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File 127564717142.png - (33.76KB , 600x400 , NotGonnaRaichuALoveSong.png )
692 No. 692 ID: d16009
So, novice drawfag here. I'm terrible at drawing, but I enjoy it sometimes. I don't practice a lot though, nor do I have a drawing pad.

Eyes are the devil.
Human eyes are nearly impossible, but any eye seems challenging.

The placement of the eye, the pupil, whether or not to draw an iris (I tend to prefer not to, too much detail). It all ends up adding personality to a character, even if it is undesirable (looks dumb). The pupils seem to be one of the hardest things, since even if you have them directed at an object, or the viewer, it can look horrible.

Picture is a drawing of a Raichu. I opted out on drawing eyes at the last moment because I couldn't get them to look right.

TL;DR How do you draw eyes?
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No. 693 ID: 1ac39d
unfortunately, since you did not show us what an eye you make looks like, it is hard to tell you how to improve.
No. 694 ID: 006690
1. Take a mirror.
2. Stare at your own eyes.
3. Draw them 50+ times.
4. ???
5. Profit!
No. 695 ID: d560d6
File 127566037067.gif - (29.15KB , 640x480 , shoggoth.gif )

Here's a quick doodle of some eyes, however.

Placement-wise, eyes are halfway up the face. If you're sketching out body shapes beforehand like a good little drawfag, they belong pretty much on the centreline, either side of the cross. I'm not a good little drawfag for quick sketches so I tend to draw the nose/eyes FIRST to anchor the entire head position/orientation. (Remember to foreshorten if the head is rotated.)

Because I use brushes which are far too big on canvases which are far too small, I don't even draw distinct eyes; I let the surrounding spectacles define the outline. Otherwise that area of the picture would be far too overdetailed and noisy.

Human eyes are spheres, duh, but the actual exposed area is closer to a rectangle at rest. They're cut away at the sides by the nose/tearduct and the ends of the slit in your face skin; at the top by the eyelid and brow (skull, not hair---go poke your face and note that the eyes are recessed for protection); and at the bottom by the eyelid and cheek pushing skin up---bags under the eyes usually sink to conform roughly to the remaining space. Even Angry Drawfag HD here is highly simplified. >>694 is largely right if you want realistic detail. Beware eyelashes for they will make anything look effeminate.

More stylized eyes include taking the top/bottom lines of a more-rectangular eye and leaving them open on the outer ends, which leaves a greater proportion of detail on the centre of the eye and helps avoid them looking too 'busy' overall. You can do it the other way around, pinching the outside edge, which tends to give a feminine shape and hint at lashes, which is why people mistake Liar's avatar for a female. (If you're cramped for space, you can flip this round and reduce it down to just the overline and a thicker patch where the pupil lies, possibly with a slight hint at the inner edge.)

And then there are plain old round eyes, which are pure cartoon, but some people can make work for them. And, if you really want to fail, there's the mono-eye, for when your life has reached the point at which drawing Sonic the Hedgehog fanart sounds like a good idea.
No. 696 ID: e973f4
I draw two pathetically basic kinds of eyes.

Either vertical lines (a la 'v') or these funny arc shaped things that look like if you took one of the upper quarters of an ellipse and rounded the edges.

Oh, and I guess I've used dots before too. :V
No. 699 ID: 110e2c
File 127569647177.jpg - (105.71KB , 700x525 , eyes.jpg )
Drawing eyes isn't so much about drawing the eyes themselves as drawing the eyelids, which wrap around the eyes. The human eye is a sphere interrupted by a bump (the cornea) that contains the pupil, iris, and lens. That doesn't matter much unless you're doing a closeup, though, so you can think of it as a sphere. Picture shows the way I draw human eyelids.
No. 700 ID: 110e2c
>Picture shows the way I draw human eyelids.
Not to mention eyes, of course.
No. 701 ID: d16009
File 127569994517.png - (65.51KB , 800x600 , EyeSketch.png )
Thanks for all the replies. I tried most of the suggestions, (I drew my eye once, I realised I'm a terrible example for myself, I squint all the time and have heavy eyelids).

So, this is the result. I realised I should probably work on facial symmetry too, but one thing at a time.
No. 702 ID: 1ac39d
looking good. they are all easily identifiable as eyes.
No. 703 ID: f98e0b
Big huge white blobs.
Big huge staring white blob eyes.
No. 705 ID: f21281
File 12757792549.jpg - (113.49KB , 640x359 , magnets.jpg )
Fucking hands. How do they work?

(also feet)
No. 706 ID: d560d6
I hate feet.
No. 707 ID: a594b9
A foot is a tube that's bigger on one end (the heel)
No. 708 ID: 006690

Very interesting.
No. 742 ID: 3b45b8
File faceprototype_v2.swf - (72.17KB , 800x480 )
Check this out.
No. 743 ID: 7f44e4
Very interesting.
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