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File 126056464993.png - (432.67KB , 1280x720 , Sketch-Miss-K\'s-Shoppe.png )
7471 No. 7471 ID: c90b73


I was so far feeling against making a Discussion Thread because, seriously, there isn' much to discuss. Quest rolls at a slow pace, and in part its about discovering the wordl from Player's perspective -- or at least, from the perspective of a glass ball being carried by him.

Yet, there IS information not worth of cluttering the thread with. Maybe I should put it in the wiki; maybe someday I will. But so far, the thread format has served me well, so I shall abuse it some more.

Since I dont actually have any info handy to deliver, have some Miss K concept art. Just remember; any questions you have, try asking Player himself. He'll answer to the best of his abilities :)
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No. 8329 ID: 2809f5

Howdy artist. Pretty swell Quest and setting you've got going. The setting seems well thought out, and the characters believable. Good work!

Couple of questions. When Round 01 concluded, you tossed out some interesting sentences that I've been pondering on.

What are the ongoing achievements, and what are the ongoing sidequests? I could make a couple of semi-educated guesses, but...Ah, alright, I WILL make a couple of semi-educated guesses. Feel free to correct me.

I'm guessing Player's current ongoing achievements are 1: Complete a dungeon crawl & 2: Figure out what to do in life.

As for the sidequests one is definitely to bring back artifacts for MacLaughing. The second one, though, is more tricky. It could be anything from helping the baker, to retrieving whatever it was Miss K wanted (even though we don't know what it is) to catching and training a cute jelly. There's also whatever the kids wanted Player to do.
No. 8337 ID: 119b5c

Oye. Snobby one. Kid's probably just wanted to run you through a introduction of the town. Or play some pranks. They are kids.

If your really into believing that they are more. Ask around town. Something is up.


Player is doing fine so far, which is racking up points in my paranoia bar. We've found demon ants, however, I don't think demon teeth/horns/whatever was on the rise, come from them.

Bah. We also need to figure out players skills, and have a definitive move set besides. "Hit it" and "Hit it harder"
No. 8347 ID: 2809f5


>Kids' quest, errand or prank.

Well, probably. We just don't know for sure. The kids were at least a bit more welcoming initially than the rest of the towners.

>Figure out moves.

Sure. We certainly still have to figure out what ADP is. As for what kind of normal fighting moves we CAN suggest...That actually seems to be a lot. The quest is very organic, in that Player can interact with his environment, improvise weaponry, and lose his gear (mainly his torch).

If you mean figuring out any 'special moves' beyond "use your fighting skills"...Well, just ask Player himself. Maybe he can tell you something new beyond that he is a "Third-level fighter". Reading back a bit to see what he's already said could be illuminating, too.
No. 8471 ID: a7b436
File 126239201848.png - (331.93KB , 1280x720 , Scene---Lake-of-Lava.png )

Is it a problem when almost everything you guys ask is a potential spoiler? BUT, after I decided my design philosophy isn' a spoiler (although it might help answering tasty spoilery things) I think there are a few things I can share.

Going trough the story isn' an achievement. I'm not gonna give medals for playing the game; those are only for really eastereggy and outrageous things. I might, and probably will, nudge you guys towards them (I'm a completionist. Sue me) but dont expect to be rewarded by things you should do, like reaching the end of the game.

In a way, its the same for sidequests, but that's a different can of worms.

>moveset, maneuvers, feats, etc.
Actually, I dont have a maneuver system. I dont need to. Its not like you need to press half-circle-back-A or something to do something.
I think Player made that clear, his fight style is fluid and acrobatic; he can do much more than hit and hit harder. He just wont do it by himself, unless he has to.

About noncombat abilities, lets just handwave the whole matter; Player is skilled enough, even if not equipped enough, to go spelunking. I'm telling his story because he has some chance of survive, after all ;)

>rpg engine
Well, while I DID inspired myself in Fantasycraft, I'm not going to overtly use any element that would require a charsheet to keep track of. Like dice, abilities, feats or whatever.

Today's post is sponsored by some parked concept art of a location I doubt you'll ever see. Yea, you could say I planned things a bit TOO much...
No. 8565 ID: 03cccb

>Your questions, spoilers.

Hah! That's okay, I like GMs who don't spoil the plot, but rather nudge things along. We'll just have to continue on guessing and helping Player along to do the stuff we think is right.

>Achievements, eastereggy and outrageous things.

Well, that's a good hint...Now I have a different suspicion on what one of them are. But I'll keep them to myself for now.

>Concept art.

Niiiice. Clearly, we need to give Player a pickaxe and STRIKE THE EARTH.
No. 9368 ID: 62b30e
File 126392948266.png - (114.70KB , 1280x960 , r001-0003.png )

I decided at the end of chapters I 'd do some kind of commentary track here. The text was based slash inspired on a IRC conversation about the subject in the rubyquest channel.
Today's subject; tgchan's fear of spiders.

Well, I'll give you that. This isn' exactly a TVTropes-regulation quest. But having the first great climatic battle event (also known as 'boss') to be a gigantic scary monster isn' just a trope (even because I think I never saw that on that site). Its a tradition! An institution! Although as Green pointed out, Player isn' exactly Kratos.

Which brings another question, why people is being cautious with him. Don't get me wrong; it is the right approach. Dungeon crawling is serious business. It was just unexpected, I dont see that much care being had with the average quest hero(ine).
One possibility raised by Driblis is that Player seems fragile. I'll give him that, he fumbles alot. But what can I do, flawed heroes are more interesting. And funnier.

Anyway. I thought of scanning or photographing the sketches I made for Charlotte, but I cant seem to find my camera. Have a re-render of the big spider instead. Its my current wallpaper >.>;

By the way; must be said again. Q, I love the pic. His disdain for that situation is much more palpable, with the subtler expression given by a more realistic face x3
No. 10626 ID: 34470e
File 126618413668.png - (208.04KB , 800x600 , THAT4.png )

Inky likes saying her favorite sentence.
No. 10854 ID: 0d3ec0
File 126653473398.png - (105.68KB , 1600x1260 , r001-0004-111-wall.png )

Okay. That. Total trainwreck.

The whole direct control thing was a challenge - one I thought it would be easy. All the voices of TGChan do is talk, and god we know how much you talk. So I introduced a challenge based on talking; talking down a cat-goddess of death. Stuff of legends, seemed simple enough on concept. Eh....

I admit I took a number of assumptions that... didn't work. Half of the people didn' figure the 'protocol', added some good ideas, which went right over Inky's head because wasn' presented in the way she wanted. I thought you guys would organize. Eh... we had whole discussions in IRC about what happened a few days ago, this is me trying to pass it to the people who weren't there. Feel free to say it all over again here, though.

I tend to call this a failed experiment, because in the end, I don't think it was fun for everyone. I'd like to say it wont happen again, but people kinda liked Inky and all -- at least, they love to hate her. We'll see what comes from this. Maybe use a more controlled environment next time.

As is customary of me, chapter over, meaning I'll take some time away from the quest to breathe and plan what can happen next. Probably will run a completely unrelated one-shot just to refresh my head.

Just as a note, I have been accused of not explaining the challenge's rules upfront, and that really made it unwinnable. Well, I think I did, at least in the limits of not breaking character. Personally, I thought that reiterating at every opportunity how to talk to a goddess would be pretty damn insulting to both parties.

Besides, figuring the puzzle is often part of the puzzle. Get used to it.

Included is a wallpaper done for one of the IRC regulars -- just in case you want some more art to deface. Or, you know, in case you actually want to use it as a wallpaper. Not gonna judge you.

On the special thanks section, I must say; MiB / Alotter, thanks for the song. Scribbleykins helped me to find the right words in a few situations, specially in the final speech. And Grace, thanks for the baseline. Those kitties wouldn' be possible without you.
No. 10855 ID: 8b7db1

I suppose it might be partially because of the protocol, but it seemed a lot of the good replies were ignored because they weren't in the form of the proper protocol, while the more... inane statements went through because it WAS in the proper form. It would be like someone getting every single thing on Jeopardy right, but he was docked points for not really phrasing things as questions. Yes, that's a rule, but it feels very nitpicky after a point.

And maybe another part was an [apparent] lack of feedback. At least from where I was sitting, it didn't seem like we were making much headway, if we were making any at all. It was hard to tell what WAS working until, again, the inanity finally overwhelmed our position, and we got a lot of negative feedback.
No. 10860 ID: a56bd0

All of my arguments were apparently not in protocol until I realized that this meant "parenthesis" and it was already too late because someone who know what "protocol" had already posted the "a cat is fine too" so... yeah.

Besides at that point I was tired of her damn arrogance when it was perfectly obvious she 'could' hear us but simply chose to /ignore/ anyone who wouldn't do it her way...(even if they had something more useful to say,) if there is one thing this voice cannot stand... it is arrogance.

Inky will rue this day. Besides, there is one good thing you can count here... while every hero needs a 'foe'... sometimes they are far more motivated to spite a 'rival' and Inky just put herself solidly in the second category.
No. 10862 ID: e3f578

I just wanted to be an ass and shake my ethereal booty for once.
No. 10882 ID: 19ecf1

All the voices... combined into a single entity... kinda like legion or something if you get the drift...
And some sort of CPU that weeds through and manupilates requests into something proper/coherent...
No. 10885 ID: 871098

Man but I wish I had posted my "Speaker" idea. I thought it was silly...
No. 10886 ID: eb6d46

Still hoping we get to bother Inky again at some point in the future. She's too much fun of a character to only appear once in the story.

That and I imagine her initial reaction to seeing us again is gonna be one for the ages. |3
No. 11041 ID: 19ecf1

wait... if we can go into a body... then if the body can operate and there's no soul...

can we take it over?
No. 11051 ID: 77e2a8

I admit I was silent because I really didn' had much to add.

But seriously, he makes an interesting point O.o
No. 11054 ID: c05c83

Here's hoping. "My name is Legion, for we are many."
No. 11238 ID: 881fee

having a physical body and so many failures to communicate actualy led me to belive we should have overpowered him "physically". id ask to have the orb as itself only next time too, so many people asking for too many stupid body changes

i was silent for most part of it because i didnt realized what was supposed to be done. after that i STFU'd because you didnt even placed my failure on it, leading me to belive that either a union was needed or that violence wasnt the answer.

this would be weird. its like we where the new scourge!
No. 11755 ID: 601a90

seing as everyone in the orb was at root lvl. next time someone tries to cast a spell could we say something like.

No. 11759 ID: 3b6c92

We couldn't even rename ourselves. I highly doubt that would work.
No. 11764 ID: 601a90

that is because you can't rename the ROOT ever even if you have total access unless you fully reprogram it to say something other then ROOT. ROOT is sorta like ADMIN the ADMIN name will always be that any other names can be given admin access but you can't change it from ADMIN.
No. 11769 ID: 632862

One reason that kind of thing won't work:

Echo is off.
No. 11774 ID: 601a90

right before hazmat initiated ECHO turned on.
No. 11804 ID: 632862

You mean this?
>Trigger detected. ECHO ON.

Well after the wormhole closed...
>[EXTERNAL COMMAND] Privilege revoked: Trigger listen
>[EXTERNAL COMMAND] Privilege revoked: Log echo

We'll never have it turn on again.
No. 11810 ID: 601a90

do you know what ECHO does in programing? it just means repeat what i type in. it echos what happens.
No. 11895 ID: 7dca9e


Actually it prints strings to stdout. It can be used by shellscripts to output their activity, status, etc. as they go along in a verbose mode.
Printing what you typed is just what happens if you manually send a string into it, it's not what it's actually meant to be used for.
No. 11896 ID: 601a90

in that case, what is higher access then the root? only thing i can think of would be the system itself.
No. 11937 ID: 7b35c0

i am a CS major and i enjoy this talk, but seriously, does the author also knows the ECHO command is purely stetical in purpose?
No. 13404 ID: 3b6c92

So if Player dies because one person won't stop spamming random computer code, what happens then?
No. 13405 ID: 3b6c92

Or if he dies because he rolled badly or whatever. Not really sure what's going on right now to be quite honest. :|
No. 13424 ID: 72395a

I am sad that this whole unicorn thing didn't happen while we were talking with the kitty gods. <:(
No. 13425 ID: 632862

There's no rolls. It's strictly in our hands whether or not he does well in combat.
No. 13428 ID: 3b6c92

Yeah I figured that out. :O
No. 13443 ID: 9cb98c

ohai, can i use this as a textpad note?
this is the name of a golem. everything else in the sentence is common or regular. i noticed he seems to have a ID number similar to the voices in the orb when we are quoted by someone. he also has a "malformed name" so the demons may actualy have seized control of him already

this is just for bookkeeping. its the "critter" that the sadomaso maid was questioning.

for the beef, this is all that showed up before the spider:
>Trigger detected. ECHO ON.
>Condition 02 reached; trigger activated.
>Locating Source Protocol #40e267-HAZMAT ...
>Source Protocol #40e267-HAZMAT found. >Connecting.
>Handshaking... done
after some time:
>Source Protocol #40e267-HAZMAT is ready
then some time later:
>Instance [CRI_DEM_RED:41abdd] located; target hash #ajsdfh574awj-bd
>Instance [CRI_DEM_RED:2e9182] located; target hash #fvsdun2384fa-bd
ID and hash that made the spider and the glass child
>Arbitrary position 541 located; target hash #kcfiergnus01-ac
>Extracting Instance [CRI_DEM_RED:41abdd] to 541
the position could be the box itself. i belive that ID was actualy the tallist that had the box
>Detaching non-extractable objects from Instance [CRI_DEM_RED:2e9182]
there are equiepment restrictions
>Extracting Instance [CRI_DEM_RED:2e9182] to 541
i got confused. the tallist got extracted? of blood for the spell?
and thus:
>Extraction successful
>Arbitrary position 542 located; target hash #jdcv90dhoe29-bd
>Crafting AB link: 541 to 542.. done; Instance [LNK-AB:#77c312] ready
position 541 is, im guessing, in the demon "Realm"
>Changing Instance [LNK-AB:#77c312] parameters; base.max_load 4320lb; base.sizeclass 8
LOOK! spider was class 8! and the weight too
>Charging Instance [LNK-AB:#77c312]
>Wormhole ready.

after many wormhole critical messages:
>Source Protocol #40e267-HAZMAT closed.
>Warning: current network access deemed unauthorized. Reason: login not identified.
>[EXTERNAL COMMAND] Privilege revoked: Trigger listen
>[EXTERNAL COMMAND] Privilege revoked: Log echo

i also realized player seems to have a AD and ADP charge. he peforms cool stuff and he gains power to "berzerk", he do berzerk and that power ends. its likely we are sapping his AD reserve when we cast something, we kinda have to figure out how to view that ASAP.

there are no command or echo at any point when the big spider dissapeared. she may have been summoned in return, but then the wormhole used would be different or from another point. also, we had no echo on by them =c

also anyone realized that now we have TWO "Miss K"?

also also if we get this right we would be missing VERY LITTLE to cast the wormhole. we would need a "subject" and to know how to create "condition 01"
No. 13470 ID: 445c48

Oh man so am I. We would have all morphed into unicorns for an update, maybe.
No. 13775 ID: 4e92b7

we found a shotgun that got eaten.

player is in the future. what gives?
No. 13781 ID: 69f952

I have a theory. What if ADP are something like "Advanced Drill Points" and Player has two ranks in a skill called "Edge", and the more you proceed down a skill tree, "Drills" in Player's case, the more ADP you get?

Though if that's the case, then perhaps "Karma" is a part of another skill or skill tree that Player hasn't put any ranks in, though in this case, it doesn't seem to be more "Advanced Drill", more than "Adrenaline Points" or some other action point theory I haven't mentioned. Perhaps Karma is a part of a divine skill tree?

God, when we finish this game (or better, during this game), I'd better see a manual.
No. 13784 ID: 655d51

This is all I can think of for ADP
Adenosine diphosphate
No. 13789 ID: 362f0c

The fact that this takes place "after the fall" has been obvious for some time.
No. 13992 ID: 89385f
File 127124913370.png - (250.50KB , 1280x720 , Sketch-NPC-MissAsh.png )

People was semi-jokingly referring last night about the presence of furries in Dungeon Game, so I thought this was a good time to point out an early design decision; trying to pull 'animal people' away from 'furries'.

For reference, I offer Ash's base sketch, as redrawn from my pencils. I tried to play up the animal stuff when building her, which in the end summed up to huge ears and jump-capable legs that don't seem as massive as intended after redrawing. The small trunk is mostly to play up the legs' size.

That translates on a number of stuff. She's furred, so she wears just enough to keep her modesty (it makes sense to me, I live under hot weather); the ears are 'soft' or 'floppy' as opposed to 'rigid', so styling as a hairdo becomes possible. The legs are explicitly not made to stand, but she seems mobile while sitting; I imagine many things in her place are at a low height because of this.

Yes, since they're supposedly interbreeding with the rest of humanity I'm not going to stray too far from the hominid shape. But I don't need to to play their nonhuman side. I just need to try to keep it real instead of sexy, and hope it works. Even if can't work into the new medieval society seamlessly, that's ok. They're people, not perfect.
No. 14048 ID: 626fbd

I think you underestimate /quest/'s matchmaker tendencies. Well, either that or their insatiable lust for porn.

Only feasible way to avoid that is to find some way to link that entire race to undesirable things. And even then, it'd not completely squelch those suggestions.

/quest/ - If it moves, hit on it.
No. 14049 ID: 1ac39d

pretty much.
once we get player a girlfriend it will also die down a bit.
No. 14070 ID: 1e5c58

Just because the orb is into anything with an uterus, doesn't means the rest of the world is as deviant.
No. 14076 ID: 7f46a5

miss k is the one that trolls player with fake sexual advances.

oh crap, i forgot a snappy line involving a radioactive dildo.
No. 14586 ID: 743851
File 127199029738.png - (118.54KB , 1280x960 , r001-0005.png )

I know I promised to post about something different, but this is a more urgent matter.

Explicit commands. Things like [inventory] and [next tab]; what Miss K is calling 'tones'. So far I've been able to find valid reasons to rebuke them, and really they're supposed to work ingame like that. But seriously? Its pissing me off.

This situation already crossed the line from 'getting meta' to 'just a game' and 'interface fighting', if isn' starting to go into 'griefing the author'. I sure ain't finding it fun. Call it another failed experiment.

Worse is, in a way it's important because of the way reality works, or doesn't works. But when the focus is threatening to shift from the wider world and actually interacting with characters to 'fuck it, let's check her status screen'... yea.

Not mentioning the meta reasons behind all this.

I'm officially asking for ideas on how to handle this situation. Because my prime instinct is to just cut all this crap out, even if its actually important.

And since we're getting open about it;
- Miss K has all the data just like Player. She has a level, achievements, ongoing sidequests (hers are called 'tasks' as she's a crafter) and all the crap. I don't want to reveal them. Putting an explicit number on K is much like revealing the monster's levels; completely against the quest's grain. And trying to sweet-talk her into letting you pry into her annoys me to no end.
> "Oh so reveal them already so we'll stop asking."
I don't want to. When K or any other NPC get mighty pissed because when you'll ask about stuff you shouldn't know about, and later you'll get angry at me for letting things reach their expected outcome.
> "Then you shoudn't have given status screens in the first place."
The very definition of failed experiment. I see you agree with me this time.
When we got to the quest tracker, I noticed that thing was going to send the burden of keeping track of the goingons from you to me; so, who's playing the game here?
I should've taken that as a warning and just aborted the whole deal.

- Copper, the first time it didn't work was because when you hit [inventory] and [next tab] four times too quickly, you wrap around back to the inventory screen.

Image is my current wallpaper.
No. 14587 ID: 23c8f1

Hopefully that should be sufficient to deter this sort of nonsense.
No. 14589 ID: 701a19


I can understand that you don't want to provide that information, but in the process of trying to keep it from us you presented us with an even more interesting facet to explore.
Rather than seeing miscellaneous information about her, we discovered something new about the known mechanics. That gave us two reasons to keep trying instead of just one.

You basically tried to stop us from investigating a character by ALSO making it into an investigation of the world mechanics.
Providing information outright would have prevented it from getting this far, but providing it now wouldn't help since people are currently sciencing how the commands work.

As far as the quest tracker goes, if you look back to the end of the first thread you'll see that your chapter-end image implied you were going to be tracking that stuff anyway. You could use the Wiki for keeping publicly-viewable notes and hope that people help to keep that information updated, but the status screen itself changes nothing.
No. 14590 ID: 7524b0

>send the burden of keeping track of the goingons from you to me

Uh huh. Yeah, you're right. We shouldn't put that burden on you since apparently you can't keep track of them yourself.

I don't see what you're even complaining about here. Miss K told us she doesn't want us to do it and directly stopped us from doing it. The natural response when denied something you want is to try to reason with the person keeping it from you. Are you saying we're unreasonable, or just complaining because we're trying to do stuff you don't want us to do? If it's the latter, well... you know we don't like railroading here.
No. 14591 ID: 2f0c5b

>you wrap around back to the inventory screen
i derped. so im assuming you wont show us her status screen.

but would this affect a possible outcome of us spamming java commands to prevent a possible thiefto get away?

you could treat it like age. its impolite to know of these things when unecessary, so the character has a reason to not let it happen.

frankly, it makes sense for player and miss Q to rebuke our callings. with player policing the trolls at least this will be one thing less to worry with.

simply retcon quest/task tracker if it is the case. i only wanted to have a clue of her health and level, plus other inventories and screens. she has 3 inventories or there is a screen we missed, as in, a skill related screen?
No. 14592 ID: 2f0c5b

hurr. my trip was not here for a reason.
No. 14599 ID: 3b6c92

Man, every time you experiment with stuff it goes wrong. :(

I don't really know what to tell you though. You're really kind of in an awkward position because you've already introduced the mechanic and such. :|
No. 14600 ID: 059120

I pretty much completely agree with you. I really like Dungeon Game, and think the introduction of the commands kind of... created problems. With the supposed power to do possibly anything, we started focusing on figuring that out instead of doing what we had been, actually interacting with the characters. It strikes me that the root cause of this the same as the other 'failed experiment', that is giving /quest/ power. Especially the power to do things individually. Like it or not, there needs to be some way in which not every suggestion is accepted, whether it be through a PC rejecting ideas or the simple limitation of only being able to do one thing at once.

I understand why things happened the way they did. The world being made of code and all the interface and stuff is obviously an integral part of the setting, and possibly the plot. Allowing us access to it was a bad move, though I can see why that would be less obvious than the kind of interesting stuff that we could do with it. Which is exactly why it was a bad move, since that became our prime focus. I admit myself that I started trying to figure out how it worked and what we could do with experiment with it, and now realize how long that would take, and how much it would affect the scope of the quest which was already filling a specific niche very well.

As for what you should do... I personally think that you should remove the ability from us. Or at least limit it to only specific commands that we've learned/been given.
No. 14621 ID: 1ac39d

I GOT IT!! this place is like Scrapped Princess! everyone is living inside a giant holo-deck. spells are simply knowing the right code to access some user privileges.
to really understand what i am talking about you have to watch the series.
No. 14623 ID: 2f0c5b

you are the second person to mention that.

farmer, isnt it? you should consider doing some screens in text to speed up.
No. 14625 ID: 1ac39d

huh, must have missed the other guy. but if we both came to the same conclusion then the idea must have SOME merit.
No. 14627 ID: fa66b6

Very very right, or very very wrong....
No. 14705 ID: e2aba8

a last abuse request call: have important items already detailed, so if we ask player to take a better look we get a clue fo what it is.

had we asked player to look at the "thermos" before we would have not been too excited to get back to the dungeon.
No. 15282 ID: 45cf37

withh all due meta, player is under our control. you can claim he has been filtering choices all along, but the short and hurtful answer is: we control him. he can whine, he can feel depressed, but its all because of stuff we do. for example, the tallist girl was noone but we never accepted it. we never cooled it and asked for some time to talk only and now she died leaving player depressed. we may not tell player to feeel depressed but we can surely make it be so.

>To teach something to a person, you have to explain it to them
>K is not helping Player. She's exploiting him.
thats punishment dude. it works with big babies and crazy adventurers. see "Hot Dicking: Paladins and Succubus Working Together"

>(and yes, I did note him get shocked to silence earlier, which I think had more to do with surprise than anything).
actualy i think player got silenced because he felt betrayed. we/i fucked up good, but its likely it would happen anyway, as in, miss K would eventually check what happened or what gear player has, etc. the inevitability of bomber getting shoveled leads me to belive on it

there are rules to be followed in order to prevent major fuck ups. sometimes, to do the right thing means to become a exception to that rule or to simply go against it and expect for the best.
No. 15283 ID: 45cf37

i just noticed the namechanges.

is it importatn? who is totally?
No. 15286 ID: 1ac39d

next time everyone decides to have a huge argument take it here cause pissing people off with incessant chatter is stupid.
No. 15291 ID: f16354


In my defense, the fact that someone insulted her and her friend might've had something to do with the tossing.

But noted. I didn't use spoiler tags because I wanted to defuse tempers, including hers. Since that failed, and since I must take my part of the blame for poking a hornet's nest...Well, sorry, lesson learned. Argue ye notte in the house of thy neighbour.


Maybe. It's a hypothesis. I think it's just a healthy sign that Player's sane enough to feel grief at sudden death happening close to him, though.

If Player feels betrayed for the sword...Well, then it'll be my fault for suggesting it, and I'll try to take responsibility as such. But let's wait and see first, eh?

2eac65...I just want to say, for someone reacting to strongly to Player's punishment, you're really the one who gave me the idea to suggest it. "The punishment should match the crime, so bonk him over the head" you said, way earlier. Well, I thought about it, and since Player had stolen the halberd from another man, it was simply fair that Miss K took his sword from him. I still think you're overexaggerating.
No. 15292 ID: 2eac65

If you want to calm someone down, deliberatly lying about what they're saying is not the way to do it. You repeatedly accused me of defending Player's crimes, even though I said myself that he was in the wrong. I simply said he deserved a real chance to repent for them. If K had made an effort to reason with him and had to resort to harsher methods, that would be one thing, but she didn't.
No. 15296 ID: 45cf37

>If Player feels betrayed for the sword
i think its for telling on him. i feel more responsible because it was i that told her og the "borrowing". i thought she would like it, seeing how she trolled player earlier.
No. 15299 ID: f16354


You tried making his deeds appear less serious than they were. How -aren't- you defending someone if you're making up a witness statement to protect them from the full consequences of their actions?

For example, contrast Player's own "I was broke and desperate. I succumbed to temptation. It saved my hide." admission with your recent "He wasn't just acting out of greed. What happened was that he found the guard sleeping on the job and got angry because he was neglecting his duty and endangering the town. So he asked the the orb to come up with a way to punish the guard. He was acting out of his own sense of justice. That's right, his motivation was exactly the same as yours. Let that sink in for a while." comment on the theft of the halberd.

Your version did not actually happen, and deviates from his recapped version. Anyone can factcheck and confirm this. Miss K already had the truth from Player's own mouth, where he said nothing of the kind.

I sort of concluded you were making shit up to try to guilt her...And you were, weren't you?

Look, at least give us a headsup or something if you're going to do this in the future. It, or the discussion that spawned from it, got Miss K angry. If that was your goal, congratulations. I doubt it changed much for the better.

>Player deserved a real chance to repent for his crimes.

Because we let thieves and muggers go scot free as long as they're sorry...No, not really. At the very least there's a fine, a black mark in a file somewhere or a stern talking-to.

Miss K believed that if the guards weren't going to be punishing Player for his misbehaviour, some sort of retribution was at least necessary is she was going to allow him to stay with her. Why couldn't you just accept that her view on punishment was a bit more medieval than yours? Different cultures, different methods, after all.

What leads you to think Player's even going to become "more depressed, more bitter, more angry, more hostile, more unstable, more self-destructive, more obsessed with his work, and more focused on his own personal problems" due to this? That's a pretty severe (and specific) prediction...What if you're wrong? It could work out fine for all you know. We don't know yet.

Whatever conclusion he comes to, Player is most likely not going to break apart over this (he'd be a poor adventurer if he does) and Miss K can return the sword as soon as she feels her point has been made. Which could be at any time, probably sooner if we don't keep bringing her mood down.

She has yet to 'exploit' him for a single thing, as far as I'm aware. Unless you mean that she's exploiting him by allowing him to stay at her house, agreeing to hide him from the guards, do trading runs for him and let him continue his investigation of the dungeon.
No. 15300 ID: 2eac65

Look back yourself and read when it actually happened. He was angry with the guard for sleeping on the job. And you're still claiming that I'm trying to justify what he did. I'm not implying that at all.

And taking his sword was not equivalent to the crime. It wasn't just a weapon, it was an important personal keepsake. Neither is threatening to destroy it, like you suggested.
No. 15301 ID: 2eac65

One more thing. K isn't going to conince Player that he was wrong by lashing out at him like she did. That just doesn't work. Player's problem is that he doesn't respect authority, and K's problem is that she doesn't act like an authority worth respecting.
No. 15302 ID: 45cf37

to remember, she still has not decided in a way to tax player for helping him. its possible she will just rent space and a bed, letting it be.

if player forgives us, if miss K tolerate us.
No. 15308 ID: 45cf37

i see things a bit different. player's problem is that he thinks laterally to solve his problems thus creating new ones

taking the half halberd was one of them, it is true that player actualy used it better, but it is theft, even tho we considered returning it. "saving" the tallist was another one, as a demon she should just die. getting into the dungeon during quarantine was also another, but he wasnt just greedy. he was a neutral good rogue acting on what rogues do act, the problem disregarding whatever authorities may exist.

miss K is too linked to authorities, she is however NOT peforming the role of authority. she wants player to behave, not for him to be punished, that is why she did not turned him to bomber or the priest. she fears for player but she also cares for him. its pretty obvious she wants more of player, but i dont know why or what exactly.

had she wanted player to protect the town she would not take the sword from him, but his silvers. had she wanted money, she would haggle him for futures and current profit, but she cares not to this. if she IS romantically interested in player she is very psychotic or too cautelous, she either had bad experiences with them or actualy has a family, gone or away.
No. 15309 ID: 45cf37

>experiences with them
hur i r dum. i mean adventurers or males in general.
No. 15337 ID: f16354


He's annoyed at the guard, but he didn't take the halberd specifically to punish him out of some sense of justice. It looked more to be a 'carpe diem' moment sort of thing. One suggestion that read "Looks like you got yourself a better weapon." came just as he was leaving the dungeon so he ran back in, took the weapon, and sniggered all the way back out, apparently giddy at having gained something.

His own claim was "I was broke and desperate. I succumbed to temptation. It saved my hide." I think that speaks for itself.

At the beginning of Chapter 2 he sure enough -keeps- the halberd because he couldn't wake the guard and thought him to be undeserving of sympathy (which isn't particularly close to what you've said either, so...), but the action of stealing it was just as he said it was: He came, he saw, he nabbed...And then he kept it 'till now.

Calling it anything else is dressing it up in fancy clothes to hide the fugly truth. Of course, the truth ain't just fugly, that halberd did help save the garrison and town, sorta.

As for equivalence, we have no idea if Corporal Clash's halberd was a sentimental piece, but it could have been. Player, after all, hasn't asked since taking it.

...It COULD have been. I'm not saying it is. But Player gave as little regard to the importance it had for Clash when he took that halberd as Miss K did for his sentiments when she took his sword. Possibly considerably less. Miss K, after all, did it to impress the nature of his wrongs upon him. There's some karmic balance there, regardless of actual worth.

>K isn't going to convince Player that he was wrong by lashing out at him like she did. That just doesn't work.

While I would normally be one of the first to bob my head excitedly up and down in agreement when someone says that lashing out isn't a reasonable way to convince someone of anything... Her immediate reaction was nothing other than reasonable outrage at having one of her friends robbed and assaulted by the very person she was now shielding from that friend's wrath/annoyance/???. 'What the hell' would kinda be my reaction too.

Furthermore, and *sigh* I've said this before: She calmed down and decided that she was going to help. Is helping. All lashing is hopefully over and ended.

Naturally, this was only as long as she could do something that not only made up for the theft and assault thing, but also taught Player a lesson not to do it again (see: Not wanting to be an enabler). Taking his sword fit the bill, and is not as much a continuation of the lashing out as it is a sense of justice at work.

Returning it to Player for good behaviour (see: learning a lesson), or just for saving the garrison earlier (see: Heroics), might be an option she'll consider at some point, and the mellower Player's (and ours) relation with her becomes, the sooner that is liable to happen, no?
No. 15341 ID: 2eac65

>He's annoyed at the guard, but he didn't take the halberd specifically to punish him out of some sense of justice. It looked more to be a 'carpe diem' moment sort of thing. One suggestion that read "Looks like you got yourself a better weapon." came just as he was leaving the dungeon so he ran back in, took the weapon, and sniggered all the way back out, apparently giddy at having gained something.
You're right. I was thinking of the second meeting.

>Player gave as little regard to the importance it had for Clash when he took that halberd as Miss K did for his sentiments when she took his sword.
Or when you did when you suggested it. And I wouldn't honestly call it "disregard" because it was the reason you gave for your suggestion.

>While I would normally be one of the first to bob my head excitedly up and down in agreement when someone says that lashing out isn't a reasonable way to convince someone of anything... Her immediate reaction was nothing other than reasonable outrage at having one of her friends robbed and assaulted by the very person she was now shielding from that friend's wrath/annoyance/???. 'What the hell' would kinda be my reaction too.
Understandable anger? Yes. Reasonable anger? No. I can forgive her for it, but I can't excuse it, because it still wasn't the best decision.

>Furthermore, and *sigh* I've said this before: She calmed down and decided that she was going to help. Is helping. All lashing is hopefully over and ended.
That isn't even close to the only problem she has. The way she acted about Lia's secret was completely unfair and unjustified. She very quickly started yelling and bullying to force Lia to tell her something she had no right to know. That wasn't justice at all, that was K being selfish and inconsiderate.

>Naturally, this was only as long as she could do something that not only made up for the theft and assault thing, but also taught Player a lesson not to do it again (see: Not wanting to be an enabler). Taking his sword fit the bill, and is not as much a continuation of the lashing out as it is a sense of justice at work.
Okay, you're right, something needed to be done about Player. But casually threatening to destroy his sword is going beyond justice or anger into plain cruelty. K hasn't followed that particular part of your suggestion yet, though.

That's one of the things that really gets me about this whole affair. I hate seeing justice used as an excuse for cruelty or exploitation, and some of the suggested "punishments" were very cruel and exploitative.

The other thing is that I absolutely hate K. You're right that I was being too hard on her, though. She can be a selfish hypocrite sometimes, but she still has goodness in her.
No. 15343 ID: a594b9

...so basically Farmer's initial idea was to have Miss K dunk the orb in a container of Holy Water. I know this because someone suggested that she might do that in chat, and Farmer went "Oh great now I have to think of something else."

So now we're in the hands of 3 little kids who will probably tell everyone about what we're saying. Despite Player wanting us to be a secret in the first place, and Miss K not trusting us to not fuck with her mind.

We're now headed for a clusterfuck.
No. 15347 ID: 294727

I know what you're trying to do, and it will not work. I was asked to tone down the change-things-because-you-guess-right thing.
No. 15351 ID: 1d2641

>She can be a selfish hypocrite sometimes, but she still has goodness in her.
>That wasn't justice at all, that was K being selfish and inconsiderate
im telling you man, obnoxiously passive agressive.

the orb needs "forgiveness". the problem is that there is nothign that we can do to earn it.

we cant return the halfhalberd, we cant have the last minutes with tallist, we cant un-shovel bomber's head, etc etc etc. we cant even be punished, since even the time with the kids is kinda entertaining.
No. 15392 ID: 00ca2b


>I can forgive her for it, but I can't excuse it, because it still wasn't the best decision.

People generally don't do 'best decisions' when their emotions are running hot. That's just one of the facets of life.

>But casually threatening to destroy his sword is going beyond justice or anger into plain cruelty. K hasn't followed that particular part of your suggestion yet, though.

Note that I also said she should return it at once after having suggested it, rather than drag it out. I merely suggested a quicker, more intense version of what's currently going on to drive the point home at once, rather than over time.

>Some of the suggested "punishments" were very cruel and exploitative.

Perhaps, but the intentions behind the suggestions were not necessarily intended to be cruel or exploitative.

We're all anons making these suggestions, after all, and we can misgauge things, or make mistakes, or be poor negotiators, etc. We can overreact or not react at all to things we should react to, and so forth.

Finding the 'best' suggestion to make and support for any given situation isn't the easiest of tasks, because everyone will have their own opinion. That's Quest for you.

>The way she acted about Lia's secret was completely unfair and unjustified.

Imagine you've known someone for your entire life, and suddenly they start talking to thin air. When you ask what they're doing, they brush you off, not wanting to talk about it.

People respond differently to stuff like that. You and me, we might've said 'ok' and gone on about our way, wondering what it had all been about. Miss K was more nosy, but the nosyness could have been due to any number of reasons, up to and including WORRY that her friend was going off the deep end. She was pushy, yeah, but not necessarily an ill-intentioned bully.

...That she's offering to make free dinner for Lia might be construed as a way of apology, too.

>Hatin' on Miss K.

Take a break. Remind yourself this is just a quest, and whatever Miss K does is limited to the confines of the quest world. Miss K is not a real person, and not worth getting that worked up over. Also, I think she's a pretty decent person so far. She's done a number of generally positive things, such as cover for Player, willing to help with the Tallist girl, offer to make him a lantern on the sly (which got put aside because of the tallist girl ruckus), been nice and cheerful towards nearly everyone she's met.

She's...Original, certainly, particularly with the biting, but I have a feeling that's just one of her quirks.

(Fun fact, my first encounter with one of my friends pretty much began with him biting me in the shin. He crazy. Also crazy fun.)
No. 15404 ID: 1ac39d

jeez you guys, this is why we can't have nice things. telling kids we are going to eat them? i mean really!
No. 15405 ID: 1d2641

that is your concern?

id be happy to see miss k eventually. we should wander town to figure out whats new before gettin back to miss K.

im also hoping the kids will divide us.
No. 15406 ID: 1ac39d

my major concern is how we can't make a unified front. most of us can make a plan but at the last moment someone pops in and does their own thing and maybe says something that ruins it.
No. 15414 ID: 4eb774

that seems to be a everyday with the orb. i kinda got used to it.
No. 15443 ID: 25fc10

You ever dealt with kids before? I'm betting they'll try to break the orb just to see if I was telling the truth.
No. 33503 ID: aaf782
File 130020296145.png - (69.23KB , 907x489 , DG-Map.png )

Usually, I'd say its the player's responsibility to keep track of a map. Yet, I admit its been quite some time since i had to stop.

Therefore, here's a nodemap of the explored area. And its the best I'm gonna offer, mostly because I believe there isn't much to get lost into yet.
No. 34439 ID: 10bb04
File 130151354829.png - (46.35KB , 555x228 , Weap-Shotgun.png )

Hello there. There was a discussion in IRC about how True Names in Dungeon Game work, so I felt making this post. For the purposes of this message, I'll just call them Names.

A Name is a link to a specific person. A name can be expressed as some random word in some language, as a silly sound, as a random string of written characters.. or as a Cartesian graph, expressionist art, or the usual crazy occult diagrams (why do you think some higher powers have specific summoning circles?) -- whatever. A Name can be anything communicable.

Since a name can be anything, there's a safeguard about that; a Name cant be guessed. You can only learn a Name, by having it taught to you, by someone who knows its a Name. Maybe by having it mentioned in casual conversation, or by finding it in a forgotten book. The real requirement here is yes, the person telling you must know what he's talking about, in some way or form.

Or, you can develop a way to discover it yourself, either by crazy magical means or whatever. Apparently, grafting a shinigami's eye into your skull was in vogue among carriers of little black books.

The problem of Names is that they give you power over someone by providing a link, but really. Mortals are pretty careless about their Names, you know; using in casual conversation, signing everywhere, but what are you gonna do with a mortal's Name?
You all know Player's Name, if you make a charm ritual you could have power over a green guy who can't find his way out of a dark place.

Demons, being a highly magical bunch of paranoid jerks, are more careful about it.

For those not interested in the nametalk, this is the shotgun's original concept. Also a good example of how marbled metal looks like, I think.

P.S.: (What are you gonna do with a goddess' Name? Pray to her? I think she'd appreciate that)
No. 34461 ID: 5c87e0

i had a slight clue we could do something with the demons, but i really dont even know how to begin. last time we tried codespeak, player almost got killed, we becamed a hurtball and had seriious issues focusing on the plot.

is there a help command? maybe tutorial?
No. 34594 ID: 8c73c8

(10:17:50 AM) starburst98: how long have the demons been here...
(10:17:59 AM) starburst98: hmmmm
(10:18:08 AM) starburst98: new idea.
(10:18:20 AM) starburst98: demons were this planets first race.
(10:18:48 AM) starburst98: when the colony ship arived the 'angels' defeated them in a war and sent them underground
(10:19:17 AM) starburst98: and now that all the tech has been lost they are trying to reclaim the surface
(10:19:58 AM) starburst98: the colony ships name is Host. USS HOST, or something like that.
(10:23:37 AM) starburst98: the ship landed, possibly lost in the ocean.
(10:23:50 AM) starburst98: 'magic' is just accessing it's protocols.
(10:24:45 AM) starburst98: fireball.exe
No. 34615 ID: de7e18

Doesn't really explain why everyone has levels, tho'. Or why commies convert other living beings. Or the kitties.

Didn't Sun have a good run-down of demons and 'history' in the Interlude? Might be worth re-checking all the facts out.

Also, I don't really see why some of you want to buddy up with the evil, amoral demon guy. I'd support trying to get the 'other perspective' if we could in any way trust what he'd say, but we can't, and if we end up seeming desperate for information, he might just try to abuse that.
No. 34616 ID: 8c73c8

we are reading his thoughts directly and unless he has a cover story already planned out in advanced we can tell if he lies. right now asking if humans started shit may catch him off guard.
No. 34659 ID: 4b4fa9


When was reading thoughts ever a feature of knowing the cold hard truth? To avoid it, you only have to not think of the things being asked. And hey, if given enough time to gather his wits he might clue in to that he can start thinking of things that aren't true. Case in point regarding true names;

>Demons, being a highly magical bunch of paranoid jerks, are more careful about it.
>highly magical bunch of paranoid jerks

So, yes. I do believe it's possible he could pull one over on us in his thoughts. Keeping him pissed off helps keep him off-balance, at the very least, and may result in him blurting out some interesting information, rather than come up with half-truths and lies.

Besides, he's clamming up but good now, and ensuring he stays mad is one way to make him keep talking. Nobody likes being put down, and he hasn't struck me as the type to take that quietly.
No. 34673 ID: 1c1f1a

when we suddenly discover we are inside a entertenaiment planet LARP based, i will remember these quotes.
No. 34788 ID: dc9f36

>Echo privileges reconfigured successfully
>Trigger detected. Echo ON
>Magic-user detected: Instance [CRI_DEM_RED:2e9182]
>Cannot retrieve location hash. Service unavailable.
>Please calculate location hash for Instance [CRI_DEM_RED:2e9182] and report as soon as possible.

all the quotes. all of them.

we have to learn how to assemble those triggers. by now we need to force robes to use any magic, we should get something.
No. 34789 ID: 8c73c8

hmmm... they are all in BOLD
that could be what was missing. we never said the tones in the right voice.
No. 34795 ID: f52125

well, if you look here >>323243

it all makes sense. all IDs and thus names are actualy hash codes. we can even see the spell taking the life out of the sacrifice.
No. 34837 ID: 3bed20


Hash codes might be identifiers... but they do not seem to be 'true' names, per se. Player's name is Player, after all. We don't know Robes and Armour's true names because they managed to hide them from us, either due to innate magic, or because they've got some kind of mental training to prevent us from easily accessing their thought and identity.

At any rate, calculating a location hash code, on our own, is pretty impossible. We'll have to find some way of getting them calculated for us... though I wonder why the normal 'service' is unavailable here. Maybe it's got something to do with the fact the dungeon's borked?
No. 34839 ID: 3bed20

Doesn't look like we're able to cast spells willy-nilly.

Maybe we were able to do it because we were 'connected' to a 'magic user'?
No. 34840 ID: 5b3708

And we likely can't aim them without the target location hash.
No. 34841 ID: e462bd

actualy shot is aimed by the magic user finger. this is why it shot up, his hand was aiming there.

the protocol we have is for a teleport that requires a target prepared. its unlikely we would cast it (even because it would kill player) because it lacked the prepared sacrifice and the origin teleport gate.

we dont have all the pieces. but we should use what we have as a leverage. maybe we can make player cast shot now.
No. 34842 ID: 3bed20


Thing is, it wasn't the same protocol. With ECHO ON we activated -something-, but I'm reasonably wasn't the same as the Hazmat protocol that created the wormhole.
No. 34843 ID: 8c73c8

okay, maybe now we can use
[dir] or maybe [help] or something
No. 34873 ID: f4b6f0

we lost a really good opportunity to do that safely. now we will just hurt greens.

unless theres a command to prevent him from feeling the echo, we should save it for later.
No. 36195 ID: 7d3083
File 130460219183.png - (97.30KB , 800x600 , HPPot.png )

-- How Cure Potions Work:
"It can fix up all recent wounds, or one major wound" - the canonical answer

-- How Cure Potions Really Work
When drunk, a Curepot will heal all recent HP damage. Recent being; HP lost in the same thread, or before a zoneswitch. Not more than an hour and half ago, ingame time.

When poured on a critical wound, a curepot will fix it right up. The canonical limit is that you need all parts present for the fixing to take place; Cure potions cant regrow stuff. I'll leave what it means open to interpretation.
If HP was lost in a critical wound, that HP will be recovered when the wound is fixed.

Curepots aren't panaceas; poisons, diseases and stuff like that are outside its realm. There's a reason Sun still has a job (well, besides the prohibitive price of those things).
No. 36212 ID: 8c73c8

hmmm... can we actually find a panacea?
No. 36262 ID: 7dda9a

Eg: if your arm is lopped off, you could hold your arm back to where it used to be and pour it between the two... and it'll reattach?
No. 36271 ID: c71597

Does it have to be the original part or will any part that is similair part work as well?
No. 36274 ID: 252e1b

If you had identical twins could you cut an arm off of one of them and make an arm-socket on the other somewhere (let's not over think this ok?) and use the potion to attach one brother's arm to the other?
No. 37260 ID: 53859d

Welp, just found this thread and read it all over the past couple hours, not sure if I want to participate in the main event yet (Demongirl dying because the players didn't pick up on some aspects of the scene made me sad for some reason, but I'm a sucker for woobies and wasted potential :( )

And of course, Player's had some pretty impressive moments so far too, though I'm wondering what it takes to get Level 5 if he only got Level 4 from fighting a huge demon spider and telestabbing a dark sorceress? And the only two examples of fivers we've seen had dark rituals and immortality imposed to bootstrap them up there.

Sorry if I'm not really contributing at this point, just wanted to muse a bit while I consider stepping in. I've got a habit of being shouted down or coming up with bad ideas for perfectly logical reasons, and it looks like things are already hectic and counterproductive enough as it is.
No. 37446 ID: b6ca92
File 130714220156.jpg - (239.93KB , 1024x768 , 1307107172898.jpg )

Hey artist, is this one of yours?
No. 37447 ID: ee7eaf

No idea. Knowing myself, probably not.


>non-original part
While cure potions are an important part of any graft procedure, they're not the only one. The fact he's your brother only makes the operation easier.
No. 37520 ID: 57d737

>art by Adziata 2005

Probably not.
No. 42398 ID: 35e1a0

(12:52:46 AM) Farmer: Well, I saw a string of bad choices and I thought enough was enough, okay?

the 'bad choices' started with throwing the halberd, which i should note, no one said to do. i see two votes to throw the sword, three votes to try the DU core and ONE vote to use the halberd in an attempt to jar the platform. simply put, player combined ideas in the WORST possible way.

the second i will admit was our bad, we didn't realize the big ant could go through the platform. but you could of made it more apparent. also, taht would be one of the things our omni perspective should of been able to intercept with a "LOOK OUT" or something. making it so we can't react to things is your bad.

we then got the ant off of player by exploiting the wobbly box and attacked a weak point for massive damage.

we then shouted several warnings to player about the next ant and somehow a trained warrior stood still right under an enemy.

we then had three separate ideas, crush, drown, and attempt to stab. player picked attempt to stab, despite knowing how limited he was. and presented with alternate options.

so i finish with that MOST of the bad choices made were not our fault. but ether player being lobotomized while you were gone or you not thinking like a warrior.
No. 42399 ID: 1854db

[23:53]<Farmer>Well, I saw a string of bad choices and I thought enough was enough, okay?
[23:53]<Farmer>Is that what you need to hear?

You went to bed before I could address this, so I'll continue here.

You are doing it wrong. A bad choice leads to bad consequences. You don't just go "My players are being stupid therefore I will make x bad thing happen", that is being a bad GM. You're taking control of the situation out of the players hands in order to punish them, rather than letting the situation that resulted from their poor choices punish them.

I'll rephrase it again: You are changing the situation via GM power, rather than letting it worsen naturally. At that point, blame does not rest entirely on the players' hands for what happens. It becomes you vs the players, rather than the players vs the game.

A quest is not about the GM directly fighting the players. When you get to that point, you get shit like overpowered GM-NPCs showing up to take away all the PCs' stuff while magically having the perfect counter to everything they attempt to do.
No. 42518 ID: 80b195
File 131541281687.png - (45.16KB , 800x600 , QDis-1-6.png )

"Short version, I fucked up.

The only thing I'll admit as my fault is my lack of clear communication; this happened because I failed at conveying the seriousness of this messup and didn't believe you were taking it seriously enough either. I'll see how I can solve that without resorting to cheesy repetitive dialogue.

I also want to stop pulling punches. I don't want Player dead; I want to see this story to the end more than you do I guess, but I Do perceive the TGChan crowd as complacent. I feel like you want everything you say to work, in ways my poor logic can't fathom.

I guess part of the problem is that I'm asking for a level of ingenuity and environment analysis that I just can't get from the lot of you. The boxes weren't even supposed to be there, you know. But I thought letting Player double-back or just wallow in frustration waiting to be surprised by how you'd reach the ledge wasn't going to work.

I acknowledge that the whole 'working against you' way of doing this isnt really working, and I don't know how else to approach. I thought that agreeing on a common ruleset would help, but I can 't even organize the readers into doing that.

'Eye' wasn't even supposed to be a critical location. That's cosmetic damage in the big scheme of things -- much like what happened to Lia -- but I needed to draw attention to it. I admit the exact execution was pretty poor, but 'Player will miss and take damage because X' was the decision behind it.

And I stand by that decision, because it was decided already. I'm not adding anything to the situation that wasn't there, I'm not regenerating bodyparts, I'm not going to nothing. I'll just live with it, and the show must go on.

Signed, Farmer."

Hmnph. Bunch of bull if you ask me.
No. 42521 ID: b6edd6

So what are his current injuries, and their severity?

I missed the (broken?) wrist the first time because it was not announced the way other damage dealt/taken was announced.
With they eye hit it was hard to tell who's eye was injured because everyone was in a pile and beause the message 'demon ant falls' came immediately afterwards, making it sound like an eye-shot killed the ant.

Perhaps the message for damage we receive should be a status update (and a bit more specific when affecting a particular body part) rather than the same message for damage we deal? (If we can see his levels and such it would make sense for us to be able to asses his physical status as well).
No. 42531 ID: 80b195

The damage was written / prompted as critical, so now its critical. The wrist is undamaged. Player has 2 Damage points accumulated so far.
No. 42534 ID: b6edd6

So his only current injury is
[left eye: 2 damage]?

Also, if there is both component damage and total HP, is there potential for weirdness like death from a critical strike to the thumb which takes your last HP (like with undead in Dwarf Fortress)?
No. 42535 ID: 35e1a0

my main complaint is simply throwing the halberd. it created a "for want of a nail" situation. basically, if we had it then we could of avoided being pinned by the big ant. we also wouldn't of needed to climb on top of it to attack, meaning we would be far enough away to counter if a smaller ant fell.
No. 42549 ID: 80b195
File 131543191341.png - (82.89KB , 800x600 , QDis-1-6b.png )

"I don't like directly talking about mechanical details, but for the sake of openness I'll reiterate most of what I have said about it.

Each wound is registered separately. A wound that isn't just 'cosmetic' is from a blow that either dealt HP damage, or permanently affects someone's performance by wrecking a body part ('permanently' being 'disabled until treated')." Sheesh.

"So yes. HP damage, broken arm, or both. So you can have wounds that are disabling, but not 'damaging'.

One point of HP damage is defined as 'enough damage to kill'; usually by massive trauma, bleeding and shock are also valid. So yes, by definition, Player should be dead twice right now.

Luckily, experienced adventurers can survive that much punishment, multiple times; much like a Heavy Demon Ant. There's a limit of how much HP damage someone can take before collapsing, but lets not talk exact amounts. Last thing I need is to give you ideas.

And yes, not all blows are equal. A shotgun to the chest can kill someone twice over; but it wouldn't scratch a dragon, and would turn a fairy into a fine mist. Luckily, everyone here is in the same scale.

In this context, a Cure Potion can either heal ONE wound, or clear up all HP damage without fixing any disablings. There, I said it.

And answering your scenario, ripping a toe wouldn't even deal HP damage for starters. But beating a broken arm over and over could, even if for the pain alone."

... hmn.
No. 42551 ID: b6edd6

Oh, so the 2 HP damage and the eye being disabled are effectively separate injuries.
That clears up the 'only heal one of those' thing.
No. 57744 ID: aad5cd
File 134345377258.png - (849.09KB , 1537x2101 , DG-Angels-Sketches.png )

For the two or five of you who do. You know who you are.

I have to come to terms with it, its very unlikely I'll ever quest again. I mean; nothing against you guys. I just can't get myself to do it.

But a promise is a promise, and I said again and again; the day I finally admitted that's it, I was done, and not coming, I'd be giving out all the spoilers. So, this is your chance. Anything you might want to know about Dungeon Game, Planetfall, Handle with Care or Save the World Scenario, ask and ye shall know. I really need to get this load off my shoulders.

To show this is real, I present to you. Dungeon Game's angels.

So. Anyone still curious?
No. 57747 ID: 96a1b7

Of course we care!
No. 57750 ID: bd5edb

> Does anyone even still care?
That's a really stupid question.
No. 57753 ID: dde999


I... I almost don't want to know, because it would seal away the finality of not getting to enjoy these quests.

They were some of my favorites. Still are.
No. 57757 ID: bf54a8

i just want to know if a working but deactivated angel was in the dungeon. have green lose all his shit. and then bring it to the church and they lose all their collective shit.
No. 57759 ID: aad5cd
File 134348221263.png - (496.60KB , 1500x1246 , Scene-LeadPit.png )

Ok then, I won't answer more than what's asked.

There ain't working deactivated angels in the dungeon, just working angels. The demons took care of the 'deactivated' part quite a while ago. Its just one of the main stories of the dungeon, but is the major plot.
No. 57778 ID: b85f8c

Planetfall- what exactly is going on with the planet Weasel is on to make it so weird? The big square holes in the ground, etc.
No. 57796 ID: aad5cd
File 134352956451.png - (129.03KB , 788x531 , Planetfall-Hole-01.png )

Planetfall originally used Minecraft's 1.7.3 pre-biome level generator, which made much more interesting landscapes than the current one. It was easy to make errors in it. Too bad Notch deprecated it. So, they could be just regular terrain features.

But I'll answer your question with another instead. What makes you think Weasel's the first to set foot on that planet?
No. 57806 ID: 0b207e

I cared! D:

Also, want to just spoil the underlying mechanics of Player's quest?

How does magic work?
What does [] do?
How does one configure a character for 'echo'ing? AKA, using magic?

Would it have been possible to trigger magic in Player, and use it to help him?
No. 57810 ID: b85f8c

If those were signs of a previous inhabitant I would've expected to have a house already built somewhere within line of sight.

Were there actually any monsters at night, or were the creeper-bugs the only real threat?
No. 57822 ID: bdb3f8

the fuck was the DU core for?
No. 57826 ID: aad5cd
File 134360207546.png - (158.96KB , 695x483 , Weap-Hammer-DeepImpact.png )

Tunes, the [] commands, in essence are 'magic'.
Think of it like this: the Orb is an interface that communicates with, or trough, the target. Therefore, [commands] are attempts to access Reality trough the holder as a medium.
Its another of those scrappy mechanics. The target needs to be able to support spellcasting to cast any spells, and thats something that takes either years of training or divine intervention. The only way the Orb can change a target's spiritual fabric to access magic, is if he was already able to do so in the first place. Which means, having access to a god.

Its no secret the creep-bugs kinda displaced all the wildlife around. In an ecossystem that has explosive hiveminds, natural selection says you stay away from them.

Its ammunition.
No. 57833 ID: bf54a8

okay i got one, what was with all the racial traits? player says they are humans but it's obvious they are not 100% human.
No. 57883 ID: d9e8e8
File 134373421840.png - (82.60KB , 1280x609 , r001-0010.png )

What is a human, if not a member of humanity?

When the war was over and all, and the demons were banished by the angels, the surviving slaves were maybe in the five or six digits; people of all possible kinds, the extremes of the genetic pool, had to repopulate the earth. So yeah, bunny people always existed with elves.

While a biologist would expect those extremes to vanish over the generations, making all species look alike over time, what you call human vanished instead; in magical realm genetics, extreme characteristics are dominant I guess. The only trait that stuck was the ability of breeding with almost anything, which now everyone has, cementing the idea they were one kind, one language, one culture. Dungeon Game happens around year 1322, if I remember well.

Not to say some species didnt vanish; the more traditional demihumans got the short stick, all thats left is a trait or two running in families. Thats why Player has those ears, Niece is built like a brickwall, and Manuel is basically an overgrown dwarf.
No. 57901 ID: b6178d

Ah. I am very sad.

Still! It is your choice to make, and I'll just say that I loved it while it lasted. I loved the art, I loved the setting, I even (occasionally) loved the posters, and I certainly loved you for putting in all the effort. You ran a very fine quest, and I shall shake my fist at any and all naysayers, for all the good it might do.


Oh hoh hooooh! That's a lovely weapon you've got there, Player. And yeah, we had been pretty clued in to that we needed to be held by a mage(/priest?) to be able to cast spells.

I think a lot of people were thrown off setting-wise by the techno-magic amalgamation 'look' to Dungeon Quest, figuring the whole setting was just the former, rather than a sort-of combination of the two. I certainly didn't know for certain if it was one or the other or both!


Oh yes. We did get hints of this in our interrogation of Stahlvern (it's funny, I don't even have to look up his name). He said the humans brought the angels on their ass. Ironic that it was their own fiddling that did it, in that case.

I'm tempted not to add any questions, just in case you change your mind and return to this quest (despite the semi-spoilers already surfaced). Of course, I'd love to know more of the background and everything that was going on, what ADP and Karma was, how it -really- functioned, and what kind of a climax we were working towards.

If I had to ask one question, however, it would be this: What was the most surprising moment(s) of the quest to you? Not necessarily 'good' or 'bad' surprising, but just genuinely "I -really- didn't think they'd do that/suggest that".
No. 57906 ID: b85f8c

So, what was the Orb in Dungeon Game, exactly?
No. 63889 ID: 6b6d41
File 135323583215.png - (125.62KB , 1280x720 , 2012-Creeper-Bees.png )

Frankly, I like to think of Dungeon Game more of a lost tech thing. Humans had roughly a thousand years to redevelop from agriculture, but with the relics from the old demonic era to bootstrap themselves now and then; post-post-apocalyptic. And boy, they were sophisticated.

And frankly, a surprising moment... hard to say. Its been too long. I genuinely just spent a week trying to think of something, before I got caught up in stuff and kind of forgot about this thread >.>;; Hey, happens.

ll in all, what I really remember was the frustrations and the mistakes; I did alot of careless experimentation, and did run with the reins too tight, so I guess thats the price to be paid.

An interface to interact with the world trough the orb's holder.
I don't know either how exactly it works, but it works.
No. 63892 ID: bf54a8

yes weasel, tame the creeper bees and create a
C-4 like substance from their honey.
No. 63950 ID: a41970

Hahaha, that seriously made me laugh
No. 66701 ID: e62559

Whoa. I just read all of the quest threads, and just stumbled upon this. Have to say, it was a amazing ride.
No. 66787 ID: 9073b3


farmer girls are the cutest!
No. 66842 ID: 5d98c3

ALL of the threads? Gods man, there must be thousands!
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