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File 161396061882.png - (13.50KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_000.png )
134892 No. 134892 ID: afe7de

There's been some speculation of stuff on the discord and on the thread itself so I thought, hey! Why not make one of these. Have fun!
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No. 135552 ID: 9a2966
File 162111218554.gif - (1.05MB , 643x643 , tumblr_o8912lbZOA1sva6hko1_1280.gif )

I saw this and thought of this thread and an artifact in it.
No. 135554 ID: e51896

Probably for the best if we give the book to Nicky. She might need a strong ability if she is going to be alone to protect Lyst with Willamina and everyone off training.

If we do give the book to Nicky, here is a power I propose for a close combat fighter like Cannie:

Explosive impact:
-When the user uses kinetic energy from any of their body parts, they can cast power energy to cause an explosion upon impact on a target. The more energy used, and the more force the user puts on the body part(s), the stronger and larger the explosion is.
-explosions and loud noises does not cause damage to the user.

Basically, exploding punches and kicks, and even explosive full body tackles! This will work so well with Cannie's fighting style!
No. 135557 ID: afa6f6

Why not give her the ability to use Ki/Chi? Then she could do similar stuff, and other stuff as well? Just have to hope she doesnt turn into our vegeta.
No. 135559 ID: e51896

Because explosions are awesome and powerful against enemies, and she can break through weak dungeon walls without having to use bombs

But that ability you suggested sounds cool too.
No. 135561 ID: 031458

All I know is Cannie wants speed or lightning powers, but would be effective with any Melee ability.

Honestly the book is perfect for her, but if we awakened her instead generic comic book speedster powers seem like a good fit.

SUPER! - Speedster
Each level signifigantly increases speed and slightly increases all other attributes.
Each level grants a unique minor speed related power.
Extreme stress or emotion temporarily raises this ability one level.
No. 135562 ID: 576226

Ki/chi manipulations totally a thing, just like being able to cultivate mana to cast spells, tho you’d have to find a book on it or find someone who knows how to use it, which in Catalyst is rare cause powers are easy and a shortcut basically.
No. 135566 ID: afa6f6

I feel like theres an easy way to work some lightning into Super Speed, but the only thing that s coming up at the moment is turning into lightning?
Though, just adding some Speed Force-like function to negate G force while using the speed, and maybe impacts so the user doesnt smash their own bones and joints to dust tripping or kick/punching something would probably be useful and have some utility.
No. 135568 ID: dfbac0

If we're talking both lightning and speed powers then wouldn't something like Electrical Embodiment work.
Pretty much the ability to produce electricity from your body and turning yourself into electricity, which would suit lightning powers and speed respectively. You could turn into electricity and move as fast as lightning from point A to point B, although it could have downsides like if the air isn't humid enough you can't move freely and instead have to focus on a piece of metal to move to. Also, this power would allow you to essentially have taser fists so you can punch people and give them an electric shock. And at later levels, once the user becomes more skilled they can arc electricity out from their body, essentially shooting lightning bolts at people.
While this option would be a detriment to range, I think it's a better option because Cannie is a close quarters fighter and not a ranged one, so a power where you can shoot lighting from a distance wouldn't work with her.
This could also sort of act as an explosive impact if you use an electrical discharge of some sort.
Also, this power could be used as a short range EMP later on, which could help if we ever fight against robots or something.
No. 135569 ID: dfbac0

Another thing I should mention is that electric attacks would most likely be ineffective as the whole power is about having electricity run through your body, so you would essentially be immune to tasers.
No. 135570 ID: afa6f6

Oh! Or maybe the super speed builds up static.
No. 135571 ID: f8fa51

I think just giving Cannie the lightning cultivation book and awakening her mum with Arcane Catalyst is good enough.
No. 135584 ID: 6c85e8

admittedly I'm finding myself... checking out a little on this.

if this is how dark and anguished things are gonna get, I dunno as much as I love the characters I'm having trouble following the tone.
No. 135586 ID: eb1fcc

And in stark opposition to the above poster, I'm super down. Been a while since we had a hyper-lethal management game like this, so I'm excited if even half what she said there was true.
No. 135588 ID: 031458

Eh. Don't overthink the tone too much.
Part of it is that the Definitely-Not-Solo-Leveling world has really high overarching stakes, so our personal stakes also need to be really high to give our smaller actions weight.
...But also this most recent scene is just extremely down to earth. Cannie acts closer to a real life person than I think any other character in the story has, so far. I'd say it's a safe bet to expect any scene with Cannie to get very heavy or very nuanced at any time.

I am curious. So far the story has felt like we successfully navigated minefield after minefield, and have somehow stumbled into the secret hard-mode good ending path.
Behind the scenes Ed, How much was planned, how much was improv, and how much was "ok how'd they get here?"
No. 135590 ID: e51896

>Cannie acts closer to a real life person than I think any other character in the story has, so far

It's one of the reasons why Cannie is one of my favorite characters. I know there are suggestors that hate her to the point of wanting to kick her out, but really, she is thinkint realistically and she is being brutally honest to get Cat to understand the severity of the situation.
Though i will admit, she is very cynical, and i didn't like how she didn't believe Cat will ever get stronger, but perhapd maybe it was something she said to motivate him?

If she wants to leave the world with her family immediatly after she finds a way, maybe she shouldn't find out about Bobby Slurpps power
No. 135591 ID: f8fa51

She wasn't being honest, she was being needlessly cruel, and at several points outright misleading. And there's a far cry from knowing you deserve an apology and never wanting to see someone again.
No. 135592 ID: afe7de

About 40% is planned, and 60% is improv, which I SUPER like because it keeps me on my toes.

The 40% is specific events and characters coming at specific times, the history of the world, and locations of stuff. Sometimes it gets changed around and new stuff is added when I improvise from a cool suggestion, but for the most part I haven’t added too much new stuff (other than artifacts) for like half a thread.

Not a lot was planned before about halfway through Thread 1, I was just gonna make something light where you mess with people around town with a superpower, then you guys got really invested in the estate fire and I started planning stuff out from there. It was around that time that I set up two dungeons in LYST, one of which you don’t know about yet, the other of which you found out. Both are tutorial dungeons, but in different ways.

It was also around that time that I really solidifed the characters and their motivations. Cannie was kind of up there for a while but the more I wrote up about Nunitus, the more concrete she became. I also like stories where things aren’t easy on the protagonist and you can just do stuff easy. One thing that frustrates me about stuff like Solo Leveling (no matter how much I think its fucking awesome) is that the protagonist ends up being like, stress? Nah, trauma from being alone for so long fighting monsters? Nah. Though if you want a more direct inspiration for Awakened and Dungeons and Demons, go read “DUNGEON HUNTER” I snagged some names and some ideas but warped the rest into my own really.

And like, half the time I expected y’all to go one direction but then you decided to linger or focus on one character more so you learned more about their backstory and their “Path” so to speak. The info you get is really based off of the general vibe and direction the suggesters post. The more persuasive or the more often something is said the more likely it’ll be a focus of the next update.

So to be more specific, you really have been navigating minefields and ended up at a pretty specific path. There were also paths for going solo and becoming OP, just getting one partner, there are also tons of paths you haven’t really explored, but after the MONDAY day in CATALYST, the time scaling will become different and more persona-like (otherwise CATALYST will never end lmao). Your ARCANE CATALYST power will grow based off of AP and story beats and will move in a direction based off of your actions. So if you do more team and support stuff, it’ll focus more on that. That’s how the power system is set up for all the powers really.

As for Cannie. Well, you failed some rolls and revealed info too quick. Sometimes people get mad, people with trauma lash out hypocritically, and sometimes it gets you to think, other times you dismiss it, you could have rolled any way with that info, but I like the way it ended up going. I’m kinda new to writing in this level of detail, but I’m really enjoying it, and I think DRAMA and STRESS can lead to interesting character development. I really liked writing up this segment, so I look forward to how you handle the CANNIE problem cause it’s an important one I think, and who else you decide to take dungeon diving, Combat’s gonna be different for multiple characters so get ready!

And a small note about combat. You’ll get to fully control Cat’s growth direction and weapon focus, but will only really get to control gear for other allies (and their combat actions). But the higher your BOND with an ally, the more you can control about them. BONDS are gonna become a big thing and you’ll get a chart once the party is formed showing you how everyone feels about the other. And to address one big question a suggestor had. The MAXIMUM amount of ARBITRARY deaths will probably be 0-1. And only if you do something REALLY REALLY STUPID. I want deaths to feel earned so to speak, and yeah some unfair stuff might happen, but it won’t be arbitrary.

Thanks for reading!
No. 135593 ID: f8fa51

I've been enjoying it so far, even if it is getting a bit stressful.
No. 135595 ID: 30b9f6

>Thanks for reading!
Thanks for your perspective, not to mention writing and drawing your quest!
No. 135602 ID: 0a9945

Artifact idea time:

Friendship bracelets of bonding

Comes in a set of two. When two people wear this bracelet, certain stats are combined and shared between the two depending on the level of friendship the two people have.

If the two people are NEUTRAL, or worse, they only share the same combined hit points. (since they share the same HP, if one person were to lose HP, the other person will share the pain. If one person loses all their combined HP and die, the other person will die too.

If the two people are FRIENDS, they share HP and the same effects from any artifacts they are wearing (so if one person has the demon eye artifact for example, the other person shares the same effect as the person wearing it)

If the two people are GOOD FRIENDS, they share combined HP, artifact effects, and share combined STAMINA

if the two people are GREAT FRIENDS, they share combined HP, artifact effects, share combined STAMINA, and share any other stats combined (like cool stats and intelligence and strength for example)

if the two people are BEST FRIENDS, They share combined HP, artifact effects, combined STAMINA, all other combined stats, and share the same AWAKENED abilities and energies for as long as they wear the braclets. (Spirits do not count)

if the two people are ROMANTICALLY INVOLVED, They share everything listed above, plus they gain a new AWAKENED ability for as long as they both wear the braclets, and their level of friendship is ROMANTICALLY INVOLVED: ESSENCE OF COMPANIONSHIP

An awakened ability shared between two people and only available when two people wear the friendship bracelets of bonding, and the two are romantically involved.

Unleashes an ultimate move that the two people uses at the same time which comes from both their souls, combines, and drains an enemy of alot of their hit points, stamina, and energy with a very powerful attack, and gives them to the two partners.
Super effective against bosses and minibosses
Can only be used once per day.
Cannot be upgraded.
Does not have an achievement store
Can still give achievement points to both people
No. 135606 ID: f8fa51

That sounds both really cool and broken as hell, which means it would probably be a great fit for one of the more powerful artefacts in this quest.
No. 135607 ID: e51896

Admittedly, I think it needs to be nerfed. I honestly wanted to make an artifact that would work best with a pair.

I feel if there is one artifact that needs to be broken or overpowered, it would have to be one that involves an ankh (like the one on Cat's tattoo, maybe forshadowing it's appearance.)

Maybe as an endgame artifact or something that only activates when the demon war begins. Or if it can be gotten early on, it would only be OP to the same level as the Demon Eye Amulet and something valuable for Cat to keep throughout the whole quest.

I need to figure out what an ankh artifact would do though. If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to read it.
No. 135609 ID: 9a2966

End of Thread 2! Really enjoyed it, heckin' great work so far. Also glad to hear you're taking a bit of a break to explore the world at large some. It'll be interesting!

Any teasers on what kind of events we'll get to drop on by in?
No. 135610 ID: afe7de

The teaser is that it'll be Gena and Andrea watching a bunch of shows. We've got one WANOMAY lined up, and an AWAKENED FIGHTING ARENA. its gonna be weird and kind of experimental, but the longest each segment is going to last is like 7 updates is what im thinking. (maybe longer if its really popular)
No. 135613 ID: eb1fcc
File 162167023318.png - (10.32KB , 512x768 , postal burn.png )

"Hell you lookin' at, shit-for-dick?
What, you liking the absolute fuck-all you can see through these dumpy work pants?"
No. 135614 ID: eb1fcc

face is bugging me so I'll probably revisit this tomorrow, gotta stomp out that tumblr shovelface asap
No. 135615 ID: eb1fcc
File 162167244252.png - (10.43KB , 512x768 , postal burn.png )

or now, since I got a brain blast on what I was fuckin' up to cause it
No. 135617 ID: afe7de

WOAAAAH look at this cool Willamina <3<3<3<3 this looks great!!!
No. 135618 ID: eb1fcc

Glad you dig it homie!
No. 135626 ID: afa6f6

Im enjoying the quest immensely so far, Looking forward to every update! As far as the writing goes, it's been perfectly believable so far, and as far as im concerned, making the reader feel SOME kind of emotion for the characters is the goal, even if they aren't happy with them. Thats just good writing.

Anyway, since the subjects come up, Im going to start trying out endgame/ High level artifacts Ad sprinkling them into my suggestions, just in case they might come in useful, and also so I can get a better grip on what high level actually is. I guess
Meteor's Memory that I posted before might qualify if you took off the weakened power of the phenomena it conjures, and The Prime Material Recycler just for its utility, but iunno. I spend probably too much time thinking of this stuff.
No. 135629 ID: afe7de


That sounds like a good idea, also, as a headsup, in the upcoming thread there will be 2 planned combat based stories. One where you control 4 characters but you get to suggest all the cool artifacts they have equipped and get to use, and one where you control a single character and combat is more like the duel with cannie, but you'll also get to pick the artifacts for that fight (but only low ranking artifacts will be allowed). So feel free to suggest more, or when it comes up again, resuggest an old artifact, or come up with a new one!

I'm planning on starting the new thread today or tomorrow, depends on how long this poker night update takes me to draw. And the update pace will be a bit slower, being between 1/2 days per update because there's going to be a lot more collaboration going on with other questors and they might not be able to keep up with my rediculous pace.

But on the off days I dont update CATALYST im planning on running a new quest. It's gonna be a life sim where you start off reincarnating and then each update will be a year in their life until the general theme/plot gets decided. So for that one expect to go through till their 18-35ish before plot happens, it really depends on what you suggestors do, and if you chose to just have the protagonist live a normal life, then it might just be a pretty simple quest, idk yet, it's another experimental thing I wanna do.

I'm just having lots of fun making quests tbh.
No. 135632 ID: afa6f6

Something a little different here, messing around with ideas for biological artifacts. Also Rex's existence inspired one...
Assassin Drone:Seemingly the product of extensive scientific modification as well as magical and/or artifact interference during development, this disposable artifact takes the form initially of a finger length larva egg pod. With the application of a drop of the users blood and a tiny bit of energy, the pod will dissolve, birthing a single insect that will rapidly grow to adulthood within a few minutes. The Assassin Drone has superficial similarities to both wasps and ants, with wings and a stinger, and overdeveloped mandible jaws. The Drone does not eat, sleep, or do much of anything without its masters orders, and exists solely for one purpose: The swift and efficient murder of the master's enemies, a killing machine in insectoid form. They are abnormally strong and tough for their size, easily able to bite through steel fences or burrow through concrete with their legs and jaws alone. They can fly silently, and at speeds that exceed most high end vehicles. Their stings are horrifically toxic, and the stingers themselves can extend up to 5 inches and punch through sheet metal, leaving wounds similar to daggers. The drones can be directed to stalk a target via picture or a sample of biological material, and will follow and attempt to kill the target at every opportunity. Luckily, the Assassin Drone's lifespan is also very short, living only for 7 days after birth from their pods.
The fact that someone may have mass produced these monstrous things inspires dread.

Arsenal Plant sapling: A strange potted tree sapling, seems similar superficially to a palm, but defies categorization. Its unknown whether its origins are from another world, or due to some kind of extensive modification.
Once planted, the tree grows quickly, and every part produced by the mature plant is a natural weapon. The large fallen leaves harden, and become durable and sharp as metal blades, with the stems becoming natural handles. The branches grow points from absorbed sediments that make them natural spears and arrows. The nuts the tree produces combust when thrown, and can be used as incendiary weapons. The bark can easily be made into armor. Other mutations have been observed, and its likely that what the plant produces varies based upon the qualities and environment of where its planted.
The plant does not reproduce naturally, but cuttings can be used to grow more. The weapons it produces are of a quality suitable to be used as is, but when professionally processed become much higher quality, or even artifact quality if proper methods are used, and they are easily empowered by abilities or energy. Its perfect if you need to arm a large number of kin long term.
No. 135641 ID: afa6f6

Caaaard Gaaaames

Gambler's Deck:A seemingly normal deck box full of 54 seemingly normal playing cards, using the old suits of Cups, Coins, Clubs and Swords. The cards can be used as normal, but will disappear if not in a persons possession or if damaged, and will reappear in the deck box after a few minutes.
When a single card is drawn from the deck at random and thrown, they become formidable magic weapons, flying fast and accurately, with each card having a specific ability based on the suit and of a strength based on the rank of the card, with Ace being the highest and most powerful.
Swords cards cut like blades, with the sharpness and severity based on the rank, with the king and ace swords having cutting power equivalent to high level artifact swords.
Clubs cards hit with significant blunt force, with the higher rank cards hitting with the equivalence of much larger and heavier objects, from boulders, two trucks to falling buildings.
Cups cards deal no physical damage. Instead, when they make contact with a target, they drain a small percentage of their health and vitality and transfer it to the wielder, the ace card capping out at around 50 percent of the targets current health.
Coins cards do no damage on contact, instead causing an influx of energy to suffuse the target, which quickly explodes out of it, the intensity of the light and size of the explosion increasing with higher cards.
The two Joker cards in the deck are unique. The Black Joker has a low chance of instantly killing a target it makes contact with. The Red Joker swaps all the wielders current injuries onto the target, healing the user and transferring all their wounds to the target.
Cards can only be drawn from the deck randomly, and attempting to pick and choose causes them to not function.

I considered adding a function for playing combinations of cards, but I feel like this is already pretty complicated for a single artifact.

Battle Monsters Deck:Deck of collectible cards from a strange world where seemingly everything revolved around a children's card battling game. Consists of a deck box, and a deck of 30 cards, depicting fantastical creatures of varying strength and powers. By using the cards, a physical projection of the depicted creature can be summoned to fight on the user's behalf, though only a handful of the cards can be drawn from the deck at once, and only a few creatures can be summoned simultaneously. When a summoned creature is defeated, its corresponding card is permanently destroyed. However, As long as the deck box remains in the user's possession, occasionally when a monster or enemy is defeated, a new card can be found from them.

This one is silly, and you could probably just make an entire awakened/inherent ability out of it, but lol why not.
No. 135642 ID: 96c896

Drop of Void: a tiny vial containing an inky black liquid. An extremely deadly substance, if this is consumed or injected into a living being the victim will fall over dead within seconds, fading into nothingness shortly afterwards. Resistance or immunity to poison will not save the victim, for it is not a toxin but rather the pure distilled essence of nonexistence.
Secret: one of the ingredients to an elixir of immortality. Also, consuming one drop of a diluted solution of 1 part void to 999 parts distilled water will separate your soul from your body, allowing astral projection for 24 hours. During those 24 hours, your body is in a state of half-existence, difficult to perceive, impossible to interact with, and completely unchanging. Consuming more than one drop at a time will kill you.

Bapholithicite: a chunk of green mineral with a blue tint to it. Has a similar melting point to pure iron, and there is enough material present to make a decent sized sword or the head of a mace, possibly a gauntlet. Once fully cooled after the first melt, the material is strengthened. The melting point becomes twice as high(measured in Kelvin), and the color shifts to a cyan color. The material's hardness increases as well, without becoming brittle. Bapholithicite cannot be directly affected by Awakened Powers, but seems easily affected by magic. Commonly referred to as Blue Bronze.
Secret: if the material is melted a second time and then cooled, it once again hardens, its melting point doubling again. This can be repeated so long as you can reach the new melting point. Further cycles also grant increasing Power resistance to its wielder. Its color will always shift towards shorter wavelengths, passing through blue and violet until finally ceasing to reflect visible light, which happens after 4 melts(cyan, blue, dark violet, black). The temperature required for the final melt is about 15000 Kelvin, after which it becomes impossible to melt. At this point the material is known as Voidmetal, and a Kin equipped with a Voidmetal item is effectively immune to hostile Powers. The material is also completely unbreakable, and its shape cannot be changed except via magic originating from the user. It may be difficult to sharpen a blade even before it cools to a voidmetal state... Most commonly, voidmetal is forged into armor, jewelry, or blunt weapons, thus avoiding the issue of sharpening any edges.
note: laboratory-grade electric arc furnaces can reach over 3200 Kelvin. 15000 would require some serious magic/artifact bullshit, or clever indirect use of Powers.
No. 135644 ID: 094652

Burst-A-Nut - A satchel of nuts which, when consumed, give the user a temporary ability involved with sexual fluids released upon orgasm. The effects vary between the types of nuts, including but not limited to:
- Chestnut Cherry: User will lactate upon orgasm, fluid will explode and quickly reform into sharp spikes upon contact with metallic solids. Is not recommended for use in outdoor areas due to frequent miniature spike balls forming near user when in an environment with breathable metal particles.
* Pecan Hydronut: Fluids ejaculated from urethra will sustain life as if they had consumed sixteen times as much fluid.
* Cashew Cascade Nut: Any semen ejaculated becomes hyper-aggressive and actively seeks out an egg to fertilize. It also develops a radiant blue glow.
Secret: One of these nuts is capable of growing into a tree. The rest are pre-roasted and cannot grow anything.

Stretch n' Salt A salt shaker with a compartment containing silly putty. When the salt grinded from the shaker is consumed by someone while the putty is formed with their outward appearance to 95% likeness, any changes to the putty will temporarily transfer to the consumer.
Secret: If the consumer is possessed by a spirit and the putty is shaped to resemble said spirit, the spirit will take control of the consumer for the duration of the effect.

Pitcher of Pages A water pitcher. When filled with liquid and poured, the contents will spill and form into waterproof books of varying content. Books may be fully transcribed copies of original works or a jumble of combined concepts and jibberish.
Secret: Content of books is dependent on the information that has made contact with the water. For instance, books that have been ruined with water damage may be recreated by collecting the water used to ruin them and using the pitcher. If multiple books have been ruined with the same water, this may cause overlap.
No. 135646 ID: 094652

Cycling Coffin
Placing a corpse into this item adds it to a pocket dimension with a registry ID and password. Enter the credentials to retrieve the body. Warning: This coffin will kill any living user who is placed within it and cycled. The body will be fully preserved and alive but its soul will be physically removed. No information is currently available on what happens to the soul.
Secret: When a living user with immortality-based powers is placed within the coffin, preventing death from permanence, their body will be preserved for use and their soul will transfer to the next body cycled, reanimating it. For all intents and purposes, the soul will be brainwashed to believe that it is the person it has taken the body of, and take on their full memories and personality. Over time, the soul used in this process will regain control, first as a voice in the revenant's head, then as a split personality, and finally as the living person who went in. Bodies overwritten this way will be reset to their original personality upon returning to the coffin.

Vampire Molar
When grafted into the body of a kin, dealing damage with this molar will drain Energy from the target.

A vat of radioactive chemicals that grants genetically enhanced superpowers. Is explicitly magically enchanted. The cancer risk is considerably lower than that of regular radioactive waste, but still significant enough to consider never opening this vat.
Secret: Every use causes a unique form of low-severity cancer. Further uses increase the risk that the various cancers will be fatal. If cured through cancer treatments, the mutation associated with the cancer will revert over time. Relapses are possible if the radiation is not purged somehow.

Graft Bugs
Pairs of strange disk-tentacled slugs that mate in pairs. When a user is amputated (even beheaded), placing one bug on the amputated piece and the other on the amputation wound will prevent scar tissue and organ failure. User is capable of feeling and using the part as if their body had an unfeeling extension, rather than a portal system. Rejoining the bugs causes them to mate and fuse together, infesting the user with their spawn which will hatch and erupt from the user's skin after a period of two weeks, dealing non-lethal damage.
Secret: It is possible to attach two user's parts to each other; cross-attach the bugs to the users' parts (Bug A1 gets User 1's body, Bug A2 gets User 2's limb Bug B1 gets User 2's body, Bug B2 gets User 1's limb). Both limbs must be attached simultaneously and in close contact or organ rejection will occur.
No. 135648 ID: 031458

Doppleputty: A jar of soft, milky clay.
When someone touches the clay within it begins to creep and expand up and across the users body, until it engulfs them entirely. Once fully engulfed the clay quickly takes on the user's features and characteristics before removing itself from them entirely, creating a perfect clone of them in the process.
(Past users call the process "Terrifying")
This clone is utterly subservient too and indistinguishable from the original. So long as the original lives the clone has access to their personality and memories.
The clone can use any magic or abilities the original has.
The clone cannot tire nor sleep. It needs neither food, water, nor air. It contains no organs, shrugs off most damage, and regenerates quickly. It's strength is naturally much greater than that of a human.
Besides an innate weakness to fire, it tends to be superior to the original.

The original can demand the clone return to its original putty form at any time.
Should the clone's form be completely obliterated somehow with excessive force, it will melt back into putty.
Should the clone be killed by heat, it will harden into a porcelain like substance, destroying it completely.

Should the original die while there is an active clone, the clone will begin acting on it's own accord. How much that will resemble the original, what powers it keeps, and what memories it keeps, depend on how long it was active for.
No. 135652 ID: ba475e

I'm a bit dubious about a fighter with a stealth/obscuring-based moveset in a line of work that relies on the audience seeing them. How does that work?
No. 135656 ID: e51896

That is a really good question, thanks for your concern.

There was actually a lot to consider with fights for awakened people, and not just stealth based powers, such as awakened or weapon based projectiles getting shot into the audience by accident, harming them in some way.

To remedy this, the fighting ring will be inside a large powered reinforced glass concealment that had been invented and modified by a large group of tinkers and awakened people, built with some artifact tools as well. The glass concealment was made to protect audiences from the outside from missed projectiles, as well as negate certain stealth-based powers from the outside for audiences to see the action. (the glass concealment does need maintenance from time to time to make sure it doesn't break after multiple awakened-based attacks at least once or twice a month, it's not totally invulnerable, just super durable against awakened attacks)

that said, the audience and CEO from the outside of the glass concealment will be able to see what Flicker is doing with her stealth based powers while anyone such as her opponent inside the glass concealment won't be able to see through her stealth powers. This will all be explained in a future update.
No. 135693 ID: afa6f6

Oh man, it took me entirely too long to actually write these out. Gonna dump a bunch of low level artifacts that I thought up when I thought the side session battle was going to be a team fight for some reason...

Sparkspitter:A submachine gun type Mana Gun that rapidly shoots electrically charged shots. The bullets it fires have a small stun effect that builds up with multiple hits. Effective but quickly consumes ammunition and has accuracy issues at farther ranges.

Sandstorm Shamshir: A dusty steel shamshir. When swung in a circular motion(either the user rotating their body, or rotating their arm), the sword produces miniature tornados filled with obscuring sand.

Rush Lance:A large and blunt iron lance. The weapon provides a small boost to Speed while charging, and also surrounds the wielder with a weak protective field that somewhat raises their defense for the duration of the charge.

Fire Orbs: A pair of small crystal balls. When thrown, they light themselves aflame, and can fly under the the user's direction.

Switch Shuriken:A set of three shuriken. When thrown, they cause the thrower to swap positions in space with whatever the shuriken hit via teleportation. The shuriken do not teleport with the target when they switch, even if they stick in the target.

Also, this thing, because I think it might be funny:
GOAT:A small stuffed goat. For some reason, as long as someone is carrying it in plain view, the holder will appear extremely great and impressive to everyone that sees them.

Then, actually good stuff, like this one artifact I thought of specifically for Gena...
Arachne Armlet: An intricate, gold, forearm covering armlet in the shape of a large spider, with the three backmost sets of legs forming clasps to grip the arm, and the foremost set extending forward over the wearer's hand. By giving the artifact energy, the spider produces lengths of high quality and extremely durable thread, issued through the spiders mouth. The thread has nearly artifact level durability and can be woven to create many quality items, while the spider's fore legs and mouth parts can work automatically to weave and knit the thread as its produced. The more SKILLFULL the wearer is, the faster and more intricate the weaving is. In this manner, all sorts of sheets, ropes, nets, wire, etc can be made quickly, on the fly.
Hidden Effect: The Qualities of the thread produce can be altered heavily based on the preexisting skill in sewing and weaving of the wearer. If they are skilled enough, threads with various properties, like sharp cutting threads, sticky threads, almost invisible thin but strong threads and several others can be produced as needed.

And some automatic items.

Nucleo Spheres: A Bag of seemingly normal, if perfectly shaped monochromatic marbles. When removed from the bag, they orbit around the user in a manner similar to some models of atoms, with the user at the center. Have disproportionate mass and force for their size and take extreme amounts of force to divert them from their predetermined orbit at all, with most impediments either being pushed out of the way or burrowed straight through. User can extend the range of the orbit, as well as speed of the rotation at will, which can cause the marbles to easily exceed the speed and force of high caliber heavy weapons.

Crimson Jaws:Set of 32 black fangs of an stone-like material, similar to obsidian in appearance, attached to thread loops that can be worn as a necklace. When activated, the fangs detach from the loops and float of their own accord, arranging themselves in manner identical to teeth in a gaping mouth. They move in unison, attempting to bite and maul enemies, leaving wounds burning hot and drained of blood. Wounds caused by the Fangs heal slowly regardless of regeneration effects or healing cast on them, and are capped at a 'natural' healing rate. Unless instructed not to, they attempt to savage any living creature that approaches the user, or the user can direct them to attack a certain target within a set distance.

And so I dont wimp out or forget to do it next time, the High Level Artifacts im going to add next:
Promethean Flame
Planar Cubic Mandala
Heart of Chaos
Soul Blade-Determinator
No. 135694 ID: afe7de

The team fight is coming around the 21st, where you'll get to suggest as many high tier artifacts as you can think of.
No. 135712 ID: 094652

PET Absorber
A semi-viscous yet stable orb. Contact with solid matter causes it to form sharp spikes. When it pierces the bloodstream, user will become less emotional.
Hidden: This is actually an emotion absorber which can permanently absorb any excessive personality trait (lust to the point of nymphomania, pride to the point of megalomania, etc), bringing it down to levels normal for the average local population. This will store the emotion as a personality core for transfer into another user. The same user can re-absorb their own personality core. Attempting to use this on a user with no excessive emotional traits will have no mental effect.

Dove of Suffering
This dove-shaped mask allows the user to mind-control a target by staring them in the eye and ordering them to perform a task. Effects vary between targets and may not work. If successful, target will not be capable of remembering the command or what they do while performing it.
Hidden: With excessive willpower from the user, chanting the trigger phrase "Suffer Me Now" will allow the user to dominate a weak-willed target permanently. Effect is stronger if the user makes contact with the target while forcing stress.

Voodoo Origami Box[b]
A cardboard box with perforated indentations. When the box contains an object and a user folds the object along one of its indentations, the object inside the box will enter a pocket dimension and change properties. This will reveal a separate opening in the box to retrieve the object. Object functions are dependent on the perforations and order used.
Hidden: The box is a living specimen. Over time, it will grow and gain new functions by absorbing negligible mass from the objects placed inside it, including soul matter. Cutting the box by its perforations disables the corresponding function and creates two smaller boxes with split functionalities.

[b]Blood Chain-Claw

A battle glove made of five mini-chainsaws with claws for chainsaw teeth. Is fully functional and has multiple means of recharging, but has a low energy pool. Using the claw on a target with a matching blood type causes the user to absorb blood and heal wounds.
No. 135715 ID: e51896

Ankh of resurrection
Should the user die whilst holding the Ankh, the Ankh will break and the user will be revived at a random nearby location, has a 30% chance to revive you as an ANGEL.

This is pretty much just like the phoenix ring, except instead of it having the chance of turning you into a DEMON, it turns you into an ANGEL

Here is the interesting part: if you have both the PHOENIX RING and have the ANKH with you, both percentages of becoming an angel and demon adds up to 60 percent, and you have a 60% chance of becoming a one of a kind FALLEN ANGEL, a hybrid between an ANGEL and a DEMON. You have the powers of both a demon and an angel, with new powers that only a FALLEN ANGEL can have, and new powers that are combined between an ANGEL and DEMON power. You will not be aligned by either demons nor angels but become your own thing.


This is a crystal ball that can show the future, but needs to be leveled up for it to be accurate.

When you first use it, you'll see a vision of the future of anything you ask it, or at random, and it has a 5% chance of coming true if you don't do anything. When the crystal ball gets a prediction right, the accuracy of its next prediction adds up by another 5% with the max being 90%. However, if it gets any predictions wrong, its percentage of accuracy goes all the way back to 5%. Any prediction, even at 90% can also easily be prevented once you find out about it, but you will also reset the crystal ball accuracy by successfully fighting fate (like if you witness your death by a certain monster and decide to avoid said monster)

In order to level it up effectively, you'll need to fulfill each of the crystal balls' predictions yourself. So if the crystal ball see's you going someplace at a specific time, you need to go there at that time to make the prediction come true yourself so it gets better accuracy in the next prediction.


A comm that can call anyone from a different dimension, and go on the internet from different dimensions. Payment to use it increases from 5BUX to 100BUX every Sunday.
No. 135720 ID: afa6f6

Some Materials

Mimoplastic: Magically made plastic material that has the ability to easily mimic the look, feel and sometimes properties of other materials it has come in contact with. Because of these properties, its often used in the construction of artifact replicas, or forgeries. It can also be processed into a rubber-like form to make realistic disguises, or to cover other materials to make them appear different.

Protoplasma: A thick and clear gelatinous substance of unclear origin. Its clearly supernatural and responds to the intentions of those touching it, causing it to change its shape and form. Because it frequently appears in areas that Spirits re active, its theorized to possibly be a byproduct of them moving through different planes of existence, especially through physical objects. It can be used as both a catalyst and power source for spell casting, but consumes mass when used as power. When covering an energy storing/using object, it can drain some that energy and grow in mass.

and other stuff

DELICIOUS! Bait:A plastic pouch with an unfamiliar brand, containing multicolored lumps of ground bait. The scent and taste of the bait once removed from the pouch seems to be irresistible to non-sentient animals and monsters, so much so that it will draw even the cautious and intelligent ones to it, even against their instincts. Its ingredients are unclear. Once the pouch has been emptied, it will refill on its own after 24 hours.

Lucky Coin : An antique gold coin. It seems valuable, and keeping it on your person makes you more lucky.
Hidden Effect: If you flip the coin in order to make a decision, and you faithfully go along with the result of the flip, Whatever choice you made has a higher chance of working out in your favor.

Luxurious Hair Clip:A fancy hair clip made of polished ebony and bone. Wearing it causes the wearer's hair to strengthen to near artifact levels of durability, and allows them to control all their hair as if it were an additional limb. It also passively increases the quality and health of the users hair.
Hidden Effect: By spending energy into the clip, allows the wearer to grow their hair at will.

Intoxicating Pipe: A Large and long smoking pipe, about the length of a man's arm. Made of hard wood an sturdy metal, it can function as a bludgeon in a pinch.
It can be loaded with any smoke-able substance and enhances the positive or pleasurable effects of any inhaled, while eliminating the negative health effects. It expels many times more smoke then usual, and the smoke can be directed and controlled via movement of the pipe. All smoke produced has a strong intoxicating effect on those that breathe it in.
No. 135733 ID: a4f4d6

I assume I can use this thread for shards?
Cuz I just had a thought on it charcuterie, Chi.
Back in the previous year it was mentioned that we were as strong as a human soldier, which was impressive since our kind are generally weaker than humans.
I thought, oh that's cool, we stronk.
It somehow didn't occur to me that we were A FREAKING NINE YEAR OLD.
We weren't even terribly more athletic than average.
Even with the ATHLETIC PHYSIQUE bonus it's kind of absurd!
At this rate of growth we could end up with HERCULEAN STRENGTH.

Normally I would be super gung ho about magic n stuff, but y'know...
If we got a gift, might as well lean into it.
No. 135734 ID: e51896

Just theorizing, I was thinking about similarities between awakening, Cat's power, and Magitech runes

Awakened people's power has an element affinity that are categorized by color according to Mint, while magitech's scripting manuals each represents by color what kind of rune it is as well.

Also, it seems whenever Cat awakens someone, they sometimes have a vision before receiving their power (Willamina seeing her great grandmother in her vision) and when Chi finished her rune, she had a hallucination of a node in the sky sucking up the light in a grassy field.

maybe these are just awakened powers in rune form or something.
No. 135737 ID: afe7de

>> 135733
Made an EDMANGO’s QUESTS thread. So feel free to speculate there now.
But, as clarification. The AVERAGE human soldier is like a normal human person who doesn't exercise at all in this setting. Just a normal person who was conscripted to be a guard for a town. Which, is still pretty fucking crazy for a 9 year old to be that strong. But you did pay for it, so you get what you paid for!

>> 135734
Interesting theory.
No. 135750 ID: afa6f6

I have two questions for ya, Edmango.
First off, is there any overlap of concepts between Shards and Catalyst? Stuff like Karma and Soul quality and such, im wondering if theyre a thing in both, mostly just for artifact purposes.
And second, How do you feel about uh, Non character specific Awakened ability suggestion? Just like ideas for ones that might be around in the future somewhere.
No. 135751 ID: afe7de


There’s overlapping concepts yeah. Soul treasures are just like extremely rediculously rare. And sure I love awakened power ideas. The more the merrier! And if you don’t mind can you suggest in the Edmango’a Quests thread? Wanna have that one be the main one convos happen in now if possible.
No. 139265 ID: 273c18

Cat can get an ability that lets him Awaken someone who's already got a power, right?
He should do that, and then see if he can Awaken each of Myriad's clones.

Also, Myriad needs to find an artifact that can erase memories, that'll allow her to avoid the "trauma issues" involved in absorbing clones. Split before absorbing, absorb a bad-memory clone, erase the memories of the clone who absorbed, then un-split. Result: recovered clone slot with no new memories recovered, good or bad. The absorbing clone could report anything important before it gets erased.
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