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File 171200833717.png - (23.07KB , 800x600 , 2111.png )
1087613 No. 1087613 ID: 46e818

Our work is done.
The raider's camp is broken.

Finesse, Tislomer, Ashedel and I traveled again to the villages of the Timore Woodlands, bringing with us the abducted children we recovered from their captivity.

Finesse's old village, Ihnesh-Nayevh, was presentable, but still recovering from the previous chaos. With their stolen children reunited, and the blessings of the Seer reaffirmed in symbol, they pledged themselves without hesitation to our cause.

Still, we chose to give them the time and distance to recover themselves, and I vowed to send an emissary in the coming days to establish a more foundational agreement.
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No. 1087614 ID: 46e818
File 171200838965.png - (16.39KB , 800x600 , 2112.png )

We returned next to the Blue Trees, and returned the remaining children to their parents.
The Kobold Elder was true to his word. He swore fealty to me as local lord, and promised a long and prosperous alliance.

He directed us to the ceremony master's dwelling, where again we met with Tislomer's father, who had in our absence been tasked with gathering arcane intelligence for us, as well as a means of exorcism for Pendle, still in bondage at the Vault.

I was surprised, then, when he presented me with a small paper box and a note, which he claimed had been left by divine intervention.
No. 1087615 ID: 46e818
File 171200840815.png - (12.82KB , 800x600 , 2113.png )

The missive was woven, not written.

Lines of fabric and fiber, almost metallic to the touch, wound themselves in strange patterns along the page, and yet, as my eyes traced the knots and seams in their paths, the meaning was somehow perfectly clear.

This gift had been sent by the Seer.

It contained a rare root from a distant land, of rare and valuable property. Powdered in a poultice, it is often used as a treatment for burns and insect stings. Ingested in small doses, it can surely expel any demon from a possessed host.
No. 1087616 ID: 46e818
File 171200842444.png - (12.63KB , 800x600 , 2114.png )

But, the note warns with emphasized urgency, the skin of the root is toxic to the sensitive biology of Voltos -- perhaps even lethal. Tislomer helpfully volunteers to carry it home.

The root is not named in the note's odd language, but the ceremony master believes he recognizes it as "houndsgall". He notes it is believed locally extinct.
No. 1087617 ID: 46e818
File 171200850223.png - (12.88KB , 800x600 , 2115.png )

In my absence, the ceremony master reveals he has also unearthed information regarding the ever-mysterious symbol I have been trying to research.

He says it is the symbol of an old, perhaps even ancient God, which the locals call "Algotsfilvris", or the "Shield of Comose".

Supposedly, this was a god of "Protection of the Ugly", an often brutal guardian of those the world would call impure or disgusting.
But the ceremony master says he knows of no one who worships this entity.
No. 1087633 ID: ce619a

>guardian of those the world would call impure or disgusting
We're allied with orcs, a dragon, bugfolk and now lord-protector of goblins and kobolds. Kind of seems like we're already an indirect acolyte of this god.
Might be an idea to bring this up to the ceremony master and ask if it would be wise to begin directly worshiping this god if for no other reason than to deny the czar it's boons.
No. 1087645 ID: 421554

Oh. So... Algotsfilvris is the protector of the ugly. And Mister Lollipop is the local god, protecting those in these woods, many of whom are quote unquote monstrous. And he is, known only to us, a disquieting, brutal figure... It could be a false lead, but it is something.

I wonder how much you're actually listening to us right now, Muschio. You've been awfully deaf to our words regarding Mister Lollipop, at least.
No. 1087651 ID: 2f41db

Think it might be worth getting tislomer a nice, well made lockbox while thats present big M.
I trust her, but she could do with something to store high risk ingredients anyway.
No. 1087653 ID: 8f9bc4

> the skin of the root is toxic to the sensitive biology of Voltos -- perhaps even lethal

Oh I'm sure this root is going to be used entirely for its intended purpose, with nothing unfortunate happening at all.
No. 1087659 ID: eb0a9c

Aaand the Seer has just proven that they can have you assassinated at any time, even if you flock off their domain.

Tislomer's new task is to bioengineer an antidote for this stuff. Erisol can use her magic to preserve your skin sample, and then you smear the poison after soaking it in experimental compunds. If it doesn't shrivel up and die instantly, we're making progress.

Crud. I think I know what the Czar is going after; he mis-interpreted the scripture and thinks his god shows favor to a "Master of Mutants", so he's mutating and brainwashing everyone he can get a firm grip on to earn the most favor for being the ruler of the ugly madpixies. Pretty sure that's not how it works, but he can still siphon a sliver of power by accidentally showing some occasional slack to his creations - and that sliver has already made him unkillable.
No. 1087662 ID: ce619a

Pretty sure it's just a (in)convenient reason why we can't use it on ourselves to check if the demon is really gone from us
No. 1087666 ID: 82e021

Have a taste. Just a pinch. You know you want to. You want to see what happens. You want to feel the burn.
No. 1087672 ID: 147f9a

Biology? Are you open to briefly explain about this subject of the voltos around this part?
No. 1087682 ID: 7b00fc

Well you could always build up an immunity by taking very small doses and slowly increasing.
No. 1087691 ID: 7493dd

Capital idea!

I believe Mr. Lollipop would have been able to tell if that was the case.

But truth be told, we have the people that can get us get immunity/antidote, if needed.

Now we can also make special tea for every one in the base just to be on the save side.
No. 1087692 ID: 273c18

Oh good, we can use that to guarantee that our bandaged-up buddy is safe to release. ...ah, those vines we kept seeing, those were strings of knots?

Ah. The assassin wears a mask. Perhaps they are simply a worshipper trying to solidify their faith? Further research should be done, now that we know what it is.

...give it to Finnesse for now, hehehe.
No. 1087711 ID: 2f41db

Excellent idea.
The thought that any would be assassin could counter that stratagem is inconceivable.
No. 1087775 ID: eb0a9c

Oh har de har har.
Seriously though, if we're going to be poisoning anyone to death, spiking their drinks with heavy metals is both sadistic and effective at turning them into insane time bombs.
No. 1087806 ID: 46e818
File 171209164242.png - (19.41KB , 800x600 , 2116.png )

With our quest resolved, the children saved, and immediate plans for a mutual alliance in place, I feel our quest in the Timore Woodlands is at long last completed.

We return home with the Houndsgall root and a few small trinkets given as gifts of thanks.

>"What do you think, Master Muschio? We have a little information on the amulet, but I don't feel it brings us any closer to an answer."
"I'd like to ask Pendle about it more, when he's cleared. Now that we have a name and he'll have access to his papers, perhaps he'll be able to help illuminate why my fresh enemy Czar Bomba has such an obsession with this little relic that he was willing to send his assassin after me."
>"Yeah an' maybe we can find the Shield of Commas an' I get to hold it one time if we do."

"Tislomer... what are you eating?"
>"The candy Mr. Lollipop gave me. I'm not eating the root okay I'm not stupid."
>"I gave it to Ashedel to carry, master."
No. 1087808 ID: 90c4c1

Don't forget the debriefing with Ashdel once we get back to base. After action reports are important to identify potential issues before they become problems.
No. 1087817 ID: e77f5d

Is Ashe alright? She still has a look about her that is... Well maybe not traumatized but definitely still processing whatever she just saw.
No. 1087823 ID: 54195c

What kind of trinkets did we get? I wonder if we can feed any of them to the monster portal
No. 1087828 ID: dc4bad

that or she's looking AT something. something high and in the distance?

...The base better not be on fire or something, we are thiiis close to having our situation stabilize properly.
No. 1087842 ID: 443b73

I'm a bit concern over what Mr. Lollipop's candy might be.
Now that we are out of his influence can Muschio hear or acknowledge how fucked up that god was from our point of view?
No. 1087844 ID: 273c18

Let's keep better track of the horrible poison. Wouldn't want another mixup.
No. 1087848 ID: 2f41db

Walk tall big M.
All four of you infact.
As much as you decry the romanticism of some things, you return as child saving heroes.
No. 1087883 ID: 46e818
File 171215703329.png - (8.57KB , 800x600 , 2117.png )

"Well, now we have a name, at least.
Tislomer, can you tell us anything about Algotsfilvris? Do you recognize that word?"
>"No, sorry. I just thought it meant Shield of Comets or whatever dad said."
"Well, does it or doesn't it mean that?"
>"I dunno."
"I suppose we can just have Pendle translate when we get home."
No. 1087884 ID: 46e818
File 171215711240.png - (9.18KB , 800x600 , 2118.png )

>"Good luck, Master Muschio. The kobold tongue is notoriously resistant to literal translation."
>"Yeah they said it's jittering."
>"Yeah that"
"Well fine. At least we have some kind of lead. Whatever Pendle can find will give us more avenues for asking, if nothing else."
No. 1087888 ID: ce619a

We could go visit the seer again and ask him + show him the amulet replica. Being a god he should know better than anyone.
No. 1087889 ID: 8f9bc4

I don't want to go to the seer again...
No. 1087898 ID: 24ce25

I agree. That is a problem for a later day.
No. 1087904 ID: feca34

Maybe you should ask your companions about how they're generally feeling after this adventure, and if they have any opinions or concerns to share. General feedback. You'll need to get practice listening to people as your domain expands.
No. 1087907 ID: 2f41db

And take the time to commend them for their service.
Good for morale, big M.
No. 1087909 ID: ce619a

Indeed, give everyone a round of firm pats on the rump.
They've earned it. :)
No. 1087916 ID: 82e021

Ask nicely if Tislomer will give you a price of candy. It's from Mr Lollipop it must be good.
No. 1087920 ID: 05fc82

We have more than one mystic. Cut to Ona and let’s start asking her about Algotsfilvris and houndsgall. Try and get somewhere while we head back.
No. 1087936 ID: 46e818
File 171225519066.png - (13.52KB , 800x600 , 2119.png )

Huh? Oh no, yeah. I'm here. Hey. Been a minute. Did everything go okay out there?

I don't recognize the name "Algotsfilvris", but I know "houndsgall". I didn't realize it was a real thing, though. Or at least, not anymore. I heard a lot of stories about it, though. Shows up in legends. Pretty dangerous stuff, as far as plants go.
No. 1087937 ID: 46e818
File 171225530459.png - (12.36KB , 800x600 , 2120.png )

If you got your hands on some, I'd definitely say try not to touch it with bare skin. I don't have a lot of hard data but all the stories talk about it burning hands. Even if it's got exorcismal properties, I would use, like, extremely small dosages.

...hey, did you guys really see a God? Like, an actual honest God?
No. 1087938 ID: 8f9bc4


We saw an inverted star, a hideous creature from beyond that struggled to even exist in a way that was compatible with mortal beings, though he did seem to be trying. We met someone bound by laws we could not understand, and un-bound by what normally restricts us in reality, living in agony despite seemingly limitless power. His name's Mister Lollipop.
No. 1087939 ID: 56382e

We saw... Something. To call him a true god feels somewhat disingenuous but what else can we refer to it as? There is definitely something that has a lot of power and derives a lot of it from their followers, and the power their followers give them shapes their form and abilities. But there was also a darker side to it, we could see things that- I would describe it as taking a peek backstage at what may have been actually happening, and what we saw was deeply troubling.
No. 1087940 ID: feca34

Ok Very Important Note: Have Ashedel wash her hands as soon as she gets back. ESPECIALLY if she still wants to follow up on that personal debriefing with Muschio.
No. 1087941 ID: 2f40c8

Ona, every time we try to describe what we saw, Muschio and co. ignored us.
Whatever he truly is, he has the power to mask reality. But while mortals don't have anywhere near the spell resistance needed, we do - barely. Between flashes of pink flamboyance, we got to see horror flavored in the form of our nightmares.
No. 1087942 ID: eef602

we could try something with ona
try saying something involving the words of the god that we met
if she hears something like "the god is _____, and also ____" then we'll know that it's being blocked. Or it might block the entire sentence entirely from being heard. I dont know how strong his powers are.
No. 1087943 ID: 8f9bc4

to be fair, Muschio ignores us a lot
to be fair, we kinda deserve it
No. 1087945 ID: ce619a

>...hey, did you guys really see a God? Like, an actual honest God?

Ambient mass mind control, seamless dimension shifting and manipulation of time, hallowing people out on a spiritual level and turning them into divine-husk finger-puppets. From our standpoint on a practical level, yes, that was a god.
Spookiest part is Muschio and the rest of the group were incapable of perceiving or remembering most of this crap when it happened.

It was the one that "generated" the houndsgall, btw. Might be some divine juju on it. Could be something to check out when we get back.
No. 1087946 ID: bf2925

Oh yes. And it almost became one of those rape things. You would have had a good time.
No. 1087954 ID: 05fc82

Is Pendel doing well? Also, what's with the strange diagram on the chalk board?
No. 1087968 ID: 273c18

Mister Lollipop acted like he had met Muschio before, called him "Big M" but I wonder if he wasn't referring to us.
No. 1087984 ID: ce0847

Crazy theory, but maybe Mister Lolipop is the one who made the orb of Infinite Psyche, he made us. Hence why we can see what was actually happening.
No. 1087987 ID: 2f41db

"God" yes.
"Honest" the jury is still out.
Theres darkness in the deep of the woods.
I think its an ally, but doubts linger.
No. 1087998 ID: 443b73

Mister Lolipop is a terrifying being, a greasy beast surrounded by unnatural darkness and sweet illusions. Paradoxically he also has good intentions and seem to be trustworthy. A charming perverted and a sinister parental figure. Let's never meet him again.

>Between flashes of pink flamboyance, we got to see horror flavored in the form of our nightmares.
I still think those glimpses were us being briefly pullet into his perspective.

>seamless dimension shifting and manipulation of time
That wasn't real. He just mind controlled Muschio giving us a perceive lost of time.
>hallowing people out on a spiritual level and turning them into divine-husk finger-puppets
Is that what happened? I though they were reduced to mincemeat and rearranged as functional masked minion creatures.
No. 1088000 ID: ce619a

You forgot the bit where we walked into the dark bog, Tislomer called lollipop's name then suddenly we went back in time to the beginning of us approaching the bog, but with the bog replaced by the sunny glade.
Also, all the reality shifting back and forth between the glade and bog that no one was able to perceive.
No. 1088014 ID: 443b73

The bright woods with flowers everywhere and a pink aura was the illusion. The dark woods with weird wires and oil everywhere was the reality the group perceived before meeting him and we got glimpses of occasionally. We never went back in time.
No. 1088021 ID: 006510

Hey ona, what’s up with the chalkboard?
No. 1088037 ID: 7493dd

I'll say a lower case one, but one nonetheless and is on our side, which is nice.
No. 1088046 ID: ebae20

Yeah but he kept trying to see boobs/bang the girls
No. 1088121 ID: 46e818
File 171245886427.png - (8.73KB , 800x600 , 2121.png )

Forced action, threatening aura, influence on the mind... yeah, that sounds like a God all right.
My understanding is that dealings with Gods are usually not worth attempting. One rarely comes out unchanged. Simply being around them seems to lead to disaster more often than not, in some pretty horrific forms.
No. 1088122 ID: 46e818
File 171245903766.png - (13.67KB , 800x600 , 2122.png )

Anyway, Pendle's sleeping in his cell for now, but when the group gets back (which I guess is any minute now?) you can ask him, I'm sure he'll have more insight on the matter, since it's sorta his area.

Oh, and as for the markings on the chalkboard, I'm just practicing my runes. It's not really a precise science or anything, but patterns emerge the more you work with them. Kind of amazing how a single line out of place or an angle too loose can break a sigil, but--

What is--
it's the front door. I forgot we totally remodeled that.
Well, I guess now's the time to try it out!
No. 1088123 ID: 2f41db

A clear mind and sceptical opinion may be of use in future dealings with it.
Honestly, im not sure if he was affecting us in some way too.
Glad you're there Ona.

New stuff.
Lead the way.
No. 1088124 ID: eb0a9c

Why does your new entrance sound like a wombat twerking something to death?
No. 1088125 ID: ebae20

Is there a way to peek outside first? I know the group is on the way back, but it never hurts to be overly cautious
No. 1088137 ID: 273c18

Don't forget security practices. We don't know if that's Muschio.
No. 1088139 ID: ce619a

Well, there's one sure fire way to check that: Send us back to Muschio
No. 1088145 ID: 8f9bc4


Huh, in that case Mister Lollipop was an unusually restrained God. He had plenty of chances to utterly destroy Muschio & Co., and totally didn't. Saved a bunch of children too.

Dealings with gods is not worth attempting? I think a lot of people pray to gods. Does that not count as dealing with them?
No. 1088146 ID: 7493dd

It's a dangerous dealing indeed.
We should know, we just broke a deal with a dragon just a bit ago. But these relations are the ones that will open the path for our future.

Remember the security triage Ona. You can never be too careful.
No. 1088155 ID: eef602

No. 1088170 ID: 46e818
File 171251614278.png - (11.41KB , 800x600 , 2123.png )

Oh yeah! Didn't Muschio show you? We got this cool new entryway, heavily fortified. Makes it easy to check who's trying to come in without throwing the door open wide.
No. 1088171 ID: 46e818
File 171251616116.png - (12.83KB , 800x600 , 2124.png )

Huh. Well, it's not them.
No. 1088172 ID: 46e818
File 171251618090.png - (6.14KB , 800x600 , 2125.png )

Looks like a Denling maybe?
Not one of ours, though.
No. 1088173 ID: 8f9bc4

One denling doesn't seem like much of a threat. Maybe it's a messenger? What does the little guy have to say?
No. 1088174 ID: 1ab976

One little guy like that made this huge noises banging on the door?

Get Dompag and Geppa, things might get ugly here in a second.
No. 1088175 ID: 3e302e

Greet the precious little baby!!
No. 1088176 ID: ce619a

Seconding this.
Get someone else first to standby before you greet this thing. Make sure whoever you get is out of sight of this thing. Don't let them know how many people are around and such.
Also, lock the doors to these bunkers as you leave, that thing looks small enough to squeeze into the openings.
No. 1088177 ID: eb0a9c

"Apologies, but you will be required to wait far longer. If you wish for refreshments or commodities, please ask."
No. 1088210 ID: 2f41db

Throwing in a third.

Unless you guys have a weird doorbell now, thats a lot of noise for a lil guy.

Backup needed but still time to politely ask who it is and what their business here is.
No. 1088228 ID: 273c18

Alright, treat this as a possible attack. Call for the guards to be on hand, and make standard preparations otherwise like being ready to retreat across the trap zone.

Ask the little guy who they are and who else is with them.
No. 1088232 ID: 7493dd

Better safe than sorry. Step back, call the muscle and Emmy for input. Finally (from a safe distance, mind you) address the interloper.
No. 1088238 ID: 4d8b77

Jesus Christ, is that a fucking gremlin?
No. 1088255 ID: 42436b

It's a trick. Get an axe.
No. 1088260 ID: 46e818
File 171260686001.png - (12.84KB , 800x600 , 2126.png )

Damn, you guys are being weird, even for you. There's nobody else here, see? We put little mirrors up in the corners so we could see the whole hall from in here, if anyone else was past the outer gate we'd know.

But if you're really that insistent, I'll make sure I have backup.
"Dompag! Someone's at the door, would you come here please?"
>"I'm coming!"
No. 1088262 ID: 46e818
File 171260701401.png - (8.92KB , 800x600 , 2127.png )

>I bring good tidings!
>My master, the esteemed Morphyl Rabas, has sent me as messenger. I am here to inform you he is en route to this location as a peaceful guest."
No. 1088263 ID: 46e818
File 171260711866.png - (8.12KB , 800x600 , 2128.png )

>"Master Rabas is scheduled to arrive in three days. I hope this gives you ample time to prepare for a visit.
>He wishes me to inform you he will be arriving with gifts and goodwill.
>Further details have been committed here to paper.

>Thank you, and good day!"
No. 1088265 ID: abefbd

That name isn't ringing any bells with us, at a guess he is someone who saw Muschio flying in on a dragon and wishes to be in his good graces.

> Morphyl Rabas
Let's remember the name. Maybe Muschio might know? Or maybe not, denlings are monsters from a monster portal so either they are a lord who has no problem using monsters or they are another lord of a dungeon. Guess we'll find out.
No. 1088275 ID: 8f9bc4

What a polite little fellow! What does the paper say?
No. 1088277 ID: 2f41db


Ahhh, just messing with you.
Youre right.
We are a bit weird right now.
Still on edge from meeting the godthing, you know?

Weirdest thing...
I was convinced he could see and hear us.
No. 1088278 ID: ce619a

>But if you're really that insistent
We've been invaded by paladins, assassins and demons; we're in conflict with the city-state of a powerful wizard who wishes us dead; we have a princess of a kingdom captive; and we rode back here on a dragon which could garner more aggression from forces unafraid of dragons.

Yes, we are very insistent. We need maximum security standards around here and after everything that's happened, better safe than sorry. Even putting previous threats aside, we're starting to hit the big leagues and that means all kinds of schmucks looking to make a name for themselves could be taking shots at us now.
That little guy could've been a magic bomb or a living portal to teleport an army in here. He still could've put down some kind of trap or spying device/spell in the entrance. Once they're gone have Erisol and anyone still at the base who's good at spotting traps check the area for that kind of thing.

But yeah, with all that in mind, sorry you're having to be the gatekeeper here. You're supposed to be the doctor, not the doorman. Once our ranks swell a bit more you won't have to stick your neck out like this anymore. You've already been thrust into danger more times than you ever should have even before this.
No. 1088279 ID: 273c18

Oh that's the *outside*, alright. Didn't see the little guy there in that view.

Wait until Dompag gets here before touching that.
No. 1088285 ID: f351b4

Well, Ona, you're the smart one, if there's any curses or anything on that letter you're the one here with the best chances with them.

Offer the little guy some hospitality, a chance to have something to eat and drink, and rest. He probably won't take it, but it's the polite thing to do!
No. 1088318 ID: 53560f

Huh, what do you know? Someone is seeking us out and issn’t immediately trying to kill or threaten us. How often does that happen anymore?
Lets read that note.
No. 1088375 ID: 05fc82

Before we open it, ask if Morphyl Rabas is an elf. We just dealt with some slavers with a royal permit in elf script. Next, take the message and wait for Muschio to return. If there is a crest or emblem on it, show it to him and see if it looks like the one on the slavers permit. If they are the same, that is going to complicate this visit.
No. 1088389 ID: 46e818
File 171268782759.png - (13.97KB , 800x600 , 2129.png )

"Is Mr. Rabas--"
>"Yes and good day to you too! Now I must be off to meet with my master! Glad tidings!"
No. 1088390 ID: 46e818
File 171268789878.png - (6.75KB , 800x600 , 2130.png )

Well, he let himself out.

The letter is definitely sealed, you're right. Wax stamp. I'll leave it for Muschio to open. The symbol I don't recognize, it's -- actually, can you see it? I'm holding it up, can you see it like this? I feel like I'm still not really sure how this works.

Anyway, that name doesn't mean anything to me.
No. 1088391 ID: ce619a

Might as well ask around the rest of the base if the name Morphyl Rabas rings a bell to anyone
No. 1088392 ID: 34642b

Guess we better start getting some accommodations setup for our esteemed guest. Might wanna make some diplomat quarters and get Babrakus to make some fancy furniture.
No. 1088393 ID: eb0a9c

Hang on, let me cast something...


Doesn't look like an anagrammed name. I mean, who names their kid Bromals Harpy?

Put the letter in a vault for now, only Muschio should read it.
No. 1088399 ID: 6e220c

Yeah, don't open it until Muschio himself sees it. He'll probably want to see it himself. Check around the Vault and see if anyone currently here has heard the name Morphyl Rabas. If we can get back to Muschio we'll ask him ourselves.
No. 1088403 ID: 7fd8d8

I'm gonna be real with you Ona, our memory kinda works like a library and if that name or sigil exists in our recollection it is way too much a pain in the metaphorical crystalline ass to go check right now for this voice. Maybe one of these other fine voices would like to go look but I'm not gonna guarantee it.

I'll tell you what though I can't help but notice some of those wax 'drips' form an oddly straight line through that seal. Especially that one poking on the top left is weirdly thin if you think about how wax is likely to fall on a page and get squished around by a seal. Did you know one trick assassins use is to hide a poisoned needle inside wax when you seal a letter so that you prick yourself when you break it open?
No. 1088408 ID: 17f024

We'll make sure Muschio or anyone else opens it with a knife to make sure. Good call.
No. 1088416 ID: 2f41db

Yeah, we can see it.
Along with some of your thoughts.
So very lewd.
No. 1088420 ID: 05fc82

I think we should cut back to Muschio then. Update him on this sudden invite, prod for information, and make sure nothing bad is happening on the way back to the vault.
No. 1088440 ID: 7493dd

The Boss and/or Pendel are the ones that realistically may have info on the guy.
No. 1088443 ID: debc82


No writing or any other identifying marks on the exterior? Nothing other than the seal to maybe identify the sender as this ... "Rabas" or whomever?
No. 1088448 ID: 46e818
File 171277391099.png - (10.41KB , 800x600 , 2131.png )

"You know any 'Morphyl Rabas', Dompag?"
>"No, but if they're anything short of second in line I probably wouldn't."
>"Hey, how 'bout let's pop open that letter, boss is gonna get the message quicker if we relay it to him in the orb, right?"
No. 1088449 ID: ce619a

The little guy said he's due in three days, so there's no rush to read it.
Ask Pendle if he's heard of this guy.
No. 1088454 ID: 05fc82

I agree. There are others to ask and if the message is enchanted in some way than opening it now might lose us some important information.
No. 1088463 ID: 8e3bf6

If you're gonna open it at least use a knife, less risk of getting poisoned by a needle hidden in the wax.
No. 1088503 ID: eb0a9c

Please don't open it. In fact, wash your hands after touching it.
If you're going to open that thing up, use a shard of us.
No. 1088504 ID: 2f41db

Its an anagram of "my sharp Balor"
Ring any bells?
Or "Laps my harbor"
Or "harry Slapmob"
Or "barry hopslam"
Ah, probably just send us back to annoy big M, tell him whats happening and see if he knows them.
Dont open it.
Would be impolite to snoop on missives between nobles.
No. 1088511 ID: 82e021

Dompag's right. Be a huge time saver to open it now and tell Muschio what it says.
No. 1088519 ID: 8f9bc4


Good ol' Harry Slapmob. What a joker. What a card.
No. 1088522 ID: 46e818
File 171287012081.png - (13.11KB , 800x600 , 2132.png )

"What if it's a code or something? Or an assassin's veiled threat?"
>"Could be an anagram. Like... 'Mr. Parlay Hobs'"
"I don't know anyone by that name, either."
>"Or 'Mr. Boars Haply'. Or 'Holy Bra Ramps'."
"'Holy Bra Ramps' isn't a name."
>"Or 'Harry Mop Slab'."
"...how are you so good at this??"
No. 1088523 ID: 46e818
File 171287018475.png - (13.19KB , 800x600 , 2133.png )

>"I like puzzles."
"There's the knocker again. Probably the boss this time."
>"Maybe it's just the initials. Do we know anyone by M.R.?"
"Why don't you think about that one and I'll go check the door."
No. 1088524 ID: 46e818
File 171287020465.png - (5.64KB , 800x600 , 2134.png )

No. 1088525 ID: 46e818
File 171287025716.png - (12.42KB , 800x600 , 2135.png )


>"Welcome home! Heard it got pretty rough."

"Actually it went great! Let's never do that again."
No. 1088526 ID: 8e1c03

Perfect timing, we got a letter for you. Do know anyone named Morphyl Rabas? Be careful when you open the letter, one of us pointed out a poison needle could be in the wax seal.
No. 1088527 ID: ce619a

Hey Muschio!

♪We just got a le~tter,♪
♪We just got a le~tter!♪
♪We just got a le~tter,♪
♪I wonder who it's from!♪
No. 1088528 ID: 273c18

Someone already said to watch out for a poisoned needle. Don't forget poison dust in the envelope. Just wear a mask when opening it.
No. 1088529 ID: 05fc82

Now we can start the exorcism! Also, while you were away, some sort of Denling delivered a message about 'Morphyl Rabas' arriving in three days with gifts. First, that name ring any bells? Second, check the seal on the message before opening, have to make sure this guy isn't the one who gave the permit to the slavers. Third, prep for political dinner?
No. 1088530 ID: 2f41db

Welcome home big M.
Were doing anagrams.
Hey, what about Ralphy B.o. Arms?
Something about a letter too.
No. 1088541 ID: 7493dd

Welcome home Boss, you got mail!
Be sure to inspect it properly, at least put it against a light, etc.
No. 1088578 ID: 46e818
File 171294588568.png - (15.03KB , 800x600 , 2136.png )

Very well, I will attend to the letter presently.
But first, the matter of Pendle's confirmed exorcism.

We've explained the root and its processes to him. The Seer is a strange and somewhat offputting figure, but I have no reason to doubt the nature of this cure he's given us. So it is up to our ally-turned-captive, roused from his cell.

"Are you prepared to ingest the root? It is some level of toxic, and I cannot be sure you will come out the other end unharmed."
>"I won't hesitate. I need to be sure, as much as anyone here. More.
>Even if I die, at least that would mean a release. At least I would know I was no longer under the thrall of that thing."
>"It's just medicine you two calm down"

Shall we?
No. 1088580 ID: 8f9bc4

*salutes Pendle*
No. 1088581 ID: 047965

Let’s begin, have Ona ready on standby as well as an extra healer
No. 1088584 ID: ce619a

We could ask him stuff beforehand in case he dies, but something tells me he's not going to die.
So, whatever
Do a flip while he eats it, I guess
No. 1088592 ID: f14228

Here's to not being possessed!
No. 1088594 ID: 2f41db

Bravely done pendle.

Big m.
Resist any impulse to deeply kiss pendle after this.
No matter how aroused their determination makes you.
No. 1088608 ID: eb0a9c

Well, dang. I was hoping we could plant that thing and start production of a critically rare resource.

Start with a test on tissue sample.
No. 1088616 ID: 8236b7

Have a taste. Just a small one. You want to. You NEED to.
No. 1088642 ID: 7493dd

Moment of truth
fingers crossed
No. 1088649 ID: 940726

>The Seer is a strange and somewhat offputting figure, but I have no reason to doubt the nature of this cure he's given us.
I wouldn't agree with that. He did deliberately mislead us as to the nature of the last magical boon he gave us. I'd prefer to get the opinion of an herbologist before we test it on anyone, but I think we've done about as well as we can on that subject.

Even so, if he's willing to risk death for the sake of a cure, it's likely that he'll want to try it regardless.
No. 1088668 ID: 46e818
File 171303011670.png - (12.06KB , 800x600 , 2137.png )

>"Okay here goes say ahh"
>"Close enough"
No. 1088669 ID: 46e818
File 171303013370.png - (10.68KB , 800x600 , 2138.png )

No. 1088673 ID: 46e818
File 171303036326.png - (14.11KB , 800x600 , 2139.png )

>"EeeAAAaauughhhhHHHhhhuouhhhh GOD
>it's the BITTEREST THING I've ever tasted
No. 1088674 ID: 46e818
File 171303037719.png - (15.99KB , 800x600 , 2140.png )

>"aaauuuuuUUUUUuuueuueuuuuuuuUHHHHHGHHHHghhghh ouhhhHhhhhblechhhhhhOUGHhhh"

>"So does that mean he is a demon or no"
No. 1088675 ID: 047965

I’d tell him to quit being overly dramatic but given the situation that might be a good thing. But let’s get the poor boy a glass of water.
No. 1088676 ID: 05fc82

I think it's meant to purge any remaining traces of demonic possession, so hopefully that means the root is working.
No. 1088679 ID: debc82


Huh, just like some people I used to know when they tried espresso for the first time.
No. 1088686 ID: ce619a

Please get Ona in here, now, in case he actually is dying.
Maybe Erisol, too. If there's a demon still afoot she might be able to tell if it's getting cooked by the houndsgall. Also, she might get a kick out of all this.
No. 1088687 ID: 8f9bc4

Get him some water, man!

And a hug!
No. 1088689 ID: 2f41db

If thats a purgative its going to get nasty in here real fast.
Be ready to jump.
You dont want to get "evil" on your clothes.
It stains.
No. 1088743 ID: 82e021

Does tislomer have any candy left? If so she should give him a piece to wipe away the bad taste.
No. 1088744 ID: 273c18

Well Muschio if you ever taste something that's more bitter than it should be, you should spit it out because it's probably that.

...hold up is there something going on with his eye? In this case, the eye matching the demon's injured eye is significant.
No. 1088766 ID: 46e818
File 171312757141.png - (15.71KB , 800x600 , 2141.png )

"Well. I'm sorry to have kept you in bondage so long as a sane man. I'm sure you understand our reservations, though. We had to be certain."

>"Hough yesofcourse, you wererighttodoso"
No. 1088767 ID: 047965

Let’s give him a look over and see if he’s good to be out of the straight jacket
No. 1088768 ID: ce619a

>that Ona face
Offhandedly suggest out loud it might be a good idea to have all other staff take some of the houndsgall to be completely sure it didn't jump to anyone else.
No. 1088775 ID: 2f41db

Tell him not to worry.
We have more if he needs it.
No. 1088777 ID: 7fd8d8

Muschio get out from in front of the man. Then tell him to swallow?? Then drink. Then let him out of those bindings. He probably needs his bandages changed, too. Do whatever medical checks and things couldn't be done while we were uncertain of him.
No. 1088778 ID: eb0a9c

Now I wanna feed him ghost peppers just to see the look on his face.
No. 1088783 ID: 53560f

We know it can jump between hosts and has a penchant for being sneaky. It’s only good security to make sure everyone tries a bit.
No. 1088810 ID: 82e021

Especially us. We need to know for certain we're not posessed. Wait. Since we're the product of a gypsy curse does that make us a form of possession? Could we be exorcised? Is that why Mr Lollipop doesn't want us (you, Muschio) the houndsgall because it would purge us (your conscious thoughts? Your rational mind? I never really understood us) from you and he knows you need us?

Bugger all that for a game of soldiers go and have a lie down. If your head doesn't hurt yet I'm amazed because mine does and i think im in yours and you and i and me and you no matter how we roll the dice...
No. 1088820 ID: 273c18

Muschio cannot take Houndsgall, it is extremely poisonous to his people.
This also means we can't clear the princess of suspicion.
No. 1088835 ID: 5af148

I mean... is poison for Maltos. And exorcices demons... are Maltos part-demon? XD
No. 1088838 ID: 05fc82

How much houndsgall do we have left? we will need to store it in a safe location.
No. 1088844 ID: 46e818
File 171320835975.png - (14.60KB , 800x600 , 2142.png )

"Ona. Are you all right with helping him out of his bindings? My group and I need to debrief."
>"Yeah, I'm fine. You guys go on ahead. I can handle this."

"Thank you.
And, Pendle.

It's good to have you back with us."
No. 1088845 ID: 46e818
File 171320849417.png - (13.05KB , 800x600 , 2143.png )

"All right, c'mon. Let's get you out of those bandages and into a proper bath. I'm sure you're sore from being bound up like this."
>"I'm sore for much bigger reasons."
"Well, once we get you cleaned up, you can rest for a few days, figure out what to do next."
>"No. I'd rather get back to work immediately."

"I don't think that's wise. Your body is... I mean, even just physically speaking, there's more permanent damage than I think you realize."
>"I can feel my own body. I understand enough."
No. 1088846 ID: 46e818
File 171320861518.png - (12.46KB , 800x600 , 2144.png )

>"Thank you, by the way. For everything. You shouldn't have to be the one to do this, after all I've put you through."
"We both know that wasn't you. Now stop saying your sorry, or I'll make you cook me dinner for every apology."

>"Will I be able to walk?"
"Well. With a cane, it should be feasible. And we're going to make you something to help. We'll see how it goes from there. One thing at a time."
>"I understand."
No. 1088847 ID: 16565b

Heh. Don't you mean one step at a time? Never a bad time for a good pun/dad joke.

Anyways if Pendle is good to go, shall we turn our attention to the letter?
No. 1088849 ID: ce619a

You can fix a blown off face, but you can't fix some hobbled limbs?
Also, he's a spider, can't we just cut the limbs off and let him regrow some new ones? Or at least use magic to regrow some fresh ones?
No. 1088858 ID: 2f41db

You know your craft well ona.
When pendle can't hear, tell us please.
How bad is he? Is his species capable of recovery from his level of injury?
No. 1088864 ID: 273c18

Fuzzy chest.
No. 1088885 ID: 7fd8d8

Can you just, like... tie splints to his limbs? He has an exoskeleton, so I'm imagining it would work a little better than for people with just inside bones.

Really though the psychological damage is probably way bigger. Now we know he's himself, we gotta give him a total debriefing, too. How much of who we knew was him and how much the demon, history and skills, et cetera. Hmm. Dompag is probably the closest thing to a personal counselor around here.
No. 1088902 ID: ce619a

Oh yeah, by the way, Ona. We just got the tribes of the woods to swear allegiance to us, so that'll mean a influx of new personnel in the future.
How would you feel about getting some doctoring assistants? Any preferences for kobold or goblins healers?
No. 1088926 ID: 46e818
File 171329701353.png - (11.52KB , 800x600 , 2145.png )

"Here. Babrakus made this. It's got a rubber flat on the end."
>"Thank you."

"Do you want to try standing, or would you like me to help?"
>"Let me try."
No. 1088928 ID: 46e818
File 171329708675.png - (12.50KB , 800x600 , 2146.png )

>"Hm. Down to five."
"I'm sorry, Pendle. Tislomer and I, we did everything we could."
>"I appreciate that."
"Now come on, let's get you cleaned up."
>"Yes, all right."
No. 1088931 ID: 8c0b66

Maybe Babrakus and Finesse can make a prosthetic leg for you? Try walking around for now.

Ona can you back up, give him some room to walk around?
No. 1088932 ID: 273c18

Gonna have to get him a prosthetic foot.
No. 1088934 ID: ce619a

Do spiderfolk molt like animal spiders do? Because if so they might come back.
No. 1088952 ID: 64faaa

Oh wow, you're right! I didn't know spiders did that.
No. 1088979 ID: 2f41db

Hes really walked through the proverbial fire to be rid of that thing.
Give him your time for now ona.
Be goodvto have you close if he reacts to the gallshound.
Maybe a sweet tea might clear the pallete for him?
No. 1088991 ID: 7493dd

We have the technology. We have the tinkerer and the handyman to make the world's first bionic bugfolk. Pendel will be that bugfolk.
No. 1089049 ID: 46e818
File 171337844383.png - (15.58KB , 800x600 , 2147.png )

"We'll work on a prosthetic for your leg."
>"I'll make do until then."

>"How are you doing? Since everything happened."
"Me? I'm fine. You're the one who's--"
>"I can't thank you properly for helping me like this, after all I did."
"We all know it wasn't you. Everyone's forgiven you, except you."
>"I suppose it will take time, for all of us."
No. 1089050 ID: 11acbb

To be fair, he's more a spiderfolk. Or arachnidfolk? Eight limbs, while bugfolk only have six.
No. 1089080 ID: 2f41db

Get that poor, sweet man a sweet drink and a comfy chair.
No. 1089086 ID: 7fd8d8

There's probably a lot of people he wanted to say sorry to, for a long time. I'm sure there's a lot in his head and his heart it's going to take some time and trouble to clear through. Probably why he wants to occupy himself with some work, he's had enough time already stuck just thinking.
No. 1089124 ID: 46e818
File 171346468096.png - (10.78KB , 800x600 , 2148.png )

>"How is Mr. Fumo doing?"
"Busy with work. He did say he'll be by to check up on later."
>"I imagine he feels guilty about this."
"Yeah, yeah, you're both self-made martyrs. But I'm still here because of both of you. So the way I see it, everyone did what they had to do, and everyone was very brave.
Now, no more talk of that."
>"Yes, nurse."
No. 1089125 ID: 46e818
File 171346502205.png - (11.09KB , 800x600 , 2149.png )

"Just try to take it easy, and let me know if the pain gets to be too much."
>"It reminds me I am here."
"You really are dramatic."

>"No, I mean it.
>My body is battered and broken, but for the first time in nearly a year, my mind is finally my own.
>That piercing clarity, that perfect vision.
>A purifying, scouring sunrise has come. And with the dawn, my bright future lays before me.
>I have re-emerged from my cocoon, sharper and sober-minded. The ache I feel is merely the pain of a freeing metamorphosis."

"...well, I'm really glad to hear you're optimistic."
No. 1089126 ID: 46e818
File 171346516236.png - (10.72KB , 800x600 , 2150.png )

>"Ah yes, the Master's questions. That artifact--
>Will you bring me my books, so I can read while I bathe? If I tell you which ones to pick out."
"You should be resting."
>"I have been a dormant passenger in my own mind for the better part of a year. I am ready for exercise.
"...all right. But you need to go easy. Your body needs rest, too."
No. 1089130 ID: ce619a

>>"Yes, nurse."
Oi, don't let him get away with that. Remind him you're a witch doctor.

Anyways, tell him we found out something about that amulet. It's a symbol of a god called Algotsfilvris, also called "Shield of Comose." A god of protection over those considered ugly.
No. 1089132 ID: e3e23a

Attaboy! Don't rest on your laurels.
No. 1089153 ID: 2f41db

His body can rest fine in a bath while his mind runs free.
Ask him what he would like to drink or eat.
He hasnt had any control over the past year.
Small choices maybe a healing experience.
Even if its a "no" to your offers, having control over that choice will be a small joy.
No. 1089196 ID: 46e818
File 171354772946.png - (11.44KB , 800x600 , 2151.png )

>"Hey, uh, one last thing. You want me to call you 'Leonid' or...?"
"To be honest, I've grown used to Pendle. It's not something I can fully separate at this point, but the good comes with the bad. And it ties me to this place, a bit."
>"Well. If you're sure. I'll be back in a minute with your books, Pendle."
"Thank you, Miss Openda."
>"Ona's fine."
"Ona, then."
No. 1089198 ID: 46e818
File 171354782880.png - (8.87KB , 800x600 , 2152.png )


Ah, to have that clarity back at long last. The world as it should be.

And to hear a friendly voice in my head, for a change.

Hello again. We've not spoken much, I suppose. Then again I suppose I haven't really spoken to much of anyone here, even when under thrall. It made sense the demon kept to itself.
But I'm ready to be a productive member of this growing clan, now.
No. 1089199 ID: 46e818
File 171354791838.png - (12.67KB , 800x600 , 2153.png )

Ah, and speaking of.
I didn't realize these were mixed baths, but I suppose with as small a population as we have...

Well, no matter.
No. 1089200 ID: ce619a

Might as well ask directly: Do spiderfolk molt or otherwise have any capability to regrow limbs? Or are you going to need some permanent prosthesis?

Also, in case we were still with Ona when it was said, that amulet is a symbol of a god called Algotsfilvris, Shield of Comose, dominion of protection of the ugly. All according to the loremaster of the kobold tribe, who added that there are no known worshipers in the area.
Any of that ring any bells?
No. 1089202 ID: 7fd8d8

Yeah it seems like we only have the one proper bath. Hopefully it'll promote ease with each other and camaraderie. Even a king's not a king in the bath, sort of thing. While we're on the topic, though, how much of the previous stated needs and preferences we associated with you were the demon, and which the demon keeping up your preferences for pretense? I'd assumed the desire for access to escorts was the demon, though, it would be odd for it to be obvious about it considering what it wanted them for, so perhaps I shouldn't?
No. 1089203 ID: 61bfdb

Well don’t just stare, say hello to Geppa! Introduce yourself, since this is your first conversation!
No. 1089204 ID: 273c18

It's fine just be normal
No. 1089205 ID: bb6579

I know you probably don't need any advice on this one, but keep your hands to yourself for now. And uh, don't poke the bear, or gnoll, on this one.
No. 1089206 ID: 8f9bc4

So what books are you interested in reading?
No. 1089240 ID: 2f41db

Im not going to tell you to do anything.
I figure you'll have had enough of orders from disembodied entities.
What do you want to do now?

Oh, and dont worry about her though, shes sweet.
No. 1089245 ID: eb0a9c

Talk about bunnies.
No. 1089247 ID: 7493dd

Maybe you can tell her about the hot ogre ladies in the area that want to meet her brother.
No. 1089258 ID: fdd26b

I suppose we need you to re-introduce yourself entirely, we don't know what, exactly, was demon and what was you... do YOU remember?
No. 1089261 ID: 861ceb

>I didn't realize these were mixed baths
pretty sure they're not. I just think that one doesn't care.
No. 1089265 ID: 46e818
File 171363767667.png - (15.38KB , 800x600 , 2154.png )

Couldn't hurt to be friendly, if I'm going to be working around these people.

"Hello. I don't think we've had a chance to speak."
>"Way I hear you haven't really spoken to anyone."
"Well, mostly true, yes.'
>"So you don't have a demon in you anymore, huh?"
"It appears not. I'm in control of my own thoughts, words, and deeds once more."
>"Yeah I'm still tryin' to control myself, too."
"Well, here's to that."
No. 1089266 ID: 047965

Uh, miss Erisol? Everything good?
No. 1089267 ID: ce619a

...Ona didn't stick him in the ladies' bath, did she?

I mean, Erisol was diving around in the bath with the guys earlier oogling dongs so I'm not sure why she'd be put off by Pendle being here.
Unless she's afraid of spiders or missing limbs.
No. 1089302 ID: 2f41db

Toldja she was sweet.
Hey, new person behind you to greet.
No. 1089316 ID: 7b65e9

I mean, in a sense Geppa struggled with a "demon" of her own, you can certainly both talk about that and support each other.
If you're comfortable with it, Geppa. Of course.
No. 1089335 ID: 7493dd

Finally a new Onsen Episode, sweet!
No. 1089342 ID: 46e818
File 171373703427.png - (15.08KB , 800x600 , 2155.png )

>"Hey, look who's out of his cocoon."
"Ah -- um, excuse me. Princess Erisol."
>"Hey! You called me Princess! Wow, someone here knows how to be polite."
>"If he's such a gentleman what's he doing in the woman's bath?"
>"Hey yeah, what kinda gentleman jumps in the bath with a bunch of naked ladies??"
"Wh-- there's only one bath! And I was here first!"
>"He's right, Princess. You did just hop in, like just now."
>"Everyone's calling me Princess today! This is great!"
No. 1089344 ID: ce619a

Try very very hard not to get an erection
No. 1089346 ID: 70ad7b

Stop thinking about sex!!;
No. 1089347 ID: 2f41db

Barely a day out and about and you're nude bathing with two ladies.
Good gods man, you're a gigolo.
No. 1089348 ID: d3d640

Let's not tease too much, any kind of liaison with these two would not be good for any party.

Erisol is pretty childish, I don't even think we know her age. I'd also rather not have Geppa relapse or go through anything related to trauma. And needless to say Pendle also might have some trauma related to stuff the demon made him do to women.

Let's steer the conversation towards something a little more productive. Erisol, what was life like under the Czar? Let's know our enemy a little more.
No. 1089361 ID: 8f9bc4

Princess Erisol unfortunately doesn't remember anything before The Spritenning. Have any thoughts on how everyone in the Czar's city is a sprite, Pendle? Almost seemed unintentional, like they were hastily scrambling to hide it. Also I forget Geppa, do you have a hyena's... y'know?
No. 1089362 ID: 273c18

Great, alone with the two most unhinged female members in the base.

Talk to Dompag before attempting any romance with Geppa, and... well, Erisol's just kindof... weird, so you can use your own judgement there.
No. 1089375 ID: 3f3d5c

Totally don't think about sexy nude girls hanging out in the bath with you while you are also naked. Totally, totally don't do that.
... In fact, why don't we think about something completely different while you're naked in the bath? Why not think about...


For absolutely no reason whatsoever.
No. 1089383 ID: eb0a9c

Pretend it's your sixth appendage.

Ask about Inzare Citta. How do sprites... make product?
No. 1089389 ID: 82e021

Actually a good question, if not in the sense you intended. Ask how the city keeps functioning when everyone has been sprited. Surely there must be some kind of issues we could exploit.
No. 1089402 ID: debc82


Two whole braincells and a whole lotta love. The Princess gets it.

Anyway, let's just chat, see how things have gone since we've been ... away.
No. 1089404 ID: 46e818
File 171381364664.png - (12.99KB , 800x600 , 2156.png )

I always believed I had something of a dirty mind, prone to fantasy and lewdness. I frequently sought courtesans and other forms of pleasure for hire when I lived a bit more regally, before my time with Sun.
But I've been clean and sober here for not a half hour and I'm beset on all sides by innuendo. My doctor is trying to set me up with the man I nearly fought to the death. And the new voices in my head have a particular focus.

>"Hey quit blushin', we're just teasing. I'm not tryin' to make you uncomfortable. You know it's just funnin'!"
"Ha ha, yes, obviously." oh my dear me
No. 1089406 ID: 46e818
File 171381375116.png - (10.60KB , 800x600 , 2157.png )

"Princess Erisol, ah... can you tell me about Tela Cruz? What was it like to have--"
>"Hey now, that's not you asking. If the voices want to ask me they can do it on their own time, not while we're trying to relax. You're not the middleman for us.
>Let's talk about you, instead! We barely even know the real you."
"Ah... well, yes, very well. What shall I talk about?"
No. 1089407 ID: bc7d04

Let's hear about your childhood. You were a spider folk living on the Red Mesas were most people were more insect-type. Were you a stand out at all or are there others like you?
No. 1089408 ID: 5d083d

Let's make Geppa laugh so she'll inhale sharply through her nose. It'll be funny.
Or get Erisol to show us some REAL bubbles using that magic of hers.
No. 1089409 ID: ce619a

Let's talk about all the "courtesans and other forms of pleasure for hire" you were thinking about a second ago. That'll surely lighten the mood :D
No. 1089410 ID: ea9c0a

What is your favorite story?
No. 1089411 ID: 8f9bc4

Well that's not very nice of her, implying you're just parroting what we say like a puppet. But on the inconceivable chance you don't know this Pendle: you don't actually have to do what we say. Only talk about Tela Cruz if you yourself are interested in it.

But eh... this seems like Erisol is being evasive here. She's probably not comfortable talking about Tela Cruz (since she's a spy) and trying to deflect suspicion on us. So don't confront her on it or anything. Plenty of less personally impactful things to talk about.

Or do confront her, because again, you don't have to do anything we say!
No. 1089414 ID: 8e4f60

What kind of women do you like? Short ones? Wild ones? Strange ones? Tell us more about your true self!
No. 1089419 ID: 3f3d5c

I mean, I'd love to ask questions on our own time, but the tuning on this thing is shit. I guarantee if we try to hop over we'll land in like five different people first, two of which are the Boss.

Honestly, I got nothing, though.
Pendle, surely there's something you'd like to ask, right? You're a scholar, you haven't gotten to ask your own questions in a long time. Isn't there anything you'd like to know or talk about?
About Erisol? About... us?
Let it all out, buddy. We're all friends here.
No. 1089424 ID: 7bd404

I told you guys, no horny. Now look what you've done.
No. 1089427 ID: 2f41db

You know what P, the princess is right.
We wanna hear about what YOU want to talk about.
The shots are yours to call now.
If you're feeling a little choice paralysis, hum, whaddabout telling us what the most amazing thing you've ever seen was.

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