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File 152765620046.gif - (319.75KB , 1024x1024 , title.gif )
886861 No. 886861 ID: 891b91

A foggy haze lifts from your mind, as though you just woke from a deep sleep. Your throat feels ragged and dry.
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No. 886862 ID: 891b91
File 152765623173.gif - (426.92KB , 1024x1024 , 000-0.gif )

Your vision clears, revealing a small, dimly-lit room carved out of solid rock.
No. 886864 ID: efe8ae

Take a dump
No. 886865 ID: 7969eb

check to see who's alive
No. 886866 ID: 919964

Check to see if you're injured.
No. 886867 ID: 3df254

check to see if you are alive
No. 886868 ID: 15a025

Check your injuries and look for survivors.
No. 886870 ID: 91ee5f

It looks like your mouth has blood around it. Maybe you bit these people?
No. 886871 ID: 61838d

Check yourself out, and once you confirm you arent about to die for real this time. Check if whoever those people are have a pulse, and if not loot them.
No. 886872 ID: e58839

Check to see if there are snakes.
No. 886879 ID: 074011

Feeling peckish? Sniff around and bite whatever smells tasty.
No. 886882 ID: b1b4f3

The blood splatter is wrong for violent deaths. I think this is a case of a horrible plague, where people started coughing up blood.

You should first check them for life signs, then check yourself for a pulse, then... well, probably best not to climb those stairs until you've fully woken up. Meanwhile you can check what's in that bookcase.
No. 886889 ID: 3ecdb6

Something tells me you should leave
No. 886893 ID: 166e1c

Do you recognize any of those people?
No. 886894 ID: 10c408

try not to freak out. investigate the bookshelf.
No. 886895 ID: 094652

Why is your squad dead?

Nothing you can do without sanitation equipment and medical equipment - loot the room and leave, look for some rubbing alcohol so you can check their vitals without risk of infecting yourself.
No. 886896 ID: a62780

Seems about right, though instead of plague I'd say the surroundings suggest drugs. Maybe a hell of a bad batch.

Check self and check others, you're alive (we think) so someone else might be too.
No. 886897 ID: cfac00

Get up sleepyhead!
Who are you? Who are these people? Do you know what happened?
No. 886900 ID: 891b91
File 152768090987.gif - (405.00KB , 1024x1024 , 001-1.gif )

Instinctively, you go to wipe the blood off your mouth; you're surprised to discover that it's not blood, but a gritty, coarse powder. It feels quite like sand, actually, and falls out of your fur at the slightest disturbance; whatever this stuff is, it isn't blood. You brush as much of it off as you can, but it still leaves some minor stains.

Aside from a sore throat, you seem to be unharmed, as far as you're able to tell. For a moment you entertain the idea that maybe you're dead and this is some kind of afterlife, but you dismiss the thought as silly.
No. 886901 ID: 891b91
File 152768096212.gif - (255.27KB , 1024x1024 , 001-2.gif )

Glancing around the room, you notice the other people, who don't seem to be moving. At first sight, they don't seem familiar at all, but for some reason you feel like there's something important you're forgetting. Come to think of it, you don't quite recall how you got here, either; you feel like you should be able to remember, but your thoughts get fuzzy when you try to focus on it.

You approach the figure slumped over in the chair, expecting the worst and fearing that you might have had something to do with his fate. As you get closer, however, you can see that he's breathing, although he doesn't respond when you poke him in the chest. As far as you can tell, he doesn't look injured in any outward way. You inspect the gunk on his face, and it turns out to be the same sandy material from before.

You examine the other bodies as well, and find them in the same catatonic state, with more of the red sand on and near them. Judging from the mess on the floor, it looks like it came out of them, like they vomited or coughed it up.
No. 886902 ID: 891b91
File 152768102348.png - (326.17KB , 1024x1024 , 001-3.png )

The boxes at the very top of the bookcase are out of reach; the bookcase itself looks pretty flimsy, discouraging you from climbing it. Instead, you take stock of the few items on the lower shelves:

> A hardcover book that appears to be missing some pages. It doesn't have a title.
> A glass jar with traces of a purple liquid at the bottom.
> A bronze metal sphere. It rattles when you shake it, but you don't see a way to pry it open easily. There are two thin openings on the top half, and three identical panels on the bottom; their purpose is unclear.
No. 886903 ID: 891b91
File 152768106797.png - (268.11KB , 1024x1024 , 001-4.png )

The book is full of identical pages featuring some sort of advertisement, which are perforated at the margin. Looking at the glyph makes your eyes feel a little funny, like when you cross them for too long.
No. 886905 ID: 91ee5f

>thoughts get fuzzy
Try to remember your name and gender.

If your body doesn’t match up with what you remember it should look like, then something happened to you while you were out.

>Judging from the mess on the floor, it looks like it came out of them, like they vomited or coughed it up.
Maybe that’s why your throat is sore?
No. 886906 ID: ad51b8

what kind of drugs were you people doing?

Any who, are all the pages the same in that book or no? if nothing else I guess focus on the glyph?
No. 886907 ID: 10c408

do NOT focus on the glyph. Take the stairs next.
No. 886908 ID: 54e0e2

The pages of the book I can assume are one-use effect items. I guess noone want to have a book just filled with used pages. Tear one and follow instructions.

The bronze ball looks awfully like a bell. Might also be a sort of bank.

The liquid that was once in the bottle I can assume to be poison.
No. 886914 ID: eeb7d9

Hell of a party you had here!
But seriusly, maybe you where doing some alchemy ore something on those lines and you just fuck up some how. Does it sound posible?
Never mind that, let's start easy.
What are you. What's your name. What sex you are.
No. 886927 ID: da1652

None of the others seem to have the paper so its probably not the cause of this. Try the rune. Maybe while sitting on that mattress just in case.
No. 886928 ID: b1b4f3

Tear out a page. You can decide whether or not to use it later.
No. 886934 ID: ae9b99

That feels like a trap. We should probably wait and see what effect that has on others before you do what the instructions say.

But for now, let us focus on our name and what our gender is.
No. 886936 ID: c0641d

Taste the powder; if it tastes like iron, it’s still blood. I hear it can get pretty powder-like when it dries out. If >>886908 is right, and the bottle contained poison of some kind, then it’s not hard to imagine why everyone was vomiting blood here. And if you were out long enough for stuff to dry out that much, well... let’s just say that those comments before about you being dead weren’t referring to this being the afterlife, FYI.
No. 886938 ID: c0641d

Also, try to remember as much as you can before trying to to use the paper. If it’s our only chance at regaining our memories, then we should take it and leave the book for the others. If it’s not necessary, then we should try to avoid using it and potentially only putting the memories this “VESPER” company wants us to have or whatever. But again, if it’s necessary for remembering anything beyond the most basic stuff, I’m all for it.
No. 886943 ID: 0c3c2c

Okay, they're not dead. On the bright side, they're alive! Downside, they'll probably wake up amnesiac like you. Maybe this glyph had something to do with it, maybe it didn't. Either way, let's go check the surface!

Grab the sphere, the jar, and head for the surface. Let's go exploring!
No. 886980 ID: dbf422

Who knows whether or not this was malicious, but it makes more sense to play safe. Take a page with you, but don't look at it. You might actually need it, but put that off until you get stuck. Take the other items and try leaving.
No. 886996 ID: f0e552

maybe there was just a mad sandstorm and nobody but you managed to not breathe in that shit?

also note, you might have sand in your lungs and thats BAD
No. 887010 ID: 91ee5f

>a mad sandstorm
No, the sandstorm wasn’t mad, it was rude!

It was darude sandstorm that did this!
No. 887016 ID: dbf422

Well, classic 2012 memes aside, there's a fair difference between powder/dust and sand. Still could have dust in there, though.
No. 887022 ID: 891b91
File 152775229853.gif - (304.09KB , 1024x1024 , 002.gif )

You think hard for a moment, and it finally comes to you: your name is :dd-spade::dd-dots1::dd-sun::dd-4::dd-dots1::dd-dots2::dd-corner::dd-smiley::dd-thing::dd-dots3::dd-note:. This seems obviously wrong, but nonetheless it's the only answer that comes to mind. You don't even know how to pronounce it.

You don't know how you know this, but your gut tells you that you're a human being. You feel completely certain of this, depite the fact that you have fur, a tail, and long, floppy ears.

You decide that maybe it's best if you don't try to rely on memory for this one, and just have a look for yourself.

What sex is your body?
Suggestions from the previous round will be carried out after a sex has been selected by majority or plurality.
No. 887023 ID: 10c408

Your clothing suggests that you were a girl.
No. 887024 ID: 33cbe7

Maybe you switched minds with that human over there. When you look at them, does it remind you of a mirror?
No. 887025 ID: dbf422


Not exactly clever but why not use one of those characters as a name for now? Like Spade or something.
No. 887026 ID: 074011

Your sex is, uhh, this really doesn't seem familiar at all. That seems like some sort of deep bass speaker bone structure, a signalling organ? and nothing else? That would be useful for some sort of designated baby-sitter gender or an expendable scout or lookout...
No. 887027 ID: 094652

Female - and now you regret looking; it's kind of... disgusting down there.
No. 887028 ID: 5f80fc

You are female. Though a lot of people mistake you for a male.
No. 887030 ID: d7b8dc

You look female, maybe?
No. 887031 ID: 4c908d

You have a cloaca and are more unsure than before.
No. 887034 ID: 166e1c

Didi... Let's call you that.
You are as girly as you could possible be, although somewhat flat.
No. 887039 ID: eeb7d9

Well, regarding your sex, you seem to be female, but someone might confuse you. You could perfectly be either male or female, with an androgynous look.
As for your name, until you can remember it correctly, you can call yourself Alex, which suits you, since you could possibly be Alexander or Alexandra.
No. 887040 ID: f0e552

You're a female, but nobody can really tell what you are because you look ambiguous. Not even you could tell without checking. Scary.
No. 887041 ID: 5f80fc

Whatever gender you are, try not to get arroused when you check. Check in a private place. Dont want to risk getting caught.
No. 887042 ID: 1a6f80

No. 887044 ID: b1b4f3

No. 887045 ID: ce9381

Male. Damn why everybody here always choose female?
No. 887047 ID: 61838d

You are Female.
No. 887062 ID: a847ea

You were a guy but you now appear to be a chick.
No. 887065 ID: b7a158

No. 887067 ID: 575ec0

You're a bro, bro.
No. 887069 ID: 3abd97

No. 887096 ID: 4854ef

No. 887097 ID: de6d84

No. 887105 ID: 891b91
File 152781480075.gif - (372.61KB , 1024x1024 , 003-1.gif )

Just to make absolutely sure the sand isn't blood, you pinch a few stray grains of the stuff from your fur and deposit them on your tongue, where they dissolve almost immediately. Surprisingly, it tastes sweet, although with a pungent overtone that makes it unpleasant. You still don't know what it is, but you'd rather not put any more in your mouth.

Perhaps against your better judgment, you decide to trust that whoever left the book here had good intentions, and tear out a page for yourself before pocketing the jar and sphere.
No. 887106 ID: 891b91
File 152781483544.gif - (400.69KB , 1024x1024 , 003-2.gif )

Nobody else here seems to even be conscious, so you figure it's private enough to do a quick self-examination. A cursory glance inside your jumpsuit confirms that you are, in fact, female, if somewhat androgynous. To your dismay, it also confirms that you lack undergarments.

No. 887107 ID: 891b91

Whoops, left the wrong layer enabled. The jar and sphere should no longer be on the shelf. Sorry about that!
No. 887110 ID: b1b4f3

Uh oh. Well first thing is to see if they're hostile. Ask who they are and where you are.

If you get a hostile response try to dodge around and get them further into the room so you can go around them and run up the stairs.
No. 887111 ID: ae9b99

ruh roh. Hope this strong guy didn't see you.

quickly jump back on the mattress and pretend you are unconscious again

or perhaps quickly rest your back against the wall next to the exit. As soon as he walks past you, sneak behind that person and go up those stairs.
No. 887112 ID: 074011

No time to run or hide, not even to play dead, they'd see you fall. Grab a weapon, anything heavy and harder than your paw, and tell them to keep their distance until you've seen what is going on for yourself.
No. 887116 ID: 166e1c

Judging by the size difference you shouldn't have much of a chance against this giant, unless you have some magical ability to even the odds. Let's hope he isn't aggressive, but in case he is shake one of your presumable companions awake so you can at least get a numerical advantage.
No. 887142 ID: eeb7d9

From my perspective, unless you know how to fight, you are already fucked here. Hope he isn't hostile.
No. 887144 ID: 33cbe7

Rush past while you have the element of surprise!
No. 887151 ID: d887c0

No. 887163 ID: dbf422

Shit you really don't have lightning reflexes, huh? The best choice would have been to pretend to be unconscious but it looks like that person can already see you, and if they can't they'll see you fall. Hide the jar in a hand behind your back, as the current best weapon you have, and get ready to meet force with force if you have to.
No. 887170 ID: 074011

If it comes to a fight, go for the knuckles. They tend to get exposed and ancient artefacts of incalculable value tend to be good at breaking them. Even zombies don't want to fight with busted knuckles.
No. 887173 ID: 891b91
File 152783642627.gif - (409.12KB , 1024x1024 , 004.gif )

Oh shit! You scramble for the corner beside the stairwell, hoping he didn't notice you. You ready the jar in your hand as a makeshift weapon.
The big guy just glances at you and grunts as he ambles past. "Figures. Friggin zombie weirdos," he mutters as he starts digging around in one of the boxes on top of the bookshelf.

He doesn't seem immediately hostile, but you still really want him gone. "I-I'm not decent!" You stammer. He grunts in response, which you take to mean he doesn't care.
No. 887174 ID: cfac00

Quick! Salvage your dignity and zip up your jumpsuit!
No. 887175 ID: 91ee5f

>"Figures. Friggin zombie weirdos,"
Shout, “Wait, what’d you call me?! A zombie?! But I’m not dead!”

Along with a string of other questions involving: wanting to know who he is, where you are, who these other people in the room are, what happened all you, etc.

But it all pretty much boils down to the most important question of: “What the fuck is going on?!”
No. 887177 ID: 3ecdb6

Uh... go upstairs I guess
No. 887178 ID: d887c0

...Is this a drug den?! Were you in here getting lit up, and now you've broken your brain?! Is that what this is?! Because his reaction and the room around you just screams "wastoid hangout!"
No. 887179 ID: 33cbe7

"A drug den? Do you... work here?"
No. 887180 ID: dbf422

Uh, please don't talk to that guy too much. He isn't upset now but you could annoy him. Just zip up and leave, it's not like he could tell you anything you couldn't figure out yourself or find out from someone more helpful.
No. 887183 ID: d7b8dc

...Ask the important questions.

What does he mean by 'zombie', and does he know anything about the weird glyph book with the perforated pages?
No. 887189 ID: 2a13fa

ask the obvious questions: "Where am i? What is this red stuff? who are you? What do you mean by zombie?"
No. 887191 ID: 166e1c

Is he serious about you being a zombie? Did you noticed anything that would indicate your body is dead?
If he isn't referring to this resurrection as non-human that it's possible your perception of the world is distorted. Figure out what he sees you as. "Do I look like a zombie to you?"
No. 887202 ID: d35f61

I'd have to agree with >>887180. Maybe affirm you're not undead, ask what happened, but beyond that, keep quiet.

Although now I'm wondering...
No. 887203 ID: d35f61

(Oh, are we going to have a disthread? This premise already seems fascinating.)
No. 887207 ID: ae9b99

Yeah, lets not talk to him too much. The fact that he was stomping down the stairs shows that he is angry about something, and probably isn't in the right mind

(plus, I like the idea of being the quiet type.)
No. 887210 ID: 891b91

I wasn't sure when the best time would be to make a disthread, so I figured I'd wait until someone asked. Thanks for the kind words as well, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Also, due to real-life obligations, it'll probably be 8 hours or so until I can start working on the next update.

Discussion Thread:
No. 887219 ID: 47e748

headbutt him in the dick
No. 887223 ID: deec6e

Well, if he plain doesn't care... zip up and go up the the stairs! Skedaddle, vamoose! But cautiously. Figure out where you are, what's going on around these parts. Find somewhere safe from intrusion and ponder your state and look at the page - or don't.

Alternatively, you could hang around for a few, hoping he finds what he's after and leaves - ot that he's willing to answer a question or two to a 'weirdo zombie'.
No. 887301 ID: 2d1231


Miiiiiiiight as well ask him what's up, or at least what this stuff is, how we got here, who these people are, and what's going on.
No. 887311 ID: 15a025

Zip up your suit and ask what he's doing down here?
No. 887431 ID: 891b91
File 152805253983.gif - (415.56KB , 1024x1024 , 005-1.gif )

You zip your suit back up, feeling a little embarrassed about what he might have seen. Then again, if he did see anything, he's clearly uninterested. You feel somewhat grateful for that.

The big guy finds whatever he was looking for, and crouches down beside the unconscious cat woman. The object makes metallic clinking sounds as he assembles it.

"...A zombie?!" You exclaim. You're pretty sure zombies don't even exist... right?
He sighs. "It's an expression. Whoever ya used to be, that person's gone now. Yer just the leftovers, an empty mind in some guy's corpse."
No. 887432 ID: 891b91
File 152805255016.gif - (339.56KB , 1024x1024 , 005-2.gif )

His lips curl into a mocking grin as he looks up at you. "A zombie."
No. 887433 ID: 891b91
File 152805256668.gif - (466.30KB , 1024x1024 , 005-3.gif )

You're not sure you get what he means, but you let it go for now.

"So is this some kind of drug den?"
He pauses. "Of course n--" He sounds annoyed at first, but stops himself. "...Y'know what? Sure. It's close enough and I ain't wastin' my breath explainin' it."
"Do you... work here?"
He rolls his eyes. "Bra-vo, Einstein, ya figured it out."
"Can you at least tell me what's going on? What happened to--"
"Look," he interrupts pointedly, his frustration with you clearly rising, "I ain't here to play 20 questions wit no zomb. You want answers? Ask them Vesper freaks." He points at the book. "And no, ya can't stay here. Scram."

He stands up and pulls the cat up by her armpits. "Hup!" He steadies her on her feet, and she actually stands there. You thought she was unconscious.
"What are you doing with h--"
"I said BEAT IT, ya zombie FUCK," he snarls.

Deciding that prying any further is hazardous to your health, you head upstairs.
No. 887434 ID: 891b91
File 152805258693.gif - (331.78KB , 1024x1024 , 005-4.gif )

The man at the desk barely acknowledges you, his eyes fixated on the hologram in front of him. You begin to ask him if the door in front of you is the exit, but the moment you open your mouth he interrupts you.

"No refund," he declares in an unidentifiable accent.
No. 887438 ID: 891b91

Oops, forgot to color the rest of the protagonist's dialogue blue. Sorry if that made it a bit confusing! The only people speaking in that frame are the protagonist and the big guy.
No. 887439 ID: 5f80fc

I still wouldn't look into that vesper page you took. It feels shady. Especially after the big guy called the Vesper thing "freaks"

But yeah, just leave
No. 887441 ID: eeb7d9

Of course not. Could ask for one, the reseption here shit. Not point on saying anything less.
Now, what the fuck did you do?
This sounds like is one things that has no return point, and you have already reach it. What ever you were or who you were seems to be gone now.
And if that is not bad enough, whatever deal you make, it was straight ilegal, or mostly ilegal. Don't expect to be good situation, but do espect that this "zombie" slang to be a common thing.
No. 887443 ID: b1b4f3

I figured it out, you're in a high tech society and you are human but your body has been modified heavily. The red dust was some kind of drug, but maybe not an illegal one. Was it meant to make you forget?
Did you check your pockets yet? See if you have any kind of identification or currency. It's possible that stuff is handled by implants though.

Ask this guy what kind of safe areas there are nearby.
No. 887448 ID: 166e1c

This guy look slightly less threatening. Ask what service they offer before leaving.
No. 887460 ID: dbf422

Whoever this body belonged to probably had problems in their life and decided that "dying" would solve them. Either by dumping those problems on you or by squaring those problems by wiping their mind.

Say that you're as happy as you can be and don't need a refund, just maybe a fun trp or two. Or maybe say you need advice because the last thing you need is an innuendo.
No. 887461 ID: deec6e

This is clearly some kind of sleazy place and whoever you were must've come here to buy something low-life related - something that can apparently have serious personal ramifications. From the lack of care these guys have and the fact they're just letting you go, it sounds like whatever happened won't come back to them. Maybe you're in some kind of lawless area? I guess you can only blame whoever you were for getting involved. Still, it's not as if these guys are all that busy - they could give you a couple minutes of their time. Grit your teeth and pipe up.

"A refund won't be an issue. Whoever I was is... gone? Dead? What were they buying, though? Oh, and is there some cost to getting help from these 'Vesper' types? Just give me a couple of straight answers, for pity's sake."

Show the pamphlet you tore out to him then eye his hologram with a bit of a frown while you wait for a response.
No. 887489 ID: 61838d

Attempt to get info out of the receptionist, like what the dust is at least, or anywhere to go.

Though he probably finds that smut he's watching more interesting than you currently...
No. 887492 ID: 33cbe7

Ask for directions to a Vesper.
No. 887531 ID: caf1de

make friends with him bond over porn
No. 887534 ID: aebe2f

It would seem that you bough a memory wipe via the red dust drug stuff. I wounder what you needed to forget? Then gain, some things are best left forgotten, its time to start anew.
No. 887540 ID: f18cc4

Zip your jumpsuit back down, gonna need to do something drastic to get this guy's attention if we want questions answered.
No. 887581 ID: b27fb0

Refund for what

Yes offer him some live entertainment in exchange for information.
No. 887582 ID: 45931b

You are not a whore. Do not expose yourself shamelessly.
No. 887583 ID: 3740b1

3rd for being a shameless whore.
No. 887585 ID: dbf422

The last guy wasn't interested and this guy won't be interested. It's pointless.
No. 887590 ID: 61838d

Agreed, if we can get someone to talk and at least somewhat explain what the dust is, then it may give us an idea of the outside world.
No. 887591 ID: b1b4f3

Keep your clothes on and just ask him what you paid for.
No. 887593 ID: 4eba89

Keep things simple and don't overtalk. You've already inferred a lot of information that you don't necessarily need to ask. Check pockets. Ask about these Vesper people and the glyph paper you have, and ask if he can tell you what you took.

If he completely ignores you, THEN you can unzip your jumpsuit to get his attention.
No. 887696 ID: caf1de

hes watching porn i think he'll be interested come on we're a girl for the first time lets see what it's like
No. 887701 ID: dbf422

He's watching it like a popcorn flick, he is not hard up. It's also not like he'd give better advice if he was interested, because the kind of person who would take advantage of a "zombie" isn't going to care about helping them.
No. 887738 ID: f0e552

Honestly this place is seedy af, just go outside and go from there. Maybe it's a big ass city or a backwater town. Whatever it is you probably shouldn't be asking here.
No. 887884 ID: 074011

There is a long history of people trying to buy favours with favours and being betrayed, especially when they are relatively powerless. Seduction might be used to distract or confuse, but as a commodity? With our complete lack of leverage? We would be more able to buy cooperation with dirt and scraps.

These people have no interest in helping us, they have made that clear. Find somewhere else. Someone unrelated who can be found later. Perhaps some customer-service staff?
No. 887913 ID: 2007b6

"Can I get a receipt for tax purposes, at least?"
No. 887991 ID: 7969eb

Fuck the flashing thing actually, this guy has the good ideas.
No. 888001 ID: 891b91
File 152834457690.gif - (326.50KB , 1024x1024 , 006-1.gif )

You notice that he's watching holoporn, and the thought comes to you that showing some skin (or fur?) might entice him to give you some answers. You don't like the idea, however; your amnesia makes you vulnerable, and who knows whether he'd see it as an opportunity to take advantage of you. For now, you decide, you'll just try to ply some information from him and save your feminine wiles as a last resort.

"It's okay, I don't want a refund," you reply.
>He cocks an eyebrow at you. "You don't want refund? Not like most zombie. Usually big fight."
"Can I ask you a few questions, though?"
>"No. Busy." He gestures to the smutty hologram. You frown in response, but he doesn't seem to notice nor care.
"Please? I'm in a really bad spot here."
>"Why are zombie always so annoying," he complains to no one in particular, gritting his teeth.
"Look, just give me a couple straight answers, and I'll be out of your hair." You glance at his hairless scalp. "Er, so to speak."
No. 888002 ID: 891b91
File 152834459861.gif - (216.70KB , 1024x1024 , 006-2.gif )

>He glares at you for a moment, sizing you up. Finally, he sighs, swiveling in his chair to face you. "Ask."
"What do you know about Vesper?"
>"Zombie, like you."
"What about their book downstairs?"
>"Help Vesper find you? Dunno."
"What did I buy from you?"
>"Rent," he corrects you. "Rent basement one hour."
"I woke up with this red dust all over me, what is it? Is that the drug I took?"
>He narrows his eyes at you and his tone becomes stern. "Enough question, you leave now," he commands.

You get the feeling that he's at the limit of his patience, so you hastily exit through the door beside his desk.
No. 888003 ID: 891b91
File 152834462218.gif - (302.96KB , 1024x1024 , 006-3.gif )

You emerge from the building and into a run-down neighborhood. Aside from yourself and the others in the building, it appears to be a ghost town; you see nobody around, and judging from the extreme state of disrepair, these buildings must have been abandoned for years. The whole area is well on its way to being reclaimed by nature; various weeds and other plants sprout from the smallest cracks and crevices, and larger plants have taken root even inside buildings, breaking through and toppling some of the architecture. Unsettlingly, everything is bathed in an eerie, reddish-purple moonlight.

The street here is long, disappearing on one end into the depths of the ruined city, and reaching a waterfront in the distance on the other.
No. 888004 ID: 891b91
File 152834463483.gif - (204.07KB , 1024x1024 , 006-4.gif )

>search pockets
You search your pockets and find, aside from the page, jar, and sphere from earlier, a small empty vial with a faded label.


PROPER____F T______________NAMICS
UNAUTHOR___D US_________________ITED

No. 888005 ID: 891b91
File 152834464595.gif - (411.94KB , 1024x1024 , 006-5.gif )

Gazing down at the waterfront, you notice a scattering of lights in the distance.
No. 888006 ID: 891b91
File 152834465716.gif - (427.26KB , 1024x1024 , 006-6.gif )

The road leading deeper into the ruins ends at a 3-way intersection. An orange glow envelops the area, flickering gently.
No. 888007 ID: 25fb7d

I really wish we could burn that building down.

But, uh... head towards the orange glow
No. 888008 ID: ae9b99

the whole place seems like it was hit by an apocalypse or something.

I noticed the sign that says evacuation. which way is the arrow to evacuation pointing? the orange glow, or the waterfront? I think we should follow where the arrow is pointing. This place doesn't feel safe.
No. 888010 ID: 891b91

The arrow is pointing towards the waterfront. I meant to put some indication about that in the text, but forgot. Oops!
No. 888013 ID: ae9b99

Alright. Waterfront it is. Follow the arrow of evacuation towards the waterfront. Curiosity killed the cat... or rabbit dog thing to be more exact. the orange light seems scary.
No. 888017 ID: b1b4f3

GR__________ COMPLEX-B
PROGRAM _____3__B
PAYLOAD _____6___

PROPER____F T______________NAMICS
UNAUTHOR___D US_________________ITED

Some of it is obvious. I'm sure we'll fill in more blanks later. It's obviously some sort of drug, but it sounds complicated. Might be nanobots set to deliver a chemical or do something specific to an area of the body. I hope the stuff you licked won't screw you up much... but I suspect the red dust was inactive nanites. They exit the body once their job is done.

Head towards the waterfront. See if you can find somewhere isolated where you can't be seen, then focus on the page so we get some real answers.
No. 888019 ID: dbf422

He was nicer than I was hoping, honestly. If we were renting the room, something tells me that the people we just met have nothing personally to do with making or selling the drug.

Anyway, to the waterfront I suppose. I doubt whatever required the evacuation is still around but it's a direction.
No. 888022 ID: cfac00

Might as well head towards the waterfront, see the sights, question our sanity. Y’know relaxing things since you probably need to relax right now.
No. 888028 ID: c01f48

Looks like a person sitting by a fire. Maybe they'd be willing to tell you what's going on here.
No. 888053 ID: ee2d6e

Probably should have at least asked the guy what name you "rented the room" with. Could've given you a clue of where to pick up the pieces.
No. 888055 ID: 33cbe7

Head towards the orange glow. You wouldn't be in this dump if you were welcome in whatever place those lights are coming from. We should work on Step 1 of that glyph.
No. 888062 ID: eeb7d9

I am goign to asume that you got a reason to do such a thing like turning into a zombie, and that you already knew what you were getting into. I would recomend staying away from the ruins, at least for now.
What we need to do now is find Vesper, as much as i hate that idea, but it seems to be our only lead.
No. 888068 ID: f63555

Well you have three options. Go back inside and offer your body for information/help, go to the fire that probably has people by it that may do bad things to you, or the one I choose which is the waterfront that has plenty of ways for you to escape trouble.
No. 888194 ID: 977456

I can't help but think that "zombie" refers to someone who is dead. We think that we are human. Maybe we are a... whatever... that installed a mind from a dead human into itself.

This makes it difficult to tell if "we" are the body or the mind or the resulting hybrid. "We are who we think we are" would be an easy answer, but this is an extremely convoluted method of mind-suicide. The most likely scenario is that it is a method of attaining skills or knowledge and is meant to involve a partial mental revert. In which case it would be unhealthy for the post-revert mind to have memories of believing our "self" to be the temporary mind.

But we need to find safety and information regardless...
No. 888232 ID: 891b91
File 152845467178.gif - (229.42KB , 1024x1024 , 007-1.gif )

You decide going deeper into the city would be the more dangerous route, and instead head down the road towards the waterfront. Nothing stirs as you pass by, and you're thankful for it, but the quiet of this place still makes you uneasy. Even the insects are silent.

The stillness is broken somewhat as you round the corner and come close to the beach; the sound of gentle waves and lapping water calms your nerves a little. A sand-covered road stretches far in front of you, flanked by a boardwalk separating it from the beach strand. The area is littered with amusements and shop stalls, all deserted. You guess they were abandoned in a hurry, judging from the boxes and various junk littered about, although the state of disarray it is in suggests that it was rifled through and looted since then. Several of the buildings here have evacuation signs plastered on them, all pointing further down the road.

You notice that a nearby sand dune seems disturbed in an odd way; it looks like a section was carved or blown out of it, but at this distance you can't hazard a guess as to what caused it. Further down, you see a pale light emanating from one of the buildings. Choosing to be cautious, you remain still and watch for a few minutes, but you don't see any movement across the light.
No. 888233 ID: 891b91
File 152845467766.gif - (50.65KB , 1024x1024 , 007-2.gif )

Glancing at the lights across the water, you notice now that some of them are moving, but none of them seem to be getting any closer.
No. 888234 ID: 094652

First question: why are you here?
Second question: where are you going next?

Primary: Find supplies.
Secondary: Find out WHAT zombies eat.
No. 888236 ID: ae9b99

Be careful near that light emitting from that building's opening. We don't know if what is in there is a friend, foe, neutral, or empty. We should continue towards the evacuation and try not to draw attention to ourself.
No. 888238 ID: dbf422

Maybe it's time to hazard a peek into the lit building. It's unlikely to have much, but you currently have nothing.
No. 888241 ID: 33cbe7

The last lit up building was a place of business, so try your luck in there.
No. 888243 ID: ad51b8

I'm getting a "we happy few" vibe here

Alright from the look of things either this place was hit with some kind of epidemic or a war. Granted this places doesn't look bombed out enough for the war option to be likely but the plants are making it kinda hard to tell what is simply entropy damage and what isn't. But whatever happened it seems like that it happened a while ago and this place has since become a slum. Honestly at this point my advice would to be find a place to rest for the night and see what this place is like in the morning. I doubt we're going to get any information asking around if those 2 chuckle fucks were anything to go by so we might have to just learn anything through shear observation. We should probably also look for food at some point but that can be a later thing.

But yeah, for what to do NOW, I guess check out the light and see what you can see. Just be careful and sneak towards it since we don't know if anyone is in their and whether or not their hostile if anyone is in their. If we're lucky it could be a good spot to rest for the night though I wouldn't hold my breath.
No. 888246 ID: eeb7d9

I have a feeling that a zombie is just a slang. You are probably a normal person, but just with your mind kind of wiped out. So, you just probably eat normal food.
No. 888269 ID: 64f0b7

So clearly we're in a poor/abandoned part of town, society has obviously recovered from whatever happened judging by the lightshow across the river. I suggest that whatever we do, we keep our eyes and ears open for any kind of boat or bridge to get across with.
No. 888289 ID: d7b8dc

Might as well put the term to the test. Put your fingers up to your neck and check to see if you can feel your heartbeat. Go ahead and check out that light, but be careful. Move slow, get ready to run backwards, and try not to call attention to yourself.
No. 888332 ID: 0e7281

Is there something in the window top left?
No. 888335 ID: 891b91
File 152854276475.gif - (223.79KB , 1024x1024 , 008.gif )

>why are you here?
You wish you knew!

>where are you going next?
Somewhere more closely resembling civilization, you hope. Maybe across the water, towards those lights?

>check pulse
You place a couple fingers on the underside of your neck and, sure enough, you feel your heartbeat. Whatever you are, you don't seem to be undead in any way.

>Is there something in the window top left?
You're pretty sure that's just a lamp that got knocked over.

>sneak towards the light
You approach the lit storefront, trying to remain as quiet as possible. The moonlight can't reach this spot, leaving it to be illuminated by the pale fluorescent light coming from behind the shop's half-closed shutter. You stop in your tracks when you hear a faint rustling coming from inside.
No. 888336 ID: ff0134

Get down low to see what it is, no need to get unwanted attention. If it seems like a friendly thing, then go say hi, if not then ignore and move on like nothing happened.
No. 888337 ID: ad51b8

Oh cool and ice cream and taffy shop.

please no killer clowns, please no killer clowns, please no killer clowns

Bet, this was a fun place back in the day. I guess hug the wall and stick to the shadows and try to peek in. Worse comes to worse you'll be spotted but since the door is only partially open I'm sure you can run back into the shadows before they can crawl through. But yeah it is probably a wise idea to see who or what is in their first before going in yourself.
No. 888338 ID: 33cbe7

Oh boy, ice cream! Let's go in!
No. 888339 ID: dbf422

There's a perfect place to peek in to the left of the shutter. Keep your breath steady and your ears open, don't want a repeat of getting caught by the guard, except with someone who isn't as disinterested.
No. 888342 ID: ae9b99

Don't go inside. You can probably peek if you want, but I'd rather not go inside uninvited. Could be dangerous inside.
No. 888343 ID: eeb7d9

This seems to be the best course of action. Stay alert
No. 888406 ID: 15a025

Slide in for some ice cream!
No. 888407 ID: b770f9

That trail leading inside on the ground seems to be made of that peculiar dust, and some... gorish bits beside it? Or maybe a trick of the light. Visually inspect that, and then, as discreetly and quietly as possible, look inside around the corner under the shutter
No. 888417 ID: c01f48

Let's take a peek under the door
No. 888434 ID: 094652

Peek in, anyone dumb enough to leave the garage door half-open like that is asking for visitors.
No. 888448 ID: 891b91
File 152861904424.png - (292.36KB , 1024x1024 , 009-1.png )

>Inspect trail
Aside from bits of trash and detritus on the ground, you notice a trail of some substance leading inside the shop. Upon closer inspection, you see that it's some kind of liquid that's had enough time to dry partway. You think it might be blood, but the blue hue of the light makes it difficult to be sure, and you'd rather not try tasting nor smelling it. Was someone hurt here?
No. 888449 ID: 891b91
File 152861906878.gif - (165.75KB , 1024x1024 , 009-2.gif )

You sneak over to the left side of the door, as quietly as you can, and peek under the shutter. From here, the place appears empty; but you still hear the rustling sound, which seems to be coming from deeper within the shop.

It occurs to you that this might be a good place to have a look at that glyph, if you can get the shutter closed.
No. 888451 ID: ad51b8

one thing I've noticed on the menu is the option of ketchup... I have never heard of ketchup flavor ice cream or taffy and truth be told I kind of wish it stayed that way. On the plus side, maybe that line your looking at is just ketchup.
No. 888452 ID: dbf422

I have. Never had it but apparently it exists and some people like it.

And that's, unfortunately, not ketchup. Ketchup doesn't splatter like that, and it's not likely that anyone dragged anything made of ketchup in a way that makes the drag marks possible. Thanks CSI.

Anyway, if that blood? is only partially dried there's a chance that whoever is injured is still alive. And maybe, they dragged themselves and this isn't the lair of a beast or murderer. We have to find out, so crawl in there.
No. 888456 ID: 094652

Check the freezer for machine components. They may be worn down, but they were designed to keep perishable foodstuffs frozen solid under extreme conditions of stress and wear. Even after the apocalypse, you might find some impressive insulation from the technology that went into ice cream. Or a good place to hide.

Don't fall asleep yet. If the lights are still on then someone will make this their base. Make sure that someone is you. Secure the area.
No. 888459 ID: ae9b99

I wouldn't go in there... too spooky. I would just walk past this.

If you are really planning on going in there, I would first throw something heavy in there first from where you are hiding to make a sound to see if something or someone in there reacts while you are peeking in there, as that rustling sound is concerning.

But yeah, just ignore this place and walk right past.
No. 888460 ID: 33cbe7

Well they've got plenty of ketchup flavored ice cream, so let's get that.
No. 888462 ID: dbf422

Why would giving us away make the situation better
No. 888468 ID: eeb7d9

Let's keep exploring, quietly.
Do you still have something to defend yourself?
No. 888475 ID: ae9b99

We wouldn't be giving ourselves away. we would be hiding where we are when we throw something heavy. And whoever, or whatever is in there will investigate the area where the sound came from. They will not investigate where we are hiding in.

All I'm saying is, we do not know what is in there, and it is best to look before we leap if we are planning on going inside instead of just charging in blindly, especially since there is the sounds of rustling inside.
No. 888479 ID: c01f48

If you feel extra sneaky, then try exploring otherwise, move along
No. 888511 ID: d7b8dc

Sneak in deeper and see if you can find what's rustling. But seriously, be careful. You're operating on some severely limited information as to how dangerous this place is. Also don't throw something, alerting whatever's there is a bad idea.
No. 888515 ID: b1b4f3

If you can get in and sneak up to see what's making that noise, go ahead. Definitely don't look at the glyph before you've scouted out the area.
No. 888521 ID: 0b1208

Pick up a rock or brick to use as an improvised weapon, then slowly approach the source of the rustling.
No. 888638 ID: 891b91
File 152878858075.gif - (224.71KB , 1024x1024 , 010-1.gif )

Before entering, you scoop up a nearby rock to use as a makeshift weapon; you don't want to go in completely unprepared. With it in hand, you quietly duck under the shutter and into the shop.
No. 888639 ID: 891b91
File 152878859202.gif - (241.92KB , 1024x1024 , 010-2.gif )

It's darker in here than you expected; the sole source of illumination is a set of emergency lights, which you assume to be battery-powered, aimed directly at the floor in front of the shutter. Still, you can see well enough to notice that the room is surprisingly clean; someone obviously did some tidying up, although they piled the furniture in the corner, for some reason. You see now that the blood trail winds behind the counter and into the back room; the rustling noise continues, but it's faint enough that you can't quite place it.
No. 888640 ID: 891b91
File 152878861928.gif - (239.55KB , 1024x1024 , 010-3.gif )

You creep quietly behind the counter. You can feel yourself grow tense and nervous as you sidle up to the entryway to the back room. The rustling is definitely coming from within.

Briefly, you ponder your next move:

Try to peek inside the room to see what's going on, without being noticed.
Attempt to sneak up on whatever is making the sound.
Rush into the room, and try to exploit the element of surprise.
Make a loud noise to distract whomever is inside.
Or do something else, maybe?
No. 888647 ID: bddb0f

Hide in the pile of furniture and throw your rock outside. The noise should make whoever - or whatever - it is come investigate and be revealed by the light. Then you can either get the drop on them with a chair or something, or assess whether they're just some guy or girl in dire need of help. If it's an animal attracted by the blood then if it leaves the shop you can just close the shutters on it.
No. 888651 ID: 33cbe7

By sneak or by peek, check out the back room.
No. 888653 ID: dbf422

I say peek. Going all the way seems like it makes an escape option less than likely.
No. 888656 ID: ad51b8

No. 888662 ID: eeb7d9

Let's go with peek.
No. 888667 ID: cecfa1

Sneak, what could possibly go wrong?
No. 888694 ID: b1b4f3

Take a peek.
No. 888711 ID: ae9b99

I still think we should leave. I see no point in risking our lives to satisfy our curiosity.
No. 888713 ID: d7b8dc

Leaving isn't a bad idea, but if it's something like a small puppy or such then this would be a great place to relax and check that page.
No. 888738 ID: 891b91
File 152888324627.gif - (195.12KB , 1024x1024 , 011.gif )

You peek around the corner. To your relief, it turns out that it's just a couple of small, fox-like animals that were making the rustling noise; they seem interested in something lying on the floor, right where the blood trail ends. Even compared to your diminutive stature they aren't particularly large, so you could probably shoo them away pretty easily.
No. 888739 ID: 33cbe7

Let them eat their ice cream in peace while you ransack their trunk.
No. 888742 ID: 15634b

Okay, so what's gonna be wrong with their faces? I'm saying we try and sneak on out of here and accidentally knock something over.
No. 888744 ID: d8fb77

Bark at them, surely they aren't just walking langoliers.
No. 888746 ID: eeb7d9

Lets not stick around more then necessary, see if there anything useful in the place, but avoid the foxes. You are outnumbered and the thing they are eating is probably fresh, so they must have hunter it them selfs.
No. 888757 ID: f81a21

You might need to lure these creatures out with a distraction in order to loot the place in caae those things are dangerous. Maybe with a noise you can cause by throwing something at a distance, or with food.
No. 888762 ID: dbf422

This seems alright. Don't get too close, don't look in their eyes. There's no reason to bother them. Assuming this isn't going to be horrifying.
No. 888767 ID: d7b8dc

It's worth it to check out who or what's lying there. Stomp loudly and hiss at the same time, that should make enough noise to scatter them without causing too much attention from outside the building.
No. 888771 ID: c01f48

Small animals can be pretty vicious. If you want to test your luck you could go check those boxes though. The animals will probably ignore you once they realize you're not after their food.
No. 888870 ID: 891b91
File 152897184729.png - (421.57KB , 1024x1024 , 012-1.png )

The foxes seem distracted and uninterested in your presence, so you decide to chance it. You walk a wide arc around them to the left, remaining as quiet and calm as you can muster, and approach the trunk near the table at the back of the room.

The large, plastic trunk bears no exterior markings and is overall fairly nondescript. You open it, but due to the darkness you can't see its contents; you start feeling around inside the trunk and luckily find a flashlight. Upon switching it on, you find the trunk is contains various half-used supplies: a first aid kit that seems to be missing most of its contents, some water, cartons of what you assume to be some kind of ammunition, and some fairly hefty batteries. You guess whoever left this here didn't want to, or couldn't, take it with them--
No. 888871 ID: 891b91
File 152897187227.gif - (195.11KB , 1024x1024 , 012-2.gif )

Something prods you in the back gently, scaring the bejeezus out of you! Was it one of the foxes?
No. 888872 ID: 891b91
File 152897188941.gif - (215.17KB , 1024x1024 , 012-3.gif )

Slowly, you turn around, and find the two animals staring at you expectantly. They back up somewhat, positioning themselves on either side of whatever they were sniffing on the floor.

>Okay, so what's gonna be wrong with their faces?
You aren't sure wrong is the best way to put it; it's just strange, if alarming. Overall they have normal canid features, but the striking thing about them is their eyes, which are arranged vertically on the left sides of their heads. The eyes themselves have an unnerving, piercing quality to them that you can't quite make sense of. Despite their appearance, the foxes don't seem to be displaying any signs of hostility, and instead you get the feeling they want something from you.
No. 888873 ID: ad51b8

did they drag that shirt towards you? Because I don't remember seeing it close to the chest earlier and I don't see any red were the trail ended were they were at before. I guess shine a light to where they were and see what they were sniffing at earlier.
No. 888874 ID: 76c705

Give them some water, maybe they aren't bloodsucking monsters.
No. 888875 ID: 891b91

Oops, that was a mistake on my part, I forgot to draw the blood trail. The fox on the right is standing right about where the trail should have ended. Sorry about that!
No. 888876 ID: bddb0f

I bet those batteries are what's powering that emergency light.


Do they want you to find whoever used to be here? Looks like whoever it was got hurt, made use of the medkit (probably to bandage up). Maybe these foxes were their pets or, er... friends? Inspect the shirt. Can you see what kind of damage seems to have made those tears? And is the shirt itself blood-soaked, or is it oddly clean?

Talk to the foxes, they seem oddly calm and rational for animals. See if you can/have to play 20 questions with them. 'Nod your heads up and down if you understand me' - 'Do you want me to find whoever was hurt here?' - 'Do you want something else?' - 'Do you want water?' and so on to narrow down what they might want from you. If they don't appear to understand the meaning of your words, see if they'll try leading you somewhere else.
No. 888877 ID: 755289

Share some water with the foxes, then start scavenging in places they can't open themselves. Earn their trust by giving them a cut of all rations.
No. 888878 ID: ad51b8

oh uh, ok

share water with foxes. or if they don't want that I guess lay what's inside the trunk out for them and see if they grab any of it.
No. 888883 ID: 33cbe7

Proffer hand for sniffing.
No. 888884 ID: 723866

Share some water, then take a closer look at that coat...
No. 888888 ID: 91ee5f

>share some water
Let’s at least look for a bowl to put it in first.
No. 888902 ID: 5fa661

Ask them if they can speak. Things are weird enough as it is, they might actually be intelligent.
No. 888913 ID: dbf422

Dogs enjoy lapping at water bottles and foxes are basically dogs so I think we can just tip one out slowly for them.

Also the hand sniffing because if you can get closer to petting them you should take the chance.
No. 888914 ID: 977456

So far, civilisation has proven to be a disappointment. Join their pack and live free in the wild! Well, live raiding garbage really, but it still seems an improvement...
No. 888918 ID: eeb7d9

This is weird. All of it. This is going to be fun.
Give them water, somehow?
No. 888920 ID: 7149cd

"so I'm amnesiac, just on the off chance are you lot sentient, or..?"
No. 888922 ID: 3bf842

Pet the doggos!
No. 889126 ID: 15a025

Make yourself comfterable and familiar to them. Let them learn your scent, then go in for some nice head pats. If all goes well, see if you can't examine the jacket on the floor some more?
No. 889175 ID: 891b91
File 152921990135.gif - (248.76KB , 1024x1024 , 013-1.gif )

The fox-creatures seem friendly enough; perhaps you can make friends with them, you think. Crouching down to their level, you extend a hand in their direction. "Well hey there, pooches," you say in the sweetest voice you can manage, "c'mere, I won't hurt you."

Strangely, their initial response is to glance at each other momentarily, before one of them finally approaches to sniff your outstretched hand and give it a half-hearted lick.

Maybe you need to gain their trust a bit. You wish you had some food to give them, but you hope some water will be enough. You fetch a water bottle from the trunk and crack it open. "You guys thirsty?" You ask, tipping the bottle over slightly to pour water on the floor in a steady trickle. Again, the two animals exchange looks, and a moment later one of them steps forward to lap at the stream a few times before staring at you again. Whatever they want, this doesn't seem to be it.
No. 889176 ID: 891b91
File 152921992984.gif - (749.27KB , 1024x1024 , 013-2.gif )

Finally, you assume that they want you to do something with the jacket on the floor, since they've insisted on standing beside it while they stare at you. You take a couple steps towards it and the foxes visibly grow a little excited; they circle around to flank your sides, their tails wagging gently.

A couple of blown-out holes puncture the jacket; small traces of blood around the edges confirm that its wearer is probably the source of the blood trail. You lift up the jacket to look at it more closely, and find that it was stuck to the floor by a layer of still-slick blood. You drop it out of disgust, and decide to root around in the pockets instead; you discover a small case and a card made of hard plastic.
No. 889177 ID: 891b91
File 152921995749.png - (410.68KB , 1024x1024 , 013-3.png )

The case is translucent and marked with a small label that reads "evidence"; it contains twelve empty vials, each smaller than a thimble. You wonder what these are supposed to be evidence of.
No. 889178 ID: 891b91
File 152921997481.gif - (2.86MB , 1024x1024 , 013-4.gif )


At first glance, it isn't clear what the card is for; it mostly lacks identifying marks, save for an odd glyph that takes up most of one of its faces. The glyph seems similar in concept to the one printed on the Vesper paper, albeit a different design. Cautiously, you glance at it, and to your surprise a holographic advertisement blooms from the surface of the card.


We offer:
- Cheating spouse investigations
- Corporate fraud, theft, and espionage investigations
- Taffa syndrome background investigation and recovery
- Polygraph and voice stress analysis
- Dust scan analysis
- Surveillance
- Memory acquisition and analysis
- Murder investigations
- Body theft investigations
- VIP protection and body guarding
- Covert camera installation
- Rhythmograph installation
- Employee background checks
- Vehicle tracking systems
- Specialized undercover agents
- Service with a smile :)

Offices located at 306B Ablewild block, Gansett Shelf

It appears that this is a high-tech business card for a detective agency, which you suppose explains the presence of the evidence case.
No. 889179 ID: 891b91
File 152922002220.gif - (177.09KB , 1024x1024 , 013-5.gif )

"So is this what you wanted me to find?" You ask the fox-creatures, hardly believing the words coming out of your mouth. When you look up, though, you don't see them anywhere. "...Where'd you go?"

There is no response; you guess they must have run off, but you didn't even hear them leave.
No. 889180 ID: b1b4f3

I think these are supposed to be containers FOR evidence. None has been collected yet.
I'm guessing they either wanted his address/contact info or they wanted to confirm there was no evidence to destroy. These foxes were working for someone, most likely.

If they're really gone, close the garage and look at the card's symbol.
No. 889184 ID: 93db89

I don't think we should look at the symbol on the paper we got from the book. I feel it is sketchy especially since we got it from a sketchy place. I don't trust it. Let us get more information on it being trustworthy before we look at the symbol on the page. For all we know it might brainwash you especially since you are suffering from amnesia. Plus that guy did call Vesper freaks. Let's look before we leap

If you were to ask me, we should search for Delaney Security Services LLC instead regarding memory acquisition and Analysis. They could help recover your memory and probably research the page you got with the weird symbol. It seems legit, but we should investigate this just in case 

But yeah, you searched the trunk near the table. What about the trunk on the table? Check that
No. 889186 ID: dbf422

I agree. Mind-wiping places seem untrustworthy. A private eye would have a good handle on the situation, or someone around them if they're now dead. I say that once we finish searching, we hit the streets and look for the office.
No. 889188 ID: e19348

If there is an empty evidence capsule thing put some of the blood on the floor into it. That way you can eventually help figure out what happened to the poor guy.
No. 889190 ID: 977456

If body-theft is a thing, and our body doesn't match our mind, and they investigate body-theft, then maybe we should ask about that?
No. 889195 ID: dbf422

Oh! And memory acquisition! These guys are sounding really useful.
No. 889201 ID: 91ee5f

You think you might be lucky enough to find any ice cream here? Or any food of any kind?

>I don't think we should look at the symbol on the paper we got from the book.
>Couple of good reasons on why we shouldn’t look at the symbol.
Yeah, that sounds fair.
No. 889208 ID: eeb7d9

It begs to question what happened to this guy.
Why and how their things ended up here, of all places.
We need to investigate more about all this.
As to those "foxes", i am sure we will see them again. This wasen't a coincident, those animals are smarter that normal.
No. 889212 ID: b1b4f3

Okay, look, I can understand some worry considering where we got it, but a good counterpoint to that is that we went there willingly. Also, it's very likely that the items on the bottom shelf belonged to the protagonist because the guy that came in afterwards didn't complain that they were missing!
As for Vesper being "freaks" that is because they are "zombies", like the protagonist. People who have erased their own memories.

In other words, any sketchiness was previously accepted by the protagonist's previous mind as acceptable, and they intended all along to use the book after waking up.
No. 889227 ID: a7e9fd

You're learning a lot of good information here. First off, body stealing is possible. This doesn't account for your name being garbled, but it explains why you're a different species than you expected. It also means those foxes were possibly bodies filled with sapient people, which would explain their odd behavior. "Specialized undercover agents" maybe. Or there to make sure the "specialized undercover agent" was confirmed dead. Take the case and card and see if you could get a little blood into the case without opening the evidence vials; maybe they're full of like, tiny eyebrow hairs you'll have trouble seeing, and any blood analyst worth their salt can work with a bit in a closed case.

It's interesting that they mentioned dust. Maybe the stuff on your nose has bigger significance than just a random drug.
No. 889256 ID: dbf422

Yeah but the previous version of us might have been an idiot, or insane, or suicidal. More importantly, we aren't the previous version, so anything they would have done is irrelevant.
No. 889261 ID: 91ee5f

We don’t have any memories. It’s easy to tell someone with no memories that they wanted to do something, since they don’t have any memories to prove or disprove it.

Maybe we didn’t want to do this? Maybe we were tricked into doing it? Maybe we were kidnapped and forced into this?

There’s no way to know since we’ve got no memories.
No. 889262 ID: b1b4f3

The vial of dust was in her pocket. Why would the "kidnappers" plant the vial on her after forcing her to take it, then basically ignore her after she woke up instead of trying to feed her a story to protect themselves?

I think we can EASILY conclude by their behavior that they were not involved at all in the protagonist's amnesia.
No. 889269 ID: b151ce

It's entirely possible that taking the dust/doing whatever to become an amnesiac was an unwilling event, and it's also entirely possible that it wasn't. At this point we can't rule anything out.
No. 889288 ID: dbf422

They could have planted the dust in order to make us think it was voluntary, leaving us with no real option but to use the paper they left. And maybe since it doesn't matter if one or two zombies leave, they didn't have any reason to convince us personally.

Again, as everyone else is saying, there's no way to no either way, so it's smarter to play it safe.
No. 889291 ID: dbf422

I think, more importantly than anything else, that even if this was voluntary, that doesn't mean anyone involved is trustworthy.
No. 889296 ID: 977456

That piece of paper is clearly a memetic hazard. It is probably just a helpful support group, but we don't know, and willingly sticking our mind into a mind-patterner is all the dubious. There really should be some sort of way to gather more data, and it seems better to do so through conventional interactions, where we still have the firewall of our senses, rather than diving blind and head-first into brain-to-brain contract.
No. 889360 ID: 891b91
File 152938375144.gif - (220.21KB , 1024x1024 , 014.gif )

You decide against using the Vesper glyph until you can find out more about them; you have too many conflicting ideas about what happened to you, and how Vesper might be connected to it all. For now, you'll set your sights on getting out of these ruins (assuming there's an actual living civilization somewhere out there) and looking for the Delaney offices or some way to contact them. Maybe you can speak to someone there who can help you make sense of your situation.

>check trunk on table
Flipping the smaller trunk open reveals that it's actually an equipment case. The bulk of the space is taken up by an unfamiliar device that looks kind of like a power drill. The head of the device consists of a transparent cylinder connected to a rubberized plunger; inside the cylinder you can make out an unidentifiable, slightly grainy residue. In addition to a trigger on the handle, the device has several toggles and lights, although it isn't clear what they are for. Two metal canisters are attached to the top of the device. Aside from that, the equipment case is empty, save for a jar identical to the one you picked up in the basement; this one, however, is about a quarter full of a murky, violet liquid.

>collect blood
You use the corner of the evidence case to scoop up a small sample of blood. It's a little gross, but you think you might be able to get it analyzed somewhere, which might give you a better idea of what happened here.

>find food
You have a feeling that if you find any food here, it'll be far too old to eat. You aren't particularly worried about it at the moment, anyway, since you don't feel very hungry. To fill your belly, however, you decide to chug the rest of the water bottle you opened. You down it greedily, realizing only now that you've been feeling pretty thirsty this whole time. You think you might want to pocket the other water for later.

Your pockets are getting pretty full at this point; you think you have enough room left in them to store the bottled water (if you take it) and the flashlight, as well as any small or thin items you might find, but you'll have to carry anything else in your hands. You might be able to keep extra things inside your jumpsuit, but you'll need to find a way to keep them from falling down your pant legs, and keeping stuff in there could get uncomfortable or make it more difficult to move.

For the sake of convenience, character inventory will now be tracked on the wiki. (From time to time I may still list the inventory in update posts, however.) Limits on what you can carry will be based on believability and common sense, rather than on a strict size/weight system. Because of this, the system may be slightly biased in favor of carrying more items.
Inventory page: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Dead_Dust/Inventory

Current Inventory:
- Vesper page
- Glass jar
- Bronze sphere
- Vial with faded label
- Flashlight
- Evidence case (with blood sample)
- Delaney business card

No. 889363 ID: b151ce

It's hard to tell what that power drill is, but it might be a weapon. You should pocket the water and flashlight and hold that in your hands. Possibly behind your back. Or, if possible, pocket the drill and hold the flashlight in your hands.
No. 889368 ID: c01f48

See if you can find a backpack around somewhere. Backpacks are useful for carrying things.
No. 889377 ID: 1c9ce4

It's always a good idea to walk around with a water bottle. Definitely take one.

The... drill? could be important, especially if this area was important to the detective agency somehow, but carrying it around for hours sounds like it would suck.
No. 889379 ID: ee2d6e

Oh sweet, a neuromod. Superpowers with a wonderful eye-horror delivery system.
No. 889381 ID: eeb7d9

Maybe we can find something to carry all this stuff. A bag or a backpack?
That "drill" looks like one of those things you use to inject people with things, or to extract blood. Does it have a needle inside?
No. 889403 ID: 33cbe7

Do any of the vials you have fit in the device? My best guess is it's a memory extractor/injector belonging to this Delaney agency.
No. 889412 ID: dbf422

Then, do you think it just needs DNA? Would the vial of blood let us see their memories? ...I dunno about seeing a dying person's memories, to be honest, sounds traumatizing. Maybe that should be shelved for now.
No. 889477 ID: 891b91
File 152949129680.gif - (633.60KB , 1024x1024 , 015-1.gif )

At first glance, it isn't clear whether the drill, for lack of a better term, is a weapon or some other kind of tool. Cautiously, you give the trigger a test pull; a motor somewhere inside the device kicks on, and electricity starts arcing and popping inside of the transparent cylinder. It didn't seem to fire a projectile, and the electrical arc stayed contained inside the cylinder, so maybe it isn't a weapon? You still aren't sure.

>Does it have a needle inside?
You give the plunger on the drill's nose a closer look, gently prodding it with a finger. As far as you can tell, there's no needle.

>Do any of the vials you have fit in the device? My best guess is it's a memory extractor/injector belonging to this Delaney agency.
>Would the vial of blood let us see their memories?
If the vials are supposed to fit into the drill, you don't see where. It looks like the canisters on the top can be opened, so maybe in there? It's difficult to be sure. At any rate, you aren't keen on the idea of using yourself as a guinea pig to figure out what this thing does, especially if it might mean you'd have to relive a dying person's last memories.

>Find a backpack/bag
The shop is mostly empty; you think you'd have noticed a backpack or bag lying around. You make a mental note to keep an eye out for something convenient to carry your things in, and decide to pocket the extra bottled water and the flashlight for now.

>Take the drill
It has a little heft to it, but you don't think it'd be too heavy to carry around with you, if you wanted. There's no way you could fit it in your pocket, though, so you'd have to keep it in your hand; you could also keep it in the equipment case and carry that instead, but you'd still end up with only one hand free. It occurs to you that if it belongs to this Delaney agency, they might appreciate you bringing it back to them.
No. 889478 ID: 891b91
File 152949131473.gif - (408.44KB , 1024x1024 , 015-2.gif )

A deep, powerful rumble jostles you from your thoughts. It sounds like it could be an engine -- possibly an aircraft flying nearby? You peek into the main room of the shop to try to see what's happening.

The rumbling grows louder, and you hear the roar of the engine as yellow light starts streaming in from under the half-closed shutter. After a moment, the yellow light fades and is trailed by a dimmer, blue light; it, too, fades quickly and the engines' sound becomes distant. Rather than fading out completely, though, the roar's timbre grows hollow for about half a minute, before finally being replaced by the whine of turbines spinning down. You're not certain how far away it is; your best guess is that it's nearby, but not in the immediate vicinity.
No. 889479 ID: ad51b8

do you hear anything else, like fighting or something? Because if this does turn out to be bad I'd rather someone else get their face kicked then you as selfish as that sounds.
No. 889481 ID: eeb7d9

Thas was most probably some kind of vehicle. This means we are not as alone as we thought, wildlife aside.
No. 889488 ID: 33cbe7

Best to leave before we're noticed.
No. 889496 ID: c0641d

I’d seek them out, at least to scout out what they’re here for. If it looks like they’re with Delaney, approach them and tell them what you found.
No. 889503 ID: b1b4f3

Get out of there! You are trespassing, and that stuff you just picked up belongs to whoever lives here. Either keep it and flee, or put it back and see who it is, pretending you didn't almost steal their stuff.
No. 889505 ID: dbf422

Upsides of the case, it would protect the drill. Downsides, if this is a weapon it wouldn't be easily available. I say take it in the case so an accident won't end up breaking it.

Then get going in the opposite direction of the noise.
No. 889585 ID: 891b91
File 152957801405.gif - (128.08KB , 1024x1024 , 016-1.gif )

It was probably a vehicle that went by just now, and your gut tells you that you should make yourself scarce before whoever's inside it finds you. You hastily stuff the drill back into the equipment box; you'll take it with you, but you'll keep it inside the box to protect it from damage. Who knows, you think, maybe it'll prove useful at some point. You think you might be able to cram a few small objects into the case as well, if need be.

You flick the flashlight off, stow it in your pocket, and grab the equipment case before ducking under the shutter and emerging outside. You heard the vehicle go to your right as it went by, so you sidle along the right-hand wall of the adjacent building and peek around the corner. In the distance you see a boxy ship about the size of a small, single-story building, straddling the boardwalk between the road and the beachfront, near the building you woke up in. You can just barely make out several figures in the distance boarding the ship, with a couple others loitering outside it.

>do you hear anything else, like fighting or something?
You're too far away to be completely sure, but it doesn't look like a fight's going to break out. The fact that they're getting along unnerves you a bit more than if they were fighting, actually; at least they would be distracted if they were fighting. Rather than risk being discovered, you decide to get back on the road and follow the evacuation signs again.
No. 889586 ID: 891b91
File 152957803611.gif - (215.56KB , 1024x1024 , 016-2.gif )

A half-hour or so passes uneventfully as you head down the road flanking the beachside; you feel thankful that it's been so peaceful. It turns out you were near the outskirts of the ruins, and the dilapidated buildings gradually thinned out and gave way to sandy, littoral grasslands as you walked along. Dawn has finally begun to break, too, gradually banishing the unsettling red moonlight and replacing it with the soft light of a cloudy morning; that alone puts you a bit more at ease. The road here seems rougher and less frequently traveled, the only man-made landmarks being the occasional sign pointing towards the evacuation zone further down the road. The route itself has gradually curved inland and away from the beach, but only slightly.

Being immersed in this quiet, empty landscape has given you time to collect your thoughts and ponder your situation. You assemble a mental list of things you know to be true:
>You're alive, or at least you think you are.
>You don't remember anything before the past couple of hours.
>Your amnesia seems to have been caused by something your past self ingested.
>If the Delaney business card can be trusted, then body swapping is somehow possible.
>You believe you're a human, so this might not be your original body.
>You've seen signs that civilization still exists, despite the city being in ruins.
>You have two leads to look into: Vesper, whom you distrust, and Delaney, whom you distrust slightly less.

Frustratingly, it does little to answer most of your questions.
No. 889587 ID: 891b91
File 152957805508.gif - (196.95KB , 1024x1024 , 016-3.gif )

Eventually, you come to a fork in the road. Ahead the road disappears over some hills, behind which you can see the skyline of another town; it might just be your eyes playing tricks on you, but there's an odd haze hanging over the rooftops. Beside the right fork is a sign that reads, "AUTOMATED EVAC ZONE AHEAD". Unlike the other evacuation signs you've seen, this one appears to have been installed much more recently.
No. 889589 ID: 5fa661

I dunno, "Automated Evac Zone" sounds like code for "Body Harvesting Centre" to me.
No. 889590 ID: ad51b8

petty sure I saw both those guys who give you a hard time back in the drug house standing next to the aircraft. Wonder if they were slavers or something like that seeing how that one guy was putting one of the people in some kind of cage restraining jacket thing before he told us to fuck off.

Also random thought, what if the reason they called you a zombie was because that shit you guys were snorting was something that let the user see and experience things from the past but has a risk of whoever they were seeing the memories of replace the personality of the original user. Hence the term zombie since the person who is now in control of the body is probably long dead. I have absolutely no evidence to back this up but I felt like saying it.

as to where to head next... I don't trust either path but seeing how it looks like their might be some kind of smog in the town I would say keep going towards the evac.
No. 889595 ID: 57ebaa

Don't like either option, but...automated could mean no one to mess with you. Might have supplies, too.

Lets head out. Hope you remember sone traveling music.
No. 889597 ID: eeb7d9

Damn, both options sound terrible. Go to the EVAC. We will see what happens there, we can always go back. We have no need to rush.
No. 889599 ID: ff0134

Let’s at least wait a bit before we become distrustful of everyone we meet, the people we met first were probably not a good indicator of what other people are like. Anyway let’s pay a quick visit to the left town, if there’s nothing there or the people there are assholes, then we go right.
No. 889602 ID: dbf422

A VTOL? In a ghost town known mostly for amnesiatic medicine drug dens and thugs? What in the world is going on?

I don't like the look of the smoke in the left city. Could be a sign of civilization (smog or smokestacks) or it could be whatever people are evacuating from. And right looks sketchy, as a recently placed evacuation sign (the ruins had been clear for awhile it looked like) doesn't sit right. Maybe you just woke up in a very slow apocalypse? Or maybe there is a connection between the den and this evacuation business.

Okay, I err on the side of not meeting people without a grasp on the world. Head to the city on the left.
No. 889605 ID: 91ee5f

>automated could mean no one to mess with you.
It could also mean robots that may or may not try to kill us.
No. 889608 ID: b1b4f3

Avoid the haze. Could be the hazard people are/were evacuating from. Let's go to automated evac to see what it is, but uh, if I were you I'd avoid getting picked up until you find out what the evac is about exactly.
No. 889609 ID: 33cbe7

Stay the course, full speed ahead!
No. 889621 ID: 036c76


The haze could be dangerous - or not - but those evac zones must've existed for a reason. What doesn't make sense is for an evac zone to STILL exist and be AUTOMATED to boot. What kind of slow apocalypse or constant flow of refugees necessitates that?

Go check out the city - if something strange is going on there, you can check it out at a distance while the sun's up. You can always head back to the evac zone later. The city should be checked out first, as something tells me being evacuated is a one-way trip (at least for now).
No. 889627 ID: b7a158

Evac Zone.
We don't know enough to actually determine which is more dangerous, but dying to some sort of disease would probably suck more than getting killed by a robot.
No. 889628 ID: b1b4f3

You know what'd help us know which is dangerous? Talking to the Vespers. Just saying.
No. 889633 ID: 7969eb

Head for the evac zone. If someone wanted us dead it would probably have happened a while ago.
No. 889644 ID: ae9b99

what if we wait a bit. and see if anyone else evacuates that place?
No. 889651 ID: 891b91
File 152965234359.gif - (197.43KB , 1024x1024 , 017.gif )

You venture down the left fork, figuring that getting a better view of the town might help you decide which way to go. When you reach the top of the hill, you're greeted by a roadblock spanning the road:


Below you, the town sprawls modestly across the otherwise empty landscape; unlike the ruined city, this place looks almost pristine, and it makes you wonder how this town and the ruins can exist so close by each other. It strikes you as strange, as well, that there is such an abrupt cutoff between the town's edge and the surrounding grasslands, but you guess some towns just end up being built that way. You don't see any indication as to why the road should be closed; it appears normal to you, if a bit on the quiet side -- but it is pretty early in the morning, after all. Maybe there's something wrong with the road itself, and it's closed off only to vehicular traffic? You could just sidestep the roadblock and keep walking.
No. 889655 ID: 10c408

Check and see if you can hear anything besides yourself and the window.

if the answer is no. Run. RUN!
No. 889657 ID: b1b4f3

How about you avoid that place until you have a gas mask or some other countermeasures.
Go back. This place is not safe.

If we want to ask more people about the Vespers why don't we approach those people at the campfire back near the place we woke up?
No. 889659 ID: ad51b8

if this place hasn't been looted and you don't see anyone moving around I'm guessing that gas is worse then you thought. Avoid this place and go the other way.
No. 889661 ID: dbf422

There was a war, as the detente implies. This town was the casuality of some chemical warfare. Town's too untouched to be safe, so looks like there's only the evacuation zone. Unless we want to wander the grasslands for weeks without food. And we don't.
No. 889662 ID: caf1de


how do you know that
No. 889665 ID: eeb7d9

There has to be a reason why this city is untouched and yet it was closed off. The question is, do we go and find out, or we avoid it and go to the other way.
Is this the way to the EVAC?
No. 889666 ID: 094652

There are no guards or fortifications. No warnings about potential threats. So odds are that it would have been obvious at the time, but that time has passed and the roadblock left as-is due to negligence for greater concerns.

Jump over the roadblock and see what happens.
No. 889668 ID: 33cbe7

We are a sovereign citizen, this roadblock does not apply to us!
Wander off from the road a ways and concentrate on the Vesper sigil.
No. 889683 ID: dbf422

Because you don't agree to stop fighting if you hadn't been fighting in the first place.
No. 889684 ID: dbf422

(Sent the last reply too early.) While detente doesn't specifically refer to war, it's usually close, and either way it implies a similar scale. And the detente wouldn't specifically mark off this area if it wasn't involved in the war (or conflict or whatever), so I'm assuming the fog was/is chemical warfare.
No. 889686 ID: 204fd2

Maybe that's why the ruins are ruins? War?

Tripartite means something made up of three parts so a three way peace treaty?

What if this town was the original evacuation point and then it got chemicaled? That's a fucking grim thought.
No. 889688 ID: b151ce

Yeah, leave. This ain't safe. To the evac zone.
No. 889689 ID: dbf422

Following that, could be terrorists, rebels, or traitors that attacked the original evac zone. But, this speculation is getting pretty off the rails, so I think we can work with what we have for now. Leave some time to process things until we get some definite information.
No. 889699 ID: ae9b99

haze looks dangerous. could be why it is closed off.
I say Go back, but before you leave, get a close look at the city from where you are standing and see if you can find anything of interest.
No. 889789 ID: 891b91
File 152975094682.gif - (237.64KB , 1024x1024 , 018-1.gif )

>Check and see if you can hear anything besides yourself and the [wind].
If anyone is in the town below, then surely there must be some noise coming from the place. You listen as hard as you can for any sounds of activity.

...It's faint, but you think you can hear music? It sounds like a twangy country-western song. You can't figure out where it's coming from, though.

The violet haze above the town looks ominous, leaving you uncomfortable with the idea of getting any closer. As you stare at it from afar, you notice something strange emerging from the skyline on the left--
No. 889790 ID: 891b91
File 152975096994.gif - (246.13KB , 1024x1024 , 018-2.gif )


What in the--
No. 889791 ID: 891b91
File 152975100366.gif - (195.32KB , 1024x1024 , 018-3.gif )



You hear laughter and sudden shouts of celebration nearby, but you can't see its source.
"Direct hit confirmed, fuck yeah! WOOOO!"
"Ahahahahaaa! Suck it down, bitch!"
"God damn I love my job!"
No. 889792 ID: 891b91
File 152975102770.gif - (218.12KB , 1024x1024 , 018-4.gif )

The smoke clears, revealing tha the tar-colored remains of... whatever that thing was are now somehow suspended in midair, as though time itself had stopped.

You notice, as well, that the county-western music is back again.
No. 889793 ID: 8df643

It looks like there was a cloaked aircraft that shot the creature dead. Some large pest extermination job.

It's probably better that you don't enter the area and become a pest for them as well. Return and follow the evacuation road.
No. 889794 ID: ad51b8

...call it a hunch but I don't think you're ready to venture into that town yet.
No. 889796 ID: ee2d6e

On second thought, let's not go to the town.
No. 889798 ID: dbf422

The fact that the mystery gas isn't even close to the most dangerous part of that city doesn't make it any more appealing.

Time to try not dying at the evacuation zone.
No. 889799 ID: 094652

I stand corrected.

Step AWAY from the monster-infested city, please.
No. 889801 ID: 8df643

> >>889798 >gas
My guess is that the haze is light diffusion caused by a cloaking field.
No. 889803 ID: 4c908d


Make like a tree and get the fuck back to the evac route and try to find someone who doesn't have a stick up their ass.
No. 889804 ID: 33cbe7

Follow the music.
No. 889813 ID: ff6af0

It is a silly place.

But yeah. Lets not get involved. Get back on the original evac path.
No. 889820 ID: 91ee5f

>The smoke clears, revealing tha the tar-colored remains of...whatever that thing was are now somehow suspended in midair, as though time itself had stopped.
Ok, so that isn’t an actual haze of smoke covering the city. It’s actually a camouflaged ship that’s hovering over the city.

And the monster is the reason the city has been evacuated. No innocent people to accidentally kill when they fire missiles at the monsters.

So for the sake of your safety, let’s not go over there. Just turn around and go down the other road towards the Automated Evac Zone.
No. 889824 ID: b1b4f3

I think we just found out what the evacuation order is about. Some kind of monster attack, either an alien invasion or science gone wrong.

I wonder if we can get the cloaked ship's attention to ask them if they have time to answer questions.
No. 889825 ID: 76c705

The town should be safe now, the monster is dead.
No. 889827 ID: 91ee5f

But there might be more monsters hiding in town!
No. 889833 ID: 5fa661

The crew of that cloaked gunship seems just a BIT too triggerhappy. Don't get anywhere close to their range.
No. 889835 ID: eeb7d9

Alrighty, it is decided then, fuck this place. We are going to the EVAC.
No. 889839 ID: dbf422

Oh, maybe. Thanks for pointing that out.
No. 889858 ID: 15a025

Looks like it's closed off thanks to a monster outbreak? As interesting as it might be to go check it out, watching from here is probably safer.

Start running if anything gets out of that city though.
No. 889911 ID: 891b91
File 152983639242.gif - (124.14KB , 1024x1024 , 019.gif )

Giant flesh beasts and violent explosions are both things you'd prefer to remain far away from, so you make a hasty retreat back down the hill and take the right fork in the road.

After a short jaunt, you arrive at a small, partially fenced-in concrete park. The area is conspicuously clean: the ground is free of any signs of weathering, and any attempts at colonization by local plant life have been fastidiously picked clean; you assume the little custodial drones flitting along the ground lazily have something to do with that. The ground here has been paved over with a kind of rubberized concrete, which feels surprisingly plush and comfortable beneath your feet; all in all, it's a welcome reprieve from wandering barefoot on old concrete, and you make a mental note to get shoes as soon as possible.

A bench is rooted in the middle of the area, flanked by a single lamppost; a large rectangle is marked on the ground in front of it in white paint. A holographic information display floats in midair by the lamppost, apparently waiting for some kind of interaction. As you approach the gap in the fence, the display announces itself cheerfully; each statement is followed by chatter in a number of other, unidentifiable languages.

"Welcome! An automated shuttle is on its way. If you have any questions, just ask! We'll do our best to find the answers you're looking for."
No. 889912 ID: ad51b8

where am I and where will this shuttle take me?
No. 889913 ID: ae9b99

we'll first ask where the shuttle coming up will take its passengers, and if it costs any money.

I don't know if it will answer any questions that doesn't involve the automated shuttle, but we should ask where and what Delaney is,

and then ask for information about what Vesper is.
No. 889919 ID: 8df643

Who needs shoes when you have toe beans! In fact, you should inspect your feet to see just what you've been walking on.

It seems the automation can detect you. Ask it if it's got a computer vision module. Perhaps it could identify the items you're holding. Or tell you about the Vesper glyph.

Other than that, this >>889912. Basically, ask it to give you a full detail on the evacuation procedure. And anything to worry about during the procedure. Furthermore, as an evacuee, what are you expected to do after the procedure is over, and if it's got any data on what the evacuees usually did as a follow-up.
No. 889929 ID: b1b4f3

Ask what you're evacuating from, and who the Vespers are.
No. 889932 ID: 10c408

Ask where the shuttle is going and who is responsible for it.
No. 889933 ID: 2d1231


Mulligan. Say you don't need a shuttle yet and you're just really lost and could use some directions.
No. 889937 ID: b151ce

Ask if they can direct you to Gansett Shelf.
No. 889943 ID: 33cbe7

Sit and stare at the glyph and see which one reaches you first.
No. 889967 ID: dbf422

Ask where you are and where the shuttle leads. And what you're evacuating from and who's in charge of setting up the evacuation zone.
No. 890003 ID: ae9b99

She doesn't have pawpads: >>887105
No. 890051 ID: 891b91
File 152992931487.gif - (187.23KB , 1024x1024 , 020-1.gif )

>inspect feet
You plop down on the bench, giving your feet a well-earned rest. You prop an ankle across your knee and inspect your foot to assess the damage; you conclude that it's just a little sore from all the barefoot walking, further convincing you that getting shoes should be a major priority for the near future. Examining it further, it doesn't seem any more padded than a typical human foot; the most striking difference is that you have three equally-sized toes on each foot, rather than the five found on human feet.
No. 890052 ID: 891b91
File 152992932261.gif - (141.70KB , 1024x1024 , 020-2.gif )

>where will this shuttle take me?
>ask it to give you a full detail on the evacuation procedure.
"Where will the shuttle take me? What should I do when I get there?" You ask the kiosk.
It chirps in response, and text appears on its display before it replies in a cheery, upbeat tone:
Interpretation: shuttle destinations and procedure
"This shuttle service provides one-way transport to terminals in the major wards and to the primary shelves of the Concourse. Once you sit down in the shuttle, its onboard agent will assist in selecting the appropriate destination. Passengers headed to minor wards or outlying regions should disembark at the Concourse and make additional travel arrangements there. Passengers with invalid, missing, or corrupt ward affiliation are required to disembark at the Concourse. If you require medical attention, please inform the agent so that it can arrange for emergency services to pick you up upon disembarking."

>Where am I?
Interpretation: current location
Context: relation to nearby landmarks
"This evacuation station is located in the Special Administrative District, to the east of the Old City Hazard Zone and south of the Secondary Quarantine Area."

>ask if it costs any money.
Interpretation: shuttle service details
"This shuttle service is provided as a public service, free-of-charge, per 76 TDC 368(k)."

>Ask what you're evacuating from and who's in charge of setting up the evacuation zone.
Interpretation: history inquiry
Context: Special Administrative District
Subject: districtwide evacuation
Source: Publipedia
"In 566 Elm the Tripartite Detente Committee (TDC) voted unanimously to establish the Rhythmic Disturbance Evacuation System (RDES), in response to unprecedented fluctuations in readings recorded by rhythmograph stations in the vicinity of Beacon (now commonly referred to as the Old City). RDES consisted of a ring of evacuation stations surrounding the city, from which a navy of high-speed transport drones would carry evacuees to the newly-established Concourse, where rhythmic readings were normal. Two years later, in 1 Ash, disaster struck when a storm of rhythm spikes struck Beacon, killing an estimated 4,000 people and leaving their dust unrecoverable, as well as causing the loss of another 2,000 people. RDES was successful in rescuing the majority of the city's inhabitants, but the disaster rendered the city inhospitable, dooming it to become a ghost town; that day was later established as the start of the Ash era. Having served its purpose and with Beacon abandoned, RDEC fell into total disrepair over the following few centuries. In 88C, however, the TDC voted 6-2 to renovate RDES, following the release of a controversial documentary about the rise of the Old City as a hub of crime and vagrancy, and the rash of kidnappings that left innocent civilians trapped there. The system was redesigned to be completely automated and self-maintaining, providing one-way transport out of the Special Administrative District; the TDC was widely applauded for this move, as well as for placing a moratorium on charging RDES passengers with felony trespassing, a policy which remains in effect today."

>ask for information about what Vesper is.
Interpretation: search for term "Vesper"
Context: grammatical usage suggests proper noun
Best Match: Vesper Society
Source: Publipedia
"The Vesper Society, sometimes referred to as Vesper, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of sufferers of taffa syndrome. It has pioneered a form of community-based therapy called 'pseudo-familial integration', which in recent years has gained acceptance by the medical community as an viable alternative to traditional drug-based reconstructive therapy. It is headquartered on Red Shelf, a minor shelf near the Concourse."

No. 890053 ID: 891b91
File 152992933426.gif - (157.77KB , 1024x1024 , 020-3.gif )

>ask where and what Delaney is
Interpretation: business inquiry
Source: BizList
"The following is an advertisement."

Suddenly, the kiosk starts blaring cheesy faux-jazz music.
:dd-note: When you're in trouble, and you need a helping hand, call Delaney :dd-note:
:dd-note: We'll be there on the double, by air or by land, we're Delaney :dd-note:
:dd-note: There's no problem too big, no case too small :dd-note:
:dd-note: No matter the mystery, we'll solve them all :dd-note:
:dd-note: Just come on up to Gansett Shelf and seeeeeee :dd-note:
:dd-note: That if you've got a problem, you'll wanna choose Delaney! :dd-note:

The music keeps playing in the background, and a husky-voiced opossum with a distinct accent appears on-screen and starts speaking.

"Hi, I'm Mike Delaney, ownah and lead investigatah at Delaney Security Services. Every day the Wards sees its fair share 'a problems: theft, assault, body snatchin', the list goes on. Sometimes the police, God bless 'em, they just can't handle it all. That's where we come in: we'll find ya stolen property, we'll find out who hurt who, we'll get ya body back, and we'll do plenty more, all for a very reasonable price. When you've been in this business as long as me, you get to know the Wards like the back of ya hand, both the good and the bad. Let us put that knowledge to work for you -- we'll help you get the justice you deserve. Our offices at 306B Ablewild Block, Gansett Shelf are open 7 days a week, for your convenience; or you can visit us on holo at delaney secu dot service. And remembah:"

:dd-note: If you've got a problem, you'll wanna choose Delaney! :dd-note:

>Ask it if it's got a computer vision module.
Interpretation: evacuee detection mechanism
"This kiosk uses a rhythmometric proximity sensor to detect and respond to new passengers."

>Ask if they can direct you to Gansett Shelf.
Interpretation: location of Gansett Shelf
"Gansett Shelf is a primary shelf of the Concourse; currently, it is orbiting beneath the Concourse deck and is expected to remain in that formation for another four months."

"How much longer until the shuttle gets here?"
Interpretation: anticipated arrival time
"The shuttle is on-time and should arrive in about five minutes!"

It looks like you have time for a few more questions, if you have any, or you could just wait for the shuttle.
The shuttle will arrive in the next update.
No. 890054 ID: ad51b8

what is dust?
No. 890057 ID: 8df643

1. What is the Concourse? (It looks like it may be a space ship or a space station)
No. 890059 ID: 7f0aac


New inquiries:

* What is rhythmography?
* What is a person's "dust"?
* I think I'm experiencing severe retrograde amnesia, and I might have come from the quarantine zone.
No. 890063 ID: 8df643

2. What is a primary shelf and what is a minor shelf?
3. How many planets total are there under TDC control?
4. What is the date the first rhythm event occured?
5. Open file 2girls1dust.np4
No. 890064 ID: 91ee5f

>killing an estimated 4,000 people and leaving their dust unrecoverable
Considering we woke up covered in some strange looking dust and it was all over our mouth, I’m starting to wonder what exactly happened in that room we woke up in.

>more questions
Ask what a “zombie” is?

And since Vesper supposedly has something to do with zombies, you could try asking how Vesper is related to zombies.
No. 890067 ID: ae9b99

ask what taffa syndrome is, you might have it.
No. 890071 ID: b1b4f3

Sounds like you made the right choice avoiding people and evacuating. Let's hope your past self didn't deserve to get her memory wiped, and you aren't carrying anything that could get you arrested.

Ask if there are laws about scavenging from Old City.
No. 890082 ID: fa959a

Ask what a human is.
No. 890137 ID: 094652

Actually, try to limit your questions until you can get a personal computer or an IP bouncer. This is a public transport, so the government has legal rights and regulations to record everything you ever say within ten feet of this thing. Which includes your heavy amnesia.
No. 890140 ID: 65b0da

Am I the only one that thought "AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!"?


What is a man?

What is the name of this planet? Can you show us a map of both the known world and where we are?
No. 890147 ID: 91ee5f

>What is a man?
A miserable pile of secrets!
No. 890148 ID: caf1de

how does communication work around here can we use this computer to call Delaney
do foxes around here normally have eyes on one side of their face what species are we and what the fuck was that monster in that city all about and what is that gun thing we found
No. 890150 ID: 33cbe7

Search terms: Concourse, dust, rythmometric sensors.
No. 890165 ID: 008f31

> "Passengers with invalid, missing, or corrupt ward affiliation are required to disembark at the Concourse."

What is 'ward affiliation', what is the Concourse?

Considering we are about to need to know about both of these things very soon
No. 890167 ID: 8df643

> >>890165 >ward affiliation
My guess is that wards are residential areas, so your ward affiliation would be your home address. Not having a ward affiliation thus means you're homeless.
No. 890168 ID: 4c908d

Ask what the slang 'zombie' means in recent local colloquialism.
No. 890178 ID: 7f0aac


We can also assume that everything happening is already logged, so it's a moot point.


Perhaps we should ask if affiliation can be looked up? This might help us figure out who we are — or who we are now, at least.
No. 890224 ID: 891b91
File 153007161023.gif - (131.18KB , 1024x1024 , 021.gif )

I started summer classes recently, and as a result I'm probably going to have to switch to a slower update schedule. I think I'll be able to update the quest at least twice a week, maybe more frequently if time permits.

>Actually, try to limit your questions until you can get a personal computer or an IP bouncer. This is a public transport, so the government has legal rights and regulations to record everything you ever say within ten feet of this thing. Which includes your heavy amnesia.
>We can also assume that everything happening is already logged, so it's a moot point.
The thought of the government recording your questions and finding out about your amnesia worries you; what if they're corrupt, or somehow hostile to amnesiacs? Still, it's a little late to worry about that; if anyone is watching or listening, they probably already have plenty of reason to suspect you don't remember anything. You decide you're better off knowing more about the world than less, even if it clues people in to your condition.

>ask about dust
"What is a person's 'dust'?"
Interpretation: search for term "dust"
Source: Publipedia
"Dust, disambiguation:
"1. Fine particles of matter, especially from an organic or mineral source
"2. The act of removing dust(1) from an object or area
"3. A colloquialism for Hoefler-Kurosawa corpuscles: naturally-occurring graphene-complex nanoparticles believed to play a major role in various natural and artificial phenomena"

>ask about the Concourse
"What's the Concourse? Is it a ship or space station, maybe?"
Interpretation: search for term "Concourse"
Context: grammatical usage suggests proper noun
Source: Publipedia

"The Concourse is a multi-layered aeroplatform currently in orbit around the Core, and the seat of the largest trade guild in Sieve. Built in 588 Elm by order of the Tripartite Detente Committee (TDC), it serves as the locus of the Interward Trade District (ITD), which was established the previous year. As part of the ITD, the Concourse and its surrounding shelves have their own government, which is overseen jointly by the three ruling Wards."

>ask about rhythmography, rhythm events, rhythmometric sensors
"What is rhythmography? Does it have anything to do with rhythmometric sensors or rhythm spikes?"
Interpretation: science inquiry
Source: Doan's Scientific Dictionary
"* Rhythm (phenomenon)
"Rhythm is a general category of phenomena consisting of or relating to patterns of particle interaction in collections of Hoefler-Kurosawa corpuscles ('HK-dust'). Its cause and nature are poorly understood, aside from its intrinsic connection to HK-dust; despite this lack of knowledge, there exist reliable methods for detecting and measuring it, and in some cases influencing or even controlling it. Through mechanisms not fully understood by modern science, rhythm interacts with and influences nearly every aspect of material reality: physics, thermodnyamics, chemistry, biology, psychology, etc.; consequently, rhythmic technologies and techniques possess enormous potential to both benefit and harm all of Sieve."

The whine of retro-thrusters revving up announces the arrival of the shuttle, as does a cheery "The shuttle has arrived!" from the kiosk. The shuttle itself is small and clearly designed to seat only one or two passengers, but looks sturdy despite its size. The vehicle lands gracefully, centered in the middle of the landing zone marked on the ground; the cockpit opens with a gentle hiss, beckoning you to climb inside.

"What is--" You start to ask another question, but this time the kiosk cuts you off.

"The shuttle is ready for departure! Please board in an orderly fashion."

Speaking to the kiosk at all at this point continues to elicit the same response, so it doesn't look like it'll answer any more of your questions.

Unsure of whether you should take the shuttle, you consider your options at this point:
* Get in the shuttle. It seems almost guaranteed to take you to actual civilization, and there has to be someone or something there that can help you figure out your situation and get your life back on track.
* Look at the Vesper glyph. Considering that you're kind of out in the middle of nowhere, you think this area is secluded enough to try it. You know a little more about Vesper now, and it seems that they at least claim to help people in your situation, assuming that your amnesia is the result of taffa syndrome, and that a significant section of society believes them.
* Head back to the ruins. This feels like it would be a step backwards, but you did see what appeared to be light from a fire earlier, which suggests that there are more people in the Old City than the thugs you encountered when you woke up. Maybe someone there could help you out, although it feels like a long shot.
* Contact the people manning the missile turret by the hazy town. That kind of equipment suggests that they're military of some kind, so maybe they'd be willing to help a lost civilian out.
* Go in the hazy town. This option seems a bit suicidal, but maybe the monster the missile turret destroyed was the only one there. The town did seem to be in pristine condition, after all, so maybe there are people still living there.
* Cross the waterway. Back at the waterfront, you saw lights across the way, which probably means that there's some kind of civilization over there. While you obviously don't have any memories of swimming, you think you do know how to swim, and well enough that you could cross a body of water that size without too much trouble -- although it'd take you a while.
No. 890226 ID: 5fa661

Civilization seems the best option here, there's no telling what other monsters are prowling around on the surface. Get in the shuttle, and hope they don't steal your kidneys.

(If you even have kidneys.)
No. 890227 ID: 094652

The shuttle is your best bet to a technological area. Whether or not it's a trap, more technology means things are less likely to have... shortages. And you have a serious asset shortage right now.

Any of the other paths could lead to benefits but also carry higher probabilities of shortage-based risks. So logically, your best bet is to get on the bus.
No. 890228 ID: 33cbe7

Head to the missile turret and get their opinion on the shuttle.
The Vesper glyph's kind of redundant now, you could just visit their office in the Concourse if you wanted to go there.
No. 890230 ID: 06fdc0


-Rhythm sounds like it's ~space magic~; it's poorly understood, but it affects everything, and is observable, measurable, and able to be manipulated.

-Dust might be some soul or life stream that beings have, and dust is closely tied to rhythm. Corpuscles are either "minute bodies or cells in an organism, especially red or white cells in the blood of vertebrates", or "minute particles regarded as the basic constituent of matter or light."

When you woke up, you and the others with you were covered with dust, as if you'd vomited it out. Also, you likely used to be human, but that definitely isn't the case anymore.

I'd wager the medication in that bottle you picked up interacted with your dust, and changed you into what you are now. The medicine was either used in conjunction with rhythm, or induced rhythm by itself.

You have no memories; your past self has effectively died. There are questions that need answering:

1) Why did you undergo the procedure to lose your memory? Was it voluntary, or was it forced? If it was voluntary, were you running from something or someone? If it was forced, who would do such a thing, and why? You need to be wary, you could be in incredible danger.

2) What do dust and rhythm do exactly? If you lost your memories, can you get them back?

You should board the transport. You can probably find Delaney in person back in civilization, and might not find any more answers here. Besides, the people who wiped you're memory probably kept a record, and enemies might be looking for you.
No. 890231 ID: 91ee5f

Get in the shuttle.

Civilization sounds like a really good thing right about now.
No. 890245 ID: 8df643

I vote to get in the shuttle. This is because I want to get to Delaney first as I believe their people would be the most neutral and knowledgeable enough to be able to shine some light on things. Also, because some of the things we're carrying might not be legal and Delaney seem to be the ones most likely not to freak out if we presented our case.

Vesper glyph: We can look at it while in the shuttle. I'm up for it.
The Old City: For now, I don't see any reason to want to go there and end up like the missing dead body that we found... or didn't find?
The hazy town: Civilians nearing a restricted military area would probably be met with a warning shot first. If we're lucky.
Cross the waterway: The reason the city of Beacon is called the way it is is probably due to the large probably-antenna we saw. We don't know its purpose but I think going there would be akin to visiting a tourist attraction.
No. 890247 ID: 65b0da

Get in the shuttle, if shuttle doesn't have and information AI of its own then look at the Vesper glyph.
No. 890258 ID: 3c9e0e

I say we board the shuttle. I’ve been seeing suggestions to look at the Vesper glyph, but I think we should save that for after we see Delaney and unload our more... legally questionable belongings.
No. 890259 ID: eeb7d9

Get to the shuttel.
I was wondering if humans even exist anymore, we haven't seen any sings of human life, just anthropomorphic animals, and those weird foxes. If you were a human, it might mean that your body changed complitly or that your mind was transfered from your old body to this new one. Somehow.
No. 890266 ID: 8df643

> >>890259 >we haven't seen any sings of human life
Please look at >>886862 carefully. I'm pretty sure the character in the top right is a human.
No. 890292 ID: ae9b99

run, go. get to da choppa!
No. 890329 ID: dbf422

This Rhythm and Dust stuff gives me Tides of Numenara vibes and I love it. Like, the rhythm pulls at people like tides, and the dust is little nano-particles like Numenara. Just a coincidence but it's a fun one.

But given all that, you definitely want to get to civilization. Even though I'm sure there's ways to advance through people in the old city or the military, it's both safer and more expedient to go to this Concourse. And the glyph can always wait, and you can always visit that group when you get there. They're more legitimate than I thought, but we still don't have anyone's personal opinions about them.

So get on that transport.
No. 890330 ID: 891b91

Typo: "588 Elm" should read "558 Elm" in the description of the Concourse.
No. 890360 ID: 891b91
File 153017348167.gif - (337.56KB , 1024x1024 , 022.gif )

More than anything else, what you want right now is to find someone who can help you make sense of everything. Maybe Vesper's an option there, but you decide that Delaney is your best lead, considering that they're a detective agency; with that in mind, you set your sights on heading to Gansett Shelf by way of the Concourse.

You climb in the shuttle and plop down on the bench seat, prompting the cockpit to slowly pull itself shut, eventually sealing with a hiss. The shuttle's onboard agent pipes up in a cheerful voice that rivals the bubbliness of the kiosk outside.

"Welcome to the RDES evacuation system! Please wait while we perform a limited scan of your dust, as mandated and allowed by RDES procedure."

A few moments pass by silently, and then the agent resumes speaking as the shuttle gently lifts off.

"We were unable to read your ward affiliation and will be unable to offer a choice of stations to dock at. We apologize for the inconvenience; please visit the Public Records Office near the Upper Deck station to recover your ward affiliation. If you require other services, consult the Concourse Welcome Center for details on services and businesses found on the Concourse and its primary shelves.

"We will arrive at the Concourse Upper Deck in approximately fifteen minutes; please relax and enjoy the flight. As a courtesy, this transport provides a limited-function console with access to the Concourse Welcome Center holosite and a database of public-domain music."

The mention of music cues the cockpit speakers to softly emit smooth jazz. A holographic display appears in front of you:

Concourse Welcome Center
Proudly Bridging the Wards since 558 Elm

4:16 PM SST
(S) 92C-233 (H) 92C-Aug-22

This console is touch- and voice-enabled.

Please choose a section below.

* Attractions
* Lodging
* Food
* Business Directory
* Government & Public buildings
* Map
* Current Events

For any section, you can ask for an overview, perform a search, or ask a question. You can also vote to skip to landing at the Concourse.

You will have 3 updates to interact with this console before the shuttle lands. One question/command per requester per update; because of this, only the first question/command you post for a given update will be considered

For each update, the 3 most popular commands/questions will be selected. In the event of a tie, I will choose the winner(s).

No. 890361 ID: 094652

Current Events: Dust Dens
Lodging: Low-Cost
Recommended Low-Skill Jobs
No. 890371 ID: 06fdc0

current events
No. 890384 ID: 8df643

>please relax and enjoy the flight
Ok. Masturbate.

Other than that, Map.
No. 890385 ID: 33cbe7

Food category - look for soup kitchens.
No. 890389 ID: ad51b8

>Current Events
hey you never know it might trigger a memory or something. Or at the very least give us an idea on what is going on with the world.

Also a bit late for this but I have to wonder if their was a reason you never went to the evacuation zone before you lost your memory?
No. 890393 ID: 3c9e0e

My vote’s for this.
No. 890402 ID: 69d4b9

Government & Public buildings
-Social services
No. 890404 ID: 65b0da

>smooth jazz

>>890384 while crying
No. 890407 ID: 91ee5f

Food. Specifically free food, since we don’t have any money.
No. 890414 ID: dbf422

Current Events
Food- Social services
No. 890425 ID: 53e321

Current Events: Dust Dens
Soup Kitchens
Map to Public Records Office

Also, change music for something better, maybe Ode to Joy to try to improve your mood or flight of the valkyries because I think its illegal not playing it on a flying vehicle
No. 890440 ID: dc9489

Agreeing with food first
No. 890441 ID: 86eb65

Get more info on Taffa syndrome. Also anything about being a different person in a new body.
No. 890442 ID: b1b4f3

* Government & Public buildings
Let's see what it's like.
No. 890623 ID: 15a025

Check the Business Directory and see if you can't get more info on Delaney. Learn a little bit more about the people working there.
No. 891554 ID: 970506
File 153095286542.gif - (211.93KB , 1024x1024 , 023-1.gif )

With a jolt, the shuttle shoots upwards and into the cloud cover, enveloping you in a sea of grey. With nothing interesting to see outside at the moment, you decide to use the console to find out what you can about the Concourse.

>change music
The console chirps affirmatively and, to your slight dismay, begins playing a smooth jazz rendition of Wagner's Flight of the Valkyries.

The idea of calming your nerves with a little self-love intrudes upon your thoughts, now that you have some real privacy. You know you should probably stay focused on gathering information, but playing with yourself is surprisingly tempting right now, perhaps out of relief that you're finally headed towards real civilization.

>current events, overview
When you poke the "current events" link, you feel an odd, fuzzy resistance as your finger passes through the hologram, which you assume is supposed to be a form of haptic feedback. A brief list of headlines, no doubt curated, appears in front of you:

* Red Shelf Community Fair expected to attract record crowds next month
* New Security Measures for Concourse Council Meetings
* The RESK-U Safety Net System: A 10-Year Retrospective
* Commissioner Rast Signs Historic Salon Regulation Bill, Cites Illegal Taffa Trade

* Ground Traffic Restriction in Effect on Plate 2-F
* Plate 3-L Closed Following Stabilizer Failure

>Search current events for "dust dens"
No results found

>Search food for "soup kitchens" or "free food"
Possible result found in Government & Public Buildings:
List of VITACAL dispensaries
* Plate 3-F
* Plate 1U-D
* Plate 1U-G
* Plate 2U-E

>map, overview
A three-dimensional map of an arc-shaped structure blips into view, with a large label at the top that reads, "THE CONCOURSE." It seems to react to your eye movement, as the map quickly separates out into the Concourse's five layers when you look at it. Each layer consists of a decreasing number of rectangular sections, resulting in a roughly trapezoidal configuration that is widest on the top, concave end. You gather that these layers are normally stacked atop one another, with some means of transportation between them.

A number of lumpy, vaguely ovoid structures float nearby; most are fairly small compared to the Concourse, but a couple are nearly as large. Labels describing each pop up as you glance at them:

* GANSETT - commercial-residential
* ALTON - commercial
* OSWEGO FALLS - residential
* RED - private community
* BELLWETHER - restricted
* HELAS - residential

Any of the numbered/lettered plates or labeled areas can be selected to show a more detailed map of that section.
No. 891555 ID: 970506
File 153095288696.gif - (159.18KB , 1024x1024 , 023-2.gif )

Suddenly, the shuttle breaks through the clouds, revealing a remarkable view: the landscape (and cloudscape) sprawls below you, gradually curving upwards in all directions. Apparently having reached a satisfactory altitude, the shuttle jumps forward as it switches to primary thrusters, carrying you above the waterfront you saw earlier. In the distance, you can see the dividing line between dawn and night as it crawls across the water.
No. 891556 ID: 970506

Also, just to be clear: any of the current events/public advisory articles can be selected and displayed in full, just as segments of the map can be selected for a more detailed view. Additionally, selections/searches in the sections mentioned in the previous update can still be chosen.
No. 891564 ID: ff82d2

A lot of options... hard to decide.

>current events
Of the current events, the two that seem interesting to me would be the "RESK-U Safety Net System" - I wonder what that is, and the one about illegal Taffa trade - this seems related to us.

I'd like to get a closer view of one of the plates, doesn't really matter which one, just to get a glimpse. 3-F? But mostly I want to look at the Gansett shelf, since that's where we're going.

Hmm, Plate 3-L is mentioned. Does that mean the displayed plates go beyond the letters that we see on the map?
No. 891567 ID: 05ff2f

Is the "3-L" in "Plate 3-L Closed Following Stabilizer Failure" a typo? I figure it is because it was said each lower layers has a decreasing number of plates, so layer 3 shouldn't have a plate with a higher letter than layer 1's highest lettered plate.
No. 891569 ID: ff82d2

Or perhaps the letter L means "Link", as was mentioned, there exist means of transportation between the plates.
No. 891576 ID: c0641d

Seems likely. Also, why are we discussing this in spoilers? I like seeing the character making deductions.

Look up; Taffa

(Also giving a vote to looking closer at Gannset Shelf.)
No. 891580 ID: 5de987

YAY teegee back! Love your art!

Is that and oil rig in the middle of a lake? And what the fuck is that massive brown box?

>Taffa Syndrome
>Commissioner Rast Signs Historic Salon Regulation Bill, Cites Illegal Taffa Trade
Lets search more on taffa, if you're still in a frisky mood I'm sure this'll put an end to it.
No. 891583 ID: 324e4e

Nope, 3-L isn't a typo; it has special meaning.

Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it.
No. 891617 ID: 05ff2f

>The landscape (and cloudscape) sprawls below you, gradually curving upwards in all directions.
...What? What the heck shape is this world? Or not world, but space habitat megastructure? O'neill Cylinder? But that doesn't line up with the day/night boundary moving lengthwise. Ringworld, perhaps?

Query for a map of the world or whatever the larger habitable structure here is and what it is.

>Nope, 3-L isn't a typo; it has special meaning.
Okay, then consider my spoiler'd text un-spoiler'd and the character's thoughts on the matter.

View the news item on plate 3-L and query what plate 3-L is, used for, and why it's named "3-L."
No. 891793 ID: e95cec

Yeah; search taffa and taffa syndrome. And/or maybe how you get between places? Don't wanna get stuck without bus fare.
No. 892324 ID: b151ce

You don't want to leave the pod sticky so do self love later, or be careful about it. Search for hiring low-entry jobs like a temp agency.
No. 892327 ID: c0641d

Ooh, maybe Delaney is hiring?
No. 892951 ID: 15a025

Read into that Historic Salon Regulation Bill.
No. 892988 ID: 891b91
File 153164779503.gif - (3.57MB , 1024x1024 , 024-1.gif )

>select salon regulation/illegal taffa trade article
Commissioner Rast Signs Historic Salon Regulation Bill, Cites Illegal Taffa Trade
(S) 92C-162 (H) 92C-Jun-8
(Article from The Concourse Commons)
Concourse Commissioner Rast on Thursday signed a bill which places the toughest restrictions yet on memory salons, after it was expedited through parliament last week. The bill establishes tight regulations on the handling and trading of taffa, which require government approval for each transaction and detailed bookkeeping to keep track of the drug from harvest to when it is finally administered. It also bolsters the pre-existing taffa licensing system by adding additional testing and scrutiny to the licensing process, as well as sharply raising penalties for black market taffa dealers and those who supply them.

Reactions to the new law are divided. Joan Morris, chairwoman of Concerned Moms of the Concourse, welcomed the measure as a "groundbreaking effort to preserve the integrity and dignity of the family unit."

Polenta Ormi, a recovered taffa syndrome sufferer and now a public relations staffer for the Vesper Society, is optimistic about the new law. "Dealing with taffa syndrome was a difficult, painful process for me. I wouldn't wish it on anyone! We think the new law will make it a lot harder for people to get raw taffa, so we're all for it."

The new law strikes a major blow against the Freedom to Forget Foundation's deregulatory ambitions. A spokesman for the FFF criticized the law as biased against the poor: "We are disappointed but unsurprised by this decision. It is no coincidence that, instead of working to provide safe and reliable alternatives to raw taffa, the government has chosen to strengthen the salon system's stranglehold on mnemocognitive therapies. Those who would benefit the most from these therapies -- the poor and destitute -- are locked out by policies such as this; it will only increase demand for black market taffa, not curb it."

Halley's Mind & Body, Inc., one of the largest salon chains in Sieve, issued a press statement applauding the move. "Halley's greatest priority is enhancing public health, and the Commissioner's decision today is in perfect harmony with that goal. We eagerly anticipate working with the government to ensure the well-being of both our customers and the public in general."

The interlocutors general for the Plasmodian Congress declined to comment.

>view Gansett Shelf map
A top-down map of the shelf blips into view, depicting a number of blocky structures with thoroughfares passing between them; each structure is labeled with what you assume is its name, and the roads have no labels whatsoever. A 3D model in the corner, presumably of the entire shelf, appears to indicate that you are viewing the ground floor; poking at it allows you to select the other floors, so you cycle through them to get an idea of the shelf's full layout. The levels above ground floor show little detail; you assume that each structure has its own map to show their internal layout. The underground levels are more interesting; while the ground floor is covered in roads laid out like a park, these floors instead consist mainly of an open mall floor, broken up by several blocks of solid wall. The structures from the ground floor extend underground, although in addition to them the map shows many, smaller buildings (possibly storefronts?) set into the walls that are not occupied by the main structures. A third set of floors, the B levels, appears to show that some of the structures extend all the way through the shelf and have several floors jutting out from its underside. A small set of what you assume are bridges connect the different structures on these levels.

Each of the four structures piercing the shelf is labeled with a name:

* Cyprus
* Gantt
* Blanc
* Ablewild

>select Plate 3-L public advisory
PUBLIC ADVISORY: Plate 3-L Closed Following Stabilizer Failure

The 3rd level lift plate has suffered a stabilizer malfunction and has been towed for repairs. The repairs are expected to take up to two weeks to be completed; we apologize for the inconvenience. Businesses located on Plate 3-L will be compensated at standard rates for loss of business, and residents of the plate will be given temporary housing for the duration. Alternate options for travel include other lift plates, the central lifts, and taxi services; freight and land-vehicular traffic will be directed to alternate lift plate stations. To accommodate for anticipated traffic delays, lift plate boarding times have been reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.

Gansett Shelf map as individual images: >>>/questdis/124205
No. 892989 ID: 891b91
File 153164782541.png - (884.47KB , 1024x1024 , 024-2.png )

The shuttle tilts its nose up 90 degrees, bringing into view a... sun, for lack of a better word; it hangs in the sky, pulsating gently, as a handful of dark blotches traverse across it, silhouetted by its light. Wispy, fibrous strands of some unknown material span the gap between it and the ground, like gigantic, shimmering cobwebs; they undulate gradually, driven by some unseen force. With a abrupt kick, the rear thrusters engage, pressing you into the seat as the shuttle accelerates directly towards the "sun".

>select RESK-U article
The RESK-U Safety Net System: A 10-Year Retrospective

The success of the RESK-U Safety Net System has become the prime example of the Concourse Municipal Government's commitment to public safety, and a source of pride for all of its communities. Only a decade ago, it was standard practice to keep teams of rescue personnel mobilized around the clock, ready to handle any number of accidents leading to someone, or something, falling from the Concourse or its shelves. Sadly, human error was always a factor, as well as the limited availability of rescue teams, and despite their stellar performance were unable to prevent tragedy in every case. RESK-U changed that: an always-on network of dust swarms ensure that, for the first time, the skies beneath the Concourse could be under constant watch for any accidents. Now, on the 10th anniversary of RESK-U, we can highlight a truly amazing record: for the past 10 years, the Concourse and it shelves have had zero deaths from falling off of a plate or shelf. That's a legacy to be proud of, and we are happy to announce that several wards have agreed to purchase RESK-U systems of their own! Soon, the citizens of Chaser Fleet, among several others, will be free from the fear of falling to their death, just as Concoursers have for the past decade.

No. 892990 ID: 891b91
File 153164784538.gif - (214.63KB , 1024x1024 , 024-3.gif )

Suddenly, the roar of another ship's engines explodes behind the shuttle -- you whirl around in your seat and catch a glimpse of a black ship strafing around the shuttle. It pulls up alongside you and maintains pace with the shuttle as its pilot cranes their neck over to get a look at you.
No. 892993 ID: dbf422

Well it would definitely seem like pre-you broke some laws in order to forget something. I guess maybe you should pretend you're not amnesiatic? Assuming that's not obvious. Still, good to see that drugs are still as poorly handled by the government as ever.

Also, they used the word human in the message. I wonder if you just haven't seen one yet, or if you are human. Like, humans are like this now.

Wave at the pilot slowly.
No. 892997 ID: ad51b8

yeah not really sure how to deal with that guy seeing how you're in an automated craft with a pre set destination. Guess hope he's and just making sure you're not a gun toting maniac or something.

>Well it would definitely seem like pre-you broke some laws in order to forget something.

you sure about that? I mean yeah the forget me drug may be illegal here but was the city we came from even part of this place or even under it's laws? I mean when you have evacuation signs everywhere it's probably safe to say that they abandoned the city and have no jurisdiction over it or it's people.
No. 892998 ID: 094652

>Taffa drug laws increased
Well, that's not good. You're in violation of these laws, and whether or not you can prove you were the perpetrator of your own amnesia is of little consequence.

Smile and wave. You're on a public shuttle and this is a secure area. If this guy tries to kill you for some unknown reason, he's going to have a Conbook account made for him very soon.
No. 892999 ID: dbf422

This isn't an international waters scenario. If we were a part of civilization before the wipe, then going elsewhere to break its laws won't help. And if we weren't a citizen, we're still going to that civilization and unless we can be extradited then we're still accountable if they say we are. They have the power in that situation.

And more importantly, given the signage and regular evacuations, they might still have ownership legally over the abandoned cities. No point in risking arrest just to see if they can arrest us.
No. 893066 ID: ee2d6e

Excessive fingerguns.
No. 893069 ID: ff82d2

It looks like this guy came here for the show.

Seduce him.

In other words, use erotic moves and gestures to distract him.
You see, I don't think this person is a part of any security or law enforcement. If he was, then his shuttle would clearly be marked in such a way. So my guess is that this may be someone with illicit intentions. However, whatever this person is interested in, he only has a limited amount of time to do it before we reach our destination. So by doing something distracting, there's a chance he would forget what he came here for until it's too late and he has to break off.
No. 893071 ID: b1b4f3

Shit, that red dust must be raw taffa, which means you're carrying around a controlled substance in that pill bottle. You could be in serious legal trouble.

I think you're inside a spherical artificial habitat of some sort. The globe in the middle is an artificial sun to provide a day-night cycle; you're looking at the "daylight" side right now. Strange that there are no structural axles, but maybe those tendrils work to keep it in the center?
I have no idea why people have chosen to live directly adjacent to the sun. Wouldn't it be too bright during the day, at least? Well, maybe there's tinted glass or something to dim the light. I'm also concerned about heat, but it might be more efficient for such a habitat to have its heating system associated with the air flow rather than a central lamp.

Wave. He's either military or a cop, checking to see who the passenger is.

Next thing you should do is look up penalties for possession of raw taffa, and any legal exceptions for those suffering from its associated syndrome.
No. 893072 ID: 02a0f7

Just keep watching the guy. Maybe give a small wave if he keeps starin' at you.
No. 893073 ID: dbf422

Ah. I forgot about the bottle. This is worrying.
No. 893081 ID: 69d4b9

Surrender the bottle when you arrive. You're not the first person to show up like this, and the new laws are clearly intended to target distribution networks, not victims.
No. 893264 ID: 2d1231


Somehow I feel that the dust is -- was -- us.
No. 893365 ID: e95cec

Yeah; if it were me, anyway, I'd probably hand over the bottle at customs or whatever. However, that COULD be dangerous. Could be better to keep it, hidden, or to chuck it in the trash somewhere. But, the fact that they there's a society for people with taffa syndrome suggests that admitting to having used the stuff does not land you directly in jail.
No. 893499 ID: 5b4869

Maybe use of these shuttles is rare, and so the cops are just checking things out. A polite nod and wave seems appropriate. Unless they raise us on comms there is not much more we can do.
No. 893825 ID: 0edfe8

Wave, I guess? Try yelling hello. Not much you can do when you aren't driving
No. 893947 ID: 15a025

Wave slowly.
No. 893996 ID: fafba8

Wave, to show your friendly.
No. 894946 ID: a48264

When you get a chance, ask the computer what the consequences are for using and being in possession of taffa.

But for now, politely wave at the pilot. Hopefully he's friendly, because there's really not much you can do right now.
No. 900071 ID: 891b91
File 153588740619.gif - (467.96KB , 1024x1024 , 025-1.gif )

You put on an unassuming smile and wave cautiously at the pilot.
No. 900072 ID: 891b91
File 153588741923.gif - (423.93KB , 1024x1024 , 025-2.gif )

>Excessive fingerguns.
No. 900073 ID: 891b91
File 153588743233.gif - (475.71KB , 1024x1024 , 025-3.gif )

He hesitates for a moment, apparently still processing what he had just seen, and then flashes a peace sign at you before swooping off. You get the feeling that he wasn't expecting that, so... success, you guess?
No. 900074 ID: 891b91
File 153588744505.png - (632.88KB , 1024x1024 , 025-4.png )

>look up penalties for possession of raw taffa, and any legal exceptions for those suffering from its associated syndrome.

Before you have the opportunity to make any further queries, the on-board agent chirps as the console shuts off:

The shuttle will be landing shortly; please be sure to collect any personal belongings, as this shuttle cannot be recalled after you disembark.

The shuttle closed the distance more quickly than you expected! You look up and see the underside of the Concourse growing before you very quickly -- quickly enough that you feel a little alarmed before the shuttle finally starts slowing down and strafing around the structure, weaving through the air traffic that surrounds it. As the map suggested, the large structure consists of five layers of interlocking, floating plates; each plate is equipped with a large thruster block on one side, leading you to guess that they are all ships in their own right.

The "sun", if that's even what you should call it, is much closer now, but somehow it doesn't appear any brighter than before; nor have you noticed any significant changes in temperature. It's as though it's only transmitting light, rather than generating it, like a giant fiber-optic cable.
No. 900075 ID: 891b91
File 153588746038.gif - (1.13MB , 1024x1024 , 025-5.gif )

The shuttle finally homes in on a plate in the middle of the second layer and flies above it, buzzing beneath the busy air traffic overhead. The variety of people below you is striking: running the gamut from quasi-human to purely alien, it leads you to question what the term "human" even means in this world.
No. 900076 ID: 891b91
File 153588747528.png - (851.64KB , 1024x1024 , 025-6.png )

Your ride bursts out the other end of skyline, and drops down past the front of the plate, hovering lazily for a moment. A door in the edge opens up, beckoning the vehicle into the docking bay within; the shuttle complies, gracefully floating inside. Eventually, a docking clamp locks around its sides, prompting the engines to cut off as it carries you upwards, finally halting at an indoor platform.
No. 900077 ID: 891b91
File 153588749093.gif - (446.17KB , 1024x1024 , 025-7.gif )

With a hiss the cockpit opens, and the ship's agent pipes up again:

Welcome to the Concourse! Please watch your step as you exit the vehicle. Your service number is 47. Please proceed to customs; the officer on duty will assist you in the renaturalization process when your number is called.

You hop out of the vehicle, making sure to take your possessions with you; a shaft opens above the shuttle, and the claw carries it upwards to parts unknown. The docking bay is small, lacking room for more than three or four shuttles at once, by your reckoning. A walkway borders the perimeter of the room, flanked by placards with instructions written in various languages, most of them unfamiliar to you. At the rear of the area is a doorway into another room, with a sign reading "CUSTOMS" above it; judging from that and the handful of people loitering inside, you assume it's a waiting room for the customs office.

>Yeah; if it were me, anyway, I'd probably hand over the bottle at customs or whatever. However, that COULD be dangerous. Could be better to keep it, hidden, or to chuck it in the trash somewhere.
There are no trash cans in the vicinity. As far as you can tell, however, there is no surveillance equipment around here, and nobody seems to have noticed you (except for the guy leaning against the window, who seems mostly preoccupied with licking the glass). Eyeing the pit beside you, it occurs to you that, if you wanted, you could dispose of any of your items by surreptitiously tossing them down there.

Current Inventory: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Dead_Dust/Inventory
No. 900079 ID: ee2d6e

Oh, honey, no, that's not a peace sign.

Anyway, seeing how you seem to be a taffa syndrome sufferer, you would be able to get some help with that if you present the taffa you have. I mean, if you want to recover, that is.
No. 900082 ID: ff82d2

I don't want to expose that we're in possession of taffa, or that we've used it. This is because I think that being hospitalized right now isn't what we want. If that's the only thing they would do to us.

But at the same time, I don't want to throw the vial away as it could hold some clues to our circumstances. I feel that we should hide the vial somewhere. But where? Leaving it out here isn't safe while our belongings might get searched.

You should hide the vial in your _____ and then proceed to enter the waiting room.
See if you can strike a conversation with anyone there. Ask them why they're there, where they come from etc, if people in there get searched etc.
No. 900085 ID: a94e23

I reckon we should just take everything and sort it out with customs. Better to do this now and figure out what is and isn’t illegal with minimal punishment than to find out later and get arrested. Maybe they can help us figure out what all the stuff is too.
No. 900088 ID: ae9b99

yeah, probably start by saying you are a taffa sufferer and you have no clue about anything regarding the items you have, like the vial for instance. Tell them where you got the items and stuff like that so that some of the missing items you found can go to their proper places, and you also won't get in too much trouble for carrying illegal stuff.

>You should hide the vial in your _____ and then proceed to enter the waiting room.

fantasize how lewd and exciting that might be.
No. 900089 ID: eeb7d9

I agree, we need to understand exactly how fucked we are in order to make proper decisions. We are standing in pure speculation and we can't remember how things work in this place anymore. We need help immediately.
No. 900090 ID: 10c408

Seconding this. It might be our ONLY chance to avoid legal troubles for items we shouldn't be in possession of.
No. 900115 ID: a48264

>>900075 woah this looks amazing!

>Current Inventory
Oh man, we have a lot of questionable stuff. From what I can tell, the 3 obvious options are:

- Toss everything illegal over the side of the edge. If pulled off right, we could pass through as neither a criminal nor a taffa sufferer. Except we have no idea what's legal or not, and tossing every single suspicious-looking item would cause one hell of a racket.

- Hide the vial in your body and hope that nothing else you have is illegal. Risky, but if pulled off right, we might be able to pass through with all of our items intact and not be hospitalized. If you do get caught with something illegal, you could claim you're a taffa sufferer after the fact, but you'll probably look a lot more suspicious for not telling them sooner.

- Just outright tell customs that you're a taffa sufferer. They might confiscate everything you have and hospitalize you, but this is the safest option for staying out of legal trouble. Also you really could use some help reintegrating into this world you know nothing about. Risky if the government is more evil than it seems to be.

I say we hide the vial and hope for the best. It's a high risk, but we have a lot of mysteries to solve with these items; it's too soon to risk losing them and being stuck in an institution. We can always seek hospitalization later once we have enough information about it to know if it's worth trying. And if we ever get arrested, we can always pull the "taffa sufferer" card as a last resort.
No. 900121 ID: dbf422

Nah, he's definitely not British enough to know that he fucked up. I'm sure he meant it to be a peace sign.

I'd suggest dumping the taffa bottle. If it comes down to it though, I'd rather be honest with the customs office than hide contraband.
No. 900122 ID: dbf422

Oh, and feel relieved you woke up with two arms and legs and not like a giant jellyfish.
No. 900138 ID: c0641d

I say we get rid of the vials - both of them - but just tossing them over the edge could prove hazardous to someone else's health; do we even know who or what's down there? And if it's open air, it'll get caught in the net, and then someone will know. Even if it's not a trash-can, anywhere is a better hiding place than "into the pit." A potted plant. Taped under a bench. Hell, unless there's another shuttle coming right now, setting them down on the floor in the corner out of the field of view of the windows should do.

Once we do that, we should be clear of suspicion in anything Taffa-related, but the rest of this stuff will still be a bit tricky to explain. (Cont. after I double-check inventory.)
No. 900141 ID: c0641d

(Cont. from >>900138)
Let's go down the list of everything we have systematically.

Vesper advertisement/glyph page: Wrap the vials in this so they don't immediately stick out, and since considering we've decided to avoid Vespers at this point, having this on our person would needlessly raise suspicion.
Glass jar with purple residue: Dealt with already.
Bronze metal sphere: We have no idea what this is, so it might be dangerous, or not. If we're asked about it, we tell the truth; we found it out there, and we have no idea what it is. It'd be impressive if they manage to disprove this.
Vial with faded label: The medications this once contained might be contraband, or they might not. We don't know, and chances are they won't either, the label is so faded. Even if they can prove it's bad; it's empty now, and would only suggest that you took something bad in the past.
Flashlight: Not suspicious.
Bottled water: Not suspicious.
Evidence case: See next post.
Delaney business card: See next post.
Equipment Container: Not suspicious (except for contents).
Drill?: This is the biggest wild card. It's similar to the metal ball, but less plausible that we don't know what it is. If there's a big issue, just say it's evidence, and see next post.
Partially-full glass jar: Dealt with already.
No. 900143 ID: c0641d

(Cont. from >>900141)
Let's talk Delaney.

Obviously, the blood vial will raise some eyebrows, alongside all the other "evidence." There's a really easy way to explain this, and it's the next item down in our inventory. That's right; if an issue is raised about the evidence case, just present the card and claim association with Delaney. Say it's exactly what we already know it is; evidence. Claim the drill as evidence too if they make a fuss about it. Claiming that the taffa vials and Vesper paper are also evidence would be a bit harder to swallow, which is why I suggest they be stashed as described in >>900138.

I mean, if we're going through with our initial impulse to play detective/detective's helper, we might as well act the part.

Once we're on the other side, we should leave an anonymous tip somewhere about the Taffa that's been stashed in evacuation bay number whatever to prevent it from causing too much trouble.
No. 900180 ID: dbf422

I mostly agree with everything you said, so I'll update what I said to everything here, minus a few things. I still support just dumping things in the pit, since it's easier. And I disagree about the anonymous tip, as it's both unnecessary and potentially dangerous. We lose nothing by never bringing it up, and we owe nothing to the government regarding being a helpful citizen.
No. 900245 ID: caf1de

the snozzberries taste like snozzberries

keep vial
No. 900259 ID: 988ea3

I wouldn't throw anything out. There are witnesses at the window, especially the window licker.
No. 900302 ID: 891b91

Oops! Guilty as charged, I'm not British; I had no idea that the orientation of the hand would drastically change the meaning like that!

Thank you!
No. 900303 ID: ff82d2

Hey, who's to say the sign isn't canonically sideways in this universe?
No. 900309 ID: 0e2ebe

I figured, since without a Britain, British customs might not carried forward. Either that or it was just the pilot trying to be cool and messing up.
No. 900324 ID: c0641d
File 153601973811.png - (575.21KB , 1030x773 , 8C03BC0E-26DB-4653-BB46-D6648EAE5A5C.png )

Like I said, there’s a corner between you and customs that’s outside everyone’s field of view. No need to throw stuff out when you can easily hide it under the bench as depicted.
No. 900327 ID: 91ee5f

Window licker would still be able to see over there.
No. 900329 ID: b1b4f3

The vial is EMPTY. It used to have taffa in it, but not anymore. Keep it, it may be a good lead. Trying to toss it might result in it being caught by some kind of anti-littering device and you being implicated.

We don't know what any of the other stuff is. First question we should ask is what kind of salvage rights there are for the area you were just in. If we can keep the stuff, customs is a good spot to ask what it is. The reason to ask first is so that we can claim it as salvage before it can be seized.
No. 900335 ID: c0641d

We still have a partly full vial in the storage case. Wait, I forget, how was that vial stashed? Is it hidden well? Anyways, the Vesper page still paints a pretty clear picture, so we should get rid of or hide that at least. It can’t be that hard; it’s just paper, after all. And if there’s really no way we can subtly remove the vials from our inventory, we could try to hide them in plain sight among the other evidence vials. Even if it does get spotted, we can claim it as evidence just like the rest (since I still like my idea of using Delaney as a cover). We should still cooperate if they do confiscate it, of course. Just say we’ll be back with the proper forms or whatever. In the end, I say a combination of my “Delaney Irregular” for all the E V I D E N C E (vials and pill bottle included) and >>900329’s “hapless salvage” idea for the ball and drill as a side gig we have going.
No. 900342 ID: b1b4f3

No, the jar is full of purple stuff. We don't know what the purple stuff is, but I'm pretty sure it's not taffa, since you're apparently supposed to use the drill thing with it and taffa is taken orally.

And what the heck is wrong with having taffa syndrome? Having the syndrome isn't against the law. All the paper could potentially say is that we're newly memory-wiped.
No. 900354 ID: 69d4b9

Hang on to everything, declare everything, tell the truth when asked. You don't know your own health history, so a hospital visit is probably a really good idea.
No. 900369 ID: dbf422

Yes but window licker is a window licker. I'm sure nothing would come of him finding out.

Not declaring our taffa syndrome keeps options open. We don't know what kinda stigma suffering from taffa syndrome has.
No. 900377 ID: c0641d

My reasoning is that we’re not ready to trust Vesper yet, but this is actually better.

... There’s also the fact that doing this would be circumspect as hell, considering all of the miscellaneous stuff we’re toting, and the fact that we arrived on a normal evac shuttle instead of getting picked up by Vesper.
No. 900427 ID: ff82d2

I think the only thing that needs hiding is the vial as we're relatively certain that's taffa and that it's illegal. As >>900369 said, we should keep our options open.

Speaking of keeping our options open, there's no reason to immediately decide to throw our stuff away or to surrender it all to customs. Considering the size of the queue, it seems we're gonna be here for a while. We should use this time to talk to the fine people in the waiting room and learn whether any of our items could get us in trouble. What if these customs don't even check belongings?

That said, we should drink the bottled water and throw the bottle into the pit to see what happens heh.
No. 900437 ID: c0641d

Oof, yeah. There is a chance we (including me) are all overthinking this. But yeah, the only thing we can be sure of is that the taffa vial itself has to go. If there's no safe option for getting rid of it completely, another idea would be to try and hide it in plain sight among the evidence vials, or as depleted ammunition for the drill. I doubt there's a magical taffa-detecting system in place here, beyond normal drug screening.
No. 901320 ID: 891b91
File 153665689433.gif - (254.23KB , 1024x1024 , 026-1.gif )

For a moment you debate getting rid of the two jars in your possession, in case they might be taffa paraphernalia. You decide against it, though, figuring that honesty might be the best way to get through customs -- at the very worst, you'll just get hospitalized for having taffa syndrome, and that can't be too bad, right? Hell, it might even be helpful! Who knows whether customs will confiscate any of your things, though; but you'd bet that the police or hospital staff might, if you get arrested or hospitalized.

>I don't want to throw the vial away as it could hold some clues to our circumstances.
>we have a lot of mysteries to solve with these items; it's too soon to risk losing them and being stuck in an institution.
You think you can afford to lose any of your other items, if need be, but you get a nagging feeling that the vial with the faded label is important and you should hold on to it no matter what. You aren't sure whether you should listen to this feeling, but if you do, you expect you'll need to figure out some way to conceal it, sneak it through customs, or otherwise convince them not to take it.
No. 901321 ID: 891b91
File 153665690715.gif - (272.07KB , 1024x1024 , 026-2.gif )

>You should hide the vial in your _____ and then proceed to enter the waiting room.
>fantasize how lewd and exciting that might be.
You think it would be more embarrassing and nerve-wracking than exciting!
No. 901322 ID: 891b91
File 153665692206.gif - (798.28KB , 1024x1024 , 026-3.gif )

>Considering the size of the queue, it seems we're gonna be here for a while. We should use this time to talk to the fine people in the waiting room and learn whether any of our items could get us in trouble.
That's true -- you do have a bit of time to mull this all over before finally making a decision on how to proceed, it seems. Maybe talking to the people here can give you a better idea of how things work in customs, if you care to talk to them at all.

One possible option here is to simply wait until the main character's service number is called.
If a majority of suggestions pick this option, I'll introduce a time skip to when it's time to meet with customs.

You cross the threshold leading into the waiting area, which despite its state of disrespair appears to be relatively clean. For the most part, everybody here seems preoccupied with ignoring each other; Window licker, of course, continues to lick the window with remarkable enthusiasm, humming to himself in time with each stroke of his tongue. The two guys sitting by the door appear to be competing for the title of "loudest snorer", in addition to annoying the shit out of the portly woman sitting near them. The llama(?) guy sitting in the middle of the bench looks like he's about to wet his pants from anxiety; he nearly jumps out of his seat every time the strange, tentacle-armed canine girls next to him punctuate their foreign chatter with bouts of giggling. Finally, there's the wolf-shark-thing woman at the end, who seems strangely amused by your presence.
No. 901327 ID: ff82d2

The window licker and the resident sleepers aren't going to be of much use.
The tentacle hands probably can't speak our language so I wouldn't bother them for now either.
The llama guy is probably nervous because it's his first time here, so I also wouldn't choose to interact with him first.

That leaves us with the portly woman and the smoker woman as good candidates to talk to.
I suggest we talk to the woman at the end first. Seeing how she looks amused, she probably wouldn't mind the company for now.

Walk and lean onto the wall next to her and greet her. Ask her if she's been here before. If yes, then ask her what it's like and what sort of stuff they're looking for.
No. 901328 ID: daa216

Flirt with the angry looking woman.
No. 901329 ID: 094652


... Eh, go flirt with them anyway. And the honking girl next to them.
No. 901330 ID: ae9b99

>You think it would be more embarrassing and nerve-wracking than exciting!

Come now, don't lie to yourself. being embarrassed and nerve-wracked doing daring things in public can be lewd and exciting... after all, why else would you be blushing at the idea~ ;)

*ahem* right back to business

oh, a magazine at the table. maybe a good conversation starter could be asking the smoking lady if she is using that magazine. Otherwise you can read a bit of it to get a better idea of how this world work.
No. 901331 ID: ad51b8

their's something on the table, might be something worth looking at. Even if it isn't it puts you next to the smoker so you can talk to her if the paper isn't all that exciting or useful.
No. 901335 ID: 210c4f


Going a little further down this line of thinking, you aren't wearing any underwear under that jumpsuit to begin with...
No. 901341 ID: 7f0aac


Get hit on, obviously.
No. 901345 ID: dbf422

I say grab that magazine and sit on the table in front of the wolf-shark lady and say hi. You can idly glance at the magazine too.
No. 901347 ID: deec6e

Check out that torn-up magazine.
No. 901362 ID: 864e49

Ignore short short bulge, poke window licker, go to magazine.

Places to sit: end of bench with sleepy old man, in between annoyed women and paranoid guy.
No. 901381 ID: eeb7d9

In normal circumstances i would ignore the smug looking boy/girl, they are always bad news,but i have a good feeling about this one. Also she is kinda cute. Go talk to her.
No. 901382 ID: 91ee5f

Before you interact with any of these people, you should go to the counter where you can let the employee behind the counter know that you want to be checked in!

After you get a number and you’re told to wait for your number to be called, that’s when you can start interacting with these other people in the waiting room.
No. 901391 ID: 10c408

Seconding getting our number from the employee behind the counter.

after that.. Well, I imagine that if we squeeze in-between annoyed lady and terrorized not-giraffe man, we'll cause a scene.

So take a seat next to the smaller of the two snoring individuals. It'll suck but at least you won't have to stand the entire time until a seat opens up.
No. 901393 ID: 69d4b9

When you get your number ask where the bathroom is.
No. 901409 ID: ff82d2

>>901382 >>901391 >>901391
>our number
We already got our number:
>Your service number is 47
No. 901411 ID: 91ee5f

Never mind then. Forget I said anything.
No. 901412 ID: caf1de

don't get distracted by how sexy everybody is
that long tongue
that er um bald .. head? that's the same size as you and is a hipster ok never mind him
that massive bulge that could split you in two
those fack knockers
um ah hes probably go t a long dick also hes cute and has rocking boots
dat bad gurl who's probably not wearing underwear either

oh hey the window licker is that same species as you that's not encouraging
No. 901415 ID: b1b4f3

Ask window licker why he's doing that.
No. 901428 ID: c0641d

Ask the window-licker if he’s okay, then see if there’s a bathroom, then talk to the wolf lady as described in >>901345.
No. 901431 ID: 91ee5f

>Where’s the bathroom?
We already know where the bathroom is. It’s the door in the back of the room with the “WC” on it right here: >>901322 .
No. 901537 ID: 02a0f7

Well, all the chairs are taken so you might as well sit on the table and read whatever that newspaper or magazine is. See who takes an interest in talking with you.
No. 901629 ID: c0641d

Oh, doy... Anyways, we're probably gonna make use of that after we figure out what's hot and what's not in customs.
No. 901641 ID: cbcfcb

Realize that big boi who's asleep is also packing a monster bulge comparable to your head.

Also lets have a chat with the Llama and see if we cant either calm him down or have some fun, and if that doesnt work out, the amused shark.
No. 901659 ID: 5755d0

You should take a seat and try to strike up a conversation with some cuties!
No. 901694 ID: 831c10

We must take windowlicker as our sidekick. A man with a tongue like that will surely come in handy.
No. 902043 ID: 891b91
File 153716262615.gif - (283.96KB , 1024x1024 , 027-1.gif )

>Come now, don't lie to yourself. being embarrassed and nerve-wracked doing daring things in public can be lewd and exciting... after all, why else would you be blushing at the idea~ ;)
>Going a little further down this line of thinking, you aren't wearing any underwear under that jumpsuit to begin with...
You remind yourself that this really isn't a good time to get distracted by lewd thoughts! Besides, you can't even remember why you're going commando...

>investigate windowlicker
Unable to resist your curiosity, you clear your throat. "Um... Hi?"
The windowlicker freezes, leaving his tongue pressed motionless against the glass. He cocks his head sharply, like a bird, freeing one of his eyes from the cover of his considerable mane to stare at you.
"Are you, uh, okay?"
He nods slowly, his tongue still stuck to the glass.
"Why... why're you licking the window?" You get the feeling that whatever answer you get will be unsatisfactory.
The windowlicker remains motionless, apparently mulling over the question, before turning to face you; he remains hunched forward, as if it's his natural posture. As he continues to stare at you, his tongue suddenly retracts into his mouth, with a wet schlup.

>A man with a tongue like that will surely come in handy.
You'd prefer to avoid considering the implications of that thought.

Finally, he speaks to you in a lethargic, slurring accent. "Cowwectin' paysps. Good mummy." With that, he returns to slobbering all over the window.

You open your mouth to ask one of the many further questions that raises, but he shoos you away with a wave of his hand before you can speak. Apparently he doesn't feel like continuing the conversation.
No. 902044 ID: 891b91
File 153716263546.gif - (309.53KB , 1024x1024 , 027-2.gif )

>inspect magazine
>speak to shark-wolf woman
>don't get distracted by how sexy everybody is
You saunter over to the center of the room and inspect the half-destroyed magazine, trying to look casual while you avert your gaze from the... notable body parts surrounding you. Its pages light up in response to your touch, prompting holographic text and images to float across its surface. The thing has no cover and you'd wager about half of its pages are torn out; the topmost page showcases an article about two wards signing an "enclaving pact," whatever that is. At first glance it seems a bit on the dry, boring side.

"Mind if I sit here?" You ask the wolf-shark woman, gesturing to the table.

"Hmm? Knock yourself out, pancakes." That amused grin remains curled around her snout, despite her disinterested tone of voice.
No. 902046 ID: 891b91
File 153716264502.gif - (401.37KB , 1024x1024 , 027-3.gif )

Delicately, you sit on the edge of the worn-down table, testing its stability before putting your full weight on it. "Pancakes?"
"Don't worry about it," she responds; her grin grows a little wider at your confusion, as she exhales a puff of cigar through her nose.

>dat bad gurl who's probably not wearing underwear either
Well, she does seem like the bold type, so maybe... You stop yourself from searching her body for tell-tale signs of undergarments, or a lack thereof. You begin to wonder how obvious it is that your undies are missing -- leaving you with the uncomfortable realization that you really aren't sure at all.

"So um, " you start again, "would you mind if I asked you a few questions?"
A moment passes as she stares into your eyes, sizing you up, before she responds. "Just popped yer ferry cherry, huh?"
You say nothing in response, but she seems satisfied by the quizzical expression on your face.
Her grin grows a little toothier. "Thought so. Well, I got time to kill, so ask away." She glances at your equipment case and cocks an eyebrow. "Nice box."
No. 902052 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her you're not sure what it is exactly, you picked it up in what looked like an abandoned building. It's some kind of tool that attaches to jars of purple stuff...
No. 902053 ID: a48264

Introduce yourself as :dd-spade::dd-dots1::dd-sun::dd-4::dd-dots1::dd-dots2::dd-corner::dd-smiley::dd-thing::dd-dots3::dd-note: - Oh, wait... Maybe just call yourself Spade for now if anybody asks

Ask what she means by "ferry cherry". If it seems like she already knows you're a taffa-user, ask her what she knows about hospitalization for your kind and whether or not it's a good idea

And above all, try to become her friend, because you're in desperate need of some
No. 902058 ID: 93f082

> >>902053 >ferry cherry
I think that she means that it's your first time being here / using a ferry shuttle.

I also think that there's no need to introduce yourself for now as she hasn't done so either.

Anyway, we should try not to immediately reveal that we don't know what our items are, instead just casually showing her our stuff, in which case I'm sure she'll speak up if she notices something illegal.
Open up the box and show it to her while revealing the power tool inside, "Yeah, check it out. Pretty cool, right? Think the customs will like it also?".

And then you should also put your other stuff from your pockets onto the table. Make it seem like you're just organizing your stuff. You can casually mention, or if she asks, that you found some interesting stuff laying around while getting out of the Old City.
No. 902062 ID: dbf422

Tell her you think someone left the box just laying on the ground and you figured you could return it, and do a little sightseeing on the side. You've never been on a ferry before and it's pretty cool.

What's she doing?
No. 902065 ID: dbf422

Oh yeah, if she asks for your name, give her that one. Spade, I mean.
No. 902070 ID: ae9b99

Call yourself Spade, but only if she asks
No. 902077 ID: 91ee5f

Tell her your name is “Taffa”, but only if she asks you for your name.
No. 902079 ID: f17d95

>You begin to wonder how obvious it is that your undies are missing -- leaving you with the uncomfortable realization that you really aren't sure at all. 

>"Nice box."

Oh crap, it is obvious that you are not wearing underwear after all! Cover up quick!

>She glances at your equipment case

Oh, false alarm. When she said box, she means your equipment case. Not your...
what a relief... I think...
No. 902081 ID: a6405f

Regardless of any sexual motives others may have, hiding any possible contraband in your vagina is a good idea. Lots of drug smugglers have been successful slipping past body searches using this method. It is either that or finding a secure container to put them in and swallowing it. Both methods will most likely get you through a search, and sticking it up your ladybits makes retrieving them much easier than waiting for them to finish going through your digestive tract. Dont think about it and just do it discreetly somewhere private. You cant afford to lose the items before you reach the detective agency, nor can you afford to get convicted of crimes you weren't aware of. So you should either swallow them, shove them up an orifice, or cut yourself open and stick them in there(although this last one will probably go horribly).

Additionally, you need to get a weapon, preferably a knife and gun (or a ballistic knife), along with some armor slim enough to go under clothing as soon as possible.
No. 902083 ID: eeb7d9

Oh boy, is one of those people that talk all in lingo. I am going to have a hard time understanding her. Well, for starters, do try to introduce yourself, let's be polite. I like Spades.
Then we can go with something easy, like, what deas she meens by Pancakes and ferry cherry. Not to be anoying, is just that is the first time anyone said that to you, that you can remember, and you are just curious.
No. 902084 ID: c0641d

Saw my post in the discussion page, eh? Like I said there, establishing our name as "Taffa" will annoy the heck out of anyone trying to ask around for/search us up in a database. Spade seems popular, though, so maybe "Taffa Spade" as our full name, to compromise.

The vag might work, but simply disposing of stuff in the WC will likely be more foolproof. Also, why do we need to smuggle a mundane weapon in? I'm sure there's plenty to go around in the city proper; in fact, I'm not sure that even counts as contraband.

In terms of questions to ask, yeah, we should be upfront about the weird drill-gun-thing. Explain that you're not even quite sure what it does; it's just one of several things you happened upon down there. She's this as being our first time, which will probably clash with the "we're with Delaney" story we might use to get the evidence case through as exactly that - important evidence - so let's not bring that up. The metal ball is something we can address if customs brings it up - if it is an issue, claim the truth; we had no idea what it was. The taffa vial, we're definitely getting rid of, because we already know it's illegal. So yeah, the electric mystery gun is the only thing we really need to ask about.
No. 902089 ID: ae9b99

Stick with only asking about the equipment case, and the contents found for now. No need to bombard her with so many questions yet. One at a time.

I'd rather we be honest with what we have and our situation than try to smuggle. too risky.
No. 902091 ID: c0641d

That's mostly what I was saying, in regards to the stuff. The problematic stuff, I'm suggesting we flat-out get rid of; no smuggling. Telling the truth about our situation, however, is actually the riskier move; we don't want to get stuck in some hospital. If anything we're still carrying turns out to be a problem, just confess (truthfully) that we didn't know, and turn it over.
No. 902097 ID: dbf422

Well, Pancakes is obvious. Probably. Because we're flat-chested.

and I sincerely hope that Taffa comes nowhere near our name
No. 902100 ID: 2202fb

>be honest, no smuggling
WC wont work cuz we need the stuff for the detective agency. We dont know what it is exactly so it might be really important. Aside from our jumpsuit, it is the only clue as to what our situation is. I think it is safe to say, however, that at least some of this shit is contraband and thus will at the very least, get confiscated once it is found. Most likely it will be found and we will end up behind bars.

I am not suggesting we smuggle a weapon, i am suggesting that once we are through, we should make getting a weapon of some sort a priority; not the top priority, but it should still be up there.
No. 902102 ID: 2202fb

I looked up taffa and apparently it is maltese and means to soothe or relieve. Based on this, I think we should go by Aloe as a first name rather than Taffa, since it is still somewhat related, but also different enough that it isnt obvious.
No. 902107 ID: b1b4f3

Naming ourselves after a drug is real dumb. The memory of our real name is apparently corrupted, so we do need a new one... I don't like "spade" though, how about Florentine?
No. 902154 ID: 7969eb

We should lose an eye, find a machine gun, and go by Kobold Plisken.
No. 902159 ID: 129580

Pancakes is too obvious for a name, and Taffa is going to just cause us trouble

We should come up with a proper first and last name...

...and our middle name should be waffles.
No. 902172 ID: 1e9311

No. 902173 ID: 094652

How about Penny Pwaffles, then?
No. 902178 ID: b151ce

Penny is a cute name.
No. 902186 ID: 2202fb

Penny "Spades" Waffles
No. 902189 ID: f81a21

Penny :)
No. 902190 ID: eeb7d9

This sounds good. Maybe to cute but acceptable.
No. 902192 ID: 2202fb

Does "Gaufres de-Bleu" sound better?
No. 902195 ID: dbf422

If having a mononym is so awful, I guess Penny Spades is okay.

I refuse any breakfast food or drug come anywhere near that name, though.
No. 902331 ID: 891b91
File 153733870291.gif - (369.86KB , 1024x1024 , 028.gif )

"Yeah, check it out," you respond, trying to segue smoothly into feeling her out about the drill-like tool. You lay the box on the table and pop it open to show her. "I found it in the Old City -- not sure what it is, though."
"Duuuude," she gasps, picking the 'drill' up and fondling it a bit, "this is some expensive kit. You really found this when you were out scrappin'?"
You nod, choosing to play along for the moment. "Yeah. You know what it is?"
"Mmhmm," she hums as she turns the device over in her hands, "it's a dustbender. This baby'll write, rewrite, erase, extract, inject... pretty much anything you might wanna do to someone's dust. They gotta hold still while you use it though, so it's pretty much only a medical and body-mod kinda thing. Still, expensive stuff, could fetch you a pretty penny if you can find a buyer."

She stares at the dustbender a few more moments, transfixed by it, before she shoots you a quizzical look. "Where'd you find this, anyway? A few of these things have passed through my hands before, but none of them were as... new as this. This shit's practically cutting-edge -- not really the kinda thing you'd expect some skeevy modder to dump in O-Town."
No. 902332 ID: 891b91

Since there's been a lot of discussion about names, it's probably time to put it up to a formal vote. Here are all of the names that have been suggested so far:
>Kobold Plisken
>Penny Pwaffles
>Penny "Spades" Waffles
>Gaufres de-Bleu yes I know this one is a joke but I'm including it anyway
>Penny Spades
(You can continue to suggest additional names, suggest combinations of them, etc., if you'd like.)

Please post your top 3 favorite names/combinations, from most favorite to least favorite. Both mononyms (single names) and "full" names (e.g. firstname lastname, firstname middlename lastname, etc.) are allowed. 2 or 3 finalists will be picked based on popularity, with some discretion on my part to break ties if needed; and then I'll hold one last vote among those.
No. 902335 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her maybe you shouldn't say, since now you think it actually belongs to someone, and you'd rather ship it back to the owner yourself.

>dust modification modifies the body somehow
Well that's interesting.
No. 902337 ID: ee2d6e

"In a dingy, creepy ice-cream parlour."

Kobold Plisken
No. 902339 ID: a48264

Penny Spade seems like a reasonable name, and it still acts as a reminder for whatever it is she thinks her real name is

Hmmm... Maybe offer to split the profits with her if she helps you find a buyer. It'd be nice to have some money to your new name, and you might end up with a friend to help guide you through this alien world. Not to mention you could really use some help getting through customs right now.
No. 902340 ID: caf1de

>Penny "Pancakes" Spades
No. 902341 ID: dbf422

It might be new. We found it in a pretty bad situation, though we're not sure what happened. Figured we could see if anyone is looking for it first.

1. Spade
2. Penny Spade
3. Penny Spades

No. 902346 ID: 5c850a

Penny Waffle Spades Plisken.
No. 902353 ID: ad51b8



No. 902354 ID: 93f082

>top 3 favorite names/combinations
- Dusty Hearts
- Doria "Floppers" Whitewell
- Sandy Fullerene Ashes

Altho I'd be ok with most combinations using these.
No. 902357 ID: 1e9311

Penny Spade(s) is fine.
No. 902360 ID: 93f082

"You know Delaney?".
Her answer to this question could give us some useful info about the reputation of that investigation firm.
"One of their dudes was there and, well, this what's left of 'em.".
There's many different ways that she could react to this information but, unless she eggs us into contacting Delaney, we should probably not tell her that we already intend to return their stuff.
"Think dealing with them is risky?"
And lastly, the most important question,
"Speaking of risky, do the customs check any of this stuff? Like, I have some more junk on me but I'm not sure about the regulations of this place."

> >>902335 >dust modification modifies the body somehow
I think that with "modders" she's referring to "body modders", which would be the people performing body swapping. On themselves, or on others.
No. 902374 ID: 864e49

I'm fine with Penny Spades as our name and "Pancakes" or "Waffles" as our nickname.
No. 902454 ID: 2202fb

Zoosmell Pooplord!

srsly tho Penny Spades
No. 902469 ID: dbf422

Pennyy Spades, then
No. 902498 ID: 2e0f31

Consider its condition dropped once, never fired.
>Plisken/Kobold Plisken
>literally anything that is not penny and/or waffles
No. 902502 ID: 7f0aac


My vote is for Ainsley as our name:

>From a surname which was from a place name: either Annesley in Nottinghamshire or Ansley in Warwickshire. The place names themselves derive from Old English anne "alone, solitary" or ansetl "hermitage" and leah "woodland, clearing".

Feels fitting, and is decidedly unisex to go with our uncertainty on the matter.
No. 902510 ID: 2202fb

Hol up, so since we have this tool, does that mean we have had the means to ascend from washboard this whole time!?
No. 902517 ID: 0e2ebe

And ruin this aesthetic? Away with you!
No. 902652 ID: cbcfcb

No. 902680 ID: c0641d

"Can I have it back, and do I need to be worried? What exactly counts as contraband around here?"

> Taffa
> Taffa Spades
> Penny Spades
No. 902698 ID: 094652

1. Penny Pwaffles
2. Penny "Pancakes" Spades
3. Florentine Spades
No. 902846 ID: 15a025

Penny Pwaffles.
No. 902848 ID: 7969eb

Actually, we'd better give the Vesper glyph a good long check to see if it's still doing okay.
No. 902849 ID: deec6e

No. 902899 ID: c3a2fb

>>Alex ♤
makes us sound like a hard boiled detective or professional gambler.
No. 902924 ID: 93f082

If it's gonna come down to combinations of Penny and Spade, then I'd at least give it some refinement:

Penrose "Penny" O'Spades
No. 902926 ID: b1b4f3

Josie Pennijo.

But seriously Alex or Ainsley sound like real names that we should use instead of something dumb like SPADES.
Heck, "Penny Ainsley" sounds like a real name.
Or "Alex Penny". Penniesworth?
No. 902940 ID: 864e49

Come on guys no "Taffa" that's just stupid.

I'm down with any combination of Penny, Ainsley, Spades, Pancakes or Waffles.

Hell Penny "Spades" Ainsley dosen't sound half bad.
No. 902985 ID: 904bad

Penny "Waffles" Ainsley
No. 902986 ID: eeb7d9

I like Penny Spades.
No. 903132 ID: 07c00b

Penny "Spades" Waffles
No. 903308 ID: b151ce

Penny "Spades" Waffles
No. 903387 ID: 05885e

If we go with Spades, lets put a ♤ or ♠ symbol it'll give anyone searching a database for us a really hard time.
No. 903522 ID: 891b91
File 153803837492.gif - (433.99KB , 1024x1024 , 029-1.gif )

"Some run-down shop," you reply, choosing to avoid giving much in the way of details. "Something nasty went down there, but I'm not sure what. Looked like somebody got hurt or died... lots of blood." You grimace a bit at the memory.

She sucks her teeth in response. "Daaamn, you musta been hella deep into the city to see that kinda shit." She sets the bender back in its box and shuts it, turning to look at you. "Any idea who the unlucky bastard was?"

"I dunno, but they left this behind." You hand the Delaney business card to her, triggering its hologram to light up; she studies it as you continue speaking. "You know anything about these guys?"

"Delaney? Heh, you don't get over to Gansett much, do ya? They got billboards plastered all over the shelf. One of 'em's right across from my window, bit of an eyesore really. Can't say I have much experience with 'em, though."
No. 903523 ID: 891b91
File 153803838638.gif - (572.31KB , 1024x1024 , 029-2.gif )

She fiddles with the card for a moment; a poke at its glyph prompts the hologram to flip aound, revealing a photo of a woman with piercing eyes. Beside it, in glowing text, it reads:


"Hmm. I bet that's your victim, right there." She points at the hologram, gently jabbing her finger through it before she hands the card back to you. "So what're you gonna do -- go tell these guys about their dead buddy?"

"I dunno, I hadn't thought that far ahead yet." It's a lie, but you think it's best if you avoid saying too much about your intentions.

"Ain't any of my business, but I'd steer clear of 'em if I were you. They're obviously mixed up in some pretty heavy shit if they got guys bleeding out in O-Town." She shrugs. "But hey, do what you want. You could try hittin' this chick up on holo if you really wanna know if she made it out okay."

>Hol up, so since we have this tool, does that mean we have had the means to ascend from washboard this whole time!?
You have no clue how the dustbender even works, let alone whether it can be used for that kind of body modification!

"So, what about customs?" You ask, changing the subject. "Are they gonna search my stuff? What exactly counts as contraband around here, anyway?"

"Shit, this really is your first time. Look, contraband's what you'd expect: drugs, taffa, stolen property. Just ditch the first two in the bathroom or something. If they think any of your stuff is stolen, just say you found it down in the ruins and let 'em confiscate it -- just not worth the trouble. And that bender --" she pats the equipment case for effect "-- they're prolly gonna think it's stolen unless you got a license for it."

>Actually, we'd better give the Vesper glyph a good long check to see if it's still doing okay.
You still aren't quite sure what it'll do, but you wonder for a moment whether the Vesper glyph might be helpful in this situation.
No. 903524 ID: 891b91

I've decided to run the final name vote slightly differently than I originally planned; I've narrowed down the 6 most popular names, based both on the number of votes and by weighting them according to whether they were a suggester's 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice. Pick a first name and a last name from the names list below. I've also included the three most popular nicknames, as an optional vote.

Due to their similarities, I've combined Spade and Spades into Spade(s), and Waffle and Waffles into Waffle(s). If you vote for either, make sure to indicate which version of the name you prefer.
If you want no last name or no nickname, add "no last name" or "no nickname" (or both) to your vote.

Name finalists:

Nickname finalists:
No. 903529 ID: dbf422

Penny Spade. No nickname (because nicknames should be given not decided on your own).

And a holo is probably some way to communicate, but you should probably figure that out on your own. That's probably too obviously something you should already know.

And there you go, definitely stash the drugs/taffa. This lady knows what she's doing and you have to listen to her advice. As for the bender... Well, maybe you can convince them you're a good Samaritan but if you can't, it seems all that'll happen is that you won't keep it. Though that'll make it much harder to get help from Delaney, so check for a way to sneak it past the checkpoint, maybe from outside the room.
No. 903558 ID: 93f082

>Shit, this really is your first time
"Thanks for popping my cherry... I mean, for showing me the ropes."

>they're prolly gonna think it's stolen
"Would be a shame to have this beauty lost here.". Implying that there might be a way to smuggle it across. After all, she did mention finding a buyer. Well, unless she meant buyers off the Concourse. Does she have a license?

But even if we can't smuggle it, it should be fine. In that case, we'll simply declare to the customs that the dustbender is a property of Delaney Security Services and that we'd like to hand it over to them. As for the reason we brought it here instead of Gansett shelf, we say that we had no choice due to the shuttle's procedure and that we had no means of communication.

As for getting rid of drugs/taffa, well, the vial is empty, so it shouldn't pose a problem. See if you can detach the label from the vial without tearing it tho.
The violet liquid... I really don't think it's drugs. Considering one came with the dustbender, I'd guess it's some sort of fuel/oil, or a solution to hold dust. However, I'm undecided on whether we should keep it or not.

Penny Ainsley
No. 903564 ID: eeb7d9

Penny Spade for the win!

Also ask our new friend if there is any way to not lose any of this stuff, you might need it later.
Also, ask her where could you find her later, she is the only frendly face you have met in a while and has been very helpful.
Did told us her name?
No. 903566 ID: 2202fb

Just stuff the (small) contraband up your cooch till you get through customs, it is the best chance you have of getting it through.

Penny Spades
No. 903567 ID: 2202fb

Tell her you saw a corpse which means they didnt get out alive.
No. 903572 ID: 10c408

Learn forward and whisper your next two questions since the giraffe looking dude is no longer wigging out and is actually paying attention to you.

"What does Taff even look like? Also, what kind of substance does the dustbender use and what color is it?"

Penny Waffles Ainsley.
No. 903615 ID: dbf422

What corpse? We saw a coat.
No. 903616 ID: eeb7d9

There was goo under it, probably from the former wearer of that coat. And those foxes seemed to be "eating it".
No. 903619 ID: b1b4f3

Penny Ainsley since that seems to be the only sane choice with a chance of winning.

Also yeah try pawning the device off here and now.
And take the label off the bottle then ditch the bottle.
No. 903620 ID: c0641d

"Name's Taffa Spade, and yes, that's with two 'f's, and if anyone asks: yes, my parents were as stupid and self-destructive as you're probably thinking. Please don't ask further. If you want to use a less stupid name, I've started answering to 'Penny.'" (Basically, we're Penny to our friends, but Taffa officially, for the benefits of my "data search annoyance" idea without actually having to go by it and potentially get into trouble in person like some people have pointed out.)

End the conversation, wait until the eavesdropper's number has been called, then head into the WC. This ensures that we aren't jumped, and the time gap makes our trip to the toilet look like just that.

I don't think the taffa itself is important enough to try smuggling. If we absolutely need to keep the bottle, I suggest washing it out in the bathroom to make sure we aren't nabbed for trace amounts (maybe wash off the label, too, and let a more intensive forensic scan do the talking for our claims later). Also, definitely flush the Vesper paper; that rune on our person will lead people to connect the dots too easily.

Once in customs, explaining that we need to bring the two cases to Delaney should get them through, or at least tell customs enough to return the important stuff to where it belongs. Everything else should be safe.
No. 903623 ID: c0641d

Actually, scratch my "blank bottle" idea. Doy. Why didn't I think of just smuggling the label? But yeah, either way, we should wait until we're in the bathroom before we attempt anything (everything else in my >>903620 plan remains unchanged), and if we end up tearing it beyond legibility, we switch to the blank bottle plan.
No. 903627 ID: b151ce

Penny Ainsley sounds good.
No. 903629 ID: b1b4f3

Don't ditch the Vesper paper. We only get hospitalized if we're caught with Taffa, which we don't really have? Washing out the bottle makes sense though. Won't even have to ditch the bottle if it's washed.
No. 903636 ID: 91ee5f

>Taffa Spade
I like this name and I will vote for it!
No. 903642 ID: 93f082

I'm strictly against washing the vial. The reasoning is this: What if the substance that was inside is not taffa? Or what if the label on the vial does not match the vial's contents? If it's not taffa, then we'd be erasing an extremely important piece of evidence about what happened to us.
No. 903652 ID: 864e49

Penny "Waffles" Ainsley

Lama dude is freaking out.

Ask about Vesper.
No. 903664 ID: cbcfcb

Wait hold on, i got this suspicion that Llama guy and this missing person may just know eachother, or perhaps related?

Also "Penny Ainsley"
No. 903667 ID: 094652

Penny "Pwaffles" Spades
No. 903774 ID: 02ae9d

Ohhhhhhhh maybe.
No. 903787 ID: 05ff2f

Name: Alex Ainsley

Since it's highly likely the dustbender will be confiscated by Customs, if this dustbender can hold a dust pattern inside itself and there's one stored in there, then this'll be your last chance to find out what it is.

Ask the gal if a dustbender like this one would have internal storage. If so, then ask if she has any idea how to check what's stored in it, if anything.
No. 903793 ID: 07c00b

Penny Spades "Pancakes"
No. 903801 ID: 93f082

Oh, why didn't I notice it. The way he's looking at the card and sweating. This calls for some innuendo.

Climb in his lap and ask, "Excuse me, could you help me with something?" while twirling his chest fluff. And then bring the card up to his face and ask him, "Do you know this person?".
No. 903886 ID: b151ce

Thank her for her time. Interrogate llama.
No. 904452 ID: 891b91
File 153847169293.gif - (437.81KB , 1024x1024 , 030-1.gif )

She whips her head around, noticing the eavesdropper at the same time as you. "You got a problem, buddy? Me 'n my new friend -- uh, hey Pancakes, what was yer name again?"

"Penny," you whisper. Penny Ainsley isn't your real name, of course, but it'll have to do.

"--Me 'n my new friend Penny here are tryin' to have a private conversation, okay pal? So maybe you could mind your own fuckin' business, huh?"

He lets out a terrified shriek; you think he might have actually peed himself this time. "Oh-- uhm-- s--sorry, I-- I w-was wondering if-- um-- n-nevermind-- sorry! Sorry." Giving up, he turns away and sits rigidly in his seat, trying his best to avoid seeming like he's listening to you.

"So what's with calling me 'Pancakes,' anyway?" You ask, lowering your voice to avoid further eavesdropping.

She chuckles. "Could be because you got some big ol' pancake ears! Don't mean nothin' by it, of course -- I think they're kinda cute, actually. Besides, I didn't know yer name."

"You never told me yours either," you protest, a little unsure how to feel about beaing teased for your big ears.

"Fair point. Name's Quincy, nice to meetcha."

You nod in response. "Yeah, same to you."

"Anyway, where were we?"

"Well," you begin again, "I wanted to know a little more about the dustbender."


"What's that liquid that came with it?"

"In the jar? You didn't recognize it? It's taffa," she says matter-of-factly, before noticing the alarmed expression on your face. "Relax, it ain't the raw stuff -- when it's raw it's... active, swirlier than that. This stuff's harmless... well, until the bender primes it, anyway."

You give her a quizzical look. "Primes it?"

"I think it's like, uh, programming the taffa?" She shrugs. "Can't really say I know how it works."

>interrogate/seduce llama
You make a mental note to try to find out what the llama guy's deal is, after you're finished talking to Quincy.

>End the conversation, wait until the eavesdropper's number has been called, then head into the WC. This ensures that we aren't jumped, and the time gap makes our trip to the toilet look like just that.
You decide that, given the llama guy's questionable interest in you, you should wait to do anything in the WC until after he leaves.
No. 904453 ID: 891b91
File 153847170304.gif - (329.13KB , 1024x1024 , 030-2.gif )

A message from an intercom can't locate interrupts your conversation. "Number 39, number 39." The portly, annoyed woman from earlier mutters something to herself as she gets up and disappears through the door on the other end of the room.

"Look like I'm next," Quincy thinks out loud as she watches the woman leave. "Anyway. What else you got for me?"

"You said it could extract stuff... does it have internal storage?"

"Yep, that's what the cans on top're for."

"How do you check what's stored in it?"

"Beats me, I ain't an expert. I just know enough to sell the damn things." She puffs thoughtfully on her cigar for a moment. "Hmm. Come to think of it, I know a modder who could prolly do it."

You shrug. "It's a moot point anyway, if I can't get it through customs."

"No license, huh?"

"If I have one, it's news to me. Do you?"

"Depends on who's asking," she replies, a knowing grin curling across her lips. "Why? Thinkin' of pawning that thing off?"

"I'm not sure, but I kinda want to know what's in those cans."

"Well, if you really wanna hold onto it, maybe I could smuggle it for ya..." She leans back, eyeing you expectantly. "Question is, Pancakes, what's in it for me?"
No. 904454 ID: fd0bee

>what's in it for me?
Whatever you think is fair. We could share the content, share the sale value, I could do a job for you or something like that.
No. 904457 ID: 7f78c0

Yeah this seems alright. You could offer anything in your pockets that isn't the flyer, and be honest that you don't have anything else. She's cool, and the worst you'll probably have to deal with is a "no deal".

You probably don't have to clarify about not doing anything too sketchy, and you shouldn't voice those concerns anyway. Just think about that, just to be prepared if she is secretly not cool.
No. 904458 ID: a94e23

We don’t need the dustbender, but we do need stability, some cash and a friend to keep us from doing something stupid while we rejoin civilisation and figure things out.
She can have a 50% cut of whatever it’s worth if she helps us stay afloat for a bit or 40% if she’s just interested in the dustbender.
No. 904464 ID: ad51b8

...uh, what do ya want? Kinda came her because I didn't have much on me and figured it would be easier to set up here then back where I came from.
No. 904468 ID: bad12e


Clearly some quality time with our cute ears.
No. 904469 ID: eeb7d9

Sounds reasonable. That is pretty much what we can offer now.
No. 904479 ID: c0641d

"I'm not looking to do anything sketchy, and I honestly don't care if I keep the thing, just as long as it gets back to its owners, so hopefully I can get answers and a reward from them. Is there a way to claim something for someone else and have customs to get them to confirm and pick it up?" If we have to smuggle it: "Well, as long as we get to deliver it together, and you let me crash at wherever you're staying if I can't find my own place, I'll ask them to give you all of the immediate monetary reward. I'm more interested in getting a stable income, so if there's a job offer on the table too, it's mine."
No. 904501 ID: 93f082

>what's in it for me
"Hey, don't friends help each other?" ;)

Scratch that. Seriously, I think there's a good chance that Quincy caught onto the fact that we got a taffa syndrome. It makes little sense that someone who's "scrapping" wouldn't know what taffa looks like. And it's not like zombies are super rare; if they were, then we wouldn't have ads plastered everywhere about recovering personal background. In other words, meeting a person with very limited knowledge / faulty memory would be a dead giveaway, and she doesn't look like a gullible person to me. I also find it strange how quickly she declared us to be her new friend. Based on this, I'm wary of her trying to scam us.

For her to smuggle the dustbender for us, we would need to hand it over to her. There's absolutely no guarantee that, after we're past the customs, that we won't find that she simply took off with it.

Now, if she was absolutely bent on scamming us, then she wouldn't have made the offer that she did. If she wanted to scam us, then she would just accept to smuggle the 'bender right away, take it, and we'd never see her again. An offer that would be too good to be true.
>Hey, don't friends help each other?
This is a prime example of a bad offer, one that would be too good to be true. And if she'd accept it, I can very easily imagine not seeing the 'bender ever again. She ain't working for charity.
So we need to offer something that would make it worth her while. The problem is, we don't really have anything of value. The two things that we have that might be worth something are the bronze metal sphere, and some legal taffa. Considering the sphere was just lying there on a shelf, like the Vesper book, I doubt it's expensive. Similarly, with how people prefer the raw taffa, I guess the non-raw one wouldn't be very valuable.

Yeah, convincing her not to steal the bender after smuggling it is pretty hard.

Here is what I would do:
Tell her that you know that there's a chance that after giving her the dustbender, that you'll never see it again. And that you don't really have anything of similar value to offer her in exchange, show her the taffa and the ball. Then tell her that you'll agree to whatever terms she declares in exchange for her smuggling the 'bender.
Also, shyly add that you'd let her play with your ears.
No. 904526 ID: cbcfcb

We could always offer them an hour to do anything with or to us if they help us out, within kinky reason of course...
No. 904533 ID: 10c408

Continue whispering.

"I just want a chance to figure out what was stored on it and a chat with your modder friend. After that? It's yours to do with as you please."

"...And maybe use it at least once beforehand to fix my height and chest a bit."
No. 904987 ID: 05b11b

Let her keep it. its not like you have any use for it or the taffa. What you need is information. possibly weapon and rations.

oh and bondage gear. don't forget the bondage gear.
No. 905080 ID: 891b91
File 153873019818.gif - (516.11KB , 1024x1024 , 031.gif )

"Whatever you think is fair," you reply with a shrug. "I mostly want to find out what's in those cans, and to get a chance to talk to that modder friend of yours."

Quincy raises an eyebrow. "That depends on what you're offerin', don't it?"

You pull the bronze orb out of your pocket and show it to her. "Well, I have, uh, this thing, or there's the taffa that came with the bender..."

She shakes her head. "Nah, that thing looks like junk. Plus I can't sell it if I don't know what it is. And I don't got a whole lotta use for stem taffa, neither."

"I guess we could share whatever's stored in the bender... and I was thinking of returning it to Delaney, so if there's a reward I could give it to you."

"Hey, I deal in equipment, not info. And a reward -- if they even give one -- prolly ain't gonna come close to what we could get from sellin' the thing."

You think for a moment. "I don't know if I want to sell it... maybe I could let you, uh, play with my ears for a bit? Or more than just my ears?" You're a bit shocked that you actually suggested that.

"Play with your ears?" She chuckles, making air-quotes with her fingers as she speaks. "Look, you're cute and all, but I ain't the kinda girl who pays someone to bump uglies with me, y'know?" She pauses to think for a moment, before her eyes light up again. "Alright, how about this: either we sell the thing 'n go halfsies on the profit, or you can go on a scrap with me 'n help find shit to sell -- then we'll be even. And I'll see if I can't get you some face time with that modder I know -- he's a bit dicey, though, so no promises there. How's that?"

"Well, what if I just told customs that the bender belongs to Delaney and that I wanted to return it?"

"Iunno, never tried somethin' like that before. Guess they'd just take it from ya and that'd be that. These Delaney people prolly wouldn't even know it was you. No clue whether you'd still get in trouble for it." She shrugs. "Seems to me you got better luck with -- well, with me."

"Unless you just take it and I never see you again."

"Even then I'm doin' you a favor -- one less thing to worry about when you walk through that door, right? But I ain't no con artist."

"I guess I'll just have to accept the risk, if I want your help," you admit. "I dunno how you'd prove it anyway."

"If I could, I would." She shrugs helplessly. "Look, I'm good with either splittin' the profit with you or takin' you on a scrap with me, so you don't gotta decide which right now. All I gotta know is whether I'm takin' that bender through for you."
No. 905084 ID: ee2d6e

Go on a scrap. That almost sounds like a job opening, and I'm fairly certain you're a bit unemployed right now.
No. 905089 ID: 9636d9

She says you can wait to choose the payment but going scrapping seems fun. So at least agree to her help, and probably pick that option. Also, maybe you can get the orb appraised by someone she knows if you work with her.

I do feel kinda bad for stepping away from the naive but moral route of giving back the bender and whatever murder mystery or personal revelation that would lead to, but considering your situation, it doesn't seem likely you could do anything more than have customs tag it for retrieval.
No. 905092 ID: b1b4f3

Go on a scrap, she seems like a nice enough person and it'd be a good way of learning about stuff.
No. 905094 ID: 93f082

Why not both? Both is fine.

We just need to find out what's in the bender first, and then we sell it. Split the profit 50/50 is still ok.
However, I wouldn't go scrapping right away. I think we should visit Delaney first.
No. 905095 ID: eeb7d9

As of now, we don't have nothing on us. If we take it to Delaney, we'll probably loose this thing and end up with nothing at all. If we want information about what happened to you, we could just get money and use it to pay Delaney to make an investigation, if that is how they work. I say we scrap the bender.
No. 905100 ID: 07c00b

Scrapping is good, and seems interesting.
No. 905104 ID: c0641d

I do want to see about Delaney. Detective work honestly seems like something we'd be good at, so returning the bender and evidence and reporting what we observed as sort of an impromptu job interview is what I want to do (since scrapping seems to be a one-time thing, and even if it isn't, I don't see how we can't do both depending on where we go for fieldwork). But yeah, a scrap it will probably be. (Make sure to ask if that's slang for ruin scavenging.)
No. 905108 ID: 7f0aac


Why not both? It'll give us a bit of cash, we help out in exchange, and we learn more about the area. Everyone wins.
No. 905116 ID: a6405f

We might find the thing useful ourselves later on. We should just go scrapping, maybe offer to go more than once (esp if we can get some armor and/or weapons out of the runs).
No. 905185 ID: b8bf3b

Even if you wasn,t going to smuggle, I would still go scraping. Need a job after all.
No. 905190 ID: cbcfcb

Ask what the catch/risks for Scrapping would be, if you should watch out for something, come armed, something along those lines. For all we know it's about as dangerous as walking blindfolded through a mine field.
No. 905201 ID: 094652

Let her have the bender, I don't see you keeping it stuffed.

Scrap for cash.
No. 905208 ID: 93f082

Speaking of risks, it's possible that Quincy has an extra body, uses dust recovery or whatever unknown protective means that allow scrapping to be relatively safe for her. Whereas for us, scrapping might be super dangerous heh. Something tells me that if scrapping was a fun, safe and easy job, everyone would do it.
No. 905334 ID: 864e49

we'll do both.
Reward would probably be almost nothing, she ends up liking us more and we get a job.
No. 905443 ID: 315280

Let her “play with your ears” later anyway, she already said you were cute. Go for it
No. 905460 ID: 15a025

Offer to go scraping.
No. 905834 ID: 891b91
File 153899382275.gif - (286.54KB , 1024x1024 , 032-1.gif )

"By 'scrapping,' you mean scavenging in the ruins, right?" You ask.

Quincy nods. "Yep. You thinkin' of goin' that route?"

"Well, I need to know a bit more about the risks first."

"Risks? Well, I guess you could say scrappin's a legal grey area," she supposes. "It ain't illegal outright, but the powers that be don't exactly want people doin' it."

"What about the ruins themselves? How safe are they?"

"Depends on how deep you go in. Stick to the outer ring 'n you're only gonna run into freemen." She pauses to think for a moment. "Oh, and there's the itch, if you got really shitty luck."

These terms are new to you. "Freemen?"

"A buncha hobos who pretend they ain't hobos by sayin' they live 'off of the grid.' Most of the time they're pretty cool, so long as you keep 'em boozed up a bit."

"And the 'itch'?"

"The itch is..." She trails off, scratching her head. "Y'know, I dunno how to describe it, especially 'cause I've never been in it. It's a... rhythm thing, I think. They say you can feel it comin' on when yer bones start to tingle, 'n then it just gets worse from there. I've heard freemen say gettin' real drunk helps 'em get through it." She shrugs. "Personally I just carry a detector with me when I go on scraps, so I can get the hell outta dodge before it shows up."

"Other than the detector, are there any other precautions you take before going on a scrap?"

"Mostly the usual stuff you'd expect. Gun, knife, welding kit, medkit, work clothes..." She pauses to look you over for a moment. "You're gonna need some boots."

"Wait, so you don't have an extra body or something, just in case?"

She lets out a loud guffaw. "You kiddin' me? If I could afford that I wouldn't've gotten into scrappin' in the first place."

"Say," you start, changing the subject, "What if we did both -- what if we sold the bender and went on a scrap together?"

She shrugs. "Sure, if you wanna do that I'm sure we could work a deal out. We can talk about that later, though. They're prolly gonna call me up any minut--"

The monotone voice blares over the intercom again, interrupting her. "Number 40, number 40."

"Welp, speak of the devil," Quincy says as she hops up, "that's my number. They ain't gonna wait real long, so you gotta decide now whether I'm takin' this thing through for you."

You nod. "Yeah, let's do it."

"Wow, that's pretty forward of you," she teases, chuckling. "Just kiddin'. Alright, I can't wait around for you to get outta customs, got some business to take care of. How 'bout we meet up in a few hours?"

"Okay," you say, not feeling like you have much choice in the matter. "Where at?"

"Got a place I usually hit up for lunch over on Gansett, near my place. Little hole in the wall called Barth's -- the address is 217U." She reaches down and grabs the equipment case. "If somethin' comes up, hit me up -- my holo's 'oh_no_its_q@bliypylon.ward'"

You aren't sure how, but you know exactly how she writes her address -- it's like you can visualize it perfectly in your mind, even though she omitted the underscores in her speech. Furthermore, you somehow feel certain that she knows you know this.

Feeling a little mystified, you just nod your head. "Alright," you say, "I'll try to meet you at Barth's in a few hours." You decide against asking her how to get to Gansett Shelf, figuring that it'd make your amnesia a little too obvious.

"It's a date then," she says before turning towards the door. She takes a few paces in its direction, then looks back at you. "See ya in a bit, Pancakes."

With that, she disappears through the door to customs, and the door locks behind her with a click.
No. 905835 ID: 891b91
File 153899382925.gif - (751.79KB , 1024x1024 , 032-2.gif )

Looks like you've still got some time to kill until your number is called. You consider whether you should do anything in particular, or if you should just sit and wait until it's your turn.

>Let her "play with your ears" later anyway, she already said you were cute. Go for it
You admit to yourself that you find her kind of attractive, but you also just met her; between that and your amnesia, you think you should probably take things one step at a time -- ironically, you feel more cautious than you did when you tried to put yourself up for rent earlier.

Over the past several updates, a number of suggestions were ignored because Penny was in the middle of talking to Quincy, so please feel free to re-suggest things now that the conversation is over.

If at any time a majority of suggesters vote to wait, I'll introduce a time skip to when Penny's number is called.

No. 905836 ID: 891b91

Also, in case it wasn't clear, votes to wait for some other event (such as another character's number being called) will NOT count towards the timeskip mentioned in >>905835.
No. 905837 ID: 9636d9

Hey talk to the tall one. They seemed interested in what you were talking about, and I think it's because they had something to add or clarify. Maybe they just wanted to help and were just awkward about it.
No. 905838 ID: 094652

Those cables above her head look frayed. Might want to do something about that.
No. 905839 ID: ad51b8

might as well sit down and wait your turn. I mean two of them are asleep, one looks so wound up that even glancing at him to hard might cause him to snap, one is licking the window still, and the last 2 I am unsure if they speak the same language.
No. 905845 ID: 2202fb

It may just be me, but our ears seem to be swelling considerably.
No. 905851 ID: 10c408

They didn't change shape until we arrived at the concourse.
No. 905853 ID: 93f082

We should talk to the llama guy. I also feel that we should do something to make him feel a bit more at ease so that he doesn't fall apart or something.

So, sit next to the llama guy and ask him to rub your ears for a bit. Then ask him what he was wondering about before.
No. 905854 ID: eeb7d9

Yeanh, what is his deal?
No. 905857 ID: 10c408

Take a seat next to llama guy, ask him if he's going to wig out any further.
No. 905872 ID: ae9b99

give that llama a friendly poke on his neck.
No. 905891 ID: 891b91

Nope, just an art error on my part.
No. 905899 ID: b1b4f3

Read the magazine. Its contents should help inform you about the world, make it easier to avoid showing your amnesia.
No. 905905 ID: 90f3c0

Yes, ask the llama if he has something to say.
No. 906270 ID: eb2fe2

Honestly that's a really good idea. Seconded.
No. 906305 ID: a48264

Scold the table for being so rude Grab that magazine then plop down next to the llama eavesdropper. Apologize on Quincy's behalf for scolding him earlier and ask him what he wanted to say -- it might be something important.

>>905851 >>905891
I scrolled back to the beginning to compare ear sizes, and it just now occured to me how much the art's been improving in such a short amount of time. Amazing work!
No. 906530 ID: 891b91

Thank you!
No. 906559 ID: 864e49

Casually ask lama guy if he wants to go into the bathroom for a quicky.
No. 906563 ID: bad12e


Let's try to figure out what's up with the llama. Politely ask if this is also his first time up in wherever we are.

That should open up some conversation, at least. And who knows, maybe he recognizes us.
No. 906670 ID: 891b91
File 153941763944.gif - (324.04KB , 1024x1024 , 033.gif )

You grab the magazine and plop down in the empty seat beside the llama dude, hoping that if you ignore him for a few minutes, he'll calm down enough that you can get some info out of him. He grows noticeably tense, but says nothing.

You flip through the magazine, skimming for anything that might help you gain a better understanding of the world. It looks like most of the pages were torn out, judging from the page numbers, but you still find a handful of articles interspersed among pages of ads. Judging from their content, you'd guess that this is a news and current events magazine. The ads fail to tell you much about the world aside from the fact that you are in a heavily consumerist society; the articles, on the other hand, are more interesting:

>"The Mongoose Hunts the Lion" -- This is the article you glanced at earlier. It speculates about the inside dealings between two wards, Bliy Pylon and Orchid, which led to the signing of an "enclaving pact," which seems to be some kind of resource-sharing agreement. Orchid is described as unusually rich for a ward with so few members; the author says it's strange for a wealthy ward to seek to become an enclave of another.

>"The Bionic Plasmodian" -- A brief interview with "Hegemony", the first, and apparently only, plasmodian to adopt the use of a biomechanical exoskeleton, which gives it the ability to move around freely and handles bilateral language translation. Reading in between the lines, you get the impression that other plasmodians are strongly opposed to using exoskeletons, for some reason. Maybe you'd understand why, if you had any idea what a plasmodian was.

>"Skydancer's Fall from Grace" -- A celebrity gossip piece covering the exile of the luxury ship Skydancer and its inhabitants from the Chaser Fleet, which you gather is a traveling confederation of privately-owned ships. The author spends most of the article speculating about the reason behind the banishment, but your gut feeling is that they're just guessing randomly. The common thread among these guesses, though, is that some members of the Fleet wield a great deal of power and influence, and that the owner of the Skydancer must have offended one of them in some way.

>A Small Price to Pay -- An op-ed penned in the wake of a terrorist bombing that damaged the Concourse's Plate 3-L and took it out of commission; apparently the terrorism is part of an ongoing conflict among several minor wards. You find it pretty bizarre; the author argues quite passionately that these terrorist attacks are just "growing pains" that are "worth tolerating," because they are "part and parcel of the major wards loosening their stranglehold on society." They are very careful, too, to specify that nobody died in the bombing, while avoiding any mention of injuries.

>Ask him to rub your ears for a bit
>Casually ask llama guy if he wants to go into the bathroom for a quicky.
The idea of loosening the llama dude up with some physical intimacy crosses your mind, but you aren't sure whether propositioning a second complete stranger today is worth finding out what his deal is. Besides, given how wound up he is, you think it could backfire on you and worsen your chances of getting some worthwhile information out of him. Still, you'll keep seduction in mind as a backup option, just in case.

Figuring you've given him enough time to acclimate to your presence, you fold the magazine in your lap and pivot toward him. "Hey, sorry about earlier," you say gently. He winces at the sound of your voice. "You gonna be alright?"

He glances at you and gives a pained expression.

"I didn't know she would react the way she did," you continue, trying your best to seem friendly. "How about we start over? My name's Penny."

He stares at you uncomfortably. "P-Preston," he finally replies, grimacing.

"So, is it your first time here, too?"

"...First time where?"

"You know -- using the evac system, going through customs..."

"I, uh, n-- I-I mean... yes? Kind of?" He seems unexpectedly flustered by the question.

An awkward pause passes by, while you try to think of a way to segue from his awkward response.

"So what was that about earlier, anyway?" You ask, deciding to be blunt. "It seemed like maybe there was something you wanted to say."

"Oh, um, nope," he mumbles, looking away from you. "It -- it was nothing..."
No. 906672 ID: ad51b8

ask how long it usually takes to be called up?
No. 906673 ID: b1b4f3

I think I know what his deal is. He needs to smuggle something through and can't figure out how. He was going to ask for help earlier. Let's not get involved with his problems.

Comment on how the author of "Small Price to Pay" seems biased. Avoid talking too much about the actual events and issues presented in the articles since they might be old history. Instead you can critique the magazine itself and possibly provoke a useful response.
You could ask him if he's ever gone scrapping?
No. 906676 ID: eb2fe2

Press the matter. Be all like, 'no, im really curious. there's no reason to be afraid; i'm not gonna get offended or anything.' maybe toss in a little lie about having seen a lot in your time?
No. 906681 ID: 1872dc

I wonder if he wanted to hire Quincy. Though maybe he was interested in what happened with the Delaney employee. That's safer, so ask if that's what he wanted to know about.
No. 906686 ID: 7efe6b

He's definitely hiding something. But how to get him to open up...
I think a good way would be to make it seem like we're in a similar situation as him. Since he's acting all nervous/worried/scared we should act that way also.

"Man, this place sure is scary. So full of unknown people. Especially that lady back there. I was so nervous talking to her, but I really needed to ask someone about some stuff."
Pull out the business card again, tap it and look at the picture for a while.
"I don't know who this person is, but I hope she's alright. It was disturbing walking down there in the Old City where I managed to find this card. I- sorry, am I bothering you?"
After he answers try to come at him again,
"I noticed there's definitely something bothering you. Come on, what's wrong?"
No. 906693 ID: c0641d

> Stuttering
> Wide Eyes
> He's afraid of something.
> Changed his answer.
> He's lying about being in evac before, but why?
> Possible topics he's latched onto in our conversation;
> Delaney Employee
> Unlikely he was directly involved; the body was fresh, and we went straight to the evac.
> Smuggling
> Easy to assume, but he's dressed light. Difficult to hide anything.
> Taffa Forensics Expert w/ Discovered Alter Gun
> May have physically altered appearance thru taffa; presence of taffa expert being worrying is understandable.

POSSIBLE CONCLUSION: He's trying to "disappear" and start a life under a new identity, and is afraid that something will give him away.

How to press buttons and test this hypothesis without making him panic and try something stupid...

"Was it my friend that was making you nervous? She seemed nice enough, and I think it's cool to know enough about taffa and its signs of use to have a licence like that." See if his demeanor gets more flustered when talking about her occupation.
No. 906699 ID: eeb7d9

I like this line of thought.
No. 906732 ID: 7efe6b

If you wanna discuss it, >>/questdis/126010
No. 906885 ID: 891b91
File 153954860059.gif - (257.39KB , 1024x1024 , 034.gif )

"Hey, I get how you're feeling," you say, trying to console him. "This is my first time going through the evac system, too. It's kinda stressful, isn't it?"

Preston mumbles a barely-audible response. "Uh, yeah, sure."

"And like I said, I'm sorry about earlier. That lady was overwhelming me a bit too, but I just really needed to ask someone a few questions, y'know?"

"Mhm," he hums dismissively, as his nervousness begins to give way to aggravation.

"So I mean, if you have something you really wanna get off your chest, or ask something, or whatever, I'm all ears. I won't be offended."

"Um, I said it was nothing..."

"Alright, you got it," you reply, pretending to accept defeat before changing the subject. "So, you ever gone scrapping before?"

He sighs, rolling his eyes. "No..."

"Me neither, I was just curious." He says nothing in response. "I wonder how soon they'll call the next number," you think out loud.

"Not soon enough," he mutters.

Maybe chatting about the magazine will get the conversational juices flowing, you think. You let a few moments pass by before giving it another shot. "So you know that bombing that took out Plate 3-L? There's an article in this magazine that called it 'growing pains' that are 'worth tolerating'! Can you believe that? Seems pretty biased, if you ask me."

"L-look," he responds with a hint of frustration in his voice, "can we please... just... stop talking to each other?"

"Sorry, sorry," you respond, putting your hands up defensively. You pull Moira's business card out again, tap on the glyph to reveal her profile, and show it to him. "I don't mean to be a pain. I'm just trying to figure out who this woman is, aside from her name and where she works. You seemed interested, so I thought you might know something about her."

"So you... don't know her?" His tone of voice is curious, but his facial expression betrays a mix of surprise and uneasiness.

You shake your head. "No, but I found her card in the Old City, and it looked like someone got hurt pretty badly there. I just can't help but be concerned about it, you know?"

He looks at you head-on for the first time since you entered the room. "Um, w-where'd you find it?" He attempts a smile, but it feels hollow. "Maybe I, uh, maybe I could help?"
No. 906892 ID: c0641d

Okay, there's no way he doesn't know something about this; something about this, that is, that he doesn't particularly want us to know. We need to choose our next words very carefully.

"I mean, I just found it in the back of some abandoned ice cream place. It was nowhere important, really. Why do you ask? Are you saying you know her?"
No. 906893 ID: 1872dc

I knew that's when he tuned in.

"Help with what? How would where I found her let me know more about her? Isn't knowing it was in the Old City enough?" Then tell him, like you were just clueless and needed any reason. I like the idea of frustrating him into being off-balance.
No. 906895 ID: 7efe6b

He definitely knows her.

"Sure. But it's hard to remember or describe where she was. I could probably walk back there and show it to you. But even if I did, what can we do about it?"

If he was her friend, he would've shown a lot more concern and not try to hide anything. It doesn't look like he's a good guy. We should try getting his contact info so that we can "catch" him later.

"Hey, maybe you could give me your contact, and I'll hit you up if I learn more about her."
No. 906923 ID: a94e23

let’s try to get as much info from him as we can, let’s just ignore his offer of help and and him some ‘friendly’ questions about who this is.
Ground rules: don’t agree to anything, if he starts looking more confident about things then make your excuses and bail from the conversation, i don’t trust this guy at all.
No. 907025 ID: eeb7d9

I am having a really hard time reading this guy. I am not sure if he is just a noisy random dude or someone that is actually interested about this person's identity. He is uneasy as fuck, that is for sure.
No. 907386 ID: 891b91
File 153985555387.gif - (627.82KB , 1024x1024 , 035-1.gif )

You're beginning to suspect that Preston might not have the best of intentions, so you decide to play this as innocently and unassuming as possible.

"I'm not sure how to describe where I found it," you reply, "I guess I might be able to walk back there and show it to you." It's a half-lie; your gut is telling you that being alone with this guy is a bad idea.

"C-c'mon, now," he pleads, his voice wavering a bit, "can't you say something to, uh, narrow it down?"

"Isn't it enough to say it was in the Old City? The place is nothing but ruined buildings -- I don't know how to be more specific," you explain. "Why are you so interested, anyway? Are you saying you know her?"

Preston is apparently blindsided by this line of questioning. "I, uh, well, no, I don't know her." He fidgets in his seat, having grown even more nervous. "I just-- just wanted to help, uh, I just--"

The intercom cuts him off. "Number 41, number 41."

"Well okay uh that's my number gotta go bye good luck!" He exclaims hurriedly, getting up and rushing through the door to customs.

Moments later, the big guy and little guy in the back of the room jump up and rocket over to the door, shouting long strings of angry, indecipherable curses in some unknown language. You can see Preston through the glass on the door, making apologetic gestures at them before disappearing further inside.

Looks like that wasn't Preston's number, after all.
No. 907387 ID: 891b91
File 153985556940.gif - (295.19KB , 1024x1024 , 035-2.gif )

Preston's attempt to assuage their anger seems to only have exacerbated it, and the big guy flies into an utter rage, pounding his fists on the wall repeatedly as he bellows. When it becomes apparent that Preston is not coming back, he starts trying to wrench the door out of its frame. It freaks the little guy out as much as everyone else, and he starts trying to calm him down, before being swatted away. It's not long before the door's frame starts to give way in one corner, setting off an ear-piercing alarm. Panicked, the tentacle twins dash into the WC, while the window licker inches his way out of the room and into the docking bay.
No. 907388 ID: 1872dc

That cannot and will not be your fault.

Uhhhhhhh... Yell at him that you'll let him have your ticket if that would help. Probably not but it might distract him from his anger long enough to cool down. Hopefully he won't just be angry at you instead.
No. 907389 ID: 10c408

Oh, that's not good.

Follow the tentacle twins before security deals with the problem.
No. 907391 ID: ae9b99

Um, get to the docking bay like the window licker did. Much easier to escape as you do not know where WC leads.
No. 907392 ID: ad51b8

maaaaybe you should leave for now.
No. 907395 ID: fb1002

Oh, to add on, if you take the same path the window licker did, stay away from the window. Just in case he starts throwing stuff like the table at the window breaking it and hitting you and possibly have you fall down that hole
No. 907396 ID: a94e23

Say nothing, get the fuck out of there, maybe hide in the bathroom if we have anything else we still need to ditch.
No. 907399 ID: 7efe6b

Getting out of the room seems like a good idea in case security decides to sterilize it whole.
Follow the windowlicker, the man with the plan!
No. 907400 ID: 4c908d

Holy enchilada you do not want to be in here anymore. Follow the tentacles.
No. 907403 ID: eeb7d9

Alrighty then! Withdraw, this is getting out of hand. The good news is that this longneck definitely was onto something. I don't trust him.
You did good Penny, that was a nice "interrogation", you kept your cool and put him in a nasty spot. Is almost as if you know how to do this, like it was your thing.
No. 907404 ID: 07c00b

Eh, not a bad idea. Might not do much now, but still worth a shot. If it fails though we really need to leave.
No. 907406 ID: 7efe6b

>>907388 >>907404
We came there after everyone else, so I don't see how our ticket number has any value. If anything, we'd just be rubbing salt in his wounds by allowing him to use our last place in the queue lol
No. 907412 ID: 1872dc

Unless you need a matching number to get in without a problem, which is just a guess.
No. 907413 ID: 7efe6b

In that case Preston would be kicked out.
No. 907416 ID: b1b4f3

I think it's time to familiarize yourself with the WC.
No. 907436 ID: 1872dc

Or detained.
No. 907454 ID: 864e49

What happened to the small guy, is he ok? Get him up and out of there with you.
No. 907458 ID: 891b91
File 153994783949.gif - (571.43KB , 1024x1024 , 036.gif )

Following the twins' lead, you duck into the WC. You're greeted by the sight of the two of them kneeling there half-naked, chattering nervously in their unfamiliar language. One of them is in the middle of ripping a bunch of small, round objects from inside the linings of their dresses and tossing them into a small pile on the floor. The other is frantically jamming them down a strange-looking toilet.

One lets out a small shriek when she notices you, prompting the other to clasp her tentacle over her mouth. They both stare at you, wide-eyed.

"Shhhh, no tell, no tell," one of them pleads in a whisper. "Please, no tell!"
No. 907459 ID: ad51b8

"don't know what you're doing and don't care at the moment"

hide in one of the stalls.
No. 907461 ID: 10c408

Just use any free toilet and pretend like nothing is happening.
No. 907462 ID: bf1690

Sexually fantasize the excitement of what it would be like if you were caught in a state of being underdressed and embarrassment...

Err, I mean

It seems they were planning on smuggling something as well, but were scared security will check everyone after they subdue the big guy. Apologize to them in a flustered manner saying you saw nothing and run in a stall.
No. 907463 ID: 094652

"Ssh, it's okay. May I have some of those?"
No. 907465 ID: 91ee5f

Whisper to them, “I don’t know what you’re doing and I don’t care if you’re doing it. I’m just hiding from the big angry guy out there!”
No. 907469 ID: eeb7d9

I won't tell, but you need to get rid of that now, security might try to inspect all of us because of the rokus.
No. 907471 ID: 86eb65

Tell them you saw nothing and to hurry because you are hiding from some trouble happening in the waiting room.

Heck help them dump this stuff if you need to. More people might be coming in here to hide like you.
No. 907476 ID: 7efe6b

Use this opportunity to blackmail them.

"I tell."

When they start panicking, point at the left one, "Give clothes, no tell.".

Hey, free clothes (including bra).
No. 907478 ID: 7969eb

Use your much larger hands to help them out in disposing of the evidence, then when you accidentally touch one of their hands we let this whirlwind bathroom romance take control.
No. 907482 ID: 10c408

We have absolutely no reason to do this. It's going to blow up in our face when these two finish getting rid of the evidence we're blackmailing them with and for what, clothing that probably wouldn't even fit?

no, just, no.
No. 907484 ID: 4c908d


Just tell them you don't know and don't care.
No. 907488 ID: 1872dc

Honestly it'd be smart to join them on this, right? Don't you still have contraband? Either start dumping stuff too, or at least tell them you know how it goes and you won't say anything.
No. 907489 ID: 1872dc

Oh yeah and do help
No. 907494 ID: 7f0aac


We just want to pee and get out of wherever we are without getting smooshed. Whatever weird ritual they're up to is no interest to us.
No. 907506 ID: b1b4f3

We don't have contraband. We have a pill bottle that may have at one point contained raw taffa. It no longer contains anything.

Just tell them okay, and stand at the door peeking out.
No. 907507 ID: 7efe6b

> >>907482 >clothing that probably wouldn't even fit?
Her underwear looks about our size... the bra might be too big :x

> >>907488 >Don't you still have contraband?
As far as I can tell, there's nothing illegal on us.

> >>907478 >help them out
If we're not gonna report them (or blackmail them) then yeah, we should help them.

Give them a thumb up and say something like, "I help". If they don't say anything (or have any better ideas) about how you can help, simply help them by feeding the shitter with their stuff. Maybe also ask them what their stuff is.

Afterwards, if we have some time, maybe we could take a look at the vesper page in one of the stalls.
No. 907510 ID: 90f3c0

Don't get involved, just wait by the door for things to calm down.
No. 907531 ID: 0e2ebe

I thought we still had taffa or at least a taffa bottle, which we don't need and could cause problems.

Also, don't mimic their speech that's awful.
No. 907545 ID: b1b4f3

Read this:

The severely weathered pill bottle is not contraband. There's no indication it even RECENTLY held raw taffa.
No. 907567 ID: 0e2ebe

I missed that. But I just think even having the bottle is an unnecessary risk, depending on if the authorities could use that to charge us for previously having taffa, even though we didn't (that we know of).
No. 907594 ID: b1b4f3

They can't, because there's no evidence it had taffa in it by the time we picked it up. For all we know, we just picked it off the ground when it was already empty. I don't think there is anywhere on earth that can prosecute someone for having *possible* prior possession of a controlled substance.

You are being unreasonable.
No. 907603 ID: 0e2ebe

I mean, corruption but whatever. I don't need you to agree but being dismissive isn't useful.
No. 907636 ID: 5fa661

"Oh no I suddenly went blind just before I came in here!"
No. 907701 ID: 15a025

Just say no tell and hide in one of the stalls.
No. 907717 ID: 2202fb


Just tell them to use an orifice. It is much more secure.

Introduce yourself and offer to help them out (in general, not the orifice thing). They are cute, lets become best friends.
No. 907721 ID: b151ce


And hide in a stall until things calm down.
No. 907821 ID: c0641d

"No tell. Dispose?" Help them shovel it all in if they confirm, and dispose of the Taffa vial and Vesper rune while we're at it.
No. 908211 ID: 891b91
File 154045856075.gif - (397.62KB , 1024x1024 , 037.gif )

"I won't tell," you reassure them, stepping closer. They eye you warily for a moment, and then go back to frantically depositing the small baubles in the toilet, which they seem to be having trouble with, considering their lack of hands. "Here, let me help," you offer.

They look at each other briefly, and then make room for you to pitch in. You scoop up handfuls of the things and dump them in the toilet, making short work of the pile. "So what are these things, anyway?" You ask quietly as you deposit the last few baubles.

The two exchange a confused glance. "Is, uh... kroy-vons," one of them whispers. She gives you an apologetic look. "Dunno how to say..."

>Don't you still have contraband?
You almost forgot! You hastily look through your possessions for anything questionable:

>Glass jar with purple residue -- it looks similar to the one that came with the dustbender, which contained a harmless form of taffa called "stem taffa," according to Quincy. You don't know whether the residue in this one is from stem taffa as well.
>Vial with faded label -- it's empty and you can't see any trace of what was once in it, but you have a strong feeling that it's important and you shouldn't lose it.
>Evidence case -- inside are twelve small, empty, vials, and a sample of blood you took from the ice cream shop in the Old City.
>Vesper glyph page -- you've been wary of looking at the glyph, but now could be a good opportunity to do so, if you want. You're a little concerned that possessing it might raise suspicions about your amnesia.
No. 908212 ID: 094652

Keep your stuff. You can always blame the other smugglers foistering it into your hands.
No. 908214 ID: 1872dc

"That's fine, I was just curious. I've got stuff of my own to take care of."

The glass vial needs to go. Can't risk that being taffa residue. I'd also get rid of the vesper page, as it's clear that it's not going to be used, so it's just a liability.
No. 908218 ID: 7efe6b

>Glass jar with purple residue
Wash it and then throw it away if there's any trash bins here.
>Vesper glyph page
Go in one of the toilet stalls and concentrate on the glyph as per instructions.
Based on how we've seen the glyphs being used, I highly doubt it's harmful. Probably just contains some information. After we use it, we can throw it away.
No. 908223 ID: 2202fb

Make friends and stick together damn it! They are too cute not to!
No. 908228 ID: c0641d

Pretty sure concentrating on it activates a homing beacon, so let’s not, and get rid of it. If we want to find Vespers ourselves, we can just look them up and seek them out manually.

Meanwhile, let’s... actually keep the vial. We’ve been told what raw taffa looks like, and this ain’t it. This is almost definitely stem taffa, and therefore potentially evidence in our own situation. Even if it isn’t, we know it’s not raw taffa, so it’s probably still safe.

After the FLUSH, ask them what their names are, and how we might contact them. Meanwhile, can you hear what’s happening outside?
No. 908229 ID: eeb7d9

>Vial with faded label
We need this one one way or another, the rest could be a pain in the ass to lose, but you might get in trouble for having that.
No. 908233 ID: 86eb65

Might want to show these girls your stuff quickly.

If they panic at the sight of something then you know its bad news.
No. 908235 ID: 7efe6b

>Pretty sure concentrating on it activates a homing beacon
I'm not sure how you can be "pretty sure" that something like that would happen when there's no mentions or evidence for such a thing in the quest at all.
What we know about glyphs is the following:
> >>889178 >you glance at [the glyph], and to your surprise a holographic advertisement blooms from the surface of the card
> >>903523 >a poke at [the card's] glyph prompts the hologram to flip aound
> >>906885 >You tap on the glyph to reveal her profile
Based on this, I think it's likely that glyphs simply hold information. While the business card is a bit more high-tech, I don't see why the Vesper glyph would be much different. If glyphs are used on common objects such as business cards, then it's quite unreasonable to assume they would be dangerous.

>show these girls your stuff quickly
Flashing is lewd~
No. 908241 ID: b1b4f3

Well if we're not gonna read the glyph anytime soon (considering the level of paranoia suggesters have demonstrated in regards to the Vesper group) this is a good time to avoid getting pegged as a zombie and flush the page. I would support using the glyph now that we have a good secure location-- after everything else is taken care of we can sit in a stall (locked of course) and look at it.

Hmm, the purple residue is possibly worrisome. Rinse it out and just leave the jar in here, we don't need it.
Keep the vial, and the evidence case. We should tell them we want to deliver the evidence case to delaney, so if they take it from us that's okay I guess.
No. 908250 ID: 10c408

Take the label off of the vial and store it between your fur and your clothing. Even if they frisk you they won't find it.
No. 908323 ID: a48264

Agreed, best to whip it all out in front of them while you can, before someone catches you in the act. Since you helped them out and promised not to spill their secrets, they should do the same for you.
No. 908347 ID: dbfd77

No. 908880 ID: b151ce

You're doing them a favor. You're not telling anyone about that stuff. They reliably won't screw you over immediately if you ask the wrong question. Ask them what taffa syndrome is.
No. 908918 ID: 396f54

Once we're done here, i think we should enter one of the stalls and take a look at that glyph again.
No. 908920 ID: b1b4f3

We know what taffa syndrome is. It's corruption of the Dust via repeated memory alteration, which results in loss of identity and amnesia.
No. 908923 ID: 7efe6b