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File 158669913147.jpg - (162.35KB , 800x1067 , Discussion Open.jpg )
132511 No. 132511 ID: d63ea8

>Ask Questions,
>Offer Comments,
>Express Thoughts.

I hope you are all enjoying the quest thus far, and I'm very excited to be running it.

Feel free to answer questions here and I will try to answer them as best as I can.

Unfortunately, due to the quest being centered around exploration and discovery, I can't afford to reveal absolutely everything.

But as I had said to a friend of mine:

"If this quest had a thesis statement, it would be 'why not ask?'"
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No. 132512 ID: d63ea8

*Feel free to ask questions here and I will try to answer them as best as I can.
No. 132513 ID: 2bd15b

I have a question for you
No. 132514 ID: d63ea8

If you're meaning for me personally;

If you asking for the character you are guiding;
It is that they see themselves as very sick, and cannot allow themselves to directly interact with the outside world.
No. 132515 ID: 2bd15b

No. 132575 ID: d63ea8
File 158785233206.jpg - (164.24KB , 900x1200 , What Has Been Seen.jpg )

Thank you again to Pawn_01 for making a map.
I thought it might also be good to post a copy here as well.

The Upper Half is the dreaming.
The Lower Half is the waking.

Just remember that not everything has been revealed and that there may be some hidden details that have yet to be discovered.
No. 132591 ID: dce46f
File 158793925782.png - (95.42KB , 382x251 , A connection.png )

I'm fairly certain this outer being we have already met, and because of his predilection for darkness I'm tempted to guess this is "He Who Waits In The Dark".
No. 132597 ID: d63ea8

I say that it's good that you're keeping an eye out for patterns. You'll need to use that skill when looking for your mirrors.

While there may or may not be a connection to Etzil. I will confirm that the sigil you've selected is indeed for "He Who Waits in the Dark."

Very well done!
No. 132707 ID: dce46f
File 158849526364.png - (472.57KB , 524x658 , Pawn Notes.png )

just some notes for the public record, pure speculation.
No. 132708 ID: dce46f
File 158849549123.png - (360.96KB , 524x658 , Pawn Notes.png )

further update.
No. 132709 ID: 7f716e

maybe i'm just under thinking it though
No. 132710 ID: 7f716e
File 158849631091.png - (227.31KB , 1114x571 , Untitled.png )

uh... guys?
No. 132711 ID: dce46f

shit yeah, that's right on the money >>132710
No. 132713 ID: 7f716e
File 158849711293.png - (89.80KB , 814x574 , Untitled.png )

these shapes look awfully similar
No. 132721 ID: b1b4f3

Bottom left one looks like a corner of the room.
Bottom right one reminds me of the green symbols on the pot and drawer hole, all curvy. Probably has to do with dirt and rot or plant matter.
No. 132722 ID: b1b4f3

Bottom right has got to be The Hanging Garden.

That leaves:
Grey Gash
The Compression Knot

That's the Key of Umbra. Umbra means shadow, but that doesn't really help identify the related symbol. I wonder what's under the pillow while we're dreaming?
No. 132756 ID: d63ea8

For those of you who are interested;
The colours for the Greater and Lesser Spheres's text is #004186 / #0077DE
And the colours for the Ravenous Delight is #9d0f1f
No. 132757 ID: d63ea8

Ravenous Delights*
No. 132769 ID: d63ea8

I've reread all of my posts for The Beyond and the only two mistakes are the Left Turns that should've been Right Turns. Otherwise the rest of the posts should be accurate.

I'll be extra careful to ensure that this doesn't happen again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
No. 132771 ID: adb916
File 158895246615.png - (3.00KB , 133x232 , Labyrinthine Map V1.png )

I feel we may quickly find this place non-euclidean but this is what we have seen so far
No. 132772 ID: e51896

I am reminded of Pokemon mystery dungeon seeing that map.
No. 132779 ID: adb916
File 158904046737.png - (3.64KB , 133x232 , Labyrinthine Map V2.png )

The map expands
No. 132780 ID: d63ea8

You’ll need to carve this map into the Beyond, otherwise elements of it might change while you are not looking.

You can probably afford to stray a little off of the path, but if you go too far you might not be able to get back.

No. 132781 ID: adb916

As per >>/quest/965709
>The walls cannot change if they are remembered.
I should think this map counts are remembering, or do I need to post it directly in the main thread?

Going out on a limb I would guess normal visitors have fallable memories, perhaps helped along by Labyrinthine. We, however, have a memory outside er reach.
I suspect we may also be able to influence that which we have not yet seen by knowing/believing what we are heading to find
No. 132782 ID: d63ea8

No it’s-...
The Beyond needs to have a… physical memory if you want it to stick.
Minds are fallible, even one such as yours. The current path you’re on will stay because of that hideout you made. As soon as you leave that path things will start becoming inconsistent.
Avoid saying
Her name if you can. Her attention is elsewhere, but she might notice us here.

No. 132783 ID: adb916

If we are to avoid her name do you have a name I might call you, or is your name one to avoid too, errant signal, in the timeless contemplative side of our existence?
And might you explain how our existing map connects to the physical one so that we might extend it?
No. 132784 ID: d63ea8

My name... isn’t important. So you can call me Errant Signal if it makes things easier.

Your map is very close to what was kept in the hideout. Line up the bottom right corners and they should overlap to an extent.

Expanding the map in the hideout will take time your Vessel doesn’t have. I’m trying to find them, but I need… to be more careful than you.

No. 132785 ID: adb916
File 158905564025.png - (32.08KB , 133x232 , Labyrinthine Map V4.png )

So the red is that which is at risk of 'inconsistency' because it is not part of the 'scar' map
This Named Fragment finds your name of greater importance now that you say it has little to none, but will accept Errant Signal as an identifier until such a time as a more proper name can be found.
Can you provide more information about what/who the non-hideout symbols represent? Assuming the rectangle is the hideout.
No. 132787 ID: d63ea8

I’m sorry that I’m being indirect. It’s for a selfish reason, but a really important one.

As for the symbols, you are right in assuming that ‘rectangle’ is your hideout. But it’s also meant to represent the weakening of boundaries there. You -but more so your Vessel- were able to shift between the Beyond and… your Vessel’s world safely, which is very hard for… most.

The two symbols in the bottom right are meant to represent
His lair, and where He usually has Beings and mortals… offer themselves. It was my idea for your Vessel to mark those areas, since you don’t want Him to sneak up on you. But I’m worried that your Vessel might not remember that…

As for the last one… that’s where a friend says they can meet you…
But they won’t be there... for a while.

No. 132788 ID: adb916

So the two bottom most are two parts of the same symbol effectively? One representing the 'offerings' the other representing him. speaking of is a separate entity or, like, one and the same, occupying both physical space and Beyond space simultaneously like I think our vessel can.
In a similar vein do you have a physical space counterpart?
What about a position relative to our map so we can avoid going over the same areas while searching for the vessel?
What does the vessel provide you?
No. 132789 ID: adb916
File 158905891986.png - (31.89KB , 133x232 , Labyrinthine Map V5.png )

Map updated with green representing paths implied by 'scars' but not yet seen.
No. 132791 ID: d63ea8

They’re essentially the same symbol. The left is where He properly resides, while the right has the hole His prey are meant to reach through. Before they were Scarred on the wall, both of those spots could be in entirely different areas and right next to each other at the same time. But now He has to look for food, rather than having it come across Him.

As for that… other thing. No, they are not the same. They are similar I think, but
He is far far weaker than that thing. What you’re talking about isn’t here, which is really good for both of us.

Most Beings can’t occupy more than one space at once.
She is one of the major exceptions of course.

I can’t really show you where I am… not with the place as it is.
I guess you-

No. It would be too dangerous for both us. What’s important is that I more or less know where you are, and I will… try to be nearby.

Your Vessel… gave me something that… I found to be very important.

It meant a lot to me.

So I want them to be safe.

No. 132792 ID: adb916

Are you the retired priest? Etzil? (I would just use a color, but I never got one for Etzil) The drawer?
Or if those are too specific to be safe, do I know you as something in the the Vessel's world? Or if this is safe enough is one of my guesses right?
No. 132793 ID: adb916
File 158906100996.png - (12.35KB , 133x232 , Labyrinthine Map V6.png )

Map refinements continue.
What if we scar in something that isn't already there?
No. 132794 ID: d63ea8

No. 132795 ID: d63ea8

Sorry. I didn’t mean to-
Look, putting in things that aren’t actually there will create uncertainty with the map, and that might poison the entire map.

I’m definitely not the drawer
She and I don’t really get along.

Again, I can’t give you an answer for… selfish reasons… but once you and your Vessel are safe in the room again we can talk more about that.

I’d just-
Please. Don’t tell your Vessel about these guesses, or about me. I…
Don’t want to be... something else to them.

No. 132797 ID: adb916

This Named Fragment can make sure not to mention anything, but as all it takes is one fragment to be of a different mind once and the Vessel will know (assuming the Vessel can hear us at that moment)
Sorry for causing such distress that you blared your signal.
You seem afraid of us being overheard here, We typically use this as a place untouchable or seeable by the the worlds we interact with, a place for use to specifically talk to one another without the world's direct knowledge, all links to and from here being intentional, such as this >>/quest/965152. If this is not the case here, it is important to have an idea of what IS safe to communicate here, or how is safe to communicate here, though many fragments are often unwilling or ignorant as to how to follow such methods should we find them.
No. 132798 ID: d63ea8

I didn’t-
Don’t know much about you, or these other
Fragments, but it would certainly explain why… your Vessel has gotten worse… but also better. I’ll trust that you have their interests at heart.

And while don’t fully understand what this
place is, or what you Fragments are, I can say with certainty that no place is truly safe. But so long as you are careful not to draw too much attention here, especially when certain Beings are around, then it should be relatively fine.

No. 132801 ID: adb916

Well I am going to count tell me what numbers you can see/hear/perceive



No. 132802 ID: d63ea8

((If you put things in double brackets I'll usually assume that it is for me, so of those inputs, the 'Errant Signal' won't here the 15)).
No. 132803 ID: adb916

those are parentheses, these [] {} are brackets (square and curly respectively) also called braces, but also the whole goal here is to find something only us 'fragments' can see, you by technicality, are also a 'fragment' you just so happen to be the 'fragment' this world springs from. So unless you plan to provide some other method I'll basically just have to co-opt this one))
No. 132804 ID: d63ea8

((Feel free to co-opt it then. No one else will hear you if you use parentheses.))
No. 132805 ID: adb916

but we hear ourselves, and that was the goal.
I have compared Etzil's face color to this Errant Signal's text's color and found them to be quite similar, to the point that I feel Etzil, the Errant Signal, and the friend he says isn't there yet are one and the same.
Etzil's self description of finding lost things matches the divination we got from the meeting place symbol of: "takes what is left unattended"))
No. 132806 ID: d63ea8

((It's a good thing that you put that in parentheses...))
No. 132807 ID: d63ea8

One is fine, a bit more intense.
Same with two.
Three is softer, but carries across it’s meaning.
Four is sharper.
I didn’t hear a ‘five.’
Six seems more monotone.
I didn’t hear a ‘seven’ either.
Eight is very quiet, but I’m good at hearing things.
Nine seems… flimsy.
Ten is far more direct. Like you are properly Communing with me.

No. 132808 ID: d63ea8

No. 132811 ID: d63ea8

No. 132812 ID: d63ea8

Mask: Hello again.

Mask: My, it seems like someone was being a bit too clever.

Mask: I’m ending this little planning session of yours.

Mask: And perhaps report to a certain Someone while I’m at it.

Mask: See you soon.
No. 132813 ID: adb916

This seemed to trigger you Mask, others may be scared of you but I'm not, not here. Feel free to try to convince me my lack of fear isn't justified. Fun to see you can talk in black as well as red but I can talk in whatever color I want.
((I suspect the safehouse may now be fairly fucked if she gets notified, unless, she, even knowing of it, can't do anything about it))
No. 132814 ID: d63ea8

Mask: Heh. Of course I can't ‘scare’ you here. But let’s see if I can find you somewhere else.

Mask: I look forward to facing you.
No. 132815 ID: d63ea8


Transmission End >>/quest/966041
No. 132816 ID: adb916

I guess little do you know, you already have. =)
No. 132839 ID: adb916

((I just realised something, the greater and lesser spheres may be somewhat uniquely equipped to deal with Delight's weird editing power. Assuming they are willing to trust one another implicitly, one could be the 'face' while the other is out of 'range' of Delight's power and does the thinking and the 'face' acts exclusively on what their counterpart says, as they can not =P trust themselves.))
No. 132840 ID: adb916

((In >>/quest/966683 Delights chooses not to 'edit' our thought not to mess with the web. Perhaps we should, given that he agreed with that, and has, otherwise, been liberal with his 'edits'))
No. 132875 ID: adb916

Hey, anyone here?
No. 132876 ID: d63ea8

There is, but I would say that there is danger in the seeking.
Peering into the abyss and all that.

No. 132877 ID: adb916

Hello, do you have handle by which I might refer to you?
No. 132879 ID: d63ea8

Why aren’t you so formal.
You may call me ‘Lovely’ if you wish.
My title is… unflattering, but useful to have.
What is the ‘handle’ you go by if I might ask?

No. 132880 ID: dce46f

I guess you could call us "Suggester" or "Suggesters" but our true name escapes us at the moment.
No. 132881 ID: adb916

I am but a fragment of a larger whole, some of us have no names, can you not see my handle? In any case I go by Thk, I don't think our 'whole' has a name, not one I know anyway.
I would have asked for your name, but as I understand it names have power, and sharing it somewhere somewhat open like this is risky, but if you are willing to share it I would love to know it.
No. 132882 ID: d63ea8

Ah… so there are many of you. Or as you said, Fragments of a larger whole.

But you have forgotten your title? That is deeply interesting.

Nevertheless, it is good to meet both of you.

As easy as it would be for me to tell you my title, I'm curious, can you guess it?

No. 132883 ID: adb916

I am sure we could given enough time and tires, though a hint of some sort would probably speed that along significantly.
No. 132884 ID: adb916

monkeys on typewriters and all.
Not all of us fragments think things through before speaking, something to keep in mind.
No. 132885 ID: b1b4f3

No. 132886 ID: d63ea8

Hmm. I suppose that’s fair. But you haven’t had many people visit your little room. I thought that my voice alone might be enough of a hint to my title.

Heh. No I am not
Her but good guess. We do have… similar domains.

And don’t worry, I will make sure that we aren’t interrupted.

No. 132887 ID: adb916

We didn't get (many) colors, a certain bright red piece of facial apparel being an exception, when people talked in our room, my next guess would be the drawer. Also for as few people come into our room for as long as we have known our door has been boarded up.
No. 132888 ID: d63ea8

You are partly correct, well done. I am the drawer, or at least I try to be real enough to be the drawer. You’re Vessel is so quaint, talking with all of the little objects it has, I couldn’t help myself and had to join in on the fun.

As for that ghastly piece of facial-wear you are referring to, don’t be fooled. His true colours are much
Darker than you might expect.

And not everyone needs to enter through the door, I didn’t.

I have a suspicion that
He did.

No. 132889 ID: adb916

yes, he showed up here earlier in his proper color, I even mimicked it back at him. Our logs of the events should you care: >>132812 >>132813 >>132814
Grey Gash, of course! This fragment had forgotten about the list of names we received early in our memory.
No. 132891 ID: adb916

The knife supports your conclusion here: >>/quest/964442
No. 132893 ID: d63ea8

There we are! A truly ugly title, but I think I wear it well.

I suppose that such lapses in memory might explain why you have forgotten your title.

I pity that, but recoverable I think.

Ooo! It does! So that means you can hear them, that is so very interesting.

What else do they say?

No. 132894 ID: adb916

they say many other things, but relaying them all is quite laborious
No. 132895 ID: adb916

The earliest thing they said that we can remember was from you actually >>/quest/960945. Where does the drawer hole lead?
No. 132896 ID: d63ea8

Is that truly the earliest you can remember? Pity…
That means we have ‘spoken’ far less than I had anticipated.
Well, I suppose we’ll have to forge ahead on making new memories then.

As for that little recess…
The best way I could describe it is as an… injury, if that makes sense.

I made that desk my little home away from home, and your Vessel is always interesting to watch.

No. 132897 ID: adb916

a home away from home, is it a sort of place to hide?
No. 132899 ID: d63ea8

A fun guess, but a wrong one, dear.
See, Beings hide from me.

No. 132903 ID: adb916

oh, ok. Why?
No. 132904 ID: d63ea8

There are so many reasons that it’s hard to pick one…
Why do you think Beings hide from me?

No. 132905 ID: adb916

Without a proper understanding of what Beings, or you specifically, can do can do, it is hard to know what to fear out of others, for instance I don't know what the red facial apparel can even do, other than burn the knife and terrify the Vessel.
No. 132906 ID: b1b4f3

((we should probably stop talking to Grey Gash. They're a predator, most likely.))
No. 132908 ID: adb916

((see I might consider that more seriously if I expected them to have power beyond talking here, and they didn't already live part time(?) in our Vessel's room, and were not one of the 'big shots' also I am already being careful what I reveal to them))
No. 132909 ID: d63ea8

Aww… I suppose that is fair.
I was really hoping for a guess though.

Beings can be many things. Wonderful things, terrible things, unique things…

He is able to… perhaps I shouldn’t say.

It might ruin the surprise.

No. 132910 ID: d63ea8

Though I do wonder… both of You seem to be blinking with the most enchanting colour.

...Makes me wonder if there is a deeper meaning to it.

No. 132911 ID: adb916

There both is and isn't
Though of what we know, you could Evoke REALLY good
((we have been forgetting to put our >>132911 in the double parentheses))
No. 132912 ID: d63ea8

Very interesting.
And you are also correct, I am very eloquent Evoker.
But seeing as you… more or less… know what I want, I’m curious…
What do
You want from that mortal?
You seem very attached to it, in more ways than one.

No. 132914 ID: adb916

help him, though what his goals are is not fully clear to us yet, probably didn't include being dead as long as he has been.
No. 132915 ID: d63ea8

It’s dead?
No. 132916 ID: b1b4f3

It's temporary.
No. 132918 ID: adb916

And we are working on it. Almost got it resolved in fact, I think.
No. 132919 ID: adb916

Also what does this look like to you? >>132919
No. 132920 ID: d63ea8

Good. I would be… disappointed if something were to interrupt my fun.

As for what that looks like; it’s like seeing a small light glint and echo within itself, slowly getting fainter and fainter with each flash.

I would describe it as beautiful.

No. 132921 ID: adb916

well it may not be a flavor, but glad you like it.
No. 132922 ID: d63ea8

Why, is that an offer you’re making to me?
No. 132923 ID: adb916

If it was, you already received it. How would it being an offer differ from just sharing a thing I can do?
No. 132924 ID: d63ea8


You said, that little display of yours had no flavour to it, a small tragedy.

But… if
You were willing to properly offer something of Yourself to me, then I might be inclined to share something with you.

I think you might find it… interesting…

No. 132925 ID: adb916

What of myself is there to give? Particularly here.
No. 132926 ID: d63ea8

Secrets… Potence... Your precious Name perhaps…
Perhaps a few moments alone with your Vessel, once it is alive of course.

The choice shouldn’t be made lightly.

No. 132927 ID: adb916

Then I must say it should probably wait till we can see your drawer again. Seeing things directly tends to garner more of the fragments attention.
No. 132929 ID: d63ea8

((This is an important choice, so I will be going with what the majority wants on this, and I will be waiting until tomorrow morning before counting the possible votes.))
No. 132930 ID: b1b4f3

I'm going to say no.
No. 132931 ID: d63ea8

Fine, fine. We can talk about this later I suppose.
I look forward to meeting again.

Just one thing…

No. 132933 ID: d63ea8

Let’s keep our little charade going. I want the Vessel to discover my true nature on their own.

I would be… disappointed, if
You ruined the surprise.

No. 132934 ID: d63ea8

Transmission End >>/quest/967179

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