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File 125229180635.jpg - (202.56KB , 800x600 , title.jpg )
2141 No. 2141 ID: f98e0b

This Is


because I felt someone should make it and I have just enough ego to do it myself

just enough
Expand all images
No. 2142 ID: f98e0b

Oh Bromeliad your quest is so awesome and so are you
I am an 18 year old blonde asian somehow and I want to have your kids and stuff
No. 2144 ID: bffa2a

Teehee, I'm Ingrid and I'm from Sweden. I have long blond hair, beeeg teeets and I'm saving myself jus- LASER HAD ZERO PENETRATION! -t for you.
No. 2167 ID: f98e0b
File 12523414638.png - (116.98KB , 800x600 , situation.png )

Repostan explanation in discussion thread for Ingrid

Clarification: When the shots were fired Oberan was moving to behind right cover and John was in the open between middle and left. The angle is as shown in the picture, with
Oberan firing over his cover unit, which as you'll recall is only chest-height, landing a hit on John as he was in the open and forcing him back. It was pretty lucky shot but Oberan is a good marksman and his pistol fires quickly, so it's by no means impossible.
No. 2621 ID: 35cea2

I like how the aliens and humans are both portrayed. At first I was assuming this was one of those "Lol stupid evil humans are needlessly attacking the perfect, peaceloving aliens", but I am happy to have been proved wrong.

Now I am curious to see what happens next.
No. 3206 ID: f98e0b
File 125364547135.png - (29.39KB , 336x336 , Awesome.png )

Updates paused for a while due to the author having H1N1 flu

No. 3207 ID: f31556


Don't die.
No. 3214 ID: 227d44


For srs
No. 4824 ID: f98e0b


So I've pretty much gotten better from the dreaded H1N1, and even though I'm mildly swamped in stuff to do I'm going to be updating more.

Just bumping to say I'm done with chapter four for tonight, continuing tomorrow.

Also, how does everyone think the art's holding up? I've never actually drawn much at all before and I am definitely moving outside my comfort zone now. Are the backgrounds too simplistic? Should I be doing more texturing? Does Osmen's face look okay, or should I hide it in a helmet as much as possible?
No. 4825 ID: 35cea2


I think the art is great. I don't think it requires any changing, and Osmen's face is fine too. I think actually it would be better that he shows his face more often than not, just so he can stand out more from all the aliens around him.
No. 4827 ID: bffa2a

No problems with art, very crisp and stylized. Brings Elite 2 to mind. Haven't seen enough human faces to form an opinion but I doubt they would be horrible.
No. 5017 ID: 9dd38f
File 125617467838.jpg - (23.60KB , 720x134 , Human_Banner.jpg )

That human symbol reminds me of the SolForce banner in Sword of the Stars. That is, of course, assuming anyone but me here has actually played the game, which I doubt.
No. 5018 ID: f98e0b
File 125617494585.png - (28.66KB , 600x400 , eee.png )

It's actually modeled off Gnome's Summoner eye just because I liked the design and humans have a fairly unique magical capacity.
No. 5019 ID: f98e0b

But yes.

I played the fuck out of that game.
No. 5021 ID: 9dd38f


Fair enough; they are in the same universe, after all.


I did too; like I said in the thread, Imperial Earth was always my choice.

By the way, what's the FTL drives like in TPD? I've always wanted to know.
No. 5098 ID: f98e0b
File 125641497387.png - (364.25KB , 800x600 , 155.png )

Should chapter 5 focus mainly on John as he meets with Theseus' fleet or Osmen as he adjusts to society and goes out with Kat?

Reusing old image just 'cuz.
No. 5101 ID: f23812

Dammit, now I want to go with both of them... but I'll vote for the adventures of Osmen.
No. 5104 ID: 9891a9

Indeed, Osmen's adjustment sounds to be a rather fun experience.
No. 5105 ID: f98e0b

Osmen it is.
No. 5123 ID: f98e0b
File 125650618219.png - (178.52KB , 800x600 , demo.png )

A couple of things real quick:

I just picked up CS4 instead of the relic photoshop 6 I have been using. The result is much smoother than the jagged stuff I've been working with, but I wanted to know if you guys preferred the more jagged pixellated look.

Plus there's the matter of qal skin. I could easily keep doing it the way it is, but I was wondering if you wanted me to switch over to what I thought was a more organic look (also a little quicker and easier for me, since I'd be using a brush). The left is how it's been, the right is how it may be. Whaddya think?
No. 5124 ID: 6a6a5e

Jaggies and artifacts are part of the art style. I like them.
No. 5125 ID: 728150

Either/or. Do what's easier for you, we'll be happy either way.
No. 5126 ID: 9891a9

I say do whatever is easier for you. Better that you are comfortable and happy with the way you draw than for you to be forcing yourself to use a more difficult method over such a minor matter.
No. 5138 ID: 73ad2b

Whatever you like, but I like the spraypaint-look of the Qal.
No. 5139 ID: c42be6

Agreeing with liking the jaggies. As for the Qal, I think the kind on the right looks nicer.
No. 6487 ID: f98e0b

I feel like I owe an explanation as to why TPD is so slow right now. That explanation would be: Life in general being annoying and me having to be an active member of society, etc.

It's not really going to speed up for about a week, either. My older brother just got into a nasty car crash and he's in the ER or something. This week I'm flying to Florida to be there for him. Sorry, Interbros.
No. 6761 ID: f98e0b
File 125954968377.png - (102.56KB , 800x600 , titlemaybe.png )

Let's go ahead and convert this thread into a general discussion of both TPD and Oren's most outrageous adventures (not its official name at all)
No. 6775 ID: 82167e

I'm liking the new adventure, but any particular reason you switched off of TPD?
No. 6783 ID: f98e0b

Needed to get this one out there, it was kicking around my brain way too much.

I'm going back to TPD, don't worry
No. 6942 ID: 88d217

I like this one better, I think
No. 6943 ID: f98e0b

I do as well
No. 6944 ID: af3e6d

I like both and wish to see more of both in the future.
No. 6996 ID: 552969

Beautiful end to the first chapter.

On an only semi-related note, what's the music for Nymph's Jink supposed to sound like? I can't seem to see a sound in my head where the words flow right.

Edit: Oh, not quite the end, then.
No. 6999 ID: f98e0b
File 125979892095.png - (107.28KB , 800x600 , 90.png )

In my head it is (I shall type it for you!)

duhduhDah duhduhDah duhduhDah duduhDah
Duh duh duh duh duh deedeedee dee
duhduhduh duh Dah duh dahdahdaah
duh duh dah duh dudh dah dah dah

As for general tone think Lover's Day by TV on the Radio:

No. 7213 ID: b02068

the "Jinkies" and getting nails "did" was rather jarring. Getting nails did is Ebonics. Nobody says that except the vast nigresses of the inner city. And nobody says "jinkies" ever, except for Velma on Scooby Doo. Thus that post deviated from the normal dialogue that folks use by more than the amount that really flows well.

Just a heads-up.
No. 7215 ID: 135d9a

I felt like the "Jinkies" was intentional, and the "nails did" kind of goes with "Deppity."

That's just me though.
No. 7217 ID: 8d5624

"Deppity" is how a lot of country folks actually talk, though. Hell, it's how I talk. Nails did is how inner-city folk talk. The "Jinkies" could have been intentional, as could the "nails did", really, but together it was too much.
No. 7218 ID: f98e0b

Nessie doesn't actually talk like that. It's hard to type sarcasm.
No. 7221 ID: 8d5624

Still, twice in one post is, I think, excessive.
No. 7222 ID: f98e0b

No. 7223 ID: 697b23

I disagree with you.
No. 7231 ID: 8d5624

On what grounds? I hold my opinion because that seemed more close together than such speech would be in people whom I observe to use similar speech patterns in real life.
No. 7232 ID: 51d0f5

A Penny Arcade had the "get their nails did" gag, and the writer of that strip is a genuine language snob.
No. 7236 ID: 51d0f5
File 126015121267.jpg - (163.02KB , 550x782 , 20070528.jpg )

(i has a reference)
No. 9300 ID: f98e0b
File 126385253920.png - (249.43KB , 800x600 , authority on patrol.png )

Back from holiday: Resuming updates as soon as I get into the swing of things.

Sorry for the unannounced hiatus. I was skiing up in Vermont as a surprise x-mas thing and then family and friends and life in general happened.

By the way, d9faf1. TPD is still going, and I'm going to update it at the close of this chapter of Oren, which I'm updating as soon as I get back into the swing of drawing. I got a tablet that actually works too, which'll help with the posedrawing if not the polygonal stuff.
No. 9609 ID: f98e0b

Updates about to slow quite a bit because
No. 11091 ID: f98e0b
File 126689899852.png - (77.52KB , 800x600 , furlesians.png )

There's not exactly a whole lot of discussion going on, so I figured I'd take the route some are with their threads and use it as a repository for fluff and lore in Eivr. So let's start with the Furlesians.

Furlaia. is a wealthy nation revolving around learning, art, and a healthy slave trade. Indentured Servants make up the bulk of the work force, and while they are treated fairly and entitled to eventual citizenship, their lives belong to their masters until such time as they are deemed worthy of freedom. For many this can take a very long time.

Furlesians can be differentiated from Eldefolk (Oren and Nessie are of Elde) by their floppier, narrower ears, heavier brows, and the high commonality of brown viddera who are Furlesians. Most brown viddera all over the world can attribute at least a small part of their heritage to Furlaia.

Furlaia and Elde are currently at war.
No. 12765 ID: f98e0b


Lately I've been getting sort of depressed with my quests since it seems like few people actually read it, and since I've spent a lot of time on it and try to keep a regular schedule, etc. I've been wondering if it was really worth all the effort I've been putting in.
So is it? There are people who say they enjoy Oren or Eivr or whatever a lot. It's fun, planning things, and I feel like I belong with TGChan. You guys are pretty great. I went on the MSPA forums for a bit, but they aren't like you at all. We're more a community here. I appreciate that.
But the truth I'm having to face is that suggestions are pretty damn low. What with the few comments, most of which are just about moving the story along or whatever, it seems like I'm just telling myself stories or whatever over here. And if I'm doing that there are more important things I should be doing with the time I spend.

I'm being stupid. Maybe I get plenty of comments, really, and I'm a spoiled tantrum-thrower. Hell, text quests usually get fewer. They manage. Maybe it's because the people who say they like it are pumping the ego of a sub-par quester too highly or something, and I think I'm someone when I'm not (though I don't see how that could be possible when I am as flawless, sparkly, and sexy as I am). Or maybe, as Vyt postulated (and I generally agree with), it's just depression brought on by lack of sleep and a light buzz.
Shit. I probably shouldn't even be typing this. I feel like I'm Razorbladeromace or whatever his name is from Reaver's quest and I'm using you as a dickstroking/Livejournal entry.
How could this happen to meeeeeeee
I've made my mistaaaake
Got nowhere to runnnnn

I digress.
It probably seems like this is either a "Look at me Everyone" post or me unzipping my pants and inviting everyone to take a jerk, but I'm seriously wondering if it's worth it. How many people read my quest? Are you guys watching or archive-diving but not commenting? That would be okay. I'd be fine with just telling a story, not doing a quest, as long as people liked it. But am I just pissing my weird, polygonal, unfunny/good piss into a river? Do you guys like it and am I accomplishing something or am I wasting my time and your screen?

I'll feel fine in the morning, I'm sure (besides the knowledge of an impending day of work bearing down on me like a cubicle-shaped truck) but since I'm in the mood I'm in, I felt I might ask.
No. 12766 ID: f98e0b

Jesu Christe that was too long what are you doing on the internet brom
No. 12769 ID: 1ac39d

i haven't been saying much because other people beat me to it. if you want me just posting "i agree" if someone beats me then i will.

also, it could be a side effect of having such a well made world setting that no one can come up with off the wall suggestions because they already know it wont work. another thing is the characters are well defined and most people don't want to suggest something they know the character wouldn't do. basically, your quest is too well put together.
No. 12771 ID: f98e0b

>If you want me posting
No I'm good.
I get that the dearth of posts is partly because of the nature of my quests. I really just wanted to know if there are people reading it and not directly saying things.
>well defined
Are the too-defined personalities my characters have an issue? Should they be more malleable and subject to suggestion? Do their personalities make it seem like the quest is a railroad? If it's any consolation you've all definitely defined Oren's personality much more with your suggestions.
No. 12772 ID: 1ac39d

no, it doesn't feel like a rail-road because they are doing what their personalities tell them to do.
No. 12776 ID: 8bfe4c

Yeah uh most of the time someone beats me to my suggestion or I just don't have anything particularly worthwhile to contribute. Oren is one of my favourite quests, actually.
No. 12800 ID: f98e0b

Okay, that's fairly reassuring. I just wanted to know if it was getting out there, you know? Don't feel like I'm trying to guilt anyone into suggestions. There's no need to comment unnecessarily, though I'd appreciate the occasional tiebreaker or whatever.
No. 12809 ID: 8ecfd4

I haven't had the chance to suggest in TPD and I'm not up to current events on Oren so I don't really want to suggest something there without having the full information. I do like Eivr and suggested in the last chapter of it. So when you start a new chapter for it I will be suggesting in it.

I liked both TPD and Eivr so I think I will go through the archive for Oren as well. Hopefully I will like that one as well.
No. 12810 ID: d8aa80

Your quest is my 3rd favorite on the board, and I read pretty much everything. Let me give you my take on this whole thing:


Your quest is funny and well-written. At the core, though, it's srs for the characters. Any time retarded and silly suggestions don't really have a place, it will cut down on your suggestions.

Omg Puzzles!

Most of the time, when we can suggest, it isn't to fucking dick around! The situation is serious or will have serious consequences, and we've got to watch our damn feet or we will be in deep shit. I suppose this goes hand-in-hand with my first point, but it's a little different. This bit makes your quest great, interesting, and worth talking about with people (I do that. In real life even), but it cuts down your suggestions yet again. People who aren't sure about their own non-silly suggestions will be too afraid to post. this has happened to me plenty of times.

Looking back, the plots are never really super complicated or anything (nor should they be) but they look scary at the beginning. The whole type of quest is one involved with investigation and problem-solving.


I know at least me and my 5~6 buddies read your quest. A lot of the time we won't post until the plot moves to a point where we know for sure what to do. You also update pretty fast most of the time, so I'll miss frames and I want to make sure I've gone and read everything before I suggest.

I love reading your quest, though. You have a great blend of intellectual, pornographic, and lollific stimulation and I feel it would be a great loss if you were no longer with us.

Also, I dig your style. My only suggestion would be more blood because your blood looks awesome.
No. 12819 ID: f98e0b

Those five or six people you were talking about was all I needed. I thought I was working with three readers or something. It's relieving to know people are enjoying themselves.
Squad Morale Restored. Thanks, guys.
No. 12822 ID: e973f4

I'm a little late, oops.

Sorry I haven't been posting much as of late, but people keep beating me to what I want to say and I feel pretty sheepish just going >>numbers This.

Of course I'm pretty sure I've told you repeatedly on the IRC how much I like your stuff; I mean, I even bothered to make an MSPA forum account just to follow your attempt over there. :O
No. 12824 ID: 34470e

>I even bothered to make an MSPA forum account just to follow your attempt over there.
Wait, WHAT? Where?
No. 12825 ID: 1ac39d

WHAT?! he has an MSPA adventure?! link please!!
No. 12826 ID: f98e0b

o lawd
Look okay it's sort of running but I'm debating even updating it anymore
Like I said I like this place better and plus I can't get serious or nsfw over there. The community's just not like that. It makes everything slapstick or whatever.
No. 12827 ID: 34470e

Don't make me have to look through every single quest there in order to find it. I have the free time and motivation for it.
No. 12837 ID: 5a2e05

Love your quests but, unfortunately, I am a hardcore lurker. I just have trouble suggesting things for any quests I read, really.
No. 12878 ID: 731dcd

Mostly lurker here as well. It's just so hard to keep up with quests since there's no programming schedules or anything. Not like in the RubyQuest days where you'd hear Weaver was updating tomorrow night and you'd be preparing for it. You just kind of catch things as they go.

But I digress. Brom, love your quest. Really. Favorite quest on the chan right now. Stay awesome.
No. 12879 ID: 445c48

Aye, I lurk as well, generally. And what comments I give are rarely helpful.
No. 12885 ID: 814e03

Brom, as strange as it seems, yeah, you have a gigantic silent following. Even I, who used to run a goddamn quest myself, am primarily a reader and not a suggester these days. But I love your stuff. Immensely. And I'm sure at least 85% of TGChan does as well.

Sure, your romance plots are more than a little idyllic. Sure, it may be hard to discern what's going on in a few panels with the strange art style. And hell, you might even make a /typo/ every now and then. But it works. It all fucking works like a big clockwork of parts that in no way should ever be used together under any other circumstance to make an incredible mechanical lattice of exemplary quality.

So what I'm saying is gj, keep it up
No. 12888 ID: 632862

What are the various denizens of the planes?
No. 12889 ID: f98e0b
File 126902996921.png - (69.63KB , 370x448 , qal.png )

Arcane has the Qal. A tough and long-lived race with fierce pride and a meritocratic, militaristic form of government. Every qal has a rank, and every qal is raised communally. There are no individual parents, no nobility, no inheritances. Every qal starts out as a Trainee, with exactly the same opportunity in life as every other qal. Interestingly for a race of the Arcane Plane, the qal have virtually no mages themselves, but almost every Qal Kingdom has its own highly trained standing army and Qal Shock Troopers are reknowned for their endurance and killing power.
No. 12890 ID: f98e0b
File 12690301422.png - (33.09KB , 262x451 , nephilim.png )

Divine has the Nephilim, the caretakers of the spirits that make their homes in that plane between reincarnations on the various other planes. They have a purpose in life, and they take their jobs extremely seriously, but at the same time are known for some of the most beautiful works of art and music across all the planes. They are wary of outsiders, but generally agreeable as long as you wipe your feet, don't touch anything, and refrain from bothering the Spirits.
No. 12891 ID: f98e0b
File 126903035361.png - (9.94KB , 262x451 , Dreamfolk.png )

The chaos of the Dream Plane isn't conducive to civilization or cities, but there are its sentient inhabitants, flitting through the sleeping minds of the rest of Eivr's creatures. The Dream Folk are an elusive race, and they lack any real culture besides those they take from the dreamers. Still, they have considerable power on their own planes and many are friendly, if hard to catch up with or speak to.
No. 12901 ID: f95872
File 126904804093.png - (9.23KB , 707x228 , 1266474265890.png )

>same race as TPD
>implying the entire Rastinverse is in the Arcane plane
No. 12902 ID: 1ac39d

No. 12903 ID: e3f578
File 126905000157.jpg - (28.90KB , 300x450 , the_question.jpg )

This conspiracy just got a whole lot more complex.
No. 12951 ID: f98e0b

Don't read too much into that.
No. 12953 ID: 5a2e05


No. 12959 ID: e973f4

We get a breather episode and take it totally seriously.

No. 12964 ID: 362f0c

It started with a pedophile killer getting himself a pair of gills, followed by a "it will end in flames" sequence from the Dreamfolk topped off with a healthy dose of Serious Wizard talken Serious Things.

If this was the breather we're about to get our asses waterboarded.
No. 12977 ID: e973f4

Yeah yeah yeah. I'm just pointing out that, by the end, this basically felt like the "light" or whatever you want to call them episodes of countless TV shows I've watched.

Not that I have the slightest opposition to this. |3
No. 12980 ID: 55e935

That ending was amazingly well-written. Proceeded like an episode of It's Always Sunny.

Brom does bickering very well.
No. 12996 ID: f98e0b
File 126920055471.png - (271.53KB , 800x600 , spells.png )

Throwing up Dio's spell list in here for easier access.
No. 12997 ID: f98e0b


Greater Glamor, a maintained illusion of anything less than ten feet in diameter Dio can create at will. Reacts realistically to attacks or damage.

Lesser Glamor, can create a larger illusion or multiple illusions without any sound or major reactions.

Nervelock, which causes an enemy's limbs to fail to respond. Hampers spellcasting or physical assault.

Mind Jolt, a direct attack on the enemy's brain. Can cause confusion and bouts of insanity.

Summon Item, Dio's primary attacking spell. He can pull items and weapons infused with his own willpower and subconscious direct from his dreams and has learned to send them flying at his foes.

Entomb, which Dio can use to cause his opponent to forget how to breathe, asphyxiating them. Can be switched off to just cause unconsciousness. Requires half his brain to stay concentrated on it to maintain.
No. 13001 ID: 1ac39d

if someone knows they are against an illusionist can they disbelieve the illusions hard enough that they don't work? like with dahlia just did with launching a ballista out her sleeve, would KNOWING it is fake give any defense against it or would it work anyway? asking cause knowing it is fake would be like lucid dreaming, the knowledge it is a dream let's you bend it to your will.
No. 13007 ID: 632862

Combos known:
Entomb + Nervelock = self-strangulation. Must maintain Entomb to continue this effect.
Nervelock + Mind Jolt = Seizure. Unknown if this requires maintenance.
No. 13008 ID: 632862

Another combo:
Lesser Glamor + Summoned Item = Checkmate Da, Lesser (multiknife attack. two are real, others fake)
No. 13061 ID: f98e0b
File 126931636663.png - (236.24KB , 800x600 , dahlia meditation.png )

Apologies for not updating tonight. You know how mondays are.

This instead.
No. 13062 ID: 1ac39d
File 126931646454.jpg - (16.21KB , 300x300 , dat_ass_yo.jpg )

dat ass
No. 13063 ID: f98e0b
File 126931737778.png - (11.31KB , 800x600 , viddur.png )


The very first drawing of a vidder.

For comparison.
No. 13066 ID: abb30a

I think he looks cool.
No. 13067 ID: 3416ec


Delicious tan lines. P:
No. 13068 ID: 1ac39d


Greater Glamor+Lesser Glamor= grand illusion.
No. 13097 ID: f95872

The problem with combinations is that they're limited by Brom's imagination. So if we do something totally crazy to see what happens, it'll likely end up being much less interesting than our original "SHIT MAN WHAT WOULD HAPPEN" feelings might hope.

Like how Entomb + Nervelock was basically the same as Entomb and Nervelock separately, instead of, say, shutting down the lungs.
No. 13098 ID: f98e0b

It's mostly just because much of the things you do can't be all that powerful yet, especially in a completely nonlethal match. As you get better you'll be able to do crazier shit, but for now it is indeed fairly basic. Also, nervelock just doesn't work that way. Besides, your own hand leaping up to strangle you is pretty cool, I thought :U.
No. 13107 ID: 8ecfd4

Since I don't feel the main thread is the right place for my following pun I'm posting it here.

I think the proper note for the anvil dropping should say "Sorry to drop this on you at a time like this, but I think you're kinda cute and I hope we can hang out sometime." preferably the last part should also have somthing to do with dropping or anvils. But I can't come up with anything good there.
No. 13161 ID: 6164e0

Magic combo ideas:

Greater Glamor, Entomb: WATERY GRAVE
Create the illusion of water about someone, with the intent of convincing them that their lack of air is due to drowning in abruptly summoned water. Would probably need a previous use of Summon Item to create water and get the target at least partly wet, to have an anchor to their sense of touch to cement the illusion more thoroughly.

Mind Jolt, Entomb: STOLEN BREATH
A targeted asphyxiation designed to make the act of breathing something that no longer occurs passively: Basically, you have to manually breath. Could have several outside of battle applications, as this could well be a subtle as all hell way to throw off someone's rhythm. Your breathing is critical to timing, and not being aware of this could be significantly impairing during exertion.

Nervelock, Mind Jolt: BODY ROULETTE
Disrupt the paths commands from the brain take, so that trying to move a given limb ends up triggering a different set of muscles. Every time this spell is applied to someone, it randomizes several pathways their nervous system uses for controlling the body, and resets to normal when taken off.

Partly paralyzes the diaphragm, to such an extent that all breathing becomes excessively shallow until the spell is broken. Makes stamina plummet at radical speeds in the target when they exert themselves.

Lesser Glamor, Mindjolt: YOUR OWN ENEMY
Create illusions around yourself and your foe, effectively switching your appearances, to maximize the confusion inflicted through mindjolt. If enough illusions can be summoned, keep making more pairs of illusions, one of each of you.

How do these sound?
No. 13162 ID: e3f578
File 126957251890.gif - (209.02KB , 650x450 , ps312.gif )

I wonder if we ever get to do the TRUFFLE SHUFFLE combo?
No. 13163 ID: 1ac39d

oh man, watery grave sounds perfect, they will be so sure that they can't breath because of the water they wont think twice that it may be all in their head.
No. 13164 ID: f95872

It's pretty cool. It's too directly logical to feel like magic to me, though.

This is the best spell ever.
No. 13175 ID: f98e0b

Those are all beautiful. Kind of hard to visualize YOUR OWN ENEMY, but at least one or two of those is fully possible.
No. 13181 ID: 1ac39d

YOUR OWN ENEMY is only useful if you are fighting the boss guy and some of his minions show up. you will look like him and him like you so they will attack him think he is the intruder.
No. 13183 ID: 6164e0

That was the whole reason for it as far as I was concerned. Largely useless in a duel, but in a large fight, could be incredibly handy.
No. 13184 ID: 1ac39d

was adding an extra explanation so brom understands what you were getting at.
No. 13185 ID: 6164e0

As new types of spells to add to Dio's Repertoire, (As in, spells he would pursue knowledge in each time enough time passes for him to get one), things like the following would seem quite useful:

Heatdeath: attempt to deregulate the foe's internal temperature, a spell built off of Nervelock as a more specialized application.

Dullard: Not an invisibility spell, so much as convincing the target(s) that a given object is unimportant. Say, a miser is walking by, and a hundred dollar bill on the ground has Dullard applied to it, even if it is in plain sight they will have difficulty noticing it unless someone points it out for them. Could lead to much more effective feints.

Some spell that allows you to base a summoned item of of some memories of your foe, usually used to destabilize someone by summoning something they have a strong emotional attachment to.

Pretty much ANY sensory limiter/deprivation technique, be it sight, sound, smell, etc. Every sense we learn how to manipulate, even a little bit, in a direct fashion leads to both more options for Dio, and gives us a chance to learn more about how much scope Illusion magic has.
No. 13193 ID: 1ac39d

if we can get something to cut off each of the senses it would be terrifying to cast 'sensory deprivation' they will we unable to notice anything. with ZERO senses a person will go mad rather quickly...
No. 13212 ID: f98e0b
File 126966760046.png - (392.23KB , 800x600 , diobadass.png )

I get it now, I think. I'll probably be parsing a few of these spells in as we go, so anyone else with suggestions can post 'em here.
No. 13213 ID: f98e0b
File 126966760758.png - (231.41KB , 800x600 , dahliabadass.png )

Any spell cast on an object or on something over time that is not permanent and is outside of combat is usually regarded as a hex. Dullard would fit that description, and Dio could concievably learn it in-story.
No. 13214 ID: 1ac39d

these are super sweet. what is dahlia doing exactly?
No. 13215 ID: f95872

Dio and Dahlia are so cute together~

I see. I would have assumed it was beyond the scope of dream, since so far everything we've seen has acted directly on a person's neural system, and the description of Dullard implies that the effect is indirect.

It should at least be quite difficult, as it is fairly meta.

Also what the fuck is Dahlia doing?
No. 13216 ID: e31d52

So we have mindfuckery spells...
What about a forced version of the mindsplit on another person? shut down the corpus callosum for some CRAAAAAAAAAZY bullshit.

(Note: The effects of seperating the hemispheres of the mind are very interesting.)
No. 13217 ID: e31d52

>Split-brain is a lay term to describe the result when the corpus callosum connecting the two hemispheres of the brain is severed to some degree. The surgical operation to produce this condition is called corpus callosotomy and is usually used as a last resort to treat intractable epilepsy. Initially, partial callosotomies are performed; if this operation does not succeed, a complete callosotomy is performed to mitigate the risk of accidental physical injury by reducing the severity and violence of epileptic seizures. Prior to callosotomies, epilepsy is treated through pharmaceutical means.
>A patient with a split brain, when shown an image in his or her left visual field (the left half of what both eyes take in, see optic tract), will be unable to vocally name what he or she has seen. This is because the speech-control center is in the left side of the brain in most people, and the image from the left visual field is sent only to the right side of the brain (those with the speech control center in the right side will experience similar symptoms when an image is presented in the right visual field). Since communication between the two sides of the brain is inhibited, the patient cannot name what the right side of the brain is seeing. The person can, however, pick up and show recognition of an object (one within the left overall visual field) with their left hand, since that hand is controlled by the right side of the brain.
>The same effect occurs for visual pairs and reasoning. For example, a patient with split brain is shown a picture of a chicken and a snowy field in separate visual fields and asked to choose from a list of words the best association with the pictures. The patient would choose a chicken foot to associate with the chicken and a shovel to associate with the snow; however, when asked to reason why the patient chose the shovel, the response would relate to the chicken.

Well, no real combat application, I suppose, but interesting. I'd like to note it hasn't been fully researched, and using it against someone while they cast might be incredibly jarring.
No. 13218 ID: 987386

Nervelock + Lesser glamor: Amputation.

Mind Jolt + Lesser Glamor: Face of Insanity.
No. 13220 ID: 8ecfd4

Since we're playing a guy named Dio I have been thinking of the best way to duplicate the "ZA WARDU!" effect on our enemies. And I think I got it.

Nervelock + Greater Glamor. But no an illusion that everyone sees. Instead the illusion locks the image of the last thing the victim saw in teir minds as well as preventing sounds or smells to get through. They can't see anything else for as long as the spell is in effect and the nervelock prevents movement. Giving the victim the illusion that time has stopped.

This ties in a bit with blind as well I guess since you're using something similar with preventing new optic input as well as auditary and olifactory input. Hmmm, actually we might need a better spell than Greater Glamor for it but I won't give up hope.
No. 13221 ID: f98e0b

Channeling power into a rune at her feet.
No. 13226 ID: f95872

>Nervelock + Lesser glamor: Amputation.
That's not really a fusion so much as a fucking brilliant concurrent effect.
No. 13227 ID: 1ac39d

add a little illusionary blood and cast it by saying some random sounds and pointing and they will think you just blew their arm off.
No. 13228 ID: 987386

For a different line of thinking, how about something that shuts off pain receptors? Both beneficial and hindering qualities about not feeling pain.
No. 13229 ID: 632862

Dio does that to himself when he fights.
No. 13230 ID: bb1526

If you wanted to go the creepy route, you could make it look like their hand detached itself and is crawling away, even.
No. 13231 ID: f95872

Wait, he does? Pussy.
No. 13304 ID: f98e0b


Paused for a while while I deal with the shit-ton of work on my plate.
I should be coming back sometime around next week.
No. 13474 ID: f21281
File 127025394940.png - (103.08KB , 282x272 , Diowut.png )

My two cents.
No. 13475 ID: 717301
File 127025536382.jpg - (25.72KB , 800x800 , helmet.jpg )

oo are we designing helmets
No. 13478 ID: f98e0b

Go for it
No. 13490 ID: 55e935
File 127026678763.png - (31.94KB , 381x315 , dio.png )

Might I suggest a little blast from the past?

Tinted glass made to fit the face. Allows the ears to hang out (just rub it in the faces of those Arkers) and is fastened by two buckles behind the head.

If not this, then I must insist on a luchadore mask, as lucha is proven to be the ultimate weapon against evil.
No. 13503 ID: 3de05a

That looks like a sweet mask design for the Alienation. However, we need a helmet.
No. 13507 ID: e3f578
File 127027186495.png - (178.40KB , 505x479 , Masquerade Mask.png )

I like the idea of showing off those ears, but I sorta want the mouth to be visible as well, akin to Masquerade Renaissance masks from Assassin's Creed 2.

Maybe we should get Dio to grow a goatee too, if Vidder's can grow beards.
No. 13514 ID: f95872
File 127027253345.jpg - (73.90KB , 600x912 , helmets.jpg )

I guess these don't all necessarily fit Dio's style, but I had fun making them.
No. 13516 ID: 362f0c

I think they utterly lack hair of any kind. Still masquerade masks are awesome.
No. 13517 ID: 717301
File 127027291012.jpg - (23.06KB , 285x231 , the unicron.jpg )

No. 13519 ID: e3f578
File 12702744031.png - (50.23KB , 800x600 , Adult Dio.png )

Apparently with good reason, i dunno. Maybe its just my art skill or that I couldn't find a natural looking brown or whatever.
No. 13521 ID: f95872

It seems to me that it would be ideal to cover the entirety of Dio's head.
No. 13523 ID: e3f578

I'm not sure if the mask is made for protective purposes, it fits some sort of tradition. Besides, students switch from helmets to wooden masks on their alienation so I'm guessing the thing is entirely aesthetic. Don't go for ideal, go for cooooooool.
No. 13524 ID: 2eac65

I'm thinking a variation of his original mask, with the line in the center split apart like a vertical eyelid.
No. 13526 ID: f95872
File 12702803697.jpg - (20.22KB , 498x330 , helmets2.jpg )

We haven't seen anyone with part of their face exposed. I think it's ideal to cover the entirety of the head from a social standpoint as well as a combat one; indeed I had not really considered combat ramifications, as I'd assumed that these helmets aren't really constructed with the requisite structural integrity to serve as armor.

Seems a bit boring to me. Pic is my take.
No. 13590 ID: d1210a

I got an idea on how to give Dio a crapton of visibility with a mask on, and keep it from being stranfge for eye-slot positioning.

Get a fishbowl type helmet, one-way transparant, with random patterns swirling across it, in a manner similar to rorshach, random kaleidoscopic patterns and all. No matter what Dio does, he can see as well as if his mask was not present, while keeping the entirety of his facial structure (and how many eyes he has) concealed.

Then beyond that, a long robe, long sleeves (with pockets/nooks for throwing knives, etc) and a cape that wraps around the body, all with ragged edges. If Dio moves about, he will appear to be a mass of flapping bits of cloth, with a swirling set of patterns festooing the one stable shape, an orb. Would allow his profile and outline to be harder to discern, making attacks harder to correctly orient on his body, and the cloth could have ablative properties in their added bulk, basically the heavy armor of robes.

Plus, he would look STYLIN'

No. 13591 ID: 1ac39d

i gotta agree, that is maximum STYLIN right there.
No. 13594 ID: e75a2f
File 127043663882.jpg - (47.03KB , 600x400 , daft_punk.jpg )

You know you want one of these.
No. 13596 ID: 55e935

Stop trying to make Dio into Mysterio from Spiderman.
No. 13597 ID: d1210a

Mysterio and Rorschach, with a touch of spawn-style CRAZY CAPE

Tell me that is not STYLIN'
No. 13598 ID: 1ac39d

of course we should save it for post alienation. a simpler helmet change for now to let his oculus see.
No. 13606 ID: f95872

That would indeed be stylin', but I fear that it may lack practicality. A large amount of clothing can tend to hinder motion significantly. For armor purposes, we'd be better with boiled leather (or even plates, Yawgmoth style) under or in our robes.

The helmet may or may not be beyond our ability to create.
No. 13618 ID: 5a2e05

No. 13620 ID: e3f578

Man, fuck practicality. Go for comfort and STYLIN'
No. 13647 ID: f98e0b

So after I wrap up this bodacious eivr chapter (I'm going to split it into another thread because it's a long one) do we check in on Oren and Nessie's bodacious adventures, follow Dio as he starts his bodacious Alienation with a bodacious pal, or start up some bodacious reboot of TPD? I'm sort of partial to hanging with Eivr a little more before we do Oren again because the plots are going to get all intermingle-y and I want to align some stuff chronologically but whatever. It's your choice.

Bodacious :U.
No. 13648 ID: 1ac39d

oh man, are you telling me we get to have Oren and Dio brofist? cause that would be rad.

i am going for eivr or TPD.
No. 13649 ID: 5a2e05

But... but... all the choices are just so bodacious! The choice is hard but right now aligning stuff chronologically seems to be the smartest move. Also I expect a reboot of TPD at some point in the future.
No. 13650 ID: 445c48
File 127052254865.jpg - (51.08KB , 460x300 , bill-and-ted.jpg )


Start a most excellent reboot of TPD.
No. 13651 ID: d1210a

No. 13653 ID: f21281

But...doesn't TPD take place in DA FOOTCHA?

I'm confused here. Is a man in a blue box going to suddenly show up and recruit Oren, Nessie, and Dio + Company away to help John defeat some big intergalactic menace?
No. 13654 ID: 1ac39d

oh, and we still don't have a link to Brom's other adventure on the MSPA forum.
No. 13656 ID: f95872

I'd say proceed with Dio. I'd like to check in on Oren, but keeping the timelines flowing right will save trouble down the road.

I like TPD, but the characters are just not as engaging as Dio, Dahlia, Oren, Squires, or their extended supporting cast.

And the setting is really more intriguing; TPD has some interesting idea, but not as interesting as the magic.

So we should wait until Dio ends up in the Arcane Plane and meets John, I suppose.
No. 13657 ID: 15f6d6

Dio has my vote as well, even though I like Oren better.
No. 13660 ID: 3b6c92

If voting for Eivr is going to help make sure QWNN aligns with it properly, then I'm voting for that.
No. 13661 ID: c2c011

Dio. We just have to make him bulk up and get some yellow clothes.
No. 13837 ID: f98e0b

Back and updatin' for Eivr chapter 3. Just don't expect it to fly by, since I've still got a lot of life knockin' on my door. I'll do my best to crank out updates on the side.
No. 13862 ID: f95872

Can some one remind me, what's the criteria for finishing the Alienation?
No. 13864 ID: f98e0b

Extremely vague, by design. It all depends on what you do out there and what you think is enough. Anything noteworthy, heroic, scholarly, or infamous enough will do.

The shortest alienation was two hours long, when a student visited the divine plane the very moment an infernal assault threatened to break down a nehilim city and successfully led its inhabitants in a defense and counterattack which saved them. The longest has lasted fifty years and counting.
No. 13865 ID: f95872

So, the sooner we do something monumentally awesome, the sooner we're done. Sounds good.

>The longest has lasted fifty years and counting.
That guy probably just doesn't want to go home for some reason.
No. 13899 ID: f95872

So Brom, do you still feel like hardly anybody reads your quest? You seem to have a small handful of mask submissions.
No. 13908 ID: 620bfb

Small handful? How big are your hands?
No. 13916 ID: f98e0b

That isn't really a worry any more. It's pretty clear I was just being a whiny emo fucka, and I'm over it, 'cause the amount of masks you guys are giving me is stunning. Not to sound egotistical or anything, but wow. Thank you. They're all awesome but needless to say I'm not gonna be able to incorporate them all into the design.

So I just want to say that they're all fucking awesome, you guys are all fucking awesome, and I appreciate every mask, even that one that's just a big dick (Dammit LawyerDog).

Anyway, I sort of prematurely started updating, since I've still got a lot of shit to do, so expect any updates to be pretty damn slow and far apart, instead of the sort of session-type stuff that sometimes happens. Sorry about that.
No. 13925 ID: 701a19

This is the best I've seen. By far.
I mean, damn, that's some style right there.
No. 13935 ID: f95872

I'd rather have sporadic and infrequent updates than no updates at all.
No. 14078 ID: f98e0b

Work 'n shit over.
Good tiems.
No. 14113 ID: f95872

Out of curiosity, did you have different things planned for4 the different planes, or just one plan that could work for any? Or no plan?
No. 14115 ID: 620bfb

Arcane? Aww, now how will the epic bro buddy-cop team work?
No. 14116 ID: 1ac39d

they meet up after dio graduates. the alienation is like a midterm.
No. 14142 ID: f98e0b

I pretty much flesh out the general world and make vague outlines of some characters, then just fly by the seat of my pants.
That's what I've been doing so far, anyway.
No. 14340 ID: f95872

So I guess Brom's quests' romance aren't all easy and idyllic.

I wonder if some sort of love triangle thingy might pop up? Nah, it could never happen.
No. 14347 ID: 1ac39d

scratch that. coming out of the closest is too funny to be a bad thing.
No. 14353 ID: 3dde9c

So, Dahlia and Pyramus are in the Material plane, eh? Could always have a Dahlia/Oren meet-up. ...but I doubt it would end well, unless there were an action-packed case that required massive amounts of violence or something.
No. 14392 ID: d1210a

You know Oren treating Dahlia like a kid and the HORRIBLE repercussions from that will be hilarious, and that Nessie and Pyramus will spend large amounts of time laughing at them is the best kind of possibility, right?

Plus, then Dahlia can come back with some story of 'Yeah, helped some sheriff kick the crap out of the Ark Fraternity. What? No, I didn't mix the order up, I helped HIM, as in the sheriff was the one doing the asskicking.'

Dio, curious about someone with a shared enemy and competency, follows up on this, eventually learns of Oren through Orpheus, giving Dio the most non-meta excuse to meet with Oren I can think of.
No. 14595 ID: f98e0b

Sooo it's starting to dry up again. Should I stop for a bit while people catch up or something, or am I being unclear or unmotivational? Not providing good suggestion hooks? Not following up on suggestions well enough?
Or is it just because it's during weekdays :U?
No. 14596 ID: 1ac39d

it's that everything is going the way we want it to already so no one feels any reason to input. we all agree with what he is already doing so why tell him to keep doing what he is doing?
No. 14601 ID: f98e0b

Okay, so introduce a few more options? Maybe have some more compelling choices?
No. 14602 ID: 1ac39d

no, it's not that. i'm not sure what you can do that would both give you more suggestions but not exasperate everyone here with the details.
No. 14604 ID: f95872

It's not so much that we lack viable choices as that there is no polarity. If you really want more suggestions, I guess you could look at Test Pattern's quests, because they are always full of arguing. But I honestly think your quests are fine how they are.
No. 14631 ID: 620bfb

Better we move forward than argue about every little thing.
No. 14687 ID: 059120

...Yeah, I think you got that covered there.
No. 14699 ID: 1ac39d

found it
No. 14700 ID: f98e0b

No. 14701 ID: 1ac39d

triple dog dare you to update it.

wonder how everyone would react to the art upgrade.
No. 14713 ID: 0fc814

Told you we should've climbed the mountain. We could've saved everyone and wrapped up Alienation in under two weeks. Or died. Either way it'd be pretty cool!
No. 14717 ID: 1ac39d

for all we know, the attack would have never happened or happened somewhere else.
No. 14721 ID: f98e0b
File 127214975837.png - (320.77KB , 800x600 , oren or dio.png )

Okay, so this chapter's almost over.

Should we follow Oren next or see if we can't finish Dio's Alienation?
No. 14723 ID: eb8bf5

Is it really even a question?

No. 14725 ID: d6cb21

Well, if we go with one, will we skip the other? Cause I wanna do both...
No. 14726 ID: f98e0b

You will do both.
No. 14727 ID: 9cf63d

Let's see if we can't finish off Dio's alienation before we head back to the good ol boys back at the material.
No. 14728 ID: d1210a

Yeah, I'd say Dio, at least until the Alienation is done.

And by done, I mean he has done enough to return. Then Dio and Jai can work on getting back while we switch to Oren, to then switch back when Dio returns, in time for RELATIONSHIP DECISIONS OH NOEZ
No. 14730 ID: 0fc814

No. 14732 ID: f95872

Whichever flows. I'm into the Alienation story now, but if you've got a good story for Oren, that's cool too.

Also, am I the only one who understands Dulan pretty much perfectly?

Except "hicked yourself" through me for a loop when I first saw it. Wasn't expecting it, and it's not a turn of phrase I've heard before. The rest all made sense to me, though.
No. 14733 ID: 3b6c92

No. 14734 ID: 059120

Oren. (Or Tybalt. Tybalt would be cool.)
No. 14738 ID: e3f578
File 127215994060.png - (153.16KB , 320x289 , Man With No Name.png )

Ehhhhh Dio.

Oh gee wiz, theres a western connection with Qren's quest name in the wiki. Is that intentional?
No. 14739 ID: f98e0b

No. 14742 ID: f95872

In light of Dahlia's location, let's go Oren.

Also, chatspeak is fucking annoying. Why can't things be spelled and capitalized correctly in dream-messages?
No. 14744 ID: f98e0b

They aren't dream messages, just normal ones.
No. 14751 ID: f95872

Oh. I didn't know phones were interplanar. I wish mine was.

>And for the first time in his life Dio feels true loneliness and true fear.
This seems like an odd reaction to texting his girl and hearing sex up above.
No. 14752 ID: fddd61

We seem to have hit a good pausing point for Dio, so I'm going to vote for Oren.
No. 14753 ID: 1ac39d

he is starting to really miss her and i worried about her.
No. 14754 ID: 7524b0

He's worried about the creatures and his own resolve and if she really loves him.
No. 14755 ID: af61ca

so I heard there was VOTING in this thread

I vote for


the orange guy

who's name kinda sounds like orange

and maybe I will read him too!
No. 14756 ID: 620bfb

Well said, going with Orenge as well.
No. 14832 ID: 86bece

Dio. He must have more bizarre adventures in the Arcane plane.
No. 14879 ID: f98e0b

Got bored so I updated the MSPA.
No. 15234 ID: 0b2a05

No. 15235 ID: e31d52

No. 15236 ID: 701a19

No. 15239 ID: 3441fa

Keep doing this
No. 15758 ID: f98e0b

The MSPA has become something I am almost proud of! So I'll go ahead and a bit more officially plug it here:
Whoo ego

Anyway this post is just to say that now that I've reached a good stopping point here and my waifish little feelings have been patched up from what those mean ole people at 4chan said about my precious widdle quests (sniff) I'm going back to updating Oren some more.

LawyerDog prepare for grey man-areolas
No. 15760 ID: 6922af

You had me at areolas.
No. 15768 ID: f95872

On an only tangentially related note, I think I've finally managed a reasonably approximation of your style, on my dressup suggestion.
No. 15769 ID: 2eac65

That was the last word in his post.
No. 15796 ID: 6922af

Yeah, I know. Brom almost lost me.
No. 16672 ID: f98e0b
File 12754370831.png - (12.19KB , 800x600 , choice.png )

Up next on Uncle Bromeliad's Eivrtime story hour!
Will we follow Oren the Friendly Sheriff, Dio the Rascally Illusionist Scamp, or a MYSTERY CHARACTER OOOH
No. 16673 ID: 52f0ec

Those noodly arms are enticing, but I've got to go with MYSTERY
No. 16674 ID: c71597

Lets go with Dio. He has certain legends to live up to and bizarre adventures to go on.
No. 16677 ID: a594b9

Let's go with Dio for now.
No. 16679 ID: 16ca96

I can't turn down mystery!
No. 16681 ID: 66d32b

Dio :u
No. 16682 ID: e973f4

It's Diotime.
No. 16683 ID: 407b5b

No. 16684 ID: e3f578

Mystery all the way baby
No. 16686 ID: 701a19

No. 16691 ID: 5a2e05

Dio's Dio, but a mystery character could be anything. It could even be Dio! You know how much we've wanted to play him lately. Votan MYSTERY
No. 16693 ID: d1210a

Why do I vote for Dio?
It is a mystery....
No. 16694 ID: d1ad31

No. 16701 ID: f95872

I want Dio... but what's the mystery? It could be something awesome, like a dinosaur! I don't know...

I guess Dio.
No. 16702 ID: 0b2a05

Mystery. Dio is awesome but I'm just way too curious.
No. 16704 ID: e3f578

Hmm... prediction...
Arker's have a potential sympathetic story going on from QUEST QUESTIONNAIRE that a character viewpoint could be valuable. So it could be an Arker. Or maybe a two-eyed mage because that life-style hasn't been covered all that much... or maybe one of those spirit plane creatures for the same reason.
No. 16713 ID: 697b23
File 127545909172.jpg - (13.61KB , 425x331 , griffin3.jpg )

Guys, Dio's just Dio, but the Mystery character could be anyone. It could even be Dio! You know how much we wanted him again!

We'll take the Mystery character!
No. 16720 ID: e3f578
File 127546481162.jpg - (14.44KB , 200x137 , phoney_tn.jpg )


Hey, wait, this guy stole his joke. YOU'RE A PHONY. HEY EVERYONE THIS GUY'S A BIG PHONY!
No. 16745 ID: 55c4cf

No. 16746 ID: 1ac39d

No. 16750 ID: 277821

No. 16756 ID: e67080

As a recent convert to ye stories, I declare making me choose between Dio and a Mystery is just unfair!

but mystery still, since I want to know, and have a mild guess that must be indulged.
No. 16758 ID: 34470e

Tybalt Octus. If we can't choose that, then Dio.
No. 16759 ID: f98e0b
File 127551565456.png - (88.55KB , 299x583 , nessie.png )

Mystery it is.
Someone suggested to me that I do character generation for the Mystery Character, and let you create your own character (it'll be an involved process including designing personality since I can't write blank slate characters well at all), so should I do that or my original plan?

Also. I'm gonna draw all my protagonists as modern day humans because I can. Pictured: Nessandra Squires locks and loads.
No. 16760 ID: f98e0b
File 12755159473.png - (142.15KB , 434x600 , Oren.png )

Oren Loper realizes this is going to be another long night.
No. 16765 ID: b89e1f

Appropriate. I guess I just didn´ picture him before as someone so grumpy.
No. 16766 ID: f98e0b

He wouldn't be if he hadn't just run across a dead dude.

So. New character or mistery characters?
No. 16767 ID: 55e935

If you let us generate our own character, we're just going to make Tybalt anyway.
No. 16768 ID: e3f578

Man, if we created a character from scratch, it'd just be another chick with huge boobs again. I normally wouldn't complain about that but, ehh, enough is enough.

If you already got a mystery character figured out then I would prefer that.
No. 16771 ID: 426169


No. 16773 ID: f98e0b


now it's tied
No. 16774 ID: 426169


Totally not tied anymore.
No. 16775 ID: e67080

Character creation might work, we here are all mature, serious people who care about story and plo....

oh, hahahahaha, I almost got through that with a straight face. We all know we're mostly hormonal male jackasses.

Go with whatever you originally had in mind unless a new character titillates you, or maybe Gurp! I totally vote for Gurp.
No. 16776 ID: 6834bc

aw fuck do I really have to be the mystery tiebreaker?
No. 16778 ID: 8c0848

No. 16783 ID: 5a2e05

Woah, Oren's a black guy?

No. 16789 ID: ba41e5

No. 16793 ID: 059120

I vote for Tybalt Dio!
No. 16794 ID: f98e0b

Poll's closed due to Decision.

Dio it is. I'll do tybalt after the chapter. We'll get to the MISTERY eventually.
No. 16802 ID: f98e0b
File 127553226710.png - (111.78KB , 407x600 , Dio.png )

Oh and speaking of Dio.

Who next?
No. 16803 ID: e67080

Osmen! I bet he looks weird as a human.

or on a serious note, since we are already on Dio, Deliah and Jai
No. 16805 ID: e3f578

Man that ain't Dio he gots two eyes
No. 16806 ID: e67080

Dio has had 2 eyes for most of the time we knew him anyways, his oculus only recently oculus-ed
No. 16809 ID: 5a2e05

I think that art's come quite a way from Osmen.
No. 16810 ID: 0b2a05

Do whichever you think, either way should be fun, yes? Consider if you can write the character well if someone else makes it of course.
No. 16888 ID: f98e0b
File 127562356770.png - (177.48KB , 373x600 , Jai.png )

Glad to hear it.

Jai Etra Vostra, Eivrtown Fencing Academy alumnus '09.
No. 16889 ID: 55e935


When did you get so good?
No. 16890 ID: 1ac39d

wow, something about those eyes is just... wow.
No. 16891 ID: f98e0b

No. 16892 ID: e75a2f


He looks like Lucas without the striped shirt or the point at the front of his hair.
No. 16902 ID: e67080

My only complaint could be that this makes Jai look so awesome, that my favorite-ness of Dahlia is now threatened. Thus must be remedied!
No. 16903 ID: e3f578

Two eyes! TWO EYES! So goood
No. 16908 ID: f98e0b

Dahlia's next. Any recommendations as to how to draw her?
No. 16909 ID: 4d80e9

With an eyepatch
No. 16911 ID: 5a2e05

No. 16912 ID: f98e0b

I'll keep it in mind.
No. 16913 ID: e67080

If I had to suggest, id draw her fuming slightly over how tall everyone else is compared to her in some situation. Either that or working in a drama setup, wearing the traditional black garb of stage crew.
No. 16914 ID: 68b807

Prom dress.
And handgun.
No. 16915 ID: f95872

Draw her cuddling with something~
No. 16926 ID: f98e0b
File 127576204863.png - (168.50KB , 721x600 , Dahlia.png )

Dahlia Zu Veltkrick, Stagecraft TA at Eivrtown High.
No. 16928 ID: 35cea2


She's pretty cute. I like how you draw humans.
No. 16929 ID: e67080

Aha! thank ya Brom, you have re-secured Dahlia as my favorite again.
No. 16931 ID: f98e0b
File 127576588746.png - (168.32KB , 721x600 , Dahliapatch.png )


There ya go.
No. 16939 ID: 110e2c
File 127577894295.jpg - (163.69KB , 700x525 , any eyes today.jpg )

oah, my Deppity Nessie
No. 17204 ID: f98e0b

No (well, sporadic, maybe) updates for a while so I can figure out sum meatspace stuff.
Eivr should return to normality by the weekend.
No. 17806 ID: e67080

ok, since I cannot do any fanart to Brom's deliah and overall awesomness, I offer something I at least think I'm =decent= at.

Ode to an Illusionist
Hide behind a glamor, if this your wish
Of split mind, but unified in kindness
Thus be Dio, a skillful illusionist
Who may see a chance of love in blindness.
Growing a splitting brain, and sight one eyed.
Breaker of grading curves, thrower of knife
Able to wake Jai, and not even die!
Killing encountered, friends whom stand beside
Finder of danger, apparently rife
Pestering of hormones, hard to deny.

Yet for a relative short while of life
Helpers of a sort, with awful advice
Guide you along, and try to aid in strife.
Of female bodies, we have helped entice.
Summon an item, Entomb away breath
Jolt their mind, lock their nerves into abyss
Taking their mind, deep in the hippocamp
Dio, your adventure shall not meet death,
Until at least you know pubescent bliss!
We chose you, lovable illusionist scamp.
No. 17836 ID: f98e0b

You are awesome.
No. 18421 ID: 34470e

I say Master of Illusion
No. 18423 ID: 4f6e37
File 12775232594.png - (58.79KB , 800x600 , domains.png )

A quick recap of the domains was asked for, and I thought it might help you decide whether to go with archmage or master illusionist, and what domain to choose. So here are the other domains:

Enchanter: Enchantment is the magic of the Arcane plane. It allows for the control of pure energy and force. Enchanters can infuse normal items with arcane energy to create various magical tools or weapons.
Arcane magic is perhaps the most straightforward. Pick a spell, and blast it. The thing is that they are perhaps the most potent and damaging. Arcanists can't do a whole lot in combat besides smash, but they smash real good.

Evoker: Evocation is the magic of the Material plane. It allows for direct manipulation of the elements, including earth, fire, water, air, etc.
Evokers are unique in that the more of a certain element they are surrounded in, the more powerful the spells for this element become. And since most elements are represented in their pantheon of abilities, this means they are usually master environmental fighters, twisting the land into a weapon.

Thaumaturge: Thaumaturgy is the magic of the divine plane. Thaumaturges can attack the souls of their enemies or call upon the wills of spirits. Some can even invoke the aid of the deities themselves.
Thaumaturges use the dual energies of Heaven and hell to fight, exploiting the inherent and constant conflict between light and darkness to preserve body, soul, and sanity as they tinker with powers most would prefer to leave well enough alone. Thaumaturges are adaptable, finesse-based fighters with good attack and some of the best defensive spells, although with fairly major stipulations on when they can use them.

If anyone has any advanced votes stick 'em in here rather than the quest thread, por favor.
No. 18426 ID: 2a421d

I agree, let us master those illusions before we go on to Archmage.
No. 18429 ID: 8bdb6a

Don't think "Let's do this and then this."

Trying to do both will require a decade or more of study. Whatever choice we make is basically what Dio is doing for the next several years.

With that in mind, I vote Archmage - Enchanter, so we can do two of Jai's awesome fwackoom spells at once and also fly. Also, so the next time we summon a magic sword, (or a stop sign, or a steamroller) it'll be enchanted.
No. 18430 ID: a76809

Hmm... as much as I want to say Master illusionist, due to time constraints, I'd go for enchanter, just because Enchanter/Illusionist seems like a combo made for rape. But I would say shooting for Master Illusionist is more important after that than expanding into any other school.

My opinion.
No. 18431 ID: a76809

But ultimately, yeah, even if it takes longer, splitting focus between learning enchanter based magic and getting to be a master illusionist would be my personal preference. As I recall, mages live for a crazy long time, and Vidders already live what, 150 years if they're lucky? We got time for a heavy workload, methinks.
No. 18434 ID: 4f6e37

Just wanted to clear up that really you probably only want to focus on one or the other right now. Fully learning both things will take decades, and believe it or not there's actually going to be an end to Eivr, at one point or another.

Focus on one option or another for now, and don't make any plans to do two different schools or splitmind first then branch into something else or something.
No. 18435 ID: 55e935

Illusion all the way. I wanna see thing get psychedelic and crazy. Our next spell choice should be something along the lines of mental suggestion, expanding not only Dio's power, but our own, as his non-present head voices.

Control over a others' perceptions of reality and later on, the ability to lock them inside their own heads is just about the coolest magic I can think of.
No. 18438 ID: f95872

My initial thought is NOT fishbowl. But it might look okay with the Beret on top.
Also, I don't really like the idea of just copying Daft Punk, but I do like the aesthetic of their helms slightly better than the more cluttered look of some of the others.

I agree with
A Neo-Dio, but with the lens-shape from Cyclopean is likely ideal.

Regarding helms, would somebody care to put the Beret on the available helms? Ideally this would be Brom, but really a cut and paste would do. If nobody else does I may do it eventually if I have time, but time is something I'm short on at the moment.

>further training
My first instinct is to proceed with Illusions. Neither Evoking or Thaumaturgy can contribute anything which is superior to the exponential increase to combination ability which would be provided by further compartmentalizing our mind. But we haven't seen an Enchanter in action, we don't really know how they work. However, it's described as being straightforward. If our enchantment options are as limited as our combat options, it is not a worthwhile investment of time. However, if they're more broad, it could be.

While we may not be able to do both in terms of gameplay, we could certainly plan to do both in-character.
No. 18440 ID: e67080

Actually, Jai is an enchanter. So we have seen what they do in combat. What we have not seen is an Evoker, even though Pyramus is one.

Things we know about each 'class' of magic
+Can provide the raw power to enchant an item. This works well with Dio's strong understanding of the ritual aspect of magic. (Assumingly this is their 'equivalent' to the split brain benefit of illusion)
Spells known (taken from Jai's fight):
Arcane Flame which summons an orb of fire she can either throw or use as a makeshift flamethrower, which is more powerful but close-range.

Arcane Bolt which is a projectile made of pure energy and force. If this wasn’t a practice bout with layer upon layer of protective spell on both combatants, it would have the capacity to blow holes in people.

Counterspell which lets her cancel out a spell being cast or flying through the air toward her with a concussive blast of force.

Arcane Shield which can deflect all but the most powerful magical and physical attacks if she can throw it up quick enough.

Levitate, which, as the name implies, gives Jai the power of flight. She has to maintain it, which slightly weakens any spell she casts while flying, but the advantages are obvious.

Mage Hand which allows her to manipulate smallish objects (Boulders are out, but not swords or chairs, for example) at a distance.

Arcane Throw, a more concentrated, less versatile Mage Hand that can push objects away from Jai and toward her opponents at high speeds.

+Can call upon both abyssal and divine energies, allowing access to directly offensive and defensive spells. Use of one type of energy exclusively empowers the opposite type (so after a string of attacks, defensive magic is particularly effective, and vice versa), but at the consequence of weakening the effect of later powers upon the same energy. Overuse of either type of energy causes a backfire.
+It is also known that some ability to go to Hell (and its divine equivalent: assumption) must come with the magical school. As one known spell sends a piece of your soul to hell that can be retrieved.
+Can apparently activate a divine spell, while preparing a abyssal based spell at the ready (as seen by Everett versus Jai)
-Typically are considered 'spooky', have seemingly fairly exclusive ties to the Ark.
-Ark expects a red oculus, anti non-mage mentality, loss of Vidder ears.

Known Spells(all generally unnamed):
Unknown: Sleep (Assumingly divine by color of Arker's hand when cast, ineffective against a Dream based creature/mage). Unknown force blast (calling it THUMP for now), Reverberating blast of seemingly nonlethal force, does not seem hindered by objects, and pushes them away (pushed Dio, Arker, and table to other side of a room). Nimbus of shimmering force, Close range AoE force pushback, does not seem to effect someone if you are not aware of them (as it did not hinder Deliah when she fooled the Arker to her position)

Divine Sheild powers: Can be used to either reflect harmlessly a weapon(Wildflower) or ricochet (Everett) a magical attack back at the caster.

Abyssal Offensive powers: Ability to summon a large inferno of fire that is shaped like a fireball when controlled, but spreads if uncontrolled (requires sending part of your soul to hell). Skullheaded demon fireball summon (offensive, stopped by a rock). Focused abyssal energy (used to destroy the rock). Summon snake demon (with vidder like ears) becomes more faded and less real when abyssal energy overused.
No. 18441 ID: f95872

Oh, that's right. So I'd say we should stick with Illusion.
No. 18442 ID: f95872

On an entirely different note... What level of respect do you guys reckon the kithik have for us? There may come a time when we could use a favor from them. It wouldn't be proper to retake the throne, of course, and we did rub in the whole "don't take loyalty too far" thing. Of course, we could certainly call on Aaron for a favor if we reckon we need one, but it remains to be seen how far we could stretch that.

At the very least, we should remain on good terms with him.
No. 18443 ID: 4f6e37

So goddamn but the thread is getting huge and we're not quite finished yet.
I really don't want to slow down anyone's browsers more than I already have.

Should I split the thread up into a chapter 4 thread 2 starting right after http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/188322.html#196970 here, for ease of use/archival?
No. 18453 ID: c2c011

I vote for Archmage and go with Thaumaturgy, the ability to cheat death is rather wicked cool. And summoning demons and crap isn't that bad either. The fight between Jai and Everett also showed that Thaumaturges can do some pretty freaking cool stuff when they're properly trained.

It could also be rather handy when used together with illusions. We could for instance keep the demon summoning aspect a secret, make illusions of demons that go through our opponent so they stop worrying about them and then *BAM* real exploding demon that they didn't bother to dodge because they thought it was another illusion.
No. 18468 ID: c2c011

There is also an added benefit from this that I forgot earlier. We could invite the kithik ex-queen to train alongside us. Which should tie them even tighter to Arcanopolis and start a trend among Kithik mages to have a sort of their own alienation in Arcanopolis. Which would give Arcanopolis alot more possibility to influence Kithik society and customs, something that could be highly beneficial in the long term.
No. 18469 ID: 059120

Illusion/Thaumaturgy could be really cool, I think. The Abyssal/Divine mechanic is awesome, and with illusions we could do stuff like make it seem like our Heaven/Hell meter is somewhere else. Like, casting illusions that look like abyssals so it seems we're balanced but are really charging it. Or making it seem like we're going to backlash when we're pretty balanced.
No. 18471 ID: 8bdb6a

Thaumaturgy is pretty cool, but keep in mind that we can't summon both types of spells (attack/defense) at the same time, where we might otherwise using Split Mind, or where we could with another type of magic, like Enchantment.
No. 18473 ID: c2c011

We could use greater summon for defence though or offense while we use thaumaturgy for the other.
No. 18488 ID: e67080

The way I look at it is there are an assumed series of benefits that come from each area of magic. Each area has some pluses, but also lacks in certain areas.

As such, I think an enchanter suits the path Dio is going towards well. Gone a bit is the 'innocent' dio, we are instead seeing Dio grow into someone who knows how to use a melee weapon for throwing and close range, who will be willing to fight instead of talk (albiet not so much into killing). And is fairly unwilling to accept a loss or succomb to fear.

Benefits I see:
1) As a good ritualist already, Dio could grow into an amazing enchanting power source for items he needs on the go.
2) Illusion depends moreso than any other area of magic on deception and disabling. Enchanting also deals with disabling, but offers what Illusion seems to lack, actual offensive capabilities via magic (summoning an item is really Dio's only directly offensive spell).
3) Assuming Split Mind also works with Illusion magic and Enchantment about as equally, combinations become very powerful. Arcane Fire and summoning blades or rocks? A form of entomb that knocks all the breath out of the opponent first so they fall unconscious very quickly?
4)In addition, Illusion w/ Enchantment offers the added bonus of being able to be offensive, with the power to misdirect. Summon two fireballs one minute, next time summon a real one, and a glamor that looks like one to conserve power. The enemy begins to become uncertain of every mode of attack, since you are not just an illusionist, its much harder to learn about what you do.
No. 18493 ID: 9f5a08

I'm for the Master of Illusions as Dio's next advancement. While I do agree that the possibilities when merging the various available schools with Dio's current skillset make for some interesting options, there remains a worry in my mind about how it will affect our choices.

I honestly feel as though having access to the "Blaster" type magics would alter the way suggestors approached situations--while it would mean Dio could add a significant amount of punch to his arsenal, having such abilties at our disposal would come with the temptation of using them in response to difficult situations. Why attempt conversation when we know we can have Dio blast his way out of whatever mess he's in?

And therein lies the problem for me. No, not every situation can be solved with talking, but the Illusionary arcane pursuits have forced us to think. Beyond just how to get out of a corner with a glamour or summon item. To think about our actions and take things one step at a time, to rely on Dio's abilities as accents to his character and not definitions of it.

Of course I can't say that for certain. Suggestions could remain as they have and the Archmage class could simply expand the options we're capable of making. I just can't deny how easy it would be to start leaning on powering through conflict simply because its available to us.

Plus I really like messing with people's heads and am tempted to see if Dio learns how to stab peoples brains with Illusions.
No. 18496 ID: c2c011

I don't think our approach would really change even if we had more blastey type spells in our arsenal. It will just give us more tools to use in the inevitable situations where we can't talk our way out. And having them might actually make violence less likely. Messing around with an archmage that can throw several spells at the same time really doesn't sound like a smart move.
No. 18499 ID: a76809

I like the cut of your jib.

Recasting my vote to Master illusionist rather than archmage, should that matte.
No. 18500 ID: 67c611

I'm not even participating in this quest but that's such a damn good argument I'm going to vote for Master of Illusions.
No. 18504 ID: 277821

No. 18506 ID: 8bdb6a

I don't agree. /Quest/ almost always tries to talk their way out of things.
No. 18507 ID: e973f4

I'm going to have to say Master of Illusions. :V
No. 18508 ID: 0b2a05

I actually have to agree with enchanting archmage.
No. 18510 ID: 5a2e05

My vote is illusion.
No. 18538 ID: 6cf050

I like illusions as well.
No. 18552 ID: 4f6e37

Let's simplify the vote a bit. I'm not going to ask for domain right now, just Master or Archmage.
Currently Master is edging out Archmage by one vote.
No. 18553 ID: e3f578

No. 18554 ID: c2c011

Still archmage for me. But Brom, could you be so kind as to tell us a bit of what we might get in the different disciplines? Like how we could combine our illusion powers with others and what effects those might have.
No. 18556 ID: d1ad31

No. 18557 ID: a594b9

Archmage. If we stick with Illusion we will have absolutely no AoE.
No. 18677 ID: 8c0848

Archmage. Get some crazy versatility going.
No. 18692 ID: 6922af

No. 18695 ID: 159a79

No. 18698 ID: 405831

Well I do like illusions soooo--Master.
No. 18707 ID: 6cf050

No. 18712 ID: fddd61

Master, more Illusions sounds like fun.
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