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File 130699037623.png - (60.59KB , 305x402 , op.png )
37367 No. 37367 ID: e6df26

Way overdue but here's a dis thread for my main quests.
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No. 65994 ID: be7fd9

>Leonslime was a big coward and didn't fight at all.
...SlimeQueen is gonna 'discipline' him for that, right?
No. 65995 ID: 92c81e

First of all, Kewl artz! :3 Thanks for sharing.

Second, I assume the gears have no innate use as an item, and must be used in a construction or as fusion materials.

Clearly we should fuse all the gears together and see what we get >:D (kidding[mostly])
No. 65998 ID: 6a5a08

What do you mean kidding? That's brilliant! We can fuse the resulting megagear into our blade to make a crushing dark energy gear weapon.

Well obviously.
No. 65999 ID: 57a559

I want to alchemise Styx's entire labrotory with the gears
So she can come up with cooler stuff quicker.
No. 66001 ID: 6de77b

Meagan arts is best arts
No. 66006 ID: f2c20c

Gear+Armor=power armor?
No. 66023 ID: 92c81e

Honestly, I figured with this world's logic, if we combined all the gears together, somehow we would end up with a robot girl. I didn't want to suggest this because, one, I want to slow the rate we are introducing new characters, especially party members(unless Larro wants a billion characters to draw/write for, in which case, go for it) and two, because in all likelyhood it would fail at some point, or end catastrophically.

All in all, it would be better not to open that can of worms.
No. 66031 ID: 57a559

how long is it before we stick people into the Alchemizer?
Find an army of enemies and put a bunch into hte party roster? Larro doesn't want to write for all of them?
No. 66038 ID: 76b151

Since we have so many of them we can do lots of experiments with those gears.
No. 66039 ID: be7fd9

We don't really need to make a robot girl. I mean, we got several flavors of constructs as is. (Emily, the Golem, the dolls, the Overlord).

What we should do is use them to make upgrades for the constructs we do have. And make superscience augmented armors and equips for the other units.
No. 66550 ID: a68e3e
File 135919548240.png - (152.50KB , 800x600 , BUTTS.png )

No. 66562 ID: 92c81e

No. 66631 ID: a28731

A pair of paw prints? Looks like an invitation :P
Who is the real perv here?
No. 66632 ID: 908c2d

If the perv is the person who put the inviting paw prints there... then SaiSai's mother. She's the one who buys her all the cutesy cat themed stuff.
No. 66644 ID: 7782a7

1: Where does she find it?
2: Does SHE wear it?
3: Does she make Saisai's dad wear cat-themed underwear?
No. 66646 ID: a68e3e
File 135935908465.png - (15.71KB , 193x159 , wow.png )

No. 66657 ID: 6de77b

you are the most adorable thing ever saisai
No. 66662 ID: 695191

Besides her panties of course.
No. 66793 ID: a68e3e
File 135963115399.png - (80.46KB , 800x600 , Livestream late night.png )

livestream doodle
No. 66795 ID: a68e3e
File 135963118931.png - (448.89KB , 1000x1000 , All da peeps.png )

All of them
No. 66796 ID: a68e3e
File 135963130918.png - (154.93KB , 800x600 , Heartbreaker.png )

He's a heartbreaker
No. 66797 ID: a68e3e
File 135963137540.png - (104.69KB , 800x600 , Eyes X Tamer.png )

Eyegirl from Magical Adventure of Happiness and Tamer #5463
No. 66798 ID: a68e3e
File 135963140783.png - (139.60KB , 800x600 , Childhood destroyed.png )


No. 66799 ID: a68e3e
File 135963145702.png - (65.36KB , 800x600 , Mallo.png )

Naked Mallo
No. 66800 ID: a68e3e
File 135963149715.png - (74.34KB , 631x483 , butts the sequel.png )

more buttz
No. 66969 ID: a28731

It looks like she is tucking her tail.
1. Ouch
2. Where does it go? it can't all fit in there so neatly.
No. 66972 ID: 695191

Her tail was cut off when she was a kid
No. 66973 ID: bf54a8

that's a DBZ style dark spot for a missing tail.
No. 66975 ID: a28731

doh, I forgot, and this adorable childhood image didn't help
No. 66976 ID: a68e3e
File 135988719405.png - (113.65KB , 800x600 , horn eating.png )

Livestream doodles
No. 66977 ID: a68e3e
File 135988722275.png - (112.12KB , 545x515 , Masil x Sharaes.png )

Totally canon
No. 66978 ID: a68e3e
File 135988726286.png - (383.82KB , 1000x1000 , clothing swap 1.png )

So I drew a buncha peeps and rolled dice to see who swapped outfits with who.
No. 66979 ID: a68e3e
File 135988729420.png - (107.30KB , 800x600 , Clothing Swap 2.png )

Sadly the first was Artemis and Rose
No. 66980 ID: a68e3e
File 135988731112.png - (111.15KB , 800x600 , clothing swap 3.png )

Emily seems mostly unaffected by Curi's choice of attire.
No. 66981 ID: a68e3e
File 135988732241.png - (100.58KB , 800x600 , Clothing swap 4.png )

Poor Kass..
No. 66982 ID: a68e3e
File 135988735097.png - (101.75KB , 800x600 , clothing swap 5.png )

Morgan is having a bit of trouble with Alex's outfit.
Alex doesn't even care.
No. 66983 ID: a68e3e
File 135988736935.png - (99.63KB , 511x590 , clothing swap 6.png )

Finally Saisai and Maggie switch.
Saisai discovers the joy of piercings.
No. 66984 ID: f2c20c

I never realized before that Meagan had the RAM logo on her jacket.
No. 66988 ID: 04b86a

Heh, the first thing I did after looking at this was decide I wanted to see Art and Rose switch. Then when I looked down and saw that that was actually the first one I went back and picked out the rest of the pairs to see how many I'd get right.

Maggie and Meagan
Saisai and Alex
Emily and Curi
Kass and Morgan

So... the second image was also one of my picks, but then the rest were wrong. Maybe I should have picked the rest more on humor than what seemed appropriate: Curi wasn't wearing anything and I wasted it on Emily.

Wait... I just realized the shadow that covers Morgan's eyes was swapped, too. Nice touch!
No. 66995 ID: a28731

Morgan's face shadow counts as clothes?
No. 66999 ID: 695191

She "wears" it I suppose. About as much as Maggie does her earrings.
No. 67000 ID: bf54a8

larro said that the coat was cursed, she bought it because it said to make her 'dark and mysterious'. so she became cursed with face shadow.
No. 67004 ID: f7acde

haha, it was intended as a callback to that quest which never got done. Eventually, when both me and Larro are more comfortable in our schedules and times, we may go back to it with more simplified spellcasting and whatnot.

Glad to see someone caught it, though!
No. 67041 ID: a68e3e
File 135997661825.png - (120.22KB , 600x500 , 131223719968.png )

Yeah she's had one from the start.
And two horns...
No. 67092 ID: a68e3e
File 136005329415.png - (77.22KB , 800x600 , 1.png )

Livestream doodles~
No. 67093 ID: a68e3e
File 136005331670.png - (88.32KB , 603x473 , 4.png )

She's got a bow
No. 67094 ID: a68e3e
File 136005333583.png - (100.55KB , 603x473 , 5.png )

No. 67095 ID: a68e3e
File 136005336212.png - (103.21KB , 521x772 , 8.png )

Maggie at the beach.
No. 67096 ID: a68e3e
File 136005338909.png - (103.09KB , 800x700 , 9.png )

Emily showing off the goods.
No. 67097 ID: a68e3e
File 136005342440.png - (68.84KB , 745x423 , 10.png )

Kassandra in the bath. Censored to protect the innocents.
No. 67099 ID: f7acde

For this Stream, me and Larro got a short list of Gelbooru tags, 23 of them. We then rolled for three of them, choosing a character before rolling. In order (Of the ones actually posted):

Bow, 1 girl, Open mouth

1 girl, bikini, panties removed

Breasts, exhibitionism, biting

Nipples, panties removed, censored
No. 67100 ID: 695191

>panties removed
I don't think that counts, its just sorta not there and you can barely tell. The panties should be present and removed, as in >>67095

What I'm saying is try it again
>with Kassandra
No. 67101 ID: 04b86a

>1 girl
Just what is Saisai hiding down there, I wonder~
No. 67102 ID: 695191

Maybe one of the tags in that pic is "Rule63"
No. 67106 ID: ebe421


I never thought she'd have such a great rack.
No. 67245 ID: a68e3e
File 136049124015.png - (78.88KB , 800x600 , 12.png )

Oh man it's...
More livestream doodles!
No. 67246 ID: a68e3e
File 136049128142.png - (147.41KB , 547x600 , 14.png )

Character from a thing.
No. 67247 ID: a68e3e
File 136049129128.png - (98.52KB , 515x527 , 15.png )

Poor Kass
No. 67248 ID: a68e3e
File 136049130371.png - (132.54KB , 800x600 , 16.png )

Poor poor Kass...
No. 67249 ID: a68e3e
File 136049131366.png - (124.56KB , 800x600 , 17.png )

No. 67250 ID: a68e3e
File 136049132699.png - (218.76KB , 800x600 , 18.png )

I haven't drawn Mu in some time
No. 67251 ID: a68e3e
File 136049133982.png - (116.81KB , 443x648 , 20.png )

Male Chel and a curious merfolk
No. 67252 ID: a68e3e
File 136049136645.png - (131.00KB , 800x600 , 21.png )

It's like she's wearing nothing at all~
No. 67253 ID: a68e3e
File 136049141092.png - (76.42KB , 694x499 , 23.png )

With her new Robo Collar's +1,000 Def A1 never has to worry about wearing armor ever again.
No. 67254 ID: a68e3e
File 136049142517.png - (152.09KB , 799x518 , 24.png )

Oraes was not a popular dragon
No. 67268 ID: 92c81e

I really need to learn where this livestream is.

Why what? The groping I get, but I think I'm missing something in the last panel.
No. 67275 ID: 695191

Basically, he decides on a character, then rolls in his /tg/ thread for a few random tags to apply to that character. These pictures are the result, the one there with Oraes for instance came up as basically "short hair, boob groping, panties" so that's what there is.
No. 67276 ID: a68e3e

in the last bit someone cut a hole in her panties
No. 67279 ID: 908c2d

Personally I'm confused at how "subject to multiple, unwanted invasions of personal space" somehow does not equal "popular". :V

Silly A1! You just never need worry about wearing armor for defense again. With one accessory slot providing all you'll ever need, you can now use all your other armor slots to try and stack on other bonus, instead. Things that bestow elemental resistances, stat increases, passive abilities, evocations, etc.

After all, modifications, improvements and customization for maximum efficiency is part of being a robot, my dear.
No. 67308 ID: 92c81e

Oh, k. I knew about the random tag stuff, but I didn't realize he did it for that pic. I thought the three panels were more related than that.

Poor Oraes
No. 67335 ID: 908c2d

Dragons rollcall!

Ombra- dead
Aeryr- dead
Masil- dead
Thasi- dead dead
Oraes- dead dead
Myli- alive
Shares- hopefully alive

So... bad things start happening when enough dragons are dead, right? I'm surprised we aren't already seeing the effects.
No. 67336 ID: 76b151

What do you think soulless are? Sunshine and rainbows?
No. 67349 ID: 5d98c3

Yaknow, when God is physically accessible, and you can SEE him in person, one would expect more bands of enraged citizens demanding to see him. I mean, he's kinda let the world get basically destroyed, and all his kids are dead, and the survivors are gonna get slaughtered by either THEIR kids or each other, not to mention the dead ones' angry ghosts. So yeah, in summary, the world is like this because SOMEONE represented as a gigantic magical rock fucked up, and everyone's probably doomed.
No. 67355 ID: 908c2d
File 136070682322.png - (135.90KB , 800x600 , Sunshineandrainbows.png )

...yes. That is exactly what I think, now.
No. 67393 ID: a68e3e
File 136078754229.png - (62.06KB , 800x600 , 205.png )

Just to be clear the big bad thing that happens when all the dragons are dead is that the cycle of life and reincarnation is broken. No souls will be reincarnated and that means the the number of people on the world will be the last people on the world. Every new child born would be without a soul, pretty much resulting in stillbirths.
This only happens when dragons are dead dead as their souls, which should never have left their body, go into the cycle and essentially muck it up. Right now 2 dragons are truly dead, Thasti and Oraes. The others, like Ombra and Aeryr, still have their soul so they don't count toward the destruction of all sentient life on the planet. Once 6 dragons are dead dead the cycle breaks and all is lost.

This isn't very common knowledge.
No. 67417 ID: a68e3e
File 136083650221.png - (234.51KB , 1258x600 , sprite sheet.png )

Sprite sheet from Doki Doki, My First Day as a Knight~!
No. 67420 ID: 5d98c3

You forgot to put in Snake.
No. 67422 ID: 9ee360

I did love the fact that A1's box blushed along with her. Obviously if we'd gone her route, it would have stayed on.
No. 67681 ID: a68e3e
File 136135303340.png - (1.03MB , 2100x1215 , the cast.png )

All the overshots in How to be an Overlord. So far at least.
No. 67683 ID: 6de77b

Meagan clearly needs less clothes
No. 68247 ID: a68e3e
File 136211775908.png - (189.54KB , 600x787 , cover.png )

So Balance was a quest I did for a while before deciding it would be better as a comic. I figured I might as well post all the pages that I've done so far here, since I doubt many people will go to the site it's on.
No. 68248 ID: a68e3e
File 136211779602.png - (90.47KB , 600x800 , Page 1.png )

No. 68249 ID: a68e3e
File 136211781021.png - (120.92KB , 600x800 , Page 2.png )

No. 68250 ID: a68e3e
File 136211782284.png - (201.37KB , 600x800 , Page 3.png )

No. 68251 ID: a68e3e
File 136211783209.png - (142.86KB , 600x800 , Page 4.png )

No. 68252 ID: a68e3e
File 136211784128.png - (250.83KB , 600x800 , Page 5.png )

And that's it so far
No. 68254 ID: 76b151

I remember this. Oh god the bad historical fiction. Its glorious.
No. 68255 ID: 4224e5

No. 68257 ID: 95868e



you are Satan.
No. 68258 ID: a68e3e
File 136212264272.png - (51.49KB , 800x600 , Tsumi.png )

No. 68410 ID: 552ab9

I swear Beatrice looks just like Saya from Onidere.
No. 68467 ID: a68e3e
File 136239025509.png - (93.50KB , 800x600 , 34.png )

Livestream stuff
No. 68468 ID: a68e3e
File 136239027439.png - (237.43KB , 800x600 , 35.png )

Infinity reading books
No. 68469 ID: a68e3e
File 136239028491.png - (141.11KB , 800x600 , 36.png )

Meagan didn't even get her chance...
No. 68470 ID: a68e3e
File 136239031536.png - (375.04KB , 1000x1000 , 37.png )

The clothes swap game begins again. Everyone was given a number and were randomly picked to swap clothing.
No. 68471 ID: a68e3e
File 136239032562.png - (140.07KB , 800x600 , 38.png )

No. 68472 ID: a68e3e
File 136239033921.png - (104.27KB , 681x600 , 39.png )

No. 68473 ID: a68e3e
File 136239035095.png - (149.28KB , 699x600 , 40.png )

No. 68474 ID: a68e3e
File 136239037862.png - (116.05KB , 673x600 , 41.png )

No. 68475 ID: a68e3e
File 136239041978.png - (145.70KB , 655x600 , 42.png )

And that's it for now
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