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File 162846373536.png - (146.97KB , 800x600 , BeachNight2021.png )
135939 No. 135939 ID: 8483cf

It’s a brand new Beach Day, the sandiest day ever! What better way to celebrate than by partying till dawn? All quest characters are welcome to grab a drink, watch the sun set, roast some s’mores, and dance the night away!

But beware, the Beach Police have night vision goggles!

Many thanks to Doomsby and Edmango for the title card!

Previous Beach Days:
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No. 135940 ID: 8483cf
File 162846443161.png - (672.18KB , 1313x1430 , BN2021-1.png )

“Well, this is a nice beach, I guess,” Raelynn says. “I’ll just go watch the sunset. All the way over there.”

“I can’t believe you, Raelynn!” Serah says, utterly flabbergasted. “We just got to the party and you’re already leaving!”

“I don’t see what the big deal is,” the antisocial elf says. “People take long walks on the beach all the time.”

“But not during a party!” Landi straightens her flower. “Come on, there’s lots of hot guys here! At least grab one of them and take them on the walk. It’s romantiiiiic~~”


“You’re so boring!” Landi says. “Can you at least scout us a good spot for skinny dipping when it gets dark?”

“If I did that, would you ask me to join you?”

"Of course!"

"Then I will do no such thing."
No. 135943 ID: eedbeb
File 162847986341.png - (223.82KB , 1000x900 , a11.png )

Sal is ready for a productive night of surf fishing. A freshwater fish himself, he is leery of the salty depths but coastal creatures are great temptation. Crabs, redfish, black drum, smelt, perch…High tide means that Sal cannot poke pole for eels among the rocks.

He purchased a special beach rod for this task, much longer than what he’s used to, with thick braided line and heavy lead weights.

There are other people on the beach but Sal ignores them. He bought some squid and shrimp for bait earlier at a local grocery store and he carefully unpacks his cooler and assembles his rig.
No. 135944 ID: 224308
File 162849518372.jpg - (911.35KB , 1277x1747 , BB 622.jpg )

Bobbie the pirate princess "HEAR YE, HEAR YE! Anybody who is looking for excitement, danger, adventure, fun and a lots of treasure may join my crew. We are sailing to the island fortress which belongs to governor Pink and our plan is to raid, pillage, plunder, and take evening of value from that place! We are looking for strong pirates which know how to fight, ride a ship, and know to swim!"

Abdle the crew's parrot "What we are going to pull will go down in legends! Generations will tell stories of our adventure!"

No. 135946 ID: afe7de
File 162850285889.png - (14.97KB , 500x500 , BeachNight_001.png )

A young woman enters the beach, she is seen talking to herself as she approaches the congregation of others.

Isabella: So what if I’ve had possibly the worst few days ever.
Isabella: So what if shit’s turning up where my opposite, my rival is getting the things she wanted in life.
Isabella: So what if I’ve just been rejected by the man of my life.
Isabella: I’m going to go to the fucking beach, I’m going to be bubbly, and I’m going to have a good time.
Isabella: What? You want to manifest?
Isabella: And you can do it for the whole time while we’re here?
Isabella: Is this one of those reality shifting beaches?
Isabella: Fine, whatever.

With a snap of her fingers another figure appears next to her. This one is floating and very subtly transparent. After a moment their form changes and they’re still transparent from the knee down, but are now in a one-piece swimsuit, sword floating behind their back. Their grin is menacing, their voice is piercing and seductive, like it’s being whispered inside of your eardrum.

Isabella: Alright Uriel, same as normal, they can see you though, so if you do something drastic don’t get caught.

Isabella gives her a very dissapointed stare

Isabella: As you’ve told me a million times.
Isabella: Just, maybe try to make a friend this time?

The spirit floats off vaguely in Bobbie’s direction shouting something like “DO I GET TO KILL SOME SHIT?” as Isabella wanders the beach, waiting for the first kin to talk to her, she’s attractive, she’s sure it won’t be long.

AUTHORS NOTE: They’re both wearing orange and yellow swimsuits, Isabella is tan skinned with similar toned hair, the angel is white with blonde hair.
No. 135948 ID: 6b64eb
File 162850465666.png - (51.87KB , 1200x650 , lzrd_beach.png )

NIGHT ONE on BEACH has begun.

BLU loves the sound of the OCEAN WAVES.

DORA is excited to meet new PEOPLE.

ROCKS is ecstatic about all this SAND.
No. 135949 ID: 717d7b
File 162852531944.png - (490.95KB , 800x600 , BD1.png )

"Finally! It took all day, but It's all complete! With the completion of this fort, I hereby claim this territory and all in range of my cannons all under the ownership of PASCOENIA!"
No. 135950 ID: 717d7b
File 162852534235.png - (395.09KB , 800x600 , BD2.png )

"For all those brave or foolish enough to oppose me, I challenge you to lay siege to my formidable fortress! These walls are 6 feet tall and solid sand! I'd like to see you make a crack! But as a fair ruler, I offer the opportunity to those worthy of joining up with me to fight by my side so we may conquer the beach and rule the night! Those who oppose us shall see the power of what sand can do! "
No. 135951 ID: 224308
File 162853337359.jpg - (280.13KB , 590x610 , BB 623.jpg )

Bobbie the pirate princess "Uhhh I didn't actually expect for anybody to actually be interested in this whole pirate gig!"

No. 135952 ID: 224308
File 162853369294.jpg - (421.32KB , 742x610 , BB 624.jpg )

Bobbie the pirate princess "I am gorry for dashing your hopes you strange girl with sharp teets, exactly how you got all excited about the prospect of bloodshed. Abdle convinced me to dress up like this and to ask for a crew, we don't even have a boat. Honestly, I don't even know what he was even..."

Abdle the crew's parrot "No surrender, we won't let them take any quarter! We are in this until the bitter end! And don't tell them that we don't have a ship!"


No. 135953 ID: 224308
File 162853381242.jpg - (121.85KB , 387x448 , BB 625.jpg )

Abdle the crew's parrot "But yeah the child is correct, we actually don't have a ship..."

No. 135954 ID: 224308
File 162853393712.jpg - (121.83KB , 386x448 , BB 626.jpg )

Abdle the crew's parrot "But that is not a problem which we can't deal with. Lots of famous pirates didn't their own ship, they simply stole one! So that is what we will also do."

No. 135955 ID: 224308
File 162853406952.jpg - (171.17KB , 461x403 , BB 627.jpg )

Abdle the crew's parrot "As for your willingness to murder and maim is just what we need for our crew!"

No. 135956 ID: 224308
File 162853415930.jpg - (771.56KB , 1350x667 , BB 628.jpg )

Abdle the crew's parrot "Because the opponent that we are going against has a whole army of robots and if you are looking for a fight she will most likely be able to offer you one."

No. 135957 ID: 224308
File 162853429010.jpg - (124.18KB , 386x449 , BB 629.jpg )

Abdle the crew's parrot "Or we can go against the bird which build that huge fortress in the sand! It all depends if we can find a ship in the first place."

No. 135963 ID: 8483cf
File 162857075135.png - (105.55KB , 671x549 , BN2021-2.png )

“OH MY GAWSH YOU ARE THE CUTEST GOLEMS EVER!” Landi squees. “Look at you! Lookatchu! You! Are! So! Cute!”

Landi hugs DORA’s spotter head tight. “Look at you! You’re so brave coming all the way out here! It’s a big world for us little people, isn’t it?”

Landi is delighted with the REPTEKAS!

“Hey Bucket Head!” Landi laughs. “Are you a hungry boy? Are ya? You look like you could eat a whole sand castle!” Landi points at the fortified walls of Fort Pascoenia. “Doesn’t that look delicious?”
No. 135964 ID: 8483cf
File 162857351957.png - (23.75KB , 466x400 , BN2021-3.png )

“Rae, you can’t be antisocial all night!” Serah says. “As your party leader, and more importantly, as your friend, I am telling you to go find somebody hot and make conversation with them!”

“OK.” Rae walks over to Isabella, just far enough so that Serah can’t hear exactly what she’s saying.

“Hello, attractive person. I am pretending to converse with you in order to appease the person who pays me. Please do not put any effort into this social interaction at all.”
No. 135966 ID: afe7de
File 162858475293.png - (11.91KB , 500x500 , BeachNight_002.png )


No. 135967 ID: afe7de
File 162858476859.png - (11.10KB , 500x500 , BeachNight_003.png )

Isabella: Well what if I WANT to put in effort into this social interaction?
Isabella: What if I WANT to be all bubbly instead of angsty because its a coping mechanism?

Isabella takes a very deep breath and puts on a strained smile which after a few moments doesn’t look all that strained, but seeing the process definitely makes you realize that it’s a practiced, nearly customer service level face. She also pulls out a pair of glasses, putting them on.

Isabella: Well shucks, hiya I’m Isabella, I like mysterious boys with mysterious pasts and mysterious powers.
Isabella: I’m currently taking new applications for PERSON I’M INTERESTED IN and will probably never get over him.
Isabella: Nice to meet you stranger!

No. 135973 ID: 8483cf
File 162865355436.png - (245.42KB , 859x951 , BN2021-4.png )

“I hear the sweet, sweet sound of an unaligned regional power!” Serah says. “Would Pascoenia be open to a treaty with House Kensington? We have the latest in beach warfare technology! And I know how to comb sand out of fur. It’s a big problem for one of my charges."
No. 135974 ID: 8483cf
File 162865589279.png - (35.70KB , 312x301 , BN2021-5.png )

Raelynn stays silent for a few seconds, realizing there's no graceful escape. She considers just walking away, but... Isabella's going to such extreme lengths to put on a happy face just reminds her of herself from not that long ago.

"It's that bad, then," Rae says, shaking her head.

Rae points in the direction of the beach bar. Landi isn't the best role model, but maybe there's something to her methods in this particular case.

"Name's Raelynn."
No. 135976 ID: 224308
File 162866384227.jpg - (366.27KB , 509x857 , BB 630.jpg )

Bobbie the pirate princess "Wait one moment, there is something that isn't quite right about you and I just can't put my finger on it. I will need to check something first."

No. 135980 ID: 224308
File 162866426063.jpg - (5.24MB , 1627x9542 , BB 631.jpg )

Bobbie the pirate princess "It areas that your proximity changes how other people experience the world. Interestingly, very interesting"

No. 135981 ID: 224308
File 162866441166.jpg - (154.84KB , 389x496 , BB 632.jpg )

Abdle the crew's parrot "Stop acting like a weirdo Bobbie!"

No. 135982 ID: 224308
File 162866451306.jpg - (139.09KB , 496x323 , BB 633.jpg )

Abdle the crew's parrot "I must apologize for my associate, she tends to jump to conclusions. I also have to an apology for my blabbering, I tend to make a fool of myself and say stupid things. For instance, I wouldn't mind if you took a bite of me."

No. 135983 ID: 224308
File 162866463039.jpg - (127.79KB , 494x310 , BB 634.jpg )

Abdle the crew's parrot "As for my form it might be small but I see it as being compact, it might be rotten but I see it as being well-timed, it might be immobile but I see it as easier to transport. And when I look at you I see somebody who is experienced with combat, Bobbie and I never actually fought but that doesn't mean that we won't pull our weight when the time calls for it. But since you know your own straight maybe you should know your limitations. So you should choose our target."

No. 135984 ID: 224308
File 162866481093.jpg - (628.05KB , 1107x1081 , BB 635.jpg )

Abdle the crew's parrot "We can go and challenge the almighty PASCOENIA, that fortes is made of sand but I am not sure of its cannons. It appears that only one person is defending it so it might be an easy victory for us."

No. 135985 ID: 224308
File 162866492012.jpg - (791.43KB , 1267x1081 , BB 636.jpg )

Abdle the crew's parrot "Or we can go after governor Pink, she has an army of robots. I know that slicing robots isn't as fun as doing the same to a living thing but there will be more of them at least."

No. 135986 ID: 224308
File 162866513312.jpg - (239.82KB , 443x575 , BB 637.jpg )

Bobbie the pirate princess "Hmm it appears that no one else will be joining us on this adventure, so it made me realize one thing about our bout problem. It is going to be a strange solution but it is the only one we got."

No. 135987 ID: 224308
File 162866531544.jpg - (260.02KB , 823x592 , BB 638.jpg )

Bobbie the pirate princess "That abended cargo can be modified to be a makeshift flotation device. We gust have to modify it a little bit."

No. 135989 ID: e51896
File 162868321473.png - (1.18MB , 1280x720 , bd2021_1.png )

Lilly and Magnolia stand in front of their DJ Booth discussing their plans for tonight. Lilly is carrying with her a SHOVEL and a METAL DETECTOR. Mags however has her shovel on the floor, looking away from Lilly.

:bd_2021_lilly: :Come on, Mags, this beach always has strange people with lots of cool stuff! It’s highly likely that they’ve dropped something throughout the years that could be very valuable for us for the taking. You gotta help me dig them up! We can make a fortune, or even find, like, ultra-cool weapons or armor that can help us in our missions!

:bd_2021_magnolia: :…trash…

:bd_2021_lilly: :Even if they are, they can be refurbished and sold at a pawn shop somewhere around here too!

:bd_2021_magnolia: :…yooooooour swimsuit is trash… seems out of character for you to wear it, Lilly…

:bd_2021_lilly: :Rude, and why’s that?

:bd_2021_magnolia: :Too skimpy. I dooooon’t want to be seen with someone wearing something shaaaaaameful

Lilly looks down at her sling bikini and reminisces. After Arthurius came back from Poker Night which he insists was his business trip, she noticed the sling bikini and teasingly asked him if it was his new swimsuit and even asked him to try it on. Arthurius very flustered tried to correct her saying it wasn’t his, but absentmindedly said it was for her without thinking what he was saying, trying to not give Lilly the wrong idea. This prompted Lilly to tease him asking if he was lusting for her which caused him to throw the bikini in the trash without another word.

She decided to take the swimsuit from the trashcan after Arthurius left the room and wear it for the beach day event just to mess with him… however, although she is wearing this to tease Arthurius and commit to the joke, this swimsuit is rather… revealing, and not something she would usually be caught dead wearing. It even brings butterflies to her stomach just thinking what the other beach goers might think of her if they saw her wearing this. But she shrugs it off with this reason that she explains to Magnolia:

:bd_2021_lilly: :I gotta make sacrifices to commit to the joke if I want to mess with Arthurius, and besides, this is like, another world, or another dream I’m in. And, uh… it’s not like anybody here is from my waking world and will remember me, so… umm… who cares?

:bd_2021_magnolia: :Still gooooooing a bit too far, just to mess with him… why?

:bd_2021_lilly: :He makes it too easy to tease him.

:bd_2021_magnolia: :But to shaaaaaaame yourself doing it?

:bd_2021_lilly: :Uhhhh… well… I got a lot of courage? Eh, heh heh… uh…

Although she brought up her reasoning, she was still blushing over saying that.
Magnolia looks down at her shovel, wanting to change the subject.

:bd_2021_magnolia: :I stiiiiiill don’t want to dig…

:bd_2021_lilly: :*sigh* fine. Though I also know you don’t really want to mingle with people since you’re very shy… so what will you be doing?

:bd_2021_magnolia: :I want to try eating the locaaaaaaaaaaal food here with Sniffles, and play with Sniffles.

:bd_2021_lilly: :But… it’s late at night. A lot of places at the boardwalk is closed right now except the bar, and I don’t see anybody opening up right now… They wouldn’t even let us play music here late at night and we had to close up as well, something about disturbing peoples sleep… Where will you even find food? Anything in that head of yours? Lets find out

She jokes with Magnolia a bit as she presses her detector against Magnolia’s head… however, much to Lilly’s confusion, the detector starts pinging. Before Lilly can respond, Magnolia gives her answer as she pushes the detector away from her head

:bd_2021_magnolia: :Theres a fisherfish fishing for fish. Sniffles and I want to eat fisssssssssh.

:bd_2021_lilly: :Oh? And how will you get his fish?

:bd_2021_magnolia: :by Offering aaaaaaaaaaa trade for some, and setting a bonfire to cook it.

:bd_2021_lilly: :But… you’re shy? You’re not usually the one to start a conversation with people.

:bd_2021_magnolia: :...I’lllllll think of something.

:bd_2021_lilly: :Well, good luck. Don’t make your shyness awkward for the fisherman. I’ll try and find somebody who is interested in helping me find TREASURE!

With that, the two girls go their separate ways.

Magnolia has decided to play with Sniffles the Tapir as she waits for Sal to catch some fish so she can ask to buy some when he finishes. She will also be setting up a bonfire in preperation for whatever Sal catches, though it is a matter of whether or not Sal wants to be involved with cooking fish with her.
She’ll be alright with somebody talking to her, though she doesn’t talk much and prefers to put her attention on her tapir and watching and waiting for Sal to catch some fish for her to buy and to eat.

Lilly has gone off in search to search of buried trash treasure that people had dropped throughout the previous beach day events. She really hopes that someone is willing to help her dig and will really appreciate getting some help, she's even willing to split the treasure.
No. 135994 ID: eedbeb
File 162872295802.png - (178.86KB , 1000x900 , a13.png )

The sun sets and the beach darkens. Sal is not having much luck, which puts him in a sour mood. His narrow feet sink into the sand as he stares intently at his rod.

The tip dips and the fish snatches up the pole and starts reeling in. He skipped dinner with the hopes of feasting on tonight and he salivates at the thought of dragging a creature onshore.

There’s a vague shape in the surf and then a stingray comes into view. Darn! Stingrays are not good eating. Sal will, of course, eat it anyway.
No. 135996 ID: c18c31

>She really hopes that someone is willing to help her dig...
ROCKS, the Repteka with the bucket head, would be perfect for this. (And it'd also keep 'em from being led into trouble by Landi.)
No. 135997 ID: 224308
File 162872772225.jpg - (110.44KB , 545x594 , BB 639.jpg )

No. 135998 ID: 224308
File 162872777568.jpg - (238.93KB , 468x619 , BB 640.jpg )

No. 135999 ID: 224308
File 162872789113.jpg - (236.81KB , 468x619 , BB 641.jpg )

Abdle the crew's parrot "Hey over here, listen to what I have to say."
No. 136000 ID: 224308
File 162872832513.jpg - (571.21KB , 1170x865 , BB 642.jpg )

Abdle the crew's parrot "You look like somebody who is enjoying looking for spare trinkets in the sand, but if you are interested in real treasure join our crew and there will be full buckets of gold for everyone!"

Bobbie the pirate princess "Yes join us, can't you see how much I am expressing excitement about our upcoming adventure."

No. 136002 ID: e51896
File 162877996952.png - (469.82KB , 1280x720 , bd2021_2.png )

Lilly gets an idea for a prank

:bd_2021_lilly: :WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!? Don't you know this place is a MINEFIELD?! I'm trying to sweep the beach for MINES! You're very lucky you didn't step on a... *snickers*

Lilly starts laughing.

:bd_2021_lilly: :Haaaaaaah, sorry, it's just beach humor. Pirate joining? hmmm.... HMMMM...

Lilly ponders for a moment and thinks of the possibility of better treasure, but ultimately decides it isn't worth the risk.

:bd_2021_lilly: :Naaaah, I'm good with digging up treasure at the beach.

:bd_2021_lilly: :Besides, with the way I see the world through my perspective, I get the strangest feeling I'm just going to slow the team down.

:bd_2021_lilly: :Besides, digging for treasure you could say is my "story arc" here Hahahahaha![/color
She's about to go back to scanning the beach but then gets an idea

:bd_2021_lilly: :[color=#908f13]But I'll tell you what though, what if instead of becoming your crew member, I become your merchant? I'll dig up stuff around the beach, and you can every so often buy it from me at a discount for GOLD DOUBLOONS!

:bd_2021_lilly: :As a matter of fact, I already found this!

She holds up an old rusty metallic face mask of some sort, and points to the debris she dug up https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/130632.html#130804

:bd_2021_lilly: :I seem to have already found some remains of some high tech armor of some sort. It's unfortunately rusted and damaged, but I'm sure if you can find somebody to fix it up, it can make for a good protective uniform for your angelic friend to wear. There's many interesting people at the beach that I'm sure you'll find someone that can just fix it instantly

:bd_2021_lilly: :I'll sell the pile it for... hmmm... 400 GOLD Doubloons... but I can discount it for 50 since, well, it's damaged.

:bd_2021_lilly: :But if you have no money, I suppose a favor can be arranged... maybe you can convince your angel friend to help Magnolia set up her bonfire for me? She wants to eat fish or something...

*she points to Magnolia trying to set up a bonfire*
No. 136006 ID: afe7de
File 162883244143.png - (45.21KB , 500x500 , BeachNight_004.png )


She looks ABDLE THE RED and contemplates his consumption whilst floating upside-down for dramatic effect.


No. 136007 ID: afe7de
File 162883247088.png - (9.86KB , 500x500 , BeachNight_005.png )

The two girls head to the bar, alcohol was always a weird thing for Isabella, on the one hand YES, on the other hand, also YES. You wouldn’t say you were an ALCOHOLIC by any means, but drowning your sorrows is certainly not the last thing you’ve done on this rodeo. You figure a few drinks couldn’t hurt.

Isabella: Yeah some drinks sounds good

The two of them sit down, Isabella tries to order a PINE YELLOW COLADA much to the bartender’s chagrin. She describes the drink and eventually a PINA COLADA is delivered to her. Rae orders a glass of SAUVIGNON BLANC.

Isabella: Man, the one thing I hate about these interdimensional spaces is the stupid names for things
Isabella: Who would call a PINE YELLOW a PINEAPPLE, that’s dumb. And an APPLE is a RED?
Isabella: We have PINE REDS, they taste nothing like a PINE YELLOW!
Isabella: Got any cool stories?
Isabella: I can blab on forever if you just want to hear someone talk but not participate.
Isabella: Can’t tell if you just would rather not talk,
Isabella: Or if you just only want to talk about something meaningful instead of shooting the shit.
Raelynn: I’m not a talker. Don’t take it personally.

Still, Rae feels like she should be contributing to the conversation. She sips her wine and glances around the beach.

Rae: Anybody here you’re “interested in”?
Isabella: Let me take a look around first.

Isabella casts her gaze across the beach, attempting to eye anyone that matches her TASTES, as esoteric as they might be.

Isabella: As far as “interests” I guess I’m drawing a blank, or at least a few maybes.
Isabella: I dunno, that fish over there looks like he’s got some deep seated RAGE hidden in there, might be something.
Isabella: Then there’s you, I have a few ELF friends, though I gotta say, not to offend, but what’s with your eyes?
Isabella: You get surgery to look more human?
Isabella: I thought it was big in elf culture to have em on one side of the head?

Isabella draws a doodle on a napkin illustrating miss Iraphena, its crude and very bad, Isabella can’t draw at all.
No. 136008 ID: 224308
File 162884188249.jpg - (1.24MB , 1728x2880 , IMG_20210813_093541.jpg )

Abdl "Yeah go and help with the bonfire, and by the time you return we will have a bout and a full crew and cannons and air fresheners and..."

l have to apologize for the way how I am making this update. My laptop is not working and this is the best that I can do at the moment
No. 136009 ID: 5bf1bd
File 162884753998.png - (269.37KB , 1000x1000 , beachnight01.png )

Roar, o' speeding beast of the night!
Four wheels, metal chassis. Give way, give way, for the demon sprinting across the roads of a city in summer revel!

Inside the infernal contraption, two goddesses converse. Mere mortals can only imagine what words are being exchanged between the divinities.
"Amica, are you sure we're going the right way? I do believe the party gathering was at-"
The over-confident driver shakes her head, her gooey locks a distinct contrast to the metal beast surrounding her.
"It's fine, it's fine, Jinny! I made sure to download this car's GPS coordinates before I started driving, I know exactly where I'm going!"

A muscular woman in shades expresses doubt over her beach companion's confidence. What had first been a summer escape, for the two who weren't able to make it last year, has instead turned into a general day-and-night cycle of rampant exploration of this questionably canonical universe.
"Are you sure it's up-to-date? I'm pretty sure you hotwired this vehicle from a different sector of the multiverse, not this one. I don't believe most civilian beach locales have car dealerships around. I'm not sure it was necessary to commandeer this vehicle."

The femme fatale at the wheel dismisses the claim. Couldn't her companion see that out here was missing the bigger picture? The two of them were practically adding more happiness into the universe, stripping the false dealer of his goods and enjoying it to the fullest.
"Fah, you knew that the dealer was a scam artist anyway. Did you see those prices? He's gotta be sharking most of the poor saps from other universes who came into valuable artefacts and whatnot. Besides, if we took a motorcycle, the weight distribution would have been off."
One of the passengers takes offense.
"My bulk is a natural deterrent for most opponents."
"Nobody was talking about your bulk, ya goof!"

Alas, the driver had forgotten to acquire a document containing the various road safety rules in this ambiguously beach-like locale. Nor does the other know about rightful speed limits, being someone who would immediately floor it the moment she was sat in a vehicle.
"Wait, that's a sharp turn up ahead, why are you accelerating?"
A killer grin crosses the face of the swerving snake. It must be a blessing that today everyone is too busy on the beach to be anywhere near the roads.
"The GPS said to keep straight!"
The bulkier passenger leans back in her seat, feeling the wind sweep across her fingers outside.
"I don't think thats'-"
No. 136010 ID: 5bf1bd
File 162884758166.png - (493.34KB , 1000x1000 , beachnight02.png )

The guardrail stood no chance.

And so, they soared. Woman, SAI and vehicle.
Under the starry skies, the beast's limbs flew from the asphalt that confined it, flying further, further into the sky, for the briefest moment.
No. 136011 ID: 5bf1bd
File 162884762671.png - (457.87KB , 1000x1000 , beachnight03.png )

Until the joyride finally ends, in a heap of damp grit and disappointment. For multiple parties.
The beast's rampage ends, embedded in the sandy walls of a foreign nation's castle. Cracks dance through the stiff fortifications, as the two passengers pull themselves out from the wreckage.
One grabs her cloak, the other forms a sun-hat using her amorphous mass. One would question the necessity of a sun-hat or sunglasses at night, but there were more pressing issues on the two ladies' minds.
"Aw, phooey. It's probably not worth trying to dig this car out, right?"
Within moments of departing the vehicle, the wall crumbles down, sending a cascade of sand all over the vehicle - dashing any hopes of a rescue for the metal beast.
The larger woman turns to face the individual standing atop the castle.
"You should apologise to the citizen whose property you've damaged."
Suddenly presented with the onus of reparation, the femme fatale appears shaken for a moment.
"Hey hey hey, you were in the vehicle with me! Can't you take some of the responsibility? If I had to rebuild this wall, I'd get too many particles in my nice semisolid beach bod!"
This time, it is her bulkier companion's turn to dismiss her concerns.
"Don't talk like you don't have the capability to reshape yourself on a whim to begin with."

The poor avian atop the castle stares down at the wreckage. Truly, the founding of a new nation is not without difficulty and strife.
With one shaded glance, the muscular woman fathoms the situation.
"From my understanding, it seems this is a small, independent nation-state run by one avian-themed chimera. Mammalian legs give that trait away."
She adjusts her glasses in apology.
"Apologies for the disturbance and the damage. If you need to rebuild, we would be happy to lend you some assistance as you attempt to stabilize your political grasp on the area."
All in a day's work.
The serpent grins, her next activity of choice decided.
"Playing PMC, are we? I'd feel very sorry for anyone who crosses us!"

A shake of the head refuses the implication of one-sided summer slaughter.
"I do not believe it's appropriate to respond with overwhelming force in this case. We shall take up arms with whatever's provided by our environment. On-site acquisition. A good opportunity for practice, especially for you, Amica. You rely too much on your... unique constitution. What will you do if you were forced to fight like normal?"

She considers this for a moment, before pumping a fist in excitement.
"Ah... you really do make a good point every so often, don't you Jin? This'll be fun, then! I mean, Argine and Diagram had a blast with their firearms last year, so maybe we'll try doing it differently this year!"

Thus, the kingdom gained two warriors to its cause.
...and a vehicle-shaped protrusion in one of it's walls.
No. 136012 ID: 224308
File 162887033956.jpg - (172.72KB , 492x402 , BB 643.jpg )

Abdle the crew's parrot "What are you doing staring at that thing?! We have a small amount of time in order to construct our ship!"

Bobbie the pirate princess "Yeah I hear you, just been a little bit mesmerized by this helmet."

No. 136013 ID: 224308
File 162887040471.jpg - (66.80KB , 215x403 , BB 644.jpg )

Bobbie the pirate princess "Made me wonder who it belonged to and why it was left here in the first place. There is a story behind it."

Abdle the crew's parrot "We don't have time to daydream about that right now!"
No. 136014 ID: 224308
File 162887047480.jpg - (80.70KB , 380x317 , BB 645.jpg )

Bobbie the pirate princess "Here I will return your treasure, we need to find our won and then we will be able to trade."
No. 136015 ID: 224308
File 162887059076.jpg - (90.76KB , 352x291 , BB 646.jpg )

Abdle the crew's parrot "The nerve of that girl, offering to sell that junk which found on the ground. Clearly, Uriel deserves to get something much better than leftovers!"

No. 136016 ID: 224308
File 162887070786.jpg - (110.50KB , 304x327 , BB 647.jpg )

Bobbie the pirate princess "No need to complain about it, we are back in front of this abended cargo and we need to turn this into a ship. How about we just turn it into a submarine, so when it starts going underwater we can pretend like it is doing what it was made for. Otherwise, I don't know how to fix this thing."

No. 136017 ID: 224308
File 162887078678.jpg - (219.63KB , 642x411 , BB 648.jpg )

Rocky Raccoon "You might not know how to turn this into a boat but I do know! Here let me show you how it is done!"

No. 136018 ID: 224308
File 162887084330.jpg - (1.23MB , 1305x1716 , BB 649.jpg )

Rocky Raccoon "Furst off my friend Gideon will use its focused laser to cut through the metal. This will leave us with a lot of metal material which we can use for construction. I will use the blow torch to weld the pieces together and make a stable foundation for the ship. All the costumes on the inside will be transformed into the mainsail. At the bottom, I will attach two rocket trustees and two stabilizers at the front of the bout. This will practically turn your vehicle into a flying one. I will place the searing weale in the lookout tower. I know it isn't a conventional thing to do but it will be more exciting to control it from there.

No. 136019 ID: 224308
File 162887091763.jpg - (375.92KB , 1069x857 , BB 650.jpg )

Rocky Raccoon " And there we have it, I know it isn't a big boat but it will take you where you need to go."

No. 136020 ID: 224308
File 162887100696.jpg - (187.57KB , 451x465 , BB 651.jpg )

Abdle the crew's parrot "Yes it is all coming together!"

Bobbie the pirate princess "Oh this is just great I was hoping that we wouldn't get this done in time, but that didn't happen."

No. 136021 ID: 224308
File 162887106461.jpg - (76.09KB , 367x265 , BB 652.jpg )

Abdle the crew's parrot "Are you straight astronaut interested in joining our crew?"
No. 136022 ID: 224308
File 162887112959.jpg - (139.01KB , 287x425 , BB 653.jpg )

Rocky Raccoon "No not really, I am maybe being accused of performing war crimes and I am not allowed to be on any type of transportation. The only thing that is left is for you to do is to draw a symbol as a flag. I wish you the best of luck on your adventure!"
No. 136023 ID: 224308
File 162887127626.jpg - (80.24KB , 427x269 , BB 654.jpg )

Bobbie the pirate princess "Well accessorizing isn't my strongest aspect, will you do the honors?"

No. 136024 ID: 224308
File 162887138868.jpg - (153.26KB , 375x478 , BB 655.jpg )

Abdle the crew's parrot "Oh come on, I saw you when you put war paint on your face at the stadium. When you start cheering for your favorite sports team."

Bobbie the pirate princess "That is a completely different location and state of mind that I am during that period. you know how I get excited when I watch a tennis tournament."

No. 136025 ID: 224308
File 162887148345.jpg - (65.07KB , 185x276 , BB 656.jpg )

Abdle the crew's parrot "Well I for once will not be drawing any symbols. We need something that will intimidate our opponent and if I end up making something goofy then nobody will take us seriously!"

No. 136026 ID: 717d7b
File 162889797478.png - (482.85KB , 800x600 , BD3.png )

>"P-please don't tell anyone I live this way!"
No. 136027 ID: 717d7b
File 162889799155.png - (311.66KB , 800x600 , BD4.png )

"My wall! My fortified fortress walls! I-..."
"Pilot, are you eating soup with a spoon made of sand?"
"Then why are you holding one?"
>"I didn't want people thinking I didn't have a spoon!"
"Ah. ok."

"ahem... I cannot believe the defences weren't prepared for-..."
"Pilot did you make a sand replica of your post uniform? You could've made anything! Show some imagination!"
>"I like my work outfit though!"
"Why didn't you just wear that instead of making a replica?"
>"Because someone raided the uniform chest!"
"Ohhh right right."

"Anyway! I can't quite tell if I'm being invaded or forcefully assimilated into an alliance! But you both look huge and completely terrifying and also behind my cannon range, So I'll disregard the possibility of the latter, so I say welcome aboard! If you wish to better reinforce the fortress with more advanced defences, it would be much obliged!"
No. 136028 ID: 717d7b
File 162889802285.png - (416.86KB , 800x600 , BD5.png )

"Alright! The giant person wishing to form the alliance! Pascoenia accepts your offer! I suggest you make yourself a cool jacket! We will mount an attack soon, to expand our territory by placing our flag which I still need a design for but we shall have our sovereignty recognized by all!"
No. 136031 ID: 8483cf
File 162891601707.png - (210.49KB , 1024x797 , BN2021-6.png )

Why is it always the eyes? Rae gives a mental groan. Even the multiverse is messing with me somehow.

“I could be a cyclops,” Rae says, trying her best to make herself sound like she’s making a joke. “Would that make me more or less weird?”

“A little weird? Sort of weird. Fifty-fifty weird!” Isabella decides. “At least you’re unique! That’s a big plus. But I heard cyclops… cyclopses… cyclii… cyclopes! I heard cyclopes have depth perception issues. They’re kind of clumsy, too. Hehe!”

Isabella giggles at the thought of something, or someone.

Rae touches her bangs, racking her brain for something to change the conversation away from eyes. Anything. “Uh… do you have a favorite kind of animal?”

“Dead ones!” Isabella declares happily.

Rae jolts in her seat.

“I eat all kinds a’ meat!” Isabella says without missing a beat. She smiles and pulls her gums back, showing off a gleaming set of pearly white canines. “Check out these chompers!”

“Oh.” Rae lets out a sigh and finishes her drink in a single gulp. Conversation is harder than she remembers.

“But if I had to pick a favorite, I’d say a wolf,” Isabella decides. “I’m part wolf, myself!”

Rae nods. That’s an easy one. “Let me show you what I do for a living. Close your eyes…”

Isabella smiles and slams her eyes shut. “They’re closed! What now? Are you going to give me a leaf folded into the shape of a wolf? You’re probably a leaf bikini maker or-”

Rae leans back in her seat, takes a deep breath, and lets out a full-throated, howl ending in a long, low moan completely indistinguishable from a real cry.

Eyes still closed, Isabella instinctively leans forward and sniffs in Rae’s direction excitedly, leaning further and further until she’s bent over, tail wagging eagerly.

“What was that?” Isabella says, opening her eyes and looking up at Rae eagerly. “Do that again!”

“That was a mating call,” Rae says. “I draw them in, then it’s easy pickings with my bow.”

Rae breaks eye contact, realizing exactly how it sounded. She waves at the bartender for another glass of wine.
No. 136032 ID: 224308
File 162897453069.jpg - (419.59KB , 1191x796 , BB 657.jpg )

Abdle the crew's parrot "Wait, did I just hear wolf holing! What if a pack of wolves attacked Uriel! She might be in danger!"

Bobbie the pirate princess "I doubt it, she looks like somebody who can take care of themself. Also, did you forgot she is the one looking for somebody to kill? I guess she is used to doing that if she asked you about it so inquisitive about it."

No. 136033 ID: 224308
File 162897468487.jpg - (418.99KB , 1191x796 , BB 658.jpg )

Abdle the crew's parrot "Hey maybe she isn't all that bad, you know maybe she is just putting up an act, just like we do it all the time to seem more intimidating."

Bobbie the pirate princess "Why are you doing this?"

Abdle the crew's parrot "Doing what, I have no idea what you are talking about?"

Bobbie the pirate princess "Trying to convince me of something, aren't we looking for people who are bloodthirsty to be a good pirate. You don't need to downplay her bad aspects."

Abdle the crew's parrot "Yeah I know that I was just trying to...I just wanted to...You know what it doesn't even matter, I will simply stop talking about her."

No. 136034 ID: 224308
File 162897475083.jpg - (363.13KB , 811x1007 , BB 659.jpg )

Bobbie the pirate princess "Oh boy drawing a symbol is going to be a pain in the ass. This would be so much easier if we had ladders."

Abdle the crew's parrot "Or a pair of wings!"

Bobbie the pirate princess "Oh shut up!"

No. 136039 ID: e51896
File 162908859959.png - (1.34MB , 1280x720 , bd2021_3.png )

Stones are set partially buried in the sand stabilizing them in the formation of a circle. There's wood piled within the circle of stones, and a pot set up to be heated above the wooden pile, hanging on a wooden horizontal pole connected to two wooden posts. The guest of honor, the fire, has yet to arrive

Magnolia had been trying to start a fire so that hopefully she can catch the attention of the fisherman. Maybe he'll share with her whatever fish he might catch for spending the effort of making him a bonfire to cook his fish with.

And even if he ignores her, at least she'll have a bonfire to relax in and maybe listen to ghost stories from whoever might come sit by the fire. She likes listening to ghost stories. Not so much telling them as she tends to get lost in thought when telling a story, stumbling her words or losing her train of thought... a difficulty she has even in normal conversations

unfortunately, she has been spending the past 30 minutes trying to use friction to set up a flame. She wonders why it isn't working. Could the wind be too strong? is the sand or wood wet? Is she not doing it fast enough? If only she brought a lighter of some sort.

At least Sniffles is having a good time, it went off burying itself in the sand somewhere to relax. It's kinda cute. She'll have to pick the tapir up to play with soon after she gets the fire set.

Magnolia could have sworn she heard her name being yelled out, as well as the fisherman being called out too, but that's impossible... nobody here knows who she is. So she just ignores it since the fisherman seems to be ignoring it as well.

Even though she can't get it started, she is at least enjoying the quiet peace of the sounds of the night wind, and ocean waves. It's a much calmer atmosphere since she assumes less people come here at night.
No. 136042 ID: e51896
File 162908878098.png - (1.36MB , 1280x720 , bd2021_4.png )

A sharp metal rod descends onto the wood pile, surprising and knocking Magnolia backwards onto the log behind her. Was that a machete? a sword? Before she can comprehend what happened, she suddenly see's a huge flame rising to the sky, completely engulfing the pot and the wooden pole its hanging on. The temperature in the area is really really hot. past the flames Magnolia thinks she discovers what seems to be an almost albino pale woman with small feathered wings on her back with sharp teeth, halo flames on her head, and body illuminating with a glow. She is laughing loudly. A ghost?

Uriel: FIIIIIIIIRE!!!!!!

:bd_2021_magnolia: :Too earrrrrrrrrrrly for ghost stories...

Magnolia hopes that the loud noise the fire caused, and Uriel's screaming didn't annoy the fisherman or scare the fish away. She doesn't want to make a bad first impression on him and lose her chance to eat the fish he caught. But she is at least very appreciative that the bonfire is now ready.

:bd_2021_magnolia: :...Ttttttthhhhhhhanks... You want fish too?

The bonfire is now set! Quest characters can now take a break by the fire, tell stories, dance around the fire, or maybe cook something.
No. 136044 ID: c79c87
File 162914288462.jpg - (271.22KB , 737x532 , BB 660.jpg )

Bobbie the pirate princess "Wow those two really did start a huge bonfire. When we are talking about destructive forces our boat is lacking in firepower. We need a way to get cannons in order to be real pirates."

No. 136045 ID: c79c87
File 162914304211.jpg - (153.61KB , 374x517 , BB 661.jpg )

Abdle the crew's parrot "Yeah I was also thinking about that problem and came up with a possible solution. We can simply give our services to the bird in the sandcastle, we act as privateers for them and they give us weapons in order to do what we do. It is a win-win scenario, especially with the notion that they are interested in territory expansion."

Bobbie the pirate princess "That actually is not such a bad idea...But it still has a possibility of not working."

No. 136046 ID: c79c87
File 162914316945.jpg - (151.17KB , 374x517 , BB 662.jpg )

Abdle the crew's parrot "Well it can't hurt us to try at least. Also, will you stop shaking the line otherwise you will turn me into a cider. It is already hard to hold the brush with my little worm arms."

No. 136048 ID: c79c87
File 162914341254.jpg - (123.14KB , 430x370 , BB 663.jpg )

Bobbie the pirate princess "Yeah I am just trying to stick you in between the wheels openings."
No. 136049 ID: c79c87
File 162914352266.jpg - (98.35KB , 292x286 , BB 664.jpg )

Bobbie the pirate princess "I will construct the letter for our alliance and use our navigation specialist to deliver it."

No. 136050 ID: c79c87
File 162914360129.jpg - (117.17KB , 482x336 , BB 665.jpg )

Bobbie the pirate princess "Here you go Monkey, take this bottle..."
No. 136051 ID: c79c87
File 162914366107.jpg - (133.77KB , 567x294 , BB 666.jpg )

Bobbie the pirate princess "And deliver it to that bird who is standing on the sand fort."
No. 136052 ID: c79c87
File 162914381891.jpg - (318.99KB , 1169x669 , BB 667.jpg )

No. 136053 ID: c79c87
File 162914390026.jpg - (206.47KB , 538x587 , BB 668.jpg )

No. 136054 ID: c79c87
File 162914402754.jpg - (195.50KB , 450x589 , BB 669.jpg )

Written on the note "Greetings Pascoenia, we are a ragtag team of upcoming and upstarting pirates. But we can act as your privateers, concur new territories in your names. All that we need is cannons in order to wage war against the enemies. If all of this sounds like an appealing offer, simply put one cannon on a small rowboat and we will take that as a yes answer. If you are inclined also place your flags and we will put them on top of our boat and every territory that we take control off. Thank you in advance."

No. 136055 ID: eedbeb
File 162914832745.png - (254.00KB , 1000x900 , a17.png )

Castles rise from the sand, people are engaging in intense feats of engineering and sailing, and the stingray has a very strong flavor. Sal taps his fillet knife against the creature’s slimy skin. Maybe he should try cooking it? He didn’t bring a stove.

There’s a loud scream of joy and a bonfire leaps into life behind Sal. There’s a vague glowy pale lady and some alien creature lying stunned on the logs placed around the flames. Sal wonders if he can sneak in, cook his fish, and return to his post without anyone noticing.

The alien immediately perks up when Sal approaches, stingray in hand.

“Hey, dooooo you want to use our fire?” the alien asks.

Sal hesitates. He’s bad at social situations with strangers.
No. 136056 ID: 67181a
File 162915862504.jpg - (894.90KB , 2644x3246 , 0816211955~2.jpg )

A poodle and a red deer come walking up the sands. The poodle is shaking his right wrist, while the deer has a handcuff clasped onto her left with the other side open in her hand.

"Are you sure this is okay officer Barclay? I'm really not supposed to leave the Last Call."

"Yes, D'Artagnan," the deer responds, "I filled out all of the requests last month, and I'm here to stop you if you try to cause trouble."

"But i never put in a travel request."

The officer smirks, "I think it'll be good for you to spend time with people outside your job."

Dart gulps and looks around the beach nervously, "I guess, but im really nor very good at talking to people."

She looks toward him incredulously, "You're a bartender, you talk to people all day at work."

"That's different!" He protests, i'm comfortable there!"

"Then i guess this will be good for you after all." She pulls a folding chair out of her duffel to sit in as he grumbles.
No. 136059 ID: c79c87

The face that Mags has
No. 136069 ID: ca2950
File 162932133286.png - (315.66KB , 949x1004 , sand.png )

Keimi: "Hurry up. You're going to miss the sunset... or the sunrise. I'm not actually sure what time it's supposed to be here."

Alex: "I would, if I didn't have to carry everything."

Keimi: "Since I'm the brains, you're the brawn, so you have to carry the stuff. Sorry. I don't make the rules."

Alex: "I don't see how that makes any sense!"

Keimi: "That's why you're not the brains."
No. 136079 ID: 0eca49
File 162949651044.jpg - (631.51KB , 1087x1376 , BB 672.jpg )

Bobbie the pirate princess "Well all things considered this actually ended up looking good even if it is a little bit over the top with the flames and blood."

Abdle the crew's parrot "Hey I do like to push things and my personality is over the top!"

No. 136080 ID: 0eca49
File 162949659396.jpg - (361.34KB , 663x561 , BB 673.jpg )

Bobbie the pirate princess "Well I just hope it will work as intended. Make our enemies afraid and make them shoot at us."

Abdle the crew's parrot "Oh it will work better than intended!"
No. 136081 ID: 0eca49
File 162949665478.jpg - (375.62KB , 663x561 , BB 674.jpg )

Bobbie the pirate princess "It just feels like something is missing."

Abdle the crew's parrot "What are you talking about something missing!?"
No. 136082 ID: 0eca49
File 162949673606.jpg - (361.74KB , 663x561 , BB 675.jpg )

Bobbie the pirate princess "I just can't place my finger on it."

Abdle the crew's parrot "Maybe what is missing is something that you are lacking, like enthusiasm or excitement!"

Bobbie the pirate princess "Yeah you are probably right."

No. 136083 ID: afe7de
File 162952959791.png - (14.09KB , 500x500 , BeachNight_006.png )

Rae: So what do you like doing?
Isabella: Making outs always fun!
Isabella: You kind of put me in the mood for that!

You see Rae’s caught off guard, she hesitates for a moment, but only for a moment before seeming to throw caution to the wind.

Rae: Only if you don’t ask me to cuddle.
Isabella: Ew, yeah no, I’m not into that either.

Isabella leans forward and the smacking of lips begins. It’s a tender series of smooches. Followed by brief hand flailing, and a visceral grasping of the other’s body. They grope each other desperately as they attempt to dissolve their issues in each others smooching embrace. The two look at each other and Isabella gives a laugh. Rae looks confused and then looks down, blushing. In their passionate embrace it appears they’ve pawed at each-others breasts and are no longer wearing their tops! Isabella’s is on the floor lying next to Rae, but Rae’s bra is nowhere to be seen.

Rae: So I’m just going to get up aannnnnnnd put on some clothes.


The itch has returned. She’s set fire to wood and it was a good fire. Large, empowering. Uriel notices the pirates have finished making a boat. This pleases her, but she knows better then to set the boat on fire NOW. Better later when you catch them with their skirts down. She instead wanders over vaguely in their direction, waiting for something, anything to happen. It was at this moment when a very small crab scuttled out of the sand near the Fish person. Uriel didn’t think twice and set it aflame. A few moments later it screamed and fell over, cooked to perfection. Bored she continued floating about the sand setting alight various crabs that scuttled out. Bigger and bigger Crabs continue to come out the more she destroys.


The crabs popping out near her are starting to get to the size of a small dog. It won’t be long before a massive crab will appear. But on the bright side, there’s a scattered amount of cooked crabs laying on the beach for the other beach-goers taking!
No. 136086 ID: 0eca49
File 162956463419.jpg - (339.73KB , 602x504 , BB 677.jpg )

Bobbie the pirate princess "Huh there seem to be crabs that are emerging from the sand and they appear to be larger than the average crab."

Abdle the crew's parrot "Crabs, they can go die in a fire for all I care about them! They are incapable of being any help in our plans, the only thing that they can offer is their bodies as a delicious dish!"

No. 136087 ID: 0eca49
File 162956475216.jpg - (339.44KB , 602x504 , BB 678.jpg )

Bobbie the pirate princess "Also I can see the boobs of some chick, nice!"

Abdle the crew's parrot "What really!? I thought that there were some laws on this beach for that kind of indecent exposure!"

No. 136088 ID: 0eca49
File 162956491767.jpg - (143.92KB , 383x363 , BB 679.jpg )

Bobbie the pirate princess "Oh come on no need to be such a prude, let people have fun."

Abdle the crew's parrot "Fine let them do whatever they want as long as you don't go streaking as well. We have an image to uphold after all."

Bobbie the pirate princess "It is not like I have any breast to show, under this suits, there is only my ribcage and nothing else."

No. 136089 ID: 8483cf
File 162960613971.png - (117.43KB , 635x848 , BN2021-7.png )

Rae scans around for her top. It’s completely disappeared.

She notices a pirate princess staring at her and flushes. She ducks down under the bar.

“Wow, we really got into it, didn’t we?” Isabella giggles. “Here, you can have mine!”

Rae stares at it. It’s too big for her by far, but it’s something. She snatches it without a word and slips it on.
No. 136090 ID: 8483cf
File 162960615176.png - (130.06KB , 635x848 , BN2021-8.png )

The two glasses of wine do not help.
No. 136101 ID: e51896
File 162966754331.png - (940.57KB , 1280x720 , bd2021_5.png )

There's a silent pause as Magnolia waits for Sal's answer as he just stares in hesitation. the wait becomes awkward. Magnolia starts wondering if she messed up at making her first impression. its very rare she initiates conversations, but her desire to eat seafood this night influenced her actions to do so, and now she starts to regret it.

Not wanting to make things more uncomfortable for the fisherman, she scooches over to the edge of the log away from him hoping to make herself scarce and not bother the fisherman further.

:bd_2021_magnolia: :sorry, you don't have to cook iffffffffff umm... you don't wanna.

She then holds the sides of her head in guilt and frustration over her actions, thinking about the fish she might not get to eat now.

The fire is still blazing, but there is now a window of opportunity for Sal to use the bonfire to cook the stingray without anyone interrupting him further while he still has the chance!
No. 136125 ID: e51896
File 163007695566.png - (14.81KB , 500x500 , bd2021_6.png )

Crab: ★ YAY! What a beautiful night to take a walk on the beach! ★

CRAB has logged into the beach!
No. 136126 ID: e51896
File 163007696017.png - (18.98KB , 500x500 , bd2021_7.png )

No. 136127 ID: e51896
File 163007696611.png - (11.66KB , 500x500 , bd2021_8.png )

Crab: ★ YAY! What a beautiful night to take a walk on the boardwalk! ★

CRAB has logged off of the beach!
No. 136128 ID: de57a8


No. 136129 ID: 8483cf
File 163011577131.png - (281.17KB , 724x879 , BN2021-9.png )

"A privateer without cannons?" Serah asks incredulously. "I question how effective an alliance would be... but if they succeed, it may mean easy treasure for your coffers."

"Right now, Pascoenia appears to have sufficient soldiers to defend its borders..."

She points to Amica and Jinny.

"But the borders themselves are on, ah, shaky foundations. So Pascoenia may be best served by projecting power with privateers, instead of concentrating it here."
No. 136132 ID: de57a8
File 163018907526.jpg - (378.39KB , 849x855 , BB 687.jpg )

Bobbie the pirate princess "I see them discussing something, well it is a good sign that they are at least taking interest in it. Also, I like the coat that she wears. As for her bikini, I am not a fan of the color scheme but for that girl, it really compliments her features."

No. 136133 ID: de57a8
File 163018933298.jpg - (631.98KB , 1063x890 , BB 688.jpg )

Abdle the crew's parrot "That is awesome to hear, I was just enjoying the sight of burning crabs on the beach."

Bobbie the pirate princess "It is her?"

No. 136135 ID: de57a8
File 163018951184.jpg - (611.81KB , 1060x893 , BB 689.jpg )

Abdle the crew's parrot "Yeah pretty much, she really seems proud of herself and she is making a real spectacle out of it."

Bobbie the pirate princess "I am glad for her!"

Abdle the crew's parrot "Why do I feel like there is a huge BUT coming right around the corner."
No. 136136 ID: de57a8
File 163018973277.jpg - (631.74KB , 1059x894 , BB 690.jpg )

Bobbie the pirate princess "It is just that whole notion of slathering something that can't even fight back is what leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It feels like there is no point or even fulfillment in doing that in the first place."

Abdle the crew's parrot "Hey hey, that is a little bit harsh, don't you think. Maybe she is just hunting and cooking them for everyone on the beach and that is a good act!"

Bobbie the pirate princess "Let's just change the subject!"

No. 136137 ID: de57a8
File 163019003034.jpg - (561.52KB , 853x870 , BB 691.jpg )

Abdle the crew's parrot "Look at this girl and her eyebrows, it is like they have a mind of their own. It is so unreal, it really makes you wonder does she have long pubic hair, I mean like a huge bush down there."

Bobbie the pirate princess "Why the fuck would you even be thinking of that in the first place!? What is wrong with you?!"

Abdle the crew's parrot "I don't know, but every time I see her she reminds me of the female version of Yo Samdy Sam."

Bobbie the pirate princess "That doesn't even answer my previous question!? Your train of thought doesn't make any sense!"

Abdle the crew's parrot "Yeah even I don't know how it works for me. But the notion that she already has her old DJ boot here might be scavenged for spare parts. Maybe we would send Monkey to bring some parts so that we can add them to our ship."

Bobbie the pirate princess "I am just glad that Monkey and I are the only ones here at the ship that can hear your insane rambling."

No. 136171 ID: e51896
File 163061449638.png - (1.55MB , 1280x720 , bd2021_9.png )

Lilly had come across two mysterious weird looking totem poles, both partially buried under the sand, and one of them tipped over with a pole in one of the mouths.

Ignoring a stray large burning wild crab running off, The detector alerted Lilly of something under the sand where a tipped over pole is partially buried next to the two totem poles. after much digging around the end of the pole, Lilly has dug up some kind of crown made of coconuts. https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/124701.html#124766

It's a bit rotten, moldy, cracked, and a couple of the flowers on it is also wilted. Lilly takes another look at the totems and concludes that the totem poles were actually used for some kind of game of limbo, and the crown must have been the prize. Apparently nobody was able to claim it, maybe due to the limbo game being cancelled for some reason. Probably from some sort of wardrobe malfunction accident? who knows.

:bd_2021_lilly: : Ehhhhhhhh... knowing Arthurius' love of hats, maybe he wouldn't mind how rotten and moldy this is... or maybe Mags can use this as a basis to make a new crown with her dream constructing.

:bd_2021_lilly: : if anything, it could make for a good gag gift for him regardless.
No. 136263 ID: afe7de
File 163279905370.png - (14.99KB , 500x500 , BeachNight_007.png )

Isabella: Here I got you, don’t worry.

Isabella reaches over and pulls a little WOODEN CLIP from out of nowhere, tightening up her bra, its a few motions but it has a tight and snug fit.

Isabella: There, nice and snug!
Rae: Thanks.

It’s at this point that Rae turns around and notices that Isabella is wearing her bra. It’s a very snug fit, but Isabella doesn’t seem bothered by it.

Rae: That was invisible a minute ago...

Isabella blinks slowly at Rae, not particularly making any motion to let Rae know she if she did or didn't hear that. Rae continues on anyway.

Rae: I heard people always roast s'mores. Sugar, carbs and chocolate.
Rae makes a mildly disgusted face.
Rae: I don't like chocolate.
Isabella: Well I'm allergic to chocolate, part wolf dog thing anyway.
Isabella: Marshmallows are still cool though, wanna roast those?

Rae nods.
Isabella reaches over and in one quick motion pulls off Rae's skirt.

Isabella: That's a fire hazard!

Rae looks at her in shock for a moment before asking

Rae: What would you have done if I hadn't been wearing anything under that?

Isabella gives Rae a bump with her hip.

Isabella: I woulda stripped my bikini bottoms too, duh. C'mon there's a seat by those two at the fire.
Rae: These aren't bikini bottoms.

Rae sighs and joins Isabella with a roll of her eye. On a beach, what's the difference?
No. 136267 ID: eedbeb
File 163287324805.png - (191.01KB , 1000x900 , a2.png )

Sal ditches his stingray for the cooked crabs. He cracks open their steaming legs and slurps the salty juice from meat.

There are an awful lot of women around. Sal feels more comfortable this way because he could be annihilated at any moment.
No. 136280 ID: 9c850e
File 163304790160.png - (82.48KB , 600x600 , 30.png )

Angela: "It's starting to rain."

You: "Fuckin' October."

Angela: "Yeah. Summer's over I guess."
No. 136281 ID: 9c850e
File 163304791398.png - (79.24KB , 600x600 , 31.png )

You: "But it's nice to be outside, isn't it?"
No. 136282 ID: 673fe6
File 163305643194.jpg - (409.24KB , 650x650 , Beachbun.jpg )

It has been a long and arduous journey through strange and distant lands, but the missive has been answered: You have arrived for beach night, but discover that you are aPALLingly late. As the sandy shore shifts beneath your feet, chilly waves disperse in lazy laps about your ankles -- as sure an indicator as any of summer's end.

Beauregard's Bawdy Beach Ball feels warm against your hip, but your long ears prick to the soft patter of raindrops -- a cool dollop splashing over the bridge of your short snout. You turn your gaze skyward, starts twinkling above midst dark and hazy clouds. Rain, dampening the evening air.

Still, the moon shines bright -- and you are comforted by Khasma's blessing.

Soon, the season of spirits will arrive; you resolve to ready yourself for the celebrations, somber and otherwise.
No. 136286 ID: eedbeb
File 163320044585.png - (359.50KB , 1000x900 , a12.png )

While eating crab, the pressures of daily adult life start to settle in on Sal's already delicate psyche. He has a presentation at work this week and he's looking at townhouses to buy and the thought of a heavy loan and paperwork make him panic.

The salty crab sits uncomfortably in his stomach. Sal scans the beach for a bathroom. Usually he'd vomit in the ocean but with so many people around he doesn't want to be gross.

He stumbles away from the fire towards the nearest structure. It's starting to rain. There's a cat and a bird sharing a smoke at a cozy pavilion and Sal throws up in the sand at their feet.
No. 136294 ID: d052fd
File 163324602548.png - (790.82KB , 1476x3372 , ira_attempts_to_beach_01.png )

Just doing totally normal beach things. Definitely been here a while. What, you think I just walked up here on the bottom of the ocean? That's crazy. You're crazy. The tide just came up and took my...cooler. My cooler full of drinks, which is a normal thing to bring to a beach. I had to go in the water to get it. Wouldn't you know it, it washed my ID away, too. What a shame.

Got it. Perfect alibi. Nobody will suspect a thing. This constantly-tipsy cognition matrix is great for a vacation, but maybe not the best for staying under the radar. Actually it's possible that 25 years of isolation-induced social skill atrophy plus alcohol plus a beach full of strangers is a bad-

-Woah are those furries? Wow, I don't think I've seen any in real life before. They look so realistic. Should I tell them that? Would that be offensive? Would I think it was offensive if someone told me I looked realistic? Probably better to just act like it's normal. That fish guy looks like he's having a bad time, though. I can't tell if he's cracking under the burdens of capitalism or he just ate some bad crab. Maybe I should go see if I can help him.

Fuck it, I'm gonna go say hi.

"Hey, guys. I like your, uh..." Ira gestures to her face area. "I like your faces." There's not an immediate response from any of them, so Ira turns to Sal. "So, are you feeling alright, bud? Need some water or something?"
No. 136298 ID: e51896
File 163332666073.png - (8.78MB , 3000x3000 , bd2021_10.png )

Magnolia was able to quickly set up a canopy the moment she smelled rain, and her quick thinking gave her the time she needed to set up a canopy over the bonfire, finishing just in time for the rain to fall. With the fire protected from the water droplets, she wondered if there would be any problems putting a canopy over the fire with its smoke, but she had notice that the fire wasn't producing any smoke for whatever reason. She wonders if there was some kind of spirit hex on the fire preventing smoke from being produced. She cut a hole on the roof of the canopy just in case.

As soon as she finishes the setup however, she is disappointed to find out the fisherman is gone. She was about to give up and leave the beach hungry with no seafood when she notices the stingray the fisherman had is laying on the log between two newcomers sitting at the campfire: some kind of wolf, and some kind of elf. They seem to be more focused on each other rather than her, so she grabs the stingray, and drops it in the pot to let it cook.

As she sits on the logbench, lightning in the distance suddenly illuminates the sky for a fraction of a second, followed by a loud thunderous sound in the distance, not loud enough to be startling, but enough to be heard by everyone at the beach. Sniffles, her little tapir pet, comes scurrying towards her and jumps on her lap. She relaxes her tapir with long slow pets on its back.

the atmosphere is perfect ambience to tell spooky stories by the bonfire. And while Magnolia loves scary stories, she is terrible at telling them. She wonders if the two newcomers would be able to tell a scary story, but that would require her to make the first move, and she was nervous she'll make a fool of herself especially like she did when she first spoke to the fisherman.

Instead, in order to get the two people interested, she decides to talk to them indirectly by recounting a ghost story to Sniffles.

:bd_2021_magnolia: :Time for ghost stories, Sniffles... Ummm... a ghost liiiiiiit this fire. It's true. The end.

Magnolia feels a tiny bit proud of her spooky ghost story, and since it's a true story, she deduces that it has to be scary enough to get the elf and beast interested to tell their own spooky stories... maybe even spooky enough to scare them.


She then wonders if her story might be too scary, enough to have them run away from her. She regrets saying anything.
No. 136299 ID: eedbeb
File 163337767116.png - (231.83KB , 1000x900 , a4a.png )


A strange naked ape has emerged from the ocean, no doubt as revenge for taking the stingray and also for existing.

"Need a low interest home loan." Sal mutters. "Money to down payment. Pre-approval. Inspection. Appraisal. Ooooogh."
No. 136300 ID: 67181a
File 163338192208.jpg - (926.48KB , 2891x2852 , 1004211654~2.jpg )

Dart's bartender experience kicks in, and he finds himself striding briskly over to Sal's side. He kneels down nearby, but tries to give the weird fish some space and not touch him or loom over him.

"Hey man, looks like you're having a roigh night," He extends a hand slightly, "you need any help with anything? Get you out of the crowd, maybe cleaned up a bit?"
No. 136302 ID: eedbeb
File 163347743270.png - (222.47KB , 1000x900 , a5.png )

This dog has homosexual energy, which Sal appreciates, and also is sporting a fancy house arrest anklet. Sal decides he trusts the dog with his life, which isn't much.

He takes the dog's hand and follows him to a quiet corner. He accepts a cup of water and uses sand to scrub the crab fluids off his stained hoodie.
No. 136307 ID: f23762
File 163354751357.jpg - (815.29KB , 852x892 , BB 716.jpg )

Bobbie the pirate princess "Sorry to bother you but it started raining and we both are soaked, I hope it is not a problem to sit under your tent."
No. 136308 ID: f23762
File 163354756311.jpg - (426.25KB , 607x554 , BB 717.jpg )

Abdle the crew's parrot "It is getting really cold out here, can you heat me up."

Bobbie the pirate princess "Don't worry I am already on it."
No. 136309 ID: f23762
File 163354761714.jpg - (531.74KB , 613x722 , BB 718.jpg )

Abdle the crew's parrot "Thanks, it really feels like the summer is finished and the weather is getting really ugly. Not the real best time to be a pirate."
No. 136310 ID: f23762
File 163354766047.jpg - (926.89KB , 1057x688 , BB 719.jpg )

Abdle the crew's parrot "Anyways we don't intend to disrupt anything that you were doing before we arrived."
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