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File 130681433719.jpg - (66.32KB , 619x464 , Blackbeard In the Neighborhood.jpg )
37315 No. 37315 ID: a76809

18 Million dollar bounty on his head.

Battle Rifle
Queen Ann's Revenge: A custom .95 JDE bullpup rifle with inertia operation recoil compensation, semi-automatic fire and a ten-round, detachable magazine. It weighs ninety pounds, and is one meter long.
Melee weapons
Once it has tasted someone's blood, it can orient on them and continue to guide its bearer towards the unslain foe, until such time someone else bleeds on its edge.
Any stab wound made with this blade will continue to bleed at full force, even as blood pressure drops beneath a point where such output would continue. Until a wound is forcibly sealed, it will continue to bleed until the target runs out of blood.
Bastard Sword:
Able to rust and corrode metal armor of any form at a touch, and will cause leather armor to rot, cloth arm to dry and snap. It decays and ages only that which is not currently alive-to normal flesh, it is no more than a sharp blade.
Blade is able to stretch up to thrice its initial length of three feet if swung with sufficient force-while it elongates as if elastic, the material is still rigid to any attempts at manipulation, and cuts as well as it normally would. Attempts to use it on armored targets can damage the blade, magic or no. Against the unarmored, its ability to slice flesh is incredible.
Able to twist and coil when thrust, it acts like a drill, the perfect armor piercer-largely useless against large targets due to its limited wounding ability, ideal against small, heavily armored foes.

Additional Equipment:
20 separate Summer Court crafted charms against harm and death, ten of which are oriented around projectile attacks. Not all of his charms are expendable.

So, this guy here is moving to Istanbul soon, having heard the market is GREAT for Guns for hire, what with all the intergang war right now, between the germans, the chinese, the italians.... Guy figures there's a LOT of money to make. So he's coming to make a name for himself-

He's coming to take Armas' job.

And with that: Guns for Hire discussion. Things you like. Things you don't like. Ideas, plans that are not immediately relevant to the plot? Put them here.
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No. 63577 ID: cbbdb8


Actually I found a draw thread on /tg/ that had a description of him but no drawing and I was disappointed.
No. 63596 ID: 6747de
File 135291773835.png - (121.59KB , 805x484 , golem.png )

I wonder what would happen if we made space inside the golem for hummingbirds to use in lieu of a breath attack. Thoughts?
No. 63961 ID: 6b2488

I decided to DuckDuckGo my name (First + Surname) and found it in here

It's a rare name of a rare language, so I'm just going to ask; are the names just fiction?
No. 63987 ID: 34d817

There's someone out there actually named Abloec Woosencraft Hysbryd-Gwarcheidwad? Good lord.

To the best of my knowledge the names are made up, stolen from various media, or pulled off lists of names for the appropriate ethnicity online. You have probably not been stalked and turned into a fictitious magical alternate version of yourself.
No. 63989 ID: 5d98c3

What if he IS an undead ghost viking? WHAT THEN?
No. 64152 ID: 252e1b

Abeo, PriceisMagic, and I had a little fun with a conversation between Lyubov, Adib, Igor, and Igor's fiancee Patere and a short appearance by Svetlana(Abeo played Igor, Svetlana, and Patere!).

Lyubov sends a text: [Hey Igor Armas says you got engaged? Is she cute?]

Igor's phone makes that beeping noise it does when it gets a text. He never figured out how to turn that off, or make it a vibration, or anything. Igor pulls out the phone and presses the "do stuff" button. It works! A few minutes later Lyubov gets a message. It's in... kantonese. What. She makes a face at the phone.

Lyubov texts: [Change your language setting back, enter the settings menu, push 3, 4, 2, and then 2 again.]

A few minutes later she gets a text in all special characters. Lyubov enters the kitchen and sits down on one of the stools. She looks up and notices a certain Roman-vintage golem finishing a sandwich.

[Lyubov] "Oh, hello Adib. How're you?"
[Adib] "Hm? Oh, I'm good. What are you doing?"
[Lyubov] "I'm trying to send messages to Igor. He messed up his phone's settings again. Also he got engaged to a dwarf girl."
[Adib] "Oh ok th- What? How did he manage that?"
[Lyubov] "He was drunk and she proposed. And somehow he navigated the entire ritual without her clan or any of our guys stopping either of them. Then he claimed he made a mistake and now her father is royally pissed and is talking to Armas about it."
[Adib] "Well he would be, Dwarves are big on the whole 'honour' thing. He's fucked up."

As Adib rummages through the fridge for something else to eat, Igor sends a completely empty text followed by one that only has Igor's phone's number in it.
Lyubov texts: [Try sending something else.]

Igor somehow manages to forward Lyubov's own message back to her, in Russian.

[Lyubov]"Any ideas on how he'll be able to get out of it alive and with their honor intact?"
Adib just makes a "Hmm," sound as he thinks on the Witch Saint's request.

Lyubov texts: [What are you even doing to the phone Igor? Get someone over there to help you.]

[Adib] "Well, he could let the father kill him. Or suck it up and stöp being such a bitch and marry the girl."
[Lyubov] "So, your advice is that they just go through with it? How about fixing the insult by claiming he didn't understand? Do you have any ideas on that?"
[Adib] "Not really, my expertise is making insults, not fixing the damage they cause."

Lyubov glances at the phone. Apparently Igor's taking his time.

[Lyubov] "So, what's your take on life in the Laine Estate so far?"
[Adib] "It has been... statisfactory. A bit routine though. Fighting Rostislav and 'working' with Gianni are becoming old fast."
[Lyubov] "Adib, you know I wouldn't mind if you wanted to hang out in my workshop and help me out. I could show you how to operate the 3D printer."

The ancient golem-man briefly considers the pros and cons of assisting a Witch Saint.
[Adib] "...sure."
Anything to help aliviate the boredom

[Lyubov] "Anyway the 3D printer isn't too hard to use. I'll train you on it, and you'll be able to do small production runs for me. I'll pay you a stipend for it too. Like you're an intern or, uh, whatever."
[Adib] "Okay."

Igor texts: [Okay, my fiance took my phone from me and is typing for me. She's excited to use a phone.]
Lyubov texts: [Hello! I am Igor's friend. How are you?]

Adib stops hunting through the fridge and looks over Lyubov's shoulder, at the texts. She helpfully angles the phone so he has a decent view.

[Lyubov] "Hey Adib what's your take on modern life? Sending text messages instantly and all the cultural changes and everything?"
[Adib] "The technology's pretty amazing. The cultural changes are a bit jarring to adjust to."
[Lyubov] "Adjust to? Have you been out of things?"
[Adib] "I've been in prison a lot of the time I've been alive"
[Lyubov] "Ah. Magic prisons, I guess? Owned by... who? Dragons?"
[Adib] "Probably."
[Lyubov] "Did they have time dialation or anything, or was it just like old school dungeons operated by constructs and owned by whoever?"
[Adib] "Sometimes the former, sometimes the latter."

Finally, there's a reply to Lyubov's message.
Igor's Fiancee, Patere, texts: [My father is lecturing me sooo much and he wont let me go anywhere until the insult is sorted out. I don't really want Igor to be killed because of what I did but those are the rules. I hope the Lane can fix things.]

[Adib] "...how old is she?"
[Lyubov] "Uh. Good question. I'll ask."

Lyubov texts: [How old are you? Do you know how old Igor is?]
Patere texts: [I'm old enough. Igor says he's thirty-two.]
Lyubov texts: [Oh, you're dodging the question. Are you ashamed of it for some reason? I don't need to know exactly, just an idea would be nice.]

[Adib] "She sounds young, though that might be wrong."
[Lyubov] "Do you think she's an old maid? Maybe she proposed to Igor because she didn't think she could get a dwarf man."

Patere texts: [I am of age and that is all that matters.]
[Lyubov] "It's either young and silly or old and desperate."
[Adib] "Betting young"

Lyubov texts: [Do you watch TV?]

[Adib] "Last time I watched TV there was a fat midget dancing in a pink dress."
[Lyubov] "Don't watch whatever Iosef likes, he has no taste at all. And, uh. Honey Boo Boo Child is so weird. You would, um. Probably like watching some of the stuff about the Romans though. The History channel usually has documentaries about them, I bet you'd get a good laugh at the stuff they got wrong."
[Adib] "It was a child? Explains a lot."
[Lyubov] "Yeah, some crazy American television show. I don't have much time to watch TV now, but five minutes was enough to say that it is something best enjoyed drunk."

Patere texts: [Only what I've seen in bars. The clan doesn't have any I'm allowed to use.]
Lyubov texts: [Your clan are stoneworkers right? What's your favorite stone to work in?]
Patere texts: [Well some people don't like working with it because it's so common, but personally I find granite has a simple charm to it that is hard to find in other stone. I liek working with gabbro when I can, too.]

[Adib] "Ask her how long shes been working stone, see if you cant trick her into revealing her age."

Lyubov texts: [How long have you been working with granite and gabbro? And what's the most difficult stone you've worked with?]
Patere texts: [Since before I can remember. I don't like working with sedimentary rocks in general.]

Lyubov shrugs at that.
[Adib] "Damn."
[Lyubov] "I've got another one to ask her."

Lyubov texts: [Do you know much about grown quartz crystals?]
Patere texts: [I know there are rituals to do it, if you don't have native earth magic.]
Lyubov texts: [There are mundane methods for growing quartz crystals, some of which are probably older than you. Probably.]
Lyubov texts: [I didn't know mundanes had stoneworking knowledge like that. Igor didn't either. It sounds intersting.]

[Lyubov] "If she didn't know about growing quartz this will blow her mind."

Lyubov texts: [There are mundane techniques for growing rubies, diamonds, other gemstones too. Perfect gems, quite large.]
Patere texts: [It sounds like mundane methods are just as good as magic ones. ...Don't tell anyone I said that.]
Lyubov texts: [It looks like Igor said it anyway from my end. You have plausible deniability.]
Patere texts: [Good. Oh Igor wants to ask how everyone is.]

[Adib] "Better than he is, I'm betting."
Lyubov grins at Adib.
[Lyubov] "We could tease him a bit."
[Adib] "How so?"
[Lyubov] "By lying to him about it."
[Adib] "Heh."

Lyubov texts: [Tell him he missed the giant orgy, the magic ice cream, and the talking clock.]
Patere texts: [Was it an orgy that was large, or an orgy of giants?]
Lyubov texts: [Yes]
Patere texts: [Okay, he wants to know if the clock is still around.]
Lyubov texts: [It had a problem during the orgy and accidentally ground some gears on someone's sensitive parts and there was a fight and anyway I don't think it'll be back]

[Lyubov] "Come on Adib, help me think of more funny lies."
[Adib] "Tell him we had to sell his forge. And that hammer."
[Lyubov] "He wouldn't believe we sold 'em."

Lyubov texts: [Also we sort of had a fire with your forge but it was only a little fire. Really small. And we can't find the hammer but I bet it'll turn up somewhere. Maybe.]

[Lyubov] "But a fire, and misplacing? I think he'll buy it."

Patere texts: [He wants to know if his ritual papers are okay. He seems really worried 'Boss'(Is that Lord Lane?) and 'Shadow Boss' are going to be dissapointed.]
Lyubov texts: [They smell like burned bagels but are OK. Also someone ate ALL the food. ALL of it.]
Patere texts: [He says he's worried about not being with you guys, in case something happens.]
Lyubov texts: [Don't worry, everything's ok. The orgy was part of a wedding ceremony.]
Patere texts: [Who got married?]
Lyubov texts: [One of my bandmates and someone you've known awhile now.]
Patere texts: [Zhenya and Matvey?]
Lyubov texts: [No, the other bandmate]

She's giggling like a little girl as she looks up from the phone at Adib.
[Lyubov] "Just for reference, Zhenya, Sake, and I play music together sometimes."

Patere texts: [He wants to know who Sake married.]
Lyubov texts: [It wasn't a Russian, but it's someone you've known some time now.]
Patere texts: [He says all he can think of is Hillevi.]
Lyubov texts: [I cannot say!]
Patere texts: [He says he'll ask someone else in the company then. He has to show me how to do that now, bye!]

[Adib] "Clever. That was fun."
[Lyubov] "That should keep him entertained anyway. I can't imagine it's much fun being held prisoner."

Lyubov gets another message. It is five pages of asterisks. She laughs.

Lyubov texts: [What?]

In response she gets a video message that appears to be six seconds of someone's palm.

[Lyubov] "Hm. I, kinda forgot that he's got issues with technology. Um. Well, maybe he'll learn how to use the phone now?"
[Adib] "Yeah... I dont suppose you could talk to Lord Laine about if there are any jobs for me to take?"
[Lyubov] "I'll ask him. We tend to get jobs in cycles, sorta."
[Adib] "Ah, ok then. Do you know of any Arenas?"
[Lyubov] "I've heard of two, but haven't visited them myself. There's a hobgoblin run arena that had some problems recently with a wyrm eating most of it, but they're rebuilt and are trying to conduct business as usual. There's also a Dragon-run one in the depths that Matvey frequents. Sugarskull the candy golem is the manager, and they have Meat Circus to do crafting and stuff."
[Adib] "I see, thank you for the information."

Lyubov gets yet another message. This one is three photos, somehow of different corners of what is probably the same room. Probably.

Lyubov texts: [FYI I was joking about everything after 'plausible deniability' also take a picture of your fiancee's face ok?]
Patere texts: [He gave me the phone again. He says he's glad the hammer isn't lost, but seems disappointed there wasn't a talking clock.]

[Lyubov] "Oh, actually. I've heard of three. There's Owner's arena. But you need Conceptual magic to get there."
[Adib] "I just need to see about getting to one of them."
[Lyubov] "Talk to Matvey about arranging guides to the Dragon-run arena. And I think you can just pay a goblin to show you the way to the hobgoblin one. Bring someone else with you, ok?"
[Adib] "I will, I know how an audience can get."

A minute later Lyubov gets a photo message. It is a slightly too-dark, slightly blurry picture of a slightly out of frame face. It is a young woman with broad face and rounded nose, recognizeably dwarven, sporting a mustache.

Lyubov shows the picture to Adib.

[Lyubov] "Um. Here, a picture of her. How old do you reckon her to be?"
[Adib] "She looks pretty young, probably only seventeen or eighteen."
[Lyubov] "Hm. Well, young and silly isn't so bad."
[Adib] "Considering she's likely her father's favorite, I think things might be a bit worse."
[Lyubov] "Oh. Yeah. I didn't think about that. But, you know, Igor's not a bad guy. He's just not a dwarf guy."
[Adib] "Does the dad know that?"
[Lyubov] "He wrote a letter to Armas about all this. So I'm sure he knows what's what."
[Adib] "Better hope so."
[Lyubov] "The tone of the letter seemed positive about it. He wanted a meeting to talk out their options."
[Adib] "Igor's still an idiot for getting into this mess."

Lyubov texts: [Hey I'm going to give Igor a phone call.]

She dials his number. Igor picks up right away.

[Igor] "Lyubov?"
[Lyubov] (in Russian) "Is your fiancee there with you still? And what languages does it seem she knows?"

Adib raises an eyebrow at the use of the language.

[Igor] (in Russian) "Yeah she's still here. She knows Turkish too, and something I don't recognize. Doesn't know Russian, I think."
[Lyubov] (in Russian) "Ok. I have a question for you then. How do you feel about all this? And does she still seem like she wants to marry you? She isn't ignoring you, from the sound of things."
[Igor] (in Russian) "Hmm, not sure. Didn't mean to, uh, engage her, I guess. But she seems nice. Very apologetic about her dad almost killing me. I, uh, don't think she wants to marry me but... she doesn't hate me either. Brings me meals and things, and showed me how to make my legs better."
[Lyubov] (in Turkish) "Your legs? What?"
[Igor] (in Turkish) "I, uh, broke the old ones. It was a missunderstanding. But the Dimirken Head showed me how to make new ones. I... did a bad job, but she helped me make them better."
[Lyubov] "Old legs? Your legs, or what? Igor, what do you mean?"
[Igor] "Oh, uh, for the chair I broke. Sorry I wasn't clear."
[Lyubov] "Chair legs. Well, I am glad she helped with that. It sounds like they are treating you well.
[Igor] (in Russian) "They're feeding me and things. I, uh, don't know if her dad is still going to kill me if I pass the coin. He said he'd talk to Boss but I don't know if it's a 'whatever comes first' situation."
[Lyubov] (in Russian) "Armas is going to be talking to her father about you soon. Marrying her is probably one way out of your problem. I don't know what the others are, but would you be able to live with marrying her if it turned out to be the 'best' solution?"
[Igor] "Well, uh, me dying is the other way so... yeah?"
[Lyubov] "Maybe there is some way to pay out of it, or some honor absolving technique? I do not know. But there must be some way. Probably pretty expensive to prevent misunderstandings. So what I am saying is, if the other ways out are very expensive or dangerous would you prefer a wedding?"
[Lyubov] (in Turkish) "Take your time to think it over, ok? Can you put your fiancee on now, please?"
[Igor] (in Turkish) "I will Lyubov, thanks."

[Patere] "Hello? Can you hear me?"
[Lyubov] "I can, Miss Dimirkan. That's right, isn't it?"
[Patere] "Almost, it's Dimirken. I'm Patere Dimirken."
[Lyubov] "Oh. Patere. Ok! My name is Lyubov Khorobrova."
[Patere] "Hello Lyubov, I'm honored to meet you. Does this count as meeting someone?"
[Lyubov] "Um. Sort of. It's not as good as a face to face, but it's better than just texting. Phone conversations have been the basis for many friendships. So. Yeah."
[Patere] "I have never spoken on a phone before!"
[Lyubov] "Well, it is something that is a lot of fun. Or. Uh. It can be. And I am honored to speak to you, too."

Adib was off to the side, listening in.
[Adib] "Definitely young"

[Patere] "Igor said you wished to speak with me."
[Lyubov] "Yes. You see, um. Well. I am not very knowledgeable about Dwarven Code. I've sort of, um. Not interacted much with Dwarves before, but part of that is because I am pretty young myself. So I was wondering if you could, uh, explain a little about how Igor can come home alive, and you and your clan can still have your honor intact?"
[Patere] "Hmm. Well, the problem is that Igor publicly insulted clan Dimirken when he rejected me after the engagement ritual. Out of ignorance, but still a rejection, and insult..."
[Lyubov] "There must be ways to redress an insult. Accidental or not."
[Patere] "The simplest way to restore honor is to kill him. If he was part of another clan, and I suppose Laine is claiming him? There could be negotiations. Depending on relations, some sort of token of concession or sacrifice could be made as reperation. Honoring the engagement could be helpful too, maybe. I didn't /mean/ to get him in trouble."

At that Adib chides her.
[Adib] "No you just proposed to him in public without finding anything about him"

Lyubov frowns at the ancient, no-fuck-giving, golem-man. Adib shrugs.
[Adib] "It's true."

[Lyubov] "I think Laine is claiming him, yeah. He's certainly a, uh. Retainer, anyway. And I'd be just a /little/ mad at Armas if he doesn't deal with this properly..."
[Patere] "I didn't think he'd go through with it. But he didn't even know what it was so... I know I made a mistake."
[Lyubov] "So... if you thought he wouldn't go through with it, why did you propose in the first place?"
[Patere] "Father has been pushing me to marry but I want to choose who I do and a fake proposal would delay things. It wasn't a very good plan, looking back."
[Lyubov] "I see. Yeah. I can kinda relate, my mother keeps teasing me about when she's going to have grand kids. So, uh. Is dwarves marrying humans a thing that happens very often?"
[Patere] "It's pretty rare. Is your mother trying to marry you off?"
[Lyubov] "Uh. Well, sort of. It's- my situation with my mother is- um. Look, she's mostly just, you know. Teasing. But I know she'd like to see me settle down. Do you know anything about human relationships? Like, how the courtship phase usually goes?"

[Adib] "It involves copious amounts of alcohol."
[Lyubov] "Well. That /can/ be true. But that's not how it /usually/ is."

Adib starts to lose interest in listening to the conversation. Witch Saint or not, this is two women talking about domestic problems. He looks around for something to read. However, being in the kitchen, he only finds a book on cheeses. A book in French. He can't even read French.
[Adib] "...fuck it."

[Patere] "I don't know anything about human courtship except that it's different from dwarven practices."
[Lyubov] "It's... I'll run through the bare basics. Outside of clans, there is a courtship phase where a couple meets and becomes boyfriend and girlfriend. If things go well, then after a suitable amount of time, often months to a year or two, one proposes to the other and they become engaged, or bethrothed. The engagement will last a few days to a year or so, depending on how long it takes them to get ready to be married. Then they marry, and hopefully stay married. So, that's where Igor's coming from."
[Patere] "Of course they stay married."
[Lyubov] "If... if things happen, if certain sorts of lies are told, or by mutual agreement, humans can cancel a marriage. At least in most places, anyway. There are lots of reasons why it can happen, but it's a possibility in human marriages."
[Patere] "Wow, that would probably start a war if dwarves did it."
[Lyubov] "Yeah. It's been known to cause little feuds and lots of grief for everyone around the divorcing couple."

Lacking anything better to do, Adib listens in anyway. Women talking about domestic issues was better than looking at pictures of cheese.

[Lyubov] "But that's why I said "hopefully." Anyway does that help make some of Igor's behavior make more sense?"
[Patere] "It does, I understand why he was so confused now."
[Lyubov] "How do you, personally, feel about all this? About him, about the accidental insult, about the engagement being one of the better ways to make things easier to fix?"
[Patere] "Well... he's a good listener and didn't really mean the insult. I'm not upset over it anymore, though I was at first because him accepting was so surprising and then saying he didn't understand was jarring. The engagement was... my fault and if that's what it takes to set things right, I have no regrets."
[Lyubov] "Do you think you could be happy with a human husband? Wouldn't that mean no kids? Or am I misunderstanding about how compatible humans and dwarves are?"
[Patere] "I'm not actually sure. There should be rituals and charms though. Or fleshcrafters."
[Lyubov] "I suppose it's a problem that people have had before. But putting aside the matter of children, there's still the cultural gap. Could you live with that? You'd be living with us, right?"
[Patere] "From time to time. I'd still have clan duties, depending on how the marriage was negotiated. I could see him less than once a week."

Adib decides to gamble with the television again, and turns on the small one Boris keeps in the kitchen.

[Lyubov] "Well. Alright, I guess that's- turn that down please. Sorry, Adib just turned on the tv."

Adib complies, turning the television down a bit.
[Adib] "The fat little kid is on again... is this a comedy or a tragedy?"
[Lyubov] "It's more like a freak show, Adib."
[Adib] "I see."

[Lyubov] (into the phone) "I don't even know why we have a television in the kitchen, we have a proper TV room. Anyway Patere, is there anything you'd like to ask, ah, Laine to do? I can get a message to him before he negotiates anything with your father."
[Patere] "I'd like it if Igor comes out unharmed. Laine is doing that already, right?"
[Lyubov] "Yes, we all like Igor."

Adib flips through the channels listlessly. There's a show about some guys running a pawn shop. A man is trying to sell them a helicopter. There's a show about some people mining gold. There's a Turkish soap opera. Ah, the History Channel has a show about... some ass with stupid hair rambling about ancient aliens.
[Adib] "...the fuck. Is this a clown?"

[Patere] "I'd prefer he not try to buy me either. It would... technically clear my shame from th insult from the clan."
[Lyubov] "Try to buy you? I didn't realize that was an option."
[Patere] "I wouldn't be cheap! Especially in the circumstances. And some clan heads just wouldn't do it unless faced with destruction of the clan or something similar. So, it's mostly advice on how to not upset my father."
[Lyubov] "Ah, I understand. That's very helpful. What else do you suggest?"
[Patere] "Well, Laine could offer up his own life, as Igor's clan head."
[Lyubov] "Uh. A life is pretty expensive."
[Patere] "It isn't an option exercised often."
[Lyubov] "What other ideas do you have?"
[Patere] "Forming a clan alliance would be highly unusual, but it would effectively erase the insult. Umm, offering his heir for a marriage with clan Dimirken would work too."
[Lyubov] "And if he doesn't have an heir?"
[Patere] "Then his clan would probably be seen as weaker and his bargaining position wouldn't be as strong."
[Lyubov] "I see. Which of these options would leave your clan looking as good as it could?"
[Patere] "Honestly, Laine sacrificing himself. It would make clan Dimirken seem politically important enough for an heirless- he doesn't have an heir, right?- clan head to sacrifice himself instead of one of his underlings. The implications would be that he feared not making as powerful as reparations as he was able, and that Dimirken was a clan that deserves that level of deference."

Adib flicks back to the guy running the pawn shop, only to realize it's a second version of the history channel. It seems that the history channel...doesn't show much history.
[Adib] "The fuck is this?"
He sighs and shuts the TV off.
[Adib] "I'm going to go see what Gianni is up to."
Lyubov waves to him.

[Lyubov] "And which option's the worst for your clan, if you don't mind saying so?"
[Patere] "A formal apology and token of reparation, like a trade deal favouring Dimirken heavily, or something else of value. Unless completely extravagant it would make Laine appear to be in a superior position ."
[Lyubov] "What would the equal position solution be? I mean, would that be the alliance option? Or the, uh. Purchase. Option? Or what?"
[Patere] "Completing the marriage and an apology and gift would be fairly equitable. The marriage would have to favour clan Dimirken though."
[Lyubov] "Can you explain how that would work, the marriage favoring clan Dimirken, I mean."
[Patere] "Uh, well the children would go to Dimirken. And Igor would have new clan duties, instead of the other way around. Maybe a small tax on his craft goods he sells."
[Lyubov] "What about a marriage that's equitable, what sort of gift and apology would it take to make that possible?"
[Patere] "Favourable trade deals or comissions, an artifact or collection of greater magical goods, clan secrets, or a marriage alliance could do the job."
[Lyubov] "An /artifact/? That's the price range we're talking? Huh."
[Patere] "Uh, well an artifact would do it for sure. It has to be a meaningful gift, so things you can make easily wouldn't count."
[Lyubov] "Oh, it's the personal value as much or more than the monetary value?"
[Patere] "It is to make up for an insult to mine and my clan's honor, so it has to be a meaningful to be a real reparation."
[Lyubov] "Ok, I get it. So. Um. How about a marriage alliance? What's that?"
[Patere] "A marriage alliance is a form of clan alliance, restricted to agreeing to marry children back and forth between the clans. It isn't as formal as a full clan alliance. But I think it's usually only between Dwarven clans. I've never heard of a Dwarven clan having one with a human clan."
[Lyubov] "I see. And the outcome you personally want is one of the solutions that involves marriage, right?"
[Patere] "It would let me make up for my mistake, a little. If it isn't necessary in the end, that is fine with me. My father will probably marry me off as soon as he can so I don't try anything like this again, though."
[Lyubov] "Alright. Well Patere, it's been a really interesting and enlightening conversation, and no matter how things turn out I'd like to meet you in person sometime."
[Patere] "I'd like that, you sound really fun. Hopefully my father will let me leave the clan house again before I'm married."
[Lyubov] "I'm sure he will eventually. And if he doesn't I could come visit you. Could you please put Igor back on the phone?"
[Patere] "Okay, goodbye Lyubov and let your chisel be swift and sure."

[Igor] "Hey?"
[Lyubov] (in Russian) "Hi. You heard everything on her end. What do you think?"
[Igor] (in Russian) "I don't really get all the clan stuff."
[Lyubov] "What. Seriously. This is your life we're talking about, you have to have a stance. I'm going to make a recommendation to Armas based on what I learned here, and on what you and Patere want. Do you get that?"
[Igor] "Uh, yeah. Okay."
[Lyubov] "So what do you want?"
[Igor] "Well... I want to keep doing work for Boss. ANd I don't want anyone to die, or be slaves."
[Lyubov] "And how do you feel about marriages?"
[Igor] "I don't know... never really saw myself getting married. Don't know what it's like."
[Lyubov] "I will go find my mother, you can talk to her about married life."
[Igor] "Uh. Okay."

Lyubov tracks down Svetlana and hands the phone off to her after briefly explaining the situation ("Igor accidentally got engaged, he's not sure about married life, can you tell him about it a bit please?").

[Svetlana] "Igor? You got engaged and aren't sure if you want to back out, right?"
[Igor] "Uh, yeah."

Svetlana sighs one of those deeply dissapointed sighs Lyubov knew very well from her childhood. The sort of sigh for major property damage, or misadventures that could have ended in death or maiming.
[Svetlana] "How do you feel about this girl? Is she someone you can see yourself enjoying a life together with?"
[Igor] "Uh... maybe? I met her in a bar."

Svetlana again sighs. This time it's the resigned sort of sigh, for when there's no helping circumstance.
[Svetlana] "Of course. Well, Igor, being married can be... immensley fulfilling if it is with the right person. The sense of mutual belonging inspires happiness and confidence. If it's a happy marriage. Just spending time with someone you can trust is rewarding. However, there's no guarante that the person you marry will be someone you can trust. I can't comfortably give you more advice than 'Follow your heart' as cliched as it is. Do you understand?"
[Igor] "Uh, yeah I think. It's good unless it isn't. Right?"
[Svetlana] "That is essentially right. I'm sorry I can't help more than that."
[Igor] "No, it's helpful, uh, thanks."

Svetlana gives the phone back.
[Lyubov] "Thanks mom."

[Lyubov] (into the phone) "Hello, Igor?"
[Igor] "Yeah."
[Lyubov]"What do you want me to tell Armas?"
[Igor] "Uh. I guess marriage wouldn't be bad? Probably. You're better at social stuff than I am."
[Lyubov] "I'll tell him that, then. Get to know Patere, ok? Talk to her some more."
[Igor] "Uh, okay, sure."
[Lyubov] "Goodbye, Igor. I've got to go find Armas."
[Igor] "Bye Lyubov. Thank you."
No. 64962 ID: 27cbbb

Here's something for even people who aren't in the quest!

Uses for a bottle that generates whatever fluid is poured in, go!
No. 64963 ID: fb9917

Use it to manufacture drugs.
No. 64964 ID: ec6d4c

>people who aren't in the quest

>Uses for a bottle that generates whatever fluid is poured in, go!

*perpetual motion machine
*bottomless fuel tank
*drop it in a body of water and wait for flooding.
*pacifist conduct vampires (manufacturing a blood supply).
*destabilizing an economy by flooding the market with normally rare and pricey fluids
*pharmaceuticals ad/or magic potions manufacture.
*heat sink / refrigeration- pour in a small amount of liquid nitrogen or something else very cold, and it will produce more and reduce the local temperature.
*cloning / repopulation mad-science
No. 65019 ID: fb9917

if you poured really powerful rocket fuel in you could probably get around a whole lot of problems with space travel.
No. 65052 ID: cbb448

Flamethrower (just fill with Fluorine Trichloride or other auto-igniting high pressure gas and stopper with an aluminium valve).
No. 65440 ID: 8b355f

According to 4chan's /tg/, rockets to outer space.
No. 65789 ID: 252e1b

A fun story about Einrik and Markku from IRC

<BUTTZ>Heh heh, I bet Einrik had fun telling him the news about Lyubov
<BeardedBob>Would you like to see a blurb of that exchange?
<BUTTZ>I would!
<BeardedBob>I don't care if you don't I... FINE, LIKE IT IF YOU MUST
<BeardedBob>Seated at the massive wooden ring table about their ancient fire-pit that is the center of the dining room, Markku works on a five gallon mug of their home-brew ale, a cleaned set of Ika-Turso ribs before him, as he stonily watches Einrik stepping out of the fireplace, turning back to wave at a hand wrought of the flames themselves before said limb winks out. Dusting a bit of ash off his clothes-which are currently
<BeardedBob> NOT the iconic white feathery tunic and trouser combo, but instead a flashy set of neon orange robes that even Markku can recognize as Shaolin make.
<BeardedBob>[E]"Good evening, father. I hope you are well."
<BeardedBob>[M]"...Exactly when did I give you permission to join yet another group?"
<BeardedBob>[E]"Somewhere around the time you, and I quote you here, 'gave up' on my return from a trip sans-eyes and newly-sporting an eye made out of a fetus. And as fascinating as our impending... discussion no doubt could be, I believe you are, as always, more interested in what happens concerning the youngest of your progeny, rather than the oldest."
<BeardedBob>Mr. no-fun Markku looks even more grim at that. [M]"What has Armas done?"
<BeardedBob>[E]"Why must it be Armas that did something, for it to be noteworthy? Ah, perhaps I shall let him know you consider him of such import nothing of substance could happen near him without his influence."
<BeardedBob>[E]"Yes, yes. So, you can proudly state that your daughter is bosom buddies with a Witch Saint: Does this not make you proud?"
<BeardedBob>Einrik and Tartalo, and no others, are the exclusive witnesses to Markku performing a two-gallon spittake that douses the fire that Einrik stepped out of. With a froth-filled set of facial hair working soundlessly as a preamble, Markku eventually finds his voice.
<BeardedBob>[E]"Oh yes. Good friends-and it's a NEW witch saint, isn't that exciting? No centuries old conflicts and relations to work around-not even from the god themselves!"
<BeardedBob>[M]"...Explain, boy."
<BeardedBob>[E]"Let me see, succinctly put: Armas' lover is a Witch Saint of a post-God Wars God, who is the first of the 'new crop' to develop a Witch Saint. To be frank she's an abysmal fit for the god-"
<BeardedBob>[M]"Which god?"
<BeardedBob>[E]"Tesla-an atrocious fit on paper, but, when accounting for how rare the circumstances that can CREATE a witch saint are... well, she's not so ill-suited, then."
<BeardedBob>Markku rubs his face, surreptitiously removing the foam festooning his features.
<BeardedBob>[M]"...And neither Armas nor my own daughter saw fit to notify me."
<BeardedBob>[E]"It would seem that way, wouldn't it? Surely both are quite busy, and simply didn't think of it-yes, I find that rather likely, rather than malicious intent."
<BeardedBob>Einrik proceeds to skedaddle, while Markku's occupied with THAT, so he doesn't get chewed out for dabbling with yet ANOTHER supposedly lifetime-membership club.
<BeardedBob>And that's about how it went.
No. 65898 ID: e0470d

So there was some discussion the other day on IRC about how suggestions have slowed down.

So I ask participants who aren't in IRC - or even ones who were - why do you, specifically, take so long to post? What would incentivise you to post faster?

Personally, I am afraid to have my post fall flat, so I wait and refine other posts. It's terrible, I know, but it's why.
No. 65910 ID: 6de77b

Simple. I straight up don't post.
No. 67578 ID: 328fa0
File 136106895729.png - (39.47KB , 750x723 , Squiddy.png )

Behold! I have produced fan art of a certain angry vampire squid familiar belonging to Feodor, a russian minion in the quest.
No. 67587 ID: 252e1b

All the text related to the book about the Green Knight in one place.

MONDAY, MARCH 14th, 2011

That aged, mysterious book that the Ghanem Heir had been so invested in acquiring is finally comprehensible to me. Oddly, it does not seem, at all, to be a book of curses: Instead, it's an age-worn epic about a night of Europe of times past, a monstrously powerful warrior clad in green scaled armor that fought not for honor, glory, king or country, but instead sought battle solely for his own entertainment. A tale of an unfathomably powerful warrior that sought to alleviate boredom titanic enough to swallow the world by engaging in contests wherever he could. I was just getting into the fourth such challenge, where he engaged not in a contest of arms, but a contest of song against a town's beloved minstrel, when there is a polite knock at the door that I recognize as being Svetlana's doing...

THURSDAY, MARCH 17th, 2011

Once again, I find myself with the book plucked out of a Ghanem's hands open before me as I take in more of that fascinating scaled knight's tale. I've come to realize, after my initial perusal, that the entire piece seems to old that… lonely, hollow feeling that Gilgamesh began to evoke after reaching his zenith in his own myth, as no matter how desperately the green warrior searches, he doesn't seem to find anything to truly push him, to make him struggle. Oh, he can cut in twain as many seas as he wants, he can heft and hurl as many mountains as he wishes-and to be sure, his obscene might is great enough both acts seem trivial to him-but rather than take pride in his capacity, he laments it, he mourns his dearth of weakness in a world meant for smaller, less profound beings than he. And he can find no solace in those that likewise are so mighty that the commonfolk are as ants before them-for even they get to see pinnacles yet before them… such as the green knight. They cannot fathom his boredom as he sits at the top for ages beyond count, a standard which countless lesser great beings try and fail to surpass. He loses hope that he'll see a challenger that can give him the deadly yet thrilling surprise he wishes to experience again, and he feels depression as not one of the rare and precious few close enough to his pinnacle desire to test the gap remaining-or indeed, interact with him at all. His very boredom and lack of interest in what's left of Creation around him has made him decidedly unpopular amongst those rare few most likely of all to understand him-and for all his world-sculpting might, he lacks the power, the means to get what he wants. Civilizations rise and fall as the knight continues to agonize… before something new happens. One of the many types of chattel he and his people raise begins to become self aware-and while ants even to the civilians he wishes weren't so beneath him, something of wondrous value to the green knight transpires: some of those ants-of-ants... gain a power without limit or logic, something that surpasses his might along with everyone elses.

For a time, all is as the Green Knight wanted: his power is found wanting, his best, let alone his previous paltry efforts, cannot keep up. Even as his civilization is rocked to its core, even as his world begins to shrink and be diminished by the animals that have just gained self-awareness… he delights, and revels. But eventually... the first, the original, the greatest of these gifted animals, the most monumental challenge he ever set for himself... is slain. The crucible overcome... and with it, a profound sense of loss, as the techniques he had to invent to combat that true monster now make those that gains such power thereafter... entirely manageable. In his glee, he did not pace himself, aimed too high, too fast... and left himself in the place he'd just escaped.

And so the green knight, paragon and hero of his people and the one they understood least of their mighty warriors… erased himself. He set aside his power, his love of combat-he abandoned his passions so as not to be left with such bitter hollowness on the summit, alone, and chose to become a social creature. It was a pale, pale imitation of the joys in life he once held… but it was better than that purgatory in which he'd once langoured for so long-and only just now returned to. And so the green knight's tail ends not in defeat, but with the unsurpassed warrior... losing interest upon realizing he'd run out of road on the path of the warrior to walk down. It is a sad, ephemeral ending… and I find myself enjoying the tome about the unnamed warrior a great deal.

SATURDAY, MARCH 19th, 2011

I sit down to read the finale of the tome on the green warrior. The days of peace are pale and lacking the vibrancy he craves, but are bereft of the hollowness that he despaired over. In a sense, his change of life focus has been, if not good to him, then nondamaging, which he seems content enough with. But ever is he watchful for those moments where he could take up arms in earnest again, always eager to face a new crisis that might test his mettle... and none ever seem to measure up, each burst of hope quenched by the comparative drabness of reality. Eventually, so much time has passed that the last time he truly believed he could be challenged was beyond millenia ago-so long, in fact, that the animals that gained sapience have started to properly develop a culture, primitive as each rendition is. They are contentious and still utterly pathetic on the whole... but they continue to demonstrate remarkable divergence, occasionally producing gems... though none so great as that first. And so the scaled knight, the one time warrior and now long time bored keeper of culture and a dying hope clung to his last spark, hoping that some day, this meager race would produce a gem as wondrous as the first, and give his life the dazzling passion he craved with a hunger as old as time.

...The final galvanizing paragraph reads thusly:

And so the scaled knight, he without peer, he cursed with loneliness and apathy by his incredible might, the originator of the myths of three famed beasts of incomparable power lived. So Tiamat Bahmat Ryujin's beginnings were, he who now is famed to own humanities future.
No. 68158 ID: 944788

Something's been bothering me since this whole Lo Fang business. When and why did Armas suddenly get such an hardon for Lo Fang's downfall? Sure, we had meta-knowledge for a long time that he tried to fuck us up but Armas didn't know about that. To be clear, I'm asking when in the thread proper did Armas find out something that made him hate his guts forever? I might have missed it somehow or maybe it wasn't in the updates?
No. 68195 ID: c6319f

Lo Fang directly expressed a desire to have Armas as an opponent some day, he's been a known violator of the Accords since way way back when we saw the soul harvesting, he trapped Camella in a $5mil contract with her soul on the line when a fleshcrafter could have repaired her leg for a few tens of thousands at the most, we know Go Ping was up to something shady re: Camella and that it was almost certainly at Lo Fang's behest, we know that our buddy Labombard ended up severely drug addicted and had to run away from Lo Fang's employ, and then we learned that something seriously weird was up with May Lee and that was the final nail in the coffin.
No. 68196 ID: c6319f

And Armas doesn't really hate Lo Fang. It's just that Lo Fang is dangerous, up to no good, and Armas can profit from his downfall.
No. 68241 ID: 47a120

There has been stuff in quest to suggest armas has broken the accords (but not caught)...
1. How? as far I noticed he hasn't done anything yet (although he certainly has the magics to potentially do so)
2. What are the actual specifics of the accords? A treaty agreed to by AORB, dragons, devils, and gods seems like it would hardly be secret.
No. 68265 ID: c6319f

1. When Armas bound the Reaper's soul it was technically a violation of the Accords. A defensible one, surely. It was, after all, self-defense and against an, at that time, purely spiritual being. That's something you're allowed to do. But by taking the soul and sticking it in his eye, he went beyond what is generally considered, in mundane law at least, reasonable force for the protection of self. The further chain of horrible events involving the soul and fragments of it are likewise defensible, mostly, but also highly suspicious.

There's also the questionable soul binding we placed on Lev.

2) The specific of the Accords are many and varied. The biggest thing not to do, as relevant to us, is perform unwilling soul manipulation on most ensouled beings. Some ensouled beings have fewer rights than others. Ensouled beings who are not typically ensouled, like mundane animals, golems, and certain magical creatures classified as "beasts" are categories of being that have fewer protections under the Accords. Largely because they are not intelligent enough or homogeneous enough to have rallied for those rights in any fashion the greater powers would find relevant.

The Accords also establish how the world is run to a degree. How the different major powers can and cannot interact. For example, we know that dragons may not interfere with the business of demons or devils on Contract business in the material world.

Armas could learn more about the Accords, we've just been too lazy to look it up. it doesn't help that the true, full, Accords fill libraries. Blame the fae.
No. 68292 ID: 47a120

Thank you
If the accords as a whole are too long, what about the cliff notes? do the accords lay out punishment? because a focus on just the major transgressions would do as well.

Can you refresh my memory about lev?

As for the Reaper, as you said it's defensible.
It was perfectly within armas' right to defend himself against a spirit attacking him after its body died.

The thing is, even sucking into the eye is defensible. It was still self defense because the binding was the amaturish first attempt and as a result only stopped it from attacking armas in ONE specific way. Restraining it until it could be released safely was to stop it from attacking in other ways, and that failed, it still attacked armas by gutting itself.

Aside from there ancillary arguments could be made. It protected it from lo-fang. as well giving armas an opportunity to undo the damage wrought in self defense by asking the spirit if it wants the bindings removed and if so do it and then allow it to properly pass on. And hey, if anyone argues armas didn't know about lo-fang at the time... well he didn't know about the accords either and besides which the spirit was surrounded by vengeful triads.
No. 68297 ID: 6de77b

We slapped some silly 'don't be stupid' binding on him or something. It was really vague and ended up doing something silly I don't know I don't pay attention to the minions.

So far as I'm aware we've never been given a full rundown of the accords. Maybe in irc at some point but if so, I wasn't there.
No. 68306 ID: c6319f

The point is that we don't want to bring scrutiny to Armas' actions because of exactly the type of thing we're seeing happen right now in the quest. Defending yourself in court is a sucker's game, better to avoid it.

As for the Accords, the impression I've got so far is that it doesn't specify punishments, those are up to the judicating body on a case by case basis. Death seems to be a common punishment.
No. 68325 ID: 47a120

I remember him agreeing to the don't be stupid binding. Only unwilling binding is an issue.

Certainly one wants to not be accused in the first place. I was just curious as to why the implication that armas is guilty. Also, going around believing you are guilty is a pretty serious issue in a world with truth sensing. Its a good way to end up in court to begin with
No. 68329 ID: 944788


So it was cumulation of different things that made Armas act before Lo Fang does? A preemptive strike? A preventative war? How American.

How about mete-knowledge that Armas doesn't know? I remember that Lo Fang gave Camella a drug that would turn her into a mind slave of sort but her will was too strong. Any other dickery Lo Fang did or tried to do to us?
No. 68332 ID: c6319f

Lev went to Armas asking for help. Armas responded by slapping him in the face and placing a binding on him at the same time. At no point was the type of help discussed, consent was not given.

The reason for the implication Armas is guilty is that he is depending on who ends up judging the case. Because the guys in charge are dicks. And also he really is guilty enough that we would have to argue in ernest for our innocence even in front of a neutral party. And it would suck because Allview would almost certainly get pulled into the investigation and that's a secret we don't want out further than it is.

Essentially. Personally, I consider his Contract with Camella to be both a declaration of hostilities, and an invitation for them.

I also remember another thing he did; he bugged Ito's dojo.

Ooc stuff, we know that he has some form of mind-control chakra. Loyalty enhancer, basically. I think there were a few other things as well but I can't remember them at the moment. The vast majority of the motivation for taking him out exists in the thread proper.
No. 68492 ID: f164bf

Here are some questions regarding what is allowed by the Accords. Perhaps Armas already knows this himself. If not he should be able to get the answers by asking Dávgon.

Under what conditions is it legally permissible to destroy an unwilling soul? In particular is it permissible to do it using a soul binding?

Is there some class of creatures that are exempt from the ban of enslaving using soul binding (except for spirit animals)?
No. 68570 ID: b061dc

Why did Camella get Lo Fang's soul?
No. 68583 ID: 83dc73

Camella got Lo Fang's soul because of the deal Lo Fang and Camella had regarding her leg. In an altercation with Blackbeard, Camella lost the use of one of her legs. Lo Fang arranged for the Wizard Dorjpalam to replace it for $5,000,000. Camella didn't have that kind of money, so Lo Fang paid it, but they came to a binding agreement where she would pay him back. But part of the agreement was that if either of them die before she repays him, the other one gets the soul of the dead.

So to answer your question plainly: Lo Fang and Camella had a magically binding Contract that said if either of them were to die before the debt was settled, the other would get their soul.
No. 68584 ID: 5d98c3

What happens if BOTH die simultaneously?

Also, I bet if we offer Camella enough dosh and weedle enough we can get that soul for the ultimate lamp!
No. 68594 ID: 83dc73

Look, we could ask her nicely and probably get it. Hell, she might just give it to us. Not much she can do with a soul without outside help anyway.

A lamp is stupid.

And if htey die simultaneously the same thing happens is if one of them died a minute after the other: neither of them are in the position to own anything.
No. 68612 ID: 5d98c3

Oh? And what SHOULD we do with the soul of some guy we hated? DIGNIFY it with torture, or use it to power some artifact that could backfire on us? Armas' method of torment is humiliation and trolling. I can't think of any way to strip Lo Fang's soul of dignity than to use it to power something mundane, like a lamp, or an electric blanket, or an electric birdfeeder.
No. 68618 ID: 83dc73

Armas didn't hate Lo Fang. Savoy maybe, but not Lo Fang. Lo Fang was just a threat it was highly profitable to do away with.

As for uses, the simple information contained in his soul is worth millions of dollars. His chakra, ritual, and curse knowledge is extensive, in that order. He also knows how to make those neat paper charms. He is a master martial artist. And he probably possesses knowledge in a myriad of other fields.
No. 68619 ID: 0447cb

Oh thanks, seems Lo Fang screwed himself here, bet he was absolutely certain she would die soon.

Another question, can someone remind me who Elwen is (the person which Armas mentioned and May Lee's clone went ape-shit after hearing it)?

Also, remember that Korean (right?) arms dealer who offered us half a mil to kill Lo Fang? Can we still claim it? Either way, we should call him and tell him that Lo Fang is gone. Having another friendly contact in town is never bad.
No. 68627 ID: 47a120

>remember that Korean (right?) arms dealer who offered us half a mil to kill Lo Fang?
IIRC that was an open contract, so no reason you can't claim it.
No. 68717 ID: 47a120

>Buy lo fang's soul from camella, turn into lamp
Is everyone forgetting that Camella is a highly moral human who suspects armas of being secretly evil and part of her working for him is so she is around to kill him if it becomes necessary?
Also, that she would likely let armas learn whatever he wants from lo-fang's soul for free?
No. 68720 ID: c6319f

You mean the highly moral human who's been sleeping with a man she knows to be a dragon and whose first act that she witnessed was incinerating a man for bumping into his table? That highly moral human?

Her perspective has shifted since the days she was outraged by Armas even suggesting he might deal with demons.

And there is real value in having constant access to Lo Fang's soul whenever we want. We're not going to get everything we want from it in one sitting without ripping it apart, which we can't do if it belongs to Camella, and which I don't want to do anyway.
No. 68721 ID: 47a120

the suggestion was make it into a lamp for the lulz not rip it apart for the knowledge.
No. 69110 ID: 47a120

So, bagga has been complaining that he misses human food (makes vampires vomit and they cannot taste it).

Ideas were thrown to modify him to not want it anymore, or to modify him to be able to eat human food...
Well why not make blood based foods for vamps which give flavors and textures.

For my first project, lets look at Sourhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sour_patch_kids
Those delicious candies are really easy to make.


so... lets translate... sugar, invert sugar, corn syrup... all of those are sugar
blood contains sugar... for diabetics it contains too much.
Fleshcraft an animal whose native state is very high blood sugar. Then reduce the water in the blood to produce... high fructose blood syrup!

Next on the list... MODIFIED CORN STARCH... well now. starch is a bit of the problem, starch + sugar is what makes those gummy and eventually solid. Starch is mutliple sugar molecules bound together and animals do have it but AFAIK you don't have starches in your blood, only sugars.
This bit needs work, although its possible that perhaps one could fleshcraft a magic strain of corn (most prolific source of starch) that produces starches especially designed to not trigger a vampire gag reflex.

"TARTARIC ACID, CITRIC ACID" - Some recipes of sour-patch have 3 acids... anyways, the acid makes it sour and blood can be acidified in several ways. Most CO2 being delivered to the lungs is dissolved in the water of the blood which makes it acidic. This suggests that vampires should have no problem with carbonic acid (natural blood acid). Dissolved CO2 is what makes all rain acidic, its also what makes sourpatch kids sour and gives the "tangy" taste to carbonated drinks.

Alternatively, if a mammal is subjected to atkins their liver is forced to manufacture ketones as an alternative foodsource for the brain which subsists almost entirely on glucose.
One of which is acetone (nail polish remover), having those in your blood makes it more acidic.

Blood is typically red, however crustacians have copper based blood which is blue and some people have a mutation that causes their blood to be orange.

AFAIK "natural flavoring" means MSG

Not sure what the artificial flavoring is in that... but there you have it, a way to make sourpatch kids for vampires out of all natural blood ingredients.
I am most proud of my design for High Fructose Blood Syrup.
No. 69130 ID: 370c40

you don't put MSG in candy

that's not what MSG is for
No. 69145 ID: 47a120

>Go visit your damn wards, right the fuck now! Seriously. Gawd, if you don't do it this time, I forward the motion that he's been geased.

I asked bob in IRC why he has been ignoring this suggestion the last few updates
<TheBeardedBob> And exactly what will he do, hm? I just see 'spend time' votes. So I can just have Armas do anything with his wards, then?
<MrTT> so the issue is that the check on and spend time with wards posts in the last few updates were not specific enough?
<TheBeardedBob> It's like saying 'go read a book!' Well okay... what book? What are you looking to get out of this?

So, yea... if we want armas to visit his wards we need to be more specific and actually explain what he should do with them.
No. 69147 ID: 47a120

<MrTT> has armas eaten any of the vampire hearts the goblins brung him since he has become a godling? And if so, has it exploded?
<TheBeardedBob> not after the first exploded, no
<MrTT> thank you
<MrTT> since the mere is a gate to whaitiri, what would happen if armas stabbed a vampire with it?
<TheBeardedBob> explosions
<MrTT> ah, something to avoid then
<MrTT> how come there was no explosion when he stabbed a devil with it in the heart though?
<TheBeardedBob> why would it?
<TheBeardedBob> vampiric magic was MADE by devils, doesn't mean that infernal magic is correlative in form to vampiric.
<TheBeardedBob> Same with elder and dragon-things that have bad reactions to elder rarely react so to dragons, and vice versa
<MrTT> Ah... so vampire and divine react explosively but divine and infernal are fine to mix?
<MrTT> that make sense, there are demon-gods
No. 69325 ID: 47a120

>While I'm walking, I find my thoughts returning to a comment made by Promethian Lucifer, just before we parted ways. He said 'Best of luck on the rest of the experiment' just before leaving. …But why would he say that? Even assuming he can see every active project I'm working on, what exactly could he be referencing? The War Golem? The Laine Company as a whole? My personal experimentation?

Armas IS the experiment
Remember someone remade him, messed with memories/personality, gave him dual blank bloodlines, made him a trouble magnet, and an NN strike magnet for a while...

The goblins found out what caused the NN strike magnet, but they haven't shared. When we finish with silja notewriter promised to tell WHO it was, but not what.
No. 69336 ID: c6319f

Still just an assumption and Lucifer could still have been referring to any number of things.
No. 69382 ID: 7dbd6b

Addressing concern in Disc:
The wording wouldn't be exactly that. Just a description of the basic idea, there. The final favor-wording would probably be more like "Make available to me the circumstances and memories of any and all gaps in my recollection between YEAR and YEAR, without harm to any person favorably associated with me, without any knowledge of mine remaining in your mind at the end of the favor." I figure that the combined might of the board and all of it's wordy-things with all of the Ms can make up a decent favor wording.
No. 69404 ID: c6319f

While putting Owner on the case would definitely get us everything there is to know about our past, it could be seen as a waste of a boon when we do have other investigative paths open to us that we're in the process of pursuing.
No. 69405 ID: 7dbd6b

It's better than asking him to find out what Promethian Lucifer meant about the experiment at least.

Any ideas? That's just the biggest mystery I can remember in this quest, since it probably relates to the two blank bloodlines, Mr. Grim-noir, and most of the 'weird' things that powerful beings keep commenting on.
No. 69409 ID: 7dbd6b

Wait, which paths are we actually pursuing? I remember a few leads, but I don't think they were ever followed up on, or at least haven't come up with any results yet.
No. 69421 ID: c6319f

We made a deal with Note Writer, that once Silja's recovery were complete he'd investigate our past for us.
We're also going to go through our childhood photos and yearbooks and things with Lyubov to check for inconsistencies in our childhood memories. Remember, Lyubov's single living Gate of Self 'sister' is in a relationship with that world's Armas and she therefore has some childhood Armas stories to compare against. Obviously to be taken with a grain of salt given it's another world, but valuable nonetheless.

It almost certainly relates to the two blank bloodlines and the NN strikes as well. There's also the possibility that the majority of Armas' remembered past is fabrication. That it never happened, or happened in a radically different fashion. We just don't know.

'Mr. Grim-moire' is most likely an AORB operative, in my opinion. Though he could obviously be something else.
No. 69433 ID: 47a120

look up mr grimm in the AORB databse we have access to
No. 69434 ID: c6319f

No u.

More seriously, we don't even have a proper name. If he is an AORB operative, he wouldn't be in the database, or else he'd be classified. Checking the database would be a decent way of narrowing the possibilities but not necessarily conclusive. Something to keep in mind in any case.
No. 69437 ID: 47a120

if he is an AORB spy on armas' parents, something I find unlikely.
If he is a third party then they likely will have a file on him.
No. 69530 ID: b1b5d1

I agree with this. He a magical operative of some kind working within America itself. If there's not something in the database on him, that is reason to be very suspicious.
No. 69651 ID: dd1db5

A horrible waste, he offered a wish that he is soulbound to NOT resent armas for.
It could be something like "teach me all you know" or "provide me with X of your flesh" (for consumption) or what have you.

Heck, the goblins BOUGHT knowledge about armas from some info traders and armas is a millionere now and commands significant power and has contacts. We should use those to track down info brokers who know and pay them in money or labor or both for the knowledge.

Also we could use some og questions here. Remember we are on good terms with him thus far and he has been going above and beyond the LETTER of the agreement, and he respected our desire for knowledge. Asking for knowledge about such an issue (which does not deal with raw power) would probably further earn his respect and as such be answered with good will and beyond the mere letter of the contract.
No. 69675 ID: c6319f

I definitely agree that it would be a waste. But we should keep in mind that just because he's bound not to resent Armas, doesn't mean that he wont slap our shit if we overstep ourselves.
No. 69677 ID: 47a120

True, there could also be others who would do so on his behalf.
But would asking for tutoring justify shit slapping?
No. 69710 ID: c6319f

Tutoring is fine. "Teach me all you know" isn't. I know I'm quibbling and you were speaking in broad terms and giving an example rather than make a specific suggestion in ernest. But I think it's important to keep in mind that there are requests that will end badly for us.

Owner could effectively lobotomize Armas with sheer weight of knowledge, for instance. Or he manages to teach Armas everything. And now Armas possesses knowledge that in his hands causes him to be an impedement to a more favored plot of Owner's; Owner kills Armas, not out of resentment, but practical concern.

That kind of thing.
No. 69727 ID: 47a120

I was thinking the best requests would be respectful and not trying to exploit him on the letter of the agreement.
Like... "take me on as a student, where the time you spend teaching, the pace of the teaching, and the specifics of the knowledge imparted are what you deem reasonable and fair"... how is that?
No. 69729 ID: c6319f

Generally I'd say that hanging terms off of his values is risky. His perception of what is reasonable and fair in terms of the tutelage he offers a being like Armas could be incredibly unfaivorable.

But no matter what we ask for, there is going to be a paranoid interpretation so, eh.
No. 69747 ID: 47a120

The idea of hanging the values off of his own interpretation is to prevent him from being a monkey paw like amen and interpreting our wishes literally in a way that fucks us over.

I think we should forgo the soulbind entirely and explain to him why. It is a gesture of goodwill. Even if he is bound to not resent it others could and would if we dishonor dragons in general... but most importantly we know better, we have experience with the bloodfiend and how one's wishes can be interpreted via a strict adherence to the letter of the request while being something you wouldn't like. So we forgo the bind, but instead let us discuss things with him in a more candid manner where he informs us what is appropriate to ask for and what isn't
No. 69758 ID: c6319f

I'd rather demand he get bound by a humorous individual. Either wildly inappropriate or difficult to attain the services of or something. Make him work for it. He'd appreciate it, I'm sure.

And he wont let us NOT have him bound, because it's part of the game for him. It'll give him jollies. We can't deny the man his jollies. Seriously, it's dangerous.
No. 69793 ID: 333c1d

There ARE others who would. Tiamat has a whole host of dragon groupies, hangers-on, fans, and adorers.
No. 69938 ID: e64ce4

Testing. 1, 2, 3.
No. 69954 ID: 333c1d

Keep in mind dudes, our Deal with Ogrimir (which Einrik just pointed out is basically a Curse) requires us to kill living einherjar. In case you're not hip with the times (it's cool, I had to go back and check out thread three to remember this myself):

1) Living Einherjar are Einherjar in mortal bodies which were not built for them. Young einherjar like Osto, or veterans who never died like Gunnar, or people with tricks to fully take over mortal bodies like Aska and Gleb (NOT using the 'die and posess your own corpse' trick, as far as I can tell, but instead actually enjoying some sort of Ressurection that reuses their body or hijacks another mortal's body) all count as Living Einherjar.

2) Spirit Einherjar are Einherjar who have died and gone to Valhalla, and then come back as ghosts for some reason. These ping as Einherjar, but don't count. We can talk to them freely and Ogrimir won't care.

3) Spirit Einherjar who are ensouled in a golem body also don't seem to count. Abolec was one, and when we destroyed his golem body we didn't get to ask a question. On the other hand, we apparently didn't need to destroy it either.

So, since Einrik was kind enough to tell us that almost all the Einherjar in Japan right now are Spirit Einherjar who are ensouled in golem bodies, we know we probably won't get anything from killing them.
No. 69990 ID: 47a120

You seem to be correct. But to be fair, posters aren't pulling it out of their butt. Rather it looked like word of bob was saying otherwise in his latest post in thread.
No. 70007 ID: c6319f

I'm guessing it was word of Bob but that he'd forgotten earlier established rules of our deal with Ogrimir. Or it was a Test that Buttz successfully navigated. Yay Buttz.
No. 70123 ID: d1ad30

>3) Spirit Einherjar who are ensouled in a golem body also don't seem to count. Abolec was one, and when we destroyed his golem body we didn't get to ask a question. On the other hand, we apparently didn't need to destroy it either.

Word of Bob, at the time and also back in thread 4 and 5, was that we did need to destroy it, just that we wouldn't have a question from it, because Ogrimmir.
No. 70149 ID: 47a120

>3) Spirit Einherjar who are ensouled in a golem body also don't seem to count. Abolec was one, and when we destroyed his golem body we didn't get to ask a question. On the other hand, we apparently didn't need to destroy it either.
>Word of Bob, at the time and also back in thread 4 and 5, was that we did need to destroy it, just that we wouldn't have a question from it, because Ogrimmir.
So what happens when Abolec test pilots our golem?
No. 70156 ID: d1ad30

>So what happens when Abolec test pilots our golem?
Remember, we needed to kill Gleb only once (Gleb sure didn't die by our hand when he ate his own head). So, well, this should apply to Abloec too.
No. 70158 ID: 47a120

If that is that case, we now have a way to deal with spirit einher who are friendly.
Craft a disposable golem body for them. Have them possess it. "kill" it.
They are now safe from us.
No. 70477 ID: ff0c36

Son of a bitch. Old fan here, haven't been to tgchan in some time. Last I was here, Bob was still on Golem Quest. Well, I reread Ant Quest, was feeling pretty good, figured I'd try and catch up with this thing.

And holy shit. This thing is huge. I'm still in the first thread and it feels like I've been reading for a loooooong time. Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed myself thoroughly. It's just now I'm at some junction where the characters are in some kind of extraplanar/illusory stairwell that never ends hunted by phantasmal killers, and the segment likewise never seems to end.

I just thought I'd share my suffering with you folks. Give me time, I'll catch up eventually.
No. 70478 ID: 933f92

Please update us on your thoughts when Minions become available, and the whole Lyubov shitstorm (you'll know it when you see it.)
No. 70479 ID: 83dc73

Knock it off. It's done, grow up.
No. 70491 ID: ad580f

You are literally the only person still upset over that. You're an adult, so grow up.
No. 70493 ID: 933f92

Aight, it's more fair to ask for once-a-thread thoughts anyway.
No. 70528 ID: 3805e4

> and the whole Lyubov shitstorm (you'll know it when you see it.)

No. 70535 ID: 933f92

Trust me. You'll know it when you see it.

One of the minions slept with the main character. That's really all there is to it. There's the separate issue of us telling her about ALLVIEW, but really? >>70491 >>70479 They're right. There's nothing whining about it now will solve.
No. 70539 ID: 888df6

You make it sound like the minion raped Armas or something. This was not a sudden thing, it developed over time and occurred due to player action all round. The only meaningful contention was between the players who had different ideas of how Armas should have behaved.

And stop doing that spoiler tag thing.
No. 70540 ID: 933f92

Dude, it's an actual fucking spoiler. As in, a plot development later on. It's how they're meant to be used.
No. 70541 ID: 888df6

If you didn't want to spoil anything you wouldn't have brought up a specific instance of contention among the player base that was "an actual fucking spoiler".

They asked for elaboration and you gave them a non-answer and some spoiled text. Are they going to not read it? No, they are going to read it because it presumably contains what they actually asked for. That being an actual explanation.

You using the spoiler tag does not disavow you of the responsibility for the spoilers. You can't argue that they're making a choice when you brought up the subject and continue to string them along in as non-satisfying a manner as possible.
No. 70571 ID: 8746f9

I'm not the same guy who said he's just started to read this. I was just curious what you are referring to.

And no, you're not the only one bothered by the lyubov's mary sue, dm cock-sucking favoritism bullshit that has been going on.
No. 70572 ID: 7030e7

>You make it sound like the minion raped Armas or something
That's one hell of a way to interpret what was written. I never would have even remotely come to that conclusion.
Because they are no longer commonly used like that one usually writes something like "actual spoilers" before using them the old-fashioned way.
>string them along in as non-satisfying a manner as possible.
That is how you are supposed to tell someone what you are talking about if you don't want to influence their judgement. There was an issue about a minion who slept with Armas. No more information should be given because anything more is unnecessary for ff0c36 to know which issue Dollmaster is interested in. Anything more like
> This was not a sudden thing, it developed over time and occurred due to player action all round. The only meaningful contention was between the players who had different ideas of how Armas should have behaved.
is potentially clouding the judgement in a minor way. You are already saying it was ok which is something the reader should judge for himself. Other than that you are intentionally harming Dollmaster's position by saying he is the only one who still cares about it. You don't even seem to want independent opinions to form. Quite contrary to Dollmaster who explicitly wanted the opinion of someone unaffiliated with your group.
No. 70574 ID: 47a120

As far as I know the shitstorm was not on armas having sex with her.
But because her powers and build give her massive bonuses against divine creatures should she turn hostile. Some people freaked out into full paranoia mode and decided she intends to mind control armas and usurp him as the main character. It was a completely unfounded fear.
No. 70579 ID: 5bf8f1

Way to spoiler stuff for someone who has yet to read that. Good going there MrTT just after there was discussion about not spoiling the story for the new reader you decide that trying to be perfectly accurate (and yet again reducing a more complicated issue to a single aspect you personally think important) is more important than just letting the guy read it for himself.
No. 70600 ID: 47a120

Nothing was spoiled, it was a vague line that revealed nothing about the plot.
No. 70604 ID: d708f9

>powers and build give her massive bonuses against divine creatures
>Some people freaked out into full paranoia mode and decided she intends to mind control armas and usurp him as the main character
Unnecessary OOC information that shapes how the quest will be perceived. Someone who reads it after this will look out for how someone might think she manipulates people.
>It was a completely unfounded fear.
Just let the guy read it for himself! Don't judge for other people whether stuff within the quest can serve as a foundation for theories. Sure, she didn't become the main character and her player apparently never intended for her to become a MC. This doesn't mean there had never been any reason to fear it.

If there has really never been any reason to think bad about Lyubov regarding taking over or any of the other stuff her player has be accused of (because that has not been the only thing despite what you imply) then there is no reason to explicitly state again and again that there is nothing. If there is really nothing one can reasonably object to just let everyone see for themself. You don't have to convince someone who has not even read said thread that there is nothing there. And it is probably quite futile to attempt convincing someone many month later that there is nothing to be angry about. Quite frankly your attempts to discredit an opinion of someone who isn't even trying to propagate said opinion in front of someone who had been asked to serve as a neutral third-party as ludicrous. I don't think I will reply to further posts on this matter as I have made my point clear.

tl;dr: Don't try to force your opinions on the new reader. Just let him read for himself.
No. 70611 ID: 47a120

>powers and build give her massive bonuses against divine creatures
Irrelevant little tidbit that reveals practically nothing. Especially in the context of having already been told there are 20-some minions.

>Some people freaked out into full paranoia mode and decided she intends to mind control armas and usurp him as the main character
>Unnecessary OOC information that shapes how the quest will be perceived.

>It was a completely unfounded fear.
>Don't try to force your opinions on the new reader.
Do you not understand what the word opinion mean?
It is not an opinion. She didn't turn her powers on Armas, some predicted she would, they were proven wrong.

Also, telling someone MY OPINION is not FORCING my opinion on them.
No. 70616 ID: 888df6

The fact that she doesn't, hasn't, and/or wont doesn't make the fear unfounded, especially relative the time frame in question where her capabilities were a very new thing. At that juncture it was decidedly in the realm of opinion rather than fact and events since then do nothing to dispel the conditions the opinion was formed in.

Also, irrelevant tidbits? Hardly. Simultaneous revelation of her having exceptional powers and Armas being divine. Both of which were plot points of relatively great importance and narrative impact and also a lot more specific than "hey, later we get dudes working for us".
No. 70617 ID: 47a120

>The fact that she doesn't, hasn't, and/or wont doesn't make the fear unfounded
That is the very definition of unfounded fear.

>Exceptional powers & divine
I didn't say her powers were exceptional, only that they gave her an advantage vs a specific type of being.
Divine is hardly a big reveal as it:
1. Is all over this thread
2. Is all over the wiki
3. Occurs pretty early in the quest whaitiri soul graft
4. Its not inherently superior to other types of power, its just A power type. It was like saying "Aang from avatar is an air-bender".
No. 70623 ID: 888df6

>That is the very definition of unfounded fear.
Not relative that timeframe at which point most of the data that would make the fear unfounded was simply not available. You can't look back and say that because an event did not occur, that concerns over it possibly happening were unfounded.

As to point (3) of your list, no that's wrong. Magical mechanics reveals are such that that's not a relevant metric as it happens, from the perspective of the reader.
No. 70667 ID: ac8a26

1. I for one didn't read much of the discussion until I had catched up to the quest for this very reason.
2. Nor of the wiki. I don't really see any reason to read either before having read the quest.
4. Massive boni against any magical group count as exceptional power in my opinion.

>unfounded fear
To give an example: You are jumping from a cliff. You have reason to fear for your life. You somehow survive. Does this retroactively make the fear you had before unfounded?

I really shouldn't answer you. You are not good at arguing nor at seeing reason, I fear.
No. 70727 ID: 47a120

>Summon Bonzi and invoke his item storage deal to get to KJB without having to leave the line.
We can't summon Bonzi, we can only use his power to store items... not sure he has enough power to do so from the moon. He is bound to attempt so it might kill him to try (remember SB would have to have sacrificed half his shade in the attempt)
>Summon Grigori for drunk Wizard shenanigans.
>Summon Dorjpalam for trying to get a shenanigan-less Wizard drunk.
>Summon Oggmum for no reason at all.
>Summon Hyougo because now you're just trying to collect them all.
>Ask Iron Trick whether it'd be possible to Darkening the moon. Threaten Lunastaroth with removing the moon from existence.
>Threaten Lunastaroth
>Ask Iron Trick whether Rabbit would like to speak through him to Lunastaroth, assuming you get in there.
As if rabbit needs our help... and who said he wants to talk to him?
>Mix drinks for everyone and surreptitiously try to put your blood in it to make people (if they're human) cannibals.
Willingly giving out your blood to people who hate you is fucking retarded
No. 70728 ID: 933f92

>As if rabbit needs our help... and who said he wants to talk to him?

Consider: The moon is VERY FAR from earth, and is distant from the NeverNever. It might be that Rabbit might need the help, yes - and rabbits have at least one cultural connection with the moon (Japanese).
No. 70729 ID: 62ad09

Perhaps if you don't like the ideas, you could post something yourself? It's rather annoying to have ideas shot down (even stupid ones like this) with no alternative presented.
No. 70731 ID: 47a120

I did, it was dissected point by point as being stupid and then I deleted it.

Also, I am the first guy who came up with the idea of summoning grigori. You heard it being discussed on IRC most likely? Thing is, you just said "summon X" without saying HOW to do so
No. 72241 ID: a048c8

Armas knows somebody that almost certainly knows what to say to scare the shit out of everybody here, has enough schadenfreude to do so, and can communicate mentally with him.

Unfortunately, it's Amen.
No. 74811 ID: 58cca1

What happened to this quest? Has it fully transitioned into an irc-game, died, gone on hiatus, turned invisible? Are there any more interesting irc-logs?
No. 74825 ID: 888df6

Indefinite hiatus. So yeah, it's dead.
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