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File 161396061882.png - (13.50KB , 500x500 , Catalyst_000.png )
134892 No. 134892 ID: afe7de

There's been some speculation of stuff on the discord and on the thread itself so I thought, hey! Why not make one of these. Have fun!
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No. 135174 ID: b1b4f3

Unlost Marble: a single marble, gives resistance to harmful mental effects when carried. If ever misplaced, shows up in the first place you look. If it strikes another marble(such as in a game of marbles), that marble becomes Unlost as well. Carrying multiple Unlost Marbles increases the resistance effect. (should probably limit it)

Tipped Scales: a set of scales that are balanced improperly and cannot be adjusted. Placing an item or items on one side to balance the scales will give you good luck for the day, of an amount relative to the perceived value of the item(s) placed. At the end of the day, the item(s) will vanish. Item(s) must remain on the scales for 30 minutes before the luck takes effect, and at that point the items cannot be removed and the scales cannot be tipped or damaged in any way. Moving the scales is possible, though awkward due to it not obeying all the laws of physics. How the good luck manifests itself depends on the user, and the user's perception of value is what counts.

Blank Check: a piece of paper that reads: "IOU:" with a line under it. User can write something on the line, then bring it to a bank, which will have an extra demonic teller there no one else can see. The demon will offer something matching their interpretation of whatever the user wrote on the Blank Check, then burn the paper if the thing is accepted. Many types of requests are forbidden, which will result in the demon magically erasing whatever was written on the line, then telling the user to try again tomorrow before vanishing. Other people present in the bank will not realize anything unusual happened. Note: requests do not have to be physical items, and can have a quantity.

Pocket Protector: a "pocket protector" container. Indestructible, but only when inside a pocket, and confers its protection against damage to the fabric of the pocket as well. The Pocket Protector changes shape to match the dimensions of the pocket it's placed in. When outside a pocket, it is merely heavily resistant to damage and slowly repairs itself over time. Sections removed from a Pocket Protector will independently repair themselves to a new instance of the object. (the secret use is to make armor out of it by cutting it up and stitching/weaving the duplicate copies together, or by stitching pockets all over clothing and using multiple instances to render the clothing indestructible. Indestructible clothing would not protect against impacts however)

Heart Shaped Lock: a heart-shaped padlock with no key. Unlocks the first time when given to someone you have a sufficiently positive relationship with, and two keys appear. The keys only work when used by you or that special someone, and the lock cannot be picked or broken open. If placed on a closed container, that container cannot be opened without unlocking the lock. Refuses to lock if placed on an open container. Rooms and buildings count as containers, and the lock can be placed on doorknobs, either on the inside or outside. If the relationship turns sour, the keys disappear and the lock snaps shut, falling off any container it had been placed upon even if it was already shut. If a breakup is a pleasant one, the lock will not be disabled, but if feelings fade enough the lock may disable. The lock can be given to multiple people, and another key will be produced for each one, only erasing the user's key and disabling the lock if no pairs are left.

Guiding Arrow: a normal-looking arrow that when held creates a glowing arrow in front of you pointing towards a path that reaches the location of your current objective. When fired from a bow, unerringly hits your intended target, no matter how far away they are. If the target is somehow unreachable the arrow will nevertheless eventually reach and strike the target, no matter how long it takes.
No. 135182 ID: b1b4f3

Earthly Possession: An earthen jar full of dirt. If someone eats the dirt from the jar, you may take over their body at will. Your original body will go unconscious during the possession, but your powers (if any) will be available in the new body. The possessed body's powers may be available if they do not conflict with yours. The length of possession depends on how much dirt the target has consumed, typically a matter of seconds due to how difficult it is to get someone to eat dirt unknowingly. The dirt in the jar cannot be replenished by any means, it is a limited resource. An unconventional use would be to get someone to willingly eat a significant amount of the dirt, potentially allowing unusual combinations of powers for combat or utility. Forcing a prisoner to eat the dirt so that you can "impersonate" them could work too, but a large amount would be needed for most identity theft purposes. Another use I can think of is to distribute the dirt to a population so that you can possess innocent people at will to ambush a target. (secret: plants grown in this dirt leave behind ghosts when killed, which will possess a nearby normal plant. Possessed plants slowly mutate into a copy of the original. Possessed plants do not leave a ghost behind when killed. Death for plants is defined as a state where there is no possibility of growth, even if the environment changes.)
No. 135185 ID: 094652

Endless Decanter of Preparation - Absorbs energy points of user. User must specify a power they intend to use the energy for in the future, and can draw this energy up to the user's maximum energy. No limit on energy.
No. 135187 ID: 094652

Runcible Thesaurus - User reads a word in the thesaurus as the target speaks said word. From then on, the target will involuntarily replace all instances of that word with one of the selected, typically nonsensical words associated with the initial word. If the user has the patience to find the runcible word, they can reverse the curse. Drawback: The thesaurus is not in alphabetical order, nor does it have ordered page numbers. It may take some time to decipher the exact metric used to position words, so the user will need to effectively select words at random and add bookmarks to their favorites.
Impurity Beads When equipped in the anus, will cause all waste matter to be teleported and stored in a pocket dimension. This waste matter can be expelled at a maximum velocity of the freefall acceleration of local gravity from a pocket dimension warphole. Will cure constipation.
Map of Adventuring A map that will instantly teleport the volume within [?] meters to the corresponding position the user pokes. Drawback: The map will periodically change to a randomly selected location, of which there are 36,893,488,147,419,103,232 total maps.
Shirt-Enhancer of Levitation: When stuffed in a shirt, causes the user to experience anti-gravity. This can be lessened by pulling the shirt down. We don't know how it works either.
No. 135197 ID: db363a

Wow everyone these are some cool item ideas!!! I’ll try to throw in as many as I can whenever the opportunity arises. So feel free to keep suggesting whenever you get a cool mew idea.

In other news I made a straw poll to see who the most popfur character in CATALYST is so if you wanna participate in that: https://strawpoll.com/5446b96g1
No. 135198 ID: ea28fb

Was gonna choose bobby, but i couldnt find him
No. 135200 ID: 9a2966

Just wanna say there's been lots of initial and decent "characterage" going on here - impressive, really, given the big pool - and while Will's currently my top pick that could probably change at the drop of a story beat or two.
No. 135201 ID: 4acb33

Glad you think so! I’ve been trying to give everyone something unique about them, be it a dialogue quirk or attitude, or something like that so they don’t feel samey. I was worried I’d have trouble with a cast this big but it hasn’t been too much of a problem. Hopefully we’ll see these characters fleshed out even more in thread 2!
No. 135218 ID: 89d253

Idea for Cat's next work day: they get to man the counter and wait for customers while Willamina delivers mail. It'd be fun if the people came to talk to us this time instead of having to come to them (plus we'd have the challenge of making sure conversations dont last too long or else we form a long line of impatient customers)
No. 135219 ID: afe7de


OH YOU! This was actually what I planned on doing. You have a good head on your shoulders.
No. 135224 ID: af57da

If thats the case, i can imagine Trey walking in, notice Cat at the counter, and then immediately leave without saying a word, lol
No. 135235 ID: e7c7d3

Hmm, Max suddenly acting differently make me think that maybe he had awakened? Canny also mentioned that the family was "celebrating Max." The presumption is birthday, but what if it was celebrating is awakening? Then Max lashed out and started the fire himself.

Or he was a moody teen who got rejected and Isabella is to blame for getting rejected at the party. I dunno
No. 135236 ID: e51896

It was said in the news article that the celebration was to "celebrate the young Maximilian Hadlee’s successful entry into the big city’s Heroes League". One could assume that he most likely was awakened if he was able to join the heroes league, (unless they accept people without powers into different positions somewhere in the heroes league, Cannie was able to join Nunitus without a power after all. But I feel the Heroes league is more strict and would want people with powers)

But even if he was awakened when was accepted before his confession, he seemed to have acted normal. Him being rejected by Willamina could be what was making him act strange.

Alternatively to the theory that his attitude changed because of being awakened... I fear that Max may have done something more fucked up to Willamina than just try to confess his love to Willamina. Her being a huge emotional wreck all just from a confession of love to her because she wanted to ship Isabella with Max all seems a little too over the top of a reaction, not to mention Willamina actively trying to hide from Max, even going as far as wanting to avoid a family party just to stay away from Max seems a bit weird. This could actually be a sign that Willamina is hiding some deep mental trauma that Max had caused her on that day of his "confession".

Max might be hiding something very sinister that he did to Willamina which could explain his change in attitude, and Willamina's fear of him, and being an emotional wreck just by him simply confessing his love to her...
No. 135238 ID: e7c7d3

Good thing people like you are around to catch these things. I completely forgot about that!
In my defense, I tend to come up with these theories in the early morning. (Time stamp says 5:01AM for me)

Powers can through everything into a loop though. While I don't think he's involved, even something like Toni's power could be used to explain a bunch of stuff.Did we ever learn what max's power waa anyways?
No. 135239 ID: 9a2966

I feel being love-confessed to by one's brother might actually be somewhat distressing, regardless of it being the Midlands south. This does give us s'more perspective, though.

Weird how Willemina rejecting Maximillian gets Isabella mad at Willemina. You'd think she'd be happy she got one competitor less?

Or maybe she thought - correctly - that the group dynamic would get all messed up when Will said no to Max.

Also, I think there's a wrong name in the text there.
>To be clear, she wasn’t mad at Max, she was mad at Isabella for rejecting her brother’s love because she DESPERATELY wanted him to love her.
Should probably be Willemina

Max's power has yet to come up, I believe.
No. 135241 ID: 81f034

Fixed the typo, thanks for catching it!!
No. 135253 ID: eb1fcc

you know somehow I didn't catch that it was an incest thing, I thought max was isabella's brother there, which makes it all the more wildin' that she's such a bitch to willamena over not wanting to pork her bro

either way, here's to the grand return of Reaver's ghost
No. 135270 ID: 9a2966

I want to say I'm pretty chuffed at coming up with Catalytic Convergence and hope people will go for it - if not with Will, then with someone else in the future.

Y'know, since playing around with coming up with powers is pretty rad, so playing around with coming up with COMBO effects of powers might also be great fun. Though we'll have to see if it's even a possible effect, I guess!

Also, small side note:

Cataclysmic Convergence
Merge two power-users and their powers. Their new power shall be much stronger for it - at terrible mental and physical costs, particularly if the merge was unwilling!

Warning! May create MONSTERS.


If they wanted to, I'm sure we'd have Cat destroying continents in no time. >_>
No. 135274 ID: c5d2fe

We seem to be very scared of romance in anything less than 100% casual situations, which I think is a bit silly.
No. 135281 ID: e51896

It is silly, but also, I think it makes perfect sense considering Cat's dorky personality and to another extent, the trauma that they went through, making Cat slightly less open.

That, and I feel the suggestors are more focused on making progress in the story. I'm actually proud that we were able to succeed in getting a lot of tasks and investigating done, and being responsible at work so far in the story.

overall, I don't mind it, I feel the romance would be a lot more special if it is really something we have rightfully earned and work hard for imo.
No. 135282 ID: 031458

Classic Coxwette syndrome

Suggestions will naturally fragment into separate camps split pretty evenly between plot and romance when romance/lewds are on the table but our actions have consequences. Plot generally wins out because the lewd group always contains a few "Long Gamers" who bow out when things aren't perfect.
No. 135284 ID: c5d2fe

What ever HAPPENED to that quest, anyway? Did it die and the creator make it a book/comic like they were kinda hinting at or what?
No. 135292 ID: eb1fcc

RML wound up abandoning it, they do this with most of their quests. To date I don't think they've ever finished one.

A shame too, since they're a talented writer and came up with some pretty cool game worlds when they were more active.
No. 135299 ID: 9a2966

- The Hadlees are publicly known to have all died in the fire (Will excepted), with the Heroes' League taking over their mansion and inheritance, an UNUSUAL flex on their part and in the Hadlees' will.

- The Heroes League investigation was slipshod. The fact they had no presence at the celebration and that their new official member - Max - was unable to fight off the fire / assassination / attack on the estate also felt suspicious.

- Reading between the lines of what Cannie told us Isabella has no alibi for the mansion fire except her own word ('she got sidetracked by someone' - no mention of whom). It probably helps that with a demonic fire spirit to do her bidding she didn't need to be anywhere near the scene of the crime to start the fires.

- Isabella kept growing increasingly spiteful and bitter towards Will after the mansion fire - and blames her for it - though she got better at hiding it.

- Isabella introduced Cannie to Nunitus - meaning she already had contacts with the organization. There is a connection there and it may not be Iraphena.

- Isabella is psychotically obsessed with Max - the shrine is proof enough. We still don't know HOW she got this obsessed - her devotion seems way beyond youthful 'true love' at this point, and one can half suspect power shenanigans or a 'True Love' potion or something stupid like that.

- The person Isabella talked to and called her love and senpai has been waiting for signs of Willemina Awakening, had tasked her to keep them informed AND was interested in your investigations into the Hadlee mansion fire. There's a particular type of person that fits that bill.

- Isabella is Iraphena's superior. Iraphena is a rich, well-connected and a powerful person as a member of the Nunitus guild. Isabella being her superior means she's got even more sway in Nunitus, but has kept this on the down-low.

- Isabella has something invisible that she can talk to, that she can command to set fire to things - this is 99% likely to be her demonic fire spirit. Something that is aware enough to detect spying creatures - including animals and bugs and can set lethal fires in the blink of an eye.

- Somewhere along the way we got spied on - as someone told Isabella we were looking into the Hadlee mansion fire. Your 'public' investigations were primarily the Libarby reading, talking to Gruk and talking to Aeglos. It's safe to say someone in either of those locations may have reported on you. Since Isabella was confident we'd reach the dead end soon, I'd be inclined to think it was at Gruk's or in the bar with Aeglos (not necessarily Aeglos himself - someone could have been listening in to your conversation and reported to Isabella afterwards - Nicky, Isabella's mother, was seated nearby, for example).


- Isabella can send her invisible demonic flame spirit off to do things far away from her.

- Isabella's power is the prime suspect of what CAUSED THE MANSION FIRE (and yet genuinely seems to blame Will's refusal of Max's love for the occurrence).

- Isabella can hear her demonic spirit talking to her, though no-one else nearby can.

- Isabella laughing out of nowhere may be due to seeing things from her spirit's perspective. She was simply observing something that was funny to her! (Possibly small woodland creatures being set on fire...)

- Roach wasn't immediately discovered when he spied on Isabella - but he was discovered. This means the demonic spirit is observant of bugs acting unusually or could have a detection sense on par with something LIKE the Demon Eye Amulet (well, it IS a DEMONIC spirit...) which Roach then ended up triggering. (Sending Roach to spy on Isabella again is thus an absolute no-no.)

- MAX is NOT DEAD. Isabella responded with 'yes, my love' and the only person who fits that bill would be Max. Either something's tricked her into thinking Max is alive, or... we could be dealing with a bona-fide case of "let's pretend to be dead by getting my obsessive wannabe lover to burn down the mansion with all of my family in it", which is colder than Willamina's new power and definitely 'baddie' territory.

- With that in mind, Willamina's miraculous survival may not have been so miraculous, but entirely on purpose. After all, why were Trey and Gruk close to the fire, but only Willamina was alive to be retrievable by them?

- Isabella has continued to associate with Max, but hasn't won his love yet. Which explains her increasingly embittered attitude towards Will as the years went by. Since Max has probably asked she be protected from Isabella's full wroth, she stuck to needling her emotionally.

- Max remains interested in Will - or at least in her Awakened-or-not status.

- If the inheritance business and slipshod investigation was done with the Heroes' League's blessing, Max may well still be a part of the League, but working from the shadows. As a part of a family that funded the League, an accepted member and an Awakened, he could have that kind of clout.

- If Max is alive and the Heroes League was in on hiding his death, the inheritance thing makes sense if it's specifically there to ensure Will makes her Awakening public knowledge... even if she got a crappy power she'd want to hide, she'd still reveal it to earn her inheritance.
No. 135301 ID: b1b4f3

>an UNUSUAL flex
I disagree with this. There are several explanations for that clause in the will- 1, it could have been put there to discourage the league of villains from attacking the family, 2, it could be there as a fall-through clause in case everyone got wiped out and they didn't want some distant cousin inheriting everything, 3, they could have specifically wanted the money to go to the hero's guild instead of any minor members like Willamina, because it was a cause they believed in. Perhaps the house was supposed to go to the minor members, but that burned down so it didn't apply anymore. Everything else seems fine.
No. 135302 ID: 9a2966

Leaving the youngest member of a family with not even a cent to her name and the Heroes' League refusing to even front her anything (the Hadlees seem pretty rich!) without fulfilling the Awakening clause seems pretty unusual to me!

But yes, those are some potential explanations as to why it happened. Whether those explanations are LEGIT legit, though...
No. 135306 ID: 094652

It occurs to me that metahumanity is far more tolerant of racial differences than in our world. Which unfortunately leads to the question, is there a physical distinction between metahumans and certain demon slaves?
No. 135307 ID: 0b553a

As of right now there’s no Physical or Biological difference between them.

Also racism totally still exists just it’s not a big focus of the town or story. There’s a continent I wrote about that was very xenophobic but whoops they were the continent that was destroyed. What a shame.
No. 135308 ID: ac3918

They might not even have chosen to leave her nothing. Perhaps they left her the mansion and everything in it, not anticipating that it would all be destroyed.
No. 135309 ID: 9a2966

What a shame.

The place would still have had insurance (or ought to have had). I'm pretty sure Willamina just straight up got deliberately screwed. Whether it was for a 'good' reason remains to be seen.
No. 135322 ID: 9a2966

I think we're on the wrong track on Dr. Trey avoiding people from the City - he's got Kazu as an assistant, after all, so his antipathy towards city-folk can't be THAT strong, whatever his reasons for wanting to remain anonymous.

If he's actively avoiding Cat now (as opposed to earlier, when he tolerated being in the same bar as Cat) it may be he's realized they've got some kind of past together, or because he already knows Cat can detect him (i.e. Isabella, Cannie or Iraphena told him and he's actually under the thumb of Nunitus).
No. 135323 ID: f8bcd3

Do fish people in Catalyst live on land or water if they exist in your universe, and if on land, do they have something that let's them breath on land?
No. 135328 ID: afe7de

Oh man so there’s a sub-type of Kin called Scale-Kin, they’re basically any amphibious race and reptiles, it’s a catch all term. You can find fish headed people (kind of like the cuphead lady) and also just regular fish people. But they need to be hydrated often. My headcanon for them was that they had these water headphones they wear on their gills that keep them hydrated. That or something like they could wear a fishbowl choker that’s full of water making it easy for them to be on land. I’m also down for other suggestions. Introducing a fish person eventually in the future could be neat!
No. 135329 ID: 9a2966

Why restrict ourselves to fishpeople? Why not starfishmen! Crabfolk! (carcinization had to have its due...) Shellkin! Jellypeople!

As for breathing, eh, maybe just lampshade it? They simply CAN be on both land and under sea. The world's their oyster, 'n all that jazz.
No. 135333 ID: 031458

I like how effortlessly this went from :
In a doomed world where super powers run rampant, The Chosen One attempts to balance morality, politics, the apocalypse, and his 9-to-5 job, to:



No. 135334 ID: 9a2966

Well, people do love chargen choices. Gets all the lurking members popping right out.
No. 135335 ID: 9f8373

What more can you ask for in a quest?
No. 135337 ID: 6a3e9e

It’s gonna pretty effortlessly get back to plot after this too. Depending on how your cock selection goes you’ll either finish before the auditor or will/mint gets back or...
No. 135338 ID: 031458

Oh you bitch that's actually a thing XD

This'll be good.
No. 135340 ID: e51896

What if Andrea keeps going after Cat finishes though? :O
No. 135341 ID: 9a2966

I do appreciate how you managed to sneak some plot significance into the literal dick-choosing decision, by the way. Well played, Ed.
No. 135342 ID: afe7de

I aims to please! I also felt bad that the cock decision was taking an extra day to do so I included some plot in to compensate.
No. 135343 ID: 9a2966

Why would you feel bad about unleashing this glorious display of wonton un-lurkering?
No. 135344 ID: 864e49

I must say that while none of the cocks 100% appeal to me I am glad we didn't end up with some of the C.o.C/T.i.T.S monstrosities that were suggested.
That being said the idea of multi prehensile dicks coiling together to make one bigger dick didn't occur to me and I probably would've suggested differently if it had.
No. 135346 ID: 031458

I'm with you there. Personally I'm surprised how popular the STANK and the two JIZZ upgrades were. I understand the appeal but with so many options available it's odd to see those be on top. Especially with how meta we've been up to this point.
Maybe I'm just too 'nilla.
No. 135347 ID: e7c7d3

So is Trey avoiding Cat because he worked on Cat's dick and doesn't want it to get out to the rest of the town that he was a dick doc?
No. 135349 ID: 9a2966

Occam’s Razor says yes, though it’s still a bit odd he wasn’t even willing to talk in the relative privacy of the empty post office, if only to see if Cat still actually remembered and beg him to be ixnay on the dicksnay.
No. 135352 ID: afe7de

Hey, so in the next update the cock is already chosen *you got the 2x high combo* but I get the feeling you guys would wanna know some more details about the CUM HIGH mechanic so here's a conversation between the DOCTOR and CAT about it. ENJOY!

Doctor: Basically, for the orgasmer, your body will release the normal hormones you do while you orgasm, and with your post-nut clarity you’ll receive an about 10 minute high, it varies based on your constitution and diet. The high itself is an organic one where your body produces extra feel good hormones and chemicals that act to lower anxiety, stress, and depression. So we’re not pumping any weird chemicals into your body. Basically it’ll make you feel a sense of euphoria for the duration and then peter off slowly so as not to cause a jarring shock to your system. We’re obligated to inform you that you shouldn’t operate motor vehicles during the high.

You: Can’t drive so not a concern.

Doctor: And for the taker, their body will experience a dry orgasm when they first absorb the semen through their mucous membrane, it’s like an orgasm but at around 1/3rd of the intensity. Then they’ll experience a similar, albeit slightly diluted high depending on how much cum they’ve had. Larger orgasms mean more powerful and longer highs. Though in your case, you’ll be cumming around… 3 fl oz with each shot, to put that in perspective, the average human male ejaculates around .2 fl oz for each shot and if they were to take a full load then it would last around… 15 minutes and be weaker then your high. Though this also depends on constitution and diet.

Doctor: And before you ask, YES you can eat your own cum and have a stronger high, it’s the semen itself that causes this, so when it’s being ejaculated you’re actually absorbing a portion of the high, that’s why it’s weaker in your partners.

You: Okay, but what about the double high?

Doctor: Tsk. Fine, fine. I’ll give you the short version. For the orgasmer the duration would jump to a 30 minute high at 1.7 times the intensity. And for the taker it would jump to around a 40 minute high at 1.5 times the intensity. And if you’re curious, a triple high mod would cause it to last around an hour for both at around 2 times the intensity. Maybe a little higher. And we legally can’t allow Quad high mods. Mostly because if it reaches that amount it becomes a Hallucinogen and lasts a long time and that would make it an illegal and unregulated substance. We’re trying to find ways to regulate it but are having no luck as of yet.

Doctor: Oh and one last thing, you can refrigerate your seed and drink it later but the effect is reduced to about a .7x of it’s normal intensity, chilling it kills the chemicals and hormones in it, but not refrigerating within 2 hours it will cause it to spoil and we REALLY don’t reccomend drinking it then. And, because of the mods I see you have gotten I’ll assume you’ll want to go multiple times in a row so if you’re worried about going too far or accidentally getting too high, there’s VERY LITTLE RISK if you cum again in that timeframe or your partner has your seed it’ll just reset the timer and intensity and increase it by like uhhh 1.1 times giving you an OVERHIGH. OVERHIGHS just reduce themselves to a normal high within a minute so you’d have to cum like 3 times within a minute to get a high even close to a 2 times intensity with your setup.

Doctor: Lastly, if you find a way to cum more the numbers all change and the intensity differs, but even if you were to say get the lots of jizz mod and cum like 10 fl oz the intensity of your high would only increase to around 2x for both you and your partner. Though the effect would last wayy longer, Like 2-3 hours long. Cumming multiple times when you’ve had that much won’t change anything though because it would be too diluted in the amount of cum that your partner would be full of.

You: But what if you came in their mouth, pussy, and ass, or like there were 3 of us with the 2x mod or something

Doctor: It would be a very intense high. Probably around 2.5x if everyone had the same mod, constitution, and diets. Heck it might even reach 3x. Which is the legal limit. They’d probably have very light hallucinations and have the time of their life. We’ve only had reports of clients with highs that intense suffering from bad trips around 1 out of every 100,000 cases. And we’ve done EXTENSIVE tests on this. Also that high would probably last uhhh like 12-16 hours, the highs are designed to not last longer than that as your body will produce chemicals and hormones to forcefully reduce the high. If it happens you won’t be able to get that high again for at least 8 hours or until you’ve had a full night of rest.

Doctor: And if a group of people with 3x high mods did that it would get even more intense and we haven’t done many studies on what happens past that since the government regulates us at intensities higher than that. So uh, if you happen to know people that have done that, please let them know to anonymously submit their findings to us, we’ll pay them for their time and if they’re comfortable revealing their identities we’ll perform full health screenings on them and provide support if they need it. Our mods aren’t designed to be abused like that and we’re making enough money that we have some leeway to prevent things before they escalate.
No. 135355 ID: f8fa51

Wait a moment... non-canon Willamena, at least, has a thing for photography we haven't seen in canon yet, and Cat is being trained in exhibitionism. Is that going to come up, or is Willamena's camera thing purely a non-canon affectation?
No. 135357 ID: afe7de

She talks about her love of photography in Part 1 during her first date, and she has tons of photos of everyone in her house during her second date, no, it's a canon thing. She's into photography. She just is the kind of person who doesent shove it in your face or constantly ask for photos of everyone.
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