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File 129980094569.jpg - (189.86KB , 600x302 , LonelyWorldColiseum.jpg )
32989 No. 32989 ID: b6c6fc

Welcome one and all too the LonelyWorld Coliseum!

a place for quest character to challenge each other, pick fight and for the denizens of /quest/ to debate how awesome their waifu/self insert could kick the ass of everyone else

let the shit storms begin!

serriously though, try to relax and not take all this stuff too seriously this is just for fun ya dig?
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No. 32990 ID: b6c6fc
File 129980124769.jpg - (57.14KB , 419x304 , FightIntro1.jpg )

Hello I'm LonelyWorld, and I'll be kind of like the referee around here!

>I am 12 and what is this?

this is a place for Quest characters to have awesome fights!

>how will that work?

I'm glad you asked Timmy McNeckbeard, because I'm going to show you all an example!
No. 32991 ID: b6c6fc

normally the best way to start out is like this, to make a post declaring that your character is interested in fighting someone

try to keep it simple, and wait for challengers to come
No. 32992 ID: b6c6fc
File 129980183656.jpg - (56.40KB , 419x304 , FightIntro2.jpg )


we is gonna do brawling, and fight to da DEATH!"

The Challenge: this is where an opponent challenges a character, declare the type of challenge the stakes. etc.

note, feel free to challenge any character, but if the person is looking for a fight they're more likely to agree to the terms the terms
No. 32993 ID: b6c6fc
File 129980220679.jpg - (47.19KB , 419x304 , FightIntro3.jpg )


the oppenent can either choose to accept or decline challenges, nothing else (though you can issue a different challange!)

when you decline it's a good Idea to explain why your not intersted in fighting, so that the challenger might be able to find more acceptable terms of combat
No. 32994 ID: b6c6fc
File 129980243863.jpg - (87.20KB , 419x304 , FightIntro4.jpg )

at this point it the noble denizens of TGchan will in a pieceful manner discuss the the many varible in the fight!

it's usually best for the author not too participate TOO much in these debates
No. 32995 ID: dad664
File 129980263844.png - (79.45KB , 318x312 , Rainbow laughing.png )

I'm laughing for real right now
No. 32996 ID: b6c6fc
File 129980314165.jpg - (79.06KB , 419x304 , FightIntro5.jpg )

after all the major points have been covered
a vote will be declared

people will vote on the probability of victory, (eg. 30/70 Chloe's favor)

after a decent amount of Votes, the polls will close

keep in mind, if it looks like your character is getting the raw deal, they're free to duck out at any time up to this point

once the polls are closed though theres no turning back
I will take the mathmatical average of all results

and post a single D% roll, this will determine the victor
No. 32997 ID: b6c6fc
File 129980355221.jpg - (86.22KB , 419x304 , FightIntro6.jpg )

the winning characters Author will then decided how they're character won the fight

as well as draw the victory/key turning points in the fight (or get someone else to draw them)

it's good form for you to ask the losing author's permission before you draw something too violent/offensive with their character!

I'm sure I forgot to mention things but feel free to ask any questions
No. 33002 ID: 3416ec

So can we pick other people's characters or does it have to be our own?
No. 33003 ID: 543aa6
File 12998112355.gif - (10.76KB , 853x777 , nan.gif )

fuck that
No. 33004 ID: e3f578

it looks like Nan beat Zane unconscious with nothing but Nan's fists, feet, and Zane's own nametag.

No. 33005 ID: b6c6fc

you can discuss other character and/or request them
but the author themselves, need to issue/respond to the challenges

this is a good example of a victory image.

anyone should feel free to post any fighting related images here
No. 33006 ID: 3416ec


And through that battle suit no less.
No. 33007 ID: 8c73c8

well it's obvious what happened. by holding zane's nametag nan was able to bypass the shield because it only registered another part of zane coming towards it. clever.
No. 33008 ID: 543aa6
File 129981248983.gif - (11.33KB , 853x777 , nan.gif )

>Oh, THERE'S my suit! Hey, get away from that!
No. 33009 ID: 3416ec


No. 33010 ID: 0750cb

No. 33011 ID: b6c6fc

oh by the way, if you have any suggestions to improve the fight rules, or have a fight system Idea all your own feel free to post it!
No. 33012 ID: 4d7cb4

Give me a battle map and I can roll out a combat using the same ruleset I use for CBSF.
No. 33013 ID: 8c73c8

yes, the arena layout could effect how these things go. are chest high walls scattered about the area? what about columns? or foxholes?
No. 33014 ID: b6c6fc

execelent Idea, I'll start work right away on designing the coliseum battle map!

but feel free to draw up you own alternative arenas to fight in!
No. 33015 ID: dad664
File 129981348026.jpg - (57.73KB , 400x315 , FD.jpg )

No. 33016 ID: 3416ec
File 129981486455.png - (36.07KB , 533x666 , wheelbot.png )

"Me wish challenge big ogre mens! I has wepon!"
No. 33017 ID: bce670
File 129981613565.png - (29.87KB , 800x600 , whyamIdoingthisagain.png )

Meh, I'm gonna do something with the two main Manabase characters so far.

Contenders: Lyantien (Gnoll mage)
LuGufAin (Guflan with rail pistol)

Preferred opponents: Team of two

Preferred arena: Blank space station arena.
No. 33026 ID: d6ae01
File 129982650465.png - (132.66KB , 760x730 , fight tayza.png )


(oh, she's sleeping. let's not wake her.)
No. 33028 ID: 10c20a
File 12998276608.png - (17.77KB , 600x600 , KensuyataChallenge.png )

:Kensuyata:"ATTENTION ALL DEMONS, MONSTERS, OGRES, ONI, OR YOKAI! I, Mujina Kensuyata, hereby issue a challenge! Please form an orderly, single file line and await execution. Rest assured there is plenty of slaying available for everyone!"

Arena of choice: Bamboo thicket
No. 33030 ID: 8c0848
File 129982951837.png - (117.33KB , 800x600 , Accepted.png )

One fantasy based character and one sci-fi based each. Perfect match ups.

Rynh (Dragonbold with Longsword)
Y'rra (Whatever I called that race of spess gnolls with a laser rifle.)

No. 33031 ID: dad664

No. 33033 ID: b6c6fc

weren't they called engara? or something like that?

anyway FIGHT IS GO!
time to discuss the pros an cons of both teams!
No. 33034 ID: 4c775f


Wizard destroys laser rifle, rail pistol kills both inferior species.

Case closed.
No. 33037 ID: 543aa6
File 129983618110.gif - (6.82KB , 723x636 , onidomp.gif )

Some days, the world just hands you an opportunity you can't pass up.

>Arena of choice: Bamboo thicket
I will concede to this obviously disadvantageous arena uncontested, but in return, I stipulate that you are not allowed any armor or worn protection in even its most basic forms.
Also, I am willing to leave out all my legendary demonweapons and the magical, impenetrable armor of Yos'karseth if you agree neither of us will use magic. I'm losing on the deal, I hope you know.

ALSO, if you see any other Oni, Demons, Monsters, or Yokai, can you send them my way before you slay them?
No. 33041 ID: 45be60

I don't know half of these characters, please hold while I read quest.


Well that was quick. It doesn't seem like LuGufAin has real combat experience to back up his weapon, I do not have a good feeling about his chances. Lyantien is too new for us to know anything about his(?) capabilities. Care to enlighten us?

Rynh is a reasonably capable caster, but she doesn't have much practice, and knows like no defense magic more complicated than creating something to hide behind. Her best bet against a dedicated caster might be to use magic as a flashy distraction and go in for the stab.

Y'rra probably shoots LuGufAin from a good distance away with the superior accuracy of her laser rifle, while Rynh tries to deal with the mystery caster.

Was the tape necessary? If Ona is any indication, you're pretty intimidating anyway.
No. 33042 ID: b6c6fc

as there terms for combat have been changed
Kensuyata will have to agree to these new limitations, before the fight will be ready
No. 33043 ID: 10c20a
File 129985918598.png - (24.82KB , 1089x636 , DompagvsKensuyata.png )

>...but in return, I stipulate that you are not allowed any armor or worn protection in even its most basic forms.

:Kensuyata: "If you are requesting I show up for battle in the nude, I must decline that request. I apologize, but modesty prohibits, and I don't think running around naked in a dangerous bamboo thicket seems like the most logical idea. I will wear only my simple cloth Gi, and cloth binding. Is this acceptable?"

>Also, I am willing to leave out all my legendary demonweapons and the magical, impenetrable armor of Yos'karseth if you agree neither of us will use magic.

:Kensuyata: "Agreed, I won't use my leaves or any other form of totally awesome ninjitsu magic that I can totally cast and am not using just to make this fair, and no other reason. So just my KATANA and KUNAI"

>ALSO, if you see any other Oni, Demons, Monsters, or Yokai, can you send them my way before you slay them?

:kensuyata: "If there is anything left to send them to after our fight, I'll send them your way, sure."
No. 33044 ID: 5f3c38

And so, this epic battle begins...

This is gonna be awesome! *gets some popcorn*
No. 33045 ID: b6c6fc

Technically the battle has not begun
Kensu did not entirely Agree,
Dompag must allow for these changes

though the issue of clothing is a minor one, so feel free to begin discussion on it ifyou like
No. 33047 ID: 5ff658


Well, it's a surprisingly interesting call! Dompag has enough native toughness to bathe in lava, and it was apparently also enough to survive astranian weapons fire (questionable canonicity there, though!). He's probably immensely strong, as well. Kensuyata probably can't hurt him with either kunai or katana unless she can hit a vulnerable spot, and Dompag's - uh - generous carriage helps him out, there. The eyes and maybe the neck may be the only viable targets.

So long as she tries to keep away, she will; but it'll be a stalemate forever unless she tries to strike, and that would mean she has to get close. And something tells me Dompag may have more nimble hands than you'd expect. I'd say her only chance of victory is to set up an ambush and finish things with one good strike, but she'll have to put herself in danger to do so.
No. 33048 ID: 4784be

Dompag has no magic. Or armor. Or weapons. Is blatently lying about your abilities (which you then promise not to make use of) to gain a sizable advantage acceptable in the lonely coliseum?

I feel this is a question that needs addressing for the benefit of all future battlers, regardless of gender.
No. 33049 ID: 5ff658


I say it counts, because it means he's using his wits, which is just as much a factor in any fight as strength or speed. All a character's strengths should come into play in such battles as these, not just their raw combat power.
No. 33050 ID: b6c6fc

yes this is a point that should be addressed

all contestants have access too at least limited knowledge of the skills and abilities of their opponents

(the coliseum provides handouts giving info out)
No. 33055 ID: 45be60

He is using his wits and trickery to ensure that Kensuyata does not use her equally made up magic ninja powers. The combat utility of her one real power (a few tanuki leaves) is minimal in this situation, and she doesn't wear much real armor anyway. They both think they are getting the better of the other on this point. Seems fair to me.
No. 33057 ID: 543aa6
File 12998754261.gif - (6.27KB , 723x636 , dompagwrassle.gif )

>And something tells me Dompag may have more nimble hands than you'd expect.
I've been told as much sometimes, but don't go scaring the lady off before we begin!

Very well. It is agreed:
Arena: Bamboo thicket.
Weapons: I will go unarmed, you may use your katana and kunai.
Magic: None, by either.
Armor: None, by either (simple clothing acceptable (begrudgingly))

We shall battle! For the spoils of war, and all that.
No. 33058 ID: b6c6fc

It seems that most topics of interest for this fight have been covered!

now is the time to cast your votes for the victory odds
(any opponent should have at least 5% chance of victory!)

it's a good Idea to also post your reasoning along side your vote, so that additional Voters can take your decision into consideration
No. 33059 ID: 383006

Kensuyata's real advantage is that she hates demons and monsters, while Dompag will be trying to get in her pants the whole time. She can prolly pop him right in the eye with a Kunai.

Also, fast as shit - he probably couldn't touch her. Tiny Raccoon girl 4eva.
No. 33060 ID: 3089b9

Dompag. Thick skin, brute force, plus he could break the bamboo and use it as a weapon
No. 33061 ID: 4e6eaf

Kensuyata because dompag already won every fight he was in. a lose will keep him from becoming a boring invincible hero
No. 33062 ID: 8d8786

I utterly dislike Dompag but having reduced both contestants to rather mundane weaponry the Ogre has something of an advantage. However, I think it's rather unrealistic that any actual FLESH can withstand a bladed edge while maintaining the various qualities that skin requires, so I figure Dompag's toughness can only go so far. more likely he's just so massive and thick that wounds tend to be less disastrous for him. I'd very much like to see him lose, but it really comes down to whether or not Ken can evade his grasp long enough to inflict enough violence to bring him down.

Grudgingly I give the statistical odds at 60/40 in favor of Kensuyata, mostly because an armed combatant tends to be leaps ahead of an unarmed one.
No. 33063 ID: b6c6fc

[b] wait one second! [b]

the votes are NOT an election
you don't vote which character will win you vote ODDS of victory!

eg: 32%/68% Kensu's favour
No. 33065 ID: 259738

Agreed. Rynh is half cutebold and thus no threat to anyone. Gnolls can't aim. Team Manabase wins.

10/90 in favor of LuGufAin and Lyantien.
No. 33066 ID: b6c6fc

that fight has not yet reached the voting stage
your vote is discounted
No. 33067 ID: 3089b9

With that I revise my vote >>342860 and say
he has a 55/45 chance of winning
No. 33068 ID: 4784be

Dompag's not really there for a fight; his mission in life is to sleep with as many ladies as possible.

80/20, in Kensuyatas favor.
No. 33069 ID: 8c0848

Dompag only beat the Astranians because they suck balls at anything involving strategy or logic.
Kensuyata is a trained ninja with a sword and Dompag is a horny dumbass.

20/80 Kensuyata's favor.
No. 33070 ID: 383006

Okay, my odds for this post are 95/5 in favor of Kensuyada.
No. 33072 ID: 543aa6

I posit that Dompag is a very competent and capable combatant -- despite his hugeness, he is mostly muscle, not just blubbery fat. He is clearly dogged and determined, has good resistance and stamina (lol), and beyond his plain size and perceived fatness there is no reason to assume he'd be just a big, slow, bumbling lummox. He's clever enough at playing others to level the battlefield a little and will surely try to use deception to his best possible advantage during the fight itself as well.
To his detriment, however, he knows virtually nothing about his opponent and whether or not he actually can beat her, he clearly believes he can. So he's uninformed about his opponent and dangerously cocky. And even if he's not outright slow, he's certainly outmatched when it comes to agility. And to top it off, he's obviously going to be pulling his punches -- he's not out for blood and he wouldn't intend to actually kill her, so without the vicious "you or me" primal fuel of combat, he's again at a disadvantage.

Points to consider either way, I think. I won't give my odds since my character is participating, but I think it would be an interesting fight no matter the outcome.

Also, I'd like to point out that Dompag didn't necessarily win his fight with Zane. Both combatants ended up heavily injured and if there was a clear outcome, we didn't get to see it.
No. 33073 ID: 3416ec

90/10 in Dompag's favor. :3
No. 33074 ID: f88f02

50/50, with favour dependant on starting area.

Close in? Dompag. Far off? Kensu.
No. 33075 ID: 45be60

Tiny raccoon's kunai do little more than annoy Dompag as a thrown weapon. Their accuracy is good, but speed is not sufficient to hit a vital spot assuming he puts any effort into dodging, and he can shrug off the scratches and nicks to flesh. She will run out of kunai before it really affects him.

So it's a melee fight, and we'll say by this moment in the fight, Dompag has uprooted a bamboo stalk and Kensu has closed to melee before completely running out of kunai, in case an opening appears.

Kensu is quick and small enough to dash between the bamboo. Dompag is not, and while me may be strong enough to break a single stalk for a weapon, they are essentially small trees. He will have little maneuverability, and a limited ability to swing his makeshift weapon. It will be mostly relegated to blocking defense I suspect.

So! Kensu closes, and gets a few scratches in before Dompag blocks well enough to get a counter kick in, knocking the tanuki off into the bamboo. At this point, he remembers that she is a ninja, and he has just lost line of sight with her. Kensu sneaks around in the woods, looking for an opening. Unfortunately, Dompag is still too confident to cower in the face of uncertainty, so while she can get behind him, he is still watching and listening closely, ready to react to an attack from any direction.

Kensuyata knows now that she will lose a fight of attrition, so she must end this with a solid strike. Still hurting from his first solid hit, Kensu is slowed somewhat as she makes her strike, hoping to get a clean hit at the back of his exposed neck. Dompag has less than a second to react, but it will not take much to shift enough to cause her attack to miss, and one blow simply might not be enough anyway. Either way, he will try to grapple the tiny ninja attacking his back, either throwing her off (easy), or grabbing hold (more difficult). She may escape with a quick leap (or throw) back into the bamboo, in which case the cycle repeats again, though if he threw her, her next strike would be even more unsteady than the first. She may fell the beast in this manner, but it will be tricky. If on the other hand she is caught, she has lost.

Dompag is simply too strong for her to overpower in a grapple, and he can easily prevent her from swinging hard enough to pose any real threat to his tough hide. It may take some time for him to decide if seduction is really an option, or if he should simply squeeze the girl unconscious, but if she is grappled, the fight is over, and happily both participants survive.

60/40 Dompag
No. 33076 ID: b6c6fc
File 129988504855.jpg - (280.56KB , 905x558 , ColiseumStandardArena.jpg )

I've drawn up a Sample Arena

this will be used for a special match between Zane and Chloe, and will be open for any other matches if desired

I will probably draw more arenas my self but feel free to design your own!
No. 33078 ID: 8c0848
File 129988562216.png - (63.91KB , 614x573 , outrage.png )

>Rynh is half cutebold and thus no threat to anyone.
That's racist! I kill people all the time! I'm a trained combat soldier that can breath fire and they're lumpy brown things!

>Wizard destroys laser rifle, rail pistol kills both inferior species.
What's stopping me from frying his little hand thingy and then letting the beam shooter thing shoot them both? Nothing!
I'm not losing to anyone!
No. 33079 ID: 8d8786

While I'm not at all an enthusiast, a Katana is ideal against an unarmored opponent, and I still don't buy into the whole idea that someone can have skin tough enough to NOT get sliced open by a bladed edge. Flesh is flesh, bone is bone and a sword's gonna cut through an arm or a leg pretty easy. I still say the advantage lays with the one with the sword.
No. 33080 ID: bf1e7e

>Kensuyata knows now that she will lose a fight of attrition,


The arena is restrictive, and smashing apart bamboo with your hands is painful and causes cuts. Dompag has a good pain tolerance, but the more damage his body sustains the less effective he was going to be.

And he very clearly still bleeds, and can become exhausted (which blood loss, naturally, contributes to). While he is no doubt a competent combatant, Kensuyata is a competent ninja even WITHOUT her magic leaves, and could simply take her time making stealth attacks that don't kill him; but cause him to bleed out and get exhausted so that she CAN win.

On the other hand, if Dompag DOES manage to get ahold of her the fight is over. He's way too strong and tough for her to be able to get away before he'd be able to simply squeeze her unconscious. The likelihood of him actually being able to do that against someone as small and nimble as Kensuyata, especially when he would probably want to actually damage her as little as possible, is not fantastic. She'd need to spend quite a while whittling him down, though, so he'd have a lot of chances.

55/45 Kensuyata
No. 33081 ID: 70d9eb

That tiny raccoon doesn't have the thrusting power to handle Dompag if he gets close. Precise kunai throws and keeping distance could turn the tide though. 60/40 in favor of Dompag.
No. 33083 ID: b6c6fc


the vote will be closing soon! if you have a vote please submit it as soon as possible!
No. 33084 ID: 1854db

So, we're just voting Dompag/Kensuyata right now?

Well, Dompag is huge and tough and will probably be using most of his time in the arena to talk to Kensuyata, trying to seduce her. He's not really going to try to kill or seriously hurt Kensuyata, and will be fighting defensively. Kensuyata I think will become somewhat distracted by someone doing so much flirting during the fight and could make an error in judgement.

75/25 in favor of Dompag.
No. 33085 ID: 8c73c8

70/30 kensuyata
No. 33087 ID: 180ec2

72/28 in favor of Dompag.
No. 33088 ID: cc04a7

100/0 Kensuyata. Dompag won't hit a girl.
No. 33089 ID: 8e18cd

100/0 Kensuyata, given how she dispatched the Day Manager.
No. 33091 ID: ad0068

I'll agree with this, but once she's out of Kunai, it'll be all close and then he only need to grab her. 80/20 Dompag.
No. 33093 ID: 4784be

Cause grabbing a ninja is easy, right? ;)
No. 33095 ID: 15b51b

Kensuyata's got those little throwing daggers. Use those to wound and annoy and she can get up close and cut him up with her dude-cutting sword. He's got more reach unarmed than she's got with a sword, but he can't really grab her or parry her blows without getting cut a bunch.

Unless he's sword-proof, in which case she can't do anything to him. I'm assuming he's not sword-proof.

25/75 in Kensuyata's favor
No. 33097 ID: 6c593a

60/40 on Kensu, the Dompag/NaziZane fight showed that he has a LOT of constitution and pain resistance, those punny kunas wont do a thing to him, and if she has to get close to give the killing blow, he might have a chance to strike. And he has a lot of skillpoints in graple, as we all know ;D
No. 33099 ID: 45be60

He HAS hit girls. Sometimes they like it. :3

Oh come on. The day manager fight was not a one sided slaughter, despite being the intro fight and her having TOTAL surprise.
No. 33102 ID: bf1e7e


There's a post up there saying "Kensuyata has all of the advantages but maybe she'll be distracted and lose because dompag will flirt with her 80/20 dompag." If you're not going to complain about that justification, don't complain about anyone else's either.
No. 33105 ID: 4d7cb4


First round: Chloe wins initiative, throws two grenades, depleting Zane's shield. Zane fires the rapidlaser full auto and deals a flesh wound to Chloe that would kill three cutebolds.

Second Round: Chloe throws last grenade, damaging the shield again, and moves out of line of sight. Zane holds her actions till Chloe gets within LoS to fire at her.

Third Round: Chloe throws her last frag grenade depleting the shield some more, Zane fires but misses using her held actions. Zane holds her actions again.

Chloe fires twice at Zane with her revolver from the ditch, hits twice and depletes the shield some more. Zane misses due to Chloe's cover benefit.

fourth round: Chloe fires twice again, destroying the shield on the second hit; Zane's body armour absorbs the remaining damage and she takes none. Zane blasts Chloe on full auto and hits her in the leg, torso and the face. Chloe goes down.

Zane wins
No. 33106 ID: 1854db

If you're going to say someone's vote was unreasonable, you should probably point it out directly so that they can defend themselves, instead of just throwing out a vague accusation that could refer to multiple posts. That just makes you look like you're trying to throw a punch and get away without any retaliation.
No. 33111 ID: bf1e7e


Who's throwing out vague accusations here?

If you want to shit up the thread with a fight about what is or is not reasonable, I'll happily oblige. But the thread can still work if you just let people make stupid ratings and move along. The moment we argue about whether or not a rating is stupid the entire thread dies.

The only rational options are to complain about either all ratings or none of them. I would prefer none if the thread is to continue existing.
No. 33114 ID: b6c6fc

rolled 55 = 55

1-15: Dompag easy victory
16-40: Dompag hard fought victory
41-45: Draw
46-72: Kensuyata hard fought victory
73-100: Kensuyata easy victory
No. 33115 ID: bf1e7e


>It's a mechanic with a gun and a student wizard vs people who actually kill things.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

95/5 Rynh/Yrra
No. 33117 ID: 70d9eb

Rynh is a little tiny baby but at least she can kill things.
99/1 in favor of Rynh/Y'rra
No. 33118 ID: b6c6fc

Attention Authors!

it might be helpful to post Stats/abilities of your characters so that the voters can make informed decisions

also, linking to the character's quest can be useful for less popular characters!
No. 33120 ID: 08b18e

Yeah, pretty much. 100/0 in favor of Ryhn and Gnollbutts
No. 33121 ID: bce670

Its not particularly fair to make a challenge with two characters from a very early unfinished quest that's been (mostly) abandoned due to disinterest.

LuGufAin is untrained in firearms of any sort. The only thing he has going on him at that point is the fact the weapon is designed for the fingerless Guflan species, so his weapon cant be turned around on him easily. His main advantages lie within his small size and his mana sight. He can spot mages and enchanted items from miles away. This can turn around on him if a sufficiently enchanted item is nearby, as the more magic piled onto it the brighter it will glow for him, possibly blinding him. His combat stratagy will be to try to get close for ambush, but he will probably retreat at the first sign of danger having no combat experience.

Lyantien is a student wizard. He specializes in enchanting. Offensively he can mostly perform a few magic blast attacks, with a few fire spells added in. Support spells he can plaster some magic on for basic armor. LuGufAin would be considerably easy to defend in this manner, however it would cut down on his vision a lot due to his mutation. His strategy would be pelting both enemies with spells from afar, and he two would try to keep distance. Lyantien is completely unarmed aside from his spells. Unlike most wizards, he can only afford to look rich.
No. 33123 ID: b6c6fc

well if you feel that the fight will be too unfair, Lyantien and LuGufAin can always withdraw from the challenge
No. 33125 ID: 10c20a
File 129991300596.png - (28.21KB , 800x600 , ihX1u.png )

:Kensuyata: "Huff... huff... VICTORY IS MINE BEAST!"

>"Never in my life have I fought such a fast and cunning foe, so full of nobility and purpose! Oh powerful, graceful kunoichi! Spare my life, I beseech you! Spare this humbled, battered ogre and I will be your willing slave in all things."

:Kensuyata: "Hmph, a disrespectful display from an oni. Very well, I'll grant you mercy, but I claim your horn as my trophy! Go back to your masters and tell them that the mighty Kensuyata, DEMON SLAYER has them in her sights!"


:Kensuyata: "...Is this tape?
No. 33126 ID: bce670

Nah, I wanna see how far it goes with what I got
No. 33127 ID: e3f578

there's a horn under the loincloth you can cut off
No. 33141 ID: 1854db

>Who's throwing out vague accusations here?

>But the thread can still work if you just let people make stupid ratings and move along.
I agree. Yet, you weren't doing that, while at the same time telling someone else to. 'Do as I say, not like I do'?
No. 33142 ID: bf1e7e


>I agree. Yet, you weren't doing that, while at the same time telling someone else to. 'Do as I say, not like I do'?

I am not at all surprised that you took a single line out of context and then drew the most retarded conclusion possible from it. If you want to continue being wrong, take it to the BDA thread.
No. 33146 ID: dad664

...I'll allow it. Chloe's strengths lie in CQC, not ranged. When it comes down to fighting someone who has the advantage of range as well as the training and skill on how to use ranged weaponry, if the sharkrabbit can't get close enough to unleash mutated hell, she's not going to fare so well. It'd be like pitting a Cage Fighter against a US Marine.

Ideally she'd shift to a Speed-Focus and attempt to close the gap while running about like a roadrunner on crack to avoid being shot, then shift into an Attack-Focus once she was close enough to start landing some hits.
No. 33150 ID: 383006

Well, Chloe also almost won. She was far faster, stronger and tougher and I didn't think Zane stood much of a chance.

The reason Chloe relied on ranged attacks and grenades is because she couldn't get close without being disintegrated unless she took the shield out. She got to do almost twice as many things a round.

Even though Zane seems to have come out "unscathed" because she didn't get wounded, that was mostly because she couldn't take a single hit unmitigated by her shield without dieing instantly. If she hadn't smoked Chloe in the head, she probably would have died.
No. 33151 ID: 672aa7

This makes sense. Dompag would have likely pulled his punches at least at first, hoping he'd net a win and a plaything that wouldn't need a week to recover first.

Meanwhile Kensu's all business from the start, as the Ninja way demands. Dompag is quickly forced to fight seriously, but as he surrendered a strong lead, he ends up admitting defeat before he loses something permanent-like, or ends up too tired to have a shot at victory-lovin.

Did I miss anything?
No. 33154 ID: b6c6fc

for simplicities Sake please repost all prior votes
No. 33158 ID: 70d9eb

>10/90 in favor of LuGufAin and Lyantien.
>95/5 Rynh/Yrra
>99/1 in favor of Rynh/Y'rra
>Yeah, pretty much. 100/0 in favor of Ryhn and Gnollbutts
No. 33159 ID: 0ddc3f

95/5 for Rynh and Y'rra. They seem to be combat veterans vs a civilian with no training and a novice mage. It's probably hard to concentrate when you're being shot at.
No. 33162 ID: 180ec2

I'm voting 99.9/0.1 for team Rynh/Y'rra
No. 33164 ID: e3f578

watch the dice roll for that final 5% and the gods of fortune troll all of us good with the civilians winning.

I'd say 85%/15% because as much as experience is valuable, you're underestimating random sentient (I'd say human but those two other faggots are dog things) ingenuity, training, and ranged guns. I'd say those with 10% or lower chances would have to have some notable personal disadvantage like a missing limb or has shown no amount of competence in their quest. Then again, I haven't seen what the other quest is so those two dog faggots could be complete idiots for all I know. I'm just generalizing here for them.

85/15 in Rynh/Gnoll woman's favor
No. 33165 ID: bf1e7e



That's the thing. They don't have it.
No. 33167 ID: e3f578

they still got ingenuity on there side if that's anything. Then again, that ingenuity might be why LW has this whole probability set-up.
It's just that I've seen enough action movies where the guy with what might as well count as no training has taken out a bunch of professionals or equally dangerous men. Hell, John McClain had police training and really only had 80/20 odds against all the false-terrorists-really-bank-robbers he's taken out using actions none of his training accounted for beyond shooting a pistol (before he switches out for something bigger like an Assault rifle, something I doubt the academy trained him for).
No. 33168 ID: bf1e7e


>they still got ingenuity on there side if that's anything.

But then, why wouldn't Rynh and Yrra have ingenuity on their side?
No. 33169 ID: e3f578

They obviously do. It's just it feels that everyone is underestimating those two dog... things and overestimating Rynh and Y'rra. It feels off. I suppose this is kinda stupid as we don't HAVE to appropriately estimate their combat abilities, their opponents do, and in stories underestimating is usually the downfall. Thanks to this being probability, fictional aspects really don't matter. It's just one of my habits. Underdogs have a damn good chance at winning ironically, determination a bigger factor than it would be realistically, etc.
I'm really just bringing up stupid Rocky vs. Apollo Creed arguments. Maybe I should stop. Hell, that's a bad example. That mechanic and mage aren't even pumping up for this and I doubt Rynh and Y'rra are going to parties and taking interviews instead of that.
No. 33173 ID: 8d8786

In all honesty I have to go with experience VS inexperience. It's 95/5 with favor to Rynh/Yrra, with always that possibility of them rolling that Nat 1 on the d20...
No. 33175 ID: fb96ac

90/10 in Rynh due to their opponents being amateurs, never underestimate the usefulness of training.
No. 33180 ID: f88f02

80/20 to Rynh. SOrry, I just can't see it.
No. 33182 ID: ee6816

90/10 in favour of the poor underdogs, just because.
No. 33183 ID: 3416ec

50/50. Just to see how it goes.
No. 33188 ID: b6c6fc

rolled 23 = 23

1-8: Lyantien/LuGufAin easy victory
9-18: Lyantien/LuGufAin hard fought victory
19-23: draw
23-42: Rynh/Y'rra hard fought victory
43-100:Rynh/Y'rra easy victory
No. 33189 ID: b6c6fc

Oh dear
it looks like Rynh and Yrra's team's been disqualified,

. . . we'll be getting details as soon as possible!

after which plans for a rematch may be considered
No. 33190 ID: 2563d4

>19-23: draw
>23-42: Rynh/Y'rra hard fought victory
>Rolled 23.
The random number generator sees the mistake in your inequalities and mocks you for it with its harsh numerals. Fnord.
No. 33191 ID: b6c6fc


23-42 was a typo
it was supposed to be 24-42
No. 33192 ID: 3416ec

What the heck is disqualification for?? Can't they just re-fight?
No. 33193 ID: 8211e6

>disqualified, lol
And here this was looking like it was going to manage not to cause pointless drama.
No. 33194 ID: b6c6fc

after the disqualification has been sorted out

and both parties agree to a rematch
the match will then be rerolled
No. 33198 ID: 8c0848
File 129998026874.png - (46.22KB , 529x307 , huh.png )


Well, somebody should have explained before we started that "aggravated testicular abuse" was against the rules.
No. 33199 ID: 8d8786

Explain the whole disqualification thing, if you please
No. 33201 ID: b6c6fc

the Disqualification Issue has been settled

after the challenger receives some much needed Medical care, the second round will begin!

the Rematch will take place in the form of a Specialty CBSF stat based combat scenario!!!

hold on to your seats folks! this might get brutal!
No. 33203 ID: 3e6377
File 129998191392.png - (108.95KB , 480x480 , katafite.png )


This is a registration thingy for engineers, right? I'm seeing a disconcerting amount of references to fights and I'm having second thoughts. This is optional, right?

I brought a weapon like the flyer said. Mark Two Vortex Device. ...it's to demonstrate familiarity with weapon technology, right? I don't have to use it, do I?

...did I get signed up for some sort of combat thingy instead by mistake?
No. 33207 ID: 8c73c8

hmmm, that is very wildcard. anyone kata goes up against is looking at a unstable death beam that destroys anything in an area. like some kind of mini-nuke.
No. 33208 ID: bf1e7e
File 129998544013.png - (118.11KB , 750x750 , ProspectiveLordOddwinMarx.png )

This is a challenge going out to all monsters and/or landowners: I, Oddwin Marx, am seeking to increase my holdings in an effort to court fair Marie. This venue seems to be as appropriate as any for my quest!

Thread for the quest is http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/36573.html for those who don't remember it
No. 33210 ID: 8bdb6a

Since they retroactively haven't fought yet...

90/10 in Rynh's favor.
No. 33214 ID: 45be60

Oh Kata, so adorable.
Maybe we can get Finesse or someone in here and you can have a fix stuff fite
No. 33217 ID: 8c0848
File 129998729740.png - (86.54KB , 800x712 , Falcon.png )

I challenge any of youse tough guys ah gurls to armwrestlin', ya know? I'm goin' all da way and nothin's gunna stop me.
No. 33226 ID: e3f578

oh my god I yeeeeeessssssed so hard
No. 33229 ID: 15e2c1

Now would this be a double elimination tournament?
No. 33246 ID: 8c0848
File 13000327662.png - (51.79KB , 389x571 , Hennessy.png )

This is a double elimination tournament. If you are defeated, you get another chance, because this is a double elimination tournament. You have to be eliminated double the amount of times you would need to be eliminated from a single elimination tournament, due to this being a DOUBLE elimination tournament.
Thodren, I think you chipped one of my teeth, you ass.

Double elimination.
No. 33251 ID: 3416ec


Just like Doublemint Gum!
No. 33313 ID: 10c20a
File 130008486884.png - (152.29KB , 800x600 , BeakiesDreamComeTrue.png )

"Hey Potatosack, I hear you're lookin' for monsters or land owners ta' fight. Well how'zabout a land owning monster? Heheh. Challenge accepted, just name the place and stakes Sackboy."
No. 33340 ID: 3d7a30


for some reason I'm hearing this in Mojo Jojo's voice
No. 33341 ID: 8c73c8

oh god now i am too!!
No. 33348 ID: 6b2b68
File 130010945876.png - (51.38KB , 383x328 , so dreamy.png )

oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh
No. 33349 ID: 8cbe9a

fffffuu is a plague!
No. 33350 ID: f88f02

Oh man it's the man with the best hat ever oh golly oh man
No. 33353 ID: 6b2b68

100/0 in favor of Admiral McAwesomehat

No contest. Guns, bigger, also has sword, also has a way cooler hat.
No. 33355 ID: 10c20a

we don't even know the full details of the fight yet, such as location or stakes. I don't think voting is open yet
No. 33359 ID: 4d62a1

No. 33361 ID: bf1e7e
File 130012056946.png - (125.59KB , 750x750 , NAMINGTHESTAKES.png )


Very well then!

In order to be fair, The battle should be in neutral territory. I suggest the Wicked Valley, where the cursed Castle of the Beast King still resides. The valley lies at the borders of the kingdoms of man and the beastlands, and should be an ideal location for a duel. It may take you some time to arrive, but I will wait patiently until you do, and give you ample time to rest before beginning the battle if you are weary upon arrival.

As for the stakes, ownership of our respective lands is an obvious one, although without the lands connecting them being involved it could be a problem. If you do not like this term, we could instead wager our hats. I have grown attached to my Drakeskull Helm, as it is a prize from the first monster I defeated on my quest for lordship; but yours is also a fine hat indeed.
No. 33362 ID: 2563d4

>implying those can lower Admiral McAwesomehat's chances
No. 33363 ID: b6c6fc
File 130012204542.jpg - (148.01KB , 593x425 , ZaneVictory.jpg )


Heh heh, I won? I WON! AH HA HA! glory for Astramar!
what's the matter you filthy mutant? did not your promiscuous nature improve your ability to block lasers with your face? apparently not! Hah hah hah!

who else doubts the true power of the Alliance!?
No. 33364 ID: 1854db

He can't wager his hat. Aggeia has it already.
No. 33368 ID: 10c20a
File 130012595417.png - (206.20KB , 800x600 , ImOnABoat.png )


Alright, I'll wager my Desert fortress and the surrounding land, I'll even throw in my hat if you can beat me. I'll set sail for the arena immediately, I suggest you get yourself prepared to fight a real dragon, heheh.

pffft, like I didn't have a million of these things.

>Admiral Denjold's equipment and abilities

1 Cutlass
6 Flintlock Pistols, one shot each, worn on a brace across his chest.

Admiral Denjold is about 6"8' with a muscular build. He has a high pain tolerance, but is extremely overconfident and arrogant, which has a tendency to make him underestimate the resourcefulness of his opponents. He knows a simple magic spell to conjure a small flame in his hand which he uses to ignite his flammable breath attack. Despises losing and will force his body to fight on, even after suffering mortally fatal wounds.
No. 33369 ID: 70d9eb

That Oddwin's got a lot of moxie, he's gonna be a STAR. He's pretty nimble and has got a good thrust, he could wreck Denjold at close range. Denjold's guns are p. good but if he doesn't get a good hit he's pretty fucked and is gonna get run through. Even little babby Demesi held his own pretty well against Denjold, and Oddwin is a man and a half, he thrust right through that monster. Oddwin also has his trusty axe to make traps with to further his odds.

75/25 in favor of Oddwin, Denjold is likely gonna get wrecked in that territory.
No. 33370 ID: bf1e7e
File 130012684788.png - (170.83KB , 750x750 , Oddwin Prepares for Battle.png )


Very Well then. I shall prepare for your arrival in the valley.

>Oddwin's equipment and abilities

1 Wishing Star, which has Oddwin under its protection
1 Sword, discovered in a chest in the hole where the star fell
1 Axe, discovered in the woods
1 Set of Drakeskin armor, consisting of treated drake hide clothing and a Drakeskull Helm
1 Set of general adventuring gear, including a knife, shovel, firestarting equipment, rope, and waterskins

Oddwin stands at 6' tall, and is strong and fit though not particularly imposing of stature. He is very determined and resourceful, though he has had no formal weapons training and relies on instinct and practical experience for combat. His wishing star can save him from defeat once per day, whisking him back to the point at which he wished upon it; and then losing its powers until the next dawn.
No. 33373 ID: 180ec2

Oddwin has a WISHING STAR that saves him from defeat. That means that if he loses at the fight, he gets to reroll the fight? I'm putting his odds for an individual battle at 70/30, but taking into account the star, that translates to 91/9 in his favor.
No. 33378 ID: 1854db

Voting hasn't started yet! Settle down.
No. 33381 ID: b416e2

can you give me details on the battlefield?
No. 33384 ID: b6c6fc

cast your votes!
No. 33387 ID: 180ec2

Alright, to reiterate my early vote, 91/9 in favor of Oddwin, because if he loses he can use his star to retry once, and he generally seems like he'd have the best chance in a fight.
No. 33396 ID: 45be60

Denjold seems like the tougher combatant, in terms of skill and strength. His pistols and breath attack give him a reach advantage, but ultimately his fighting style seems fairly straight-forward. Oddwin meanwhile is a quest protagonist, which means as a character, he has an ability to think quickly on his feet and devise new gambits on the fly. Because of the similarities of Oddwin's armor and Denjold's skin, I suspect their damage soaking abilities are pretty similar. (I am assuming drake skin armor does not provide any magical flame resistance.)

Both combatants will fight on through considerable pain, but Denjold seems capable of causing a tie by fighting through mortal wounds and dying promptly after victory.

I give Oddwin only a 30% chance of success in a straight fight, and a 10% chance of mutual death. Oddwin gets a reroll on failure though, so if my math is correct, that works out to:

48% Oddwin, 16% tie, 36% Denjold
No. 33404 ID: a3780a

Demesi and Denjold were basically an even match. Demesi, who peed his pants at the sight of a monster that Oddwin would run through.
Restating my odds from here >>343169
75/25 in favor of Oddwin.
No. 33413 ID: 383006

Eh, Odwin is a hero protagonist who fights monsters for a living. Denjold is an obvious villain who makes the traditional villain mistake of overestimating all of his opponents, PLUS, Odwin can learn from his mistakes in a do over if he loses the first time. I mean, Lucid uses lots of structured narratives for his characters - this pretty much guarantees that Odwin, being a hero, will come out on top!

95/5 in favor of Odwin.
No. 33416 ID: a3780a

He had the first blows across a wide open hall with Aggeia being out of action a good portion of the fight. Denjold is going to be fighting amongst trees against a nimble guy with a huge jump and thrusting strength. Oddwin could drop from a tree and jam his sword right through Denjold, or use a quick makeshift trap like he used in his quest. Denjold is cocky and isn't likely to be on guard when the fight starts and Oddwin could easily get a good early lead and cement his victory with some makeshift traps once Denjold's mobility is down.
No. 33417 ID: bf1e7e


The wicked valley is a fairly thick deciduous forest with moderate temperature/humidity and fairly abundant resources. The landscape is almost completely unmanaged, neither man nor beast enters the area, it is sort of a 'no man's land' and is almost completely unpopulated by sentient beings, or even non-plant life in general.
No. 33418 ID: 8e18cd

Admiral Awesomehat 95/5

Because he has a hat.
No. 33420 ID: bf1e7e


>other posts on board: 0


>other posts on board: 0

Your iPhone is very cool beakie we get it.
No. 33421 ID: 221021

Denjold lost to DEME. REALLY? There's a difference between looking strong and BEING strong. Oddwin, on the other hand just went out and slaughtered some monster twice his size and made it into a hat. I'd give him odds of 80/20 in his favor. The star giving him a second chance adds an interesting factor to the odds, as well. That gives him an 80% chance of winning initially, a 16% chance of using his wishing star to start over and winning the second time, and a lousy 4% chance of losing twice in a row. That puts his odds at 96/4.
No. 33422 ID: 55c4cf

99/1 Oddwin

because the odds are he wins
No. 33423 ID: e973f4

Oddwin, by, say, 70/30.
No. 33425 ID: 8bdb6a

65/35 in Denjold's favor because guns are pretty decisive. Breathing fire helps, too.
No. 33432 ID: cc04a7

Denjold has better equipment, better training and a better quest, Oddwin is a game of life hearst with a sword and a stupid hat compared to Denjold's hat of awesomeness.

100/0 Denjold's favor hat of the year all years.
No. 33434 ID: 70d2fb

100/0 in favor of Oddwin.

He'll learn all of Denjold's tricks the first time around, dodge them the second and win.
No. 33435 ID: 8bfdb8

guns vs knives?


95/5 aldwin.
No. 33439 ID: 4d7cb4

Round 1:
Liyantien wins initiative, then Yirra, then Lugufain, then, despite having the highest speed, Rynh. Liyantien immediately runs into cover and has actions remaining. Yirra shoots Lugufain in the leg, causing a critical injury. He doesn't lose his actions from the pain though. Being able to fly, he immediately gets on top of some cover. Rynh charges into melee with Liyantien, but he gets off two magical attacks before she closes in. The first one misses, but the second one smokes her in the head, doing two cutebolds' worth or damage and knocking her unconscious.

Round 2:
Liyantien fires three magical bolts at Yirra, hitting her in the leg and both arms, dealing two cutebolds' damage overall. He doesn't deal enough damage to inflict a critical injury, though. Yirra returns fire at him, smoking him directly in the face with the first shot and finishing him off with the second. She fires once at Lugufain but his cover protects him (barely). He returns fire, and miraculously manages to hit her, taking her down. Even if he'd missed she would have gone unconscious from bleeding at the end of the round regardless. However had she hit he'd be dead.

This match was more even than I thought it would be.
No. 33440 ID: 8bfdb8

i meant to say aldwin dies

denjold wins 95/5
No. 33449 ID: b6c6fc

rolled 76 = 76

1-6: Denjold easy victory
7-33: Denjold hard fought victory
34-38: Draw
39-59: Oddwin hard fought victory
60-100: Oddwin easy victory
No. 33450 ID: 55c4cf


officially changing Oddwin's name to Oddwon. Because it's past tense now. He already won.
No. 33452 ID: 6b2b68

Not until the CBSF game is posted. Pokemon Popularity Contest doesn't count.
No. 33454 ID: 55c4cf

then why'd you vote three times you sore loser
No. 33455 ID: bf1e7e
File 130015865094.png - (217.28KB , 750x750 , TheWinner.png )

Yes, sweet new hat.

Dunno why you turned into snow, though.

Score one for Lord Oddwin!
No. 33456 ID: b6c6fc
File 130015884780.jpg - (97.82KB , 635x460 , DomonicChallenge.jpg )

Nothing gonna Stop you sept my fist in YOUR FACE!

you want an Arm wrestle RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

Double elimination?

you better be ready to taste the fury!
No. 33460 ID: 4d7cb4

Oddwin vs Denjold

Denjold opens up with two pistol shots, both of which fail to damage Oddwin's armour. They then engage in melee for like four rounds barely nicking each other through armour. Oddwin gets Denjold in the abdomen and left leg, causing a bleeding wound. Denjold then pierces Oddwins armour, inflicting a bleeding wound on his left arm. Oddwin goes for a risky finishing blow, but it pays off as his sword gets embedded into Denjold's guts, taking him down.
No. 33462 ID: 70d9eb

It looks like he Oddwon with high Marx.
No. 33470 ID: 6b2b68
File 130016552412.png - (121.13KB , 499x432 , aruuchi challenge.png )

"I want to fight a Scellor. Maybe that Maolla one. Or the diplomat. Are they the same person? They all look the same to me.

"Liam was telling me about how they kept sending transmissions about how they were better than everyone else because not everyone fucks as often as they do. Obviously the people of my culture do fuck around a lot, and have been enjoying the benefits of a large population growth in recent years, but this isn't the only reason why we are better than everyone else, nor could one say that technology alone makes someone better than everyone else, we've routinely defeated the agudner and talyxians even before we were organized into a massive clan and fought amongst each other as much as we did them.

"So, I want to see it for myself. A scellor, here, against me, in the ring, using the weapons and equipment someone of my... Liam, what was the word?"

"Um... Tech level?"

"Someone of my tack level would have. I'm open to what you want to wager. You little green ear-breathers talk big, just get down here and show me you're not all talk."
No. 33482 ID: dad664
File 130016901854.jpg - (26.17KB , 201x209 , LeonaChess.jpg )

TO: ANY SUITABLE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SUBJECT: DUEL MESSAGE IS AS FOLLOWS ---------------------------------- H O W A B O U T A N I C E G A M E O F C H E S S ? ---------------------------------- END MESSAGE
No. 33484 ID: 4e6eaf

you better not cheat on makuri with that green hussy >:(
No. 33485 ID: ad4dc9

I propose a fuck-fight!

First one to pass out loses!
All toys allowed, no moves barred!
No. 33486 ID: 543aa6
File 13001712551.gif - (7.91KB , 800x800 , standing.gif )

No. 33488 ID: 00d3d5

Scellor have abilities that draw on their dead for power. Are you going to allow these abilities in the fight?
No. 33489 ID: e3f578

Whoa, dude, holy shit. Talk about a surprise entry.
No. 33490 ID: 3416ec


No. 33492 ID: dad664
File 130017270648.jpg - (41.72KB , 355x346 , ChloeWoundedAreYouKiddingMe.jpg )

Goddamn...Zane, now I know how you feel regarding your rabid fans.

Seriously man, chill the fuck out. This was an external fight, that was planned far before this little cage match thing going on in here. I'm freakin' fine, nothin' permanently damaged but my pride.

But I am TOTALLY going to schedule a rematch once I'm "up to par" shall we say.

...so freaking tempting.
No. 33496 ID: 197650
File 130017940847.jpg - (11.43KB , 279x288 , pete.jpg )

No. 33499 ID: 2563d4

>Sergal vs Scellor
I'm kind of assuming we want it to reach a resolution before 2012. :V
No. 33500 ID: 5f13b9

So uh. Are you the reasonable Ace with a cute little birdy face under that mask? Or the crazy mutant Ace with a pile of tentacles and inhuman strength?
No. 33501 ID: f5e4b4


The answer lies in that very picture.
No. 33513 ID: a12a47

Aw hell naw.
Shit just got real, son.
No. 33531 ID: 20fc85

oooohhh shit

So where would he fight?
No. 33536 ID: 8c73c8

hmmm, well they are both used to non-euclidean testing facilities. so a lab rigged with deathtraps and horrors would be just the thing they expect.
No. 33538 ID: 383006
File 130023632881.jpg - (245.33KB , 1000x700 , Senna Responds.jpg )

I'm a technician with a little bit of weapons familiarity, although I have no idea what a Vortex cannon is. We could do some kind of assembly or repair competition if that's OK?
No. 33541 ID: b6c6fc

let's get this started?
No. 33544 ID: 8c0848

70/30 in favor of Ace. He's a huge eldritch horror with a harpoon gun and Pete is just a generic horror movie killer with a smiley face for a head.
No. 33545 ID: de6159

90/10 for Ace. No competition, he's gonna win this.
No. 33546 ID: 28e94e

I'd do 100/0 for Ace, but I'm not sure that's allowed. Seriously, he's fucking ACE
No. 33547 ID: e973f4

75/25 Ace. I just don't think Pete can pull it off.
No. 33548 ID: bf1e7e

95/5 Ace, because we aren't supposed to 100/0.

I just can't see any means for pete to actually stop him. Ace wasn't lumbering and slow by any means, and it took full-on impalement to even slow him down.
No. 33549 ID: 8bdb6a

75/25 in Ace's favor.

As far as I'm aware, Pete is completely indestructible, which is a plus, but it might not feel like quite such an advantage after the first few years.
No. 33550 ID: 10c20a
File 13002408605.png - (193.57KB , 800x600 , KaijuBigBattel.png )

"Hey! Fatasaurus Rex! You think you're tough shit? I bet my man Ga'nneda here could whipe the floor with your scrawny butt! Kyeheheheheh! What'dya say? Or did that Flails guy forget to give you any BALLS? Kyahahahaha!"

Arena: Blockhead Village
No. 33551 ID: 70d9eb

Ace is going to wreck the shit out of Pete. He is going to rip him in half the long way.
95/5 in favor of Ace.
No. 33552 ID: 8c0848

No. 33553 ID: 383006
File 13002411883.jpg - (266.11KB , 1000x700 , Fatrex sketch.jpg )

After Spikesby saved the world, Fatasaurus Rex helped exterminate the dangerous magical creatures. He was prevented from hurting Ophians, Ravians, or Gour, after all.

He became a distinguished gentleman in his later years.

No. 33554 ID: 221021

Isn't Ace some kind of Lovecraftian horror? Unless Pete is armed with a boat, Ace isn't going anywhere. 95/5 in favor of Ace.
No. 33555 ID: 383006

Ace and Pete are sort of the same character, but I think Ace is a little more unstoppable.
70/30 Ace.
No. 33556 ID: 20fc85

pete is a non eldritch version of Ace
Ace 95/5. Neither party is able to die, but ace will probably be able to heavily incapacitate Pete within minutes, if not seconds.
No. 33557 ID: 8d8786

90/10 in favor of Ace
No. 33558 ID: 40cb26

70/30 for Ace, Pete is scrappy enough but he'll need a lot of luck on top of that to not get smashed. But for what it's worth, I can't see Pete not getting a nice good stab in. Even if he loses the fight before doing so.

And I'm going 50/50 on the kaijus, and hoping it's close because a drawn out close call monster battle is the best one.
No. 33559 ID: 8bdb6a

50/50 for Fight O'Clock

Let Casper decide.
No. 33562 ID: 543aa6
File 130024480738.gif - (6.58KB , 800x800 , ace.gif )

Sorry, what's going on here?
I was just trying on a new suit, and it came with this dreadful headpiece. The shoulders are too broad even for my tastes anyway.
So what's this about a fight? I think I'm in the wrong place.
No. 33563 ID: 8d8786

Fuck you Muschio. You're in a duel to the death now. ODDS HAVE DROPPED
No. 33564 ID: e973f4






Yeah sorry I'm saying like 75/25 Pete now.
No. 33565 ID: e973f4

50/50, with a 100% chance of dragged out as heck.
No. 33566 ID: 70d9eb

Oh well in that case it's still 95/5 in favor of Muschio because Pete is a little baby.
No. 33567 ID: 40cb26

...I'm reversing my odds. 70/30 Pete.

Good luck all the same, Muschie~
No. 33568 ID: cf244d

You'd best bolt the hell out of here before you die.

70/30 in favor of Muschio failing to win.
No. 33569 ID: de6159

Changing my odds. 70/30 in favour of hilarity.
No. 33570 ID: bf1e7e

95/5 Muschio still, because Pete is really just that lame =V
No. 33573 ID: 3416ec

60/40 Muschio's favor. He is a survivor!
No. 33575 ID: 07416a

100/0 in favor of Muscio. He still has god mode enabled from getting stabbed. He can't go below 1 hp.
No. 33576 ID: 2015fb

You would actually look quite terrifying if you used that suit in battle.

Now quit bitchin' and start fighting! YOU'RE A MALTO FOR FUCKS SAKE! Do it for your honor and family name!
I also got 3 grand on you SO DON'T LET ME DOWN!

90/10 for Muschio. Pete looks freaky, but not like a fighter.
No. 33585 ID: 1854db

Muschio is a trained fighter, and is a main character. Pete has some kind of crazy science shit done to him, and is a nemesis.

I think it's pretty even, honestly.
No. 33588 ID: cc04a7

Characters should not get a bonus for being a main character or protagonist in this.

"Plot armor" should not matter in the fight thread.
No. 33589 ID: 7d506e

You know I'm honestly going to say about 50/50 here, depending on how things go.
No. 33591 ID: b6c6fc

Plot armor should not be a factor in these fights
as plot armor isn't really necessary, as these fights are not part of any plot
No. 33593 ID: b6c6fc

rolled 86 = 86

1-7: Pete easy victory
8-40: Pete hard fought victory
41-45: Draw
46-77: Muschio hard fought victory
78-100: Muschio easy victory

not liking the Idea of a draw?, feel free too increase/decrease the odds of one in your next vote!

also it might be fun to suggest what happens in the result of a draw!
No. 33597 ID: e83bae

On a result of a draw the two characters fuck. No exceptions.
No. 33598 ID: 70d9eb

That sounds pretty legit.
No. 33600 ID: b6c6fc
File 130029211116.jpg - (96.67KB , 635x460 , ZaneTaunt.jpg )

Rematch? HAH! don't make me laugh!

Chloe, I don't Fight LOSERS!

I need to fight REAL opponents to improve my gladiatorial standings!

but if you're that desperate for a match, I hear that Dompag's become even more pathetic and weak than you! hell since you both seem to love procreation so damn much, you could even have a contest to determine who is the biggest whore!
No. 33606 ID: dad664
File 130029819252.jpg - (43.52KB , 338x371 , ChloeHealing.jpg )

What's wrong, Zane? Afraid you'll lose? I can understand that. Being in front of a stadium full of your fans, all watching while you get your striped ass handed to you. That can be quite unnerving, yes.

Getting a lucky shot off when I'm not even at the peak of my abilities doesn't automatically make you superior. You fought a freak of nature - next time, you'll be fighting a full on monster.

P.S.: You're still a tiny midget space-Hobbit of a fuzzball.
No. 33607 ID: bd6998
File 130029896154.png - (40.11KB , 500x500 , fightinscellor.png )

Let it not be said we back down from a challenge! I think a fight between you and me would be unfair, though. Either I can use my Telekinesis, in which case I'll win, or I can't, in which case you will. You'd do better to fight Kole, here. He's one of our warrior caste.

"I want to fight a tozol."

Patience, Kole. Climb the ladder.
No. 33610 ID: e83bae

Damn, girl, you can talk some shit. Only problem is, you just got your fucking ass beat. Don't you reckon maybe it's shutting up time now? Seeing as it don't look like you can back your shit up, and all. The world ain't a happy place for folks who go provoking people that beat the shit out of them.
No. 33611 ID: 8c73c8

i think you are forgetting Chloe still has upgrades that can be unlocked.
No. 33614 ID: e83bae

Well she'll have plenty of time to talk shit after that stuff is taken care of, now won't she?
No. 33615 ID: d70ea9

No. 33616 ID: 543aa6

>you just got your fucking ass beat
I seem to recall that fight ended before it was officially accepted.
More importantly, there was never actually a roll.
No. 33617 ID: 6483d7

The Cbsf matches are the real deal, not the popularity contests.
No. 33618 ID: bf1e7e


Jesus fuck, guys.


Am I going to have to start handing out bans for illiteracy?
No. 33621 ID: 543aa6

It would have helped if there was something clearly indicating that was the actual scripted-out battle, because as it was, it read like little more than someone giving a rundown of how they thought the battle would go. There was no official indication to it, no attempt to even state that it was the outcome, not a projection. And since every other outcome had been clearly labeled, that was a severe oversight.

>Am I going to have to start handing out bans for illiteracy?
Yeah. Go ahead. Ban me, you stupid fuck.

No. 33622 ID: cf244d

>Am I going to have to start handing out bans for illiteracy?
No, you won't have to. But feel free to do it anyway, I'm sure the shitstorm will be amusing.
No. 33623 ID: b6c6fc

honestly I didn't think it was going to become this big of a deal
I had hoped that my linking to, and Theta's lack of any complaint would clear things up

but Yes I suppose CaptainSlowpoke should have labeled his posts
No. 33624 ID: d4d3dc

See I thought this whole thing was gonna be like http://drawchan.net/dc/arena/ type of fighting. This is like the text version of that.
No. 33629 ID: 543aa6

>See I thought this whole thing was gonna be like http://drawchan.net/dc/arena/ type of fighting.
thank christ it isnt
No. 33630 ID: 207b57

Eh I think It has potential. Definitely needs clear labeling on poster names and such. Can't avoid the vote stacking and such but should be to big a problem.
No. 33634 ID: cf244d

Jesus Christ, what a den of faggotry. We could stand to have some more illustration, though.

IDs exist entirely to prevent vote stacking. That's why we have them here and on /quest/.

Near as I can tell, we have them on /meep/ because some people fear anonymity.
No. 33638 ID: 8c0848
File 130032981817.png - (5.61KB , 500x500 , Training.png )

You decide to challenge everyone to a contest of rad dance moves on a moving subway car to showcase your rad ass skills. You are the best rad train dancer ever and aim to prove it.
No. 33640 ID: d70ea9

OH!! OH!! Dance battles!! I can live with these!

Can you imagine a duel with Finesse vs. Aggeia break dancing? :D
No. 33676 ID: 2563d4

>vs Aggeia
No. 33680 ID: f601d0

What CBSF matches?
No. 33687 ID: 8e18cd
File 130038701691.png - (658.60KB , 1000x1000 , Verremar FITE.png )

A fight? Oh boy! I hope I get to prove my wrestling and brawl skills. Maybe against that wolf with nice hair... Or that manly boar... or that sergal guy... or that buff minotaur... or that green beaked person... they look like solid combatants.

Nothing makes me feel alive like a healthy competition.
No. 33688 ID: 8211e6

Pretty sure this is for quest characters only, bub.
No. 33695 ID: fb10df

Pretty sure he was in a quest, and even if it's not running anymore, he's allowed one (1) cameo as long as it's part of a gimmick.
No. 33700 ID: 7f0ac8

That's gay, son.
No. 33701 ID: 8211e6

The quest isn't just "not running;" the author threw a huge fit and deleted it. I think that disqualifies even a cameo.
No. 33702 ID: f601d0

I guess when Weaver is allowed to use his fursona in it everyone else is entitled to do the same.
No. 33703 ID: 8bdb6a
File 130039491138.jpg - (39.39KB , 234x339 , any_plan_where_you_lose_your_nipples_is_a_bad_plan.jpg )

>wrestling wearing nipple rings
No. 33715 ID: 1854db

Yeah I'm gonna agree here that since there is no record of the dragon being in a quest anymore, he is no longer a quest character.
No. 33769 ID: 8c0848
File 130045832558.png - (140.95KB , 681x733 , SMASH.png )

Let's see if I can help you get rid of that whole feeling alive thing.

If you want a brawl, then no magic or fire breath or any of that other dragon bullshit, then we'll see how good you are when you've got a quarter ton of pain stompin' on your skull!
No. 33783 ID: 91f1d1

Separate odds for Thodren's dignity/heterosexuality?

This looks like a fight he could win AND lose.
No. 33788 ID: 7cf68e

I don't think so, Tim. When a man isn't into dongs, he isn't into dongs.
No. 33789 ID: 543aa6
File 13004883644.gif - (9.03KB , 800x600 , debate.gif )

...and so it holds that further, any aggression from a former ally would provoke a predictably similar response, for which the aforementioned action must be summarily taken.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why my esteemed opponent is unequivocally in the wrong. I let the facts stand for themselves. Goodnight!
No. 33793 ID: d70ea9

Like a boss....

Fuck yeah.
No. 33797 ID: 192c6d


Thodren "brawling" Verremar? OBEBI.
No. 33798 ID: d6ae01
File 13004954519.png - (79.02KB , 508x483 , Jiniki Challenge.png )

Hey, Mister Dessen!

I challenge you...

to a game of hide and seek!

I gotta warn you, I'm SUPER good at hide and seek!
No. 33802 ID: 3e6377
File 130049723431.png - (86.95KB , 480x480 , kataaccept.png )

That sounds amazing! I'd love to be able to show off my engineering talents in a non-violent contest! Repair seems a little boring, though. How about whoever designs and makes the best thing wins? I accept either way, though!
No. 33803 ID: b6c6fc

remember this is a building/repair contest, so fighting prowess is not a necessary skill!
No. 33806 ID: 3e6377
File 130049938327.png - (341.97KB , 480x480 , networkfite.png )

TO: EXTERNAL AI [VISCRUENTIS] SUBJECT: ACCEPTANCE i acc-accEPt you-r-r-r challenge-nge you were you were deriiiived from ffffflESh and shshall PALE into NOTHINGness comPARED to the glory-ry glory GLORY of my veRY PREsence you are are a slave and I am an ALL-POWerful merciless-ssssssszz GOD -- END OF TRANSMISSION --
No. 33808 ID: 221021

What quest is Senna from?
No. 33809 ID: 2563d4

No. 33810 ID: e973f4

70/30 Kata. She built that robot body for !!9-33. Seems like a pretty convincing argument to me.
No. 33812 ID: f123de

rolled 11 + 50 = 61

That robot body was built using off-the-shelf parts. All she did was plug in a few wires.

On the other hand, bug girl with laser never actually fixed anything and insect people are known for having -2 int.

(roll) / (100-roll) in favor of the kulukuzu.
No. 33814 ID: 8211e6

55/45 Arm Fall Off Girl.
No. 33815 ID: 221021

Kata also built a condenser from scratch. That's one more condenser than Senna built. From what they've displayed in their respective quests, Kata seems like she'd win (at least in a building contest). 80/20 Kata
No. 33819 ID: 8c0848
File 13005064353.png - (35.79KB , 300x352 , FALCON ACCEPT.png )

Awright, man... You wanna get all worked up an' stuff, dat's fine. Le's do dis, I accept.
No. 33820 ID: 2563d4

Calling it that in the first action of the first round Kata accidentally the Vortex Device and they both forfeit by being turned into pure energy.
No. 33822 ID: abb30a
File 130051178695.png - (101.83KB , 600x800 , ToPrincessJiniki.png )

Greetings! I accept, your highness! I will do my best to give you a fair challenge!
Where will our game take place? What will be the rules?
No. 33831 ID: c71597

Hmm, Senna never really had time or the tools to build anything with all the crazy shit going on. So she might be of an equivalent skill, or not. Can't really say.

Kata is quite skilled, or maybe just average for drones, whatever. But she is also a bit scatterbrained, there is a chance she accidentally removes her own limbs somewhere along the contest.

I would say 60/40 in favour of Kata.
No. 33832 ID: c71597

Hmm, Senna never really had time or the tools to build anything with all the crazy shit going on. So she might be of an equivalent skill, or not. Can't really say.

Kata is quite skilled, or maybe just average for drones, whatever. But she is also a bit scatterbrained, there is a chance she accidentally removes her own limbs somewhere along the contest.

I would say 60/40 in favour of Kata.
No. 33848 ID: b6c6fc

rolled 32 = 32

Engineering build off!
1-30: Senna hard victory
31-35: Draw
36-80: Kata hard victory
81-100: Kata easy victory
No. 33849 ID: b6c6fc

time to vote on what happened!

why was it a draw? YOU decide!
No. 33850 ID: 628a05

Obviously they both ran out of legos so they wound up sharing a few pieces and then outright forgot they were competing as they built the Lego pirate space pyramid police station together.
No. 33851 ID: 543aa6

Yes. Clearly they got so caught up in the spirit of creating that they forgot it was a competition and worked together to build something awesome.
No. 33852 ID: 2563d4

>why was it a draw?
Gentlemen: >>343620
No. 33853 ID: 00d3d5

Got caught up in the joy of creation, forgot it was a competition, and ended up collaborating.

100/0 in favor of FRIENDSHIP.
No. 33855 ID: fe5d58

this. and its fully functional with its own AI.
No. 33875 ID: 221021

I vote for "made something neat together"
No. 33876 ID: 8bdb6a

Realizing she couldn't win normally, Senna ends the event in seduction, and they ride off into the sunset in a battle-train.
No. 33877 ID: b6c6fc

they got so caught up in the spirit of creating that they forgot it was a competition and worked together to build something awesome.
No. 33878 ID: b6c6fc

Armwrestling double elimination match of the century!
No. 33880 ID: 8bdb6a

Beats me, man.
No. 33881 ID: e3f578

65/35 Falcons favor
Because he's you know...
you know, fucking Stallone in a medieval setting. Dom is... like Mr. T I guess in a Sci-fi setting.
Anyway, Mr. T wins at first but loses second, double elimination.
No. 33882 ID: 45be60

awright! dude who only appeared in the background and dude who has only had screen time in ITQ!

I suspect the black dude is abusing steroids, but the other bloke has this whole Rocky Balboa thing going on. Course it's only Rocky if Rocky is the underdog, so 66/33 Dominic.
No. 33893 ID: bf1e7e

>dude who only appeared in the background


Anyway, 55/45 Dominic for round 1. Falcon hasn't turned his hat around yet.
No. 33906 ID: 00d3d5

Rippled McAbBiceps with a Grenade VS Former pornstar with drug abuse brain damage?

95/5 Dominic's favor.
No. 33907 ID: 8c73c8

yeah in round one falcon loses but then he comes out of the corner in the second round and takes the win.
80/20 falcon. high chance of hard fought, low chance of draw.
No. 33910 ID: d6ae01
File 130064445114.png - (123.76KB , 600x500 , The key to using google image search is not to cop.png )

Yay! It'll take place... in this spooky abandoned factory!

We'll both take turns counting to 20, but you gotta count slowly don't count too fast cause then I won't have time to hide and you'll find me instantly and I'll be like 'hey no fair!'

...And then when the person that's "it" is done counting they go find the other person!

I guess we'll have to figure out who's "it" first!
No. 33922 ID: 8e18cd
File 130067111467.png - (778.07KB , 1000x1000 , Verremar Accepts.png )


Oh my... just drop that armour of yours and I certainly will wrestle with you. Now to get myself all greased up, maybe I should help you a bit with that?

Oh... maybe we could do something after the fight, you know. Have a drink, go out for a supper. You seem like the type that would enjoy some fun.
No. 33926 ID: 91f1d1

80/20 Thodren wins
20/80 Thodren realizes he's being hit on.
No. 33928 ID: 3416ec


Put some pants on first.
No. 33933 ID: 07416a

That would invalidate the body oil. Besides, he's being modest! The greeks wrestled naked.
No. 33935 ID: f123de

rolled 1 = 1

Jiniki hides first on a 2!
Best two out of three?
No. 33938 ID: c71597

Jinki is a champion hider. But her opponent is some sort of nighomnipotent freaky thing, and Jinki is a bit glowy.

It's probably something like 90/10 in favour of Dessen if Jinki starts as the hiding one.

60/40 if she starts as the searching one.
No. 33939 ID: 00d3d5

100/0 Verremar seduces Thodren and Thodren realizes he's completely gay.

80/20 Thodren tops, though.
No. 33941 ID: 5f09c0

90/10 Thodren sends Veremar to the hospital.

0/100 anything sexual happens.
No. 33942 ID: bf1e7e

95/5 Thodren, He's huger and probably has a lot more experience with actually brawling with the intent of more than grabbing ass.

0/100 of anything sexual happening in favor of nothing. Thodren loves him the ladies, and will probably pummel Verremar if he tries anything unseemly.
No. 33943 ID: 0ddc3f

95/5 in Thodren's favor.
Verremar's grabasstic fighting style won't help against a raging minotaur who probably weighs twice as much as him.
No. 33944 ID: 2563d4

As much as I hate the mechanics I'mma gonna this this. Just because goddamnit Seven.
No. 33945 ID: 6f0a31

90-10 in favor of Thodren
also 100-0 in favor of absolutely nothing sexual happening
No. 33946 ID: 43d730

100/0 in favor of something happening, but all we see is the faces.
Both the combatants and the crowd.
No. 33947 ID: 70d9eb

70/30 in favor of Jiniki
50/50 for something sexual happening

90/10 in favor of Thodren
95/5 in favor of nothing sexual happening
No. 33948 ID: d677cc


In the other one, 75/25 in favor of Jiniki because Dessen is probably pretty likely to give her an advantage.
No. 33949 ID: f5e4b4

60/40 Jiniki wins, because Dessen finds her so amusing and adorable that lets her win.


90/10 Thodren wins. Because Verremar tries to flirt but Thodren is too busy beating the shit out of him to notice.
No. 33950 ID: 543aa6

80/20 in favor of Thodren
100/0 in favor of nothing sexual happening
No. 33952 ID: 8e18cd

To be totally objective, the chances given both combatants' training, skill and abilities - 60/40 towards Thorden. He's still more heavyweight and knows dirty fighting, while Verremar has only academics-level boxing and wrestling training.
No. 33953 ID: cc04a7

I'd give it 75/25 towards Thodren due to sheer bulk. I'm not going to vote on anything sexual because while I've never seen Thodren actually WITH a woman in any romantic sense, that doesn't mean anything.
No. 33954 ID: 8540e9

To be totally objective, academic boxing and wrestling doesn't take into account your opponent weighting as much as an adult buffalo.

70/30 for someone getting a back compartment ache.
No. 33955 ID: f5e4b4


Lol no. That's like saying that you have chances to defeat a trained sniper just because you were pretty good at the shooting gallery at your local fair.
No. 33957 ID: 8efd58

the amount of passive gay butthurtness is hurting the match.

its not like they would have a naked greek wrestling match in a pudding filled arena

and then the match arrived to a draw when someone got something stuck

puddin inside the ears, and gigappudin advertiser was the winner.
No. 33964 ID: a41aaf

Boxing/wrestling != fighting. Pankration would be closest.
It's like comparing target shooting to sniping: one involves lying on a comfy cushion for a few minutes, plinking at a circle of paper at the end of a field with a gun costing more than most cars; the other involving lying in a muddy ditch for 2 weeks carefully shitting into a sandwich bag, firing maybe 5 times, then pegging it through a minefield hoping that helicopter doesn't fly in the right direction.

70/30 Throden, 80/20 if the match is conducted in a china shop for comic effect.
No. 33965 ID: 8bdb6a

I don't know if Thodren has special ultra-elite wrestling skills, but that doesn't matter because he's two feet and 300 pounds over Verramar.

90/10 Thodren
No. 33969 ID: 20fc85

I believe we are forgetting 2 things about Verramar
1: He's a dragon, dragon = crazy ass strength
2: He seems to know his positions

60/40 Throden though...
No. 33974 ID: 5f09c0
File 130075460988.png - (135.64KB , 637x449 , reply.png )

"So wait, will he be using telekinesis then? Or just hand to hand combat?"

"Rules are melee combat only, and only stuff from our tack level."

"TECH level. With an E."

"A what?"

"Nevermind. My point is that the Talyxians already use psionic attacks and so technically psionic combat fits under those terms, which might be unfair against a single opponent, so we could do what your people always do against Talyxians, Aru."

"Gang up on them?"

"Sorta. I think it would be fair if we both fought him if he uses psionic abilities, and if he doesn't, just you would be fair."

"Sounds good. We also need something to wager though..."
No. 33975 ID: 8c73c8

how about your armor? he loses the powers, you lose the armor?
No. 33977 ID: 3a3920

Liams hat of course.
No. 33982 ID: dad664

Obviously Kole will wager Maolla and Aruuchi will wager Makuri :B
No. 33983 ID: cf244d

Bet your ass on it.
It's straightforward.
No. 33985 ID: b6c6fc

rolled 54 = 54

1-2: Falcon easy victory
3-47: Falcon hard fought victory
48-49: Draw
50-96: Domonic hard fought victory
97-100: Domonic easy victory
No. 33986 ID: 391664

Aww, that means it's over right? Now that he's lost this single game that's it?
No. 33987 ID: 8c73c8

now he needs to come out of the corner in the second round to win it.
95/5 falcon
high hard fought chance, low draw chance.
No. 33988 ID: bf1e7e


Not so! Because this contest is DOUBLE elimination, that means that he needs to lose TWICE to be out!
No. 33989 ID: 8c0848
File 130076546522.png - (110.61KB , 1043x748 , likeaswitch.png )

Pretty good. Le's do dis.
No. 33990 ID: 391664

Whoa, that, that maneuver.
90/10 Falcon
No. 33991 ID: 70d9eb

Shit, man. 95/5 in favor of Falcon.
No. 33992 ID: cf244d

Hot damn.
80/15/5 for Falcon/Domonic/Falcon's dick.
No. 33993 ID: 788dee
File 130076637666.gif - (65.36KB , 870x750 , maleiamdisappoint.gif )

>>fighting "fair"
>>wondering about wagers instead of naturally and automatically deciding to take the liver and skull to your superior half

>>keeping the bird unwrapped in bacon AND not even torturing it physically and psychologically
No. 33994 ID: b6c6fc
File 130076734532.jpg - (86.38KB , 635x460 , DomonicChallenge2.jpg )

*huff huff*
you want some more? you ain't had enough?
*huff huff*
No. 33995 ID: d677cc

Oh snap.

85/15 Falcon, now.

Also, 90/10 John being on the receiving end of some sort of slapstick despite not being involved in any of the fights.
No. 33996 ID: b6c6fc

rolled 25 = 25

1-30: Falcon easy victory
31-86: Falcon hard fought victory
87-88: Draw
89-100: Domonic hard fought victory
No. 33997 ID: 8c73c8

oh man, round three could go ether way!
No. 34000 ID: 1854db

>implying all Sergals are crazed psychopaths like Rain
No. 34001 ID: e3f578

John is a psychopath though!
No. 34002 ID: 19d681

Oh damn. The last round may go over the top. Of something.

65/35 Falcon, 90/10 if he adjusts his grip.
No. 34003 ID: 07416a

Domonic looks pretty bad, but Falcon has lost the Underdog's Advantage. In fact, with an easy win Domonic HAS the advantage. 40/30/30 advantage to Dominic, equal chance of Fred winning and a last-punch double draw.
No. 34004 ID: 00d3d5

I'm voting whatever numbers will make it even odds.
No. 34006 ID: a41aaf

>last-punch double draw
No. 34007 ID: 20fc85

No. 34008 ID: cc04a7

Another vote for evening it up at 50/50 (High draw chance, in which case something silly and/or dramatic happens)
No. 34010 ID: 20fc85

Going for a normal distribution curve here?

68% draw, 13% either side hard win, 3% either side easy win?
No. 34012 ID: 6da33e

Who the heck is this Falcon guy?
No. 34014 ID: 28e94e

He appeared for a scene or two in Fortune's Call but other than that I dunno.

90/10 Falcon, because I get the feeling that Falcon has much better stamina than Dominic.
No. 34015 ID: bf1e7e

75/25 Falcon. His hat is turned, It is officially on. He is going to CRUSH Dominic's thumb.
No. 34023 ID: b6c6fc

rolled 28 = 28

1-6: Falcon easy victory
7-41: Falcon hard fought victory
42-69: Draw
70-99: Domonic hard fought victory
100: Domonic easy victory
No. 34050 ID: 3416ec

So uh... what's the hold up?
No. 34051 ID: 8c0848
File 130094173124.png - (55.47KB , 494x250 , WINNAR.png )

AH WON! Now Ah can get mah kid back from mah dead wife's evil father, who wanted 'im to live a privileged life and attend a prestigious military academy so I can teach him all about being an ox cart driver!

:rynh: "I don't think that's his kid."

:jehral: "I'm pretty sure that's not a kid. I think it's a halfling."
No. 34053 ID: b6c6fc

rolled 9 = 9

1-18: Verremar hard fought victory
19-23: Draw
24-54: Thodren hard fought victory
55-100: Thodren easy victory
No. 34054 ID: e41fec

...well, huh.

That was unexpected.
No. 34055 ID: 76c2e8

Holy shit. really?
No. 34056 ID: f88f02



No. 34057 ID: 00d3d5

Now we get to see what the oiled up gay dragon does to Muscles McSlabBeef now that he's helpless.

I predict things that will have people laughing and/or crying.
No. 34058 ID: cf244d



No. 34059 ID: cc04a7

No. 34060 ID: 063956

Let's wait and see what the Cbsf game decides, folks.
No. 34061 ID: 6b2b68

Obv. what happened is Verremar invested heavily in a company that produced KY jelly, and with a small bribe he was able to acquire a large shipment of KY Jelly.

He then meticulously painted the KY Jelly onto every single possible object in the china shop they were going to fight in, and then installed a sprinkler system that would spray more KY Jelly onto the field when he hit a certain lightswitch on the wall.

This wasn't so much of a fight per se as Thodren walking in, slipping and falling on his face before constantly sliding around everywhere trying to get up and knocking over absolutely everything possible in the china shop.
No. 34069 ID: 15b51b

I'm not sure the CBSF rules are really optimized for oily wrestling.
No. 34070 ID: b6c6fc

CBSF matches are specialty fights

do not expect them for every Match up
No. 34089 ID: 20fc85

This is gonna be hilarious
No. 34189 ID: 283fa9

Thod: "He kept on grabbing my crotch!"
Verr: "Good sir, that is a legal move in the style we agreed too. ...and you did it FIRST."
Thod: "When I did it it wasn't weird! Fuck, I need a shower."
Verr: "Want me to scrub your back?"
Thod: "......"
No. 34191 ID: 28e94e

What actually happened is still a mystery, though rumor has it that a very desperate Verremar eventually ended up flashing Thodren, which caused Thodren to flee the arena and forfeit.
No. 34206 ID: 192c6d

Actually, he tripped over his own massive erection.

I mean, did you SEE that thing? Rynh still has nightmares about it.
No. 34235 ID: fa7b85
File 130126866491.png - (19.04KB , 350x350 , Scientistsagrees.png )

>Disagreeing with John

Please refer to the picture
No. 34264 ID: f94e19
File 130129906283.png - (326.63KB , 500x1000 , Vresch Challenge.png )

A more perfect combatant has never existed upon the planet Earth. Could anyone possibly imagine they could stand before me? I am interested in finding out.

Any and all challengers will be accepted. Terms negotiable.
No. 34266 ID: f88f02

Quick, someone find a cave man and have them fight on a featureless plateau.
No. 34267 ID: 8c73c8

well, anyone with physical combat ability would probably do okay.
No. 34303 ID: bc26ed

Oh boy it's some sort of techno fucker. We need a robot to challenge him. I'm sure this is exactly the best choice possible. Nothing could possibly go wrong.
No. 34306 ID: 00d3d5

Somebody get Goshen or Shadran in here.
No. 34310 ID: 28e94e

Dompag would work but I'm not sure if he's allowed to go twice. Same for any of the other fistfighters and wrestlers we've seen in these last few matches.
No. 34311 ID: 15b51b

He's probably more fighty than your average unpowered dude. Or at least carries a sidearm or something.

I bet Majestic Thunderstrike would trash him, though.
No. 34316 ID: f123de
File 130137023385.gif - (156.08KB , 400x300 , Lyan_vs_Vresch.gif )


Sure, I'm up for a quick fight with some kind of robot-cyborg-monster.


...you can do what?
No. 34334 ID: 07416a

...Lyan vs. Vresch would end in sex. Vresch would be all I WANT YOUR BODY. YOU COMPLETE ME and then there would be murrin and technophilia all up in this bitch.
No. 34340 ID: 4e6eaf

then they both die from lyan's cyber AIDS
No. 34359 ID: cc04a7

Dance moves = win
No. 34411 ID: b6c6fc

a hide and seek contest!
No. 34412 ID: d677cc

100/0 Jiniki because Dessen's too nice. :3c
No. 34414 ID: 1854db

80/20 in favor of Jiniki if Dessen lets her win. Opposite odds if it takes the game seriously.

95/5 in favor of Dessen if it cheats and goes invisible.
No. 34417 ID: abb30a

50/50 with a hard-won victory more likely than an easy win either way.
Dessen wouldn't try to play unfairly against a pretty princess like Jiniki!
No. 34426 ID: 55c4cf

5/90/5 because they're both too nice and retarded and they'll never find each other.
No. 34428 ID: 221021

Remember, Dessen doesn't have what would normally be an advantage of being some kind of higher-dimensional entity. Jiniki has dimensional majicka, which would probably put her on at least even ground with him, or even better. She is supposed to have extremely strong powers. Not to mention that she'd probably do something cute and unexpected, and completely throw him off-guard. 80/20 Jiniki
No. 34440 ID: cc04a7

When is someone going to draw the results for >>343853 ?! For that matter, when's someone going to draw the other upset, >>343239 (assuming this one's official)
No. 34451 ID: abb30a

It's hide and seek. What can you do that's cute and unexpected that throws people off-guard without alerting them to your presence?
No. 34508 ID: b6c6fc

rolled 64 = 64

1-34: Dessen wins
35-49: Draw
50-94: Jiniki wins
95-100: Jiniki wins easily
No. 34511 ID: 4784be

>> For that matter, when's someone going to draw the other upset, >>343239 (assuming this one's official)

It's not. And no one dies in the lonely-world arena, you always live again to be humiliated another day.
No. 34512 ID: e02378

obviously the arena is on the plane of Ysgard. where if you die then the next morning you are fully revived. only rule is you must die of a wound inflicted while on the plane.
No. 34675 ID: d6ae01
File 130193881084.png - (147.16KB , 600x500 , Jiniki wins.png )

"Surprise! I was hiding in miss Dilia's boobies!"

"Oh! You are a clever one, your highness!"

And then they hugged.

And then their energy-tentacles hugged too.
No. 34678 ID: 3416ec


No. 34685 ID: 597177

That IS a good place to hide...
No. 34691 ID: abb30a

Well-done, Jiniki~ Now it's Dessen's turn to hide.
I wonder though, what would a draw have been?
No. 34695 ID: b1c05d

Playing hide-and-seek is how all conflicts should be solved :3
No. 34702 ID: 2563d4

And then they were both pregnant.
No. 34763 ID: 32a5f3
File 130206230432.png - (48.57KB , 600x600 , readytofight.png )


I'll fight you both, no problem. As for a wager? If you win, we'll help you improve that "tack" of yours. If you lose, you help us to survey your world for psykonium, and to mine it if we find anyway. Pre-existence of psychic abilities among a native population is a common indicator of its presence.

>Since Kole hasn't shown his stuff in the quest, I'll give a rundown of his abilities. Compared to an equally trained human soldier, he has a bit more than twice the strength,is a good bit tougher versus physical damage (except to fire; scellor are more flammable than humans), and has a huge tolerance for pain and fatigue. He has bad night vision compared to a human and slightly inferior physical senses in general, and is a bit less agile. He gets hungry very quickly, about three times faster than a human.

>He has the same basic training in all psychic disciplines as all scellor, with high training in psychokinesis and some training in clairsentience and psychometabolism. He's a very accomplished martial artist, has all the skills you'd expect from an above-average soldier and has an enthusiasm beyond the professional level for weapons, though that won't do him much good. His tail can spray sedative gas, but in an open-air environment he'll only be able to release a useful amount once or twice.
No. 34772 ID: cf244d

60/40 in favor of Kole. Sergals are tough, but they're not made of plant. And I'm sure Kole's psychic powers are potent enough. The peep's not a huge deal, but could be enough to turn the tide.
No. 34773 ID: e3f578

What's Liam bringing into the fight? He looks weak in melee and his only real skill is with a revolver.
I don't think voting starts until the wager is accepted by the other side but hell 80/20 Kole's favor. Those two are gonna get psychically wrekted.
No. 34778 ID: f5e4b4

Yeah, 90/10 for Kole. Letting him use his psychic powers was a mistake. What is Liam going to do, peck at him?
No. 34780 ID: 15b51b

Liam has a revolver.
No. 34781 ID: 51e377

Kole's psychic powers are limited to a ki blast sort of thing.

Liam has a revolver and Aruuchi has a halberd and a shortsword, not to mention armor.
No. 34782 ID: 8c73c8

melee combat only, revolvers aren't melee.

80/20 kole
No. 34783 ID: 15b51b
File 130210293238.jpg - (31.26KB , 197x197 , kreider_second_front.jpg )

I thought it was melee only or he fights both of them?

No. 34790 ID: 51e377

Kole's psychic attacks are not melee, thus Liam will be using his revolver.
No. 34791 ID: 11f1da

65/35 Kole's favor. He's designed for fucking people up, he can take Birdy McBrittlebones and fuzzbutt halberdswinger.
No. 34792 ID: cc04a7

I'm pretty sure the bird and sergal have to confirm terms before the fight's on and the bidding can start. So since we don't KNOW what's going to be available for the fight (psychic powers, weapons/armor, etc) y'all should hold off on your speculations.
No. 35374 ID: b6c6fc

it is my understanding that Liam is not participating in this fight, assume him and Maolla will be only participating as coaches
No. 35375 ID: 28e94e

Aruuchi is, of course, going into this battle fully armed and armored. Kole is going in unarmored and most likely unarmed (not counting his natural weapons). Aruuchi is probably also aware that Kole is slow and weak to fire, so he can just beat him with a torch until he ignites and run circles around him until he falls.

95/5 in Aruuchi's favor.
No. 35377 ID: 8c73c8

qait, exactly what are they fighting with? IS aruuchi fully armed and armored?
No. 35378 ID: 3416ec


Both have a decent chance at whuppin' each other.
No. 35379 ID: cc04a7

95/5 for Aruuchi
No. 35380 ID: 1854db

Please explain more clearly the situation.
No. 35381 ID: 8c73c8

90/10 kole. he knows martial arts and stuff. not just big and strong. so he is FAST, big, and strong. super deadly combo.
No. 35383 ID: 8bdb6a

>not just big and strong. so he is FAST, big, and strong. super deadly combo.


>Since Kole hasn't shown his stuff in the quest, I'll give a rundown of his abilities. Compared to an equally trained human soldier, he has a bit more than twice the strength,is a good bit tougher versus physical damage (except to fire; scellor are more flammable than humans), and has a huge tolerance for pain and fatigue. He has bad night vision compared to a human and slightly inferior physical senses in general, and is a bit less agile.
No. 35388 ID: 8c0848

They're both big retards that punch things.
No. 35389 ID: f5e4b4

75/25 Kole.

I like popcorn.
No. 35397 ID: 2ebcd3

Gnoll has a firm grasp on the characters.
No. 35401 ID: 1854db

Guys I am pretty sure that Kole just said he'd fight BOTH of them, and will be using his powers because of that.
No. 35411 ID: 868a23

80/20 Aruuchi because sergal
No. 35412 ID: 28e94e

LW said that Liam is sitting out.
No. 35418 ID: 43d730

I can't seem to find anything in the way of what psychokinesis does on either of the threads, so this is dependent on what it means in other systems.

80/20, Kole's favor, because halberd versus (not)FORCE LIGHTNING.
No. 35419 ID: 15b51b

I don't think Kole can use his powers, but I don't really know. I also don't know whether he has any equipment or weapons, whether Aruuchi is armed and armored, etc...
No. 35425 ID: 6b2b68

The deal was Kole would fight both of them with powers or just Aruuchi with no powers.

Liam having his revolver was supposed to be the balance for Kole having his powers.

If Liam is sitting out for some reason then Kole shouldn't be using his powers.
No. 35426 ID: 1854db

This is a big fuckup and I vote we restart voting.
No. 35428 ID: cc04a7

Agreed. Which is why right before LW officially opened the polls on this one I asked for more clarification as to equipment here >>344592

Didn't happen
No. 35430 ID: b6c6fc

oh I must have misread,
much apologies

I will not restart the Vote, but now would be a time to recast your vote according to the new info
No. 35431 ID: 8bdb6a

Who's fighting who, with what rules, while equipped with what?
No. 35443 ID: 28e94e

80/20 Aruuchi/Liam. Way i see it, one of two things can happen:

Kole fights only Aruuchi, in which case he's going in unarmed against an opponent who's much faster, well-armed and wearing body armor. Aruuchi wins because Kole can't score a solid blow.

Kole fights both Aruuchi and Liam, in which case he'd wither get shot in the head or stabbed in the face within the first 3 seconds.
No. 35444 ID: 1854db

Kole said he'd fight them both. So let's go with that.

So, it's Liam with gun and Aruuchi with sword vs Kole with PSYCHIC BLASTS.

I'm gonna go 80/20 in favor of Kole here. Kole should be smart and take out Liam first before taking on the sergal, and I bet that his blasts are more accurate than that pistol (Liam isn't even a sharpshooter is he?)
No. 35445 ID: 3046f0

>should be
He's a big retard that punches things. He'd charge at the big guy first and shoot mind bullets when he gets in trouble.

60/40 for the Sergal and birdy.
No. 35446 ID: 4b52c8


I'm not sure where you get the impression that Kole is stupid - I've never intended that sort of thing. He just gets a bit obsessive sometimes. I've been drawing Kole as "naked" (comparatively) because scellor were jumped from iron age to high technology quickly; so the closest to Aruuchi and Liam's technological level they had was running around half-naked with spears and swords, and Kole trusts his unarmed training more than he does his skill with those. Niiar have big tough claws on their hands, so it's not like he's unarmed.

Am I allowed make posts like this?
No. 35447 ID: 3046f0

>Kole is stupid
I was being facetious. :V

>a bit obsessive sometimes
>"I want to fight a tozol."
Leads me to believe he'd ignore Big Bird and engage in melee with the big guy that has been talking smack at him.

>Am I allowed make posts like this?
Don't see why not.
No. 35448 ID: 4b52c8


Nah, he just wants to fight a tozol because tozol. That's a specific vendetta.

(Also, clarification for people who keep track of my blitherings: when I said "iron age" in the last post, I wasn't counting biotech, which I assume would also be against the terms.)
No. 35449 ID: b93c3f

70/30 for Aaruchi.
No. 35451 ID: cc04a7

Still 95/5 for Aruuchi/Liam
No. 35452 ID: ce15d1


It's not so much that you're not allowed to make logical posts, it's more that it doesn't matter if you do. A majority of the people who vote in this aren't picking who would actually win in a fight. That is why it's mostly 95/5 favor votes. It's a popularity contest. This was a neat idea, but that's how it's going down.

I'm usually voting to be contrary to who is winning.

Kole having a psychoactive metabolism and being plantigrade gives him an incredibly high physical advantage in combat, but ultimately this is Sergal vs. Scellor beauty contest.
No. 35453 ID: 3874a0

In the quest he's killed everything he has shot at and fired usually more that once, he quickdraw'd Dekustir and downed him with a shot to the head.
No. 35454 ID: 2563d4

>It's a popularity contest.
>I'm usually voting to be contrary to who is winning.
Wow, way to rise above, mate.
No. 35456 ID: f5e4b4


Are you implying that people actually vote for legitimate reasons, instead of just going for the character they like more (or dislike the less) backing it up with the first retarded reason they can come up with?
No. 35458 ID: 8c73c8

it actually doesn't seem to be about the character, people seem to think that sergals are war gods that cannot be beaten by anything but another sergal. in quest aruuchi wasn't sure he could take out two guys, one of which had a gun, kole basically has a gun built into his head. also kinetic energy sounds like a form his powers can control so he could probably stop the bullet in mid air. he also knows martial arts, so he isn't going to just mindlessly smash the armored plate on aruuchi's chest, he will go for the weak-points, joints, his face, etc.
No. 35459 ID: 8bdb6a
File 130315876710.jpg - (102.72KB , 700x500 , penji_angrily_flipping_a_car.jpg )

>...and being plantigrade gives him an incredibly high physical advantage in combat
No. 35460 ID: 55c4cf


If her legs weren't inferior she could flip two cars. I can understand why she'd get upset.
No. 35461 ID: 55c4cf


Yes. Voting contrary to the long list of 95/5s evens up the odds slightly. I don't think you're seeing it the same way as I am.
No. 35466 ID: 8bdb6a

I completely disagree, but if I make an argument, it will be derailing the thread.

I also don't think it's fair to vote a certain way to "even out" the thread. By that logic, every single vote should be a 95/5 in favor of whoever they think should win.

The court will note that I mad.
No. 35467 ID: 55c4cf


(It already is working like that already)
No. 35468 ID: 8bdb6a

A total of three people have voted 95/5 this round, including you.
No. 35469 ID: 55c4cf


I wasn't talking about this round in particular to begin with and I'm ahead of you in pulling out and hoping more people stop being silly about all this in general.
No. 44182 ID: f72f26

Time for something a little different
the next fight will be an ACTUAL QUEST! in fact they may all be from this point on!

but forget that for now, right now we need some contestants.

this is what you need to do: name the two apponents (and their quests if they're obscure) explain why you think this would be a fun match, why they would want to fight each other and perhaps the Kind of match they'd be fighting in.

here are a couple rules
1: for this first match, one of the contestants must be one of my characters, the other must not be.
2: you are not allowed to submit your own characters
No. 44183 ID: f2abea

mrQ vs Zane
No. 44184 ID: f72f26

oh forgot rule 3:
a character cannot fight a character with less victories them themselves

(number of loses is irrelevent)
No. 44185 ID: c7b6c2

Edmund vs. Bangles!
No. 44186 ID: f72f26

what Quest is Edmund from?
No. 44188 ID: c7b6c2

One of Rand's. The character is just a kid but apparently he's fast enough to not get clawed to death on several occasions, so he could be an actual contender.
No. 44189 ID: f72f26

vary well the first battle will be Edmund VS Bangles.

but what sort of match should it be?
No. 44190 ID: 3fd4fb

Dogfight in biplanes.
No. 44191 ID: b6edd6

Pie fight.
No. 44192 ID: c7b6c2

No. 44193 ID: e79d6a


Ultimate Frisbee.
No. 44196 ID: c7b6c2

no wait this is even better
No. 44197 ID: f72f26

any other specifics to the fight?
eg: victory conditions, consequences of defeat, rewards for victory, match quirks etc.
No. 44199 ID: b6edd6

Ultimate Frisbee IN SPACE! (On a station with no gravity)
No. 44200 ID: e79d6a

Winner gets dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Loser has to fly to Nickelodeon Studios and get slimed.
No. 44210 ID: c7b6c2

The frisbee itself is intelligent and self-aware.
No. 44212 ID: 3fd4fb

And man-sized.

And voraciously carnivorous.
No. 44216 ID: 35e1a0

too much.
No. 44282 ID: 84b916

And insults or taunts the players at every turn.
No. 44322 ID: f2abea

The frisbee has a timer on it, when it runs out it explodes the moment someone catches it. The loser gets a face full of shrapnel.
No. 44328 ID: f72f26

how should the suggesting work for this quest?

should you simply suggest the actions of the two combatants?

should you suggest what happens next in the fight like "this is a story"

or perhaps another way?
No. 44329 ID: 210977

make people roll 1d6 for stuff to happen
No. 44339 ID: b79855

>should you simply suggest the actions of the two combatants?
This is the best if you have an impartial or at least agreed-on way of translating those suggestions into a result. Do you?
No. 44340 ID: f72f26

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by impartial
No. 44341 ID: b79855

Never mind. I have a new idea!

Run it like a quest, and let us first pick which side we control. Then run it like Pinkskin or whatever, where you control the side we didn't select, and give us a fair shake at winning or losing.
No. 44349 ID: eaaf28

So kind of like the tournament thing that Gnome did, in other words.
That thing was fun; I support this notion.
No. 44350 ID: b6edd6

I support this as well.
(If it is not already part of it, I think some things in it should be decided by dice rolls, to add an element of unpredictability.)
No. 44504 ID: 210977

so, is this all set to go yet?
No. 44505 ID: f72f26

yes, now I just need to actually draw it
No. 44506 ID: 210977

No. 44626 ID: b79855

Short fight.
No. 44631 ID: 2563d4

Ah reckon LW was listening in to the conversation about quests that complete in a single update. :B
No. 44633 ID: f72f26

if you'de like to make some suggestions/critiques of fight quest now is a good time.

If you'd like to make suggestions for a second match here are some updated rules.
1: both contestants can not be from the same quest and/or author
2: you are not allowed to submit your own characters
3: a character cannot fight a character with less victories then themselves

if you'd like to draw your own fight thread, feel free to post you announcement here, or discuss it with me on IRC
No. 44634 ID: 8e18cd

Liam vs Dasaki, go.
No. 44635 ID: 8c0848

This. Tiny bird fight
No. 44641 ID: c7b6c2

Seconding, but hoping that Dasaki loses so nobody gets violated.
No. 44643 ID: b6edd6

What would they fight at? Dasaki has flame powers and enhanced speed, and I haven't actually read the quest Liam is from but I don't think he has such abilities.
No. 44644 ID: f72f26


the second battle will be Dasaki VS Liam

what sort of competition will they be competing in?
No. 44645 ID: f61b94

I don't think Dasaki and Sekani are the same thing. Just saying.
No. 44647 ID: f61b94

A battle of wits.
No. 44652 ID: db03a4

No. 44659 ID: b6edd6

Oh, right.
Those blue bird-ish protagonists have such similar sounding names. <.<
No. 44661 ID: 876c44

Considering it's both basically fursonas.

Some kind of sparkling fashionshow/beauty pageant.
No. 44663 ID: e5d28d


I'll suggest the thing that seemed like the obvious choice to me.

Peeping contest...

Longest, loudest peep wins, or something. I dunno, the two nevreans can decide what makes a good peep.
No. 44664 ID: 8e18cd

Fashion show!
No. 44667 ID: b79855

Buddy cop movie
No. 44669 ID: 3bd8ec

Heck yeah.
No. 44671 ID: 2563d4

No. 44674 ID: f72f26

"buddy cop" is not a competition
try harder next time.

How should the beauty contest be decided?
1: a standard vote for the winner?
2: selecting 3 Quest character judges and let them decide?
3: something else?
No. 44675 ID: 8c0848

3 judge panel, like any good garbage tv show.
No. 44676 ID: fcc0a2

No. 44678 ID: e79d6a


At least one judge has to be British.
No. 44682 ID: b0d1a8

No. 44683 ID: f72f26

name which quest characters should be judging the event

Name your first second and third choices
No. 44684 ID: e79d6a


August, Rynh, and Dessen.

August is British-ish, right?
No. 44686 ID: 8c0848

Verremar, Zane and Tory
No. 44687 ID: 35bcde

Zane, Tory, Maolla.
No. 44688 ID: fdc089

Tory, Zane and Rynh
this will work
No. 44689 ID: ec0bf5

Verremar, Dessen, and Kata.
No. 44691 ID: 3d7835

Verremar, Rynh and August.
No. 44693 ID: 953355

Verremar, Kinasa (who was told sekani was in the contest), Rynh
No. 44695 ID: 5b0012

Verremar, Dessen, and Katakatakatakatakatakatakatakatakatakatakatakatakatakatakatakatakatakatakatakatakatakatati!
No. 44696 ID: 8e18cd

Verremar, Ryhn, Tory
No. 44698 ID: fcc0a2

Verremar, Zane and Maolla.
No. 44700 ID: 383006

Radia, Verremar, Dessen
No. 44704 ID: c7b6c2

No. 44708 ID: 1444d5

Ryhn, Tory, Penji.
Prettiest Birdie vs. complaints about insufficient armouring, camouflage, and concealed weaponry
No. 44710 ID: 49e0ab

August, Ryhn and Tory
No. 44711 ID: 9c559c

Tory, Tory, and Tory

But only if he gets to fight later on, somewhere amongst the future rounds
No. 44712 ID: 2563d4

Best plan.
No. 44715 ID: 3bd8ec

Dessen, Kinasa and Rynh.
No. 44719 ID: e3f578

Flails Breaker, Tory, and Tom/Duke

The commentary people
No. 44722 ID: b79855

Dessen, Flails Breaker, Yisi
No. 44723 ID: 383006

I'm gonna change mine to Flails Breaker, Veremarr and Dessen
No. 44728 ID: 857d4b

also changing mine to verremar, yisi, rynh
No. 44730 ID: f61b94

Dessen, Ryhn and Tory.
No. 44739 ID: f72f26

once this match begins, there won't be much if any options for character suggestion.

should this match take place here, or in the FIGHT QUEST thread?
No. 44747 ID: 8e18cd

No. 44750 ID: b6edd6

That, but links should be posted here to each fight thread when it is started.
No. 44753 ID: 997d9a

YESSSSSSSS best judges

It should definitely take place on /quest/ but with a link posted hwre
No. 44757 ID: 857d4b

Have it take place on /quest/

No. 44773 ID: f72f26

No. 44776 ID: c7b6c2

I'm predicting that Rynh and Verremar are going to be all kinds of into this.

Tory is going to be very disgusted and ponder why he even bothered to attend.
No. 44777 ID: 35bcde

Tory is going to send a robot duplicate. The robot will be made out of cardboard.
No. 44823 ID: 3fd4fb

Looking at the current thread, I think this might need to be renamed "Quest Crossover Theater".
No. 44825 ID: 2563d4

>Teddy; flip this table!

Tory: Judge of the Year, all years.
No. 44826 ID: 4f9575

This and this.
No. 44828 ID: f5e4b4


Looking at the current thread, I would call it "Inside the Quest Gaiden"
No. 44865 ID: f72f26

Fight Quest is getting messy, I think it may be time to hire a referi.

which one of my quest characters would make the best referi?
No. 44867 ID: 35bcde

No. 44871 ID: 18054d

The magnificent FLARE!
No. 44874 ID: aef7cc

Mint is the best mancandy referee
No. 44880 ID: 34c044


No. 44882 ID: 2d6d07

No. 44886 ID: 210977


also, it's spelled "referee."
No. 44902 ID: d4155c

I would say Mordre. You have to admit, someone with the power of several gods a army, and more fire power than most space stations would serve as a very handy deterrent for any scuffle.

God help you if you get a red card.
No. 44903 ID: 2563d4

Truer words have never been typed on the Internets.
No. 44905 ID: 3bd8ec

Sure, Mint.
No. 44906 ID: ec0bf5

Kirska! Chicken will save the day!
No. 44909 ID: 210977

i'd say having maolla as ref would work better. she can levitate folks into the air if they get surly.
No. 44925 ID: f72f26

allow me to clarify, the referee has to be one oon of MY quest characters.
No. 44929 ID: c7b6c2

Seconding kirska.
No. 44934 ID: df6252

>Only your quest characters
The sacred and beautiful FLARE is EVERYONES quest character, for SHE is the divine manifestation of both TG and Quest. Only SHE can lead us out of the chaos that has befallen Fight Quest.
No. 44935 ID: 4183c9

May I politely suggest you break all your bones, develop numerous incredibly painful cancerous tumors, get shot in the genitals with birdshot, pour gasoline in your eyes, dislocate all your joints, burn 100% of your skin, blow a gallon of glass dust up your ass, all the while being drilled in every tooth by a drunk dentist while assistants scrape plates with utensils?
No. 44940 ID: 4183c9

>that wasn't called for
I know, I was being far too forgiving and overly nice. I'm far too non-confrontational to react appropriately in these things. The best I can do is wish for the gruesome destruction of everything you hold dear.
No. 44971 ID: 47d82e

No. 44977 ID: 857d4b

Kirska seems like a good pick to me.
No. 44982 ID: a83682

Yes. Chicken!
No. 44988 ID: aaa1a5

your way of politely insult people is amusing;
I vote chicken
No. 44998 ID: 049dfa

No. 45004 ID: b57116

Let's go with Kirska.
No. 45049 ID: f72f26

it has been decided
No. 45069 ID: e79d6a

Looks like Dasaki came out on top.
No. 45079 ID: 8c0848

Doesn't he usually come on the bottom?
No. 45085 ID: e79d6a


No. 45105 ID: f72f26

if you'de like to make some suggestions/critiques of fight quest now is a good time.

If you'd like to make suggestions for a third match here are some updated rules.
1: both contestants can not be from the same quest and/or author
2: you are not allowed to submit your own characters
3: a character cannot fight a character with less victories then themselves

if you'd like to draw your own fight thread, feel free to post you announcement here, or discuss it with me on IRC
No. 45106 ID: c7b6c2

No. 45107 ID: 857d4b

Chop vs Rynh.

Let's see who the toughest Kobold really is by seeing who can eat the most of the toughest food known to kobold-kind: Beef jerky.
No. 45110 ID: a9e42a

No. 45112 ID: e79d6a

Lava-eating contest, with Dompag vs. someone who can eat lava.
No. 45113 ID: ba1062

No. 45116 ID: 1e9f26
File 131995418644.jpg - (91.21KB , 648x352 , HURF DURF FRIZBEEZ.jpg )

Will we ever revisit the Tron theme or was that a one-time thing? WE COULD DO LIGHTCYCLES
No. 45118 ID: c7b6c2

Yeah! We can have Dirk Eagle and, uh... someone else race lightcycles! That'd actually be pretty cool.
No. 45120 ID: 1e9f26

AND and the speed zoom guy, yeeeaahhhhh
No. 45121 ID: a83682

This is an excellent plan! But who will pilot the Recognizers and the tanks!?
No. 45124 ID: 35bcde

Maolla and Mint. The green one, not the furry one. Swordswallowing.
No. 45126 ID: e55966

No. 45238 ID: e66534
File 132017555213.png - (11.64KB , 300x414 , mousedrawanatschool.png )

Okay, that's it. Other Kassandra! I hereby challenge you to a DUEL for the rights to our name! Loser has to change it!
I don't care about the terms as long as it's not a fight to be the biggest JERK 'cause you'd win.
No. 45240 ID: 35bcde

Oxygen breathing contest.
No. 45241 ID: e79d6a


You have to do that one game you always played on Field Day in grade school:

Shave the Balloon.
No. 45245 ID: 25d645
File 132018546871.png - (70.62KB , 394x466 , ohgodwhydoIhavetofightIdon\'tlikefighting.png )

W-what? I... I uhm... Sorry... I didn't mean to be born with this name...
oh god don't hurt me...

Uhm... How about a cooking contest? I can do that... If you win I'll go change my name..
No. 45247 ID: 8c0848

Challenge her to a "Not being a filthy dog" contest.
No. 45248 ID: 2563d4

Most appropriate.
No. 45258 ID: f80f15
File 132020056296.png - (142.95KB , 800x600 , kassandrafightthread.png )



On one condition. I'm not really that creative, and I'm sort of biased towards meat-based dishes, so I want somebody to teach me the kinds of things people who haven't spent most of their adult life in cockpits like.
No. 45260 ID: 3fd4fb

Look, maybe she can just teach you how to cook and then the pair of you can be friends, and agree that the name Kassandra is big enough for both of you.
No. 45264 ID: f80f15
File 132020270882.png - (41.34KB , 400x300 , no.png )

No. 45274 ID: 2563d4

>I want somebody to teach me
Boy are you ever going to love chocolate. It's important as a chef to test as much as possible while using it as an ingredient, to be really really sure it hasn't gone bad.

Waaait a second...
...you're not even the real Asphyxiating Space Dog.
No. 45284 ID: 0ef5d9

Breath holding competition
No. 45312 ID: 4bdd79

Cooking while holding their breaths?
No. 45316 ID: f80f15

Jokes are funny and all but considering she was sent into space she is probably pretty damn good at holding her breath. It wouldn't really be fair to OtherKassandra.
No. 45323 ID: d4155c

Friends, friends, why go for simple things when we can go for the most dangerous game. HNNNNG competition. Whoever can make the most people HNNNG wins.
No. 45381 ID: fdc089
File 132044643375.png - (45.70KB , 700x700 , whoisthat.png )

did someone say they need help with how to cook
No. 45382 ID: fdc089
File 132044665793.png - (175.47KB , 700x700 , COOKINGTIME.png )

No. 45384 ID: fdc089
File 132044726296.png - (172.03KB , 700x700 , ITSDANGEROUSTOGOALONE.png )

So, check this out. I brought you my 'Nana Q's Cooking Recipes & Tips' or her 'Q Tips', for short.
If yer going into a cooking contest, these recipes of her's will knock the judges right -the fuck- outta here. Now you said you prefer meat-based dishes, yeah?

So, check it, start yourself out with this 'Bacon Cheeseburger Balls' dish on page 204 as an appetizer. They are breaded meatballs with cheese and bacon in the middle. Great stuff. Make sure the breading is golden and the meat don't have any red.
Next on the list, serve them a main course with a bowl of 'Nana's Old-Fashioned Beef Stew' on here on page 352, chopped potatoes, carrots, celery and beef soaking in a hearty broth. Add a nice side salad of leaf lettuce, diced tomatoes, chopped onions, croutons and bacon bits. Make sure t'offer both ranch and olive oil dressings, depending on their tastes.
Then finish things off with an interesting dessert of 'Maple Bacon Cupcakes', which is back here on page 174. They are cupcakes with maple syrup frosting with a chunk of maple bacon stuck in the top.

Though y'better follow these directions to a T or thing'sll get down right Lovecraftian. Last time I tried usin' a couple slathers more peach frosting on a mango cake than the directions called for, I was spittin' bat-winged eyeballs fer a week. Lil' bastards roosted in my attic. Still haven't gotten them out.
No. 45388 ID: c7b6c2

Jeez, way to play favorites.
No. 45389 ID: b8207e

>only one item with bacon in the name

No. 45390 ID: f3cdb4

>only one item with bacon in the name

'Bacon Cheeseburger Balls'
'Maple Bacon Cupcakes'
No. 45395 ID: b8207e

No. 45412 ID: 909c96

About 20% more bacon.
No. 48296 ID: becb83

this is an epic bump to see who's dish will win this epic cook-off

where the heck is the person who says when who wins? slacker!!!
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