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File 130699037623.png - (60.59KB , 305x402 , op.png )
37367 No. 37367 ID: e6df26

Way overdue but here's a dis thread for my main quests.
Expand all images
No. 37368 ID: 3bad4c


I am sad we lost the chance to learn [Teleport]
No. 37369 ID: e6df26
File 130699501669.png - (157.07KB , 800x800 , dragons.png )

Someone wanted the names, species and element of the Dragons in Guardian so here they are along with their dragon shrine.
Shares Water Merfolk, Ombra Shadow Dark Elves, Myli Earth Humans, Thasi Fire Tigerfolk, Aeryr Wind Light Elves.
No. 37425 ID: 00d3d5

Masil Light Catfolk
No. 38298 ID: aca5e6
File 130855302049.png - (68.50KB , 334x506 , mimieating.png )

=Meanwhile back in Mimi's Chest=
Mimi is cleaning up the floor.
No. 38319 ID: 1f3093

Delicious rebirth fluids.
No. 38548 ID: b1f0e2

alright. a questdis.
yea... so saisai is now suicidal because we broke her mind (why did we do that to her?)

So... how do we convince her to go along with us?
No. 38550 ID: 35e1a0

broke her mind? what do you mean?
No. 38551 ID: 3bad4c

She was broken to start with. We all knew that.
No. 38553 ID: 856690
File 130896855149.png - (18.38KB , 299x200 , Insufferablesadness.png )

Can more than one person be bonded with the same person?

Also way things are going, we are gonna get a tragedy, which is no good.

Also yes she was broken, how did quest handle that?

HURRDURR, push Artemis and Morgan together!

don't get me wrong, Morgan is cool, but really, she has no NEED. Also Artemis said things had gone to a standstill there.

all that aside, Wind Dragon has probably been making broken headness worse. That and Artemis being a cold cold man.

Artic man. Artic
No. 38556 ID: 35e1a0

oh no man. we pushed as hard as we could to get art with saisai. apparently helping morgan make a phoenix down caused art to fall head over heels for her. seriously he gets mad at saisai for HITTING him and forgives morgan instantly for KILLING him.
No. 38557 ID: 44766a

Wait a second... could being brought back to life by the phoenix down caused side effects?
No. 38559 ID: 6c068e
File 130897426927.png - (103.36KB , 600x500 , ombratalks.png )

This is the Information Corner, with Little Ombra! Hey, did you know I'm talking to you guys all the time from the back of that dumb kids head? Look at the email field!
No. 38560 ID: 835a2d

We might as well break up with Morgan now.

To put it bluntly - He has spent 0 leisure time with her, period. He constantly has to console Saisai. He runs off with her without warning.

Oh, and he bound his soul with her, so we can't really date or sleep with Morgan, closed link or no, without experiencing pain and sadness and anger. We don't really have a choice here - Saisai dies otherwise - so there was no point to persue a relationship with anyone besides Saisai in the first place.

As much as I like Morgan, there's no reason to put her through the pain and angst of us being soulbound to a jealous and needy woman.

>I don't want to bind with Morgan, I'm not sure yet.

And then


Yeah. That's really a decision. Except it's not. It's emotional manipulation and the threat of death.
No. 38564 ID: b1f0e2

dawww. little ombra is so cute!
She would make an awesome waifu!

Wait... what? she was talking via email field? I didn't notice o.O

Estia said "at least one person"... the soulbind DOES allow poly relationships.

Also, in retrospect, wouldn't saisai feel attracted to morgan now?
No. 38567 ID: 835a2d


>Estia said "at least one person"... the soulbind DOES allow poly relationships.

Because Morgan was totally gunning for one before.

She said she doesn't want one. Unless that has changed, then this is hurting her.

Furthermore, it STILL wasn't really a choice.
No. 38568 ID: 35e1a0

ok so art soulbound to saisai to save her life. and then art tells morgan that. and then morgan, being the crazy bitch she is, wont listen and just dumb his ass for something that you feel is cheating?
no she will feel weird but she will listen and talk about it. if she DOES dump him at the first sign of stormy waters then she wasn't a good girlfriend anyway.
No. 38572 ID: b1f0e2

basically that.
Also someone in main said to get estia on breaking the temporary bond.
1. Estia is not an extremely powerful mage.
2. That serves no purpose except for dooming saisai. This is a possibility AFTER Aeryr is out and even then I don't see it happening.
No. 38579 ID: 835a2d

We will tell Morgan. I can gaurentee you she will not be HAPPY. She might not boot us in the fork, but she will likely be displeased.

Furthermore, this WAS NOT A CHOICE. We were essentially FORCED to 'choose' Saisai.
No. 38590 ID: b1f0e2

She only got possessed because she was the closest person besides art when he killed the dragon and we chose to suggest possession to said dragon. And this does fit in universe with what is going on and what we are doing.

As for being forced to choose her... saisai was not interested in art from the beginning, we pushed and pushed and chipped at her step by step, eventually making her to like him, then more and more dependent as we cut her off from everyone else for her own good and proved how bad they are for her and how good art is for her. Then when we finally got it we went "sorry, no thanks"... Then we tried for the poly option but handled it poorly and it didn't stick.

So aside from having "brought it on ourselves" deal, this is ALSO opening the door for a viable chance at having that poly relationship which everyone was clamoring for, since now art has the excuse of "I had to do it to save her life", so if morgan doesn't break up with him (or does but gets back together) then it might work out... yea she isn't gonna be HAPPY but being upset is not necessarily the complete and utter end of the relationship.
No. 38596 ID: 835a2d


I'm sorry, I never voted for Saisai. :V
No. 38597 ID: 35e1a0

well this was a democracy and you were outvoted.
No. 38856 ID: b1f0e2

Well so what? A lot of things that lead to this were things I voted against too.

But this is what was democratically elected. Just because what YOU voted for didn't win doesn't mean the author was railroading.
No. 39072 ID: 9ee666

Dumping some wild guessing I made in IRC (regarding the Dragon Slayer from Guardian Quest) and edited out mostly irrelevant stuff.

<Anonymage>: the Dragon Slayer... is Oraes. Or what's left of her.
<Anonymage>: And one possible reason why Sandra is being so protective of it is because she can tell
<starburst98>: the dragon slayer was made years before she died
<Larro>: I did say oraes's body was silver :P
<starburst98>: like, 1000 years
<Anonymage>: Well, that doesn't mean it can't be part of her, still
<Anonymage>: Maybe she "donated" some scales or something.
<Larro>: That's highly possible
<Seven01a19>: Clearly, we should ask Sandra what she 'hears' from the the sword.
<Seven01a19>: If her soul clung to the Dragon Slayer, then we can very easily bring her back.
<Anonymage>: What can kill a dragon? A weapon made from dragon bits.
<starburst98>: except the sword makes a very obvious anti-dragon field.
<starburst98>: not just super sharp vs dragon
<Anonymage>: star: If Oraes 'willingly' gave her life to Sharaes to be used as a tool to balance power by way of there being a threat to all their lives, you can explain the abilities of the Dragon Slayer.
<Larro>: I will consider this..
<Anonymage>: Likewise if she was brutally murdered by the other dragons, and her hatred continues to burn within the sword.
<Anonymage>: anyway this is all just wild guessing and doesn't mean Sharaes didn't just find a space rock somewhere that was like dragon kryptonite and decide to make the sword out of that

Dump finished. You can laugh now.
No. 39104 ID: 2d8058
File 130972133693.png - (88.22KB , 600x500 , Like-m-aid_horns.png )

Her horn tastes like sugar and can grow back when eaten

"I said no!"

>"Just one lick!"
No. 39106 ID: b1f0e2

cute, and sexy
No. 39107 ID: 2d8058
File 130973169882.png - (81.05KB , 528x353 , eaten.png )

Last part
No. 39108 ID: b1f0e2

No. 40540 ID: c676bd
File 131141428578.png - (44.23KB , 435x362 , adiscussion.png )

More quests added to the list

The Test was started just because I had a crazy idea of someone using their own bodies to solve puzzles. It's slow updates are due to the fact that puzzles involving bodies are damn difficult to come up with.

How to be an Overlord was a thought I had a while ago. I was discussing Rune Factory with someone and they made a comment along the lines of killing innocent townsfolk instead of monsters to farm for items. I had a few of the servants sketched out for a while but no one for the protag until yesterday it hit me, /quest/ is the protag. Then everything fell into place.

Feel free to ask any questions regarding either of the quests in here.
No. 40545 ID: c676bd
File 131141790723.png - (90.36KB , 416x506 , start.png )

A sketch of the possible protag and the first sketch of Emily.
No. 40579 ID: f678f8
File 131146762876.png - (157.72KB , 600x500 , WarriorGirl.png )

Some mechanics for Overlord
Attacks are rolled for in my /tg/ thread on this sight.
1= Crit Fail with a chance of inflicting a terrible wound on yourself. With a 1, 20 you somehow managed to wound the target along with yourself.
2= Fail and wound self.
3-9= Fail
10-18/19= Success with normal damage unless using a weapon with a crit of 19-20. Emily's blade arm has a crit range of 19-20.
19= Double Damage
20=Critical Hit. Certain spells and weapons make 20 a instant death.

Most characters can move 3 squares per turn unless they have a ability that lets them do otherwise. Running allows someone to double their speed at the cost of a Attack action.

The battle has different phases which are
Placement: Placing your Servants before the battle starts (Only done at the start of battle)
Move: Moving up to the total amount of squares you can move per round
Item: Using stored items.
Attack: Attacking...
End: Enemies turn now.

If there are anymore questions or comments feel free to say them here.

Also: Another doodle I made working on the quest. A fighter class trying to take on the Overlord. Perhaps from his more youthful and not broken days
No. 40586 ID: 5f55fe

Thanks for the overlord info!
No. 40589 ID: f678f8
File 131147991694.png - (64.29KB , 406x459 , Emilystats.png )

Emily Stat Sheet

Her only real power is her Arm Blade which can slice for x2 damage at 18-20 as opposed to just 20.
She can also Levitate over gaps and difficult terrain without taking any penalty to movement.

Rage: If Overlord or Rose are bloodied within 2 spaces of Emily her attack do an automatic x2 damage but she must attack every round. Every round. Even against Allies.
Endure: Emily can work up to -5 HP at which point she simply falls apart.
No. 40592 ID: 44766a

what are the Overlord's stats right now?
No. 40595 ID: f678f8
File 131148335377.png - (58.85KB , 600x500 , OverlordStats.png )

Right now Overlord is best at simply staying back and shooting stuff with his blaster. He has no true skills or special abilities other then Enslaving and Ordering around troops.
No. 40596 ID: 6a5a08

So totally the strongest character.
No. 40601 ID: 44766a

Oh good god. Next order of business is to upgrade his health.
No. 40611 ID: 563ead
File 131153648076.png - (78.03KB , 467x459 , 27.png )

just so they're all in the same spot
Rose uses a Spear which can hit enemies up to 2 spaces away. She can also toss the spear at minus accuracy for x2 damage at a range of 4 squares.
Comrades in Arms: When within one space of Emily and the Overlord her attacks do an additional 5 damage.
Jump: Using her Spear Rose can launch herself into the air and slam down on an opponent within 3 squares any side of her for double damage. Crit jump is Instant Death to most enemies. Can only be used once per encounter.
No. 40614 ID: 563ead
File 131154244469.png - (91.38KB , 600x500 , wizard.png )

Magic explained
Spellcasters use MP for their spells. They start with and have a maximum 1 MP + 1/Level. A level 4 spellcaster would have 1 natural MP + 4 bonus MP for a total of 5MP. Basic spells take 1 MP to cast with stronger spells taking more. This would leave a spellcaster with only a few spells to cast before running out of MP, but as a move action they can charge to generate another MP for them to cast with. So when using charges they can: stand still and charge 2 MP, move and charge 1 MP, or stand still to charge one MP and cast a spell with it.

Picture: Basic Element Wizard to the left. Time Wizard to the right.
No. 40616 ID: eba49f

Do the move, attack, and item need to happen in the order listed, or can you do stuff like attack then move?
No. 40622 ID: 563ead
File 131154940607.png - (52.89KB , 455x500 , Rubystats.png )

Ruby is extremely weak in everything but her magic.
She's level 2 so she has 2 MP and one spell, Fire which does an average of 12-15 damage for 1 MP

At levels 4 7 10 13 16 19 20 she gets new spells.
At level 10 she can change her class to another branch of Magic User

The phases are set and everything but Item must be done in the correct order. Using an item can be done at any time during a turn.
No. 40629 ID: fbd140


I don't want to be that wiseass guy who corrects everyone about everything, but I think you mean she has 3 MP.
No. 40630 ID: eba49f

When it says archers can shoot '1-6 Sq + 1 per lvl', you mean '1-(6 + 1 per lvl), right? That would be rather inconvenient if the min range increased as well.
No. 40631 ID: 563ead


Corrections everywhere. Yes she has 3 MP and for archers let's say their level is 5 then their range is 2-6+5

I'm new at tactical rpgs this so please feel free to correct me if you see something is wrong
No. 40639 ID: 5f55fe

As long as there's some interesting story or something. I'm still enjoying it at the moment, but I don't want it to be pure grind.
No. 40641 ID: 563ead

I got plenty planned out but everyone wants to level up and stuff atm.
No. 40642 ID: 5f55fe

They will ALWAYS want to do that if you let em.

But as long as people are happy. Whatever. :3
No. 40643 ID: 1854db

I'm not sure range should increase on archers every level, unless you don't mind them being able to shoot anywhere on the map once they're above level 6 or so.
No. 40644 ID: 5aac32

Right now, I suspect people want to go for at least enough gold to afford a kitchen. While it's interesting playing around with this battle system right now, you might eventually have to mostly gloss over the more routine battles to keep things from getting dull. Though right now enough characterization's happening to keep it interesting (like Ruby's rebellion, the consequences she suffered, and her eventual submission).

Archers gaining range as they level is okay, but you probably should put a max cap on that.

Also, sometimes you might have to spring things on us players to break us out of our "build up, build up" complacency. Just saying.
No. 40645 ID: eba49f

I don't know about other people, but I intend to get gold until the overlord can get multiple hit points.

By the way, considering how the stats are likely to change frequently, perhaps you could make a page on
so you can update the stats. (For ease of updating, you could have the image just be the unchanging parts and have the changing parts be text.)
No. 40684 ID: 563ead


that'll be updated each time someone levels up. It's simple at the moment but I'll try to add stuff like equipment later.

Also I had this idea for helping out with level/gold grinding.
The Overlord can send out units to defeat some of the easier enemies. Like sending out Rose to fight in a Rank 1 area while they go and fight others. She gets to level up and gets 20 something Gold in the process.

what do you think?
No. 40685 ID: 6a5a08

Reminds me of Dispatch missions in the FF Tactics series. Sounds good.
No. 40688 ID: eba49f

I think I also agree with that idea, and it thematically fits for an Overlord to send out their minions to do their nefarious(?) bidding.
No. 40689 ID: 02de21

Seems sensible enough. Say, a single minion can defeat areas 1/3 of their level automatically during the same amount of time that it takes the overlord to take an action, and they'll level up after their level in encounters? Then we could basically have minions auto-farm the very low level encounters and slowly level into more powerful minions, without basically putting everything on automatic and kicking back- we'd still have to deal with nontrivial encounters ourselves, or send larger groups of minions hunting.
No. 40701 ID: c676bd

You can't gain to many levels from weak level monsters. After a while the minion won't get any XP for fighting levels ones, and then none from level twos. This is for farming gold so that way you don't need to fight everytime you want to buy a healing potion.

Also this was asked in the quest
>do units with a strong lawful/good alignment get a penalty to loyalty?

Answer: Yes.
For the most part. An Angel would have like -1,000 loyalty stars and most likely would never listen to overlord
Someone like a cleric might if manipulated the right way.
There's almost always a way to get your minions to obey the trick is just finding out that way.
No. 40737 ID: 5f55fe

By the way Larro. On the Overlord Stats wiki. It still says Ruby and Kassandra have 2 MP, which you said they have 3. Here >>350431
No. 40740 ID: 6a5a08

Also could the range of basic attacks for units such as Archers be added?
No. 40748 ID: 506411

Updated the wiki with known units and some info about them and fixed the MP thing. If there's anything you think should be added just ask me or if it's a mistake I made feel free to edit it yourself
No. 40789 ID: 53aa3e

...so how much Disgaea have you been playing lately?
No. 40791 ID: 563ead

None sadly.. I haven't played in quite a while since my ps2 broke.
No. 40799 ID: 44766a

do you have a psp or a ps3? they ported the original over to psp and Disgaea 3 and 4 are on the ps3.
No. 40801 ID: 563ead

I have neither a ps3 nor a psp. All I have is my ds ;-;

Also some other notes
Enslave can not be used unless Overlord is in the battle.
Buffs last the turn they are cast unless it is for defense in which case they end at the end of the opponents turn
No. 40818 ID: e12711

so, equipment. who can equip what?
No. 40832 ID: 93fb42


Added some Equipment and stuff
No. 40837 ID: 71baf1

Ruby just gained a spell while hitting what should be level 3, but you said spells are gained a level 4. Experience wasn't noted when the gunner was killed, so did she gain a level there, or is this just an inconsistency?
No. 40838 ID: 563ead

in my mind I have it so they gain one every three levels so the number three just stuck. I've decided to instead just bump back the levels that spell casters gain spells.
This also helps out since they won't gain a spell the moment they can multiclass as well.
No. 41133 ID: 71baf1

So, some questions on how things work. Spearmasters can attack up to two squares away. If there are two enemies in front of the Spearmaster, can they hit both of them at the same time?

The beastmaster seems to do more damage with claws. Are the claws a type of equipment, or do beastmasters just have claws? Does the whip have any advantage over claws? Maybe required for certain monster attacks, attacks farther away, or if the claws are built in, can potentially do more damage if a better one is bought? For taming, if she does this can the Overlord still enslave? Can she tame any monster defeated in battle, or just the last one like the Overlord? And since this is something it says she casts after the battle, does she have to be one of the units chosen to field? And when she tames, or when the Overlord enslaves, do we still get exp for the kill?

Actually, how does exp work at all?

Some of these I think I know the answers to, but clarification is always good.
No. 41137 ID: e889e9

oh god so many questions. Lets take it from the top

Spear Masters can not attack two units in a row until a later level.

Claws are equipment beast tamers use. It double as armor against animal bites. The whip is another one of their weapons. It's main advantage is that it can hit someone two spaces away instead of just one for the claws.
She can tame a monster even if the Overlord Enslaves and it can be any monster defeated in that battle. The monster must be a lower level then the tamer however.

The tamer must be in the battle to use her ability like overlord must be in the battle to Enslave.

You still gain XP even if the enemy unit is enslaved.
Also I can not explain the XP system.

Phew. Hope that covers everything
No. 41153 ID: eba49f

Do tamed creatures level up/gain skills, and can they be resurrected if they die?
No. 41195 ID: 5f55fe

My impression was that beasts would generally be used to fuel the Tamer's special attacks. At least that's probably the best use. And our regular units would be humanoids, we don't need beasts out there too.
No. 41291 ID: 2b9f56

yes to all that. But honestly I wouldn't waste much time on Beast Units. The Hero and Demon units are far more powerful in many ways.

Also another thing, Boss fights need to be taken to get Special Units/Plot.
The Rank for these is usually the average for the area you're in
No. 41292 ID: 35e1a0

which, this area having above tens as the norm the boss will MURDER us.
No. 41294 ID: 2b9f56

well if an area's rank is 10 then that means that the total level of the people you will fight against are 10. It could be a level 2 3 5, ten level 1s or a level 10
No. 41327 ID: 71baf1

That is insanely useful information. I was assuming that a level 10 area would contain units who would be around 10, with numbers not playing a part. So running into one level 10 unit would be lucky, a 9, 10, and 11 together unlucky. Or maybe even average.

Not really sure why I just assumed that, though I think the logic behind it was along the lines of the more enemy units present, the more allies we could bring in the fight, thus "evening it out" to the same level of threat. Though I'm not sure why I assumed that either.
No. 41330 ID: aa66a4

>So running into one level 10 unit would be lucky, a 9, 10, and 11 together unlucky

A 9, 10, and 11 together in one fight would mean a level 30 encounter.

What Larro's trying to say here is that a level 10 can be composed of:

10 level 1 enemies
3 level 2 and a single level 4
2 level 5 foes
1 level 7 and one level 3

and so on.
No. 41331 ID: 71baf1

Yeah, I understand how he explained it. Was just saying what I thought it was like before he did so. My assumption on how things work was way off.
No. 41352 ID: 5f55fe

Unfortunately, I get the feeling that much of the group would be against doing a boss fight unless we outclass it quite a bit, to avoid the permanent loss of characters that they've grown attached to.
No. 41383 ID: ff6056
File 131309268233.png - (155.98KB , 600x500 , Fightan da Overlord.png )

I'm really sorry it wasn't clear.. I thought it was but I guess I'd only explained it in Irc

Here, have some Silva the Wicked vs The Overlord goodness.

I'll probably never draw Overlord pre-fall so he is just a blob for now
No. 41384 ID: aa66a4

Well, at least she never has to worry about gaining weight!
No. 41385 ID: 6a5a08

So if we were fighting 'wicked' demon queens and trying to unify the continent, why does everyone hate us and follow Abe instead?

They just racist?
No. 41386 ID: ff6056

His problem was that he went about it the wrong way. Like, crushing all kingdoms regardless of whether or not the leader was actually good kind of unification. People rebelled. Sure he killed some pretty bad people but others didn't deserve it
No. 41388 ID: 35e1a0

we were trying to break the system, the angels aren't good, just lawful. meaning that getting rid of the constant battle would ruin them.
No. 41391 ID: eba49f

>so he is just a blob for now
We prefer to be referred to as 'enshrouded in darkness'.

What are angels like in this setting? Do they work for one or more deitys, or do they just kind of do their own thing?
No. 41394 ID: 6a5a08

Makes sense why everybody wants our presently nonexistent head then. Hopefully we can fix that problem and achieve Best End.
No. 41409 ID: 5f55fe

The End where we conquer the entire world?
No. 41444 ID: 5b429e

Actually they have a port of the psp port for DS. Oh crap I just derailed the quest didn't I.
No. 41891 ID: 175a2b
File 131416177323.png - (42.71KB , 600x500 , wut.png )

>Cucumber sandwiches
No. 41892 ID: b6edd6

None shall withstand out sheer Britishness.
No. 41893 ID: 3fd4fb

Popularity combined with lack of updates consistently results in increasingly severe topic drift, you know.
No. 41931 ID: 28e94e


"If there really is no Cirr, then it will be necessary to create him."
-- Anonymous
No. 42083 ID: 93fb42

People leveled up and stuff, new stats are over at http://tgchan.org/wiki/Overlord_Stats
Right now it's mostly just level up and HP increase.
No. 42088 ID: 3fd4fb

I've been meaning to ask- why does Kassandra have four spells at level 4 when Ruby only has two? Is throwing fire just so much harder that Ruby doesn't get as many tricks, or what?
No. 42208 ID: 6273c3

That's because of Kassandra's class. Fluff wise she has the powers of god supporting her so healers are granted more powers. Game wise she has less branching options then a normal mage so she gets most of her spells early on and only a few when she multiclasses
No. 42214 ID: 6b0635

The wiki doesn't have a link to Item quest, anyone have one?
No. 42217 ID: d97c6d

Sure. It'd be nice if someone who can would put these on the wiki, as well.

Thread 1: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/207296.html
Thread 2: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/221628.html
Thread 3: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/231021.html
Thread 4: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/239190.html
Thread 5: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/246523.html
No. 42222 ID: 6b0635

Thank you
No. 42223 ID: 6273c3


All on the Wiki now. Don't read it though, it's terrible.
No. 42228 ID: 6b0635

Better than most of the stuff I wind up reading on a daily basis
No. 42293 ID: 12ca4d
File 131511867882.png - (117.73KB , 600x500 , Lenion in armor.png )

Tamers and armor do not mix.
No. 42330 ID: dd7b82

the Item Quest wiki has been completely redone

Is anyone interested in my continuing this quest?
No. 42331 ID: 715620

Only if you actually continue it and not give up one thread in because you 'don't feel like it'.
No. 42333 ID: 3fd4fb

Overlord is much better, so if there's a choice between the two stick with lots of Overlord.
No. 42334 ID: 5a6819

Well, I havent read Itemquest, but I enjoy Overlord. I look forward to seeing where you take it. I can see some good foundations.
No. 42336 ID: dd7b82

No if I ran Item I wouldn't stop Overlord. Just wondering if enough people who'd read it would want it to continue along with it
No. 42345 ID: 513053

No. 42347 ID: d8880b

No. 42348 ID: 35e1a0

No. 42349 ID: 3bad4c

Item Quest sucks
No. 42355 ID: 1854db

Man, that quest is a mess. I really have no idea how it could get brought back without people fighting about what the PC should do next.
No. 42360 ID: 35e1a0

... isn't that how it is in ALL quests?
No. 42504 ID: 12ca4d

could you explain a bit what you mean?

Also stuff is happening on my side irl. I won't die anytime soon but updates will be sporadic for the next... 2 weeks? 3? It's gonna be hard to update, that's all that matters.
No. 42522 ID: 1854db

People are split between having Gram make up with his sister right away or go find Items, and there's like two really interesting plot points hanging around that we could theoretically investigate instead of collecting Items. It's kindof like we're being pulled in too many directions at once.
No. 42821 ID: 418acf
File 131580661072.png - (126.89KB , 600x500 , fighting skills.png )

Added Lenion's stats to the Wiki.
Notes: Constructs count as Beasts. Anything that is not a Hero, Greater Demon, or Angel can be tamed by a Tamer.
Constructs that are Heroes, Greater Demons, or Angels can not be tamed.

Subjugation takes out all Phrases for the Overlord.

Whips can attack diagonally at a range of 1 Space.

Claws have Dmg reduction 1/2 from Beast Attacks.
No. 42869 ID: 49c551

Ohey, I didn't realize that Wounded Overlord is Larro!

>PS2 broken
Did you try PCSX2?
You can get the latest build here http://buildbot.orphis.net/pcsx2/
(which I recommend over using the latest beta which is highly outdated).

Anyways, people have counter argued that we are not yet ready to take any towns, and should wait until we rebuild our fortress.
The way I see it, taking a town provides taxes which means faster rebuilding. The ability to teleport means we can go anywhere in the world and focus on easily acquired towns.
No. 42870 ID: 49c551

on the wiki, ruby stats say:
>Fire (Spell) Range of 5-7 spaces dealing fire elemental damage with a 20 percent chance of burning the target for an additional 3 each round.

>Fire which does an average of 12-15 damage for 1 MP
>When ruby was level 2

Did damage increase with her level or is it still 12-15? I am guessing MP cost remained at 1MP.
No. 42871 ID: 49c551

Are there "monster towns" and organizations of sentient monsters?
Reading the questdis it seems the intention was to have be demons fighting heroes... but conquest requires society. Which leads to the idea of fighting monsters rather then heroes, to avoid tarnishing our reputation. However if monsters had towns we could conquer those and treat "heroes" of humanity/elfdom/etc as random encounters.
No. 42877 ID: f29f63

Well if the plant girl is any indicator, then monster type creatures can be civilized so yes, there can be monster civilizations.

Face it MrTT, we are going to have to fight sentients sooner or later. The best we can do is treat the ones we capture well and be thankful the ones we don't will just head back to their home point naked, but fine.
No. 42878 ID: ae41b0

Look, I am not bleeding heart pacifist. Nor am I moralfagging. I am ASKING QUESTIONS so that I can best optimize our strategy of CONQUEST.

It isn't that I don't WANT to fight, its that I don't want to be gangbanged by angels/heroes.

Also, that cute plant woman would probably be offended if you called her a monster.
Also, a better question would be "what monsters are civilized and which aren't".
No. 42879 ID: 40cb26

Well about "tarnishing our reputation" what you should realize is that a lot of the time we aren't killing people. When defeated in their own world heroes end up back in town in their underwear. Demons get the same deal on their turf. I'm not sure if monsters have a way out, but any "monster" that is intelligent and civilized probably wouldn't count as one anymore.
No. 42880 ID: 418acf

>Also, a better question would be "what monsters are civilized and which aren't".

Any monster can be a Hero, Angel, or Greater Demon.
Plant girl for example would be classified as a Hero because she is not beast like or mindless. If she were a normal monster she probably wouldn't be able to run a booth like that.

Now if you see another plant girl who mostly speaks by hissing at you then she's classed as a monster and would need to be tamed.

Beings can change classes any time. A hero can become an Angel or a Greater Demon. A Greater Demon can be a Hero. A monster can be a Angel. It's best judged for each thing you meet.
No. 42881 ID: 418acf
File 131595357565.png - (148.83KB , 600x500 , maps.png )

posting the map here for ref
No. 42887 ID: bd7cc2

What is the difference between heroes, greater demons, and angels?
No. 42890 ID: 418acf

Heroes are your basic run of the mill warriors. They go around and adventure for money, fame, women/men.
Angels do everything for the greater good. They are similar to Heroes but have a few unique traits that class them as Angels. Almost all Angels are Holy in nature.
Greater Demons are Demons who have grown past their base desires and instincts and establish their own personality. This is also used for any Hero, Beast, or Angel who becomes fallen
No. 42894 ID: b1f0e2

>Greater Demons are Demons who have grown past their base desires and instincts and establish their own personality. This is also used for any Hero, Beast, or Angel who becomes fallen
This confuses me a bit. So a demon is a being who grew past their base desires to establish personality, OR a sentient being who became "fallen"?
The first seems to be a state of Zen and the second seem to be a descent into greed and evil. Speaking of which, what does fallen mean? Is it a curable taint? (because we apparently can use a corruption potion to make soemthing become fallen)
No. 42896 ID: 1854db


A Greater Demon is a Demon who has grown a personality.

A human can become a Greater Demon by becoming 'fallen'.
No. 42898 ID: b1f0e2

>Greater Demons are Demons
I somehow misread that as
>Greater Demons and Demons

Alright then...
what does fallen mean? Is it a curable taint? (because we apparently can use a corruption potion to make soemthing become fallen)
No. 42899 ID: 418acf

People can switch all the time. It really just depends on the person in quest.
Fallen basically just means that whatever they once were they are now to evil to still be considered that rank. The Corruption Potion only makes Angels become fallen because Overlord is classed as a Greater Demon. If he were an Angel then anyone he used the potion on would be one to.
No. 42901 ID: 35e1a0

what if we become... A HERO!
No. 42908 ID: e81abe




No. 42914 ID: b1f0e2

a beast is a non sentient creature. As sentients are options are greater demon, angel, and hero.
At the moment I am not inclined to try to change our status.
No. 42941 ID: 35e1a0

you know. you kinda set us up to fail in guardian. just had sandra end up hating eistia thought up since chapter start i bet. no idea why, wanted some discord in the party?
No. 42943 ID: 418acf

It was a consequence of just outright killing Regulus. I thought I'd spread enough clues that Regulus had been to Sandra's land before
No. 42949 ID: 1854db

What were the clues? I hadn't been following the quest very closely to be honest.
No. 42950 ID: 3fd4fb

Honestly, I would rather have Regulus dead and Sandra hating Estia than Regulus alive and them friends.

Sandra being pissed over the death of her friend in the short term is understandable, but seriously, Regulus just slaughtered thousands- maybe tens of thousands- of people so that he could frighten a girl more effectively. The world is better off with him torn into many many tiny pieces, body and soul. If Sandra's too blind to that to understand that he deserved to die and get over her grudge, then that's just too damn bad.
No. 42953 ID: e3f578

Man, for overlord, does fear even affect loyalty? You figure that would involve a different system entirely because it's based on different emotions.
No. 43041 ID: f70e5e

how exactly does the Corruption Potion work? does it leave the victim with some will? or does it turn them into a meat puppet?
No. 43064 ID: 8b7065

Our actions are determined by our minds. The corruption potions changes the mind in quite a few ways. It makes the person completely loyal to the person who gave it to them and wipes out any memories of their encounters with that person. The person usually tells the one who took the potion that they are their master and such and the mind, with no other links to that person and desperate to fill in the blank slate that is now there, accepts this. It makes the person think 'hey that makes sense, he is (whatever the person said)'
Anything else is still mostly kept. Skills, personality and such.
No. 43100 ID: 3fd4fb

>Demonologist Megan Nekkoh
I laughed at this way harder than it deserved. Good show.
No. 43115 ID: 1854db

No. 43116 ID: e2d21e

meganekko means girl with glasses
No. 43140 ID: b1f0e2

oooh... :P
Nice one. and btw she is adorable, I love her cute little wings, and her cute little glasses, the rest of her too.
No. 43152 ID: 3fd4fb

Why are people bringing up Mordre in this? He is a bad role model and was possible in the first place only because Bob loves making ridiculously powerful characters.
No. 43173 ID: 1854db

So, we can add parts to our overlord body. Are we going to eventually look like a patchwork monstrosity?
No. 43175 ID: 3fd4fb

In the short term, maybe; that seems the most practical route to quickly increasing personal prowess. In the longer term, hopefully we'll have the money to custom-build good parts for our body that will make it look cohesive and more like a person than a monster.
No. 43231 ID: 25d645
File 131663663013.png - (43.46KB , 366x387 , answers.png )

>Ask about race relationships.

>"I'm assuming you're talking about Greater Demons, Angels, and Heroes? Those are the main three and each have their own 'beef' with one another. Angels are, as I like to say, lawful stupid. They believe that the law must be upheld at all costs and that evil doers must be punished. They have no qualms about killing if it is for the Greater Good. They typically despise most demons but if one hasn't done anything especially heinous they will tolerate them. Greater demons are being of chaos. There are the Succubus, Mimics, Imps, Changelings, and a few other minor ones. Each of those use their powers to cause chaos in the overworld, the place where most Heroes reside. They don't hate angels really since they don't really mess with them. Heroes however are easy prey. The heroes are the balance of all things, they hate demons because they're constantly picked on by them and general superstition."

>"Now if you meant the relationship between different 'races' as in humans, catfolk, plantfolk and the like then that's a whole different story. Everyone has their own personal problems with people but as a whole most races get along just fine with other races. There might be some problems with, say, a merfolk being near a catfolk but that's about it."

>Uazafesddoigls looks totally legit. Is there a way to reach him?

"Uhm... yeah, no. I mean sure if you 'want' to be raped for a hundred years then destroyed. This dude is like level 1000. He's just a being of pure chaos and pain. I got these notes by using Speak with the Dead, Mass. People don't survive more then a few seconds against him."
No. 43232 ID: 40cb26

That would have been worth mentioning earlier. Don't bring up bodyparts of beings with unapproachable power power levels without mentioning that fact. Weakest and most common is the priority, got it?
No. 43233 ID: eeb582

>"This dude is like level 1000"

Then it's just a matter of time...
No. 43237 ID: b1f0e2

Worst mistake WOTC made was stating the gods. Pretty soon you had builds capable of defeating them. Now that we know his level its only a matter of time and planning

Of course she is likely joking about the level 1000 and nobody actually knows his actual level.
No. 43240 ID: 35e1a0

which is also why the lady of pain in sigil has no stats. you attack her and "she wins" 'but i!' "SHE WINS!"
No. 43241 ID: b1f0e2

yes... speaking of. I bet "he" is a really cute girl. If nobody can see "him" and live how do they know "he" is a male?
No. 43247 ID: 43d730

Technically, her stats are "Make an IRL reflex save to grab your sheet before the DM tears it up. Success means you still die in horrible agonies."
No. 43272 ID: 15380e

http://tgchan.org/wiki/Overlord_Stats Wiki updated.
Inventory will be kept here along with current equipment.
No. 43336 ID: edf7c9

Questions: Silva's Dance of love explodes any of silva's dolls. I assume this destroys the doll in the process? And if so is the doll recoverable/repairable/replacable?
No. 43341 ID: f29f63

Dolls with souls that explode and there are a lot of them... ladies and gentlemen, I give you the overlord version of the prinny.
No. 43429 ID: 3bad4c

These quests are the best quests.
No. 43453 ID: 8b7065

To keep it from being to OP the dolls used in the Dance of Love are completely destroyed with not chance of saving them or any parts of them.
No. 43498 ID: e3f5db

Nah, that's cool. It's still an option. Although we'd have to dedicate 3 placement slots for Silva and at least 1 doll.

Options are good! Besides dolls are expendable, if annoying to replace. Although of course we wouldn't want to lose Emily. :3
No. 43499 ID: 3fd4fb

Speaking of dolls, do we have stats for the one that we have? Do we have methods for building more?
No. 43506 ID: e3f5db

I assumed Silva could build another, considering they're her dolls. We would just need money and possibly other materials we don't have.
No. 43510 ID: b6edd6

Personally I am far too stingy to use attacks that cost resources.
I prefer getting multiple ranged minions to disposable melee ones.
No. 43830 ID: b6edd6

Some questions:
1. Can Jump be used withot a targeted enemy in order to get over obstacles?

2. If one of Silva's halves (but not the other) is killed, do you need to spend a resurrection on her?
No. 43833 ID: 8e6a0b

No and only if the top half is killed. The top can still live without the bottom.
No. 43837 ID: 1854db

So then we could heal her and the bottom would return?
No. 43883 ID: a53c72
File 131784758360.png - (83.90KB , 399x483 , reading inna sailor suit.png )

after battle she'll get it back anyway. In battle you'll need to heal each part by itself.
No. 43884 ID: d99037

Is that a... Demoenologist?
No. 43886 ID: b1f0e2

it sure is! :P
No. 43893 ID: 62e880

Your art is one of my favorite styles on /quest/

Ranging from awesome, to D'awwwww, to Moe, to gruesome (occasionally)

My favorite sequence is still that Oraes/Ombra series about the horn that tastes like sugar.
No. 44061 ID: 25d645

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy it :D

Also http://tgchan.org/wiki/Overlord_Stats Mechanics change and some stuff was added.
No. 44062 ID: b1f0e2

"Silva the Wicked LV5 Dancer"
Silva's class is dancer? HAHAHA!
No. 44064 ID: 35e1a0

the harlequins from 40K are also dancers, they just love to do the dance of death. which results in a whole squad dying.
No. 44106 ID: 25d645

Added Solaris
No. 44162 ID: d77bf1

^^^ Me again, (even if my ID may or may not be different, it changes often)

I like all the characters in Overlord, but I'm concerned that we may have a bit of character overload. What do you think?

We keep seeing all these shiny characters, and some people can't help but recruit them. While this is cool and all, I personally like developing character's personalities as we go. In particular Alice is my favorite. I was in favor of not using the corruption potion on her, both for the challenge of learning more about her and getting her on our side, and for maintaining her personality (at least based on how I thought the potion worked at the time)

Anyway, I like how she has developed over time, and I hope to convince others to include her in fights a bit more. My point is, I like that kind of character development. What is Larro and everyone else's opinion on this and how Overlord is going so far?
No. 44364 ID: b6edd6

Do tinkers (Styx and the other tinker at least) count as demons?

And do plaguespreaders?
No. 44365 ID: d97c6d

Demon is a race, while Tinker is a class and plaguespreader is a subclass, so it depends on the person. We told Nix would respawn if we didn't enslave her back in the Human World, so it's safe to say she isn't a demon, and Styx at the least implied she is a demon back in >>/questarch/329776. I've no idea on the other tinker, but I assume she is as well.
No. 44367 ID: 1854db

The evil tinker won't respawn if killed in our castle. Word of God. We kill her and she is out of our hair. Enslave would only result in us having to shove her back in the sealed room. We do not want to Enslave this crazy bitch.

Styx and Meagan count as demons but they aren't fighters so they can't go into battles.

Nix is immortal and will only die if disintegrated or burned to death. This will kill her permanently in the castle, but the Tinker just has blades so she'll be fine. Outside of the castle she'll respawn in a human town, which would result in an outbreak of plaguespreaders. Not good.
No. 44370 ID: 35e1a0

and what if we can't do enough damage to kill her before she kills us? she would then kill all the non-respawning people we have. so having them in battle only improves their odds of survival because they would let us deal more damage a turn.
No. 44402 ID: 25d645
File 131896856223.png - (44.61KB , 366x387 , answers.png )

I'm glad you guys are enjoying this tale so far.
There are always a few things I'm trying to fix up, running this quest is almost like programming a game. It's in beta so to speak so there's always mechanics being tweaked and such.

One thing people have brought up is units dying. Quite a few people dislike it. I think it's needed in order to enforce strategy and caution while others say it makes them 'too' cautious.
A few things I'm thinking of adding are either expensive rings that act as a Auto Revive or a means of bringing back a unit, like a revival ritual or something (also expensive).

Anyone else have any thoughts on unit death and revival?
No. 44404 ID: 4b0207

Here's a thought: giving up the ability to trap an enemy's soul in exchange for snatching up a fallen cohort instead.
No. 44408 ID: b6edd6

I am kind of undecided on the death thing.
Some possibilities I can think of for not having perma-death are the option to rez party members for money proportional to their gold (possibly done via a mimic gold-consuming ability), or alternatively death could make you go down a level.
No. 44412 ID: 6a5a08

We can do that already, we just re-enslave the ally after the fight.

I think.
No. 44413 ID: 3fd4fb

>Anyone else have any thoughts on unit death and revival?
The unit death and revival rules are already quite generous, in my opinion. As I understand it every unit we control will already basically auto-revive in one of the worlds due to the respawn mechanics; recovering them after they do so is mostly a matter of effort on our part either by locating and re-enslaving or by maintaining high Loyalty (presumably someone with multiple stars would make their way home after respawning). That's pretty damn good, because it means that ultimately we could just build up teams entirely out of natives to each given world and have them operate exclusively in regions where they're effectively immortal.

Aside from that, we've got a unit which can resurrect units right on the battlefield, and if there's both a huge respawn net catching literally everyone who dies anywhere and a unit that can do it as casually as a spell, it's likely that there are other methods we could research as giant evil overlord level projects to accomplish similar things as a simple matter of logic.

But until we get powerful enough to have dedicated teams for each type of plane, or to conduct extensive research on the matter... if we want to keep trying to conquer the world, we need to know that omelets often require broken eggs.
No. 44437 ID: 23c67c

Well, make sure you look at the Overlord stats page on the wiki. Solaris can only use the revive skill in her healer form (as far as we know). So even that is in short supply unless we get Kassandra to level 20.

As for my opinion of Revival/Death. I feel that, as a quest, death for our people should be a rare occasion. At least for any characters that we have made the emotional investment into. For example, I would be very upset if Alice died after all the work that went into getting her on our side and learning more about her. On the other hand, if Nix, Lenion, or Solaris died, I would be a little disappointed (as anyone would be for letting a unit die), but I would move on. Because we don't know much about them, or have that emotional attachment yet.

Basically, the more we know about a character, they should have more "plot armor". At least this is a good way to make sure players don't feel cheated. Characters with plot armor can still die, but it requires even more plot to kill them, if you understand what I mean.
No. 44451 ID: 4a1c1f
File 131900224129.png - (44.33KB , 366x387 , answers.png )

Good idea with that, I like it. How does 100G per level sound? with an additional x1.5 for unique boss units.
No. 44452 ID: a2fa74

So you have to beat up 10-15x the person's level of enemies in order to resurrect them?

That's steep, but not completely unreasonable. I approve of the change.
No. 44458 ID: 1854db

Meeting the evil tinker (who we didn't even find out the name of) felt like a waste of time and an insult to every suggester involved.

The 'battle' was just her jerking the chains of three of our units while the rest of them didn't even attack. Then after we blasted her and she was about to run off, I SUCCESSFULLY taunted her into getting back into the battle zone. Instead of immediately attacking she got restrained. But no, she managed to get out of THAT too without letting us do a damn thing. In effect she was restrained in order to keep her from rushing back into the battle zone, rather than to allow us to kill her. You took my successful plan and decided to sabotage the results instead of the plan itself. Did you change your fucking mind about her getting mad enough at Overlord's taunt to keep fighting? Getting grabbed temporarily calmed her down?

You took all power away from the suggesters and our PC and just had the villain walk all over us because it was an 'introduction' fight where we simply weren't supposed to win. If you wanted us to have no fucking chance to kill her then it should've just been a goddamn cutscene! You gave us the impression we had a chance then just yanked her away from us!

It was incredibly frustrating and I've lost faith in the quest because of that.
No. 44459 ID: 1854db

Oh and the last time we used Overlord Beam it instantly vaporized the target. What happened to its power?
No. 44465 ID: d4155c

Last time we used the beam, it was against a much weaker foe. Remember, that tinkerer was able to 1 hit KO some of our melee units and was also level 15. We were lucky that it did damage.
No. 44467 ID: 40cb26

Dude this quest is based on vidyas more than anything. Those scripted boss battles man, don't let them get to you. Besides playing that one straight would have been a disaster.
No. 44471 ID: 35e1a0

yeah, she was using a weaker attack against our units. she was literally toying with us. if she wanted to i am sure she could of wiped us.
No. 44474 ID: 6a5a08

1854db, not all victories are going to be handed to us of a silver platter.
Besides it's a quest in video game physics. A recurring rival villain is obligatory.
No. 44475 ID: 23c67c

I'm fine with having a powerful foe out there with a bone to pick with us. It can make for good plot if done right.

The way I see it, is that the Tinkerer ran because, although she managed to get away from the restraints, she was still held. If the taunt at the girl didn't work, she would have been screwed.
No. 44487 ID: 1854db

We could've killed her unless she had some ridiculous special attacks. Which we never got to see because Overlord NEVER USED SCAN EVEN THOUGH WE SAID TO.
No. 44488 ID: b6edd6

He did use scan, but we didn't see most of her stats or her abilities, just hear level and health.
No. 44490 ID: 1854db

That's the information we get automatically.
No. 44507 ID: 6a5a08

1. It's a major plot-Boss. Have you never played a video game in which you can't check the Boss' stats?
2. Larro's the GM, what the GM says goes.
No. 44512 ID: 1854db

What. Yes, as a matter of fact, most Final Fantasy games let you look at bosses stats with Scan.

Also I expect good reasoning behind the choices the GM makes no matter WHAT they do. They can do it, but I don't have to like it, and that is the main issue here! Overlord didn't even try to scan. What's the excuse for that?
No. 44513 ID: 3fd4fb

I believe that >>/quest/359092 was an attempted scan. As has been mentioned, it provided only minimal information.
No. 44518 ID: 1444d5

>What. Yes, as a matter of fact, most Final Fantasy games let you look at bosses stats with Scan.
Yes, the information is severely limited. You very rarely get a hint as to any weaknesses in the flavourtext, let alone have them stated outright. Often, you're lucky just to get the max HP, and only minibosses will display the current HP.
No. 44537 ID: 1854db

Wrongo, most final fantasy games with Scan give you ALL DATA. Though in FF games it never showed special abilities for anything, even regular mobs.

Besides, we got complete data from bosses via Scan before in this quest. There's no excuse for this whatsoever.
No. 44538 ID: b6edd6

The other ones were more mini-bosses, as opposed to a recurring boss.
No. 44540 ID: 6a5a08

>There's no excuse for this whatsoever
No. 44541 ID: b9c01a

I should've addressed this a bit sooner but yeah most of the boos fight was scripted. There was pretty much no way to win this one that I could think of. Not yet at least. I actually have very few people who truly hate overlord so much that they're willing to kill him. One of the main people was Silva who sadly was discovered and turned within the same chapter. That was kinda sad for me. The tale needs someone who's actually a challenge both in battle and out and the crazy tinker, who's name is Beatrice btw, seemed like a good choice.

Also the Scan told you everything it could. When you use scan on someone I do -not- list what their equipment does. Beatrice does not have any actual attacks herself, her class is Tinker. ALL of her attacks come from her tech. I literally gave you as much as I could without talking about her equipment.
No. 44542 ID: 1854db

Oohhhh. Okay that does make sense.

Also that gives me an idea. If we find a way to disable technology she'd be a lot weaker...
No. 44563 ID: cf7e04


I hope that's the reference I think it is. Either way, awesome.

But, but, it would be so much cooler to fight her at her full strength (at some point in the future when plot says so)

I'm all for epic moments.

Oh yea, Larro, I have a question on how the revival rings work. When they die, do they revive instantly/one or more turns later/or after battle? Also, what HP are they at when they revive? Or are the above questions for us to find out :3
No. 44568 ID: d4155c

Well, we were bound to face a person out of our league eventually. You can't always win. Sometimes you have to lose so the victories seem sweeter.

Anyways, I don't see the people HATING us being the main worry, but rather, the people who LIKED us. Specifically, the old us. Chances are there are some fanatics who may have taken what old OL did and go a bit too far.

Besides, our castle was ransacked completely right? There's more than likely some punks running around with loot that belonged to us. Maybe some very.. erm... dangerous loot.
No. 44589 ID: 40cb26

>running around with loot that belonged to us
Or that was us. I'm sure our body included some of the most valuable weapons and armor and construct pieces available. I don't think all of them needed to be destroyed individually in the effort to destroy us.
No. 44593 ID: d4155c

Yeah. Now I am picturing some blond spikey haired emo git with our sword and other punks wearing our body like pieces of armor or using them like war trophies.

Somewhere, the previous overlord's head is mounted over a fire place and it's missing a eye.
No. 44594 ID: 35e1a0

if we do get our parts back i think we should change it into like a power armor over our current body that we can take off. is a lot easier to make people like you if you aren't a giant death machine.
No. 44595 ID: b57910

Mordre's answer was the best - I'm not a golem, really, I'm an old man in a floating castle miles and miles away! Really, I even have a maid and a cat!
No. 44598 ID: cf7e04

Yea, that was awesome.
No. 44600 ID: b1f0e2
File 131926223648.jpg - (92.35KB , 349x700 , tumblr_lax0t8c4VF1qe44vlo1_500.jpg )

So much tsun!
No. 44621 ID: b9c01a

Basically the unit has double health. They get revived instantly and at full health but can't act the round they are revived

Also loyalty stars posted in the wiki
No. 44623 ID: cf7e04

you should probably archive that thread. Just sayin.

And thanks for the stat update.
No. 44766 ID: e3f578

alright, it really looks like we're all discussing the capabilities Styx is able to do with the Overlord's body so I'd just like a confirmation of what we can do

animation and emotion with facial expression, is it something Styx can upgrade the body with?
No. 44792 ID: 91a2f4

can i post the non so approciable version of the overlord i made today here?
No. 44793 ID: b9c01a

by all means
No. 44796 ID: 9dddc8
File 131956663958.jpg - (56.15KB , 640x480 , Snapshot_20111025.jpg )

I need a new scanner...
No. 44797 ID: 25d645

oh shi-
Why aren't 'you' making some quests!?
No. 44799 ID: 9dddc8

my scanner is dead and I'm not so good with english( i can understand it perfectly, but my grammar suck)
No. 44813 ID: b9c01a

Ah shame, amazing drawings.

Also http://tgchan.org/wiki/Overlord_Stats

Nix got a major rewrite. Added new Overlord stats. Fix Inv. Also healing in battle does not restore Nix's poison sacks. Why? Because.
No. 44817 ID: 69cd33

Nix turned out cool. I'm liking her already. Not quite what I had expected, but pleasant nonetheless.

She may compete for my favorite yet! Although Alice still holds that spot.
No. 44822 ID: e88782

I like Emily, she's fucking adorable
No. 44834 ID: 135252

Nix is pretty cool. I had hoped for a toxin "control" as opposed to a cure.(a cure resulting in a boring vanilla swordmaster unit)

Does her poison still turn people into plague spreaders?

Also just throwing this out there but didn't the poison/acid/toxic whatever melt um pretty much everything and now we can use it as a sword coating? Shouldn't that require a slime-claw sword or something?
No. 44839 ID: 935545

The poison is probably very diluted now, but still rather potent.
No. 45036 ID: 28a1c9


>Slime claw sword
>>Slime claw spear.
>>>Rose now can get poison-coated spear.
No. 45052 ID: 35e1a0

so, latest trouble is having 'relations' with minions, how do you feel?
No. 45055 ID: d4155c

In all fairness, we need to keep the love and making of it out for now. We are the only guy here and the idea of us recreating the harem can only harm us. Especially since this can be considered a evil action. Treating them nice even though they are enslaved is one thing, but doing the do with them while enslaved will likely push it too far.

Besides, I can only see it causing trouble. Favoritism, jealousy, potential kidnapping of bed mates to try and make us obey their commands, in-fighting and even our troops harming or even killing each other over us are not worth getting jiggy with it.

Hell, I am half tempted we find a single gay hero and just bunk with HIM just so we can bite this problem in the butt... I wonder where Lugh went?
No. 45056 ID: 35e1a0

what if one of them asks US?
No. 45059 ID: d97c6d

You're confusing your cultural norms with the setting's. As far as we're aware, there isn't some taboo against extra-marital sex, so having sex with minions could only be considered "evil" if they don't want to do it. Since a couple people brought up Megan in the quest thread, don't forget that she explicitly said she wouldn't have minded being in our harem.

The concerns about all of the in-fighting are just ridiculous. None of them have shown themselves to be type to do that kind of thing, and without any sex taboos attempting to limit it to marriage or the like, they'll simply treat it as part of the master/minion relationship and no special meaning will be attached to it unless we exclusively have sex with one person without being refused by all of the others.

Now, I'm opposed to it, simply because I don't see any need to bring that into the quest (yet, at least), but if the majority go that way I'll do my best to roll with it. For now let's just continue to get to know them and see about getting a male unit or two that aren't obnoxious so that any of the girls that are in the mood and don't feel like satisfying it by themselves have someone to go to.
No. 45064 ID: 6fa1ef

I'm really not interested in turning this into a harem quest. I'll say that outright.

And in the future we should take a inventory of who wants to go out and fight. Actually, let's outright do a request box later on or something else to make it easier for them to make their desires known. Things like "I want a fight" or "We really could use this facility" or the like. Not all desires will necessarily be granted, but so far we've been pretty accommodating and this'd help us do that without quizzing every single minions individually.
No. 45066 ID: 3fd4fb

>Actually, let's outright do a request box later on or something else to make it easier for them to make their desires known.
I would rather have them just bring their desires to us directly. We've shown ourselves to be accommodating enough, and anything which makes our relationship with our minions more personal (as opposed to the impersonal nature of a request box) is likely to improve loyalty, or at least give us a better sense of what they're thinking.
No. 45067 ID: 6a5a08

It is a good idea for once we have a lot of minions though, since going around individually will take days.
No. 45076 ID: d4155c

I see the request box as more a way to draw our attention to something when our group goes huge. Simply give us a brief bit of info on the quest and we meet with them to discuss the offer. Still personal, but we don't need to speak to each and every soldier we have.
No. 45100 ID: f6106a

I like the request box because it means we can get information on things that need to get done in a single post, rather then several multi-post conversations. Helps with the quests pacing.

And I'm also not too keen on making this a harem quest.
No. 45153 ID: 6fa1ef

I can understand the desire for a more personal approach than the request box. Simply making it known we can be approached would pretty much do most of what I'm thinking about.

But there're some good points about scaling with more minions. But then again, with that many minions we won't necessarily be able to fulfill every single request. However, if there's a common request like for example everyone wanting a certain facility for the castle, it'd be useful to know how many people want it.

I'm not really wedded to my request box idea. I just included it as an idea for what we could do. Other possible approaches would include having a time during which minions could get an audience, or appointing a representative to talk to them and give an overall idea of their moods and desires. A mix of approaches would probably serve best.
No. 45167 ID: 3947e9

hey... would defeating their queen make her your mate and you the king? I bet the queen is crazy powerful though. Or there might be legalities to consider... but it is worth looking into
No. 45168 ID: 35bcde

That's why we need to install a penis.
No. 45169 ID: 3947e9

a request box can have a sign saying "write down your request, or come for a personal audience"... Or maybe a signup sheet for scheduling daily appointments...

but both are really only something to do when we have a LOT of minions. as of yet there are few enough that it isn't an issue.
No. 45185 ID: 7f4aa1

Yea, the queen almost definitely is crazy powerful, at least compared to how we are now. Besides, I don't want to conquer them yet. It wouldn't make a bad place to take over (since it would be legal, by their "laws") once we get our basic situation under control.

I still want our goal to be world conquest, but we can take it slowly, and carefully.
No. 45222 ID: 35e1a0

that bone mask makes rose remind me of sachiel from evangelion
No. 45225 ID: d4155c

Yeesh.. did you look at that half a star that girl had? No wonder Badass Overlord lost most of his minions if she was the one to talk to him.
No. 45387 ID: 767fea
File 132045307001.png - (19.02KB , 359x417 , icon1.png )


The first My Life was an ARG Quest that ran in IRC and the actual Quest. My Life was a experiment to see how.. involved a quest can get. It went mostly well but logs were lost and people couldn't follow later threads. This is sort of a reboot and another test.
No. 45391 ID: 1854db

No. 45399 ID: 8d592b
File 132048007515.png - (75.85KB , 600x500 , Emril.png )

info the orb should be aware of in Esper Quest. This stuff is counted as common knowledge.
First is the 4 Lords of Central Complex

Lord Emril:
Keeps order in Central Complex. He is a skilled Mind Esper and uses his abilities to help him prove criminals guilty. None are safe from his powers, he can find your darkest secrets in only a matter of seconds.

Some say he pushes guilty thoughts into otherwise innocent people's heads but this is just hearsay.
No. 45400 ID: 8d592b
File 132048019098.png - (64.35KB , 485x498 , Doredia.png )

Lady Doredia:
Some would describe her as the most chill one of the four. This may be due to the many.. Recreational plants she consumes on her free time. She is a skilled Elemental Esper and is responsible for the plantlife in Central Complex. Without her there would be no food in the place. Thanks to her though everything but meat is now plentiful and completely free in Central Complex.
No. 45401 ID: 8d592b
File 132048041775.png - (91.43KB , 600x500 , Adora.png )

Lady Adora:

Without her around the city wouldn't run at all. She believes everything should be built up to it's highest potential, whether it be the human body or the city. She and her group have made everything in the city from the streets to the shopping district. Those who work with her get massive discounts from stores but they are worked, sometimes to complete exhaustion. She loathes Kinesis Espers and will not tolerate people using Kinesis to build. Her power is Enhance.
No. 45403 ID: 8d592b
File 132048084912.png - (24.91KB , 600x500 , Lae.png )

Lord Lae:

A enigma surrounded by mystery. No one knows who Lord Lae is. When someone asks the other lords what he looks like they say 'He looks like a normal guy. Pretty unremarkable.' or in Emril's case 'Shut up and mind your own business.'
When asked what he does or how he's like the usual reply is 'Ask him yourself'.
When you go to meet him you will see that he is always no where to be found.

No one knows where the man is or what he does around the city. Those that live in his area are fairly well off. The place is almost eerily quiet compared to other areas.
No. 45411 ID: 9c8d4f

let's never have anything to do with Emril ever.
No. 45413 ID: 453e62

at the moment we are safe, because we have no dark secrets. would be like staring at a peice of blank paper and expecting secrets to appear.
No. 45416 ID: b6edd6

Does she also hate people using EMT to build? (Stone/metal shaping and such?)
No. 45440 ID: 3947e9

yes, and he was so mean to her too.
No. 45485 ID: 1444d5
File 132062375858.jpg - (25.75KB , 400x381 , Edwin Starr.jpg )

>Gnomes, huh. What are THEY good for?
Absolutely nothing.
No. 45497 ID: 4bdd79

God damn it, now I can't stop reading it that way.
No. 45498 ID: f31dfc

You make it sound like a bad thing.

Back on subject, we can fill our garden with them. A early warning system you could say.
No. 45516 ID: bbf662

Just passing by to say you're a cool person.
No. 45548 ID: 6a5a08
File 132077758565.png - (100.64KB , 350x294 , Emmet_and_Ingo_5729.png )

I wonder if Emril has a twin.
No. 45557 ID: 1bdd8a

That was what I had in mind too. Kinda glad someone spotted it :)

No offense meant to Gnome, although he should update his quests more often. Like Larro does.
No. 45604 ID: e56e30

I've read the hallowen quest of the overlord; now i love Emily even more
No. 45657 ID: e85cf5
File 132123378569.png - (74.14KB , 285x500 , policeman.png )

I was going after something more like the attached image >:I

Now I'll never be able to look at Emril again.
No. 45658 ID: e85cf5
File 132123404072.png - (113.43KB , 600x500 , Emily.png )

Glad you like her, here's another old sketch from when Overlord was supposed to look like some kinda vampire dude.
Just goes to show how long Emily was planned to be in the quest.
No. 45700 ID: 25d645

Kassandra gained a new level and a buncha new spells.
The original units need some leveling...

No. 45704 ID: 25d645
File 132140675704.png - (92.73KB , 600x450 , WH Stats.png )

Added in Wandering Hero's stats

No. 45712 ID: b65276

We'll be sure to work them in. I just wanted to try Solaris out, and allow Lenion some fun, and then Kass balanced the team out and potentially try out the demi-angel summon.

We not only have to balance the levels and items of our minions, but we must also balance the attention we give them so they remain happy. In Lenion's case, we need to make sure to include her in fights at least every once in a while to keep her happy. Emily can be satisfied as long as we talk to her, she's easy to please. Kassandra would be happy, so long as we treat her and others nicely. Alice on the other hand, would probably be satisfied being left alone, although I would like to include her in more fights. Nix, although we haven't spoken to her much, she is likely to be easy to satisfy as well, since she is happy just to be alive. Megan seems a bit neutral, since we just hired her, so not much to worry about there. Alalia just wants money, as far as we know, so nice little gifts, and giving her some responsibility might warm her up to us.

Ruby, Rose, Silva, and Solaris are a bit tougher cases. I'm not too sure exactly what they want, or how they tick.

Also, grr, we better not get attached to the slime queen, I was hoping to just use the slime as a potential sacrifice for Lenion's special attacks. But your character designs are too loveable. T.T
No. 45714 ID: 787e02
File 132142503547.png - (31.57KB , 464x388 , demi slime.png )

I'm glad you like my character designs. But I think another idea people had with the Slime Queen is to use her to make infinite demi slimes.

So you don't need to sacrifice the queen, just demi slimes like the one pictured here.
No. 45715 ID: 453e62

pretty sure rose is secretly in love with us. but unlike emily she is way too shy to admit it. her loyalty went up when we gave her a compliment.
No. 45716 ID: 787e02
File 132142675014.png - (79.57KB , 387x650 , Eiridi.png )

Bit more info on the Eiridi since people had some questions.
Mostly how do they eat. Yes most demons don't need food but the Eiridi are not true demons. If their oldest tales are to be believed they were created by the Demon of Pain after capturing a group of elves in battle. He had tortured them to the point where they wished for death but instead of killing them warped their bodies into what are now the Eiridi.

They have no face but instead speak with a small hole located on their lower neck. They can no longer see as people do but they use their sensitive tail to 'see' their surroundings.
They have no sense of taste or smell. In their torso is a small orb, similar to the one Silva has. Very similar to the one she has. When hungry they push whatever is edible into the orb. Whatever magic is used to store their vital organs also connects the orb to their stomachs.

Their feet can grip just as well as their hands. A kick from a Eiridi can be quite devastating.

pictured is a typical adult female Eiridi.
No. 45718 ID: 787e02
File 132143167986.png - (71.64KB , 600x450 , Cecil.png )

Cecil Von Central Lv 20 Wizard/Alchemist/Soul Mage/Sage

HP: 352
ATK: 0
SPD: 3 Spaces
MP: 30


Cecil's Staff, Cecil's Robes, Book of All Spells, Goldeon Blade

Skills and Abilities

All the spells: Cecil knows all the spells. Refer to Spells in Shoujen for a full list of all the spells.
No. 45721 ID: 1854db

Holy bejeesus.

It's a good thing Cecil isn't actually a character in HTBaO, since it's not the same universe.

>Very similar to the one she has.

HMMMMMMM. Throwing out a wild guess here- Silva was an attempt to resurrect a dead Eiridi, using that orb and a flesh golem as the base. Or perhaps Silva is one of the original Eiridi, and only descendants are faceless and have connected bodies like that.
No. 45722 ID: 20f620

My personal guess: the Demon of Pain had a hand in producing Silva. There's a certain similarity in that stomach thing, but considerable differentiation in other details, far too many for her to be derived directly from the Eiridi (or them from her).

Or otherwise she somehow acquired that orb. Or maybe the orb's something known to certain demons. I also considered the possibility of Silva being the Demon of Pain, but it doesn't seem likely due to her focus being more on destruction than pain.
No. 45724 ID: f6106a

The Original Overlord was with Silva for a very long time, and his/our origins aren't very clear. We were told however that our Overlord Beam is powered by the suffering of others. I think Overlord was the original Demon of Pain and something happened to him.
No. 45725 ID: f31dfc

Hmmmm... that adds to it, that much is sure but let's try a bigger scenario:

The way I see it, the Lord of Pain did what he did and likely made Over lord as a weapon. I mean, he is a golem and golems tend to be designed for combat of some sort. When you torture things constantly, having a beam made from suffering helps in case of invasions. Both as the invadee and the invader.We also noticed golems gaining personalities in the case with Over lord v2.

The way the scenario plays out: Over Lord is used for a period of time and gains true sentience. Because of all the pain and suffering, Badass Overlord had more than enough energy to destroy the Lord of Pain, then takes Silva and the third party member with him. Probably how Badass became the Overlord in the first place really.
No. 45726 ID: 453e62

except i am sure destroying a demon of a deadly sin would be something everyone knows about.
silva could be a prototype, and after seeing that the organs can be replaced the demon of pain made the Eiridi.

and we don't know if our beam is powered by suffering. could be conjecture on her part, it could be powered by anger, love, fear. the first time we used it was when we thought emily died, and it was an instant 1 hit ko move so there was no suffering invovled.
No. 45737 ID: 02f408

it may be powered by our suffering
No. 45799 ID: 9b6604

i find rust monster awfully cute...if we fiugth them as overlord we better enslave one
No. 45816 ID: 40cb26

I get the sense that it is a really bad idea to keep one around as a pet.
No. 45817 ID: 1258c9

why? they can rust enemy weapon and armors,and the giga iis extremely powerful
No. 45822 ID: 3a0045

i'll do a fanart of the rust monste, yeah, i'm insane lol
No. 45827 ID: f31dfc

Welp, seems we may just have an interesting secondary property with the sword part of us. Remember how those lines appeared and WH started to get a bit... feisty?

Yeah... I think we may have a bit of a blood lust side effect or something that amplifies a person's thoughts. Considering the sword's history, that makes sense.
No. 45828 ID: 3a0045

so is our fault she was that bloodlusted?mmm
No. 45831 ID: f31dfc

Think it's less us and more like an innate property. I mean, we are pretty cool guys. We lead people and doesn't afraid of anything. However, problem with most legendary or legacy weapons, our past most likely painted us quite a bit... well, in the passive department at least.

Kind of like the Muramasa blades or other famous killing weapons. When your kill count reaches high enough to fill a city, you tend to pick up stuff for better or worse.

AND considering we used to belong to the Badass Overlord, who kicked enough ass to have armies face him one on one, we should be lucky it's something small like this. I'm kind of worried what would happen if a hero gets us. Even fluffy is not as crazy as some of the ones we have seen.
No. 45835 ID: 3a0045

for us I mean the sword, sorry
No. 45847 ID: e2d21e

sorry if we annoyed you with the rust monster, it's probably my fault...but you are really good at drawing cute creature!
No. 45848 ID: 9da432

ha wha? No no I thought it was adorable! I just forgot to comment on it :P
No. 45860 ID: ea0b33

I probably found your webcomic. lol
No. 45877 ID: 9da432
File 132200730725.png - (73.40KB , 600x450 , licking.png )

I don't even know
No. 45898 ID: 38c26a

Poor Sharaes.
No. 46417 ID: 9da432
File 132233713264.png - (118.41KB , 650x650 , redo2.png )

redrew a scene from Shoujen where Nari shows off her newly healed face.
No. 46430 ID: 9da432
File 132237122713.png - (116.23KB , 650x650 , MasterL.png )

More redone shoujen stuff.
Master L for starters
No. 46431 ID: 9da432
File 132237126486.png - (118.33KB , 650x650 , RJ.png )

RJ the quarter merfolk.
No. 46471 ID: 57d760

No. 46476 ID: 57d760

i made a fanart of emily...I'll post it when i have the new scanner
No. 46478 ID: 9da432

thanks to a terrible computer virus all my quests will be put on hold for some time
No. 46481 ID: c7b6c2

No. 46488 ID: e2d21e

I'm cring blood...
No. 46502 ID: bd7cc2


Good luck.
No. 46597 ID: a4a7f4

No luck still :I Thank for the support guys.

I guess I'll have to either get a new laptop or find some discs to reboot everything.
No. 46601 ID: ffd9bd

oh well... i'll post a fanart of emily...filtered by my madness
No. 46674 ID: 69fbba

Fuck yeah! Larro is back!
No. 46689 ID: dd7b82
File 132303899423.png - (110.20KB , 650x650 , hahaha.png )

As if a computer virus would stop me for long.
No. 46697 ID: bd7cc2

No. 46704 ID: 784dcc

you mean Oraes? Sharaes is water.
I just finished reading Guardian Quest...
Ombra:Shadow:Dark Elves
Aeryr:Wind:Light Elves
[Masil:Light:Catfolk] implied

So, uh...what element IS Oraes?
No. 46708 ID: 2dff97


No. 46715 ID: a4a7f4

Sounds about right.
No. 46744 ID: bd7cc2

So, some random speculation. We know the overlord is a golem, but we don't know who made them. We had an incredibly powerful tinker locked up in the castle. Any bets on the odds that the tinker is the overlord's creator?
No. 46748 ID: 6a5a08

I wouldn't put it past that Tinker to try and mold the fabric of reality to her will, but the journal sounded far too loving and motherly to be hers. Then again, your 'son' locking you up in a magic room for several years would probably piss someone off. Especially if they were already unstable before.
No. 46749 ID: 453e62

the way it was written it sounds like she died BEFORE the castle was made.
No. 46761 ID: 95ab36

I had a hard enough time going through all the threads to find any reference of who was who. Give me a break. If the wiki gave more information that would have been helpful.
No. 46764 ID: 90cd18

i believe is connected to another quest
No. 46767 ID: 25d645

Well it does say on the top of this very thread as to which dragon was which :P
Wiki for guardian may not be as well kept as Overlord but most facts are posted here.

And yes Oraes's element is still candy
No. 46777 ID: 95ab36


No fair. Besides, Oraes isn't there. So excuuuuuse me, princess.
No. 46806 ID: 0ee607
File 132330520023.png - (42.51KB , 411x500 , promotions.png )

Let's not disrupt the Overlord's adventure with what amounts to a dress up game.
We'll decide here what his new upgrade should look like.
No. 46807 ID: bdb886

okay lady

I think we should keep up the "nice guy" look as much as possible. Armored, but not threatening. Keep the face.

I can't draw. Paperdoll plz?
No. 46808 ID: 3fd4fb

We need to continue moving towards a personable look. Preferably something less "bishounen hero" and more "noble leader". Being able to take off our helmet would be good.

Yeah, none of that is actual description. Ah... short hair or bald, aim for mid-30's instead of teenage, small beard optional.
No. 46810 ID: 0ee607
File 132330677335.png - (138.30KB , 500x700 , armored2.png )

Hair might not be possible.. Maybe. Not sure. I've yet to try it.

As for armor you must be more specific. Should I just make him more plated? Add spikes? Metal, leather, goldeon?
I need to know these things.

As it stands the red here shows what he currently has for armor.
No. 46812 ID: 3fd4fb

What are the characteristics of the different available armor materials? Can we have them enchanted with useful attributes?

Avoid spikes. Spikes do not send the message that we want to send here.
No. 46813 ID: 453e62

i'd say just a simple bit of bulking up. make him look stronger, would give him an aura of strength without being intimidating. also, thought this was mostly for lvls? pump him up to lvl 10!
No. 46814 ID: 0ee607
File 132330800544.png - (157.49KB , 500x700 , armored3.png )

>Bulking up.

How's this?
No. 46815 ID: 453e62

I like it! not sure about the others.
No. 46816 ID: 6a5a08

Looks heroic. + to that.
But if we can get hair, we need a goatee. It's Overlord-Essential.
No. 46817 ID: e3f578

Face is too feminine, go for goatee if possible, try broader jaw and chin, smaller eyes if possible
Helmet should have noseguard down middle, wear symbol on chest or one shoulder or gauntlet, not head.
No. 46818 ID: 1854db

I like the armored mask thing there. We can wear it when we need to be intimidating.

Personally I'd like to have some elements of the outfit to be in dark colors. Neutral overall, but there should be some hint of darkness.
No. 46819 ID: 0ee607
File 132330930868.png - (130.10KB , 500x700 , armored4.png )

How about this..?
No. 46820 ID: bdb886

I like it. I'd prefer a shaded glass/plastic front that can slide back into the helmet to uncover his face to a jointed mask, though.
No. 46821 ID: 3fd4fb

If we don't have hair, what are our eyebrows made of? Surely if we can have eyebrows we can have a classic goatee.
No. 46822 ID: b6edd6

I like the face in this more, but for the rest of the armor I think I prefer
No. 46823 ID: f31dfc

I'd rather we did NOT have a goatee. It's so stereo typical it hurts and while it would work for some people, we don't have the proper facial control to make it work right for us.

Also, we should avoid making him TOO bulky. Softer is more approachable to harder and going down the 'space marine' path is not going to help us at all in saying we are not like the old overlord.
No. 46824 ID: 0ee607
File 132331487710.png - (144.54KB , 500x700 , armored5.png )

Okay how about this?
Also any pieces of the armor can be taken off. It can be stripped off to the point where he's like his old skeleton form
No. 46825 ID: 3fd4fb

For some reason that armor makes me think he's shirtless. Which is ridiculous on second glance, but it still does. Aside from that it's pretty good.
No. 46826 ID: 0ee607
File 132331531691.png - (188.99KB , 800x700 , armored6.png )

See? The pieces are easy to snap on and off.
No. 46827 ID: 40cb26

Hmm... can we swap those pieces as easily as we can equipment? Or do we need to come in for adjustments if we want not wear our face for some reason? Also, don't we need to see out of the eye on our head? You know the one bit that actually is us? Or ares our bodies eyes functional?

The chest piece could stand to look a bit more armor-ey.
No. 46828 ID: b6edd6

We are a living action figure. I find that more funny than I probably should.
No. 46829 ID: bdb886

"So you're a living doll."

No. 46832 ID: b6edd6

Wait, is that our cognitive unit in our hand?
We don't want to be defeated by some schmuck with a sword simply cutting our hand off. Unlike some overlord I could name *cough*Sauron*cough*, I don't think it is a good idea to have out weakest point in the same extremity we are using to hold a melee weapon.
No. 46834 ID: f31dfc

Actually, our cognitive unit is in our head. The third eye? Unless someone does a modified version of the tree stooges eye poke, we should be good.
No. 46880 ID: a4a7f4
File 132342688072.png - (100.04KB , 331x500 , Shana Underwear.png )

>"My lord... I would do anything for you.."
No. 46881 ID: b818eb

No. 46885 ID: e3f578

I can imagine the overlord getting slightly angery with arms outstretched, yelling "Woman, I can't even DO anything with that."
No. 46896 ID: 453e62

sure we can, just set fingers to vibrate.
No. 46962 ID: 3947e9

so true...

I just realized she has our logo on her undies...
No. 46988 ID: a4a7f4
File 132358993159.png - (20.32KB , 278x319 , updoot.png )

>I just realized she has our logo on her undies

Eh hehehe...

Also http://tgchan.org/wiki/Overlord_Stats
Items changin Overlord upgradin
No. 46995 ID: 43d730

Clearly, we must become a fashion brand.
We can scry through those, right?
No. 47019 ID: 3947e9

>We can scry through those, right?
In which direction :)
No. 47020 ID: d60822

We wouldn't get any pleasure from it, though. Clearly we need to get Styx to make us a penis.
A detachable one, since it would only serve as a hindrance in battle situations.

We certainly ought to get into mortal commerce. It would grant us income as well as allowing increased influence which might come in handy either during quests, or along the road to our ultimate goal of unification. Perhaps we should hunt down and enslave leading members of various corporations and trade cartels soon.
No. 47021 ID: 9ffa57

Hmm.... people do not seem to share my sentiment for returning the orb to the tribal people.


oh well, I tried. I just compared the two options. Return orb, get pile of cash, potentially continue jobs for them and build relations with them. Or... keep orb/free moon child, have to fight/kill tribal people(or at least leader), gamble on the rewards (we don't know what state the moon child is going to be in, or what it might do).

Those are just my thoughts.
No. 47022 ID: 3947e9

>Hmm.... people do not seem to share my sentiment for returning the orb to the tribal people.
Why the fuck would we want to do that?

Also what pile of cash? If used SAFELY with no risk it generates 500g a DAY. Thats 12 days to get 6000g. Our choice should be between freeing the moon-child and harvesting it daily for massive wealth.

Also, we intend to be a conqueror and this is a perfect tribe to conquer, as all we have to do is defeat their leader.

Reputation is totally shot by our poor choice of words anyways as well as any chance of monetary reward.
No. 47026 ID: b818eb


She might have a jammer man, prly shouldn't risk it.
No. 47032 ID: 7bd540
File 132370680508.png - (102.16KB , 302x306 , fgsfds.png )

No. 47048 ID: d60822

Looks like she didn't! There was no reason to suppose she might, though.
No. 47056 ID: d60822

>Umm, so is Shana or us the Tribe Leader now?
Does it matter? She does serve us, even if she has discipline issues.

>You know what, fuck it, I say free the moon child.
It does seem likely to have substantial benefits. But so does harvesting the money. And we don't know if we can free the moon child without killing it, or even if there actually is an intact moon child in there. I think we should go for more upgrades to our self and our troops before we reach the potential point of no return. It might also be wise to get a second such orb first too.
No. 47060 ID: 3947e9

>Shana disobeyed orders
We should spank her!
No. 47062 ID: d60822

So if this "Moon Child" thing turns out to be less useful than G500 every day we're just gonna close it up in the gem-making ball again, right?

I think a softer touch would be preferable.
No. 47065 ID: 3947e9

>So if this "Moon Child" thing turns out to be less useful than G500 every day we're just gonna close it up in the gem-making ball again, right?

>I think a softer touch would be preferable.
You can spank softly :P
No. 47071 ID: d60822

Dammit. I figured that might be an unpopular notion.

>You can spank softly :P
But it's not much of a punishment then. Spanking is a good method of punishment, but not in this particular situation.
No. 47073 ID: 3947e9

>But it's not much of a punishment then. Spanking is a good method of punishment, but not in this particular situation.
Did it really take you this long to figure it out?
go read http://www.mangatraders.com/manga/series/3351
No. 47074 ID: a4a7f4
File 132376814626.png - (73.75KB , 519x500 , TMI.png )

>But it's not much of a punishment then. Spanking is a good method of punishment, but not in this particular situation.

I think that's a great punishment. The best one.
No. 47076 ID: d60822

I agree about the face. The mask should be a battle thing, primarily.
No. 47077 ID: 3947e9

PS. There is a reason why I suggest spanking in the questdis and not in quest itself.

Perfect, then we are all agreed.
No. 47078 ID: 3947e9

>Wear mask in battle
Fair enough. It will protect our face investment from being damaged in battle.
No. 47079 ID: 3947e9

Bravo Larro... that was awesome!
No. 47081 ID: b818eb

Wow... that face is a dangerous weapon. It's a wonder that Styx finished it at all with this reaction.
No. 47082 ID: d60822

Yeah, maybe staying masked in general is a wise plan. I hadn't realized it was quite that potent, every time.
Or is it? We should try it on people who don't already love us, see what happens.

Wait, what problem would we be trying to fix?
No. 47084 ID: 3947e9

>Wait, what problem would we be trying to fix?
She terrorizes our other troops because she believes fear is the best way to get loyalty.
No. 47093 ID: 4fab0f


HAHAHAHHA I'm dyin over here.
No. 47100 ID: d60822

Goddamnit I can't go to bed without you guys breaking someone's back?

We've made substantial progress towards fixing that. It may be entirely fixed.
No. 47110 ID: 3947e9

Yes, we have made progress... but you asked WHAT is it we are trying to fix, not how much progress we made on that front.
No. 47111 ID: d60822

I interpreted the post I quoted as expressing regret for missing an opportunity to make progress. Thus I was asking what problem the poster felt we should have worked more towards fixing that we missed an opportunity for. I apologize if I failed to communicate that adequately.
No. 47124 ID: d60822

You know, the sign on the mimic's belly seems just about dick-height.
No. 47127 ID: f31dfc

Alright, with the plot bomb we had, we now know a lot of key stuff about the overlord.

1: He is made from Chaos and was originally two eyes. One in the sword, one who is still the overlord. Together they have power over chaos.

2: We were masters of golem making that much was made clear. Probably had our own army.

3: Our creator's name is Emilia. At the end of her life, her limbs were rotting off. She wanted to be with us.

And now here is where shit gets crazy: Emily= Emilia.
Emilia gets sick. Loses limbs. Dies. Badass Overlord tries to bring her back using his golem crafting knowledge(maybe because he wanted to have her live forever with him?). He crafted a flesh golem out of the body, but it wasn't Emilia. The personality was likely blank like ours was and all that was there was Emily. An entirely different person.

No. 47128 ID: af25e0


I don't really think we should tell Emily this unless a very good reason comes up.

Like you said, she's a different person now. It would just confuse or sadden her without any benefit.
No. 47131 ID: 1444d5

Confuse maybe, I'm not sure if it's possible to sadden Emily.
No. 47132 ID: 40cb26

Well if it is possible I think that "Your master will never see his mother just because you exist." would be the best way to find out.
No. 47134 ID: f8f2fd

but if someone try to do that he deserve to be butraped by giant spiked tentacle
No. 47150 ID: a62200

Just don't say anything. You know enough. This is your new life, don't rip it apart for a life you cannot remember.
No. 47155 ID: f31dfc

Also, side note on wishes and trying to bring back Emilia. I highly advise we do NOT. There is a difference between bringing back the dead who just died and someone who's been long gone or has been altered.

Not to mention that these are genie style wishes. VERY finicky and 75% of the time the results can backfire horribly. One wrong word could destroy or horribly damage emily and emilia both physically and mentally. We may very well curse emily with a fate worse than death.

Besides, it seems clear that our mimic buddy here was 'cursed' by her wish. Think about it, Mimics could only store so much right? If you were adventures and you had a mimic who can cast wish, wouldn't your first wish be to have her have unlimited room for your stuff? They probably did so and gave her a voracious appetite for loot. She could store all the loot they want, but they can never get it back.

In short; Wishes should NOT be used unless absolutely, positively needed and even then with the lawyer level writing where not even a single loop hole exists.
No. 47194 ID: 0583a2

>Emily is made of Overlord's mom's body

>Emily was part of Overlord's harem

No. 47196 ID: 3947e9

Overlord is a construct and has no penis
No. 47198 ID: f31dfc

But that raises the question of why did he have an all female harem? Did they just buff him with their boobs?
No. 47201 ID: d60822

>why did he have an all female harem?
>why all female?
What, are you calling the Overlord some kind o' faggot?
No. 47204 ID: d60822

How do you make bowls out of glass?
Why would you make bowls out of glass?
No. 47206 ID: 3947e9

You use it to serve food.

Supposedly he used to molest them too... I am guessing he groped them to assert his manliness or something.
No. 47212 ID: d60822

Hey, just 'cause the man can't stick it in don't mean he don't like them titties, you know?

Besides, what's the point of being Overlord of the world if you can't have a harem? And even if he never did a damn thing with them, it's still important to have girls around as decor, it's a status symbol.
No. 47224 ID: f6106a

99% of this world appears to be female. Having males solely as decor would probably be a better status symbol given how rare they are.
No. 47228 ID: 3947e9

true... I would have said that they just figured out themselves they are your harem... except we were told the old overlord was... Well probably molested them. So I think he really did just love titties.

Maybe he had mommy issues... what with only interacting with his mother before she died and then trying to bring her back as a flesh golem...
No. 47248 ID: 654ecc
File 132399095950.png - (36.19KB , 216x396 , Lun.png )

Lun's stats added http://tgchan.org/wiki/Overlord_Stats
No. 47275 ID: d60822

That seems to be worth a lot less than G500/day.
No. 47278 ID: e3aff6

Well there is also the advantage of not harvesting the innards of a child.
And also being able to lord that part over Abel :V
No. 47279 ID: f31dfc

All things considered, the 500 a day is likely not worth it. Moment someone found out we were using a innocent for money, we would be suffering loyalty penalties among our good aligned members most likely. Not only that, but right now I see potential with that ability. Even more so due to the fact that's only level 5. Remember the magikarp rule; sure he seems weak now... but god help us if when he reaches level 20 and could stack the deck in his favor somehow with a even bigger deck.
No. 47281 ID: 3947e9

the deck is already powerful as all fuck. it has a 1/9 chance of being bad. 8/9 = 89% of being good. And the good stuff mostly are powerful.
Set enemy mana to 0? Could be invaluable when facing an uber mage monster with 20 mana and massive world ending spells.
Heal 50%? Awesome as it scales with the power of the units we cast it on.

Also, I am honestly surprised we could even make him fight. I expected he would be a non-combatant as a child. To quote mordre, just because some things like honor or your word are not quantifiable as money is, does not mean they have no value. You need to do your best to estimate their value. In this case the benefits are from the non-quantifiable parts.
No. 47282 ID: af25e0

He should do wonders for PR and morale, if nothing else.

Since we don't really get to control the effects of the cards he uses (for now, anyway), I don't think we should use him as a serious combat unit. If we need something, we'll only have a 1/9 or 2/9 chance of getting it.

In case his abilities become more useful, we can send him out occasionally with a higher-level unit to grind experience. Maybe we'll end up with some form of luck manipulation.
No. 47283 ID: 32a091

People assume because he's called a Moon Child he's really a child.
Rose is a decades old but she's got small body because she's an imp. Lun is at least a few dozen years old. Even an adult Moon Child is still called a Moon Child.
No. 47284 ID: 3947e9

You assume what we assume...

We know he is a child because all the adults passed on.
Only the children who did not have that ability yet remained to be captured.

This btw means that every single one of the other 4 orbs will contain a child too young to perform the passing on technique
No. 47285 ID: e3aff6

Though they might have (physically at least) reached adulthood during their time in the orbs.
No. 47287 ID: 3947e9

fair assertion. They are most likely physical adults but childlike in mind.
No. 47334 ID: f31dfc

(Time for more super happy Juroko thought process time yay!)

Well, this development is a big one now is it? Certainly clears a lot of questions and gives us a bit of insight why. However, the question now is; what do?

While Rose is a problem, we have more pressing concerns. Mainly, two different fronts.

Abel: Obviously a real contender against us if he has his own country, it's obvious he is more than willing to use evil means and has likely had a hand in our down fall.

Demon Lords: Yeah, apparently the overlord's rule wasn't as secure as we thought. Either way, for whatever reason they have, we have foes in the demon world and they don't want unity.

With those two situations, we are going to have to deal with them very carefully. One at a time if possible. Abel is a threat no matter what, but sooner or later, the demon lords will catch wind and likely try to outright stop us this time. We may need to scout out before hand to figure out who we should deal with.

Finally, and this is a main concern to me, but using just our title is not going to cut it anymore. We have too many people out for our blood and we already have taken our first big steps. The word Overlord is going to make anyone we try to ally with us think we are like our previous life. As much as many would say no, we need a name. Not only to further separate us from him, but to make us more approachable and more 'human'.

For that, I have one name in mind; Razgriz. Strong, rolls off the tongue well enough and is unique in it's all way. Besides, the song that goes with the name fits him too damn well. Yes, it is latin, and here is the lyrics.

Cum historia mutat valde (When history changes badly)
Razgriz revelat ipsum; (Razgriz reveals itself)
Primum daemon scelestus est. (First, as a dark demon)
Cum potentia sua (With its power)
Daemon fondet mortem in terram, (The demon rains death upon the land)
Deinde moritur. (Then it dies)
Cum somnus finit, (When dreams end)
Razgriz surget iterum, (Razgriz rises again)
Magnus heros est. (As great heroes)

The lyrics fit us to a bloody T really. So. what do you guys think?
No. 47336 ID: 453e62

how does razgriz roll off the tongue? how do you pronounce it?
No. 47363 ID: 3947e9

Rose needs punishment...
You know what must be done!
No. 47477 ID: 32a091
File 132446644468.png - (53.23KB , 383x341 , PLOT.png )

Well chapter 5 sure had a lot of plot. And inventory management.. And talking.
I think there was a fight.

Anyway the point is that a good 100+ updates with no level ups. So my question is.. Should there be a mechanic for units to go off and level up on their own? A time skip maybe? Or should I just tone down the plot for a bit?

Next chapter will probably be a How to be a Hero thing thing so we have time to decide if there should be any changes.
No. 47478 ID: 453e62

i think we need less plot for a bit. gotta kill stuff. can also have relevant unit training. like shana can help our other mages get exp. but training can only take you to 99%, need a real battle to lvl up.
No. 47479 ID: 40cb26

I don't know if it needs to be a regular thing, but if we are switching quests when overlord is headed to the trials, why not let him grind there with our weaker units for a few days? Or maybe they have a local hero training course or something, good on the xp but not profitable.
No. 47498 ID: 3947e9

>Anyway the point is that a good 100+ updates with no level ups.
Really? I am pretty sure we level up units on a regular basis...

Isn't there already a mechanics for units to go out and level on their own?
Where we send them to go out fighting low level units to harvest gold and XP?
We could also set up some training areas...

Anyways, I enjoy the plot but can see the appeal in some unwinding via good ol hack n slash n loot. I think all the recent "random encounters" and the like we came across were very plot heavy, we still had fights (ex: fighting the queen of hunter tribe) but mostly plot. Maybe have more "plot thin" encounters...

For example, we just annexed a village... its an ideal trigger for a plot light combat heavy scenario. Maybe a nearby village feels the time is ripe to attack, maybe some specific monster type (drow, goblin, pixies, etc) is come out of the woordwork, maybe another warlord feels we intrude on their domain, mabye an infestation of plauge spreaders in a nearby village that needs dealing with before it spreads to our lands... etc etc.
Any such scenario, with the oponent being unable or unwilling to negotiate could lead to lots of battles, punctuated by plots and plans (collapse the cave, find a cure, chase magical doodad, etc).

The more lands we acquire the more justification there is for such events to occur, and whenever you feel we go too long without good battles you can trigger such an event. (of course we could ignore it but the results would be severe)
No. 47499 ID: e3f578

Yeah, do level ups on there own
I don't think the quest format is conductive to things like leveling. You can't really grind like you do in a regular video game. I like the whole strategic battle stuff but I don't thinkk Lveles are applicable.
No. 47500 ID: f6106a

Could also do level-up potions, with price based on the level of the unit going up. With Shana being twenty, she should be able to grind out gold to make the potions so we can bring lower level units up to snuff.
No. 47511 ID: 5f55fe

I would rather us do plot stuff(which may include fighting, depending).

You could just award bonus xp to characters that get more screentime, so to speak. This wouldn't be an exact formula. I wouldn't want the overlord to get too much xp just because he's the protagonist. It's more of a "Hm... who has been doing a bunch of stuff, even if it's just talking. Here, have a dollop of xp"

No. 47518 ID: 32a091
File 132455251210.png - (203.86KB , 500x700 , Em.png )

those are all great ideas guys. I still have a bit more brainstorming to do.
In the meantime here's a pic of how Emily would see herself.
No. 47522 ID: 786012

No. 47523 ID: 09c43b

No. 47539 ID: 3947e9

No. 47563 ID: 32a091
File 132462848876.png - (11.63KB , 398x351 , Plus.png )

http://tgchan.org/wiki/Overlord_Stats level ups. Level ups everywhere.
No. 47568 ID: 32a091
File 132464400995.png - (340.73KB , 800x800 , pranking silva.png )

late night doodles
No. 47571 ID: 5f55fe

Yay artz!

I had a few little questions about abilities.

So Shana has a couple abilities, like Ice and Mega Ice, and likewise Shadow, Fade to Black, and Hand of the Dark God. In these cases, the higher up spells have increased damage for seemingly no increased cost. Do they cost more mana, or potentially gives her dark mana residue?

Or maybe they are just BETTER, I mean she is level 20, damn.

Similarly with Kassandra and her +acc, +def, and group equivalent spells.

Also, could Kassandra summon the trinity beast, and then Lenion use it for Bestial attack? :D
No. 47598 ID: 32a091
File 132470918284.png - (1.45KB , 31x51 , sprite test.png )

http://tgchan.org/wiki/Overlord_Stats Added: Ailments and fixed Inventory and Mana Costs.
No. 47599 ID: 32a091

No the last question. Beasts need to be kept in reserve in the castle not on the field.

And MP costs have been added to the wiki for most of the spells. Being level 20 Shana does not need to use up mana for certain spells.
No. 47603 ID: 437934


I could so get past that split body thing. in fact, I bet it lets her do some very interesting stuff...
No. 47633 ID: 5f55fe

Cool, thanks for the new info.

The doomed status effect does seem really long though. Have we ever had an encounter last 10 rounds?
No. 47642 ID: 1854db

No. This also makes Shanah's mana costs completely irrelevant since she has 26 bloody mana. Although I guess if she gets hit with a mana drain attack then mana costs would come into play again.
No. 47645 ID: 5f55fe

I didn't think too much about the mana thing. She's level 20. I would expect at that point, you generally wouldn't have an issue with mana, except in extreme circumstances. Besides, what if she fought an equivalent level 20 enemy, with perhaps more health. Maybe she could go through more mana then.
No. 47669 ID: 32a091
File 132485936933.png - (127.19KB , 700x500 , chaos librarian.png )

Demon sketch #1
No. 47672 ID: 5f55fe

Cool. The eyes are creepy.

No! I swear I'll return my books on time. Please don't kill me!
No. 47681 ID: 32a091
File 132487737033.png - (47.22KB , 340x500 , Imp.png )

hehe yes they are rather ferocious to those who neglect to return books. Even the Demon World has a library.

This is a typical Imp. They mostly play pranks on people/demons.
The pranks can range from stealing someone's left socks to burning down a granary.
No. 47682 ID: 32a091
File 132487849130.png - (192.13KB , 494x498 , the price.png )

That moment right before a Dark Mana user pretty much explodes.
No. 47684 ID: 32a091
File 132488162652.png - (141.47KB , 508x584 , demon of pain.png )

Demoness of Pain
No. 47686 ID: d9ac01

>The pranks can range from stealing someone's left socks to burning down a granary.
>The pranks can range from stealing someone's left socks
>stealing someone's left socks

They will rue the day.

Also, I really like your art style.
No. 47689 ID: 629317

just thinking...how powerful is the explosion?
No. 47691 ID: 1df913

This one is very good.

Cute. If that's an extended imp horn like Rose's and not a helmet, how does she eat?

Yeah, we'll have to keep the girl in check so this doesn't happen.

Wow, this one's freaky, and quite different from the other art from this quest.
No. 47694 ID: 453e62

all demons feed on energy, imps feed off of people's confusion, anger, basically anything you would feel as a RESULT of the prank. succubi obviously feed off of lust and stuff. in the demon world they don't need to eat because the land is basically saturated in energy.
No. 47896 ID: 3947e9

>Demons tearing off clothes
>Target women
>Shana has a phobia of them
>If the group you are not in loses the battle.. Well they'll survive.
Please tell me that these aren't really a gang of rapist demons; because that is seriously disturbing
No. 47897 ID: c91e2b

Hahahaha no nothing bad will really happen.
That would be a bit evil. Shana just really hates birds in general. If it were this specific demon she'd scream something like 'OHGODIT'SGOINGTORAPEME' rather then 'OHGODIT'SGOINGTOPECKMYEYESOUT'
No. 47898 ID: c91e2b
File 132547865267.png - (8.17KB , 496x383 , so simple.png )

A doodle I made trying to that the simpler a drawing is the harder it is to really mess it up. Compare this to the recent Overlord update
No. 47899 ID: 3947e9

ok, that is good to know.
I guess they just... really like women clothing. maybe they want to wear it. :P
No. 47914 ID: 21a619

Not rape birds? Well there goes my boner :(
No. 47921 ID: 40cb26

Well they still are going after girls, so I expect them to do a lot of groping and some leg humping.

>all demons feed on energy
...And what kind of energy do the molester demonbirds feed on, specifically?
No. 47925 ID: 453e62

most likely fear
No. 47927 ID: 21a619

Warm panties maybe?
No. 47957 ID: 6a5a08

Well, they did seem particularly provoked after Shana's FearxInfinity.
No. 47979 ID: 3fd4fb

These demons have awful taste if they wouldn't be all over a group with Lenion in it. Just sayin'.
No. 47981 ID: 281eec

Glad someone else feels this way.

Also updated the wiki for new Archer stats

Basically just doubled their HP so they're not as easily killed. Let's see how it works
No. 48071 ID: 3fd4fb

I think the wiki is still missing stats for the Slime Queen.
No. 48072 ID: fc7101

You are correct and that's been fixed
No. 48079 ID: 3947e9

With a captured and loyal to us screecher we can expose our troops to it without having a chance of it attacking... this is beneficial for shana.


I suggest we start working with her on her phobia...

Although, if it is birds in general then a better thing would be to get a very small bird instead to start her light.
No. 48087 ID: 0adc60

is it possible to make money off the slime queen by having her split once in a while and sell her children? I know it sounds mean but it's not like she uses them for anything else than enemy bait herself.
No. 48094 ID: 5f55fe

Nooooooo!!! That's mean, and the demi-slimes are SOOO cute. Even their stat screen says so!
No. 48096 ID: 3947e9

>sell her children
No. 48098 ID: 85879a
File 132599304098.png - (43.97KB , 366x387 , oh hey I can fight.png )


Added Meagan
No. 48099 ID: 3947e9

>Cursed glasses
Ha, awesome.

>Scatter pages: MP1- Meagan opens her book and scatters the pages around her. Each space around her now has a Page on it including the ones diagonal of her.
How many pages does this scatter? She needs 6 for cocoon.
No. 48101 ID: 453e62

depends on location. in the middle she could get 8 but if she is on a side or a corner she would do less.
No. 48109 ID: 5f55fe

Yea, probably won't make her fight too much, although those are cool mechanics.

I think of it as, since we just hired her, rather than enslaving, she's under different terms than the rest of them. She was hired mainly as advice for all matters demonic.
No. 48165 ID: 85879a
File 132610905554.png - (21.90KB , 314x356 , Dark Mana.png )

Dark Mana Q&A

Q:Do the side effect of Dark Mana usage include horrific dreams, irrational fears, paranoia, trouble sleeping?

A:No. Dark Mana's most immediate side effect is actually depression. It comes from the feeling of being drained which is a direct result of using your life force to cast the spell.

Q:Can you explain more about the Dark Mana residue?

Oh, right. Well basically using this Dark Mana leaves.. Well it can best be described as a sort of film over a person's soul. It keeps building up over time until it gets to the point that the next time the person casts a Dark Mana spell the residue ignites and burns up the person's body and... Well they explode. There is no possible way to get rid of the residue. Even a Wish can not affect Dark Mana.
No. 48171 ID: 0adc60


will you get angry at me if I ask why?
No. 48175 ID: 146bca


So, is there some way we can negate or somehow lessen the long-term effects of Dark Mana without getting rid of it? Is there such a thing as Light Mana? And if a Dark Mana user explodes, can we resurrect them?

Also, I noticed Leon's stats weren't up.
No. 48176 ID: 146bca


One other thing. Is it possible to track how much Dark Mana...corruption...is on someone? Or do we have to ask Styx?
No. 48179 ID: 5f55fe

Awww, I guess I misread the first time dark mana was mentioned. I thought it went away slowly.

Since we won't likely order Shana to use any of her dark mana spells, we just need to keep a lid on her, and make sure she doesn't pull what she did last time without our consent.
No. 48180 ID: 85879a


There's no way to really lessen the effects but luckily it won't spread without further use. Light Mana doesn't exist, there's just normal and dark. Also if someone were to explode because of Dark Mana they can be brought back..

It's easy enough to see just by looking at them. People who are very corrupt will subconsciously have black tendrils move around them. The tendrils can go away if the caster is calm but will flare up again with emotion. Someone who's very corrupt can even control them.
No. 48182 ID: 146bca


Yikes. That means Shana could explode at any time.

That's it. No more using Dark Mana spells.
No. 48190 ID: 5f55fe

Was this post an actual gauge of her dark mana, or just rhetorical?
No. 48191 ID: b6edd6

So if someone can be brought back, do they keep the dark mana if they do?
No. 48192 ID: 85879a

Just a drawing, it's not really how corrupt she is.

I can't say
No. 48195 ID: 146bca

You can't say, but you DO know.
No. 48196 ID: 5f55fe

As pure speculation, I would think the dark mana remains, but she would no longer explode. She would just be twisted or corrupted, or something similar that we can't possibly fathom. Honestly, the specifics don't really matter. All that matters is, too much dark mana -> BAD THINGS
No. 48203 ID: 40cb26

The answer is simple. Use someone elses soul. And when you're done with them ready one big spell use them as a bomb.
No. 48204 ID: 146bca


Can we use another sou as a sacrifice when someone uses Dark Mana?
No. 48205 ID: 85879a

I can't answer that either..
No. 48206 ID: 146bca


Can we try?
No. 48207 ID: 85879a

By all means!
I'm gonna have a field day writing up the results of dark mana testing.
No. 48209 ID: 0adc60


all that matters is we must find out by making it happen. honestly, am I the only one who won't cry if Shana gets blown apart?
No. 48210 ID: 7c31d2

Nope! I'd probably laugh myself.
No. 48211 ID: 146bca


Our only level 20 fighter and our only possible way of defending ourselves if that insane tinker we dissed ever comes back for us?

I would weep hard.
No. 48212 ID: b0ab16

i found her cute, i hope she doesn't die
No. 48213 ID: 5f55fe

Noooooo!!! Although Shana isn't the nicest person, I still like her as a character. We could always just use her to handle something as a solo mission, like we did as the old Overlord.

And I have a bit of a Yandere fetish >.>, not the super psycho ones, just regular obsessive
No. 48221 ID: b82a1d

I feel like experimenting with destroying other people's souls to power our magic would not be good for our image. We're trying to reform, after all.
No. 48259 ID: 40cb26

I wonder if a soul eating demon could just nibble the residue off. Like corn on the cob.
No. 48260 ID: d928a8

more like nibbling the gooey tar buildup on a piece of corn
No. 48274 ID: add589

Mmm.... Does it taste like souls? I've heard that souls are delicious.
Hope it'd not like barbeque sauce.
No. 48277 ID: 5f55fe

>gooey tar buildup
Does that answer your question? It doesn't sound all that appealing.
No. 48284 ID: 79c297

But it is technically possible... we just need to find out what eats "tar".
No. 48285 ID: b6edd6

Does this mean that having dark mana in you can actually protect you from some soul-eating creatures by making you unappetizing?
No. 48300 ID: 5f55fe

This seems like a terrible idea.
No. 48304 ID: beb6d7


teribble idea or not, Overlord's body uses a dark mana gem to operate so I'm guessing it's in effect either way.
No. 48305 ID: 5f55fe

That doesn't even make any sense. What does the dark mana gem have anything to do with it.

You're making so many assumptions, it's not even funny. You assume that there are things that want to eat souls, you assume they would care about the dark mana. You have no idea how dark mana crystals work/relate to the problem.

I don't mean to start an argument, but you are assuming too much. How about we just not let Shana explode, and leave it at that?
No. 48318 ID: beb6d7


how about we do :3
No. 48323 ID: e935f0

She's a powerful and highly loyal asset. Even if you dislike her, think about that, okay?

Nixing Dark Mana experimentation in general. Don't you remember what happened to the place Overlord used to live in with his creator? Dark Mana is bad news.
No. 48347 ID: 146bca

This loyalty might be what kills her.

What if the watch is ticking down to some cataclysm involving her?

What if we need to stop her from using any Dark Mana spells?


Guys, work with me for a second.

The succubus who came in to squat at our place is demanding we serve her. She's level 14. Now logically, we could sic Shana on her, and be done with the matter, but she would likely use Dark Mana spells to kill her. If that happens, she would explode, given her usage of it. What if the watch is referring to a calamity in which we lose our most powerful servant?
No. 48360 ID: 3947e9

I have been advocating we stop using that damnable dark mana.
No. 48363 ID: beb6d7


we are using a body that requires a gem full Dark Mana. are you saying we leave our body behind? because we can't. do you suppose we could fight enemies using mind-rapingly powerful Dark Mana spells using cute little cantrips like the ones all our magicians except Shana do? I definitely don't. do you not think we will once again possess other minions as powerful as Shana, at which point she will be as dispensible as anyone else who makes as much trouble as she does? I'll bet my goddamn farm on it. using Dark Mana is a necessary 'evil'.

hey, I ain't saying we blow up Shana right away. I'm just saying if it happens at a moment not too inconvenient, we just... let things take their natural course. within a controlled environment.
No. 48365 ID: e935f0

If the Dark Mana gem had the same kinds of risk we're talking about, it almost certainly would've been noted. Might want to investigate that just to be safe, but, shrug.

And, eh, we'll see if Shana settles down some in that time. Also, you might lose that farm. Hell, you even said it yourself, 'other units as powerful as her'.
No. 48366 ID: e935f0

Not to mention that I suspect a 'controlled environment' is not going to happen. There's a fair chance of taint, which would be bad for our reputation.
No. 48374 ID: 5f55fe

Don't forget, Shana only has a handful of dark mana spells. The rest of her spells are completely safe and quite powerful. As long as we don't make her fight in situations that she'll ignore our directions and use the dark mana spells anyway.
No. 48389 ID: beb6d7


you can't predict the Yandere, my friend. shit will happen.
No. 48404 ID: e935f0

Silva will destroy. The mimic will eat all our gold. Seriously, we've been filling up our team full of potential liabilities already. It's about managing them and turning them into assets. You seem to think it a foregone conclusion that Shana will forever be a problem.
No. 48405 ID: e935f0

And let's not forget Alice. She was a problem in the past, too, but she helped us out in the bird battle.
No. 48448 ID: afb5fe

you said dark mana can't be removed using wish directly, can we ask for a machine/orb/thing to remove dark mana from aruond the soul and change it in to cristals? it will be useful for both powewr ourself and change a glasacannon in to a regular one
No. 48454 ID: 5f55fe

Honestly, I'd rather just level up our regular units, than try to break our strongest one further.
No. 48463 ID: 3947e9

I have an idea, what if we do NOT remove dark mana at all... instead we neutralize it. Cover it with "anti soul explosion" mana that is just as sticky.
Or mix in some kind of mana that reacts with dark mana to convert into neutral mana.
No. 48469 ID: 5f55fe

I'm going to have to point you to this post

which states that there is only normal and dark mana.
No. 48473 ID: 146bca

>Light Mana doesn't exist, there's just normal and dark.

Wait a minute...


>Wizard: "Stop. Wizard, why are you carrying a Healer? Those who use the Light Mana aren't allowed here."

No. 48474 ID: 5f55fe

it could just be a way of speaking, referring to a particular kind of study (healing) as opposed to arcane practices.
No. 48483 ID: 3947e9

Wow, as of >>/quest/381149
there are 64 posts since the last update. Poor larro.

This >>/quest/380898 seems to be the current consensus.
No. 48484 ID: 4bb19a

still I believe indirect wish is the best solution
No. 48488 ID: 97486c

It should really say Light 'Magic' as opposed to light mana.
No. 48490 ID: da782e

I am suddenly and inexplicably struck with the desire to turn this into a Rock Paper Scissors fight.
No. 48491 ID: da782e

With Styx as our entrant of course.
No. 48616 ID: 3947e9

Is the butler a red herring?
No. 48629 ID: c53845

[00:17]Larroquickly switches back to the muramasa
[00:17]Shot__Then the stars don't work
[00:17]LarroI'm sorry I left you mura
[00:18]Shot__>inb4 larro draws a muramasa-tan
[00:18]starburst98blue lady
[00:18]LarroI should draw one for all the blades
[00:18]starburst98i like me some blue ladies
[00:18]Larrooh man I really should
[00:18]Shot__DOOO EEEET
[00:18]Larroshot you gotta remind me of that
[00:18]starburst98well, not normal metals
[00:18]Larroand a tiny little copperblade-tan
[00:18]starburst98oh rly?
[00:18]Larroespecially the normal ones
[00:18]Shot__>Phase saber is only wearing glowy lights
[00:18]LarroGold acts all high and mighty even though she's low tier
[00:19]Shot__oh man
No. 48669 ID: 97486c
File 132747531256.png - (201.11KB , 906x500 , Low Tier.png )

Here ya go
No. 48779 ID: 97486c
File 132788374557.png - (148.13KB , 512x512 , Lenion\'s Mate.png )

The picture Lenion had shown Overlord.

(drawn in a livestream with me and my gf. There's no way in hell I could draw anything vaguely animalish)
No. 48780 ID: 97486c
File 132788377467.png - (122.53KB , 512x512 , Mate 2.png )

Also draw in the livestream
No. 48782 ID: 97486c
File 132788380466.png - (103.48KB , 512x512 , difference.png )

Last one for our joint livestream
No. 48783 ID: 97486c
File 132788385227.png - (158.55KB , 512x512 , Will not ever happen in the quest.png )

More stream doodles
No. 48784 ID: 97486c
File 132788418940.png - (110.16KB , 512x512 , oh god why are you so mean.png )

She's so evil
No. 48785 ID: 97486c
File 132788425169.png - (70.61KB , 512x512 , Tentacles 1.png )

No. 48786 ID: 97486c
File 132788427558.png - (74.04KB , 512x512 , tentacles 2.png )

No. 48789 ID: 6a5a08

On topic.
No. 48802 ID: 8b7cee

Yay, artz! Also lol at Lenion. I should have seen that coming.
No. 48904 ID: 5a6216
File 132823373759.png - (98.59KB , 512x512 , daww.png )

Eiridi don't kiss to show affection, they rub frills.
No. 48926 ID: cf49fc

Adorable. That is all.
No. 48983 ID: 3947e9


Just kidding... and Awwww!
No. 48984 ID: 16a987

seriously, very cute
No. 49032 ID: a9f0eb
File 132856634299.png - (73.99KB , 550x550 , New Canvas.png )

>How did they get into the castle..?

They flew.
No. 49037 ID: a9f0eb

Blah blah hero demon stuff.

Okay here's how this works. You can be a demon but also a Hero. Species isn't class. A plant person can be a demon, a human can be a demon, a sentient disease can be a hero. It depends on the person themself.
Demon, not demon, is the title given to those who are truly evil and hero is given to those who do good deeds. Fluffy is a demon but she considers herself a Hero (really she's a Demon still). If Overlord continues doing good deeds and is seen as a nice person in the public's eye then he'd be a Hero.
Heroes, when killed in the human realm, respawn in that realm in their hometown. If they have no hometown they the nearest village works.
Same for Demons but with the demon realm.

However if a Hero has a home in the demon realm then the universe implodes on itself as How to be an Overlord: The Game tries to run the respawn code but fails causing it to go into an infinite loop that freezes the game.
No. 49038 ID: 7c31d2

So if we keep being good then we will eventually be able to destroy the world?
No. 49039 ID: a9f0eb
File 132857013548.png - (62.21KB , 426x482 , shades.png )

If the Overlord becomes good and dies in the demon realm and then tries to respawn in the castle then yeah you'll blow up the everything.

I guess you can say he made the code a bit too...

No. 49041 ID: 80b862

>A plant person can be a demon, a human can be a demon, a sentient disease can be a hero. It depends on the person themself.

I think you forgot to use capitalization there. So in other words, Demons (capital D) are what was referred to as Villains near the start of the quest and demons (lowercase d) are a group of species native to the demon realm that just happen to have a tendency (likely cultural) of becoming Demons? Good to know.

>However if a Hero has a home in the demon realm then the universe implodes on itself as How to be an Overlord: The Game tries to run the respawn code but fails causing it to go into an infinite loop that freezes the game.

This is the nice thing about DLC; it lets the developers patch stuff like this when they realize people are pulling these kinds of stunts. Unless it's an MMO, of course; then whoever was the first to do it deserves a trophy or unique class or something to commemorate their "achievement" once the game has been brought back online.

I object to that comment! If the code was Chaotic, then there'd be the potential for the game to not break. The code's clearly too orderly. (The Overlord is, of course, Chaotic, though, as he's managed to set course for something that the very universe never even considered, be it as possible or impossible)
No. 49043 ID: 6a5a08
File 132857281792.jpg - (73.20KB , 501x539 , 1308877024116.jpg )

Through rebelling against his Chaotic nature and attempting to bring the world into unity, I guess you could say Overlord has set the events in motion to throw the code on a Chaos Spiral.
No. 49045 ID: e3f578

That means we have to make sure Fluffy never, ever becomes a hero and then dies.

I have to ask, who in this universe knows this information? Do we? Or would we have to learn it in-universe from someone else?
No. 49048 ID: 40cb26

>That means we have to make sure Fluffy never, ever becomes a hero and then dies.
Nah, it means that Fluffy can't have a base of operations in the demon realm.
No. 49049 ID: e3f578

No, hometown is the point of respawn. The overlord was born/made in that castle of ours, which happens to be our base. Fluffy's hometown and respawn point would be in the demon world, but if she becomes a hero, she's destroys EVERYTHING EVER when she dies because the rule applies to her in the game system as well.
No. 49060 ID: 86fe4d

I still can't figure out what realm the castle's in.
No. 49075 ID: 4bdd79

Demon Realm.
No. 49076 ID: 86fe4d


well that sucks. we should totally float it into human lands when almost everyone in the castle becomes a hero. assuming that's a thing that's gonna happen. but I'd be surprised if it doesn't, considering how things have been going so far.

I wonder what Lun and Solaris and Nix and stuff count as, too. maybe something to add to the Wiki. because, y'know, it's kinda important to know who's gonna respawn and who's gonna permadie.
No. 49148 ID: 97486c
File 132889782636.png - (105.44KB , 550x550 , nix in bandages.png )

stream doodles
No. 49149 ID: 97486c
File 132889785580.png - (189.97KB , 550x550 , sad meagan.png )

more of them
No. 49150 ID: 97486c
File 132889791866.png - (124.54KB , 512x512 , you can not beat 5 A.png )

last one
No. 49151 ID: 582c62


is that some delicious strip scrabble?
No. 49152 ID: ed57e8

she has five aces.
No. 49233 ID: 3947e9

If styx dies I will cry!

... i just realized, couldn't we use a wish to cure them of this early stage plague?

Oh... or maybe the cure for it comes from blood gems that they were harvesting from moon children.
No. 49234 ID: ed57e8

a wish may be able to only be used on one thing/person at a time. so you can't with for them to all be cured
No. 49235 ID: 3947e9

IIRC only 2 of our minion and 1 enemy got infected.
We can do multiple wishes.
No. 49236 ID: 3947e9

hey... what happens if someone is killed and then resurrected as a servant of someone else while being sick?

We could try this on the "hero" and if it works, try it on our minions (release them of service first?)
No. 49238 ID: 6a5a08

Alalalarolalia gets fatigued after granting wishes.
>Blood Gems
That makes a lot of sense, actually. We should test our blood gem on Styx if we're denied by Abel's Lands, and if it works see if Lun is willing (and able without dying) to provide enough for those infected.
No. 49240 ID: e3f578

Let's just let Fluffy die and bury our old eye with her so we'll never have to deal with the possible consequence of two different Overlord minds coming together.
She's too dumb to be useful, and she's a threat to the entire universe as she strives to become a demon hero, and thus, a demon forever. I guess, because of her own stupidity. Plus, we save some money.

Does the fact that if she attains hero status she'll kill everybody and everything prevent her from becoming a hero? Even if she's unknowingly sending everyone into destruction, what she's trying to commit will have the side effect of her becoming the world's most effective and last destroyer.

She's the Big Bad and she doesn't even know it. What a tragedy if we can never get her to change her ways. We can keep Overlord from walking the line between Hero and Demon, but not Fluffy because of her idiocy. She's too naive to see reason.
No. 49266 ID: 3947e9

and with only 2 minions infected she can rest between them and still save both.

>kill fluffy
You are right about her, but I would prefer to enslave her rather then permakill.
No. 49271 ID: 40cb26

That would be nice... but since she has the sword, enslaving means it'll go poof.
No. 49322 ID: 97486c
File 132921154441.png - (54.14KB , 550x550 , Peep.png )

Stream doodles again
No. 49323 ID: 97486c
File 132921159520.png - (162.64KB , 550x550 , Silva needs food badly.png )

testing poses
No. 49324 ID: 97486c
File 132921160303.png - (88.31KB , 550x550 , tour guide.png )

totally non-canon doodle
No. 49325 ID: 97486c
File 132921161268.png - (129.49KB , 550x550 , Valentines.png )

No. 49326 ID: 97486c
File 132921165542.png - (153.11KB , 550x550 , More Tentacles.png )

More tentacles
No. 49381 ID: a6604b

Quick! Get this woman a sandwich!
Thank you, but I'm not hungry right now.
She's so... apathetic. I guess it was just inevitable.
No. 49382 ID: e3f578

Is part of a demonologists job getting molested by various species of demons to figure out their habits? Because she's so fucking chill with sleeping with anything, she was even all right with sleeping with the Overlord when she misinterpreted what we meant when we wanted her skills.

Did not give a fuck about the birds, don't give a fuck about tentacles, and don't give a fuck about harems.
No. 49383 ID: 40cb26

Not actually a part of the job, but an occupational hazard that she seems at least tolerate and sometimes enjoy. I think that tentacle thing on her now is simply boring for her.
No. 49385 ID: 3947e9

>"She's dead?"
>The side of the tour guide's mouth twitches slightly.

mmm... this feels more like fear for her life then fanaticism... Poor Teri...
Well, at least she shall be spared when we put abel's head on a pike.
No. 49387 ID: e3f578

Or a warning that we scanned her and figured out her status
She may have figured something out when we revealed we knew she was dead
No. 49391 ID: e3f578

I just now realized we walked into Abel's domain with our symbol on our shoulder.
We are imbeciles.
No. 49393 ID: b6edd6

For some reason I read that as putting his head on a pike (the fish rather than the object).
...I need to get some sleep.
No. 49411 ID: 97486c
File 132936381914.png - (130.39KB , 550x550 , in a skirt.png )

More live stream doodles. Rose dressed as Etna
No. 49412 ID: 97486c
File 132936385349.png - (281.31KB , 550x550 , experiment.png )

testing things
No. 49413 ID: 97486c
File 132936394649.png - (105.82KB , 550x550 , sevi hugs.png )

Sevi being hugged by solaris
No. 49416 ID: a6604b

Etna rocks, and so does Rose. :3
I'm seeing double. Sevi :3
No. 49556 ID: 97486c
File 132981145823.png - (61.82KB , 550x550 , nin.png )

more doodles
No. 49563 ID: 5c8475

so, Larro. is it just me or are you feeling kinda horny lately?
No. 49564 ID: ed57e8

he streams and we make requests. he makes
like things if left to himself.
No. 49565 ID: 5c8475


I am so not surprised.
No. 49571 ID: 97486c

I'll be sure to draw pg stuff from now on then
No. 49578 ID: ed57e8

now look what you did elephant guy. don't complain about things that aren't problems.
No. 49584 ID: 192f55

Thanks, Elephant guy for ruining things for the rest of us. :3
No. 49587 ID: 5c8475
File 132993285053.gif - (1.75KB , 50x50 , imnothappyplz.gif )

No. 49592 ID: f70e5e

hey i came up with a possible long range plan, i'm not sure if its viable but I think it might let us unite the demon realm with minimal bloodshed. Step one is to build up our military strength until we can at least match most demon lords, and wiping us out would be prohibitively costly for abel. then we start offering our services as protectors to villages in the demon realm. Some small monthly fee in exchange for our protection, it’s important that they get a good deal, fairly low cost and we help rebuild if the village gets damaged on our watch. if we use the telporter at our castle we can deploy our forces anywhere in the demon realm in an instant, this lets us project military force over the entire demon relam without scatting our forces, so there is no real upper limit on how many villages we can protect at once.(note if need be we can make it look like a protection racket to get villages to join at fist, just hope they realize they have a good deal later) we also offer (again for a smallish fee) safe transport via our telporter between any village that has accepted our contract. By manipulating the price of travel between villages we can probably encourage trade and population movement between them. This should get the villages to work together a bit, and since we would be controlling both the main form of transportation and providing military protection we could pressure the villages into forming some sort of alliance. The result is a mostly unified demon realm that likes us. It’s a fairly basic plan at this point, and we will almost certainly have to deal with demon lords trying to stop us. But I think this is a workable strategy for taking control of the demon realm. That is assuming our telporter has the capacity for something like this.
No. 49593 ID: ed57e8

nope, the first time we died was from an ALLIANCE of enemies. so even if we can fight on par with one demon lord they could ALL attack us at once.
No. 49594 ID: f70e5e


I doubt they trust each other enough that all of them would work together, but you have a good point that we would probably have to deal with more than one at a time, and we need to figure out how to do that before we do anything else long term.

I don't think building an army that can deal with any two demon lords is a viable plan, if it could be done that way one demon lord would have already conquered the demon realm. what we might try doing is building an army on par with a typical demon lord, and then take out a demon lord via decapitation strike. seize control of his army and make a point of humiliating him. then see if we can strong arm the other demon lords into joining us. we also could end up with a friendly demon lord of lust if we handle the whole Lilith thing right.
No. 49618 ID: 5c8475

hahaha... Solomon had like a thousand wives who were all princesses.
No. 49680 ID: fcf88e

Alright, we need a bit of a to do list of things that need to be done. While we do have a few allies, we are in no condition what so ever to face an army. We do have a bit of cash, so it should be time that we upgrade the castle quite a bit more. Defenses, additional wings, and the garden are on my mind since we will likely have guests show up regardless. Having our HQ not look like a hole may help us.

Upgrading our weapons might be a good idea too, along with some special abilities. This is mainly due to the fact that in terms of combat power, we are not that good. Especially when we were having trouble downing a ninja with our gun.

Finally, we should begin bolstering up our allies. Mainly the slimes and the tribe of beast masters. The tribe should be fine, but the slimes can definitely use a hand. One idea is to get any poison spitters to live in a village on slime territory since while the Doc may have the full cure, we can still restore their consciousness and not make them a threat to the world. Slimes tend to be poison/acid immune and the poison spitters would be able to handle hunters. A symbiotic relationship really.

Also, this may allow us to have a unit of elite slime calvary for our new army. Glory to the slime knights!
No. 49698 ID: ed57e8

we should make a golem out of the element of surprise.
No. 49702 ID: 1444d5

This sounds like a rather good plan, as long as it can be done without drawing too much attention to the slimes. At the moment, they're protected from Abel mainly by being ignored.

With a nice red uniform?
No. 49703 ID: 49d4d7

I like this plan. Getting plague spitters organised into a village on slime ground is a wonderful idea. Firstly, we need slime fangs to operate on fully blown plague spreaders, and having some hard to kill plague spitters in the low level slime areas is gonna help the slimes. Secondly, if Nyx displayed the typical response to getting her mind back, we could have a loyal army at our backs whenever we need it. Thirdly, we can have more land by having the village as an outpost.
No. 49708 ID: 5c8475


we should name it The Spanish Inquisition!
No. 49715 ID: b82a1d

Can we get some clarification on how much control we have over our units? Could we, for instance, order the ninja to stay in a cell and not leave it, and she would be forced to obey?
No. 49726 ID: 97486c

You have very little actual control over units. In battle and outside whether they obey you or not is strictly up to them and their Loyalty.
The Enslave spell simple sets a few rules on them which are:

1. You can not harm the one who cast this spell.
2. You can not harm others under the same spell cast by the same person.
3.You can not attempt to run away.

Beyond that there's little else you can really control. Just try to up loyalty. Someone with at least ** will usually listen.
No. 49739 ID: fcf88e

Time for another bit of analysis.

First off; With what we know on how loyalty and orders work along with Ninja's current loyalty, it's safe to say that trying to recruit further Abelites (unless they aren't zealots and even then we have to be certain) is going to be a waste of money, resources, and time. This ninja alone almost gave us more trouble than even Shana and she's not even that good. It's better to give them a swift death rather than have them insult Emily and end up a bloody pile while our actually loyal units lose loyalty due to it.

Speaking of Emily; She is pretty critical. Whenever anything happens that affects us in destructive ways, Emily was pretty damn near focal. We learned the overlord beam because emily was smushed my Lenion, a lot of our past is connected to her, and what just happened was triggered BY Emily being mistreated. Improving emily and having her level may be a wise idea considering that if she takes a very nasty hit, Overlord may decide to open a keg of whoop ass on the poor bugger. The higher her level, the safer she'll be. Besides, if both the Overlord and Emily grow, perhaps we can deal with the nastier parts of the Overlord's psyche.
No. 49786 ID: e3f578

It might be his elements of chaos that he's made out of. Despite having goals and desire for order, his old self probably only wanted control and order to sustain more chaos that he can personally deliver.

He hungers for order so he can sate his larger need of chaos. His sentience and his nature are at battle, much like how a human conscience fights instinct and wants more beyond what its body tells them. This was a case of his emotions reigniting his instincts, creating a lust for destruction and choas and to reduce this worm into dust.
I suggest trying to find a golem expert. Ask Styx, Megan, and even Fabio to investigate these leads. We need to figure out what being a golem of chaos could possibly entail and if there are endeavors to create an antithesis to you, an order golem. I've speculated Abel is an order golem out of narrative basis, as we have heard hide nor hair of the man and his race. But that's still based off of no evidence. Nonetheless, I can't help but feel there's not only a narrative need for an order golem, but a universal or scientific need of an order golem.

I suppose there are some hints that Abel at least as a direct antithesis to The Old Overlord. The old Overlord desired order over much of the demons lands and sought to control it, but ran it like a tyrant with bad PR, though he doesn't really treat his enemies with horrific brutality. Abel runs good PR and doesn't seem too much like a tyrant to his people as a result and ruins his enemies all brutal like. So if he would be an order golem, his nature drives him to subconsciously create order but consciously desire chaos. The main indicator of their upfront desires is through they're treatment of foes, and subconscious desire is displayed through allies.
No. 49943 ID: 25d645
File 133099848901.png - (69.46KB , 550x550 , Emily Short Hair.png )

Emily looks rather cute like this (from the livestream)
No. 49954 ID: 97486c
File 133101808392.png - (108.25KB , 550x550 , The limit.png )

stream doodle 1
No. 49955 ID: 97486c
File 133101811830.png - (264.13KB , 550x550 , POMF.png )

No. 49956 ID: 97486c
File 133101816112.png - (172.58KB , 550x550 , Do not mix.png )

Alchemy is dangerous
No. 49957 ID: 97486c
File 133101820145.png - (76.95KB , 550x550 , gawd.png )

sketch on /tg/
No. 49958 ID: 97486c
File 133101822262.png - (114.93KB , 550x550 , Emilia.png )

No. 49959 ID: 97486c
File 133101832246.png - (77.09KB , 550x550 , Sad Emily.png )

Sad Emily is sad
No. 49960 ID: 97486c
File 133101845193.png - (166.58KB , 550x550 , don\'t bring a fist to a arrow fight.png )

Shana VS Alice without magic
No. 49961 ID: 97486c
File 133101848965.png - (118.51KB , 550x550 , eating big.png )

Silva, you can't use that mouth to eat. Stop being silly.
No. 49964 ID: f65039

Kewl. Now, the question is, is this her limit? Or your limit as an artist. I'll leave that up to interpretation.

Still. This last batch is an excellent mix of cute, funny, and awesome. Great job!
No. 49965 ID: ed57e8

it's the limit of her being completely stoic about it.
if you want to participate in streams come on IRC Rizon channel #shoujen
No. 49975 ID: f65039


Really? You would have... ME!?

They like me, they really like me!

(Yea, I might stop by sometime)
No. 49995 ID: 25d645
File 133116951558.png - (146.41KB , 550x550 , Necrokass.png )

Stream doodles, NecroKass
No. 49996 ID: 25d645
File 133116955189.png - (265.72KB , 550x550 , Throw.png )

>Overlord throw an attack rose
No. 49997 ID: 25d645
File 133116958785.png - (307.75KB , 550x550 , Fall.png )

more doodles
No. 49998 ID: 25d645
File 133116960961.png - (148.91KB , 550x550 , Results.png )

last one
No. 50000 ID: 3947e9

what a big chunk of meat she had shoved in her.
No. 50005 ID: ed57e8

it's like if bambi was a death machine.
No. 50008 ID: 97486c
File 133118913214.png - (52.24KB , 550x550 , advice.png )


Quite a few changes.
:Added Lilith
:Added Nin
:Inventory change
:Rank 2 weapons now do +5 dmg
:Shana is now a special unit and counts as 2 in a battle and can not enter contests.
No. 50009 ID: 431fa8

Pretty sure that's Silva in the background.

So many memories lost. So many truths.
No. 50010 ID: ed57e8

look even closer, there is someone else on the other side of the doorway.
No. 50011 ID: e3aff6

Probably that other minion we had who was around Silva's level. Someone vaguely mentioned him a while back.
No. 50014 ID: 6a5a08

Something about the Slime village where the Slimes were enslaved, and Overlord ran through and slaughtered the innocent like usual. Except he actually just slaughtered the slavers and left the Slimes with a ruined city.
No. 50019 ID: e1fb71


what about McButler?
No. 50060 ID: 97486c
File 133136417921.png - (32.34KB , 300x300 , whoa what.png )

And so Rose finally defeated the wicked RNG God thus changing the rules for crit miss as we know them.
Check the Wiki for updated stats+dice mechanics.

No. 50075 ID: 5f55fe

Good for you, Rose!
No. 50077 ID: 3947e9

those chibis are adorable, can we have more chibis?
No. 50130 ID: 97486c
File 133152955252.png - (173.76KB , 550x550 , Fighting.png )

stream doodles
No. 50131 ID: 97486c
File 133152958957.png - (123.91KB , 550x550 , work.png )

more doodles
No. 50132 ID: 97486c
File 133152962561.png - (149.94KB , 550x550 , The End.png )

He killed this wave
It was the next one that took him down
No. 50133 ID: 97486c
File 133152965080.png - (117.46KB , 550x550 , The Button.png )

more doodles
No. 50142 ID: 5f55fe

Pushing that is just mean! Fun, but mean!
No. 50190 ID: 3947e9

So, what does "Doom" actually do? what with getting Doom cast on overlord it seems like it is important to know.

it's sexy.
No. 50191 ID: 25d645

Doom extinguishes the primary energy powering whatever it is cast on.
For most life it's just their life force and they die.
The spell works on pretty much anything as constructs will crumble and fall apart when the time is up, elementals will vanish out of existence, humans and demons simply die, and plants wither away.
No. 50192 ID: 1854db

But this can't truly kill Overlord, can it?
No. 50196 ID: 25d645

In battle overlord is immortal
No. 50201 ID: ed57e8

it can reduce us to a eyeball, but no, we wont die.
No. 50223 ID: 5f55fe

Yea, it would take us out of the fight, and we would have to replace our body, which could be time consuming and/or expensive. Besides, we want to win this fight, so lets not let that doom finish, shall we?
No. 50284 ID: 97486c
File 133188860842.png - (111.10KB , 550x550 , pranks.png )

Rose prank
No. 50285 ID: 97486c
File 133188875893.png - (137.28KB , 550x550 , silva angle.png )

testing angles
No. 50353 ID: fc7e2f

I feel kinda guilty for liking her more now that she had a mind purge.

Also, poor Nin.
No. 50354 ID: b6edd6

Well before that she kind of did want to murder everyone.
No. 50431 ID: 97486c
File 133222388716.png - (86.01KB , 550x550 , deep thought.png )

No. 50432 ID: 97486c
File 133222394917.png - (171.90KB , 550x550 , young butler.png )

No. 50433 ID: 97486c
File 133222403852.png - (116.33KB , 550x550 , oh god what is this.png )

I don't even know
No. 50434 ID: 97486c
File 133222409120.png - (83.28KB , 550x550 , poor meagan.png )

No one understands
No. 50435 ID: 97486c
File 133222412372.png - (136.55KB , 550x550 , Pissed off.png )

about to explode
No. 50437 ID: d5ee6f

It's like Shadow of the Colossus, someone's about to get shadow-dicked.
No. 50439 ID: 97486c
File 133223094109.png - (129.57KB , 550x550 , Sorry Silva.png )

>"Oh god where are my legs and what are they doing.."
No. 50440 ID: 97486c
File 133223097830.png - (139.19KB , 550x550 , this is not how you study things.png )

Not sure if goes on fanart or here
No. 50441 ID: d5ee6f

Reproductive habits is a valid area of expertise.
No. 50442 ID: 88e5ad


it goes straight into my heart.
No. 50445 ID: d09277

>this is not how you study things.png
Hee hee.

Have I mentioned lately that you're awesome?
No. 50503 ID: 97486c
File 133239887021.png - (89.93KB , 550x550 , Happy Alice.png )

Happy Alice
No. 50504 ID: 97486c
File 133239890957.png - (122.11KB , 550x550 , BFFF.png )

Best of friends
No. 50505 ID: 97486c
File 133239891842.png - (122.13KB , 550x550 , Zerlina.png )

An old face
No. 50506 ID: 97486c
File 133239893478.png - (177.24KB , 550x550 , Wendy.png )

No. 50507 ID: 97486c
File 133239896303.png - (165.25KB , 550x550 , Io.png )

No. 50508 ID: 97486c
File 133239897382.png - (183.39KB , 550x550 , Rook.png )

No. 50509 ID: 97486c
File 133239904316.png - (99.46KB , 550x550 , Did you REALLY have to.png )

My favorite moment
No. 50519 ID: 1854db

Yes, we really had to. Hehe.
No. 50630 ID: 97486c
File 133274362182.png - (145.07KB , 550x550 , Meagan\'s Mom.png )

Meagan's Mommy.
She's a Chaos Librarian.
Her father was a human.
No. 50633 ID: 97486c
File 133274725641.png - (69.15KB , 550x550 , Fun Fact 1.png )

more doodles
No. 50634 ID: ed57e8

then what's with rose's? she is 100% demon. not 100% a single race of demon, but demon.
No. 50637 ID: 6a5a08

Imp horns are probably nubby. And I'm not sure if Lilith has horns or if that's a tiara, so Succubi might not have them?
No. 50640 ID: 97486c
File 133278150871.png - (135.73KB , 550x550 , Tikka X Lilith.png )

She has horns.
Here's her without a tiara being assaulted by Tikka
No. 50677 ID: 3947e9

I noticed the tenses... was and is.
I hope we get to meet her milfmom.
No. 50689 ID: 6a5a08

Mystery solved. Rose's horns must just be that nubby!
No. 50730 ID: 97486c
File 133300291299.png - (162.64KB , 550x550 , motherhood.png )

More of Meagan's mom.
No. 50731 ID: 97486c
File 133300294622.png - (130.82KB , 550x550 , Yyan.png )

How her mom and her dad met.
No. 50732 ID: 97486c
File 133300298265.png - (67.71KB , 550x550 , Chaos Imp.png )

This is a Chaos Imp. They can be hired at any Minion Center in the Chaos Spiral
No. 50742 ID: 9a3c70

i want one for myself
No. 50797 ID: 3947e9

did you mean mate instead of met?
Because typically people wait until at least the third date...
No. 50798 ID: ed57e8

dem demon girls.
No. 50866 ID: e3f578

I want this April Fools quest to get continued, if only because I want to see the ending.
And to give Meagan the chocolate or take Rose out to the shed.
"Give me the chocolate, Overlord!"
No. 50867 ID: fa9f7e

This. At least finish the quest! Let's see Overlord get all lovey-dovey for once.
No. 50881 ID: 3947e9

I know right... overlord, a willing harem and no penis. Such a tease.

Hey, maybe the reason he is such a different person now is because he was neutered :P (I am kidding of course)
No. 50951 ID: e440a4

Why are you kidding? That's basically what Styx told us. It kinda makes sense: he's a golem. He doesn't have to load the drivers until he installs the hardware.
No. 51272 ID: 97486c
File 133430560846.png - (126.62KB , 550x550 , Ghoul 1.png )

Stream doodles incoming.
No. 51273 ID: 97486c
File 133430561602.png - (72.09KB , 550x550 , Ghoul 2.png )

No. 51274 ID: 97486c
File 133430563523.png - (52.46KB , 550x550 , Ghoul 3.png )

No. 51275 ID: 97486c
File 133430565757.png - (153.31KB , 550x550 , Strip 1.png )

No. 51276 ID: 97486c
File 133430568001.png - (140.29KB , 550x550 , Strip 2.png )

No. 51277 ID: 97486c
File 133430569036.png - (145.70KB , 550x550 , Strip 3.png )

No. 51278 ID: 97486c
File 133430572023.png - (133.07KB , 550x550 , Strip 4.png )

No. 51279 ID: 97486c
File 133430572945.png - (128.71KB , 550x550 , Strip 5.png )

No. 51280 ID: 97486c
File 133430575602.png - (113.81KB , 550x600 , Rach.png )

No. 51282 ID: 3947e9

i like how between panties and mask she loses the panties.
No. 51301 ID: fb9e4f

No. 51304 ID: e440a4

That's not a mask, that's her mouth. She is like a yip-yip.
No. 51320 ID: 3947e9

>Kassandra has been inflicted with Zombie!
Motherfucking told you so
No. 51321 ID: 3947e9

One of kass' spells is
>Summon Trinity Beast (Spell) Costs 2 Mana. Summons Trinity Beast onto the battlefield. Trinity Beast can not be controlled by the Overlord and will perform any action it wants to.

Can we summon this in a spar between our own units, have them gang up on it, and then have lenion tame it?
No. 51323 ID: 6a5a08
File 133438996321.jpg - (15.35KB , 506x391 , 1311286443206.jpg )

You are fucking brilliant.
No. 51324 ID: 97486c
File 133439043405.png - (509.45KB , 2600x900 , Height_Chart.png )

Stream doodle

Units can't fight one another but if it somehow happens then sure
No. 51325 ID: 3947e9

>Units can't fight one another but if it somehow happens then sure
Ok then, fight a single level 1 enemy and summon it.
No. 51326 ID: 3947e9

>Units can't fight one another but if it somehow happens then sure
We can work around that by starting a fight vs a single level 1 enemy and summon it.
No. 51333 ID: 70591e


No. 51336 ID: 431fa8

Man, everyone is so tiny.
No. 51400 ID: 04b86a

This might be a dumb question, but if Alice (or any other unit) is flying, can anyone else walk, or even stand under them? And by extension, can flying units fly over other units?
No. 51434 ID: 97486c

two units can't be in the same spot but it's possible to walk under her. Kinda pointless since ally units can already walk past ally units though
No. 51436 ID: 04b86a

That was mostly just to confirm that fliers aren't un-meleeable barriers to enemies. Which means it isn't pointless information because now I know not to try that. Looking back at the first part of the quest, the ally thing was implied but never actually stated so that's new to me.
No. 51479 ID: 6a5a08

Would we require a Necromancer to recruit undead such as these ghouls?
No. 51498 ID: 3734f6

do we even want to? it sends the wrong PR message.
No. 51499 ID: 256d52

At this point it seems like it'd be better to focus on the units we've got and only recruit special units or ones that fill a particular hole.

So the old Overlord armour will let a unit other than the Overlord enslave people? Interesting. Who can equip it?
No. 51504 ID: 6a5a08

Just asking for curiosity's sake.
No. 51508 ID: 2066e2

There's also the possibility that we can use it ourselves. There may be some secret that works just with the Overlord. I'm not too keen on making one of our units look like us. Someone might take that the wrong way. There's also the possibility of loyalty issues with that way of enslaving.

Also, yes, I'm pretty satisfied with our group and we don't need to recruit too many more.
No. 51522 ID: 3734f6

Oh she totally doesn't have the gold
She is going to have to pay us with her body if you know what I mean.
No. 51526 ID: 3ce5b2

Trading one thing we don't want or need for another?
No. 51527 ID: 2fe09b

Having a loyal look-alike can be INCREDIBLY useful! People may attempt to assassinate the wrong target, if you die or are injured in battle, the lookalike can ride in your place, (Instead of tying you to your horse) and a multitude of other things!
No. 51531 ID: fa9f7e

Emphasis on loyal, though. And they have to be a good actor.
No. 51533 ID: 21a619

And intelligent enough to not damage our reputation/get us stuck into obligations and promises we ourselves wouldn't have done.
Lookalikes aren't as good an idea as you'd think.
No. 51534 ID: fa9f7e

This. They're too unreliable to be any good unless everyone is actively trying to murder you every time you step out in public, and if the only reason you appear outside is to, well, appear. If you have actual shit that you need done, lookalikes are useless.
No. 51605 ID: 3734f6

Why don't you want her? she is a fairly powerful warrior.
Also I meant her body as in "work for us as a fighter" not as in "have sex with us"... we have no dick
No. 51629 ID: 696c9e

>Guardian Quest 2


why is this happening? why are all these amazing quests coming back!? (Even though Larro obviously never left) I guess you just had more free time, or something and felt like doing another quest?

*random foaming at the mouth and raving*
No. 51644 ID: 7d7f79

I really want to steer Artemis and Saisai towards the awesome ending of Túrin and Nienor (also known as Turambar and Níniel). I think that they deserve it, will anyone help me?
No. 51648 ID: 04b86a

Heh, it took me a minute to remember who Túrin and Nienor were. Anyway, Artemis and Saisai had stopped looking like a viable couple to me a while ago, but if she decides she likes him then I- wait. Those two's ending was both committing suicide after realizing they were siblings and that Nienor had been knocked up via incest. No; I'm not helping you pull off a bad end.
No. 51654 ID: 173fd9

Yea look. I'm just taking things as they go. I'm not going to make any assumptions from the last run through. In fact, I hope a lot of shit changes so things aren't predictable. I'm don't want to set anyone up with anyone. If it happens, it happens, and we'll offer advice, but I'm not going to force something upon her just to satisfy your fantasy.
No. 51655 ID: ed57e8

course get her current fiancee annulled is important.
No. 51656 ID: 7d7f79

Fantasy? I just think they're both terrible characters and I'd like them both to die horribly. Larro can write better characters than flat anime stereotype cardboard standees. I want to push him to do so.
No. 51668 ID: fa9f7e

In that case, make their character developments go differently this time. Alternate timelines, remember? These two don't have to be the same as the last ones.
No. 51669 ID: 173fd9

Especially since without us, Arty should be significantly different. A lot quieter and withdrawn, definitely.
No. 51700 ID: 7d7f79

I'd like to think it is that simple but she's already loaded with a fat cargo of anime cliché characterization.
A short list would be the oppressive family that demands she do something she'd never do (be a housewife, after spending every waking moment trying to become a knight for years), an arranged fiancé that would have to be a very different character to not try to date-rape her like last time, possession by some horrible badguy that also can't be killed, and a world crisis plot that involves our protagonist and her party of similarly immature crazies which are distinctly lacking in social skills, common sense and self-control.
If it's not a repeat of those overused characters and plot-devices then yes, the path to totally flanderized bullshit character is not assured. I'd like to hope Larro will do better this time around after his April Fool's joke in which made fun of stupid anime stereotypes like these, but I'm pessimistic about the odds.
No. 51702 ID: 97486c

I'm really stuck at how to reply to this..
I know anime cliches well enough to know when I'm using them or not and most of the things you've said about Saisai just seem more like something I'd find in tvtropes characterization in general, not just the Anime section. Maybe you assume this because of the way it's drawn? Anyway, the things you listed are essentially what makes a character a character and what makes a plot a plot. A 'flat' character is someone who has just one defining trait and I don't think Saisai is that simple. At least I think so, I could be wrong.
I suppose I could take away the oppressive/distant family, the arranged marriage, and the whole saving the world thing but that would make a very VERY boring character and an equally boring plot. If you have any advice on how to make this better I'm all ears, I don't ignore advice given to me in this thread.
No. 51703 ID: 7d7f79

Mostly my gripe is about the predictability and overuse of idiot-ball level stupidity in these things. There is plenty of potential for conflict without Akane always thinking that Ranma is trying to peek on her when he's been kicked through a wall that happens to be her bedroom or the girl's locker room.
It's the tsundere who keeps the plot going by having the affection she refuses to act on in a reasonable way, and so on. These characters are trapped into defined patterns of behaviour that repeat themselves like the Takahashi tango between Ranma and Akane. Neither of the characters is spending sufficient time or effort to figure out what the other is thinking, really wants, and so on: Permanent idiot-ball level misunderstanding that only goes away when the author decides it will instead of because of character development. That is what bugs me, that everybody is a bunch of self-centered idiots who always leap to the wrong conclusion even when it's totally unreasonable, and that don't understand each other at all like everybody is autistic or something.

The prescription is simple; characters who actually observe, think and change their minds when they learn new things instead of follow a predefined script worked out to make sure Ranma gets a hammer in the face because it's cheaper to keep re-using those animation frames.
No. 51704 ID: 7d7f79

It's possible I didn't give Guardian Quest enough of a chance the first time it came around but characters leaping to the wrong conclusions and refusing to give them up seemed to very definitely be something that happened. A lot.
No. 51809 ID: fa9f7e

Yeah, I just went through the archive and I have to say, I like Overlord a lot better. Let's hope the characters actually react this time around. I suppose that's what this alternate timeline is for.
No. 51836 ID: 591523

Well, maybe I like having predictable characters in the way you described. Nothings wrong with that. I still found it fun and interesting.

And even so, I personally don't see anything unreasonable in GQ2. I feel everything that has happened so far are things that the characters would do, rather than just forced to do it by Larro.
No. 51849 ID: 7d7f79

So far yes, the characters in GQ2 are acting relatively sane aside from Artemis harassing Saisai right after he agreed to leave her alone.
No. 51850 ID: 591523

Yea, but remember how cripplingly bad at social stuff we made him. Waaaayyy back at the beginning? He's trying too hard to be friendly.
No. 51856 ID: 7d7f79

So you're saying he's indistinguishable from autistic in how clueless he is, and it's our fault?
Excuse me, I need to find a soundproof room to swear in.
No. 51862 ID: b85f8c

That is not what autism is.
No. 51865 ID: 591523

I know several people from my school who are just as bad. They are otherwise intelligent and normal people, but they just don't seem to know when to shut up.
No. 51881 ID: 97486c

You guys make it seem like he went to her and just started blabbing away about his family or how his day was. He saw Saisai was upset and went to see if he could make it better.
No, it probably wasn't the best move socially but he honestly just wanted to make her feel better. That's why he was asking how she felt about the situation.
No. 51915 ID: 97486c
File 133560312269.png - (108.64KB , 800x600 , hrblebarblegurgle.png )

stream doodles
No. 51916 ID: 97486c
File 133560314535.png - (93.36KB , 800x600 , RAINBOWS.png )

No. 51917 ID: 97486c
File 133560317242.png - (73.87KB , 500x274 , No hugz.png )

No. 51923 ID: aa3641

oh my~
No. 51931 ID: 3734f6

>Shana is sick
I don't think this is a cold or some such. I think she is abusing dark mana.
I have an idea on how to get her to stop. We just have to tell the story (sans mask) of how we lose our mother to dark mana pollution. That she wasn't even using it herself but the toxicity of it in the land got her. That we don't like people who use dark mana irresponsibly, and that she should only use it if it is the only way to save a life.

No. 51942 ID: 6a5a08

It'd probably be more effective if we went along the lines of 'we don't want to lose someone else we care about to Dark Mana' as I suggested back when people wanted her to fight Butler, since that'll play more on her emotions.
No. 51945 ID: 3734f6

we tried that, it doesn't work...
"Dark mana users killed my mother" is gonna make her afraid we would hate her if she uses it.