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File 127872918542.png - (71.02KB , 800x600 , choice.png )
19524 No. 19524 ID: 4f6e37

I am pretty damn tired of seeing the TPD logo in the OP whenever we're talking about the eivrverse so here. New discussion thread time since it's unlikely it'd happen otherwise.

So I'm nearly finished up with my big dumb MSPA thing, and I was wondering what you guys wanted next.

We could follow Oren as he investigates his runaway fugitive and tries to not get whacked by Blejwas in Anchorturn.

We could follow Dio as he learns the ropes of battlemagery and romance with a girl who may or may not be a mobster.

Or there's always that Mystery from last time.
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No. 19525 ID: 8ce2bf

No. 19526 ID: a594b9

No. 19527 ID: 4f6e37

thank you for that LD that is what this thread needed
No. 19528 ID: f21281

No. 19529 ID: 8e2486

No. 19531 ID: 076306

Embrace the unknown!
No. 19532 ID: e3f578

I'll take what's behind Door Mystery for 1000, Brom
No. 19535 ID: 620bfb

Let's take door #3.
No. 19539 ID: 0b2a05

Mystery. Why not!
No. 19541 ID: e31d52


No. 19542 ID: e3f578
File 127873354528.jpg - (20.69KB , 250x331 , 250px-George-W-Bush.jpg )

the votes are counted

No. 19545 ID: 620bfb

God bless Eivrmerica.
No. 19555 ID: f95872

Well, I suppose now's as good a time as any to delve into the unknown. Will the OP image portray the new character once we get to know him?
No. 19558 ID: 8bdb6a

No. 19559 ID: 4f6e37

I'll just delete this thread and start out with another one right after voting, why not.

Mystery probably going up tomorrow. MSPA can stand to only have one update a day while I focus on this.
No. 19596 ID: f95872

>I'll just delete this thread and start out with another one right after voting, why not.
You could also ask Dylan to do magic on it.
No. 19597 ID: 4f6e37

Fuckin' miracles
No. 19602 ID: 2eac65

How do they work?
No. 20323 ID: 4f6e37

Okay Final vote

Master (Keep on with dreams)
Archmage (Learn new Domains)
No. 20324 ID: 8bdb6a

No. 20325 ID: 8ce2bf

No. 20326 ID: 701a19

No. 20327 ID: e75a2f

No. 20328 ID: 059120

No. 20329 ID: 4ae7b5

No. 20330 ID: a594b9

No. 20331 ID: d1ad31

No. 20332 ID: e3f578

No. 20334 ID: 620bfb

No. 20335 ID: 8bdb6a

Aw, c'mon. Archmage-Arcane means fireballs and flying and force fields and more powerful spells that last multiple turns. :(
No. 20336 ID: 54af1f

No. 20337 ID: 277821

No. 20338 ID: 277821

No. 20339 ID: 277821

damnit double post can't seem to delete
No. 20340 ID: c2c011

Despite the fact that Master seems inevitable now I'm voting archmage. I just think that will be way more badass than simply mastering one school and it will give us alot more versatility and tools to solve situations with.
No. 20341 ID: 6922af

No. 20355 ID: 5a2e05

I say archmage because Dahlia's already an illusionist too. Gotta plan for a well-rounded party.
No. 20361 ID: dad664

Master Master Master.
No. 20697 ID: 8bdb6a

Never change, Lawyer Dog.
No. 20699 ID: c00244
File 127995308033.png - (17.67KB , 1049x540 , eivrspells.png )

Aha, an Eivr discussion thread. Just what I was looking for.

I believe that we are significantly underutilizing Dio's capabilities as an illusionist. Based upon the current system, if he knows n spells, then he has Σ(n-1,1 to n) 2-spell combinations available. While in practice some of these combinations are likely less than viable, most of them would likely work.

Basically, there are up to 45 two-spell effects out there even given our relatively limited current spell selection, and we know a whopping six of them. That's not even getting into potential three-spell effects; even limited to the glamors at the moment, there are even more of those to learn (twice as many as two-spell effects, actually, since there are two available spells to combine each two-spell combo with).

I suppose my point here is that we should spend some time learning about what we can do, if we've got a few days off at any point. If nothing else, spending a bit of time brainstorming in discussion threads for the most likely useful combinations and trying them out could go a long way.
No. 20701 ID: 8bdb6a

Good idea. Thanks for putting the spell list together like that.

Blindness + Mind Parasite is probably a really good way to fuck someone in the brain. (Probably really hard to pull off, too)
No. 20702 ID: b1ca04

after we get three spells good blind+parasite+mind jolt. probably much much more painful version.
No. 20703 ID: c00244

Do note, when I'm speculating on this, that we actually have no evidence that combining two spells can have only a single produced effect- for all we know, there are a myriad of double spells for each combination. But that would be a lot harder to keep track of.

So, spell combination ideas/predictions, taking it from the top.

01/02: Combine the best attributes of lesser and greater glamors for a large illusion/multiple illusions that move realistically. Could probably pull off a full squad of mirror images with this, or an illusion of a group of people.

01/03: Not really sure here; possibly a nervelock with the illusion that they're acting like they're not nervelocked? But I don't think that would buy more than a couple seconds of confusion, so perhaps it's something else.

01/04: Perhaps somehow using the mental attack of Mind Jolt to make a glamor more believable? That's just a wild guess, though.

01/05: Baleful Glamor, known. A detailed glamor with real components.

01/06: Darkness, known. A glamor which blocks vision in an area rather than being a purely mental effect, if I understood its effect correctly.

01/07: Perhaps create a glamor of something else choking the target, so that they don't realize that the reason they cannot breathe is because they've forgotten how and instead focus on stopping some external force which isn't really choking them.

01/08: Considering that we know the combo with a lesser spell, Greater Baleful Glamor seems like an obvious prediction. A detailed illusion with bigger and more impressive real components... or perhaps a summoned item with the abilities of a greater glamor to act dynamically.

01/09: Send the target to sleep, and influence/control their initial dreamscape? That's my wild guess, anyway.

01/10: Replace what is actually present with an illusion, rather than merely adding the illusion to it.

01/11: Perhaps maintain greater control over the summoned nightmares, or alter them as they move around, or similar. Tough to predict without having seen the nightmares in action.

01/12: Probably start implanting vivid, dynamic hallucinations into the mind of the target.

I'll continue this general pattern of thought later.
No. 20706 ID: f95872

>Gryphona is all set up to get paired off or is paired off already
Oh Brom, never change.
No. 20707 ID: 45be60

My prediction is that Brom doesn't know what a spell combination does until someone comes up with a cool idea and suggests it. And that said, there are definitely other possibilities for summon item plus glamor besides Checkmate. That is one summoned item out of a selection limited only by some size restrictions, and one glamor which is limited only by our imagination.

The magic system is more about figuring out how to achieve the effect you want than mapping out what different combinations do.
No. 20709 ID: 4f6e37

Dreamfolk don't really work like that...
No. 20711 ID: a76809

Master, for my vote, if that's still open.
No. 20712 ID: 4f6e37

dreamfolk don't really work like thaaaaaaaaat
No. 20714 ID: 8bdb6a

I think Master's chosen already. Pretty decisively, too, even though it won't let Dio fly.

Also: We're going to a world that's stacked vertically. If only there were some means of easy conveyance up and down...

How, uh... How do they work? Do they just appear in the dream plane due to a person having a strong dream? If so, does Dio need to worry about unfairly oppressing his own thoughts via Summon Nightmare?

Also, let's just avoid telling Gryph about that dream thing Dio killed in chapter one. I don't think she'd be able to forgive him for that one.
No. 20715 ID: 407b5b

The power of canon is nothing to the power of the ship.

Anywho, it occurs to me that her threat of killing the next person to summon her doesn't hold any water.

A. The summon seems non-specific, Dio didn't try to summon 'her' specifically, could have easily been anyone else.

B. The chance of her actually living long enough to kill said mage is questionable at best, like she said the chances of surviving being 'taken' by a mage are very low, and the binding ensures loyalty.

C. If she did have a chance to break free it would likely just be some young student like Dio which brings up it's own moral quandaries.
No. 20716 ID: 4f6e37

I'm saying that their relationships don't exactly work like that.

See Vidders are by far the most in touch with their emotional sides among all the Planar races, which is reflected in their relationships. They're mostly monogamous with a strong emotional connection on both sides. Like humans.

Qal are a ranked meritocracy, with an emphasis on social and personal order. They usually "marry" (not their word for it) in groups, ranging from around four or five to an entire commune. This mindset, coupled with their more relaxed views about sex due to their egg-laying biology and the fact that kids are brought up by the collective rather than the individuals, discourages the sort of monogamous, boyfrriend/girlfriend husband/wife thing found on other planes.

Seraphim are all about their duty toward the far-off deities and the spirits. They don't really have much in the way of relationships because of this and because there is very little sexual dimorphism between male and female. They view procreation as necessary to keep numbers up in the war with the Abyss, but they place no particular weight on it. They will keep together, however, to bring up the children they sire and ensure they become proper guardians. A sort of affection can rise from that, if not a love.

Dreamfolk are essentially the chaos of Dream, incarnate. Relationships with the closeness of the Vidder are bizarre and alien to them. They flit around wherever they take a fancy to go, and while they may fly into moments of fierce emotion, it usually doesn't last that long. They can and usually do form broad circles of friends that endure for a long time, usually in fits and bursts as they remember old friends and rush back to hang out with them, but they usually avoid connecting on any profound level, and you're not going to see any married or dating Dreamfolk. They'd never let themselves be tied down like that. The idea is abhorrent to them. One of the reasons Gryphona rankled so much upon summoning. So yeah. Gryphona and Thero are pretty much just friends.
No. 20717 ID: e3f578

Dreamthings are the best race with the best culture and the best philosophies. Yes to the no tying down!

So it's fun casual sex for them?
No. 20718 ID: c00244

The point of writing out every single possible combination isn't to guess at some preselected result from each, but rather to speculate at what we could accomplish with them so that we can try our ideas out. While coming up with ideas on the fly is fun, coming up with ALL our ideas on the fly instead of doing any significant practice is just foolish.

Wait a moment, Gryphona is a member of the primary race of Dream? I thought that the primary race of a plane couldn't be summoned and bound?
No. 20719 ID: 4f6e37

Dream is special in that there's not a lot to tell its primary denizens apart from everyone else, besides form.

Gryphona's a shifting dreamthing, which means that she can take on the form of a dreamfolk.
No. 21218 ID: 4f6e37

So for those who don't know already it's vacation time for me. I'm off to Scotland, and I'm not taking a laptop with me. So I am going to drop off the face of the internet planet for three weeks, starting today. If you've noticed a certain hastiness in my updates, as Cruxador pointed out in >>/quest/215046 then I'm sorry. That's me trying to get to a stopping point that's appropriate before I ditch everyone.

Sorry I'm not going to be around but hey. Life has a nasty way of happening, don't it. I'll be back in a few weeks.

I'll try and update one or two more times today but good bye everyone in advance.
No. 21229 ID: 3a289a

It's all good. Have fun.
No. 23527 ID: 1037c7

I miss Eivr.
I miss Oren.
And I miss you, Brom.

Please come back so I can read your quests again. Every day I visit /quest/ and silently pray that you have made your glorious return.
No. 23528 ID: 4f6e37

You know I'm working away at a quick reboot of TPD before hopping back to Oren and Eivr and Ballad, right?

It's called Rebirth Quest, and I'm pretty sure it's still on the first page. I'm about to work on another update for it. It's going to be in my ancient style of quick 50-update chapters so I can toss one off between updates of the more substantial stuff. It'll be over soon and then I'm doing the Eivrverse stuff some more. I came back sort of quietly and into something unassuming so people wouldn't stroke my great big ego stick a lot.
Oh hey and thanks for the kudos :D
No. 23530 ID: 5c8f91

Too bad, we knew it was you from the moment you showed the species. And the art too.
No. 23532 ID: 1037c7

I thought you were still gone
and I thought TPD was dead

... and I feel stupid now. I GUESS I JUST NEED TO PAY ATTENTION MORE.
No. 23534 ID: d3dfb8

>so people wouldn't stroke my great big ego stick a lot.
>assuming we would only stroke your ego stick
There's going to be a lot more sticks stroked in the near future.
No. 23720 ID: e38c07

Fuckin' a Brom, this new story you've got going is charming. Great characterization as always, just delightful dialogue you've got there. A pleasure as always to read along.
No. 23832 ID: 0b2a05

Yes I am sure many of us would like to fuck a brom
No. 23840 ID: 2563d4

To be honest I think I'd rather just chill with a Brom in a totally platonic way and try to soak up some of his writing skills through osmosis.
No. 23841 ID: e3f578

You're just too cool of a bro Brom. Bro is in your name for god's sake.

But I don't wanna make you made so I won't stroke your ego. You're just a cool guy.
No. 24431 ID: 4f6e37

OK, so that chapter of Rebirth is done and I feel back in the swing of things. What's next, everyone? Oren? The nice people in IRC mostly said Oren. I think Oren will be next. Just a heads-up. Unless you all want something else. But really Oren is better and everytime there's a vote I have a feeling there's a bunch of proxies used. Maybe I'm being paranoid. But yeah.

So Oren?
No. 24432 ID: 0b2a05

Oren's fine. ANYTHING is fine, really.
No. 24433 ID: 059120

No. 24434 ID: 2563d4

Rebirth! Probably. Unless you need time to let your suavity recharge.
No. 24435 ID: 754124

Oren is totally acceptable. I'd like to proceed with Dio's story, but Oren is always cool.
No. 24436 ID: 197650

No. 24437 ID: d677cc

No. 24438 ID: c71597

Eivr. I like them mages man.
No. 24440 ID: 56dc25

I miss Dio.
No. 24443 ID: e31d52

As do I
No. 24449 ID: 383006

No. 24450 ID: 3925d9

No. 24460 ID: 620bfb

No. 24461 ID: 4f6e37

ok it's oren quit cloggin' the thread you DOUBLE PROXIES
No. 24462 ID: dad664
File 128633777640.jpg - (58.65KB , 395x182 , star-trek-nero_395.jpg )

No. 24464 ID: 8c0848

No. 24468 ID: 754124
File 128634180315.jpg - (12.93KB , 250x333 , Nero.jpg )

No. 24503 ID: 6a0dee

No. 24593 ID: 2044df
File 128656882149.jpg - (48.49KB , 800x533 , reno.jpg )


No. 26067 ID: 4f6e37
File 12887566157.png - (111.55KB , 800x600 , BOUNTY HUNTERSZ.png )

Hey so my general style of arting is starting to become a bit more of a hindrance than a help in one quest in particular, and that's Oren. Also ballad. The heavy on the talk-and-dynamic-pose, light on the special effects and landscapes vibe of it just doesn't really mesh with what I do in photoshop. So I've been experimenting with SAI and it's much faster and fluid to do than what I've been doing, but visually much less.
Still, as an experiment, I was thinking of updating Ballad with art in a style like the one shown (of Nessie holding guns for some reason). Would people be okay with that, so long as I promised it's mostly just an experiment?
No. 26069 ID: d677cc

No. 26070 ID: 383006

I would hate you forever and never forgive you ever. [go for it]
No. 26071 ID: 4f6e37
File 128875731165.png - (76.84KB , 800x900 , OrenSheriff.png )

Oh also it's fast. Like I drew this in 8 minutes, whereas it would take much longer to do that in say photoshop.
No. 26077 ID: 24a9bd

To be honest, I prefer your normal style. But honestly, just do what works, a little art shift isn't gonna ruin everything.
No. 26081 ID: 1037c7

I like it. Your normal art style is wonderful and stylish, but this way it seems like you can update faster. And by no means is this art worse, it's just different. So no complaints from me.

also why SAI? I mean, is it not possible to do the same thing in Photoshop? This isn't a criticism, I'm just wondering--since things like adding text and animations and textures/effects seem so much easier in PS, it seems.
but I have little to no experience with SAI so my opinions are pretty much baseless
No. 26089 ID: 6d7b5a

Sai smooths your lines. Photoshop's line tool is the worst I have ever used for sketching. Pretty much anything else will take the jitter out of your lines. Even if you have a really steady hand, photoshop lines are wiggly as a motherfuck.
No. 26108 ID: 754124

This. Your normal art is unique and has a lot of spirit to it.

But if it's not working for you, then do whatever does work.
No. 26137 ID: 40cb26

Your regular style is great, but I daresay there isn't much room to improve it without making it simply more shaded and complex and such. If you want to get better at line arts this is the way to go, and I encourage it.
No. 26147 ID: 1fb8ac

The best way to grow as a artist is to constantly experiment with new styles. I think its a great idea.
No. 26469 ID: 8f17f0
File 128937895757.gif - (115B , 16x16 , rebirth.gif )

Hay Brom, I made you a favicon. Hope you like it.
No. 26471 ID: 2563d4

May I suggest that that tiny shirm's head is a little too tall? He looks like a space pirate.
No. 26472 ID: 80a165
File 128941249776.gif - (137B , 16x16 , simplyhalarious.gif )

This made me chuckle.

Dare I suggest?..
No. 26473 ID: 80a165

It's a favicon. Favicons can't have big aspect ratios without looking weird. Trust me, the more circle-ish it looks, the better.
No. 26916 ID: 4f6e37

Updates going to be real slow-to-non-existent this and probably next week, guys. Turkey Day festivities.
No. 40617 ID: 523c4c

If I do not finish this quest I give you all permission to find out who I am, come to my house, and choke me to death.

With your dicks.

EveryZig, here's the dis thread.
No. 40620 ID: 1854db

But brom this is two quests
No. 40627 ID: eba49f


So, that question: Do Greater Glamors's ability to simulate death include the tactile parts, such as the feeling of impact as someone hits the glamor with a hammer?

Also, what do non-illusionists summon? If illusionists can summon intelligent dream-things, can enchanters choose to summon Kithiks (or if the Kithiks grow in numbers/power to become the dominant species, enchanters they summon Qal)? [And that raises the further question of whether a non-dominant sapient could summon another one of their own species.]
Now that I think of it, when thaumaturges use things like that skull-snake attack, are they literally summoning a demon then exploding it?
No. 40654 ID: 523c4c

Executive decision after being told I am a hug dumb idiot: The jaggies are back. Depending on where and who you are.
I missed the jaggies.
No. 40656 ID: 523c4c

Also Zig, to clear things up:
Every glamor (lesser or greater) does include tactile sensations, yes. It is, however, weightless, and any of those sensations are pretty much just a figment of the imagination. It's got some degree of solidness, but keep from concentrating on it for too long, or let someone poke it hard, and it loses it. If someone stabs a glamor, or otherwise moves quickly into it, they will see through it (unless they aren't trained to, read nonmagi).
Greater Glamors are usually larger, more impressive, more complex illusions that also employ sound, smell, or other senses.

When summoning, elementalists summon, well, elementals, and thaumaturges summon demons or scions (the heavenly equivalent). Enchanters don't summon anyone. They make up for this by being able to infuse common objects with magical properties, although the use of magic weapons is highly illegal almost everywhere.

When thaumaturges use that skull snake attack they are literally pulling a demon out of hell. The bad news is they have a quick expiration date, usually. The good news is that when they expire they blow up.
No. 40659 ID: 07416a

I like the jaggies. I prefer them actually.
No. 40660 ID: 07416a

I just got to the tree-religion thing. This is empirically proven, yes? They're been to the divine realm and that is guaranteed how the afterlife goes down?
No. 40661 ID: 523c4c

Correct. Those who know about the Divine Plane, "those" being the Arcanopolitans and those who have been there, know what happens to them after they die. Most people on Eivr don't.
The tree is what lends Random his full title as an Abyssal Duke of the Irminsule. The levels of the tree are stacked on top of one another, with each invisible to the next. The Adversary Himself, in the very bottom layer of the Irminsule could look all the way up and see the sky.
The layers get lusher the further you go up, and more barren the further you go down.

No. 40663 ID: 07416a

What would that mean for Random?
>Spirits heavy with wickedness settle lower, and those blessed with kindness rise, forming the Divine Gradient. After you die, you can choose to reincarnate in any plane you wish, or remain as one of the Watchful Dead, the Spirits who inhabit Irminsul permanently and guide the creatures of the rest of the planes. A cushy job, if you're high enough on the gradient.

Does this mean that he's extremely wicked? When he dies will he get fucked over because of this? Or does the cushyness apply to the lowest of the low as well?
No. 40664 ID: 07416a

...Goddamn you. The Gryphona conversation just made me cry like a bitch and I didn't even remember her before it started.
No. 40667 ID: 523c4c

Random is not a spirit, so his current position on the Planes has no bearing. He IS a duke of Hell, but that's usually a title only for demons, not for spirits, so if he were to die he'd lose it and end up just like any other spirit, placed along the gradient where he belongs. Which is not necessarily in Hell.

The spirits are usually invisible, but where there's a lot of them in one place at a time you can sort of see them.
No. 40700 ID: 523c4c
File 131166125603.png - (10.43KB , 800x600 , DioHard.png )

To get back into practice with the jaggies I made a 5- minute pic of Dio with them and liked how it turned out but putting it in fan art is dumb so I decided to put it here?? that happened
No. 40721 ID: 523c4c
File 131172920967.png - (33.16KB , 800x600 , Bar Explanation.png )

Time to explain how Thaumaturges fight. Buckle up.

At the core of their principle is the Scales, the divider between Divine and Abyssal. As a thaumaturge casts spells from the divine or abyssal schools, they become positively (divine) or negatively (abyssal) charged.

Different Thaumaturges specialize in different ratios between the divine and abyssal. Random's Scales looks like this; As a duke of Hell, he specialized highly in the Abyssal.

The Thaumaturgical school may at first be confusing; if you've got a lot of negative charge, shouldn't your abyssal skills do more damage, not the other way around? But Thaumaturges' energy comes from the conversion of power from divine to abyssal and back. A thaumaturge who has been casting a lot of divine spells will do significantly more damage if he then casts an abyssal spell, and vice-versa.

This is illustrated in the Scales: the I-shaped gauge in the center is the divider between the divine and abyssal section. As the charge increases in one direction or the other, it enters the first tier of the other charge. Each side of the divider has 3 tiers, but Random is missing the 3rd tier of the divine side, because of his investment in the abyssal.

You can tell which spells will be more highly powered by which tier the two bars meet. If they meet in the second tier on their side of the divider, they will be Tier II when cast. If they meet in the third tier, they will be an even more powerful Tier III. If you then cast those more highly powered spells, they'll push the bar back into the lower, less powerful tiers and eventually to the other side again.

If you cast an abyssal spell while the bar is on the divine side, it will simply act as a tier I spell. The problem comes when you try casting when fully charged on one side or the other. When this happens, you run the risk of an overload, with usually catastrophic backfire as a result.

I know it seems confusing, but it's simpler than I make it seem. If I can clarify anything let me know.
No. 40722 ID: 523c4c
File 131172922457.png - (37.07KB , 800x600 , Random Spells.png )

Random's spells include:

Abyssal (adds negative charge, tiers on left side of scales)

Saber: A close range attack. Random cloaks an appendage in fire and strikes with it for medium damage.
Tier II: Damage increase, and instead of an arm or a leg Random summons a flaming sword, granting increased reach.
Tier III: The blade becomes oversized, and does much more damage. At this tier it's Random's most deadly spell.

Pyre: An area-of-effect spell with Random at its center. Low damage in a large area.
Tier II: Damage increase. Causes the fire to remain for a time after the spell is cast. Random's immune to it.
Tier III: Damage increase, range increase. At the conclusion of the spell, Random can choose to transition into Veil instantly.

Sacrifice: Random summons a short-lived, explosive demon and hurls it at his enemies. Medium damage.
Tier II: Random can now launch himself with this spell, with the explosion at the end non-harmful to him.
Tier III: Damage increase. Random can control the demon's (or his) destination midflight.

Veil: Random cloaks himself in a shroud of flame. This spell allows him to treat all his abyssal spells as a tier higher, but they generate double the amount of charge they normally would.

Vengeance: Random's defensive Abyssal spell. Deflects damage, but in a small area. Must be aimed to be effective.
Tier II: The spell now violently rebounds whatever strikes it, causing damage to those who attack.
Tier III:The spell rebounds anything that strikes it, setting it on fire in the process.

Divine (adds positive charge, tiers on right side of scales)

Aegis: Random's defensive divine spell. He likes it because it generates lots of positive charge, letting him get back to the fun stuff. Deflects all damage with no chance of the enemy getting through.
Tier II: Each strike against the Aegis causes a blinding, disorienting flash.

Flyte: Random lifts up into the air on divine winds.
Tier II: Improved control, speed. At this tier Random can get all the way across the displayed field in one turn.

Shaft:: Random's divine attack spell. Not as useful as his abyssal ones. Launches a spear of light toward the enemy.
Tier II: The spear splits into two in midair, causing increased damage.
No. 40724 ID: 523c4c

From the IRC:
>Phrix:How much time does flyte give?
>Phrix:Does it continually give charge or just a burst when the spell is activated?
>Brom:it steadily increases positive charge
No. 40736 ID: 02de21

So Divine spells with durations all end as soon as an Abyssal spell is cast, and vice versa? That's the impression that I'm getting from the current combat. Was that mentioned anywhere? I certainly didn't know it, but perhaps I missed something...
No. 40738 ID: 523c4c

It was mentioned on IRC, yeah.

The thing is it's all about converting energy, so when you switch over between Divine vs Abyssal the long-term effects (flyte, veil) are salvaged.

From a balance standpoint, this was to prevent flying around and bombing with sacrifice indefinitely. As it stands you can do that with Shaft, but Shaft is significantly less powerful and you have to stop after a while.
No. 40759 ID: 523c4c

>shanker lee

hahahaha oops

listen but just don't watch the video stagger lee's supposed to be black
No. 40811 ID: 02de21

So would it be horribly inappropriate to post a collected set of screenshots detailing certain forgotten events here for the entertainment of those poor people who aren't up in the middle of the night staring at their computer screens?
No. 40812 ID: 523c4c

You took pics? ossum.

I'd give them selectively to people who ask and then release them once it a)becomes widely known or b)is discovered in-quest.
No. 40813 ID: 523c4c

of course, I can't control the flow of information, so if you want to, go for it.
I took screenshots too. I thought this would be a neat idea maybe! maybe it wasn't :(
No. 40814 ID: 02de21

It was a neat idea. I know that I'd be kind of annoyed if I hadn't been awake and watching it unfold, though; as a compulsive completionist having anything barred to me is unfailingly enraging. Information being disbursed on IRC rather than in the dis, for example, gets under my skin all the time- makes things confusing as hell for me when people start using facts that I had no idea were available or existed.

Thus my instinct to crack open a new tab the instant I saw that last line, in case screenshots were needed and other people have personalities similar to mine. But it is a fun concept, and if you as author want it kept close for a while I can respect that.
No. 40823 ID: 523c4c

go ahead and post em, I see no reason not to after >>350615
No. 40824 ID: 523c4c

go ahead and post em, I see no reason not to after >>350615
No. 40828 ID: 6e44d2

That's funny, my ex lost her virginity to her second cousin.
No. 40829 ID: 5f3a8e

it's cool you guys, wincest is hot as long as it doesn't involve your family.
No. 40830 ID: 02de21
File 131187908197.png - (491.63KB , 1389x4711 , eivr_noonemustknow.png )

Here is this, then.
No. 40833 ID: e3f578

hoh fuck I was wondering what the hell was so neat "but it's not going with you"
yeah that IS neat

if we're discussing it, well, I'm sure Dio would like to know about his heritage one day, if only to find out who his parents are. But this will be better after his relationship is over. The boy probably will have some questions and may seek his parents one day to close that mysterious chapter in his life, even if merely to sate curiosity. I doubt at his age he'd give a fuck about having "real" parents of any sort beyond that.
No. 40835 ID: eba49f

Out of curiosity, is there any relation between the nightmares from summon nightmare and the Nightmare that Dio could have summoned in early chapter 1 (when he chose to summon a dreamthing)?

Also, does the ability to control their nightmares mean that illusionists are immune to the 'use their own nightmares against them' part of summon nightmare?
No. 41007 ID: 523c4c

Zig: No, that was just an unfettered Dreamthing with a bone to pick. Also sort of to the latter part. Dream mages are resistant to several tricks from other dream mages, but not immune.

No updates till Thursday probably guys, I'ma be pretty busy until then.
No. 41008 ID: 523c4c

OH and that was Brom.
No. 41013 ID: eba49f

By could have summoned, I was referring to:
"Should he summon a dreamthing, or a nightmare?"
(image-post 17 in thread one, if the link is broken)
No. 41295 ID: 523c4c
File 131293583175.png - (19.53KB , 800x600 , KE.png )

The combat of an Arcanist revolves around momentum and rhythm. In Wendat's case, that's the steady clanking rhythm of his crossbow's firing and reloading action.

Wendat's combat style revolves around a pool of kinetic energy. Wendat starts out with 5 kinetic energy points. He can use these points in various skills to create combos. For each combo he completes, he adds one kinetic energy point to his total for the next combo.

A combo consists of one bolt which ricochets three times, adapting a different effect with each ricochet. Each effect can be powered with a maximum of 4 kinetic energy points, but remember that you're aiming for three with each combo you construct. You can use fewer points than you have, but not more (and why would you want to?)

For example, Wendat has 6 kinetic energy points. He spends one point on an incendiary bolt, then bounces it off into a two-point (and therefore more powerful) stunning bolt to hit another enemy, then bounces back in a three-point power bolt onto the first enemy again. He successfully completes the combo and now has 7 points to spend on the next one. You can have a maximum of 12 points. Each combo has to be 3 to count, so at 5 points you can't spend 4, 1, and ignore the third one. Otherwise, Wendat will not count it toward raising his kinetic energy pool, and any points he has gained will be lost.

You can choose to blow your extra combo points and reset to five by using a Finisher. These high-powered attacks grow in strength with each combo point you put in. A detonation bolt with 8 kinetic energy points in supply would be a respectable explosion. A detonation bolt with 12 energy points would be a firestorm. Once you use a finisher, your energy pool reverts to five points again.

Wendat has very little defensive training. If he is subject to an attack, his momentum is lost and his energy pool is reset as he hastily defends. He also loses focus. If he loses all focus, the next attack will kill him. In order to keep that from happening, do your best to stun, distract, or disadvantage your opponents, and keep moving.
No. 41296 ID: 523c4c
File 131293584250.png - (24.87KB , 800x600 , bolts.png )

Wendat's attacks include:

[Basic Attacks]
Standard Bolt: A nonmagical crossbow bolt. This attack would be ineffective if Wendat's crossbow were not also a high-powered, armor piercing weapon of war. If used in a combo, the standard bolt punches straight through armor and causes serious bleeding, not so much ricocheting as piercing. If used at the end of the combo, it will stick in a target, which is an effective way of slowing them down or disabling them.
At 2 points, the bolt gets a kick of arcane energy behind it that increases damage.
At 3 points, the bolt now goes straight through most material and comes out the other end. The damage is increased even more and the target is left bleeding or with a limb heavily damaged.
At 4 points, the bolt now punches through not only the first target, but any other target unlucky enough to be standing behind them.

The bolt bursts into flames, setting any flammable material on fire and heating metal to harmful temperatures.
At 2 points, the affected enemy is now set on fire, which is damaging and, of course, very distracting.
At 3 points, the fire now clings like napalm to the target. He remains in flames for an extensive amount of time.
At 4 points, the flame now spreads to adjacent enemies, and the bolt remains on fire throughout the rest of the combo, powering the remaining attacks in the combo up.

Power Bolt:
The bolt explodes into a lance of force, which while not as piercing, can damage and push back any enemies it hits.
At 2 points, the power bolt pushes the enemy back with enough force to stun them.
At 3 points, the power bolt knocks the enemy to the ground.
At 4 points, the power bolt is strong enough to bend armor out of shape and sunder weapons. A hit to the torso, for example, will cause an enemy's armor to implode and crush their lungs.

Fragment bolt:
Best used on lightly armored enemies or those in formations, this bolt bursts apart on impact. It can only be used at the conclusion of a combo.
At one point, the bolt does damage in a small area of effect.
At two points, the bolt gains extra damage against unarmored enemies and the area of effect grows.
At three points, the bolt's explosive flash is enough to stun the group it is used against.
At four points, the bolt ignores armor, and its area of effect grows again.

[Finisher attacks]

Detonation: The bolt detonates, causing heavy damage in a large radius. More points increase the area, damage, and force of the blast.
Flashbang: Anyone caught unprepared when this bolt goes off is stunned and blinded. At more points, its area of effect grows and the stun is more severe and longer lasting.
Assassin bolt: Wendat concentrates all his power behind one deadly bolt that buries itself inside the target and then explodes. At more points, the explosion becomes more and more deadly. At max points, the target is reduced to a red mist.
No. 41302 ID: eba49f

Questions about Arcanists:
With redirecting, can you pierce (with norm4) a row of enemies and then make the bolt 180 to pierce the same set of enemies again? (Or do the same trick with a single larger enemy?)

Can you redirect a bolt in mid-flight without hitting an enemy (to do things like attacking enemies from behind)?

On a less technical note, are Arcanists a subset of enchanters or are they a separate school of magic?
No. 41304 ID: 523c4c

1. Yeah, just rebound it off the last guy in the chain.
2. In a limited capacity. You get much better control if you bounce.
3. "Arcanist" is just another word for enchanter. Wendat practices a highly unorthodox school of enchantment that he learned from a high-ranking Arker.
No. 41626 ID: 523c4c

Some mysterious benefactor named Spook updated my wiki entry a LOT and rocks out loud for it. He gets all my appreciation, and a token of thanks, maybe a drawing of whatever he wants or something idk. He had some questions on the discussion page, namely:

>Unclear whether the Seraphim are a race of Nephilim,
>or if two separate races,
>or if the two terms are interchangeable,
>or is Nephilim collective term for all Divine races?
It's that last one. Nephilim are both Seraphim and Demons.

>Not wearing a mask “Back in the Bad Old Days it could be death for a mage” Why? (To prevent being identified as a mage? Law used to identify mages? Protection from their own magic?)
There was a giant purgation about 2000 years ago when any cyclops found was murdered. That's why they now keep a very low profile and wear masks.

>Spell types? (Magica Dommina, Magica Castella etc.) This related to colleges at all? Or some cross domains means of classification?
The spell types are just scholarly separations of disciplines within each principle of magic. They're theoretical and mostly for taxonomic ends.
No. 65101 ID: 3b440e

Reviving this thread and Oren along with it.

If my audience hasn't died of old age and need refreshers on anything let me know.
No. 65106 ID: f2c20c

I kinda forgot what we were doing.
No. 65112 ID: 91cf9d

Well sheeyit. Welcome back Brom.
No. 65115 ID: cf49fc
File 135567743544.gif - (1.26MB , 227x136 , Good Job!.gif )

You came back for us! I loved all your quests. They were so much fun.
No. 65120 ID: 27cbbb

me too
No. 65151 ID: 020080

In lieu of y'all having to reread everything here's a concise summary of what's been going down:
Oren the cool sheriff of Hearthback and Nessie his cool deputy are chasing professional hitman/rat bastard Joseph Bird who they already arrested once. Dang it, Joseph!

Their search is complicated by Joseph's retreat to Anchorturn which is a city under the jurisdiction of Ferdinand Blejwas, Oren's bitter rival. Oren basically humiliated him last time he was in Anchorturn, and now ole Ferdy's coming back in a couple of days from an undisclosed errand.

Helping Oren out in his attempts to take down Bird are his rich buddies Alan Arbock, his sister Celyne, and her beau, Mendel Parter, who Oren helped out last time he was in Anchorturn by solving Alan's murder! He got better! They've hired Vesta, a quart-sized private eye, to help Oren find Joseph.

Joseph is currently tied up in the middle of an ongoing feud between two of the gangs in Anchorturn, the Nines and the Iron Suits. Oren's current plan is to find Joseph by posing as a member of the Nines who is going to meet with the con for reasons unknown. I'll leave the thread for a few more hours, and then update later tonight.

The endgame has started, and there's only a chapter or so to go before Oren's adventures are at an end.
No. 65153 ID: e3f578

Have we covered the mystery storyline yet? I'm looking at the beginning of this thread and we voted it in, but there's so many threads to sort through I'm not sure which covers which!
Was mystery the one where we played as the ex-cop with her own boyfriend as they take over Oren and Nessie's duties for what is basically shits and giggles, which is especially weird because they were recently arrested criminals?
No. 65196 ID: 3b440e
File 135582187597.png - (12.93KB , 800x600 , 129436800224[1].png )

That was Mystery, yeah.

Unfortunately I'm probably not going to revisit it (for a while at least) or Eivr. Which was too convoluted by the end to really save. I like to think it just ended with Dio finishing his pilgrimage and coming home. Whoo.

This chapter of Oren is nearly done and after that will be the final one; I predict it'll all be over before my birthday (which is February 9, all y'all gift shoppers!).

What remains is a vote for what I should do next.

Which is about a quasi-religious soldier with a bolt-action searching deep, spooky dungeons called Vaults, or do I make a new quest entirely? Any Vault Quest rememberers out there who want to see it come back? I kind of thought it was pretty good.
No. 65197 ID: 9e3a04

As much as I like Vault, I want to see something new.
No. 65199 ID: f2c20c

I liked it. I wouldn't mind it showing up again.
No. 65215 ID: f1b3ee

I will gladly partake in the Vault Quest candy.
No. 65216 ID: c33f8f

Something new.
No. 65218 ID: d26381

Vault Quest for President!
No. 65219 ID: 5d3910

i would like to see more vault quest
No. 65281 ID: 2eac65

Aww... Eivr was my favorite one. I really liked the magic systems you constructed for it.
No. 65282 ID: 3b440e

Sorry. I really did too, so there's a good chance the setting may turn up again in the future.
No. 65283 ID: 2eac65

Well, what was it that made it a failure?
No. 65284 ID: c82bfa

The characters were part of what made it good too though, a great protagonist with a weird face and a strong supporting cast.
No. 65631 ID: 0eef61
File 135676450703.png - (28.67KB , 800x600 , rebirth.png )

I think it got too cluttered and lost direction after the pilgrimage was over. Maybe I'll revisit it in the future when I've got a better vision for it and more confidence because right now I'm hell of rusty.

Oh and by the way guys: my terrible chinese tablet pen broke so for a few weeks I have to leave off on Oren. I don't want to be this idle so close after a huge absence so I was thinking of going back and doing a quest with my old vector art. Should I

Revive Rebirth http://tgchan.org/wiki/Rebirth

Or do something new?
No. 65633 ID: c33f8f

Something new!
No. 65634 ID: 4a20fa

Too many new things, not enough finished things.

Also, one of the options is a smooth space squid. Just read that back to yourself again. Yes. It's got to be that one.
No. 65637 ID: 0f92d5

time to put on our Shirm GAMEFACE everyone.
No. 65640 ID: 60fee2

Revive Rebirth
No. 65641 ID: cf49fc

Rebirth was great. Though I miss the thing with Vresch and the Janitor more. But whatevs man, you're the author.
No. 65687 ID: 027156

No. 65697 ID: cf49fc

Yay tripodal-squid-crabmonster James Bond!
No. 65714 ID: d26381

SCOM: If Ambush is the one you want why are you voting for the alley? We only get to ambush from the rooftop.
No. 65769 ID: 0eef61
File 135719855082.png - (259.81KB , 800x600 , brithady.png )

In honor of Toastline's (now hella late) birthday here's a thing!

Nessie gets sloppy drunk and only pays attention to Oren all night, Random rants about the friend zone to the psychologist for hours, and Anka comes to accept she's probably the only one there who actually came to play Poker.
No. 65770 ID: cf49fc

What? I thought we were going to jump out from an alley and shoot him in the kneecaps. Bugger. Oh well.

I like Anka. A space marine after my own heart. Namely, the heart of actually enjoying poker.
No. 65776 ID: f2c20c

Hrm. Funny thing about Qal is, you're never quite sure if there's anything the clothes are covering up. There could just be nothing there.
No. 65795 ID: 027156


isn't there potentially something everywhere?
No. 65929 ID: 0eef61
File 135771647710.png - (70.06KB , 800x600 , stats.png )

There was some question about the stats that go into Rebirth, which I'd previously done behind the scenes to avoid too much metagaming.

The system is lightweight, mildly freeform, and effective for a useless questfag such as myself. It is as follows:
Every roll is done on a d12, with the modifier being equal to the number of ranks Hal has in whatever skill you're rolling for. The DC of each roll is set by me beforehand out of, TBH, fiat (although I have a few basic rules I tend to adhere to).

The DC can range from 3 (successfully climbing the stairs!) to up to 16 (successfully hitting on Anka!).

Let's take as an example the shot Hal just took against the delter with the radio.

Normally the DC for shooting a guy I set at around 8, so that Hal hits with his handgun most of the time. Cover provides anywhere from +3 to +5
In this case said guy was very close so this was reduced to 6. However, the radio in the guy's hand was a small and difficult target, which I set at 9.

Hal rolled, in that last shot, a 4. He added 3 to that roll due to his skill of 3 with handguns, meaning that he had enough to shoot the guy. He didn't have enough, however, to shoot the radio. Instead he missed the radio and shot the guy.

Once the pirate gets shot, we roll to see the damage. Everyone has a certain number of hitpoints; Hal's is 2. When they get shot, stabbed, trampled, or whatever, I roll to see if it penetrates whatever armor they're currently wearing. Hal's cloak actually counts for light armor due to the fact that it obscures just where his legs are. If the attack connects the person loses, usually, one hitpoint. They might lose more depending on the circumstance; a bullet to the shoulder won't sting as much as an elephant falling on your head.

Most armor, Anka's excepted, are only there to give a chance to mitigate damage. The best way not to take it is to not get shot. Here are the damage tables for the guns, and the DC for the armors:

Slugthrower pistol: +1, 2 attacks
Slugthrower rifle: +1, 3 attacks
Shotgun: 0, 6 attacks at close range, 3 attacks at midrange, 1 attack at long range.
SAW (heavy weapon): +2, 4 attacks
Laser Pistol: +2
Laser Rifle: +3
Antimatter pistol: +6 (25% critical)
Overcharged laser pistol: +7
Antimatter rifle (heavy weapon): +9 (33% critical)

Slugthrower weapons have fast firing rate but worse penetration.
Laser weapons are a middle ground, but are usually significantly more adaptable than antimatter guns.
Antimatter guns take a turn to charge between firing, but have the most devastating armor penetration of any weapon, and a crit chance, to do 2 points of damage instead of one.
Heavy weapons use their own skill, and convey a -2 penalty if you move and fire in the same turn.

Here are the DCs these guns are rolling against:
Light armor (Hal's cloak): 3
Medium armor (Talia's breastplate, most pirates): 5
Heavy armor (Anka's Power Armor): 8
Superheavy armor (The Unflagging): 13

I put it up to a vote; should I put the rolls somewhere every update, or should I keep 'em behind the scenes?
Keep in mind none of y'all are going to do any rolling because like any DM I cheat sometimes ;Dc
No. 65930 ID: bdb3f8

Informative, but I prefer not to have the mechanics prominently displayed in the thread if we are not meant to be thinking about them all the time.
No. 65939 ID: 0eef61
File 135779625278.png - (8.52KB , 800x600 , the author.png )

OK, I am going to keep the rolls hidden in Rebirth.

If you want an INSIDE LOOK at what the rolls were for any particular update or you want to bitch at me for it or something hop onto Rizon (the irc tgchan uses) and go into the channel #bromsgungazebo which is a basically empty channel I made as a joke when everyone was trying to talk gun control in #tgchan.

Maybe you kind of had to be there.

I guess it'll serve as a place to discuss crummy mechanics and such since I don't want to clutter them up in here for god's sake and #tgchan probably doesn't want them either. I'll just idle there whenever I'm updating, so if it's empty or I don't respond assume I'm jacking off or something. And if I'm online in #tgchan or #rubyquest but I've forgotten to log in there just shoot me a PM.
No. 66358 ID: ce9195

looks like you have a way of bringing out the Seven in all of us.
No. 66365 ID: 6f7dc1

yeah I think we may have messed that one up... what did the rolls look like?
No. 66367 ID: 57a559

I take no responsibility for the corniest terrible suggestions I make up at 7 in the morning.
That's just nature talking, man.
No. 67325 ID: 551cf1
File 136065707263.png - (12.53KB , 800x600 , hal.png )

OK guys listen

I really want to update Rebirth and bring the thread to a close but the way I draw it (like the way I used to draw all my old quests) takes Like An Hour for Every Single Update. And that's just drawing; I'm not even touching the writing.

If I were to switch over to the style I employ for my other currently running quests would that be ok? it's just soo muuuch eeasierrrr
No. 67326 ID: 875821

Actually it might be neat to see it rendered differently.
No. 67327 ID: a68e3e

Yeah, sure. Go ahead
No. 67329 ID: f2c20c

Have it look different as a result of how HIIIGHHHH he is.
No. 67333 ID: f4b51f


only one way to find out how it works man.

actually scratch that, anything is better than you getting tired of Hal.
No. 67692 ID: f2c20c

Oh crap, I just realized why they took Oren and Nessie hostage instead of killing them when it was convenient.

It's the damn red-eye mages. They aren't done with Oren.
No. 67805 ID: 96dde8

i know i am quite late but i only now finished reading Eivr and it always saddens me to see a good quest coming to an end.
it did get a bit convoluted by the end but i think that was mainly due to us switching characters around so much. perhaps if you stuck to Dio and had a clear plot it could be saved.
just my point of view and i'm sure you thought about it way more than i did, but i felt it needed saying.
No. 69218 ID: 553ad9

Eivr has returned due to popular demand but actually because a guy named Bundle on IRC asked me why it was dead and I didn't have a good enough answer

So yeah
No. 69241 ID: ecdc93

No. 69777 ID: 2df574

a bromeliad is a pineapple

a bromeliad is a pineapple

a bromeliad is a pineapple

No. 69778 ID: 20ac80

if i wasnt a furry who would draw yifftastic fanart of me
No. 69884 ID: 6c20b7

i cannot believe
that my first ever completed quest
was legend of the eternal bladesword
No. 69888 ID: f2c20c

All your other ones are so LONG though.
No. 69889 ID: 6c20b7

this one was eternal
No. 69890 ID: bdb3f8

The bladesword is eternal, not the legend.
No. 69911 ID: a5e901


That was an excellent response.

Olso, congratulons five xompleting a quest, Bromb.
No. 70326 ID: 400dc8

yo im finna make one of those dlls for squeeg's birthday or something which already happened

which character is my smexiest character
No. 70327 ID: 400dc8

poker dlls is what i mean
if that wasn't obvious
anyway VOTE
No. 70328 ID: f2c20c

No. 70329 ID: 933f92


framed as a sparring match where her clothes are destroyed bit by bit.
No. 70330 ID: 32e092

Halaris. Duh.
No. 70331 ID: b2d7ab

No. 70332 ID: d126ad

Squires wearing layers of pizzas.
No. 70334 ID: 300b2c

No. 70339 ID: b9ad96


No. 70340 ID: ffbe82

No. 70342 ID: 57a559

but honestly close second with Dahlia
She's got cute underwear I hear.
No. 70392 ID: ca4661

ok i'm doing nessie
No. 70400 ID: d6772a

>not DreckLord
No. 70408 ID: ca4661

drecklord has no clothes
No. 70510 ID: 400dc8

Nessie's powers are extremely rough, fuelled more by urgency and anger than skill.

Like most Thaumaturges, her offensive power grows as she uses defensive spells, and vice-versa. She is too untrained for a visual representation of this, however.

Here are the few "spells" she learned fighting her way through Bird's men before this encounter, and what she knows about them:

Fireball thing: A fireball thing. Tuckers her out to cast.
Fiery Sword: Sets her blade on fire. Don't take much to cast.
Flamethrower thing: Blast of flame. The more juice she has behind it the longer she can keep it going.
Exploding thing: What she used on Bird. Takes a whole lot out of her.

Slowing thing: Turns the air around her into something like molasses, slowing everything way down. She don't know if it'd do anything to fire.
Shield thing: More effective, but you gotta aim it and it takes more out of her.
Heal: She is going to use this to save her fiance.
Feedback: Directs force back where it came from. Nessie used this for melee and once to deflect an arrow. She don't know how good it is at anything bigger than that.
No. 70512 ID: 400dc8

also posting it in here
nessie's super secret spell technique, taking all her clothes off during a poker game
No. 70519 ID: ca6df3

did oren propose yet off screen or is she saying she's gonna propose and he'd better accept after all this?
No. 70553 ID: 0eef61

Oren has not yet proposed, no.
No. 70785 ID: 0eef61


who next
No. 70786 ID: f2c20c

No. 70788 ID: 5eea01

No. 70789 ID: 874c4c

No. 70790 ID: 57a559

Dahlia... wait what?
I... really want to see the context where Ephraim would get nude playing Strip Poker.
Changing vote to Ephraim.
No. 70794 ID: c597dd


No. 70795 ID: b3dd38

No. 70796 ID: 67bfa9

I vote Jai
No. 70805 ID: 593f45
File 136926743447.png - (150.92KB , 807x625 , Oren Update.png )

Oren and Nessie gonna be mages now.
No. 70809 ID: 11a38f


oh my!
No. 70814 ID: cf49fc

Oh god that facial expression.
No. 70817 ID: 78c6ea


It's Hellbendy!
No. 70819 ID: 5eea01

No. 70820 ID: cf49fc

I will have nightmares forever now. Thanks a laaaaaht.
No. 70966 ID: 0eef61

its over asdjklfsjgbriuegreuisgnhgrregbaksf

Eivr updates will resume soonish
No. 71013 ID: 01531c

I'm new. Please tell me about this 'Eivr' character, why the quest-verse is named after him?
No. 71015 ID: cf49fc

I don't know bout Eivr, but there's Dio. Dio's alright.
No. 71016 ID: 0eef61

Eivr is not the name of the character; it's the name of the planet (or more specifically the material plane). The Eivrverse is 2 quests: one called Oren, starring Oren Loper, and one called Eivr, starring Diometricus Phrale Eregiorium.

yes it is mad confusing sorry
No. 71028 ID: 095c28

just in case some uneducated boor doesn't know, layla means "night" in hebrew.
and oren means pine. as in the tree. i'm not sure it has any relevance.
No. 71032 ID: 0eef61

It dooooes

"Layla" was chosen for night and because it shares the same root with Lilith, Adam's first wife in Jewish tradition.

"Oren" was also intentional, as was Nessie's last name (Squires). Oren's name represents his steadfastness and solidity while Squires' represents her loyalty. The Arbocks, being a bunch of potential snakes in the grass, were named after the pokemon. Not quite as subtle.

Calidore's name comes from The Faerie Queene by Edmund Spenser, where he was a valiant knight trying to slay a monster called the Blatant Beast (His descriptor, The Thrillant Mage, uses vocab I pulled from Queene, too).

Astrea comes from a panegyric by John Dryden about the reign of Charles II called "Astraea Redux". It's all about the restoration of peace and the return of justice to the Earth.

Rebecca is Hebrew for "to tie, couple, or join", also for "to secure".

Ferrucio comes from Ferrum, the word for iron.

Pyramus is one half of the roman myth of two star-crossed lovers that directly inspired Romeo and Juliet. Most of the other names I chose for a reason but I just chose that one because it was cool.
No. 76351 ID: 5a2deb
File 137992497421.png - (8.45KB , 800x600 , bluh.png )

Yea eivr is back

hey which visual style do you like better btw

this kind
No. 76352 ID: 5a2deb
File 137992498899.png - (10.16KB , 800x600 , blah.png )

or this other kind
No. 76353 ID: 49f001

No. 76356 ID: 7248ac


Prefer this one.
No. 76357 ID: 27f137

This one for sure.
No. 76359 ID: 5690c2

This, but the other one's fine too.
No. 76412 ID: 6d5e30

Brom, have I told you I love you lately?

I'm not a gay man, but I will absolutely do whatever you ask me to.
No. 76557 ID: 9ddf68

Hey brom I have a question for you

In Oren quest we were some kind of spirit or something that helped him throughout his quest but in Eivr we were just Dio thoughts.

So my question is in the new quest Exemplar, are we the same 'spirit' form Oren quest or is this more like Dio from Eivr?
No. 76560 ID: 5c9e53

I think you're just voices in her head

Framing devices are cute but unnecessary in the end
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