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File 158669913147.jpg - (162.35KB , 800x1067 , Discussion Open.jpg )
132511 No. 132511 ID: d63ea8

>Ask Questions,
>Offer Comments,
>Express Thoughts.

I hope you are all enjoying the quest thus far, and I'm very excited to be running it.

Feel free to answer questions here and I will try to answer them as best as I can.

Unfortunately, due to the quest being centered around exploration and discovery, I can't afford to reveal absolutely everything.

But as I had said to a friend of mine:

"If this quest had a thesis statement, it would be 'why not ask?'"
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No. 132512 ID: d63ea8

*Feel free to ask questions here and I will try to answer them as best as I can.
No. 132513 ID: 2bd15b

I have a question for you
No. 132514 ID: d63ea8

If you're meaning for me personally;

If you asking for the character you are guiding;
It is that they see themselves as very sick, and cannot allow themselves to directly interact with the outside world.
No. 132515 ID: 2bd15b

No. 132575 ID: d63ea8
File 158785233206.jpg - (164.24KB , 900x1200 , What Has Been Seen.jpg )

Thank you again to Pawn_01 for making a map.
I thought it might also be good to post a copy here as well.

The Upper Half is the dreaming.
The Lower Half is the waking.

Just remember that not everything has been revealed and that there may be some hidden details that have yet to be discovered.
No. 132591 ID: dce46f
File 158793925782.png - (95.42KB , 382x251 , A connection.png )

I'm fairly certain this outer being we have already met, and because of his predilection for darkness I'm tempted to guess this is "He Who Waits In The Dark".
No. 132597 ID: d63ea8

I say that it's good that you're keeping an eye out for patterns. You'll need to use that skill when looking for your mirrors.

While there may or may not be a connection to Etzil. I will confirm that the sigil you've selected is indeed for "He Who Waits in the Dark."

Very well done!
No. 132707 ID: dce46f
File 158849526364.png - (472.57KB , 524x658 , Pawn Notes.png )

just some notes for the public record, pure speculation.
No. 132708 ID: dce46f
File 158849549123.png - (360.96KB , 524x658 , Pawn Notes.png )

further update.
No. 132709 ID: 7f716e

maybe i'm just under thinking it though
No. 132710 ID: 7f716e
File 158849631091.png - (227.31KB , 1114x571 , Untitled.png )

uh... guys?
No. 132711 ID: dce46f

shit yeah, that's right on the money >>132710
No. 132713 ID: 7f716e
File 158849711293.png - (89.80KB , 814x574 , Untitled.png )

these shapes look awfully similar
No. 132721 ID: b1b4f3

Bottom left one looks like a corner of the room.
Bottom right one reminds me of the green symbols on the pot and drawer hole, all curvy. Probably has to do with dirt and rot or plant matter.
No. 132722 ID: b1b4f3

Bottom right has got to be The Hanging Garden.

That leaves:
Grey Gash
The Compression Knot

That's the Key of Umbra. Umbra means shadow, but that doesn't really help identify the related symbol. I wonder what's under the pillow while we're dreaming?
No. 132756 ID: d63ea8

For those of you who are interested;
The colours for the Greater and Lesser Spheres's text is #004186 / #0077DE
And the colours for the Ravenous Delight is #9d0f1f
No. 132757 ID: d63ea8

Ravenous Delights*
No. 132769 ID: d63ea8

I've reread all of my posts for The Beyond and the only two mistakes are the Left Turns that should've been Right Turns. Otherwise the rest of the posts should be accurate.

I'll be extra careful to ensure that this doesn't happen again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
No. 132771 ID: adb916
File 158895246615.png - (3.00KB , 133x232 , Labyrinthine Map V1.png )

I feel we may quickly find this place non-euclidean but this is what we have seen so far
No. 132772 ID: e51896

I am reminded of Pokemon mystery dungeon seeing that map.
No. 132779 ID: adb916
File 158904046737.png - (3.64KB , 133x232 , Labyrinthine Map V2.png )

The map expands
No. 132780 ID: d63ea8

You’ll need to carve this map into the Beyond, otherwise elements of it might change while you are not looking.

You can probably afford to stray a little off of the path, but if you go too far you might not be able to get back.

No. 132781 ID: adb916

As per >>/quest/965709
>The walls cannot change if they are remembered.
I should think this map counts are remembering, or do I need to post it directly in the main thread?

Going out on a limb I would guess normal visitors have fallable memories, perhaps helped along by Labyrinthine. We, however, have a memory outside er reach.
I suspect we may also be able to influence that which we have not yet seen by knowing/believing what we are heading to find
No. 132782 ID: d63ea8

No it’s-...
The Beyond needs to have a… physical memory if you want it to stick.
Minds are fallible, even one such as yours. The current path you’re on will stay because of that hideout you made. As soon as you leave that path things will start becoming inconsistent.
Avoid saying
Her name if you can. Her attention is elsewhere, but she might notice us here.

No. 132783 ID: adb916

If we are to avoid her name do you have a name I might call you, or is your name one to avoid too, errant signal, in the timeless contemplative side of our existence?
And might you explain how our existing map connects to the physical one so that we might extend it?
No. 132784 ID: d63ea8

My name... isn’t important. So you can call me Errant Signal if it makes things easier.

Your map is very close to what was kept in the hideout. Line up the bottom right corners and they should overlap to an extent.

Expanding the map in the hideout will take time your Vessel doesn’t have. I’m trying to find them, but I need… to be more careful than you.

No. 132785 ID: adb916
File 158905564025.png - (32.08KB , 133x232 , Labyrinthine Map V4.png )

So the red is that which is at risk of 'inconsistency' because it is not part of the 'scar' map
This Named Fragment finds your name of greater importance now that you say it has little to none, but will accept Errant Signal as an identifier until such a time as a more proper name can be found.
Can you provide more information about what/who the non-hideout symbols represent? Assuming the rectangle is the hideout.
No. 132787 ID: d63ea8

I’m sorry that I’m being indirect. It’s for a selfish reason, but a really important one.

As for the symbols, you are right in assuming that ‘rectangle’ is your hideout. But it’s also meant to represent the weakening of boundaries there. You -but more so your Vessel- were able to shift between the Beyond and… your Vessel’s world safely, which is very hard for… most.

The two symbols in the bottom right are meant to represent
His lair, and where He usually has Beings and mortals… offer themselves. It was my idea for your Vessel to mark those areas, since you don’t want Him to sneak up on you. But I’m worried that your Vessel might not remember that…

As for the last one… that’s where a friend says they can meet you…
But they won’t be there... for a while.

No. 132788 ID: adb916

So the two bottom most are two parts of the same symbol effectively? One representing the 'offerings' the other representing him. speaking of is a separate entity or, like, one and the same, occupying both physical space and Beyond space simultaneously like I think our vessel can.
In a similar vein do you have a physical space counterpart?
What about a position relative to our map so we can avoid going over the same areas while searching for the vessel?
What does the vessel provide you?
No. 132789 ID: adb916
File 158905891986.png - (31.89KB , 133x232 , Labyrinthine Map V5.png )

Map updated with green representing paths implied by 'scars' but not yet seen.
No. 132791 ID: d63ea8

They’re essentially the same symbol. The left is where He properly resides, while the right has the hole His prey are meant to reach through. Before they were Scarred on the wall, both of those spots could be in entirely different areas and right next to each other at the same time. But now He has to look for food, rather than having it come across Him.

As for that… other thing. No, they are not the same. They are similar I think, but
He is far far weaker than that thing. What you’re talking about isn’t here, which is really good for both of us.

Most Beings can’t occupy more than one space at once.
She is one of the major exceptions of course.

I can’t really show you where I am… not with the place as it is.
I guess you-

No. It would be too dangerous for both us. What’s important is that I more or less know where you are, and I will… try to be nearby.

Your Vessel… gave me something that… I found to be very important.

It meant a lot to me.

So I want them to be safe.

No. 132792 ID: adb916

Are you the retired priest? Etzil? (I would just use a color, but I never got one for Etzil) The drawer?
Or if those are too specific to be safe, do I know you as something in the the Vessel's world? Or if this is safe enough is one of my guesses right?
No. 132793 ID: adb916
File 158906100996.png - (12.35KB , 133x232 , Labyrinthine Map V6.png )

Map refinements continue.
What if we scar in something that isn't already there?
No. 132794 ID: d63ea8

No. 132795 ID: d63ea8

Sorry. I didn’t mean to-
Look, putting in things that aren’t actually there will create uncertainty with the map, and that might poison the entire map.

I’m definitely not the drawer
She and I don’t really get along.

Again, I can’t give you an answer for… selfish reasons… but once you and your Vessel are safe in the room again we can talk more about that.

I’d just-
Please. Don’t tell your Vessel about these guesses, or about me. I…
Don’t want to be... something else to them.

No. 132797 ID: adb916

This Named Fragment can make sure not to mention anything, but as all it takes is one fragment to be of a different mind once and the Vessel will know (assuming the Vessel can hear us at that moment)
Sorry for causing such distress that you blared your signal.
You seem afraid of us being overheard here, We typically use this as a place untouchable or seeable by the the worlds we interact with, a place for use to specifically talk to one another without the world's direct knowledge, all links to and from here being intentional, such as this >>/quest/965152. If this is not the case here, it is important to have an idea of what IS safe to communicate here, or how is safe to communicate here, though many fragments are often unwilling or ignorant as to how to follow such methods should we find them.
No. 132798 ID: d63ea8

I didn’t-
Don’t know much about you, or these other
Fragments, but it would certainly explain why… your Vessel has gotten worse… but also better. I’ll trust that you have their interests at heart.

And while don’t fully understand what this
place is, or what you Fragments are, I can say with certainty that no place is truly safe. But so long as you are careful not to draw too much attention here, especially when certain Beings are around, then it should be relatively fine.

No. 132801 ID: adb916

Well I am going to count tell me what numbers you can see/hear/perceive



No. 132802 ID: d63ea8

((If you put things in double brackets I'll usually assume that it is for me, so of those inputs, the 'Errant Signal' won't here the 15)).
No. 132803 ID: adb916

those are parentheses, these [] {} are brackets (square and curly respectively) also called braces, but also the whole goal here is to find something only us 'fragments' can see, you by technicality, are also a 'fragment' you just so happen to be the 'fragment' this world springs from. So unless you plan to provide some other method I'll basically just have to co-opt this one))
No. 132804 ID: d63ea8

((Feel free to co-opt it then. No one else will hear you if you use parentheses.))
No. 132805 ID: adb916

but we hear ourselves, and that was the goal.
I have compared Etzil's face color to this Errant Signal's text's color and found them to be quite similar, to the point that I feel Etzil, the Errant Signal, and the friend he says isn't there yet are one and the same.
Etzil's self description of finding lost things matches the divination we got from the meeting place symbol of: "takes what is left unattended"))
No. 132806 ID: d63ea8

((It's a good thing that you put that in parentheses...))
No. 132807 ID: d63ea8

One is fine, a bit more intense.
Same with two.
Three is softer, but carries across it’s meaning.
Four is sharper.
I didn’t hear a ‘five.’
Six seems more monotone.
I didn’t hear a ‘seven’ either.
Eight is very quiet, but I’m good at hearing things.
Nine seems… flimsy.
Ten is far more direct. Like you are properly Communing with me.

No. 132808 ID: d63ea8

No. 132811 ID: d63ea8

No. 132812 ID: d63ea8

Mask: Hello again.

Mask: My, it seems like someone was being a bit too clever.

Mask: I’m ending this little planning session of yours.

Mask: And perhaps report to a certain Someone while I’m at it.

Mask: See you soon.
No. 132813 ID: adb916

This seemed to trigger you Mask, others may be scared of you but I'm not, not here. Feel free to try to convince me my lack of fear isn't justified. Fun to see you can talk in black as well as red but I can talk in whatever color I want.
((I suspect the safehouse may now be fairly fucked if she gets notified, unless, she, even knowing of it, can't do anything about it))
No. 132814 ID: d63ea8

Mask: Heh. Of course I can't ‘scare’ you here. But let’s see if I can find you somewhere else.

Mask: I look forward to facing you.
No. 132815 ID: d63ea8


Transmission End >>/quest/966041
No. 132816 ID: adb916

I guess little do you know, you already have. =)
No. 132839 ID: adb916

((I just realised something, the greater and lesser spheres may be somewhat uniquely equipped to deal with Delight's weird editing power. Assuming they are willing to trust one another implicitly, one could be the 'face' while the other is out of 'range' of Delight's power and does the thinking and the 'face' acts exclusively on what their counterpart says, as they can not =P trust themselves.))
No. 132840 ID: adb916

((In >>/quest/966683 Delights chooses not to 'edit' our thought not to mess with the web. Perhaps we should, given that he agreed with that, and has, otherwise, been liberal with his 'edits'))
No. 132875 ID: adb916

Hey, anyone here?
No. 132876 ID: d63ea8

There is, but I would say that there is danger in the seeking.
Peering into the abyss and all that.

No. 132877 ID: adb916

Hello, do you have handle by which I might refer to you?
No. 132879 ID: d63ea8

Why aren’t you so formal.
You may call me ‘Lovely’ if you wish.
My title is… unflattering, but useful to have.
What is the ‘handle’ you go by if I might ask?

No. 132880 ID: dce46f

I guess you could call us "Suggester" or "Suggesters" but our true name escapes us at the moment.
No. 132881 ID: adb916

I am but a fragment of a larger whole, some of us have no names, can you not see my handle? In any case I go by Thk, I don't think our 'whole' has a name, not one I know anyway.
I would have asked for your name, but as I understand it names have power, and sharing it somewhere somewhat open like this is risky, but if you are willing to share it I would love to know it.
No. 132882 ID: d63ea8

Ah… so there are many of you. Or as you said, Fragments of a larger whole.

But you have forgotten your title? That is deeply interesting.

Nevertheless, it is good to meet both of you.

As easy as it would be for me to tell you my title, I'm curious, can you guess it?

No. 132883 ID: adb916

I am sure we could given enough time and tires, though a hint of some sort would probably speed that along significantly.
No. 132884 ID: adb916

monkeys on typewriters and all.
Not all of us fragments think things through before speaking, something to keep in mind.
No. 132885 ID: b1b4f3

No. 132886 ID: d63ea8

Hmm. I suppose that’s fair. But you haven’t had many people visit your little room. I thought that my voice alone might be enough of a hint to my title.

Heh. No I am not
Her but good guess. We do have… similar domains.

And don’t worry, I will make sure that we aren’t interrupted.

No. 132887 ID: adb916

We didn't get (many) colors, a certain bright red piece of facial apparel being an exception, when people talked in our room, my next guess would be the drawer. Also for as few people come into our room for as long as we have known our door has been boarded up.
No. 132888 ID: d63ea8

You are partly correct, well done. I am the drawer, or at least I try to be real enough to be the drawer. You’re Vessel is so quaint, talking with all of the little objects it has, I couldn’t help myself and had to join in on the fun.

As for that ghastly piece of facial-wear you are referring to, don’t be fooled. His true colours are much
Darker than you might expect.

And not everyone needs to enter through the door, I didn’t.

I have a suspicion that
He did.

No. 132889 ID: adb916

yes, he showed up here earlier in his proper color, I even mimicked it back at him. Our logs of the events should you care: >>132812 >>132813 >>132814
Grey Gash, of course! This fragment had forgotten about the list of names we received early in our memory.
No. 132891 ID: adb916

The knife supports your conclusion here: >>/quest/964442
No. 132893 ID: d63ea8

There we are! A truly ugly title, but I think I wear it well.

I suppose that such lapses in memory might explain why you have forgotten your title.

I pity that, but recoverable I think.

Ooo! It does! So that means you can hear them, that is so very interesting.

What else do they say?

No. 132894 ID: adb916

they say many other things, but relaying them all is quite laborious
No. 132895 ID: adb916

The earliest thing they said that we can remember was from you actually >>/quest/960945. Where does the drawer hole lead?
No. 132896 ID: d63ea8

Is that truly the earliest you can remember? Pity…
That means we have ‘spoken’ far less than I had anticipated.
Well, I suppose we’ll have to forge ahead on making new memories then.

As for that little recess…
The best way I could describe it is as an… injury, if that makes sense.

I made that desk my little home away from home, and your Vessel is always interesting to watch.

No. 132897 ID: adb916

a home away from home, is it a sort of place to hide?
No. 132899 ID: d63ea8

A fun guess, but a wrong one, dear.
See, Beings hide from me.

No. 132903 ID: adb916

oh, ok. Why?
No. 132904 ID: d63ea8

There are so many reasons that it’s hard to pick one…
Why do you think Beings hide from me?

No. 132905 ID: adb916

Without a proper understanding of what Beings, or you specifically, can do can do, it is hard to know what to fear out of others, for instance I don't know what the red facial apparel can even do, other than burn the knife and terrify the Vessel.
No. 132906 ID: b1b4f3

((we should probably stop talking to Grey Gash. They're a predator, most likely.))
No. 132908 ID: adb916

((see I might consider that more seriously if I expected them to have power beyond talking here, and they didn't already live part time(?) in our Vessel's room, and were not one of the 'big shots' also I am already being careful what I reveal to them))
No. 132909 ID: d63ea8

Aww… I suppose that is fair.
I was really hoping for a guess though.

Beings can be many things. Wonderful things, terrible things, unique things…

He is able to… perhaps I shouldn’t say.

It might ruin the surprise.

No. 132910 ID: d63ea8

Though I do wonder… both of You seem to be blinking with the most enchanting colour.

...Makes me wonder if there is a deeper meaning to it.

No. 132911 ID: adb916

There both is and isn't
Though of what we know, you could Evoke REALLY good
((we have been forgetting to put our >>132911 in the double parentheses))
No. 132912 ID: d63ea8

Very interesting.
And you are also correct, I am very eloquent Evoker.
But seeing as you… more or less… know what I want, I’m curious…
What do
You want from that mortal?
You seem very attached to it, in more ways than one.

No. 132914 ID: adb916

help him, though what his goals are is not fully clear to us yet, probably didn't include being dead as long as he has been.
No. 132915 ID: d63ea8

It’s dead?
No. 132916 ID: b1b4f3

It's temporary.
No. 132918 ID: adb916

And we are working on it. Almost got it resolved in fact, I think.
No. 132919 ID: adb916

Also what does this look like to you? >>132919
No. 132920 ID: d63ea8

Good. I would be… disappointed if something were to interrupt my fun.

As for what that looks like; it’s like seeing a small light glint and echo within itself, slowly getting fainter and fainter with each flash.

I would describe it as beautiful.

No. 132921 ID: adb916

well it may not be a flavor, but glad you like it.
No. 132922 ID: d63ea8

Why, is that an offer you’re making to me?
No. 132923 ID: adb916

If it was, you already received it. How would it being an offer differ from just sharing a thing I can do?
No. 132924 ID: d63ea8


You said, that little display of yours had no flavour to it, a small tragedy.

But… if
You were willing to properly offer something of Yourself to me, then I might be inclined to share something with you.

I think you might find it… interesting…

No. 132925 ID: adb916

What of myself is there to give? Particularly here.
No. 132926 ID: d63ea8

Secrets… Potence... Your precious Name perhaps…
Perhaps a few moments alone with your Vessel, once it is alive of course.

The choice shouldn’t be made lightly.

No. 132927 ID: adb916

Then I must say it should probably wait till we can see your drawer again. Seeing things directly tends to garner more of the fragments attention.
No. 132929 ID: d63ea8

((This is an important choice, so I will be going with what the majority wants on this, and I will be waiting until tomorrow morning before counting the possible votes.))
No. 132930 ID: b1b4f3

I'm going to say no.
No. 132931 ID: d63ea8

Fine, fine. We can talk about this later I suppose.
I look forward to meeting again.

Just one thing…

No. 132933 ID: d63ea8

Let’s keep our little charade going. I want the Vessel to discover my true nature on their own.

I would be… disappointed, if
You ruined the surprise.

No. 132934 ID: d63ea8

Transmission End >>/quest/967179
No. 133094 ID: adb916

Errant Signal, you out there?
No. 133099 ID: d63ea8

.-.. --- … -
.... ..- .-. -
.-. .- -.

((The message repeats after a few moments.))
No. 133100 ID: adb916

to save others time:
No. 133101 ID: adb916

Well if you can hear this: The Vessel is no longer dead.
No. 133102 ID: b1b4f3

Are you in the Beyond?
No. 133103 ID: d63ea8

-. ---
.-- .- -.- .. -. --. .-.-.-

...- . … … . .-..
... .- ..-. . ..--..
No. 133104 ID: b1b4f3


Safe as it can be, considering the contents of its room. We saw where you were attacked, I think. What made those claw marks?
No. 133105 ID: d63ea8

--. .- .-. -.. . -.
-. .- -- . .-.-.-

.- ..-. - . .-.
-- . .-.-.-

-. --- -
...- . … … . .-.. .-.-.-
No. 133106 ID: b1b4f3



...do you know our name? We lost it, and recovering it would help greatly. We've narrowed it down some but we do need to be sure.
No. 133107 ID: adb916

((Being name list >>/quest/963856 for my own ease of access, if nothing else))
No. 133108 ID: adb916

((Labyrinthine: Proprietor of the Beyond. Suspect the symbol is the middle left one, and our 'key of umbra' is just an incomplete symbol of her.
Grey Gash: Our drawer, Inkwell says not to trust.
Icon: Marker of great choice. Top left symbol.
The Hanging Garden: Above us. Symbol is the bottom right one when combining >>/quest/969166 and >>133106. Even the hook count matches
He Who Waits in the Dark: Etzil, Errant signal, monster under the bed, middle symbol.
The Compression Knot: Little known
Avenue: Little known
Greater and Lesser Spheres: Top middle symbol. A pair of curious Spheres.))

((>>/quest/964140 >>/quest/964141 >>/quest/964142 each have a word missing from their image titles, 'away' 'flee'(?) 'hide' respectively. The second is flexible however, could also be 'run' or even 'abscond' at a stretch.))
No. 133109 ID: adb916

>>133106 Sorry, did not mean to cause you problems, only to learn and expand understanding.
Can we help?
No. 133111 ID: d63ea8

.... . .-.. .--. . -..
.-- .. - ....
-- .- .--. .-.-.-

..- -. ... ..- .-. .
--- ..-.
-. .- -- . .-.-.-
-... ..- -
-.- -. --- .--
... --- -- . .-.-.-

- --- ---
.... ..- .-. - .-.-.-
-. ---
.-- .- -.--
-... .- -.-. -.- .-.-.-
No. 133112 ID: b1b4f3



Ah, yes, we have found out that other Beings will be upset if they find out about that.
What do you know of Avenue, Compression Knot, and Icon?
((if the top left symbol is definitely Icon then that's our name. The shape matches our form when we were inside the Vessel's head. What evidence do you have that the symbol matches the name? Someone matched it with Beacon before, but that wasn't in the list of names, and the shape was significantly different.))
No. 133113 ID: d63ea8

.- ...- . -. ..- .
..-. .-. .. . -. -.. .-.-.-
-- .- -.- . ...
-.-. --- -. ... - .-. ..- -.-. - .. --- -. ... .-.-.-

-.- -. --- -
... - .-. --- -. --. .-.-.-
-... ..- -
.- .-.. --- --- ..-. .-.-.-

-. --- -
-.- -. --- .--
.. -.-. --- -. .-.-.-
No. 133114 ID: b1b4f3



Alright, thanks for answering. We will attempt to find you and help once we reenter the Beyond.
No. 133120 ID: d63ea8

- .... .- -. -.- ... .-.-.-

-. --- -
-... . -.-- --- -. -.. .-.-.-

... -.-. .- - - . .-. . -.. .-.-.-
No. 133121 ID: d63ea8

.-- .- .. - -.-.--

... --- --
No. 133122 ID: d63ea8

Transmission End: >>/quest/969264
No. 133123 ID: adb916





No. 133127 ID: b1b4f3

That second one was ((WAIT!
So... ((we fed part of Etzil to grey gash. that was not a good idea.))

Why was the signal "distant"? It shouldn't have been.
No. 133128 ID: d63ea8

((An opportunity will soon be offered, and if chosen, it will shed light on why the Errant Signal was distant.))
No. 133131 ID: adb916

((>>133127 I disagree, signs have pointed to life fluids being, more or less, interchangeable. Possible the smallest worm was the relay and we should have done the second smallest worm. Additionally the worms are described as dead and I tried to minimize what was given, we should still have more of them. Though it would be nice if we could have waited when he said to wait.))
No. 133183 ID: d63ea8

((Hey everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know that I've managed to find gainful employment and starting Monday I will be updating 'A Game of Words' every 2-3 days rather than every day. I will try to update as frequently as I am able, but I want to leave some breathing room in case my job turns out to be more hectic than I have anticipated, or to give me some extra time to give creative suggestions justice. I will be sure to update all of you if there are anymore changes.))

((Otherwise, I hope you all enjoy the current Interlude!))
No. 133185 ID: adb916

((>>133183 NICE! Making money hype!
The longer waits will hurt but IRL is 100% more important))
Hey Labyrinthine what do you do if you suddenly find yourself in the Beyond and want to leave?
No. 133194 ID: d63ea8

For a vandal like You? Easy.
Just lie down, and wait.
I’m sure something will come by and remove

No. 133195 ID: b1b4f3

Is there any chance you might forgive us, if we remove the Scars?
No. 133201 ID: adb916

Fair. Fair. We are not asking for us right now though, as We are not properly in the Beyond right now. We find ourselves advising one who knows nothing of Us; one who knows not that they are even in the Beyond and We wish to see them safely back to the waking world. This Named Fragment Promises that, as of sending this: We have no prior knowledge of this individual, have little reason to care about their fate, and have yet to identify any definite, tangible benefits of aiding them. We wish to guide them to safety because it is part of our nature, not personal gain.
We have our own way back and forth from your domain, but I'm sure you already knew that.
No. 133202 ID: d63ea8

Feh. That Promise offers little beyond You being a wide-reaching problem.

But. If
You were to remove those Scars from my domain, I would acknowledge that as a good first step to reconciliation.

No. 133204 ID: adb916

The promise was just to prove we are telling the truth, show this isn't for Us but for them. We don't even know why or how we are advising this individual.((Lets be sure not to attach a time to when any promise of removing the scars, lawyering seems fair play here)) We have no way of influencing anything other than this individual right now so we are in no position to remove the scars. Additionally, that would be a bigger decision that just this one Named Fragment should make on their own.
The goal here was to help this individual out via some sort of 'proper' method if possible, but should you refuse to help us; we will continue muddling along, doing our best, taking whatever options provide themselves.
No. 133205 ID: d63ea8

There are many Beings and Mortals within my realm. You are going to have to be more specific about who You are ‘influencing’.

Unless they are in possession of one of my Keys, I’d find their chances of escape unlikely.

And an individual must really catch my attention if they are to earn one.

No. 133206 ID: adb916

Well, what little we have is a name: "Ashley Peterson" and a job: "Electrician". Please don't antagonize her because of us. She didn't choose us and we didn't choose her, she just wants to go home after a night's work.
How might an individual catch your attention to earn such a Key? Obviously the scaring caught your attention, but seems unlikely to earn a Key.
No. 133209 ID: d63ea8

You are correct. Usually the act of Scarring my domain would only earn a swift destruction, but You have proven to be quite elusive.

But worry not, I pride myself on being fair before anything else.

If this ‘Ashley Peterson’ lives or dies, it will be on the whims of fate and their own choices, nothing more.

And if this ‘Ashley Peterson’ proves themself to be an avid dreamer, wanderer, and someone with the luck or skill to survive in my domain, then I might offer them one of my Keys. I do like dreamers, they tend to offer more than just the life-fluids that fill their form.

No. 133213 ID: adb916

This may be hard to believe but, if, as you say, you value fairness, I Promise you this, again as of the telling: We have no memory of making the scars, our memories of the Beyond begin not long before He told you of our presence there, or at least suggested he would:>>132812 our memories in general begin not long before that. The Us who scared the Beyond is already dead as far as we know, We are a new mind born into the old body of which we only recently relearned the name of. And while we are sharing values, this Named Fragment prides itself on telling the truth, however technically.
No. 133214 ID: d63ea8

No. 133215 ID: d63ea8

It appears I was misled…
Remove those
Scars first, and then we can speak further.
You demonstrate Yourself to be a ‘new Being’ then I am sure future talks will be more cordial.

No. 133216 ID: d63ea8

For now.

Transmission End: >>/quest/970192
No. 133219 ID: b1b4f3

((weird that we were able to namedrop Ashley here, considering we're not Icon in that thread and aren't supposed to have access to its information until the next one))
No. 133222 ID: d63ea8

((Sorry. I will try to clarify that then. Here in this place you are still Icon, and you have access to the information gleaned by Ashley Peterson, but it doesn't work the opposite way. You cannot convey information to her (and Etzil) nor can you use any of your powers. Icon is merely an observer during the Interlude, hence why you are currently acting as Ashley Peterson's worried thoughts.))

((I hope that explanation helps.))
No. 133229 ID: adb916

((What is the name of the waking planet of Game of Worlds? We call ours Earth, do they do the same or does it have a different name?))
No. 133234 ID: d63ea8

((The waking world is called Numara by the Mortals, but not by the Beings. While it isn't Earth, Numara is very Earth-like.))
No. 133235 ID: adb916

((On the Errant Signal frequency)) Hello, you are not currently on Numara. We are not the Spider thing. (One of it's names is Etzil) The place you are in is called the Beyond. Etzil is a Being, fully intelligent, but currently scared and hurt.

In the Beyond things that measure time cause bad things to happen. What exactly, and why, I do not know.
No. 133238 ID: b1b4f3

I think time causes rot.
No. 133242 ID: adb916

((>>133238 The text messages don't seem to distinguish between fragments, so that could be confusing if it also goes through. =/ ))
No. 133262 ID: dce46f
File 159331486318.png - (203.94KB , 800x1067 , Supression Bureau.png )

Just an observation, that logo for the URC looks like it has the abyss window from Stuaf's house.
No. 133266 ID: adb916

((>>133262 Yes, I mentioned this in thread:>>/quest/970876
Edit:Oh you posted first))
No. 133301 ID: b1b4f3

((morse in one of the images says "ARE YOU STILL THERE?"))
((message is as follows: Yes You know us We spoke last night Can see through mortals eyes but cannot act warning she has a flashlight Do not provoke))
-.-- . ... / -.-- --- ..- / -.- -. --- .-- / ..- ... / .-- . / ... .--. --- -.- . / .-.. .- ... - / -. .. --. .... - / -.-. .- -. / ... . . / - .... .-. --- ..- --. .... / -- --- .-. - .- .-.. ... / . -.-- . ... / -... ..- - / -.-. .- -. -. --- - / .- -.-. - / .-- .- .-. -. .. -. --. / ... .... . / .... .- ... / .- / ..-. .-.. .- ... .... .-.. .. --. .... - / -.. --- / -. --- - / .--. .-. --- ...- --- -.- .

((theory: Ashley used to be one of Icon's vessels, but she was either unaware or had her memories of it erased, plus the Fragments within her have forgotten everything just like the main Icon-body's Fragments did, and those Fragments are too weak to act in overt ways))
No. 133324 ID: b1b4f3

((message is as follows: yes, he is fine. better than usual. he does not know much about you. much is forgotten. is it safe for him to remember you?))
-.-- . ... --..-- / .... . / .. ... / ..-. .. -. . .-.-.- / -... . - - . .-. / - .... .- -. / ..- ... ..- .- .-.. .-.-.- / .... . / -.. --- . ... / -. --- - / -.- -. --- .-- / -- ..- -.-. .... / .- -... --- ..- - / -.-- --- ..- .-.-.- / -- ..- -.-. .... / .. ... / ..-. --- .-. --. --- - - . -. .-.-.- / .. ... / .. - / ... .- ..-. . / ..-. --- .-. / .... .. -- / - --- / .-. . -- . -- -... . .-. / -.-- --- ..- ..--..
No. 133327 ID: adb916

((Translation: Our understanding is we will no longer be with her when she reaches home or dies.))
--- ..- .-. / ..- -. -.. . .-. ... - .- -. -.. .. -. --. / .. ... / .-- . / .-- .. .-.. .-.. / -. --- / .-.. --- -. --. . .-. / -... . / .-- .. - .... / .... . .-. / .-- .... . -. / ... .... . / .-. . .- -.-. .... . ... / .... --- -- . / --- .-. / -.. .. . ... .-.-.-
No. 133367 ID: adb916

((Good thing I didn't send the Morse translation key. I did think about doing that.))
((now for a somewhat risky play, but it should be ok))
We like to help and all but always have good intentions, typically we only fail due to incomplete information, poorly thought out decisions, and conflicting interests of parties we are trying to help. This last point shouldn't be a problem as you two are the only two active parties, leaving only the first two. TL;DR: We try.
((Translation: As far as other parties that are not present there is just ourselves and Abbot, should you be concerned about more parties becoming active. I assume you will delete these Morse messages just before leaving Ashley, assuming she doesn't make the connections.))
.- ... / ..-. .- .-. / .- ... / --- - .... . .-. / .--. .- .-. - .. . ... / - .... .- - / .- .-. . / -. --- - / .--. .-. . ... . -. - / - .... . .-. . / .. ... / .--- ..- ... - / --- ..- .-. ... . .-.. ...- . ... / .- -. -.. / .- -... -... --- - --..-- / ... .... --- ..- .-.. -.. / -.-- --- ..- / -... . / -.-. --- -. -.-. . .-. -. . -.. / .- -... --- ..- - / -- --- .-. . / .--. .- .-. - .. . ... / -... . -.-. --- -- .. -. --. / .- -.-. - .. ...- . .-.-.- / .. / .- ... ... ..- -- . / -.-- --- ..- / .-- .. .-.. .-.. / -.. . .-.. . - . / - .... . ... . / -- --- .-. ... . / -- . ... ... .- --. . ... / .--- ..- ... - / -... . ..-. --- .-. . / .-.. . .- ...- .. -. --. / .- ... .... .-.. . -.-- --..-- / .- ... ... ..- -- .. -. --. / ... .... . / -.. --- . ... -. .----. - / -- .- -.- . / - .... . / -.-. --- -. -. . -.-. - .. --- -. ... .-.-.-
((separate message, Translation: Are promises valid over Morse?))
.- .-. . / .--. .-. --- -- .. ... . ... / ...- .- .-.. .. -.. / --- ...- . .-. / -- --- .-. ... . ..--..
No. 133382 ID: b1b4f3

((message is: I don't mean to alarm you, but one of the planks on the door is missing. Can it be repaired?))
-- . ... ... .- --. . / .. ... ---... / .. / -.. --- -. .----. - / -- . .- -. / - --- / .- .-.. .- .-. -- / -.-- --- ..- --..-- / -... ..- - / --- -. . / --- ..-. / - .... . / .--. .-.. .- -. -.- ... / --- -. / - .... . / -.. --- --- .-. / .. ... / -- .. ... ... .. -. --. .-.-.- / -.-. .- -. / .. - / -... . / .-. . .--. .- .. .-. . -.. ..--..
No. 133384 ID: adb916

((Translation: Sure other forces exist, but those four are the ones we are aiming to help right now. Inkwell, Pillow, Drawer, Knife, also exist and those are just off the top of my head.))
... ..- .-. . / --- - .... . .-. / ..-. --- .-. -.-. . ... / . -..- .. ... - --..-- / -... ..- - / - .... --- ... . / ..-. --- ..- .-. / .- .-. . / - .... . / --- -. . ... / .-- . / .- .-. . / .- .. -- .. -. --. / - --- / .... . .-.. .--. / .-. .. --. .... - / -. --- .-- .-.-.- / .. -. -.- .-- . .-.. .-.. --..-- / .--. .. .-.. .-.. --- .-- --..-- / -.. .-. .- .-- . .-. --..-- / -.- -. .. ..-. . --..-- / .- .-.. ... --- / . -..- .. ... - / .- -. -.. / - .... --- ... . / .- .-. . / .--- ..- ... - / --- ..-. ..-. / - .... . / - --- .--. / --- ..-. / -- -.-- / .... . .- -.. .-.-.-
No. 133396 ID: b1b4f3

((Message as follows: What are core threads? It was the plank on the bottom.
The drawer gave us a potted plant. We were told to water it, but we would have to use dream water. There is also the soup. Any advice?))
.-- .... .- - / .- .-. . / -.-. --- .-. . / - .... .-. . .- -.. ... ..--.. / .. - / .-- .- ... / - .... . / .--. .-.. .- -. -.- / --- -. / - .... . / -... --- - - --- -- .-.-.- / - .... . / -.. .-. .- .-- . .-. / --. .- ...- . / ..- ... / .- / .--. --- - - . -.. / .--. .-.. .- -. - .-.-.- / .-- . / .-- . .-. . / - --- .-.. -.. / - --- / .-- .- - . .-. / .. - --..-- / -... ..- - / .-- . / .-- --- ..- .-.. -.. / .... .- ...- . / - --- / ..- ... . / -.. .-. . .- -- / .-- .- - . .-. .-.-.- / - .... . .-. . / .. ... / .- .-.. ... --- / - .... . / ... --- ..- .--. .-.-.- / .- -. -.-- / .- -.. ...- .. -.-. . ..--..
No. 133405 ID: d63ea8

Transmission End: >>/quest/972179
No. 133526 ID: d63ea8

So my computer is in the shop for repairs. Should (hopefully) be fixed in 5 business days.

Stupid windows 10.
No. 133527 ID: b1b4f3

It's Etzil's doing, obviously.
No. 133536 ID: b1b4f3

I just had a worrying thought:
Where's Stauf's toilet?
No. 133538 ID: d63ea8

Such mysterious questions will be answered next chapter.

Also my computer has been diagnosed and hopefully the software can get fixed tomorrow.
No. 133609 ID: d63ea8

Work has been really draing as of late.

Luckily it is a temporary position, so come September that might change. I'm sorry for the delay, and I will try to get back into the swing of things.
No. 133610 ID: e51896

Glad to hear from you. Take your time, life comes first.
No. 133918 ID: 87a01c

((On the errant frequency or whatever the proper name is)) .-- .... -.-- / -.. --- . ... / .. - / ... . . -- / - .... .- - / - .... . / -.. .-. .- .-- . .-. / .. ... / .- ..-. - . .-. / -.-- --- ..- / .-- .... . -. / .. -. .. - .. .- .-.. .-.. -.-- / .. - / .-- .- ... / -.--. ..-. .-. --- -- / -.-- --- ..- .-. / -- . ... ... .- --. . -.--.- / - .... . / - . -. -.. . -.. / ... ..- ... .--. . -. -.. . -.. / --. .-. --- .-- .. -. --. / .-. . --. .. --- -. / - .... .- - / .-- .- ... / .- ..-. - . .-. / -.-- --- ..- / .. -. / ..-. .- ..- ... - .----. ... / .- -... --- -.. . .-.-.- / -.-- --- ..- / ... .- .. -.. / . .-.. . -.-. - .-. .. -.-. .. - -.-- / .-- .- ... / .-.. .. -.- . / .- -.. -.. .. -. --. / ... .- .-- -.. ..- ... - / - --- / ..-. .-.. --- ..- .-. --..-- / ... --- / .. - / .. ... --..-- / . ..-. ..-. . -.-. - .. ...- . .-.. -.-- --..-- / .--. .-. --- ...- .. -.. .. -. --. / ...- --- .-.. ..- -- . / -... ..- - / -. --- - / .--. --- .-- . .-. .-.-.- / .. - / -.. --- . ... -. .----. - / .-.. . - / -.-- --- ..- / -.. --- / -- --- .-. . --..-- / --- .-. / . ...- . -. / -. . -.-. . ... ... .- .-. .. .-.. -.-- / ..-. . . .-.. / -... . - - . .-. --..-- / -... ..- - / -.-. .- -. / .-.. . - / -.-- --- ..- / - .- -.- . / .-.. . ... ... / .----. .--. --- .-- . .-. .----. / -.. .- -- .- --. . / ..-. .-. --- -- / .- / .... .. - .-.-.-
((Translation: Why does it seem that the Drawer is after you when initially it was (from your message) the Tended Suspended Growing Region that was after you in Faust's abode.
You said electricity was like adding sawdust to flour, so it is, effectively, providing volume but not power. It doesn't let you do more, or even necessarily feel better, but can let you take less 'power' damage from a hit.))
((and because I can't do things safely and I like hedging my bets: ))
*short delay*((a little longer than normal))
((using the same place/method we talked with Gash earlier)) Lovely please stop trying to intrude on a mortal named 'Ashley''s abode, an old mutt doesn't want to be found. I am fairly certain no other Beings I know's influence looks like parallel, variable length, horizontal line segments. Your continued interference jeopardizes your relationship with me((in the 'this fragment sense')) and by extension with the Vessel. I feel he would not approve, particularly since our side of the story would, almost certainly, reach them first, and be from the perspective of the scared mortal, among other things.
No. 133930 ID: d63ea8

Sorry, but the Being You’re looking for is a homicidal maniac and can’t come to the phone right now.

If you’d like to leave a message, please do so after the tone.

When your message is complete either hang up, or press # for more options.


No. 133932 ID: 87a01c

You strike me as an Avenue, though I haven't heard from The Compression Knot or Hanging Garden either, you could also be someone new, of course. Also "#"
No. 133933 ID: b1b4f3

I don't think we've met. You're one of ES's friends?
No. 133938 ID: d63ea8

You got it in one.

Heh, just couldn’t help trying out one of my old routines.

Also, I wouldn’t hold my (nonexistent) breath for
Compression Knot, You’d have better luck talking to a literal brick wall.

As for olde’ Rope Tree,
She’s always willing to talk IF You make it worth Her while.

No. 133939 ID: d63ea8

But where are my manners!

Avenue, entrepreneur extraordinaire!

For all things communication, information, or recreation, look no further than the ‘System Itself.’

No. 133940 ID: d63ea8

It’s good to finally meet You.

Sadly, I think that I’m
Errant’s only friend at this point. And I’m at the end of my (proverbial) leash.

If I interfere any more then the URC might think that I’m-

*Dramatic Gasp*


But seeing as
You want more options-

Wait- sorry, let me get back into character.

No. 133941 ID: d63ea8

To relay Your message directly to Lovely, please press [1].
To discard and re record
Your message, please press [2].
To inquire about our locations and hours of operation, please press [5].
To inquire about payment options and current deals, please press [6].
To speak to an operator, please press [7].
You know the extension of the person or Being You’re looking for, please press [9] and enter in the extension.

To hear these options again, please stay on the line.

No. 133945 ID: 87a01c

assuming our message is: Lovely please stop trying to intrude on a mortal named 'Ashley''s abode, an old mutt doesn't want to be found. I am fairly certain no other Beings I know's influence looks like parallel, variable length, horizontal line segments. Your continued interference jeopardizes your relationship with me((in the 'this fragment sense')) and by extension with the Vessel. I feel he would not approve, particularly since our side of the story would, almost certainly, reach them first, and be from the perspective of the scared mortal, among other things. "1" Otherwise re-record the message to be as such and send.
Regarding '7' aren't you the operator? I would love to know all about "5" and "6"
Regarding '9' might I inquire as to your extension as to better understand the format?
No. 133947 ID: d63ea8

Message Sent.
No. 133948 ID: d63ea8

Our systems indicate that there is ONE storefront near Your location. Please take THE HOLE BENEATH THE BED and then turn RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT.


No. 133949 ID: d63ea8

We offer plans on a monthly, yearly, or pay as you go basis. Once You have set up an account at one of our many locations, we will set You up with a trained service associate who will walk You through the many data and information plans we have available. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and would love to take the time to figure out which pricing standard best fits You , and accept credit, INFORMATION and/or LIFE-FLUIDS equally.
No. 133950 ID: d63ea8

We are transferring You to one of our many trained operators. Please stay on the line.
No. 133951 ID: d63ea8

“Hello, you have reached the Office of Urban Restoration and Civility, Amanda speaking.”

“How can I help you this morning?”

>Regarding '9' Might I inquire as to your extension as to better understand the format?

“I’m sorry. I didn’t quite catch that first part. You want to know about the format for extension numbers with the URC offices?”
No. 133954 ID: 87a01c

Rude Avenue. That wasn't even quite Yes in character for a automated system, you did them out of order.
No. 133957 ID: d63ea8

“Alright. In order to better meet the needs of our many citizens, we have divided up our representatives based on city and districts. You can check for these numbers under the ‘my documents’ tab of your URC Announcement app, once your device has been legalized with your personal information.”

“When calling in, press nine and then enter in your three digit city code, two digit local code, and finally the four digit personal code of the individual you're looking for. The numbers of our call-in staff can be found on our websites, or you can ask by name here. If you are part of our Public Housing program, your local code will be the first two digits of your tenant ID. ”

“Is there someone you wish to talk to specifically?”

I was answering in order. Numerical order!

Besides, most people hate talking to machines.

“I’m sorry, what was that? I couldn’t quite make that out.”
No. 133958 ID: 87a01c

Just background noise, sorry, thanks. Avenue wait till they hang up or hang up for me or whatever, so I can stop talking like mouse.
For all that you may be 'the system' you are still a Being, clearly one with thoughts of its own, and knowledge that most mortals don't have, nor should have it seems. In the automated system what would a Being's extension be like? or is that purely applicable to mortals. Also what is the proper way to send a message to a specific Being, as trying to 'call' Grey Gash back reached you instead, and it would be nice to be able to reach you or Grey or Garden or Knot on purpose as it seems everyone else can do to me.
Youmentioned that it was nice to meet me, but my understanding is my name already has history did you not meet me then? or did Errant tell you about my recent 'reset'?
For all that Compression Knot may be a brick wall I still wish to send them a "hello" message. I will hold off on Hanging Garden as I have little of value to offer at the moment

No. 133965 ID: d63ea8

“Thank you for calling in. Have a good day.”

No. 133966 ID: d63ea8

That was a shorter call than I thought it would be.
Oh well.

As for your assertions, yes, I am still a Being in addition to the system I’ve created.
And it is my business to stay very well informed.

As much as I would love to add a catalogue of numbers for Beings I do business with, many of them thoroughly reject the idea. Therefore I must remain as an intermediary of sorts, and the URC have provided me a whole lot of business.

I imagine that
Grey Gash would’ve answered You herself, if She wasn’t already occupied with certain… obligations.

There are only a handful of ‘big title’ Outer Beings that can occupy more than one space at once. Myself being one of them, and my “
Rival” being another.

She rarely leaves her domain.

Usually if you wished to contact or meet another Being, such an affair would be organized by me, as I would set up a ‘neutral ground’ for talks to take place.

No. 133967 ID: d63ea8

Of course, if You were to ‘reach out’ Yourself , then it would be easy for that Being, or perhaps someone else to commune with You directly.

There can be risk involved with such chance encounters, thus there is a need for those to ‘go between.’

Though I can certainly think of
One who is able to slip into places He shouldn’t.

No. 133968 ID: d63ea8

But I’m afraid that I’m a businessman, not a charity worker.

You have questions.
I have answers.

You want contacts.
I have connections.

Let’s make a deal.

Don’t worry about Grey Gash, I’m on retainer for the URC, and thus all associated costs will be waived. But they are also able to decide when You are no longer worth talking to.

No. 133969 ID: 87a01c

There are many things I don't know but also don't have the questions for.
Those obligations of Grey Gash are almost certainly the self same as the ones my message was addressing. You say helping Someone anymore might leave you Complicit so it isn't necessarily that you don't want to help so much as your proverbial hands are tied. But one of your jobs is to get messages from one Being to another, yes? If so rushing receipt of a message from one Being to another should be well within your 'leash' yes? The goal of that message is to help a certain Someone. I would like to at least get my message read by them before they finish, if not start a dialog.
I too like being well informed, though not as a broker of information, typically. How confidential can we expect our discussions to be? I am guessing all but. I would like to "make a deal" but unfortunately do not know what I have that you might want or what the worth of anything either of us have is, and that seems like a terrible place to start bargaining from. I'll try to stick to information cheap enough to be worth giving to aid my continued existence so I can be a more lucrative customer later.
When it comes to life fluids is there any difference between a rat, dog, cow, human, or being.
When it comes to secrets what gives them value, and given that they are secrets, if you are buying how can you be sure you are not being scammed, or, should value be determined by the receiver, that they are not scamming you by undervaluing it.
Interesting that the URC thought I was worth talking to in the first place
No. 133972 ID: d63ea8

You are correct.

In this theoretical scenario, I would be obligated-
Required to send this message post-haste.

Especially if it were to a…
valued contact.

So much so that I might be willing to overlooks some fees, it were to help that theoretical
Someone immensely.

As for-

Oh! You have a reply.

No. 133973 ID: d63ea8


I’m afraid that my hands are tied in this case. Though I am surprised how quickly you’ve learned of it.

I do know know this ‘Ashley’
and I doubt She cares but I have certain… responsibilities to my… cohorts.

The ‘mutt’ has been a persistent thorn in our side, and a disappointment to our kind.

Hiss… Boo…

If it is truely a matter or importance to you, I will spare the mortal, but if she stands in the way…

There will not be much left of her.

But I will remind you that I wish to remain mundane in the eyes of the mortal.

If you pass, undue influence upon them…

I will be deeply cross.

And here’s a friendly bit of advice.

Do Not Threaten Me.

I do hope that we are able to chat ‘in character’ soon.

I will say from… second-hand knowledge… that the URC’s enforcer should not be trifled with.

No. 133974 ID: d63ea8

But to get back on topic.

As for confidentiality-
I would ask for a premium, as
You would effectively be giving me something I would be unable to sell.

But seeing as you are lacking in some basic knowledge, let me clarify the pricing, for no cost of course.

Some have tried and failed to feed on the life-fluids of less sapient creatures. The results are… unpleasant to say the least, and most do not even attempt doing so because of the wide abundance of life-fluids present in Numara. Unlike the Beyond, Outer Beings are not required to feed on one another, even with other dangers present.

Though to me, the life-fluids of a mortal and a Being are of equal value.

As for the validity and/or value of secrets… I usually expect a Promise of honesty and discretion when relaying the information, and I fully understand if that same Promise might be required of me.

If you are uncertain of a secret’s value, I would have you ponder the… amount of disturbance... that information might impart upon the world if it were to come to light.

And if information and life-fluids are too precious to you, then I might be persuaded by a favor or two.

From what I can tell, the URC might’ve… underestimated a little ‘problem’ of theirs.

Anything else?

No. 133975 ID: 87a01c

Outer Beings. This suggests the possibility of Inner Beings?
Is there something he uses instead, if you are at liberty to tell?
I only know the consequences of breaking a promise are 'bad' but would like more specifics. Additionally what sort of effect does including something subjective, say 'a fair price', in a promise as a conditional when applied to one's self or someone else?
Who is the user of the darkest color. I want to guess URC, but the URC has had many names, or so I am told.
What kind of costs can be made against a Being. We know of Life-fluids, and it seems Potency would also be possible to deduct from. But it seems likely that more are possible, though what they are remains unknown.
We have a Power, but have been hesitant to use it because of an unspecified cost, and not knowing what the power is, can you tell us what our power prior to our 'rebirth' was? as well as common Power costs? Or even better what our power is now, should you somehow know.
I have reason to believe that Grey Gash's 'one hit' effect may be a hex of some sort. Anything you can share regarding that?
Do you have any experience with the spheres?

To Grey Gash:You and I both know this isn't about Ashley, though her death would certainly make things worse. This isn't a threat, I can promise you that: I can not safely promise that anything I learn in this situation will not be transferred to the Vessel upon his awakening. Our conversations here should be exempt from the situation. The fact that you are the drawer has yet to come to light in the situation and should be safe, but your attempts on Ashley and the 'mutt' thus far... well I don't think either of us can undo what has already happened, only what we decide to do about it. As of now I will make no attempts dissuade the Vessel from any attempts to find connections between the attacker here and anything else. My mind could likely be changed either way, depending on what you say and do. Changing it based on what you do will happen either way. Changing it based on what you say would be a minor favor to you, and I'm happy to do minor favors at no cost, right up till they run counter to the interests of those I care about. For instance not immediately sharing your identity with the Vessel was one such favor, it was small enough and I saw no reason not to. Now I understand you probably got someone telling you 'the dog is old' and 'needs to be put down' to 'end its suffering', but there is a difference between 'It got away [before I could pull]/[as I pulled] the trigger' and 'I didn't have the heart to pull the trigger'. As I understand it, that second one just isn't a problem you have, and I wouldn't expect it to suddenly happen now, however convenient that would be for me.
No. 133976 ID: 87a01c

((can we get a quick map of Ashley's apartment?))
No. 133978 ID: d63ea8
File 160269495160.jpg - (162.94KB , 800x1067 , Ashley's Apartment.jpg )

((Here's the map!))
No. 133979 ID: 87a01c

((Wait where is TV and mirror right now?))
No. 133980 ID: d63ea8
File 160269672015.jpg - (174.79KB , 800x1067 , Tweaked Map.jpg )

((Of course, here you go.))
No. 133990 ID: d63ea8

Message sent.

I suppose in a sense there are such things as ‘Inner Beings,’ but I don’t think it will be replacing the term ‘mortal’ any time soon.

Anyways, the consequences of breaking a Promise tend to be quite severe. While I can't get into exact calculations, since the effects tend to vary based on the Promises themselves and the Potency of the Beings involved, I can give general outcomes.

The most likely outcome is that the breaker of Promise annihilated outright, akin to death in the eyes of mortals, even though this ‘death’ for Beings tends to be more… total. Though there are times when the Being involved is merely crippled instead, fewer still are able to come back from it, but it has been done.

All subjective aspects should be excised from a Promise when both given and offered. As their presence might lead to a Promise being broken even if both Beings had the intention of carrying it out.

I’m afraid that the ‘Darkest Colour’ is confidential, and so are the identities of the URC.

But I imagine one who is as inquisitive as
Yourself may be able to piece such things together.

As for other costs… Potency is something I would be willing to trade in, but
You ought to understand that it cannot be restored as easily as Life-fluids. Potency often requires centuries of immense focus to cultivate on one’s own, and if it is properly given to or taken by another Being, it will not return.

There is sometimes the call for personnel or resources, depending on how well situated
You are in a world like Numara. I for one have often partaken in the ‘buying,’ ‘selling’ and ‘leasing’ of mortals within my sphere of influence.

One such transaction taking place very recently.

Beyond that,
You could offer Your service in exchange for goods. Providing temporary, or perhaps more permanent labour, in exchange for such actions in kind.

She is ever the fan of such ‘patronage.’

As for what Power might have, that is for me to assess and for
You to market.

And I imagine that
Her Title would explain such questions themselves. Unfortunately I cannot share more.

Unfortunately I have not had much business with those two,
It/It prefers It/It’s own company.

And if my hypotheses are right, then I might have some information regarding
Your past. But that would have to be purchased.

No. 133992 ID: d63ea8

As for…
Your other question…


He hasn’t found a working substitute.


...has just continued making
Himself... sick.

Despite the wishes of… some others…



No. 133994 ID: d63ea8




No. 133995 ID: 87a01c

Is he willing to accept life fluids offered willingly and knowingly? Has he tried sexual fluids? Why is he wanted dead when he is already killing himself. He doesn't need to kill to gain life fluids, and mortals make more over time, right? It is possible to harvest just a little. Same way it doesn't make sense to cut down a pear tree just for the fruits.
I feel your pain.
He was the first to do anything for us, well our Vessel anyway, we didn't know we were separate from the Vessel yet.
He is the only one that I truly care about besides our Vessel in this world so far. Which of course isn't to say there are not others we care about, We are rather conflict adverse by nature, much preferring love to war where possible, but priorities.

No. 134003 ID: 1a8428

Don't make lines that long without a break in them, please, you're making the page side-scroll.
No. 134004 ID: d63ea8

((Understood, I'll try to segment it next time so this doesn't occur.))
No. 134005 ID: d63ea8

I haven’t kept up with His most recent exploits…

I find them too painful to hear.

I just know that
He is using my electrical grid to starve
Himself .

Using it to override the basic survival instincts we
ALL have.


I just wish that
He would be more selfish.

Even back then, I could tell that
He cared. Even if He was loathe to admit it at the time…

No. 134010 ID: d63ea8

Some see Him as a threat. Others are still holding onto old grudges. And many others see Him as an ‘embarrassment’ to our kind, or a cautionary tale about not adapting to the times.
No. 134011 ID: d63ea8

But that is enough of picking over old wounds.

Are there any scraps of knowledge or resources
You’d wish to purchase?

Or something
You’d wish to sell in exchange for ‘store credit?’

No. 134012 ID: 87a01c

The URC seems to have enough power to implement systematic blood harvesting, but given life-fluids still have value, this mustn't be the case, if it were anything small it would almost certainty have been circumvented... =/
That was a lot of colors I didn't recognize, I got Greater Sphere but these colors have no names, can I get some sort of names for them for free? Do Being symbols have value? Would the iconography of a dream key? A summoning/calling/how we got their attention enough that they came to our Vessel's abode for the spheres?

This in particular seems similar to Ravenous Delights same with this and this but less so.
No. 134014 ID: b1b4f3

To Grey Gash: I would like to add that we know you are dangerous, and obviously much stronger than we are. I think it is unlikely that we will act against you, both out of self preservation and for the sake of the Vessel. Yet by attacking Ashley you are making it very difficult for us to want to help you. We asked the Vessel to give you things before; we obviously won't be doing that anymore.
No. 134023 ID: d63ea8

Unfortunately I cannot speak on Them or It as they have bought their privacy.

As for the remainder-

You’re getting a reply.

No. 134024 ID: d63ea8


While I do not expect perfection, I do require some degree of cooperation.

The same level of cooperation that I am attempting to extend now. This mortal shows no sign of cooperation, and while I won’t seek to end her life, I will if I must.

You are failing to understand that I am pursuing this task by requirement, not desire. I want to annihilate the mutt on my own terms, when He is thoroughly crushed and broken-
-under the weight of His own failures. I want Him to beg for it.
But my colleagues think otherwise, and believe now is the best chance to remove this ‘Errant Signal.’

Therefore, if my target were to wander directly in front of me, I am obligated to do what I do best.

Be grateful that I am exhibiting an uncharacteristic amount of restraint.
And that I still believe ‘w
e’ can be helpful to one another.

Uhg. I was starting to taste the vitriol near the end there.

No. 134025 ID: d63ea8

Again, I cannot offer those questions for free… but I can think of a favour You could do for me if You’d like to hear it.

I can also say with some certainty that the ‘hypotheses’ I previously mentioned are now most likely correct, given that last interaction.

No. 134026 ID: d63ea8


I would accept the design of one of
Her keys, as payment for…

Let’s say three questions of little to no worth.

Titles, gossip, basic moment to moment Being activities. That sort of thing.

Unfortunately one’s symbol is more useful in the hands of a mortal, than it is in the hands of a Being.

How about this:
You get Your Vessel to summon me, I will answer one of his questions, free of charge.

Seem fair?

No. 134027 ID: 87a01c

If I am to give you the key, I would need your promise that this would not impede the function of the key for our mortal. Our mortal already summoned you, but we will keep that in mind. I would love to hear your proposal.
No. 134029 ID: b1b4f3

How do we summon you? A ritual, with a sacrifice? Something like that?
Here's a question that should be mundane enough to be public knowledge: what are the goals of the URC as pertaining to Outer Beings? I wonder if we are actually enemies.
You say titles are of little worth, but wouldn't knowing Grey Gash's title help us know what she is capable of?
What is the favor we can do for you?

((but we explicitly do not want the mortal to find and use the key!))

To Grey Gash: Fine, I believe you. Orders are orders, after all. Let us both hope he escapes.

((I think it is interesting that Grey Gash values our relationship, even beyond the Vessel. I hope we can afford Avenue's information about our past.))
No. 134030 ID: 87a01c

((>>/questarch/969106 and >>/questarch/961248 would suggest the mortal already knows about it. Furthermore, I think the mortal already does, as that is how the dreaming works. It is why we can come and go. See >>/questarch/961680. I believe the key is what lets the mortal do this sequence. I suspect, based on >>133209, that the Beyond has been a common source of 'inspiration' for our mortal, Abbot. Of the resources a Being can use, so far we have Life-fluids and Potency. >>/questarch/969355 suggests our mortal produces Potency, which >>133990 suggests is ordinarily quite difficult to obtain.))
((>>/questarch/961574 symbols I had not noticed before. More isolated >>/moo/5081. I don't know a good way to brighten them.))
My guess for what happened is we broke a Promise, but it didn't entirely obliterate us, that this 'new us' came out of ashes of our former self left behind by that broken promise. Is that similar to your hypothesis? I would hate to buy a hypothesis I have already made. Even if they match up, the evidence and reasoning behind how you arrived at it would likely still have value to us. If you had/knew a way to verify or disprove one or both of our theories, that too would have value to us.
No. 134031 ID: 87a01c

((>>/moo/5081 My guesses, in reading order, are:
Binds (Could be swapped with mirrors, placed here by elimination)
Beacon (We know this one)
Feathers (It is the most feathery to me)
Surge (It seems to have a electrical ark)
Compass (4 pointed star with possibly a 2 pointed 'star' behind it, one more layer behind that that seems green, appears asymmetric and is too obscured guess at it's shape)
Mirrors (two circles make me think mirrors, though could be binding loops or something, neither explains the teardrops around it. combined with binds, is my most unsure pair.)))
No. 134033 ID: d63ea8

That Promise seems reasonable, but I would like some amendments to it. Namely ‘I will not take any action nor reveal any kind of information that will in any way damage the function/integrity of Your mortal’s Key so long as it remains within his possession.’

The alterations mainly create an expiry date of sorts, and protect me from any sort of fallout in case
You or someone else were to reveal the information. Albeit it still has the caveat of if that someone else caused damage with information that I provided, then I would still be liable.

Seem fair?

I enjoy keeping a ‘shadow ledger’ of
Her current clientele, and a Key is a rare honor from her. You’d best avoid mentioning me around Her, otherwise She might grow suspicious.

No. 134034 ID: d63ea8

Message Sent.

As for my proposal… seeing as
You have an influence of sorts over what is happening with Him...

I ask that
You do what You can to ensure that He survives this encounter with Your current ‘conversation partner.’

He is in a safe position, I will contact You and I will provide an answer to one question You have, irregardless of significance.

But I will still be bound by previous Promises and agreements, so I may not be able to answer some questions.

No. 134035 ID: d63ea8

And of course I would be willing to throw in my hypotheses as a singular bundle, if You’d wish to hear that instead. And I will say that the contents are more centered around who You were/might-have-been before this supposed broken Promise.

As for the summoning, as much as I would enjoy a sacrifice, it isn’t strictly necessary. All that is required is for
Your mortal to do is paint/inscribe my symbol onto a surface, peel apart something that has been woven or braided, and then blindly take a step backwards.

Usually there would be more steps, but
Your mortal’s dwelling is already primed for such rituals.

A question about the URC’s “public” goals, would certainly be considered ‘little to no worth.’

But I suppose as another freebie…

Grey Gash’s Title is Grey Gash. She is not only old, but old fashioned and hasn’t really seen any need to develop a Name for Herself, beyond ‘Lovely’ of course.

And while
Her Title does give an indication of what She is capable of. It would be foolish to assume that Her abilities only cover physical interactions.

So sometimes Titles, and even Names, can be a bit of a bit of a misnomer.

What do
You think the Title ‘Avenue’ or the Name ‘System Itself’ say of my capabilities?

No. 134036 ID: 87a01c

This Named Fragment Promises that the preservation of Him is currently, as of making this Promise, a primary goal. and we accept the deal.
On the condition that giving you the image of the key does not count as our mortal losing possession of it and that your proposed Promise does not demand contiguous possession from time of making to be valid, I think we have a deal.
In other news, regarding her, she mistrusts us because of the actions of our predecessor, but has stated willingness to give us a fair shake due to our new Being, old body, status, but we are to do some cleanup of our predecessor's work before we talk again.
Now for something you may not know unless she or he shared it: >>133213 >>133215 She is likely upset with him to some degree. It may just be gossip of "little to no worth", but I provide it to you for you to determine yourself.
Can a single Promise be broken more than once? Can the consequences of violating a Promise be defined in the Promise itself? For instance 'I will cause a cookie to be consumed or else half my Potency shall be forfeit.' Obviously this, as a Promise, would be pointless as there is no time limit on the task to be performed, and could only be invalidated by the task becoming impossible, but that is irrelevant to the question.
No. 134038 ID: 87a01c

In an earlier communication with Grey Gash, she asked for our name before we knew it. We have since figured out our name. Our Title. Do you already know our name, or would sharing our Title with you have some value to you?
These titles seem to typically make sense more in retrospect, always hard to tell how metaphorical or literal the Titles are, our own Title hardly helps us.
Your name and Title suggest you are well tied to infrastructure.
No. 134039 ID: b1b4f3

((yes, the Vessel knows about the "key", but that's just the symbol of the key on the bed. The genuine article is hidden somewhere that's hard to reach, because something bad would happen if he were to get it and use it, according to ES.))

All we can do is talk to Grey Gash, and she has made it clear that she is acting under orders, so I don't know what we can actually do here. I don't know if distracting her is possible, and she will likely catch on to what we're doing. Send Errant Signal useful information, maybe? I will Promise to try to help him survive this encounter, regardless.

Hmm, "Grey Gash"... a wound, but grey, which means it's rotting. Her abilities revolve around rot and wounds, then. Rot has association with corpses and general decay or accelerated passage of time. That's actually strange, because other Beings have complained about rot and time; maybe her abilities circumvent what's normally anathema about those concepts. Wounds can mean literal injury, or merely openings. She also has affinity with mirrors and the image of a blue ocean, but I'm not sure why. Maybe that's just because it's part of her symbol.
Oh, do the symbols of Beings have value? Because we have a small collection of those, most of which we have clearly paired to titles, and I'm 90% sure about who the rest are paired with.
Why has Errant Signal abandoned his true title? It's true that his new one is a descriptor of what he's been up to lately, but his old one is also relevant. Is it normal for a Being to be able to take on new abilities and themes? I realize these questions might have value, but I feel understanding Errant Signal is needed if we are to help him.
No. 134044 ID: 87a01c

I already asked about Being symbols, the answer was 'to mortals', a better question is why.
Are clocks good or bad for Grey Gash, more specificity their ability(s)? It would be useful to know what tools a mortal might be able to use against her toolset while stuck in a bedroom behind a door. Thinking of doors, wooden ones are basically just a carefully maimed tree.
((Can you link the post where that is mentioned? Good catch on the connections of Gash's Title))
Our fragmented nature is showing, and this is just two of us agreeing, imagine having 10+ who don't and want to weigh in on something.
No. 134046 ID: b1b4f3

(( https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/960828.html#969523 ))
((I may have misunderstood, however... the Key of Umbra and the second key that unlocks the lockbox are most likely two completely different things. I wonder who the orange Being is? My guess is Compression Knot, since we've seen the colors of every other Being in our list aside from Hanging Gardens))
No. 134048 ID: 87a01c

((>>133958 we already have their color >>134046
also you forgot to (()) your >>######
It is fine if the >>###### is relevant to stuff not in (()) but when the entirety of the rest of the message is in (()) it is suspicious))
No. 134050 ID: d63ea8

Those amendments seem fair.

I accept
Your Promises, and… thank You.

And seeing as we’re trading in idle gossip, let me share some of mine.

I’ve heard that
She is gathering some of Her most subservient ‘loyal’ clients together. While the exact reason for this is still unknown, I can say from past trends that it’s usually to deal with ‘problems’ plaguing the ‘community.’

Especially since
Her main ‘attack dog’ Screaming Edge will be there. I would be careful around any invitations You receive.

As for that little tid-bit between
Him and Her, I’d say that it is worth at least a moderate question, seeing as You don’t strike me as someone who would lie to my face.

As for
Your questions on Promises:
Mercifully, a Promise can only be broken once.
You are not able to define the consequences of a Promise, they are always severe.
And the reason why
You need to be especially careful about curating Promises is the fact that You can be given a Promise with no proper conclusion. She has fooled many a young Being into becoming a permanent client.

No. 134051 ID: d63ea8

But seeing as we are getting back into business, let’s talk trade.
I would say that
Your Title and Symbol would be worthwhile to buy, as they would help iron some speculations I have.
Taken together, I would value them as Moderate.
(Worth a more substantial question in return or perhaps a minor errand You’d need me to run.)

(You’d also be correct in the assertion that I’m tied to infrastructure, but that is one of my more ‘modern’ connections. One of the Names I used to go by way before was the ‘Unwinding Thread.’)

(Rather sobering to realize how things change.)

As previously discussed, and now properly Promised, I am willing to accept the design of one of
Her keys.
As noted, I would pay in three questions of little to no worth.

And in exchange for
You doing what You can in protecting Him from an immediate threat…
I will give
You an answer to a question, regardless of significance.
(Though this will be paid to You once He is safe.)

So before You commit to Your choices, I’ll give you a rundown of the prices for some of Your questions:

‘Of Little to No Worth’:
- The names/titles of other Beings.
(Barring some who have bought privacy.)
- The “Public” goals of the URC.
(I would bundle both their messages to mortals and Outer Beings under this question.)
Her capabilities. (Because She is old and relatively unchanging.)
- Cross-referencing
Your theories with the information I have available, and saying whether or not it has some measure of accuracy to them. (It would cost one question per theory.)
- My own history or the history of my business.
(I will warn You that it is rather boring.)
- On Clocks, Time, and Space.
(And how they mainly do not work well with us.)
- Other questions
You can think up of course. (So long as they are relatively inconsequential.)

‘Of Moderate Worth’:
- My history with
Errant Signal. (And that is Errant Signal specifically.)
- A more in depth synopsis of a particular Outer Being
You had in mind. (Barring Him for personal reasons.)
- A possible answer to why the URC hasn’t re-implemented their blood harvesting program.
(This would be speculative, but I would like to note that I’m very accurate with my assertions)
- The upcoming plans of a particular Outer Being or organization.
(Again, subject to speculation and my privacy list.)
- The current political relations between Numara, the Beyond, and other ‘distant places.’
- Other questions of somewhat sizable import.

‘Of Significant Worth’:
- Certain exploits I see within the URC itself.
- Certain exploits I can discover from within
Her or Her realm. (Such information might be time-sensitive.)
- My theories on who
You were and why You were VERY dangerous. (Judging from the information You provided, I am almost certain that this theory is correct.)
- Other questions whose answers would be very hard to come by.

Your balance sits at:
3 questions ‘Of Little to No Worth.’
1 question ‘Of Moderate Worth.’
(2 if You throw in Your symbol and Title.)

Your question ‘irregardless of significance’ will be provided upon the completion of our agreement.

Of course I can also convert these questions into other services for
You; i.e. Life-Fluids, favors, errands, labour, credit, etc.

No. 134052 ID: d63ea8


While I have not Promised
His privacy, I would ask that You not pry into His past…

It is a story for
Him to share. not me…

No. 134057 ID: 87a01c

>>/moo/5091 Key
As for our Title and symbol, could a Promise not to volunteer them to others for a time (would get linguistically awkward if it was forever) be able to improve their value? I can Promise that we have not, to our current knowledge, shared it with anyone else.
Clocks, Time, and Space.
Her abilities.
The Names, Titles, and Colors of Beings you can share
Probably wait on the Moderate question.
Regarding that "tid-bit" I Promise that I believe I relayed their words faithfully.
No. 134058 ID: d63ea8

I thank You for Your Promise of honesty.


You haven't been introducing Yourself (more or less) to everyone You’ve met, then a new… scarcity of information could prove to be valuable…

You make a Promise to ‘not knowingly share Your symbol and Title with anyone else (Being or otherwise) until we meet the fourth time,’ then I would be willing to throw in another question ‘Of Moderate Worth.’

Just be careful,
You mentioned that You were ‘fragmented’ in a way and I would rather not see You break a Promise.

I’ll wait to hear what
Your other piece(?), ally(?), half(?) has to say first.

Best to make sure that all of my client is heard.

Feel free to haggle further, I enjoy this.

No. 134059 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm. Looks like our past is more valuable than I thought.

I have a question. Can we give you *everything we know* that we have not been sworn to secrecy about, and use part of that value to purchase privacy/secrecy so that what we told you does not get relayed to our enemies? There are multiple mortals involved, two of which you already know of; I am not sure if we need to extend any privacy to them, or Errant Signal... or the Spheres, but I am definitely concerned for their safety(maybe not the Spheres'), partially because they could be used as leverage against us.

I'm hoping the lump sum would be enough to purchase our past, or there are pieces of information in it that are particularly valuable and would work for the exchange.

((Thk, feel free to weigh in))
No. 134064 ID: 87a01c

There are currently 2 particularly prominent fragments of which I am one, the other would be the one offering the entirety of our known past I will note our collective memory is exceptional, even if our component fragments can be forgetful. Sharing all of it would take some doing on our part but is entirely doable. A small handful of other fragments occasionally show up to make their opinions and desires known, though much less often here.
Our Promise for this would require some scope modifiers that will likely not make sense to you, additionally some inter-fragment chatter may be literally invisible to you, though we will still be able to see it on our end in the format we would send it in and would thus be included even if you can't access/see it.
No. 134065 ID: d63ea8


To purchase the (near) entirety of a young Outer Being’s encounters..?

Albeit one that suffers from amnesia... Might damage the volume.

And I can certainly see why
You would wish for some of it to remain private…

Getting involved might be dangerous, but when has that ever stopped me?

I will say that most mortals are entirely inconsequential, and I doubt you know the ways of fostering acolytes…
(Another question ‘Of Little to No Worth’ if You’d like.)

He doesn’t really trust Them, should I really be interfering?


Yeah, this is too valuable to pass up.

No. 134067 ID: d63ea8

If You share with me everything You know, (barring information that You have agreed to keep secret) then I will Promise to ‘not knowingly share that information with anyone else (Being or otherwise) until such a time where You deem otherwise or if I receive said information from another source.’ Therefore I will be able to sell certain parts if it appears to be (more or less) common knowledge.

You were to make this deal with me, then I would answer a question ‘Of Significant Worth.’

Let me know when
You are ready to transfer the information, and I will ensure that no one overhears us.

No. 134068 ID: 87a01c

>>134067 If I can deem just specific parts and not always the whole thing, then
I Promise to relay to you everything we have experienced till now within the domain of 'questden.org' regarding the universe we know of as 'A Game of Worlds' in threads created by 'Doors' outside of 'Moo'. (The odd scope limits)
((b1b4 can you handle the interlude thread? I'll handle the first thread, then we can tackle this thread.))
No. 134069 ID: b1b4f3

Hold on, you're assigning a value to our knowledge before you receive it? I thought it would work the other way, since it's an unknown package. Heck, *we* don't even know how much it's worth.
No. 134072 ID: 87a01c

Well I am bound, individual fragments can suffer individually, but we don't yet know if we are making Promises as a whole or as individuals.
Also yes, typically in information deals you advertise it vaguely, come to an agreement of price, then reveal it, to reveal it first would put one in a terrible negotiating position
No. 134073 ID: d63ea8

Technically, I have not accepted Your Promise yet, so there is still time for negotiations.
No. 134075 ID: d63ea8

((The actual transference of information can be handwaved, so the thread doesn't get blown up.
All you need to do is state the intent to do so.))
No. 134076 ID: 87a01c

((>>134075 That is nice cause I got half way though the first thread.
>>/questarch/960828 >>/questarch/960829 >>/questarch/960832 >>/questarch/960833 >>/questarch/960835 >>/questarch/960836 >>/questarch/960837 >>/questarch/960839 >>/questarch/960854 >>/questarch/960855 >>/questarch/960856 >>/questarch/960864 >>/questarch/960870 >>/questarch/960877 >>/questarch/960913 >>/questarch/960930 >>/questarch/960938 >>/questarch/960939 >>/questarch/960940 >>/questarch/960942 >>/questarch/960943 >>/questarch/960945 >>/questarch/960946 >>/questarch/960949 >>/questarch/960956 >>/questarch/960969 >>/questarch/960970 >>/questarch/961006 >>/questarch/961023 >>/questarch/961027 >>/questarch/961029 >>/questarch/961055 >>/questarch/961057 >>/questarch/961058 >>/questarch/961059 >>/questarch/961062 >>/questarch/961066 >>/questarch/961067 >>/questarch/961068 >>/questarch/961076 >>/questarch/961093 >>/questarch/961094 >>/questarch/961099 >>/questarch/961100 >>/questarch/961104 >>/questarch/961106 >>/questarch/961109 >>/questarch/961126 >>/questarch/961134 >>/questarch/961135 >>/questarch/961136 >>/questarch/961137 >>/questarch/961140 >>/questarch/961144 >>/questarch/961145 >>/questarch/961146 >>/questarch/961147 >>/questarch/961151 >>/questarch/961152 >>/questarch/961155 >>/questarch/961156 >>/questarch/961158 >>/questarch/961160 >>/questarch/961167 >>/questarch/961172 >>/questarch/961174 >>/questarch/961177 >>/questarch/961218 >>/questarch/961220 >>/questarch/961221 >>/questarch/961222 >>/questarch/961229 >>/questarch/961244 >>/questarch/961248 >>/questarch/961249 >>/questarch/961268 >>/questarch/961270 >>/questarch/961280 >>/questarch/961281 >>/questarch/961283 >>/questarch/961359 >>/questarch/961398 >>/questarch/961401 >>/questarch/961456 >>/questarch/961457 >>/questarch/961458 >>/questarch/961462 >>/questarch/961463 >>/questarch/961501 >>/questarch/961502 >>/questarch/961503 >>/questarch/961548 >>/questarch/961560 >>/questarch/961573 >>/questarch/961574 >>/questarch/961600 >>/questarch/961650 >>/questarch/961655 >>/questarch/961656 >>/questarch/961679 >>/questarch/961680 >>/questarch/961684 >>/questarch/961689 >>/questarch/961712 >>/questarch/961736 >>/questarch/961737 >>/questarch/961738 >>/questarch/961785 >>/questarch/961789 >>/questarch/961791 >>/questarch/961818 >>/questarch/961850 >>/questarch/961858 >>/questarch/961859 >>/questarch/961860 >>/questarch/961861 >>/questarch/961864 >>/questarch/961875 >>/questarch/961897 >>/questarch/961926 >>/questarch/961927 >>/questarch/961928 >>/questarch/961929 >>/questarch/961930 >>/questarch/961960 >>/questarch/962000 >>/questarch/962041 >>/questarch/962053 >>/questarch/962081 >>/questarch/962396 >>/questarch/962417 >>/questarch/962418 >>/questarch/962419 >>/questarch/962420 >>/questarch/962421 >>/questarch/962459 >>/questarch/962500 >>/questarch/962514 >>/questarch/962608 >>/questarch/962872 >>/questarch/962874 >>/questarch/962876 >>/questarch/962947 >>/questarch/962948 >>/questarch/962949 >>/questarch/963048 >>/questarch/963277 >>/questarch/963297 >>/questarch/963298 >>/questarch/963316 >>/questarch/963342 >>/questarch/963343 >>/questarch/963344 >>/questarch/963345 >>/questarch/963373 >>/questarch/963432 >>/questarch/963558 >>/questarch/963559 >>/questarch/963560 >>/questarch/963651 >>/questarch/963678 >>/questarch/963707 >>/questarch/963853 >>/questarch/963854 >>/questarch/963855 >>/questarch/963856 >>/questarch/963862 >>/questarch/963864 >>/questarch/963928 >>/questarch/963929 >>/questarch/963930 >>/questarch/963931 >>/questarch/963932 >>/questarch/963933 >>/questarch/964022 >>/questarch/964025 >>/questarch/964038 >>/questarch/964137 >>/questarch/964138 >>/questarch/964139 >>/questarch/964140 >>/questarch/964141 >>/questarch/964142 >>/questarch/964145 >>/questarch/964151 >>/questarch/964165 >>/questarch/964241 >>/questarch/964309 >>/questarch/964310 >>/questarch/964311 >>/questarch/964312 >>/questarch/964313 >>/questarch/964367 >>/questarch/964439 >>/questarch/964440 >>/questarch/964442 >>/questarch/964553 >>/questarch/964573 >>/questarch/964651 >>/questarch/964652 >>/questarch/964653 >>/questarch/964654 >>/questarch/964664 >>/questarch/964665 >>/questarch/964667 >>/questarch/964712 >>/questarch/964746 >>/questarch/964750 >>/questarch/964765 >>/questarch/964772 >>/questarch/964789 >>/questarch/964845 >>/questarch/964846 >>/questarch/964847 >>/questarch/964848 >>/questarch/964849 >>/questarch/964850 >>/questarch/964873 >>/questarch/964921 >>/questarch/964923 >>/questarch/965062 >>/questarch/965063 >>/questarch/965064 >>/questarch/965065 >>/questarch/965071 >>/questarch/965097 >>/questarch/965101 >>/questarch/965118 >>/questarch/965135 >>/questarch/965260 >>/questarch/965261 >>/questarch/965262 >>/questarch/965263 >>/questarch/965265 >>/questarch/965266 >>/questarch/965267 >>/questarch/965268 >>/questarch/965279 >>/questarch/965305 >>/questarch/965341 >>/questarch/965416 >>/questarch/965437 >>/questarch/965438 >>/questarch/965439 >>/questarch/965440 >>/questarch/965441 >>/questarch/965442 >>/questarch/965443 >>/questarch/965444 >>/questarch/965446 >>/questarch/965584 >>/questarch/965593 >>/questarch/965596 >>/questarch/965698 >>/questarch/965699 >>/questarch/965700 >>/questarch/965701 >>/questarch/965702 >>/questarch/965703 >>/questarch/965704 >>/questarch/965705 >>/questarch/965706 >>/questarch/965707 >>/questarch/965708 >>/questarch/965709 >>/questarch/965714 >>/questarch/965715 >>/questarch/965771 >>/questarch/965774 >>/questarch/965900 >>/questarch/965901 >>/questarch/965902 >>/questarch/965903 >>/questarch/965904 >>/questarch/965905 >>/questarch/965906 >>/questarch/965907 >>/questarch/965908 >>/questarch/965909 >>/questarch/965910 >>/questarch/965911 >>/questarch/965913 >>/questarch/965961 >>/questarch/965963 >>/questarch/965013 >>/questarch/966041 >>/questarch/966042 >>/questarch/966043 >>/questarch/966044 >>/questarch/966045 >>/questarch/966046 >>/questarch/966047 >>/questarch/966048 >>/questarch/966049 >>/questarch/966050 >>/questarch/966059 >>/questarch/966063 >>/questarch/966073 >>/questarch/966076 >>/questarch/966149 >>/questarch/966150 >>/questarch/966151 >>/questarch/966152 >>/questarch/966153 >>/questarch/966154 >>/questarch/966155 >>/questarch/966160 >>/questarch/966182 >>/questarch/966187 >>/questarch/966235 >>/questarch/966236 >>/questarch/966237 >>/questarch/966238 >>/questarch/966239 >>/questarch/966240 >>/questarch/966241 >>/questarch/966242 >>/questarch/966243 >>/questarch/966244 >>/questarch/966245 >>/questarch/966246 >>/questarch/966247 >>/questarch/966253 >>/questarch/966271 >>/questarch/966416 >>/questarch/966417 >>/questarch/966418 >>/questarch/966419 >>/questarch/966420 >>/questarch/966421 >>/questarch/966422 >>/questarch/966423 >>/questarch/966424 >>/questarch/966425 >>/questarch/966426 >>/questarch/966427 >>/questarch/966428 >>/questarch/966429 >>/questarch/966449 >>/questarch/966452 >>/questarch/966464 >>/questarch/966561 >>/questarch/966562 >>/questarch/966563 >>/questarch/966564 >>/questarch/966566 >>/questarch/966567 >>/questarch/966568 >>/questarch/966569 >>/questarch/966573 >>/questarch/966576 >>/questarch/966598 >>/questarch/966683 >>/questarch/966684 >>/questarch/966685 >>/questarch/966686 >>/questarch/966687 >>/questarch/966688 >>/questarch/966689 >>/questarch/966690 >>/questarch/966692 >>/questarch/966699 >>/questarch/966736 >>/questarch/966775 >>/questarch/966776 >>/questarch/966777 >>/questarch/966778 >>/questarch/966779 >>/questarch/966782 >>/questarch/966784 >>/questarch/966811 >>/questarch/966813 >>/questarch/966828 >>/questarch/966829 >>/questarch/966739 >>/questarch/966840 >>/questarch/966841 >>/questarch/966851 >>/questarch/966854 >>/questarch/966855 >>/questarch/966857 >>/questarch/966859 >>/questarch/966898 >>/questarch/966916 >>/questarch/966939 >>/questarch/966940 >>/questarch/966941 >>/questarch/966943 >>/questarch/966955 >>/questarch/966959 >>/questarch/966961 >>/questarch/967075 >>/questarch/967076 >>/questarch/967077 >>/questarch/967078 >>/questarch/967079 >>/questarch/967080 >>/questarch/967087 >>/questarch/967088 >>/questarch/967162 >>/questarch/967136 >>/questarch/967165 >>/questarch/967166 >>/questarch/967167 >>/questarch/967168 >>/questarch/967169 >>/questarch/967179 >>/questarch/967180 >>/questarch/967181 >>/questarch/967182 >>/questarch/967193 >>/questarch/967194 >>/questarch/967196 >>/questarch/967198 >>/questarch/967203 >>/questarch/967322 >>/questarch/967324 >>/questarch/967325 >>/questarch/967328 >>/questarch/967329 >>/questarch/967330 >>/questarch/967331 >>/questarch/967332 >>/questarch/967333 >>/questarch/967334 >>/questarch/967335 >>/questarch/967339 >>/questarch/967340 >>/questarch/967346 >>/questarch/967347 >>/questarch/967348 >>/questarch/967349 >>/questarch/967350 >>/questarch/967368 >>/questarch/967442 >>/questarch/967443 >>/questarch/967445 >>/questarch/967446 >>/questarch/967447 >>/questarch/967448 >>/questarch/967449 >>/questarch/967450 >>/questarch/967451 >>/questarch/967456 >>/questarch/967457 >>/questarch/967466 >>/questarch/967483 >>/questarch/967567 >>/questarch/967568 >>/questarch/967569 >>/questarch/967570 >>/questarch/967571 >>/questarch/967572 >>/questarch/967573 >>/questarch/967574 >>/questarch/967575 >>/questarch/967576 >>/questarch/967577 >>/questarch/967578 >>/questarch/967580 >>/questarch/967581 >>/questarch/967595 >>/questarch/967607 >>/questarch/967609 >>/questarch/967611 >>/questarch/967612 >>/questarch/967616 >>/questarch/967617 >>/questarch/967618 >>/questarch/967619 >>/questarch/967620 >>/questarch/967622 >>/questarch/967623 >>/questarch/967624 >>/questarch/967625 >>/questarch/967626 >>/questarch/967627 >>/questarch/967628 >>/questarch/967633 >>/questarch/967636 >>/questarch/967640 >>/questarch/967642 >>/questarch/967643 >>/questarch/967646 >>/questarch/967647 >>/questarch/967651 >>/questarch/967652 >>/questarch/967653 >>/questarch/967654 >>/questarch/967660 >>/questarch/967668 >>/questarch/967749 >>/questarch/967750 >>/questarch/967751 >>/questarch/967752 >>/questarch/967753 >>/questarch/967754 >>/questarch/967755 >>/questarch/967756 >>/questarch/967758 >>/questarch/967759 >>/questarch/967760 >>/questarch/967773 >>/questarch/967776 >>/questarch/967777 >>/questarch/967778 >>/questarch/967780 >>/questarch/967781 >>/questarch/967782 >>/questarch/967785 >>/questarch/967788 >>/questarch/967789 >>/questarch/967791))
No. 134077 ID: 87a01c

Wait a Promise must be accepted by another Being before it is binding?
No. 134080 ID: d63ea8


((Information conveyed.))

Well, well, well.
That is both less and slightly more than I expected.

Ask your question.

No. 134082 ID: 87a01c

What kind of question would 'what was more than you expected?' be?
No. 134083 ID: d63ea8

‘Of Significant Worth,’ I imagine.

And no, that won't count as
Your question.

No. 134084 ID: b1b4f3

I vote we get your theories on who we were and why we were very dangerous.
No. 134089 ID: 87a01c

Do you agree with my low value question selections fellow fragment? ((b1b4)) I see little issue with that as our first high value question.
What is the conversion rate between various question values? How many low values to get one medium value and how many low values would a medium be worth? Likewise with high and medium, and high and low.
>Just be careful, You mentioned that You were ‘fragmented’ in a way and I would rather not see You break a Promise.
Less likely than you might expect to be a problem. Most fragments probably didn't notice we figured out our Title or what it is, though it is true most fragments are remarkably short sighted, that would work both for and against us in this case. Additionally there is record of suppressing another fragment's bad, impulsive decisions, and should a handle become necessary we can create a name to call ourselves, though I seem to remember something about self names echoing the original or something, I can't find the source. ((Actions such as demonstrated here >>/questarch/966182 >>/questarch/966187 >>/questarch/966235 will continue to be possible, yes, Doors?))
>And no, that won't count as Your question.
I should hope not. Would strike me as particularly bad business sense to charge for pricing queries.
Now to try something; Resonance of Avenue: Does this do anything?
No. 134096 ID: b1b4f3

I agree with your low value questions. They could be especially useful for helping Errant Signal, and will be useful in the long term too.
For the moderate question I'm torn between asking about the URC or our dark-colored enemy.
No. 134098 ID: d63ea8
File 160324231376.jpg - (308.99KB , 800x1067 , The Shapes Present Secrets.jpg )

Seeing as You both agree on this, let’s start with the theories.


The following is in regard to an operation undertaken in the spring of last year.

<Blood Crisis>

The following report is taken together from URC correspondence, transcripts of Communing between
[CENSORED], {CENSORED}, ‘Lovely’, as well as the accounts of various Contractors.

As per
{CENSORED}’s orders, elements of the URC’s housing division had been restructured in order to provide an alternative revenue stream for project <Grand Work>. The restructuring would divert 15% of all inner-city populations to designated <Red Sites> under the guise of ‘gene-therapy’ and ‘reintegration into the workforce.’ Populations designated as ‘Contracted’ or ‘Circle-Class’ were to be left untouched, with the <False Light> issue to be addressed at a later date.


Three weeks into restructuring, a security breach was detected in <Red Site> #3189. Contracter SI was brought in for consulting, and was to be supervised by
{CENSORED} at all times.

Results indicated that the formally integrated asset, hereby referred to as <Subject A>, had left their post at
*time code scrubbed*, discarding all tracking devices, including <Star Shoulder>. <Subject A> then disabled all cameras, sensors, and at-time spatial feedback defenses (ATSF). Automated security alerts were immediately sent to surrounding OSU outposts and forces arrived at <Red Site> #3189 in *time code scrubbed* minutes.

20L of Liquid Assets were recorded as stolen.

Further consultation with Contractor SI revealed a CCTV recording of a grey-panel van seen speeding away from <Red Site> #3189. Additional cameras then tracked the van for
*spatial measurements scrubbed* blocks until it entered into unintegrated territories.

{CENSORED} put all current and future restructuring on hold until <Subject A> was located, detained, and properly examined by Contractor Twin.

Main anomaly of event:
<Subject A> had been provided with Delta LEVEL passcodes to disable all of <Red Site> #3189’s security systems. Contract tracing records of <Subject A> show no encounter with Delta LEVEL assets nor Delta LEVEL sites. Internal digital sweeps show no sign of tampering.

Contractor SI was not brought in for additional digital analysis,
{CENSORED} citing that Contractor SI holds a conflict of interest and should not be allowed onto sensitive systems.

‘Lovely’ noted the distinct presence of a <Outer Threat> but was unable to match it to others She had encountered. The <Outer Threat> was codenamed <Puppet> as it appeared to hold to capabilities of repossessing claimed assets.


Over the next several weeks, further break-ins were recorded at other <Red Sites>, first beginning locally, and then quickly spreading across all URC controlled territory.

{CENSORED} quickly purged all assets of Charlie LEVEL or higher, and consolidated all security passcodes and site location with a central set of dossiers, hereby referred to as the <Tower Keys>.

Covert infiltration attempts dropped dramatically, but were soon followed by direct attacks on URC holdings. Enemy movements reacted in real-time to URC deployment and action, regardless of radio-silence.

{CENSORED} would not fully discount <Old Shadow>’s involvement, the wide scale of activity did not match up with previous encounters.

<Puppet> was elevated to a Gamma LEVEL threat, and bounties were issued to all present or prospective Contractors.


In the following month, intelligence provided by a Contractor
+CENSORED+ led to the interception of a suspected <Puppet> plot. ‘Lovely’ was the only other URC executive provided with the intelligence as {CENSORED} suspected that the majority of URC assets had already been compromised.

Supplied with mercenary assets from Contractor Oak,
‘Lovely’ engaged <Puppet> forces at *location data scrubbed* Water Treatment Plant.’

<Puppet> forces were reported to be dumping large quantities of both stolen and recently harvested Liquid Assets, into the town’s water supply, and were quickly dispatched.

Onsite investigation by
‘Lovely’ revealed the presence of <Puppet> within the Liquid Assets of the enemy forces and the water supply itself.

Oak’s forces were quickly dismissed and all URC executives were called for an emergency meeting.


Following the meeting, Contractor
+CENSORED+ was brought onboard for additional consultation and profiling of <Puppet>.

Initial evaluation and interrogation of hostile assets revealed that <Puppet> showed the capability of directly controlling multiple subjects as a singular consciousness, as seen in audio record <P-I-2036>

No. 134099 ID: d63ea8
File 160324231903.jpg - (225.42KB , 800x1067 , The Shapes' Stolen Sounds.jpg )


V1: -said to tighten the-”

V1: “You know what? Just-”

*sounds of a struggle*





V1: “There. Was that so hard?”


V1: “Finally. Subject is all yours. Sorry for the mess.”

V2: “Of- *ahem* Of course.”

*sound of footsteps*


V2: “This is Dr. Patrick Vauluss. Filling in for uh… Doctor Crane.”

Dr. Vauluss: “Or at least what’s left of her.”

Dr. Vauluss: “Subject seems agitated, and I was informed that they’ve been kept awake for nearly *static* hours.”

Dr. Vauluss: “Subject has shown extreme aggression to all staff, and before being muzzled, uh bit into the face of one of our aids.”


Dr. Vauluss: “This will be the um fifth such attempt to communicate with this subject, now with added safety measures.”

Dr. Vauluss: “Alright, you can disengage the jaw restraint!”


V3: “Of course Dr. Vauluss.”


Dr. Vauluss: “Hello Brian, are we-”

V4: “I told you that I am NOT this ‘Brian,’ I am a Vessel!”

Dr. Vauluss: “er And uh what does being a vessel mean to you?”

V4: “Not vessel, Vessel! And I will not speak to heathen like you!”

Dr. Vauluss: “I see from your file that you used to be a nurse, is there-”

V4: “Brian, was the nurse. I am a Vessel!”

Dr. Vauluss: “And uh what made you into a Vessel?”

V4: “Come closer and find out.”

Dr. Vauluss: “Well- uh moving on. Can you explain…”

*shuffling of papers*

Dr. Vauluss: “This? You had drawn it in your cell uh-”

V4: “In BLOOD.”

Dr. Vauluss: “-and it er is near identical to the drawings of-”

V4: “It is I. I am it. You need guidance.”

Dr. Vauluss: “Er- well.”

V4: “You need mORE!”


V5: “Alright. I’ve heard enough, destroy it like the rest. Stop recording.”


Dr. Vauluss: “Wh-”

V4: “You know nothing! You try to cut me down and I will rise again!”

V4: “The blood makes us human!”

V4: “Makes us more than human!”

V4: “Makes us human n-

No. 134100 ID: d63ea8
File 160324234901.jpg - (155.77KB , 800x1067 , The Shapes' Sheets.jpg )

Contractor +CENSORED+ believed that <Puppet> was still very young for a <Outer Threat> and could be easily provoked. Further interrogation revealed the town of *location data scrubbed* was likely to be the stronghold of <Puppet>, and Contractor +CENSORED+ believed that preparing the right bait could draw out <Puppet>.

The ensuing mission was codenamed <Blood Crisis>, the mission held three distinct goals.

To weaken or neutral <Puppet>, to destroy all their infected assets, and remove all the Liquid Assets that could allow for further contagion.

+CENSORED+ would attempt to draw out and entrap <Puppet>, and in doing so either distract or neutralize <Puppet> themself.

[CENSORED] would paralyze the populations in infected cities, allowing for ‘Lovely’ to eradicate all life present.

{CENSORED} would remain at URC High Command, and ensure that all Liquid Assets were reclaimed and either processed or destroyed.

All actions were carried out perfectly, save for one issue. Due to interference from <Old Shadow> a small percentage of the populations were not affected by
[CENSORED] and were able to avoid eradication.

Fortunately, upon the neutralization of <Puppet> all infected assets returned to regular functionality.
[CENSORED] quickly fabricated the cover-story <Iron Mist> and has now galvanized the remaining unintegrated populations to further expand URC territories on Numara.

{CENSORED}’s order, all previously infected assets would be kept in ‘low-risk’ position, where they could be monitored, just in case.

+CENSORED+ was awarded with *data expunged* and was promoted to a Preferred Contractor, due to their results.

//End of File//

No. 134101 ID: d63ea8

Given the vast amount of information You’ve relayed to me, I’d say that the resemblance is compelling.

As for exchanging questions… I would say that it would be a 5:1 ratio.
i.e Five questions ‘Of Little to No Worth’ can be exchanged for one question ‘Of Moderate Worth’ and vise versa.

And it is good to hear that
You have some level of self-control(?), discipline(?), mastery(?). I was worried about the longevity of our relationship.

>Attempted Mimicry. Improper Resonance.
>(Return to regular tone?)
>(Relay in banked tone?)
No. 134102 ID: d63ea8

((As for counter-manning other suggestors, I will try to handle it on a case-by-case basis. If a decision is unpopular or unhelpful to the story, I will likely disregard it. Though I do try to take what I can even then.))
No. 134103 ID: b1b4f3

That is... yeah, that must have been us. A massively reckless version of us with vast ambition and no social skills or regard for the minds or lives of our Vessels. Even ignoring that Outer Beings must not value the lives of mortals very highly, we acted like a psychopath. We didn't even try to negotiate?!
I wonder what happened to make us calm down? Whatever it was, you know the timeframe better than us... it must have been before we met our current host considering how highly we value him, which means it was before we lost our memories. You also know now that we made a purposeful choice to become more empathetic. If it comes down to it, you can vouch for us now. You could even put in a good word to Errant Signal, though maybe it'd be better if we earned his trust on our own.

I have a question now: is the URC open to negotiations with us? At this point they must know we are still alive.

((There is Ruinous Light and False Light, that means there's a True Light? The Light that we seem to have contacted must be different from the light-based Being associated with the URC, so I'm guessing that's the "False Light", and the Being Ashley saw is what the URC considers to be the True Light. Unless they ARE the same Being, and the URC considers us "contained" and potentially worth helping with our struggle against our enemy?))

((I noticed that the various censored names are marked differently. At some point we can refer back to this and figure out who did what. By the look of things, +CENSORED+ may be Avenue.))
No. 134105 ID: 87a01c

>V4: “The blood makes us human!”

>V4: “Makes us more than human!”

>V4: “Makes us human n[o more]

This showed up for us before here: >>/questarch/969350

This is what makes me all but certain we were once this. It also explains our initial position in the body, would have been much more useful for controlling hosts if they didn't really know they were being controlled.

The darkest color may be <Old Shadow> and our Vessel is afraid of the outside because of the eradication attempt, which the darkest color protected them from.

Now you have our Symbol and Title, and know who else might have it, I feel confident to Promise to ‘Not knowingly share our symbol and Title with anyone else (Being or otherwise) until we meet the fourth time or you cease to exist, provided we do not knowingly cause such an event’ as well as permit the dissemination of our Symbol and Title to others.

Can you tell us if the darkest color is related to/part of the URC?

Also Outer Threat vs Outer Being?

((Relay in banked tone))
No. 134107 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, hey you're right, the memory of fleeing through the labyrinth then being saved by that thing matches what likely happened at the end of the incident with the URC. If the darkest color protected us on purpose... then... maybe it's trying to take us over in order to use our infiltration powers for its own ends.
No. 134111 ID: d63ea8

Reckless or not, You managed to challenge and slightly terrify the strongest faction on Numara. That in and of itself is a high achievement.

But no,
You didn’t try to negotiate, though I doubt the URC would’ve entertained the notion. They desire supremacy, not alliances.

If I were to guess the reason of this decidedly positive change in
Your demeanor, I would guess that being taken down several pegs might’ve changed Your perspective on things. Or perhaps something has fundamentally changed about what You are.

And… if
Errant Signal starts asking about You then I will try to convey that You appear genuine. Even if I cannot relay the specifics on why until later. Promises are binding after all.

But it is interesting... now that
You mention it. From my, extensive understanding, the URC does not know that You are still alive. Even though She ought to…

I think I have a theory, but I would like the opportunity to develop it further and check other sources before offering it.

No. 134112 ID: d63ea8

Unfortunately, this ‘darkest color’ You are referring to has already bought their privacy, and it is wide-reaching.

What I can say is… the URC has not accepted any new executives, preferring to set up Contractor positions for those they deem ‘useful.’

And that <Old Shadow> is the codename that the URC uses to diagnose unusual electronic errors. Seeing as these files might find their way into the hands of… less initiated personnel, many codewords are used in place of proper terminology, in order to keep said personnel blind to the larger picture.

No. 134113 ID: d63ea8

But let’s move onto Your other questions, shall we?

First the ones ‘Of Little to No Worth:’

>Clocks, Time, and Space.
We Beings are native to the Beyond, a sort of ‘place between places.’ It never really had any form or boundaries, nor any way to properly ‘define’ it. Things just sort of happened. The only element one could use to track our history were events recorded in relation to other events. A ‘moment by moment’ record, if You will. Events like when a new Being formed, or when another was annihilated, would be cobbled together into a ‘flow’ of sorts. I’m afraid that I can’t really give You much on those moments because I had formed at a much later point.

Needless to say, at some moment before I had formed, other Outer Beings had found ways to Infiltrate other worlds. Results were usually mixed.

Occasionally a Being found a world so suited to their needs, that they would claim it and bar others from entry. The Abyss being the most historic example.

Numara on the other hand was a world rich with mortals and other resources.

It was far from the first world to be discovered with sapient life, but Numara was the most developed by far, as many other worlds were claimed while their ‘Inner Beings’ were still in infancy, and could be sculpted to suit their new master’s needs.

What Numara had, that other worlds did not, was advanced mathematical and navigational techniques.

Even if they were ‘rudimentary’ by modern standards, the fact that the mortals on Numara created vast carefully measured structures that could chart the motion and distance of the heavens themselves provided a much greater barrier than other worlds had. Back in those times we Outer Beings had to worry about hourglasses and water clocks, as they could precisely and consistently track the flow of time.

Because when time and space are properly recorded, we as Outer Beings cannot exist.

In most scenarios, being around a working clock, even if it does not display the correct time will hurt
You, because even then it is recording the passage of every second.

Worse yet, if a mortal is there to observe its record, then the effects are magnified ten-fold and the mortal themself will be very difficult to interact with. If
You are Potent enough, then You will be able to endure for a while, if not…

Well, there is a reason why Numara hasn’t been fully claimed, and the URC aren’t the first to try.

Precise measurements of space can have a similar effect, but it is harder to pull off.

You aren’t careful You can be annihilated by either force.

I am told that it is a very slow and painful process.

>Her abilities.
She is very old by Outer Being standards, and the main ability She has been perfecting is extending Her reach from the Abyss into other worlds.

She does so through wounds.

Be that the physical wounds of a mortal, wounds in architecture, or a wound in one’s self.

It’s why
She favours the mirror so greatly.

Mortals often inflict the worst wounds on themselves when looking into it. Any doubts they might have in themselves, their abilities, appearance, etc.

Any can be made into a doorway for
Her if the wound is allowed to grow and fester.

And if
She is not impeded by space, time, or other form of interference, She can make even the most minor scrape rot and widen.

While this ability is somewhat lessened when used on other Outer Beings,
She will win any struggle if it comes down to attrition. And Her vast age has made Her very Potent especially in Her domain.

There are only a handful of Beings that have been able to properly match
Her in a confrontation. But most of those Beings are either elsewhere, or… different.

>The Names, Titles, ((and Colors)) of Beings you can share.

I can probably give you an outline of the major players here on Numara, if
You don’t have a particular individual in mind:
- There is myself of course; Avenue, though I also go by the names ‘System Itself,’ ‘Contractor SI’, ‘Avalon Utilities
and subsidiaries,’ and on rare occasions ‘Unwinding Thread.’


- You of course know Grey Gash. She has started to go by the name ‘Lovely’ recently, Her very first name if my sources are to be believed.

- Then there is Hanging Garden, better known by the name ‘Warden Oak’ or ‘Contractor Oak.’

- And of course one cannot forget the most popular Being (that I’m allowed to talk about) among mortals. Kind Eye, or the name He is more commonly known by ‘Aldemire.’ Though before that name He primarily when by ‘The Light’ or just ‘Light.’

- There is also Memoria, a more recent player that is starting to make headway under the name ‘Contractor Stone,’ but I’ve also heard Her go by the name ‘Last Twilight.’

- Finally there is also The Wrong Step, a Being about as old as me, but He came to Numara a long while after I did. He goes by the names ‘Wrong Foot’ and ‘Other Word.’ Bit of free advice, don’t trust a single thing He says.

There are others Outer Beings present in both Numara and the Beyond that I know about, but if I were to list them all now, then we’d end sitting here for all eternity.

If I’m not mistaken, that leaves
You with three more questions ‘Of Moderate Worth.’

But feel free to save them for later, if
You’d want to do Your own investigations first.

No. 134114 ID: d63ea8

>((Relay in banked tone.))
Does this do anything?
No. 134115 ID: d63ea8



No. 134116 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, was that our first successful mimicry?
Could you not tell it was us? I'm wondering if it would be useful for spreading misinformation... I'd want to ask you to not share that we can do it, if it did work well enough to fool you. I suppose we'd have to pay for that privacy, wouldn't we.
No. 134119 ID: 87a01c

We don't know either! Experimenting is fun! Neat idea, you know Errant well, could you tell, at all, that that wasn't Errant. If not, can we, posing as Errant, Promise, to Grey Gash, that we are not actually there? (because We aren't)
No. 134122 ID: b1b4f3

I feel like that's unlikely to work; Lovely is a very perceptive Being, as shown by the information given to us by Avenue.
No. 134126 ID: b1b4f3

That is, she would be able to tell that Errant is still there. It would confuse her greatly, and she might even realize that it was a false voice.
...we *could* try mimicking someone who gives her orders, and tell her to call off the hit. It would delay her for longer, at least?
No. 134127 ID: 87a01c

we don't have anyone else's voice I don't think, well quick way to find out which voices we have))
((send these to ourself rather than to Avenue))
test test test test test test test test test
((any ones we do not have just use our normal voice instead))
No. 134128 ID: d63ea8

I-if You weren’t before me right now I-

This… this is something that will cost a lot to keep secret.
You should keep it secret.

The fact that
You can-

...so perfectly…

You don’t know how You did it?!

No. 134130 ID: d63ea8


Your scheme wouldn’t work because all She would need to do is ask who sent the message.

Your ‘mimicry’ would be found out immediately.


I’m starting to see why
She has Her eye on You.

>Attempted Mimicry. Improper Resonance.
>(Return to regular tone?)
>(Relay in banked tone?)

((test test test test test test test test test))
No. 134131 ID: d63ea8


Speaking of

You have a reply to that last message, but it wasn’t really a verbal one.

It was more of a stern look followed by a sigh.

Not really a friendly gesture, but for
Her it was very restrained.

She has stated that ‘This conversation has run its course.

I don’t believe that
She will be Communing with You any further at this moment.

No. 134134 ID: 87a01c

It is like we got this big-ass switchboard, but none of them are labeled and they are all interconnected. (switch one and it could make all the other switches do different things) Occasionally I like to try flipping some randomly to see if something neat happens! Apparently I found the 'copy ((Mimicry))his((/Mimicry)) voice' combo. ((Though some part of me feels like the power is somehow tied to me as a Fragment, If someone else could try I would appreciate it.))

Also what do you mean by 'here' you said most Beings can't be multiple places very good, but I think we are here and with our Vessel, is that normal? I don't feel we are very physically 'here' but we are physically with the Vessel, as you know it was a whole deal.
No. 134136 ID: d63ea8

Alright… I think I understand.
Whatever caused
Your amnesia, be it a broken Promise or not, has also overwritten whatever basic instincts You had.

Though it seems like some of those instincts returned when
You became separated from Your Vessel.

I imagine this ‘mimicry’ would’ve been vital to
Your survival in the Beyond after You first formed.

I wouldn’t think that it is a new ability, but
You’ve been defying a lot of my previous expectations.

And if I were to guess what
You mean by ‘here’...

I am an Outer Being that is fully capable of existing in multiple places at once, physically or otherwise.

You on the other hand…

It’s more like
You are ‘reaching out’ in a less physical manner. Though I can certainly imagine that You were once able to exist in multiple physical spaces as well.

You still can…

Well, it would require some experimenting on
Your part.

No. 134137 ID: b1b4f3

We can't fool Lovely and she doesn't want to talk anymore, which means all we can do is relay information to Errant.
...or maybe we can do something with our strange connection to Ashley? I don't get why we can see what she's doing but are unable to communicate or interact. How would we even make the attempt...? (it's not like we have a standard format for actions, and in the disthread everything seems to be directed at other Beings instead of the area around our body)
Wait, what about other Beings...
Can you send messages to Aldemire? I'm wondering if he would be willing and able to help. Relay this if so:
"A friend of ours is being pursued by Grey Gash, can you help us?"

...can we afford to buy secrecy about the mimickry? If not, I guess we'll just have to hope nobody asks about it. I presume we don't need to pay you to prevent you from immediately telling the URC about it, since I don't think you want the URC to know we're still alive (they would likely kill us)... I guess only Lovely and the darkest color are a concern. How much would it cost to keep it from them, specifically? Or just the darkest color?
No. 134138 ID: 87a01c

Well I was hoping to wait on this one a little longer till I could more directly prove the potential threat, and then offer this deal as a show of peace, but now with us paying you on the table when I feel we should hold the leverage...

In exchange for a Promise from you not to knowingly reveal this capability, we can Promise not to knowingly attempt to use this 'Mimicry' to cause you to unintentionally break a Promise.

You are a clever Being, I am sure you realize the existential threat this ability could pose to you specifically. I would guess protection against a credible threat of assassination would have... rather high value to you. Enough that I could probably attach a number of additional demands to this Promise, but I am not. I do, however, request, (not demand) if it can be told, what the terms of your Promise(s) of privacy to the darkest color are.

Also when relaying messages you seem to talk in other's colors, how is that different from our 'Mimicry'?
No. 134141 ID: b1b4f3

Did you just threaten Avenue? Doesn't seem like a good idea.
No. 134143 ID: d63ea8

You’re bluffing…

This ‘mimicry’ of
Yours is impressive, but I don’t believe that You can break another Being’s Promise.

But if
You want to play hardball, fine-
I’ll bite.

What’s stopping me from revealing
Your existence to the URC, and have this little cycle repeat itself?

No. 134144 ID: d63ea8

Because if I receive the knowledge that You are a very real and active force… then such information would be considered ‘common knowledge.’

And I know just
Who to ask.

So if
You’re willing to make such pointed assertions, then I have to wonder…

No. 134145 ID: d63ea8

How much do You value Your ongoing existence?
No. 134146 ID: d63ea8

But it seems that not all of You agrees on this course of action.

So maybe we should both take a step back.

I could certainly convey messages to both
Errant Signal and Aldemire, but the mortal would be more difficult.
Most of the devices they are using are experiencing
technical difficulties.

And seeing as this message is going to a valued contact, I will wave the regular fees.

Message Sent.

Normally if one of my clients were to threaten myself or my business they would…
...find many grievances leveled against them.

But seeing as we’re not doing that, I’ll ask

How much is my silence worth?

No. 134147 ID: b1b4f3

You'll have to be more specific.
No. 134148 ID: d63ea8

Well, seeing as You’re being very civil about it.

This ‘mimicry’ ability could be rather… dangerous to the natural discourse on Numara. As it lets
You copy another Being’s Resonance entirely.

While I can merely relay the messages I am given, nothing more nothing less.

Your ‘mimicry’ can give you a very significant edge in some interactions, so long as it remains secret.

So how much is that advantage worth to

No. 134149 ID: b1b4f3

Okay, well, the thing is once we start using it, Beings will catch on fast and take countermeasures. Any advantage we can get will be temporary, and on top of that, any major use of the ability will likely result in a search for who is responsible and that could lead to us being discovered and killed. The only long term use I can think of would be for inconsequential communication with Beings associated with the URC without revealing we still exist.
In the short term we could maybe use it to protect Errant from Grey Gash, or to trap the darkest color by making them think they gave a Promise to someone else, but in fact it was to us. Sadly I'm not sure who the darkest color would bother making Promises to, so that use has serious issues.
These uses make it valuable, but I wouldn't put that much value on it just from that, considering I know you won't spill the beans before Errant is safe. Like, one moderate question?

Another use of it could be... deception as part of a larger plan, but we don't have enough information to really plan around the actions of other Beings.

So, I have an offer. In exchange for some measure of secrecy on our ability to mimic, we can work for you. You can come up with a plan that uses the ability, and we can execute it. I'm aware that we don't know what your greater plans and aspirations are so it's possible we'd be helping you do something we disagree with, but you are one of our only allies right now so I'm willing to take that chance.
No. 134151 ID: 87a01c

You misunderstand, I don't force you to, I would trick you into it. Unless this ability is common, I can pose as someone else, get you to say something to the me posing as them that you can't say to me but could say to them. We currently have no reason to do this to you. The promise would just make sure it doesn't matter if we got reason to in the future, you threatening to reveal it would likely provide just such a reason.
>What’s stopping me from revealing Your existence to the URC, and have this little cycle repeat itself?
Nothing, other than making that deception a priority, if only as a way to take you down with me.
>How much do You value Your ongoing existence?
Less than you probably think, but more than I could. If I die, I don't have to worry about anything anymore, If nothing else it ought to be a novel experience. My story would end, but it would have closure.
This was not to be a threat, but an offer keep that potential threat from ever being a problem for you. The original plan was to be like 'you thought we were that guy but it was really us, and this is a thing we could have done but didn't' along with a Promise not to in the future, along with a Promise from you not to share the ability, but the time table was accelerated when us paying you for that promise went on the table.
No. 134152 ID: d63ea8

Your discourse is very polarizing.

But more agreeable part of
You does bring up an important point.

I wouldn’t have a reason to reveal this secret, if it was being used by someone who was working for me, or better yet someone I would consider an ally.

Though right now,
Your age (or lack thereof) is showing. I have dealt with shackdowns and I will not be intimidated by the likes of You.

But how about this:
I take one of
Your questions ‘Of Moderate Worth’ back, as collateral, and I offer a small job for You.

Nothing binding, just a little arrangement.

For some reason
Lovely wants to keep You around. I want to find out why. If You can bring that reason to me, then I will trade a Promise of my secrecy (and perhaps a bit more) for it.

It will also should serve as a good foundation for us, if
You want to solidify a solid ‘working relationship’ with me.

Share the details of this agreement with anyone else, or try to ‘mimic’ me, and the deal is off.

Sound fair?

No. 134153 ID: d63ea8

Ah, He’s gotten back to You.


Unfortunately, I cannot act if She is the one harrying You. If I interfere with Her or the business of Her allies they resume the extermination of my followers. But I will try hold Your friend in my thoughts. I’m sorry that I cannot do more.

I would hold out much hope, the URC did quite a number to

No. 134154 ID: 87a01c

If you do not fear that possibility then all that is moot and you have no need of my promise, though I expect it to be plenty expensive should you change your mind later *shrug*.
The small job seems reasonable, I'll accept that.
Would what happened to Light be a medium question?
No. 134155 ID: b1b4f3

Sure. Too bad we can't just ask her right now.

Hmm, you didn't list Compression Knot in that list before, can we get a description of them?
No. 134156 ID: 87a01c

((I believe I know why we have Etzil's Resonance. We have consumed his life fluids. So now I wonder can we copy our mortal's Resonance.))
No. 134161 ID: 87a01c

Ima try to Mimic myself. ((Mimicry))Is this any different?((/Mimicry)) or this for that matter.
No. 134162 ID: d63ea8

Then it appears we have an accord for now.

And forgive me, but I’m not really in the mood to answer
Your questions, Fragment.

No. 134163 ID: d63ea8

As for You I’d be happy to help. Unfortunately I don’t have much to tell.

Compression Knot has no names, only It’s Title. As I mentioned before, Potency can be cultivated by one willing to spend enough time and focus. Compression Knot has done so since It first formed, and is a social and political non-entity.

The only thing
It seems to do (beyond developing more Potency) is answer the call of mortals.

It has effectively become a rule that anything sealed by
Compression Knot will not open. Full stop.

I’ve only gotten three words from
‘Leave,’ ‘Go,’ and ‘Away.’

As I said,
You’d have better luck talking to a wall.

>Attempted Mimicry.
>Relaying in regular tone:
Is this any different? Or this for that matter.
No. 134164 ID: d63ea8

No. 134165 ID: 87a01c

K then. Guess I'll let you and Unnamed Fragment talk, I'll try to stick to observations. But I'll give you this: Our identities are largely what we decide them to be, such that >>134166
No. 134166 ID: 9aafe2

I can be unnamed too.
No. 134167 ID: b1b4f3

((Not sure why it took me so long to notice the reptile theme Avenue has. It's a dragon that hoards information, basically. It has shapes for scales.))
((here's a theory on why we can mimic Errant Signal and no one else: we absorbed some of his life fluids))

Alright... I'm still not sure how we can help Errant. You know almost everything we do and more, do you have any suggestions? ...maybe we could send Errant instructions on how to summon us(wait, do we even know our own ritual?!), which he could then tell the mortal, which would let us help directly? I'm not sure what we could do even if we were there... I guess we could give Errant some of our life fluids. Or recklessly stand in Lovely's path.
No. 134171 ID: 87a01c

((>>134167 see >>134156 -_- glad we agree though.))
Rituals take time to set up, and we probably want Ashley to finish the one they are currently about to start (Which I think is almost certainly to summon Compression Knot)
((I suspect the seals he places are like the Gordian Knot, impossible to undo or 'pick apart' but if you just physically destroy the seal or 'cut it' it has no resistance. However, that is why our Vessel's is made of wood planks, harder to physically defeat, and why the better the bonds on the seal the better, not to better keep Grey Gash out, but to better prevent it or Ashley from accidentally defeating it physically.))
((The '5 seconds' instruction is to keep Ashley from seeing him and give him 5 spaced events to do work in))
No. 134172 ID: 87a01c

Avenue I would like to send a message to our friend, feel free not to send it if you do not feel the concern I bring up is justified. The message: Careful not to go too loud with your "loud blare", ruptured eardrums are a thing and sound like they would be just as lethal as a bruise.
No. 134173 ID: 87a01c

((I think these >>/moo/5138 >>/moo/5139 symbols could be good inquiries, I would ask myself, but as he said, he was not interested in my questions, so you would have to ask them b1b4))
No. 134174 ID: b1b4f3

((where did you find all these hidden symbols?))
No. 134175 ID: d63ea8

((The Symbol and the Way were discovered in Chapter 1; See Coming to Terms with the New Way 3/11 and 5/11))
No. 134176 ID: 87a01c

((>>/questarch/969354 and >>/questarch/969352 for the two most recent symbols
>>/moo/5081 from earlier came from >>/questarch/961574))
No. 134177 ID: b1b4f3

I'll just ask more directly; what can you tell us of Fractile Joints?
How valuable would additional knowledge of Ways be? I believe you saw we found six of them, then one more.
No. 134181 ID: d63ea8

Unfortunately, I do not know the specifics of Your ritual, as it wasn’t a focus of the URC’s investigation. But I would safely say that it would involve Your symbol in some way.

Though if I were to compare the Potence of
You and Compression Knot, It would come out on top.

Information on
Fractile Joints would be a question ‘Of Little to No Worth.’ Seeing as He is little more than a floating corpse now.


As for Ways, they have no value to me. They act as foci for mortals that can project their consciousness into the Beyond or other worlds. Meaning that this Vessel of Yours is a rare find, but not unique.
No. 134182 ID: d63ea8

Message Sent.
No. 134183 ID: 5cb1b2

so >>/moo/5139 would be Fractile Joints's symbol? Do you know what >>/moo/5138 this might be?
No. 134184 ID: d63ea8

That is indeed His symbol.

But again, I don’t put much value into Ways, so I cannot say which one that is. They are as common as sand in a desert.

No. 134187 ID: e6a049

Interesting that an information collector like you wouldn't even keep a passing list of them. I am willing to bet some Ways are more, hmmm... Potent? Effective? Efficent? Common? than others. If nothing else it is a missed oprotunity to potentaly sell us infomation.

If it makes you feel any better, I Promise my offer was intended to be massively in your favor. In my 'eyes' I was offering to take a large threat I could pose to you off the table in exhange for you takeing the relitively smaller threat you could pose off the table.
It proved to be a swing and a miss, for which I appologize.
No. 134188 ID: d63ea8

I do not keep a list of them because that list is ever changing as Ways appear and diminish with the ebb and flow of thought.

There is only one Being that willing to deal in that information and
She is my direct competitor. My general practice is to deal in mortals, not with them.

What I do not understand is why
You in particular wish to provoke me.

No. 134189 ID: 5cb1b2

The Promise was to show my goal hadn't been to provoke, I honestly thought I was giving you a good deal.

Please feel free to tell me where my logic went wrong.
You collect information.
I still do not know if you have even a passing list of Ways, and I did not previously know any reason you wouldn't have such a list.
I am still willing to bet there is meaningful difference between Ways even if they come and go, but it is not your area of expertise I now gather.
Not having that information meant you could not sell it to us.

Yes there are two (intended) subtle jabs at what I think you pride yourself on, but can you tell me they were false or came entirely out of the blue? We had not made any Promises of secrecy before meeting you, you know all we have seen and experienced, if, possibly, not quite all we have thought.
I didn't know she also dealt extensively in information till now, nor that she might have a sort of specialty beyond basically being the Beyond. Likewise I had thought that Ways, even if numerous, were at least relatively stable. We gave you what we know, if it isn't there when would we have learned it?

I don't particularly want to provoke you, but you seemed unfairly upset with me and I am a little spiteful. Also, most everything you say generally includes something new that we didn't already know.
No. 134190 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, Laybrinthine being a useful contact for our mortal, as well as being unaffiliated with the URC (if she was, she would've told the URC we're alive while she was pissed at us) means that we really should get on her good side.

Is there any chance that anything we say here can be overheard? Some of our initial conversations here were interrupted, but I'm not sure if that's because we said some sensitive words, or if they were listening from the start.
No. 134192 ID: 5cb1b2

>>134190 More pointedly this sequence: >>132807 >>132808 >>132811 >>132812 for example
No. 134193 ID: 5cb1b2

>>/quest/979593 >>/quest/979595 >>/quest/979599
Avenue, I'm scared.
No. 134194 ID: d63ea8


I have tried to keep a shadow list of Ways, and for reasons I will not disclose, the attempt was a failure, and for said reasons I will not attempt to create this shadow list again.

If it would help smooth over this little disagreement between us, then I am willing to provide
You with my cursory knowledge about Ways, but I cannot give any specific examples.

And while I won’t dissuade
You from doing business with Her, I would warn You not to trust Her, especially in Her domain.

Many take
Her civil facade at face value, and forget that She annihilated many in order to cement Her position as ruler of the Beyond.

The place where all Beings first form.

No. 134195 ID: d63ea8

No. 134196 ID: b1b4f3

(to Errant) .-.. .- ... - ... - .-. .. -. --. --. --- -... .- -.-. -.- .. -.
No. 134197 ID: 5cb1b2

No. 134208 ID: d63ea8

What’s happening?

He alright?!

No. 134209 ID: b1b4f3

Barely. He's back behind the ward, but looks like he lost a lot of life fluids- or did he? We have no point of reference, and Ashley said its gritty like sawdust, which reminds me of the analogy of him eating electricity being like sawdust. He says he's almost suffocating though, so... not in the best shape.
I guess that means our Promise was kept.

You said a Being can just sit and focus to generate Potency, and Compression Knot has done nothing but that. Doesn't that mean Compression Knot hasn't eaten either? Maybe Errant Signal wants to follow that example. Or if that wasn't literal and even Compression Knot needs to eat... I wonder if he would accept life fluids given willingly. Like, ours, for instance.
No. 134221 ID: 5cb1b2

((>>134209 Things like sweat are also life fluids, (this also includes sexual fluids but they have big logistical issues)))
((I know this from direct talks with Doors))
He is for now, the door has been sealed. >>/quest/979800 >>/quest/979802
No. 134229 ID: d63ea8

Good. The URC should leave him alone now.
It would be a waste of time and resources to try and break through one of
Compression Knot’s wards. And even if they managed it, Errant will have recovered enough to avoid them.

He’s definitely lost a lot of life-fluids.

He is safe from annihilation now, but knowing Him...

The recovery is going to be slow.

You are right. He’s safe, and You’ve kept Your end.

Your question.

No. 134230 ID: d63ea8

You are kind of right. Compression Knot doesn’t have to consume nearly as much life-fluids as You or I. By spending all of Its moments in deep focus Compression Knot only has to feed in the rarest circumstance.

Occasionally mortals have incorporated life-fluids into their rituals to
It, and that can tide It for much longer. And from what I understand It doesn’t take ‘handouts’ from other Outer Beings.

Funnily enough, it’s one of the reasons why there was such a push in Numara to popularize the pentagram and associate it with ‘the occult.’ By cutting off
Its main source of life-fluids, some thought they could force Compression Knot into some sort of dialogue.

It hasn’t worked thus far.

No. 134231 ID: d63ea8

And no… Errant wouldn’t be able to survive on that kind of ‘diet.’ He’s far too active.
And won’t stop interfering, even to
His own detriment…

Also no, neither of those will count as Your question.

No. 134232 ID: b1b4f3

It was a question of *any* significance...
How do we defeat the darkest color?
No. 134234 ID: ecb3d0

What are step by step instructions, that we are likely to be able to follow, to beating the darkest color
((b1b4 missed oprotunity to ask 'what is everything you are at liberty to share with us' though Avenue didn't Promise to honor the verbal agreement so...))
No. 134235 ID: d63ea8


That’s going to take some digging on my part. I’ll have to find information that isn’t entangled with previous agreements…

I’m not sure how long that will take, but I should have something more when
Your Vessel summons me.

But if I were to suggest a first step in the meantime…

Judging from that tidbit of information
You provided; If She could be convinced that this ‘darkest colour’ was a problem -or better yet a threat- then they wouldn’t be able to flee from Numara if the local Outer Beings turned against them.

Just… be careful with

She can be just as dangerous.

Is there anything else, or should I commence my investigation?

No. 134236 ID: ecb3d0

what is the going rate of sending un-waived messages? and how are we supposed to get ahold of you to send them?
No. 134238 ID: b1b4f3

Just to be clear, my intent is to remove their influence on our Vessel, on ourselves if there is any, and from our home, and make it unlikely we will be attacked again. Either without the URC getting involved, or with the URC on our side.
It doesn't have to result in killing the Being, if that was even a possibility to begin with.
No. 134241 ID: ecb3d0

If we could force it to break Promises (possibly repeatedly) then annihilation should be possible, though we have no other confirmed methods of killing
No. 134246 ID: d63ea8

Come by my office with Your Vessel, and we can set up a ‘data plan’ for both You and it. The rates will vary depending on how much coverage You want.

But if
You want to contact me directly, feel free to ‘reach out’ like You’ve done here.

I will try to look into how one might ‘excise’ this ‘darkest colour’ from
Your Vessel and domain. Just know that ‘killing’ is easy, annihilation is much harder.

But catching it in a bad Promise could go a long way towards that goal, if not annihilate it outright. Just… be careful.

Now, I better start looking into this matter, otherwise I won’t have much for
You when we next meet.

I’ll keep
Your remaining questions on file.

Until then.

No. 134247 ID: d63ea8

Transmission End: >>/quest/979807
No. 134248 ID: b1b4f3

... .... . / ..-. . . .-.. ... / .--. --- .-- . .-. .-.. . ... ... .-.-.- / .-- . / -.-. .- -. / .... . .-.. .--. / .-- .. - .... / - .... .- - --..-- / .. / - .... .. -. -.- .-.-.- / .. ..-. / -.-- --- ..- / -.- -. --- .-- / --- ..- .-. / .-. .. - ..- .- .-.. --..-- / .--. .-.. . .- ... . / - . .-.. .-.. / .. - / - --- / .... . .-. .-.-.- / --- .-. --..-- / .-- . / -.-. .- -. / ... . -. -.. / -.-- --- ..- / .- / .-.. . - - . .-. / .-- .. - .... / --- ..- .-. / -... .-.. --- --- -.. / --- -. / .. - --..-- / .-- .... .. -.-. .... / ... .... . / -.-. .- -. / .. -. --. . ... - / - --- / -... . -.-. --- -- . / .- / ...- . ... ... . .-.. .-.-.-

((translation: She feels powerless. We can help with that, I think. If you know our ritual, please tell it to her. Or, we can send you a letter with our blood on it, which she can ingest to become a Vessel.))
No. 134273 ID: ecb3d0

((Given our ideal state is likely inhabiting all mortals we should learn from >>/questarch/969352 Fractile Joints' folly. Science is likely to continue measuring things with increasing precision, we are going to need to, as a long term goal, figure out how to co-exist with that. We may be able to slow the progress of that on Numara, but not halt it, as Fractile learned as their last lesson.))
((OK as a mind altering Being we may actually be able to stop it (assuming 100% Vessel rate) but that wouldn't be very Empathy of us))
No. 134275 ID: b1b4f3

((the solution is simple. *don't* inhabit every mortal. Leave a portion of the population free to do their scientific research in allotted areas, and establish most of our territory as off-limits to things like clocks and rulers. Of course, it's also possible that by taking residence inside mortals, we are more resistant to the harmful affects of measured space and time. Like a layer of insulation.))
No. 134277 ID: ecb3d0

((>>134275 <- you didn't (()) that.
No the measurements will increasingly be measuring all things, always. A automated drone with it's camera is measuring distance AND time accurately, we could effectively be suppressed by mass automated drones should they ever decide they want more space, or some splinter group just decides they don't like us. A small group is what ultimately took down Joints.))
No. 134279 ID: ecb3d0

((To Errant)) .-- .... .- - / -.. .. -.. / -.-- --- ..- / -- . .- -. / .-- .... . -. / -.-- --- ..- / ... .- .. -.. / -.-- --- ..- / - --- --- / .-- . .- -.- / - --- / ..-. .. --. .... - / -.-. .-.. --- -.-. -.- .-.-.- / .. / -.--. ..-. .-. .- --. -- . -. - -.--.- / .... .- ...- . / -.-. --- -- . / - --- / - .... . / .-. . .- .-.. .. --.. .- - .. --- -. / - .... .- - --..-- / .-.. --- -. --. / - . .-. -- --..-- / .--. .-. . -.-. .. ... .. --- -. / -- . .- ... ..- .-. . -- . -. - ... / .-- .. .-.. .-.. / -... . -.-. --- -- . / -- --- .-. . / .- -. -.. / -- --- .-. . / .--. .-. --- -... .-.. . -- .- - .. -.-. / .. ..-. / .-- . / -.-. .- -. / -. --- - / ..-. .. -. -.. / .- / .-- .- -.-- / - --- / -.-. --- -....- . -..- .. ... - / .-- .. - .... / - .... . -- .-.-.- / .... --- .-- / .-- --- ..- .-.. -.. / - .... . -.-- / -.- -. --- .-- / ... .... . / -.- -. --- .-- ... ..--.. / .. ..-. / ... .... . / .-- --- .-. -.- ... / ...- .. .- / -. .- -. --- -....- -- .- -.-. .... .. -. . ... / -.-. --- ..- .-.. -.. / .. - / -... . / -.-- --- ..- / .-- --- .-. -.- / .-- .. - .... / - . -.-. .... / ...- .. .- / -.-. --- ... -- .. -.-. / .-. .- -.-- ... ..--..
((What did you mean when you said you too weak to fight Clock. I (fragment) have come to the realization that, long term, precision measurements will become more and more problematic if we can not find a way to co-exist with them.
How would they know she knows?
If She works via nano-machines could it be you work with tech via cosmic rays?))

((also to Errant)) Heh, we technically are aliens, never thought about it that way.
No. 134280 ID: b1b4f3

((no, a camera doesn't measure distance. They just take pictures, which is essentially the same as human observation. Tools need to be meant to measure distance to count, obviously, otherwise literally every object measures time via molecular motion etc. It's clearly a conceptual, knowledge-based thing. Like as if the only observation that counts is the ability of a human to know what time it is or how a space is defined by looking at a glance. Remember what Avenue said. "when time and space are properly recorded". That doesn't include most pictures, since they're not recording space, but the appearance of objects from a particular angle. And those objects obstruct vision. You'd probably have to take a tape measure to everything in a room in order for that space to be "recorded".
Anyway, yes, the mortals could fight us. Fractile Joints dismissed the threat, ignored it. We would not ignore it, and we would vastly outnumber the hostiles. The thing about having mortal Vessels is we can use guns and other long range weaponry! My impression is that Beings need to be pretty close to things to affect them, which means that humans can set up measured spaces or clocks to fend them off. Can't fend off a rocket propelled grenade that way, and the anti-Being effects of measurement can't be that deadly from that far away. Plus we can probably manage to make tanks and shit that can be piloted by Vessels, for real heavy warfare. Mortals are not as big a threat to us as they would be other individual Beings, it's other Beings we have to worry about the most since we can't set up anti-Being measurement effects to protect our Vessels and without that protection, the only way for a mortal to survive is to seal themselves off like the two mortals we're familiar with already.
also I'm not gonna shove double parenthesis around the goddamn post link that's so meta it hurts))

((we already know about why Errant needed the clock app to be deleted so I'm not sure why you're asking.
I don't understand that second question, it seems to lack context.
I really doubt attempting to explain Beings via science is possible at all so why are you bringing up Tom's stuff? Errant is just gonna tell us that none of that's true. But if you want to hear it from him I guess that's fine.
Why didn't you encode that last message in morse?))
No. 134282 ID: ecb3d0

>I'm not gonna shove double parenthesis around the goddamn post link that's so meta it hurts
>>132910 shows it can be seen, so if we are actively talking with a Being please do should all of what you say in reference to the post link be in (()) or if all of the linked post is in (()). If any of both messages are related and not it (()) it is fine. The goal is to avoid empty 'blinking'.
>Why didn't you encode that last message in morse?
Because It was supposed to be readable by Ashley. If you are thinking it wasn't that well thought out, you wouldn't be wrong. However, the idea that Beings are aliens has already been put forth by Tom, agreeing with him gives no Ashley no new information, only corroborates it.
>we already know about why Errant needed the clock app to be deleted so I'm not sure why you're asking.
Yea I phrased it poorly, I was asking with the intent of how would you use that strength to fight it.
>I don't understand that second question, it seems to lack context.
How would Beings know she knew the truth about Beings to make her never safe. You are right, it is vague, I blame writing these things up around midnight.
>I really doubt attempting to explain Beings via science is possible at all [...]
Possible, probable, even, but I have a theory that more rigorously measurable effects have more resistance to the effects of measurement. In other words the more scientifically based a method of achieving an effect is; the more resistant it is to things like clocks.
>no, a camera doesn't measure distance. [...]
Yea people running around with video cameras probably not an inherent threat. That is why I mentioned drones specifically. Unlike humans' fuzzy, error prone cognition, a drone would be algorithmically processing based on exactly X time between frames, as well as calculating numeric distances to things the camera sees to pass to its algorithms or even using like infrared or sonar to directly measure distance.
The measuring necessities of autonomous aircraft are high, small errors easily lead to crashing.

GPS satellites must be an absolute nightmare with their precision))

((Amending/changing >>134279))
((To Errant)) .-- .... .- - / -.. .. -.. / -.-- --- ..- / -- . .- -. / .-- .... . -. / -.-- --- ..- / ... .- .. -.. / -.-- --- ..- / - --- --- / .-- . .- -.- / - --- / ..-. .. --. .... - / -.-. .-.. --- -.-. -.- --..-- / .- ... / .. -. / .... --- .-- / .-- --- ..- .-.. -.. -..-. -.. --- / -.-- --- ..- / ..-. .. --. .... - / .. - .-.-.- / .. / -.--. ..-. .-. .- --. -- . -. - -.--.- / .... .- ...- . / -.-. --- -- . / - --- / - .... . / .-. . .- .-.. .. --.. .- - .. --- -. / - .... .- - --..-- / .-.. --- -. --. / - . .-. -- --..-- / .--. .-. . -.-. .. ... .. --- -. / -- . .- ... ..- .-. . -- . -. - ... / .-- .. .-.. .-.. / -... . -.-. --- -- . / -- --- .-. . / .- -. -.. / -- --- .-. . / .--. .-. --- -... .-.. . -- .- - .. -.-. / .. ..-. / .-- . / -.-. .- -. / -. --- - / ..-. .. -. -.. / .- / .-- .- -.-- / - --- / -.-. --- -....- . -..- .. ... - / .-- .. - .... / - .... . -- .-.-.- / .... --- .-- / .-- --- ..- .-.. -.. / - .... . -.-- -.--. ..- .-. -.-. -..-. -... . .. -. --. ... / .. -. / --. . .-. -. . .- .-.. -.--.- / -.- -. --- .-- / ... .... . / -.- -. --- .-- ... / - .... . / - .-. ..- - .... / .- -... --- ..- - / - .... . -- ..--.. / .. ..-. / ... .... . / .-- --- .-. -.- ... / ...- .. .- / -. .- -. --- -....- -- .- -.-. .... .. -. . ... / -.-. --- ..- .-.. -.. / .. - / -... . / -.-- --- ..- / .-- --- .-. -.- / .-- .. - .... / - . -.-. .... / ...- .. .- / -.-. --- ... -- .. -.-. / .-. .- -.-- ... ..--.. / -.- -. --- .-- .. -. --. .-.. -.-- / --- .-. / -. --- - .-.-.- / -.-- --- ..- / ... .- .. -.. / .- / -... .. - / -... .- -.-. -.- / -. . .- .-. / - .... . / ... - .- .-. - / --- ..-. / -.-- --- ..- .-. / .. -. - . .-. .- -.-. - .. --- -. / .-- .. - .... / .- ... .... .-.. . -.-- / - .... .- - / -.-- --- ..- / .-..-. -. . . -.. / .- / .-- .- -.-- / -... .- -.-. -.- .-.-.- .-..-. / .-- --- ..- .-.. -.. / - .... .- - / -... . / -... .- -.-. -.- / - --- / .- -... -... --- - .----. ... / .-. --- --- -- ..--.. / .. ..-. / ... --- --..-- / ... .... --- ..- .-.. -.. / .- ... .... .-.. . -.-- / ... ..- -- -- --- -. / ..- ... --..-- / -.-. --- ..- .-.. -.. / -.-- --- ..- / ..-. --- .-.. .-.. --- .-- / ..- ... / -... .- -.-. -.- / - --- / .- -... -... --- - ..--.. / .-- . / ... . . -- . -.. / - --- / -..-. ..-. --- .-.. .-.. --- .-- -..-. / - .... . / ... .--. .... . .-. . ... / .. -. - --- / - .... . / -... . -.-- --- -. -.. / .-- .... . -. / .- -... -... --- - / ... ..- -- -- --- -. . -.. / - .... . -- .-.-.- / .- .-.. ... --- / .. ... / .. - / .--. --- ... ... .. -... .-.. . / ..-. --- .-. / ..- ... / - --- / - .- .-.. -.- / -- --- .-. . / -.. .. .-. . -.-. - .-.. -.-- / .- --. .- .. -. ..--.. / --- .-. / .-- --- ..- .-.. -.. / - .... . / -.. .- .-. -.- . ... - / -.-. --- .-.. --- .-. / -... . / .- -... .-.. . / - --- / .. -. - . .-. -.-. . .--. - / - .... .- - / .- --. .- .. -. ..--..
((What did you mean when you said you too weak to fight Clock, as in how would/do you fight it. I (fragment) have come to the realization that, long term, precision measurements will become more and more problematic if we can not find a way to co-exist with them.
How would they(URC/Beings in gerneal) know she knows the truth about them?
If She works via nano-machines could it be you work with tech via cosmic rays? Knowingly or not.
You said a bit back near the start of your interaction with Ashley that you "need a way back." Would that be back to Abbot's room? If so, should Ashley summon us, could you follow us back to Abbot? We seemed to /follow/ the Spheres into the Beyond when Abbot summoned them.
Also is it possible for us to talk more directly again? Or would the Darkest Color be able to intercept that again?))

((Also to Errant (Intended to be readable by Ashley and a separate message))) Heh, we technically are aliens, never thought about it that way.

>But they gave me a new form -a new voice- without a second thought.
Figuring out more about this "new voice" may be interesting, especially as it seems possible Abbot is the one who bestowed it.
>And that same hunter, spoke to the hound-master and she let loose a mastiff that tore apart my only window inside, and much of my skin as well.
The hunter could be Grey Gash. the hound-master remains unknown, best guess Black or URC/URC's leader. The mastiff could be Hanging Garden. Assuming this is an abstract description of his eviction from Abbot's room.))
No. 134284 ID: b1b4f3

I don't really want to give Ashley information directly, seeing as how we're not aware of what types of information are dangerous.
Also I dunno if we can change what was already posted like that... but most of the changes are for clarification so maybe it'll work as an addendum, or maybe Doors will just be nice about it.))
No. 134285 ID: ecb3d0

even if it ends up a double post It will probably be fine, but I think because it hasn't been replied to Doors will be nice))
No. 134288 ID: d63ea8

((Feel free to make whatever changes you wish, and I will try to use the most recent version for the mainthread update. So feel free to hammer out what you would like to post.))

((Next update will probably be on either Monday or Tuesday.))
No. 134297 ID: d63ea8

No. 134298 ID: d63ea8

Look, I’ll try to answer Your questions but every moment I am here I will not be able to react there.

Things that provide measurement to us, or the spaces that we occupy, hurt us. In most cases, if I see a clock I can either smash it or hide it. It still hurts but I can do it.

I can’t when I am this drained.

There is no way we can co-exist with such items, because they are literal poison.

As for how they can discover Ashley knows;
They can coerce any thought or feeling from any mortal They have in Their grasp.

She does not work via nanoscopic machines, She is real and She is dangerous. Tom is mistaken, seeing rationale where there isn’t any.

I don’t believe I would be able to ‘follow
You back,’ even if I knew the way to summon You . I just need Abbot to set up a space of moderate size that is sheltered from view. But before that I will need to recover the life-fluids I’ve lost so I can return to my regular Potency.

I also don’t want to leave Ashley in the mess I created for her…

I will try to make contact with
You once I am better able to, but until then, please only contact me when You need my help.

No. 134299 ID: d63ea8

Transmission End: >>/quest/980805
No. 134300 ID: b1b4f3

((interesting that Errant had to leave Ashley to communicate directly here. I wonder what exactly "here" is, and why the URC hasn't checked to see if we're here.
also whoops, sorry ES. I was avoiding long morse messages on the hunch that they would be annoying, and I was right it seems))
No. 134303 ID: ecb3d0

... --- .-. .-. -.-- --..-- / .. / .-- .- ... / -. --- - / .- .-- .- .-. . .-.-.-
((Sorry, I was not aware.))
No. 134304 ID: b1b4f3

He JUST said not to contact him unless we need his help!))
No. 134309 ID: ecb3d0

Short, no reply needed and [small] formatted. He doesn't need to come here and leave Ashley for this message. This is a 'got it' message and an apology
I have more I want to say, but bit my metaphorical tongue))
((Also we came through in our color on the TV; which was interesting, as there seemed to be no distinction when it was in text message form.))
No. 134323 ID: ecb3d0

Wireless &Networks's background I think is Avenue's shapes, Sound & Display has Errant's oscilloscope, and Location & Security has Compression Knot symbol/seal. Neat.
No. 134336 ID: ecb3d0

((>>/quest/981008 I made explicitly sure this would be Promise safe with Doors. (Though he also said it might just do nothing.)

I think Ashley was someone who was previously infected. >>134100
>Fortunately, upon the neutralization of <Puppet> all infected assets returned to regular functionality.
They were then left alone but
>Under {CENSORED}’s order, all previously infected assets would be kept in ‘low-risk’ position, where they could be monitored, just in case.
No. 134956 ID: ecb3d0

Title: Icon
Names: <Puppet>
Notes: Us

Title: Avenue
Names: System Itself, Contractor SI, Avalon Utilities and subsidiaries, Unwinding Thread
Notes: Has a "storefront" in the hole under Abbot's bed (after entering "turn RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT") who's hours are when the drawer isn't present (unless "THE URC ARE BUSY WITH SOMETHING/ONE ELSE")
Him color=#128e58

Title: Grey Gash
Names: Lovely
Notes: The Drawer
Her color=#8d8d8d

Title: The Hanging Garden
Names: Warden Oak, Contractor Oak
Notes: Mercenary, Errant's ally? Etzil-"can’t always be there. Lest the URC get suspicious of Him as well."
Her color=#1e6620

Title: Kind Eye
Names: Aldemire, The Light, Light
Notes: Followers were extermined by Grey Gash and her allies, is not with the URC
Him color=#f5ac0b

Title: Memoria
Names: Last Twilight, Contractor Stone
Notes: N/A
Her color=#ffffff

Title: The Wrong Step
Names: Wrong Foot, Other Word
Notes: Avenue-"Bit of free advice, don’t trust a single thing He says"
Him color=#3cff30

Title: The Compression Knot
Names: N/A
Notes: Deals almost exclusively with mortals, has one of, if not the highest Potencys
It(?) color=#d17400

Title: He Who Waits in the Dark
Names: Errant Signal, Etzil, The Dark, possible name: <Old Shadow>
Notes: Avenue-'Labyrinthine sees him as a threat, Grey Gash is holding a grudge, and Greater Sphere, [unknown if Lesser Sphere holds same view] True Light, Memoria, and The Wrong Step see him as an "embarrassment"'
Him color=#c7ff00

Title: unknown
Names: unknown, being referred to as 'darkest color'
Notes: Seems to be Abbot's primary antagonist
Him color=#000000

Title: Labyrinthine
Names: unknown
Notes: Controller of the Beyond
Her color=#580046

Title: Greater and Lesser Spheres
Names: unknown, possible name: Contractor Twins
Notes: The Greater Sphere "rots and destroys" the Lesser Sphere "nurtures and protects" Avenue-"It/It prefers It/It's own company"
It/It Greater:color=#004186 Lesser:color=#0077de

Title: Ravenous Delights
Names: unknown
Notes: Some sort of manipulation effect so offerings are 'voluntary' can be countered by Evoking
Him color=#9d0f1f

Title: unknown
Names: True Light
Notes: Etzil-"the figure that embodies the watchtower"&"a deeply jealous and tyrannical ruler" now 'outshines' The Light

Title: unknown
Names: Beholden
Notes: Etzil-"the one who is mesmerizing the entire apartment and surrounding blocks"&"They can coerce any thought or feeling from any mortal They have in Their grasp."

Title: Screaming Edge
Names: unknown
Notes: Avenue-"[Labyrinthine's] main 'attack dog'"

Other Colors of potential intrest color=#00ff6a color=#19452e color=#44ff00
No. 135330 ID: d63ea8

((Life's just been a bit hectic lately, and I want to take some time to get everything back in order. I'll try to be back at the start of May.))
No. 135331 ID: b1b4f3

Dang. See you then. Maybe some of the past readers can catch up so it's not just me and Thk!
No. 135367 ID: 894419

Sorry to hear it! At least I'll have some time to get my lore straight :)
No. 135567 ID: dfbac0

Should we discuss our attack plan for the meat demon because that's kind of important.
One very important thing I wish to note is that we should not focus on physically attacking it at all. It's kind of an embodiment of the hunt and rage so I feel a physical fight would be in it's favor.
Maybe we can do something to attack it from a distance or perhaps use evoke on it in some way, either way we really need to prepare ourselves.
No. 136233 ID: dfbac0
File 163193311804.png - (217.34KB , 496x351 , words game gif capture.png )

I took it upon myself to get a still shot of the sign.
I'm not sure what it fully means but it's here for any of you to make connections and also if any connections show up in the future.
Maybe it was us trying to gain a large number of acolytes by using the water supply?
No. 136234 ID: 96c896

Avenue told us we were about to take over an entire town by putting our essence in the water supply, but were stopped. I guess we must've successfully done it at least once before then.
No. 136239 ID: d63ea8

((Very good find! More information can be discovered depending on the direction the quest goes, but I will note that the name has appeared once earlier. Though the lettering is somewhat obscured.))

((That is also a very good assumption given the information Avenue provided You.))
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