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File 149789726695.png - (268.85KB , 800x600 , title.png )
809039 No. 809039 ID: 395c02

This quest is NSFW. 

Thread one: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/694230.html 

Thread two: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/714858.html 

Thread three: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/743976.html

Thread four: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/771470.html
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No. 809041 ID: 395c02
File 149789728008.png - (90.90KB , 800x600 , 758.png )

"Okay, you said like a million words all at once. Let me see if I can break this down. You went swimming with your friends yesterday?"
No. 809042 ID: 395c02
File 149789729033.png - (105.78KB , 800x600 , 759.png )

"Yes! Swimming was... involved!"
No. 809043 ID: 395c02
File 149789730341.png - (92.75KB , 800x600 , 760.png )

"Uh huh. And then you came home with Skif and enjoyed some... how did you phrase it... 'completely innocent cuddling'."
No. 809044 ID: 395c02
File 149789731204.png - (141.00KB , 800x600 , 761.png )

"Oh yes! I was tired from not sleeping well, so I napped in his arms! It was so romantic~"
No. 809045 ID: 395c02
File 149789732336.png - (92.85KB , 800x600 , 762.png )

"So you cuddled, napped, then Skif went home. You sure there's nothing else?"
No. 809046 ID: 395c02
File 149789733244.png - (254.06KB , 800x600 , 763.png )


"Why would there be?"
No. 809047 ID: 395c02
File 149789734267.png - (90.41KB , 800x600 , 764.png )

"Your grandfather's attitude towards me makes a whole lot more sense now. So now you're asking for some money so you can buy camping gear."


"If that's the whole story, maybe you can tell me why you're sitting on a bunch of pillows, and why you have this sudden desire to go camping."

Uh oh. You're sitting on these soft, soft pillows because the events of yesterday left you very sore. And you want camping equipment because it's a several-day journey to where Prince Chei is by foot. Also he might be imprisoned by a dragon? If Dad knew that, he'd never let you go!

Come to think of it, maybe you should have skipped this conversation and done some odd jobs to get the money. Why didn't you think of this sooner!?

Maybe because you've been struggling to make decisions since this morning. Man, you really hope you have a sudden burst of inspiration for no reason.

What will you do?

-Time to lie! What web of lies will you spread?
-Half-truths got you this far! Keep at it! Is there a way to get what you want without technically lying?
-Most of the truth. He doesn't need to know about your flirtation with butt-stuff, but he deserves to know about your plans with Prince Chei.
-The entire truth. It might break his mind a little to learn of his daughter's sexual exploits, which might make him too distracted to say no!
-ESCAPE SITUATION. You'll make the money another way! Distract him and run!
No. 809050 ID: 5d9e7d

-Most of the truth.
Don't lie to your dad, he's chill af.
Be sure to drop as much spaghetti on him as possible.
No. 809052 ID: 636dcb

Most of the truth.

His dad sense isn't just tingling, it's off the charts. He knows already.
No. 809055 ID: 008a01

Full Truth!
No. 809056 ID: 56fca5

You probably shouldn't tell him about Chei, except that maybe you are going to meet a friend that needed some help? Your father doesn't need to know that it might be dangerous.
No. 809062 ID: 262ceb

Half-truths! You are sitting on these pillows because you hurt your... tail. ("Tail" can refer euphemistically to the butt as well as the actual tail!) You got the idea to try something that turned out to be too much of a strain. It was your own fault. You'll be fine.

As for why you want to go camping... well, recently you've gotten reason to worry that Skif's parents maybe don't approve that much of you and Skif being together the way you are. Like, you know, they've got their traditions and that knight stuff and they're worried Skif won't live up to them or reach his full potential if you're involved with him! So you and him want to go out and have a bit of an adventure and training together and prove that not only are you good as a couple but Skif is totally even stronger with you to help him out and encourage him! That's one reason to go camping with him!
No. 809063 ID: d36af7

The entire truth, starting with what went in which of your various holes. It's the right thing to do, but also, there is a non-negligible chance he'll suffer another cache overflow error and accept any reasonable excuse to end the conversation early, then you can go do odd jobs for the money which is more responsible anyway.
No. 809066 ID: e5b57f

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing butt the truth.
No. 809067 ID: a363ac

if you really want that money this is the only way. ENTIRE TRUTH
No. 809069 ID: 91ee5f

Young lady, you'd better only be preparing to go "camping"! You've still got 2 weeks to wait for Mr. Ilan to come back! And you promised him that you wouldn't do anything crazy while he was gone!

You need to eat something to regain that tiny sliver of lost HP!

Distract Dad and when he looks away you need to teleport to freezer, get ice cream (because ice cream makes everything better~ <3), teleport to silverware drawer, get spoon, and teleport back to your pillow covered chair before he turns back around to face you!

>What do?
I don't think you should tell him about Prince Chei because odds are, after what happened when you first met him as little kids, I'm sure Mr. Ilan informed your parents and then your dad overreacted and thought Chei was a pervert and it took the combined efforts of both your mom and Mr. Ilan to stop your dad from hunting Chei down and killing and/or kicking his ass! I'm pretty sure that your dad still thinks Chei is a pervert and will not let you go anywhere near him!

So I say you keep telling half-truths!
No. 809073 ID: 173b46

Tell him everything. Unleash your inner spaghettimancer!
No. 809080 ID: 600f38

Entire truth.
Explain you really did just nap together all night, because you and Skif were so exhausted and sore from having all kinds of kinky sex with each other and aliens.
No. 809081 ID: 49c9d4

Run. Now. Before he can ground you.
No. 809087 ID: c8f47b

I'd say entire truth.
No. 809093 ID: c88e6d

The ENTIRE truth.

Seriously it's so ridiculous it will distract him from the fact that you rode Skif's purple python yesterday.
No. 809094 ID: ae1924

Half-truth, I think he'd either have a heart attack or ground you if he knew you were going to save a princess from a dragon.
No. 809096 ID: 50c95d

If it comes down to it, tell him the whole truth. But first, you should redirect the subject to your dad's own sexual exploits. What DID he do when he was your age?
No. 809097 ID: 4ddd17

That's true, maybe if we confront him about it, it will help our argument... Whatever that ends up being. *shrug*
No. 809100 ID: 8d4593

Most of the truth
But reverse what you tell him.
Go ahead and tell him about the sexual stuff with skiff.

Embarrassing, yes. But look at his face.
He clearly knows something is and is getting pissed at you lying about it. The Prince stuff is so far out there he'll never suspect it. Yes you sexed the Skiff, yes you used your butt, yes he'll likely go over the top when you say it. But your an adult now. You can do those sorts of things. This really is just to reassure him that you're not doing drugs or something.
No. 809106 ID: 4ddd17

Actually yeah, that's a good point. Heck, he might not even really believe the Prince Chei stuff at all, and it might get worse from there. Let's tell him what he "wants" to hear.
No. 809111 ID: 3abd97

Most of the truth.
No. 809123 ID: 3fb646

Half truths, with some redirection. No need to kill your dad with your exploits. That will only end badly. Don't want to be grounded or banned from seeing Skiff, right?
No. 809139 ID: 8c3bc9

Half-truths without detailing exploits
No. 809150 ID: be0718

Most of the truth. You've found a new gang of bad influences friends and you're gonna go... camping! In the mountains! You guys love to exercise together!
No. 809177 ID: c57f6b

The whole truth
No. 809178 ID: 4854ef

Pretty much all of the truth.
No. 809183 ID: 6cd244

Half-truths. You can hide all the lewd stuff you want, he doesn't need to know that at all (Maybe blame your injuries on muscle soreness, what with all that swimming). And I don't think he'd let you go if you said you were going to help space aliens save their friend from a dragon. But you can at least tell him that you're going off on a hiking trip with some friends, so he knows roughly where you're going to be. Perhaps tell him you're following a map they had, and going off to see what's there?
No. 809197 ID: 72ed6b

This by way of explanation.

As for the rest, tell him the whole truth, except for the sex details. Imply there were sex details, but that we both know he really doesn't want that information.
No. 809198 ID: 8cb228

Most of the truth.

No need to be overly explicit!
No. 809247 ID: 4d0470

I also agree to the idea of too much swimming.
I mean there's totally not this new aquatic form.

I mean its not like your parents have swam too much before and know exactly what it looks like when it happens.
No. 809252 ID: e661bf

Tell him most of the truth, give him so many sexual details that he'll think you're Myra in disguise! Figuratively, at least, but blow his mind with what he already suspects!
No. 809254 ID: f0e552

most of the truth. You're a grown woman now, he'll understand--right?
No. 809331 ID: 4ddd17

I feel like the way things are going, this assumption is too simple. It's a trap! ...so to speak.
No. 809381 ID: 3abd97

Look, you have no choice. You gotta kill your dad for his own good. You can't let him live in a world where he finds out his daughter had an orgy.
No. 809394 ID: 1e7aa8

half-truth it up. If he specifically asks about your sore ass BLAME IT ON THE ROBOT.
No. 809590 ID: 395c02
File 149807567236.png - (94.30KB , 800x600 , 765.png )

Oh! The coffee must have kicked in! Your mind's actually functioning now! Your new ENERGY STAT seems to be working fine, too.
>Young lady, you'd better only be preparing to go "camping"! You've still got 2 weeks to wait for Mr. Ilan to come back! And you promised him that you wouldn't do anything crazy while he was gone!
Yes, of course. But you don't want to waste any time getting everything prepared.
You have two weeks to gather supplies, collect information, and improve your abilities. Then Mr. Ilan will return with his dragon friend to fully heal your damaged seal and teach you LIFE-MAGIC.
You're not entirely sure what will happen after, especially since learning life-magic takes a really long time, but you'll cross that bridge when you get there. For now, you want to spend the downtime focusing on a goal and being productive.
And that goal is saving Prince Chei!
No. 809591 ID: 395c02
File 149807568941.png - (91.31KB , 800x600 , 766.png )

...And here you are hesitating. How can you hope to save anyone if you can't even confront your own father?
Your desire to omit some or most of the facts is stronger than your desire to be completely truthful, whether it's for his sake or yours. Also something about spaghetti? You're not sure what that means.
Even if you did tell him everything, there's no way he'd believe you. Your friends being aliens, the various revelations you've had about Skif and yourself, all the... sex...
Should you be ashamed of that? It wasn't even your fault. You didn't tell the dragon sleeping inside you to pump your Tilde to ridiculous levels.
No. 809592 ID: 395c02
File 149807569839.png - (86.49KB , 800x600 , 767.png )

No, there's nothing to gain by shifting the blame. You're an adult now. It's time to act like one. Take responsibility for your actions. Show your father that you're not a hatchling in need of coddling.
That's what a dragon would do.
No. 809593 ID: 395c02
File 149807571320.gif - (67.22KB , 800x600 , 768.gif )

You calmly tell him everything about your friends. Well, everything important. It doesn't matter where they came from or what technology they have. Someone dear to them is in trouble, and you're going to help them.
Dad nods, admiring your commitment to the dramatic moment as you sit atop several soft fluffy pillows.
You begin to tell him about the seal, and your conversations with Euia, when you suddenly realize you forgot which parts you were supposed to be keeping secret for now.
No. 809594 ID: 395c02
File 149807573006.gif - (61.83KB , 800x600 , 769.gif )

It's too late now! Your composure's so badly broken you've reverted to an older art style! Your mental filter crumbles completely and you can't stop yourself from telling him literally everything!
"...And Skif's a dragon-rider but dragon-riders are kind of bad and they had this ritual that makes dragons slaves and Skif almost did it to me but then he didn't and then we kept talking about doing the friendship ritual but we never do because I'm secretly paranoid and then Skif got in a fight with his parents and stopped being a dragon-rider and became a DRAGON KNIGHT and he calls me mistress sometimes and then my inner dragon started breaking free but then Eu oh god I mean Mr. Ilan put a seal on it and I had to fight off a powerful opponent in a well thought out combat sequence and the fight pushed me so hard the seal cracked and Mr. Ilan put a second seal on top of the first seal and now I have to be careful to avoid situations that might stress it while he's off getting his friend, and..."
No. 809595 ID: 395c02
File 149807574570.gif - (35.59KB , 800x600 , 770.gif )

"...There was maybe some sex okay a lot of sex because the dragon inside me decided the best way to break free was to raise my lust to uncontrollable levels because that's totally a rational and logical thing to do and then i was in an orgy and Mr. Ilan did that thing I mentioned earlier about putting a seal on my seal and then I had more sex because I might be addicted or maybe because I'm due to lay an egg and I mean you know how mom gets it's kinda like that but me instead of her anyway I had to be submissive so I made Skif do a tiny little itty bitty bit of butt-stuff and I didn't think I'd like it and I was kinda right but also now that I've done it I might be open to trying it again also there's this bird juice and oh my god it's amazing I'm tingling down there just thinking about it oh god this is TMI wait why is this the breaking point what's wrong with meeeee"
You catch your breath. You're kind of amazed you managed to get all that out without pausing to breathe.
Well. There's no going back now. You brace yourself for the ensuing explosion.
No. 809596 ID: 395c02
File 149807575781.png - (65.22KB , 800x600 , 771.png )

Dad... Dad's just staring at you. Or, is he staring past you?
There's no freakouts. No amusing faces.
Just silence.
No. 809597 ID: 395c02
File 149807576990.png - (96.84KB , 800x600 , 772.png )

You wave your hand in front of his face. "...Dad? You okay?"
No response.
You revealed so much that it completely broke your father.
-Calmly give your father a moment to recover so you can continue this conversation like adults.
Or maybe there's something else you could do or say?
No. 809600 ID: 6cd244

"MOOOOOOOM!" She'll understand.
No. 809601 ID: f08985

-Calmly give your father a moment to recover so you can continue this conversation like adults.
No. 809602 ID: 5926b2

Give him a bit, old brains are slow to load like old computers are
No. 809603 ID: 50c95d

Shifting on those pillows has statically charged you. Move your finger close to his skin to discharge a spark.
No. 809606 ID: ca81f0


No. 809609 ID: 262ceb

Sacrifice your pillow pile to create a nest of cushions on the ground you can gently lay your father into so that when he finally freaks out he won't hurt himself.
No. 809620 ID: 3abd97

Oh my god MOM HELP!
No. 809625 ID: 91ee5f

Oh, no! Check his pulse and make sure he's still alive and breathing!


Wait, your mom said she has really good hearing and she can hear everything that happens in this house. What if she just heard everything you told your dad and now your mom is also broken?! OH NO, IT'S EVEN WORSE THAN YOU THOUGHT, YOU BROKE BOTH OF YOUR PARENTS!

Combine these for dragon hugs!

If nothing works, then there's only one thing left to do! Get some ice cream, sit in the corner, and start eating! The ice cream will make everything better again!

That might also work.
No. 809631 ID: be0718

Turn into a dragon, that always helps!
No. 809633 ID: 72ed6b

Dragon pounce-and-hug time.
No. 809634 ID: 8beaac

Get mom. She will now how too restart dad.
No. 809638 ID: 804a8c

No. 809640 ID: 3ce125

No. 809642 ID: 4854ef

No. 809651 ID: 1e7aa8

Start stacking important breakables on his head until he reboots.
No. 809654 ID: 143250

He has that: "I'm not mad or upset, just disappointed" look, which is ten times worse.

Do this.

Afterwards, get your mother in here.
No. 809660 ID: 8c3bc9

No. 809661 ID: e5b57f

>Or maybe there's something else you could do or say?
Say, "I'm pregnant."

That'll snap him out of it. Works every time.
No. 809662 ID: 91ee5f

No it won't! That's what causes this!

But since he's already like this, saying that will kill him!
No. 809665 ID: 0d45a9

Calmly give your father a moment to recover so you can continue this conversation like adults.

While he recovers, try to think of a good way to summarise what you blurted out. Once he recovers, say that you didn't mean to go into that much detail and say that summary. Hopefully that might direct his thoughts in a favourable direction.
No. 809691 ID: c57f6b

No. 809697 ID: 8d4593

I wonder what part of all that your dad is going to latch on to.

Your new acquaintances are clearly using you for their own purposes with little regard to your own safety. So there's that.

But... You did just drop a bunch of sexual stuff he never wanted to hear. So maybe he didn't hear much of anything at all.

Call Mom
Tell her you broke dad.
No. 809699 ID: 7d8168

Call mom.

Mooooom I broke dad. I'd explain how but I don't want to break you too. help pls?!!?!
No. 809749 ID: 3fb646

Get the ice cream
Sit down and help yourself while you await judgement. Offer him some when he snaps too. Admit you.. really don't have as much control over yourself as you thought.
No. 809752 ID: da1652

Get Mom
You may need her help in keeping him from trying to de-Skif your future
No. 809782 ID: 29a4ad

No. 809783 ID: a363ac

Call Mom but also get the ice cream, because you deserve it after that.
No. 809808 ID: c88e6d

No. 809815 ID: 600f38

No. 809857 ID: 350dd6

Get mom and ice cream both, huddle in your pillows eating ice cream while she fixes dad.
No. 809858 ID: 91ee5f

Make sure when you eat the ice cream, you've somehow gotten even more pillows and you've got them piled on top of you! That way, you can be eating ice cream inside of a pillow fort! XD
No. 809859 ID: 255cc9

Ice cream sundae with extra waffles
No. 809868 ID: 02a0f7

Hugs and ice cream this isn't even a choice
No. 809873 ID: 56fca5

No. 809878 ID: 8d4593

Deep Fried Waffles?
Cuz I'm pretty sure Deep Fried Waffle Ice Cream Sundaes are the answer pretty much every interpersonal conundrum.
No. 809959 ID: 395c02
File 149827285731.png - (64.61KB , 800x600 , 773.png )

"uh um uh I'M PREGNANT!"
Why'd you expect that to work? You're both lizards.
None of the other stuff is working either! You can't fix this alone. It's not ideal, but there's no other choice.
No. 809960 ID: 395c02
File 149827286970.png - (88.51KB , 800x600 , 774.png )

"MO-oh god"
No. 809961 ID: 395c02
File 149827287898.png - (141.40KB , 800x600 , 775.png )

You find yourself feeling calm and peaceful. You were hoping to live longer than this, to go on adventures and form your mighty hoard of DRAGON ROMANCE. But maybe it's fine that things end here. Five threads is still pretty good, right? Yeah... it's been a pretty good life, outside of the recent drama.
Goodbye Skif... promise you'll find someone else to love...
No. 809962 ID: 395c02
File 149827288971.png - (123.68KB , 800x600 , 776.png )

...You're still alive?
Mom is softly shaking Dad's shoulders. "Hey. Snap out of it. I didn't give you permission to be in shock."
"Sheriim. Come on. Don't fall apart on me now."
"sexslave says what"
"There we go."
No. 809963 ID: 395c02
File 149827290272.png - (127.26KB , 800x600 , 777.png )

"Huh? Oh! Myra! I had the most awful dream! I dreamt that... that..."
"Shh, shh, It's okay, you're here with me now. How're you feeling?"
"Fine! Vision's a little weird. Where's Ceri?"
Y-you're right here!
"Don't worry about her-- she's fine for now. Hey, why don't you take a nice walk to the fish market? I left money on the counter so go grab that and get your favorite~"
"Oh! My favorite! I love that!"
"Go on, sweetheart. I'll take care of things here."
"Be back soon~!"
Dad cheerfully walks off, leaving you to face your fate alone.
No. 809964 ID: 395c02
File 149827291746.png - (172.89KB , 800x600 , 778.png )

You mother approaches you. You expect screaming, or the end of the universe, but instead she speaks calmly. That almost makes it worse.
"Ceridwen," she says.
"y-yes mommy"
"Come on, you're an adult now. Go back to your normal style."
"i don't wanna"
She sighs. "Look, I was your age once. I know about the urges, the maxed tilde stats. I've done some crazy stuff in my time, too. There's a reason we have those super-soft pillows, you know."
"Having sex with Skif is one thing-- I could tell you wanted to jump on him the moment you were old enough."
Ggghhnnnn she probably heard you whisper his name during intimate solo times nooooo.
"But an orgy? I thought you'd be more responsible than that. And what's this 'bird-juice'? Please tell me it's not some kind of drug."
You're reaaaaaallly not sure you want to tell Mom what 'bird-juice' is.
What do you say?
No. 809967 ID: e5b57f

The Laws of Escalation demand that you tell her what bird-juice is.
No. 809969 ID: b27cac

Spill all the beans. Every single bean.
No. 809974 ID: 3ce125

Tell her it's not a drug, probably. It's... some kind of... tingly stuff...
No. 809976 ID: ae1924

"Gah I knooow, yes I was silly but we've confirmed it was part of a bigger dragon problem! which I'm trying to fix remember."
No. 809977 ID: 56fca5

I would suggest continuing the spewing.
No. 809979 ID: be0718

Ha, she's right, you got suckered into drug use! (As did a few of the voices I'm sure.) We're a terrible influence on you! Though it's really an unexpected vector you're not often warned about due to the drug being taken as a supplement to another activity and not doing much on its own.

Also, why don't you have an honest talk with Myra about your aspirations to a "hoard of romance" and how realistic that is. You don't plan on stopping having orgies any time soon, so if you're going into them you might as well take precautions.
No. 809981 ID: be0718

Oh, and she's right, stop spending MP on being smol. It's not going to make the ache any smaller and it probably isn't doing wonders for your ego.
No. 809986 ID: 8c3bc9

Theres no hiding it at this point, Mom should definitely know.
No. 809989 ID: 91ee5f

Wait, no! Don't leave the ice cream out! It's gonna melt! Ceri, you've got to save the ice cream from melting.....by eating it before it melts!

>There's a reason we have those super-soft pillows, you know.
Wait.....that would mean that the pillows you're sitting on right now.....!

AAAUUUGHHH!!!!! EW EW EW EW!!!!! Leap off of the pillows! I mean, I'm sure your mom washed them after she sat on them, but still, ewwwww! DX

>You're reaaaaaallly not sure you want to tell Mom what 'bird-juice' is.
Why do I get this feeling that after we tell her what it is, she's going to ask us to get some for her?
No. 809991 ID: 902283

Your mom is good at balancing heavy, unstable stacks on her tail. That says something, though I doubt you'd want to bring it up when she's threads away from using it as an attack by impulse.

Start by explaining that this was a VERY rare opportunity to have sexual encounters with sophisticated and powerful people, and contrary to all rational logic, the orgy may have increased your social standing in the long run, though in the short run if anyone with a paper-thin wafer of sexual restraints finds out about this you'll be hunted down and lynched. (And you don't need to explain that by an increase in social standing, you've gained notoriety with advanced alien civilizations). Secondly, you have been given an opportunity so profoundly amazing that the quest board glows in anticipation of this once-in-a-lifetime mission that puts heroes on the map and pornographic fanfiction on the internet.

You're going to rescue a prince. (Make sure you emphasize eye contact for sincerity)

This is your big chance to show the (universe) what a heroic figure you are! And, well, your figure. You're doing this whether or not your mom agrees. In fact, you're planning to hire everyone you can to pull this off!
No. 810007 ID: 143250

At... least I admitted the truth. That must count for something, right?... right?
No. 810014 ID: 8d4593

You know honestly with its effect... Weather or not bird juice is a drug is... Debatable...
No. 810016 ID: 8cb228

Cry, spilling all the beans in a tearfelt heart to heart!
No. 810021 ID: 4ddd17

>explain the romance hoard

I mean, she IS ceri's mom... And she is currently questioning Ceri about that exact subject. ...would be the best time to explain.

Also wait what non-dragons have a tilde stat
No. 810024 ID: 1e7aa8

"I maaay have gotten carried away with the orgy."
No. 810029 ID: 600f38

She deserves to know the truth.
No. 810071 ID: 9caf14

If anyone's going to be capable of giving good advice about freaky sex stuff, it's your mother.

Not that you would admit to anyone (especially yourself) under any amount of duress, but still.
No. 810075 ID: 7b6983

"Bird juice is, uh, lube!" That's still half truth, right?

"The orgy was just a mutual curiosity thing... For science!"
No. 810603 ID: 395c02
File 149852992383.png - (167.54KB , 800x600 , 779.png )

>Wait.....that would mean that the pillows you're sitting on right now.....!
The neurons that have kept you safe for so long are nowhere to be seen. As you look down at the pillows, your face twists into a shape unfit for children and pregnant mammals.
Mom rubs her temples. "We wash the pillows, you know."
"But... this means you... and now I..."
"Ceri, I've done things your poor naive mind hasn't even thought of. Be thankful I'm so diligent in washing everything."
She smirks very slightly. THIS IS YOUR PUNISHMENT!!!!
Her smirk fades as swiftly as it came. "I'll give you an ointment you can-- don't give me that look you're in no place to start being squeamish. It'll give you some relief. But first you're going to sit there and explain what this 'bird-juice' is."
No. 810604 ID: 395c02
File 149852993395.png - (104.62KB , 800x600 , 780.png )

"I-it's a kind of um... lubricant that you... rub on whatever's... goinginsideyou and then everything gets really tingly and then you kind of sort of have... an... intenseorgasm. A-and it's not a drug! ...I think? You don't really use it like one! You just sort of apply it and it feels um... nice..."

>Oh, and she's right, stop spending MP on being smol.
Being so scared you're drawn in a simpler style is a free action. It's not powered by MP, but by raw terror.
No. 810605 ID: 395c02
File 149852994384.png - (115.33KB , 800x600 , 781.png )

>Wait, no! Don't leave the ice cream out! It's gonna melt! Ceri, you've got to save the ice cream from melting.....by eating it before it melts!
Your words distracted Mom, so you take this time to ensure nothing goes to waste.
No. 810606 ID: 395c02
File 149852995464.png - (61.04KB , 800x600 , 782.png )

"How... intense are we talking here," Mom finally asks.
"it was the most intense thing i ever felt aaa why am i saying this out loud"
"...I see. I'll have to look into it."
"To make sure there's no horrible side-effects we have to worry about."
"i'm going to accept that without thinking about it"
No. 810607 ID: 395c02
File 149852996599.png - (123.71KB , 800x600 , 783.png )

"As for the um... orgies... my inner dragon was affecting me a whole bunch before we double-sealed it. I-I think it makes me want to assert my dominance and um... climb the social order... with sex... It must have worked because I'm going to help them save a prince!"
"A prince?"
"I don't know if he's really a prince but everyone says he is so I might as well run with it."
Her expression softens ever so slightly. "I see. I can't imagine what you must be going through... but if things were that bad, couldn't you have excused yourself and 'taken care of things'? Or maybe grabbed Skif and gone to a nearby bush? Why give in and go straight to orgy?"
No. 810608 ID: 395c02
File 149852997640.png - (120.64KB , 800x600 , 784.png )

"Because even though Mr. Ilan tried to lock it away, the dragon is still part of me. I feel its wants, its desires. I... I want to have followers. I want to make a hoard. But not like a money hoard, a hoard of... um... romance."
"A... sex hoard? Are you some kind of sex dragon? Do they have sex dragons?"
"M-mom! I-it's not just-- I'm a water dragon!"
"Oh. That explains the aquatic form, huh. Water dragons must love to spawn."
"M-maybe. I dunno. We haven't ruled out the possibility that my dragon-self is being a giant troll. But more than anything I want to be surrounded by those who care for me. I also want to redeem dragons, be a good one. A kind one! With loyal sub-- friends! Do you think it's possible?"
"Ceri... Everything about this is so outlandish. If it were anyone else telling me this, I'd never believe them."
No. 810609 ID: 395c02
File 149852998884.png - (157.75KB , 800x600 , 785.png )

"But you've always been so honest and open, I don't think you're even capable of lying to us. The spaghetti you spilled earlier is proof of that."
If this spaghetti thing becomes a running gag you quit.
She sighs. "Oh, Ceri... you were never meant to deal with any of this. E's magic was supposed to keep you safe. To let you live a quiet, peaceful life."
"I don't think it was ever meant to be, mom. Maybe there'd be less sex, but I'd still want to help those who are in need. It's just who I am-- who you raised me to be."
She smiles. "I know you'll find a balance between what your dragon wants, and what you want. You of all people will find a way to make this 'hoard of romance' work. Hell, even when I'm mad at you I can't stay mad at you. But I want you to be careful. Take precautions. Don't let anyone take advantage of your kindness. Only have sex on your terms, never anyone else's."
"Does this mean I can go help my friends?"
"I want to see what E and his 'friend' says first. Maybe things will work themselves out by then? Even so, I guess a bit of camping would be good for you."
"T-thanks, Mom."
"I just wish you had come to me first. Your father is a delicate flower, you know. Especially when it comes to his beloved daughter. Why would you ask him for money, anyway? I'm the one handling finances because your father is so bad with money-- oh that's why."
"Honest, but sneaky. You really do take after your dear old mother. Well, you're an adult now. You get to choose your own fate in life. Just please... be careful. Be safe. We're here for you."
"I-I will. Promise."
"Now, how much did you need again?"
You currently have 25 MONEYS. You'd need 200 to buy basic stuff. With more money, you could get extra things like clothing and maybe weapons?
Of course, you could ask for nothing and simply spend time earning the money. Or you could ask for some and do work, leading to some serious cash! The dragon in you is very excited by this prospect.
-I don't need money. You changed your mind-- you want to earn this! Your COMPASSION will increase, but more time has to be spent doing work.
-200 please! You can focus a little more on training magic or working on your stats, though you might want to do a little work to cover any extra expenses.
-400 please! You'll be able to buy anything you need, and focus entirely on training and preparing. Asking your parents to bankroll the entire trip will increase your SELF.
You are at the point in your life where your mind has matured and become an adult. Your COMP and SELF are now tied together, so increasing one will decrease the other.
Going too far in either direction could lead to undesired outcomes. Life is all about balance.
No. 810611 ID: 6cd244

Ask for 200 MONEYS. After you were so honest about how you were feeling she might be willing to help you go on a journey of self-discovery and definitely not fighting dragons.

You probably don't need more, spending your time preparing is more important. You suggested buying clothes and weapons, but I REALLY don't think your parents are going to be okay with you buying weapons, and, let's face it, you probably won't need as many clothes for this trip as you think. You're probably going to lose them half-way through the thread anyway.
No. 810615 ID: dcd644

Gotta get that paper.

As in, earn it. Don't ask for any money.
No. 810616 ID: 8f082b

Have you ever really trained with weapons? Skif would be the expert on those. Ask for 200 monies, plox, and earn yourself some extra cash by working.

All you need to do is sell your blood earn some tips ferrying people around with your portals, busy hasty or impatient people will spend generously to skip parts of their journeys. And you'll get practice at the same time!

Just make sure the bus/taxi/limo hire people don't send someone to break your knees.
No. 810624 ID: a363ac

250. just a bit extra for being a little cautious about things...
No. 810625 ID: e5b57f

I don't need money. You have other ways of earning money! Like giving waterrides to children as an aquatic dragon - charge like, 20 monies a ride and you'll be set.
No. 810626 ID: 7b6983

Tell her you need at least 200, but you want to work for it too because you need to balance your comp-self stats-- I mean, because you don't want to be greedy after everything they've done for you.
No. 810630 ID: 3ce125

200 moneys!
No. 810634 ID: 91ee5f

>The neurons that have kept you safe for so long are nowhere to be seen.
They must've given up because of how often you use them without giving them a break!

>Be thankful I'm so diligent in washing everything.
Wait.....does that mean everywhere in the entire house?! That would also include your room! AAAAUUUUGH!!!!! You're really starting to miss those neurons! DX

Yes, delicious ice cream. Make all the pain and mental trauma go away.....

Ha! I called it! She wants some for herself! XD

I guess we could get some bird juice for her to make up for trying to go behind her back and get money from dad instead of her.

>How much money?
This is reasonable.
No. 810650 ID: 3ce125

>Ceri's room
No. She wouldn't.
No. 810652 ID: 600f38

This is fine. Ceri, you estimated the costs but didn't factor in unplanned expenses.
Go for 250.
No. 810654 ID: 701418

Get 400 for safety. Your friends have lots of tech, but minimal survival skills. Ask them about what they need.

Also, you can sell some of the stuff they found with their giant spaceship. Hopefully they didn't sabotage too many priceless artifacts.
No. 810669 ID: 91ee5f

She might if her and her husband are drunk and not thinking straight!
No. 810690 ID: f0e552

Show stats?
No. 810713 ID: be0718

200 monies, gives you time to train and gives the voices time to get a taste of the job market!
No. 810738 ID: ae1924

200 leaves you in a good place
No. 810745 ID: 8cb228

200 moneys! And maybe a home cooked meal? And any leads she might have to some extra on-the-side work to earn some more monies? You are a fantastic mage, after all!
No. 810748 ID: e6c6b6


Instead of money, ask for mom's spaghetti.
Actually, you should do that either way, no matter what amount you ask for.
No. 810751 ID: 72ed6b

Ask for what you need, 200.
No. 810752 ID: 8d4593

400 Monies
We could use a litle less compassion and a little more self. This is perfect.
Plus you could still work some and then be able to afford a Plan B incase everything goes awry.

If we feel guilty about it we can just pay them back later.
No. 810762 ID: c88e6d

200. It's the sensible option.
No. 810776 ID: 8c3bc9

275 Monies to have a nice looking even 300.
No. 810861 ID: 2777f5

You've been compassionate enough so far, pragmatism without excess is what you should shoot for.

My votes on 200. Or 1875, if you want a nice and even number.
No. 810862 ID: 2777f5


Er, 175. Sorry
No. 810890 ID: 486e87

Ask for 200, that's how much you need. I'm not sure we'll need a lot of extra funds and we can earn that if needed. Skif has his armour and spear, you have your magic, and the others probably already have some useful kit as well.
No. 810917 ID: cb184e

We need moms spaghetti to survive future sexual urges.
At least survive them with dignity anyway.

Also 300-400.
For SELF sake.
Plus more time doing what we need to do without distraction.
That will be more valuable than partial parental disappointment. If any arises anyway!
No. 810972 ID: 7b6983

She should totally ask for 1875 first as a joke
No. 811073 ID: 033396

200 monies. No sense in not asking for anything after going through all this to get money.
It would be sensible to work for any extra money though, so we aren't taking advantage of mom or giving in to the dragon too much.
No. 811095 ID: 804a8c

We've got way too much COMP as it is. Ask for 400 monies.
No. 811132 ID: 395c02
File 149871971198.png - (135.52KB , 800x600 , 786.png )

"I need about 200 moneys to get the things I need... I think," you say.

"Well, here's 250, in case there's any unforeseen expenses, or in case you see something you like."

"Oh man! Thanks so much! But aren't you still kinda mad at me? Why...?"

"Heh... I guess I just can't help seeing myself in you. To be honest, I was mostly mad that you broke your father. I'd be a big fat hypocrite if I got too mad about the other stuff."

Or she satisfied her rage by punishing you with horrible mental images.

>Wait.....does that mean everywhere in the entire house?! That would also include your room! AAAAUUUUGH!!!!

You refuse to ask her, but you're sure they've never done things in your room. Dad would definitely have objected even if Mom wanted to!

No. 811133 ID: 395c02
File 149871972550.png - (64.70KB , 800x600 , 787.png )

You add the money to your brand new INVENTORY SCREEN!

With this screen, you can keep better track of what you're holding and wearing. Such a novel concept!

How many items you can hold depends on what your pocket/purse/backpack situation is.

Your carry weight is based on your normal form's VIGOR, meaning it's little more than a polite suggestion in light of your POLYMORPHISM. You'd need to constantly spend MP to go over, but you have so much MP guys seriously.

You have a special slot for your DRAGON INVENTORY. You try not to think too hard about how it works, but it's fantastic for hiding something. You don't even need pockets!

Your scales provide you with natural ARMO(u)R, more than normal for reptilians. Maybe Euia fortified your mortal form because of the dangers you could face, or maybe your inner dragon was able to gift you with a fraction of its essence-- the one good thing to come from all of this. Either way, you've spent your life not having to deal with very many cuts and scrapes, and you have more defense naked than many do armored. There's a reason you've never been worried about your mediocre HP stat! Wearing additional armo(u)r would increase your protection, should the need arise.
No. 811134 ID: 395c02
File 149871973535.png - (116.73KB , 800x600 , 788.png )

You also have a MAGIC SCREEN! This lets you keep track of the combination spells you're able to cast! As your skills increase, the spells become more powerful and require less MP, much like the raw magic you've been using up to this point.

How powerful they become is also limited by the strength of your raw magic, which you decided to move to this screen for convenience. Without a D-BURST, you're unable to use FIRE, COLD, or ELECTRONIC magic. For obvious reasons, this also locks off CHARGED POLYMORPH until you unleash your inner D.
No. 811135 ID: 395c02
File 149871974764.png - (137.18KB , 800x600 , 789.png )

Your STATUS SCREEN has been adjusted. You are now keeping track of your LUST, which affects how quickly your TILDE rises.

Despite being infertile, your body is rather insistent that you fertilize and then lay an egg, and as such your LUST rises and falls as part of your normal cycle. You're due to lay an egg soon, so it's currently at its regular peak. You have no direct way of controlling LUST, but polymorphing in certain ways can allow you to ignore or embrace it temporarily.

You can now keep better track of your TILDE, modified by Euia's magic. Your TILDE is gated, meaning there's a limit to how "turned on" you can become. If you turn off the gate, your APPEAL stat will increase based on how far past the 'gate' your TILDE is. APPEAL lets you "think/feel" sexy, giving you increased insight into the desires of others and making them more likely to find you appealing.

To see any of the stat screens, you only need to boldly ask to see the STATUS SCREEN, INVENTORY SCREEN, or MAGIC SCREEN. You can do this regardless of what else is going on.
No. 811136 ID: 395c02
File 149871976045.png - (65.55KB , 800x600 , 790.png )

You mother hands you a tube. "Use this so you aren't glued to that chair all day," she says.


"Just use it, sweety. If you're this squeamish you shouldn't have put things there in the first place."


You timidly thank her, then hop down and begin to hobble to the bathroom. You're surprised at how well things went. Your mother could overcome the most ruthless of dragons with little more than a stern look, but at the end of the day she's always been a reasonable person who'd never let anger cloud her judgment.

Mom clears her throat. "Oh, one last thing, Ceri."

That tone...

"While you were napping, Skif's father came over to pick up his son."
No. 811137 ID: 395c02
File 149871977254.png - (148.77KB , 800x600 , 791.png )

You recognize that tone!

"Out of nowhere, he mentioned the six of us having dinner together! That sounds delightful, doesn't it?"

"Y-yes! Delightful! That's the word I'd use!"

"And then I started thinking, why not make it a cookout? It's been a while since we grilled anything."

"Er, yes... grilling is good..."

"It is! And the lovely thing about cookouts is how easily they can be expanded to accommodate extra guests! This would be an excellent opportunity to invite your new friends; We'd love to get a chance to meet them."

"Um... like... with Skif's parents there?"

"Why not? It'll be a party! Invite the whole gang! Really! I insist."


-Come up with an excuse to cancel! You got through to Skif's father a little bit, but his mother's a whole other story! And throwing your new alien friends into the mix!? THIS IS A RECIPE FOR DISASTER.
-Find a reason to invite only one group! You can try to stop her from inviting Skif's parents, or stop her from inviting your friends.
-Agree to her idea. Then you can either accept your fate, or spend some time training your friends to be perfectly normal not-aliens that won't say anything worrying while Skif's parents are there.
No. 811146 ID: 3ce125

>stop her from inviting your friends.
Um, yeah, your alien friends probably don't want to be seen by the general public because they're in hiding. Also you think one of them will have a hard time keeping her tilde restrained, even if she can pass for a non-alien somehow. She'll probably hit on literally everyone there.
No. 811148 ID: 143250

...what about the KINK STAT SCREEN?

stop her from inviting your friends. I mean, I'd like them to come, but this dinner is to help bury the hatchet on some personal things.
No. 811149 ID: 930e23

Find a reason to invite only one group.
Let's have mercy on poor little Slinko. We can have the cookout with your new friends, and save the meal with Skif's parents for a spaghetti dinner.
Also, invite Daatra.
No. 811151 ID: 01764f

Agree to her idea.

BOLDY GO to Kink Stat Screen
No. 811153 ID: be0718

Stop her from inviting your friends. They'll be out of town that day! And every day technically, because they live outside town!
No. 811155 ID: d700b8

>You refuse to ask her, but you're sure they've never done things in your room. Dad would definitely have objected even if Mom wanted to!

Remember, it wasn't always your room! It could have been a hardcore sex dungeon before you arrived, they could have had more sex there than in the rest of the house combined!

Also, let her invite EVERYONE! She and Siphon would get along perfectly <3
No. 811173 ID: 56fca5

This get-together was meant to be important, right? I don't think you need to make an excuse; you just wanted to be together as an eventual-family.

Adding your friends would make it weird.
No. 811177 ID: 600f38

Agree to her idea.
Buuut you should do the friendship ritual first, so you don't have to trust his family. They have issues.
No. 811182 ID: 91ee5f

>Also, invite Daatra.
I don't think that's a good idea. That would just be a painful reminder that her boyfriend isn't here right now.

>Remember, it wasn't always your room! It could have been a hardcore sex dungeon before you arrived, they could have had more sex there than in the rest of the house combined!
That's true. Also, Ceri is really starting to miss those protective neurons right about now! XD

This is a good reason to stop her from inviting your friends!

We're waiting for Euia and his friend to come back and supervise before we try that, just in case something goes wrong!
No. 811189 ID: 87eb17

Stop her from inviting the friends.

However, do so openly:

"For reasons that are personal to them, and it is not my place to disclose them, it is a very bad idea to invite them to this meeting."
No. 811190 ID: 4ddd17

Honestly probably better than anything i could come up with for this.
No. 811191 ID: 6cd244

Agree to the idea. I feel like your parents would be much less worried about you going on an adventure if they met the people you were adventuring with.
No. 811192 ID: 8d4593

Stop her from inviting your friends.

You can tell her about them somewhat truthfully at least however.

One is huge and could probably eat over a thousand dollars worth of food easily, One can be sort of insufferable at times and woluld probably decline anyway, and the last...
Pretty sure the last is some sort or eccentric nudeist.
No. 811201 ID: e121d3

I don't think you'll get away with canceling outright, BUT if you explain your troubles and worries with Skif's parents (speaking vaguely about their "traditional values", perhaps), and that you have strong reason to suspect that this meeting is going to be about your and Skif's relationship, you can make an argument that you'd like to be able to focus your attention on making a good impression on Skif's father and especially mother, thereby giving a reason to invite only one group. Probably Skif's parents, since they're the ones who instigated this and it would be rude to refuse!

Also, as much as you don't want to, you're going to have to explain your current need for submission to your mother, because you're probably going to have to play it up a bit in front of Skif's parents and your mother, having been so proud of you being "just like her", might take it the wrong way.
No. 811204 ID: 4fbf17

Agree to her idea.

However, besides grilling, ask that she prepares some side dishes such as spaghetti.
No. 811215 ID: a363ac

you always knew you could never outsmart your mom... Agree to invite your friends to the cookout if it happens at the Lake. we don't want a fully grown amtsvane popping up in the middle of the town.
Open Kink/fetish screen
No. 811268 ID: da1652

Go along with it.
The more you try to hide your friends, the less accepting your family will be of your hanging out with them.

No. 811315 ID: 72ed6b

Tell your mother that she can embarrass you all she wants, but you'd really like to avoid embarrassing Skif. You don't know how much his parents are likely to avoid making a scene, yet, since you've only talked to his father and not his mother. And on the off chance things go badly for this group dinner, let's just have Skif and his parents, and you and your parents there.
No. 811369 ID: 0f38a6

Agree, because your parents are going to meet these friends eventually and you might as well do it on your terms with everything rehearsed. If you make excuses they might get curious and investigate. Especially after you went and mentioned an orgy.
No. 811392 ID: 72ed6b

> I don't think that's a good idea. That would just be a painful reminder that her boyfriend isn't here right now.

Wasn't her boyfriend planning to show up soon, less than a week from now? (A week from a while ago?)
No. 811695 ID: 395c02
File 149894630531.png - (202.14KB , 800x600 , 792.png )

>...what about the KINK STAT SCREEN?
>BOLDY GO to Kink Stat Screen
>Open Kink/fetish screen
T-this is just a concept! I-it might not be entirely accurate! You thought you had more time to work on it! You were busy with the more important screens! Is this even necessary!?
d-don't read it all okay it's kind of embarrassing
No. 811696 ID: 395c02
File 149894631607.png - (44.20KB , 800x600 , 793.png )

>Remember, it wasn't always your room! It could have been a hardcore sex dungeon before you arrived, they could have had more sex there than in the rest of the house combined!
>That's true. Also, Ceri is really starting to miss those protective neurons right about now! XD
They're back.
No. 811697 ID: 395c02
File 149894632830.png - (124.59KB , 800x600 , 794.png )

"I-I don't think inviting them to the cookout would be a good idea," you say.
"Ooooh? And why not?"
AUGH STAY STRONG CERI. "B-b-because the cookout with Skif and his parents is about the potential joining of our families! A-adding my friends would just make it weird. A-also for reasons personal to them that I've no right to disclose it'd be a bad idea for everyone involved."
You've never felt more submissive in your life. How can anyone live like this??
She looks at you, seemingly mulling over your words in her head.
The silence lasts for multiple eternities.
No. 811698 ID: 395c02
File 149894634572.png - (135.08KB , 800x600 , 795.png )

"I suppooooseee you have a point," she says. "Very well. Your kind and loving mother will show mercy to her dear sweet child."
You thank all the gods that exist and some that don't. "T-thanks, mom."
"Still, I'd like to meet them. Maybe we could save the cookout for next week and have dinner with them this week. For some reason I really want to make spaghetti."
"M-maybe... um... if we did it at the lake... also i have to be submissive for my seal so i might act weird"

"That's a weird thing for a seal to require. Maybe I should give Skif pointers on being dominant, then?"

"oh my god no he's fine he'll be fine"

"Does Dad need to give you some pointers as well~?"

"i'm dying"

"Heehee. Okay, now I'll show you mercy."


"So! The lake, huh? How about we make it a nice picnic? Spaghetti is kind of a weird choice for picnics but I will make it work. How about four days from now? That'll give me time to make sure it's very special~"
"T-that sounds fine and not ominous at all."
"Heehee... we'll push the cookout until the 6th day of next week. It'll be a good way to celebrate Dragon's Day!"
No. 811699 ID: 395c02
File 149894635642.png - (136.64KB , 800x600 , 796.png )

Ah yes, Dragon's Day. A day for somber remembrance of what was lost when the dragons sealed themselves away. It was meant to be an eternal reminder of what the mortals lost, but it stopped being practiced centuries ago.
When you told your parents about it last year, they decided to throw a party. They decorated the house with dragon-themed memorabilia and insisted you eat the meal they prepared while in dragon form. Maybe they didn't understand the meaning behind the day, but it was a lot of fun anyway.
It's ironic that Mom wants to include a family of Dragon-Riders this time, but you now have a unique opportunity to give the day new meaning. It'd be the perfect time to do the DRAGON FRIENDSHIP RITUAL with Skif, solidifying his place as your Dragon-Knight.
With that in mind, you should do your best to prepare for D-Day.
No. 811700 ID: 395c02
File 149894636818.png - (194.30KB , 800x600 , 797.png )

Today, marked with a CERI MAGNET, is the 1st day of the 3rd week of the summer season, usually written as 3-1. The picnic with your friends would be on the 4th day (3-4). Zesmirl is visiting on the 2nd day of the 4th week (4-2), and the cookout is now on the 6th day (4-6). You've gone ahead and marked 4-7 as the day Mr. Ilan returns, but that's just a rough estimate.
you're still adjusting to calling him euia
Daatra is busy tomorrow, since she's going to be spending the day with her dad for his birthday. Skif shouldn't be busy this week, and you doubt your alien friends have any plans.
You should try to remember to lay your egg soon. You have some control over when and where you do so, but the more you put it off the more overwhelming the desire to lay becomes.
That should be everything. Time to decide what you're going to be doing today while applying this butt-goop for some much-needed relief. You'll keep things simple for today, since you're still recovering from yesterday.
You've divided your energy into 20 units because all the cool kids use numbers. Activities will take up both time and energy. Accounting for sleeping and eating, you should have time for three activities most days. Try not to overwork yourself, or you'll get more and more stressed!
==--Day 3-1: Morning--==
You're frazzled by what happened with Mom and Dad, but are otherwise ready to take on the world!
You can only give vague estimates about how much energy each activity requires, as future choices and events may affect how tiring something ends up being.
What will you spend the morning doing?
-Visiting friends/hoard members! You need to prepare them for your mom's dastardly plans! (ENERGY-)
-Heading to the SHOPS! Even if you don't intend to buy everything today, it'd be nice to know exactly what you'd need. (ENERGY--)
-Seeking out temp work! The more cash you have, the easier this'll be! (ENERGY---)
-Training! Saving Prince Chei will require you to be at your peak! (ENERGY----)
You should also decide on the following:
If visiting friends: Do you visit Skif, Daatra, or your alien buddies?
If training: Do you train STATS, RAW MAGIC, or COMBINATION SPELLS? More information to follow whenever this wins.
(Please choose 1 ACTIVITY. You can vote on who to visit or what to train even if you didn't choose either of their related activities. As usual, please BOLD your choices!)
No. 811713 ID: efcc58

Visit Daatra.
If training wins, train Stats.
No. 811726 ID: 1c0c9d

Visit Skif, then alien buddies and train stats for your first day.

Skif and the others should know what is happening so you can all be prepared. Then we should train some stats since I feel like it's been neglected and training combos so close together might be too taxing.

So many things to do, but we have plenty of time.
No. 811748 ID: 91ee5f

>You should try to remember to lay your egg soon. You have some control over when and where you do so, but the more you put it off the more overwhelming the desire to lay becomes.
Then let's lay your egg now so that you won't have to worry about it later!

Visit friends! And we should go hang out with Daatra because we've been hanging out with Skif and our alien friends all the time lately! If we neglect hanging with Daatra, then we'll end up drifting apart from her and then we'll just stop seeing her anymore! Gotta keep those friendships strong!

>Friendship ritual before Euia returns.
Woah, hold on a minute! I know it would be nice to do that on D-Day, but Euia specifically said that he wanted to supervise the ritual to make sure nothing bad happens! Are you sure that you don't want to wait for him to come back first?

Although, you said it's an estimate on when he gets back, so you might get lucky and he shows up a day early!
No. 811750 ID: 72ed6b

> Woah, hold on a minute! I know it would be nice to do that on D-Day, but Euia specifically said that he wanted to supervise the ritual to make sure nothing bad happens! Are you sure that you don't want to wait for him to come back first?

> Although, you said it's an estimate on when he gets back, so you might get lucky and he shows up a day early!

No. 811751 ID: 72ed6b

Visit Skif, have some one-on-one time, maybe take the time to meet his mother.

Also, this evening, get your egg laid.
No. 811771 ID: be0718

-Seeking out temp work! Get it while it's there! This leaves you with the rest of the week to do fun stuff and knowing your budget in advance. 1-Days are the worst, might as well get the crud over with now.
No. 811814 ID: 01764f

No. 811844 ID: a363ac

m-maybe you should have Skif discuss domination with Ceri-Mom. She does have lots of experience and it is important to learn things safely and other things you don't even have to be there for the conversation just throw Skif at her and say learn.
you should spend the morning and afternoon on a window browsing spree with Daatra. SHOPPING SPREE GIRL!
No. 811868 ID: 638191

No. 811873 ID: 6b1d95

Outissa should have a separate page on the kinks window, because of all the sub-kinks that go with it, such as "Outissa's fluff", "Outissa's scarf", "Outissa's tongue" etc.

Also, it's Daatra time!
No. 811913 ID: 3abd97

Wow your head is empty, huh? Real nice, inventory screen.

Why is death portal an option. Do you really wanna start killing people with portals?

>what do
Visit Daatra. You haven't seen her for a while and you need to see her if you're ever going to add her to romance hoard completely by accident and not planned at all.
No. 811915 ID: 8cb228

Train Combination Spells!
No. 811932 ID: 094652

Start off by looking for a job, the wait list can be murder. Then train for the rest of the day.
No. 812007 ID: 8c3bc9

And I just got Persona 5 too, this is amazing

Seek out a job, you'll never know when you need to suddenly money a situation.

Daatra or Stats otherwise.
No. 812207 ID: 395c02
File 149909230489.png - (186.38KB , 800x600 , 798.png )

>Woah, hold on a minute! I know it would be nice to do that on D-Day, but Euia specifically said that he wanted to supervise the ritual to make sure nothing bad happens! Are you sure that you don't want to wait for him to come back first?
Aww, but it'd be so ~ROMANTIC~! Both families are there! It's on D-Day! Doing the 'responsible' thing would squander all that perfection for something mundane! All because of a few possible risks to... everything...
Man, is this what it's like being an adult? You're so disappointed right now.
You don't like it, but you'll wait for Euia... you guess...
>Although, you said it's an estimate on when he gets back, so you might get lucky and he shows up a day early!
THAT WOULD BE THE BEST THING EVER. Everything would be so perfect and amazing and aaaaaaaa
>Then let's lay your egg now so that you won't have to worry about it later!
Laying an egg always makes you a little tired, so you prefer doing it later in the day.
>m-maybe you should have Skif discuss domination with Ceri-Mom.
wait overreactions are what make things like this happen
Ahem. You can teach Skif yourself, thanks.
No. 812208 ID: 395c02
File 149909231794.png - (137.26KB , 800x600 , 799.png )

Your derriere in less dire straits, you head out to visit Daatra! You haven't been seeing her as often lately, and you'd hate to start drifting apart.
It takes a bit to get there, since she lives about two kilometers away. The calm walk soothes your nerves.
No. 812209 ID: 395c02
File 149909232881.png - (104.18KB , 800x600 , 800.png )

"Oh! Ceriberry! W-what's up?"
"Hi, Daatra! Want to hang out?"
"Er... This isn't actually the best time. I'm kind of busy with... stuff."
No. 812210 ID: 395c02
File 149909233640.png - (127.23KB , 800x600 , 801.png )

"What, you laying an egg in there or something?"
No. 812211 ID: 395c02
File 149909234622.png - (69.33KB , 800x600 , 802.png )

You've suddenly remembered that you and Daatra have very similar egg cycles. It's actually kind of adorable that this is the one thing she's shy about. She really shouldn't be-- all female lizards have to do it! You have to do it and you're not even fertile! Even your mom-- no nevermind.
-Better leave her to it, then. You'll try again another day. If she's busy, you kind of want to go shopping, or maybe visit Skif.
-Offer to come back in an hour. Maybe you'll spend the time finishing your KINKS SCREEN. No, wait. something that isn't that.
-Two birds, one stone. Wait-- what are you thinking!? She's just a friend! It'd be weird! ...wouldn't it...? You'd have to be careful about how you offer to do this with Daatra.
If leaving Daatra for the day, do you visit Skif, or go shopping?
No. 812212 ID: be0718

-Offer to come back in an hour. You just remembered you had classifieds to read!
No. 812213 ID: a363ac

Oh no Ceridwen your ~ must be going off the charts this is literally on your fetish list! funnel some of your overflowing ~ into appeal. "Well I can't leave my best friend in her time of need! Move aside it is time to get eggy~"
No. 812216 ID: 32d29a

Might as well offer to help. That will keep the two of you from drifting apart.
No. 812217 ID: 6b1d95

Tell her that you've always wanted to do it with her because it's one of those things that just feels so much better when done with friends!
No. 812218 ID: 486e87

Better leave her to it, then. I guess, if egg laying tires you out then it probably tires her out as well, so even if you came back later she might not be up for shopping or hanging out. Visit Skif instead.
No. 812239 ID: 2b39af

Leave her to it, no point being weird and you can totally get some shopping done (plus window shopping for things outside your current price range)
No. 812253 ID: 3abd97

>-Two birds, one stone.
No. 812258 ID: b0b9f5

Offer to come back in an hour.

This is not on your kink list!
No. 812265 ID: 8c3bc9

...A little later at least.
No. 812268 ID: add027

You're both grown women. There's nothing embarrassing about going through the cycle. You might as well kill two birds with one stone.
No. 812271 ID: 4854ef

Two birds, one stone
No. 812279 ID: 600f38

Give her an our, and finish your KINK screen because that's useful. Once we have the screen we can start figuring out how to ADD OR REMOVE KINKS. You could add SUBMISSIVE so you'd enjoy it more.
No. 812285 ID: 91ee5f

Offer to come back in an hour.
No. 812290 ID: a363ac

No. 812323 ID: d0a30e

Come back in an hour or so!
No. 812355 ID: db95c7

Two birds with one stone, and if you're both too tired for hanging out somewhere afterwards, there's always cuddling~
No. 812375 ID: c78274

It'd probably be a good idea to offer to come back in an hour. Depending on how far away the shopping center is, you could use that time to do some window shopping and figure out what you want to purchase and where.
Besides, joining Daatra in her egg-laying might get... weird?
No. 812411 ID: e121d3

Offer to come back in an hour. I'm not a reptile myself but I'm pretty sure offering to lay eggs together is a little weird.
No. 812413 ID: 486e87

Changing vote from "Better leave her to it, then." to "Offer to come back in an hour." Mainly concerned about the laying eggs together thing, since that's kinda weird? She's just a platonic friend.
No. 812480 ID: 01764f

Two birds, one egg

"It's natural, nothing to be ashamed of! And... you're my best friend!

No. 812483 ID: 01764f

It isn't?

It's right there under "Ladies laying eggs."
No. 812484 ID: be61f7

Two birds, one stone!
No. 812572 ID: 5eda11

go shopping
I want to see egg on egg action with the hot lizard female but I don't think she'll appreciate that much intimacy.
You should still make a proposal tho~~ (two bossy lizard speeps one infertile egg)
No. 812582 ID: 094652

Lay them eggs! Compare sizes!
No. 812588 ID: 0d72fd

You know, if you wanted this to get really kinky...

Quick, Ceridwen, Somehow convince her to hold her egg for her Boyfreind!
That way, when her significant other comes back to visit, she can cry out for him to fertilize her!
I mean, it won't actually fertilize anything giving the circumstances, but it would be highly sexy.
That might strengthen those bonds between them.

Think of how Romantic that would be Ceri~

Plus think about doing something that hot with Skif.
It would be very submissive of you too~
No. 812627 ID: 0f38a6

This looks like a good time to try out your APPEAL skill, while at the same time helping your friend work out her embarrassment over the matter. Two birds woth one stone, or two stones as the case may be. This is literally on your fetish list next to a "u///u" and below being the fem who doms so I bet you can get that tilde bar through the roof if you think about it a little...
No. 812648 ID: f0e552

Guys, if you want Ceri to try and suggest this, we need a line that somehow makes her ok with this. Personally, I'd go for >>812480 but it's like the only one and I can see how this would make Ceri look weird. We don't wanna be weird, right?

Just, think on it, and come back in an hour if we can't think of anything.
No. 812649 ID: f0e552

ALSO: Maybe use of our Appeal can make something like this work? Honestly, is Daatra even up for this with a girl? Decisions decisions.
No. 812651 ID: be0718

Daatra hasn't given up on her boyfriend yet, guys. This is just tasteless.
No. 812800 ID: 91ee5f

No. 812927 ID: b1b4f3

Offer to come back in an hour.
No. 812983 ID: ca2d9a

good point
No. 813023 ID: 88ba03

two 🐦🐦 one stone
No. 813075 ID: 20dca1

Hey crazy idea here, maybe Daatra has someone over and they were in the middle of something?
No. 813134 ID: 395c02
File 149929730928.png - (80.45KB , 800x600 , 803.png )

>You should still make a proposal tho~~
Even if it's something you're kinda into, thinking about Daatra that way just feels... weird. Your TILDE is low, and your inner dragon is safely sealed. You find yourself unable to give into carnal desires without worrying about hurting your friendship. This must also be what being an adult is like.
But she really shouldn't feel embarrassed about this. Maybe you'll just talk to her about it for a bit? It doesn't have to be weird. You won't let it be weird!
No. 813136 ID: 395c02
File 149929732464.png - (160.84KB , 800x600 , 804.png )

"I kinda called it, huh?" you say.
"I… well... m-maybe..."
Okay she's actually being timid this is already weird. NEW GOAL: MINIMIZE HOW WEIRD THIS IS.
You offer a kind smile. "Girl, we've known each other for years now. There's nothing embarrassing about having to lay eggs from time to time. I'm due myself."
"And you still came over here? How are you not dying?"
"I can put it off for a while. Can... can you not?"
"I might be struggling a bit right now."
>Quick, Ceridwen, Somehow convince her to hold her egg for her Boyfreind!
Apparently she can't actually do that!? Weird that she answered the door like this, unless...
"Are you home alone?" you ask.
She gasps as a flash of pain washes over her face. "Sss-- Of course I am. Dad's at work right now. So if you don't mind..."
"Geez, you don't look great. Is this actually hard on you?"
"Yes... Kinda..."
"Do you want me to help you out?"
No. 813137 ID: 395c02
File 149929733915.png - (67.94KB , 800x600 , 805.png )

"Hssss!!! W-why would you even... wait. You're getting me back for yesterday! I thought you had more honor than this!"
"What-- no! I'm being sincere right now!"
"You actually want to see me lay an egg? You have an egg fetish or something?"
"I-It's not like that! We shouldn't be ashamed of our bodies nor should we feel shame about needing to lay eggs!"
"You know I don't like females the way you do! Your inexplicable tits have no power over me!"
"Hsshss! Attacking-- urgh... me while I'm weak..."
"Oh my god this isn't the time for our weird embarrassment contest! We're friends, dummy! I want to be there for you!"
No. 813138 ID: 395c02
File 149929735273.png - (95.25KB , 800x600 , 806.png )

"Sss... I can't... I can't think straight. Do... what you want... but if you... get off to this... I'm so telling Skif..."
Seeing her so vulnerable triggers a feeling deep down inside you. The desire to enthrall her, to dominate someone so strong and make them subservient to you. But your inner dragon can't control you anymore. You're in charge of your own destiny.

Daatra is your friend, first and foremost.
-Be there for her.
-Leave her to her privacy. You will return in an hour.
If you choose to be there for her:
-Help her lay her egg. Show her she doesn't need to feel embarrassed.
-Lay your egg with her. Seeing you go through the same motions may help show her how natural and normal it is.
No. 813140 ID: a363ac

Be there for her, and help her with her egg. M-maybe get your own done after.
No. 813141 ID: be0718

-Leave her to her privacy. You will return in an hour. You should feel bad for teasing her that far, and thankful that she can shrug it off as 'teasing.' Not everyone is a draconic nymphomaniac like you, Ceri. Respect their significantly tamer feelings.
And- the desire to enthrall your friend?! What the fuck Ceri. Intrusive thought. Let it pass.
No. 813143 ID: e121d3

Leave her to her privacy. Just because something is natural and normal doesn't mean you want people to see it! Snoring and drooling in your sleep is natural and normal, would you want someone there watching you?

If you do help her, just do it by making a cup of tea or something for her, don't actually stand there and watch or anything like that.
No. 813145 ID: 7b6983

Oh gee this is awkward! Are you actually able to do anything that'd help her?

If so, go ahead and prove that you are a totally platonic helpful friend!

If not, uuuh... Well it'd be pretty awkward to leave now after all of that... If only we had bird juice with us
No. 813149 ID: f9e607

Lay eggs. Make breakfast out of each others' eggs.
No. 813150 ID: 8cb228

Be there for her, and help her lay. You CAN do those things, successfully, in a genuinely helpful way, yes?
No. 813170 ID: 8c3bc9

Leave her to her privacy, coming over and checking up on her well being is still being a good friend.

No. 813176 ID: add027

Just chill with her while she does her thing. There's no need to get hands-on, but you can lay your own egg as she does rather than do it first.
No. 813180 ID: 566eb8

I was against this before, but if she's actually this nervous about something usually normal, maybe you really do need to be there for her! Don't perv on her or anything though, and you don't even have to be in the same room if you don't want. Just try to figure out what she's so caught up on. If she does end up staying with her boyfriend and they start living together, she can't be hiding alone every time this happens!
No. 813186 ID: 4854ef

-Be there for her.
-Lay your egg with her
No. 813239 ID: 91ee5f

Ugh, well, since it looks like the vote are saying we're going in, then I guess we're going in.

But! Ceri is only going in to help and that's it!
No. 813284 ID: fe7355

Leave her to her privacy. Seriously, if you go in there you know your egg kink is somehow gonna pop out and weird up your relationship with her. Your brain-to-mouth filters are, shall we say, less than reliable, after all. Case in point, what happened with your father this morning. So go cool your heels in the apartment pool for a hour and relax a bit.
No. 813315 ID: 67856c

I say leave but if the votes say stay then
-Help her lay her egg.And do everything in you power to avoid it becoming weird.
No. 813341 ID: 6b1d95

>Your inexplicable tits have no power over me!
So she's been looking at your boobs huh. Is that jealousy or just desire?

>Do... what you want...
If she really didn't want you here, then she would've just closed the door. Which means.. she totally wants you to come in.

Be there for her. Lay your egg with her.
I think that the best way to show her respect and to make it feel natural and not embarrassing is for you to do the same thing. Show that you and her stand on equal terms.
No. 813342 ID: 4663a3

She sounds more upset than embarrassed at the prospect. She is giving up the argument out of frustration rather than because she is convinced. I'd suggest not pushing it if she really doesn't want to. Give her the space.
No. 813388 ID: 91c28c

Be there for her. Make it as platonic and non-weird as possible.
No. 813413 ID: ad6654

Engage Protective Neurons

Whether you go in or decide to give her the space, it will still protect you from:

A. Your filters are off today Ceri.
B. Thoughts to enthrall your friends.
C. Thoughts of seeing Daatra lay an egg.
D. Making this as awkward and weird as possible.
No. 813481 ID: 3740b1

Double friend super egg lay fun time engage
No. 813536 ID: f0e552

just don't take advantage of your friend
No. 813643 ID: 01764f

Stay with her.
Both lay.
No. 813780 ID: 02a1bf

She's uncomfortable, and staying is going to be weird. Don't make it weird.
No. 814111 ID: 61634d

I'd say stay with her because it would feel incredibly awkward to just back out now after having proposed this, and it would make it all look like it was just a cruel joke.
just help her lay her egg though. Laying in front of her just seems like it would make her all the more self-conscious and awkward about it instead of the desired effect.
No. 814112 ID: 3abd97

Stay and lay
No. 814213 ID: 72ed6b

Stay with her, but stay one room (or door) away, and you can talk to each other.
No. 814380 ID: cd858c


Leave her to her privacy, she`s clearly not too happy with the idea of having you around during this. It was worth a shot to offer, but we don't wanna push things (no pun intended)
No. 814383 ID: 486e87

Leave her to her privacy, seriously, it's a personal thing, give her some space.
No. 814398 ID: 7fad5d

Stay with her in another room unless Daatra asks Ceri otherwise.
No. 814560 ID: 042cfb

Help her lay.

Give her space, be there to help, but show confidence.
Regretting this is only going to make it worse.

Also, she might just be emotionally strained, and that stress could be affecting her enough mentally that she's having troubles with mundane activities.

Plus, um, Tell us your experience laying eggs.
I know your completely different species, but it would help in giving you advice if we knew a little about it. As of right now, I could just assume it's extremely pleasing.
It's probably not exactly that.
No. 814581 ID: 395c02
File 149971737162.png - (121.33KB , 800x600 , 807.png )

Daatra situates herself on her egg-laying mat as you prepare a warm cloth for her. You take this time to collect your thoughts.

>So she's been looking at your boobs huh. Is that jealousy or just desire?
It's jealousy. She has kind of a thing for mammals, who generally enjoy the extra curves. You're not judging of course, since you can't stop yourself from buying 'Get Buff and Tuff With Strangely Erotic Pictures of Gym Equipment' magazines. Why do they even call it that??

You've shown her that there's tons of mammals who are all about "Dem Hips", but you think a small part of her is still envious of how easily you turn heads.

>Not everyone is a draconic nymphomaniac like you, Ceri. Respect their significantly tamer feelings.
Y-you're probably not a nymphomaniac! You're just open about your sexuality! And could barely control yourself a couple times! People who make jokes about males being hornier than females have never seen a reptilian near the end of her egg cycle. And that's before your inner dragon made it worse!

>And- the desire to enthrall your friend?! What the fuck Ceri. Intrusive thought. Let it pass.
Right, just one of many thoughts people have that they choose not to act on. even if you're in this egg situation because you're literally acting on a random thought but nevermind that

>Seriously, if you go in there you know your egg kink is somehow gonna pop out and weird up your relationship with her. Your brain-to-mouth filters are, shall we say, less than reliable, after all.
Y-your filters are fine!! You just can't handle lying or withholding information from your parents!

>Engage Protective Neurons
You don't have control over your PROTECTIVE NEURONS. They'll either save you or they won't!

>Thoughts of seeing Daatra lay an egg.
Your TILDE is low and you are filled with DETER-- THE FEELING OF NOT GIVING UP. Those thoughts shall not penetrate your defenses!!!


Stop penetrating your defenses, thoughts!!

Maybe you shouldn't be here... but she really does need to get over this shyness. What if Zesmirl mistakes her privacy for a lack of trust? This could put a strain on their relationship!

You have to help her, but only as a platonic friend, goddamn it!

"I can't believe you want ...huff... to do this," Daatra says, her voice growing increasingly strained. "I promise you it's ...urgh... not as sexy as you think..."

"I'm not here to see something sexy. I'm here to help my friend."

"I bet. You're... going to be rubbing yourself... the whole time..."

No. 814582 ID: 395c02
File 149971738485.png - (107.90KB , 800x600 , 808.png )

"...Of course not, silly," you say.

"Then I don't know why ...hngh... you'd even want to be here."

"You know why."


"I began to lay pretty young, younger than is normal for my mom's species. Because of that, she hadn't yet told me what was coming. So when it started happening, I had no idea what was going on. I was confused. Scared. I remember running to her with tears in my eyes."

"...Why are you telling me this..."

"She hugged me and told me not to be afraid. That it was normal, and even she has to go through it. It was some truly lucky timing that she was also due to lay, so she took me to her mat and went through it with me, mother and daughter. She taught me what to do, and comforted me along the way. I wasn't scared anymore after that."

"Yeah, well, my mother was ...nnfh... too busy fucking other guys... to do something so sickeningly sweet..."

"Mmm... your dad probably didn't know how to handle it, either. Maybe that's why you feel ashamed of it."

"SSssrrhh... This isn't... the time... for this shit..."

"Any other time and you'd probably punch me," you say with a half smile.

"You'd just... dodge again..."
No. 814585 ID: 395c02
File 149971744715.png - (54.60KB , 800x600 , 809.png )

Having given Daatra the towel, you head towards the next room. "I'm going to give you some privacy, but I want you to know you don't have to do this alone anymore. I'm here for you, okay? Just call for me if you need anything."


Part of you wants to lay alongside her, to give her that moment your mother gave you. But you're not Daatra's mother. You'd only make it weird. You'd make her even more reluctant to be open about this. Maybe it's for the best that you don't push her too hard too quickly.



Her voice audibly shakes. "D... don't go."

It’s the most vulnerable you've ever heard Daatra sound.

"Okay," you say, "I won't."

You get behind her, ready to support her, but find your normal form insufficient. You switch to your dragon form to better support her as she arches back.

"Still... obsessed with... dragons... I see..."

Maybe one day you'll tell her the reason behind your dragon obsession...
No. 814586 ID: 395c02
File 149971746363.png - (128.35KB , 800x600 , 810.png )

You begin to massage her abdomen, hoping it provides her the same relief it gives you. She looks to object, but does not. You calm her muscles as they contract and spasm, initiating a process that can no longer be stopped.

"I can't... hold..."

"Shh. Just let it go. I've got you."
No. 814587 ID: 395c02
File 149971747466.png - (131.15KB , 800x600 , 811.png )

You close your eyes as her body tenses up. It's best if you don't get a good look at what's going on down there, even if you really kind of want to...

...No, it's fine. You're not here for that, anyway. You push those thoughts away and stroke Daatra softly. "See? No big deal," you say.
No. 814588 ID: 395c02
File 149971748468.png - (116.57KB , 800x600 , 812.png )

She rests against you and pants heavily, her task finally complete. You hold her in silence for several moments.


"Why...?" she asks weakly. "I always... give you such a hard time..."

What do you say?

...You kind of wonder if you should offer to cook the egg into a meal or let her handle the egg herself. Most reptilians eat them raw or prepare 'mommy meals', but Daatra's kind of a unique case.
No. 814593 ID: 7fad5d

Because you're friends. Let her handle it herself.
No. 814594 ID: 01764f


"Because you're my friend and I love you! N-not like that, but in a friendly way, I mean. Not that there's anything wrong with that! You can totally be into girls if you want! I am sometimes BUT ANYWAY, someone need to be here for you, you know? Now, what do you wanna do with that egg?"
No. 814595 ID: be0718

Whisper as lovingly as you can, "Because it's Slinko's fetiiiiiiiish."
No. 814599 ID: 56ffef

"Cause you are my best friend. Also I need to go shopping and how can I do that without you"
its her egg you have your own to do stuff~ with.
No. 814617 ID: 3ce125

Because ~friendship~
No. 814753 ID: ec33ed

I never noticed that Daatra had fangs before, what kinda lizards is she?
we should let her do whatever she wants with the egg, that's her business.
No. 814769 ID: 3fb646

"Because that's what dragons best friends do. I want you to be in my hoard comfortable and know I'm here for you."

Now just hold her until she's ready to get up. It might have been a while since she's been held like this.
No. 814776 ID: 27c0e0

She is snek

Anyway I have some egg questions:
Is it possible to use portal magic to get the egg out of you?
Does polymorph change the size, amount, species, taste of the eggs?
If yes how much could you sell a unfertilized dragon egg for?
What in the hells is a "mommy meal"?
Would you ever have Skif eat one of your eggs?
Have you mom and dad ever done anything weird with her eggs?
Would you and Skif do anything weird with your egg?
No. 814811 ID: f0e552

Good job, Ceri! You handled this well.
No. 814845 ID: 8571c7

Agreeing to this as well.
No. 814860 ID: 8c8f03

I'm pretty sure a "mommy meal" would just be like, an omelet or something like that. they usually eat it raw, so i'm guessing it would just be cooked quickly.
don't take my word for it though
No. 814868 ID: fcc0fa

Silly Ceri, lays eggs alongside her mom but can't handle the idea her parents have an active sex life.
No. 814989 ID: 988567

We don't really know, do we? Part of it is that she is your best friend, but there's another part. Maybe you slightly envy her normal problems. Or there's this slight itch in your mind that dissapears when you help her. Or she gives you something you can't get from anyone else, like some sister
Or maybe you have chronic hero syndrome and just love to offer your help and help to the fullest of your capabilities. A proper bond between people, even a platonic bond, can't be summed up with mere normal words.
No. 815024 ID: c9f250

Hugs are pretty nice. However you handle the egg you should offer to go do something fun to make up for laying.
No. 815221 ID: 395c02
File 149989751708.png - (142.89KB , 800x600 , 813.png )

>"Because you're my friend and I love you! N-not like that, but in a friendly way, I mean. Not that there's anything wrong with that! You can totally be into girls if you want! I am sometimes BUT ANYWAY...
"Because I love you!"

Wait that's not how it's supposed to come out!


"I mean-- I-- uh--"

"I-I'm fond of you, too, but I don't like girls um... that way..."

"Yes! But! It's okay to like girls that way! If you are one!"

"Even so..."

"Besides! I can polymorph!"

"Oh that's right, isn't it..."

"Yes... that means I can turn into a boy! So, how about some Dragon-D~"

No. 815222 ID: 395c02
File 149989752996.png - (115.99KB , 800x600 , 814.png )


Your PROTECTIVE NEURONS have prevented you from saying any of that. Close call...!

You pause Daatra for a second to recollect your thoughts.

>Whisper as lovingly as you can, "Because it's Slinko's fetiiiiiiiish."
This 'Slinko' person sounds like a real creep!

>I never noticed that Daatra had fangs before
They only come out when she's angry or distressed.

>Is it possible to use portal magic to get the egg out of you?
>Does polymorph change the size, amount, species, taste of the eggs?
>If yes how much could you sell a unfertilized dragon egg for?
>What in the hells is a "mommy meal"?
>Would you ever have Skif eat one of your eggs?
>Have you mom and dad ever done anything weird with her eggs?
>Would you and Skif do anything weird with your egg?
Technically but the risk of internal damage is very high, they can change shape but the magic wears off once they leave your body, your eggs are lizard eggs, it's the meal female reptillians make from their eggs and might only be called that by your mother and nobody else, y-you might consider it, YOU REFUSE TO THINK ABOUT THAT, and ...maybe...

>Good job, Ceri! You handled this well.
Aww, thank you! Er, thank 'you' as in actual you, not 'you' as in the second-person way you're talking about you. Like, you, but not 'you' you.

...It's a goddamn miracle you didn't mess things up with Daatra, isn't it.

>Silly Ceri, lays eggs alongside her mom but can't handle the idea her parents have an active sex life.

Even if you sometimes orgasm while doing it.

would it feel even better in your aquatic form? have you asked this before? it really needs testing


Not sexual.
No. 815223 ID: 395c02
File 149989754043.png - (117.47KB , 800x600 , 815.png )

>A proper bond between people, even a platonic bond, can't be summed up with mere normal words.

She's shivering in your arms.

"Doesn't matter if you tease me. I'll always be here for you," you say softly.
No. 815224 ID: 395c02
File 149989754767.png - (123.52KB , 800x600 , 816.png )

No. 815225 ID: 395c02
File 149989755259.png - (139.97KB , 800x600 , 817.png )

No. 815226 ID: 395c02
File 149989756341.gif - (131.02KB , 800x600 , 818.gif )

Daatra is a part of your hoard-- your family. You will cherish the bond you two share, and not to sully it with thoughts of romance.

Though she desires to be 'alpha', she is held back by her low self-esteem. She tries to hide it behind her teasing, but it's pretty obvious that she envies you. How popular you are, how you can completely change how you look with but a thought. She only has the one body, a body she is stuck with for the rest of her life.

If she but knew what struggles you face, she would not be so envious of your 'gifts'.

This is your HOARD SCREEN. Here you can see everyone you've formed a bond with, romantic or otherwise. You can see their the strength of their love/bond, their current level of happiness, and their TILDE, where applicable. They are separated into tiers, which may be related to the Patronage™ offered to a certain god-like being. Some of the stats are rendered inactive by the damage caused by your inner dragon, and one seems to be a spot where the god-like being may one day accept additional Patronage™. Praise be!

Your COMPASSION has become very high. As situations arise, you may occasionally forget to include options that put your desires/safety above that of others. Be careful you do not become someone's martyr.
No. 815227 ID: 395c02
File 149989757341.png - (194.31KB , 800x600 , 819.png )

You hold Daatra for a while longer. Eventually, she reaches down and picks up her egg. You decide it best to let her handle it herself, since anything you offer could come off as really weird. To your surprise, she opens her mouth and swallows it in one gulp. You really hope this gets drawn in detail and not relegated to background text!

You're glad you've done this with her, but the situation has left you a little more stressed.

It's still early in the morning. What will you do?

-Video games! Time to move past all the drama and just have fun! (STRESS--, Daatra's mood+)
-Take Daatra shopping! Daatra needs fresh air! And you can get a lot done! (ENERGY-, Life-hacking the TIME system+++)
-Mutual nap time! Daatra probably needs rest. (ENERGY+, STRESS-)
-Tell Daatra about the dragon stuff. Maybe she deserves to be 'in the know'... (unknown effect)
-Tell Daatra it's your turn to lay an egg~ No, not this time.
No. 815234 ID: be0718

Who wants to play video games? I do!
No. 815235 ID: 7fad5d

All of them. Fall asleep during playing vidya, tell her about dragon stuff while dreaming of shopping.
No. 815236 ID: 9c2d0c

Shopping! If that stat screen is to be believed, Daatra does not need any more Happy meter right now.
No. 815237 ID: 638191

No. 815238 ID: 4dd5b9

Play some vidya, then tell her about the dragon stuff. If she's going to be part of your horde, she needs to be in the loop.

Try not to spill any spaghetti this time.
No. 815239 ID: bd376f

Stress bar may need a new icon

No. 815241 ID: 56ffef

shopping while talking about being a super awesome dragon magical gril who can become a super giant sounds best with Daatra.
No. 815245 ID: 8c3bc9

Even if no shopping is done, a walk outside with Daatra will be pretty nice,

unless she's too exhausted.
No. 815261 ID: d0a30e

No. 815264 ID: 98516e

Shopping!! Because what is life if not making egregious abuses toward the systems that govern it?
No. 815274 ID: 3ce125

Video games then shopping!
No. 815298 ID: f0e552

Forget any of that! Realise that you've literally gained the ability to READ PEOPLES' MINDS to find out exactly how friendly they are with you, as long as you form even a rudimentary relationship with them. Thats crazy! So this is the true power of friendship!
No. 815299 ID: 91ee5f

>To your surprise, she opens her mouth and swallows it in one gulp. You really hope this gets drawn in detail and not relegated to background text!
*facepalm* >_<
Dang it, Slinko! You ruined Ceri's hopes!

>What do?
Don't mention anything about you being an actual dragon! The more people we tell, the more likely someone might accidentally say something in front of someone that'll want to hurt Ceri! Plus, Daatra has enough things going on in her life, we don't need to burden her with this secret!

Let's take Daatra shopping, like we originally planned!
No. 815312 ID: 2057d1

No. 815319 ID: e121d3

Uh oh - Skif isn't happy! Maybe he's having more trouble with his parents, at home. We can't protect him everywhere, though - he needs to take care of himself sometimes. That's probably one of the things his parents are worried about! We can catch up with him later.

For now, go shopping.
No. 815338 ID: 56fca5

Video games and talk about dragon stuff.
No. 815364 ID: 91ee5f

I just now noticed something!

Siphon's stats on the HOARD SCREEN have her missing and an error message, but if you wait, it'll pop back up there like nothing's wrong!

I can't believe I just now noticed that!

I guess that's supposed to show that Siphon has gone over to XenoQuest and came back or something like that?
No. 815442 ID: 5e00ee

Nice error you got going there. Is this thing live? Is so something weird just happen with a certain shirtless mouse alien. Teleportation?
Also if this is live and accurate then Skiff sad! Mom and Dad too!
No. 815503 ID: 3ce125

Why does Mr. Ilan have a question mark over him?
No. 815538 ID: 90bdb9

You should definitely tell her about you being a dragon, or at least start to tell. Not only would it be good to have a sympathetic outsider's opinion on all this, it would be great to have someone who isn't afraid to smack some sense into us if we ever try to do something stupid.
No. 815539 ID: be0718

Having to keep a secret is a heavy burden, and if you spread it it won't be a secret anymore! That would be bad for you. Please don't tell Daatra about Ceri's inner dragon. Let her stick to normal worries, like boyfriends and appearances.
No. 815816 ID: 395c02
File 150008067408.png - (77.80KB , 800x600 , 820.png )

>Forget any of that! Realise that you've literally gained the ability to READ PEOPLES' MINDS to find out exactly how friendly they are with you, as long as you form even a rudimentary relationship with them. Thats crazy! So this is the true power of friendship!

Probably best you don't think about that.
No. 815817 ID: 395c02
File 150008068760.png - (107.74KB , 800x600 , 821.png )

>Nice error you got going there. Is this thing live? Is so something weird just happen with a certain shirtless mouse alien. Teleportation?
Huh? Everything looks fine to you??

>Also if this is live and accurate then Skiff sad! Mom and Dad too!
Your parents are probably still upset from this morning. You came to kind of an understanding with your mother, but your Dad was a tiny bit broken by the events. Hopefully he'll cheer up soon once he has a taste of His Favorite.

You imagine Skif's not in the best mood because of his parents. You got through to his father, if only enough for him to admit he could be wrong, but Skif's mother is considerably more stubborn. She's going to be much harder to win over, for sure.

>Why does Mr. Ilan have a question mark over him?
You have no idea what Mr. Ilan is doing or how he's feeling. He's out of range of this screen's weird voodoo magics! The magics you uh, infused it with... when you...

Okay, you have to level with you--rself. You're just putting the bars where you think they should go. That's totally what's going on and in no way does this screen have magical psychic powers to instantly and accurately portray exactly how everyone's feeling at any given moment.



Moving on.
No. 815818 ID: 395c02
File 150008069939.png - (137.97KB , 800x600 , 822.png )

Once Daatra has recovered, you offer to take her shopping! She reminds you that she has things to do today. A brief pause, and then she admits that most of that involves shopping anyway. She joins you in a peaceful walk to the SHOPPING CENTER, and you make small-talk as you go. Eventually you mention D-Day and what your parents plan for it.

"Dragon Day?" Daatra asks. "Is that even a real holiday?"


"I dunno why you're so obsessed with dragons. You do know they control normal folks and make them slaves or something, right?"

DRAGON-RACIST! Maybe Daatra can be the first person you show the truth-- that dragons aren't all evil!

"There may be some bad eggs, but not all dragons are like that!" you say.

"don't say egg it's too soon. Er. I mean, I wouldn't want to meet one and just hope they have good intentions, know what I'm saying?"

"I don't!"

"Geez, why are you so defensive all of a sudden? It's not like you're one of them."
No. 815819 ID: 395c02
File 150008071225.png - (119.38KB , 800x600 , 823.png )





"Er-- sorry. I forgot you liked to roleplay as a dragon," Daatra finally says.

It's Skif all over again!

"What if I told you it wasn't just roleplay?" you ask. "That I was a real, living dragon?"

"If that were true, I'd probably ask why the hell you're messing around in this podunk town in the middle of nowhere. Wouldn't there be, I don't know, bigger cities for you to conquer?"

"There's more to dragons than conquering cities!"

"What, conquering hearts?"

No. 815820 ID: 395c02
File 150008072681.png - (142.89KB , 800x600 , 824.png )

"Hsshah. That'd explain why you keep those around."

"I don't-- you know these aren't a polymorph, damn it! I proved it like ten times!"

"Then why are they there? You never give me a straight answer!"

"Because... d-dragon!"

"What, did one curse you or something? You probably pissed it off with your endless optimism!"

That's not-- they don't-- ARGH! It'd probably take hours to convince her you're not making things up. You'd rather just go shopping!!!
No. 815821 ID: 395c02
File 150008073666.png - (107.36KB , 800x600 , 825.png )

The shopping center, at last! It's pretty early, so there's not a lot of people around. With Daatra here, you decide against doing a job search for now. This is time for a good old-fashioned girl's day out!

You admire the view just long enough to notice that an attempt at perspective was made, but not so long that you realize it wasn't a great attempt.

Every view is perfect if you don't look at the flaws!

Let's see what stores we have here...

-Gamepause. You can check out the new releases! They're bound to be full of good jokes games!
-Shoos! A shoe and boot store! Your DRAGON FEETSIES are hardy enough that you don't generally wear shoes, but...
-Dr. Table's Parenting Goods. This store mostly sells things intended for small children.
-Lizard Love. A store selling clothes tailored to reptiles! Daatra might find something good here.
-Toys 4 Kids. Lots of cool toys are in here. You're a bit old to be playing with them, though... OR ARE YOU!? Maybe they sell toy balls!
-Toys 4 Not Kids. The toys sold here are... perhaps more useful to adults such as you.
-Dick's! They sell camping gear! Dick's-- very important to you right now!
-Mammal Emporium. They sell clothes tailored to mammals. Their clothes fit you better, but it's... awkward to shop there without polymorphing some fluff.
-Business for Your Business. They sell various office equipment and suits.
-Tooling Around. They sell tools! Could find some useful stuff for your adventure here.
-Love Yourself. Hey... this store is new! It seems to offer clothing catered to people who use POLYMORPH to change their body to fit their personal standard of beauty. Maybe they'd have something for someone like you...
-Comshack. They sell various electronics.
-Eye Cream! They actually sell ice cream. ...ICE CREAM!
-Ladies! This store contains various things needed by females of many species.
-Asp! Various snake-related things! Also bread for some reason.

Whew. That's all of the stores in the main section. There's also the USER SECTION, where people come up with their own store ideas and see if it works. Most of them fail instantly.

You might check out the USER SECTION if there's enough interest, but for now you'll stick to the main area.

What THREE STORES do you visit? (VOTE 3)
No. 815822 ID: 7fad5d

Dr. Table's Parenting Goods.

Love Yourself

Business for Your Business

No. 815827 ID: 56fca5

Dick's makes sense since we will be hiking in the wilderness, it sounds like...

Lizard Love might be something interesting for the both of you...



Dr Table's Parenting Goods
No. 815830 ID: 3ce125

Wait a minute if Daatra is going shopping for herself then she's gotta choose three stores too, right? With that in mind, we can be perfectly selfish.

Love Yourself.
Tooling Around.
No. 815831 ID: ba506f

>Business for Your Business.
Mostly because I want to see how you look in a suit

>Love Yourself.
New store that's right up your ally, don't see why you wouldn't check it out

>Eye Cream!
Good way to end a little shopping spree. With EYE CREAM... I MEAN ICE CREAM, DAMNIT... messed up my line

Also Daatra is pick stores she wants to go to as well right? We're not forcing her to see what we want to see right?
No. 815837 ID: 638191

-Tooling Around.
-Love Yourself.
No. 815839 ID: e121d3

Well, go to Dick's for sure, but first ask Daatra where she wants to go! Make sure you let her pick one of the stores you go to, at least, since she might not be in the mood for Dick's right now. Finally, I'd recommend Tooling Around, though keep an eye on Daatra's mood! If she's not interested, go somewhere like Ladies.
No. 815843 ID: 91ee5f

>Pick 3 stores.
Lizard Love. You can help Daatra pick something out and maybe find something for yourself! Although, it might be hard to find a shirt for you because of your boobs. Maaaaaybe if you go to the section for fat reptiles, the shirts will be big enough to contain your boobs? At least getting pants will be easy!

Dick's! Gotta get prepared for that "camping trip" you, Skif, and your alien TOTALLY NORMAL FRIENDS are planning for!

Eye Cream! Does there even need to be a reason? It's ice cream! Also, you should promise Daatra that you won't laugh at her if she ends up falling asleep from eating the ice cream, since she's a reptile and the cold makes her sleepy!
No. 815848 ID: d5cc05

Eye Cream Love Yourself, Tooling Around Mammal Emporium Dick's

I bet you could have made this joke workshop legendary if you made the choices link to each other grammatically, but I'll do what I can.
No. 815857 ID: be0718

Gamepause! Shop for us! (Windowshopping at best, I'm afraid - but maybe it will leave time for Dick's!)
Lizard Love! Shop for your friend!
Love Yourself! Shop for you!
No. 815871 ID: 01764f

Ladies! - Because ladies.
Mammal Emporium - OH MY GOD FLUFFCERI????

also user section interest
No. 815941 ID: eb959a

-Love Yourself.
No. 815945 ID: f076ad

What kind of girls are you? Why should you visit only 3 stores when you can visit all of them!

If you're gonna limit yourself like that, then you should visit just one.
Toys 4 Not Kids
Toys 4 Not Kids
Toys 4 Not Kids
No. 815992 ID: 566eb8

Go to Toys 4 Not Kids. You don't need to buy anything, I'm just hoping to see you two tease each other. Also Dick's! for equipment for the trip, but see how long you can go without making the obvious joke. Also, of course we're getting Eye Cream!
No. 816006 ID: 8d4593

Love Yourself
Lizard Love
Toys 4 Not kids

User Section?
No. 816036 ID: 395c02
File 150015894253.png - (139.04KB , 800x600 , 826.png )

>What kind of girls are you? Why should you visit only 3 stores when you can visit all of them!
That's just a stereotype, you know! Not all women like shopping that much!

Totally unrelated to that, you have a system for shopping. First, you visit three stores, then you break for lunch, and then you either visit the USER SECTION, or check out two more MAIN STORES.

After that, you decide if you want to keep going, or if you're going to leave and do something else.

And sometimes you do leave, thank-you-very-much!!

like twice ever

>User Section?
It's where people try out all kinds of crazy store ideas!

(In other words, you can suggest a STORE NAME and WHAT THE STORE SELLS, and it will show up in the USER SECTION later. If at least 3 people do so, there'll be 'enough interest' for Ceri to visit the USER SECTION.

Also, you may vote for a single store multiple times if you really want to see it! There's 3 votes to use as you please. If you want to change your vote based on this info, please make it obvious!)
No. 816037 ID: 7fad5d

Store Store: Sells other stores. If you buy one you own everything they sell. Very reasonable prices, customers barely ever need to part with souls or firstborn children.
No. 816038 ID: be0718

In that case, I change my vote for Lizard Love into another vote for Love Yourself! LL's got plenty of support as it.

We can go for Eye Cream and Dick's (or Gamepause) after lunch. That's a great time to do so, in fact!
No. 816040 ID: 094652

4 The Fans (and how you leech money from them)

A prop store that keeps its wares nebulous, but uses word-of-mouth to draw in GrueToob celebrities and construct custom-made heavily expensive LARP costumes and props. Officially, their job is to give freelance actors a complete makeover. Realistically, they're selling overpriced, shoddy cardboard to rich nerds.

However, Ceri and her classmates have picked up on something strange. There's a rumor going around that the owner's son has some kind of unnatural talent in locating rare-tier magic artifacts by accident, but no appraisal skills, so he might trip over the Backup Scepter of King Sarnass one day and sell it as a movie prop for five moneys. You were convinced the rumors were just to get the girls to buy all the litter around the store, but when you went there the whole store floored your magic sense and you couldn't tell what was special and what wasn't in all that radiating mana.

Basically, this store sells overpriced LARP junk, but there's a critical-sized chance that what you buy might be rare or even legendary-tier loot.
No. 816041 ID: 8c3bc9

Lizard Love for Daatra, Dick's for your camp needs, and Toys 4 Not Kids for amusement

Eye Cream sounds like the best ending to shopping for later
No. 816042 ID: 56ffef

Love yourself
and Eye cream for lunch
No. 816046 ID: 01764f

Spinster's Gifts - From china cat figurines to old lamps, reading glasses, tea cozies and bridge party stuff, Spinster's has nostalgic stuff, quaint stuff, and a whole lot more.

Get gifts for nana, bibi, greatgran, even Auntie Ethel - Spinster's Gifts has everything an old lady would ever need.
No. 816087 ID: 6cd244

Let's go to Shenanigans, the prank and trap store! Selling a wide variety of supplies for childish pranks, good for screwing with any proud or uptight friends you may have. Also, if you show your ID, they'll let you in the back where they keep supplies for very non-childish pranks, good for screwing any- anyway, it's the kind of store that would go well with your and Daatra's banter.
No. 816122 ID: 143250

...You know, now that I think about, the majority of people we met don't really wear shoes... How is that shoe store still open for business???

Lizard Love

USER SELECTION: Black Market PAWn shop
(totally not a black market, no siree. just a regular ol' pawn shop to buy and sell used items and other rare goods... what made you think otherwise? psst, meet us behind the secret door behind the 3rd product display for some... special items you can't find anywhere else... Like some totally non forbidden magic spells... shhh...
No. 816301 ID: 8d4593

Meta Mart
For all your meta needs!
Powerful and hilarious 4th wall destroying tools and artifacts.

Huh...What is that guy behind the counter though...
And why is he wearin a fake beak?
No. 816561 ID: 395c02
File 150033580753.png - (142.57KB , 800x600 , 827.png )

>...You know, now that I think about, the majority of people we met don't really wear shoes... How is that shoe store still open for business???
You have no idea!!!

>Also Daatra is pick stores she wants to go to as well right? We're not forcing her to see what we want to see right?
"So Daatra, any stores you wanna see?"

"Well, I need to stop by Tooling Around to get my dad's birthday present. Ooh, I wonder if they have new stock at Lizard Love!"

"Okay! And I want to check out Dick's-- don't give me that look-- as well as Love Yourself!"

"The new store? I hear it caters to people with 'unique' ideas of beauty. You'd fit right in!"

"Thanks! ...heey..."


"Hmph! I'd also like to check out... um... toys4notkids"

"Oh my god, are you serious right now"


"Sex really is all you think about!"

"N-nuh uh!! Look, I'm just curious what they even have in there!"


No. 816562 ID: 395c02
File 150033582273.png - (70.35KB , 800x600 , 828.png )


"I KNEW IT," you exclaim.

"Well, we can at least see what they have."

"Damn right we can. Now, let's start with Dick's, then we'll go to Tooling Around, and then..."
No. 816563 ID: 395c02
File 150033583596.png - (83.32KB , 800x600 , 829.png )


"Whatcha looking at?" Daatra asks."

"Oh, nothing. I just... thought I saw something."
No. 816564 ID: 395c02
File 150033584692.png - (87.24KB , 800x600 , 830.png )

"Welcome! Take your time, and let me know if you need anything!"

"I will, thanks!"
No. 816565 ID: 395c02
File 150033586905.png - (94.36KB , 800x600 , 831.png )

You use this moderately easy to draw diagram to get a mental picture of the store's layout!
Let's see what they have...

STORE SECTION (click a letter!): A B C

No. 816566 ID: 395c02
File 150033588431.png - (68.68KB , 800x600 , 835.png )

You have ᵯ275. As expected, you can pretty much buy all the camping equipment you need with the money your mom gave you. Of course, spending all your money now won't leave you any for the rest of the stores! Besides, you intend to do some ODD JOBS to get extra money anyway, right?

Your pants have two POCKETS, bringing your total inventory space up to five. Your MONEY is currently in your POCKET, leaving open your DRAGON INVENTORY SLOT for anything that won't fit in a pocket or hand. If you want to carry more, you'll need to use POLYMORPH, buy a backpack, and/or ask Daatra for help.

What? Just throw it all in a portal? Your PORTAL RANGE is pretty small! People would probably steal your stuff!

...Anyway, you spend a second thinking about what you want to purchase.

What will you buy?

(There is no VOTING LIMIT this time, list everything you want, and the quantity if applicable. But keep in mind Ceri's not infinitely rich! ...For now. You may also choose to not buy anything for now.)
No. 816585 ID: 56ffef

there is Nothing to buy that we can't save thill we have a better idea of what Siphon and her group already have to take with us but write down the list to show them, and buy three rope for ~ later.
No. 816586 ID: 7fad5d

Rob it all. Not because you're a dragon, but because you're a WIZARD.
No. 816587 ID: 143250

GAME PLAN: lets keep the budget for each store at around 50 or less. No more than 60. We don't want to run dry if we see something that interests us at another store later.

For now, lets get items for you, and skiff. I'm sure our alien buddies have supplies for themselves already, so no need to plan too much for them

My idea for now:
(1) Backpack (could be useful even when not camping, thus required): ᵯ12
(1) First aid kit: ᵯ14
(2) Sleeping bag: ᵯ18
(2) Water canteen: ᵯ8
Total: ᵯ52

We'll get stuff like a tent later. I Want to save money for the other stores for now.
No. 816588 ID: 8c3bc9

Window shopping complete!

Let's later see what Siphon and gang have before we buy anything.

No. 816590 ID: be0718

Backpack - 12
Sm. tent - 55
portal training ball - 4
Canteen - 4
Total: 75.
Stuff things in backpack then stuff backpack in D-inv. Save rest of money for the other stores! We'll get that other stuff later.

How does the portal training ball work? Is it just me, or does the magic focusing wand feel like it's vibrating?
No. 816597 ID: f0e552

Dragon inventory says we are still wearing jammies, rip.

You could honestly use almost everything here, I'd say buy everything except the large tent for 4 persons, and the fishing equipment. And possibly not buy the icebox if you don't plan on bringing perishables (like soft drink or fish or something like that) Of course adjust the rations to the amount of time you expect to be traveling.

Even better if Skif has a bit of his own camping gear, because then we don't have to buy as much. But if he doesn't, we'll have to come back later to buy some more.

Honestly I feel Myra gave us a lot of money, this stuff is pretty cheap! Is that an indicator of its quality, I wonder?
No. 816598 ID: 91ee5f

>List of stores doesn't include Eye Cream!


>"Oh, nothing. I just... thought I saw something."
I didn't see anything. Can you describe what the thing you thought you saw looked like?

>Far-seeing implement (binoculars): 48 gems.
Slissa Quest!

>Jammies are currently equipped.
Uhhh, Ceri? Are you aware of the fact that you're wearing your jammies in public? You forgot to put on your normal clothes!

>What? Just throw it all in a portal? Your PORTAL RANGE is pretty small!
Buy that Portal training ball so that you can start training later! You might need the extra range!

>Limited inventory space.
Might as well buy a backpack to store whatever you buy on this shopping trip with Daatra!

Total spent in this store is m16!
No. 816599 ID: f0e552

waitaminute you fixed it while I was typing!
No. 816601 ID: 91ee5f

>Uhhh, Ceri? Are you aware of the fact that you're wearing your jammies in public? You forgot to put on your normal clothes!
Never mind! Slinko fixed it while I was typing!
No. 816603 ID: 3ce125

I don't see anything?

>carrying space
This is what shopping bags are for, silly! We will probably need a backpack or two anyway so that'll free up some space.

>images IN THE POST, clicking on images to see the images
What the fuck is this WIZARDRYYYYY
Okay, we don't know if we're going to be climbing mountains so just get some rope from section A.
-2 moneys.

Section C:

Backpack: ᵯ12 yes, we need this for camping.
Large tent (4 persons): ᵯ85 The trip back we'll have 3 people, so we need a large tent.
Sleeping bag: ᵯ9 three of these.
Compass: ᵯ2 useful
Icebox: ᵯ12 gonna need this to hold food.
Cooking pan: ᵯ4 yep
Cooking pot: ᵯ4 yep
First aid kit: ᵯ14 no healing magic means we need this.
Water canteen: ᵯ4 should probably get three of these.
Lantern: ᵯ5 yep.

2+12+85+27+2+12+4+4+14+12+5= 179. Yeah the money we got does cover camping essentials. Let's NOT buy all that right now though. We can come back when we're about to leave on the trip. Actually wait, do buy the backpack and first aid kit. Those are useful in general. Maybe the sleeping bags too?

I kinda want a couple things from Section B. We're gonna be practicing elemental magic, right?

Fireproof magical training target: ᵯ19 yes.
Voltage-detecting magical training target: ᵯ22 yes.
Easy-freeze magical training target: ᵯ7 yes.
Magic focusing wand: ᵯ6 wait does this work? Would it help with Ceri's spellcasting?

19+22+7=48, within our budget. The wand would be fine too if it's worth buying.
If Daatra asks why you're buying practice gear for spell schools you don't know, tell her you figured out a way to cast it in an emergency situation.
No. 816608 ID: 6cd244

We might need a fancy tent, but don't get anything expensive like that until we find out more about what kind of equipment the others are bringing. Stuff for just you will probably still come in handy either way, though:
If you don't already own a good one, buy a backpack and sleeping bag. Maybe also some generally useful things like rope, a first aid kit, and a water canteen.
A lot of the other useful supplies might overlap with what the others have, and you don't want to waste money! Also, don't buy it, but go over and check out that Totally official magic power tester that is in no way a recolored 'love' machine that uses the warmth of your hands to determine how lovable you are because that sounds super racist to cold-blooded lizards.
No. 816646 ID: 395c02
File 150035060011.png - (109.66KB , 800x600 , 836.png )

>Uhhh, Ceri? Are you aware of the fact that you're wearing your jammies in public? You forgot to put on your normal clothes!
Y-you're wearing normal clothes!

Look, sometimes you're in a really big rush to escape an awkward situation with your parents and you forget to update your stat screens for a bit!

You fixed it now, though!

>I didn't see anything. Can you describe what the thing you thought you saw looked like?
You're not sure. It felt like someone was... watching you. It's too bad you can't go back and double check.

Besides, any attempt to get a closer look would probably cause whatever it was to run away.
No. 816648 ID: 56ffef

Put on some panties from Love Yourself before Skif gets arrested you hussy!
No. 816659 ID: 91ee5f

Wait, now I know why that figure behind Ceri looks familiar! Isn't that Outissa from XenoQuest? If it is, then it looks like Slinko is allowing Outissa to show up in Dragon Romance as a thank you to Raptie for allowing Siphon to show up in XenoQuest!
No. 816660 ID: 91ee5f

Then again, I could be completely wrong about that. It wouldn't be the first time that I was wrong about something.
No. 816662 ID: 51efb4

Look, she's wearing pants at least. If going commando is more comfortable for her during her weird egg cycle thing, then I don't think we can really judge.
No. 816665 ID: 8d4593

Camping gear can get bulky and expensive if you don't have a finger on exactly what you need. Perhaps you should talk with the others or make a test run before you make too many purchases.

One thing you should get while you're here is a high quality backpack. The kind with rigid supports that not only hangs on your shoulders but also links around your chest and waist. You Can carry enormous amounts of weight with one of those.

And you are being watched.
By us.
No. 816684 ID: d5cc05

>Sporting Goods
Buy some rope. It's a handy tool, even for a mage - ESPECIALLY for a mage who ran out of mana mid-air while flying up a cliff.

>Camping Goods
Ask for a bigger backpack with adjustable straps, screw the fishing equipment because you can fish yourself, Get a large tent in case polymorph goes wrong and as a useful distraction, you can bring your own mattress so ignore that, your friends are stocked in alien food with superior preservatives and nutrients, Ask your friends to make a compass, icebox can act as an inventory box once the stuff runs out, the cooking pan is okay, but the cooking pot will allow you to fry or boil if you just stir with a large spatula, your friends have multiple inefficient inventions which double as overheating cookers, water canteen is always useful, your friends have flashlights, and binoculars aren't that useful compared to a portal.

>"'Kay. Still, if I had your magic, I could..."
First guess is obvious. Second guess is portal magic to visit her boyfriend.
No. 816696 ID: f0e552

As an addendum to this, we should only buy enough for us and Skif (assuming he has no camping gear). The Siphon and others should just bring their own stuff. If they actually thought we should buy them stuff then that's pretty selfish of them tbh
No. 816714 ID: 147764

Get two backpacks, so you can make someone else share the load.

No. 816715 ID: 8d4593


Get a wand and a Portal Ball.
They are cheap and probably cheaper on mana than portalling around to get better.
No. 816726 ID: 8111b6

Regardless of what else you can get later, you neeeeeeed that backpack. You can use it right away on this shopping trip to carry more... totally sensible and mature business investments. Everything else can wait.

compass, canteen, and sleeping bag are needed. cooking pan and pot might be nice.

A lot of stuff can be totally made obsolete with your awesome magic.
No. 816975 ID: 395c02
File 150051767672.gif - (791.87KB , 800x600 , 837.gif )

You take a moment to test out the display model of the LEGITIMATE MAGIC POWER DETECTOR.

...Oh! Good results! Clearly you're meant to fall in love! And be an amazing wizard!

"Hsshss, you know those things are bullshit, right?" Daatra asks.

"Naaaaaaaaaaah. Go ahead! Try it!"


Daatra grips the machine. It lights up instantly, telling Daatra she's even better at love magic than you are!

"So like I said, I really believe in the science behind these machines," Daatra says.

"It's because you have a higher body temperature than me!"

"Nope! I'm just that good at love! And magic!"


She only knows one school of magic, damn it! No, Ceri, you're like 90% COMP. Let her have this.

>Rob it all. Not because you're a dragon, but because you're a WIZARD.
Your COMP is too high to even consider doing this.

>Honestly I feel Myra gave us a lot of money, this stuff is pretty cheap! Is that an indicator of its quality, I wonder?
Nah, you just have a good chunk of change right now. You're pretty lucky that your parents have done pretty well for themselves. Mom used to make good money doing work at the river docks until she quit to focus on raising you, so she has a lot saved up. On top of that, Dad works for the town's only bank.

Your family isn't exactly riding the high life of the upper echelon, but they were able to afford a house and ensure you were never left wanting.

>[the NOT AT ALL A SHAM MAGIC DETECTOR] sounds super racist to cold-blooded lizards.
All sentient, sapient reptilians are warm blooded. It turns out cold-blooded creatures don't have the energy required to run these massive, complex brains.

The machine's still racist/speciesist though, as you literally just saw!
No. 816976 ID: 395c02
File 150051769012.png - (114.82KB , 800x600 , 838.png )

You purchase a HEAVY DUTY BACKPACK. It cost 3 more MONEY, but holds twice as much! You also buy two WATER CANTEENS, two SLEEPING BAGS, two pieces of ROPE,  a FIRST-AID KIT, a PORTAL BALL, and a MAGIC-FOCUSING WAND.

You can always come back later for the rest, and it makes sense to find out what equipment your alien friends have before making too many purchases. You buy enough that you and Skif can spend a night camping out, to sort of get a feel for how it'll all work. You can just bring sammiches, so you don't even need food rations yet!

might be a good opportunity to try out this rope wait ceri no be submissive wait ropes can be submissive yes yeeesss wait no focus
No. 816977 ID: 395c02
File 150051770575.png - (143.85KB , 800x600 , 839.png )

You head to TOOLING AROUND, and Daatra swiftly finds what she's looking for!

"Da-da daaa! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED," she says triumphantly.

She plays way too many video games.

"That's one fancy looking drill!" you say.

"Yep! His old one barely works anymore, but he hasn't been able to save up for a new one. It's been bugging him for months, since he needs it for his job. So I did some work outside school and saved up to not just replace it, but get something way better!"

"That's... actually really sweet of you."

"Hsshss... my dad is the best, and deserves the best."

You don't really want to hang out in TOOLING AROUND right now, so once Daatra pays for her gift, you head on out. Next on the list is--
No. 816978 ID: 395c02
File 150051771995.png - (159.78KB , 800x600 , 840.png )



"You go in first."

"Hss!? This was your idea!"

"You agreed to it! You're supposed to stop me from doing things like this!"

"I've literally never stopped you from doing whatever crazy thing is on your mind!"

"Yeah but you make me think about it for a second!"

"Just go in!"

"You go in!"

"You're the 'dragon'! Dragons have no fear!"

"Did I say dragon I meant perfectly normal lizard person because I DO NOT FEEL DRAGON AT ALL RIGHT NOW."

"You don't even wear clothes half the time I see you how are you being timid about this."

Okay yeah you need to work on that 'exhibitionism' thing.

"FINE I'LL GO FIRST GOSH" you exclaim as you dramatically walk into the store.
No. 816980 ID: 395c02
File 150051773284.png - (90.89KB , 800x600 , 841.png )

"Welcome~! You've come to the right place for all your pleasurable needs~!"


G-get ahold of yourself Ceri. You've had sex. You've had alien orgy sex. This is tame and wholesome in comparison to what you've experienced.

...Why does this feel so much more 'wrong'!?

W-what will you do?

-Just browse the store. You need to keep your TILDE in check, just keep calm and look at the basic goods. ...Huh. maybe this store should have been called "Dick's!"...
-Chat up the cashier. What'll you say? D... do you flirt?
-Discuss kinks with Daatra. This could help narrow down your search, give you a chance to finish your KINK SCREEN, and let you bond with Daatra more.
-Ask to see the 'special section'. Y-you wonder what's back there? That may be where they keep more extreme things like um, bondage gear...
-Try on things from the NAUGHTY OUTFITS section. There are a few privacy booths for trying things on. You wonder if...
-Compare yourself to FAKE BOOBS. You bet your ladies are far superior to those fake pieces of silicone!

(You may choose TWO OPTIONS.)
No. 816984 ID: 01764f

-Discuss kinks with Daatra.
stay on the lookout for Gulketi WHAT THIS MAKES NO SENSE
No. 816985 ID: 638191

-Try on things from the NAUGHTY OUTFITS section
-Compare yourself to FAKE BOOBS.
No. 816988 ID: 56ffef

Discuss kinks with Both Cashier and Daatra. The cashier is sure to know more about the products in the store and what people like right, it it's totally not like you just like talking to people about l-l-lewd things. Make sure to check out that special section too.
No. 816989 ID: 3ce125

Omg it's Korli. Or Ramella.
-Chat upwith the cashier. WITH, CERI.
Tell her it's your first time in a store like this, ask what sort of things she recommends.

-Discuss kinks with Daatra.
-Try on things from the NAUGHTY OUTFITS section.
No. 816991 ID: 7fad5d

Ask her about the LESBIAN GAS.
No. 816996 ID: be0718

Compare yourself to FAKE BOOBS. I think you're the fake hedgehog here, faker!
Chat up the cashier. She's a neumono, so she'll understand the intent behind your incessant stammering.
No. 816999 ID: 8c3bc9

No. 817007 ID: c88e6d

>Work at the river docks
Ceri. Sweetie. Your mom's a former hooker.

Possibly current.

Anyway! Get Mom a prese- I mean, test your courage and ask about their most elaborate 'toy'.
No. 817009 ID: 8cb228

Tell the cashier it is your first time at a place like this, and you want to know what things are out there, and what are some good basics to cover your bases! You're going to be spending some time 'roughing it', and you want to be prepared!
No. 817012 ID: 91ee5f

Oh no! This was a bad idea! Your ~ is going to rise too fast and then your inner dragon will use that to break the seal and then take over and make you go crazy and then Skif will have to use the Enslavment Ritual on you and ahhhhhhhh!

.....wait, I know how to keep your ~ down! Look at all the expensive things that you can't buy, that's always a mood killer!

If you need a little more help.....well, I'm sure when you were a child you walked in on your parents using half the things in this store! In fact, they might have a discount for coming here so often! So, if your ~ starts to rise, imagine your parents using whatever you're looking at! That'll kill your ~ !

>...Why does this feel so much more 'wrong'!?
Because it's the stuff that your parents can/will/probably already have used!

And to everyone that says I'm the bad guy here, I don't care because I'M TRYING TO PREVENT A DISASTER HERE!!!!! You guys are the bad guys for having Ceri come here!
No. 817020 ID: 3ce125

>tilde issues
This is exactly the reason why it's got a cap on it. Ceri can just jump Skif later to work off that tilde if it gets that far.
No. 817024 ID: 143250

Discuss kinks with Daatra. bonding, and unlocking a new menu? thats killing two birds with one stone. No offense to any bird creatures around here of course
Browse the store, perhaps just the expensive stuff as mentioned by >>817012

>You don't even wear clothes half the time I see you how are you being timid about this."
>Okay yeah you need to work on that 'exhibitionism' thing.
Come on, you know at this point you secretly want that to be a kink if you've been showing your goods to Daatra half the time, and even to strangers such as those aliens at the time. Plus, whats wrong with feeling a little free from clothing from time to time? as long as you don't get caught by anyone important, right?
No. 817043 ID: 3abd97

>-Chat up the cashier. What'll you say? D... do you flirt?
You'll be fine, she's a very nice pervert.

Also try polymorphing into one of whatever she is, just for funsies. Surprise experience with neumono empathy.
No. 817055 ID: 91ee5f

She'll look like a neumono, but I don't think she'll get their empathy.

Also, it'll be funny if Ceri turns into Rokoa, but is really nice! AKA: Ceri turns into Sniper Clone Rokoa!
No. 817081 ID: 26774e

Seduce greyhound with your tits
No. 817083 ID: 91ee5f

>She only knows one school of magic, damn it!
I don't think we (the suggesters) were ever told that Daatra could even do magic! What school of magic does she know?
No. 817084 ID: 2b39af

Come on dude, she was at magic school with Ceri and Skif, though it's only recently (bumping into her at the lake) we got told that She knows Telekinesis, but instead of moving things with her mind she channels it into some sick wrestling style.
No. 817085 ID: 72ed6b

This. Lewd discussion, by way of flirting, and if she seems open to it, see if she gives in-store demonstrations. Help Daatra pick out something for her (and for her BF), and you pick out something for you and Skif to have fun using together.
No. 817086 ID: f0e552

not this. What? Do you expect everyone to be an exhibitionist who's comfortable doing stuff like that? This is her job and in public, just because she works in a sex shop doesn't mean she's down for anything! Jeez!

If you really must go this route, just chat her up. Also remember Daatra's your friend, you get to talk about these things, but don't invade her privacy.
No. 817094 ID: f076ad

First compare yourself to FAKE BOOBS. Ask Daatra what she thinks! (maybe she'd like to touch to get a better comparison?)
Then try .. GAH WHY 2 OPTIONS LIMIT. Fine.. try NAUGHTY OUTFITS. Would be funny if this led to one of those draw-clothes-on-a-character phases hehe

'special section' sounds like something for Gulketi ;)
No. 817098 ID: 56ffef

That is a science hiver of course she is down to talk about sex in public, it is more unlikely that she ISN'T going to talk about sex in public.
No. 817099 ID: 91ee5f

Also, because it's her job to talk about sex, considering what shop she works in!
No. 817101 ID: 600f38

Chat up the cashier
See the special section
Discuss Kinks screen
Browse the shop

That's right! I wanna double-up on this store!
No. 817104 ID: 3fb646

Clearly, we need to Chat with Korli the Cashier to get some pointers on where to start, then we Browse the Store based on her suggestions!
No. 817118 ID: df00b4

>(You may choose TWO OPTIONS.)
Seriously? Ceri you don't just go into an adult store and then leave without looking at everything. Don't chicken out now, swallow your fear, swallow your shame, this is an opportunity Slinko may never let you have again.

-Chat with cashier while browsing the store, the whole store back room included, maybe even have her give you a tour.
-Discuss kinks with Daatra while trying out NAUGHTY OUTFITS SECTION.

Yours are real thus they are superior. And polymorph makes it a bit irreverent.
No. 817123 ID: 6cd244

Browse the store, because we- I mean you are curious what kind of weird stuff they're even selling around here. Also, Discuss kinks with Daatra; that's half of why we're even here!
No. 817124 ID: 8d4593

Oh my god that thing behind the cashier is huge.

Discua kinks while tring on naughty outfits.
And who needs privacy booths you can try them on right here.
No. 817138 ID: 6d2c89

Ask to see the SPECIAL SECTION, then proceed to TALK ABOUT KINKS while browsing it~
No. 817217 ID: 85c43b

Discuss kinks while trying on Provocative Clothing
I mean it can get embarrassing but half the fun is laughing it off
Besides what's funnier than trying on Provocative Clothes with a friend.
It would prob be more embarrassing if it were Skif.
(Also maybe find a toy for Skif, or something small that would make him blush of you got it.)
No. 817219 ID: 85c43b

What is this I hear about, some Weird Stuff on sale?
No. 817235 ID: 72ed6b

These. Play it by ear, and I wasn't necessarily suggesting that she'd be the subject of such demonstrations. Of course, if she is, all the better...
No. 817284 ID: f0e552

by the way, if we know Daatra had magic because she went to the same magic school that we did, then how did Skif go to the magic school when he has no magic! Really makes you think.
No. 817382 ID: 395c02
File 150069025102.png - (147.34KB , 800x600 , 842.png )

>Ceri. Sweetie. Your mom's a former hooker.
Your mom was a dock worker. Difficult terrain means your town has no land access to the rest of the world. The river dock is the life-blood of this area, and this town lives or dies by how well that dock functions. Your mom provided an essential service by keeping the cargo flowing and ensuring the ships always left on time.

It's hard, backbreaking work and the main reason she's so strong even years later. She could probably have bench-pressed your DRAGON FORM back in her day.

She was on track to becoming head Dockmaster. She was making really good money. She gave all that up to raise you.

You will not entertain thoughts that disrespect her or the sacrifices she made.


You are going to move on now.

>Oh no! This was a bad idea! Your ~ is going to rise too fast and then your inner dragon will use that to break the seal and then take over and make you go crazy and then Skif will have to use the Enslavment Ritual on you and ahhhhhhhh!
You can activate a barrier to keep your Tilde in check. It will only overwhelm you if you let it.

>Seriously? Ceri you don't just go into an adult store and then leave without looking at everything.
You can't just spend all day in here. The longer you stay, the higher the chance of running into someone you know. You would very much prefer that not happen, since it has the double-whammy of them seeing you in a porn shop and you seeing them in a porn shop.

It'd be fine if it was Skif, but what if it was Skif's dad? What if it was your da--

...Oh. Thanks, protective neurons.

>by the way, if we know Daatra had magic because she went to the same magic school that we did, then how did Skif go to the magic school when he has no magic!
That's... a good question. Maybe Euia had a hand in it?

...Whew. You take a moment to cool off. Can't let things get to you; You're here for happy fun (lewd) times, damn it!
No. 817383 ID: 395c02
File 150069026545.png - (148.58KB , 800x600 , 843.png )

You sense something. Is she using psychic magic...?

She gives you a wide smile. "Ah! I sense from your feelings that you're curious about me! But, you would much prefer to discuss your kinks and also try on some of the naughty outfits that rest inside my lovely store!"


"I am Kilra! I left my hive to bring joy to the other places that might need it! Specifically, this town!"


"You can ask me anything. Don't feel like you have to be shy, because I can sense the emotions of others. Sensing their feelings means I've seen it all, so none of your kinks will surprise me very much! And besides, you might find that one of my goods scratches an itch you didn't even know you had!"


"Huh? You wonder how I can sense your feelings even though you're not Neumono? That doesn't make sense! Surely you know how PSYCHIC MAGIC works! Why would you think that it was limited when clearly, it's not limited at all! In this world there is magic, and in this world we have magic. That's why we can sense your emotions despite you not being one of us."


"Oh, you weren't questioning that at all? Then I exposited for no reason!"

You hear Daatra whisper, "Is this bitch for real?"

"I am the realest of bitches! Snake-lady, I can sense you have some very interesting kinks indeed. Don't be shy and share everything so I can properly serve you!"
No. 817384 ID: 395c02
File 150069027535.png - (94.06KB , 800x600 , 844.png )

You find yourselves struggling to comprehend this situation.

"Oh, forgive me. I sense that you are uncomfortable, Snake-lady. Go, Snake-lady and Boobie-lizard! Go and try on outfits while discussing your kinks! I will be here when you need me!"


Are you even in charge of this update?
No. 817385 ID: 395c02
File 150069028685.png - (125.48KB , 800x600 , 845.png )

"This was the worst idea," Daatra says.

"She's a little eccentric and talks kind of weird, but she's cute."

"Are... are you thinking of hitting on her?"

"I think of hitting on everyone."

"...Yep. That sounds about right."

She wasn't supposed to agree!! "Hmph! Okay, missy, what are your kinks, anyway!?"

"I don't have kinks! You're the one with all the kinks and fetishes!"

"Eheheh~ Is the mighty Alpha afraid to share her deepest desires~?"

"Okay we need to stop this recent trend of you turning things back on me."

No. 817386 ID: 395c02
File 150069030874.png - (126.45KB , 800x600 , 846.png )

"HSSSSS FINE. I like. Um. Well..."


"I like feeling my scales brush up against... fluff."

"...That's it? I already knew that!"

"Of course you do! I'm dating a mammal!"

"Come on! Tell me the good stuff!"

"Geez I dunno. What would some kinks be?"

"Are you serious right now. Okay, how about... butt stuff?"

"I have a cloaca."


"So... technically? I also like being... forceful."

"We have this in common!"

"Hsss. But also... denying them. Making them want it, seeing that desperate look in their eye... having them pleasure me while they are denied their own..."

She's blushing quite a bit right now.

"Have you tried that with Zesmirl?"

"Of course not! We haven't-- shit"

"Wait! You haven't had sex!?"

"shit shit no shut up forget i said anything"

"Oh my god! And after you teased me about Skif!"

"shut up shut up shut up"

"This is so adorable!"


"Oh, um... I need a moment to figure that out."

"Too many to list off-hand, eh?"

"No comment. Actually, I kind of want to try some stuff on, first. Might help me figure out what I like."

"You're so weird."

"Hehe. Maybe you should try on some stuff too!"

"No thanks. The rest of my money's going to taking Dad to his favorite restaurant. I'm just here for the ride at this point."
No. 817387 ID: 395c02
File 150069031922.png - (71.28KB , 800x600 , 847.png )

You think about what you're into. This might be the time to finish the KINK SCREEN for real.

You are into Femdom, Gym equipment (or at least, having sex while working out on gym equipment...~), egg-laying, and people who are buff and tough. Really, the rest of your CRUDE MOCKUP earlier was placeholder stuff, though maybe you could be convinced to make them real...

What else? Maybe you should just list off some kinks/fetishes and see what you're into. But you may need to justify why you'd be into that.
No. 817388 ID: 395c02
File 150069033238.png - (169.14KB , 800x600 , 848.png )

While you think on it, you decide to try on some outfits. Many of them look like they won't fit you. Do you try them on anyway?

For no reason at all, you spend a moment standing in simple, easily-manipulated poses while naked in the changing room. You shrink your boobs a bit and morph away your bits, also for no reason. How utterly random!!!

What kind of outfits do you try on?

(You may either describe an outfit, or draw it on Ceri's conveniently naked body. You can use either pose, or both! You may also list up to two kinks, and why you think Ceri should be into them.)

(It's time to recap how DR voting works. Usually you may choose one option, unless the update says you can choose more. Choosing more than stated is a gamble and requires a justification. Depending on the justification, it'll get counted or it won't at my discretion. If there's no justification, the vote is ignored automatically. The further above the vote limit you go, the less likely it is your vote will count. "Do everything" votes are always ignored. You must also copy the text of the choice to make it obvious what you're voting for. Bold is preferred, but you can be lazy if C/Ping a choice. Either way, make your choices obvious. You may suggest an idea that isn't listed, and if it is really good and/or others like it, it can happen regardless of vote outcome. It's not a guarantee, however. In general, if two options are related/similar, their votes are combined as a feeling of "Do something along these lines". This occasionally comes up due to poor vote planning on my part. You can ask Ceri questions, give Ceri things to say/ask of others, request to see a STAT SCREEN, or initiate a D-BURST at any time regardless of vote options. There are also other ways suggestions can have subtle effects on the story, but it's purely at my discretion. Updates that are left open (Ie. "What do you say?") are freeform and you may suggest anything you wish.)
No. 817389 ID: 395c02
File 150069036550.png - (136.42KB , 800x600 , 848 steve.png )

No. 817390 ID: b27cac

OK, bring it in boys. We've got a winner.
No. 817391 ID: 7fad5d

No need for anyone else to suggest an outfit, we already have one here.
No. 817394 ID: ad0b7e

Now see here, miss. You did not go through all the trouble of getting really good at shapeshifting and even learning a rare spell to make yourself huge to not have sizeplay on your kink screen.
No. 817395 ID: 01764f
File 150069131399.png - (138.66KB , 800x600 , fashionable.png )

Fluff: It's SO SOFT. SERIOUSLY. You've always been a fan of soft things, and with your own lack of fluff, it's exotic and different enough that you find it enticing~

Fashionable Purple Scarf: A versatile object! Great for impromptu bondage, and you technically get to point out that you're not naked, due to wearing clothing!
No. 817397 ID: 56ffef

Macro/Micro. Being big is the best form of domination there is, which means we gotta be smol for the upcoming Skif domination of Ceri. Also Typo.
ribbons. You never really lost that first time seeing something perverted did you Ceri.
People Who Pay Money To Slinketza's Patreon. Wait what why is this here
No. 817398 ID: 7fad5d

Best fetishes.
No. 817402 ID: 143250

exhibitionism/Public nudity influenced by such events like when Ceri and Skiff caught prince Chei naked long ago, Ceri not having clothes in front of her teacher after gaining her aquatic form, skinny dipping with Skiff, exposing herself to Siphon and her friends when she barely knew them at them time, seeing Siphon herself having no objections wandering around topless and the fact that dragons don't typically wear clothes. Ceri is starting to enjoy the risk of getting caught, feeling the open outside wind against her body that is normally protected by fabric. She's not at the point where she would just proudly show off her body, flash random strangers, or just go streaking, but she is slowly considering doing smaller risks like wandering around at night in the nude when everyone is asleep, or practicing this kink in very low populated areas that she can hide in. (Plus, if she does get caught by sombody naked, her embarrassment will help keep her submissive and keep the seal from breaking)
No. 817403 ID: f0e552

yeah, to be fair, size difference, for Ceri probably works both ways, she's obviously enjoyed being a bit bigger than Skif on multiple occasions, while a reversal of a situation like that happened with Gulketi. So it seems plausible Ceri might be into it.

In other news, Ceri finds a maid costume
No. 817404 ID: 0373ab
File 150069215710.png - (145.84KB , 800x600 , Ceri virgin killer.png )

something so you don't have to worry about the frills on your back!

Also, you maybe want to wear something more than just the sweater, like leggings and panties x3
No. 817406 ID: 56ffef

also related to no.2 a Christmas present style ribbon see https://i.ytimg.com/vi/q3uiLc855Mw/hqdefault.jpg
No. 817407 ID: 8c3bc9


I agree with both of these kinks.
No. 817409 ID: 50b008

Tentacles - That encounter under the lake was a missed opportunity. Also, polymorph shenanigans.

Futa - What kind of depraved internet smut doesn't have girls with dicks?

Group Sex - You've already had an orgy, so you might as well add it to the list.

Hats! - There's nothing sexier than good taste in headwear.
No. 817410 ID: 3ce125

Dopplebanging. (shapeshifting into the twin of whoever you're having sex with)
No. 817412 ID: 094652

This with a green bow around the back of your neck, and a white belt just under the bustline so enhancing knockers will inflate nicely under the sweater.
No. 817421 ID: 143250

For the outfit, how about... body paint just paint some clothing on. no one will know the difference, right?
No. 817422 ID: 566eb8

Perhaps you've been growing an interest in teasing others into becoming visibly aroused. The other day you managed to get the otherwise stoic Eezee worked up until she was red in the face, and you've clearly been enjoying doing a number on Daatra there. In fact, you just unlocked a stat screen that lets you see other people's tilde levels. And now that you think about it, you did it to that Prince Chei of theirs too, all those years ago. Maybe you've felt this way longer than you thought.
No. 817428 ID: e121d3


Considering her first (and... subsequent) sexual experience(s), it seems to me that Ceri probably has a kink for sex outdoors. Which is commonly connected to a kind of mild exhibitionism, in the sense of a thrill from the risk of being seen. Given Ceri's issues with her body, a touch of exhibitionism might also stem from a sort of defiant "my body is awesome and I scorn the concept of shame in it! look at me! yeah!!" feeling. Or, perhaps, since dragons are so big and seemingly don't wear clothes anyway, and a lot of them can fly, she might just find some sense of comfort in being in a large, open but secluded area such as the ones she's had sex in. Perhaps it's a combination of these! In any case, her upbringing would still give her a sense of embarrassment at being nude (hence her blushes at her own nudity sometimes), but it might be a thrilled sort of embarrassment rather than an actual aversion, depending on the particulars of the situation.
No. 817449 ID: be0718

Ceri, you had eighteen years. EIGHTEEN YEARS to play dolls with REAL PEOPLE. And you never once explored your polymorphy size limits?? Either you have amnesia or Venji needs to work some serious retcon magic on you.
This is tgchan, so you also have a fetish for Enhanced knockers. It's an expression of your true self that's so innate, it even overrode your aquatic form.
No. 817458 ID: 91ee5f

>Ceri's super pissed off face.
Good going >>817007 , you asshole. You pissed Ceri off by talking shit about her mom! Shame on you! )-:<

>I left my hive to bring joy to the other places that might need it!
She's a rogue! That poor girl! )-':>

Slightly chubby/plump people. Why? Because the extra cushioning on their bodies makes them extra soft and they're pleasant to cuddle with! X3

>While you think on it, you decide to try on some outfits. Many of them look like they won't fit you. Do you try them on anyway?
Only if you want to hear a loud rip and test if Kilra enforces the "You break it, you buy it" rule!

>You shrink your boobs a bit
If you do that, then whatever outfit you get (if you actually buy one), make sure you get it a few sizes bigger, so that it'll still fit you when you put your boobs back to their normal size!
No. 817461 ID: 600f38

All these.
If somebody calls a trilby a fedora or a fedora a trilby flip out on them.
No. 817469 ID: 8cb228

*Group Sex
*Size Difference (not full on macro/micro where squishing is problematic, but lesser size differences)
*Roleplay/Costumed/Polymorphed sex (like with specific roles that require looking different)
*Different Body Types (Bipedal, Quadrupedal, various sorts of types that don't have normal feet, like people with snake body types. Really it's about the variety and changes and differences in anatomy, more than any one type)
No. 817470 ID: 56fca5


Outfit: Fashionable Purple Scarf! Light and versatile! A good traveler's choice!

Kinks: What? Ceri? Kinks? Never, why would you even think that.

No. 817474 ID: be0718

Exoskeletons. Do I have to point out your boyfriend has one? You also really like insectoid races, by extension.
No. 817490 ID: f45318

Size difference (both ways, why not have some fun with your magic~)
Exhibitionism (Face it, with the kind of people you hang with, you'll grow into it even if you don't think so now~)


It's not really an exoskeleton, just a bio-metalic mask!
No. 817491 ID: 45db1c
File 150070632724.png - (47.66KB , 900x500 , ceritricorn.png )

Did someone say "Hats"?
No. 817493 ID: 50b008

That looks a little flat, but it's nice.
No. 817499 ID: 094652

You have too many head frills to make this work.
No. 817506 ID: df00b4

Then maybe your dad was the prostitute? They had to have gotten those skills from somewhere! But I suppose it could just come from them both being sex fiends.

I'd also like to point out that though Skif has no active magical ability that doesn't mean he doesn't have passive magic or more magic connected abilities like his magic sensing.

>You can't just spend all day in here
That's why you multitask sweety. You can still talk to people while you do other things like browse or try on clothes, you just have to be near enough to them.

I'm also voting FLUFFY as well as maybe dudes in armor, like knights, like Skif. It would go well with the whole dragon thing.
You know, the mighty knight "defeating" the big bad dragon or the dragon "conquering" the foolish knight. Plus Skif looks stunning posing in his full gear.
We need to see if we can get him a dragon "rider" getup while we're here.
No. 817507 ID: 638191

>You can't just spend all day in here
is it too late to learn time magic?
No. 817508 ID: f076ad
File 150073285029.png - (190.03KB , 800x600 , 848c.png )

No. 817511 ID: f076ad
File 150073802086.png - (110.72KB , 407x600 , 848p.png )

I wanted to make the outfit a lot fancier but then I ragequit coz.. zero drawing skill = unlimited frustration. Remind me not to try ever again.

Anyway, kinks!
Purple color. You've always felt weird looking at this specific color. Now you know why.
No. 817519 ID: 8d4593

Mammals and Birbs

With such a flexible body thanks to polymorph, fantasies involving other Species biological classes of life have surely popped up.

The question is: Will you be the Concerned Dolphin, or the Giant Bird?
No. 817528 ID: 72ed6b

> *Group Sex
> *Exhibitionism
> *Size Difference (not full on macro/micro where squishing is problematic, but lesser size differences)
> *Roleplay/Costumed/Polymorphed sex (like with specific roles that require looking different)

These, exactly. (Though more polymorphed than costumed, I think.) Definitely size differences in both directions: getting smaller has fun applications too.

> *Different Body Types (Bipedal, Quadrupedal, various sorts of types that don't have normal feet, like people with snake body types. Really it's about the variety and changes and differences in anatomy, more than any one type)

Not so much "different body types" as "exotic forms" in general. Variety, definitely. But lower ranking than the previous four.
No. 817529 ID: 72ed6b

This looks gorgeous.
No. 817537 ID: bc6b4c


Toeless socks
No. 817543 ID: e97f18

I really like this. And you even added color.
No. 817557 ID: d0a30e

Group loving! Both sex and cuddles. C'mon, it's like the love hoard equivalent of rolling in a pile of gold coins.
No. 817561 ID: 50b008

Use all three of these and make the hat purple.
No. 817581 ID: 45db1c
File 150076006384.png - (40.66KB , 900x500 , ceritricorn2.png )

How's this?
No. 817585 ID: 6e59e3

Ceri: Try polymorphing into a kobold and trying on smaller clothes. Some times, you might want a smaller form for being sneakier.
No. 817590 ID: 05426c

Buttstuff, for obvious reasons
No. 817596 ID: c9f250
File 150076445933.png - (211.04KB , 800x650 , big_ceri.png )

Just get real big, that's a perfectly good outfit.
No. 817598 ID: 56fca5


Can I change my outfit vote?
No. 817605 ID: 395c02

...as long as it's obvious you're doing so...

...you can...


..................do that.....................
No. 817636 ID: c9f250
File 150077201607.png - (237.46KB , 800x600 , ceri_extra_nude.png )

But for real if you want to be naughty then get an outfit that accentuates your nakedness. With bonus submission!

Also don't try to deny liking the fluff~
No. 817642 ID: 56fca5



(These two were my suggestions and the change was to the first... outfit... suggested by Siphon. Posting this for clarity!)
No. 817648 ID: e420b6
File 150077389305.png - (66.99KB , 410x599 , Dragon Queen.png )

Definitely Size Difference
probably Roleplay too (dragon attack!)

Seeing as she has a knight now, she needs a queen outfit. (I can't colour theory so we get weird grey)
No. 817671 ID: 56ffef

adding another kink to the list
Trying New Things. It seems that you have a proclivity to always try something new whenever you have sex never doing the same thing twice always spicing up things in the middle of the field that you have chosen to have sex in at the time.
No. 817677 ID: 72ed6b


I like the purple outfit from >>817511 more, but I do like the premise of having not-clothes that leave Ceri only technically dressed.
No. 817693 ID: 6cd244
File 150078364574.png - (178.23KB , 518x800 , CeriSuit.png )

I'm sure you're old enough by now to know what people truly find attractive in this day and age, Ceri. Especially as a dragon, you should know that people are attracted to professional women with lots of wealth. Therefore, you should get the best results by wearing this Business Semi-Formal Attire. It's perfect for video conferences and sitting behind a large executive desk.

You should probably tell the employee in the front that someone left their jacket in the changing rooms.
No. 817708 ID: 9603f8

Orgasm Denial

After all, what's hotter than seeing a lover absolutely, breathlessly desperate and needy for your permission and your permission alone to cum, forced to control themselves and struggle against the cries of their own loins until you give the word? This could be a subsection of Female Domination or something, though. Do the kinks have subsections?
No. 817724 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, no kink stealing/copying! Just because Daatra is into that, that doest mean that Ceri has to be into that also!
No. 817747 ID: 05426c

Kinksaming between friends is perfectly fine
No. 817750 ID: 91ee5f

As long as it doesn't turn into kinkshaming!
No. 817768 ID: bc517d

I'd list being dominant but that's a Ceridwen default.

(in regards to sexy times not everyday use obv.)

Water Sexings
Big Balls


Yeah not vague at all I know but I don't know what to call the following kink other than "that thing the other navy blue shapeshifter does just not as malicious"

Ceri is very compassionate.
In fact she's so compassionate that her decisions from now on have a permanent comp bias .
So what would be more compassionate than changing ones own body to better suit her suitor's own kinks?
( think of giving her boobs a little boost for Skif as the example )
Besides I'm sure she's bound to pick up a submissive subkink before this seal comes to being repaired.

Water Sexings.

Shes a water dragon.
But not just that, Ceri herself loves the water. Swimming brought out so many soothing feelings, there's no going back.
Water is a part of her now.
And she has a labido to match the sea. So that's an easy one.
(Plus it's been proven that her bits are MADE for this, and she knows it~)

Big Balls

This has a couple of things going for it.

Default Ceridwen is dominant.
It's her thing.
She's also cheeky.
I don't think she would force Skif to try out male Ceri, but I wouldn't put it past her to put on a "Mines Bigger" show to be cute with him.

She's a water dragon.
Her bits leak so much they work underwater. If she ever try's out Male Ceri's water from, it'll prob be related.

Her inner dragon itself.
Her inner dragon loves to make Ceri unique among her peers, and she enjoys her D-Boobs when they're not in the way.
If she had been male, well, special order boxers aren't too different from special order bras.

I'm pretty sure if Skif ever found a way to achieve a scrotum, he would finally have something to make Ceri blush harder than him when teasing time comes. Aaaand then back to the top~.
No. 817819 ID: f240ed

Exhibitionism: You have invisibility, you could get away with anything! But if you ran out of MP before you made it back...

Getting other people aroused: It's exhibitionism for other people!

Also wear the Scarf, except strategically placed to cover yourself... from most angles...
No. 817860 ID: 094652

Aardvark autocunniligus because >>727013

Literal World Domination because >>728749
No. 817872 ID: f076ad

(fixed, this isn't a vote)
No. 817912 ID: 3abd97

Because despite your protective neurons' best efforts to protect you, it somehow keeps coming up.
No. 817923 ID: 7fad5d

Adoptive incest, even.
No. 817924 ID: 91ee5f

If this keeps up, Ceri is gonna need to go see a therapist or something!
No. 817934 ID: 7fad5d

Shitposting- All that exposure to /quest/ has permanently warped Ceri's fetishes.
No. 817935 ID: 638191

DUIBANS because you like them big fluffy and horny and mooing
No. 817939 ID: 638191

Diubans* as I cannot spell
No. 817945 ID: 3ce125

>water stuff
Oh, that's something she needs to talk to her mother about, isn't it? She noticed despite her mother being an aquatic species she doesn't visit water that much.
No. 817967 ID: 566eb8

Wait, can we do the world domination thing? It would certainly give us the chance to bond with our new friends over what I can only assume are shared interests.
No. 818056 ID: 486e87

Hmm, kinks. Going to agree with Size difference and maybe Micro/Macro to a lesser extent, you did learn a spell that allows you to become huge after all. Maybe also Exhibitionism and Group Sex, you did have a orgy out by the lake where there could've been people seeing.
No. 818176 ID: 395c02
File 150094825767.png - (135.32KB , 800x600 , 849.png )

Your back feels so cold and exposed! You hope there's no virgins around-- this thing might kill them. Wait... oh no! Daatra, look out!

Hehehe. If you were a little less COMP and a little more SELF, you'd totally tease her about that a little more. REVENGE... is for people not devoted to others as you.

You do look pretty good in this, you must admit. Maybe Skif would enjoy looking at your naked, frozen back. Or maybe it's the parts you don't see that make this outfit so enticing...?

Surprisingly, this outfit fits rather well! It must be designed for for people with your bodytype.

The pricetag says this costs ᵯ12.

Hmm, you do also like the feeling of soft fur against your scales. You can't fault Daatra for being into it.

You did like towering over the others, but you're not sure how much fun you can have if they're that small compared to you. Still, you could always get some enjoyment from bringing their tiny, tiny bodies to orgasm...~

>Size Difference
A less extreme version? Enticing! But you'd be wasting 2 'slots' on what's essentially the same thing taken to different extremes. Maybe you'll add something a bit more catch-all.

M-maybe, a little. Dragons are meant to be nude, and there's nothing more freeing! Only the taboos of the misguided mortals hold you back!
No. 818179 ID: 395c02
File 150094827133.png - (149.25KB , 800x600 , 850.png )

What a massively long scarf! You don't really feel sexy in this, though. Rather, you feel kind of badass. Does this scarf really belong in this shop?

Maybe it's designed to wrap around your body, but posing dramatically is more fun!

>Purple Scarf
This scarf doesn't turn you on! Really you kind of want to wear it as part of a main outfit...

...But is this really the look you want to go for? You feel like this scarf works better on someone...darker.

Either way, it costs ᵯ6.

Isn't that a little on the nose?



>Teasing others into becoming visibly aroused
T-the level of power... control... oh... ~
No. 818181 ID: 395c02
File 150094828496.png - (155.67KB , 800x600 , 851.png )

Yes! Now you feel sexy and badass! This would make a fine adventuring outfit! It adds no armo(u)r, but your scales are really tough so eh.

...But again, why is such an outfit in a sex shop?

Cost: ᵯ9

>Purple color.
A color as a kink? That seems silly.

Still, did you ever think about what your favorite color is?

>Mammals and Birbs
They are soooo soooft.

>Will you be the Concerned Dolphin, or the Giant Bird?
You know better than to have self-inserts in your creative works! Having someone who is 'you' causes everything to fall apart! Suddenly none of the other characters matter as everything becomes laser-focused on the self-insert, even to the detriment of the overall plot!


For some reason you find yourself wondering how Prince Chei is doing.

"Geez, you having fun in there or something?" Daatra asks.

"What? Who are you again?"

"I'm-- you know who I am!"

Better move on.
No. 818182 ID: 395c02
File 150094829745.png - (199.16KB , 800x600 , 852.png )

Well. This outfit is a bit uncomfortable. You could use POLYMORPHISM to make it a better 'fit', or you could bear with it for the sake of teasing Skif~

This outfit is right at home in this store. A bit too uncomfortable to wear all day, but for sexytimes it'll drive your partner(s) crazy~

The crown is kind of nice. Yes... a queen in charge of her knight.

Cost: ᵯ20

>body paint
You saw some paint, but it'd be too much work and far too messy to try it out here. If you want some paint for later, it costs ᵯ3 for one color.

>sex outdoors
It's not so much a kink as it is that you don't really care where you do it. It's about the act, the passion... not so much the location.

>Slightly chubby/plump people
extremely soft~!

>Different Body Types
To save space, you'll put all the body-type/species stuff into a single entry. The more you think about it, the more you realize you kind of like people of all shapes, sizes, and species. It's the romance you desire, the shape it takes is less important.
No. 818183 ID: 395c02
File 150094830930.png - (195.99KB , 800x600 , 853.png )


You feel naked! Really naked! How does this feel more naked than running around in the nude!?

Once again it squeezes your D-boobs. Is nobody else in this town busty!? Skif would probably fall over dead seeing this, though. Maybe it's worth it.

Cost: ᵯ15

>Toeless socks
Hum... they're sold out. You could always come back later for some, you guess.

>Group sex
So many people touch so many things... Mmm~

>Orgasm Denial
You have too much COMPASSION to want to do this to someone! You want to be in charge, but you don't want to be in charge in such a way that they are uncomfortable.

...Unless it's their kink to be treated that way...
No. 818184 ID: 395c02
File 150094832424.png - (146.08KB , 800x600 , 854.png )

Yes, you've been working quite hard for Dragon Romance Incorporated, but if you want that promotion, you're going to have to earn it~

Hmm. There's no price-tag on this suit. Did someone leave an actual suit here? Why would they leave an actual suit here!?

S-surely the price tag just fell off.

Maybe you can offer ᵯ25 and she'll let you buy it.


>Water Sexings
You haven't gotten to try it yet, but it sounds really hot! Especially since it involves giving the other party much-needed oxygen, giving you complete and total control~

>Big Balls
>Literal World Domination
Your COMPASSION has become too high-- you no longer desire world domination in any form.

You wonder if they exist here.

...You're starting to become quite aroused from all this kink stuff. You may have to activate that barrier soon.
No. 818185 ID: 395c02
File 150094833521.png - (96.54KB , 800x600 , 855.png )

You update your new KINK SCREEN with what sounds delightful. Maybe you will discover more as you explore the world of sexual desire. Some of the stuff you've thought about just now has put your older kinks into perspective, causing them to shift around. Everything on here increases your TILDE to think about.

Your kinks and their TILDE POWER may further shift around as you try out new things, or learn new ways to try things out~

You like people of all shapes and sizes. Mammal, Reptile, Fluffy, Smooth. They all turn you on at least a little bit. It can get kind of distracting when your TILDE is high like this!

For now, though, you must decide two things: if you want to buy any outfits, and if you want to look at a few more things for Skif to wear. You really should focus on getting things done this week, but is it really such a bad idea to spend just a little longer in this store...?

Your COMP is too high for you to consider pressuring Daatra into trying any outfits out herself.

Do you look for outfits for Skif?
(VOTE 1)
-Seek outfits for Skif! What's one more paperdoll update!? Unfortunately, Skif isn't here to try anything on. You'll have to see him in them later~
-Don't waste any more time. You've got stuff to do, and staying here might make your mall trip run long.

Do you buy any clothes, or save your money?
(VOTE 1)
-Stay conservative, buy one outfit.
-Go nuts! Buy three outfits!
-Don't buy anything for now.

Finally: If you're buying one or three outfits, which ones?
(VOTE 3. You may apply more than one vote to a single outfit, up to 3 total. Don't vote 4+ the vote will be ignored because there's literally a choice right above here to buy all the outfits oh my god. Even if you chose NONE or ALL before, you may still vote up to 3 for what you'd want if NONE or ALL don't win.)
-PURPLE OUTFIT OF POWER. Scarf sold separately. ᵯ9
-BODY PAINT. ᵯ3 (What color?)
No. 818186 ID: 638191

-Seek outfits for Skif!
-Go nuts! Buy three outfits!
No. 818187 ID: 3abd97

>Your COMPASSION has become too high-- you no longer desire world domination in any form.
But what if in dominating the world you could make it better? Can you really trust less compassionate minds to do the right thing when the entire world is at stake?

>outfit try ons
Wait, where's Daatra, why isn't she having to try on any of these embarrassing things.
No. 818188 ID: 4cf648


Everything else is too expensive.
No. 818190 ID: 7d19d3


Buy 3 outfits

No. 818192 ID: 3ce125

>outfits for skif
Don't waste any more time.
Kindof difficult to find something when he's got those wing things to worry about. Beisdes, that gives you an excuse to bring him in here.

>buying clothes
Stay conservative, buy one outfit.
No. 818193 ID: 01764f

Don't waste any more time.
Go nuts! Buy three outfits!

I'd rather go conservative, but since we have to do three in order to get that purple outfit+scarf, I'm going for three
No. 818194 ID: 143250

-Don't waste any more time I want to see the user section of the store
-Go nuts! Buy three outfits!
They look good together
-BODY PAINT to feed into that exhibitionist desire. Nobody will even know you're actually naked.
No. 818198 ID: 143250

Oh yeah,
favorite color the same color that Skiff is.
For the body paint, buy probably a few cans of paints that match the same color as your swim suit, or one of your regular clothes.
No. 818210 ID: 90f3c0

Don't waste any more time.
Go nuts! Buy three outfits!

No. 818214 ID: be0718

Don't waste any more time for now, stay conservative and buy one can of body paint (purple). It's not the clothes that make the dragon!
Nothing of particular interest there except the body paint, out of sheer curiosity of what would happen if you were to size-shift with it on. Would the paint grow with you?
No. 818215 ID: 91ee5f

>Favorite color?
Look at your scales. The color of your scales is your favorite color.

Woah, look at that! Your reflection somehow has a bigger back fin and it isn't being held down by the clothing you're wearing!

And mirror is somehow not reflecting the things on your feet while you're wearing the LEATHER WIRES outfit!

>Well. This outfit is a bit uncomfortable. You could use POLYMORPHISM to make it a better 'fit', or you could bear with it for the sake of teasing Skif~
Bear with it, it'll be worth it!

>extremely soft~!
Damn straight!

>Do you look for outfits for Skif?
Don't waste any more time. You've got stuff to do, and staying here might make your mall trip run long.

>Do you buy any clothes, or save your money?
Go nuts! Buy three outfits!

>If you're buying one or three outfits, which ones?

Also, you've been so busy trying on outfits, you better make sure you don't lose your normal clothes and/or forget to wear your normal clothes!

Also also, wear the scarf when you leave the store!

Also also also, since you're a responsible dragon, take the business suit up to the cashier and let her know you found it back there and it doesn't have a price on it and could belong to someone that accidentally left it here!
No. 818216 ID: c6df38

Talk about Zesmirl! We need to know about our best friend's romance!!
No. 818221 ID: 8c3bc9

Noticed body paint was an outfit also, oops

Check on Daatra and see if she's trying on some outfits there, and probably wait for Skif another day; the tease potential~

Go nuts and buy three!

The DRACONIC VIRGIN SACRIFICE SWEATER is too good on you to pass up. Add in the OUTA-TIS WORLD SCARF, and a can of body paint.
No. 818229 ID: 669039

-Seek outfits for Skif!
-Go nuts! Buy three outfits!
-BODY PAINT (gold)

Can the purple outfit with scarf count as one outfit? If so, add QUEEN'S DESIRE

Your favorite color should be Yellow. You look great in purple, but your favorite really suits your character. You could even make tattoos out of the paint.

High compassion wins out over being slightly dominant. Being that compassionate means being able to trust those others to do the right thing, even those who are arguably less compassionate in authority. Or at least being more interested in sharing her authority than ruling by herself.
No. 818230 ID: e121d3

Don't waste any more time, shopping for Skif should be done with Skif!

Buy three outfits, and make them the sweater, the scarf (purple suit + scarf if you can buy them as a package with bonus) and the leather wires, for surprising Skif with.

I wanted to suggest buying some sort of snug spandex gym/yoga sort of thing, and/or other "sporty" options, buuuuuuut I suspect you already own a bunch of those... I also wondered about suggesting that the idea of slavery might hold some thrill of the forbidden for you, given the dragon slavery thing, but I figured it was tangled up in too many serious feelings. Someone suggested incest, though, so maybe I should have inquired.
No. 818239 ID: 45db1c

-Don't waste any more time.
-Stay conservative, buy one outfit.

>ignoring hat fetish and submission
Slinko is filty hat hater confirmed.

No. 818244 ID: 143250

I... noticed the seal that is sealing the crack isn't in your kink menu though. How mysterious.
No. 818247 ID: c88e6d

Don't Waste Any More Time.

No. 818261 ID: 8d4593


We need to shift over like.. at least 2 levels of self guys.
No. 818279 ID: 566eb8

So we were originally going shopping for adventuring supplies, right? Let's get the
because that is an absolutely rad adventuring outfit.
Also get some, like, phosphorescent body paint that you can paint on while you're invisible so you can look like you're a swarm of fireflies or something.

Don't look for other outfits, but go see the other parts of the store! Also be so excited to show Daatra the crazy scarf you found that you forget to change out of the business suit when you step out.
No. 818280 ID: df00b4

This is designed for bending over.


This only if Skif wears his Dragon Knight armor.
He's going to get so much use out of that armor~

Nice see if you can get a male version for Skif and maybe ever some leaWAIT A MINUTE! Somethings not right with that mirror, where are the ankle cuffs?


Also it doubles as a suit, we just need to get matching pants.

-Seek outfits for Skif!


Fuck you I do what I want.
Not for sexy but for awesome posses and adventuring.
No. 818289 ID: b88e47

No. 818290 ID: 56ffef

Seek outfits for skif but this time get Daatra's remarks on how he will look in them~
obtain the :
Purple outfit of power
Queen's Desire
Business suit
ask if this is actually a product the store sells and if it isn't see how much she wants for it because your COMP compels you.

Also WHERE ARE THE SEX TOYS AT CERIDWEN! Just cause Daatra is here doesn't mean you can ignore all the main attractions of the store!
this is a valid point I mean who could rule lead the world better than one who has a hoard of romantic partners of all walks of life.
No. 818291 ID: c78274

Whoa! I'm not sure if it's the camera angle or what, but I'm really digging the bottomless look. I dunno if we should be spending that much money on business attire when we have a trip to be spending money on, but maybe try going bottom-naked with the clothes you do have in the future?
We prolly shouldn't waste any more time. If we really want some outfits for Skif, we could always come back here with him now that we know it's here.
As for outfits? I'm not really feeling any of them, but if we do get something I'd say go for the PURPLE OUTFIT OF POWER and the matching OUTA-TIS WORLD SCARF. If you feel like Skif would love it, grab the LEATHER WIRES as well.
If we only get one, my preference is the scarf, since I'm sure it'd pair well with some of the outfits we have at home.
No. 818294 ID: f076ad

>why is such an outfit in a sex shop?
You didn't read the fine print, did you? Perhaps it's not a totally normal outfit. Perhaps it has certain.. special properties~~

>favorite color
>Do you look for outfits for Skif?
Nope. Tho I'd like to have stayed in the shop a while longer.

Buy three outfits:
No. 818298 ID: 72ed6b


These, exactly.
No. 818310 ID: c21e29

>Your COMPASSION has become too high-- you no longer desire world domination in any form.

I mean... there's such a thing as a benevolent dictator? A COMPASSIONATE leader such as yourself, with the will and concerns of the little man in mind could do a many great things. Hell, you don't have to even hurt anyone. Just show you should be in charge not by force but by showing kind guidance and the extent of your arcane knowledge.

Besides, you don't have to gun for world domination immediately, or even at all. I'm sure becoming an authority figure on a relatively small scale at first (you are just a young woman... for now) to spread your power and wisdom to help people would be a very noble use of your abilities.

You are a dragon, someone who is/will be potentially immortal. Someone the very laws of physics bows to. Your power (and eventual large amounts of experience) would wasted for use simply on an individual scale. Think of all the lives you could improve, cities that could be built, leaps in technology and magic made due to everything you have at your disposal and under uour gentle tutelage and guidance.

Honestly... it's kinda short-sighted and SELFISH not to share your amazing gift with as many other individuals as possible.

You could change everything so much for the better, be the greatest thing this world has ever known, by being great to everyone in it.


Damnit, that went on a lot longer, and was a lot more verbose than intended. Well whatever, just keep it in mind.


Oh! Right, uh...

Business Suit
Virgin-Killer Sweater
No. 818321 ID: 8b2654

New kink: Fertilization.
Skif can't breed you, but that doesn't stop you from playing~
No. 818323 ID: 033396

Don't waste any more time. We can bring Skif with us for outfit shopping when we are finishing up travel preparations.

Go nuts! Buy three outfits! enough to include:
because it's a practical and sexy combination, and a nice long scarf can be wrapped around in some amazing ways.
and finally
BODY PAINT (gold) would compliment blue scales incredibly well, play to classical dragon urges in a very tame way, and lead to/spice up some exhibitionist experimentation with Skif.
No. 818339 ID: e420b6

>3 outfits:
No. 818563 ID: c9f250

No. 818568 ID: 66a42d

Business + Scarf + Scarf-colored body paint.
No. 818674 ID: 395c02
File 150111963839.png - (118.86KB , 800x600 , 856.png )

>I... noticed the seal that is sealing the crack isn't in your kink menu though. How mysterious.
You got really tired of that eyesore always being in the way, so you very carefully painted over it in such a way that it appears completely invisible! You hope to do this to all the other screens so they can look nice and-- goddammit the paint's already coming off you were hoping it'd last longer than that.

Guess the only way to truly escape the tyranny of the seal is to repair the damage directly. Hurry up, Euia!
No. 818675 ID: 395c02
File 150111965227.png - (148.30KB , 800x600 , 857.png )

>But what if in dominating the world you could make it better? Can you really trust less compassionate minds to do the right thing when the entire world is at stake?
Even if you ultimately wanted the best for the world, the idea of being in charge of it requires a sense of self-importance that you just can't muster. There are mortals in far-away lands that you scarcely know exist. What right do you have to force your ideals on them, when their cultures may not match yours? To tell them that your morality is the only correct one?

No, people need to be able to lead themselves. To make their mistakes and learn from them. You can see yourself being a leader, but you do not have the self-importance required to focus on that as a goal. More than that, you want to build your HOARD OF DRAGON ROMANCE and make amends for the mistakes of your ancestors.

Now, if your HOARD becomes the size of a town, then you'll be happy to be its dragon mayor. And if people flock there to seek your love and guidance, and that town becomes a metropolis... well, that'd be fine too~

Your city could serve as the HQ for your efforts to help others, a shining example of the good in the world. The good a dragon can bring.

But you're not there yet. For now, you must control the dragon inside you. You must prove your leadership and strength by rescuing Prince Chei.

>Wait, where's Daatra, why isn't she having to try on any of these embarrassing things.
You're not going to make Daatra try on embarrassing outfits! If you wanted to do that kind of stuff you shouldn't have always chosen the most selfless option!

>Would the paint grow with you [if you size-shifted]?
It'd probably fall off. Your polymorph only affects your physical body!

>New kink: Fertilization.
Like, pretending? You could... get into it, even if it's ultimately fruitless.

Or would Skif prefer you to take on a more mammalian shape? To appear as if you had a baby inside you?

...No way. That'd be way too weird.

Speaking of Skif, maybe it's best you don't buy anything for him yet. Not until you bring him here yourself so he can directly model the outfits for his dragon queen~
No. 818676 ID: 395c02
File 150111966416.png - (156.83KB , 800x600 , 858.png )

You will buy the OUTA-TIS WORLD SCARF and the PURPLE OUTFIT OF POWER! The combination is too good to pass up!

And what would a dragon queen like you be without the QUEEN'S DESIRE?

...You know, teeechnically the scarf and purple outfit should count as a single choice, right~? Maybe you'll buy the LEATHER WIRES as well. While they may be less useful to a dominant girl such as yourself, they are perfect for your current attempts to be submissive.

You'll definitely want to do some ODD JOBS after this, but you were planning on doing that anyway, right? Some of those jobs are likely to train your stats, too! Win-win!

And if you're working anyway, maybe there's no harm in spending a little more time looking at the  'goods' offered by this fine store. Really, the odds of you running into anyone you know are so low as to be nearly nonexistent.

Man. You just can't get over how amazing this scarf is! So long and soft, perfect for DRAMATIC MOMENTS! Why, if you went to the CLICHE TREE it'd probably constantly flow even in the absence of wind! Daatra has to see this!
No. 818677 ID: 395c02
File 150111967561.png - (147.18KB , 800x600 , 859.png )



No. 818678 ID: 395c02
File 150111968328.png - (122.37KB , 800x600 , 860.png )


What do you do?
No. 818679 ID: 7fad5d

Portal him back to Siphon!
No. 818680 ID: 486e87

First, go back into the changing room and put your normal clothes back on. You're still wearing that suit outfit, which from the looks of the pose that you did with it, doesn't have anything below the waist.
No. 818681 ID: dcd644

Apply pets and/or hugs! Those solve everything!
No. 818682 ID: 56fca5

Introduce him to Daatra! I mean, where's the harm? Especially due to what happened a few.. days.. ago...

Stop thinking about that! Daatra likes fluff, right? Fluff him up! Show her his fluffiness!
No. 818683 ID: be0718

Preen him!
No. 818684 ID: 3abd97

He's shopping!

...I mean, that's obvious, right?

>What do you do?
Loudly pretend you don't know him and you just met.

No. 818686 ID: dd4df2


Say hi and ask him what he's doing in ye olde sex shoppe.

I mean, at least the inevitable embarrassing encounter ended up being an alien who isn't likely to judge you! Could've been worse! (Could've been way worse.)

And you can introduce him to Daatra as someone who's searching for that other speepsy that showed up at magic school some years ago. She doesn't have any recollection of what actually happened to that guy, does she?

(And mention that Gulketi's foreign and that maybe anything embarrassing he's liable to say or claim is due to that, language context confusion, different cultural norms and NOTHING ELSE.)
No. 818689 ID: 6cd244

Oh my god I regret not voting for suit+action scarf that's so so cool looking!!

Wait no panic you can't let Gulketi meet Daatra quick pick him up and carry him off to a different part of the store away from her wait no put him down that just makes it look worse um um...
No. 818697 ID: 143250

you forgot to put your pants back on. Oops~ Oh well, at least Gulketi is more naked than you, so it's not as embarrassing... Wait, why is Gulketi naked??? Quick, cover him with your business suit!
No. 818699 ID: 91ee5f

>Really, the odds of you running into anyone you know are so low as to be nearly nonexistent.
Ceri, you fool! Why did you say that?! Now someone you know is definitely going to show up here! DX

Ceri, control your exhibitionism! Put yo dang pants on, girl! And take that suit off and put on your normal shirt!

Also, as a responsible dragon, turn in the suit to the cashier and tell her someone left it here by accident!

See?! What'd I tell you?! Because you said, "Really, the odds of you running into anyone you know are so low as to be nearly nonexistent." someone you know has suddenly appeared! You caused this to happen! DX

>What do you do?
Blame Siphon, it's obviously her fault that Gulketi is here!

Why? Because you know Gulketi would never come in here on his own and Siphon definitely would've made him come in here!

>What do you actually do?
Internally panic!

Also, look at how fluffy he is! Daatra just said she had a thing for that! What if she likes Gulketi's fluff more than Zesmirl's fluff?! She might fall in love with Gulketi and want to ditch Zesmirl! You can't let that happen! DX

Aaaaaaaahhhh!!!!! At this rate, your Stress Meter is going to empty out really fast! You're going to need lots of ice cream to calm you down! DX

.....wait, that's the answer! Quickly, put your clothes back on, buy the things you wanted, grab Daatra, and then make an emergency stop at Eye Cream! for some emergency ice cream!
No. 818700 ID: 8c3bc9

Ceri, your paaaants
No. 818715 ID: 3ce125

D-Burst and get him as far away as possible via a long-distance portal.
No. 818731 ID: 143250

Situation more dire than expected. Portal him somewhere out of the mall so that he doesn't destroy the mall by accident.
No. 818738 ID: 8cb228

ACK! He's about to become honking huge! Portal him someplace safe!
No. 818761 ID: c78274

Ask him directly why he's here, I guess? Hiding our connection to him from Daatra will just get very awkward, very fast.
Also, uh, did you remember to equip underwear before stepping out of the stall? pleasesayno
No. 818769 ID: 8d4593

Ooh, well he was prolly gonna. A see you in that anyway eventually. Chill, let the surprise pass.
Show off.
Tease The Boy
No. 818774 ID: 33d48b

See if the scarf comes in pink. Now that I think about it, pink is a much better color for you. It might pair great with the rest of the outfit.
Maybe Daatra has a second opinio...

OK, the panic you are feeling right now, you know that his is about ten times worse.
Just introduce him, relax him a bit, and get him whatever he came in for.
And whatever happens, stay calm.
No. 818778 ID: ed67d9

I second this. Preen him.
No. 818794 ID: f076ad

Seduce him!
No. 818824 ID: 56ffef

PANIC! Preen him to completion.
No. 818825 ID: 7dbffe

There's no point hiding that you know each other, not with that double panic going on, do your best to calm down and calm him down, and introduce him. Also ask where Siphon is because you can't believe he came here on his own accord.
No. 818873 ID: df00b4

We've done that!

Seriously Ceri you have quit fucking literally been covered in his semen! You had an orgy with him that ended with Skif covered too, you have no right to be embarrassed around him.
Awkward however is completely acceptable. After all you had sex with him and yet barely know anything about him.
No. 818875 ID: f076ad

Last time there was sex but she failed to initially seduce him, where Siphon had to get him in the mood. Such a failure that she couldn't even seduce one male! It needs another attempt.
No. 819057 ID: 56ffef

Suddenly, Remember that you have dolls that look exactly like a ketza and the bug people.
No. 819060 ID: 8d4593

No. 819161 ID: 395c02
File 150129345837.png - (35.69KB , 800x600 , 861.png )

>Ceri, your paaaants

No. 819162 ID: 395c02
File 150129348120.png - (126.80KB , 800x600 , 862.png )



You leave the other outfits behind as well. You'll grab them and pay for them once this is dealt with.
>See?! What'd I tell you?! Because you said, "Really, the odds of you running into anyone you know are so low as to be nearly nonexistent." someone you know has suddenly appeared! You caused this to happen! DX

>Blame Siphon, it's obviously her fault that Gulketi is here!

C-calm down. Siphon is just a quirky maybe-alien. There's no way she knows you're here. Even if she was somehow reading your mind, she would have had to send Gulketi out before you had decided to go to the mall for him to have gotten here at the same time you did. Even with PSYCHIC MAGIC, people can't predict the future with that much accuracy.

This... this must all be one horrible, horrible coincidence.

>Seriously Ceri you have quit fucking literally been covered in his semen! You had an orgy with him that ended with Skif covered too, you have no right to be embarrassed around him.
T-that was just sex! This is him seeing you in a porn shop! This is you seeing him in a porn shop! ALSO DAATRA IS HERE!

There are so many reasons to panic!!!

>Last time there was sex but she failed to initially seduce him, where Siphon had to get him in the mood. Such a failure that she couldn't even seduce one male!
You won't fail next time. Wait no-- focus!

>Suddenly, Remember that you have dolls that look exactly like a ketza and the bug people.
A doll from your childhood? You still have those in storage! Fond memories...

But that was a fluffsa. Totally different race. You think it was supposed to have horns, but a tiny baby you made short work of them.

Turns out baby dragon lizards are very vicious gnaw-ers.

...Okay no this isn't focusing.
No. 819163 ID: 395c02
File 150129350155.png - (132.00KB , 800x600 , 863.png )

>Wait, why is Gulketi naked??? Quick, cover him with your business suit!


H...hehe. Okay, that's kind of cute. You calm down a little.

"W-why are you here?" you ask.

"Wait, you know this thing?" Daatra asks.

"Er-- um..."

"SPEEP!!!!" Gulketi says. He looks quite fluffy flustered!

You-- you sense so much energy! Is he losing control of his polymorph!?

He fidgets and puffs out even more! "Oh no oh speep speep speep SPEEP SPEEP"
No. 819165 ID: 395c02
File 150129351766.png - (126.91KB , 800x600 , 864.png )

>ACK! He's about to become honking huge! Portal him someplace safe!
>D-Burst and get him as far away as possible via a long-distance portal.
You activate a D-BURST and get everyone as far away from the mall as you can!

Somehow Gulketi lands in Daatra's arms. Oh no! You can't let her get crushed!
No. 819166 ID: 395c02
File 150129353541.png - (109.60KB , 800x600 , 865.png )

"Aww, aren't you a cute one?" Daatra says as she begins scritching Gulketi's belly.

The energy begins to fade. Maybe it's... fine?


So... so fluffy. You can't help it-- you start petting him too. Hmm, some of these feathers are a little messed up. Maybe you'll take care of them for him.

"So um... Daatra, this is Gulketi."

"He's adorable."

"Gulketi... Daatra."


Well, this isn't... too much of a disaster. "But why are you here?" You ask.

"Siphon sent me to buy something, but being a ketza is so distracting I forgot what it was and then I had ice cream and then I went to the Not 4 Kids store because it's probably why Siphon sent me here. I mean, let's be real."


T-there's no way Siphon knew. But just in case, if you're reading this Siphon I admire your bravery in never wearing a shirt please don't hurt me.

Wait no this is silly. It's one big coincidence.

"So he's your friend?" Daatra asks. "How'd you two meet?"


-Tell the truth. This is the day where everyone learns everything. (COMP+, SELF-)
-Tell a half-truth. She doesn't need the details. She doesn't even know who Prince Chei is!
-Make something up! Gulketi will probably run with it!? (SELF+, COMP-)
-Distract her by turning into a female ketza! Why does this feel so... familiar?
No. 819167 ID: 6cd244

Well she probably literally won't believe you if you tell the truth. That said you should probably tell a half-truth that generally gets the idea across. He's part of a group of people you met who were looking for a missing friend and because your COMP was too high you couldn't help but assist them! And since they suspect they know where he is you're going to go along with them on a trip coming up. Probably leave out the bit about them being from space or all the weird sex. And the part about dragons might just worry her.
No. 819168 ID: 225ec4

Tell the Truth.

COMPASSION singularity ho!


This won't affect your ability to defend yourself, will it?
No. 819169 ID: 143250

Uh, throw the business suit back through the portal. You are not thief, even though the business suit might not even be owned by the shop.

Tell the half-truth she doesn't need to know about the orgy of course.
Hope Gulketi doesn't mention it
No. 819171 ID: 173b46

Tell her the whole truth. If she doesn't believe that you're a dragon, then she probably wouldn't believe they're aliens. You shouldn't lie to her regardless.
Be sure to spill all of your spaghetti.
No. 819174 ID: ed67d9

-Distract her by turning into a female ketza!


ALL THE STUFF WAS LEFT BACK THERE oh my speep I swear if we went through all of those updates for nothing
No. 819176 ID: 91ee5f

Tell a half-truth!

Seriously, Daatra is your only normal friend! Let's not ruin it by dragging her into any of your dragon stuff or letting her know about your alien friends! Protect her from the dangers of knowing too much for as long as possible!
No. 819178 ID: be0718

Distract her by turning into a female ketza! You broke Gulketi's fluff meter! Fix it! Fix it quickly!
No. 819180 ID: 8c3bc9

Turn into a female SPEEP
No. 819186 ID: 8d4593

Make something up!
We should really learn how to lie better. It's an essential skill for Would be dictators life in general that is largely overlooked, and it's not like Daatra wouldn't understand why if she found out.
No. 819205 ID: 3ce125

Look you really cannot afford to raise your COMP any further. It will interfere with the requirements of being a goddamn dragon.
Tell a half-truth.

Also don't forget to go back to the store to pay for your stuff and also get your stuff.
No. 819214 ID: 56fca5

Tell the Whole Truth.

Also, make sure you pay for those clothes.

... Maybe also Turn into a female Ketza.
No. 819226 ID: 3abd97

>You activate a D-BURST and get everyone as far away from the mall as you can!
Ceri you just left the mall without paying for anything, you're a terrible thief giving dragons a bad name using big bad magic powers to steal!
No. 819234 ID: 638191

lie because slinko is dropping heavy hints that we should be a bit more selfish
No. 819237 ID: 4854ef

Tell a half truth!
No. 819248 ID: f076ad

Daatra you should realize that Ceri's been holding stuff from you. And here you thought the two of you were friends! She's always been stealing the looks of all the fluffy guys, and now this!

Daatra kiss Gulketi!

Let the Battle For Gulketi begin!

Did Kilra predict this would happen?
No. 819249 ID: cacbd1

Half-truth it up.
No. 819250 ID: 51aede

Tell a half-truth
No. 819252 ID: 12b6bf

Half-truth, I say.
No. 819255 ID: 72ed6b

Tell the truth, it's easy to prove, and you could use allies.
No. 819259 ID: 8cb228

Tell a half truth
No. 819262 ID: c88e6d

Make something up.
No. 819289 ID: 44548e

"Oh he helps me practice hugging Skif!"

There's a kinda good lie.
No. 819292 ID: 44548e


cuddling Skif
Make something up with this
No. 819293 ID: 3fb646

Tell her that he's part of a group of travelers that you met and befriended in the last few weeks. You and Skif were considering going camping with them! Leave the orgy stuff out.
No. 819303 ID: 53322f

Half truth, she already thinks you're a sexual deviant so no reason to give her proof!
No. 819321 ID: 9c2d0c

Not the whole truth, for the same reasons >>819303 said. I am inclined to say Make Something Up, but I don't have any brilliant ideas for what to make up.
No. 819327 ID: 3740b1

Truth. All the truthiest truths.
No. 819332 ID: bef60d

Make something up, for sure.
No. 819354 ID: 56ffef

Distract her by telling her your a real live life magicked dragon!
No. 819357 ID: 179856

You saw what the full details did to your dad, do you want a repeat of that?
No. 819444 ID: 465b81

Half Truth it up.

Although, I do wonder what a maxed compassion stat would bring about.
No. 819453 ID: 6e59e3

Ketza it up. Be the most adorable not!Ketza in the room, then cuddle and preen Gulketi to show him who's boss!
No. 819465 ID: 2b9c39

Also, please remember Ceri that the store clerk is a mind reader.
Even if keeping unintended spoils would be sweet, she knows.
No. 819485 ID: 68550e

Ceri,are you able to cover your half truth with half of a lie?
No. 819849 ID: 395c02
File 150157737664.png - (109.58KB , 800x600 , 866.png )

Maybe you should just tell a half-truth. Yes, better stick to what is safe for her to know. She doesn't need to get caught up in your mess.


Is that acceptable, COMP/SELF bar?


>Uh, throw the business suit back through the portal. You are not thief, even though the business suit might not even be owned by the shop.






That makes sense.

You speak to Daatra as she continues petting Gulketi's tummy. "Um, Gulketi is part of a group of... travelers I ran into not long ago. We kind of hit it off​? But they mostly hang out outside of town because they're worried about not um... fitting in. One of them is pointy and the other hates shirts and they're all kind of weird but totally from this planet that makes sense right?"

Daatra looks a bit confused. "...Yes?"


"Okay... So have you fucked them too?"


Gulketi squirms and says something, but you don't understand his squeaks. Is... is his TILDE rising?
No. 819850 ID: 395c02
File 150157738923.png - (103.93KB , 800x600 , 867.png )

"You can't keep everyone to yourself, you know!" Daatra says. "You should leave this one for me!"

"What? But... Zesmirl!"


"...Your boyfriend?"

"Oh. Yes. Right."

She's ah, really mesmerized by how fluffy Gulketi is. Maybe this gives you a chance to finish what you were doing. "Okay, just... keep holding onto Gulketi for a bit."


You move the portal lower so you all can hop back through it, then cancel your D-BURST.
No. 819851 ID: 395c02
File 150157740202.png - (130.98KB , 800x600 , 868.png )

You re-enter the store with your companions. Kilra either didn't notice you were gone, or knew you were way too honest and compassionate to actually steal anything. She seems her usual joyful self.
You put your SPORTS BRA back on, securing your girls and allowing you to engage in physical activities without worry!

Speaking of which, this undergarment is an advanced model that can be loosened for general comfort, or tightened for increased support. It's made from the same material that's used in special shape-shifter clothing! Such material is very expensive, but so worth it.

...Or it would be, if you weren't able to polymorph yourself completely flat. Still, Mom's heart was in the right place when she got it for you. She wants you to be proud of your natural body, not use your magic to escape it.

Oh yes. That's right. Even your bra has a backstory.

You purchase some of the outfits, and add them to your INVENTORY. You can't wait to try some of them out on Skif later~

Hmm. You're running low on inventory space. Should you toss some things at Daatra? If so, what?

Now, what's next?
-Check out the store's goods!! Let's see what 'toys' they have!
-Leave, head to Love Yourself. Just what does a store catering to POLYMORPH users contain...?

Your brief thoughts on turning into a female ketza have left you with a bit of a polymorphic itch.

-Transform! What do you change into? (Must be animal, or a race seen in this quest)
-Stay your lovely self. You will have plenty of time to try things out later, when you do some training/playing/tilde.
No. 819853 ID: be0718

Leave, head to Love Yourself. Polymorpher toys are expensive, leave while you still have a wallet to buy them with!

Also you realize you just put the walking time bomb back in the mall right? You don't have the D to make a portal every time something makes him speep.

Transform! Might as well exercise your favorite ability. How about a snake, like Mr. E?
No. 819854 ID: ed67d9

Love Yourself
No. 819856 ID: b88e47

-Check out the store's goods!!
-Stay your lovely self.
No. 819859 ID: 6cd244

Toss Daatra the Scarf. You wanted to show her how cool it was, remember! She deserves a chance to make a cool pose!

Check out the store's goods!! You've probably been curious about this kind of thing for a while but when will you ever work up the courage to go in here again without Daatra by your side? Also I just wanna see her face during the whole thing.

Also strongly consider Transform!-ing into a ketza as well, now that you know that Daatra likes them so much. She should pay attention to you too!
No. 819861 ID: 3fb646

Head out to Love Yourself That is of course, after you Turn into an Aardvark.

... Quickly realize that can't carry your inventory like that and change back to normal.
No. 819875 ID: 91ee5f

Leave, head to Love Yourself. Check out what's available for POLYMORPH users first, before you actually polymorph!

Stay your lovely self. Same as above, see what's available for POLYMORPH users before polymorphing!
No. 819878 ID: a363ac

Finish checking out the store Gulketi needs to purchase his items and I guess he is a party member for this trip. It wouldn't be very compassionate to leave before he finishes.
No. 819880 ID: 8b2654

Stay yourself.
Check out the rest of the store - you KNOW they're gonna have all kinds of awesome shapeshifter stuff here.

Also, invite the shopkeeper to your next orgy. Inform her that it will involve people who are definitely not from space, just as she is definitely not from space, and at least two shapeshifters who will likely be showing up as dragons and definitely not actual dragons.
No. 819881 ID: 143250

What if you... wear the leather wires under your sports bra and workout suit? uh, just to get more inventory space. Nothing more. not for arousing reasons of course.
-Ask Daatra to hold onto the 2 sleeping bags would be awkward for her to carry any of your sexual stuff
-Leave, head to Love Yourself. don't want to waste too much time.
No. 819882 ID: 8c3bc9

Should probably leave Gulketi to his shopping.


But yeah, Love Yourself sounds interesting.

Maybe you can toss the ropes at Daatra~ for a while.
No. 819891 ID: c9f250

Finish checking out the store as a ketza.
No. 819897 ID: 3cf91b

TRANSFORM into a KETZA and help Gulketi finish his SHOPPING in the TOYS department of the SEX SHOP!
No. 819898 ID: 5b4b1e

No. 819903 ID: 8d4593

Combine scarf and outfit into one inventory slot.

Have Daatra continue holding Gulketi.

Polymorph yourself some fluff.
And by some fluff I mean like five times Fulketi's fluff.
No. 819906 ID: f076ad

Love Yourself

Transform - Animal: Aardvark
No. 819917 ID: 91ee5f

Wait, I've got a better reason, then what I said here.

Stay your lovely self. Only people that don't love their natural forms walk into a polymorph specialty shop already polymorphed! And you don't want everyone to think you don't love your natural form, do you?

Also, it's way too early in the day to be using up all of your MP already!
No. 819931 ID: 3abd97

>"...Your boyfriend?"
Hey, sometimes boyfriends are fine with that. Yours was!

>or knew you were way too honest and compassionate to actually steal anything
Given mind-magic, I'd say "she knew".

>Should you toss some things at Daatra?

Try a neumono, just to see if Kirla reacts.
No. 819958 ID: 72ed6b

> Oh yes. That's right. Even your bra has a backstory.

Wouldn't it be more of a frontstory?
No. 819959 ID: 91ee5f

*ba dum tss*
No. 819960 ID: 72ed6b

Check out the store. Look for a brush for Gulketi's fluff, and offer it to Daatra.

Don't try to hand anything to Daatra yet; she has her hands full with Gulketi.

Turn into a fluffy ketza, because you're used to scales and you need to learn what it's like to have your fluff fluffed.

Also tease Daatra about being a fluffer.
No. 819961 ID: 91ee5f

Now with sound: https://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=6zXDo4dL7SU !
No. 820054 ID: f37295

The store's got toys in the name! You gotta look at the toys! Check out the store's goods!!
No. 820061 ID: df00b4

Where is bizznizz suit?
No. 820064 ID: 3eaece

Stay yourself, but with a twist.

Have you tried transforming into a male version of yourself? If you're planning to experiment with it at all, some practice could be in order.
No. 820102 ID: a363ac

Become Ketza demand Preens/Pets from Daatra
No. 820111 ID: 3ce125

Don't turn into a Ketza just because Gulteki is getting attention from Daatra. That is, unless you *want* to fall prey to the green-eyed monster.
No. 820137 ID: 638191

No. 820152 ID: 877b2e

I say go to Love Yourself, make a note to come back here with Skif some time.

I support polymorphing into whatever Siphon is just to try it out.
No. 820231 ID: 6e59e3

Go as whatever siphon is, and topless. Bring Gulketti to complete the look. What could go wrong?

Alternatively, double the fluff. Ketzas gonna Ketz.
No. 820294 ID: 0d6340

I agree.

Stay your lovely self, but with a twist
A little experimentation is healthy.
Besides not many people get to enjoy this feat Ceri, why not enjoy it.
No. 820447 ID: 395c02
File 150187741330.png - (108.74KB , 800x600 , 869.png )

>Transform - form of... AN AARDVARK

>Quickly realize that can't carry your inventory like that...
No. 820448 ID: 395c02
File 150187743371.png - (141.51KB , 800x600 , 870.png )

>Wouldn't it be more of a frontstory?
No. 820449 ID: 395c02
File 150187745242.png - (122.74KB , 800x600 , 871.png )

>Where is bizznizz suit?
You're not sure the suit is supposed to be here, so you're not buying it for now. If it's still here in a day or two then the law of Finder's Keepers applies and you can buy it then.

>What if you... wear the leather wires under your sports bra and workout suit? uh, just to get more inventory space. Nothing more. not for arousing reasons of course.
It's way too uncomfortable for long-term use!

>Have you tried transforming into a male version of yourself?
A few times. It's fun to play around sometimes, but your mind is very clearly 'female'. Still, it's nice for when you just want to come without having to slowly build up to it. The orgasm itself isn't as good, though. Give and take??


It has been a while.

No. 820450 ID: 395c02
File 150187747093.png - (254.44KB , 800x600 , 872.png )

WHY NOT BOTH! You transform into a male ketza!

Oh... oh! Everything's so big now!

You feel so soft and small and fluffy. Your mind isn't affected-- Is Gulketi's ketza-based anxiety all in his head? Or is his magic doing something weird that yours doesn't?

Daatra's eyes light up.
No. 820451 ID: 395c02
File 150187748788.png - (164.14KB , 800x600 , 873.png )

"Ssss! This is the best thing you've ever turned into just be this forever from now on just fluffy dinobird Ceriberry."

"Heehee~ I can't do that! All my clothes wouldn't fit!"

"Not seein' the problem here."

"I'd run out of MP!"

"You probably forget to update that stat half the time anyway."

"N-no I don't! A-and I'd run out either way!"

"s-speep i'm free," Gulketi says.

"For now," Daatra says with a grin. "An alpha always toys with her prey for a while before going for the strike~"

"s-speep!? oh gosh are you um you're pretty"
No. 820452 ID: 395c02
File 150187750783.png - (102.19KB , 800x600 , 874.png )


"Didn't you have to shop for Siphon or something?" you ask.

"Maybe? I don't know?? Aaaa."


Oh gosh, did you really just make that noise.

You cough a bit and try again. "Just be calm. Go shopping. Check out all the, um, toys. We'll meet again later!"

Ceri you had sex with this guy don't be timid now. This is what happens when your dragon doesn't have an iron-grip on your Tilde bar you get much more shy!

Dragons aren't shy, damn it!



Time to cut your losses.

Gulketi speeps nervously, seeming intent on checking out the rest of the store. You'll come look at the toys later, maybe with Skif~

For now, you're going to let Daatra hold you and your stuff. TO THE NEXT STORE!
No. 820453 ID: 395c02
File 150187752372.png - (141.01KB , 800x600 , 875.png )

"Oh~! Hello~! Welcome to the one place where you can truly be yourself~!"

Her voice sounds so musical, as if language itself was her song. Is that what you sound like as a bird? It's kinda neat.

"Oh my god there's another one of you," Daatra says.

What is she talking abou--

No. 820455 ID: 395c02
File 150187756672.png - (207.73KB , 800x600 , 876.png )





It's polymorph. That was a dumb question.



You need to stop staring. Why did you pick now to be male!? Do ketzas even have breasts!? This is why you don't begrudge those who stare at yours-- they are only appreciating the most wonderful of all the gods' creations oh gosh you want to hop right in there and snuggle up to those big soft--
No. 820456 ID: 395c02
File 150187758020.png - (132.96KB , 800x600 , 877.png )



Your barrier activates just in time! Except it literally didn't because you have a tiny ketza boner now!!!!

-Stay like this, puff out to hide it. You just transformed. And situations like this help you appreciate the other sex! And you can be poofy!
-Make some kind of attempt to play it off with a cute and sexy one-liner. What would you say?
-Add yourself to Daatra's inventory! Hiding will give you a moment to collect yourself. Daatra can stall! (No, this isn't a euphemism)

Once that situation's ...handled...

-Have a friendly chat with Birb lady! This is your chance learn the lore of the store! And she knows what it's like to have boobs when your race isn't supposed to!
-Attempt to flirt with bird lady! You need to train your APPEAL! Maybe you can combo this with the aforementioned sexy one-liner.
-Get straight to browsing the store. You've lost some time to Gulketi, let's just get on with it! We can always chat her up with Skif later-- watch him squirm~ (...self+?)
No. 820460 ID: be0718

Add yourself to Daatra's inventory! If you get smaller, it'll be easier to hide!
Get straight to browsing the store.
No. 820461 ID: 8d4593

NOTE! Your clothes fell off when you aardvark'd!
If you return to normal form now you'll be naked in the middle of the mall!
No. 820462 ID: 566eb8

Oh no you forgot about the secret weakness of ketzas! Half of all ketzas, that is... QUICK TURN FEMALE! So, you haven't ever seen a female ketza, have you? They're fluffy, that means they probably have breasts, right? Yeah, that makes sense.
No. 820463 ID: 143250


how's that a problem?~

Get straight to browsing the store.
No. 820464 ID: c78274

Panic and revert to normal form, but accidentally activate your aquatic form as well!

After that, prolly chat up the bird lady.
No. 820466 ID: 8c3bc9

No. 820467 ID: a363ac

Let it all hang out do not attempt to hide your penis at all.
Attept to flirt with the British Tit, training appeal is something you need to try a bit on or Skif will forever outclass you!
No. 820470 ID: ed67d9

Attempt to flirt with bird lady!

Let that attractive avian understand that you, the sultry seductress Ceri, will rock her world with your ketza cuteness!
No. 820471 ID: dc1a61

Puff up to hide it.

Also, go shopping for ribbons to tie around it.
No. 820472 ID: 56fca5

More poof!

Friendly chat!
No. 820475 ID: f076ad

Daatra, quickly, grab the ketza cock before it disappears! This may be your only chance~~
No. 820476 ID: 0a2c58

FLUFF UP so much that your ketza boner is hidden!
No. 820477 ID: ba56e6

Just let it hang and go browse the store.
No. 820483 ID: 96361d

Panic and return to normal form! I'm sure you've figured out teleporting your clothes back on by now... right???

Then have friendly chat with the bird lady. Flirty chats you have after you establish friendship. Have flirts with lots of people but make them people you like! Gotta have some standards.

Unless it's like, a hateboner that you have for them? Metaphorically, if you're a girl at the time? Mutually consenting adult hatesex is fine.
No. 820494 ID: 4854ef

Poof up

Have a friendly chat
No. 820496 ID: 91ee5f

Ceri! Did you just leave all of your clothes and everything you just bought on the floor in the middle of the mall?!

Do you want someone to steal all of that?! You march your polymorphed fluffy butt out there right now and get all of your stuff before someone steals it all!

Stay like this, puff out to hide it.

Get straight to browsing the store.
No. 820501 ID: e704d0

she said that she has Daatra holding it all. ya doof.

I'm gonna say go with dragon form, and then talk with birb.
No. 820525 ID: 638191

No. 820530 ID: 3ce125

Daatra is carrying you so just
Maybe after she angrily puts you down and you get your clothes prepared you can turn back to your normal self.

Then -Have a friendly chat with Birb lady! and flirt a little
No. 820533 ID: 9603f8

Turn back to normal, flirt with bird lady.
There's no way this can possibly go wrong.
No. 820541 ID: 0373ab

Puff up to hide your boner, if you turn female you might risk getting your fluff wet instead! If it fails hide in Daatra's inventory!

But you should talk with the birb, maybe flirt a bit cause dem boobers
No. 820544 ID: 462670

Play it off, then flirt with feathertits!
No. 820551 ID: 173b46

-Return to normal form.


-Have a friendly chat with Birb lady!

You can flirt with her once you actually know her. Ask her about her merchandise.
No. 820613 ID: 452a55

Gulkati has been hit with the Ketza Ray.

You should Puff Up to hide your Impressive not tiny what are you talking about ketza rod of -1 impregnation.
Or at least, I think your still infertile?
No. 820692 ID: 0163a0

Fluff up. More poof is more better.
No. 820753 ID: 3740b1