Ceri's ~ up are fun, it's a fleeting fun that forgets Ceri does have more beyond that and that there are consequences. And I'd rather work to have a personal connection between her and another character first, since it much more fulfilling if and when they do get it on.
No. 106892 ID: 021efd

Merry Giftmas slinko! I hope you enjoy your non-denominational winter gift-giving holiday! Same to all the other posters too, have a good whatever-the-fuck! (Giant smiles all around man)
No. 106935 ID: cf8ee7

This. Let's not just steamroll every other quest character into lewd just because we can't keep our ~ in our pants (perhaps because said pants keep disappearing).
No. 106957 ID: c78274
File 148287449535.gif - (1.40MB , 320x240 , thatsmyslinko.gif )

Have a Dragon Romance meme
No. 106987 ID: df6309

Varying degrees of want?
No. 107319 ID: 395c02
File 148346761259.png - (7.40KB , 800x600 , Capture213.png )

>when /quest/ keeps making you think lewd thoughts about pygmies
No. 107320 ID: 595d54

So that's his fap hand?
No. 107474 ID: 395c02
File 148365414461.png - (400.77KB , 3000x600 , heightchart.png )

So, thread 4 is around the corner, and the current plan is for it to take all the groundwork I laid out and actually set up the Main Plot. how exciting! It only took over 500 images!

In the mean time, since a couple people were wondering, and so I have a reference... here's how tall everyone is!

Included is a chart I made for power levels, which I will eventually repurpose as a height chart. The art is kinda old, although I redrew sekani for fun~

It's so old we have non-captain Venji!

Anyway, numbers! I grew up in america so i can't promise the cm is even kinda correct but i tried.


Sekani: 5'9" (~175cm), ignoring headfeathers
Amiel (Original): 5'6" (~167cm), ignoring spikes
Amiel (Current): 6'3" (~191cm)
Dilia: 6'10" (~208cm), ignoring horns
Tayza: 6'4" (~194cm)
Shela: 4'5" (~141cm), ignoring antennae
Jiniki: 2'10" (~86cm)
Kinasa: 5'8" (~173cm)
Delkin, the character everyone loves: 6'2" (~188cm)
Grasshopper: 8' (~244cm)

Dragon Romance
Ceridwen: 5'10" (~178cm), ignoring fins and horns
Skif: 6'1" (~185cm)
Gulketi (ketza): 3'6" (~107cm), ignoring headfluff
Gulketi (amtsvane): 41' (~1250cm)
Siphon: 3'6" (~107cm)
Eezeryh: 5'8" (~173cm), can stretch to ~8'
Myra: 6' (~183cm)
Sheriim: 6'1" (~185cm), ignoring fin
Daatra: 6'5"

Venji: 5'9" (~175cm), ignoring AMAZING BIRBNESS
Ijnev: also 5'9". Shocking.
Bird-Roz: 3" (~8cm)
Ketza-Roz: 3'1" (~93cm)
Ashela, 4'7" (~140cm), on all fours
Titzi: 4' long (~122cm), or 1' tall (~30cm)
Mantis: 3'11" (~119cm)
Selis (Original): 2'2" (~67cm), 3' (~91cm) long
Betsy: 21' (640cm)
Scalene: [error]

All the rest
Kliss: 1'7" (~48cm), when standing
Tyrsis: 2'5" (~76cm)
Chei: 2'10" (~86cm)
Nishalm: 5'3" (160cm)
Nokizanya: 12'2" (371cm)

And that's all the important and semi-important characters I can think of!
No. 107475 ID: ca0e20

Also here's a thing that can be neat for some characters.

No. 107488 ID: 395c02

kliss vs nokizanya is something i now have to draw at some point
No. 107587 ID: cf8ee7

That's height, but what about weight, or...other important measurements?
No. 107591 ID: 395c02

Weight would be too difficult for me to do. People would either be way too heavy or way too light for their size and build, because I have no idea what good weights are for fantasy animal-people.
No. 107592 ID: ca0e20

I never understood why weight was considered a detail that needs to be known about fictional characters. Side effect from modern society? Anyway, weight is like a bonus a writer can go for if they think mass is fascinating in a scientific way, if that exist. Otherwise, it's kinda pointless.
No. 107594 ID: 395c02

I mean, it's not totally irrelevant or anything, but it's definitely harder to give a plausible number on. I have no idea what an amtsvane should weigh, for example (beyond "a lot").
No. 107595 ID: ca0e20

Well that's what I would mean really. You only need to know that certain characters weighs more than other, but an actual number doesn't really add much. And generally, it's easy to tell if a character is heavy or light by how they look. Either by how big they are or if they wear armor or carrying stuff, etc.

Height is a more concrete thing that people can, at the very least, get a measuring tape and see how tall a character is compared to them. Unless it's a giant. But that's where the site I link can help I guess.

For weight, I feel like there's too many variable considering things like muscle, fat, bones, horns antlers, claws, wings, whatever. It's better to keep it simple and not really needed when listing details about a character. Unless it's odd, like "this giant weighs about the same as the average dog" even though they don't look it. A giant made of light, for example, wouldn't need that description.
No. 107647 ID: 395c02

I spent the past 7 years trying my best to guess what works and what doesn't in my quests, with varying levels of success. But it was always something I tried to figure out alone.

For 7 years I fought an uphill battle to make something great, and instead I've pretty much always been a mid-tier author.

This year, 2017, I want to change that. I want to finally figure out what I'm missing-- what areas I'm too weak in. I want to make Slissa Quest deserve a place among every quest you think of when asked what quests you like. But I'm starting to realize I can't do that if I never actually ask others for their thoughts and opinions.

So, if there are things you think I'm missing, or areas you feel I should focus on improving, this is the time and place to lay it on me. It'd also be helpful to know if there's aspects of my quests you do like, things I should maybe focus on more deeply! If you were reading any of my quests but stopped, this is also your chance to tell me where I lost you.

Are my quests too bombastic? Not enough just folks hanging out and chilling? More boobs? less boobs? less silly faces?


but please don't just say "x sucks" because that's legitimately useless
No. 107650 ID: 79a07e


I think your quests are alright, but I've noticed you seem to have a common QM 'thing' where you reel people in with funny and feel-goods, and then suddenly launch a massive drama-bomb on them after some time later. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but like I said, it's a common thing; one that I'm kinda tired of. I'd love for a non-oneshot quest to start relatively light-hearted and end light-hearted for once. Some drama and action is fine to spice things up once in a while, but IMO there shouldn't be a total paradigm shift like there always is.
No. 107651 ID: ca0e20

That problem with that is that light-hearted stories tends to be forgotten pretty quickly, in any format. I'm not saying that a light-hearted story is bad either, but anyone who would think about meaningful stories that are remembered, there's usually high stakes, drama and reveals that makes people think about the story.

The approach of starting light-hearted and becoming more serious later is more of an attempt to have some nice "free" time with the characters to allow the audience to care about said characters before you put them in drama or peril, so that the audience actually cares about what is going on. Making an audience care about the characters fast enough to establish a drama/dangerous/dark tone early, can be very tricky and, I would say, is something the greatest writers with abundant trust in themselves can pull off.

If the aim is become a better writer, I have a hard time believing that focusing on lighter story would necessarily do that. Having said that, I wouldn't mind seeing Slinko make a story like that if they have the time/idea for it.

Lol, I might have to think on this actually. Mostly cause I think others might give you better advice, but also cause if I decide to get into it, I almost should write it in notepad first to make sure I find a way to express my criticisms in a "good enough" manner before I try to relay it to you. Cause I've been trying to read some of your older stuff and I definitely noticed stuff you do extremely well but a lot of common "Slinko tropes" that I think might not be completely needed. Well, not needed in a more "Serious" story. Not serious in tone, but serious in attempt... See this is what I mean, haha.

But I'd have to re-read Slissa quest to see how it holds up since I think Slissa is actually the first thing I read from you. So I forget some details.
No. 107655 ID: 395c02

>That problem with that is that light-hearted stories tends to be forgotten pretty quickly, in any format.
Yup. You implied that one-shots don't count, but a single thread is about as long as I could see a pure comedy no-stakes quest staying interesting, and those quests don't tend to get that much attention.

I'm not trying to dismiss what you're saying, though. I definitely will make a stronger effort to keep the light quests light as a whole. I think part of the problem is that DR and Retcon entered srs moments at roughly the same time, combined with high stress from The Great Crunch, but I'll definitely try to make sure both quests maintain a "light" feeling as a whole.

>I wouldn't mind seeing Slinko make a story like that if they have the time/idea for it.
I've done both pure comedy quests (Tezakian Holiday, Boatface Adventures) and one instance of a pure serious quest (The Creator)

It sounds like where I'm struggling are the quests that try to be a mix of the two. Hmm...

>"Slinko tropes"
I so wish this was me turning into Lagotrope. Ah, to update so many times in so short a time-frame~

But I'm very curious to hear about these tropes. Having something concrete I can look at and go "maybe don't this so much" would be very helpful in my attempts to improve.
No. 107657 ID: ca0e20

Ah yeah, I guess I, so far, mostly read the more "series" quests of yours. Boatface is on my to-read list since I wanted to read whatever pre-retcons were. And VenjiQuest would probably be talked about once I talk about Slinko-tropes, cause I couldn't help comparing it to Tezakian Quest. Also slumber party won't be talked about cause I didn't like it purely on personal opinion reasons that won't help you if I say what it is. Then I got side tracked by the major complete quest list again and Static on the Wire.

For now though, I'd say that your strongest stuff came from Tezakian Quest and Jiniki's Journey.

I dunno what the format of what I would write would take, guess it depends on how long it is. I dunno that I would want to write something super long and then post it here on the disthread to get in the way. But there's probably places on the Internet people can post text and I'll post it there and link it here. If it's short, I just post it here. But I sometimes ramble and get into too much detail so I expect it to be long if I am to look at most of your stuff to give feedback, heheh. I guess we'll see once I start.
No. 107659 ID: 395c02

>Also slumber party won't be talked about cause I didn't like it purely on personal opinion reasons that won't help you if I say what it is.

w-well now i'm curious!!!
No. 107660 ID: ca0e20

If I'd ever tell you, it would be in private cause it's a really dumb reason, lol. And now that I think about it, I don't even know if I ever told anyone about that opinion really, cause it's a very unpopular opinion. So I dunno *shrug* =P
No. 107662 ID: 395c02


Well, I'll await this mega post of yours~
No. 107684 ID: 4854ef

The Siphon AI ASCII graphics are just straight up adorable.
No. 107697 ID: 91ee5f

>I so wish this was me turning into Lagotrope. Ah, to update so many times in so short a time-frame~
No, silly! "Slinkotrope" is you and Lagotrope fusing DBZ style! Or would it be "Lagoboy"?

No. 107703 ID: 395c02

I'd try it, but he's semi-permanently fused with Lawyerdog.
No. 107711 ID: 91ee5f

Wait, what?! Where did they get the Potara Earrings to do that?! O_o
No. 107714 ID: ba506f

I thought it was lawyerdog and trout who were fused seeing as last I heard they were roommates.
No. 107715 ID: 395c02

All three are roommates now!

They need to fuse and make the ultimate lagotroutdog quest
No. 107724 ID: 91ee5f

When did they become a Cerberus?! O_o
No. 107729 ID: 8e2896
File 148443817230.jpg - (80.13KB , 700x1103 , convention_coming_closer_by_nebezial-d7v16ro.jpg )

It's all part of the plan to eventually have as many authors as possible fuse into one ultimate artist!
No. 107892 ID: 395c02

That last update took ~6 hours to make (part of which includes drawing a map, realizing you can't tell wtf anything is, and then scrapping it for a color version. making that map was like 2 hours in itself >:C )

So Koror tomorrow, DR sunday, rather than scrambling to do both tomorrow because i'm dying here
No. 107974 ID: 395c02
File 148519751507.gif - (140.07KB , 800x600 , 557.gif )

I'll be collecting ideas for mixed-magic spells until a certain point later in the thread, so feel free to keep suggesting anything you come up with. I'll be writing them down!

The vote system in Dragon Romance was meant to do two things: Make suggesting easier for you, and make keeping track of them easier for me.

But in the weakly-performing thread 4, we had 32 suggestions on a post which allowed freeform suggesting, and it wasn't as hard as I thought to go through them. This is making me rethink things!

Maybe I don't actually need voting so much, now that things are more complex and we're not doing chargen so much?

I wanna know what you think. I'll do one of my many strawpolls for convenience.

Should I Use votes constantly? This means most posts will end in votes, except those asking for dialog or where the "answer" isn't obvious/would be too obvious. (aka the current method)

Or should I Use votes sparingly? Make updates free-form, and using votes mostly when deciding things with obvious branches (like which stat to train, etc)

Please choose your preference here: http://www.strawpoll.me/12180687

You can also let me know what you think in this thread~
No. 107975 ID: ac2124

Slink taking a vote on how to take votes.....
No. 107976 ID: 395c02

No. 107979 ID: 30fb5a

Yo dawg, I heard you like votes, so we're voting on how we vote so we can choose how we choose.
No. 107982 ID: dd4df2


I like being able to give additional inputs above and beyond the votes, but I also feel like having something to vote on every time gives the thread a sense of direction when it might otherwise slow down or end with confusion.
No. 107983 ID: dd4df2

Oh, by the way, it's a week or so late, but congratulations on Dragon Romance's first anniversary!
No. 107984 ID: 395c02

It will likely still have guided paths, things in bold to consider, as seen in recent updates, just less of a strict "these 3-5 options are it" system

w-wait what
No. 107988 ID: 696fed

what ever happened to the ask tumblr SLINKO
No. 107990 ID: 3abd97

No fair I can't write in a write in about being able to write in write ins.

(Where's the indifferent / you don't need to change from how you've been doing things option).
No. 107991 ID: 395c02

I literally just updated it!

The second option is the "keep things as they are" option.
No. 108019 ID: 398fe1

>second option is what's happening right now
But the first option is labeled as "aka the current method"?
No. 108020 ID: a22ee8

Believe it or not, the fanfiction I've been writing isn't dead. I've simply been really busy. Expect Part 3 some time next week.
No. 108021 ID: 395c02
File 148528852470.gif - (56.45KB , 700x600 , 38.gif )


Well, that confusion probably makes the strawpoll a bit less reliable, huh?

I think I will continue to generally have votes, but be less afraid to have "open" decision points when the time feels right for them.

Oh man!!!!

And now it's time for a RANDOM FUN FACT!

Past me had pretty much screwed present me when it comes to eyelashes on female/cute characters.

For a very long time, I refused to draw them because it makes no sense (especially for non-humans) for females to randomly have them when males don't.

On principle, no eyelashes for anyone >:o

But nowadays I can appreciate the effect of making it a bit easier to look at something (like a slissa) and go "oh, that one's a girl. Neat." It also makes things generally cuter.

However, due to past-me's stubbornness, I forget to draw eyelashes 4 times out of 5 :X

This is fine for some quests, like Venji, where it legit doesn't matter.

But quests like DR and Slissa, where I may want to play up cuteness or femininity, they are... inconsistent. And now you know why!
No. 108022 ID: 696fed

well slinko we can tell venji is a girl because of her DULL PLUMAGE
No. 108029 ID: 1d0e08

It's occured to me that this crazy "writing" thing isn't going as splendidly as I'd hoped. Make that ETA the week after next, with a slight chance of arriving next week.

I mean, not that anyone gives a shit about my bad writing and worse OCs but hey!
No. 108033 ID: 395c02

quests are hard
No. 108046 ID: 1d0e08

I will drag Ceridwen kicking and screaming into Safe, Sane and Consensual, Slinko, yoh hear me???

But yes, quests are hard.
No. 108084 ID: 17f043

Oh my god, I found Dragon Romance the other day and I haven't been this invested in a smut-but-not-so-smut-but-still-pretty-smut story in a long, long time. Read the four threads in just a few hours.
No. 108092 ID: 79a07e

And I'll help!
No. 108095 ID: 395c02

Oh gosh !

I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far !
No. 108115 ID: 17f043

Yes! As a matter of fact, it gave me a flash of inspiration to maybe make my own Quest in the future. I've actually been obsessed with refining the details of the world lore of that potential story for the last 12 hours.
No. 108164 ID: 395c02

Hurray! Go forth and create to your heart's desire! If you have any questions, lemme know~
No. 108195 ID: 8cb228

Okay, so I've done a few posts about the square/cube law, and I totally think that we should instigate the scientist type has already written up some huge epic rant about how these powers (which totally aren't magic but these rubes call magic) seem to be uniquely useful for, if not violating the square-cube law, than mostly ignoring the negative ramifications that it has on something's biology. IE, most species, when made large, should probably be unable to move and have their body crush itself under it's own weight and also the blood should not manage to keep it conscious and so on and so forth, but these enlargement 'spells' seem to do something weird, like arbitrarily enforce the concept of a large creature on the rest of reality, without any changes on it's agility or endurance! And how 12 attempts to get these benefits into a robot all failed catastrophically Or other such inevitable (and hopefully hilarious) rants!
No. 108320 ID: 395c02


I've revamped my patreon to allow more people to get artwork: https://www.patreon.com/Slinketza

Because of this, the last week of each month may begin to include a questing pause so I can spend that week working on patreons.

Speaking of quests, it turns out I really really don't like running more than one at a time. Writing and drawing Dragon Romance and drawing Koror takes up pretty much all the energy I have for such things.

As such, finishing Retcon Quest will require me to pause DR, which may happen after thread 4 ends. I don't expect Retcon to take that long, but I'd rather not have to juggle it and DR. The quality of both would suffer.

SQ's return is up in the air for now.
No. 108329 ID: 398fe1

No. 108505 ID: 395c02
File 148641685062.gif - (45.36KB , 800x600 , 559.gif )

To the person who posted "take its hand" while I was posting the update:

Man, how perfect would it have been if your post was very slightly earlier than it was, eh? :X
No. 108506 ID: b15da4

Next time, Gadget, next time!
No. 108600 ID: 395c02

Typo got sick, which is why Koror hasn't updated in a bit. Since we're roomates, this means I may also get sick. Oh no!

I'll keep you posted on THE GREAT PLAGUE OF 2017
No. 108602 ID: 398fe1

Slinko why does it say the aquatic form option costs more MP? The form itself is free.
No. 108603 ID: 395c02

(not slinko but typo speaking)

Being in aquatic form is free; flying in aquatic form requires use of MP to get height because it's only really good at gliding. I think.
No. 108605 ID: 395c02

Indeed, the MP cost is making several large portals to gain the height required.

Sorry it wasn't clear!
No. 108621 ID: 395c02


I will draw a koror cause typo managed to write one, but otherwise I might be down and out for a couple days.

DR will likely resume monday??
No. 108622 ID: 91ee5f

Oh no! Slinko and Typo have gotten sick! It's an epidemic! Someone send a doctor! DX

But seriously, I hope you guys feel better soon!
No. 108623 ID: 398fe1

By "several" you mean three? She could gravity boost by placing two in an infinite-fall configuration (entry portal on the bottom ofc) then place another exit portal on the ground pointing up so that she gets launched into the air.
No. 108624 ID: 91ee5f

Just like the Portal video games!
No. 108625 ID: 395c02
File 148678995809.png - (169.45KB , 800x600 , 75.png )

The big thing to note is Ceri's aquatic form isn't designed for flying, it's designed for swimming. She's not as aerodynamic or as light as her FLIGHT FORM would have been, so to reach the lake from her house she must either A: glide from very high or B: reset her vertical height multiple times via portals (teleportation resets your momentum).

Ceri is "Meh" at portals, so her range is far too small to do it in 2 or 3. I am loathe to start using real numbers, but I may have to soon...

As a bird, 1 portal is still needed, but she can wing it (HEH) from there. She's not fantastic at flying in general, but she has some practice doing it as a bird. 0 practice for the aqua form :X

The 2 portal method from Portal (the game) would launch her okay, but she doesn't know how to do that currently. She hasn't tried this a single time, though I intend to give a chance fairly soon for magical experimentation.

With Ceri being Not Great at portals, and AMAZINGLY FANTASTIC at polymorph, a single-portal bird launch is going to win over any current method of getting her pudgy aquatic form going.

Ow! Who hit me???

Still, neither choice is going to use more than like 20-30% of her MP. Ceri's kind of an MP sponge and can do more magic longer than almost everyone she knows.

really i just wanted to draw more birds
No. 108627 ID: 398fe1

Dang, we gotta get Ceri thinking with portals.

Also, if teleportation resets her momentum she can use that to break her fall! Maybe she can even set up some kind of reactive passive spell to trigger whenever she's about to hit the ground at a dangerous speed. Long Fall boots, except actually a teleport.
No. 108690 ID: 395c02
File 148698273597.png - (33.88KB , 144x143 , Capture2 and a half.png )

so the first 2 images of this upcoming update.

I drew 1

edited 1 to make 2, which took a while


went back and redrew the edit to make 1

realize I saved 2 at the wrong time and half the work vanished

re-finished 2 again

died a little inside

Never draw while sick

DR might pause again if I don't feel better in the next few days >:C
No. 108706 ID: 91ee5f

Slinko, what the fuck do you think you're doing updating quests while you're sick?! You get the fuck back to bed and rest! And no more updating until you get better! D-:<
No. 108707 ID: 395c02

;-; but i don't want to let people doooooown
No. 108708 ID: 842fc7

And we don't want you to end up STONE D E A D.
Get some rest, dude.
No. 108709 ID: 91ee5f

We all care about you and you're letting us down by not going to bed and getting better! Now go get in bed and start feeling better, you foolish little birb! )-':<

And the same goes for Typo as well!
No. 108755 ID: 395c02

I'm still sick so i can't

dr someday

rip me