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File 161396061882.png - (13.50KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_000.png )
134892 No. 134892 ID: afe7de

There's been some speculation of stuff on the discord and on the thread itself so I thought, hey! Why not make one of these. Have fun!
No. 134893 ID: 12b116

Love the quest so far!
No. 134894 ID: ce39da

Query: I assume that while Cat does not know what powers he'll produce in people, we, the suggestors, will be able to control that?
No. 134895 ID: afe7de


Yep, it's all based on user suggestion

Though I will say that some powers might be too strong on their own, or you won't have enough energy to make it be as strong as desired, so I'll probably implement some drawbacks or modifications to them so they remain unique, something unique to the character they are going on, etc.
No. 134896 ID: 8a51ec

Having a blast with the quest, but I'll take one for the team and be the one to ask how do you plan on handling the less than work-safe stuff?
No. 134897 ID: afe7de

The NSFW stuff will probably be pretty short and try to not take away from the whole quest

But to go in more detail, if there was like a scene with NSFW stuff happening with Willamina for example, I'd probably have a few panels of pillow talk, then a few panels of actual sex or foreplay, then a few panels of a climax and then we'd move onto something else unless it's some kind of big orgy.

But I'd say NSFW stuff will probably not be the focus of the quest, just that it has the potential to be NSFW if it fits with the erection of the story.
No. 134906 ID: c5d2fe

Well if THAT wasn't a Freudian slip...

Anyway, cool to know. Most quest players have a bad tendency to latch onto the first girl, but Willamina seems nice, just got a bad hand in life. And I dunno if we're meant to be a 'player' sort or if we're naturally flirty or what, because something like going steady with Willamina will likely take away from any other smut possibilities unless people are REALLY comfortable with open relationships here. Not that I'm really against the idea of forming a relationship (though the boss/subordinate dynamics will seriously have to be discussed...) just noting the whole situation.
No. 134915 ID: afe7de

Most people in the setting are okay with open relationships or partners going to the brothel if they're pent up and the other partner doesn't wanna deal. Though Cat the character is not naturally super flirty and is kind of a dork, but hey some people really like dorks.

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