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File 125464102755.gif - (9.62KB , 800x800 , title.gif )
4059 No. 4059 ID: af9412

A lot of discussion's come up in the latest DiveQuest chapter so I wanted to clarify some things here without diverting the action of the thread itself.

This whole reorganizational thing, facilitated by the character of Ashedel, is not really a retcon of anything, just a reorganization.
I mentioned that I was so frustrated by and not at all enjoying Divequest that I was on the verge of just outright canceling it, but instead I made some big changes to its overall theme and drive, and one of my biggest changes is ripping out all the micromanagement. That wasn't fun and several people told me they weren't able to keep up with the quest solely because of the bloated inventories and mana management, and I was inclined to agree. Simple is better.
Other changes include the way puzzles are handled, the general focus and scale, social interactions between the characters, and so on.
Mostly, as you can probably tell by now, DiveQuest is supposed to be pretty over the top and tongue-in-cheek, and I wanted to change the flow of the quest to better fit that. As it was, the puzzles and pacing too closely matched RubyQuest, which didn't really work for Dive.

Major changes include more focus on the characters, more dynamic puzzles, more agency on the part of the players, more of an over-the-top aesthetic, a generally smaller scale in terms of Muschio's minions (so that each of them can have their own personality), less stuff that takes itself too seriously, and so on. You get the basic idea.
The goal here is to make it more accessible, fast-paced, entertaining, somewhat silly, and open for new players.

That doesn't mean this is going to turn into a Harem quest or that there's not going to be more profuse amounts of violence, nor that everything will be RANDOM AND WACKY, nor that there will be no serious moments interspersed.
Just that the previous incarnation of DiveQuest was thoroughly unenjoyable for me, because it was a sluggish, clunky, overburdened, over-technical, and almost schizophrenic (in the bad way) experience.

Chapter 8 was the real turning point, I think. At the beginning I made my decision not to abandon DiveQuest, but to turn it into something more enjoyable, and by the end of the chapter I'd set the preparations for it to shift gears somewhat.

Thought I might as well get that out there for anyone who wasn't on IRC when I went over it.
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No. 140581 ID: cc1388
File 169358710321.png - (920.31KB , 1785x1500 , dq bell cori.png )

No. 140592 ID: 93d066

Can we be sent to Embraddeus?
dont remember if the elemental got a shard.
No. 140594 ID: 46e818

Emmy's not chipped yet, no
No. 140595 ID: 93d066

Don't believe it will be relevant in the meantime, but we could reassess our assets, its being a long while since we saw the Inventory; Mana stores and Production. It being a long and eventful while.
No. 140596 ID: 46e818

Mana stopped being a thing in like, Chapter 8. Inventory is mostly abstracted at this point.
No. 140600 ID: 93d066

Catching up is rough, there are so many things I didn't remember.
But is so worth it.
No. 140605 ID: 4dca67
File 169370307378.gif - (47.00KB , 612x544 , shitshitshit resized.gif )

Run your highness, run!
No. 140606 ID: cc1388

excellent anon
No. 140612 ID: ce619a

Can she even be chipped? Being made of fire, I'd think the shards would only fall through her.
No. 140613 ID: 539159

'yet' paints a pretty clear picture that she can be, I think.
No. 140614 ID: ce619a

Question: Do the shards have any proximity broadcasting to them? Like if two people with the shard are next to each other and one of them is currently tuned in can the other person also listen in?
No. 140615 ID: cc1388

the rules always been you have to be touching the orb to tap into the network. everyone gets a shard implanted directly in them for that reason, as i understand
No. 140616 ID: ce619a

Sorry, typo, I meant
>Like if two people with a shard
I meant to imply that the two people both have a shard implanted
No. 140617 ID: 93d066
File 169379305978.png - (16.32KB , 226x140 , 169350057565.png )

Damn, I was right!
No. 140618 ID: 93d066
File 169380483365.png - (12.92KB , 250x242 , Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 00-17-06 169378531240_gif.png )

Is that a symbol?
Have we seen it before?
No. 140619 ID: cc1388
File 169380876117.png - (14.61KB , 272x507 , world weater symbowls.png )

almost looks like the death symbol weaver uses? the X with a line has been used before, like henrys necklace in nanquest. seems fitting for a serial killer
No. 140622 ID: e966d8

Eh, I feel like it's a bit of a stretch. I can't see a good reason why a simple symbol like a cross on a stick could only be drawn like what is on his chest.

If anything, I'd bet on this being a marking that some spiders have on their abdomens.
No. 140625 ID: 93d066

I wonder if he's actually possessed or are we dealing with a "Dr Pendle and Mr Leonid" situation.
No. 140628 ID: 93d066

Kivas Sun was a Symbologist, demonologist, a lifelong scholar of the occult and arcane.

>SHE died in mysterious circumstances

>Leonid Travask was her protégé.

Leonid aka Pendle Khaneh may have been possessed by something horrible and terrible.
No. 140636 ID: d4a43f

I'm not sure of this makes our immediate task easier or harder.
No. 140639 ID: 46e818

To clarify a bit of confusion as to how the orb works, and because I've seen questions like "can nearby people on the network hear?":

No, only one person is "active" on the orb at a time, and they're the one who can receive information from the audience.
If you're not active you don't hear it -- you gotta hold the phone to listen to it, whether or not you're on the "network". Holding/touching/being implanted with a shard allows you to be the 'active' one in the first place, but it doesn't do anything at all [okay, some exceptions] if you're not active.

I've tried to keep this consistent but there's been a few times I've probably made mistakes. However, the only times I've ever intentionally fudged it are when it would just be another whole panel of the character repeating stuff, for example with Babrakus and Wes, we can just assume Babrakus relayed the information he was given.

I recognize that might be a bit disorienting in a story where "who knows what" comes into play but there will always be certain compromises.
No. 140641 ID: 93d066

Just like a cellphone
it can sometimes be on speaker ;D
No. 140642 ID: 93d066

Also Butt dialing can happen
No. 140643 ID: a10b37

We sort of got that when we dropped in on Babrakus and Tislomer in the middle of 'trying to figure out how this works' in chapter 20.
No. 140661 ID: 93d066

Well that one hell of a Metal chapter ending. We can only hope for the next to come soon.
No. 140664 ID: 93d066

Also on the other hand. It's about time we take care of Muschio's hand and also to equip him properly.

A light breastplate, a rapier and a pistol would do nicely. Maybe we can guide Finnie into making a proper revolver. After all, the prince knows what a pistol grip is and by extension a pistol. Give him the proper swashbuckler look.

That or we procure a proper battle mage that could teach Muschio a trick or two, or at least train him properly in fire magic.
No. 140665 ID: 46e818

lmao all that and i got the chapter number wrong
how does this even happen
No. 140666 ID: 93d066

Happens to the best buddy.
*cough* *Ch24* *cough*
No. 140677 ID: 93d066
File 169438038728.gif - (6.70KB , 800x600 , 130359633587.gif )

There are some things that we need to investigate
like the weird interference.
No. 140681 ID: cc1388

trauma for everyone, hooray! hopefully everyone can recover from this

so, whats our next objective? we need to identify the amulet and deal with the paladins. if pendle comes out of this ok, theyll probably need time to recover before we bother them with the amulet. we should also investigate his past and just how they were possessed.

as for the paladins, i dunno. im not sure if muschio coming in on a dragon will make things better or worse
No. 140683 ID: 93d066
File 169438187291.gif - (6.78KB , 800x600 , 130286306255.gif )

We also need to look into a funeral/burial for our little Buddy. Maybe a few nice words before sending (chucking) him into the portal to see if the Ether gives it back to us whole. Maybe we can ask Emmy what are we supposed to do.
No. 140692 ID: 93d066

Do we still have the healing staff?
Can we get it recharged?
No. 140721 ID: 8a2d6a
File 169481546128.png - (510.90KB , 1024x769 , finnie-simp.png )

>Me after Weaver's latest behind-the-scenes tweet
No. 140724 ID: 93d066

Shes being made cuter by the day
No. 140748 ID: 93d066
File 169536255611.png - (14.58KB , 466x450 , Fly birdie fly.png )

We really need to plan strategies around Ash abilities. Specially since we have a mountain and a tower we can use.
No. 140753 ID: 46e818

Ash can only glide, and not super far. She could get some real distance if we could get all the way to the top of the mountain (quite a project in itself) but certainly not all the way to Salamander Tower.
No. 140754 ID: 93d066

Gliding from the top of the mountain would give Ash quite the head start to any location. Like those guys in gliding gear that can go for miles, now imagine if we can get Finnie to tinker some light equipment for her, like wing extension and such. She could really go the distance.
No. 140758 ID: 273c18

Just give her some firework rockets as boosters.
No. 140770 ID: 8a2d6a

You know, as eager as I am to ship every possible cast member of this quest, I'm not seeing Ona x Wes as a romantic thing. It's a tender moment right now, but I'm not feeling any static charge in the air.
No. 140780 ID: 93d066

Big. Chunky. Toothed. Smile.
No. 140788 ID: 8a2d6a

Well, there you go.
No. 140794 ID: 93d066


No. 140797 ID: 93d066
File 169601742484.png - (15.14KB , 266x196 , Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 14-54-46 F57hfnvaQAE9peI .png )

A rarity indeed
No. 140801 ID: 93d066

Really thought that Eri's Shard-O-Vision® would be way more distorted than what it turned out.
No. 140804 ID: 3a3ebd

And you were right not to! Wes was pretty much the only one who never showed any attraction towards women before the hiatus too and now we have a full confirmation
No. 140849 ID: ce619a

You know, something just occurred to me. Remember that chapter featuring the masked guy? Did that mean he has an orb shard if the quest was from his perspective for that bit?
No. 140871 ID: 6dc55b
File 169664914388.png - (60.43KB , 800x600 , waitaminute.png )

those are some cute plushies finess-
wait a darn second, these seem familiar
No. 140876 ID: 93d066
File 169673990862.png - (80.42KB , 748x561 , KN2.png )

Really hope we get a new
to celebrate the end of the spooky month ☻
No. 140907 ID: 75acd3

Weaver has made several gag posts such as 747.jpg and 757.jpg being pictures of planes. This was 1337.gif, and the post was written in 13375p34k. I doubt it was intended to have any significance, but it's possible.
No. 141024 ID: 8a2d6a

>"Now I see what you are.
>Only now, at the end, do I recognize you."

So, what are we?
No. 141025 ID: 973d0f


i am who i am popeye the sailor man
No. 141067 ID: d9c05c

I suspect the "you" was singular and it was referring to Muschio. But we are a part of Muschio, so maybe we can include ourselves even if that's the case.
No. 141215 ID: bf3749
File 170043358098.gif - (277.48KB , 800x600 , 170035300760.gif )

cant stop giggling the way weaver animated going to the woodlands. feels like a true cartoony bit
No. 141238 ID: 831c0e
File 170065870465.png - (270.18KB , 1956x902 , IMG_0908.png )

Behold, the most schizophrenic thing ever put to paper, my headcanon quest timeline
No. 141292 ID: dc13c4

I followed the Dive Quest from the moment it came back and started to participate in the quest but as the quest kept going my way of interacting with it changed. I started to post more and more unhinged stuff, and to be honest not even I know why I started to interact that way with the quest. It is probably the feeling of being the invisible presence in the quest so I embraced it. Practically posted whatever I felt like posting and I did it not to feel like a main character in the quest but more to roleplay as a murder hobo who can't murder anybody. But as a friend told me my enjoyment of the quest became an annoyance to others and I practically acted like a cracked-out hobo who was yelling at the sky like a madman. So I will stop posting in this quest. Good luck Weaver with the quest.
No. 141294 ID: 7bff6f

No. You don't need to leave.
You can just make suggestions compliment the others or give interesting twists to the story instead, for example.
No. 141298 ID: 93d066

Chaos is welcome in the posts, as they are on point with the myriad of random thoughts we are supposed to symbolize. You do you my dude.
No. 141299 ID: 273c18

I disagree.
No. 141318 ID: 46e818

No, this whole thing about representing chaotic thoughts happened very early into the quest's lifespan with people roleplaying as "bloodlust" and so on and I said then to avoid it.

The commenters being parts of Muschio's psyche is a framing device. You don't need to roleplay as an intrusive thought, you can just comment, react, post suggestions, and other things you would normally do in a quest. There's no need to act out to fit what you think is expected of you.
No. 141320 ID: dc13c4

Well the best thing that I could say in my defense would be this

No. 141352 ID: 93d066

At this point, I've started to really crave some mint soup. I imagine it would be creamy, aromatic and with a sweet & sour taste to it.
No. 141358 ID: 6f5b61

Have there been any changes to the canonicity of Knight Blades?
No. 141369 ID: d62afe

Weaver has mentioned offsite that going forward the crossover parts of KB will be referenced less and less as to separate the two quests.
No. 141380 ID: 1034ad

Noooo I wanted ridder’s party to be like a commander coriander salamander thing where he is like friends with them and they keep in touch
No. 141381 ID: 48dae6

It probably will be more like this but probably to a lesser degree.

Some things I know that will go nowhere in Dive and should be considered non-canon unless Weav make it so:
- The baby kobold Muschio "saved" turning evil and setting up events for Reaver's Mudy quest
- Ridder courting Ashedel
- Ridder's mom being one of the causes of the Malto family being ousted in the coup de tas
No. 141383 ID: 93d066

Blushing Finnie is cute, CUTE!
No. 141386 ID: 707233

Even without references to past events, I hope we can see Ridder again. We are at a stage where we are seeking allies and it would be a shame not to utilize the ones we have.
No. 141394 ID: 93d066

Its PONY time!!
No. 141395 ID: 93d066


Hope its Applejack
No. 141472 ID: 1034ad

Wait so is Geppa just retconned?
No. 141474 ID: 46e818

No, she's still around.
No. 141475 ID: db231e

So, what kind of boons, besides the obvious (procreation, romance, fertility, forming of bonds) could a love deity provide to a Kobold tribe and their forest?

And more importantly, in whos interest is it to kill or wound the deity? Are the Elves/Humans trying to indirectly wipe out the Kobolds and claim the forest? Does someone desire the power of such a deity?

The fact a minor deity can be mortal and killable brings the totem into consideration as well - what if the bone it's made out of came from one such minor deity?
No. 141477 ID: 831c0e

Alright so baseless speculatio- er- I mean theorizing time. I think that due to all these symbols being present in the kobold den place I think there are likely at least 10 “major” gods, with the death one being the time warping death god from nanquest. The love god would probably be a minor deity falling under creation or life, and if I had to guess Cjopaze/perogra/xom/whateverthefuck would be some thing under chaos, the chaos god itself, or just some eldrich space monster. There is also the sun that the palidins worshio but I don’t know if that counts as a god.
No. 141489 ID: 04b6f1

Is the new Chapter up yet?
No. 141509 ID: 04b6f1

its up
No. 141541 ID: 46e818
File 170511734864.gif - (15.37KB , 800x600 , 175.gif )

Everyone keeps saying "wow the kobolds got big" lately
I think you just forgot how big the kobolds are

Kobolds are big in this universe! Tislomer has always come up to around/above Muschio's chin!
No. 141542 ID: dc13c4

Hello Weaver I just want to wish you a happy New Year
No. 141543 ID: bf3749

have we ever had official heights given for the cast? we can make rough estimations based on the shots we get with muschio and others beside human characters, but i cant remember anything definite. i think muschio is something like 5ft tall?
No. 141553 ID: cbe5b1

My mistake for the comment I made, then! Can't speak for anyone else who might have commented on it, but I guess kobolds are just small in my heart and my memory betrayed me.
No. 141579 ID: 04b6f1

Love how Finnie, even thought is so long-lived, is still so shy and awkward about sexual/carnal exchanges. One would think she would be distant and indifferent to that which do not peek her interest. Like an intellectual, cool, distant type.

Also explain why her date night with Mushio went so wrong.
No. 141615 ID: 04b6f1

I wonder if the Gobo village we just saw, it's the same Finnie grew in.

After all, she could have always moved from her home to a new one as she grew.
No. 141658 ID: 1ab976
File 170744554364.png - (20.03KB , 800x600 , 169843680433.png )

I’m fairly certain it was the demons right eye. Unless I’m missing detail, this looks like the right eye.
No. 141663 ID: 04b6f1

Is Mr. Lollipop side quest, a "Cult of the Lamb" kinda thing?
No. 141664 ID: 273c18

Oh, someone else stated it was the left eye and I had trouble parsing the transparent blue hands. So yeah that would match him hiding his other eye.
No. 141713 ID: 2f41db
File 170816870902.gif - (15.39MB , 400x240 , G5gIT0O.gif )

Every time i think about muschio getting an enchanted hand, my kind keeps drifting to this.
No. 141720 ID: c75e0b

Muschio be getting the Peter Pettigrew treatment.
No. 141763 ID: 2f41db

Random thought...

If mister lollipop was actually mad at muschio for disturbing the status quo,
i cant think of a betrer revenge than sending him off to fight a gang of cut throat slavers armed with an entirely mundane flower.
No. 141843 ID: 0ec851

Hey guys, I was thinking of the tale of Red Fang's death Mr. Lollipop told us and how he capitalizes certain words to emphasize certain divinity "My teachings" instead of "my teachings" and the like.
Namely, the mention that he foresaw one of "Us" would set in motions the wheels of his death. However, the only one who caused his death was Muschio Malto and his decision to take on Red Fang's dungeon. This either implies that a totemic deity somehow influenced Malto into killing red fang or... We are somehow a form of totemic deity.
Which might be why he seems to be communicating with us directly and why only we are able to see past his illusions.

Now this might be a crackpot theory but if totem deities seem live and and die off devotion, doesn't that theoretically mean a totem deity can be born from devotion? Say a lineage of kings who help their people and leave behind their name and the "totem" of a banner. Perhaps one with a Big M emblazoned on the front? A king who frequently helps species that are accustomed to worshiping a totem deity and even has has holidays amongst these people.
Say one or two generations of worship of this king and his descendants, of the Big M and perhaps the devotion might end up crystalizing and becoming something. Perhaps becoming a guiding force for those most directly involved in the Malto's family lineage, or even manifesting within it's heir.

That'd be pretty crazy though, right?
No. 141844 ID: 2f41db

That'd make finesse his acolyte for sure.
No. 141855 ID: 2f41db

Im still of the opinion mr lollipop is in the ally category.

Hes difficult to read as, for the most part, he is a creature that is more akin to water than anything else.
Shaped by the faith he is fed, he goes with the flow.
Powerful but paradoxically without power over self.
Perhaps too alien of thought to even be bothered by such things.
Thougn he does have one very understandable goal.

He does have a fundemental drive to be of use. To fit the purpose of the shape of the peoples belief.
That may be more similar to a mortal drive to be well fed than any urge for purpose.
If he is of no use to the people of the forest, then their belief in him wanes.
As we saw, when it fades he becomes less well defined in their minds and his own.
Once there isnt enough of a shape left for him to cling to, he'd just wash away.

As much as i began to pity him for what his situation appears to imply, namely a very limited degree of self determination, i do still wonder if im anthropomorphising a truly alien mindset.
Despite my urge to help him control a degree of who he is that may be irrelevent to him.
All he wants is a containing shape belief offers him, whatever shape, as long as it is strong.
To exist, not drain away back into nothingness.

Anyway, im mostly just going on about it here because, as was pointed out,its a better place for it but also because i just really like Mr lollipop as a character.

He was fun and effectively creepy.
Especially his apparent ability to hear us.
I dont expect we'll see him again for a while but the time we got was a damnably good one.

Quest reader loves creepy horseman
No. 141889 ID: 7493dd

Is chapter 31 up yet?
No. 141971 ID: 7493dd

No. 142195 ID: e3eabd
File 171592349331.jpg - (5.75KB , 225x225 , images.jpg )

I'm so happy to see this quest has been revived. Weavers quests were some of the first I had started following way back when and are what introduced me to interactive quests. They always gave me something to look forward to and read while at work or in bored limbo. I would end up following others, but they too all slowly went silent. After so many of my favs had died off I just stopped reading quests or looking for new ones. Just recently I stumbled upon the wiki for this and saw new entries after ch26 and was ecstatic. Once again I'll have a little world to whisk away to while grinding through life's monotony.

Thank you.
No. 142208 ID: 3672e0

Yo, Weaver is back in our year of 2024? Holy shit, you're a legend man! So good to see you active. I was just thinking about you the other day. You've really made a lot of people happy and made some killer content over the years. I hope life is treating you well. You deserve it.
No. 142262 ID: 8ce4ec

It's certainly fun to feel like we (the audience/questers) are having an impact again. I get it there was a lot of story that needed to happen, and a lot of absolutely terrible suggestions and pointless discussions going on for a while. But seeing the frenzied poking of the MS and actually following through on our terrible suggestions to put it in the portal (especially with the facial expressions) was fantastic. And I don't mean this as we're not enjoying things I mean it as it seemed like Weaver really enjoyed going whole ham silly for these interactions again.
No. 142264 ID: 6228b7

Oh dang, this is actually running again? Glad I decided to check the site.
No. 142265 ID: 46e818
File 171719424418.gif - (10.83KB , 800x600 , 318.gif )

It's hard to express (at least in ways that people will readily believe) how much of the story is shaped by the players, but it really is more central than you might think. Sometimes I anticipate the responses and sometimes I don't.
But plenty of times, discussion that isn't even direct suggestion will influence the path of the story. Someone will say "oh what if it's actually because [x]" and then I'll be like "hey that's a good idea, that's canon now", even though that was just them theorizing and not a suggestion. Other times major conflicts are addressed by solutions directly, like when people said "quick use Tislomer" during the Seer confrontation

but, yes
I do enjoy when the thread surprises me and I get to just do weird, silly stuff
Muschio possessed by a fey mood and just running off to do whatever dumb idea's gripped him is always fun
No. 142296 ID: 8f9bc4

My humble favorite form of questing. Nothing I hate worse is when I make some dumb suggestion, the quest author takes it personally, rocks fall, everybody dies, and it's apparently my fault. Much better to have a coherent plot, and characters with their own motivations, with no personal obligation of the artist to follow one suggestion or another. What we give are ideas, and it is your discretion to use them as you see fit.
No. 142319 ID: 7493dd

It seems the wiki needs some serious updating.
No. 142341 ID: 2f41db

That gal is a living swiss army knife.
Any situation, utility.

Also, "throw tislomer at it" will either fix things or create an entirely new problem that we might have a better chance with.
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